Thieling It

For a very long time, there was a zone of acceptable behavior in politics that was bound by both political coalitions. One side of the political class established the right side and the other camp established the left side. Within those two boundaries is where you found acceptable political discourse. If someone on the right side started noticing things, they were thrown over the wall into the void. Similarly, if someone called shenanigans on the liberals, they were marginalized.

Most people noticed the barrier on the right side as it was the tallest. Those gatekeepers also made a big deal out of being gatekeepers. In retrospect, conservatism was nothing more than a gatekeeper’s handbook. On the left side, the grandees did their policing more subtly, with a sense of shame.  People like Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich were tolerated as long as they knew their place. They got to pretend to be real socialists as long as they never threatened the established order.

The story of the last decade or so is the collapse of both walls. Donald Trump swung a wrecking ball through Conservative Inc. What started as a vanity campaign set off a populist rebellion first aimed at the gatekeepers on conservatism. Forgotten in all of this is the way Trump humiliated the Bush wing of the party. The mediocrities running conservatism did the rest. The whole thing collapsed under the weight of its own stupidity, corruption and perfidy.

Something similar occurred on the left side. The Bernie Sanders challenge to Clinton in the 2016 campaign exposed a massive crack in that foundation. His 2020 run forced Liberal Inc. to blow up it up to prevent Sanders from winning. In retrospect, the 2020 shenanigans should include the rigging of the Democratic primary. The result was a collapse of the gatekeeping on that side. This is an underappreciated part of the whole effort to install Joe Biden as president.

It seems that some of the empire’s rich people have noticed that the walls are down, so they are coming up with solutions. One is a new university in Texas that will gather up various exiles from the establishment into something of a think tank. Their stated claim is they will challenge the orthodoxy of the academy. The money for this is coming from a guy calling himself Joe Lonsdale. He is part of the Peter Thiel network, so it is safe to assume that Thiel money is involved too.

When you look at the list of people involved, it is basically civic nationalism gathering the remaining troops for one last stand. The “left-wing” people involved are the old liberals who never embraced cultural Marxism. The “right-wing” types are mostly people who never had a chance to work at AEI or Heritage. The one thing all of these people have in common is they are exiles from the establishment foundations. This project is an effort to create their own version of Heritage.

The problem with challenging the established orthodoxly is you need to do so from an alternative moral order. Civic nationalism has never had a moral order at its center, so it was never much of a challenge to the ideologues. This is stunningly clear now that cultural Marxism is off its chain and running wild. What does Conservative Inc. say about the corruption of the law we see in the Rittenhouse trial? Their advice is you should throw your guns in the nearest lake and stay home.

Into this moral void is flowing the integralists. These are mostly Catholic revanchists who think the answer to the present is to rewind the clocks. They keep turning up in the pages of the American Conservative. Here is Sohrab Ahmari explaining why he has joined the new university. Here he is explaining their new moral order along with some fellow revanchists, also involved in the new university project. Buchanan’s old publication seems to be part of the new gatekeeper operation.

Interestingly, it appears that Rod Dreher has not got the memo about the new direction of his platform. Here he is reacting to a post by Patrick Deneen, another Catholic revanchist, lumping Dreher in with David French. It is an excellent observation as both men are cafeteria Christians. They pick from the vast menu that is Christianity to create for themselves a religion that suits their needs. Dreher takes issue with it, but he should have read it as a warning. His days are now numbered.

Another interesting fact is the Catholic revanchists are involved with the Yoram Hazony project, which is also funded by Peter Thiel. We have one oligarch and some lesser allies working to fund a new building project. The new walls on the right will be built on a new brand of nationalism, stripped of the icky parts, and a civic nationalism rooted in a desire for the old throne and altar conservatism. It is a do-over of sorts, starting someone in the middle of the last century.

Taken as a whole, the Theil project is an interesting play by one of the most important and ambitious oligarchs. Unlike many of his fellow oligarchs at the table, he seems to get that a storm is brewing. If they wish to avoid the national razor, they better figure out how to create order from the chaos. Unlike the other oligarchs, people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, Thiel is not trying to curry favor with the cultural Marxists. He seems to get that they are the problem.

The trouble, of course, is that this is a rearguard action. In order to rebuild those old walls, there has to be a ruling class consensus to defend. That was always the point critics missed about Conservative Inc. It was created as part of the ruling class consensus that formed up after the Cold War. One reason it is in ruins is the consensus no longer exists. Into that void is flowing the demographically driven identity politics that so frightens the civic nationalists.

That is another thing missed by the civic nationalists. You see it in that Deneen post about his new brand of conservatism. Defense of the liberal order, which is the heart of civic nationalism, was itself a creation of the post-Cold War consensus. Without that political center, civic nationalism is nothing more than armed men defending a city that has already been put to the torch by the radicals. The Rittenhouse story is not just a young man on trial. It is civic nationalism on trial.

While it is wise to assume the worst from these new projects, the fact that they exist should be read as good news. When the oligarchs are sensing that things are heading into very dangerous waters, it means they are ready to stop playing make believe and engage in serious politics. Cultural Marxism poses a greater threat to them than it does the common people. If the oligarchs start to question the prevailing moral orthodoxy, it opens the door for a legitimate challenge.

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178 thoughts on “Thieling It

  1. Thought it would be fun to look back at the acceptable political boundaries since the post war consensus got etched into law in the 60s. Not what people think it is.

    The 70s were a period of turmoil and wild west politics, akin to a pre regulation internet. The very early 70s saw the last high profile ( Senator or governor) segregationists. With Wallace in 1970 being the most notable case. These segregationists were almost all Democrats in southern states (recently turned GOP Watson’s unsuccessful try for the gov of SC in 1970 a notable exception). The political landscape moved quickly and by the mid 70s a “quiet Dixiecrat” phase entered. No longer tolerated in the halls of power, southern democrats were allowed to ostensibly keep their regional traits into the 70s for Senators/Governors and into the mid 80s for congressmen. Key figures of this time include James Browning in the senate. and Congressmen such as Stenholm, Bowen, Leath, Hall, and Shelby. By the late 70s Democrats of this tribe were forced to abandon this outlook when pursuing high profile positions on the democratic ticket. Requirements of courting black identity groups and appeasing the radical national party stood untenable. Congressmen in overwhelmingly white districts had a short grace period that ended by the late 80s, as the party became increasingly authoritarian about ideological conformity. For 40 years after and today, federal democrats remain hostages to black identity politics. A surprising amount of “quiet Dixiecrats” persisted at the state and local level well into the new millennium.

    The Republican side deserves its own section . Like true conservatives, its a much more individualistic journey.

  2. Cuck though he may be, Dreher has done an excellent job documenting woke insanity, especially as it’s spread into the corporations and military.

    As far as Thiel goes, he likes ’em long and stiff. He has a husband with whom they have a baby daughter. Pete and Matt will be great role models I’m sure.

  3. Two astute points:

    1. The Rittenhouse story is not just a young man on trial. It is civic nationalism on trial.

    2. Cultural Marxism poses a greater threat to them than it does the common people.

    The oligarchs latched onto Cultural Marxism to divert the plebs from following down the winding path of operation wall street. However vilifying a large path of your customer base and turning loose millions who have been trained to hate capitalism and normal life is a risky endeavor. The oligarchs achieved their success thanks to the belief among the middle class commoners that it was OK to have oligarchs as long as the middle class could do their thing and the laissez-faire political system that spawned. The oligarchs are hellbent on breaking down that system to unleash Anarcho Tyranny on the masses.

    Middle class and working class whites don’t want to think. They want to be good consumers who grill, drive their nice cars, raise their families and remodel their kitchens.

    The death of Parler, the stolen election and the Rittenhouse trial are helping create an environment where the middle class has a harder time not noticing.

    Where this takes us, we don’t know but it has more risks for the oligarchs. Covid tyranny has shown that White people will comply with anything that promises them the chance to be safe consumers. What happens when that option is taken away? We shall see.

  4. The “walls” that are mentioned function more like flexible buffers. You bounce off of them and rebound into the same-old same-old territory.

  5. I have no real interest in Thiel, but his funding of Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker was a good use of money.

  6. I fully support creating parallel institutions. However, if the institution in question isn’t explicitly and foundationally conservative, it will fall prey to O’Sullivan’s Law, which states that any institution that isn’t explicitly conservative will become Leftist. The University of Austin, alas, in its desire to be a true marketplace of ideas, will become nothing more than another bastion of anti-whiteness within 20 years.

    • It will, in other words, be identical to the institutions it now sets itself in opposition to.

    • What’s the point of creating a “conservative” entity if anyone of any identity group, even one opposed to my own, can join it? Isn’t that how the Conservative Inc. grift worked — some guy claims to be “conservative” but isn’t really on our side, joins and ends up subverting our movement for his benefit?

      An organization implicitly based on ethnic identity (opposition to ours, stoking it in minorities for use against us) — think the ADL — would seem to be much more resistant to shapeshifting grifters than one based on ideology. If I have a group dedicated to pursing Jewish ethnic interests, for example, then it’s much less likely a Muslim is going to come along and take charge of the group and subvert it because there’s nothing he can ever do to become my identity by nature of his very existence. He’s excluded, and the process maybe 90% of subversives are also excluded.

      This is the reason why most mobs have historically been built around kinship — somebody’s cousin, somebody’s brother, somebody’s uncle. You’re less likely to betray one of your own, someone in your kinship group, than someone who merely claims to be on your side through ideology.

      Maybe this is the real reason the Left isn’t subverted: their entire pitch is based around a subtle appeal to exclusive identity, a much more powerful motivator of loyalty, while our efforts are open to anyone, even those who seek to undermine us.

  7. Zman, I need to complain about today’s post.

    Severian made a comment about the Kenosha trial’s Dredd Scott moment a couple days ago. Today you provide keen insight into the maneuvers and mindset of the more forward-looking oligarchs.

    Both commentaries, alone, would easily stand amongst the best of Normie publications. Both are diplomatic, acceptable, and politically conscious.

    Neither bleeds all over the page nor hammers the reader with taboo issues or unpalatable Noticings. Either would be a saleable length of standard column inches, not too much, not too little. They are nudges, not bludgeons, to tribal awareness. A soft sell is the lasting cell.

    The problem, as I see it, is the screeners.
    A top salesman wrote a book to deal with this fact- before you can cold call or pitch the boss, you have to sell his executive secretary. She is the screener.

