Witch Hunting

The season of the witch is upon us. For much of the country Halloween is the tipping point where people head inside. It is in the close quarters of indoor life, especially around the holidays, where the witch does her worst work. They have the vaccine spells, supply chain voodoo, CRT incantations and insurrectionist stories ready to go so they can increase your misery. The witch lives to make the normal man miserable and agitated, especially during what should be the cozy season.

This week’s show is about how to deal with the witches we call leftists, feminists, cult-Marxists, and so. Back when I did the shows on the radical nature of our ruling class, I said I would do a show on how to deal with these people in our daily lives. Given this is the season of the witch, it seemed appropriate to post the show this week. When the kids are out trick-or-treating, you can be aware of the mother standing in the shadows, holding a water glass full of chardonnay.

Another motivation for the show this week is Ed Dutton’s excellent book, Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West. Dutton examines the history of witches and explains that while the fantasy version of them is probably not true, the real witches exist, and they haunt us to this day. The real witches today are the women who engage on social media tantrums about the latest left-wing fads. These are the women raised on the toxic brew of feminism and cultural Marxism.

Now, you may prefer to think of these women as victims of modernity or you may think they are in league with Old Scratch. As is often the case, the explanation for objective reality is not as important as the acceptance of objective reality. In this age, that reality is we are plagued with witches who have grown so confident that they now operate out in the open, immiserating the decent with their foul opinions. The result is we all must now become witch-hunters, to cleanse the land of their stench.

That is the motivation for the show this week. Another motivation is that there seems to be an aura of despair hanging over our side. This is the ultimate goal of the great enemy we face. They cannot destroy us directly, so they seek to drive us to despair, so that we destroy ourselves. The antidote to that is to have a little fun and remember that life is for living and living as best we can. This two-hour special is an effort to have a little fun while subtly discussing some real world problems.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: Naming the Witch
  • 25:00: Witchery
  • 55:00: Three Common Witches
  • 70:00: The Weapons Kit
  • 105:00: Final Warnings

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169 thoughts on “Witch Hunting

  1. A first class show this week and perhaps the best ever. One comment: I think that we in the community believe too readily that the term “witch” is used as a metaphor. But the Z man, if you think carefully between his phrases, says something here that I wholeheartedly agree with, and that is that oftentimes they really are a witch. In the hard core spiritual sense. As in not being human on the inside. Once you make the leap to believe this a whole lots of things start to make sense.

  2. Excellent podcast. One point that needs to be emphasized:

    You are a part-time witch hunter. They are a full-time witch.

    This is something I encounter repeatedly in my job. Lefties dedicate their entire lives to the cause. It’s why lefty radicals seem to punch well above their weight in public discourse — they are constantly beavering away at their pet issues, chip-chip-chipping their way to victory.

    Never forget, these are people who spend their lives creating armies of fake social media accounts to attack people they dislike. These are the people who read articles about how to harangue their families about politics every Thanksgiving. If they could figure out a way to serve the cause in their sleep, they’d do it.

    If you’re a normal person, you will never, ever, ever be able to match them in energy and enthusiasm. When you feel yourself getting tired, they’re just getting started. This isn’t meant as discouragement, but simply to point out that the only way to defeat them is by neutralizing or redirecting their fervor, which Z points out in this podcast. You can never out-fanatic a fanatic; you have to flank them and beat them on some other measure.

  3. You can call a witch a scoundrel, a parasite, etc. It all runs off her like water off a raincoat. Call a witch a witch and watch her recoil in horror as she thinks, ‘I’ve been found out!’

    • Apparently that is not a new thing.

      Search “Biden shits his pants” and there is a plethora of articles about it.

    • Yeah, the image of the two pedophiles, Joe and Frances, embracing was awesome but Biden took it up another level there.

  4. Great show. Disagree with the FUD though. The FBI has been very, very good since the beginning of infiltrating any organization they are pointed at, disrupting it, and eventually destroying it. They did that with the New Black Panthers, the Klan, the Mafia (eventually after Hoover died and the Cosa Nostra’s blackmail was useless), the Civil Rights Movement, the Tea Party, the Communists, Libertarians (likely, no one could be that stupid on purpose), anyone their masters considered a threat at the time. They have massive resources to do this aided now by technology. They are experts in cultivating informants, having them disrupt organizations, and pointing the organization into criminal behavior where it can be crushed by the state.
    What they are not good at is countering leaderless efforts that have no organization. They are even worse when our guys rev up their crazies to attack their own side. Trannies vs. Comedians is an example of this. Or just imagine BLM demanding ownership of Apple, Google, and Facebook. For “emotional labor.”

    • Yes indeed. This is a clear-headed view of reality and an important message for all to learn. But Zman’s point is that this cautionary tale should not preclude organizing (or rather associating) with like-minded people for the purpose of building a community. And I agree. We are social animals and there is strength in numbers. What we should NOT do is participate in any social group in which someone is fomenting illegal activity. That is the tip-off that the Stasi is likely running an entrapment OP and you are the dupe. A good way to test for this is to overtly video everything the ringleader is saying and then pay a visit to the local sheriff’s office. If he disappears shortly thereafter, you have your answer.

      • Plato makes this point so well in Book VIII and IX of the Republic. Everyone should read the republic, especially as we are contemplating a better government

    • “Libertarians (likely, no one could be that stupid on purpose)”

      You should give people a little more credit Whiskey. Don’t underestimate their ability to do it on purpose.

