Political Weather

Depending upon where you live, the news could be full of dire warnings about how the virus is still raging and you must remain vigilant. Alternatively, the news may be about how those heretics somewhere else are being visited by an extra wave of the virus for mocking blessed Covid. It did not take long for the panic to become a racket. The Covid industrial complex is like a public works project. Everyone involved is committed to one thing and that is never ending the job.

Of course, there is always time for a reminder that the secret invisible army of Hitlers is out there in the shadows. Everyone needs to be on the lookout for white supremacy and all its manifestations. Every once in a while someone utters a discouraging word in the earshot of a minority, so the local news team rushes into investigate. Sometimes the national scandal monger chopper in a team to investigate something, which gives the locals a reason to put on a show about it too.

Many people have dropped out of media consumption for this reason, but they cannot escape the constant reminders that you better be afraid. It is impossible to live in the modern world without being exposed to some of it. The only means of escape is to unplug from all mass media, including the internet. Even that is not enough, as your friends and family will still be connected and some of them will be there to remind you of the various things that are supposed to keep you up at night.

Short of doing a Ted Kaczynski and relocating to a cabin in the wilderness, there is no escape from the reign of media terror. No physical escape, at least. The thing is, few people want to remain in this hyper-emotional state, so they find ways to filter it out and get on with what matters in life. You see this with the Covid lunacy. It is as if people are thinking, “okay if I wear this ridiculous mask around in public, I can be left alone to do the things I need to do so I’ll just wear the mask.”

Similarly, the latest vaccine mandate is being met with ignorance by most people as they have checked out of the Covid drama. They simply ignore the Covid news now, so they missed it. Employers will probably ignore it as well, as the last thing they need right now is another way to hassle their workforce. The bureaucracy could very well ignore Biden’s orders as well, as they are permanent, while he is temporary. This reality was made plain under Trump for four years.

One reason people are not in the streets demanding an end of this stuff is they have found a better solution. They just ignore it. Look around the dial over the weekend and you see that the sportsball arenas were packed with fans. They were not wearing masks or social distancing. It was like none of it had happened. You can be sure that television ratings were back to the prior levels. As far as most Americans are concerned, it is football season. Covid season is over.

The same can be said the bombardment of race in mass media. Spend a few minutes watching one of those sportsball shows and you quickly see that every ad is some version of hate whitey. Most people, of course, have long ago developed the ability to not see ads of any kind. Even ads that are attention getting, like the ones created for the Super Bowl, are forgotten the next day. Humans in a mass culture develop a force field to block out the things they dislike.

This is why the Soviet system staggered on for so long. The oppression under Stalin was unsustainable, but Stalin died before than could be tested. Instead, they got a decade of feverish experimentation under Khrushchev. That failed and threatened the stability of the system, so he was pushed out and what replaced him was a new normal in which most people were left to live as best they could within the rules. People ignored the craziness of communism so they could live.

In the current age, things move faster than in the prior age, so we may be living in an accelerated version of this. In the Soviet Union the joke was, “they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” Perhaps the new normal in America is “They pretend to rule over us and we pretend to play along.” The rantings of the current old man in the White House become background noise. People pretend to notice, but otherwise get on with their lives and don’t make a fuss about it.

After all, much of what our political class seems to be doing of late is best explained by an effort to get attention. Sandy Cortez showed up at some swanky gala wearing a dress with the slogan “tax the rich” on it. The only reason this horse-faced barmaid is in Congress is she is good at getting attention. No one really cares what she or any of these people have to say about anything. The only reason to notice them is when they do something stupid like this.

We may be in the phase of the Soviet system where the empire is now on autopilot and the people in charge are just playing make believe. Similarly, the people they are supposed to rule are playing along on the surface but are going about their lives as best they can despite the noise. Unless and until there is a genuine crisis, politics is just an increasingly freakish carnival act. Since the pols are locked out of the cockpit, they are left to gain our attention by other means.

What we may be at the tail end of is a holiday from reality. Since none of these crises ever amounts to much, people pay attention if they need to feel some excitement, but otherwise tune it out and just live as consumers. There are minor ups and downs, but nothing important really happens, so no one feels the need to be too worked up for too long about anything. Like the weather, if you don’t like what is happening, just wait and things will change on their own.

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228 thoughts on “Political Weather

  1. Hey Z, Your commentary is great, but I REALLY love the AfterShokz ear speakers you recommended recently. I finally found a wireless set I can actually use. Thanks!

  2. If you’re interested in the “unreported truths” of the Covid pandemic, in particular, information that powers that be wish you did not know, may I plug Alex Berenson?


    He may not be a world-class author, but he has several books to his name. He was a writer at NYT for over a decade. Recently was permantly banned from Twitter for his covid “misinformation.” He may indeed be a lie-spreading crank, but a solid professional background distinguishes him from the average raving lunatic on the internet.

    This last is what brought him to my attention.

    In my opinion, his web site is rather lame. But his two booklets on the pandemic (available on Amazon and elsewhere, modest cost) are quite informative. Between them, they only require an hour or two of reading. I consider myself a minor expert on Covid, as I spend several hours a day on the Web reading about it and related topics. Even for me there was some new information in his booklets.

  3. “Horse faced barmaid.” Z, I really gotta give you credit. Sometimes you come up with the best phrases. That’s what keeps us coming back, many of us paying customers! 😀

    I hope the tone of today’s essay proves true. The gist I get is that the public is tired of the charade and is trying to return to normal life and just ignoring the RPG that our government and institutions have increasingly become.

    A lingering doubt however; the uninvited guest, the attention-seeker, is not out of tricks yet. She still has access to the levers of power and can use them in various desperate, idiotic, perhaps very damaging ways.

  4. Looks like Faux News’s Based Black Man Larry Elder just went down in flames. A lot of people who watch that junk are probably in shock right now, I mean how could he lose with all that Candace Owens support? Aren’t blacks patriotic heroes who luv ‘Murica and are raring to get off that ‘ol democrat plantation and pull themselves up by the bootstraps? Lol. Total losers. Watch them nominate Tim Scott in 2024 on a platform of DR3 only to have him lose in a landslide, getting only 8% of the black vote. GOP clowns: “Any day now. Just one more based black criticizing CRT and waving the ‘Murican flag on Faux News will do it.”

    PS. Larry Elder was a front man to control the White republican base by making him their spokesman. It’s been common for decades to quell White identity by appointing non-Whites as their leaders. But the era of republican electability is coming to an end with demographic change, so that tactic is about to start failing along with it. The same is being done with Ben Shapiro over these vaccine mandates. They are promoting him as the leader of the mandate resistance so that he can later lose in court and then say to republicans “Well, we tried. It’s time to give it up and accept the mandate. And as your leader, you should follow my example.” It’s pretty clear what’s going on with that.

    • Exactly correct on the analogy of Ben Shapiro’s lawsuit. Immediately after the obvious theft of Trump’s landslide election victory Ben explained that maybe a few hundred illegitimate votes might be exposed, but not enough to change the results. I knew at that moment he is a shill for the globalists. His lawsuit is theater and will play out as you have described.

  5. Interesting choice of words w/ “tail end of is a holiday from reality”— since one of the bromides seared in my memory from (the first 9/11) was wind-up neocons fulminating about the “end of our holiday from History” (source: uncountable)

    As Mao used to joke, It’s always darkest right before it turns pitch black

  6. I’m reading a book right now that deals with the USSR. According to this book, The night Stalin died, he retired to his bedroom and didn’t come out in the morning. Everyone around him were so terrified to wake him up that no one dared knocking on his door. Turned out he had a stroke and probably couldn’t respond . When someone finally got the guts to open the door the next evening ,it was too late. If only we were so lucky. Stay tuned. You never know.

    • Would be an instance of cosmic justice for sure Panzer, but would be like hoping to stop a charging elephant, the size of our imperial city, with a bb g@n.

  7. No those TV ads are not simply forgotten the next day. The power of the modern media to brainwash cannot be understated and it’s self-evident.

