Sideline Men

Note: The Monday Takis post is up. Not all that related to this post, but not entirely unrelated either. I like the Taki post this week. The Sunday podcast is up behind the green door for those on the side of angels. I was on for two hours last night saying bad things about lots of people. You can find the replay here.

One of the great innovations in American politics introduced by libertarians is the ability to turn the sidelines into the moral high ground. In order to avoid taking on the Left, especially with regards to morality, libertarians became expert at finding a neutral position that worked like a cloaking device. Because the libertarian position offered no threat to the Left, the Left ignored it. This allowed libertarians to pretend to oppose radicalism while never threatening it.

This cloaking strategy took the form of them finding some “principled position” that was often so unrealistic that it did not bear considering. A good example is the homosexual marriage debate. Normal people understood that what the crazies were doing was attacking the very concept of the family. The exclusivity of family offends the core concepts of the open society. Reducing marriage to a handshake agreement open to anyone eliminates its exclusivity.

Instead of confronting the reality of this, libertarians took the position that the state should have no interest in marriage at all. In other words, the libertarian answer to the assault on the institution of marriage was to advocate the elimination of the legal concept of marriage entirely. This allowed them to subtly agree with the Left while claiming to stand on some abstract principle. The libertarian moral high ground was just a way to stand on the sidelines and do nothing.

This habit of mind soon infected Conservative Inc. A strategy that allowed them to tell well-meaning rich people that they are fighting the good fight, while never upsetting their friends on the Left was manna from heaven. One manifestation of the this is the “conservative case for…” strategy where they find a way to make the left-wing position into a right-wing principle. Another is the agree and amplify approach. The Democrats are the real racists is the most popular example.

Over the weekend the so-called conservatives were trying to pair the Andrew Coffee case with the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Coffee is a drug dealer who was involved in a gun fight with cops at his drug den. His girlfriend was killed in the gun fight. The state charged him with her murder on the theory that he initiated the gun battle, so he was culpable for her death. He was acquitted on the grounds that he had a right to defend his drug den from the cops and black lives matter.

Now, the Coffee case is interesting for a number of reasons and one can argue that his acquittal was justified. It is in no way analogous to the Rittenhouse case. Comparing the two is a way to defend some abstract principle of self-defense while not taking on the reality of the Rittenhouse case. It was a purely political prosecution. If he was black the Left would have made him a hero. Because he was white and his attackers were antiwhite, they wanted to murder him.

Another example of this is the CRT business. It is explicitly antiwhite and the people pushing it are not afraid to make that point. The response from so-called conservatives is to claim that it was an assault on black people or Asians. They scoured the land for examples willing to play along. Christopher Rufo, the guy turning the issue into a career, went out of his way to beat back the antiwhite angle. The reason he opposed calling it antiwhite is it offended the Left.

Conservatives have been hiding under their beds for the last five years as the Left has run various antiwhite pogroms. First the excuse was Donald Trump made them sad, so they had to stay in bed. Then they not-so-subtly blamed the people who voted for him, those insurrectionists white supremacists. Now that Biden is as popular as rectal cancer, they feel the coast is clear so they can crawl out from under the beds to pretend they are leading a political movement.

House mouse Rich Lowry has a post wagging his finger at “woke culture” in which he, wait for it, says the Left are the real racists. You see, the response to the antiwhite pogroms of the last half dozen years is not a rigorous defense of white people, but rather a declaration of race denialism as a conservative principle. Meeting the Left head on would be wrong. Instead, they will find some comfy place on the sidelines where they can smugly pretend they have the moral high ground.

It is tempting to think this stuff is intentional, but guys like Rich Lowry lack the intellectual agility to think this way. He is just an obsequious dullard. Instead, the reason behind this approach is instinct. To be a conservative in the modern sense of it is to assume the Left is the moral superior and they are on the side of angels. This is the starting assumption on the so-called Right. Therefore, to oppose left-wing morality is to become the bad guy in the political drama.

Since the conservative ecosystem selects for the soft and the cowardly, it is full of people unwilling to look their superiors in the eye. That has been the great gift the libertarians have bestowed upon them. It was the entry fee for libertarians to join the coalition of cowards knowns as conservatism. Whatever the Left proposes, the Right will find some morally ambiguous space from which they can pretend to be standing on principle while offering no resistance.

While frustrating, events of the past few years have made this clear to most people and this trick is losing its magic. The odious David French, a man so soyish he makes Rich Lowry look butch, condemning Kyle Rittenhouse in a far-left website is now met with howls of laughter. Current events are providing much needed clarity. In this time for choosing, the cowards who choose the sidelines can be condemned and ignored while the business of beating back the darkness can begin.

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179 thoughts on “Sideline Men

  1. I don’t think you were saying bad things about people, sunlight the great disinfectant . I do think the stream was like a prizefighter getting in the ring with butter bean. Lots of clutter. My mother always said water seeks its own level. Have a nice break Zman. And thanks for all the great material.

  2. Right, Left…don’t see it…Repub, Dem….don’t see it, don’t care, don’t want to know. The only fucking thing I see is White and nonwhite.

  3. How many people know that the cop who shot Blake is Jewish, not to mention Hubie and JoJo (sounds like a vaudeville comedy troupe). Funny how the Jewish comentators don’t want anything to do with that cop, or the pedophile/wifebeater combo Kyle dispatched.

    • I had NO idea that the cop who justifiably shot Blake was Jewish. Yes, that’s been kept quite hush-hush. You know who knows Hubie and BoBo were Jewish? ADL, SPLC, ACLU, and the other Jewish supremacist type organizations. It’s why they have been so incensed but reluctant to go into many details.

      As far as the use of force matters, the cop’s racial identity was not important, but it does speak volumes about the realities of the propaganda organs and who runs them.

  4. I see some good comments asking, “What do we do with the whites who protect our enemies, like the whites who dissemble for the black who ran over the Christmas parade?”

    My answer is twofold. First, striving for a white ethnostate will force the irredeemable anti-white whites to reveal themselves. Second, I believe that many of the whites who are anti-white have been brainwashed and incentivized by mass media and the educational establishment. This second group mostly conforms to values that are given to them.

    Z Man was right to quote Hoppe and his endorsement of the “physical removal” of those who are opposed to the dominant group in the country. We cannot tolerate them and this includes some white people.

    My brother tries to get me angry about how the Chinese treat their Muslims and I laugh and say, “You’re making me like the Chinese.”

  5. Anybody else notice that “conservative” mainstream media is downplaying this event too? Ben Shapiro, Crowder, Knowles, etc. have refused to show the actual video of white children being murdered. Crowder was doing some bit turning Biden’s reaction to the incident into a joke. Paul Joseph Watson titled his video: “The Strange Incident in Waukesha”. Also didn’t actually show the incident.

    The gatekeepers trying to keep the white man on the sideline, again. There might be some truth to the “angry white male” talk. Their worst nightmare. Make sure to send the images of rejoicing people on Twitter, and point out the media reaction.

    Keep pressing…

    • My theory is it takes a day for the message to coalesce. And for conservatives, the message is shaped by fear of platform bans. Only anon shite posters call it like is when it happens. If the throw-away anon account is banned, no big deal. No one with a real name on a social media account can speak the truth if the truth can be perceived as offensive. They can’t afford the ban. Notice that even “our guys” like Greer aren’t posting much about the attack. And the libs, of course, it takes them a day or two to organize their lies.

      Let see how close the media come to the truth: “anti-white BLM terror attack”

      • For fun, try that search in Duckduckgo vs. Gulag.
        Nice to see there is a reason I never use Google as a search engine.

  6. Been there done that. My epiphany was Hillary’s Deplorables speech. Trump was the first non libertarian I ever voted for in hthe presidential election. Being open about it cost me some of my liberal friends.

    • Real events have happened lately, so we overlook the absolute cliff-dive the Libertarian Party just took. In 2016 their VP candidate endorsed Hillary over *himself*, and their 2020 presidential ticket had no affinity for libertarianism whatsoever—and a Hillary-like hatred for actual libertarians. The LP is more anti-white than the Nation of Islam now.

  7. The sidelines don’t exist anymore. First, Poopin Joe and his sidekick ho Kamala are going to have to stir up Anti-Fa to ever greater kill Whitey riots. Its cold, and its counter-productive but to stay on the good side of the Left they’ve consistently walked away from the smart move (ignore the Rittenhouse verdict, move on, etc.) to the feelz of the Left to go out and beat up ordinary White people. Everyone takes a beating and that’s whats on offer from Poopin Joe: you get a beating. So expect ever greater Seasons Beatings from Anit-Fa and Poopin Joe.

