The Kennedy Psy-Op

Who “really” killed President John F Kennedy over a half century ago may be the first modern conspiracy theory. Few people accept the official explanation from the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald did the deed on his own. Most assume he had help from some powerful friends. The Mafia is a popular theory since one of their associates assassinated Oswald soon after. Jack Ruby’s role in this whole thing never made much sense, given his lifestyle.

For generations now the government has kept a massive trove of files hidden away from public view, which has driven speculation about their contents. There is no reason for these documents to remain secret, given that everyone involved is now dead and the Cold War is long over. In 1992 the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act was passed by Congress. The act called for the release of the secret Kennedy files within 25 years, but Trump set the deadline aside.

Typical Trump, he promised to release all of the documents, but then turned around did the opposite. In most cases, these reversals were the result of Trump being an outlandish liar, but in this case, it was pressure from the FBI and CIA. Their claim is that the thousands of documents locked away in the archives contain secrets that could endanger people and methods. The absurdity of these claims is never questioned as everyone is afraid of the secret police.

The people manipulating the corpse of Joe Biden had him declare a restart of the process to release the remaining documents. Some are supposed to be released this week and then another batch next year. There is a review process in place and the implication is some things will never be released. As long as there are documents hidden from public view, the assumption is the truth is not known. On the other hand, that could just be a ploy to keep the conspiracy going.

That is one angle the conspiracy theorists never consider. The real scandal in the Kennedy case is that the American secret police were so bungling and incompetent that they missed Oswald despite many red flags. After all, this is the semi-official explanation for what happened on 9/11. We know the FBI had six million warnings that these people were up to something involving airplanes. Lost in the aftermath is the fact that the reason it happened was bureaucratic bungling.

This is one of the main weapons of a secret police unit. They bank on the opponents of the state wildly overestimating their ability. Fear of infiltration and detection is how they keep opponents from organizing. Not only is everyone worried everyone is an informant of infiltrator, but would-be plotters also think the secret police has special technology to crack their communications. It is why they pay Hollywood to make movies about the super smart intelligence agencies with super-duper spy gear.

If the full story of the Kennedy assassination revealed that the CIA and FBI was full of hacks and bunglers, that would undermine the agencies. The texts messages made public in the FBI sedition case in 2016 revealed that the people at the top of the agency carry on like teenagers most of the time. If the people running these agencies today are that incompetent, maybe this has been true since the beginning. Maybe that is why these documents remain secret.

Of course, it is possible there is nothing there at all. From the perspective of the state, the assassination created one very big problem. It called into question the competence of the state. They needed to show they could solve the mystery. It is possible that they never did know more than what we have always known. Instead of admitting it they cooked up the official story and then locked away the “evidence” to protect their super-secret methods from the bad guys.

This would be another reason to keep the farce going long after everyone involved is dead and the methods are obsolete. Imagine if the remaining documents were released and they are just thousands of blank pages and other useless stuff that have no information at all. Imagine the conspiracy theorist’s reaction. Imagine the public reaction to the news of a three generation long hoax. It could be that old lies are still haunting the regime to this day.

You can work this puzzle another way and wonder about who would not be hurt at all by some long forgotten bit of information. For example, would anyone care if the truth in those files is that the Soviets helped Oswald? The Cubans? The Cold War is over so revelations about long dead commies harms no one. Given the regime’s obsession with Russia, they would welcome such a disclosure, so logic says the secret files contain no incriminating evidence about the Russians.

The point here is that the secret documents probably contain nothing interesting or revelatory, but their secrecy serves current ends. The biggest voting bloc in the country right now is white Baby Boomers who still think about this event. Keeping this story alive helps keep them engaged with the old idea of America. The Kennedy assassination has been used as a long running psy-op on this cohort and until they are off the scene, the psy-op will continue. There is no reason to end it.

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177 thoughts on “The Kennedy Psy-Op

  1. [Q]That is one angle the conspiracy theorists never consider. The real scandal in the Kennedy case is that the American secret police were so bungling and incompetent that they missed Oswald despite many red flags. After all, this is the semi-official explanation for what happened on 9/11. We know the FBI had six million warnings that these people were up to something involving airplanes. Lost in the aftermath is the fact that the reason it happened was bureaucratic bungling.[/Q]

    This is an excellent point and most likely the correct explanation. I give this one 70% of being correct. The mafia explanation is the other one I consider credible.I give it 30% chance of being correct. All the others I consider BS.

  2. The simple fact is that one man stands above all other men or organizations in motive, Fidel. Fido parried every last assasination plot, and the invasion was the cherry on top. Why woudn’t he kill Jack? His intelligence agency had proven superior to the CIA and we learned much later that he had agents highly placed in the US. He demonstrated no fear of death, had the organization competent to do the job, and the only personal motive. Kennedy was not an important man and neither Jews, the Mafia, Russians, or the Fed had any particular reason to think that he was. The purpose of the investigatons into the assasination was not to find the guilty but to make sure various agencies protectiing through their own self-interest were not.

    • Please. Castro was entirely run as a stooge by the US to support the phoney Cold War. You really think the US would tolerate a true enemy country with Soviet backing just off its mainland at the same time as invading half of Indo China over the same?

      Why does every one forget the US has had a massive Naval base that could host an Aircraft carrier, with 2 airstrips and a freaking baseball pitch on Cuba since 1900.

      Thousands of Cubans carried on working there all the way through the supposed revolution.

      Geez people can’t spot a controlled fake in front of their face.

  3. “ We know the FBI had six million warnings that these people were up to something involving airplanes.”

    Woah, Z, cool it with the anti-semitic remarks…

  4. I’m not going to waste my time and energy, but this site is no more than a diss-information blog. To the ‘ T ‘.

    After reading this, I will no longer be coming back to this site, and I kind of feel sorry for the poor souls being taken for a ride.

    ‘ After all, this is the semi-official explanation for what happened on 9/11. We know the FBI had six million warnings that these people were up to something involving airplanes. Lost in the aftermath is the fact that the reason it happened was bureaucratic bungling ‘.

    What? What about building No#7, ? What about the 5 Israeli’s high fiving each other as the First ! and Second towers were hit ? About half of the American people don’t believe the 9-11 official explanation. Most of the world doesn’t as well ?

    And you, Mr. Z, have just misled your readers. Bye, bye, and good riddance.

    I’m not going to shed one tear when the Heebs start putting good Americans in FEMA Camps. The train lines are already there. It happened in Russia, in the 19th century, it will most likely happen here. Wake tfu. Stop what you are doing to these good people.

      • For generations now the government has kept a massive trove of files hidden away from public view, which has driven speculation about their contents. There is no reason for these documents to remain secret, given that everyone involved is now dead and the Cold War is long over.

        Meyer Lansky personally dispatched Jack Ruby to the Dallas PD station to ass@ssinate Lee Harvey Oswald.

        Lansky was acting on orders which came directly from Ben-Gurion & the Sanhedrin.

        So long as the remnants of Meyer Lansky Inc [the Pritzker Family Crime Syndicate & the Adelson Family Crime Syndicate & the johnny-come-lately Soros/Zuckerberg/Brin/Page/Ellison/etc Family Crime Syndicates] continue to dominant U.S. politics, none of the goyim will be allowed to understand the Truth of the matter.

        Which is that Ben Gurion wanted nukes, but JFK said, “Nein.”

        That’s why we got Lyndon Baines Johnson, who signed Civil Rights, Fair Housing, Hart Cellar, AFDC, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, you name it.

        Lyndon Baines Johnson was arguably the greatest traitor to the White race since Brutus & Cassius.

        TRIVIA FACT: Lyndon Johnson sold his soul to the Mossad in exchange for speedboats built by Donald Aronow which Johnson could drive around the pond on his ranch.