    And to mention anti-White propaganda without mentioning the Small Hats behind it is just cowardly and pathetic. At what point do you mention them?

    That’s how grifters roll though. Don’t want to say anything that might disrupt the cash flow.

  8. I’m in a dour mood, so I want to repeat a funny 3g4me was kind enough to post yesterday.

    3g4me: “End White privilege; eat moar crickets.”

    Hahaha! Selma Hayek did just that on a women’s talk show.

    Fried crickets were a childhood treat in her home village. She said, “my mouth is watering so much, I’m losing my English”!

    PS- let’s make AOC a cricket sandwich and see how she reacts.

  9. “We may be in the phase of the Soviet system where the empire is now on autopilot and the people in charge are just playing make believe.”


    EXCEPT that, in Brejnev’s USSR, everybody was antisoviet. But in 2021 USSA, 50% of the crowd is a bunch of fanatic masked bigots.

  10. I’m n the Bahamas. In Nassau it’s COVID mania, worse than America. The smaller islands are normal. . Tomorrow is Election Day, one of the parties symbols is a black hand making an ok sign.

  11. AOC – She’s a dumb, horsefaced barmaid and so much more!!

    She looks like your psycho ex-girlfriend who stabbed you for looking at another woman.

  12. The Harridan of Massachusetts is labelling promotion of Vit D as “misinformation”. Of all the well-studied methods available to the average person (and the one most affecting her melanin-rich “allies”) to boost one’s immune system, this woman pulls the censorship rip cord on Vitamin D. It’s like going on the warpath against chicken soup.

    As Archie Bunker used to say, “Stifle yourself, Edith”

    • The Power Structure is militantly opposed to all Kovid treatments/preventatives except the ones that are the most dubious, the least effective, and potentially the most harmful: Moron Masks and the stab. The fact that they are militantly promoting these things and vilifying every alternative is reason to doubt the decency of their motives.

      • You missed the most important trait of the approved treatments: they are on-patent, high-cost and for the business, therefore high-profit. If they can be brought to market under the emergency use authorization, which requires that no existing treatment be available (or, perhaps, to suppress the use of any such potential competitors), lower bar for safety and efficacy (in fact, it doesn’t have to be proven useful, just that it MIGHT be!) and most importantly, a total immunity to liability if and when things go wrong.

  13. Despite the fact that the government has no moral authority, it still does have authority, which means the ability to ruin many lives, even over stupid meaningless things. People get lost in the technicalities of the vaccine, does it work or not, etc. The larger issue is, if a government can mandate that you put a drug in your body, which is your most sacred private property, then it’s not a stretch for them to actually take your private property tomorrow. What they’re saying is “all property is communal, including YOU.” Of course Marxism is the logical endpoint of liberal democracy. It’s a cope to say that you can just tune out and go about your life. It’s a life that’s YOURS to live, not some ghoul in DC or Sacramento or Albany making your personal decisions.

    As a side note, thank you so much, Fox News and National GOP for making Larry Elder (some has been OJ Simpson of talk radio) front and center in the CA recall election. The polls reversed as soon as you did that and now ass-clown will likely survive. Once again the “good Conservatives” have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. But you had to have your magic negro didn’t you. But at least you felt good supporting him. You’re not “the real racists.”

    • Whose idea was it to use a black man to appeal to a Hispanic demographic on edge and disgruntled with the democrats over Black Lives Matter? Nearly the entirety of GOP gains among the Hispanic demographic in the last election came from BLM backlash, so these imbeciles in the republican party and Faux News sailed against the wind on that by nominating an unknown black guy? SMH. The GOP is worthless, and so are its voters and sycophants. This recall only serves to further strengthen my commitment to never vote for republicans again, as if voting even matters now.

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  15. Sorry Z, I take issue with everything you wrote:

    A. AOC is not just a dumb barmaid, she comes from a powerful/rich family with ties to the Puerto Rican establishment. Its why she was chosen. She has a network which White people lack — that’s why she’s destined to rule as President Qween.
    B. President Psaki (who is apparently the real President and tells Biden what to do and say and policies to push) is part of the Covid panic — OSHA will be forcing employers to jab or fire everyone and the enforcement will be rigorous.
    C. Employers will comply, enthusiastically, as the new tax rates sure to go into effect will hit them hard — so they need massive shortages and inflation and firing half their workforce (conveniently) and replacing them with H1-Bs and illegals both exempt and far cheaper is their play. Punish President Psaki for raising taxes and make money while they can.
    D. The F- Joe Biden signs and chants are a visible protest by White men against Senile Bane and his President. As are the chants for Trump at WWE events, other places, etc. This is dangerous for the Regency as it lets others know that Senile Bane is despised. [Masks make people look like creepy villains].
    E. Cost of everything is spiraling and the corporate strategy to make it worse by worker shortages will make it get far worse. No time for a Soviet Cope; rather imminent bread riots.
    F. The true believer crazies run the Regency. President Psaki will not be pleased with your non compliance. As she had Senile Bane say, “our patience is run thin” and other villain type stuff offered by movie villains. The next step is a vibrant, culturally enriching “Vaccine Corps” where federal officers from the hood kick down your door, maybe vax you by force, and take your stuff. That’s the true believer desire, correct? Part of the Great Reset and Build Back Better. “You’ll own nothing, have no privacy. And we will crush you daily.”

    • There isn’t one person behind the scenes controlling everything in the Biden White House, but the idea that the most powerful person is an airhead like Jen Psaki is laughable. Ron Klain is believed to have the most power of the behind the scenes players.

    • The vibrant Jab Corps would run like the NY MTA.

      80% of the staff would falsify reports and stats so they could spend the other 39 hours of the week sleeping in the van and the back office.

      The other 20% who bothered going into the field would soon join them after some….ahhh…sharp rebukes shall we say…

      • “It’s easier to write reports for a living, with the emphasis on living.” — Gary North, economics/politics writer.

    • You are obviously used to other people making important decisions about your life. I’m not. There’s alot of Americans like me. 1 way or another this is gonna get settled for good We can live our lives as free people. or as slaves. Pick a side. Nothing else matters at this point.

  16. I was dumb enough to watch foozball last night. They’re doing a reboot of the 80’s show The Wonder Years but with a black boy.

    Totally fine with them making a show about a black boy’s experiences in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it’s the “replacement” aspect of it – making a reboot where the character is directly replaced. The same thing as when they replaced (permanently) “Jake” the white guy in the State Farm commercials with a black “Jake.” If they had simply called him “Tyrone” – well no big deal, just their new spokesman.

    Black Captain America, etc.

    • And they replaced the Equalizer, that old fart white guy, with black Queen Latifah. And they replaced Buford Pusser, in Walking Tall, with black Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.” Etc.

      • They also replaced Magnum’s Tom Selleck with Jay Hernandez. I was actually okay with Denzel Washington in the movie version of the Equalizer because they kept the theme that he was a down-and-out lone wolf. The Latifa version, besides the fact that she is horrible, has a whole crew of experts, which is simply a different show.

        • Yeah but it’s sooo realistic. A 50-something, overweight black mom of a teenager can beat the crap out of criminal men.

        • Yes, but the Denzel Equalizer was simply a bad movie because none of the bad guys were any threat whatsoever.

          He was able to dispatch them so easily, sometimes literally with one hand. If the bad guys are utterly pathetic and useless, there is no danger and thus no tension.

      • I understand Hollyweird is making a biopic of Lawrence Welk with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role…

  17. >Short of doing a Ted Kaczynski and relocating to a cabin in the wilderness, there is no escape from the reign of media terror. No physical escape, at least. The thing is, few people want to remain in this hyper-emotional state, so they find ways to filter it out and get on with what matters in life.

    the solution is to turn it off . The news will always be there when you return. Odds are you are not going to miss anything too important.

    • “the solution is to turn it off . The news will always be there…”

      You’ll know when you’re doing it right when you do ‘check in’ and see ‘news’, including words like “tragedy”, “star”, and so on … about people you never heard of.

      And never wanted to.

