Note: The Monday Taki post is up. Instead of the normally optimistic post, this week is a look at the court fights that lie ahead. No Sunday podcast this week, but I do have a post up on the Ray Epps story. This insurrection show trial could turn out to be an amusing and embarrassing debacle for the regime.

One of the striking features of public discourse in a liberal democracy is the narrowness of language used by people with speaking roles. This narrowness of language reflects the narrowness of acceptable thought. The people allowed on stage signal their conformity to the hive mind by using the approved language. This means using the popular words and phrases of the moment. It is why the mass media resembles fireflies at dusk, blinking at one another as if they are coordinated.

A ridiculous example was the aftermath of the 2010 election when Barak Obama came out and said his team had been “shellacked” in the election. This is an old fashioned term that used to be common in sports. The media, unfamiliar with sports and sports metaphors, spastically repeated it. They were sure their cult leader has just invented the term and they seemed to be sure it was designed to cure their pain. For weeks they found a way to insert the term in every story.

It was not just monkey-see-monkey-do with them. There was a strong odor of incense about how they kept repeating it. This mysterious new word was like a sound in the darkness telling one another of their presence, The repeating of it was a way to move past the disconfirmation of the election. Instead of facing the fact that Obama was not Black Jesus, they reassured one another that their beliefs were valid. The use of the leader’s new word was a form of re-confirmation.

We are seeing something similar happening in the aftermath of the failure to pass Biden’s big spending bill. The term Build Back Better has become a bizarre abracadabra phrase for the true believers. They are sure that every problem can be solved with Build Back Better. The far-left activists who chased Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a toilet were chanting “Build Back Better” as if they thought the phrase would magically transform her into a believer.

Senator Joe Manchin refused the Build Back Better sacrament over the weekend, thus scuttling the bill for this year. The result has been a flurry of incantations in the media using the term to mean everything. Here we have CNN explaining how the faithful were let down by the running dog heretic Joe Manchin. The phrase is used half a dozen times but there is no effort to explain what it means. Everyone knows that it means the final push to promised last stage of history.

Here we have a story telling us the long dark winter Joe Biden has been promising for two years is finally upon us. The reason is the Build Back Better plan was defeated by the forces of darkness. Goldman Sachs is now saying the economy, like the earth when Persephone returns to the underworld, will now go into a period of mourning over the loss of Build Back Better. How or why this will happen is not discussed, because to do so would possibly offend the gods further.

The fact that the bill itself is meaningless gibberish that only exists as a concept adds to its mystery. Since no one can point to the text and find fault, because the text is just word salad at this point, makes it unassailable. This allows the believers to cast onto it all of their hopes and dreams. Build Back Better is just a catchphrase to mean the great leap forward into the last stage of history. As a result, the believers are baffled as to why Manchin opposes this unalloyed good.

The fight over this bill is a good reminder that conservative explanations for left-wing behavior are mostly wrong. If they were about money and power, they would have done something different here. The fact that they have all of the money and power yet still engage in this ritualized behavior is another important point. The religious fervor over Build Back Better, the moralization of the slogan, suggests these people are acting from some sort of religious impulse rather than politics.

The root of that impulse is the assumption that once everyone agrees on the morality of something, the solution is self-evident and beyond debate. It is why they cannot accept that Manchin and others could be right that the trillions in new money creation proposed by the believers could create terrible trade-offs. There can be no practical objections to the plan when the morality of it is settled. There must be something else at work, which is why they will turn Manchin into Trotsky.

Another aspect of this morality-politics dynamic is that politics is now a sign of moral ambiguity or worse, dissent from accepted morality. Logically, if politics ends when the morality is settled, the continuation of politics means the moral issues have not been settled or some oppose the settled morality for some reason. What lies behind the structure of the Build Back Better bill is to end politics by delegating what should happen in the legislature to the administrative state.

Put another way, what the Left seeks is an end to politics, but they are not interested in debating the morality. From their point of view, the moral issues are settled so the task now is to stamp out the remaining political resistance. Given the slim differences between the two parties, they are not mistaken. A big Republican win next November will probably mean the Build Back Better plan gets passed as a way to “unite the country after a contentious and divisive election”.

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155 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. If Leftists were solely motivated by morality and not by politics, wouldn’t Leftists be more consistent in their behaviors? You can judge a man more by how he acts than by what he says. Do Leftists — PMC Whites / upperclass immigrants — live around “disadvantaged” blacks, send their kids to enriched public schools, or even date minorities? For the most part, no. With that in mind, ask yourself if they really believe this diversity stuff or if maybe some of them are lying for personal benefit.

    I would assert that the issue is more complicated than politics or morality alone because the Left is a coalition composed of many different groups, some more intelligent and more calculating than others.

    Probably 20% of Leftists understand the reality of racial issues. That’s why Jimmy Kimmel can call Donald Trump a racist but then move to lily White Idaho to escape Mexicans in LA. Anything he says to justify that is merely an excuse. I doubt he really thinks moving to Whiteopia is anything other than an effort to escape alien peoples he feels uncomfortable living around. Otherwise, he’d have moved to a more diverse area (lots of upscale Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian neighborhoods out there).

    Maybe 80% — the wannabes who want to impress others with their morality — hear what the top 20% say and then come to genuinely believe it. But that’s not the case with all Leftists.

    In some cases, morality is merely the tool by which some Leftists use to justify their status. They paint something as good and opponents as bad by contrast; it’s a great winning strategy because it fools so many people. But that doesn’t mean the impetus came from a sense of morality in every instance. Some Leftists are simply evil people who lack any sense of morality and cleverly play those with it against each other. The bottom 80% of Leftists are too dumb to notice, so they become unwitting foot soldiers of their more Machiavellian superiors. That group may very well believe what they are saying. And I can believe in both cases that strong emotion — hatred, envy — is a motivating factor in Leftist behavior.

    Why would some Leftists hypocritically say one thing and then do another? Answer: because it benefits them.

