A Rambling Tirade

One of the unnoticed things about the current crisis is that the people getting what they want are increasingly angry, while the people getting worked over by the system are remaining calm and patient, for the most part. The crazies got what they wanted through the Trump years. They snarled his administration in a made-up plot and convinced his own party to sabotage his efforts. This required little effort, as the GOP is just their dull-witted flunkies.

Then they purged him from the system. The 2020 election should have signaled the end of the madness. The evil orange man had been removed from office. The Republicans could crawn back under their beds and the Democrats could waste everyone’s time with their crackpot ideas. The media would not have hear every day that they are fake news or the enemy of the people. Everything was back to how it was. You would think that they would be celebrating in the streets.

Instead, it has been a year of tantrums and vitriol. The more the lunatics get, the more they want and the more they want, the angrier they get. Their response to the mild bit of pushback on Tuesday was to promise more attacks on normal people. Pelosi promised to ram through their Build Back Better scheme. Biden promised to fire millions from their jobs for not worshipping Covid. Of course, these responses are always accompanied by an endless stream of lies and deceptions.

Of late, the question that keeps coming to mind is how much longer are we going to put up with these lunatics? The stock response from most is something about normie just wanting to grill and watch sportsball. It is certainly true that people will tolerate a great deal as long as their bellies are full, and they are entertained. It is also true that no tree grows to the sky, meaning there is a limit to everyone’s patience. The American Revolution was not about the lack of food or entertainments.

It is not even about the people at the top. The real issue is the fruitcakes and lunatics that have been unleashed into a daily life. How can normal people expect to live with the sorts of people in this Twitter thread? For ideological reasons they are making up nonsense about how food is a luxury item. How long can any sane person put up with people who lie like this? How long before normal people snap and slap the smug off the moonbat in their life?

Imagine having to tolerate this stupid shrew? We all have a Covidian in our life and have had our patience tested by them. This ridiculous dingbat could not count her boobs twice and get the same number both times, yet she floats around lecturing the rest of us on vaccinations. These people are why we had things like the dunking stool and the branks. At some point, even unlimited amounts of food and sportsball is not going to be enough to tolerate these people.

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167 thoughts on “A Rambling Tirade

  1. It might be a little late to get an answer on this post, but can someone tell me the name of the female artist who Z used to put at the end of his podcasts? Maybe he still does but I hear her from time to time on the older episodes I’m catching up on. She does the gloomy and heart rending song with the refrain:

    If this is how it ends
    If this is how my race ends
    something something something.

    I think she might also have a couple other songs that Z playz? I want to listen to her music myself but also I want to send her music to my lefty dad who loves that kind of music. I bet he’ll listen a dozen times before he notices something weird in the lyrics. And by that point it’ll be too late for him!

    (BTW, kinda crazy that being unhappy with one’s race being destroyed is a taboo sentiment.)

  2. I don’t think there is lack of clarity. I understand the rules very very well. Anti-Fa are the regime’s pet bully boys and will be protected at all costs. They hate me and want me dead and will do so whenever they notice me or just get around to their big plans. Black people have the right to do whatever they want whenever they want, and any White person in the way is innately evil and must be smited. Hard.

    These rules are not written down anywhere, but they are nonetheless the rules. They are King’s Dream writ large. What the Civil Rights Movement was all about. Racial Vengeance for wrongs long since past.

      • N, it isn’t.

        Yours is a stupid, self-discreding comment. A Rittenhouse acquittal merely means that the most open-and-shut self defense cases will, if high profile enough, not result in prison, though tou may anyway spnd considerable time in jail and have to come up with a million dollar bond and maybe the same amounrt for lawyers.

        Encouraging people to act like there is an “open season” on AntiFa is deluded and retarded.

        • It’s not encouragement but acknowledgement of what follows, a subtle difference you apparently don’t grasp. Or can’t.

  3. which is worse – someone who is a cold bitch but at least is emotionally consistent (i.e. Nurse Ratched) or the kind of flighty crazy woman who can be super nice one minute and totally psychotic the next.

    Obviously neither are preferable but I feel the former is less willing to engage in bullshit that pisses me off (stupid inspirational quotes on the wall).

  4. Great show Z, but why are you angry? Why are you surprised? This stuff has been going on for years. Janet Reno and the FBI incinerated a bunch of kids because they were tired of trying to wait out that whacko in Waco and the kids were all White. So they did not matter at all.

    This has not been America for a long, long time. You should expect that.

    And I would flip things around. How long are they going to tolerate our existence given how offensive we are in even existing to them? The answer from Brittany Cooper at Rutgers to Barack Obama to Brandon is the same: the waiting is over. This is it. (Apologies to Kenny Loggins). They are just not going to tolerate us. That’s why Poopin Joe said “Merry Christmas you are fired!” with his vaccine mandates just as Pfizer rolls out its anti-Covid pill that is very effective in preventing hospitalization and death. And why Poopin Joe and his cronies are raising prices of everything and particularly energy during Winter. THEY not us are going to choose time and place and we ought to keep that in mind. They are not going to tolerate ordinary normal people any longer. They are one giant virtual homeless camp of crazy going ever crazier.

    • When you simply enter into a well developed society, one that you did little to create or do little to sustain, then you have little awareness of what it took to build it, what it takes to maintain it, and how fragile it all is. Little things become big things. You run out of duct tape. The wagon stops because more people are riding than pulling. But they are about to find out, as the pullers with the know how, the values, traditions, and knowledge, disappear.

      • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
        Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
        And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
        Couldn’t put Humpty together again

      • These idiots are playing the world’s largest and most expensive game of Jenga, which is guaranteed to end in tears.

    • You have it backwards, brother, we
      re gonna pick the time and place to put these motherfuckers in the dirt, where they belong . There
      s a whole lot of us and a few of them.

    • “…why are you angry? Why are you surprised? This stuff has been going on for years.”

      You don’t have to be surprised to be angry. Maybe it can be a cold anger, but there’s something wrong with you if you are not angry.

