Exciting Times

Note: This coming Thursday I will be on with the great Ed Dutton to explain to him that intelligence is a social construct used to defend white supremacy. The livestream is on the YouTube at 2PM eastern. He posts replay on Bitchute so when that link is available, it will be posted here.

One of the signs that you are living in an unpredictable age is that each year the world seems less predictable and reliable. When people say, “It is an exciting time” they generally mean it is an unpredictable time. Of course, when an enemy says, “May you live in exciting times” they are wishing you end up in an unpredictable age. The reason unpredictable is seen as a curse is it means uncertainty. When you cannot count on anything, you live in a world populated with risk.

Three years ago, no one in their right mind would have predicted that Joe Biden would be president or even alive. He was a frail old man. Two years ago, that was being confirmed as he staggered from one loss to the next in the primary. Then all of a sudden, the rest of the field retired and he was made the nominee. A year ago, his unlikely and unprecedented victory put a frail old man in the White House. Few people thought Biden would be alive, much less still president today.

That is what makes the coming year interesting. The ruling regime, mostly by their own hand, now live in interesting times. They have the midterms looming, which is always a rough time for the regime as fraud is at its lowest. They can get their believers agitated enough to “do what it takes” in presidential elections because they can personalize it for them, as we saw in 2020 and 2000. People forget that the 2000 election was the most fraud-ridden election up to that point.

On top of the normal problems they face; they have a president who is so out of his mind that mocking him seems cruel. A big part of his low approval numbers is an anger at the regime for installing a vegetable in the White House. That is compounded by the fact that his second is about as popular as rectal cancer. Fans cannot call for the backup president because she is worse than a vegetable. The whole thing is a train wreck with no obvious solution.

It is a good reminder that the people running the empire are no geniuses. They are clever, but not smart. Clever people know how to wiggle out of tight jams, but smart people know how to avoid the jams. Bill Clinton was clever because he could always slip the noose, but never smart enough to avoid the trap entirely. The people running the empire were able to outflank the hapless Donald Trump, but they just created another mess for themselves in the process.

Now, they have a president that will have to be replaced before the 2024 election simply due to his declining health. No one wants strong diverse female in the top job as it turns out she is dumber than her critics had claimed. If they are going to engineer a coup against her, it has to be done in 2022. Otherwise, they could face the prospect of getting a VP through a Republican House and Senate. Granted, the GOP will roll over and play dead, but it would still be ugly.

Of course, removing Harris from office and finding a suitable replacement would end up being like one of those airport brawls. The Harris staff would leave only after a World Star quality melee posted on Twitter. Even if that could be averted, who would they find to replace her as VP? The Left does not have the “take one for the team” mentality when it comes to this stuff. The only plausible option is Hillary Clinton, who would take the job on the condition that Biden dies in 2023.

That is just one enormous headache for the regime. Their loons are gearing up for what may be the most ridiculous show trial in history. The crackpots on the January 6th commission plan to entertain us starting in January. Imagine the increasingly deranged Liz Cheney and the bug-eyed Adam Schiff, stripped naked and sent running through a field full of garden rakes. That image is somber compared to what lies ahead for this ridiculous show trial they have planned.

It has been forgotten that this same crew managed to turn the second impeachment show into a laugh riot. In that farce, the witnesses were Jewish people with names that sounded like the roster of a Russian hockey team, but the they were mostly boring and incomprehensible. In this farce, the witnesses will be people expert at getting attention on social media. It is going to look like Reddit exploded and the bits landed at the witness table of this hearing. It is going to be bizarre.

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to the many dangers for the regime that lie just over the horizon. The economy is doing things all the smart people claimed was impossible and it is getting worse. The Covid panic has turned into something of a UFO cult that is beyond the ability of the rulers to control. This is just the stuff we know about right now. The future is never bright for a gerontocracy, but 2023 is looking to be exciting times for our geezer overlords.

The American empire is now firmly in its Crisis of the Third Century phase. This is when powerful actors see advantage in chaos. The regime itself sees chaos as a way to prevent the mobs from forming at the gates. The thought of normalcy is what keeps them up at night, so they embrace the chaos. Chaos cannot go on forever, so the exciting times will reach an end at some point. That point is always just beyond where people think it should lie, so 2023 promises to be an exciting time.

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187 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. OT: why do i bother visiting ace?! he’s now quoting national review?! he.just.doesn’t.get.it. neither do his inane commenters, grillers all.

  2. There will be a tipping point but when it will happen I have no idea. As Dalrymple noted, the main purpose of communist propaganda was humiliation. Our rulers are high on their power and love to make the managerial class jump through hoops while spouting the insane narrative du jour.

    The only solution for the ruling class will be divorcing themselves from the increasingly incompetent and sadistic system that rules over lesser people. This happens quite effectively in third world nations. In Nigeria’s Lagos, the ruling elite live on a separate island, Banana Island, and guards stop lesser people from visiting it unless they have approval of people there. This is the good apartheid that the West won’t fight because it probably will be implemented in Z’s Lagos. Cities and huge areas on major cities as gated communities. They’re El be plenty of no go zones keeping out the likes of us.

  3. the international elites should never have decided to lock down. If they hadn’t – the current situation would be a lot more stable. Otoh, it’s possible that Larry Fink and his illk saw a recession coming and thought it would be smart to do a “controlled demolition” rather than potentially experience a great depression 2.0

  4. Chiles elections wrapped up. The nominal left won like is ever more the norm in Latin America. The business community has been having a terrible time figuring out ways to game the system for their men (center-right) in a democracy. The potential for bad press in the world media keeps a lot of their old tools off the table.

    The chilean race was a bit more interesting than the angry leftist pitted against the center right suit – selling the business communities agenda with a progressive, socially liberal, and modernizing paint job .

    Jose Kast ran as a right wing extremist that was going to privatize everything under the sun and slash taxes. In dark corners he even pandered to religious mores, an anathema to educated center-right sensibilities. Kast made it to the second round, and then got crushed.

    Just not enough votes in the business community and the 30 percent or so who have trickle down benefits. The majority don’t trust the businessmen and economists.

  5. “The only plausible option is Hillary Clinton, who would take the job on the condition that Biden dies in 2023”

    I just can’t stop imagining Hillary snapping her loop of piano wire.

  6. I’m just so tired of this fakeandgayasscountry.

    I don’t really even have a pithy comment. Just my sincere exhaustion and frustration.

    • We are polarizing. And every day, more sleeping normies awaken and begin their migrations to the poles. We saw this yesterday with that democrat senator that told Joe to shove his build-back-better porkfest. A lot of people are going to be forced at gunpoint or starvation to come our way. Reason will drive others.

      Our gracious blog host said that this idiocy WILL pass at some point. I am not so sure. This kind of thing cannot go on forever, at some point, the house of cards will come down regardless of how many stooges the establishment elects for us.

      The fakery and faggotry WILL stop, sooner or later. The only question now is how many will have to die to get them back in the closet or in cages where they belong.

      Merry Christmas, M – and keep your chin up.

    • Obligatory video clip:


      Anyone that has worked in the Third World knows the sentiment.