    Secondly, per the Wisconsin run-over, the perp is going to be very familiar in type. We will see more and more black dudes going on car jihad against Whites and other means: 1. Weed is known to cause mental illness in extended usage and more mental illness in black males than any other group. 2. The Media/Infotainment is all get Whitey all the time and is only going to go harder on that. 3. The Rising Mulatto Ascendancy in competition with Whites for elite positions are going to play the race card and encourage anti-White jihads to get that promotion, tenure, etc. 4. Declining and rapidly declining living standards due to ever rising inflation will make anti-White jihad ever more attractive — prosperity increases social peace and declining real incomes increases social strife particularly racial social strife. 5. The Left is sure of how to create utopia: Rwandan style “cut down all the tall trees” actions and has been pushing this since 1965 and Bill Ayers.

    Therefore, within a year or two it will be common for White people to figure they will be a target for extermination by black people in any public gathering. ThNot to mention a beating or worse by anti-Fa child molesters, domestic abusers, and the like. That’s the end of the sidelines. Just like the extension of Slavery into the West ended the Missouri Compromise and sparked off the Civil War 1.0. It will be now as then all or nothing. All Slave or All Free.

    • Whites will not make 2+2=4.

      Europe has had endless of these crowd ramming and terror attacks for decades and the only thing that happens is they dig deeper into the denial, while more pressure is applied to them via official bodies and laws not to speak or notice anything. And lots of them welcome it and have made it part of their identity.

      There is no end to the humiliation that the NPCs will gladly force down their own throats. The US looks like it will be the same.

      • everything is a “tragedy”. Blacks are superior to us. At least they are clear in what they belive and what they are willing to do

        • White Americans have been on the receiving end of diversity more than Europeans and have done nothing so I don’t get the “will be the same”-you are worse now.

      • That was in a low inflation environment. People will tolerate a lot of stuff when they are getting richer. When they start to freeze in the Winter and there is no food, another useless lockdown, and they see Mohammed and Djquarius running off with TVs an food … they tend to get antsy.
        If nothing else a general strike means a lot more today than in 1975. Growing complexity means a lot more reliance on critical labor. Management literally cannot run the place because they don’t know how. Greta really was revolutionary, just not the way she thinks.

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    • Where did this myth that women are more caring and compassionate come from? White women seem to be the driving force behind the Left’s coming attempt to exterminate anybody to the right of AOC.

      • That myth exists, but it has long been known and accepted that women are far more vicious than men. As Solzhenitsyn noted, the most fanatical early Bolsheviks were women.

        • As pointed out elsewhere here today, this is why they might just be our best chance for turning the tide. Harness their hysteria for our own cause first, then return them to their intended station.

      • I never knew a woman to get in the middle and break up a fight between two guys. So that neither get hurt, that’s real compassion. Instead women will always egg it on. Talking about the sidelines, they’ll be off to the side hooting it on. And only a guy will ever risk himself to see that no one gets badly hurt.

        Compassionate and equal to me my butt

    • I can think of a number of other minimum choices that’d be much more painful, then permanent. As Z has mentioned, there is no peaceful coexistence with creatures like this.

    • Her twitter was up until a few hours ago. Her last tweets were interesting:
      – As of this AM she was fired from her job
      – She blamed her attitude on something that a neighborhood kid did to her on a swing when she was 1 years old (LOL). These kids said mean things to her for the next 7 years. The kid’s father was a cop
      – She said that when she was a kid people made fun of her for being Polish
      – She said that her mother was a narcist and a terrible person and was abusive to her
      – She said that one of her relatives (a boy?) made another relative (a toddler?) put his penis in her mouth when she was 2 years old
      – She said she had an abortion

      She’s a single female Democrat. She is insane and blames other people for her insanity. She shouldn’t have the right to vote or post a public opinion or have any influence at all in the real world. These people (as a class) are the backbone of the Democrat party.a

      • She is just trying to come up with a narrative to turn herself into a victims using the scripts she has learnt.

        She does not care if they are true in any form.

        Its like a demon shape shifting into a different forms to try and adapt to prevent its own destruction.

        Its the modus operandi that all these inversions of humanity have.

      • She’s a single mom Democrat. From her bio page on the DuPage County Democratic Party Website (since scrubbed):

        “In early 2018, between the Trump administration, Peter Roskam, and Bruce Rauner, I felt that I needed to do something to help the Democrats in the mid-term election, but being a single mom of two kids, I’m limited on time, so I wanted to do something I could do from home. I saw online that the DuPage Democrats were wanting volunteers to help with their website. By being a musician, working in the music & entertainment industry, and earning an MBA in e-Business, I have gained experience in website creation/maintenance and social media marketing, I thought that it would be the perfect way for me to help the Democrats.”

        So this gal is in her mid-40s, single mom, two kids, musician, and running a consulting business (runs something called Cyberpunk Marketing: A true Downers Grove, IL Karen.

        As other people have commented I’d expect this level of Twitter cluelessness from as Severian calls them, your BGC (Basic College Girl) or a twenty something. By thirty I’d expect a gal like this to get a clue, especially her having children. Alas, she didn’t, and it boomeranged back at her.

  9. A young white woman described staying 2 years at a trad Japanese home in the 80s. The kind of home where the blind patriarch greeted her arrival with, “I smell gaijin”.

    She loved it, and they told her that they loved her too.

    Then, a daughter gently begged her, “please don’t marry a Japanese man, we would consider that a betrayal.”

  10. Trying to take on leftist morality by cuckservative inc would be sword fighting farts. The fights about morality should ALWAYS beg the question, why does the left get to define what is immoral?

    It is no accident Jazz Jennnings is on TV or drag time story hour exists. Or why anyone who effectively fights back gets banned from social media.

    The left has captured everything it needs to be the sole source of morality. They own the schools. They own the popular media. They own movies. They own fiction. This especially includes AM radio. Yes, AM radio may be full of cuckservatives, but the stations are owbed by leftists. The FCC is run by leftists. if any of the cuckservatives on AM radio tried saying anything which truly disagreed with leftist anti-morality, they would be fired in an instant.

    They have captured schools at all levels. All of cuckservative, Inc are graduates with degrees in liberal arts. It’s a sieve. It filters out anyone not prone to left wing morality. Our children spend more time with their teachers than they do with us. Even portions of the time they are with “us” they are in front of a leftist morality play.

    Until we take back the culture, this will never end. We’re playing against a team who is also the people who make the rules of the game and who are also the judges and referees. We are sword-fighting farts.

    • Don’t forget that they long ago captured large swaths of Christianity, too. Bergoglio has been a long time coming.

    • Taking back the culture is impossible. Forming the ethnostate is actually more feasible and more likely to produce long-term success for whites.

      • I COMPLETELY disagree. Remember the left was once in the position we are in. But they had dogged determination and did not invoke an utter fantasy in the form of the communist revolution as a fix to their problems. They have the communist revolution as the result of their fix to the problem, not a cause.

        The one advantage they had we do not have is that when normal people held the power, they were not actively defending positions from their political enemies on the left. But it MUST be done. The hard work of taking back institutions must be done if we are to survive.

        Invoking the ethnostate or an appeal to the ethnostate is just an excuse to do nothing.

        Thinking things will get better if they get worse first is also a cope. People unwilling to do the work today are not going to magically do something if the state collapsed under its own weight or because of its internal contradictions. The thinking seems to be “things will be so bad that people will have no choice but to fix things” or “things will be so bad that the people who don’t want to break the rules today will be willing to break the rules after the state collapses” These are both complete fantasy and nothing more than a cope to justify doing nothing today.

        What wee are doing is the equivalent of playing a game where the other side not only gets to decide what the rules are, but also gets to be the referee and if that isn’t bad enough, they also get to pick our players. They also get to train our players. We’re like the stupid little brother who can only win if his older brother lets him win once in a while just to keep him playing.

        • If we’re unwilling to do the hard work then we’re unwilling to do the hard work necessary to “take back the culture.” As long as we’re fantasizing, we might as well fantasize about an outcome that would put us in absolute control of our own destiny. And that means our own separate polity, not some tenuous future existence in a demographically compromised and capsizing nation-state. America is dead, mate. Stone cold dead. Best to face up to the facts and think accordingly.

