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In my youth when we hunted the mammoth and sabretooth, it became clear to me that a lot of jobs in corporate America are pointless. I was working at a big company that had to go through a round of layoffs. They called is Reduction In Force, which quickly became RIF. People were riffed rather than fired or let go. The banality of evil lies in corporate jargon. As a low level functionary with computer skills my job was to keep track of who had been riffed by their job function.

The first thing I noticed is management did not seem to know what many of their positions did for the company. The managers could talk about their direct reports, but the people creating the titles and roles were often unsure about the reason the positions were created in the first place. Most jobs seemed to evolve into an all-around staff assistant after they were created. Assistant accounting manager was just an office clerk that worked in a cubicle over in accounting.

The other thing that became clear is the work being done by the people riffed was not all that important as no one missed it. Some tasks were moved to other people, but most of it was just busy work that was eliminated with the person. The 20% cut in office staff did not result in 20% less work. It just reduced the number of meetings and the volume of paper moving around the office. The truth was, many of the remaining jobs were just make work as well.

When you read the work product of the academy, the thing you see right away is much of it is nonsense busy work. These are people with no useful skills and nothing to do so they fritter away their time in a game of make believe. They imagine themselves as academic and intellectuals. Their specialty is basically a hobby of their own creation, which is an offshoot of their mentor’s hobby. You could eliminate the social science and humanities and no one outside the academy would notice.

The other thing you notice about these nonsense fields is the struggle to apply these boutique theories to anything resembling reality. Queer studies makes perfect sense within the extremely narrow scope of academic queerness. Outside of that narrow scope it makes no sense whatsoever. Much of what is produced in these pseudo-intellectual fields – that is a generous description – is a desperate attempt to apply these crackpot theories to real world situations.

The financial structure of the American university system is unsound and serious cracks are starting to appear. There has been a 15% decline in public university enrollments over the last two years. Some of it is due to the Covid panic, but that is just an accelerant in this trend. The higher education Ponzi scheme cannot withstand drops in enrollment without it creating very serious financial problems. Demographics is only going to make this issue more obvious.

You have to wonder if what lies over the horizon is the biggest reduction in force we have seen since the collapse of the buggy whip industry. Colleges will be forced to cut costs and the low hanging fruit is the nonsense studies. It is not hard to imagine a university system riffing entire departments. We may be seeing the peak of bourgeois decadence in higher education. What lies ahead is a massive contraction that eliminates these sorts of fields entirely.

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231 thoughts on “Xirl Science

  1. Colleges won’t collapse, they will increase the number of international “students”.

    Here in Canada every college campus, from high level to trade school – is flooded with strange bearded brown men, some in turbans. Small college towns are now Islamic or Sikh republics.

    None of these people do very much learning, but they do pay exorbitant international fees. In exchange they get their “degree” and a path to Canadian permanent residency.

    Great for landlords and corporations who continue to lower wages. A great cuisine enrichment opportunities for small white cities – never before could Biryani be ordered from 5 locations in the hick town of North Bay, Ontario.

    For everybody else? Well, not great. Yay for “legal”, “skills based” immigration!

  2. This podcast is one for the ages. You must preserve a copy! I had a human/ice interaction this morning when I slipped on the way out the door.

    “Zey are twying to dwive us mad, Weynaldo, but as the whightful King of Wuwitania, I must not let zem…”
    — Anthony Hope, The Prisoner of Zenda, 1894

  3. OT: The Democrat party is floating the idea of the military seizing power so they can override the 2024 election. Check out Rod Dreher’s take on a WaPo op-ed published with the support of three ex generals:

    “I read this Post op-ed as a trial balloon by the Washington establishment to see how successful they might be in instigating a national media freakout over the Enemy Within — a bona fide Red (State) Scare. They could eliminate all internal dissenters from the new left-wing ideological orthodoxy enforced on soldiers, sailors, and airmen by kicking them out, and convincing sympathizers to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.”

    Consider the following:

    >Leftists are crowing about “democracy dying in darkness” just as the polls are showing they are about to lose power. This is meant to scare the population into thinking there is some vital threat to the republic so these totalitarians can respond by nullifying bad election results. It has been a hallmark of Leftist dictatorships that they claim to have been merely responding to the evil of another in order to justify their own evil.

    >Regime media officials are lying about Biden being treated worse by the media than Trump in order to justify turning already biased media into outright state propaganda for the democrat political party (DPP). This is to help the upcoming election.

    >Leftists are now talking about the possibility of a civil war coming from the right so they can preemptively stop it by abrogating the constitution. It’s the equivalent of claiming your victim was reaching for a gun when you always intended to shoot first.

    >Leftists have repeatedly tried overthrowing our government with conspiracy theories, including the Jan. 6th show trial. This was meant to scare the public into keeping them in power and the congress into passing an enabling act for domestic extremism so they can purge their domestic enemies. They want everyone to think unarmed trespassers were insurrectionist so they can do their own insurrection in response.

    >They tried packing the Supreme Court with their apparatchiks and overthrowing the constitution.

    >They are purging the military of disloyal elements with this vaccine nonsense. There is a blatant political element to it as the black SOD’s first order was a stand-down order to address non-existent extremism (disloyal Whites).

    >They are hyping out-of-the-blue election security as an issue.

    >Various other abuses of power: the NSA trying to get a journalist fired by leaking his emails; Biden’s FBI harassing concerned parents who oppose the teaching of CRT …

    All of their attempts to scare the public have failed, and they didn’t get their enabling act. It now looks like democracy is about to remove the democrats from power in a massive red tsunami, so the far-Left is coming out in the open with their plans to overthrow the government first. My guess is that they intend to claim the election was rigged – that’s the reason for “election security” — and then use the purged military to disregard bad election results in 2022 or 2024. They could also be trying to scare the republican party into not nominating Donald Trump.

    Dreher quotes another author:

    “Increasingly I think conservatives need to start thinking about what civil war with the left would mean and about how exactly things would play out. The fanaticism, insanity, and paranoia in DC is now undeniable. They’re going to initiate some sort of crisis, whether abroad or at home, before they are totally consumed by the demons they have unleashed into the world.”

    Also Dreher:

    “I still can’t understand why an elite worried about the prospects of a civil war would be doubling down on policies and ideas that emphasize our differences, not what unites us as Americans.”

    I’ll answer that question. Rod Dreher’s inability to do so himself exemplifies how badly conservatives misunderstand Leftists as merely misguided people when many of them are just fundamentally evil psychopaths – spiteful mutants as Dr. Edward Dutton is fond of calling them.

    It’s simple divide and conquer, the oldest rule in military warfare – or perhaps imperial warfare.

    Far Leftists weaponize differences – class, social, gender, religious — in order to their maintain power. Reminding everyone of their differences creates envy among minority groups and deprives the large White conservative demographic of a broad coalition with which to threaten the Left’s hold on the institutions. By claiming minority sources of trouble originate from White conservatives, White Leftists are signaling against their supposed own, which makes minority groups more accepting of White Leftist leadership in the fight against “the other” (you); it’s an attempt to give all of these groups a common enemy with Leftists in charge of the effort. This allows the Left to divert minority socialist efforts to seize their wealth while shaming their opposition into submission by assuming guilt for supposedly oppressing members of the Leftist coalition.

    The result is that the Left maintains power through the ballot box in the form of minority block voting and then the government as a result – and through violence if necessary (BLM). We’ve repeatedly seen the former over the years. Think back to 2012, 2016, and 2020. Each of those years had presidential elections and each had the regime’s media peddling a racial (black) controversy – Trayvon Martin, BLM in both 2016 and 2020. This was all an effort to gin up the black vote against the hated “other.” Remember, Hillary was known to be weak with black voters, so the regime’s media got busy in 2016 to inspire that group to turn out.

    In this multiracial experiment, there is no incentive for Leftist, upper-class woke scolds to seek unity because doing so would only serve to undermine their hold on power. And as their power slips away, these tyrants have gotten ever crazier — to the point of trying to overthrow the government. It’s not a coincidence that as America has browned with increasing numbers of poor minority socialists, upper-class Leftists have doubled down on diverting minority attention away from their bank accounts with divisive racial issues: “look over there, a white supremacist!”


    • My assumption is that Hillary paid for the Generals to write their opinions of how to crush the Deplorables good and hard, as she works to get rid of Joe the Pooper and Heels Up Harris. The plan being to install Hillary! as VP and have Joe the Pooper step down while Heels Up Harris is shuttled off to a Supreme Court Judgeship.

      Harvey Weinstein is reportedly likely to be released, all the better to go back to bundling for Hillary and molesting starlets and other Hollywood Hos. When he was arrested it was basically the Obama people deep sixing Hillary! and now it looks like her pet moneymaker will be released as the Obama retreads made a hash of everything. We could see in 2022 Russia take Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland, and Germany, and maybe even France if they wanted. China taking Taiwan easily and sinking the Pacific Fleet and some of the US Atlantic Fleet. Four Star Admiral Rachel Levine does not inspire confidence. And there will be few fighting men willing to die for either Admiral Levine or Hillary! No matter how many death stares she gives. Leaders and people matter and no one among Hillary or Joe the Pooper inspire confidence much less a willingness to follow. De Gaulle commanded respect. None of the clown show commands anything but guffaws.

