The New Enlightenment

Note: This coming Thursday I will be on with the great Ed Dutton to explain to him that intelligence is a social construct used to defend white supremacy. The livestream is on the YouTube at 2PM eastern. He posts replay on Bitchute so when that link is available, it will be posted here.

If you were a typical European in the 17th century, you would not have been brimming with optimism. Life was tough for most people in that age because the margin for error was so small. If you made a wrong step behind the plow, you could break a leg and before long some guy is sawing off your leg to stop gangrene. Knock over a candle on the way to the latrine and your hut could burn down. Disaster was always lurking as even small things could quickly turn deadly.

If you were educated, material life was usually better, but being educated in an age of general ignorance is a special sort of curse. If you were an educated man in the 17th century, you knew about the Thirty Years War, so you were not all that optimistic about the intellectual future of mankind. Parts of Europe were reduced to cannibalism in an effort to hang onto antiquated modes of thought and order. Few people saw them as antiquated, which meant grinding war was normal.

Despite this, the West was on the cusp and the Enlightenment. Most people date the dawn of the period of Western intellectual flowering that is still with us today to around the start of the 18th century. Galileo was a man of the 17th century and Nicolaus Copernicus was a man of the 16th century. James Harrington published The Commonwealth of Oceana in 1656. As with any era in human history, pinpointing an exact starting point is mostly out of convenience, not accuracy.

The point here is that for most people alive in the 17th century, these intellectual stirrings were unknown. Even educated people were limited by the circumstances of the age as the dissemination of information was by foot. The printing press had revolutionized the production of books, but books were still expensive. Of course, most of the best and brightest were Thomist, so the new ideas from science would have looked like a threat to the natural order.

Of course, the political outlook was grim. The Peace of Westphalia had settled the Thirty Years War, but the underlying issues remained. The division of the world into Protestant and Catholic suggested eternal conflict. The English Civil War suggested that religious conflict within the Protestant side was inevitable. The great unity of faith maintained by the Catholic Church was forever broken. A reasonable, educated man could easily foresee a dark future for mankind.

It is a good reminder that we are not very good at judging the times in which we are living or seeing around the next bend. The cynical in the 17th century had no idea that the 18th century would be an unprecedented intellectual flowering. It was not all kittens and puppies, for sure, but in the rubble of war and upheaval were the seeds of a great leap forward intellectually and materially. No one living at the time knew that the birth of modern Europe was just over the next hill.

We could be in a similar period. Like the 17th century, this age looks like it is headed to endless conflict and barbarism. The old order is falling to pieces and random lunatics pop up with new religions. Just as 17th century man struggled to come to terms with what was happening, people in this age struggle to make sense of it all. Ours is an age of pointless chaos, often created by the people in charge, who should be the most aggressive defenders of the old order.

Like the 17th century, what lies at the root of the chaos is a collection of new ideas and new questions about the world. Genetics is promising to give us new insights into the nature of man. More important, it is threatening the old ideas about equality and the power to shape society. Extreme egalitarianism and the blank slate lie at the heart of the liberal democratic order. Questioning those concepts questions the legitimacy of the current political order in the West. Revolutionary stuff.

Like the printing press, the information age is threatening the flow of information in unpredictable ways. Much of the current crisis lies in the realization by the ruling elites that the people no longer take their word for anything. The natural authority that comes from the monopoly on information has been shattered. Lots of gentlemen scholars and part-time intellectuals are now challenging the definitions of those terms by spending their free time reading forbidden material on-line.

The 17th century was a revolutionary time, even though the people living in it did not realize they were at the cusp of a revolution. The expression about bankruptcy being slow and then all of a sudden applies to revolutions as well. Angry mobs in the streets are lagging indicators of revolution. Long before the masses raise the black flag and declare war on their rulers, clever men privately declared war on the ideas that gave the rulers their legitimacy. This is what we see today.

Like the people in 17th century, we now find ourselves in a time when the old order is desperately trying to adapt to new information. It is easy to forget that revolutionary thinkers like Locke and Hobbes were trying to adapt the old models of thought to the new information of their age. In other words, even the defense of order can be a revolutionary act that expedites challenges to the status quo. We see this today as people try to make science prove the blank slate.

There is always the possibility that we get at the macro level the equivalent of the peasant knocking over a lantern on the way to the toilet. The hysterical response to the plague and suicidal impulses of the new religion are ominous signs. The flicker of this new enlightenment could easily be extinguished by madman with super weapons destroying civilization to save democracy. History, however, tells us that this is not the way to bet. Instead, we are on the cusp of a new enlightenment.

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248 thoughts on “The New Enlightenment

  1. I’m one of the stock pessimists here. I suspect Z’s belief that the future might be a new renaissance or enlightenment is overly optimistic. To appropriate his metaphor, it’s more probable that the peasant will knock over his candle on the way to the outhouse than his home will suddenly be wired for electric lighting. The candle may well be replaced by a kerosine lantern or perhaps propane, but that won’t reduce the risk of fire by much. If the worst occurs, the candle might get replaced by a bone or ceramic dish with animal tallow for light.

    All to easily overlooked is that the modern world is increasingly interconnected. This has its benefits which are often praised. Less often looked at are its weaknesses. The more complex a system is, the more prone to failure it’s likely to be. Yes, sometimes robust systems can exist, but most of man’s great projects tend to be of the ad hoc variety. What planning exists usually doesn’t place reliability or sustainability as priorities. It is possible, alas, that we are much closer to an unexpected collapse than a new golden age. Yes, man is adaptable but only within certain limits. The past two years has shown the havoc a relatively mild virus can wreak, or more precisely, governments going apeshit in response. Europe and to a lesser extent, other nations still doggedly pursue the fantasy that they can power their economies with wind and solar. They will only be disabused of such notions at a horrifying cost. You can probably find other chronic issues that remain unaddressed, continue to fester, and may require the metaphorical sawbones at some future date, without anesthesia.

  2. I might be the only person who sees the 17th and 18th centuries as the same era, and it is the era of meritocracy. In the 17th century, meritocracy meant separating talent from mediocrity (think of all the successful colonies and innovations) and in the 18th century it had expanded so much and had been taken so far as to separate cheaters from talent (think French Revolution). But it’s essentially the same function, the meritocracy function, at the end of the day, rooted in Protestant “priesthood of all believers” inspired elected priests as opposed to bishops appointed by a hereditary monarch.

    The 19th century saw something entirely new, the civil service state, as a replacement for corrupt meritocracy. It’s a form of crypto-monarchy, with the hint being that a king is just an ordinary guy born to be king, neither heroic or villainous but simply randomly born into his role, but the “new king” is the average government worker who is essentially a normal random guy looking for a job. Politicians gradually became actors and bureaucrats took over, and this was good for a long time.

    The 20th century “deep state” that replaced the 19th century “elevated state” is our current problem, as it dies in the 21st century. Government workers are no longer average guys who at their best were more representative than the representatives themselves. What happened in the mid 20th century, the rise of the deep state, was the subdivision and television revolution, and the people left behind in the major cities that employ government workers tended to be religious cultists, dissident ethnic groups, or sexual deviants. They’re running the place now, and people want a return to the old meritocracy now rather than the 19th century “elevated state”.