  5. I am fairly certain and I won’t say I fear, that burning witches at the stake may very well come back into vogue. And there will probably be no group that is more deserving.

  6. Vinyl LP’s have actually made a strong comeback in the last few years.

    Of course it’s jarring when such a learned, intelligent man pronounces Gramsci as “Gramsey.” You’d think Z Man could make at least some effort to pronounce his name correctly. Mirror image of Ebonics.

  7. Excellent show. Thank you, Z.

    Witches operate in the luxury of modernity, and the goodwill of (true) White men allowing them to exist. While word and emotional battles are fun, it may be time to just turn off their electricity. Literally.

    No dunking stools needed. Remove their power by removing their power. Pretty sure those local transformers are pretty thin steel walls.

    • Its a tough one, considering we (white men) created them by giving them a franchise equal to ours, and allowing them to work.

    • Did you see the guy? He looks like a walk-on on a movie set for the sterotypical ‘Not-see’ archetype. Blond hair, blue eyes, square jaw, handsome ‘Aryan’ type basically. Of course the genetic alien Judge ‘Chuang’ was going to throw the book at his ass.

      He is lucky he didn’t get the Honorable Lakeesha Qunitavious because he’d have done 25 hard getting a black female judge. Your skin color is and always has been your uniform. This kumbaya horsesh-t we’ve been fed for the past few decades is just that.

      • Yeah. Pretty sure the right crew will take him in while he’s in the joint.

        The most disgusting thing in the article was the black robe whining about his failure to apologize.

        That’s how much they hate us and want us dead.

  8. ” you have to wonder if the republican party is an organized golem of the democratic party” wonder no more . they ARE.

  9. Excellent show today. I listened to the first 45 minutes or so this morning while I was taking my morning walk. I then had an hour ZOOM meeting with a group of witches from an NGO that my team has to interact with.

    One of the nice things about both the Covidian nonsense and the transgender wackiness is that the witches are marking themselves so that the rest of us can more easily spot them. The witch who organized and ran the ZOOM meeting was an early adopter of adding her pronouns to her email signature. I’ve taken to referring her to as “L**** sheherhers” to the members of my team. Naturally, she puts her pronouns on her ZOOM screen name too.

    She starts the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves including their pronouns “if they wanted to.” Now, all of the witches in this meeting know each other and they all were obviously cisgender women. Nevertheless, 6 out of the 11 witches gave their pronouns, all of whom were using “she/ her/ hers.”

    That’s how deep in the cult these lunatics are. They know each other. They’re all identifying as cisgender and using normal pronouns, but they still had to signal.

    My team did not, although one guy in our group text that we use to get through these stupid meetings asked if he should do it. I told him only if his pronouns were Let’s/ Go/ Brandon.

    We were just getting started and I didn’t think the virtue- signaling could get any worse. But then a witch joined the meeting late. She was in her office alone and… wearing a mask. She took it off after a few minutes, but it was just too perfect.

    • And yet they still dominate your workspace and you comply with them, not the other way around.

      If you refused to work with them then what on the grounds of them being mentally ill?

      • They’re not part of my organization. They’re an advocacy NGO (Non- Governmental Organization) that we are directed to partner with and ignore in practice.

        • I realize that.

          It does not change my comment. The introduction part sure sounds like they run the calls.

          Why are you putting up with it?

          If the roles were reversed they would do that to you.

          It just normalizes the problem that you put up with it. Eventually you will need to comply or you will get fired anyway.

          Everyone bitches, but then meekly goes along with it.

        • This shows the limits of useful metrics. Because the black community does have issues with things like drugs, crime, out of wedlock births and what not. The witches don’t have that kind of problem but in some ways they feel almost as dangerous as the black underclass.

          • I submit witches are far more dangerous. If enough Whites took the notion, every black man, woman and child would be dead overnight and there wouldn’t be a damned thing the military, law enforcement or the propaganda organs could do to stop it. Blacks instinctively know this and much of their unhinged insecurity and resentment flows from that realization. Such a thing, thank God, probably never will happen but it could.

            Witches, on the other hand, are deeply burrowed into our society and even our families. It would be far harder to eliminate them. Shame and humiliation will do it over time but that’ will be a twilight struggle.

            Our greatest threat is increasingly in our boardrooms and sometimes in our bedroom.

  10. Great show. You really knocked it out of the park this week.

    I hope in the future you talk more about the fud-packer and how not to fall into that trap. This is something I struggle with, particularly when merging IRL and internet. Lots of FUD for me on that issue.

  11. At long last Z-man gives his call to action! It was really a lot of buildup, crafting a whole dissident right persona when you could have just outed yourself as a Van Helsing prodigy.

    • Sure you can make this stuff up roo_ster, after all that’s exactly what the ones on those websites did. The first site is a tiny group of crazy leftist radicals, who might or might not actually be Jewish. The second site is one woman’s personal opinions. Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, most Jews anywhere in the world wouldn’t recognize what those people are doing as having anything to do with being Jewish.

  12. My experience is, always look for the scarf. This is hard to do in a cold climate or in winter. But when it’s 70 or 80 degrees outside and you see a woman in a scarf, it’s a dead giveaway. And they style of scarf generally connotes the type of witch. A witch that wears a silk scarf will generally be from a leafy suburb and college educated, loves abortions and is boycotting Texas right now. One that wears some pagmina, wool, or expecially knit rebozo will be a more urban witch, who specializes more in white hating and less in man hating and is also more likely to turn on other, non-witch women.