      • I have achieved this with sportsball, at least. At the gym I can’t help but see the highlights on ESPN; I knew I was doing it right when I kept asking things like “when did New Orleans get a basketball team?” and “who are those guys in the puke-green uniforms?”

    • That’s what the mayor of Hiroshima said and look what happened to him. His last words were “What the hell was th…..”?

  18. Every once in a while someone utters a discouraging word in the earshot of a minority,

    How are minorities determined anyway? It must be through the populations within geographical lines of borders, wouldn’t you say? In the US there are many geographical units where what are generally considered to be minorities are, in fact, majorities, Washington, D.C., for instance, or Philadelphia or Watts. A white face in East St. Louis or Brooklyn, Illinois is very unusual. The farther the demographic borders are extended, the more minorities turn into majorities. The population of Africa is many times that of North America. In no real sense can blacks be considered minorities except in localized circumstances. And in the fact of increasing economic globalization, they have become a majority in an ever-expanding social environment.

    • “How are minorities determined anyway?”

      The better question is how professional victims are determined. That’s all that “minority” means these days.

      Just yesterday I saw the headline, that talk show host Larry Elder who’s been black for decades is now a white supremacist.

  19. The problem is conservatives pretend to ignore things, but always end up complying. Libshots push 24/7/365.

  20. So they pretend to vax us and we pretend to be vaxxed.

    In my corner of the cribbage patch, folks are still into shaming those who don’t mask up. And very few refuse. The stoodints at the local U, God bless them, may be marching in the marching band but they’re all vaxxed as are the players on the field. My senior senator whose name you would recognize wants Amazon to ban the books she doesn’t approve of while the local NPR station wants to shut down FOX and silence Tucker whom they accuse of “killing people” by spreading “disinformation.”

    Picture Sandy Cortez holding high and shaking a paper mask. Not til they take it from my cold dead face!”

    • Sometimes I wonder what would happen if they got what they asked for, if they actually caught the car they chase. If faux news actually got officially suppressed, if the WUMC went cold turkey on the synthetic opioid of Hannityism, how many weeks would it be before the normiecons took the streets? 2, 3 weeks max?

  21. I am not sure that ignoring everything or being indifferent is a good strategy. It could backfire big time. Perhaps government policy is to keep the sheep frightened out of their tiny minds and the non-sheep can be left to their passivity while the government puts in place ever more authoritarian policies?

    • The Johnson junta after a collapse in their poll ratings took vaccine passports off the table in England*. Less than 36 hours later they were back on the table as plan B.
      This flip-floping and assuring the public one day that you aren’t going to do X and then doing it shortly afterwards is a deliberate and calculated plan to constantly keep the public in a state of fear and confusion.

      *Vaccine passports are still going full steam ahead in Scotland and Wales.

      • It’s just like the actual witch occupying the throne in our non-ironically named capital city of Salem reinstating face diaper mandates after a 2 week reprieve. It was such a hateful mind f*ck I don’t understand how people here still don’t see it for what it is and ignore it. But I don’t see anyone ignoring it. Only more ignorance.

        • While FL is relatively lax right now, I’m waiting for an opportunity to be arrested or otherwise be denied service. Then I will have “standing” as the law calls it, and I will begin shopping for an attorney.

          For the record, the only thing I’ve ever been arrested for was for what was, in my opinion, standing up for what I believed was right. I wasn’t then and I don’t expect to be a Rosa Parks, but sometimes taking a stand is important. All the better if it’s just a misdemanor 😀

    • A policy that is ignored and unenforced isn’t a policy, it’s theater. It doesn’t matter what legislation is passed, it matters what is followed.

      • and its illegal. You can’t conceal your identity in public, you can’t be force to take medicine, you can’t be forced to fire people. All of these are no laws, not because they are ignored, but because they are immoral and bad, and thus, not laws!

        • The law is whatever the Power Structure says it is. The Constitution, common law and 265 years of American judicial precedence mean absolutely nothing. This is Exhibit A for why America no longer exists.

      • In the long run, it’s a massive own-goal. Yeah yeah, I know, in the long run we’re all dead, but we’ve been here before, y’all. Twice, actually — first Prohibition, then the War on Drugs.

        Laws that can’t be enforced are far, far worse than no laws at all, because the government that can’t enforce its own laws looks feckless, stupid, and incompetent. Not only that, you’ve made an actually somewhat disreputable private leisure activity into a public protest — per capita alcohol consumption actually went UP during Prohibition, because now just having a drink made you into some kind of rebel. As for the War on Drugs, how’s that working out? I must be the only White man in America who doesn’t know how to get enough oxyc*nt!n to drop a horse, but even I could get a nickel bag within 20 minutes of pulling up to any town with a stoplight from sea to shining sea.

        If you really want to drive home to Joe Normie that he lives in an anarcho-tyranny, in other words, go with mask mandates. He’ll be getting hassled by cops, while meanwhile the Diversity are out burning down Foot Locker.

        • Echoing your last point, they don’t have to enforce the laws against everyone. Just selectively, like against the Jan 6 trespassers. One of the main strategies of tyrants is to make everything illegal, and then use selective enforcement against your enemies. That was the whole point of Soros taking over prosecutions in major cities.

          • The reply to that lies in Solzhenitsyn’s prescription. Make them unsure of their safe return home each night.

  22. Here in this Northeast Georgia county masks aren’t going back on. You see some masks, but possibly because this is the South, there don’t seem to be any Karens. The only places requiring masks are doctors and the library but the library is by definition run by Karens.

  23. “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work” –

    Reminded me of the Kipling poem:

    “Though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy, and the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work, you die”.

  24. Proof of concept: Forget “vaccine” mandates, what about social media mandates?

    In my way, I’ve been almost as bad as the covidiots in my family about dropping out of social media. I’m not going to flat out declare that getting the f*ck off Twitter, Faceborg, etc. will solve all your problems… but I will heavily imply it, no doubt long past the point where friends and family start avoiding me.* The point is, if more people really do start dropping off social media like they should, perhaps THE primary poz nozzle is closed. And more people will be getting off social media, if only because the Hive has decided that they will perma-ban anything that isn’t 100% goodthink at all times.

    Given all that, one would expect to see social media mandates coming down from Tubman DF. Have you made your five posts in praise of Dear Leader today, comrade? Have you done your ten mandatory retweets and upvotes?

    As this is increasingly the only way these people have to get attention, that attention will soon be made mandatory.

    *n.b. to spergs: I’m aware I’m proffering this advice on the internet. That probably seems ironic, if you are Alanis Morrisette. In reality, it is what’s called a “nuance.” It’s only ironic or self-contradictory if you think the advice “a glass of wine at bedtime is probably good for your heart” entails “I’m telling you get get gutter-puking drunk on sangria every night.”

    • Absolutely drop out of social media as quickly as possible. I logged out about three years ago but left my accounts intact, untended and never viewed. It has confused the hell out of people. I get breathless email reminders my account exists and Mary Jo wants to share pictures with me or whatever. It’s plain they want us telling our business to the world. I can understand those who have to use social media for business reasons, but at some point word of mouth suffices for most professionals and even small stores.

      I do not know if use will become mandatory, but non-use likely is noticed already.

      • As I not very politely noted yesterday, They are probably more interested in our use of alternative media, such as what we are doing right here. In this phase, we have relative freedom of speech but not of privacy. The tyranny would not be highly effective unless nearly all dissent could be snuffed out. In internet times, that would require de-registering the Zman or anyone else unapproved from having a domain name registered, losing all banking services, and so forth. Yes, the banning has already been occurring, but mostly via “private” entities. Curious exceptions exist, like the Federal “no-fly” list, which must be in a legal grey area but there it is…just as Nick Fuentes.

    • My non-self-employed non-leftist peers have to maintain fake shitlib Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. accounts so they’ll be allowed to have careers. Corporate political officers *do* check if they’re regularly and correctly updated.

      It’s confined to our business—”arts academia,” roughly, and related fields, and more explicitly political ones—mostly, but what we do now, everyone does in about ten years.

