Order And Chaos

Lost in the rush into the holiday season is the Charlottesville monkey trial concluded last week with a verdict for the plaintiffs. The jury had no verdict on some of the claims but agreed there was some sort of conspiracy by the defendants. They also decided that the plaintiffs suffered no harm as a result of it, but the defendants were doo-doo heads who deserved some sort of punishment. As a result, they awarded the plaintiffs eleventy billion bars of gold-pressed latinum in punitive damages.

The jury did not fall into Star Trek jargon, but they may as well have, given the structure of their decision. According to lawyers who followed the case, the punitive damages are symbolic due to rules governing the relationship between punitive and compensatory damages in civil cases. Typically, courts limit the ratio to a single digit. That is, punitive damage awards are capped at something less than ten times the compensatory damages, which in this case were one dollar.

This reality is of no consequence as the trial was always political activism on behalf of the ruling class. In a sane society this never would have been in a courtroom and the lawyers who brought it would be deported. Ours is a society in crisis, so ridiculous things like this are common now. The lawyers got their win and regime media was happy to promote it as a great blow against free speech. For a day, the blue-checks on Twitter were celebrating the win.

That is the first lesson of this trial. Two lessons, actually. One is the reminder that political activism is all about boosting the spirits of your side and depressing the sprits of the other side. In the language of Osama bin Laden, activism is about making your horse look strong and their horse look weak. When given the choice, people will always pick the strong horse. Everything about the UTR event was bad activism for the participants and good activism for their opponents.

The other lesson here is that the world has now moved on from that chapter of political opposition to the ruling regime. Hardly anyone in regime media noticed the trial when it was happening. The verdict was a one day event celebrated by trivial figures on low-end social media. Basically, the story rated a wire report that was picked up by websites as part of their automated filler. The world has moved on from this sort of drama, which is very good news for dissidents.

Another lesson of this case is one of the oldest. If you lie down with dogs you will wake up with fleas. Guilt by association is a real thing. You may think it is unfair, but it is just how the world operates. If you hang around with screwballs like Chris Cantwell, then you will be judged by that association. The fact is, all organizations, especially in politics, are judged by their worst members. It is why high standards are essential in all political activism. You are judged by the company you keep.

Similarly, this should be the final nail in the optics debate. Both sides of this case revolted the jury. They clearly saw that the plaintiffs were liars and doing this for political reasons, but the defendants were wildly offensive to them. It is not hard to imagine the jury’s motivation here. They wanted out of that courtroom and as far away from all of them as possible. The symbolic award was a way to end the nightmare and inoculate themselves from retaliation by the Twitter blue-checks.

The fact is, the alt-right and its traveling partners never much cared about the issues they claim are at the center of their politics. The big names of that thing were there for attention and internet likes. Spencer represented himself in the case because it afforded him more time to talk about himself. The narcotic of minor celebrity is powerful stuff and it led the big shots of the alt-right to embrace increasing extreme rhetoric as they chased the dragon of internet celebrity.

The final lesson here is that America is no longer a rules-based society. This case like so many of late, had no business in a courtroom. The underlying claims are un-American and fly in the face of civil society. The people behind this case have no business in a Western society. Until this is remedied, no sane person should ever put himself in a position where he may end up in court. Even if you are completely in the right the courtroom is no place for a white person.

Scars are lessons. Stupid people accumulate as trophies to their past stupidity, while smart people carry them as lessons. These trials are scars on the face of Western civilization and they need to be seen as such. It is not about winning and losing, but about the far deeper problem that lies behind them. The people behind these cases are the same people behind the riots. The great lesson in all of this is the battle is not about policy, but between order and chaos and chaos is winning.

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133 thoughts on “Order And Chaos

  1. The important part of the trial is that it SETS PRECEDENT for future trials.

    Lawyers can refer back to this one and point out the statements that the trial makes.

    If you want to negate the effect of this trial, have some rich dude support the opposite stance in future trials to provide opposite precedent. That’s the way to limit the damage this trial does.

    • Sorry to disagree, but this “trial” sets no precedent. It has no binding power on any other court, whether federal or state, does not create stare decisis, nor, as Our Esteemed Host has pointed out, was it ever even a thing in the court of popular opinion. It always was and will remain a nothingburger of the first water, having no influence anywhere beyond the courtroom in which it was rendered. At a stretch, if unappealed, it might serve as a footnote in the written opinion of another judge in this District, but I suspect it will be quickly forgotten, as are most proceedings handled by 5 year old Senior Judges in teh Federal system. They only get case that the regular judges deem unworthy of consideration.So, don’t sweat the future. Not to mention that the participants in this theater of the absurd are not a group likely to be replicated in the future.

      • I yield to the (internet) court.

        Come check out my site by clicking on my name. Some good stuff for a recovering lawyer (and assorted other riffraff).

        • Nah, you’re right. Informal precedents are a thing, too. When courts understand that there’s a decisional direction, a how-things-are-going, they “get out in front of it” (capitulate to it) before they’re formally required to, not least so they can pretend it’s their own idea. This is one of the reasons Republican-appointed judges are almost always disappointing. Peer pressure in the professional class is stronger than in any other group, and far stronger than law and tradition.

    • I have a friend in the Kulaks. From what I hear, their unique focus is on providing some financial security for those who are de-banked or doxxed. They also support business networking for our guys. Further, while they do encourage real life meetings and fraternity, they do not do any activism.

      From what I hear, they are a nationwide group that has been around for a year and are seeking more members. No real names allowed.