    Yes, we need to reassess the 17th and 18th century meritocracy era to see where we’re going. That transition from witch burning Puritans to slave whipping Freemasons running America is so weird that it is just glossed over in the history books. No one wants to admit that it was the same set of rules that resulted in both ruling classes, and all that changed was the scale and duration of those rules. From randomly born kings, to heroes, to villains, back to kings (even if no one wants to admit it), and then to tyrants, is the big picture of the 17th to 20th centuries. And we’re in the last act of that play.

    • “The 19th century saw something entirely new,the civil service state”. ever hear of “mandarins”?

  3. We are at the verge of a golden dawn: a time when all our dreams come true and the negatives flip into positives.

    Most of this is technological, but some is economic and a further amount is social.

    The technological is easy enough to explain — our factories are getting better and better and automated robots working within their walls are achieving a level of competency unheard-of.

    Economically, the worldwide economy has profited from globalization so much so that billions have been lifted out of abject poverty and are now beginning to share in the low-hanging fruits of the networked world order.

    Social is the hardest to describe. Rather than have repeated wars that devastate the capital base of the defeated country, there is peace reigning across the land. Rather than letting the poor be damned, the tax code is generous toward them, returning the Goods and Services Tax in Canada to their pockets.

    The Golden Dawn will be a time of ease and relaxation on a broad scale. It will be a neverending time on the beach.

    Break out the Corona beers and carry their golden suds down to the shore. Drinking beer in public will also be allowed. It will, after all, be most of all a permissive time!

  4. On the note of a new Enlightenment, let me thank Citizen Silly and Hiya. Their chance comments unlocked an understanding of the nature of composite sentience. The sheer physics of it are blooming like an unfolding Fibonacchi flower.

    I intend very practical effects, and see a way forward. I say we can reverse the tragic mistake and power of monotheism and its universalist imperialism.

    Forgive me the odd note, but this peasant must attend his plow. May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a most eventful New Year!

  5. I just finished reading a biography of Frederick the Great of Prussia, who lived 1712-86. You might say he was the realization of the possibilities of the 17th century.

    Imagine a headline politician today being an intellectual, a top-notch general, a great conversationalist, a writer of non-fiction like “Anti-Macchiavel” and a good flute player besides. Oh, and maybe gay.

    • It’s hard to imagine any Western head of state not being an absolute idiot, even in literary/philosophical/”cultured” countries like France and Germany. Imagine trying to have a conversation with Macron about Camus or Merkel about Goethe. You’d have better luck trying that on a local stripper.

      Here in no-culture-land, Trump’s the least dumb president most of us can remember, and he’s a total rube. But he’s the only one since Nixon I’m sure has read a book. I first heard of him during a feud with an NYRB reviewer who had a tic of comparing bad-guy characters in popular yuppie literary novels to Trump, so Trump wrote in expertly explaining why that was wrong in each case—in the distinctive Trump voice we all know, so it was really him talking. Meanwhile alleged world-historical intellectual (and basketball expert) Obama can’t spell “Syracuse.”

      I don’t so much mind being ruled by evil monsters—who else would bother?—but their being retards too is infuriating.

      • There’s nothing akin to the leaders of old except perhaps men like Putin. Everyone in the liberal democratic West is a (usually good looking) puppet. The intelligent men that you could (perhaps) reason with or speak to knowing that they knew something about history and science, are the string pullers. Some of them are known by name (Soros), others are not so well hidden that a diligent person cannot find out who they are. Perhaps at least some of the insanity can be ended with a well written and argued Open Letter to the Puppeteers, with all their names listed at the bottom, just so they know we aren’t just pissed off conspiracy theorists attacking vague strawmen.

  6. The 16th Century Enlightenment occurred because we re-discovered our European Greco-Roman roots, including philosophy, science, and art. It was then that we began to throw off the veil of depression of the “boo-hoo, pity for all that suffers” religion of a be-sandaled Palestinian proto-hippy.

    By the 19th Century Christianity reasserted itself in new and secular forms, thanks to people like Kant, and the counter-enlightenment of socialism, humanism, and Marxism began. Today the counter-enlightenment is nearing its completion. All things European, including our dearest Greco-Roman traditions, are deemed toxic, and must be expunged.

    Elizabeth Warren is the archetypal modern secular church lady. One can easily envision her in times past, sitting in the front row of the church, screeching “hallelujah”, while her sniveling husband/man-servant trembles next to her in the pew. Today, she screeches that she’s really an American Indian, and we must put the final nail in the coffin of European civilization, while her soy-boy husband/man-servant trembles in the background, pouring her a cup of tea.

    If we want to save the West we need to shed off the baggage of that which destroyed it, and rediscover Plato, Aristotle, Leonidas, and Cicero.

    Sorry, just telling it like it is.

    • Warren is a particularly shallow and bad case. She has received almost universal ridicule today for writing chain grocery stores and asking them to stop gouging. American consumers are pretty stupid but not that stupid.

      Along the lines of what you wrote, it is important to have hard copies of great books. No reason Ray Bradbury shouldn’t turn out to be a prophet, either.

      • elon destroyed warren over the last two days.

        “if it was possible to die from irony, Warren would be dead already”. and that was just an appetizer.

    • The video where she said something like “Hi husband” while attempting to drink beer like a human being showed how much these creatures were complete aliens.

      • I remember that, it looked like she was taking a swig of cod liver oil. Imitating humans like Zuckerberg and the like.

      • That was after editing and review.

        How many people must have been involved in the writing directing and signed this off and thought this was how normal people behave?

    • Atheism is the way forward, as we can see because all the disasters it has so far ushered in, including the omnipresent hellscape of our entire age… were actually not atheism but rather Christianity! We know this because Christianity is a bad thing and these nominally atheist things are obviously bad. QED.

      So the French revolution, Marxism, communism, lbgtp degeneracy, secular liberal globalism… Basically all the movements that sought to destroy Christianity… are actually Christianity! And all the anti Christian movements seeking once again to overthrow christianity will be overthrown once we overthrow Christianity. Tikkun Olam chaps!

      • Oops, I missed the satire and withdraw my downvote.

        It is indeed the Prince of Darkness with which we contend; those primitive aborigines living in the shadows of our civilization could not imagine what they had awoken.

        The gods are feral beasts, integral to the ecology as the culture of the maggoteers. We will subdue them, and may have to kill One or a few to do it.

    • not all greco-roman traditions have been abandoned, if you know what i mean (and i think that you do).

    • Nietzsche is credited (and blamed) for many things. Surely he was a man of eclectic ideas. One thing I do believe he had right: By his famous claim that “God is dead” he meant that modern society had moved past traditional Christian belief. Theology was no longer a serious topic of study. Science had supplanted it. Government and liberal democracy had become the new religion, as it were. Scholarship (most of it German, stimmt) had thoroughly investigated the Gospels and other documents of the Church, laying bare the (secular) truth. He predicted that eventually even philosophy, science and other underpinnings of modernity would fall in a similar manner, all due to the pursuit of honesty and truth, ironically such a strong virtue in the Christian tradition. Perhaps I read too much into him, but I believe he saw this as part of the inevitable process of the decadence of a culture into nihilism.

  7. “Long before the masses raise the black flag and declare war on their rulers, clever men privately declared war on the ideas that gave the rulers their legitimacy.”

