Peak Israel, Peak Empire

There is an old expression about the Bolshevik revolution that says it was made by Jewish brains, Latvian bayonets, and Russian stupidity. There is a lot of truth to it, as the ethnic makeup of the revolution was not very Russian. One way to look at the revolution is as a revolt of subject people against their old masters. This was made possible by the cupidity and stupidity of the Russian elites. A very similar thing is happening in the American empire, just at a slower pace.

This formulation can also apply to the Middle East. For a long time now, the history of the region has been shaped by a combination of Israeli strategy, Saudi Arabian oil, and American force. It is reasonable to say that America would have no presence in the region if not for Israel. The creation of the Jewish state in 1948 set the region on fire, drawing in the Americans and Russian. Oil and gas, of course, is what made the region vital in the long battle between the two empires.

Since the Cold War ended, the primary reason for US involvement has been Israeli intrigue and Saudi oil production. The first crusade in Iraq was about protecting the oil and gas interests. The second crusade was about changing the balance of power in the region to meet Israel security needs. The crusade in Afghanistan was mostly about containing Iran, despite the rhetoric. Look at a map and it is easy to see that it would be a useful launching pad for air strikes against the Iranians.

The collapse of Afghanistan is getting a lot attention, but it is part of a larger collapse of the regional order. Israel, for example, has undergone a political revolution of sorts with the end of the Netanyahu regime. The new prime minister is the product of the neo-liberal order, rather than the fight for independence. He got rich selling software in America and his parents were left-wing fanatics from San Francisco. He is a man of the global managerial class rather than the local elite.

On the Saudi side of things, the walls continue to close in as their stranglehold on the oil and gas market collapses. New technology has opened up vast reserves in North America, so the need for Saudi oil has declined. Iran’s Caspian Sea natural gas deposit will put her on even footing with the Saudis. That leg of the triumvirate driving regional politics is no longer the gatekeeper of the world’s energy supply. Soon, they will be just another gas station selling a commodity on the world market.

Taken together, the old combination of Israeli strategy, Saudi Arabian oil and American force is about to unravel. America still has troops staged in Syria and Iraq, but the writing is on the wall there too. It also means Israel as the primary mover and shaker in the region is coming to an end. Without American firepower and the Saudi control of energy politics, Israeli is just another country in the region. Throw in the Russian-Iranian partnership and the Middle East is going to look very different.

This is one reason the neoconservatives have been trying to restart the Cold War with the Russians. Given the their involvement in the Middle East, a new contest with them would draw America back into the region. It was also why Israel talked Trump into dumping the Iran deal. Normalization of relations between Europe and Iran makes war with Iran impossible. If that is not an option, then there is little point in America maintaining a military presence in the region.

What we may be seeing is peak Israel. For generations, Israel has occupied the center of American politics. During the Cold War, the three “I’s” of politics were Israel, Indiana, and Ireland. After the Cold War it was Israel, India, and Investment Banking. It is fair to say that what passes for conservatism in America is just low-tax Zionism. The collapse of American involvement in the region means there is little reason to make Israel the focal point of American politics.

This is no small thing. The Republicans are celebrating the bad fortune of Biden and the Democrats over Afghanistan, but this is very bad for them. During the Cold War, the left-side of the American ruling elite was allowed a free hand in domestic affairs and the right-side ran foreign affairs. The end of the Soviet empire left the right-side without a reason to exist, so we got the crusades against Islam for the last 30 years. Suddenly, the only reason to vote Republican has gone away.

It is not all roses for the left-side either. Without the distraction of endless war, the focus will be on domestic issues. All of those people who were titillated by the prospect of “glassing” various countries can now focus their energy on the people trying to turn their sons into girls. America has been at war with someone for close to a century now and this has allowed the Left to remake the country. It also allowed them to underwrite their schemes with the proceeds of empire.

For seventy years, Israel has played an enormous role in the politics of the American empire, but that seems to be coming to an end. It may be that Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem was the top of Israeli influence. The fading of the American empire, particularly in the Middle East, means the influence of Israel on the world must fade with it. It also means the Israelis will have to seek new partners in their endless game of neighborhood politics. America is no longer useful.

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154 thoughts on “Peak Israel, Peak Empire

  1. “It is reasonable to say that America would have no presence in the region if not for Israel.”

    America was involved in The M.E. before the creation of Israel in 1948

    In the 1920s, American discovered our oil was located under their sand.

  2. If Iran or other regional powers are determined violently to do away with Israel, just say “Masada” with Israel taking a good deal of the world with it. We may be on the other side of the world but weather currents travel, microbes with them, and we still have to breathe the air and drink the water.

    You don’t think Israel would pull the global trigger? Think again.

  3. Remarkable. Biden ends his speech sounding like George Bush 20 years ago talking us IN TO war. Something about how terrorist organizations are on the rise around the world and we must hunt them down. I can’t freakin breath.

      • Good thing that there are plenty of “domestic terrorists” available here in the USA. No less than Pres. Biden and (I think) the FBI director are on record as having said so, as well as much of the parroting press.

        After the Woke have done purging the Military of potential conservatives, and now, those who may refuse the COVID-19 jabs, it’s not clear they’ll have much of a force to come after Jim Bob and the other other “terrorists” out in the sticks. On the other hand, there already are, and probably will be many more, disaffected ex-military, some of whom were well-trained in use of weapons. Interesting times, indeed.

  4. Just heard Trump sounding Presidential.

    What if the Plan isn’t Kamala, Nancy, or Hillary…but Trump. The Pied Piper.

    Got to get his people to take the Jonestown Jab, before the damage becomes too apparent. The young, the pregnant women, the unvaxxed are getting too visibly affected by the vaxxed viral load shedders.

    • Why? See sentry below: ““they would indeed become nobodies if countries weren’t forced to use dollars anymore when buying oil.”

      Petrodollars are the lynchpin of central banking globalism.