      It looks like Joe the Pooper’s plan, or his people’s plan, is to lock down the US for another year or five, have phony mail in ballots guaranteeing “victory” and lots of vax mandates, boosters every month, to destroy the economy, thus “beating inflation” with a massive decades long recession and unleashing his army of gangstas on YT all the time to make “eat those bugs, use those pronouns, take that vax, get that sex change bigot/hater/racist” look amenable. Like the Bourbons, his people learned nothing and forgot nothing.

    • Astonishing.

      The Left has seized control of all the institutions, cultural messaging, political power, the schools, yet here we are on the other side of the great divide, prepared to resist to the end. Ever wonder what it is that renders us immune to these pathological memes that makes so many others sick in the head?


      Maybe they were already a little off kilter, sitting ducks for whatever mental pathogen that comes along, 2 + 2 really does make 5. The social isolation caused by mandates furthered deteriorated the mental health of many and predisposed them for infection.

    • The proper response to this type of craven intimidation is to buy more ammo, put it in army surplus ammo boxes, bury it in or around junk yards or used car lots where ground penetrating radar or magnetometers are ineffective at discovering these stashes. The hard lesson that must be learned by these poseur bad-asses is that a PR campaign will not stop a bullet traveling 2,800 feet per second.

    • Banana Boat: Dreher is generally full of shite, but I already saw the headline with the 3 generals at Daily Mail Online. Since the left always projects, this trial balloon merely confirmed my already solid belief that they’re not going to back down in any way but continue to push balls to the wall – on covid, on control, and on world citizenism.

      One reason I find myself commenting less and less here is because so many are still enmeshed in the left-right or dem/rep paradigm. And far too many still cannot conceive of not voting or participating in the system in any way. Their wives might lose social standing! Normalcy bias is a hell of a drug, and its influence is obvious in the comments here daily. I have no time for people who still want just a sliver of reality and can’t face it full on.

      • I feel the way you do about the small government, “live and let live,” “leave me alone” types. They may agree that we are not going to vote our way out of this but their solution is libertarianism. Only a subset of Northern Europeans respond to constitutions and non agression principles and no one else. Most of the groups in the world literally can’t imagine why they should leave you alone.

  4. The last phoneme in “pedagogy” is spelled with a “gi”, as in gin the drink. Not with a “g-i” as in “git”

  5. what’s weird is that the areas where, based on income, people should be doing pretty well, probably have a lot of bad outcomes. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the current teenagers who live in Scarsdale or Potomac, MD will either be mentally ill or have personality issues in ten years. It kind of makes me wonder if a business could make a killing by finding untapped talent pool in the midwest of Tom, Dick and Harrys (or whatever the 2021 equivalent of those names are).

  6. In re:

    TikTok “Slave traders cannabalized African Slaves”

    Am I the only one who thought :

    If “Pork is the other white meat”, have we finally discovered the other “dark” meat?

  7. upon reflection, i feel that the college model itself is obsolete, and that 80% of existing colleges (at peak) will go under. this will be a net plus for society, and not a small one. public school system (k – 12) is also obsolete, for same reasons. its demise will be a huge huge plus for society, as it has become a disease vector. alot of lazy people are going to have to work real jobs, for once in their lives.

    • The Amish young men who do work around my farm only go to 8th grade.

      It doesn’t seem to have affected them negatively.

      Recently, they dug 26 post holes by hand, that’s right 26, in a span of 8 hours, built 2×4 posts,(I use three screwed together), and set all 26 in cement. All with a great attitude.

      I’ve told them that they are uniquely positioned for the coming times. I think they know it.

        • Great question Vizzini.

          First, I don’t use round posts. Most don’t. Most use 4”x4” treated 8 foot posts for fence posts, etc.

          The downside is unless you get them dried out, if you install them in the ground when they are wet, they tend to bend like a banana as they dry.

          To avoid that, you screw together two, or better yet three 2×4 eight footers together. As straight as possible. As they dry, they tend to compete with each other and stay straight. I would post photos of my orchard but hell if I know how.

          Anyway, leave it to the Amish boys to set me straight regarding straight posts.

          • Treated lumber is almost never dry when you buy it. It takes several seasons to dry completely.

  8. OT: oldies are leading a break out in socal, against recent masking mandate. was in the grocery store yesterday, and other oldies were all over the place sans masks! and the store didn’t have any signs posted about it, either. was in a liquor store day before yesterday, and no masks. looks like people and business here are starting to just ignore madman newsom, and his media monkees.

  9. “Colleges will be forced to cut costs and the low hanging fruit is the nonsense studies.”

    Nigga, have you been unconscious for the past 40 years? The nonsense studies are the LAST programs that will be cut…

    • Fascinating. I can see that.

      Enrolment will be the issue. If enrolment declines enough, the institutions will have grounds to drop the program…

      I am not sure I am understanding what I am seeing out there these days. Anyone with an IQ above freezing is aware of the education scam. Yet every year the institutions are cranking out unemployable graduates in kitten studies. The kids have to know going in, what they’ll face coming out. But… they do it anyway…?

      The only reason I can see for this is that the kids are so desperate to hang on to their childhoods, that they will do anything o stave off adulthood.

      • If they are trying to hold on to chilldhood i would think that would be against the more natural inclination of the young. Maybe the state of being economically supported but free to participate in behavior their parents might disapprove of but the institution reinforces?

        • Sorry to break it you, but getting old sucks. The hell of it is even my geriatric ass can outbike a lot of people literally 1/4 my age.

          • Come visit. One of my rides is 40 miles of singletrack and we go up and over a mountain pass at 9,800 feet. And the only guys that ride this with me are all over 60. If that doesn’t confirm how fucked we are, nothing will.

          • It is because motivated 50 year old works out a lot harder (has way more free time) than a 38 year old dude just getting settled in life with 3 toddlers and wife and starting to tighten down his career. At 50, you have time to work out with your 16 yo son after he picks up his younger siblings from school because you are already established in your job and have a lot more free time on your hands.

          • Yes, aging sucks, but determination and grit count for a lot. I recently switched my warm up at the gym from doing the elliptical to pushing the torque tank/fitness sled for 10-15 minutes set at moderate resistance with a 25 lb plate on top. This one nogger keeps leaving 8-10 45 lb plates loaded up on it every morning and is too lazy to put them back, so my actual warm up before my warm up is lifting all those plates one at a time and placing them back near the racks. How many other 63 year old women can do that? How many 35 year old women can do that?

      • That last paragraph makes an excellent point. A lot of these kidults never actually leave the campus and if they do, it’s often living in the imaginary but very participatory realms of media consumption.

      • these are people who *only* make bad decisions. they are super naive and probably not even 100 IQ. four years of LARPg around on campus, then a lifetime of low income living — and student loan debt they cannot repay and cannot discharge. what happens if biden forgives student loan debt? no more student loans. what happens to colleges predicated on ever growing tuition $$, when the suckers can’t borrow it any longer. they die.

  10. The office class, though, has got itself such a deal.

    Per the Zman’s Segregation theme:

    They can work from home;

    Their nice places will be uncrowdwd and free of deplorables;

    Better yet, 3/4 of Negroes won’t be allowed in either.

    Problems solved, baby!
    One need only repeat the vaxx shahada.
    It’s an easy religion to convert to.

    • Oo, update:

      “the CDC’s ‘green zone’ plan for segregating ‘high risk’ potential COVID patients via forced relocations.”

      Hawaii. I choose Hawaii.
      Castaway with nothing but a tomahawk, heritage & hemp seeds, fishing line & hooks, and scent lures for wahines.

    • Most jobs that can be done from home in the USA can be done from home in India for a fraction of the cost.

      The managerial class is well aware of this, even if the e-mail job caste is not.

      • Bingo. I’ve told this to all my relatives who now work from home due to Covid silliness. That they now compete with Rajiv in India—and Rajiv is hungrier than they are. Some acknowledge this, some look incredulous. The truth stings.

    • People on this side of the divide should be more open to solar panels. Forget the Gaia worship stuff. I’ve gained independence from the grid. Independence from the looneys. As the grids are over whelmed with increasing (mandated) electric cars, and rolling blackouts occur in America, I’ll still have hot water and the ability to cook. As Gaia worshippers raise prices of gas to untenable prices for consumers, I’ll have the ability to travel when I get Mr. Musk’s pickup truck. I don’t trust the system, the leftists, or the vibrants that will be running it in short order, and to me, independence ironically came from high end solar panels.

      • Absolutely, solar and wind make a lot of sense for off-grid, independent applications.

        I was taking a poke at the lunatic globalists that believe they can run Western civilization’s grid baseload solely on bird cuisinarts and solar fryers.

        As for the Cybertruck, I think that Ford will manage to start delivering the new F-150 Lightning for several months prior to the first Cybertruck deliveries.

      • I’m open to solar but for a whole house solution the cost can be rather steep. I’m not willing to go through the expense for that, though in the future that might change. I do have some nice portable panels for emergencies so I can run low power stuff without having to start the noisy portable generator. Handy for keeping my cellphone and radios running should a hurricane take out my power.

        The main issue I see with solar is if we have a SHTF crisis you’re gonna have a breakdown in international trade. So most solar panels and batteries are made in China now. Eventually solar panels lose their efficiency and have to be replaced. Batteries also will lose their capacity. When that happens where will you get their replacements?

