Modern Faulkner

At some point in the future, the ape historians may look back at this time and call it the Bush – Clinton period of the American empire. The period started with the first Bush presidency in 1989, roughly corresponding with the end of the Cold War and concluding sometime around now. It is hard to know if this period is at an end or if it will stagger on for a while longer. It would surprise no one if Hillary Clinton or one of the Bush clan takes one last stab at the presidency in 2024.

The rivalry between the Bush family and the Clinton family mirrors the rivalry between the Compson and Snopes family in the William Faulkner novels. The Compson family represented the old Southern order that emerged from the wreckage of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The Snopes family represented the new, white trash culture that was slowly overtaking the old order. It was order and dignity at the end of its time versus an emergent disorder and lack of dignity.

In the American context, the Bush family represent the old WASP order that cannot update its thinking to the present. They are built for the old America that was confident and ascendant, but they find themselves at the end of empire. Desperate to maintain their status and position, they aligned with shady characters like Mexican cartel members, the Saudi Royal family, and the neoconservatives. This toxic blend of anti-American interests would shape the empire for decades.

The Clintons are far less grandiose. Like the Snopes clan, they represent the new order that is not really order at all. Instead, it represents the vermin that infest the dying old order, doing anything and everything to get an edge on the other rats. Unlike the Bush clan, they don’t seek power for prestige. They seek power for profit. They cut deals with China in the 1990’s for campaign cash. Then Hillary was auctioning off state secrets from her perch in the State Department during the Obama years.

The analogy breaks down a bit as the Clinton family was not productive like the Snopes family, so there will be no second and third generation. On the other hand, they did unleash the new breed of Baby Boomer politician. While biologically unrelated to the Clinton family, the entire political class has been shaped by them. The Poppy Bush type is nowhere to be found in modern politics, but the political class is thick with women who admire Hillary and men who think like Bill.

Just as the Faulkner novels play out in the shadow of the old order represented by the Compson family, American politics continues to play out in the shadow of the Bush clan and their efforts to remain at the top of the old order. Even though the 20-year debacle in Afghanistan has ended, it remains a big player in politics. Of course, the neoconservatives are still embedded in the system. It was their brains and the gross stupidity of George Bush that made Afghanistan possible.

The Bush family, like a drug resistant virus, will not go away. George Bush gave a speech to on 9/11, as Joe Biden was cognitively unable to do it. Of course, he took the opportunity to remind everyone of his contempt for ordinary people. He said of the January 6 protestors that “they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.” Despite his inability to string a sentence together on his own, that perfectly captures the sentiment of the ruling class.

Taken together, the last thirty years have been a decaying ruling elite willing to strike any deal necessary to maintain their position. This includes allowing a rapacious vermin-like Clinton clan to gnaw away at the social fabric. One side looks at the American society as fuel to be used for the imperial engines, while the other side just sees America as a host on whom they will feed until it dies. Nowhere in the struggle between the two sides are the interests of the people.

No analogy is perfect. Donald Trump is certainly a member of the Snopes side of this fight, but hated by the clan nonetheless. He saw his opportunity for some personal gory in 2016 and he seized it. He had no grand plans or even a desire to reform the system, so he spent his time on personal projects. In a way, Trump was the new and improved version of Bill Clinton. It is a nice bit of narrative irony that Hillary was defeated by one her husband’s old golf buddies.

An important potential parallel between this age and the Faulkner novels is that the story preceded the upheavals in the American South. The new South that emerged in the late 20th century was not like either side of the struggle. The world of Faulkner is a distant memory now. Similarly, the old imperial order represented by the Bush clan and the grasping thievery of Boomer politics represented by the Clinton family is not going to survive the dissolution of empire.

What emerges from the inevitable turmoil that comes when these two modes of politics collapse under the weight of their own immorality is unknown. What is certain is a period of upheaval where the empire contracts in fits and starts, staggering from one crisis to the next. Each crisis shrinks the empire a little more until the very concept of empire is no longer tenable. The people will be spectators as the dying elites savage one another for their share of the declining profits.

The lesson from the Faulkner tales is that elites must be replaced by elites. The Snopes clan either had to evolve into an elite or be replaced along with the old elite as represented by the Compson family. That means the Bush side of the struggle will not last, but neither will the Clinton side. Rapacious thievery can never be the foundation for  a new elite. A generation from now, the people at the top of whatever comes of America will be nothing like the ruling class of today.

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174 thoughts on “Modern Faulkner

  1. “Hillary was defeated [by one his] husband’s old gold buddies.” (by one of her instead of “one his”)

  2. Not trying to be disrespectful, but just noticed some errors while reading.

    “Hillary was defeated by one his husband’s old [gold] buddies.” (I think you meant golf)

    “George Bush gave a speech [to] on 9/11, as Joe Biden was cognitively unable to do it.” (no need for to)

    “Rapacious thievery can never be the foundation for [anew] elite.” (should be space between a and new)

  3. Tomorrow is the recall election in California. Gruesome newsom vs a plethora or freaks, ghouls, and bugmen. The guy that is predicted to win if newsom is recalled is Larry Elder. Again the folks on the right are taking pictures with him whenever they can for future campaign commercials. I heard him talking today on the AM radio. He sounds just like Apollo creed. Anyone else notice that. By the way what happened to that Casey kid ? Don’t see him around lately. Whiteness protection?

    • The recall lost in a landslide, seems like it was just a ruse from the Republican elite to promote that mentally ill dude who thinks he’s a female and the magic negro. It was done to show the deranged globalist elites that Republicans are not really “homophobes” or “racists.” Mission accomplished, I guess? Since they both got a ton of media attention from the establishment/cuck right. That’s what it was all about in the end.

  4. We already have a new ruling class. Its here. It is part Hindu-Dindu, think “Dr. Khil” the Indian Psychiatrist from Yale who spoke about wanting to kill all Whites, to African Immigrants like Ilhan Omar.

    I could easily see Omar being President. Constitution who cares, its irrelevant anyway.

    The advantage brown foreigners have is A. the deep family network that allows them to project power around the globe; B. the worship most Whites have of black and brown as the racial saviors from Original White sin. I.E. Industrial society allowing ordinary people to have nice things too.

    Look for AOC to lead the Senate in a few years, Omar the House. And have a tidal wave of Indians, Africans, and such running pretty much most of the country.

