Rittenhouse Trial

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has gone to the jury after both sides presented their closing arguments and the state presented its rebuttal. Wisconsin stacks the deck against the accused by not only allowing the state the final word but giving them a chance to address the closing argument of the accused. That means before the jury got the case, they had to sit through a long day of the state making unfounded claims about their case as well as the case of the defense team.

Putting that aside, the trial has not exactly riveted the country, but it has become a symbol of the problems facing America. For example, there were the howler monkeys of the new religion writhing in agony whenever the judge enforced the basic rules of criminal procedure. Immediately they labeled the judge a white supremacist fascist and issued a fatwa against him. The death threats came pouring in and he is now under police protection. Welcome to America.

Twitter sponsored people on their platform calling for volunteers to show up at the court and get the names and faces of the jurors. This is not an official Twitter position, but as a publisher, they chose to allow their members to post these calls. In a sane society they would be liable for the people they boost on their platform. In present day America corporations are immune from all consequences. As long as they are true believers, they can do as they please.

On the other side of this you have people slowly waking up to the reality of the situation, who are glued to the case. They hold out hope that the jury does the moral thing and clears Rittenhouse of all charges. They do not want to see an innocent man condemned for holding the wrong opinions, but mostly they do not want to see the ugly reality of this age piled onto the head of a baby-faced young man. This trial offends the decency of the remaining honest men in this society.

For those who have had their awakening long ago, this trial is a continuation of the trend that now defines society. On the one hand we have America descending into a great terror aimed at the white population. The new religion is all about vengeance against white people. Juxtaposed to this are the people who see it, trying to find some way to wake up the rest of the people. This trial is another example of the aware desperately trying to warn the world.

Of course, that brings up the confused audience in this tragic drama. Most white people are trying to avoid looking at this trial. The grotesque nature of it turns their stomach, as it should. The ugliness of the human condition is on display. There are the savage calls for mob vengeance and the cruelty of fanaticism. This trial is a human sacrifice carried out by a mob of fanatical lunatics. Most white people thought we had evolved beyond this sort of thing. Welcome to America.

It is a good reminder of something said by John Stuart Mill. “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

This has been the story of the last five years. The overwhelming majority of people in America, regardless of race or national origin, just want to live quiet lives enjoying the benefits of their circumstances. They are Burkean conservatives in that they do not want to flip over the tables and begin anew. That understandable and justifiable desire for stability and normalcy easily gives way to passivity in the face of evil. The story of the last five years is a nation of good men doing nothing.

This trial is probably a pivot point. The good men looking away do so with the certainty that their fellow citizens on the jury will do the right thing. They still trust the system even though they see the systemic corruption. If the jury sends this young man to prison many more eyes will be opened to the reality of this age. Not all, as some people put all of their efforts to remaining blissfully unaware. Theirs is a life of willful ignorance and a selfish disregard for the suffering of others.

On the other hand, the just verdict will allow most people to extend their holiday from reality a bit longer. They will comfort themselves in the belief that the system still works, despite what they have seen. Like a high wire performer who miraculously survives a fall and returns to his act, these people will learn nothing. Thoreau was right about most men living quiet lives of desperation. It is just that most men desperately wish to live outside of the great currents of history.

For those who have made the journey to this side of the great divide and see things as they are, this trial is just another opportunity. If the jury does the right thing, then the issue is why this kid was persecuted by these ghouls. If he is found guilty then the issue is the grotesque injustice at the hands of a savage mob of fanatics. The dissident is an opportunist, using every event to press a partisan case. The Rittenhouse case is just one more story in a long struggle for Western civilization.

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199 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Trial

  1. “most men desperately wish to live outside of the great currents of history”

    Very true unless they view those currents as beneficial to their self interest.

    People mainly want to take the easy path to losing weight, doing their job or holding political opinions. Consequently few will move to our extreme over this verdict. Men in red states will just see this as a reason to stay in red states. Many will just tune out. I find that many of the men I know who basically get what is going on no longer pay much attention to politics or even Covid because paying attention isn’t fun any longer.

  2. The moral of the story is, if you’re a kid who sort of worships the “thin blue line” remember who the thin blue line works for and that they would hang you out to dry in a heartbeat. All of this happened because the police were told to stand down.

    • Exactly right. And if one wants to change America, you must act like the Afghans who defeated the richest and most equipped military in the world with surplus goods and dressed in rags.

  3. Either way it is going to be RedPill night at the Golden Corral for a lot of the Grillers. Eat those colorful pellets of RealPolitik like a bowl of Fruit Loops. AYCE, baby. Masks off, blades out, greasing the slides on Madame la Guillotine.

    Burke, a man of the Eighteenth century, would in fact be turning over tables at this point. It might be Terror, it might be Horror, it may be both—but it will be Sublime, as he himself would put it.

  4. Bold prediction. Rotten house gets found not guilty, but juror(s) and or the judge and his family face severe consequences. Red pills all around.

  5. I look at this through the lens of Crane Brinton’s “Anatomy of Revolution” where the reign of terror is the sign that the glorious vision of the anointed is failing. And eventually the frenzy of terror has to relax in the inevitable Thermidor.

    Also, I use René Girard’s “Scapegoat” notion, that when things are tumbling out of control, and we don’t know why, society blames and eliminates a scapegoat: typically a small minority, witches, or cripples.

    Personally, I feel that blaming the white middle class for our all our problems will turn out to be a strategic mistake.

    The only question is the size of the butcher’s bill.

  6. Watched most of the live feed in snippets. Trial was surreal. One of those things that one cannot now unsee. Very different than Chauvin, where there at least some marginally debatable differences of opinion. Here you had “star” prosecution witnesses on the stand imploding under rudimentary “what, where, how” cross examination. And exactly 180 degrees from Accepted Media Narrative. Those folks are not handling it well.

    • My favorite was when they asked, “Did we ever ask you to change your story?” “Yes, you did.”

  7. Another excellent & eloquent post. Sorry so late to the party, reality intrudes.

    Rather than focus on commentary or analysis our ongoing cultural & sociological demise, I think forecasting & contingency planning is in order.

    At some point, a spark is likely to unleash the pent up anger & frustration of the sane and perhaps even drive Normie into action. The elites would prefer that this spark ignites a conflagration and carnage centered on the bottom of the social pyramid. This would keep them out of harms way and also justify a federal crackdown on all those gun-owning degenerates in Red states. That is their game, and they’re sticking to it.

    But we don’t have to play along. The Rittenhouse tale is not primarily about officially sanctioned persecution and injustice. The key lesson is that fighting back matters. The elites will use their control of the justice system to drop the hammer on any example of tangible rebellion for the simple reason that if this remedy becomes epidemic, they know they are next.

    So the essential problem of the present is . . . what now? Or more accurately, how do we fight back most effectively. My answer is 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • My guess is that Kamal succeeds in unseating Poopin Joe, via the 25th Amendment as the two camps are fighting already in the media, with Kamala charging Poopin Joe with being … racist for defending Buttplug but not her. Buttplug is obviously Poopin Joe’s choice for replacing Kamala.
      Kamala will need to offer something to the Party particularly Bernie and the Squad to help unseat Poopin Joe, and the dream of the Party: a merging of the Purge movies with Hotel Rwanda is exactly what they want and need. Corporate America is all in too — they’d love to get rid of all of their paler employees. Anti-Fa will be pumped and ready, bioLeninism at its finest. There is no lack of child molesters, domestic abusers, and family assaulting meth addicts to fill out their street army and come to your neighborhood.
      Its a big country though. Be ready to move.

    • “At some point, a spark is likely to unleash the pent up anger & frustration of the sane and perhaps even drive Normie into action.”

      And what does that entail, exactly? Our rulers are just waiting for an excuse to purge the white middle class with the new woke military, or to send the brown shirts to your home and collect your guns by force. Being fed up is one thing, but what recourse is there? I get stop participating in the system. I did that a long time ago, but how does that lead to an eventual take down of said system?

      I can’t even imagine what Rittenhouse is experiencing right now.

  8. Okay, reading the article now…

    “The overwhelming majority of people in America, regardless of race or national origin, just want to live quiet lives enjoying the benefits of their circumstances. They are Burkean conservatives in that they do not want to flip over the tables and begin anew.”

    Man, that resounds. The Zman is really hitting his stride. Tucker should be quoting this on national TV.

      • There’s been an increase in some of his language the past several months clearly signaling that at least some of the people who write/produce the show are paying attention to the right websites.

  9. Saint Kyle of Kenosha shot 3 J**s.

    They’re gonna have the knives out for this one. He should be a statue like St. Michael slaying the Dragon.

    Our Champion! A man, as our fathers were men.

    • PS- my own dad left the dry farm in Arkansas, lied to the Navy, and enlisted in WWll at the age of 15.

