Why They Hate Us

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Back in the Bush years, the slogan they liked to use regarding their race policies was “the bigotry of low expectations.” An army of people no doubt spent months conjuring the slogan and field-testing it with audiences to make sure it hit the mark. They made sure it was completely anodyne while conveying the required adherence to left-wing morality regarding race. The slogan said George Bush cared while also saying the Democrats were the real racists.

In fairness to the civic nationalists, they have a point about the Left when it comes to the issue of race. Despite all the talk about racial justice, they talk about nonwhites as if they are children. For example, they literally argue that black people are incapable of acquiring a picture ID. Even if you want to limit that claim to the population that is dependent on the state, this claim is never made about the whites. You can forgive civic nationalists for being a bit rustled by this.

Putting that aside, there is another element to that old slogan. The underlying claim is not just that the Left treats nonwhites like children but that the Left assumes the nonwhites lack agency and therefore cannot be held accountable. This is not a small thing to say. It goes behind the hoary clichés about racism and speaks to how the Left sees themselves and the world. They see themselves as the puppet masters and the rest of us are just the puppets.

You see another glimpse of this in the Wisconsin massacre following on the heels of the Rittenhouse verdict. The Left was clearly trying to get a riot going. The over-the-top language was intended to inflame the sorts of people who set fire to Kenosha way back when all of this started. When the hip-hop guy ran down women and children at the Christmas parade, the Left was giddy. They thought their rhetoric had triggered the response they thought was appropriate.

Now, it does not really matter if this guy was triggered by the extreme left-wing rhetoric that has flooded our lives for the last few years. It is fair to say he is not watching CNN every night, but his social media activity shows that he is aware of what is going on in the world. It is one of those realities of this age that even the dumbest person cannot escape the media. Unless you live off-grid in the woods, you live suspended in a solution of messages from the mass media.

The causal relationship here is not really important. It is pretty reasonable to conclude that people who do these things are crazy. Whether they are shooting up a school or attacking a Christmas parade, they are not acting rationally. What matters here is what the Left thinks is the causal relationship in these and other events. They clearly think there is one. It is why the less fanatical elements in the media are trying to downplay the Wisconsin massacre. It is bad optics.

This view of the world is behind the censorship regime. The unsophisticated make the error in thinking that the motive behind it is fear of their facts and reason. “They are afraid of our message” is a popular slogan in certain quarters. This is true only in that the Left thinks people lack agency and can easily be manipulated into rebellion or violence. That is what lies behind the claim that language is violence. They assume everyone does what they are told.

In the Charlottesville circus trial this was part of the plaintiff’s case. They brought in the equivalent of tarot card readers to explain the secret messages between members of the alt-right organizers. These so-called experts explained the secret meanings of the jokes and memes and then explained how they are calls to violence. At the heart of this is the assumption that humans lack agency and are so suggestible that they will become savage at the sound of certain words.

Magic word theory can probably be placed alongside magic dirt theory and magic shape theory in the domain of left-wing magic. Magic dirt theory is the claim that the soil upon which one stands controls your actions in some mystical way. People born on bad dirt turn out bad, while people born on magic dirt get all the breaks. Magic shape theory claims that metal and plastic shaped into something scary like certain types of guns makes people violent or suicidal.

This explains the Left’s quest to control all areas of cultural production. When you assume that people are infinitely suggestable, whoever controls the message controls the people, which means whoever controls the message centers, the centers of cultural production, controls the people. From the point of view of the Left, it is not censorship but leadership. They have seized the centers of information production in order to lead the people into the promised land.

At a retail level, this is not important. If the guy smashing you over the head with a skateboard is motivated by a bizarre understanding of humanity or he just hates you because you are white is not doing you much good in the moment. Step back and it is an important insight. That guy smashing people with his skateboard is not operating from mere partisanship. He is not just mad at the victim because they do not agree on tax policy or race policy. He is acting in self-defense.

At the heart of the crisis, at the center of every riot over the last few years, is one side convinced they must use any means necessary to remove the things standing between them and the egalitarian paradise. If that means killing those who do not want to go along, they feel completely justified. After all, their objections are a call for violence to stop progress. The guy swinging the skateboard believes he is acting in self-defense, even when the attack is unprovoked.

The question alongside that central truth is can society go on if some minority of the population is sure they are in a life and death struggle with the majority? The weaponization of the mentally unstable, minorities and fanatics in a war against stability and normalcy is a threat to the very existence of society. If this was coming from a foreign power or organized crime, the answer would be clear. It would me a war of survival against a direct threat.

All human society is an ongoing negotiation around a compromise. Why would anyone seek compromise with those whose opening bid is your death? The middle ground is still horrible. This is why the Left is waging total war on society. The only rational response is to respond accordingly. The compromise is that our commitment to civic nationalism must give way temporarily in order to deal with the threat in the same way chemotherapy is an exception to deal with cancer.

This is not without precedent. In times of war America has suspended the writ of habeas corpus, confined whole populations and commandeered the economy. In times of extreme emergency, free people suspend their distrust of power in order to wield it against the enemy of freedom. At some point, even the most feckless in the ruling class will have to come to this realization. Otherwise, they will be swept away by the same forces being unleashed by their foot soldiers in the media.

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231 thoughts on “Why They Hate Us

  1. Perhaps we need to stop looking at this as left versus right. Instead, consider the modern world as the natural outcome of the managerial state.
    This can be described as the triad of science, engineering, and management. For the sake of brevity, call it the model of objects. Because of this method of thought, we are able to take raw materials from the earth and produce airplanes. Arguably, every technological advance that we are so proud of relies on this system of thought. As it any wonder that eventually this model would be applied to human beings? Karl Marx saw this, as he coined the term “scientific socialism.” Post Marx, you see the explosion of social sciences in the Universities. Political science, economic science, social science, and behavioral science. These “sciences” are then applied through engineering and management as processes to be applied to human populations. We are no longer subjects but objects. As such, humans are no longer individuals with some sort of free will, but instead are objects to be subjected to various processes that will provide consistent outputs, just as in manufacturing. If the outputs aren’t consistent, then the processes must be adapted to provide consistent outputs, just like in a factory. Factor in concepts such as cost and efficiency, and it’s easy to see what is behind the actions of the smart set elite that is in control.
    You can’t vanquish your enemy until you understand his nature.
    Best Regards,

  2. Sorry, but I don’t follow your reasoning. A number of steps were left out between “magic word theory” and “use any means necessary to remove the things standing between them and the egalitarian paradise”.

    I can try to fill in the blanks, such as: The left’s rightist enemy lacks agency and has been unalterably corrupted by words, therefore must be eliminated (possibly for it’s own good)? Or instead, the left must eliminate the right because the right’s words are corrupting all those others who must be lead by the left into the promised land? Or some combination of both? Regardless, additional explanation is required to fill in the logical gaps.

    The essay contains some good ideas, but it needs something more in order to place them within a cohesive whole.

  3. I hope that one of the casualties of our current legal revolution is the belief that one’s social media posts should be admissible Evidence of Intent in Anglo Saxon courts.

    Social media is a ‘place’ where people go to pose, dress-up and play-act. It is not a forum that demands attention to authenticity or to characteristics such as humor and honesty, normally demanded by real people in real meat-space. Also, as the prevalent use of sock-puppets, avatars and pseudonyms indicates, the web is populated with counterfeits. Wherever people insist on wearing masks, such as the event where Edgar Allan Poe positioned Prospero’s final masquarade, it is inevitable that a counterfeit will inveigle entry, and ruin the follies.

    In short, fakes abound!

    We expect paid media to cling to the practice of invoking faky Faceborg posts in their daily trials; their devotion elevates the forums and their owners. But this practice is unhealthy when practiced by civil servants charged with disposing of blind justice. And, as the popular media appear to condone this prejudicial ‘tic’ in their show trials, more and more urban polticians and public defenders are dumbly following their lead.

    • Anglo-American law at one point served justice and gave us rules and statutes enforced as fairly as possible.

      Anglo-American law is dead, beyond twitching at this point. Evidentiary rules do not matter.

      Get on juries and nullify State cases if the defendant is White unless he or she hurt other Whites. Think as a group, as a member of the tribe that is yours, rather than as a citizen of a failed and vicious nation-state.

  4. Mandingo isn’t the problem, he’s a side effect, the fuckin Nose is the problem, always was always will be. More and more White people awake, they see the guy holding the whip.

    • White people are the problem because we haven’t been fighting to keep what we have until recently. Now that most us us no longer know who we are, most of us will be the enemy.

  5. They hate themselves, ultimately, so they hate us and everything and everyone else on Earth, even those people and those objects they pretend to venerate. This is simultaneously the most dangerous and most fragile enemy Western man has faced.

