The Reality Of The Show

If a man had fallen asleep in 1980 and woke up in this age, he would be amazed at many things. We can easily think of the technological stuff like social media, Zoom calls and mobile devices. Then you have the cynical stull like the failure get back to the moon, much less Mars. One less obvious change is the explosion of entertainment and the public obsession with being entertained. Forty years ago, people did not expect to be constantly entertained throughout their day.

One aspect of the saturation of entertainment is how public affairs transformed into something like Vaudeville. People dream up new acts and new characters to play on-line and on television. If the act works, we get a flood of imitators. Once that runs its course, someone cooks up a new way to separate from the rest of the performers and they have their run on the big stage. Politics in this age is pure theater, centered on various acts making claims to certain audiences.

Unlike jugglers or sword swallowers, political theater is not transactional. In the conventional form, entertainment is about the performer getting your attention, which causes you to pay to see their act. There is no connection between the audience and the performer, beyond the implicit agreement that he will do his best to entertain you and you will applaud when he does. In political theater, you are supposed to care about the performer and do what you can to boost his career.

This post over at American Greatness gets at this odd nature of political entertainment with regards to Conservative Inc.. The post is a takeoff on something Michael Anton said about the conservative rackets. Wealthy people lavish conservative rackets with cash, despite the fact they accomplish nothing. In fact, it is fair to say that Conservative Inc. is just an enabler of the things they pretend to oppose. In other words, they lose on purpose, and they know they are losing on purpose.

The post goes on to talk about how easily conservative donors are duped by people like Jonah Goldberg or Ramesh Ponnuru into handing over cash. National Review just raised $100,000 on-line despite having no audience outside the institutions of Conservative Inc. and even that is debatable. The Bulwark and Dispatch have billionaire support even though they have no audience. Why is it that smart people with money are easily fooled by these hustlers?

One reason is the nature of political entertainment. When you watch a movie or television show, it is a passive act. There is a clear divide between you and the performers on stage. In political theater, each member of the audience is drawn into the act, feeling like they have an impact on the performance. Even when it is not interactive, the person watching tends to feel like his caring about what he sees and hears can change what is happening in the show.

Jonah Goldberg is a useful example in that he is one of the more successful political entertainers of this age. He is also a creature of the new political entertainment that emerged in the 1990’s with the widescale adoption of the internet. He started out fetching coffee for the far-left extremist Ben Wattenberg, who had a long running show on state television. In prior times, this would have been about as far as Goldberg would go in the realm of current events programming.

Instead, he landed the role of internet slacker for National Review’s new on-line venture that was aimed at a younger and hipper crowd. Goldberg’s role required him to blend official dogma with snarky pop culture references. Early in his role, he often made jokes about his slacker lifestyle. He invited readers to e-mail him, and he would often post about the exchanges. Later, comments were added to the site, and he would respond to them from time to time.

Goldberg got famous and very rich despite being as dumb as a goldfish and peddling boilerplate neoconservatism. The reason for this is his fans felt like they were a part of his act and there were having an impact on what he was saying. Despite the fact that he and his neocon cronies have slithered back to the Left, many of his fans still follow him at his new venture. In other words, even after it is clear that Goldberg would happily gas his readership, many remain engaged with him.

The main result of the relationship between political performers and their marks is that they are able to transfer their interests onto the audience. That is, the audience for this stuff cares about things that are good for the guys who they follow. The donors who get to have dinner with the team at the Dispatch are not thinking about the issues being promoted so much as the people promoting them. They feel like they are part of the show and have some input on the performance.

Conservative Inc. is a long sophisticated confidence game. It was not always this way, but it evolved into a racket in the 1990’s. It coincides with the explosion of mass media and the emerging entertainment culture. Going back to the Rip Van Winkle at the start of this post, he would be baffled by how people identify themselves by the types of entertainment they consume. Putting your sports teams in your social media profile would seem bizarre to a man from the 1980’s.

This is something Ryszard Legutko noted in his excellent book, The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies. Legutko is a polish politician who was involved in the Solidarity Movement. Among many excellent observations, he notes the lack of seriousness in liberal democratic politics. Everyone is consumed with leisure and being entertained. Adults are encouraged to act like children, even in areas like politics which should be the domain of the sober minded.

In this light, the boiling off of serious political actors from the large public stages is perfectly rational. The serious critics of the war machine, for example, may be correct in their observations, but they get marginalized because they do not offer the larger audience the thing they crave. They are the party poopers who yell at the people at the party for not caring about some cause. Worse yet, they remind adults that they are acting like children, so they are shunned.

The same can be said for the fringe on the other side. Immigration patriots are not littering their commentary with pop culture references. They are not flattering their audience with the promise that if they care enough, the ending of the show will be just as they imagined. Instead, they warn about demographic collapse and that is just a total downer, and no one wants to hear it. The most hated man is the serious person in a room full of silly people looking for a good time.

What this suggests is that outsiders have two choices. One is to put on the grease paint and get out there and please the crowd. The people demanding Medicare for all need to make it fun to care about such things. The Straussian critics of conservatism have to put on a better show, out-clown people like David French. Otherwise, the alternative is to work the small stage waiting for when the times need serious men and the people in charge are not up for the task.

Those are not pleasant options, but adults are supposed to accept that often the choices are not very good. Serious people know that the best you can do sometimes is play a bad hand so you can play the next hand. They are also supposed to know that society is a big complicated thing and you cannot easily alter it. often, you just have to let things play out and prepare for it. The antidote to frivolity is not more frivolity but a sober-minded acceptance of reality, no matter how unpopular.

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209 thoughts on “The Reality Of The Show

  1. I used to think that our political system was an essential pressure release valve. It vents off the heat and steam of our roiling civil, and not so civil, society. And one should expect the ridiculous and absurd to appear among the super heated emissions.

    Now I’m convinced it is a distracting side-show, like a prestidigitator’s right hand. It is actively a-flutter out in front where the audience cannot help but see it…while the other hand skirts fertively and unseen under the table, positioning the rabbit, or dove, or whatever for the finale.

    OT, but I need to put in a word for our hard working hispanic migrants in the Southwest. I am daily amazed at the spirit, endurance and attitude of the crop of mid-aged men seeking work in the farming and construction trades these days. They leave “American” men in the f-ing dust!

    Here’re the areas where they have your standard 2012 American “whitey” beat!
    1. They sport natural muscularity (not gym builds) – suppressed vanity about their physicality, and not prone to ‘burn-out’ on long days. Able to pace themselves.
    2. Closer to nature – they don’t swat feverishly at bugs, or fear natural diseases. And they have already adopted tried and true protections from the weather before applying. The Karens are not strong in them. Entitled ‘Mericans, though, are a different story.
    3. Presentability – compared to most Yankee men applying for the muscular trades, the men from Michuhuacan, Sinoloa, Monterrey and sport fewer tatoos, and if they smoke, they hide it from clients instinctively. But most ‘Merican Dudes are all up and ‘in-your-face’ about whatever it is they’re into, from loud Rap to obnoxious vapes I don’t care if it smells like Bananas!, it still stinks). Heck! – they learned their ‘attitude’ from the TV.
    But, ‘Mesican’s’…not so much.
    4. Earthy interests and connections: you’ve got to get Whitey to shut off the internet and pocket his “Dumb-Phone” for 8 hours to get any meaningful work out of him. But a hombre from Michuhuacan with a wife and two boys in grade school holds the OLD expectations for himself and others: show up on time, do a great (not good) job, strive to jump into tasks without being told, and take take pride in whatever work you do.

    Losers: today, the ‘Smiths’ and ‘Harrisons’ and ‘Shumachers’ are tatt-ing up, signing up for welfare and sitting out The Race. Someone should tell them that you lose by forfeiting the game, and that there are hungery Winners rising in the ranks that are coursing to an easy victory right under their noses!

    • And yet their natal land remains mired in third world poverty and caudillismo politics. Can it actually be true that America has “magic dirt” that transforms Mexicans into Enlightenment Europeans?

  2. “…despite the fact they accomplish nothing. In fact, it is fair to say that Conservative Inc. is just an enabler of the things they pretend to oppose.”

    That is no small thing. Its apt to say that Conservatives are the Atlas titan holding up the system. Defusing energy, managing policy defeats, and winning nominal battles through elections and full time careers. Ironically enough conservatives are the rock ribbed stalwarts that they opaquely imagine as the “other guy”, the less sophisticated nimrod conservative. When they themselves are the most veracious and uncompromising defenders of the status quo.

    Its why the elites funnel so much money into conservatism. The elite class has had unbelievable amounts of financial success and comfort by betting big on conservatives. They couldn’t do it without them. Liberals wouldn’t be able to do it alone, you need conservatives.