      • My brother, fleeing the desegregation riots of 1971, enlisted the day he graduated high school for Vietnam, at age 17.

        A child?
        Child, my ass. A man.
        When do we get get the 12 year old Trayvon picture of this sweetling child of innocence?

        • Theres a great statue by Bernini about Aeneas. He is carrying his lame father, who himself is carrying the household gods, their ancestors. And he is also leading his son.

          Who could have guessed that the son would have to lead?

    • I don’t think they were ((())))

      Except maybe for Huber?

      Rosenbaum is named Joseph and probably German ( don’t think I have ever come across a JJJJ fellow named named after Joseph), same for Gaige who doesn’t look ((())) and may be German

      Not sure about Huber

      • Huber’s autopsy photo is stereotypical (but there are Austrians and northern Italians who look like that) and Grosskreutz looks almost exactly like a friend of mine whose name is almost the same and whose work is restricted to certain highly nepotistic minority ethnic events (ahem).

        I’d bet Kyle batted about 400.

        In Wisconsin that’s very weird.

      • This is always confusing because when they migrated to Germany from the Eastern Pale Settlement, they took German names, and so many emigrated to America that Americans now tend to think of German names as Jewish names. There was a Nazi named Rosenberg, for instance. “Zimmerman” just means “Carpenter” and both Jews like Bob Dylan and “white Hispanics” like George Zimmerman have the name. “Gottfried” is “God’s Peace.” “Weissfeld,” is “White Field,” etc. The antifa scumbags don’t have very semitic features; Jew or Gentile, though, they got what they deserved.

    • Let’s not overplay our hand. Although I share some of your suspicions, none of this has been established. If you have some evidence beyond their names, I’d be pleased to hear it.

      I suggest that you focus on the established fact that Rosenbaum was convicted of an@lly rap1ng many young boys.

  10. A good question may as well be why do so many White people stay asleep to the blatant media attacks on us? Do many of them believe we deserve it? Would they sacrifice themselves to believe it? What keeps everything justified in their minds? I would love to hear it. Any of them who would not read Zman or say I can’t vote for Trump because he is racist because the media told me he is. Yet they hear 10 times worse racist insults against White people and it does not offend them. Understanding these kinds of White people will always, always perplex me.

    • Many of them have made lifestyle choices that run counter to the interests of White people. Do they admit that they irreparably f’d up, or continue believing the lie? I think self-conciliation is possible, but it’s very hard.

      • Especially consuming big business product at such a high level. I would think the sales for smaller businesses like Havamal Soap Works, or a local business would skyrocket as our people see the hatred the mass media sponsored by the big corporations have for us. Your pocketbook is a big way to promote Zman and our message.

        • #ChristmasGiving

          ONLY purchase from Team Christendom (or for the slow learners* Team USAian)

          And include a hand-written note explaining how this gift is also helping “the little guy”, ” real ‘Merica, or your brethren.

          *No shade: That IS me. Mea Culpa, etc.

    • Why? Because: the media constantly promotes, schools indoctrinate, corporations/antifa will punish countersayers, It’s a coordinated attack.

      Do believe? Yes: peoples actions are the indicator of their beliefs.

      Contemporary Marxism teaches that a paradise is hidden, and that by destroying whiteness paradise will be revealed. By sacrificing whiteness then, one ushers in the end of history. It’s a lot like scholars call the Second Temple Judy-ism period: all sorts of visions of an end of the age, and a new age. Short version: older scrolls proclaimed the chosenites will rule the world, but in actuality they keep getting BTFOed by surrounding empires, so they imagine that after a big tear down of the world, a new world will emerge in which they are on top. . .

  11. Catching up…found it!

    I hereby nominate “the Holocough” as the Greatest. Meme. Evah!!

    We must arrange a Triumph in KGB’s honor, he deserves nothing less.

    • False modesty may be half the sin of pride but I cannot take credit for coining that term. In fact, I have a fuzzy memory of seeing it for the first time in this very comment section. It’s a good ‘un, though.

  12. Kyle, and other like him, are an opportunity for storytelling. One can go about the day surreptitiously planting mustard seeds and fertilizing dissent.

    Prepackage Grievances optimally for different circumstances so you have clever short remarks to drop into the flow.

    Consider this statement:
    “Kyle makes me Feel Scared for my kids.”
    It invites the hearer to have the feeling of being scared for their children, and have concerns for their future; to link fear, anger to “Kyle” and similar. It is something they could repeat, normie to normie.
    Job done.

    While a topic is hot, be ready to gut punch. As topics fade, sand off the scabs.

  13. “The overwhelming majority of people in America, regardless of race or national origin, just want to live quiet lives enjoying the benefits of their circumstances.”

    I no longer believe that’s true. It implies “people” are paying attention. The sheep keep sheeping.

    What Kyle’s case suggests to me is that lime, backhoes, and 1 MOA sticks with night vision are going to be hot commodities.

    Hubris is a destroyer. For me and mine, I’m banking on American Society’s deacceleration sickness wiping out most of the orcs in cities. Ol’ Remus’ wisdom rings true- Avoid crowds.

  14. If the kid is guilty of one thing, it is naivete. He went to Kenosha to defend a CarSource owned by Pajeets. The Pajeets denied ever asking him for help.

    Good kid, and brave, and a model citizen, but a civnat through and through. Here’s hoping this experience redpills Kyle.

    • Holding out hope that the trial alone will not only redpill that poor kid but many other White Americans will wake up, as well.

    • Unpopular points that you make.

      Spencer did a widely criticized video, which Z Man shared, where he said basically said, “FVck Kyle. He’s an idiot Christian civ nat.”

      Probably because I’m a gullible, trusting white guy, I have more sympathy for Kyle than Richard does. But then again, Kyle would probably denounce me before he would denouce the guys who tried to kill him.

      • “Probably because I’m a gullible, trusting white guy, I have more sympathy for Kyle than Richard does.”

        You have more sympathy for Kyle than Richard Spencer does because you’re not a worthless retard like Richard Spencer is.

        • Hey now. Let’s not get carried away. is not worthless. He acted as a damn fine mine detector amd a warning in the end.

      • You may be right about the denouncing part (I hope you are not) but until the day comes when Kyle has to choose between us and them, I am in his corner. After all, he took out 2 of the enemy and dis-armed a third. This is more than I have ever done.

      • If it makes you feel any better, Spencer would denounce you too. The difference is he would do it for attention, while Rittenhouse would do it because the entirety of the world says it is the right thing to so.

        • Kyle is not only a boy, but ‘boyish’ in appearance and character and history. All things being equal, if he was a badass pipehitter, or worse, a 3%’er poseur, he would be getting almost zero normie support, short of the wraparound sunglass griller types.

          On DS9:
          Take a look at the show’s creator and everything explains itself…..the plucky occupied theocracy rebelling against an imperial force, the burning bush, the magical Negro. I’ll never figure out why they left the Ferengi in…..literal happy space merchants.

    • La-Z-Man, great name, by the way. As much as I’d like to hassle the Z Man for laziness, I don’t think my insult would bear scrutiny.

    • In a way Kyle is a young exceptionally brave Griller. He wanted to help people, his community and others even if they aren’t like him so they can live a Griller life.

      This is a stupid a thing to do , bluntly you only help your own and our own isn’t Pajeets or anyone else.

      The Tribe gets this right, be a tribe, help only the tribe, everyone else can go hang.

      And yes I do get the fact its an antithesis to modern Western civilization . As the only good line in The Last Jedi goes

      Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. It’s the only way to become who you were meant to be

      On similar topics , the Left sicking the FBI on parents who scared some school board parasite I’m growing much less angry than I used to be.

      On a fundamental level we should be doing the same thing. Using coercion to force people to live according to our rules . That is the entire point of civilization and we’ve become so obsessed with freedom that we forgot it only works within moral grounds. Worse we so fear being “bad guys” we won’t even think of making rules

      Its no way to parent the amoral children we have as people these days. Spare the rod (or cell) spoil the child I say.

      My issue with the Lefts isn’t the coercion but what they believe and the fact the moral grounds they favor make no sense and are bad for people.

      Our unwillingness to pick up where the So Cons and Paleo Cons left off (not by choice) and set standards is our downfall.

      The middle way we are trying “Leave me alone” isn’t workable, best case for that is barbarism. You want civilization? Coerce or be coerced, drive the train or ride the box car. No other way.

  15. ” Wisconsin stacks the deck against the accused by not only allowing the state the final word but giving them a chance to address the closing argument of the accused.”
    My understanding is that this is standard procedure in most courts in the US. There may be some exceptions, not sure…
    This not to say that this is how it should be. In fact, there are plenty of examples of people questioning this, for instance:

  16. Conservatives refuse to wield any power that they have even when legally entitled to do so

    This whole situation and trial could have been completely avoided if Trump had used his lawful power to put down the insurrection instead of leaving his supporters at the mercy of the mob.