    Voiltaire, Rosseau and the other leading enlighthenment authors predated the French Revolution by several decades. We are probably in a similar phase and books losing grounds to the new media, and the MSM having totally thrown credibility overboard as mediocrity replaced genuine brains in both the media and academia, chances are that the man (and yes it will be a man, or the results won’t last long, Jeanne d’Arc notwithstanding) who will finally tear down the Woke banner on the Left Bank of the North Atlantic, could very well have been reading this blog a few times? On the Right Bank he’s probably been reading the French or Polish or Hungarian equivalent blog.

  8. ” The New Enlightenment ” in today’s time sure has a good ring to it, but I have some major beefs with it in light of reality.

    Enlightened people typically go about inventing mechanisms that make life easier, all while employing people who build it and continue improvement.

    Today we don’t make a damned thing in America; all of it is made in China, sold in China Big Box, and it all turns into junk very soon.

    Appliances that used to last 25-30 years are requiring expensive repairs within 4 years of purchase; no one knows how to work on today’s cars, for which you often can’t get parts. The sad thing is this trend has been going on for over 60 years now.

    My favorite case in point is the subject of sewing machines. I work on all kinds and all sizes as a hobby, and people look at me like I’m a dinosaur when I tell them if they want a good Singer, they’ll have to buy one made before 1964. The Plastic Sewing Machine Women and I never get along; when I tell them their year old $300+ machine is junk, they first act like I’m trying to cheat them, then get pissed when I tell them you can’t get the parts for it so I won’t work on it. They then run out and buy another plastic treasure, and never learn anything. They keep asking me to fix those damned things to which I say “No!”, after which they carp and whine just like they did they year before. It’s all a hodgepodge of circular reasoning and heap big hopium that knows no end. The one constant is they have no concept of buying something that doesn’t wear out, and requires only minor maintenance to make it last a lifetime. Many won’t buy a beautifully restored old machine because THEY DON”T LIKE HAVING TO OIL IT EVERY NOW AND THEN!

    When the dark age arrives, I can imagine it will be fast, nasty, and brutal beyond anyone’s imagination.

    • I agree. I think your overall point is key: people are different. The medieval peasant knew how to work through tough times. This generation does not.

        • That is not necessarily fair. One, at many times, particularly after Black Death, they had pretty good quality of life. Two, they had practical skills. Three, they worked on average a 100 days less a year than us. What do you think one of the reasons the Reformation was popular for? It cut down on religious holidays. We certainly have many advantages, but it is not always cut and dry. There was a reason the peasantry supported the Church, too. A lot of off days. Plus, a serf only paid about 50 percent of his labor to lord or chuch. We should be so lucky. Seems in some ways they are much cagier than us.

          • when you are a field hand, which the great majority were (along with being completely illiterate) you get a lot of down time in winter 🙂

            yes, some things were better then, but not overall quality of life. imagine a simple (now) tooth ache (then).

    • I would like to see an accurate percentage of folks who do not have on hand a minimum of 30 days’ water and food. It would be shocking if it were more than single digits.

      As to your sewing machine experience, I am using tools made about a century ago and have gone through six or seven of their modern iterations in recent years.

      • It’s fascinating that I can get parts for 90 year old Singers, but can’t get them or even a part number for one that’s only 13 months old.
        We don’t make any parts anymore for any of that stuff. The best parts are made in Japan, but those people have swallowed the outsourcing poison and are already making their stuff in China.
        Try not to buy a new Japanese industrial sewing machine. You may pay hundreds even up to thousands more for the one with the Japanese brand on it when compared to the cheaper Chinese “copy”, when in reality they were made in the same factory, and often have the same poor reputation.

      • I’d like to see an effort made to provide an alternative, American* made, product to address the broad range of needs that everyone has. In engineering, the emphasis would need to be on simplicity of design, ease of repair, availability of feedstocks (fuels, raw materials, etc…) It might be a good idea to start by making modern copies of these old sewing machines, perhaps then including a kit car that isn’t designed for super performance or to show off some exotic design concept, but simply to be a practical workhorse, perhaps steam powered so as to run on anything that will burn in a pinch. There are even hobbyists trying to do home built microprocessors and there is now the open source instruction set called RISC-5. None of these things need to be “cutting edge”, just usable if (when) the foreign suppliers cut us off because we’re at war with them. If there were an umbrella company that made all of these things I can even think of a name for it – Base(d)tech. Essentially, we would need to find the AR-15 or AK-47 of each category of product, minimal intellectual property concerns, lots of manufacturers making variants and parts, endless room to design add-ons and aftermarket stuff.

        * American: or French, British, Hungarian, whatever western nation that has patriots that love their country enough to be worried that it is totally dependent on a bunch of sinister Asians who see everyone outside their borders as barbarians.

    • i feel your pain. i work on a lot of things , including cars. for myself and friends . but also my furnace, dishwasher, washer and dryer. ect.
      all the new stuff is planned obsolescence. its clear the idea is to completely disenfranchise the American people. bankrupting us individually and as a country. we will then be owned by whoever controls the(overseas) means of production. our military is being gutted by the hired henchmen and women of our enemies .
      what’s left of it will be completely inoperable without imported parts . Then we will be like Tibet, except we will welcome our colonizing masters. have a nice Christmas.

      • I think our condition after outsourcing everything is so dire that shortly after collapse, people will be throwing their excrement out into the streets just like they did in the middle ages.
        Roman plumbing lasted for centuries, and ours won’t be functioning at all within 5 years.

        • Not to worry. The population will rapidly adjust to fit newer realities. Most likely substantially downward in that scenario. Mother Nature is no lady; she’s a bitch. 🙁

    • Cool hobby! I have my mom’s old Singer, complete with the sewing desk that was designed for it. Early to mid 70s I think, seems like everything is metal but the spool holder thingy. Still works!

      I don’t sew but they were going to yard sale it, and I needed an office desk of sorts 🙂

      • It’s easy to find pre-1964 machines. They were so well made that they don’t wear out, and many were lightly used from the gitgo. That was also an era when sewing wasn’t considered a sexist activity, so they were made in high numbers. Basically any Singer with a model number below “503” pretty much covers it.

        The White Manufacturing Company made machines just as good as Singer. They marketed under the names White/Kenmore/Domestic/Dressmaster. Any of those made in Cleveland, Ohio are excellent. The badge engineered ones made in Japan are not.

    • Hmm, looking at ebay, it looks like some old singers can go for well over a grand, and some antiques go for several thousand. There are a few that can be had for 400 or 500 or so. Are there any modern makes of sewing machine that aren’t crap, or is that how they’re all made now?

      • Most machines made from the mid 60’s and later are full of plastic gears that decay over time. Changing out gears is a multi hour affair so the labor cost is high. A camstack gear can easily approach $100 and there are other gears as well. Those parts are getting harder to find, so it’s most economical to junk it. You can buy a refurbished metal gear machine for a fraction of those repair costs.

    • Thanks for your take on sewing machines.
      I recently bought a newer one at an auction & intend to learn some basic repair stuff. I do agree many older appliances, machine tools etc.. are superior. .especially if manufactured in the USA or Europe.
      However after working many years in the auto repair world in my opinion for the most part today’s automobiles are more reliable last longer and definitely require less maintenance than ever before. They are pretty much generic under the hood.
      Other than access are not all that complicated. Also imo the reason for most failures is either a new crop of engineers decide to try a old bad idea, or more often the bean counters
      Decide that if something needs four bolts it only gets two.
      These basic themes seem to repeat in about every endeavor.
      Human nature.

