Idle Hands

Note: Behind the green door I have a post about the HBD delusion and I have a short audio post on the Charlottesville verdict. With Thanksgiving upon us, posting here will be light, but I will be posting some content behind the green door.

By now it is obvious to everyone that Covid has become a bizarre mystery cult embraced by those into left-wing politics. There are some exceptions, like the HBD crowd, which was driven mad by Covid. A few dissidents were gripped by the great fear, but most have recovered. The bulk of the people hooked on Covid, however, are the sorts of people who obsess over climate change or check under their beds at night to make sure Hitler is not hiding there.

The HBD people were driven mad by Covid because it was a reminder of their exile and the price they have paid for holding bad ideas. This issue was in their wheelhouse, but their status excluded them from the conversation. If they had been in good standing, this would have been their time to shine. Instead, they were left to jump up and down on the sidelines desperately trying to get the attention of their old friends. This is the agony that comes with exile.

The Covidian proper is someone who traffics in the usual fads. She totes her groceries home in grimy canvas sacks because Gaia supposedly hates plastic. At one time, she had a weird food allergy, maybe a series of them. The overlap between Covidians and Glutenites is near 100%. Of course, she was sure that Trump was Hitler and she was also sure Kavanaugh was going to stuff her uterus full of Bibles. Covid is just the latest stop on the crazy train for her.

She used to think the problem was too many people. This has been lost to the mists of time, but the Gaia worshippers started out as hardcore misanthropes. Mankind was a plague, a virus on the planet that had to be contained. This was the primary motivation behind unlimited abortions. These people think mankind is the enemy so anything that is bad for humanity is good. That is the appeal of Covid. To the Covidian, it feels like Mother Earth is getting her revenge.

Revenge is a big part of left-wing politics. The Wisconsin massacre was immediately hailed as revenge for the Rittenhouse verdict. Social justice, of course, is just a dog whistle for racial vengeance. Environmental justice, according to the EPA, is where the nonwhite populations exact revenge on white people on behalf of Gaia. The word “justice” is a universal dog whistle for vengeance. As a result, the Department of Justice is now the inquisition of the new religion.

Covid is not just about the vengeance of Gaia. It is about a general all around vengeance toward the enemies of the faith. That is what lies behind the redefinition of words like “vaccinated” and “immunize”. By redefining these words, it allows the Covidians to exact vengeance on the unbelievers. It allows the Covidians to retroactively blame the enemies of the faith for this great plague. It is a witch hunt in which the witches are doing the hunting.

Of course, vengeance has always been a traveling partner of radical politics because radical politics is at odds with nature. The great smashing of the system never ushers in the promised Utopia, so someone has to pay for it. Covid, however, reveals that the thirst for vengeance is what draws people into radical politics. Like the bitter, self-loathing wife beater looking for an excuse to knock around the old lady, the radical seeks out politics that promise the chance for vengeance.

There is more to the Covid phenomenon than vengeance. The ritualized mask wearing and obsession with vaccines suggest there is a mystery element. There is something magical about all of this that appeals to the Covidian. Talk to a Covidian and few have a high school level understanding of biology. They talk about Covid as if it is an evil spirit, some dangerous miasma. The mask has become a talisman and the vaccine is a blessing from the shaman to ward of the evil.

This is why women insist they have Covid despite testing negative. It’s not a lot different than saying you have been touched by Old Scratch or bewitched by the old woman who lives in the woods. First, it elevates her status. The evil one has targeted her for some reason. Second, she is a victim and gets sympathy. Of course, she is a hero for battling this great plague on her own. The negative test ties it all together allowing the accursed to suffer for all of our sins on Twitter.

This is the promise of the new symptomless Covid. The evil one is so evil that it is now able to infect without anyone knowing about it. The true believer can now claim to be infected, but fighting it, even when she has no symptoms and the test comes back negative for Covid. It also means wearing the proper amulets is now more important than ever, since spotting the damned is now impossible. Society will now be reorganized around the beliefs of this new mystery cult.

Taken together, what Covid has revealed is that something has gone horribly wrong with Western people. The self-loathing, the thirst for vengeance and the paralyzing fear of existence all point to a common cause. The West has reached a point where we hate our very existence.  We have evolved down a cultural dead end and we have no way to escape it, so we are hoping for a great destruction. A great plague or natural disaster is seen as the hope of mankind, because it promises a do-over.

The flip side of this is that Covid and these other mystery cults are just a way to give purpose and meaning to life. Western society has arrived at the point where there is nothing left to do but consume. A species built to compete with the world has conquered the world and is now left to graze in the fields. Our success is our curse and the price to be paid is eternal self-torment. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and too many idle hands have created this devil we call Covid.

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246 thoughts on “Idle Hands

  1. “We have evolved down a cultural dead end and we have no way to escape it, so we are hoping for a great destruction. A great plague or natural disaster is seen as the hope of mankind, because it promises a do-over.”

    To be fair, you can also say that about the non-vaxers who believe/hope that the vax will wipe out the vaxxers.

    Everyone wants to be proven right, everyone wants a chance to escape their mediocre life; everyone wants to be the last man standing with all the wicked washed away. That’s why people have not ever really feared the apocalypse, but secretly desire it.

    • You are quite wrong. Here’s the truth: when all this nonsense started, anti-vaxxers couldn’t have cared less about whether someone else took the damn vaxx poison. It was strictly live-and-let-live, benign neglect on our side. But the vaxx tyrants quickly proved that they won’t stand for such personal choice, they are terrified that if everyone in the world isn’t vaccinated, then everyone will die a horrible death. Since there is no data to support such a ludicrous position, in point of fact they are wildly flailing around in search of a scapegoat for their increasingly failed policies. So now they are coming down hard all over the world, step by tyrannical step. And in the process, they have made no secret of the fact that if we don’t do exactly as they say, then we are subhumans who don’t deserve to live, and they will gladly prove it to us.

      Just stop with the moral equivalence already. It shows a weak mind, weak morals, and lack of courage to choose sides. You pretend you are the proponent of some superior third way, when in fact you are simply retreating from the truth. Moral equivalence is not an argument, it’s a cop-out.

  2. If I were standing for office now my esoteric slogan would be “Make Rene Girard’s Scapegoat Theory Academic Again.” Btw just moved to L.A. from a heathen state and these folks are mad about the mask. I don’t mean medically effective or even costly ones, but boy do these women & manlets love their hijab (niqab?)

  3. “The Covidian proper is someone who traffics in the usual fads. She totes her groceries home in grimy canvas sacks because Gaia supposedly hates plastic. At one time, she had a weird food allergy, maybe a series of them. The overlap between Covidians and Glutenites is near 100%. Of course, she was sure that Trump was Hitler and she was also sure Kavanaugh was going to stuff her uterus full of Bibles. Covid is just the latest stop on the crazy train for her.“

    Man that paragraph is priceless. A maZterpiece of laying down the burn on these cultists.

    Here in LA these people move in herds and flocks. They stare at my maskless smile as I terrify them in the aisles of Trader Joe’s while picking up avocados and beer. They cower in horror by the seaweed cracker shelf. Just a little snack for the next ride on the Crazy Train. I can hear Ozzy in the distance crying ‘all aboard!’ Nowadays when I see their quivering lower lips I toss them a knowing wink. I swear I think I’ve seen some spreading stains of moisture emanating from their nether regions…

    Charles McKay would love to release a new edition of his masterpiece “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

    • Hahaha! I agree with your highlighting of Zman’s quote. You’re followup is equally as good “Here in LA these people move in herds and flocks. They stare at my maskless smile as I terrify them in the aisles of Trader Joe’s while picking up avocados and beer. They cower in horror by the seaweed cracker shelf. Just a little snack for the next ride on the Crazy Train.” Maybe you should fill in from time to time. All I can really do anymore is laugh at them….behind my mask of course.

      • Let me add, “”Oh no!” screamed Brer Rabbit. “No! Please don’t throw me over there in the briar patch, Brer Fox! I’m begging you!” These were my thoughts when I canceled my 5-hour round trip to a family Thanksgiving after my twin sister (she drew the small straw) innocently texted “…brother we are all sharing our are vax status before thanksgiving.” Not to create talking points at T-giving I kindly told her I was canceling the trip. It looked like bad weather was coming in. She has a master’s in some counseling BS. She spends her days reinforcing this Covid BS.

  4. There are 2 things that people likely already know, but probably haven’t put together.

    1. Those behind the government are past masters at influencing crowds.

    Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent researching how to influence crowds, both for marketing and government abuse. Bernays, Lippmann, Ivy Lee. There is also the Tavistock Institute, and the MKUltra program, whose goal (based on the incomplete documents found) was about controlling peoples’ minds through various means including drugs and repetitive loud noises.

    The UK even ran a pandemic field exercise in 2016 that included how to manage public reactions:
    “Exercise Cygnus was centred around assumptions of public responses that have yet to be validated. Expectations of how the public will react was postulated based on the magnitude of “swan flu”.

    In 2019 the US ran a simulation of a flu pandemic that came from China called Event 201.

    2. The effort to get people vaxxed is amateurish, which is being generous.

    Influencing crowds should be a slam dunk for the elites. So why have they made it so obvious? If this was a scam just to get people to take the virus, why is their script so horrible? Like Fauci saying “X is true!” then “Y is true!” then “Z is true!” Fauci isn’t a shot-caller, he is the hired help reading from a script. Why do they state so many obvious lies, while telling the truth about half or less of their staff being vaxxed. Why are world leaders videotaped taking a shot with the cap still on, when it would be just as easy to inject a placebo? It is so obvious, only an easily controlled person would fall for it… which is exactly the point.

    What has happened is that those in control have created a badly carved pagan idol, and put it up to see who bows down to it. This will separate the population into 2 groups, those who are easily controlled and those who resist. To put it another way, those the elites want to save and those they want done away with. The few who die of the vax would be considered acceptable losses.

    The question remains, how are they going to accomplish this winnowing of the resisters? Perhaps an extremely deadly bug that the last covid update just happens to protect against? Wouldn’t want to waste all that research into “gain of function” viruses… Perhaps removal from society through a social credit system like China has.

    Remember, they don’t want the resisters to take the vax, as they would have had a much better script. They want the resisters gone.

      • I agree. It is best not to overthink these things. While Chelsea Clinton may not apprehend the phrase “the banality of evil,” it certainly applies to the present age. The evil is yeoman’s work, done poorly, done without much thought, much flourish.

      • They can be incompetent, but they still want the resisters gone.

        You’re making the mistake of thinking they think as you do, their brains are wired the same. Look where they are, where they’re at! Who’s succeeding here?

        They’re competent and focused on different things and perceptions than we are.

        Well done, Zorost, a standing O.

        • I’d like to illustrate Zorost’s point.

          Fauci is a grinning ghoul, a sadist. He delights in openly lying, constantly, a show of power and part of the fun.

          These are the types that introduced the “nasal swab”.

          In Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is pictured as a punishment for slaves in Egypt.

          We don’t get the original wooden probe, but we do get probed.

