Shorting Biden

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Way back when the Democratic Party stepped into to halt their voters from picking the wrong option, the immediate response from most observers was that Biden would be a caretaker president if he won. Most people, of course, assumed a man with serious cognitive decline was never going to win election, but 2020 was a good reminder that authoritarian regimes have no respect for the general will. Biden was installed as the short-term answer to their Trump problem.

How long he lasted was assumed to be a function of his ability to stand up and read the lines provided by the script writers. The “long Biden” camp said he would serve out his term, but not run for re-election. Harris or maybe someone else would be the nominee for 2024 with his blessing. The “short-Biden” camp said he would be lucky to make it to the midterm. His cognitive decline would become so obvious that he would be forced out one way or another and Harris would take over.

There was always another element to the politics that was pushed to the background in the excitement to depose Trump. The left-liberals have not been unified in a long time and the Biden-Harris ticket was a compromise between the two main factions. The one faction is the Obama side. If you look at the people around Biden in his campaign and his White House, they are mostly Obama loyalists. On the other hand, Harris was surrounded by Clinton people and remains so as VP.

The Biden-Harris ticket was not only a compromise, but a way to secure the support of the semi-permanent arm of the party, by freezing out the socialists. The apparatchiks would side with Trump before siding with Sanders. They could control Trump on the things that mattered to them. There was no telling what Sanders would do. What Biden-Harris promised to the apparatchiks was a return to the old order, so they would move heaven and earth to get them past public opposition.

Just as the exit from Afghanistan has not followed the script, the Biden-Harris compromise has not worked as hoped. Team Biden is proving to be far more radical than Washington expected. Their Carter-esque domestic agenda is reminding a lot of people of the 1970’s. Serious retail inflation is not transient after all. Instead, it is becoming a part of the public’s calculus. Retail spending has dropped this summer as people adjust to a world of rising prices for essentials.

Then you have the Covid panic which the script said was supposed to end in the summer, in time for Independence Day. They could call it the Trump plague and pretend that Biden had magically cured the nation of this affliction. It is easy to forget that Biden promised it would all be over by July. Instead, the crazies have turned it into a positional good to signal their allegiance to the new religion. This promises to set off more economic and social chaos this fall with new mandates.

The Harris side of the team has been slowly trying to pivot away from what the Biden side has been doing on a wide range of things. Note how hard they worked to keep her away from the border crisis. They see that as a disaster created by the Biden people, so they are hoping to leave that tar baby where it belongs. On the other hand, the Biden side is making sure to keep Harris from getting any positive press. They have been spreading rumors about her in the media to dirty her up.

This friction within the left-liberal wing of the political side of the party would not matter very much if not for the Afghan disaster. While normal people are happy to be free of that mess, the party is roiling over the fall out. The regime media is now full of attacks on the Biden wing. Here is a piece in the NY Times putting the blame for the collapse on the Biden people. There are stories like this all over regime media, painting a sad picture of how Team Biden let down the Afghans.

To sum up, the Afghan debacle has not only increased the tensions within the Biden-Harris coalition, but it has driven a wedge between that coalition and the apparatchiks who do most of the governing. There were leaked stories about how the Harris people were talking openly about the 25th Amendment. Even if true, they will need the support of the apparatchiks as well as congressional Democrats. They can’t just bust into the Oval Office and seize control of the state.

What this summer has shown is the “short Biden” people were probably right about how long Biden remains in office. His condition is so bad he is rarely seen. That is not going to get better. You can be sure the Clintonistas surrounding Harris are scheming with their old friends in the semi-permanent side of the party to engineer a coup to remove Biden sooner rather than later. Recall that the State Department is filled with Clinton loyalists, and they opposed the Afghan withdraw.

The question is when and how is Biden sidelined? If you wanted to give Harris the best chance at reelection, sooner is better than later. This would provide her time to consolidate her hold over the party. On the other hand, if Biden were to drop dead in office, everyone could pretend it was an outpouring of love for him that swept the left-liberals to victory in the midterms. That assumes the full support of the apparatchiks to make sure the vote goes as expected.

The Biden people are not without their options. The one important card they have is that Harris is a weird blend of stupidity and offensiveness. She had all the resources one could want in the primary and managed to drive her own popularity down to zero by simply being herself. Having a dementia patient in the White House is manageable but a bitter ingrate with a chip on her shoulder is a problem. Putting angry DMV lady in the Oval Office could turn out to be bigger disaster than Afghanistan.

Of course, the other option is to find a way to remove Harris first and replace her with someone the party can trust. Then they can pillow Biden before the midterm and run the sympathy script they have ready. This is one of those three cushion shots that makes sense until you think about the options to replace Harris. It reveals the bigger problem with the party. They have run out of people with the minimum of competence, which is how they ended up with Mumbly Joe in the White House.

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271 thoughts on “Shorting Biden

  1. funny how everyone forgets that biden is our second president with dementia. reagan was almost as bad during his second term. not trying to slag reagan, it’s just an observable fact.

    • why in the hell did you post that? OT or not , what’s the point? did someone insult you here?

      • There are some participants on this blog that share Mr. Smolkin’s sentiments.

    • > Anatoly Smolkin

      Oh yeah, definitely our guy. Easily passes the “If your name sounds stupid to everyone you meet, you’re in the wrong country” test. That’ll teach us.

      Congratulations on becoming popular enough to attract “zogbots,” Z.

      • It is an interesting story. Like the Vegas shooter weare unlikely to ever know the whole of it.

        Putting my tinfoil hat on: Mr. Karen is doing a preemptive strike to keep any on this site from giving the people hounding Smolkin a second thought.

        From the link, the man is no hero, but he might be pitiable.

        Interesting times.

  2. Somewhat related: with the continuing uncertainty, I’d be looking at land for, or to purchase existing, trailer park / camping lots, for the investors. To rent, for the searchers.

    With us all getting ready to run, I’d say the mobile home / RV lifestyle is the coming thing. Maybe the forgotten tent cities like they had in the ’30s?

    Construction / oilfield guys have been doing this since, like, forever.

    (It comes to mind as I’m helping a few kinfolk look for a roof over their head now in CA and TX. T’is quite the thing in the OH, KY, WV corner; Mid-south, South… oh heck, we still got a big country. Tons of places, I mean tons, if you check the county courthouse for unpaid tax properties.

    I need to look into this, and find or set up a how-2 resource site…we should all be setting up resource aggregator sites and directories for all the various we’ll need.)

    • Heh. Camps? Fookem.

      We’ll set up our own, and be gone by dawn when the word comes down that the US 7th Cav are planning a visit.

      (Good news on the self-produced gas thing, too, so we’ll have energy independence. Later.)

      • Ah geez. Over my skis and interrupting. As well as obscuring Whiskey. Sorry, folks, my apologies to our host.

        Yeah, a nation of Travellers.
        So grandiose. Say…didya see that old hotel, that abandoned mall…?

    • Alz-

      I really like the idea of setting up info clearing houses pertinent to the demo here.

      I know the UK has at least one site listing businesses, “open for all.”

      As for RVs, they are known to have lots of design and quality issues.

      The anecdotes I’ve heard indicate the RV parking sites are mobbed this summer. Not much available out there.

  3. Events are likely to force at least an attempt at removal of Biden, by the ruling elite. But it won’t be the 25th Amendment, that’s a non-starter given the support he has from Pelosi and Schumer. It won’t be impeachment obviously. Its likely to be an anti-Fa led Color Revolution like the one Mark Milley tried to orchestrate last Summer against Trump. That’s why Anti-Fa are still around. They are useful.

    Afghanistan is just starting. There are thousands of Americans and other foreign nationals trapped in Afghanistan. These are in many cases, connected people with powerful friends and families. The Brits 2nd Para is staging patrols into Kabul to find these people, looking for known safe houses and Brits, Irish, and Canadians in particular though they’ll rescue pretty much anyone. Joining them are a bunch of “military contractors” aka ex SEALs, Delta, Green Berets etc. The 82nd Airborne is under orders to stop this and the two commanders engage in screaming matches. US troops are almost in revolt and might join the effort. If so that’s a big change. [There seems no plan for use of the military contractors who formed the Spec Ops retirement plan. Well, there’s no risk at all of these guys who topple governments to come home and ask if you want fries with that.]

    Meanwhile Biden’s regime froze the bank accounts of the Afghan Government, giving the Taliban a huge incentive to hold lots of hostages and ransom them for trillions not billions. Look for hostage videos and pleas, some executions on video to show they are not kidding. Biden’s response has been to send strongly worded letters (no really).

    Looking at this, I can say I would be very surprised if Putin did not take Ukraine, the Baltics, and Poland. I would be shocked if Xi did not invade Taiwan. And possibly sink our Pacific Fleet in days.

    Even if this does not happen, collapsing consumer spending in rate of stagflation as a permanent feature, spiraling costs, stagnant wages, means collapsing corporate profits as they don’t make much money anywhere else. This means a collapse in Hollywood streaming, Big Tech (your data is useless if you only buy on price and don’t do much of that). And other industries. They will want their profits back.

    The Biden Regency only made sense when the US was seen as all powerful, able to easily dispose of even Saddam’s regime within a week. Even if it could not govern Iraq other nations looked at how quickly he was defeated and made adjustments. Those adjustments are now being revised, sharply. Biden hid during the initial crisis, gave a nothing speech with no reforms and new policies, and went and hid again. As events continue to drive him, not him events. This got noticed. By everyone.