    • 2nd time in 48 hours, ya’ll niggas at Quantico working over time to get this honeypot to catch some flies…

      • “Commies, amirite? Hey, how ’bout instead of it’s the N-bomb, WE’RE the N-bomb? U get me? Eh? If you do, sign up for this mailing list. We accept Discover.”

  2. A couple of observations. First, coalitions are inherently fragile and prone to fighting each other. None other than the Former Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote that in “Crusade in Europe.” He ought to have known. His argument was that victory in Europe as as much politics and logistics as anything else. Thus we ought to encourage the coalition against us to fight among themselves.

    There are various ways, including having the Media confirm forcefully that of course some rumor about “antii-Muslim” behavior on the part of the plaintiffs above is untrue. Since any sensible person would take the denial as confirmation.

    Second, the “genius” move by the Biden Regency to stop soaring gasoline prices is yet another lockdown, just in time for Christmas. When already Europe is in a general state of revolt against the umpteenth lockdown. [Spearheaded by their Muslims who being Muslim are immune from any consequences by their regimes] Yes we will have another year long lockdown as part of the move to contain massive consumer inflation, more stimmy checks, and more useless vaccines and booster shots and masks and everything else. This is going to create massive and not-reported social discontent on all levels of society below the big shots.

    Third, White men belong to us. In between Thanksgiving cooking I had the TV on: tuned to the Parade, Dog Show, Football games. EVERY SINGLE TV show promoted was 100% black. Black black black black black. Not a single White guy in the bunch. Every commercial featured the fantasy black husband of a White woman. And apparently Marvel is charging ahead with its movies featuring nothing but gay, lesbian, etc. characters and written by SJW people with zero experience writing, same with the directors, and a cast of SJW non-Whites with zero Charisma or presence. Meaning culturally, socially, and emotionally, the current regime of saintly racially redeeming blacks, gays, trannies, weirdos, freaks, and empowered White women has the same level of attraction and respect as a rancid pool of vomit for nearly all White men.

    White men have already checked out mentally from this clown show because they have no place in it, will always be excluded from the party, and they and the regime both know it. This means the most critically important skilled people: pilots, mechanics, engineers, scientists, etc. all belong to us. That’s something.

      • You are correct Mr Darcy;

        To date, other than mocking Covidians and being held up by lines at various and sundry stores, the Coof has had zero effect on me or my family.

        The “lockdowns” only work if people allow them to.

      • The entire Western World. All the Western governments are now in a panic because inflation is skyrocketing due to the Green Idiocy of banning fossil fuels in an economy absolutely dependent upon them.

        So the transparent solution is to lock everyone down. No more sporting events with spectators. No more airline flights. No more eating out, no more retail shopping, no more anything but total lockdown for about a year. Basically every place is Australia. That’s the play — if no one is driving then oil demand will plummet. They figure at least that the public will passively accept this without end. Which they will. Until they suddenly don’t.

    • Last night I was browsing through the movie selection on Amazon Prime (I was bored and the wife has a subscription..). After the first few recent hits and nostalgia pics, there was absolutely nothing but page after page of black movies and/or movies that featured black stars. Seriously, it was almost comical, and no, this wasn’t in the “black voices” section.

      As out esteemed host has pointed out on a few occasions, a visitor from another planet would assume (correctly) that we as a society freakin’ worship blacks.

      • We do worship blacks. That is quite obvious by now. Our entire society is centered around worship of blacks as holy racial redeemers against the sin of boring White beta males just being boring.

        How long this can go on without a White male revolt is a question. Fundamentally the purge of White males from every level of society will either culminate in White men being just passively removed permanently or something else. Our betters are convinced we will be passively removed because they have the megaphone. Like some crazed black street preacher harassing the passers by showing dominant social power but still living in a slum apartment if that.

        • Based on the behavior of whites in South Africa, I think the current situation can drag on for a really long time.

          • Whites in South Africa are outnumbered roughly 10 to 1. Raw numbers matter a lot when necklacing is on the list of potential outcomes.

      • Outdoorspro: Sounds like me searching for some light but interesting fiction to read (and not romance, but military or mystery or end of the world scenario). Page after page of books featuring blacks, women, and gay men.

        • You might try Margaret Attwood’s (yup, really)
          Oryx and Crake.
          remarkablely written about twenty years ago it’s a real mind-fucker of a future where big Pharma rule the world that’s divided between the genetically perfect/enhanced and the peasantry.
          Or this
          The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047
          by Lionel Shriver,
          An all-too-real dystopia that I think is 3 years late: we’ll get there in 2026.
          As an ex-bankster, the finance side of this seems dead right.

    • A Thanksgiving White Pill to add to this—

      My 2 nephews 17 and 24 are eyes WIDE open. And I do mean wide. I don’t know what ratio they represent against the gen Z woke f-ckery but they are social kids with lots of friends so I would imagine its fairly pervasive.

      My 17 yo Nephew opens up his phone and goes ‘have you seen this?’ it is the “Who Controls Your Mind” meme where it shows every single name in major media / news with the Star of David next to the name.

      Yes, my 17 yo nephew has awareness of not just wokeness, and race hustling, but the actual JQ. I was shocked in a good way. 24 yo, same deal. Perhaps we haven’t put enough faith in the youngest generation. When the deck is totally stacked against you and you are outcast from society there would appear to be no good reason not to burn it to the ground.

      • Apex Predator: That is good news. Is your sibling (their mother or father) similarly woke? Does this mean your family (or at least one member) stood by you when the black with false rayciss claims tried to destroy your life? Do your nephews show similar things to their parents, or just you?
        (None of this is my business, of course, but these are the questions that naturally occur to me upon reading your comment.)

        • No their parents were -quite- against me at that time but I’ve found forgiveness about it because I would rather have them aware then still being f-cktard leftist zombies.