    Yet in all the outrage on the right with reference to this trial, I have never heard anyone righty put any blame on Trump’s total dereliction of duty.

    Instead they will whine “we can’t do anything because the feds will get us” as they line up to vote for the orange man in 2024.

    • Trump did nothing to blunt BLM.

      Trump did allow for the weaponization of hypochondria.

      Trump did declare a state of emergency in March of 2020 thereby bowing to the priests of Covid.

      Trump’s HHS czar did invoke the PREP ACT immunizing the merchants of mRNA from legal liability.

      Trump did appoint a veritable plethora of swamp creatures to various posts, including Big Pharma creeps.

      What a feckless fabulist.

      • You are so unfair.

        Look at the fabulous Platinum plan, pardoning of all those poor rappers, the DACA amnesty offer and his recent hosting of the RNC Pride Coalition event at Mar Lago .

        There is a man truly aiming to rebuild heritage America.

      • Trump did a lot of crummy things, but his opus may end up being that Sept 2019 exec order that Fauci and co. slipped between Big Macs.

      • It could have been fixed in two days. Send the secret service to get the head of the NSA and FBI and physically take them to Trump.

        He tells them to
        A. search all the phone records in the areas of every riot and
        B. compile a list by number of occurrences.
        Send an SS guy with one FBI guy to pick up each of the top 20.
        Flight straight to Gitmo.
        Find largest Funder (someone paid for the Rider trucks and pallets of Bricks) for each of their operations and get the head honcho of each it would be nice if one was Zuckerburg. Gitmo too for these guys.
        Terrorism charges. Hints of treason charges too.
        As much publicity as possible about the steps you had to take to ward off these terrorist attacks, instigated, you suspect, by Russia.

    • Trump never did anything to stop the rioting because it was set up as a trap for Trump. The democrats running cities like Portland just let the mobs run wild, with the police doing nothing and the local DA refusing to press charges against any rioters. All the while the mayor kept squealing about how this was all Trump’s fault. Clearly what he wanted was for Trump to send the national guard in so someone could get shot. Then the media would be right there to film the poor widdle Antifa gasping his last breath, followed by the usual backstory about how he was a good boy who had just graduated from college and wanted to be a puppy oncologist if Orange Man hadn’t cut his life short.

      • I repeat: what a feckless fabulist.

        Have you not grown weary with the “media will excoriate him” excuses proffered by the MAGA mid-wits?

      • I concur that the rioting was intended as bait for Trump to send in the troops to start shooting people.

        I also think that Trump correctly sensed that he had very little support among the Woke officer corps. Milley’s revelations and the anti-Trump letter signed by dozens of officers seems to confirm that.

        In his heart of hearts the Donald is a business guy. He was never going to put himself in a position where the Woke officers could arrest him and put him on trial for treason in front of Congress.

      • To some extent yes, but the media was already excoriating him anyway. All he had to lose by doing something was the quiet middle that wanted something done but would never say it out loud.

      • Someday a man will give them what they want, in full measure. Clearly, Trump was not that man.

        • No one who was thinking would presume a 75 year old hotelier, brands expert and entertainer would be up to the task of nation building.

          You need a Caesar whose ambition is nearly without limit and would accept a civil war maybe even to the destruction of what is already here to get what he wants.

          Our side isn’t really big on wanting much but “leave me alone” change that though? You have a chance,

  17. Regarding the likelihood of riots, regardless of the outcome, has anyone checked the weather report up there? Does anyone know when the new Air Jordans come out? How is NBA Live 2K22 rated?

    I really wish I was joking.

    • Have you seen the videos of them mobilizing the national guard for the verdict? Compare, and contrast this to the response for the BLM riots. I’m starting to think they hate white people.

      • That’s some of the best news I’ve heard all day. Really. That can’t be interpreted as anything other than pro-Rittenhouse.

        Think like an orc for a sec. I know, I know, it’s hard, but give it a go. If it helps, look at the behavior of NBA fans. They riot when their team wins, because those are the riots of celebration. And they riot when their team loses — the riots of anguish. Either way, it is their right to riot, no? Because after all, their team won! Or lost, whichever, doesn’t matter.

        Therefore, any attempt to stop the riots is infringing on their sacred right to riot, which can only be seen as supporting Rittenhouse.

        Bring it. Short of the prosecution beginning the trial with “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, nice town you got here, be a shame anything was to happen to it, the prosecution rests, massive riots are the best possible outcome.* In case last summer left you in doubt about how they really are, normie, well, you get to take a mulligan.

        *Technically 2nd best, as the absolute best would be the mob chimping out and attempting to take on the NG, who responds by going all Amritsar on them, and then it’s on like Donkey Kong, nationwide.

      • Never mind the National Guard. If Rittenhouse is found innocent then the FBI will re-arrest him on double jeopardy charges on the courthouse steps as he walks to freedom.

        They’re all-in in this one, like they were on Chauvin.

  18. Something that came out in the trial was that they had charged him with murder 1 even before all the brass was collected on the street; heck, the whole case currently hinges on “evidence” that didn’t show up until the last day of the trial (?!?)

  19. The next ten to twenty years appear to be set in stone, as it was in centuries past. Let me offer a prediction of sorts:

    In 2032, five-star general Constantina the Femme will lead the national guard to bust the heads of unarmed Trump Jr. supporters. It is said she looked to the sky, saw a rainbow flag emblazoned upon the sun with the words “In this sign conquer”.

    After leading his/her men to courageously bust heads, he/she will be proclaimed the Emperor(ese) of Woke, officially make Woke the state religion, and reign over the United States of Woke.

    Across the Atlantic, the Eastern half of the empire will continue to disintegrate into chaos, bankruptcy, and self-loathing. By 2050, after a civil war and coup, it will become the Islamic Republic of What Used to Be Europe.

    Meanwhile, the United States of Woke will change its name to the Byzantine Commune of Woke, where it will slowly decline until it can no longer feed its inhabitants or prevent foreign powers from establishing bases in South and Central America. But it will excel in the arts.

    No history doesn’t repeat but you can bet it will rhyme.

  20. This is the Dred Scott case, fake-and-gay Clown World version.

    There were lots of Dred Scotts in the legal system in the 1850s. The big courts wisely refused to hear any of them, because no matter which way they ruled, a) they’d agitate 50% of the country; and b) there was no ruling, however legally ironclad, that wouldn’t set some kind of country-shattering precedent. Briefly: Scott was a slave taken by his owner, an Army officer, into free territory; thus (the plaintiffs argued), he should’ve been free (I think the free territory in question was Wisconsin, how’s that for irony, Alanis call your office).

    If the court sides with the plaintiff, it violates both the 4th Amendment and the Interstate Commerce Clause — Scott is, after all, property, and can’t be taken away without due process. If the court sides with the defendant (as happened in 1857), it’s adios to the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, whole idea of “popular sovereignty,” the works — if you can take your property anywhere, then slavery is effectively legal everywhere.

    Same deal here. If Rittenhouse walks, it’s open season on Andy and Annie Tifa at the next Fiery but Mostly Peaceful Protest ™. If he’s convicted, the only logical conclusion even the dullest-witted normie White can draw is that we shall never be allowed to defend ourselves, ever, so the next time Andy and Annie come to town, it’s time to recreate that “I am Spartacus!” scene from that one movie, Bull Durham. Time to hang together, or we shall all hang separately.

    • Note, too, that it didn’t matter what the Court ruled, in the sense that they tried (a la Masterpiece Cakeshop) to write their opinion in such a way that it ducked all the big issues. They ruled against Scott, but on the grounds that, by granting him “standing” (ha ha! second time as farce, remember?) to sue, Missouri had, in effect, granted him United States citizenship, which is the sole prerogative of Congress.

      Same deal here. I suppose the “best” outcome, social-stability-wise, is for the jury to be so much smarter than the State, and convict on some lesser bullshit charge — aggravated mopery, one count of being a bear (or being an accessory to being a bear), something, anything. And then, because it’s November and it’s much harder to light a Best Buy in cold weather, the orcs stay home…

      The problem with that strategy, obviously, is that it relies on the forbearance of orcs. I’m not optimistic on that score. If they decide to do some freelance slavery reparations, then who’s going to stop them? Any crackdown must be interpreted as pro-Rittenhouse, and they won’t be having that.

      Boy, they really screwed the pooch here, didn’t they? Talk about rookie mistakes.

      • Apparently the Masters of Clown World predictably failed to grasp, at least initially, the ramifications of trying someone in a high profile case for defending himself against state-sanctioned violence. There will be blood, and since Frankenstein cannot control his monster at the end of the day, it may be the best kind, Blue against Blue blood.