  3. I disagree somewhat. I blame … Brandon Tartikoff.
    Ours is a profoundly commercial culture, and corporate leaders have taken their pages from him. The internet made it just worse, not better.
    Starting with the “Rural Massacre” when CBS canceled high rated rural shows: Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, Gomer Pyle etc. because of rural not urban demographics, TV from which everything else follows went to low rated, low appealing but favorable demographics of young White women, and blacks. Thats why our culture and hence politics are centered around that. Tartikoff at NBC pioneered this approach, with Cheers, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, and Seinfeld all low rated for years before Cheers and Seinfeld took off. It didn’t matter — advertisers only wanted their affluent urban audience not mass appeal for something like Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley.
    Streaming is even worse. The streamers make money off stupid hedge fund investor money and selling data. No marketer cares about a 30 year old White guy’s interests — only a White women 18-24 or blacks, as they do most of the buying. A show like Veronica Mars set the then record in the mid 2000s for the lowest rated show ever renewed, but as Youtube reviewer Critical Drinker notes, the least of his videos on Youtube gets more views than the CW’s “Batwoman.”
    We have clowns because corporations, and thus culture, focus on weirdo fringes that appeal to young White women and blacks. Thus the deliberate destruction of things like comic book heroes, pulp movie icons like Indiana Jones, James Bond, Luke Skywalker, Captain Picard, and Han Solo. The culture won’t tolerate White dudes doing their own thing any more than they tolerated it in gaming.
    IMHO, this is why we should be looking to economically destroy this entire model of business and culture. Working from the Left to make say, streaming services report each and every company they share your data with, and being required to send you “mailbox money” for every sale. For “fairness” etc …

    • In every field I know anything about, the two great artistic modes that have been obliterated because women don’t “get” or desire them are the traditional heroic/epic and the materially innovative avant-garde. There’s no publicly known film, painting, book, or piece of music from this century that couldn’t have been made in the last, or that *would* have been made by any serious past artist.

      Our guys tend to be African-minded about art and think it’s useless except as ritual affirmation, but the reason we know *for sure* that society’s already been destroyed is because interesting, new, and potentially lasting art has completely vanished from production. It’s a product of health, and we don’t have any left.

      The only even merely good art still standing is Japanese comic books. That’s what we’re reduced to. And they’re not even us.

    • Network TV ratings have totally tanked even from the historically low levels they were at a few years ago. The few commercials and promos I see for shows are absurd. I saw a promo that ABC was debuting a show called “Queens” last night. The premise is that four black 40 something pop singers are trying to reunite their hip hop group for a chance at recapturing their fame. As you might imagine, the ratings were terrible, the debut drew an audience of under 1.8 million viewers. ABC must not care as long as Woke Capital is willing to spend money on ads targeting the black women who watch it.

      • Yes, and Netflix just caved, “apologizing.” Everyone knows that the power the woke wield is pretty much just young White women. Everything and anything has to be tailored to their woke sensibility. I assume that Netflix is just going to cancel Chappelle, dump the special, and double down on the woke. They are terrified of their own employees.
        It will be an interesting Winter. No food and no goods on shelves during Christmas, the woke waging war on Christmas, freezing during blackouts and sky high energy prices. We’ve never had full woke with big shortages. People will blame Green, China, and the Woke. With lots and lots of job actions. There is a price to be paid for senility and this is it.

        • Well, there are roughly 40 million blacks, of whom half are women, which means the vast majority of black women didn’t think the show worth their time.

    • Impossible. Every other Monday French is close to coming out as gay ’cause Jesus told him to do it.

  4. This is why the Establishment was so quick to shut down and marginalize the chans and other right-wing writers. It is why they have tried so hard to shut down Fuentes. It is because the stuff coming from these sites are funny and entertaining. The memes are good and convincing to even the most ardent griller (“It’s OK To Be White”, etc.). They emerged from an online culture of true meritocracy, where only the best and funniest things stick around. When they started calling Con Inc. a bunch of cucks, Con Inc. was just completely flabbergasted and responded the only way they could, by getting into bed with the left and demanding more censorship.

  5. A young white woman from South Africa came to America in the 60s to attend university. She remarked how odd it was that everyone’s conversation was filled with references to television shows, everyone was wild for something called Star Trek.

    Since apartheid S.A. had only one state TV channel, and most people had no tv at all as the farms were too far out, she said our concerns and politics were undeciferable to her.

      • Thanks, that’s right. The lass had said something like “since we had no television, only one state radio channel”; my memory of that magazine article needed a jog.

        So uncivilized! It must’ve been a “televisually educated” black (a quote by the black president of BET) who invented the artificial heart. The blue eyed white devil steals everything!

  6. Ha! What was the name of that great off-Broadway play or dinner show in New York, the Mafia wedding?

    The actors circulated in the crowd a bit, then, after the bride kissed the groom, the audience went with the cast to a Mob restaurant where further fun ensued…
    “Tina and Tony’s Big Wedding”, wasn’t it?

    • Damn, 3g, a California school district is asking parents to pack cold weather gear with their kids because the kids are going to be eating their school lunches outside.

      In the rain.
      As part of their “Covid-safe” plan.

      Almost as if the school wants these kids to get colds and flu’s, ya think?

      (It’s quite cold here, by the way, way colder than normal.)

    • Yes and “the government” has already purchased the vaccine supply “for every child between 5 and 11 years old in the country” – the Pretender. So Pharma has already made their money. But that’s not good enough.

      “Government” unilaterally compelling public treasure to pay private corp for unnecessary and dangerous product with public treasure holding all liability for product damages and public john and jane being forced to consume that product and now forced to put that product into their children under threat of force from that same “government”, while actual damages are obfuscated by the media and government and any who question necessity or safety of product or any aspect of this “free market miracle of public-private cooperation” are forcibly censured, censored, removed from their jobs and/or under threat of punishment by same government for reasons to be named later. There has got to be a name for that kind of thing.

  7. The cure for entertainment is more entertainment. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, the entertainment will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the entertainment. I think we’ve been at that point for several years.

    • To reference a popular entertainment, Maximus has awakened and, turning to the crowd, asks “Are you not entertained?” We Deplorables are despised precisely because we will not give the mob what it expects. They cannot be won over or jollied into amusement. It’s time to exit stage left and begin a life outside the Colosseum. Let them choke on their bread and circuses.

  8. Zman, Neal Postman perfectly predicted and described “The Show” in his book “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” He described the reality of clownworld, balanced between Orwell and Huxley:

    “What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us.”

    I had read and recalled that beautiful comparison and then forgotten precisely where I had read it, but it was included in an interesting recent post –
    So Huxley’s predictions have come true in spades, and Orwell’s boot has followed for the remnant of us who have stubbornly refused to be amused. Thus logically follows your apt summation that “The most hated man is the serious person in a room full of silly people looking for a good time.” Story of my life.

    • You cote a great diagnosis 3g. And the solution rests between the extremes posited by Orwell and Huxley, Aristotelian moderation as the basis for a virtue ethics. St. Thomas Aquinas, the medieval philosopher and theologian, was the master expositor of the Aristotelian virtues. And we don’t need the permission or direction of either Big Brother or Mustafa Mond to practice them in our lives.

    • Neil Postman (RIP) was a prophet. Wrote about how it was initially thought the TV would change the world…free education for the masses, world wide. Instead we got, well, schlock.

      He didn’t live to see the internet, which is much, much worse.

      Also many prescient thoughts in his book “The Disappearance of Childhood.”

    • My dad was a big fan of Neil Postman, so consequently we didn’t have a TV, at least til my late teen years. I didn’t own one until recently, and rarely watch. There are some good shows and movies, to be sure, but I mostly find the various choices on the screen to be irritating. The main thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t relate to very many people anymore because I just don’t watch very much, and most people can only talk about things they’ve seen on the tube.

  9. It’s not a coincidence that entertainment, politics, and pop culture have degraded as the white population has shrunk, either.

    Something they say might seem senseless, to you. But you’re probably not their audience as a white male, particularly middle aged or older. For an African, a policy of “whitey, gibs me dat” is an acceptable level of complexity. Very popular in Zimbabwe and South Africa. For them, it’s intelligent, sensible, and suits just fine. “Muh dick (I was horny)” is an acceptable explanation for rape.

    I noticed that a few years ago the CBC changed their writing style. They now write in simple, short sentences with few complex words. To me it looks like a children’s essay, but to an ESL, low IQ Indian it’s probably at the right level. Again, I’m not the target audience.

    White youth in the USA are no longer a majority of their age category. The pop culture they consume reflects the majority. They listen to an endless loop of crude jungle noises (rap) with the occasional chorus in broken in Spanish. They watch low IQ TikTok videos, 10 seconds is about a Hispanic attention span. I suspect that white youth will also see a significant cognitive decline compared to previous generations as well.

