Back during the Cold War, there were people whose job was to figure out what was happening inside the Soviet government. Many were like F.B.I. profilers, in that they were hyped as experts, but just made up stuff to play the role. Others actually tried to read party media to figure out what was happening. These Kremlinologists were well-versed in the “Aesopian language” popular with both dissidents and party officials, so they could connect external clues to internal clues.

One of the many signs that America is authoritarian is that we have to use the same tactics to figure out what is happening with the ruling elite. The uniparty members are mostly just making noises to impress the faction leaders. They are the dancing boys of the American regime. Still, they give a sense of the mood within the factions. The media gives a sense of what is happening with party leadership, especially the semi-permanent elements within the security branches.

This is where the Afghanistan story is useful. There is no denying that it is an embarrassment to the regime. The Biden people were selling this as a smooth transition out of an untenable situation. Instead, they got images of people fleeing for their lives as the Taliban swoops in to capture the capital. The people who say optics don’t matter were once again reminded that they are missing a chromosome. Even in authoritarian regimes, optics count for a great deal, even if it just inside the party.

There is some speculation that elements within the regime were opposed to pulling out of Afghanistan and may have sabotaged the effort. There is evidence that the Pentagon and State Department were opposed, but there are no signs they plotted the collapse of the Afghan government. If they were that clever, they would have figured out how to avoid this in the first place. Instead, this is probably just more of the 4-D chess nonsense that has become popular on-line.

Instead, the media reports suggest those semi-permanent elements within the regime knew Afghanistan was a house of cards and they were prepared to pin the blame on the elected elements of the regime. CNN, of all places, is unloading on the Biden people for their incompetency. The NY Times and Washington Post are taking the neocon line and attacking Biden for leaving the “Afghan allies” to die. This open letter to the White House is like Pravda condemning Kremlin policy in the old days.

The question is why did the Biden people push forward with a policy they knew the rest of the party opposed? This is where you may have some 4-D chess, in that there may be a third man in the relationship. Clearly, the Biden people did not see this coming, so they must have been getting bogus advice from the Pentagon and State Department or at least elements within those silos. Maybe this a way to discredit the foreign policy establishment to justify sweeping changes.

This is the clue in the Biden speech. He made clear that this move was about closing the door on the past to repositioning for the future. That is coded language to mean the old Bush era foreign policy is dead or that is the plan. Coupled with the quiet abandonment of Ukraine, the old neocon obsession with their old demons will no longer be the priority of the new foreign policy. Given the infestation of neocons in regime media, this would explain the media attacks on Biden over Afghanistan.

The new foreign policy will focus on China. Little reported during all the excitement of removing Trump and installing Biden is that the Biden people have embraced the Trump China policy with few changes. They are enforcing the trade polices imposed by Robert Lighthizer during the Trump years and doing so aggressively. They are following the Trump position on the genocide in Xinjiang, which is a big deal. They have also allowed US representatives to travel to Taiwan without special permission.

The stakes could not be any higher in this intra-party conflict. The crusades against Islam have been very lucrative for the military industrial complex, both in financial opportunities as well as prestige. A trade war with China is not as sexy for them and not as remunerative. The State Department, of course, is geared to fight the old enemies so a sea change in priorities is very bad for business. For example, having old relatives in Ukraine is suddenly less important than Chinese language skills.

It is too soon to tell how this will unfold. Old regimes get loud, preachy and impervious to contrary facts. We see that with the American regime. The factions are led by fossils from a bygone era. We see the elected side on television, but the leadership of the other factions is just as ossified. They may be younger than the elected leaders, but their minds are frozen in time. No one in party leadership seems to be aware of what is happening outside the strongholds of the regime.

One possibility is that Afghanistan is treated like the party treated Khrushchev’s handling of Cuba in the 1960’s. The party was happy to treat the affair as a disaster, so they could remove him from office. We are already hearing whispers that Biden’s fragile state is the cause of the Afghan debacle. The disappearance of Harris the last few months is another clue. Taking her out of the spotlight keeps her clean and allows everyone to forget about her being an obnoxious idiot.

All we can know at this point is that the regime is very fragile right now. On the one side is a faction locked in the past and staffed by incompetents. They were the people who spent 20 years creating the new Afghanistan. On the other side is the gerontocracy desperately trying to cling to life. Then you have the new vibrant young guns who want to show off what their learned in grievance studies. There is deep tension within the American ruling regime that promises to get worse.

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235 thoughts on “Regimeology

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  2. “Coupled with the quiet abandonment of Ukraine, the old neocon obsession with their old demons will no longer be the priority of the new foreign policy. Given the infestation of neocons in regime media, this would explain the media attacks on Biden over Afghanistan.”

    The Neocons are worried that Afghanland is a bad portent of Israel’s future if Neocon power in the USA wanes.

  3. Their Clotshot kill Whitey program is gonna shit the bed now that ol gimpy joe is limping up to the podium after getting goatfucked. Too sad to send the message, even a fake one.

    • Here’s a little project for you to work on in your spare time: attempt to craft one post that doesn’t drop an F-bomb.

  4. On the other side is the gerontocracy desperately trying to cling to life. Then you have the new vibrant young guns who want to show off what their learned in grievance studies.

    Ah yes, but the grievance studies crowd are no Young Turks. They want to fulfill The Plan better, not get rid of it.

    As the Cathedral ages, it is showing surprising resiliency and vitality. In the past two decades, with pride parades celebrated by banks — of all places — it has even added new frills to an existing panoply of colors.

    Even though the Cathedral is supposed to be slippery like water, it turns out to be hard like stone. One well-placed blow with a pick at its base will shatter it like an ice sculpture during the winter’s fair. What would that blow look like?

    If there was one single cable TV program within the Cathedral — and it would have to be within — hammer-hammer-hammering at one issue, say, white replacement or white flight from the cities, that could blow up the Cathedral. The Cathedral, you see, relies on total agreement. That’s why the liberals get so hysterical when someone on their side has a bone to pick with them. They are aware they have a thermal exhaust port and don’t want a missile fired down it.

  5. The Taliban did not take Afghanistan by optics.

    As to Chromosomes missing, someone has their Y chromosome missing.

    • Have those same guys come over to our country as they are and have them try to make any actual longstanding change by whatever means they choose. Do you really see that working?

      • If you’re referring to muslims, they are already here and they are making changes. Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar and Rashida whatshername are in Congress.

  6. I’m surprised at how “anti-American” I’ve become this year.

    When the Guard were surrounding the Capitol—to do what, exactly? we resist considering clearly—and righty outrage stories were coming out about OUR BOYS sleeping on bare concrete and eating wormy rations, I not only thought but deeply felt, “Why should I want enemy soldiers to be well-treated and -provisioned?”

    Today when I heard there are 50,000 Americans stuck in Afghanistan, I thought, “Bring them to the soccer stadium.” Every single one of those people wants me destroyed—or they wouldn’t have a job that puts them in occupied Afghanistan—and I reciprocate. I’m slightly, slightly shamefully sad that the internet has become too censored for me to see their corpses violated.

    Clownworld nose off, I guess.

    • Yeah, it feel weird but mas beheadings of these parasites would result in foreign aid as far as I’m concerned. An upside is they are gunning down the translators and other collaborator even if they don’t get around to this “American” filth.

      • they are gunning down the translators

        I hate to get all sissy-f@g on muh Broz here chez Z, but a good translator – honest, forthright, well versed in his craft, somebody you could trust to do the job correctly and keep his G0d-d@mned mouth shut afterwards – is worth an helluva lot more than his weight in gold.

        I’d send in anywhere from regiments to friggin divisions of USMC to save the life of a quality translator.

    • Hemid: Just think of those strong, independent American womyn working hard to teach Afghani girls to be more empowered. Yet somehow none of them are out in the street marching against the Taliban and their toxic masculinity. I’m so confused.

    • i am not anti-America, but I am against the occupiers and their use of America as a skin suit. don’t care about afghan, other than not wanting any refugees here. didn’t care about the olympic team, other than when the women soccer lost; that made me smile. don’t even get worked up about biden as there is no viable alternative at this time.

  7. If Biden has truly lost the Pentagon, the CIA, and much of the media then he’s out. He does not need the people’s support, that never matters. But losing significant parts of the permanent bureaucracy makes him toast like Trump.
    He seems to have the support of Pelosi and Schumer who wanted him in there so they could run things anyway. Their enemies the Squad and Justice Democrats have been silent. It seems he still has the FBI, who are nothing more than the Democrat’s STASI. That might matter. And he is quite capable of doubling down as we get all sorts of jihadi attacks on the idea that White men are the existential threat to the regime and must be dealt with.
    That Psaki went on vacation during this is telling. They are likely to be confused, reacting constantly to events that move faster every week, and to lash out at the only real enemy they have: US. Like all governments they hate the people and want them dead.

    • Psaki cut her vacay short. A few minutes ago she said there are ~11K “self-identified” (I’m not making that up) US citizens in the Kabul area.