        The United States of Clown World rapidly are unraveling and this was just the spark needed. Maybe a Red state will give Kyle sanctuary and oppose with deadly force any attempt to drag him back to slavery. If Clown World weren’t Clown World, it would try to achieve that outcome.

        • Circling back to Z’s Taki column yesterday, if Rittenhouse walks and asks for my advice, I’m telling him to flee to Russia and request political asylum. Because total, 100% acquittal would be just the end of the beginning, of course — Soros et al no doubt have civil lawsuits cued up on behalf of Rosenbaum’s estate etc. Even if he “wins,” he’ll be in court for the rest of his life…

          …unless he flees to one of the few remaining bastions of sanity. Hell, Xi Jinping seems to have an impish sense of humor; maybe he’ll offer poor Kyle asylum. He’d certainly be freer there than here.

          • I don’t know if Rittenhouse will be fully acquitted. If so, Lynne Wood is ready, willing and able to make him a rich dude.

            My concern is some ridiculous federal criminal charge. If that happens, Kyle needs to be in Russia or China pronto and holding daily press briefings. He cannot be Assange’d there. Ask Snowden.

    • Irrespective of the jury finding Rittenhouse guilty, innocent, or middling convicted of some lesser crime, the point is clear. The prosecution of this lad was an intentional travesty. The process is the punishment is the lightest message TPTB intended on sending.

      A just finding of “Not guilty” will be a bug in the system unlikely to deter future selective prosecutions of bad thinkers and whites in general.

      We are fast becoming de facto criminals in our own land.. React accordingly. I suggest you all start thinking like criminals. Assume that living your life in a traditional, moral, sensible, and independent way has the very real taint of danger about it.

      Don’t think like Jamal, pinched for a $22 heist of the local gas station. Think like B.D. Cooper in your endeavors and with the clever defiance of Michael Collins in your spirit.

      I’m not saying be afraid of doing anything to improve yourself, the lot of Our People, or sewing chaos among these evil forces. Quite the opposite. You have a duty to resist. You have no obligation to speak truth to these vile people, obey their chimeric laws, or respect their moral authority. You should only be wary of hitting the tripwire of their temporal authority.

      I will put it this way. Until the worm turns be mindful of your actions and appearances. Wear a figurative mask. Even if Kyle Rittenhouse escapes this immoral persecution, this will be the last time, for some time, that a white man will be allowed to physically fight back with his bare face exposed to the sun.

      • Yep, even if he escapes prison, Rittenhouse was hauled before a jury that could have gone either way. His trial sends a message to whites regardless of the outcome:

        If you defend yourself, we will come after you.

        For now, the system is too powerful to take on directly. Find friends, build non-political networks and wait for future opportunities, which will come. Our rulers are at the peak of their power right now. They’ve inherited functioning institutions and enough capable people to carry out their policies. That will slowly erode.

        • What criteria do you use to declare that system is too powerful? Not saying you’re wrong. It’s just sometimes I intuit that it is a creaky edifice waiting for a sharp poke to send it tumbling.

          • You may be right. I will offer you this for your consideration. If this same Rittenhouse scenario had been entirely the same, but his assailants been black, Kyle would have had his show trial months ago and already been cooling his heals in prison, convicted of theost severe of the crimes. The fact that this is clearly pernicious prosecution and the victims are publicly percieved as “white”… and he is still on a razors edge… that is power.

          • The fact it installed a fraudulent president without even trying to hide it, and barely a peep of protest for starters.

      • “You have no obligation to speak truth to these vile people,”

        I, for one, am actively affirming and cheering their noble decision to take the jab. I encourage them to take each and every booster to keep people safe. And to make sure their kids do too!

  21. Capital suggestion, Z.

    The dissident? A provocateur? Obviously no headway will be made in swaying the left; but the Normies are waking up angry. Over at American Digest, Scott Adams and Gerard are realizing they may have to go to war over fake news… and it isn’t exactly sitting well with the old Boomers.


    I am probably full of chit, but I think the state is going to be told to sod off, and Rittenhouse will be a very rich young man once the lawsuits start. And – the way things are going – some of our media slobs may find themselves getting burnt at the stake soon. Americans do not naturally abide treason, and the fun and games will have to stop eventually.

  22. The case has given us another litmus test for righty untrustworthiness. Anyone complaining about the prosecutor’s gun handling is a…a non-heterosexual of the mind, let’s say.

    I saw one popular conservative lawyer-commentator say a bunch of horrible things I’d say, so of course I was delighted: this prosecution’s ineptitude is typical; DAs can’t course-correct when there’s an evidentiary backfire because they don’t know how to stop lying and they’re used to the defense playing along Generals-style (because judges get mad when they don’t); there being no evidence of guilt will have no influence on the jury because only “the story” matters; the defense seemed to realize that at the last minute, so there’s *some* hope; etc. Red pill open bar. But while he said all this, his chat was full of gun-sperg slogans and factoids. (Did you know that no discharge is accidental?)

    For normies who’ve noticed that everything else about the prosecution was worse than a gun-safety gotcha moment, there’s hope. Gun guys, though they may be useful as armories in “SHTF” moments, will never be our guys. They got lost in autistic hobbyism for a reason.

    • You are a complete f-cking retard who has clearly NEVER been on this business end of a firearm. I’ve had 4 select fire assault rifles pointed at me at once, it ain’t no kinda fun, period. Ever. Under any circumstance.

      There is nothing spergy about not wanting a rifle pointed at you while some clueless loudmouth (like yourself) spouts off trying to make a point blissfully ignoring nearly every gun safety rule ever written. Tell you what, let’s meet up and I’ll wave an “unloaded” but fully functional AR platform rifle at you with my finger solidly on the trigger for several minutes. In fact, invite some close friends and I’ll continually sweep the barrel across their heads & chests for the lulz. See if you still feel like waving it away afterwards, deal?

      Just because the guy is a try hard mouth breathing hack completely out of his depth does not in any way invalidate this latest gaff in addition to the many he has already committed.

      • Must agree with you Apex. If one handles weapons in any business manner for any considered period of time, one inevitably trains (physically and psychologically) oneself to the point of revulsion in any “unsafe” firearm handling manner. Everyone can have a bad day at times, but whenever that happens—in my group—your day is *over* and you are asked to leave. Doesn’t matter who you are, LEO, Marine, citizen, whoever. No chances are ever taking with one’s state of mind. Go home, cool off, reconsider, try again tomorrow.

        Point a weapon at me in a court room, watch what happens.

    • “Anyone complaining about the prosecutor’s gun handling is a…a non-heterosexual of the mind, let’s say… Gun guys, though they may be useful as armories in “SHTF” moments, will never be our guys.”

      The situation will not improve until dissidents and ‘gun guys’ can cooperate. Do not speak of our future allies as if they were disposable. They are not and we need them to survive.

      Rittenhouse isn’t our hero. He’s Normal America’s hero. The prosecutor casually violating all the rules of gun safety while Kyle’s life is in jeopardy for exactly the same actions, will activate Griller Joe the Civnat American like nothing we dissidents could ever invent.

      The prosecutor never had a case and lied his head off. But when he committed gross hypocrisy over firearm safety, that was he crossed the line.

    • You are right about the gun nuts. Most of them would cuck out on everything but the 2nd A. They would give up the borders and the right to free speech as Black Coffee Rifle shows us just to preserve their right to own guns that they will never use.

  23. The whole prosecution team should be charged with crimes for abusing their office and weaponizing the law. There is no rule of law anymore. There is only rule of women.

  24. My mother brought it up at brunch the other day. She said she thought that it was an open and shut case but it looks like it’s not. She referred to him as that boy that killed all those people. But I could still tell she was routing against him. I didn’t engage but in my heart I thought traitor

    • A sizeable percent of the population need two things to bring them to the light (IMHO) – (1) they need the consequences of the new regime to be brought to bear on their own lives, (2) they need a new narrative that allows them to fight for their self-interest while still being the ‘good guys’. If Rittenhouse were killed in prison, that might serve as a pivot point, but I suspect merely being sent to prison will not. The treatment of parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ has promise, but may not be sufficient. However, all such potential pivots will not be acted on in any significant way by ordinary citizens unless they can articulate good reasons why they have the right to do so. As old, established rights – such as self-defense, property, free association, free speech and so on – are trampled, new justifications for civilized life need to be articulated. New words for old problems.

      • I agree with your point but I don’t like this utilitarian way of thinking. Kyle is a child and a symbol of our people. Like that white stag they killed in the English town. We should hope and pray for his freedom and safety and not discuss him as a prop in our political drama. I don’t say this in the church lady sense, and in fact my admonition is itself utilitarian, if you want. If we lose our humanity we lose our morality.