        • True. The solar panels serve as a plan for a substantial transitional period until a new normal society emerges. This means a new regime after a collapse or some type of secession. In the case of a SHTF moment where no recovery happens, it at least aids you in surviving what would sure to be an initial mass die off.

      • Location, especially latitude. A string of cold dark winter days in the more northern latitudes may make reliance on solar energy dubious, however a wood stove, down comforters, and candles will see you through.

      • you can buy used panels at super low prices. would never put panels up on my roof though (huge fire hazard).

        • Solar module efficiencies degrade at 1% per year. In 20 years, all those arrays out there will be putting out 80% of what they do today. Old modules are no bargain either, most of them have dismal energy densities. Last I saw, they were up around 400W per module – and those were very pricey. Modules aren’t the only price consideration; if you want any degree of autonomy for extended cloudy weather, you will need batteries – lots of them, and they aren’t cheap either. An installation like that will easily cost $50k.

          Solar energy is a pipe dream. Sure, you can keep the lights on and maybe run some super low wattage special appliances… but you can forget hot showers, microwaves, ovens, hair dryers laundry driers, etc.

          Shawn James on YouTube has an excellent self reliance channel, and although he does have some solar… true self reliance will mean low tech lifestyles.

          Wind is even more unreliable and costly than solar.

          • I think we are all underestimating what white men are capable of when it comes down to the wire

            It brings a sharpness

          • You’re correct about the price and all the specs. To me, that 50k was well worth it for that autonomy. I can tell you that it definitely does provide hot water and heat. I’ll tell you that I also invested in tankless hot water/boiler combo, which is substantially more efficient than hot water heaters with tanks. I’ve also spent plenty on insulation and renovations. Sure, as panel efficiency degrades, adjustments in usage would need to follow, but I can cross that bridge when I get to it.

  11. Cross over papers about Feminism and Ice or Math or Agriculture is an important subject. They use these cross over papers to get a foot in the door of a new location to utilize for resources and as a new locus of viral reproduction.

    One one of them gets in to the target, then they get a pay check, have an office and supplies, and have the prestige of of their organization. They become a commissar to hassle others, to get language into documents, and get help boost others in the door, and generally problematize up the place. Supporting woman ice is good, but there is more work to be done, and Shaniqua would be just the person overcome the stigmatization of black ice.

    • I am heartened by the upvotes for 370H55V’s comment.

      By any defintion, what Hungary did was fascism, meaning state protection of the traditional people.

      Fascism may not be our final destination but it is a necessary step from our current position.

  12. Good Lord – more equitable human, ice interactions?? So I guess salting icy roads is mean to the ice. Or digging a hole in the ice so one can fish is painful. What about evil ice breaking ships? There is a monumental amount of chaff in our system that either needs to be productively repurposed or eliminated.

  13. I’m reminded of my first year at the University of Virginia and meeting with my advisor, who was a professor of anthropology. In my attempt at small talk, I made the “fatal error” of speaking blasphemy. When I casually uttered “primitive” societies, he promptly corrected me that “we refer to them as ‘less developed’”. “Um, ok”. At that time I thought it strange and felt some (undeserved) shame. That was in 1988. Looking back now, I realize how even then how corrupted and pozzed our universities were.

    • If military service did one thing for me, it would be the knowledge of how other societies live and operate counter to the Western world.

      I’ll never forget seeing guards with AK-47s posted up in front of restaurants like Pizza Hut to discourage robberies.

      Or the time we assisted Australia in operations in East Timor. Seeing entire cities on fire off-shore due to civil strife and ethnic hatred was revealing.

      Come to think of it, maybe the plan here is to equalize us all to a primitive level as we sink further down as a country.

      • It is far easier to achieve equality by reducing civilization to savagery than it is to achieve it by civilizing the savage.

        • That’s the essential aspect of “socialism”—dragging all down to the lowest common “denominator”. It is the only way to make the unequal, equal. Equal is misery that is.

      • Right? It’s like the dude never left the ivory tower. One trip to a shithole country would disabuse one of that delusion. But willful ignorance is strong in some people I suppose.

      • I’m pretty sure the ruling elite think Brazil is a damn fine arrangement. If not, they’re doing a pretty good accidental impression of thinking they do.

      • I was in Belfast in the early 90s and remember stuff like that. Tanks in the streets. I made the mistake of trying to photograph one!

        • You need not go to Belfast. It has happened—and might again—here in the USA. During the race riots of the middle 60’s, I traveled through Plainfield, NJ one Saturday evening. National Guard on every street corner, with the other corners a mix of State and local police. Eerie sight under the yellow glow of the street light to see uniformed men with Garands and full combat gear.

      • Free Speech Movement at Berkley was how it got in. Back in those days ,prior to that degeneracy was not tolerated as “free speech” especially given that most college students were under 21 and therefore in many states still subject to En Loco Parentis rules.

        If the DR were to run future universities , they’d start at 16 or 17 and teaching things like CRT to a minor (i.e under 21) would be a crime , on par with giving a kid drugs or grooming

        Get them out before 21 and you can keep the mush brains from being turned into Leftists so easily.

  14. 1. enrollments are crashing, now
    2. men are walking away from the degree->drone job treadmill, now
    3. very few of the people with bogus degrees are gainfully employed; they will never be able to pay back their loans
    4. coof has to be hitting foreign student levels hard, if only because traveling is so iffy now
    5. if you cut STEM from your curriculum you lose all those STEM majors (and remember, there are no new students to take their place, in xirl shit) – and you lose all the STEM funding; this is critical
    6. there is a gross oversupply of woke class offerings, that means xirl programs get cut
    7. STEM majors are relatively rare, because not everybody can do it (like bullshit majors) if you drive them away from your uni, a non-woke uni will benefit; or competing solutions to uni will become very viable.

    it doesn’t matter what the wokesters want, they are not in charge of reality. if they cut STEM, their uni dies.

    • I’d bet you’re precisely wrong.

      “STEM” remains only as an excuse for the rest, as boob-bait for the bubbas.

      The time of excuse-needing is over.

      Money and economy no longer exist.

      No libertarianism-resembling argument for or against anything is even possibly correct.

      Only xirl is real, forever.

      • how is STEM bait for anyone but a STEM major? sorry you are so frightened by life it makes you say silly things…

        • STEM is slowly being undermined by wokeness. It is alive and well and progressing there. The pressure (and screws) are being put to departments to produce increased minority graduates. The result is a lessening of standards and a production for the market of degreed abominations.

          For example, shortly before I retired, I made the acquaintance of a nice Hispanic kid who was majoring in “Engineering Management”. Upon questioning him wrt what such a major entails, it became obvious that this was in a track that allowed him to bypass much of the fundamental core coursework in mathematics and such previously required of *typical* engineers.

          Basically he would enter corporate/government employment as a project manager with little understanding of the work involved in engineering, but nonetheless he could put letters behind his name similar to anyone else graduated from the Engineering college.

          I suspect, as Z-man has noted, he will be one of those folk hired to fill a woke corporation’s AA requirement and then shuffled off into a corner with minimal responsibility and therefore minimal harm to the corporation’s business purpose.

    • I tend to agree sbout international travel during Beer Flu.

      The death cult can, and already has changed the rules for crossing international borders.

      There are already reports of people who left home topped up with jabs, only to return and find they need to quarantine for two weeks on their own dime because they lack proper boosters.

      No thanks.

  15. “Colleges will be forced to cut costs and the low hanging fruit is the nonsense studies.”

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. Anyway, hope you’re right on that statement. OTOH, if nonsense studies antifa is cut loose, won’t they be out on the streets in full force?

    • If you have no money, you have no money and must cut positions—but I’ve yet to see this happen—and of course those nonsense studies departments have loud screamers and political power.

      Way back when, my University was caught in an economic squeeze and finally designate three departments for potential elimination. One department had perhaps a dozen majors and had graduated three students over a period of *years*. It too would not be missed. However, the department survived, least the precedent be set. Tenured faculty do not jeopardize their sinecures.

      • I was thinking in particular of Peter Turchin’s theory of elite over-production. All these privileged (hate to use that word but I can’t think of any better) children of the elite who aren’t intellectually capable of attaining their parents’ status end up in these departments. They become fertile recruiting material for Antifa. Would they do more harm if cut loose from their faculty positions? That fits with the theory.


      • Tom, I’ve not heard of Turchin’s theory of elite over production, although his description of cycles of conflict rings true. I shall muse upon it.

        Not sure of the numbers wrt needed positions, but a quick Google indicates…

        “There are over 135,097 College Professors currently employed in the United States.”

        Does this number fill the “need” for children of the elites? Hell if I know. Having come from a STEM department, I really never knew a well heeled Prof coming from “old money”–if that’s where we are going. Or perhaps we are only talking of fake degrees granted to unworthy offspring–but that doesn’t sound very elite as I assume a (elite) position in society must come from such credentials.

        I come from a concern for the decline of educational merit within the institution of Higher Education. We need true scholars and researchers to “create/discover” “knowledge”. Current conditions undermine those efforts. This is to our (all races) detriment.

  16. Zman, the eco blabber farming claptrap made me laugh out loud!

    The 6th largest car company in the world has a 30B capitalization and it loses 6B a year. Guess how many sales they have? Zero! But they do manufacture two “green” trucks a day! Two! Welcome to the Green Economy – a parallel economy being created to support the “sustainable” material (and more importantly, mental) needs of Green Bodies!

