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It is that time of year where the loafing begins. Every year the loafing seems to start earlier for some reason. When I was a young man, people worked right up to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The boss would let people go early on that Wednesday, but lots of people worked the following Friday. Then it became a four day holiday for most people, even working class guys. Then Wednesday became a day when people took off to get a jump on travel.

Covid seems to have added some more loafing to the schedule. Last year Tuesday was the big travel day, at least for car travel. That means Thanksgiving is pretty much a five day weekend for most office people. I’ve noticed that my work e-mail is in sharp decline this week and that many people will not be around at all next week. Thanksgiving is quickly becoming a full week off for many people. That means the Friday prior will soon become a day in which nothing gets done. Loafing is our strength!

There is plenty to moan about in this life, but the expansion of Thanksgiving into a weeklong holiday is not one of them. It is a quintessential American holiday that has not be corrupted by the times. They have not found a way to blame white supremacy or claim it was invented by slaves. There is the Indian guilt issue, but those efforts have largely failed take hold. Despite the worst people trying their worst, the holiday remains a time to enjoy the simple things and be thankful for them.

The negative this year is the Covidians have started to demand vaccine passports from relatives in order to come over for dinner. How much this is happening is unknown, but it is an idea being pushed by the usual suspects. A fake poll was created that claimed 60% of people are demanding vaccine passports at Thanksgiving. It was just a bit of guerilla marketing from a sleazy marketing firm, but the media wants to hear this, so they have been pushing the idea.

Most likely the real number is pretty close to the number of people who were sure Boris and Natasha were hiding under their bed. The same people who put on their serious face to explain to you why Trump is Hitler now put on their serious face to tell you that you have to wear a life jacket so they will not drown. Covid has made plain that our crazy people problem cannot be solved with conventional means. Physical removal of the crazy people is the only path back to normalcy.

That may turn out to be the gift of Covid. If these people are sure that the rest of us pose a threat to them, maybe they remove themselves. Carve out a bit of Mexico or perhaps a spot in the Amazon for them. They can be safe because they are all in it together and the rest of us can get back to normal. Imagine a world without Covidians, it is easy if you try. If such a thing occurred, Thanksgiving would become a global one month holiday because the world would be so grateful.

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199 thoughts on “Letters An Such

    • Youngkin, Rittenhouse, Tucker. You have to throw a dog a bone once in a while in order to get him to continue playing along. Maybe he will bring you your slippers again and retrieve the newspaper. Afterall, another election is coming!

  1. Can someone explain this emerging alt-lite “pureblood” meme to me?


    It looks like many of the America First people who call me a bad optics nazi are trying to signal about race (“pureblood”). …And I thought their movement was all about “Christ (and Trump) is King!”

    I suspect that they subconsciously understand that race is more important than religion and their meme is their implicit acknowledgement that I am right.

    • Yeah someone linked that about a week ago and I thought it was awesome. It was actually written last year after the incident but w/ the exoneration from yesterday it now becomes even more awesome.

  2. From CNN:
    “There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.”

    Hallelujah. We, the Pureblood White male, have taken a step forward. Press the advantage. Make them, all of them that hate us and want us dead, fear every straight White man they see. Let us begin the long march to reclaim our heritage.

  3. “Physical removal of the crazy people is the only path back to normalcy.”

    Deportation in place is another option. It is far more environmentally friendly as less travel means fewer greenhouse gasses, and it only needs a shovel or other digging implement.

  4. MOV_0381.mov

    I don’t know if this will work, but it’s a goosepimple type of thing.

    • Annnd, it doesn’t.

      Short video clip of a bar (location unknown), that had the verdict being read.

      Place exploded in cheers.

      I’m sure folks will be able to see it.

      • Its a bit pathetic isn’t it in some ways.

        Whites are so beaten down in their own country that there is a large emotional investment and an audible relief as shown in the video that some white kid was correctly served a modicum of justice in a system everyone knows, but few are willing to admit, is directly opposed to them in their own nation.

        Even 20 years ago it would have been a passing interest to most people.

        • And yet, look how many shit-for-brains white kids sign up every day for the military so they can soon die in Ukraine, Syria, or Taiwan to enrich the very political establishment that is so opposed to them.


  5. I don’t cry often, but I shed a little tear on that verdict. Whitie hasn’t scored a point in a long time. But today, for just a short little time, whitie scored a point.

      • Hate to throw a wet blanket on it, but I think we all know the verdict would have gone the other way if the two protesters in body bags had not been white.

        Even still, it took FOUR FREAKIN’ days for a jury to acquit a man who was so clearly innocent.

        I’m going to enjoy the moment, but with the realization that nothing’s changed.

    • Thanks be to God, yes.

      Stay out of cities. Was going to go to the LA Auto Show this weekend. Not now. Anti-Fa is out in force. They will be randomly beating White dudes in a frenzy.

      • Sue their asses off!

        Biden, CNN, NPR/PBS, MSNBC. Defamation.

        “I understand you’ve been running from the man who goes by the name of the Sandman.”

        Biden was a civilian when he called Rittenhouse White supremacist, domestic tertorist. Sue his ass off!

      • Going to be really interesting to watch President Brandon respond to “mostly peaceful” protests.

        Which is why I don’t think they’re going to happen.

        Unfortunately have to be in LA myself this weekend. It’ll be interesting to see what gets boarded up.

        • Portland, Charlottesville, Kenosha, Loudan County. The temperature is rising. Where will be our Bunker Hill?

  6. Zman makes the absolute right decision in keeping the camera turned off. There would be ZERO benefit and a number of downsides. It’s a podcast. It works well as a podcast.

    Video is fundamentally a different medium than audio only and especially writing. To me, the audio only podcast is complimentary to the written word blog in a way that video would not be. Adding video subtracts clarity, which is already weaker in audio compared to writing. Six people can watch a video and you can literally get 6 contradicting opinions about what was meant by a video. You might only get 3 from audio only and 1 or fewer from the written word. While audio is more passive than reading, video takes that passivity to a whole new level.