          The truth is like the vast majority of this country, they swallowed what they were fed 24×7. So at the time they both saw me as ‘fringe’. It is only now when the plan is out in the open and they think they’ve won that they understand the reality of the situation.

          I could be bitter about this because they hung me out to dry at the time but nothing good comes from nursing grudges like that. Both parents know the deal and they were anti-gunner lefties most of their lives. They are armed to the teeth now. That is progress by ANY yardstick, so good for us. The message is getting through some how, some way.

  3. I’m not seeing a reply link below LineInTheSand’s comment re: antifa not having been aided by the police before C’ville, so I’m misplacing this reply here.

    That phenomenon was *the* recurring story among persuadable normie-cons during Trump’s campaign. Every rally saw the cops feeding the MAGA crowd to antifa, enjoying watching the Trump crowd get hurt, and immediately cracking down on them if they defended themselves. Most Trump fans repressed it and put their heads back down over the grill, but quite a few of our guys were born. It was a real shock.

    It wasn’t to me, because I’d spent half my life in SF, NYC, Portland and Minneapolis. In all those places antifa has *always* been an unofficial auxiliary police force and the “real” police have always treated it as if it’s under a non-interference/protection order—except for the few occasions when antifa got full of itself and attacked the wrong politicians. That’s when the cursory arrest-and-release policy kicks in, a call is made, and the cause is abandoned.

    The C’ville people who went in guilelessly, thinking protest is a right that anyone outside the state really has, were newbs. Several of the organizers were not, and they knew exactly what sacrifice they were offering.

    • “antifa has *always* been an unofficial auxiliary police force”

      No. We used to be able to gather publicly without being attacked. Antifa would be there but they did not attack. Amren used to meet at hotels in major cities. Spencer used to have NPI events.

      Spencer getting punched in late 2017 was the point when that changed. More generally, it was probably Trump’s election that prompted the change. Weren’t there antifa attacks at Trump’s inauguration?

    • During the summer of St George riots, there were a couple of posts I saw of cop trucks (emblazoned and all) unloading bricks in alleyways.

  4. “The fact is, all organizations, especially in politics, are judged by their worst members. It is why high standards are essential in all political activism. You are judged by the company you keep.”


    The Left is never judged by the radicals, freaks, trannies, Antifa, and revolutionary weirdos who populate it’s ranks. Blacks are never judged by the many animalistic savages, violent criminals and corrupt lunatic politicians of their race. Jews are never judged by the Rosenbergs or by the likes of Susan “the white race is the cancer of human history” Sontag.

    Only white conservatives and Republicans are judged by the people with the worst optics. Every Republican is seen as a David Duke (and actually Duke is a really nice, polite guy — I know people who have met him in person). Even Republican cucks like Trent Lott get defenestrated for something as innocouous as a compliment to Strom Thurmond on his 90th birthday.

    Smearing and defaming an entire group of people is a tactic of the political Left and the Jewish-controlled media, not the Right.

      • I thought Xman was complaining about the way righties treat their own and how quick they are to apologize for saying something that lefty pretends to be offended by.

      • Both these comments are reasonable and if you put them together, you get the whole truth.
        They’re trying to tear everything down so the worse the characters on their side, the better. Fine, upstanding citizens don’t burn down city blocks.
        Our side is trying to preserve society or at least build something new out of the wreckage. For that, we have to have standards.
        That doesn’t mean we have to keep the gloves on if theirs are off, but we do need to exclude clowns, freaks and glowies from leadership positions, and if possible from membership, too.

        • “we do need to exclude clowns, freaks and glowies from leadership positions, and if possible from membership, too.”

          We should strive for that but we will never fully accomplish it especially at the grass roots level. Add in Feds and lefties infiltrating and in every event will be a great photo op for the other side. Think back to that Trump rally where a leftist Jewish (redundant) woman dressed in a KKK outfit. Or the earlier Spencer event where two Jews gave the Nazi salute. Granted Spencer is a clown but we can’t prevent all of that from happening. To make matters worse, as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers show, we must assume the head of any of our groups will be a Fed of some sort.

  5. The problem is that at some point, something meaningful is going to have to be done about these guys. One thing I will say about Whitey in general, and Americans in particular… is that they aren’t afraid to make distinctions between the puppets and the puppeteers. He’s smart enough to know that dealing with the latter often takes care of the former.

    These guys aren’t stupid either. Sure, FJB and the paid actors are clueless… but the lower minions in the Establishment know what’s going on. They’re scared spitless. They are going to get much worse.

    • They are not scared.

      What are they scared about?

      nothing ever happens to them no matter what evil is heaped upon the heads of the masses and their children.

      Its such a cope and its getting tiresome to hear it.

      You think the media would be so anti-white if they were afraid? They rub your face in it daily because what are you going to do about it?

      • Not sure I agree. To wit, the Jan 6 protesters currently serving an indeterminate imprisonment in solitary—without benefit/recourse of a (speedy) trial!

        To me, this blatant display of raw power and ignoring of the most basic laws/rights of the people illustrates fear, deep fear. This move is designed to warn the rabble of what fate awaits them should they challenge the establishment—while at the same time illustrating *exactly* why the establishment must be challenged/removed and its illegitimacy to govern.

        If they were not scared, they’d have not played their hand so openly to the population. They’re scared enough to run that risk. Of course, your interpretation of the above can be made as well with this example, but then why have TPTB played possum to date with much more subtle exercises of power? What drove them to act so openly now?

        • Fear of reprisal inhibiting action is fear.

          i.e its why no Gallery would have a “piss mohamed”, and no ramadan commercials feature a gay Muslim Cleric kissing.