    Rivian perfectly represents the growing drag on the economy that “green” imposes. It can’t go bust soon enough! Fortunately, it looks like the Green is heading for a big reality smack down by Mother Nature this winter.

    You really hit the nail on the head about organic farming. The harsh reality is that without petroleum-based fertilizers, the world starves and the US can’t even feed itself. Yet, the sheer faith in green will Overcome! Hope and Change! Swing that filthy hemp bag, sista!

    In some aspects, forced greenification is morphing into an expression of destruction – it’s both a religious cause and a destructive strike against capitalism based on the selective denial of mathematical, chemical, physics, and biological principles. There is something to be said for efficiency, but the gleeful manner in which green is being adopted as part of lefty’s weaponry against “racism” is suspect.

    So far, green is one big fat government-sponsored failure fest. From solar farms to electric cars, it’s based on fantasy physics – for now anyway, and as long as oil costs stay relatively low and supply abundant. Don’t like the fact that electric cars are produced from oil resources? Well, simply ignore it and Believe!!

    In other words, people living in all sorts of manicured reality bubbles can find the less-than-intellectually-rigorous green “movement” an attractive environment from which to operate. The fact that it destructively leeches off capitalism is purely a bonus incentive from their POV.

    BLM seems to be suddenly warming to Green in a manner similar to how grievance studies intermingled to form a new “intersectional” amalgam. Climate change is racist, and furthermore, it affects the third world with disparate impact. (Note that all the the terminology/thought products in this last sentence were coined very recently – that’s how fast leftie’s Reality Gap is widening!) The progressive “Allyship” is striving to vibrate in globalist harmony.

    • Meantime, Rivian just announced plans to build a $6B plant in GA.
      Ironic too that Rivian’s current plant located in Normal, IL.

      • Rivian’s plant in Normal, IL is the old Diamond Star Motors plant. It started as a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi in the mid 1980s. The plant closed in 2015 so it was sitting there unused until Rivian bought it. I’m sure the Illinois taxpayers are picking up the tab to get Rivian to set up production.

      • Like anyone in govt cares about facts,

        All their positions are indefensible in a logical or reality based argument.

        It does not matter.

    • No actual contractor will buy an electric vehicle: no one is going to accept: “I’ll be delayed getting to the jobsite for 5 hours because the fast-charger station was occupied and I had to trickle charge it”.

      The Rivian looks cool, but it’s a yuppie toy, not a working vehicle.

      • The whole point of electric cars is that no ordinary people will own a car.

        Its about preventing you being able to travel independently.

  17. Food for thought – what if mass incompetence causes loss of electricity and therefore any digitized enslavement becomes impossible to maintain

    • That is something I ponder as well. The digital surveillance apparatus requires constant maintenance and upkeep.

      As we boldly venture into the age of idiocracy these systems cannot sustain themselves. Between the breakdowns in infrastructure and the loss of highly skilled workers in the name of glorious diversity, how will Wokistan operate?

        • I can’t post the link so I’ll say this. Google “revolver news idiocracy” and its the first post you see. What we have is idiocracy mixed in with jonestown

    • Krusty-

      I think this is what will happen and ultimately cause the globalist plans to go down in flames.

    • We won’t need the equipment to actually work, the master class will simply say it works by magic.

      We’ll believe them.
      What’s worse, they’ll believe it, too

    • Do not go gentle into that good night.

      The loss of electricity won’t be total. First there will be brown outs and blackouts in preselected areas. The State will maintain that smaller number of competent people in order to sustain itself. The lights will go out in the imperial city last just as they did in Rome.

  18. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Xirl Science

  19. Remember, in Xirl science everything is part of a complex and sinister plot to maintain the patriarchal system. This article is from a few years ago but encompasses this belief quite well.


    The diminishing of Western Civilization and her (pun intended) accomplishments becomes a zero sum Zirl concept of old dead White Men were bad, are bad, and will always be bad.

    What it seems to boil down to is a subconscious feeling of envy and resentment for a lack of achievement and discovery by them.

  20. Merry Christmas! When I read today’s post, I was filled with the warm spirit of the season. ZMan thinks the economic model for universities will fail! Much needed optimism. Please do an economics post on the way this might work. The podcast features meta-educators from my neck of the woods-those heroes who are training the CRT teachers of Amerika. Even in the Boomer heyday, education majors were acknowledged as the stupidest on campus, so that hasn’t really changed.

    My guess? China will stop the flow of foreign students. They don’t really need it anymore. Enrollment will continue to drop. Labor markets will drive it as Boomers dwindle. Sportsball? Don’t know. Maybe they will take over the place. Xirls and Xims will have to submit to the humiliation of real jobs. Probably not in my lifetime, but it’s a lovely Christmas message of hope.

    • Lettie, my only quibble with your post is that China will stop the flow of foreign students. The Chinese are not stupid enough to come all the way over here to enroll in gender studies or art history. They enroll in STEM/medicine and steal our scientific research and technology.

      • And for the time being, the face earned by attending a name-brand school in the Anglosphere is worth the trip

      • Maybe they’ll just give our cancelled STEM people jobs over there. It must amuse them that some of our most respected scientists are now persona non grata.

      • It might be the case that they have surpassed us in technical capabilities at this point. Our sustained efforts at enstupidation and their equally sustained efforts to improve by any means will achieve that result. That will be a good way to gauge the degree of our decline, watching foreign enrollment decline in general and chinese in particular.

    • China just changed their law this school year so that the lowest 50% of middle school graduation test (zhongkao) takers can only enter technical high schools – a direct path to factory work. Upper class parents are terrified of this so will send their children to TOEFL/SAT prep “international schools” instead for a large fee with a future at a design school/liberal arts uni. They desire to avoid the hard life and losing face by dropping into a lower social caste at all costs.

      • OK, I get that. I had fear that the luck of the draw in the gene-pool lottery would not pass on to my children myself at one time. But does the parent spending money on prep schools for a TOEFL/SAT edge change the basics of the underlying intellect (low) of their misbegotten children? In short can you “fake” it forever?

        • If their average IQ as a population is 105, and personally having money to be well educated probably kicks it up to 120 or so (Lynn’s +15 for students going to college) that, even despite the dunces eventually being weeded out – you still have kids who have higher iqs and better study habits than those they are competing against in the West (who are probably too busy playing Call of Duty 12 World of Gay-ops and smoking weed).

          Long term will it last? Well, at least that’s one thing they got longer than lil Johnny!

  21. Hey Z-man, this is totally off-topic: I’m sure you’ve heard of Millennial Woes. He’s doing his annual “Millenniyule” series of interviews with various dissidents right now. He just had Jim Goad on the other day. He’s had Jared Taylor on at least a couple other years and I’m hoping he has Taylor back at some point during this Christmas season. It strikes me that you would be an ideal guest for Woes. Any thoughts on that?

    • Millennial Woes hates me with the intensity of a thousand suns. I don’t know why but there is no accounting for taste.

      • So does Jazzhands over at TRS. They’re both grug brains and share a common talent for catty drama and bitchiness. God forgive this, but “just sayin’,” maybe it’s an inferiority complex.

      • I like you both but I can imagine there’s an irresolvable dissonance between your entrepreneur-American “uncultured” thing and his, e.g., having an extensively annotated mental tier list of Depeche Mode b-sides that he’s refined since he was ten years old and can explain to you for three hours (but won’t).


      • I’m sorry to hear that. Too much infighting and petty resentments on this side of the great divide. Our opponents have similar troubles, but it hurts them less thanks to their control of the culture. We “extremists” can ill afford so much internal rancor.

        • When you produce as much content as I do, you collect enemies. There are a lot of petty people. It is just part of the deal.

          • Very true. However, the enemies that you’re collecting should be on the OTHER side of the great divide, not our own. I suppose not too many on the other side would be willing to read you in the first place. You rightly note that “there are a lot of petty people.” Just wish we didn’t have so many of those petty people on OUR side.

          • I think it is much worse in the main stream and on the Left. There is more to gain in that world, so the game is hardball. On our side, there is not much at stake. Gays and women will always create drama, so unless we ban gays and women, we will have drama queens. I just ignore it, unless it is humorous, of course.

          • also, if you “pick fights” with someone better known than you are, you pick up extra clicks from their audience.

      • Interesting. I was listening to his show with Black Pigeon Speaks last night and even he was getting frustrated with MW. BPS is fairly tame by DR standards so that was quite revealing.

  22. You gotta fix the comments so we can post memes, Z. The other day on Blab, one of the wanks posted one with Charlton Heston smooching that chimp chick on Planet Of The Apes, and the caption read, “LITERALLY EVERY COMMERCIAL I SEE THESE DAYS…”


    The lunacy of Blab is dangerous… but the wit and humour is absolutely lethal.

    There is no better sound in the world than that of dissidents laughing over shared rude jokes!

    Merry Christmas you guys! Keep your stick on the ice!

