The Revolution Part II

Note: This coming Saturday, there will be an on-line debate between Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones. The topic, “Is Race an Important Reality or a Fiction?”, will have Taylor on the race realist side and Jones on the race denialist side. The debate will be LIVE on Saturday, August 21, on EntropyDLive, and Odysee at: 1pm L.A. / 4pm New York / 21:00 London / 22:00 Stockholm.

The show this week finishes up what I started last week. As is often the case, there was a lot I left out for time reasons. Reading about the Bolsheviks led me to reading a lot of Marxist writing, which inevitably led to reading some of the 20th century stuff that forms the basis of the cultural revolution. It has been a long time since I read the source material and I forgot much of it. It would be easy to do a series of shows on someone like Antonio Gramsci, for example.

One of the difficult things about doing overviews of this material is that so much of it relies on nonsense. It makes assumptions about the human condition that are at odds with reality, then it builds an imaginary world on top of it. The people attracted to it never see the nonsense, because they want the rest of it to be true. Read 20th century political philosophy and you quickly come to the conclusion that human society needs an official religion that is enforced without equivocation.

It reminds me of something Ed Dutton said about the sorts of people drawn to things like anti-fascism. They have disorganized, chaotic minds and need the structure of religion to focus their energy onto something useful. When religion faded, what replaced it was ideology, which focuses their energy on their fellow citizens, who they see as enemies of their new faith. The same impulses that gave us cathedrals now gives us mobs tearing down statues hoping for some grace.

This coincides with the fact that western man started getting dumber around the same time that Christianity started to fade. The intellectual history since that point has been about finding a suitable replacement. The body count suggests we were better off with the old gods. The search for new gods has been a disaster. This current search will no doubt lead to tears. Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Theory Of History
  • 17:00: Cultural Marxism
  • 37:00: The New Religion
  • 57:00: Closing (Be Like Me)

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261 thoughts on “The Revolution Part II

  1. The Italian philosopher who you discuss in part two, his name is pronounced Grahm-she. When you mispronounce names amidst your very intelligent and erudite commentary, it’s a big @$$ discordant thud.

    • Nothing says “I’m an intellectual authority to be taken seriously” better than concluding your point with cheap ghetto slang

      Verdict: poseur

    • Graham-she isn’t really how it’s pronounced.

      But Grahmz’she

      Or better yet, Grommz’she

      Your hyphen creates too hard a break. And there is a little bit of Z that brings the two syllables together in a softer break. And since it’s a single “m” in his name it’s a softer m that marries with the “z” as it becomes an S. Double consonants in Italian are where you get the more pronounced, harder breaks more befitting of your hyphen.

      • Thank you for the fine points in Italian pronunciation. Our host should at least know that Gramsci doesn’t rhyme with Ramsey. The “a” sound in “apple” doesn’t exist in Italian and anyone with a bit of exposure to the language knows that “sc” before “e” or “i” is pronounced like English “sh” not “z.” I’m sorry but that kind of gross mispronunciation makes someone sound dumb, which Z Man most certainly is not.

        • Yes, but then where does this ever stop?

          There are many words in English that derive from foreign tongues, and we Americanize them. Why single out Gramsci, for example, and not Tarantino? I am sure you pronounce Tarantino with the “a” as in “apple”?

          It’s like when people go to a French restaurant as the only time they try to pronounce French is when reading off the menu.

          I just think you are asking for a level of perfection that is impossible to achieve. There are just too many words out there and no single person anywhere who can authentically pronounce them all. Maybe maybe maybe a highly trained actor can get close? But even then I would wager he couldn’t. I have yet to see a non southern actor do a convincing southern accent, for example. It is extremely frustrating.

          But you made your point and got your attention 😜

  2. I was otherwise occupied and had to miss the Jared Taylor/E Michael Jones debate. I couldn’t find it at Odyssey or Entropy (but I may have been searching incorrectly). Is it up anywhere as a recording yet?

  3. The Cathedral, in its present form, has been around since roughly the early 1800s in East Coast America. It centered on Boston before shifting to New York City, as near as I can tell. Canada probably exists as an independent nation because the Cathedral wrested control of foreign policy from the Eternal Expansionists sometime after the Mexican conflict. The Cultural Marxists found a warm and welcoming home here that they lacked elsewhere. It was a kind of joining of cousins. And now the center liberals, the commanding branch, the luxury elite, are spitting on their hands and getting busy with their latest projects …

    • Why “Cathedral” and not “Synagogue?” All this Neo-Reactionary vocabulary seems so cowardly.

      • The term precedes Yarvin’s use of it, though I’ve never seen him admit it. He snatched it from Eric S Raymond, who used it in a “Road to Serfdom”-type argument against central planning. His “cathedral” was authority’s imposition of its vision, especially on work, vs. the “bazaar” of competition/evolution.

        Literal fittingness aside, “synagogue” doesn’t sound imposing. To the average American it sounds like almost nothing; they don’t *see* anything when you say the word. The saturation of all media with Jewish stuff hasn’t ever extended to religious Jewish stuff—except to the word “Hanukkah” (and people don’t know what that signifies, either), Saturday=Sunday, and presidents in embarrassing hats kissing a wall.

  4. Taylor vs Jones is lit.

    Jones’ fulcrum is that race is a “category of the mind.” I submit that he is doing NAXALT with bigger words.

    One more time: Yes, there are highly functioning black people but that doesn’t invalidate racial categories. Just like finding a tall woman doesn’t invalidate the general statement that men are taller than women.

    Further, the more highly functioning black people generally are much more committed to their dumb and violent racial brothers than they are to the civic values that whites imagine that they share with blacks. Race is real.

    • I can’t listen to anymore of that dingbat, Jones

      and I was looking forward to it but had to turn it off

      • I actually believe jones is being faithful to his catholic(universal) teachings when he spouts his bullshit.

        E Michael jones view on race is one of the reasons I distrust that branch of christianity, it not only compels europeans to abandon tribalism, but it also makes them feel righteous when doing so, makes me sick.

        At least the orthodox christians have enough sense to separate their churches by country, tailor made for their own people.

        • I get where Jones is coming from, as a post Ellis Island Irishman in a big northeast city where ethnicity ruled the day — rather than race.

          For a man of his time and place, his viewpoint make sense. I think we have all met an old Irishman from the city who still happily calls Italians wops or English limeys or Germans krauts. And for them the Juice were just another tribe in the next neighborhood whom you had to fight and deal with. They were not a special breed like we see today. The men back then had no illusions. No matter what you thought of yourself, you came off the same stinking boat as everyone else, so don’t thinking you’re anything special.

          ….but 1940s Philly is not how everything works anymore. Though his passionate take on the Juice as something of an ethnic grudge match that needs to be fought in Philly style with knives and slurs and passion will obviously appeal to many, especially young men. Which is why I think people taking him at face value misses the mark. He’s not aiming for us, for educated suburbanites who’ve read a ton of books, he’s more of an old school Franciscan teaching high school in a rough neighborhood. Which is perhaps the reason he comes off as somewhat juvenile and glib, but I believe there is indeed a method to his madness. And I would not be surprised at all if he has a sizable following among chicanos.

    • Jones swings the JQ hammer at Taylor. I still think Jared is correct but Jones kicked the angriest hornet’s nest and slashed Jared’s Achilles’ Hell. This is epic.

      • Kevin MacDonald is the Hegalian synthesis of Taylor and Jones.

        And Kevin is such a nice guy. As a young man, he played jazz piano in Jamiaca as a young man. He went through Hell when the ADL tried to destroy him and he remained dignified.

        I vote for Kevin as king of the world.

          • When we met again, I hope you can at least explain a little. I don’t want to pry too much.

          • I’m going to do a post debate livestream in a little bit. I’ll post the link when I have it.

          • That does not speak well about MacDonald. I was at a meeting of dissidents in Europe, where I live, not too long ago. A guy, very focused on the JQ, and I were talking, he was giving me the traditional about how ‘the US is our enemy now’, I tried to explain that there are A LOT of ppl in America who are very opposed to shoving ‘pride parade’ down everyone’s throat and suggested that European and American dissidents should get more in touch. Did he read the Z-man? He knew exactly who he was but certainly did NOT read him. b/c “he’s a Zionist!!” I found another group to mingle with. We need to stop punching EACH other over second order issues. Demographic replacement is THE issue!!!

          • The antisemites hate me because I will not make antisemitism an all-consuming topic of my life. In their world, you are either an anti-Semite or a Zionist, possibly even a secret Jew. Politcal blacks have the same dynamic, but it is whites instead of Jews.

        • I’m half Jewish. I have a couple Jewish relatives who follow AmRen because they were working-class and lived through the 60s busing era. I converted to a conservative form of Christianity and my views are to the right of 99% of the populace. I am a member of no Jewish organizations, didn’t go to Jewish schools, and I have no personal relationships with ethnic Jews outside of immediate family members. Indeed, my views on the Jewish religion largely track that of Jones, though I prefer Hillaire Belloc’s book on the subject to Jones’.

          According to MacDonald, I have a innate genetic impulse to subvert white societies and organize collectively with other ethnic Jews, and my views on politics, philosophy, religion, culture, etc. are mere epiphonema of my genetic makeup. Is there anyway MacDonald can explain this without water down his thesis to nothing?

          • How can we be certain you’re not a deep cover Zionist, from your earliest days in kindergarten? The very name of your first school by your own admission is a German word, which is only a short step from Yiddish. 😀

          • Blood. Take a walk through a hasidic enclave in jewyork,say hello to your little friends. There’s agood reason the animosity has lasted for centuries.

      • I never knew that Jones was a Catholic Marxist. That has been an eye opener. He also makes some basic failures of logic. Surprised to see the Motte and bailey fallacy from him.

        • Z, I find the term “Marxist” to be like the Peanuts’ teacher talking. It is almost meanlingless. This may be my failing. Can you expand on how Jones is a “Catholic Marxist?”

          • His claim is that all truth that matters is contextual. That is right out of Marxist moral philosophy.

          • all truth that matters is contextual


            Deconstruction is an approach to understanding the relationship between text and meaning. It was originated by the philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930–2004), who defined the term variously throughout his career. In its simplest form it can be regarded as a criticism of Platonism and the idea of true forms, or essences, which take precedence over appearances. Deconstruction instead places the emphasis on appearance, or suggests, at least, that essence is to be found in appearance. Derrida would say that the difference is “undecidable”, in that it cannot be discerned in everyday experiences….

            Deconstruction argues that language, especially in ideal concepts such as truth and justice, is irreducibly complex, unstable, or impossible to determine. Many debates in continental philosophy surrounding ontology, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, hermeneutics, and philosophy of language refer to Derrida’s beliefs. Since the 1980s, these beliefs have inspired a range of theoretical enterprises in the humanities, including the disciplines of law, anthropology, historiography, linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychoanalysis, LGBT studies, and feminism. Deconstruction also inspired deconstructivism in architecture and remains important within art, music, and literary criticism.



            Derrida was born on July 15, 1930, in a summer home in El Biar (Algiers), Algeria, into a Sephardic Jewish family (originally from Toledo) that became French in 1870 when the Crémieux Decree granted full French citizenship to the Arabic-speaking Mizrahi Jews of Algeria.



            John 14:15

            If ye love me, keep my commandments.
            And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another COMFORTER, that he may abide with you for ever;
            even THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

            John 16:7

            Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, THE COMFORTER will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
            And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
            of sin, because they believe not on me;
            of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;
            of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.
            I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
            Howbeit when he, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.


            Matthew 12:31

            Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against THE HOLY GHOST shall not be forgiven unto men.

            Mark 3:28 – 3:30

            Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:
            but he that shall blaspheme against THE HOLY GHOST hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:
            because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

            Luke 12:10 – 12:12

            And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against THE HOLY GHOST it shall not be forgiven.
            And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say:
            for THE HOLY GHOST shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.


            John 8:31

            Then said Jesus to those Jews…

            John 8:44

            Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do: he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in THE TRUTH, because there is no TRUTH in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      • Yeah, quit the podcast for a minute but went back

        In sum, I agree with Jared more in terms of philosophical broad strokes. But I agree with Jones tactically and in his more clear eyed view of the usuals

        Jared’s weakness on the usuals is disheartening

      • Z’s arguments are epistemological. He bases his criticisms in empirical truth. I would welcome a post on this philosophical disagreement. But with whom is he arguing?

        On the opposing side are Christians, like Jones, who believe that Christ will transform biological blacks into smart, law abiding people. Jones is the exemplar of this belief.

        Yet Z, Derb, Taylor want to grant exceptions to j3w$ who agree with us, like Paul Gottfried, while they would not grant the same exemptions to blacks who agree with us. This is a special case is glaring.

        Is biology real or not?

        • Two of my favorite musicians are Leonard Cohen and Donald Fagan (Steely Dan). Yet, I don’t want to share a country with their people.

