The Blessings Of Covid

Long before the Covid panic, it was obvious to many on the dissident right that the main problem in the West was a core of true believers. These are fanatics who are immune to facts and reason, driven by a desire to pull the roof down on society. On every issue, they seem to come down on the side of the society wrecking option. The Covid panic has brought this into stark relief The Covidians are more deadly than even the exaggerated version of the virus.

The Covidian is a useful case study in how the believer engages with the world. Since this started back in the spring of 2020, the true believers have shifted positions, often contradicting yesterday’s deeply held position, without explanation. The cult leaders seem to have moved along an authoritarian scale, which at least provides some rationale for their actions. The rank and file believers, however, have flitted from one position to another like a murmuration of starlings.

The most recent example is their view on vaccines. In 2020 when Trump was promising to accelerate the development of a vaccine for Covid, the true believer was sure vaccine meant “deadly Hitler poison”. Their cult leaders were on their media platforms swearing to Gaia that they would never take the Trump serum. After all, there was no way a safe vaccine could be developed in such a short period. It was just another effort by Trump to destroy our democracy.

Within hours of Biden being installed, they shifted to swearing that these vaccines were a perfect defense, an impenetrable defense, against Covid. If the bulk of the people were vaccinated by spring, the pandemic would be over as we would quickly hit herd immunity or pretty close to it. Everyone could go back to normal. The skeptics with whom they agreed just minutes ago were now QAnon conspiracy nuts. All good people would be vaccinated and only the crazies would refuse.

There you see the mind of the true believer at work. Theirs is not a world of facts, reason, and a vast area of uncertainty, as it is with normal people. Instead, their world is those inside the walls and those outside the walls. The walls are an abstraction created by the good people who lead the faithful. Those who are inside the walls are the good guys, the faithful, while those outside the walls are the bad guys, the undifferentiated other that is always at war with the faithful.

This hive mentality is not easy to maintain in the face of reality, so the faithful need a constant stream of reinforcement. In a prior age, this came from physical gatherings where the believers could affirm their convictions and have those convictions confirmed by fellow members of the collective. Churches have always been social groupings as much as spiritual ones. For those committed to an ideological faith, the need for spiritual and social reinforcement is no different.

In this age, mass media provides the steady stream of affirmation. It is not an accident that the hardest thumping crazies on the Left are also intensively on-line, obsessed with things like Twitter. Social media is their tether to the collective. The more they remain connected, the more intense their need to feel connected. The swarming effect of crazies on social media platforms is not an accident. Like a fish in a school, the believer gives herself over to the collective whole.

Here is an example of how the mass media feeds the true believer. Note the exaggerated language like “hyper-contagious”. The true believer operates in extremes, so this necessitates the over-the-top description of things. In this case, describing the variants as increasing dangerous is a way to maintain the fervor. You see, you must remain vigilant. The evil one is always out there. If you let down your guard, he will get you with one of his hyper-contagious variants!

Note also how the definition of vaccine has changed. Since the advent of vaccines, the concept has been a binary one. If the vaccine worked, your immune system would be ready to handle the specific virus and prevent infection. If not, then you would get infected by the virus. Now a vaccine is something like an amulet. If you are exposed, it protects the faithful from the workings of Old Scratch. You still get infected and are contagious, but your soul is pure so you will be safe.

This line is instructive. “Even the sky-high efficacy rates of mRNA vaccines during clinical trials left a little window of imperfection — and those trials happened long before this virus evolved to replicate quicker, spread faster and infect even more unsuspecting human hosts.” You see, no matter how vigilant you are, there are others who may let their guard down and give the evil one a chance to strike the innocent. This is not about you but about the community as a whole.

This is why Joe Biden said the other day that his administration would protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. The tether to biological reality has been cut and we are now in the world of the true believer. The words vaccinated and unvaccinated no longer have a medical definition. To the true believer, those words now mean the anointed and the benighted. The elect are those who have laminated their vaccine cards and wear eight masks in the car while driving alone.

This is why pointing out the fascism of Covid passports has not effect. The true believer needs that display item. They desperately want the affirmation that comes from holding up their iPhone to be scanned and the god in the machine confirming that they are one of the chosen. This is why they celebrate the death of those the mass media claim were ant-vaxers. Their blood extirpates the evil from the land in the same way a public sacrifice washes away the sins of the guilt in the blood of the innocent.

Counterintuitively, Covid may have been a salvation. The fever-rage of opposition to Trump was channeled into a ridiculous but so far mostly harmless identity cult built around the coronavirus. We saw the destructive power of lunatics in a full rage allowed to seek their own satisfaction. Covid probably saved the country from endless riots and urban warfare. The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their fix without blowing up the world in the process.

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287 thoughts on “The Blessings Of Covid

  1. “The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their fix without blowing up the world in the process.” True, I suppose, but remember that the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  2. Great post but I wouldn’t say “fever-rage of opposition to Trump was channeled into a ridiculous but so far mostly harmless identity cult built around the coronavirus”

    In the short-term we have had businesses ruined and increases in suicides, depression and overdoses. There is also the emotional impact of isolation, people dying alone, and not being able to have funerals. We still don’t know the full impact of denying people screening for cancer, heart and diabetes.

    In the longer term we have the impact of the money machine working overtime and proof to our overlords that people will give up all their rights in return for being protected from the flu

  3. The time to panic will be when we see Politicians in hazmat suits hiding in containment bunkers. Thus far, they are partying mask-less, in large crowds- laughing and enjoying themselves while lecturing the rest of us about how deadly the virus is. You will know when to panic, and by their behavior it isn’t any time soon.

  4. Thesis from Z: “These are fanatics who are immune to facts and reason, driven by a desire to pull the roof down on society. On every issue, they seem to come down on the side of the society wrecking option.”

    Antithesis: There is a group that wants to collapse tradition white civilization because that civilization is the only threat to their rule. This group effectively controls the media and has hijacked the pathological empathy and desire for status of elite whites. This group would prefer to rule over a Mexico-like USA than a 1950s USA.

  5. “The fever-rage of opposition to Trump was channeled into a ridiculous but so far mostly harmless identity cult built around the coronavirus.”
    I don’t really understand how you could say the crazies have been mostly harmless, the world may not have been blown up entirely but it’s been turned into a dystopian hellhole. The countless people who have lost their livelihoods, the unknown number of people who offed themselves because of the social isolation, the children who have had their childhoods stolen and will have their development stunted and irrevocably fucked up, the people who died alone and the people who couldn’t mourn their loved ones who had died.
    To say these people are harmless is just frankly not in tune with reality, these people have caused a massive amount of destruction. It’s just very strange to me that you would view these people as just an anodyne group of goofballs, doesn’t seem to follow the opinions you’ve expressed on covid since it started.

  6. Branch Covidianism is a disaster. In fact, it is the meeting engagement for the Hot Civil War all across the West (not just the US) that has been brewing since Klaus Schwab dreamed of “you will own nothing and have no privacy peasant!”

    Biden drew a domestic line in the sand (in foreign affairs he is like Khadaffi, “you cross this line, you die. Line of Death. Ok you cross THIS line you die. OK OK you cross this line you die.”) But on Domestic affairs his Regency has the killer instinct. They will to keep their crazies happy have a domestic Vaccine Police ready to hold you down and inject you. Most blacks figure like Nikki Minaj that it will make them infertile and their testicles shink (she really said this). Others figure it just does not work any more so the risk is not worth the reward. Coupled with lockdowns and the urging of the insane to drone attack Florida, Tennessee, and Texas governors and legislatures I figure it will happen like gay marriage, trannies in every girls bathroom, and in girls sports, and drag queen story hour at libraries.

    The former Joe Biden was just wanting to loot everything as the Senator from MBNA. This one really “believes” the true believer idiocy that Psaki and the other witches around him (Dr. Jill, etc) feed him so “to protect” the holy and saved us deplorables will get it in the neck. Or that is the plan. I figure a series of rolling, constant strikes over a national shutdown (which is coming) will complicate things. The willingness and ability of the ordinary person to sacrifice has boundaries and requires real leadership. Not Senile Bane yelling at people to get off his lawn.

  7. are fanatics who are immune to facts and reason, driven by a desire to pull the roof down on society.

    The first part concerns about all of humankind (thus most on the right, dissident or not, too). What is true of a not-so-wide fraction of the people is the second part, the (self)-destructive pining.

  8. ” Theirs is not a world of facts, reason, and a vast area of uncertainty, as it is with normal people. Instead, their world is those inside the walls and those outside the walls.”

    When criminologists consider the possibility of a person being a (classical-definition) terrorist, the major indicator isn’t sociopathy or impulse control. It’s a black-and-white worldview. People who don’t distinguish between ideas and lives are the people most willing to kill random passers-by for political gain.

    • So Tater Joe recently drone-bombed an innocent Afghani aid worker & 7 kids. How does that not qualify as a terrorist act? What was Tater Joe’s motive? Revenge, macho power statement, political gain, what? If he would so cavalierly kill innocent kids in a backwater country like Afghanistan, what makes anyone think he won’t do the same thing here? Tater Joe may be history’s first combination Alzheimer’s patient and sociopathic serial killer. That is a very dangerous combo.

      • “How does that not qualify as a terrorist act?”

        Because it was only killing.

        Terrorism is a political act and killing people isn’t the point. It’s intimidating people into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do. That involves targeting innocent people without the motivation of personal gain. Thus, a certain (and Covidian) type of in-or-out personality.

        Fortunately, most Covidians have too many health problems to be physically violent. But the media won’t let them turn inward and form cults, either.

  9. In the next couple of months 10’s of millions of people are going to be economically coerced into taking a vaccine that they don’t want to take. This will naturally create at least a certain amount of resentment against their employers and the system. What happens if millions of formerly decent employees all get a bad attitude and decide to just do the minimum to get by. In the aggregate that could be a huge loss of economic productivity.

    • I work for a fortune 300. That attitude has long since already taken effect in corporate America

  10. Covid observation: I have had five acquaintances diagnosed with covid over the last year. Four lived, one died and none were vaxed. Person I know who passed away recently was relatively young (early fifties) and heavy (BMI >32). Risk of death due to covid is strongly correlated to BMI. News media and publications often mention risk of death relating to age, but tend to not highlight risk of death due to obesity. If you have BMI over 30 (can calculate from link below) I strongly recommend doing whatever you can to lose some weight and/or getting the vax.

    • Your post is a good counterpoint to Z’s last podcast when he said that no one knows anyone who has gotten Covid. Personally, I know about 10 people who’ve had Covid (including 3 friend-of-friends).

      My diagnosis: Covid is an unusually contagious bad flu.

      Generally, Covid kills old people, fat people, and those with heart conditions and almost no one else.

      Instead of locking down the country, we should provide free N95 masks to those who are vulnerable and let everyone else go about their business.

      • Well said. In my family we work in the EMS field. My brother and his family got Covid. He, his wife and two little kids were fine within four days. Still, his mother in law suggested he get the vaccine (why?) and friends of here who visited from the South (transplants) chastised those who were not vaccinated. Even more selfish and smug- they had cold like symptoms but only revealed it after they had made it to the airports to return.

        Anyway, not to take anything away from the Z, sometimes this is a good source for daily Covidian madness in New England:

      • I had it November of last year. I was 59, 20lbs.over my ideal weight and have hypertension. I also took no.percautions to avoid contracting it. I trusted my immune system so was willing to take the gamble.
        For me the illness lasted five days, two days of fever 101 -102 degrees.
        lasting effect Total loss sense of smell and taste. Ten months later smell has mostly returned. I do believe in vaccinations. However this thing was used as a political weapon and is still being used as a weapon .the mrna vaccines do not appear to be effective. I have antibodies & I will not comply with any mandate. If I loose my job at the MIC so be it.