  13. Dismiss, initiate attractive conversation thread.

    Witch: bla, bla, bla, trump, bla, bla
    Response: Eye connect with group, roll eyes dismissively, ask “Who want’s whip cream on their pie?”

  14. Speaking of witches … it seems Witch Nancy has lost to Witch Pramilla, who is even uglier and more obnoxious than Witch Nancy. The Regency could even get their plan passed. I expect just rule by fiat and administrative spending, with no limits and the total irrelevancy of Congress. There will be no formal declaration. It will just be.

    • Witch Pramila has the normal female craziness. She also has a deep inferiority complex and hatred of white people (despite being married to one), from a lifetime of living in a land where she does not belong. She also has the Brahmin idea of her deserved superiority and priestliness.

      The indian in power will turn the USA quickly to india – only with white men as the bottom caste to assuage the indians’ feelings of inferiority.

      Indians are a light speed way to ensure a shit hole result. Looks like Witch Nancy and Witch Chuck are finally getting their wish of a brown and diverse America – with a Democratic super majority. unfortunately for them it won’t be what they pictured.

      • In Malaysia and Singapore the Chinese have done an admirable job in keeping the Indians relegated to second class status. Looks like the same battle is shaping up in the GTA, who are the early leaders, B125? I haven’t been to Toronto in two years now, and I wonder if I’ll ever visit again, but it always seems the Chinese have a hammerlock on the ethnic minority standings.

        • Because the Chinese don’t put up with the you are evil for raising the living standard of the entire world for the last 100 years and allowing 6 billion people extra to be alive now who would never have existed.

          Its so evil of you to raise mankind’s existence from grubbing in the dirt with a stick surrounded by the corpses of their offpsring.

  15. This show nails it! I’ve been dealing with these people my entire life. One thing I found out about five or six years ago is just how liberating it is to not be polite to them. Had I only know than years before. Typical example – “I didn’t vote for Trump because he’s racist.”. My response- “If only! I would have voted for him if he was a racist.” Something about crossing the 40 year mark took off a filter or two. I may lose more filters in the future. Bridge burning is underrated. So many of these people are just toxic.

  16. Bankers, Merchants, Globalists, Rootless cosmopolitans… witches? I find it hard to keep up with the euphemisms for our enemies.

  17. Back in college in the mid 90’s, a group of women and I were talking about life goals and careers. When I admitted that I wanted to be a wife and mother, they became silent and looked at me as though I had grown another arm. Haven’t had any contact with them since, but it would be hilarious if they now knew that I support repealing the 19th amendment.

    Owen Benjamin had a funny line: Women DO receive equal pay, they DO earn as much as men. Women would realize this if only they didn’t suck at math.

    • I’ve always been surprised how hostile most women become toward women who say that they want to become a wife and mother. Liberal and, even, “conservative” women will openly mock and attack these women.

      The over-reaction shows that the something deep inside these women knows that these other traditional women understand something that they don’t.

      In my area, most of the women either don’t work or work very little, i.e. they did become a wife and mother after leaving their careers. But they still attack women who admit that a career isn’t what they want.

      • There is nobody more hostile to a woman’s decision to be a mother and housewife than liberal feminists. They absolutely hate, or at least claim to hate anything traditionally female. They belittle what they sneeringly refer to as “woman’s work” and even equate pregnancy and childbirth with being a cow (“being a baby machine” or “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”). Feminists are the most dysfunctional women and the most hostile to normal women on the planet.

        • Women care FAR MORE about what other women think than what men think.

          Women are going to have to fix this, not men.

  18. Speaking of witches, have you seen where Liz Cheney is trying to get Tucker Carlson shut down? And have you noticed Tucker has raised his anger level a few notches higher the last few shows? Things are heating up….

    • Liz Cheney demonstrates just how corrupt and inept GOP leadership is. The fact that she could rise to the third highest position among republicans in the House should force the resignation of Kevin McCarthy and a few others.

    • “Liz Cheney is not waiting for the facts. She knows for certain that we have weapons of mass destruction, and she plans to invade.”


    • You’re watching jewtube, my brother. It’s all lies, all bullshit,all staged to play you, to fuck with your mind. Ignore it, get it out of your head because it’s Evil. Tucker don’t give a fuck about you or me, he’s playing a role in the theatre of the absurd, for his small hat master.

      • Don’t let tucker and co. vent your angle or frame your thoughts and responses. At best, he and the others can be appropriated to off-ramp irritated normies, but they should not be elevated as priests among us.

  19. Witches are no more a social pathology than soymen. Both are unnatural anti-evolutionary abominations, and neither would persist in our ancestral environment of daily hardship and existential threat. In the beginning, nature largely culled these miscreants in early life, and as our forebears clustered into villages, man-made culling became a necessity. Then civilization happened and we embraced disease as if it was a virtue. That is where we find ourselves today. Weak men and bitchy women choose who leads us, and as a nation we are now circling tho bowl in an accelerating vortex. The festering pustule of DC is a perfect metaphor of our decline. And that is why the remedy will, of necessity, be quite harsh when the bill comes due.

    • Yes, soyboys (no, I won’t call them men) are abominations, but they wouldn’t exist without the witches. They spend their entire lives trying to appease the witches in the desperate hope that they will get some mercy snatch thrown their way.

      • I was thinking of feces such as the execrable MItt the Twit when I used the term soymen. He has too much grey hair and smarmy stick-up-the-ass faux rectitude to still pose as a boy wonder. But I take your point. During our ancestral past, most of these deviants died young and never made it manhood. That scourge is a modern phenomenon.