    The ruling class could face open revolt on the individual and state level from another lockdown, mask mandates, mandatory vaccines that obviously don’t work. So they have to stage a color revolution, and install someone. Obviously, Buttgig. He’s gay. White women love gays. He’s the American Macron.

    What that would mean, and if it would be successful, I don’t know. I will say that Trump had a few people who prevented last Summer’s attempted Color Revolution which was reportedly quite a close run thing. Biden? I don’t know. I don’t know what would happen if they did remove him and installed Buttgig.

    • Young Master Butt is the most obvious intelligence-created non-person since Obama.

      The CIA installed Bush #1 to reverse forever the little good that Reagan did. They gave us Obama to inaugurate a post-rational dark (or at least beige) age. What’s left for Butt to do? Only the camps.

      Somebody up there enjoys puns.

    • See?

      I told you guys Whiskey is fun.

      More seriously, the chip shortage is killing the electronics side of the MIC.

      Electronics volumes in the MIC are so low the semi makers have basically told the MIC to go pound sand so they can sell to Detroit and the sailfoam makers.

      It’s unclear if the WH can issue any EOs with the teeth required to feed the MIC supply chains.

      • It’s unclear if the WH can issue any EOs with the teeth required to feed the MIC supply chains.

        It shouldn’t even require an EO – there ought to be Cold War Era laws on the books which authorize the CiC to redirect industrial channels like that.

        PS: I’m assuming that MIC == Military Industrial Complex

        Sometimes the acronyms fly so fast & furious on these bulletin boards that one can’t quite be entirely certain as to WTF is being referenced.

  4. Isn’t the “DMV lady” slur format now stale? What I mean is: shouldn’t we say “U.S. Embassy lady” instead?

    At least the DMV has accurate information about the proper use of turn signals and what to do at a 4-way stop, and which side of the road you’re supposed to drive on.

  5. Ah, the hubris of the civilized man. In a recent iSteve post, Sailer says:

    “In other words, the USA leapt first into the Modern Muslim Nation-Building game not in some easy introductory setting like, say, Bosnia or Malaysia, but instead at the final, hardest level: Afghanistan, the human race’s most proudly knuckle-headed country.”

    My reply:

    Knuckle-headed? They won, and get to run their country how they see fit over the objections of the world’s sole superpower, UN and NATO. Exactly how “knuckle-headed” is that, really?

    Who’s to say their way of life is wrong for them when they have such high agreement within their nation that this is how they want to live?

    Isn’t living according to our culture and beliefs what all of us want?

    I’m not a cultural relativist. I believe my culture is objectively better than their. But my pride in my culture ends at ensuring that my people and my culture are preserved. I have no interest in making the Afghanis live the way I do. All I ask is that they don’t try to make me live like them, or we’ll have “words.” Same to the globohomo left.

    And I am well aware of which of those two cultures is waging war on me in my own nation.

      • Comments like those from Mr. Vizzini is why I frequent this site.

        I guess Mr z man is also ok, for a guy from Lagos…

        • Vizzini: All I ask is that they don’t try to make me live like them, or we’ll have “words.” Same to the globohomo left.

          If you’re hanging out here chez Z, then you can’t possibly be so naive as to believe otherwise, but allow me to state the following for the record:

          A) Globo-Homo-Pedo will inevitably force you to live like them [and especially G-H-P will eventually force you to offer up your children as a sacrifice to Moloch].

          B) Islam is an explicitly expansionist religion, and once it expands to be large enough, the islamists will force you to live like them.

          “Promise you won’t force me to live like you?” is a nice little Civ-Nat thought writ large [which would make it Civ-Glob?], but in reality, it never works.

          If you’re not fortunate enough to live exclusively amongst fellow White Christian gnostics, then eventually the time will come when you’ll get that knock on your door.

    • Oh, regarding the reference to Bosnia, the US still has troops stationed in Kosovo, defending democracy. It’s still considered a combat deployment, but that’s pretty much a technicality (Nobody doing a tour there is going to contradict it, though, because, hey, combat pay!)

    • My MAGA brother sometimes laments the Islamic revolution in Iran in the late 1970s. It sticks in his craw when I suggest that that revolution was the Iranian version of MAGA. He still believes that everyone in the world wants 1950s USA.

      I believe that it is likely that most Arabs/Persians sincerely want Islamic law. Sure, there are some that don’t but those are like the trannies in our culture.

        • Thanks for the interesting reply. I hadn’t thought of that.

          The internet tells me that there are 1.6 million Arabs in a country of 80+ million Iranians. Therefore, I suspect that most Persians embrace sharia. Who are we to argue with them?

          I tried to include links but the filter said that I was spamming the site.

          • The arab conquest was quite early, and a lot of nationalist movements rebelled off and on, but eventually they got mostly converted as part of the wider caliphate.

            As a result persians are sort of a majority minority with lots of other muslim groups from different areas in the country. Some I have spoken to think that Iran is in the same state as the west with respect to settlement by non-persian groups. The same are quite vociferous about the fact they consider the current regime was placed into the country by the west.


          • The ones I spoke to considered everyone not Persian as essentially arab.

            From the above link it shows Iran as ~60% Persian. Similar to the US I suppose.

    • Vizzini: Brilliant. Sailer really has gone down hill rapidly since his wuflu panic and clotshot hurrah. For an ostensibly intelligent man to cling to an utterly discredited idea like ‘citizenism,’ in the face of mounting evidence against it, is truly sad. And it’s not merely that he’s getting old – I’m a few days older than he is.

  6. “They have run out of people with the minimum of competence, which is how they ended up with Mumbly Joe in the White House.”

    It’s has to be pretty obvious even to those on the left that the Joe Biden of 2020 was not a better candidate than the Joe Bidens of 1988 and 2008 who couldn’t even make the finals.

    That’s a very sad statement on the quality of our leadership.

  7. I wonder if, at some point, the public will come to decide that it’s less embarrassing to rule Biden’s election illegitimate — even if he was legitimately elected!

  8. The former CCCP collapsed about a year and a half after leaving the Graveyard Of Empires.
    It was relatively bloodless for a collapse and the clock is ticking for the rainbow flag workers utopia.

    • Yes, but recall the collapse was due to an attempted coup by the old school hardliners. When Nudemocrats try to rebel against the geriatric democrats, then things will get spicy. I see Milley’s 82 airborne in buttless chaps and elaborate codpieces fighting AOC’s genderqueer antifa squads for control of the streets of the Imperial Capitol. Stay far, far away from any of it, let them pull the roof down on themselves (and a pox on both their houses).

  9. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Shorting Biden

    • I was a big fan of Smokin’ Joe. I grew up with negroes in the 1970’s who worshipped Ali. They took Ali’s hatred of white people to heart and we had race wars in high school on a regular basis. They were always started by the negroes by attacks on out numered whites. Us white would then retaliate and the police would be called in to patrol the halls for a few days.

      Frazier summed it up best. He said Ali never should have been allowed to light the Olympic torch because he was a “draft dodger who hated his white brothers.”

  10. When you think about it, it is remarkable that, in a country of 330 million, you end up with this cast at the top of government. Surely, among the 70 million or so who wanted Trump out, there’d be at least TWO individuals with the competence at least to run an ice cream stand. But, nope, ANY competence seems to disqualify you. Go figure…..

    Btw, the angry DMV lady in the Oval Office produced an image in my mind that forced me to chuckle lol Soon the DMV will have the nuke codes….well, maybe clown world wont last so long after all…..

    • The problem is that it’s not a matter of finding 2 individuals out of 70M—it is a matter of finding 2 individuals out of a few hundred, or even dozen, that comprise the power elite deep State. Everyone else in the country are merely “useful idiots”.

        • Agreed. On the other hand these people never really had to compete in the sense we think about with political opponent in the public sphere.

          As an aside however, if they need a candidate, they’ll find one and build him/her up rapidly. One year ago, who the hell heard of the Florida governor? I didn’t. Hell, he barely won his election. But one issue, Covid, propelled him into national prominence. Now he’s God’s gift to the Repub’s.

          • The 2022 candidate may be someone we haven’t heard of yet. But it’s not going to be a real election anyway. Overriding the electorate worked so well last time, they think they have a winning formula.

          • Now wait just a minute there, fellah. I thought we agreed that the solution to Biden was Mayor Butthole; gotta let that queer pride fly! Too white? Yeah, ditto Beto the fake Mexican. If you’re anti-white; then once you go black, you can never go back. Maybe that Aunt Jemmimah lookalike from Georgia is available. For an angry DMV worker, she puts of a deceptively mammy vibe that’ll gull the woke nicely.

        • Things aren’t super violent right now. Other than that I can’t see how a revolution could make things worse. Then again, nasty things have a nasty habit of surprising you. And, revolution or any major change in the US right nows seems likely to end in a lot of bloodshed.

          If we win, later historians will say “well, that was obviously necessary.” But, later historians in their armchairs won’t have to go through the mayhem. We do.