  5. Biden had another shambolic press conference today, late again, hopped up on drugs again, took only pre-arranged questions. So it looks like they are just going to wait out a bad press cycle, leave a lot of people behind. they gave a kill list to the Taliban who now Biden views as his ally of people who worked for us and US citizens and permanent residents. To hunt down and … kill.
    Meanwhile news was all in on “the insurrection” with more people “charged” and the interview with the black officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt, bragging and boasting, and black Capitol police officers suing Trump and Roger Stone, charging they are “racists” and “White nationalists” and wanting “justice.” My guess is that the Regency uses this as cover to arrest Trump, and probably rendition him to Iran or something along with some SEALs as a way to create terror. As long as Trump is alive he is a threat to the Regency, with disaster after disaster coming. Tidal waves of Afghans, jihad everywhere including your neighborhood, on top of ultra vibrancy and cultural enrichment, and no doubt both Xi and Putin taking anything they want. The Regency is wounded and dangerous.

    • Its even funnier when you know that the city he was claiming as hometown, Highland Park, is a very wealthy enclave surrounded by the City of Dallas. Notice the posh background and the Thurston Howell III outfit. A troll for the ages!

  6. Kabul Fiasco and the ends of Power

    The political results of Kabul (VBIEDs today, 12 dead USMC); the results again are;
    POTUS and DOD , elected government weakened and disgraced,
    Permanent Government and DODs chief Rival Stronger.

    This is the consistent result since Korean war with the exception of Desert Storm.

    Sir Humphrey Applebee approves.

    • Could that be because to attack Israel (militarily) comes at a rather dear price? Hate Israel for whatever you want, but when it comes to defending the homeland, they don’t f–k around.

  7. “The Republicans are celebrating the bad fortune of Biden and the Democrats over Afghanistan”

    Really? We’re rooting for dead Marines and babies being thrown over barbed wire fences?

  8. Israel is the darling child of the Evangelicals. There’s always a Jack Van Impe or Oral Roberts willing to play the Israel card as a sign the End-Times have come. If Israel were crushed, where would their pretty Tarot cards be???

    • Catxman, I agree that Evangelicals are r3tard3d about Isra3l so the temptation is to blame them for our wars for 1srael.

      However, consider: If the Evangelicals are so powerful, then why is wars for the Isr@el the only issue where they get their way? They don’t get their way on prayer in school, homo marriage, or tr@nnies. Only wars for Israel.

      Kinda makes you think that other factors are involved.

      • And even if an attack on Israel led to a “limited” nuclear war, and killed a few billions of people (glassed cities and all that), the Bible-Thumpers would proclaim it was the beginning of the End Time, the advent of the Reign of the Antichrist, and that Jesus would soon be on the way. The ability of the religious (and all humans, for that matter) to incorporate new facts into a fanciful worldview is quite remarkable. When you get right down to it, our civilization is just a slightly higher grade of cargo cult 🙂

  9. The hats have written about Ukraine as the/an escape hatch. The 2014 Coup was a neo-bolshevik takeover by our best friends and greatest allies. The Ukraine Trump impeachment show trial was again our tastes great less filling crowd.

    • Are they still doing that less filling/tastes great gag on TV? I swear I haven’t heard that since the 80s.

  10. Z-man, you are just plain completely wrong here.

    First, Saudi oil is more not less important. Shale is done in the US, as the Biden Regency shut it down. No federal leases, cancelling the nearly completed Keystone XL pipeline, harassing existing frackers on private land. The jobs, money, and taxes don’t matter to the Upper Class Whites who control along with the Mulatto Ascendancy every part of society. They are committed to the ESG model, green and “reparations.” Biden had to beg the Saudis and Russians to pump more oil and was met with nothing. As the Green/Justice frenzy takes hold of the Upper Classes even more firmly Saudi Arabia will be even more of the critical swing producer and thus demand even MORE US military protection. Religious idiocy over the original sin of oil and gas production raising wages for icky Dirt People has consequences. This will make the Military happy as they lost their Special Forces Olympics playgrounds, and one star generals need promoting too (over bodies of dead soldiers).
    As for the other nation, lets be honest about what it was — the proxy and deniable one at that for White dudes happy to see some other White dudes beat brown ones. That is why American certain people hate the US White supporters of the other nation. They know exactly what is going on. Moreover the failure of Bibi shows the limits of politics even when the White Upper Class is facing extinction. The other nation has due to its small size and small population basically zero margin for immigration, and Bennett being the anti-Bibi will throw the borders open eradicating that nation rapidly. Demoralizing those who wanted/needed a political solution to mass third world immigration and giving power to those who want a “los Pepes” solution to the issue.
    Alternatively of course, Iran/Russia/Syria could simply wage a years long war of attrition and destroy that other nation. It has zero capacity to fight anything longer than a couple of weeks, again due to its small size and population. This has been known for decades. The destruction of that other nation of course would put the sword to dream of the Colors of Benetton. No one will fight or die for the Gay Pride Flag. They will for Allah.

    • It’s along the lines of censorship and declaring MAGA and covid skeptics terrorists. Desperately clinging to power. Not a fait accompli by any means.

    • Between the jabs and immigration Our Greatest Ally may simply vanish into the dustbin of history sooner rather than later.

  11. One thing that must be said about Saudi Arabia, is that its kingdom is long in the tooth, just like our democracy. I can only imagine what the average Saudi is thinking while the government normalizes relations with Israel. There’s a palpable hatred of the royals in that country and it’s only waiting for some Sunni version of the Ayatollah to turn it upside down. I was amused by the world media love affair with the dead Khashoggi. This guy was planning to be that very Ayatollah, that’s why they took him out. He hated the royal family because he wanted power for himself and his friends. Had the Shaw sent assassins to Paris perhaps the story in Iran would have ended differently. One day these people will take over Saudi Arabia and the whole middle east will be in chaos. Yet another reason why we shouldn’t be within five time zones of that region.