  23. You people are delusional. You suffer from the misconception that your opinion matters to reality. You laugh at the risible insanity of the university system, and yet if you use the wrong language in the wrong place the system and its allies will sue you and likely win.
    The university system is a network of power. Its purpose is to have power, at which it excels. The purpose of xirl science is the same as an effete aristocrat wearing a frilly lace collar. Not only will it never voluntarily cede power or funding, it is incapable of doing so. To do so would violate its primary purpose for existence, which is to be a substitutive locus for the power process among the oversocialized. It is not a human institution made up of voluntarily cooperating individuals. It is a stable and functional ecosystem. Your children are the dirt.
    You people laugh about how useless it all is, and yet the global university system is inseparable from the most overwhelmingly powerful global networks. It doesn’t matter if it produces nothing of value. That’s not its purpose.
    It will continue to metastasize and prey upon anything subject to the power structure. Like mold, it may temporarily pause its outreach, but only to be incubating new spores. The university network is the grey goo of liberal democracy.
    Internal reform is impossible. The only possible end to this system will be imposed, from outside the system. This will not be in the form of economic collapse. Power doesn’t care about famine, pestilence, or war. All of these are merely opportunities to amass more power. That which does not kill it makes it stronger.

    • Nonsense.

      The intellectual class is periodically cleansed and purged, often in quick succession. It has to be. Ancient Chinese dynasties would often round up intellectuals and bury them up to their necks in sand. The warriors would ride by on fast horses and throw spears through their exposed heads. In Russia they’d get arrested in the dead of night and carted off to the camps with no show or ceremony. You-know-who loaded them into cattle cars with the joos and disposed of them in great numbers too. After the war all the former establishment intellectuals were purged again. We are due for a cull, because outside the university…the average Normie hates these guys and will soon want them dead. Many are there right now. Our establishment intellectuals are not only to dangerous to retain power… they are too dumb to use it, never mind hold onto it.

      Patience. It will be nasty business when it comes, but it will need to be done. You fellas here can take care of the intellectual hatching grounds and police them up in a businesslike fashion. As for me, when the nation falls and anarchy breaks out… I am going to get the journalists, the editors, and publishers. Might harvest a few public educators too. 😉

      • The difference between Western academia right now and other intellectuals in the past is that that academia is an integral part of the Power Structure. To destroy academia one must destroy the Power Structure. And at present there is no exterior force with anywhere close to enough puissance to do that.

        So, you say you want a revolution? Well, we’d all love to see the plan.

        • I’d love to see it too. Any plan (regardless of the degree of complexity) it seems would require numerous pieces of metal hurled about at supersonic speed.

        • Again – nonsense. You don’t think the nazis replaced the academics in the universities with eir own replacements? Or that the intelligentsia of the Soviet Union weren’t carrying water for the party?

          Our esteemed blog host just got laughing cramps laughing himself silly at their antics. Revolution? I don’t have to lift a finger. These guys are literally too dumb to keep the lights on. They are studying kittens, their own vaginas, and emoting over stuff that didn’t happen. They will fall apart on their own

          *in my best Montgomery Burns imitation*

          “They’ve defunded the police, have they? Excellent….”

          • Romantic Aryanism, the philosophical underpinning of Nazism, was born and developed in German academia in the second half of the 19th century. Except for the odd Finkel and Finkel-lover, the Nazis left the academic establishment intact.

            And yes the Soviet intelligentsia carried water for the party, just as today’s academic anti-whites carry it for the Power Structure. The Soviets had no need to purge academia, just as the present elites have no need to do so. Thank you for helping to make my case.

            As for the stupidity of the elites, it is very real and will prove fatal. However, the internal collapse borne of that stupidity is far from the adventitious purge you prophesy.

          • The Mongols had an army. Qin Shi Huang had an army, the feudal lords had an army, the gang of four had the university students (and an army)…

            The modern University has the army now, no?

            If universities are serving as the monasteries and training grounds of the Power Structure, what tangible force are they afraid of that can actually remove them from power?

  24. I really hope you’re right about the inevitable cancelling of the idiot university “studies”. Yesterday I had a (very young) realtor reply to an inquiry I made about a house. When she sent her contact info it included her gender proclivities (at least it was she/her/hers – small mercies). So, won’t be doing business with this obvious fool. They’re not even cluing these kids into the fact that most people who have money to actually buy stuff like homes are exceedingly put off by this nonsense.

    • Pronouns, like brightly colored ‘danger hair’, septum rings, and obvious tattoos in appropriate places are wonderful outward indicators that you are dealing with an unstable element. Not unlike a Coral Snake or poisonous frog that loudly telegraphs its deadly nature.

      You should encourage, not discourage, these people because as you astutely pointed out they are wonderful ‘sorting tools’.

      We just had 5 potential hires / interviews and the very first thing I do is peep their LinkedIN. If they have the (xir/xers) in the profile, instant pass. I also read their feed history if there are lots of links/articles about strong empowered wahmen, minorities, etc. hard pass. BLM or other associated virtue signals, same deal.

      What they perceive as positive social signaling strongly works against them in some cases but at least you overtly know where they stand. Interestingly, they are indeed betting the safe horse because globohomo is prolific now so they will get a positive response many places, but not all…

      It is the ‘stealth’ models that are the true danger because once they get in the door they will poison the well in short order. So yes, please, trumpet your virtue loudly and widely so I know to steer clear of your nuttery.

  25. The University system will only grow and grow and grow. And there will be ever more Xirls and Xirs and Xis studying Non Colonial Feminst Queer Studies. Because there is a limitless amount of money from the government and a 7 billion supply of non Whites wanting to scream about White people for pay. “Money for Nothing and chicks for free” as the song goes.

    What will be cut is the hard sciences, math, etc. Those are all “racist” and no administrator wants that. Instead, a lot more Xirl science! Heck the Government which funds nearly all of this will push Xirl Science heavily for Xirls. Better to have a bunch of BIPOC xirls screaming at White men than new radar stealthy materials or much better rockets.

    • I don’t agree, although I think I know what you mean. Distance learning is quite common already and will become even more so. LOTS of people who started telecommuting during the so-called “pandemic” are still working from home. Then there’s Project Gutenberg, and many, many libraries offer online access to a great many books, and that continues to expand.

      Eventually the sheer cost of attending classes on a campus somewhere while living in expensive digs near that campus is going to become too great for most people even to consider it. And we already have fully online universities offering online pathways to diplomas.

      I don’t think it’s going to matter what these so-called “academics” and “professors” want. The trend away from physical campuses is well established.

      Moreover, every single year that goes by sees more and more people abandoning the government-school systems in favor of home-schooling, and in the past two years that has gotten a shot in the arm. That is going to continue to expand.

      The credibility of governments at ALL levels has taken a mortal wound. Ditto for the medical establishment. ALL of our institutions have failed us, and that cannot be hidden from public view. New institutions must–and will–arise to replace the ones that had failed before Corona-chan, but those abject failures were made public–they were put on display like Jussie Smallet has recently been on display–and they are going to be replaced. The trend is already well established. People are FED UP with the status quo. But whether they are fed up or not, the status quo is going away in what promises to be a spectacular way.

      • Great post. I agree with everything except “in a spectacular way.” I would predict a lingering bankruptcy. When only one student enrolls in Gender Studies in Advertising or something. The proficient math and science people won’t bother, as companies will hire them directly and the credential will be worthless.

    • you don’t need universities to train cadres. you do need universities to train physicists (and engineers, et als). why not do some actual research instead of just talking out your ass all the time, like a rummy. how did unis work in the cccp would be a good place to start.

      • When the GI Bill was for guys, the zeitgeist was “Look, Ma, at what I can do!”

        When the girls demanded their share of GI Bill education bennies, they specialized in girl display and status maneuvers: Point and Shriek.
        “Look, men, at what we’re s’posed to be scared of!”

    • A dying sun expands for millions and millions of years, seemingly getting larger and stronger without end. Then the collapse and explosion happens in a few short years and the sun is gone. So it may be with the University system.

      Besides, a reduction of 80% in University enrollment would probably only bring us back to pre WWII levels. We would do just fine—assuming we get back to merit in enrollment admission.

  26. All of these xirs and xirls are on the dole, only it’s worse than being on the dole. Being on the dole has no direct external costs other than the check. These people are permanent Target looters who are on the dole. They get paid not to sit around and do nothing, but to stir up trouble.

    The whole feminist glacier thing came up several years ago right around the same time Sweden decided to do “feminist snow removal” which turned out as hilarious as you think it did. It was a complete and total disaster which shut the cities down.

    • Wait, didn’t some lib ditz do feminist snow removal here?

      She hated the firefighter next door because he liked Trump and his cop wife was thinner and hotter.

      So, she baited him into clearing the snow from her driveway, then wrote an article about what a stupid azzhole he was.

  27. Academia is the engine of the West’s destruction and has been for roughly the last 50 years. As such, academia’s collapse is an eventuality devoutly to be wished. That said, I’ve been hearing about the so-called “academic bubble” and its imminent collapse for the last 15 years. This is not going to happen. Academia is an absolutely critical component of the Power Structure–it lends intellectual legitimacy and prestige to anti-white policies–and so it will not be allowed to fail. Could there be occasional austerity measures here and there? Yes. But the feculent locomotive will clatter merrily on.

  28. We brought legions of women into the workforce who would historically have found their life’s purpose in the home as housewives and mothers. The struggle now is to find something for them to do. While stroking fragile egos, no less.