  7. Rittenhouse not guilty.

    There will be a use for the bricks that have appeared in Kenosha’s alleys in the past couple of days.

  8. Here’s a main source of the National Malaise;


    “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

    In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”
    – Michael Crichton (1942-2008)

      • Dunning-Kruger effect. How come we have a name for every pathology or error of logic, but lack sufficient cures?

        • There is no cure for stupidity and the only cure for evil is death , sometimes if there is any truth in folklore with an exorcism and burial in consecrated ground chaser.

  9. You need permission to put money in the bank. There are all kinds of regulations which turn private corporations into state enforcers, like said bankers. Carrying cash is even de-facto illegal. The old “license and registration” has given way to “license, registration and insurance and are you carrying cash” The police are now road bandits. The TSA are now cash investigators despite the fact that the law says you can carry as much cash as you want on domestic flights. It’s all a lie. The law has been weaponized.

    Just this week a read a story of a court ordering the return of money seized on the side of the road and the township said “you have your order, now try enforcing it!” It is now known as “The United States vs 16,xxx Dollars” There are many cases like this, where the defendant is an object or objects.

    • Have a look at Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency. https://tinyurl.com/4zp7pf5f This Kazakh wants to eliminate the FDIC, transfer all commercial bank deposits to the Federal Reserve, and anytime inflation spikes they can debit your “FedAccount” (formerly known as your savings.)

      • Unfrigginreal. They want helicopter money. They will probably get it. There is NO stomach for raising interest rates. Things like UBI have more and more support.
        Yes, the central bank printing money for their buddies is evil, but you can’t fix evil with more evil (in the form of helicopter money). Perhaps this is how they plan to implement “you will own nothing and be happy. You will eat ze bugs”

      • “Although we had plenty of money, we found there was nothing to buy. And gods of the copybook headings said “If you don’t work, you die”” – Kipling

      • Except they don’t.

        The smallpox vaccine lines were all shut down, and, in theory, only the United States & Russia are supposed to still have smallpox samples [being held in hyper-sterile military facilities].

        • And the vaccines they had in Grandpa’s day have long since expired. You don’t think Pfizer (et al.) are going to dedicate production to something that’s not going to make them a mint, do you? Look at how they oppose any “off label” early treatment for the coof.

    • Smallpox is still around in the big nation bioweapons labs. Don’t believe them when they say they destroyed it. I wouldn’t and I’m not expecting they would. It’s too important to keep a specimen for future defense—if not offense. As to It being in the wild, I doubt it. The reason we were successful in eradication was that smallpox required a human host. We vaccinated everyone in infected areas and it was gone by middle 70’s. Most folk like me who could have been infected are long gone, so there are no silent carriers.

      • The deal was that the USA and USSR could keep samples for “research into cures” purposes.

        Now, about that bridge…

        • Not to mention the anthrax (2001 scare for the young’uns) that turned out to be a strain from a US military lab. TBH, I don’t understand why *everybody* isn’t a conspiracy theorist at this point. 😉

          • You mean the thousands of anthrax vaccine injured soldiers, relabeled as “PTSD”, just in time for the FDA to authorize Zoloft for…

            There are 10,000 strains of anthrax, Wyoming ranchers carry many small scars from this sheep disease.

            By the way, Rumsfeld gave samples of anthrax and pesticides from the U. of Iowa agri programs to Iraq in a ‘dual use’ program. Those became the chemical and bio part of “WMD”.

          • By the way, Rumsfeld gave samples of anthrax and pesticides from the U. of Iowa agri programs to Iraq in a ‘dual use’ program. Those became the chemical and bio part of “WMD”.



  10. Seasonal influenza has reappeared and ripped through the University of Michigan so hard that the CDC actually sent a team to investigate:


    Of course, this is being played off as naughty people who didn’t get their flu jab, which is widely available. Heck, the article even helpfully points out the local grocery store pharmacy has 600 jab slots available!

    • Couldn’t possibly be affecting people with no immunity left, since the jabs wiped out their broad spectrum naturally aquired immunity, could it?

      (The term is “immunity collapse”.)

      • I remember a long time ago when I moved into the big city and started using public transportation, for the first few months I was inundated with a series of illnesses and colds constantly.

        Millions of people spent a year at home, with a diaper attached to their face. This is especially true of young adults in college campuses, who had years of education suspended and all normal modes of human interaction shut down (sportsball, bars, concerts, etc.). Their immune system is essentially untrained for whatever is going around now, and are getting exposed to it all at once. The media has spent exactly zero time talking about this, but they are going to seize the opportunity and label the normal functioning immune system as a pathology. This is because the elites are anti-human, and instead of just acknowledging reality they want us to be dependent on constant intervention, surveillance, and mystery injections. Hold out just long enough and eventually their brains can be uploaded to a computer and they can live forever as AI.

  11. I’ve gotten all my shots as have most of my friends (who btw, mostly detest the left and libtards and PC & MC thinking). Those that have not gotten their shots cannot go to restaurants in NYC for Thanksgiving/Christmas drinks/dinner with friends. There are many reasons why one would want to get the shot or not get the shot. Up to each person.

    • I got all my shots as well—took me a couple of hours, and some heavy card stock, to generate my “internal passport”. ;-). Works just fine! As soon as I get around to it, I’m generating—woops—getting, my booster shot.

    • Social pressure. That’s all I hear from the future inhabitants of Devil’s Island, not one bit of science.

      There are 8 slots on your vax pass.
      Gee, why 8?

    • Glad to see Compsci is such a law abiding person. Now Le Compte, I urge you to tell all your friends-

      It’s proven safe and effective, and they need to make sure and get every booster! To keep our children safe!
      And, you can travel!

    • how can anyone make informed decisions with so much obfuscation around? congratulations on the jab, enjoy the fruit of your decision.

  12. Have a happy Thanksgiving Z, and all of the commentariat! Spot-on about Thanksgiving’s relative imperviousness to the caprices of political correctness.

