Female Trouble

Note: The Monday Taki post is up. This week it is a nice companion piece to the regular Monday posting. With Halloween approaching, it is a good time to focus on witches and the trouble they are causing. That and it will sell a few books for Ed Dutton. For those with a soul, the Sunday podcast is up behind the green door.

Early in the Covid panic it was clear that some people were embracing the panic for reasons that had nothing to do with public health. The harridan assaulting people in the grocery store over the bizarre new rules was doing it because suddenly she had a purpose to her life. This was starkly obvious with the Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who made herself harridan-in-chief.  All of a sudden, inconsequential people had purpose and meaning to their lives.

The infamous TikTok videos featuring chubby nurses in scrubs dancing around on empty hospital floors had a similar motivation. White women with mundane lives working in hospitals were suddenly “front line workers” in the war against the great plague threatening humanity. Most of the women working in hospitals just went about their lives but many suddenly saw themselves in a different role. They were no longer just faceless nurses doing menial work. They were heroes.

Of course, another big driver of the live action role playing was the urban legends being traded on social media. In the early days it was not uncommon for someone to claim she knew several people who died from the virus. Statistically that was like saying you knew several people killed by dwarfs. Even today it is rare for someone to know someone who actually died from Covid much less many people. Even so, it became a common sighting on social media.

For many people, Covid and the drama surrounding it quickly became the purpose of their lives, giving them a reason to get up in the morning. The Covid skeptic, in fact, was largely a creation of the people embracing the panic. The panic players needed a foil, someone at whom they could direct the lines “Don’t you understand that people are dying!” when on the Nextdoor app. The people happy to be left alone were dragged into the Covid drama to be the needed villain of the story.

You see this with the vaccination business. For as long as we have understood vaccinations, it was known to be a defense against you getting infected. If you got the vaccine you were protected. It did not matter if everyone around you was not vaccinated, because you were vaccinated. That was the point of the vaccine, but that has been changed. Vaccines are now a collective good so the unvaccinated can be the needed villain in this drama.

The latest turn in this weird game is a new phenomenon in which women are sure they have Covid but they keep testing negative. The women suffering from this new and dangerous malady in the war against Covid describe it as “spooky” because they really want to test positive, but they keep testing negative. What is clear about the women afflicted with this new plague is they are heavily invested in Covid. In their time of greatest need, Covid is letting them down.

What is going on here, of course, is something that has been happening in small ways for some time. We have an abundance of unattached females in the population desperate for attention. They jump on every fad in the hope of making themselves the star of some minidrama related to it. You can probably mark the Virginia rape hoax as the beginning of this pattern. A crisis invented by political grifters was made real by a couple of women desperate for attention.

It is tempting to blame this on mass media. Ten years ago, this Covid panic could not have happened as we have far fewer intensely on-line people. The SARS and Swine flu epidemics are proof of it. In those outbreaks, social media was still in its infancy and mass manipulation with it had not been mastered. Those epidemics were serious and required a public response, but they never become full blown panics like Covid, because the tools were not available to do it.

In reality, social media is a symptom. Stand around in public and look at what people are doing as they wait. You will see far more women banging on her mobile device than men, unless the area is full of mothers. The moms will be tending to their children and gossiping with the other moms. There are plenty of men intensely on-line, but it is usually directed at things like sports. For women, they are on-line for the drama and the growth of social media has been in response to this demand.

This suggests that the witch problem, as described by Ed Dutton, is not entirely a problem of selection and biology. That is, the potential for witchery is a constant feature of Western societies that can be unlocked under certain conditions. We have not been selecting for witchery, but rather creating an environment that summons forth the demon from the female population. The internet is turning into a doomsday device that summons exaggerates the worst elements of humanity.

Worse yet, history does not offer an easy answer. In better times, a round of witch trials and the liberal use of the scold’s bridle would do the trick. In this crisis, the witches have already taken control. That means the witch trials are of men who failed to properly compliment a female coworker who was feeling blue. She then goes to the head witch in human resources and the victim is dragged in for interrogation. Instead of witch trials we have warlock trials.

Of course, the hunt for invisible Nazis and white supremacists is another modern form of witch hunting, mostly led by women. You have a sprinkling of socially retarded males in the group, but the main players in the hunt for insurrectionists are hysterical females imagining themselves being ravaged by a Nazi. In the old days, the witch problem was quickly addressed, so they never got hold of the levers of power. Today, the executive suits are littered with brooms.

Putting all of that aside, what Covid has revealed is that we not only have female trouble, but we cannot ignore it forever. The madness unleashed over the last year is finally showing up in practical ways. Prices for essentials are spiking, car production has stopped due to shortages. Shortage of things are turning up again, just as the brooms are coming out for another round of female empowerment. There is a limit to tolerating this and that limit is rapidly approaching.

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220 thoughts on “Female Trouble

  1. Zman when people here Google Talia Lavin, Megan Squire, Becca Lewis, Heidi Beirich, and Marilyn Mayo of the ADL they will know how often women are the worst tattle tales, and most hysterical bat shit crazy leftists you will ever see.

  2. It’d be interesting to anatomize/isolate the differences in the way women tend to moralize an issue vs. how men moralize it. I know politicians have been slicing and dicing the entire 20th C., just saying, it’d be good to have a score card to figure, “Senator X is pandering to 25-to-40 urban + suburban professional females with the sop to ‘pay gap’ and non-college flyover housewives with the sop to ‘revenge porn,’ so look for a mention soon of ‘green jobs’ to interest 30-something white-collar-clerical/academia males who don’t own trucks,” etc. It’d be a good first step to stop pretending there exists One Reasonable Argument that appeals to all demos, because politics haven’t embodied that approach in my lifetime. 9/11 was emotionally fattened and mined for bathos, nobody stopped to call this obscene because schemers on both sides had a pet partisan projects to promote, via exploiting the recent unpleasantness.

    Last week Unherd had a piece by Malcolm Kyeyune on the Great Syrian Ramble of 2015. Sweden is famously indulgent of feminist squawking. However, his account suggests to me that traditional mere toleration of the good-fun feminist spiel was unexpectedly swamped, and competitive moralism jumped into the driver’s seat of policy. The ridiculous Rio Grande horse reins episode reminded me of the earnestly incontinent reaction to that dead-kid-on-beach parable.

  3. “That means the witch trials are of men who failed to properly compliment a female coworker who was feeling blue.”

    Or did compliment the female, while being guilty of being an unattractive or low-status male.

    • Remember Tom Brady’s three simple rules for avoiding sexual harassment complaints, from back when “Saturday Night Live” could still occasionally be funny:

      1. Be handsome!
      2. Be attractive!
      3. Don’t be unattractive!

  4. “The good news in Dutton’s theory is that modern witches are creating a new era of conflict that will reward those who carry the genes for group fitness.” Since I am taking one sentence out of a paragraph I am taking it out of it’s context. But. At this moment the witches have created an era that rewards genes fit for rule by witches and discourages fit genes.

  5. “We have an abundance of unattached females in the population desperate for attention.”

    Um, but a lot more unattached men seeking them out. The reality is that huge numbers of women are single through their reproductive years because they want to be.

    “Shortage of things are turning up again, just as the brooms are coming out for another round of female empowerment. There is a limit to tolerating this and that limit is rapidly approaching.”

    I’ve been saying this for years, but it never seems to happen. Perhaps when we have huge numbers of men for whom their efforts to get laid are criminalized AND they are squeezed out of the job market for $65K jobs by women married to men making $200K, THEN maybe they’ll put down their playstations and do something about it.

    In the meantime, cunts still gotta cunt.

  6. Re the Taki column, well done. One gripe: you use the word ‘flaunt’ when I think you intend to say ‘flout’. Otherwise, props for conjuring the Kipling poem if with that bit of people losing their wits and blaming you in the process. This is typically female behavior.

    I’m intrigued by what might happen to the MSNBC harridan in chief.

    • Surprised the Taki editor (assuming there is one) didn’t catch the flaunting/flouting thing. I guess it’s all part of civilizational decline, including the decline in I.Q. Dutton and Woodley laid out in At Our Wits’ End.