    National exposure, tv and radio, has their show bookers. These are nearly all female, from uni interns to seasoned careerists, so our public discourse ends up being social issues.

    Ours is a loaves-and-fishes parable. One feeds 12, twelve feed an hundred, and hundred feed a thousand, as the parable says. Thus, gatekeepers like this think tank.
    That’s just the way it works, so okay.

    Dissidents need to organize! we say.
    I say no, there are plenty of professional organizers, whole industries of them.

    What we need is to infect the already existing structure with the Dissident concept: It’s Okay To Be Tribal.

    It’s natural, it’s human, it’s predictable. It’s a main part of the social fabric.

    /Our Thing/ is certain to have many broadcast, print, fundraising, and organizing professionals in the ranks. I’m calling on those with the time- looking at you, Severian- to start networking a bit with the industry guys to start selling copy to the bigger aggregators such as Breitbart, Zerohedge, Treehouse; targeting Fox, Limbaugh, Levin, eyeing even CNN, MSNBC, and Gannett (USA Today)- as their function is to pass along today’s edict, activating the hive cells.

    The big boys need something to say about what somebody else said. They spend all day talking about each other. This is an information war.

    I’d like to see a deliberate sales campaign to infiltrate Dissident realtalk subtly into an already existing background, rather than an uprising in our ghetto.

    Blogs and social media already pass along and co-cordinate discussion organically; is there any way to originate a marketing racket of our own to compete? Whiskey, what say you?

    • Flattering, so thanks, but the very thought of going on Fox turns my stomach; MSNBC is my idea of hell.

      They need to come to us. That’s the only way to guarantee buy in. Put this stuff on Rush (etc.) and they say “Who booked this crank?” and change the channel. If they come looking for it, it’s because they already have the idea and are looking for validation. Much like the Pickup guys say about last minute resistance, you have to make them think it’s *their* idea to consummate the relationship.

      • Even a broken clock is right twice a day: Vox Day is 100% spot on when he writes that you should never, ever talk to the media.

        (Or the FBI.)

        “Heads I win, tails you lose….everything”. That’s the media game.

    • Thanks, though I don’t think it would work. Dominic Cummings noted in his substack that the politicians and media just live in their own bubble as do by inference the oligarchs. Thus they only talk and act on stuff they care about: Greta Thunberg, green idiocy etc. Their social network and desire to be a member in good standing overrides even their own survival. And this has been noted many times — primitives with weak/frayed social networks and radical individuality will flee conflict where death is imminent while agrarians with strong social networks will often die in horrible battle with each other.
      My own view is that the strongest play is for Normie, and a simple plan that Dissidents will get him back to grilling steaks rather than freezing eating bugs by closing the borders, throwing out illegals and descendants of illegals, using the savings to spend money on him, drilling like crazy and mining coal and banning all trade with China.
      Food is the opiate of Normie. Take that away and give him bugs and he will revolt.

    • Say hello to my little friend:


      This, and revulsion and offense taken at the R-word is a conversation stopper. We wont sit down, in an antiwhite conversation, one that uses the R-word. Normie does not know what to do with that.

      And don’t go into lengthy descriptions of why the R word is a “Fancy curse word”, just say that it is meant to demean, belittle and, genocide whites.

  8. Z-man, have you seen the Dominic Cummings Substack on how Labor could beat Boris? Interesting observations:
    A. Elites form their own bubble, and thus cannot fulfill their campaign promises as their ties to fellow elites mean more than anything else. Social standing in their group is the most important aspect of their existence.
    B. Ordinary people are overwhelmed by information and filter most everything out, watch news with the sound off and that’s how ordinary people see things.

    I think the gatekeepers Right are going to fail as they will just be National Review ++ and will not connect with ordinary people who will seek out stuff less corporate and more authentic. I think the gatekeepers on the Left have now completely failed and will see actual anti-Fa invasions of safe suburbs to administer beatings to grillers and chillers.

    One thing stands out on the people involved in the Rittenhouse trial, is that while they came from a certain background, they were all “hard” in looks and action, in and out prison/jail, domestic abusers all of them, sexual deviants, violent. They were not the doctors/lawyers/accountants of those from a shared background of say, thirty years ago. Why? Devolution in action [Devo prophets without honor] ? Or simply closing off of those opportunities hence all-Thug all the time? They seem like a left-wing motorcycle gang. I don’t see them being turned off anytime soon. Nor the desire to turn them off — Gates, Zuckerborg, etc. all seem to want to go full Yeltsin believing there will never be a Putin in wait.

    • Replying to my own comment but I’d add that I don’t see converting these Whales ever. They will per Cummings if he is correct value their social network approval more than their own security and safety long term and most are fairly stupid people who just got lucky. No one has accused Gates or Zuck of being particularly smart. Much less Jack Dorsey, or Biz Stone, or Mark Cuban.

      I think converting normie to a White male strike and shutting everything down is far more effective. Anti-Fa can street brawl and burn things down all they want — they can’t turn the power back on when its off. Or fly airliners. Or drive trucks so rich people can get their Fiji Water and Wagyu beef. Etc. I think something like Solidarity should be our model. With our own Lech Walesa.

      They need us. They can’t wipe their own butts without our help.

      • “ They need us. They can’t wipe their own butts without our help.”

        The white worker isn’t willing to sacrifice his toehold on the middle class and make the sacrifice to push back.

        The left is cognizant of this, and exploits it to full measure. The left has said “whatcha going do about it”.

        The white worker has never responded other than to keep his head down.

        • When he’s eating bugs instead of hamburger? The Great Reset only “works” with “you own nothing, have no privacy, and have never been happier” when the Brave New World “feelies” actually generate something other than disgust. TV, movies, streaming all don’t care or want mass audiences. They want data and then only on young women, gays, lesbians, and trannies. That is the only data worth anything. Data associated with White men of any age has the value of zero.
          So people freezing and eating bugs? That’s a revolt right there faster than you can say Arab Spring. And we are already seeing labor disputes and strikes. John Deere has seen a strike for the past two months.

      • The oligarchs only need a tiny number of us. They need us to fly their private jets, guard their families and make sure their business functions. Among the billions of Asians they can find those people if we don’t want to do it. They don’t care if the society functions for the lower orders.

        Things get interesting though when the society no longer functions for the masses. The type of system the oligarchs are trying to create already exists in third world nations but it is harder for the masses to go from living in a first world nation to living in a third world nation than it is to just maintain a third world nation with people who just expect to live in one

        • Jets will be flying themselves in your lifetime.

          Take it from someone who knows.

          When the time comes, people will REFUSE to board an aircraft piloted by a mere human. It will be considered reckless and dangerous in the extreme.

  9. Holy Crap! I should have read through the links. The Bari Weiss article mentions more than a few names that we would recognize as “Friends of Epstein.” And the Lonsdale guy (along w/ Thiel) is one of the founders of Palantir – the DATA MINING company w/ deep state ties. “Operation Warp Speed” anyone? I’m sure some of them are well intentioned, but it’s hard to believe this is just the Gatekeepers “moving the goalposts.”

  10. The University of AWE-stain. Uh-huh. Will last about three semesters. Then the infection built into its DNA will start blowing up cells from the nucleus outward. Talk about going viral! My CivNat conservative friends and family are all sending me links to the stories, telling me I should go teach there. It’ll be nirvana or something.

    All cultural structures not explicitly and muscularly conservative drift leftward over time, and the current time-frames for this sort of drifting is increasingly accelerationist.

    Why would they put it in Awe-stain? Cool city, quite freaky for Texas, a Blue oasis in a sea of Red. Portland, parachuted into Disney’s Main Street USA simulacrum, with better street tacos.

    • ….and two of the advisory heavyweights, Zimmer and Pinker, have already jumped ship and clammed up.

      Self-cancelled, in other words.

    • My guess is the powers behind the university want ready access to the political power-brokers in Austin. What’s more, guys like Tom Lindsey are already located in Austin. That said, the University of Texas will use all of its considerable might to try to squash the University of Austin like a bug. They really might have been better served locating the uni in Lubbock, Ft. Worth, Corpus Christi, El Paso or Amarillo. And once they’re chased out of Austin, they just might.

      • The attraction to Austin among the “IDW” crowd is because they’re the lamest dweebs on earth. They think it’s an up-and-coming next-capital metropolis, but its peak was twenty-five years ago. Founding anything there now is like going to Seattle to start a depressing guitar band.

        Rogan worked in Austin back in its golden years, but he’s weed-fried his head so hard I don’t know if he knows how long ago that was. The whole thing strikes me as him doing a blind atavistic retreat to when his brain still worked, and dragging a bunch of clout-chasing assholes along.

        Meanwhile, Rogan’s only socially intelligent friend, comedian Tim Dillon, is leaving town, disgusted.

      • If I were going to start something like this I would start with a core, not of ideologues (however edgy and dissident) but with a set, it needn’t be large, of technical departments with high academic standards that built connections with industry. There are still quite a lot of deeply conservative engineers, chemists, metallurgists, petroleum engineers, etc.. who already resent the hell out of the pozzed garbage they have to pretend to believe in order to teach their subjects. Many would take a pay cut or work pro bono if they knew the thing was operating in good faith.

        It can’t be *just* a technical school though. There needs to be a rigorous philosophical core, probably based on one of the few remaining Christian denominations that is non-frivolous (evangelicals) and non-pozzed (mainline Catholics and Prots). On a more practical note, this also becomes a source of funding.

        The idea is to rebuild the “liberal arts” as what they were meant to be, as the hub of the wheel of culture, reaching out to the hard sciences at the rim with spokes of high art and music. They then become the moral center of a renewed and unified Western culture that retains its scientific knowledge and rationality while rejecting nihilism and hedonism.

        Even non-believers, provided they remain humble in the face of our inability to know the truth perfectly can take part in this as essentially an engineering project. They will take their place alongside the believers in rebuilding civilization. In fact this is my perspective. I’m agnostic but understand that human societies need a religious core and would be happy to lend a hand in building a new one.

  11. These conservative and Christian groups are committed to ignoring the tribalism of non-whites. If they acknowledge this then their dream is impossible.

    They want the USA of the 1950s but with third world demographics. Reality says no, but they refuse to take no for an answer.

    I agree that if non-whites lacked the tribalism of whites then their dream might be possible. But reality says no.

    What will it take for them to see understand?

    Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    • That’s it, Sand. That’s the heart of the problem, that set of blinders right there-

      “They want the USA of the 1950s but with third world demographics…
      …groups committed to ignoring the tribalism of non-whites.”