    As with others herein, my lack of vax prevented the #2 daughter’s in-laws from visiting while we were visiting daughter et la famille on our recent trip to the belly of the beast in the Nutmeg state. As said in-laws are all that might be expected from the heart of liberaldom, I was eternally grateful that, as with most things, there is indeed a silver lining in the Covid craziness.

  13. Indians simply don’t make good pity/guilt objects for most Americans, despite nearly a hundred years of trying by the usual suspects. Most whites still think of Indians as brave, tough, stoic, cruel warriors (which most were) – the kind of people you name attack helicopters after, not throw a pity party for. Most normal Indians (as opposed to the Left’s pet Indian “activists”) are also not good at inducing guilt trips – still too much masculine pride, stoicism, etc. People who would rather die/drink themselves to death rather than be slaves don’t compute for liberals. This may change, but I doubt it.

    • I should probably also add that the propensity of Indian men to drink like fish, drive insanely, bang teenagers, join the military and carry out suicidally brave acts, etc also does not endear them to liberals. The lefties try, but you can tell that they just don’t feel it, the way they do with blacks. Many Hispanics (who also have a touch of the ol’ Red Man in them) also fit this profile.

      • American Indians still retain a pride that blacks don’t have. They have a history that they feel was worthy of respect. Now, zero chance they’d want to return to that savage world, but they can look at what they once were and feel some pride.

        That makes it hard for them to consider themselves victims. They’re also big-time fighters and understand that conquering another tribe gives you rights to that land. They know that they were beaten by a better foe. You respect the warrior who beats you. You’re not a victim, just defeated.

        But, in the end, Indians both won’t play their role as victims very well (except for a few grifters) and, frankly, aren’t very entertaining. The Left wants entertaining victims, which is why it loves blacks and gays.

        Also, Indians prefer rural areas and more concentrated in the flyover country, so they’re rarely seen by our city-dwelling rulers.

        • Apart from the ones that teach at Harvard and get into congress obviously.

          You can’t get those fuckers off the screen.

        • We should have used units like the Massachusetts 54th to fight the Injuns instead of wasting good men like Custer. Would have been hilarious to watch those battles.

        • In a way they’re getting revenge on the White eyes via their casinos – relieving them of their hard earned wampum. In my neck of the woods, there’s at least one (usually more) casino on every damn rez.

          • Casinos are a secret plan to get their land back and stop the young men killing themselves with despair.

            They intend to fight with lawyers, not bullets, and the drug/alcohol/suicide rate dropped from 24% to 1%.

            This was decided at a National Pow-wow years ago. So what does Wokie do?

            Shut down the rez casinos. Wokie wants to murder our greatest- as in Great- enemy, whom we honor.

            For 400 years these decimated peoples fought the most advanced armies in the world. They were never slaves, they would not surrender, in the end they were defeated by deceit-

            defeated, yes, but defeated as Warriors. They were our Greatest enemy. Here’s to the Indians!

          • Indians are pathetic people in my area. The casinos and government benefits are all they have. That’s what happens when you are technologically inferior and lose the war.

    • That is a good point. I have to say that in my limited experience with Indians, they are not the sort that enjoys being pitied.

      • It helps that they were assigned reservations. IDE White people don’t screw with them on “their” lands, albeit what was given to them was the worse of the worse and (then) of no known value.

        I often wonder if we (White Nationalists) will be afforded such when the time comes. Image what we could do if simply left alone. What was Hong Kong in terms of resources outside of their people, nothing. Today?

      • Indians are also very laconic. Liberals want a show for their money, which is one of the reasons that they like gays and blacks so much.

        Hispanics, at least the Mestizos, present a similar problem.

      • And they’re smart. If there were enough of them to matter, statistically, they’d be excluded from “minority” (“non-white,” increasingly) IQ/SAT/etc. numbers like Asians are, for complicating the story.

        Their scores cluster up near white scores, not down with Hispanics (who are much whiter). And they don’t look like South or Central Americans, once you really look. Interesting people…if anyone were still interested in them.

        My grandfather collected sad-injun paintings. Haven’t seen one since.

        • As for Indian intelligence, I can’t really judge, because most of the Indians I’ve known have been ex-military, business guys, etc who got off the reservation and are almost by definition above average, but I can say that the average Indian guy seems about as smart as your average white, maybe a bit lower, but that might be the effects of chronic alcohol abuse – they do indeed like to drink! Certainly streets ahead of your average black.

          • Indians, up in North America anyway, were hunter gatherers with little agricultural experience, hence no alcohol. White’s have had 10k years to adjust to that drug. It’s a shame really.

            Drinking is still hard on Europeans, and devastating to the Indians–but not as devastating as our damn food! We have massive diabetes problems with the tribes as well.

            I often stop by the local Kwiki Market next to the reservation on the way to the range. Kids that look to be 10 or so walk in with mom and are fat as a tic. They buy Twinkies and a large Coke. If it’s lunchtime, maybe a hot dog as well.

            If IRC, the largest dialysis center in America is up the road in Scottsdale and is filled with Indians. Sometime a couple of decade ago, an anthropologist studying this problem, tied it to genetic influences and the sudden unhealthy change in the lifestyle of the Native American population.

            In short, the Indian was designed by Nature to live in the harsh environment of the Southwest and to eat (and put on quick weight) when he caught something and starve when he didn’t. Three meals a day of sugary and processed foods and grains are like poison–without the benefit of quick death. Very sad.

            The anthropologist was cast into the void. “Eppur si muove”

        • Yeah, I’ve got to agree with Altitude Zero. Hang around the typical rez and you find a lot of middling intellects. If they skewed higher than average most reservations, with the amount of legal autonomy they possess, would have been nice places a century ago. They weren’t. In fact, if it wasn’t for legalized gambling most would still be depressed.