  20. Witches sound an awfully like sociopaths with narcissistic tendencies. Old-time liberals always suffered from narcissism but lacked the sociopathology for the most part. Since politics are religion for the most part, old school liberals were mainstream Protestants and this newest iteration if deeply fundamentalist. You do not argue with emotion and psychosis.

    Your suggestion about responding with their assertions posed as questions is a good one. My preference is to ignore them altogether or, if bored, to ridicule them. Then again, I do not subject myself to them in any way and realize others are not so blessed, so your tact is the one to take in social settings.

    But let’s face it, the original solution, burning, is hard to argue.

    • What we have unleashed in recent years is a type of person who is not only self-loathing, but is EXTREMELY resentful of everything we might consider normal and their failure to live up to those norms. This is one of the reasons we so often find trannies as SJWs. Trannies are way over-represented in SJW circles.

      Their failure to meet up to social expectations and their rejection by other people is the reason they want to make everything ugly. It’s why they are in the comic industry pushing fat and ugly superheros or killing off cultural icons. They get a lot of sadistic pleasure out of the fact that you react with anger at their meddling with existing things and ruining them. That is why they do it. That is why they are so petty. They are living a revenge fantasy.

      That’s why so many trannies don’t want to be the opposite gender. If they did, they would just shut up and present as the gender they want to be. The fact that their gender ambiguity triggers you or causes you to “misgender” them, gives them the opportunity to go on the attack against you, even though your “misgendering” of them might have been an innocent mistake.

      None of them are normal in any sense. Many of them are fairly normal looking but maybe on the edge of normal, but they go out of their way to make themselves ugly, like the big earrings that put holes in the lobe or nose rings and godawful tattoos. Their physical presentation is a window into their dark black souls.

      • They truly are broken people and only survived and thrived because of our Western liberal tradition, which is slipping away and soon will be gone. Theirs is the darkest future.

    • I need to add this, if only for confession.

      This is absolutely the best podcast you have made, and I suspect you know it. The confession part is I have written in the past “this is your best ” and even meant it and that was wrong. This is your best, full stop, and I hope just because this was peak that you do not stop. Further confession…

      My best friend is not a Lefty but lives among witches, including his own nuclear family. This past summer he visited twice, and after the first, I decided he was a witch, the most horrible yet hilarious reveal being he called me a “fascist.” .Then he got a chance to visit again and I reluctantly agreed. I started not to do so but sentimental weakness prompted me to do so.

      The guy is not a witch but his wife and children are adjacent although they are weakening. That came to me on the second visit.

      The bottom line is not to assume people are irretrievably lost. My friend left here marginally redpilled the second time. All is not lost.

      Again, this was as awesome of a podcast as any podcast I’ve experienced. Just brilliant

    • It’s 100% a humiliation tactic. The only response is to humiliate them back.

      My personal favorite is showing pictures of multi-generational white families with an absurd amount of kids. Drives our enemies to a frothing rage.

    • There’s a guy on BitChute named David Knight, and he did a great analysis of that commercial.
      I’ll confess that after I saw the commercial I simply KNEW that the United States will not and cannot be “reformed.”
      It can only be destroyed (which would be spectacular) or allowed to crumble (in slow motion, with Zman types daily eating their own bile and swallowing their own bitter tears).
      The destruction option would likely kill me and my two teenage children. The slow-crumble alternative will feel like death, but dragged out over 30-50 years.
      So which option do I hope for? Hmmmm…

      • A collapse or rebellion will come as to when and how ugly it gets is well beyond the scope of anyone to predict. Biden-Obama are going out of their way to collapse the U.S in a matter of years. You won’t have to wait long that is for sure.

        Right now Globo-homo is whacking whitey with the political – economic equivalent of a baseball bat. They are building a vast amount of enmity that I have never seen before(FU Biden is a case in point). They have declared war on first responders, medical peeps, military, people in the transport industry, etc. All the critical fields that keep a country alive.

        Oh yeah declaring war on white parents is really, really stupid. Send FBI agents to bully them just makes more enemies. I just wish more white fathers would grow some balls and stand up to those school boards rather than hide.

        • Never going to happen.

          Normal people have to cross that divide to see most authority organizations as their enemy.

          This is such a large step that most will be dead before they realize it.

          • I disagree. People are already rebellious and vast numbers of people trust no one in authority.

            The reason you don’t see more hard push back is that modernity and urban life preselect for a certain degree of compliance. If everyone was rebellious, nothing larger than a tribe or clan would be possible.

            Also the modern world is incredibly fragile and most people fear exactly what Strike Three is talking about.

            I’ve seen sound minded militia types bandying about things like 80% fatality rate. Its a bit high but not unreasonable and enough to deter too much push back.

            The biggest problem IMO is they don’t have a countervailing ideology to replace this nonsense with.

            Its hard to go from this presumed “freedom” to a do as I say system especially when men of all races here aren’t married and have increasingly fewer plans to have children.

            There is no future to fight for.

            A last thing, the decline in Christianity may remove a key bit of civil operating software but it also removes a key weakness.

            A post Christian society is far better suited to tribal extermination warfare than one that is not , if they can embrace fatalism.

            Whether such a society can build a civilization remains to be seen, The Romans did but despite many similarities we aren’t them.

    • I just noticed a Walmart ad on YouTube called “Dear Brandon.” It has over 300k views. It’s a clear effort to divert the anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” meme into something entirely different. At this point we have corporations blatantly propagandizing in favor of the democrat political party and their ideologies. So, I’m sure that witch ad was intended as similar propaganda because they’ve certainly proved they are willing to go there now.

