Back in 2014, Rolling Stone published a story about an alleged rape on the campus of the University of Virginia. Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s “A Rape on Campus” story was a bombshell story that became a national controversy. It seemed to confirm everything the Nth-wave feminists were saying about the scourge of white males raping white women on the college campus. All of the usual suspects rushed to the nearest outlet to display their outrage over the incident.

Of course, this later became known as the “Virginia Rape Hoax” as the story was completely fake. The only things about it that were true is the star of the story was a human who attended the university and the writer used her real name. Otherwise, the story was a total fabrication and a ridiculous one at that. Sensible people noticed huge problems with it from the start. The two big clues that it was fake were that it read like a bodice ripper and the villain was named Haven Monahan.

In retrospect, this story was a turning point for mass media. By the old rules, everyone involved would have been shamed out of the public eye. The writer, Sabrina Erdely, would have been drummed out of the profession. Jackie Coakley, the coed who was the fake victim, would have been destroyed by an angry media. Erdely faced no repercussions and still works in the media. Coakley was mostly ignored and has gone on with her life, not having suffered from it.

The news was always biased and lots of reporters fabricated stories to fill up their stories, but there was always risk to being a fabulist. Stephen Glass, the guy who cooked up legendary whoppers while at the New Republic was drummed out of the business and the reputation of the magazine was destroyed. Jayson Blair. the black New York Times reporter was fired for making up stories. Imagine a black reporter being fired today for anything, much less for slandering white people.

Prior to the Rolling Stone story, a reasonable person knew the media was biased toward left-wing causes and left-wing institutions. They would favor the Democrat over the Republican, for example. They would promote left-wing causes and ignore or dismiss right-wing issues. After the Rolling Stone hoax, the prudent person assumes that everything in the media is fake. The question is, what is possibly true and what is the agenda behind the proposed narrative.

In other words, reading the American media has taken on the same quality as reading the Soviet media in the Cold War. You read it like you read any piece of fiction in that you are looking for clues in the narrative to discovery the deeper meaning. Instead of Kremlinologists, Americans have to be regime-ologists. The regime media offers clues about what is going on behind the veil. Those clues help understand the workings of the inner party and what they are plotting.

Take this story in Yahoo News about a high-tension cloak and dagger affair that supposedly happened in Washington during the Trump years. The story has a female heroine named Ali Watkins, who is a strong independent female journalist working for the New York Times. It has a villain, a shady character named Jeffrey Rambo, who worked at a secretive Customs and Border Protection division. The two of them engage in a high stakes game of cat and mouse in the capital.

The story seems ridiculous and oddly familiar. The reason for that is it is ripped from the ham-fisted television shows about rogue government agencies. Of course, the main character is described like someone from female fantasy literature. Instead of the villain being named Haven Monahan, he is Jeffrey Rambo. The story does not describe him as having a thick New York accent or dropping from helicopters with a bayonet between his teeth, but you just know it happened!

There are some things about the story that are true, like the names of the two main characters, but the story is most assuredly fake. The first clue the story is made up is that this fantastic story is in Yahoo News, rather than the New York Times where the protagonist works. Instead, it is at a C-list outlet written by a nobody whose prior work was reporting on the FBI. Dumping these stories on nobody reporters is standard practice for the regime. It is part of the subterfuge.

Another clue is the main character. She is not the strong independent female journalist speaking truth to power. She is the tramp who was having sex with James Wolfe, the Security Director of the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee. He was busted for giving her information that she used in her stories. She denies it but this is not an issue in dispute, so we can add liar to the morals charges. Watkins at the time was in her mid-20’s and Wolfe was in his late-50’s.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Wolfe was the Security Director of the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee for 29 years. This means he was one of a small number of people seeing the nation’s most sensitive intelligence data. In other words, he was a professional spook who knew the game. Most likely, in addition to getting some young flesh ,he was also using Watkins to peddle disinformation. This is not a new game between “young reporters” and old DC hands.

Using our regime-ology skills we quickly see that the drama of the story is mostly fake and intended to get attention. The real story is the FBI is peddling a story to the media that both damages another agency and helps their friendly media. They picked Jana Winter because she has nothing else going on, is desperate for a break and has been a willing stenographer in the past. She will not ask too many questions. Again, this is old hat in the game of media manipulation.

That raises the question as to why this story was planted by the FBI. There is the special prosecutor glacially investigating the Russian collusion hoax and the FBI’s role in promoting it. The Trump people did use the “rogue agency” in question to uncover the Wolfe-Watkins operation. It is possible Durham is using the same assets to investigate the FBI or allies. It could also be another smear job against Trump that will be later used in the campaign against him.

At this point, it is hard to know, but it is good practice in reading the media in order to tease out what is happening behind the veil of secrecy. Given the effort put into writing this whopper, it will come up again at some point. All we can know is there is trouble inside the security operations. One branch is not happy with another and is now taking their war to friendly media. Perhaps soon people will be airbrushed out of official photos, a practice popular in authoritarian regimes.

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200 thoughts on “Regime-ology

  1. At this point, there’s absolutely no reason to believe anything in any media outlet anywhere – maybe the weather report – maybe. Ditto for any governmental agency anywhere. We’re all being so screwed with six days from Sunday, it’s getting tougher to keep your wits together. The Zblog is a huge help.

  2. “Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s “‘A Rape on Campus’”

    Leftists have poor interpersonal relationship skills because they aren’t usually friends with someone who doesn’t confer them status or opportunity. As a result, they end up taking their cues from the entertainment industry; they see people interact in movies and they think that must be what happens in real life. That’s the reason why they’re continually alarmed by hate hoax stories when the rest of us can spot the fabrication almost immediately. They saw Mississippi Burning, and they think that’s real life.

    The Rubin article, for example, was based on a Hollywood movie starring Jodie Foster: The Accused (1988). In the movie, a woman is raped by White frat boys and the uncaring justice system ignores her plight until a plucky woman underdog brings the perps to justice. Sound familiar?

    Here’s a description of the similarities between the movie and the Rolling Stone article:

    >Both involve college frat boys, all White.

    >In the movie, one rapist is a boy named “Stu”; Jackie’s date in the story was named “Drew”.

    >Girl from the article: Jackie / Girl from the movie: Jodie

    >The description of Jackie’s rape in the article nearly exactly matches Foster’s in the movie:

    “Shut up,” she heard a man’s voice say as a body barreled into her, tripping her backward and sending them both crashing through a low glass table. There was a heavy person on top of her, spreading open her thighs, and another person kneeling on her hair, hands pinning down her arms, sharp shards digging into her back, and excited male voices rising all around her. When yet another hand clamped over her mouth, Jackie bit it, and the hand became a fist that punched her in the face. The men surrounding her began to laugh. For a hopeful moment Jackie wondered if this wasn’t some collegiate prank. Perhaps at any second someone would flick on the lights and they’d return to the party.”

    “… seven men took turns raping her, while two more – her date, Drew, and another man – gave instruction and encouragement. She remembers how the spectators swigged beers, and how they called each other nicknames like Armpit and Blanket. She remembers the men’s heft and their sour reek of alcohol mixed with the pungency of marijuana.”

    >In the movie, Foster is held down against a glass pinball machine as she tries to free herself by biting a man’s hand, which covers the victim’s mouth. This is described in Rubin’s article. Both crowds laugh, both are composed of young White college students. Both groups egg each other on through insults to their masculinity. There is a boy in both cases reluctant to do the deed. IIRC, victim and boy “lock eyes” in both descriptions.

    >Both descriptions involve alcohol and marijuana; the room in which both rapes happen is darkly lit. Both movie and article describe a handsome man leading a woman to a secluded area.

    >Both descriptions involve similar numbers of men.

    >Both involve a victim being raped while her back is pinned to glass, which causes injury. Jodie Foster’s character is raped on the back of a pinball machine while Rubin describes a girl being raped on the back of broken glass from a table.

    >The DAs in both the movie and the article initially refuse to prosecute, or prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The DAs in both incidents try talking her out of pursing further legal action. It is a woman in both cases who initially refuses to believe the victim (movie DA vs. college counselor, IIRC).

    Side note: Rubin herself bears a striking resemblance to the physical appearance she attributes to her subject, Jackie. Self-insert?

    • Great comment.
      Yeah she basically just wrote an erotic fantasy, like 50 Shades of Grey.

      Real life is not similar to the cultural portrayal. Most jobs are boring and meaningless. Most corporate men are mostly betas, wimps, chubby, and unattractive. The 30% “Chad” men are usually already married with kids (at least after they’re 30 – the forever bachelor with dozens of sex partners is in reality a gay lifestyle, another media lie). It’s even worse for the Cloud People, imagine living in DC with the “men” available.

      Basically that leaves nothing for the strong PowerPoint wahmen, who isn’t actually kicking ass in her “career”, or having exciting sex with the muscular forever bachelor in the supply room at lunch, or even having a family. The only men still interested in her are the kind who would believe her false story and go on a rant about toxic male rape culture. Very unattractive.

      Alot of them go insane as a result. But yeah, basically Ms. Rubin wants to be held against a glass table and impregnated by a Chad with good genes, as does every woman, and her desires peaked through with a false article.

    • That Brett Kavanaugh accuser did essentially the same thing. Almost identical script, merely changed to a high school setting.