    • Like Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are geriatrics and either White or considered so. I know Chuck is Jewish, but to the vibrants that simply makes him a Super White. They are on thin ice and will be the first to get axed if Biden goes down. As for the FBI, it will be dismantled and its agents hunted down by the very people who it is fellating now once the likes of Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are gone.

      • As for the FBI, it will be dismantled and its agents hunted down by the very people who it is fellating now

        I hate to sound like a total dumbphuck, but whom do you perceive the FBI to be fellating right now?

        BLM & Antifa?

        • There aint no Strangers that were jogging around at St Floyd peaceful protests being held in secret dungeons in the Imperial Capital, I can tell you that.

    • Hmmm. While the USA is not known for military coups, your scenario if it deteriorates presents interesting opportunities. An obviously incompetent, hostile civilian “government” perceived as abandoning Americans might just push somebody over the edge…

      As one who avoids the mainstream news as much as he can, I am saddened to hear of the plight of Americans in a known war zone. I hope they can get them all out. As for the nationals who aided and abetted, well, you had many other American conflicts to know how THAT particular scenario will play out. 🙁

    • I think the sudden withdrawal might be due to something much worse. I think Biden pulled them out so fast because he has received intel that an attack on Taiwan is imminent and he plans to defend them. In doing so, i think they expect mass retaliation on the mainland.

      Couple that with a post by a retired colonel a few weeks ago where he explains that he was told by mates still in, to get his house in order as they expect something big to go down. He sounded pretty fearful to me actually.

  8. My first thought was that they set Joe up with this because they want him out.

    Trump is gone, they’re have total power, they don’t have high-value-target enemies. No Trump, no Hitler. So the next thing they do is turn on their own. The next in line. Non-homo white male democrats.

    • Trump is gone, they have total power, they don’t have high-value-target enemies. No Trump, no Hitler. So the next thing they do is turn on their own. The next in line. Non-homo white male democrats.

      That would seem to be the logical outcome for the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex [as a fundamentally darwinian* phenomenon] – once it runs out of sane & moral & productive citizens to consume, it would have to start eating itself.

      Clearly the PAPD-IC doesn’t seem to have an appetite for feasting on Afghanistan anymoar.

      But can it get up the courage to take a bite out of the Middle Empire?

      PAPDs ain’t exactly known for their bravery.


      *Eat or be eaten.

  9. I think the simplest explanation is the best. Biden was told that Afghanistan would collapse. Probably not in the 4 days it took but very quickly. And ordered it anyway because he had a senile rage fit. Biden was against Afghanistan from the beginning and condemned the bombing of it after 9/11. He wanted to send money to the Taliban.
    Biden was selected by the Party to win the primaries because he was weak and senile and would let Nancy and Chuck run the show from Congress. That was a plus in normal times but when it came to real things like troop deployments it became a liability. His refusal to come to the White House during the Weekend, and his 10 minute teleprompter speech blaming Trump and Obama and Bush, while dudes are falling of Air Force Transport planes shows he figures its just another speech. Blame other Presidents and move on.
    First its likely we have another hostage crisis as the Taliban seizes the one remaining airport. Second, all sorts of videos of executions etc are going to come out and get the excitable types very unhappy. Third other nations will see the Ptomken Village aspect of the US Military — weak and ineffective. And fourth, there goes the use for the SEALs and other Special Operations people.
    Little discussed is that the retirement plan for SEALs, Delta, Rangers, Green Berets etc. is to become a CIA contractor and play whack-a-mole in Afghanistan. That was the plan for the withdrawal — lots of those guys backed up by air strikes. Now that’s toast. They are too dangerous to be used in the US against White dudes since they are all White, and could easily use their skills to be — Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings. Or Master Sgt. Samuel K. Doe.
    I think this is Biden being Biden — senile and stupid. Nancy still praises him, few else do and likely Harris will be replacing Biden sooner than anticipated.

    • If “Biden was against Afghanistan from the beginning” he could have voted against it. He and 97 other Senators voted in favor. He also voted in favor of the 2003 Iraq war.

  10. This morning in the office it appeared that sanity had broken out amongst my coworkers. The topic of Afghan refugees and the prospect of settling thousands of them in the US.

    I listened while they agreed that it was not a good idea and felt a sense of optimism regarding the fact that people seemed to recognize the stupidity of bringing more refugees here.

    However, it was short-lived as the conversation pivoted to them all agreeing that we should allow more illegal aliens from South America into the country instead.

    The regime appears to be flailing at this time, yet I am apt to believe that this is simply a pause for recalibration to another objective. Too much grift and profit to be skimmed off Afghanistan to simply let it go without a new suitable target in mind.

    • Nice field reporting. I never fail to be amazed that in most of the offices that I have worked in, leftists can openly talk about their politics with an assurance that everyone agrees with them or at least that no one will dare to openly disagree. (“Trump is terrible,” for example.)

      When Bruce Jenner was first on the cover of some glamour magazine, I suddenly realized that if I made a joke about it then my job may be endangered.

      • Where I work, heauxmeaux pride paraphernalia is not uncommon. Were I to counter that with something pro-Trump–even though I’m not really a Trumper–I would very shortly get a sharp memo from Inhuman Resources. What’s more, I doubt my situation is the exception to the rule.

  11. One of the brilliant aspects of the manufactured Covid crisis is that most Americans c are too focused on varients, masks, lockdowns and vaccines to care too much about all the ways the government is incompetent internationally and how little of what happens benefits the majority of the US citizens.

    The government, like most big companies, is run using the philosophy of “Good idea boss.” The people at the top are largely divorced from the reality on the ground and if your want to keep your job and be promoted you quickly learn to not tell people at the top things they don’t want to hear. The other key career management tactic is make sure someone else gets the blame when it inevitably fails.

    • My firm just lost another executive. Harvard MBA, after three years on the job. Left his prior two firms, each after three years.
      Where, oh where, will we ever find someone to take such awesome responsibilities and continue to steer Globocorp into further heights of profitability and efficiency?

      • My firm just lost another executive. Harvard MBA, after three years on the job. Left his prior two firms, each after three years.


        All of the available psychometric data indicate that almost all uppermost management in globo-homo-pedo-corp tests positive for Psychopathy.

        Not to mention vicious brutal poisonous Passive Aggression.

  12. Speaking of missing chromosomes, Caligula would facepalm and bow his head in shame over these globalist sell out Long March assclowns.
    Idiocracy is a great documentary and I wonder if Mike Judge had a crystal ball, prophetic vision or just a good batch of choom to predict these times.
    Scuttlebutt is that the Kamal said this will not be pinned on me and bolted for the exit while Jen Slacki had to circle back around to the Karl Marx shrine faculty lounge for some soy latte.
    If there is anything left under the Ozymandias sign, historians will have HUGE gut busting laughs over Wokekanda on the Potomac.

  13. “There is deep tension within the American ruling regime that promises to get worse”

    Sounds like good news for us?

    • Well, depends. As I read someone else comment, when a bully gets his ass handed to him at the bar, he takes it out on those at home.

      • That would be painful but maybe the best thing to happen. I imagine most of the people willing and capable of fighting back have decided the government is not legitimate. If the regime wants to pick a fight it’s on them.

        • FYI: Name brand M-One/AR-ten rif1e @mmunit!ion is cumming in now at just less than $2 per round.

          Our peeps in the @mmunition factories must have been working 7-days-a-week overtime shifts for about a year and a half now to have moved the needle that far back down.

          So support our peeps in the @mmunit!on factories and PURCHASE EVEN MOAR @MMUNIT!ON.

          We don’t want them to lose their overtime pay.

  14. Re Harris: She has apparently stepped up and claimed that she was deeply involved in the Afghan withdrawal decision.”The last person to leave the room”. That appears inconsistent with the “Remove Biden and replace him with Harris” interpretation, for which some rationale exists.

    • Mel, did she? I thought she was too busy with Haiti and disavowed involvement. If the story’s changing that fast, there is definitely a scramble going on in the regime then.

      I thought she was as gone as Joe and Psaki. Also, Joe is wearing different clothes in the two pictures of him by his lonesome in the situation room.

      Is any of this real? Please tell me they’re getting ready to flee the country like Ghani.

      (And, Haiti. How come Santa Dominica never begs for aid? They’re the same island.)

      • Alzaebo: Good comment. Re Santa Dominica, they don’t beg for aid because half of them are already living in New York. They’re all half sub-Saharan ancestry and they’re the ones shooting each other in various feuds. Just sink the entire island of Hispaniola, multiple problems solved.

        • I was going to say they’re all in MA. In that study from a few years back Dominicans had the highest welfare use of any group – immigrant or native.

      • Actually, SD and Haiti are in a non-geographical sense not the same island. Haiti of course is full of dysfunctional Blacks, who—in their 200+ years of independence—have basically destroyed their half of the island’s ecosystem and bred themselves into the lowest level on human specimen to be found upon the earth.