      • N95 masks are only marginally better than the freebies at Walmart.
        Have a look at some of these studies on mask effectiveness.

        Then have a look at the studies claiming mask effectiveness. Compare the scientific rigor in both.
        (“CNN said so” is not a scientific study)

        Weigh the evidence and come to your own conclusion.

  11. But also, don’t forget women and coronavirus.

    I say: “women expect to be protected.”

    Thus, if the gubmint tells women to get vaccinated, they will all get with the program and get vaccinated.

    But what happens if it turns out the vaccine doesn’t protect women?

    I say: when women find they have not been protected then they go find a new protector.

  12. Herds need a leader to be damaging.

    The stampeding liberal-progressive is a product of a long-term experiment that gains momentum as time goes by. Without a leader, he cannot really riot, especially if he’s a hipster white dude living in an apartment by a subway station in a big city. The Trump Capitol boys were more effective at rioting than he’ll ever be.

    The Covid mid-level catastrophe has given the authoritarian mindset a chance to ratchet the power level up by securing a lockdown that is more unchangeable than it would be without the deaths involved. That is its success, as a virus. It has changed the culture. Now you can order people around, like the organizations that are pushing their members to get vaccinated or get fired. There’s no middle ground anymore.

  13. One of the blessing of Covid is it has made it easier to know whom to ignore. If someone’s social media avatar has one of those giant masks that cover half the face, then likely said individual also has a half-functioning brain.

    • If you say “horse dewormer”, I immediately know to disregard anything you have to say because you’re an irrelevant NPC.

  14. “Since this started back in the spring of 2020, the true believers have shifted positions, often contradicting yesterday’s deeply held position, without explanation. ….The rank-and-file believers, however, have flitted from one position to another like a murmuration of starlings.”

    This is classic communist flunky behavior. George Orwell described it in the UK during the 1930’s. The British communist party was taking their cues from Moscow. Moscow had no compunction about turning around 180 degrees on an issue if it furthered their interests. The British commie now had to suck it up and argue with the same fervor against what they considered a metaphysical certainty the day before.
    Two take-aways for me on today’s leftists. 1) These flunkies have no self-esteem. They unquestioningly abase themselves just parroting what they are told to think. 2) Regularly making 180-degree U-turns is a sign of being unprincipled. The ends justify the means. It’s not the issue itself, all they’re interested in is power.

  15. Regarding the people who went from “You’d be crazy to trust the Trump vaccine” to “Those unvaxxed rednecks are worse than Hitler”: they’re not representative.
    You can always find unhinged blue checks on twitter who turn the hackery to 11. It’s their brand, it’s not meant to be subtle. It’s not true believer syndrome, it’s a relevance device.

    As i remember it, Liberals from mid-march 2020 onwards have been pretty consistent in applying to the wuflu their global warming narrative: There’s a silent and invisible killer on the prowl, catastrophe is imminent, the enlightened are on the ball but their valiant efforts are being hampered by the benighted, whose stupidity and/or ill-intent threatens to kill us all.
    They find it irresponsible to an evil level that someone somewhere not be as terrified as they are.

    They were always onboard with a vaccine, because the prophet Fauci promised one and the television told them it’s the only path. They ridiculed Trump for spitballing alternative treatments (the aquarium bleach hoax). The more recent horse dewormer hoax follows the same pattern.

  16. A long read, but this pulls a lot of the threads together on vaccine technology, immunology and virology. And from what I’ve seen elsewhere from Dr. Bossche, he’s not a hysteric in either direction. I’m always on alert for the 2nd and 3rd order effects of “haste” and poor thinking. This is probably it. One of the few summaries that fits observable reality

    • Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity has a good interview with Dr. Bossche up on Youtube (he was unbanned), very clear explanation of why the vaxxed are the super-spreaders of mutations, and Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Bossche has extensive credentials, worked as Virologist for Glaxo Kline Smith, and is very much pro-vaccines, but not implemented during an endemic respiratory infection, since it only drives mutation pressure (“variants”).

      Excellent for showing to your “truth-hesitant” friends and family, perhaps overcoming their buyers’ remorse.

      • Saw a different interview with him–then started following. But first clue on this was Brett Weinstein and his wife (the Evergreen College folks) who are both evolutionary biologists. They addressed evolutionary strategies in microbes months ago in one of their podcasts. This was it. Only bright spot was, if left to natural evolution the tendency is towards adapting in the host population to be more contagious/less virulent. If nature is left to its own devices.

        • “If nature is left to its own devices.”

          Exactly. They know what they’re doing.

          We have 2 to 4 years before the aftereffects are too great to ignore. By that time the sterilization might make it too late.

          Of course many will survive. I don’t know if I welcome this or if I dread it.

          You must be frantically overworked as the corporates re- and re-re-evaluate their risk profiles per the ever-changing mandates. Gods bless our lads deep behind the lines.

    • Yes, a good read. I’ve also recently read Alex Berenson’s “Unreported Truths” about COVID, sold on Amazon and elsewhere. He also has a website but it’s spotty. I read very widely about Covid on the net. Still, I learnt some new tidbits from Berenson. Here’s a few:

      The approvals for the jabs (mRNA) products were rushed (with much dubious science and questionable setting aside of traditional approval metrics.) No secret there. New “to me”: the test subjects were chosen for being young and healthy. There were very few aged, and none with known co-morbidities. No pregnant women.
      Trials showed very high efficacy. Alas, now we know, after ten months of widespread dispensing of the jabs, that:

      Protection is best in the young and healthy, and least (poorest immune response) in the very old — precisely the population most at risk of the virus.

      Protection fades quickly, perhaps six months, maybe even sooner.

      There are side effects of the jabs alone: some of them not serious but there are quite a few reports of severe and perhaps permanent injuries, many deaths. The investigation and reporting of such bad outcomes is spotty at best. There are obvious disincentives for many “interested parties” to dissemble, to cover up, or even better, never collect such data in the first place.

      I’ve seen claims (not Berenson) that for younger people, maybe the under 50, one’s risk of death is higher from the jab than from the virus. Even if that’s not true, there must be a trade-off somewhere.

      I am thoroughly distrustful of the media, indeed most institutions now, and any data, even from the CDC or your local MD, should be viewed with suspicion.

      • Have seen hard data that the risk of myocarditis is multiples that of death in males under 30. Problem is myocarditis is not a “one and done” event. Substantial risk of death for years after initial DX

    • Vox Day recently posted a long (90 minute) interview (by a UK group) with the former head of the French government vaccine authority (canned for being against a universal mRNA inoculation.) Objective and authoritative. Worth it.

  17. Off topic, but women are truly Gaia’s greatest gift.

    There she was, at the Met gala, gleefully finding an excuse to present her shapely bottom like a baboon in heat.

    Great gods I love women’s finest instincts.

      • I was going to go with, “abundant”.

        No, ladies, I wasn’t being sarcastic, either.
        We worship! We adore!

    • She is caught in between mindsets. Consciously, she is a true believer, hates us, and wants us dead or enslaved. Subconsciously, she just wants to get railed by a man from the dominant group.

  18. ” The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their fix without blowing up the world in the process.”

    Sane people might think

    ” The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their total control without having to blow up the world in the process.”

  19. “ The fever-rage of opposition to Trump was channeled into a ridiculous but so far mostly harmless identity cult built around the coronavirus.”

    I think the opposite is closer WuFlu was an accelerant for the 2020 Summer of Love. The lockdowns in the spring created pent-up frustration that found release in the public, and mostly peaceful, veneration of St. George.

  20. Covid is really just one aspect of the Leftist’s societal religion.

    It occurred to me as I started a religious fast today to try and better my self-control when it comes to sins of the flesh. (I am an Orthodox Christian.) It’s my belief that prayer and devotion in one area of life, in this case food, helps the body and spirit in other areas, in this case lust. We strive to be perfect, just as Christ is perfect.

    Maybe this is just projection, but I think the Covidians are the same way. I would not be surprised if they think that getting vaccinated is another way to fight White supremacy, or the patriarchy, or “homophobia.” The thing that Christians and Covidians have in common is that we believe all evil comes from one source. Hitler is the Covidian Satan. Therefore, by getting society vaccinated, this must also be decreasing the amount of thought crime and hate speech too.

    • Really good post. I respect your honesty in noting the similarities between your fast and the Covidians’ misguided strivings.

      Just think of all that misdirected white people energy that we may be able to harness someday.

      (4 days is my longest fast. I was so angry that I hardly lost any weight. Don’t get me started about my less successful struggles with lust.)

      • Good luck on your fast. I was able to make it four days by somehow directing my anger at the world towards my hunger. Somehow, I was able to harness my anger to say, “f*ck you” to my hunger.

        This may not have been very spiritual of me but it worked.

      • 2.5 days about as long as I’m able to fast and still function somewhat normally. I get that you were angry about not losing weight – but that’s not the point of (Christian) fasting as I’m sure you know. As for lusting, it gets less troublesome – you just have to reach age which apparently, I have achieved.

        • By the sixth or seventh day, you’ve honestly forgotten hunger. Senses seem extremely sharp, but the urge is gone.

          After more than a week, I’d also forgotten how to talk or respond, having been alone in the mountains.

  21. I’ve always asked, “Well, who funded WWll?”
    Normiecons always note with pride that our WWll debt-to-GDP was 120%, and we paid it all off.

    Paid it…to whom?

    What if the war loan people had a new idea: funding another World War, a similar scale of expenditure…but not in bullets, bombs, and bang bang.

    The American military has grown, and grown, since Vietnam- yet we’ve had no war-war. That military’s auxilliary, the State Department, has grown too, along with its Intelligence arms.

    And these non-wars and covid have greatly profited the Mockingbird media arm of Intelligence, who in turn is lifted by the activity of Military.

    Our debt has certainly grown, too, but not in new Naval fleets, or in dams and bridges either. The percentage of social spending is frighteningly large, but I’m not seeing prosperity break out all over.

    Perhaps…we’re already in a World War.
    This time, a truly global one.

    • I am inclined to believe that General “M” did not have any discussions with a Far East counterpart. This appears to be another feint by a sycophant liberal media to distract from all of the other political disasters happening with this administration (Immigration, Covid, Afghanistan, Biden’s Mental State, Inflation.).

      The Chinese see us as the Paper Tiger we have become. They know the likelihood of the US beginning WW3 is nil. The worst kept secret in the geo-political sphere is that we cannot wage a war with any of the remaining superpowers, especially China. The logistics, strategic goals and outcome do not justify even contemplating such a venture.

      Our assurances to regional allies are mere platitudes. Taiwan will not be defended. Hell, even President Nixon and Kissinger knew this and told the Chinese nearly 50 years ago that Taiwan was a part of China. The economic partnerships; China-USA, USA-India, China-EU, China-Africa, et all, dissuade the idea of an Asiatic regional war.

      So many variables to consider. How embarrassing for the world to watch Taiwan declare their alliance with China? Or to see Russia, Iran, and most likely North Korea jump in on the China hegemony? India would possibly side with us, but even they would have a mere ceremonial position at that. They share an enormous land border with China and this likely would be the catalyst for Pakistan to take advantage and throw in with China against India. Ethnic tensions already are at a high point between Hindu and Muslim interests. This could spiral into the creation of ISIS or Al-Qaida terrorist groups forming that India would have to contend with.

      Would other global regions take advantage of the situation? The entire Middle East could be consumed by tribal sectarian bloodshed while this fiasco ensued. The Taj Mahal being destroyed by Islamic Terrorists would be really bad optics.

      After a 20+ year War on Terror™ that consumed trillions of dollars the country didn’t have and possibly frayed the bonds of international European alliances permanently, who would join America in this suicide pact? Bermuda? Albania?

      Since the dawn of the 21st century, Europe has quietly strengthened her bonds between Russia and China. What would they gain from a land war in Asia?