  3. “Operation Mockingbird” turned out to be not a conspiracy theory, and who’s to say it ever ended? If you really want to nerd-out here’s a gov doc from the late 90s called “CIA’s use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations” Combined with the consolidation of most media into the hands of a very few conglomerates it’s become ridiculous. Anyone else noticed the planting of the “His last words were that he regretted not being vaccinated” stories being pushed on every MSM site?

  4. Considering it was really Truman Capote, who wrote “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, deceit has been baked into the pie for a long time.

      • “Lee modeled the character of Dill on Truman Capote, her childhood friend known then as Truman Persons.[17][18] Just as Dill lived next door to Scout during the summer, Capote lived next door to Lee with his aunts while his mother visited New York city”

        she never wrote another book :). Capote went on to write many successful books. i don’t remember all the details from an article i read, but there is enough there to make it plausible 🙂

  5. The lack of accountability and the ‘no one is ever punished’ even when they speak outright lies has everything to do with the mass feminization of society. Men are held to account, have honor, and will fall on their sword if need be. Men of old that is, your modern soy infused manlet will run and hide behind the nearest skirt, and the nearest skirt will run and hide behind the nearest lefty enforcer with a gun. Peak Feminization.

    Related topic– “How to destroy your billion dollar business with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK.”

    What is the trick? Hire any random female age 22 to 35. (Give or take) The chance of you rolling snake eyes and getting one of the following is exceptionally high: Woke, feminist, BLM activist, blue-haired lunatic, problem glasses Karen, f-ck the patriarchy activist, or just generally brainwashed indoctrinated mental defective.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Elon Musk:

    Or Blizzard Entertainment:

    This is what happens when you let modern wahmen invade male spaces. They will quickly halt all productive behavior and turn the environment to toxic sh-t in short order. “Toxic femininity” IS a thing unlike its inverse. Jokes that your average well-adjusted human would laugh off become ‘I need to speak to your manager’ offenses and they spend all their time looking for them rather than doing an iota of productive work.

    You have to be out of your mind to hire them, I would move heaven & earth to find a way to avoid hiring a woman in that age range, and sadly, many other women suffer because not all are like that but you can never be sure.

    • Reminds me of the line from “As Good As It Gets”:
      Jack Nicholson, who plays a writer in the movie, is just leaving the publisher. The young female receptionist asks Nicholson a question.
      “How do you write women so well?”

      “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”

    • Knew a piece of trash who wound at Blizzard who was the insidious type who couldn’t go 5 minutes without discussing planned parenthood or the patriarchy. She married a soyboi programmer because of course she did. That company is absolutely disgusting from the ground up and I can definitely say they fall into the “hate us and want us dead” camp. I’m not a gamer but definitely wouldn’t recommend funneling them any dollars of any sort.

    • My 2c about this. Working as an engineer I cannot see this happening in any real world setting. In the spaceX story it is odd that apparently she was harassed by several people. Not saying this is not possible, but in a real environment most engineers are regular types that would be very polite to women and will be happy just getting noticed by a cute one. (Need pics of the person in the article to evaluate)

      This has the bearings of a harassment fantasy where a plain looking woman is the center of male attention and they cannot control themselves around her. Totally laughable. I can only see this happening in the top management floor where the guys that just count beans and cash big paychecks have lower morals.

      Working in production and manufacturing is no cakewalk and it requires a special type of individual. I would not work for Musk as I can understand the pressure he is subject to when you need to ship functioning products instead of being a regular paper pusher that is 99.99% of jobs.

      These women would be happier in a made up job if they are not wise enough to know that it is easier to find meaning in a domestic life and want those girl boss trophies. Maybe the solution is that suggested by the now cancelled Milo Y, we need to mock them until they realize how ridiculous they look pretending to be heroes when they are just narcissistic boring people.

      All the competent women engineers I know of are basically privileged, they can pick their job as there is so much demand for gender diversity in tech. And any HR dept will bend to them if they had credible accusations, but they are too busy producing and male engineers are too busy with their own real problems to be looking for stupid problems in the office. Maybe the exception are places where you have lots of young males, because young males think with the wrong organ, but in regular places most engineers are the married with two kids type.

      • when i started my s/w engineering career (early 80’s), i really liked the monastic atmosphere, as there was usually one mature lady who was a secretary for the head of the group (or something similar). you could talk how you wanted, tell any joke you wanted, plus it was quiet when and where you wanted it to be. then, during a break, i would wander over to the hen house part of the company…

        • I always worked on teams that gave hires their own programming tests thank God.

          In 25 years we had 1 woman who was passable, and the nearest we got to diversity was a Brazilian guy and an Italian.

          Also absent was anyone from the upper classes.
          I have never even come across a resume from one of those guys. I suppose they all went into Law or Finance.

      • It can invade. My son told me a story about his first “design thinking” group project as a freshman engineering student. One of the group was a diverse female whose entire contribution was reminding the group that she was part of VERY special diversity initiative. Every fucking day. No actual work. Meanwhile he was working till 2am in the fabrication shop welding and machining the actual prototypes. That was one of the things that led him to reapply to a much smaller and specialized school that was still wholly merit based.

      • Elon Musk is under a tremendous amount of pressure lately, he has had some good things to say about Chinese ‘ infrastructure ‘ and their governmental acumen. Also, he is criticizing the U.S. infrastructure bill, and that it won’t do a damn this ng to fix the mess in its entirety. In other words, the race is over, we blew it long ago, I would say in the ’70s after we went off the Gold Standard, and China joined the WTO, later.

        Everything you read, in liberal, or conservative news is fake now, mostly to keep Americans, and most westerners from losing hope and keeping the faith, so ratchet up talk of war, i.e. Russia, China, or Iran, signifying that we are still the big boys on the block, when nothing can be further from the truth. As far as the country goes, we are cooked in so many ways.

        The Hill, New York Times, The National Inquirer, Bloomberg News, Yahoo, Microsft News Network, The Beast, even Al-Jazeera, I’m talking all, 100% of all media, both written and every other form of news media, even movie drama’s, are pitching the same thing when and where it matters. The fake liberals and the fake conservative media will pretend to agree on non-so-important news items, but behind the shadows, they all push the same agenda. What the master-race wants, total control of America, and thus use it to break any opponents, like Russia, China, and Iran, along with others, later.

        It’s no secret. The name of the game is the indoctrination of the masses to be as stupid as possible and therefore cannon-fodder.

        Look at all the non-sense on the MSM about what we would do to Russia if it attacked the Ukraine, ‘ we will do this and that, and that it would bring about ‘devastation’ on Russia’ when no such thing will happen. Sec Blinken even threatened China and Russia at the same time with ‘ devastating consequences. Really? Come-on. That’s ridiculous. As if the U.S. and its puny allies whether in Europe and Straight of Taiwan could deal with Russia / China, and or either one of them.

        So all this hocus pocus is meant to show the world strength where there is essentially none. NATO cannot even win a war against sheep headers wearing tablecloths and garnishing small-arms like AK.’s and some RPGs.

        Israel does the same thing when they shoot missiles at Syria to show strength. You see, peace is the death knell for NATO, the U.S., and Israel. They cannot survive with peace ruling planet earth.

        So, the ones that control the U.S., and in turn rule over NATO, and we know who they are, are plotting and scheming, and God is the best of planners. God has a surprise for them.

        Holy Quran – Surah Al-Anfal(30) ” They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.”

        • I’m sure you’re not a sinophile but the claims about chinas dominance are cherry picked. Their entire economy depends on the US buying their products while simultaneously providing free protection to their oil tanker deliveries and supply chains. Modifying our trade and defense deal with them would put them right back under Japans foot where they were for centuries. So that means our politicians really created some one-sided anti American deals to help China at the expense of American jobs. Why?

          • “So that means our politicians really created some one-sided anti American deals to help China at the expense of American jobs. Why?”

            The Left aided China because of their Communist loyalties. The Right saw cheap labor. And the little hats saw an opportunity to colonize a new continent. It was a big, secret party. I remember the manufacturing unions screaming at their politicians to no avail, to stop normalizing trade with PRC. That was a big awakening moment for me… watching politicians eagerly give up union money in order to blatantly sell out America.

            As things turned out, the little hats didn’t get what they wanted but Big Business did, which explains why FedGov saber-rattles at its largest trading partner. Meanwhile, the two of them made vulture capitalism so profitable that USA’s Communists changed to fascism.

            We’re going to need scorecards to track all the factions now that the Hindus. cartels, WEF and UN are making their moves, too.

    • I think a lot of the crazy in modern wahmen in that age range derives from the fact that most of them, no matter how “feminist” they are, know at some level that they’re never going to be able to compete with men on an equal footing. They basically know that their game is going to devolve to some form of the oldest profession and the smart ones realize that they’ve only got about that 15 year window to ply their trade.

      So she chases “Chad” around the office while simultaneously vilifying him and hinting that he does inappropriate touching. She wants either Chad’s dick or his job and can’t decide which. Meanwhile the office soyboys gather to play white knight to defend her from Sir Chad of Rapesalot. Having one of these creatures around is like spiking the water cooler with PCP. It won’t be long before the JavaScript guy is in the lunch room devouring the database admin’s liver with a light Chianti and fava beans while the rest of the team hang themselves with Cat 5 cable.