    • That bitch is one crazy psycho. I can think of a number of ways she could or should be dealt with…

    • What the cuck? Comments on the video, which might add info (no, I only watch a cople seconds, but she’s a nutter) are disabled.

  5. Nice rant. A few points:

    1. The FBI ALWAYS has been corrupt. If you live in a halfway sane jurisdiction, encourage your police and sheriffs to not cooperate with them; you will be surprised to learn how many realize these federal agents are pure, unadulterated trash. From what I gather, the distancing actually is being done. The field agents and their families in your communities should be shunned because they are despicable people.

    2. Do jury service and nullify State criminal cases brought against Whites and, frankly, all people unless they have harmed other Whites.

    3. The moron plaintiffs attorneys in the Charlottesville case simply are a reflection of the D.C. bar, for the most part, because this is where most of these folks originate. D.C. attorneys are among the more stupid in no small part because they are lazy after years of relying on nothing but bribery and corruption. I haven’t watched a nanosecond of the Charlottesville trial but fully trust the plaintiffs’ attorneys have proved to be buffoons. There is a high probability the judge is as well.

    4. It is time to start humiliating the United States government in foreign forums to the fullest extent possible. While Amnesty International, for example, is a bunch of leftwing stooges, it likes to stick it to D.C. Donate to and support international organizations hellbent on humiliating the United States. Along these same lines, let friends IRL and on line who live abroad know what a shithole country the United States is.

    5. Mr. Wirth wisely pointed this out earlier, but there literally is no reason NOT to support Alex Jones, for example, because his buffoonery pales in comparison to the highest officials of the United States.

    6. Do not trust the legal system in any shape, manner or form. It is utterly corrupt at this point and contemptible. There remain a few fair and honest judges. It sounds like this Rittenhouse judge is, but one wonders why he hasn’t dismissed the case yet. Most are trash, to be clear.

    • A point I forgot to add, and something I think Z got wrong:

      7. Lack of clarity is a feature and not a bug. It allows for the arbitrary prosecution or harassment of anyone, any time. The tax code, for example, is ambiguous by design and gives a pretext to go after more than just the Capones. This ambiguity in all laws is aimed primarily at Whites and to a lesser extent to others who do not toe the State line.

      • Lack of clarity is also meant to slowly grind down people’s minds and spirits.

        Re #2 above – our people above all, right or wrong.

        Re #5 – I find it eerie how much Alex Jones has been proven right over the past 24 months. For that alone he’s worth paying attention to.

    • Dismissing the case, even with supposed prejudice, wooldn’t conclusively cause a retrial to be double jeopardy or prevent prosecution appeal, so I don’t wish for that if the current judge is even minimally fair.

  6. Imagine having to tolerate this stupid shrew?

    Let’s tame this shrew. Susan J. Demas’s bio note is almost as long as her article. Some highlights:

    ” … 21-year journalism veteran and one of the state’s foremost experts on Michigan politics, appearing on MSNBC, CNN, NPR and WKAR-TV’s “Off the Record.” I don’t know what WKAR’s “Off the Record” is, but the others have a certain family resemblance.

    ” … she is the Advance’s chief columnist, writing on women, LGBTQs, the state budget, the economy and more.” How did she miss climate change?

    “Susan’s award-winning political analysis has run in more than 80 national, international and regional media outlets, including the Guardian U.K., NBC News, the New York Times, the Detroit News and MLive.” Wonder what kind of award she received. There’s an award for everyone these days, all must have prizes, especially those who work in borderline-useless jobs like political analyst.

    “Susan has hiked over 4,000 solo miles across four continents and climbed more than 70 mountains.” Hey, Susan, don’t forget those 25 trips in outer space, the 210 chess tournaments you won, the 38 whales you rode to victory in the Little Pitcairn Island Race, and the 44 English pub dart games where you smoked the other participants!

    • So basically the sub ran head first into an “uncharted” underwater mountain.

      You know there is this wacky invention called sonar that might help spot mountains in the way.

      • I think the crew was afraid to say anything to that Muzzie captain.I’m sure the pilots saw the mountain but were afraid to bring it up.

        I’ve worked for DoD managers who were total asshats that would crucify any worker who brought them bad news. So what do you do? You keep your mouth shut.

      • Unnecessarily running silent at high speed through poorly charted waters should absolutely get everyone involved fired.

        But, no, you don’t use active collision avoidance systems when running silent. Sonar broadcasts your position.

    • Classic, but the damned instruction manual should have been written in Shitholian. The sad part is we all will be impoverished the nanosecond the United States gets in a real war and its ass kicked and blinks before the nuclear launches.

      Wheel barrels?


      Dollars will be delivered in barges by the time this shakes out.

    • The captain was a Muslim. Why in the f**k did we promote a slimebag Muzzie to captain a Boomer?

      BTW the 2nd is a vibrant as well.

      I can guarantee you that sub had serious morale and competencey issues. Chances are everyone was afraid to say anything that ran counter to what the Muzzie ordered.

  7. Well class, the word for today is LYING. Can you spell it? L-Y-I-N-G. Very good class. Now the question is, what should we do with these liars. Will calling them out work? I think not. Will shaming them for their lies work? I think not. Will resignation for their lies work? I think not. Personally, I feel punishment is the only redress. The problem is what appropriate punishment will fit these lying crimes? This will be your assignment for the weekend…

  8. I know there’s some bad blood between you and the njp guys – but I think they have a good idea when it comes to doing things in public which is to say they don’t do it. They do hold events but its invite only and they use metal detectors.

  9. You need to think like a criminal these days.

    Rule #1 is: Don’t. Get. Caught.

    When the camera comes on, turn away and get out. You’re just a person walking down the street.

    If a situation arises where direct action is required, don’t confront directly with a shotgun like the McMichaels did. If you do need to remedy a situation, such as changing a tire – don’t act impulsively. Make a plan that involves you NOT GETTING CAUGHT and go at night. Leave a note

    We no longer live in an Anglo Saxon (and Anglo assimilated european) majority country – so of course Anglo Saxon rules no longer apply.