      We’ve been doing it for more than ten years.

      When the self-employed are asked about it, we can get away with saying we avoid social media so searches will always drive people to our professional websites. Young people find that very suspicious—any internet presence outside Big Tech is right-wing—but they can be convinced we’re merely old and confused and dying anyway. For now.

    • While your speculaiton about mandatory participation is ludicrous now, history says it’s not. Probably from a Solzhenisyn book: In early Soviet times, probably Stalin era since it was the worst, the public literally was required to listen to radio propaganda broadcasts. Failing to listen had dire consequences. Of course, everything had dire consequences back then, whether it was listening to a foreign broadcast or stealing a potato from the communal farm. 🙁

  25. Adults may be ignoring this, but our children see everything. In my leafy suburban paradise, every day is make believe (“We’re all gonna diiiieeeeee!!!”) in all of the public, and most private, schools.

    For children, the threat of nuclear war was REAL, ice ages, rainforest depletion, holes in ozone layers, acid raid, global warming, Wuhan flu, blah, blah, blah. Our children are stewed in this toxic brew from the second they leave the house.

    “Listen to adults” …or ignore adults?
    “Read the news, study, stay informed” …in a world of lies and propaganda?
    “Play with your friends” …who all have pocket super computers with an unlimited catalog of porn at their fingertips?

    Invest in the drug companies that make Adderall or Ritalin…

    • When I was a little girl, 10 or so, my best friend and I would play the cancer game. We would run around and point all the things that give you cancer, trees and rocks and whatnot and then run away from them and laugh and laugh and laugh. It was the 70’s. Cancer porn was big and we though it was stupid. I don’t think we were unique then or now.

      • Reading this makes me almost glad that I grew up in a communist country. We only played hide&seek or went on bike rides and while there was a lot of propaganda everywhere, we mostly ignored it. The occasional military exercise we had to attend was more fun than scary, even though we (as kids) had to learn how to treat chemical weapon injuries, had to shoot some airguns or practice running into a bomb shelter. No ridiculous hiding under the desk – that’s an American specialty.

      • Return of a classic!

        Ring around the rosie
        Pocket full of posie
        Ashes, ashes
        We all fall

        The Black Plague 1360

      • Yeah, I was a kid in the 70s. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Then, later in the 80s, nuclear war was gonna happen any day now. Don’t forget AIDS. We were all gonna die of AIDS too.

        Of all the propaganda I got, funny enough it was the aids that I bought into. Everyone acted as if it was inevitable. We got a lot of race propaganda, but that absolutely did not work on anyone I ever knew. We were around them way too much to be fooled. People mouthed it, but the second we were without any blacks around…. Also, once you walked out of the classroom, all the whites just happened to walk together and all the blacks and Puerto Ricans all walked each among themselves.

        • I can’t help thinking about pretty women walking with gorillas….
          It’s just so timely….especially after watching a few commercials.

    • This is why we are losing. The craziest people in society are all in the schools. As long as they have the schools and the media, nothing is going to change.

      • I hate to say it, but I am getting closer and closer to thinking its immoral to send children to these schools. Why isn’t that a solution? Pull them out!

        Maybe its the free day care

      • Deny them their intended audience. Homeschool or die. Media is disgusting. The only way to win is to not play their game.

  26. It was not surprising to see football stadiums full of maskless fans, but when I watched the U.S. Open tennis final on Sunday, a very low percentage of the crowd were wearing masks. This event tends to attract wealthy New York elite and I thought a higher percentage of them might want to virtue signal on camera at least that they are loyal to the Covid cult. These people are open hypocrites, so I wasn’t expecting widespread mask wearing, but thought it might closer to 10%, instead it looked like less than 1%. One of the few members of the crowd shown wearing a mask was has been actor Leonardo DiCaprio. That did make me curious, is he a moronic true believer? Concerned he would get fired from some upcoming role for not wearing one? Who knows.

  27. Stadiums full of white people, cheering on black people running a ball up and down the field. Supporting athletes who hate them. Watching anti white commercials.

    Chanting “fuck Joe Biden”.

    *Sigh*. Same as always I see. At least in Canada the hockey rinks are requiring proof of vaccines which makes less and less people go.

    • Here in the US I’m pretty sure the jabport requirements vary by state and municipality. Sad to see all the fools packed in for the NY game that are all jab ported up.

      I agree that it’s sad to see guillible whites return to mass sporting events.

      They should be leaving the stadiums empty while they do their chant in the streets.

      • If people stay away the politicians,owners and the media won’t see it as deeply disgruntled fans voting with their feet. They will see it as devoted fans too terrified to return and bring in mandatory vaccination,forced wearing of masks etc.

    • And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
      And you may find yourself in another part of the world
      And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
      And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
      And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

      Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
      Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
      Into the blue again after the money’s gone
      Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

    • B125: Yes, same as always. The majority of Whites want to return to grillin’ and chillin’ and cheering on their kneegrow sportsball players while eating Cheetos. This depresses me no end.

      And as for masks, here in the DFW ‘burbs they are everywhere. While most stores have the signs saying masks are ‘encouraged,’ Krogers still retains the ones saying they’re ‘required.’ I don’t wear one and haven’t been challenged, but more than half the shoppers do. And one of my husband’s colleagues has to isolate at home for 2 weeks because someone in his daughter’s kindergarten class had the sniffles.

      Sometimes I think Zman doesn’t get out of Lagos enough. And when he begins his Sunday podcasts talking about the hint of fall in the air, while we swelter here in 95 degree weather, he’s just rubbing it in.

      • same here, half the people in Wegmans are masked up. Also in rural gas stations, which is extra depressing….

        I think this is the real bad sign. Normal people wearing these masks for years on end. It shows a degradation in the spirit of a people to be this subservient and docile

      • In my area, south of a major metro, we see very few masks. Home depot and Safeway employees wear masks, but maybe 1 of 50 or 1 of 100 customers do. Ive seen 2-3 “masks alone in a car,” but thousands without the muzzle.
        Yet somehow my state is “blue” and yalls are “red.” Huh.

        • Where I shop in a mid-sized West Texas city, I’d wager that perhaps 35% of customers wear the Moron Mask, but all employees do. (Perhaps they’re required to.)

          At the university where I work, no more than 15% of students wear the idiotic things, but the faculty all wear them.

    • Principles exist outside of personal consumption and leisure, remote from the bankruptcy of bread and circuses. There will be a time when the arbiters of ones “beliefs” have a reckoning with their natural roots. Still a lot of runway in front of that cliff it seems.

      Our people have become trapped in a financialized, bland culture of consumption. The clown world economics that encompass almost everything render escape into intermittent bouts of cogdis numbed by bud light and doritos – or IPA and grassfed burgers on gluten free buns for the more successful types.

      A pharma sales rep reaps aplenty whilst complaining of gov’t crony instituted bizdev aka “vaccine mandates”. Then drives her $120k sprinter van into the mountains to hang out with dirt people because she must work from “home” and hates how the city gives her badfeelz. Hubby streams football with his boy watching the hate propaganda as if it is some other white kid they want enslaved in self-hatred and guilt. Oh how the dream of a return to normal.

  28. “Employers will probably ignore it as well, as the last thing they need right now is another way to hassle their workforce”

    I think you were wrong about this. Especially in healthcare. Nurses are being fired, paramedics are being fired, healthcare is being decimated. Intentional? maybe. If you tear it down to the ground then you can build it back in the image you want

    • It depends on the company. Both in terms of how committed they are to cult and how difficult it will be for them to maintain adequate staffing levels if they rigorously enforce a vaccine mandate. Many of the hospitals don’t seem to care about staffing, yesterday there was an article about a hospital in New York state that is going to stop delivering babies because of staffing shortages. Nurses who work in these units seem particularly resistance to getting the vaccine.

      • Maternity nurses tend to want to have children themselves, and know that the there is no long term data on the vaccine and fertility.

        • They’ll just bring in more pajeet and Filippina nurses on work visas to take the place of those who resign in protest. Never let a crisis (or a mere inconvenience) get in the way of one’s main goal.