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  7. “In times of extreme emergency, free people suspend their distrust of power in order to wield it against the enemy of freedom.”

    I would say this is exactly what is happening in America, but the enemy the regime has identified is anyone and everyone to the right of Mitch McConnell, and “freedom” to them means freedom from exposure to the ideas, opinions and very presence of their enemies.

  8. I have come to same conclusion as arrived at in today’s essay. It’s difficult to imagine successful alternatives given the trajectory we are on and the parallels from history we can use to see ahead. As pointed out by other commenters, our enemies control the levers of power to carry out the predicted annihilation, even if the pointy end of the stick is made up of our own, even if logic and reason would trouble them as they perform their commanded role. Assuming human nature hasn’t changed much in 5000 years a good strategy for leadership to adopt would be to promise material rewards in the future for allegiance and service today. There is unimaginable wealth to be confiscated from our enemies and parceled out as rewards as in former times. All our enemies promise these people is that they will be the last to go for a ride on the holocoasters.

  9. “It is well known in Britain that Americans are uptight regarding alcohol. I suppose this is a legacy from your Puritan past.”

    Is that supposed to be a joke? “Our” Puritan past? Do you mean that time they tore the country apart for 5 or 6 years and ten beheaded “our” king?

    THOSE Puritans from “our” past?

    • Puritans left England for the Americas. They made Biden’s city on a hill. If I had a penny for every time I ‘ve heard about bloody Plymouth rock and the founding of America. Puritans are a small part of English history and identity and ultimately left England because they knew they didn’t fit in.

      I suppose the English/British civil war is part of YOUR history considering the 17th century occurred before the 18th century.

  10. “At the heart of the crisis, at the center of every riot over the last few years, is one side convinced they must use any means necessary to remove the things standing between them and the egalitarian paradise. If that means killing those who do not want to go along, they feel completely justified.”

    Progressivism is cancer. Unfortunately, it is the national dream.

    MLK turned a nice phrase … but like all progressive word salad, it was meaningless drivel. The arc of history is long, but it does NOT bend toward justice. Man does NOT “improve”. Equality does not exist in nature. Nothing in history proves otherwise.

    Civilizations fashion their own code for keeping people in line. Our civilization bent over backwards to “include” those for whom it is just too much. In no way does man ever “progress” to become a better version of himself. How many wars in the last and current century prove this – all while progressivism heated up to a heated pitch?

    Even Trump was a progressive, and he wasted the country’s future chasing pieces of the progressive dream. Now that “nice” has failed, the left demands that civilization be dismantled in order to accommodate their lowest common denominator.

    • @ AnotherAnon:

      A tour de force! Great comment that offers great insights and indicates good instincts.

    • Who the hell downvoted this and why? This is a pitch-perfect encapsulation of where we are. Perfectly written!

    • Good point about MLK. I guess he could have said, “Things keep gettin’ better and better for everyone!”

  11. Saw ‘Account Suspended’ here late last night and thought Z had been cancelled by WP. So glad I was wrong.

    “In times of extreme emergency, free people suspend their distrust of power in order to wield it against the enemy of freedom.“ How ironic that the destroyer-Left is creating these cascading ‘emergencies’ in order to grasp totalizing power while the DR (and we hope others before it is too late) is recognizing that we have to do the same to prevent the Left from getting away with what they see as their own Manifest Destiny. When we respond in kind—though not degree—they oscillate between projection (FASCISTS!!!) and accurate recognition of what their enemies have to do to stanch the bleeding (ALSO FASCISTS!!!). It is dizzying at this point.

    Breitbart had it right when he said F U WAR.

  12. “For example, they literally argue that black people are incapable of acquiring a picture ID.”

    Just go to any Casino Rewards Center and you’ll quickly see the reality – lots of picture ID’s emerge to get those Reward Cards.

    • Every grocery line in every American city is backed up behind a black woman juggling ten IDs, EBTs, and credit cards. One of them is hers.

      • Speaking of the “black woman juggling ten IDs…”, I want to ask Zman readers a question:
        Here in the deep South black people don’t say where they live, they instead tell you where they “stay.”

        Do blacks in other parts of the country do the same thing?

        I have a theory on why they do it. I think it amounts to having so many P.O. boxes, ID cards, spurious addresses and “aunties” to “stay” with that nobody can ever track them down and make them pay their bills.

        Here’s a fun fact. In my state the blacks make a distinction between their “inside family” and “outside family.” Inside family members (near as I can tell) are the ones you’ll acknowledge as kin at a barbecue. “Outside family” is the group of literal bastards that may try to horn in on one’s hustle or side-hustle. There’s no moral judgment passed on “outside family”; bastardy is neither good nor bad. It’s only a matter of convenience (as far as I can tell).

        Anyhoo, I find these little quirks interesting. Any readers out there with more factoids to share?

        • They say “stay” here in West Texas. They also refer to a policeman with the concrete noun “law.”

          “A law showed up at de barbecue. Den dey was TWO laws!”

          • “Policemen are often referred to as “the law” in England.”

            No,it’s a reference for the legal system ,including the coppers.

            Names for the police: the fuzz,the filth.

  13. What frightens me is that we will not be the ones commandeering the country and economy when the next crisis happens. They will. And as they fight a rear guard action against the very laws of nature, including millions of formerly middle class people who had their savings vaporized, they’ll use these emergency powers to steal everything they can from anyone who still has two nickels to run together. I’ve also noticed an emerging creepiness on the Ukraine situation. This is coming out of both parties. They actually are sick enough start something on Russia’s back door. War as distraction from a crumbling society is as old as time itself. The “defending democracy” schtick is starting again.

    • We lost

      It’s not our country. The people in Waukesha just found out the hard way. Anyone who continues to hang onto the idea that it’s still our country needs to be smacked upside the head.

      Time to accept it and figure out how to move forward. Reminiscing ain’t gonna do anything. We are back to where we started. Strangers in a new world. Navigating it has to be done with some care and intelligence.

      • That’s a sad realization — that we’re doomed. We’re a good and kind people who just wanted to treat everyone fairly and “not see race.” We moved heaven and earth to make that happen. We didn’t deserve this. We’ve given so much to so many, and now we are soon to be left with nothing for the effort. We had the world and lost it not because we’re the bad people our enemies imagine us to be, but for the fact that we are not.

        The moral of the story has to be that there is no fundamental fairness in the universe. That’s something we make for ourselves. I can only pray there’s a God, or simulator, willing enough to take pity on us for this folly and give some of us a second chance, maybe somewhere far away where we can be free to be ourselves once again.

        • “The moral of the story has to be that there is no fundamental fairness in the universe.” There never was. Conquest comes through sheer nerve and sometimes intelligence. This is also why the majority of so-called Christians left in the churches will melt away during the next crisis. They will have to come to grips with the fact that God put us in a horror show, with a French neorealist ending. I’m fine with that, because I know that God, like a Frenchman, loves irony. God did put one law of the universe in our favor though. There’s no free lunch. You can’t get something for nothing or without sacrifice. This will be the undoing of the current regime across the west. It has consumed far, far more than it’s produced for quite some time. The void has been filled with credit. The 2008 crisis was a barely repairable situation. The next crisis won’t be. The majority, which now lives off of government largess won’t be doing well. Politics will fundamentally change as the economies of the world are wiped out, and not in a way favorable to the status quo.

          • JR Wirth wrote:

            ” … the current regime across the west. It has consumed far, far more than it’s produced for quite some time. The void has been filled with credit. The 2008 crisis was a barely repairable situation. The next crisis won’t be.”

            We are already there. In August of 2019, the Fed Chairman held a press conference to say that the Fed Reserve system was opening a special Repo Market window for foreign central banks.

            THAT was the balloon going up. The so-called “virus” arrived in January.

            What we are witnessing is the death throes of Socialism. Low or even negative interest rates for the past 15 years or so have destroyed the bond markets AND every pension fund in the world. So the governments of the world had two choices: Tell their peoples the truth (and be torn to pieces in the streets), OR destroy the economy of the whole world and blame it on “the invisible enemy.”

            They chose the second.

            The rest of it has been planned for many decades (see Georgia Guidestones), but the collapse of finance and baking worldwide forced the timing on them.