    • As an aside, do you have any particular recommendations? I caught an embroidery video in passing, and have been messing around with Palette 11. I’m considering dipping my toe into the hobby.

      • If you want a sewing machine that can do it all, look for a Singer 401. It can do straight stitch, zig zag, and can make 28 different zig zag patterns. They’re tough as nails, and it’s still easy to get parts. Singer 500A’s are a close 2nd, by the way. If you’re lucky, you may find a 401G, which was made in West Germany, and they are rare as hen’s teeth.

        Look for one that has an excellent finish. Do not buy one that’s beat up, scratched, and the same goes for the cabinet many came in. Make sure it has all of it’s parts, too! Bad cords are an easy fix; you can get new cords for $20 and the only thing you have to do is wire it into the speed controller, which is very easy.
        Beware of any that is coated with a brown glutinous like material. Some prior owner used 3-in-1 oil, which is pure poison for sewing machines. Do not buy those; another symptom of bad oil is you can’t move any of the control dials or levers, a condition that usually can’t be remedied. Every sewing machine I’ve junked is because some fool didn’t buy “For Sewing Machines Only” Oil!

      • If you’re interested in Embroidery, look for a Singer 107w102 “Irish” machine. It’s pure old school in that you are the embroidery artist, and the machine is your paint brush. I just bought a very nice 1957 model that wasn’t used that much. I got it for $125. It needs no new parts, and after the holidays are over, I’ll take an hour or 2 to adjust it and and it will be ready to go!

  9. I’m not really full of doom and gloom. The demographic situation globally has drastically improved for us over the past decade.

    In the 1970s, Mexico had a fertility rate of 6 children per woman, while Americans were at 1.8. Today White America is at 1.6 while Mexico is at 1.9. In India, the fertility rate is now at 2 children per woman, down from 5.5 in the 1970s. Given their higher mortality rate and gender imbalance due to sex selective abortion, they are well below replacement rate. China was pumping out 6+ children per woman in the 1960s. Their fertility rate is now 1.3 and dropping like a rock. South Korea, HK, Thailand, Taiwan have extinction level fertility rates of below 1 child. Europeans went low first, but others are now dropping farther and much faster.

    Asian Americans have a very low birth rate, Asian-Australians are much lower than Australians, we don’t have race data here Canada but from my experience Canadian born Asians (East & South) have almost 0 kids. White people have the usual 1.5-1.6. Seeing lots of young women with white babies even here in Shit Lib central. Immigrant populations are now full on believers in Woke which is another win for us. Even Germany is seeing a small boom among Millenials finally having a baby.

    Among whites, conservatives have nearly double the fertility rate of liberals. We see this slowly taking effect as whites are shifting Republican by a % or two per decade – even with liberal brainwashing in schools. Lots of young white men are redpilled, if not on identity issues, they are on women – and I believe marriages are healthier among Gen X and Millenials than they were among Boomers (not like anybody can afford to get divorced these days, lol).

    Open borders are the problem, but for how long? In the long game of 100+ years it’s not clear that whites are really that doomed. Obviously fertility data is very subject to change, but basically we just need to reproduce, raise our kids alongside like minded people, and scheme to advance our group interests. Avoid drugs and drive them out of your communities. People are looking for guidance and if you are fit, successful, enjoying yourself, and not self hating you will notice alot of guys are asking you for advice.

    • This is a great analysis. Of course, mass African migration can overwhelm decades of internal demography in an instant. So your optimism is predicted to a large extent on whether attitudes toward “open borders” will change.

    • All good points, per usual, and as an anecdote I see younger White couples with more children around where I am, too. This actually was a White Pill.

    • I am in my 60’s so I remember the before times well. In wva the 60’s were like the 30’s everywhere else. as a kid it was like the someone yelled “switch partners in the late 70’s with divorce. growing up almost all my friends came from 2 parent homes . Both races . then in the late 60’s it started changing and by the late 70’s it was an explosion. I am a trad catholic, and in the Latin masses you see a lot of stairstep families . some up to 6 kids. that is why the pope is currently trying to ban the Latin mass. he is the Chaplin of the NWO and doesn’t like the demographics of that small part of the church. these families are completely red pilled on public education. most not taking bill gates special “sterilization in 3 simple shots ” goo.

    • B125: Thanks for some hopeful numbers; my view here on the ground is not as positive. Fwiw, I see plenty of Asian immigrants (both south and east) here in the DFW burbs with 2-3 children. The east Asians have built a number of their own churches and taken over a number of others from older Whites (after putting ‘lucky’ feng shui red roofs on them). And just this morning I passed a White male/Han female couple with 3 hapa boys exiting the grocery store.

      Perhaps in the truly long run the fertility numbers aren’t that bad, but just by sheer volume the Han and pajeets are swamping America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – and there doesn’t seem to be a single European country that doesn’t have it’s own colony. They have a large settlement in Italy, increasing numbers in Germany, even Hungary and Iceland.

      Which is the worse demographic danger, White women mating with sub-Saharans, or White men mating with Oriental women? I’m not asking for a debate about which mix is ultimately more or less attractive or intelligent, but at least from my view, neither mix is White.

      • you are both right, it’s all about percentages. a lot of young white males are marrying east asian females, and latina females. so you could say their white genes are mixing, rather than being lost :). other young white males are marrying white american women (god rest their souls). either way, the dna is preserved, even if culture is not.

        • And it’s all happening in large part because so many white women are degenerate, woke, and/or otherwise pains in the @$$.

          • The most psychopathic and dangerous demographic group we face is a segment of White women. They need to be saved, if that even is possible, or at least dilute the others.

          • Vajynabush: Agreed – but who is ultimately responsible for that? I would say their fathers – first for marrying stupid women, and secondly for allowing said women to be in charge of raising their daughters. Ultimately, men are the authority, and they have given their natural responsibility over to women. Lots of whys and hows and whos, but there’s plenty of blame to share between both sexes.

          • What’s with all the white woman hate? The crazy white women I know are middle aged and probably haven’t had an orgasm for 2 decades.

            As 3g says, it’s ultimately up to the men to keep their women in line, and raise their children properly. I don’t see that happening.

            White women with a strong white husband, and / or with a strong white father, have no problems. I refuse to jump on the white woman hate train. The bad ones should be called out and shamed, of course. But we need each other and I’m not going to cause needless division among our own people.

      • Yeah that is a risk. A white man can have basically any brown or Asian woman he wants. They put out really quickly and are happy to have a white partner. This goes for white women too – they can basically date any non white male if they want to. I could probably be married by now if I pursued an Indian woman.

        So it’s not surprising that quite a few choose this path, especially now that it’s promoted so hard in the media and pop culture. And there are so many beta males, and mentally unstable white women who just settle for a non white.

        The fertility rates take a generation to become evident though. Here in Canada it’s pretty clear that they are aging rapidly. Lots of old (East) Asians, plenty of 30 somethings, very few babies. China is expected to decrease in population by 500 million people by 2100. It’s also likely that Texas has a higher birth rate for everyone, given the immense prosperity and cheap real estate available.

        I’m not saying that things are good. But give it 20 years, and I promise the East Asian situation will solve itself. South Asians are far younger on average and probably pose a greater threat.