          • The Muslim nurse we had on night shift was so incompetent she didn’t even know how to properly rock a baby to give my wife a break and barely sleeping for three days. She gave up and just left her in the crib, screaming.

          • L&D is tricky. No one sues faster and harder than a parent with a damaged baby. The E&O risk is off the charts. There is also a tight market, they actually pitch to expecting parents. The birth center we started at closed down to insufficient business. It is a “buyers market” as it were, and the L&D nursing staff ends up being whiter than northern Maine, all mothers themselves, and all experienced (I’ve been in 5 different L&D departments in the last 3 years, plus misc providers). Then there is COLA, the hospitals out in the burbs with the white mmc/umc ppl with the health insurance to use their facilities are, well, in nice white expensive areas that arent condusive to imported help.

      • As a healthcare provider I can report that in my area various hospitals have deployed different strategies. One large hospital mandated the vaccine for its employees, many of them quit. The rub is there is already a shortage of staffing at hospitals so it rubs both ways: As a medical professional you can leave your hospital that mandates a vaccine and go 1.5 hours away to another hospital that wont mandate a vaccine and probably get a 10k signing bonus as well.

        There is always a war between hospitals to retain and recruit staff. Any hospital that mandates a vaccine will immediately lose employees rather than gain them. There are far to many of my colleagues that recognize the truth: Covid is a strong flu that is only potentially deadly to those already at risk with weakened and comprised health.

        There was the other idea that if you don’t want the vaccine then you would be subjected to weekly testing. Many of us in the healthcare profession laughed. If 80 million people are steadfast in not getting the vaccine then they would be more than happy to do the weekly testing….this places an INORDINATE amount of strain on employers to hire testers weekly, pay for said testing, not to mention that having an additional 80 million or so tests needing processing in labs would properly overrun their staff and place overall lab functions to a screeching halt.

        If Americans wanted to put an end to this shit then I say continue rejecting the vaccine, place the responsibility of weekly testing on employers, endure the tests, and watch the system strain to the point of capitulation.

        • If OSHA is made to write the law mandating this, I would assume the vexx/test becomes a required PPE and thus the responsibility of the employers to provide on their dime.

  29. After the stolen election, I realized there is no point in caring about any of their nonsense. I don’t just have a very small influence with my vote, I have literally no influence. They are just our rulers, and we now (how naive I was) live like the vast majority of people in human history.

    • and now you are free, mentally. you now know that worrying about this shit storm is a profitless endeavor (so stop worrying).

      • This is exactly what happened to me. There is a feeling of liberation once you finally see it. Then you can’t “unsee” it. You just watch the neegros continue to cry and complain the same way they have for the past 65 years about how whitey is the reason they can’t get themselves out of their own way. Same story, new era.

        Same as it ever was.

    • You have enormous influence — in your daily life. You are the one that makes your decisions, guides your actions. No, you aren’t Superman, nor Jesus. You can’t alter reality to suit your whims. Nobody can. But even the most powerful, tyrannical government can’t force you to think a certain way, to act a certain way. You still have some autonomy.

  30. Yes, coping with the crazy is indeed mostly about ignoring the insanity because life goes on and there are better things to do with one’s time. And eventually the advertising industry is going to learn that the people with money to spend are not paying any attention to their commercials anymore. Everyone is secretly hoping that Tater Joe will either die outright or his Alzheimer’s will keep him permanently in the closet.

    But this psychological lull is but a holding pattern, and the rot continues nonetheless. People need a break from being perpetually angry, and that means more time on the couch watching football and opening another bag of chips (add in a few beers & burgers and it’s the Good Life all over again). Just don’t go near the bathroom scale and you can pretend that muddle-through works every time.

    • I upvoted you but would suggest that advertisers are in fact targeting the audiences they want. Blacks and females, while not having the most money are the ones in fact who are easily separated from their money.

      Madison avenue projects an image of what you should be, and as you know, injects their products into that image, thus: buy our product and be what we are projecting into your head. This is why blacks have shit priorities in their lives and females spend absurd amounts of money on beauty products, clothing and home decorations. All blacks want to be rappers and ball players, all females want to be sexy Martha Stewarts. Madison Avenue is more than happy to sell that image, blacks and females will trip over each other giving them money for that projected identity.

      • “Don’t be fooled by the radio, the TV or the magazine,
        They show you photographs of what your life should be,
        But that’s just someone else’s fantasies.
        So if you think your life is complete confusion,
        Because you never win the game,
        Just remember that it’s a grand illusion,
        Deep inside we’re all the same.

        Someday soon we’ll stop to ponder,
        What on Earth’s this spell we’re under?
        We make the grade and still we wonder
        Who the hell we are.”
        — Styx, “The Grand Illusion” 1977

  31. I keep seeing stories about how families are being torn apart because the covidians won’t truck with the unvaxed. I’m really hoping that happens in my family

    • Why?

      It’s definitely happening with my family, at least for my part. I have been unable to let go of the resentment I have for my parents who are okay with all this. After last week’s speech from Joe it’s clear nothing will shake them out of their allegiance to the evil empire. My mom told me a few weeks ago that I was putting children in danger, meanwhile she’s all for masking and vaxxing the little ones. I couldn’t bring myself to call my dad on his birthday and sent a terse email instead. I know it’s petty and I should do better but the fact is I won’t even be able to visit them while this is going on because even if they could get over the vaxx thing they’d still insist I do all the mask craziness while I’m there and my brother’s wife would probably insist I can’t see her stepchildren. They may all be libtarded twats but I come from good people and it’s a shame to lose them.

      Last night I had the dark thought that likely every branch and leaf of both sides of my family is vaxxed. If this turns out worse case my entire line now rests on my childless, middle aged shoulders.

      • Get busy making buns.

        It’s never too late.

        Actually, it is when you’re dead.

        So get cracking.

      • Astralturf: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your mother’s comment demonstrates she cares more for her public piety than her own son’s physical and mental health. While I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of family, I am also the first to recognize that all people are imperfect, and some are so heavily flawed as to be intolerable. I have had minimal contact with my birth family for years, by choice and design.

        While I try to feel Christian charity towards them, they make it extraordinarily difficult. I went out and bought some very simple, anodyne “thinking of you” cards that I merely sign and send to my mother periodically. This makes it easy to avoid any mention of politics or family or vaccines. Why invite unnecessary conflict and angst into your life? The concept of ‘honoring’ as used in the Bible is not the same as today’s definition of ‘love.’ Keep your distance and demonstrate courtesy, and hold your head high.

        • In Plato’s Crito there is an encounter with an old man and he mentions this as a problem of old age, poor relationships….

          Which makes that CS Lewis quote about adoring those far away and hating those closest to you a little less realistic….

      • “Last night I had the dark thought that likely every branch and leaf of both sides of my family is vaxxed. If this turns out worse case my entire line now rests on my childless, middle aged shoulders.”

        I hear ya. If things go sideways for the vaxxed this winter then I could be the sole survivor of my immediate family, friends and coworkers all. That would be a lot of funerals.

        Or, maybe nothing will happen and I’ll continue to be ostracized for acting healthy and normal.

        There is no path that ends well.

      • I can resonate with you and my situation mirrors yours. My family has become unrecognizable. We share nothing in common and there have been more altercations with my father than I can count.

  32. i noticed the local news is back to full on panic mode, re: coof. i turned the channel before learning what the new lie is. what struck me is how obvious the grift is now, with the coof porn; it’s definitely losing its kick and so the dose has to be increased. but that’s a losing battle, every time. in my experience, this kind of phenomena follows an asymptotic curve, and in this instance, the process has just about reached its zero point (where there is no further response regardless of the dose).

    also have noticed the the race mixing anti white commercials have toned down for some reason, although the double plus helping of nigs on tv continues unabated.

    the sign, the real signal, that something big is happening, is if government officials and prominent people start getting assasinated in unhidable numbers. not by us, but as a result of internecine fighting amongst the “elite”.

    in the end, the US will break up into several regions, and the mud people kingdoms will collapse into subsistence economy (with the concomitant die off). will try not to laugh as all those traitorous gov employees find out their wickedness has destroyed the basis for their precious pensions.