  12. “For seventy years, Israel has played an enormous role in the politics of the American empire…”

    This began when President Truman recognized Israel in 1948. He did this behind the back of his Sec. of State, General George C. Marshall, who adamantly opposed recognizing an Israeli state. Marshall thought he had talked Truman out of recognizing Israel and asked him to wait until he had delivered a speech at the UN explaining why America would not recognize a Chewisch state. While Marshall was on the way to New York to deliver his speech, Truman signed off on Israeli recognition. Marshall woke up to the headlines in the New York Times the next morning…and immediately handed in his resignation and went home to Virginia. This was back when some of our government officials had at least a shred of dignity left.

    “America is no longer useful.”

    This means that the Historic American Nation is no longer useful, and the Globalists who control our institutions will no longer have to pretend they like or need us. It’s about to get real very quickly.

    • i believe the idea behind the article is that ju*uwish influence is waning due to the fact USA is loosing its foothold in the middle eastern region, not that the tribe ain’t still in control of Amuhrica.

      All that’s left is the dollar, the j*uuw’s last card, they would indeed become nobodies if countries weren’t forced to use dollars anymore when buying oil. Thing is the major oil sellers(the saudis) need the retreating americans in that region for protection, their country is surrounded by shia muslims who hate them cause they’re sunnis. Imagine shia muslims who owe allegiance to Iran taking control over Saudi Arabia, petrodollars would quickly become a thing of the past.

      There’s also China, but they obviously don’t give one fuck about the self-chosen tribe so the goldbergs won’t get any help from that part of the world either.

      • “they would indeed become nobodies if countries weren’t forced to use dollars anymore when buying oil.”

        Holy Schmidt. That’s it, that’s IT, the central banks’ lynchpin…!!!!

  13. The “white person” stereotype *is* Jews.

    The geeky, scrawny nerd, who can’t dance and eats crappy food. The idea that brains > brawn. The idea that the loser becomes the winner. The idea that attractive people are dumb. The idea that fit/strong people are dumb.

    These are all idea pushed on us by Hollywood. Europeans have always been quite strong, attractive, and martial. But we have an idea now in our heads that being weak, and/or a loser is cool.

    Citizen put it perfectly though. They are finished, because Brazil can’t stand up to China, and can’t fight a war for Israel. Neither can Brazil Norte. They can’t blend in with “fellow” non whites. They are seen as just another white group – “white” vs “Jew” is the same thing as “English” vs “German”. Non whites see no difference, and hate them both regardless.

    And important thing for our side is to keep our “radar” strong. They’re starting to try and blend in with the gentiles again using the “hey fellow whites” – now that non white aliens are getting absolute majorities. We need to prevent this. We make a home for ourselves, and let them fight for their own home in Israel.

    • I think the black and browns actually hate them worse. They know no white ambulance would ever take an obviously uninjured white man to the hospital leaving a black child dying on the side of the road. I don’t thin that would have happened under Jim Crow or slavery even. Most of the black people I’ve known have differentiated between us. That’s my experience at least. In fact, the first antisemite I have ever known was a black guy. Which is kind of funny because of my circle of friends have been (((our special friends.)))

      Z-Man put a Gab up today referencing the “Kristallnacht” of NYC and I’m pretty sure this is the same one sparked by the above mentioned incident.

    • One more thing that must be in the next Constitution: no dual citizenship. Choose one, and if it’s not U.S., pack a bag and get your ass out of our nation.

  14. What this means is that the Zionist Entity will double down on its repression of the Deplorables.

  15. Does anybody know if Gondor is a metaphor for the British Empire? It seems to fit America pretty well. Declining under the stewardship of erstwhile constrained and competent technocrats while the WASPs disappeared to party and find themselves. Yuck.

    • Biden is certainly Lord Denethor: senile, power-hungry, the son he liked is dead. Although I doubt Hunter would have restrained himself from taking the ring like Faromir.

    • Does anybody know if Gondor is a metaphor for the British Empire?

      I don’t know about that, but Wormtongue was clearly a grotesquely anti-semitic stereotype.

      And the use of Orcs & Goblins to fight your battles for you has an obvious modern analog with immigration and e.g. BLM in the USA and “asian” r@pe gangs in the UK.

      I wonder whether there was any contact between Tolkien and Enoch Powe11?

      “Rivers of Bl00d” was delivered on April 20, 1968, and Tolkien lived until September 2, 1973.

      So it’s at least chronologically possible that the two were in contact with one another [at some point].

  16. “The fading of the American empire, particularly in the Middle East, means the influence of Israel on the world must fade with it. It also means the Israelis will have to seek new partners in their endless game of neighborhood politics.”

    My question is, “What do the Israelis have that China wants?” Access to the Middle East? China already has an in with Iran, plus defecting allies of perfidious America. Money? What money do the Israelis have that wasn’t given to them by the West? Army/Air Force bases? They can get those easily from Muslim countries, and an Israel/China connection would just piss off the goat humpers. I’m not sure Israel will have much leverage with China since there is no sizable jewish presence in China.

    • “What do the Israelis have that China wants?”

      China likes Israeli military technology. Much of this technology originates in the US. Some of it is sold to China against US wishes. US fears a future conflict with China. Israel has no fear of conflict with China. So their is an asymmetry of interest regarding weapons sales. See link below for an example:

      Israel also likes Chinese money and investment in their VC space. China likes access to Israeli commercial IP and technology to bolster their own domestic industries.

      • China can get any US military technology from “The Big Guy” now, so what they can get from Israel is minor. Plus, they do all their weapon purchases on the down low. Is pissing off Islam worth it just for some minor advantages?

        • Regarding stealing or buying secrets from the US vs Israel, why not both?

          Every country has something to gain from another country. Sometimes people forget that China is still a developing country. There are alot of commercial and defense related technologies in Israel that could benefit China. Israelis of course like cash. This is the basis for alot of the transactions between the two countries (Chinese cash for Israeli tech).