    • The word “flaunt” can permissibly substitute for “flout” when it means “to treat contemptuously”. Z-man used it correctly in the Taki article.

        • “flout” to me is almost emotion free; it describes a practical action, mostly. [masculine]

          “flaunt” has more emotion behind it; you want someone to notice your flouting. [feminine]

      • No, “flaunt” cannot be used in place of “flout.” IF you are quoting a dictionary, then I have to ask what the front matter tells you about what you are saying. If you are not quoting a dictionary, then what gives you the idea that “flaunt” can mean “to treat contemptuously”?

    • Funny, but this is not the first time this has come up and there are those on both sides. I left it up to the editor, so I’m off the hook here, but I wonder if there is a regional thing here.

        • No, “flaunt” cannot be used in place of “flout.” IF you are quoting a dictionary, then I have to ask what the front matter tells you about what you are saying. If you are not quoting a dictionary, then what gives you the idea that “flaunt” can mean “to treat contemptuously”?

    • That’s a regional dialect usage thing then. Always heard “flaunt” used more in practice.

  7. I once had a woman down in my special place. She was doing her thing and for no particular reason I said bite it. So she nibbled on it. I said harder c’mon. So she bit lightly. I yelled COME ON really bite it! So she did and it hurt and I screamed and she started crying because she hurt me. True story. I had the teeth marks to prove it. She was the type that if she caused pain to any living thing it would shake her up. If some street thug was trying to rape her and she accidentally scraped his cheek. She’d yell, “OH GOD did I hurt you? Can we take a quick time-out so I can get some ointment on that?” Women are weird.

    • Had lunch with a former supervisor last week. Talk of the Covid madness turned to how it’s mostly women’s fault. I said when society collapses, we’ll need to make sure when we start anew to keep the franchise from women. His response was that we lost the societal battle when we started allowing them to wear shoes. They were able to leave the house and got ideas.

  8. The angst in the comments is proof the male/female dynamic is at the heart of the troubles. Breaking the sex addiction is the first step. When you can say what you actually think and shrug off the hysteria, you’re on your way. When your buddies’ laughter turns to hyperventilation, you’ve struck the vein.

  9. Many women are a given but I think men are down with the crazy also. I suspect it’s that people have lost the desire for privacy. When people have no desire for privacy they tend to think other people don’t as well. Which of course makes everything everyone else’s business.

    For example, vaccine status. Why would anyone even care whether someone else has been vaccinated or not. I would note that the proudly unvaccinated also seem to have an unusual interest in other people’s vaccine status. As well as the opposite.

    • There are a few reasons, but I finally had to get the jab recently. Still, as a matter of privacy and principle, when asked about it I still say that it’s none of their business. Also, I’ll usually add that it’s odd that they aren’t asking about my measles vaccine status (which is far more deadly to infants), or my HIV status.

  10. In relation to the podcast on Friday. I will say that there is no legitimacy crisis as White women are ride and die with the Regency. There is no border/immigration crisis as White women love the replacement of their men. And there is no China crisis. As the plan for the Ruling Class is to sell America’s remaining heritage to the Chinese and move to Monaco or Switzerland.

    A horde of Haitian and African men swarming over the border? Every fattie’s dream. The ideal man is one with a low IQ, high impulsiveness, “diversity” and high tendencies towards violence. As long as the Regency has White women on their side (which will be forever) they can muster out Fed Inc. to suppress any resistance or revolt.

    This is why White men got replaced in every entertainment and commercial. Even James Bond is now replaced by a black woman, and its not getting better. White women love it — getting rid of their men for the new improved diverse version is their dream. Its why “White men are genetically evil” has so much power — it feeds the bitter female resentment to the 95% of non Alpha men, and all the things they HATE HATE HATE about White men: cooperation, higher IQ, deferred gratification, introversion, etc. Our rulers grasp this about White women, and plan to sell out to China. Replacing us with Haitians just makes the sale easier, as the previous owners of America will be replaced by a global set of renters.

    • Sometimes I doubt the meme that women were forcibly raped in ancient times when invaders conquered their village. It seems plausible they went along to get along, no force necessary. Just a cursory glance at modern warfare shows this type of behavior in them.

      • Call it rape, subjugation, or perhaps even “war brides.” Females being taken captive for reproduction (ok, the breeding is often an incidental 🙂 ) is a distressing feature of human history. Google “Ghenghis Khan Y chromosome” and you’ll discover why 0.5% of males worldwide have his gene(s).

    • Tangentially related, today I listened to Gad Saad interview Megyn Kelly and one thing in the interview was pretty funny. She said that if her husband cried during sex she’d ask for a divorce. Lady wants an Alpha.

  11. Let’s not forget this transgender nonsense. This fad has ravaged my kids’ schools to the extent that the Crucible isn’t a play, but a how-to guide for these very online young women. It’s pure insanity.

    • I wish we could. Recently the medical journal Lancet is in hot water because, apparently to pander to trannies, it called women “people with vaginas” on its cover, or some such idiocy. This is from a journal that recently cancelled a Covid origins investigation team because it admitted it’d be a potential conflict of interest having members who had relations with the Wuhan lab. Also notable for March 2020 editorial, again, at behest of usual suspects, decrying the very thought that there could have been a leak from the lab.

      I’ve never read a single article there. However, based on these three data points, I think one could safely surmise that this is yet another example of a once-reputable journal that has been “captured” by the loony left.

      This ranks right up there with the AMA saying it’s fine to put whatever your like for the baby’s sex on the paperwork.

      • It was worse. “Bodies with vaginas,” not even “people.” They thought they could smuggle in some Foucault cred by phrasing it so inhumanly, but everyone was just disgusted (except trannies, who’ve transcended that). I wish Foucault was still around to blast these sexless creeps.

    • The YouTube channel, “Think Before You Sleep,” just did an hour long piece covering how trans activists are pushing straight men to date and form relationships with trannies.

      I can remember being mocked for predicting this a few years ago at iSteve’s.

      This didn’t surprise me because it’s the sort of coin-clipping exercise the Wokesters excel at. Anything to reduce Western men and masculinity just a *little* bit more.

    • I’d like to suggest an alternative hypothesis: This is good. There’s nothing like getting socked in the face to reorient your entire perspective. There’s a reason Fight Club resonated with so many men back in 1999.* If they’re at all honest with themselves (I know, big IF) both the man who got angry enough to throw a punch, and the guy who caught it, have learned something very valuable about themselves.

      *Another example of the very clever boys in Hollywood making the exact opposite point of the one they thought they were making; one of the biggest own-goals ever put to film.

          • Homosexuality as hyperbolic masculinity, like in the mythical very olden days. It’s nothing like today’s idea(s) of it.

            The movie’s somehow so truly manly, women psychotically hate it. It’s decades old and Tinder bios still angrily demand that fans of it stay away.

            So few things elicit that reaction, we should believe it and pay attention.

        • Great way to get subversive (masculine) ideas out there: give it a lame ending everybody ignores and start a whisper campaign that it’s secretly gay propaganda.

          • Worked for the Matrix also.

            Great stuff happening in the 90s. I particularly enjoyed watching angry young men burn Woodstock.

            Then 9/11, then the unmitigated disaster that was Bush, now men can have babies too!

      • What was really scary about Fight Club was the ending showing collapsing skyscrapers–two years before 9/11.

      • I am always somewhat dismayed by the amount of young men I meet who have never been punched in the face, even in sport.

        When I was a boy, my Dad bought me two sets of boxing gloves and a speed bag and my friend and I — I think this would have been 6th grade — said, “Hey, let’s box each other!”

        To two 6th grade boys that’s basically, “stand there and beat each other in the face until neither of you can walk straight.”

        We didn’t do that a lot, but y’know, schoolyard fights were a thing. I won a fight or two simply because I could take a lot of punches.

        As little kids we’d pick up sticks and beat on each other and poke each other while play as pirates or whatever.

        I had kind of a lifelong love of various pseudo-combat arts: boxing, tae kwon do, karate, wrestling, fencing, medieval weapon fighting.