    • Living in the shadows is a skill that must be learned & practiced regularly. Cameras are everywhere, so you must always assume that you’re being videoed. But that need not be an impediment. Think outside the box. For example, someone traversing town on foot in a blizzard using disposal Goodwill clothing (don’t forget the nondescript hat and full-face scarf) is effectively invisible to surveillance. Extra points for a reversible jacket or pre-positioned changes of clothes. A pebble in your shoe changes your gait and, if you’re thin to start with, it’s easy for feign being hefty or insert shoe lifts to add 2-3 inches. All of this may seem crazy, but it could also save your life someday.

  10. This is why China is more free than the US. The rules are clear and they do not go against the founding popuation.

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  12. I see things differently on having unserious entertainers like Alex Jones show up at political events with tanks, etc. The system itself loses credibility as these people raise the circus tent. By turning our noses up at the freaks who show up to political rallies, we add deference to the system. We say that they system is important enough to only have “serious” rallies that add a modicum of decorum. This system deserves NO DECORUM. Hell, it has Schumer, Pelosi and Biden in the highest leadership. Even this Charlottesville trial is a plus for dissidents. Freaks bring out the capriciousness of our rulers, and it’s their capriciousness that creates more dissidents. the same capriciousness that will eventually attempt to force Joe Blow’s Transmission Shop in no name town in random state to vaccinate his best mechanics, who will quit on the spot. And the more they lose, the more capricious they will get, since they are midwits with no talent or sense of history….or irony.

  13. All Leftists are angry. You don’t become a Leftist unless you are angry about something. Quite a few on our side are angry, as well, because anger is more often than not what drives people into fringe politics.

  14. There is already pushback of the Solidarity type movement. The Lech Walesa of our times has not yet appeared, but he will.

    The Left dreams of Stalin, of Mao, of Pol Pot and the killing fields. But this is not 1930s Russia nor 1970s Cambodia. There are far too many players, including but not limited to: Cartels, the Mexican Government, Latinos, Whites, jealous State governments, disaffected SEALs and other military, and skilled workers. The US Government has drones that can use Synthetic Aperture Radar to detect footprints in sand and whats inside caves (up to a point). But that requires lots and lots of skilled operators and mechanics and the like — drones don’t fly nor analyze radar signatures on their own.

    Already we are going to see strikes at Airline after Airline. Railroads, trucking, supermarkets, factories, auto makers, the like. Its not like a bunch of janitors, some dude from Guatemala can’t just fly a jumbo jet. A modern, import dependent society requires skilled White men to keep it running. The crazy Left really believes it can run things with trannies and blacks. And “Merry Christmas you’re fired” is not a winning holiday message.

    The FBI is mostly White and male. They will be happy to crush other White men right up until they can see themselves being crushed next week and that point is rapidly approaching. The internet/Twitter makes this happen FASTER as it allows crazies to congregate and egg each other on like one giant homeless encampment in cyberspace. That is why VA scares the crazy Left so much — suburban White women chose their kids and themselves over blacks and trannies. They will do that every time and the Crazy Left never expected it as they live in their own fantasy land.

    • I thought our Woke overlords were just going to plug all the labor shortages with National Guard scabs?

      • except when you deploy the guard to help in place-a, you are taking them from their jobs in place-b. thus merely moving the pain around, without adding any extra man power in the aggregate.

    • You are mostly right, Whiskey, but do not give the Virginia Karens too much credit. They would have been among the first to jump on working class Whites in the rest of Virginia; they just could not fathom it would happen the their precious souls.

      The upside is the Left, since this has entered full Clown World, cannot keep hitting Karen this time. They did so up until HRC lost, and then backed off, but they won’t be able to stop now.

  15. Epic Rant!
    The lack of clarity is a root problem. I don’t know whether to go Sith Lord and channel my hate; or double down on trusting that Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe and will sort it all properly in the end. The truth is that life now is simple but not easy and guarantees only hard work and pain. One thing is abundantly clear: the Rule of Law in AINO is dead and de facto warlordism is manifesting itself. Viva Rittenhouse! Viva Christo Rey!

    • This is something Z got wrong. The lack of clarity is a feature and not a bug. The whole tax code, for example, is confusing and ambiguous so the feds can screw with anyone they want. The other laws are murky as well. This was how it was done in the Soviet Union and how it is being done here.

  16. The weird thing is that people who are successful and have there lives put together are the ones who are causing a lot of the insanity. A lot of them went to college are married and have children. Some even work in the private sector. But they are still lunatics in some form.

    • Neither left nor right anticipated a revolution and repressive rule by what Marxists used to call the “state bourgeoisie” (back when Marxism wasn’t merely a state-bourgeois class ideology): academia, licensed professionals, military officers, etc. So everyone’s confused by it—even those who did it.

        • Man it is. I went from talking to anybody to talking to nobody, and consider the isolation that’s driving people crazy to be normal, comfortable, and preferable.

          So social skills are somewhat rusty. I was in my third day or so of unshowered, unshaved, rather rumpled, and had been up all night for surprise mandatory repairs.

          So, here is Karen’s husband, and Karen.
          Well dressed, clean and presentable, obviously successful and well managed.

          True believers. The hubs spoke quite reasonably, presented his case well, but Karen? What an iron-headed, self-righteous insufferable bitch. I don’t use that word, but fk me she was.

          I realized they were in good shape because they had been military and education or government careerists. They’d always had money and security, and had the compliant, obedient, disciplined natures to do well in that world, and thus partake of its many benefits.

          I started out way behind and have stayed there. Even dogged persistence, despite the myths, can be rowing against the current.

          Not much option at this age.
          Plus, I’m not very good or even interested in the temporal.

          Well, good on them.
          I’d say I shouldn’t judge, because they’re dutiful Good Citizens who aren’t hurting anyone.

          Except for that death of our race, our country, and our world thingie, that is. The little things.

  17. Loved the end credits:

    “Always look on the bright side of life”.

    (Even funnier when you remember the scene: hundreds of guys being nailed to crosses but looking at “the bright side” and whistling/singing. Ah, yes, dissident politics.)