          “Pissing off Islam?” Everyone respects money and power. China has millions of Muslims in concentration camps. But this doesn’t stop Islamic countries from doing deals with Chinese.

          • ‘“Pissing off Islam?” Everyone respects money and power.’

            Yeah, that’s really worked for America in the ME and Afghanistan. Your points are valid, but primarily because China is an alternative to the US. What will happen if China is the only game in town? Imperial power attracts opposition.

          • Reply to AWM: “What will happen if China is the only game in town?”

            I think the answer to your question is what is going on in Africa. While western state and business interests have largely abandoned the continent, China is investing and developing. I don’t hear much about it, so it must be going well. Just because China is an economic hegemon doesn’t mean that they engender an opposition. Lack of opposition, I think, is due to focus on modest mutually beneficial economic goals for their projects. No BLM/globohomo flags from Chinese embassies. A lesson there for us for the future.

          • “I think the answer to your question is what is going on in Africa. While western state and business interests have largely abandoned the continent, China is investing and developing. I don’t hear much about it, so it must be going well.”

            And why do you think western state and business interest have largely abandoned the continent? And just because you don’t hear much about doesn’t mean its going well. You get your info from the same people everybody else does. You’re making the assumption that China will not make any mistakes. If you’ve studied their history, one thing that stands out is their ability to make mistakes. Like everybody else that tries to achieve hegemony.

          • To AWM: “And why do you think western state and business interest have largely abandoned the continent?”

            1. Colonial retreat from continent since end of WWII. Moral qualms about ruling other peoples.
            2. Lack of interest in Africa’s raw commodities. West doesn’t manufacture anymore, so we don’t need commodities. Chinese manufactures alot, so they need them.
            3. Moral qualms about investing in third world places. What about the environment, human rights, womens rights, LGTB peoples, minorities, etc? The west chooses to take no action thus avoiding harm. Buying iPhones direct from China avoids moral conflict (last sentence is a joke btw).

            “And just because you don’t hear much about doesn’t mean its going well.” Looks like its going well (see link):

            Not trying to argue military strategy or history with you. Noting only that China is having some success with straight transactions (cash for stuff — Israeli tech, Africa oil etc). Maybe our (USA) international problems now have to do with not knowing what we want and how to conduct a straight transaction without injecting morality into everything?

          • Israelis of course like cash. This is the basis for alot of the transactions between the two countries…

            But what Israelis love most of all is stabbing old goyische “allies” in the back, once those old goyische “allies” are no longer of any use to Israel, then laughing all the way to the bank, and pissing adrenochrome-soaked urine all over the graves of those now-dead former goyische “allies”.

      • Decades ago, I heard a tape of a speech by someone whose name I don’t recall. While his claims seemed a bit far-fetched, I don’t think his core thesis was (or has become any less relevant):

        The Israelis have some of the worlds’ top, indeed, perhaps THE world’s top, science and technology. At the very least, they credibly have the world’s most brilliant minds. Ashkenazi dominance in the sciences is well known. Why, then, wouldn’t they do very well in the mother land? Current (?) US dominance in cutting edge high tech is probably best explained by the lavish amount of funding we throw at it, more than the brains of the personnel who work on these projects.

        Mr. X’s claims were interesting: such things as when the USA “sells” high tech fighter planes to Israel, they selectively upgrade some of the avionics and other electronics with better stuff. Stuff they won’t share with the Americans for the entirely plausible reason that other nations would steal it. Plenty of the Tribe (in USA and the West) have access to new tech, and they’ve been caught many times funneling the good stuff to the motherland. I speculate they HAVEN’T been caught, many more times 🙂 Reduces R&D costs, you might say.

  17. One of the mistakes I see Americans of all political stripes make – is that they don’t take the time to understand the arab history, their traditions, their values and their tactics. They are obsessed with themselves and their own place in the conflict … and that very seldom ends well.

    The Middle East has always been on fire, long before the arrival of Isreal. Islam is an honour and warrior based culture that have blood feuds that go as far back as 7 centuries.

    US and Israeli foreign policy in the area is actually sound: throw a monkey wrench into their politics and relationships as often as possible and keep them at each other’s throats. This is actually wise: left to themselves, a strong man would eventually wipe out his rivals and unify the arab world. If that happened, Israel is toast, and the US empire is legitimately threatened..

    Arab politicos are masters of brinkmanship and the Iranians are the best of the lot. They know fools when they see them, and exploit them whenever they encounter them. In my time they humiliated the US under Carter, Clinton, Obutthole and now Joe. The argument could be made that Dubya was played by them as well. They knew better than to try Reagan or Trump.

    Expect the pattern to hold while the USA still remains a country: acts of aggression, terrorism, and provocation will spike in times of weak leadership, and subside under stronger Presidents. Until Americans take the time to learn about arabs and understand them, any adventures in their world will ultimately fail.

    • But, but, they seemed so receptive when we arrived, with armloads of money, weapons, other aid. All we wanted them to do was adopt western standards, take the veils off women, allow gays and transgender freedom and a few other things. They invited us in for tea and showed us some nice carpets. How were we to know that things might not be as they seemed? 🙂

    • Not to pull the hypocrisy card, since it doesn’t matter, but Chauvin got 22 years for being a fraction as reckless. Bring this up every time someone asserts we’re a nation of laws.

      • Yep, we are a lawless nation—but not in the manner one commonly thinks. It’s not so much that the people no longer obey the law, it’s that those in charge not longer obey, or even enforce the law. That is not a distinction without a difference. It is the essence of the problem—no citizen can be expected to play by the rules when the elite do as they will.

        This phenomenon is a throw back to medieval times of one set of rules for the aristocracy and another for the peasants. It is what our Founders set out to avoid and the true meaning of the phrase, “…all men are created equal…”

        • I disagree there; it is the selective enforcement that is the real problem. Some white guy slaps the phone out of the hand of a mentally ill Stranger who is trying to take a picture of the guy’s address after saying “I’m gunna come back and get chu” gets a misdemeanor conviction, reverse the roles and no arrest is even made. Heck, I have been in the reverse and no arrest was made (though the transit cops did kinda try). You keep one certain segment of the population in strict adherence to the rules, and even bend the rules against them re self defense cases and situations where both parties misbehave, but other segments can commit murder as long as the perps claim the victim used a Bad Word.
          And it isnt just our stranger joggers who have the special nobility status, either, but it is the most blatant.