        But some of these boys I see. I swear they’d break down crying if you punched them. They’re so soft. And we don’t give them space to explore that space — my middle son and his opponent both got kicked out of the summer camp they were at over a single scuffle that didn’t leave either of them particularly injured. When I was a boy it would have been a “Now you two shake hands and put this behind you and I don’t expect it to happen again” kind of thing.

        • I used to get beaten up pretty good by older boys. Never told an adult because you didn’t do that, never backed down from a fight because you didn’t do that either. I’d punch trees to toughen my hands up, thinking if I could get one good shot in, they’d think twice next time. Probably succeeded a few times, too.

          Then I hit puberty and threw a guy who’d spit on me up against a wall, threatened to kill him, and I meant it. After that, people started leaving me alone 🙂

          Looking back, I’m grateful for the experience.

        • In my older middle-aged years, I’ve taken up ice hockey. I can’t tell you how invigorating those games are, especially the more physical ones.

  12. If you want a disturbing sneak peak into the future and logical conclusion of this matriarchal society, watch the movie “Equals” with Kristen Stewart. It was filmed and released in 2015, before the “after times” and before the bad orange man. I don’t think this movie would be released today, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t eventually get banned.

    It depicts a time when normative heterosexual desires and feelings have been genetically engineered out of the human race, and have essentially become criminalized, though treated as a pathogen that needs a “cure”.

    I’m sure that the leftist writers and producers in 2015 would have believed they were creating a film that was a bellwether for the fall of humanity due to fascism and rightwing authoritarianism, but instead created a blueprint for a future leftist hyperfemenized dystopia.

    • The thing I don’t get is, women have been bearing and loving children forever. How would they suddenly hate them enough to have them butchered in the womb, or to think they’re some kind of disease?

      Something about it doesn’t add up. Are women that programmable? Is there no such thing as instinct for them? I have a very difficult time time believing it, yet that would appear to be the reality for a whole lot of them.

  13. The ‘vid has replaced screeching about Orange Man Bad in giving purpose to their lives. Imagine if Trump hadn’t been the nominee and Hilary had won, what would the media have talked about for the last five years?

  14. This craze unfortunately has much further to go before it exhausts itself. There are more single adult women in the US than married women now for the first time in US history. Out-of-wedlock births are a growing problem among white women. Government, pension fund and stock-exchange mandates for more women corporate directors means more DIE crap in big business in the future. So the wave is huge and has not crested.

    Thermodynamic laws govern the end of crises like this one. The delusions remain until the gas pump is dry and the store shelves are empty. The governing force of the “pimp hand” of yore is a distant memory.

    • “Out-of-wedlock births are a growing problem among white women.”

      No births at all is arguably the bigger medium term problem. I have some hope that in the longer term, as Ed Dutton predicts, the more fecund religious sects like the Amish will dominate.

      • The Amish are becoming inbred to the point of genetic defects, and serious ones at that. The Amish aren’t the future because they are not only inbred, but just as reliant on global supply chains as everyone else. The only difference is their selection of technology and tools.

        • Inbreeding is an issue. However, there’s forests, old lime kilns, excellent farmland, an abandoned iron mine, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to make use of them in these parts, anyhow. They’d do just fine. Cut out the cancer of suburbia and the rest of us would do just fine, too.

        • The Amish are far better positioned to survive economic collapse than most White people. As things deteriorate, their rejection of modernity will look more and more appealing. They simply are not as reliant on global supply chain as everyone else, because they retain the skills necessary to survive using local resources.

        • i will state for the record, my willingness to help the amish people, increase their biodiversity. phone first…

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  16. Most women don’t care about the truth. They only want to know what the rules are, no matter how stupid or evil they are. When society has decayed to the point Western Civilization has, and the rules change by the day, we have set up a feedback loop in the minds of women. Since women are not, by design, original thinkers, whoever controls the dispersion of “the rules” will have de facto control over women who will always follow the herd. However, changing the rules every day has a psychological effect on women. Their genetic need for “security” is threatened when there is not a stable set of rules for them to follow. You will continue to see emotionally toxic behavior from women, along with the increase of psychotropic substance prescriptions for females. See? Big Pharma thinks of everything. Not only are they reaping record profits from vaccines, they will introduce new antidepressants/antipsychotics/anti-anxiolytics for the unstable that need to be told the difference between truth and falsehood, as well as good and evil, since they have no grounding in reality.

    • Yes. Liberal women are increasingly drugged up but they are OK with that. Leftist women are 2x more likely to be diagnosed with mental disorders. That is a feature of the system not a bug.

      Women love dreams and attention. The crazier they get, the more drama and attention.

      Rules change? What better way to get more stand and attention than to be one of the first to show obedience to the new rules? If the rules stay the same there is not near as much drama and chances for attention

      • Amusing exhibit of insane females in command:

        It’ll be interesting to see how acting Gov. Hovel or whats-her-name in NY will handle the incipient loss of about 20% of hospital workers (all at once?) come Tuesday 09-28. Granted, some military reservists are trained for medical, but I don’t see them just stepping in to fill the complex systems that are a hospital. Wonder how many the military will soon lose if they push ahead with the mandatory jab.

        • A commenter over at Zero Hedge made the point that National Guard soldiers who have a medical background are probably already working in healthcare in their civilian lives and this is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

      • That’s actually a different rape hoax. The Virginia Rape Hoax involved a woman who didn’t exist. Mattress girl actually made what is essentially a prono as a school project she had the nerve to call art.

    • i will answer your question. rolling stone had a story about a girl who went to a frat party and was treated in a manner only slightly more extreme than the myriad porn videos so freely available (now). it turned out she made it all up, and was unstable mentally. there were some crazy details, like screwing in broken glass from a table, things like that. she also had an obsession with some boy, and tried to catfish him with this whole episode.

      just like the recent rolling stone article on the coof – that was entirely made up.

  17. Another phenomena along the lines of “undiagnosed (wished for) Covid” is “long Covid”. This has been for years known by physicians as “post viral syndrome”. PVS symptoms are weakness, heart palpitations, general malaise, prolonged recovery, etc. after a bout with a virus, e.g., flu. It has a small incidence and complete recovery is almost 100% after 90 days. The symptoms are a hypochondriac’s dream!

    However, search the Internet and you’ll find a strong, and growing population claiming Covid “disability” and demanding specific research into this aspect of their “disease”. Claims for compensation are sure to follow. Congress (IIRC) has called for research into this as well.

    • I heard of long Covid months ago but just thought it ridiculous. Apparently a lot of other people did too since it vanished from the media. Now it seems to be coming back. Every day Covid seems to acquire a new superpower that sets it apart from all other viruses and even other coronaviruses. So now, there’s a new undetectable form of Covid that afflicts women – Ghost Covid. Like Dr. Strange it dabbles in the occult and moves freely between the land of the living and the dead. Science and Magick melded together in one gigantic inscrutable mystery.

      So just remember, when larping through a Blue State make sure to have a spellcaster in your party. I have to go, some Old Norse runes written in blood have just appeared on my wall. I need to get my Physician’s Desk Reference and Necronomicon.

    • Most likely “long Covid” is a chronic infection that was being suppressed that got a stronger foothold while the immune system was dealing with Covid. Lyme for example. Conventional docs are clueless on dealing with them and alternatives are iffy. Best defense is to take care of your immune system with real food, spring water and no recreational drugs. Get your walks in too. Not foolproof, but how many people do that?

      Probably hits men more than women but we’re less likely to go to the doc.

      • A brisk, 45-minute or longer walk is great exercise.

        There is a compound called quercetin that helps the body with zinc uptake like HCQ and quinine.

        Zinc is a key nutrient because it is a proven anti-viral.

        Quercetin is found in foods like apples, onions, green tea, and red wine.

  18. Scold’s bridle, the new term for covid muzzles. For that alone Z deserves a pint. £3.85 dispatched via paypal.

  19. “There is a limit to tolerating this and that limit is rapidly approaching.”

    If this statement was true we wouldn’t be in this predicament to begin with. The future, sadly, is female as the feminist saying goes.