    >Brushing social spending crumbs off the government table ensures minorities are less willing to raid their portfolios; it’s an attempt to sate them with a piece of the pie so they don’t demand the whole pie. That’s why Leftists support BBB but not all support the 90% graduated income tax of the 1960s to fund it. Or student loan debt relief or national healthcare. Or …

    >Remember how far-Leftists opposed “kids in cages” but then freaked out when Donald Trump threatened to put them in their neighborhoods?

    >Many Leftists also say they support diversifying college campuses, but then they eliminated the SAT requirement — the very thing that allows talented but disadvantaged minorities to compete — to ensure their kids still get legacy admissions. They’re happy to send Mr. Asian Genius to your cow college, just not to their Ivy League to compete with their spawn.

    >Signalling against their own kind — Whites — also lets minorities know that Leftists are on their side against a common enemy (you), hopefully meaning the POC won’t hurt Left-wing interests. How many times during the 2020 BLM Riots did Leftists exclaim “but we’re on your side” as someone threw a brick through their window? That was to get them to stop or to redirect it back to you.

    >And until recently, promoting diversity really meant supporting diversity elsewhere. White liberals supported diversity in other people’s neighborhoods, but not in Martha’s Vineyard. They supported diversity in college admissions, but not to the point where it deprived legacy admissions. They supported it in Hollywood but maintained an overwhelmingly “Oscars So White” until forced to diversify — through boycotts, firings, and social shamming — by others.

    The top 20% of Leftists — the Machiavellian sociopath tier — supported diversity so they could preserve their own lifestyles amid mounting demographic diversity. They knew what they were doing. Promoting diversity was the equivalent of the Romans paying off the barbarians not to attack them, or to fight for them against their enemies.

    It’s clear to me, judging by Leftist behaviors, that many — not all or most but some — Leftists openly know what they are doing, and they do it for power and status. Maintaining the Leftist lifestyle requires a series of deliberate, calculated choices: where to live, what schools to attend, who to marry etc. If you went through all those choices and ended up married to a White woman and living in a 99% White neighborhood (where you weren’t born) with Pride flags on every corner, populated overwhelmingly by college-educated professionals who vote democrat, then it’s increasingly likely you sought that out. It didn’t happen by accident, so it must have required you to know something about how the real world works.

  2. While filling out some paperwork in my warm truck this morning in the city of Beverly Hills ,a young Asian,man early 20’s,who’s name was probably yong. Couldn’t resist, came walking by with his 4 lbs white dog ( wearing a Christmas sweater) the dog that is, mr yong was wearing a mask on an empty street. I should be use to this by now. I’m not. Another ((( man))) came walking by after passing mr yong and looked at me shaking his head in disgust. He said to me the worlds gone crazy, but this was surely the best country on the planet . I’ve said that myself countless times in response to a similar situation. 8 hours later as I write this , I’m thinking how insane that response is. My ex wife could clean the Crome off a trailer hitch, Surely she was the best on the planet. What she couldn’t clean was a house. I had to cut her loose. Getting closer to cutting Mrs. USA loose more every day,

  3. OT: One for the Jew haters:

    Anti-Semitic COVID flyers found near California homes

    Pasadena police are investigating after about 200 anti-Semitic flyers connecting COVID-19 to Jewish people were distributed to various parts of the city on Sunday morning, Dec. 19, authorities said.

    The flyers were thrown randomly on the street, sidewalks and driveways of homes along Mentor, Catalina, Wilson and Mar Vista avenues, as well as Washington Boulevard in the Bungalow Heaven neighborhood, city spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said.

    Police began receiving calls regarding the flyers at about 8:30 a.m., she said.

    “Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish,” the flyers stated, listing names of various federal health and corporate officials.

    Police believe the flyers were distributed sometime between midnight and 4 a.m., Derderian said. They were thrown at homes and were enclosed in plastic with pebbles inside to weigh them down.

    “The distribution of anti-Semitic fliers in Pasadena and other southern California communities over the weekend is abhorrent and totally goes against the values of our city and its residents,” Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo said in a written statement. “We know Pasadena residents – of all faiths – will stand together and speak out against hatred in all forms.”

    The Jewish community is appalled by the flyers, said Jason Moss, executive director of the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

    “To blame the Jewish community not only for the spread of COVID and the institution of safety protocols and measures to help our country confront a worldwide pandemic that is affecting everyone is abhorrent,” Moss wrote. “In addition, to promote a long-standing belief that there is a worldwide Jewish conspiracy is repulsive.”

    Police said they are investigating and asking anyone who may have information regarding the flyers, or possible video evidence through Ring or other security cameras, to contact the police department at 626-744-4241.

    Also Sunday, Beverly Hills police were investigating flyers filled with similar anti-semitic claims regarding COVID-19.

    On Saturday, a resident reported finding hate-filled flyers. Officers surveyed the area and found flyers distributed throughout the southwest side of the city similar to those used in an incident on Nov. 28.

    • They do it themselves. Ramp up the poor me suffering schlomo bullshit, which the whole fuckin world is sick of at this point. Fuck the hat.

    • >”Anti-Semitic COVID flyers found near California homes ”

      >”200 anti-Semitic flyers”

      >”Also Sunday, Beverly Hills police were investigating flyers filled with similar anti-semitic claims regarding COVID-19.”

      How many legitimate anti-Semites are there willing to make hundreds of flyers about Covid-19 and travel to Beverly Hills, California to distribute them? Sounds expensive at $4/gallon. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a resident. Covid-19 & anti-Semitism are also Leftist obsessions. Linking the two together in Beverly Hills gets my BS meter activated.

  4. Hitler was a solid advocate of repeating the Big Lie, but I think you can go overboard on the whole thing if you do it too much.

    There comes a point where you retch with a look of distaste when you hear something yet AGAIN. It’s like Mother reminding you to put on your autumn gloves for the fifteenth time. Especially when it’s a source of authority doing the reminding.

    A little subtle positioning goes a long way. The mild shock value of hearing something that’s been touted as good benefits the Message a lot.