          Previously unknown, medically unnecessary, it’s purely and simply a compliance test.

  5. It allows the Covidians to retroactively blame the enemies of the faith for this great plague. It is a witch hunt in which the witches are doing the hunting.

    ” ‘Tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out [phony] Contagion to this world … ”

    Shakespeare, Hamlet

  6. From here on out guilty verdicts will be instructed by the regime. Choose your county of residence carefully. Very carefully. Your life may depend on it.

    • If that is in reference to the Georgia verdict, the facts are not all that dissimilar to Wisconsin, except for the race of the dead criminal. In other words, you are right. Additionally, if you still participate in voting, focus on judges and district attorneys and target them for defeat, particularly if they are anti-White racists.

    • You have no idea how much this resonates with me. My Thanksgiving, like a few before, is spent partially reflecting on the fact that I had one of the -very- few fair and sane black robes on my case in the DC area. Most prosecutors and judges in blue hives like DC, NY, LA, etc. are rabid far left lunatics.

      God saw fit to grant a BIT of mercy on me and it is the one and only reason I did not do some pretty serious hard time because I too got caught up in a ‘racial incident’ where I was painted falsely as the aggressor.

      It still turned my life upside down for many many years even WITH avoidance of serious time in the slam. It made me think of young naive Mr. Rittenhouse saying he’d like to live a ‘normal’ life now. Not going to happen. My case mercifully was –just– before the serious racial grievance industry really went into full effect. And it cost me financially in incalculable ways, I will never fully recover. The only advantage that kid may have is he can sue these propaganda machines for millions and simply remove himself from all of it completely.

      Anyways, your advice is some of the best I’ve seen and more important than it’s ever been. Had I lived in a red county or state my life would look very different right now.

  7. 1. There is no virus
    2. There is no pandemic
    3. Masks are harmful both physically and mentally, especially for children
    4. The vaccines are 5G controlled bio weapons: the injections contain graphene oxide nano robots
    5. This entire scam is part of the deep states total consolidation of power and wealth
    6. There is beyond a shadow of a doubt, a globalist conspiracy to gradually reduce the world’s population to just 500 million as written in the satanic Georgia guide stones

    • #1 No . Its a very nasty virus just not deadly enough to merit the reaction

      #2No, though the pandemic is mostly over. The pandemic didn’t merit the reaction however and a healthy society would have shrugged it off but ours is overrun with crazy people terrified of living and dying.

      #3 Yes

      #4 No. Probably not. The MNRA shots are more likely a failed cancer treatment and highly dangerous that should have been gotten rid of . Its more likely a lot of politicians are getting campaign contributions galore for actions promoting these vaccines though I can’t prove that. The J&J Vaccine is a fairly conventional vaccine but hastily prepared and has more nasty side effects than it should

      #5 Yes but I suspect its going to fail.

      #6 Yes but they aren’t wrong to want population reduction. The planet cannot support more than a couple of billion long term . They just have no right to decide or do anything about it.

  8. “Taken together, what Covid has revealed is that something has gone horribly wrong with Western people. The self-loathing, the thirst for vengeance and the paralyzing fear of existence all point to a common cause. The West has reached a point where we hate our very existence.”

    IOW, the West is feminized. True horrors, and they are coming, will end that bad state although many will be dead.

    • Too many “breeders”- the hindbrain thinkers, the breeder-brained, whose primary processor involves emotive social signaling, the proper function of a “breeder brain”.

      Religion, with its use of emotive language, is the language of social hierarchy. This extends into the breeding group’s end, which is tribes and territory. Thus, we express a religious war.

      Exploited by parasites, Whites have reached a bottleneck.

      How does Gaia “balance”?
      With mass die-offs.

      The mighty buffalo, whose herds stretched to horizons, were felled by a virus-laden parasitic worm.

      The hope is that we, and those who can think as we do, will prepare for survival, and the next round of glory.

      We are the Neanderthals, we are the Cro-Magnons, we are Homo Sapiens Sapiens. We are the Whites. We are Gaia’s intent, the very reason a biosphere exists, thin as paint on a basketball and the engine of Creation.

  9. Jewish Thanksgiving joke

    A Jewish family is hosting a foreign exchange student who doesn’t know anything Jewish culture and traditions. The student asks the father in the house, Eli, “Do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving?”

    Eli thinks for a minute and answers, “We celebrate the “Thanks,” but not the “giving.””

    • Citizen: The ‘giving’ part is White people’s self-loathing and virtue signaling on steroids. Waiting in line at the grocery store today, and cashiers are whooping it up over the loudspeakers every time a sucker donates a Thanksgiving meal to the ‘needy.’ I guarantee you there are no truly ‘needy’ where I live – the Mestizos are all fat, the Han and Pajeet and blacks on government largesse. Every last one of those White donors was opening her wallet to feed alien grifters so she could lay claim to the mystical ‘Thanksgiving spirit.’

      May their children and grandchildren (if they have any White ones) curse their names.

      Meanwhile, a genuinely heartfelt wish for a happy Thanksgiving to all here. May you suffer no difficult family members nor any dry turkey!

      • There will be three of us, two cuckservatives, and two shitlibs at Thanksgiving dinner (“lunch” to you Yankees) tomorrow. The shitlibs have learned not to discuss these things, as have the cucks. The modus vivendi may hold, it may not, but at this point everyone knows the consequences of a leftwing utterance.

        Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I read Counter-Currents from time to time, and while I admire Greg Johnson’s intellect, his recent description of Thanksgiving as a prelude to Christmas could not be more wrong. It is the last discernably American holiday, and may it last and thrive in our people’s next iteration.

      • They open their wallet every day even away from the grocery store, 3g, and bitch about it only because they do not realize their actually earned money is going to the Chosen and its proxy Chosen. There is one supply chain that never gets interrupted.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and all else here.

  10. I’m wondering if someone can help me here. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I would classify my family as second tier covidians. They’re all onboard with jabs and masks but mostly because they source their news from the usual suspects. Like Z says, they’re acting reasonably based on the info they have. While I intend to keep the peace tomorrow, I have no illusions that this won’t come up as I may have been “exposed” at work. (For probably the 5th time) I’ve already been offered piles of tests.
    It is my understanding that “we” had to tweak the definition of vaccine so that the jab could be labeled as such. Could someone point me in the direction of evidence that this definition has been changed? A Google search hasn’t done any good, not that I expected it to.
    I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind but I suspect some of my family would be responsive if I could document some of the intentional distortions that have been made to ensure “our” compliance.
    Thanks in advance
    Happy Thanksgiving

      • Yes. Or save your blood pressure, and stay home. Covid gives us an excellent way to avoid people we don’t like during the holidays – tell them you have the coof, and that you will face the demon down at home rather than risk spreading it. The cultists will applaud your bravery, you don’t have to sit beside the family cat lady that is inhaling wine by the box, and you can stay home, wear your sweats and goof off!

      • Yeah. Some topics to include in this category: Lebron got in a nice cheap shot on the Detroit Pistons brother. Aaron Rogers has Covid Toe and a 10K gold facsimile on a chain with the number 12 will be available soon. Chucky’s a racist with a flair for popular tire analogys. Nick Saban Alabama’s head coach is insulting his fans. Lots of topics here.

    • Well, here’s a link about the change – I’m sure this has been “fact-checked” away and all reminders of the old definition carefully scrubbed from the CDC website though. I have’t had time to check the wayback machine yet.

      As for your relatives. If they continue to bathe in the soup of media they have been, they will soon forget any inconvenient facts you show them anyway even if they seem to be surprised at the time you show them.

      Personally, though it seems harsh, I would just tell them that if they continue to ask questions about vaccination status, “exposure”, or other Covidian garbage, they simply aren’t allowed to be around you physically. One reason is self-protection. Covidians (my current job gives me a very frightening view into their shattered minds) will often make the weirdest associations based on a cough or sneeze concluding that they need to alert the local Covid secret police (Health Dept, contact tracers, social services…) about someone they know. Once this happens a whole swarm of professional busybodies, amateur medical scientists, and wannabe cops who couldn’t pass the physical will infest your life and moving out of state may be the only way to shake them. This shit can spiral way out of control and next thing you know CPS is hauling your kids away because you don’t force them to wear a mask 24/7.

      The other reason I would kick them out of my life is that this isn’t stopping with Covid. The Brandonians have learned that a vast number of supposedly educated people will accept just about anything on virtually no evidence as long as it is declared to be “da science” about something. They may let the Coof panic die eventually but rest assured there will be some new, more invasive, more stupid, and more taxing of your time, money, and freedom thing to replace it. When the rulers decide what it will be DA SCIENCE will thunder it’s demands down from on high and those same people you know will be eager to shove it down your throat.

      • Pozy, since they switch from locus to locus to “accomplish” their goals, I’d say we’re all about to become uninsurable at our workplace, unless…

    • The CDC/NIH/WHO all changed their definitions of “vaccine” and “immunity” This article has the links re vax: W/ regard to “immunity” they removed those who recovered from the virus and limited it to the vaxxed.

      • Originally a “vaccine” was made from a dead or inactivated bacteria, virus or other pathogen, which was then ingested into the body. The body’s immune system would detect it and develop antibodies. When this worked optimally, the protection was nearly complete and would last years, perhaps a lifetime. These were made from real, live pathogens, since manipulating genes was not possible back then. All the Covid-19 vaxxes (at least in USA) would not meet this old definition. Two are mRNA “gene therapies.” Honorable mention: (J&J) is basically a genetically engineered fake virus.

        There’s no requirement that a vaccine actually work well, or at all. Of course, that’s a desirable goal. But there were plenty of flops along the way. Sometimes a vaccine could give its taker the disease. This happened with some polio formulas.

        Alas, the Covid-19 vaxxes are far less than promised — far less than full efficacy, and what protection they do offer fades in months, not years. Also, I’m “not in the industry,” but I never heard of a vaccine that allowed its vaccinated to become infected and pass along the disease. Their long (or even short-) term safety is doubtful. They seem to be 10-100x as deadly as the best, traditionally tested, true vaccines. According to some skeptics, they’ve already maimed or killed more than any other vaccine in history.

        In sum, the vaxxes really don’t seem to have a lot going in their favor, after less than a year in widespread use, less than two years of testing. That makes it all the more curious why their use is more and more mandated. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I highly recommend you NOT take any (more) of these products under any circumstances.

        • Addenda: a bit of humor (?) I’ll admit I am not a medical researcher. But as I understand it, the efficacy (e.g. how well they prevent disease) would ideally be measured by “challenging” a subject with the real virus. Clearly, there are ethical arguments against doing this, especially with a virus capable of injuring or killing the recipient (not to mention the control group!!!) So what do you do instead? Well, I think what they do is simply give the vaxx to a test group (about 20,000 I think.) and watch them for say, six months. They are tested periodically to see if they catch the bug. Similar testing in control group.

          Now, call me a dunce, I but seems to me there are big problems with such a regimen. Even if both groups are comparable, how could they possibly know how much exposure there is to the virus if they don’t deliberately present it to the subjects? Of course, the simple answer is they aren’t really testing anything.