    All you have to do is look at Australia to see that we aren’t even close to no longer tolerating female hysteria. Sure a minority of men are fighting back but they can be stopped because as Berenson has pointed out 70 percent of the Australian population now is willing to give up freedom for safety.

    And younger men are even more amenable to this female hysteria.

    It is female hysteria that is the true New Normal.

    • 30% of men can put a stop to this. Not saying it will happen before things get REALLY bad, but it’s a possibility. I think the wisest have mentally and spiritually, and probably physically, steeled themselves for the worst. The trajectory looks bad, real bad, but I don’t think it hurts to have some hope that things *could* turn around and enough normal people shall say, “our patience has its LIMITS!”

    • We need Heartiste back now more than ever.
      Not “players”, but men confident to know that women are simply playing a game to weed out the losers.

      Someone here pointed out, as their income rose, so did their imagined expectations, and a media driven competition as well.
      I surely can’t compete with the beautiful sets and sculpted people on the screen.

      • Heartiste is still sharing his thoughts, not on a blog, but at Gab, under the moniker “King of all Nads.”

        • I find King of all Nads to be a major disappointment. Gone is all the clever wordplay and scope of CH. Now it is mainly strident messages about the tribe that anyone could write. It was also disappointing to see him just fold the site when wordpress banned it rather than fight back. Now it is live but just a historical relic. For all of his Gab posting about fighting back, he sure didn’t fight back.

          • That’s because he was and is a poser. He made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t interested in doing anything remotely resembling work to stave off the decline, but rather to exploit it for short lived epicurean goals. In the end, he became what he chased.

      • Mr. Alzaebo,

        Don’t sell yourself short. Out of the many invisible commentators on this site, you are easy one of the most beautiful.

        But I certainly miss the Heartistes’ of yesteryear. The “Nads” on Gab is but an echo of his Chateau days.

        • Well that is certainly undeserved- but deeply appreciated.

          It’s also a kick in the nads, thanks.
          Something both me and Heartiste could use right now. I’m letting the demoralization get to me.

          Welp, screw that. I’m both envious and inspired by the Zman’s daily display of discipline. I’m grateful every day for all that I’m not taking advantage of.
          I’ve got to get back up and get to it. So much still possible, and f**k the fear. The road ain’t easy but it’s the one we have chosen.

    • For the love of Christ, does anyone see anything positive? The endless bitching is like the midget retards on the tv, relentless, send a check to Shlomo for a new scooter for Toby.

  20. Not sure this female dominated society is unsustainable.

    With AI doing all the work, I have a nightmare vision of the future.

    The world will be a small number of men who control the machines that produce all the wealth.

    The vast majority (90% plus) of the human population will be the harem for machine controllers with nearly all male fetuses being terminated before birth.

    • Sounds like the polygamous LDS offshoots in So. Utah/AZ. As the boys in the “family” become teenagers, they are forced out into the world with no help with schooling, work etc. There’s a single patriarch who controls all the women and his word is law.

  21. The best part of this whole mass Covid hysteria was home office. I have been working home office now for nearly two years. Now I can get things done since my colleagues can’t stop at my desk and waste my time. My boss doesn’t randomly call to bother me either.

    Online meetings on Skype are wonderful. I can put the entire team on mute and catch up on Youtube cat videos on my home PC. When they complained that my laptop camera wasn’t on, I told them it was broken and I’m not allowed to take it to the help desk because they’re located at the office. I guess I could take the piece of black electrical tape off the camera lens, but whatever.

    Always look for the silver lining in every cloud!

    • Funny. Those little victories against clown world by turning the clowns own honks against itself are indeed something to relish.

      There was a Simpsons episode (“King Size Homer”) many moons ago in which Homer got wise to the work from home option due to the “disability” of being too fat.

      He gamed the system by gaining weight and was soon enough indeed too fat to work at the plant. So fat, in fact, he could only wear a mumu. Which he quickly relished as it also eliminated all the fuss over getting dressed every day.

      His genius now in full stride he found his remote work as safety manager for the plant to be so easy that he could place a little figurine of a bird that rocks up and down atop the keyboard to hit “Y” constantly affirming “Is everything ok?” to the computer that ran everything.

      Plenty of time for snacks and naps and entertainments. Until the little figurine falls off the keyboard and the nuke plant goes into meltdown.

      In the end (spoiler), it is his very same fatness that saves the town from the meltdown. I eagerly await our collective fatness and legions of mumu clad males clogging clown-worlds radioactive vent when the time comes. It will be glorious.

    • Careful about that. It’s already a kind of outsourcing, not a big leap to nonessential.

      Blue collar people can’t have all the fun, you know?

    • “I guess I could take the piece of black electrical tape off the camera lens, but whatever.”

      Per your company’s union contract with IBEW, only a qualified electrician may remove electrical insulation.

  22. Women, being emotive and not critical thinkers, don’t think about supply chains. As a matter of fact they think “the virus” must be affecting auto plants so let’s go even harder on this. It’s the men who’ve failed in our society. The balless, “men without chests” as CS Lewis would say. They’re the majority of men, they’re everywhere and they’ve never once told women what’s up since 1952. So of course women run wild in their hysteria and imaginations. Of course, universal suffrage added gasoline to the fire.

    • This is certainly the way the media always talks about everything – “Covid is severely affecting supply chains”. No, dumbass media persona, Coof particles are not jamming the transmissions of trucks, idiots like you spreading hysteria among the gullible (especially women, who are the overwhelming majority of the severely gullible) are forcing factories to close and productive men to be idled against their will.

    • Most women can’t imagine a world without washing machines, dishwashers, central heat.
      I woke up the other morning, nip in the air and turned the heat for the first time this year, just to get rid of the chill. It made me so happy because I thought of all the men and women for millennia who woke up cold and had to light a fire. Mine came on with a press of the finger and a click

      • In a few homes I’ve lived in, it was traditional to welcome the cooling of autumn by building a fire in the fireplace,
        often realizing too late we’d forgotten the “open the damper” step 😀

  23. I am reading dutton’s book right now. He’s like Theodore Dalrymple to me he is aa super fun read with a lot of really interesting stories and I pretty much agree with everything he says and it’s just like having a perfectly agreeable conversation with someone

    • He’s fun to watch on YouTube—or Bitchute, but his writings are better to gain an understanding of his thinking. His video’s are a bit too fast for me and my hearing is not what it used to be. I’m not sure he always makes his case, but his ideas are provocative. I am certain there is no one pulling his chain, he’s an original—if perhaps too far ahead of the science at times.

  24. Iceland’s parliament is now almost half female. That plus a few globalist agitators almost guarantees a mass influx of non-Vikings to that island gem.

  25. “Spiteful mutant” is the best phrase I’ve found for testing the bias of search engines and the overall informational decay of the internet. Even the least censorious sites give DEBOONKings priority over everything Dutton himself ever said about it.

    Knowing it doesn’t work anymore, I don’t often search for anything, but I couldn’t remember Dutton’s name, though I remembered his signature idea. Simplest type of search to get right. But nothing like “evolutionary theorist Edward Dutton’s concept describing…” was anywhere in the Google or Bing results. So I kept going down the list, all the way to the Russian and Chinese sites that lie to us least, and results didn’t really improve.

    My complaint about Dutton’s concept is that while it describes a real phenomenon that wasn’t properly singled out before he did it, he’s too reliant on it, like a dissident to whom everything is a game of spot-the-J. But, through the lens of search, the whole internet looks like a conspiracy against his phrase, like it’s the most deadly incantation.

    Nerds’ managers’ psychology has defeated “Gilmore’s law,” probably.

    • You might want to give yandex a try. Google is absolutely worthless on many topics now. Youtube is just completely destroyed. You can’t find much of anything on youtube the search is so screwed up.

    • Try neeva.com. It is a subscription search engine but gives you a 3-6 month trial. The news curation doesn’t include reputable sites like dailystormer but a search for “ivermectin” gives a solid 50/50 sample of COVID miracle cure / horse paste is for horses articles and sites. I say it’s worth a try.