      • In that way, they are much like real Southerners, who they fought so often. The Rebel Yell of the Civil War was a version of the native war whoop.
        I once stunned a native who started going on a rant about how “his” people had suffered invaders by noting that the United States army had also invaded my homeland and burned my ancestor’s towns, in 1865. The look on his face was priceless.

  14. I probably mentioned this in some past post, but virtually everyone I know, at least to be best of my knowledge, has been vaxxed. The only positive aspect thus far, is no one is really talking about it, either positively or negatively – maybe they just assume everyone has taken the jab and they’re “safe”. I met with a few friends (who have all been jabbed) and the topic never came up. We’re also attending a couple of family functions next week and again, nothing has been mentioned re vax status to this point. I’m very curious to see how it goes – if any potential covidians start haranguing the crowd. With the new insane stuff now going down in Austria, Germany and Ireland etc., doubling and tripling down on stupid, it seems this s*** is never going to end.

    • My guess is most people who got the vax did so for the same reason they vote and pay their taxes on time. It is just what you do, which in a sane world would be a great quality. As I said, the issue is not the vaccine. It is the lying. Give people the facts, let them talk it over with their doctor and then make their choice.

      • That’s a good point. They bought the government lies, were scared and felt the vax would be the savior and/or taking it was the right thing to do to save granny or be able travel or whatever. The downside now of course are all the numerous negative ramifications popping up everywhere, that the media etc., are studiously ignoring.

      • Yep. The other problem is when the lies become a moral imperative. The inversion produces no shortage of lies. But when the lies become part of the social hierarchy they take on additional power that forces the issue: comply or socially outgroup yourself.

        This is particularly coercive when the social power moves from passive to active. Silence is violence.

        When people who were actual anti-vaxxers, don’t do Big Pharma, only go to naturopathic doctors, pursue alt-med/health at every turn, and research every food they put into their bodies for organic and natural ingredients are rushing out to have their 8y/o daughter vaxxed its not just a lie, its a cult.

        And now the lie has an army of rabid social and economic enforcers to do TPTBs bidding at the smallest, most intimate levels of the social strata.

      • Where do these facts come from?

        Every doctor I have spoken to about this is running at about 70% lies and ignorance in varying combinations, is completely unaware of most published relevant studies and even more so the widespread data that sits outside the political messaging from the health authorities.

        Their imperative is not yours.

          • At this point I would trust a goddamn Santeria shaman over an MD. All the brujo wants to do is sacrifice a chicken to his fetish, which at least will cause no further harm (except to the chicken). An MD wants you to take some random DNA swapping glop, because the insurance company that really runs his HMO said so.

        • “Every doctor I have spoken to about this …, is completely unaware of most published relevant studies…

          Wife stopped that favorite rant of mine a couple of weeks ago. She simply responded, “…doctors aren’t scientists, they’re *technicians*! You’re not at the University anymore, deal with it.”

          Damn that woman has my number.

          • Doctors are more akin to priests than technicians (I wonder if that was always so?), as technicians at least develop their own diagnostics.

            However, I am not talking about university papers. The BMJ, Lancet. NEJM etc are all for working doctors and having early on in my life done a lot of clin trial conferences nearly all attendees are doctors.

            The only raw(ish) information about drugs are clinical trials in papers in medical journals and in the field data of adverse effects/off label uses.
            The rest are prescribing guidelines and official guidance which is political.

            For a new drug being injected into 90% of the population you would expect that some would be curious about the actual trial data being output or adverse events. Alas none of them seem to give 2 shits, are not even curious, dismiss any attempt to engage on this level and all rely on official guidance notes only.

            Its safe and effective, says some NPC MD sat in a mask, having had both shots, refusing to look at adverse event or trial data and asking me in a confused tone why I am not willing to do it.
            I might as well get medical advice from a fortune cookie.

      • The failure of the vaccine to end this is huge. Even if the vaccines prove only to be fairly ineffective, a lot of Normies will be pushed over the edge in terms of trust in system.

        Now, if the vaccines prove to be actually somewhat detrimental, you’re talking a landslide.

        • And now that they’re jabbing children (who generally don’t die from covid–proving this isn’t about health) and if they start having serious adverse reactions, then what comes next?

          • What next?
            Children of Men.

            When the girls start reaching puberty in 5-10 years, we’ll discover they’re sterile.

            Too late, too late, and whites will be even more outnumbered than before. The browns have plenty of replacements, won’t even notice the dip.

      • The lying makes you look into the “vaccine.” (it’s not a vaccine) The attack on hydrox. and ivermectin, the censorship of opposing views, the smearing of some of the most accomplished doctors in the world, the padding of covid death statistics, the refusal to “vax” illegal aliens, masks don’t work, then they do work and are necessary, and much more makes you decide to look into what these “vaccines” are all about. And then you find more lies….

      • “let them talk it over with their doctor”
        And there lies the rub.
        The vast majority of doctors are now corporate apparatchiks not “professionals” in the original meaning of the word.
        As a B’more County guy I’ve had dealing with one @ Hopkins and one @ Mercy. Both toe the party line.

        • Exactly, bile, ‘corporate medicine’. The Big Box concept is the death of the private practitioner.

          He used to be a repairman who came to your house. Sick people weren’t forced to travel and jump thru hoops.

          One project will be an attempt to get dissident “barefoot doctors” going in our future ghettos.

          Goddam I am so frustrated trying to get to networking as a parallel career. So many people, groups, and interests not in contact in a self-reinforcing way.

    • Same with me in Commiefornia. I’m the only unvaxxed so everybody just assumes I’m one of them. Why else would I go unmasked in the grocery? Heh heh heh…

      • My standard M.O. Always fly below the radar, don’t volunteer information, and, above all, remember, the two rules of life:
        1. Never give out all the information

    • What we see in Europe and Australia—and coming again here—is the last hurrah wrt Covid. In a cosmological analogy, it is the expansion of the sun before collapse and supernova. Recession, inflation and the normal seasonality of Covid, will give folk a distraction come Spring.