      Simple acknowledgement is all it takes. People are eager to say things like mankind is fallen, voters are stupid, people are sinners; what is so terribly wrong, then, with saying people are what they are?

      • Never going to happen.

        You would need to overcome close to 50 years of concerted full spectrum programming.

        The best you can hope for is those older people to die off. then you might get through with some of the younger (providing they have not been through higher ed.

        The problem is by then its way past the time of peaceful options.

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  13. More fake conservatism. Conservative values like low taxes, cheap labour, and libtertarianism, with lots of room left over for gay sex, spicy food, and of course, race mixing.

    In other words, the same as it’s always been, with new packaging.

    Non-white “conservatives” like Sohrab Ahmari definitely see race, even if they don’t want you to. They especially notice race when it comes to women – and they hang out with white conservatives in the hopes of landing a white woman. That’s really all it comes down to for aliens like him at the end of the day. Access to white people stuff and white women. If you tell this type that he doesn’t belong here, he will freak and go off on an anti white episode no different than a typical leftist alien. There’s already a place for Iranians – it’s called Iran, and I wish him luck promoting his project over there with his own people.

    Same with homosexuals like Thiel. I’ve met this type. They make good incomes, have no kids, and want to enjoy their earnings without being taxed, and without being bothered by degenerate freaks. They want to rewind the clock to 1980 where they can live off the stable fruits of white society, and not be too judged – and also not have crazy Marxists screaming at them for being white.

    At the end of the day these people are all self serving parasites. They might recognize that importing millions of other non white parasites into white countries will diminish their own standard of living and access to white people. They might want to be assimilated and have a white spouse. They might want a balance between stability and degeneracy. So yes, they are more intelligent, in a self serving way, than your average leftists.

    But they’re also more dangerous. Assimilation = race mixing = no more white people. Their ideas might actually work a bit better than leftist lunacy, kind of like a multicultural Singapore. Basically going back to the slow frog boiling. I don’t want that. I believe we are primarily in a racial battle, and we must keep our people pure in order for us to rebuild in decades or centuries. I encourage leftist lunacy as well as racial consciousness among white males.

    • B125: The wisdom and directness I’ve come to expect and appreciate from you. Your comment is spot on and there really is nothing more to be said.

    • You betcha, 3g.
      “at the end of the day. Access to white people stuff and white women.”

      That’s what the gatekeepers are doing that is so wrong. So wrong, t’s a crime.

      They aren’t so much closing the gate on us, as throwing it wide open for others. Come and get some!

      Like pinching dabs from a loaf of bread dough. Eventually, the loaf is gone.

  14. The University of Austin can best be described as a breakaway supper club formed by dissident grillers fleeing the new orthodoxy of charcoal for the free-thinking domain of wood-fired AND propane styles.

    All basting sauces, from vinegar to tomato base, will be allowed and even encouraged! A shining, if smokey, City on a Hill……….

  15. I’ll never trust “TradCaths” as they’re being called. A culture that can stomach vast corruption at every turn, yet “our little pocket” of Catholicism is pure. At best it’s like a small office of honest straight arrows on the 14th floor of the Enron office tower, busily working above the fake trading floor set up for visiting analysts. It’s the same attitude of a person working in the vast, sprawling capital of a country in decline. So of course TradCaths would feel perfectly at home inside the beltway. In other ways it’s similar to Protestants who get lost in Narnia and things like that. Anyone who’s been to Italy knows that Catholicism has a vastly rich history and yes, at one time was the bedrock of European Civilization. But it also creates a stunted people who have no problem cheating each other in business and having affairs on the Amalfi Coast while the wife and kids are at home. There’s a reason that Italian mothers and Jewish mothers are so similar. It poses as a Patriarchy, but is in truth a matriarchy, as the affairs are usually generated as escapism from by out of control wives and mothers who’ve never been told what’s up. It’s an escapist culture, as your out of control wife can put a scarf on her head and pretend she’s not in total control when she is.

    • I think that things like the Catholic Church and taboos against heavy drinking do all serve a purpose or are used wisely as corrective measures for a people’s’ certain defects and predilections.

      I think, for example, that the Germans with their eventual strict Protestantism made heavy drinking into a big no no, mostly because the people had a weakness for it or a physically addictive response to it. I suppose the Catholic Church never made something similar work in Ireland he he. I think with Italian culture the Church did try to instill a strong patriarchical (sp?) style on a culture that, as you say and I think rightly, that was a people of men always lusting after women and where chasing them became the norm and from there a very strong motherly culture evolved. I can speak to that directly in fact,and I have always found there to be a definite schism if not hostility between Italians and the scots Irish, for example, for their different ways on things like this. The latter being almost fatherly to a fault where they too become stunted in the sort of inflexible male thinking (muh STEM) or when they do tend toward the feminine have no inner restraint and go full androgyny or flamer. Think the rock and roll scene out of england. And the culture has exploited that. You can’t bring androgyny or flamer lifestyles to Italy because they are innoculated against it because they already have a sense of the intermingling nature of sexuality. But not in the Northern European peoples. And that is where they have launched their attacks.

      So much of what is going on around us is not so much attacks on Latin cultures or Jewish cultures but on the solid male dominated cultures of Northern Europe. And people should be wise to see what is going on here and learn to fight it. The key is knowing oneself and ones weakness.

    • I’m not the most studied on these subjects, but it seems to me matriarchy is an attribute of civilization. That could be my mind making tenuous connections, idk, but it has a persistent appeal to me. Adam said ‘happy wife, happy life’ and ate the fruit with Eve. First thing that happened? They realized they were naked.

      Maybe not a coincidence that the people who told that story lived along the Mediterranean, or that the ancient barbarians came from the north, or that Protestantism was mainly a Germanic thing, etc.

      Britannia was a Roman province, the English split the difference and sent their Puritans to the New World. A friend tells me the Irish are matriarchal, the Irish are mostly Catholic. The French style themselves as highly civilized, they’re traditionally Catholic. The formerly-Brethren, Methodist church I attended as a child never prayed to Mary. And the Germans, well, we all know the rest of Europe has always tried to keep them down, or at least contained.

      I’m rambling, but I sense a common thread running through all of it.

    • As a “Trad Catholic” I hear and acknowledge your skepticism. As a matter of honesty, I largely share it. Part of the Catholic mindset (for intelligent Catholics) is a knowledge of historical excesses of the Church countered with an uneasy acceptance that the Church Militant (the contemporary temporal body of the Church) is the weakest part of the Triumvirate because it involves Man, a deeply flawed creation. This can only be digested spiritually if their are strident efforts to repeatedly cleanse the Church (through means of reconciliation councils, strict conservative Papal action or Inquisition. Reconciliation, like Civic Nationalism, tends to be a doomed-to-fail rear guard action that gives away the store and only temporarily preserves tradition.

      Another fault of Catholicism is that while there is some national/tribal division (particularly Africa, Poland, Ireland and the Philippines) it does not have strong enough dissemination of power as does the Eastern Orthodox Church. We tend to view Confederacy as a weaker system of governance, but in this matter it is a strength. Eastern Orthodoxy has the power to fit and tailor itself to its adherents and basically nullifies the pesky problem of fluidity (multi-culti importation). Greeks, Poles, Russians etc. all have “their Church/their People while still maintianing a Corpus Christie. Modern Catholics are squishy on this because all devolves from Rome. Yes, Francis was a nod to Latin America but he is still an Italian.

      Where I think you might not have insight about “Trad Catholics” (i.e. SSPX, Marionites, Latin Mass) is that, like the world at large, the Progressives have no governor on their throttle. It is balls to the wall, crush all dissenters demands and edicts. Where once their were murmurs of disappointment now there are calls for schism. The harder Rome pushes their foot down the more strident the revolt is becoming. Where once the Mass called for God’s continued guidance of the Pope, Latin Mass priests will either avoid mention of him or even call for “his return to the Body of Christ”. Both of these things do more than smack of heresy and I may not be able to adequately describe to you the severity of these acts to a non-Catholic.

      • I totally agree that the Orthodox has a better, more robust set-up. Sadly, we did indeed have a setup similar to that in the ol’ USA. It was called the Episcopal Church. You see what happened to that one. I wouldn’t even stop to piss on the front door these days. And if I piss on the Rainbow flag flying out front I’ll be sent away like QAnon Shaman in DC. If you belong to the SSPX crowd, you have to admit that you’re Protestant. You should embrace it. Maybe Catholic Protestants, but no longer in Communion with Rome. Speaking of communion, we saw in 2020 just how many churches dispensed with that because of the stiff cold virus that’s still in the news. We can thank Covid for exposing an ocean of hypocrisy in both Catholicism and Protestantism and what a dispensable social club both have become. My grandparents are turning over in their graves.

        • Lol. I’ll take the mantle of Reformationist but can’t quite bear the robe of the Protestant. Agreed. The global cold showed the feeble nature of the modern Church. I don’t take communion for personal reasons but the allowance for Abortion Joe is not lost on me.

          I view the Church as lost in a fog and riddled with lice, needing a guiding light and a good cleansing. The Episcopalians have been thoroughly turned toward Evil and are irredeemable.

          I am not a Catholic by upbringing, quite the contrary, something occurred where I was summoned. A light divine touch but one does not ignore His messages. So here I will stay, truculent about the institution but by His grace strong in the faith.

          Either way, good Christian men, of most stripes, in good conscience can work together to do good. So we start there, Brother.

        • TBH, I think every church that has “cachet” in its community opens itself up to infiltration by grifters. In the Episcopal Church in the US it was Pike, who openly admitted in private letters he was after status. In the RC church it was the “Class of ’60” with Shanley, Geoghan, &c. Then came the Televangelists like the Bakkers.

      • Dissident Right people have qualms about the Catholic Integralists. A few thoughts:

        1. Are the Integralists making arguments in good faith (do they actually believe what they say)? Since some of them are not cradle Catholic, and this political Catholicism is also a professionally helpful perspective (i.e., helpful in landing positions in academia at Catholic Universities, think tanks, book deals and other grifts) how honest are these views? If these views are not honest, then what does that mean?