    • Karl, I can’t speak for Z , but I think they are very influential with the WEF. They have more money than anyone else thanks to the manufacturing base they built with the help of our politicians .
      Everything that has happened in the last 2 years rebounds to the good for them .
      lockdowns kill american business china sells us more stuff
      lockdowns enable dems to steal elect. bad orange man gone
      Ecoregs in us drive mining out metals from china own mkt
      vax mandates drive best out of us military DUH!
      Woke & lockdown wreck us education destroy future us skills

      how are they not winning everywhere and in every way?

      • i down voted you for being so wrong, here is why:

        1. unbelievable levels of pollution; air, water, land. losing millions of acres of farmland every year. they are committing ecocide.
        2. cannot feed themselves
        3. demographic death spiral; population will continuously contract and age in place. look up 4/2/1
        4. they have no manufacturing base of their own, they cannot even make semiconductor chips. they produce shit and nothing else.
        5. unbelievably brutal and evil government, that harvests human organs. guess what they would do with you, should you move their?
        6. inhumane culture and dna. always has been, always will.
        7. incompetence and corruption that would make your eyes water.
        8. hated by all peoples that actually deal with china
        9. economy is a mirage, a house of cards, built on debt. makes here seem like switzerland.
        10. no social support programs, including medical, at all
        11. they do not have more money than “us”, but they do have enough to buy off all the douchers running things.

        “Everything that has happened in the last 2 years rebounds to the good for them .”

        1. swine disease killing most of their pigs
        2. crop failures
        3. massive power outages
        4. massive flooding
        5. property market collapse
        6. fucked up relationship with biggest trading partner
        7. shut down their own tech companies

        et etc etc

        still think you know what you are talking about? on any subject? see what i mean about wearing your ignorance like a coat? see how i provided actual arguments to support my position (while you did not)?

        you are welcome 🙂

        • All true. It is ironic that the country that has or is about to eclipse the Banana Empire is pretty fucked up, too. The PRC is on track to shed half its population, too. Now, that’s not necessarily bad if it improves quality of life for the native populace (and doesn’t change anti-immigration attitudes, but the quality is starting lower than we generally acknowledge.

          The advantage it has over the United States is the lack of the psychotic Wok religion. That’s no small thing.

          • “lack of the psychotic Wok religion.”

            agreed on that point. and i know the US has hit its own iceberg, but the PRC is not sitting pretty, far from it.

          • btw karl, i watch china in focus too, but remember they are Fullan gong , so they are informative but tend to exaggerate the seriousness of the internal problems there .

        • I would think that “herr doktor” would be aware that capitalization rules in written English exist for a reason; when they are not followed the text is more difficult to read.

        • He’s not wrong. Basically everything you’ve listed is either trivial or wishful thinking on your part.

          “unbelievable levels of pollution; air, water, land. losing millions of acres of farmland every year. they are committing ecocide.”

          Hasn’t stopped them from becoming the world’s largest economy. The US was similarly polluted in the 1960s with rivers occasionally catching on fire.

          “cannot feed themselves”

          They have one of the world’s largest agricultural industries. They’ll make it. The US, with it’s coming land reparations, is the country you should worry about.

          “demographic death spiral; population will continuously contract and age in place. look up 4/2/1”

          Whites are dying off in the US at around 1 million per year. Multiple red states have more deaths than births. The average Han is younger than the average Caucasian American. The American birthrate is approaching Chinese levels, but China is better off because they have a far larger and more intelligent population.

          “they have no manufacturing base of their own, they cannot even make semiconductor chips. they produce shit and nothing else.”

          Patently untrue. China has the world’s largest manufacturing base and the world’s most advanced telecommunications company, Huawei. It’s the US that can’t make it’s own chips. They’re having to beg the Taiwanese to build plants in Arizona. China also has a depth of talent far surpassing the United States and by a huge margin.

          “unbelievably brutal and evil government, that harvests human organs. guess what they would do with you, should you move their?”

          The organ harvesting claim is an urban legend. The American government is practically just as brutal and as authoritarian. Ask those J6 political prisoners how life is going for them.

          How many people have been banned from social media in recent years for questioning the American regime? Go to Twitter and question the 2020 election results and see what happens.

          “inhumane culture and dna. always has been, always will.”

          Compare Chinese and American crime rates and say that again. Chinese aren’t violent. And Chinese aren’t sadomasochistic, either. They aren’t bent on destroying their own people. Half the White population of the United States wants the other dead merely for existing.

          “incompetence and corruption that would make your eyes water.”

          Applies even more to the U.S.

          “hated by all peoples that actually deal with china”

          China has higher global approval ratings than the United States.

          “economy is a mirage, a house of cards, built on debt. makes here seem like switzerland.”

          Wishful thinking. China has an enormous depth of talent unmatched anywhere in the world. Apple’s Tim Cook stated as much when he said:

          ‘The popular conception is that companies come to China because of low labor cost. I’m not sure what part of China they go to, but the truth is China stopped being the low labor cost country many years ago. And that is not the reason to come to China from a supply point of view. The reason is because of the skill, and the quantity of skill in one location, and the type of skill it is. The products we do require really advanced tooling…and the tooling skill is very deep here. In the U.S. you could have a meeting of tooling engineers, and I’m not sure we could fill the room. In China you could fill multiple football fields.’ — Fortune Global Forum 2017

          “no social support programs, including medical, at all”

          Not true. China has cheap, subsidized healthcare — and both private and public insurance plans. 95% of the Chinese public is covered. The US, in contrast. spends a fortune on medial care with poor results (corruption, incompetence). A huge percentage of its population had practically no healthcare until recently.

          “they do not have more money than “us”, but they do have enough to buy off all the douchers running things.”

          They have the world’s largest economy by PPP, so they definitely have more money than us. By 2030 they’ll have the world’s largest economy in nominal terms, which isn’t even the correct measure of wealth; that would be PPP.


          All the things you’ve listed here are minor issues dwarfed by what’s going on in the US. There’s also a companion issue with the US in every circumstance.

          Example: Chines pigs are dying off.
          Retort: American bees are dying off.

          Of course, every pig could die off in China and it wouldn’t really impact their overall economy. China is going to be the clear winner from Covid-19.

          • you are clinically insane and your head is filled with propaganda. you are a lost cause and to be pitied. i didn’t read your reply past the first couple of paragraphs, when it became clear that you are completely detached from reality. your nic is appropo in the extreme 😛

      • “how are they not winning everywhere and in every way?”

        Other than self-inflicted demographics, economic manipulations to keep their people in poverty, turning their country into neo-North Korea with social credit tyrannies and taking their turn getting involved in the Mideast & African tar babies?

        They are winning nothing. They’ve been given their every success on the world stage. Maybe that’s why they want Taiwan so badly; they want an accomplishment to call their own. Even Russia is associating with them only out of necessity.

        • OK boomer. I didn’t say they didn’t have issues . maybe fatal ones in the long run. they managed to kill my dad’s brother in Korea . so you can have military successes despite domestic problems . life under Genghis khan was no picnic, what good did that do china , Russia, or any army that came up against them.
          Maybe you are right and general milley’s pregnant trans brigade will mop the floor up with them .
          they did so well in Afghanistan who could doubt their eventual victory

  10. I guess the primary difference between now and the Dawn of Enlightenment is the widespread presence of nuclear and other weapons with the ability to wipe out humanity. This has never been an actual concern until now because the United States has become batshit crazy enough to use them. Even North Koreans do not come close to this madness.