    Whites? We will be the hereditary slave race used as slaves the way the Arabs used us in Al-Andalus (no Arab ever did a bit of work when he could enslave a White person to do it for him) and Baghdad.

  5. I must beg to disagree. “Rapacious thievery” may not be the basis for a new elite, but it IS the basis for civilization, perhaps “subsistence” would be a better term, throughout much of history to include the present time. The continent of Africa has seen little better than savagery during most of recorded history. Asia to include the recently (but, alas not completely vacated) nation of Afghanistan was never known for much more than feuding warlords. Even Europe probably fit the bill before the Renaissance. The West’s colonial centuries, without exception, conquered lesser peoples, some with vestiges of civilization but many of them primitive tribes. The dismal truth is that warring tribes and local chieftans seems to be the rule; an orderly well-functioning civilization the exception. 🙁

  6. Off topic: I want to reply to Derb’s weekly radio address, link below, but there is no other forum other than here where I can comment. Maybe he’ll see it here.

    First, Derb has been a hero of mine for 20 years and nothing is going to change that. However…

    One, when considering alternative explanations for the accepted 9/11 explanations, he literally uses the volume of conspiracy theories involving j3ws as an exoneration of the j3ws.

    Two, he goes around the world recording all the rising non-white birth rates without considering who is paying to bring them here.

    Harsh truth: A few j3ws were kind to Derb as a young man. Further, as a writer he was convinced that any criticism of j3ws signaled low status. Consequently, this giant of an intellect is unable to engage with this topic at all.

  7. “Hillary was defeated by one his husband’s old gold buddies.”
    Should be
    “Hillary was defeated by one Her husband’s old gold buddies”

    • The phrase “his husband” is autocorrect for the Era of Gay Marriage and Gender Fluidity, while “gold buddies” in place of “golf buddies” refers to the mercenary, transactional nature of the New World Order.

  8. In a perfect world, no politician could occupy any elected position until they could first demonstrate that they had successfully run a private business for 5 years.

  9. Re the Bush-Clinton crime families that destroyed America, I found out how they’re coming for me.

    Tyson Foods, once a small tool-and-die company, rose on a wave of crime and corruption as an ally of the Bush-Clinton criminal cartel.

    The company turned away twenty semi-trailer loads from entering the plant in Arkansas because the drivers were unvaccinated.

    Note, we no longer say, “immunized”.

    Prince BootyJudge of the DOT didn’t need to pass some regulation and face industry lawsuits. No, the woke corporates volunteered.

    That’s 800,000 pounds of chicken.
    This sh*t is no longer about profitability.

    • PS- I’m paying close attention because I’m waiting on parts nearby here in Oklahoma, chatting with the struggling little hotel and struggling little restaurant. Tipping like mad just because.

      Those parts? On backorder. From Connecticut, the nearest available.

    • That’s grimly ironic since leaky jabs fpr chickens made Marek’s disease much more dangerous to the chickens.

      One has to wonder if they are attempting to create a similar scenario among humans.

      • I often debate Marek’s Disease on COVID-19 debates. I freely admit my “knowledge” of it goes scarcely further than the short but informative Wikipedia entry.

        So far as I know, it’s only the “leaky” or “non-sterilizing” “vaccine” (actually, “disease modifier” is more accurate) of the human jabs. COVID-19 in its present form(s) is really a rather tame disease, occasional disability and deaths notwithstanding. I think to approach a Marek-like horror scenario, Covid would have to mutate into a much deadlier form. Possible I conjecture, but (I hope) very remote.

        • Remote? The viral load of the vaccinated is 251 times that of unvaccinated. They are asymptiomatic because the artificial virus isn’t isolated to respiratory, nose and throat.

          The vaccinated are 27 times more likely to catch covid variants, as well as incubate and create (!) them. We are the perfect walking bio- timebomb.

          Marek’s gain-of-funtion it is, since those who created this are the same ones who direct the inoculation.

          That’s why they encourage the vaxxed to “Mingle! Mingle!”. You can come out now.

          Note the venues- bars, restaurants, concerts, gym, holiday- the province of the young. The secretly sterilized young…

          Kill the old, the sick, the weak. Sterilize the white young, the browns have plenty left. Killing off their competitors that their inbred class might rule the ruins.

    • One function of government is to protect workers from rapacious capitalists.

      The government forcing private companies to enforce laws/policies that it can’t pass and enforce itself is just obscene.

      No right (or even mechanism) of appeal, no recourse, no trial, just obedience to the state and to the corporation.

      • Superficially it seems surprising that it took them so long to try this. I allows you to solve the “not enough police” problem when making laws that would be unenforceable otherwise, i.e. mask mandates. Several things probably prevented this.

        First, there really did used to be a difference between the corporate elite and the government elite. The Leftists’ formulation of an oppositional role for these groups made at least some sense. Now it really does seem that they are all the same people and share the same goals.

        Second, the direct use of private business to enforce government policy is probably illegal but fortunately for the new tyrants, the judicial system is packed with the same type of people as all the other institutions. These people don’t care what the law says. The law might say that you can’t task a business with law enforcement without going through a whole long process of deputizing them and filling out conflict of interest statements. Everyone concerned just stops listening, plugs their ears, and starts yelling “global pandemic, global pandemic”.

      • Hahaha! Selma Hayek did just that on a women’s talk show.

        Fried crickets were a childhood treat in her home village. She said, “my mouth is watering so much, I’m losing my English”!

  10. The first George Bush was always an outlier of presidents. Reedy-voiced, scrawny, and overly brainy, he lacked charisma in a television-focused age. That mismatch was his downfall and Bill (“Please, cawl me Bill“) Clinton was a smooth knife built for the visual-audio age.

    Ross Perot was reedy in the same way as George Bush. In any triumvirate interview setting, Clinton was bound to look and play the best, by far.

    • Pardoning all of the Iran Contra jamokes, doubling LEGAL immigration, signing NAFTA, instituting the H1-B, Gulf War I, and the Invasion of Panama were his downfall.

      • I note that the Zman doesn’t let himself get tied up in side issues, because that blows the sale.

        He is right, and wrong, to castigate us ardent anti-semites. While I see the money power cultivating and lifting up the worst of our people, replacing the landed gentry, the problem is still that we have the worst of our people: eagerly available to sell out every achievement of their race.