  5. If anyone is old enough to remember, but with this masking thing I am reminded of, it brings to mind, another thing that was pushed on America in the name of “health” and “science,”

    Namely, circumcision

    And to a lesser extent, all sorts of dietary scams in the name of health and science.

    • Another big one was the ban on DDT. It was based on willful lies and led to millions of deaths. This crap has gone on a while.

    • Nutritional science in the US was more or less commandeered by one figure, Ancel Keys, whose views on the low-fat diet became the backbone of dietary policy across the country. Keys was, like Fauci, a public health celebrity who used his influence to suppress research that threatened his fame and influence.

    • Questioning circumcision even to your own Christian family members is like questioning “sex change” surgeries on children to the pagan public. For some reason taking a knife to the genitals is completely normal and in fact usually celebrated.

      You cannot reason with the NPC’s who believe in these things.

      • you guys are suffering from phantom foreskin syndrome. if that is all you have to worry about, you are doing pretty good.

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  7. ” If they were about money and power, they would have done something different here. The fact that they have all of the money and power yet still engage in this ritualized behavior is another important point.”

    People who don’t know much about West Virginia and its politicians can never seem to figure them out Let me say, it’s all about money. We just don’t know how much.

    Mr. Manchin is as rapine and lascivious for money and power as the Boss Hogg from that early 1980’s TV show, except he is quieter and more polished, hence more effective. Everyone with half a brain should know that the BBB will destroy what’s left of the West Virginia coal industry, hence destroying the value of the Manchin family’s investment in coal. Behind closed doors and in smoky backrooms he has been angling for enough dineros to more than make up for his losses. I like how the Democratic agitprop press keeps yelling that no one knows what Manchin wants, but they do know, for if anyone really knew what was going on, they would revolt today on the crookedness of The Deal.

    It must be such an obscene amount of lucre that even the Democrats are embarrassed about it. The kind of spending that remains on the books for the next 2 or 3 generations. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that wall?

  8. Z-man, I think things are coming to a crisis, and no it will not just be business as usual and BBB is likely dead.

    1. Despite trial balloons of living with Covid and such in the Atlantic and other places, its panic at the disco once again, shutdowns looming. LA has canceled its Christmas party, and New Years Eve party, the Times Square Ball Drop may be canceled, possibly the Superbowl. Having reflexively shut everything down the Left knows nothing else. It has become a force of habit they can’t break. Which creates massive resistance among the un-Saved.

    2. The old New Deal Oligarchy, of unelected but ultra-connected bureaucrats making most decisions and all key ones never faced the challenge of a disintegrating military undone by wokeness provoking both Russian and Chinese adventurism and likely Iranian and North Korean as well; with a crisis at home over the ruined economy, black crime now legal, and a booming “cut down the White trees” movement all at the same time. One crisis they could deal with, not all of them at the same time and their people lack talent, charisma, leadership, and basic competence. Dean Acheson and Gen. Marshall could command respect. Admiral Rachel Levine?

    3. Its clear the Regency’s response to inflation which it realizes is now real and permanent will be endless lockdowns to crash the economy. This is already promoting revolt in places like France and Germany and Austria and the Netherlands, and is likely to create it here as well.

    4. Regime infighting to succeed Biden might create a coup. That op-ed by the Generals had Hillary’s fingerprints all over it, and is the kind of thing she excels at: insider manuevering. This could be Hillary’s moment as she sees it. There is also the possibility that ambitious people among Republicans would like to be President. Ted Cruz is one. Impeaching and convicting both Biden and Harris and appointing Ted Cruz gives his people and network all sorts of Federal Goodies, particularly if he can start removing lots of federal officials as part of foreign influence removal (Chinese mostly) which is likely to be at least true.

    5. Democrats are no longer part of the old White WASP/Other ruling elite. They are Ilhan Omar, AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Pramilla Jayapal. Consumed with HATE HATE HATE for Whitey. Not sustainable given the complexity and interlocking nature of the crises and the collapse of the US/Global economy under repeated lockdowns/busts and stimulus along with above the collapse of US military superiority as it becomes mostly gay and diverse.

    • Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea will be on the US Woke-itary like the Sisters on Andy DuFrense in The Shawshank Redemption.

      Thing is, the Woke-itary has no Kurgan…wait, I meant Byron Hadley to swoop in and save it….

    • You have some good points, but Ted Cruz is a joke. He’s on the outside looking in when it comes to power.

      “This is already promoting revolt in places like France and Germany and Austria and the Netherlands, and is likely to create it here as well.”

      Sure, Europeans are marching in the streets against Covid restrictions, but the governments are ignoring them completely. And in the US, right-wingers know better than to protest openly these days, otherwise we get the “insurrectionist” treatment.

  9. These bills really show what a farce our “democracy” is and why it is long past its sell-by date. Remember this BBB act was paired with a “transportation bill” (where only about 20% of the bill was about what they claimed to be, which was fixing roads and bridges), and Dems said it was absolutely necessary both pass and if you care about spending $200B on fixing highways you need to pass $6T in gibs. Eventually they decoupled it and passed the garbage transportation bill with Republican help (of course), but but it was telling how they saw their role as the governing leadership.

    For example, one of the things they yelled at Manchin for forcing out of earlier BBB drafts was federal paid family leave. The obvious question in my mind is why they didnt craft a “Paid Family Act of 2021” bill and debate that policy on its merits and get it passed if it was so important. Instead they craft these mammoth bills with thousands of provisions and demand the entire thing because it has paid family leave in it. There is no way a country can function like this. It is not a serious way to govern. Remember this is what Congress spent basically all its time on this year, except for passing a large “defense” bill and more subsidies for Israel. This is insane. I wonder if the Roman Empire functioned like this near the end.

    • The family and child stuff you mentioned is in there so people like Ilhan Omar can half-credibly tweet that, “Manchin doesn’t care about WV families and kids!”

  10. If politics is downstream from culture is downstream from religion then it makes sense that once the religion is decided, peasants, then it is time for culture and politics to get into line.

  11. There I was reading the essay – in agreement with ZMan, but thinking: does anyone really care anymore about what Big Media has to say? And so, was ready to just move along – and then – then that last sentence sucker punch.
    That one really hurt – because it is so true.