      • You nicely articulate the oft missed gear that lets these accusations turn into a fiasco – the soyboys. Their insecurities, fed by lack of masculinity in comparison to our fair knight, lead to a vicious externalizing of self-loathing, as well as their modern attempt to court the fair, plump maid karen with virtuious signaling. Their march to their twitter accounts to whine is their questing version of Gawain honoring his sacred vow.

      • Have you ever thought that the whole idea is for ‘ white women ‘ and ‘ white man ‘ to never trust one another, and with the ‘ white man ‘ too busy with ‘ white women ‘ and blacks ‘ makes him impotent societally. Basically, neutered? You can call me a conspiracy theorist, and that term is thrown about way too much, which makes it all too suspicious in itself.

        It’s totally obvious to me, that this is all planned out to play out like this. ‘ They ‘ (and I believe we know who they are, as they are always referred to as ‘ they ‘) are setting up this ‘ unarming ‘ of the white man. Now white men are deathly terrified to be normal. Like it’s safest to be on the sidelines!

        Look at the middle name of this reporter, it’s ‘ Rubin ‘, so we know she’s a Heb, which says it all, right there.

        I’m Muslim, and ‘ they ‘ have come up with all kinds of media, both news articles, and movies, attacking the ‘ Muslim ‘ male as a woman snatching neanderthal ready to pounce on a western woman at lightning speed the moment he can.

        It’s totally ridiculous. There are thousands and thousands of Muslim males going and have gone to the U.S. colleges and Universities, me included, and from what I remember, no one was snatched, no gang rapes, or anything to my knowledge.

        And since 2011, with the Syrian war and all the war refugees in the exodus to Europe ( also sub-Saharan Africans ) from Sub-Saharan countries, that became refugees, came/went to Europe, there were all these horror stories about roving bands of highly charged Muslim men ransacking Europe like the days of the Vangals or the Huns, just ceasing females at their whims. And that was all slander and propaganda. Yes, it did happen on a few occasions, but never anything remotely close to the accounts of western Zionist media. They were obviously trying to sow discord between the two peoples who were trying to get along under the circumstances. They never talked about Scandinavian women who went to special locations to pick up very handsome Syrian youngsters because they were lonely because their lives at home were so lacking in love. And this took place in Germany too.

        And has anyone thought that maybe western women liked Muslim men? And they did not dislike them as western men did.

        Bottom line, and do yourself a favor, just stop reading MSN
        front ‘ Home ‘ pages with all this news/clickbait b.s. articles, because they are all b.s. Even the headlines are misleading nowadays.

    • You are absolutely right and I have only one thing to add; it is NOT women’s fault. It is men’s fault. It is US that are abdicating our duties to provide order and a working society. Women, in aggregate, are not suited nor capable of doing that. When women go crazy like this it is because the men have tanked. That’s how you get to ‘math is racist!’

      • You’re never asking why it is that men have tanked. Instead, you’re asking, under the present dispensation, for abnormal, metaphorically suicidal heroism, à la “Just step up to the plate, gentlemen, and don’t you ever think of the potentially ruinous consequences!” A cheap shortcut, intellectually.

        • “You’re never asking why it is that men have tanked”

          Affluence leading to decadence, is the short answer. But, I am not trying to give ‘the complete answer’ above. When I say pretty much what Apex says it is often misunderstood as blaiming women. Women have become far more annoying and unattractive. I was reminded of this while visiting a religious establishment recently. I noticed how attractive the women there looked, not because they were ‘naturally’ prettier than typical white women but because they ‘neat’ or ‘nice’ in the way they dressed. They looked entirely unslutty compared to ‘mainstream women’ (who still look far better than woke women). The reason is these are women who live in a small subculture with healthy values, provided by sane men. In the middle of a completely dissolving society. Needless to say these women were also far less histrionic because they are far happier in a deeper ‘contented, psychological needs being met’ way. This was in Europe but it could just as well have been the Midwest USA.

          But in any case I am not asking for suicidal acts no. B/c that would be hypocritical of me. I think there is far more than causus belli for dissidents to take up arms and overthrow the clown show. I just don’t see any prospect for success at the current time. Which would make that a one-way suicide mission. MGTOW, the bitter men, that is, spiritually and genetically, a ‘suicide path.’

  6. Two reports from the ground on the current state of rape allegations. A friend of my son was recently accused of rape by his recently spurned GF. She even got a rape test. If you knew this kid you’d know he didn’t do it. Hell, my estimation of him actually went UP after the allegations. Anyways the cops told him that she is obviously crazy, and to stop dating crazy girls. The rub, she has applied for a restraining order, and if she gets it- he gets stuck with court costs. 10-12k.

    • Was talking to a campus cop and told him about it. He related that false rape charges consume the majority of their work time. Said the rape kits are a joke, and are backlogged for a year. So I was happy for the kid that ppl apparently don’t take rape allegations seriously. On the other hand I got daughters. Starting to understand the meaning of anarcho-tyranny, in my bones.

      • This all started with that “Take back the night” sh t when I was in college years ago. Once these things get started they keep going ad infinitum. Same thing with the DUI sh t. Soon everyone will be blowing into their steering column to start their cars, even some Mormon in Provo who doesn’t even use cooking wine. It’s the train to crazy town and we can’t get off.

        • Ah, JR, “Take Back the Night.”

          During one of those at my college two of my male friends ran around naked during the event to mock them. Good times!

          • A couple of undergrad wags at one of the Iveys went around chanting, “No means yes, and yes means anal!” during one of those “Take Back the Night” demonstrations. Needless to say, campus admins came down on them like a load of bricks. They may or may not have been expelled. Can’t recall for certain.

        • “Take Back the Night” is good for some chuckles though. I love using their “one in four” statistic whenever fans of Bernie or Lizzie start nattering on about how “free college” is a human right. Wait, so you want to get coeds raped on the government dime? Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to provide them with a case of Natty Light and drop them off at Delta House?

      • Forget final act. So this kid tells me that the slut in question is doing weepy live streams enumerating the increasingly lurid accusations (with 1000s of views). Turns out the accused kid is a Bitcoin thousandnaire, so he’s got a lawyer and is counter suing. Must say he looks miserable.

        • tell him to sue the fuck out of her, and attach her future wages. he can probably trade bitcoin advice, to his lawyer, for representation.

    • This is a serious sore point for me where I start getting a little fedpoasty. Rape is a -very- serious allegation that if it goes quite wrong for you which is easy in our stacked court system, you are looking at decades of your life erased or possibly life in prison. I.E. The person is using deadly force against you for all intents and purposes because anything resembling your ‘life’ will be taken from you.

      This needs to be responded to with like force, and that would curb this behavior rapidly. This is the one place where nogs complete lack of future time orientation / remorse probably plays in their favor and this -just- happened in Columbia, MD within the last few days.

      A guy’s ex-wife was using his children as weapons against him and he finally snapped. I don’t think leaving the children with no parents is the right play, but I can totally understand someone backing you into a corner where you are out of options. Perhaps if more people lullabied their false accusers this would not be as common of an occurrence as it currently is.

      When you no you face NO repercussions for literally pointing your finger and getting life in prison for another human that is a powerful weapon that should NOT be handed out lightly. Every woman in the Western world currently wields this power if they are sinister enough to use it. Terrifying prospect, and minorities are quickly developing the same power towards Whitey.

      • Happened to a former coworker of mine. Ex wife cheated on him, said he touched the kids, bribed them to lie, etc. Now, I never claim to know what goes on behind closed doors, but having met the wife many times (quite attractive but a narcissist) it is more than likely it was fabricated. The rage that dude still carries years later is palpablr, and I can understanf.

      • The schvartzer with one of those bizarro schvartzer names killed his ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend and himself. Ex-GF was an anesthesia nurse who before moving to Lagos on the Chesapeake lived here in the Bay Area where she was a co-worker with a good friend of mine at one of the major hospitals. I think the schvartzer was some kind of medical professional too.

  7. I always go back to the left’s cultural ascendancy to see their mindsets. Just as a now overweight old woman looks at a picture of herself in the bikini next to the van in 1978, when she was a solid nine, where some boyfriend was railing her by the lake in-between hits of weed, the left always goes back to the 60’s and 70’s as inspiration for the current zeitgeist. The old right does this with the mid 80’s. I once had a high school teacher who went off-lesson plan (but it was really always on the plan) to spend a couple days teaching us about Nixon, how evil he was, wheeling in the TV VCR cart to show us “All the Presidents Men.” They all think of themselves as Woodwards and (((Bernsteins))) taking down some Nixon. Trump was supposedly the next Nixon. When in fact, the fall of Nixon was the last and final gasp of any right wing, pro-American rear guard inside the beltway. Nixon was mostly a bad President who greatly expanded the scope of government, but when I hear tapes of him talking about how we’re going to go the way of the fruits in England, or the N-words, or those k ikes in the media etc. this was a man who was terrified of the future in which we live our present. Listening to his tapes, likely a Martini or scotch in hand, thundering away, in some ways, reminds me so much of my dad. It puts a smile on my face.

    • Funny how few questioned the obvious set up of Nixon at the time and the near total demonization in the media for decades afterwards.

    • American always call Europeans Euro fags , and in your movies you are so masculine.
      But you are the source of AIDS and this LGBT nightmare.
      Maybe you are protesting too much?