      • Don’t forget allowing the DOJ to go after the cops involved in the Rodney King case after the not guilty verdict, thus laying the groundwork/precedent to finally get around double-jeopardy.

  11. Perhaps we will return to the rule of the Sartorises (sic).

    Hell, Thomas Sutpen would be preferable to the Bushes and the Clintons.

    Hey, a man can hope.

  12. Pundits such as on talk radio have been predicting, waiting the collapse oft he us empire/order for decades. Maybe it will happen, but it is taking a lot longer than many predicted or hoped it would. Biden is an incoherent mess but do not for a second mistake this as weakness of the ‘deep state’.

  13. Faulkner said that “the past is never dead, it’s not even past.” He was speaking of the South. Despite the many changes in that region, that saying is still true in the residual backwaters, of which there are many. I can only speak from what I know.

    Another thing about Faulkner is that he was a cuck, & his writings show it. He found it very useful to bend the knee to the NY publishers. His writings demean all Southerners but that’s what he had to do in order to please his NYC & Hollywood bosses.

      • Here’s something I found.

        Quinn doesn’t explain why Faulkner was such a cuck, but I have read other stuff about Faulkner & how he stood in awe of the New York “intellectuals”. He knew which side his bread was buttered on. That’s why they hired him to write for Hollywood.

        Faulkner was a terrible stylist, to boot. Almost unreadable. He was a pretty good storyteller however. His “southern gothic” plots are among the strangest imaginable. But he really was the epitome of the self-loathing white.

        • I don’t know…I think people are far too ready to bandy about the “XYZ was a cuck!” insult about people long dead.

          Faulkner’s first couple of novels contain, IMO, some of the most powerful writing ever put to page of fictional characters in a fully real fictional world. How someone’s imagination could conceive and then execute such a vision impresses me.

          But, of course, nothing fails like sucess. After about 1936, his writing falls off pretty fast and he begins spinning out stores that were aimed to please a larger audience. Was that “cucking”? I mean, I guess…but a man’s got to make a living. All Faulkner had was a pen and meanwhile his wife, daughter, stepson, mother, as well as his dead brother’s widow and her two kids, were all dependent on Faulkner’s ability to make a living through putting words to page.

          In the middle of the Great Depression, I might add. No wonder he drank himself to death.

          I’m inclined to cut the man some slack. He wrote five phenomenal novels and a 1/2 dozen pretty good ones plus short stories, scripts, etc. His views on race were, to say the least, wildly inconsistent going fawning liberal to redneck reactionary. Towards the end, by the 1960’s he was saying things like, “If it comes down to the United States or Mississippi, I choose Mississippi.” At which point, the reporters stopped calling. Probably for the best.

          Safe to say, I think Faulkner (like 90% of American ancestors) would be horrified but not surprised at what the US has become…

  14. Zman, have you ever seen any of the National Lampoon magazine issues? Seems like there is a huge “hole” in the market for a similar enterprise today. In the UK they have (or had, lst time i checked) a magazine called “Viz” that also has potential, here.

    • I’ve mentioned this before. The National Lampoon of the 70s and early 80s might have been the high point of non-cucked humor. We’ve got to take back our humor and make it acceptable to piss on anyone and everyone again.

      Start with this P.J. O’Rourke article. Nope, he’s likely not our guy today, but that’s the point. He’s not our guy and he still wrote stuff like this and had it sold at every newsstand in the country.

      • That is utterly hilarious, I’m very glad I clicked the link. Saving that for future use. Damn shame things that funny aren’t allowed to be written anymore.

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  16. There is something (funda) mentally wrong with “men” who are sexually attracted to other men’s assholes. In the same vein, there is something funda-mentally wrong with men (and women) who want to govern their fellows lives. The Magna Carta tried to address this character flaw, but it only lasted a month. Now the bastards have invoked “executive Orders” to restore the Devine Rights of ((presidents)) rulers and we sane folks are truly screwed again.

    • fun·da·ment
      Learn to pronounce
      the foundation or basis of something.
      a person’s buttocks.

    • In response to the Taki article I’d like to caution people to be very careful of what they say publicly and especially online in response to Biden now threatening the public. I have no doubt that most of us are thinking about how they will respond and what they’re prepared to do. No need to say it out loud because I’m sure the panopticon is watching and taking notes. Biden just declared war; none of us need to.

      • The Biden Admin is going to have its hands full. When I first started hearing about the “F*** Joe Biden!” chants at college football games, I clicked the links… and found three or four obviously drunk fans being obnoxious, so I figured it was more manufactured clickbait outrage.

        Footage from this weekend, though, tells a different story. There was one in which entire sections were chanting it… entire student sections.

        That’s very, very bad, social stability-wise. When you’ve got the most determinedly apolitical segment of the population stirred up, any retaliation is bound to be a gross overreaction that makes things infinitely worse….

        • The growth of “F*** Joe Biden” chants in the next few weeks could get interesting. Producers are surely already being warned to mute background audio at any sporting event where the customers voice their opinion.

        • The non stop mocking and disrespect for the office of the President for 4 years under Trump isn’t a light switch that can be turned off and on at will.

          The office has been severely diminished. Good? Bad? I don’t know. But it’s amusing to see an ancient geezer dementia patient get a giant public finger from the youth.

          • I think it is good. The entire system is rotten and unfixable. Pres. Trump was the Globalist American Empire ruling elite’s last chance to initiate reforms to save the old system. Unlike the old Russian imperial aristocracy which saw the need the reform but simply wasn’t competent enough to pull it off in time, these bumbling virtue signaling multicultural submediocrities are incapable of even the slightest introspection. They so richly deserve everything they have coming. Delegitimization? More, please.

          • Great, actually. When your enemy’s dutiful and, for what they do, astonishingly cheap whores are being diminished, degraded, and heckled, it’s only upside. The man will be reduced to rubble by year’s end. Make that “official” rubble because he is in ruins now.

      • It didn’t have to be this way. There were some of us who suggested secession back before it was too late. We told you this would happen. We saw this coming. If you had listened then, none of this would be happening now. We’d have our own country and we’d be living in freedom and ruled by our own elected politicians, people who look like us and act in our interests. Thanks to all the rubes who shot down that suggestion.