        SD is primarily Hispanic and uses all the force of the State to keep Haiti Blacks from *invading* their half of the island. The result of such effort can be seen from outer space! Looking down the Haiti/SD difference is similar to the North Korea/South Korea divide.

        Somewhere there’s a lesson here, but I doubt if any will learn from it.

        • Compsci: SD may call itself primarily Hispanic, but genetic studies done on a significant portion of the population determined that the average Dominican is 50% sub-Saharan (of course, google has disappeared that info, but even 23andme, whose Dominican customers can be assumed to be among the more educated and mixed of that country’s people, says the average is 40% sub-Saharan ancestry).

          • Point being, Dominicans are far less black than Haitians, and are consequently considerably less dysfunctional.

          • 3g4me, yeah I was tempted to describe DR in a better, more precise way, and gave up to keep it short—simply falling back to an overarching term, “Hispanic”. A horrible way to describe a population descriptor as varied as Hispanic.

            Point I continuously attempt to make, is that just about any variety of “Hispanic” “race” is infinitely better than any variety of Black. I concede there are many here that disagree in the extreme, but Blacks are the more immediate, existential threat where I come from.

      • It would be a lovely sight indeed to see Joe Demento and Heels-up Harris boarding a flight for… New Zealand? Dubai? Israel after they all become Orthodox Jews midflight? It would be a start but you would still need to arrest about 2 million co-conspirators all over the Northeast.

      • The people of the Dominican Republic are more Hispanic than African. Consequently, they are more able to look after themselves as adults are supposed to be able to.

        Incidentally, the DR has a huge “migrant” problem as Haitians frequently try to invade. The Dominicans, not handicapped by an anti-Dominican establishment, repulse the Haitians with violence, to which I say, good on them.

    • I can never not see harris as anything other than some anonymous floozy on the arm of montell williams. Her whole background is completely eclipsed in my mind by this ridiculous appearance with montell williams.

  15. Watched the Pentagon spokesman as Afghanistan was falling and it was full of buzzwords and corporate-speak with zero substance. Some twitter commentators said he sounded like a sports commentator talking about game changes needing to be done in halftime.

    D.C. was always a bureaucratic wasteland, but over the decades there were enough tough men to pry through the bull and get done what needed to get done. All of those go-getters are weeded out now, and are replaces with vapid machines who are only capable of thinking in slogans for their team.

    • All of those go-getters are weeded out now, and are replaces with vapid machines who are only capable of thinking in slogans for their team.

      The Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

      Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder is the meta-sociological cancer of end stage civilizations.

  16. The US Military was demoralized and broken for at least a decade after Viet Nam.

    The past is prologue.

    • Not sure what that has to do with the post, but the current military is not broken in the way it was in Vietnam. Not even close. The current military is misused, but remains the most competent fighting force on the planet.

      • As we certainly should be evidence led, rather than model driven, is there actual evidence for that statement in a real sense, rather than just stuff like stomping on gnats like Grenada?

        • My thought exactly! I want it to be true that the US military is the best in the world. But frankly it has not impressed for 30 or so years. There does not seem to be actual evidence for Z’s claim here. And war game simulations of wars w China over Taiwan or the South China Sea or somewhere else, are being leaked as ‘we’re getting our a$$es fedexed and sent to us.’

          The F-22 may have an edge on Russian fighters but the backbone of the air force and navy, the teen fighters, do not have an edge on SU-30-35 and such. American doctrine does not seem to be better than Russian doctrine if Syria is anything to go by. And in strategic weapons, Russia is not one but 2 or 3 generations ahead in ICBMs, nuclear horror weapons like the Poseidon drone torpedo and somewhat ahead on hypersonic cruise missiles. And can the US even make enough tritium to maintain 40 yr old warheads sitting in warehouses??

          The US military is a credible contender for ‘most powerful military in the world.’ But it’s not a given and some of the evidence suggests otherwise. We have to face facts, that’s our strongest point vis a vis the regime ppl.

          • “My thought exactly! I want it to be true that the US military is the best in the world.”

            They’re the best suited when it comes to occupying a country, if it goes all out it can probably destroy Iran(not referring to nuclear war), but US army ain’t capable of defeating China or Russia on their home turf.

          • We are also no longer making F22’s which is our best aircraft.

            Now the F15’s were are making are excellent, they aren’t heads and tails above Russian or Chinese equipment.

            As for the F35 Turducken , the less said about that the better. Now there is supposed to be a Gen 6 fighter on the way but this being clown world who knows if it will be worth a hill of beans.

          • “I want it to be true that the US military is the best in the world.”

            Now why, in God’s name, would you want that?

        • The US military is very effective if the rules of engagement are loosened. We can crush any army except the nuclear powers. And future wars between nuclear powers will be economic, as there is no winning militarily. The wokeness is just beginning to seep in, and the hand tying by inept generals will likely get worse. So US military dominance will slowly decrease to a point where we won’t get involved anywhere. But Zman is correct…for now.

          • So the US is really effective. But the rules just don’t let it be demonstrated.

            If it wasn’t for that damn umpire we would have won that game?

            The empirical evidence seems lacking?

        • I would put a handful of gun range civnats with their tacticool AR 15s up against any military force on the planet.

      • Despite both being debacles, Afghanistan and Iraq did provide the military with on-the-ground training for their entire system.

        The U.S. military now has by far the most experience in the world, and not just tip of the spear guys but logistics, communications, etc. That said, it’s one thing to fight goat herders and quite another to face off against Russian or Chinese troops.

        Regardless, the United States certainly is capable of sending a large experienced army anywhere in the world. Now, whether they’d want to fight for that cause or whether the other side can overcome them despite their experience is another question.

        My bet is the Chinese and Russians are quite aware of all of this. If I was them, I wouldn’t poke the injured beast (though I wouldn’t back down either). Instead, I’d just let it slowly die. The experienced personnel will retire over the next five to ten years and during that time, the military will grow ever more woke, i.e. the decline will be fairly rapid and permanent.

        Just sit back and let the U.S. and its military decline. In ten years, we’ll be a lot more like Brazil and Brazil doesn’t send competent armies around the world.

        • Air superiority and carrier groups are all well and good if your enemy does not have hypersonic missiles.

          The US adopting those tactics, will see how the Polish Cavalry felt when the Blitzkrieg was introduced.

        • I suspect both the PRC and Russia have adopted the slow bleed strategy. It makes total sense. The problem is the D.C. psychopaths may want to start it up before they flame out.

        • “The experienced personnel will retire over the next five to ten years”

          Or be flushed away by vaxx mandates in five to ten months. I thought the real reason for our Mideast adventures was to train our military in how to pacify a civilian population so they could be brought back home to do it again.

          But then the CDC did exactly that with nothing but STUPID-19 scaremongering.

        • The vaxx could have detrimental effect. If they push through the requirement and a substantial portion of the staff refuse and get drummed out that would be bad enough, if the vaxx is as deadly as some fear then it would be destroyed.

        • Why fight an experience U.S. military today when you can wait ten years and not have to fight to get Taiwan.

          See my comment above. With decades of experience, the U.S. military is at its peak right now. However, it will rapidly decline. Just wait for it to lose its experienced personnel who will be replaced by non-whites and woke whites, i.e. incompetent.

          If your enemy gets weaker every day, why attack now. Let him slowly die on his own.

          • I don’t think China has any fear of the United States relative to Taiwan. I think they are far more worried about the economic implications because of global condemnation of such an act.

          • JZ,

            Agreed. But they’d follow the same line of reasoning. The world’s economic dependency on China will only grow over time.

            In ten years, the U.S. military will be far, far less competent than now. In addition, China will be the world’s largest economy and the greatest trading nation. It’s leverage will be much greater.

            The Chinese are patient. They’ll play the long game.

        • Hopefully China tests your theory out. Taiwan would be a good start.

          What good is invading Taiwan if your invasion destroys all the chip fabs?

          At this point, it’s all about the chip fabs.

          Nothing else matters.

      • I don’t agree. The Navy is a joke, and constantly declining, and has no answer for China and Russia’s hypersonic missiles. The Air Force can’t even field a next-gen fighter, and is seriously outmatched by a swarm of cheap, pilot-less drones that can pull more Gs. We’ve lost our comms and radar edge, with recent war games showing the Chinese sinking the Pacific Fleet within a day or two.
        We are purging the force of able White fighting men and instead promoting gays, blacks, lesbians etc. as the leadership cadre. We can bomb goat herders with no air defense with impunity. That’s about it.

        • “with recent war games showing the Chinese sinking the Pacific Fleet within a day or two.”

          Milley and Co. holed up in a bunker playing Red Alert 2?

          What I want to know is who has the dolphins with the sonar ray?

          • Don’t kill the messenger, Karl—albeit, I don’t support many Whiskey posts. 😉

            We experienced the tip of the spear being minority once before, Korea. At that time the Black divisions performed very poorly and the result was integration such that only 10% or so of any front line fighting force would be Black.