      • That “Let’s go Brandon” chant needs to go. It was kind of amusing at first if you know how it started (and most probably don’t) , but it replaced the much more effective and straightforward “F*** Joe Biden” chant.

        • Completely disagree.

          It is a powerful and effective meme for the same reason that ‘Its Ok to Be White’ was. It drives radical mentally unhinged leftists insane. It is an innocent phrase that they wish to stamp out with the same zeal you would anything which contradicts the woke orthodoxy and lockstep ideology.

          Every garage pull investigated by swarms of FIBs, every ‘Its Ok to be White’ sign investigated by local cops, every ‘Ok’ sign, every ‘Let’s go Brandon’ pulls the mask back entirely that these are the true believers who are mentally ill and quite dangerous.

          Normies need this clarity of vision to even begin to act or push back. Keep the tangent memes coming they are useful tools.

          • Why in the f**k are the DR so obsessed about winning over a bunch of comatose Normies. DId it ever occur to your lot that most of them are engaging in wilful blindness because they don’t care?

            Look for the last 30 years we have a series of massive economic and social dislocations and the white males just rolled over and grunted. They don’t give a f**k. Clinton sent 10 million jobs to Mexico and Asia. Not a peep from whitey. He flooded the country with 3rd world trash, not a peep from whitey. Him and Bush turned the U.S. into a Chinese colonial possession – not a peep. When the rust belt and SE got flooded with Oxy and later Chinese Fentanyl(which you can order directly from China) which kills almost a 100,000 year Whitey did nothing.

            The social – demographic bombs that went off are equally bad. But again Normie doesn’t care. They are the real zombies not the Left.

          • R, a large number of normal people, not all of them but Conservative leaning ones and even a few liberals can be brought into our fold and if not that neutralized as a threat

            Simply knowing your normie neighbors hate the systems as much as you do and while they won’t help you, also won’t rat you out makes life much easier for dissidents.

        • It replaced it because everyone understands it means exactly the same thing but expressed with just enough abstraction to be acceptable for normal polite people use. The delicious irony of it having been coined by a ‘carnie-trash’, regime lick-spittle’s ham fisted attempt at misdirection makes it all the more fun to say.

          • Yankee Doodle was a revolutionary anthem as were may other silly songs and chants,

            Revolutions often have and in fact need lighthearted songs, chants and memes to break that ice and enable the building of Assibayah.

            Let’s Go Brandon serves that very well.

          • They also had a revolution to go along with the song.

            Present day its just the song, and even that is toned down to stupid euphemisms.

      • There are no political parties. There is only the machine. You are making a category error.

        The quicker you realize this the better it will be.

    • The idea of the elites is that all White women “belong” to black dudes. You saw that in the Gillette commercial, where the black dude holds back the White dude from approaching a pretty White girl. White women belong to black dudes …

      So the plan is to make all White dudes into trannies. That quite literally is their plan. Its sure to provoke outrage and disgust and lots of pushback, but that is also the plan. So that in the name of combatting homophobia or whatever the elites can do whatever they want to make young boys (and men) into trannies should they be born with sin, that is, White.

      Related to that, the NY Post had an article on young White women sterilizing themselves. Not great beauties, and not ugly either. All significantly had black boyfriends. So there is that upside.

      • Seeing this where I live in Vancouver. Go past an elementary school (if it is in a white area) and you’ll see white females and weird androgynous males. The white boys that actually look like boys stare at the ground, talk sheepishly, and defer to the girls or authority.

        I think the playbook is something like this:
        – you are evil for being a white male and are an oppressor, no matter what
        – but, if you take on a homosexual or transgender identity, you can be loved and gain access to the victim class.

        Obviously alot of parents are not engaged with what their kids are being taught, or the father is neutered by his wife.

        The white girls are taught to be whores especially for coloured men. That’s a reason they do all the drag queen and stripper stuff. A white girls job is to have pretty pink nipples and pleasure the males in charge (and it is de facto black men and also really J men are behind it).

        Very worrying for the future. Those kids who are raised properly have a massive leg up in life over the freaks coming out of the school system.

      • It should be obvious that the controllers are waging a multi-pronged effort to train any and all masculinity out of white men.

    • That commercial is a perfect example of how SJW-ism is driven by revenge fantasy. The other kids don’t accept him dressing like a girl and doesn’t like the witch-larp and it just gets their goat and fills them with resentment against anything “normal.”

  21. Grandpa Z:

    “You damned kids and your streaming music!!!!! Why back in MY day . . . . ”

    I await your description of a rotary dial phone. While wearing an onion on your belt.

    Which was the style at the time.

    Great post Z

    (And yes, I had double vinyl albums. And a phonograph)

      • “We can’t bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways. One trick is to make comments that don’t go anywhere. Like the time I wanted to post on Founding Questions. In those days Founding Questions was called Rotten Chestnuts, but sometimes it was called The Z Man Blog. Now back in those days nickels had bumblebees on ’em. You’d text Z and say “Gimme an Alaskan Chaga for a Bee”. So anyway, I was going to Founding Questions, which was called Rotten Chestnuts. I’d tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time . . . . . . “

  22. In the middle ages, witches were banished or burned at the stake.

    In Clown World, witches are given post-graduate degrees, wellbutrin by the barrel, and the right to vote.