          • @JR Wirth: Christians will be just fine, but quite a lot of them are going to have to make an adjustment. The phony “Kindness” and “Niceness” of a prosperous liberal society is not the same thing as real “Goodness,” “Character” and “Honor” when things have broken down and times are hard. Love your neighbor, indeed. It says it right there in the Old Book, no exceptions. But realize your neighbor means first and foremost your actual neighbor: i.e. those in your clan, your community, your nation (once upon a time contiguous with the United States of America but not anymore…white conservatives are in the “very slow realization” phase on this). Quite a lot of liberalism is a sort of horribly disordered Christian morality: the feelings and affections one ought to apply firstly to one’s own get transferred instead to inner city joggers, to gentle giants, sexual deviants, illegal migrants, criminals, bums who refuse to work, etc etc. Nowhere in the Old Book does it say crime, degeneracy or social dissolution is to be excused, let alone coddled or encouraged. Very much the opposite. The cost-free, mindless “Kindness” expressed on yard signs and the self-abasing politics of liberal churchgoers in my neck of the woods are just about the furthest thing from historical Christianity that I can imagine.

        • Yeah but is what it is. Shit happens. No help dwelling on the past and what could have beens. We can leave that to Steve Sailer as he ponders graphs in the nursing home and Kevin McDonald throws potato salad at him, provided there are any nursing homes left. We may just be stuck with them.

          Oh God. The thoughts

        • Whites became supreme by being the best at warfare for the last 600 years or so. We better figure out how to get to that spot again. Being good and kind is what got us here.

        • NO, I think this was the hubris of the white man. We thought we could my-fair-lady all the little people and bring them up to our level.

          We have abandoned religion for freemasonry, and “freedom” and equality.

      • Falcone says:

        “Time to accept it and figure out how to move forward. Reminiscing ain’t gonna do anything.”

        I am now finding innumerable occasions to say this very thing to people. But I just say, “Remember Lot’s wife.”

      • Too gloomy. Personally, when Fukuyama announced the end of history I was bummed, or at least ambivalent. Every generation of my family had a war. looks like I might see mine, if belatedly. I remember reading an account of a pioneer group near me 150 yrs ago. They ran into an ally Indian tribe remnant that reported a massacre. They requested help with a revenge reprisal. They sorta voted on it and decided to participate on the fly. I remember thinking how utterly cool that was.

    • JRW – I guess that’s why we need to keep rat-holing ammo, food and water. At some point, that stuff is most likely to come in handy.

  14. We are seeing the fruits of the trees Herbert Marcuse planted via essays in the 1960s. The goal is Liberation, a communist utopia, where in all are free from oppression. They have no idea how to realize it. It something hidden, that can be released by destruction of everything. Subvert, Disrupt, Destroy. These are the rally cry of the neoMarxist. Their work product. Destruction must ratchet, no rebuilding is allowed. History’s diode of destruction.

    The minority must be freed from the oppression of the majority, they claim. Who is the minority-est of the minorities, the opressed-est of the oppressed? It is a foreign enemy, one which lurks and subverts from darkness, and is increasingly out of the shadows to claim all slices of the pie.

    They sucker the gullible with incantations of paradise, but only the wandering whiners will inherit. The dessert of these rabid dogs destruction-ism is us, and it is us that must stop the mouth foamers.


    are the

    only that everything needs to be destroyed to release it.

    • They do not offer paradise or utopia in the way we use it historically in the westi.ie an ideal society. This is a mistake those on the outside looking in make all the time.

      They are offering the freedom from societal behavior. To enact the most bestial aspects of humanity, to live and behave as beats in the moment and undo the last 2500 years of rational development.

      To act, torture, main violate any other being without restraint or consequence. The total domination of the id. This is the utopia they really mean.

      Its why the perverts, the third world and their inhabitants are so attractive.

      • Your comment called to mind a quote from Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulu”:

        “…for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.”

      • They utilize grand-sounding words that are vague. The listener is thus invited to provide their own meaning. The message then is true and desirable to the broadest audience.

        They also layer multiple meanings. So a reasonable sounding proposition will be a Trojan horse to get ill-intented language into an institution’s documents..

        A subverted institution is meant to produced the messed up people we see. The messed up people are the attackers to subvert additional institutions.

        Society collapses to garbage. Messed up dysfunctional people clamor for a solution to their woes, thus ushering the golden age at the end of history. At this point a small handful will own everything, so that the rest can happily own nothing and eat bugs.

  15. “BLM? You mean that group who ran over kids at the Christmas parade?”
    Effective rhetoric, IMO. Use it everywhere.

    • Nothing shows your tribe’s power & prowess like running down

      Dancing Grannies & Little Girls.

      Perfectly revealing.

      R.I.P Grannies

      • Crispin: That smacks of the standard conservatard accusation of “Coward” aimed towards suicide bombers. To blacks, killing Whites – under any circumstances – shows their power and prowess. And killing women and children underlines the powerlessness of White men.

        Effective rhetoric is not that which affects you, but which affects your enemies and your normer audience.. DJ3Way is spot on.

        • and even more focused refinement of DJ3’s rhetoric for Normie- “Black Lives Matter? You mean that group who kills white children at Christmas parades?”

          • The Marxists will just respond to that charge with the standard, “No TRUE Scotsman….” fallacy.

        • We always are susceptible to that trap of assigning our own white man motives to them. A better way is to realize that for them there is bad dark juju all around, like a mist or a cloud, inhabiting in the bodies of people, a nasty evil spirit, and right now that spirit resides in the white man who needs to be killed so the spirit goes away back into the sky.

          That’s where we are at

  16. “For example, they literally argue that black people are incapable of acquiring a picture ID.”

    I think they mostly imply things like that – they usually don’t state it directly. The folks they’re talking about (those who can’t be bothered to get an ID card) aren’t bright enough to read between the lines.

    “The underlying claim is not just that the Left treats nonwhites like children but that the Left assumes the nonwhites lack agency and therefore cannot be held accountable.”

    The late Lawrence Auster used to say that there were three types of people in the leftist script: the goodwhites, the badwhites and blacks/coloreds. In the leftist view, blacks lack moral agency and are merely objects for the goodwhites to demonstrate their virtue on.

    • There’s not a normie-con Boomer in the USA who wouldn’t mortgage everything he owned to pay for all costs associated with getting a black person an ID to vote in an election.

      (Not me though. Z has some great ideas on limiting the franchise.)

  17. A couple of points. First, Gavin Newsom has been out in front of cameras denouncing angrily the undocumented reparations of Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. in and around the Bay Area. Second, Best Buy stocks slid today on the realization that stealing has been so massive that their margins are in free-fall. Third, as this is going on there is a move in the LA City Council to cut the LAPD budget once again.
    So retail stores are basically dead. There will be so much massive, organized theft (about 80 people, all “diverse” and of the basketball-American persuasion stormed Nordstroms) that there will be no retail stuff left. Win for Amazon, loss for everyone else. Newsom went in front of cameras but that’s all he did. He can’t do anything. He can’t re-impose high bail. He can’t have lots of people in jail. He can’t increase the police. All he can do is posture in front of cameras.
    Second, from the perspective of people who matter — those with power, getting rid once and for all of Y-T is a good thing. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell are all old, figure they will be dead when the stuff really happens. Newsom and Beta Male O’Rourke will pretend to be non-White. Ilhan Omar and the like will be making out like crazy. Most White women are happy to embrace it — they can trade up to a conqueror. Better a life of squalor with a rapper/warlord of two city blocks than a life of comfort with a chiller and griller. So its going to happen, no one should have any illusions and everyone should prepare to move, fast and quick, to get off the X and simply not be there when a truckload of diversity enforcers show up to culturally enrich people.

    • Go where? We take this crap with us where ever we go. That which doesn’t come with us will come after us.
      There is no going anywhere.

      • The solution to pollution is not dilution, but aggregation. We need to build defensible, self reliant communities in isolated areas. White no go zones.

      • If you keep in motion you are harder to eliminate. Look at the Taliban. They beat the combined arms might of the US over 20 years. The dumb thing to do is be at the address when the hammer comes down.
        The reality is that we are needed to keep the lights on and everything else. So we need to be “off the X” so to speak, and wait for the collapse as the vibrant and diverse run the power, sewage, transportation networks etc. The most sophisticated drone won’t work if it does not have fuel to get aloft, and no controller to operate it. Even or especially drones require skill and that’s not in great supply among the vibrant and diverse. Once Zukhov convinced Stalin that instead of futile last stands a fighting retreat was in order the German advance was doomed.

    • When the truckload of diversity shows up to ransack your neighborhood white male federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel will be there to protect them and make that you and your neighbors do not offer any organized resistance.

    • Funny thing about Nordstrom:

      There corporate website has lots of extremely delicately phrased BLM rehortice, but the most telling:

      They support DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, and …..

      (wait for it)


      (No “Equity”. Even Nordstrom isn’t stupid enough to sign up for the $$$ part of BLM)

    • The death of retail stores is a planned feature and huge win for Amazon, and by extension the globalists.

      This is because Amazon is intended as the global plantation store…I mean Rent-A-Center that only accepts CBDCs in payment as we plebes sleep in the pods, eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy!