        2. Outside of Twitter, is the Integralist perspective viable at all? I have never met an Integralist in person. And I am a practicing Catholic and spent many years in Catholic educational institutions. AFAIK, there are zero Catholic bishops calling for an Integralist movement. Conservatives are optimistic about their views winning out within the church in the long run, but the idea that the church would be able to impose these views on others outside the church seems absurd. If the SSPX movement is vanishingly small within the Catholic church, and the real world Integralist perspective is non existent, what these guys on twitter are advancing is a LARP (Rod Dreher’s criticisms here are accurate).

        3. Integralists do seem to be gate keepers to others on the right (non-integralist DR types on twitter — BAP especially — do not like them). We know that Integralists hate neoliberalism (this is good), and they hate mainstream conservatives (also good), but then again they haven’t proposed any solutions (AFAIK), and some of the conservative types I like and trust hate them. So maybe we can do better here?

      • “while there is some national/tribal division” PM, If they gave out Nobels for understatement you’d be a richer man. I won’t even go back to the late 19th/early 20th c. when every immigrant group had to have their own parish–at a time when the Latin Mass was universal! Now that RC parishes are closing around here it’s become a blood sport among the various “communities” to see whose parish will survive.

        • Yessir. The only resolutely strong ethnic Catholic Churches I’ve seen in recent years are the Chaldean and Syriac Catholic Churches.

    • Hi JR, I am trying to understand your perspective. What are the differences between Catholics, Trad Caths, and Integralists as you understand them? Are they all bad in your view?

      • A “TradCath” would be the latin mass people. A regular Catholic would be involve tambourines and giving abortionists communion but having the service in English. They’re bad in different ways. And let me tell you 90% of Protestantism is just as bad in its own way. This is where we are. A totally broken church all around. I find the seeds of this in the so called great awakening of the early 19th Century. At it’s heart is the perfectibility of man on Earth.

        • Hi JR, thanks for the response. Your definition of “Trad Cath” is my definition. I do think that regular practicing Catholics are more politically diverse that you give us credit. There are many of us that are conservative (and we have conservative families, wives, children, etc). And no tambourines, but some of us sing in the choir.

          Some white pills for you:
          1. In this blog there is talk of forming communities. Where I live, my like thinking community is mostly regular mass attending conservative Catholics. Perhaps they aren’t DR, but no one is voting Democrat.
          2. Catholic women remaining in the church are conservative. Strong belief in gender roles, want kids, don’t believe in LGTB agenda.
          3. Younger priest trending conservative IMO. Older priests more gay (with associated lib sympathies). This older generation is running the show in Rome now. Gays less common in younger cohort, so I think conservatism is the future within the church. I am fairly optimistic here.

          • Single data point here. In my new parish, we have two young priests, and one who is middle-aged. They are clearly conservative. Before the 2020 election, one said that abortion is a mortal sin, and is the most important issue to base our votes on. I was told a very old priest at our previous church said abortion is just one of many issues, and a few months later went ballistic in his homily about Jan 6. A few months ago, one of our younger priests called out Biden and Pelosi for being in a state of mortal sin and taking communion. So your observation is in-line with my recent experience.

  16. These are very good points. Anyone can understand why Bezos bought the Washington Post. Even if it never makes a thin dime it’s an important node on the left that can send out false signals to protect people like him when the going gets tough. But people like Bezos are completely exposed from the right flank. Probably because they watch Fox News and consider the right to be so marinated in corporatist propaganda that they’re perfectly safe. Only Carlson occasionally crosses the line. The others are just different iterations of vapid condo dwelling corporate who re Dana Perinos with shriveled ovaries showing off their new puppy while cheerleading 1987 America that no longer exists. “Wow! Look at that Virginia governor’s race!” – Ya, you won by a whole 1% against Hillary Clinton’s flying monkey! A man who was lining his pockets out in the open and making stupid statements. Yes, he lost against a mannequin in a fleece vest…by 1%.

    • It’s funny that you mention Fox. They have their cringe Patriot Awards going on now. I’m sure it’s well intended, and the people involved are good, but it also reeks of a failing regime desperately trying to buy loyalty from the masses through praise. A lot of authoritarian regimes have awards like this.

  17. Judicial Watch seems to be doing a good job. and you don’t need $25 million to support them. Just send a couple of hundred from time to time.

    • Din C. Nuttin: My husband has sent Judicial Watch $ (in my name) in the past and we get endless gimme requests in the mail. Since I believe we are living without the Rule of Law, and that people and their genetic disposition are what motivate the spirit of that law, I find racially unaware Judicial Watch an utter waste of time, money, and effort.

      • Foolishly donated to Orange Man Bad after the first impeachment.

        I’ll be on grifter lists for the rest of my life.

        I feel your pain.

    • Judicial Watch does do a good job within their sphere. In fact, all these “Conservatism, Inc” organizations do a good job overall of stirring the pot, keeping middle class conservatives angry about…well it’s never quite exactly articulated what middle class conservatives are supposed to be angry about, now is it? They certainly do say the right things in their fundraising letters, some of which are masterpieces of emotional manipulation. If you ask normie directly what ticks him off, he’ll elaborates some generalities about the government just refusing to leave people alone. Press him a little further and he’ll say he’s mad about “political correctness” and “cancel culture” and the fact that America used to be a nicer place than it is today. Conservatism, Inc does a very, very good job of walking him right up to that edge…and then keeping him there! Trump punched a hole in all of that by putting immigration at the center of his campaign, and was wildly popular. Unfortunately he had no bench, to take a sports metaphor. He had to staff up all his administration with neocon grifters for lack of alternatives, and here we are. Conservatism, Inc rolls on.

  18. > When the oligarchs are sensing that things are heading into very dangerous waters, it means they are ready to stop playing make believe and engage in serious politics. Cultural Marxism poses a greater threat to them than it does the common people. If the oligarchs start to question the prevailing moral orthodoxy, it opens the door for a legitimate challenge.

    Is this to say the prevailing orthodoxy is liberal democracy and cultural Marxism is threatening that which creates opportunities for dissent? This final paragraph is confusing and I’m unable to make sense of it.

  19. Tangential to your main point, I realize, but it still surprises me how few people realize that the very idea of a university rests on the defense of orthodoxy. “The Idea of a University” was indeed the title of a famous essay by Cardinal Newman, and his first name wasn’t “Cardinal.” Universities have always been about propping up the existing power structure, right from the get-go. Thiel U. will start out making lots of noises against Cultural Marxism, but give it five years — they’ll be making “The conservative case for tranny story hour,” in the very best National Review style.

    [Free pro tip: If your education doesn’t involve walking around a stoa with a guy in a toga, discussing stuff, someone is doing it wrong].

      • The Puritans learned from the best, the Jesuits. The first thing they did, wherever they went, was build a school. Our thing is definitely going to need universities…but only in victory’s wake.

        Side note: why has nobody in Our Thing ever taken advantage of our newfound mania for legalized gambling? If you can do online sports betting pretty much everywhere, why not online woke betting? Someone could rake in a lot of dough on prop bets. What’s the over/under on Thiel U. putting out their first “the conservative case for [some degeneracy]”? Three years? I give it five, tops, but I’m an incorrigible optimist.

        • One of the early anonymous electronic money papers if I remember was about a smart contracts site that was basically the idea of a crowd sourced dead pool (of the no need to wait around for the event type) for public figures with cash prizes that could be collected on anonymously.

          Ahh…. the heady days of the early internet.

        • Our thing should also take care to start securing and protecting our cultural heritage. The fired docents in Chicago, the destruction of books in public and elem/hs libraries, the toppling of statues, and so on should be a wake up call that this Cultural Marxist movement intends to destroy all trace of their competitor. They won’t and don’t intend to preserve anything of any literary, cultural, aesthetic, or historical value. We have a hard time realizing this, in part because Westerners are highly preservationist as a people. We tidy up Aztec monuments, create world-class museums with lovingly preserved art and artifacts from around the globe and even in war avoid harming cultural treasures. Not so our competition.

  20. It seems to me that guys like Deneen are exactly what we want. They are critical of Con, Inc. for exactly the reasons we are: those losers were always defending the idea of liberal democracy from its own logical implications and, therefore, were always doomed. The alternative they suggest is a Thomistic idea of politics, which cares quite a lot about stuff like what is true, beautiful, and good for the people.

    I mean, the dude offers up this comment: “While conservatives spent several generations decrying the scourges of “relativism,” their position effectively denied objective truth had any claim in the political order.” I mean, an attack on Con, Inc. based on their mistaken belief that the American Founding was a good idea is hardly evidence that the writer wants to go back to the ’50s. Unless you mean the 1250s.

    The way forward really is back. Not back to some Original Constitution, which is the poisoned fruit of the Enlightenment, but back to a different concept of what we think we are doing with government based on a different concept of what is true, good, and beautiful.

    Deneen and the gang are /ourguys, even if they don’t feel as comfortable with the icky parts as they should.

    • Deneen is an interesting guy, for sure. Some of the others are just light weights in homemade vestments, but Deneen is a guy worth reading, even if you are not a Catholic restorationist.

    • The Constitution was by and for the Founding population. The people John Jay refers to in Federalist #2. Remaking it into an “idea” was a later interpretation by the out-group to include themselves.

  21. A tip of the ole chapeau to Z, on being featured in the left hand column of “Straight Line Logic” via “The Burning Platform”.
    SLL is an article aggregator, similar to Drudge, but on a smaller scale.

    Well done good sir!

  22. Did anyone see that Glenn Youngkin has already cucked in Virginia? He won’t mandate vaccine or mask mandates, but also won’t prohibit localities from implementing their own. Isn’t this civnattery in a nutshell? No principles, no guts, allow the enemy to impose their own zones of control, as long as they don’t yell at you. He will, of course, paint it as a principled decision based on conservative principles and I am sure NRO and the rest will be there to defend him from the rear.

    Note you did not see Gavin Newsom or Kathy Hochul let localities make these sorts of decisions for themselves. This is why it is impossible to win if losers like Youngcuck lare your standard bearers, and why they have lost for decades. This is why everything Z says about voting is true, this is the guy that the GOP was putting up as a way to rebuke the left, and he just emboldened them. This is the sort of guy that they want you to vote for next year to protest Joe Biden.

    • Its a feature but Civnat skulls are thick. His Conservative Case for all tyranny being local I am for Small Government! should ram it home for some though.

      The gaypedo demoncrap governor here has taken the same position. Which of course is telling.

      He is also a savvy “businessman”. So his civnat position is that State tyranny is bad for [big] business, while county-level tyranny is okay because public health needs to destroy small businesses and children’s spirits to keep his leftoid hivemind goodwhite base safe in their pajamas and grubhub.