    • It actually already happened with the infrastructure bill, which was passed with 17 GOP votes including McConnell. That atrocity is absolutely stuffed with grift to the MoC’s and senators and gibs to Not Our People. It was great sleight of hand–watch BBB in this hand, grift like hell with an “infrastructure” bill. Z is right, of course, they will be back for more because it is never enough.

    • Maybe. Maybe not.

      This build-back-better thing might work like the chinkypox. When Trump moved to deal with it, the left opposed him every step of the way. None of them were going to take the vax until the bad orange man was gone – then they lined up like cattle. I’d suspect that they would do the same this: nobody will be allowed to build back better untess it is the lefties doing. it.

      I strongly suspect these idiotic lockdowns will end if the conservatives regain the upper hand. Not because they will abolish them – but because the left will not comply with them now that their own clerics are not in charge.

      But whadda I know?

      • All plausible, but one thing is absolutely true. The Left (to the degree that means anything any longer) will chart the course of any public policy.

      • Not in Ontario / Alberta.

        Leftists are just whining that the “conservative” premiers aren’t locking down hard enough.

        • Yep. I just saw over at SDA that the infection rates in Morontario are four times higher for the jabbed than they are for the purebloods…

          • I believe it. Everybody I know who’s come down with the Koof is jabbed and boosted to the gills, while the people I know who are not have skated smoothly through. All I can do is chuckle at the Covidiots’ infantile credulity.

          • A likely outcome if, as seems quite likely, being vaxxed again and again fucks with your immune system. It won’t even have to be an infection from some form of the Coof, any old viral or bacterial agent could just walk through the open door.

          • Although I cannot truly say, behavioral analysis is kind of my thing. My hypothesis is that people choosing to “vaccinate” are also more likely to submit to a test or be concerned enough to get tested. Folks who chose not to get “vaccinated” are probably much less likely to take a test.

            Pure assumption, but I think that is why we are seeing so many “break through” cases.

            This thing is going to infect anyone, it’s our reaction to it that adds to the case counts and hysteria.

    • I have to disagree – for most, the media does matter. Not in terms of the details, but just look at the Covid panic: the impact of media is incalculable; the only reason this ‘pandemic’ exists for most is the media’s invention. Talk to the young folks of this country and I believe you will find their vocabulary is filled with the buzzwords of the media. They may say they ‘don’t believe the media,’ but that is just another empty cliche they repeat. Ask a followup: what do they believe? If the answer is ‘nothing,’ then the apathy of the media has truly won.

  12. Quasim Rashid, born in Pakistan, was on Twitter complaining about Manchin voting against BBB. Something about how a senator from such a small insignificant state could block someone instrumental to the human rights of 330 million ppl. How “our” democracy is broken (although no lie detected here). Hell, at least immigrants from yesteryears waited a generation, or two, before they began to lecture us. It makes uncomfortable even breathing the same air these sanctimonious, vile creatures share.

    • Oh I forgot. Anyone else see sec. state Blinkin inviting the UN to investigate us for racisms? When has an elite so openly hated it’s own?

      • Our plucky punic pfriends have a phrase: “Tikkun Olam”

        It means “perfecting the world” Like their “Build Back Biden” bill, their idea of perfection is them on the top with you and your children suffering a horrible fate.

        • It’s like Terrans terraforming, to make Mars a better place for them to live, even if there were already hypothetical Martians already living there who had evolved in and were well adapted to traditional Martian low temperature and atmospheric pressure. What is good for Terrans will kill the Martians, like deep sea fish being raised to the surface.

          Tikkun Olam is about reshaping ecosystems (civilizations) to be more advantageous to rootless cosmopolitans. There wouldn’t even have to be malevolence behind it. Different peoples have different preferences for how to organize themselves socially, politically, and economically. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for everyone. If they win, we lose.

          The nation-state is the solution that maximizes fairness for all. However, the Jews who would agree to that have overwhelmingly already left for Israel, and good for them for building their own civilization. What we have left are mostly predators who see our homelands as a hunting ground and both us and the other diversities (whose importation they have facilitated as camouflage) as prey.

  13. Speaking of Abracadabra and magick, note that Basement Joe’s new threats are being delivered on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

    I guess they think that will give them extra mojo to convince people to run out and get jabbed.

  14. Re: Taki. If devolution of power is the name of the game, bring it on. Corporations own the feds anyway, so the downside risk is a pill I can swallow. It would be nice to say No at the local level without having to hire lawyers to justify it to the state, who have to hire more lawyers to justify it to the feds.

    I might have to caroling at the retirement homes!

    • Re: Z Blog post. You’re almost making conservatives look good. If they’ve worked to devolve power through the judiciary, and DC has reacted by wildly swinging the tyranny bat, DC is making itself irrelevant. IOW, conservatives might’ve had the right strategy by patiently not working through the ballot box.

      Nope, not taking inadvertent hopium 🙂 Keep pushing like a grim bastard.

    • I’m curious about how much of the Taki commentariat has migrated here. Seem to recall they were pretty good back in the day.

  15. I think the Lightworker used the term ‘shellacked’ to affect sportsball fan behavior. Same reason he once mentioned the Miami basketball team and the White Sox stadium, although he called them the Heats and Kaminsky Field, respectively.

    After having insulted the rubes with his ‘bible and guns’ comment, he tried to appeal to another of the masses’ religions, sportsball.

  16. The latest, most grating trope is “Our Democracy”.

    “Our Democracy” is at risk because of Joe Manchin………….
    “The GOP’s voting-rights bill/re-districting/abortion legislation/fill-in-the-blank is a direct threat to “Our Democracy”……..
    “The inquiry into the Jan 6 insurrection is necessary to save Our Democracy”……
    Blah blah blah……….

    Of course, “Our Democracy” means one-party rule by a cabal of Progressive Oligarchs, Democrat hacks and billionaires bent on utter domination and global government. In other words, the absolute opposite of democracy.

