Theoxeny is a theme in Greek mythology in which mortals demonstrate their virtue by extending hospitality to a complete stranger, usually one who is humble like a beggar or a poor traveler. The stranger turns out to be a deity in disguise. The man who is a generous host, thus displaying his piety, is rewarded, while the man who refuses to extend hospitality is punished for his lack of piety.

For the ancient Greeks, hospitality toward foreigners and guests was a very important moral obligation. Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios because of his role as a protector of strangers. The name Xenios is derived from xenos, the Greek word for “stranger.” To have Zeus, the ruler of the gods, embody the moral obligations around the treatment of strangers speaks to the importance of the practice to the Greeks.

In the new religion of the American ruling elite, there is a similar sort of ritualized hospitality toward strangers. It is primarily expressed in the form of open borders, the admittance of anyone who has a reason to settle in America. The reason does not need to make any sense. It just has to provide the ruling class with the opportunity to tell one another how much they care about these strangers….

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28 thoughts on “Theoxeny

  1. Virtue signaling among the rich & powerful is indeed a core motivation for the epidemic insanity that is currently sweeping over the USA. Imagine someone with the power of the state insisting on holding open your front door and inviting strangers into your home for a meal & permanent refuge, all at your expense. And if you should decline this state-sponsored generosity, the bureaucrat will be most happy to summon the Jackboots, have you arrested & incarcerated, killed if necessary, and magnanimously offer your abode to the “new & PC approved citizens.” That is what is happening, but at arms length, so that it doesn’t seem so bad in the moment. And the new “voters” can be expected to gratefully & dutifully reelect the same politicians that keep the door open for the rest of the clan when they arrive next week.

    The moral of this story is that the debacle of Afghanistan will soon play out right here in River City. A cultural clash is now inevitable and typically the bottom of the social pyramid is coerced into slaughtering each other. But it doesn’t have to happen that way. Those responsible for creating this mess can, and should, be held accountable for the coming collapse & conflict. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure. And it’s the only way to prevent a recurrence.

  2. I inhabit what may be the xenios capital of America. This affluent, progressive, virtue signaling university town has taken it upon itself to establish a “reparations fund” “seeded” with two hundred grand and going up from there.

    Guess where the money to fund the “reparation fund” is coming from. The property tax. Who pays the bulk of the property tax? Renters and less affluent homeowners. A modest five room ranch in the “working class” part of town is assessed at 72% of the spacious ten room homes with nice yards in the pretty parts of town where the university administrators live.

    Who’s going to get the money? The town’s Black residents who are among the most affluent Black Americans, being primarily employed as faculty and administrators at the colleges and university. (Nothing for the Amerindians.)

    How grateful are the recipients going to be? How grateful are you when phonies, for their own sake, hand you other people’s money?

    And who’s eventually going to show up in town to shakedown the righteous and demand protection money going forward?

    • And who’s eventually going to show up in town to shakedown the righteous and demand protection money going forward?

      You live in a universititty town which doesn’t yet have juice?

  3. RE: Massive immigration… I am wondering how in fact – by which I mean in reality in the real world – how to stop it.

    What I have read here and online shows stopping immigration to be a hard problem. Lots of theories which don’t work in the real world.

    The only country I know of that is doing an alright job, and even they are wavering now, is Japan.

    Please share your insights into how to stop immigration that are realistic and could be applied somewhere, anywhere.

    • your insights into how to stop immigration that are realistic and could be applied somewhere, anywhere

      If any of us were to speak honestly about that, then

      A) W0rdpr3ss would yank Z’s license in a heartbeat, and

      B) The Eff Bee Eye would storm our homes before dawn, with network television trucks conveniently parked out front to video tape the whole thing.

        • See, e.g., A. Brevik aka the Norway Solution. Query whether his choice to target the managerial class, as opposed go the actual immigrants, was effective. He’s still in prison; Norway is still filled with non-white interlopers; and the managerial class still clings to power. QED.

          • Just glanced at it, and A.B.’s wikipedia entry is very impressive, bordering on fascinating, both intellectually and psychologically.