        I don’t care if we dehumanize outsiders and especially our enemies. But our own, and the best among us, should be treated like real people and we should care about them individually.

        Chauvin was a prop because honestly who really cares about him personally. He didn’t seem like a great guy and wasn’t a defender of our people. Kyle literally is a hero and did something incredible and pure. Let’s hope for his safety and that he has a good life, or at least a meaningful one. Getting murdered by feral blacks in prison isn’t good enough for Kyle, even if it made him a martyr for our cause.

          • I stopped caring for him when I saw his badge. For the 1,000th time — “The police are not your friends.” Write it down somewhere.

            You may get some sheriffs that are /ourguys/ but betting your life on it is a sucker’s bet all day long.

        • Fair enough – I too am exasperated with people who can’t find common humanity in their own people. The pathological altruism is astonishing. I don’t want martyrdom for anyone, least of all a child.

      • I’ve been trying to pivot the people I know in a different direction from the old established rights and more toward a “because I said so” mentality, one that basically says, “Here is how we want our society to look, and those that don’t fit the bill or who have some kind of objection to it will have to go, by force if necessary.”

        This will require training our people to reject the left’s claim to the moral high ground on every issue (or any issue), to quit feeling the need to justify their very sensible desires to crazy people who hate them.

      • “(2) they need a new narrative that allows them to fight for their self-interest while still being the ‘good guys’. ”

        That is goshdam brilliant.
        That’s the key to Narrative, our fundamental operating system.

  25. Self-defense attorney (and low-key race realist) Andrew Branca makes a persuasive case as to why Rittenhouse’s lethal acts of self-defende were entirely lawful:


    Hopefully this is how the jury will vote.

    It will be interesting and educational to see what happens when the verdict is announced.

    I doubt if our side will riot if he’s convicted.

    Will there be more Antifa riots if they vote to acquit?
    Since the case only involves White people, it’s doubtful BLM would care enough about Whitey to take to the streets.

    In any event: one more reminder of how America is becoming ever more divided.

    • The riots ended after the successful Jew coup. I doubt riots will be activated any time soon. The rioters may be monkeys and mutants but they’re sensible to know when the state is going to cover them. I don’t think we’ll see riots until we get another KKK grand wizard as president, or perhaps the EBT cards run out.

      • ANTIFA has been activated recently to harass and attack anti-vax mandate protests. “Antifascists” doing the bidding of multi billion dollar global pharmaceutical companies.

    • Bill: Since ‘the law’ is whatever the powers that be decide it is, I don’t give a damn if what Rittenhouse did was “entirely lawful.” Defending oneself against others seeking to physically harm or kill one is MORALLY defensible, and any legal system that denies this is antithetical to Western civilization.

      And as to how America “is becoming ever more divided,” precisely how divided is sufficient? Is AINO being considered one country a good thing? The problem is, as Zman notes, most desiring to live “outside the great currents of history.” You may tell yourself that none of ‘x’ affects you and pretend to be objective, but what’s happening matters, as does choosing your side. I want division, because AINO represents people who ought never to have resided in the same land being forced together. Division of antithetical people is a social good, and compromise with evil is a moral sin.

      • The fact that he is even on trial for such obvious self-defense is a grave moral failing.

        There is absolutely zero differences in standards for deadly force with the police or with a citizen. The cops have no special consideration for use of deadly force with one exception and that is the reasonableness standard is to a similarly trained and experienced police officer instead of a reasonable person.

        If we were talking about officer Rittenhouse, this trial would not be happening. No prosecutor would ever charge under the same circumstances. Rittenhouse had a gun and once a gun is involved in a fight, the stakes are NOT a black eye or a knocked out tooth. The stakes are you getting shot. The pedo had already threatened to kill Kyle in 2 separate instances that night.

        The real crime here is being committed by the prosecutor and the whole prosecutor’s office should be arrested and charged. Of course, this is clownworld and prosecutors have near total immunity.

      • Seconded. Removal of homicidal racial enemies is justified under any circumstances.

        The “law” now is for idiots and little people, to the degree those do not overlap. Someone recently noted that at least in China, you know what will happen if you follow laws now, and in that sense the Chinese are far freer than Americans.

        • I’ve been watching The Legend of Bruce Lee, a Chinese series on Netflix. In many ways it’s a ridiculous show but I love it because I venerate Bruce Lee and the actor that plays him is incredible.

          There’s an arc wherein he gets arrested for knocking a guy unconscious who’s trying to rape his fellow student in Seattle. The black female cop (who’s played by an African, as are all blacks in this show) and she explains to Bruce that his friends can’t testify for him because according to American law those witnesses are biased and can’t offer evidence. Bruce is appalled by the injustice of America and explains that this would never happen in China.

          It’s kind of funny how wrong the show is but also not wrong.

      • “Division” is a bastard of “equality”. Pro-Equality is used to disempower Whites. Anti-Division is used to further deracinate Whites and salt any fledgling identity from taking root.

        The gatekeepers and cowards on the right drone on about “don’t let ‘them’ divide us”, which of course implies there is a ‘them’ and an ‘us’ without defining either.

        The self-contradiction reveals what they really mean: it is morally wrong to form a [white] identity even while being persecuted for being a [white] identity by some other identities that we shall not mention.

        And like equality, they share this position with our enemies who work the other side of the coin by codifying the moral righteousness and legal superiority of every other identity’s natural right to self-interest and self-determination.

        So indeed the “law”, being fully converged into this paradigm is not only not on our side but is fully engaged in our dispossession and oppression.

        • In the Western World there probably several hundred thousand (at least) white male law enforcement personnel enthusiastically engaged in the dispossession and oppression of the entire White race. That pension and dental plan must really be something special.

      • 3g4me,

        I agree: self-defense is a fundamental human right, perhaps the most fundamental. It’s roots go back much farther than western civilization.

        The law doesn’t confer that right, merely recognizes it.

        The point I was trying to make is that the jury’s duty is to correctly interpret the law, and if they fulfill that duty, Kyle will be acquitted.

        I also agree that separation/secession/repatriation of non-Whites is the only workable solution. I have no idea how likely that is to happen, or even whether it’s possible.

    • It’s plausible the DA is throwing the case deliberately, and the riots were pre-planned.

      I’m thinking this whole case may be sleight-of-hand while something else gets accomplished.

  26. No matter what the media says, that was Kyle’s turf he was defending. Kenosha and Antioch were settled by the same people. Both people speak with exact same accent. They are 20 miles apart. His Dad lives there, his grandma lives there, his friends live there.

    He did something that has united most of the right because he tried to do good, was put in a bad spot, and when forced, defended his homeland. Quite skillfully.

    It’s something we should all recognize and get behind. If each of us raised a son in Antioch, Illinois, he would look like Kyle Rittenhouse. And if we brought him up right, he would have acted similarly.

    Do what you can to instill our values in the children in your family. It’s the only chance we have for a positive future.

    • The people ranting about Rittenhouse “crossing state lines” when he could practically spit on the border from where he lived, think we should take in anyone who crosses our border with Mexico no matter how far they traveled to get there or where they are originally from. How many of the looters and rioters lived in Kenosha? The left routinely busses in activists to cause problems in places like this.
      The law means nothing to them.

      • It’s the standard Alinksyite tactic of forcing the opposition to live up to the letter of their rules.

        • It only works against an opponent that actually has rules.

          Its why you can’t use it on the current crop of demons as they do not have any that survive from one minute to the next.

    • Quite skillful indeed. He only shot people who were obviously attacking him, and managed to get into good firing position even after he had been hit and kicked in the head. He performed very well under extreme pressure, which is much harder than most realize.

  27. Sometimes the System pulls back a little. That could happen here. As Lenin said, Two steps forward, one step backward.

    • Kraus did sound deflated and defeated in the closing rebuttal, and he’s looking right at the jury and they back at him. I think Attorney Richards did a good closing for Kyle’s case, although attorneys online such as Branca at Legal insurrection where I’ve been watching the trial, think it was less than a stellar closing argument. I think Richards connects with the jury, and he seemed confident in my eyes. Binger was such a little hissy fit phag, I can’t imagine a jury from Kenosha — hunters and the like — taking him seriously.

      From my understanding, the self defense charge is the lynchpin. If innocent on that charge, then all the other lesser charges go bye bye. Only because of that do I think Kyle will go free. I’m sure they the jury would prefer to hedge themselves and say no to homicide but yes to something like reckless endangerment so this way the jury can feel it did something and be spared the coming wrath.