    People said the same about millenials, but they did eventually grow up and they still had white role models, albeit imperfect. What do white youth today have to look up to? Lizzo? Most of them look up to various African rappers today.

    • The stuff they play on the radio is so bad now I have begun listening to genres of music I never cared for like classical and older country music. But as you say, whites are no longer a majority in the under 21 crowd. The music is not meant for a white sensibility and it is only going to get worse.

      • If it ain’t Buck, Patsy, Johnny, or Willie, it ain’t real country.

        (Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson)

        • Buck, Merle, the Bakersfield sound. Hell yeah! And damned if we ain’t in a Ring of Fire. The man in black was a veritable prophet.

        • Lately I’ve been listening to Hank Williams, John Denver and The Highwaymen (Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, WIllie Nelson and Waylan Jennings), who, btw, are all proto SJWs..

      • Rick Beato has a good YouTube channel where he breaks down rock and pop songs. The short synopsis is that music from the 60s-90s was quite complex. Even silly pop ballads like “Never Gonna Let You Go” had complex key changes. But popular music today all sounds the same, because it is written by committees of writers using simple chord and key changes, as they are just trying to commercialize to the masses, and not create art.

        • Beato is pretty interesting, but he tends to miss one of the more obvious changes in modern pop and rock, and that’s the shift in roles for rhythm and lead guitarists. Essentially, chord progressions are simpler because rhythm guitarists are anchoring the song, but lead guitarists add all the complexity. The lead work on, say, early Beach Boys’ albums seems childish compared to the lead work on, say, My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade. Anyhow, it’s mostly an apples to oranges comparison.

      • The stuff produced today scarcely qualifies as music. Outside of shit, I’m not sure what I’d call it.

    • “It’s not a coincidence that entertainment, politics, and pop culture have degraded as the white population has shrunk, either.”

      You see this all throughout the entertainment landscape these days. Song lyrics are simple and usually written by a ghost writer for mass consumption; they were much more intricate a few decades ago. Songs have also gotten louder over time and lack the cadence of previous generations.

      Meanwhile, Hollywood movies are all trend chasing, unoriginal copy cats and remakes. Everything is childish superhero man-baby nonsense packed with unconvincing villains, inappropriate humor, and nonsensical plots slapped together by mediocre directors who, despite failing to make a memorable product, make bank at the box office because audience tastes have so badly declined: “I saw Darth Vader and I claaaaaaped!”

      Musical scoring in these films are also mostly trash these days. Compare James Horner’s works (Star Trek II, Willow, Titanic, and Aliens), Allen Silvestri’s works (Back to the Future, Forest Gump), Jerry Goldsmith’s works (The ‘Burbs, Total Recall) or John Williams’s works (Star Wars, Jurassic Park) with anything today, and you’ll notice a stark difference: the former are catchy and easily recognizable while the later drone on and wouldn’t be recognized by anyone.

      The book market is also mostly trash these days. Pick any mainstream author — Steven King, Dan Brown, Lee Child, John Grisham, J.K. Rolling — and their best work is far behind them; and no one new is on the horizon to replace them once they are gone. Same for all the great Hollywood directors, many stand up comedians, comic book writers, and quite a bit of musical talent.

      Why? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect demographic change is partly responsible (although probably not fully). I remember Steve Sailer pointing out many years ago that the audience for The Phantom Menace, a terrible Star Wars movie, was 25% Hispanic despite that demographic being less than 14% of the population at the time. As American demographics have changed, perhaps so too have its tastes. We used to like complicated plots, originality, likable characters, and sly humor. Now we like childish humor in every scene, nihilism, and bland regurgitation of things we’ve already seen.

      Hollywood will make something, and keep making it, if there is an audience. And no matter how trash these movies are, audiences keep coming back. These films, even the bad ones, make insane amounts of money at the box office, amounts that would stun most people in the industry back in the 80s, even adjusted for inflation.

      How much of this cultural decline is due to bloated budgets, corporate consolidation, demands for political conformity, and changing demographics I can’t say. Probably each has contributed, and not in a good way. But I honestly can’t say it’s going to get any better.

      Black pill of the day: Amazon is making a woke Lord of The Rings Prequel. It will feature diverse Hobbits and “strong women” stereotypes. Hollywood is also going to disrespect the lore and smear the work with tawdry s*x scenes. It’s rumored to be a bad Game of Thrones rip off.

      Tolkien, a Catholic White man, deliberately created Middle Earth for his Anglo Saxon people. The Lord of the Rings was about strong male characters, chivalry & honor, and classic European stereotypes and cultures. So of course “they” had to vandalize it. Can’t let that stand. Seriously, one of the guys behind this (JJ Abrams) joined BLM protests and denounced “White Comfort” last year.

      Rinse, wash, and repeat with dozens of other properties. I won’t bore you with a list, but it would be extensive.

      Funny how they never seem to do that with other properties like Mulan, Black Panther, and Shang-Chi. It’s almost like they’re are doing this deliberately or something …

      • Therefore BB, collect and protect your own personal media warehouse of CD, DVD’s, real books, real art. For your own enjoyment and in order to help rebuild civilization someday.

      • The upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff is already a dead xirl walking.

        They flashed a Looming Black Male with blond braids in the trailer. Here we go.

        (I say GoT, the most popular television show worldwide, was a hit because it was 99.9% White.
        Everybody wants to see what the Elves are up to. How “They” must seethe.)

        • Giving your characters traits like “blue eyes” and “blond hair” used to be a subtle means of denoting their race without directly stating it — as doing so has been seen as somewhat uncouth in American polite society for decades. But nowadays our people are so hated that other groups just blatantly ignore that convention and give the obviously Caucasian role over to one of their own demographics. If I said, “the movie takes place in ancient China and stars a dark haired girl”, no one would then cast an Irish woman and put her in a black wig.

      • Idiocracy is the future.
        The future is now.

        Bro country
        Gay superman
        Let’s go Brandon
        Sweet sweet death.

        • Small Dead Animals (a Canadian blog):

          Come soon, Sweet Meteor of Death!

          Praying in the spirit of Saint Andreas

        • Black Batman (comics)
          Gay Robin (comics)
          Gay Superman (comics)
          Gay Starlord (comics)
          Gay Iceman (comics)
          Gay Wolverine & Cyclopes*, X-Men (comics)
          POC Wonder Woman (comics)
          POC Captain America (comics, streaming)
          Black female Iron Man replacement (comics)
          Female, feminist Thor (comics)
          Black Little Mermaid** (Movie)
          Black Tinkerbell (Movie)
          Black, gay Fairy Godmother (Movie)
          Black Lost In Space (streaming)
          Black Foundation (streaming)
          Black Gunslinger, SK’s Dark Tower (movie)
          Black Star Trek (streaming)
          Female Ghostbusters (movie)
          Lesbian Seven of Nine, Star Trek (streaming)
          Gay Data, Star Trek (streaming)
          Gay Picard, Star Trek (streaming)
          Gay Sulu, Star Trek (movie)
          Gay Harley Quinn*** (comics)
          Female Mad Max replacement (movie)
          POC Cinderella (streaming)
          POC Hobbits (streaming)
          Lesbian She-Ra (streaming)
          Lesbian Teela, Masters OTU (streaming)
          Female Luke Skywalker “Rey” (movies)

          … and on and on.

          *They are inserting small scenes between the two in the comics so they can go back later and say “they were always bisexual.”

          **Oddly, no such race swapping was present in Disney’s Aladdin. They took great effort to cast the correct demographics.

          ***Her creator was coy about her sexuality for a while, but then later confirmed she was “just friends” with another lesbian-ized character, Poison Ivy. Both were supposed to be femme fatale characters for the male audience. So of course they made them both gay — sorry, “bisexual” … but oddly never in a heterosexual relationship again.

    • As mean IQ declines precipitously, the culture also retards. If you have children, or when you have children, educate them at home. While the overlords want it to be Year Zero, they also want a warm place to go to the bathroom. And even TPTB are growing significantly dumber.

      This has been going on for a long time, too. My great-grandfather’s public elementary school textbooks included Greek and Roman classics. We are talking about the rural South at the start of the 20th Century. Fast forward more than a century, and your average grad student cannot find Greece or Italy on a map. Everyone here knows the score.

      Film remakes are motivated only partially by propaganda.. Most are made due to the utter idiocy of contemporary screenwriters and directors and an ability to create something new and interesting. Soon plans will fall from the skies on a routine basis. Again, everyone here knows the score.

      Culture is downstream from intelligence.

      There, fixed it for you, Andrew..

    • The worst part is that Music and speech production are linked into the development of Broca’s area in the brain.