          If I used the same logic, I could claim that I must be naturally immune to Bubonic Plague, Dengue or Marburg, since I’ve never caught any of those diseases. Of course, it’s extremely improbable ANYONE has been exposed to those, at least in this place and time.

          Now it’s possible my understanding is way off. Perhaps someone could educate me. But if I’m even in the ballpark, none of this inspires confidence in the medical system.

          • Good post, but you really didn’t need to say any more than that “they aren’t really testing anything,” because they aren’t.

            There’s no diagnostic test for covid-19, which, in any event, is not an illness, disease, or even a syndrome. It is merely a series of clinical presentations, which may–and DO–vary from person to person. Point being that even if there WERE a diagnostic test (a real one), there is nothing to detect. A series of clinical presentations is ALL IT IS, and a test is not needed to tell whether you have a runny nose or a loss of smell and taste.

            Doesn’t matter one whit anyway b/c there ain’t no diagnostic test.


          • Compounding it is the relatively benign nature of the Coof itself for most people. How can tell if a vaccine is effective if a large portion of society shows no symptoms anyway? How do you know subject X who took the vaccine was immune because of the vaccine, had lesser symptoms because of the vaccine, or was just one of the many who never showed symptoms anyway?

    • “I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind but I suspect some of my family would be responsive if I could document…”

      Isn’t this a definition of the conservatard position, in a nutshell?

    • Looks like the current definition *has* been “updated” across the board from my quick Google search.

      As suggested, best to avoid confrontation.

      If I were to try, I’d say:

      1) Covid “vaccine” is a “non-sterilizing” inoculation.
      2) All safety studies published to date contain the caveat that the inoculation will *not* prevent infection, but only reduce the severe effects of the disease—like hospitalization and death.
      3) Because all current “Covid vaccines” do *not* prevent infection (has not been shown in literature to date), they are really more of a “therapeutic treatment” (before the fact) than what we have known with typical vaccines in use.
      4). The recommendation for booster shots is not backed up by prevention of disease studies, only by prevention of severe outcomes.(there is an important difference here).
      5) Proof of the above is provided by continuous, rising infections regardless of vaccination rates, and masking or distancing precautions.
      6) Finally, there is growing evidence/concern that repeated vaccinations may be counter productive wrt autoimmune disease and potential ADE (mutations).

      • “2) All safety studies published to date contain the caveat that the inoculation will *not* prevent infection, but only reduce the severe effects of the disease—like hospitalization and death.”

        And–conveniently–there is no way to know whether the prick lessens the signs and symptoms of those who do get “covid” (whatever that is–and it’s just a series of clinical presentations–that’s ALL) b/c–also conveniently–there’s nothing to compare it with. There’s no way to know how bad it “might have been IF.” The only thing knowable is what actually happened; not “what might have happened IF.”

        They have it set up as “heads, I win; tails, you lose.” It’s all mindfuckery.

        • But of course there is a way to know if vaccines reduce symptoms. You just compare the severity of the disease/hospitalization rates of people who got the jab with those who didn’t.

          Countries like Romania and Bulgaria have just gotten over a huge spike in infections. Well over 95% of the deaths were from the unvaccinated, despite making up broadly 50% of the population for most of this period. So the vaccines do work to some extent. The gripes of most sane people are that the jab doesn’t work nearly as well as first advertised and it’s unprecedently unsafe (for a vaccine), while admittedly less risky than the disease thus far.

      • Foreign language. If you speak to a dog in French or to a street hooker with kindness, they still won’t understand you.

        These are people looking for acceptance and affirmation.
        Still, good men must try.

    • Kick their sorry asses to the curb. That is the unspoken but acknowledged consequences at my counterpart in about 14 hours. “No quarter” starts at home.

  11. Covidians, Gaians are painted overly monolithic. Rewind back to the anti-Trump times and it’s easy to see a more granular structure.

    There is the media class spewing lies and misinformation primarily using repetition of short clips. Overlayed with scary music and TV rhetoric: “There is an alarming rise in dangerous extremist terrorism!”

    You have well know personalities acting as shills, role models. They act out the responses, ie believer-ing, that the masses should adopt.

    In a groups that generally comprise anti-Trumper-types you will see mostly people who don’t care a whole lot and are just doing the group’s thing. But… Among the group there will be a percentage who are actively farming the group. Not infrequently, the group may have been formed by a farmer.

    The farmers deliver and reinforce sound bytes. They watch for those not on board. They work hard to get people out to protests and such.

    • Those enormous street protests in Belgium, in Australia?

      Why aren’t they just breaking into those skyscrapers and throwing the miscreant actors responsible out the windows?

      No guns needed, problem solved.

  12. I’ve been reading Zman for a few years now and today’s piece is among his very best. The sardonic humor of it is scorching and so richly deserved. Framing the Covid craze as a reflection of widespread Western despair makes for a perfect finish. When this guy’s in the zone, he’s in a class by himself. Bravo!

    • Yours is much more eloquent praise! For all my usual wordiness, the best I did with was saying I liked the uterus full of Bibles 😀

    • Yes, the brilliant sardonic humor of this piece is exceptional, but Zman also perfectly encapsulates the essence of our predicament. Bravo!

  13. “ They talk about Covid as if it is an evil spirit, some dangerous miasma. The mask has become a talisman and the vaccine is a blessing from the shaman to ward of the evil.”

    Can’t admit it’s the Chinese making war on the West so they can take over the world. Can we?

    • The two-sided coin of Global Kapitalism/Communism was created by the Chinese? Huh.

      Somebody got of one bus, and is getting on another. Somebody with a very long string of “successes”.

  14. Although ZMan has stated it many times, many ways…this particular essay a tour de force.

  15. Spectacular, Z!

    The only quibble I might find is the assertion that the Covidians ere ignoramuses that don’t understand biology.

    My family doctor believes in the Covid demon. One of my dearest friends (who is an annoying chit lib femcnut… has an extensive background in veterinary medicine and she masks up, gets the clot shot boosters, and says the magical incantations too. It’s absolutely bizarre.

    • Actually I believe in the Covid demon. I believe the Chinese created it an sent it out to destroy us. It’s just a different demon.

      • We’ll probably never know for sure. To me it seems almost certain it came from one of the Wuhan labs. For more complex theories, choose from one or more of the following:

        US-funded gain of function research (unclassified, amply documented in the literature, although exact details of what WIV was doing are sketchy.) Alternate: secretly researched bio-warfare virus.

        Accidental release (my vote);

        Deliberate release, possibly as a false-flag attack, such as Ron Unz’s theory of a rogue US bio-warfare attack. This seems rather far-fetched, but it can’t be dismissed.

        Natural origin? Seems very unlikely. Other possibilities? Perhaps.

        Regardless of the details, by most accounts, even the non-crackpot, SARS-CoV-2 is almost exactly two years old today, dating by first reported cases in Wuhan. I doubt anyone’s celebrating. 🙁

        • I agree that lab origin and accidental release is the likeliest story. Specifically, the initial CCP reaction of denial plus drastic containment action is most consistent with a realization that something got out plus initial uncertainty about which of the nasties it was. When other governments saw what the CCP was doing they reasonably concluded that a real nasty thing had got out, and reacted accordingly.

          But once it should have become obvious to any reasonable person that the nasty thing wasn’t all that nasty, it was too late. Our rulers were committed to “Nasty!” and were rather enjoying the power over us this allowed them to seize.

          So the Crazy Train rolls on. Who knows how it stops.

          • That is reasonable, but the fact that it almost immediately decimated senior government officials in Iran suggests some CIA and/or Mossad involvement

        • Close to your take – an accidental release of a shady gain of function ressearch project that panicked the Chinese at first, but they soon learned not much to it. Then, when they saw the hysterical reaction of the West, they let the West run with it and destroy themselves (assumng the Wuhan kids partying in the streets videos on twitter are real). Factor in “perfect storm” things such as Pfizer and Moderna turning a quick buck on the public teat, a certain billionaire getting to scratch his god complex itch, certain politicos the opportunity to unleash their inner totalitarians, a way to get rid of Orange Man Bad, and zombie karens of all genders a chance to virtue signal and well . . . the rest is history.

      • The patent records disagree with you. “Our” gov’t issued a patent on the “virus” itself in 2003. April, I *think* it was.

        It ain’t the Chinks, bro.

    • Your example goes to show that character / temperament / disposition / the reptile brain — call it what you will — override all reason, thinking, and training when the conditions are right. One sees this with much greater frequency in Eve because her neurons as well as her chemistry are more geared toward the non-thinking side of things anyway.

      In any case the entire Enlightenment anthropology is being disproven in a giant field experiment right before our eyes.

    • Maybe it was Dr Robert Malone (or a similar Covid demon) that said modern doctors are selected for their compliance to the rigid monolithic hierarchy of their accrediting associations: AMA, WHO, etc. These doctors are not a creative or self-reflective bunch but more like mechanics reading automobile ODB codes and going to the AMA checklist to begin removing and toxifying organs and limbs in a prioritized order. The MBAs leading the health cartels are the bishops of the order guiding their smart, compliant but dulled by student debt practitioners. One needs to be fearless, committed, and somewhat wealthy to speak out. Plenty of them out there, like Malone, are willing to do the right thing. I admire him and the others speaking out this follow-up to the 9/11 first black president sects. We need to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here. Nope, now we need to fight them here.

      • Corporate cookbook medicine, (choosing from a menu), and they lose their practicing privileges (license) if they report to VAERS.

        Why should they lose their hard-won license for a bunch of ditzes who’d probably turn on them in a heartbeat, anyways?

  16. The world is still filled with challenges but it takes a lot of work to seek them out and take a stab at them. The response to Covid 19 was mostly about lazy and stupid people rising up on Social Media to “make a difference.” That there was no difference to actually make was, and still is, beyond them. Now since they’ve already invested their ego, well, voila, the dreaded undetectable, asymptomatic Covid.

    • Yeah I forget what it was like to be 30 or 35 or so. Another Updike line, paraphrasing but always stuck with me, is for the young the world still matters. In the sense of being part of things, getting oneself involved because the world still matters. You can make a difference.

      Yeah I forgot what it was like when I cared. When I thought about practical solutions, etc. so it is hard for me to put myself in the shoes of the millennials. I try but I so far I just can’t. It all, culture, the society, seems so asinine. Plus add in the all the hullabaloo about race where even a naturally bright boy like Kyle gets swept up. I used to too.

      And knowing that these same people will end like me makes it seem even more a waste of life and time to be bothered and concerned by it. But live and learn and hopefully live long enough so yiu can claw back those lost years on things you truly care about.

      As the old INXS song goes, all those years of learning just to learn again

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  18. I see Covidianism as a confluence of events:

    1) Covid is most dangerous to the over 70 crowd, and, unlike previous generations of old people, these people don’t plan on going anywhere. It’s not a crowd that will go gracefully, but in hospital beds screaming “do something!” One can say it’s because we’ve become our own gods over decades and this is our heaven. So this virus comes along and they freak, declaring war on a threat and they still control many levers of power. Congress is practically a nursing home these days and the White House actually is a nursing home right now.

