The New Segregation

Walk around in public and it is increasingly obvious that Americans now live in at least two parallel worlds. For the bare-faced, the masked are a strange and alien people who are starting to fade into the scenery. The weirdness of these people strapping amulets to their faces has faded and it is now just something to be ignored, along with the person wearing the amulet. In fact, the weird collection of beliefs that lie behind the bizarre face-gear are also fading into obscurity.

The mask is no longer about following directions, complying with authority, concerns over public health and so on. It is about membership in a parallel universe that occupies the same physical space as this universe. If you want to know what segregation in the South was really like, go to a grocery store. Jim Crow was mostly two groups of people operating under mostly the same rules but living psychologically apart from one another in the same public spaces.

The masked versus unmasked is just the physical manifestation of the new segregation in current year America. Behind the mask lies paranoia and fear about those not wearing the magic amulet. The bare-faced are Trump supporters, possibly even insurrectionists or white supremacists. They most certainly are not vaccinated and therefore carry the latest letter of the Greek alphabet. These are the people against whom the elect are chosen to wage the holy war.

It sounds insane, but it is a generous description of the people living in the parallel universe that is the Left in America. Theirs is a world of magic and miracles where dark forces are resisted by the forces of light. They cannot explain how this works, but they have plenty of examples. The massive tornadoes that hit the bad people in Trump country were the wrath of Gaia. She is angry over climate change so she sent another warning to the sinners.

Exactly no one in the Gaia cult can explain how any of this works, but that is not how religions work anyway. The rituals and incantations are simple ways for the believer to show she is a believer, without knowing the logic of the belief. The overlap between Gaia worshippers and Covidians is not an accident. Both of these are viewed as supernatural occurrences by the Left. It is why your vaccination status matters so much to them. They have been told it matters, so they believe it.

Behind those masks is not just fear of Gaia, but a general fear of mysterious forces operating in the universe. It is why the Russian collusion hoax still circulates among these same people. They were never able to explain how it works, but they just knew it because that is how they imagine the world works. That is where you see the parallel universes at play. In one universe, hoaxes get debunked and people move on while in the other they become part of the canon.

In the world of normal people, the great struggle of life is the great struggle over the small things like money, family and work. Behind the mask, the great struggle is the defense of democracy. There is a war on democracy waged by those who oppose democracy for some reason. The faithful need Joe Biden to take on the real enemies of democracy in order to save it. Of course, those who criticize Joe Biden, in his noble quest, are threatening democracy by weakening his resolve.

One interesting thing about this new religion is it is mostly a grab bag of old ideas put to less interesting ends. For example, the crazies now have their version of the Inquisition where they will torment suspected heretics. Mark Meadows has been named by the Inquisition and will be brought to justice. He is charged with using the Devil’s own language to direct the armies of Satan. The point of this Inquisition is to finally defeat Old Scratch himself, former president Donald Trump.

To normal people, this obsession with the January 6th protests is completely insane, but lots of people believe otherwise. Behind those masks you will find that many, maybe most, buy into the insurrection myth entirely. Just as their magic amulet is about being on the right side of history, the basket of boutique beliefs swirling around the managerial class are about picking sides in the great struggle. The “insurrection” has become a rallying cry for those covering their faces in public.

Stand around in a public place where you can see a lot of believers and think about something that lies at the heart of it all. Can our societies continue to function when a significant minority of people believe these insane things? What Covid has really done is move this question to the forefront by bringing these people out of the shadows and giving them constant reinforcement. Those magic amulets are not just warding off the evil spirits, but reinforcing their faith in the new religion.

For the last two years the normal portion of the population has been buoyed by the hope that this will all peter out eventually. The madness of the Trump obsession would go away once Biden was in office. The Covidians would move onto something else once the cost of their madness was too much for them. Wait long enough and things will return to normal. It is looking like they can remain irrational for as long as it takes to pull the roof down on all of us.

One of the forgotten bits of truth about the segregated South is that without outside intervention, the system would have carried on indefinitely. The talented ten percent of blacks grumbled about not getting access to the elites and white merchants grumbled about the restrictions on commerce, but most people found it workable. Contrary to the cartoon version of the period popular with the crazies, the system kept the peace and most people saw it as an acceptable compromise.

The lesson is that two different people can live together in peace even if the separation is just psychological or cultural. Perhaps this is where things are heading. There will be no return to normal. One group will walk around with their magic amulets on their faces while normal people simply ignore it and much of what they say. The masked will traffic in their conspiracy theories about insurrectionists and white supremacists, while everyone else gets on with the struggle of life.

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281 thoughts on “The New Segregation

  1. Good article. We need to study what happened in the South. One reason is to learn how black rights were restored— we need those same tactics, especially the litigation ones. The other is to understand irrationality. I suspect that Jim Crow was not a compromise at all, but rather a small social mania spun out of control. That a small minority–10%, perhaps– of whites fervently wanted it, but cowed everyone else, who didn’t care enough to lead an opposition given the cancelling they would get if white, the lynching if black. Thus, even most whites were relieved when the courts said it all had to end.
    True, or false?

  2. Power hoarders in robes dangling their prey over a pit until they recited an ordered “conversion” had nothing to do with Jesus’ teachings about the responsibility of managing self; like the “Muh Science!” cult, those holding the weapons to “encourage” conversion have zero interest in the original material source.

    It doesn’t matter how many times a lab hound barks about “The Scientific Method” not being respected during the COVID craze: The more people who choose “conversion” to the guy in a robe wielding a branding iron, the more he defines what the new method is.

    People don’t like pain and many will push anyone else willing to spar with the predator out in front if it means they can avoid a tussle with the teeth for one, more day.

  3. A nation is made up of many constituent parts.

    The PRIMARY PART is what I call opportunistic indifferent. They are looking for chances to get ahead in life and are not particularly good OR bad. They’re not good Samaritans looking to help that injured guy by the highway. Instead, they’d rather not have seen him in the first place.

    The opportunistic indifferent tend to be numbered in the “masked” on the street more than the “unmasked” because they see where things are going. They see that the masked have the power and their governments are all (and I mean ALL other than Sweden) aligned with the masked, and so the opportunistic indifferent are in lockstep with them.

    When the dust settles and we see who survives any inter-group fight in society, you can be sure the O-I number among the largest number of post-apocalyptic survivors.

    • Sweden has the Nobel Prize, so, no, they are definatley of the masked ones. Their government that is.

      They gave the Peace Prize to Obama.

  4. It should be apparent where this ends now. We’re entering the “fitness” phase of the situation. The elites with their stupidity have created a crisis that will fitness test them for their position, and if they aren’t worthy of it, then they will be replaced by someone capable.

    This wasn’t suppose to happen, since capitalism had embraced the fitness test and called it creative destruction, but in 2008 our elite class used the power and credit of the United States government to postpone their trial and kick it down the road, indefinitely, and each can kick making the eventual climax that much more spectacular.

    I think we’re now entering the next to last kick of that can. The elites, will barely scrape through this one with nationalization of the banking system and a merger of the FED and Treasury. However, I suspect we’ll have to go to war to maintain the dollars status as reserve currency in at least the West.

    • Yes, you are corect, the inescapable periods of bondage and slavery are here. Right around the corner.

      The ham-fisted approach of our elites has left us isolated to a large degree. When the sh$t hits the fan, they will escape with huge gold reserves, besides the amount they have already siphoned off to Israel, newly bought lans in New Zealand, Tazmania, and other well fortified places.

      I mean, by the way they are going about things in the west, its obvious the elites have seen the writting on the wall long ago, and this was the plan. At first they wanted Russia, which they still want so bad, to rule the world from. Smaller population, no mouth-breathers, or maybe a few. Heavily armed Russia, with its infinite resourses, if only Putin wasnt there, and if only it would fall.

  5. I just want to emphasize Eloi’s excellent point: “If you want to see how prescient this guy [Fauci] was, look at his comments on AIDS in the 80s.”

    So much of this reminds me of the 80s. Queen Ann:

    “And yet, here was Fauci in March 1987, still babbling about the risk of AIDS to heterosexuals. ….

    Today, Fauci is doing the exact same thing with COVID, treating teenagers as if they face as much danger as people in their 70s, despite the latter having a 300 times greater chance of dying from COVID than those under 20.”

    htt …to get by the filter… ps:// 2021/12/08/the-fauci-who-cried-wolfx/

    Everyone knows in retrospect that AIDS was a disease that only affected f@gg0ts and drug addicts and Fauci lied for political reasons just as he is lying now..

    Today, Fauci is doing the exact same thing with COVID, treating teenagers as if they face as much danger as people in their 70s, despite the latter having a 300 times greater chance of dying from COVID than those under 20.”

    To get cy the filter, go to Ann’s site and add: 2021/12/08/the-fauci-who-cried-wolfx/

    Everyone knows in retrospect that AIDS was a disease that only affected f@gg0ts and drug addicts and Fauci lied for political reasons just as he is lying now.

  6. To confirm: We can obliquely pine for segregation but not for “white nationalism,” because that will repulse the normies and antagonize our enemies.

    This is where I defer to you guys who claim to be salesmen. I’m not a salesman.

    • For the life of me I cannot imagine why anybody would be repulsed by the existence of a white nation. What I can imagine is how much they would fear it’s obvious success.

    • Why will it repulse normies?

      Because of conditioning only.

      This is intentional and coordinated. I am sick of these BS cope explanations as to coincidence and general directions because people don’t want to face the implications.

      It is obviously massively coordinated and has specific multi-pronged intentions.

      We should take a leaf out of the destructive activist movements of the late 20th century where they embraced and multiplied the words that were negative social taboos and now are forced down every ones throat.

      Push through the conditioning not away from.

    • Just call it a national divorce. Boomers love divorces. And if you are anti-divorce, you are a bigot misogynist virgin who hates women.

    • Last time I went to a CCF, it was a wok paradise.

      And way, way over-priced. I would, will, never go back.

  7. I was talking with Audacious E the other day about my theory of “active violence” vs “passive violence”. Active violence is what most people think of when they think of the word violence – that is to say armed death squads acting like thugs. But for passive violence – let me do a thought experiment:

    Imagine if a drug existed to get rid of all violent attitudes from people. In theory that sounds good because there would be no more gang violence and rape. But what if it has the unintended consequence where no one has the drive to do the dirty work of society (build bridges, repair/maintain things). Things like bridges collapsing is what I call “passive violence”. I’m not sure if active or passive is worse.

    • As Camille Paglia has said, without so-called “toxic masculinity,” we’d all be living in caves.

      • Extreme antisocial behavior, from raping coma patients to inventing calculus, is the sole domain of men.

        Paglia, like an extremely antisocial man, consciously grasps this.

        Very weird.

        • Fake news re antisocial behavior. All humans as re fallen, and especially, not exceptionally so for the spare rib applepickers. 2/3 of sexual abuse of children under 8 is committed by women, most child abuse is committed by women, and the vast majority of child neglect is committed by women. Abortion is committed by women. Essentially all infanticide is committed by women. Women are disgusting and should be locked in cages.
          Raping a commotose adult is vile, but deliberately and severely (even sexually) hurting your own flesh and blood is a whole other level of evil.

  8. No masks for me for last 13 months in northern LA County, minutes from Hollywood. Walking without a JawBra through the sea of Red-Death Masquers is what it must be like for a Jehovah’s Witness to wander into an LDS Temple. Delightful for me and disorienting for all.
    Hearteningly, each week the ratio slips a notch or three. Most places we are up to 15-20% of us cruising dangerously about in stores, restaurants, and pubs without our Teeth Tabernacles, Nasal Tents, Beard Barns, or Mandible Hammocks. No one ever says a word to me these days. The Karens are visibly cowed by actual nonconformist IDGAF bravery. Which isn’t so much bravery as just a good pungent case of that previous acronym. The massive LAUSD school district just backed off their vax mandate for kiddies ‘until next Fall’ due to ‘infrastructure’ issues—their stupid virtual school system can’t handle another 28,000 kids getting suddenly dumped into it. It is straining to handle 16k as it is. The other option was banning them from attendance in schools. Meaning massive loss of dollars for district. Gee, I wonder what’s driving all this?