  18. Since you mentioned the J6 letter, which while a must read, I want to mention that I still had issues digesting most of this part:

    This weaponized DOJ and their blatant resentment of my respect for President Donald Trump is putting me in a situation that makes me feel helpless in my current situation.

    HOW YOU CAN HELP – Despite me and other Jan 6ers experiencing these unthinkable conditions, all of us remain POSITIVE and HOPEFUL that, in the end, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. We maintain a LOVE for this country and the Constitution like no other. The only thing keeping us going is our undying patriotism, the camaraderie between one another and our faith in God.

    I mean, really, how much worse do things have to get?

  19. “Instead, it has been a year of tantrums and vitriol. The more the lunatics get, the more they want and the more they want, the angrier they get. Their response to the mild bit of pushback on Tuesday was to promise more attacks on normal people.”

    This is the exact playbook of the instinctual female so called “shit test” of a man, the object of which is for the man to slap her down in order to demonstrate to her his fitness as a male. The more he gives in the angrier she gets. The shit tests will escalate until she is stopped, or the man is replaced.

  20. Concerning the refrain about “doing something” being dumb. It could be easily argued that what Kyle did was very stupid or more generously, reckless. Going into that meatgrinder to offer first-aid armed with a AR. And yet one can hear the visceral hatred in Zs voice as he discusses the case. They have used our natural rectitude and politeness against us for far too long. Doing something, even if imperfectly, holds attraction. I know that conservative normie-con women have really been touched by Kyle’s plight. Maybe, we need more reckless baby-faced yutes.

    • My very conservative wife thinks kyle is guilty. She is watching the trial and believing the lies of the prosecution.

      • Like many women, she is probably confusing the all violence is bad trope with being the aggressor.

        Once you dig down, many in that mind set just keep repeating that he just shouldn’t have shot the guy, surely there was some other way, therefore he is a bad person for having to resort to shooting, and therefore is guilty, irrespective as to the logic of the act of self defense or the actual charges.

        Its feeling first, and therefore he is bad and must be guilty.

    • An aspect of this that Z did not touch on was the lack of clarity as it affects our day-to-day well-being in critical circumstances. Everybody was appalled at the woman who was assaulted on the Philadelphia subway. So if someone was to have punched the perp or hit him solidly with a brief case, what would be the outcome. Her ‘savior’ would probably be spending time in jail for physical assault and ‘civil rights’ violations. Even if you assume lesser offensive charges, it will still cost them time and lawyer’s fees. In essence, we are training/educating people to avoid getting involved.

      So much for all the ‘Good Samaritan’ laws…

  21. I’ve got mixed feelings on Rittenhouse. On the one hand I can respect the type of dedication it takes to put yourself in potential harms way to protect something such as a community. On the other hand, I feel like the kid was a douchebag action-seeker who got his wish; his parents being bigger douchebags for letting him walk out the front door with an AR. Regardless, the man made his choices and this shouldn’t even be on trial.

    • Perhaps “douchebag action-seekers” drive history. A Grosskreutz, Huber and Rosenbaum were shot. Weird names, and a felon and child-rapist among them. Almost makes me believe in divine providence.

      • This, the paradox of any White man who accepts real risk to stand up for White people, our culture, and way of life in general. The thin white line between cuck or champion, moron or martyr, galt or garrison.

        How do we define in real terms the communities that deserve such risk and sacrifice? To what cause – immediate or existential, are the few White men of action obligated to serve? And in what ways?

        The war on our people has so perverted our sense of duty, honor, and sacrifice – hell the entirety of what it means to be a Man, let alone a White Man, that many men who would see themselves as honorable and dutiful in their hearts have become in the end just tools for progress to further subjugate our people.

        What is the litmus test when the solution is so tainted?

        With a people so atomized and distant, torn between opposing realities, and subverted by forces of evil such that their virtues can be yoked into their own submission, the only clarity I can find is in the two ends of where the the Truth resides; that this is a spiritual war between good and evil and that each man must take up the earthly fight in his own way that serves that Truth, but that the order of Truth begins in the smallest form, his duty extending from there.

        I admire much of Rittenhouse’s effort. Particularly in an era when most young males are steeped in self-loathing and apathy – or straight-up nihilism that sends them into the streets dressed in black to burn it all.

        But there are many lessons of young men being sent over the trenches into machine gun fire by forces well beyond the hearth of their home and square of their community that must not be forgotten.

    • All kids with any test are douchebag action-seekers. There is a certain type that want to be a cop though. I would have any like minded young adventure seekers join Antifa and gather identities.

    • are you kidding? speilberg couldn’t make a film as entertaining as KR plugging that goblin like pedo, Rossenbaum. and as a homage to Taxidriver, blowing a chunk of the other dirtbag’s arm off.

      how long before there are videos from the US, like came out of syria and iraq? cop’s taking it in the head, antifa guys being killed in street fights, bureaucrats and politicians being given a taste of street justice (alka mussolini). contrary to the negro poet, the revolution *will* be televised; boffo ratings guaranteed.

    • He borrowed the AR while in Wisconsin.

      He strikes me as more than a bit naive, but he was only 17. On the other hand, your ignorant name-calling signals me who the real douchebag is here.

  22. However insane and offensive the loss of the rule of law is in reference to Charlottesville and the trial going on there, it cannot hold a candle to the Rittenhouse trial also taking place this week.

    That Kyle Rittenhouse is in a criminal court facing life without parole is an offense to civilization itself. If he is convicted, nobody has a right to self-defense. A pedophile criminal just released from a mental hospital attacked him and tried to take his gun in the middle of a riot and the prosecutor is talking about him like he was a pillar of the community. The guy was there because he couldn’t stay in his place because there was a contact order between him and his girlfriend who he lived with!

    It is so bad that every single person involved in this prosecution belongs in prison. This is the weaponization of the law and the loss of rule of law. There is no rule of law. Even if he is found not-guilty (and unless the prosecutor has better witnesses, he probably will), he still has to endure this trial. If not for the generous donations of people across the country, he would have had a public defender. This is an outrage even worse than the Chauvin kangaroo court. This is the loss of Western Civilization.