          Crushing your enemies because you get no push back its not fear. Its making sure they know full well the feel of your boot on their face and to revel in your own power. Weakness encourages domination.

          Staling did not murder 20 million because he was afraid of them. He did it because he could.

        • have to disagree.
          they arent scared.
          they are pissing in your face,
          daring you to do something about it.

          keep discussing amongst yourselves.
          Im sure that will fix the problem.

          • Nonsense.

            Kyle Rittenhouse already fired the first shots. They couldn’t murder him in the street, and when they tried in their own courts, they failed there too.

            What if, during the next chimp out – instead of a patriot or dissident turning himself in after smoking some morons … he fires on the mob from a place of concealment? What if he covers his face, and the locals work with him to oppose the police and the Establishment – that would sit back and watch them burn? What if, instead of honest citizens, patriots and dissidents getting Lefty’s justice in court – the judicial traitors got theirs in the street? The food and fuel haven’t even run out yet, and these guys are panicking and making hysterical threats they can’t deliver on – and you are quailing in your boots! Show some spine, man, people might mistake you for being craven!

            If people cannot get justice peacefully, they will get it violently. One of the problems for the dissidents is that you are in danger of getting high off your own supply. “Normies” and “Grillers” are waking up in the thousands and tens of thousands. Why would you believe their media and invite them to piss in your face? It’s called an “off button”. Of course they are going to insult and goad you – what do you expect?

            Every day, guys like our esteemed blog host get more and more traction. Every day the mass media and their fart catchers in Conservative Inc. get less. Ask Z how the National Review is doing these days…?

            You are being heard, and their blustering and dog and pony shows prove it. If they were winning – none of you would be sounding off. Keep it up – and stay positive.

        • Most of what you see as fear or others see as incompetence is more likely extreme confidence that their side is about to win, so they are getting a bit hasty to try to make sure it is their faction that ends up on top. Basic games theory, cooperation has decreasing value the closer to the last turn it gets, while backstabbing has increased returns.

          Compare to the many times in history when a strong ruler kept things peaceful, but when he got old and feeble the in-fighting started. Roman Emperor Augustus comes to mind.

        • fear begets hatred. the people responsible for all this will not die of old age in their beds. neither will their children, parents, etc.

        • The twittersphere has some rumblings that the reason they’re being held (and brainwashed in the classic Korean War sense) is that the Capitol police REALLY misbehaved with excessive force.

          Beating grannies to death, shoving people off of high railings, that kind of thing.

          Oddly enough, the “insurrection” lie has been going for so long now that even direct video evidence of police brutality wouldn’t move the needle an inch. Not anymore.

        • “If they were not scared, they’d have not played their hand so openly to the population.” Sorry, but no. Playing your hand openly has never been a sign of fear. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is a sign of confidence. They are no longer hiding, because they no longer feel the need. They have successfully and openly stolen a presidential election, they have (mostly) successfully altered the entire Western economy to benefit themselves, they have taken over every significant social, governmental, religious, academic, and military institution in the Western world. Pray tell, what do they have to fear?

          Look, I don’t mean to black pill, but it’s time to admit and understand what we are up against. Keep telling yourself “they’re really scared now” if that helps you feel better, but it just isn’t true. The only way they’re actually going to feel fear, is if our side becomes more ruthless than them. At this point, I’m not optimistic. However, I have no idea what the future holds.

          • Point being made was that fear begets desperate measures. In short, they escalate rather than brush off an “ineffectual” mob/populous as a trifle. The Jan 6th follow up is a disproportional response to a basically peaceful protest (say as compared to continuous riots of BLM during summer of 2020).

            This disproportional response is not the logical reaction of an authoritative body confidently control of a powerless populous. Responding to a prior poster’s quip about Stalin—yes he was fearful and that was the essential basis of his relentless purging of his people and institutions. He was not more fearful of the act of mass murder as he was of the fear that somewhere, somehow an opposition was organizing against him. Hence, he unleashed his reign of terror to eliminate all possible opposition to him and cow the populous.

            Similarly, the response of the TPTB wrt Jan 6 assembly indicates fear of the populous. It’s not that they could care less, but that it was an unwise move to make martyrs of so many basically ordinary smucks. Why?

            Like a fearful dog that bites. It does so out of desperation, not dominance. I do not confuse fearful response with winning or losing the fight. Perhaps only with turning a corner.

          • They are meme-ing that white / white-men are dangerous and need to be depotentiated.

            Think method acting. Actions are done in fashion that conveys their truth. done in a fashion that indicates inner state and belief.

            So they [have to] respond in a why that indicates that whites need to be oppressed.

            The meme that it is their democracy, ie country, and we are outsiders.

      • We’ve passed the point where fear is relevant. In a hot conflict (and the other side is trying to kill you), it doesn’t matter what their motivation is. If they kill you, you’re dead and vice versa. When the bullets are flying, emotions are a hindrance.

        For example, in the Gulf War a common US military psyop was to broadcast insults at entrenched Iraqi soldiers offending their courage & manhood, and thereby triggering a visceral anger in them. The stupid one’s that became enraged and jumped out of the trench and charged across an open desert landscape soon learned a terminal lesson about what an M2 can do to a human body. That is the Left’s current strategy. They want you to become the stupid Iraqi that jumps out of the trench.

  6. “The people behind this case have no business in a Western society.”

    Looking forward to a column elaborating on who these “people” are.

    • Do your own homework. Do it silently and solely within the confines of your cranium. Poker face, mute, and keep your head down. Ancient wisdom.