  9. I don’t think this goes on forever. That’s because I go with Crane Brinton and “Anatomy of Revolution.”

    On his narrative, revolution proceeds from the rule of the moderates to the Reign of Terror and Virtue (or Inquisition). That’s because the moderates fail to realize the promise of heaven on earth. But why? Not because the Faith is a fantasy, but because of the malevolence of “them.” You know who they are.

    Eventually the frenzy of the Terror or Inquisition burns itself out, because humans cannot live the frenzy forever.

    The only question is the size of the butcher’s bill.

  10. Oscars guest: no mask required. ‘Ditto ‘Bama’s Birthday Bash. Over and over we see, Masks are only for the little people. The OnHigh possess the special immunity-like power of not caring.

    Swedes must show vaccine ID to enter large venues, some embed subcutaneous vaccine ID chip. Australia has forced quarantine camps, even for those who test negative; some boys escaped, resulting in a massive police dragnet. In New Zealand, vaxed can orgy, it’s policy.

    Restrictions tighten. Restrictions loosen. Differently in different places. Randomly. But mostly in White countries. On average, the restrictions tighten whenever OnHigh can.

    BF Skinner experiments indicate that random reinforcement of a conditioned response best makes the behavior persist. If only the rat pushes the lever enough times; then this time for sure, the food pellet will come. Hope. The OnHigh are lulling the masses into a technocratic police state. The masses having seen a restriction loosen can hope that someday the restrictions will go away.

    But restrictions aren’t going away, the restrictions are an important goal. Digital barbed wire. Digital turnstiles. Word and action monitored and recorded; deciding access to food pellets.

    • absolutely correct . this will never go away. the number of people who have died because of the early treatment ban, effective drug ban and other measures is in the millions. If they back off people will figure this out and the planners are at risk themselves of Nuremburg type trials. they have to keep it rushing forward to prevent that .

  11. The new religion needs a few magic tricks to keep the show lively. Here’s one:

    Graphene, graphene hydroxide.
    A Dr. Noack was killed the week after he put out what he’d found. He asked industrial metallurgists about the graphene.

    They told him, at that scale, it’s tiny razor blades.
    It performs the same function as the spikes, to tear open cell walls.

    One can develop antibodies to deal with a virus or protein, but no antibody can overcome particles of metal.

    So, the vaccine injuries, aka “Covid-21”, will continue to mount.

    For instance, Omicron signals the end of the viral pandemic. Get the equivalent of a cold and you’ll have natural immunity.

    The “vaccine’s” AIDS and razor blades prevent that. The bad guys will make more hay on the many continuing treatments of the side effects than they do on the vaccine subscriptions.

    • PS- not enough damage to kill the monkeys, (yet), but enough to scare them into compliance.

      Time only helps bad guys secure their gains.

      Another magic trick are the fake tests- leading to fake “solutions” by the Fearful, that is, more customers, believers, and social proofing.

      One more is the medically ridiculous nasal swab. It’s a compliance test for some, and a punishment for others.

  12. May I suggest, for those seeking fodder for anti vaxx and anti mask information, Vernon Coleman’s excellent site. Yes, he is an old crank, but the man is truly one of the few calling out, clearly, openly, and factually, the medical system that is increasingly looking dystopian. If you want to see how prescient this guy was, look at his comments on AIDS in the 80s. I am old enough to remember the fearmongers; he was proven right with time in a variety of ways, including that what we consider AIDS is mostly a reaction to dangerous medicines like AZT pushed on every Poz case.

  13. Tying into yesterday’s Regime-ology, it looks like Hillary! is positioning herself to be the successor to Biden. Its questionable given his frailty how long he can last, so the idea is that Harris is pensioned off somewhere, Hillary! appointed and then takes over with “Hell to Pay” for you Dirt People. Thats why shes in the news. Given below it does not matter how popular she is with people just the Inner Party. Who love her the way they never could with Bill.

    Maskwise if Whitmer and Polis are dumping masks as their citizens are tired of it, here in CA we have a new statewide mandate that will last forever, basically, and coming soon requirements for booster shots every two months I’m sure. This is wreaking havoc with the economy — but Dems have a plan. Supposedly they will nuke the filibuster after shelving for now BBB aka Inflation on Super Steroids, and change voting laws across the country. Mail in ballots, vote harvesting, 4:30 AM massive ballot dumps. So they can get some great victory nationwide and kick off the “Purge” movies they so love. After ginning up opposition to Putin in Ukraine and then collapsing like a wet noodle, they are angry and have a “real enemy” — us. Already they are talking about ending the jury system and instituting “justice” based on identity — black gay etc is always not guilty, White male is always guilty. The slight good news however is the Salvation Army (“apologize for being White”) has seen donations drop off a cliff.

    • A while back I speculated that the game may be to push out Harris next spring and install Hillary as the VP with the assumption Biden does not run in 2024. The problem is Biden is telling people he plans to run in 2024.

      • Hillary might have to arkancide old Joe. She will not be denied.
        Maby nuclear war with Russia might not be so bad.

        • Actually, the plan is that Hilldog will give the world the, “gift,” of war with Russia.

        • Ideally, she engineers herself into the VP job, pushes Biden aside before 2024 and then loses the primary or even better loses to Trump. That would hilarious.

          • Mother nature still has a role in all of this.
            None of these geezers are long for this world at least in any viable way.

          • Trump beating Hillary would certainly be hilarious, but I’m not sure Trump can beat Ron DiSantis. For those with Covid/Vaxx fatigue, DiSantis is the man. Meanwhile, Trump is a vaxx salesman and has been silent on the Jan. 6 prisoners.

          • TBH, I reckon the Clintons are done. At least as the front-facing entities of the Party. Behind the scenes, “who knows?”

          • The wicked witch of the wicked is 74 and in poor health. As much charm as a Tasmanian Devil. I’d heavily discount her chances…except…except by force. After all, that’s how we get most presidents.

      • I am of the opinion that Biden was always and only Obama’s boy. Biden was going nowhere in the primaries until the BLM/African Methodists/Black Baptists were activated along with white radical cultural marxists to make his candidacy inevitable. Otherwise, no Joe, and no other Potemkin Village cracker candidate standing a chance against Trump’s reelection.

        The deal was struck with enough urban Bantustans to falsify the (mostly mail-in ) balloting, and backroom fiddling with the software was there to backstop the fraud. Only Obama and his claque were capable of engineering this, and in recognition of their efficacy, these same people now drive the bus off the cliff.

        Of course, if Trump had been permitted re-election, heads may have rolled in the intelligence community – the people who did much of the heavy lifting organizing the faragos of Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukrainegate, etc. – so this made it existential for them.

        But The Cabal That Calls Itself Joe Biden, while admittedly inflicting damage as they had planned, have jumped the shark to such a degree, that Harris taking over has become a real, albeit horrifying, possibility. This leaves space for Hillary to grab for the ring. She and her ilk have been interested in The Grift, but if the country disintegrates that is compromised. This must be stopped. The Biden Cabal can say whatever, but they may get pushed aside.

        Of course, she and her claque are in no meaningful wise any better, and the damage is already massive, and disintegration is likely inevitable. But she can, like Gollum, bite off the finger bearing the Ring of Power, just as she tumbles into the fires of Mount Doom, and for her, deranged narcissist that she is, this would still count as Victory at long last. Her precious-s-s…

      • They’re going to have to cheat like they’ve never cheated to pull Hillary “Basket of Deplorables” Clinton across the line in any scenario.

        People hate Joe Biden for his corruption and policies.
        People loathe Hillary Clinton simply for her.

    • The Purge is a fun idea but if your scenario comes to fruition it’s the Lefties who get purged. We have almost all the guns and after all, if I’m “guilty” of anything and everything just for being a straight White guy then why not give them something to charge me with? As Early Cuyler (Squidbillies) said – It’s on! It’s on like Red Dawn!

    • Regarding the Salvation Army, I haven’t donated once this year. Previously, I almost always dropped some cash into the tin. No more. I want them to feel the pain of losing white support for their anti-white virtue-signaling.

      And besides, I tell myself, probably the vast majority of donations get funneled to people who aren’t my own anyway.

      • Darcy: I’ve never donated to the Salvation Army. Most of their ringers here are dancing, singing noggers and I’ve always assumed most of their donations go to non-Whites. I support my own people, not those who want them dead.

      • The vast majority of large charities, like corporations, are part of the anti-white Power Structure. Fuck ’em and their negroid beneficiaries.

    • I’m skeptical.

      Biden is a dream come true for the Left. Look at where we are and it hasn’t even been a year. Implementation of the green new deal, killing the economy with regulations and lockdowns, social unrest, higher taxes, demoralization of the military, unlivable cities, demonization of white people, rigged elections, corrupt justice system, rising inflation, shortages.

      What else can the poor guy do, start and lose another war?

    • It came to me, out of the blue, that “Huh. Liz Cheney will be President.”

      Then, Tucker announced it looks like they’re setting that up the next day (yesterday).

      Some Good Woman has got to get the party started. Looks like it’s time for a brother war- anything to keep the White world, Europa, Russia, the Colonies apart.

  14. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The New Segregation

    • Given the religious element, a Hugenot vs Catholic situation is more likely. Maybe just conjecture, but older men cannot seem to viscerally, truly believe that the left is a religious movement. Zman might be in that incredulity trap:, like most ppl with media. They intellectually understand, but the default is to still believe the media is saying SOMETHING alin to truth and think leftism is a politcal ideology. The Fourth Turning guys are hilarious in not understanding that Marxism is a religious movement: “this 50 year cycle should show a religious revival in the 1930s, but only international communism swept the scene, no religoon to be seen.”

  15. I never realized the sheer number of seriously screwed up people there were wandering around. If you’ve known someone with an irrational fear or belief you know you can’t just talk them out of it. It’s very real to them. This whole Covid business has brought this to light.

    Then some might wonder why the country has devolved. This is why, a significant portion of the population is completely off their rockers, and they vote. I suspect in the past people with a problem knew they had one and tried to keep it on the down low to prevent other people from knowing. Nowadays? Let your freak flag fly baby! Then they want other people to validate their nutiness.

    • And if they’re in or around the medical profession, all their fears are magnified to infinity by the MSM. It’s hopeless.

  16. The trouble comes when we try to reason and engage with them. We have one arm tied behind our backs – we are mostly nice guys that would rather get along than fight. Most of us are critical thinkers that may disagree, but we make a point of understanding our adversary’s points. Doing this with nutters only prolongs the hard feelings and increases the animosities.

    When dealing with these lunatics – it’s like a bandaid. You can rip it off and be done with it and let the air get at the wound and heal it… or you can piddle around, dancing and whining and fussing, peeling it off micrometer by painful micrometer.

    Be upfront and upbeat about it. I learned to tell them right to their faces that I am not joining their cult, and I am not drinking their koolaid, If they want to get stupid about it, I will walk away. If they want to get nasty about it, I will make them wish they hadn’t. It saves a lot of handwaving and tears and drama…

    • One thing Ayn Rand said makes sense here: there can be no compromise with someone who wants you dead. There is no middleground between poison and food; there’s no agreement to be had about how much strychnine you can put in my coffee.

  17. On the mask question. It must depend where you live. In my locale almost no one wears masks outdoors and most people wear masks in work or at stores. Whenever I don’t wear a mask, the only people who harang me are employees.