    • It helps to understand the game that is being played. We are being ruled by a covert tyranny hiding behind a charade of liberal democracy. The grift has gotten so bad for so long that the economy will likely break soon and they very clearly understand that a collapse could well spawn a hot rebellion in a country with several hundred million firearms in private ownership. So they need to deflect this anger away from themselves as a self-preservation imperative.

      Here’s the game being played. Endlessly piss off patriotic citizens and wind the spring tighter until a breaking point is reached. Do the same with LEOs and get them good & angry and wanting to bust loose with some good old fashion over-reaction law enforcement. Pit these two groups against each other and foment a blood bath of mutual annihilation. Kill off as many alphas as possible in the process, and use the resulting slaughter to justify a federal Jackboot counterattack and crackdown. Marshall Law, detention camps, and suspension of civil liberties to follow soon after.

      Do not play that game. What they fear most is the bolt from the blue. They can stop a few dozen, but not a few thousand, or more if necessary. Smarter not harder.

      • I think there’s something to this. It would be a good idea if we made some outreach to any police we know before things get worse. I know there’s a lot of justified anger at the cops for being mindless tools of oppression here**. At the core though, we share certain values with them, respect for property rights, the right to be left alone and not made a target by criminals, a preference for orderly and predictable behavior, come to mind.

        At the core, there’s no difference between the thug breaking into your house and taking your stuff and what the Left wants to do. The Left is just better organized and has better PR.

        Here in Oregon, the cops know that downtown Portland wasn’t burned by white nationalists, 2A advocates, and libertarians. They also know that our “notoriously” lily white suburbs full of gun owners were why they never really needed to worry that BLM and Antifa would break out of their little urban prison. At a primal level they know we and they have more interests in common than differences. What needs to happen is for them to realize that the machinery of the state they work for is controlled by a criminal element just as bent on plunder as the morons they arrest all the time.

        I’m not saying this out of naivete but simply the realization that at some point the Cloud people they work for will give them some sort of “general order 24” to begin the mass arrests and indefinite detentions. Having at least a core of based cops may be what is needed for ALL of them to say “Nah, we’re not doing that one.”

        The fact that the civilian government in places like this is basically good looking airheads (Z’s “paid actors”) virtually guarantees this. They will not be able to know the limits of their power. Once they realize their orders are not being obeyed they will be on their way to jail, the Caribbean Switzerland, or Israel. After that forming a new government is possible. The based LEOs, military, and civilian militia can easily form the “muscle” part. Some of us can step into the empty skull cavity and start being the brain++.

        ** Last time I checked most police departments gave recruits an IQ test. If they too poorly OR TOO WELL, they were not accepted (or only allowed in certain jobs like detective).

        ++ It might be instructive to look at the Iranian revolution. At a certain point in the late 70s everyone knew the Shah’s regime had to go. There was an impressively strong Communist movement (among college kids of course, some things don’t change) with ties to the Soviet Union. Many were afraid the Great Red Umbrella would soon darken Persia. As things turned out, it was the Islamists, they had the will, the faith, and the courage. We all know the rest.

      • We need to misbehave in the dark more. The game, hell, the simulation with us trapped inside, is being broadcast 24/7. The little hat machine craves the camera, the media propagation, the narrative, the OPTICs.
        So deny them any of that.
        When our guys begin poking holes in the infrastructure in the darkness, we will get to see how many heads the Hydra has.

    • The FBI leaked footage was a bit scary.

      Pretty obvious that the FBI has footage and triangulated cell phone data (Stingray) of many of the BLM “protestors” burning down businesses last year.

      Or at least had – probably destroyed now. The Rittenhouse trial footage should be another Assange/Snowden moment for the American psyche:

      Your government knows EXACTLY who was doing billions of dollars worth of damage and could lock them away forever, but aren’t.

      Chew on that, America.

      • Any data the Feeb grabbed during last year’s insurrection was probably used to look for new recruits to their Antifa and BLM auxiliaries.

      • I don’t know about destroyed – maybe officially. If I were a Deep State goon and had been part of this I would keep a copy as insurance. Then, if an actual legitimate government pops up looking for evidence of Deep State wrongdoing, I would offer the footage (in exchange for immunity of course) and tell them some other goon had been the one who deleted it, maybe even the actual perp – assuming it wasn’t me.

    • Rittenhouse will be found guilty, slam dunk.

      The trial was over the moment the defense attorney canned the jury selection team and just accepted the jury pool. Polling suggests that over 80% of the jury pool believes Rittenhouse guilty.

      And by their lights he is: A. He’s a straight White Male and therefore genetically evil. B. He’s a boy scout literally, therefore evil. C. He put out fires and rendered first aid, that’s evil. D. He painted over graffiti and that is evil. E. he opposed sacred and holy anti-Fa who are the righteous warriors for good and even shot three of them killing two and that evil cannot be tolerated.

      F. If the jury does not convict their lives will be over and they know it.

      This is the belief of most people, pretty much most White women, and all non-Whites. So Rittenhouse slam dunk conviction. The jury will take less than hour, to convict. Bank on it.

      David Bowie was right. This is not America. It has not been since 1988. We are just seeing it now.

      • Two down votes? Must be wishful thinking and a revulsion at your call on Rittenhouse. I hope for the best, but as others has said, it doesn’t look good. In the end, Rittenhouse may simply serve as a martyr for the cause. One in a long line of innocent persons killed/jailed by an increasingly unlawful justice system.

        For us—as a group of dissidents, TomA said it best…Rittenhouse may serve as a good example of a bad example. Both are useful.

          • if they convict him, it will open up a huge scotus case that they will regret causing to be heard. they cannot explain away the videos showing him clearly defending himself. plus he only killed white pedos; no mudbutts were injured in the making of this video.

          • Eek. Muddbutts don’t matter.

            He killed small hats…and you know how they are about revenge, white man.