          • I hear you and it’s not like I don’t see the enormity of the problem. But what if the state doesn’t collapse?

            It’s not just America. The poisonous culture is all over the White world and especially the English speaking world. We are largely the engine of it.

            Unless and until we change the culture and institutions which create or influence culture, nothing is ever going to change.

          • I agree. The current demographics make everything except separation a non-starter. Speaking only of the more generally peaceful alternatives.

            As long as there are lots of blacks here, and not even considering all the other POC, there is no way forward for any semblance of a decent life for us. Just not going to happen. If people can’t see that, then I don’t know what to say.

        • The Left did so when they had 0 real opposition. There is no way we can take back the culture to where it was w/o physically removing large swathes of the population. Which we couldn’t do with the power of government until after we’d taken back the culture.

  11. Conservatives thought they were being clever with the whole “Black people are on the Democrat Plantation” thing. They think that under ever African there is a white man waiting to jump out – a white man who enjoys working hard, taking care of his family, and enjoying “freedom”. Glibly and smugly repeating this point over and over from the sidelines.

    In reality, it’s the white people who are on the Republican plantation. Average white people keep voting Republican, for… more open borders? More aid for Israel? Tax cuts for the rich? White people are also on the Democrat plantation. The whole ‘culture war’ and ‘red-blue’ crap is running out the clock on white people as the country continues to tip into a demographically third world nation.

    What the average white leftist fails to understand is that they are losing too – any kind of ideological debate is a white person thing. Their culture war is increasingly irrelevant as demographics change. Guatemalans have no more interest in learning about gay pride than they do in cutting taxes.

    Black people get a great deal with Democrats, they get all the welfare and subsidies they want, at the expense of the white man. No more working. They can live like Africans have lived since the beginning of time. All they have to do for Democrats is to exist and the matching votes are printed.

    Basically, whitey is the sucker. We are whistling past the graveyard (on the sidelines) while our nations die. The main question is – what are “we” going to do? At least our side sees there’s a problem.

    • Spot on. Dismantling the current system is the imperative for Whites regardless of ideology. The Karens peeled off the White Left because CRT did not give them exemptions. Trump supporters have seen the Republican Party abandon them again and again. The trick is to focus these confused, daft individuals on what can work for them and their families.

      • I’ve always had the theory that Karens are actually more amenable to our side than race-blind white male GOPe grillers. Women are very susceptible to social trends, and right now the dominant trend is telling them that racism is evil. Karen is a Good Person and so are her kids. So they have to be anti-racist.

        Their anti-racism is evidence of racial recognition in itself. Clearly they see that race is present and important. They see which way the wind is blowing and are responding as any normal woman would, trying to fit in and avoid the heat of being a “racist”, and also trying to avoid being raped by a 3rd world alien.

        Men are the leaders no matter what. White men are still abandoning their wives every Sunday, Thursday, and Monday, to jerk themselves off over black men in tight pants running a ball up the field. White men are still choosing to marry Asian and mestizo women. White men keep saying that race doesn’t matter as long as they come in legally. What kind of a message is that sending to white women?

        Women are all racially and socially aware regardless of what they might say. Every woman wants a tall, fit white man with a good income. And white women are racially aware. Which white man will step up and take charge? In frank conversation women (of varying races) have admitted all kinds of things about race to me which are not fit for polite, mainstream conversation.

        The Woke religion is now closing off any path to salvation for white people – ie. even anti racists are still genetically evil. White guys are still grilling and claiming to not see race, and hey, we all cheer for the same sports team. When more white men become aware and tough, white women will rejoice at having somebody to confide their true thoughts in.

        (note. some are beyond saving and i’m not advocating for that. but i do give all white people the chance and am friendly even to liberals.)

        • First, I agree with you that Karen may be more reachable than Hannity. Karen is about Karen and about how the world sees Karen, and when the world sees Karen in the same vein as Daisy Mae, she has now other avenue left so she exits. You particularly nail it here:

          “The Woke religion is now closing off any path to salvation for white people – ie. even anti racists are still genetically evil. White guys are still grilling and claiming to not see race, and hey, we all cheer for the same sports team. When more white men become aware and tough, white women will rejoice at having somebody to confide their true thoughts in.”

          The first full sentence goes with what I have discussed earlier, but that is what is happening. As for the Grillers, this will get real for them as their wallet gets hit again and again to punish their Whiteness and what gets thrown on the grill is soy-based, tasteless Gates-produced crap.

    • It really is a White problem, innit?
      Without the white versus white dynamic, none of this would be happening.

      • It most definitely is a White problem. The State’s atrocities against Whites and the Corporate Overlords oppressing them is the best thing that could have happened to bring them around.

      • Once you have convinced women that killing off their baby is no biggie, it’s easy to get them to hate themselves, which is where we are. The self hatred among the left is its defining feature.

        Add in all the guilt from having killed a baby, and you get a nation of basket cases.

        The abortion thing and its influence on the minds and souls of women can never be underestimated. In fact I think it is the reason for 90%+ of the lunacy we see out there among the womyns

        And I’m pretty sure it’s fugggin up the minds and souls of men who were party to it too

    • Fact of the matter is, few people want to be like us and be on the sidelines. They want to believe voting GOP will fix the problem. They want to believe teaching their children to not see race will fix the problem. Frankly, I wish the suburbs had been outlawed and that all these white people had been forced to stay in the city. Because now their children don’t know why they live in the suburbs in the first place. The parents did such a good job isolating them from racial reality that they don’t know what they don’t know.

      In some sense, I kind of wish I had the same thing. I’ve been racially aware for as long as I can remember. But it was never a choice. I got called “white boy” more times in a single day than most people will ever hear in their entire lives. I went to a middle school that was majority minority and most of the majority was black with a sprinling of Puerto Ricans.
      One day in the 8th grade a whole shitload of Puerto Rican adults came to the school and a whole bunch of black adults came and had a huge fight outside the school.
      Another day I was surrounded by like a hundred black kids and extremely luckily for me, one black kid wanted to fight me and the rest mostly kept out. The school cops came and dragged us to the disciplinarian (called us Holmes and Cooney) and of course, I got suspended. My parents didn’t want to hear that I was surrounded by a hundred blacks who would have beat me into the ground for being a pussy and not fighting. A funny thing, years later the guy who I was fighting showed up at my front door as a Jehovah’s witness and we laughed our asses off about that fight. I have run into a number of these guys, guys who absolutely hated white people in the years since. It’s always very strange when they walk up to me and say “hey, are you tars tarskas?” Remember me? We went to middle school together…. They always act like it was no big deal. Calling me honkey or white boy is thought about nostalgically by them. One invited me for dinner at his house and introduced his kid to me (needless to say, I did not take him up on his offer).

      I have relatives going to Catholic school for one reason and one reason only (“good” (white) schools) and that school deliberately lets the kids out early so they can be gone from the neighborhood before the public schools let out. The cities are the bluest, but they are also the most race-realist.

      You cannot live or work or go to school with diversity and pretend it’s all good.

      • Whites don’t understand this. You have to fight back even if you get beaten to a pulp. The more you injure the black, the more space they will give you. If you severely injure one (or more) they will see you as the “crazy white guy” and not fuck around with you.

        Honestly don’t know how whites got so bluepilled in just a couple generations. I had some laughs reading Gone With the Wind where the Southerners had no questions about how to deal with blacks stepping out of line as well as their enablers.

        This goes in general too – the more non whites you let in and the more you pander to them, the more they hate you. If some kind of “fascist” white regime came along you would see Hispanics and Indians proudly pledging allegiance to the white race and declaring themselves “mostly European”.

        It’s really basic power dynamics but we have forgotten alot of things. Nutless white guys who have their balls squeezed by their wives won’t lift a finger.

      • I had the experience of having urban blacks bused to my rural school. I already was a race realist but that solidified everything I thought. Proximity is indeed the ultimate redpill. This is also when I laugh when Boomers are described as “race deniers.’ There is not greater race realist than a Boomers/early Gen X’ers who were subjected to the bussing of the late Seventies and early Eighties. It was the equivalent of prisons for teenagers.

        Like you, I come across many with whom I had confrontations. I have the ability and good fortune to make their lives miserable, too.