      Not even going to mention the Nuclear capability aspect for all involved….

      • Woke Milley confirmed the calls and Psaki backed him. Woke Milley also confirmed the personal oath of loyalty.

        The Danger of a Regency. Various people vie to become King themselves.

      • “They know the likelihood of the US beginning WW3 is nil.”

        Given the combination of arrogance, stupidity and ignorance in Washington it is materially greater than nil.

    • Most social spending is on seniors. Certainly society could do away with that but the net result is what happened in Japan and elsewhere, a global sea of cash with no productive use. Massive level of speculation are good for no one.

      If people need to save 25% of their income at a minimum so they can stop working when they get too old, they aren’t spending it and the economy can’t grow.

      Nations can get away with this for a while by exporting but what would happen if the US went down this route?

      Globally our economic structures are predicated on stupid assumptions, perpetual growth, unrealistically large family sizes for most urban societies , every lower wages that somehow allow more consumption. Heck an endless desire for consumer goods.

      This thinking makes no sense at all , reality is small families , 2 kids max , less need for stuff as on line services replace things and gradual population decline , probably as we run out of water an energy a declining standard of living.

      Growth is gone for good and a healthy society would be able to adapt.

      • Rate of economic growth equal to the natural rate of population growth, you bet.

        Forced migration is wrecking all the metrics.

  22. Perfect Post. Second in a week. I can only add that whatever these people channel their fervor into, it’s never harmless. Every so often I think of the bakery owner down the street from me who lost everything. These people are evil, and they destroyed her. They destroyed everything she built. And the world is darker for that empty storefront. She’s one of millions. How many people are left in this country that still hit the alarm at 6am and produce something? This is what will do this malevolence in in the end. Even a debt ridden monstrosity such as our country in 2021still needs producers and contributors. They’re treated worse than prostitutes. I actually mean that. Worse than whores. And my state is the worst on that. When this all goes California will hit the skids harder and faster than anywhere else.

  23. Kinda think the mobs of nig nogs and soy antifa types are less dangerous than this Covid stuff.

    The techology is in place for our enslavement. Whats happening with Covid is the mindset of slavery and control is being instilled.

    I think Covid is far more deadly than black riots. They need to riot every 10 or so years, but this Covid is new

  24. Covid is a binary issue where you have to choose a side and the results have been revealing.

    The sweet lady at the Deli who is angry at and contemptuous of the unvaccinated.

    The idiot hippie at the music club who was smugly superior because he is vaccinated.

    The hardworking lady who cuts my hair who is ready to go protest another lockdown.


    • A person’s belief in the vaccine may be our best indicator available for how much that person trusts the elites and the media.

      • Just so. Even more than the mask, which is easily faked, taking the jab is a major test of party loyalty. Whle we don’t (yet) have an instant way to recognize one another at first sight, that might come with vaccine passports or other marginalization. Many people, of course, were persuaded or, let’s be honest, coerced by threat of loss of employment, edcuation or other opportunity, to get vaxxed. But that decision to submit — or to refuse to — is, to me, a stark dividing line.

    • To my taste, Moldbug has a signal to noise ratio that approaches zero. To be fair, the one insight that I have gleaned from him/NRx is, “protests only work when the elites support you, otherwise they do more harm than good.”

      Well, I guess he was one of the first populizers of the “deep state” observation as well.

      I’d curious what insights others have gained from Moldbug/NRx.

      • Moldbug’s Beer Flu take was so horrifically bad I can no longer be bothered to invest much time or effort in the rest of his output.

      • Moldbug and his NRx cronies aren’t very useful at actual “getting stuff done in meat space” which is what matters. They actually oppose it under the doctrine of passivism (opposite of activism)

        As such NRx is the all talk, no action intellectually masturbatory self congratulating wing of the old .Alt Right

        Smart ? Yes. Still as useless as nipples on a hound dog.

        • I always thought that the Alt Right guys were willing to be explicit while the NRx guys insisted on being cryptic. Maybe that means the NRx guys were smarter but I am a simple man.

          • I like some of what Yarvin writes about the failures of mass democracy. His early stuff that he put out in his Unqualified Reservations blog was unique at the time and I think got many smart people moving away from the worship of Democracy and equalism. Nonetheless, his writing style is too elliptic to galvanize useful action. Gil Scott Heron taught us that the revolution will not be televised but it will also not be encrypted.

      • Moldbug prefers an affected over an effective style of writing, which demonstrates that his primary goal is to convince everyone of how smart he is. I don’t pay attention to anyone who writes with nothing but five-syllable diarrhea mixed with little corn kernels of French and Latin phrases.

      • Line: I was never a Yarvin acolyte (had heard of him but never read him). Just watched about 45 minutes of the Carlson interview (can’t watch any more) and had lots of negative reactions, which I’ve just left in a comment at Counter Currents (Travis LeBlanc’s review of the interview).

        And totally aside from my negative reaction to his purportedly intelligent/philosophical viewpoint, let me say that he has neither a voice made for radio nor a visage made for tv.

    • Tucker and Laura are the only things keeping me sane.

      Well, kinda sane. Tenuously sane.
      Fleetingly, effervescently, soap-bubble touch of sane.

  25. A great précis of the True Believer syndrome. Plus, kudos for murmuration of starlings. Said murmurration often results in a susurration.

      • Murdering crows and starlings works well honeing an edge.
        Ravens although murderous do not gather in murderous flocks.
        Last spring I paid daily visits to a young raven ( they learn to fly from the ground up) while the parents at first were understandably upset eventually they realized I ment their baby no harm. I set fresh mice and pieces of fish near it. The next day the bits would always be gone.
        I don’t know if it made it however the parents are still around. Sometimes they will land and watch whatever I happen to be doing for awhile before going about their business. These things keep me from too many murderous thoughts.

        • The kids brought in a baby bird that had failed to fly.

          Each morning, as I walked up the townhouse stairs, he would flutter up to perch on my head. There he stayed, to watch me in the mirror as I shaved.

          One day, the kids opened the back door, and he was off, angling away into the sky.

  26. i see a lot of comments about how the deep state is purposefully crashing the system, in order to enslave everyone. no. the system is crashing, and has been glitching for a good number of decades. i do think the deep state is monkeying with things, and causing great damage (that they do not care about). but why would they intentionally crash the system they control fully? they might eventually, in a fit of pique, but why now.

    anyway, once the final crash occurs, the people in charge now, will not be in charge then. the people in charge now are adapted to the current system; the new system will not be anything they understand or can take over. Pareto will be given his due, and a new elite will be part and parcel of the new system. and unless the new masters want to live in feudal conditions (which were shitty for everyone) they will not be enslaving the population.

    what would anyone do with slaves, these days? who maintains all the toys and makes transportation and comms possible? not slaves, and not masters.

    once they break the current system, they also have broken their control mechanisms. von hungus’ law: chaos is opportunity; maximum chaos is maximum opportunity.

    • The crash goes, at least, all the way back to Marx and his ideas about the end of capitalism. There’s Cloward and Piven, more recently accelerationists (who I have to admit I partially agreed with).

      It’s always had the odor of pretending to be in control, or of actually being barely in control, or just plain opportunism.

      Certainly there are many out there who can be manipulated to behave however tptb want, but how their machinations play out is far from certain. The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/Gang aft agley. Etc.

      • We reached the Height, the Moonshot, with 3 billion.

        That means nearly 5 are excess. How they must curse Norman Borlaug and Orville Reddenbacher for their supergrains.

    • I agree.

      The elites are destroying the system through sloth and stupidity because they’re bored with meaningless prosperity. Not be ause they’re genius super villains with a master plan.

      I think normies want to believe the latter because of what it says about them if they are being defeated by lazy dummies.

  27. Places like Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco have become dystopian hellscapes the past year, thanks to the Covidians. It is hard to fully process just how bad they have gotten, and how bad they still are. It is like an evil energy has fully taken over these places. Civilization has basically collapsed in these places. It’s not just the COVID stuff, but also the fact that the liberals used COVID to do things like set thousands of hardened criminals free and to not enforce the law or any standard of behavior anymore. What is enforced are strict rules about COVID though, and they are enforced by government, corporations, and individuals. Note these these are, of course, also the places where the blue checkmarks and media members tend to live. These people seem to draw strength and sustenance from these rules and their enforcement, and see it as their holy mission to see them enforced and multiplied.

    Step outside those small circles though, and based on my experience people are doing what Zman discussed yesterday and are basically ignoring it. My experience in blue state burbs is that I haven’t worn a mask in weeks, and nobody has asked. It’s just not a thing. The politicians here aren’t talking about it and the local papers aren’t writing about it and demanding “more be done.” From here, it just looks like Fauci and Psaki and Senile Joe ranting like Abe Simpson while everyone shrugs.

    So, I don’t know. The media is priming us for this new moo variant to be “the big one” but I don’t know if the normies care anymore. Look at the new rise on “F Joe Biden” chants which started at college stadiums and got blue checkmark Twitter in a tizzy (apparently expressing disapproval of the President is not allowed anymore). It’s also worth noting that college campuses are the places that are universally awful to be at this time. The fact that these leftist bureaucrats are giving their students a first-hand lesson in civil disobedience and the hell of living under leftism seems to be lost on them.

    • Get thee to rural America.

      Life is basically normal there.

      Even better, spend some of your FRNs in cash at their markets, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

      • So there I was, Tuesday night, towed into Bubba’s Truck Repair, surrounded by Granny’s dogs.

        Granny bid me come in the trailer, sat me down at their meager, welcome dinner table, and said grace.

        Me and Granny’s husband set right to jawing and yawing for a fine hour, then Granny gave me a ride to the motel a block away because Bubba and the boys were still out, as usual.

        My gods. America. I was back, back in America.

    • I’m probably giving my fellow man too much credit here (which has only happened maybe twice before in my entire life), but… I think most people have come to realize that this is it — at this point, you’re either going to get it or you won’t, there’s nothing more to be done.

      Anyone who has ever spent a half hour around children knows the utter futility of trying to even get them to wear masks “properly,” let alone maintain “social distance.” Anyone who has spent a similar half hour observing adults knows the same thing goes for them, too. Finally, everyone knows that there’s a hard floor — no matter how hard you try, there are going to be multiple situations per day in which you’re “exposed.” Even if you spend your entire day in isolation, sitting between two roaring fires like the Pope at Avignon during the Black Death, you’ve got to eat sometime…

      There’s simply no avoiding exposure to an airborne virus, in other words. It is what it is, and even the strictest mitigation measures aren’t going to cut that chance to zero, so at some point, you just toss your hands up, say “screw it” and get on with your life. Try to avoid letting obviously sick people cough straight in your face, wash your hands every now and again, and… that’s it, you’ve done all you can reasonably do. If you get it, you get it, and you’ll just have to take your 99.6% chances of survival…

      [note that this is true even if you believe your chances of survival are lower. Most people just can’t live their lives in a constant hysterical frenzy. Those who can, are… but we’re seeing just how prevalent that personality type is, and — thank God!!! — it seems to be exceedingly low. Even those with hysterical tendencies are coming around by now, because like the man said, the hardest part of “two weeks to flatten the curve” is the first 18 months. Once you’re over that hump…]

  28. Off topic but it’s interesting how social media has demystified the value of celebrity and how celebrities from past ages haven’t survived this one.

    Like I’m sure Z and the other gen xers here remember Richard Marx. Apparently he’s a frothing at the mouth lefty now on Twitter. It’s interesting if Twitter made him that way or if he was like that 30 years ago too. Sort of a chicken and egg question

    • I’ve only been to a small handful of concerts and actually one of them was seeing Richard Marx back in high school. I find it amusing since if an artist with that name came to my attention now I’d think that it was either an intentional stage-name, in which case “no”, or it’s his real name in which case, hehehahah…”no”.