        That’s what a pathetic little turd LBJ was.

        He traded the entirety of Western Civilization so that he could have some new toys to play with on his ranch.

        There’s a special place in Hell for LBJ.

        And the ass@ssination of JFK led to such a perfect confluence of subsequent events that the tiny hats must been OD’ing on the adrenochrome in celebration.

    • If you are correct about good Americans being put in FEMA camps, won’t you be in one too? And you won’t even shed a tear about yourself? And it will all be the Z-Man’s fault? And don’t forget to cancel your subscription to this free blog. See you in the camps.

    • “this site is no more than a diss-information blog.”

      So, if this is a “diss-information blog” tell us, from your observation post on high, where is your information blog.

  5. The Termites killed Kennedy. The Termites blew the world trade center on 911. The Termites own your politicians, print your money, and tell you how to think via Termite TV. Wake the fuck up. They’re killing you with the Termite juice.

    • 911 is tough. How could such a secret be kept. Thats the problme with these government operations. But 911 is more believable than the fake dead people (mass shooting) theorists…

      • It’s not really that well kept a secret. The dancing Israelis and a who benefits analysis of everything that followed makes it pretty clear who did it and why.

        Having monopoly control over all mass media, money power to buy off politicians and put out claques (there’s an anachronistic word for you) to shill for you and just calling all of your detractors “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-termitic” when they point out true things is quite the power, especially when you have such a demoralized population in a state of precarity as far as being able to have a job and make a living.

        The ADL is an organization that goes out there and calls people who talk about easily verifiable facts such as who was behind the “Russian” revolution and red terror that followed “conspiracy theorists” and directs the big social media companies to ban such people. They even do the same thing when you can easily link to termite-for-termite newspapers talking about these issues and straight up admitting they’re behind them.

  6. Incoming federal monies cover a wide range of activities, the intelligence sector being one of the most important. I doubt they are flat-out incompetent. The expansion of the human population has meant a concurrent spread in the number of highly intelligent men — and it is this sector which makes the decisions and handles the analysis. The homeland security boys, I would suppose, are part of the wave of the intelligent.

    Compare England at 3 million people versus England at 60m. These point to an improvement in society’s readiness to deal with problems. As time goes by, the incompetent get pushed aside and the aggressively intelligent take their rightful place at the top rank of hierarchies.

    We have almost too much smart people. Too many lawyers, too many computer scientists (according to news articles).

    Pretty soon the smarties will start devouring each other in a cannibalistic free-for-all of brains seeking brains! Heh.

  7. To add to your hypothesis (drawn by reading the regime) that the Russians weren’t involved, I’ll add this. I’m college, I took a class on the Soviet Secret Police which covered the Okhrana, NKVD, and KGB. The class was taught by an American scholar with the ability to read and speak Ukrainian and Russian. He basically told us he learned those languages because of a fetish for Slavic women and ended up marrying one.

    Anyway, when the communist regime fell, they opened all the old KGB documents to the public for about a week. Then they realized there was some really bad stuff in there that could harm people that were still living, so they promptly closed it. Anyway, he and other scholars immediately looked into the Kennedy assassination. According to him, the Russian hierarchy was frantically sending memos trying to figure out if they were involved too. They were petrified that some rogue agents had set it up and started world war 3.

  8. Who did the Cold War feed?

    Secret armies. The intelligence / corporate espionage industry, armies without uniforms.

    “By deception, we wage war”

  9. “contain nothing interesting or revelatory”

    What? A bloody coup by the spy network to protect the secret Dimona project (nuclear weapons using stolen plans), and to prevent Kennedy and Khruschev from fulfilling their private agreement of detente ending the Cold War?

    That certain unnamable foreign mafia put their puppet LBJ in power, deposed Khruschev, and started a Cultural Revolution in America.

    They have plenty to protect: the extent of their influence, and the non-tribal allies they attract under their banner- notably, the old-money families running military and corporate intelligence.

    All to be forgotten when the Boomers are gone, that’s true. We didn’t lose America in 2020, we lost it in 1963.

    • Oh heck. Such forgotten clues might lead Birchers to notice who created the United Nations structure- you know, the One World government, the new world order we’re seeing in action today.

      The “Anti-Christ” and his reign, in other words. Not a man, not a singular entity, but a tribe, a culture.

      Several tribes coalesced as the tribe of the Owners. May their reign last ten thousand years!

    • @alzaebo –

      this gets to something where I’ve read LBJ was the most philosemitic president in the U.S. up to that point. If there’s a name no one’s heard of that probably has his fingerprints on a lot of liberal movements in the postwar era – it’s Abe Fortas. He was a bigtime DC lawyers in the 40s and 50s and defended Owen Lattimore. He was also close friends with LBJ and its rumored he pulled some strings to get Arthur Goldberg to leave the court so he could put Fortas in.

      There was an attempt to elevate him to chief justice until it became apparent that he had some skeletons. Do I think he was behind the kennedy assassination? Absolutely not. But he’s at least in the “supporting cast” of a lot of goings ons in postwar DC.

    • That explains (statistically) why he was a schizo, pimp, and small businessman.

      There’s a habit of thinking, endemic among conservatives, that treats men who use women badly (JFK, Ruby, Clinton, Epstein) as *otherwise* interesting—as objects of fascination. They aren’t…except to women.

      Axiom: Women are wrong about everything.

  10. JFK’s assassination was the first major sign the country’s “our democracy” was no longer working to the satisfaction of the elite and other means could be employed to obtain desired results. In retrospect, he was insufficiently radical and holding up the Civil Rights parade/sexual revolution dams. LBJ rolled up to let loose full blast with both — plus war.

    JFK became bolilerplate for the government’s reaction to not only RFK, but 911 and Covid. And on a lesser scale, Watergate and Russia Hoax. After wasting a significant amount of time on the JFK rathole, a couple of things stand out (besides what truly craven twats the Kennedys were).

    First, is how the FBI and CIA both destroyed evidence within minutes. The entire case is riddled from top to bottom with missing and destroyed evidence. From the limo not even being photographed (whisked away to Chicago within the hour and then stripped and restored), the strange and hostile evacuation from the hospital sans autopsy against Texas state law, the botched Bethesda autopsy, and the President’s tissue samples ultimately disappearing from the National Archives. Then there was the matter of what peoples’ lying eyes / ears told them, as the surprise Zabruder film inconveniently revealed.

    In other words, the coverup began immediately because that’s what governmental agencies do as a matter of instinct and self-preservation – protecting their existence is “Job 1” to borrow Lee Iococa’s term. Like Covid today. Lie, lie, lie, and muddy the waters.

    Second, the cover stories got more fanciful as time passed, and yet nothing important was released from the government in deep freeze mode. In fact, they LOST more evidence as time passed. The coverup /fake investigation cycle has become routine. Hell, even the phrase “rush to judgement” has become distorted from its original meaning.

    As for Oswald, no one has explained his movements. Here’s a guy living two shakes above poverty after having been trained in Russian at the naval intelligence base in Japan, living in the best apartment building of Minsk (the diplomatic corps) after marrying the daughter of a military/party official, and socializing with Dallas characters ranging from oil magnates to David Ferry (and other assorted freaks roughly equivalent to today’s Antifa rejects). He lived a double life in terms of allegiance, was known to have been passionately for Kennedy as well as making a point of being photographed on both sides of the WACL fence. He seemed to be groomed for something, maybe as naval intelligence, but never clear what. He wasn’t the only one – there was a staple supply of these dupes on hand (including Ruby), just as today with FBI snitches in every organization.

    Oswald may have thought he was on some assignment protecting the motorcade and didn’t quite realize he was in the crosshairs until meeting up with Tippett (his control). Who knows what verbally exchanged between those two, but Oswald’s claim “I’m a patsy” rang true. Normally, an assassin would declare they “didn’t do it”, not declare themselves a patsy. It’s a very specific denial.