        • Jack Dobson: Good to hear. I’m not into faux-Christian ‘forgive’ the unrepentant savages. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

      • Yes, indeed, many white people can’t accept the facts of racial reality, which is that white people are a perpetual target for everyone else…They blindly rush into potentially lethal situations…

  12. Our happiness over the Rittenhouse verdict was short lived.
    The horrific, incident at the Christmas parade yesterday is a tragic metaphor for what is occurring to western society. White people just want to enjoy watching their kids march in the Christmas parade with the school band. Who would have ever imagined anything like that occurring?
    The left is solely intent on the absolute destruction of the west. We know they believe that it must be razed as it was built by White Christian men.

    Having disconnected from the media, I hadn’t been exposed to how evil and rabid those on left have become. Throughout the Rittenhouse trial and in its aftermath, they all spent every ounce of energy eviscerating, pouring gasoline and stoking flames. Do they realize that they truly have blood on their hands?

    • ” Do they realize that they truly have blood on their hands?”

      They wear the blood on their hands as a badge of honor.

    • A lifelong liberal friend called to talk about the Rittenhouse case. He was amazed that what he had heard about the trial from his media sources was so contrary to the findings of the trial. (“Rittenhouse chased down and killed black protesters!”)

      I didn’t want to imperil our friendship but I did say, “such misinformation cannot be accidental.”

      • I didn’t want to imperil our friendship but I did say, “such misinformation cannot be accidental.”

        You should be able to push your friend a little harder than that.

    • I honestly find it hard to believe that an African American would do this as a terrorist act and not just an idiot who was not deliberately targeting our children at a Christmas parade. I can see a Muslim doing it because a Christmas parade means nothing to a Muslim. But African Americans are pretty Christian in America and would see it as sacrilege, like a African American shooting someone’s mamma coming out of church on Sunday morning. It mostly doesn’t happen.

      A big part of me wishes this is just some idiot who was running from a knife fight and not a targeted killing. That takes it to a whole new level.

      • I have absolutely no doubt this was a deliberate act of SubSaharan terrorism directed at Whites and possibly greenlighted by the Deep State. The propaganda organs, the Democrats, and the FBI/DOJ fully support these murders, and at least the former if not all of them will openly celebrate.

  13. First, the Taki post was both brutally honest & accurate. And to answer the seminal question therein, Normie will not rise to arms until it is forced upon him by desperate circumstances. And it will be preceded by whining, wailing, and street protests before the militia thing begins.

    Second, today’s Zman post is also brilliantly accurate, but misses the point that Libertarian & ConInc bashing is not a remedy to anything. The reality that cucks are gonna cuck is irrelevant if your house is on fire.

    I suspect that most people are beginning to notice that the spring is winding tighter with each passing day and a snapping point may not be all that far off (see for example the vaxx protests in Europe). So what happens when the pressure cooker explodes? And do you really want to be caught flatfooted when that happens? We could use some brutal honesty on that subject too.

    • I was watching Steve Obanon today. Had a correspondent relate the same message… Except it was a crush strength test on a bowling ball. The pressure of the test increases… Everything looks fine.. Then the critical pressure is reached! Bowling ball explodes.

  14. Does anyone here think that State involvement in the institution of marriage has made the institution stronger? Any man who has been to divorce court would probably answer in the negative. Even libertarians can be right once in a blue moon.

    The ridiculousness of the divorce laws and courts in this country is undermining white marriage and family life. This subject merits another entire Zman essay. I understand the issues around gay marriage etc upsetting people. But I cannot accept that private marriage contracts, arbitration etc would be inferior to the present systemic State-sponsored screwing of men in divorce court.

    • Agreed but this is apples and oranges. It is one thing to use divorce as a way to destroy White men, and quite another to redefine the institution altogether in much the same way as “gender” has been.

      • Agreed. Much like the Left used to haul out Britney Spears’s six-hour marriage to that goof as one of their go-to arguments about “gay marriage” — yeah, obviously straight people treat it like a sacrament, barf, eye roll — what the Libertarian arguments against State involvement in marriage really prove is that our divorce laws suck and really need to be tossed and rewritten. They’re an argument for re-torquing the loose screws in the existing institutions, not scrapping them.

        • Yes Severian. But would whites be better or worse off if the State, as it is presently constituted, were out of the business of regulating marriage? I think we can all agree that if we’re successful, we can bring it back as it used to be.

          • It is likely government must be involved some way due to the nature of the family and that children are not autonomous individuals and need protection.

            Saying the government shouldn’t be involved in marriage because of present evil is like saying we should abolish the police because there are some bad cops

            The libertarians try to argue all the time that government failure, evil, and corruption means we shouldn’t have government at all or that government functions should be abolished.

            This is a stupid unrealistic solution and made by people who for various reasons won’t confront the people who want to destroy us so they come up with nonsensical solutions that could only work in a world of fairies and unicorns

      • I agree. As bad as the divorce problems are, it pales in comparison to the destruction of the institution of marriage. In our current system of “family”, government is the patriarch. The father role has been reduced to “sugar daddy”, whose sole function is to work and pay the bills. Islamists will fight to the death in order to restore the traditional role of the father in a family. In this, we should have common cause.

      • Yes Jack, but do you want the State, to define “marriage”? When/if we have “our thing”, that will be different.

        • The culture redefined marriage. This truly is a case of the State being downstream from it. I want “marriage” defined as “marriage,” and the State to respect the timeless definition.

    • I used to like John Updike quite a bit.

      Not sure if it was an interview he gave or one of his novels, but he was always putting himself smack dab in the middle of these kinds of social changes and trends and would comment on them, and I never forget that he said that all the divorce was not because divorce was becoming too easy but that marriage was becoming too easy. It’s since become a popular assumption. I think it holds.

      Same thing with voting. You make it too easy, and it loses its importance and mystique and its sanctity and all goes down hill from there. You get ridiculous marriages and ridiculous politicians and hence a ridiculous society.

      • Updike was a national treasure as far as many social mores. I’m not sure it would matter on a meta scale, but, man, I wish he were around to comment on today’s war against White men. RABBIT PERSECUTED?

        That written, he was the antithesis of a race realist, someone who preferred myth to reality in that regard. It was his Achille’s Heel, and his mulatto grandchildren would have hated him if he had survived into the modern era.

        • You should read Roger’s Version, if you haven’t

          It was never very popular, but he had some very funny and humorous insights into what was then becoming a multi-culti stand-in for Cambridge, Mass. And so much of the country. It also brings up some interesting theological things, with some college kid tying to prove God’s existence through a computer.

          Yeah he was not a “race” realist per se, but he WAS a realist and had no issues painting people as they in fact were much like a great Dutch portrait artist which in some ways it what he was but with words. But yeah, the fact hat his daughter married a darkie was not something he seemed ever to be too upset over.

          • I definitely will check ROGER out since I have not read it. Despite his blind spot, Updike is among my favorites.

    • @Captain Willard

      Currently, the state is control by enemy.

      When we control the state, then the state will be on our side.

    • Most here, including Zman, would agree, I think, that government in these states is now hopelessly corrupt/immoral. The state actively distorts the institution of marriage by redefining and debasing its traditional meaning and purpose. Two men who want to have sex and live together are now “married.” To prove it, they use artificial means to get children into the household. The state approves and encourages the process. As the vote of the newly arrived Haitian counts the same as that of a lifelong resident, so the “marriage” is as legitimate as the traditional institution. I understand the reasons for Zman’s contempt for the libertarian, but I don’t understand how folks on this side of our “great divide” still consider the marriage license a necessary (sufficient) beginning to a traditional family.

      Also, as Captain says, the divorce process is devastating to men on our side. I’ve been through it with my brother. Actual established law is optional. The ex parte restraining order is now just the official beginning of the process. No abuse is actually necessary. Property the man owns outright prior to the marriage is now up for grabs. The lawyers will decide who gets what, and if you fight it, the judge and the lawyers will ruin you. Basically, it’s just another example of “the process is the punishment.” Even for women, it’s brutal, especially when children are involved. State appointed “counselors” for the kids have to get their share, and it lasts for years. A friend ended up getting rid of her deadbeat husband only after years and about $50k in expenses.

      Oh, and Ilhan Omar married her brother, so there’s that.

    • The current system isn’t relevant to the argument about whether gov should be involved in marriage. Gov should be involved in marriage because the family is the cornerstone of society, as recognized for thousands of years. Our current gov attacks the family through law because of this fact; they want to weaken society and they do so through marriage/ family law.

      • The governement has a very public interest in marriage as it is the building block for the next generation. Therefore, it ha the duty to recognzize and foster those arrangements that promote stable families, and is free to ignore, maybe even punish those arrangements that do not foster this stability. It can therefore ignore (or punish) things such as divorce, abandonment, adultery, and gay marriage.