        Just as I predicted (and my predictions pretty much always come true), these boomers embraced one false hope after another and then enticed the population to continue fighting a hopeless cause until all was lost — all because they were mentally so weak they couldn’t handle the truth that another Reagan wasn’t around the corner.

        “But we got all da guns blackpiller. Never give up. We gonna take it all back. Making ‘Murica gret agen. Win duh cibil wur arrives, we gonna win. Woo hoo. Now let’s sit back and chug beer and watch college futbal while doing nuttin to oppose the left cuz we got dis one en da bag.”

        Good job. Old boomers will get to go to their graves in peace while everyone under age 45 will live in a totalitarian police state like the Soviet Union. Thanks boomers. Worst generation ever.

          • Because they gave us this nightmare. Their parents may have given us the American Empire, but they embraced it hook, line, and sinker. That was the last generation with the demographics capable of turning back the tide, but instead they doubled down because “immigrants will save our Social Security” and “you need to get $50k in student loan debt to be anything because we’re outsourcing your job to the Mexicans.” They deserve all the scorn they get.

        • I complain about the nonwhites because they won’t kill off their worst, whose spawn then come to rule.

          It turns out, we were unwilling to up and outright execute our own as well. Guy Fawkes was right.

        • I for one am sorry we didn’t follow your leadership on secession. That will be my lifes biggest regret along with not getting vaxxed. Now will you quit stomping your feet and go hug your parents.

      • I think I can speak for many of us here. If you’ve been on this board for any length of time, especially being outspoken as I am, you are probably on the list already 🙂

        So for the Central Scrutinizer, may I say with no respect due, because they are worthy of none:

        “Go fuck yourself. I am willing and ready to die for what I believe in. You come for me at your peril. You will have to strip me of my property, my liberty, my life. I’ll be Goddamned if I will lay them down for your or bow at your feet.”

  17. “What emerges from the inevitable turmoil that comes when these two modes of politics collapse under the weight of their own immorality is unknown“

    Unknown? Not to me. What comes is race war. A physical grab for the remaining spoils. Not the “cold” race war we have now, but a “hot” one acted out in the streets—ala the early 20th century. Only Whites will be in the minority this time. So losses will be greater and tactics will rule the day.

    • I think that is a definite possibility. That is one reason I will not live in a city or suburb. There are many rural areas in this country that are still overwhelming white. My choice is a forested mountainous region in hard core redneck country. Any race war in my area will end end quickly with lots of dead invaders.

      • More power to you. But living independently in the hills for someone my age is not completely the answer. The amenities of a town/city—especially medical care—is becoming a key issue. Of course, that varies with the poz (diversity) of the city. Walking into a city hospital and being the only White face is a scary thought as well. Been through that once myself with parents.

        • N east tenn has a medical school, so decent health care, 90+ huwhite. No Costco. Housing prices are going through the roof lately, but still low compared to many areas.

  18. Our elites, once based on martial honor and filial duty, have been replaced by interlocking mafias which profit on starting fires and stirring hornet’s nests.

    It turns out that war, limited by the bounds of blood and soil- territory, as all of Nature understands- was a necessary self-culling of the elite males. Can we survive this bloodless, feminine Peace?

    One thing I do know: the re-ordering of the world has forever sullied the brand of White civilization. We were emulated by all, and now we bring naught but destruction.

    The Russians built schools, factories, apartments, oil facilities, pipelines, and dams all across Afghanistan, they are still there. What did Democracy bring? We built nothing, and left ruins in our wake.
    Tikkun Olam, motherf***ers, Tikkun f***ing Olam.

    • The UK had a much more established and sturdy foundation to support its rot. The United States does not.

      • What is the true foundation of any nation, but it’s people. In that, the UK seems a bit behind the US in diversity madness, but as Canada has shown, can catch up in a generation or two. When the people are diverse, there is no national foundation. No unity. No transcendent purpose. There is only strife among competing “interests”. It’s only a matter of time and numbers.

        Enoch Powell foresaw this and warned—not just the British populous, but all the White, Western nations—but he was a man before his time.

    • Rdz, I can sympathize. However, if you are like most people you have a need to connect with a force larger than yourself.

      If you are a Christian, then you’ve got your answer. But if you’re not, consider embracing your extended racial family.

      It doesn’t matter if we appear to be doomed, we still have to try, for our ancestors and our extended posterity!

  19. Myth 20 Century guys produced a notably good show about Bell Labs and its massive wealth of creativity. A takeaway was that high school science teachers across America would recognize promising young men and vector them into the school-to-Bell-Labs pipeline.

    We would need a way to recognize our bright young men and inculcate real leadership qualities. I suppose it should be men of all ages since we need such men now as well. Something like the old Boy Scouts plus Toast Masters plus all the other things we know are desired. Teach and educate, give recognition to achievement.

    • interesting story about bell labs and sony. in the 50’s bell labs held the patent on the solid state transistor. licensed it to sony for $50k. that’s when sony stopped being a rice cooker company, and started making radios and tvs.

    • We don’t have to standby & wait for the next Alexander the Great to arise in our modern age. The path forward is actually quite simple and builds on the existing strengths of the DR. The average DR is a low-key working class guy who knows how to build, repair, and move things. They are the small cogs in a national machine that keeps the engine of our economy running. And when they get pissed off enough, they might just stop working or worse. And that problem could hit everywhere all at once, which is no trivial thing. But add focus to the mix, and the effect becomes far, far more impactful. What if the antibodies just decide to target the disease cells? And if you’re a disease cell, you cannot even take a shit without wondering what might happen.

      • Alexander had a pretty good tutor: Aristotle.

        If we wish build up an elite that is selfless and loyal, we need to engage in senselessness and loyalty. We need to invest time and resource unrequitedly to train them.

        If a lot of us were to withhold services, that would be a union implementing a strike. Immigrants are scabs.

        • A large-scale work stoppage can be very powerful in a world in which politics actually has an impact on how government functions, but ultimately it hurts the little guy more than the cloud people. The actors in DC would likely get the vapors over a work stoppage, but behind the scenes, it would still be business as usual.

          Alternately, one unobtrusive mechanic in the right place at the right time can send a message that will echo through the clouds like a thunderbolt.

          You don’t have to daydream about becoming the next Aristotle or Alexander. Go to tech school and become the mechanic.

          • Then perhaps the answerr is to surround the Imperial Capital and choke it off, like the Prussians did Paris.