    The other remarkable thing is how the narrative (although not called the “narrative” back then) changed in waves. First it was mass confusion and shock, but slowly, various narratives were put forth, about one every 12-18 months for years. Dan Rather, for example, changed his story completely by the time the Warren Commission rolled up and he’s still promoting Hillary’s Russian dream.

    People trusted a handflul of reporters as wise Svengalis for insight (until it was finally revealed that some reporters were part of intel’s official apparatus by the Church Committee, (probably the only piece of valuable information to ever come out of any Congressional hearing).

    Take Watergate for example – Woodward and Bernstein supposedly played Secret Agent, ducking into car garages all over DC at 3 am to meet “deep throat” and receive a precious new tidbit to chew on for two weeks at a time. Then Jack Anderson would work the tidbit into the New Official Narrative (again, it was never called such) and released it in his weekly WaPo column. This hand-to-mouth publishing farce went on for over a year, as Deep Throat became part of the popular culture. Watergate was was similar to the Russia Hoax Reveal in terms of complexity, working parts and minutiae – minus the sense of humor because Hillary and today’s Intel gang have no sense of humor. Perhaps cooking up Qanon is one of their elaborate attempts at humor? Anyway, turns out Mark Felt ran the entire cat and mouse operation. Today’s successors are dullards by comparison: Page, Szork, Comey, and others too lackluster to write about.

    Actually, there was one lady who did try to publicaly report on the matter, Dorothy Kilgalen – but she was suddenly mysteriously expired (as you did in those days) for her naive and direct attempts, after making contact with Ruby during his trial.

    Upshot? Deep state has thoroughly revealed itself, in spite of their elaborate machinations, some even farcical, but their allied segments of the public simply do not want to see it. Bringing the matter up yet again is an empty ruse, for OldTyme’s sake, bang the tambourine! The layers and depths of denial are mind-boggling – and like Zman wrote about the left’s parallel reality, at some point two realities cannot occupy the same space.

    • It shows you how paper-thin and self-serving all rhetoric about “human rights” really is. They’re trying to coerce the native populations into taking this under pain of becoming penniless, homeless and dying in a ditch.

  11. According to Oliver Stone, Kennedy was supposed to “scatter the CIA to the winds.” Sure he would have. Congress would have sat right by on that. What we do know is that he was a terrible President in his short term of office. He almost started WW3! His womanizing, all the pill-popping and abortions left and right, was a feast of Kompromat. And don’t forget Dr. Feelgood and his speed injections. Like a typical Irish goon he made his degenerate brother A.G. Well, I suppose he was smarter than Trump in that regard, at least he prized loyalty. If anything, his recklessness at the height of the cold war merited that magic bullet. Of course LBJ was going from the frying pan into the fire, but looking at where the place was going, I think the disasters that befell this country were pretty much unavoidable and set up years prior (just like today). I’m going to go on believing that the Corsican mob was contracted to hit him and that it was all pinned on some unbalanced, commie loser. America was always going to go out like that dead blonde he was banging with his brother.

  12. Well I am on the edge of my seat over here waiting for the release of the MLK Jr FBI recordings (which were sealed by a federal court way back in the olden times) AND the JFK archives. I wish I was younger because someday all this stuff is going to come out and it’s going to be a blast to read. I don’t think we are going to get the truth in our lifetimes because there are too many currently successful people alive who would take a loss if people really knew the who, what, why and how the government is filled to the brim with bungling morons and careerist schemers.

    • Yes, in six or so years we’re supposedly going to get the audio of MLK laughing and laughing as his best bud was raping a woman. Not very woke.

  13. Even if we knew exactly who did the JFK thing and why they did it, it wouldn’t change today’s political reality for white Americans one little bit.

    Meanwhile, the “lettered agencies” grow in scope and power every year, regardless of any actual “results”. People are now getting seriously rich in these businesses. And it’s all legal apparently.

  14. There is a good case that Israel wanted Kennedy dead and was heavily involved with LBJ to pull it off. Apparently JFK was against Israel having nukes or any Middleast country for that matter, he had a ugly discussion with Israeli PM Ben Gurion that was never released to the public and LBJ grew up on weird “Christdelphian” cult that worship Jews instead of Jesus.

    Also was LBJ who covered Israel for the attack on USS Liberty, probably planned together with the Israelis to blame Egypt for the attack and nuke Cairo if Israel lost the war.

  15. We are in a unique position in history, Z. Sure, we can be infiltrated, surveilled and tracked by the secret police… but we can do the same right back.

    Everyday these morons are getting busted for their scandals that they couldn’t sweep under the rug. Too many people know their secrets, and will spill them if they become useless. The Donks hate Russia because they stole all Hillary’s emails because she was too dumb to guard her data. We have pics of all the FBI hacks at the Patriot Front parade. The watchers are now the watched, and it has made for some truly hilarious political theatre.

    • Most have been on a “list” for a while.

      A little story but a girl I knew when I was in high school, a few years older, but she had been for lack of a better word but a groupie with the band INXS. I got to hang out with the band a few times which was awesome btw. But otherwise, Michael Hutchence the singer told us he was on an FBI watchlist for being a subversive, or whatever is the term they used. So made traveling in the US always an issue. He told us that we’d be on a list too just by being around him. Maybe he was kidding. I never gave it much thought until more recently.

      Please no erotic asphyxiation jokes. He he. He was a good guy.

      But the moral of the story is that we are all already on some list.

      My understanding is that it works something like, everyone on internet is being scanned by some sort of basic computer intelligence. Say this is level 1. If certain words pop up, then you get shifted over to another batch where the scanning is more intense, say Level 2. If you keep it up you get flagged and may have actual agents assigned to scan your internet activity. And so on and so forth.

      • INXS are one of those pop bands that helped make the ’80s fun.

        Sad to see the state of Australia today.

      • In biology they have microarrays that measure the mRNA produced by, say, 35k genes. Do a time course to some drug treatment of Mickey Mouse and soon you end up with multiple 100k data points. Lots of data! How to make sense of it? The field of big data was born. I did notice the feds were hiring my big data buddies like crazy in the early 2000s. It’s on record that the NSA has recorded virtually EVERY electronic communication for 40 yrs. Lastly, the mossadians had Kennedy aerated, of course.

      • “If certain words pop up..”

        Great bcuz I love love Hillary Clinton. I love love Barack Obama. I love love Michelle Obama. I love love Nancy Pelosi.

        I love love.

  16. As an aside, everyone should read Caro’s LBJ and Robert Moses novels. It’s how government really works, how power is really wielded, and who winds up with the whip hand.

  17. “For example, would anyone care if the truth in those files is that the Soviets helped Oswald?”

    LBJ, CIA (Bush), Pentagon, Mossad, Mafia.

  18. anyone else (here) have a relative that testified to the Warren commission? or drop a dime on Oswald? guess it’s just me then…

  19. Bigfoot- No. Finding bigfoot was a good comedy. The last undiscovered large land animals if there are any left, will be a rare creature in some dense jungle like the Okapi or Saola. Not North America. Indian words for it mean nothing, people aren’t that creative and wildman is a norm for myths

    Lochness – No. The original was a hoax and everything since has been a hoax or blatant mis id of easily explainable phenomena.

    Kraken- Yes. Giant and Colossal squids.

    Yeti- No. Very transparent that its normal bears. They can walk upright . Their footprints can melt and change shape.

    Chupacabra- No. Canid with mange and Hollywood.

    Sea Serpent- Yes. Its a not a serpent but the giant oarfish fits the description. Very long fish and snake like.

