The Coming Purge

One of the rules of the universe is that you should never take advice from your enemy, unless you are a Republican. This is the one big exception to what should be a fairly obvious rule of life. This also applies to so-called conservatives, who love nothing more than taking advice from the people they claim are their opponents. On the other hand, so-called conservatives and Republicans never listen to their voters. You see this in the aftermath of the Tuesday elections.

Here we have an actor on a far left cable channel explaining how Glenn Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. The cable channels always have these guys who pretend to know things that they cannot possibly know. They are less reliable than palm readers, but they are a staple of political coverage. In this case, the role of this guy is to explain why the Republican should read the election results as an embrace of the far-left agenda and use it as a road map for future elections.

Right on cue, the mouth breathers at National Review repeat everything the far-left is saying about the election results. You see, the win by Youngkin is actually a rejection of Donald Trump and his ideas. “The stakes simply will be too high for conservative Republicans to defer and allow Trump to use the election as an extended ego trip to air his grievances about 2020” reads the post. The only path forward, according to the author, is to take Left’s advice.

This has been the pattern for generations now.  After the 1980 election, the Left said Reagan needed to govern from the center. The so-called conservatives agreed that it was a conservative principle to govern as moderates. The same thing happened after the blowouts of 1984 and 1988. That’s when the conservative started with the “big tent” nonsense, which was the excuse to not do anything that might upset the people who lost three straight elections.

In fairness, the so-called conservatives know their audience. After the McAuliffe conceded to Youngkin, the GrillerCons were out in their backyards thinking happy thoughts about sports and grilling. They were relieved by the results, because they could finally go back to grilling. They “won” which for them means it is all over and they can get ready to consume more product. Republicans and conservative know this type and they know how to keep them content.

On the other hand, the Democrats does not take defeat lying down. It took them three humiliating defeats back in the 1980’s before they dropped the whole technocratic socialism stuff. Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Mike Dukakis were their three party leaders in that span. After each failure they responded with a promise to double down on their agenda. It was only after the party leaders dropped dead and were replaced by Boomers that they finally changed gears.

After Tuesday’s results, which were a stunning rejection of the Left’s core agenda item, the war on white people, the Democrats promised to double down. Here we have Nancy Pelosi promising to speed up their plans in the House. The people animating Biden’s corpse have him saying the same thing. Here we have the far-left members saying that the election proves they must pass their agenda. The clear message, as far they are concerned, is they need to do more.

A normal person might be tempted to think this is proof that these people are crazy but this actually sound policy. The one thing the Democrats know is that their voters never want to hear the word “compromise” unless it is used to bash the enemy. What the core Democrat voter wants to hear is the promise to destroy the other side. They certainly have no interest in reading about their guys asking the other side for advice on picking their leaders in the next election.

Now, to be fair, elections are just ceremonial beauty pageants that have very little to do with policy or ideology. The voters of Virginia support Democrats because most of them are managerial-class types dependent on government. Most are not even from the state and about a quarter are not from the country. The reason many stayed home this time is they are tired of Covid theater and the nonsense with the schools. In other words, the election had nothing to do with policy.

This is why the inner party never wavers and why the flunkies of the outer party always beg for forgiveness when they accidentally win. Both sides know that these election shows are just a relief valve. The so-called conservatives know that they will be writing the “conservatives case for” whatever the Left cooks up next and the Left knows they will keep plugging along on their schemes. Once you accept that elections don’t matter, it all makes a lot more sense.

That is the central lesson of Tuesday. Caring about which side wins has no more impact on the results than caring about the winner of a sports game. The dialectic of formal politics is about normalizing what is not normal or even conceived. One side proposes and the other side opposes. The synthesis of these two forces is always what both sides had in mind from the start. The point is to condition the mind of the people to accept whatever they have planned.

That plan is the restoration of the old order prior to the unfortunate disruptions of the last five years. The great purge of populist politics is well under way. The Democrats are marginalizing and isolating their Bernie Sanders wing. The Republicans are about to purge their Donald Trump wing. This election and the midterms next year are the process for conditioning the voters on both sides to embrace it. If history is any guide, the bulk of the voters will be happy to obey.

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192 thoughts on “The Coming Purge

  1. I generally appreciate that Z-Man isnt necessarily to be taken literally, but saying that James Fields was involved in a “traffic accident” or that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack is as self-discrediting as allowing that guy at the Charlottesville rally to larp as a brownshirt and wave a swastika flag. No, Fields drove down the street towards the crowd plugging its end at a speed that guaranteed that bodies would fly through the air — it was absolutely intentional. Yes, Heather Heyer’s mother didn’t understand the first briefing she got and said something about or akin to “She died of a heart attack”, but the autopsy showed a crushed chest and a torn aorta. Which is what you’d expect, since the photo of that guy with a rtattood back flung head over heels also shows Heyer’s head smack dab in front of Fields’ car the instanr before its impact with her. And that was 50′ before Fields car struck that woman who was launched over the car in front of him onto its windshield. The remarkable thing is that only Heyer was killed and, no, a nominal 400 years (i.e., life) was in no way excessive for the mass battery that Fields engaged in.

  2. After Tuesday’s results, which were a stunning rejection of the Left’s core agenda item, the war on white people… Once you accept that elections don’t matter, it all makes a lot more sense.

    The dissident right’s FUD gets really tiresome.

    In this specific case, the left’s actions demonstrate that elections do matter to them. All the wailing and equivocating say that they do. As does their leader’s vow to implement the agenda faster. The translation to that is that they have to act fast while they still have the numbers because they know that their majority is ephemeral and will evaporate over the next year from natural attrition.

    If elections didn’t matter at all. They wouldn’t be expressing their anger. And they’d be biding their time.

    • I can’t agree more.

      GOP will not go back to bushism.
      Let’s be crazy : he could even endorse Tulsi Gabbard.
      Having an european social welfare (5 weeks of holydays payed, etc.) and an hard line on migrants, legals or illegals, and an hard line on cutur wars.

      Not voting when Dems go full Maoism is pure crazyness.

      • As long as the US was 90% White and the cultural Left suppressed and gun laws kept at bay the current US could nearly support European Social Democracy.

        The number of useful idiots willing to bleed for their globalists bosses , the invisible hand and Ayn Rand is shrinking with every generation.

        Its also pay to inform wobblers that Sweden and the Scandinavian is relentlessly Capitalist and ,market driven and rich as well. They’ve even supported an excellent national defense in the past

        What they do is just set expectations and a floor. Not much more than this

      • “GOP will not go back to bushism.”

        Are you sure? The guy elected Governor of Virginia isn’t Trumpian. (Neither was Trump, as it turned out.)

  3. The next five years will be about the price of food and gas. It won’t select for these people. Even if they lock down the primaries, the politics of rage will spill over in some way. The problem with our country is that the pressure release valve is far too small for the current size of the tank and the pressure within it.

    • No, the problem is that the tank is too leaky and the gases too inert. If Biden’s crew stole the election (and there were certainly some fishy things going on) it’s nonetheless on the sheeple that the election was close enough to steal.

  4. Let’s understand the economy of Northern Virginia is government.
    That they want to live conservatively is nothing new, it is the peasants who must suffer Democratic Progressive Rule. Our elites usually live in Republican Towns and govern as Democrats. Macauliffe forgot this rule and decided their precious white elite children should be schooled and governed as the peasants are schooled and governed.

    NYC has just elected a Black Law and Order Mayor. Of course they have elected a Law and order type.

    The Democrats will always lose races where they make the mistake of trying to govern the elites and their strivers as if they were peasants, this means nothing to the rest of us.

    I don’t care that the AWFLS in Northern VA elected Mitt Romney, it makes no difference to me, then again my most numerous neighbours have 4 legs …their my kind of Buck.

  5. I wouldn’t count Trump out yet. Like the Incredible Hulk he smashed his way through the Republican Party opposition, and he could do a repeat, knowing if he did it once, he can do it again.