      Failure to properly utilize this area as a child will permanently restrict any ability to appreciate or generate either to any complexity for the rest of their life.

      Both music and language from earlier eras will effectively be incomprehensible to those people as they mature and will fade out of the culture like a dead language.

      Letting your kids train their neural framework on the current vomit will permanently brain damage them in a physical manner for the rest of their life and close of any ability to reconnect with their roots even if they wanted to..

  10. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Reality Of The Show

  11. Semi-OT:

    Folks concerned about online privacy should know that the Brave Browser folks have rolled out Brave Search, which is the default search engine in Brave Browser.

    It appears you can set Brave Search as the default in other browsers.

    Every little bit you can do to get outside the existing web helps.

    • Yandex is good for finding forbidden topics.
      Youtube has utterly destroyed the search functionality. Not just for political topics either. But, it is especially bad for news. When there is a storm somewhere, there will be a bunch of live-streams from the area where the storm is and they were very easy to find, basically just search for the name of the storm and then change the view to most recent. Now it only brings up globohomo media no matter the view. Forbidden words bring up nothing, even on google.

  12. > What this suggests is that outsiders have two choices. One is to put on the grease paint and get out there and please the crowd.

    Nick Fuentes does this, he even creates audience participation by making a brand and style his fans can follow. TRS tried it but it turns out no one wants to tuck polo shirts into khakis and go to “pool parties” with men in their 40’s. Back to Nick, he’s an entertainer and a political leader yet still serious when it counts. Kudos to the little guy.

  13. We are sitting on the precipice of many serious crises that will likely strike at the same time. The coming energy shortage this winter will be a warm up for the geo-political crisis with China over Taiwan which would spur a major financial crisis over our debt/currency and our supply of goods coming from Asia.

    I think it would be helpful if we had a better understanding of how to prepare ourselves.

    ZMan, please lead the way.

    PS: As an aside, the unofficial foreign policy doctrine of the US has been to prevent a Eurasian hegemon who could threaten the CONUS. With the bumbling our our relationship with Russia, we’ve driven them from being natural adversaries with China to being strong allies. Serious people do not run the show and it’s going to come back to bite us, hard.

    • Not to post PM cringe, but…

      I’ve started thinking of purchases in terms of how many silver rounds I can buy for the price of the good. This merino long underwear costs three big silver rounds? Nah…

      Then I put the money toward my next silver purchase. I seem to have an innate feel for the value of silver and these days it’s on a STEEP discount. Or maybe everything is just really expensive.

      • No cringe.

        Silver looks like it’s bouncing off significant support in the low $22 range, but it’s still quite cheap at $24/oz.

        Folks know that I am extreme crypto skeptic, yet I am still taking low-cost steps to accumulate some altcoins to hold or possibly lever up via trading.

        At the end of the day, they’re all just tools.

        • Well, I’m moving south and becoming what some may term as a “carpet bagger” but I’ll refer to myself as a “reinforcement.” I’ll also be making certain durable good purchases and looking for new friends in my new town. Hope I run into like minded people.

    • Yak-15: Zman has his role (I hesitate to label it a niche, because he isn’t digging into a trench like so many others who pontificate about the same thing year after year, and seems willing to consider alternate viewpoints) and prepper is not one of them.

      That said, I think many of us here recognize that hard times are coming, even though we cannot reliably predict precisely what or precisely when. I’ve mentioned before that my local electrician has been overwhelmed with both general work and orders for whole-house generators (back ordered 6-12 months) here in DFW. We just purchased a smaller, portable, and quiet dual fuel one, and bought a new 20 gallon propane tank, and found a local station that will fill it for a very reasonable price (propane has spiked more than 40% since January).

      Astralturf notes he’s forsaking consumer purchases for silver rounds. I’m actually buying some baby food (with a sufficiently advanced expiration date) for my 3 week old grandson, because I just don’t trust the supply chain. We all do what we can with what we have. Some sort of local coordination would help many of us, but that would, of course, attract the glowies and the crazies.

      As for the Taiwanese, I wish them no ill will, but may they all stay in their part of the globe among their own people, come what may. The financial crisis, like the supply chain crisis, is beyond our control and responsible people will take whatever steps they feel are necessary/possible to ensure the survival and comfort of their families.

      • Generators – I wonder if steam generators are really the way to go now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have any generator than none but there’s something appealing about an engine that can run on almost anything that will burn. Stirling engines are even better, all you need is a temperature difference. You can buy these little toy models that will run from the heat of your hand.

        It’s just that I keep thinking that it might not be too long before we have more stuff to burn than we do to use for its supposed purpose. Think of all the megawatts those antifa wasted burning Portland last time. You could do some serious bitcoin mining…

        • Ask yourself whether a generator is really a viable solution in the medium to long term. Gov. HairGel in Cali just signed a bill to prohibit future sales of devices run on small (25 HP) combustion engines. Existing inventory will probably sell for ruinous premiums, but eventually the drive to save polar bears will lead to restrictions on pre-existing devices. One quick “solution” TPTB could employ is to outlaw retail sale of fuel in portable containers. Nobody’s gonna bring their chainsaw to the pump every time it needs a pint of gas. If the bugmen need trees trimmed, the state will send “pros” to do it. Multiply permutations and, voila, you’ve got yourself a green hive ala the Great Reset.

          • Maus: The first response is, obviously, no one sane should relocate to or remain in California. So far as I know, there are no such restrictions currently in place in Texas, nor in the state where we’ve bought land.

            Long term, any fuel will ultimately degrade and/or run out (propane lasts a lot longer than regular or diesel gas and remains stable at higher temperatures as well). Solar panels also degrade and when/if various fuels become unavailable, so too will the necessary connections and batteries for solar power generation – at least for individual consumers who don’t want to live on grid.

            Short term in the suburbs, it’s useful for now. Medium term, I expect it to be useful where we are planning to build and live. Long term, who knows. We’ll at least have firewood and candles and I can stock up on bic lighters!

      • Soap, booze, bleach and pine oil. Enough to share with neighbors. Doesn’t hurt to be popular.

    • The Chinese own the heavy metals market (thank you, Feinstein’s husband), so repossessing Taiwan’s chipmaking makes perfect sense.

      They’ve found an essential bottleneck to counter the monetary bottleneck of the Rothschild banks, Jamie Diamonds, and Larry Finks.

      Take that, Sidney Rittenhouse!
      The Yellow Dragon rises above the Red Shields of the Black Rock!

      • Something like 80% of world magnesium production is from China.

        They’re talking about shortages.

        Magnesium has myriad industrial uses.

        It is also a key in common aluminum alloys like 6061 and 7005 that are used everywhere.

      • That is probably one of the most important realisations I have read in a while.

        Essentially China would have a stranglehold on what 85% of the total world chip production for the foreseeable future.
        It also shields them significantly from using money as leverage to take over the country.

        Unlike Fiat you can’t just print it up or rehypothecate the goods.

        In order to build new fab plants would take a few years on any decent scale (assuming it could even be done now given the diversity quotas that would be involved).

        The west would end up regressing to 1970s level tech as its built in obsolescence kicks in over the next few years.

        China might end up saving the west from its current mouse utopia collapse as 70% of make work jobs rely on passing stuff electronically between morons.

        Maybe the great reset is coming and its not what most people think?

    • Something crazy going on with the Long beach shipping containers, that’s for sure.

      Your guess is as good as mine. The “no truckers” excuse looking increasingly lame.

      • I live near the railroad tracks in Los Angeles county that carries the intermodal freight from Long Beach harbor. Ever since the lockdown started last year and continuing to this day – the amount of intermodal freight traffic has declined by 70% or so.

        Normally I’d hear a freight train going East bound every 90-120 minutes 7 days a week. Now it’s probably once every 3-4 hours.

        BTW they are no longer unloading containers at Long Beach on the weekends.

        This shortage is artificial – Someone is either trying to f**k with China or seriously trying to economically collapse the USA.

  14. I know that a big donor to Goldberg is Cliff Asness, a hedge fund billionaire. Asness is a very public guy and loves talking about politics. He’s also a classic Libertarian, sort of right Jew, i.e. Conservative Inc. makes a lot of sense to him.

    Throwing a few million to Goldberg and others doesn’t mean a thing to Asness. And with it, he buys the ability to interact with them on Twitter and other social media. He’s in the game politically or so he thinks. Don’t get me wrong, Asness also gives plenty of money to real political organizations. He’s a smart guy; he understands who really wields power.

    But Asness likes the spotlight, and Goldberg gives him that spotlight in the public political realm.

    • Goldberg is the “Asness Chair in Applied Liberty”. Does that not mean anything to you, pleb? Look at that title. How does that title not make you want to grovel in the face of your intellectual superior? Truly this incredible credential shows he is one of the top intellectuals in Applied Liberty.