    • I’ve heard that they played it up to delay an economic collapse. I’m too ignorant about financial stuff to judge that opinion.

      • Perhaps the thinking was that if they collapsed demand the inflation from the bottomless bailouts would not be as noticeable if supply remained about constant, which of course it did not, which lands us to where we are today.

  29. “The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their fix without blowing up the world in the process.”

    Not sure what world you’re in, but this seems like just about the most dangerous cult imaginable. Things are a little more normal in your corner of the USA, but not so much in the rest of the Anglosphere where we’ve all been under some form of lockdowns pretty much non stop for 18 months.

    Masks, distancing, and lockdowns are harming childrens’ social development. Youth sports have been cancelled. The adult population’s mental health has been destroyed as a result of lockdowns, causing an exacerbated suicide and drug abuse crisis. Fertility rates will plummet as depression and drug crises combine with a lack of social opportunities to meet a spouse. Families have been broken up as a result of divisive media messaging and vaxxer fanaticals.

    The economy has been wrecked with thousands of small businesses going under. There is now a labour shortage and a supply chain problem. You can’t shut down a trillion dollar economy and just restart it again. Housing prices are now skyrocketing, everywhere.

    More than half the population (75% in Canada) has been injected with an experimental drug with unknown long term effects. Other surgeries have been delayed. Authoritarian clampdowns on freedom of expression and freedom of protest have destroyed the illusion of a free West. Draconian vaccine passports are now being implemented. The USA is violating the constitution by telling businesses how to run.

    Oh yeah, it was also used as an excuse to steal the election from Trump (mail in ballots).

    Seems pretty dangerous to me. We don’t know how all this is going to play out, and these problems are all going to have major snowball effects, and who knows what’s going to happen. If I wanted to destroy a civilization this is about the best way to go about it. The only good thing about it is that every day it gets easier to bring dissidents over to our side. The DR is booming.

      • That’s right.

        They’re done with the global plantation.

        The global livestock pen is their new paradigm.

    • Exactly so. The danger presented by riots and violence can be avoided by not living around “vibrancy” and looney places like Portland. The real and unavoidable danger is the massive dominos falling on us as a result of the cowardice, gullibility, and stupidity laid bare by belief in and/or acquiescence to the Cult. Especially the supply chain issue. Smoke em while you got em.

      • Speaking of supply chains, I take a hypertension med called Ramipril. It’s a very common and very important drug. Alas, my pharmacy has been out of stock the last three days and I’m doing without. Not a huge deal for me because my hypertension isn’t severe, but for others, doing without Ramipril could prove fatal. Not sure if this is a Kovid issue or simply a symptom of AINO’s hastening descent into Third World status. Neither is altogether heartening.

        • Ostei-

          Does the supply chain for Ramipril reach back to China?

          There are signs the CCP is intentionally messing with certain supply chains to the rest of the world.

          • That, I do not know. But if Ramipril is unavailable, I strongly suspect many other drugs are, too. This is something that could spark a rebellion.

        • Z’s blog always raises my blood pressure but I can’t stay away. Oh well, there are probably worse ways to go than having a stroke due to righteous rage.

      • Peabody: Yes and no. My burb, which used to be derided regularly in the local press as ‘hideously White,’ hosted a BLM incident a few miles from my home a few months ago and a lone Mussulman attack on the police station more recently. Yesterday in the grocery store, I unwisely (but instinctively) muttered ‘child abuse’ as a father and three masked young children entered, and the masked White woman (my age or 5-10 years older) behind me heard. She immediately started to proselytize on how it was safest and best for everyone and how she knew of two children who had died.

        I calmly but dismissively replied “Ma’am, I don’t believe you and I don’t care to discuss the issue” and left. Nothing has happened in my neighborhood (no break-ins or thefts) but it’s majority Han/pajeet and we don’t socialize with any of the neighbors anyhow. I don’t watch tv and have never participated in social media.

        Even so, the general atmosphere out there is poisonous. We have purchased rural land and are making plans to build and move, but I wish we’d done it 5 years ago (never mind we could not have afforded it and my husband wasn’t ready to accept the necessity at that time). I feel increasingly tense, as though the situation is balanced on a knife’s edge. Perhaps it’s merely personal paranoia, but I want out bad.

        • Everybody’s feeling it.
          They want to just go, somewhere.

          A niece called last week for moving money. The granddaughters are looking for land. The brother wants me to keep Dallas open for him, etc. Dallas clan wants rural.

          Nowhere feels safe.
          The general atmosphere is poisonous.

          At least the Zman has neighbors who’ll do free shopping for him. May his Air Jordans be ever abundant.

          • Alzaebo: Yes, everyone is trying to move somewhere else. The urbanite coasts are all trying to move to inland cities and the inland city residents are all trying to move somewhere rural. Everyone’s looking for somewhere they think they can ride out the worst of whatever’s coming. And no one knows exactly what’s going to hit or when, but they just . . . know. Everything’s just ‘off.’

        • The tendency to stick it out and implement incremental changes is hard to break. I bought equipment for a mostly peaceful situation before that really got going. We lived up the hill from an area that had gone Khmer Rouge in the 60s, and saw the feces encountering the oscillator with an early proto-blm thing. Wife pointed out, if we need all that, why are we staying here? Moved 1000 miles away a few months later.
          Even here, everyone senses something big is very off. Even the leftists are fleeing for the (literal) hills.

          • Good ol’ Rebel – Fortunately you saw the signs and picked up stakes early. As I said, my husband wasn’t ready 5 years ago, and we didn’t have the financial means 2-3 years ago (we’re stretching them even now). I’m just grateful that whatever confluence of events it was, he is now convinced some sort of collision or breakdown is coming, and trying to prepare someplace for our family. I worry about how much time we actually have.

            Our destination is not 1000 miles away but still hundreds – which presents its own set of complications. If the vaxxports become necessary for interstate road travel? If ‘x’ and if ‘y’? Can drive yourself crazy thinking of all the possibilities. We all just do what we can, when we can, with what we can. And pray.

    • “The DR is booming” you say? That’s why Gov. Gruesome of Kalifornia beat his recall opponent by a 2 to 1 margin?

      Larry Elder may be a douche but Gruesome is the spawn of the devil himself. And the people love him. Gruesome is likely, once Biden leaves office, the next President of this now God-forsaken country.

      • Oh no, the based black man lost the rigged election. This proves that Dems are the real racists (and hypocrites) though!

        You must be new around here.

        • Watch that kneejerk, son. You could hurt yourself. Nobody said anything about racists, real or otherwise. I seldom use the word and it wasn’t the point of my post.

          • Larry Elder fan here. I’ve listened to him for years.

            He’s black Dissident Right. A realist and centrist like the Zman.

            The army you’ve got, not the army you want, etc.

      • You’re using a rigged election in Soviet California as evidence against the DR’s growth.

        Heh. Well alright…

        • Shouting “they cheated!!” after every election will get you nowhere. Which is precisely where the DR is at this moment – nowhere.

          • Carl B.: And where has voting gotten you? And believing that a non-White needs to speak and act on your behalf? I’ll agree with the part about “godforsaken country,” but that’s the whole point of the dissident right. AINO is godforsaken, and it’s not your country anymore, and why on earth are you still concerned with any sort of electoral outcome? Come on Carl, you can do better.

          • You REEEALLY believe the state of California would ever let a rightwinger into the governor’s mansion? I’m guessing you also wear a couple of Moron Masks tooling about in your Subaru.

      • Mail in
        Also California
        Once the goal of universal mail in is achieved covid will begin to fade, red states will turn purple then blue.
        Even without mail in Elder didn’t fight to win. But he kept his principles.

      • There has been a distinct uptick in the positioning on right leaning sites of managed messaging constantly putting ethnic and women spokesperson at the front of any issue.

        Black dad vs schoolboard, women speaks out on Coof, etc etc. These issues are being used to manage your own authority references into a submission status as they already have in normal land.

        I am amazed more people have not noticed it. Perhaps its like the early stage when advertising changed.

        Its obviously part of the same conditioning push to reduce all leadership roles on both sides away from the white male in your own lands.

        • It’s a statement to the effect that the opinions and actions of white men are illegitimate and morally suspect.

    • Exactly. I maintain we have the worse of all possibilities. Riots are definitely better. With current Covid reality there can be no “gray men” as TomA likes to discuss. We can not go underground and bide our time.

      The mark of the beast is upon every man in the form of the vaccine “passport”. “Your papers please” is no longer a cliche. It is a mark that all fellow citizens can see and react (negatively) to. The unvaccinated have been de facto, “ghettoized”. We all are commanded to wear the yellow star.

      • I’m at a point where I’m fine with being forcibly ejected from this timeline.

        The future they are planning isn’t worth living in.

      • If you go into a Covid harassment rage and use your shotgun to blow the head off of the naive deputy trying to enforce the new tyranny, you will make a small dent in the problem and spend the rest of your life in prison getting BF’d. That will be the limit of your impact. Conversely, if you’re the janitor cleaning floors in a mega-IT facility and can think outside the box, you might can have a mega-impact and live to fight another day as well.

        At the end of the day, pitching a fit is not the same as winning.

        • TomA: I seldom disagree with your general point, but I don’t think Wild Geese is suggesting or threatening any knee-jerk reaction. Rather, he is expressing the intense frustration and near hopelessness so many of us feel. We all understand the need for prudence, and at the same time our inner dissident wants to nuke it all (at least mine does). And we’re not all in a position to effect even moderate ‘sand in the gears’ issues. I suppose I could clog one of gym toilets (I don’t use them and the non-Whites seem to do that just fine themselves) but I really can’t think of anything else.

          • 3g4me-

            Spot on take, as usual.

            It’s not helping that I’m stuck in a blue metro in a red region in a blue state, surrounded by pinkos, libs, and civnat normies.

          • For the record, my comment was made in response to Compsci’s comment, and not the Wild Geese Howard. Please forgive the misunderstanding. I should have been more clear in my response.

    • It’s booming but this is also the problem because it means the ‘movement’ risks getting hijacked , diluted , and steered in an unproductive direction, if that has not already happened. I know it happened to the alt-right around 2017-2018 or so.

  30. An example of true believers can also be found on most comment boards regarding General Milley chatting on the phone to his pen pal in China.
    He is actually being praised for sidestepping the civilian chain of command and promising another global power that he will keep them in the loop regarding any future strategic operations.
    These actions (if true) constitute treason. The biggest fraud of progressives is that they are the defenders of “norms.” Absolute power is fine to them as long as they are in control.

      • If General Flynn had committed these actions, then our Progressive Media sycophants would have ran 24/7 coverage of how we were becoming a government by military junta.

        Look how they fell to pieces over hearsay that Trump upset their sensibilities by calling 3rd world countries by their proper pronoun $***holes?

    • ArthurinCali: Treason it is, and absolutely nothing will come of it. No consequences, no changes. Remember, your country died long ago, so try to let this latest outrage just fade away in your memory. I scan the Daily Mail headlines to keep an eye on any narrative changes, but otherwise I avoid any news and any normie sites and any normie individuals, because I don’t need or want the stress and hassle and I can at least control what I read and who I interact with.

      The present is a different country, and I don’t think any of us want to live in it. Recall Zman’s SubscribeStar post on 9/11:

      “The solution is to divorce yourself from the lunacy as best you can. Disengaging in mass culture is one obvious way to maintain your sanity. The other is to work to create parallel and underground structures where reason and reasonableness can survive. That inevitably means divorcing oneself from concepts like patriotism. That does not mean hatred of country, but rather an active disinterest. We must become guests in our own lands, a form of exile.”

    • I watched Maddow’s take, she read excerpts from the book.

      Despite how Fox is spinning it, Woodward’s propaganda portrayed Milley as the only sane adult in the room willing to keep the Orange Madman from pressing the button.