    Politics is about willpower. That’s why they do all this name-calling and mockery to see if the other person will fold and collapse. It’s all rams butting heads to check out your credentials — and there is no better Ram than Donald J. Trump.

    • I was a big supporter in 2016 and 2020. But I cannot forgive him for not firing the mendacious troll fauci and his wife too.

    • The Incredible Wimp, you mean. That he wasn’t what he was being cracked up to be took about a week after he came down the escalator took about a week to discern, for the discerning. That’s how long it took for “They all must go!” to turn into Touchback Amenty, or have you forgotten? And he never stopped lovong his Dreamers and H-1Bs, or have you forgotten. It two him two years to think of using Coerps of Engineers funds to start on the Wall… and then he traded that away to get a budget deal, or have you forgotten? The list of his betrayals was endless, and I want someone better in 2024.

  6. Cold Fury chimes in:


    • What nonsense. Youngkin is GOPe all the way. That’s like saying Massachusetts was saved when Mitt Romney got elected Governor… followed by Obamacare Lite, or have you forgotten?

  7. I remember 1988, when candidate GW Bush, after 8 years of Reagan, delivered his “I want a kinder, gentler nation” speech. He also said “no new taxes.” Then the Dems hammered him for ANY kind of tax increase, just to make him a liar, which he gave in to.
    If a Republican wins, the left whines they weren’t mean enough to them, while conservative inc. postulates, “those poor lefties, maybe we were too mean to them.”

    I see Ann Coulter just tweeted – Trump is so over.
    I knew she was mad at Trump for not building the wall, but didn’t hear until a few months ago about her screaming match with him in the White House several years ago, lol.

    • Wonder what pithy comeback she will have if Orange Man gets an unconsecutive second term.

      • I supported him twice, although by the second time , I had no delusions that he would change much. but I would vote for the hildebeast against him in 24. He left fauci in place, he did nothing to end the infernal eternal state lockdowns . and he should have cleaned house at CDC .

        • I just hope he doesn’t run, period. His inability to communicate concisely, the constant turnover of staff, misjudging a gathering of angry and anxious people for a rally–only to abandon rather than lead them, the unwillingness to nip the state-level vote chicanery in the bud well before Nov. 3. Trump’s brand, or schtick, was not for policy wonks but it was a more inspiring take than the tax cuts and perpetual interventionism of GOP, Inc. Infuriatingly, the Washington Generals played a role in overthrowing him. I’d hoped he’d be reelected–judges, justices, the possibility of detente with Russia (to thwart an alliance with China), fewer military quagmires and continued prosperity were my hopes. Well, those have been deferred, in not denied. Someone else should take the baton–not a 78-year-old ex-president.

          • Justices??? Justices???!!!

            I was unhappy enough with Gorsucks, but then Trump gave us Kennedy’s Choice and Roberts-in-a-skirt!

            I don’t want Trump back, unless, again, the alternative is a Democrat.

        • However, if Trump manages to get reelected in 2024 we will know that the tribe is OK with him this time. that will mean that Israel will be safe from Omar and her gang. Winning!

        • Fauci is civil service he cannot be fired. Fauci and Birkx used Trump’s germaphobia to goad him into doing what he did.

          As for the CDC, it was seen as the good guys initially. Trump couldn’t touch them if he wanted.Remember he would have had to go through McConnell and McCarthy to gut tge agency and there is no way they’d have allowed it.

          • Poor excuse.

            You can fire anyone. it just takes will.

            Look at what Obozo did to the military.

          • Utter bullshit. At Fauci’s GS level he could absolutely be fired. Nobody forced Trump to roll out him or the Scarf Lady when Trump folded to the COVID Panic.

    • Ann is not us, but I’ll still fight for her to be Queen.

      FVcking black guys really messes women up.

      Still, Ann has more balls than almost all of Conservative Inc combined.

  8. Some damn fool thing in the Balkans … Biden just announced mandatory jabs for all workers in companies with more than 100 workers. Deadline Jan 8.

    Expect massive strikes all over the place as people already unhappy with their jobs and labor shortages in skilled areas (you can’t just hire a Haitian to pilot a plane or run a massive locomotive/train) revolt over this as the last straw. Its one thing for a strong man to announce this. Another for a senile old man who publicly pooped his pants.

    • That’s the one I’s worried about.
      I was theees close to buying my freedom, then got monkey hammered by repair costs. In debt, again

    • “you can’t just hire a Haitian to pilot a plane or run a massive locomotive/train”

      Sure you can, if you don’t care if the plane or train crashes. Our rulers travel via private jet.

  9. Follow up to my comment in moderation hell, Dems have the much harder time corralling their voters as the anti-White animus of the rising Mulatto Ascendancy conflicts squarely with the interests of the White managerial class. Their skin color are their uniforms, they are finding out. And that White managerial class is finding out that they cannot advance themselves or their kids under Dems because they are White and all those places in the Managerial Class are reserved for non-Whites. All of them.
    Reps as the White Party even if they don’t like it will NOT be the Lawn Jockey convention. Your skin color is your uniform, that’s true in America as it is in Singapore. It might happen slowly then all of a sudden, but it will happen. Bottom line there are just too many would-be elites chasing elite positions and there is not enough room for both the non-White mulatto Ascendancy like the Obamas and the White managerial class.

  10. Disagree Z-Man. Purges are coming. But they will be of moderates in the Democrats and in the Republicans, your skin color is your uniform. Based on the same reason: the insatiable desire of the new “mulatto elite” as Sailer described it to push out all White managerial class people.
    That is what CRT is all about. Its the kids of the DC Managerial Class very much NOT going to College if their parents are White so the kids of the non-White managerial class can take their spots. With declining resources, declining prestige spots, and far too many elites total, competition increases radically and the race card of anti-White gets played. This is the coalition of the ascendant coming apart at the seams. The people who voted Youngkin were not ours, but theirs, defecting over the interest of their kids: the dynastic impulse being the strongest one there is (apologies to the Hulk).
    Pramila Jayapal not Pelosi runs Congress. Various lunatic hard-left anti-White staffers run the White House. Not poopy pants Biden. They will double down on both anti-White stuff even though it causes massive defections on their side, and lockdowns even though we are likely to see various walk-outs. The Youtube channel S2 Underground, has weekly briefings and other interesting topics. Seems to be run by ex military intelligence dude who liked making his briefings and analysis and now does it for a sideline. He notes lots of supposed walkouts this month by various groups, including more pilots, truckers, railroad people, factory workers (John Deere still has a strike going) and the situations in NYC and Chicago (where the IL Gov is threatening to call out the National Guard to patrol Chicago). [The smart move would be to dump the jab requirements and have a holiday season.]

    • In rural Virginia, where I’m now temporarily situated, Youngkin voters were very much composed of the large pool of relic CIVNATs and those on the DR side. Even those who recognize he’s not their Messiah voted for him. Now, certainly, the Managerial Class Mommies were key to securing a “real” win for Youngkin. But they weren’t likely the base of this effort. People in the other 80+ counties were pissed off.

  11. For what it’s worth to the Acceleration, I just met Karen today. And her husband.

    They explained. They are so smart! The blacks and mexicans agreed with their heap big medicine.

    From now on, my default reply will be, “My goodness! Yes indeedy, I think you should get ALL the boosters!”

  12. I’ve been asking for years now….where are the debates? Such as the roundtables that PBS used put on? 10 guys representing the spectrum of views on a topic. (Interesting though, even back then they never had people on the actual extremes). And yes, any such forum that doesn’t allow random audience questions CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Is afraid of certain elephants in the room. Usually a middle aged ornery looking white dude who’s tired of the bullshit talk from the guys in suits.

    Anyway, the British journal Spiked has a piece on the topic today. A few snippets below:


    “The text of Sumption’s speech was, as one might expect, beyond reproach. Lucid, patiently developed yet stressing the urgency of our present predicament….but still, it would have to be admitted that the event itself was democratic only in quite a limited sense.