      • I hope the new countries will enact laws forbidding female input and limit their public influence and visibility.

        The Muslims are heretics, but they get women right. I break Tolstoy’s laws of history when I talk about “causes” but I can’t imagine a more direct cause of all our problems than giving women a voice and equality with their husbands….

    • A new new lie? You mean not the stuff about the Delta variant killing us all? You do paint a nice picture of the whole nasty society tying up its own loose ends though. I can imagine the starving muds feasting on that sweet tender never-worked-a-real-job government long pig while Gavin Newsome strangles Kate Brown with her own intestines before Nancy Pelosi shoots him with her AK-47. Finally Greta Thunberg, wearing a bomb vest, rushes up to her and takes her to Allah with her.

      Sadly, though our elites may be suicidal they also want to take us all with them and won’t be content to destroy each other for us.

    • To me, one of the scariest subtexts of the entire pandemic is the fanatical, almost religious crusade to push to vaccinate everybody. Yes, a lot of it can be attributed to corporate greed (Big Pharma, Big Medicine) as well as power-seeking or maintaining the (illusory?) control thereof by corporate and government actors at all levels. But there does seem to be more in play than is explained by those. The relentless censorship of any and all dissenting views, never mind that some of them are (“were”) respected scientists, authors, academics or other professionals. Pay no heed to reports of adverse side effects or less-than-promised results of the jabs. As each day rolls by, the vaccination effort and increasing calls for or attempts at government control, seem to me more like a witch hunt or a Crusade, than any public health effort worthy of the name. At the personal level, we’ve already described what are some of its worst effects: the polarization and alienation in society including one’s own family relations.

      I fear that things may continue to worsen. From most of what I’ve read about the pandemic, and I’ve read a lot, two things stand out: masking is all but useless unless one uses “real” (N95 or better) masking; the vaccines have many adverse side effects which are under-reported and their efficacy and duration are both quite less than promised. Oh, and the bonus: being fully vaccinated neither protects you from catching the virus nor from spreading it. At best, you get some protection from serious illness, for a few months maybe. The coming six months (winter) are going to force a lot of bad news to the fore, that I don’t think even the bought MSM will be able to bury. 🙁

  33. Spot on. When I point out the United States is breaking apart already, it is on the individual level as much as the state and local level. As Havel told the Czechs, live as if you are free. Another version was to tune out and drop off.

    The Ruling Class is viewed as buffoons but what will take it out is being ignored. As someone below pointed out, our Latin American replacements already view the law as a suggestion. That is spreading to the larger populfirst. If 9/11 happened today, by way of example, most Americans either would find it entertaining or ignore it completely.

    As much as the State would like to gin up a civil war, outside of the Antifa-style fanatics, most people don’t even care. It won’t end well for our betters although they certainly intend and will put us thru hell first. That probably will be noticed.

    • Informal parallel structures are getting more formidable, especially among minorities. Whites are slowly but surely catching up, as they are still in the ‘laughing in the inside but complying’ phase right now. Once they make the transition to completely ignoring D.C., it’s going to get fun.

      You’re already seeing this in rural areas, where it seemed to be a different country for a while during peak Covid madness.

      The employee mandate was a complete miss, as the mandate is completely unenforcable, galvanizes a more radical portion of the country, and brings resentment directly at Washington instead of focusing it on their fellow citizens.

      • Yes, exactly. The informal parallel structures probably have as much influence, and possibly more, as D.C. in many if not most areas of public life at this point (as, in theory, they should although that has not been the case for years). I live in an exurb and actually witnessed urban people come into my neck of the woods to shop and dine because mask requirements never were enforced and in some cases even unknown.

        One of the unintended consequences of the mask and vaccine mandates along with the lockdowns has been the rise of informal parallel structures. I keep expecting a huge crackdown on cryptocurrency for this very reason, although that will lead to more barter, to cite an analogous phenomenon. While we as Whites decry the atomization of our people, in some ways it has benefits, not the least of which is the ability to live outside the Borg to some extent.

        • Your comment parallels a phenomenon I witnessed when I was a teen in the Northern VA suburbs back around 1979 during the second “energy crisis” and spot gas shortages. For a time, gas lines and informal rationing were features in the closer in suburbs. My then-best friend’s Dad just took a short drive west to then mostly-rural Manassas and he had no trouble filling up right off the I-66 exit. 🙂

          Forty years later, you’d probably have to drive way into West-by-God to find a similar contrast, the exurbs have grown (“metastatized” might be more apt) so much.

      • Seriously though, what does the nomenklatura do when they’re ignored or even worse mocked?

        We already know they’re not confident of their legitimacy; the wire is going back up around the Capitol complex.

        • We are finding out. My guess is they are like most bullies, rank pussies who slink off when things get hot.

  34. Sandy Cortez got attention because she’s kinda cute, has nice tits, and a bubbly personality that come across well on TV

    IOW she’s a mid level actress – celebrity. In more ways than one, as she actually auditioned for the role she been playing with a yank Ughers group.

    Her act will get old and age will be unkind to her appearance as happens to all sweet young things in Hollywood. Her showing up i that dress means she’s probably already past her celebrity half-life.

      • Penthouse is so 70s and 80s. Prob videos were 90s 00s.
        The modern thing for attention seekers is sto claim some horrible abuse for victim status.

        I predict she’ll claim her dad, or a priest, molested her long ago.

        • You may be right. It also could be a carefully leaked sex video. She already has claimed near-rape at the Capitol trespass.

          • Jack Dobson: With a face mask to cover her horse teeth and crazy eyes, she’d be a good candidate for an ‘only fans’ account. That’s how she came to exist in the first place – some horny White man a few hundred years ago grabbed her dusky, horse-faced great-great-great grandmother.

          • I am deeply saddened that 3g4me knows what an onlyfans account is. Matter of fact, I’m sad any of us do.

    • Yes, actress playing her role well. It’s not widely known but some socialist group ran an “Apprentice” type game-show setup to select some young people as candidates. It was the idea of that Cenk Uighr guy like the commenter above wrote. I don’t know all the details but I believe they all lived in the same house, discussed their ideas, did media screen tests, etc. She was the winner. Like most young women, she doesn’t know a lot of facts but she’s savvy at self-presentation.

    • She missed her opportunity by not twerking her ass for the media while garbed in that hideous garment.

    • You gotta give the Progs credit for comedic performance, even if that was not their intent. AOC wearing a dress that says “Tax the rich” at an event where most, if not all, of the people present have annual incomes in the six or seven figures, and net worths in the six or seven…no need to mention the corporations that fund them…

  35. The information monopoly is being used to create feelings of fear, insecurity, confusion, and anxiety. Why? So that we will seek relief and accept our loss of freedom, and welcome with open arms, a totalitarian government with a salve, a soma pill, that will take away all our pain. Big government, small citizen. Citizen? How quaint. Inhabitants more like it.

    • The weird part is that it’s not from an information monopoly though.

      The driving force is social media, where people ramp each up other’s fear for a little attention.

      The pols are definitely jumping onboard and power tripping, but they didn’t coordinate it.

      The reality is that a large number of people, maybe a majority don’t want freedom. They want attention and direction.

      • i truly believe there are several castes (in the biological sense) that humans fall into (i.e. are born as) and the largest numerically is as slaves. that’s right, a real majority of humans actively want to be slaves. and this is why democracy can never work.

        • An idea that’s been percolating around my mind for a while is that civilization itself is infantilizing.

          Something about urban living and a high degree of division of labor delays the maturity of human beings. Maybe genetically and not just culturally. Which is what drives the collapse-regeneration cycle of civilizations. The average maturity level of our culture is definitely regressing – and has been for generations. The baby boomers were basically adolescents that never grew up (yeah not all of them); permanently obsessed with rebellion against authority and personal gratification. The current generation is one of pre-pubescent children afraid of the bogey man and craving parental protection and guidance.