    2) An economy that’s been steadily losing productivity for 20+ years. Once you carve out everyone on welfare, everyone retired, everyone on disability, everyone too lazy or mentally ill to work, everyone on drugs that can’t hold onto a job, everyone working in the vast labyrinth of Federal, state and local bureaucracies, from libraries to universities school districts, public safety, everyone who works for non-profits (fellow traveling grant whores of the bureaucracies) About 98% of religious institutions, the vast medical bureaucracy both public and private, with hospitals stuffed with administrators, the vast pentagon and defense bureaucracy and support contractors, etc.. etc…etc… I can go on….you realize that maybe only 40 million people in this country have actual jobs. When so few people have actual jobs, compared to the phony ones, few have skin in the game to rattle the cages of the Faucis and politicians. They just take their phony vaccine and work their phony jobs to go with their phony lives. The same can be said for Europe, Australia and any other place that’s been developed for three or more generations.

    • Indeed. Europeans are famous for decrying our hedonistic life style—yet will riot in the streets if the government attempts to remove their overly generous “safety net”. Really a hammock. They happily fork over 60+% of incomes to taxes—just as long as they need not worry about the basic cares of life. In the end, they are little more than domesticated cattle in a farmers field.

      • Nothing wrong with that. Personally I don’t mind paying taxes to help out my own people.

        Now that Europe is filling up with “not my people” who don’t seem to be interested in things like working and not scamming the system, that calculus will change by mathematical necessity.

        • That’s not my point. My point is that such folk want the government to provide what they fail to plan ahead for and provide for themselves. And they think they get such, when in reality the government is always the worse provider of such services. I would argue against such regardless of demographic of the population.

      • Nietzsche railed against the soft Europeans (especially Germans) of his day, calling them domesticated animals, like cattle… and that was a 150 years ago (+/-)!!! 🙂

    • I never saw it coming

      But I do always remember the stories about War of the Worlds when people started killing themselves thinking aliens were attacking earth. And the Jonestown tragedy.

      Or that true story called Alive where a plane crashed in the snowy mountains and the survivors had to eat the dead to,survive

      And the serial killer museum in Florence Italy as a boy

      Or the Charles Manson stories

      Yes, there has always been enough suggestions of the depravity and stupidity of and herd like ways of man to prepare me, so I am not surprised really at all, but I never did see this coming.

  19. “Talk to a Covidian and few have a high school level understanding of biology.”

    For a leftist, more education makes them even worse. I work in the Medical Laboratory Sciences, with people who have broad educations in microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology. The Covidians I work with (and there are way more than there should be) use that education as a club to beat everyone else with. It doesn’t matter that I have the same education and practical experience as them. Actually, I get the constant “You should know better”, and “You probably shouldn’t be allowed to work in this field” comments.

    One thing that is abundantly clear, the leftist mind can never, ever be changed with facts and reason. Their level of education, experience or intelligence is completely irrelevant.

    • Oops… yep, I noticed the exact same thing, OP. I dunno if I am imagining it… but the women seem to be the worst about it too. The men that believe in my circle do not seem overly concerned by non-believers, but the women will lose their mud with them.

      I am beginning to think this will be no fad. It may require a medical holy war to resolve…

      • Here in Blighty people seem to be getting bored with the whole fantasy flue thing, levels of scepticism are going off the chart even among many of the medical types that I work with. I wonder how much of this will spill over to other medical/scientific claims in the coming years.
        I’ve been doing my bit for the cause by recommending Bruce Charlton’s book, “Not even Trying”, to anyone who will listen. With any luck the C word will go down as one of the biggest own goals in history, possibly on a par with invading Afghanistan.

    • * Sigh * I know! While in a place like this we are mostly of a similar mind on most matters, I still spar with Leftists on a few other boards. It’s remarkable how little grasp they have of facts, logic, etc. Most (not all) are clearly intelligent people, at least possessing good written skills (all we can see in this medium, duh!) just lacking most any trace of common sense or reasoning skills.

      Jokingly, and it might be fun to bait a leftist, you could say something like: “I admire your goals, and if I may offer a suggestion, learn a little bit about the reality of what you are working to change, and then you’ll be in a better position to overpower it (wish it away, deny it, etc.)”

    • That’s why I say it’s not the IQ (capacity), but the processor.

      There seem to be, at the first sketchy glance, two processors, hind and fore. Which one is triggered into dominant mode depends on whether the sounds made by the face are a display of position or emotively neutral information.

      Howler monkeys. That is a perfect phrase.

    • Ehhhh, the available data doesn’t really support his conclusion that the jab affords him long-term immunity to Beer Flu…

    • The feigned centrism (heightism?) of claiming superiority to a caricatural “both sides” always reduces to favoring extant power (see late Nietzsche, passim). “My brother’s a DOCTOR (approximately),” Gottfried begins….

      We know that corona-chan’s not a very serious illness, except in those to whom all illnesses are very serious. We know the vaccines don’t “work” in any meaningful sense and have much higher rates of failure/injury/etc. than other vaccines do, especially among the young. We know that people who hate us insist we, especially our young, take the shots—on pain of death, soon, says even Orban, who only hates us a little. Australia, laboratory of penal democracy, is already populating its “resilience” camps.

      There are in fact broadly two ways to view this situation. Neither of them is visible to conservatives, be they paleo-, normie or sperg. To see either is a conversion event. They’re good at resisting those—at conserving just one thing, their self-image, no matter what else is lost in the battle.

      • How old are you? What is your BMI?

        I know someone in her mid fifties, BMI in the 30s (obese), that died of covid in the last year. Politically she was one of us. Strongly antivax, so no covid shots. When she passed she left a high school aged kid behind. It sucks. I don’t wish this on any of my friends.

        I think its everyone’s decision to do what they think is right for their own health. But if you are old and overweight and want to reduce risk of covid death, getting the shot seems like a good idea. And now more than ever, if you are overweight get in shape. Being in good shape helps with covid and alot of other health related things too.

        Some people in the thread are asking how to know what action to take for their situation. This is hard because media lies constantly and changes story moment to moment. While its a bit of work, I recommend looking at source publications in google scholar. You aren’t reliant on a journalist’s interpretation of data when you read paper yourself. Like any online search, enter keywords to find the papers with the information you want.

        Tips: when you read academic papers you don’t necessarily have to read entire thing (look at abstract, figures first). Pay extra attention to papers published recently from good journals (New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA etc). Here is where to search academic articles:

        • “I know someone in her mid fifties, BMI in the 30s (obese), that died of covid in the last year…”

          Ok, I know a fair number of people like those you describe that died in past years. People, they die. Yes they do. Unhealthy people die. Yes they do.

          Is this news?

          Do I have to surrender my rights?

          • If she dies of cancer or diabetes or a heart attack you’re safe. If she died of Wuhan flu you are a murderer. So am I.

        • I hope everyone reading this takes what I’m about to say seriously: people admitted to hospital w/ the virus are overwhelmingly deficient in vitamin D. Most people who work indoors are D deficient. Adipose(fat) tissue sequesters circulating vit D. All should get their serum (blood levels) levels up over 50 ng/ml regardless of their metabolic profile. The 400IU in the multivitamin won’t do it. Get tested.

        • acetone: Regardless of politics or BMI, how one fares with the dread ‘virus’ depends largely upon the treatment protocol. And the official government protocol is to do almost NOTHING at all until people are seriously ill, after which they’re given expensive remdesivir to shut down their organs, and put on a ventilator to die.
          With preventative care consisting of outdoor exercise and a high daily intake of vitamins C, D, and Zinc, and then medical care consisting of anticlonal antibodies, hydroxychloroaquine, ivermectin, and antibiotics to treat the often resultant bacterial pneumonia, most people who are in reasonable health will survive.

          Yes, people ought to make their own decisions, but I take exception to frightened and ill-informed people vaccinating 5 year old children and adolescent boys who’ve already had the elusive ‘virus’ and survived it just fine.

          • While I’ve had the usual share of colds and flus in my life, I had bacterial pneumonia only twice in my life. Two separate cases, months apart, in my first year of Army training. Neither was likely life threatening, but both required hospital admission and antibiotics to clear. And other than smoking, I must have been in peak physical condition, but “walking” pneumonia made it impossible to run, which was a requirement.

            I attribute the pneumonia to exertion of training and the massive human Petri dish (normally called “barracks”). 🙂

        • Some interesting comments.

          Lucky: “People, they die. Yes they do. Unhealthy people die. Yes they do.” Sure, but I think the death was preventable if things were done differently. If she was healthier, if she had gotten the shot, etc. And I see this less as a matter of principle than making a good choice depending on your situation (health, age, etc).

          RoBG: Agree with your Vitamin D comment. I tried to get my family outside with less sunblock this summer.

          3g4me: “I take exception to frightened and ill-informed people vaccinating 5 year old children and adolescent boys who’ve already had the elusive ‘virus’ and survived it just fine.” Agree. And kids shouldn’t be masked. Regarding treatment, in my friends case I think she didn’t go to the hospital until things were bad. I think if she had a blood oxygen monitor she would have more information earlier, which might have helped out (blood oxygen levels can get low before people notice). BTW, you can purchase one from Amazon for $20 plus shipping.

    • I propose coming up with a Fauci Index or perhaps call it a measure of one’s Covidian Complex

      One a scale of 1 to 30 where 1 means you are a total covid heretic and think it’s total and complete fantasy. While 30 is your three mask wearing quadruple boostered cat lady.

      Where Steve sailer is probably 23 or 24 and Steven Colbert a solid 26 or 27 and Ron de santis something like a 12. Voxday is the face of the 1s to 3s.

      Then with such an index you can do all sorts of Steve saileresque regression analyses. I’d like to see the correlation between Fauci score and Walkability Score of one’s zip code because my observations are that there is indeed a strong correlation, when if in a walkable trendy neighborhood you will see lots of masks, but if in a rural area where everyone has to drive you see few. Colorizing the Fauci score by zip code would also provide lots of interesting maps.

  20. What if Covid turns out to be just as deadly as the civilization threatening Peanut Allergy to say nothing of the dread Gluten Intolerance?

    I shudder to think it may be so.

  21. Not to be sycophantic, but the past two posts have been excellent; they seem to be the cumulative connection of varying strands you have written about for awhile. A few things though: 1) What is HBD? I could not find it on the internet. 2) Not all us Glutenites are Covidians. I don’t know what I have, but I do know that in my 20s I started feeling depressed, upset stomach constantly, and general malaise. I cut out wheat at the advice of a nutritionist, and I cannot overstate how much better I feel. If I eat wheat, my throat slightly swells and I develop apnea. I would amend that those that advertise their adherence to the cult of Gluten Avoidance are the Covidians. 3) We are the eloi these days – fattened, helpless, dopamine riddled, glassy eyed cattle.

    • HBD is human biodiversity. In the political sense, a biologically-based counter to the notion that all men are created equal.