      He also thinks the purebloods deserve to get sick and die and has said as much- which was quoted in the local paper here. These people are evil.

        • Not me.

          I knew something was up when the Deep State failed to mount any serious opposition to his election.

          Youngkin also has the sort of name the controllers love to troll us with.

        • Case in point: National Review is offering a tepid defense of Rittenhouse while throwing the Georgia defendants under the bus ’cause they are the real racists. You could make this shit up, but the amount of acid required would result in an overdose.

  23. I’ve been reading Taki since 1980 and have always been entertained and mostly agreed with his comments/observations. This is from the last paragraph of his 11.12.21 post:

    “How can a serious debate take place at a university when professors insist that white men dominate, hence any debate is unfair and racist? Social media did not create this mentality, but it exacerbates it at every turn. The situation is too depressing for words, so soon I’ll be off to Texas for a meeting with some great Texan oilmen and conservatives. I can’t wait.”

    Could he be heading to UATX?

    • I gave up on Taki years ago when they started censoring posters that were too honest or too critical. (Cuts into the bottom line with advertisers, dontchya know). I threw them out when they did away with the comments altogether. Next to this place they used to have the greatest commentariat on the net.

      Unfortunately our esteeemed blog host forces me to read them once a week now. There is the consolation though, when the pop up comes on and begs me to disable my ad blockers. Up your arse, Taki! 🙂

      You gotta be more mindful of the company you keep, Z, lest they reflect unfavourably on you. You are judged by the company you keep, and men like Pickle_Rick, Karl McHungus, Glenfilthie and Jack Dobson can only sully your reputation! 🙂

      • I abandoned Taki’s at the same time. I used to say, “Come for the articles, stay for the comments”. I’ll admit to having gone back a few times for the Zman’s pieces.

          • I found the Z Man blog due to takimag and I have no problem with him closing down the comments. Some folks just don’t want to spend hours arguing and/or might not want to have to patrol the comments. To each his own and long live Taki.

      • Derb left Taki. Gentleman that he is, he left with enormous grace.

        Always wondered what happened though.

  24. It is hilarious Rod Dreher criticizes the integralists because they offer no specific program or solutions. Dreher advocates duck and cover and sucks up to the Left so he can limit having to do so.

    In many ways, Dreher is more despicable than David French, who in addition to being a grifter has a discernible mental illness. Dreher is a coward and a liar. You will note in his comments the Left flocks there because he was such an OrangeManBad dude and can be socially guilt-tripped into supporting leftism.

    He is the worst of the worst of Con, Inc. Hilariously, he wrote a book about the totalitarianism of the modern age and has simultaneously advocated for keeping the 1/6 political prisoners in solitary confinement and subjected to other torture due to trespassing charges. When he alludes to something uncomfortable–race and IQ, for example–he always claims not to have read it.

    Conservatism is dead, and all of Thiel’s money cannot revive it. Thiel can help out the dissident right, which is exploding, and goes about as far as someone in his position can to do so.

    Modern politics are about to reflect the realities of this age, which are Cultural Marxism vs. everyone else on the ropes. This bodes ill for liberal democracy, and should bode ill for liberal democracy. As you write, reality is the thing that does not go away once you cease to believe it.

    • I recall that Dreher was linking to the twitter guy, Wrath of GNON, whose feed is essential reading about urban planning. But then someone pointed out that Wrath was some sort of race realist and Dreher disavowed.

      Dreher, like all the rest of Con, Inc., is on the other side. And if Dreher hates the integrationalists, or whatever we are calling them, then they must have something right.

      • Dreher is so ludicrous he almost gives Con, Inc., a bad name He changes flavors of cuckservatism as often as he changes religion, virtue signaling furiously as he transitions from Catholic to Orthodox, “Crunchy Con” to Paleo-lite, trying to please the Cathedral the entire time. He’s exactly the type you would not/will not want in a time of communist occupation.

        • Aye, along with that, he is known among the Orthodox as the “Latin Convert”. due to the fact that while he professes being Orthodox, he longs for the Latins and and essentially still drinks deep of their theology and worldview. He is more akin to a Latin wearing the skin of an Orthodox, which is why no one takes him seriously in the Orthodox world.

      • Wrath of GNON is the only reason I’d ever consider staying on twitter.

        Really gets city planning right. You’d think it was a dull subject, but it’s actually fascinating. Anyone who’s been to Amsterdam or Tuscany can identify.

        He’s a fart in a hurricane though. Billionares/Trillionares want us living in pods in our mega-cities, and that’s the way to bet.

  25. Most of Greek mythology consists of tales about imaginary battles between the gods occupying Mt. Olympus. Flash forward to modern day America and you can replace gods with oligarchs. Yes, the power players that own DC will battle for pecking order and spoils, but all of that is ultimately irrelevant in the big picture.

    We are in decline because of species’ level systemic reasons, and becoming stupider, fatter, more whiny, and less robust. And yes, this pathology is accelerating because of the border invasion and the literal insanity & betrayal of our government. And the in-your-face demise of the rule of law is no trivial thing either. Nor is the abdication & corruption of law enforcement entities.

    And so, my essential point is that erudite analysis & commentary on our ongoing dilemma is no remedy, and persuasion (at best) just slows down the crazy at the margin and delays the inevitable. Better is to improve one’s robustness in the present, survive the collapse, and act with precise effectiveness when the fog of chaos sounds as the clarion call to arms.

    • An emphasis on preparation also makes one stale

      Don’t forget that some guys simply rise to the occasion and no amount of preparation would have prepared them for a future that will unfold in many ways both knowable and not. Also, some guys who will become heroes are the guys you’d never expect.

      Things are this way for a reason. And there is a reason that life is filled with guys who planned and planned and planned and yet when he storm hits, their umbrellas get bent back ways and all their belongings get blown out to sea.

      • I beg to differ. Being fat and flaccid is not a success strategy regardless of future outcomes, nor is it our ancestral heritage. Nor is it a role mode for the young. Nor is it a life sentence. You can get fit, and you will be happier if you do. Ancient wisdom.

        • Getting fit doesn’t have to have utilitarian purpose. I don’t play tennis and pick weeds and swim and keep in general good shape to brace for the end of the world but because it’s important to my longevity and health and happiness. And it brings joy to me.

          I have been in enough close calls and scrapes to know that the guys who are always ready for things are NEVER the ones who are ready for the unexpected when it actually shows up. You can’t get around this reality. Some guys are just better than you and me and when the SHTF there are men who will rise way above both of us no ammeter much we are ready for it. I’d rather aspire to be those guys, in fact, and do believe from experience I have some of that already in me. You probably do too. So let it go, let it bloom quietly, and enjoy life. Don’t discount fate and that there are some men just meant to be. They have written stories and myths on this stuff for centuries for a reason, and because it’s real.

          Anyway, always nice to twist your cap, Tom 😉

          • I’m not trying to either inspire or create a race of supermen to lead the charge when the clarion sounds. Quite the opposite, in fact. The nextgen warrior will be nondescript, indistinguishable, anonymous, spontaneous, and innovative more so than a reincarnation of Arnold Schwarznegger in his prime.

            My point is that it is a better use of one’s time to get more robust (which includes fitness, diet, and stable mental health) in the present rather than engage in endless mental masturbation over the esoterica of how we got into the mess we’re in.

          • Better to be a savage man with a thin veneer of civilization that a civilized man trying to adopt a thin veneer of savagery.

      • Stonewall Jackson wasn’t highly regarded in the academic circles he occupied antebellum. No one would have anticipated that he’d turn out to be arguably the best tactician and general in the war.

        Somewhere today, there’s a Jackson or two inclining to our side. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

      • Falcone: Yes and no. A routine of practice results in muscle memory and automatic pattern following – essential for any sort of combat. Planning mentally is critical, even if one doesn’t know how one will react in the moment. Practicing one’s planning in the real world reveals errors and false assumptions and weaknesses to be corrected.

        While some unprepared may rise to the occasion, I doubt that anyone mentally unprepared to accept racial differences will survive racial conflict. Knowing who is on one’s side, ahead of time, is crucial.

      • As a wise and highly experienced, but youngish (European) combat leader used to say to the small group he lead at Fort Knox some decades back:

        “Planning is everything; the plan is nothing.”

  26. “The new walls on the right will be built on a new brand…”

    Whatever they do will ultimately fail because it’s not based on identity, the primary motivator in American society. The Left bases their entire pitch on separating “us from them”, whether it’s class or religion or race. The “white supremacy” slur they throw around is meant to excite envy and hatred of our people in order to spur their people to oppose us and put the Left in charge of the effort. And that’s just one example among hundreds. That policy clearly works as it gave Obama, then Biden, the largest popular vote totals in history. No republican has won more than 51% of the popular vote since 1988. Two of the last three republican presidential wins came in the electoral college while losing the popular vote.

    What does this fake National Conservatism have to oppose the Left’s (very effective) dog whistling or to motivate our people into action? Clearly, calling for race neutrality didn’t work because democrat constituents aren’t at all interested in that. Is this more of the same?

    –>”We don’t see race … and it’s totally okay that the other side does. Here, let’s vote to make Juneteenth a national holiday, celebrate black history month, and give a speech on BET before returning to congress to praise the Congressional Black Caucus and all the other myriad identity groups.”

    All these people seem to have are slogans and a thin veneer of repackaged talking points: “God” but not any god in particular; rants against multiculturalism but a dogma that ends up supporting it; various economic slogans cobbled together by a staff of interns studying websites like this one but with no serious policy recommendations to address them; Abraham Lincoln quotes as if they mattered at all today; various appeals to counterproductive “patriotism” (why are we sacrificing for a regime that actively hates us along racial lines?); etc. Even the same people who ran the old failed Conservatism Inc. are involved — Rich Lowery, for example.

    Just as Stalin found out the masses wouldn’t fight for his ideology, these National Conservatives are going to find out that their efforts won’t inspire anyone on our side to oppose the far more motivated and more numerous far-Left. This is more about piggybacking on the coming Red Wave so these gatekeepers can manipulate it to their benefit than achieving long lasting aims for our people (many of these “National Conservatives” aren’t even our people — one is a literal Israeli citizen).

    In summary: old hat, new name.