          • Each generation likely breaks down along such lines; some actually arse themselves to attain and maintain agency, while a far greater number do nothing of the kind, at best contenting themselves to LARP at being “citizens”.

            As the authoritatian, centralized state has waxed in its powers, the LARPers, being fundamentally feckless, are easily cowed, some through fear of being deprived of access to material and social goods, while younger generations are increasingly boxed out of access through mass immigration, affirmative action, and the accumulating effects of enemy action by the little hats, while some have also been medically castrated through Ritalin and the like.

            Boomers such as me had more scope earlier on, partly by dint of numbers, but those who were ever and only LARPing at possessing agency, are also being brought to heel by engineered means , means which act in concert with their already submissive natures.

            So, yeah, servile by preference or genetic predisposition seems to be the best explanation.

      • The information monopoly is near total. Censorship, heck the former President of the United States is banned from using social media. Try saying that there are only two genders, that you have doubts about man made climate change, that masks don’t work, or that all lives matter. Try saying the “N” word, that elections are unfair, or that on average, some races are smarter than others. Want to keep your job? Shut up!

        • I can attest to this. I’ll never work in my field thanks to some posts I made on what I thought was a private FB page… I think it was a honeypot

          • It’s happened to me as well. I tell my Boomer father about these dark realities and he looks at me like I’m crazy. It’s terrifying how many older Americans still believe that the United States is a bastion for freedom and are naive to how quickly exposed wrong thought can being complete ruination to ones life if employed by a Fortune company or just about any sizable entity.

  36. The mere fact that sports all is in full swing again is a great example of why we always end up losing. The deranged people on the other side of the divide never tire of trying to destroy us and the culture. Our side just wants to have fun.

    Trump understood this. He realized if he was entertaining enough he wouldn’t really need to do much and could even repeatedly throw his supporters under the clown bus.

    This is also why our side of the divide needs to quit having these illusions that at any moment the other side will simply push us too far and we are going to rebel. Sports ball teams, players, announcers and advertisers love to tell the fans how much they hate them. Doesn’t really matter. Party time. Let the game begin

    • luckily for us, the left inevitably destroys itself. why? because eventually they run out of other people to destroy, and steal from. so they turn on each other like an auto-immune disease of the polis.

      • “luckily for us, the left inevitably destroys itself”

        I think that is the main reason Trump is running. Without him in the race there could be war between the Bernie and Hillary wings of the party. But Putin’s Hitler will bring them together

        • God, I wish Trump would go away. He had his 15 minutes. His big, egotistic New Yawker shtick got old a long time ago. He provides the globalists and the media with a large, convenient target and most normies merely tune it all out.

          • Politicians don’t “go away”. They are pushed out by other politicians—barring death and scandal of course. So the question is—assuming you still play the game—who is emergent to push Trump off the political stage? So far, there seems no one—at least that’s willing to spar with Trump at this stage.

      • What an interesting analogy. Much like the regular here who’s always using the “antibodies” metaphor for solving problems. Tyrannies die by an autoimmune disease? Perhaps. Alas, they may take the rest of the body with them.

        There is an interesting parallel with the we-want-them-to-be-universal COVID-19 “vaccines.” There is some evidence that many of the serious side effects are auto-immune reactions, not only to the spike protein (intended), but also to other ingredients in the jab. Of course, you’ll learn none of this in the mass media. And for various reasons, to include “Do you want to keep your job, your funding, etc.” you won’t see it explored too seriously by the medical community.

        As I sort-of explained in an earlier post, while it’s not certain, imagine what happens to the image of The Establsiihment if and when failings, deaths and other issues with the vaccines become too big for even the controlled media to hide? They might just throw in the towel, admit “Sorry, we screwed up.” and let freedom reign. Sadly, I suspect that’s not a likely outcome.

    • This is correct. While it may seem like a black pill, I think the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) provides some hope. All power struggles can be seen as struggles between the elites of various groups. Democracy has clouded us to that reality. We have to see ourselves as the elites of our own group who are looking for any way we can to get our people to fight for their survival (which is our priority right now as a defeated people).

      • It is a tough situation. Without leaders the masses won’t mobilize in any effective way. Jan 6 showed that ruling and managerial classes will use any genuine mass protesr to their advantage and the disadvantage of us.

        If you try to be a leader you will be singled out and persecuted but maybe be given an opportunity to be an FBI informant.

        Probably the rational thing to do in light of all that is live in a relatively safe area from globohomo, build a strong community, and enlighten people around you offline

  37. One reason people are not in the streets demanding an end of this stuff is they have found a better solution. They just ignore it.

    Yep, I predicted that outcome when this begin in March 2020.
    I’m actually quite surprised that it’s taken this long to reach that point.

    Which to me, means that America’s legacy culture is more persistent that I had thought. I’m in SoCal, which is in the vanguard of America’s latinization. So ignoring the law, as happens down south, was always the obvious end point.

    One of the ways that America’s cloud people are morons is that for all their talk of multi culturalism really think that all cultures are the same. By which I mean identical not morally equivalent. They are completely oblivious to the reality that the culture of the immigrants they were importing included things like seeing laws as optional; and the government as an enemy to be subverted.

    • For the people in charge it was all about drowning Whitey in a sea of diversity. I don’t think they’ve given it a lot of thought about the behavior of the new population, and what the tradeoffs will be.

      • Honestly, I think it was mostly about a temporary advantage. They never thought through the long term implications at all.

        • Eventually whitey will have to formally ally with the latinx and drive off the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, and Africans. ADOS can have some good southern lands. At least our dusky bean eating brethren belong on this continent, even if many of them are far too north. If we cut off forced social welfare for people too lazy or stupid too work and establish strict crime laws many of them will naturally migrate back where life is easier for them. Even if many stay we’ll end up with an emergent caste system like is in every latin country. The key to our success will be having a non democratic for, of government so that we can avoid the graft and corruption of the southern regions and we must keep English as our language for aesthetic reasons.

          • you might want to study history before saying “they are too far north” :). the first house i bought in socal, had the king of spain as the original title holder for the property. first property on the (OC) county tax rolls is mission san juan capistrano.
            and then there is texas and the war with mexico.

          • Retention of English as the language is for more than aesthetic reasons: the foundational governmental and social forms come from our people, and should continue to form the basis of these underpinings of the civilization; also, this is the language of science and technology, and its absolute dominance is indispensable to making that clear.

            There must needs be a clear hierarchical status system. Anything else is looking for trouble.

    • Seeing New Zealand and Australia, we may reach the irony of minorities saving our freedoms through their blatant non-compliance. Whites, as of now, are complete sheep.

    • “They are completely oblivious to the reality that the culture of the immigrants they were importing included things like seeing laws as optional; and the government as an enemy to be subverted.”

      They expect their Internet of Things will forever put a stop to that.

  38. “Short of doing a Ted Kaczynski and relocating to a cabin in the wilderness, there is no escape from the reign of media terror.”

    That’s why I could never be a dissident blogger. I’d have to stay somewhat engaged in the terror. It would drive me crazy, It’s driven people actually crazy – just look at Alex Jones. TDS/FTN. But thank God for people who can do dissident media and stay sane nonetheless.

  39. This is also reflected on the major newspaper websites. NYT, WaPo and others scream out headlines blaring as if the news reported for that day is the Most. Important. Ever.

    Like George W. Bush (Shrub) getting attention a few days ago for comparing disgruntled citizens to ISIS 2.0. The same media who was calling him the US version of Hitler in the past now expects us to believe he is some wise elder statesman?

    It’s clown world and more people are realizing that.

    • Just wait until they’re calling Trump the sane moderate Republican as opposed to the crazy extremist that is running as a Republican in 2028 or 2032.

      I guarantee you that’s going to happen.

  40. At sportsball arenas over the weekend, they certainly weren’t wearing masks or social distancing, but they were chanting F#%* JOE BIDEN during the games!

      • I didn’t expect that. To conservatives, nothing says “back to normal” like performing the most degrading acts of corporate fellatio.