        • Not advocating anarchy, but perhaps the optimal solution is for the individual to begin, as much as possible, to live by his own laws, since our society no longer will enforce its laws; well they will against you, you evil White Supremacist, but with decreasingly chances they will for you.

  18. Zman has been referencing “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine recently, and when you read it, you’ll see why.

    Excellent insights on how there were 3 diasporas of the Jews:

    *Bolshevik Russia (oops, sorry about all the murdering for utopia)

    *To the US, with a heavy emphasis on globalism to weaken nationalism and thereby avoid another Holocaust

    *To Israel, where HYPER-Nationalism is the watchword.

    Probably impossible for the Jews in the US (globalists) to square the circle for the Jews in Israel. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Jews are not the monolithic united force The Protocols would have you think.

    Most groups would be well served adopting many of the cultural habits embraced by this subgroup that punches well above their numbers.

    • “Most groups would be well served adopting many of the cultural habits embraced by this subgroup that punches well above their numbers.”

      I dunno, Jews are living proof that money can’t buy love.

  19. What I still don’t understand is the Iran deal.
    I know Obama openly hated Netanyahu, but was the deal just a cut of some easy money by two low-rent grifters, Obama and Biden? Did Pelosi-Reid and the Democrat party need some emergency rent money?
    What? I don’t get what happened there.

    • I thought it was because the sanctions regime against Iran was going to collapse anyway (some expiring time limits in that time frame) that, rather than trying to enforce the unenforceable (see, Russia and Nord Stream) or try to force a resolution to the sanctions (see: Iraq) he folded. Since the sanctions were ended, assets seized as part of the sanctions were returned (the pallets of cash being part off this).

      Now was there some “higher game” to this where Obama and his cronies got a cut of the returned graft? Maybe, but Obama was(is) and ideolog so hurting an enemy can often be reward enough.

      It seemed that the consensus on the real-right was that Obama did the right thing here, and it was a rare Obama achievement where, perhaps accidentally, the interests of America came out on top. Of course, it never makes it into his list of accomplishments spouted by turd-polishing supporters, which further reinforces in my mind that he did the right thing, even if it was for the wrong reasons.

      • Obama liked to read press clippings. As the WaPo and NYT drifted left there was political space for more balanced policy (read anti-Israel) in the ME. Hence support for the Arab Spring and nuclear control talks with Iran. The media drove US positions in the Obama admin regarding these issues. The fact that this policy debated centered on the interests of the Jewish NYT vs Jewish Israelis is the comedy of life.

        The debate also exposes how little core American interests weigh when crafting American foreign policy. Which has been a problem for the last 70 years or so. Cleaning up this problem would require herculean efforts: getting rid of dual citizen governmental officials, cleaning up campaign financing laws, prosecuting for bribery — no more book/speech deals etc, repatriating many recent arrivals, reforging a healthy American identity for the remainder, etc.

  20. Maybe even peak diversity ideologically speaking?? Nah, I’m getting too optimistic.

  21. Gee, not a word about the British re-drawing the supposed national borders of what amounted to a hodge-podge of desert city-states run by clans, which is what actually set the region “on fire”.

    The Anglo-Saxons never get tired of trying to make everyone else in the world do things just the way they’re done within 300 miles of the Thames River. In the case of the US, spreading democracy over the planet doesn’t extend to the unelected kleptocracy that is Saudi Arabia, At least Israel has elections that seem to be as legitimate as those in the US. Just as the Americans have turned Japan from a semi-feudal Asian empire to an outpost of “democracy” in the region, so too is Israel meant to be an example of modernity in social and political arrangements to the rest of the Middle East. The US won’t walk away from Israel any more than it will abandon Japan.

    Also unmentioned is the role of religion in the area. Its importance may well diminish over time but presently the Muslims take their supernatural beliefs, Sunni or Shiite, very seriously. The western world worships Mammon, not Allah.

    • Oil was discovered on the coast of Iran in 1906, in Baghdad in 1921, and the naval nations began converting their coal-powered ships to the superior convenience of oil.
      Railroads were planned across the entire southern tier.

      And, TE Lawrence really, really hated the Turks.

    • “The western world worships Mammon, not Allah.”

      At least there’s such a thing as Mammon.

      • Yes and no. Like many abstract entities, he/she/it/they is whatever we pretend it to be. Long ago, in the United States and elsewhere, Mammon had a Physical Incarnation: He was worshiped as 1/20th of an ounce of gold (????-1934); then public worship of him was outlawed in his native land, save for keepsakes, but his worship was still encouraged (1/35 of an ounce) in foreign lands (1934-1971). For the past fifty years, religious freedom was proclaimed and people are free to ascribe him any worth, although it appears to diminish year by year 😀

    • Nailhead: people have been killing eachother in the middle east since The Flood ended. It only got worse when that kiddie-diddling satan-worshipping camel-lover founded his new religion in the 700s, back when “England” was a collection of independent Saxon warlords and before “English” was even invented as a language.
      Saying the British caused strife in the middle east is on par with anthropogenic climate change, and other cargo cults who confuse mere presence with causation.

    • It takes a certain kind of stupidity to believe the region was a great place before the Turks ,FRENCH and British intervened.
      You are a believer in Magic Dirt Theory if you don’t take account of the role of demography in politics.

      Also, I have to laugh at the belief that the Spanish,French and Germans have not played politics in other countries. Please read up on the present cultural imperialism of the Germans in the EU especially regarding eastern Europe.