  18. Fortunately, the capital police have shown us the solution to the border problem. It turns out shooting trespassers IS “who we are”. Mayor Daley offered the same solution for looters.

  19. Oh Lord. I love the Tech Note.

    Good one.

    But I hear what you’re saying about black people being treated like children AND being treated as if they lack agency. But. Do they seem bothered by this arrangement? Do they go out of their way to complain?

    I don’t believe so. Rather they seem quite content to play a role for us as long as they’re on the receiving end of the gibbs. There’s no white man’s shame, or embarrassment in this. Or regrets. There are no second thoughts or hesitations. They step right up, no questions asked.

    Oh man lol.

    The life in the colonies.

      • My brother and I joke that america is just a glorified military outpost. I still refer to it as the colonies. Although I love the place. But I think when you see it as a colony, an outpost, it helps keep things in perspective. Growing up in Florida, this idea was hard to escape. We still had canons and stuff from the Spanish wars in Pensacola. I hear talking to a friend that this will be our 400th thanksgiving. Quite a long time. But still a colony. A place we don’t quite belong but are determined to make home. The question is, really the only one, is this land blessed or is it cursed? Is it God forsaken or not?

        I think the answer is something part and parcel and always in the mind of every American. We all wrestle with it, whether conscience of it or not.

        • The first Thanksgiving. Well, there have been three of those. The French in what is now NW Florida, in 1564. The English at Berkeley’s Hundred Plantation on the James River Near Jamestown, in 1607. And the Puritans in New England in 1621. Turns out that the word “first” means whatever one wants it to mean.

          Kinda like the word “truth” nowadays.

          But you already know that.

          We live, it seems, in interesting times.

        • your post reminds me of The Shining: america is basically like a hotel for obscene elites built on the graves of indians that corrupts the vulnerable middle class white family.

    • In truth, there is something very childlike about blacks, regardless of their age. They are cruel, impulsive, egocentric, anarchical, they love sweets, and are extremely attracted to shiny objects. It seems that their emotional development ceases at about the age of 10.

      • And the men are very feminine but like dangerous women with a man’s muscles, drag queens on acid, house cats with the power of horses

        Quite an odd breed

        And they release a sort of aerated toxin dust that can and does make a white man crazy.

      • They are also very unsure of themselves. You see that most clearly when they wig out for having been “dissed.” On numerous occasions, in orienting carpetbaggers of one sort or another to live in the Deep South, I have told them to interact with Negroes as though they were white boys of 15 or 16. Be careful to pay them little compliments. They need that. They truly are very unsure of themselves. Truly.

        Treat them as you would a white adolescent who is in that awkward stage between childhood and manhood, and you’ll find that they are very easy to deal with.

        They are really VER”Y easy to control. It needs only two things: (1) experience with them and (2) the will to put them in their place. THAT is what has disappeared. Or, rather, been made to disappear. That’s how we got here.

        • The old southern men took the measure of the negroes and knew how to keep them in their place. They also understood how bad things would turn out if they were granted equality. The civil rights movement unleashed hell.

  20. You talk of their view that control of the message will lead to the behavior. That agency does not exist and people will do as they are told.

    Well look around Sherlock.

    Anti-racism, civnat politics, magic dirt, global warming, diversity, feminism, affirmative action, hate speech, gay marriage, and now the immortal Coof with masks, imprisonment and forced injections.

    They are right. They understand the drones and orient themselves in the positions to fully exploit this understanding and this side wrings their hands with tropes about agency in thought when the evidence is practically nonexistent,. Its as stupid as dems are the real racists.

    85% are NPCs with no agency and repeat and behave as conditioned, even if it means their own death, replacement and societal destruction.

    If the last 50 years does not provide enough evidence to prove that fact I don’t know what the bar would be.

    • Yes, the big difference between us and them is we believe people should be treated like we wish to be treated. The golden rule. Versus them, who have no qualms in treating people like slaves and who have no qualms in using tricks and techniques to manipulate and jostle and yank them around.

      We shepherd and herd. They beat with sticks and use tasers.

      Our view is losing unfortunately. Seems a less humane and decent approach is the one that will end up surviving. To my eternal discontent.

    • my reply using a certain writer on Takimag , initials DC, could be triggering the filter here. Is that possible? The other two posts earlier this morning didn’t show. I don’t know what else to think.
      Server issues earlier today should have nothing to do with that because this happened after.

      • DC no kidding? I tried posting a comment mentioning him last week and it disappeared.

        Mention the n-word (grillers) or juice, it goes to moderation. Never got nuked before, I was wondering why!

        • DC tweeted me that bad blood between our host and him. Wish I knew so I wouldn’t bother trying to figure out. Just egos I guess.

      • The writer from Taki, who initials are triggering moderation? I won’t type his name but he is the guy that loves to punch to the right. Only occasionally do I see him write anything other than “you stupid white people ” stuff. He is spot every once in a while

      • Well, i will say that if any juice commentator deserves protection it is DC. Guy seem constitutionally incapable of speaking untruth. Rare bird, especially of that breed.

      • Time for new statues. We are not at the stage of the Persians reaching the hot gates yet. Still early. Don’t fret.

  21. Haven’t read other comments as yet but perhaps it’s already been stated:
    “they cry out in pain as they strike you”.
    (Attributed to Konrad Heiden – a Marxist in days of yore)

  22. I have often noted in my comments that I live in the boondocks of Pennsylvania. We have our share of naughty negroes, mostly imports from Philadelphia and the Baltimore/Washington jungles who come here on the excellent road system built by evil whipippo, but honestly, I admit to the presence of some pretty shitty white people, mostly low-level drug peddlers/users, drunks, wife beaters and child abusers. So it’s come to this: no matter where I go, I carry a concealed piece. I’m licensed and trained, so no issues there. My training tells me to first of all, avoid any places where it’s likely I’ll need to resort to the gun. On the off chance that an unexpected circumstance develops in which self-defense with a firearm becomes necessary, I never go in public in less than Jeff Cooper’s Condition Yellow, with my DA/SA pistol in Condition Two. I guess that’s no protection against some rando intent on mowing me down with his jalopy, but it’s not nothing, either. BTW, slightly off topic here, but germane to Our Esteemed Host’s opposition to civic nationalism, I recommend this article posted in Takimag–perhaps a counterpoint ot Z’s articles on the same website? Anyhow, it’s a slightly different take on our predicament.

      • First, Cole is a Jew, a very interesting Jew, but a Jew all the same, something that is always germane.

        Second, his slight nod to a coalition between whites and Hispanics to hold back the very worst of Leftism probably isn’t completely incorrect, but it’s not very appealing either. I don’t want to live in that world.

        Finally, whether he means it or not, he’s basically arguing for a revolution. His point is correct: Whites can’t hide. We either go down his path of crappy South American-style civic nationalism, i.e. whites and Hispanics preventing a complete degradation of society, or we physically fight back and permanently keep non-whites and woke whites out of our territory.

        Not sure that he meant to promote that, but it’s what clear is the choice.

        • He also wrote (different column?)!that diversity can work if you’re willing to live in a police state. Translating, but that was the gist.

          I don’t think many people want that.

      • Remember the “anti-anti-communists” of the Cold War? They were communists—literal Soviet agents, typically.

        This recent outbreak of anti-anti-globohomo among our guys…

        Perish the thought.

        The neocons just happen to be right about this one (all-encompassing) thing. Normal people’s reactions to being injured are *failures to reflect*…he says, striking you.

  23. “This view of the world is behind the censorship regime. The unsophisticated make the error in thinking that the motive behind it is fear of their facts and reason. “They are afraid of our message” is a popular slogan in certain quarters.”
    I didn’t fully follow the logic behind this paragraph.
    I think the censorship is happening because they are afraid, scared shitless, of the promulgation of certain ideas. Especially among certain hard-headed high agency populations.

    • If I understand, the concept is not that they fear the ideas because they know we are right, but they fear them because they believe people are easily manipulated. Hence, the censorship is “for our own good.” Like censoring any ideas to small children that simply putting on a cape will make you able to fly. This probably plays a large part in the COVID hysteria – credentialists say you must do X (mask, vax, isolate, etc.) so any information to the contrary presents a danger to society because some rubes might fall for the data that Ivermectin works.

  24. Envy & contempt. These are the two emotions which drive the Left, primarily motivated by feelings, to hate us.


    An enormous number of minorities, especially black, fantasize about being White: they spend billions on hair care, makeup products and skin toners to adopt our appearance; they move into our neighborhoods and wish to attend our children’s schools in order to be near to us; they justify swapping primarily White characters in literature (comics, movies, books … even historical figures) with their own people while this almost never happens with another race; blacks never demand to be other groups. It’s all a means for that demographic to imagine they are like us.