    Conservatives, being naturally less interested in politics and more willing to be magnanimous in victory, might just go along with it. Of course, that’ll ultimately end in ruin just as Reagan’s cynical channeling of the 60s racial backlash into economic fusionism ended with Bill Clinton and, ultimately, Barack Obama. But in the mean time, get used to tough talking republicans who oppose “illegal” immigration but support “legal” immigration and oppose CRT only because it hurts black people so much (how?). If they succeed, they may end up demoralizing enough of their base so that the democrat gets reelected in 2024 on a platform of “fighting white supremacy” and “equitable land redistribution.”

    *Note: Agent Orange Man provided an excellent critique of the National Conservatism article which appeared on The American Conservative. Much of the same could be said about Thiel’s other efforts like this university.

    • Great comment, particularly here:

      “This is more about piggybacking on the coming Red Wave so these gatekeepers can manipulate it to their benefit than achieving long lasting aims for our people (many of these “National Conservatives” aren’t even our people — one is a literal Israeli citizen).

      In summary: old hat, new name.”

      Conmen fail to apprehend their grift has run its course and try to milk it to the bitter end. Con, Inc., is no different. Remember Richard Lowry’s embrace of nationalism? He doesn’t, either.

    • If you think that Obama and then Biden got the highest popular vote totals in history because of anything other than cheating, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • True, but so what? They got in, and nothing has (or will be) done about it. It seems the only way out is through – collapse. Thiel’s money would be better spent founding nationalist White communities ala Orandia or whatever its called. Like those black separatists in Georgia are doing.

    • Very good analysis. However, the popular vote totals are fake, and have been for decades. California is usually the popular vote difference of the country. The system is so rigged there that illegals can vote, which is only one example of many in the state’s web of vote rigging. And CA conservatives have no reason to show up, because they know their vote makes no difference. Now that the actual cheating has spread into the swing states, the popular vote count is completely meaningless.

      • DLS: To echo c matt, “So what?” Voting itself is completely meaningless and has been for years. Democracy itself is an abomination of 50 aliens + 1 White moron. California’s mythological ‘conservatives’ could all show up, and the ‘illegals’ could all be removed, and NOTHING WOULD CHANGE.

    • Banana Boat: Terrific comment. I occasionally scan the comments at The Daily Mail Online. Even when people are in opposition to the endless whining of “rayciss” by non-Whites, their fiercest opposition amounts to “Everything isn’t about race.” But au contraire, yes it is. And that’s why Whites continue to lose ground. Everyone else is acutely aware of race and tribe, and willfully blind Whites will be cursed by their grandchildren if they actually have any White ones.

  27. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but I’ve often wondered why some super rich guy wouldn’t put some of his money toward backing DR type goals. Hear me out.

    First, I’m not necessarily talking about a billionaire. I’m talking about someone worth $50 million (hell, maybe $25 million) or more. A couple of million dollars could create a decent-sized organization that could fund candidates or employ some lawyers to attack anti-white public or private policies, etc.

    There are a good number of white men worth $25 million or more. At least a few of them are sympathetic to our cause.

    But here’s my main point: If you’re rich and want to leave a mark on the world, would you be better off giving millions to charity or some college football program or helping to fund a movement that could save your people?

    No one will remember that guy that gives a new weight room to OSU, but the guy who funds the Z Institute could change the world. Yeah, he’ll catch a ton of flak, but he’d be rich enough to ignore it and even fight back. And, yeah, it probably won’t work, but, man, if it did, talk about bang for your buck.

    • If I won the Powerball and started funding d-right ventures, I’d make sure I had millions of that cash stuffed in my mattress so I don’t get Fuentes’d.

      • Better stay off all electronics as well, or the FBI will “find” illegal things on your computer and phone.

      • Marko: Same for sure – but you ought to keep your cash out of the bank regardless. At the very minimum spread it around numerous banks and still keep a significant chunk of change immediately available.

    • Exactly. If I was founding an intellectual hub for the future of conservative thought and cultural stewardship, I would also have Bari Weiss announce it in her substack and definitely locate it in Austin because real estate in Santa Monica is too expensive.

      I would meet with all my business partners at my ski house in Bozeman to plan it, where we would all agree it should be super American and super cool. Basically, “what would Joe Rogan do?”

      I welcome the private shitlord based cabal of billionaire dissident commanders plotting from the lair in a dormant volcano. I would even offer my services as greyman jumpsuit henchman. But I won’t work for bitcoin. Or drive a Tesla golf cart. Or wrestle hairless college boys in lime jello.

      Until then I would rather see a handful of wealthier-than-average white men invest in some boring, modest undertaking in a rural white community that improves the social, economic, or physical infrastructure in one of the many ways that could help our people – especially given the massive opportunities currently presenting with urban flight and economic dislocation of our guys.

      • A couple of rich guys could easily fund both a more noticeable presence and a more quiet “infrastructure” building program.

        First, create a legal/advocacy group. Hire a bunch of lawyers to challenge corporate discrimination policies. Make a stink. Make the other side publicly defend being anti-white. Sure, you’ll probably lose, but that’s not the point. You getting the word out to whites that these people hate you.

        Make the cost of occupation higher.

        Those lawyers could also defend whites. Think if Rittenhouse had a team of expert lawyers. Let whites know that they’re not alone.

        But the real work would be at the local level. Fund organizations that help people in white communities, not organizations that help only white people, but everyone in heavily white areas. Fund local candidates that quietly support us.

        Support businesses that hire our people. When the media attacks these businesses, sue the shit out them.

        Again, make the cost of attacking us much higher.

        This could all be done with $10 million or so. I’m honestly stunned that five or ten rich white guys can’t see this. If I had that kind of money, I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend it. What else are they going to do with it.

        • Yes. It doesn’t even have to be explicit. There is plenty to be done below the fedgov radar and beyond the eye of Sauron.

          There are numerous barriers to entry that are not large scale or high-dollar but nonetheless prevent many of our guys from relocation, providing an economic branch to grab as they are dislocated, and/or building up existing community economic viability and self-sufficiency to insulate from what is coming.

          The lesson of the vax must be heeded. If we wait until the needle comes for us the next iteration will be even worse.

          There are all kinds of small private, high-leverage, low rate non-recourse lending or structured funding opportunities for food/seed/energy/water/lumber co-ops, small farms to put into production local CSA’s, local apprenticeship and employment centers, cultural and community festivals and education events, community-based economic development through succession-planned acquisition of small family businesses, fallow real estate, and so on.

          There is a generation of white-built and owned small businesses across rural America that have no real succession plans or are otherwise impaired because scale and capital invite the vampires.

          We will lose this goodwill and legacy if it gets dissolved or handed over to the competition. Granted, this asks many would-be retirees or sellers to value something other than just money, which is a long-shot. But what are dissidents if not long shots?

          I have taken a run at different small businesses myself but the frothy markets and institutionalized capital markets present too many hurdles for people like me who have already largely stepped away from the formal economics of globohomo.

          Somewhere between caravans of our guys in RVs or living in cars and some dystopia of collapse USA there are numerous onramps to community waiting to be built. Most only require a few men with shovels. I know a handful of good men doing just this IRL for which crumbs from Theils table would make immediate and lasting impact.

        • You are describing Judicial watch, that actually does things rather than just talk, like all the conservative blogs, including this one. You don’t need $25 million either, just a couple of hundred from time to time.

        • Sorta sounds what Mike Lindell is doing. Supposedly, he has signed on several Secretaries of State from individual States to get standing for a Supreme Court challenge to the 2020 election. Whether or not they accept it will be seen next Tuesday. I have no optimism in that they will, or, if they do, they will rule against it.

        • Citizen: I respect you and your opinion, but respectfully disagree. Lawfare would be a waste of money at this date. I’d love to help out Kyle or the Jan 6 people, but if I had spare millions I would never spend them on lawyers. Perhaps set up some cover or front organization with minimal funding to distract from my real purpose, but that would be it.

          Instead, build up hundreds of different communities. Find the young men already on our side and pay them a living wage to work in areas they know, spreading the word while they spread needed funds and plant the seeds for the coming White influx. Help people move. Fund businesses. Set up private schools. A thousand points of undermining the system and helping establish our own alternative.

          • Good things come from the bottom up, like a seed in the ground. Top down is corrupted before it begins.

      • We are doing that now. Every day
        Dirt work completed this week.
        More hard work already. I love it.
        Pro tip, don’t see race ?
        Paint your front iron day glow green.

      • Screwtape: This. I yearn to be financially able to really make a significant difference in the lives of some White people – buy a bunch of different homes or rural lots within a 50 mile radius, help out people who are at risk of foreclosure, try to help those willing to help themselves beat addiction, finance the teaching of old skills and folk history. Just pick one or two neighboring rural communities and revitalize them, one family at a time, and help other Whites settle there.

    • Boone Pickens did manage to get his name plastered on some stuff. When I was at the Reagan library they had his name prominently displayed as a major donor. Guys of that era thought they could get anything done if they threw enough money around. Hopefully a couple of the next generation will learn some lessons and provide more helpful funding.

      • Seriously, one guy could change the world.

        I can’t believe that’s not a tempting offer for some of these guys.

      • Koch brothers used targeted money to support candidates sympathetic to their causes. Worked for awhile.

        Soros did them one better by spending even more, and backing candidates who had enormous power at the local levels all over the nation.

        Zuckerberg dropped half a billion into targeted states to elect Biden.

        Point: Hoping billionaires like Theil are going to ride in and save us is a fools errand. Beginning to think that the mere existence of billionaires is an affront to a free people…too much wealth and power concentrated in too small an area.

        • Soros and his gang also seem to havecan uncanny ability to consistently on the right side of the trading section of the money printing machime.

    • There are. That is what Taki is trying to do, as an example

      There are plenty of rich guys who think like us. But I think a problem we face is that the vast majority of rich guys today got there through tech and not hands on industry, so they are nerds essentially, and not going to take chances and offend people that might get in their face.

      The decline in manufacturing and the potential to make it rich from getting ones hands dirty has really sapped the country of vigor, both among the rich and the poor. They say working out builds testosterone, and I have to imagine that being out there doing physical work does the same and that sitting at a computer makes a man into an estrogenized eunuch a la Zuckerberg.

      • Yep. If some guy ever stepped up, he’d be somebody who sold a trucking or septic tank company. Unlikely to be a tech guy, but who knows, I’m sure the treatment of white guys in the tech world is creating some DR types in Silicon Valley as well.

    • I’ve had the exact same though.

      Even a guy with 50 million, buys up 20 half a million dollar homes (or 40 in a cheaper area) for 10 million. Buys up the land around it to prevent development of non white subdivisions and condos.