        I did think that that this year when the theme of the show, that last year was changed from “yay us” to “eat shit—yes *you* personally” for BLM, had *stayed* that way, absent violent coercion, normies would realize that the acidic normie-hatred spraying out of every hole of sports isn’t “virtue signaling” but the very soul of the enterprise.

        Not so much.

        I try not to hate regular folx. It’s unsustainable.

      • as the boomers continue to die off, the ratings will continue to contract. the nba is already a non-profitable league; they will die once china assrapes them by creating their own league. just ask disney how that works.

        as far as i can tell, from my kids, and their friends (all millenials) none of them are into any american sports; a few like european soccer.

        college sports are pozzed, too, but a lot of people are willing to overlook that to have something to share communally. the nigs are in the process of putting paid to that quaint notion.

        • At my former university, the only joggers I see are playing school sports, such as basketball and football. It’s really quite boring (and inane) to watch a team of low life’s that I have nothing in common with, and who are not even students in any meaningful sense.

          A couple of decades ago when I was still paying attention, the local paper looked up the records of the highly rated basketball teams of prior years and found only a 5% graduation rate in five years. Our beloved basketball coach got a hissy fit and threatened to leave and the newspaper reassigned the miscreant reporters.

        • College sports, at least from the student fan perspective, is an opportunity to mix and mingle with the opposite sex in close quarters sharing adrenaline surges. Nothing else.

  41. There will be a genuine crisis, personal crises at any rate, when/if the unvaxxed lose their jobs for non-compliance.

    • Ignoring and filtering is fine, all things being equal, but they’re not. It’s more like whistling past the graveyard as the zombies are coming out of their graves.

      • maybe, maybe not. given there is no one to replace her, that means the place she works will have to contract their services. and sure, being woke means being willing to drive your business into the ground, but short of that, she will find work and get more $$ in the process. am willing to bet concierge nursing is a viable business model now.

        am not minimizing the unpleasantness she is going through, just trying to paint a fuller picture 🙂

        • “given there is no one to replace her”

          Globohomo will open the floodgates for immigration. I wonder if we have reached the point where intelligent low-time-preference potential immigrants are viewing FUSA as a bad long-term bet. We’ll always get the dregs of everyone else’s civilizations, as long as the gates are open.

        • “am willing to bet concierge nursing is a viable business model now.”

          My gods. You have no idea of the depth of defense and system density of Globohomo Corporate medicine.

          It should be, but there’s a reason home health or hospitals quickly go to minimalist ‘wellness centers’ and all-inclusiveness promotion to hire the abjectly stupid, untrainable third world nursing staff at $10 per hour.

          • Afterthought:
            American NHS.

            They want an American NHS, the largest employer and open prison system in the world.

            Combined with Chinese Social Credit surveillance like they’re rolling out in Canada, and North America is like Australia- done.

      • Vizzini: Might she get work as a traveling nurse/technician? I know they make a lot of money and are in high demand, but I don’t know if they’re all requiring the vaxx as well.

        • She worked for years as a traveler — she was initially a traveler at the hospital she’s as now — and that’s one option she’s considering.

        • this isn’t a secret so I don’t think i’m breaking opsec but borzoi’s wife i think is a travel nurse. Borzoi for those not in the know is one of the TRS personalities.

      • Isn’t she in New England somewhere? There’s such a nurse shortage up north that she can always work agency per diem or travel if they follow through.

    • Everyone in that situation needs to stay in the job and not quit – force the company to fire them. And then file a wrongful termination lawsuits – and play up whatever angle they can. For instance, if it happens to your daughter she should remember all the time she was se><ally harassed and sue on that basis. Or whatever angle is at hand. Corps fear litigation more than anything and there’s a ton of opportunity for mischief against the evil doers.

    • I will lose my job if they decide to really enforce this stuff. That is the only really stressful thing right now.
      As we are older and have saved some money, that won’t be the end of the world. The house will be sold and we’ll be on our way to a red state in a month.

    • If every current non-vaccinated US commercial airline pilot refused to take the jab by, say, Oct 15, the US airline system would collapse overnight due to shortages of trained personnel.

      Much the same for any private industry, really. With record numbers of shipping containers being stuck in port due to lack of a logistical chain, just 10% of truckers walking off the job would cripple the real economy.

      The welding of corporate and political power WILL spark a pushback as they continue to overreach. Strong private sector unions would be a logical (and relatively peaceful) pushback. Which is not to say private unions are all squeaky clean.

      Because they can’t fire and replace us all. Unions played a key role in getting communism out of Poland, because they understood there is great strength in numbers.

      • There are rumors of significant numbers of F-22 and F-15 pilots that have resigned their commissions.

        If those rumors are true, that is a horrible, probably unintended outcome for the Deep State warmongers.

        Each one of those pilots represents years of effort and millions of dollars of training lost.

        They would not be easily replaced because there are strict screens for physical and mental traits that weed out almost all of the people who attempt to become military pilots.

        • Watch for a walk off of pilots at the airlines, specifically UAL and Delta. In general, pilots aren’t the type who vote Joe Biden.

        • Wild Geese: I’ve seen the same rumors, but I’ll believe it when there’s more solid evidence. I’ve said for years that if stupid ‘murricans had all refused to fly when the TSA goons and the patdowns and body scans began, it would all have gone away in a week. The Poles retained enough sense of themselves as a people to protest communally. Americans lost that long ago – you can’t even get a handful at any one office to back you up in the mildest bit of resistance. They’re all scabs and will stab you in the back at the first opportunity,

          • I was in a job that required near-constant domestic and international travel at the time of 9/11. In fact, I was scheduled to travel to NYC a couple days after the attack (so much for that trip).

            For a while I was really uncooperative with airport security in the aftermath, because I didn’t want to let all this security theater go without pushback. Lost a few tools I used to travel with for work. But it was always just me. Everybody else seemed to buy the “it’s for our own safety” line.

      • I am not sure you are understanding their position.

        They actually want everything to collapse.

        they do not give a shit of the industries implode. They are on a funeral pyre, have covered themselves with oil and are just waiting for that holy match to immolate themselves and you.

    • I’m hoping that a large swath of workers stick to their guns, but at the same time, I’m worried that the fallout to an already teetering economy would be immediate and swift. I pray the bill gets vetoed.

      Those football chanters are right.

    • This is why it’s so important to get out there and begin building a parallel society and culture. The things the Gab CEO has done so far are an easy, useful entry point.

      Also, remember the jabbed are not a monolithic bloc. There is at least some percentage with buyer’s remorse who are sympathetic, and there is another subset that find the entire jabport scheme worthy of rejection.

      • well, what constitutes “vaxxed” changes every week. one jab? two? three? ten? more the merrier i say, won’t miss ya when your gone!

      • Many of the vaccinated will hit the 6 month mark soon and be considered “unvaccinated” unless they get a booster. A lot of them will refuse to turn their immune systems into a subscription service.

      • Another resource that I thought might be worthwhile is the personals site, “Unjected,” which has business and friends sections, as well as a community board.

        Well, my current take is that the site is really in the embryonic stages compared to the media hysteria about it a few weeks ago. Still worth keeping an eye on.

        Jim Corbett did an interview with one of the founders that was decent.

      • Wild Geese – True, and yet . . . My husband, alone among his closest high school and various work buddies, is the only one to remain unvaxxed. The rest have caved to pressure from spouses or children, or in order to be able to go on a cruise. These are not weak or stupid men. I had expected better of them. The rot goes deeper than many imagine, and the urge to go along to get along is primary.

        • Interesting how little it takes, isn’t it. I was on the fence wrt vaccination given I had a diagnosis of Covid and recovered. Why get a vaccine when the immune system is tuned and running fine? Let’s see how things play out with new variants and such.

          But recent events of outright lies, lawlessness, and coercion have hardened me to an extreme. I’m gonna have to see folks dropping dead in the street before I ever consider submitting to such efforts. Hard to believe this is the same country I was born in. We are a pathetic lot.


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