    They love us, too much, and they hate us when their fantasy comes crashing down upon the realization that all their efforts were in vain, and they still aren’t us.

    Give them “white” movie roles, and they still hate us because what they really want is to be us. “Oscars so White”, said by an ungrateful black man whose entire wealth and career were given to him by my people. Will Smith will never be White, and he hates me for it. Give them scholarships to our schools, and they still don’t always succeed. Michelle Obama went to Harvard, but she’ll never be another Alan Dershowitz. Tell them how beautiful they are, and they still want to look like us and date our women.

    All this does is remind them they aren’t us, and they hate us for it.

    >For instance: AOC, Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, and Illhan Omar (and lots more) all have White significant others. That’s not a coincidence. They’re all powerful and aspiring women looking for a confidence booster, and what better way to have that than by possessing the object of your envy?

    You’ll notice that our girl AOC has been fantasizing, publicly, about savage – raised by wolves – White men sexually attacking her on Jan. 6th (even though she was nowhere near the capitol building). She’s flattered by the concept of attractive White men coming to take her away. It’s a common sexual fantasy among women – forcible male attention. And she’s mad that didn’t happen, that those guys were mostly unattractive, because it breaks her fantasy.

    If Fabio in his prime had stormed her office, she’d had stripped in front of the cameras and said, “what I do now, I do for the sake of the republic. Do not mourn me as I give myself over to this hunky … beautiful … slab of White meat. I did it for you. For our children. Now take me you vile, sexy beast!”

    >AOC was also a huge fan of the all-White Game of Thrones series; I bet she imagined she was that White haired SJW girl in the show. Meanwhile, non-Asian minorities aren’t much into the diverse non-White stuff they’re putting out nowadays. In fact, non-Asian minorities almost never watch that stuff, and it baffles White liberals. “Why aren’t POC watching our black Star Trek show that features almost no attractive heterosexual White male romantic interests or White female self-inserts?” It’s a mystery.

    Side note: The few times a White male tries to change his appearance to be non-White, it makes international news. Have you noticed that? Last year there was a story about a White male who had plastic surgery to look Korean. American POC, mostly black, ran him through with all kinds of excuses, but really they were mad because he publicly tried to escape what they wish they were and can never be. There are several other stories like that I’m aware of. A White girl living in Japan and posting makeup videos showing people how to look Korean, for instance.


    The White Left hates us because we aren’t the foil they wish us to be. They have a negative self-identity, which means they define themselves as what they are not as opposed to what they are – their culture, their heritage, etc. This means they always need an enemy to feel whole. And if we aren’t that enemy, if we won’t fight back against them, they begin to hate us in order to explain it away (“maybe there is something wrong with them?”).

    They want someone to fight, but daddy griller doesn’t want to fight. He just wants to make an accommodation and get on with his life. And that drives the other side crazy. They begin to despise you and think you are subhuman because you won’t play into their hateful fantasies; something must be wrong with you because you won’t strike back like they want — because you aren’t how they imagined you to be.

    That’s the real reason the crazed, far-Left hated Trump. They obsessed about that man, unnaturally, and they still do. Remember? They portrayed him as this evil dictator they could clearly define themselves against, imagining themselves as virtuous in the process. “You’re evil, so I am not – smart because you are not, successful because you were a failed businessman, and liked because you are not!”

    But Trump wasn’t a skilled politician, to put it mildly, so he screwed up too often to be what they really wanted: an evil 4D chess-playing comic book villain whom they could vanquish and prove their worth in the process. And they hated him for it – for breaking their fantasy. This led to them unnaturally devaluing Trump as a person. If he couldn’t give them what they wanted, maybe he was unworthy they thought.

    • Their envy results in a inferiority complex, demanding recognition for talents and attributes they do not possess.

    • @ Banana Boat:

      You nailed it. As I said earlier, they are very, very unsure of themselves.

    • Died my hair black and when I came into work a colleague said, “Good thing you didn’t get any black dye on your face”. I replied in my best Denzel Washington voice, “Nigga Please”.

  25. While it is not getting much coverage, the “murder” of a “jogger” in Georgia is wrapping up and at least two of those guys are going to become political prisoners for no reason other than to prevent mass riots again.

    • I was thinking about that this morning. The Rittenhouse verdict was the kiss of death for those guys. No way will our cultural bookers demand the left do another high profile job so soon.

  26. Is Z advocating “total war”? By what mechanism? Do we have a Pinochet in the pipeline? Trump wasted a golden opportunity to become a Great Man of history. Sad.

    • For all the gnashing of teeth and perpetual boogeyman status on the Left, I believe Pinochet only snuffed about 3,000 commies. But made it clear he would happily do the same to any new ones. Frankly not a bad effort/reward ratio.

      • In Chile and Argentina, both governments were forced to domesticate well-organised violent left-wing parties which had foreign support. These days the lefty press claims that out of a population of approximately 10m, Pinochet killed 3-4,000 people (.0003-.0004 of the population) and ‘victimised’ 40k (.004). Based on a US population of 300 million, that would be equivalent to 90-120k and 1.2m. During the Argentinian ‘dirty war’ (1976-83, population c. 28m) the lefty press claims 10k-30k were killed, although Argentina’s own post-war commission put it at 13k (.0005). Plus something like 9k (.0003) were imprisoned for long sentences, and another 21k (.0008) for shorter sentences. Based on a US population of 300 million, that would amount to 150k / 90k / 240k. The current US prison population is around 1.4m, with a total under “correctional supervision” (eg prison + parole + etc.) of 6.9m. If we assume that equivalent numbers will need to be dealt with, the figures are large but not unmanageable.

        • Lolz, we found our autist^^. I think that only 5k need to go. Make it 30k due to imprecision of correctly identifying to problematic ones.

      • Let’s not forget that there is an excellent chance that Pinochet was backed by the USA and the CIA to crush communism.

        Anyone here think that the current 3 letter alphabet agencies wouldn’t back communism in the USA today (if they’re not already)?

  27. “It is one of those realities of this age that even the dumbest person cannot escape the media. Unless you live off-grid in the woods, you live suspended in a solution of messages from the mass media….”

    I escaped. It’s called the ‘off button’ and I heartily recommend it! The only time I toon in to the mayhem is to laugh at the tards. I saw one where they claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse was out hunting noggers, and Twatter lit up with niggers claiming that he had shot at them and killed a few.

    I struggle to identify the common denominators of the troubles of our day: commies? Noggers? Women? There are more than a few, and other than comedic relief or target practice – they don’t warrant much thought anymore. We will not be reasoning or debating our way out of what is coming… until we deal with our own apathy and refusal to act against them… things will only get worse.

    • The problem is that Americans are too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and they have way too much time on their hands.

      The human organism requires struggle–not to thrive, but simply to prevent degeneration. So when life has been arranged such that there are no real struggles, the human organism will invent them because it REQUIRES them to maintain integrity. Not to dis-integrate.

      Where people are faced with REAL problems–let’s say Syria, for example–gender fluidity is not on their radar screens.

  28. > From the point of view of the Left, it is not censorship but leadership. They have seized the centers of information production in order to lead the people into the promised land.

    A novel and useful observation that deserves repeating. The distinction is subtle yet major.

    • Censorship or Leadership. Not “or,” “and.”

      Hike on a mountain trail. The arrow sign points the direction of the “Scenic View.” The approved trail has the branches cleared, and the trail-surface groomed. Un-approved side trails, are blocked by bramble piles.

  29. There may be some gambler psyche at work here at explaining why many on both the left and right won’t “wake up”

    What motivates some gamblers is that they perceive have no other path to achieving wealth. The thought of living a Joe six-pack life forever is enough to cause despair. They know they are likely to lose, but can’t accept a normal life so they risk what little they have and then double down.

    In talking to people about the realities of race, some of the smarter ones will concede some of my points, but then go on to say that giving up on “equality” is too abhorrent to consider.

    These people, including many conservatives, are willing to gamble the existence of our civilization in the small chance their multicultural fantasies can come true. Arguing facts with them about race reality isn’t going to have an effect because they don’t want to live in the world that we want to.

    • I think you’ve hit on something here:

      “The thought of living a Joe six-pack life forever is enough to cause despair. They know they are likely to lose, but can’t accept a normal life so they risk what little they have and then double down.”

      What if you couldn’t even manage a “Joe Six-Pack” lifestyle? A decent, if not exciting, job that pays the bills and with a little stretching, allows you to own a townhome or small house? What if limitations, some personal, some societal (no more well paying blue collar jobs in your area, for ex.) prevented you from even that? I suspect you’d be willing to tear it all down for the promise of a vague reward, or at least the satisfaction of “sticking it to” your imagined suppressors.