  8. Slightly off topic, but pursuant to official lies, and what motivates people to believe in something – whether it’s ideas or other people. A Canadian law enforcement officer on why he will never return to his job (currently on leave without pay for refusing the clotshot). As much as he knew there were lies and bullshit at every level before, he could still put that aside and try to do his job in the past. Now, the full extent of the rot has been fully exposed and, more importantly, “It’s not just abstracts like the image, or freedom, or rights, or liberties. People go to war for these things, yes. But they fight for the people in the trench next to them. But this experience has really caused me to lose pretty much all manner of reverence for some of the people I was in the trenches with. They aren’t people I trust and respect enough that I would put my life in their hands.”

    • Well thanks, 3G. I had never seen his blog before. I shall have to add him to my list of reads…

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  10. just had a thought on Saving Normie. possibly excepting the orthodox church, every other christian church is now pozzed. and i think that normie deep down takes comfort from the fantasy about christianity (as it practiced in the west); it is actually normie bedrock. if you kill that fantasy, if you rub normie’s fat red face in the corrupt reality of today’s church – he will actually seek safety in a new “pasture”. just a theory, but one thing you can do openly, now, is make anti-church comments. keep in mind that the church is not the religion; kill the churches.

    • The orthodox is mostly not pozzed but there are others, mostly small Protestant sects and maybe a few Catholic parishes sprinkled in.
      We are out there.
      But not as obvious as the mainlines or the rock concert halls.

  11. here is something to chew on. Zman touched on it in this post, but he might have accidentally put in the wrong word. the media have a lot of “space” to fill up (pages for magazines/web sites, tv shows for streaming services, etc); like a shark has to keep moving (they don’t sleep!) media companies need a continuous torrent of new content. in olde days individuals would generate tons of filler content, based on made up rumors of trades, that kind of thing. why did those fabulist reporters make up stories? because the real story pool (i.e. what was actually happening in the world) was mostly boring shit, most of the time. again, in olde times, media companies had power but they were genuinely held in check by wider society.

    so now we have a regime that needs 24/7 propaganda, meets a media industry desperately in need of content 24/7. matches meet gasoline, yin meet yang.

    • There is merit to that. Obviously they make their money selling copy and that is what drives a lot of the sensationalism and lying.

      But clearly economics are not the only thing at work here. Consider: years of that mentality has eroded any faith in the media for even the moderately intelligent man. The vast majority of them are now reduced to generating their controversial content by trolling their own readers. As a result, their ad sales, subscriptions and revenue streams have collapsed (and in some cases prolapsed, ie CNN, the NYT, etc). Their financials are so bad that I can smell them all the way up here in Canada… yet every day, these guys churn out ridiculous articles like a sausage machine. Who’s financing them? They should not exist in today’s market, where legions of guys like our blog host can crank out superior legitimate content for free.

      But that’s none of my business! 😆👍

      All I know is that when the revolution comes and the black flag goes up… I am going after the journalists and public school educators first.

      • Glenfilthie: Yes, the question of money and backers is an interesting one. We all know they aren’t even earning back their minimal operating costs, let alone generating profits, based on subscriptions. For a personal example, we stopped subscribing to the DFW newspaper at least 15 years ago. It was increasingly filled with lies and early wokeness and we just didn’t want to waste our money on it any longer. The other week we got a postcard in the mail announcing we had been chosen for a free year of daily newspaper delivery (I’m sure it’s because of our age and zipcode), so I called and told them we refused their offer. Although they said they’d removed our name from this and any future ‘free offers,’ I did have to collect and toss the paper they left on my lawn yesterday. I wouldn’t even use it for fishwrap anymore.

        So we’re not even talking about the NY Times or a big national name here, but someone is still bankrolling the operation and working to get their swill out to whoever is willing to swallow it.

        • You and your husband probably are not expected to read it. After print started to go belly up, newspapers ceased to recognize subscription cancellations just to inflate the subscriber list to justify higher advertising rates. Now, just venturing a guess, the sugar daddies who fund newspapers these days are threatening to stop their subsidies and publishers push back with claims the propaganda reaches a much larger audience than the reality.

          Some propaganda subsidizers care more about who reads rather than how many, though. Bezos purchased the Washington Post, for example, because it reached MoC’s and senators, who are stupid enough to be afraid of it.

          But that example and those like it are outliers. Most people propping these dinosaurs up want a lot of eyeballs on the pages they subsidize.

          • Reminds me of something that happened to us when we sold our house in Silly-nois. Thanks to sky-high tax rates, it took a LONG time (months) to sell our house. So we lived in an apartment in our new home state while moving items out of the house in Silly-nois.

            Years earlier I had a subscription to “The Chicago Tribune”. I let it lapse since the paper was turning left, shrinking, and costing more per edition.

            One weekend we came back up to find about a dozen of the previous weeks copies of the Tribune thrown on our driveway. I guess they looked up all the old subscribers and delivered them papers to make it look legit. 🙄

      • Even the largest an oldest Newspapers and news channels ave always pretty much run at a loss.

        Economics is not the reason owners finance a news organization losing money for decades.

        Same reason social media is run at a loss.

          • And even that 1941 film was shilling about the newspaper owner looking out for the “”interests of the people”.

            The con is a long game inserted in lots of places.

          • Reply to Trumpton:

            “And even that 1941 film was shilling about the newspaper owner looking out for the ‘interests of the people'”

            I think you miss the irony of the scene that I think Wells was trying to put on display. Within 2 minutes, Kane is finding ways to create propaganda to start a war in Cuba while believing his newspaper is standing up for the little man. Demonstrating how deluded Kane (Hearst) is.

            As I am sure many of our journalistic heroes today are deluded enough to believe they are really fighting the man.

          • Perhaps. I interpret it differently.

            Irrespective as to the self delusion presented for Kane seems Wells is portraying him also as a also a striver of the idealized “Press”, which in itself creates the concept of such a thing in the viewers mind.

            This appears to be the scenes purpose and where the emotional focus is targeted in the scene.

  12. I got a kick out of a story in the Lügenpresse where a couple of NY mobsters are able to credibly assume the moral high ground in comparison with Cuomo in public statements. ‘we were bad, but we’d never dream of deliberately killing 15 thousand helpless old ladies like he did.’

  13. I flat out reject the mass media and assume everything is lies now. I am on Gab and other dissident and free speech sites where regime-ologists like our esteemed blog host scour the media and pop/slop culture sites – so I don’t have to.

    By all reports and accounts, what I am seeing Over There across the divide… their entire culture has capsized. I was reading Pete Buttieg’s resume awhile back and it reads like Jack Ryan’s or James Bond’s. A resume like that? On a comical, butt blasting faggot? And a media accepting that and singing his praises? How are clowns like that supposed to… gah. Never mind.

    I wonder sometimes, Z, if these fictitious news articles are less about attacking their enemies and more about glamourizing and sensationalizing themselves?

    • Like Blacks and illegal immigrants, homos are sacred! They’re heros!

      Think of the courage! To be “openly gay”!

      Thank God we’re finally overturning thousands of years of racism and sexism and homophobia!

      Thank God we’ve finally realized that Robert E. Lee was an evil racist bigot with no redeeming qualities— and no doubt homophobic as well!— while noble Black man George Floyd (Peace be upon him!) was a righteous martyr for social justice!

      Everything is upside down….

      • I think the media was destroyed the same way your university was, Bill. Back when you were attending, universities made their reputation on the quality of their graduates. They had a vested interest in quality control and only intelligent, capable men would graduate for the most part. The vast majority of them were straight white males.

        Because they were too exclusive, they had to throw open the doors to minorities and women and reduce their standards to a common denominator in order for them to get over the bar. As a result… over the years all the things that made your university exclusive and exceptional went out the window.

        I learned one of my most useful media strategies right here: when in doubt, and forced to do my own fact checking…the first thing I do is look up the author of the article. If I see a “Rebecca or a Sarah with an excessively large nose rubbing her palms together” I am instantly on guard and suspicious. If I see a goofy vibrant or a freak with pink hair… ditto. Then I look at their resumes. If they have written “NYT Best Seller novels” or published in yellow journals like The Beast or Vice or Salon… the story goes into File 13 and will stay there until a credible source either verifies it or discredits it. Hate to say it, but the folks that do that are usually exceptionally intelligent, old, white, and were educated back when the schools were about education and not self esteem.

    • and especially just entertaining their audience, which are all dopamine junkies jonesing for the next blast. forget millenials, or boomers, etc. i now have the missing piece to the puzzle. modern entertainment technology, which started with guttenberg, crossed a threshold with moving pictures; that is when wide
      spread dopamine addiction started. and that is behind most/all of the pathological societal level decay; lots and lots of individual cells (within society) going rogue, most especially those at the top. apply an addiction model to the cloud people and see what pops out :). hint: genocide, the ultimate dopamine hit!

  14. Many years back when I attended the University of Virginia— 1968, it was still all-male– they had a strict honor code, which they enforced: get caught lying, cheating, or stealing, and you’re out. No second chances. Out.

    And it worked. Theft wasn’t a problem. But I’m guessing it’s not being enforced these days, or Ms. Coakley would have been summarily ejected.

    Probably at some point they realized that the honor code was “racist”— since it no doubt “disproportionately impacted students of color”— and got rid of it. Or kept it, but stopped enforcing it, or started enforcing it very selectively, with designated victim groups receiving special dispensation.