    • Somehow, over the past couple months, I’m starting to feel it. As the regime weakens, there will be a cascade of unfortunate events, each building on each other and showing additional weakness. Another fortress to soon go down will be fortress medical-complex, when the vaccines prove to be useless or even harmful in some ways. It’s already cracking. If your vaccine needs a booster after eight months, it’s not a vaccine, it’s a joke. The reason events will cascade is because I’m sure every one of our “leaders” thought the video of a West-Wing vax promoting trans was a good idea. A video perfectly juxtaposed to the spectacular collapse in Afghanistan. Clearly, from circumstances already gathered, God is making America an example of what not to do for the next thousand years. Perhaps our existence was merely allowed as a warning of what not to do. And if you think the COVID virus took a lot of people out, wait until you see the body count on the national insolvency virus. Now that will be a killer virus.

      • The premonition that this regime is going down hit me, maybe a month or so ago. Not sure why it hit then. But I still think it’s true, they will not last. What happens then is turbulence, positive Lyapnov, chaos, whatever you want to call it but in any case unpredictable.

          • The full King James statement:
            In chaos lies opportunity. No whut ahm sayin’

          • Stranger-
            It’s,”Gnome Sane”.

            “Chaos is a ladder”

          • That was the motto of a. Marine I worked with. Guy would steal everything he could get his hands on. He shipped connexes of stuff to the states.

      • I think the COVID lockdowns were the big mistake.

        – people stopped going out and interacting with “diversity”, realizing that they actually prefer to be with their own kind
        – people had to reconsider their lifestyle – for many, without urban distractions their life is pretty grim and meaningless
        – economic shut downs, millions out of work. Lies about masks, vaccines, etc.
        – most people, even most of the compliant, quietly ignored the lockdowns. Nobody is limiting themselves to visiting with only one other household. A government that makes laws which aren’t followed is a joke.

        If Biden tries another one, it could get interesting.

        • COVID certainly exposed unbelievable levels of incompetence. It may hasten the fall of the woke regime yes. That actually seems likely.

          • COVID certainly exposed unbelievable levels of incompetence.

            Incompetence in da Gubmint.

            But as Ang1in has been trying to warn people, it’s also exposing unbelievable levels of psychopathy in Big Data, and Big Data is capable of producing hyper-competent products designed to turn you into a digital slave.

            The next big “controversy” will be over the question of how much your automobile will be allowed and/or required to track your every movement, and how much of that data will be REQUIRED to be uploaded to the NSA [via the NHTSA].

            The requirement will be slipped in, at the very last minute, as part of the “taxing by miles driven” agenda of ZOG.

            Heck, it may already have been slipped into the umpteen-bazillion-page infrastructure bill.

        • Lockdowns exposed how many total BS paper-pushing jobs exist in the Western world.

      • The blood of the jabbed is clotting as we speak. Once they start strokin out or their immune system goes into overdrive next winter, all hell is gonna break loose. People can sense the Evil and the disintegration purposely unleashed in their fucking bones.

    • From the book “Systemantics”:

      Systems attract systems-people.
      Prolonged selection selects survivors.
      The end result of extreme competition is bizarreness.

      • The first two make apparant sense. The last is interesting. Maybe if the extreme or prolonged competition is for attention it explains why they come up with ever weirder ideas. Now racist boulders are being expelled from college in Wisconsin….

        • it means you get adaptations that increase the chances of making it past one specific selection mechanism (sustained competition), without improving or even working within the overall system.

    • Not that I was expecting much but I was surprised, especially given the cash burn, of Mike Bloomberg’s flame-out in the primaries. Let me first state that I’m not a fan, but here’s a guy who did an OK job governing and ungovernable city, who seemed to at least have a basic grasp of politics and yet he turned into a tone-deaf moron when the national spotlight hit him. It pretty much affirmed everyone’s suspicion that our plutocrats did not obtain their wealth through the use of any sort of legitimate talent.

      • I lived in NYC when he was mayor, he was a good mayor. He defended stop-and-frisk which was central to why murder rates in NYC dropped like a rock in the 1990s. Then I don’t know what the heck happened to the man, something fell on his head or something?? Or maybe it’s just the grif thing, that suddenly you have be more woke than anyone to have a chance?? He’s a guy who literally lost his mind, a once working mind.

        • oh sure, he was a great mayor.
          I especially liked the time when he banned soft drinks larger than 16 ounces, or when his administration threatened to evict poor elderly tenants of public housing if they smoked in their own apartments, or when he talked about limiting the amount of transfats and salt in your diet.

          He only seemed successful because the city was still running on the real and substantial accomplishemnts of the Guiliani administration … 75% reduction in car theft, 75% reduction in homicides, the dismemberment of the Mafia controlled private sanitation industry, etc, etc.

          • That is actually true, I remember the soft drink and salt stuff now that you mention it. Yeah, I remembered him as better than he was. But at least he carried forward Giuliani’s successful policing and crime policies.

          • Heh, the exception proves the rule re lack of a bench: “Bloomberg didnt immediately $hit the bed, he would be top of the heap for these guys!”

    • There is a fallacy in that line of thinking. Of course, you’d expect some competence by shear accident, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore because talent is not distributed as equally as it was in the past. Years ago there was a large available pool of talent (mostly White) to draw from across political aisles and factions. I remember the days when a democrat president might have a republican SOD or a republican president might have a democrat SOE. But not anymore. Our political system is increasingly limited in who it can pick to run things.

      For example: The two parties may have fairly equal mean IQs, but the democrats — the POC party — are increasingly dragged down by a growing segment of the population with a mean IQ much lower than the average; this applies to bureaucratic talent as well. One party democracy will mean that an entire segment of high IQ White conservatives will be permanently locked out of power while the democrat party will increasingly be represented by people of lower than average IQ. This will mean that the government won’t simply be inept in the future, but moreso than you’d expect based on national average IQ — which is mainly useful when discussing average values for homogeneous entities.

      Say the mean IQ of America is 98, but the mean IQ of the average democrat is 96 and falling fast due to diversity. In the near future, this will mean the pool of available talent will come exclusively from the lower IQ group due to 50% + 1 “democracy.” The beaurcratic talent will then be somewhat dumber than expected because you’re selecting only from the lower IQ demographics. In other words, imagine Japanese policy being set by the voters of Detroit.

      Of course, it’s not quite as clear cut as that. Bureaucrats come from the cognitive elite, but a similar logic should apply to them as well: smarter than average but dumber than you’d expect. Steve Sailer has long wondered what would happen when the democrats finally drove out all the White male talent, guys like Bill Clinton (but not corrupt). I guess now we know the answer. We have a senile old man running a government staffed with unpopular incompetents like Kamala Harris.

      • What might happen when White talent is driven out has been shown in South Africa to a certain extent. The obvious—that things begin to fail—starts to happen, but also some other anomalies. One that I’ve read is that Black managers in industries are pleading for exemptions to the national law wrt numbers of Whites employed in certain sectors. In other words, the (Black) managers/directors of large companies once dominated by Whites realize that the work simply can not be done competently/efficiently by Blacks and they are desperate to keep the wheels on the train. I imagine the same situation will happen here. Of course, with a larger population and proportion of Whites to begin with, the realization of this cognitive difference with probably take a few generations—not just one as in the case of SA.

        • Lol sounds like a cope.

          Other than a few executive blacks, they are never going to “beg” for whitey to work with them.

          Even if the 1% blacks ask for white talent, 99% blacks will just riot and kill them. If blacks wanted whites around to live in a more prosperous society they would have not kicked them out from Rhodesia. They don’t care. They’re happiest in conditions like Congo or Uganda.

        • Compsci, I agree with b125. Dont forget that they would rather rule a pile of ashes in a loin cloth than be second rate in a first world western civilization. They don’t want your prosperity, they want your subjugation (or failing that, your death).

      • Don’t make the mistake of assuming that “democracy” has anything to do with how the Democratic Party does its internal selection. Just as one very small example, the Democratic candidate in ’08 was Obama and not Hillary in part because of massive voter fraud in the Texas and Florida state primaries which was then ok’d by the national party. If the Party decides that you shall not be the candidate, comrade, then for the good of the proletariat you shall not be the candidate.

        • The Party wanted Kamala Harris, but Black voters in the South overruled them and gave us Biden instead. Let’s not overplay the competence of the deep state. It is far from all-powerful. One party democracy ensures this kind of thing will continue to happen. Believing otherwise is just a means of hoping they’ll pick someone competent and White like us. They won’t or they may not be able to even if they wanted to.

  11. “They can’t just bust into the Oval Office and seize control of the state.”

    Why not? If you can steal an election in front of everybody, what’s to stop them? And how would we know if it happened, given the diligent, factual reporting by the MSM? “OMG! The POTUS choked to death on his ice cream! We must declare marshal law and put the gay White House intern in charge of the country! For the children.”

    • If these goat f*ckers can take over a country this easy, Why cant we take our country the same way.

      Or is this the out come the Uni Party wants?

      • We can’t take over our country the same way because a) it’s way larger, b) has low population density and c) has lots of ethnic factions that dislike each other or are otherwise ambivalent. The reason why the country had so much unity for so long is largely because the federal government was agnostic towards “national” culture and was very limited in what it attempted to do (mostly national defense and foreign trade policy). As the federal government has gotten larger and more aggressive in trying to make a unified national culture, it’s position has become more tenuous. The only way forward is either a more hands-off federal government or dissolution of the federal government. There just aren’t enough points of agreement amongst humans in the contiguous states for there to be a robust continental government.

        • With all due respect, the federal government is not attempting to create a unified national culture; it is using direct and indirect force to compel white America to accept subservience to a non-white overclass. This is not unity; it is heteronomy.