  17. How many different ways do we need to say that the country is going to hell in a hand-basket before it becomes obvious that analyzing the problem is only a potential road to solution if you believe we are going to persuade our way out of the mess we’re in? Yes, in the Big Picture sense, every time you turn around, some new thing is going to shit, e.g. the replacement of conventional politics with tyrannical rule by an amorphous & detached managerial class. So why not expend some time & energy getting ready for the day when you must roll up your sleeves and sharpen the axe? Why not educate sane people on what must be done with blather fails utterly and the cornered rats realize they must fight or die?

    • Fighting isn’t really a viable option during a leftist terror. You either find another country that isn’t going crazy, or you hide in the woods until it’s over.

    • Well, there is the matter of persuading reachable Grillers of the need to begin sharpening their axes. If people like Z are accomplishing anything, that is it.

  18. Of course another big buzz word now is omicron (or whatever Greek alpha letter happens to be in vogue) and how all the unclean are facing a winter of “severe illness & death” unless the anti-jabber gets jabbed. Ooh, so scary. I guess we’ll find out how the next further f-ing of the economy will go down manana and how the unclean will be blamed and dealt with. Gibbering Joe will again say he’s been patient, but the time for patience has ended. The lunatics appear to getting more strident and frothing.

    • just wait until they start dropping in such large numbers, it can’t be swept under the rug any more. the carnage is going to be incalculable. say Whiskey, are you jabbed?

      here’s what i see as the smart play: don’t get jabbed, have meds to fight it on hand (ivermectin, et als) in case you catch the coof, minimize exposure to people and places.

  19. ” A big Republican win next November will probably mean the Build Back Better plan gets passed as a way to “unite the country after a contentious and divisive election”.”

    C’mon, Z, it will be severely conservative, probably cost one or two percent less and lower the stipend for Drag Queen Story Hour to $1.5 million.

    And just to belabor the obvious, Manchin had the full blessing to do this from whomever operates the Biden mannequin.

    • “…from whomever operates the Biden mannequin.”

      It’s almost certainly Barak Obama. The White House Cabinet is heavily Obama holdovers and Biden has already put in two terms as Obama’s sadfaced puppet.

      Obama is even on record floating the idea of a third term by proxy.

    • You nailed it Jack.
      Jerome Powell said last week the Fed has to taper and that inflation isn’t transitory any more.
      This week, the BBB, which of course is just gasoline on the inflation fire as everyone on Wall St. knows, is scuttled.
      Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Progs……..
      This is all scripted and utterly predictable.

  20. This all may not be driven by money, but money gets showered on them as a result of their actions in congress

    They will all end up very moral — and very rich.

    I’m of two minds on this. Z makes a compelling argument that this is purely or primarily religious in nature. Yet I have my doubts that someone like AOC or whomever would have ever gotten into politics if it meant she’d get much poorer. I know that many a religious folk of yore would enter into the church knowing that doing so meant they’d become impoverished, suffering and sacrifice as a way to become pure of heart and pure of soul.

    In this religion, is there a similar form of sacrifice and suffering?

    Yes, it’s a religion, but it’s a strange one. Something like scientology where most people go into it to meet celebrities and to learn the ways to become rich. But how serious and committed are they? Take away the fame and cameras and money, would these people like AOC and Omar even be there? Would people run to work at CNN if it meant they’d live a life of poverty or maybe a middle class life like a schoolteacher?

    Asking these questions, it becomes clearer that there is a financial motivation buried in there. There is the hunger of self affirmation that comes with running in the same circles as the famous and powerful. How much of a role these all play is up to debate. But from my vantage it looks a lot like girls who save themselves for the rock stars touring through town because the local boys can’t possibly scratch their itch to be famous or among the famous.

    • You kind of touched on it with Scientology. Think of the “prosperity Gospel” Protestant types. The earthly rewards come from doing good works. It is a very deranged religion before you get to the economics aspect.

      I do recall AOC bitching about the cost of housing when she first got to Congress, on the other hand, but some Sugar Daddy Big Tech type likely took care of that. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    • There’s a perfectly good word to describe irrational behavior that’s neither crazy nor religious: superstitious. Like religion, it’s fundamentally mystical and focused on the supernatural. Unlike religion, it’s not organized or formally ritualistic. It provides catharsis, but not morality. The behavior of the BBB crowd is like a tribe of natives doing a rain dance.

      • Good/great points, but there is a ritualistic aspect. Recitation of liturgy in the form of buzzwords, like Build Back Better. Those signs that start “We Believe…” (total cringe) are creeds. But the catharsis certainly is there, and “superstition” better describes the witch hunting for “White supremacists” and other demons. I have read about “re-primitivizing” but never stopped to consider that is happening here and now with a vengeance.

        • I should clarify that I’m not saying there is no ritual to superstition, just that the rituals aren’t formal (in the sense of following a form). Praying the Rosary, for example, is a formal ritual. The rite is unchanged regardless of whether it’s answered. Putting a sign in the front yard to welcome foreigners is an informal ritual because it goes away once it’s owner concludes that racism hasn’t been defeated. The key point in a superstition is that it’s rites can be altered at will if it’s practitioners think the rites aren’t resulting in the desired outcomes.

        • You’re right, but it’s not a liturgy; it’s a catechism. They have internalized what I call “the catechism of our bizarre civic religion” and they recite it at every conceivable opportunity and THEN some. It’s as appealing as last Christmas’s mince-meat pie.

      • Seems like it comes in two parts.

        Like many of the Catholic Church of old, you had the elite who merely played Christian to have power over the flock. In their private lives they undoubtedly laughed at the whole thing. Like Schumer and Pelosi today, they are too cynical and power hungry and rich to believe 1% of the stuff they say for popular consumption.

        Then we have the flock, the true believers like the cat ladies and crazies today.

        I do not believe or think that human nature changes. People at the top just exploit the lessers at the bottom.