      Maybe reading your post made me as dumb as you because I forgot to mention the most smug,interrfering and hectoring people in history who some people know as Scandinavians.The worst ideas in the EU normally come from a Swede. The UN NGO sector is largely a Scandinavian empire.

    • I like nailheadtom’s historical knowledge but it is interesting to observe what topics motivate him to comment.

      nailheadtom comments when whites are not getting criticized hard enough for their treatment of non-whites. Full stop.

      I’m not saying that he’s always wrong. But what is the motivation?

      If we just concded that whites are uniquely evil would he ever comment again?

  22. I think that the most significant development in Israeli affairs over the past few decades has been the cultural change within the American Jewish Community; namely most American Jews don’t give a shit about Israel anymore. Just like you’d be hard pressed to find a single US black that gives two shits about Africa, US Jews are firmly planted here on the North American continent because of the easy pickings and they would never even consider moving back to Israel because then they’d have to be around a lot of other icky Jews and have to compete endlessly against other Jews trying to take them to the cleaners everyday. How’s that for an evolutionary development, even Jews are starting to get fed up with Jews.

    • Well our Republican politicians sure care about Israel quite a bit. Even the seemingly based ones like DiSantis and MTG.

      • The Republican love of Israel is chum for their evangelical base, which sees Judaism as the beginning part of their faith. It is quite amusing that evangelicals love Jews, but Jews hate evangelicals, and Jews love blacks, but blacks hate Jews.

        • Jewish pro-Israel money drove these political positions more than evangelical base IMO. Check the names on the top of this list to understand who is really running the show:

          Interestingly, Sheldon Adelson and the like who were very big donors to the GOP are now passing away of old age. As these guys die it will be interesting to see how American foreign policy positions change wrt Israel. I suspect that the next generation of Jewish donor will be less bellicose and pro-Isreal which, hopefully, will allow the GOP to assume more moderate foreign policy positions.

        • Jews love blacks as political muscle, they couldn’t care less about them otherwise. I remember in the late 80’s how the city of Yonkers was being forced by a federal judge named Leonard Sands to incorporate low-income housing in many working class neighborhoods in the city. Sands of course lived in a very exclusive area in the northern part of the county known for it’s minimum two acre parcels and ZERO low-income housing. One of my coworkers at the time – a jew – was consistently berating the people who lived in those working class areas whenever the subject of this came up – and due to it’s profile coverage in the local news, it was front page for almost six weeks as the court battle raged on – as the residents there were bigoted and hateful for not wanting the “less fortunate” to live next to them.
          I knew the guy lived in an area called Scarsdale, which was known as “Jewville” when I was growing up due to the fact that it was almost completely populated by them. I casually asked why there wasn’t any low-income housing in his neighborhood and why should the working class people have to put up with ghettoids in their neighborhood? He looked at me as if I was joking and said, “Please, those people don’t deserve to live next to people like me.”
          So no, they are a means to an end to screw European Whites.

      • A big eye-opener for me was the number of supposed conservatives who got on board with speech restrictions for advocacy of the BDS movement. I don’t agree with BDS but an American should be able to say whatever the fuck he wants.

        • Actually no, he shouldnt be allowed to say whatever he wants. Advocacy of certain things is always wrong and should be prohibited. That thinking is how we ended up in this mess. “Free speech” is a bogus, disgenic and anti-civilizational idea. It was a far-left meme that the right actually believed was true; it was always a lie.

          • Do you consider the US Constitution a far-left document? Freedom of speech, after all, was enshrined in the Constitution. Now I happen to agree that there are strong arguments to be made against free speech, but whether or not free speech is a Leftist bailiwick, is questionable.

          • Ostei: yes, the us constitution is plagued by insane left wing delusions. It is the poisonous fruit of the enlightment’s worst ideas about egalitarianism and universalism, as shown by the failure of their system within 3 generations.
            McDonald’s has proven more robust than the Founder’s Constitution.
            Also, freedom of speech was never, and is not, codified in the 1st amendment. “Congress shall make no law” means that Congress shall not interfere in the States’ business. Your belief otherwise is drinking the Enemy’s pharisitical kosher koolaid.

        • BDS has always been a “look, squirrel!” distraction. “Boycott” is irrelevant because currently you can’t be compelled to buy things. “Divest?” Investment markets are hyper-fluid. I don’t know how anyone could prove that moving money out of one asset and purchasing another was politically motivated. “Sanctions?” Only governments can sanction and it destroys and radicalizes otherwise normal people just trying to survive.

      • Part of it is $. When Ilhan Omar got into trouble for suggesting that American Jews donate a lot to politicians, Steve Sailer looked into it and discovered that in 2018 66% of the money from “top 50” donors came from Jews. Don’t discount blackmail either. Ari Ben-Menashe disclosed that Epstein had been an asset for Israeli intelligence.

    • Nonetheless, it would be both an improvement and an entertainment if the US rounded up all it’s Jews and deported them to Israel.

      • Given Israel’s “right of return”, they’ll self deport if things become too hot for them in the USA. That’s why they feel free to “shit where they eat”—they have “options”. Most of us don’t.

    • There’s no “back to Israel” for the overwhelming majority of American Jews. Very few ever lived there and not many have even visited.

    • As someone with only a passing knowledge of the history of Judaism, my simplest guess would be straight out of evolutionary theory: The Jews are one of history’s wandering tribes, like the Gypsies, a people who are at best guests, at worst parasites, in host nations, but never with a land to call their own. If you accept that as generally true, then it follows by natural selection that their culture would have “evolved” to exist as a sub-culture in a host country yet maintaining their own distinct culture especially via language and religion, and that they are not at their best running their own nation.

  23. “Peak Israel, Peak Empire”

    “. . . Bolshevik revolution . . . made by Jewish brains . . .
    as the ethnic makeup of the revolution was not very Russian . . .”

    “Israeli strategy” . . . “neoconservatives” . . . “The creation of the Jewish state”
    . . . “Zionism ”

    The comments should be interesting today.