          I would kick Cohen (were he still alive) and Fagan out of my country, as much as I love them.

          Yet Paul Gottfried gets a pass?

          • Never could stand Cohen, but Donald Fagen is probably the greatest American musician of the rock era. You’re right, though, his records would sound the same had he lived and recorded (((elsewhere))).

        • Jews are no more biologically distinct from other whites than any given European ethnic group is from a neighboring group. Jews are mostly Levantines heavily mixed with German, Iberian, Slavs, and others. They lived in European societies for over a millennia and the basis of their status as separate was always understood to be religious in nature. Converts would enter Christian societies and their genes would simply bleed into the general gene pool. In contrast, the vast majority of Europeans lived and died without casting their eyes on a sub-Saharan African until very recently, in historical terms. Is Paul Gottfried closer to a German or a Kenyan?

          Note that Jones, GK Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc, and most pre Vatican II popes more or less supported some limited type of segregation of Jews–viewed as a religious group one could leave, not as an immutable race. Catholics at the time also criticized the individualistic social contract of the 1800s, which made Jews, and any person, a mere “citizen”, rather than a member of an ethnic or religious community between the individual and the state. In E. Michael Jones-topia, Dr. Gottfried can only teach at Yeshiva U., and he can’t run for office, vote, or donate to political campaigns, except for those of the Jewish community. In Fredrick the Great’s Prussia, Jews could join the military and become NCOs, but they needed to convert to either state-Lutheranism or state-Calvinism to become commissioned officers.

        • My take is that a lot of white realists fear the brain drain if the juice are completely kicked out

          We need their devilish smarts iow so they don’t go making bombs for the other team

          I get this position, but my opinions of the juice align far more closely with Jones’

          Taylor won the debate, but Jones won the street fight. Sorta like Cruz vs Trump

          I find Jones’ critique of Taylor’s wishy washy stance on the juice and that his wife had torpedoed David Duke were played to devastating effect. I don’t think Taylor fully recovered. What most people are going to remember is that Jones brought Taylor’s integrity into question, and that Taylor didnt forcefully defend his honor and instead hid behind some lame facts and figures like a boy hiding behind his mom’s skirt. The fact that Johnson and goad had to circle the wagons afterward and really go hard after Jones on a payback mission tells me they know it too.

          Taylor will recover. But next debate he needs to bring a knife.

          • I thought Jones use of kite word after being respectfully requested not to pissed the moderator off. Sorta dick move. Potentially affecting guys income.

  5. Willie Brown’s prostitute is heading to Singapore on a diplomatic trip. Great time for the DNC staff to…you know…put the pillow over Joe.

    • Good point JR, but we need at least a few dozen pillows, couple dozen sturdy lamp posts too.

      • Speaking as a former near-resident, the lamp posts and other older infrastructure of DC are of high quality, most of it having been made many decades ago when, er, other people managed the city and quality was higher. Certainly you don’t see much wrought iron fences and such being installed these days, do you? Can’t speak for DC, but during the Civil War, some Baltimore lamp posts saw duty 🙂

        Some of the infrastructure is so good that, at least to my knowledge, part of the city still uses a sewage system dating to 1860, which still causes occasional problems when there’s a big flood 😀

    • We are entering the fast change cycle now, and firearms are for self protection and hunting. For small game, which will remain abundant for some time, you only need a .22; but for larger game (think town deer) a good compound bow will work just fine. AK-47s are fine if you plan to join the mujahideen, but an AR-15 will allow you to hit what you’re aiming at out to 200 meters with reasonable accuracy.

      It serves no purpose to fret about what the Stasi is doing. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. And now that the Administration is importing mujahideen recruits, the Stasi are trying to prevent them from quickly re-arming when they get here. Yes, this is insane public policy, but that is our reality nonetheless.

      A better use of our time is to think outside the box. Rent a backhoe for half a day and teach yourself how to drive and operate it. Study the ignition mechanism; it’s quite simple. Imagine how useful that kind of ubiquitous power can be. Don’t die needlessly on a militia firing line clutching a worthless AK. Be the bolt from the blue.

      • TomA: I think both activities (hunting and construction) are useful. I have no personal preference between AR15 or AK 47 but there’s a lot of ammo that will work in both/either, and any restriction on imported ammo is going to further increase demand on limited domestic ammo. Some of us haven’t been to the range to practice in a while because of ammo’s insane cost, some of us haven’t really increased our ammo supply for same reason.

        Would love to learn to use a backhoe but am not certain they’d rent one to an old lady like me. We need one to improve the limited old logging roads on the acreage we’ve just bought.

        My point is any skill and supplies are useful in the right time and place. Just trying to provide a heads-up for those who don’t have unlimited funds for some more of one type.

      • I would love to have one of those mini excavators. Maybe something in the 12 to 15 thousand pound class. I’ve never even sat in one but It sure looks like fun. Lots of youtube guys own them (Outdoors With The Morgans e.g.) and seem to really enjoy them.

      • I am fine with an AR-15 as a weapon of choice, but an AK-47 will do fine for most things at 200 yards—at least. I’ve shot competitively in action matches and seen any number of shooters score highly with AK’s at those short distances—not bullseye, human silhouettes—and that’s really all that counts, isn’t it. 😉

        The AK is basically a shorter distance weapon and that’s how Russian tactics work—or worked when it was developed. Marines and all brag on their marksmanship, which is fine and true, but about 300 yards is all most normal folk can handle in “shoot and scoot” scenarios. And that’s what it will be when the SHTF.

        Want to be a 500+ yd marksman, get a good bolt action rifle and scope. That what the Russians do—one per fire team.

        • For the record, I’m not anti-Russian made weaponry. My son owns a Mosin-Nagant that’s more than 50 years old, well worn, but well cared for too. He routinely can hit a 6 inch balloon at 400 meters with the original iron sights. But again, the Jackboots are well prepared to face-down civilian militias using conventional army tactics, so fighting back in that manner is playing right into their hands. What they fear most, and have no real solution for, is the bolt from the blue. Most of us in the DR are normal working guys who know how things work (and therefore don’t work). The engine of this country still runs on men who build things, repair things, and move things. When that stops happening, no army in the world can stay in the field for very long. Smarter, not harder.

          • Scoot and shoot s not a conventional tactic. It’s the tactic that guerrillas use against entrenched/occupying forces. It is not even necessary to use in attack—which is what you so decry—but to run and evade should the need arise.

            Again, you assume all talk of weaponry and tactics is from an offensive desire. Nothing is further from the truth. You keep saying we must prepare and wait, but you never say what we’re preparing for and waiting for. You claim the high road of being “smarter” than the enemy, but offer no evidence that this tactic has worked anywhere. I can offer a ready example, currently in the news, Afghanistan.

          • Compsci, I think I’ve answered your objections several times before, but I’ll try once again. First, getting into reasonable physical condition is always a good idea. As is being prepared for an economic collapse, which I think is becoming more likely with every trillion dollar boondoogle coming out of DC these days. The evidence is now overwhelming that both the Whitmer kidnapping plot & the Jan. 6th “insurrection” event were planned and led by Stasi agents as entrapment ops; so organizing into civilian militias is tailor-made for Stasi infiltration & easy roll-up. The best timing for direct action against a tyranny is when the Jackboots are fully engaged in riot control & other civil order restoration activities. Wear the fog of chaos and your movements & actions will be shrouded in the general pandemonium. One man with a rifle can have a small incremental impact on the bottom of the totalitarian pyramid. One man operating unconventionally from the shadows can have a huge impact if he thinks outside the box and focuses on critical points of weakness or vulnerability. Shoot & scoot is fine for those with low IQ but high cunning. But our greatest asset is creativity, innovation, and doing the unexpected.

      • When stalking the larger, taller, heavier mammals of North America, 5.56mm is a round for exterminating the females and the juveniles.

        For exterminating the 6’5″ 300 lb male mammals of North America, you definitely wanna graduate to something like 7.62mm, or the longer & ballistically smoother & more piercing 6.5mm.

        5.56mm is only gonna anger the largest males, and make them even moar determined to turn the tables on you.

        Early on in Afghanistan & Iraq, the USMC pretty much ditched their 5.56mm weapons for urban hunting purposes, and adopted the 12-gauge instead.

        In many [most?] states in the USA, you can’t even go hunting for medium-sized mammals, like white-tail deer, with a 5.56mm, because the round won’t kill the deer, and will only cause the deer to die a long slow painful death by infection.

        • Hunting game, the two legged kind, 5.56 will do. It also has to benefit of using ammo and parts from the opposition. 😉

          • In the urban hunting of Afghanistan & especially Iraq, the wildlife laughed at the 5.56mm – it was like getting shot by a BB gun.

            What terrified the wildlife was the 12 gauge.

            Here in North America, where the wildlife is considerably larger and even moar violent, you need to be getting in excess of 2000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle in order to reliably take down a large North American mammal in an urban/suburban setting.

    • Oh that idiot. Russia makes some good, crude in design but rugged and dependable, shotguns and hunting rifles.

  6. Second point: Husband just heard from a friend resident in El Paso (who heard from nurse friend of spouse) that the local county hospital (where all the Mexicans go to squat out their magic American citizens), which is already overflowing with Squatemalans etc. courtesy of Biden’s open borders, has about 1500 brand new Afghan patients. Yes, those are some of the magic translators and freedumb loving tribesmen who were flown to Fort Bliss by our heroic Air Force pilots. This is apparently NOT being reported in the local press, and there’s no room for the local poor (they’re all Mexicans anyhow; El Paso is down to about 10% White and they do not use the local county hospital).

    • In my city/county there is a call for “volunteer” drivers to ferry the IA’s out of the city/county to “anywhere but here”. We are just North of the border. Each driver must be “vexed” for the Covid. However, there is no requirement or the IA passengers to be vaccinated, nor even proof that they’ve been officially processed/released into the US by border patrol. To ask is “racist” you know. 🙁

  7. Two points which I shall put in two separate comments.

    1. Just heard State Department supposedly just banned importation of Russian ammo. Regardless of quality, this is going to put immense pressure on already short and expensive domestic supply. If you need any, go buy it NOW.

  8. “Red and Yellow, Black and White, we are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world”

    Repeated in Sunday school all my youth ad nauseam.

    Trying to modify Modern Protestant Christianity or it’s fundamental adherents is a complete lost cause. There will be no molding it nor it’s adherents into any DR cause. How do you propose changing their minds away from Jesus’ final commandment to His disciples, Matthew 28:19: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”.

    Or this one, the infallible John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    Or Jesus’ greatest commandment of all, Matthew 22:36-40 ” 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    How do these words from their Savior have anything compatible with any “color awareness” or “race realism” to the average Protestant or Catholic normie? These passages alone answer the question of why they would wash BLM feet like we saw during the countries collective negro infatuation last year.

    My disposition is more inclined to what Falcone mentioned above, merging the virtuous tenets of the New Testament while exploring the merits of our ancestors religious views and combining what is compatible. Ever since I realized the general contradictions, the coercion, and guilt apparatus of modern Christianity, the backbone of my initial moral framework, I have tried my best to take the virtues and combine them with what I experience physically, mentally, and spiritually daily. Through many years of careful thought and examination, I now live a life on my own terms, without a fear of death, without the shame of being created guilty, and without a fear of an eternal future in hell.

    The work on ones spirit is never done, so there really can never be an expected completion date for any mass enlightenment. Hence, this is a passage I have wholeheartedly integrated into my spiritual faith: Matthew 5:14-16
    “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

    I simply substitute “Father in heaven” with “My Creator”

    • The Torah is filled with all manner of contradictions, yet it doesn’t stop the Jews from embracing it. Humans are malleable, as the mainstream media proves. It shouldn’t be too hard to make these changes and get the process started.

      “How do you propose changing their minds away from Jesus’ final commandment to His disciples, Matthew 28:19: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”.”

      We could simply redefine the text as meaning “European nations” (we could claim it was God’s will that our people were converted and that it never applied to non-Whites) or we could claim that the context was of the era and no longer applies. There are lots of ways to do this. It can be done. People will believe anything if they need a reason to. Thus, Mormonism. Let’s give them a reason. There are no better options.

      “Trying to modify Modern Protestant Christianity or it’s fundamental adherents is a complete lost cause. There will be no molding it nor it’s adherents into any DR cause.”

      That’s not true. Protestant Christianity and racial identity were linked together in the South for generations. Hunter Wallace has covered this on his blog. This example proves it can be done because it already happened once.

      • America was pretty race realist until after WWII. The Christian west was for around 1500 or so years before that. Even the protestant parts. Actually more so, since people focused on ethnicity.

        Christianity isn’t what changed people’s minds. It’s premature to think the last 60-80 years represent a sea change.