  23. The child who Joe Biden fondled on camera came out recently saying that he pinched her nipple, but that she was too scared to say anything about it. There’s another video of Biden commenting on how a girl in the crowd at his speech with her legs crossed and barrettes in her hair looks like she’s eighteen. You can see the sign language interpreter squirming as she’s forced to interpret his words, and someone I know who speaks sign claims she softened Biden’s perving so that it wouldn’t seem as bad to any deaf people watching the speech. So I don’t accuse people who voted for Biden of supporting a man with dementia. Dementia’s an illness, and a sad thing. I don’t accuse them of anything. I just state the fact: you had a choice between a man who made lewd comments about grown woman and a man who’s openly sexually attracted to children, and you went with the child abuser.

    I also make it a point to state that Merrick Garland and anyone else supporting CRT is molesting children, because that’s what they’re doing. It’s not sexual, but telling a five year-old that he has something inherently wrong with him because of the color of his skin is abuse. Call them what they are: child abusers.

    • Funny how those Tara Reade MeToo allegations against Sloppy Joe kind of fell by the wayside during his campaign run. Must’ve been something… (D)ifferent in his case.

    • An excellent comment, but you left out the important part at the end. A healthy society does not tolerate child predators and pedophiles. It rids itself of them quickly and thoroughly. It is not enough to just condemn them or ridicule them. And if the police and judiciary fail to be a remedy, then the baton must pass to those with the courage to act. This is the wisdom that must be shared far and wide, before it’s too late.

      • Yes, even in prison, the inmates understand the evil that child predators exude and seek to get rid of them ASAP. It’s one thing to murder an adult with whom you may have had a conflict, or to rob a bank and serve your time meted out by the justice system, but to steal a child’s innocence cries out to heaven for relief.

      • Ours is not a healthy society. The only ones who understand how evil child molesters are convicts who they have to be termed. Which is really sad.

        It shows just how degenerate your average white male is.

        We can’t even muster whites to do mass open protests against trannies in our schools. We don’t even dare speak about the Gays in the RCC who preyed on male children.

        This is why I don’t even respect my fellow white males. They won’t even protect the young. They have no idea what it’s like when you’re just a little kid and some stranger just beats you about for sport and you go to your father and he just sits drinking his beer.

  24. Malleus Maleficarum updated for the 21st century! I’m diggin’ this two hour tour de force! Great work!

  25. In the documentary Land Grab it catalogued a millionaire who was trying to buy land in Detroit that consisted of destroyed homes, and converting it back to forest. He came across in insane amount of pushback by some local agitators who picketed the town hall, harassed people, and threatened sabotage. When he finally got the proposal to a vote, one of the members surprisingly voted with the proposal, and the agitators lost.

    Immediately when the agitators lost, they shrugged their shoulders and just went home. They probably forget about the whole thing they spent months protesting within a week.

    • It is similar with the iconoclasts. They destroy precious works of art that have stood for almost a century ’cause racism or whatever, and as soon as the statue topples, stand around blinking blankly and then moving on to Starbucks or attend an anti-bullying rally. No need to do anything to these types unless it involves violence.

  26. ” Another motivation is that there seems to be an aura of despair hanging over our side. This is the ultimate goal of the great enemy we face. They cannot destroy us directly, so they seek to drive us to despair, so that we destroy ourselves.”

    A million amens We absolutely cannot despair. I seem to recall that some Medieval thinkers saw despair as the worst sin of all, because it denied the existence of hope, and by extension of God. We are far from being in a hopeless situation (although it may seem like it if one is careless enough to watch CNN or check into Twitter). We have to play a long, careful game, but time and human nature are on our side. Thanks for the Halloween special Zman — a real treat (:

      • That line seared into my mind like a red hot iron as a young man.

        It became especially relevant more recently when I was facing down some real ‘Andy Dufrense’ type sh-t being falsely accused of thought crimes and harshly punished for it by our police state apparatus.

        One of Top 10 films of all time when wanting to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit against all odds.

        • It helps to be realistic. The old saying about it being darkest before dawn is true. We need people willing to point out the darkness so people don’t ruin themselves thinking dawn is around the corner when we still have hours to go. This is going to be a long, arduous journey with many false prophets, detours, and dead ends. I appreciate black-pillers because they are the greatest test of your ideas. If you can’t rebut their arguments, then your ideas are weak and (likely) another dead end. If you can, then you might just have something.

          • Ideas are fine. Unremitting doom-saying is something else entirely. And it is the latter against which I inveigh.

          • Most of the critiques offered by doom sayers is just an appeal to ignorance. They are stupid, unimaginative people who refuse to consider the enemies’ weaknesses, and the refuse to consider how the passage of time changes things. Basically, they all they can see is our side’s present inability to organize a successful direct assault and conclude that there is no other type of assault to be tried and that the future will be no different from the present. They’re all so tiresome.

    • The best antidote to despair is being able to present a plan for how the future will be better than the present. Unfortunately, our side seems incapable of doing so besides just telling people to vote more and promoting hollow slogans like “Make American Great Again.” How? When can we expect that to happen and what does it look like? Where else have you succeeded and what expectation is there you will succeed again in the future? We need to answer those questions.

      We need a simple, achievable end goal with a strategy to get there. So far, there’s nothing but assuring ourselves that the other side is either weak or stupid. Probably true, but they can also cause a lot of ruin on their way out.