  20. I wrote think yesterday on your link to Taki, but it bears repeating:

    It almost was picture perfect that on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 W took a piss all over the voters who elected him twice. It was the perfect coda for a family of grifters who posed as aristocracy but were worse (and far more addicted) White trash than even the Clintons.

    In fact, I would go so far as to write W’s speech trashing his voters was the perfect bookend to the Clinton-Bush Reign of Terror. In a civilized world, that man would have been hung for war crimes. Instead, he slithers along as the Empire starts to dissolve, unloved and without notice.

    The United States is breaking apart even now in a de facto way. When it becomes de jure, look for the Evil Empire II to bare its fangs and unleash Hell on the apostates. It won’t go well for EE2 by the time it is over but the first people out will suffer the hardest. In a way, I would hope it is a leftist enclave such as California that exits first because the Empire will be less harsh on them.

      • Or what’s left of them can dust off “Last Resort” from hotel California – call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye…

  21. For a time, we’ll have a revolving door of parasites/scammers taking what they can from a dying empire, but as Z notes, a true elite – an elite that can last generations – has to represent more than themselves.

    This country functions because whites don’t play the identity game. It’s impossible for a true elite to rise in a multi-racial society because they can’t represent all groups. Yes, an elite from one group can rise and help their group conquer the other groups, but that’s tenuous at best. And, obviously, that elite doesn’t represent the entire society.

    Whites can have no true elite until a group emerges that leads whites out of our role as helots and back to ruling over our own people. For an elite class to last, it has to actually care for the people that it rules over and to help those people succeed. Otherwise, it will get replaced – sooner or later. We have an elite that literally hate us and are trying to destroy us.

    That can’t last.

    • The problem, at least for now is that we don’t have the ability to generate elites. We lack both the women to produce the children and the institutions to cultivate a new elite. The elite came out of old families and were cultivated by the military or even the schools. The schools and military are corrupt to the core and the women just aren’t having enough children.

  22. i was thinking the other day, is that an explicitly white political party would disempower the current parasitical white overclass. once they are shown to have zero political support, how do they keep the muds from taking over the dem party power structure? and the forced out whites will not be accepted into the all white party “All White? Alright!!”. so they become ronin and fade into the woodwork…

    • It’s happening now. Think McConnell or McCarthy have any juice whatsoever? If someone wants to waste time, the Republican Party can be displaced and dropped dead very quickly.

      (the “von” is a nice touch)

    • karl: Even if an explicitly White political party could form, there would be a large percentage of Whites (perhaps 40%-60%) who would ultimately choose to remain with the nominal ‘opposition.’ And while all here can see that the whites remaining within the black/brown/yellow coalition will eventually be subjugated and/or forced out, they will be welcomed with open arms by the civic nationalists. I know you know that there is no political solution within the current paradigm that will save the White race, so I’m not berating you.

      Just think of the explicitly nationalist parties in Europe – all have been attacked, infiltrated, sidelined and/or lost to the Greens at the voting booth. There is no way back via electoral means in any White nation, whether via democracy or a parliament or a party leader. The only way forward is through, and it’s going to be awful and bloody, but it is utterly unavoidable if even a small minority with a White identity remains.

      • i think the key is to not make the party agenda too incendiary, just keep pointing out how the dem party is for non-whites, and whites deserve a party that looks out for them. base the platform on gibs for the kids, and let human nature do its thing.

        no one can know ahead of time what percentage of whites would be open to such a party, but once it was formed, it would only grow each election cycle. and i know we are not going to vote our way out of anything, but the reason for this party is not electoral, it is martial.

        • karl: Interesting concept, to combine the political with the martial in AINO. Not sure how or if it would work; will have to ponder.

      • Only worse so here. At least Europe has proportional representation in many places, not winner take all.

        I am not saying there is a political solution, but the one most likely to succeed that I can envision is slowly altering our system to proportional rather than winner take all. At least that would force some representation at some level. Probably would have to start out local somewhere, then slowly catch on.

  23. Some forms of cancer have proper names (like Hodgkin’s lymphoma). So let’s call our national cancer the Bush-Clinton Dark Death, and there should be a graphical symbol to warn others when entering a Prog infestation zone. Perhaps a jug-eared Barry assbanging W. Or is that too classy for the elites? Monica is back in the news, so maybe just an image of Bill smoking a cigar with a shit-eating grin on his face will do the trick. The options are endless.

    Either way, Tater Joe is pushing hard for Civil War 2.0, but he may get French Revolution 2.0 instead. I don’t know if they’re just plain stupid or suicidal, but the cancer is fast approaching Stage 4 and Normie may soon have to put down his latte and have a snit. Then it’s Katy bar the door time.

  24. There are a couple of decent movies out, that are based on a couple of the Faulkner books; The Long Hot Summer. An earlier version from the 50’s with Newman; and a version from the 80’s with prime Don Johnson. Both are good, with the earlier one doing a better job of capturing (at least some of) the Southern milieu the stories were set in.

  25. I think the new elites must emerge from the wreckage of the New England WASPs or the Southern aristocracy, or whatever comes next won’t be American. Could be modified in form, or back to basics, could be from old families that fell on hard times long ago or that never made the history books, but it can’t be a continuation of what we have now, and anything American can’t come from other than that culture and those families.

    You can debate whether or not that’s a good thing (I think it would be a tragedy to lose America, empire notwithstanding), but the nation of ideas is no nation.

    • What we’re experiencing is a country with a counterfeit elite on both sides. Even the Bush family isn’t the Bush family of 1920. Even Pappy Bush wasn’t Prescott Bush. The patina is rubbed off, exposing the base metal. The same base metal that was there when they were Victorian era opium merchants to China. One can see this in the man-child’s speech a few days ago. I’ve often said, for years, that without his family name, GW Bush would have been nothing but a drunk in Midland-Odessa who tried to start a Chem-Dry franchise in the 80’s and flopped due to his own stupidity and substance abuse.

      • True. People have short memories. Clinton was Gov of Arkansas when the Reagan/GHWB/CIA admin was importing drugs and exporting arms during Iran-Contra. Fast forward 30 or so years and you find out the Clintons and Bushes are besties and that Bill even called GHWB “dad.” Theater.

        • Exactly. They were tied from the hip. Pappy Bush was the one who first promoted Billy as a ‘dark horse’ candidate the Democrats didn’t want.