          • Another new word for the day, “heteronomy”:
            n. Subordination or subjection to a law imposed by another or from without: opposed to autonomy.
            n. Specifically, in the Kantian ethics, subjection of the will to the control of the natural appetites, passions, and desires, instead of to the moral law of reason.
            n. In biology, the state of divergent modification in parts that exhibit general homology or homonomy.

      • This fear is exactly why DHS was on about domestic terror from the Right just after this mess started. A lot of people on the Right are thinking “Why can’t we do that too?” and from the Commies POV a possible preference cascade is a huge threat

        The Right can’t do that for one main reason and its not the uniparty.

        Unlike our guys the Taliban have a clear cut set of goals which could be summed up as Sharia Law.

        Its a clear alternative to the current system with a well thought out set of actions to take to get there, a foreign policy goals and everything.

        They are ready to actually to run that country once they finish taking it.

        However our Right does not. No core set of goals and no desire or interest in implementing them. Leave me alone is not an ethos, its a teenage temper tantrum.

        Until they decide they want Neo Constitutionalism or New Christendom or Restoration or whatever else may be .best case scenario is a collapse.

        As Mandate Of Heaven says to rule you must

        Be Worthy of Power

        Take Power

        Use Power

        The Taliban are rapidly filling all three by the standards of their society

        Our Dissident Right has none of them and while the Establishment has taken power and used power, they are failing because they aren’t worthy..

      • You mean like the plausible deniability for the Governors of Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, et al? Would that plausible deniability sound like, “WTF are you going to do about it?”

    • I don’t know about us, but I got the same feel: if Harris, high on testosterone pills, busted in and strangled Biden with his own tie, I’d still give her 50/50 odds of a successful ascension to the presidency.

  12. And the entire GOP money crowd will get behind Tim Scott, who will proudly hold the lantern of freedum as he shows the world how to lose.

    • Taliban never imported Indian slave labour to undercut my wages. Taliban never pushed OxyContin on white America (in fact they banned it). Taliban never burned down Minneapolis because a career criminal OD’ed.

      Not saying I see them as my allies or want to live anywhere near them. But they’re not my current enemy.

      • Plus they want to destroy the people in that society I would like to see destroyed in this society. It will be fun watching a few public executions or public floggings.

        The Taliban shut down all the opium poppy production in Afghanistan. Then, when we “liberated” the Afghans, we were soon guarding enormous poppy fields.

      • Agreed. One thing I never thought I would celebrate would be a Taliban victory, and the utter stupidity of our presence there has been apparent for two decades. Yet, here I am. Anything that damages the Regine–and this has, perhaps fatally–is good.

    • They’re good at sick burns too:

      “Zabihullah Mujahid, who has 310,000 followers on Twitter, was asked about the Taliban’s plan for freedom of speech.

      ‘This question should be asked to those people who are claiming to be promoters of freedom of speech who do not allow publication of information,’ he replied.

      ‘I can ask Facebook company.'”

      He’s not wrong.

      It’s like they know the talking points.

      • A commenter at iSteve’s made the point the Taliban may be the only effective conservative group left.

        That dude isn’t wrong.

        • Their success, by definition, makes them not “conservative!” Conservatives never win anything. if they were actual conservatives, they’d be writing “The Conservative Islamic Case LGBT Rights” written by guys with names like “Epstein” and tranny spokespeople.

          Right now the conservatives are on Twitter and even Trump himself “owning the libs” by saying we need to take in the collaborators, legally, of course.

          • You’re right, of course. But we desperately need a term that encompasses those on the right who are not conservative, per se. I guess Rightist might work, but it lacks…punch.

      • I’m sure various non white/non western nationalist groups monitor our movements, ideas and blogs. Russia seems to be doing the same and echoing many talking points (ie. anti white racism and political prisoners from 1/6).

        They are winning ideas. And frankly it’s just common sense. Unfortunately the white population is heavily brainwashed and demoralized, and we are also heavily censored and oppressed by Globohomo so it’s harder to spread here.

        But hey, if they’re chipping away at Globohomo from without, that’s fine with me. We will do what we have to do to chip away from within.

        • Interesting post. After WWII there was an anti-colonial movement in the third world that, with the acquiescence of European empires, overthrew colonial rule. Beginning with the cessation of the Cold War, Globohomo has reimposed colonial rule although, in the main, without direct occupation. There is no logical reason why non-white nations could not create a second anti-colonial movement. And if they do, they will weaken Globohomo financially, and perhaps morally, as well.

    • For some reason that pic of them holding ice cream brought to mind Beatlemania / old record covers from the British Invasion

  13. Yep, Dems have really screwed themselves. Not that Republicans are sitting pretty, either.

    So the party has come down to blacks, women, and Orwell’s bugmen, with homosexuals and nuAmericans waiting in the wings. The future looks bleak for them.

    • Now would be the time that they would want a Republican loser like Rubio to “win”.

      Rubio can be the new Hitler in the media, while quietly doing a few things that help the regime, like cutting back social security or taxes. He can also say that abortion is wrong or something, and get many from the right wing base engaged again.

      Of course, Trump or DeSantis would win the primary, so they can’t. That’s why it’s so important keep up the heat on normie conservative parties. Don’t let them be the noodle alternative. Force them to deal with their own problems.

      • Exactly right. And keep up pressure on Trump and deSantis. It’s no time to be placated.

        At the same time, don’t count on any of it. Politics is rear guard at this point.

        • “At the same time, don’t count on any of it. Politics is rear guard at this point.”

          Aye. There’s the rub. Whenever I see a news headline that has words such as “Biden,” “senator,” “Trump,” “De Stantis,” etc., I simply stop reading. All of that tommyrot is pre-2020 and is, therefore, flatly irrelevant.

      • Rough, scary, even tragic at times, but this iteration of evil is overcome or destroys itself, and we survive.

  14. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on.

    The fact that non-white intake *increased* after they fraudulently manufactured millions of ballots suggests that whoever is in charge is motivated by more than just electoral desires. The USA is already 50% non white and they can fraud whoever they want into office. They don’t need 250,000 more Guatemalans per month to have a lock on Texas in 8-10 years.

    The sheer quantity, and origins of non white immigrants is leading directly to a violent and savage third world shit hole, not a happy diverse country with enough non white voters to keep the D’s in power. Not the kind of country that a nice white lady like Pelosi would survive in. In the long term demographics are all that matter. In the 2020 census the fastest browning states are liberal states in New England.

    We also see the COVID lockdowns coming back, Afghanistan debacle. “Do the right thing” and vote Biden indeed, for a “return back to normal”. They don’t understand that “normal” is only possible in a white supermajority country. What we have now is normal, for a third world country. Riots, plagues, corruption, fraud, and military failures. Sounds about right for a country that is 50% non white among its working age population.

    I really don’t see normal whites, particularly orderly and empathetic liberals, thriving or even surviving in this future. Among the chaos though, there’s never been a better time to redpill fence sitters and organize for our side. Be hungry, optimistic and opportunistic.

    • I was grocery shopping in my Idaho town last weekend. I heard more Spanish than I did English. Saw African refugees. This place was was over 90% white when I moved here 16 years ago.

      • Judge Smails: Heartbreaking, yet predictable. Idaho was booted about as the White homeland online for years, and the feds took notes. Move somewhere that is not so advertised, and further from California. I won’t list them here, but I can think of half a dozen states with portions that are still almost solidly White. You’d just need to get your economics in order first, because you aren’t going to earn a high dollar living there.

        • I honestly think rural parts of blue states are a pretty good bet, if you can put up with high taxes and stupid gun laws. The eye of Sauron isn’t upon them.

          As always, though, I think defending turf is better than abandoning it.

          • Talking turf is better still.

            Removing unwanted foreigner is a normal practice in most places and the US while it thinks it can dodge history , it can’t.

            The trick is being nasty enough to make sure the foreigner isn’t you

          • I’m in a summer resort area in a blue state to visit family and it’s pretty much Whiteopia around here.

            I’m not doing a very good job not being a dirty middle-aged man.


        • Does it matter?

          I live in the back of beyond where you could count non natives on one hand until recently (although oddly the numbers increased magically even though everyone was locked in their house). I digress.

          I walk to the bank, the ATM shows me a young black girl, or an older black guy on the screen, I turn around and the bank loan poster is a black guy with his mixed family.
          I go into the shop and the posters are mixed couples (various) with no white guys.
          The music piped over the speaker in the local store is R&B or similar. On the counter is a youth mental health leaflet (locally produced) where its mixed teens, with no white guy.
          The book shop display is a mix of wall to wall gay, POC authors, wimmin and ranti-acism books.

          People driving past, often young women play rap loudly or the same shit piped into stores. Tattoos are everywhere.

          A recent concert to celebrate the local culture of the place ended with fireworks and lady f’ing Gaga sang by some fat mystery. The local elections have some fake refugee in a scarf being proposed as the face of the local centre-right party and the pride decorations put up by the local council are still there.

          Its so pervasive, no one even seems to notice.

          • The eternal question is “how far do I need to go to get away from the POZ?” and all I can think is that even if you were to go to the furthest outpost in Antarctica there would still be a gay pride poster hanging on the wall. It’s like plastics at this point: it’s everywhere and in everything.

          • Tristan, yes that is the dilemma and the question

            Does it matter?