      • It’s a polite way to say “racism.” 😀

        “I do not propose to be trapped by tact at the expense of truth.”
        — Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”

  22. Excellent post Z and I especially love that last paragraph and the line “The last hope is a great plague or natural disaster in the hopes of getting a do-over.”
    The glaringly huge problem with this is that those hoping for it couldn’t – pardon my French – find their a$%hole with a funnel. So they may get their do-over, but they’ll all die off soon after because there isn’t a one of them who can do anything to provide for themselves if their life depended on it!
    A good case in point is a friend of mine who is a devout Covidian. She got her third booster shot and is now looking forward to the soon-to-be mandatory fourth and still cannot fathom why I and a number of our other friends in common haven’t gotten the jab. This is the same woman whos ex-husband (Ex husband? Gee, there’s a friggen surprise!) would tell me that she would call him up at work and tell him that he had to replace a light bulb in the living room lamp when he came home from work because she would not do it herself. Apparently she was too scared that the bulb would shatter in her hand, or that she would break it off at the bottom.
    I was told then that she would hound him about what type of replacement bulb would be going in the lamp. It had to be “environmentally friendly”, but then she would bitch about it because she hated the glow it cast in the room. She likened it to being in a hospital. On the other hand he couldn’t buy the standard incandescent bulb because “What would the girls in my book club think when they met here.”
    And she’s just one of millions. No my friends, they may long for the hurling meteor of death, but when the dust finally settles, they’ll cry in place and die of starvation.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Would be of interest to know if there is a pilot examination of the aircraft prior to take off and whether the rain cover could/would have been spotted. I assume such a thing, being red in color, is visible.

    • “Why does this have ‘Remove Before Flight’ printed on it?”

      Reminds me of an Indianapolis 500 a few years ago where a driver came off the track complaining that the car’s oil and coolant temperature gauges were pegged at overheating. The team took a look and found the intake covers for the oil and coolant radiators were still in place.

      The teams used these covers when starting the car to get heat in the engine to thin the ultra thick racing oil and they were supposed to remove them before the car rolled out behind the pace car.

      🤦‍♂️ Two seconds to lean down and check the intakes would’ve caught that.

      • When I was young and naive (compared now to old and stupid?), I was driving across country and would stop for gas. In those days of “full service” a gas station jockey would come up, ask for my gas choice and if I wanted him to check under the hood. I’d say yes, they’d check the fluids, and once in a while they’d sell me oil.

        Somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania, they closed the hood and said I was “good to go”, but when I tried to start the car and it would not start. Just a click of a dead battery.

        I went and opened up the hood, and the battery was *literally* melted flat! Two cables attached to a pile of goo. The regulator had failed, overcharged the battery and boiled the water out of it. The battery was never checked—water is free and makes no revenue for the gas station. Even the last gas jockey failed to look at the goo pile and inform me. Of course, when called to the car and I pointed to the battery, he was hot to sell me one.

        Lesson learned.

        • Years ago, I had symptoms of a failing battery. I was able to get a ride to auto parts store and buy its replacement. The clerk said “If you got five years out of a battery in Florida, you’re doing good!” (And boy he was right: on my latest car, I just put in battery #3 just 4 years into ownership. Apparently Kia batteries are not the equal of Saturn’s two decades prior 😀 ) But in any case, I was unable to install the new battery and that turned out to be a blessing, because it was something else, the regulator maybe. My new battery would’ve been “killed” in short order. The final convenience was that the failure occurred in my driveway, rather than on the 1200+ mile journey I was to start that day 🙂

          It’s for that — and many similar stories — that I leave any maintenance much more complex than checking air or oil to mechanics. Those of you who have mechanical expertise may be rightly proud, but I confess to being one who scarcely has the dexterity to pick his own nose, much less do complex tasks. 😀

  23. This is good analysis of the hbd situation. It has been very confusing to me why they have all gone insane but this seems plausible

    “The HBD people were driven mad by Covid because it was a reminder of their exile and the price they have paid for holding bad ideas. This issue was in their wheelhouse, but their status excluded them from the conversation. If they had been in good standing, this would have been their time to shine. Instead, they were left to jump up and down on the sidelines desperately trying to get the attention of their old friends. This is the agony that comes with exile.”

    • The HBD crowd being so wrong on covid was a gift to the left on delegitimizing the whole thing. Meaning the bright (((guys))) on the left who will cleverly sow seeds of doubt among those on the right by turning their science into an anchor around their necks

      Stupid Sailer. Just shot himself in the foot big time. He never was all that bright.

      • At the risk of angering the commentariat of this esteemed blog, my main complaint about Sailer etc. is that they would always ignore the fact that there was greater variation within a species than between species, so a lot of their arguments really just boiled down to, “blacks aren’t equal to whites,” which is true but ignores the fact that whites aren’t equal to whites, either. More to the point, genes are immutable, so even if genetic differences exist, the only practical question that can be asked is what can be done about the environment in which one’s genes manifest. We can’t edit people’s genes (yet), so the only point of action is altering the environment.

        • It never helped that Sailer was an MBA trying his hand dabbling in the biological sciences. You get the impression that here is a guy who had a mid life crisis and quit his job to spend a few hours a day on his hobby. His next move may be to write a blog on model airplanes.

        • Drew. You have basically just recited “Lewontin’s fallacy”. Old and debunked, which is why the HBD crowd does not get into it. Many good refutations exist, look them up.

          As to “genes are immutable, so look to the environment…” Little can be done if one assumes 80% of intellect is heritable.

          But we are not even to that point yet wrt tailoring an environment conducive to the material we have to work with, because of the manifest societal belief in *equality* and its bastard step child, *equity*. Doing the best for all folk will mean treating them differently as suits their genetic ability—and that just ain’t gonna happen.

        • Drew: That specious claim (greater variation within than between species) is a strawman, and has been addressed elsewhere by people far more learned than I. While genes are immutable, those of us who are not IQ or HBD fetishists don’t believe they are utterly deterministic (heritable and influential but not totally predictive given human choice and free will). Changing environment in an attempt to alter IQ and culture matters very little, as demonstrated by every twin study, Head Start study, etc. Your position is that taken by all purported ‘moderates,’ and it is dead wrong.

        • Rather than downvote you, I will comment upon a couple points. I don’t have the quote at hand, but I think you are partly correct but draw wrong conclusions, about the variation WITHIN a race. If I recall correctly, the proper reasoning is thus:

          There IS great variation within a small group, such as a family. In fact, the smaller the group, the greater the variation will be expected.

          With a single trait, such as IQ, this means within a small(ish) group, there will be broad variations around the group mean. But — and this is an important point — the larger the group, the closer to the mean will be any randomly selected member. For whites, this would be IQ=100 by standard measures. Also important, but rapidly exceeding what little I know of statistics, is the concept of standard deviations. Simply stated, with a normal gaussian (Bell curve) distribution, the vast majority of a (large) population will cluster around the mean. For white IQ, for instance, the bulk of the population will be (say) within ten points of 100.

          Now let’s consider Afro-Americans. Their mean IQ is usually given as around 85. They, as any large group, will have their own Bell curve. Again, most blacks are (say) in the 75-95 range.

          Your arguments that “blacks aren’t equal to whites” is specious, as is your “whites aren’t equal to whites.” Of course it’s statistically true for a large group, that any two randomly selected individuals will NOT be identical, the odds are hugely against.

          But we can, in fact, say with high assurance that the mean (average) White is about 15 points better on the IQ scale than the mean Black. Do black geniuses exist? Of course they do. White dumb fucks? Most assuredly. But statistics allows us to make accurate — if not always flattering — generalizations and predictions.

          That genetic differences exist is beyond all doubt. Just because some ideologies don’t like some of the consequences of such facts, does not magically make the differences go away, despite the best efforts of the Egalitarians.

          Environment unquestionably is a factor; even the “hereditarians” (argue that genes are dominant factor) allow that environment plays a role.

          In sum: It’s both nature AND nurture — the only question is what proportion of each.

  24. If you want to have a chuckle, when you are walking outside and cross paths with a masked goodwhite or asian covidian, be sure to make eye contact with them, then give them a big smile and say “hello!”. They will become paralyzed with a mix of fear and confusion. They have become so inured to their preferred way of life, sealed off from any non-online zoom/teams/twitch contact with the real world, that they don’t know how to properly react to a face-to-face friendly gesture from another human being. They freeze up with the simultaneous, but conflicting, desires to flee in terror from you or lash out in rage at you.

    Their behavior brings to mind Asimov’s description of robots who break one of the three laws of robotics.

    • I got mad the other day in the grocery store with the cashier trying to talk to me with a mask and I snapped “if you’re going to talk to me take off that mask so I can see your lips” and it came out so naturally and from the heart that she went to pull down her mask, and even the manager dude from the next cashier area heard and looked up and didn’t say anything, shamefaced. I felt a little bad, but I couldn’t help. How is it acceptable that if you’re talking to someone you wear a mask? That just plain rude and insulting, and it angers me and I’m sure lots of people.

      • Why feel bad? They’re just Good Germans.

        The plexiglass sheets only compound the issue. Lean around it in an attempt to hear them clearly and they typically retreat a step or two. As someone mentioned a few days ago, their behavior is beginning to resemble that of cockroaches, scurrying from the light.

        • At this point so much of the mask wearing is for people so they don’t have to brush their teeth all the time and worry about their breath or because they’re just ugly and they get to hide now

          What surprised me were the pretty girls. I thought around them would be where the resistance coalesced. A pretty girl not being able to show everyone how pretty she is, that would be the way this all began to crumble.

          But never happened, at least out by me. But then I’m old so I don’t get to see them in their more intimate settings, only out in public. I’m not getting to have relations with them and see them completely unclothed.

          But I do remember how a pretty girl could wear any old thing and make it look good. That was their thing. It was always a bit of a spectacle. She could come out dressed in a potato sack and look gorgeous, and she’d know it. And the older women would both want to go back in time and show you they too could be that girl but also want to strangle her for making them look old by comparison. Fun times.

          All I get is girls now plastering on the eye makeup to compensate for not having lips and a mouth to show. Big wow. And that is usually fat Mexican girls with false eyelashes three inches long.

          The sexless, anti sexual component to covidianism among whites is one if’s defining features. There is an ascetic self flagellation quality, as many of us have noted. Dry barren snatch, to be blunt. Girls used to be juicy.

          • And now…I wanna’ be the one to walk in the sun, oh girls, they don’t wanna’ have fun…
            (Ruefully, that little song is memorable)

          • Sorry, whoever you are, but I am retired from CDC, and in 1992 I was appointed to lifetime membership on the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. IF anybody were to follow your (bum) advice, they should read the “METHODS” section FIRST, NOT the Abstract. But if they don’t know what they are looking at–and they don’t–then the whole exercise would be a pointless waste of time.

            The whole thing is a cult, as our host says. There is nothing even remotely scientific about ANY of it.