    Long gone are mere ‘secretaries’ at my place of business, replaced by ‘Multi-Functional Co-ordinators’ (not joking about this). It is my pet theory that the more hyphens are found in a job title, the less essential that position is.

    Worse still, the ranks of middle managers has swelled to the point where the chiefs-to-indians ratio gobbles up the profits, as all those Menstrual Studies majors pull down six figure salaries to act affirmatively all the livelong day.

    STEM? We don’t need no stinkin’ STEM.

  29. RE: “Riffing” (downsizing, rightsizing, consultants, etc.)

    There is a reason this movie should be enshrined in the halls of history as a timeless classic. Never before or since has a single film captured the true stupidity and bloat of corporate America. I did also come to learn that some companies used the film as a ‘training seminar’ on what NOT to do, I wonder if they ever got any results? Knowing regression to the mean, human nature, and corporate dysfunction I sort of doubt it.

    “So what would you say you do here?”

    “Upper Management Written All Over Him”

  30. “Colleges will be forced to cut costs and the low hanging fruit is the nonsense studies.”

    I wonder. I can see that CRT or Transgender Critical Theory might be subsidized by foundations, or, more likely, by the taxpayer. I mean, they are such important subjects that everyone should be exposed to. /sarc.

    Hopefully, the result will be 80% of colleges and universities closing up shop. Young people can masturbate just as well at home while attending classes on line.

    • Perhaps, but being at home could limit their interactions with homos, lesbians and trannies. That would be bigoted.

      • No, they could interact with them online, too. And virtual reality is so much more real than real reality.

      • the problem is there aren’t enough perverts to go around. huge increase in demand, lately…

  31. Stating the obvious, but the relentless pursuit of efficiency ends up being anti-human. The humanities only persist because the pain of efficiency is still working up the chain. They’re a joke because they’re a vestige of a world tech destroyed, but the money’s still there to fund them.

    With that said, I’m pro-humanities because I’m pro-human. It’s a weird place to be, because I’m on board with a Great Reset, just not the one Klaus Schwab and his ilk are after. I’d like an unraveling of much of the last 500 years, ending at the Renaissance notion that man is the measure of all things, with the addendum that man is God’s creation. There’s an uncomfortable amount of overlap with the technocrats, strangely enough. Two sides of the same coin I guess.

    At any rate, the big change has already begun. The question is whether the technocrats have the goods to deliver, if humanity overcomes them, or if there’s a third-way arrangement that comes out of it.

    • Fwiw I’d bet on the third way. Obviously there’s no going back to the 16th century, at least no more than I think there’s going to be a post-human future for wannabe gods.

      I think we’re in a dialectic neither side can ‘win’ outright. Therefore take the extreme position and take your lumps to get more of what you want. Tptb certainly have, and if it seems they’re getting their way, it’s only because they’re more committed to it. Like most things, it comes down to will.

  32. Ask what is missing from the college discussion.
    One example is the decline in male attendance.
    What do the missing males know that the rest don’t?
    They see that going into massive debt is idiotic.
    When they can learn a trade, work for themselves or escape from the credentialist world of gatekeepers, grievances and bullshit, they get on with their lives.
    They don’t have to live on ramen with too many roommates all stuck in peonage.
    Interview a few of those.
    Maybe your children know some.
    Ask around.

    • Where I live, they’re desperate for reliable tradesmen to the extent you can make 80+k a year if you can just learn how to do basic home installations.

      A lot of this is due to people who have no clue how to do basic home tasks, which is only going to get worse with Millennials and Gen Z.

      A lot of it is hard work and not a cushy office job, but robots will not be replacing them anytime soon. Can’t say the same for the desk jockey.

  33. Languages and literatures, except perhaps for Spanish, history, and philosophy will be the first to go. And perhaps geography. All the grievance studies will outlast them. I’d think that more likely than discipline cutting, it will be entire institutions closing down.

    • Before I arrived at college almost thirty years ago, the blob we now call wokeness had already fully absorbed all of history, politics, art, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, theater, film, and music—except for classical performance, now a low-status target for woke intervention because it’s persistently full of non-“tech” Asians and religious Jews and other obsolete types.

      Mathematics is the only surviving “humanity.” Having finally, after decades of accusation, been officially declared racist by the state of California, it’s not long for this world.

      “This nonsense won’t get us back to the moon!” Right. That’s why we’re not there. And we’ll never be there again. The last time we did it was the last time we could. Soon we won’t remember it happened.

      This last bit isn’t a complaint about the topic(s), though it does look like one:

      Z’s “xirl science” stories are nostalgic. They’re a time capsule of how the right talked when I was a kid. Yelling “Get a real job!” at highly successful civilizational arsonists is the only American tradition that conservatism has preserved.

      • Right. We are returning to a former time–an undemocratic time. A time in which people will again understand and acknowledge that university education is NOT for “everybody.” Let a lone a right.

        Already we have a very visible difference between those who can read and writ and those who can’t. We have pictograms on restroom doors and street signs. The majority of children no longer learn cursive writing.

        It’s a new kind of medieval period.

    • disagree, families have wised up about the inverse cost/benefit ratios, of going deep into debt for a worthless degree. just to work at a white collar prison, where you are tortured every day. no one is going to pay big $$ for those bogus degrees, now.

  34. A few years back, we had an intern (who we eventually hired) at our business consulting from a small liberal arts college in Tennessee.

    One time she was discussing her father’s occupation – he was/is a professor at said small liberal arts college. She noted that her father typically finished his workday by noon and had free time the rest of the day.

    I pointed out that no wonder tuition is $50k+ per year, they are only getting 50% labor utilization.

    • Wife’s family has a bunch of public school teachers. One Thanksgiving they were allbitching about how they don’t get paid enough and how it was fair that One of their nairdowell nephews. Made so much as a longshoreman. So I asked one of her more honest uncles what his hourly wage was adjusted for the 180 day year, he had to think about it but a while he figured about 70$ an hour at his level, including benefits about 90$ & That was twenty years ago You would have thought i had tossed a grenade. They all started flipping out babbling about their educations masters degrees etc.. I just sat back & grinned. I’ve met one teacher in my life that didn’t poor mouth constantly. Every other one always broke.

      • The hardest I’ve ever bitten my tongue in my life was a conversation with one of my wife’s relatives.

        Her cousin married a grade school teacher. She taught in a pretty sweet gig out in Du Page county in Illinois. Du Page is originally where all the conservatives who were sick of the rot of Chicago ran away to, like my parents.

        As the years have gone on the state of Silly-nois has chronically underfunded the sweet, sweet pensions of teachers, coppers, firemen, etc. So the property taxes and assorted taxes get slammed onto the backs of anyone fool enough to own a home and live and work in the state. I moved out nearly five years ago and I saved nearly $40K in property taxes alone. And my new home is bigger than our last house in Ill-annoy.

        So we’re at a family party and I’m talking with her and she starts up with “Well T (her husband) and I are going to have to move! T told me if he lost his job we couldn’t afford to live here because of the taxes. Oh my gosh they’re so HIGH!”

        Me, in my mind: “They’re so high because everyone has to pay your gold plated pension you bint!”

        They left Silly-nois before us and went south. Turns out she got a new job and somehow gets to dip into her Illinois pension when she retires.

        My wife would get livid because this schoolteacher earned more per year than she did.

        Underpaid my butt!

        • I greatly overestimate (lie) what my property taxes are down South where I am when speaking to my relatives who live in C(r)ook County. Afraid they’ll all wise up, empty the place out, and end up down here

          • It’s becoming a real problem in the region where I’m at. I’m noticing more blacks, and a bunch more whites with north or Midwest accents. Housing prices have gone crazy and enrollment of local colleges are bucking the national trend, and going up. I’ll make statements like “well, we lack diversity here”. Or “ you, escaping glorious diversity, huh?” Sorta baiting the newcomers. Very few bites so far. They are cagey. I’ve yet to tease out all the factor’s leading leading to the influx. Who these people are.

      • I’ve been a high school science teacher for 31 years and will tell you that the pay and benefits are gold-encased. You’re right, they’re always broke but when everyone is making payments on new $60,000 vehicles and McMansions it should be no surprise. The only thing I’ve bitched about are my battles with resident “pissy-ass” Democrats who have run the whole thing into the ground over the last 40 years.

        I could retire on February 1st and my take home pay is as good as my current salary. $1000 per week to sit on my butt. I could work 6 more years and double that. One side of me says to take the easy welfare money and run, but the more sane side tells me none of it will be here within 10 years, but the whole country will be defunct by then. Decisions, decisions.

  35. Once again, reality intrudes, so have not yet listened. Nevertheless, my 2 xcents.

    The real story of the current state of the American university system is that it is just a glorified babysitting institution. A place to temporarily park hormone-driven adolescents in order to keep them off the streets as Antifa LARPers. With the exception of a few departments like Engineering, absolutely no education of any sort occurs. Rather, it’s overt Leftist indoctrination masquerading as liberal arts course study and the mush-brains suck it up like a Hoover vacuum. And the covert purpose of this grift is to scam parents and students alike out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (often debt fueled) in order to bloat the faculty with more dead-weight idiot poseur professors. And the final kicker is that most of these naive wastrels actual leave university stupider than when they went it. Dumber, debt-ridden, and incapable of rational cognitive thought functioning. What a country!