    • How much of those political donations are a tax dodge or money laundering like the the arts market?

      The whole idea of an income tax has ruined money and funded a criminal political class. The noxious concept was to put a nation on the hook for the king’s war loans, since he might default.

  15. Instead of having a small window with a person using sign language for the hard of hearing, team Biden should have a man juggling in that window. They could also have a sword swallower in another window.

  16. Re: constant entertainment

    My youngest child likes to watch YouTubers who do “reaction” videos to viral videos, memes, songs, celebrity photos, or other YouTubers.

    I do regulate what my child watches up to a point, but they are at that threshold of “teenage” years where you have to kind of let them become their own person without overdoing the control. I also believe that a certain limited amount of exposure to the mainstream cultural milieu is important so that our children fit in well enough to not be an outcast. Some would disagree with me on that but I’m not going to debate it.

    Anyway, I do find that these people produce some of the most inane, trite, repetitive and unoriginal crap I’ve ever seen. They use all the same editing techniques and over the top, exaggerated expressions and jargon. I am convinced that some of these bigger names in the YouTuber “community” (for lack of a better word) have been given templates from advertisers and marketing companies in order to align their content to make it sell to the lowest common denominator. YouTube is like all other entertainment media, it started off in the early oughts as a great new platform with all kinds of creativity, but has been overtaken by greedy people of ummm dual citizenship persuasion.

    What I do when I see my kid watching something that I find to be garbage is critique it while they watch it. If it is too left leaning, I’ll say, “holy crap that’s gay”. I’m sure I’m being tuned out sometimes, but I still believe kids look to their parents for approval, and ultimately I’m planting the seeds of critical thinking in my kid’s mind.

    I do hate this age of social media. I let my child engage just enough to not be a pariah, but I keep my child busy with other things so that they don’t get hooked on this garbage.

    • What i’ve noticed most that concerns me is the short attention span. My kids will show me tik tock vids. They rapidly flip thru them failing to finish many 15 second videos. Even with the radio, the channels are constantly changed. Frenetic. They become visible agitated watching me text or type because i am slow. The only antidote i’ve found for my youngest daughter is fishing. Surprisingly, she is a patient and tenacious fisherman.

    • Back when I played online games with teams someone asked a kid on the team if he was Youtuber and he said “no, but” and then went on for like a minute doing a parody of the “almost over the top” voiceover that seemingly all Youtube videos have. So even like six years ago it was so rote as to be “desperately boring”. I’ve even seen homesteader video channels that have adopted that irritating parlance.

      Maybe K. Harris will be our first Youtube president and relate everything using the same poise (“hEy EvErYoNe, WeLcOmE tO tHe WhItEhOuSe! ReMeMbEr To LiKe…”).

    • Reaction videos really point at how much of a simulacrum we live in. Rather than authentically interacting with material, people have to have their reactions modeled for them by a filmed, original observer. It is absolutely sick brainwashing. Any depth of the original material (perhaps a deep song) is replaced with the gross superficiality of reactions: by their nature, they are immediate and surface. Hate to side with the Marxists (hey – they do get a lot right about what is wrong), but Frederic Jameson’s breakdown of the postmodern condition is dead on – and that is from the 80s. The trends he pointed out have become even more prevalent (including loss of historical sense).
      As to the attention spans, these kids are plugged in constantly and, yes, anxiety is through the roof and focus in the toilet. For insight on this matter, Fred Rogers recognized this in the 60’s by labeling kids’ entertainment as ‘bombardment.’ He purposefully created his show to encourage focus, compassion, and thoughtfulness. A great man, there. Think of the insight found in his songs, such as “did you know it’s okay to marvel, when you marvel, you learn about all types of marvelous things.”
      Marveling is dead, and we can’t even get a reaction video to it.

    • I suspect sitting down on a chair backwards and telling your kid you want to “rap” with him about how “tubular” and “gnarly” those Mister Beast videos are would quickly disabuse him of said degenerate interests.

    • I let my kid take just enough poison so he will fit in with all the other poisoned dying kids in his peer group.

      Its not like I am hardwiring his brain for pathways to consume this shit for ever when he is older.

      • I said I’m not going to debate anyone on the issue. Nonsense snarkiness isn’t going to change my mind.

  17. “The modern world will not be punished. It is the punishment.”

    Corollary: And we are gluttons for pinishment.

  18. Most men that fell asleep in 1980 are still asleep. Hard to blame them. Even the looming certainty of being nuked by the Ruskies before I could finish my bowl of cheerios seemed more normal than current year.

    The audience is sleepy and entertained to death. Does a population of intellectually sedated and culturally vacant children deserve to be shaken into adulthood?

    I find the trends popular with influencers and media whores that has been taken up by trad-civnat-dissident voices to be detrimental to the message. But I am weird. I dont like watching men in their cars shooting long selfie videos about how they feel. Some current day tweet by a basketball american gets the same production as the border being overrun. “Hey guys I was just thinking.. “ its all so cringe.

    At least the tradthots have made it personal for me. I mean how else would they know I like young nubile boobies? Those camera angles and tank-tops really get me thinking about the dissident life and the coming conflict and like other stuff too.

    Here’s to the small-ish stage. The time will come. And the minority of doers and thinkers will have their audience by sheer force of nature and necessity.

    • Heh. Listening to other men telling you how they feel (genuine trauma excepted) is a tedious exercise. One thing that I note is that the ‘issues’ are all so trivial. So unimportant.

      That said, the word at the workplace is that we’ll be having ‘focus groups’ so that we can all tell each other “How we feel”.

      NPC: “Tell me, Mr. Frog: How do you feel?”
      Me: “There’s too many non-whites in England… and that guy in the news does have lips like Michelin tires.”

      • Reminds me of when my co-worker went to see his boss about a pay raise since he was an elite level ASIC programmer being paid a mid-level wage. The boss asked “And how does that make you feel?” and waffled, saying he wasn’t sure about the budget.

        He made it clear how he felt be taking job interviews with other companies before the boss panicked and gave him a proper salary.

        Feelings talk among anyone but your closest and most trusted friends is simply psychological warfare to try to manipulate you.

        • There’s that say that goes something like ‘Intelligent people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and stupid people talk about other people.’ Talking about “feelings” is the equivalent of the third. It’s the rare unicorn IRL that wants to talk about actual ideas.

          “Serious people know that the best you can do sometimes is play a bad hand so you can play the next hand.”
          If my printer hadn’t stopped working as soon as the warranty expired this would be framed and hanging on my wall.

  19. The Demon in Democracy is a good book.
    What struck me most was his account of how easy it was for the communist bureaucrats to fit right into the EU liberal Democratic bureaucracy and just keep going.
    This brought home the similarities in the bureaucracies in communism and liberal democracies.

    • Even Reagan commented that communism was a giant loathsome bureaucracy. Of course I think it was much more than that but as you have noticed dialing it down a bit and you can fit it in any progressive political system.

    • It’s a way of waging war, using the power of the pen and the back up of existing (latent) force against the populace, by an emergent constituency that becomes its own nation within a nation. Perhaps, in theory, competing bureaucratic factions could keep themselves in check, but in practice, they form a monolithic class that lives off the productive populace. Pseudo-proletariat revolutions have always been thus. Ours simply happened via an electoral process.

    • Yes, I am halfway thru Demon in Democracy. It is excellent. The West now takes it as fact that liberal democracy is the greatest system and that the answer to our failures is always more democracy. Legutko puts our plight in great perspective. So far, its the best political science book I’ve ever read.

    • That’s what Ned Beatty was getting at in his, “Forces of Nature,” monologue in Network.

  20. T.S. Elliot was right:

    “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

    The corollary:

    “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” by G. Orwell rings true.

  21. I often advocate “killing your TV” because it is a necessary first step on the road to clarity. Exposing yourself to carny entertainment is the metaphorical equivalent of rubbing feces into your eyes & ears. It stinks, makes everything fuzzy, and will eventually make you very sick. Think of it as taking a daily shower in venereal disease and intentionally growing puss-filled chancres on your body. Yes, it really is that bad.

    But Normie is addicted to this form of debasement, and it will not change until a collapse brings about a severe latte shortage. And so it’s best to ignore this phenomenon and focus on your own robustness, where you can always make a difference. Your mission is to survive and be alive and fit when the fog rolls in. And entertainment is not fitness. Once upon a time, that aphorism was known as common sense.

    • I am 68 and have not watched tv for 43 years. When on occasion I happen to be in a room where the damned thing is on, it startles. Violent pornography like “Game of Thrones” seems to be the norm. The rest is worthless trash showing a bunch of millennials shouting clever insults at each other.

      • Heh, they play daytime TV in the cafeteria at my firm.