    I recall the first-year orientation assembly, where our class was informed about various aspects of University life. I recall the Dean who told us about the honor system joking that the only time it was OK to lie, was when we were trying to get a girl into bed.

    Imagine the shitstorm if a Dean were to say that today! The feminists and homos would demand his resignation, and would no doubt get it. I’m sure he was “transphobic” as well…..

    We truly are living in a different world from the one I grew up in….

    I can still recall the day when tradesmen took pride in the quality of their work. Today it’s all about how quickly they can get done, and how much money they made.

    Likewise with journalists: was there a time when they took pride in the quality and honesty of their reporting, rather than how much attention they can attract and how many clicks they can get?

    The decline of America happened like Hemingway’s description of bankruptcy: slowly at first, then all at once.

    It seems clear that we’re shifting into the all-at-once phase: careening downhill faster and faster. Journalists are corrupt shills for the establishment, politicians lie shamelessly, election results are no longer trustworthy, law and order is a thing of the past, Black riots every time a lowife thug commits suicide-by-police have become the expected result. Double-standards favoring designated victim groups have become the norm.

    Is the dissident right slowly growing? Is the plague of wokeness waking sane people up to the dreadful changes which are destroying America?

    Or is America dumbing-down and “diversifying” so fast that nothing can be done to stop it?

    • it is my theory that the global system had a built-in “kill switch” (or self-destruct mechanism). it wasn’t designed in because the global system itself wasn’t designed. and the imbeciles at the controls have inadvertently triggered this mechanism, and are battling with the system itself, using the non-party as scapegoats for the manifest collapse going on.

    • Are you telling me your fellow alumnus Michael Vick did not deserve his place there? I mean, his methods of animal dispatch certainly showed a well prepared graduate, definitely k9 killing 400 level stuff. Oh wait, he even botched that. Poor animals (the dogs, not that piece of trash)

      • Vick played football for Virginia Tech — not UVA. Vick probably would not have gotten into Tech 30 yrs before.

  15. These people are all degraded, vile, and perverted. They have no morals or scruples. They live in the same mega mansions, vacation together, their kids attend the same elite $50,000 per year private pre-schools together. They cheat on their spouses with one another, their kids marry each other and then cheat on one another. Their debauchery knows no bounds.
    The ‘jobs’ they make millions to perform could be performed by a monkey. Frankly, a monkey would do a better job.
    It’d be great to witness the demise of the cloud people.

    • Would be no surprise if the FBI guy was not ordered to spout disinformation, but just said whatever lie he could think of knowing she’d believe it and he’d keep getting laid.

      He would be the first man in history to lie to get a woman to sleep with him.

    • “A nut-less monkey could do your job. A nut-less monkey.”
      -Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, Tropic Thunder. (and how the hell did that movie ever get made?).

      • “Tropic Thunder. (and how the hell did that movie ever get made?).”

        Because it was made in 2008 BSG (Before Saint George).

    • and their kids are all on anti-depressants, and profoundly maladapted to normal human life. they live lives without love, or even simpla happiness, and especially purpose. and then there.are the drugs and degraded behavior. to me it is the bible come alive; these people could not be more god cursed. gravity *always* wins.

  16. Ahhh, Haven Monahan. I never thought Michael Vick’s “Ron Mexico” alias could be topped, but I guess that’s just one more example of White Privilege.

    • Monahan is one of the invisible White supremacists that Biden and his “intelligence experts” keep warning us about. He’s there, you just never see him.

    • Anyone with a functioning cerebellum knew that story was fake when there was a description of having sex on broken glass. I mean come on…

      Propaganda has to be subtle to really work.

      • That is just your standard bodice ripper projection. Its written for the female audience.

        She was imagining that she was so irresistible to men that they would with wild abandon and loss of control force themselves upon her even on broken glass.

  17. The biggest issue I have with right now is that we are on the wrong side of history. No, I do not mean we are factually incorrect nor do I mean we are morally bankrupt. However, we are helpless as the powers that be write the present and the history with us as the bad guys. Media always writes the first version of history and most often it’s not edited.

    What we are today what those who protested World War I & II, those opposed to a national bank, wanted coinage of free silver, etc were in their days. We’ll be the subject of a rebellious Chinese college student’s brilliant thesis about the destruction of the United States. That is, unless we actually start building a different narrative and a new future. Do what you can to bring new people to our side. Be an evangelist.

    For ourselves… and our posterity.

    • down voted because the powers that be are at Prince Prospero’s Dance (they just don’t know it).

    • I think you’ve nailed it: the current culture war is, when you get down to it, a war of competing ideas.

      To use just one example: once a majority of our fellow citizens come to believe that “you’re safer without a gun in your house than with one”, the Supremes will “discover” a way to circumvent the Second Amendment.

      So our job is to convince our friends and neighbors of the truth, in opposition to the prog media’s attempt to convince them of a lie. If we lose that battle, the loss of our rights is soon to follow.

      • Bill: Strongly disagree. This conflict has very little to do with ‘ideas,’ and everything to do with identity and faith, as Zman has brilliantly explained in numerous posts. Trying to ‘convince’ people with facts and reason has failed for generations, but conservatards keep trying. The truth has minimal appeal to most people, who prefer to blame others or ‘fate’ for their flaws and failures. And your term ‘fellow citizens’ is extraordinarily vague. I reject citizenship in favor of racial kinship.

        • Identity and faith are ideas.

          “I am a Christian” is a statement of identity.

          “faith” means believing without evidence.

        • Depends on who you are trying to convince, and what you are trying to convince them of. If dealing with actual friends and neighbors, +1SD Wasps, then yes you probably need to demonstrate the falsity of leftism and a legitimate fact-based argument for traditionalism, in group preference and heirarchy. The white males who signed up to go fight Over There did so for ideals, their progeny are no different.
          It also depends on what “facts” you are trying to push. I have never seen a GOP main party line that had more than a passing acquaintence with biological reality. Trying to push untruth as factual reality does not work on those capable of observing and comprehending reality. Untruth to the dialecticly-minded is as unfruitful as dialect is to the rhetorically minded. In summation, tailor the pitch to the audience. There is no One Right Way to pitch Truth, Beauty, and Justice.

  18. The media has always been corrupt. Earlier, in the 20th century, they were able to maintain the charade that they were legitimate and told the truth. But, I noticed that it wasn’t just the media that was dissolving into a fictional narrative. Another thing that developed in the late 20th century was “Reality TV”. Its not just that its fake. Its not that the people that watch it don’t know its fake. The crux of the biscuit is that those that watch it CONTINUE TO WATCH IT! Just like they continue to pay attention to the mainstream narrative! What we are seeing is something that is basically professional wrestling. The outcome is know in advance, the wrestlers are just actors, albeit in relatively good physical shape, and the idiots that watch it love it! This is why I have little hope in Whites’ ability to solve the problems of their enslavement without violence and without everything being taken from them first. Too many of our people don’t care about the truth. They just want entertainment, no matter how fake it is.

    • Speaking of the media, did anyone else catch the clip of Brian Williams’ final sign off from the 11th Hour?

      “They’ve decided to burn it all down, with us inside.”

      Wss this a last minute warning, like Ike’s final address?

  19. I am sure Chris Wallace will decifer the regime media for us over at CNN streaming. I don’t like Howard Stern but I liked his take on paying for CNN streaming just to watch Chris Wallace.
    Isn’t one CNN enough?

    • “Wallace” is a good old Scottish name.

      If you look slightly closely though, you can see the Russian Jewish immigrant family surname Wallik

      • We can play that game all day. Do you know the real name of Kirk Douglas. BTW, It’s recently come out that he raped Natalie Wood when she was underage. Apparently, it was brutal enough that she required medical attention in hospital.

        • supposedly mickey rooney cornholed elizabeth taylor when they were making “National Velvet” (I think that’s the name, definitely involves horses).

  20. It is hard to take much from this essay aside from: there is a reason nobody studies the Western Roman Empire in Constantinople. Degenerates, eunuchs and praetorian slitting throats. For 1,000 years.

    Around 600AD, the Roman’s were drinking out of the Tiber and shoving berries up their noses in the ruins of the Forum. Meanwhile, 1,000 miles to the east, the degenerates, eunuchs and praetorians staggered on and on.

    God help me, my sons (and legions of unborn grandsons) with the skills and patience to provide our Imperial rulers the retirement that Rome gave Carthage.

  21. Watching sportsball used to be the normal venue for living vicariously and experiencing a visceral thrill of psuedo-manliness, augmented by also playing commander of an imaginary team in your head. That was then, this is now.

    Media lying and malicious narrative manipulation is now so over-the-top that everyone loves playing conspiracy theorist for cheap thrills and mental exercise. And the best part is, most of the time, the conspiracy is real rather than fake! For example . . .

    Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial for aiding & abetting the molestation of young girls while in cahoots with Jeffery (I did not kill myself) Epstein. The prosecution has limited its case to the “nuts & bolts” of grooming and the tangible horrors of the crime of pedophilia. And all of this is being orchestrated to shield and terminally bury the “real” story.

    Jeff & Ghislaine were spooks who lured powerful politicians, businessmen, royalty, and other professionals into performing sex crimes while being videotaped covertly. Instant blackmail leverage which explains every insane vote of Congress going back at least 3 decades. Yes, this is really happening right here in River City. Stay asleep Normie and move along little doggy, nothing to see here.