  26. The hysterical female problem seems to have been amplified by the fact that they are generally miserable, mentally ill, and lonely in modern society. It might even be a symptom of the bigger problem.

    I know quite a few women who didn’t really enjoy life much before the pandemic. Poor social life, no community, etc. They seemed happy to lockdown. It gives them a sense of purpose, as Z said, but it also gives them an excuse to be miserable and depressed, and think it’s normal. They weren’t really giving anything up except a daily commute to the office. They get to give up hard and scary life and live inside forever off of Netflix and Amazon deliveries.

    The other problem is the weak men. This kind of female lunacy just doesn’t happen in Muslim countries, for instance. Any woman trying this on her husband would probably get slapped down in most parts of the world. Of course if a white guy does slap his wife, he’ll go to jail, she’ll get a divorce, half his money and all his kids.

    I’ve always said that feminism is a society-wide shit test. And white men have failed badly in the past decade or two. Don’t really know the overall solution. But individually, tell women and their soy male enablers to fuck off when they’re bothering you.

    • Women in Muslim countries are absolutely, stone cold, hysterically batshit fuktup crazy. Crazy crazy, like the men. Goddam stop looking to the ultimate in Abrahamic rape faggotry for anything.

      • Addendum: Wolgang Bruno nailed it: the evolutionary strategy of Islamic society is to force-breed male soldiers.

        Their males are highly expendable copies of deeply inbred lines. Sexual psychosis is the driver of their zealotry.

        • I lived and worked on an archeological dig in Turkey many years ago and was exposed to the Muslim “mind”; the middle class, urban educated males were big sissies and lived at home with Mom til they were 35. The most normal ones on the dig I worked at were the guys from Eastern Anatolia who skillfully wielded pickaxes in the trenches and were perfectly pleasant as I made attempts to speak Turkish and communicate about the work being done. The city dwellers were the obnoxious ones, plus anti-American to boot..

    • “This kind of female lunacy just doesn’t happen in Muslim countries, for instance. Any woman trying this on her husband would probably get slapped down in most parts of the world.”

      Pakistan went hardcore Vaxx-apartheid, the first nation to lockout people’s smartphones if they refuse the vaxx. Other Muslim countries have been cooperating with the lockdowns to lesser degrees. And Saudi Arabia’s royal family is notoriously feminist.

      I do not see what you claim.

      • Just because Pakistan got bullied into “implementing” some crap by the WHO doesn’t mean anybody living there gives a damn about it. The government can say whatever it wants; enforcement is basically non-existent. They’re not cancelling family gatherings, and Friday prayer is most certainly not over Zoom.

        Zimbabwe is the world’s richest nation, flush with 1 trillion dollar bills. It’s a different world, in the third world.

    • B125…from somebody who was there 25…yes 1995 divorce…25 years ago, I can tell you nobody has to get hit or even be threatened to be hit. To banish the warlock for kids and riches, all the witch needs to do is mutter and scribe the abracadabra words “…I’m in fear for my life…” on the special preprinted TRO documents. As an aside, and ironically, its the police that first abused that “I’m in fear for my life” phrase when run through the no investigation police on subject shooting. Defund the police…I don’t care…I really never felt protected by them anyway.

  27. Regarding Z’s Taki article, all I can say is that Rachel guy is hard to look at. My disgust response seems only to grow more acute.

  28. We have a recurrent thread of misogyny here at the Z Blog. 🙂 No matter, there is more than a grain of truth in such comments.

    The final comment, about how things are falling apart, is the only thing I’ll comment on now. Is the limit really approaching? Do we really know how bad things will get? My feeling is that we are still falling, and just how far to the bottom, or how hard we’ll hit, is still an open question. 🙁

  29. Be advised!
    The Taki link will reveal an image of Harridan First Class Rachel Maddow.

    • Glenfilthie, while wikipedia is always right, in this instance it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Not only is Dutton all the things wiki claims, he is also a “Pathological Darwinist” (It’s something I just invented). I suspect that if Ed can’t find his car keys there’ll be a Darwinian explanation. Despite this, or possibly because of it his videos are hilarious watching and not to be missed.

  30. Both the Taki piece and today’s post are, once again, outstanding expositions of a core societal problem that no one else is talking about, either on the internet or elsewhere. In essence, Z and Dutton are saying that burning witches at the stake was (and presumably still is) a societal necessity if we are to persist as a successful civilization. That ought to get Mx. Maddow foaming at the mouth shortly (her nickname is Mad Dog Maddow).

    A deeper problem that I think deserves more discussion is that most Americans still believe that we can talk our way out of this problem and that persuasion will lead to voting harder, new political leadership, and a major course change that “saves the day” thereby preventing that “icky” collapse. Tucker Carlson & Dan Bongino are the poster boys of this movement. And this delusion is founded on the trope that we have always “muddled through” and will do so again this time. Heckling from the comfort of the couch is much, much easier that sharpening your aim at the range.

    However, another hard-truth-that-shall-not-be-spoken is that nothing will change until the environment changes, the collapse is the cure, and hastening the collapse means a higher bottom and less pain & death overall. Ask anyone who has survived a cancer illness and they will tell you that chemo is wrenching & painful; but the earlier you do it, the better is your chance of a successful remedy. Wait too long and the body dies no matter what you do.

    • Z is completely right of course, but given my proximity to The Hive… I am seeing plenty of men falling for this hoax too and I am at a loss to understand it.

      I get the kids or younger men – they are out to score points with their shitlib women and get laid, and if their women are shitlibs… they themselves are probably substandard flawed men to begin with. But the older ones…? I have seen pitched fights between men on the net over this idiocy too.

      Curiously I see a lot of common sense about this from the church going Christian women. Most of them see Covid for the pantload it is but go along with it to avoid stupid fights with stupid people. A lot of us guys do that too.

      Having spent the bulk of my life trying to reason with shitty liberal women I finally arrived at the bitter, horrible truth. Burning or lynching witches was the best answer for the problem. If you have one in your life – do yourself a favour and just walk away. She is always going to be contentious, angry, and self righteous, you are never going to win an argument, and contrary to the public narrative – you are not obligated to put up with it. Walk away. Fathers will have a huge problem with that… but marriage is not a suicide pact and kids are not a death sentence. Try and take your assets and kids with you but even if that is not possible – cut your losses and run. Nothing is served by trying to ride it out with such women.

      • I played golf the other day and after the round, sat down for a beer. The other three have been vaxxed – one mostly for travel purposes – and was skeptical of getting the booster. The other two weighed in with with stuff like “what do you have to lose” or “the coof is much more dangerous” etc. I kept my silence as well as hid my incredulity…

        • My Mom is upset that I am not vaxxed. I pointed out all the cases where our elites and the media have lied to us. She said, “What is their motivation to lie about covid?” Here’s my list. Let me know if I missed anything.

          Sunken cost fallacy. When covid first appeared, it was better for politicians to be seen and doing too much than too little. At this point, they have gone down the wrong path but can’t admit this without losing lots of credibility.

          Big Pharma. Just like the MIC loves the endless ME wars, Big Pharma loves the idea of mandatory shots for everyone with endless boosters.

          Surveillance state. They want a digital dossier of all people’s online and financial activity. A database of those who have been vaccinated is the foundation for such a system.

          • On Zerohedge there’s a letter/post written by a guy/group called Spartacus regarding covid and the vax. Pretty technical but pretty good and detailed. Worth a read.

          • It’s hard for many like your mom, and my mom to wrap their minds around the possibility of the media and institutions lying about all of this.

            I still don’t know exactly “why,” but “follow the money,” and bringing in electronic passports and currency, seem likely. Maybe it’s really about “The Great Reset.” The elites after all, have been openly talking about that.
            Anything more diabolical, like culling the population, is possible, but I’m not ready to concede that yet.

            But the war against ivermectin, the desperation to jab everyone, and the censorship of honest talk about adverse effects says this whole thing is more than what they’re telling us it is.

          • If anyone tells you “what is the motivation to lie,” just show them the stock price chart for Moderna from January 2020 to today. From under $20 a share then to over $400 today.

          • @Wolf Barney,
            “…says this whole thing is more than what they’re telling us it is.”