    • Humans are emotional creatures. They do what makes them feel good, so logical contradictions like these shouldn’t matter. If there is a need for this to exist in society, people will find excuses to make it work. It’s similar to Leftist LGBTQ protestors who claim to be Muslim – an obvious contradiction. They don’t care because merging the two makes them feel even more marginalized, therefore better about themselves as supposed victims. We can do the same. Reforming Christianity to fit our goals is far from impossible because humans have evolved to be receptive to propaganda. The mass media proves this. They can get people to believe practically anything irrespective of the evidence.

      Nothing stops us from changing the interpretation of any of the passages you listed. If you believe in God, who knows, maybe that’s what God wants. For example, we could change “nation” to mean or own – that God meant for Christianity to be a religion for future European nations and, in order to make that happen, early Christians were commanded to convert as many people in all directions as they could. How would these primitive peoples understand God’s Will?

      Just as Biblical tales like Jonah & the Whale aren’t supposed to be taken literally (they were parables related in a way primitive peoples could understand), we can make the same claim when necessary: God spoke in a manner conducive to His future intention, in the only way ancient peoples would understand. Early Christians, ignorant of geography, couldn’t be instructed to only convert Europeans because they may not have even understood what that meant.

      It’s better to read God’s mind through his actions in history than to interpret parables as literal. Is Christianity a global religion practiced by a majority of the world’s population or mostly a European phenomenon and for those groups genetically descended from Europeans? The latter is the obvious state of things, so maybe this is what God intended from the start.

      We could use history to claim that proselytizing non-Whites is not something God wants anymore and that the religion was always intended for us as “the chosen people.” There is enough history to make that claim believable. After Islam swept Christianity from the Middle East, for instance, the religion was mainly a European thing for generations. That only changed recently, primarily with Native American converts. But even there we can explain away the contradiction by claiming (correctly) that since modern Hispanic Christians are heavily mixed with Caucasian DNA, they are included under the White Christian Umbrella. We don’t have to include them in our new nation, but we could use their existence to justify ours along the lines I’ve laid out.

      If we were really determined, we could do the same with any other supposed contradiction.

      As far as I can tell, this is the best way to build Caucasian solidarity. Jews have done this, and it works for them. We can do the same.

      • Using a semitic religion to build European solidarity seems a somewhat strange idea to me.

        You will never get rid of this poisonous stuff while constantly harking back to a mythical foundation tale which is not even from your own homelands.

        • The OT is useful and interesting, but the NT is all that really matters. And let’s not forget that Jesus was the OG ‘antisemite’ in this tale.

        • It’s not really so strange when you think about it. 99% of Christian accomplishment comes from European peoples. Nearly all of its achievements, nearly all of the people inspired by it, nearly all of its great thinkers and historical figures are White Caucasian. Much of the world rightly sees Christianity as “the White man’s religion” for exactly that reason.

          The focus of this reformed religion would be the veneration of European historical figures paired with teaching the history and liturgy of our people. Jesus is just a small part of that. 99% of the other figures are White Caucasian and thousands of years of tradition and history come after his life.

          I’m open to other suggestions, but I don’t see any that are even remotely practical. Paganism will never work for reasons already discussed. Secularism by itself does not motivate enough people to undertake the sacrifices necessary to save our people. “White identity” by itself is too broad to be workable absent a more extensive collapse of society a la South Africa, and every horror that entails. Even while our lands are being invaded, there’s practically no push back. Obviously, we need to try something else.

          • As I see it, religions historically tend to either be ethnic in focus, a la paganism variants that form the basis of the various European tribal origination mythologies, but they never really could function outside the group. Judaism is essentially one of these (unz has a good review that points out that Judaism has essentially nothing to do with the OT at all and is a mystery religion with pagan foundations which is why is remains restricted I suppose ( )

            Or they were pan tribal, but still remain largely racially bound .(I think African flavored Christianity is far enough removed not to count here).

            These tend to have a similar structure. An identifiable single figure slightly separate from God (but still at the same time divine) (Jesus/Mohamed/Buddha/Mithras etc) that usually has some martyr or ascendant construct.. They do not emphasize the foundation of a people, but an ideal that nearly always has some redemption arc built in from earthly existence. Unfortunately all these are alien to Europe really and work to push to outgroup preference in a spiritual sense for Europeans.

            The trick is this figure must be portrayed to slightly transcend tribal identity enough to adapt them to each group (which is why I think they do not readily escape race boundaries as easily). Each of these also has some internal mystery type adherence plus the simpler external face.

            For Europe as a whole given the above a new pan religion would I think require a new such figure that is wholly European in identity. It would need to be separate from the semitic foundations entirely otherwise we will never regain our own spiritual foundations.

            A blending of the martial with the mystery cult structures seems the most effective in providing a strong bonding with a masculine energy, but as to what that would look like who knows?

            It seems we would require a very large warfare situation on group lines to provide the origination for such a thing. We might find out sooner rather than later in Europe.

    • What about “But Jesus said unto her, “Let the children first be filled, for it is not meet to take the children’s bread and to cast it unto the dogs.””? (where dogs means foreigners) Mark 7:27

      • Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Tinolthy 5:8

        And the texts you mention do not mean what yo thin they mean.” Love your neighbor” does not mean “Love people living in Afghanistan”. “Preach the gospel to all nations” does not mean “Invade the world. Invite the world”.

        The Western world has been strong while Christianity has been strong. The invasion has started when Christianity was in decline. Paganism is make-believe. Atheism and Churchianity are suicidal. A strong faith combined with nationalism like the Old Europe or Aghanistan is the key (Islam is universalist but can be combined with nationalism, like Christianity)

        Who was Joan of Arc? A Christian figure? A French patriot? Both of them, of course.

        Nationalism without faith is weak. If you believe that there is life after death, you can die for your country. If not, it’s much more difficult.

    • A big advantage of the Mormon religion is they have a living prophet. Gives them flexibility to update as needed.

      • Until leftie sneaks a wokie into the Mormon prophet’s mantle. Suddenly he ‘realizes’ that God was always in support of the trannie train

  9. The most disheartening thing for me about the last year or so is that it is a massive confirmation that the great majority of people are unfit for representative government and self determination. Our whole society feminized and exhibiting that feminine horror of personal responsibility , begging for the whip hand to free them from the burden of decision making. This society would welcome a dictator of any stripe , it might as well be one that won’t tolerate the affronts to human nature and natural law the current aspirants to that role have introduced.

    • Karl is ok. He can be quick to take / give offense, but this is the Internet. His (non- ad hominem attack) comments can be thought provoking, which is the point.

      • He doesn’t bother me at all, I just think it was funny last night with him sounding like he was high all day

        I, personally, like the “diversity” that people like him bring to the party

      • Karl’s cool. Piss ass dope head aside. He gives shit and takes it with supreme humor. Can respect that in a movement where too many people play like ideological puritans.

      • Well, Karl was definitely correct the golden handcuffs I thought were in front of me were a mirage.

        That means no mandatory clot shot in my near future.

        • Wild Geese – Sorry for loss of monetary opportunity; glad you are not faced with a really difficult health choice.

      • To me, who had a minor run-in w him in the comments section, it looked like he got drunk b/c he actually cares if America wins or loses wars. And there’s something wrong if you don’t care about that. And the stuff where someone said he had a few bats in the belfry, that was actually kinda funny lol

        I don’t care a hoot if he doesn’t want to talk to or about me or whatever, I have no hard feelings about him. Everyone can be a d*ck sometimes lol

      • only newbs get hangovers. also, i only drink teq, which is a lot easier on the system than grain based liquor. try and keep the alcohol calories to less than 25% of my overall caloric intake. that’s where my body is happiest.

        think about this, coof isn’t going to get a foothold in my body because it has to get past the teq, first. not happening (in Rexkwqndo voice). also, the coof can’t even get into my body because the weed i smoke kills whatever is in my throat or lung. go ahead and laugh, but i am pretty sure there is not a virus existent that can handle the 600 degree F heat of a lit bowl.

  10. “Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.”

    I suggest melding European ancestor worship & identity with Christianity. That means turning great Europeans into saints, but not necessarily in the religious sense, and disregarding the “Old Testament” completely while ending proselytizing efforts for non-Caucasians. We should focus on only the New Testament and teach European accomplishment alongside it. We can study history, science and our superior musical and architectural achievements while teaching religious identity. This will build group solidarity and meld Caucasian peoples of differing predispositions together under one banner.

    The current religion is too universal to inspire much sacrifice in a modern world of luxury and instant gratification. Universal Christianity is also something easily subverted by outside groups — Zionists who want to subvert our solidarity for their benefit & do-gooders who think it’s okay to destroy our nation by importing infinite immigrants (because what does identity matter when we’re all children of God?).

    Judaism is a religion that does this. It’s more than simply a recitation of religious liturgy. It’s an ethnic identity. They study their people’s history and turn historical figures into heroes and martyrs along ethnic lines and not strictly religious ones (Anne Frank). This gives the Jewish people a type of solidarity not seen in the West — the merger of ethnic nationalism with religious fervor. That’s the real reason Jews predominate while c*cks like David French sell his people down the river for 30 shekels.

    Reforming Christianity to be an exclusively Caucasian thing might give our people the identity required to fight back. It would attract smart people by focusing on European achievement in the arts and sciences while making peace with divisive “young earth creationist types” because “why fight when we’re all Christian?” That means religious zeal and secular smarts combine to fight back against our common enemies, just as it works for Jews.

    Witness Israel. In that country, fundamentalists live alongside secular Jews. Everyone gets what they want — culture, identity, economic progress, scientific achievement, and an exclusive home for their own kind. And the byproduct is a sense of purpose and destiny our people currently lack, which is the reason for our skyrocketing suicide and drug abuse rates. Westerners are literally killing themselves because they rightly see we have no future as a people.

    My idea for saving our people:

    >Reform Christianity into an exclusive religion for Caucasians: dump the Old Testament (no more Jew worship); indoctrinate children with knowledge of European history — culture and peoples — alongside teaching Christianity in order to build exclusive group identity and association between the two. This will put religious fervor and secular cognitive ability on the same side.

    >Get a new country based on these principles (like Israel, but for our people). That means forming a state somewhere in the world around these principles and emigrating people into it along these lines.

    “Build it, and they will come.” If I have a restaurant that serves only steak, it’s a safe bet to think that I’ll never have to worry about attracting vegetarians. Likewise, we can start from a strong foundation by attracting the best sorts of people, those most willing to be on our side, by laying out what we want to create and building something exclusively around that idea.

    This solves a lot of problems vexing the Disparate Right. Not everyone agrees with how religious, secular, or political things should be — how focused on this or that — but we can create something melds many of those types together.

    For example, there has been a debate on the Right for some time about whether or not we should do “White Nationalism.” Some think this is impractical because Whites are too diverse. You don’t see “Asian Nationalists” much in this country for the same reason.

    But this state need not be “white nationalist” to achieve the same ends. In fact, we don’t want all Whites anyway. About 20% of the White population consists of various mental defects of some sort — Leftists, Communists. We don’t want them because they’ll ruin any future society; a seed of destruction will be planted with their presence no matter how well the founding of the nation goes. This state weeds them out from the beginning while also focusing on building a practical identity.

    The people who are attracted to this idea will emigrate to our homeland, and they will be the types we want. From that point, we can create our own unique ethnicity just like the Jews have. Also, some allowances can be made for a small number of racially mixed people who identify with us (half Chinese but Christian conservative, for example). We need not go full purity test, thus we avoid the worst kinds of mental defects from the old Alt-Right days.

    How religious should things be? This state need not be about forcing religious belief because this Christianity is about more than just that. Leave belief between the person and God. This means we don’t have to worry about a Taliban-like government coming to power and scaring away smart people while also preserving religious freedom and belief for those who want it. However, the state itself has Christianity as the sole state religion. That culture is infused everywhere, making religious people happy. They’ll never have to worry about importing Afghan Muslims or having their freedoms revoked by certain types.

    The end result is a state with one permitted exclusive religion — Christianity — while merging our ethnic identity under its banner. Every person of European descent in this nation is a Christian, secular and religious. It will have group solidarity and peace. People will have a sense of purpose and won’t fear for the future. There will be no immigration, no multiculturalism, no self-hate, no racism against White Caucasians. It will be free from this current madness.

    • >Reform Christianity into an exclusive religion for Caucasians: dump the Old Testament (no more Jew worship)

      More like “go to Hell for denying the Great Commission and embracing the heresy of Marcionism”. The real Martin Luther would back me on this. Also, if you want a form of Christianity exclusively for “Caucasians”, have you tried Armenian Orthodoxy?

    • I don’t mind the talk here about finding some variant of Christianity that would at least stabilize our society. I would like to see that happen also.