    Sure, tickets were free to anyone who applied and the chairs, with the exception of the first two rows, were available on a first come, first seated basis. But the opportunity to hear what any of those perched thereon might themselves have had to say about any of it was nil.

    Instead, Lord Sumption spoke from his notes, and was then interviewed by a fellow member of the Upper House, Charles, Baron Moore of Etchingham. Finally, the chancellor of the university itself, Christopher, Baron Patten of Barnes, summed up and called time.

    I have nothing against the elite and certainly no contempt for these three in particular – far from it. But it would be hard to construct anything more resoundingly privileged, more wood-panelled and gold-leafed, to remind one of one’s own place in the divine order than this collegiate trinity.

    So, it was instructive and refreshing – bracingly so – to attend a very different kind of meeting a week later, in the heart of the Peak District, hosted by the Academy of Ideas.

    I won’t bang on about what is so great about the Academy, or this Buxton iteration of the present tour. But what I want to know is, why is this kind of thing so rare?

    Why are public meetings like this, the building blocks not just of any half-decent narrative in The Simpsons but also of any real democracy, in such short supply? Especially now, when so much seems to be in flux, power grabs are coming faster than Hungry Hippos on Jägerbombs and there is clearly such a burning thirst for a chance not just to hear the arguments, but also, crucially, to speak?”

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  14. Z: “The people animating Biden’s corpse.” There’s been many versions of this theme. But, as always, count on Zman to do it best.

  15. In jabparteid purge news, the VP of Mfg at my plant has sent out a scolding email and posted a PowerPoint slide on the internal monitors claiming the percentage of unjabbed is, “too high,” and the December 8th deadline is firm.

    He kind of missed a propaganda trick here. He should’ve have said that almost everyone is jabbed but they still need those last few holdouts, for the greater good.

    You just love to see it.

    • They’re claiming that over 95% of the military is already jabbed. I have my doubts about the truthfulness about it and I have a friend who is still fighting it by applying for a religious exemption. The smarter covid demons know that in order to bully the holdouts they need to make them feel isolated and alone.

    • Great thing about living and working in a place infested with indians and Africans. They aren’t vaxxed, everybody knows they aren’t vaxxed (even the supposedly woke white management).

      They know if they pass a vaccine mandate they’ll lose half their work force – especially at the lower unskilled labour level. I’m just skating by as usual. Sometimes I have the luck of the Irish 🤷.

      • I fully expect racial exemptions to the vaccine mandates to be given to non-Whites once a way to do so is discovered that does not look like the jab is harmful.

        • They’re already doing this for the illegals.

          This will happen because the point is to ensure YT is broke and dead.

          • Wild Geese: It’s the nice White ladies who are willingly presenting their 1.2 children as unwitting sacrifices.

    • Being enlightened by Mr. & Ms. Karen solved the mystery.

      Why did my somewhat isolated Missouri county, and their West Virginia town, get hit by the 2021 summer wave of the Black Death?

      Neither had masked, locked down, distanced, or closed through the height of the Chicxulub Pandemic.

      Few (but notable) cases, presumably from the rest home arrivees from the East Coast- cheap hospice is a staple of the local economy.

      Conclusion: same as the kids.
      The wave occurred 4-6 months after the “vaccines” were introduced, long enough for enough human bioreactors to produce a viral load 250x normal and begin ‘shedding’ new variants of a leaky inoculation.

      (See Marek’s chickens, Dengue in Indonesia)

      • PS: this is perfectly gamed out. These recurring mystery waves after every push will drive panicky Karens to further demand for more chains.

        I really didn’t understand what you folk were dealing with re the social pressure of reinforcement. Karen is both an unyielding force and an insufferable object.

  16. In my city the incumbent mayor and city council was re-elected Tuesday. We don’t have partisan elections but they are all milquetoast civnats at best. The mayor is positively giddy about the 1500 new apartment units under construction. How many of those will be occupied by resettled border jumpers, refugees, or American hoodrats is yet to be determined but I imagine it will be a sizable amount. My county voted 70% for Trump so I know it is targeted for destruction. Their opponents were sounding the alarm about this but because of the current climate they had to do it subtly. Of course the local media still labeled them extremists.

    • In my big city, the multi-block apartments are going up so fast it is becoming alarming considering there was no shortage to begin with. The compiratorialist who shares my brain thinks that the great surplus of flats is supposed to house all the aliens, suburbanites and rural folk when they are herded into the city and the land is cleared for oligarchical mega ranches.

  17. The beauty of the Covid hysteria and CRT for the Republican party is that they give a reason to vote for someone like Youngkin in spite of his being largely your standard worthless Republican.

    If I was in Virginia, Covid theater alone would have made me vote for Youngkin. During the height of the Covid hysteria I would have much rather been in Florida or Arkansas than NY or California. And now that we are entering perpetual jabs, I would rather still be in Florida or Arkansas.

    Maybe that is why we will continue to have hysteria. Being very feminine emotionally, the left thrives on hysteria, the more absurd the better. That drives sane people to try and end the hysteria even if it means voting for Republicans that hate them. So, each party wins.

    • Youngkin is part of the WEF and was in Carlyle. I don’t think the controllers are too broken up about that loss.

      I was in north-central NJ during the height of the panic and it was pretty bad. You could feel the waves of hysteria rolling down I-80 with the NYC commuters.

      I’ve since decamped to western NY and things are better. If you go out to the countryside and small farming towns everything is basically normal.

      • Young Kin is the swampiest of swamp creatures. Good lord.

        His speech, “smaller government, less taxes, safer communities, good pensions, roads, and schools”– how the effing eff ya gonna achieve any of those with Shithole-Americans pouring in?

    • I promise that Youngkin will handle CRT like the Republicans handled immigration. John McCain did a commercial with a homosexual border patrol leader who said, “You’re one of us Senator.” Then McCain lunged for amnesty.

      Mark my words: Youngkin will claim that he has banished “CRT” while the schools will be filled with anti-white hate. When confronted, he will say, “There is no CRT in our schools.” And he will be correct because no one uses the “CRT” phrase anymore yet the results will be the same.

      Just like with immigration, cultural conservatives can better fight CRT when we are fighting a Democrat than a Republican. Republicans pretend to agree with you and then behave just like Democrats. The Sports Grillers go back to sports and grilling. Mark my words.

    • Conspiracy theory: Dems announce ever more extreme vaxx mandates in order to elicit controlled opposition from Rep, thus giving conservatives a motive to keep voting despite all that’s happened thus far and thereby maintain the system’s illusion of legitimacy.
      It’s the new ‘B b but Supreme Court seats,’ now that one no longer works.

  18. Sorry Z, I completely disagree. While the usual suspects are trying to close Pandora’s box, they will fail miserably.

    Inflation is surging and scarcity is mounting whilst the leftists are trying to teach your kids and the brown kids that whitey is evil and must be destroyed. GDP is faltering and economic inequality is increasing through asset valuation surges. Crime is exploding and decriminalization is also ramping up. Border is open and millions of browns are pouring in to take more gimmedats.

    Meanwhile, as Normie is being pressed harder than ever, the powers that be are telling him to lower his standards and accept the lies of the one true faith. At the same time, the first world leaders are attending lavish, carbon excessive retreats to talk about lowering everyone’s standard of living in the first world. The Fed is painted into an inflationary corner and fiscal largesse is the only thing propping up the anemic economy. The chinese are panic hoarding food and energy commodities. If we have a cold winter, people may see heating bills 3-4x the normal. We are sitting on a powder keg.

    All the catalysts that animate both left and right populists are accelerating. Seems very similar to the turn of the 20th. Until you have a populist type figure like Teddy Roosevelt to let off the steam, it’s going to rage harder.

    As an investor, I am actively buying pitchfork and torch futures while accumulating lamp post and viaduct real estate. Buy stock in rope companies and barbed wire manufacturers on dips.