    Einstein was a rabid Stalinist, a factoid kept mostly hidden or the subject of lying, but he knew which of the two major nuclear powers of his time was the most likely to go there. That was seventy years ago and the United States was much more sane. The Venona papers revealed Andropov flirted with the idea of a first strike in the mid-Eighties, but his party comrades took him to the Jack Ruby Cafe and he shortly died after making the suggestion. Would that happen here? Doubtful. Add in the massive stupidity as an element, with the very real possibility the psychopathic morons who lead us might bumble into a nuclear exchange over the freaking Ukraine.

    While I’m not there quite yet, we may be going through a dry-run biological weapons attack at the moment. I do not think the Chinese unleashed it intentionally, but certain elements here certainly could have encouraged them to do so or accidentally did (which is more probable). That I would even consider such speaks volumes about where we are.

    So while we may indeed be on the cusp of a second Renaissance, there are plenty of individuals with the means to make certain it doesn’t materialize. You will own nothing and be unaware of it if push comes to shove.

    So thanks for the White Pill. I just wished I shared it.

    • I agree that nukes are a problem and, sadly, today I do worry about the American nukes. Kamela Harris may be handed the codes any day now (IF the president actually decides such things when it’s game time; we don’t know who’s really in charge these days) and even Mississippi GOP Senators have itchy trigger fingers, over a potato field in the Eastern Ukraine of all places. Nukes could send the survivors back to 1800s technology levels. Kerosene lamps and wood stoves would be a boom investment.

      • As I posted earlier, the percentage of people with a month’s supply of water and food on hand probably is in the low single digits. I’m pretty handy, as is my family, and think we would be up to the task, but that’s an incredible outlier.

        • There will probably be plenty of hungry, desperate, violent people roaming about after an apocalypse. I think the importance of having guns and ammo to go with water filters and canned food, is because of this more than to ‘overthrow a tyrannical government.’ But I really don’t want to find out first hand.

          • Yes, bad omission on my part about guns and ammo and ability to use them. The gubmint won’t be the problem, true. Don’t want to experience it, either, but have to be realistic.

      • how are nukes different than a massive flood, or a famine, or a drought, etc? god made plutonium for a reason…

    • watch this 2 min vid of putin addressing his military, then read my response:
      he seems very serious.
      I do not believe our bureaucratic Executive / military branch could launch our nukes if they wanted to. I am sure the “safeguards against accidental launch ” have grown like proverbial bureaucratic weeds . they are probably impenetrable by now. launching has to be a complex thing. the executive doesn’t have a “red button” to destroy the world. They have the ability to start a process toward launch. then the apparatus of people would have to Meet/Agree on targets, scale of response, assets to use, sequence of launch, and so on. anywhere along the way a single general milley would wreck the whole process.
      sadly , I think it is entirely possible they could push putin into a corner. He knows they have a “color revolution” planned for Russia if they feel they can get away with it.
      sadly I do not believe they would be unable to launch. I think the video i linked at the top is him telling his military ” We may actually have to do it. the USA has gon mad”

      • Interesting that Putin brought up Kosovo, in a round-about way. He would be doing exactly the same thing–even in a more justified fashion–if he annexed the Donbas as the United States did when it dismembered Kosovo from Serbia.

        He knows the United States has become a batshit crazy nation, as does so much of the rest of the world. This country is perfectly capable now of starting a nuclear war over something of absolutely no concern to its people, who are now seen as expendable.

    • “Einstein was a rabid Stalinist” that explains why he *didn’t* go to the CCP, doesn’t it. he knew he could help them more by giving the US the bomb first.

    • Ron Unz makes an interesting case that the Wu-Flu was a US, Chapel Hill, virus biological weapon that went amiss.

      Sorta, if you don’t shoot yourself in the balls, the least you can do is infect them with syphilis.

    • There are certain perverse advantages to living within walking distance of what in the Cold War was probably a secondary or tertiary nuclear target. Maybe still is. 😐

  11. A nice white pill in these depressing times. One is tempted to reply “yeah, but back then the ruling class didn’t hate their subjects and want them dead,” but that’s clearly false — speaking of the Thirty Years’ War, ask anyone who knew what cuius regio, eius religio meant felt about his subjects of the other faith.

    Which I suppose makes you, Z, the Grimmelshausen of Lagos on the Chesapeake… is that good or bad?

    • At that time at least some of the ruling class were in opposition and fielded opposing armies.

      Which is why it was a war and not a 30 year genocide and replacement as is stacking up in the west.

    • OT but I think it was on your blog that I read a really good piece on decadence. It sort of dotted the i for me about why decadence leads to the fall of a civilization, using the Romans, Ancien Regime of France and Romanov Russia as examples. When things got tough, they had the brains to find solutions. They didn’t have the inner reason to fight to survive. Decadence really does lead to regime fatigue. I thought that was a really good point.

      • Appreciate it. And I think it’s true. Even now, “America” could pull out of this tailspin. It’d be tough, there would be some pain, no question, but something resembling a free, open, pluralistic society could be built, even now…

        …but nobody wants to. Half the country has their head in the sand. The other half is full of people who hate each other almost as much as they hate themselves, but don’t have the guts to push the go button one way or the other. Too sick to live, too weak to die, so they’re going to burn the world down because they’re bored, and can’t think of anything else to do.

        • The real tragedy is that this IS fixable. Except for the will to do so instead of playing up-one insanity games.

        • the dominion voting machines will make national turnarounds impossible , but at the local and social level there are some green shoots out there

  12. “Ours is an age of pointless chaos, often created by the people in charge, who should be the most aggressive defenders of the old order.”

    I would argue that the members of the Power Structure ARE the most aggressive defenders of the old order. The linchpin of that order is, of course, equality. Through the use of instrumental reason, and the jettisoning of religion and tradition, equality among all peoples is to be achieved.

    On the face of it, it sounds like sunshine and smiles. However, innate inequality has proved obdurate, and this obstinacy has driven the Power Structure mad. Thus, in an attempt to produce the impossible equality, they, beginning in the 1960s, began a war against whites and their civilization. Subversion, perversion and transgression were and are acts of leveling. And although, prima facie, these demarches seem revolutionary, they are in fact reactionary, if we rightly consider the intellectual structure at issue the one authored by the Enlightenment. The Left has embarked upon a lunatic orgy of destruction aimed at conserving an incoherent philosophical position.

  13. Our fortunes are remarkably easy to recover. It is as simple as reinstating common sense, and refusing to be shamed by morons. Repeat after me: “No, the govt is not going to confiscate your wealth or trample your rights. Violators will be punished and made an example of. Yes, an Elon Musk is of value to the North American people. An Elizabeth Warren or AOC is not, and lunatics will not be tolerated in govt. Nobody gets a free ride. Everyone works and everyone produces. Criminals will get punished… no, the flu is not an extinction level event…”

    Getting the bus going again is literally as simple as putting the wheels back on and turning the key.

  14. Matriarchy vs patriarchy, civilization vs nature, and— my pet theory— Northern Europe vs the Mediterranean. That’s the dialectic of what we call Western Civilization, going back to at least Antiquity.

    Where the weather’s hard, you need dad’s strong back and strategic mind to survive the coming winter. You can’t trick nature, and if you lie to or quarrel with your neighbor, he might let you die when you need his help. Order and discipline are essential.

    Where the weather’s favorable, you have the luxury of quarreling with your neighbors, getting the best of the bargain at the market, and pondering the mysteries of life— time isn’t quite as precious. Mom’s indulgent nature isn’t as dangerous.