        The hypocritical thing about gay marriage is the constant shrieking about the government staying “out of the bedroom” but then inviting it in by asking for state recognition of your perversion. Not that hyposcrisy ever bothered the left.

  15. I’m going to do future historians a solid and pinpoint exactly when the bugmen took over: April 13, 1996, when Alanis Morissette’s single “Ironic” peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Before that, it was still just barely possible to give someone a funny look if they asked why you liked something. “Whaddaya mean, ‘Why do I like [hair metal / these silly socks / the Dallas Cowboys / etc./?’ I just do. Piss off.”

    But then that song came out, and all the very clever boys had great fun explaining that nothing in the song was even remotely ironic, and it was all over for Western Civ. From then on, everything had to be preceded by what I started calling The Cringe. Your every opinion had to be elaborately justified and footnoted and come with a Works Cited page. “Yeah, I know, Motley Crue is anti-feminist and so very problematic*, but dude, I took a lot of guitar lessons as a kid, and Mick Mars’s solos are just so technically interesting…”

    *That word hadn’t been invented yet, but that’s what we meant.

    In effect, sincerity had been outlawed; the very concept of “just because” exiled to the outer darkness. From then on, even though she hadn’t been invented yet either, the world was ruled by that little goblin Greta Thunberg: “How dare you! How DARE you!!” And that was all she wrote. Leftie figured out that all she’d have to do is get all indignant, and thanks to Alanis everyone would jellyfish, and here we are. I realize that we’re going to need a robust intellectual structure to base a real movement on, and I’m not the guy to do it, but I do have one small suggestion, a baby step in the right direction: “F*ck you, that’s why.” Let that be your response to all SJWs, about everything, all the time. It’ll do wonders towards restoring sincerity to public life.

    • EXACTLY.

      You will never win an argument or a debate with Greta. The way to handle her is just as you said. Be prepared for the lash back though… as Kyle Rittenhouse was.

      Yes, you will need an AR15. 😊👍

      • There’s one way to handle creepy little Greta. Get a paddle, put her over your knee, and do what her so-called parents should have done ten years ago.

    • Is it fair to blame Alanis though?

      Anyway, the problem you highlight is really bad in the right wing too. I’m in a group chat with several local edgy-boys and if I ever post a take that doesn’t line up with their rather esoteric ideology (which strangely can be predicted by observing whatever Eric Striker and Mike Enoch are saying) I’ll get piled upon relentlessly in a very non-dialectic fashion. They don’t want to debate or exchange ideas, they just want to impose rigid “hot-takes” that somehow always place them high above any other opinion. If you don’t agree with them you’re pretty much a boomer civnat cuckold. These are smart guys so they’ll introduce all kinds of weird sophistry to fortify their unassailable position.

      If you manage to “win” the argument they immediately switch to “why do you even care” and change the subject to something that “actually matters”. They’ll even suggest that they were just kidding or trying to get you worked up for a laugh.

      The cool kids have a good word for it: tactical nihilism. It’s extremely common. I believe it’s a sort of motte and bailey tactic to preserve a psyche that cares deeply about our bad situation but feels powerless and already defeated. It allows them to feel righteous and morally pure without needing so much to engage in the real world because nothing and nobody is really good enough to engage with.

      • It’s worse if anything on “the right” (for rhetorical convenience) and always has been; that’s one of the big things our host is getting at in his post.

        I like the phrase “tactical nihilism” and will be steali…errr, liberating it, in the name of the people, but it’s a great illustration of how the dilithium crystals have reversed polarity these days. Now it’s Our Thing who have our egos invested in being “outsiders.” Just as the Left still somehow thinks they’re Sticking It to The Man ™, despite being The Man for close to three quarters of a century now, lots of folks in Our Thing have taken the same deeply nihilistic view as the Left — whatever is, is wrong.

        Do I really blame Alanis? No. But we need a scapegoat, and since my eardrums are permanently scarred from her godawful caterwauling — that album was absolutely inescapable in my young manhood, especially among the kind of girls who were attracted to young fellow like me, and therefore vice versa — I’ll roll with it.

        The true culprit is whoever invented the “personal essay” on the college admissions application, as it trained going on three generations now how to deliberately conflate facts and opinions. By the time I retired from teaching, I felt like King Canute, ordering back the sea. Facts are facts, damn it, and opinions are opinions, and there IS a difference, and it IS important, probably the most important thing in this entire sick sad Clown World…

        …alas, I got outvoted.

        • “I’m going to do future historians a solid and pinpoint exactly when the bugmen took over: April 13, 1996, when Alanis Morissette’s single “Ironic” peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.”

          😂 Damnit these Alanis references get me every time!

          • #Me too! Alanis is definitely the kind of trouble I’m looking for.

            (*Quietly hides Jagged Little Pill cassete out of sight*)

    • I date the destruction of popular music and culture to July 7th, 1996, when the Spice Girls released their debut single Wannabe which set the stage for the even more horrifically destructive Sex and the City that debuted 23 months later in June 1998.

      • It appears 1996 was a very bad year for music. I spent 3 months that summer backpacking in SE Asia with only a walkman on me and a dozen cassettes in my back pack, kind of a desert island scenario that limited my exposure to the popular music of the day. Yeah, I heard snippets of the latest and greatest in places like Khao San Road, BKK, but I was thankfully underexposed to the dreck mentioned in this thread. That said, I have to say that whoever was writing for The Spice Girls at least had an ear for a catchy pop riff. Compared to the hyper-aggressive cacophony emanating from the radio today, their songs are quaint and staid.

        • The Spice Girls were the leading edge of the corporate pop reaction to grunge and alt-rock in the US and all the various Britpop acts in the UK.

          Both scenes came up from the grassroots in that brief, beautiful window of the late ’80s to mid-’90s.

          Obviously, things like Nirvana knocking Michael Jackson and Guns n’ Roses out of the #1 spot on the charts could not be permitted to continue.

          This was also the era when corporate music began bringing all forms of electronic music into the mainstream because it suited the globalist trans human, techno utopia.

      • I dated a gal who wanted me to take her to see “Spice Girls: The Movie” when it came out.

        She was thirty years old at the time.

        I believe my reply was a sarcastic “No way in HELL!” She didn’t push it.

        On the late lamented site “Mr. Cranky”, who reviewed movies with an incredibly sarcastic take, the movie review for “Spice Girls: The Movie” was simply three words:


  16. “This habit of mind soon infected Conservative Inc. A strategy that allowed them to tell well-meaning rich people that they are fighting the good fight, while never upsetting their friends on the Left was manna from heaven”.
    That reminds me – I need to send a strongly worded email to my US Senator – the
    (ahem) Honorable Lindsay Graham.

  17. In my experience, the vast majority of libertarians are losers whose lives revolve around pot and other illegal street drugs. There are a few that tried to make a serious go of it… but when pushed they always end up contradicting their own supposed principles.

    • Welp, I guess that whole “give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile” thingie wasn’t true after all.
      Whew! So releived.

  18. Back as early as the Michael Brown case, it was easy enough to see that not defending property, even at a convenience store, would lead to ruin and destruction for society. The little Indian or Pakistani guy behind the counter can ignore the loud black kid stealing an occasional pack of Lays and just write it off as the cost of doing business in the hood, and the next drug dealer to come in and buy a pint of Hennessy will more than make up for it. But the “Gentle Giant” cannot walk behind the counter and take a whole boxful of cigars, or the little brown guy is ruined. Now with the Soros DAs and Ocasio Cortez screeching about people stealing to feed their families, the left has made it clear that they and their footsoldiers have a right to burn and steal whatever they want.

    That’s the thing about Rittenhouse. His real crime wasn’t killing the scumbags (the left has an unlimited supply of those) but defending shops and stores from scumbags trying to destroy them. Enough brazen broad daylight thefts of “under a $1000” and all the Walgreens close down in a city and suddenly people have a harder time buying little things like insulin or soap, and that’s not even factoring in supply chain problems. American society has three options at this point: Celebrate the Rittenhouses, Tolerate the Rittenhouses, don’t have a society anymore. Because cops and soldiers aren’t going to defend America. They’re going to follow orders.

      • Astral: aaand Two Days Later…
        Waukesha happens in revenge.

        As Citizen Silly notes below, for us, we can’t help but want to be fair. For everyone else, it matters not what the perp did, he’s one of theirs- and thar’s ALL that matters.