  30. Excellent essay.

    My two cents: it’s another case of lefty seeing the truth more clearly but being freaked out by it. People really are ‘under the influence’, myself included. Where they err is in confusing knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is power, but that doesn’t mean you’re fit to wield it. It’s like certain people who, if handed a gun, let it go to their heads. Another case of playing God imo.

    Also, they really are engaging in self defense. In other words, it’s not delusion or a matter of mistaken perspective. The footsteps of justice are getting louder!

  31. “the Left thinks people lack agency and can easily be manipulated into rebellion or violence. That is what lies behind the claim that language is violence. They assume everyone does what they are told.”

    Belief that humans have no ability to choose is part and parcel of the rejection of God and illuminates how Christianity differs from superstition. Superstitious societies maintain that words can create physical outcomes, while Christians’ maintain that words have influence on one’s mentality but don’t permanently imprison our minds. Likewise, if we have no agency, our fate is reducible to our circumstances. The difficulty is that both circumstances and words can, at least temporarily, affect anyone. Convincing a bamboozled population that unfortunate circumstances and mean words aren’t death sentences will take a lot.

    • “Superstitious societies maintain that words can create physical outcomes”… when christians pray, are they not hoping for a supernaturally produced physical outcome? That sounds like the definition of superstition.

      • Perhaps, but there is also the benefit of getting everyone on the same page. If everyone is praying for the same thing, then the same thing is on everyone’s mind. Ritual prayer is a good way to focus the troops. Who cares if it’s real or not? Besides, isn’t that what the Left doesn’t with kneeling and ritual chants like “black lives matter?” Works for them.

      • No, you are (perhaps deliberately) overgeneralizing. The primitivist worldview is that the correct set of words, once determined and expressed, will definitely cause certain effects. The Christian view is that faith imperfectly expressed via words can influence a Just God to arrange events. The two are in no way equivalent. In addition, Christians end their prayers with, “Thy will be done.” I don’t know your motivations, but it appears your comment is a veiled criticism of Christianity. In so doing, you’ve fallen into the logical error of false equivalence.

  32. One of the important aspects of any sort of government is to prevent internecine warfare. When one part of the system of governance actively promotes that very thing it loses all pretense in acting in all of the people’s interest. It has now become an agent of conquest for one sub-group. Let their be no mistake, this is about conquest and all the obscene things we see throughout human history.

  33. I am absolutely heartbroken for those people. I can hardly think about it. There was a video on gab, I didn’t watch, I couldn’t, but the still was just pretty girls with pom poms… and he was going to drive up from behind and run them over. It’s so awful

      • That reminds me of one of the truck of peace attacks in France several years back. I can’t remember the details: it was some regional festival/parade and just like the African, the muzz ran a bunch of Europeans over. One of the pictures that came out was a dead French girl covered with a cutesy blanket. No sympathy, no pity, no mercy.

    • For this nig-nog this is a win-win situation. Even if he goes to prison for the rest of his life he will be lionized in jail. Snuffing or permanently maiming young white girls / children is the absolute dream scenario of the rage filled heart pumping genetic alien black blood.

      In a less ‘equitable’ time not all that long ago this n-gger would already be on a tree somewhere swaying in the wind as a warning to others. Instead what we get is complete cover for this -hate crime- lets call it what it is by every organ of the state & media. Meanwhile, the civ-nat do-gooder boy scout with poor judgement but exceptional marksmanship & shooting stance is smeared as Hitler reborn.

      How much longer can this persist, this complete inversion of reality? Quite a while from the looks of it…

      • Depends on the number of calories available per day.
        And the way things are looking fight now, …

    • Whitney: Turn your sorrow into productive anger. You can’t bring back those who were killed, and as a Christian you must believe they are no longer suffering any physical or emotional pain. Just as Whites cannot go to most malls or use public transportation, they really cannot safely attend any sort of communal event because the existence of non-Whites places White lives in danger.

      I’m sorry for those who died before their time, but it was their naivete about the state of White people in the current world which led to their deaths. They probably voted for the very DA who deliberately let out their killer on minimal bail, and they would probably have shunned you as a White supremacist if you warned them of their peril.

      Concern yourself more with those Whites still living; the dead don’t need your sorrow.

      • He should have been taken from the car right then and beaten to death by men in the crowd. And then they should have disappeared into the crowd

  34. “The soft bigotry of low expectations” was the actual slogan. Probably one of Karl Rove’s mental turds.

    • I think you are right. I remember when late in the Bush second term when they were making their amnesty push Rove went on one of Washington talking head shows and said he didn’t want his kids to have to do menial labor type jobs. He thought rite of passage type work like landscaping or cleaning pools was beneath them. He must believe there is a think tank internship available for every kid in America.

      • This is dumb because the best people who grew up rich did menial jobs. There is no other way to learn a work ethic. Today’s elite are losing their way!

        I didn’t figure this out till 35 and I’m not even rich so I’m really screwed. :/

    • Yep. I haven’t yet heard what is the federal crime the FBI is supposed to be investigating with regard to Project Veritas and Ashley Biden’s diary.

      • They claim the diary was stolen, which apparently we are supposed to believe warrants FBI involvement. Kind of like the NASCAR garage door noose, the FBI now only handles the most important cases. Patrick Howley claims Ashley left it somewhere she was living and that person sent it to him.

      • There are no crimes or laws. You are living in the wrong century.

        There is just force applied at whim.

  35. America has suspended the writ of habeas corpus, confined whole populations and commandeered the economy. In times of extreme emergency, free people suspend their distrust of power in order to wield it against the enemy of freedom.
    That’s the whole point. Even a casual trip through the daily media propaganda shows that US law enforcement is more corrupt than the criminals it’s meant to control. The use of racist politics and calls to “defund the police” have the purpose of making the police even more powerful when they are released upon the orchestrated chaos. This is more effective than actually trying to defend a rotten-to-the-core FBI and the local constabularies that look at the population as an orchard of money trees and free sexual favors. A nightly epidemic of armed carjackings and catalytic converter thefts in cities like Minneapolis, with no response from professionals paid to reign in these crimes, will soon bring the locals to heel and the police departments will be bigger and more well-paid than before. It really is amazing how people have fallen for this grift.

    • Tom, are presenting us with a choice between living with the criminals or the criminal FBI?

      I believe that it is possible to choose neither and instead choose a homogeneous society where most people feel an extended family kinship with one another. From what I understand, this is what the Nordic countries were like before massive immigration.

      Of course, no system is perfect but I guess that most people would choose to live in the Sweden of 1990 over what we have now.

      • Are you saying that there is a choice to be made? How is that to be done? The Anti-fa Democratic shock troops think that they are making a choice by participating in “mostly peaceful” protests. In reality they are merely pawns in a game, extras in a bad movie. When it’s all over they’ll be in the same situation as their adversaries, property of the elites.

    • Police don’t want to stop crime. I believe there are even a few quite a few cases where their defense is they have no obligation to prevent a crime or protect the individual.

      They clear up after the fact and stop direct justice being meted out.

      Got to keep those overtime hours flowing.

    • If you–and indeed everybody here–do not know Dr Edwin Vieira’s writings–particularly those on the 2nd Amendment, you should find him online or, better yet, look for a copy of his booklet “Thirteen Words.” Brilliant man. Writes readable prose, too.

  36. I’ve had that same experience with canigulator valves. Those cheap Chinese ones are prone to failing early and often. The American-made canigulator valves used to last forever.

  37. The good news is that things are starting to get tangibly real (IOW, lots of dead innocents in imaginary safe havens like Normie suburbia), and the resultant red-pilling is a necessary first step on the road to remedy. Now is a good time to prognosticate.

    Most sheeple will piss & moan in the present, and gear up for the next election as their preferred wish for salvation. They will do this because it’s easy and habitual; but that’s a year off and there will be lots of pain in the interim. Expect firearm sales to skyrocket even more, and the price of ammo to jump through the roof. This is a good thing because it sends an important message to the elites; i.e. the people will sacrifice comfort for security.

    Now here is the tricky part. Local LEOs across the country represent one of the few repositories of good men in our society. They have been abused and restrained to the point of near insanity by the malicious manipulation of politicians using them as incipient jackboots. They desperately want to be taken off the chain. And the elites want the target of this repressed anger to become patriotic white men defending their family, community, and the American way of life. The elites desperately want to foster a mutual slaughter between these two cohorts.

    No sane person wants this outcome, and so, at the tactical level, what is the optimum course of action? The answer to that question is revealed in another question; e.g. what is it that the elites fear most? And the answer is . . . the bolt from the blue. 4S & focus. And don’t forget to wear the fog.