    The increasingly vicious campaign currently being waged by american conservatives is troublesome. They have been anti white from their origins, but they have become explicitly so. And the dunderheads wrapped up in the team worship of them are increasingly parroting that view, taking it to heart.

    Conservatism’s championing of sexual immorality coupled with the aforementioned hatred that its stirring makes them a dangerous enemy in their own right, regardless of liberals or the leftists.

    Its worrisome. Prudent not to forget that Brown was a radical christian and the christian abolitionist roots of the GOP. Conservatives and in particular the christian right (an awful group that has thankfully waned) have this deranged malice lurking about them. Its usually hidden in the background, but it will conjure itself forth in times. There is a lot of “stupid’ energy in Conservatism. Stupid is passionate and stupid is very hard to beat.

    • There are rays of hope. Most of that anti-white stuff flies because the conservatives are largely run by the elderly that should either be retired or in nursing homes. Back in their day anti-white virtue signaling paid off. Some of the younger ones are popping up here and there and sounding off about it.

      This is a problem that will take care of itself sooner rather than later. Normie is no longer asleep on the couch in front of the sportzball game on TV. He is seeing this stuff, and he is seeing the dissidents too. At length he will start asking and noticing the wrong things, and when this movement picks up and catches on, I believe it is going to be Mutiny On The Bounty.

      The dissidents wrongly dismiss Trump as ineffective and useless. On the contrary – he was a direct hit amidships and if you get past the bluster and posturing – Leftie is taking on water and will completely capsize soon.

      You can’t run a business or a country with Covidians and similar lunatics at the helm.

      • I disagree. I think, lets call them anti current regime people, can’t stop thinking of conservatives as big brother.

        This side is very good at seeing through liberals or leftists. But just can’t wrap their heads around conservatives.

        This little brother attitude paralyzed the paleoconservative movement. It has prevented them from amounting to anything. And almost all other groups on this side suffer from it, in varying degrees.

        “Ron Desantis may treat me badly, but hey we are still family and if I vote him in he’ll scare away those bullies picking on me”.

        No he won’t.

    • I took down all the Covid crap in my stores about three months ago. Most places in Japan still demand the face diaper and have the plastic spit shields up at the registers, plus the santizer bottles for your hands. A couple of our local city politicians raised some crap with me about it, but そですね? So is life and enough is enough. I pointed out Lawson, one of the national konbinis, never put up the spit shields nor jumped anyone’s ass for going maskless, I mean hell, their “hand sanitizer’ station was usually a spray bottle filled with water if the manager was inclined. They back off when the implication dawned they were getting too comfortable pushing around local business. In truth, you can go maskless most places and won’t be bothered. People are getting tired of this shit.

      • Interesting perspective. My feeling is that the Japanese though, actually had a culture before the Great Coof. Japan can go back to normal. America doesn’t know what normal is anymore.

        The US (and many other Western nations) is a disintegrating society full of internal hatreds and centrifugal tendencies. Eventually *something* was going to come along and offer a new “ordering principle” for society. Christendom has faded, Communism has such a bad reputation that even people who are clearly commies call themselves something else, Nazi-ism? Only appeals to Whites. Besides, sure the uniforms are stylish but people today are too fat to get into them.

        So I really fear that this is it. Covidism: wear this mask, listen for news of the latest variants, wash your hands and pray towards Atlanta (CDC) 5 times a day. A weak, stupid faith for a weak, stupid people.

        • Chritianity has failed so badly in my inner blue zoo adjacent suburb that none of the churches have Nativities, lights, or trees up.

      • Social capital a real thing in Japan.

        If a Japanese national tested positive for Covid, you can be 100% certain they’d never break a self-policed isolation.

        In the USA, if everyone were given “free” Covid home test kits:

        1. Half the country would put them for sale on ebay

        2. All the kits would be rigged by big-Pharma to test “+”, thereby starting a very expensive treatment protocol.

        3. No one would self isolate, because they’re just too damn important.

        Japan is another world.

  18. In my region an interesting situation has developed. The state government sent word that masking and vax can no longer be a determinate of employment etc. At my institution, the head admin says he can’t require masks legally, but they remain encouraged for the sake of everyone. The fed workers still fall in the mandatory must mask/vax category. On the first day, I was the only guy unmasked. I’ve mostly gone with program but got called onto the carpet for not masking, and smoking on the campus back in the height of the mass delusion. No, one other guy was unmasked come to think on it. I saw him coming down the hall and said “ what? No mask?” Him, “you neither”. He gave me the most beautific smile. It was almost gay, and my left eye even may watered up a little. Anyways, 2-3 weeks in, the maintenance men don’t wear em, and I’ve been gently teasing ppl about their “veils”. The local high school kids, including my own daughter, mostly still wearing them. I’ve been giving her a barrage of sheeple comments but she just says she likes it. The in-befor, call me a cuck, but one must pick zirs battles with a recently post-pubescent women. This is not my first rodeo.

  19. “The lesson is that two different people can live together in peace even if the separation is just psychological or cultural. Perhaps this is where things are heading.”

    But they lived in “peace” because one group held all the power and the other group knew it was useless to resist. Segregation was, after all, enforced by Bubbas with badges who were more than happy to give an uppity Negro who had forgotten his place a work-over with a nightstick. After a while, enough Negroes got the message and the peace was kept.

    And that’s where this is headed with the unmasked and the unvaxxed. There are plenty of videos on the internet of cops doing take-downs of the unmasked and cuffing them and dragging them off, including — especially — women half their size. Try walking on to a college campus, a hospital, a school or a government building without a mask and see what happens. And when you get hauled into court for the arraignment, the fat cops will crank the cuffs tighter and forcibly mask you. Meanwhile, the once-segregated blacks are rioting, looting, murdering each other and doing flash-mob robberies and the cops won’t dare lay a hand on them.

    The unvaxxed and the unmasked are the new niggers of the liberal dictatorship.

    • I work at a university, and masks are not required anywhere on campus although they are “strongly encouraged.”

  20. Here in Cuck York (Hochulstan?) oir esteemed governor recently reimplemented face diaper mandates.

    Here are some examples of the flunatics discussing this joyous event on the subreddit for my nearest blue zoo:

    My favorite comments are all yhe tough talk projection about the face diaper-free being crybabies.

    Yea, you got that the wrong way round guy.

    • Down in the Southern Tier, my county exec has already said he will not enforce Hochunt’s mandate. I was at a big box store last night and was pleasently surprised to see no placards on the doors regarding masks.

  21. The use of the word “amulet” to describe the mask was genius. One of the synonyms used for amulet is “juju”. Magic. Protection from danger, evil and disease. Juju,Gaia,Mother Earth,Masks!! Utopia, unicorns. The believers are addicted to nonsense and nothing will ever change for them.

    • It’s called “Voodoo.” And it tends to afflict Latin countries, not Anglo-Saxon ones.

      As such, Voodoo’s creep into America’s legislature and media content indicates that the old bulwarks against Latin-creep have failed in the US.

      We are a Latin country now.

      Expect more Conga-lines led by overweight socialites with bananas in their hats, more “guilty until proven innocent,” more Cuomo-esque Caudillo culture, and more, not less, celebrity worship to come.

      • “Voodoo” has its Latin equivalent in santería, aka umbanda, aka candomblé (Brazil), but it exists almost entirely among Latin blacks, not Carmen Miranda style hat wearers.

        Voodoo is a fusion of Catholicism and African religion. The Protestant Anglo version centers around the “Rapture” and Mammon worship with a dollop of Gaia-Pachamama idolotry.

        It’s everywhere.

        • Very interesting, Montefrio.

          Thanks for the primer!

          I wonder if one of the toxic costs of Empire is that we have to admit the far flung cultures at the periphery into our Nation. For example, if we conquer Haiti then we have to become Haitian, to some degree or other. This side effect alone is enough to discourage territorial conquest, and may explain the savagery of the victors visited on their conquests.

          Either stay home, or conquer viciously so their is no relic culture left to import.

  22. Jim Crow–peace be upon it–was physical separation more than psychological. The current segregation–call it Karen Magpie–is indeed psychological, but is also becoming physical. Firing the unvaxxed, for example, is a great way of distancing the unclean from the holy, or expelling the demons from the ethereal abode. We can only hope that this developing regime of expulsion is prelude to the creation of an actual separate nation-state for the sane and the rational.

    • “ The lesson is that two different people can live together in peace even if the separation is just psychological or cultural. Perhaps this is where things are heading.”

      Ostei. No sure I see the physical coming about. To get back to Z-man’s posting, how do we “separate” when forced integration and AA are the order of the day—and have been for going on 3 generations?

      For example, I can understand—and accept—that there is a community of minorities living on the other side of town. But what do I do when HUD forces rezoning in my neighborhood to promote “integration” (physical togetherness) by construction of Section 8 housing?

      • Just as this website constitutes a community of opinion, so such a community will expand as persecution of sanity increases apace. As this sort of community develops, there will be, I believe, an internal migration of its constituents to areas of the country where sanity is encouraged. And this will create a demographic stronghold or beachhead from which a separate state can be carved out. Of course, the Power Structure will attempt to thwart this by imposing Somalis upon us, but there are certain methods to make the Somalis unwelcome. Very, very unwelcome…

        • It’s all going to depend on where you live basically – and the dividing lines will be VERY long and fractal indeed as the granularity will exist on many scales from individual towns and parts of counties to entire states and nations.

          Here in Oregon the Oregon Covid Authority (it’s called Oregon Health Authority but who are we kidding?), OSHA, and the Democrat supermajority are pushing for a new “eterna-mask” law. I’m totally unsurprised and have been expecting this ever since I realized how psychologically useful the damn things were to this state’s cucked and crazed majority. That was back in about May of 2020, BTW.

          Above there’s a comment about how Commiefornia is doing the same thing and I’m sure Washington state will have a “me too!” as well. After all, we gotta prevent those kids from Kansas from reaching the beaches and realizing that the water here is too cold to swim or surf in even in the summer.

          So the West Coast apparently IS going to do this to itself. Bad for business? Sure. Discourages people from visiting or moving here? Yep! Drives off perhaps half the population in the end? Hey, it was too crowded here anyway and we’ll only be losing those unvaxxed hillbillies and it’s not like they ran most of the local businesses or anything…

          Meanwhile back in the real world (now known as Texas, Florida, TN, etc…) no one under 90 cares about Omicron or whatever Sci-fi movie title is next. We really will have “slave states” and “free states” again but with lots of towns and cities in both refusing to play ball with the state government. Hint: if you live in a college town in a Red state you should realize that virtue signalling will require that the mask rules will be 10 times as oppressive as they would at a similar town in CA.

        • That’s sort of what I was getting at Ostei. The very communities you cite being built become targets of the government as they increase in size and number. HUD pressure to change zoning—the modern equivalent of “block busting”—is precisely aimed at those “White” neighborhoods you see organically forming.

          You can run, but you can’t hide. Integration of once White neighborhoods happened after the Civil Rights act in the 60’s regardless of how “unwelcome” Blacks were made to feel back then. I se no realistic way Whites will be any more successful today.

          • If push comes to shove–and it probably will–we threaten mass violence, and if necessary engage in it. Few nations are born irenically.

          • I think one thing that’s different today is that the national government has no credibility in Red areas and may soon have little ability to shove things like Somalitown down anyone’s throats. The 1960s, on the other hand, were basically the golden age of liberal Big Government.