    • The original purpose of teaching rather than research universities was exactly that. In the pre mass communication world it was a place for the parents to send the boy to get over the awkward transition to manhood where the inevitable debacles would never be known back home.
      Lost to us now,

    • I did alright, for a drop out.. spent forty years with dirty hands. Three smart boys. One airline pilot one electrical engineer & one computer scientist. No debt & all make a hell of lot more than I ever did.
      Bullshit ideas are easy to recognize & were laughed at in my house.

  36. I, unfortunately, feel the solution to Z’s proposed problem is all too dangerously clear: further subsidizing education. As enrollment drops, make it ‘free.’ Send tons of more money into it. Call it some type of equity event (maybe phrased as a form of reparation) to deal with demographic discrepancies.

    • Even ‘free’ college will not work when 50% percent of people going to college don’t get any more money than high school grads, all the while losing 4 years of income and work experience.

      In my field, there’s been a huge shift in job interviews, focusing on programming puzzles and organized thinking over credentials. In the last four interviews I was involved in none of the applicants gave college information. It wasn’t that they didn’t go to college, but just that it was irrelevant.

      Even the HR gatekeepers are starting to deemphasize it.

      If we allowed IQ tests in our country, only maybe 25% of people would go to college. Corporation are now finding ways around this though as college grads become more and more unreliable.

      • You must work for one of the last sane companies left, be thankful because that is NOT the typical hiring strategy on any globohomo Western company of which there are legion.

        Hiring priority is as follows: Skin Color, Vagina, Woke, Worthless Degree, Actual Job Skills.

      • I have to second Apex. The scenario you describe already exists – well over 50 percent leave ‘enlightened’ but utterly bereft of skills and utterly loaded with debt. I was associated with academia for about a decade until a few years ago.

  37. “You have to wonder if what lies over the horizon is the biggest reduction in force we have seen since the collapse of the buggy whip industry. It is not hard to imagine a university system riffing entire departments.”

    That’s why i don’t fear the woke cult, this shit is not spiritual, it’s completely materialistic, meaning it’s backed by debt money. It’s something you would expect from a decadent society waiting to collapse. Once the dollar loses its value all of the tribe’s rackets get abandoned in an instant, just look at Epstein, he funded all of those pseudo-scientistific ideas about the multiverse, god particle, moving to mars, cryonics, benefits of cannibalism, now that he’s gone all those comic book ideas got abandoned.

      • what revolution is that, western world is already woke, only woke lunatics believe there’s any patriarchy left. You actually thought this is the dawn of a new form of America? What’s happening right now is a natural continuation of post WW2 policies. Is Biden supposed to be USA’s version of the tsar?

        • The woke is the revolution. And like the 2 I mentioned they have taken power and we are in the early stages of its actions.

          The large scale violence is coming and if you think its going to fade from economics you need to look at how impervious to economic collapse and mass starvation the previous murderous incarnations of the Red Guard and Cheka were.

          • large scale violence will be caused by total societal collapse & migrant invasion, this is the result of decades of woke policies.

            Whites aren’t allowed to defend themselves cause of woke policies so non-whites, mostly blacks, are emboldened now more than ever to murder whites, but they don’t think in terms of equality & woke agenda, they do it cause they are savages who hate whitey, that doesn’t mean africans believe in feminism & gay rights.
            For example asians aren’t considered the enemy by the woke agenda, yet blacks attack them relentlessly nonetheless.

      • There are a couple key differences. First, those programs weren’t funded by insane amounts of government debt. Second, the proles tacitly supported the revolution (or, at least, didn’t tacitly support the revolution’s opponents). Modern wokeness is mostly a debt-fueled extravagance and has little tacit support among proles. It’s tolerated because violent resistance is a losing proposition individually. Withdrawing and waiting is much more sensible.

  38. The extremely bloated academy lives exclusively off of the blood of our children. Our children are being saddled with non-dischargeable debt to finance this evil system. There is no punishment too harsh. We must cut the funding and forbid them from replacing this funding with foreign students.

    • the children are actually adults and they are taking on the debt willingly; it is not being imposed on them.

      • You mean those 17 year olds who are told by every single adult in their life that they must go to university? Those adults?

          • OK Karl, make it 18 year olds, like it really matters. It is an absolutely evil system. Their teachers and counselors in high school tell them they must go to college, their parents tell them. The government then subsidizes a loan to them which they cannot discharge in bankruptcy. This evil system of paying for college has been the most significant part of universities becoming woke and putting out this trash.. It has also been the single driver of the absolute ballooning of the tuition.

            At an absolute minimum, we need to allow this debt to be discharged in bankruptcy. This is pure slavery. People like Ben Shapiro and Reason magazine agree with you. When all the grifters agree with your position, that alone should cause you to question it.

      • The fiction that children become men at 18 is and always was ludicrous. The Victorians knew damn well that 25 was a good age of maturity, that’s when most Estates and Trusts settled on the beneficiary. The human brain isn’t fully formed until about 23.

        • what has anything you said got to do with the topic of adults consenting to take on debt? how the eff do kids grow up if they aren’t given any responsibility? guess what, none of my kids took on school debt, wonder why that is?

    • Unfortunately, state and federal governments are in bed with academia. They are all part of the seamless Power Structure. No matter how much the dirt people may caterwaul about lavish funding of anti-white academia, that funding will continue largely undiminished.

      • I don’t agree. The reason for the chinnkypox “pandemic” is that 0% interest rates for–what?–12 years or so now has wiped out ALL the pension funds in the world. The political classes had two choices: Go on TV and tell their “constituents” that “There’s no more money, suckahz! It’s all gotta burn!” And then be torn to pieces by said “constituents.” OR deliberately destroy the world economy and blame it on an “invisible” enemy. They chose the second option.

        But now the fat is well and truly in the fire. And there ain’t no puttin’ Humpty Dumpty together again. So everything is falling apart and that cannot be stopped.

        Therefore, funding for EVERYTHING is going to stop. There’s no choice. Everything that has happened sine the late summer of 2019 has been about this inconvenient truth.

        The avalanche is only now just getting underway. There won’t be funding. There CAN’T be funding.

        Everything will devolve into LOCAL economies. There’s no way around it. None of this can be stopped, and I doubt that it can even be ameliorated.

    • Reminds me of the time–about 40 years ago–when the Chinese began transliterating their language(s) into the Roman alphabet.

      Some Englishmen had arrived in a Chinese city and were approaching their hotel when they saw the (transliterated) name of that hotel on a big sign:

      FUXING HOTEL (pronounced “foo-shing”)

      They began to LOL, so the Chinese escort asked why, and they told him. But they were stuck with “X” to represent “sh” by that time, so they changed the name of the hotel.

      Anyway, that’s why the current ruler’s name, Xi, is pronounced “she.”  

      • This bugs me to no end. If we are writing a Chinese name in English, ie. Latin alphabet, why the hell do we write something that is pronounced ‘she’ as ‘Xi’? Same thing with that Chinese Huawei lady Meng (pronounced Mung); why don’t we write it Mung?

      • Homosexuals “passing” as straight was a thing once upon a time, but in current society I can’t imagine a homosexual guy not taking advantage of his opportunity to announce his specialness and fabulousness to the world.

  39. You could eliminate the social science and humanities and no one outside the academy would notice.

    Typical Protestant Yankee numerologist thinking. If it can’t be defined by numbers that translate into dollars it’s a useless affectation. The wealthiest neighborhood in the world’s history simply can’t afford extravagancies like anthropology and art history when there are shopping centers, freeways and airports yet to be built.

    • While Z doesn’t need anyone to defend him, I’m pretty sure the statement is accurate.

      If those departments were eliminated, there would be zero effect on food production, shelter construction, water provision; you know, stuff needed to live.

      Are they interesting and stimulating pursuits? Perhaps. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s like sports ball. If the Sunday festivities disappeared, people would preoccupy themselves elsewhere.

      • The amusing bit is those “Protestant Yankees” founded the American university system for the purpose of training moral men, not educated men. Harvard was founded to make preachers, not mathematicians or engineers.

    • I wonder how humankind managed to create all the wonderful art, music, and philosophy of the Renaissance without thousands of university humanities departments and majors deconstructing it through a queer lens…

      How will we possibly regain that greatness unless a blue-haired harpy is there to validate it?

      How much more wonderful would Rembrandt be, if only he had had a women’s studies post-grad to critique his work?

    • You don’t get out much do you? You are truly a man out of time. I envision a Boomer who still thinks that the humanities & liberal arts departments are staffed full of Robin Williams stimulating young white minds to join the ‘Dead Poets Society’, right?

      What is really there is a barren landscape full of hamplanets, danger hairs, problem glasses, septum piercings, mystery meat genetic aliens, and barely literate lefty shitlibs screaming about burning those same said books because they need to ‘smash the patriarchy’.

      Me thinketh the Boomer doth protest too much. You need to get it out more, what you think you are defending largely doesn’t exist anymore old timer.

  40. Since I actually am a racist by modern definition and am okay with that, at least I don’t have false consciousness!

  41. Welcome back Xirl Science. And everything that isn’t science. I’m not going to use “scientoady” in any serious manner. Z doesn’t seem to have a replication crisis with respect to the number of times he can riff about all these useless PhD rubber stamp acts. Who needs comparable categories with numbers when I can make a word salad and spout off one adjective after another like Michael Eric Dyson.