          Hey- both the Bushes and Hillary were from Connecticut, weren’t they? We must’ve had more Old Family Deep State wierdness going on here.

          Ol’ Dads was raised on a dry farm between Hope and Hot Springs. He didn’t think much of Billy, and voted for Ross Perot.

          • Hillary was uber White trash from Chicago. She was actually much lower status than Bill. The carefully curated history elides over that part.

            The Bushes have a genetic predisposition for addiction and are drunks, addicts, and whores. !Yeb’s Meztizo daughter, by way of example, was busted trying to pass a forged opiate prescription at a Walgreen drive thru. Nothing says “class” quite like that.

          • hiilary is from the fine state of illinois, i believe. couldn’t be bothered to look it up and check.

  26. “the Bush side of the struggle will not last, but neither will the Clinton side. Rapacious thievery can never be the foundation for anew elite. A generation from now, the people at the top of whatever comes of America will be nothing like the ruling class of today.”

    What we have now is untenable. There is no guarantee that what comes next is better. W a bad analogy, this situation, and life in general, is an interactive videogame, not a blockbuster to watch passively. We should be prepared to snatch power. But since I dont know when or how the opening will come, that is more a prayer than an instruction.

  27. Faulkner said to Shelby Foote that his only moment of genius as an author was when he named the family “Snopes”.

    Hard to disagree.

    Faulkner’s overriding contribution to American literature was showing how the culture writ large was nothing more than ongoing disintegration and decay. Certainly, nothing proves that more than the odious Bush family, half Puritan and half caudillo at this point, with a steadfast refusal to fade away and live off the interest from their many ill acquired millions. They are just as prole as the Clintons by now and will go on grifting until finally, the grift grinds to an end.

    “Rapacious thievery can never be the foundation for a new elite. ”

    I have this conversation with my friends often. Most of them are normies slowly waking up to the huge problems swamping the country. The ones who work in banking and high finance always have the same line: “there is no country in comparison to America for equality of opportunity… People need to start a business… Carpe diem, etc.”

    I agree with them to some extent–go and try to set up a business in Peru–but I am always asking them the same question: what happens when the boom times turn to a bust? An economy can tolerate a lot of graft when times are good but what happens after the inevitable bust?

    Even more, if we have Great Depression II, how do you think it’s going to work with a bunch of different ethnic groups all jabbering for the same slice of the tax pie? We have tried and tried to unite a country on the basis of shared greed. It hass not worked well. It will work worse shortly.

    • People need to start a business

      So typical though isn’t it? They cannot even come to the realization that most people aren’t cut out for that kind of thing and these types usually have nothing for contempt for those who cannot.

      • that’s the “I’m alright Jack” response of people who cannot conceive of themselves ever being in need. keep it in mind if they ever come knocking…

        • The person who comes to me in “need” better be well known to me, a relative, or have something to trade. Folks with their hand out—whatever race—are shit out of luck.

          • Compsci:

            1 Timothy 5:8: “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

            Matthew 5:46: “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?”
            Moral: Even the evil money grubbing tax payers love and care for their own families FIRST (i.e. it’s innate and natural and ought to go without saying)

          • 3g4me, I believe that’s what I said. Relatives are blood line. They may not have prepared, but they are blood and a duty is owed. If not owed, then we are just animals, not worthy of survival. Others however, are never entitled. Our (others) relationship therefore is transactional and must be to mutual benefit.

            Your scripture is well taken and always in the forefront of my thinking, albeit my thinking is sometimes poorly expressed. Thanks.

    • Tell your high-finance pals that there’s one helluva lot more to life and living than a McMansion and a seven-figure portfolio.

    • When your friends in banking and high finance say “they need to start a business” do you ask them “what business have you started?”

  28. Let me see if I can put this with exquisite delicacy, to avoid the Eye of Sauron. It’s a striking fact about the Unpleasantness of 1861-5 that the losing side lost so much of its human capital, too. Something like 1 in 8 Southern men of military age died in the Civil War. On top of that, much like the British on the Western Front, losses were catastrophically disproportionate among officers.

    Granted, “officer” is not necessarily a good proxy for “member of the current elite” — lots of obscure good ol’ boys rising through the ranks, just as “Kitchener men,” though often fine officers, were Not Our Sort, old sock. But those are the guys who have the most on the ball, and also the guys most likely to end up dead. You just don’t come back from something like that… however it turned out on the battlefield, a South where guys like Stonewall Jackson and Patrick Cleburne lived would’ve been a much more dynamic, on-the-ball one than the one they got.

    There is, however, another kind of internecine unpleasantness that clears off the dead wood. If the kids these days know anything about the Wars of the Roses, it’s in the context of that goofy Game of Thrones show, but the WotR were really things that happened, and on balance they were a good thing, from the “structural biodiversity” standpoint if no other — lots of new blood at the top in their wake, because so insanely much of the old blood got spilled at Barnet and Towton and whatnot.

    Alas, neither of those two scenarios seem likely as the Evil Empire collapses. Not that there won’t be widespread nasty violence — I think we’re all on the same page on that one — but military service is for Deplorables or bare-assed barbarians from beyond the Rhine, not Cloud People. They’ll have to be dragged from their spider holes like Saddam, f*cking things up to the bitter end…

    [Seriously, if you haven’t watched Downfall, rent it asap. Want to know what it’s like there behind the razor wire in Tubman, Distrito Federal? Watch, and weep].

    • Severian: Your prognostications match many of the TEOTWAKI novels, where things fall apart (pick your poison – EMP, computer virus, etc.). Ordinary White people try to hold onto a bit of sanity amid warring gangs and warlords (please note the worst of these are White motorcycle gangs, because even self-published preppers are not so indecent as to be rayciss).

      But usually, just as some group is starting to rebuild something, some unknown bureaucrat calls out from his fed hidey hole to claim leadership by right of muh democratic succession, and more carnage ensues. I’m sure someone somewhere has noted all the specifics of not merely Mount Weather but all other federal delving projects, and those dug in will need to be buried so that they can’t ever come out again. And let the rest of them come out of their bunkers in New Zealand and hail the Maoris as fellow diversitopians and reap their just rewards.