            Also, NOBODY reads the journals of medicine. PRacticing physicians don’t have the time. Students are often assigned journal articles to read, but the corruption in medical research and publishing is staggering. NONE of it is reliable.

            After reading METHODS, the next thing is to look for the “conflict of interest statement.”

            And so on.

            And just out of idle curiosity, do you know what “NNT” is?

          • Surprise! A Chad who has repelled women with his repugnant character and has now found yet another excuse to blame it on anything but himself. Hardly in a position to comment on fat Mexican women when you would only dream and immediately wet yourself to be in such close proximity to anything with a vagina.

      • 3g4me—sounds like I need to adopt your methodology here in LA. The cagey winks are fun but no longer satisfying enough….

  25. Interesting and appropriate that you use the exclusive feminine pronoun to describe the covidians.

    We live under the mask mandate in my ultra-progressive, academic town and several neighboring towns. I think the mask will become permanent long after NPR and CNN/MSNBC tell us the pandemic has passed if they ever do. The mask serves a triple function: status symbol, fashion statement and virtue signal. The mask also complements the hijab that some white women here would wear but for fear of being accused of cultural appropriation. Signs here say “Your mask protects me, my mask protects you.” Sadly, we’re masked even at the gym.

    It’s taken for granted that everyone here is vaxxed. My godson, the exception, has refused to be vaxxed and won’t be attending Thanksgiving dinner with long-term family repercussions. Folks here are keen to get the kids vaxxed and when it comes to the kids, he and his wife may split as she’s a true believer. If they go to court over the issue, the pro-vax parent will likely prevail.

    As you note, covidmania is a symptom of the empire going down. The suicide wish gripping the affluent, progressive white “community,” is emblematic of our terminal decline. I think this much is obvious even to those gripped by the death wish. At the same time, there’s the opposite, equally self-destructive wish coming from the “resistance,” the masculine urge, in righteous vengeance, to play the lion in the time of the feminized fox.

    • Civilization will fall, and barbarians will build something out of the wreckage. It’s the history of the West.

      • Yeah, but in the prior history of the West, the barbarians that built from the wreckage were all high-IQ people.

    • “The mask also complements the hijab that some white women here would wear but for fear of being accused of cultural appropriation.”

      I’m so often struck by the similarities between masks and hijabs. It is a sign of devotion to a religious authority.

      When I see someone alone in the car with a mask on, I am at a loss for any explanation except as a demonstration of piety.

    • If asked my vax status and I can’t just ignore the questionner, my usual response is “I haven’t gotten the most recent booster yet.” Which is 100% true.

  26. Western Europeans and their diaspora went on a nearly uninterrupted winning streak against the rest of the world from around 1500 to 1950-2000. That’s around twenty generations.

    It’s not surprising that we’ve lost our fight.

    Well, we’re about to get kicked around again, so we’ll see how that helps. Historically, it has a way of putting the fight back in a people – if they survive.

    • Not until the enemy is properly and accurately defined and drawn is anything going to happen. Until then we’re just red ants in a hill that’s been kicked by someone who’s run away and we are angrily speeding around in circles but not knowing who and where to attack.

      We saw it was a black boy who came and kicked the ant hill. A Korean shop owner sold him the lighter. An Indian gas station owner sold them the gasoline. A cat lady drove there to fill up her gas can. They found a Mexican to come pour the gas on us and light it up. But what we don’t see is who’s paying them.

      I think we all know where this is heading

  27. The “long emergency” will continue so long as it’s useful to the People in Charge. It’s that simple. Under the Coof Emergency, they have:

    1) Rid themselves of His Orangeness
    2) driven the stock market to all-time high and bailed out nearly every bad investment made in the last 10 years
    3) bailed out the liberal States and Cities with “infrastructure bills”
    4) crushed small businesses
    5) with Vaxx mandates, they’ve purged Dissidents from the workplace and armed forces, or at least forced them to doxx themselves

    The fact that this has taken on mystical aspects is probably an unintended and unforeseen benefit to our overlords, because it cloaks their brute force Realpolitik in righteousness.

    • Righteousness for now

      Not when they can’t hide all those deaths and serious health problems due to vaccine, especially among young boys and girls. Those suburban moms got pretty upset over CRT. What happens when their little trophy child has a heart attack playing soccer or the clarinet.

      Obviously I am speculating, but this has the potential to blow up. I think a number of people on the DR are seeing this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity too to bring millions of people to this side. Yes, it’s a dirty business profiting off death, but it has to be done.

      And now that I think about it…….

      Maybe it’s not such a great idea calling it the Dissident Right? That’s not good marketing for suburban moms and normie. Or for anyone really. Because first of all, we are not really on the right, and the whole right left paradigm thing has lost its currency or is quickly doing so. No sense in clinging to it. Secondly this is not exactly a political movement. So why deal with all the preexisting negative sentiments regular people have for politics by coming at them from the field of politics. No one likes a Poly Sci major except other Poly Sci majors, for example. Just a fact of life. Yeah, I can say with some confidence that we are packaging this all wrong.

      • Falcone: With all due respect, I think you are wrong expecting large numbers of people to learn of vaccine side effects and wake up.

        1. Who is going to report all those deaths? No on on tv, and no one from a source a normer would trust. At this point the corpocracy is censoring anything which even questions the holy cause, let alone labels it the poison that it is.

        2. Even if an individual or someone they love is harmed by the vaccine, they may well just believe even harder. Witness the mother whose adolescent son developed myocarditis from the vaxx and yet who still planned to vaxx her daughters (story linked at Vox Day a number of weeks ago). My husband came home very upset one night because a guy at work had his 13 year old son vaccinated, although the boy had already had Covid.

        3. People are stupid. Repeat that, louder. People are stupid and generally vindictive. They absolutely hate being proven wrong, and the very existence of the healthy unvaccinated is a public rebuke to their entire belief system. They will not thank you for warning them about vaxx complications, they will attack you. Anything rather than accept that they’ve been stupid and unquestioning.

        • I learned today that the best friend of a younger cousin died yesterday during an operation to remove a blood clot from her lung. It went to her heart during the procedure. Game, set, match. Girl was in her 30s. All my Covidian mom could say was, “well, she’d had a kidney transplant a few years ago.” Their mind recoils at even considering the possibility that the clot shot might be at fault.

      • “but this has the potential to blow up”

        The question is whether TPTB can direct that explosion to a preferred target. That seems to be what they are trying to accomplish with the “blame the unvaxxed”. No guarantee Suburban Soccer Mom Karen will see through that misdirection. In fact, past experience shows it should work especially among our vast majority comprised of midwits.

  28. “The West has reached a point where we hate our very existence. We have evolved down a cultural dead end and we have no way to escape it, so we are hoping for a great destruction.”

    “Western society has arrived at the point where there is nothing left to do but consume. A species built to compete with the world has conquered the world and is now left to graze in the fields.”

    The ‘Western Civilization’ has turned out to be the biggest enemy of the White race.

    • Financialization by the parasites is the biggest enemy of the white race.

      Western Civilization has been consumed and destroyed by the media/globohomo conglomerates and no longer exists.

    • Like an old forest wiped out by fire, except for the strongest trees. It’s very iterative, for some reason.

  29. Yes, yes, yes; and in summary, the collapse is the cure. And not for mystical reasons, but simply because natural culling has been absent for many decades now and we are drowning in deadweight. The stupid and insane should have been purged long ago and kept out of the gene pool, but our modern cultural is rewarding dysfunction with merit badges and faux fame. And my God, they are reproducing!

    Nothing will change until the environment changes, which means a rebirth of real hardship and existential threat. The Comfort First Imperative must die and selection for strong and smart must re-emerge if we are to persist as a species. There are many potential roads to remedy, but most are quite bloody. The most humane is the one that is most focused. Ancient wisdom.

    • Like anything else, as the “disease” is allowed to fester, the “cure” becomes many times harder and worse. Bending the curve—as been noted—stopped being an option 50+ years ago. Less painful/violent options are disappearing rapidly.

    • “These people think mankind is the enemy so anything that is bad for humanity is good.”

      Apparently, you’re a leftist.

      • Not so. The collapse is nature’s remedy for the dysfunction of our current culture, hence good for mankind over the long run (and the short run if current events are any indication). But to your point, yes, if you’re a member of the dysfunctional cohort, being purged from the gene pool is not a favorable outcome for you. Hence the hysterical over-reaction of the Left to all things that smack of natural remedy.

        The moral of this story is . . . you would do well to avoid being in the dysfunctional cohort.

    • TomA, you may have heard me say this before, my theory as it were, my clumsy stab at applying evolutionary thinking to real world phenomena, and I’d like to hear your take.

      I posit that the lunacy we see among the womyns is that their embrace of abortion, their aggressive attacks on the “life force” and very essence of life, has given Mother Nature no other choice but to make them crazy thereby making them repulsive to men and render them childless for good so their anti-life gene is bred out of existence.

      Ok, so you want to play that game, says Mother Nature, ok I’ll make it so no one man ever wants anything to do with you and your criminally useless vagina. Hope the box wine was worth it, bitch.

      Yes, Mother Nature can be a bit catty.

      • I liked your stab at explaining the womyn’s lunacy. As the Italians say, “Se non è vero, è ben’ trovato.”

      • Agreed. I would argue that feminism is anti-evolutionary as well. It teaches young woman that all men are evil and therefore should be viewed as enemies rather than partners in procreation and life. Most modern marriages are exercises in covert warfare by wives against their husbands in which the man is viewed as “broken” and it’s the wife’s sacred duty to “fix” him. Latter eventually devolves into using sex as an instrument of coercion rather than an act of love. And most men then react by saying “fuck this shit” and bail out. At which point government becomes “daddy” and the kids turn into basket cases. Selection may solve this problem long term; but frankly, I think a faster remedy is called for.

      • Falcone: Every woman I personally knew in college who had an abortion, and with whom I remained in contact, needed medical assistance to later become pregnant when the timing was not so ‘dreadfully inconvenient’.

  30. There is no adage truer than the devil makes work for idle hands. First worlders make their own problems. This is, or should be obvious to anyone that has spent much time in lesser developed areas of the world. I have thought it should be mandatory for younger people to spend a year overseas in pick any hellhole country as a way to open their eyes to how lucky they are. Never happen though too many over protective “mommas” calling the shots now.
    Those same mommas are stereotypically the chicken Littles of society shriking about covid, climate change, animal rights and whatever the fad of the week is. The sky is always falling is deep in human nature, it always trumps logic & reason when bellys are full. Z, your colum today really nails it as far as I’m concerned. I’m going to read it out loud to my family tomorrow. I very thankful for all of your efforts I hope you are able to relax & enjoy your time off.

    • > I have thought it should be mandatory for younger people to spend a year overseas in pick any hellhole country as a way to open their eyes to how lucky they are.

      That’s made some people I know even worse, especially women. If they don’t get raped or assaulted, it creates a savior complex in people who can’t accept biological realities.

      • Yes! It’s amazing that people can have this experience and draw exactly the wrong conclusions.