    • Agree about no-compariuson between the idiotic C-ville trial and Rittenhouse’s. Everyone who Rittenhouse shot fully deserved it, legally. The Unite the Right folks were abused by the system, and it’s continuing, but it’s not the same, or even the worst judicial abuse in C-ville. (and, no, I’m not talking about Fields, who IS a murderer).

      But the Ahmaud Arbery case IS comparable. The guy ran right at Travis McMichael and when McMichael leveled his gun to ward Arbery off Arbery ran around the stopped truck and grabbed McMichaels’ shotgun while hitting him with his other fist. Somehow shooting Arbeery wasn’t self defense, the usual suspects say.

      • I’ve now looked down the page for my yesterday’s post about defending Fields being akin to tolerating losers like Nazi-larpers, but it’s been removed, it appears. That is sad. I genuinely admire Z-Mans work ethic and inventiveness, but it appears that he can’t take criticism.

  23. “How in the hell can these people live with themselves”. speaking of the kids trial.

    Having grown up in Chicago in a political family under Daley this statement is sums up what is completely wrong with non left thought.

    A leftist will do anything, and I mean anything, to win. They will do anything simply to win a point. These are the type of people who would fire up ovens and throw you in if they thought they could get away with it.

    They will kill you if they had the chance. They say just that often. Best to start understanding this is not just a small fringe. And they are the ones who have government protecting them.

    50 years ago they were restrained, no longer.

    Until we recognize this war and learn to fight guerrilla style, taking them down into the mud they drag us in, we will never win.

    There is no western style government to bail the white man out of this Nazism as the Jews had. We are on our own.

    • My wife is a (semi)-reformed Goodwhite from upstate NY. She grew up in a small town with no diversity and lots of “community spirit”. She still thinks (though she denies it) that this is how the world mostly is. She thinks wokists are misguided and deceived.

      The real problem is that, even among Whites, there is a certain percentage of the population who have a sort of hungry darkness at the core of them. Among certain peoples, like the Amazon native tribes where something like 50% of the men die from homicide, this dark psychotype is dominant. These people cannot sustain any form of civilization.

      Here among our tribe civilization advanced when the good people placed chains around these people. Religion, work, and family life were the innermost, but also weakest of the chains. The outer layer is naked force. My wife and people like her don’t see that while some Leftists are just naive dupes, perhaps most of the hardcore ones have this same inner darkness. Just like an actual black hole, you can never throw enough knowledge, patience, good intentions, or tolerance in to fill it. In fact those things just feed it and make it grow larger. There are only two solutions, you can all imagine the one, the other is to chain these monsters up again.

      • darwin will help your wife (and those like her) figure things out…good and hard. unfit genes are unfit genes, no matter how pleasant a package they are wrapped in.

      • Edward Dutton mentioned that in the past capital punishment in Europe killed off over 1 percent of the population per year .

        This probably got rid of the psychopathic elements of society…

        • The real danger isn’t true psychopaths. Only the smartest of them can escape justice for long though if Europe was killing at that rate (In a town of 10,000 over 100 executed a year?) they may well have killed all the stupid ones in a single generation. The “hungry darkness” though consumes a much larger fraction of the population than true psychopathy. These people have some self control and instinct for self preservation. A permissive society though will unleash their appetites. These, however, cannot ever be sated and will expand their hunger in fact. Freud was a crackpot he got a few things right. One of the elements of the human mind he identified was what he called Thanatos (Thanos, of comic book fame almost certainly gets his name from this). I think he was spot on about this and this is really what we’re dealing with. You can never sate these appetites because ultimately these people crave death – and they will take you with them happily.

  24. “For ideological reasons they are making up nonsense about how food is a luxury item.”

    It’s worth noting the wording they use – they call meat and dairy not luxuries, but “treats”. Luxuries are something people choose to buy for themselves. Treats are a dog’s reward for good behavior, given entirely at the master’s discretion.

    • Milk is one of the most nutritionally dense and most affordable foods calorie for calorie in existence. On twitter they were mocking a guy with eight kids that he got 13 gallons of milk a week. When I was a teenager I went through a gallon every other day, and my other brothers did the same. My parents would have had trouble affording our insane calorie intake during sports seasons without it. The only other alternative would be something not nearly as healthy like a loaf of bread a day or guzzling vegetable oil.

      At this point, anyone who still follows the farce of government dietary recommendations deserves to die. The outer message is about environmentalism, but the clear whispered message is “we want you sick and weak”

        • I’m sick to my stomach if I don’t drink milk every day. Let’s hear it for the lactose tolerant!

          Those superior milk proteins are why Aryans conquered the world, by the way.

          Two northern populations each had a few blondes. The ability to digest lactose protein led to those blond strains becoming more prevalent, until they predominated.

          Superior nutrition of beef and milk made these white males larger and stronger than the spindly southerners who had a deficient grain diet.

          Females could raise their status by capturing a blonde conqueror, his blonde babies assured her elevation.

          Blonde/red/auburn females, of course, were the most desired creatures in the universe due to their beauty and those fabulous jewel eyes.

          Combine strength, beauty, intelligence and a mechanical mind with high cooperation and a thirst for benevolence and justice, and you get what?

          Bronze axe wielding Nephilim with domesticated horses and chariots, mighty men of renown building great megaliths according to advanced astronomical maths and profound cosmological speculation.

          The Elves. Nature’s tool to uplift the rest.

    • That terminology came one of the Chapo Trap House soy-commie podcast guys, a fat sexless millionaire who dresses like a toddler. Kids who don’t recognize him, except as a physiognomic archetype, use his picture in “consoomer” memes.

      “Treats” is a very rare thing, a bottom-up leftist meme, loose in the wild, mutating away. It flipped from “socialism is when no food, but unironically” to “MMT is when no food for Trumpkins” as soon as it met the bluechecks and became the official party line.

      Maybe it’ll be ARBEIT MACHT TREATS instead of a Google logo over our camp entrance.