      • If the over/under is 300, I’m taking the under. Foreign policy articles, even ones involving Israel, don’t usually create much of a spark. The exception was Z’s piece on the Afghan situation several days ago.

    • I imagine that I am one of the main offenders. Let me just say that we have many problems to solve.

      I don’t want you to get the “J3w thing” I just want you to recognize it at all.

      Single best persuader for me personally: Kevin MacDonald’s chapter on who lobbied for decades for the 1965 Immigration Act:

  24. Naftali Bennett is to the right of Netanyahu on nationalist issues, including dealing with the Palestinians. Sure he made money in tech, but I wouldn’t characterize him as neoliberal. He certainly won’t open Israel’s borders.

    • He might not open the border entirely, but change will come if even a few camels find their way through the eye of that needle…

      • Hard to know what Blair really was, other than a consummate liar. He’s been the news again recently , it seems that somebody forgot to replace the crucifix over the door of his crypt. Another balls up by the global expert class.

        • He was also an alleged former rock star (at least in his own mind). Its only fitting that the band’s name was “Ugly Rumors.”

          • Blair became a Catholic only after he left office. While in office, he supported the Iraq War, which Pope John Paul II strongly opposed, and abortion, an abomination. In better times he would have been required to publicly repent before conversion.

      • Absolutely no one with parents who are “left-wing fanatics from San Francisco” deserves any benefit of doubt regarding who they are. That IS who they are. Period.

        • It is almost like the genes that led to his parents being a certain way will be inherited by their offspring or something. Are genes heritable? I forget.

  25. I disagree.

    The growth of Iranian influence and the potential collapse of oil prices puts enormous pressure on Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is already under a lot of strain because their ability to underwrite their welfare state is dwindling fast. They have a clear expiration date that rapidly approaches. The country is a cauldron of enormous instability and if Iran steps up it’s pressure, this may push the Saudis to call on the Pakistanis to make good on their agreement.

    What agreement? To me it seems likely that Saudi funds Pakistan’s nuclear research in exchange for rights to receive nuclear arms in an emergency. In fact, they may already be there. To me, in a world of abundant shale hydrocarbons in North America, there is no other reason for our enormous commitment to the odious Saudis. The Saudis having nukes and losing control of the ones they have is the biggest nightmare of all – to the region and to our nation.

    This is why our involvement in the region will persist because we cannot be assured that nuclear weapons won’t fall into the arms of radical Islamacists. We let the Saudis fail, something bad happens – maybe here.

    Plus, our defense contractors are not going to let us lose a bunch of their best clients.

    • Upvoted, but really, I’m kind of indifferent. The Sauds are hardly the only ones who are kiting checks.

    • I once heard John O’Sullivan say on CNBC “Hardball” I think, not to worry about Pakistani nukes because MI6 had backdoor codes on all the nukes as well as all the ISI’s password file.

      Now, I’m not so autistic I can’t detect the contours of a Monty Pythonesque “dry” joke from a glib Brit TV yakker, but let’s just say my nerves were a little raw on that particular comedic subject at the time, in 2002. So that night I lay awake for a spell thinking about it.

      We saw that Israel + Microsoft complete infiltrated Iranian uranium enrichment, but how advanced is Pakistan’s program? I figure it is more advanced than Iran’s, lol. The start-up tech came via Canada (with an assist from the first Black president)

      • Yeah, but nukes are funny in that just one can really ruin your day. In countries that have few but very large population centers, 4-5 nukes in the hands of their enemies is an existential threat.

        • No argument from me. Pakistan is not a signatory to the non-proliferation agreement. If another 1970 situation blows up w/ India things will become “interesting” very quickly.

    • The country is a cauldron of enormous instability and if Iran steps up it’s pressure, this may push the Saudis to call on the Pakistanis to make good on their agreement.

      You can’t fix internal instability caused by the loss of importance and significant loss of revenues by acquiring nukes.

      The Saudis having nukes and losing control of the ones they have is the biggest nightmare of all – to the region and to our nation.

      Which nation? US? Pakistani nukes can’t make it that far.

          • Fat Man and Little Boy were horked out of the belly of a b29 via gravity and air drag from rigging that might as well have been spot welded into place the week before. We didn’t even know if they would detonate. A cargo container would be much more reliable than what we did 80 years ago. The idea you labor under, that you cannot deliver a nuclear payload except with multibillion dollar MIC boondoggles, greatly underestimates our enemies.

          • I suppose it could happen, but the containers are checked–as is the dock area–for radioactivity. The port is not completely wide open to such an attack..

      • Good point. Turkey is always forgotten about. I know the Taliban is requesting their aid, but will anything come of it?

      • Turkey is still a member of NATO. They like to cross the line sometimes, but they are careful to not cross it too much.

    • British domination of Europe seemed really likely in February 1793. A decade later, Napoleon was running the place. I’m not trying to yank your chain, just pointing out that predicting the future is hard, especially during politically chaotic times, and the only “sure thing” is that current trends and alliances WON’T continue.

      • I’m not making any prophecies about domination in the area. It just seems like these countries are in talks over the area and their motives align.

        • Yes, but those talks are driven in reaction to American dominance. Should America cease to dominate, those talks may not be necessary anymore.

  26. > The new prime minister is the product of the neo-liberal order, rather than the fight for independence. He got rich selling software in America and his parents were left-wing fanatics from San Francisco. He is a man of the global managerial class rather than the local elite.

    If he opens the floodgates to immigration because that’s “who Israel is”, I might die laughing watching the ADL writhe in agony.

  27. Z’s perspective makes perfect sense but I don’t see it happening. Jews will find a way to keep the US tied militarily and financially to Israel. After all the majority of the states require you to sign a loyalty pledge to Israel if you want to do business with them. The Biden administration is heavily made up by Jews. Both sides of the uniparty are submissive to Israel and Jews are the biggest contributors to both wings of the Party.