        My cousin’s church group went to Africa to dig wells a few years ago. When she got back, I asked her why African men didn’t know how to use shovels. Silence…….

          • From what I’ve heard most churches these days are virtue signaling contests. So it makes sense the “missions” would be organized and led by the most virtuous signaling non stop to their loyal sycophants

          • Tomorrow there will be Surprisely several Vax fanatics at our house. They all know our stance. Makes me wonder if even the true believers are beginning to question their faith.

    • You don’t have the leave the USA for this. Make your adolescent spend a summer working on a farm or ranch will do the trick nicely. Slopping hogs and shoveling manure is both humbling and a lesson never forgotten.

      • There has got to be some genetics in this—says the unrepentant HBDer of the group. My father was blue collar and worked until he died because, well, that’s what he did. His family was all the same. I never had to do such as an adult as I was strictly white collar. None the less, in school I always had a part-time, low level, manual job and after graduation, did everything maintenance wrt to home and car and such.

        Indeed, it was a pleasant divergence from sitting on my ass behind a computer screen. Of course, there were associates that could not—would not change a flat tire.

        • To borrow a line from an old Prince* song:

          [Boss] told me several times that he didn’t like my kind
          ‘Cause I was a bit too leisurely
          Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing
          But different than the day before

          That could be me. But even so, I liked and still do in retirement — moderate physical activity. Where I’ve volunteered for several years I can sit in front of a screen, or do light work indoors or out, mostly on my own schedule. I’ve rarely pushed myself (phyically) but I – I – I — actually LIKE exertion sometimes, God help me. 😀

          *”Raspberry Beret”. I prefer the rockin’ version by the Hindu Love Gods, better known as R.E.M. backing the late great Warren Zevon.

    • “I have thought it should be mandatory for younger people to spend a year overseas in pick any hellhole country as a way to open their eyes to how lucky they are.”

      I have to tell a tale on my nephew. A few years back as he was finishing college he was dating a cute Med-School student who was all in on going to Central America to work in a “Doctors Without Borders” or some such program, and drag my nephew along with her. He brought her to a holiday party so we could meet her and she starts spouting off about her plans to help the “poor unfortunates”.

      I pulled my nephew aside and said “If you want to go somewhere where they don’t speak your language, hate you, and will harm you without provocation, you can travel to neighborhoods in Chicago and get the same experience. And come home to sleep in your own bed at night.”

      Luckily this Future Doc was putting the full court press on my nephew to get married, so it scared him away from her. He’s married to a much better woman and is father to two children.

  31. This is a frequently treated subject here, so I hope it’s not OT, but I’ve never heard of it before:

    • Unknown Infrequent Poster ID- Check.

      Rando unrelated insertion of URL- Check.

      Website leads to thinly veiled ‘Nationalist’ type group, organized by who?- Check.

      Chance of Glowie Infiltration or even Glowie propping up the entire website- Extreme.

      Who are you again, and why are you linking this ch-t? Are you for real or is it just a slower than usual day at Quantico because of the holiday, most G-Men are ‘just normal family guys’ after all, I know enough of them that really think that to know.

      • As we descend deeper in madness and corruption, the deep state agitprops will show up with even greater frequency. It wouldn’t surprise me if they use AI to generate it. I read a while back that already something like 80% of the suspect and batshit crazy comments are already conjured up by AI.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve read that many “normal” news stories at web sites are AI generated. When I was still studying Spanish, it was clear even to a non-native speaker that some articles in one language were a machine translation of the other.

  32. Lots of bad juju out there

    Blacks say it then goes and takes up residence in the white man, making him evil, but then the goodwhites say it then takes the form of covid and infects everyone, making them poisonous and deadly. Oh dear. We might have the makings of a religious schism on our hands.

    What to do? Bang drums and wear masks to make it go away !

    But either way watch out if you are a bad white and a pure blood because these people are actively looking around for people to sacrifice. Don’t be that person

  33. The true believers are an insane force to be reckoned with these days.
    My friend’s husband was in a family group text to cover thanksgiving plans. He noted that this year will be the most expensive thanksgiving in history and closed his text with “let’s go Brandon”.
    A few of his lefty relatives were incensed and offended. They reminded him that he is a father-! How can he think it’s appropriate to use such foul language? What kind of example does he want to set for his kids?!
    They were outraged by the words “let’s go Brandon”.

    • “They reminded him that he is a father! How can he think it’s appropriate to use such foul language?”

      Every man will tell you he learned the Golden Art of Profanity from:

      – His Father
      – His siblings (in my case, my older brothers)
      – His school friends

      You learn it from your father because what other words do you use when you hit your thumb with a hammer or drop something heavy on your foot?

      He should have sarcastically asked “What? How is ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ profane?” 😁

      • My father only swore in the mother tongue, Dutch. To an American, I suppose swearing in Dutch would be the same as saying, “Let’s go Brandon”.
        I learned my understandable, yet foul, vocabulary from my “American” uncle. 😉

        • To be cussed at and dressed down in Italian by your aunts is like being slashed with a whip

          The words are like getting slashed with a whip as she squeezes your balls with her stinky garlic fingers. They really know how to make you feel two inches tall.

          But then they end up loving you like no tomorrow after a few years of being molded.


          • Falcone
            We must have had the same Aunts.
            My favorite would verbally spar with me when I got older. We would break balls, insult, and verbally beat the shit out of each other.

            But in the end, we would kill for, or give our life for each other.

            I don’t know if that’s a Dago thing or what.

            I miss her deeply.

    • These are the same people who probably have no problem with their kids watching gay degeneracy.

      • Mommie knows best, and she was decided that is was best that she forget that her new boyfriend was molesting one of her boys. “I didn’t see nothing wrong” is how they rationalize their piss-poor parenting.

      • I would have a hard time controlling my propensity for an extreme blue collar reaction.
        The last time I delt with a “liberal”
        Shirt tail relation. I stopped them in their tracks by simply saying I’d be willing to compare the successful outcomes of our kids verses theirs.
        Lol that was the silver bullet that insured never having to deal with them again. They are both retired school teachers, to say they were humiliated would be an understatement. Crushed by an uneducated plebian with dirty fingernails. The horror ! Lmfao

    • They were correct – using “Brandon” as a polite form of “Biden” doesn’t lessen the disgusting profanity of that name.

  34. Agree with every thing the Zman has said. the only question for me is, how long more will this BS continue for, I laughed when the first lockdown started in my country, I knew the claim that it was only for a few weeks to flatten the curve would turn out to be the thin end of the wedge. On and on it goes, where it stops nobody knows

    • A cosmopolitian people, devoid of any historical roots, always commits suicide either through not reproducing or actively destroying the very structures that give their lives their idle luxury. There’s a reason most of the Covid madness is in the cities and rich suburbs.

      If I remember Spengler right, he stated that such people will slowly die away, along with their cities, destroying with them enormous intellectual capital, and then the rooted, pragmatics rural people will reproduce and eventually a new, more primitive civilizational form will be given birth.

      • ” A cosmopolitian people, devoid of any historical roots”
        I like reading MSM articles all the time. Before I read it I always seek out the name of who wrote it. If there’s a green-, a -stein, or a -berg in their name I know I’m going to get a good laugh at their depth of gaslighting or level of depravity.

      • I get what he’s saying, but why more primitive? Because it doesn’t fly into abstractions and commit suicide?

          • It’s well known that Singapore is the greatest fertility shredder on Earth.

            Perhaps this is why they are well-known for Orchard Towers, a.k.a., “Four Floors of Whores.”

        • Because farms are a lot of work. Complexity and frivolity are the result of free time. Running a farm and/or working a trade doesn’t leave a lot of free time.

          • Very generally true. The city always attracted –at first anyway — the landless worker or the wealthier man who would employ him. Advantages of centralization and specialization, etc. Truly giant city (million+ population) is relatively modern, past few centuries maybe.

            The simple truth is that, especially in the days before automation, that rural life was very hard. Much toil. Basically, life sucked. Now that’s not to say that city life didn’t suck too, even well into 19th century. But it was still better, even if marginally so, and that is why so many made the move.

            It may be a simplification, but I’d say a nation is advancing as long as its cities are still growing.

            But trouble is indicated when it starts losing people. The smart, the rich, typically leave first: “Brain Drain.” Witness the suburbs since the mid-20th century. We all know who it was who left the city and why. 🙂

            I think a nation is REALLY in trouble when people start moving from the city back to truly rural areas en masse. That hasn’t happened here yet, but there are historical precedents, e.g. post-Roman Empire. Some ancient cities were completely abandoned.

        • I was joking— sort of.

          Very ambivalent about civilization these days. If there’s a way to have high culture and achievement without ultimately inverting nature, sacrificing children, and putting the lowest scum in charge, I’m all ears, you know?

  35. Beautiful turn of phrase here: “A species built to compete with the world has conquered the world and is now left to graze in the fields.”

    I cannot recommend Ed Dutton’s book on Witches and the decline of the West enough. It really is very good.

    I am full of regret that I will not be seeing the collection of left-wing freaks I call my in-laws this year for Thanksgiving. It has been a bountiful harvest for our side recently.

    • I am traveling into the belly of the beast this Thanksgiving. Nearly the whole old clan is boomer lib to shit lib. My big challenge is not to be triggered, and to be charmingly irreverent.

      • I was triggered years ago when my stupid aunt invited me to Thanksgiving dinner…along with her idiot children, one of whom brought along a coalburner and her boyfriend. I managed to stay until I finished my turkey, then abruptly got up from the table and left.

        • Never underestimate the depths of white trashyness your family can descend into. Listen to other family members who relish talking about it sitting before the fire, and heed their warnings about associating with them.

        • This year I’ll be giving thanks with a couple dozen of the nicest, based and red-pilled people left in this country. Today is move-in day – the Land of Lunatics (Oregon) is officially in the rear view mirror. I still can’t help thinking about how it would be if I were spending Thanksgiving with my shitlib in-laws waiting for one to make some ignorant comment about Rittenhouse. And yes, I would leave the table letting them know I don’t break bread with anti-White morons. It’s going to take a while to completely shake off the stench of living in close proximity to traitorous nutjobs.

          • Yes, it brings a tear to the eye to think what has happened to a fine State that early in its promising history actually mandated that all “Negroes” were to leave forthwith. 😀

        • Whitney: Before I married, my happiest Thanksgiving was one spent, by choice, with friends rather than biological family. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

        • I shall be spending the day (not the first time) with a gay friend and his, ah, Partner and the rest of the mobile home community is relatively normal retired folk you’d expect in Florida. I never claimed to have much of a social life. Ah, the friendships one makes working in local non-profits 😀

  36. “Western society has arrived at the point where there is nothing left to do but consume. A species built to compete with the world has conquered the world and is now left to graze in the fields. ”

    Exactly. The old idle hands explanation.

    I saw a bit of that stream with you and a fellow called Nixx. Some east euro blend of which I am not sure. At some point even these people don’t get it or a deviation or two different than Americans. He about fell over when you mentioned how rewarding hard work is and it’s impact on character and self satisfaction. Nixx said we were meant for pleasure and work to be avoided. I would have ended the conversation right there.