            Two thoughts.

            1. You don’t really know what they’re injecting you with. It might not be what they injected you with last time, or what they injected the other guy with.

            2. The people making/pushing the vaxx believe there are too many people alive.

            What better way to ‘right-size’ the human race than the ability to mix killshots in with regularly-scheduled boosters? Say, a 1 in 20 ratio of killshot to clotshot? Especially when the media have already primed people to believe that healthy folks suddenly dropping dead is the New Normal?

            You get the casualty count of war without the collateral damage. You might even be able to choose who gets the killshot and that would be the ultimate power trip.

        • I had a similar response from two conservative men who said the vax will protect their children, since they cannot get vaxed. I was stunned. Of course, pointing out that kids are more likely to get into a car accident on the way to getting vaxed than they are to having even mild illness, just leads down the rabbit hole of how Delta is way more dangerous for kids. Pointing out that, no, kids who go to the hospital for something else are called Covid cases just results in blank stares.

          • Watch the kids.

            When they get out of school and fall in with their gangs – the vast majority of masks come off.
            At this point, something else is going on here. I suspect pork barrelling for the most part, but won’t write off more nefarious and insidious intents behind this BS.
            I know for years around here, at least, the health nazis were banging on about yearly flu shots and maybe this is just the end game here. I might have been amenable back then… but not now. I don’t like the chit birds involved with this hoax one bit.

        • What you have to lose is you are playing Russian roulette with those shots.
          VAERS already has 15, 000 deaths a magnitude more of severe adverse reactions.
          Also, don’t do what evil people, that hate you, tell you do.

    • To take a page from Rollo: You cannot negotiate desire.

      Or in a different context, the long con works when the mark believes he has hand. As soon as the mark believes he is persuading the artist to do his bidding, its too late. But to walk away requires the mark to admit he is a mark. And so it all unfolds, predictably.

      To right the inversion a man cannot persuade from his knees. The truth of our situation is harsh not just because it demands action, but because in advance of any action that matters every man must indict himself for abdicating his responsibility in the first place. Nah, the mancave is cozy. And I’m no misogynist!

      – Haven Monahan

  31. A society dominated by females or female sensibility simply can’t last. Eventually, it will be taken over by a male dominated society. It’s just a question of when and how.

    I have no clue what our path will be, but I do know that liberal democracy will fall along with female control of society. You can’t give women equal political power via the vote and maintain a male-dominated society.

    The society or societies of North America will be much more conservative, male dominated and far less democratic. They’ll have no other choice.

    • “The society or societies of North America will be much more conservative, male dominated and far less democratic.”

      Sounds like progress.

      But unless Western Whites swell their sacks, that strongman could well be a brown or a black or a yellow. In our own lands, nonetheless.

      • Good very well be the case. Europeans and their diaspora were and are an amazing collection of peoples, but where as we were once as hardy as a weed, we’ve evolved into a hot-house flower.

        But that hot house is breaking down. Either we find our footing again, or we are absorbed into tougher tribes. There’s no other choice.

      • Whitehouse Chief of staff, Sec of Homeland Security, Sec of State, Sec of Treasure, Attorney General (Dept of Justice, FBI), CDC, and many many more …

        We are already under control of an off-white strong man.

        The women, homos, trannies, browns, et al are just front me. Obedient bio-Lenin front men.

    • There’s no evidence right now that white people deserve a homeland, or even want one. I wish everybody had our mindset but most don’t. In fact most white people think we’re evil for wanting a homeland. I don’t worry about general society or average white people. I focus on Our Thing and if somebody wants to come along that’s great.

      Story about the state of white people: I went on a first date recently. I learned about how she “partied” during an exchange in Australia (lots of dicks), drinks every night after work, and drinks in the morning “sometimes”. She came to bed easily and after we finished, her alarm rang. She casually told me that it was a reminder for her to take a Xanax. If she doesn’t take the Xanax her depression is so bad she can’t function. Also on birth control pills, hormones juiced up.

      This wasn’t some crack whore, it was a pretty early 20s girl, average job, probably 7/10. When women are like this, a society is bound to be taken over by a male dominated group, it’s inevitable. In a better time she would have so much happier and useful, as a mother and community member. I feel nothing but sympathy for her, but I’m not getting dragged into her problems.

      But every day I personally see things like this, and hear stories from others, that tell me we are in terminal decline. The best that our side can do is salvage some remnants, and hopefully secure a future for *some* of the white children.

      • Something like 25% of working age women are on anti-depressants. That’s pretty much a number you would expect for a complete dystopian hellscape. Like an abused victim with Stockholm Syndrome, these drugged up women will push for more and more dysgenic policies that will make the next generation even more drugged up.

        • women have been on pills or some other drug, since such things existed. gin being known as “mother’s ruin”, laudanum for the blues, amphetamines and sleeping pills in the 50’s, etc etc. especially if they don’t have small kids to distract them from the tedium of day to day life.

          • Rolling Stones had already nailed it circa 1965: …she goes running for the shelter of her mothers little helper…..

      • The signs of decline are everywhere. White working class dropping out, taking drugs and killing themselves. White middle and upper-middle class women latching on to Covid and/or BLM to give their lives meaning. White men looking around wondering what the hell happened to their world.

        It’s a society that has reached the end of the line. But there’s nothing to replace it with. The other side offers not but platitudes. Diversity, inclusion, etc. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s generally just a long bitch-fest against white men, which might make all of them feel good, but it’s not vision for the future, not even for them, much less whites.

        We’re in a weird transitory period. The old society is dying and despised, but no one knows what to replace it with, so everything just muddles along.

        The good news is that every day shows that the current society isn’t working and that other side offers nothing. It leaves the door open for those offering a future, a home.

        • We’re in the period between the time when a group is publicly identified as targets for eradication, and the time when the machetes come out.

      • In my exceedingly small sample size, women take The Pill, which makes their brains “weird”, which means having to take some other pill to “take the edge” off. It’s not unusual for there to be a third “stabilizing” pill that they take as needed. It’s all in an effort of course for them to be able to LARP as men.

        • I can see that. I took the pill for 6 weeks when I was around 21. I felt like it was my entry into adulthood but I hated how it made feel and stopped and never took it again. Maybe it helps explain why I seem to be so at odds with other women

      • Why didn’t you excuse yourself from the table when it became apparent that she was a basket case? Instead, you slept with her? The best thing that could happen to most white women right now is to be completely ignored – particularly by white men.

        A wiser man than me once said, “never feed yourself to a woman, you’ll only turn her into a man-eater.”

        • I agree, I am contributing to the problem of breaking down society. At the same time, if she didn’t get it from me she would go on another date the next night and get it from somebody else. And then I’ve gotten nothing, sitting there dick in hand. I don’t believe celibacy is healthy either.

          Of course in previous generations I would probably be a married father by now but we live in a screwed up society.

      • She’s a crack whore. We are just well behind in defining the crack.

        She’s literally on drugs. Selling her sexuality to strangers online for attention, validation, and highly perishable resources from males doing the same.

        She needed a fix; you gave her a fix.

        The problem is that we don’t see her as a crack whore but as “normal”. As she sees herself. And we don’t see ourselves as enablers, merely observers of the fallen.

        In this we are both not just wrong in the assessment but in how we mist come to accept our part in all of this.

        To right the inversion, even within the small orbits of our guys, will require men who are willing to go without the spoils of globohomo in order to find that future for our kids.

        The alternative is to become the nogs or the merchants, the whores or the pimps ourselves.

        Many paths exist between captain save-a-ho and monk mode; between cashing cheques from Bezos or letting our kids go hungry. Finding those is our task my brother.

        In that the trappings of progress are manifold in how they turn us toward the darkness time and again.

        Something must change. Its us or the behemoth.

        My netflix is full of pozz. My evilglobocorp is suddenly doing evil to me. Tinder girls are broken sluts. So what then?

        Observations from inside the bowels. You are not wrong in your assessment and observations. But you are also not simply an observer.

        We can debate the morality of this all day but time is short. Even in the most utilitarian terms I’ve come to learn the costs of straddling these two worlds is much greater than even the most keen of my observations let on to at the time.