      It turns out Nixon’s SecDef did the same thing- just as Woodward and his fellow journos were warring on the President from Indiana State who got us out of Vietnam.

  31. They’re on the edge between evil and insane. Evil enough to harden my feelings. If they weren’t trying to force everyone else into their cult, I might at least feel sorry for them.

    It looks like projection, again. They and their world are ending. Whether they go Jonestown or bring everything down with them is a matter of outsiders’ willingness to play along or, at the extreme, ability to resist.

    I have a friend who’s concerned about the prospect of a technological elite ruling over a greatly reduced peasant population at the end of this. The thing is, those elites engineered the population boom for labor. They do in many ways own people like a farmer owns his dairy herd. They could cull that herd if they wanted, but there will always be the remnant of free people beyond their control, as there always has been.

    Of course, that’s an outsider’s perspective.

    • There is going to be no such thing as a technological elite ruling anything because they are legitimately retarded and increasingly so, the way you go up the pole in progressive circles is being more and more retarded and more and more insane.

      Notice that technology is being kept by evil shitlord white men who find themselves increasingly burdened by empowered wahmen, soyboys and diversity. Wherever they go, they infest it soon enough and it collapses. As much as Google’s HR department would like to fire every single white man, their entire technical and development side is full of James Damore’s.

      As some point it has to give, progressivism is eventually going to run out of technological patrimony, social patrimony and economical patrimony to keep running the show on the inertia, and so it will end just like socialism ends when it runs out of other people’s money.

      • 100% agree, but I also think they’ll take a lot of people down with them. That’s why it’s important imo to withdraw from their system as much as possible (I still like the internets 🙂 ) The more bought in, the bigger price you’ll pay.

  32. “Now a vaccine is something like an amulet. If you are exposed, it protects the faithful from the workings of Old Scratch. You still get infected and are contagious, but your soul is pure so you will be safe.”
    Absolute gold this.

  33. A big problem among the true believers are doctors who aren’t very curious. Last week during my regular appointment, my doctor asked me about the “vaccine.” I told him “no” and he assured me it was safe and effective.

    When I told him many doctors think there are huge problems with it, he replied, “well no doctors of any importance think that, just some on the fringe.”

    So then I told him about the Nobel Prize winner in virology Luc Montaignor, the man who discovered HIV, the mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, whose credentials are longer than about anyone, and a few others who are sounding the alarms about the shot.

    I also asked him why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are being attacked and he said those treatments clearly don’t work, and I replied that over 200 studies show hydroxychloroquine works very well, and over 50 show ivermectin works. I also told him about Dr. Zelenko, the man who treated Trump, and Dr. McCullough’s great success using those drugs.

    He got very nervous and clearly wasn’t aware of anything I said and he couldn’t leave the room fast enough. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him how the spike protein produced from the shot causes blood clots, myocarditis, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, etc.

    To be honest, I didn’t enjoy embarrassing him because he’s a nice man, but it had to done. Hopefully he looks more deeply into the issue, but I can’t have a doctor who simply takes what the AMA says without question.

    • Doctors are trained to do what they’re told by the experts and “the science”. They’re basically a computer program. If A, do B. If A persists, do C. If recommended by the FDA (aka Big Pharma), prescribe D. In 5 years, E is now recommended instead of B. So, if A, do E. Etc.

      They’re good at memorizing facts and doing as told, and that’s about it. If they’re receiving bad information from the “experts”, they won’t push back against it. They’re just following what the “experts” recommend (and conveniently, what won’t risk getting them sued).

      Many people are not aware that our institutions and organizations have been corrupted by evil people who want us dead. Doctors are no different. We no longer live in a high trust or high IQ society where an institution can be blindly trusted just because they’re the “expert” or accredited.

      • Indeed. An excellent run-down of a large portion of doctoring. One must remember also that, like many professional scientists, they had to be paid to do this. Being a doctor also carries status, so the search for truth ain’t high on the agenda.

        At the end of the day, most doctors remember a few key bits and know a lot about diseases they treat regularly. But who has the time to be up on all the ‘research’ being shat out of professional science’s anus? Not your doctor, because it’s only a job. And like most people doing a job they can’t wait to get off work.

        Best to get a few medical textbooks, study up on basic terminology, experiment with your own body/diet and do your own research in many cases. Of course, one cannot do brain surgery oneself, so they do still have their uses.

        • The mathmetican Berlinski when talking about the absurdity of evolution said something like, “do you think a scientist is going to admit he was doing 70 in a 55 zone if he gets pulled over?”
          No, they lie like the rest of us

          Being in the sciences or being a doctor doesn’t make you a super human. The loss of religion has made these men priests…

      • And that’s the disconnect between the ruling class and us common peasantry…they’re either pretending to or actually believe they rule over a high trust society when they’ve worked diligently since the 1960s to destroy a high trust society. Now they’re shocked when about half the population thinks the ruling class is completely full of shit.

        Our ace in the hole in all of this is ruling class incompetence though.

      • Doctors are more like engineers than scientists, using tools that scientists develop. They have two primary functions: diagnosis (assessment of what is wrong) and prescription (treatment plan to fix what is wrong). They are not trained to be original thinkers and overwhelmingly the tools in their toolkits, both pharmaceutical and cognitive, are developed by others. (There are an interfacial few that cross both scientific and medical worlds with dual degrees. They make the big bucks.) If doctors continue to trust their now corrupt tool providers unquestioningly, then they will get it wrong.

        • Engineers develop tools, not scientists. Science in an academic sense is piss poor at developing tooling compared to the engineering output of the last 100 years.

          Doctors are priests.

          • I meant doctor tools not literal but “pharmaceutical and cognitive.” You are right in giving credit to engineers for making vital contributions to a synergistic process.

            It wasn’t just Kary Mullis’ discovery of the polymerase chain reaction (the Nobel Laureate hero scientist who panned that fraud Fauci in 1993 for his incompetent handling of AIDS) that enabled the genomics revolution, but the fruit of hundreds of years of European engineering. Engineering drives science forward as much as science drives engineering forward.

    • You didn’t embarrass him though. All you did was fail the loyalty test and possibly the chit test as well. As with all of these things, the Covid story was not written for a rational adult. It was written for The Usual Suspects… you and the Dissidents are just props, or – from their perspective – NPC players in a story that is all about them – where they star as fearless heroes and tragic victims at the same time.

      I find it quite fascinating, actually – watching the medical profession punch itself repeatedly in the face. Nurses are walking off the job in protest of forced vaccinations; the fake flue cases keep piling up, and in the process, necessary legitimate surgeries and treatments are pushed to the back burner so the show can go on. It has to be stressful as hell even on a true believer – and absolute murder on the doctors that abide by scientific and professional methods.

      I’m going on a diet. Started an exercise plan. If I get the flu I will kill it with 4 fingers of Highland Park and 24 hours in bed. The medical profession has fallen like all the other institutions and can no longer be trusted or relied upon. Good times are in the offing for those dissidents that hate elderly boomers.

      • I remember a panel from the old comic “The Born Loser.” The Doctor has arrived in the bedroom (guess it was back in the day when they made house calls.) Patient is in bed, glassy eyed with a simile on his face and a half-empty bottle of whiskey and a shot glass on the night table. “Tsk, Tsk,” says Doc, “Whiskey cannot cure the common cold!” The Born Loser retorts, “Neither can medical science!” 🙂

    • Doctors are very similar to lawyers. There are a few very good ones, some are brilliant and have a true love for the profession. Some are crap and are coasting through. Most are just average, trying to get through the day and make a living.

      Like law school, many doctors choose medical school because it suits them, the money is good and it beats working for a living.

      Unlike lawyers, the medical profession, especially doctors and nurses, has an incredible PR machine that is constantly telling the rest of the world how wonderful they are. They’re ANGELS for God’s sake. Not all heroes wear capes!

      Far too many of them believe it. That’s where the problems exist.

      • Those heroes are getting fired. The Vaxx Squad is gonna be stretched kinda thin, especially since the EMTs are about to be let go en masse.

        • But they have to start rationing health care, don’t you know. A shortage of providers simply plays into their narrative. There will be no mention that the shortage is caused by firing non-vaxxers. Just like they never mention the co-morbidities with covid deaths.

    • I had a similar thing with a consultant neurologist.
      He gave me speech as to how it would protect me and others and I was risking my own health.

      He was not happy when I asked him why if he had been vexxed he was the one in the consultation room in mask?

  34. “The Covidian is a useful case study in how the believer engages with the world. Since this started back in the spring of 2020, the true believers have shifted positions, often contradicting yesterday’s deeply held position, without explanation.”

    I believe Marx the political philosopher had a concise view of the True Believer engaging with the Heretic:

    “I don’t know what they have to say
    It makes no difference anyway
    Whatever it is, I’m against it!
    No matter what it is or who commenced it,
    I’m against it!

    Your proposition may be good
    But let’s have one thing understood:
    Whatever it is, I’m against it!
    And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it,
    I’m against it!”

    I’m sure it was in “Das Kapital”.
    Or “Horse Feathers”.
    I need to check my notes.

    • Honk! Honk!

      Give that man a cigar.

      Groucho, very quotable, very funny.

      “The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

  35. “The true believer operates in extremes, so this necessitates the over-the-top description of things. In this case, describing the variants as increasing dangerous is a way to maintain the fervor. You see, you must remain vigilant. The evil one is always out there. If you let down your guard, he will get you with one of his hyper-contagious variants!”

    I’ve been told this is me when I complain about the disappearance of whites, immigration and our statues….

  36. Here’s what amazes me but shouldn’t: for the sake of argument, let’s concede COVID is a public health crisis. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a five, a bad enough flu season that the elderly and compromised need to take serious steps to protect their health.

    However, even this may be at worse mid-level crisis, has provoked draconian social control, Mao-style conformity and even greater public distrust of not only government but also fellow citizens, acquaintances and so on across the board.

    What would happen if the Yellowstone caldera blew or if there was EMP attack on the Eastern seaboard?

    COVID confirms for me we are at peak everything. Too many people with not enough to do and far too few skills to survive should the situation corkscrew into chaos.

    As an old Greek put it, “Fire catches up with everything in time.”

  37. I couldn’t disagree more with the last paragraph. All this Covid nonsense has had massive ramifications that will probably continue until our civilization is no more. I won’t bother trying to list them and I’m sure most people here can think of many of them. And then there’s the stuff we haven’t thought of!

    • “And then there’s the stuff we haven’t thought of!”

      Seven step instructions on how to wash your hands.

      One way systems!

      All taken on the chin by many, with nobody struggling not to laugh at the whole theater.

    • Yes! I hear the ghost of Donald Rumsfeld:

      The “known unknowns” and their long-term impacts: experimental vaccines, destruction of small business, massive expansion of money supply/debt

      “Unknown unknowns”: untreated/undiagnosed illnesses, loss of social trust, further political polarization, inflationary psychology, normalization of “stimmies/gibs” culture, authoritarianism, God knows what else…….

  38. A few posts ago the Zoracle wrote that what was lacking in this world was a place to shuffle away the progressive crazies — namely Christianity, which in former times would have attracted the zealous and unbalanced, leaving the grown-ups to run their dutchies or fiefdoms or parliamentary democracies.

    Hey, if Covid is the new Christianity, then fine with me. I survived Catholicism and I can survive this. As long as I can point and laugh at their scripture. I just need to live in a red state full of…Christians?!

    • The Inquisition, the witch craze, Calvinism, the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War, and abolition and prohibition were all conceived and promulgated by those selfsame zealous, unbalanced characters, who absolutely would NOT leave the “grown-ups” to run anything.

      A return to Christianity isn’t some magic formula to right the ship of Western Civilization. Not least because the crazies are running the Christian Clown Show…

      • You forgot the endless large scale crusades against the various crazy medieval sects that covered large amounts of Europe.