    • I don’t have much to add, except that not only is scarcity increasing, it will continue at this pace for at least two years (best case scenario) and possibly up to a decade. Experienced workers have begun their exodus, backlogs in key economic activities won’t have the relief valve of excess capacity for 2-4 years or more, and there’s no telling how many young vaccinated workers will develop debilitating side effects. My advice is to stock up on tools, nuts, bolts and maintenance items.

    • As an investor, I look at all the issues you listed and wonder – how is it the DJIA is at a high?

  19. It makes one wonder if Sanders was artificially boosted by the Democrats as a relief valve, as I have a hard time believing such an utter chump could where he was on his own. Then again, there is enough discontent among the left that someone, anyone, sounded better than the Clinton machine.

    If one looks at the Sanders platform or no foreign wars, limited immigration, anti-oligarchy, and nationalized medicine, there’s a lot there the right-wing populists would shrug their shoulders and go along with. Even nationalized medicine, if advertised correctly, wouldn’t be a hard sell. That’s essentially what we have right now, except with middle-man insurance companies and hospitals requiring exorbitant fees through byzantine pay structures. The only part he would have to back off on is stomping on religious liberties in Catholic Hospitals.

    Since then he’s cucked, obviously, but if a true populist left-wing Caesar came that crushed the oligarchies basically running Washington, at this point he might be better than what’s coming our way.

    • The collapse of the “old Left”, embodied by Sanders, that we all grew up with has been more breathtaking than the cucking of the GOP in recent years. As Chet astutely observes, even if you disagreed with them on many things, you could at least respect the old Left/former-Sanders positions: limited immigration (even advocated by Cesar Chavez ffs!), limited Zio/MIC, limited corporate power, labor rights and free speech.

      The “new Left” now has the platform of old Rockefeller Republicans – they just added hatred of whites and deleted any pretense of competence.

  20. Once again, all true. Which is why the collapse is the cure. We will continue sleepwalking into the future until that option is no longer viable. Government is a living cancer which will feed & grow itself until it kills the host. And Normie will continue to vote harder because of the Comfort First Imperative. As long as he can afford latte, he will choose pissing & moaning over rolling up your sleeves. And it has always been thus.

    When the wheels come off, there will be rioting; which is the natural & easiest response to chaos & deprivation in the modern era of affluence addiction. That will create social fog, tie up the few remaining competent LEOs, and open the door for a tangible remedy. Your mission is to survive the collapse and be fit & ready when that time for action is upon us. Ideally, the collapse will be quick and the remedy even quicker. That is the most efficient & humane path going forward.

    • Balkanize back better.

      I’m looking at decamping to a red state, or the red part of a blue state where my folks and smoe high school friends live.

      Not sure what the best move is.

    • TomA writes, “Government is a living cancer which will feed & grow itself until it kills the host.”

      That statement is crazy libertarianism. TomA presents as dissident right, but he’s really just an “every man for himself” libertarian. Worse, he thinks that high IQ people of all races can form a tribe based on their competence. He can only believe that by willfully ignoring the tribalism of almost all nonwhites.

      TomA is a gentleman whom I respect and many of you guys upvote him. But he is the most deluded regular commenter on this site. He has some helpful obervations about tactics but his strategy is foolish.

      • For the record, yes, I am a small l libertarian in the original sense of that word; which means the government that governs least governs best and that each of us has a fundamental obligation to themselves and others to be as self-sufficient as they are able rather than a burden or a parasite on society. I am also, by nature, the antithesis of the sheeple archetype that our masters have in store for the bottom of the social pyramid. And I make no apologies for my beliefs, and you can take it or leave it at your discretion; which BTW is also very libertarian.

        And I have never advocated forming a tribe of exclusively high IQ members. That notion came out of your head. What I have written is that our species stands on the shoulders of our ancestors, who took us to the top of the IQ & robustness pyramid and it’s literally stupid to squander that heritage. We should aspire to become more intelligent and robust with each passing generation rather than the inverse. And I would prefer that that happen the old fashion way by finding and mating with a smart & hardy woman to make babies with rather than the crapshoot of artificial DNA manipulation.

  21. Wait, so you’re telling me I need to give up the GrillPill!? You mean to say I can’t fire up the ole Weber, and achieve salvation by just grilling harder?

    I’ll show you Mr. Z-Man! While the world around me burns, I will stand in the ever shrinking eye of the storm with my apron on and a couple brats cooking on the flames as they inch ever closer. You’ll see!

    • Unfortunately, your ass will singe before the brats are even medium-rare………that said, be sure to sautee some onions and peppers on the side burner for me.

      • Will do, Cap! I hear the best way to grill brats is over an open, untamed hellfire. Never tried it myself, but I’m excited for the chance!

      • “Your comment appears to be spam”


  22. “In fairness, the so-called conservatives know their audience. ”

    Two things over the last two years profoundly impacted my view of the primates who inhabit my Tribe. The first was the feminized, hysterical overreaction to Covid. The second was celebrating the election of W and Colin Powell clones this week.

    These people are hopeless.

    • The number of 40 and 50-something males around me that have been revealed as Covid bugmen has been stunning to me.

      • Same. Without drama, I’ve ended friendships because of the estrogen-drenched Covidianism in men I thought solid.

      • I live in a small town with a significant shit-lib population and lots of white wine zombie moms who no doubt rule the roost at home. Seeing youngish healthy dads out masked with their little masked kids is both hilarious and sad. Good God man show some spine, even if you don’t have one.

    • Wait until the majority Repub candidates to the Federal posts are non white. You can see this happening in real time.

      Then what are you going to do?

      Look at the UK. Majority of the conservative front bench are non English immigrants (Johnson included in this being a Turkish/Yank with a public school accent), with the first muslim PM waiting in the wings.

      The UK is gone and still the population think its not going to get worse. Jesus wept the Media has complete control of what passes for thought.

      Sev is right the only thing that would save the west is series of large EMPs to take out the control media.

      • UK demographics are not nearly as far gone as the that of the US.

        Politicians are not that important and don’t drive the agenda as much as demographic shifts do and the agenda of the permanent bureaucracy. Trump did not affect any siginificant changes in policy.Don’t get drawn into the Potemkin nonsense of party politics!

        The UK may be gone but if so it’s treading a path created by the US.

        • I looked up Johnson’s front bench:most of ’em are British.

          Prominent positions go to diversity but is that indicative of the emerging demographic shift or the establishment trying to prevent anyone noticing the racial divide in terms of party support?

          • Lets take a quick look at the important ones and ignore the made up oosts:

            PM: Johnson
            Chancellor of Exchequer: Rishi Sunak
            Deputy PM/Cabinet: Dominic Raab (Jewish)
            Home secretary: Priti Patel
            Dept of Health: Sajid Javid
            Cabinet Office: Alok Sharma
            DOE: Nadhim Zahawi
            Attorney General: Suella Braverman

  23. Nonsense.

    Z, you are making the mistake of treating these guys like journalists. These mutts are out to sell copy. That is Job One. The lefties sell copy by giving their readers soothing moral lectures that assures them they are just and fair people on the moral high ground. On the right, they sell copy to their readers by challenging that. It makes them mad, and they keep coming back to see what those fuggin morons have written this time. They do this because it works… although the normies are starting to wake up to the scam.

    It’s called an ‘off’ button fellas. Those guys aren’t out to sell information or intelligent commentary – they are out to sell copy. They are a distraction. The Dissidents need to start getting serious about forming a new team, thinking about what it will look like, and how they intend to play the game.

    From my lofty position out here in the out house, to me it looks like CNN and the others are the equivalent of rodeo clowns – they dance around and infuriate the bull to take his attention off the cowboy. We need to put our attention back on them, and crank up the heat.

    • CNN collections a little over a billion dollars a year in cable fees just in the US. They don’t care if you watch They get paid anyway.