        I heard a new one being said in the black memespace: “You better be glad all we’re asking for is equality, not revenge.”

        The commies, successful in their takeover, are pinching their mad dogs’ tails to make them bark.

      • Do you have positive proof they were Jewish aside from their names? Of which one is overtly Jewish and the other decidedly not?

    • The other thing about Rittenhousen that I’m seeing is that Kyle proved he was simply better — I.e. superior — to the two he killed and one he maimed, and of course anyone on the left would be loathe to confess to such a natural or social hierarchy. Kind of akin to the theory of the duel, that the winner not only wins but does so because he is morally in the right and his winning proves it, These guys thought he was just some wannabe cadet stooge, and they were these street smart dudes and had all the answers and no way this naive kid was going to get the better of them.

      And now the left can’t deal with what is really a public embarrassment. They got beat, and that’s not in the script.

      A few more very public embarrassments for the likes of antifa, and BLM, and the whole thing comes crashing down. It’s not going to take much. But obviously the biggest problem is that the police and politicians are on their side. Notice how that police guy, Howard, was like some butt buddy of Binger the whole trial, sitting next to him like a kept woman. That was just bizarre. There was a subtext of homosexuality to this trial too, with Binger, Howard, and Gaige and his “best friend”.

      • The guy who got his arm blown off pretended to surrender before trying to go in for the kill.

        Such dishonor would force a person to commit Seppuku in a civilized society.

  19. OT, but putting in a word for Havamal Soap Works, one of the sponsors. They produce a genuinely good product, have become a big fan of their aloe soap. With Christmas approaching, consider getting their sampler for the women in your family. Judging by the reaction in our family, it will be a hit.

    I have to say, whatever else happens, we are going to be the cleanest dissident movement in history.

    • I’m going to send the sample package to my sister. Her daughter is a witch, so I’m going to enjoy the witch using Havamal Soap.

      Everyone should send Havamal or Alaska Chaga to the the liberals in their life.

  20. Turning the sidelines into the moral high ground is also what turned me away from the HBD crowd. Admittedly, they have a more nuanced approach than your typical libertarian/conservative, which is why it traps a lot of race aware Normies.

    If fact, I hate them more than libertarians and Conservative Inc., which is saying something, because they believe that they are not only moral superior but intellectually superior. They look down on all sides.

    To them, both the Left and the Right are morons because they can’t understand that there are genetic differences between racial groups and those differences explains a lot of the outcome differences. This is the intellectual superiority side.

    However, the HBD crowd, also looks down on identity politics, choosing instead a race-aware individualism. Yes, they say, there are racial differences among groups, but why should that matter for individuals. A black guy with a 125-IQ should be judged on his own merits, not as a member of a group. Of course, this is very enticing to Joe Normie who knows that there are racial differences but still wants to cling to those “American” values of individualism that he learned as a kid.

    Ironically, the HBD crowd is both aware of group differences and rejects group identity at the same time. Actually, that’s not completely true. They definitely identity with other smart people. They identity by IQ rather than by race.

    This allows to feel intellectually superior and morally superior. Only stupid losers identity themselves by the random group that they were born into, they say.

    What the HBD crowd fails to understand is that members of other groups, even intelligent members of other groups, don’t follow this philosophy. Smart blacks, Indians, Asians Jews, etc., view themselves as black, Indian, Asian, Jewish, etc. They are both an individual and a member of a group, with both being important to them.

    The HBD crowd – the Sperg Righ as Z correctly calls them – hide behind a veneer of intellectual and moral superiority even as reality steamrolls them again and again. I really have come to hate them.

    • > Smart blacks, Indians, Asians Jews, etc., view themselves as black, Indian, Asian, Jewish, etc. They are both an individual and a member of a group, with both being important to them.

      As they should! If the smartest individuals of these groups peel off to form their own clique of galaxy brains we get a type of globalism, where the cognitive elite just worry about each other and let the brain-drained masses bump around like headless chickens. Eventually the foundations of society collapse and even the elite will suffer and perish. Hmm, sounds familiar. (Of course, the problem with this model is that “cognitive elites” are often midwits, thanks to Dunning-Krueger.

      • Exactly, which is why I hate so much of the HBD crowd. They think that they are so smart and moral, but they’re destroying the foundations of society and they can’t even see it.

        It’s hard to know if they’re cowardly or stupid.

    • Agreed. The HBD bunch used IQ as a cope rather than as just one indicator of what needs to be done. Their God is Walter Williams, and their Christ is Thomas Sowell.

    • For me, the fact that someone felt a need to prove that the races were different and had different abilities, said so much on so many levels I never knew where to begin but realized that what passed for intelligent dialogue was becoming a joke. And it keeps going down hill.

      But both right and left were always guilty of it, that if you were going to have an opinion it always had to be “proven” like life is a federal court case or a PhD thesis. Another example of how the over education of the country is giving us stupider “smart” people. On the right and HBD crowd these guys always felt they had to prove themselves with science. Which was always my problem with someone like Kevin McDonald. Most glaringly, it’s a sign that you aren’t too bright to begin with that you have to bring the tools and jargon of science to something so obvious, so right off the bat your brain power comes into question, and in the end it makes a mockery of true scientific inquiry and the scientific method. Does Sailer really think he looks smart by bringing the tools of statistics and science to something as mundane and stupid as black criminality? On so many levels it was ridiculous. And why I never had time for the IQ guys. I don’t need science to tell me what is so obvious. Or McDonald to tell me through science that Jewish people are clannish and prone to corruption

      No shitttt Sherlock is all that really ever to be said to these guys, but for whatever reasons they have this idea in their head that everything has to be given the veneer of academic rigor and scientific method as to why blacks steal bikes or Jewish people cheat on their taxes. Just a waste and bastardization of the scientific method, which was always pretty useful but is now a joke like everything else.

      • Absolutely. It is credentialism writ large when obvious realities have to have authority attached to them.

    • You paint with a broad brush—too broad. Some of the most vocal of HBD enthusiasts publish long tracts on ethnocentrisim and Race, as separate (but albeit correlated) from IQ. General acceptance of HBD science would move the understanding of the necessity, and value, of racial separation far more than the typical racially aware DR could imagine.

      Of course, it’s admittedly demographically too late for such acceptance to take hold—indeed, it probably hasn’t simply because the “good-Whites” use such CivNat belief as a coping mechanism to reduce their anxiety at becoming a hated, and persecuted, minority in their own land. Not all HBD believers are under such delusion.

      As to HBD’ers lauding their high IQ over others, or lambasting those who don’t agree as being “stupid “, you must be following folks of a different stripe than I. Whenever I’ve encountered “intellectual” dispute, it have been one academic taking on another in the academic area. That’s where the science develops. Indeed, it’s this “thin wall” that defends the common man Race Realist from the old Leftist slur of “ …just another hillbilly, racist, troglodyte…who is uneducated and therefore bigoted…”—when the opposite is true.

      • I’m mostly talking about the Sailer and Charles Murray crowd. Read the comments on Sailer’s site sometime, and you’ll mostly see HBD-aware colorblind CivNats, though, thankfully, there’s more and more push-back starting to show up.

        Murray opens fears and despises whites thinking of themselves as a group and organizing politically and culturally around our race. He thinks that the real danger of the Dem’s identity politics is white identity forming.

        Sailer laments the anti-white turn by our rulers but not because he’s pro-white but because he dislike any form of identity politics. Basically, he agrees with Murray.

        Both seem to feel that whites need to lay back and think of the “American values of individualism” as we get gang raped because whites fighting back as a group is even worse in their minds.

        Fuck them!

      • But I think the larger issue is taking what is common sense and moving it over into the academic world is a sign of lack of intelligence. And lack of academic standards. If someone needs the full weight of science and academics to tell them that Jewish people are clannish and prone to corruption and that blacks like to steal, then it says a) the person behind this study isn’t all too bright or perceptive to begin with; b) that what passes for serious academic and intellectual debate is being cheapened; c) what used to be common sense is now the province the academe.; and d) there are too many academics and the intellectual quality of the university in general is not what it used to be when school was far more selective. It’s just a bad sign, no other way around it

        If Kevin McDonald needs science to tell him what my maid understood and grasped intuitively, then we and society at large have a serious problem. There is no other way around it. And if someone needs science to tell him what others just simply get by using their own eyes, ,then that person is in the wrong field and shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time and should be doing something that comes more naturally to him and is a better intellectual fit. You are good at what you’re good at, and stick with it. Don’t go off wandering into subject matter that you aren’t naturally equipped for and are just going to be a general drag on society. Kevin McDonald should be in a different line of work, same with sailer. They’re just making it worse for everyone and muddying up the issues if you ask me. But it’s not for me to tell boomers that they shouldn’t be chasing their dreams despite them making a mess of an already thorny problem.