      I bet Putin feels the same after decades attempting to be patient with those he graciously refers to as his Western, “partners.”

  7. In 2022 I am expecting race riots that are going to make 2020 look like a picnic. They have been doing this consistently since 2012 whenever they thought they needed a hand. At this point, really, what else do they have? Inflation is out of control, most people are tired of COVID and are ignoring them (something like 20% of people got boosters, even though they’ve been readily available for months), the vaccines are a worthless joke at best and harmful poison at worst, the border is a mess, only the most ardent shitlibs still care about 1/6, nobody is buying their saber-rattling over Taiwan and Ukraine, and most importantly, they’re in charge. They own this.

    We always had their incompetence going for us, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to put us through hell while they fumble. I think 2022 is going to make that very clear. It’s very easy to gin up their antifa shock troops and set them loose on regular Americans, and they will be doing a lot of that. Get out of the cities.

    • ” nobody is buying their saber-rattling over Taiwan and Ukraine”

      I think there is a real danger that the fuck-wits could start something in Ukraine.

    • It would be folly for the regime to green-light the riots in 2022, so soon after the mayhem of 2020 and the explosion in crime in 2021. It would confirm even among the most CNN-besotted lefties that the authorities have lost control. Of course the regime specializes in folly so you may be right after all.

      But I suspect that the BLM and antifa “armies of the night” will be kept on their leash until 2024.

      • I posted here once before about how everything the ruling class does reminds me of an old comedy sketch I saw. In the sketch this “pest control” team keeps releasing ever more dangerous predators to deal with the last ones they released.

        This does have the advantage of keeping people watching for whatever the next threat is going to be rather than noticing the little man behind the curtain. For us, the idea must be to put out the message – “there is no such thing as BLM, Antifa, Covid, inflation, supply chain problems.., there is only ONE problem – the group that set them all loose on the world.”

    • ” am expecting race riots that are going to make 2020 look like a picnic. They have been doing this consistently since 2012 whenever they thought they needed a hand. At this point, really, what else do they have? ”

      Prediction: some states and even cities will use massive lethal force against the next round of race rioters. It will function as a proxy war against the central government, and history will mark it as such. While not all that analogous, think Bloody Kansas.

      • I hope you’re right, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now, failure to grovel hard enough before the Numinous Negro is sufficient grounds for being unpersoned. The leap from that level of abject worship to actually turning guns on the gibbering gods can only be measured in parsecs.

        • Bingo. Don’t forget, Con inc is endlessly trying to gain the black vote in hopes that they’re all Thomas Sowell’s on the inside just waiting for the right argument to awaken them. This despite the fact that a maximum of 10% have voted team red in about 30 years.

      • There is absolutely zero chance that happens whatsoever. Under no circumstances would the cities and their handlers ever risk going against their sacred negros. In fact, I think they’ll double down even harder. The riots will rage and as long as white people are suffering or losing their livelihoods, all will be considered well.

        • “As long as white people are the ones suffering.”

          That’s really the key. If BLM rioters make the mistake of going into Hispanic neighborhoods, there will be consequences. They found this out a few times in LA. Hispanics don’t suffer the same guilt complex for the blecks as whites.

          • considering mexicans are ethnically cleansing blacks all over the US, blacks going into mexican neighborhoods isn’t much of a problem. i thought i read that mexico basically killed off all the blacks that were there in the 1800’s? they seem eager to just exterminate the nigs here, too.

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  9. Hillary and Kamala: the world’s most despicable White woman, teamed up with her counterpart “of color”.

    Assuming Biden doesn’t die, I could see him remaining in office until 2024: the perfect president, in that he’s guaranteed to not oppose whatever his string-pullers are scripting for him. The more cognitively incompetent he becomes— and alzheimers and other age-related dementias typically progress pretty fast— the more he’ll welcome direction.

    Michele Obama as Hillary’s VP? I know she’s dismissing the idea, and possibly aspiring to become the next Oprah. But who knows? Lots of liberal White women love her. And another first: America’s first Black female impersonator president!

    • Possible.

      I know up here in Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a rancid b*tch that was every part Hillary’s equal. When the notion that his retarded whoreson could run for PM, I laughed out loud. He’s going on his third term now, I think. He is obviously a meat puppet with the establishment’s hand up his arse, and would be lucky to give Joe a run for his money in a cognitive skills test. I wouldn’t doubt that tard could go four terms in this idiot country.

      I’d like to think you Americans are made of better stuff. Best of luck to ya, guys. None of us deserves this.

      • Didn’t realize Canada was so bad too. Are there pockets of sanity where a refuge could be found, formed? A Canadian West Virginia? White sanctuary city? Where it’s OK to be white?

          • B125: There is one couple I watch on Youtube that is building their own home up in the eastern Kootenay Mountains. Area looks harsh but beautiful – what’s the overall demographics up there?

      • Mr Filthie, it breaks my heart to watch Canada sink into the abyss. Growing up in western NY and having Canadian relatives, I have always admired Canada as a kind of “low-key” version of the US and enjoyed the fact that there is this country just up the road that is (or used to be) as easy to enter and visit as, well, Pennsylvania.

        Canada, in my imagination, was the nation depicted in the 1941 film “49th Parallel”. It’s all gone now, I guess. Except for the wide-open spaces that JT wants to fill with neo-colonizers.

    • “: the perfect president, in that he’s guaranteed to not oppose whatever his string-pullers are scripting for him”

      Look at the machinations used to install Biden. This is the reason.

  10. Sometimes it’s difficult to concretize the magnitude of Crazy that’s taking place in our current culture, but here is an anecdote that may suffice. Over on 9gag you can find a viral video filmed on a commercial aircraft getting ready for takeoff. A male passenger is upset because a young woman sitting next to him is breastfeeding a cat hidden under a blanket, so he asks the flight attendants to intervene. The women denies that it’s a cat, but won’t verify that it’s a baby instead. After arguing for a few minutes, the flight attendant removes the blanket to reveal a cat-like animal, which the women then identifies as a Lynx service animal, and it has a WTF expression on its face. And here’s the best part, the flight attendant then says AOK because its a service animal.

    How can anyone still think that we can persuade our way of this mess we’re in?

    • Precisely what services can a Lynx perform a a service animal? (apart from the one outlined above)

      Over the 2 years it seems obvious that a large minority (if not a majority) of women are what is characterized clinically in the DSM as “fucking mental”.

  11. Yeah, except that it is a made-to-order setup for other governments to do things that we all know they are going to do at the right time.

    The situation in Europe, especially concerning NATO expansion into the Ukraine and Georgia, is getting pretty intense. Russia withdrew her ambassador from Kyiv five years ago and has had TWO chargés d’affaires there since then. It’s a bad sign.

    And Stoltenberg and Biden just told Ryabkov to go suck and egg when he “explained” Russia’s position on the expansion of NATO right up to Russia’s western frontier AND in Georgia. The Washington Brainiacs seem to have forgotten events in Syria a few years ago. And what we learned about Russia’s new fighter jets and hyper-sonic missiles, against which NATO has no defense.