      • That is why the first thing anybody on our side must do is “cut the cord” and cancel that cable package. This hurts hundreds of companies that hate you and want you dead – not just the networks themselves, but the other organizations that rely on revenue and rights packages (sportsball leagues, etc.). There are massive industries in place that are built on normies paying the cable company every single month, totally disconnected from actually consuming their content. Step away from it.

        • That might be interesting.

          Hey Z – you run polls on Blab all the time (usually about your black family members like Cornigulus) – an you run them here?

          I don’t have cable and don’t miss it. I don’t watch even the local stations. If I have time I watch the streamers and that’s it… and I change them if they pi$$ me off like Netflix and Disney did…

          • i cut the cord 7+ years ago, and do not miss it at all. there is nothing but ad filled garbage on cable channels; how anyone can watch a show on TBS is beyond me.

            be sure to share credentials, when you sign up for a streaming service (to minimize income to the service).

            i see very little pozzed content, only when my wife is watching something. anything i choose is poz free, and it is not like i am giving up anything good by filtering out the nigvid.

        • Yes all that “bundling” is there for a reason. The bug economy is full of these intricate all or nothing prepositions of consumption.

          Once it became clear that the ornery bugs were starting to cherry pick with their dollars the subscription model took over everything.

          The political process is the same. As long as you buy in at all and subscribe to the party politik you are getting a small slice of what you want and a whole lot of garbage that you don’t – and the machine soaks up all the cash regardless of whether you protest the garbage or ignore it.

          Now that our lives are entwined with layers of these sorts of subscriptions and bundles of pozz, the alternative proposition is binary and extreme; you have to go without that slice you want in order to truly starve the beast. That’s untenable for most people.

          Of course the proposition is false in that there is a whole world beyond what’s on offer by pozz, but that’s a spiritual and philosophical hurdle, not a mere matter of product consumption.

          • My solution: be miserably poor, deep in business debt, a desperate failure, and never go home. Own nothing worth stealing.

            Saves on that cable/internet bundle, fer sure!

        • My internet provider constantly shills their cable and voip phone packages telling me my internet bill will drop if I sign up for them. LOL I’m not dumb, I’ll be paying more for the cable and voip phone than I will save on the internet bill, for services I don’t need or want anyways.

          • We looking into getting “à la carte” internet service. It was actually slightly more than the cheapest bundle. Ah, monopolies . . .

      • Good point. Up here in Canada we have the same thing with our own CBC. They are so awful, that even the lefties have pretty much turned them off. They literally chatter to an empty room and burn up millions of dollars of tax payer cash a year.

        All the more reason to ignore the puppets, and focus on the puppeteers. The question is – what would that look like?

      • The wrongest idea libertarianism gave us is that in the corporate world’s relation to the retail customer (formerly the citizen), profit is primary. It’s rarely relevant at all.

        And the retail customer is rarely a rational agent seeking a favorable exchange. He (typically she) wants the company to approve of him, to let him side with it.

        AT&T (e.g., since they own CNN) isn’t a scaled-up lemonade stand. It’s a scaled-up dystopian state.

        • Hemid, you’re correct. The most succinct refutation of libertarianism is their belief that if a monopoly company displeases its customers then the company suffers.

          Obviously false.

      • Wow, that’s a lot of twinkies for Brian Stelter! I guess the cable companies haven’t gone a la carte so a customer could avoid having CNN. In any case, CNN, MSNBC are such valuable propaganda tools, they’d be subsidized by their parent companies, or even outside corporate sponsors (like Pfizer) regardless of ratings. Always rolled my eyes when commentators would do their happy dances over those channels plummeting ratings, like they were going to have to change.

        • Oh yes. Ratings or profits mean nothing, they’re how the Hive send out its latest clarion call.

    • Elite media are the propaganda wing of the Power Structure, no different from Pravda and the USSR. They have a role to play, and they do it with gusto, because their views mesh perfectly with the rest of the Power Structure. Profits have very little to do with it.

  24. No matter what happened Tuesday, the invaders from south of the border keep coming and coming, with no end in sight. And every election requires a larger share of white voters to defeat the Dems. Conservative Inc. doesn’t want to hear it, but more and more these elections will be about race.

    • It is the only thing that matters, the invasion from the south, and therefore it never will be acknowledged.

      • Yes and no. The invaders are the symptom, not the disease.

        The people paving the way for them and using them are the ones that will need a more permanent solution.

      • It’s not just the south. You’re going to see some major power consolidation from the influx of Brahmins coming in too. The influx of high-IQ immigrants with high levels of nepotism and zero loyalty to our people is far more of a threat in the long term. These guys will run our new social credit system with a smile.

        Me might become serfs in a technocratic fiefdom run by Asians, but at least it was done LEGALLY.

        • Technically the Brahmins are from the south, but your point is taken there. Still, if you look at IQ’s from the SubCon, they aren’t dramatically higher than Mestizos and Haitians.

          • > Technically the Brahmins are from the south

            Heh, you got me.

            > Still, if you look at IQ’s from the SubCon, they aren’t dramatically higher than Mestizos and Haitians.

            The ones that come here are their cream of the crop. One of the tragic realities of mass immigration is the massive brain drain of countries we import skilled labor from. Instead of policies where they stay in their home country and are encouraged to have six kids to slowly build up the intellectual capital of their homeland, they come here and have one or two kids who proceed to immiserate us.

          • More “average IQ” BS. Valid, meaningful IQ testing is an impossibility. The average white, Anglo-Saxon American can’t be too bright if they keep falling for the faux democracy lingo that’s been spread across the fruited plain for over 200 hundred years. The idea that they’re insured some kind of freedom by being able to make a mark on a ballot is simply ludicrous.

            Every noxious feature of totalitarian societies is also present under waving Old Glory. Secret police? Every community of any size has a contingent of FBI agents, IRS investigators, federal marshals, state police, undercover cops, retired police and more. And you probably don’t know any of them. Just one example.

          • Nailheadtom: IQ is one thing, but there are other important traits. With Northern European Whites, high trust and lack of ethnocentrism is kryptonite.

          • nailheadtom, you’re hard to understand. You seem to oppose many forces that the dissident right opposes, but your biggest issue seems to be opposing any defense of white identity.

            “Valid, meaningful IQ testing is an impossibility.” Citation needed. Almost certainly false.

            “The average white, Anglo-Saxon American can’t be too bright if they keep falling for the faux democracy lingo…”

            Whites have a unique vulnerability of pathological compassion, which is distinct from IQ. We imagine that non-whites have open-hearted values like us, but they do not, and we fooled.

          • @nailheadtom

            Travel in the 3rd world, or interact with them here and you’ll see the difference between our dum-dums and theirs. This is a sample bias problem.

            Our cognitive and financial ‘elites’ never come into contact with diversity proles. All of the diversities with whom they come into contact have been prescreened through multiple filters and are FAR above their ethnic averages. ‘Elites’ have no conception and thus lump them in with the white working class and assume they are all the same and they can keep importing them and nothing bad will happen.

            The US military basically doesn’t recruit from the lower 2/3 of African-Americans. They are simply incapable of working safely around things that burn and go boom. So all the military civnats get a skewed view as well. These Americanized Africans are WAY smarter (order 2 std) than baseline Africans without European admixture.

    • Right wing people get engaged about the vax and CRT.

      While these are valid concerns, they are nothing compared to massive immigration. Many good people can’t see beyond the outrage of the moment to what is really significant.

      I wish they would get as mad about massive immigration as they do about the vax, but that is asking too much of them. We only have so much time and energy and we must focus on the greatest threat.

      Once you get angry about immigration, you ask why we can’t have immigration restriction and this leads you to our greatest enemy.

    • In my New England town the schools are over half hispanic. Weirdly, test scores have gone doke massively. Weird!

      • In MA the teachers’ union wants to get rid of the MCAS (a test you take in 10th grade on 8th grade material in order to receive a High-School diploma) and replace it w/ “group work and social-emotional learning evaluations.” Really. It’s being pushed hard. This year’s “Teacher of the Year” teaches English in a school where ~25% are meeting standards. Last year’s TotY teaches middle school math at a school where only 25% of students meet basic math standards.