      This proposal is evil and stupid. The very first thing “Martin Luther” proposes after picking up the Bible and a pair of scissors is removing Christ from Christianity… quote… “I suggest melding European ancestor worship & identity with Christianity. That means turning great Europeans into saints, but not necessarily in the religious sense”. And then you proceed to talk about gutting Christianity of everything that defined it for the last five millennia, in favor of pagan ancestor worship.

      How is that supposed to have a happy ending? Skinsuits inevitably rot and I assure you, we Christian holdouts will not cooperate.

      Do not do that evil deed. Do not alter Scripture. Believe it or not, as you wish, but do not try to deceive.

      Use a different religion. Or just make up a new one, about how Nikola Tesla evolved the Earth into existence then the devil Edison repopulated Africa with Uruk-Hai. Or something.

    • Only an autistic retard with no concept of humans, cultures, and religions would propose something stupid like this.

  11. Y’know, Z… there are times when I get my nose rubbed in how obsolete I am and I really don’t know what to make of it or to do about it. I congratulate myself on walking away from the Hive almost a decade ago, believing myself to be red pilled and savvy to what’s really driving Clown World… only to get completely and utterly sand bagged by something like the Afghanistan debacle. Oh, I knew like everyone else it could only end one way; but even now the Hive has a hold on my assumptions and preconceptions. I was caught totally by surprise by the magnitude and complete and utter failure of it, and the forces that brought it around and set it up.

    You said in the show you might do a piece on how the dissident can take all this knowledge and use it… and put it up behind the green door. May I ask you to reconsider that? How loyal are you to YOUR party? Perhaps a show like that would be better to be free, with as much exposure as you can possibly get? If I were a social studies educator today I would feature your work in the curriculum and it would be mandatory reading for our young people. They are the ones that need this stuff the most. I can’t blame you at all for wanting to monetize it… but more people need to see this, not less. But a man has to eat and pay the bills I suppose.

    I hope you have a great weekend too. Do something fun.

    • Afghanistan is what we get when competence and planning are seen as white supremacy

      Only going to get much worse. I was listening to a few Dem politicians the other day, and though they didn’t say as much, I took away the impression that this is now the best we can hope and to get used to it. I have to wonder if these people are in fact internalizing all of this CRT type stuff and are now of the mind and belief that we must strive for incompetence out of some type of racial justice and harmony with POC

      • I really respect you but I must strenuously disagree. Afghanistan has been a MIC/establishment debacle from the beginning. Whites from Clinton, Bush to present are largely responsible, especially the upper military and intelligence echelons.

        I do agree that the CRT stuff guarantees future, worse debacles. But we didn’t get to this point by accident. If I had $100 bucks for every one of my Civnat, griller friends who told me “let’s fight them over there so they don’t come here”, I could buy beers for all of us for a year. This mindless approach allowed utterly feckless leaders to turn Afghanistan into a cash cow.

        Yes, the CRT stuff is poison. But so is the mindless Civnat homoerotic allegiance to the MIC. The DR must break this allegiance white Civnats have with the MIC for all of us to survive.

        • Captain,

          Maybe I should have said the “pull out from Afghanistan” — not the effort in general.

          I am talking only about the events from this weekend through today

          It was like they were actively trying to do the worst job as humanly possible. Then they doubled down on it !!!

          No, there is something afoot here. These guys are either: a) trying to suck at what they do; or b) have fully internalized the idea that competence is racist and thus they are incapable of it. And maybe having that black guy on the team made everyone else a logistics retard.

      • I hope there will be some way to get most (“all” is probably to wish for too much) U.S. Citizens out of Afghanistan. If not, if nothing else, it’ll be a harsh blow to the Deep State in so many ways. All of a sudden, those $100-200K/year “contractor” jobs don’t look quite as enticing.

        On the upside, there’s something to be said for keeping our nose out of foreign affairs that are none of our business.

    • If you were a “social studies educator” and you had your students listen to Z-Man, you’d very shortly find yourself an ex-social studies educator. Heh.

      • I am thinking of a movie from this, “Dead Dissidents Society”, maybe get Will Ferrell to play Professor Zeeman.

    • And of course, looking at the photo, the vast majority are men. Certainly a few children and women made it. But not exactly a “women and children first” culture.


    • Yikes…looking at that massive group of young men you gotta expect that at least a few of them are/will become terrorists, a bunch more will think raping some attractive young white women would be big fun, etc.

      We are being f*ck3d with on so many levels.

  12. Christianity is too pozzed, there is no saving it. I say this with regret. Islam is closed to any significant amount of White men as it exists to take the women of White men and make White men slaves. That is the whole point of Islam. [And why blacks like it so much.]

    We will need something old, likely pagan, and vengeful and rewarding. Probably something like Robert E. Howard’s “Crom” from the Conan books. A fighting religion.

    Somewhat OT, Biden called a permanent lid on talking about Afghanistan, then scheduled a speech at 1 pm, and has now canceled it. Looks like he’s just too senile and stupid to be in front of cameras anymore. Get ready for President Harris. She’s gonna love being in front of cameras and haranguing you every day.

    Anyone get the feeling that everything, and I mean everything, is failing super fast right in front of our eyes? That we are witnessing a regime collapse in on itself for lack of even teleprompter reading figureheads? Who will fight and die for Senile Bane? Heels Up Harris? Woke Milley?

    • Polytheism is a nonstarter for most Caucasians. It’s been tried before and never gets any traction. Monotheistic religions are simpler to understand, so they’ll always have the advantage when trying to convert the masses, especially in a society of instant gratification and low attention spans.

      The old religion also has enough residual cultural cache to make any polytheistic competitor seem contrived by comparison. Odin worship never took off for exactly this reason — it’s fake and gay. Your grandma isn’t converting to that nonsense, so it’s DOA.

      • It’s not nonsense

        I think anyone who spends a good amount of time in nature, away from the cities, on the water at night bobbing alone in a boat, will all of a sudden “get” the ideas of there being many smaller gods. Each little system seems to have its own qualities and quirks, be it the sea, or the woods, etc. It makes more sense that nature, with all of its variety and violence and calm and beauty and ugliness and caprices and surprises, would be ruled and created by a family of bickering gods rather than a single dad. Even Christianity had to hedge on this when it created the Devil. It needed a point counterpoint, light vs dark, because that’s how life works, and everyone grasps it at some level.

        Further the saints in the catholic church served as Demi gods, harkening back to our pagan roots. Kings served as Demi gods in some way as being a direct link to God.

        We never fully eradicated paganism. Even something as mundane as the days of the week still have pagan roots. A few months of the year. Apparently Christian society never found it important enough or blasphemous that we would get rid of these things.

        So what am I getting at? Just making the point that paganism is in our DNA. Christianity just worked with it rather than replace it wholesale. So somewhere along the way there have been very wise church elders who grasped this reality and worked with rather than against it. I get that it’s a hard sell, yes I get that, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s part of “who we are” as Paul Ryan might say. Because you scratch any white Christian and you will find a vestige of paganism lingering on for eternity.

        Moral of the story, I think we should embrace it but not turn our pagan roots into a full blown way of life. Christianity seems better suited toward that end.

        • It’s nonsense, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get out more because they clearly don’t understand real people. You’re not inventing a fake pagan religion and having it take off in this country. You won’t even be able to do this with a real Pagan religion. That’s not how the real world works, the one beyond internet chat rooms and 4chan.

          • Right, it’s such nonsense just that the the greatest societies in the west have never thought to shit can it totally.

            The greatest minds have embraced it and have found the wisdom of the ages in it. The great artists, builders, poets. I guess those temples to the gods are make believe. But they’re still standing aren’t they. Stonehenge is nonsense But still standing. Thor is nonsense, but he still gets a name of the week after him. Those Greeks were such morons and nonsensical we only used their architecture to build our own secular temples in DC.

            But get out more! Maybe the problem is I get out too much and can’t help but see the vestiges of pre Christianity in so much of what it still around today.

            What you really mean is “hide, and close your mind, burn those books, and throw your peoples’ history in the garbage.”

            Nope. We have BLM for that. If for no other reason, white people, you included I presume, should take up an interest in pagan mythology just to piss them off because it’s not and can never be theirs.

          • It’s not an invention, it’s been around for thousands of years. Worked pretty well until the Romans decided to shove Christianity up our ancestors asses, to make them obedient, compliant…cut off from their fathers gods, the natural world.

          • “Right, it’s such nonsense just that the the greatest societies in the west have never thought to shit can it totally.”

            It’s been shit canned totally. No Christian in this country, no large segment of any White demographic, is ever converting to any fake and gay polytheism. None of that stuff ever had any serious cultural relevance in this country beyond mere symbolism, so there is ZERO reason to think that will ever change. Christianity was always dominant in the hearts and minds of the masses and any remnant of polytheism was purely cultural, mostly inherited symbolism from the Greeks and Romans.

            You can quote whatever esoteric nonsense about the history of polytheism or Christianity you want, but 99% of Whites today will tell you they aren’t polytheistic and never will be. They don’t think their saints are pagan gods, they don’t care what connection Mary may have had to paganism — same with Christmas. They. Don’t. Care. And that’s not changing, either.

            Secularists are likewise opposed to the idea because they think it’s dumb and a waste of their time. There are more of them in the population every day.

            Polytheism is as much a waste of time as Scientology. Spend your time trying to convert the masses to polytheism if you want, but I’m telling you it will never work short of Mad Max. It’s a dead end.

          • “Worked pretty well until the Romans … ”

            Tell me when the pre-Christian pagans of Europe had an industrial revolution that sent them to the moon. Or antibiotics. Or automobiles …

          • Do you think a similar conversation could have been had prior to the top down adoption of Christianity in Europe to forcibly displace the existing religions?

            Does it not seem weird to claim that an action that is a historical reality cannot happen again to displace the current religious backstory?


          • The best anyone can do is create a weird heretical offshoot of an existing religion (Mormonism, NOI, etc.) and have it survive as a niche cult, and maybe slowly evolve to something more “normal”. Pros: can use cult members as slave labor, Con: go to Hell for being a heresiarch.

    • Zen is not easily grasped at first, but once given a chance at understanding and then practice… It has the metaphysical element that Stoicism lacks and does not base itself upon an anthropomorphic an volitional “God” or any subdivisions thereof.

      • Since I’ve nothing substantive to contribute today, I will share what I hope is a modestly humorous joke.

        I read a book about Atheism and found out that God doesn’t exist.

        Then I read a book about Zen Buddhism and found out that I don’t exist* 😀

        *This is true in the sense that the self is considered — well, it’s called “The Conceit ‘I am'” in classic Buddhism. As far as I know, Buddha didn’t define what the self is, but one of his teachings shows the five things it is not. As a general philosophical or psychology question, it’s interesting (and, for me, so far fruitless) exercise to inquire “Just what, precisely, is this thing that I call the ‘I’ or the ‘Self’?”

    • everything *is* going tits up at the same time. so the question to be answered is “cui bono”.

  13. 24:00 I see this same thinking on our side. It permeates our side. All of these people like Ramzpaul saying they are utterly black-pilled about the immediate future, but very optimistic in the long run, as if us winning in the future is somehow inevitable. I’ve been spending time on Gab lately and I see it there too. I see it from the MAGA people, the Nazis and the dissident right.
    They cannot deny what is in front of their faces and so that is why they are “black-pilled” in the present, but optimistic in the long term. Of course, none of them really attempts to draw a line between here and there. The source of their hope seem to be merely the distance between now and in the future.

    • For me, and I guess for guys like Ramzpaul, the hope lies in the fact that the current regime is going again God, Nature, or both. Just like you can’t ignore the laws of physics, you can’t ignore Nature. But you are correct, no one has a path forward except to spread the Word without getting captured, to build real life communities and watch for opportunities as our enemies fail in their fight with Nature.

      • As a guy without a formal religion, I find hope in the mysticism of poets, like T. S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets.” (Of course, I acknowledge that Eliot was a devout Catholic when he wrote this)

        I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
        For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,
        For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
        But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
        Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
        So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.

    • We’re in the despair part of the grief cycle. Trump was the anger and the bargaining phases when we thought we could turn things around, thus the false optimism. Everyone who countered the narrative that he’d win reelection was a “black piller.” I saw it here even on this website. The next phase will be acceptance. Only when we get there can we make a change because every solution proposed before that point will be rejected out of hand.

      For what it’s worth, I now see a reason to be white pilled long term. Several prominent dissidents have made the journey to acceptance as of late. That’s a positive development. Jared Taylor, for instance, has endorsed secession. Hunter Wallace hints at this on his website. Ramzpaul has said similar things. Various local secession efforts are underway in Georgia and the North West. We’re now getting to the point where new and practical solutions can be advanced. That wasn’t possible before, so it was nothing but a sea of black pills for me. Now, at least a faint hope has emerged. Small may it be, but a hope it is.