    • Dragons: I’d say yes. Between 20 foot extant crocodiles and the dinosaurs and similar, there certainly are/were terrifying giant reptiles that could devour humans. No fire spewing but (far smaller) spitting cobras spew venom that burns the eyes so even that is not entirely without merit.

      Witches: this blog has previously explained how that was probably maladjusted, troublesome spinsters creating social upheaval. So again yes but no magic, just socially disruptive females.

      Vampires: again if you make allowances for how phenomenae we consider ‘natural’ would previously be understood in supernatural, religious or other non-scientific ways, you could make an argument for it being a way to explain necrofilic, sadistic or even cannibalistic serial killers in pre-scientific ways.

      Werewolves: a mix of the above and the widespread problem with genuinely dangerous wolves and other large predators before the advent of modern guns so again an actual phenomenon explained in a pre-scientific way.

      • On dragons I’ll just give my thoughts on the three most mainstream forms. 4 legs no wings euro, cockatrice, and wyvern.

        4 legs. We had it fairly recently in Australia. Megalania. Up to 26 ft, possible venomous. Just look at some of the artistic depictions of first age middle earth dragons and then look at megalania reconstructions.

        Cockatrice. Dinosaurs like Yi, Anzu, maybe even the oviraptor.

        The skyrim style Wyvern dragon unfortunately is the one I don’t know of any real world examples. Its my favorite design.

        On werewolves. I assume it is a mishmash of rabies, ancient pagan customs involving wolf masks, and the passage of time.

      • There are medical conditions that suggest the idea of a wolfman, so that’s the default deboonker explanation.More likely, werewolf stories are confusing encounters with wolves by people who don’t know that wolves are huge compared to familiar canines. The largest are the size of very big men, and where they live, so do “werewolves.” Hairy giant mythology is distributed according Bergmann’s Rule (with a fudge for altitude).

    • I believe in werewolves

      Or I get how the idea evolved

      I was attacked by a malamute when I was a kid, and I’ve been bitten by dogs a number of times. The point being once bitten you do in fact become more wolf like internally , in demeanor and so forth. It does something to you.

      Incidentally, I never really liked his game, but Novak djokovic retells a similar story. That once he was in the woods and saw a few wolves. They gave him a stare and he stared back and became one with them, he became wolf like!

      Probably explains all this hair on my chest. I sure don’t get it from my dad.

    • Skinwalkers were always my favorite mythical beast. Truly terrifying if you suspend disbelief

  20. There’s lots of evidence for there having been more than one shooter; and of Johnson’s likely complicity. No one who takes the time to review this evidence can come away imagining that Oswald was the sole assassin.

    The fact that many conspiracy theorists are wacko doesn’t mean they all are. In fact, if I was looking to cover up a conspiracy, that would be something I’d do: flood the media with unbelievable conspiracy theories, thereby convincing casual observers that there’s nothing to any of them.

    The failure of America’s secret police to prevent Kennedy’s assasination was self-evident in the fact that they failed to prevent it. Withholding relevant documents did nothing to blunt criticism of them or enhance their reputation; on the contrary, it made many suspect that they had something to hide.

    And for Gov’t officials to continue to withhold evidence now, almost 60 years after the fact, under the absurd excuse that there are still “national security” issues, just increases those suspicions. At this point— when the national security excuse just doesn’t work any longer, and almost everyone recognizes that— the most likely explanation for their continuing to keep secrets is that they do in fact have something to hide.

    And the fact that current top FBI officials are incompetent bunglers doesn’t mean that whoever killed Kennedy was equally incompetent. But if there were/are conspirators involved in killing Kennedy, it would be in their best interest for the American public to see them that way.

    • I agree, and I would follow with this example. The label “conspiracy theory” includes such nonsense as flat earth and government shutdowns prevent birds from existing. By lumping them all together, the possibly valid ones are prejudged as “whackjob” the moment the are labeled as conspiracy.
      I put it this way – doesnt everyone conspire? Dont you misrepresent one to one person and lie to another. Dont you make agreements that benefit you and not others? Why would our overlords not do that as well?

  21. While stone doesn’t share my views (or can’t if he wants to keep working) that mossad was behind the jfk assassination, his new documentary is pretty good and a lot more comprehensive than his movie.

    It mentions how there was a dry run in Chicago a few days earlier and how someone with the last name valley was arrested with an mo almost identical to oswald

  22. Say there, folks, how long has it been since our Goonerment and Those Behind the Curtains started telling lies, interestingly known as “narratives” in current times? We’ve been living in one Great Big Continuous Lie at least ever since March of 2020, and it’s not just us Americans, it’s everybody on this planet, so we know this conspiracy is international and very well coordinated. Do you think the Big Lie is a new thing? If not, then have you ever thought about when it started?

    Since I’m pondering on all of this, I think The Lie has been going on at least since every one of those skeletons of the giants they dug out of the Indian mounds all up and down here in the Ohio Valley has disappeared, and there were supposedly hundreds of them. I’m sure there all many kinds of curious events that even the least cynical person can query about.

  23. “That is one angle the conspiracy theorists never consider. The real scandal in the Kennedy case is that the American secret police were so bungling and incompetent that they missed Oswald despite many red flags.”

    Does this mean you actually believe that Oswald was involved? I just want to point out that heads don’t explode to the rear when they’re shot from the rear. Physics is a bitch like that.

    • Lol, oh yes they can explode like that. Armchair ballistics specialists have been plying that field for years and none of them ever seen a day of combat.

    • The fatal headshot certainly came from the rear because the massive skull blowout to the right forehead-temple border area is a classic exit wound. Entry wounds are small, exit wounds often massive.

    • Funny that this came up. Around February of this year, there was yet another “investigative special” on about this very subject. Not the whole assassination, just the fatal head wound.
      Since there was nothing else on I figured why not? Anyway, during the autopsy it was discovered that the round that hit Kennedy in the head was not the same caliber as the one that hit him the throat.
      Said round was a 5.56 round like the ones used by the M-16, not the one from that Italian piece of shit that they claimed Oswald used.
      So the reporters went back and found out that the SS follow-on car (which was right behind Kennedy’s) had an M-16 in a locker on the floor. The SS agent who admitted getting the rifle out and into play, stated that he had heard the shots from up and behind and that he was going to aim the M-16 up at the window of the depository. However, other agents – as well as a number of eyewitnesses on the ground close by – stated that;
      1) When they heard the report of the rifle that fired the head shot, it was ground level.
      2) Said report was immediately followed by the smell of spent gunpowder at street level.
      3) One the senators from TX who was riding in the car behind the follow-on car stated that right before the report of the rifle was heard, the SS follow-on car lurched into high speed to keep up with Kennedy’s limo and that many of the SS agents in the vehicle were tossed around.
      4) The autopsy findings stated that the round for the head wound entered behind Kennedy’s right ear, which would have put the shooter at street level.

      Their conclusion: Given the current forensic evidence, it looks like the SS agent who was holding the M-16 probably fired the shot accidentally when the car he was in sped up and everyone lost their balance and ended up killing Kennedy. Said SS agent died of cancer in ’05, so it’s impossible to ask him for his version of events.

      When the producers of this program filed a FOIA request for the relevant materials with the SS, they were told to commit a biologically impossible act. When they were sued in court and were ordered to hand over their findings, they agreed. However, when the producers came to collect everything, they were told that all of the material from that period was destroyed the day before they arrived.

      This has nothing to do with Oswald’s involvement either for, or against, but it does make sense on a certain level. As for Z’s assessment of the whole episode; I hadn’t thought about it from his point of view, and he does provide a great deal of food for thought.

      • So JFK died from friendly fire in a chaotic situation with a limo rapidly accelerating and an agent possibly losing balance. Tragic but stranger things have certainly happened. Plausible but not proven I’d say.

        • This is the most likely explanation I’ve seen. If anyone has seen a bungling cop cover-up for their college’s incompetence this has all the hallmarks as it relies more on brute force than intellectual nuance.