  23. Your article brought forth two thoughts that have been circulating in my mind recently:

    Firstly, the 1/6 farce. Congress is focusing on a “riot” while inflation is beginning to skyrocket to the moon. Normal people are starting to really get squeezed, and instead of focusing their efforts on fixing this problem, they focus on 1/6 because it shook their little snowflake sense of security behind the walls. If there was ever evidence of how little they care about dirt people, this is it. Granted, almost none of them know how to battle inflation because they have less than an elementary understanding of economics. Even the ones that do have an idea of what must be done (balance the budget), have zero desire to do it. However, the fact that they’re not even trying shows a lot.

    Secondly, I’ve recently come to realize that I’ve lost all respect for my friends that are maskers. When I hang out with them, I feel utter disdain for them while they’re wearing masks. I recently went to a concert in free country (NH) with one of them, and they were one of maybe 5 people in there with a mask on. Embarrassment and disdain. It’s causing me to increasingly segregate into only talking and hanging out with non mask friends.

    • I have severed several lifelong friendships with people who turned into Covidians. These people are cancer, and while it initially shook me to the bone, I have never thought twice about cutting those ties.

      • My maternal family has split into Covidiots and Rationalists. There will be two separate Christmas affairs for the respective factions. And for all of my 50+ years on earth we had all gotten along so well…

      • I’m meeting a few old time buddies tonight for wings, something we do a few times a year. The one I was always closest to remarried several years ago to a school teacher and I’ve very subtly noticed the affect on his views. We haven’t talked much about Covid, but I know he’s jabbed and takes the whole thing seriously. He just texted me a few minutes ago to let me know that a girl we went to school with was found dead this morning from a stroke or clot. We’re all 50-51 years old. Now I can’t wait for dinner to quietly see if any of the guys bring up possible ties to the vexx.

      • Describing them as a cancer doesn’t quite describe it for me. I just see them as pathetically weak. Weak in that they fear death so irrationally that a virus with a .27% infection fatality rate (and that’s the average of all age groups) makes them lose their minds. In my age group, there’s infinitely more potential causes of death, including getting into a car. Weak in that they let MSM so obviously manipulate them. My city actually sends weekly updates on number of people in the “overloaded hospitals.” That it flies in the face of the narrative seems to elude them. This regional hospital covers perhaps 250,000 people. The most recent newsletter stated that there were “15 currently hospitalized for covid, and 4 in ICU.”

        There is a proverb attributed to the Spartans that goes like this, “Accepting death allows you to live life courageously. It unshackles the mind from the limitations of fear, bringing forth your true potential.” As severian implies below, I want friends that live this way. Anyone so mentally weak that they’re easily tricked by propaganda or are petrified of infinitesimally small odds of death are not people you want covering your 6.

    • I wonder if the Maskatards realize how utterly stupid and pathetic they look. Perhaps they don’t care. Or perhaps they imagine they’re objects of pity, and that makes them feel all warm and tingly inside.

      • I’ve said this before, but I’m grateful for Covid. That’s not a “hot take,” and I’m not being ironic. I don’t have a lot of friends — acquaintances, colleagues, coworkers, beer buddies, you name it, but very few friends. My criterion for true friendship is simple: You’re the guy I try to find when the shit hits the fan, so that we can cover each other’s backs.

        I had a person who I thought fell into that category. Turns out he was a Covidiot. An early adopter, too — he was shrieking “fuck your rights, people are dying!” back in January 2020. The guy I thought would have my back on the barricades, it turns out, would’ve dimed me to the NKVD with a smile on his face.

        What else can one be, but grateful for that lesson?

        • Same here. The only second-guessing by me is how I failed to miss tells, assuming there were some, which must have been the case, for decades.

          • In my case, it was obvious in retrospect. Should’ve seen it long before. Alas, my honor is my loyalty (I think that’s the Sarah Lawrence College motto).

      • Actually, the Maskoids think they’re just great, and we uncovered are evil.

        Interestingly, some of their sentiments about the diapers are similar to those Muslim women express about the veil.

        • The Maskoids have doubtless grown to love their moo masks, but they still look stupid and pathetic. Nothing can change that. The aesthetics are horrendous.

          • Only looking in from the outside as some one who is not an NPC.

            For them it is us who are moving threats in the environment.

        • It is profoundly interesting to me that, before COVID, two pending court cases were getting national media attention.

          The first was, IIRC, in New York State. A muslim woman sued her bank for making her remove her hijab for identification purposes. But the COVID and mask mandates in NY public buildings rendered the Plaintiff’s case moot. Islam won.

          The second one was, IIRC, in California. An AIDS victim sued his homosexual partner for knowingly infecting him with HIV. The parallels to the Karens’ complaints about unmasked, unvaccinated “murderers” infecting them are clearly evident in this case. But after COVID, the popular search for a scapegoat for unhealthy life styles has rendered this case moot, too.

          COVID nipped some problems in the bud for the Progs.

          Before COVID, Two pillars of the Progressive “story” were directly threatened by our court system. The first, the notion that we can evade identification at airports, banks and polling places by covering our faces…and the second, that you don’t owe your sex partners some notification about your venereal diseases (a selfish dereliction that is prominent in the Chicago/SF/NY bathhouse scene)…are both reinforced by COVID.

          The Moozie’s got their ‘soft’ Sharia imposed on once-free Americans’ faces, and decadent urban Gays stayed off the nation’s front pages for another decade.

  24. With all the news on Trump, you’d think he’s still president. These guys are mental, most of these people would be on the streets or a state hospital mumbling to themselves in a sane and healthy society.

  25. Normie is addicted to “muddle through” psychology because of the Comfort First Imperative. When you have a fat ass and drive 3 blocks to the Starbucks for another double latte, you simply cannot conceive of a scenario in which you must roll up your sleeves in the literal sense. The old farts grumble, the dad bods bitch in front of the grill, and the young bucks whine like little girls. Masculinity in the USA is dying in front a gaming monitor in real time.

    Which is why the collapse is the cure. No amount of persuasion, intimidation, badgering, coercion, taxation, or brute force is going to change the CFI dynamic. That will only occur when the environment changes and real hardship returns. Starvation is not a scourge, it’s a necessary motivator; and has been throughout the history of the evolution of our species. Nothing focuses the mind like going 3 days without any food. The Crazy exists (and is getting worse) because abundance is feeding the cancer of excess leisure.
    And the longer it takes to get to a breaking point, the worse will be the curative carnage.

    • And you’d better be living far from a big city when the craziness starts: when the food runs out and the hordes of joggers pour out of the ghettos, they’ll be looking at eating you.

    • Exactly Tom. Rarely have I seen our predicament put into words any better than your synopsis. We have been witnessing devolution for at least 60 years. Time to get back to evolution.

    • I agree with you completely

      I remember in college one of my childhood buddies and I were talking about what ails us, and this was way back in 1990, and I said “confusion borne of too much leisure coupled with a lack of war to keep things in perspective like only people getting blown up can do.”

      I shouldn’t say it’s a fear of mine, more like I have come to accept the inevitable, but the only way out of this is war. Lots of dead people. I commented the other day how people in the early 1900s were saying “we need one final war to end all wars, then we can start fresh and get it right.”

      We’re in a similar position today and only going to intensify.

      The Covidians are somewhat like Jewish people. In that Jewish people said if they ever got their homeland they would all move there and could finally escape persecution. Well, the thing’s been sitting there for more than 50 years and so far few takers. Covidians were saying if they only could get rid of Trump all would go back to normal and they could finally live their lives again.

    • it won’t let me link to youtube but this reminds me of the song “times are getting hard” by the limeliters.

  26. If it were only the masked ninnies, who are getting to be their own version of television stars in their own version of The Walking Dead, I might not be too worried. But this is the whole of Edward Dutton’s spiteful mutants, from the testosterone-fueled insanity of the transsexuals to the shrieking of the feminists who have no clue that they are, and always have been, corporate dupes, shilling for really no more than female spending power. It is not the timid in masks who are pulling down Robert E. Lee’s and Abraham Lincoln’s statutes. It is BLM and Antifa, mediocrities who know that setting something on fire is probably the height of their capabilities, and thus their rage.

    Until American men put their collective foot down, nothing will change. I keep thinking of the commenter here the other day who described Russian males, hardened men who brook no nonsense and remain firmly in charge of their country. Men in this country have had no hardship, have not had to even think about survival, to the point that they wait for Santa Claus to bring them back their republic and culture. Interestingly, it is the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and Kari Lakes who are raising absolute ear-splitting, fire-breathing hell, as perhaps only we women can. But being female, there is only so much we can do, contrary to all the movies featuring kickboxing women who fell 250-pound men without breaking a sweat. .

    • China too has embarked on a campaign affirming and encouraging traditional masculinity and femininity.

      They must be laughing their asses off at us…

      • I don’t think they’re laughing. They’re worried this gynocracy is heading their way. That’s why you see China outlawing feminine men on their television. It’s why you see Russia, it’s media, and Putin constantly pushing traditional masculinity. They see the virus infecting the west (and America especially), and they’re setting up bulwarks against its spread.

        • Was watching some Russian YouTube postings the other day where some of the conversant (in English) folk were showing off their lifestyle stories. Mostly how they live in their “new” apartments, and shop, and use public transport.

          I had a better lifestyle in my college years. But it started me thinking, “If Russia had the wealth to give all their people a hedonistic, American lifestyle, would they also assume all of our Western pathologies?

          I’m betting yes.

          • Definitely. A couple of generations ago Americans were still legitimately ass-kicking cowboys— apparently only because we had to be.

            I wouldn’t want to see what horrors would become if Russians got soft.

          • It’s a cliche that only rich women can afford a diagnosis of hypochondria. There are certain problems that only the truly rich can afford, like environmentalism or flu panics.

        • I think they’re laughing because they have the common sense to do something about it as America goes down in flamings.

      • I’ve looked at a couple of PRC’s masculinity projects. They’re trying to balance “strength and self-reliance among young men” with “high enough social credit to be politically reliable”. Methinks that needle will not be threaded.

        But good that they banned trannies from State media.

        • “Here’s your triple butterscotch marshmallow pumpkin latte, but pour a little brewery beer, maybe some of that Macho Mango, in it.” That will be how many (most?) of the current generation of young men will try to have it both ways.

    • “ Until American men put their collective foot down, nothing will change.”

      The big impediment to that is that it is impossible to organize.

      Even on a forum like this, if one were to offer concrete steps to “put one’s foot down”, you get instantly accused of being a fed poster.

      I don’t know what to do other than lone wolf acts.

      • The problem is, Sandwasp, what you propose organizing is organizing a felony. Everyone with an iq over room temperature knows what “lone wolf” means, and we want none of it. Hard pass.
        The Lleeeeeeroy Jenkins approach is not a potentially successful tactic, it has failed many times and never succeeded. We know their names from Norway to Oklahoma, but nothing has actually changed as a result. That approach does not work absent a complicit, receptive ruling authority, like the leftist politicians in West Germany ceding to demands from Rotfront. We dont have that, so it is literal insanity to propose it. It will never work and no sane White Christian man will suport or join it. And maybe stop fedpoasting if you dont want to be accused of being a glownigger.

          • Refusing to commit pointless suicide is not the same thing as surrendering. As z man often repeats, doing nothing is a superior option to doing something stupid and self-defeating.

    • God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal.
      The left coast is a target rich environment we have been preparing for a long time if surrounded by zombies with no way out I will die in a pile of hot brass with my boots on. My wife & I will be in Valhalla together
      Laughing .

    • I find the transvestite dude swimmer who’s breaking all the wymens collegiate swimming records hilarious.

      More of this, please. Takes a tranny to bring the light of reality to women, I guess.

      • Bueno. If the progessive stack is no longer a path to social status for a white female, they will be open to alternative sources of social approval, attention, and status.

    • I have a friend who says these things are cyclical, and we’re in the thanatos phase, which I agree with. Where we disagree is that he seems resigned to it and I’m not.