      • While New Zealand is run by a psychopathic White woman, Kiwis are pretty practical people. They already do not like the limited presence of Cloud People among them, Peter Jackson excepted due to being a local, and that’s just going to grow worse. That’s the Whites, mind you. The Maoris have all kinds of native traditions including child rape that will make the newcomers feel right at home and terrified at the same time.

        It is of little practical reward, but the near-certainty the Clouds are not going to prosper once the dust settles does bring a smile to one’s face.

      • “And let the rest of them come out of their bunkers in New Zealand and hail the Maoris as fellow diversitopians and reap their just rewards.”

        They’ll be hailing. And the Maori will, hopefully, be a slayin’. Quite so. Like many non-whites the world over, perhaps the Maori have kept their tribal spirit.

    • Severian:
      Downfall is a fantastic movie. Well cast. Well done in every respect.

      In any case, it has also provided fodder for some hilarious Hitler parody clips over the past few years.
      Here, Hitler learns about Biden:

      • Bruno Ganz gets all the credit for his portrayal of Hitler — as well he should, it’s fantastic — but for those who know, Ulrich Matthes as Goebbels is even more terrifying. It’s a very hard movie to watch, but if you want to know how things are really going there behind the razor wire in the Imperial Capital, it’s a must-see.

        (and yeah, those “Hitler finds out about” clips are hilarious. The funniest one might be the most meta, in which Hitler finds out he’s an internet meme).

  29. It’s quite telling that old aristocracies could last for several generations with reasonably decent leadership derived from good upbringing and genetics, but you see the current elites devolve their genetic line at a shocking pace.

    With the Clinton’s we have Chelsea, who on top of being horribly ugly is dumb as a lamp-post. With the Bush’s we had a machiavellian but competent Prescott Bush bring mediocrity Bush senior, who brought the dunce Bush jumior. Bush junior’s kids seemed to enjoy drugs and partying more than statecraft, which is good for us.

    Maybe the art of finding ‘good breeding’ is lost on the current elites, or maybe the culture and education they receive is several deviations poorer than previous generations. In any case, these multi-generational dynasties are becoming a thing of the past. They seem to only be a thing now in the multi-national banking sectors, which points to the rise of post-national dynasties.

    • That’s an outdated view of the Bush daughters. Barbara is working the NGO grift circuit hard, and Jenna is a media figure. Both are tireless warriors for globohomo, just less publicly than by seeking office.

      • From wikipedia: In 2011, Bush released a video with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, calling on New York State to legalize same-sex marriage.[17][18] “‘I am Barbara Bush, and I am a New Yorker for marriage equality,’ she says in the brief message, sponsored by an advocacy group. ‘New York is about fairness and equality. And everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love.'”[18] Bush joined other children of prominent Republican politicians—including Meghan McCain and Mary Cheney—in endorsing gay marriage.[18]

        It’s all so tiresome….

      • Vizzini: Spot-on characterization of the Bush twin girls. But don’t forget Yeb’s son, George P, working his way up the repuke ladder here in Texas. Yeah, we’re the true home of all self-sufficient, patriotic ‘murricans, so he naturally left Florida and mammi and parked himself here to study under Cornyn and Abbott all the other Conservative, Inc. old guard.

    • I don’t think any of George HW and Barbara’s grandkids are doing particularly well for themselves. The most attractive granddaughter married Ralph Lauren’s son. Here are a list of the grandkids from a write up around the time Bush died. Not an impressive accomplishment among the bunch although some are still young adults. I can’t see any big money donors swooping in and trying to force any of them on the country, I doubt George P. is going anywhere in Texas.

    • I don’t see why they would be completely immune from the degenerate culture that’s destroying everything else.

    • generations? try centuries. most of the nice parts of london haven’t changed hands since the 1600’s.

  30. The ruling elite and everything associated with them simply need to be swept away en masse. If it comes to something like that, it won’t be happy times for anyone, but the unfortunate alternative is to continue to watch in abject horror (and tremendous amounts of cynicism) as this group of clowns clod hops from one fiasco to the next – and no one is ever held to account. It’ll be telling if newsome is protected and saved by the machine – what will the people of Cali do? It’s often a bellwether state, particularly for cultural/societal events. However, as with a lot of the s*** that’s gone down in the last year and a half, I’m not going to be holding my breath.

    • UsNthem: I’m fully expecting Newsome to prevail – they’re not going to allow something as silly as a recall campaign to derail forward progress in tomorrowland. As for those genetically genuine Whites in California, well, they’ve made their choice (and those who are stuck by financial circumstances have my sympathy, but even that only extends so far).

      • Elder has no more chance in California than a kitten amid a pack of mastiffs. That state is rigged to ensure nobody to the right of Trotsky gains power.

    • my gut is gavin will survive the recall, but be mortally wounded as a national candidate. but it doesn’t matter one way or the other (to Cali) because most of the whites here are clinically insane. and i mean that in the medical sense of the word. i try and avoid all contact with them, as they can and will go off if they sense “the other” nearby. hoiping the lot of them go down with ADE from the coof jab. i am going to give it another year here, to see if they really go after the unvaxxed, and then i am gone.

  31. Well I guess this makes W just like the idiot Benjy Compson – living proof of the decay of the clan. The idiot says nothing intelligible for 20 years and then comes out and blames the average guy for his disasters.

    In the modern American telling of the Faulkner tales, we whites will be like his freed blacks, about which Faulkner simply says : “they endured”.

    • > The idiot says nothing intelligible for 20 years and then comes out and blames the average guy for his disasters.

      Honestly, this was the best thing he could have done for us. The anger you felt on hearing that is a fraction of the anger your normal white who enthusiastically voted red for twenty years only to realize he was a sap.

      The first thing two people told me when I brought it up was “I can’t believe I voted for that man.”

      It’s one thing to lose to your opponent, but another to be betrayed by the leader who was supposed to be on your side.

      Notice how subdued the 9/11 remembrance was among the average person. Note how it’s already forgotten and there’s little patriotism to be found, only some boos and trolls of the current president, which ten years ago would seem tacky to our side on a national day of remembrance, but now encouraged. There’s no more water to squeeze from the turnip anymore.

      • That Breitbart, notable redoubt of norm, boomer conservatism, ran the story and that the responses have been apoplectic, is nothing but good news.

        • There are green shoots, as Z has noted in the past. The last election being stolen so blatantly probably was the best thing that could have happened to our people, for example, and the disaster and catastrophe of what has followed has been the cherry on top.