  25. The naïve Republicans/conservatives want to rebuild the Republic so they vote harder. Looks like they did in Virginia and they won.

    The White hating Democrats/communists want to replace the Republic so they cheat harder. Looks like they did in Essex County New Jersey and they won the entire state.

    There’s an old saying that “elections have consequences” and a more recent saying that “stolen” elections have consequences. But Mr. Zman if elections don’t matter than neither saying is true. I find that hard to understand.

    Or nation would not be in the shitstorm it’s in if not for elections. We’d be somewhere but not here. We may be somewhere worse or a lot better but not here I guarantee it.

    The reason we are here is Donald Trump. Had he not been elected he would not have been the catalyst for the people of the US (and the world) to see the revelation that our entire government has grown into a huge pile of lying, corrupt pigs. We would still be thinking we can have a “peaceful transition of power” when no such transition is actually taking place. But the radical Democrat/communist party upon the election of DJT freaked out and gave away the plan, you know “the long march through the prostitutions”. And that’s not a misspelling nor misnomer.

    So see, at least that election mattered.

    • I’m pretty sure Killary was planning to provoke a major conflict if she’d won in 2016.

      The Donald managed to buy us four years of relative peace and prosperity, and we should be thankful for those extra days.

      • Gave the rest of the world time to prepare too.

        Harder for them to launch a conflict now. China and Russia are ready

    • At best it made a slight difference, possibly slowed the pace of decline a fraction of a percent. It does not appear to have changed too many minds with respect to our organized crime of a government – the vast majority of those who see our government as a huge pile of lying, corrupt pigs had that view long before Trump. What the Va victory does is give CPR to the concept of voting your way out. But it is still artificial life support – the second it is withdrawn the corpse remains a corpse.

    • It was theatre. It’s all theatre, managed and staged by Bignose. Trump never gave a fuck about White people….he played a role for Schlomo, still is. Education and media have created the dumbest motherfuckers ever to walk the earth…Bignose knew that 100 years ago and planned accordingly. Here we are at the endgame, yes?

  26. so for me, the main takeaway from the election is that the GOP is not going to be punished (enough), which is a little surprising but not shocking. so the current systemic collapse will continue unmolested. which for those in the faster-is-better camp is the best news possible.

    there is a play to be written, about letting a bunch of slaves vote for their freedom (guess how they actually vote)…

    • Oh I dunno, Karl.

      Be happy about the little things. Turn on the TV, and listen to them gobble in fright about rising anti-semitism and white nationalism. Watch them telling each other scarey horror stories.

      I dunno about you… but I am hearing the odd cuckservative even giving guarded utterances of Dark Thoughts.

      • I see the Libertarian faction. the Glen Reynolds, Sara Hoyt gang using #teamheadsonspikes as a meme. Its quite heartening.

        Once our side realizes that in fact we may well need heads on spikes and a lot of them we can figure out how to make it happening.

        As a side note I watched the only decent thing on CNN “This Life with Lisa Ling.” Its still through a CNN filter and thus mostly trash but its watchable for all that. This was the post January 6th Militia revisit episode

        January 6th wasn’t much of anything or meant to be but it did
        show how terrified the elite are of the Right being organized to a common purpose.

        This is genuine fear and its a good thing. The fear that The Right won’t be passivized and may decide that the decline and replacement can not only be stopped but reversed .

        I think its true.

        The innocent years will be gone for good, we’ll be much more like our 189th century forbears , hard men with a cruel streak and blooded but such a nation would last.

        If people can come to understand that as awful as it is, it would be better, much can be done.

    • I’m reminded of the most terrifying thing I ever read about. Not “read,” because I don’t speak Russian, but in an analysis of early Soviet attitudes, a historian cited a play by a writer struggling to find his place in the brave new world of gulags and total censorship. The main character proclaimed himself to be the only truly free man in the Soviet Union, because he’d decided to kill himself tomorrow at dawn.

      The rest of the play was about his final night on earth, and I’ll pause here to let anyone who doesn’t want the spoiler to skip past, because once you read it — and realize how true it is, for the vast majority of people you know — you’ll want to slit your wrists, too.
      Everybody ready? The only free man in the USSR can think of nothing better to do with his freedom, than to prank call random numbers at the Kremlin, telling whoever answers that he’s read the Communist Manifesto and doesn’t like it. However you say “griller” in Russian, there it is.

      • Yep. Now the Last Free Men of the USSA (in their minds only) post their discontent on Facebook and other social media. Their midnight visits have been banked.

      • Severian. devastating. While I try to contain my nihilistic tendencies, you really got me.

        Not to put you on the spot, but do you remember the name of the play or the author? Thanks.

  27. Our entire governmental system needs to be terminated along with every player – including (and especially “conservative“) the pundit class. The left always plays for keeps – either smash and grab or the long infiltration – it doesn’t matter to them as long as they win one way or another. Until a new batch of conservatives or traditionalists, or whatever you want to call them step up and start playing by the same rules – preferably hard core smash and grab – this (former) country will continue its slide, with increasing speed, to the nether regions of hell.

    • it’s already collapsing on its own, what more needs to be done? how could any outside group do more damage than the people in charge are already doing?

        • Exactly and this is what our side doesn’t see. The state will come after us and do their best to purge us. Look at what has transpired since Biden won. It’s been hell on our side and will get worse since we have no one in power to protect us.

          And it won’t stop until the Feds collapse or whites grow a spine.

  28. That plan is the restoration of the old order prior to the unfortunate disruptions of the last five years.

    Attempting to recreate the past is almost always a grievous mistake.

    I know because I’ve wasted most of the past 2 years, personally and professionally, trying to do this in my own life.

    • This has been a theme for a while now. I noted at the time that Obama seemed to be working from a list of losses the eft never forgot or forgave. The did a deal with Iran as a do-over of the 80’s. The reset with Russia was framed as a rebuke of the Russian hawks from the Cold War days. Health care was a do over of the Clinton debacle. Today the BLM stuff is a booshie reboot of the civil rights movement. Trump was planning to run a morning in America campaign for reelection until Covid made that impossible.

      Everything that comes from the ruling class these days is a reboot or remake, just like we see from Hollywood.

      • The thematic dominance of Revanchism in recent years from both sides is worthy itself of an essay from you, if I could make a suggestion. It is a clear sign of intellectual exhaustion both on the Left and in Conservatism.

        Covid and “Climate Change” were needed to breathe some life into the Leftist project. I suppose Youngkin stumbled into the “parental control of schools” thing to spark the Conservatives. But in general, they’re all out of ideas and everyone knows it. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

        The “kill whitey” stuff only goes so far. The Port of LA/Long Beach and gas/food prices show why.

      • You got that right. The LEFT never gives up. They NEVER forget. They NEVER forgive. Hiss gets convicted in 1950, the Left works for 25 years to get that overturned. Leo Frank gets lynched? The Left works for 50 years to get it overturned. Immigration restriction passes in 1924, the Left works for 40 years and gets it overturned in 1965.

        They will never give up on Gun Control, abortion, open borders, CRT, rigging elections. They never relax or kick back and say “I guess we’ve done enough”.

    • It can be done, but you have to completely tear down the present and burn it to the ground before you can rebuild it…

  29. The idea that hillbillies in southwest Virginia came out in strength for Youngkin because they like his managerial approaches learned at Carlyle Group is ludicrous on its face. Having lived in SW Va for several years, I can confidently say that most of those voters understand that there is a culture-war, and in Virginia that culture war is largely represented in geographic terms. And they certainly have no interest in funding the enemy culture. Virginia politics is influenced in large-part by an urban/rural divide, one that likely already exists in Illinois and will almost certainly solidify in Georgia. Take the issue of roads: Virginia needs to pour billions of dollars into road infrastructure spending, but those efforts have been blocked by rural interests. They know that state-wide tax increases will flow entirely to NoVA and Norfolk/Hampton Roads and since their roads are more or less in good shape, there’s no benefit. With that said, evidence that the schools/CRT etc. issue played a role can be found in Montgomery County results. Home of Virginia Tech, the county has the standard college-town demographics that often skews the county’s voting habits. There are enough ideological voters there that Clinton’s bag-man should have done well there; instead we see a pretty sizable Youngkin majority. Lefty is happy to virtue-signal all day long as long as he doesn’t have to pay the price for his non-sense. College professors are perfectly happy to hear that the Dirt People are evil, but they have little appetite to hear that about themselves.