      After a few more election cycles of democrat presidential wins due to demographics & GOP leadership betrayals, most normies will be in the acceptance phase. That’s when things get interesting.

      • What do you think of the Pacific Northwest thing? One of the neo-nazis I follow on Gab talks about it a lot. I find their arguments pretty good, but I just don’t know how viable it could possibly be.

        • The Pacific Northwest thing is a fed op. Stay away from it. All of those states vote democrat anyway, so there isn’t much chance of ever making it work outside of Greater Idaho or something like that. Your best best is to move to a red state and push for local communities and then secession. Or build your own island.

  14. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Revolution Part II

  15. Just a heads up. received the following in a email recently. “The FBI has implemented a pilot intrusion detection program using a server running an application called Bamboo –The server collects security event logs from Windows computers and monitors for intrusion attempts by criminals and foreign-sponsored hackers and terrorists. The FBI is invested in protection of technical and medical data – considered a gold mine for intruders. I was thrilled at the prospect of an additional layer of security to surround our research assets … and so have offered to provide public endpoints there. The FBI are planning to install the device in the data center early next week but thus far we have only discussed protection of ITS assets.”

    Find it a bit suspicious.

  16. > Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.
    I have no doubt it will be the original form of Christianity, the Eastern Orthodox Church. The biggest opposition to this natural growth of the True Church in the west is of course coming from radtrad Papists. Those people claim to hate their own Pope while at the same time they insist Christ’s body be centered on the man in Rome. They Western Papist Church is in the process of banning its own traditional Mass and alienating its own faithful, meanwhile the Orthodox Church is growing at astonishing levels and is full of our people.

    Off topic:

    Two days ago I came down with excruciating abdominal pains and when I started crying in agony I decided it was time to go to the ER. Unsurprisingly it turned out I needed an emergency appendectomy. THANK GOD my doctors and nurses were competent white people, except the ER doc and anesthesiologist we’re competent East Asians. Although I’m uninsured and I am expecting a ruinous bill I won’t complain because without that treatment I’d be in for a week of the worst pain I’ve ever known and eventual death. I’d probably have blown my brains out on day three. The whole experience has given me a new lease on life and a real tangible appreciation for what we have in the west and what we’re losing.

    We can’t let this happen to us. The suffering and deprivation we’re in for is worse than the sacrifices we’ll make fighting. If this had happened to me ten years from now or even today in Laos or London I’d be up against a hospital staffed with people who hate me and have a great many ways to make me suffer and/or die. When you’re in for an emergent surgery you can’t easily find a better hospital and go there and there’s no home treatment for an internal organ that’s about to rupture and spill out a bunch of bacteria inside your body.

    The time is coming sooner or later for us to fight. It’s on each of us to recognize that time when it does come and make whatever personal sacrifice we must to seize it. What our ancestors built for us is not something we can let them take away, and I believe that ultimately we won’t.

    • My grand mom left the Catholic church for these very reasons and joined the Greek Orthodox Church. Since there was a Greek community in Tarpon Springs, I’d have to drive her to church from Tampa. I would go inside for the mass sometimes and was always impressed by it. Plus the church was beautiful. But they do the sign of the cross “backwards” as it were, which takes getting used to.

      • St. Nicholas? I attended with a Greek woman I dated from there. And with her, you and I both could have been dating her at the same time. A wild ride. The church has great food after service.

        • Yes, St. Nicholas

          Not sure if you ever went to the “Epiphany” celebration where the young men from the church dive into the lake to retrieve the Crucifix? That was pretty crazy

    • I suggest you read a short story by Tolstoy called “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.” The protagonist’s experience is much like your own, but with your alternate scenario of no available treatment.

      • Thanks for the tip, I will read it right now. Plenty of reading time for me over the next couple days. And after a recent binge of Dostoevsky a taste of Tolstoy seems highly appropriate.

        • Speedy recovery Astralturf. I had a bowel problem, or so I had thought, and was incredibly feverish. I drew a lukewarm bath and opened windows in a Chicago February. This was a Friday night; I awoke in a frigid bathtub on Sunday morning. I was bent over at a 90 degree angle with my abdominal muscles locked tight. My appendix had burst. Doc said I would have been dead within 48 hours.

          You survived a deadly condition. Hopefully, the sun will appear a bit brighter from now on.

          • Wow I can’t imagine falling asleep in that condition. Glad you made it.

            Yes, I do have a new lease on life. Like, I would have died, but I didn’t. I suppose the attitude is indeed more than a cope for the coming medical bill.

          • Astralturf, try crowdfunding your bills. Find somebody you can trust who will make the appeal for assistance. Also, try to find a legal clinic, possibly through a local law school, to help negotiate with the care providers. Further, the hospital itself may have a patient billing advocate. Everybody knows emergency medical billing is cowflop — it will be difficult but pursue all available relief.

    • How many more YouTube videos do we have to see of minority staff abusing old Whites in their nursing home beds to understand the wisdom of you words?

    • Astralturf: Hope you heal rapidly and that those bills are less than anticipated. And your comment and point about the value of genuine Western Civilization is spot on. Any White who needs a knee or hip replacement or laser eye surgery or serious dental work, get it done while there are still competent Whites available to do it. And then get in shape so you don’t need any more surgery because it may well be unobtainable for the rest of your life.

    • Until a large number of people accept that we can’t vote or organize our way out this, nothing is going to change. Until people are more afraid of getting through the week than going to prison or dying, things will just get worse.

      I just wish BLM was a serious movement led by serious people hell bent on dismantling the police state. Of course, they are not. At best, they are trying to steal some of the money earmarked for the soldiers of the police state. Notice how they never frame de-funding the police as a tax issue, mostly because it’s not blacks paying for all of it.

      The conservatives absolutely support the police state. The “right” in general support the police state. At best, they have fantasies of fighting the military (not the police state) who are trying to take their guns. Utterly un-serious people. But BLM are even bigger clowns than the conservatives and “patriots”

    • i have a lot of time for the orthodox church, but it has a built-in limiting factor; it is organized ethnically, and my ethnicity is left out. nowhere for me to join (if i wanted to).

      • The Holy Orthodox Church didn’t stay as just a Greek National Church, we Greeks sent missionaries into Eastern Europe to evangelize the Slavs, who then formed their churches with their ethne. It takes time, in the case of the Russians, it took 5 centeries for them to establish a national church.

  17. In spite of the Sunni-Shiite quarrels, Islam is by far a more disciplined religion and it is far less exposed to the interpretative whims hailing from the idiot savant crowd* (one of Christianity’s main cultural offshoots.)
    Not to mention that Islam has successfully sorted out the womyn issue a long, long time ago.

    There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and even less need to bring back failed models (Christianity has brought the West to the current situation – isn’t it a sign of foolishness to try the same things and expect different results?)

    * Even Mr. Speer was keen on stressing that fact in his memoirs: “A religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith.“)

    • See my comment above yours about Eastern Christianity. The Church in Russia survived communism and now we have guys in places such as Romania tearing down gay flags and shutting down anal parades.

      Even in the West the Church was strong for centuries and beat back hordes of Muslims. But the Western Church is compromised because it’s built on heresies and itself is a schism from the True Church. The thousands of further schisms proves how rotten and ineffective the Vatican is.

      I don’t know if you’re white, and if so I can’t imagine anything more cucked than a white man joining Islam. I don’t hate Muslims and would even prefer to be ruled over them than this liberalism as long as they let me pay the jizzm tax and practice my Faith. But we’re not there yet and hopefully we never will be.

    • Islamic countries in Africa also control AIDS much better than Christian ones do. I saw a documentary on Congo, where a mega-preacher fills up football stadiums with his followers. He sells his “miracle cure” liquid, and broke people give him all they have for this liquid, which is a mixture of gasoline and other random liquids. From what I’ve seen, Islam doesn’t have the same level of this stuff, even in Africa.

      While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Islam, in the West it is a de facto ethnic identity. Let’s be honest – the gang banging, dope smoking, rapist savages in Europe don’t hate Europeans because they’re “Christian” or “atheist”. They hate them for being beautiful, for being European, and because they will always feel inferior. And Islam is a great place for anti-whites to organize.

      The Muslims who say that white people can be Muslims are really no different than the “we’re all God’s children” style Christians. Sure, in small numbers it might be ok, and it’s a nice idealistic theory. If large numbers of white bread crackers started converting, it’s almost certain that the brown Muslims would not be happy, and at best there would be a fracture in the “community”. Same thing that happens to white churches who invite in masses of Latinos. It really all stems from race, culture, and biology.

      If whites became Muslims it would transform the religion to be the wealthiest and most scientific religion overnight. Browns would still hate us.

    • I’m not praying 10 times a day on a floor mat

      Even from a purely philosophical standpoint, what God creator wants his people praying all day rather than doing something constructive. It’s great if you live in a cave and don’t have to worry about keeping the toilets running.

      Ergo, their God is not my God. Their God won’t work in the west. And my God likes me to have some fun.

    • Organized religion is just the praxis, the outlet for the human male’s religious instinct.
      Perhaps it’s just too late for Whites to dominate Islam from the inside; perhaps it is true that the Whites would corrupt Islam as they have corrupted Christian ideals.
      I was trying to emphasize that we need a religion of strenght and Islam is that kind of religion, with all the tenets in place – but alas, the modern Western male prejudices: how to overcome those?

      As for the remark “can’t imagine anything more cucked than a white man joining Islam“: when you face the need to overcome a foe and you only have a pair of scissors would you refuse to use them because there’s nothing more cucked than a man using a pair of scissors?

      • Islam isn’t man’s tool, man is Islam’s tool. Under Islam man is dominated by God’s will but in Christianity man is set free by God’s will. I think one is clearly more suited to the European psyche than the other.

  18. Another great show, Mr. Z-Man. Your calm, articulate insight continues to save me from getting arrested for punching random Covidians.

  19. A commenter at Belmont Club, the great Art Chance, was a labor negotiator for the state of Alaska versus the unions.

    His upbringing in Southern schools included Biblical classes; he said training to recite lengthy Bible verses from memory made him a formidable lawyer. (He then said that Bible class taught him to read, and that “if you can read, you’ll soon stop believing the Bible.” Heh. Salty.)

    He explained that all union representatives are communists, with only a limited stock of canned tactics and phrases that they all repeat. They’re unable to formulate new ideas, or to think on their feet. They expect a standard response, and were putty in the hands of someone raised up on Bible stories of politics, guile, and betrayal.

    Religion is an operating system. What earned Art Chance designation of ‘the Great’ was his response to their hostile visit: he would follow them back to their home district on a mission of “search and destroy.”

    (He also said that dealing with blacks in Atlanta led him to concealed carry and to Alaska. His race realism was met with shocked gasps and relieved cheers by the civnats at PJ Media.)

  20. “When religion faded, what replaced it was ideology”

    Translation: When religion faded, what replaced it was another religion.

    “Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.”

    Oh, yeah. Good luck with that! You can’t even do that in a small town. If you started one church, it would only be a few months before you would have a splinter faction forming their other. “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” “42”. “Wrong! It’s 27”. “No, it’s pi.” “Heretic!”

    • If you were trying to re-establish Christianity or a traditional group a more apt phrase would be “How many agents can dance on the head of a pin?”

    • Again, I keep pointing to the EO Church. It has lasted 1700 years as a corporate body. The doctrinal disputes were settled long ago and so the worst that can happen is someone goes and tries to start an off-chute. But this doesn’t really work because then you’re not in the Church, you’re not in the corporate body. In the East where the relationship between Church and State still functions somewhat you have an officially recognized Church that itself is connected to the greater body of the Church. If someone wants to start their own heretical church they can expect no help from the state or broader community of Christians.

      Another strength of the Church is that there is no Pope or similar concentration of power that is able to change doctrine or moral teachings. So the Church is stuck with its proven excellent morals and social obligations. Though to be fair the situation right now in Ukraine and the Patriarch of Constanople is somewhat dire and could expose a bad weakness in the Church. God willing there won’t be a schism and the Church won’t be terribly weakened or embarrassed.

      • I’ve always had a problem with religions that wear funny hats. It may be shallow, but it’s served me well.

    • If the preacher is good he will get enough, a critical mass, to buy into his way of thinking and interpretation. Such that there isn’t ll that much disagreement in the pews.

      It takes a lot of skill and talent in addition to actually believing what you’re preaching. The latter is the easy part I think.

      Being in the presence of a good preacher or Pastor is night and day difference from a mediocre one. I guess it is like a good coach.

  21. I’m not a believer but I respect a lot of you guys who are. This post and the comments have been fascinating because it seriously considers the idea of a theocracy. It’s interesting to hear you all discuss this, especially the potential problems.

    Honestly, in a theocracy, I would probably do what I do in our liberal democracy, which is try to not get in trouble with the rulers. Although who knows, maybe this non-believer would see the light?