      Guy then rents these 30-40 houses at below market rent to white families, allowing them to prosper financially and raise families. Not only that but the rich white guy would still make a huge profit even renting the homes out below market.

      There are *so* many things that moderately rich white men could do, and yet nobody seems to be thinking outside the box. Are white men not capable of scheming like other non whites? I certainly am. I have all kinds of ideas but don’t have the cash to pull it off on a large scale… Yet.

  28. “Something similar occurred on the left side. The Bernie Sanders challenge to Clinton in the 2016 campaign exposed a massive crack in that foundation. His 2020 run forced Liberal Inc. to blow up it up to prevent Sanders from winning. In retrospect, the 2020 shenanigans should include the rigging of the Democratic primary. ”

    Thank you 🙏🏻 Z. My view of Sanders, when not comparing him to the surprising yet hopeless candidacy of Upton Sinclair for Governor of California in 1934 (Socialist runs as Democrat, wins primary, goes down to defeat), is to look at him as Rocky Balboa to Hillary’s Apollo Creed. A patsy put in the ring to make the show look legit to the rubes in the cheap seats.

    Sanders landing punches on Hillary in the form of winning primaries put lie to the claim “Everybody LOVES Hillary!” Similar to Rocky taking Apollo the full distance in the original “Rocky”, he proved the champ wasn’t that good.

    As for the primary fixing in 2020:

    1) Trump’s team should’ve been looking a DAMNED sight closer at the shenanigans on the Democratic side and gotten a clue.

    2) If one can remember that far back, consider how quickly news of The Worst Disease Ever Seen We Are Totally Serious You Guys You’re Gonna DIE!!!!! appeared after the Democrats got caught rigging their primaries and became a laughingstock.


    • Trump should have had trusted people preparing for how to prevent and deal with 2020 election fraud by March 2017. Most of his campaign staff was just concerned with making money, like a typical Republican campaign.

      • My brother, who is stalwartly pro-Trump, sheepishly asked my opinion about the constant stream of emails that he gets from groups associated with Trump asking for more money. They try to shame him that he hasn’t given enough to the God Emporer.

        I didn’t want to attack his God as a shameless grifter, so I just advised caution and told him that I had heard that all of the money Trump raised promising to “Stop the Steal” has not been spent on that cause.

        My brother can still believe that Trump is the Savior but he must concede that Trump surrounds himself with grifters.

        • Does your brother have an opinion on national sovereignty? Last week on the Ari Hoffman show Trump said “Isr*el literally owned Congress. . .Isr*el had such power, and rightfully, over Congress.”
          I guess he said the quiet part out loud, so there’s that, but imagine any US politician getting a pass for saying the US should really just be a satrapy of *any* foreign country.

    • the timing of the covid thing was suspicious to me from the get go. Part of me agrees with Anglin that maybe there is no disease and its just a reclassification of the flu.

  29. I have to wonder that if things get so bad that most people just don’t lose themselves in Metaverse.

    Living in Ca, home of both tech and rapid demographic transformation, I noticed some time ago that mass immigration coincided with the rise of the internet where lots of people never really had to venture outdoors to see how rapidly the world around them was changing. They could hide or lose themselves inside at the computer as the human hurricane took place in truly another world.

    It’s bound to become a chicken and egg question, What came first, the collapse of the real world or the rise of the virtual world? The two do seem to have a symbiotic connection. And it all requires tons of cheap energy to sustain the virtual. I have to wonder if the green energy schemes will be something the elites wish they never promoted. No internet and no virtual reality coupled with a world outside that is a nightmare ghetto, lots of very discontented people to try and manage.

    • The last two generations have become addicted to video gaming as their escape from reality. As a result, most young men have no muscle tone outside of their wrists and none of the core strength that our ancestors bequeathed us. We were built to actually move, not sit in a chair and imagine moving.

      • When the robot historians of the future write on the demise of Western and Japanese civilization, they’ll note that while internet pyrography and feminism cratered fertility rates, it was immersive video gaming that utterly finished off young (and not so young) men.

    • “I have to wonder that if things get so bad that most people just don’t lose themselves in Metaverse.”

      I’ve been doing something like that myself recently — burying myself in other things so I don’t have to notice the hellscape outside of my front door.

      In a sense, it’s like a scene from a movie. In a lot of buddy cop detective movies, for example, there’s usually a character who’s down on his luck. There’s always a scene where you see him on the couch watching home movies of his life back when he was happy; maybe his wife or kids died, so all he has left is those memories.

      I’ve been doing something like that lately … watching videos of better countries, better people in far off lands and wishing I had been born there instead of here.

      Tokyo, Japan:

      Kyoto, Japan:

      Japan at its worst looks like heaven compared to the United States. The cities of this country look like a dump – garbage and graffiti everywhere, closed businesses liter the streets, and crime is rampant. No one here looks like me or shares my interests.

      New York City:

      Imagine you were born in a country with a deep and ancient culture celebrated by all, where practically everyone is an intelligent, center-right normie. This country has no racial problems to speak of, a shared community, and a sense of destiny (you have a future here, so feel free to get married, raise a family, study hard, and go to school). The number of subversive spiteful mutant Leftists is at a minimum. The culture is sane and not focused on thousands of genders. The architecture is unique and plentiful, and not covered in gang graffiti. There’s no trash in the streets. Everyone looks healthy. There are lots of people just like you, which makes socialization easy. You see your people in nearly every television show and domestic movie. And you’re free to study your people’s history without being shamed with all the bad things.

      That’s heaven to me. And it’s something I can never have no matter how much money I earn. Imagine the despair in realizing that fact.

      Now contrast that country (Japan) with the United States:

      Every large city is a crime-ridden dump populated by racists who aren’t my people. What passes for “culture” revolves mainly around state worship and consumption. Our people are the victims of countless racist microagressions in the media – hate hoaxes, lies, racist conspiracy theories like systemic racism and CRT. We’re discriminated against in hiring and in college admissions. We’re the majority of the victims of interracial violence.

      … and we have no future, or at least that’s what we believe as evidenced by the suicide and drug abuse epidemic.

      In the USA, what point is there in trying to get ahead when the government will stop me from succeeding because I’m White? And let’s face it, if you’re under 40 that’s definitely going to be an issue with your life no matter how hard you work or how smart you are. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, they’ll dictate who you can hire (and can’t) if you start a company. If you’re an artist, they’ll remove your book’s White and male characters due to their identity. If you’re a normie, you’re doomed to a terrible job market where you may not be able to find work due to bad trade policies and discrimination.

      Why work hard when you know one day the Regime will take it away from you in some equity redistribution scam a la Zimbabwe? The Biden Regime already tried something like that this past summer with their farm bill that set aside money for farmers, but only non-White farmers.

      Why go to school? I won’t get hired for anything because I’m White, or I’ll have to be about 20x better than any POC to get the same job. And if I do, they’ll just ship that overseas, too.

      Why buy a house if my neighborhood is just going to be flooded by immigrants brainwashed to hate me? Why invest in a community that will be soon be appropriated by others and changed to their preferences?

      Why should I care about good schools when I can’t find a woman who isn’t a crazed, tatted up Leftist? Why shouldn’t I use drugs or off myself? Do my people honestly have a future? Then why should I care about the present?

      >No one in movies looks like us anymore. They don’t even make movies for “us” anymore. Things that were specifically for us, like the Lord of the Rings, are being vandalized by racists – JJ Abrams, for example, is involved in the Amazon LOTR prequel and during the 2020 BLM Race Riots he openly stated “we have to end white comfort.” Uh huh.

      >The news media is basically Jim Snow TV. They all exude a constant, unbearable stream of racist hate aimed at me. I can’t watch any video on YouTube without seeing this in my recommendations. It’s impossible to avoid if you want to use social media.

      >The president of the United States is a vile racist who condemns “white supremacy.”

      The things I want in life can’t be obtained with money. That’s why all of those ridiculous self-help fads – Jordan Peterson — don’t matter to me. I don’t care about money. It’s really as simple as that. And although you’ll say that you do (who doesn’t want to pay their bills?), if you think about it carefully, what you’re after also can’t be bought with any amount of money: an exclusive community of your own people, where you have something to contribute to, and where your people have a future.

      We clearly don’t have that here, so I increasingly find myself studying other places that do – and getting depressed over my findings.

      • Those places won’t take you in unless you have something on the’s the deal. White men WILL triumph. That is what we do. It will get worse, much worse Not all of us will see it that’s the way it goes. Always has, always will. Get right with your maker. If that time comes you are already dead so fight like it. Honor is dieing with your boots on.
        Do something every damn day

      • Sounds like you’re depressed.

        Don’t worry about things out of your control. Are you connected with like minded people? Are you working out? Are you putting away cash? Are you scheming?

        Start with the little things. Japan isn’t perfect either, the people are dying off faster than whites and it’s gradually getting infected with the Globohomo virus. I predict in 10 years they will open more immigration.

      • Banana Boat: I’m not going to offer words of false comfort. Our situation is dire. Everything you write is true. But to just give up, give in, is not in my nature. I’m constantly remonstrated not to say ‘x’ in public, constantly warned it’s not safe or prudent to take action. So I sit and rage in my car, or I escape my non-White suburban reality for White homesteaders on youtube.

        But I’m not just escaping. I’m learning how to build things, even if only visually. Learning what makes a shelter air or weather tight. Learning how to can or store things. Learning about animals. Imaging a better life that can be a reality for me and mine. It’s immensely frustrating not to have the finances to do everything concretely in the now, but I’m just not ready to throw in the towel.

        Find some step, however small, that you can take. Something you can control. Try to do one little thing each day. And instead of visualizing other people and cultures, look back on your own. Watch online images of White countries prior to WWII (nothing from America unless prior to WWI). Take to heart the adage about eating an elephant one bite at a time. And escape online when you must, but then force yourself to go to the gym the next day, or learn some bushcraft. Fight your legitimate depression and ennui. You come from a great people, and you are worth it.

      • You’ve been indoctrinated, brainwashed your whole fuckin life…to end up here, feeling lost, standing alone on a dead end. That was the point of it. Fuck them, re build yourself, by the minute, the hour , the day. Exercise, eat right, read. Fuck tv, games, phones….the bars of the prison. Move motherfucker, keep moving. Once you start, you’ll meet others who are moving too. Good aint easy, easy aint good.