        • True. But I think that Z is right when he says that the Sailer crowd thinks that they are just one chart away from getting the other side to say, “Oh wow, you’re right. We’ll lay off whites now.”

          This is where that crowd is unbelievably stupid or naive. They understand the non-whites and Jews simply hate us and want us dead. They’re not confused; they just hate us.

          • They need to have burned into their forearm “you can’t chart someone out of an opinion they weren’t charted into”

        • It is the equivalent of bringing scientific and statistical analysis to bear on “water is wet.”

          However, it is not without its usefulness as for some people (alas, far too many) water isn’t wet until Fauci says so.

    • Cognitive intelligence is largely genetic, and since none of us got to pick our parents, you must play the hand you’ve been dealt in life no matter what your DNA allows. If you got the short end of the stick in the IQ department, that’s neither your fault nor your excuse to piss & moan. And yes, running within the safety of the herd is a good way to mitigate your deficiency. That is as nature intended.

    • It’s really pretty simple. All the HBD charts and stats are just a digital version of “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.” It’s a white thing. After decades of college and corporate life and a personal ethos of “respect the individual; not the race”, I finally noticed a few years ago – “It only goes one way!!!!” Note to self:
      “Come down off your high horse and support your own people like everybody else, stupid.”

  21. Yep. Cowardly men are the problem.

    The psychotic harpy turning the screws to get you to act like a man, the pastor preaching the cross instead of the empty tomb, the griller and his escapism, the timid soul who thinks lefty has checkmate and everything is a trap. They all go together.

    • One of the first events in my long road to Damascus was many years ago in my “hippy” days up on that hill where Grace Cathedral sits in San Francisco. The Cathedral had a display with two different crucifixes given equal prominence. On the left was Jesus suffering on the cross, naked and bloodied. Next to it was an empty cross with a perfectly formed Jesus in a robe, floating above the cross. I asked my friend who was an Anglican priest about this and he told me it was the Ascension. How about that! Until then I had only thought about Christianity as the church of the dying god, which was a major turn off for me.

    • I was jewed, screwed, and tattoo’d by the social justice crowd before we had even coined the term for them. I didn’t expect the family to come apart the way it did, and probably wouldn’t have changed my actions if I did… but…

      We gotta stop ripping on Normie. No, he is not a coward. If he looks at his queer son or shitlib wife the wrong way, off he goes to divorce court, to be sentenced to lifetime penury and serfdom to support his ex family. Getting socially cancelled is a real threat too. If he loses his job because his employer is woke, he can’t support his family or himself. If his only escape is the couch and TV, or maybe the BBQ… for the love of gawd – give it to him. Taking the red pill and becoming a dissident can involve real loss, and real risks to a lot of good people. Most normies are in for a world of hurt and I don’t blame them one bit. How’d you like to be a father of a girl who’s cutting off her tits and becoming a man? One has a wife that approves? The red pill can choke you to death if it’s big enough. These guys are living in hell so bad they can’t even see straight.

      The dissidents need to be a place for Normie, and supportive of him. If all you can do is offer him a tall glass of water as he chokes on the red pill…it will be enough. That is where the future of your movement lies. Think of Normie as soft steel… Lefty is doing all the work for you! Normie is getting hammered flat and having the impurities beaten out of him in fires of hell. All you gotta do is provide the cool quench… and you will have a sword by your side made of the finest steel.

      Use your weapons well, fellas.

      • The problem with shitlib wives is they didn’t have the shitlib whipped out of their asses during their formative years.

      • “The dissidents need to be a place for Normie”

        That is so, so right.
        I told myself to shut up, stop commenting, because I blackpill too much with nothing substantive or useful yet. It worked for a day, at least.

        My religion tells me we whites are going through another bottleneck, the only comfort is that we’ve already been through several.

        Creation’s will be done is this atheist’s way of saying ‘God wins in the end’, and I give thanks daily for living at this time. I hope we survive this one before we are one with the trilobytes and lithosaurs.

        I have my own strange projects, but ya know, making a place for Normie sounds like a damn fine approach.

        As Sev says, “F ’em!” and get on with making common cause with my people.

        Thanks, Glen, I needed to re-orient. Get a sense of direction.
        What I do, I do for mine, and give a finger to the gods.

      • Fair enough, maybe I could be more patient, but after the last two years I’m over it.

        I don’t have a career that depends on my wokeness, a shitlib wife, or a tranny daughter— because I made better decisions imo, but perhaps later than I should’ve.

        Why normie thinks any of that is worth clinging to is beyond me. I don’t want to be his friend or live in his insane world. To hell with him.

        If me being a dick snaps one person out of it— amazing. If not, he can suffer and die and not take the rest of us down with him. Time to draw lines imo.

        People continue to wake up, but I’ve taken note of who and when. Seems to be a good measure of character.

    • “The pastor preaching the cross instead of the empty tomb”

      I’m going to send this one line to all the fundamental, evangelical and Zionist Christians I know!

    • “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

      “If a man strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

      — Some random Jewish guy, probably.

      • I would venture that Astral’s problem is with the “instead”. The Cross means nothing without the Resurrection (the Ascension comes later), as well as vice-versa. Basically, victory is assured but there is no way but through. I would be just as wary of a preacher whose only focus is the Resurrection (like that Joel Osteen grifter).

        “For if Christ is not risen, our preaching is in vain.” Another random Jewish guy, probably.

      • Who wasn’t trying to be a nice guy and bring peace on Earth, who took up the cross and conquered death. Which is why He’s worshipped and not laughed at. I guess that isn’t taught anymore.

  22. This is the crux of the problem this (former) country faces, as well as all western civilization. Hard choices and actions need to be taken, and in the near future. It just doesn’t seem like there’s much stomach for it, particularly here. The Euros seem to be pushing back fairly aggressively against vax mandates in some areas, and hopefully that’ll pan out. By all rights, an armed White crowd should be surrounding the Waukesha jail and demanding that damn jogger be given over or else. However, the kind of men who would have taken such a stand are long gone. I guess things are going to have to get a LOT worse. As long as joggers can chuck little White kids off balconies or shoot them in the head for no reason or smash through a Christmas parade and nothing of note come of it, expect much more of the same.

    • What I am watching for is if anyone on the left will express sympathy for the dead white people, including children. I predict that most will not and that those who do will do it through clenched teeth and with many qualifiers.

      They just hate traditional whites and this hate is an authentic expression of their true beliefs.

      • Been on Twitter lately?

        The Lefties are actively making fun of the children that were maimed and murdered in this horrible crime.

        • I checked out a high muckity-muck Lefty’s twitter thread.

          The hatred and evil spewing forth in such righteous, lofty tones! These were high-function people.

          Then I realized, it’s not evil. They’re insane. They’re literally insane.

          No coherent framework inside, only a patchwork jumble. Parroting whatever othèr howler monkeys are parroting, switching on a dime from one thing to another.

    • Covid has been a blessing since it is a trial run for what will have to be done. Additionally, it has allowed us to sort individuals.

    • “But what about all the dead black Americans in Chicago?” cries Hannity.

      Me, I’d be dropping in pallets of guns & ammo.

    • Enough Whites still think the system works, and the Rittenhouse verdict (while the obviously correct one) had the unfortunate side effect of reinforcing that belief. For every Rittenhouse that gets acquitted, there are 50 J6 protesters being persectued by that same system.

      We will see how this goes with this current example of Diversity is Our Strength.

  23. Z Man’s Taki column emphasizes a theme that was significant in my political development: Civic nationalists must pretend that they share a country with people who put the values of the Founders above all else. But the civic nationalists don’t live in such a country. Although Z didn’t say it, I’ll say that civic nationalism fails because most non-whites are more deeply committed to racial tribalism than the Constitution, which was written by slave holders. Further, I suspect that most non-whites are biologically incapable of being non-tribal.

    Civic nationalists can’t pretend their way out of this problem.

      • Not necessarily. As I stated, it may be a psychological coping mechanism. We all have them an they are often counter-productive as in this case.