    • While I agree with many of your points, I have to add one caveat: what else could they believe? One of the points of so severely narrowing the debate on important matters is that their can be no other faith admitted. Certainly, if the media proposed a new faith system, they would jump on board. However, the arrogance coupled with stupidity of the average polictician/ American seems to render any challenge to the True Faith implausible and not even worth considering.
      As long as their is social media to provide a platform for virtue signaling and a firehose of media to inculcate and reinforce beliefs, the harridans with continue to harangue! While I appreciate your speculation on if those things were removed, I just cannot see it being within the realm of possibility in the coming years.

      • What we are seeing is what is described in 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles in the Old Testament. When Asa became King of Judah. Read up on it. It’s happening in “our” country right now.

        “There is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes).

    • To answer this, you have to look at what religion is (at least from the secular perspective). A religion is just a set of ritualized behaviors combined with belief in a limited set of supernatural events. Performing the rituals cements your adherence in the group, believing the correct set of woo-woo ideas cements your adherence in the group, and disbelieving in the wrong set of woo-woo ideas cements your adherence in the group.

      Having one’s adherence in the group cemented then provides material rewards, as humans are social animals and will give resources and help to their in-group preferentially.

      So the answer is that leftists believe their own bullshit, they profit from their own bullshit, and they will conveniently become deaf if you try to point out that they are profiting from said piety.

  21. Apparently tucked away in the bill is a section where the term “underserved” is mentioned 99 times and the term “underserved community” 19 times. We all know what that means, but it’s spelled out regardless: “This section also defines an ‘underserved community’ as a group of people who have been systematically denied the full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social and civic life. Underserved communities include Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, other persons of color, etc.”

    I’m hoping that both the bill and the “vaccine” mandates get struck down. Doubtful, though.

    • I wouldn’t count on SCOTUS for anything.

      Barrett’s earlier rulings and family structure told us who she was.

      Kavanaugh’s clerk selections told us who he was. His fraught nomination hearings appear to be nothing more than so much kayfabe.

      It is highly unfortunate Trump’s SCOTUS picks have turned out much less reliable than his lower court picks.

      • So much of what passes for reality today has been kayfabed. The notion that a cold bug is an existential threat to human existence, and that collapse can only be averted by strapping a kleenex to your face and scrambling your genes, requires an incredible suspension of disbelief. Yet you, I, and everyone reading this are surrounded by people who believe unquestionably everything the bookerman has told them about the coof. Ditto goes for the notion that Nazis and Klansmen lurk everywhere, prepared to kill the harmless middle-class negro attempting to better the world.

        The people who believe these things can’t even be considered smart marks. They’re more like the raging grannies that would show up ringside every Friday night to pour their scorn on that villainous heel that hides brass nux in his trunks.

        “It’s still real to me, dammit!”

    • The SC will likely strike down the OSHA requirement just out of fear of massive civil unrest. The unvaxxed might only be 25% of the population, but it’s now a hardened 25%. Truck drivers by themselves could bring the entire country to its knees.

      • I don’t believe for a second it’s that low. For one, that’s a government figure, so by definition it’s a lie. For another, the definition of “vaxxed” has changed so much, nobody knows what it means anymore, which is a sure tell that there’s fuckery afoot with the statistics. And so on.

        But yeah, you want to destroy the country, stage a “pureblood” walkout. Look what happened to Mayor Groot in Chicago when the cops merely suggested such a thing…

        • Agreed, the unvaccinated rate is far higher. It slipped out this weekend that in the UK, famously among the most vaxxed places on Earth, the jab deniers are close to forty percent of the population. I don’t think for a nanosecond the purpose of the jab is population reduction or anything of the sort, even though the bastards are perfectly capable of such an outrage. They simply are furious people are not conforming to their demand.

          • Tend to agree, the plandemic was just an opportunity for grift and a way to get T out of office. Any culling effect is likely just an unintended bonus.

      • Here in Ontario something like 10% of adults are unvaccinated – more like 20% of working age people – and even here most private corporations are not mandating the vaccine.

        Companies are already struggling with staffing as is, and a 10-15% cut would probably put them over the edge. Good employees are very rare these days.

        Hard to know where they went, or if it’s mostly boomers retiring. One thing that seems clear is having a team that’s 100% “diverse” doesn’t work, and companies seem to be quietly aware of this.

        But yeah – putting millions of working age males out of work, with nothing to lose and no hope of joining back into the system is a direct recipe for unrest or worse.

        • maybe many more people have died or been incapacitated by the vaxx, than is imaginable? say several millions spread across North America.

      • Chet: Wish they would. Except half ‘our’ truck drivers have names like Lopez and Singh and Mustapha, so don’t hold your breath.

  22. Seems like it’s all scripted to be honest. Another 11th hour cancellation by one guy? Sounds like John McCain. Now the entire left will scream and moan about what a big bad evil poopyhead Joe Manchin is because they really really really wanted to Build Back Better.

    In real (3rd world) America, outside DC, academia, and the internet, life trundles on as it does in every 3rd world nation, regardless of what decisions are made by politicians (most big decisions are money laundering and kickbacks for the rich, not for the people).

    Are we really supposed to believe that they frauded Trump into office, and frauded the 2 Georgia Senators into office, but couldn’t manage to fraud just one more Dem person in? Manchin has been in the club for decades and he’s not about to go against their wishes now. Some faction of the elite decided against Build Back Better so it was blocked, just like the repeal of Obamacare.

    I don’t really care to be honest.

    • For this cycle, yes, they didn’t have many other fraud options. They probably beat the black Republican in Michigan with fraud too. Their only other close option was North Carolina.

    • That was my assumption also. Manchin must have been tapped to be the party pooper. I wonder what he got in return?

  23. “Build Back Better”, an alliterative bumper sticker phrase, meant as a name for a congressional bill, also is an indication of the contempt, probably justified, that some Democratic PR maven has for the American voter. The media, a desert of innovative thinking, is happy to have a label that requires them to do no real description or analysis of the Senate version consisting of 1180 pages and the House counterpart one of 1684 pages. The average voter has zero idea of the provisions of any law enacted on the basis of these two bills and in the republican form of government none is necessary. The elected and their staffs are guaranteed to possess the wisdom the voters know that they have. This couldn’t really be any sillier.

