Taki: Living in Isolation

In the American political system, the president is the symbol of the democratic process, the embodiment of the general will. With few exceptions, he gains office by winning a majority of votes in what is close to a national plebiscite. If the radicals get their way, it will soon be a national plebiscite, as they hope to eliminate the electoral college so that large urban states can dictate to the rest of the nation.

The reward for winning the favor of the people is to be locked away in a museum called the White House, surrounded by the most complex security system on earth. The president is the most isolated man in the nation. He experiences everything through intermediaries in the White House and the Washington media. Everything he thinks he knows about the people over whom he rules comes to him thirdhand.

Thirdhand may be generous. His staff lives in the same sort of isolation as the president, without some of the high-tech security. They have spent their lives in the system and have no firsthand knowledge of the country. Many have lived so long in the biggest small town on earth—Washington, D.C.—that they may as well be aliens. Even their language is beginning to drift away from that of the rest of the country.

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  1. They see reality as misinformation, because it refuses to yield to their version of reality –That’s a good quip.

    The article also brought to mind the now adult child of an acquaintance who is looking to land on the D.C. cloud. On paper this person grew up a near pauper in flyover state, but in actuality they grew up a well-to-do Cloud-Person franchise and never had to worry about anything at all their entire life.

  2. Also, “Living in Isolation” immediately calls to mind that great old Cars tune, “Moving in Stereo,” and now every man of a certain age has that one scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High in his head….

    …you’re welcome, because I know you needed something like that this morning.

    • Reality in the cave:
      Fauci = Rasputin, and
      Phoebe = Citizen Kane’s Rosebud. I know which image I’d prefer to cling to as I’m carted of to the Deplorable Gulag. Thanks, Sev.

  3. I lived in DC a number of years until I escaped and Z describes it just as it is. If you’re there, get out. If not, never go there, even for a vacation. Raise your family among good people outside not just DC but the other rotten cities.

    • When your kids get to a certain age, it may be a good teaching tool to take them there for a couple of days so they can understand how the city has become a class apart from the rest of the country. Who knows how many of the city’s tourist attractions will be torn down or replaced in the next 10 years.

      • Barnard: I tried that (years ago – well prior to the fence and other defensive fortifications in Tubman, DF (and also took my boys out of nostalgia for all the school field trips and tours for visiting relatives). The National Geographic museum is in a highly questionable area and now filled with brown children and exhibits which match their interests. The Smithsonian is a totally owned outpost of Diversity, Inc., complete with ‘fellow whites’ at the top and lots of exhibits about the history of the evil rayciss entity and its stale, male, murderous and miscegenating settlers. While the elephant in one of the museums was still there, the large Foucault’s Pendulum was removed in 1998. The gunboat Philadelphia is apparently still there, but soon to be joined by an exhibit about a slave ship. Be warned.

        My older boy did enjoy the Marine Corps Museum (first saw it as a small space in the Marine Barracks in DC, and later at its new site near Quantico, VA). I will regret the loss of the Folger Shakespeare library, if it hasn’t already been gutted from within by the woke, and the Library of Congress stacks and old reading room, where I spent much pleasant time.

  4. Of the many things I got wrong about the internet, the wrongest was: I thought it would increase accountability. Used to joke about it with undergrads: No historian will ever come back and *prove* that I loved hair metal, because there’s no documentation. You’ll just have to take my word for it. But for you people…

    Not only is that not true, it’s somehow mega-false. Despite clear video evidence, if it’s on the internet, it’s not REAL. Ok, yeah, your Facebook feed is full of you saying X yesterday, and now you’re insisting Y, but… somehow it doesn’t matter, because internet.

    I can’t explain it, but it enables all their behavior.

    • It’s the eternal present.

      People forget what happened yesterday and can’t project what will happen tomorrow. Only right now matters – and really only how one feels right now. The only point of the digital eternal documentation is to provide fodder for outrage now.

    • I also though the same as you many moons ago. But it looks as though the current crop of ‘academics’ care more about currying favour with the latest fad, than truth.

      I see no reason to expect that whoever is languishing in the ivory tower of academia in the next generation will see fit to change that.

  5. I don’t see any way out of it,there needs to be some sort of separation. We need a divorces. I don’t think there needs to be plans, separate first, then figure out the society.

  6. Excellent piece. This is one of the reasons I have problems with the “international zit-mason conspiracy” thing. The elite classes really are 1. stupid 2. believe this shit. Really, really believe this gnostic, reconstitution-of-being shit.

    That said, it’s obvious that they are seeking to “elect a new people” and so much be destroyed.

    • “Allowing a man with dementia to make life-and-death decisions for a nation and for the West is reckless and dangerous.”

      Biden doesn’t make decisions. He’s the governor in BLAZING SADDLES signing everything Harvey Corman rapidly places in front of him. Although that has been true of every president since Clinton, the other three were not vegetables (although evidence indicates Obama was a fruit).
      The danger is the Regents aren’t all that sharp and sane, either.

      • Survival is the real reason, although if read I said “Organize, then speak of Tree of Liberty.”

        This would mean reading the Z article as well.

        As to why organize?
        Don’t then.

  7. In theory, POTUS has already lived a real life. That’s why the job has a lower age limit.

    In practice, they never leave the Janissary Bubble.

    • Xiao Bai-Dung is coming to CA for a campaign event in support of Newscum. At least that’s the rumor.

      There’s been no official announcement of such for either the governors office or the president’s.

      Long Beach city college where the event will theoretically be held has announced tight security, including shutting down access to multiple buildings for a “special event” without specifying what the event is. Other than it is invitation only.

      So it appears some sort of secret campaign rally.

      Which is simultaneously completely ridiculous and totally inline with our imperial kabuki system. The college is likely the stage for thoroughly scripted campaign rally-show to be broadcast demonstrating the popularity of our supreme leader.

      • “So it appears some sort of secret campaign rally.”

        If their tapping Bush to give Biden’s 9/11 speech is any indication, they’re just trying to bury Potato Joe in a plausible hole.

  8. A third, Brechtian, option seems however to be path we’re now following. Yes our rulers have become dissatisfied with we the people. So they have decided to dissolve the people and elect another.

    • There’s a certain ironic but tragic. humor in seeing them as “globally sourcing” a new people — more compliant; less stained by a past the rulers hate in themselves.

      • The fact that they think some Afghans that kicked their asses over a 20 occupation will be more compliant than the bad white native just demonstrates how moronic and detached from reality they are.

    • Agreed, but history has not be kind to rulers who bring in mercenaries to overwhelm their ancient enemies. Typically, the mercenaries realize that they are stronger than the ruler who brought them to this new land and take over.

      I suspect that something similar will happen here. “My fellow Mexicans, Indians and Asians” is hard to pull off when you’re very different looking.

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