      Fires burn until there’s no fuel or somebody puts them out. Yes, there are historical currents that no individual can oppose, but it’s individual action in the aggregate that drives history. This particular fire only continues to burn because too few of those who would put it out are being passive. Power is imposing your will, no excuses.

      So yeah, I bitch, agitate, do what I can, withdraw in frustration, re-engage, etc., as do many other ‘nobodies’, and we propel those historical figures who eventually rise. Thank God for people who give a damn, in spite of it all.

    • the thing to do is what I’ve heard described as BANTSing. It’s an acronym for “Be an enwerd to system”. The more white people do that, the more our elite will have egg on there face.

  27. Trying to shame the retards into backing off by using the word “Segregation” is useless. Those on the right that screamed “Segregation” (meaning the subjugation of the poor negroes) the loudest didn’t live anywhere near the poor negroes. If you use “Segregation” to a leftist to make them feel guilty about their vaccine policies, well, you might as well try herding cats. Its like those who try to use the rhetoric that the Democrats are the real racists, the Democrats formed the KKK, the Democrats destroyed the “black family”, etc. Its pointless. First, the lefties are incapable of logical inference. Secondly, its not about truth. Its about making themselves feel better for their idiotic beliefs and behavior. They are lemmings going over the cliff, and we should just let them.

    • Unfortunately they have chained themselves to us prior to starting the run.

      Its like some bizarre slasher film where you have to saw your own hand off with a rusty spoon to escape being pulled over.

      • I would probably saw my own hand off with a rusty spoon at this point to go back to the country I grew up in. I’m fairly sure I’m not even joking if I had assurances.

    • I’ve found that the people who most vehemently defend Blacks are those who’ve had little or no contact with them.

      • Perhaps worse, they “know a good one”. In which case they are adamant that *all* Blacks are like that. This is my most common experience. And once they “know” not all Blacks are like that, they refuse to hear any argument as to why their reasoning is fallacious, or for that matter how a reasoned acceptance of racial differences would improve the lot of both Whites and Blacks.

        No argument changes their mind. They “know” the truth. They’ve seen the light. In that manner, they are little different than religious or cult fanatics. Only a negative experience—like a good mugging—will move them.

      • Not to mention they are constantly inundated with negroes in commercials trying to act like white people (camping, family time with their children, vacationing in Europe, etc.), in movies where they are always the wise negro shepherding the wayward White people or world class scientists that are on the cutting edge of technological improvement, shown with a White spouse like that’s normal or to be sought after, or in TV or movies where they are married to Henry VIII because blacks where so prevalent in England during the 16th century. Etc.

        • I’m still waiting for the Netflix Anne Frank remake where Black Hitler and his Women of Color SS round up and gas the Juice of Amsterdam.

          I wonder when that is coming out?

          • Nonsense, could never happen. What are you drinking?…

            I used to say that as a knee jerk reaction but a few year ago. However, last week a Penn State female swim team won their intercollegiate match using a delusional male swimmer who broke all women’s national records with *his* performance. The new records are currently being update by the NCAA.

            Nothing is beyond the pale in bizarro world.

      • A-f%cking-men! A woman I’ve know for thirty years and I had a falling out last December about Burn Loot & Murder. She wailed about how they are so misunderstood, disadvantaged, etc. She lost her mind when I pointed out that she grew up in a lily-white neighborhood, went to an exclusively all-white private high school and finally to a private, all-female college with three blacks in the student body, so how exactly would she know anything about their supposed “plight”?
        She actually called me around six months, or so, after that to ask why I hadn’t called her. Sometimes the jokes write themselves

    • Every in-group needs an out-group. Their language and tolerance talk is a warped redefinition of how we use thee words, just like everything else. Our task is to make all these lunatics the out-group. Quit being nice to them, as they are using your good will as a weapon.

  28. Funny thing, decades ago one of my go-to lines was that I “wished all the bad people had a light bulb in their mouths, like Uncle Fester, so you could pick them out.”

    I just don’t recall meeting a genie, but I must have along the way as my wish has been granted.

      • Nice one. So I find myself in a new group of adult men last night – an event. They all start in with this ‘how bad things have been the last two years, ko-vid, all that lament…’

        I pipe up, ‘not all bad’. Then fill them in on how great it was to ride my glorious liter sports bike on the roads while they were hiding under their beds, along with the cops. Plus all true.

        Funnier, sitting at a light alongside my male ‘peer’, him/her/it masked alone in the car. Me, about to turn onto the empty highway to enjoy their emptiness. I would sit there next to Mr. mask blob, raise my face shield and peer down at him/her/it. They didn’t like to make eye contact.

        Before we get on to all this ‘white nationalism’ stuff, can’t say that these white ‘peers’ of mine were somehow my ‘brothers’. Please, these sad sacks and their 401K, Disney Cruise, they can have one another.

  29. My family and I have rarely worn masks. We’ve all remained physically healthy skeptics throughout the covid madness, even driving across the country only months after the onset of the shutdown. We don’t want or need to be vaccinated. My husband is the only guy in his department who never became ill or “quarantined” at any point. His employer enforced the vaccine mandates and he held off as long as he could. The director and the HR hags often inquired with regards to his vaccination status and told him they ‘really didn’t want to lose him’. He’s been there for 20 years and they would have fired him over this. He supports our family and had no choice. He finally relented and received the vaccine a few days ago. He’s been terribly sick ever since. He’s had to continue to go in to work as they are working on a project and he is responsible, competent and dependable. If this were principle-based, he’d be forced to go home due to his illness. None of this is based on facts or reality.
    The main push behind the enforcement of the mandate at his organization were the single, mostly childless women (either divorced or never married). Those women are desperate for someone to parent so they are thrilled about this new world of masks and mandates.
    If only we could move forward with peaceful separation from these lunatics.

    • sorry to hear your husband is in poor health. Karl Denniger (link to his site below) posits that companies that coerce employees to get vaxxed will ultimately be held financially and criminally liable for any and all adverse health effects (from the vaxx). you might find some helpful links there, and people in similar situations. good luck.

      • I’m certain there will be no shortage of lawyers willing to take a shot at this in the future, but I suspect the Fed’s will simply pass a law restricting such or setup a fund for compensation. Thereby eliminating the lesson we want taught to our major corporations. 9/11 we immediately bailed out the airlines, and for every vaccine initiative (see “Swine Flu”) we’ve held harmless Big Pharma.

        The fix really is in. Even the bottom feeding lawyers and corrupt tort system would seem helpless.

        • Its weird isn’t it.

          You can create a legal immunity for a private company somehow that cannot be challenged and yet the founding constitution of a nation is constantly litigated to erode it.

          Where does the authority derive to create the former and not be able to stop the latter?

    • > He’s had to continue to go in to work as they are working on a project and he is responsible, competent and dependable.

      Go in sick leave for 2+ weeks from the vaccine. Get mysterious illnesses a few days every month form here on out. Make them feel the pain. His employer made him put an experimental vaccine in how body. F ’em.

      • My wife works with someone who did just that. Pissed at being force-vaxxed, he has totally abused FMLA for vaccine side-effects, even though he doesn’t have any, and laughs about it. Everyone should follow this strategy.

        • LOL.

          “Numerous studies show that primary symptoms of long-term Covid include disproportionate usage of FMLA and sick leave benefits.”

    • So sorry to hear about your husband, Melissa. I hope there is a a reckoning of biblical proportions for all the misery these people have inflicted.

  30. I remember multiple times during the 2020 presidential election, hearing commentators on NPR agonize over the (to them) near-certainty that if Trump lost, he would refuse to step down, and White supremacist militias would rise up and keep him in office. They kept mentioning “reports” of White supremacists harrassing voters at the polls, but never exactly where. It was so absurd I remember laughing out loud. But these clowns really believed it. Devoutly and unquestioningly.

    Religious beliefs are distinguished from other sorts of belief by the emotional investment believers have in those beliefs being true. When non-religious beliefs are challenged, the believer resorts to facts to explain why they believe as they do: ‘These facts back me up’.

    Religious beliefs— whether we’re talking about traditional religions, or the new religions of Gaia or Covid or Climate or Anti-racism, or some combination thereof— are different. Believers believe what they do because 1) it makes them feel good, and 2) everyone else in their circle believes it.

    Rather than responding to challenges by citing the facts which confirm their beliefs, they get angry and attack the challenger. You can see their chests swell with righteous pride as they prepare to defend the Holy Truth which everyone knows to be true. Just the fact that they’re being asked to defend it makes them indignant.

    So it’s not about the facts. Which is not surprising, since the relevant facts are either inconclusive— as in the case of Gaia and Climate— or against them, as in the case of Covid and Anti-racism.

    Besides, as the linguistic scholars at BLM have reminded us, “facts” are a White thing, a part of the oppressive patriarchy that has long held women and people of color and LGBTQXYZs in bondage.

    I’m fortunate to live in a small town in western CO where very few people took Covid seriously: at the various gatherings I attended over the past two years, very few were masking or distancing, most people were still greeting their friends with hugs. But when a friend and I spent a weekend in (liberal Democratic) Denver, we didn’t see a single person without a mask.

    So yeah: two different Americas

  31. Time is on the side of the crazies. Young people are increasingly non white and leftist. They are especially full bore into the fight against climate change and racism. Boomers are going to die out soon leaving the US less white and more leftist. All that and immigration will give sane people few places to hide from the loons.

    The crazies feel that there are only two choices:

    1. We win and Mother Gaia punishes us by ending life on the planet. Before Armageddon things will get so bad that men will no longer be allowed in birthing persons’ toilets and all white people will traumatize colored people with offensive Halloween costumes.

    2. They win, vanquish the heretics and paradise is established.

    There will be no peaceful coexistence like under Jim Crowe.

        • And that who controls the crazies and sets their agenda. No group on the planet is crazier about fighting the sun God than young white women. They make dedicated foot soldiers while the rich profit from the fight.

      • And few non-whites who take covid seriously. Africa and India have more honest effective policies. Small consolation for losing our heritage I guess.

      • Nonsense. I see it firsthand living in Asia. There are many people who care about the environment but environmentalism is a first world issue. No other societies let it get in the way of making money. So Japan, Singapore and HK have strong environmental regulations. Someday China may have it once fully developed and it doesn’t hurt their pocketbook and development so much.

    • Gen-Z is living in a bizarre hyper-reality from relentless dopamine rushes of being plugged into the internet. Take a look at levels of anti-depressants and anxiety meds in our young and weep. Literally half our young people will be medically induced numb zombies within twenty years.

      How are these guys going to run an empire?

  32. I don’t know. All the sudden we have a wave of articles saying covid is over and it appears to me that they’re just trying to deprogram the cult members before the next round of elections or convince normie that reasonable now. You can tell because where they don’t have to worry about elections covid is still going strong. The king of California just ruled that all his subjects have to wear a mask

    • Governor Newscum just ruled that San Francisco is exempt from his mask mandate. One wonders if the Elites’ purpose for the mask was to ostracize the unvaxxed but their weak-minded followers seized upon it as a security blanket and proof of loyalty.

  33. I’ll say for myself, I can’t totally ignore these diaper wearing idiots. Maybe I’m not getting out enough, but when I go to say, a grocery store or Costco, I just marvel at these (mostly, but certainly not all) old fools wandering around sucking in their own nasty breath. I feel like ripping them off their damn faces and screaming at them. There will be no living peaceably with these morons, especially if they begin aggressive proselytizing. So far no one has ever said anything to me, although I’m hardly the only unbeliever in the various places. The time will come where it’s one side or the other. Unfortunately, they have the power of the governments behind them – at least for the moment.