        You can hear more intelligent shrieking at the chimp cage in the local zoo.

      • Say what you will about the different generations but Millennials have mastered the snark. Maybe as cope or defense mechanism.

    • We’ve gone from entertainment being something that takes some effort to acquire, to it being so ubiquitous you can only get away from it by implementing the most extreme measures. TV opened the floodgates, but the waters have swelled past it’s influence at this point. For instance even the gas pump wants to give me the “news” from the NBA.

      • Those gas pump TVs are there because too many men still have not evolved to carry their phones in their hands 24/7. Most women and nearly all young women have only one hand now, the other being a permanent phone holder.

        Observing them in the wild reveals the constant thumb-stroking. Modern day self-soothing. Conversations carry on but the eyes rarely migrate from the screen and the topics of such spring from their phones like so many shooting stars while the light inside slowly dies. Sharing with others means look at this content on my phone.

        Alone, however, is particularly disturbing to watch. She just can’t put the phone down to pick up her latte (h/t TomA) or reusable grocery bag, instead struggling with both. Like what women used to do when they held an actual baby in their arms.

        But it’s that look on her face that is some wicked chimera of human eyes curtained behind cold reptilian slits that gets to me; an anxiety that the gritty unpleasantness of the real world might come rushing in should she not keep consuming from the screen. Perhaps 50mg of Zoloft is too low.

        She is certain about one thing: that the room is full of eye contact just waiting to send chills down her spine. So she works the phone harder to conjure up something to make her smile because she is, after all, still mostly human, and a part of her knows that we are all still connected in meatspace no matter how much we love the electric dreams. Yet she just can’t break from the cloud. Besides, everybody else is there too. Wouldn’t want to be an outcast. Its heartbreaking.

        Making better vids and content than the serpents isn’t gonna save her. Meatspace, OTOH, is our domain. Thats where we need to do ‘our thing’. Go ahead and keep jousting with jesters on Tinder and TikTok for the fleeting gaze of her snake eyes and then complain of the low quality of the sheep meat. Or starve the beasts, all of it.

        • Please don’t stop writing. There’s a novel here, and a good one at that. Let me add that 50 Shades of Gray has taught modern women that there is billionaire on every corner waiting to ravage them, and all they have to do is squeeze their fat ass into $300 skintight yoga pants and they’re set for life.

        • I do most of my hiking and trail running as a dawn partrol to avoid the inevitable females. The solo female has her phone in her face either on a call or listening to some podcast. The paired females are always talking, talking talking. No blessed silence.

          • I have a group of ladies that walk in my subdivision several times per week, and they talk for the entire 45 minutes of their walk. Then they stop in front of one of their houses and keep talking. Like they cannot get out everything they want to say in 45 minutes. I think men use the Ernest Hemingway style, that the fewer words used to convey a thought or joke, the more interesting it is to hear.

          • Or they dutifully have their face panties strapped on, especially the white Karen future cat ladies.

    • TomA: As you well know, I totally agree re tv. I’ve strongly considered buying the tv zapper ( to use at the gym, but I don’t have the stomach for the repercussions.

      I have surprised myself, though, by starting to watch (and enjoy) quite a number of youtube videos about homesteading and home building. Learned a ton and made lots of bookmarks and choices that will be useful for building, if we can even get any of the necessary supplies, over the next few years. I’ve discovered a rather eclectic mix of primarily 20s-40s White people living in an independent and self-sufficient manner. It keeps me calm, makes me smile, and gives me some hope.

      • Small, independent lumber mills (really timber mills) are starting to reopen in rural areas and can be good source for you homebuilding needs. I know a 30s husband & wife team that run one by themselves and are so busy they would hire employees if they could find any (they have two 14 year old nephews running loaders when not in school). Hope springs eternal.

        • TomA: We will obviously need some lumber, but I pretty much have my heart set on an ICF home – concrete costs haven’t risen nearly as much as everything else, and such a home is a lot more fireproof, far better insulated, and a lot more secure than stick-built home.

          Anything we need, though, we will try to purchase locally if at all possible. We want to support the White, rural community we hope to be a part of.

      • 3g I have the zapper! Its the best “tech” I have acquired since my atari 2600. I gave a few out last Christmas to my badthink friends. Best stocking-stuffer ever.

        At the GloboGym, when I chain myself to the infinity stairs to pay the fiddler for my habit of ales and fried chicken, I will take it out and shut down 4-5 of the 30 TV’s dangling from the grid while I ascend to nowhere with my badthoughts.

        When I blank two at a time I have to suppress my glee by upping to level 9. The gaggle of doughy mudsharks that run the place are too busy reading their phones or flirting with manslaughter candidates (alleged!) or catching up on gossip to notice.

        Some screens will stay dark for days. Small victory for me, a deep mystery for the Management Department to tackle no doubt.

        Luckily for them I hate the machines, so the glitch is sporadic. But then all coarse sand in the gears should be. Regrettably, I have yet to kill the jumbotron. Not for a lack of creative attempts.

        The homesteading stuff is a wealth of knowledge. There are useful communities out there that have yet to run afoul of the Eye. Even some that aren’t too faggy or skeezy with the constant brand-pushing. So much to learn before all them TV’s go dark.

        • Screwtape: Smart that you don’t use it every time. Don’t you have to hold and aim it at the tv though? I don’t know that I could do it without being seen. It’s mainly the sportsball and diversity ads that irritate me when I’m doing cardio; I face the mirrors and no tv when lifting.

          If my husband and I were 20 years younger and had any rural experience at all, we might try homesteading. At our age we will have to pay to have our house built but do plan to try to garden in some raised beds and are discussing having a few animals. All future dreams at this stage; not certain if things will hold steady long enough for us to get anything built at this point.

    • I’m so old that I remember when VDH was a lefty, and he used his ample brain power defending Progressive ideals. So my question to you is . . . was he red-pilled or is this just his newest act?

      • He has a family farm in California. He has noticed the benefits of diversity but it is hard to tell how red pilled he has become. I find him personable and likeable. His expertise in the history of the classical period also lends him a more expansive view than the average normie con grifter.

      • I think he was gradually red-pilled. He seems genuine and thoughtful. He recently left National Review, which also speaks to his seriousness.

    • I have not read Hanson all that much, so I can’t offer an opinion. I do find it interesting that he pretty much said the same things Derb said in his infamous Taki post, but never suffered for it. Here is the Derb post and a year later here is the Hanson post.

      • I’ve read almost all of Hanson’s books. Concerning War and Ancient History he is quite good. His weekly essays not so much. He goes right to the wall but then steps back and writes some boilerplate gibberish to avoid the taint of “racism”.

      • Auster is a voice, in my opinion, sorely missed. Might dig through his archive tonight, actually.

        • Larry A is one of the reasons I am here today. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

          He was an irrascible Ashkenazi, though a Catholic convert, but he was an invaluable bridge for me. Lord, how he used to berate Derb.

          Bless that unpleasant man. (David Horawitz said that Larry caused him more troubles than all of his other writers combined.)

          (Shameless gossip: A lady blogger named “Thinking Housewife” was a Larry promoter and would ban any posts that questioned the chosen. When Larry was dying, she took care of him. After his death, she was surprising open to the JQ.)

          • Auster and Gottfried are why I can never be an anti-Semite. Very few people seek the truth and do so with the knowledge that they will never attain it. It is a small club.

          • Laura – she became a sedevacantist Catholic and, yes, became more open to criticism of them and more into what’s commonly called conspiracy theories. Not a criticism of her – she’s a real nice lady. A genuinely feminine and genuinely right-wing woman. Wish we had a million of her.

            Larry was an Episcopal but converted just prior to his death, through the Personal Ordinariate.

          • Genuine antisemites don’t trust ANY Jewish person and will tell you e.g. Auster and Gottfried are on “our side” just to undermine our efforts. I’ve corresponded briefly with Dr. Gottfried and he seemed like a decent fellow. I made his wife Mary (RIP I believe) laugh with one of my jokes.

            One of the jokes in the whiteright used to be that goy Jared Taylor has a very Jewish name while Jewish right-wingers Lawrence Matthew Auster and Paul Edward Gottfried have very Anglo-Christian names.

          • For anyone who’s interested in reading Auster, there’s a book published a year or two ago, called “Our Borders, Ourselves” (or something like that) that’s very much worth reading. I think about him occasionally and would love to hear his thoughts about today’s mess.

    • VDH is basically a liberal that has been mugged.

      He actually worked reasonably hard as a kid and has had to managed a vineyard, i.e. he has some contact with the real world. Well, his area of California is now overrun with Hispanics and VDH has kind of noticed how crappy it has become.

      VDH is also noticing how multiple races in the same area doesn’t exactly make for harmony.