    • The Keto diet as an act of rebellion: F**k you, bugmen, I will eat meat. Just imagine how delicious the bacon would be if it were from pigs fed the Deadwood way.

  25. The reason for their continued lunacy is that they now are focusing on all the little mini-Hitlers who voted for TRUMP. Orange man bad is over, but now they have to punish all of us little powerless bigots who made the mistake of believing we lived in an actual democratic republic in 2016. Silly us for believing their lies about this country being free. We should have known better.

    • One of Trump’s better quips was, “they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

      • It’s true. Whatever the man’s niceguy civnat failings, he saw their evil more clearly than most of us, and stood between us and them for four years. I don’t care WHY he did it. He has my gratitude anyway.

        • Or he sees us as most elites see us, as rubes who will take abuse for diminishing rewards; beaten until we vomit only to come back to eat the vomit pile a couple years later, time and again. The only difference being whether head high or head hung low, the meal being the same. He was likely genuinely surprised that we could be so fired up and yet so blind at the same time. I am sure the billions being raked through his media empire will help him get over all that heat he took protecting us from evil. None of which means negates the truth of what he said. Except for the actual truth that we are on our own.

  26. working on a new device for executions, to be used during the upcoming revolution. i call it the “Grillotine”; still a few design issues to work out, get the size down.

  27. Deadfall accumulates on the forest floor quietly. It tends to repose in muffled silence with an occasional rustle whenever the wind comes up, but is otherwise dormant and innocuous. And all of that changes rather in an instant when a spark (or more likely, a lightning strike) comes about as a bolt from the blue. The ensuing conflagration spreads out faster than you can run, killing off all the rotten and weak growth first. In the end, only the tallest and strongest trees remain with which to restart the forest. This is a natural cycle of life in a healthy forest, but there is a cautionary tale here as well. The longer it takes to get to the spark stage, the worse the fire will be and the greater the devastation preceding rebirth. And if you’re not robust, you best be at the fringe of the forest if you want the best chance to survive.

  28. Welcome, Dissidents!

    Z Man is finally catching up with Yesterday Man! (Probably because I’ve fallen so far behind that I am now in front)!

    It’s time to refound our countries. That now means no longer inciting or talking about inciting violence and force, it means applying it in an ethical manner after due process and consideration. Jews and coloured people will comprise the large majority of the first round of felons to be tried in the new lawful courts. Some considerations will need to be made about making examples of some as a warning to the rest. Just as the church is no longer the faith, the courts are no longer the law.

    One of the few things libertarians get right is that we don’t need new laws, we need to enforce the ones we have

    Our work is cut out for us.

    • Glen,when things gos sideways the first thing that goes out the window are those carefully laid plans. They never survive contact with the enemy.

      It’s a maxim.

  29. Knocked it out of the park. It did a good job of going past the various outrages-of-the-day and connecting it all to the anger we’re all feeling. This cannot go on.

  30. “We all have a Covidian in our life and have had our patience tested by them.”

    Last week my brothers girlfriend of over 11 years (they are both 67) gave him an ultimatum of get the jab or she’s gone. He said “well I guess that’s goodbye”. I knew she was a bit off when during the Jan 6 Frat Party she called us in tears and frantic. She constantly asked me why I’m not jabbed, and I would tell her I’m part of the control study. About a month ago she asked me again and I said “well, someone needs to be around to dig the graves and bury you vaxxers”. She just trembled in place and I had another drink.

    Good riddance.

    • “Well someone needs to be around to dig the graves and bury you vaxxers.” Oh that’s rich! Do you mind if I borrow that?

    • Yep. For me, when the Covidian harpies go after me – it’s almost always shitlib women – they demand why I am not jabbed. My response is always BFYTW.

    • I knew there was a reason that I scroll through these comments. And here it is, the pearl of great price. Thank you.

  31. “Of late, the question that keeps coming to mind is how much longer are we going to put up with these lunatics? “

    The meek do not inherit the Earth.

    Men of action own the world, and all the right ever does is talk on the Internet.

    • And the last time they ‘took action’ every instrument of the State came crashing down on their heads with coordination with the controlled media. Painting them as ‘worse than Pearl Harbor 9/11’, They were trespassing and for that crime are attempting to be charged w/ federal sedition & treason charges which are decades long to life sentences because they dared challenge the regime.

      So that being said, –you–, Sand Wasp. Go do ‘the thing’, whatever it is. “Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” Instead of coming on here from your Langley Cell attempting to fedpoast others into ‘doing something’. After you Agent…

      • I made a correct observation about reality, didn’t tell you or anyone to do anything, yet you call me a fedposter?

        Yes, the right is composed of the biggest bunch of mouth-flapping pushovers in human history.

        Western civilization will fall and you deserve your fate because you will let it happen.

        Have fun spending the rest of your subservient life larping as an “apex predator”

        • I put in my ‘work’ already f-ggot, would you like to compare criminal jackets? Pretty sure I’d win by a country mile, you LARP as a revolutionary on a f-cking keyboard and run your mouth. Guess what it got me? Being unemployable for years as the State crushed me under its boot heel. So I’ll keep my edgy name, thanks very much. Let me know when you want to compare notes because all you seem to be doing is complaining on the internet. Or you have some RealTalk™ Stories you want to share w/ the group?

          • Buzz off fuckwit

            Your mind obviously took damage while you were getting raped in prison.

            You now see feds everywhere

    • We have forgotten the power of intolerance. There was a reason the Left started their culture war with a war on “intolerance”. Of course, now, claiming to be “tolerant” of anyone, no matter how aberrant or anti-social, gets you in trouble. No, you must *celebrate* these lunatics! The Reality Challenged will soon be a designated victim group and will have their own letter LGBT…R.

      No, fuck that. Don’t explain that masks are useless unscientific horseshit to that girl at the store. Just call her a stupid cunt and flip her the bird.

      • I’ve used “Don’t talk to me, slave!” with good results. Also, for older, gentler greeters, I’ll use “No thanks, I follow Jesus”.