    • As someone in the thread form yesterday said, cops (and military) don’t defend America, they follow orders. The only thing that will change that is loss of paycheck/pension.

      • For the record, I’m not cheerleading for LEOs. I’m trying to make others aware that the elites are proactively trying to pit patriots against LEOs in a war of slaughter & attrition. And neither side is going to back down when things go hot, so the only group that wins are the elites, who will continue to hide & smile at the carnage. There is ancient wisdom in picking your fight carefully rather than get conned into an unnecessary & useless conflict.

    • If 25% of long haul truckers went on strike for thirty days, that would do more to destabilize the current regime than ten million armed rednecks providing a bolt from the blue. The foundation of American political power is economic, not martial.

      • I’m fine with your approach, and I hope it works. Start rallying the truck drivers today and have at it. We both agree that that is better than a hot civil war. But if it doesn’t work and the Jackboot start rounding up the DR and anti-vaxxers for a one way trip to the gulag, you might want to have a backup plan.

      • Much like America has a sea-air-land nuclear trident, it has an immensely powerful economic trident consisting of the petrodollar/world reserve currency, the Fed, and its equities markets, including all the derivatives based on those markets.

        This economic trident is the true source of the current regime’s power. Without it, none of the Beer Flu hysteria would be possible.

        • I don’t think that the road to remedy runs through a trio of massive and amorphous bureaucracies. Impossible to target. Problems are much easier to solve when you keep your focus narrow and specific. Sometimes a single loud noise can start a stampede.

    • I think you are one of the best commenters here and I agree with you on most subjects. Your take on law enforcement is overly optimistic at best. Police work tends to attract the worst in society not the best.

      • My assessment of the core problem is that the cancer cells are relatively few compared to our population and if every a few are persuaded to leave, the rest will stampede with them. That is a much easier problem to work than taking on the nation’s LEO establishment en masse. Smarter, not harder.

  38. “Why would anyone seek compromise with those whose opening bid is your death?”

    This relates to something that I’ve written about for years. If you accept the Left’s assumptions on race (and non-whites and certain whites do), the only logical conclusion is either the elimination or subjugation of whites.

    The Left presumes that all groups are equally capable and that the only thing preventing equal outcomes is white racism – either conscious or, more importantly, unconscious (structural racism, unconscious bias, etc.). If the Left can train whites to stop being racist and can tear down or rebuild the institutions to eliminate structural racism, group outcomes will equalize.

    In other words, proof of white racism (in whatever form) is proven by unequal outcomes. If blacks don’t do as well as whites, it’s because whites – either consciously or unconsciously – won’t or even can’t give up their racism. Racism, mind you, that is literally killing people of color, i.e. it’s evil.

    Since each turn of the screw against whites doesn’t create equal outcomes (because, you know, reality, but a reality that they won’t accept), the punishment against whites needs to be more stringent. At some point, the Left would have to assume that whites and white racism are simply untreatable. There’s no saving or changing these white devils.

    At that point, the Left has a choice. They either kills all whites or put them in a position where their innate racism can do no harm.

    That’s the deal that the Left is offering whites, even if the Left and whites aren’t aware of it yet. Given their starting assumptions, it’s the only logical conclusion.

  39. > Why would anyone seek compromise with those whose opening bid is your death?

    There was a great twitter comment that went along the lines of “Waiting for 2030 when republicans advocate only 27% white genocide.”

  40. Z-Man wrote:

    “The causal relationship here is not really important. It is pretty reasonable to conclude that people who do these things are crazy. Whether they are shooting up a school or attacking a Christmas parade, they are not acting rationally.”

    I find this dangerously wrong. The sick should be cared for, and they can even be pitied. But these people are not sick; they are evil, which is an entirely different thing requiring an entirely different response.

    • Evil is and needs an instinctual reaction. If he made it to his cell without a scratch on him then, from a biological perspective, did that town even deserve what he took from them?
      The chimp does not need to perceive evil. Its perceptions are irrelevant. The repeated lack of reaction to the chimp’s acts are evil. Like everything Left, it’s an assault on nature.

      Monkey see, monkey do is quickly becoming part of an accepted reality.

      • “Evil is and needs an instinctual reaction. If he made it to his cell without a scratch on him then, from a biological perspective, did that town even deserve what he took from them?”

        Ouch! That’s true, because people often get things that they do not deserve and, as in this case, did not earn or even ask for, but ouch!

  41. An all time favorite snippet was some guy that went into Manhattan w/a camera and started interviewing white college students about photo ID. Basically PC version of “those poor Negroes, they can barely fend for themselves, let alone get government ID”. First black guy they interview? “Just take the 4/5 up two stops, get off at 125th, DMV is a block and half west on the south side of the street”.

    • You can’t do anything without ID. That is the really funny thing. You can’t even use an expired ID. You can’t get welfare without ID either. You need an ID to get into the city building.

      • Remember when a store clerk refused to sell me alcohol once because my Driver’s License expired a week ago. I was in my late 20’s. Good job guy, real hero.

        • In his/her defense, county PD runs those sorts of undercover scams all the time on local liquor store owners. Including for “technical” violations like expired ID.

        • I’m about double that and the local Kroger won’t sell alcohol to me without an ID. Blind adherence to rules, man. It’s how they train people to do horrible things.

          Nobody is ever mistaking me for under 21, but it’s not about that.

          • In the case of alcohol, you need to make an exception to your otherwise “sound” precaution wrt government rules.

            In smaller stores, alcohol sales bring in the profit. The clerk may be responsible for his fine, but the store will lose its license to sell if too many violations occur—putting the owner out of business. These “card everybody” rules are to prevent discretion among low level, min wage employees, and it’s hard to fault them given the low level of worker in such positions.

          • And Liquor boards are vindictive. Local store on the island where I spend most of the summer got snagged one winter. Here part of the fine is a certain number of days of closure. At the board’s discretion. And of course that was an order to close for five days in July—peak season.

          • Here in Britain the legal drinking age is 18. Unless someone looks really young most people will not be asked for identification when purchasing alcohol.
            In Germany 16 year olds can legally buy and consume beer and wine but not spirits. It is well known in Britain that Americans are uptight regarding alcohol. I suppose this is a legacy from your Puritan past.

          • I had a sociology teacher (yes, I know) as an undergraduate who also worked for our county health department. He lamented the rise in the drinking age that had taken place just a few years prior, from 18, to 19, to 21. His theory was that when the drinking age was 18, all college students could go to a bar, which was costly and served as a brake on over-consumption. When the drinking age was raised to 21, the students moved their drinking to house parties, with $2 Solo cups allowing them to get pie-eyed on the cheap. He claimed there was a commensurate rise in alcoholism and sexual shenanigans. But then he might have just been making that up out of whole cloth.

            At any rate, our attitude toward drinking is bizarre. The new legal drinking ages were an early step toward infantilizing young adults.

          • Vizzini, Samuel
            Vindictive indeed..
            Up here in the great white north (snicker) my city’s hard liquor is under the control of the Gov’t
            Due to a spate of thefts by our aborigines security was installed unbeknownst to me
            I therefore had to show ID to a curry muncher to gain entrance
            Needless to say he enjoyed perusing my photo ID and looking up to me knowing that I had to endure and could do nothing about it
            Gained entrance and let everyone one know in a measured albeit stern and slightly loud voice what I thought of the state of affairs
            Young future Karen admonishes me until she see’s the look on my face
            Fast forward to the next day (yeah I know) and I try gaining access to another outlet and I’m informed that I’m banned for a month for my sin
            Ok wifey saddle up
            Yer getting me my Sobieski for the next month

  42. Ramzpaul has a good video this morning on the Wisconsin Christmas parade killer. He makes the observation that this guy was simply too stupid to function in our society. Obviously the media ginning up anti-white hate plated a role in the attack.
    Any sort of sane society excludes people like this. It wouldn’t surprise me if YouTube pulled the video even though he isn’t explicit about the reasons why.

    • One problem w/modern welfare state is the cognitively impaired not only survive, but thrive. As do serial miscreants like the three that Rittenhouse shot. In olden times these would have had a short, non-reproductive lifespan or in the case of someone like Rosenbaum would have been “exited” early in their serial boy raping career.

      • The Wisconsin Negro is a great case for advocating bringing back penal colonies, like Devil’s Island.

        • Totally agree. Why not send all our criminals and maladapts to one of our tropical or pacific islands? It can’t be worse than the prisons we got. In fact it’s much better, probably better than they deserve, but with the added bonus of being totally isolated and not prone to escapees or power grid failures.

          • I’m sure Shitavious will turn it into a success story like Haiti within a generation. We can even call it “Wakanda Island”…

          • “Totally agree. Why not send all our criminals and maladapts to one of our tropical or pacific islands?”