      • “I’m sure they the jury would prefer to hedge themselves and say no to homicide but yes to something like reckless endangerment so this way the jury can feel it did something and be spared the coming wrath.”
        Agree. This is what I thought would happen with the Chauvin case. Honestly, these cases are mistrials before they even occur. The jury’s sense of safety and thus their objectivity and integrity of motivation is compromised before the trial even begins.

          • Accurate aim while getting knocked down, kicked, boarded, grabbed by several assailants?
            In an active physical fight?

            Kenosha Kid’s a legend.

            Even the Western gunfighters weren’t aiming in an actual tussle.

      • Falcone: We can’t assume Kenosha jurors represent what one used to consider Kenosha people. From what I’ve read, that city has been run by an Armenian family of highly questionable virtue for a number of years, and the White population is dropping just as it is everywhere else. Plus most female jurors will be determined to punish the young man with the scary gun. Prissy, weak women have no business making legal judgments.

      • The jury is going to want to split the difference. The problem is the lesser included allows that while Rittenhouse believed deadly force was reasonable, it was not “objectively reasonable”

        This is the problem with self-defense in general. These laws were construed and written by moral men for a moral people. While they understood that they could not allow for blanket self-defense, they wanted it to be a fairly low bar and hence the reasonable person standard.

        These “reasonable person” qualifiers are enormous loopholes through which you can fly a plane or a Mack truck. This gives the government endless flexibility of who they charge and don’t charge and under what circumstances. it is a system ripe for abuse. It allows self-defense to be re-framed as “if the prosecutor’s office thinks what you did was reasonable”
        Kyle is incredibly lucky he did not give a statement that night.

        It has only been very recently where far leftist anti-White bigots have really started targeting prosecutor’s office elections. The prosecutor is one of the most powerful people in America. They have near total immunity and total discretion. The cops can arrest you and throw you in a cell for the night, but ONLY the DA can actually file charges and he has 100% discretion. That is why Soros has targeted DA elections. Here in Lagos on the Delaware, we have one of these SJW DAs. He is refusing to prosecute large numbers of crimes. One of his first acts was to fire most of the DA’s office and hiring SJWs as ADAs. The only person who can really do anything about it, and they are extremely reluctant to do anything and rarely do, is the state attorney general. A person can walk up to you and shoot you in the head and if the DA doesn’t want to press charges, he simply doesn’t.

      • “Kraus did sound deflated and defeated in the closing rebuttal”. He also kept repeating the same points. In my experience, the client always wants his attorney to repeat the same points over and over. But juries get it after one or two times, and anything after that is counterproductive and desperate.

  28. Some thoughts in no particular order:
    1. “but mostly they do not want to see the ugly reality of this age piled onto the head of a baby-faced young man.”
    Usually the defense chooses NOT to have their client testify, because there is just too much risk involved. Even if the client is innocent and has all the facts on his side, the prosecution will try to trip him up–its just too much risk without much reward. In this case, I thought it might be permissible simply because Rittenhouse has such a baby face. The jury will sympathize with him because this is just a kid after all! And even if the prosecution trips him up, they may just look like weaselly assholes in the process and garner more sympathy for the boy.

    2. “The Rittenhouse case is just one more story in a long struggle for Western civilization.”
    WRT the last paragraph, Z is right as always. We have to be prepared with our framing and talking points with either result, and dispense these to normie. However, if the kid is found guilty, it will be an immense blackpill to swallow personally. As with the Chauvin fiasco this SHOULD be an open-shut case.

    3. The general theme of this post reminded me of the Yeats poem The Second Coming:
    “…Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    • By the time the prosecution rested in the Chauvin trial, I knew Chauvin had to take the stand and I was pretty sure he was going to get convicted. At the same point in the Rittenhouse trial, I thought the defense could simply rest and not call a single witness. The prosecution simply did not prove their case. I am much more optimistic about Rittenhouse than I ever was about Chauvin. But, even being optimistic, it would not surprise me in the least if the jury split the difference.

  29. A just verdict may be even more eye-opening if the jungle savages see it as their cue to loot and pillage.

    • The savages see everything as a cue to loot and pillage. Why would this be different. Hell, they even call this White racism and all the principals are White not black.

    • That’s almost a given. Another given is the federal/corporate apparatus very well may be unable to control their terrorists.

    • Well the wounded and deceased are Honorary Diversity, so yes:


      Might as well start looting while there’s still stock in the stores.

      Back in my former home, the CPD is bracing for “Mostly Peaceful” protests:


      Of course, we’re all stupid and nuttin’ happened and ain’t nuttin’ gonna happen you rubes!


      • Cori Bush is a liar, but Tom Ricks isn’t- because he’s literally insane.

        High function insanity, who’da thunk it. Maybe Cori is stupid and insane.

    • Only if the regime desires it. One interesting tidbit gleamed from the trial is that the FBI had a large presence at the riots, and the only thing they worked on was trying to railroad Rittenhouse.

      • Yes! This is the most under-reported aspect of this case. The FBI has drones orbiting and of course does nothing to stop Antifa. They are the new KGB.

        • drones, under cover physical agents, “protestor” informants, “media” informants, and stingray and other cell/data capture tech. They have facial rec and unique ID capture; they could ID and scoop all the burn, loot, murder ‘activists’ in a long weekend. They could establish the conspiracy players, track the funding, and build a case against the massive coordination and support from NGOs and the like. They did not.

          The next level anarcho-tyranny needs to be worked into the normie discussions as well. Its not just the war on white. The agencies, for all intents, are fully invested in at the very least ignoring the mutant/commie/antifa/blm paramilitary terror but more likely facilitating. Contrast that with Jan6 fellow patriot.

          • And that’s the real rub.

            Do nothing and the bad guys win by default.

            Enter the killbox to protest in Kyle’s favor and figuratively commit suicide, because the US Cheka will ensure that your life is essentially over.

        • So what are the odds that with all the rioters and action spread out across the town that the FBI just happened to have a HD drone recording the one shooting?

          Does it not seem suspicious that enough footage was available in order to add to the heavily moving picture bias of modern information?

          You are left with 3 options:
          1) stupendous odds of the one event being caught from a a single drone
          2) near blanket monitoring using a large number of drones
          3) a scripted event on behalf of at least some and possibly all participants that was set up and run within the riot and recorded for some other purpose (ashley babett fake anyone?).

          If the last then no one really died and the thing is another act out drama for all concerned.

          • Anonymous conservative has some commentary up as to a version of #3 that suggests KR was intentionally isolated and set up to be hit. References the Portland situation of similar sketchy circumstances in which the right-white participant was murdered and then the murder caught lead poisoning before it could talk.

            The common thread in all of this is that these agencies are most certainly not on our side nor the side of the “law”.

          • I am leaning towards the entire thing being a fake for the sole purpose of fomenting the normie pushback they are so desperate for.

            The prosecution ridiculous trial antics, jury intimidation and play up for the cameras all seem set up to rub in people’s faces that no matter how egregious the state actions you are going to get it up the ass and there is nothing you can do about it.

            Almost everything in this vein has been fake or engineered in the recent events and I can’t see a more likely conclusion that this is more of the same.

  30. “The story of the last five years is a nation of good men doing nothing.”

    Succinct and true, but also there’s a catch: there is nothing to be done, yet, other than exploit the outrages, as you point out. To do otherwise is suicide at this point. We live in post-Prague Spring Czechoslovakia and the State is particularly vicious now.

    The best outcome is an acquittal followed by violent BLM and Antifa riots that their’ federal and corporate sponsors cannot control. The right people may get targeted as well, and one can only hope that if these monsters go for federal facilities and actors, the national guard and other local officials step aside and let it rip.

    And, yes, a conviction will lead even more to be opponents of the system ready to let it burn. So either way, it is win/win. It is a good guess the State wishes this show trial had not been televised.

    All that aside, the attempted lynching has been an absolute abomination, a digital version of a Stalinist show trial that highlights what a farcical and grotesque place the United States has become. This is a dangerous government that no one foreign or domestic should support at this point.

    • I get what you’re saying, but it’s win/lose for Kyle. It’s human to care about the plight of a single individual, and this is the Kenosha Kid we’re talking about!

    • Not suicide, maybe prison time. As I surveille the youth I am acquainted with; many would benefit from a stretch in prison, or at least not be overly harmed by the prospect. Maybe get sober. The trajectory for a typical white working class kid is bleak based upon present trends. Humiliations piled upon humiliation.

  31. My impression is more and more normies are ready to make a break with the system, they just don’t know where to turn. Read the comments about this case at normie conservative sites like PJ Media or Powerline. The top upvoted ones would fit it here or at Amren. The 2nd Amendment crowd is very angry about this case and at the NRA for not standing up for Rittenhouse. The over the top rhetoric from the prosecution is really helping the cause. Normies hearing the rioters being called heroes enrages them. I would expect a number of organizations designed to channel this rage into dead ends after the verdict.