            A.B.’s childhood sounds very similar to how I imagine A.A.’s childhood might have unfolded – an highly intelligent, very masculine, physically powerful boy, with a crazy lunatic [BPD] mother throwing every manner of Passive-Aggressive venom at him, all day long and likely late into the night, day after day after day, night after night after night.

            From the point of view of “Modernity as One Giant Sh!t Test”, I suspect that both A.B.’s & A.A.’s mothers were throwing “The Mother of all Sh!t Tests” [no pun intended] at those boys, but rather than breaking them [in the way that so many sons of single mothers are broken, growing up to be either s0y-simps or outright s0d0mites], both Bre!v!k & Ang1in threw down the Sh!t Tests and were not broken but instead developed personalities which were forged in the white hot fire of a BPD woman’s rage.

            Again, just a guess on my part.

            But it’s certainly a fascinating psychological profile – the little boy who refused to break.

      • When immigration enthusiasts bring up the great migration of the late 19th/early 20th Century I usually respond with something like
        1. It didn’t go as smoothly as our collective memory suggests it did.
        2. We had no welfare state; as a result many, perhaps as many as a third, returned to their native countries. Who goes back home today?
        3. They were mostly Europeans- culturally similar the the founding stock of the US. (A generalization, I know)
        4. Maybe most important- we were a confident nation then, convinced of the superiority of our civilization. We’re about as far from that as we can get today.

        Oh, and no one is allowed to use the word ‘restaurant’ during the discussion.

        • Furthermore, the migration of the late 19th/early 20th Century laid the groundwork for our current policy, changing us from a settler/colonizer nation to an ‘immigrant nation’ in the eyes of the newly arrived. The problem is, no nation can maintain a cohesive identity if its populace is treated as disposable.

      • Life has become boring and too easy. From xenophobic to oikophobic

        Well there’s a real easy solution – anyone who goes on an “Eat Pray Phuck” tourist outing never gets re-admitted to The Homeland.

        And I don’t care if it’s a Ro@stie going to Africa, a sorority sister “studying” for a semester in Spain, a Fred Reed going to Mexico, or a David Carradine going to Thailand.

        Lifetime banishment.

    • Unless the government (either the relevant state agencies or ICE) starts rounding up foreigners and deporting them on the citizens’ behalf, the only way immigrants would feel unwelcome is if they suddenly started getting brutally murdered by unknown locals. Hypothetically, of course. Such brutality, while effective, would be wrong and therefore shouldn’t be considered except as a theoretical exercise

    • As a practical matter, in AINO immigration cannot be stopped at the national level as a goal of federal policy. Indeed, the same is true in some states, California being the foremost example.
      What localities, i.e. city councils and county boards of supervisors, can do is make their little patch inhospitable through zoning and other regulatory burdens. If the incoming wogs cannot have their ethnic tastes in food, clothing and music easily satisfied, then they’ll relocate elsewhere and become someone else’s problem. AINO must devolve and balkanize so that de facto apartheid and the principle of subsidiarity can operate to provide oases of white culture in the vast desert of theoxeny.

      • Indeed, the same is true in some states, California being the foremost example.

        California tried to rebel, but a Frankfurt School sanheder-ette, named, Mariana Pfaelzer, said, “Nyet!”

        And I guess Schwarzenegger must have been so badly compromised by videotape tape of him swallowing the Adrenochrome at the Hollywood pool parties that he dared not appeal the Sanheder-ette’s ruling.

        You know, if Larry Elder could pull off a miracle, and defeat Gavin Newsome in the recall election, and if Larry Elder wanted to become president, then he would defy the court and re-institute Prop 187 throughout the state of California.

        There’s a 1-in-million chance that it could happen, but if it did, then I can guarantee Elder would one day become president [at least if Arizona/Wisconsin/Pennsylvania/Michigan/Georgia tightened up their voting procedures].