            The proper penalty is death, not exile to a tropical paradise.

            This really requires no discussion.

        • America used to have somewhat similar place. It was called the Dry Tortugas. Some of those who were minor players in the Lincoln assassination were sent there.

      • Edward Dutton has argued that heavy use of the death penalty in medieval Western Europe was responsible for selection for more cooperative social men and low criminality.

        Bring back selection.

        • Not sure how many people were actually executed for stealing a carrot. But shame, ridicule, and outcasting were common. Bring back that trifecta!

        • Hell – bring back dueling!! It is my firm belief were there to be fatal repercussions for impugning/slandering someone’s character, child molestation/rape, etc., society would be drastically more civil.

          • One of the rules of duelling was that duels had to be between men of similar social rank. It was thought dishonourable to agree to a duel with a social inferior.
            Maria Malibran the maneating opera singer was connected to the deaths of four men. The first two suitors challenged one another to a duel and fatally wounded each other. The third man jumped from the balcony during a performance where Malibran was singing killing himself and the man he landed upon.

        • “Edward Dutton has argued that heavy use of the death penalty in medieval Western Europe was responsible for selection for more cooperative social men and low criminality.

          “Bring back selection.”

          Better yet, bring back “speedy [trials]” and the death penalty for murderers.

    • I’ll say it again: Mass murder does not arise from stupidity. The act is evil, and it arises from evil. Period.

      RamZ Paul is fun and funny and all that, but stupidity is not even remotely a factor in this act of mass murder. The act and its perpetrator are plain and simply evil.

      • He wasn’t solely attributing the attack to stupidity, but saying that combined with the malice he had been taught to have for whites in general. This man was so stupid it did not occur to him there would consequences for what he did. You can see that on the Ring camera video of his arrest. Ramzpaul was making the comment that we shouldn’t be sharing a country with these people in a way to get it past YouTube censors.

        • Thanks for filling me in. I just don’t have time for both Z-Man and RamzPaul and, for obvious reasons, I am always going to spend what little time I have to spend on online reading reading the Z-Man.

          What a sentence! Anyway, thanks.

      • Yes, my wife said the same thing (she said “mixed race” not mulatto).

        I have noticed a lot of the mulatto males are VERY angry. I have also noticed that their white mothers are often very angry and abusive to them when they are children. My son also noticed this when he worked in the mall. I assume the white mother takes out her anger at Tyrone (the father, who usually bails on her) on the little kid.
        I’ve seen the white mothers screaming like they’re crazy at little mixed boys when the boys aren’t really doing anything wrong.

        • They scream like they are crazy because they ARE crazy. I adduce in evidence their breeding choices.

          The prosecution rests.

          • True. The women we see are disproportionately white trash. The angry whitetrash woman is a phenomena you see constantly here in the paradise we call Flori-duh.

    • Barnard: The excuse the guy was too stupid to function is, like Zman’s claim he was obviously mentally ill because no one rational behaves that way, a cope. Yes, the media rages on, but blacks don’t need Juice media messaging to envy and resent White people and civilization. The killer hates Whites. In his world and his understanding of reality, killing White people is good for him and his people. That is the whole of his morality and justification.

      It’s not merely a sane society excluding people too stupid to function – it’s a sane society also excluding theoretically high-IQ people who are racially and culturally alien. It’s not about IQ or culture or even just accepting Christian morality.

      Underneath it all, always, it’s all about race.

      • @ 3g4me:
        That, and–relying on what remains of my memory–Spengler’s idea that race is more spiritual than physical.

        And the murderer’s deed and what you have said seem to bear Spengler out, at least partially. It’s probably also one of the driving forces behind the observable anger of mulattoes, already mentioned in this thread.

  43. Game of Thrones Season 8 was one of the greatest pieces of right-wing media ever created (if unintentionally), and this scene not only makes the same point that this column makes, but explains why utopian communism always ends in a bloodbath:


    “She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone. If you believed that – if you *truly* believed it – wouldn’t you kill anyone who stood between you and paradise?”

    Yes, they would.

  44. It’s sort of like Louis XVI and his court financing the printing of pamphlets supporting Robespierre for distributing to the peasants.
    At some point some of our elite have to realize they and their families will be on the menu too. Not just us white hicks.

    • Concerning the recent rash of smash and grab mobs in upscale malls, a commenter on another site brought up the point that home invasions are likely next on the agenda. Imagine these organized gangs with dozens of members rolling up on neighborhoods of mcmansions filled with nice white ladies and male feminists.

      • I’m probably one of a whopping three “hard targets” on my street. One of the others is my Albanian next door neighbor. When some shit in the adjacent city started going south he remarked to my wife “Trouble? We have no trouble here. I call people”. But I’m perfectly happy to hand out referrals to “00 buck-free zones”

      • I used to live in one of the towns that had a huge smash and grab at its downtown Nordstrom’s. https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/21/us/nordstrom-ransacked-california-walnut-creek/index.html

        One of the charms of this upscale town is that it was considered outside of the reach of the craziness of San Fran and Oakland. Yet “about 80 suspects were involved in the crime at the department store.”

        I tell my acquaintances who believe they can escape from the non-white and antifa mobs that the mobs are coming for them. BLM is getting tired of burning down its own neighborhoods.

        Sometimes you don’t choose your enemy. Your enemy chooses you.

        • A similar wave hit a similar town in Silly-nois:


          The Louis Vuitton store was in Oak Brook, IL, a good twenty miles from Da Loop in DuPage, not Cook County. Da Yoots swooped in via at least one stolen car, cleaned out the store, and rolled off. I used to shop at the same mall. Oak Brook is exactly like Walnut Creek. It’s high end housing and corporate centers and costs a pretty penny to live there.

          It’s getting Muy Caliente out there.

          • Again, note where these types attack in Chicagoland. They always go towards the west suburbs, the newer money places, the more Christian/Catholic places. Same as in the wake of St. George Floyd they rioted and looted in Downers Grove, Naperville, and Aurora, right after calling their shot saying “dey comin’ to da suburbs”.

            They never head to the north shore suburbs, where all the old WASP and juice money is. Never hit Winnetka or Glencoe or Highland Park or Lake Forest or Northbrook.

            Good circumstantial evidence for where their funding and support comes from.

        • Why wouldn’t they come out to the affluent neighborhoods? Several years ago when there was looting and burning in Milwaukee the mainstream news showed a clip of a black woman yelling, “stop burning and looting our neighborhood!” And that’s where the clip stopped. Although they didn’t show the entire video. They left out the part where she continued to say, “…..go to the white folks neighborhood to burn and loot!” They’re starting to take her advice.

        • Walnut Creek is an easy 15 mile drive east from downtown Oakland down the I-980/CA-24 freeway. No problem for the schvartzers to organize a caravan of thieves to head that way.

          • Same for Oak Brook, IL, it looks like there are multiple easy, high-speed routes into that town as well.

            GMaps says it’s an easy 26 minute drive on I-290 from the Loop.

      • Artist: Excellent point. Anyone living within a 25 mile radius of any large city is going to be a target. Bethesda MD is not all that far from Silver Spring or Wheaton. Buckhead is not all that far from Atlanta. It’s not merely the ‘special’ non-White who moves in down the block that ultimately endangers the entire neighborhood – it’s just sheer proximity and the ease of travel. Even if you don’t have a nearby public transport stop, the most urban of urban dwellers have access to private vehicles.

        And even if one is armed, weapons don’t suddenly negate lots of enormous windows, or pacific neighbors, or a diversified police force. No, the suburbs are not safe, and I truly believe this will be forcefully brought home to people over the next 5 years or so.

      • I for one look forward to prominently posting all the DEI policies and BLM contributions of major chains who are going to be involuntarily distributing “equity” via flash mobs over the Christmas holiday.

        Truly, a Christmas miracle.

        (paying the Danegeld never works for long)

  45. They don’t hate us; they envy us. Envy is the fuel of the Left – envy of fitness and beauty (fat acceptance), envy of the wealthy (Socialism/wealth redistribution), envy of masculinity (Feminism).

    • “Envy is the coward side of hate, and all her ways are bleak and desolate.”
      ~ Henry Abbey

      It is important to also consider that unchecked envy dehumanizes the people that triggers the envy. The fact that we possess what they lack enrages them. As they iterate through the cycles of shame and hyper/hypo agency, we become a threat.

      And when a dehumanized threat is in the grasp of rage all bets are off. That’s how the mutants can put us in boxcars in the name of utopia.

      The culture of the progressive death cult is like having cluster-B parents. Its also why the mutants are always talking of trauma and victimization. That part of their anti-reality is actually real.


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