    It’s no surprise civilization was more complex and, well, civilized in the south, or that it took labor-saving technology and the civilized ideas that go with it for the north to ‘catch up’. Obviously more complicated than that, and I’m no scholar on these things, so I could be missing something, but I think it’s a decent starting point.

    And of course, the dialectic seems to be turning around.

  15. I want to suggest that there’s no suitable analogy from history for our current situation.

    Yes, the printing press made information more readily available. But only for those able to afford books. And even the wealthiest people with the best libraries had access to only a small fraction of the knowledge of the time.

    The worldwide web was truly revolutionary: for the first time in history, almost everyone has access to most of what humans have discovered. The printing press had a miniscule effect by comparison.

    And the Enlightenment occurred in an all-White world. It didn’t have to deal with Africans; who— if present demographic trends continue— will become Everyone’s Problem in the not-so-distant future. No doubt Enlightenment thinkers were all racist, and paid no price for it. Again: very different from today.

    The rise of science brought about the cultural collision between the dogmas of the Church, and the fact-based findings of scientific research. The Church won the first battles, with Galileo providing the obvious example, but ended up losing the war. Today among the religious, only a few ‘creationists’ doubt the findings of science.

    So for all it’s flaws, the Enlightenment represented (the beginning of) the triumph of demonstrable fact over superstition.

    I suspect that many of the Woke don’t actually think about what they believe, or look to science to confirm or deny it. It FEELS good to believe in the egalitarian world they imagine— and to believe that any inequities in performance and outcome are due to environmental inequities which can and will be fixed— and that’s all they need to “know”. Blacks can simply dismiss facts as “a White thing”.

    Of course the more intelligent and educated among the Woke have to know that Blacks are inherently less intelligent, and more violent and impulsive, than other races. But they keep on demonizing anyone who publicly admits to these realities, since doing so keeps society divided. No doubt there are many scientists and successful people who understand the idiocy of Woke-ness, but also understand that keeping their job means keeping their mouths shut and nodding when appropriate.

    Making sure that Blacks keep on feeling like perpetual victims keeps them voting Democrat. Portraying Whites and their ancestors as the perpetrators of all the world’s evils gives Blacks a good reason to hate them, and provides an antidote to the troubling-but-undeniable fact that virtually all of civilization’s achievements have been accomplished by “people of Whiteness”.

    Will science prove to be the undoing of Anti-racist Egalitarianism? Will Blacks’ domination of sports, and Whites’ domination of the intellectual world, be perfectly explained on the basis of genetic evidence?

    Does knowledge always win out in the end?

    • “Does knowledge always win out in the end?”

      Reality does. The catch is that reality doesn’t need any of us around.

    • I think the notion of Science as a demonstrable fact over superstition is incorrect. After all, is it not the charlatans of Science that tell me to deny my own observation of the world and take their superstitious view of the pandemic? Is it not the charlatans of Science who proselytize the world about Mother Earth being angry?
      I believe people fundamentally misconstrue what Science offers. Science offers quanta: small pieces of discrete, empirical data. However, what to do with the data, and the significance, is either lost or results in the data being perverted and twisted by bias. Science is a choice to study the world by breaking it into pieces and denying the possibility that their is anything beyond the physical realm, even the mind. That is a choice.
      I would take a Ted talk I saw years ago as proof of the arrogance and ignorance of science:
      A dude is up there talking about consciousness, and he says that he wants us to think of consciousness the same way we think about life. Not as something mysterious, he says, but as a series of mechanisms. He concludes by saying that we solved the mystery of life, and no longer believe in vitalism or life essence.
      Talk about stating superstition:
      First, we are unable to define life. Still have not been able to. Still not been able to produce life out of non-life (and we have been trying for a long time). The arrogance of describing mechanisms (empirical quanta) as being the entirety of a thing without realizing the possibility of other things you have not accounted for is absolutely arrogant mysticism. The myopia of the scientist, I have described the mechanism, so I have described the thing, is completely unwarranted by anyone who has the least bit of perspective of logic. Science is axiomatic. Not to say that things have not been learned, but any larger questions about what to do with the discrete points of data is as much an act of faith as sitting in a church.
      To wit, vitalism is still as valid an explanation for life as any other.

      • Eloi,

        I don’t disagree with much of what you say. My initial response would be that not everyone calling themselves a scientist is one. If they’re speaking unscientifically— expressing conclusions they can’t and don’t support with facts—- then whatever they claim to be, they’re not scientists.

        The Covidiots saying “Follow the science” are, as you point out, charlatans. I’m not sure if they’re superstitious, or just chiming in with what they know is expected of them.

        Likewise: anyone telling us that “Mother Earth is angry” is clearly not speaking scientifically.

        You’re certainly correct that science consists of two tasks:
        1) collecting the data— what you call “breaking the world into pieces”—- and
        2) figuring out what that data implies: putting the pieces together again in the form of a hypothesis that purports to make sense of what we see.

        The second part is necessarily speculative at first, until further observations either confirm or deny the suggested hypothesis.

        And of course scientists, like all humans, are susceptible to bias, and to arrogance. I’d suggest, however, that the scientific method is the best way we humans have devised so far of exposing that bias and correcting it.

        Contrary to what I think I’m hearing you say, not every scientist is a strict materialist.

        In neuroscience, the problem of explaining consciousness is known as the “hard problem”.

        Some neuroscientists do understand consciousness in a purely material sense, as nothing more or less than an epiphenomenon of the brain: when brains get complex enough, reach a certain critical number of inter-connections, consciousness naturally arises as a result. And when the brain dies, consciousness dies with it.

        But not every scientist believes that; which is why explaining consciousness is still understood as a “problem” to be solved. Even many of those who hold this materialist view, like Sam Harris, hold to it lightly, and are ready to abandon it if evidence arises to warrant it.

        Anyone who suggests that we’ve “solved the mystery of life” is an ignoramus, and not a scientist. In fact, the more we delve into the Universe, the more the mysteries multiply.

        Science is the study of the observable. So by definition, their speculations are limited. Scientists can show you the evidence that leads them to believe that our Universe began in a “big bang” event 14 or so billion years ago— and what I understand of it seems quite persuasive— but they can’t say anything about what came before that. Like so many of the ‘big questions’, that’s simply outside the realm of science.

        And the observations of quantum physics really deepened the mystery. Quantum physicists are observing phenomena which they had previously thought were impossible: yet there they are.

        As Richard Fineman famously said (close paraphrase): “If you claim to understand quantum mechanics, all you’re demonstrating is that you don’t understand quantum mechanics. We can describe what we’re seeing, but have no clue as to how to explain it.”

        So again: anyone claiming that we’ve solved the mystery of life is only revealing the extent of their ignorance.

        But it’s hard to deny that science has proven to be an incredibly accurate means of understanding the Universe.

        When they can launch a rocket off the orbiting, spinning Earth, slingshot it around the Moon, and send it 5 billion miles to Pluto, and send back pictures: they’ve learned a thing or two about how the Universe works.

        But for sure: life remains a mystery. Does consciousness survive death?
        I have no idea.

        UVA scientist Dr. Jim Tucker’s collection of childhood memories of past lives makes for compelling reading: kids knowing stuff they had no way of knowing. As Tucker says in the intro to one of his books (paraphrased): “As a scientist, I don’t say that these cases “prove” reincarnation. What I will say, is that I can’t think of any other explanation for them.”