    Now, of all things, that Green Party Foreign Minister of Germany, Baerbock, I think her name is, has decided that Russia’s “aggression” is sufficient reason for her to–get this–stop Russian natural gas from coming into Germany–in December!– through the Nordstream II pipeline, which is ready to go. And the new Chancellor, Scholz, I think, is mouthing idiotic lines like “speaking with once voice with the US” and yammering about “partnership” with the Ukraine!

    One knows not whether to laugh or cry. The situation is dangerous and getting worse.

    The Russians ain’t jokin’. They SERIOUSLY ain’t jokin’. We probably don’t have to wait for November of ’22 to see some excitement. REAL excitement.

    • I always like to refer to this sourced statement of Russian effectiveness in the Syrian Civil War:


      “By late February 2016, the Russian Air Force conducted around 60 airstrikes daily, while the American-led coalition averaged seven.[455] Pro-government website Al-Masdar News said that these Russian airstrikes have proven particularly effective against the ISIS oil trade and supply routes in the Syrian Desert.[456] An estimated 209 oil facilities were destroyed by the airstrikes, along with over 2,000 petroleum transports. By the time of the withdrawal of the “main part” of its forces in mid-March, Russia had conducted over 9,000 sorties over the course of five and a half months, while helping the Syrian Army capture 400 towns and acquire 10,000 square kilometers of territory.[457] The Russian military followed the Chechnya Counter-Insurgency model, and “a revanchist Russia, even with a stagnated mono-industrial economy surprised the international community with the pace of attack and will to sustain the operation.”[458]

    • If it comes down to it, I hope Russia smokes NATO like a cheap cigar. (Sans nukes, of course…)

        • I don’t get the total war on civilians thing.

          Surely it would be easier and cheaper just to target NATO headquarters, the EU building and each local parliament/govt building operation?

          • Indeed one could go further in this.
            Those thinking about war with Russia are stuck in ww2.

            Putin has available the exact coords of all political and military establishments in European countries (Google maps has lots of this even).

            There is also the addresses of most political figures available online.

            The weapons exist to hit gps targets pretty well from short – medium range and would be unstoppable on any scale.

            You could effectively blitzkrieg all these at once without needing to drive tank battalions through the any county’s streets.

            1st world warfare could be made very personal to decision makers in the modern world as they are too used to hitting far away low resource targets.

            Maybe they think they would not be targeted and can still just send thousands of young men to slog it out in the mud?

          • Most leaders are detached from society , sociopaths and/or stuck in total war mode.

            Civilian casualties are just numbers to them.

            There was also an old cold war rule against decapitation attacks, take out the leaders and it was assumed to be total war. The USSR allegedly had a device called the dead hand to auto launch everything after such an event.

            However the West has never fought an opponent that has precision guided weapons and they will not be able to deal with the results very readily

            From what I hear, food, water, manufactured goods ,power and the means to make them may not be a thing in year or two which scares me silly

            . The US/NATO will not be able to fight simply because a lack of urea , fertilizer and magnesium mean total collapse.

            Russia certainly has issues but they can sustain a war. I am not certain we can .

    • The German Green Party ran in part on a platform to get tough on Putin and to transition off natural gas. I wish Karl would add some input there.

      This is an incredibly dangerous moment. Europeans and to a lesser extent always have viewed Americans as insane. Now some of the EU apparatchiks are just as nutty, and crazy cat ximen dominate the foreign and military apparatuses. They are perfectly capable of causing a nuclear war. Putin would be well-advised to talk directly to Americans and Europeans about the point at which he would go nuclear, but that probably gives our peoples too much credit for rationality.

      My primary concern, outside of nukes, is that the United States loses in a spectacular fashion and the dollar becomes worthless. If anything halts this, it will be that same fear.

  12. the thing to watch for is mysterious or “unexpected” deaths amongst the political class, as signs of internecine fighting for control. open assassinations are a signal that a full on civil war is imminent. not top names so much as the middling positions.

    • Funny you should mention that. There are foreign governments with POWERFUL incentives to do something like that to avoid a ground war in Europe in the dead of winter. And they also have other, less appealing arrows in their quiver.

      Interesting times indeed.

    • Note it’s probably easier to do this now than it ever has been, both in terms of actually doing it and covering for it. All these people are going in for their “booster” shots. Whether or not they are Inner Party enough for the saline shot as opposed to the real thing, it’s not hard to inject them with something that triggers a heart attack and then blame it on Omicron after the fact.

      • A high profile death associated with the vax would present a big PR problem for the vax mandate fanatics.

        Also, a threat from a credible source can be as effective as the real thing.

    • I don’t doubt there are drugs out there that can mimic a natural death, and not be discovered by standard autopsy.

      Remember Anton Scalia’s death? Found lying fully-clothed on his bed at a Wyoming hunting lodge, local authorities declined to autopsy, Scalia’s family also chose to forego an autopsy.

      Knowing that they can and will kill you is a powerful incentive to keep quiet about what you might know.

  13. Yeah, they’ve really screwed the pooch when it comes to the Backup QB situation, haven’t they? Normally I’d start wondering what, say, the former First Wookiee is up to these days, but if there’s one good thing that came out of the St. Floyd riots, it’s that even the most incorrigible Normie has a case of Chronic Negro Fatigue now…

    Personally, I’m hoping they really do somehow oust Vice “President” Big Gulp and bring in Hillary. No idea how they could possibly do it, constitutionally, and while they obviously don’t care about the constitution we’re still a year or so away from them being able to openly say “because fuck you, that’s why.” Still, where there’s a will there’s a way, and if / when it happens, an enterprising fellow in Our Thing could make a lot of money with a Clue-style board game called Arkancide! I’ve got “Joe Biden, in the shower, slipped and fell on six bullets.”

    • It is telling how the inner party selects VP’s. Clinton picked Gore to build his southern democrat brand in the general, but otherwise Gore was a gullible dullard who would not cause trouble. Bush picked a smart guy to run the crusades against the Muslims and create the police state. Obama picked a simpleton as a life insurance policy. Not even the racists would take a shot at Obama, knowing Biden was next in line. Trump picked a guy who was supposed to know how things worked in DC. Pence was supposed to be resourceful second. Biden has now picked the one person dumber than a dementia patient as his life insurance policy.

      As far as replacing strong diverse female, they first have to force her out, which is the biggest challenge. The president cannot fire her. If they manage that, then the post can remain vacant. That is the one chip they can play to prevent having Hillary forced on them, unless Biden is close to death and there is a “quiet coup” in the White House. My bet is they would like to install Warren or Klobuchar. Both on good terms with the Obama machine and the inner party.

      • Oh man, that would be awesome. President Dances with Socialism! Officially the first Minority Woman President, and she’s whiter than a mayonnaise sandwich in a blizzard. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be more Clown World than that.

        (Over at my place we have a betting pool going about the existence / timing of TFNGS, The Fake and Gay Singularity, in which Clown World gets so ridiculous, it disappears up its own vajazzled butthole and prolapses out into an alternate universe. President Fauxcahontas, first Minority Female President, just might do it).