    • The ones who stun me, and indicate a very dark and bleak future, are the Zoomers and younger Millennials all masked up and signaling to one another. They are at absolutely zero to little risk yet among the most fanatical of the lot. Remember the days prior to Covid because regardless of how this shakes out, we are never returning to them.

      • My 21 year-old step-daughter just came home from college. She is, for all practical purposes, wholly indoctrinated into the Masked Covidian cult. She just put on her mask to walk the dog. Youthful rebellion? Just the opposite! Her entire age group seems to be engaged in a competition of who can be the most obsequious to authority figures. Between that and the pussification of the males of her age-group, the future has me worried. I’d offer the joke that she and her bf probably wear masks while having sex, but that would require them to have sex, and my sense is that they can’t be bothered, which seems very odd for people in their early 20s.

        • Mao had the young and/or students pegged long ago, as does most of the Left. The problem is when their handlers want them to stop and they will not.

          • It makes one realize that all the youthful counter-culture shenanigans of the 60’s were surely orchestrated by the usual suspects.

        • I’m convinced it’s going to take going hungry to reattach people to reality at this point. Something insufferable but not deadly, at any rate, because I think a lot of people would rather die than suck it up. Hate to say it.

        • When I see male college students around town I’m always struck by how unmasculine they present. A good number of them are obviously shirt lifters, but the rest are only marginally better. They all seem to hang out exclusively with females, too. I don’t see the male camaraderie that helps shape young men. It’s remarkable the dizzying speed with which the entirety of human evolution has been subverted.

          • Chicks are the dudes now. They’re still running with the alphas. Tptb can’t kill instinct lol.

          • The media has worked long and hard to recast male camaraderie as being closeted/living in denial.

            I think they succeeded.

          • The faggy, liberal Gen Z “males” are scary as hell. I went into Cabelas to pick up an online order without a mask last year and some little prick behind the counter (with his big, black framed, liberal “smart glasses”) refused to serve me without one. They already had my money, so I halfheartedly slung one over my chin and this fucking kid starts shouting at me (like a woman shouting at a disobedient five year old) “Put it on your FACE!” To which I replied “It IS on my face!”

            The mincing sonofabitch then said “On your NOSE!”

            Then he THREW my ID at me and said “Go find somebody else to get your order, I’m not doing it.”

            I would have told him to fuck off and left right then and there and left, but they already had my money, so I did ultimately go find someone else to get it.

            I’ve never been treated that way in my life by a retailer, this little fucker was like a fag-Nazi stormtrooper using his $12 an hour position to shout at, humiliate and degrade a paying customer.

            I will crawl over broken glass before I give that company so much as another nickel…

          • It’s easy to become angry in that situation, most of us have felt that heart-pounding frustration, but smiling at the little tosser and telling him, “okay, you’re dismissed,” would have probably sent him over the edge. We need to do everything we can to make that type pop their clogs.

        • Polls are dubious but two stuck out to me.

          1st Something like 1/3 of people from 18-30 have had zero sex in a year and that’s pre pandemic.

          2nd 44% of people polled consider zero the ideal of children and never want them. Now usually people have less children than they claim to want, mainly do to financial reasons but having nearly half the population want none is well, its not good.

          Fundamentally we broke Gen Y and its interesting to note that even the Left has noted that maybe this wasn’t a good thing. The old school Left, Commies and Nazis both wanted people to have children, China was the outlier but even they are “Please have some kids”

          No kids no future and as the Left ages out and the Right opts out, you just sped up Amish Paradise since that group along with a few other Christian families and the the Hasidim are opting out of mainstream society and into fertility.

          The religious wars of the early 23rd century are going to be lit I guess.

      • Youthful rebellion is directed at parents, not society. People are most concerned about social conformity in early adulthood and least concerned about it in their dotage. It’s why older people trying to be trendy is so cringe, chasing fashion (i.e. confirming to current trends) is fundamentally a young person’s game, because their future earnings and status are contingent on their youthful alliances and obsequiousness.

      • Zoomers and younger Millennials . . . and their masked children. In a sane world, they would be charged with child abuse.

      • They don’t understand what the mask symbolizes, or disagree with our opinion of that symbolization. Seen it numerous times. They gleefully group together and enjoy masking. “It’s the in thing”, don’t you know? Hell, I was that way myself at an early age. All we can hope for is that, as they mature, they begin to see the light and view masking in terms of what’s important—freedom and dignity.

    • Thankfully, mask wearing has all but gone extinct in my neck of the woods. Hopefully it stays that way.

      Yes, it’s mostly old people, but they might have legitimate health concerns they’re fearful of, and being vastly outnumbered they don’t have an attitude about it, so it’s tolerable.

      No word on the vaccine mandate due to go in effect in the new year at work, either. Hopefully management is letting it go quietly to save face. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      Also, if anyone remembers and cares to know, I hear the woman who ran a write-in campaign for the local school board won on appeal. Things are changing from where I sit.

    • If they begin proselytizing to you, invite them to try putting a mask on you with their own two hands. It works wonders. (It works best if you have a feathered mullet and can deliver the line “I want you to be nice, until it’s time to not be nice” with a straight face, but that’s a challenge not all of us can rise to).

  34. “Stand around in a public place where you can see a lot of believers and think about something that lies at the heart of it all. Can our societies continue to function when a significant minority of people believe these insane things?”


    At the heart of all this is the mass media. They have whipped some of the senior Covidians in my church into a friggin panic. I decided to be a good guy: they are old and frail, they need to be closer to God at this time in their lives, and they need the support and fellowship of the church. I stayed away on Sunday for over a year in deference to them.

    But now, I figured… enough is enough. It’s time to grow up. I showed up on Sunday without a mask (here in Alberta we are still locked down and masked up) – and I told them right up front I wasn’t wearing a mask, and if they wanted to send me home I was just peachy with it and I would never darken their door again. Most of the elders pulled down their masks for a rude smirk and a wink and told me to get inside and park my butt in its usual spot.

    There was hardly anyone there. The Covidians are so frightened that they aren’t going to church either. Some of the members have medical indulgences that allow them to go round without a mask legally – and the bedwetters are afraid of contagion. Others are like me and simply no longer comply. The church is getting a double whammy – guys like me weren’t going and neither were the Covidians.

    We really need to look at the press first. They spread this crap and we used to actually punish them for it with the libel and slander laws. The root of THAT problem are probably the guys with big noses that like to rub their palms together. Sure, you have the right to speak freely, but you have responsibilities too. It starts with the media and rolls downhill to the other institutions.

    I repeat: when the revolution comes, the journalists, the editors, and the publishers die first. After that, the public educators and the judiciary. Miscellaneous turdies and targets can come after that. The dissidents can fund raise: Shoot The Talking Head On CNN! Raffle tickets are $5.00/each!

    • Its interesting as a concept. I am actually serious here.

      As the individual has no right to yell FIRE in a crowded theater without consequence, does the press have the right to 24/7 yell YOU’RE ALL FREAKING DOOMED, FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! for years with no consequence?

      It seems to me that the magnitude of the offense of the latter is far far greater and far more damaging.

    • think of the media as a mousetrap, and you are the mouse. what is the smart play for you, Mickyfilthie?

  35. Yeah, but the old segregationists didn’t hate blacks and want them obliterated. The people on the other side of our fight hate us more than to ever let us alone. Think more like Ottomans in southern Europe than Whites in Montgomery.

    • yeah it’s not quite a good comparison. You had guys like Eastland and Stennis who were segregationists – but they probably didn’t hate individual blacks and they weren’t obsessed with race the way kendi is. In fact with someone like Kendi, it’s more of a cult-like way of looking at things.

  36. I notice Bill Maher is using the amulet analogy regarding masks. Always a day late and a dollar short. Jordon Peterson, the great philosopher and social scientist of our time, is furious for being duped into being vaxed. He thought two jabs and having covid would give him some freedom. Mattias Desmet explains it why this is so when one looks at all of this from a mass psychology perspective with many broken relationships and minds.

    Go to Gab and you will see that all the nuts aren’t just on one side. Many of us define our positions just to be contrarian. Covid isn’t real and all the rest.

    Women seem to be hardest hit which given there is a distinct lack of real men , it makes sense.

    • I resist the equivalency angle because the militant anti-vax people are a tiny subset relative to the Covidians. They are also powerless, while the Covidians are in charge. That said, many of the anti-vax people are motivated by nothing more than partisanship and their militancy about the vaccine is performative.

      • The most fanatical anti-vaxxers all are at risk of arrest and/or ostracism, so you are correct. The most fanatical Covidians are not there yet (although we can see the outlines of the Ruling Class trying to rein them in).

      • There is something else about the vax that is neither performance nor directly about health. It is about ‘bodily sovereignty’ or whatever you want to call it. Who owns your body, you or the government?? Your skin is literally the final Rubicon. It seems we have given up everything before it, privacy, financial and professional autonomy, what your kids learn and are treated, where and when we can buy things, all of it, more or less under government control now. And how they want to INJECT something into your body. It’s the final Rubicon. Cross that, this is where I’d rather just nuke the MFs TBH.

      • Re: anti-vaxxers (of which I am one)

        There’s plenty of evidence— though you won’t find it in the mainstream media— that the fMRA vaccine is harmful, and that the damage it causes is being deliberately covered up.

        And it seems to me that the Gell-Mann amnesia effect is relevant here: when our “leaders” and their msm shills are lying to us about so much else, is it reasonable to assume they’re telling us the truth about vaccines?

        • Medical doctors are being flooded by propaganda, rumors and confusion by both sides in the vax debate. But, for starters, it hardly ever mentioned that the mRNA vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 are the FIRST use EVER of mRNA on humans outside small, tightly controlled trials. It is a new technology on humans. Salient fact almost completely ignored by MSM.

          Secondly, yes there are MANY rumors of serious sideeffects, including death, from some of the vaccines, also among doctors.

          Right now, in the middle of a disinformation blizzard from all sides, I don’t have ‘knowledge’ about what is true and not as to the dangers of the vax. But I personally choose not to take them.

          Here’s an internal Pzifer report, recently released, on their vaccine in case you’re interested

          • Regarding the unknown nature of the risks from the vexx, there’s a relatively simple standard that should guide any risk assessment. If the risks are greater than the benefit, you don’t do it. If the benefits are greater than the risks, you do it. If the severity of the risks are unknown, you don’t do it.

          • The thing about medical doctors and the whole ” you can’t do your own research” thing is that 99.9999% of those doctors haven’t done the research either. They are just regurgitating what some hot pharma rep in a low cut dress told them or heard at a $100 a plate steakhouse dinner paid for by those same pharma companies. Yes, research.

        • “Anti-vaxxers” are mostly parents who have watched their children locked into the dungeon of autism overnight after a vaccination, or multiple vaccinations at one time, at the kindly pediatrician’s office. The term has become a condescension and smirking rebuke to those who have lived this hell and have drawn the logical conclusion that there is a connection. The anecdoctal evidence of this is too widespread to ignore, but I guess we need for the pharmaceutical companies which are making millions off these shots to do research on the problem before it is legitimized. God knows the Big Pharma bought-off politicians aren’t going to lift a finger to find out why their constituents’ children are being zombified.

          Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has been attempting to call attention to the vaccination/autism connection for years, but not even the Kennedy name has been able to slow the autism train down. Too much money to be made on those shots.

        • At my hospital one of the cardiologists gave a grand rounds on “myocarditis post Covid-19 vaccination” this was two months ago…it is definitely happening…

          After being threatened with job loss over not being vaxxed I found a place that had the Jansen vaccine…myocarditis along with several neurological issues were listed as contraindications for the vax…additionally you had to agree to remaining at the vaccine center for a minimum of 15 mins post injection…just to make sure no adverse reactions – but perfectly normal – happened to you…first time I’ve seen that in my >20 yrs in healthcare when filling out paperwork for a vaccine.