      White Pill of the day:

      The Virginia democrat in the governor’s race is getting trounced in the polls after he embraced CRT and told parents they shouldn’t have any say in how their kids are taught (and after it was revealed the Biden Regime orchestrated that fake letter demanding the government treat parents as domestic terrorists). My guess is that growing White Caucasian identity, motivated by impending threat, is bringing together an increasing number of middle and upper middle class Whites.

      It’s possible the United States can be rescued for a few decades, and experience a mild recovery, should Whites begin voting as a bloc. I believe Steve Sailer once calculated that Republicans would win every presidential election until the mid 2060s if Whites voted like they did in Alabama, which isn’t even the most conservative state in the Union. IMHO, that’s the only viable alternative to rescue the situation — at least for now — other than National Divorce. It’s going to end up being one or the other in the end if we are going to save our people.

      • Whites “banding together” and voting Republican harder isn’t going to save anything. Democrats can apparently rig any election now anyways.

        So what, we get a George Bush for the next 40 years? That might even be worse than Democrats. The Republicans do not explicitly hate white people like the Democrats (Jews and coloureds party) do.

        However, they are not the party of white middle class interests – they are the party of Big Ag, Big Oil, the Red side of the Israel lobby, megachurches, and other special interest groups.

        They don’t hate white people, but they do love cheap labour. They love those full pews of Mexicans. And they love their 10% of Republican blacks and Hispanic conservatives, even if these people barely exist IRL.

        Voting Republican is good because they won’t send the FBI after parents for opposing CRT. So sure, vote Republican if they guy isn’t a cuck and is mildly pro white – but the real work is to be done ourselves, building parralel communities and structures, procreating, and networking.

      • I think a broader expression of your antidote to despair is being useful to others in general. Helping realize something good. We’ve all read this I’m sure and experienced it in life, the more so the older you are, I don’t claim to be the best model for it but I know it’s true.

    • Go ahead and play your long game. In less than a decade the U.S. will be a extension of Mexico and you as whitey will be a impoverished second class citizen watched by the FBI and DHS who will love nothing better than put a bullet in your head.

      Yes the Feds hate us that much. If you think they are going to give you decades for business as usual, think again.

  27. Witches are a fun subject, historically, and a good illustration of how fast we’re reverting to the mental Middle Ages. Modern people read up on 17th century witches and wonder how the hex was supposed to work — how does burying a bottle of urine (no, really, Google “witch bottle”) work the juju? But back in the days, cause and effect were effectively reversed – not “a witch did thus and such to sour the milk,” but rather “the milk went sour; therefore there must be a witch here.” Witches don’t DO; witches ARE.

    In the same way, modern people – people trained in the hard, historically conditioned, in many ways deeply unnatural habit of deducing causes from effects – can’t grasp stuff like the vax cult. I have to get vaccinated to protect you from the disease you’re already vaccinated against? Say what? Incomprehensible to us, but 99% of people who have ever lived would grasp it immediately.

    Like Derb said, the typical human thought mode is magical. It’s a fascinating historical study, watching 17th century people, who were often obsessed with science — REAL science — reverting to primitivism. I really don’t think I’m joking anymore when I say that once Kamala’s Tha Prezzydizzle, we’re about six months away from trying no shit human sacrifice to appease the Covid demon.

    • I’m always suspicious about rolling our eyes at our ancestors, not that you are, Severian. But many do. Many see the Enlightement, or perhaps the Renaissance as a sort of magical time when man’s nature changed. THey may believe that we became more perfect, or more god-like.

      I think human nature has remained stubbornly fallible . We may even have regressed, in terms of being able to think rationally. WHy? As a society, we have said “no” to God. Not individually, perhaps, but as a people, we have all agreed, that God has no place in how we organize ourselves.

      This is a disastrous mistake as our existence is based on nothing. We are, at root, nothing. To say that the Being that brought us into existence, has no place in how he created us to exist (as societies) is a foundational mistake, and an insanity.

      To say that we can carry on by collectively denying the foundation for our existence, is madness.

      • Did we say “no” to God? Or did we just say no to his hypocritical self appointed representatives, like the pope and his pedophile minions?

      • C’mon, man, I’m a professional historian; rolling our eyes at our ancestors is just what we do (if you want to get tenure anyway). I mean, sure, those guys were responsible for the Venus de Milo and the Sistine Chapel and the Eroica and whatnot, but did they ever list their pronouns? I rest my case.

      • The guillotine could have been invented centuries before the French Revolution, by the Mongols or the inquisition, etc. It’s a very simple machine. But it was invented when it was because mankind had in truth gone through a spiritual revolution, a consequence of generations of bad philosophy and heresy. History is the art of studying these bad ideas, and like autopsies, is instinctively revolting to normies who are the ones most responsible for it.

        • Executioner was a profession before the gravity-assisted in-line head separator was a thing. I maintain the French revolutionaries were so effete even they had to invent a device to do a nasty job they themselves couldn’t soil their hands with.

        • Guillotines were invented and perfected somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa and stolen by evil Europeans, who were almost to a xerson White then.

          Do keep up.

    • A particularly amusing anecdotal that illustrates this phenomena is of one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was, unsurprisingly, a huge rationalist. However, he also believed in the occult, and was convinced that seances legitimately contacted the dead and even believed that Houdini was magical – even after Houdini explained his tricks. This is probably the basis of Chesterton’s criticism of Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes mysteries, for he also noted the tendency of “rationalists” to believe in the stupidest things.

      • Doyle only believed in this idiocy after the death of his only son in WWI. He deserves pity, for his terrible grief, and nothing more.