    • We can either live perpetually like cockroaches in a dark prison of our own mind, or we can cast off the idiocy and begin living like human beings again. For the present, it appears most love their iron cages.

  15. When you see Ed Dutton take him him to a church bake sale, hang out at a construction site and maybe even to a local high school sporting event. He will maybe understand the so called simple rabble he is dismissive of. They contribute far more than the hbd spergs do from their outposts.

    Then give him a wedgie, he’s overdue.

    • Can you cite one Dutton book or video where he “slights” or is “dismissive” of the little guy? Have you even read/seen one of his works?

      • A live stream or two. Also zmans podcast today, but hey if I misunderstood ,apologies. Did you listen?
        Still, if one is going to opine and suggest about a certain group, get to know them.

        • In that we agree—know the group you talk about.

          No, I’ve not heard today’s missive, but I’ve read Dutton and listen often to his podcasts. He’s out there, I admit, and runs perhaps ahead of the science. However, *if* the science he quotes is correct, his conclusions/predictions would seem sound. He’s a futurist sort of, so I give him lead and treat his rants with a bit of “what if”.

          I simply don’t consider him as a classist, but that just may be my lack of understanding. For example, when he speaks for of intelligence decline, that is explained to encompass everyone—no class escapes, all suffer from the lack of competence in all levels social structure.

          In the book, The Genius Famine, he decries the general decline in average intelligence as it will logically produce fewer outliers of high IQ, i.e., geniuses. Is that being dismissive of folks like myself who are at best middle of the road intellectually?

          Well, best I listen to today’s podcast and see where I’ve draw the wrong conclusions wrt Dutton.

          • Addendum. Just listened to the today’s Z-man missive. I disagree with the letter writers opinion wrt Dutton and Z-man’s immediate concurrence. However, Z-man was pretty right on in his follow-up discussion.

            HBD, solely wrt IQ, as an explanation for the world is lacking—but that is not what Dutton’s body of work discusses. I’ll leave it at that.

          • I wrote that letter. My main critique was that Dutton tends to justify the structure of society as it is: high-class people deserve higher status because they have better genes, while the reverse is true for the vile working class who should get their violent and stupid impulses culled from society by capital executions, their own recklessness, etc. I think this is a way to argue against social mobility that makes Marxism sound reasonable.
            If anything I think that in real life what happens is much more the other way around: higher classes sit at their privileged place because of the deeds, or most probably the banditry of some distant ancestor, while the stereotype of the lower class ‘loose cannon’ poor-impulse-control man is often the result of that person’s ignorance and desperation in his own future in a messed-up system.

            For instance, Dutton makes often the point that the difference in IQ between now and the declining future is the difference in IQ that currently exists between a high school teacher and a university professor: however oftentimes it is found that high IQ people work humble jobs.
            Many professors are horse traders, while many high school teachers did not have the opportunity to get to graduate school for various reasons, not knowing which gear to grease being not the last of those reasons. Or because they do not want to yield to academic peer pressure, as professors are a clique of cronies. A sizable proportion of high school teachers may in fact be considerably smarter than your average prestigious university buffoon.

            In the end I am satisfied with Z’s answer pointing out that in general it’s not possible to base your whole world view on IQ tests. It is a blatantly limited perspective that would get shot to pieces by any capable liberal during a debate.

    • I have some “simple rabble” installing a furnace in my house right now. To some high-level engineer I’m “simple rabble” who writes some of the lower level software. To some physicist he’s “simple rabble” who designs cars.

      Never desparage a person who makes an honest living. There’s fewer and fewer of them.

      • Very humane of you to call your furnace installer “simple rabble”. My guess is that he makes a good living at his trade and regards you – the homeowner – as “simple rabble” not smart enough to install the damn thing yourself.

  16. Last Thanksgiving I joked to my wife “if your family goes Covidian I’m throwing them out.” My wife is a kind and grounded person, and she just laughed. Well, at dinner her family went full Covidian with lectures and virtue signaling. My wife stood up and said “Get the F@#$ out”. I and everyone else was stunned, but she wasn’t kidding – she threw them out. There are sleeping dragons- gives me hope.

    Most joyous Thanksgiving ever – won’t be at our house this year.

    • A heartwarming tale! A fortnight from now I want to see compilation videos on Youtube of sputtering, red-faced Covidians gathering their coats and scarves and being shown the door. I also want to see the Pure Bloods blissfully enjoying the rest of the meal in peace.

    • My sibling, part of the BranCoven group (as in “Branch”) was all worried whether me and mine were vexxed. Told her we already had Coven, and thus antibodies. She was “so relieved”, “now we can get together, we’re all vexxed here…”

      When the invite came for the holiday, my sigoth (as in “Significant”) smilingly said something along the lines of, “gah-lee Gomer, so sorry but we have other plans but have a great, great time!”

      We can call that a soft next. T-giving down, Xmas to go.

    • That’s how I handle the elevator situation in my building. If I get on with a covidian and they ask me to take the next one, I kindly tell them I’m not going anywhere, but if they are that threatened by me, they should be the ones to get out and wait for the next one.

  17. If it was the intention of TPTB to kill the last remaining vestiges of the American work ethic then they have been wildly successful. Unless you are working for yourself, there is zero incentive to ever do anymore than the absolute minimum required to remain employed. I work at a place that has nearly 2000 employees. Several times a year there are retirement parties for people that have worked there 30 years or more. These people are well liked and seem integral to operation. There is often concern about how we are going to replace them. They leave on a Friday and the following Monday it is like they were never there. What I am trying to say is don’t EVER sacrifice the truly important things in life for your career (like I did). Work accomplishments that are in the service of Globohomo are worthless.

    • I always laugh at the people who espouse how important they are in their job. As simple rule is if you have to convince people you’re important, you’re not important. The important ones are the people aggressively doing their work and are constantly being interrupted by people who are asking for help.