    • It plainly obvious that the CRT stuff was the issue in Virginia. Youngkin was trailing until he picked up the school issue. People sense that his “excellence in the schools” talk was a safe way to talk about CRT. As I have said many times, these people talk like MLK, but live like the KKK. If the CRT stuff had been targeted at rural schools, where all those racists live, McAuliffe would be governor now.

      • Well that’s the issue for Good whites, isn’t it. They’re fine with white bashing so long as it that white bashing doesn’t include them – or, at least, they don’t think that it includes them.

        The job of the inner circle is to keep that white bashing directed at lower class whites, Christian whites and flyover conservative whites.

        But’s a difficult task because there really is no distinction between Good whites and Bad whites in the minds of non-whites. There’s just whites who realize that they’re evil and are rightfully apologizing for it and whites who won’t admit this.

        (Btw, this is what colorblind conservatives don’t understand and why they’re so confused by being called a racist for “not seeing color.”)

        Not all liberal whites can afford to send their kids to private schools and even if they could, even the private schools are starting to adopt anti-white messages because the parents have accepted that morality so how to do they fight something that grows out of their own morality.

        My point is that the Dems have to police their own troops to only bash certain whites, but that’s a very difficult task because the morality and logic don’t lead to a distinction between whites.

        • Head down, shoulders hunched, mask on, the few defeated white kids surrounded by boisterous brownies.

          I don’t remember who said it, but I just can’t get that image out of my mind. I want to do some very, very bad things.

          • The propaganda from the conspiracy the Z-Man refuses to accept is the thing to induce this.

            Whenever I hear this sort of thing I want to scream, stand the fuck up!

            You made the entire modern world, what the fuck are you accepting this crap for!

            And you know what, I sound like a crazy person to them.

            Its like whites are paying for their own beatings and the following day, line up for some more because they do not know what else to do.

        • “the morality and logic don’t lead to a distinction between whites.”
          In addition to the good white/bad white paradigm, ”’fellow”’ whites have miscalculated. Don’t they understand that THEY TOO are simply white in the eyes of the BIPOC? Do you really think Tyrone is going to worry about the fact that he smashed someone’s bubbe over the head? Even the likes of Johnny Greenblatt and Merrit Garland are just white guys.

          • It’s kinda funny. Jews train blacks to hate whites. Blacks can’t tell the difference between whites and Jews. The ((media)) keeps fueling that fire while trying to hide the increasing blowback… from themselves! Which is why breakthrough stories such as Rick Moranis’ beating are sensational.

            More schadenfreude on my popcorn, please.

          • A central element of their culture is that they hate us more than they love their own children. The price to pay is abstract and will only have to be paid some indeterminate time in the future and almost certainly not by them personally. The here and now immediate gratification is to attack us, and as trumpton noted “they have an ethnic homeland to retreat to when the SHTF.”

            The formation of Israel was a disaster for diaspora Jewry. The most civilizational Jews left for Israel, and the fear-of-consequence check on dyscivilizational misconduct was destroyed.

        • All true. And I would add that the nonwhites probably can’t tell the difference between whites and fellow-whites. I’m still trying to see if there’s a plan for this.

      • This was a nationwide movement in education. Ryan Gidursky started a 1776 Project PAC to get money to school board candidates who opposed CRT, he claims 44 out of 56 won. Good luck to these people, but they are in for nothing but headaches trying to reform the education cartel.

        The school shutdowns were also a big factor in Virginia. The would be power couples in the D.C. suburbs hated having all their kids activities canceled and having to try and teach them at home. The Virginia teacher’s unions really dug in hard on not reopening early. Teachers reputations took a significant hit during Covid.

        • As well they should at least 95% of classroom teachers and 99.5% of administration are knee-jerk leftists. If you’ve ever listened in on conversations in the teachers breakrooms you know it’s true.
          The remaining are committed comusosialists.
          Teachers unions are like all other unions. They exist to grow & protect the union.

      • Excellent insights. To add: there appears to have been an initial attempt to steal the election in Fairfax County, where counting “inexplicably” stopped. My initial thoughts were that ended because it was numerically impossible. On reflection, when has that mattered? The Ruling Class decided not to go forward with the theft because it needed to allow its desk drones in NoVa (Grillers of the Left) to vent, and it had the bonus effect of taking out the last vestiges of Clintonism and neutered Obama. If there had been some issue that impacted only the other 95 percent of geographic Virginia, and had no effect on NoVa, the theft would have gone forward. Youngkin not only represents no threat, he will not do a single damned thing about CRT and will focus on tax cuts, which the Ruling Class wants but cannot verbalize.

        To National Review and Co.: more please. Send out McConnell and McCarthy to fundraise and whip up the crowds!

        • A big part of vote stealing is early voting and mail in voting. That is where the bulk of the shenanigans took place in 2020. This time their guy was coasting to victory so those operations were never activated.

          • True but even last time the counting stopped when it became apparent not enough mail-in ballots had been “counted.” Apparently some thought was given to running the same playbook but the upsides to a Youngkin “win” outweighed the theft.

    • Was pretty certain that CRT was the reason for the VA gov switch, until I read that VA votes in the party opposite the US President and has done so 8 times in a row, all the way back since Carter.

      It makes no logical sense (kind of like the 100 or so reasons Trump had reasons to think his 2nd election would be a blowout for him), but it would’ve been the way to bet even if you never new anything about Younkin or McAuliffe

    • Interesting. On Blab there was a link to some idiot on Twitter saying that the demographics showed education being linked to voting patterns. It was his contention (of course) that college educated Americans all voted left, while the ignernt hillbillies all went right. But looking at his stats… the data suggested it was actually women that swung the vote. It makes sense – commies are all fun and games until they start going after your kids and start trying to start class warfare in YOUR neighbourhood.

    • In New Jersey, last week rumors began flying around that Murphy, who was up by 10 points at the time, would use his newfound post-election mandate to implement a whole raft of heavy-handed vax regime stuff, similar to Newsom after he destroyed the based black man. Murphy issued a quick denial, but in the end he “won” by less than a percentage point. Anyone who thinks this wasn’t a factor is crazy, but according to the media, vax and mask mandates are a winning issue for Dems.

      Look, whenever the GOP fights for white normies against these evil people, it does great. Trump was the first major Presidential candidate to put immigration restriction at the center of his campaign even though it was a major issue in polls for decades. If fighting for white people was a losing issue, then Dems and the National Review wouldn’t be telling the GOP to stop doing it.

    • ” Lefty is happy to virtue-signal all day long as long as he doesn’t have to pay the price for his non-sense.”

      Even that is limited. How many NoVa lefties’ children have been raped by immigrants and not nearly the reaction as happened when a state-sanctioned tranny rape happened? I would put it in the thousands of Lefty children raped by immigrants at this point.

      “College professors are perfectly happy to hear that the Dirt People are evil, but they have little appetite to hear that about themselves.”

      This is not a cope: dig a little into China’s Cultural Revolution. The professors there were mouthing State platitudes until the Red Guard came with dunce hats and whips. It will happen here.

      • We’re already deep into that part of our Cultural Revolution, but it’s been staged so poorly, dragged out over decades, always feeling like it’s just starting, that we forget how long it’s been going on. It took us fifty years to get from the occupation of Cornell to Bret Weinstein being pitchfork-mobbed out of Evergreen with admin approval. In China the analogous escalation only took a few weeks. The children of our professional class aren’t good at anything—fortunately?