        I hope you fair better. Keep fighting the good fight.

        • Xanax is the hardest drug to get off of. Harder than heroin, opium, alcohol, you name it. It will either turn her brain to mush eventually or she’s going to find out the very hard way these drugs aren’t candy. It’s criminal they’re even allowed to be prescribed.

      • B125: Sad story. What’s even sadder is that in another 25 years, she’ll be on the same path – no longer young and pretty, still hopping from bed to bed looking for ‘the one’ while claiming most men are dreadful, still taking antidepressants and various other pills, still working at some worthless cubicle job, and going home to a couple of cats.

        Friend’s work assistant just hit 50. She’s constantly dating online, sleeps with each guy the first night, nothing ever comes of any of them. She’s been on antidepressants since college. She has two cats. She no longer has crazy glasses and orange hair as signifiers of her inward damage, but it still comes out.

        What is the societal value of an older woman like this? No looks, no fertility, no money, no genuine life experience to offer anyone. She’s certainly of no utility as even an aunt, except to teach one’s daughters a cautionary tale.

    • The future is already here. White men form the hereditary serf class, with vibrant diverse men the ruling class. All with female empowerment and you go girl! stuff. Until the Taliban or Xi’s soldiers bring it crashing down.

    • Yes it was and men allowed it to happen – maybe there was a generalized female decision to withhold nooky that weakened male resolve . It’s been downhill ever since and accelerating to “ludicrous speed“ in the last decade.

      • Wyoming is considered a deeply conservative state; but it was the men of the 19th century Wyoming Territory who, craving that scarce nookie, included the right for women to vote as an inducement to draw the fillies to the corral. And today those tough cowboys have a state whose motto is “Equal Rights,” which would be an even greater joke if the state wasn’t over 90% white, and their sole Congress critter is the bull dyke lesbian daughter of a notorious neocon warmonger.

    • Civil War.

      Federal Reserve Act : 1913.
      Then WWI

      Then 19th Amendment : 1919.

      19th has made it worse, but it was just yet-another-mistake.

      • 1965 Immigration Act
        1985 Reagan Amnesty
        1993 Nafta
        2012 DACA
        2015 Homo Marriage

        After that point, I must avert my eyes…

  32. “You can probably mark the Virginia rape hoax as the beginning of this pattern. A crisis invented by political grifters was made real by a couple of women desperate for attention”.
    The genesis of the pattern might even go back further to when the Duke lacrosse team was not sufficiently punished for crimes white men did not commit against a defenseless black woman.
    The pattern became fully ingrained when in 2018 the evil white male supreme court nominee was not banished to outer darkness for the crimes he did not commit against the helpless adolescent Doctor Blasey Ford.

    • “…the helpless adolescent Doctor Blasey Ford.”

      Now there was a face that looked as though it could have been improved by being crushed between the hulls to two supertankers.

    • It’s not so much Ford as it is those who gave her their “full throated” support like our esteemed Vice President.

  33. These unsufferable harridans take their toll in even reasonably stable women. given women are herd creatures, when they are surrounded by insanity, they will likely take part in it themselves.

    During the initial Covid craze, I lived life as normal outside of working from home which was forced on me. I went to the store to get pop, went to the hardware store for supplies, etc. Drove my wife nuts, as she thought I wasn’t taking it seriously. Then she got a light cold and accused me with red rage that I gave her Covid. Only one other time in my life have I seen such anger from her.

    Luckily I kept my ground, basically saying I’m sorry you’re sick but it’s not from me, and kept living my life. Since then I’ve been proven right about everything , she has apologized profusely, and has removed her social media, and we don’t talk about it anymore.

    Another of my friends has a pharmacist wife who will only allow him to go to the bar with the guys if he wears an N95 mask, to which he complied. She says she doesn’t feel her 1 and 3 year old are safe until they are vaccinated. As would be expected, cucking to her ridiculous demands has only accelerated the lunacy.

    The moral of the story is, women act crazy when men allow it to happen.

    For all the ladies reading this, I know there are reasonable exceptions to this general rule where the women are the sane ones in a situation.

    • Good on you, Chet. Good on you old son.

      Simply living our lives as normal (or as close to it) is the key. I was encouraged to work from home – but I did not. I never followed the ‘tarded restrictions unless was absolutely compelled (for example, on a plane, but even then I took that mask right off when the stewardess buggered off. They gave up on me.). Didn’t do the bullshit social distancing. Walked everywhere without a mask. Got into aggro early doors, so started avoiding certain places, because why create the hassle.

      Still, as normal as possible.

      Trouble is, many have even internalized the newspeak: “New normal”, “Key worker”, “Unprecedented times”, “Stay safe”. It is simply all too tiresome, but just by being stoic, well, it pisses Karen right off. That’s what. “Why don’t you care that lives are being lost?”, “We’re in this together!”, “Wear your mask for others!”.

      Again, congratulations on the wife front. I bet you were very happy with your apology!

      • Exactly. I can say I’ve lived a mostly normal life in the past year and a half. This seems to be what makes them angriest – normal people living normally and having fun.

        I kept meeting up with friends and family, I’ve been on dates, I’ve been going to the gym, church is operating normally (under the table now). I wear a mask in stores but that’s because I don’t see the point in starting a conflict in public. Grey man. Definitely still unvaccinated.

        Just because some random lunatic is yelling at me doesn’t mean I’m going to go into hibernation. They can react however they want but I’m simply living my life. I experienced a COVID freakout from a few family members and it revealed a very ugly and crazy side. I was sitting there calmly while they were screaming and crying about how I’m going to die because I’m unvaccinated. But yes, *I’m* the crazy one.

        • Yeah, the family situation blows at times. Had an aunt refer to herself as “A Covid True Believer”. The insinuation – of course – was that neither my father nor myself thought the scary China Flu was real. What boobs we are.

          She was masked at a family function. Shame, as she’s a good woman. But a woman she be.

        • When Covid was at peak panic last Easter, the family got together as usual. I asked one question before attending. Masks required?

          The answer was no—and there were none in sight. Same Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family seems more concerned with parents (oldsters), but I’ve told them pointedly, “no masks”. Of course, they really got excited when we came down ill New Years, but that passed quickly.

          You live according to your beliefs, or what’s the point?

    • The Lovely Mrs. started succumbing to the stories last spring when the first wave of craziness reared its head. I was cautious, but when I started looking around and didn’t see bodies stacked like cordwood and started checking sites like these, I started reasoning with her. I’d ask her “Think about this: Why This? Why Now?” I’d point out how “conveniently” this plague appeared after the Impeachment follies. I pointed out the lockdowns, the masking, the work from home, the economy contracting, all of this was a bigger point than some disease. She started coming to my line of thinking. As I pointed out on another Z post the big push now in local media is “Cases! CASES! CASES!!!!!!!!” which sounds scary, taken out of context. You then should ask: “Yes, cases are up. How many people are truly ill? How many people tested positive but don’t have symptoms, or have antibodies from an earlier infection? How many people REALLY are dying? Did they TRULY die from COVID-19, or something else?”

      I had my suspicions about this whole panic, but it was driven home last December. Working around the house I accidentally sliced a finger open and bled like the proverbial stuck pig. Wrapping it in a Band-Aid didn’t work. I wrapped my finger in a towel and drove to the nearest hospital thinking I needed stitches.

      Winter, height of COVID-19, right? A suburban hospital near a major metro area on a Saturday afternoon. Should be bodies lined up out in the parking lot for all the news was baying.

      I was the only person in the ER. I got four staff (Two doctors, two nurses) to check out my cut finger (turns out my wrapping the finger in a towel staunched the bleeding and I didn’t need stitches), put ointment on it, bandage it, and send me home to put Neosporin and fresh bandages on it.

      As I told My Lovely Mrs. “If those doctors and nurses have time to Tik-Tok and dance, it ain’t a real pandemic.”