            On one hand it doesn’t, because what’s the point if the country is 40% white even though your area is 90%. The national governance is going to reflect the non white demographics and make your life a living hell.

            On the other hand, at least we have a sense of community and are among our own which means people watch out for one another and it’s generally safe to raise kids.

            But yeah, it’s the question I continue to ask myself, and I am up in the air about it all.

          • Its 97 where I am on a rock 30 miles from the mainland, and its still the same shit as everywhere else.

    • “In the long term demographics are all that matter. In the 2020 census the fastest browning states are liberal states in New England.”

      Good news! Piss off the low-key-racist WASPs and see what happens.

      • Unfortunately I don’t think your desired outcome is what will happen.

        Here in Toronto the response of the GoodWhite libs as the demographics tip into 40% white territory, is to simply double down. They kneel before non whites and sexual deviants in ever increasing displays of humiliation and self-shaming. They continue to live in white neighborhoods, but the walls are closing in. New condo development ensures their areas won’t be white for long…

        • It could be, but these are the descendants of people who deposed a king, threw another off, and ripped their own country apart because it didn’t suit them. And they are racist, no doubt about it.

          They’ve got the crazy gene.

          • They’ve got the crazy gene, alright, but their racism has nothing to do with that. In fact, it’s a mote of sanity in their deranged, whirling maelstrom of irrationality.

          • I have to admit, lately I think they shouldn’t have felt guilty about the witch trials. The American Taliban lol.

  15. @ thezman – When was the last time in American history that a standing US president, while in office, was replaced by the vice president; excluding causes such as impeachment, resignation or assassination?

    • Couple of US Presidents who just died in office for health reasons.
      (Taylor, FDR, etc.)

      But I take your point.

      But we’re double-impeaching presidents now for no real reasons; once they pull the trigger on the 25th Amendment, it’ll be much easier to do it a second time.

      Interesting to imagine how that will affect the executive branch if it’s a Sword of Damocles over his head.

      • Sorry for my ignorance of US politics, but what is the purpose of impeachment? As I recall Nixon resigned, but Bill Clinton remained in office although both were impeached. To what level of criminality does an impeachment require the president to leave office?

        • Impeachment is a type of formal censure

          If the Impeachment effort dies in Congress, it’s like the cops writing you a ticket for reckless driving but which the judge throws out for lack of evidence. It’s essentially meaningless in the real world but still stays on your record. So now the Democrats can always go around saying “You were arrested for driving like a lunatic, and we will never forget”

          Republicans come back with “But the judge threw it out for lack of evidence”

          Dems come back with “So what, the judge was corrupt”

          Repubs come back with “But you do remember who appointed that judge, don’t you? I seem to remember he had a D after his name”

          And the circle jerk goes on and on forever in the clouds while nobody in dirt world gives a damn

          • Ah, you have to love the American political system. 🙂

            I read an interesting commentary somewhere recently that the concept of democracy you Americans practice takes a rather high IQ level in order to pull it off. Which is why it only works when you have very intelligent and rational individuals, rather than, well, the people you have now. (No insult intended – ours seem to be getting dumber every year too.)

            This may be what thezman has been implying with some of his previous blogs regarding the possibility that the nation’s collective IQ is actually dropping.

        • Karl. Impeachment is simply the presenting (voting upon) of charges (vaguely termed “high crimes and misdemeanors”) by the House of Representatives. Consider this something like the local prosecutor would present to a Grand Jury. Once voted upon, the charges go to trial—in the Senate. (“Congress” is composed by two distinct entities: House and Senate.) After a debate and a vote, the verdict is innocent or guilty. Guilty has one penalty—immediate removal from office. The other process/penalties bandied about—like lifetime ban from running for office, or after leaving office (retro) impeachment—I do not believe are supportable.

          To date, no President has been removed from office this way, hence much of the confusion for a process not used at this highest level.

    • Only Nixon that I can think of, but here’s the thing: QueMala is the tie breaker – she’s the 51st vote in the Senate. If they pull her out to fill POTUS the Senate is 50-50 & the Dems hit the proverbial wall.

      They’re not holding a strong hand.

      • The vote in the Senate for impeachment conviction is not 50 +1. It’s two thirds—if you’re referring to such.

        If you are referring to majority control, then Harris appoints her VP—who will surely be a Dem. I suppose Rep’s could attempt to stall confirmation as a back door attempt to stalemate Dem control until 2022. But that has political ramifications all it own. Also, we have no shortage of RINO’s in the Senate that will be happy to vote for Harris’ choice—if even remotely sane and qualified.

        • Kamala would need to be president first. Then she appoints the VP who goes to the then 50/50 Senate for confirmation. She won’t be VP and therefore can’t break any tie votes.

    • Given that those were the only options until fifty years ago, the answer is it never happened. I doubt they take the 25th Amendment route, other than as a threat if Biden does not resign. They made changes to the procedure last fall in preparation for this, so I would assume they had a plan to force Biden out if required.

      Given their propensity to get ahead of the narrative, my guess is they expected to play this card after the heroic victory over Covid and the successful conclusion of the Obama policy toward Afghanistan. After the holidays Biden resigns after leading the nation out of Trumpism and handing the baton to a strong diverse female lead. This would be their midterm cover story for another surprising election result in the fall.

      It could still happen. After all, nothing serious happened after the last election, so they have no reason to keep pretending that voting matters.

      • Biden is likely in for the duration–even if he is physically dead. We’ll get a hologram. The Obama cabal plays hardball and has pushed the Clintons into obscurity, although I do agree their sycophants pollute the State and the IC, neither of which is doing very well at the moment for some reason.

        I give a straight-up military coup to remove Biden better odds, and don’t expect one. And I would have agree with you just a month ago.

        • I think you’re right, a corpse, or dementia patient, is easier to handle than an angry menopausal bitter ender.

      • Well, we all saw him fall up the stairs which was a first for an American president. Who’s to say he doesn’t fall down them at some point – stuff happens.

        If I was Biden, I’d be checking the Air Force One hand rail just to make sure Hillary doesn’t get to it with a screw driver first!

      • If they’re serious about that, they’ll first leak damaging information about him to prepare the way. I wouldn’t be surprised if some woman came forward claiming Biden sexually assaulted her or stories leaked about his senility from “White House insiders” or maybe some unsavory financial information will come out. The IRS didn’t have any problem colluding with the SDNY to illegally leak Trump’s tax returns in an obvious October Surprise, so they won’t be restrained with Biden should he get out of line. Some Secret Service guys have already told Glenn Beck that Biden is nuts. Watch for seriously negative stories about the man, beyond merely criticizing his policies, if they are preparing to force his resignation.

    • Spiro was set up for resignation when insiders knew Nixon was a short timer, so I’d assume we’d hear more concerning getting rid of Harris before now if they did not want her assuming the throne. Right now, they seem to be keeping Harris away from Biden’s screwups.

  16. Biden doesn’t strike me as a compromise candidate. He strikes me as a sock puppet for darker powers, enabling them to push a more radical agenda then they’d dare if their own name was on the paperwork.

    The likely winner of California’s Recall Newson election is a similar sock puppet… not even age 30 yet he’s been made a “multimillionaire investment influencer” by youTube advertising revenue and a sketchy network of real-estate moguls.

    We talk about politicians being brokers of special interests. Now that the special interests control the elections, maybe they want only ciphers in the halls of power… Nowhere Men dancing on strings, with the illusion of leadership but no will of their own.

    • I can’t copy paste at work so google “rule of the global eunuch” and it will be the first essay you see. The essay is prophetic

      • They disabled the clipboard at work? I can see the logic, I guess, but…I’m guessing your employer doesn’t engage in any “real work” 😉

        • i don’t want to clue in too much where i work but i think one of the guys that used to be there was john stumpf.

          • Stumpf graduated in the bottom half of his high school class. His bad grades, combined with his limited family finances, resulted in Stumpf obtaining a job as a breadmaker in a Pierz bakery.


            How in the name of PHUCK ALMIGHTY does a White male with a resume like that become the CEO of phrigging Wells Fargo?

            That sounds like something straight out of Anonymous Coward’s musings – a brutally viciously passive-aggressive globo-homo-pedo psychopath s0d0mizing & blackmailing & maybe even murd3ring his way to the top.

            Silly me, here I thought you had to get a Bachelors of Science in Actuarials or Accounting in order to have a successful career in banking.


            You mean you can just sd0d0mize & blackmail & murd3r your way to the top?

            Who’da thunk it?

  17. You have to love the media’s self-appointed role in this. They’re the “gatekeepers,” and it never ceases to amaze me who they’ll deem as appropriate to let through the gate.

    You didn’t notice Biden was a few synapses short of a functional brain? Or, you missed Harris’ lack of experience and general bad disposition? Now who are you going to try to push onto us? Oh wait, as long as it’s “historical” it’ll be great.

    • Show proper respect to first female and first Jewish President Rachel Levine!

      (First trans President? I’m not sure what that means. Pres. Levine is a woman. A real woman! Report to re-education for even hinting otherwise!)

      • Show proper respect to first female and first Jewish President Rachel Levine!

        Whoa, there, nellie, First Lady Doug Emhoff begs to differ.

  18. “They have run out of people with the minimum of competence, which is how they ended up with Mumbly Joe in the White House.”

    Bernie Sanders: He’s grey, rested, and ready. And he has Bros.