    • Bernard writes, “I would expect a number of organizations designed to channel this rage into dead ends after the verdict.”

      May I be the first to predict that whatever the outcome of Kyle’s trial is that the conservatives will argue that the outcome was bad for blacks, although none were involved, and that this is the real tragedy.

      • We have Cadace Owens here to discuss…the black community….as Thomas Sowell once said…

        Its not a stretch. After all these are the same people who celebrate that colleges are now 60% female and then pen drippy lamentations that all those strong-independent womyn in college don’t have enough real men to “date” because boys aren’t trying hard enough to even get into college anymore.

        Hillary Clinton during a conference on ‘domestic violence’: “women have always been the primary victims of war”. A BLM brick through the window of white urban bugmen’s apartment: “hey! we’re on your side!”.

        Some will never learn. But for the rest of us the divide is so massive and so obvious that slouching toward cucktown is also too cringe to ignore. The organizations and institutions channeling that rage will keep doubling down of course but it is getting a lot harder for neutral-normie to camouflage himself in those cozy confines.

    • The first sentence of this speaks volumes and I second it. Most of the people I deal with now are of that exact mindset, “I’ve had it with this insanity, can’t we do any better?”
      A place needs to exist for all of them to go. As for the NRA, just another set of grifters, I cancelled my membership 25 years ago and Wayne LaPierre looks like the teacher in HS nobody could stand. Plus, a name change is in order. One cannot represent anything to do with the 2nd amendment and firearms in general with a surname like “Lapierre”. A surname like Haggerty, or Davidson, or something old-school Prussian/Junkers like Von Arnham, something that reeks of traditional masculinity!
      It would be nice to see a guy like that on Tucker, “Joining us tonight with comment on that subject is the spokesman for Americans for Firearms, Mr. Dave Haggerty, good evening Dave.” Optics are important!

      • Steve: Just as with everything else, one must view the 2nd amendment through a racial lens. Yes to White ownership and use of guns; no to every other race and any non-European immigrants (no, I’m not one to glorify the rooftop Koreans – they were merely defending their personal property, which is fine, but they do not represent America).

        And yes, the NRA are grifters and Lapierre is worthless, but his name is not the problem. There are a number of people of French and Canadian descent who are tough men and patriots.

        • A group of urban diversity was at the range on Sunday (an older man who knew which end of the gun to hold, 2 adult daughters(?) + one early 20’s jogger). The grandpa was the only one not wearing a face diaper. None, not even the grandpa, seemed particularly competent.
          My teenager was not impressed, but none of them were shooting the floor or the ceiling…

    • A few years ago, a dairy herd being transported escaped after an accident. So I heard, they roamed awhile, causing property damage and a fatal car accident.

      That’s normie if he breaks from the system. Totally helpless and unconsciously destructive.

  32. Twenty-two years ago, in Boston, a young Brithish woman named Louise Woodward stood trial for allegedly shaking and slamming a baby in her care, causing the baby’s death. The defense was able to prove, to a biological certainty, that the infant died from causes not related to his caregiver. In addition, the state’s attempt to frame this young woman was exposed in all its ugliness. The jury, under intense pressure, convicted the young woman anyhow.

    Fifteen minutes after the jury was dismissed one of the jurors admitted that she wasn’t sure the defendant was guilty. The honest judge, one of the few, imposed a sentence of time served and sent her home. The prosecution appealed and the state’s supreme judicial court upheld the judge on a technicality.

    The talking heads of the government media are complaining that the jury, in this case, is all white. Tucker pointed out that the parties to the incident were all white. No matter. A non-white jury would have a duty to convict as verdicts in criminal trials are about sending messages, the message here being that a white man with a gun not under military suervision is “a danger to our democracy” and should be disposed of.

    Unless history fails to repeat itself for the first time, Woke America, that is, America in its suicideal decadence will go down in flames. The lesson is: prepare as best one can.

    • The jury is supposed to be of our peers, and in most cases that excludes whites from being on the jury for a black case and vice versa.

      I just don’t see why blacks should be on a jury for Kyle. They’re not his peers. He’s from a white town and a white background and should be judged by those around him who are best able to determine his motivations and innocence or guilt.

      This racial stuff is getting way too far out of hand. Most blacks have zero clue at how Kyle thinks, was raised, his beliefs, etc. they might as well be from a different planet.

    • In AINO, all groups of three or more white people are evil. Absence of diversity–and especially Hutus–is a moral outrage. Prima facie, whites are morally suspect and blacks are sanctified. And this is why traditional white institutions such as orchestras, golf, NASCAR and ice hockey are stumbling over themselves to diversify. The taint of whiteness is too much for them to bear. In the eyes of the Power Structure and its anti-white supporters, the Rittenhouse jury is intrinsically illegitimate. It could not absolve its own sin by diversifying itself.

  33. What you didn’t mention, and the nice thing about our enemies and their hired thugs, is that even if “justice is served” by a not guilty verdict, the ensuing (((media)))-driven chimpout and the Federal double jeopardy charges will hopefully make it clear to normie that when you win, you still lose in this irredeemable system.

    • My thoughts exactly, you know that scumbag weasel Garland is just salivating over having his goons march into the courtroom after the not-guilty verdict is declared, violently cuff this kid and then frog-march him out of the courtroom live. As a warning to normie, white America.

    • But can the Fed’s really go after a civil rights charge against Rittenhouse? Sure, they *can* … I know better than to argue that this would be double jeopardy, though it is, and that would make absolutely no difference. My point is that Rittenhouse shot white guys, so it’s their civil rights that ostensively would have been violated. That would seem to require an acknowledgment that white guys *have* civil rights, which seems like something close to apostasy. Unless the argument is that Leftists enjoy special civil rights, but that seems like a bit too nuanced an argument.

      • Watch them immediately drop their cloaking devices and charge the kid with anti-Semitism.

  34. I can’t hope for an outcome that in the long run may help our cause. In the end this young boy needs to be protected from an unjust and cruel life that only a not guilty on all charges will possibly save him from. I feel powerless as ever , so for now I pray for him.

    One can only imagine the thousands of injustices done every year to innocent people every year by our corrupted evil justice system.

      • Probably the starkest difference between our side and their side is the want to avoid injustice done to the innocent, even if it benefits us.

  35. Listening to the prosecutors is like looking into the window of pure evil. These guys gleefully volunteered for a Soviet show trial to protect robbers and pedophiles that were on their side. The devil truly wears a suit and tie.

    Noticing a lot more darkness coming from normal people on the right as well as the left.

    There’s a stark realization from the right that their opponents aren’t people with a different opinion playing by the same rulebook, people who hate them, want them dead, and their children dead or, even better, brainwashed. And they are coming to terms with the fact those are the people in charge of everything. The concern trolling among pundits about Kyle had been ruthlessly squashed where it hasn’t been completely ignored.

    The left has gotten away with their bloodlust for so long they are aching for their next hit, and need stronger doses to keep their high.

    • Why I think the movie The Devil’s Advocate was superb and probably the best thing I have ever seen in putting in pictures all the corruption and evil around us. That movie nailed the evil of the courtrooms and so called justice system and all the players involved.

    • Lets hope this trend will finally pierce the projection veil that has so many on our side stuck in the idea that they are just like us but with different policy views.

      The greasy prosecutors could hardly contain their hate and their bias. So much so that the pretense of legal precedent and jurisprudence was never really a thing.

      It was like having that bike-lock-swinging “professor” who bludgeoned those people have free reign. Not just within the system but as agents of THE system.

      A commie college prof is commonplace. But I think a lot of normal folks are waking up to the hard fact that all of our institutions are staffed and directed by these evil defectives.

      And the brazen hate they no longer pretend to mask in procedure and feints toward sacred parchments is a sign that the remedy is even further from some normal path of voting in new people or protesting the latest edict from the cloud.

    • It’s a new form of warfare for a new age. We expect people to come at us physically and in this age they advance linguistically and bureaucratically, weaponizing soft power while relying on hard power to back them up (hence, referring to parents as domestic terrorists when they complain at a school board meeting, which is nothing if not a linguistic game backed up with the threat of full bore state power.) We have no state power ourselves other than our status as citizens. We have some economic power, though that is eroding. The government, which produces nothing in and of itself, relies on a productive but compliant populace. And the verbal humbuggery marches on. A careful analysis of the Rittenhouse transcript provides ample evidence of their new tactics for attacking citizens’ rights, including a wide-array of sophistical (but sadly effective) arguments. We need to adapt to this new age.