            Now imagine divisions made up majority minority—women, Blacks, etc. There has to be a core of Whites to give the others *backbones*.

            We saw the results of lack of such just this week! Afghan army crumbled almost without a fight—even though perhaps the best equipped in the region. Why? No American forces to back(bone) them up should need arise.

      • I’m not remotely sure of that. Fighting peer adversaries requires good or even exceptional leadership.

        While neither Russia nor China are yet true peers, they also aren’t a full tech level below us Arab either.

        We lack leadership and are highly vulnerable to asymmetric attacks or erosion of supply chain which BTW was never a problem before

      • I have two close relatives about to cash out, one in the Navy, the other the Army, both career. They disagree with you, to put it mildly, and have been sounding the alarm for almost ten years.

  17. I’m struggling to figure out how politics has an answer for this. Kamala would be a bigger disaster than Biden, Pelosi maybe even worse yet.

    What we need is a mulligan at the least, maybe even a clean slate.

    The people who think this was planned are overthinking it. They give tptb too much credit, and at this point I think that credit, as much as anything, keeps them in power. Clowns and losers, not formidable people.

    With that said, the plan may have been an orderly withdrawal, Biden gets his 9/11 triumph, then— oops— we have to go back in, and Biden is humiliated. The thing is, evil eventually destroys itself, and that’s where we’re at.

    Stand back and let the tree fall. We’ll see if it’s rotten or reclaimable.

    • Painterforms, you ask:

      “I’m struggling to figure out how politics has an answer for this.”

      It doesn’t. Not that anyone here needs reminding, but it was bad enough importing shed loads of incompatible foreigners into your lands and giving them power. But secondly, how can one rule a country by passing retarded rules that half the country does not follow or care for? It cannot. There must surely be a chapter in The Prince about such folly.

      We need not be legal scholars to know that rape ought to be a crime. As ought thievery. Most of a responsible populace would agree and the few outliers would be ignored. But what about ‘masking’? What happens when 40% of the population are against it and 60% for it. In this case, you’re sitting on a powder keg.

      No whack on another stupid law, perhaps say, banning wood burning stoves across the country. You’re going to have sizeable percentages of people who say ‘Yea’ as well ‘Nay’. The resourceful rural chaps and chapettes will see it as an attack on self-sufficiency for the sake of leftist virtue signalling (by people who wouldn’t have ever used one to begin with).

      They just keep adding stupid shit to already stupid shit. Politics would have no solution in an ethnically homogeneous country; but factor in diversity and it will be one of the most terrifying things imaginable.

      • Reporting from the ground on scene, the attack on rural America is as Orangefrog claims. They are attacking our safety, our food security, and our ability to survive. For example, they are reintroducing wolves in our state in what was a 45-55 rural vs urban vote. Sure, they will kill millions of dollars in livestock and kill a couple white children every year, but look how majestic those Nat Geo pictures are!
        Zman might do a blerb on the anarcho-tyrrany thing re wild animal control in rural areas: sure, there are deadly animals expanding and threatening you because Parks & Wildlife are deliberately undermanaging them to increase license revenues, but we will fine you or worse if you defend your livelihood from their predations.

        • Good ol’ Rebel:

          That’s interesting. When put to a vote who should decide if wolves get re-introduced? Certainly the people who stand to be the most affected. What were the official reasons given?

          Don’t ever forget TPTB hate, hate, hate your self-sufficiency; even your potential for it disturbs them.

          I think they were talking about re-introducing wolves into the Scottish Highlands a few years back. But, I always ask: why? Haven’t we got bigger fish to fry?

          It’s all so tiresome.

          • That’s just the clown world thing: what sane society says “we dont have enough of our people being mauled to death by wild animals, who wants more?!?” Voting to reintroduce wolves is like voting to reintroduce small pox or polio: sane people do not even consider it a possibility.

        • A guy told me this.
          Invest in a thermal weapon sight, sub sonic and a can.
          Learn to operate in the dark
          Nvgs will help.
          Shoot shovel & shut up.
          Remove any tracking collars & randomly move to a location away from wherever you operate. Discard collars in flowing water if possible.
          Increase odds by using road kill.
          This guy was a professional.
          We may be neighbors

          • Well, I for one, this being a public forum, always fastidiously comply with all gane management laws, regulations, and reporting requirements, and am appalled that anyone would suggest otherwise; I would never follow such terrible advice.
            The gear you suggest runs $3,000+. An AR (or a wheel gun) and a decent $100 flashlight have sufficed so far, though the fight with mother nature’s nasties rages on. Having “hobby livestock” is like an all-year dangerous game license in my state, though it has cost me hundreds in lost poultry this year.

          • That’s pretty much what happened when they reintroduced Mexican Wolves to NM and AZ. They’d only reimburse you if you had three predations. WTF? If you lose prime breeding stock you’re losing future income as well.

        • Here’s to hoping those tigers used as guard dogs on Cartel coca plantations get loose and start breeding!

      • No doubt the clowns will screw up anything they try at this point. Also no doubt people will start ignoring authority (and already have in small ways around here). I’m wondering about the possibility of a military coup. Is there anything else that could keep the state from collapsing? I have no answer at the moment.

        • I’m wondering about the possibility of a military coup.

          The 69th Transsexual Furry Division will be assuming control any day now.

  18. if American history bears any resemblance to the rest of the world’s history, there’s a fourth faction either already in existence, or rapidly forming up: the military faction.

    The Pentagon itself is of course a part of the Uniparty, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Globohomo. But below that level, where the actual fighting troops are, is likely a very different story. They know there’s no winning a war against China, if only because the side that starts definitely losing goes nuclear. They also know that thanks to the current debacle, the Regime will be tempted to go big in order to recover lost prestige, with all that implies.

    I imagine, in other words, that there are some young majors and lieutenant colonels out there thinking some previously unthinkable thoughts right about now… That’s how it would go in any other country, anyway.

    • Also, the Military is now more of a mercenary outfit than volunteer patriots. Mercenaries will do far more repulsive things than your average good-old boy fighting for his country, which is bad for us. What is good for us is mercenaries also have no loyalty outside of getting a paycheck, and definitely have less will to fight when things get dangerous for them.

      Heard reports the Afghan Army was not paid for months. If true, no one can really fault them for just dropping their weapons and going home instead of dying for a foreign regime that doesn’t even pay them.

      • According to Newseek or some other outlet, I forget which, there are about 30,000 or so CIA contractors and about the same support people (phony identities, payments, etc). These are mostly retired SEALs, Delta, Green Berets, Rangers, MARSOC, and other special forces types. They age out at around 30-35 or so, mostly due to injuries and can’t keep training but are otherwise fit and able. The CIA has mostly used them to keep the former peace in Afghanistan. While we had very few “official” casualties there, these guys certainly fought and died. They just did not have a uniform on.
        What now will these people do? As alluded above, they are a risk deploying at home (this is how the mega cartels started — disenchanted Mexican spec ops dudes).
        Secret Wars just to keep stuff off the media is not a good long range plan. Nor is discarding the Spec Ops guys into an environment where they are asking if you want fries with that burger. [What else exactly would these guys do — you can see some of them on Youtube: Vigilance Elite etc channels, they are not exactly corporate material.]

        • Plenty of other conflicts.

          Lots of brit ex-special forces made a whole career in the dark continent in the 70s-80s.

        • If we were a real country, we’d send them to the Southern border with whatever the land version of a letter of marque is and tell them to “pacify” things.

    • One dimension of party politics is the left-liberals versus the right-liberals. This divide is over trade and foreign policy. It seems that the left-liberals have decided to coopt Trump on both scores. Then there is the divide between the elected party members and the appointed party members or politicians versus administrators. The Pentagon, State, CIA and FBI are the semi-permanent wing of the ruling party, while the elected officials are the other wing. Finally, there is the old guard versus the new guard. The super woke versus the barely awake.

      There is a lot going on, which is why the simple answers miss the mark. It is 4-D chess, in that the game is being played at multiple levels, but there is no chess master.

      • Jeez, we might be entering Ottoman levels of complexity in our politics.

        • Right on time, this headline in amgreatness…
          “Intel Officials Say They Warned Biden That Afghanistan Would Collapse if U.S. Withdrew, But He Ignored Them”

          • Between the republicans who are deep swamp and want to replace Biden, and the Pentagon/CIA/State Dept who want to sidestep the SHTF, they are going to amplify the slow Joe blew it argument. Remember this every time you see, for example, an article at the The Federalist taking down Biden.

          • Major Hoople: “That’s hilarious. The same intel officials who last Thursday said Kabul might fall in 90 days.”

            Post this on your mirror so you see it any morning: “Everything the media says or prints is fake and gay.”