      • A “surge in cases” can be a simple case of a positive feedback loop with a few scare stories in the media being the trigger. This is somewhat like that angry screaming feedback from a sound system that can start with a tiny rustling sound. Once people get a bit scared they rush off to get tested. Since there’s a non-zero false positive rate this inevitably generates “cases”. These are then dutifully reported in giant block letters “NEW COVID SURGE WILL KILL YOU ALL!”. So more Coof monkeys get more tests and there are more cases…

        The fact that this obvious possibility is never even talked about and no one even bothers to claim that they’ve factored media driven positive feedback and false positives into the counts was one of the things that made me realize that the rulers weren’t even really trying that hard. The Coof Show is a nightly Gish Gallop. Each “fact” isn’t meant to withstand scrutiny for long, just long enough to roll out the next lie.

    • Going through my wife’s menopause has given me untold knowledge on how to deal with women’s insanity. Thankfully I did not need to draw deep on that experience with this present nonsense with her but definitely with many others.

      I understand fully that most of them are just a few steps away of descending to this lunacy.

    • “Since then I’ve been proven right about everything , she has apologized profusely, and has removed her social media, and we don’t talk about it anymore.”

      You have yourself a very rare woman. She’s a keeper.

    • Intuitively and Immediately, I knew the Covid was bullshit (not to say it can’t be amped up to a more severe bioweapon in the future). It little researches, and it confirmed it for me. Like WTC, it did not add up. It was full D up your arse propaganda from the beginning, and I told my significant that. She was distraught for her health and mine, and she emotionally blew up at me a few times as she genuinely feared imminent death. I compromised and told her I would go through the handwashing and hand sanitizing rituals. I also never commented on it. The more I learned, the more I knew it was some monumental bullshit, not just your day-to-day globalist dog poop. In the end, I think I am fortunate. My SO, which I love very much, seemed to have come to her senses. She is adamantly against the injectable bioweapon, and I think seeing the leaders at the monstrous shells they are. She might even be a bit overboard now. Every now and then, she paraphrases some optimistic Q talking points (Millis and Hillary being arrested). I have no idea what she is listening to or reading these days, but she seems very angry and surprised that she is being lied to about something as serious as a virus. Anyway, I’ll take somebody with sympathy for Q over a COVID witch any day.

    • Chet: Well done, Sir. Agree 100%. Women get away with what their men let them. Obviously I cannot judge anyone here who fears being divorce raped and losing his children, but a man must be the leader in a marriage and in charge of his own home. The rare exceptions are never supposed to be the basis for the rules.

      I’ve taken to telling women in public that I think women in general are stupid or nuts or evil. It really takes them aback – to hear an older, married woman say that she can’t stand being around old biddies, or that women need to have some sense slapped into them.

      I did this at the grocery store this morning when the black cashier was complaining about the White guy who had been in front of me (in all honesty I don’t know what his issue was but he did take an inordinate amount of time). But I responded to her complaint by saying it’s usually the women who don’t have their money ready and waste everyone’s time. Then I added the “Women are raving lunatics” line, and she and the White woman behind me laughed nervously. They laughed again when I said I was a unicorn, but they thought I was including them in that category (I wasn’t) so smiled as I walked out.

  34. “Putting all of that aside, what Covid has revealed is that we not only have female trouble, but we cannot ignore it forever.”

    If you want to imagine an ideal future – imagine a large, masculine handing slapping the bottom of hysterical womanhood forever. Let it be our version of Orwell’s boot on the face.

    Many years ago, before I met my wife, I would frequent London’s publick houses, have a beer and read my book. Popular boozers tend to fill up quickly on Saturdays, so invariably I’d get talking to many people. A number of times it would be a group of strong and independent females; you know, careers as ‘Project Managers’, ‘Office Coordinators’, ‘Diversity Officer’, ‘Health and Safety Directors’ &c.

    Anyhow, more than once did I kindly point out, after getting into discussions with females of these groups, that their careers were meaningless. What about children? What about the soul? How could you honestly want to spend time behind a desk or in multiple meetings? I think I made about five or six cry. There it is. Once you make a girl cry, the mask is off. You know. You know they know. They know you know they know.

    I was never horrible, mind, as I feel for misdirected women. And it is a mans job in many respects to guide them. It’s funny… not a single one got angry with me. It’s sad to see, and I hope those ladies had some serious thoughts about what’s good for their souls – it’s not MS Powerpoint.

    As an aside, it appears that one reason the girlies at work like meetings is because it turns into a bloody social gathering. Like all the stuff the girlies do.

    • It’s insane how many women don’t realize their fertility timeline. No, you can’t just have a kid in your late 30’s like you can in your 20’s. Even if you have a kid, trust me, it’s twice as hard dealing with a screaming 2 year old when you are 40 versus 25.

      Also, I have no idea what these women spend their money on, but after all those years of working, they still don’t manage to pay their college loans.

      • The average girl will be out and about socializing and buying clothing items. They burn through the dosh.

        True enough about timelines. It’s fine, I suppose, if one does this from 16-23. But let’s face it, the mid twenties are the golden years for family raising. If only biology was really a social construct, eh?

      • There has been some correction to the fertility timeline myth, but not near enough. The dumbest part is thinking they will still be able to find a man they will want to marry and have children with after 30. Their response to these failures as a result of their own poor choices is to blame men for wanting a younger woman with far less emotional baggage.

        • If you are going to get emotional baggage—highly probably with a “used up” 30 something who could not land anyone up til that point—why not buy a model with less wear and tear? As many MGTOW folks have noted, men are peaking at that age, women are long in decline.

      • ” I have no idea what these women spend their money on.”

        According to the dating profiles that I must peruse, they are all world travellers. All that money that should be going towards the down payment for a house is going towards selfies that they can use to brag about to their friends.

        “What? You haven’t been to Africa? Let me bring up my instagram and show you what you are missing!”

  35. it’s not just single women, it’s all women.

    you just know whiskey is typing the moby dick of comments, for this post…

  36. “The moms will be tending to their children and gossiping with the other moms.”

    The number of young parents who take their kids to the park and sit there glued to a phone while the kid plays is staggering, based on recent experiences this summer, I would say it is close to 50% at the park. They are gossiping with other moms, but they are doing it online.

    The encouragement to produce higher education while studying nothing that has any value has also been a huge negative for women. This gets much worse as you get into graduate programs. Here is a great example from California:


    • For the children who are still in the stroller stage, the mom’s/ nannies plop a screen in front of the little tykes.

      Along with the masks, this is child abuse.

      • We saw a couple walk by our house pushing a stroller with what looked like a two year old in it. She was watching a cartoon on an iPad.

        • That is child abuse. Taking a two year old and stimulating/instilling short term attention span. Hell, it’s miserable when the granddaughter visits as no electronic anything is allowed in her life during these formative years. Must be working, she is four and reads and writes.

    • That Alexandra Souverneva story, that’s all manner of craziness compacted into one person right there.

      Hiking from California to Canada
      Decides to drink bear urine because she’s thirsty
      Starts fire to “boil” said urine
      Gets caught in fire, uses cell phone to call for help
      Rescued, found with a backpack with some manner of drugs

      I’m thinking the drugs found on said shaman were a direct cause of the fire.

      “An attorney for Souverneva told her initial court hearing that she’d made statements to law enforcement that indicated a possible mental health crisis ‘or something to do with drug abuse.'”

      Gosh, you think?

      A whole lotta people in the world need an Italian Dope-Slap and “What the HELL is wrong with you?!?” directed at them. The firebug shaman should go first.

  37. “The executive suites are littered with brooms”.

    I gotta be honest, Z can sure write a visual.

    I think I can sum up the Taki piece, and this one, in a few sentences, that we all have probably seen.

    Hard times make good men,
    Good men make good times,
    Good times make weak men,
    Weak men make hard times.

    The upside is we’re in the last line of that collection, so the hard times that are coming/here, will produce the good men needed to right the ship of society.

    Give your decedents the tools to develop good times.

  38. The final sentence of Z’s piece in Takimag today was a hell of a zinger — had me laughing out loud. Bravo!

  39. I’m keeping the women in my social sphere in check, you guys do the same. Agreed?

    We even have Gretchen Whitmer on her heels.


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