      • While not militant (I am too cynical to be so), I do not vaccinate my kids. Certainly, anyone who is vehemently anti-vaxx but feeds their kids fast food is an idiot. Yet, you often talk about abductive reasoning, so allow me to illustrate. First, something is making young kids ill. I do not claim it is one thing; however, note the consistent arc in this thread criticizing young men, but they never investigate why. Why are all the young men so effeminate?
        Certainly social conditioning plays a part. Certainly diet and inactivity. However, these kids are sick; just go to a high school and see how arrested these kids’ development is.
        If anyone doubts the crookedness of the FDA and pharmaceutical industry, there is no point in bother to discuss. However, I believe any reasonable person acknowledges there is cronyism, and that the explosion of autism (again – vague, probably many things, but real) coincides with a rise of dosing. Is anyone ever going to investigate? Of course not. Labs and colleges will not bite the hand that feeds them.
        This leads us to the most reasonable explanation: a lot of things are poisoning the youth. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that massive amounts of dosing kids with injections (our bodies abhor piercing the skin for a reason) may have a deleterious effect on development.
        However, that’s all theoretical; allow me to be concrete. Compare my kids, and my friends and family who are also reasonable, anti-vaxx people, with the masses. Our kids look better and are significantly smarter. Certainly, we look at our children’s health in a holistic sense (diet (in the sense of eating fresh, real food), exercise, education, minimize screen time), so it is not one thing.
        So, I do not adhere to the militants who look at this as a cause celebre on either side. Yet, I would argue that the proof’s in the pudding, and I have pretty solid evidence from personal experience, which is, ultimately, all any of us can truly rely on.

    • David, Covid ISN’T real.. It has a lethal threshold of a fraction of a percent – and those are mostly linked with co-morbidities. At best this thing is a bad flu. Anyone with an IQ above freezing knew it two weeks in.

      • A really bad flu Glen. I can see how it removes the most vulnerable as it has hit my millennial children really hard and for a long time. What we need are doctors to get on board with known better treatments but that is not allowed.

        None of us vaxed and my son said still with what he went thru, wouldn’t do anything different.

        • Emergency Use Authorization is only granted if there are *no* treatments. Thus the hostility to early treatment using existing drugs off-label. A lot of people became vaccine millionaires over the last year or so.

        • I have a slightly different hypothesis that:

          They are well aware that the current homo tidal wave is actually a toxoplasmosis type infection in the brain that leads to aberrant highly suggestible behaviors and prescribing a medicine which is strongly anti-parasitical will simply stop they spread and revert a large number of people to normal.

          • This hypothesis actually makes a lot of sense in light of the utter anti-Ivermectin hysteria we’ve seen in recent months.

          • Yes, it certainly does make a lot of sense. Now the FDA is reportedly trying to get the Post Office to ban shipments of Ivermectin, and will probably eventually lean on Fed Ex and similar companies.
            The fight against Ivermectin is possibly the most astonishing poltiical event I have seen in my life.

          • I had a very bad upper respiratory infection a few months ago. I took Ivermectin for one day while waiting for the covid test (negative) and within about 4 hours I went from barely being able to get out of bed to feeling like I had a minor cold. This was too dramatic of a change to be a placebo effect. I am convinced the anti-viral effects are real.

          • Dude – brilliant hypothesis. Those reports years ago about cat scratches leading to brain parasites conjures from the corner of my mind. Who know what else we get.

      • According to the latest stats I’ve seen from CDC: of persons who died of/with Covid, 94% had co-morbidities, only 6% had only Covid. Median age of 78, with an average of 2.6 other serious pre-existing conditions.

        So yeah: the folks that are dying are old and already seriously ill. A shame, but hardly surprising. Hopefully those folks had already come to terms with the fact that they weren’t going to live forever.

        I also think fear of death has a lot to do with the Covid hysteria.

        I’m 71, somewhat overweight, and I haven’t taken any precautions. A few months ago I spent 4 hours in close proximity with two friends who were diagnosed with Covid a week later. I was expecting to at least have some symptoms, but had not a one…

        I don’t expect Covid will kill me, but if it does, it does….

        • Isn’t Covid basically doing what the flu used to?

          We used to call influenza, “the old man’s friend,” for that very reason.

          • I recall back before HIV treatments were available that the cause of death was almost always pneumonia. In fact, if you saw someone die of pneumonia that gave off a gay vibe, you could be pretty sure they had AIDS. It’s the comorbidity, stupid.

    • “Women seem to be hardest hit which given there is a distinct lack of real men , it makes sense.”

      Here in the West, they always seem to be the biggest victims whenever something goes wrong.

  37. It’s stunning to me the psychological impact that Jan. 6 had on many Leftists, especially the usual suspects. They truly believe that it was an insurrection to re-install Trump.

    I have a guy that I’ve done business with for 15 years who was always very liberal and of a certain persuasion but who generally led a normal life. A month or so ago, he asked me if I knew how someone would be able to get their money out of the country secretly. I didn’t understand his concern. I mean, Biden is the president.

    He said they he believes that there is a good chance that Trump and his supporters will rise up and overthrow the government and persecute liberals, especially a certain kind of liberal.

    He’s not the only one. Another liberal guy that I know, who is not a chosen one, has told me that Jan. 6 was an attempt by “white nationalists” to show the government that they could kill them anytime that they want.

    Now, both of these guys are a bit older, but they really believe that it’s 1930 Germany.

    Other liberals that I know also always use the word “insurrection” to describe Jan. 6. Never protest. They all believe that there is a secret army of Trump supporters just waiting in the wings to overthrow the government.

    This is no joke to them, which is why they’re fine with whatever the government does to stop the dreaded insurrection from happening. They may be crazy, but they’re also dangerous.

    • These people are insane but right about one thing: we cannot share a territory or government. I agree with the increasingly conventional wisdom that this will require one side totally to subjugate the other. I had thought ours would be put to the sword, but the total fanatics are proving problematic now for the Ruling Class.

    • unless you have witnessed this kind of derangement, words will never convey how shocking it is to a non-member of the hive.

      • It was doubtful even prior to Covid that society could be put back together, but after witnessing the mass psychosis the last nearly two years any doubt has been erased. Shocking and terrifying. The Madame Maos will have to be killed by those who set them into motion because that is where the actual struggle is and will be.

        • What goes around..

          The Regular Army in China had to shoot a good few thousand of the Red Guard they had created over a 2 year period in order to get things under control once they started overthrowing government offices instead of just the private citizen persecution.

          Lots were young women.

          I can’t see anyone having the balls to do this in the wesr yet.

          • You know who would shoot young women dead, and will do so in a nanosecond? Ask Ashli Babbitt. TPTB want to curtail Covidity, probably due to economic disruptions affecting them, and the Karens are having none of it. I have absolutely no doubt the United States government wouldn’t think twice about gunning them down. Mind you, they are not going to voluntarily relinquish much of their newfound authoritarianism, but they do want to trim some and a few dead Karens will not matter to them.

      • Yeah, I have to watch my reaction because I do business with these guys. They are insane and they don’t hide it.

        Believe me when I say that they truly believe that brown shirts are going to come busting down their door and throw them into prison or some camp.

        I can’t emphasize enough how much they believe that they’re living in 1930 Germany, and they are more than happy for the FBI to do whatever it takes to stop these guys. Laws aren’t important anymore. Stopping the brown shirts is all that matters.

        • That explains a lot regarding the left’s non-concern for censorship, loss of free speech, and other rights. If it’s about stopping the brown shirts, well… gotta do what you gotta do….

          • Yeah, it’s the “if you had a chance to kill Hitler in 1925, you should kill Hitler” thing.

            They really believe that this is where we’re at.

        • You mean stopping the other side’s brown shirts is all that matters. jThe leftists are all in on the government releasing Maoist brown shirts on traditional Americans.

        • Some agree & amplify memetic capabilities in there. “Ya know, the persecuted who left the country before 1938 all made out fine, even kept all their money.”

    • I’ve run into this recently as well. I saw a guy flip out in a conversation with another person over a comment about Covid. He went into a sputtering tirade about Covid, insurrectionists, white supremacy and Trump. It was amazing, but these people are really into this stuff. They watch the lefty cable chat shows, read conspiracy sites and interact with one another on social media.

      • Once you witness these reactions, it becomes impossible ever again to be comfortable in society among these people. They are atomized Red Guards and the American Maos cannot call them off peacefully.

        Like you, I have concluded participation in electoral politics is counter-productive. However, if I were convinced Trump or someone like him would prompt these people to secede from the United States–and that is the ONLY way a split will be peaceful, if the Left does it–I would vote for whoever would cause them to leave. I’m watching leftist politicians trying to dial it back and their foot soldiers turning on them so I’m not optimistic at all.

      • The part that amazes me is that the Left controls every lever of power, but these people believe that the government can be overthrown tomorrow by this invisible army of white nationalists led by Trump.

        But what really got me was the guy who was looking to get his money out of the country. He kept talking about the Jews in 1930s Germany. Being Jewish, he really feels that this is where we’re at.

        He said that he was looking into getting a foreign residency in Canada. (I don’t know why he wasn’t looking at Israel, but I didn’t ask.) He had already put $15k in gold coins and was thinking of more.

        I didn’t ask him but his fear of Trump is really bizarre because Trumps loves Jews. My suspicion is the this guy fears Trump’s supporters, the real Nazi. I suspect that he believes that either Trump won’t be able to control them or that Trump would go along with the mob to stay in control.

        It’s complete madness.

        But the fact that this guy was making actual moves in his life shows that he’s dead serious. All this with Biden in the White House.

    • Using the word “insurrection” for what was basically a larger than usual Trump rally is laughable, but apparently the covidians et al really believe it – and that’s one thing I’ll never forgive him for – abandoning those people. One of these days there’ll be a real one and they ain’t gonna like it. But then again, they won’t be around to complain about it either.

      • The use of the word “insurrection” is definitely a media thing. Every news channel uses that word to describe Jan. 6, so it becomes cemented in the minds of the Left to the point that it has become reality.

        They really believe it. Therefore, if you disagree with them, you are now suspect in their mind.

        It’s the same with the phrase “white nationalist.” It’s become the description of any white not 100% on board with diversity and inclusion (for whites only, of course).

        • Of course – “Words and Behaviors” by Aldous Huxley should be required reading for every American. ‘Insurrection’ conjures a mystique of colonial America, Civil War, changes in government, overthrows, bad. ‘Revolution,’ which is a nearly 1-1 synonym, signifies, in their mind, 1960s, Power to the People, progress, good.

    • How I wish there were such a faction. The fact that there isn’t is evidence itself of the extent of uniparty’s control since the installation of dementia joe was done with so little regard for any appearance of legitimacy. The propaganda about insurrection is just the regime letting us all know any public dissent is going to bring down the boot.
      I saw they are looking ahead to the next cycle and wheeled the old whore of babylon in front of a camera to let us all know that even if somehow Trump were to win the next election the regime will not recognize the result.

    • You should be afraid because Leftists signal where they are going next by claiming they fear it from the other side. If they are talking about overthrowing the government to install someone, that’s what they are contemplating themselves. They’ll justify it, as they do all their crimes, by claiming self-defense.

      In fact, our vegetable president was repeating something his handlers were saying around him recently: “It’s not about who votes but who counts the votes.” That’s a famous phrase attributed to the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin, so you know that’s what the regime is thinking about next.

      That phrasing is deliberate. Someone is thinking about it at the very least. I think they are trying to rationalize how it would be okay for them to do a coup. That’s partly what the Jan. 6th show trial is about — establishing a narrative that the regime is under extreme threat, something that would necessitate an extreme response in return (abandoning the constitution and jurisprudence).