      Basically, the real world keep punching VDH in the face so he can’t help but notice his liberal and then colorblind CivNat views don’t seem to fit that reality. However, instead of waking up, he keeps trying to figure out how to tweak his views just enough to keep hiding mentally.

      • A feature of California civic nationalists of all stripes is a deep nostalgia for the California of their youth. Mickey Kaus and Steve Sailer are two other examples. They came up in a time when the California schools were first rate and you could got to a solid state college for nothing as long as you made the grade. Post-war California was peak America until the blight of the cultural revolution sunk in after the 60’s. There was a revival in the 80’s but it was swamped by mass invasion from Mexico. I think a lot of what motivates the writing of these guys is the struggle coming to terms with the fact that those days are gone for good.

        • Agreed. I’d add that acknowledging that those days are gone for good also means trying to figure out what to do now, which, in turn, means acknowledging a lot of dark truths.

          Looking back wistfully allows them to the not look forward. VDH’s problem is that the future stares him in the face every time he leaves his house. From my understanding of his neighborhood’s demographics, Sailer can still pretend that the past still exists on those rare occasions when he leaves his house.

          I hate to bring in the overused Boomer meme, but VDH and Sailer seem to be Boomers who just want ride this out knowing that things will probably fall apart after their gone.

          • This is why I have broke with much of what was once called the HBD crowd. They are possessed with the belief that one day the people in charge will wake up and realize they were right all along. Then the poles will reverse and all resources will be marshaled to restore the lost America of their youth. I no longer think it is possible for the people in charge to change their views. Even if by some miracle they have a mass awakening, the die is cast. Even if that was not true, going back to some point in the past just means replaying the same errors all over again.

            The Marxists have always been right about one thing. History always moves forward.

          • On the occasions that I post at Sailer, I often quip that “we’re not voting – or debating – our way out of this.”

            No one seems to get joke.

            I’ve said for years that Sailer’s blog seems like an appeal to David Brooks to figure out that the direction his friends are setting for the country isn’t going to be good for his people or ours.

            But what Sailer doesn’t seem to get is that Brooks and his generation is no longer in charge. They couldn’t change our path even if they suddenly decided that Sailer was right.

            Sailer is appealing to (and seems to crave the approval of) a group of pundits and behind-the-scenes leadership that are fading away and no longer have control of the ship.

            The HBD crowd is also quite spergy and Libertarian. I’ve come to truly hate their peculiar brand of IQ-worshiping, colorblind civic nationalism. It’s just cowardice cloaked in statistics.

          • Citizen: “Cowardice cloaked in statistics.” Brilliant and I’m stealing it. God how on point. Yet challenge their damned numbers with numerous anecdotes from numerous sources and you are dismissed as having neither data nor evidence. And challenge the legitimacy of the official numbers in their pet area and you are a conspiracy theorist.

          • Z: “I no longer think it is possible for the people in charge to change their views.”

            Actually our leaders are very aware of HBD and racial differences. Just look at how they live. But flooding the country has been too good for them politically, and they don’t know when to quit. To prove my point, imagine if illegals voted 60-40 Republican. The wall would be visible from space, and lefties would be talking about brown people taking white people’s jobs. Not that this observation matters, as the results are the same either way. But they know the truth, and they know exactly what they are doing.

        • 20th century California was peak civilization for normal people. VDH, Sailer, et al., will never stop believing that the class of people who destroyed that civilization is *better* than normal people. Everything they get wrong is an echo of that one unbearable dissonance.

        • It’s a helluva thing to watch the land of your youth die. Paradise forever lost. VDH knows it. All of us White native Californians of a certain age know it. In the end. ….

          “It don’t mean shit.” – Mr. Natural

          • The California Dreamin is an affliction shared by many of my California friends. Even the badthinkers.

            I can relate having spent my salad years there catching waves and whatnot. What frustrates me is how they can be trapped in the amber of those glory days but simultaneously fail to account for the conditions precedent of such glory. The crudest example being 15 million fewer foreigners.

            I get wanting to go back, that’s a simple but formidable wave of nostalgia that curls into time before eventually crashing on the sands of reality.

            It can be overcome because its fairly easy to accept the passing of my youth into something else; my oldness alone precludes much of that sundrenched glory. A foreign country and all. I just go for the tacos.

            But its a higher hurdle to think that 2021 Huntington Beach can be jammed back into the 1984 Huntington Beach scene and produce anywhere near that same glory. That’s a stretch of a different matter.

            Its easy for anyone who spent some time in their younger selves in California to lapse into sentimentality that is at once hyper-American and yet nothing like America anywhere else.

            Even within California there are nations of experience unlike the others a couple hours away by car. Indeed that kind of death is a helluva thing.

            “I don’t wanna be a star. Have my picture in magazines, have a bunch of kids looking up to me. I’m a drunk, Bear, a screw up. I just surf cause its good to go out and ride with your friends. I don’t even have that anymore.”
            – Matt Johnson, Big Wednesday

        • you have no idea how good it was back then. “The Wonder Years” does a pretty good job of recalling that era.

      • On rare occasions (when it’s safe to do so) I’ve pulled out the Dissident positions on some Conservative / moderately awake Gen Xers / Boomers.

        They never disagree. In fact they agree with just about everything I say on demographics, race, diversity, etc.

        After that they just say “well, what can you do” and then forget about it. They know I’m right, but they can’t bring themselves to think about next steps.

        We can keep preaching the message but really we have to lead the way for others who don’t have the vision or courage to consider it. I would say most of my time is spent working with other dissidents, because engaging in public redpilling campaigns is fruitless and risky. Alot of people would tepidly join in once some viable groups were going, though.

        • That’s the bad part (and I’ve seen it several times myself): you give them a toddler’s size serving of a red pill and they turn around and choke down a container of blue pills to wash the taste out. And those are people who are nominally on our side.

        • “After that they just say “well, what can you do” and then forget about it. They know I’m right, but they can’t bring themselves to think about next steps.”

          I call it the “Shrug.” They just shrug and move on.

  22. “Going back to the Rip Van Winkle at the start of this post, he would be baffled by how people identify themselves by the types of entertainment they consume. Putting your sports teams in your social media profile would seem bizarre to a man from the 1980’s.”

    It wouldn’t have surprised anyone who went to “The” OSU — even back in the ’80s people decorated their cars and homes to show they were Buckeye fans. Once they saw social media, they’d go, “Oh, yeah, of course the first thing you’d do would be to put up a Buckeye logo.”

  23. In a different timeline, Z is talking to his couch and cracking jokes about the time he met his favorite adult entertainment starlet. That’s an even worse timeline than the one we live in.

    But I think all the Q stuff was dissident politics in clown makeup. That is, any dissident politics in clown makeup would have to look like Q and be a version of the con game Conservative, Inc. runs.

  24. One could argue American politics has been an ongoing form of entertainment for decades. Only America could have former actors as State Governors (Jesse Ventura & Arnold Schwarzenegger) and another for President (Ronald Reagan).

    Entertainment is in your county’s political DNA.

    And Trump being Trump, he really took it to the next level. Nothing against him personally. I thought he did a good job despite the uphill battle from the liberal press and party back-stabbers. But be let’s honest, the man knows entertainment.

    To be fair, Europe has had its little side shows now and then. Silvio Berlusconi was my personal favorite back in the day as he was always in the news. And if you’ve never watched a UK parliamentary debate, it’s often better than theater. As one would expect, watching German politics is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Even the AFD and the Greens can’t put on a decent enough show to be anything close to entertaining.

    Generally few European politicians rise to the American level that anyone would consider it entertaining. But thinking back, watching Nigel Farage go off on various EU presidents over the years was classic!

    • I’ve often said that the Clinton election in 1992 was the inflection point. Everything seemed to change around that time. Public affairs shows went from staid discussion to competitive lying and shouting. The media abandoned all pretense of fairness. The thought public intellectual was replaced with the snarky clown.

      When in Europe, I will tune into public affairs shows and the difference is stark. The exception is Britain, where the BBC and SkyNews are even more ridiculous than American cable news.

      • Yep. Clinton was a turning point. Sure, Reagan had the Hollywood background and understood imaging, but he didn’t join the crowd.

        Clinton went on talk shows. Played the sax. Talked about his underwear. There was an interactive element to Clinton. He wasn’t just giving a speech, he was interacting with the audience.

        Bush II sort of returned to the old ways, but Obama was in the Clinton mold and added social media to the game. Trump was the same, just better at it. Other politicians followed Clinton’s lead. Politics as we new it was over after Clinton.

        • I can still remember the constant, insufferable, “Rock the Vote,” ad campaign on MTV leading into that ’92 election, and the constant, insufferable post-election babbling on MTV about how, “Rock the Vote,” got the youth to the ballot box and Slick Willie into the White House.