        The crazies have always been with us and so far the endless wars and killing large amounts of them to keep them in check worked.

        Now it seems we are on the loosing side.

    • To clarify, I’m not saying living among Christians is a bad thing, but trying to point out the irony of living among practicing Christians rather than practicing Covidians would be less theocratic.

      • If you believe living in a theocracy dedicated to Satan is no different than one dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, you are not going to enjoy the consequences of that attitude.

      • I’ve found the overlap between Covidian and Christian to be pretty large, almost to be one and the same. In fact, it allows them to double up on the Karenism (for women) and the gelded cucking (for men) in a double barreled blast of virtue signaling.

        • I’ve seen Boomercons with their nra stickers go along and get along with the covidiocy, but only Christians fight back, sue, and force the state to take them away in handcuffs. For months, the only public gathering i went to that had no maskateers was church. Your mileage varies greatly, it would appear.

    • We’ve been living in your society for 250 years. You can’t prove anything in history and simultaneously deny that a man named Jesus of Nazareth claimed to be God and acted like it by performing perhaps thousands of miracles, including His own resurrection from the dead. The documentation with eye witness testimony, the amount of that documentation, more than any other ancient source/ , prove Socrates existed? Alex the Great has less documentation than those for Jesus.

      The torture and execution of all those who wrote the eyewitness accounts, never givi0ng up their story, and for what/ What did St Paul get for spreading the lies you say he was spreading? Women? Power? He was beheaded!

      THe millions of martyrs that followed in the next 300 years. The prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem.

      To throw out the Jesus as a myth is to throw all history out.

      This is to speak of nothing of the longevity and toughness of the oldest institution in the world the Catholic Church (not to be confused with whatever is in Rome now!)

      No honest person can look with good will at the claims of the Gospels and be unconvinced.

      Strange bedfellows, us dissidents!

  39. Give thanks to God for the “little things” while we still have them.

    I’m stocking up on emergency food for my Dad and I. I’m also sneaking in as many of my favorite daytrips as I can before the purported automobile parts shortage takes hold. I might book a room at the Lizzie Borden B&B while it’s still open.

    Scary days.

  40. Chiliastic movements always end in one of two ways: either in the mass suicide of the true believers, or in the true believers’ attempt to burn down the entire world. Jim Jones, or John of Leiden.

    The best analogy I can think of is trannies. There are few realities more fundamental among humans than sexual dimorphism. And even with the surgeries, the hormone shots, the mandatory make-believe enforced by a truly sadistic government, trannies still kill themselves at a horrific rate, because they are broken people who, instead of seeking help to repair themselves, continue to bash away at biological reality… which will never yield, because it can’t. They’d blame it on “online bullying” and Orange Man Bad, of course, but I’d lay long money that the rate of suicide among self-identified transsexuals has gone way, way up in the past ten years or so, largely thanks to widespread encouragement to persist in their self-destructive delusions.*

    In my blacker pill moments, I think we all should study the Heaven’s Gate cult. As I understood it, the cultists believed they needed to leave their physical bodies in order to purify themselves sufficiently that the saucer people would take them up. Otherwise you get John of Leiden’s Munster Commune, which…ummm… didn’t end well for anyone.

    *Needless to say this is a tragedy, and in any sane world there would be serious repercussions for people egging the mentally ill on to the point where they kill themselves, but alas, we live in Clown World. Who cares if some poor lost soul kills xzhyrself, so long as you get a sick Twitter burn out of it?

    • Severian, you are right that it is a tragedy. Schools are most certainly encouraging this. All because people would just rather ‘be nice’. Don’t tell little Trans-gend-aria about the biological realities because ‘nasty’. Anyhow, those people are already lost. But they serve as an excellent reminder of the insane world many elites and government functionaries inhabit.

      I rarely read the papers, so all my knowledge about frequency of events comes from my own eyes. Anyhow, I have been hearing on the grape vine of – mainly confused young girls – wanting to become boys. These things were just unheard of 15 years ago. If you were one of those, you buggered off to live in Soho with the others like you and did what you needed to in that den of sin and vice.

      But now? You’d better accept it, bigot! Take your vax administered by a tranny nurse, troublemaker! What are you? A why-spremacisss or something?

      • What’s most disturbing to me, especially with young kids in schools, is that most of the current new crop of trannies are otherwise relatively normal kids who could work through their issues with just a little bit of therapy or healthy living. Instead, all the “adults” around them get to feel good about themselves for being accepting, non-judgmental, etc. As a result, kids who just need to work through fairly typical youthful angst and bewilderment are turned into suicidal basket-cases by the very people who are supposed to help them avoid that fate.

        It sickens me.

        • Well, mostly just the white kids.

          Non-white flamboyant homosexuals and gender confused freaks are increasing but still quite rare.

          Saw a white kid at a 90% non-white (mostly indian) school come out as trans and all the adults were clapping and encouraging it. Maybe it’s the only way the kid felt it could get validation and acceptance among a hostile foreign environment. Sickening. We are in trouble.

          • “all the adults were clapping and encouraging it. Maybe it’s the only way the kid felt it could get validation and acceptance among a hostile foreign environment.”

            My gosh. That nails it. That absolutely nails it. What an eye-opening revelation.

          • @Alzaebo

            It’s not just kids. It appears most humans (women more than men) have an innate need for constant approval and affirmation of worth. This used to be provided in large part by traditional culture and adherence to their gender and class roles.

            Judeocommunist controlled mass communications have destroyed that source of stability in the West over the last several generations. Now in the internet era they are destroying it everywhere else, too, by exposing non-Westerners to post-Christian Western poz. The moment those virtue signaling lunatics in the State Dept decided to hang rainbow flags on all their consulates and embassies was the day that the Globalist American Empire’s Afghan client state destruction was made certain. A traditional people may take money from a foreign empire to side against customary tribal enemies (who they would be fighting anyway for fun if the empire weren’t butting into their collective business), but siding with imperial poz that threatens them all is a bridge too far.

        • Excellent point. All children are encouraged to embrace their inner deviant or perv. Never mind that the deviant element of the child’s personality may be infinitesimal; all cultural force is used to make deviance its defining characteristic. And, lo and behold, it does become so. In effect, this is recruitment for inmates of the madhouse.

      • The analogy I draw is think of the stereotype of the guy who thinks he’s Napoleon.

        In the old days if he was rich enough we’d consider him “eccentric”: “Oh that’s old Uncle Joe, he thinks he’s Napoleon. Humor him, he’s harmless.”

        If he wasn’t rich enough we tried to get him mental health treatment and told him “You’re not Napoleon Bonaparte, you’re Joe Smith who lives at 123 Oak Street, Anytown USA.”

        Today not only do we have to believe someone is Napoleon Bonaparte if they say they are, we must address them as l’empereur and join La Grande Armee to march off with him to Moscow.

        • I’ve used that one myself. I’ve also had people try to use the 100% true medical fact that there are hermaphrodites in this world to… well, I didn’t follow it exactly, but somehow I’m wrong about trannies because of it, so I switched tactics, from “Napoleon” to “midgets.” It’s a 100% true medical fact that there are midgets in this world. However, that does not entail that I should be able to walk around claiming I’m a midget when I’m clearly 6’2″. Nor does it entail that I should be able to force surgeons to cut a few inches out of my arm and leg bones at taxpayer expense, the better for me to “live my truth” as a midget. If I tried that, I’d be regarded as insane, and rightly so, but… how is that different from transsexualism?

          • The fact that these sorts of debates even occur is an index of the madness of the age. Truthfully, there is nothing to debate.

          • Eh. The real debate and thus answer is morality here. “Trannyism is a satanic rebellion against God’s law, and therefore evil.”

      • All because people would just rather ‘be nice’.


        The people pushing this dimorphism are satanists who know precisely what they’re doing.

        And they’ve been exceedingly careful in SELECTING their employees [Free Thinkers with strong Inner Moral Compasses need not apply].

      • Transgender in girls is just the new anorexia, or self harm act out.

        Young girls are always looking for hysterical attention and whatever craze is in they crazed with it.

    • all the dudes in Heaven’s Gate had themselves castrated, before taking the kool-aid express to comet Bop.

      • Thus proving the old adage, “a good idea is a good idea, regardless of the source.” Though given what Karen does to any “man” dumb enough to get with her, I’m really not seeing much of a difference….

      • PS loving the name change — the “von” really classes up the joint. I’ve given some thought to returning to my much more pompous moniker, “Herr Professor Doktor Severian, PhD,” but that just takes too long to type.

    • What the broken and believers need is some time- only a few minutes will do- time with the truly broken.

      We’re talking the truly disabled. My shame and rage at myself when seeing a youngish man in a wheelchair wheeling himself to the toilet in a college men’s room- he couldn’t even talk- I helped him drop trou and onto the seat. Then I left him there to deal with his beshatted underpants, with his one working hand.

      Or the insane. Shuffling, jerking, moaning, every kind of body fluid- jism, urine feces, blood, on the walls, in the sheets, of their rooms.

      Or the feral- little kids who torture cats, ones with broken arms, littler ones who’ve been molested.

      Or even a birthing cow, or a broken-winged bird, or a shot dog. Or disabled parents, autistic kids, a sister riddled with cancer, an old woman dying alone in a rest home.

      Problems? These pampered sh*ts, with all arms and legs working in perfect order, with hot running water who never saw a piece of cheap bread as dinner, or lived in daily, throbbing pain.

      Have them deal with the Real.

      Feeling powerless? Problems?
      These pissy c*nts think they have f**king problems?

      Forgive the ugliness, but these few poor examples were things I only touched. Others here have dealt with much more, much longer.

      If the twits want the full gamut of overwhelming emotion, study ain’t it. Take these weak, sniffling nonces and shove their $%#@!! faces into the sewage of the Real!

      And f**k Gaia. Get the filthy wogs to pick up the goddam trash if you want to save frickin’ Gaia.

      • Alzaebo – I was reading about the song “Wichita Lineman” the other day (it came up in a comment at Severian’s blog, and I went to listen to it again – I love a lot of Campbell’s old hits). Apparently Billy Joel, of all people, best characterized the genius of the song according to its writer Jimmy Webb – “‘a simple song about an ordinary man thinking extraordinary thoughts.”

        That quote made me think of you, as did your comment above. You’re appreciated!

      • Social media is what lets these people virtue signal without getting anywhere near having to help an actual cripple or elderly person. One thing I’ve noticed with the “hero” nurse tik tokers is that it’s all the fat white woman higher level nurses who don’t have to do any of the gross stuff, not the immigrants that get stuck with bedpan duty for slightly over minimum wage.

        • Ploppy: Far be it from me to defend the fat White nurses, but the immigrants can FOAD. They should be in their own countries helping their own people. And they don’t do bedpan duty here – they ignore or actively mistreat White patients. Methinks you have seriously misplaced sympathies.

      • The root of the problem is precisely the compassion you’re making a show of. If they saw how much attention and sympathy those dysfunctional people get, they’d do even worse as they are doing. You get what you validate and in this society we have been feeling sorry for idiots and invalids for so long that they might as well be heroes. Everyone goes ooooh poor you! We need programs for you! We need welfare for you!

        On the other hand if you are a functional, responsible and productive person no one cares, your problems are unimportant, the government will not help you, instead they will rob you and hinder you at every step.

        So what are these kids going to choose? Imagine a potentially brilliant white man, what will he choose to be? The beloved crippled everyone goes out of their way for or the evil white supremacist that they hate and want their head in a platter? You tell me.

        We used to have Newtons when people smothered retards in rivers and forsake them in forests, now we applaud them and it’s the only thing we get.