    Merry Christmas.

  42. Universities fall into 2 areas as I see it.

    1. Those whose main goal is to get govt and grant funding. Does not matter what is required, they will do whatever shit carrying is required to get it.
    2. Those whose goal is to support and add to the tsunami of madness consuming society with complicated sounding words.

    People go on about overseas funding, but I doubt the Chinese are going to carry on providing that once there is no STEM.

    You think the pushy new rich in China and India want their kids to come back singing the new jogger anthem and arsing on about made up grievance?

    However, like the media, non-STEM, even though it has negative value in its current form, can be funded almost without end if the main source is govt and tax free foundations.

    Although it will be the end for “University” as a reality based concept that adds to anything in a knowledge sense, most will end up stewed in their own vomit producing an endless supply of ever more odious and fuckwitted “experts”. to harass the rest of the population until the country is broke.

  43. The only justification for Liberal Arts at the college level is that legit research takes a lot of time. (You need a bit of specialist training for some things, but that’s easily done). Compress all the archive and writing time for a legit history book into a year, for instance, and it’s the rough equivalent of a day job – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 2 weeks vacation, some sick leave. Delegate that to gentleman amateurs and it takes years.

    Alas, that’s pretty much how it’s going to have to be, Afterwards. Any kind of funding that allows for more gentlemen amateurs will end up in the same place as the Ivory tower, because bureaucracy always goes hard left. A few legit scholars will be put out of work when the ivory tower collapses, but omelets, eggs, etc.

    • @Severian

      Sounds like any staff position in the Army. The only position more useless the S3 (usually an O4) is the Chief of Operations (O3?). That and the fact there are manning rosters spots for staff Sergeant Major positions. Green welfare at it’s finest.

      • HHC units are bad about this. The brigade combat team model imposed a lot of much needed trimming to Army command structures at the field level. Never seemed to apply to S3 portions

    • There are some gentleman amateurs making the claim that we are on the cusp of a new enlightenment. The ossified and ridiculous academy is the Church and gentleman amateurs are the force of reason. Little of what is produced in the academy is read by anyone. They may as well be sitting around practicing their calligraphy. Almost all of the challenging material is being produced by gentleman amateurs.

      I’m not sold on the idea, but it is something to consider. The world of the 17th century looked pretty grim to most thoughtful and educated men, because they could not see what was coming. It could be that we are on the cusp of a revolution in thought and we are just not able to see it coming.

      • My comment is meant as description, not prescription. In the fields of history I know fairly well, the gentlemen amateurs are doing ALL the interesting work. I wish them the best, and I wish there were 10,000x more of them! The fact is, though, that legit historical research is pretty expensive, in money and especially time. To do it right, you either need to do it full time — as an actual job, or equivalent — or spend a lot longer working on it, because archivists keep bankers’ hours and you’ll need to take time off from your own real job to do it. And that’s not counting any specialist training you’ll need (other languages etc.).

        (Not to mention that lots of prominent archives — the British Library, for example — have ridiculous policies on how many boxes you can see during a day. As in, you get five boxes, no more. If you strike out on all five — which happens all the time — you’re done with your day’s research by 10am, and are stuck killing time in one of the most expensive cities in the world).

        Just so we’re clear, I’m all in favor of burning the entire university system to the ground, then salting the earth where once it stood, then digging up that earth and shooting it into deep space, then nuking the site from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure). But in the After Times, we’ll still need to find some way to finance the gentleman amateurs.

        • Why do you think we need to externally finance?

          The controller of the financing then decides the outcomes.

          Seems just end up with the same oversupply of useless twats coupled with shitty incentives all over again unless people are spending their own money on their actual interests.

        • I like James Lafond’s amateur work. Little rough around the edges at times but at least he is not an obvious liar.

        • If all you want to do is research, you don’t need a billion-dollar campus complete with residential space for tens of thousands of students, hundreds of classrooms, modern stadiums, fitness centers, dining facilities, office buildings, etc. What’s to stop private groups from setting up foundations or institutes with small overhead but just enough donations to fund the hiring of a professional researcher or two?

        • The FIRE people have the solution. Make your money, spend below your means, then when you have “enough” do whatever you want. Work the trades or IT for 10-15 years and if you’re smart enough to be a “gentleman scholar” you’ll probably succeed at financing the lifestyle. If you skip the big traps of tuition, excessive housing and new cars you can get far fast. Skip the trap of expensive health care by following the near opposite of government nutrition guidelines. The stock market has given this strategy a serious tailwind though that may be coming to an end. Still, no debt is a wonderful thing.

        • J.S. Bach didn’t attend university and never made $ for his compositions. He wasn’t popular and was passed over for cushier jobs. Worked for municipalities/ churches his whole career to support his family. At one point had to write a cantata a week for 6 years!! Ruined his eyesight copying scores by candlelight to get the music into his head. Of course, a Bach doesn’t come around every century or two. The gentlemen amateur will, as ZMan likes to say, “suffer for his art.”

        • In times gone by, gentleman amatuers usually financed themselves. Christopher Dawkins comes to mind in the field of European history, as does on a less “academic” level, Hilaire Belloc. The former was independently well-to-do, the latter often two steps from the poor house, but they had dedication.

        • Another problem is that the vast majority of publishing houses are controlled by the Left. Interesting historical work–and in other soc sci/humanities fields–is likely to confound the anti-white narrative mandated by the Power Structure and its disseminators of propaganda. Consequently, it is difficult to get interesting work published. Not impossible, but deucedly difficult.

    • That’s weird because Gentleman amateurs of independent means created practically every academic discipline foundation.

      Seems spending their own money on research did not lead to the same cancerous outcome?

  44. There might be departments axed but it won’t be frivolous fields, more likely it will be sciences or business. Cutting gender studies would cause a campus meltdown.

    • Yep. Speaking from long experience: they’ll eliminate STEM entirely before touching Grievance Studies. For them it’s a twofer – show how virtuous they are, and eliminate the last few straight White men on the payroll.

      • The people who work in STEM have the ability to find meaningful work outside the academy. Maybe not doing what they trained for, but a demonstrated ability to solve complex problems is a useful skill in itself. The humanities people, on the other hand, have no marketable skill set and can only find well-paying work in the academy.

        This is why Severian is correct, even if they didn’t already run the universities, they would make the environment so toxic that those who can leave, will.

      • then their disintegration will accelerate. people are not going to pay tuition for a degree, if they know the degree will not earn them more $$. a new system of learning is already in place and growing; re: Khan Academy et als. all the fleas in academy will have to find a new dog to feed on.

    • If universities’ coffers are being driven by foreign students (and they often are), and foreign students don’t tend to major in grievances, I don’t see STEM as anywhere near the chopping block.

      • Ahhh, but comrade, that’s just your bourgeois objectivism speaking. Never forget: These people are pretty dim to begin with, and ideology has cretinized them. They’ve been trying to kill sporstball for decades, despite that being the only thing that keeps them afloat (some Harvard b-school guys did a study, and it turns out that your school appearing in a bowl game boosts enrollment something like 10% the next school year, may God help us all). To them, that’s a feature not a bug — you get to eliminate the last of the straight White males, plus teach the Yellow Peril all about Gender Studies. Which they need, obviously. It’s a three-fer.

        (So far the Boards of Trustees have held the line on sportsball, because they’re the one group of smart people in the whole sordid mess… but they’ve been smelling their own farts for so long, they’re experiencing precipitous IQ decline too. My guess is that Chinese enrollment starts dropping large anyway, thanks to Evergrande etc., and the ivory tower SJWs do their typical “jump in front of the parade and claim they’re leading it” thing by using it as an excuse to cut STEM).

        • I think you’re both right. Most schools are hopelessly dependent on foreign STEM students financially, but they are also dependent on the sportsball for money, marketing, and (most importantly) the one program on campus that disproportionally benefits black and “disadvantaged” students. They are stuck. My guess is they try first for a federal bailout but, failing that, it’s time to break out the popcorn and see where this goes.

        • I saw the same trend happening with Chinese students until recent large scale changes.

          Even with evergrande tanking and construction halted everywhere, you still have a large chunk of a billion people who got fat off the easy money and immense gains that are looking to escape the blue collar blues as much as possible.

    • Easy. Just don’t take money from people you don’t like and/or trust. To some extent people like Ed Dutton already do this with superchats. Stefan Molyneux, before he started blowing gaskets at 1$ donations, did it with a donation model. It’s not like this isn’t experienced with taking money from people who want to be here.

    • You stole my post so I’ll put my 2 cents here–
      ” Colleges will be forced to cut costs and the low hanging fruit is the nonsense studies. It is not hard to imagine a university system riffing entire departments. We may be seeing the peak of bourgeois decadence in higher education.”

      As soon as I read that I was thinking- “well there goes the hard sciences, STEM, etc.”

      Like all good religious zealots and ideologues these spiteful mutants will pull the pillars down around themselves collapsing the entire edifice long before they give up on their death cult. They shall die knowing that they crushed the patriarchy and at least were not racist. (See: Mollie Tibbets, et. al.)

    • If the frivolous fields aren’t producing donors or bringing in some other form of revenue eventually they will be cut. Most business departments have a lot of students, so they are more likely to try to make them woke business departments to prepare cubicle drones for globohomo than cut those departments.

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