      • The stocks, to the stocks I say!

        Nah. Line, you would not lie. Paleolibertarians are innately moral, with the true morality of ‘first, do no harm’, rather than the virtue-signaling power displays and heartless disregard of the do-gooder crowd.

        What you would do, is recognize the nature of the operating system. For instance, at times I fantasize about earning the respect of such profound intellects of, say, the Zman, or a Kunstler, or a Sundance- or a Severian, a Citizen, a Saml, a Junger, or a David Wright.
        (We who are without pride are also without shame.)

        As primates, we seek the approval of the alpha. I imagine those raised with fathers or half-decent stepfathers must feel this keenly.

        A simpler, more robust guideline, of neural channels carved since childhood, whose aphorisms are demonstrated in experience, buttressed by tales of wonder, magic, and danger-

        A worldview that there is Someone In Charge, to orient one’s self around belonging to his Family and the certainty of that foundation, not only frees up partition space to focus on the important tasks of today, but, in the words of one old rancher, leads many to savor tomorrow, and to awaken with joy.

        Those like me think differently, not needing to explain awe, or wonder, or joy, or work. Nonetheless, those who see and feel that Highest in charge follow the wisdom of deep instinct, and their view seems to me as natural as the hand to the glove.

        Those on the other side who follow the flock? They, also, are looking for an alpha, and for family. We who are neither Hatfield nor McCoy have our family and duty too- we are scouts, lonely
        and free.

    • I would say we are already living in a theocracy as integrated into all parts of society as much as something like Islam ever was in the middle east.

  22. “Who is going to question God?” – yesterday, I saw an older woman in a shirt reading “In Fauci We Trust!” She was double masked inside and outside of Costco.

    Over the past several months, a few neighborhoods outside of the imperial capital (McLean, VA) have experienced a rash of car thefts. The residents contacted the local police and received zero assistance. The police finally took a semblance of action when one of the victims happened to be a high ranking justice department official. The residents have now contracted their own private security to patrol their community. These are neighborhoods with 5+ million dollar homes. If the police won’t even feign interest or strive to ingratiate themselves by assisting the elite residents of those communities, who will they help?
    Please; Defund the police!

    • Wasn’t DC the only major city where the white population increased between the 2010 and 2020 census?

      Are the POC being pushed farther out?

      • Falcone: Not to Maclean, VA – they’re moving further and further into MD and past Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. MD towns that used to be White and rural are now going black.

        Maclean is full of woke and civnat federal and military bureaucrats, now infiltrated by selected Han and subcons. Car thefts and crime couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people.

        • Good to know

          I will be in Appalachia next week driving around the country seeing if anything appeals to me as a potential place to move to. Eastern KY and TN and WV and westerly VA. And Shenandoah Valley looks gorgeous but lots of cloud people perhaps. I will be sure not to get within 100 miles of either Roanoke or DC.

        • 3g4me:
          Maryland is riddled with them.
          I just read the tubby tyrant has indicated that it is our moral duty to open Maryland to the Afghan interpreters. I’m sure they are prepping the guest rooms in his Annapolis mansion now.

      • Falcone:
        It was discovered to be a gang (of kangz) from DC encroaching on the posh suburbs just outside the city. They were smart enough to realize there are/were a few high trust neighborhoods where people rarely locked car doors.

  23. I came to the same conclusion a year or two ago. To fight a religion and its believers, you need your own religion. People have to be willing to lose their jobs, be attacked, maybe even imprisoned. Middle class secular folks just aren’t going to do that.

    But devout Christians will. They’ll also protect one another.

    Now, do I think that whites will someday rise up without religion? Probably, but things will have to get a lot worse; they’ll reach a stage where they realize that they’re going to lose everything anyway so why not fight back. But we could avoid a lot of that pain by having a religion that gave us the strength to fight back sooner.

    Btw, I say this as someone who was raised without the church, so I really don’t know anything about being a Christian or why someone reject it. I’m simply saying that when a secular people face a religious people, especially if they’re even close to evenly matched, the religious people will win. (Heck, the Taliban beat the most advanced army in the world, and all they had AK-47s, RPGs and IEDs.)

    • Modern Christianity is, at its best, boiled over liberalism from the 1960’s. There will not be a Christian revival until the so-called radicals realize most of their brethren who call themselves Christian are little better than pagans, and act accordingly.

      This age requires aggressive culling to build elites and fanatics, not a big tent.

      • I have noticed that my most religious friends and neighbors seem to be the most woke in many ways. They live conservative lives, but their beliefs about race are insane.

        If I hear “We’re all God’s children” one more time, I might lose it.

        We need a religion that combines God and people.

        • The propaganda was so hyper-aggressive most older people will never be able to break free.

          My MIL and Wife were watching Remember the Titans yesterday while I was doing some writing. The level of racial poz in that movie, made in the early 2000’s, is mindboggling.

          Was tempted to completely go off about what REALLY happened in school integration.

      • Christians are woefully ill equipped to deal with the angry and fanatic left. Most of them do not understand the depth of the rage and hatred that the “left” has for Christianity, America, and white people. Christians all generally hope for the betterment of the country, and can’t comprehend why the “left” would actually want to destroy it. It’s not just a different means, it’s also a different ends.

        Many rank-and-file evangelicals are quite well off financially. Most didn’t fall for the “be passionate about your career” crap and just work and make money doing whatever. (the leftist portrayal of Christians as one-eyed toothless hicks shouting to Jeebus is a joke – it’s the small town people who don’t go to church who are like that lol). They’re stuck in the fiscal conservative mindset. Having a family and assets means they are not willing to be radical or buck the system.

        There’s also the typical idiots who, like Con Inc., love seeing themselves as the respected smart guy Bible readers with big bookshelves. Many of the leaders, like the Southern Baptists are either compromised (maybe Epstein type stuff) or plain leftist plants – now promoting woman preachers, faggot agendas, and Critical Race Theory.

        Christianity – seems great in an all white, high trust environment. But as Citizen says, churches are all in on “diversity” too. As much as they want us to all be “God’s Children”, a black Christian is still black, and still wants to rape Becky. And he will take advantage of the trusting whites to do so. Common sense tells us that the tribes should be separate, but many of the Bible verses do seem to go against ethnic nationalism. I don’t know what will happen, but I have a feeling that Christianity is a dead end for our people. When we gain the upper hand in the future, something else will take its place (and I say this as a regular churchgoer who prays daily). But I’m realistic and practical, too.

      • There seems to be a similar thread running through Chet’s comment and Painters (

        We either need to resuscitate masculinity or Christianity, or both. The two problems seem very similar. Where does the initial spark of resistance come from?

        As a non-believing W-N, I’ll note that in Covington’s W-N novels, he posited that a certain point, whites just snapped and fought back. As he acknowledged, even he could not explain how the reawakened resistance began. That is our problem.

        • This plague of crazy people is either the result of something changing in our biology or we lost the ability to control the crazy people. I tend toward the latter. That means we need to find a ay to put these people back in their box. If it is the former, then it means putting them in pine boxes.

          • Probably too short of a time period for biological changes. However, things like lowering T, mental retardation in boys from feminine upbringing, SSRIs, etc contribute. Diseases no longer cull the weak and sick.

            I have family that used to live a very rural lifestyle in a small farming community a century ago. Some stories are quite interesting. For instance, one couple was not approved by the community “shunned” by everyone. They lived a lonely and miserable life, and died childless. This is usually told with the spin of ‘wow, such mean primitives. can’t believe these small minded religious nutters would do this’.

            But revisiting this story, it’s more likely that these were crazy or subversive people in some way, and the town didn’t want them around. Today they would claim to be non-binary and instantly be celebrated. Life used to be harsh, and these were not “nice” people. They were industrious, smart, dutiful, and pious, but unpleasant things were done – by both male and female, if deemed necessary.

            Many of the figures who were “tragically” taken by diseases like polio, also had reputations as being weak either in mind or body. All the people from this part of the family, culled for generations in harsh, primitive conditions are still quite good looking, well off, successful, smart, and conservative even to the current generation. It’s really interesting.

          • Belief in any religion requires a bit of craziness, although its practice can be healthy and reasonable – the community, shared values, spiritual fulfillment, hope, social glue, music, ceremony, meaning – all good.

            The secret is to avoid certainty and fanaticism. Enjoy the Christmas season, don’t let reason intrude in on the magic, but don’t let the magic intrude too far into reason either. Find a balance.

          • Whenever the topic of the World Wars being a meat grinder for Europe’s best sons arises, I have to wonder why the endless Continental wars of centuries prior didn’t have the same enervating effect on the culture? Was it because those wars created a premium on procreation? Children were labor and social security in one neat package. Knowing that you were likely to lose some of your offspring to disease and war, your incentive to produce more was amplified. It was only after the Second World War that parents decided not to replace their lost stock with extra children. The lack of serious wars, coupled to the government teat, has stifled the procreative instinct for the past seven decades.

            With that being the case, there’s hesitancy to ostracize the few kids that remain. A father of 7 finds it a lot easier to cut off his fruitcake of a son when he’s got 6 other kids. But if the sissy or the freak is his only child, it’s easier to make excuses.

          • Typically it requires threats of force or a lot of pine boxes.

            The Salem Witch Hunts didn’t end until someone accused the governors wife of witchcraft and the governor had to step in and shut down the nonsense.

            We don’t seem to have enough powerful adults to do that so its probably going to require either a collapse or racking and stacking.

          • The surge of crazy people is driven by changes in our physical and social environment.

            Petrochemical and residual pharmaceutical pollution are a real problem. Dropping testosterone levels and increasing obesity and type 2 diabetes are real physical effects.

            Additionally, electronic media advances of the last 30 years have increased social complexity to the point that it exceeds our evolved cognitive capability.

          • First step is to define “crazy”, or rather go back to the definition of three generations ago. You can’t fix crazy if you can’t define it. That’s why I’m so strident in my denouncement of these deviant types that now walk the streets proudly displaying their deviancy.

            As Bork said, we’ve “defined decency down” such that it’s considered normal and even a “right”. As you’ve stated before, our American individualist attitude is not necessarily a strength, and these days seems a weakness which may have been used successfully to destroyed us.

    • Believers also live longer, one of modern era’s little ironies that the followers of how we came to be, namely the evolutionists, lack the very hardiness that selects them for their own evolutionary dead end. To believe in evolution, therefore, is to become its very victim.

      People with faith can offload so much of the agony and pains that afflict everyone onto the mysterious ways of a supreme being. It makes life bearable iow.

      Many on the DR have noticed that the fear of death is really doing a number on the collective psyche of our faithless leaders. They’re losing it.

      • Falcone: Well said. It’s not merely offloading pain, imo, but also recognizing the limits of human power and cognition. We’re not Gods, we cannot understand everything, and that’s okay – there is some sort of fundamental order and purpose to the universe. Globohomo makes randomness and unnatural behavior a virtue, where an intrinsically logical system ultimately reverts to its innate order.

        Whenever I scan the Daily Mail Headlines (my version of the newspaper and People magazine), it’s easy to think that no innate order exists any longer, but things like the Taliban victory remind me that thoughts and actions built on the denial of racial and biological reality will ultimately fail; it just takes longer than many of us like (or more years than some of us may have). I have to believe it will happen for my children or grandchildren, or there is no point in anything.

    • We live in strange times. We have the “right” – many of whom are religious Christians – using ‘facts and logic’ arguments to try and defeat the “left” – who are supposedly atheist, yet are in reality religious fanatics. ‘Facts and logic’ never works against religion, or emotion. Imagine explaining to an Amish person that heaven does not exist, since there is no physical proof of it, and no one has even visited it. They would simply smile and ignore you.

      • “I have a feeling that Christianity is a dead end for our people.”

        True, because the religious are more atheistic than I am. They don’t believe in the supernatural, any more than they can believe in evolution.

        I take great heart that Christian picturings of the afterlife take almost nothing from the Bible- an entirely secular book- because its writers didn’t believe in an afterlife, or the supernatural, either.

        The chick has to break out of its shell, or die. We’ll no more return to 1st century science than the Chinese will to Confucius. Their rigid mindset is born of their nature, and our questing mindset is too.

        The Jewish encyclopedia was a fine attempt and poor caricature of our advanced sciences and cosmological musings. Our writings are mostly lost- even Plato and Aristotle come to us as mostly 2nd and 3rd hand copies- the Bible preserved much, consolidated more, and smothered the rest in amber.

        It’s compact nature served well enough for the time, but none of it was written in a day. It’s actually a record of its own evolution.

        Those few slim testaments at the end need not be the rigid shell. Religion and science should be one, as they once were.

        I mock and scoff at the blind preachers who say, “we can never know.” Who are they to make such a judgement?

        Their uncertainty has left us rudderless. They pretend to question, but seek no answers. Fie on these frightened children!