    • Why, when I was young did we not have these problems—at least in the overwhelming magnitude we have today? Was such endemic and we simply ignored those poor psychotic folk? Or has our present society and ethos created these mentally deranged individuals?

      This is not rhetorically asked. If we are creating them, then by not feeding the beast, they will die out of their own accord. And in the end we will have done more for these folk than all the medical experts do today.

      • Quite so, Compsi. Apologies to 3g, but that was an ugly post and I wish i could delete it.

        Wrongthink is as enraged, as are you, that we allow such monstrosity. And you are right, we cannot relieve the past, but we must and will prevent their creation.

        Will, I say. I am weak, a fool, entrapped, a coward who ran away from these things and many more.

        But none here- not even these finest of intellects- understand what is possible. Each contributes, although they’re unaware, and furious that they can’t do more.

        Will, I say. Will. We will end this, end this ignorant suffering of hapless innocents, because we were made for this. Made to do precisely this.

      • Two theories i know of, probably both true to some extent. 1. More diagnosis. Used to be, Timmy the retard was retarded, but no one cared except his mother. Now, there is a large financial incentive to get diagnosed and treated, so Timmaaay makes it into the statistics.
        2. Disgenic load. Genetic deformities pre 1920 used to “self-deselected” or be sexually deselected out of reproduction. Now the opposite happens.

        • More diagnosis–yes indeed. I’m of the mind we have an historical string of “trendy” diagnoses that has sprung up. Too many to simply be considered a normal progression of modern disgenics.

      • IMO at least some of it is environmental pollution.
        It’s a symptom of some deep biological problem, along with the drop in testosterone levels and the steady increase in obesity.

    • We have a worldwide set of politicians that make John of Leiden look like Marcus Aurelius and I can’t see any Franz von Waldeck on the Horizon.

    • The central thrust of the postmodern Left–which is the only Left that matters–is total moral inversion. The criminal, the insane, the perverse and the dysfunctional, with their purported “knowledges,” must be transfigured, and the lawful, sane, normal and functional must be subjugated. This is what people are describing with the epithet “insane clown world.”

      • Absolutely. The inversion, the dark mirror, takes all that is good- the printing press, painkillers, charity, vaccines- and twists it, turns it, inverts it into violation.

  41. Up here in Canada, the CBC is a plague unto itself.
    Talking to people here is very revealing, and an exercise in the highest form of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, everyone thinks the governments up here are incompetent, self-serving, malicious idiots. On the other hand, the moment these governments pronounce more measures (vaccines, passports, isolation tactics, etc etc…) the people I’m around rush to adopt them. It feels as if Canadians see governments as Satan on one hand, and their benevolent deity who can pronounce no wrong on the other. (There are people resisting, but of course, they are labelled as heretics if they do not unquestionably affirm the dualistic nature and ever contradictory mandates of the Lord Our Governments.)
    Get me out of here.

    • It’s a funny one, alright. See it all the time. Most recently when discussing home schooling my lads with my mother. She knows the problems. Thinks school is bad. Yet, when it comes to her lad making a proactive decision on home schooling she’ll fall back on the “but what about social interaction” – the connotation of course is that my boys may run the risk of not being ‘normal’.

      I have a close relationship with her and am happy for it. But this is infuriating. Seems like she still doesn’t like the stigma of ‘having weird grandsons’. But she knows the problem on the other hand. Same with those folks you mention: they want you to know that they think the government sucks balls, but actually walking the walk – even by talking strongly about deviating from the path – is another matter.

      Folks still want friends. Folks still want to be liked. That’s going to have to change, folks.

      • Many right-wing pundits were simultaneously saying “Get your kids out of CRT indoctrination schools” and then demand schools reopen from Covid lockdowns. They can’t even make a lay-up when their opponent hands them the ball.

        In any case homeschoolers are now 11% of children now, more than private schools I believe. Critical mass has been reached largely thanks to Covid. If we can get to 20%, there’s going to be a concerted pressure campaign from parents to get some of that 12k per student allocated to public schools.

        For those who think this is unfeasible, rabid homeschoolers who were less than 0.5% of the population at one time managed to overhaul homeschool laws in most states in their favor.

        • “Many right-wing pundits were simultaneously saying “Get your kids out of CRT indoctrination schools” and then demand schools reopen from Covid lockdowns. They can’t even make a lay-up when their opponent hands them the ball.”

          This is called: having no principles. At all.

          Good to hear of the homeschooling boost, but it doesn’t stop there. Poz can still be delivered from parent to child; and in fact, from home schooling agencies to child.

          My main worry is the government clamping down on it. Don’t know what the situation is in the US, but in the UK things seem quite decent regarding home schooling at the moment. Wait and see, I suppose.

          • I, too, am surprised the Power Structure hasn’t quashed home schooling. Perhaps they’ll make their move if/when the percentage of homeshooled reaches a certain threshold, especially if “too many” of those children are white.

          • Yeah, “forced bussing for homeschoolers” makes them say the quiet part out loud. And while there are exceptions, the general rule is that doing a wrong to a child will evoke 10x the reaction from a parent than if you did it solely to the parent.
            Homeschool or die.
            Also, I think the basis for calling home schoolers wierdos in the olden days was just AWR. If you didnt want your kid brainwashed and exposed to subsaharans, then well, your kid is gonna be weird! Gee, looks like the homeschooler’s conspiracy theories were spoiler alerts.

        • We truly owe a debt to the early homeschoolers who started this process when they were considered weirdos in the 70s and 80s. I am very curious about the large increase in black homeschooling families. Are these people who just want to let their kids go feral, good families who want their kids to get an actual education, well meaning people who cannot adequately educate their kids but want to keep them away from their peers or some combination of all three. My only concern is if the regime can find enough examples of the first group they try to use it as an excuse to monitor and control all homeschooling families. Hopefully we have reached a high enough critical mass to stop that.

        • We’re gonna see the state come down on home-schoolers before the latter get it together to change laws in their own favor. 11% is a surprisingly big number, thanks for that whitepill. Indeed a critical mass and they might be able to resist the coming crackdowns. I think that applies in a lot of areas: there are enough people actively resisting that we might finally start to see effective resistance against the regime on many fronts.

        • I mentioned this a while back; the Cleveland Public Schools were advertising (TV and radio) for students in July and August. That’s NEVER happened before.

          “Get a chromebook! And a hot meal! Maybe some pencils!”

        • Be careful wrt getting government education money. With such often comes “strings”. A mandate here, a course there, a standardized test—pretty soon you have in your home what you ran away from in the public sector.

          • Very true, and already being done. In my state, homeschoolers are reqd to pass standardized tests every 2 years, and thats with zero funding or support.

      • Mr. Frog,

        We may share the same mother… Do not back down.

        My wife and I started homeschooling my middle schooler last month, once “Covid II, The Revenge of the Covidians” started playing in my administrative unit.

        My mother KNOWS everything is jacked up, but she still can’t get past the need for “socialization”.

        If your children are not socialized into our degenerate “civilization”, then good: that means you are doing it correctly.

        • Ah, that’s great to hear.

          We won’t be backing down. Much as I love her, she is incurring the ire of both me and my wife by insinuating that wanting to protect my child from the debaucheries of public school is like putting them into a ‘religious cult’.

          Says I to her: “If we’d all had this religious cult thing from the beginning, then we’d be winning.”

          Yeah, the “socialization” thing is what everybody says. All the time. Like frigging parrots, they are. I say: climbing club, boxing club, chess club, walking club…

          Hell, just take your kids to a nice, pleasant open space where there are other kids and parents… and… guess what?! They play with on another! Well – sometimes!

          Good on you, though. I’d be interested to know the things you and your wife found hardest about home schooling.

          • you might look into Ron Paul’s home school curriculum. I doubt there’s anything there you would find objectionable, or even disagree with.
            I gather it seems rather rigorous to some.

            Unless you of course, like our host, find that libertarians promulgate too small a role for government.,

        • Ain’t much socialization going on anymore, masks and stay six feet apart. Even in prior times it was more like prison courtyard socialization.

        • I’ve been trying for a while now to get an informal home school type program going where I live. I don’t have the qualifications to do it all, of course, so I’m trying to pitch it as a kind of “college prep tutoring” thing. I’ll give you the exact same course I gave all the freshman at [a laundry list of colleges], free of charge…

          …but so far no takers. So I said to hell with it, and I’m getting an online “course” together anyway, so in case they do eventually come around, at least they’ll have something pitched to the “bright high schooler” level.

          Do what you can, I guess I’m saying, and it’ll help or it won’t. It can’t hurt, “socialization” be damned.

          • Might have better luck getting associated with a co-op if you hadn’t already? Generally though the co-ops are looking for people to speak to topics not included in regular homeschool curriculum so that may be you didn’t get any ping-backs too.

          • The brother has a full set of training modules for hands-on medical care (“nursing”) in both hospital and home settings.

            I have simply got to get together a quick-scratch format to setup the many, many skills our people have, a kind of guerilla university.

            Informal, distributed, as in-home or low-rent as a Christian congregation in Communist China.

        • Mow no name: just troll her. “Socialization? That’s what we take her to Klan rallies for!” Lol. Do not try if she has a heart condition…

      • “but what about social interaction”

        We have a family with six children that homeschool their brood. AMAZINGLY they meet up with all the other children in the neighborhood and run around and play together.

        So much for that canard.

        • I’ve coached many home-schooled kids. Yes, that’s right, they’re on the soccer team with other kids!

          • Running around like little hellions they are, and as they should be. Screaming and yelling and being silly, and NO MASKS!

            The boys in the family build ramps in the street and jump their scooters and bikes off them like Evel Knievel. No broken bones. Yet.

          • “The sound of kids playing …”

            That reminds me of something I read once: “the most pain a woman can feel is when she is childless and barren, upon hearing the laughter of some other woman’s children.”

          • Reply to Horace. Right on. My wife has three degrees, a IQ higher than mine, a career and started her own business (successful).

            Yet, she could not resist (thankfully) having two children while doing these things. What is her one regret now in retirement with grandchildren–“I wish I had more children!”

            A whole damn life to reflect upon, and it comes down to one biological imperative. If that’s her (a woman’s) nature, I’d hate to be a barren career woman.

      • That meme picture- kids sitting on the floor in isolate “social distancing circles”, behind plexiglass cages, forlorn eyes over their masks:

        “And they said the homeshoolers would miss normal socialization”

      • Tell her you are homeschooling using the curriculum from Eton, rather than having them put up with the shitty comprehensive prole studies, she’ll soon see the benefit.

    • There are people resisting, but of course, they are labelled as heretics if they do not unquestionably affirm the dualistic nature and ever contradictory mandates of the Lord Our Governments.

      I’d be very interested if you could provide any [anecdotal] evidence of ethnic breakdown concerning the various psychological characteristics, e.g. Rural Presbyterians versus urban canterburian papish versus urban froggish roman papish, etc etc etc…

      For instance, it would be fascinating if the froggish roman papists were moar v@xxine skeptical than were the canterburian papists.

    • It’s learned helplessness, along with blind trust in an evil institution that hates them (government & media).

      Mental health among Canadians is at an all time low. Frankly just about everybody who isn’t a vaxx/lockdown skeptic or religious person seems to be having depression and mental health issues. I don’t have to be a psychologist to feel the void under my coworkers’ empty smiles. Many family members have destroyed their physical and mental well being by staying locked down for 18 months and counting.

      Yet these people never seem to figure out the trick. They moan about new rules and throw away another day of their lives in prison. But ultimately the CBC is right. We’re all in this together, need to flatten the curve. I get called “selfish” for “not doing my part” by getting vaccinated. I usually just laugh and ask them if I’m the one in power making up these rules. Why don’t they ask their government to end the tyranny? No answer back, of course.

      Some people are meant to live as slaves, some free, I guess. I’m still far more concerned about the extremely rapid mass importation of 3rd world aliens than I am about what the slave people put around their face.