        • Sometimes the Ottoman politics allusion to now seems appropriate:

          Int he Ottomon court: “These were of two categories: black eunuchs and white eunuchs. Black eunuchs were African slaves who served the concubines and officials in the Harem together with chamber maidens of low rank. The white eunuchs were European slaves from the Balkans or the Caucasus, either purchased in the slave markets or taken as boys from Christian families in the Balkans who were unable to pay the Jizya tax. They served the recruits at the Palace School and were from 1582 prohibited from entering the Harem. An important figure in the Ottoman court was the Chief Black Eunuch (Kızlar Ağası or Dar al-Saada Ağası). In control of both the Harem and a net of spies among the black eunuchs, the Chief Eunuch was involved in almost every palace intrigue and thereby could gain power over either the sultan or one of his viziers, ministers, or other court officials.”

    • I have thought the same and have tried to read the tea leaves for signs of an American Franco. The institutional barriers are formidable I’m sure. The mental ones including belief in the moral legitimacy of current regime in the context of traditional American political morality have to be crumbling. A thinking White Christian American soldier must engage in an enormous mental gymnastics to imagine they are on the side of freedom , liberty etc etc

      • It’s unlikely there will be an American Franco, for much the same reason it’s unlikely there will be a (practical) prohibition on interstate travel for the unvaccinated, as discussed in yesterday’s post. The reason is that America is a large country with moderately low population density, and it simply can’t be ruled, well or for long, by a military that is less than 1% of the population. It’s simply too easy to circumvent law enforcement in this country in times of chaos if one wants to. Franco was dealing with a smaller country that was more densely populated and easier to control. If there is a collapse, reversion to the previous state of affairs is most likely. If, for example, we see a 50% drop in standard if living, we should expect the country to look like it did before the great depression. That was a time of a weakened federal government and lower population, because that’s the best the country could do at the time.

      • A thinking white Christian in the military wouldn’t be there if he was thinking. To the extent those men still do exist in the military, the sec-def is working on that problem.

        • I’m not convinced the number is insignificant. For one thing if all senior positions were held by the Pozzed, the military could not function at all. There must be enough bedrock left to support continued operations, even if mostly in the form of ‘advisors’ to official ranked officers to help keep their shoes tied etc. It is conceivable that some number are crypto Trad-Americans. Certainly the regime thinks so as these purges and ‘left-hand box’ efforts indicate they are quite afraid of that very thing.

          • If America’s military is useless… and if there is great civil unrest… then a UN Peacekeeping Mission can be requested by the Executive branch. Both China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council….

            Pozzing the local troops in order to justify a need for foreign troops would be win-win for many factions in the Deep State.

      • Franco, Pinochet, Salazar … hard men. We haven’t entered the kind of times that produces them, yet.

    • “there are some young majors and lieutenant colonels out there thinking some previously unthinkable thoughts”

      I sure hope that you’re right. From what I hear, promotion in the military is based on affirmative action and dedication to BLM, feminism, homos and trannies.

      From what I can see, the young seem the most dedicated to covid and globohomo.

      • An interesting aspect of this seems to be that the most resistant are in the aging to geezer bracket. And mostly male in that regard.

        The normal rebellion aspect of youth appears to have been entirely co-opted through cultural full spectrum dominance to outright acceptance of the globo directive.

        Its like the experiments in fake music movements, R&R, Punk etc have now been honed to enable the rebellion phase to still appear to be rebellious while being fully in line with corporate/supra national govt. Quite a trick.

        The rebellion mindset is targeted at the minority doing the actual rebelling.

        • It’s true. The trick of manipulating people is to make feeling the same as being. Thus, it is enough to make the young feel rebellious, for they don’t actually care whether they are rebellious. Living in virtual reality has effectively neutered the young.

    • Severian: Not to worry; they’ll be weeded out either with the mandated clot shot or found guilty of White supremacism. Per my son’s expressed opinion (out now for over 5 years) once you get past even captain you’re nothing but a political brown-noser anyhow, and a lot of enlisted White guys are bailing and others not enlisting in the first place. It’s not as though there are no other jobs – even in some economically hard-hit areas in another state, I was repeatedly told they couldn’t find people to work because the covid handouts and other unemployment benefits were so generous. And here in DFW there are help wanted signs galore, albeit for shitty service jobs with megacorps. A lot of the small businesses we had patronized have closed.

  19. No one in party leadership seems to be aware of what is happening outside the strongholds of the regime.

    Even if someone did have an idea of what was going on, they’d keep their suspicions to themselves. Progress in the party means following the narrative.

    The disappearance of Harris the last few months is another clue. Taking her out of the spotlight keeps her clean and allows everyone to forget about her being an obnoxious idiot.

    The vice-president is by design a non-entity and only in the case of an incompetent like Biden, Wilson or FDR are they daily media fare. In the case of Harris, the managerial elite have two intellectually destitute figureheads that have never had a cogent idea of their own. They were both figured to sign whatever was put before them. Sadly, the elites didn’t spend enough time personally conversing with them to discover that neither were able talk intelligible English, a serious handicap in the age of television.

  20. earlier this week ccp officials, in party organs, talked openly of nuking japan, and making jokes about japan having been nuked before. pretty sure japan is taking that shit seriously. guess who else is “out of their cage” due to president cabbage head being in office? japan. dollars to donuts they already are nuked up, and prepping plans to kill the ccp leadership in a nuclear decapitation?

    • If China invades or does worse to Taiwan, I think there is a chance we see a nuclear first strike on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Three Gorges.

      Would not be surprised if the strile came from Japan and South Korea.

      • personally, i see multiple nuclear theaters opening up, as a “smoke em while you got em” attitude takes hold. pakistan and india is one theater, israel and iran is another, etc.

      • I’d be very interested to see how much water behind the Three Gorges would be vaporized by a nuke…

        There’s always more upstream, mind.

          • a nuke would be interesting, but what i really would like to see, is a big rock launched from space, slamming into the dam like Tunguska II.

          • Three Gorges was in the news about a year ago, I think. Hate China if you will, but I pity those downriver if the dam ever breaks. Sounds as thought it may well do so on its own, no nuke or asteroid required.

  21. i used to work with this chinese guy who came here via singapore. he was a retired professor at the uni i attended, and new a lot of academic and business people all over asia. he told me that all of the major factions in the ccp have their own military units, inside china, and they would be very reluctant to send them out of country, or even to a different part of china. it would be too inviting for the other factions to take advantage of. something to keep in mind with regards to the current fireworks factory situation.

  22. I’m not sure I buy the 4D chess argument. I think the military is being pulled out to focus on the new “terrorists” – AKA normal white Americans.

    All signs are pointing to new COVID “Delta” lockdowns. Australia is in a very harsh lockdown right now. New Zealand is back in lockdown because of one case. In Canada, well, the first lockdown never really ended. Israel is seeing a case spike despite being the most vaxxed country. Vaccine documents are now required to go to a café in France, and to vote in Italy.

    Americans are going to react angrily once news of a new, federal lockdown hits. The military will be needed to keep control. The country will also need money as the economy gets crippled again with new lockdowns.

    Many white men seem a little more “woke” now than before, due to COVID, Jan 6, election theft. I suspect that the numbers of white guys with “dissident” views is much larger than admitted. There’s anarchy on the southern border.

    Overall I think the military is being pulled out because they’re actually afraid of angry white men with guns, and will need muscle to enforce new COVID laws, or travel restrictions.

    • I suspect that there is a healthy amount of whites, of all ages, who are royally pissed with the shamdemic; and this is an important point to remember. It’s importance lies in the fact that the media desperately want you to think otherwise – a demoralization tactic.

      Here in The Isles, I reckon between four to eight million are just such a group. They are disbursed, sure. They have no voice in within The System (just as well, it will not help anyway). Things look bleak. But in their daily lives they encounter many like them; yet a perusal of the MSM shows nobody like them.

      I’m not sure how far the ‘vaccine passport’ will be taken, although some plonker in Greece suggested it’s use when looking for a job. There must be people on our side – or at least those we can use – who can help us navigate this road. I’ve been thinking also about the viability of setting up a network for out-of-work unvaccinated: You want to work and don’t give two hoots for the shamdemic? Send us your CV!

      Some of this stuff the elites have been doing is simply so insidious, but I’m not surprised. The question is: do we have contingency plans to deal with these ridiculous measures? And how can elements of the system be used in our favour? You know, “I didn’t get jabbed ’cause I hate needles, gives me anxiety, mental health!”.

      We simply must start our day thinking as Anthony Soprano would have started his.

      • Do you really think that?

        I live where 90% have been vaccinated and 82% have had both.

        Every single healthcare type env (including dentists, opticians, pharmacies) requires masks, in the supermarket and town centre I would say that its running at around 60-70% masked even outside. And there is no mandate in place for these areas. Its all voluntary.

        And people are now doing this without being told as they have a learned response of new positive tests on the TV means wearing a mask.

        Without dropping the repeat drum beat on the TV I can’t see how this has any real end. Indeed it is pretty embedded in life now as normal.

        • Tristan:

          Yes. I do think this.