        • I’m fairly convinced Clinton playing that sax while wearing sunglasses (and wasn’t it on SNL?) is what got him elected. US politics has been ridiculous for way longer than people are willing to admit.

      • In the UK ,for some reason, the “serious” political discussion occurs on the radio. If you listen to BBC radio 4 in the morning (before 9)you will hear ministers and various other goons facing a traditional interview.

        • No. You will hear the usual globohomo propaganda wrapped in a serious voice.

          Jeez learn to recognize when shit is being shoveled into your ears, irrespective as the pronunciation.

      • I noticed it as a kid. Went from GI Joe and riding in the bed of the pickup to Barney and car seats practically overnight. Luckily, I was barely old enough to have aged out.

    • I don’t think the element of the carnival is anything new to American politics. When one reads of the various exploits of our venerated congress-critters, Davey Crockett, for example, Ol’ Hickory, or Rep. Preston Brooks nearly caning sen. Charles Sumner to death in the floor of Congress, welp, you gotta up your act to top that.

      • Henry Clay was not afraid to display his hardware during speechs. Patrick Henry was also said to be quite the dramatic orator. Of course there was also the duels and public hangings. The good old days…

    • Farage’s post-Brexit performance at the EU was one of the best political moments of my lifetime. In the end it amounted to very little but as a spectacle it was fantastic.

    • German politics maybe dry but it,unsurprisingly, has a morose stupidity about it.
      One thinks of the constant calls for European solidarity when dealing with the Greeks and French. I always laugh.
      A good example of morose Gerrman comedy was decision to curtail German nuclear power generation after Fukishima showed how vulnerable Germany was to Tsunamis!In fact the whole “energy miracle” is pompously inane.
      I’ll also never forget that Germany violated the terms of the Growth and Stability pact within the first second it was implemented even though the Germans created it to hurt the “feckless”Latins and Greeks. German politics is dull and grinding but I would never call it serious. Or intelligent.

  25. The linked Ned Ryan piece made an excellent point: when leftwing billionaires donate, they are deadly serious about it. If Soros donates a million to a distrust attorney candidate, that person had better win or make a strong effort to do so. No grease paint is required, only results. Contrast with the expectations from GOP donors.

    In the entertainment realm, Con. Inc., has been a grift sine the days of the benighted William. While he came from a wealthy, Upper Middle Class family, he also lived beyond his means and dependent the kindness of blue-haired heiressses. Unfortunately for Con, Inc., blue-haired heiresses are a more endangered demographic than Whites.

    So with a declining pool of marks, Con, Inc., started to openly date the Left but unfortunately, even the Left has wised up to the ineffective nature of Con, Inc , as controlled opposition now. Hence the catfights between the Dispatch and the Bulwark and Mitch McConnell complaining about corporate involvement in politics as his grift dries up along with the more low grade entertainers.

    Conservatism ways a fraud destined to lose. These days, it is a desperate attempt to prove P.T. Barnum wrong.

    • I think a lot of the money going into a place like the Heritage Foundation has to be corporate and is being done to channel people into a dead end. That is too much money to raise from wealthy individual donors. I would really like to see a list of the people that agreed to fund The Dispatch. What do they think they are going to accomplish with something like that? That you could meet Goldberg, French and Steve Hayes and think, “this is something I should invest mid six figures in” is stunning.

    • That’s all true enough. However, the rallying cry of conservatism is essentially, “Oppose Change,” and that’s never going to attract anyone but curmudgeons and the close-minded. It’s an attitude that precludes any meaningful problem-solving and is inclined to dismiss problems not personally experienced as false or irrelevant. It may occasionally be correct in it’s analysis, but it’s never inspiring in it’s pronouncements.

  26. The National Review fundraiser is a little misleading. The first donation they have posted is an $18,000 one from a board member. These appear to not be going as well as they did previously for them, even at $100k they are not even a third of the way to $325k goal for the end of the month. That said, reading through the comments there are still a significant number of people falling for the grift. One guy yesterday donated $1,000 and then wrote “now will you let me log into my account?” These readers don’t seem to have the ability to ask questions like, why would Facebook and Google buy ads in a print magazine with rapidly declining circulation and an average reader age over 70?

    • National Review would love to be propped up by leftwing donors like the Bulwark and AEI are but even they see how irrelevant it is, basically a faux Right The New Republic. The cup rattling, no matter, how pathetic, is a sign Zuckerberg and Co. smell the fail.

  27. There simply is no popular, highly viewed venue for the serious and sober minded these days. Instead we get to celebrate the Levine freak’s elevation to four star admiral. As Z said, most people either aren’t really paying attention to the degradation of the culture or perhaps will tangentially discuss it before returning to their favorite sports ball topics. There have to be some types out there who will take the bull by the horns when the time comes, but as Tom Petty opined, the waiting is the hardest part.

    • Levine is a gold mine for our side. I hope every admiral from here on out is a tranny. I hope every new CIA operative is doped up on anxiety meds. I hope every new politician is a dementia riddled zombie.

      Try to get anyone to pretend there is any authority in their deranged dictates. Let them do their performance in their D.C. bubble while being too incompetent and clownish to actually rule.

      • This tines a 1,000.The more humiliating the better. I want the Defense budget to include non-binary prenatal care on Carriers.

        • I’m a fairly cynical guy about politics, but that Levine appointment has been has been like having my face rubbed in shit.

          The elites are daring us to complain so that they can make us unemployable.

          • I just don’t find Christianity compelling, but I’m starting to think that maybe there is something to that Soddom and Gomorrah stuff.

          • Line: As a Christian, may I suggest that the recognition and acknowledgement of the reality of evil almost requires some belief and research into the existence of spiritual good. Begin from there. And my husband would confirm that I’ve stated for years that if clownworld doesn’t crash and burn, God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

  28. That’s where the historical analogies fail, and we’re in totally uncharted territory. Things like the US Civil War (soon to get Roman numeraled), WWI, and the like, were obvious, catastrophic mistakes… but for all they were pushed by deeply frivolous people, part of the explanation for such things seems to be the fools’ knowledge that they were backstopped by serious men. Your Southern fire eater could push it, knowing that whatever else happened, a man of Jeff Davis’s caliber was on his side.

    But now? A modern day Diogenes, searching the Western world for a serious man, will be carrying that lantern until he keels over. Serious men will one day emerge from the chaos… provided the clowns in their folly don’t blow the world up first. Our clowns have nuclear weapons. I suggest we all start drinking heavily.

    • Unlike the rubble of the Soviet Union, ours very well could be the launching pad for the end of the world. Even allied countries apprehend the danger.

  29. “The most hated man is the serious person in a room full of silly people looking for a good time.” That’s me on other online non politcal forums or even personal discussions even when I include my own brand of humor.

    That said, we here have to get serious about the first Zman blog cruise. I think an Alaskan one would be good with an elite rate package which includes a photo with Zman and the black conservative of your choice. (There will probably only two)

    • Go for the gusto – see if we can’t raise enough money to get Goldberg as the guest of honor. How much would you pay to see Z Man rip into him in person? You could raise a small nation’s GDP right there.

    • For years I have threatened to setup outside of CPAC a booth where you can get a picture with a black guy. Conservatives pay ten bucks to get a pic of themselves with the “black conservative” looking happy. I’d make a fortune.

      • You would become a wealthy man. Even the dimwitted grifter Charlie Kirk knew running around with a black homosexual holding forth about the defense budget was a crowd pleaser.

        As an aside, after Nick Fuentes shut down Kirk’s freakshow, I caught the gay black dude in a serious, tailored suit doing analysis on Fox a few months later. I don’t know if he still does because I don’t watch brain pollution except by happenstance, but Conservative Gay Black dude on Fox channeling The Other Kirk’s, Russell, was freaking hilarious and almost could draw me back into the Borg if it were a regular feature.

        • The Fuentes Groyper posse could have had an effect on Kirk. He changed his tune on immigration and is now saying some things that our side can approve of. Of course I don’t trust that he’s sincere, but it’s something. I also notice Matt Walsh, after his run-in with the Groypers seems more in line with us on some things.

      • I do wonder if this is a regional thing. For a brief time that I’d spent in New England it seemed that everyone went on cruises, all the time. Conversely, when I was in Colorado it seemed that a disproportionate number of people went to Mexico on holiday, which I also don’t get. (Of course I live in the middle of nowhere 1,000 miles from Florida (literally), but that doesn’t stop the place from being inundated with Florida license plates in the summer so maybe the whole “holiday” idea escapes me).

    • Trip to Kenya, where we get to dig a well for a Kenyan Christian village while staying in glamorous Great White Hunter style tents. Donors at the $10,000 level will go on a lion hunt at Hemingway’s favorite hunting spot.


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