      I will say though, the integral people are not missed the next week, but missed three months from now when someone runs into a technical wall and no one has the inner knowledge of the system to fix it. An issue that previously would take a short conversation to get the needed info now becomes a two-week ordeal.

      • You and Judge Smails both make many excellent points.

        An inability or lack of interest in mentoring the next generation seems endemic. In my plant the best product troubleshooters are guys with Social Security and Navy pensions who come in to avoid boredom. They have no understudies in training.

        There are also tons of jobs that are mere paper shuffling. My favorite employees are the ones constantly running to and fro from the workgroup laser printer who seemingly believe that they will eventually print the PDF which will unlock all the universe’s secrets…

      • When I was just starting out I worked at a big company that went through a big layoff. I noticed that no one really noticed the work not being done by the people who were riffed. A few tasks were assigned to other people, but most of it was just not done and no one really noticed. That is when I started to notice how much work is just busy work, even in the dreaded private sector. When I got a look inside government, I realized it was just a workfare program.

        • 90% of the federal government that I saw up close was a memo factory. Lots of memos, reports that no reads and meetings, so many meetings.

          Then there were the black secretaries. That was a show. If they “worked” an hour a day, I’d be surprised, and by work, I mean answering the phone, checking if their boss wanted to talk to the person and then forwarding the call.

          The so-called black middle class would collapse in a month if the federal and state governments were pared back to the the size that they need to be.

          And don’t get me started on the military. The world’s largest dig a hole and fill it back up again operation. Again, 90% of it is utterly pointless.

          • The company I was with had a contract with the city. We were required to attend a vendor conference once a month. I was asked to fill in for the person who normally handled it. He was out for some reason. He told me to bring something to kill the time like a book or a magazine. I thought it was pulling my leg, but I also had a court thing after, so I brought a book for that.

            Sure enough, everyone goes into a conference room. The city rep came in, did not greet anyone and sat at the end of the conference table. Another person, a woman, came in, sat next to him and called the meeting to start. Everyone, including the city employees, pulled out books, magazines, puzzles and that is how we killed 90 minutes. She called time and everyone got up and left.

          • A guy I knew worked on a single memo for months. It had to be signed by five different department officials, which wasn’t unusual because these people guarded their territory very closely so they wanted to know what other bosses were doing.

            He would draft the memo and send it out to all five officials. It would take them days if not a week or two to finally look at it because they were constantly getting memo drafts. They would look it over and make a change or two.

            Because there were changes, the guy had to send the new draft to all of the other officials to get their approval, starting the process all over again. Naturally, someone would make a small change on that draft. Rinse and repeat.

            Mind you, this was a nothing memo. Just an update on something or other. Memos talking projects or, God forbid, memos that would be sent to congressional staff could easily take six months.

            I also learned the nobody in Congress cared a thing about whether some government program did any good. As long as it sounded good on a one-page memo to congressional staff, it was fine. The congressman or senator would mention the program in some speech, no one would check out the actual results and everyone was happy.

        • Very few jobs, even those that are lucrative, are meaningful. The vast majority of us are just cursor-moving functionaries. And that is why one must find meaning outside of one’s “career.” Jobs are for paying bills and nothing more.

          • In this connection I heartily recommend Matthew Crawford’s books, especially, ‘The World Beyond Your Head’.

        • I laughed like a drain a little while ago when some woman announced, out of nowhere that in her last job she had “800 people working for her”. I asked what she did, personnel.

          • I am not sure most women are suited to the hierarchy thing.

            I know of a local health authority head who (I am not kidding here) would walk into each meeting with her hands forming a hat shape above her head and announce “I am your queen”.

            The was not being ironic and had zero sense of humour. This is really what she thought.

    • “Unless you are working for yourself, there is zero incentive to ever do anymore than the absolute minimum required to remain employed.”

      Reminds me of an “All-Hands” IT meeting at MegaBank where I worked before I left Silly-nois for greener pastures. I was already looking for a new job in greener pastures when this meeting happened.

      The centerpiece of the meeting was them flying in “The Little Dutch Boy”, as I derisively called him, to speak to us. He was an IT Director level from Holland who became an American citizen, hence the nickname.

      So all hands, “Rah-Rah Rally The Troops, You folks are doing GREAT!”, right? Not to The Little Dutch boy.

      First he addresses promotions. From memory, he states that “While all of you are great employees, there are limited opportunities for promotion at each level, and less as you move up the pyramid. So to get promoted you are going to need to be so much better than your peers, that you must be a superstar to actually get promoted. So most of you will not get promoted.”

      Then he tells us “In terms of retention, there are perhaps two, maybe three individuals in IT in all of MegaBank that we would actively make attempts to retain. If you choose to leave, we are not upset. We are honored that another company has noticed your ability and talents and encourage you to take new opportunities if you choose. It reflects well on MegaBank.”


      Way to rally the troops, tin-ear!

      My take-away was “You just told people don’t bust your ass because even if you do, it probably won’t make a dime’s bit of difference. Also, don’t like it? There’s the door, here’s some boxes.”

      When I got home that evening I told The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. that “I just got a GREAT BIG FLASHING sign I need to leave.”

      A few weeks later I did. As an evil White Male, I didn’t even rate an exit interview.

      I’m back to consulting and enjoying the work I do.

      • When I left my first corporate gig after 18+ years, my exit interview was with some pretty, empty-headed brunette that had only been working HR for a few months.

        I actually tried to leave constructive feedback.

        Should’ve just asked her, “Can I buy you a drink?”

        • Which is exactly what you want to do in a “Pep Rally” for the folks in the trenches. Imagine a general on the eve of battle telling the boys in the line: “Now men, we expect 50 – 75% casualties, and that means 50 – 75% of you DEAD. I expect you boys to put forth the maximum effort as I direct the battle from the rear, safely out of artillery and small arms range. Any survivors might get promoted. Carry On!”

          Of course this is the same MegaBank that henceforth decreed that 25% of all IT management positions be awarded to women, regardless of ability.