        • So you are saying Israel ran a decades long underage sex entrapment and blackmail ring against potentially hundreds of politicans, business and media people in DC and elsewhere and the secret service, all the US intelligence and Law enforcement were either in on it, complicit in ignoring it or so incompetent they never noticed?

          • Perhaps there were people who knew everything about anyone important at least 100 years ago:

            “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

          • trumpton,

            That’s certainly what it looks like.

            Where did Epstein get all that money?

            What happened to all those videos he took?

            Considering all the famous names who visited his orgy island, why has so little information leaked to the press?

            It’s a brilliant scheme, and, when you think about it, ‘self-sealing’:

            Once you get a sufficient number of highly-placed officials on film in compromising positions, the pressure is on to ignore it.

          • Ari Ben-Menashe said as much in an interview. (In fact he said Robert Maxwell brought Epstein and Ghislaine into intelligence back in the 80s.)

          • “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
            — J. Edgar Hoover ~The Elks Magazine, August 1956

            And this guy presumable knew of what he spoke.

        • I’ve not seen evidence that the CIA was involved. It is informed speculation. On the other hand, supposed CIA involvement, does make it easier to theoretically swallow than a covert OP run completely by a foreign government. Our greatest ally. Come to think of it, what was MI6 doing anyways? Andrew was implicated.

          Can you imagine if Trump hadn’t been a corrupt shill. There could have been perp walks and hangings out the wazoo. I surely wouldn’t have tired of that sort of winning. Well, i’m quite certain that this thread got me on more watch lists. Hiya agent!

          • “Andrew was imoplicated”- he was an asset they considered to be a useful prop. They called him their crown jewel.

            Maxwell’s father was a Mossad asset and used the Uk as a base for operations on behalf of Israel. No evidence that he had any postive concern for the British-especially when he stole 460 million from the Daily Mirror’s pension fund. This didn’t prevent him from being declared a hero of Israel.
            Ehud Barak was a frequent guest and not like the fun guests who were indulged. I’m not aware of any other country who had top officials meeting Epstein in this capacity.

      • Good Q, Trumpton.

        Jeffery had to know how dangerous it was to blackmail all these powerful ppl, particularly the Clintons.

        A person gets away with crimes for a long time he becomes careless and he make a lot of enemies. One mistake, one wrong enemy, one of them decides to get even.

        • Depends if you have state backing or not I guess and how many were blackmail and how many were support services for people on the same side?

        • Hell you could tell ol’ Billy boy ahead of time he was going to be blackmailed and he’d probably still show up for the puss.

          • nah, bill was all “you can only blackmail me once, even if i bang a 1000 kids, so line ’em up”. watching your prostitute mom servicing clients (holy charly kelley!) as a kid will do that to a fella…

    • Cope.

      Our ruling class doesn’t have to be blackmailed into working against us. They don’t even have to be asked. It’s the job. They relish it. Sexually.

      If there are “Epstein tapes,” they’re souvenirs. We know there are photos. They’re catalogs.

      He was what he presented himself to be: a pimp with a unique line in the defilement of average American girls. Consumed by the same criminal fetish our rulers are, he made a king’s living sharing it with them.

      The message he left us isn’t that our leadership is compromised. It’s “Look what we get off doing to you. LOL”

      • Agreed 100 percent. The War against Whitey was building about the time Epstein was born. But I suppose the Mossad could have slipped a magic decoder dreidel into his crib.

  22. It really is amazing what liars the media are and so consistently and for so long that it is even cured my Gell-Mann amnesia. I see a headline that says “100,000 children are going to starve in Afghanistan this winter” and I think, maybe, who knows?

    • If the New York Times posted my birth certificate, I would immediately begin to question my identity. It is not just the “left-wing” media. I have the same response to all of it now.

    • I don’t believe anything I read anymore, including right wing sources. I assume that some of it is true but nothing can be trusted. I don’t have the time to do my own verification.

      When anti-immigration groups send me their statistics, I wonder if the numbers are credible. How could they be?

      When anti-vax groups cite certain studies and not others, I don’t know whom to believe. If the government over counts covid deaths, how can any of the statistics be truth worthy?

      Strange feeling. I can’t even trust those that I want to believe.

      • You are asserting a false equivalence between the homey con crime family and anti-vaxx groups. Unlike the former, the latter enjoy no immunity for fraud, deceptive marketing, unfair trade practices, false reporting, and mass murder.

        Ocam and his razor: who is more likely telling the truth? The party silencing opposing viewpoints, often at the point of a gun, or the party who merely seeks to express his viewpoints?

        • I appreciate the response Mike. All I am saying is that the anti-vax groups must work from the statistics provided by the government and we agree that those are untrustworthy.

          I agree that a group that outlaws good faith discussion has forfeited its credibility.

          • Yes, we agree on the untrustworthiness of the government’s numbers.

            Not so sure that all info coming from the sane, anti-vaxx comes from the state. There are some accounts, observations, and reports that do not flow from the public health mafia. Sure, some of that may be anecdotal, but it is information.

            How about studies and analyses conducted / published outside of the medical / big pharma complex?

          • there is data from more or less honest governments, like sweden. there is surprisingly decent looking data from the uk, too, in spite of their harsh responses. karl denniger has been keeping private data sets for 30 years (just repeating his claim here). personally, i am firmly convinced the vaxx is enormously toxic, much more lethal than covid itself. instead of getting vaxxed, i have all the things in the FLACC protocol, at hand, now.

          • “there is data from more or less honest governments, like sweden”

            Von Hungus, you are an amusing fellow.

  23. The race bs has been a gift from the heavens for our so-called journalists. Now they can make up whatever they want when it comes to stories about white bogeymen hiding under the bed of young black men who are “just starting to turn their life around”.

  24. As Severian likes to say, it’s all Fake and Gay.

    That is exactly the way I look at everything right now, and it makes me laugh. The only problem I have is that these fraudsters won’t ever pay the price for the destruction in social cohesion and trust that was built up by better men than they.

  25. For people placed in the right spots there has to be ways to short-circuit the way this system works and the ideology that motivates it. False leaks that the leading dissident witch hunters are guilty of sexual harrassment, that AOC has attacked trans ‘women’ or something else. Turning the sickos on each other in their holiness spiral. Speed up the system crash.

    • A “coalition of the fringes” party:
      homos, feminists, “asylum seekers”, “trans people”

      Add a critical mass of ghetto Blacks, and it won’t be long til someone feels dissed and
      all hell breaks loose….

  26. Obviously, this is to mitigate and get ahead of something about to explode probably in regard to human trafficking, a sick perversion that apparently our Ruling Class both indulges and enjoys. Given the blackout of the Maxwell trial and sham prosecution of her, that is my guess as to the source of discomfort although it may be something else out of left field. The point of the story, to go to Z’s larger point, is not to inform or entertain.

    At least Soviet propagandists had writing skills.

    • Yeah and Chris Cuomos producer now being outed as a wanna be Jeffrey Epstein. I bet everyone knew about that they just don’t care but they’re going after Chris Cuomo so he got sacrificed. These people will get theirs eventually

      • The Regime-adjacent and hangers-on delude themselves with self-importance and cease to realize how expendable they are.

        The Cuomos are Exhibit A in what is lined up for White Democrats.

  27. “Using our regime-ology skills we quickly see that the drama of the story is mostly fake and intended to get attention.”

    Ransom Stoddard: You’re not going to use the story, Mr. Scott?

    Maxwell Scott: No, sir. This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

    • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

      There are a staggering level of layers in that movie. Truly one of the all-time greats.

      • Do the cool kids even watch this stuff anymore. Plenty of nuggets to be gleaned, but being a product of the Boomers, prolly not.

        • Liberty Valance is one of my son’s favorite movies. He loves a lot of those older movies, but of course he’s an outlier.

        • I am a high school teacher (private school). I have been in the game for 17 years. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that a majority of today’s high school kids cannot watch a movie. Traditional films (such as anything made by John Ford) have linear scripts and timelines, and that which appears in minute 42 of the film depends on details revealed in minutes 1 through 15.

          Today’s kids (any of those with IQ lower than 105) literally cannot watch a real film in a meaning-filled way.

          When we do watch a movie in class I secretly pray that the dummies fall asleep; at least that way they won’t be talking during the film.

          • also they genuinely have 0 interest in anything before 2000, if not 2010. except if it is animated, like Southpark; but even there they don’t watch the old episodes. [at least going by my kids]

  28. At my elementary school a local news reporter interviewed my cousin for your standard fluff piece about some local event. His response didn’t pack enough punch, so she fabricated a response out of thin air and attributed it to him.

    Another example is Ben Smith interviewed me at a book signing for Sarah Palin’s book back when he was more of a small fry. He was clearly trying to trip me up with his questions. I must have passed, as none of my statements made his article. I’ll give him credit for not outright lying I guess.

    We need to come to grips that the media has always been like this, and only a vague sense of professionalism kept them at bay. Now even that is gone.

    • “only a vague sense of professionalism kept them at bay. Now even that is gone.”

      Well said.

    • “We need to come to grips that the media has always been like this, and only a vague sense of professionalism kept them at bay. Now even that is gone.”

      As if people forgot the lessons of plays or movies like “The Front Page” or the depiction of the press in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”.