    • Exactly, “they” never hesitate to dox everyone they can, their jobs families hell even their dogs are legitimate targets for the communists.. WTF dosen’t this side?
      The war is real, the enemy will give no quarter & deserves none in return. Intel drives the fight.

  7. “ In the language of Osama bin Laden, activism is about making your horse look strong and their horse look weak. When given the choice, people will always pick the strong horse.”

    OSB and the Taliban are modern-day heroes for the dissident right. If they took their lands back from GAZE then so can we.

    • Except that “they” (AINO) never possessed Afghanistan. So the Taliban never had to take it “back.” They had only to drive the foreigner out of their country. Completely different situation from that in which we now find ourselves. But your point is still entirely valid, although expressed incorrectly.

    • Our elites were never trying to win as we define it. They were using the war to convert tax money into military contracts and political kickbacks. They can’t pull out of America when a better offer comes along, like China’s bid for the mining. Our elites will nerve gas entire states to stay in power, then use their control of the media to blame us.

      • Nailed it.

        Afghanistan was just one big nearly twenty-year long grifting operation.

        Iraq is still ongoing.

      • Agree.
        The $273 million a day spent on Afghanistan stayed within a days bike ride of Washington DC. Five of the six richest counties in the US surround Mordor on the Potomac.The other btw is Greenwich CT. Thanks to the FED.

        It’s been a long time since wealth was acquired honestly in the Untied States.

      • You’re subscribing to the old normie belief that, “they’re doing it for the money, power, or x reason.” Clearly, the grift was a big reason for some, but the real reason is they are true believers and needed to spread the gospel of their liberal global democracy. They didn’t start teaching gender and tranny studies in Kabul University for a grift. That was the equivalent of setting up missionary work in the Amazon.

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  9. Yes, the message has been sent. Do anything publicly against TPTB, and you’ll could find yourself in a court with a 50-50 chance of going to prison for a very long time or getting financially ruined. (The attorney fees could do the latter by itself.)

    CivNats hailed the Rittenhouse verdict as proof that the system still works, when, in fact, the trial was proof of the opposite. No sane person would want to go through what he did.

    We now live in a country where our lives can be destroyed at the whim of our rulers.

    • Agreed. The court system is No Place for White Men anymore. Rittenhouse proved that no matter how righteous your actions… the process, at the minimum, is part of the punishment. As they say in the hood, don’t talk to the Po Po, they aren’t your friends (or at least their controllers aren’t). The snatch and grab gangs currently working stores on the West Coast show that numbers and masks are functuonal options moving forward. Lessons abound. Leave yoir cell phone at home if you have to defend your town from the hordes.

      • I’m glad Rittenhouse was exonerated, but I don’t really find it that troubling that he was put on trial. There’s little value in rubber-stamping vigilantes, no matter how righteous their actions because the presence of active vigilantes is indicative of a greater problem. Namely, the government failing to maintain proper order. If everyone can become a law unto themselves, you will just have chaos, even if sometimes good things happen. The problem we have isn’t so much that Rittenhouse was tried for murder, but that the government wasn’t the entity shooting the lawbreakers. Indeed, police impotence merely begs the question: if cops won’t shoot lawbreakers, why give them guns?

        • They will shoot lawbreakers, like people demonstrating on the street unmasked against vaccine mandates. Or white people defending themselves or neighborhoods against thugs looting.

          Antifa and BLM are the thug wing of the DNC/Globalist anti white class, so they’re not breaking any laws. Z has been over this in a previous podcast – “laws” as we knew them no longer exist.

        • Negative. There are ample cases of communities defending themselves when TPTB are unable to. From the Roof Koreans to the towns surrounding N.O.L.A. in Katrina without much if any prosecution.

          And let me put it to you this way. This was not vigilantism that was extra-governmental (absense of government through circumstance or inability).

          This was a case of intra-governmental choice to allow chaos and destruction.

          The State acted to create a new ‘martyr’ in Jacob Blake. The State allowed the rioters to assemble and engage in chaos and victimization of the community. State actors had the police stand down. State actors signaled that looting and burning was an acceptable reaction. State actors had set the precedent of not charging rioters.Stare actors were raising bail for rioters. The State then proceeds to bring Rittenhouse up on charges on behalf of the State, when they were responsible for all the events and refused to fulfill their obligations. The State is the guilty party but they tried to transfer all of that to the shoulders of a convenient young White man despite the clear evidence.

          No. They get no passes in my book. The boy has been smeared and the State again sends the message that they will punish My People for daring to defend ourselves when they set up these scenarios.

          No more understanding and equivocation. They have chosen to abuse my People and humble us in every way. Demand our impotence and submission to playing the villain in Our land.

          Nope. Done. Never. No more trust or understanding. Dont be afraid to call out evil.

          • The “state” are people that can be identified. Knowledge is leverage. Archimedes is us
            The fulcrum ?
            I don’t know.

        • Drew, you might learn the definition of the term vigilante—rather than just use it as a slur.

          “A person who is not a member of law enforcement but who pursues and punishes persons suspected of lawbreaking.‘. The Free Dictionary.

          Nowhere was Rittenhouse accused of taking to task any of the lawless rioters. He merely stood—with others—between them and their goal of property destruction. When the body of the riot passed him—rioters being abject cowards when confronted in force—he departed to return home and then was set upon by some of the remaining murderous thugs.

          Now I’ll admit to many stretching the definition of vigilantism to the act of suppressing crime, but if that’s your extensive definition, then everyone who yells at a mugger in the act, or even intervenes is a vigilante.

          Defense of one’s life is not vigilantism, nor is the peaceful display of force when confronted by a lawless and illegal gathering of thugs.