          Corporate America: We’re all about meritocracy, until we need to hit a quota. 👍

      • In my F500 experience Those “All Hands” meetings were absolutely Stalinist. They went on after the “C-suite” and the Board had all dumped their stock at the peak, but before the worker bees who had to wait a quarter before unloading caught on.

      • Wasn’t that a Jack Welch philosophy (of sorts)?

        Top 10% get raises/promotions. Bottom 10% get fired. Middle 80% keep their jobs and get to try again next year.

        • I don’t have a problem with that. A 10 % firing rate seems to imply a hiring rate that’s 90% perfect, which doesn’t seem likely to me.

  18. Personally, I’m grateful for covid, for exactly the reasons you describe. I had friends that i thought were solid – maybe liberal on a few issues, but some seemingly based – who turned out to be Karens. One guy in particular was on my very short list of guys to man the barricades with; turns out he would’ve dimed me to the NKVD with a smile on his face. I learned something about him, and something much more important about me, and I owe it all to the Holocough.

    (Side note, and a bit of trade craft: I’m thinking of sending him one of those pink knitted pussy hats for Christmas, in gratitude. Petty on my part, but it’s also a low cost way to start building a “legend,” as spy novels call it. Confusing the search bots – “look, it can’t be the same guy, he’s on the Planned Parenthood email list.”)

    • Covid has been the great gift to dissidents. Not only has it brought into stark relief the grotesque lying of the ruling class, it has revealed the true believer in non-political terms. It is not red team – blue team, democrat versus republican. It is crazy versus normal.

    • I don’t know anyone like that, but I know plenty of people who got the vax even though they trust the government so little that if the government told them it was raining they would look out the window doublecheck.

      Part of this is the fact that only the dumbest people have been allowed to publicly criticize vaccines in the past (kind of like how only the dumbest people were allowed to publicly criticize the Iraq Attaq). They have much more fear in being associated with the likes of Jenny McCarthy than possible injury and death from governmental corrupto-incompetence.

      • I’ve often wondered if conspiracy theorist are not part of the menticide. Make every critic of the regime sound lime a loon so no one wants to criticize the regime.

        • Of course it is. After 9/11 there were a bunch of “No planes hit the buildings” theories floated specifically to make the doubters of the Governments Conspiracy theory – A man in a cave did it, sound like loons.

          I’m having fun with “At this point masks are a simple IQ test”. It pisses off all the right people.

          • I believe here are still loons on The View that shout “steel does’t burn” wrt Trade Center collapse—their view of an “intellectual” exchange of ideas being to shout louder than your opponent.

            Depressing. But I agree, these loons—right or left—serve a general purpose to discredit valid dissent, regardless of how well reasoned it may be.

          • I use something similar, but as is my wont, I’m a bit cruder about it. Let me rip a huge, wet, Brandon-esque fart right in your face, I tell them. If your magic mask works, you shouldn’t be able to smell a thing! If you do, well… how’s that mask working out for you, vis a vis covid?

          • @Severian – There’s a national chain store in Japan called Aeon. Equivalent to Walmary i guess. In the restrooms, hanging above the urinals are these laminated signs telling you to maintain social distance and not to talk to the guy next to you. Of course wear your mask. If I’m alone I’ll rip the signs off and throw them in wastebins. Recently I’ve gotten bored with that and draw a Calvin and Hobbes picture from a plastic stencil I made. You can have fun with this shit.

          • Sulla, sigh…

            Yeah I remember this video, but must confess that was prior to my present enlightenment. I really though at the time it was an aberration.

            I was so wrong.

        • I think there is an inherent need for people to think they are somehow “special” and have inside information about the nature of reality. Its not just some conspiracy theorists. Cults allow the members to feel superior to those outside the cult, while engaging in the most absurd daily rituals. And they are usually younger people who do not yet have the life skills that allow them to detect lies and liars. But, one conspiracy theory that I absolutely don’t understand how people believe in it is the Flat Earth theory. I mean, why didn’t Magellan’s ship fall off the Earth? Why, when you stand on the shore of an ocean, do you see ships slowing sinking over the horizon if the Earth doesn’t have a curved surface? Why are there images from outer space that show a round Earth? Why are all the other planets in our solar system round and we’re flat? It is just too absurd to believe in. And yet, people do.

          • I agree about conspiracy theories. The implausibility seems to have an appeal. They will believe the explanation that is an eight cushion shot over the much more plausible direct explanation.

          • I know crazy isn’t it.

            There is this completely implausible conspiracy theory that every western govt will imprison their population in their home, shutdown the economy for years, and force them to submit to wearing masks and injecting themselves and their children with an untested technology for a seasonal flu made out to be the black death.

            Those eight cushion shots. Man what will the crazies think of next!

        • “I use something similar, but as is my wont, I’m a bit cruder about it. Let me rip a huge, wet, Brandon-esque fart right in your face, I tell them. If your magic mask works, you shouldn’t be able to smell a thing! If you do, well… how’s that mask working out for you, vis a vis covid?”

          Remember Severian, “Taco Tuesdays” always result in “Wet Fart Wednesdays!”
          Childish I know, but I couldn’t resist!

          • Henceforth to be known as “Brandon at the Vatican” day. Or “Brandon at Buckingham Palace” day. Or just “Brandonsday,” for short. Let’s go Brandon!

    • Have to agree with this and in almost the same exact vein in which you stated it. Some people I thought were solid or ‘leaned left’ turned out to be utter and complete soy infused bugmen. I, too, also learned who would be most likely to flip on you for the State. I was already -very- careful about who I said what to based on my last incident but it simply reconfirmed that trust should be given only after thorough vetting.

      The other primary thing it proved to me is that propaganda works… well. Which is why I guess they aren’t really doing things all that differently from the other times in history where it has been poured out 24x7x365. Stalin, Mao, etc. all got similar results. I know two people who had -very- serious Covid jab reactions. One “felt like she was going to die” with respiratory symptoms extremely high fever, terrible chest pain, etc. The other had similarly serious reactions but with a concerning cardio angle. What did both of them do this past week?