    Even China is aware that it must have strong ties with Israel. To get on the wrong side risks major trade problems with the US, the wrath of Wall Street and possible military conflict. Around the globe all but a few countries need to bend their knee to Israel. Opposing it just isn’t worth the blowback. See what Assad has gone through as an example and what happened to Libya.

    I hope I am wrong but until I see otherwise I will just assume Israel will continue being the neighborhood bully safely backed up by the US.

    • Coercion is a sign of weakness, not strength. Getting people to sign a pledge just means getting people to break a pledge. The reason they want people to sign a pledge is precisely because there is no natural support for Israel anymore. Therefore, they are attempting to build artificial (read: false) support for Israel. The support for Israel is as strong as they paper it’s signed on, which is to say the support is weak, pledges notwithstanding.

      • They also have you sign a pledge like they have you wear a mask. It is a sign of loyalty and submission

        • There are other groups that will happily enter into agreements, sign pledges, and so forth, with no intention of ever complying. They have nothing to lose; the have no honor. But the other party of the pledge, the ‘honorable” one, will be shocked, shocked! when party B reneges on his promises. From a game theory standpoint, it makes sense for a low-trust entity to make promises to a high-trust group, solely for the prospect of gaining a one-time advantage at (probably) little to no cost to himself.

  28. This goes along with what I’ve said for a year or two now, which is that we’re either or slightly passed Peak Jew in the United States.

    Jews were instrumental in destroying the GOP via immigration and control of the media. They did this to avoid the mythical gas chambers in Ohio. But in doing so, they destroyed the party most favorable to Israel and Jews in general. They also made whites – the only ethnic group that looks at Jews as one of their own – a soon-to-be minority.

    Jews are now trying to control a Democratic Party filled with people that hate them, either because they see Jews as whites or, occasionally, Jewish. Either way, Jews are pointed out, something they’ve never enjoyed.

    In addition, Jewish power was always tied to American power. By turning the United States into Brazil of the North, Jews have dramatically reduced their power. Brazil isn’t capable of – nor does it desire to – send armies around the world.

    Finally, you have Jewish out marriage is watering down the crazy factor in their people. The half- and quarter-Jews that I’ve known are smart but not devious and certainly not as neurotic as full Jews.

    Jewish power and success were always tied to whites. Their push to destroy our people has hurt them as well. They won’t be able to just jump ship to China or India. The fact that Jews look white is a bigger deal that most people appreciate. Indians and Chinese definitely see Jews as the other and not to be trusted.

    The scorpion is sinking with the frog.

    • “Peak Jew” ended on the day Pewdiepie announced a coerced-seeming mega-donation to the ADL and half of his subscribers revolted—and explained to the other half why—so he rescinded it.

      You can think it doesn’t matter because he’s a children’s entertainer on the internet, but depending what measurement you believe he’s somewhere between a few and a few hundred times as popular as Tucker.

      Gen Z being “based” is a myth, but they do know one thing.

      • “Peak Jew” does not mean that Menachem is finished mulcting money from Methodists, Mennonites, and Mormons.

    • Thats why I never got the superiority of Jews. They tag along with White culture. Mendelsohn and Mahler were not jewish composers, they were working within the white world in the white man’s art.

    • For alot of them, particularly the mixed ones, it’s now a secular, meaningless identity. Basically along the flight from white line. Kind of the way that a Mexican-“American”, born and raised in America, will go on about how Mexican he is and totally ignore his American side, when in reality he’s not Mexican at all. But it gives him an identity and makes him feel like a part of something.

      I know some half Jewish whore, half German gentile half Sephardic. A total mutt that does not practice the religion, and is not really ethnically Jewish, but still calls herself one. Into the great Globohomo melting pot.

  29. Considering their vaccine policy, there is an outside chance the whole problem disappears overnight.

    I am acquainted with a Jewish fellow who appears to be on the edge of a mental breakdown with worry over what is happening over there.

    • Giving boosters of an experimental RNA vaccine to an entire population without any substantive studies is taking another round of Russian Roulette after two successful turns. Eventually though, the bullet comes out.

      • The guy I know is one of the people who thinks it’s a kill shot, so he really thinks his beloved Israel is committing suicide

        • Well, if most of the population is fully vaxxed, you would expect most of the cases to involve the vaxxex, no?

          • You cannot make that assumption. It is possible that most of the cases are the unvaxxed. The MSM would certainly want you believe that’s the case, but is it?

            What’s curious is the frequently conflicting news stories. Here in the USA, most reports tell you how most of the hospital cases are the unvaxxed; PLEASE PLEASE take the shot, citizens! Do your part! Yet occasional reports to the contrary. It’s so hard to find accurate information. The fact (?) that the MSM seems to favor the “get the jab” narrative slightly 😀 makes what you do read all the less credible.

          • Late addition: Here’s a Alex Berenson substack piece that may address your question. It didn’t seem to give an unequivocal answer on my reading. Berenson just got permanently banned by Twitter, which is how he came up on my radar. In my opinion, that means he’s either a complete crank, or he’s telling a bit too much of the truth. 😀 According to Wikipedia, he’s quite a character, a right-wing writer known for spreading COVID-19 lies, and has twelve spy novels to his credit. So take with the usual disclaimers.


    • Basically, the word I hear is that their “vexcines” don’t work against the Delta variant. 70% of the new cases are “break through”. Real issue is that not only does the current vexcines not work as a preventative, the Covid spreads regardless of the precautions. Israel is as masked up and vaccinated as any country in the world—85%+, which is probably as high a level as is humanly possible in any society.

    • There will always be one conservative J3w1sh fellow to distract you from what the vast majority of their people are doing.

      Why aren’t you similarly distracted by the one based black guy?

      Forest for the trees.

  30. Let me be the first to say… thank God. Israel and its baggage, including Christian Zionism, have been a plague on the body politic.

    “Low-rent Zionism,” that’s brilliant. Great post Z. “Peak Israel” is why I tend to be a but more optimistic about the future than many of my black-pilled friends.


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