          Separately G. Gordon Liddy had marketed the view from Jack Ruby that he thought he would be national hero in putting down the murdering communist Oswald. Before throwing the idea into the dumpster, realize that being a mobster Jew probably meant that he wasn’t on the right side of his racial group’s bell curve.

          • It would also explain why the right upper side of his skull exploded. If he had been shot from above behind to his right you would expect the exit wound to be on the lower left side of his head. If he was shot from street level, right upper side exit wound makes perfect sense. Secret Service friendly fire accident is definitely plausible.

          • I second that because one of the other items they spoke about was how during the Warren Commission, the fact that there was an M-16 in the follow-up car was deliberately removed from an inventory list of weapons the SS was carrying that day (because they wanted to have all of them examined) and it came to the attention of Warren himself. Warren then called the director of the SS on the carpet and asked him point blank about the M-16. The director told Warren that they do not publicly admit what weapons they may, or may not be carrying, to which Warren yelled at him, “Sir I am not Joe public, I am the man heading this commission!”.
            The director of the SS said that he would get Warren the rifle, which he never did. One other thing that the investigator mentioned was that it is not like it is today (investigations-wise) in that the commission had collected almost a warehouse full of information/evidence and it wasn’t like they could put it all in a database, like we do today. It is entirely plausible that more than a few things slipped through the cracks.
            I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate, but the guy did have a point. Like I said, this special focused on the fatal shot, not the overall conspiracy. The conspiracy was never a big thing in my house growing up because neither of my parents liked him.

          • c matt, absolutely. He had already been shot in the throat I think and was possibly leaning or turning to his left, towards Jackie and perhaps crounching forward. So right upper frontal exit wound is not necessarily inconsistent with a shot from the School Book Depository.

            But it is absolutely consistent with being shot from street level and a shot from here would arguably require the president to turn less to produce that exit wound compared to from the School Depository.

            It not rock solid proof. But often in forensics, you never do reach mathematical certainly levels.

        • Any projectile that hits the skull with 1000 ft-pds of energy or more, can certainly make a blowout exit wound. Even FMJs create a massive wave of energy through the tissue at these energy levels.

        • Garand Thumb has been doing some excellent/entertaining videos on ballistics recently on YT

  24. It is hard to get a grip on the competence and reach of the police state. I worry about ‘infiltration’ and surveillance despite having no C4, anthrax or resistance network plans tugged away in the basement (sorry if that disappoints lol). If my views were publicly known I’d probably lose my job and I guess they might frame me for jay walking or ‘racism’ but that would be about it. Although losing a job, having to move, having one’s life plans thrown into chaos, while better than jail, is unwelcome trouble for sure. So it is probably irrational to worry about the secret police. Colleagues overhearing an honest remark is likely to create more trouble.

    OTH we do know that extensive surveillance, probably 99% by machines and never reaching a human ear or eye, does take place. Probably most of it is commercial surveillance that has nothing to do with the authorities – the classical ads for coffee machines that show up for two days after you talked about getting a cup of coffee somewhere.

    Reasoned assessment suggests the police state is not particularly interested in the vast majority of dissidents. The strategy seems to be more ‘kill a chicken to scare the monkeys’. That’s why the Jan 6 ppl and Assange are being crusified. If our collective fear or being the next to be thrown into the dungeon went away, the regime could lose control rapidly. My sense is there’s a lot of built up anger and frustration on both sides of the Atlantic.

  25. My own rule if thumb is, if a swamp creature declares something is “classified”, all it really means is if the people knew what they were up to concerning said “classified” stuff, they would get their ass kicked, voted out of their spot, or worse.

    Remember, it’s a club, and the dirt people ain’t in it.

  26. The funny thing about the JFK assassination is that it’s been so hyped, it’s a joke. From the 1998 movie “Armageddon”, Bruce Willis is putting forth to NASA his drilling team’s requirements to take the job of jetting off to blow up an asteroid (Read to the end):

    Truman: So what’s the verdict?

    Harry Stamper: They’ll do it. They’ve made a few requests though.

    Truman: Such as?

    Harry Stamper: [riffles through sheets of paper] Well, there’s uh, few things here, uh… nothin’ really big, uh, just- Well, as an example, uh, uh, Oscar here, he’s got some outstanding parking tickets. Wants them wiped off his record.

    Oscar: [shouting from balcony] Fifty-six tickets in seven states…

    Harry Stamper: [to Oscar] I’ll-I’ll tell ’em Oscar, you got it.

    Oscar: Okay.

    Harry Stamper: Uh, Noonan’s got two women friends that he’d like to see made American citizens no questions asked. Max would like you to… bring back eight-track tapes. Not sure if that’s gonna work, but, uh, let’s see what else. Um, Chick wants a full week’s Emperor’s Package at Caesar’s Palace. Um – hey, you guys wouldn’t be able to tell us who actually killed Kennedy, would ya?

    [pause, turns and shakes his head]

  27. A friend of mine was obsessed by this JFK assassination. He read every book and article he could get his hands on. The more elaborate and convoluted the theory, the better. I reminded him that the simplest explanations were probably the best ones. Plus, “Uncle Walter” had come on TV to assure us there was no conspiracy.

  28. LBJ killed JFK. George H.W. Bush tried to do the same to Reagan. Present day Deep State didn’t try to whack Trump only because they’re such a bunch of pussies now they resorted to rigging an election in the most obvious way instead.

    • The current Deep State was also afraid that normies may have noticed Trump getting whacked in 4k HD on dozens of cellphone vids.

    • It does surprise me that Trump is still above ground. Maybe they tried and we don’t know about it. That may be why he is such weak cheese.
      I don’t think he will be allowed to run again, but what do I know. I have all my money in tulip bulbs and Bernie babies.

      • I remember saying before the election that the one way to get to Trump is through his kids

        One thing he was when you cut through all the b.s. was a loving father

        So who knows.

        • I think if Trump was really afraid of them he would have been sitting front and center at Biden’s inauguration instead of flying off defiantly with Melania. He would’t be starting a new media company, and he would absolutely not be continuing to taunt them in public.

          He’s a CIA psy-op in 3, 2, 1 . . .

          • Yeah but he’s a big puss— when it counts

            Their leash may not be strangling him, but they got him in some way

        • Look who his daughter married, Mr. Newly Rich.

          Look who Biden’s daughter married.
          Who Chelsea married.
          Who Kamala married.

    • I’m in this camp. It’s not just the rank incompetence at the top level the cloud people don’t want us to know about. It’s the utter corruption at the top of our beloved elected leaders.
      Normie: OMG of course the vp would never do such things! They’d get caught by someone, not everyone can be in the conspiracy.

      Once normie finds out that yes, they can because the top fbi are corrupt and the rest are incompetent. Whistle-blowers die in mysterious circumstances. That’s when normie loses all faith in the system.
      And we can’t have that can we?

  29. I guess when you see all the political morons calling the shots (LOL) in this former country, it would probably be illogical to assume the spook agencies are any more competent. It’s pretty discouraging to realize that the supposed leadership virtually everywhere are largely nothing but money grubbing dipshits who have way too much control over our lives.

    • Have you seen the recent Woke CIA ‘crootin vid or the photos of the in-office love devices at the FBI?

  30. JFK dies: Who benefits?

    Can only say that JFK was completely impotent in getting the Great Society legislation.

    His replacement, LBJ, was a terrifyingly competent (and ruthless) legislator. Thanks to LBJ, we have:

    Food Stamps
    Civil Rights Act of 1964 & 1968
    Immigration Act of 1965
    Head Start
    Thurgood Marshall in SCOTUS (leading to forced busing, destroying inner cities with white flight)
    Federal funding of local school systems
    National Endowment for the Arts

    All of the above were awful, none would have happened with JFK. So…who was pushing this crap?