        (JQ enthusiasts, note: Being chased off campus by a violent horde for offending the regime didn’t inspire Weinstein to start *emotively* comparing America to Nazi Germany. What did? A crooked hedge fund being briefly outsmarted by the goofball underdogs at r/wallstreetbets.)

        • Hemid: Weinstein, like Candace Owens, is the darling of republicucks. He provides the needed cover for them to feel both virtuous and nonrayciss because even a ‘former’ lefty has been canceled and has now seen the light.

          I loathe these people with every fiber of my being. Weinstein is not and never was anything more than a traditional anti-White anti-WASP establishment Juice, and he’s merely irate that his non-White pets have voted him off the farm. He’s convinced some animals are more equal than others just as they are, but each considers himself the most equal of them all. And the damned fool conservatards hug him to their breasts like the prodigal son, while he laughs at them privately whereas he used to do so publicly.

  30. When I was much younger and not in any way political, my conception of elections and democracy was that it was a sham or a trick of some sort, while also being boring. I think this was the correct position.

    • Yes there is a kind of “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” aspect to the ceremony of politics.

      One thing I have noticed about modern politics is that there is a lot more open emotional display than in my memories of old.

      There was always emotion but it was the stoic, tear in the corner of the eye nostalgia and patriotism of Regan, not the angry, resentful histrionics of Hillary or the dorm room che Guevara angst of Bernie. Its all mewling pussyhats or bawling congresscritters.

      I see the same thing in sportsball. I was never a good fan because I could never muster the emotional energy, become invested in the games of strangers. Same goes for party politics.

      But I can say now being neither a fan nor “political” in formal terms, I am more emotionally invested than ever in bringing the enemy of my people to their knees and carving a future out for our children.

      Watching whats left of the institutions turn their gears against us and voting to repopulate them makes about as much sense as that kid in kindergarted that I watched put his own finger in the hand cranked pencil sharpener and turn it well past the point it should have registered.

      That kid is probably a republican congressman or investment banker. But I am also pissed off enough now that watching it all with bored indifference has its own kind of pencil sharpening feel to it.

  31. For more evidence Biden has almost no influence over what is happening in his own Administration, Peter Doocy asked him about the report they were giving $450k per illegal for family separation. Biden went off on how it was a “garbage report.” The ACLU responded with “Biden must not have been fully briefed on the actions of his own Justice Department.”

    There is no coming back from the popular perception that has built up around Biden, even if his cognitive function was restored to where it was in 2008. If watching him get pushed around by the deep state doesn’t wake people up, what will?

    • I go back n forth on the value of prez poopypants waking people up. There is a kind of numbing and distracting aspect to the empty suit. The meme fountain is relentless. It makes for good entertainment and does draw attention to the fact that the man at the podium making mashed potato mouth out of the teleprompter isn’t really in charge.

      Yet I get the sense this also blunts the seriousness of the obscured power structures and the course and task ahead; the managerial class, the agencies, institutions, and corporate oligarchs that are the ones turning the wheel against us while we laugh and point at the retard.

      Obama was an empty suit as well. But at least he could articulate the many ways in which he hated us and the many ways in which those institutions and evil tendrils of “government” were going to bring us to heel. “I am going to fundamentally transform this nation” should have been enough. Perhaps it was, hence Trump.

      Yet even post-Trump there seems to be a persistent logic trap where we can plainly see that the man has no brain and thus no real power, but still hold onto the belief that we just need to get our guy back in front of that podium. i.e. Clown world is loud and clear but “you can’t vote your way out of clown world” is still a tiny elephant.

      Maybe its a longwinded view of Civnattery or the reality of normalcy bias refracting the required courses of action into the surreal, but it seems like there is something else afoot. Like TPTB are laughing too. But for reasons that should be of grave concern.

        • “flakcatcher”

          That is a primary purpose of politicians in our fake democracy. They are overwhelmingly not men of power but servants and employees of those who are. They dance on puppet strings made of money and serve as objects of hatred for unhappy proles across the political spectrum. Their periodic replacement (invariably well remunerated) gives a shallow meaningless victory and a little emotional high to their opposition, whose short attention spans ensure that they don’t notice the pattern repeats endlessly and nothing ever gets better.

    • The subject of Biden’s cognitive decline is fascinating. Everyone knows what’s going on and no one outside of the right talks about it.

      One of the CNN commentators was making a big thing about Biden leading a political revival for the Dems in ’22 if the economy improves, supply chain straightens out etc…buddy, that ain’t happening; the impression of Biden as a senile dope is baked into the cake. It’s why these guys are so terrified of Let’s Go Brandon.

  32. The cable channels always have these guys who pretend to know things that they cannot possibly know.

    After Tuesday’s results, which were a stunning rejection of the Left’s core agenda item, the war on white people,


  33. I keep warning Republicans around me that Herschel Walker will not take them to the promised land. They don’t want to hear it. His campaign rhetoric has them mesmerized.

    • It is just like college football for them, they want their black guy to beat the black guy on the other team. With politics they get the illusion of participation also.

        • The normies around here are throwing around phrases like,

          “A political earthquake!”

          “A sea change!”

          No, guys.

          • Youngkin, a man who was perfectly fine with removing the monuments, is gonna open up a can of whoopass on CRT.

            They’re already saying that there is no such thing as CRT in VA, and that the whole thing was made up, so Youngkin will declare victory by vanquishing CRT and nothing needs to change at all.

            Sea change, guys

          • CRT will no longer be taught, probably anywhere in the USA. It will be renamed, then business as usual.

            Having been in the “Ed business” for a lifetime, that’s the way things are done. Short of home schooling, the only way to stop it is for parents to demand their teachers’ semester syllabus for the class and examine lesson plans, and instructional materials.

            In my city, we went through this 15-20 years ago with “Mexican Studies” curricula. Even had TV “news” interviews with the creators who denied its basic anti-White, anti-American foundations—all while sitting at a desk with the course books showing the vile authors of the day, Howard Zinn for example.

            Still taught, but under a different name and it is elective for Whites, none the less the poison remains.

    • Another Magic Negr0. Just like the LT Governor in Virginia. And she’s a Marine too!!

      Whitey is drunk on the Purple Drank.

      • The future will be both parties running nonwhite candidates, but controlled by all white and near white interests. Our elections are going to look like a lawn jockey convention.

        • Give the Zman another Pulitzer.

          “Our elections are going to look like a lawn jockey convention.”


        • There will come a point where others demand the Whites and White-adjacent controllers step aside, too. As Chet suggested in this thread, good candidates for this are Brahmins.

          As for “lawn jockey convention,” I’m buying a coffee when I get home tonight.

        • When I visit friends in the great white north, every other political campaign or photo from ANY of the major parties seems a competition on how many turbaned heads we can fit in the picture or video.

      • The USMC just got their asses kicked:

        Granted, the Royal Marines are some of the baddest dudes around, their selection and training being more akin to SAS, Delta Force, SEALs, Marine Force Recon, etc:

        Thankfully the US Army has rescue dog mommies like LTC Dean to tell us everything will be ok.

        *honk honk*

        • At this point the UK could have fielded a few thousand middle aged working class football fans with paintguns on mopeds and the mixed units of the USMC with the wimmin strategists would have had their asses kicked.

          How is the US ever going to enter an actual real conflict zone with a real opposition ever again without leaving with pallets of body bags?

          (Note the UK is not far behind, and shortly its units will be in the same shit state due to the similar dickheads in charge)

    • Compare the enthusiasm of the Normie-Con when you bring up White conservatives names to bringing up the names of Herschel Walker or Candace Owens or the Sheriff with the cowboy hat from Milwaukee, or any of those black guys Tucker has on his show. It’s always, “I just LOVE him (or her)!!!” And watch their eyes. They light up so enthusiastically.


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