      • Thus the daily mental torture, to break them by breaking the ground under their feet, and make them seek safety in the Herd.

    • As a Canadian, if I were a younger, single man I would eject. This citizenry has proven beyond all doubt it wants only to be safe, not free. The deference to public health authorities and the governments claiming to follow their advice would make any God-fearing American sick to their stomach. We’re not so different than the lunatics in Australia or New Zealand, it’s just a matter of degree.

      Mandatory jabs? Yes please! Vaccine passports? Sign us up! Deny care to the unvaccinated? When can we start! Lockdowns? Please sir can we have another! Jab our children? We’ll bring them to you immediately!

      What’s the wisdom of any of this? Are there side effects of vaccines? Can we seek any actual treatments other than the jabs? May we express any concern whatsoever? ANTIVAX UNCLEAN HERETIC, YOU SHALL BE CAST OUT!

      We are in all likelihood just 2-3 months away from the start of our next big wave, as our so-called vaccines wane and the infections get rolling. Canadians however won’t stop and ask themselves what happened. They’ll dutifully line up for boosters the moment they can, doubling down on the stupid.

      This country deserves what it gets.

      • You’re probably correct about the start of “flu season.”
        Here’s the historical graph (CDC) of “cases.” [Mind you that “cases” apparently includes anybody with a positive test, regardless of whether he actually has symptoms. This is actually reason for optimism: at least in USA, even “hospital admissions” sweep up anyone with a positive test, regardless of what they were admitted to hospital for. There is a financial incentive, they get more funding for “cases.”]
        About the only thing we can be certain of is that the winter peak will be about December-January. I’d expect Canada to be similar. From what I read, which is the “unofficial data” 🙂 the vaxxes provide little protection against spreading the virus. Even worse, they wear off after several months. A big chunk of those vaxxed earlier in 2021 might as well be unvaxxed come winter. Boosters? Too little, too late. Of course I have no way of knowing, but I’d expect this winter’s peak to be many times higher than last winter’s.

      • And go where? I mean this seriously, as bad as your country is (and Canada is very, very poz’d), what other options aren’t worse? I suppose the US is a better option, but unless you’re prepared to fly to Tijuana and hop the fence, who will take you? The mother country is cUcK island. The covid panic has revealed Australia and New Zealand to be run by neurotic petty tyrants, with pliant populations unable to muster any resistance to government authority. South Africa is obviously a bad idea. What’s left? Eastern Europe. That seems like a heavy lift, if only because of the language issues.

  42. And I want to encourage everyone to search for Norm MacDonald, 420, hitler, seriously that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

    Requiescat in pace Norm

    • Best comedian of our time. He made the most politically incorrect jokes of anyone without being canceled. I think it was because he didn’t give a shit and the powers that be knew he would never bend the knee. They also knew he was a lot smarter than they were and would have made them look like fools.

      RIP Norm.

      • ” I think it was because he didn’t give a shit and the powers that be knew he would never bend the knee.”

        There’s a lesson right there.

      • I’m absolutely gutted about Norm’s passing. He was the funniest man of the last quarter century and I can’t even think who would be number 2, such is the gulf in quality.

        • Easily Louis CK or Dave Chappell. The former was conveniently cancelled after he released a special wherein the first 30 minutes he made a strong case that abortion is baby murder.

    • It’s curious seeing all those lefty comedians paying homage to Norm. It’s probably just reverence for an old hand, and comics tend to revere comics who go the distance. But I’m surprised of the general outpouring. You’d think there’d be just Dennis Miller and Owen Benjamin and maybe a retired guy like Jay Leno. Maybe Norm was the ultimate centrist.

      My favorite anecdote about Norm was actually told by Jerry Seinfeld. There’s an old Jewish joke about Gentiles which Norm – and any regular goy – would not “get”. Norm didn’t get it, and neither did I, at first. A true goy.

      • The video for that exchange is worth looking for. In the end, Seinfeld asks Norm how much he gets paid for his show, and Norm says he doesn’t. Seinfeld asks why. Norm shrugs and says ‘Gentile’. The belly laughs by Seinfeld are something to behold.

        RIP Norm MacDonald, comic virtuoso.

    • Whitney: He was after my time (I stopped watching SNL and tv in general before he joined) but I’ve watched a lot of online clips people have linked. Thank you (and everyone else) for the laughter. Sorry I missed someone who was so talented and fearless.

  43. The vaccines bring salvation from corona, but only if you accept the one true Science into your heart and flee the temptations of the denialists and their wayward acolytes.

  44. Bravo! Another excellent exposition of the Covid Crazy that IS infecting our society with deadly effect. But something much more important needs to be said in this context.

    The spring is winding tighter every day and the sane are approaching a breaking point. And Tater Joe will not relent in pushing things past this limit. So the inevitable must occur at some point.

    Some lowly deputy is going to be asked to “enforce the new law of Covid” and get his head blown off in the process (or some other similar variant). And Joe won’t stop until he gets this outcome.

    And that is why this problem is not just a matter of social inconvenience or even corrupt government. It’s going to become life-and-death in the most visceral sense. The Covidians and the sane simply cannot coexist much longer.

  45. From my own observations, I’d not say that it was a ‘mostly harmless identity cult’. This cult has crushed small business, to take one example: pubs. Going to a pub used to be a great thing to do. Prop up the bar and talk to like-minded BadWhites. But that’s being wrung out: where are your papers?! And your mask?! And your track and trace?! And that’s just the a small part of the social side. I have seen many, many pubs close down in the last year and a half.

    There is then the matter of people denied treatment, or made to feel worse due to comical and retarded Covid mandates. So you need some urgent cancer treatment, eh? Well, just remember your brave, strong doctor and health team are cowering behind their desks… clinic says no!

    I could go on, and on and on. This cult would be harmless, except for the fact that many chief cultists hold prominent positions in government and happen to have a lot of power.

    Oh, and the crushing of freedoms. That’s the biggest one, but I forgot it; so large is the catalog of Kovid Kalamities.

    • The Covid cult is not harmless because our elites will channel the hysteria into the establishment of electronic vaccine passports, that will evolve into a record of all your online activity.

      • I even have their name for that penultimate end of the vaccine program, lost somewhere in way too many notes.

        But you’re right, Line, that total surveillance database is the goal of the vaxx. The WEF proudly describes it, just as the UN has a Department of Replacement Migration.

        Just think, tattooed forearms or a barcode would be sooo much easier.

  46. It’s going to be interesting to see how this hyper-social reality ends. The media has ramped up to quasi-genocidal language at this point. With the thoughts of the Chosen to the unbelievers where we would be seeing mass murders if these extremely online dopamine addicts actually ventured out with their real beliefs into the world outside their house.

    They’re just going to demand more blood, more vengeance online, but are going to demand others do it on their behalf, as deep down they aren’t willing to risk their safe and comfortable lifestyle. These online sociopaths aren’t willing to even get punched in the face, let alone more extreme confrontations.

    The Spanish Republicans and the Russian Reds got a good number of smart and determined foot soldiers from the civilian ranks out to do dirty work, while the left today can only seem to get drug addled addicts to do their street action, supported by the police force they supposedly protest against. Lucky for us, the left has just as much of a problem with useless grifters who don’t want to risk the money train stopping or their lives being threatened.

  47. The real blessing of Covid is that it has given our crazies a way to get their fix without blowing up the world in the process.

    That’s a touch optimistic. If it proves to be insufficient to fulfill their suicide-death cult means they’ll certainly find something else (though it won’t be for lack of trying),.

    • Zman is definitely an optimist. I remember in the beginning of the covid madness he categorically said Americans wouldn’t wear masks like Asians because we are just not like that.

      • Yeah, I thought the same about the English. And to be fair, from my extensive disobeying of the lockdown, many didn’t. But far more than I would have liked did.

        Mark you, this was around diverse shite-hole London, where spotting an Englishman has become quite hard in many parts.

        Anyway, forget all that: Masks and diversity is who we are!

      • Last night, I saw a bunch of idiot college kids play Ultimate Frisbee while wearing face panties in 80 degree weather.

        The future of America, folks.

    • It’s a legit concern – that these fanatics will continue to ramp up their vitriol against the unvaxxed. Every mention of covid I see on what little news I watch always says the deaths, cases or hospitalizations are largely among the unvaxxed. As gibbering Joe said, they’ve been patient, but their patience is wearing thin. Just teeing up the idea the unvaxxed are the mortal danger and MUST be dealt with one way or another – and if one of those ways is death, so be it. Just listen to that Aussie whack job Dan Andrews .

      • Indeed. These cunts are no longer tethered to reality. Trampling over any ‘rights’ we may have previously enjoyed. They and their seede should be wiped from the planet, quite frankly. That’s how you build back better: minus the cunts.

        Apologies for profanity, but that word has a special place in my heart for the sorts of people we call ‘Branch Covidians’.

      • The unvaxxed are the scapegoats for the failure of reality to comport to the Branch Covidians’ beliefs. Scapegoating is of course the order of the day for the mediocre to escape blame for their actions. Always has been. However, this time the stakes are life and death as the Covidians’ believe the unvaxxed are killing them. The conflict is made existential—life and death. Therefore, there are no ground rules for the fight. Anything goes. We’ll see this get worse as the conflict intensifies.

      • Someone’s fucking with the numbers. Countries in Europe–and Israel, are showing new cases (hospitalizations) to be from the vaxxed. This must inevitably be the same here as the numbers grow of the vaxxed.

    • If this is not blowing up the world, I would not really like to see what the alternative is. The entire west has been reducing to a smoking crater in just 18 months and its just warming up for the next round as the second order effects kick in.

      • Z is understated, but essentially correct. If the Black Liberation Movement insurrections had really taken off, and say shut down LA and Portland seaports, people would actually go hungry and wanting. That’s when things get real spiky and personal for TPTB. Bread riots are the fastest way to actual anarchic civil war.

  48. The hatred of all on the wrong side keeps morphing and bringing new enemies. Now just being a Florida resident is enough. Kimmel’s joke about all the Floridians dying will leave a lot of homeless ferrets. Get it, didn’t say anti-vaxxers or Maga people, it’s just assumed.

    ( I would be interested in your take on John Rivers of Gab. The guy is on their 24/7 and along with a few good cultural takes he seems to think his mission is to steer those on the right away from anti covid lunacy. In other words, get the jab)

    • 90% chance Rivers is obese and scared. This has been my experience with right-wingers in my circle who became supremely pro-vax. He’s also extremely online, and regardless of how red-pilled you are, it takes a toll after a while.

      • I’d say pretty much everybody on Gab that wasn’t a veteran of FPH should be assumed to be obese. Honestly, the sugar/obesity epidemic is far more disastrous than any of us can imagine, and the consequences are just getting started.

      • That’s almost certainly a part of it.
        Someone else on there pointed out that he’s also naturally contrarian and got sick of Gabbers saying stuff like Covid is a completely fake psy-op to get 5G controlled RFID chips into us, etc. It doesn’t hurt to have someone somewhat genuine forcing us to defend our arguments in order to keep us sharp I suppose.

    • No sign yet of the apocalypse here in Central FL. Anecdote: an ex-GF called yesterday. Her current boyfriend (I’ve never met him), 64, on ventillator. I know that’s a grim prognosis. According to “Linda,” beau “Tim’ is a pothead (= smoker, not good for lungs), diabetic, high blood pressure and heart disease. I don’t recall “obesity” in her list, but it’s a fact that 66% of us are overweight. Of all the people I’ve known or heard of that were hospitalized and/or died of COVID (about 5), without exception, they were 60s or older (some far older), of ones i know about, one severe COPD, one diabetes, and so on. I have yet to learn of younger, healthier people who succumbed. I suppose it happens, but seems like only on the media.

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