    As far as covid is concerned, I recently went into regression therapy to find out how many times I have been diddled in early life. Turns out none, but did find out I had been consumed by covid decades ago. I am still a victim with a story.

  37. Society has always had to deal with witches, but they were typically few and far between and easily dealt with. In recent decades, the explosion of women attending college and the concurrent explosion of witches has been a true curse upon the land. After whatever comes next, that won’t be an option for the vast majority of females.
    As for the remainder of covidiots, it’d be refreshing to see at least one western leader who wasn’t “infected” with the madness. The collective insanity of the leadership is breathtaking. Vax or else by February 1 in Austria, concentration, whoops I mean quarantine camps in Australia? Something BIG is going have to give soon…

    • usNthem: The pressure is certainly building. As you note, Australian military forcefully dragging people off to quarantine camp, various European countries locking everyone indoors. Add in the world magnesium shortage, fertilizer shortage, poor grain harvests, massive loss of livestock in British Columbia, supply chain issues in general, and I think we will all find 2022 rather challenging. Hope all here are preparing/prepared for a bumpy ride.

  38. These Covidiot people most certainly are part of a cult, and they started their own crusade the day we were told there was a horrible pandemic that killed less than 1% of those who caught it. I really can’t even call it a proper disease, as the vaunted 690,000 dead due to Donald Trump’s existence is the same number who die from influenza every year.

    You know, influenza must have disappeared by the hand of God, since we went from 38,000,000 cases one year to 3,600 the next. The nuts all think it was replaced by Covid courtesy of their version of the Devil, but they don’t believe in him anyhow. Can you imagine what will happen to all of these people when the truth comes out on all of this being the Biggest Lie of All? If they all die from their shots it might be a merciful death, as I’m sure the survivors will be committing suicide in hordes when they find out their miserable lives were always a big lie.

    • Influenza is back this year. They must concerned about ignoring them on Covid so they have pivoted back. Here is a hysterical article about an influenza outbreak at the University of Michigan. Noticeably absent from the story which claims this strain of flu causes more hospitalizations and deaths is any information on the percentage of Michigan students who have needed to be hospitalized. We can assume zero as that would have been reported if it was any other number.

      • Influenza is their cover. Most of the vaxxed will die from it as their immune systems shut down. People dying from “Covid” despite getting The Magic Shot is not part of their narrative.

        • According to Substack writers I follow that deal in Covid-19 (Berenson, Gato Malo, Eugyppius), some European nations for which data are available seem to be having excess deaths in the younger ages (not seniors) in the 10-20% greater than expected range, and it’s not COVID. Of course no one can prove it (yet) but we conspirators suspect the jabs are a factor. If so, then this may be merely the beginning of a very ugly trend 🙁

          Side remark: since pandemic began, US deaths have been more than expected, even after the mass vaxxing, except for a short period early this year.

          I bookmarked such an article from the MSM. No mention of vaxx side effects as a possible reason. That such articles even appear in (USA) MSM is itself a novelty.

    • These women of both sexes will not commit suicide, they would lose the opportunity to continue being a pestilence to us. Bring back the dunking stool!

      • You could well be right. They could go plumb maniacal and start killing the people they’ve persecuted to keep up with the narrative. If that goes on too long that’s when Civil War #2 starts, and the motto will be ” If you kill the trouble makers your problems suddenly disappear!”

    • Last year, our State health director appeared on the news stating that the reduction in “flu” deaths (as opposed to Covid) was a product of mask wearing! Therefore, it would be wise to consider mask wearing during flu season—even when Covid abated. I knew we were in for a long war at that time.

      Scott Atlas has a book out, “A Plague Upon Our House” which details his experience with our ignorant medical leadership at the Federal and State level. Basically, political animals—with little to no knowledge of the “science” in which they proclaim expertise. Might be worth a read.

  39. Sailer, Corchoran, and Taleb lost my respect when they started screeching like scared little girls about covid. The existence of empirical data (diamond princess, etc) discounting the prophesies of doom makes their hysteria more egregious.

    • Throw Karlin on that list as well.

      The guy running Moon of Alabama was totally based on Beer Flu, then did a total 180 when the WHO declared the plandemic. It was like someone handed him a bag of gold or threatened his family.

      • They probably showed him the kiddie porn he had on one of his computers. Of course the NSA could have installed that remotely.

    • Remember Anonymous Conservative? I used to read his blog occasionally to see what whacky evidence he was piling up for the Storm, and then the Covid came ’round, and he was urging people to wear some kind of hazmat suit for 3 months (just three months!) and it’d all go away.

      If I were waiting on pins and needles to witness the coming of the Storm, then why would I want to protect my enemies from a Plague?

      • One good thing about the times we’re living in is that the liars and grifters eventually expose themselves. It’s a blessing in disguise.

        • I stopped listening to TRS (for fun, for fun) when they starting running with the asinine Covid narrative. I could not believe how stupid they sounded.

    • Oh man, I forgot Moldbug (Yarvin)’s horrific take on Beer Flu.

      For me, his take was so unhinged it invalidated anything else he has said or has to say.

    • I knew we were in for a rough time when one of our commenters here, JEB, continuously posted scare lines taken from spurious CDC numbers and modeling from discredited modelers such as “Neil Ferguson”. Most others had figured the scam for what it was, and for that I’m gratuitous to have found this group.

      • Yeah, my gut instinct all along when hearing differing opinions from all corners was that Z’s take was the most authoritative. My gut said, this guy is right. And the story of the princess cruise sealed the deal. He was also the first person on what is loosely called the right who had valid arguments and put downs of Steve Sailer, which was a definite breath of fresh air. I forgot how I found this site. Maybe Derbyshire mentioned it? But even when it was mentioned, the very name of it, Zman, just struck me as something to check out. It was pretty cool. How this all works out.

        Z got a lot of things right. He’s a quality sort, as my gramps used to say

        • I found this site via Z-man himself!

          He was a commenter on Cochran’s “West Hunter” blog. His comments were often more worth reading than Cochrane’s original post—and he was verbally beaten down by Cochran for it several times, which was Cochran’s typical response to anyone who questioned him.

          One day, it dawned on me (did I tell you I’m slow?) that Z-man’s signature was highlighted. So I clicked on it and arrived here. Like night and day.

          I won’t deny that there are some smart and clever folk who comment at West Hunter, but they are far too clever by half. It stifles discussion and inquiry. There are plenty of smart people here with much to contribute. But mostly, they bring some real world perspective to matters discussed. I’ll take experience over “book smarts”.

          • He flipped out on me a few times. Like Taleb, his response to his own error is to throw a tantrum. I’ll never understand that way of thinking. Why would anyone prefer to be wrong or even unchallenged? Cochran is a super smart guy, so he should welcome challenges. Most of time he will come out on top.

          • Some sort of inferiority complex I’d guess. Ran into these sorts in the military quite a bit, chiefly the military police and infantry (especially dudes who failed Ranger or Special Forces selection).

  40. “The West has reached a point where we hate our very existence.”

    The religion of Love has given way to its antithesis, the religion of Hate.

    • Will its synthesis be the Religion of Indifference? I remember some Jewish guy once commenting preference for hot or cold, and spitting out the lukewarm.

    • The whorish single moms who hand a carousel of revolving pedophile and bisexual boyfriends are likely the ones responsible for their kids becoming transies or straight out gay

  41. Covid is The Left’s Apocalypse Cult. It seems throughout history, mankind wants, needs, desires to know the end of the story, and believes itself capable of getting the ball rolling. It gets exciting when individuals meet and group together to hasten things along.

    Humans: If we’re not trying to create Utopia, we’re trying to burn it to ashes.

    • Could it be that the Left was merely whipped into a frenzy by their media? They were already suffering bilious attacks of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now a mysterious traveler from the Orient arrives and promises Death, so we get a 21st-century version of the Dancing Plague.

      Many, many people did not give much of a hoot about Covid…it was purely driven by the Left and their buddies in high places. Rightwing media and people were always skeptical, but was drowned out, and eventually forced to comply with the diktats, albeit grudgingly. Excuse my whitepilling, but we may have seen the height of leftwing power in 2020. It will decline.

      • It’s a “hard to say”. I have no doubt COVID hysteria was ramped up to:

        – Hide the fact the Democrats were throwing the primaries to Slow Joe
        – Close down an economy that was actually benefiting lower and middle class people
        – Throw Orange Man Bad out of office by scaring people enough to not go out and vote and spin up millions of fake votes
        – Make money for selected pharmaceutical firms

        But, just like every other best laid plan of mice and men, COVID took on a life of its own. As Z notes, and other bloggers (Severian, who comments on this blog) as well, to paraphrase the Chris Hedges book title, for many people “COVID is a Force That Gives Us Meaning”. So it became sort of a “Chinese Red Guards” movement. It allowed a class of people to lace up the jackboots and pull on the leather trenchcoats and unleash their inner totalitarian. And we need it to keep going so it adds meaning. As I said today somewhere else:

        “Of Course they have to stoke up the fear 😨 of COVID-19! They have to hide:

        – A President suffering from dementia
        – Rising oil and gasoline prices
        – Rising prices on groceries and other staples
        – Shortages of items on store shelves
        – Rampant retail crime, committed by a particular group of people
        – A vehicular manslaughter crime committed by a particular person, egged on by them

        So, COVID it is OMG 😳 WE’REALLGONNADIE!!!!!!!!!!”

        The interesting question to ask yourself is this: Look at political campaigns or movements like a military campaign. Has “The Left” outrun its supply lines / support, or is “The Left” seeking to consolidate gains before launching the final push to victory, as they define it?

        • I think it’s simpler—but more evil—than that. Trump was a shoo-in in the beginning of 2020, due primarily to the economy. Major issue is always the economy for the average voter. Dem’s/Leftist’s needed a way to break the economy. A pandemic and the resulting whole population quarantine—as illustrated in China—was a gift from Above. There was no downside, everything else; vote rigging, market crash, blaming Trump, etc. was icing on the cake.

          Now to cause such widespread suffering on such a scale for political gain is truly evil and ranks only second to bringing a country into an existential war.

          • I think this is true but in other forms and fashions happened throughout the West. The upside is the demons’ capitols will be turned into fireballs, the downside is we all will be dying of frostbite and starvation. Their hubris is exceeded only by their idiocy.

          • how come Biden didn’t win by more than Obama 08 though? You would think that would happen due to the economy being bad.

      • “Psychosomatic”
        Kids: “That means she’s faking it!”
        Other kids: “No, that means she’s making it up!”
        Teacher: “Well kids, it’s a little bit of both…”

          • Human

            The idea that contra “Blank Slate” thinking that all people are created and are totally equal, that there are biological differences between ethnic groups and races, especially IQ.

            Usually results in a “Nuh-uh, there are no differences between people” response from non-adherents.

          • Don’t forget, HBD will also discuss and theorize on ingrained “behavioral” differences among the races and between the sexes. This is as important as IQ—if not more important.

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