      I blame “All the President’s Men” for this.

      • Those movies were made by the same people controlling the newspapers.

        The film were made explicitly to create a trust confirmation from an apparently unconnected source for something that was always a croc of shit and used to direct your behavior.

        The shows are the planted stooge in the audience used by the fake psychic acts.

        You just never realized it.

        • This is true. There has been a collusion between Hollywood and the journalist. They promote each other and it’s been going on for generations. There used to be a time when we knew that reporters were scum and actors needed to be kept away from polite society. And it really wasn’t that long ago

    • I had a family member attacked by the local media back in the 80s. They went so far as to lie about peoples’ names. It was the entire local media. I don’t know about back in the 50s or 40s, but all my life, the media has been completely untrustworthy.

      Whatever standards might be left cannot overcome their desperation for money. The media is just way too big and there is not enough money available to support the bloated industry. So if a bit of lying or heavy editorializing is the difference between clicks and tumbleweeds, they’re going for the clicks.

      • I’ve recently retold this story, but: My name has appeared in The Media exactly once. It was a total fabrication — I didn’t do what they said I did; I didn’t say what they said I did. The fact that I was there was the only actual fact in the entire story…

        …and this was about an intramural basketball game at a low-rent commuter college, written up for that low-rent commuter college’s low-rent school rag, back in Poppa Bush’s time.

        By now, it’s obvious that if The Media ever actually prints a fact, it’s by accident, and they’ll be sure to stealth-edit it out as soon as possible.

        • From what I know (and granted, I wasn’t there), the press lied about almost every detail of the stories they ran. This was a very big story in Philly. They were on the TV news and the front page of every paper. It was a criminal case that involved race. Two of their alleged co-conspirators were mestizos with very Hispanic names, booth first and last and very dark skin. The lugenpresse deliberately misspelled and mispronounced on TV their co-conspirator’s names and, of course, no pictures of them. The narrative was that they were “white supremacists.” That is how friggin dishonest these people are.

      • Years ago there was a guy on DC sports radio who was a pioneer in the field. I forget his name, but he was one of the first guys to talk sports on AM radio for a living. He liked telling stories about how he would goof on “reporters” in the press box. He was an announcer for baseball and hockey, so people assumed he had inside sources. Every once in a while he would allow the people in the press area “over hear” him dishing on some inside stuff, which was totally made up. Sure enough, the next day the papers would have stories about it quoting “sources close to the situation.”

        Other than the scores, sports media is just gossip started by agents and spread by “reporters” who often know little about the sports they cover. It is access journalism where they suck up to key figures and repeat what they are told. Washington works the same way. The Post hires young people to hang around various agencies and “make friends” with people. Those friends then give them copy to turn over to their bosses who post on the site. This is just how it is done.

    • Somehow I got involved with a writer for the weekly at my old small town. He wanted to talk to me about the busking rules I had proposed to the city council. I agreed on the condition he would reference my business, which seemed like a solid quid pro quo. He’d get the scoop on a mildly interesting small town happening and I’d get a free advertisement He proceeded to publish an article that made me out to be self-serving killjoy that was out to kill the party on Main Street. He totally misrepresented me and my proposal, it was like we never sat down and he just made up whatever suited his boomer brain. After the article was published I would regularly get heckled by strangers and of course my proposal to the city council (which would helped businesses, buskers, and pedestrians alike) was of course dismissed. And of course I never got my quid, or my pro, which ever it is.

      I wrote to the editor giving him the actual facts and I quickly got a reply from the writer accusing me of going over his head!

      • Five years ago or so I started to get e-mails from low-level media types requesting comments or an interview. I made the error of responding with “not interested” and suddenly I was getting them every month. I stopped responding and over time they stopped. The are media lists for these people to coordinate their efforts and I must have been put on one of the lists for a while.

        The funny thing about the requests was that they followed a pattern. The males would present their request like I won the lottery. The females would present it like they were trying to pick me up at a bar. In both cases the assumption was that I would jump at the chance to talk with a member of the priestly order of journalists.

        • The main thing to remember when a “journalist” contacts you is that the story is already written. Nothing you say will have any impact on the story other than to prove your point. If you don’t make a single mistake, they’ll just not use it and you lost an hour of your life for nothing.
          Even friendly media ends up hurting you. There is nothing whatsoever in it for you.

          it is just amazing how many people talk to them. People who ought to know better. People who DO know better. People who themselves have a much larger audience. The Bar Stool guy just had yet another hit piece written about him because he made the mistake of talking to another reporter despite being burned many times before.

      • Something similar happened to our (female) head of marketing back at my first job. She agreed to talk to the local paper’s financial reporter about our customer relations strategy. She was a very attractive lady of a certain age, and the reporter brought a photographer with him. I’m sure you know where this is going….

        They made her sound like a whore. No kidding — the reporter didn’t actually use the phrase “handjobs for cash,” but it was very strongly implied. Because what else could “marketing” mean, in an eeevil capitalist corporation?

        • To be fair he was probably just describing how one gets to head of marketing.

          Reminds me of a guy writing about a world bank senior meeting he attended where all the second tier women would be making fuck me eyes at the men able to affect their promotion.

          He described it as little short of swingers party needing just a bowl for the car keys.

      • Astralturf: Another blogger, who can certainly be an a-hole and shall remain nameless, is correct when he recommends that one “Never talk to the press.” Under any circumstances.
        Full disclosure: I did talk to the press for US government work one time. There was me (as interpreter and explicator) the source, and a reporter. The reporter totally changed and misinterpreted what I clearly told him the source said. No true harm done and no personal blowback, but it was an important learning experience for me that I will not forget.

    • Yes, yes, so what do students learn in four years of study in journalism school? The only qualifications are basic grammar, looking telegenic, well spoken, well connected, and loose morals. Why else would person report that “these are mostly peaceful protesters, Trump colluded with the Russians, an Rittenhouse is a murderer.”

      • I’ve had a few Journalism Majors filter through my classes over the years. They are exactly none of those things — their grammar is shaky, they’re not well spoken, they’re not well connected, and their morals aren’t loose (if only because the phrase “loose morals” implies that they have some, and they don’t). And as for “looking telegenic,” well… they say the camera adds ten pounds, and maybe it does, but not even the camera can cover up crazy eyes, and every single journalism student I’ve ever had was a very obvious bunny boiler.

        My sample size is no doubt way too small — I don’t think there are very many journalism majors any more; the job has been completely taken over by Ivy League dimbulbs — but for the record, the ones I’ve seen all seem to think they’re going to grow up to be Carrie Bradshaw. I once had the student newspaper’s sex advice columnist in class, for instance…

        • Back in the early 2010s, I took a journalism course at a community college here in Southern California. Within two months of joining the student paper I had completely taken over as chief editor, where my job was to basically copy edit the submissions of student “reporters.”

          These adult children hardly ever read a book beyond what was required, and even then I suspect they simply memorized some Cliffs Notes to pass a test. The illiteracy of these people was astonishing and eye opening. Many would go on to transfer to better schools where they could perfect their larp as a “reporter.” The whole experience soured me to the entire filthy business, but it was an excellent lesson in how much of the official media is not very different. It has the packaging of being somehow more professional, more capable, more competent, but alas, looks can and are deceiving.

        • What I meant Severian, was EMPLOYED journalists. You’d better be attractive, speak well, smile a lot, and have little concern for the truth. The rest probably drive taxi, wait tables, paint houses.

  29. I remember an interview with Stephen Glass’ co-worker in which the co-worker admitted that glass got away with so much, largely because all his fake stories played to liberal prejudices. It seems that as liberalism has in many ways exhausted itself, and yet also hardened itself and become more strident, the media is willing to go the next step and just sort of allow the Stephen Glass’ of the world free reign. It makes me think of holocaust survivors, who’s stories have been proven false, but no one really takes them to task over it. You know, cause morally they are true…

    • The cucks are just as bad. What good conservative doesn’t want to believe Biden crapped himself with the pope?

      It is very easy to convince someone of something they want to believe and very difficult to get someone to believe what they don’t want to believe.

      Also, IIRC, Gass’s lies were about Greenspan, the fed chairman. I think it was about how the Wall Street types built a shrine to him or something. Not exactly liberal bias.

  30. We’ve entered Turkish levels of Deep State. No one group has enough power to keep the internal disagreement behind closed doors so they’re spilling out into the public realm.

    It’s like back in the day when a mob war would erupt until one family had enough power to keep everything under control.

    I’m trying to think when was the last time that the elected politicians had more control than Deep State. Maybe Reagan. Even then, a lot of Reagan’s top people were Deep State themselves.

    I’d say that Deep State and a certain foreign intelligence agency really started getting the upper hand during the Clinton years. Bush II was a puppet as was Obama. Trump was a mistake that they quickly dispensed with. Now we have another puppet.

    The problem is that the various factions of Deep State, Big Tech, big donors, the Tribe and the remaining Puritan elite are all vying for control of the areas that they care about. And they’re doing this against the backdrop of Wokism gaining more true believers who view them as thwarting their utopia.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the brown horde continues its march into the country making the situation more volatile.

    Interesting times.

    • The Regime decision both to take out Harris and humiliate her really has my attention. Obviously, such a clueless and retarded bitch is a braindead puppet, but whoever operates her seems to be getting a good smackdown.