    • > Heck, the Taliban beat the most advanced army in the world, and all they had AK-47s, RPGs and IEDs.

      Don’t forget the Toyota pickups, arguable the most important element of any insurgency.

      • Toyota must have a dedicated corporate sales dept for Islamic radical groups.

        I wonder what magazines the adverts are in. Maybe there is a trade mag like Jihadi monthly?

        • That recent pic of the Taliban holding ice cream cones — from the pictorial composition to the coloring to the filtering — was straight out of a Rolling Stones magazine or an old album cover. They’re going for a retro look and feel.

          They definitely have a PR team trained in the west

          • They understand our culture and especially the Actual Right than any of leaders understand them.

            The Left like to call Christians and Dissident Right American Taliban and there is truth there. The ideology they preach is a much more extreme version of what our was until recent times.

            Its Islamic so its again not ours but the differences between our society when it was healthy and what they are trying to build is separated by local customs of cruelty and degree not on any fundamental level.

            A Taliban Chad Wojack meme

            Not violent, not advocating terrorism just social commentary.


            Its quite brilliant.

          • Tristan, Langley is quite possible but Taliban memes designed for Western Consumption I’ve seen are strictly red pilled.

            The ice cream meme was genius and quite subtle.

            Either the CIA messed up very badly thinking this would help them or discredit them or somebody out there is very red pill.

            To my utter surprise today one of the YouTube channels I watch about R/K selection had quite a few “friendly” remarks about these guys . Yikes.

            Its also possible that whoever is the Taliban media manager is just hella smart and “gets” the cultural divide.

            We’ll never be that chummy with these guys but they know full well the Actual Right doesn’t really care about them either and a future USA with people that are Live and Live and with them and doesn’t see them as entirely outside the pale is no threat. Its a smart low cost play

            We don’t have to go to war with them if they aren’t here after all. Not our people, not our problem.

    • Not so sure all the secular middle class wouldn’t go to jail/fight on principle. The scot-irish here in hill country are pretty hard headed.

    • You said it, Citizen, and it made everything gel for me.

      My Race Is My Religion.

      That clarified things. I see all through that lens. My People come first, I serve the Creation that made them.

      I know what to do and where to go, my eternal thanks.

      • That’s pretty much where I’ve landed. My people are my religion and my God lives through my people. A love of your people is very similar to the love one would feel toward God.

        Your people are both you and yet so much more than you. You came from them and they come from you. They were hear before you and will be here long after you. Your ancestors live through you and you will live through your descendants.

        • A god without mercy is nothing more than a demon, and humans are creatures without mercy.

  24. I have this theory I’ll throw out there. Whoever is doing the deed, the spirit of this thing is feminine.

    Experience tells me that when women feel something is wrong, even if they can’t put it in words, they’ll fuss and make trouble until ‘somebody does something’ about it.

    This is how it looks to me: this feminine spirit is screwing everything up, and we men are trying to placate it with more stuff: more rights, more education, a bigger house, a browner country, a career, more wars, etc. These things aren’t the answer, so the heat gets turned up.

    (I see this even in leftist thought. They start with the ultra-right premise, which is what they want, and screw it up. Somebody fix it!)

    The problem is weak men. That doesn’t mean doing the ultra-right thing. That is a misunderstanding of masculinity. For example, look at black thugs. Many raised by single moms, peacocking, emotional, violent. They are the female’s comical misunderstanding of manhood.

    Not just blacks. Nietzsche was raised by women, and his notion of the aristocratic man, though on the right track, is excessive, perhaps because of estrogen exposure. Mean Mr. Mustache should’ve known to consolidate gains instead of invading Poland, etc.

    Men need to get strong and put their feet down on this crap, but we have a ways to go.

    • If I may distill Painter’s point: Our way out of this mess is moustaches, either comically large or comically small.

    • well, Nietzsche had the syph and that probably had a bigger effect on him than being raised by women.

      • Idk man. Mom, grandma, sister, and two spinster aunts. That’s a heavy dose. Had an unrequited love he didn’t take well at all. And the syphilis was supposedly from a prostitute. Textbook stuff.

  25. Well, that was a short but interesting post.

    Although I am a Christian who has recently become somewhat disenchanted with democracy, I confess I never even contemplated a theocracy when considering the alternatives. But you may be on to something. The devil would be in the details, though. To begin with, are we talking about America, some splinter polity, or the West in general? Regardless of the answer to that question, we would then be confronted with the choice of the type of Christianity that would serve as the new foundation. Orthodox Christianity would be my choice for the obvious reason that it has been less degraded by PomoAW, and is arguably the purest of the major denominations. Once the specific type of Christianity is resolved upon, what then, would be the state’s disposition to dissenters? Laissez faire tolerance? Brutal repression or expulsion? Something in between?

    As an aside, would it not be ironic if the Antifa types, impelled by the same need that produced the cathedrals, began tearing down those very cathedrals? I think this is a distinct possibility. Outside of classical music, what cultural form more clearly proves white superiority (supremacy)? And if “white supremacy” must go, then so must its exemplars.

    • Rod Dreher has written a little about woke forces trying liberalize Orthodox Christianity in the U.S. He is Orthodox and I think the reason he doesn’t write on it a lot is that the church is small and he is trying to reach a wider audience. There have been some smaller Christian groups who have worked to not just resist woke influence but actively oppose it.

      Doug Wilson is a Presbyterian pastor in Moscow, Idaho who has developed a significant national following. In response to a question from a reader who asked what is the first thing he should look for in a church as a sign that it won’t go woke, Wilson said in the current age that it is willing to criticize women. U.S. churches have become so feminized that pastors are reluctant to say anything critical about women. Building something out of smaller organizations like this is more likely to produce something lasting than working within the current denominational framework.

    • Ostei, you say:

      “Once the specific type of Christianity is resolved upon, what then, would be the state’s disposition to dissenters? Laissez faire tolerance? Brutal repression or expulsion? Something in between?”

      The residual ‘honest guy’ in me wants to say Laissex faire. But this is really what got us into this pickle in the first place. I would propose two groups: physical and spiritual dissenters (boundaries to be drawn upon our victory). Naturally, spiritual dissenters are the most dangerous, generally speaking; it is they who truly want to undermine the ethos of our system – think of today’s believers in anti-racism or that our world is just horrific for wimmin. Exile for these types.

      Physical dissenters would be those who perhaps take some issue with some concrete element of government: maybe they don’t like how the theocracy demarcates land, or feel taxation too high – such individuals in my opinion constitute the acceptable portion of dissent.

      Of course, the devil – as you say – is in the detail… but that’s my two cents.

      • I lean that way myself, OF. Tolerance, which is really indistinguishable from permissiveness, is one of the things that ruined the West. Intolerance may stifle creativity and innovation to a certain degree, but it also generates strong sociocultural cohesion and highly functional–dare I say happy?–societies. It’s a tradeoff, of course, but what isn’t? And, as I look around at the wreckage of the West, I think it’s a trade I would make.

    • At the risk of being too harsh a punishment – make them sit through a few hours of a Joel Osteen show.

      Cathedrals – I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. I’d think museums are an even softer target (the Victoria and Albert a veritable shrine to white superiority and celebration of the Empire at its zenith).

      • Well, to a significant degree, many if not most museums have been destroyed from within. Exhibits will focus heavily on the evils of whitey and extoll the virtues of the Other. Like the West’s other institutions, such as universities, the museums have been repurposed as weapons of anti-whiteness. Except for the actual works of art they contain, we’d be better off if they were dead.

        • Ostei: Both Smithsonian and National Geographic magazine are edited by Juice women. Both museums have been irretrievably corrupted. The Catholic church was heavily infested with Juice conversos who did irreparable damage. And as far as destroying cathedrals, in addition to Notre Dame, there are numerous older churches in France that have been destroyed, and numerous churches in England that have been turned into mosques.

          I’d like to save the art and architecture of the West, but about half the people are spiteful mutants and need to go.

          • I wouldn’t walk into the Smithsonian any more than I would stroll through Bed-Stuy alone on a Friday night–both are fundamentally hostile to me, albeit in somewhat different ways.

            And you’re right about some French churches being damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, I doubt there’s much will to preserve them and to punish those responsible for the damage. Western Europeans are inclined toward atheism and seem disinclined to say boo to the Muzz. In fact, many would doubtless cheer them on. So sad. I wish they’d torch Frank Gehry structures instead.

          • Oh, I imagine some of the less exalted museums–in rural areas–wouldn’t be too bad. But anything in a large metro area or in close proximity to a university is apt to be poisonous.

    • The Serb exclaimed to me his wonder at the Western concept of religion. “You choose your religion, ” he said. “If we’re born Catholic, we die Catholic. We don’t- we can’t- leave it. We don’t have to believe, it’s a part of who you are.”

      Looking at an ethno-religious map of Eastern Europe is like a jigsaw puzzle. I can see the larger sense of it; if one ‘denomination’ grows too aggressive, the others coalesce, and eventually some kind of order is restored.

      India seems that way too, per the book “The Bandit Queen”. There, “muslim” is spelled with a small ‘m’, just another tribe like “the river people” or “the woodcutters”. These neighbors have a cultural grease to slide by each other in daily life while retaining a firm foundation of identity and duty.

      Protestant Christianity’s many denominations reflect this. Catholicism accomplishes the same with its different orders of saints. Greek Orthodox follows ethnicity, such as Armenian or Russian.

      I can see a government laying out a broad outline of what rules to expect, such as “this is a Christian nation”, or Islamic ummah, or Confucian China.

      Now, the Money Power has given us globalist Judeo-Wokism.

      Damn them if you will, but I think this is their attempt to end war. If they own everything, they can enforce a Peace.

      Their synchronic memory remembers Spanish soldiers burning German villages. They, as always, seek to prove that they can do civilization better than we can.

      Sorry not sorry, but we were always there first- even the Pax.

      Afghans and Chechens, the descendents of Alexander’s Greeks, are what White men become under a Semitic operating system. The GAE are naught but bandits, pirates, and raiders. Their Peace is false.

      • Christianity is a paganized Semitic operating system. Its still at its core Universalist Tikum Olam Judaism

        Its not bad code for all that, its suits the Amish very well but it seems to be completely incompatible with modern life or highly urban societies.

        However unless most Pagans go full bore Varg Virkernes and have lots and lots of kids its just LARPING and you’d might as well use Gardnerian Wicca .

    • I was thinking that Constantinople fell to Islam while the west held it off and then beat it back, but then again the east survived the Mongols. Maybe it’s a wash.

      We westerners have a strong track record of surviving great tragedies to come back and have greater victories. None of us will likely live to see those greater victories, or maybe even our great-grandchildren, but I have faith in our people. Christianity will come back with muscles. It’s in the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection— as long as we keep the faith in the western tradition.

      • Constantinople fell to Islam because the west stabbed her in the back with the Fourth Crusade. The West is built on the betrayal of the Christian East.

          • Rome is not your heritage, nor is it your ancestors. I tire of morons who take anothers cultural achievements and tragedies as their own when it is obvious they are not and never were part of the ethnos.

          • I don’t claim to be Roman, and I’m not a moron. Odoacer was a client of Constantinople. It was an obvious comeback.

            As for my people, they conquered England, kicked muslim ass on their turf, and helped establish America, among other things. Don’t really need to claim others’ achievements.

            But forget about that. My original point was that there’s plenty worth holding onto in the larger western tradition, in spite of our periodic collapses.

  26. One of the big problems on the right is the state of conservative Protestantism in America. The Scofield Bible has neutered what could have been a more powerful opposition to the progressive religion in our culture.
    When Billy Graham and then mega churches and their preachers were constantly talking about and sometimes passing out Hal Lindsey books on the Late Great Planet Earth.
    This became a foundational view of history and our future in Conservative American Protestantism.
    This Scofield theology was a predestined view of our future with the AntiChrist, the Middle East real estate and the nation called Israel as its center.
    Christians could do nothing but wait for the AntiChrist and for history to play out.
    So we sit on our hands and wait.

    • Very true. Of all the books of the Bible to build their world around, they chose Revelations.

      But predicting the future, I’ve noticed, is this weird obsession that seems to spring from capitalism. Where guessing the markets soon expands and takes over every other facet if life — even faith.

      Once you are a aware if it it becomes very hard to un-see just how rampant and prevalent is the role of the prognosticator in our lives.

        • Yes it is a fool’s errand, but look how pervasive it is. It elevates the fortune teller and the gambler to a position of leadership, and the superstitious nature that follows becomes pervasive. I get that being able to predict the future has always been a feature of culture, but we have taken it to an extreme with an economic system that demands people be up on trends and fads and reading tea leaves because your financial position depends on it. Yes, farmers have to have an idea of where the weather might be heading, but the whole of bourgeois society now tasked with it? I’d rather people just shut up and live their lives day to day. Put aside the predictions and the parlor games. And make babies. Funny how the one thing that can actually change and affect the future, namely making babies, is largely frowned upon. What a weird world we live in.