    LBJ knew. Quote: “I’ll have those n-grs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

      • Amen to that. An absolutely horrible human being. Insanely effective, however. I doubt very much he would ever have won the Presidency in his own right.

        Other than FDR, I can’t think of any US President who changed the country (for the worse) more.

        • I agree about LBJ and FDR, but Lincoln and GW Bush (Patriot Act) are in the team picture as to changing the country for the worse. Biden (or whoever’s calling the shots) is making a case for inclusion.

          • Woodrow Wilson is up there.

            He gave us federal income tax, the Fed, lied about staying out of WWI, then foolishly jumped in near the end.

          • Replying to Wild Geese:

            Don’t forget about the Federal Reserve Bank and outlawing gold-based currency. My old libertarian habits are showing but that act alone set us on a financial spiral from which we will never recover.

        • He won a huge landslide in ’64 against possibly the best Republican candidate in living memory, besides PJB.

    • Tell me about it

      And you get a lot of Texans out and about always telling you how great Texas is. Texas this, Texas that. Don’t come here with your liberal voting patterns !

      But you mention LBJ and GW and they tend to finally quiet down. And add Cruz to the list of public embarrassments. And now the city of Austin.

      3g4me — don’t shoot the messenger !

      • But then you mention Coke Stevenson, Audie Murphy, and George Strait, and they get all wound up again. for good reason.

        • Speaking of the JFK assassination, I left out J. Evetts Haley, the Texas historian who first pointed the finger at LBJ in “A Texan Looks At Lyndon.” .

      • Well to be fair the Bushes we’re originally from Yankeedom, specifically Connecticut IIRC. Dunno about the rest though.

        • The Bushes were from the Midwest (Columbus, OH) Prescott went to school/college in the East and married (up) into the Walker family. That’s how they ended up in the NE.

    • JFK allowed the unionization of federal employees, who, in reality, should have to bid for their jobs annually, low bidder being hired.

      • That actually seems like an idea that could have prevented the leviathan federal bureaucracy that is currently choking the life out of the nation…

  31. The pattern has been that big things happen in America when no one is expecting them

    But now everyone is expecting SOMETHING — and nothing happens. Biden collapsing dead wouldn’t be that big a shot out of nowhere, or Kamala getting fired b/c they’ve been laying the groundwork for it.

    So….. Makes one wonder. If keeping everyone always ready for something big hasn’t been part of the reverse psyop and conditioning. They’ve flooded the zone with so much info that a person naturally expects something major is about to break — but never does.

  32. There was a fellow named Marina who had a PhD in history and actually witnessed the assassination in Dallas. He taught a class on the assassination for years and promised to write a book on it but unfortunately died before setting out to do it. His conclusion, after reading reams of material on the subject, was that Oswald acted alone.

    Who knows? Like Zman, I’m much more inclined to accredit incompetence to our intelligence agencies rather than any sort of triple bank shot conspiracy. Read a book or two about Kim Philby and you can see a similar hopeless blundering infects all the operators of spies and spookcraft. Furthermore, two millennia from now when the ape historians produce their Gibbon, Kennedy and his assassination will be no more than a footnote in the text, with no more relevance to events than the killing of Emperors was to the long slow slide of Rome to nothingness.

    • The Philby story is a must read. All bureaucracies are prone to the same maladies and intel is not an exception. It is why so much of the well down work is actually done by contractors. They have to deliver.

  33. I, for one, will never forget the six million red flags that were ignored prior to 9/11, I can tell you that.

    But we live in a weird space, right? On the one hand, the secret police are clearly incompetent. On the other, they’ve infiltrated everybody, it seems.

    • doesn’t that just say the people they’ve infiltrated are just as stupid ?

      Look at these guys they end up arresting. Total morons.

      Water seeks its own level ?

    • So much weirdness, from the war exercises that left fighters out of reach, to the strange phone calls, to completely ignoring the Saudi element of the attackers. Nothing makes sense.

      Not convinced of an inside job, but absolutely convinced the official story is wrong.

      > But we live in a weird space, right? On the one hand, the secret police are clearly incompetent. On the other, they’ve infiltrated everybody, it seems.

      Both can be true if one has a near infinite amount of money at one’s disposal.

      • Don’t forget the baizuo security guy who have himself, “a politically correct slap,” after profiling some of the Ts and then let them walrz onboard.

        Way to go there, guy.

  34. Over the years, I’ve become more and more convinced that James Ellroy nailed it in American Tabloid.

    • Exceptionally good book (with a superior sequel) but Ellroy’s a badge groupie, so he relays their message to you: old bad racist feds did it. “Good cops left, bad cops right” is his story, always. He’s mistaken for a rightist because he’s masculine and forthright and doesn’t have “self-insert” professional-class protagonists. He may well be a fascist, but he’s not the good kind.

      Remember, the *official* story of JFK’s assassination isn’t “one commie psycho got off a lucky shot” (almost certainly the truth). It’s that a great progressive leader was murdered by racism. Every assassination documentary is about how his visit to the South found him on dangerous ground…because that’s where leftist assassins are? No. Because that’s where WHITENESS is free to act.

      That’s Ellroy’s story too.

      • That’s not how I read Ellroy at all. His libs are slimy, kike-ridden porn merchants, machine politicians or degenerate college boys. He certainly doesn’t go easy on Kennedy.

        Not that his fashes are any better, mind you. I was surprised to see the term “good cop” in a post about Ellroy.

      • Interesting you found Cold Six Thousand superior. American Tabloid is a favorite of mine but I found Cold was so disappointing I have yet to crack Bloods a Rover as result, a decade later.

    • FWIW, Ruby’s rabbi said when he visited Ruby in jail he told him ‘I did it for the Jewish people.’ Who knows? RFK’s DOJ ordered the American Zionist Council to register as foreign agents. (They dissolved and reformed as AIPAC.) JFK wanted regular inspections at the Dimona facility. So certainly the Kennedy assassinations changed the course of US ME policy in Israel’s favor. Whether Oswald really had some sort of inside knowledge or alibi, or Ruby was just paranoid, we’ll probably never know.

  35. Would agree with the embarrassment part. Who want to bet that this guy was an FBI or CIA asset who went rogue? Imagine if it went all the way up to Hoover. For some reason people on both sides still venerate that guy.

    Another interesting locked case is Martin Luther King, for the obvious reason that showing the public proof that yet another civil rights icon was a degenerate rapist might break the mythology just a little.

    And let’s think about why the Brits still will not open one of the peace deals offered by Hitler to this day. You start to see a pattern.

    • Let me be the first here to bring up the super-duperest secret fighting force in world history, Mossad.

      When things don’t add up, blame Mossad!

        • When those guys in Lebanon (Hamas?) brought the Israelis to a stalemate some years back, the illusion of Israeli military prowess was shattered

          Now it’s all propaganda, as you suggest

        • Exactly! I knew someone who trained with the Israeli military in the late 70’s and he said they were pathetic. Their strength is getting intelligence on their enemies. It also helps that you’re fighting third world countries.

          • ” Their strength is getting intelligence on their enemies. It also helps that you’re fighting third world countries.”

            Their strength is having the countries that matter saturated with treasonous “dual citizens”.

        • Nobody who’s read much on them thinks they’re super competent especially given how much they screwed up trying to kill or capture Germans leaders from a certain period. People just know they do dirty shit and have been involved in a lot of assassinations, and can do basic who benefits analysis, and because of their tribe’s power not much is done about it.

    • The Germans did not have records?Secret peace deal but not so secret that you don’t know about it?Also why don’t they just destroy it if it’s so appalling?

      Hitler violated every international agreement he signed. He even broke his word to Mussolini and planned to do the same thing to Franco if Spain allied with Germany.

