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  1. In Canada Thanksgiving comes in October. That’s where I am, and that federal turkey that escaped its death in Washington, D.C., has a whole family that perished in October here, for lack of a Prime Minister’s pardon. Sad but true! Mourn the turkey family!

  2. Z, thanks for your ability to crank out high quality mini essays on a daily basis. Even though I sometimes find you too optimistic, it is still quite amazing. Maybe we will end up in the same camp and will be able to discuss the topics you write about while doing forced labor making pride, la raza and antifa flags.

  3. Z Man’s suggested song reminds me of a question that I don’t have a good answer for. In the particular case of this song, the question that can be phrased, “Is Arlo Guthrie making fun of folk music and the people who enjoy it or not?

    Folk music was popular through the 1960s in cool places like San Francisco. Yet the people who live in SF would have hated the people who wrote and enjoyed folk music.d

    The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan are the best examples. They seemed to study and emulate the folk music of Middle America yet they obviously laughed at and looked down on the people in Middle America.

    To what extent were Arlo Guthrie, the Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan sincere about folk and to what extent was it a spiteful parody of Middle America? I wasn’t around then and I’m not sure.

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

    • The only one of them I know is Dylan, and his relationship to old-white-people music isn’t *perfectly* sincere, but it’s more so than you’d think. He’s very old. That Christmas record he made that sounds like the Ray Coniff Singers (but with terrible singing) is a true love letter to that sort of thing. His younger fans have a hard time with it, and with his other Christian music. He means it all, in his goofy way.

      I’m friend-of-a-friend with a couple Dead guys, and they’re true fans of the old songs, too. I don’t know if Jerry was. I doubt it. He seemed like a jerk.

    • I started seeing the dead in 79, ended up going to a few hundred shows. A lot of them We’re in middle America. There were always tix available because they never sold out the show or came even close. Yet they would return every year. They also dragged all their gear to Egypt and played at the base of the pyramids. Everyone who worked for the band was invited as well as their family all on the dead’s dime. They were dissidents with guitars. The first name of the band was mother Mcrees uptown jug band. They played songs from mother Mcrees right up to the last show with Garcia ( peace be upon him) had to throw that in. Don’t mess with the fat man. I watch the last waltz yesterday for the 50th time. It’s pretty good until rat boy Dylan comes on at the end. Ps: I saw the Rush 2112 tour Zman.

  4. I wish you guys all a Happy Thanksgiving if for no other reason that our celebration drives the leftists nuts.

  5. Despite being one of those TRS derelicts, I am thankful for the Zmans blog and the best comments section on the web. Raising my glass of brandy to y’all.

  6. That boys dad ( woody Guthrie) had a gee-tar with the words ‘this machine kills fascists’ painted on it. Maybe he should have taken it down to the latest peaceful protest and pull a El ka-bong on some of them there lads in Wisconsin. Woody ended up die’n in a nuthouse in NJ. But not before (((Dylan))) pulled a Vulcan mind melt and plagiarized all his commi prose for a pack of luck strikes. Have a good break Zman.

    • Shoulda stuck it out. Unlike most Boomer Era music, its theme rhymes with much of what we see today.

      It is a slog, though.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Dissidents! Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  7. El mucho appreciate all the content you produce, both written and oral – best on the net by far. Great commenters as well. Happy T-giving to all.

  8. I was surprised to find the Google search animation for Thanksgiving only includes gravy dish, some vegetables and slice of pumpkin pie dancing around. No sign of the traditional turkey to be seen. Perhaps the artists is implying the Turkey was not present because it was pardoned by FJB.

    Or perhaps this year, after being oppressed by white Europeans for hundreds of years, the turkey has identified itself as a homeless alphabet person and is camped out in a tent somewhere on the streets of Los Angeles.

    • You are probably not far off. I suspect some PETA shenanigans afoot. Meat is murder you know. These folk are ubiquitous here and imbedded deeply in all major institutions in America, and that would include advertising.

      Last night was watching the TV (old movie involving hobbits and such) when the ad’s came on. 12 commercials—yes I keep count. Only one White person in one ad—and that was in a secondary position to a Black! All commercials led by Blacks, with the exception of a *cartoon* showing mixed race couple with a mystery meat baby.

      Z-man was correct. We are being sold 24×7 multi-culturalism—not corn flakes.

      • My wife didn’t believe me when I pointed out your observation to her. We kept count ourselves. It really pissed her off. Guess she had to see it and be aware of it with her own eyes.

        The only thing we watch now is old black and white movies, where humans are human (last night it was Casablanca).When the commercials come on its the mute button and the bathroom.

        Happy White People take over the World Day..

        I wish you all futures void of diversity.

    • “Skip the turkey this year” is the official line in the eat-bugs-in-your-pod media. Various justifications: Gaia, inflation, imperialism, etc.

      When celebrating Thanksgiving is illegal—five years? I’d guess—the Googlepolizei will be automatically dispatched when you search for reactionary recipes.

      Happy holidays, everyone!

      • unfortunately toh NO turkey seems to have worked . Far from the turkey shortage predicted , there were a crap ton left in the grocery store I was in yesterday.

        • Eh, it’s hard to know what to make of it. Supply chain disruptions have led to situations where some places have gluts while others have shortages. Plus, inflation has done a number on people’s finances, so there’s probably a chance that people are looking for cheaper meat. Americans becoming vegan en masse strikes me as the least likely explanation.

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