  24. You see these religious mantras in every infiltrated organization. They take a nice sounding word that people would not think twice about agreeing with, then it gets used for nefarious purposes until normal people start to shudder whenever they read it.

    As with “Build Back Better” some others that come to mind are:

    “inclusiveness” – Hate whitey
    “accompaniment” – Pro-sodomy
    “unity” – Destroy anyone who disagrees with our new way of doing things.

    The key point is whenever someone starts trotting out these words, don’t debate them. It’s a mind-virus that has infected its host, and you can’t reason with a virus. The only thought in your mind is how to neutralize the institutional power of the person spouting these words.

  25. Manchin’s knifing the progs over BBB reminds me of McCain doing the same thing with the Obamacare repeal. Outrageous shocking betrayals.

    And with hindsight completely predictable. Our political system has settled into a weird Nash equilibrium wherein both sides benefit from keeping their basses agitated which means that the last theming they want is an unequivocal victory, They win by losing.

    I first notice this wrt abortion – the Republican establishment profited by always getting close to resolving Roe, but just need a little more effort to get over the finish line. They’ve been milking that paradigm for decades. Then the dems got in on the act with their pet issues, immigration, healthcare, now race.

    Every time either side gets close to a major victory, some traitor will appear on cue to prevent it. But keep the faith, with a little more effort they’ll win next time.

    The show must go on.

    • “Every time either side gets close to a major victory, some traitor will appear on cue to prevent it. But keep the faith, with a little more effort they’ll win next time.”

      Kulaks, wreckers, hoarders, and Trotskyites Comrade!

      • The unvaccinated are the new wreckers. It’s their fault the vaccines are garbage.

        The White House statement might as well have come from China.

        • Comrade Rollins, the unvaccinated Lack Sufficient Revolutionary Zeal! We must unleash the Politruks and Zampolits to bring forth The Most Glorious People’s Socialist Workers Paradise!

        • It takes a profoundly ignorant populace to believe the vaccines don’t work because someone somewhere did not take them. We have no shortage of stupid folks so it will work.

      • That phrase should be updated to:

        Deniers, supremacists, anti-vaxxers and billionaires.

        Or something.

    • It isn’t on the same level. Manchin has never campaigned on supporting left wing stuff. He doesn’t claim to be a liberal or say he is working to implement a liberal agenda. I don’t get the impression he takes any pleasure in doing this stuff and voting for it would be directly going against the will of his voters. McCain hated the Republican base and took pleasure in sticking it to them. He lied about his positions on immigration, Obamacare, etc. and then stabbed people in the back, in part for the sport of it.

      • McCain was fundamentaly a POS. It’s one of the few times I’m ashamed to be from the same state that kept him around for so long.

        • Templar, it was Bush’s and McCain’s amnesties that caused me to leave the GOP.

          About McCain and AZ, I used to wonder if people there enthusiastically supported him or whether his support was more pragmatic, like, “we don’t really like him but it helps our state to have such an influential Senator.”

          In the 2000s and 2010s, were Republicans enthusiastically supportive of McCain?

          • no, he was always a POS from day number one (Keating 5). demonstrably corrupt and venal (Obamacare betrayal et als). is there one piece of legislation he is credited with, that was of any lasting significance? even his war hero schtick is just that…

      • I’d add that all the green stuff in the bill is probably terrible for Manchin’s core constituency of WV, which is a very coal-heavy state.

        I also doubt that Dominion has a large scale fraud operation in WV due to it being a backwater in their eyes. The demographics of WV certainly don’t help either.

        • I think this is the reason for the pile-on with him voting no.
          He is White
          His state is 90% White
          Most of the people in his state are blue-collar and as such are looked upon as an untouchable caste by our “betters”.
          In the 2020 election, President Trump carried his state by 38.9% points – that’s a “car bomb” level blow out.
          Given these facts, it’s ok to hate him in the media.

    • It’s the exact same thing with the “wars” of 1984. If anyone actually won, the whole thing would come crashing down, which is why anytime anyone gets close to winning, someone stabs someone in the back, and whaddaya know, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

      Meanwhile, out in the real world, nobody cares. They could pass a huge bill mandating a cheese-mining colony on the Moon and it would be as realistic as anything in the “Build Back Better” bill… and everyone who isn’t a Media retard knows it.

      • As someone who likes dairy products I don’t see why you have to needlessly attack this exciting development in cheese production.

        I’m not saying don’t talk about it but maybe be a bit more thoughtful in your critique.

    • Yep

      Living in CA I have come to understand that the Left blows some up the butts of their own voters just like the Right does. Promise the world then play the good cop bad cop routine, with Manchin now the bad cop like McCain.

      The show must go on. I have to wonder if many on the left also won’t be boycotting the elections. Seeing as it’s just a game and sham.

  26. Put another way, what the Left seeks is an end to politics,

    Yeah, I don’t know about that.

    One of the things that defines the modern left (which is an almost meaningless term) is that they’re never satisfied. As soon as any victory is achieved it’s on to the next crusade. They don’t even take a short period of time to celebrate the victory. Nope, it’s memory holed as soon as it’s over and another problem of earth shattering consequence emerges to struggle against.

    That’s the reason that it’s idiotic to compromise with them. Even if the compromise is acceptable. It’s never the end. Ever.

    • You mean, Dino, as in the progression: Slavery, Freedom, Desegregation, Affirmative action, Quotas, BLM, Jesus was black and Whites are evil?

    • Dino: Note: The following is not aimed at you specifically, but at the comments that I expect to fill the thread as the day goes on. And, of course, Zman fully gets it as he correctly predicts BBB will eventually be passed to Republican acclaim.

      Because seeking to compromise with evil is never a winning move. Yes, they’re mentally deluded, they’re abnormal, they’re broken, and they’re in the midst of religious fervor, but their fervor is for EVIL. These people celebrate every sexual degeneracy, abuse children, and hate normal White people. They want you sacrificed to Baal. But hey, that’s just politics. The system is fine, it’s just got some bad apples in it. Keep voting harder. Folks are waking up, honest! “We’ll win in November” and it will all go away.