          • Kyle wasn’t standing on his front porch when he shot those people, he was on a public street during a public protest. It’s entirely fair to have that behavior tried in court, and it’s just as fair to find him not guilty. His case wasn’t complete unambiguous, so scrutinizing it is reasonable. I think what he did what was justified, but I don’t think it was immediately obvious, given the context of his actions. It’s perfectly okay for the community in which he shot those men to examine his actions motives closely.

          • Drew,

            You’re correct and completely wrong. The community did have a right and a reason to look at what Kyle did. Police should gathered evidence and shown it to prosecutors, who should have looked at the evidence and concluded immediately that there was no reason to charge Rittenhouse with anything.

            You’re correct that the community had a right to look into the what happened. You’re laughably wrong that Rittenhouse should have been charged with any crime.

    • And it’s not over, by a long shot. The feds are talking about bringing charges, and Kyle will have to be on his toes the rest of his life.

  10. The insanity of the Charlottesville trial is indeed a symptom of the decline of our society and, most importantly, should be a revelation that the normal “checks & balances” that used to reign in this type of crazy are no longer operative. We are in the death spiral of the toilet bowl vortex and most our population is still experiencing the thrill as if it was an amusement park ride.

    All of the recent show trials (Rittenhouse, Arbery, Charlottesville) should be viewed as validation that coming battles will be existential and the stupid will fall to the axe first. If you are not now taking things seriously and both planning & preparing for the worst, you will have earned your fast exit from the gene pool.

    • From the accounts that I’ve heard of the trial, Cantwell’s performance as his own lawyer was masterful. He is very intelligent and energetic. It’s a shame he’s so reckless and irresponsible.

        • My understanding is that he’ll be in jail for years for threatening, perhaps not seriously, that he was going to rape the wife of someone that he was arguing with.

          I agree that we will need reckless men at some point, but now is not the time. If only Cantwell could have gone to the gym or passed out on the day that he made that threat.

          • Gret god almighty, it appears that even in this comment threat are a number of people who you can’t stop from wanting to charge the machine gun nest straight on with bayonets fixed…

            Charlottesville should never have happened. It did not strengthen our side one iota and instead empowered our enemies by leaps and bounds. A torchlight rally populated exclusively by white men allowed all the usual suspects to pile right on in with, “You see! You see! We told you they were nazis/klan!”.

            I’d even go so far as to say Charlottesville is why Rittenhouse had the fight of his life in the courtroom and why the two down in Brunswick were railroaded in a case that was clearly self defense.

            Fight smart. It’s a long war. The banzai charge into the teeth of the enemy is the stupidest way to do it.

          • Basil, we had a permit to gather that was affirmed by overcoming a court objection a few days earlier. To my knowledge, nothing like Cville had ever happened before, meaning the police aiding antifa.

            If we hadn’t done Cville, I guess that guys like you would be berating us as keyboard warriors.

        • FFS, no we do not. There is never a time when anyone needs reckless idiots. Jeebus. Name a single time in your life when you said, “Quick, someone do something stupid”.

          • I don’t want to quibble about the meaning of “reckless,” but when I use that word I include Thermopylae and Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.

          • There is a big difference between reckless and calculated risk. Cantwell is a simpleton with zero self-control. Including him in the same conversation with Washington or Leonidas is, well, best left unsaid.

          • Seems to me most successful insurgent movements historically are a combination of measured political strategy and direct action groups, which by their nature require reckless individuals.

            Civilized only action requires a civilized opponent.

          • All of the successful insurgent movements have been left-wing. They get to play by different rules.

          • Don’t see anywhere that is written?

            Emulating successful strategy is better than retreading a losing game plan over and over.

          • There has been a time or two when I’ve said that … but never when I meant well for the poor fools who might take me up on it or the victims of their actions.

          • At some point you will have to act as a group or you will end dead up in a prison/COVID camp whatever.

            The reason the Right BTW isn’t effective as insurgents is that they have embraced individualism and moral shackles and refuse collective anything.

            In political warfare liability is not personal, its collective and guilt is also not individual , its by association .

            Patton got part of this (sweetened for censor bots)

            An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, and fights as a team. This individual hero stuff is bunk. The bilious jack wagons who write that stuff for the Saturday Evening Post don’t know any more about real battle than they do about copulation.

            That inability to look past our own grill, to have a common consensus on what culture norms we wish to enforce at gunpoint and to realize our enemies are doing exactly the same thing, the right thing for wrong reasons cripples the Right.

            No idea how to fix it ? we are blessed by idiot enemies as if they were like the left old we’d be dead .

            For all I know it may be our foes are so stupid they self destruct but regardless it is incumbent on us us to learn to work, think and act as a group for common goals

          • “All of the successful insurgent movements have been left-wing. They get to play by different rules.”

            Not the Islamic ones.

      • I’ve heard continuously on this site he is dumb, and stupid. He is a dumb stupid guy that high class old people that have very little future should have nothing to do with.

  11. I thought I saw something on gab about both a 1 dollar judgement and a 500,000 dollar judgement. I’m pretty sure it was on Kessler’s feed.

    Plus the Arbery case. The law will not or cannot protect you.

    • The people who rush to condemn Arberys killers desperately need some diversity in their community to give a deep understanding of the defendants mindset.

      Coddled suburban whites need reality to get hammered into them in a way that doesn’t destroy us all.

      • The conservatives who affirm the outcome of the Arbery case hope that by demonstrating their reasonableness to their opponents that they may be able to have a fair-minded dialog with them.

        But the highest goal of their opponents is to subjugate them.