    • You know, there’s a part of me that would kind of want to see how America would react to having a Jewish president.

      Would people cower and wait until he’s term-limited to rebuke him, like they did to Obama? I don’t know. It’s not 2008 anymore.

      • Dude, that’s a foregone conclusion. It would be historic, stunning, brave and if you want to keep your job you won’t even hint otherwise within 50 yards of your toaster.

        • Why, in my mind, they hate Trump so much

          If it were ever going to be a brash New Yorker to win the presidency, it was going to be one of them

          Trump is as close to being one of them as you can get while not being one of them, and they will never forget.

  19. The problem for the ruling class is that they need another Obama – someone who is adequate at pretending to be a thoughtful unifier. They have no one in the wings who can fill that role.

    It seems like the obvious answer is increase censorship and oppression so they don’t have to care or manufacture a win by a republican stooge like Rubio or Jeb who can play the part of a conservative opponent. That will energize the democrats because they will feel that a Nazi is in office and might get the Republicans to keep voting harder as though the game isn’t rigged

    • Or, for that matter, a Trump. He recently said his vaccine saved 100,000,000 lives (is this correct? I heard him say it on Dan Bongino but I MUST have misheard) and he seems to be unhappy about Afghanistan. Drumph wants to be back in power and he will do, say, and believe anything to get there. If the inner party isn’t smart enough to see what opportunity they have here they really are losing it!

      • Drumpf saved 6 zillion lives from the vaccine. And Dems are racist because blacks can’t go shopping in NYC without a vaccine now!!

        • You don’t need to show a vax card to go shopping here;
          OTOH, the Metropolitan Museum of Art insists on seeing your vax card.

          • Blaqs won’t get to appreciate metropolitan art and Smithsonian natural history museum??


    • “They have no one in the wings who can fill that role.”

      Very true & we can thank the Senate & Congressional Dem wipeouts that Obama presided over. Totally wiped out their bench, that’s how they wound up with Chou Bi Den.

  20. My sense is that most people have tuned out politics in general (no one stares at a dung heap for very long; there is simply no point in it and most people have better things to do with their time). Only the power brokers in DC have any interest in palace intrigues and outcomes. And nothing significant will change regardless of which stooge occupies the Oval Office.

    A better use of our time is to figure out how best we can help the regime to implode and bring on the collapse quicker. This results in a higher bottom, less pain & destruction, and a faster remedy. Some thoughts.

    DC hates us, so we should respond in kind and openly deride & revile the Federal Government. Defy mask mandates, sneer at Federal employees, every time you must interact with a Federal agency do everything in your power to make the process horrific for the people involved, play the victim card, be creative in throwing sand in the gears. DC wants to buy your vote, so grab every fucking hand-out you can possibly con them out of. Be the burden. Bring them down by getting on the dole with gusto.

    And of course, humiliate them at every opportunity. Instead of Sleepy Joe or the Dementia Patient; it should be Joe the Pedophile (for reals). Kamala will always be “Heels Up” and the rumor is that see was even bad at that.

    • My thought on Harris from the beginning was, “that was the best Willie Brown could do?” Wouldn’t he have been much better off with some former 49ers cheerleader as his mistress? At least the cheerleader would have been much more likely to have a pleasant personality. What about Harris was appealing to him?

        • She didn’t look that much better. Brown was mayor and a long time power player in the state. I would think a politicians qualifications for a mistress are going to be 1. discreet 2. good sex 3. pleasant/non stressful to spend time with. Harris is a miss on 1 and 3, Willie only knows about 2, but I doubt it.

  21. What a shitshow. Every headline I see excoriating Biden I just think how crazy can these people be to hold a dementia patient responsible and Harris my goodness she is terrible. Third choice Pelosi is President right? Wow

    • There’s been a lot of politician slamming Biden for his Afghanistan “speech”, even though he had nothing to do with writing it, or even hiring the people who did write it. I seriously doubt that he even remembered giving that speech a day later.

      • Yeah it’s just the extent of the lying on everyone’s part. By pretending that Biden is not a dementia patient you are lying so none of these people or anything they say is trustworthy left, right, whatever, anyone that pretends Biden is in charge is not worthy of any notice at all

      • They probably had nothing to do with writing their own comments, or even hiring the staffers providing it for them.

  22. Holy cow! My brain read “Sharting Biden” when I first saw the post. Would be appropriate.

  23. The awful dilemma for the Democrats and their ideological brethren* is that once one has eliminated White European males as candidates to do a job, the pool of talented, or even marginally competent players shrinks like a puddle in the mid-day desert 😀

    *Oops, please pardon my Neanderthal insensitivity; we need a new word; as an interim placeholder, may I suggest “peoplern”? 🙂

    • “Siblings” is a perfectly legitimate word for expressing a collection of brothers and sisters without reference to sex or gender. The German equivalent is “die Geschwister.” No neologism necessary; but, quite frankly, no apologies for being politically incorrect either. Here endeth the lesson, Brethern.

        • Oops, Die Schwester is sister. But Google translate has a problem with schwister on its own. If you put in just “schwister” it translates it directly as sister without complaint.

          If you put in “die schwister” though, it translates it as “the sisters” but asks “Did you mean die schwester?”

          If you put in “schwistern” alone or “die schwistern”, it translates it as “siblings” and “the siblings” respectively and same for “Geschwistern” or “die Geschwistern”

  24. Decadent empires, at this stage, either develop the motivation for reform or fall under the sway of Courtesans and Viziers. It’s hard to see the Courtesans, led by H. Clinton, Harris and Michelle Obama, holding sway here. They demonstrably lack the talent. The Viziers are temporarily in charge, as Zman suggests, but have conflicting agendas.

    Maybe we’ll get reform, but its’ a longshot. Biden, like Hua Guofeng or Chernenko, might be quickly followed by someone younger, bolder, more energetic (think Deng or Gorbachev) and more competent. But does anyone here think our system is capable of producing such a person these day? And would such a person help Whites?

    Most likely, we will get a series of figureheads (think Vietnam after Diem’s demise) while the Barbarians pound at the gates. And all the problems will be blamed on Whites……..

    • On a national level, the problem is the gates are thrown wide open, the barbarians continue streaming in. The political structure (at first) is not in any danger. Indeed, other than the inevitable social costs the new arrivals they will impose, the new arrivals are less likely to violently conquer us, but more likely to mow our lawns, slaughter our meat and sell us pupusas and coconut juice from a street vendor .

      • The problem is almost never with generation 0. It’s the follow on generations (their American born children) that are problematic. Pick almost any measure of social pathology and they as a group score higher in it.

  25. serious question, does it matter who is in the white house? aren’t they all connected to the same puppet master?

    • As the “conservative” Governor of Utah unilaterally (citizen opinion, if any, is ignored)proclaimed yesterday his state is “eager” to receive Afghan refugees. So yes, whomever the “puppet” is doesn’t matter. We all bow to the Leviathan.

      America is dead, look to your own.

      • Something has happened to the Mormons where they have come believe it is their duty to bring all kinds of outsiders into the state. It is not just the elite, McMullin got 21% of the vote in 2016. Salt Lake City seems to trending hard to globohomo outsiders too. How do the Mormons think this is going to turn out for them culturally? A million outsiders move into Utah, they convert 5,000 or so of them and they think their church will continue to dominate life in Utah.

        • They are around whites too much and think everyone else thinks like whites and just need the right environment to thrive.

          It’s the faustian folly of westerners who will doom us all.

        • Mormons are religious descendants of Yankee puritans, the same WASPy northeastern progressive types that plagued the Republic from the beginning. The only difference is that their isolation in Utah meant it took longer for them to get the memo about dropping the pretense of Christianity from their progressive ideology. Christianity was the brake on the train. Now it can’t slow down and will soon run off the rails.

        • I recall as long ago as the early 90s hearing evangelicals preaching about the “Global South” as the new slot machine to put all your quarters in to reap the big jackpot of mass conversions and big juicy (read big $M$O$N$E$Y) congregations. Mormons and evangelicals long since joined con-inc. It’s not surprising since the motivation and methodology is virtually identical

          Political con-inc: We want to flood the country with cheap third-world labor because $$$

          Evangelical/Mormon con-inc: We want to flood the country with third worlders because tithes and thus $$$

          Then you’ve got the Left who helped flood the country with third worlders knowing they were very friendly to racial communism. Basically every faction of the ruling class are traitors who sold out their nation for money. I’m not sure who I hate more, Mitt Romney and crew or AOC and the Squad. These people are all garbage no matter what religious or political mask they wear.

          • Hate Romney more. He’s less authentic. I believe Evangelicals/Mormons were more about saving souls than the $$$, which is fine if you save them where they are. Bringing them here only makes the shitholes you pulled them from that much worse for those left behind.

        • I think it has to do w/ their history. Everywhere they moved prior to Utah they were in conflict w/ the other residents and ended up being kicked out of NY, OH, IL, MO, etc. I suspect that like the other tribe that refers to the out-group as “gentiles” they prefer to be just another group in a multi-culti society rather than a minority in Heritage America.

      • I don’t get that people accept this framing.

        Its now dominant with politicians and admin people everywhere.

        The politician declares I have decided that this region will do X. Lock down/import thousands of criminals. Its like democracy has turned election to office or passing some govt job interview to give that person the level of control over an area akin to an eastern satrap.