    • Like the libertarianism Hoppe wants, the rules-based liberalism can only exist when the the people in it are extremely intolerant of anyone questioning it. That means homogenous societies are a prerequisite for such a society.

      • As it ought to be. KISS applies to societies too. Complexity creates an ecosystem sneaks thrive in.

      • Yeah, I’ve often said that viewing someone as an individual and not a member of a group can only exist in a homogeneous society with protected boundaries.

        For example, let’s say that Saint Thomas Sowell becomes a visiting professor in Japan for a year. The Japanese professors can look at him as an individual because they know that he will never become a Japanese citizen, nor is his presence the sign that more blacks are coming to permanently settle in Japan.

        Charles Murray can’t seem to understand this very simple point.

        • They can’t understand that Sowell is literally the right endpoint of that group’s intellectual distribution.

          • They can’t understand loyalty and duty to one’s people, one’s family.

            The HBD crowd is generally pretty smart and successful so they’d prefer to enjoy their comfy life and not be bothered with the work of protecting the society that let’s be so materially successful. They also really seem to hate being associated with low-IQ of any race, so individualism works for them.

            They can’t understand that individualism only works because their ancestors were tribal and cleared out other tribes so that whites could exist on our own.

            Ironically, the brainy HBD crowd is laughably stupid in the real world. Like a professor who can barely walk down the street because he’s too stupid to look out for traffic.

        • Nah, he’d still be part of a group. That’s a paradox inherent to Japanese psychology – the Japanese can idolize a person but still seem incapable of separating them from categorization. In Sowell’s case, black. It goes unsaid they have a different status from other foreigners. Being a homogenous people they detect dangerous animals and spread the warning through unease; happens like lightning. It’s impossible to describe outside of concept to Americans in this day and age.

          • Oh yeah, they’d still see him as part of another group, but because they are protected from that group, they can treat him as an individual.

            I suppose that I should have said “treat” instead of “look.”

          • The Japanese have a term for them:
            “Hedda gaijin” or,
            “Queer, outside foreign devil”,
            “Non Japanese person who is able to speak Japanese”
            They will work with you, maybe even trust you, but the hedda gaijin will never be Japanese.

    • I think that may be a somewhat unique thing [non-tribalism] among US whites given our country’s hyper emphasis on immigration and integration since the 60s. European government is catching up on immigration worship, but I don’t think it has had the same length of immigration worship that the US has had (Euro based readers can correct me). Seems theirs is of more recent vintage (1-2 generations vs. 3-4 in the US), and the population density allows for more friction. There seems to be more pushback along tribal lines in Europe than here, but that is just my internet fed impression (Greek Dawn, AfD, etc.). They actually have White Tribal leaning parties winning seats. We don’t even have White Tribal leaning parties.

  24. “Since the conservative ecosystem selects for the soft and the cowardly, it is full of people unwilling to look their superiors in the eye.”

    It always really did, but the anti-White racism and pogroms have made that undeniable. If you look back at old Buckley columns, even though they showed hints of testosterone now and then, they also were obsequious to the Left. In many ways, the best recruiting tools and public relations for us of late have come from the Left and its State/Corporate enablers.

    Con, Inc., no longer calls this “a time for choosing” because it is too afraid, but everyone else realizes it is.

  25. Looks like the “sidelines” got run over by a filthy nogger driving a red Ford this weekend. Watch the Left claim “self-defense” and/or “justified because of Rittenhouse verdict” and the GOP/ Con, Inc., ignore the pile of dead/injured White people.

    P.S. It seems NeoCon bitches Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes have “quit” Fox News over Tucker’s Jan. 6 documentary.

    • “P.S. It seems NeoCon bitches Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes have “quit” Fox News over Tucker’s Jan. 6 documentary.”

      That made me howl this weekend. It’s like some washed-up, untalented actor or musician announcing they no longer will perform to save the planet.

        • The last line there is key. Fox had no intention of renewing their contracts next year anyway, so they “quit” now to make it look like they were taking some sort of principled stand. I rarely watch FOX, but another report I read said, Hayes and Goldberg were hardly ever on air anymore, since they were almost certainly paid per appearance, this isn’t much of a income loss for them anyway. They were a throwback to when Bret Baier would host his roundtable with Charles Krauthammer, Goldberg, Hayes or anther neocon, and a token liberal so viewers could be blessed with the neocon dogma of the day. There isn’t much of an audience for that anymore.

        • Along the same lines, I used a 30-day free trial of Fox Nation that sat idle on Roku just to watch PATRIOT PURGE, It had been since the election that I had watched anything on Fox.

          Sweet baby Jesus. After being away and watching during this brief stint, I cannot even begin with how horrible and frankly juvenile Fox is. Washed up, untalented people, Civic Nationalism even from a leftist perspective at times, tone policing, the false choices–that outfit truly is insidious and outside Tucker (most of the time) an apologist for the Deep State. It is as dangerous for White people as the false choice of the Republican Party is.

          In fairness to myself, I knew Fox was bad for years, but the extent was not obvious until absence from it for a long time.

          • My impression of FOX Nation when I heard about it was that they were trying to create additional revenue out of retirees who either don’t get out much or have FOX on in the background all day. It amazes me people are willing to pay for that content.

        • The linked article was hilarious. Chris wallace – a liberal democrat who helped Biden during the debates, and Bret Baier – Stephen Hayes College roommate -are “Concerned” over tucker’s Jan 6th Report.

          I can’t tell you how much I’m shocked. I mean, if Tucker has lost Chris Wallace, I guess he’s lost Shep Smith and Bill Kristol too. Sads

          • William F. Buckley must be rolling over in his grave. How will Tucker ever recover from the shame of it all?

      • As the temperature of this cold civil war rises, expect to see more people change sides. It’s easier to be a “Good” white when the stakes are low, you receive a fat paycheck, and you enjoy a higher social status, but when it’s YOUR business, YOUR city or suburb, or YOUR family at risk, then Darwin predicts bad white formation. When you dine with a lion, the lion eats last. Goldberg & Hayes are unaware that they and their ilk are on the menu too.

    • nope, the pictures of the perp from wisc showing up in the MSM are “filtered” (bleached) . so they can still cover it as normal. by the end of rhew week the y will be opining that he was a white supreamicist.

    • Funny that the left will excuse the Nogger’s running into a crowd the same as some on the d-right excused James Fields.

      Except that a white Christmas parade isn’t threatening, but an Antifa parade is. But that’s just hairsplitting isn’t it.

      • Excuse me, “excused”?

        Fields bumped a car at a crawl, which bumped a car, which bumped a third car.

        The only things hurt were the cars, his from baseball bats, the other two with dented bumpers.

        Oh, and a morbidly obese heifer who flopped off the fender she was sitting on and had a heart attack.*

        *(The Charlottesville Massacre, for new readers.)

  26. > the libertarian answer to the assault on the institution of marriage was to advocate the elimination of the legal concept of marriage entirely.

    Like most libertarian arguments, this falls to pieces because of the existence of children, who nearly by definition are not capable of making rational decisions.

    Not working out? Is physical violence enough to break the contract? How about “emotional” violence? Cheating? What’s the criteria for evidence? Someone has to make that call.

    Okay, so there is a divorce now. Do we cut the kid in half? How do we split the resources? As horrible and anti-male our court system is, someone has to make the hard decisions here and we can’t just wish them away.

    • Yeah, this is where a strong religious entity and patriarchal social order is necessary. The principal guardianship of the children has to go somewhere and 9/10 times it should be with the parent who is biologically capable of being rational, i.e., the father. There will be cases when the father is abusive but if you give the children to the mother that danger is multiplied because she will likely audition many step fathers, each one being a roll of the dice if he’s an abuser or not. In cases where the father is known to be abusive or negligent the state or community must oversee the family’s guardianship. Women and especially children can never be left without a male guardian, especially in a low trust society.

      • Jeez. Men, you penny-pinching, chiseling d*ckheads. Tons of money for big-boom guy stuff- “National Defense”, cough cough- but gods help us if we have a civic structure.

        As always, National Socialism is the answer:

        All women get welfare.
        All women with kids, too, married or not. For being women, and all they bring.

        A social safety net at far lower cost than this eternal savaging each other for scraps, fuel for parasitic predators. As to all the rest, such as marriage, the State keeps its nose out of our affairs.

        No income taxes, no property taxes, like the original NatSoc, just a social order support tax.
        And, of course people on gov’t pay don’t vote.

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