          • Thank you, thank you, try the veal and be sure to tip your server.

            (Gotta wonder why the down vote in the original comment. The accelerationist crowd that seems to be a majority here should be praying for a female “president.” Tapioca Joe could manage to control himself if he heard a “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant in one of his rare lucid moments… but can you *imagine* what Dizzy Lizzy Warren would do if people start doing the Tomahawk Chop at her? She’d roll in the tanks, and a *real* minority would nuke the site from orbit. Trust me, if you want acceleration, a menopausal cat lady as Commanderette in Chief is just the thing.

        • The Fake and Gay Singularity!

          Ahhhh I shouldn’t be laughing so much at this but here we are. Honk honk, that is brilliant! 🙂

      • Warren seems like such a flawed candidate; but maybe that’s just my Old White Male-ness showing:

        Her decades-long record of pretending to be Cherokee; her recent Twitter spat with Elon Musk, where she accused him of not paying taxes, and he replied that in fact he’d be paying $11 billion; her obvious ignorance of the economic reality that nothing is really “free”; and her overall unpleasant, shrewish personality.

        But I guess being flaky isn’t a disadvantage, among many liberal White female voters….

        • Candidate?

          What a quaint old fashioned term. There are no more candidates. Our leaders are selected and installed. Candidates imply voter input. Our last few leaders were not candidates.

      • “Trump picked a guy who was supposed to know how things worked in DC. Pence was supposed to be resourceful second.”.

        Trump got just that. Pence stabbed the country in the back, when he could have thrown out the bad electoral college votes.

  14. “One of the signs that you are living in an unpredictable age is that each year the world seems less predictable and reliable.”

    Heh. That has to be the mother of all tautologies.

  15. Last night Tucker showed a poll result where Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics has dropped down to 33 percent. If that’s not evidence of how unpopular Biden is, I don’t know what is.

    Of course the Conservative Inc./Turning Point USA crowd who have always pushed going for the Hispanic vote will use this as proof that Hispanics are indeed “natural conservatives,” but what it is, is proof that there is a tipping point where the Biden puppeteers have accelerated the process of destroying the country, and it’s obvious to everyone but the most dense.

    • OTOH, if the 2020 election was in fact successfully stolen, the Dem candidate’s popularity, or lack thereof, isn’t really an issue: he or she is going to win irregardless.

      • There’s no doubt in my mind it was stolen. However, the greater the disparity in the true outcome of the election and the outcome desired by the thieves, the more difficult the election is to steal. It is just possible that the Cadaver will lose in 2024 by such a landslide that even the Power Structure won’t be able to change the outcome. Not that it will make a dam’ bit of difference; whoever is in the White House will continue the War against Whitey.

    • Talking with a liberal college student last night, he mentioned that all of the libs in his dorm hate Biden. They think he’s a ridiculous, dementia-addled joke. Just one year ago, this particular student voted enthusiastically for Biden.

      All this to say, even the idiots who voted for this guy see what an embarrassment he’s become.

      • Darcy: Buyer’s remorse? ZFG. They still want to have their cake and eat it too, they’re still incredibly ignorant, and they’re still increasingly non-White.

  16. i would laugh my ass off if at some point in the future US capitol actually gets looted by non whites, only to hear the mass-media claim immediately after that it was a just a peaceful protest against white supremacy.

    these types of events happened all the time during the the interwar period, whenever communists bombed a building it was a cause they were defending themselves against bourgeois injustice, but if a nationalistic right wing group gathered for one reason or the other it was cause they had a subversive agenda.

  17. What’s interesting is that the current regime seems terrified of its own next generation. The fact that they’re looking at Hillary to succeed Biden tells you everything that you need to know.

    TPTB understand the next generation coming up is either too incompetent to follow orders (Harris, Booker, etc.) and/or too much of true believers to be trusted (AOC, etc.)

    They have no one on the bench that can continue to screw over Normie in a way that doesn’t stir anger in Normie – and who can follow orders. Obama was the last one capable of that, and even he was starting to piss off Normie by the end of his second term.

    • The crisis of competence is everywhere, not just politics. The private sector is getting scary as the geezer quit to play golf. A client of mine just lost their CFO who is in his late-50’s. Sharp guy but he is just sick of the bullshit, so he and the wife are down sizing and doing the simple life. He told me it was not a money issue. They offered him much more to stick around. He is just tired of the nonsense. Reading between the lines, I think he is tired of managing stupid people all day.

      • “Crisis of Competence,” is a great phrase that should be propagated far and wide.

        Corporate life really is adult day care these days. I’ve held support roles and roles where I was only responsible for guiding a few people and I found them immensely frustrating.

        Looking at the bigger picture, the reality is that the people holding the Empire together are the white guys who comprise the few remaining Silents, Boomers, early GenXers, and a few late Xers.

        The more those guys retire, vacation in place, or go completely Galt, the more difficult it will be for the GAE to push its geopolitical schemes and roll out the global biofascist technodystopia.

        One just loves to see it.

        • True. When you think about it, a true totalitarian state requires a good amount of fairly competent personnel.

          It’s not enough to have a competent secret police force. You need the roads to be fixed, the power grid to work, sanitation, computers, etc. If those things fail, you’ll never have enough police to maintain your grip.

          Maybe a 1984-type society is only possible in 90%+ white country.

          • The North Koreans have held it together for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like Chinese grip is loosening on its people either. I’d say northern Asians are quite capable of it. In fact, I’d say they’re rather more prone to it than whites with their high IQ + more communal culture and aversion to being different versus generally individualist whites.

          • The USSR was a nightmare from the human happiness standpoint, but one could argue that its technical schools, which stressed engineering and mathematics in the 20s and 30s, saved the nation. The generation that attended these schools moved factories and military production well east of the war theater, thus making the outcome of the war – with no small help from the boots, coats, motor oil, trucks and foodstuffs from Lend-lease – foregone conclusion.

          • Citizen: There will always be a portion of Whites who will do ANYTHING for enough money. As someone noted (here?), what are the odds that every company doing all the statue removals – including General Lee in Virginia – are companies founded, run, and largely staffed by White guys? Their names need to be added to the lists some people are keeping. Just like the Whites keeping South Africa going, or the White farmers who would consider returning to Zimbabwe to feed their future murderers.

        • I used to work in the South, and I worked with this great southern black woman – probably 60ish, worked her whole life, low formal education but not stupid at all, tough as nails, no nonsense; if you been to the South, you know the type. She had a great saying that always stuck with me:
          “Common sense ran out the door and took responsibility with it.” Amen!

      • and that’s why they have 0 chance of building a totalitarian state. at most they “create” Mogadishu, at which point the billionaires have to leave the country.

      • That will be a legacy of Covid. It shook up everyone’s world, gave them a different perspective on life. The re-examination definitely caused a lot of people to choose a different path.

        They realized that they just didn’t need the grind anymore, either from a financial or a personal perspective.

        But, yes, I hear from a fair amount of bosses that they can’t deal with their workers. And they swear that it’s not the usual “everything was better when I was younger” thing.