      • She’s the Big Tech faction. But it’s hard to say if that faction is taking a beating or that Harris is just that bad.

        Maybe Big Tech has abandoned her. Maybe a different faction is exerting its control over Big Tech.

        Welcome to regime-ology. You’re only getting a look at the shadows.

      • I’ll give Team Biden their due on choosing Harris as VP: “You mean we get a bunch of Silicon Valley cash *and* a complete dunce that we can run circles around, someone so awful that even our sworn enemies won’t want to replace us with her? Deal!”

        • The real question is why Big Tech took the deal. Maybe they’re showing their inexperience in retail politics.

          They assumed that the actual politician didn’t matter. That the public would accept anyone.

          They were wrong and it’s a good lesson for them.

          • I think Big Tech’s backing of Harris is a sign that they are even more incompetent and pozzed than we assume.

            I think this because the real initial technical development behind Google took place in the late 90s. For Facebook that period was the early to mid 00s.

            Those periods are roughly 25 and 15 years in the rear view mirror. Neither Big Tech platform has really innovated in a direction far off its original, core mission.

            This leads me to believe they are more overrun with HR Karens, SJWs, H-1Bs, and PLA spies than we realize.

          • Wild,

            Yeah, I agree. You can see it with the retirement of many of the original founders and, presumably, a lot of guys who started the companies and helped them rise.

            Managers and HR types are now firmly in control. Because they have de facto monopolies, nobody pushes back because 1) you can get fired and 2) the companies are still making tons of money.

            But they will grind these companies into the ground.

            Maybe Go Woke, Go Broke does work, but it takes 20 or 30 years to happen. That’s a long time, but a lot of them Big Tech companies are that old or pretty close.

          • “Big Tech” is an ethnic interest group. TV pretends Harris is black, but her backers know she’s Indian. She was the only Democrat of acceptable blood, as Biden almost said.

            It doesn’t matter that she’s a repulsive idiot. They all are.

  31. We have the same problem here. The article below is a few years old (2018) but is still relevant given the pathetic and low caliber of people who “identify as journalists” but are nothing more than bloggers and the lowest of fiction writers desperate for attention.

    This same sort of nonsense is also showing up more and more in “respected” scientific journals. I recently read that several US universities were intentionally “punked” and even after the hoax was made known, the university never retracted the stories from their publications.

    Der Spiegel says top journalist faked stories for years

    The German news magazine Der Spiegel has been plunged into chaos after revealing that one of its top reporters had falsified stories over several years.

    The media world was stunned by the revelations that the award-winning journalist Claas Relotius had, according to the weekly, “made up stories and invented protagonists” in at least 14 out of 60 articles that appeared in its print and online editions, warning that other outlets could also be affected.

    Relotius resigned after admitting to the scam. He had written for the magazine for seven years and won numerous awards for his investigative journalism, including CNN Journalist of the Year in 2014.

    Earlier this month, he won Germany’s Reporterpreis (Reporter of the Year) for his story about a young Syrian boy, which the jurors praised for its “lightness, poetry and relevance”. It has since emerged that all the sources for his reportage were at best hazy, and much of what he wrote was made up.

    The Hamburg-based magazine, which was founded in 1947 and is renowned for its in-depth investigative pieces, said Relotius had committed journalistic fraud “on a grand scale”. It described the episode as “a low point in Spiegel’s 70-year history”. An in-house commission has been set up to examine all of Relotius’ work

    • Well, in the old days it was a choice of the 9mm or the piano wire. Today’s Germany is a kinder, gentler nation. He will be forced to ghostwrite Burqel’s memoirs

  32. and you will never get that time back, you invest in decoding the inner party’s workings. would love to see a hypothetical scenario where doing so has any return on the time invested?

    don’t disagree with the main premise of the article, though i would expand it a bit and add that besides the intentional lying, is the innate incoherence and irrationality of the inner party.

    personally, i think visiting prog sites (including msm) is very damaging to the mental clarity (at a minimum) of the person doing so; much like looking at the face of the Gorgon. i never do it and now *i* am better off for avoiding them. i let other visitors here do it for me, and read their accounts here.

    • The sole purpose of visiting the mainstream, regime-approved news orgs is to learn what absolutely, positively isn’t the truth. Whatever they are saying is true can effectively be eliminated from the list of actual true possibilities.

    • You have a point about getting a return on efforts to decode the regime. But, not knowing what will happen next, if this regime is about to collapse or is good for another 30 yrs mileage, learning to understand how it thinks and works could suddenly come in handy. Certainly if one wants to build some kind of ‘resistance movement’ or figure how to be left as much alone as possible.

      • “learning to understand how it thinks and works” which isn’t knowable, even to those at the top. and what would you do with this knowledge (that you aren’t already doing)?.

        watch the two Smiley’s People mini-series for superb examples on this topic; i.e. decoding intent.

  33. Just like the old Soviet saying about work in that country, they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.
    With American Pravda it is , they pretend to be serious journalists and we pretend to believe them.

    As with the deep state fed outfits formally known as the FBI, CIA and Justice dept, we now have bizzaro world counterparts. Everything done is to subvert the country and what it used to stand for. Sometimes I am forced to watch these old crime show real case files with my wife. One really gets a sense of how much they used to care about doing their duty even putting themselves at somewhat of a physical risk.

    Easier to punk Trump supporters and other dissidents. How are those Michigan boys doing, you know, the ones plotting to kidnap Whitmer.

    • to everyone here, i strongly recommend (as a tonic for these foul times) the tv series: Comrade Detective. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime. the premise is that communist authorities decide to make their version of an american police show, like starsky and hutch. it is hilarious in that the cops are always spouting communist slogans, instead of the usual cop show cliches. don’t go by my description, watch an episode or two for yourself. as a taste, Jordache jeans figure prominently in the plot 🙂

      • I’d second this, with the caveat that you really need to put yourself in that Cold War headspace. The few obvious jokes are very funny — “Jor-docky?” “No, Jor-DASH!” — but a lot of it borders on the surreal.

        (Also hats off to the actors, who are actual tv stars in Romania, speaking in Romanian, delivering their lines perfectly for the American voiceovers. It’s very cool just from a technical standpoint, thinking of all the work that must’ve gone into it).

        • “you really need to put yourself in that Cold War headspace”

          That’s an increasingly easy thing to do.

  34. Sabrina Erdely, the author of the campus rape hoax, was fired from Rolling Stone and pretty much drummed out of mainstream media, but she had protectors to fall back on:

    From Wikipedia:

    “As of 2021, Erdely writes for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and co-hosts the Jewish Philly podcast.”

    Because of course she does.

    • Absolute degeneracy. In the past, better people committed lesser crimes and stayed out of the public eye for the rest of their lives.

    • Erdely jumped at the story and pushed the crazy co-ed to make it public because it was a Jewish fantasy come to life.

      Blonde, Southern frat boys at an elite university gang raping a girl at the fraternity. It was everything that so many Jews truly believe about whites. Country club white boys denigrating women and non-whites.

      Steve Sailer believes what’s going on is about money, a grift to get our stuff. He’s wrong. It’s about hate and envy – and it’s not going to stop with our stuff.

    • Sabrina and Erdely on their own are ambiguous, but her middle name which must be her maiden name (Rubin) is Jewish for sure.

  35. At this point, there’s absolutely no reason to believe anything from any media outlet anywhere. Maybe the weather report – maybe.
    Ditto for any governmental agency anywhere. We are being so screwed with six days from Sunday, it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep one’s wits together. The Zblog is a huge help. A tiny (but getting larger) lifeboat in a sea of madness.

    • a modern monastery. i strongly recommend that everyone here make copies of those western cultural products they want to preserve. and the hardware to access them 🙂

      anyone who has seen (or read) Fahrenheit 451 will remember the ending, when people “become” books. people talk about 1984, and Brave New World, but for me, F451 nails this subject much much more effectively .

    • I used to say that the weather report was the one thing the media couldn’t make up.

      Recently I’ve noticed something odd though. I exercise almost every morning and check the weather forecast nightly to gauge what to wear and adjust my routine. The forecasts even 12 hours forward have become weird and unpredictable.

      A couple days ago as an example was forecasting the morning temp to be 57deg. Apple was forecasting 41deg. Which experience told me was more accurate and it was.

      So apparently some places are just making up the weather forecast now too.

      • Yes here too, they all use “computer models” which unsurprisingly can also be hacked ( gee we never saw that tornado coming did we) instead of eyes and noses (Yes you can really smell snow and you can smell salt water if you are getting close to the ocean), I use the “Indian Weather Rock” method, if the rock is wet, it’s raining, if you can’t see the rock, it’s foggy, if the rock is white, it’s snowing. Buy an old farmers almanac and read up on cloud formations and animal weather signs.

        • I’ve long maintained that the most effective thing dissidents can do to subvert the pozz is to disrupt and sever the media’s communications. Perhaps a simple fruit-bearing step would be to screw with the weather apps that people use. I can’t imagine those apps are protected by insurmountable cyber-barriers. Keep telling the users that tomorrow morning will be 15 degrees cooler or warmer than it actually will be; or that it will be pleasant when it’s actually going to rain. Don’t change the forecast enough to be patently false, but enough to foul up one’s preparations for the day. Get normie to start considering how much of his media-driven information is completely fabricated.

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