      • Not a Hitler defender, nor Churchill for that matter. Simply saying there are embarrassing items hidden in there that will crush some WWII myths they don’t want to see.

        As for why not destroy it, because the archivists I’ve interacted with are fanatical about their responsibilities that even a sewer like D.C. can not squelch.

          • “ On March 24, 1960, the small though influential biweekly Human Events published the following earthshaking claim: “Millions of American men and women would gladly have given their lives if it meant ending World War II a day sooner than it did. I believe one man had a chance to shorten the conflict by more than 18 months – and brushed it off.” Seventeen years had passed. But the next sentence delivered the shocker: “His name? President Franklin D. Roosevelt.” The exclamation mark after the title “FDR’s Tragic Mistake!” failed to mitigate the understatement. ”

  36. “The real scandal in the Kennedy case is that the American secret police were so bungling and incompetent that they missed Oswald despite many red flags.”

    You can start and end there. The closest thing to a conspiracy theory that might have merit was put forth by the great fiction author of the Cold War, Robert Littell. He postulated in an epic novel, SISTERS, that the IC was so pissed over the Bay of Pigs it let Oswald, a Soviet sleeper accidentally set into motion, do his job without stopping him. Of course, that is unlikely because the intelligence community always has been composed of fuck-ups, nepots and other people from the Ivy League who could not make it in finance. They probably would have screwed that up as well.

    The scary part is the FBI and IC still operate under the delusion they have respect and might be tarnished if their plainly obvious incompetence were reaffirmed for the thousandth time. Really??? These jackasses could not pull off a domestic coup d’etat against Trump, for God’s sake.

    People who operate in that type of a bubble are indeed dangerous because what they lack in brains they make up for in viciousness. Sev, over at his place yesterday, made a solid point about the sheer costs that would be involved if right-wing paranoia about feds infiltrating everything and every website was true. They require on Karens to snitch, and today’s Karens are far more hysterical than intelligent themselves. The only thing that allows the secret police to operate with impunity, such as whacking Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein–those happened, is the propaganda organs fend for them, and the folks who work in print and broadcast are full of stupid, too.

    The best case scenario from a PR standpoint for the FBI/IC would be the assassination by neglect theory Littell proffered. The reality likely is the agents who were supposed to keep tabs on Oswald were diddling some teen whores in a Dallas motel. Trash is gonna trash.

    • With the FBI and CIA, what matters most is not that we know they’re incompetents but that the likes of Pelosi and Hillary and Schiff still think they’re amazing

      We are not their target audience anymore — perhaps

    • Heard a story that the FBI was looking for Oswald for another shooting. They just didn’t go to find him where he worked. Opps.

    • Didn’t need FBI or CIA to coup Trump. DNC did it pretty brazenly on 11/3/20. The others just had to ignore it.

    • I was an assassination buff for years. Finally, it dawned on me that whatever the deficiencies of the Warren Report, most of the alternate theories were even more far-fetched.

      Here are the publicly known facts: the recovered bullet fragments were matched to Oswald’s gun, no non-matching fragments were recovered. The gun was linked to Oswald, and Oswald was placed on the 6th floor of the TSBD at the time of the assassination. Kennedy’s autopsy established the shots came from the direction of the TSPD.

      Now, it’s entirely possible there is other evidence that’s been suppressed, but if so, it’s been suppressed very well, because nothing that contradicts the known facts has surfaced in all these years.

      I think you have to conclude that, whatever else, Oswald was at least one of the shooters (and no physical evidence indicating other shooters has materialized).

      Whether Oswald had collaborators remains an open question. Likely, he did, but again no evidence has surfaced.

      There is an old joke, “70% of Americans believe Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The rest of us know it for sure, because we were in on the conspiracy”.

      That would pretty much have to be true to accommodate the convoluted theories advanced as alternate explanations.

    • There can be no doubt. The final report replicated the three shots in the time span of 5.6 sec’s. First shot, remember, is at “0” seconds. That means 2 bolt actions and firings in 5.6 sec’s. I owed a Carcano, it can be done. CBS made this time limit in their on air report use volunteer marksmen, 7 out of 10 I believe.

      Now the question is as to accuracy. Again, the first shot can be made as accurate as time and weapon (scoped) allows. The remaining two can be a matter of JFK’s “bad luck”. IIRC, only two shots are said to have hit their target. The moving target was not side to side (higher difficulty), but moving forward (away) of Oswald (lessor difficulty). The motorcade was less than 100 yards and moving away from Oswald. Little to no adjustment needed by Oswald for subject movement.

      Nothing said above is to detract from possible other shooters and conspiracy only that the “lone gunman” story does not fail on this point.

  37. Surely information released will embarrass the feds and reveal what most here know, bungling bureaucrats and suited cops.

    Now do Ufos, that seems to even intrigue guys like Tucker. Same old grainy photos or radar screens maybe even a few long distance photo shots. No, everyone sees a conspiracy there.

    Right now every American should be worried about their personal accounts being on permanent audit by the IRS spooks.

    • Distract distract distract

      Today I was reminded that Schiff had made up the Trump-Russian phone call. And he’s still there in charge of the committee.

      How is that possible? It means anyone who would seek to bring some competence and integrity to the congress is utterly toothless. But you get Cruz ad Rubio and Hawley always barking. But nothing changes. One has to conclude that those guys are just as incompetent/impotent as all the rest of them OR they’re just playing good cop bad cop.

      I like Paul to some degree, but he has been utterly powerless to bring accountability to Fauci

      Why we paying these people?

    • I honestly don’t understand Tucker Carlson’s fascination with these grainy photos. He claims (correctly) that the Pentagon is dragging its feet with investigating these incidents, but that doesn’t imply they are deliberately hiding anything. A good number of these videos I’ve seen are nothing but camera defects (IR hotspots) or optical illusions caused by objects moving at different speeds relative to some background, making the object look like it’s moving against wind or very quickly.

      The Pentagon is indeed unwilling to investigate, and probably for the same reason the FBI is unwilling to release the Kennedy documents: no one wants to take the blame for some else’s incompetence because someone (likely the messenger) will be pinned with it. Start an investigation, uncover corruption, and then get blacklisted when applying for defense industry jobs post-Pentagon.

      Say someone in the military investigates and finds a contractor provided the navy with millions of dollars in defective camera equipment. That could cause said company to lose future contracts and, depending upon the scope of the issue, could even be criminal. Consider that all these brass hats want more than anything is to retire millionaires; that requires getting plumb lobbying jobs and board assignments at companies like Raytheon and Boeing. Do you think those companies are going to hire anyone who has a noted history of honesty?

      “What happens if we hire the ex-general who uncovered contractor corruption and that guy later exposes our corruption?” — Defense Industry

      No one is investigating — not because there are aliens or secret Chinese craft in our airspace — but due to the possibility that the one who starts the investigation will get the blame for someone else’s problem. Government bureaucrats thrive in the darkness, so the possibility of first becoming a public figure and then a pariah isn’t worth the risk.

      That’s probably why the modern FBI won’t release those Kennedy files — not because there was a guy on the grassy knoll, but because the guy who did it was a simpleton who was already on their radar and should have been stopped. Who wants to take the blame for revealing that corruption/incompetence in an insular, backstabbing community that will absolutely punish you for your honesty?

  38. I agree. These documents serve as nothing but a distraction. If their existence was such a threat, they’d have torched them long ago.

    • And isn’t it interesting that the document they released the other day, out of all the ones they could have, implicates the (gasp!) Russians? How convenient, as the powers-that-be try to (1) maintain the Russia hoax, (2) provoke Putin into a war over Ukraine, and (3) keep a lid on CIA alum John Brennan’s role in everything that has gone wrong in this country as well as the FBI’s morphing into the NKVD.