        They point out that employees under around 40 literally can’t do their jobs, i.e., it’s not their opinion of the workers, it’s verifiable metrics.

        But what they really say is becoming almost impossible to find are project manager types. They can’t find people who you can say, “here’s this thing that needs to get done, here’s your team, now figure out how to make this happen without bothering me too much.”

        They can’t find a guy who can think independently, manage other people and pull everything together to get projects done. Granted, these were always valuable types and not common, but, apparently, these types of guys are going from not common to almost a unicorn.

        • Citizen-

          I briefly held a project engineering role, which is essentially a smaller-scale version of a project manager’s role.

          I found it immensely frustrating, particularly because my immediate supervisor and his equivalent on the project management side were endlessly patronizing.

          I had to threaten resignation to learn that I’d taken a $2.5 million project that had languished at $0 in earned value management terms to +$500k in 90 days, which represented 3.5x my annual salary and benefits in that role.

          I still left.

          • I used to teach these kids. When I started — two decades ago — there were about 10, 15% of students where I’d say “Life is going to knock you a bit harder than it needs to, largely through no fault of your own… but you’ll be ok. I would hire you.” Over the years, that percentage dropped to a nice round zero. It’s not so much that they’re dumb (though they are, holy tap-dancing Allah, they most surely are), or that they’re lazy and entitled (though ditto), it’s the attitude.

            I’m sure everyone has heard this one: “This is Baliol, I am Jowett / What there is to know, I know it / If I don’t, it isn’t knowledge / For I am master of this college.” No apply that to everything, but fake and gay and aggressive. What they don’t know isn’t knowledge, isn’t worth knowing, and you, pal, are a certified grade A @sshole for daring to suggest otherwise.

        • even if they had competent project managers, administrative bloat would swallow all their time too.

        • I can attest. We always had stupid employees. It is a constant. But about 15-20 years ago, punctuality, even showing up to work, became a real problem with White workers. It went from zero to 60 almost overnight in that regard. It is not just blacks, either. Late Millennial/Zoomer White workers have no time preference any longer.

          It has started to show up even in the most necessary sectors such as public utilities. I have friends who manage electrical and water utilities, and they are bailing for this very reason.

      • A few years back, right before Corona hit, a guy in my riding group was talking about an influx of foreign resumes he was getting. He said most of them were from America and Europe. He’s an engineer so I took that as an indication quite a few capable whites were jumping. Every once in awhile I’ll get a foreigner looking for work. I can’t and don’t want to do visa sponsorship. Shame, too. Some of these guys were pro-level mechanics for the Euro cycling teams.

        • The subplot to this age is around the question, “Where can smart white guys have fun and make money?” There was a time when business was the place then it was the law and then Wall Street. Silicon Valley was made by smart white guys. Pretty much the last place smart white guys can make money is Wall Street. Everywhere is loading up with “the message” and diversity. If smart white guys cannot make money then they will find things that interest them away from that which annoys them.

          • My guess is that smart, young white guys will move to very small companies or be entrepreneurs. They’ll fly under the radar and thus avoid the diversity scene.

            As to Wall Street, it’s getting its fair share of diversity these days. Guys in the business used to have Normie names or small hat names. Today, it’s a lot of Asian and Indian names.

            Not surprisingly, the Asians are huge portion of the “quants” which combine computer programming with trading and various strategies, usually trend following. The Indians are more on the sell side.

            Either way, the “message” is infiltrating Wall Street. ESG mandates are popping up everywhere – on both sides.

            Pension funds, endowments, etc., are including all kinds of diversity, climate-change, you name it, as part of their investment mandates, so if you want a slice of that sweet institutional money, you have to show your love of blacks, gays, trans, etc.

            There’s the flip side as well. If you want JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs to put together some bond offering for your company, they have ESG requirements. Otherwise, they either won’t do the deal or will charge a higher interest rate.

            Yeah, smaller firms – on both sides – can avoid this, but the big money is injected ESG into the financial system.

            Some independent guy like Michael Burry can avoid all of this, but if you’re looking to work on Wall Street, you’ll need to play ball.

          • I don’t if “smart ass white boys” (to use Andy Young’s best quote) are still making the same money Wall St that they did back in the 1980’s. Plenty of competition to get through from all sorts of other minorities who have leg up being not white males. Still, plenty of them pile into the scrum.

            More encouragingly is the number of people going into the trades or real estate trade like house flipping. Granted, you ain’t making Wall St money but it’s not chump change either if you know what you’re doing.

      • I’ve taken full advantage of the crisis of competence; my salary has increased by over 50% in the last 2 years. Idiots are everywhere.

        We’re so diverse that hiring a white male doesn’t affect the company’s diversity score, and plus, they know they need white guys. White guys are making a killing in the trades fields too. A full POC team doesn’t get it done. A white woman team might even be worse.

        There are ALOT of young white guys who are drowning in debt from their meme degree, have not learned how to think properly, are on drugs, or are just not looking for better opportunities. Alot of this starts with parenting, and of course it’s in the media, school systems, etc.

        Young white guys need to avoid the demoralization and degeneracy trap. If they can do that, there’s serious earning potential for smart people.

        • “White guys are making a killing in the trade fields too.”

          While my business is just a part time thing, I upped my price for replacing a rotted post to $485.00.

          For an 8’ treated 4×4 and three bags of cement.

          Not a peep from my customers, and I’m booked until spring.

          There is money to be made if you don’t mind getting dirty and working up a sweat.

      • Spot on. There is a reason I’ve hired a bunch of relative “geezers” over the past two years to get a turnaround done. Many are same I’ve worked with in two other places. The “kids” are whizzes with Excel and PowerPoint—but you could give many of them a set of totally absurd inputs/assumptions and they’d dutifully punch them. Late last year during forecasting I kept harping on the need think about inflationary impacts and they looked at me like I had two heads. Now the kids have gone into full “WTF???”, But with the step up of the intrusion of the HR Commissars, were I not paying a tricked out high end Mercedes in tuitions each year, I’d punch out.

      • Exact same thing in my husband’s company happening including with him (retiring at 60 and leaving a lot of $ on the table because the BS is running heavy these days with no end in sight).

        We (the collective we) had a good run, but it’s beyond question now that a first world country can only be maintained by a first world population. I’m grateful for when I was born and feel nothing but sympathy for the younger people on our side of the great divide who have no choice but to deal with the coming disaster. May they rise to the challenge.

        • Exactly right. As a straight white male in his mid 40s who works in tech, I can tell you that there is no end in sight. I’ve been doing software long enough to see the massive decline. When i started, it was almost ALL white. IQs were extremely high and jobs were VERY competitive. Now, it’s impossible to find event a barely competent programmer. We hire people now if they can simply speak properly or we think they’re not an asshole. The skills are just not there. Of course, if they’re a woman, gay, trans or a sacred black, they are simply hired without any of the process. Every single diversity hire we’ve had has either quit shortly after or was dismissed for incompetence. I say dismissed, because the black ones can’t be fired, so they’re just moved to teams that will be going away at some point.