          • Honestly, farmers generally don’t have to be that concerned about the weather, but rather the climate. It doesn’t matter so much what specific days of April you receive rain, but the dates of last and first frost matter a lot, and are very stable. The specifics of the annual cycle don’t matter nearly as much as it’s broad strokes.

      • Yeah nothing makes me cringe more than seeing Christians getting all worked up about whatever current events – and then saying no worries, the end times are coming, and God will set things straight!

        Anyways, while you’re waiting for Jesus to come back, your one kid is now a sterile trannie and your other kid is being pimped out by African refugees.

        Revelation should provide us comfort and encouragement – but it never tells us *when* the end times are coming. Until then, we live in a broken world down here, and we need to struggle and survive.

        • I think it’s telling that the books of the Bible that speak to birth and regeneration are sidelined for a book that dwells on the end times — where the focus is on a future of death and annihilation. Again, it’s one of these weird outcroppings and manifestations of capitalism, in my sense of things, that has warped the Christian mind and spirit. Add in bombs that can destroy civilizations in one fell swoop. The dialectic where Science Fiction meets Christianity and yields a type of apocalyptic Scientology.

        • B125: Brings to mind that oldie but goodie Christian joke, about the guy on his roof during a hurricane/flood who turned away rescuers by plane and boat etc., insisting God would save him. But he died, and plaintively asked God why He didn’t save him, and God responds “I sent you a plane and a boat etc.” Too many Christians want to deny the animal/biological part of human nature in favor of the spiritual. But Christ took on flesh and all its attributes for a reason. We are biological creations with all that entails, and ignoring our physical nature and this physical world in favor of the spiritual and Heaven is a fundamental error made by a ton of Christians through the ages.

  27. “ Tell Augustine that he should be no means destroy the temples of the gods but rather the idols within those temples. Let him, after he has purified them with holy water, place altars and relics of the saints in them. For, if those temples are well built, they should be converted from the worship of demons to the service of the true God. Thus, seeing that their places of worship are not destroyed, the people will banish error from their hearts and come to places familiar and dear to them in acknowledgement and worship of the true God…

    For surely it is impossible to efface all at once everything from their strong minds, just as, when one wishes to reach the top of a mountain, he must climb by stages and step by step, not by leaps and bounds….“

    Pope Gregory I, letter to Militus, on his way to pagan Anglo-Saxon England, 597.

  28. From the “Hedgehog Review”:

    It is a standard quip that September 11, 2001, marked “the end of the end of history” and the triumph of Samuel Huntington’s thesis about a clash of civilizations. After all, Fukuyama ended his canonical essay by writing: “Perhaps this very prospect of centuries of boredom at the end of history will serve to get history started once again.” Naturally, this is a version of something Hegel writes, as a swipe against Kant, in the Philosophy of Right: “Just as the blowing of the winds preserves the sea from the foulness which would be the result of a prolonged calm, so also corruption in nations would be the product of prolonged, let alone ‘perpetual’ peace.” As it turns out, Fukuyama would only have to wait a dozen years or so for “history to get started once again.”

    • There’s a good chance he was not incorrect, as the destruction of racial distinctions and national identity is progressing unabated, with the usual suspects gaining more and more financial power and more sophisticated avenues of control. The path to human undifferentiated matter in man’s souls is the strongest it has ever been. Hence the crash of fertility.

      Liberal democracy is still by far the most powerful system in the world, and will continue to be the most powerful even after elections are shown to be more and more of a farce. If unabated, they will mandate reversible sterilizations for children until they prove they are good little enablers of the regime, and most of the sheep will blink and go along with it. Then Human Biodiversity will be trashed along with anything associating us with our past.

      “The people” will not save civilization. Only an Asimov Mule either in a single person or an unseen religious awakening emanating from a shadowy group.

    • My version of this is that throughout our evolutionary history, our ancestors prevailed against endless hardship & existential threat, and that gauntlet of fitness selection took us to the top of the food chain. Then agriculture happened, followed by civilization, modernity, industrialization, and ultimately the extinction of age-old natural fitness selection. Without which, we now accumulate DNA pollution and our robustness is in serious decline. Add in prolonged affluence, the disease infects both body & mind.

      We are at a fork in the road. If we continue as is, our species either morphs into a man-made insect-like hive variant or we have a colony collapse that restarts natural selection following a massive purge (think real pandemic with global mortality at 50+%). And no one can see the forest for the trees because the easy life is an addictive Soma.

      • There simply are too many of us. The NPCs all around are essentially excess or surplus humans. Oversupply. The NPC phenomenon is simply a person’s way of noticing that people, upon reaching a certain number, simply start repeating themselves and become more of a type than an individual. Mass communication and marketing makes it worse. You can be in San Diego or Charlotte and every white person looks and dresses the same. This has been going on for a while but seems to be getting more pervasive.

        Another oddity is that for a person to think he has emotional and psychological depth, notice how it is always expressed in one way and one way only: his problems. If you want to act like there is more to you than meets the eye, you dwell on your problems, so that it invites a person who may want to help solve them with you, so there is always some backstory to your behavior. Yes, the backstories are always the same more or less, but this is how people, sadly if you ask me, try to find their inner individuality.

        They ask what if AI or robots start to realize they’re alive? What then? Well, what about actual people? What about these generic random individuals scattered far and wide, what if they start realizing they’re human?

        I’ve always thought that we are only one charismatic preacher away from saving our civilization or at least turning things around. Getting the NPCs to realize they’re human, waking them up, will be key. But the opportunity is there,

        • You are assuming they have the capacity to become introspectively human.

          Have you not considered that this is another aspect of limited biological reality for that part of the population?

          Maybe like language, consciousness must be learnt early otherwise it will always be limited to a facsimile of thinking.

  29. “Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.”

    I was a registered member of the U.S. Constitution Party for a number of years and that’s pretty much what they were aiming for. But a theocracy can only be as perfect as the people who are running it.

    The only theocracy that will work will be the one that Christ leads when He comes back- which I hope is soon.

  30. “Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.”

    Quick question, does christianity function properly without monarchy? Won’t it get co-opted by special interests groups?

    • It will have to start over

      I don’t think we can just install someone as leader. He will have to prove himself bigger than other men, which typically means we need a war where the best rise to the top. No one today is going to follow anyone who is installed by committee. I think our politics are even running into this wall. It’s just shuffling around various hangers on. People obviously crave true leadership, but the system prevents the events that would allow true leaders to prove themselves.

      Bottom line, we aren’t getting or going anywhere until there is a war of some kind. Unfortunate as that is. There has to be a proving ground of some kind. And unless it is serious and is a matter of life and death, I don’t see how else we can select for a leader. Trump tried it by making the politics itself the field of war, the proving ground, but that was proven fake and ghey. Sliming around Washington DC doesn’t produce great leaders. Lesson learned.

    • Christianity can coexist with any form of government. Human societies seem to thrive in a monarchy with well-defined hierarchies. To put it another way, it’s not Christianity per se that needs a monarchy, but humanity.

      • let me put it this way, I am not a fan of popes or the vatican(except for their art), don’t care for such groups.

        Don’t get me wrong, I want a christian religious father figure who keeps the women & the other fanatics happy, but there needs to be a military ruler in charge of Europe, not some fucking old man who prays all day.

        What I said is christian concept, it doesn’t contradict it, Two-headed eagle is a christian symbol, monarchy & patriarchy(religion) joining hands.

  31. Of course we should have a Christian theocracy! It should be the Orthodox Church of America!

    • Anyone who came of age in the 1990s should wince at the thought of a Christian theocracy. If this blog and its readers hates Conservatism Inc, then imagine a society run by Christian Conservatives. Ladies with big hair and too much makeup, secret gay bathroom liaisons, and worship of Israel is not for me, thanks.

        • Post WW2 Christianity has suffered considerably from self-inflicted corruption and externally imposed subversion. The Christianity of an 80s-style tele-evangelist bears little resemblance to the Christianity of either the middle ages or the early church. Our modern wokesters can be considered a heretical branch of Christianity, plus a reversion to a poorly-thought out, wooly-headed paganism. Although modern atheists often see Christianity (and religion in general) as base superstition, in its day Christianity was seen as a rational alternative to primitive superstition. Augustine would have found our age incomprehensibly backward.

          • I prefer my religions wooly and poorly thought out. Pagan, Christian, “Scientism”, whatever.

            Because the truth is that none of you have a direct line to God. Humans have been pretending this since the stone-age, and everyone that does the pretending is some sort of scumbag.

            Unlike the leftists, I don’t want ordinary people bothered in the sincere exercise of their natural wooly religion. Usually what results is some bowdlerization tempered/refined/defused by actual human feelings like a sense of justice, mercy, and propriety. A society that works the way actual functioning human societies work.

            The people trying to screw with ordinary wooly human religion are always some species of fanatic. They try take someone acting according to their conscience (or their own independent judgement and understanding of the world, or common fucking sense), and rub their face in some holy writ – subverting them with “Authority”. Whether it’s the Taliban trying to get parents to sacrifice their daughters, or it’s some Marxist professor trying to get children to hate their parents, or it’s someone who “fing loves science” lecturing an actual scientist who is actually trying to find something out in an actual lab. Or a Christian theocrat who thinks something like the 30 years war is a great way so solve a doctrinal dispute.

            Authority is bullshit, and fanatics and other orthodoxy peddlers are bullshit artists exploiting a flaw in human thinking that needs to be left the hell alone.

      • Nothing like that could happen.

        American Christianity has been shrinking for centuries. Generations leave or avoid it because it’s repulsive, not only in typical “Christian conservative” ways. No form of it has ever been intellectually serious. Our Kierkegaard is Rod (of soy) Dreher. Has any sect kept its numbers up—except by taking the silver and trafficking in our 80 IQ replacements? Does any bad American political idea *not* descend from heretical “social teaching?” Etc.

        A Christianity worthy of rule would have to be invented—finally.

    • Orthodoxy for sure, but not OCA. They’re more converged than any other Patriarchate. ROCOR and Antioch are much better, but ultimately it won’t do to have a foreign entity run our official church. I wish OCA could be disbanded and Russia and Antioch could find a way to jointly establish a true American jurisdiction.

  32. Orthodoxy? It seems to have tools to resist modernity (for the most part, the Russians at least) that the others lack.

  33. The most revealing, concise, and succinct explanation of the Antifa street thugs and their passive indoctrinated supporters that I have ever read. Thank you. Your passage: “…It reminds me of something Ed Dutton said about the sorts of people drawn to things like anti-fascism. They have disorganized, chaotic minds and need the structure of religion to focus their energy onto something useful. When religion faded, what replaced it was ideology, which focuses their energy on their fellow citizens, who they see as enemies of their new faith. The same impulses that gave us cathedrals now gives us mobs tearing down statues hoping for some grace.”

  34. “The same impulses that gave us cathedrals now gives us mobs tearing down statues hoping for some grace.”

    Actually – it is, at core, the exact *opposite* impulse. Building cathedrals and tearing down statues are opposites, and with opposite motivations. This ought to be obvious. The persistent failure to recognize such facts is the *root* of why The West (the world) is terminally demotivated and self-loathing (to the point of willed self-extinction). Without the love/ courage and transcendent will that ‘built the cathedrals’ (etc…) we cannot even think coherently enough to know the reality of our actual situation – leave aside knowing what needs to be done to escape civilizational suicide, then actually doing-it. Such things cannot even be conceptualized without the *kind of* faith that built the cathedrals.

    • Evil is real and is currently spiking the mask-covered, hand sanitized anti-vax.

      Sit down. Shut up. Comply.

      The problem is evil never builds anything. It doesn’t plant anything. It doesn’t nurture anything.

      Watching the corn or grass grow is EASY. Weeding, edging, mowing, tending is HARD.
      But if you do not do the hard things, all that we will reap will be decadence followed by rot, rust & decay.

      Make new friends, make real life plans and tighten up your groupings.

    • i think you have mis-interpreted the term ‘impulse’. IMO it was meant to link the innate fanaticism necessary to carry out a building program for multiple decades, with the restless energy of mentally ill people.

  35. “Perhaps the right answer will be that we pick a form of Christianity and make it the basis of a theocracy.”

    Finally! Three Estates, see? And they are accountable to each other, right? Ok, now here’s where it gets interesting…

    • This podcast was where content and composition merge into an excellent product that fired on all cylinders. A tidy and neat tour de force. If anyone asked Z for a sample of his work, say to get a gig on the radio, I’d recommend this one.

    • If there were a bank that accepted listener enthusiasm Z man could retire now. I still don’t own any gold bars so unfortunately cannot send one to the PO Box.

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