          It is worth pointing out that many of the people incredibly skeptical of the whole thing have had the vaccine because ‘back to normal’. I suppose this really is a defeat, but at least they speak openly about the shamdemic and it’s stupidity.

          But they’re pissed off about it. The question is what will be done?

          These people have also spoke openly about race – St Floyd was a real eye opener for them. The most recent I spoke to was yesterday, a glazier, who was literally boarding up damaged windows during the London 2011 riots as looters were doing their thing. Ditto for the Brixton riots in the 80s.

          Small business owners are not best pleased either. To your point on mask wearing outside, I’d say for my area it is about 15-20% (and this is in diverse shitehole London).

          In smaller villages and towns – dominated by the elderly during the day – the mask wearing rises up, naturally.

          • I was in a small Idaho town for a few days recently and almost no one had on a mask. It was for an all years high school reunion so there were plenty of older folks there but few masks.

          • I can confirm Roberto’s observation. The contrast between urban and rural Oregon is stunning. Back in July I went on a trip to rural Southern OR. Now at the time there was no mask mandate (our evil Queen has since reinstated it) but I saw almost no-one with a mask there while maybe 15% in my affluent Portland suburb had them on outside. The funny thing is that the population in that rural area was older on average than where I live.

      • I agree with this. To take it a step further, this has really accelerated the great sorting. I live in an area, normally polite place, too, where people doing the mask theatre get jeered and cursed. This has a high potential to be the spark, maybe even by design.

    • > 32% of right-leaning adults, 8% of left-leaning adults, and 49% of Q Anon adherents openly agreed with the statement “the rise of liberalism has equipped Jews to destroy institutions, and in turn gain control of the world.”

      From Morning Consult via Eric Striker. If this is accurate data it certainly is getting interesting.

    • Good post, B125. One quibble though. We only had a few thousand troops still deployed, so much of the restraint on the Taliban was a bluff. So pulling out does not have much impact on their ability to come after us.

    • I was in Vegas not long ago. They went back to masks and the city is seething.

      I think from the rumors I’ve heard, one large scale cock up and the US might go into outright rebellion.

  23. Yeah. I think there is an element in the ruling class that doesn’t like Jews. Ace of Spades, with their Jewish focus, is always keen to point out the perceived anti-Semitism of these elements on the Left. It might not be surprising to find that an intra-party argument over how much Jews get to control foreign policy can only happen on the Left because the Right is so completely owned.

    • Few developments would give me hope more than leftists becoming aware of their “fellow white people.”

      If normie liberals understood that their “fellow white people” will eventually say to them, “I’m not an evil white like you” then that could realign their political commitments.

  24. i noticed too, that the biden gang were being very tough with china. also noticed china was becoming more bellicose in response; i.e. they are nervous. i think if you look at this through the prism of two criminal gangs, each sitting on a big bag of loot, you get a clear picture of what is really going on.

    the bidenites are going to hit china up for coof reparations that will do to china what versailles did to germany. throw in climate change demands too. maybe we are leaving afshitistan because we are gearing up to hammer china hard, militarily, at the first excuse, while tightening down the screwsm economically.

    • Zero percent chance. We literally don’t make 80% of the things our military would rely upon. From bandages to plastic to microchips. That all comes from China. We have no leverage in any military situation with China.

      • We have some leverage. In particular, we export quite a bit of food to them. The problem with the saber rattling is that both sides are bluffing, by which I mean that if China and America decided to fight each other, particularly in the area of blocking trade, both sides would lose.

    • The foreign component can almost not be overstressed in an empire like our own. The BigTech East Indian grifters are within a hair of doing something the Jews could never pull off: getting one of their own into the big seat. How that will play out with with Pakistani ISI running around, the neocon Israel-first set, and Saudi/Chinese owned politicians (etc) is anyone’s guess.

  25. I think the CCP and WEF juice farmers colluded to get Trump out.

    During that process, the CCP probably believed they would still be running the show post-Trump.

    The juice farmers said, “Nuh-uh!” and realized that Trump’s plan for dealing with China actually made a lot of sense.

  26. The struggle over foreign policy is indicative of the larger struggle within the Uniparty.

    As Z noted, you have the old guard that still views the world through the lens of 1980s and 1990s, both domestically and for foreign policy. Importantly, however, they don’t want to destroy the system, just run it and push around whites both foreign and domestic.

    The new guard wants to blow up the system. They don’t care about Russia or pogroms in the 19th century. They are much more focused on fighting Badwhites in the United States than non-whites abroad. AOC and Omar don’t want to send American troops to kill Afghanis in Kabul when they could be used to round up white nationalists in Idaho.

    The battle in the Uniparty will be between those funding and organizing the party vs those who represent the party in public. The insiders will try to contain the party’s public face; however, their problem will be that the public representatives will, in fact, only be asking the party to implement policies that fit its ideology, making it difficult for the insiders to block those policies.

    • Old Guard vs. Young Turks, both mentally retarded, is the short version. For the first time I think our children, and maybe even us, will tapdance on their graves. There is no return from this.

      • I’ve said many times, that our opponents were at their peak power on the day Biden was elected. It would decline from there.

        Now, it seems to be declining a bit faster than I expected, but I’ll still argue that they will get weaker over the next decade, not stronger. However, they remain a very powerful force, which is why now is not the time openly push back.

        Build quietly on the ground. Opportunities will arise in the future.

  27. I care about Afghanistan because I know a marine that flew into Kabul a couple days ago and until he’s out safely I care. I also care that the Afghans managed to overthrow the invading Force and throw out the occupiers of their country so good for them I would like to do the same thing. Beyond that I don’t really care, I don’t see how it could have been anything but a debacle. We’ve had ample proof for decades that our ruling class is filled with incompetents riding on the coattails of past success. They think that they can do anything because the people before them were so incredibly competent that they have never known anything but stability and seemed to be incapable of realizing that is an exception not a norm.

  28. We’re entering the fast-change cycle now, and that means that disparate “crises” will begin cascading one on top of an another. This week may be all about Afghanistan, but next week could be another “deadly” COVID variant, then something financial like a major bankruptcy or bank run, then perhaps another mini-war in some Third World backwater, then another Las Vegas type shooter incident, then a Black Swan event, etc. The purpose is to drive people into a high state of anxiety and keep them distracted & focused on television news programs. People with real jobs will pull into cocoons of self-absorption, while others with way-too-much-time-on-their-hands will start agitating for “someone” to “do something.” Don’t be the deer in the headlights. Get busy now. Get out of the city. Find a safe haven. Disappear.

    • Be thankful that that America has something left in the tank., for now.
      One covid case just arose in New Zealand and crazy lady PM locked down the whole country. Australia just a little less. Female panic and male submissiveness everywhere.

      • Our faint hope in the US is that at least a few red state governors won’t comply with the next round of BS.

      • David Wright: I knew a number of Aussies and Kiwis a few decades ago, both military and civilian contractors. None of them seemed to me the types to quietly take orders from a psychiatric patient. I really wonder what happened to change that so dramatically.

        • Same. I worked in NSW and traveled around Oz in the late Eighties/early 90s. Even leftwing Victoria was not a feminized place. I went back several times almost 20 years later and “cucked” doesn’t even describe it.

          The Boomers and late X’ers are thoroughly aware of the transformation but not one acquaintance ever has supplied a plausible explanation.

          A friend suggested the heavy-handrd gun confiscation in 97-98 terrified people . Dunno.

          • This is it. A disarmed population becomes submissive, and a government ruling over such a population, becomes repressive, in ways that seemingly have nothing to do with guns, ways that even pro-gun people would laugh off. Mao had a point about all power flowing from the barrel of a gun, and people know it, subconsciously if in no other way.

          • Same as other western nations.

            The TV moved from a small box in the corner watched occasionally to a dominant massive wall screen on 24/7.

    • I would think that something going boom on 9/11 would not qualify as a Black Swan event since one needn’t be a Kreskin to make that prediction.

      Yes, get out of the city.

  29. Some swings and misses here. To the misses:

    “CNN, of all places, is unloading on the Biden people for their incompetency. The NY Times and Washington Post are taking the neocon line and attacking Biden for leaving the “Afghan allies” to die.”

    This was both a colossal intelligence and military disaster, actually far worse and empire-ending than the Suez crisis. CNN is basically a mouthpiece for the intelligence community, and the Times and Post for the Judeo-MIC. There are stories floating around that the intelligence services secretly warned this would happen, and all that ordinance left in the field would not have happened if “X” had been done. These are all lies, and as incompetent and corrupt as Biden is, the IC and Judeo-MIC were far, far worse. Israel is not long for it now, to use blunt language. Taiwan, of course, is a dead man walking.

    Harris is freaking loathed inside most elements of the regime. That they ever thought she was anything other than a stupid whore speaks to their low intellect, but the whisper campaign against her indicates they know now. Even puppets require a modicum of ability.

    The State Department has been staffed by ignorant bimbos and low IQ minorities for generations now. Many actually believed the bullshit about Afghanistan becoming the next Japan or Germany because they are that stupid. It is one department that only can get better, however marginally, with mass firings.