        I can understand the argument that the Arbery’s lacked sufficient justification to perform a citizen’s arrest. In a world without encroaching black crime, I would affirm that argument. But we don’t live in that world.

        • The point of a trial by a jury of your peers is to ensure that the state can’t railroad you. A side benefit of trial by jury is that it enables a community to dispense with troublemakers, and that’s likely what happened here. I don’t blame the folks in his county for saying they didn’t want a dumb narcissist walking around armed, dreaming of meting out justice to random blacks. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your neighborhood, but you can’t be as stupid as they were about it.

      • “Coddled suburban whites need reality to get hammered into them in a way that doesn’t destroy us all.”

        How many of them were on the jury? What was the “diversity” makeup of the jury? We’re talking about Glynn County, Georgia, not Fanin or Gilmer counties.

  12. I want 1000 Charlottesville show trials for the simple reason that we want to clog up the courtrooms and lawyers with so much meaningless drama they can not do any actual damage.

        • I personally don’t, but some on our side are going to inevitably draw the short straw, such is the religious determination of our enemies. Creating an economy of scale in the legal system is only possible through bypassing our established procedures, i.e. show trials and summary executions. Until the left figures that out – and if the corporate world is any clue, they never will – then they’ll keep trying to stuff 10 pounds of monkey crap into a 5 pound bag.

          • They can make the legal system more “efficient” simply by taking shortcuts, like indefinite detention and ruling that it’s not a violation of the requirement of a speedy trial cuz reasons. How many years did the Bundy ranch people spend in jail before finally being acquitted in their 2nd or 3rd trial?

            The weakness of our justice system isn’t that it can be overwhelmed, the weakness is that it is predicated on the assumption that criminals are border-line retarded at best. In other words, don’t get caught, and if you do keep your mouth shut.

    • Indeed. The Leftists sacrificed one of their retards in order to implement the Waukesha counterattack, which accomplished many goals. It killed innocent Caucasians, it produced a media spectacle, it fed red meat to their base, it furthered the destruction of the old fashioned morality & decency of majority white America, and it sent a message to future juries that they had better convict or face the carnage of retribution.

      Yes, that’s playing dirty, but that reality has been with us for quite a while now. Will Normie wake up? Not until things get much worse. Get out of the city. Disappear. Get fit. Get ready. Give yourself a buffer zone between you and the crazy.

      • There is a film based on a true story (forget with South American country) about prisoners released temporarily from Jail to perform murders and other crimes for politicians in the ruling party.

      • Rittenhouse made us look string, Waukesha made us look weak. Our guys with ARs guarding a parade in Michigan made us look strong. If the citizens of Waukesha became enraged and took it out on the family of the killer, would that make us look strong or weak?

        • Correct. Thanks for hinting at the quiet part (that I’m not necessarily comfortable putting in writing).

          Projection of strength / weakness is something our side really needs to learn more about.

          I keep seeing idiots in comments saying things like “this is such a tragedy, can’t we all just get along!” and “why would somebody do this, what’s this world coming to”, etc. Probably shill farm comments to confuse white people.

          But there’s a reason that the media is shutting this down and the “conservative” gatekeeper media is trying to shut it down too and not showing the video… god forbid a white man get the “wrong” idea.

          • B125: Those comments (I see them all the time, too) are most likely from women, who believe flowers and teddy bears will make everything alright. I seriously doubt if any of the relatives of the Waukesha parade victims would even allow themselves to consider that the black murderer was motivated by racial hatred, and that the proper response is not one of love and understanding. Instead, they will be tripping over themselves to declare their dead loved ones free of the sin of raycissm, who would have forgive their murderer in a heartbeat.

            It’s all utterly predictable and utterly depressing.

      • Are you sure about that? Then wouldn’t they be broadcasting it more? Seems they are trying to bury this story big time.

        Unless of course the desired audience is people like us and the people who read the websites talking about this issue, But what good does that do ?

        Rather I think the issue is that the msm can never talk long or loud about black crime. They need those morons as their shock troops. They made their deal with them and no turning back. And they can’t afford to get lots of whites in a lather.

        In some ways, the best thing we can do is play divide and conquer ourselves and support and do whatever we can to gin up black resentment and anger toward the Juice and vice versa. There are already vehicles for that, such as Nation of Islam. There are also lots of regular everyday Jewish people who want nothing to do with blacks or think of them as a joke, which we catch glimpses of even when you see what little respect antifa give to BLM when they are operating in the same space. I am also confident that Jewish people of beverly hills and calabasas, now that the smash and robs are hitting close to home, are seething.

    • 1000s of show trials clogging the system didn’t exactly serve to benefit Russian dissidents for quite a few decades, so I’m not sure this is the way to approach.

      The court system is already clogged. The people running the system don’t care. They’ll just streamline it like they did in Russia if needed.

  13. The order that we need is political power at the local and state level. Until we have political leaders (governors, sheriffs, etc.) able to command uniformed men on a payroll to fend off federal overreach by any means we are just delaying the inevitable.

  14. Now’s the time all those trying stop the left’s neo-Marxist agenda need to take a gut-check, and start a LOUD movement to stay home on election day.

    “Ooooo, but we can’t hand the far left another win!” Say Republican shills. Sure you can. You do every time you elect a Republican.

    Americans need to scream at the top of their lungs: “We’re not voting for another RINO; another cuck; or another loud-mouth, big-talking-small doing, reality TV star.”

    Something has to change, and supporting the Republican Party as it now exists isn’t going to bring that change. The only hope is that maybe, just maybe, lighting a fire under the ass of the Republican Party might force them into action.

    The only other option is a new political party, altogether. But that would be very, very difficult. Probably impossible.