      –They got booster shots–. So you were nearly hospitalized from your 2nd jab, the best course of action is to get a -third- jab and make certain of it. They are so utterly terrified of the invisible miasma hanging about in the air they will literally risk hospitalization and possibly death to avoid it. That is propaganda working on the weak-minded at its best.

      I’ll give the ‘Architects of Doom’ this– their plan is working. And that is what concerns me the most. People who would continually harm themselves for a cause fighting an invisible enemy are capable of probably anything. This makes them exceptionally dangerous I do -not- want to be around people like that and am actively starting to make plans to be as far away from them as possible.

      It really would be the least chaotic option to simply partition the nation between the sane and the cultists. Unfortunately, they will never let you go peacefully and that is the problem with regimes everywhere at all times in history. “Submit or die”.

      • The issue we face is simple;
        Everybody feels they have the right of access to White men and their works.

        • I’m rememinded of the old tale of the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. You know, the one where the greedy mob cut open the goose to get “all” the golden eggs and in the end had nothing but a non-productive, dead goose.

          And so it will be when the White population is eviserated and reduced to insufficient numbers/talent to keep this shitshow running.

          • Kinda like Zimbabwe Rhodesia which recently was reported to be trying to recruit white farmers to return and revive the once-vibrant agriculture sector because famine sucks so much.

            Ummm … I doubt there were many takers.

      • “This makes them exceptionally dangerous I do -not- want to be around people like that and am actively starting to make plans to be as far away from them as possible.”

        This. I have been telling my normie middle of the road and based friends alike for a long while that they are projecting their own qualities onto these people who will protect their belief in the cult above all else. Much like addicts.

        But also for a long while the “my friends across the isle” impotent framing of our enemies as mere people like us with political and policy differences has blunted the threat they pose.

        The pangolin pox being weaponized by these people have helped pierce that delusion. Now when I tell them “They will turn you in for a loaf of bread” it rings more true now than ever because the dovetail of cancel culture and the pox tyranny playing out in every office and living room is actually costing people real things.

        I’ve long thought that any male I know who could still pull for [D] and parrot NYT/NPR talking points – especially as it relates to appealing to their women were unrelaible. The wuhan has cut deeper into that roster. Physical separation is the only way. I do not want to be anywhere near these people.

        • The word I use is “dignity.” It has all but disappeared from our language, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. You know why I don’t wear a mask, and line up for the umpteenth booster shot, and sanitize my hands every half hour, and swab my eyelids with bleach and all the rest?

          Because I’m not a f*cking cockroach, that’s why, and I’m not going to live like one. Sitting in the dark, wearing three masks, getting my food delivered by a guy in a hazmat suit, or by drone… that’s heaven for the soy-addled bugmen, but it’s hell for everyone else. I’d rather slit my goddamn wrists than live like that, and I’m nowhere close to kidding.

          Have some *dignity.*

          • Same, except I’ve been using livestock rather than bugs in my statements.

            Oddly enough, it turns out there is a horse jab that gets delivered on a schedule similar to the planned Beer Flu boosters.

            All just one big cohencidence. I’m sure.

          • I wonder if it would be possible to actually explain the concept to younger people who live their life in the public arena.

            What do you think the answers would revolve around on a pop quiz to your former BCG students?

          • @Trumpton,

            I’ve written a lot about that over the years. The New Soviet Man is alive and well on social media. Back in the days, you could tell a person who grew up behind the Iron Curtain by how utterly shameless they were. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile while demanding six more. They’d lie about anything, at any time, for any reason or absolutely no reason, and it sounds like I’m hating on them, but I got it then, and I get it now — when your entire life is spent haggling with some kommissar over everything, shameless is the only way to be. All the lies are just a smokescreen — everyone has scads of dirt on everyone else, but nobody knows what’s true, so unless you give the State’s goons a clear and present reason to give you some rubber hose time, it’s just too much bother to haul you in.

            Basic College Girls (of both sexes and however many we’re up to genders) do that voluntarily. That’s my idea of hell, and I have no idea how to reach them.

    • I’ve had a very similar experience. My (ex-) best friend, a guy who seemed solid and tough and one you would want at your side in battle, was reduced to a sniveling, feminized and quite frankly unhinged lunatic by the Holocough. I distanced myself from him.

      Conversely, a sometimes-leftish friend saw immediately through the bullshit. A woman, at that, she knew the measures taken were absurd and the risk grossly exaggerated. I was almost as stunned by that as by the guy mentioned above.

      There is a great physical sorting underway as we live and move more into White-friendly enclaves, but the sorting from Covid has been just as stark and important. We see even among the otherwise like-minded there are those who ultimately are untrustworthy due to fear and gullibility. It isn’t even a matter of vaxxed/unvaxxed, but how people responded to the putative health crisis.

      It is almost as if the East German finks and snitches all turned blue to reveal themselves to the rest of the populace. Covid has been a blessing in a sense, and for that let us give thanks.

      • Agree. What is coming has to happen, as Nature is beyond morality.

        I’ve made my peace with it.
        Let us give thanks for what we knew, and that we live in epoch-making times.

    • Yes. COVID is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me… notwithstanding society spiraling into complete fascism. I’ve been able to work from home for almost two years (no more mingling with the office Oprah-watchers); I even got a gov’t welfare cheque, for being “courageous” or something like that; but most importantly, we now know who we are: we know who the sheep are, we know who the totalitarians are, we know who the cowards are, and we know who the morons are.

      I live in a highrise (though not for much longer). There are people in the building I’ll never speak to again, and there are people in my building I never used to speak to, but since COVID I’ve discovered to be fellow fighters and free thinkers.

      I’ve been surprised at the number of women (mostly older) in my building who aren’t OK with this nonsense. I guess they’re the ones you don’t see screeching on Oprah, or yelling “halleluiah” in church. Therefore they’re the ones CNN and Fox pretends don’t exist.

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