          I don’t see this ever ending. Maybe it’s because I have that feeling of hopelessness when it comes to the country. I really don’t see a way out outside of that which we shall not speak of.

      • A phrase I’ve seen a couple of times from serious international companies looking to fill high level jobs is “With decreasing institutional knowledge in the workforce…”.

        The Boomers are going and the Xer’s can’t cut it.

      • You really have to be a cog in the machine to survive today’s corporate world. The HR Diversity Masters have reached the level of Gauleiter.

      • I think it was Sailer who said that there’s a lot of high ACT/SAT whites in the hinterlands who have been mostly ignored by the big time schools. Businesses like the one Z just mentioned should start looking at them.

        The idea would be to recruit these kids out of high school or college and pay them at a rate higher than they expect but at a substandard level for the east coast, and see if they can make it work. It’s kind of what bell labs used to do.

  18. It’s funny to see normies pining for a return to “normal”. Voting in Biden will make politics go back to normal, since he’s not a racist and it’s just the Right thing to do. Getting 2 doses of vaccine juice will make things go back to normal. The normie “right” can be similar, if they just vote for Nimrata Randhawa and Civic Nationalists harder, they can get back to grilling. Normal is not coming back though, is it.

    The province of Quebec just shut down all schools, bars, churches, and put a curfew on restaurants despite being 90% double vaxxed AND having a proof of vaccine QR code system in place. This is normal. I don’t know why exactly they’re doing this, but it’s been 2 years of COVID lunacy. This is normal. And it’s probably not going away until people say enough. Normies are upset that they can’t go get drunk and eat spicy food anymore despite being good compliant citizens.

    As far as the USA goes, normal isn’t coming back because it can’t. “Normal” as we knew it is only possible in a white majority country, with white values, Christianity, etc. The USA now has similar demographics to Brazil among its “working” age population, but with more ethnic strife and grifters. It’s pretty obvious that Brazil is normal – violent crime, corruption, poverty, and constant unrest.

    White normies don’t realize why things were “normal”, how good they had it, and what their future is going to look like. As such there will be no return to 2018, just like there will be no return to 1985 or 1955. Without understanding the problem there will be no fixing it – and complying with Vax tyranny or repeating “diversity is our strength” – the white normie route – has led us all down the path to civilizational destruction.

    • Down here in Arizona we get a lot of Snow Birds from Canada. They’re seasonal, only stay for three months, and shoof off back to wherever they came from when the thaw starts in Saskatchewan. Most of them blend in pretty well.

      But, Man, those Ontario-ans stand out like a sore thumb down here. Capital L Liberal, with all the loony Toronto nonsense practiced and at the ready to drop, the NPC idiocy dripping off them like vaseline. It’s like a neutron bomb of Stoopid went off in Ontario and draped everyone there in Dumb.

      Give me an Albertan, a rural BC’er, or even a wizened Quebecoise any old day, over these loony Ontari-ans we see flitting about down here.

      • Tell the Ontarians to f**k off, they’re not welcome in your country. And then kill the “free trade” deal. Let’s see how those uptight Ontario pricks feel when their US-dependent economy craters.

      • When Joni Mitchell moved from Saskatchewan to Toronto, the average IQ of both places increased.

    • In the States at least, one can retreat to small towns or downright rural areas that don’t seem to have change an iota since 1957. And they are pretty communities.

      Small towns in Canada are not very attractive, esthetics is not as prized in hoserland as it is in the USofA. Heck even large suburban, semi-urban areas in the States are nice especially in the South; terracotta roofed malls, solid professional signage often with gold leaf lettering on wood base, impeccably manicured bushes, trees, and other landscaping. The number of businesses I see in Canada, urban or rural, where the sign is like a temporary plastic sheet, eyesores.

      The food is so much better down there too, even the chains. Canada has crappy chains like East Side Marios, Caseys, St. Hubert chicken, and the godawful Pizza Pizza and the rest.

      B125, if interested, as we convince each other we are not feds, let’s keep each other in the loop on ways to head south. I am working on getting a protonmail for starters. I have some good leads already.

    • Best post today. This is an excellent articulation of exactly what I have in my head.

      “As far as the USA goes, normal isn’t coming back because it can’t. “Normal” as we knew it is only possible in a white majority country, with white values, Christianity, etc. The USA now has similar demographics to Brazil among its “working” age population, but with more ethnic strife and grifters. It’s pretty obvious that Brazil is normal – violent crime, corruption, poverty, and constant unrest.”

      100% on point.

    • Chaim and Shlomo led us down the path of civilization destruction. Tv and movies were the Trojan Horse, that and our own stupidity for buying into it. Times are changing though, eyeballs are lightening up.

  19. With all due respect, Zman, who (outside the pundit class and our guys who mock them) is really following this? Joe and Jane Normal are not going to be glued to their tvs watching the Jan 6 show trials. They’re just going to tune out even more. Why would the regime allow the detainees to be exonerated or let any of them out of prison even if they were? And the puppeteers aren’t particularly bothered by Kamala’s unpopularity. Same as the repukes are determined to push Nimrata Randhawa as her all’murrican opponent. Unless it becomes a Trump/Hillary redux. But Trump is all for the magic vax. Oh, and Greg Abbott here in Texas is considering pardoning Saint Floyd. Just another day in AINO.

    It’s all theater and sound and fury signifying nothing other than the dying throes of a degenerate empire. Whether certain people want it or not, it is all going to crash and burn. No, I can’t say when, but I continue to pray it’s soon. No, I’m not confident I will survive or that Whites in general will, but this twisted, depraved, Satanic inversion of reality sickens me more each day.

    • 3g4me:

      “No, I can’t say when, but I continue to pray it’s soon. No, I’m not confident I will survive or that Whites in general will, but this twisted, depraved, Satanic inversion of reality sickens me more each day.”

      If you’re not confident that you or your brothers & sisters here will survive, then why pray that it happens soon?

      I think you’re a surviver. I think you will survive. Don’t get too discouraged. But if you do, keep fighting anyway. The future is full of surprises.

      • BeAprepper: Oh, I will do my damnedest to survive – I may not have a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers but I most definitely have endurance. And I don’t quit when the fight or cause matters to me (if it’s stupid passive/aggressive games I just don’t play). Don’t mistake my disgust at everything with the black pill of despair – I’m just not interested in what the political class is saying or doing. Just as I was never interested in theater in high school. I’m plenty busy with real life and working on my personal fitness and my family’s resiliency.

    • The neocons and establishment are definitely hoping for Nimrata, but I think the people are behind DeSantis. I still hold a small amount of cautious optimism about him, which I’m sure will be crushed in short order.

    • “Same as the repukes are determined to push Nimrata Randhawa as her all’murrican opponent.”

      As awful as that is, this makes me laugh. She’s such a transparent grifter, Israel Firster, and basic parasite that her promotion as Our Lady of Dharma is hilarious.

  20. I dunno. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in October of 1919; Edith and the inside gang kept things going until the election the following year. Reagan was sundowning too, not to mention FDR. So there’s plenty of precedent for what’s happening now.