  4. As I watched the video this weekend of certain ruling class members (unmasked) in Napa, some things came to mind:

    1) None of these people will ever be living near these refugees. They will live as they always have lived, in exclusive enclaves that are monolithically white.
    2) Our ruling class is old as f*ck.
    3) Our old as f*ck ruling class grew up in an era of incredible prosperity and monolithic culture.
    4) Other races and cultures are exotic, interesting, and earthy to them. They remind them of some of their exotic travels. The tastes, the sights, the sari they bought in 1978 and wore once to dinner, etc. At no time have they lived in an apartment building with them, even in their 20’s, having never smelled the curry down the hall, or had their hamper stolen in a laundry room.
    5) Our elite is now about three generations of spoiled brats, who wouldn’t know reality if it bit them in the a ss. They’ve lived in a cocoon, drinking cucumber water while being massaged.
    6.). Despite access to the best education, the best travel experiences, the best of everything that money can buy, our ruling class is not fit to rule. They’re not bright at all, they’re déclassé in every respect. (they dance to n word music, see link)
    7.) Our current ruling class is the product of over 50 years of financialization, strip mining, and offshoring of our industry. They’re not the product of our industrialization, rather our deindustrialization as a country. They’re not so much an elite but an anti-elite, who enriched themselves as various glorified chop-shop owners, financial and otherwise.
    8). Our current ruling class will dry up and blow away as the financial crisis materializes, as there will be nothing left to extract.

  5. “The people with a fondness for throwing open the gates for the enemy feel a kinship with the Afghans who were happy to collaborate with the empire against their own people.”

    Exactly. The Afghans about to be dumped on us aren’t their best.

    America cutting and running is as American as apple pie. No “hot” wars won since WWII, and that only with the assistance of the A-bomb and a major assist from the Soviet Union.

    The truly smart Afghans either saw it for what it was, profiteered and switched sides when they had to, or joined the Taliban because they were sick of a corrupting, occupying VERY foreign power.

    • Think General Arnold, living out his life in England, shunned by the people he purported to help. One can only imagine the contempt that someone like Cornwallis had for him.

  6. The ruling class unconscious at work, perhaps: In the past few days the NYC media has all together at once started referring to black-on-white street attacks as “stranger” assaults.

    Of course “stranger” instantly knocked “jogger” out of the charts. There are so many “stranger” songs, old STRANGER DANGER posters and PSAs for kids, etc., it’ll take months for 4chan to get bored with it.

    The propaganda backfires so stupidly, I wonder if doesn’t pass under a single thoughtful man’s eye on its way into production, or if whoever’s really in charge has Manson-style true psycho insight into how to build unshakeable loyalty.

    • “stranger” assaults

      Compare “pregnant people”.

      …whoever’s really in charge has Manson-style true psycho insight into how to build unshakeable loyalty…

      For the Frankfurt School, the White sh!tlib Insula [opposite its badly malformed & non-functioning Amygdala] is the gift which keeps on giving.

      And giving.

      And giving some moar.

      God only knows how much Evil the Frankfurt School will be able to extract from the White sh!tlib insula.

    • They just now have to find enough companies willing to pay the exorbitant rent

      95% off office users won’t be willing or able to pay. See the same with LEEDS buildings. The upfront costs have to be dumped into the rent to be paid back over time, and only mega corps and the government end up able to afford it

      Plus tech dates fast. In a few years no one will want this crap.

      • Yes, plus it would be way cheaper to have people work from home, if your business can handle it.

  7. Mennonites have a practice of adopting street urchins from Latin America and saving them with their piety.

    Just last year, one the saved murdered an Amish girl…

    • Z: For the ancient Greeks, hospitality toward foreigners and guests was a very important moral obligation.

      For the Greeks, would not “foreigner” and “guest” mean someone from a different island in the greater Greek archipelago, but still recognizably a greek?

      I would imagine that, say, an Athenian wouldn’t necessarily extend the same courtesy to a thracian or a persian or a roman as he would to a spartan or a macedonian a syracusean [sp?].

  8. So the bull is vicariously sacrificed, then. They better speed up The Great Replacement because the unwashed across the board are ready to sacrifice the Ruling Class.

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