      • Doyle also was a principle proponent of the faerie phenomenon in the Twenties. He claimed some photoshopped pictures circulated throughout England, even lame in quality for the time, proved psychic powers. I never quite squared that circle, Mr. Watson. As a final kick to the groin, he sold the Holmes franchise to the highest bidder and remarked re its likely abuse, to paraphrase, “it’s the money, stupid.”

    • “Witches are a fun subject, historically, and a good illustration of how fast we’re reverting to the mental Middle Ages.”

      Probably a function of declining IQ (partly due to mass illegal immigration) empowering a growing demographic of mentally ill White liberals triggered by social media. In the past, there were enough high IQ middle class Whites to outvote fringe elements, but increasingly that’s no longer true. Thus, we get nutty policies like defunding the police while radical elements grow increasingly drunk on their perception of absolute demographic power.

      Although the mean American IQ is around 97, the country is increasingly beholden to the whims of demographics with mean IQs of 90 and below due to racial bloc voting and our winner take all democratic system. Even if the average IQ is high, if the other side is disproportionately low IQ and they win elections, then policy and social norms are determined not by the average but by the below average because the other side doesn’t get a say.

      • “Witches are a fun subject, historically, and a good illustration of how fast we’re reverting to the mental Middle Ages.”

        “Probably a function of declining IQ (partly due to mass illegal immigration) empowering a growing demographic of mentally ill White liberals triggered by social media.”

        It’s the inevitable consequence of feminism. Men have natural strength-physical, mental, spiritual, emotional-but women don’t. Thus, women seek out external sources of power. Hopefully a husband… stereotypically the devil… but Uncle Government’s welfare state also grants her the strength to rebel against men.

        That’s what real witchcraft is: women submitting to forbidden authorities in order to defy the natural order of submitting to a husband.

        Then men submit to the New Female Order in order to please her, the pattern of Original Sin reasserts itself, and next thing you know, infant sacrifice and no more Eden.

        All the intelligence in the world can’t stop a man from thinking with his little head. Ask Solomon.

  28. One of the features of living in The Hive is the witch. Neoliberal women are something to be endured and tolerated, and doing so is seen as a manly virtue. It is virtually impossible to see the witch when you are under her spell and those of her coven.

    All of which is a polite way of saying they are shrews, and they are not only the authors of your misery, but of their own as well. They know this, and it drives them mad. And as they go, so go their men.

    I am really looking forward to the show, but life intervenes. I will catch up later. In the meantime – have a great weekend folks.

      • Almost every bit of women’s lit involves a chad who treats them like dirt in the beginning, but slowly comes around to them not through the female protagonist’s actions, but the very nature of their being.

        See: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, North and South, Anne of Green Gables etc.

        This isn’t even a criticism of female nature, as these books really are fine. If shows they have a fundamental understanding of their place in nature. Women are loved because of what they are. Men are loved for what they do. People who try to reverse nature create the witches we see all around us.

        • When I was a kid, early teens, I really didn’t know what to read so I just read classics and ended up reading a lot of 18th and 19th century literature. I don’t know what books these two pieces of wisdom came from but they have stayed with me.

          One, you don’t expose children to adult concerns instead you shield them.. We have obviously completely abandoned that.

          And two, women needed to be protected from the romantic fiction that was being written because it was going to give them false expectations and destroy the family. This is still where I put the blame for much of what came after.

          These things stuck with me probably because they were antithetical to the contemporary messages all around me but it was easy to see the truth in what was being submerged.

          • I would say that romance books are almost essential for women. I don’t read chick-lit but I love historical romance stories.
            I get a huge amount of pleasure from reading romance novels set in the past. I would never turn to my boyfriend and say:’why can’t you be more like Butch Manly? He is a self-made billionaire at 30,with film star good looks and a magnetic personality!’. Romances are an escape for a time from our mundane lives just like westerns and war stories are for men.

          • Stephanie G

            There are not essential. You choose to the read them and you are effected in some way by everything you are exposed to.

        • Woman’s psyche has the expectation that someone else will be responsible for their financial well-being, and they vote accordingly. Men, on the other hand, at least those who have not been feminized, expect to be self-reliant. And they vote accordingly.

        • At its core, so is Gone With the Wind. I read it once while bluepilled. Reading it a second time after learning about women’s nature was a huge shock.

          Great book, one of the few books written by a female that can hold its own against any Western classic.

          But it’s a chick flick at its core, stemming from the author’s desire for a Chad like Rhett Butler and disdain for beta males, and indifference to the vast majority of average males / Chad lites.

        • Margaret Atwood is like a lot of writers of her era. Tom Robbins did the same thing. Very popular, easy reads but the books were essentially just softcore porn disguised as literature. Anne Rice is right in there with them except of course she actually wrote porn first under different name, A. N. Roquelaure

          • Rice was a genuine degenerate and it came through in her vampire chronicles books. I still think her batshit crazy era profuced the best vampire books in literature.

    • Interesting experiment: talk 19th amendment and all of that with your buddies, then say the same things in the presence of their wives.

      You’ll learn a lot! Not all of it disappointing, either.

    • You should be protecting White women, not denigrating them. One of them got you here, on this earth, for a reason We need them, they need us…we move forward as 1.

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    • Sometimes, when I expect a Z post almost everyday, I take his productivity for granted. His output is amazing.

    • I was ready for a slog, an enjoyable slog, but a slog none the less, but some crow is in order as this show was so well put together that the two hours felt like 15 minutes. No sheet, looked at the phone and wondered “what, it’s almost over?”

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