    • I realize this is a bit pendantic, but the word rendered “meek” in the original language is much more akin to “disciplined” rather than “passive.” I guess since meek rhymes with weak, people tend to make that association, but really it’s anything but.

      • The meek/weak brand assigned to Jesus by the Dispensationalist heretic was destroyed well by Vodie Bacham in a sermon some years ago. He coined the phrase “Hair model Jesus”, too.

    • Here’s the rub. It’s not happening when the police state is at it’s zenith in terms of force projection and intelligence gathering. Historically if you look at successful rebellions they tend to occur when the central government is falling apart and it’s military is vastly over extended and or corrupt..

      Biden and his handlers are doing a great job at blowing up the country’s economic infrastructure and pissing tens of million of people off in the process. From Navy SEALS to truckers and railroad men. Not smart at all.

      Wrecking the energy sector, the legal system and setting off inflation is just icing on the cake.

      In short rebellions have to be organic, they can’t be forced. Conditions have to get so bad that people say “fuck it” and go hunting. So our sides doesn’t need to anything. When you have evil, stupid and suicidal rulers. They tend to do all the work for you.

  32. Stingrays are devices that allow law enforcement to set up their own cell tower that masquerades as a legitimate part of the cell network and capture all traffic passing through the fake tower.

    The technical details are more closely held than those for stuff like, oh, say W88 warheads.

    • Everyone should write on their cellphone in permanent ink the words “The Spy In My Pocket” and then go kill their refrigerator if it has a screen on it. The latter is a great way to relieve the stress that Z is talking about in today’s podcast.

      • If you are using your mobile phone for anything you would not be comfortable with a federal agent looking over your shoulder while you are doing, you are using it wrong. Because there -is- a federal agent looking over your shoulder you just can’t see him and he isn’t always actively looking but every single character you send across data networks is waiting in storage for future use against you. I can’t imagine anyone doesn’t know this by now seeing as how it was the primary capture tool for the Jan 6 crew.

        • Add credit cards as a close second.

          Recall how the banks and credit processors figuratively broke their ankles tripping over each other to hand over transaction data for anyone that looked like a potential J6 participant.

    • The cops can call the phone company and say they want a geofence of all the cell phones in an area and they can do it without a warrant.

      If you are going to do any IRL activism, very first thing is leave the cell phone at home and turned on. You dindu nuffin. You was home all night. You was a good boy….

      • And if your car has Wifi or On-Star type service. Don;t use it. Get a older car with none of that Orwellian crap in it.

        And get rid of Alexa, NEST devices and any home security system that connects to the internet.

  33. Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb has been going on CNBC trying to get them to give it up and accept a return to sanity. Here he is throwing out the completely arbitrary end of the pandemic in January.


    Elites seem divided, some just will flaunt regulations and do whatever they please, some seem to be true believers to the new faith. A survey of how many elites are giving their under 18 year old kids Covid shots would be very interesting.

    • Barnard: I’d never believe a word the ‘elites’ say anyhow. Put their children and grandchildren on live tv, arbitrarily pick a ‘vaccine’ dose from one drug store or another, and genuinely inject each of them. That would not be sufficient recompense for even an iota of the evil they’re responsible for, but it would be lovely schadenfreude.

  34. Haven’t listened yet, but from your link:

    > Susan J. Demas is a 21-year journalism veteran and one of the state’s foremost experts on Michigan politics, appearing on MSNBC, CNN, NPR and WKAR-TV’s “Off the Record.”

    How in God’s green earth would any 21 year old be interviewed by serious outlets like they have a clue how anything works? She has seen, what, three election cycles in her adult life? No one would hire a fresh civil engineer out of college to design the new Brooklyn bridge because their heads are full of nonsense that experience hasn’t purged.

    What’s worse is she had probably bubbled herself where she will gain precisely zero wisdom as she ages. Given the tone of the article, she will just be a high school mean girl forever.

    • She isn’t 21 years old, she has been a journalist for 21 years. The end of bio claims she has a husband and two teenagers. She is probably in her mid 40s, although in her case, she is only going to get worse as she ages. Chances are good she has an alter to RGB in her bedroom.

    • Her self-written, self-aggrandizing ‘bio’ is cringe. She, however, has miles and miles on her, and claims to be a 21 year “veteran” of the world’s second oldest trade, whorenalism.

      She is not a fresh-faced kid of 21. She may have once been 21, but likely never fresh-faced as the term goes.

  35. Z, the reason the Charlottesville defendants act as they do in court is because they all read about Mustache Guy’s trial after the Munich Putsch in 1924, and they all think they can replicate Wiemar Germany in Brandon’s America.

  36. “This ridiculous dingbat could not count her boobs twice and get the same number both times…”

    I’m dying here. Fantastic line. Will be using it.

  37. “Clarity before the law”- great point. Case law, ‘stare decisis’, etc. have so diluted or ruined the plain meaning of the law that no one but the lawyers and judges know where things are really going in a case. Woe to the person that reads a statute and thinks they know what it means.

  38. People on our side of the divide have had an almost limitless ability to put up with the nonsense because they haven’t been aware of most of it.

    People who actively follow politics and culture are not the norm on our side of the divide. Our people want to enjoy their lives. Politics is like a football game where they cheer for their team but are really just concerned about what happens in their daily lives.

    One of the beauties of workforce training on CRT, the jab mandates and online school where patents get to hear what nonsense the teachers are spouting is that our side can’t easily avoid the craziness

    If our betters make the loons dial it back a little, our side will gladly go back to grilling and remodeling their kitchens. It is probably for the best that self control isn’t a feminine thing.

    Women and children will always push for more when they get their way and get more hysterical when they don’t get it if they are used to getting their way

    • Republicans refuse to to set boundaries on the behavior of the feminine left like you need to do with children

      • First of all, the Republicans are, with some exceptions, not on our side. But, pretending they are, its hard to set boundaries when the boundaries you set are hobbled by court decisions, vilified in the MSM, and opposed by a permanent bureaucracy that believes in their right to “correct” the errors of the peasantry. Or, they believe that they have to help the financial grift pipeline flowing.


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