  27. I thought this part of the BBB Bill was very interesting. Nothing like giving a tax credit to the print media that hangs on every word that tumbles out of FJBs mouth.

    Especially telling was this comment; “Over the past 15 years, the country has lost 2,100 newspapers.”

    I’m sure that’s true. Given that most local news papers simply copy-paste from the AP or other sources, people have figured out there was no point paying that much money for bird cage liners. I suspect the difference between the National Enquirer and the New York Times is barely noticeable.

    Naturally the liberal press (much like French auto workers) demand they get to keep their jobs no matter what kind of garbage they churn out. These people are oblivious to the basic economic fundamentals of supply and demand; when what you supply is garbage, there’s no demand regardless of how much you produce.

    Tax credits for local news outlets –

    Companies that employ local journalists would receive a new payroll tax credit if the bill is passed. The credit amount would be equal to 50% of paid wages during the first year and 30% of wages during the next four years. The tax credit would expire after 2025.

    The tax relief would come as the United States faces a decline in local news outlets. Over the past 15 years, the country has lost 2,100 newspapers, leaving at least 1,800 communities that had a local news outlet in 2004 without any at the beginning of 2020, according to a report from researchers at the University of North Carolina.


    • The local news tax credit is a largely empty virtue signal to pull the wool over the sheeple’s eyes with regard to how bad media consolidation has gotten in the US.

    • There are a number of reasons for the demise of the local media. Much of their income was from classified ads, now made extinct by the free services of craigslist and other internet sales options. Walmart and other big box operators advertise exclusively in the national media. Semi-literate Americanos would rather get their news and opinion electronically for free. Those capable of reading are unable to understand even the kindergarten verbiage of the modern print newspaper.

      Financial aid to newspapers is meant to purchase their loyalty, making all of them actual adjuncts to a government that they are supposed to monitor. Small town papers are subsidized in part by the advertising of state lotteries, insuring that no criticism will come their way.

      • “Those capable of reading are unable to understand even the kindergarten verbiage of the modern print newspaper.”

        So you’ve read “The Chicago Sun-Times” then?

        See news
        See news run
        Run news run!

    • There have been numerous attempts to subsidize print “journalism” over the years. You can tell who benefits because of who sponsors the bills.

  28. “A big Republican win next November will probably mean the Build Back Better plan gets passed as a way to “unite the country after a contentious and divisive election”.”

    Exactly! Which is exactly why I won’t be voting. To quote another famous cult leader, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  29. “A big Republican win next November will probably mean the Build Back Better plan gets passed as a way to “unite the country after a contentious and divisive election”.”

    Agree with this 100%. The usual suspects in the Heritage Foundation, etc. are already planning the language for this bust out.

    • What kills me this time is there is no “and”. Even normies on Gab are gloating about the “Red Wave” and when asked what will change, i.e., “and what next?”, there’s…nothing. They can’t admit to what they hate and why they hate (or even that they hate) so I guess that it’s not unusual that their favorite politicians feed into this ocean of vagueness.

  30. I am not too savvy on how political operatives do their wicked deeds buy couldn’t this be a big power play for Manchin? If he is the only impediment he can demand anything he wants and say he changed his mind on principle.

    It is funny how the media and politicians also grab on to some term or word and run run with it as if marching orders were faxed to everybody that morning. How many times has insurrection been iterated? Many years ago some person up for confirmation was dismissed by a hive leader as lacking gravitas. That’s all one heard for weeks uttered by all the media orcs for weeks. From then on that’s all I noticed about these deplorables.

    • “… as if marching orders were faxed to everybody that morning.”

      As if? It’s not as if. They are literally sent their marching orders every morning, although by email, not by fax, in all likelihood.

      “Build Back Better” and “Great Reset” and probably a half-dozen of the other slogans our politicians and media figures are inundating us with come straight from the World Economic Forum.

    • There are known email distributions among journos and pols that exist solely for the purpose of disseminating the day’s Marxist talking points.

  31. When the republicans win the end of build back better as a slogan might end but like the republicans of the George W Bush era whom passed legislation making it impossible to declare bankruptcy for student loans.
    The Republican Party will do their duty for us.
    Probably outlaw criticism of cross dressers while giving tax breaks to corporations whom hire them.
    Something weak and effeminate to match their weak and effeminate leadership.
    Until we destroy conservativism Inc as it now exists nothing will happen fir our benefit except Lindsay Graham insisting something will happen soon every night on Shaun Hannity’s tv show.

    • ” … the republicans of the George W Bush era whom passed legislation making it impossible to declare bankruptcy for student loans.”

      It was Billary and Hillary did that.

    • I have for years wondered what is discussed at Hannity radio show staff meetings. Do they say, “Look boss, you need to stop interrupting your guests so much and lets quit repeating the same talking points ten thousand times”. If not, then they are worthless. What good is a staff if they won’t critique the boss?

      • “Beware the barreness of the busy life” was made for Hannity. This drone hasn’t change a jot in twenty-five years. Worse, he’s repeated “ya know” well over one-hundred times a day for the entire 25. It’s difficult to listen when you never stop talking.

    • It was Senator Biden who slipped the no bankruptcy on student loans into a bill. He did it to protect his bribes and kickbacks from big bank and credit card scammers. Of course Bush might have vetoed the whole thing.

      • Absolute truth. Is he telling his listeners to send their sons and daughters to die in the Ukraine or Taiwan these days?

        You are a Great American, Pure Blood.

  32. Speaking of Obama, one can pinpoint the exact moment the Media finally dropped the mask on this stuff: whenever it was that Barky first claimed that his proposed gazillion dollar entitlement would actually save the taxpayer money.

    Not even the Media – so innumerate that they can’t count their own balls and get the same answer twice – are that dumb. But they repeated it anyway, and now it’s heresy to even suggest that there’s a tradeoff involved — ALL Democrat proposals must be ALL good. It was amazing at the time… and that time seems like steely eyed sanity compared to now.


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