    • you just know ole george had to consciously refrain from tugging at the front of his pants, while giving that speech.

  32. “A generation from now, the people at the top of whatever comes of America will be nothing like the ruling class of today”

    Yep, they’ll be moderate to low IQ smelly brown people.

    • no. check out the ruling class of mexico. white as white can be, 100% european. same all through south america, too. they tried a brown one in venezuela, and it didn’t go so well.

      • That seems to be what the white people at the top of the system believe, however there is a big difference. Latin America/Mexico doesn’t have a large and growing number of Asians, Indians, or obnoxious Jews, yeah I know a Jap was president of Peru a while back, the elite in the US have been very stupid for far too long

        • In addition to the Japanese Peruvians, don’t forget their marxist “Shining Path.” Led by recently deceased Manuel Ruben Abimael Guzman. Although he went to Catholic schools, I believe his father was Jewish.

          • south america is this bizzaro version of europe. argentina for example, had a ton of italians move there (too), and they speak a weird kind of spanish with a lot of italian influence. there are villages there (Paraguay) that are more german than any village actually in germany. and the cherry on top? Nietzsche moved there to be with his sister, at the end of his life.

      • It’s a funny thing that I never really understood what Trump was saying when he said “Mexico is not sending their best” until my firm did work this past year with a Mexican division of a US company. Their executives looked like they may as well have been straight from the Iberian Peninsula. Certainly didn’t look like those pouring over the southern border, which it seems Mexico is happy to offload on us (along with allowing pass-through of all those Central Americans).

        • Although I want to love my Iberian brothers they are subject to great temptation to pretend that they are Aztecs.

          If a Spainard pretends to be an Aztec for political or financial gain, there must be no forgiveness.

          If they pretend to be be@ners then we must treat them as such.

    • I think it’ll still be white (white-presenting) people who wear the dress but say they hate the brand. Even AOC talks like a blonde girl from Illinois.

      It’s true, even the brown countries find the palest people to rule them. America will just have a special ruling class of pale(r) people who hate real pale people.

      • Marko: AOC “talks like a blonde girl from Illinois” because that’s who she envies and loathes. Look at her ginger boyfriend. Same reason so many Juice marry blondes. They simultaneously want to destroy and yet to be what they hate and envy. Mexico and South America are not yet the multicultural cesspits that AINO has become – they are primarily a whit(ish) overclass and a mestizo and black underclass. They are increasingly importing Haitians, however, and there are a number of ‘fellow whites’ already there and more arriving, so I hesitate to predict their future.

        But AINO’s next generation overclass (presuming it is not renamed and survives the coming conflagration) will not be nearly as white. It will be part Han and part Latina and part Hindu. Think quadroons and a smattering of octoroons – some may look whiter than others, but there will be very few genuine European Whites among its ranks.

        • if imet AOC, i would say to her “look at these blue eyes, how pretty they are. and the best part is (here’s where i lean in a little) i can make babies with blue eyes.” then i leave her panting and receptive…

        • “They simultaneously want to destroy and yet to be what they hate and envy.”

          “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.’” — Joseph Sobran (April 1997)

    • California is a generation (or more) ahead of the rest of the country in terms of demographic change, i.e. white decline.

      Yet, who runs California? Whites/Jews with a sprinkling of Asians and other groups. It certainly isn’t Mexicans, unless you mean Conquistador Mexicans, i.e. whites with a tan.

      • Don’t fool yourself. I live in a county/city that a couple generations ago was White controlled at the political level—even though heavily Hispanic. Now at 45% or so Hispanic is completely Hispanic controlled—and these Hispanic leaders are as dumb and ideological as can be.

        This place is now a low rent dump with no end in sight of the decline. Yeah, there’s a single token White at each level of political control, but that just means all votes are decided “n to 1”.

          • Sure, what the hell. Tucson, AZ. The largest city, is Phoenix, is but a decade or so behind. Note, IA’s come here direct across the border. And the border is but 30 miles or so.

            However, Blacks are a small minority and so far, Hispanics have been peaceful toward Whites in the mainstream, but they elect only those political grifters with Hispanic surnames and the decline continues. Soon I fear, when the self inflicted wounds become obvious, the scapegoat will be Whites.

          • glad i asked, and thanks for the answer. had heard/read that tuscon had a lot of crime, and was kind of run down, and now i know the “rest of the story” :). same thing happened (is happening) here in OC. looks very much like Blade Runner, if they showed the suburbs of the city in that movie. kind of like houston on the pacific…

  33. For a glimpse or suggestion of what a future American elite might look and act like, have a look at Kunstler’s Long Emergency and subsequent writings. Also his Clusterfuck Nation commentary at

    Decentralized, cooperative and hard working out of virtue and necessity in a post-grid, post-fossil fuel, horse and buggy world of limited resources and local government as a parasitic, totalitarian bureaucracy will have crumbled and be unable to enforce its diktat. Identity politics, too, will be “unsustainable.”

    This isn’t fantasy but the result of a hard and brilliant look at what this posts foresees.

  34. It’s pretty obvious that even in our “democracy” that power is mostly a family game rather than a matter of merit, for when you see some wildebeest like Meagan McCain conjuring her father’s spirit during those daily seances on The View, it ‘s pretty hard to ignore. But of course because it’s obvious we rarely ever hear anyone talk about it. Years back I remember a tiff over at The Atlantic, where a commenter on an article (back when they allowed comments) pointed out that all the girls on that HBO show “Girls” had parents who were already powerful media people. Ta Nehisi Coates had a post in which he sneered at the jealous haters, summing up their reaction as base jealousy. Got that? David Mamet’s daughter earned it all, while some white kid in a trailer park is the recipient of unearned advantages.

    • I didn’t realize until very recently that Meghan McCain’s husband claims to be Hispanic and refers to himself as a “person of color.” Apparently his dad is part Puerto Rican although he looks as pale as a typical member of the Latin American ruling class. I can’t wait until their pasty white kids start lecturing us about our white privilege from whatever ruling class perch they land on.

      • The only person I knew who got a scholarship at my state U was a short Jewish kid from the suburb with a polo club and minimum 5 acre lots.
        At least he was embarrassed when we asked him why he was all dressed up one night (Hispanic award ceremony).

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