    The Soviet Union lasted two or three years after it left Afghanistan in a far more orderly, dignified manner. The USSA looks even shakier within just days of its inglorious humiliation.

    Your last graf is were you connect and hit it out of the park. The factionalism involves dimwitted incompetents in all camps, and they can barely muster the ability to piss on one another. Either Harris or Biden will suffer something soon that forces them to exit. It had seemed Biden was the patsy short-timer, but it would be no shock if the shiv goes between the Ho’s blades.

    • I was thinking of the “triple Lindy” when reading “Either Harris or Biden will suffer something soon that forces them to exit.” and said to myself “the first double Epstein”.

      • The TV suddenly flickers as a newsflash banner interrupts the episode of “Oww, my Balls!” you were watching.

        Somber yet anxious music plays…

        “Fellow Americans, I’m newsblob Falter Wombat and I have some unbelievably tragic news to report [gasps, bites lower lip, fake tear injectors activate] It appears that Air Force One has gone down over the mid Atlantic Ocean. Search and rescue operations have found several large pieces of the aircraft but no signs of survivors…

    • State has been packed with more fruit than Chiquita for years.

      Why pay for your international deviant lifestyle when you can get the tax cattle to do it for you?

    • “That they ever thought she was anything other than a stupid whore speaks to their low intellect, but the whisper campaign against her indicates they know now.”

      She was chosen because she’s a person of color and because she’s a she. That’s it. Is there any recourse?

    • Jack D – “This was both a colossal intelligence and military disaster, actually far worse and empire-ending than the Suez crisis”
      I’d been pondering if this might be the US empire-ending crisis as it was for the Brits circa 1956. Not sure if/what parallels exist, but the British empire at the time was already a dead man walking and Nasser closing the canal just provided the hard evidence (Ikes Gamble a good book on the subject).
      The US empire too is dead man walking – perhaps Af’stan is the hard evidence, or perhaps there are still a few nails that remain to be pounded to finish the job. There is no shortage of possibilities.

      • I suspect it is the end of the line and, yes, this is just the punctuation mark. The Zombie Empire may do something really stupid as a result.

  30. I can’t say I’m embarrassed for the US or Biden. Not my people, not my president, not my fight.

    My fellow citizens who spent time in Afghanistan fall into the same category as our involvement in Lebanon and my friends who were stationed in Somalia

    We went into Lebanon to get a close up look at a civil war, locals murdered our marines while the slept, we left.

    We went into Somalia to feed starving Africans. Stayed to get a close up view of a civil war. Africans killed American peacekeepers, we left.

    We went into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden, we screwed around for 15 years, killed him in Pakistan (?) and then screwed around for another 5 years. Then we left.

    In the 60’s, our nation took all sorts of counter productive actions. We also built nuclear reactors, hypersonic aircraft, spacecraft and microchips.

    In the 2020’s we invented martial law for a new cold, the face burka for children and Snapface.

    Faster, please.

    • The Jewish regime with its Brahmin junior partners failed in Afghanistan. I don’t care at all. Not my problem, as you said. Let some wall street bankers suit up and go fight Muslims, if they care so much.

      The Jewish DHS secretary is now letting in millions of aliens from Mexico, from every shithole in Latin America, and even Senegal and other random places. That is a big problem.

  31. “They were the people who spent 20 years creating the new Afghanistan….”
    Not so. The Conservative Inc. is (sometimes) not as dumb as you think. The ‘hearts and minds’ style of warfare was invented by them to sell the war to peaceniks on the left at the time, and offer lucrative opportunity to their jewry. It might possibly have been the first step toward building the uniparty as it stands today. They all had a hand in it.

    • the new afghanistan is wherever the millions of new afghani refugees will settle into europe. If you can’t bring democracy into muslim word then bring muslim world into democratic countries, lol. I assume the muslim rape gangs will quadruple in the near future, I can already hear Zion Tv demanding europeans to welcome afghani men into their homes cause they were forced to flee from war or some bullshit.

      This is actually the main reason why I’m not so confident in the great reset plan. The chaos of the future will be so great in its scope how the fuck do they think they’re gonna create order out of it? Some skinny arm corporate soybois & their talmudist buddies think they can bring their own utopia out of all this, what a joke.

      • The skinny arms and talmudists plan to pay others to maintain their own slices of utopia, and to hell with everyone else.

        • that sounds worse than what they originally had going for them. It’s also very risky to stand out like this while everyone else is suffering, not to mention the guys providing the security will ask themselves why are they not the ones in charge.

          • “Not all ‘standing out’ is equal,” said the castle.

            If New Zealand is being prepared as a fortress for them—maybe with Australia as their prison-labor camp?—no one will be able to get to them, maybe ever.

            Haven’t seen any “conspiracy theories” about those countries’ governments’ recent extreme behavior, but it doesn’t make sense, not even as Anglo-feminine madness.

          • “If New Zealand is being prepared as a fortress for them—maybe with Australia as their prison-labor camp?—no one will be able to get to them, maybe ever.”

            That’s basically the elites running away & hiding on whichever island they find cause they’ve burnt down their own homelands.

            But that’s not the way to go if you’re this group of ubermenschen who wanna impose a new type of technocratic society on us plebes. Do you really think the warlords(de facto rulers) who will have control over huge swaths of Europe will listen to some schmucks hiding in Papua New Guinea?

  32. One of my local restaurant ran out of supplies. You weren’t allowed to order a large or half the menu. This was a major chain. The lots at my local car dealerships are increasingly empty.

    May you live in interesting times.

    • Tykebomb: We rarely eat out but that is very interesting news. I can’t say I’ve seen real shortages in the grocery store, just rapidly rising prices. What I have seen are various calls, from around the web (former military, preppers, truckers, people in manufacturing and supply chain, etc.), to focus on food storage now because shortages are coming. A lot seems in flux right now, but a wounded beast always lashes out. Instead of a long, hot, summer we may have a rather frosty autumn.

  33. If the motive behind dropping Afghanistan like a hot potato was to refocus on China, I would actually agree with that. I think China is a threat but it puts me in the weird position of being a dissident who happens to agree w the regime. Same if the Ukraine is dropped. Modern grand strategy is obviously not ‘Risk’ or ‘Axis & Allies’ boardgames. But any look at the map tells you that if China is your principal opponent, you want to get sweet with Russia. In a weird way it looks a little like the WW2 map redone on the other, eastern, side of Eurasia, w ‘Germany’ now more than 10 times as big as last time and Japan as ‘England with a funny language’ and perhaps India to add demographic ballast to Russia, ie ‘The Third Ching Chong Reich’s’ rear front. So dropping the Ukraine makes sense.

    TBH I almost feel more comfortable w the regime doing things I wholly oppose or think make no sense than to do things I would have suggested if America were a sound, functioning and happy place. Agreeing with a bogus administration brought on by a bogus election, that’s less complicated.

    • China IS a potential threat. Theirs is a house of cards, much like our own. When they fall, anything can happen.

      • Agree and they are tilting around right now like a drunk giant in a bar, starting fights left and right. When Chairman Xi and friends feel cornered, who knows how they might lash out?? A nice little nationalistic war somewhere that spirals out of control, like the First World War. It was supposed to have been a punishment of Serbia, or so they thought.

        • “Agree and they are tilting around right now like a drunk giant in a bar, starting fights left and right”

          Kind of like the US for the last 20 or so years.

      • China has a horrifying population crisis they can’t deal with.

        At current fertility rates which BTW there is no workable plan to make go up , China’s population with drop by half in 50 years.

        It will probably stabilize to a degree after that but losing half the population will destabilize the communist regime, if it last that long

        If fit drops again and it could ,since China has a long history history of population swings, within 100 years and change the population will be 300 million round that of 1799.

        What’s killing them is the same thing that is killing us. When you use materialism to replace an organic culture, people than treat reproduction as optional and typically don’t.

        This is also why Israel has high , 3+ native fertility and is quickly becoming one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. They have a strong identity as Jews and Israelis

        • As true as ever: demography is destiny. (Unless the Chinks scale up invitro fertilization, or cloning to a factory assembly line basis).

    • Z is right about the Ukraine. Even Regime folks, maybe especially Regime folks, are tired of hearing Judeo-Bolshevik neurotics complaining about “the Cossacks raped my grandmother.”

      • I can’t think of a single way in which Russia is a threat or an enemy. They got cranky b/c the US totally flaunted deals with them, made when the Russians were at their rock bottom in the ’90s. They are obviously a proud, great power country. Humiliating such a country when they are at their weakest, well guess what, that tends to make them really angry. Russia in the ’90s was treated much like Germany after the first world war.

        Today Russia is one of the sensible hold-outs on marriage, trans-mania and many other things. There are a few things to recommend Putin’s regime over what we have today.

        • well, they did ally with hitler. and murdered 10’s of millions of their own people. they are another broken people.