  30. Dreher situation at TAC is interesting. A few years ago, he was their main draw as Daniel Larison would go on rants about Yemen and everyone else they published was obscure. They have really made an effort to expand beyond Dreher and must be having some success.

    He recently posted a link to a John Derbyshire column on Viktor Orban to Twitter and then recoiled in horror when some concerned readers called VDare a racist hate site. Hilariously, Dreher claimed he had no idea what VDare posted and hadn’t followed Derb’s work since he(Dreher) had left National Review in 2002. My guess is the gatekeeper crowd no longer finds Dreher useful within a couple of years and he ends up putting out his own stuff on SubStack exclusively.

      • That is really bizarre. I was still reading Dreher once in a while when they switched to Disqus and he made it sound like he banned a bunch of libs he considered trolls at that time too. Maybe they like the fact that he usually fires to his right, and mostly takes criticism from the left lying down like he deserves it. Even if they thought they could turn him, why would they want to?

        • Dreher is feminine and can be socially shamed into embracing leftism. The man is a coward and is/was a useful tool of the Left. He wrote a recent book about Western totalitarianism yet cheers political prisoners and the increasing loss of liberty. When confronted with uncomfortable issues such as race and IQ, Dreher claims not to have read it. His grift is near an end.

          • It is more than that, like French, Dreher does despise the rural, white Southerns he grew up with. He considers them racist hicks and will take every opportunity he has to get in a shot at them. Some of it probably stems from kids being mean to him in school. I think that was part of his reaction to the January 6th protest. The protesters reminded him of the rural whites he knows and hates.

      • They target Dreher for the same reason they targeted Sarah Palin so obsessively: they define themselves not through positive identity, but through the negative identity of opposing others; and Dreher strikes them as an easy mark because he has principles and wont’ fight back on equal terms (while Palin just wasn’t able to because she’s not that smart).

        Leftists circle him in the same way a shark circles an injured whale. You’ll notice they avoid places where the opposition is willing to (and able to) fight back on equal terms. Since Dreher isn’t willing to do so, they think he’s easy pickings to sate their sadistic desire to attack their fantasy opposition.

        “concerned readers called VDare a racist hate site”

        How many of those same people have a Salon or TYT subscription? I honestly can’t say there is any difference in language degree in Vdare as opposed to the myriad racist leftwingers I see on Twitter and YouTube. What they’re really saying is that Vdare is effective, therefore their opposition must not quote it. They use shame to induce them to ignore it. They’ll then happily rant about systemic racism and “white supremacy” themselves while posting Salon articles calling the Hallmark channel “fascist propaganda.”

    • > Dreher claimed he had no idea what VDare posted and hadn’t followed Derb’s work since he(Dreher) had left National Review in 2002.

      Twitter commenters told him he was flat-out lying, and dug up the receipts to prove it. Not only is he a cafeteria Christian, but an odious, backstabbing liar.

      His IRL soyfaces were great memes though, so I guess he created some value.

    • I don’t trust him for the simple fact he is an open homosexual. That doesn’t mean him funding some dissidents is a bad thing though, just keep your distance and be ready to say no to the money.

      • Ah. That is reason enough right there for our host’s skepticism. The faggot must inevitably fink. I stand corrected…

      • Most of what Thiel does is to put himself in a position to be around and hiring and in control of lots of young men

        Or I would always presume that to be his primary motivator

      • “Saying no to the money” has become something of an everyman proposition of late.

        Want that paycheck? Get penetrated by notvaxx. Want that promotion? Hire more pox and do their work for them. Want that government contract? Don’t be White.

        The notion of “selling out” has always lingered in the moral shadows of commerce and culture. While it is encouraging to see the “woke–>broke” chaffing the trousers of billionaires enough to have them putting up new curtains, the real problem is that for every billionaire smoke-signaling toward Dissident Island there are millions of our guys suffering the Great Compression of the sellout question every day.

        In the current year “selling out” is not about some distant proposition of the brass ring and gaypedo island, but about making next months mortgage and avoiding the precipitous decline in living standards and abandoning the predictable trajectories of what they thought was “doing what we are supposed to be doing”.

        While the billionaires plot how to next slip through the eye of the cultmarx needle, the rest of us are are confronted with the reality that the next handful of rice might cost us a club to the head.

  31. There is too much there for one sitting. I shall start chewing on it post haste.

    “This project is an effort to create their own version of Heritage.”
    An alternative theory, not quite fully thought out yet:

    These guys obviously know something is up, Z. Conservative Inc is going to fracture: those that want to stick their heads in the sand, and pretend it’s 1984, and those that realize they need to come to terms with the realities of the day and the growing influence of the dissident right. These guys know they have to parley – because what is coming will sweep them away with the establishment when it arrives – kinda like the way Bill Mitchell was tossed from Gab.

    The University of Austin intriques me. Classical Texans might just make a go of it, maybe? Being Texans, they will poach the best talent from their adversaries, and it is out there, ripe for the picking. If you were a top notch scientist being suffocated by women and vibrants – you’d jump ship the second a viable alternative surfaced.

    Maybe the university is a step toward something better? One thing is obvious at this point: Conservative Inc has to change or die.

    • Hmppfffffff.

      this line of thought opens other cans of worms. Is there a ‘dissident left’ Z? If so… who are they, and what do they look like?

      Clearly, Liberal Inc. is on it’s last legs too…

      • I don’t think there cane be a dissident left. To be a dissident means rejecting the prevailing moral orthodoxy. All forms of leftism start with liberal dogma.

        • This is the central point that is so tough to get. Here is Dreher defending himself from Deneen:

          “The, um, fact remains that pluralism is a fact in this country. The country is, alas, de-Christianizing, and people like Deneen and me are going to be construed as enemies. I don’t see any practical way to fight this in the United States of America but within the liberal constitutional order — because if we overthrow the liberal constitutional order, we conservative Christians will soon find that we are a despised minority that will have nowhere to hide. I don’t like it, but there it is.”

          This thing that we all think is awesome is also the thing that has obliterated everything we care about and is also the only thing that can protect us from it.

          • So his position is that we need to consent to working within a system that is being used to deprive us of everything we believe because otherwise we might be deprived of everything we believe.

        • The antiestablishment left in the Anglosphere is incredibly small, probably not enough people to sustain a single blog’s comment section. “There is no left, only Democrats,” as one of them said on the way out. The 2020 election discredited every supposed communist or socialist or anarchist org, and all but a few notable individuals. I can only think of four, and two of them no longer consider themselves leftists (on “it turns out leftism isn’t a thing” grounds).

    • Insofar as Texas is striving to become this era’s version of the 1960s and 1970s era of California — meaning the place to be to be on the cutting edge of culture and business — I can see lots and lots of wannabes and aspirants and all the rest moving there to be part of the action and be around to tell us of the “dark side” the rest of the world never learned of and only heard all the promotional stories. And I can already hear all the soon to be written stories and articles and maybe even movies talking of the new Texas mythology, crafting an image of Texas much as they did to California. My sense is that Shapiro and his ilk are trying to bring some of that mystique to Nashville, another place that is trying to live up to its own mythology in the making. Soon we will be hearing of the Texas School of this or that, or the Nashville School style of cultural critique.

      All in before it becomes a racket

      • It raises the question of why these fellows, if they were sincere about “conserving” something, didn’t plunk their shiny new school down amongst those places in the country still worth preserving? Why not build your school in deepest, darkest Appalachia or the Nebraska/Dakota border?

        “But muh restaurants!”

      • Falcone: Perceptive and true. But it’s already a massive racket, and there is no genuine DR core in the mythical Texas identity.

    • I think the, “University of Austin, ” is a bit silly out of the gate.

      People will endlessly confuse it with the state flagship University of Texas at Austin with its $3.1 billion budget, $30.1 billion endowment, and top 50 global ranking.

      Yeah, these guys aren’t exactly pursuing a blue ocean strategy here.

      • Conservative “Revanchist” universities already exist. Hillsdale College comes to mind; there are others out there that I doubt anyone here has ever heard of.

        They’re pointless precisely because they are revanchist. Their graduates don’t go on to have positions of power and influence in law, politics, or industry.

        The left controls everything now because of their “long march though the institutions”, not because they founded “Marxism for America University”.

        Our own “long march” would have to do the same: have a couple of generations of “sleeper revanchists” attend the true centers of elite cultural power (Yale, Harvard, etc.), integrate themselves into academia and politics, then take the mask off 30 years from now.

        Looking at SCOTUS justices like Kavanaugh and AC Barrett (who arguably tried this), I’m not encouraged.

      • You don’t get it. “Look… me and the McDonald’s people got this little misunderstanding. See, they’re McDonald’s… I’m McDowell’s. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. My buns have no seeds.” – Cleo McDowell, Patriot & Founder of McDowells.

        • Oh, I’m sure that’s the effect they’re going for, I just don’t think it will work out they in the way they desire.

          UT-Austin and its myriad supporters will not suffer these fools lightly.

    • Glen: University of Austin, like the city of Austin itself, has nothing Texan about other than its geographic location. Austin is not weird, it is woke. Juice mayor, plenty of Cali ‘moderates,’ plenty of Pox. And Bari Weiss is a lesbian zionist. She opposes CRT because it’s anti-semitic and anti-black. These are all grifters, all fake civnats, and all losers. Don’t buy the sugar-coated fantasy they are selling.

      And ‘classic Texans’ remain only in your imagination or on the screen. Today’s Texan was yesterday’s Chicagoan, or has red hair and a nose ring.

      • This cannot be emphasized enough. Texas is well to the Left of many Red/Purple states, including Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, whose peoples settled it. I think Texas will stay Republican longer than people think largely because it is cuckservative GOP and Hispanics are pissed at Biden over the open border, which is kind of ironic (wait until they find out what White Establishment Republicans really think about the border!). Texas would be Austin everywhere if it were not so cucky.

  32. The organizations Thiel is pushing forward is as far right as anyone is willing to go with their name attached to it.

    Thinking a lot of the reason for the laughable requirement of relaying the identity of 10k+ Bitcoin donations is the realization there is going to be a new class of rich who may talk a woke game, but will secretly finance new power structures, especially if they’re whites who are locked out of power due to diversity. When they see millions of disenfranchised whites, they see a way of garnering political power.

    The left has mastered creating shadow organizations, shadow funding, and infiltrating and destroying old philanthropic organizations. They also were masters of having a public narrative and a private, closed-door radical ideology. The new right elite’s public face might be civic nationalism, but their private face may start to become very different.


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