    In my view, a new party would have to be open to many things that most on the right would find horrific, including fixing the country’s health care crisis, even if that means being open to other countries’ ways of doing things. It would have to step away from the foreign-policy hawkishness that Republicans have disastrously followed since WWII. And while ending, or at least largely curtailing, the flows of immigration, it would have to agree to accommodate those who have legally immigrated to the country already.

    On the other hand, supporting law and order, stopping illegal immigration, standing up the woke fascists, and opposing the coming UBI and MMT would be winning strategies. This much even Trump understood. He showed you can stare down the woke fascists and win. The Republicans think academia, Hollywood, and the media ARE the real world, and so they always defer to them. A new party would have to have a thick skin, and be prepared to endure the onslaught from the intelligentsia, but if we owe Trump one bit of gratitude it is for showing that this can be done.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Due to immigration and unchecked voter fraud federal politics are lost to us. The best we can hope for is a regional GOP or regional 3rd party that has armed men on a payroll that they are willing to order to fend off federal overreach by any means.

      There is no reforming the GOP, or starting a new party, that will have any hope of getting the presidency and 50% + 1 of each house.

        • Another loon. If the immigrant is really an immigrant, i.e., possessing a legal resident VISA, he will be able to vote legally in 5 years. The time spent in non-voting “limbo” is simply a trial period to learn the ropes/rules of citizenship. If illegal, then this fine upstanding immigrant has broken US law as his first act upon entering our country, and has proven his moral ineligibility for the citizenship rights he so covets.

        • Not endorsed by Tucker, he doesn’t endorse candidates. Tucker merely remarked that of all the appalling options for mayor, Adams was by far the cleanest dirty shirt so to speak.

        • Tucker did not endorse him. If you don’t like Tucker that’s fine but don’t lie to foster a point.

    • The third way, excuse me, I mean third political party that Booby describes is attractive. I wonder if there is a conscious effort on the donors’ part to ensure that no party combines traditional values with the social safety net that most people want.

      My entry into thought crime was asking “Why do the Republicans refuse to enforce the immigration laws on the books?” Seeking the answer to this question entirely changed my beliefs about how our country works.

      Since then, many new pathways to thought crime have appeared. Why won’t any donors fund the Booby Party?

      • It is suspicious how a political graph shows lots of people supporting a trad + safety net agenda, yet somehow a political party that spends millions on polling and research keeps pushing a globo homo + laissez faire agenda. Which makes even less sense due to competing with the Left for the globohomo voters.

        • The money all comes from the Nose. Left, right, repub, demo, doesn’t fucking matter, the illusion of choice matters. Once you’re in you’re a millionaire, just shut the fuck up and do as you’re told. Don’t rock the boat, goyim, or a picture of Kennedy comes in the mail

    • The Booby: The ‘health care crisis’ is either young people forced by parents or deceived by the media into getting clot shots, or womyn addicted to antidepressants, or old and fat people on a dozen prescriptions each who expect to pay pennies on the dollar. I’ve lived in a number of countries with your desired ‘different’ health care systems, and they all sucked. Kinda like ours does now. Function more of woke med schools and alien doctors performing rote diagnosis and treatment according to globocratic protocols, with massively inflated costs to cover the millions of squatters in the country and ensure the insurance execs continue to enjoy a lavish existence.

      Engaging in party politics is giving legitimacy to the current system; I don’t want to ‘improve’ the existing government structure of AINO regardless of party – I want to destroy it.

      And I’ll be damned if I’m going to ‘accommodate’ any non-White immigrant, with or without magic papers.

      Stop living up to your pseudonym.

  15. Even the media and most generic lefties are bored with the alt-right. No one was talking about them and hasn’t for years. I doubt many normies even remember this. The only real consequence is that James Fields joined the ranks of political prisoners for running into a morbidly obese chick.

  16. So this means the NYC attorneys only get a piece of $1 ?

    If true that is just too funny and actually says that order might be winning not losing. That sounds like sanity prevailed despite the circus of a trial.

    Getting oneself on a jury might become a form of sand in the gears and quiet activism for people on our side. Imagine the next 10 anti white show trials ending in hung juries. Ha ha ha.

    • Juries are not told of limitations on punitive damages, so they probably had no idea. It is possible one of them had some experience in civil case, but most normal people don’t know about this stuff.

  17. Why was the trial not.plastered all over the news a la Rittenhouse or OJ? I had no idea ot was even happening. Is it possible the Powers that Be thought too many people would be redpilled by the defendants’ rhetoric or notice that they were being railroaded?

    • Even with major coverage, normal media consumers never learned what Rittenhouse’s case was about. They know the first thing they heard and “not guilty,” with no pills of any color delivered in between.

      Fields’s trial barely made the news. 1/6 case-resolution stories are below the fold. Etc. The show for the people is the immediate round of media lies (“crossed state lines,” “‘Jews will not replace us,'” “parade crash”). The encore is for us.

  18. I found the Charlottesville trial as boring and meaningless as everyone else. Both the plaintiffs and defendants were repellent, but only the latter in the sense of the leftwing attorneys had anything to lose, and that would have been dignity if they had any left. A shitshow with shit people, in short.

    Even the Georgia trial was somewhat of a dud although the defendants got a raw deal in many respects. The primary one of these was changing the law that allowed citizen arrests post-jogger death and making it retroactive. This was a valid defense rendered moot. In a sane civilization, which the Banana Empire most certainly is not, this aspect would be reversed on appeal.

    On the upside, everything in the United States system has to be delegitimized. The judicial system rapidly is becoming as big of a joke as the military and civilian governments, and this is to be celebrated. These cases were shoves in the right direction.


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