      • Banana Boat: All the true believers (and, unfortunately, there are too many of them even here) who are convinced there will be a magic ‘red wave’ in 2022 are going to be puzzled and verbally ‘outraged’ once again when the magic counting ends and ‘their guys’ don’t achieve a numerical advantage in congress. The fact that even if they won nothing would change doesn’t really matter to them or they’d stop believing in the utility of voting and participating in the system.

        As you note, the other side always projects, and they are not about to tolerate any sort of public humiliation, even in elections which ultimately make no difference to foreign policy or the budget or magic judges. I really have cut so many physical and psychological ties to this former country and inverted reality that even reading the comments here makes me feel as though I live in a different dimension. I cut off family/former friends who were true believers in the magic mulatt0 back in 2008, and I’ve never found any reason to look back. I don’t associate with anyone who believes in politics or masks or vaxxes. I don’t watch movies or t.v.

        I read, watch homesteading youtube videos, workout, and take care of my family. I have a few very close friends I’d trust with my life. Yes, a wider social circle and some sort of community would be nice, which is why we’ve bought rural acreage and are working and praying for the wherewithal to develop it into a home, but in the meantime I do what I can to help build any sort of bulwark against massive inflation and increasing social decay. I have neither the time nor patience to pretend otherwise. I am fortunate not to work outside of the home, and we are blessed in that my unvaxxed husband works for a private company that is doing well and generally leaves him alone to earn them money.

        My deepest sympathy to those in the belly of the beast, or those forced to intake poison to support their families (praying for your husband, Melissa) and others who still hold out hope there is some other way to avert the coming cataclysm. Yes, it takes a certain ‘tough love’ to cut people off for one’s own mental well being, but I’ve always faced things head on and believe sooner is better than later. The luxury of choice is a myth that too many still cling to.

    • I simply can’t pass by without making one observation—which I’m certain you all know, but it’s important!

      Almost all those rotting in jail because of the Jan 6 protest, are there (were tracked, and charged) via their *cell phones*! It was a simple process to triangulate the location of the phone (inside the Capital Building), and the time. After the initial roundup, standard procedure of questioning, social media searching, and photo matching from cameras was used. But without the cell phone data, you’d not have rounded up 400+ “suspects” so quickly. (And yes, this is from an LEO acquaintance of mine.)

      Black bag your cell phone!

      • Or leave the phone at church while you run errands. The credit card companies also provided info to the feds, I’ve read. Hotel expeditures on the days in question, that sort of thing. If credit card outfit with encryption and guaranteed privacy/freedom cropped up, i would be willing to pay a premium interest rate.

    • Citizen, you should nurture their delusion. Do your best to get them to leave the country, tell them Haiti is very free and cheap, great opportunities there. Or some other 4th world place, ie. Not a country like Hungary or Poland which we should try to prevent poisonous people like this from infesting.

  38. It is about membership in a parallel universe that occupies the same physical space as this universe.

    Islam is a similar phenomenon. The word itself means “submission” and that’s the goal of the Gaians. AGW and Wuhan flu both require universal submission in order for mankind to continue.

    • Solid analogy. Islam’s two worlds are “dar al-Islam,” the house of submission (god-willed to expand), and “dar al-Harb,” the house of war. So anything muslims do to infidels is necessary, inevitable, and defensive of self, soul, peace, the arc of history, etc. Familiar rhetoric.

      In Europe (and America too but less so, because our muslims are still mostly black American criminal weirdos) official Islam is mutating to include all it can of current_year leftism, and official leftism is returning the favor—as jointly they submit to the corporate surveillance blob, “Our Democracy,” our elites’ dar al-Islam.

      Good times.

  39. The evangelical fervor, the need to convert the pagans to Puritanism, really is what distinguishes the Covidians from Southern segregationists. The latter had no desire to bring their social arrangements into the areas of the North and West that were integrated. The Covidians demand that everyone who shares their territory and jurisdiction, whether it be Alaska or Key West, convert or be put to the sword. Paying the jiyza is not an option.

    Around the fringes, those who exploited the psychoses of the Covidians want to climb down. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a mass murderer and tyrant, claims not to want to impose Biden’s mandates. Gov. Jared Polis, a gay opportunist, is being labeled a mass murderer because he wants to call the whole thing off. What she, he and others are learning, as have radical Muslim governments who want to call off a jihad and Jewish supremacists who demanded ever more territory for Israel, is that it is far easier to unleash fanaticism than to call it off.

    My bet is an open civil war, not one of those phantasms political pundits always predict and never materialize but the real thing, erupts between the Covid exploiters and the True Believers, who increasingly are proving a nuisance. The latter never will leave the unmasked alone or be seen without their amulet, even if required to do so for driver’s license photos. They will be like polygamous Mormons holed up in the Mexican desert and plotting how to kill the heretics or force them back into the light.

    It will not end well because it cannot end well.

    • “The evangelical fervor, the need to convert the pagans to Puritanism, really is what distinguishes the Covidians from Southern segregationists.”

      This fervor seems to be a Northern European affliction, which can be observed today in England and Germany. I sadly make this observation as a white advocate.

      This fervor seems to be inherent to a subset of our people and is unlikely to go away. What to do?

      My only solution is to harnass that malignity by converting them to white nationalism via control of the media. Imagine all that evangelic energy being devoted to our side. Imagine an army of white nationalist Karens.

      I am open to less radical solutions.

      • The numbers who can be reached at this point are staggeringly small, I’m afraid. The Left is trying to de-escalate and all they are getting for it is a potential national Jonestown.

      • Not familiar with France or Spain? Italy is in northern Europe!
        Also Scotland and Wales not on your mental map?

  40. i am moving to florida (already bought a place there) in large part because of the vaxx insanity here in socal. as a pureblood, i know how pre-war jews felt about the nazis coming to power; at least the jews who were willing to see things how they really were. i am now on an existential divide from the rest of my family, but have been there since the outbreak, really. i never talk to them about the coof or vaxx, so there hasn’t been any arguing about it. not all tweaked about things though, just playing my hand…

    • Well, good luck, Karl. But if your new neighbors have any sense, they’ll see your old license plate and burn your house down.

  41. No analogy is perfect, as you say, and this one breaks down pretty quickly. Segregating blacks and whites made life better for almost everyone (though many would have been loath to admit it at the time, and no one in public life could admit as much today). A small minority of people may believe in Covid and white supremacy, but they’re a very significant part of the ruling class in law, media, and other realms. Jim Crow here (or Jim Snow) doesn’t mean separate water fountains and businesses. It means everyone’s supply chain is screwed up, and no one is safe from harassment or lawfare. If blacks obeyed the laws during Jim Crow, they were mostly good. Meanwhile they change the rules on us every day. I can tune them out at the grocery store but I can’t tune them out of the system, into which they are very well entrenched. You can’t tune out a tumor.

    • It is the season to be optimistic, so this is my stab at it. Most likely it ends in a chaotic collapse, but segregation would not be a bad result.

      • Yeah: segregation/secession is the only solution where all sides come away satisfied. Any compromise under existing conditions would be unsatisfactory to all.

        • Segregation will most definitely NOT be satisfactory to all. Keeping the host away from the parasite is an existential threat to the parasite. The mass of black and brown “immigrants” making their way to the Texas border aren’t trying to reach some ideal, a benevolent country. They are parasites trying to reach white people to take care of them.

          • But Nuttin—all those “immigrants” are working and paying taxes, so they deserve all the benefits of any American citizen! 🙁

      • My dream is an independent Appalachian modified-republic corridor. We would sell coal and electricity to the lowlander scum. Also subsidize heavy industry with cheap power from our coal and gas, and hydroelectric, of which we have a millenniums worth. No suffrage, honorable military service to vote. Make me ruler and I will have the opioid trade shut down in one week, guaran-fking-teed. Bring back the state of franklin, i say. Pittsburg could be our capitol.

  42. The left are zealouts and because true believing is like hypnosis, any dissent is a threat to this trance state, like someone snapping his fingers at a hypnotic. Therefore the peaceful coexistence cannot last. They say this themselves, our silence (in not confirming their beliefs), is ‘violence’ to them. You cannot live with a fanatic because he will have to impose his belief on you or give it up himself. Hence, violence.

  43. There is one part to add to this that I think you miss – the continued forcing of face diapers on children in schools. Whether by a Governor’s decree or by individual district decisions.

    In my neck of the woods, in a suburb of a very blue city, in a State that nominally has a Governor’s edict to wear face diapers indoors, the only public place I see the face diapering actually enforced is the schools. And the reason it is still enforced at my kids’ Catholic school is because there are still that 5%-10% of families and staff that are true believers and will and do complain to the school and perhaps higher ups (health dept.) if enforcement becomes too lax.

    They love flexing on the most vulnerable and innocent in our society. I hope these people receive swift justice very soon.

    • That five to 10 percent of fanatics will go to war with the Covid manipulators before they allow others’ kids to give up the masks. This is where this is heading rapidly, and those who reaped the wind are about to harvest a very fanatical whirlwind.

    • Similar experience here. Friend of mine is the principal at a Catholic elementary/middle school. Mask mandate did not sit well with this particular parish, which is pretty based for a bunch of Catholics. So I asked him: why not simply leave the rule in place, but be lax about enforcement? Isn’t this how things are done?
      His answer: can’t; we have narcs.

      And there’s your trouble, fren

      • If I were a cynic, I’d say that’s the entire point of the masks, and why the fanatics will never let them go. I don’t watch sportsball anymore, but ESPN is always on at the gym, and it seems like hardly a day goes by without a story about some sportsballer who faked his vax status. It’s really quite easy to fake an Ausweis…. I’ve heard terrible, horrible, no good very bad Deplorables say. And of course no one is really going to inspect it closely, and if they start, a nice crisp green Tubman paperclipped to it will take care of that (again, I’ve heard).

        But you can’t fake a mask, which is why they insist on people wearing them. And since this is Clown World, where the second time is always a much faker and gayer farce, I give it another seven months before the lunatic start proposing vax status tattoos on the inner forearm….

    • Yeah, when I was a kid, men would have resolved this Wednesday night at the Knights of Columbus over beers. The biggest Irish and Polish guys would say to everyone: “we’re not having the kids wear the masks”. Any douche bags who complained would be threatened/ostracized and/or their kids would be bullied.

      Nowadays, the women are in charge and the predictable ensues. At the Catholic level, with which I’m very familiar, it’s a failure of male leadership up and down the line, including tolerating the poofter priests.

      • Hell, the K of C is soft anymore.

        I was a Knight until about a few months ago. I decided to withdraw when my council started in-person meetings again, but said that to attend you must be “vaccinated”. This after over a year of virtual meetings, hiding behind their computer screen from a virus.

        I responded that they call themselves “Knights” yet cower in fear of a virus.

    • My daughter attends catholic school as well…we received an email about tomorrow evenings Christmas show and quite clearly they state that masks are required for who attend.

      Reading that really pissed me off…I suppose I should be used to it now but goddamn it if the “church” can’t show any strength, independence and backbone what hope does anyone have?

      I know sometimes you have to go along to get along but I have to force myself not to think too much about my 8 yr old daughter being forced to wear a mask at school…well…these aren’t Christmas thoughts…

    • I am convinced my kid is the only one in her grade school without the mask. I see many kids still wearing them all the way to/from the sidewalk and beyond, my instinct is always to rip the damn thing off when I’m within 10 feet of an exit, some of these kids seem to like the face diapers.
      My wife and I joke that our kid is a true pureblood. She never got any stabs, even the conventional infancy ones.

    • County next to mine has parents of “special needs” children suing the school board to force ALL students to wear masks, contra the Governor’s removal of the face mask mandate.

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