          • They have done all sorts of screwie things but how are they OUR enemy today?? I don’t see that.

          • The Soviets allied with Hitler because their determined efforts to cut a deal with Britain and France were rebuffed. Molotov-Ribbentrop was NOT their preferred choice.

            The current Russian Federation alliance with China is in exactly the same category. The Russians after abandoning communism expected normalization and integration with the West. This would have been a staggering benefit both to Russia and to European Civilization, so it could not be allowed to happen.

            What they got instead was mostly-Jewish Harvard economic bugmen facilitating (((oligarch))) (1) rape and dismemberment of their country. They came close to having done to them what is now being successfully done to us. I expect they neither like nor trust the Chinese, but they know globohomo wants them dead.

            (1) 6 of 7 of the top oligarchs raping Russia were Jewish. Does anyone think the Russians didn’t notice?

  34. The Afghanistan debacle is also an indication of how much at least some in the regime believe their own bullshit. I seriously doubt that anyone in the Biden Regime actually thought that the ‘New Afghanistan” would take off and thrive, but they obviously thought that there would be a “decent interval” to use an old Nixonian phrase of a year or so before the fall. Instead, the whole thing collapsed with a rapidity that made Saigon 1975 look like a cross between the Alamo and Stalingrad. Obviously, no one expected this in the Administration, but almost every Afghan vet has been predicting this, or something like it, for at least the last ten years. A serious disconnect from reality, to say the least

    • I had enlightening conversations with several different people during the years I wasted in Afghanistan.
      We, the west not only America, would have had to be involved there several generations to have made a lasting difference.
      If that had been made by an honest establishment I would like to think the public could have been convinced and approved. Those conversations and beliefs were buried long ago.
      Still I am ashamed.

  35. If this is the top cannibalizing itself, well, that’s a relief.

    I’m with Whiskey, who said “do not underestimate the danger” to the Dirt People.

    I was afraid that instead of a false flag- that comes later with Kamala- that the suffering in Kabul is the shiny object to distract, while the Powers concoct some mighty Covid wickedness to lay down on us.

    • Addendum: Three weeks before Kabul, the Foreign Services Bureau canceled the Contingency Evacuation Plan that had got 100,000 Americans out of foreign countries last year due to covid.

      That’s why my spidey-senses are tingling. Smells like a set-up.

      • I saw something similar about a guy who couldn’t get out as his testing centre was closed due to the Taliban.

        Similar was around the volcano eruption on St. Vincent,where to be evacuated you needed a vaccination.

        The grinding wheels of stupidity will grind us all into dust.

        I struggle to see how one could have any form of civil interaction and not resort to strangling them with their own clothing, if someone would refuse access to a plane with molten lava streaming in the background because her form has a checkbox for the vax that you must complete.

        I suppose it just is HR leaked into the rest of society.

        • Dafuq? Yet they told our people to ‘shelter in place’, and now they can’t get to the airport.

          Tossing certain people into the volcano…the old superstitions might be an improvement on the new ones.

          • Alzaebo: Witness the photo at Daily Mail Online (don’t know if it’s possible to embed here) of the stupid plane holding about 800 mostly young male Afghans instead of the 150 people the space was designed for. They swarmed onboard when the US lost control and the benevolent pilot “decided to take off” anyway to “save them all.” I consider him emblematic of our current military, whatever the rank. I’m certain he thinks he did a noble thing and he’ll probably get a medal; I’d use a different metal in a lot more permanent location.

  36. I am a skeptic on the Biden 4-D chess theory. There is no impression there is anyone close enough to him to pull something like this off. There was a video last week of Biden staggering into the White House unable to follow Secret Service instructions on where to walk. That the White House believed Kabul would hold for 90 days or more because of what the military told them is more likely. These people lied to Trump about troop deployments, would Biden seriously think he could force reform on them? If he forces out Milley before the end of the year then maybe they mean it.

    • The only way I could see this as 4D chess is if someone analyzed it as (1) if the generals are right and the puppet govt holds out for a while with smooth(ish) transition, I win, or (2) if the generals were stupid/lying I can blame it on their incompetence and get rid of them. As you say, we will see if general heads roll. The unknown is how the fourth branch of the govt will spin this to condition the masses. Seems they haven’t been given their instructions yet.

  37. this is what makes me optimistic that this whole mask bs finally goes away. The regime is so incompetent that eventually – the covidians get ignored and stop wearing masks themselves.

    • Kurmudgeon, I was thinking about that very thing. I think it explains the pandemic of Wokeness.

      As a conspiracy theorist, I might owe the Zman an apology. He may be correct that those who believe their own fantasies are simply so irredeemably stupid that they appear insane.

      Hypersensitivity, inability to focus, lowered cognition, irrational bouts of anger, panic attacks, sexual confusion- I think we’re seeing low-grade autism on a grand scale.

      We’ve let the vaccine racketeers slowly increase the poisoning of our youth for decades. Inflammation of the brain causes brain damage- add in the permanent, subtle damage for many of circumcision and a lifelong diet of sugar toxin, and these Woke products of American hospitals are the stupified grooming the stupid.

      Accelerants like smart screens and 86,000 new chemicals added to our environment since 1960 don’t help much either.

      We’ve let this go on for 2 to 3 generations now. With vaxx booster madness and the elite craze for biotech as the new investment horizon, I’m afraid we’ll adjust to this as surely as we have to cell phones.

      In 20 years, we’re going to have 30 year old autistics trying to run a country of sterile women, hostile foreigners, and rigid cultists. We could end up as culturally advanced as the Taliban.
      Face hijabs for all, I say!

      • the question then is if the whole idea of free speech goes away. Most everyone here is a believer in the first amendment. But I’m almost at the point where they need to ban the wearing of masks in public or at the very least have states ban private businesses from having mask requirements.

        • I think our lived experience over the last 70 years proves the wisdom and correctness of the Socratic dialogs on censorship. We experimented with something very close to absolute ‘free speech’ in historical terms and it was used to corrupt our youth and destroy our society. Something else will be needed in next go-around that will certainly require aggressive suppression of subversives.

          • Intent, and motive. “Why are you doing this- what do you want- who sent you” could be standard form expected in public, perhaps?

          • Having very recently read Plato, at least those sections, allow me to inquire, for I am just a naive commenter, who knows nothing 🙂

            Plato/Socrates advocate censoring the history of the new society. For him this meant sanitizing the mythology and poetry. The Gods were to be only good and not show the tendency to good/evil and human-like caprice that, well, humans were subject to. Part of the objective was to have God(s) to be capable of good but not evil. I may not be stating this wholly accurately.

            The ruler was to have the monopoly on lying “for the public good,” against enemies or to his people. Private lying was to be punished.

            Does that sound like a nation you’d want to be part of? In return for (presumably) well-trained youth, you must surrender your history, your religion and your art (poetry.)

            I’d argue that the above is precisely what the “Woke” are doing to institutions.

            While I don’t recall Nietzsche specifically commenting on Plato’s writings, in his morality writings, he criticizes a people (e.g. the Jews) when they invert a heroic god (who does both good and evil) for a “slave morality” god, who is only capable of “good.” I’d say Plato’s plan outlined above comes perilously close to N.’s “slave morality.” Lending further support is the rest of “The Republic” would have very odd social structure (e.g. all wives and children are common, like a giant family; little ownership of property by the masses.)

            Plato may be excused for just day-dreaming; I don’t think he (or anyone else) ever seriously proposed his city-state was workable.

            Well, that’s enough from Layaboutes. The only thing I know is that I know nothing. And, I suspect, many here would concur 😀

          • To address Ben’s comments above (there was no reply button for some reason at his comment).

            Those are all good points and correspond to my recollection of the conclusions reached in the arguments of the Republic. I did not intend to convey I was advocating for adopting the Republic’s ideal of a ‘just’ society wholesale. I was however pointing specifically to empirically verified truth that if you don’t control what is taught to your youth your society is defenseless to being corrupted, undermined, and finally destroyed. We have lived that, it is a demonstrated truth. Also, as we are seeing, there is no such thing as free speech anyway, at best there is a temporary vacuum of authority to control speech quickly filled by those with the will to take it and use it. Free speech as disingenuously advocated for by the ACLU etc. was actually just the usual suspects militating for the right to corrupt and undermine their host society. After they had succeeded to a large enough degree they are the first to abandon any pretense of free speech as an ideal and become the chief censors of public discourse.

      • Dang- and the psych meds. Pharma originally meant for psychotics confined to mental hospitals now given to young kids, lonely women, the growing prison population, and as “high school cocktails.”

        That, the Pill, and meth in the water supply. Although “lead pipes” is a fraud, this chemical pollution is real, and quite profitable. A fouled nest.

        • Take away a people identity and or move them into cities and that stop reproducing .

          We’ve done both and have been rewarded with a birth dearth.

    • Krusty! I just woke up, thinking, “my gosh, the face masks are our equivalent of Mayans strapping a board to their baby’s forehead.”

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