  36. It seems that we’re all locked in this contradictory holding pattern. Good men doing nothing is a sin, but anything done, even legally allowed activism like protests, means pissing off antifa and the feds. Then you’re either sharing a cell with Fields if you try to escape a riot and accidentally hit some antiracist land whale with your car, or you’re scanning the list of societies our rulers say are antidemocratic so you can find a country that might give you asylum and protect you from the pogrom.

    You yourself said doing nothing is sometimes smarter than doing something. I’m not picking on you for the contradiction between the Mill quote and the stupidity of doing something when nothing might be the right choice; I’m just pointing out the bind we’re all in.

    The reality is we have to wait, wait for the trial’s outcome, wait to see how the normies and psychos react, wait for the next insane escalation by our rulers, wait to see if the supply lines (and T.S. Eliot’s) center hold.

    Billionaire wealth supposedly soared 70% during the pandemic, and for every Bezos trying to send a Shatner to Mars, you’ve probably got five Soros types buying DAs to make crime legal so that not even a Walgreen’s can stay open. Local secession may be the solution. Watch Buckhead, love your neighbors (the real ones, not the one with the hijab on the church marquee), and support only media that support you.

    • I agree that were are in an unreconcilable contradiction. That is the thing holding it all together. Doing something, anything really, exposes you to the mob. Doing nothing allows the mob to run free. Our age is the side of a mountain before an avalanche.

    • > Billionaire wealth supposedly soared 70% during the pandemic, and for every Bezos trying to send a Shatner to Mars, you’ve probably got five Soros types buying DAs to make crime legal so that not even a Walgreen’s can stay open.

      This is fortification of their strongest asset. It’s not a coincidence they tried to shut out any chance of financial support for Rittenhouse, and it’s just going to get worse. The financial system is the lynchpin holding our entire crazy system together, and the part the feds have the strongest control over.

      The answer is to build an alternative power structure that can fight back, and if that fails, can at least ensure your wife and kids will be taken care of if they get you. Their financial hegemony is unquestioned now (though Bitcoin is at least a reasonable workaround), so we need to build power through the old fashioned way of personal relationships.

      • We’re not crazy, nihilistic, or degenerate, so we’ve got at least three advantages over them, and no amount of money and no diversion can militate against this, in the end. I’m not especially religious, or a fatalist, but I think Ramzpaul is right when he says we win in the end. Waiting for the iceberg to melt beneath the snarling polar bear might work. It worked in plenty of communist countries.

    • I think what Z may be saying, or something I am coming to understand, is that we all have to find a way to express goodness in a way that might have some effect on larger society, and something that won’t land us in a jail cell with poor Fields. We have to put our minds to the task and figure out SOMETHING that works. Something that is not going to put us afoul the law, whatever it may be, but is also noticeably effective and which makes us feel like we did our part. I think we all have to find what works for each of us.

      • Falcone: This. Was discussing this with my husband, and while there is minimal action any of us may take without getting squashed by the State, there are numerous choices we can make in our own lives. As a Christian, I may not believe in publicly proselytizing the unwilling unbelievers, but I try to stand up for my faith online where I believe it has been misrepresented. At home, within my family, we live by traditional and conservative precepts. While confronted by nothing but bad corporate choices as a consumer, I try to discriminate as best I can (and our finances can bear). I try not to be needlessly rude, but I feel perfectly comfortable not mindlessly smiling at or socially greeting aliens.

        None of this is sufficient – I agree, we desperately need to find some way to make some sort of difference outside our individual spheres, but so many don’t do even the minimum in their own lives. They let their wives rule the roost, or they marry and reproduce outside their race, or they fear to even gently push back against the lies believed by their families (standard mass media, the vax, the Rittenhouse trial). I think people need to develop private, personal intestinal fortitude before they can demonstrate public courage.

        • Even if it’s just keeping your lawn up, or dressing snappy and nice, and speaking well and with good diction. As an example, I was at the grocery the other day wearing my nice vest and a good shirt ,both tailored well, I wear nice shoes, which is obvious to people who care to notice, and people just start gravitating toward me as I strolled through. This stuff is contagious. B125 would have been proud he he.

          In a word, a sign or expression that you are on the side of order and beauty. For many people, that may be enough and what they are best capable of. It’s probably all I’m good at.

          That seems to be what the dividing line culturally and socially is becoming.

    • Joey mentioned James Fields and I feel compelled to recall one facet of his situation that is often forgotten. The Cville rally was declared a state of emergency and the police ordered everyone to disperse. That is what the police were shouting through their bullhorns.

      We followed the rules and dispersed into the waiting throngs of antifa. Antifa did not disperse and the police made no effort to force them to. They roamed the streets of Cville for hours after the order was given.

      The antifa that were beating on Fields’ car and the woman who died were on the streets in defiance of the orders of the police and the police did nothing. Fields’ 400+ year sentence was an earlier example of “grotesque injustice at the hands of a savage mob of fanatics.”

    • I dunno, I read “doing nothing” as literally doing nothing. The normies I interact with have temporarily forgotten that Wisconsin is even a state. Even something as small as them telling me “wait, that’s not right!” would be progress.

    • The reality is we have to wait

      Yes. Some German dude once said: “As long as we are gaining adherents, confrontation is not in our interest.”

  37. If he gets off, he’ll be immediately rearrested on federal civil rights charges,. Then come the wrongful death suits. He’s now a professional defendant.
    Anyone who didn’t get around to reading Bonfire of the Vanities would find the present a good time to do so. This circus has been building for many years.

    • I have never said this, and fwiw, but this is the one case where if Kyle is thrown in jail, my wife is going to have to hold me back from going up there and doing something. It may turn out to snowball into a protest of hundreds of thousands, but I’ll go. Something is different about this time. I’m not going to sit back and accept it, I know that much. I can’t. I won’t. This one hits a little too close to home.

      • Pretty obvious any protest response from the “right”, no matter how peaceful, is going to have military grade surveillance cataloguing license plates, cell phone numbers, pictures, the whole shebang. (Maybe the only positive thing that came out of this mess..thanks for the tip, FBI)

        The juice is not worth the squeeze. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by the “outrage of the week” news headline.

        Donate to KR defense, if you dare. Kid is going to need $$$ either way, because his life is over.

        • ProZNoV: I realize you’re right, and I already donated money for Kyle’s defense, but if we don’t protest a guilty verdict here, when or where do we? How many innocent White men must we let be railroaded before we bestir ourselves? Please understand I’m not accusing anyone of undue caution, and I’ve done nothing publicly yet myself, but still, personal safety and peace at what cost, and for how long?

          • I already donated money for Kyle’s defense,

            It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, both legal sides are financial winners. The lawyers are the contemporary secular equivalent of the Levites of ancient Israel. They make the rules, define the violations and administer the punishments. They are more significant than their allies, the elected officials, bureaucrats and media. Such is the bizarre and evil culture that has taken over the country.

          • Pray. Lift. Get healthy. Hoard your resources carefully. Get close to your family. Get to know your neighbors (if they’re terrible, move to better ones). Practice self-defense in a way you’re comfortable with, and willing to answer for.

            Most of all, read. Zman constantly mentions great books. The Captive Mind, The Demon in Democracy, Escape from Freedom, The Rape of the Mind (Mentacide), the Gulag A, The Power of the Powerless. Understand how you’re being manipulated; this is the best defense and a way to clearer thinking.

            Shuttling across the country to stand in the middle of a pointless riot where only your side gets hurt (be it physical attack or legal action) makes no sense. Your own family, and your own community needs you, not Kenosha, WI (to whom you’d be an interloper anyway, no more wanted than the bused in antifa).

            I respect the hell out of Kyle. He’s going to teach lessons before this is over.

            I keep thinking should I ever had to use a firearm in self defense, would I turn my self in and trust the jury system, or would I find the deepest, darkest hole and disappear?


            Ranchers in the West have a saying about dealing with “endangered” predators attacking their livestock:

            “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.”

      • Go back and watch the testimony of the stoned brothers who own the car place up there. It’s like going to Tijuana to protest a bad judgement from a Mexican court.

        Related: not that the Chinese do not travel domestically, but they are particularly leery of law enforcement in areas to which they cannot claim any ties, clan or otherwise, to the court system. That’s where we’re headed: everyone will spend as little time as possible outside of the bubble where they know someone who knows someone that knows a local judge, etc. (As has always been pointed out, globalism might doom the modern nation state, but it will also formalize clan-rule.)

        • Evil Sandmich: I know my suburb is run by racial aliens and I don’t trust anyone in authority, especially not the White cops who’ve chosen to take the state’s dime. Yet another reason to relocate to a small, rural, White town.

          • I relocated to a small white rural town a year ago to raise my family. Best decision I’ve ever made.

        • Clan rule will suit human psychological and social needs needs very well. Tribe after all is truth.

    • “The process is the punishment.”

      – Someone far more perceptive and insightful than myself.


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