        That suddenly on entering office you own lock, stock and barrel all the land, the inhabitants, its future and are free to dispose of as you see fit, other peoples property or lives or neighborhoods.

        No one even seems to ask “Who the fuck are you?”

        You are just some other monkey that paraded around in front of camera, yet you get to decide to remake the world for everyone else.

        I just don’t get it.

        • I’d say the first thing that failed in all the cases of administrative overreach was law enforcement. Our Xrrl Governor in Oregon kept the state locked down and masked up for about a year and then finally ended the nonsense on June 30 this year. Well, it took her less than 2 months to restart it because DeltaDoom. What should have happened with all these politicians is that the moment they claimed the authority to do any of this, the state police should have arrested them. On what charge? Who cares, make something up. Say you found a dozen naked 8 year olds in their closet. Nowadays it’s probably true anyway. The long term strategy should be to have every police chief have regular talks with the department’s lawyer about what to do if Governor Boy Buggerer gets any funny ideas. When they do haul him (or more likely her) off in handcuffs it’s all nice-n-legal-like then. Maybe even have special units of police trained in storming the Governor’s mansion.

        • “I don’t get that people accept this framing.”

          It’s the women. Women love being told what to do and being all strong&independent, they don’t have a husband or father. They envy male authority but fear male responsibility, thus they’re in charge of society yet desperate to be told what to do. You know that “Doctor Fauci” is a lying fraud but his social proof is astounding. Every camera in the world is pointed at him! and he always says what you want to hear!

          Women are motivated by fear. COVID gives them something to fear. The masks give them an easy way to signal virtue. The quaccines give them an excuse to feel safe & superior. Adjusting to new social norms is a comfortable, reassuring activity for any herd animal.

          Why does Western society tolerate the Plandemic? Because it’s chick crack.

  26. That’s just it – they’re out of options. As you’ve noted, by far the most “normal” guy on stage (once they ran off Gabbard, who had and has no chance in hell of going anywhere in The Party) was Booty Judge.

    Contemplate that on the tree of woe. A grinder, a box checker, an accomplishment free mediocrity. That’s the very best they have on their bench – a deviant who at his very best might rise to incompetence, rather than the gibbering lunacy of Harris or Totally Legit Joe. It’s all pro wrestling there in Tubman DF, but even pro wrestling needs a “face” and they don’t have one. Nor can they promote any of the currently serving Gauleiter, thanks to the Party’s handling of STUPID-19. They’re screwed.

    If I had to guess, they’ll try to manufacture someone out of whole cloth. What’s that McRaven jerkoff up to these days?

    • The options are not good. Here is the last list from Ballotpedia

      Stacey Abrams, 2018 gubernatorial candidate (Please Allah)
      Michael Bennet, U.S. senator from Colorado
      Andy Beshear, governor of Kentucky
      Cory Booker, U.S. senator from New Jersey
      Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend
      Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York
      Kamala Harris, U.S. senator from California
      Jay Inslee, governor of Washington
      Joe Kennedy, U.S. representative from Massachusetts
      Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator from Minnesota
      Michelle Lujan Grisham, governor of New Mexico
      Gavin Newsom, governor of California
      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. representative from New York
      J.B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois
      Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan

      • one of those names just resigned under a cloud of scandal, and another is about to be recalled.

        • Newsome might get recalled. Maybe.

          But probably not. The voter fraud is being ramped up to epic proportions for the recall. It’s going to make 2020 look like a completely free and fair election. The only way Newsome manages to lose is if 80% of the real living people want him gone – which is a possibility.

          • Newsom had to file a lawsuit against his own staff just to be identified as a Democrat for the election. He lost!

            I’m holding the ballot in front of me and it doesn’t mention that Newsom is a Democrat. Yeah, even the Dems want him gone.

      • If Biden quits, it’ll be a Latino for VP, as they’re breaking a little for the GOP, esp. on the social issues. So: Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham. Two women on top also would excite the white, childless cat ladies.

        • I’m predicting they nominate queen Hillary for VP when Harris of Biden leaves (whichever leaves first).

        • They’ll try like mad to make him VP, but I don’t think this country is decadent enough (yet) to elect Bootyboy. Of course I am assuming that voting or voters matter anymore.

          • It doesn’t matter what the country does. What matters is what the people who “count” the votes do.

        • So its moved from a presidential office as statesman to vote for your gay best friend?

          The oval office becomes some gay sitcom. At this point an asteroid would be a blessing.

      • None of the above.

        We become a failed state and descend into anarchy. The final straw? Economic collapse, crime wave moving from the city to the suburbs, terrorist attack, hacker attack? Who knows? A strong man, probably a military man will restore order and bring about a dictatorship.

        • I suspect a military coup will take the form of a junta. Perhaps with a leading personality, but you’ll see something looking like a joint chiefs of staff on your nightly news.

          • Ummm, i was under the impression that we were already ruled by a junta – covertly, only to become more overt as society breaks down further.

          • I think a military coup is now going to be much harder than it would have been just a year ago. The military has openly become pozzed, so there goes its support among normie conservatives, especially since Milley made a fool of himself over his “white rage” comments. Top Pentagon brass have also been humiliated by the Afghan withdrawal. Then there was the whole Jan. 6th thing and turning DC into a greenzone for Biden’s inauguration. These events have resulted in a huge loss in public trust that they’ll struggle to get back, should they even bother to try. Support for the military among republican conservatives has palpably declined in my circles. I’ve seen lots of people cheer on the Taliban in recent days.

            What the Regime really needs is someone with Tucker Carlson’s politics but without the associated divisiveness. Is there anyone who fits that bill who isn’t over 70?

            I don’t see anyone who could be a competent, unifying leader. Not one. No one in either party and no one in the military.* There was a small chance Tulsi Gabbard could have been that person at one time, had they kept her around and gave her bigger assignments to build her up, but the regime kicked her out and now she’s all but disappeared. Fools. This country has dark days ahead. Brace yourselves.

            *This is what made Donald Trump, a political outsider, so hard to stop. No one in the establishment is either respected by the public or even minimally competent.

      • Interesting list. Unfortunately for the Dems, they still need to worry about the general election, which probably gives white guys a chance at being the nominee, though not much.

        I think that the big game changer will come when the Dems realize that they literally can’t lose the general election. At some point, Florida or Texas (or even Georgia or North Carolina or Arizona) will turn blue and there will be no path for the GOP to win.

        When that happens, the presidential election will be like every election in a deep blue state or city, it’ll be won in the primary. And Dem primary voters are very different from general election voters.

        What happens when you don’t need to consider half the country and you have to appeal to the most ideological wing of your party?

        • We have reached that point. No Republicans can win PA and MI. The institutional vote rigging in in place now and the local GOP can do nothing to prevent it. NV, AZ and NM are solidly Democrat now. Even with Florida and Texas, the Dems have 286 electoral votes now. The census numbers make clear that the demographic collapse of whites is accelerating, so we have moved past the tipping point as far as democracy.

          At this stage of he revolution, the Bolsheviks were torn on going slow or fast. The same thing seems to be happening America. The big difference is the Bolsheviks were smart and resourceful, working with a blank canvas. Our party is dumb and corrupt trying to change a highly complex imperial system.

          • I think I would quibble with only one point: the local GOP in MI/PA/etc. –could– do something about the vote-rigging. But they –won’t–. Two different things.

            DeSantis and the FL GOP undertook some pretty serious election reform efforts in the runup to the 2020 election, including purging the registered voter rolls of ineligible voters and firing some hopelessly corrupt Democrat county election supervisors. That took some serious stones, and Trump ended up winning FL clean by, what was it, 4%? 5%?

            Most local GOP parties don’t have the stones to do what FL did. They’re typical politicians, looking out for themselves first & foremost and not really caring about anything beyond what their donors tell them.

          • Yeah, I kind of figured that we were at that stage, but I’m wondering if the Dems are fully convinced of it. Or, maybe, the insiders are aware but don’t want the rank and file to know this because the insiders don’t want the kind of president that a primary-only election would produce.

            Who knows. Once real political power goes behind closed doors, we’re left guessing as to what’s going on and who’s in control.

            But I agree. Our Bolsheviks have won. Now, they’re trying to figure out how to use that power. How far and fast can they push the kulaks and peasants and in what direction?

            The various factions are fighting to answer those questions as we speak.

          • It’s not just the sheer number of immigrants, but who and how many are citizens eligible to vote. Although Han and Pajeet have run for office for the past 2 decades here in DFW, they didn’t have sufficient electoral power to win. They’ve learned, though, and that’s changing fast, plus their GoodWhite allies from Cali and NY are moving here in droves. They’ve also bought thousands of acres of rural land and colonized a number of smaller cities, not just DFW/Houston/Austin/San Antonio. And the GOP establishment here is as stupid as anywhere else. I think Texas goes blue (or as close as no matter) 2024. That’s our target year to be permanently gone by, if not earlier.

      • “Stacey Abrams, 2018 gubernatorial candidate (Please Allah)”

        I’ll be contrarian and ask why not? She thinks she’s Governor of Georgia, why not let her think she’s President?

        • To the contrary, I hope they install her in the White House. She would do more for white people than a thousand years of Trump.

          • Manna from heaven. I’d go back on my pledge to not vote in national elections if she ran. I’d change parties and vote for her in the primary.

          • The Thousand Year Ghetto? The Thousand Year Church’s Chicken?

            Someone help me out there is a good one floating out there.