    Improvisation is the essence of politics, as Zman has basically stated here. That’s part of the fun of it for the insiders. You have to think that a lot of the adrenaline rush for them is wriggling out of all these tight spots.

    But the mob is fickle. What worked last year – gibs, BLM and lockdown – likely won’t work this year. Inflation is rampant; people are tired and antsy. I suspect we’re in for more surprises because the old playbook may be shredded in favor of more improvisation. God help us……..

    • Which of course just highlights the fact that the president isn’t as important as most people believe. The bureaucracy runs the show, and at best the president maybe pushes some agenda wish-lists, or tries to keep the bureaucracy on somewhat of a leash… but even that’s probably optimistic in most cases.

      You can “fire” the president or congress – supposedly – but you can’t fire the bureaucracy, the media, the schoolteachers, the judiciary, or the academics who train and produce all of them.

  21. Absolutely, it’s Year of the Four Emperors plus Bastille Day plus Reichstag fire all rolled into one great big farce that verges on the side of terrifying. Pardon the expression, but the absolute dipshitness of everyone, including Trump, grasping onto the upper rungs of power startles even the most jaded of cynics. These?!? These are the people put into power by the elites? It boggles the mind…

    Still, I think there are members of the lizard class who are watching all this through a reptilian lens and plotting and perfecting their next move. Who knows if it will be Emperor Elon I who ends up slaying the legions of the Pretender Bezos at the Battle of I-695 or vice-versa but my spidey sense tells me there are billionaires out there who see the writing on the wall and are waiting for the moment to tell the current class: exit stage left.

    The cracks continue to widen…

    • Ah, yes. Hillary, stepping over a puddle, surveying a burning Wendy’s in Bethesda with an imperious glare as she mutters, “Veni, vidi, vici…”

  22. ” The American empire is now firmly in its Crisis of the Third Century phase. This is when powerful actors see advantage in chaos.”

    We will know we are close to the End of The United States when state politicians start talking about how their states would be better off being out of the Union, and they will have a long list of grievances that only dullards will ignore. I’d say 2 or 3 more fake elections coupled, the end of the petro-dollar, and the collapse of the China Big Box Store model are prerequisites to that situation.

    • I’d say that DeSantis in Florida and Stitt in Oklahoma are the two governors that have taken anti-regime actions that at least imply they’ve thought about leaving the Union without openly stating it.

      • Wild Geese: Yeah, but what proportion of DeSantis’ Floridian residents are Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, and Juice? Actually threatening to leave the empire would risk all their entitlement money – that, if nothing else, would get them all off their couches.

  23. war in 2022 seems very likely, to me. that is the traditional hail mary for train wreck regimes.

    as for hillary, she is looking like mrs Hut these days, she’ a hard core alchy, gets 0 exercise, etc etc. would not count on her taking office, ever.

    • Hillbilliary would be quite content to wallow at one place and cackle while her minions commit all sorts of atrocities.

      • Hillbillary the Hutt gestures, and a trapdoor opens in the floor!

        A scantily clad Kaly MacEnany and Trump, all in black, fall to the bone-strewn pit!

        Savage, snarling, the dread serpentdome, James Carville, emerges and reaches for them with his clutching claws…

    • Obama seems like the reasonable face of any shadow government.

      Hugely popular. Cleans up nice.

      Not a fan, myself. But he does what he’s told. He understood his role well.

  24. The 90s. That was probably the last good decade. We won the cold war,, win a little skirmish in the middle East and then left. Of course the Clinton administration used it to set up the destruction of the country, but things didn’t go sideways until the next decade.

    • We did see the leading edge of it in the 90s, but the 00s really were the decade where just everything turned fake and lame, starting off with the installation of GWB, a center Left globalist who successfully LARPed his way into office by hoodwinking conservative voters into believing that he was some kind of small-government, traditionally moral evangelical Christian.

  25. It feels good to get fit during times of chaos. Stronger, faster (relatively speaking), more nimble, and greater dexterity & control in the sword hand. That is how you counter the natural anxiety that accompanies the ever-growing Crazy around you. Practice your tangible skill sets. Run/shoot/hide is wonderful exercise (even with a old BB or paintball gun). Reconnoiter the neighborhood. Think outside the box. Who is friend and who is foe? From whence will the rampaging hoards or Jackboots attack? Know your sight-lines and ranges implicitly. Ancient wisdom.

    • Paradoxically, I found day-long or more faster clears anxiety better than about anything else. Seems to be your bodies’ natural “SHTF, time to toughen up” response.

      If you’re confident you can live without food for a long time if necessary, the other worries seem more trivial.

      • No doubt about it, fasting sharpens the mind and disciplines the body. I fasted a full five days in early 2019, only drinking water and black coffee, popping vitamins and downing a spoonful of fish-oil every morning. Quite aside from the rapid weight loss my energy and mental clarity spiked. Of course I was single then and could do stuff like that because no one was around to tell me how crazy it all was. Now that I remarried, to a woman who loves to cook, I cannot fast anymore because she would be offended and annoyed.

        Still, it was a great experiment, in that I now know what one can manage if times get lean and unpredictable.

    • The 90s. That was probably the last good decade. We won the cold war,, win a little skirmish in the middle East and then left. Of course the Clinton administration used it to set up the destruction of the country, but things didn’t go sideways until the next decade.

      • I look back and hate the 1990’s. That’s when every damn industry left got outsourced to China, and every automobile sold became a compact front-wheel drive POS

        • Coalclinker: Yup. I spent half of the ’80s overseas, and when we returned mid ’90s I realized the America I grew up in was already dead and gone. All those years I learned about race and reality and the value of nationhood, and yet I came back looking for the
          White picket fence to find it all vanished forever.

      • Whether the decade of the ’90s was “good” or not isn’t the point. It’s the validity of the predictions made in previous years that counts. In 1988 nobody except Judy Felton was predicting that the Soviet system was going to dissolve, it being generally agreed that their command economy would rival the American “free market” for years to come. As time went by worries over the Y2K bug came to nothing. Of course, incorrect predictions are forgotten, see Paul Ehrlich, but when someone miraculously gets one right it’s a big deal.

        • I go back and forth on Y2K.

          Yes, some of it was exaggerated.

          It is also true that we were far less dependent on integrated, precision timing systems in 2000 than we are today.

          On the other hand, a lot of places did take it seriously and did make mitigation efforts to transition their codebase and systems to use four digits for tracking the current year.

          It would be interesting to see a serious retrospective of how effective those mitigation effort were.

          • Mr. Howard:
            Not sure why you got a downvote.
            Y2K is now commonly thought of as a nothingburger. Truth is, we had several systems – UNIX & Novell Network servers – that failed tests for the year-changeover.
            I was hired to mitigate potential Y2K problems and there were quite a few. In most cases, we could code around it until new servers were spun up as VMs. We had to scrap two windows/ novell servers as the BIOS absolutely would not run past 12/31/99.

            If we had ignored it, there would have been sadness and terminations.

          • If we had ignored it, there would have been sadness and terminations.

            Corn would have ceased to grow, cows would no longer have given milk and the sun would have grown dim.