      I think Biden’s taking it upon himself to release assassination documents is meant to be nothing but a campaign to vilify Russia for those ignorant enough not to be able to tell it apart from the Soviet Union.

      • They fake everything else, why wouldn’t they fake the documents? More reason to lean towards the argument keeping the conspiracy speculation alive serves their purposes somehow.

  39. I was born in 1965 2 years after Kennedy was assassinated. I do not believe Oswald was the shooter. I believe the shooter was on the governments payroll in some capacity. I don’t think the documents are being released because the government was involved in his assassination and we can’t have the little people hearing about yet another item the government lied to its citizenry. Especially right now while they are trying to convince us to take the clot shot.

  40. Ruby.

    Why were the police so careless in protecting Oswald? Were they worried that Oswald would say some inconvenient things?

  41. The closer we get to an economic collapse, the greater is the need for distraction and misdirection. Keep them dancing at all costs. God forfend that they wake up and smell the coffee (runaway government spending & money printing, skyrocketing inflation, dead man walking in the White House). And how lame is it that resurrecting the ghost of the Kennedy Assassination is the best you got. And yes, the Stasi are likely to be bumbling idiots at the bureaucratic level, but they can (and will) make your life miserable if they so fancy. Just ask Mike Flynn or any of the Jan 6th protestors. The real story of the US Stasi is that DC HQ is infested with dirty cops par excellence.

    In conclusion, the salience of the Kennedy history lesson is that one man CAN make a difference.

      • With this misinformation targeted at Joe Rogan and his audience. Also at Tucker. And Alex Jones. Gee, where else do American skeptics go for their news? If they can’t be conned like most Americans, then might as well fill their heads with alien supertechnology to make them think twice about rebelling.

    • Hence the presence of incompetent and obese troops behind the barbed wire surrounding the capitol.

      Include the military along with the FBI/IC among the organizations with reputations that never matched abilities. As the United States lurches toward economic collapse (yesterday’s Fed announcement re rates indicates sooner than later now), the unmentioned gets mentioned a lot more.

      • I remember in football games they bring out the vaunted American military, and these guys and gals were always dwarfed by the players. You had to ask yourself, if you wanted anyone out there protecting you wouldn’t you naturally prefer guys more like these football players? Strong and fit. And not these roly poly fat guys in fatigues?

        When my son would come home from deployment and I would see the guys coming off the ships to meet their waiting family, my faith in the military went from a 10 to a zero. Most were foreigners, lots of Asians of the darker variety. And yes there was a black guy who came off the ship in a dress — his street clothes. I couldn’t believe it. This was some 10+ years ago, so it’s been rotting for some time. And that a captain was caught fraternizing with an enlisted; the homosexual thing was not important, it was the breaking of rank or whatever it is they called it….

        • Falcone, I’d tend to disagree. We don’t need women and “girly” men—that I agree—but big 6ft+, 230lb+ weight lifters would seem not all that helpful either. No one is going after the enemy with clubs these days.

          Was out at the range the other week attending the Air Force’s “Para-Rescue” competition. Dozens of teams from around the country competing. All these teams (all White from what I saw) were tall, lanky, and some of the best we have to offer.

          Their competition was mission oriented and they even brought out a fake Heuy. One scenario, was for two medics to “fight” their way from the rescue helo and go help a 200 pound dummy placed up the field—300 yards.

          Real ammo, sound tactics and communication regarding cover fire, reload, and movement—all under the eye of a scoring judge. When the dummy was reached, they bandaged and wrapped it like a damn mummy, all under time. Then lifted it onto a “drag bag” and pulled it back to the helo, all under protective fire. Got some good ideas for carrying tourniquets and stuff.

          The effort had to be exhausting, but these guys did it. Hard to imagine some of the gym rats I’ve seen matching such endurance.

          Oh, and for fun, they brought out their desert buggies and mini-guns, replete with donated vehicles from the local junk yard. That’s what is meant by cover fire from one of our gun ships.

          Everyone attending was given instruction in use and then allowed to shoot a few thousand rounds down range. Damn, I felt like a student again before final exam. Nice guys, but I’m sure they were expecting an old fart failing/forgetting how to handle the weapon after their military (by the book) 30 second briefing. For shits and giggles, I was forced to strap on a 20lb or so flack jacket to operate the weapon.

          At a fire rate of 2 or 3k rounds a minute (your choice depending on pressing one or two buttons) the fun doesn’t last long, but is memorable. 😉

    • Quick: let’s argue about abortion. I’m sure there are a lot of people we can convince to change their mind on the subject.

  42. The Kennedy assassinations were probably the best things to have happened to this nation. Too bad they did not clip the rest.

    • Makes one wonder what the nation’s reaction would be if someone plugged Biden. I bet you would get a shocking number of yawns among normal people until Washington D.C. goes nuclear on its political enemies.

    • Whatever happened, the official story is probably a lie. The real conspiracy is that they are allowed to make anything they want “top secret” for any reason they want.

      Given some of the stories that have come out about some of the types of people working in these agencies, they are just a bunch of degenerates using classification to hide their degeneracy. i was watching some documentary about some MI6 guy who hung out on some island (I cannot remember the details) where a bunch of other MI6 and CIA types hung out getting plastered all day with tax payer booze on tax payer time. Great work if you can get it.

      It’s like the FBI hanging out with the mob while being paid 6 figure salaries by the FBI while being a gangster and pinning murders on innocent people.

      • The Aldrich Ames story should have been the end of intelligence industry as it is currently organized. A moral degenerate drunk who was mediocre at his job and did a terrible job of covering his tracks leaked sensitive secrets to the Soviets for years. Coworkers noticed in 1989 that he was living an extravagant lifestyle well beyond what he could afford on his salary and it still took them five years to catch him. CIA director James Woolsey refused to fire anyone and was later forced out by Clinton. Of course, he went on to serve on all kinds to corporate boards and think tanks after his illustrious career screwing things up in Washington.

        • Tars’ contention about the Agency makes sense when you look at how long Ames was able to get away with his behavior- they were all doing the same thing.

          Hanssen at FBI was just a weird dude that was able to hypnotize and evade counterintelligence through his superior technical skills.

    • JFk shot, RFK shot, Tedddy, ah leave him alone, he’ll F it up himself

      With thanks to Dennis Leary, he was funny sometimes

    • There is a reasonable argument that the only reason the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964 was pressure to do it in memory of Kennedy. Losing reelection in 1964 probably would have been worse for the family legacy, although who knows what Republican would have been run against him. The Boomers think of him as a hero because he was assassinated in his prime, if he had been allowed to live a full life with all the tabloid scandals that would have followed it would have been interesting to see public perception of the Kennedys would have changed.

      • “The Boomers think of him as a hero because he was assassinated in his prime, if he had been allowed to live a full life with all the tabloid scandals that would have followed it would have been interesting to see public perception of the Kennedys would have changed.”

        Reminds me of what Col. Tom Parker was alleged to have said when informed Elvis Presley was dead: “Best career move that boy ever made.”

        • Elvis made $30 million last year and $23 million the year prior.

          Nice work if you can get it.

    • Given the result of the Kennedy assassination was that we got Johnson, the Civil Rights Act, the Hart-Celler Act, and an escalated war in Vietnam, I’m not sure I’d agree.

      Sometimes you don’t get a choice between good and bad, the choice is between bad and worse. With Kennedy’s assassination, we got worse.

      • This is a fair point. I don’t know if Kennedy would have stopped that war though. MIlitary Industrial Complex and all. Perhaps he would have been better alive. My mind is not made up on that.

        I don’t really have all that much against the Kennedy bucks as I do against the people that support him and his family. Dyed in the wool bleeding heart boomertard leftists and their running dog lackeys.

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