            The Thousand Year Weave?

      • Somehow I like the Abrams-Whitmer ticket. Sounds like a hoot.

        Btw, how many of african descent have a jewish surname?

        • I once met a black man named Leslie Cohen. “Just like the Jews,” he said. I kid you not. He was actually an admissions guy at a small New England liberal arts college I was applying to, gazillion years ago.

      • It’s going to be Buttigieg, if he plays his cards right as Secretary of Transportation.

        (caveat: If we have gas lines and $5-7+ gallon/gas, he’s toast)

        Women love homosexual men. Neat, well groomed, non threatening. Veteran. Now he’s a parent. Que the swelling music about the “First [openly] homosexual President”.

        Black vote might be a problem.

        • Again, votes are meaningless, so gas could be a million dollars a barrel and it has no impact on his status in the party. Frankly, I don’t see the party picking a man with less testosterone than Stacy Abrams. What would be the point?

          • I’m with you on Abrams. Please, if there is a god, and you’re listening, make it so! Just as every French soldier once carried a field marshal’s baton in his knapsack, six months of The Tank as Tha Prezzydizzle will make a Franco of every American with a slingshot.

          • Why not?
            Look at Canada where the dancing queen was put into office. Liberace would have been more manly.

      • I think the most likely are Pritzker, Newsome, and Booker. Newsome looks like normal, long term politician; Biden 30 years younger with 30 more IQ points. Pritzker is old money, globohomo, and the IL machine is still big league. Booker is another magical North American Porch Ape, very clean and well spoken for his sort, who can heal us of all this racial strife: a gayer, younger Hussein Obama.

    • The Clinton faction’s last candidate manufacturing project was Anthony Weiner. They not only hyped him for years but had him showily married into the royal family (and the Muslim Brotherhood) as part of his inevitable rise to king of post-America.

      Plan B, after he whipped it out on the internet…was to slightly delay Plan A, park him in the NYC mayor’s office for a cycle, keep him a household name during the Hillary admin, etc. We forget, but his first scandal—sending boner pics to a never-revealed teenager—didn’t hurt him at all, and greatly improved his standing with women voters, who’d previously been put off by his pulsating-temple nerd anger. We aren’t honest about these things, so everyone was surprised that it helped him (except Roissy).

      Then his second young “victim” wasn’t anonymous. She was kinda homely and stupid-looking, with a ’70s porn name and fat thighs. And he hadn’t shown her an ambitious passionate prince’s insatiable erection. He sent her desperate, begging, painfully “beta” messages. End of illusion.

      So, Harris. Whoops.

      Epilogue: Weiner was on the list of people Hillary blamed for tanking her run, so he’s a professional sex offender now.

  27. Quite a few left-leaning types like Amy Kloubuchar. I think she’s being groomed as the future face of the Dems, assuming Harris flames out. There really isn’t anyone else under 70 in that party who could look like they’re in charge.

  28. The best, in terms of competence, candidates for the Democratic Party in 2020 were Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. Both were heavily opposed by the apparatchiks but they are representative of the up and coming people in that party. The current leadership cannot forgive Ms Gabbard for torpedoing Kamala Harris’ candidacy and Yang is the wrong kind of minority. The lack of competent people in the Democratic Party is a self inflicted wound.

    • Yang would’ve been eaten alive by the deep state and assorted alpha males and females, and he would have been reduced to spouting tired Democrat sound bytes as his administration went into free fall. Gabbard would’ve been much better and probably would’ve turned the Dems around as a party, even if the deep state and assorted alpha males and females tried sabotaging her. But Ron DeSantis has a better chance of becoming the Democratic nominee than Gabbard.

      • Speaking as a Floridiot 😀 , I for one would like to keep our current governor. In his place, may I suggest Andrew Gillum, who very nearly beat him (<1%) three years ago? Gillum would make an excellent Democrat President in the current tradition. Even his (presumably leftist-penned) Wkipedia bio reveals a thoroughly progressive background, much in keeping with the prevailing Woke orthodoxy. His further qualifications include being investigated not once, but twice by the FBI, as well as other agencies, being accused or admitting to various types of graft, albeit of minor type as those things are reckoned. Furthermore, his post-election antics reveal that he is a likely meth user. He showed great innovation, combining the world's oldest profession with the world's second (Politics). I previously had accused him of being gay. Wikipedia reports he is bisexual. As such, I admit my error and stand corrected. 🙂

  29. So my question is, which faction was Cuomo aligned with? Since his removal had to be engineered by the other faction, (likely at Obama’s Big Gay Birthday Party) it gives us an indication of who thinks they have the upper hand.

    • The rumor is that Michael [Sonny?] hasn’t turned in his paperwork yet, and that in the aftermath of the Afghanistan debacle, he’s thinking about finishing out his term as gubner.

      Did Cuomo really resign? There’s been no letter, and he continues to make huge decisions
      08 16 2021 | Jon Podhoretz

      It really is fascinating to watch these ethnic mafias at one anothers’ throats: Tater Joe, eggplants Dr Jill & Nancy & Michael/Sonny, and half-kneegr0w half-street-sh!tteress Kamaltoe [who is in no way shape manner or form a “Natural Born” citizen – she was born in Canada to a street-sh!tteress, and her father was in the United States on a student visa].

      Finally there’s the Juice, which are in near-panic mode now.

      [Serious question: Why did the Juice inoculate everyone in Israel with the V@xxine of Death? Are the Ashkenazim trying to eradicate the Sephardim & the Mizrahim & the Ethiopians, in order to fulfill the Juice’s end of the bargain concerning the Georgia Guidestones prophecy?]

        • Ashkenazim are, like chinamen, bunched around middling on the IQ curve, around 102-103 for Israel’s average. Then, see the meme of the u-shaped acceptance curve of the vaccine.

      • Perhaps orange juice farmers jabbed up because they’re the most self-loathing people of all.

      • I suppose if you give permanent revolutionaries their own country with no other population choices to murder your choices become thin.

        Reminds of a documentary I saw decades ago on which had some guy in Tunisia I think who was in a party, which issues a fatwa, splits into a smaller groups after disagreements, which issues a fatwa against the party, and country, then fell out with his group and ended up on his own issuing a fatwa against them and everyone else.

    • New York state politics is a separate subculture. It follows a different narrative from national politics.

      • IMHO, NY State Attorney General Letitia James is the one who is organizing the dump Cuomo campaign. She’s a striving conniver.

        • I was talking to Audacious E about how Schumer might be forced to stay in the senate indefinitely not unlike Strom Thurmond because he probably doesn’t want his seat going to a moron (Mondaire Jones, Jamaal Bowman etc)

      • Interesting that Tucker has 3 times now thrown out Mafia barbs with Cuomo developments. There may be something more substantial than base feelies going on with Cuomo – we ought to know for sure within about 60 days…

  30. God forbid we run through Harris, then Pelosi, then end up with Schumer.

    OTOH, review the series of events that gave us Ford and Rockefeller; unelected all the way around.

    • If Schumer can keep up his grandfatherly act, then he probably has a good chance of being head of a ticket. But if he lets his mask slip and starts getting all shomer for Israel then he’s going to look like a male Hillary Clinton, and get the resulting treatment.

      • The other side of this is the right-liberals may put up someone the left-liberals like, a Gerry Ford type of option. Mike Pence is getting a lot of attention, so maybe he will be their choice. Tim Scott is another option. The apparatchiks love him, so they could swing behind him as the antidote the chaos.

        Regardless, our votes will play no role.

        • Off the main topic but would like your take on this:

          ulian Assange speaking in 2011: “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war” #Afghanistan

        • Z, I believe that that observation is key.
          “Votes will play no role.”

          The Vice President will be replaced first.
          Then the President will lose a wrestling match with his too fluffy pillow.

          To replace the Harris after her sad Agnew event, the democrats will go with the best of the all bad list.

          Just simply look at the official photographs:
          50 Governors
          100 Senators
          435 Representatives

          There is only one man that stands out as the most probable choice. He has been a Governor and has long been groomed by Biden. He will quickly and easily be approved by the majority.

          “I am appointing the most qualified person in America as the new Vice President, my long time colleague and good friend, …….Joe Manchin………

          And then he will pick a woman for his number 2!

          Manchin has the press on his side.
          They refer to him as “the voice of reason”
          Get ready for a ….”new Joe, same as the old Joe!”

        • Zman: This is what we must hammer on. Whites (not just those here, but a significant number of normies) must boycott national elections. I don’t know that it can be done, given the residual patriotism and ingrained habits of mind, but I feel it is a necessity, albeit not sufficient on its own, before anything substantive can change. It needs to become a publicly acknowledged fact, part of the narrative, that most Whites are no longer part of the national electorate.

        • Pence is going nowhere. He is openly booed in any appearance and is hated by Trump MAGA people. He thought he would be the big guy after betraying Trump/MAGA and found out no one trusts or loves a Traitor.

          Our votes won’t count of course.

      • Which Grandfather act is that?

        He comes across like a cross between a demon in a skin suit and the child catcher and on top of that his “wife” is obviously a man that can’t even make the effort.

        I shudder to think what your childhood was if that’s your reference point.

        • He has that deliberate soft speaking style with the glasses perched on his nose. Remember that most people don’t see him as a Tribe member nor do they have any idea what his wife looks like, or that he has a lesbian daughter. They just see the presentation.

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