          • The Y2K bug was a real thing . I had equipment stop working because of clock errors.

            The reason it was a big mess is that we had enough of Real America left and threw everything we had at it.

            It was certainly possible that we spent too much but most of it went into wages and that functioned as stimulus so it was recovered in terms of taxes anyway.

    • Seems pretty predictable to me.

      Every night I go to bed and predict things will be that bit more shit in the morning.

      At the moment I am hitting 100% on a winning streak that does not seem to have any end in sight.

      • Yes. Things always get worse. Still, whatever keeps me awake at 3 am has vanished when I get up at 7. The sun is out, I’m rested, and – best of all – I am still here, with shit to do.

        It’s Christmas and I won’t allow our enemies to make me miserable.

      • Yes it was. Thousands of missiles aimed at each other, and yet life was – by today’s standard – simple, free, and good. You could walk into a bookshop and buy literally anything in print, from the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ to the multi-volume biography of Leonid Brezhnev, from Jefferson’s ‘Notes on Virginia’ to a copy of ‘Honcho’ if that was your thing.

        In those days my mid-sized city had roughly 12 murders a year; so far this year we are at 81, and counting. And that with a population roughly 30% smaller, as with all decaying northern cities.

        And those old bookstores: The books, magazines and newspapers covering everything and anything, are now just lotto kiosks, a coffee bar, and a handful of dreck newspapers all spouting the same bullshit. They are all ‘The Chestnut Cafe”, for all of you Orwell fans.

        Could it be that ICBMs actually preserved civilization?

    • The 1990s deffo.

      Big Sunday paper in the morning, NFL on Sundays, 60 Minutes that evening, crony capitalism but within normal bounds, foreign wars but with coalitions, Newt says something, Bill says something, Jay Leno says something, market up and down, Newsweek does a puff piece on someone, tick tock tick tock, new car model, some new rock group just charted, sale at JC Penney, oh wow look what the kids are doing nowadays, should I drink Bud or Miller, tick tock tick tock.

      • The Nineties…the World Wide Web!

        The Naughts…cell phones!

        The Tens…smart phones!

        The Twenties…twerking Tiktok nurses!!

  26. With the insane panic over the Omicron variant, which is clearly no worse than the common cold, I have started to wonder if the regime will kill Biden and claim he died of it. Can you imagine what that funeral would be like? It would put the Soviets to shame.

  27. You get an idea of what these crazies are planning by observing their stated fears. SecDef Austin and his Pentagon cronies claim they are terrified of a military coup carried out by a unit commander with Trump sympathies. Thus they now are carrying out yet another officer purge. Voilá! There is the plan. If all else fails, they will institute marshal law and shut down any communications which do not favor the regime. Count on it.

    • Shutting off all communication would bring every city to a burning inferno. Imagine all the diversity who no longer have internet access in their phones along with EBT cards not working. Imagine telling these woke commanders to take down these diverse rioters and bring order to the city. They don’t have the will.

      Sure, they’ll crack down on whitey in the suburbs for performative stuff, but even shitlibs will tire of that. Good luck getting the military in every rural town too.

      The dollar would also plunge as nations scramble for a currency with a more stable regime.

      Martial law means U.S. collapse.

        • Communism in Russia:

          1. Release crazies and criminals

          2. Put them in uniforms and give them badges.

          3. Use them to heavily suppress dissenters who can’t fight back in any way.

          4. Throw them back in prison when power is completely established

          Shades of this now with antifa. Course, the FBI is stepping up for the role as well.

      • Go and look at the ratio of say, registered hunters to LEOs + NG in Upper Midwest states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

        It’s something like 150 or 100:1

        I wish the regime good luck with any attempt to roll out martial law.

        • Wild Geese: I never did get around to visiting Michigan. From what I’ve read and seen online the UP seems absolutely beautiful and a terrific place to live for self-sufficient White people.

          • 3g4me:

            Yes, the UP is beautiful. My uncle was fortunate enough to grow up there in a small (pop 10k) city the 40s and 50s. I think that city is still 97% white last I checked.

            Sadly, the economy in the UP is not the best.

            The mining and timber operations up there are a fraction of what they once were.

            Pipeline #5, which the governor has tried to shut down, is also a vital portion of the economy.

            I give a lot of credit to Enbridge, headquartered in Calgary, AB, for keeping #5 open. They seem to be run by people with spines, and they have put up an excellent site detailing the importance of #5 and current news about #5:


            The only blue hive of note is Northern Michigan University in the city of Marquette. There is a smaller one at Michigan Tech in Houghton.

            Land it still pretty cheap and there is plenty of water available. There is plenty of game to hunt on public and private land, and the fishing up there is also very well-regarded.

            The major impediment to self-sufficiency that far north is obviously the short growing season for fruit and vegetables.

      • Chet Rollins,

        All it would take to bring about nationwide race riots, is for someone to hack into Gov’t computers, disable EBT cards, and stop welfare “entitlement” checks. Instant chaos!

    • Too difficult to pull off and our beclowned officers are not USSR level good or hard enough. I’m not sure by 20202 if we will have food or money anyway.

      . Also the COVID rubbish is teaching people a needed skill, even here in California. How to avoid obeying dumb authorities.

  28. Everyone I talk to says they can’t wait for normalcy to return like it’s a perennial season. They don’t get it, the chaos and insanity present in our rulers heads and policies is they only way they can keep it going.

    As for Hillary, we on this side were so sure that she was going to collapse in a fit of spasms on the debate stage after seeing a few videos of her being thrown in the van or wobbling on the streets. The bitch is still here only she has moved up a few weight divisions and is mean as ever. I actually saw for the first time that ice witch cry while reading her “acceptance speech”. Yeah, next year will be interesting.

    • Herself, dressed in white, means she must be Glenda the Good Witch

      Kamala, always in black, must be the Wicked Witch of the West

      And she has squads of flying monkeys… yeah, it fits

  29. > It is a good reminder that the people running the empire are no geniuses. They are clever, but not smart. Clever people know how to wiggle out of tight jams, but smart people know how to avoid the jams.

    One of the more accurate parts of the T.V. series House of Cards is the main characters were never long-term thinkers, but simply clever sociopaths who bumbled into one crisis after another but were witty enough to escape only to bumble into another avoidable crisis, all the while somehow elevating their position.

    The Covid response is a lot like this, where political leader bumble around but somehow, in the end, end up on top and with more power.

    For example, the trajectory of Fauci, Birx, etc. is a story of a lifetime of objective failures turned into political victories on steroids. It’s a feature of democracy that people like this are the only people able to rise to the top.

    • One reason for all of this, is that the dumb bastards at the top actually seem to think that they are bulletproof, because they have managed, through a combination of sociopathy and luck, to offload most of the consequences of their failure on to other people. This will not last, because the wealth, power, and social capital that the United States managed to build up until about 1990 can only be mined so much, and these numpties are incapable of actually building anything, even a decent response to a medium-range flu. The future is indeed going to be interesting…

      • The plan seems to be to stripmine White wealth and redistribute it to The Others. Seems simultaneously evil and unworkable.

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