        As with so many of the ‘big questions’, it seems to me that an openminded agnosticism is the most reasonable approach: “I don’t have sufficient data to answer that question.”

        So I simply can’t agree that “any larger questions about what to do with the discrete points of data is as much an act of faith as sitting in a church.”

        Faith is defined in Hebrews as “…. the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith involves hoping, believing in spite of a lack of visible evidence. Having a strong faith— holding to your faith in the face of challenges and doubt— is understood as the epitome of religiosity.

        Very different than the theories of science, which— while often admittedly speculative— are based on observation, and very amenable to change.

        In fact, a true scientist is constantly on the lookout for evidence which disconfirms his beliefs. That’s certainly not been true of any church-goer I’ve known.

        • Overall a good set of comments. I have one bone to pick, however.

          I’m not familiar with Tucker, but he illustrates a classic fallacy (“argument from ignorance”). An honest scientist would say “I cannot explain the phenomena. Perhaps there is basis for the beliefs in reincarnation, but further research is needed.” Instead, Tucker in your example basically says “I can’t think of any other explanation, so this must be reincarnation!”

    • no knowledge almost never wins in the end of civilizations. the desert Muslims destroyed the advanced Persian empire, Atilla the hun was illiterate, Genghis khan was not a well read man. myan civilization was extinct when long before Columbus, with no apparent conqueror. the myans were arguably the most advanced civilization in the Americas at the time .

  16. All living things are creatures of habit, and our most enduring & powerful habits are those acquired during the early formative years of growth when our brains double in size. And once upon a time, these habits were largely inculcated by parents, supported by religious & community leaders, and based upon structured and time-proven ideals. In a nutshell, traditional beliefs (embodied in habits) enabled a higher probably of survival success in the environment of one’s birth.

    We now live in a modern society in which single parenting is epidemic and fathers have been substantially replaced by nannyist governments. And these governments have cast aside ancient wisdom & traditional beliefs in favor of new age concepts grounded in sheeplism, e.g. plebs are to become homogenized & docile worker drones with a manufactured mindset that must reflexively bow the will of the Cloud People.

    And yet, there will always be independent thinkers among the plebs who refuse to bend the knee. The Cloud People regard these deviants are too dangerous to exist and will therefore enforce a conform or die dictat. That is the core problem that must be addressed sooner rather than later.

    • I agree with your excellent points, but I require a clarification: are the one’s who refuse to bend the need the core problem that must be addressed? When they are many, and you are few, might makes right.

  17. Maybe my following comment will indulge in the ultimate vanity: my time is unique from every other. However, as someone who reads a good portion of Enlightenment thinkers, I find the leading thinkers of our time to be of a different breed, and it concerns me deeply.
    For example, crack open something like Principia Mathematica, and you will discover a mind that seeks to posit ways to understand the world; curiosity about the world seems to be the motivating factor. Lamentably, the modern world seems to be run by people who have a clear desire to guide the world to a predetermined (by them) end.
    Certainly, someone may counter that people like Francis Bacon had his Great Instauration, but, again, just something about the tone is different, for Bacon was careful to moderate this impulse with invectives against speculation.
    If Enlightenment thinkers (and many of them referred to light imagery – it is a self-applied label, not retroactively stamped) viewed themselves as steps in gradually illuminating the darkness of the world, but with unclarity about what would be revealed, it seems that the current era is more Becomingism – where there is a clear push towards achieving some concrete goals our modern overlords have decided is the destiny of man. I mean: listen to the words these SOB’s actually say, and recognize that they continue to do exactly what they say. I think people underestimate that they (overlords – not politicians) seem to be moving the world exactly in the direction they want.
    Inflation: Great way to implement UBI and basket currency.
    Pandemic: International passports and standardized international tracking.
    Inflation/Pandemic/Taxation/’Equity’: Remove private property ownership.
    My fear is that they are not as incompetent as we believe.

    • competence is a relative term. the ruling class is incompetent relative to the requirements of a modern economy and society. they think like primitives, and their actions match. but. they are doomed and we are not. they have created a situation where is is necessary for them to die so that the rest of the world may live; so they will be killed each and every one.

      • I draw a line between ruling class such as Pelosi and rulers beyond the national level. Consider the permeation of Satanic and Baphomet (an Enlightenment favorite) imagery that they clearly love. I cannot belabor this point much more than to say: if you do not recognize images of this stuff is everywhere, please open your eyes. Baphomet is a hermaphroditic figure. Look how quickly, in just five or so years, they have completely twisted most children’s sex and sexuality. Talk to any reasonable teacher in the public schools; they can tell you it has taken off like a wildfire. They are quite successful at their desires. I believe most people believe the overlords’ goals are monetary and more in line with what we would hold as values, and not recognizing they view the world differently from us.
        However, the occasional times we get a brief glimpse behind the curtain (I’m thinking of the Podesta emails specifically, but I can provide many more examples – photos from the Rothschild Ball, all the one eyed signs in the media, the worship of death, the books on Hillary’s desks, etc.), you should clearly see that they hold views that are simply different from ours, and they are successful at initiating the populace into these views. This demonstrates that they are competent.

    • The idea that TPTB not being a starry-eyed collection dimwits is frightening. I’m somewhat on the fence as to whether they are ham fisted adherents of wokism or an adept cabal with a vision and plans to control the future.

      Dunno. But I do find in your argument’s favor the punishment and regulation disparity. Almost no politician of any value to them ever seems to reap any real punishment or consequence. They may be rejected by voters but even on an international scale they are given opportunities to land in financially comfortable or lucrative positions.

      This seems to extend even to their useful workforce. How many media, business and academic personnel really ever are left destitute? Masturbate in front of your zoom colleagues in the Age of MeToo and simply get a six month timeout?

      Some notable exceptions that did reap a high price were probably Gaddafi and Epstein. Both were too high level operators that had to be given up. Epstein had the ultimate Madame’s little black book and Muammar was in the way of the globalist inspired Arab Spring.

      In contrast it was Katie bar the door for Trump because he had quaint notions of nation, capitalism and was able to strike a cord with middle class white Americans.

      You might be on to something. Lord I hope you are wrong, Eloi.

      • Gaddafi had long been a thorn in the side, from oil pipelines to a pan african currency (gold backed, too). Epstein – I have no clue. It is called ‘occult’ for a reason; it means ‘hidden.’ However, I again believe that people confuse the puppeteer for the puppetmaster. I mean, how often are people fixated on the stupidity coming out of their mouths? And that is where it stays.
        I believe we are like the stupid peasants who see things magically appearing and assume it came out of pure happenstance and not see the hallmarks of design. Sure, the puppet has vacant eyes (cue image of Chris Cuomo), but clearly there is design somewhere behind.
        In my middle aged life, look at the things that have become normalized:
        Complete banning and criminalizing of traditional morals
        Destruction of the family unit (if you really consider, this is possibly the most epic event of all)
        Sexualizing children
        Destruction of middle class
        The death of private property (hey – who even buys a movie or CD anymore – everything is leased; and inflation is a great way to keep this going. Who is driving the housing boom? Massive companies snatching them up to rent them)
        Complete transition to an economy routed through banking
        Death of physical currency
        Complete destruction of traditional notion of money as limited (to rephrase, unending debt as the ultimate result of a pure fiat currency)
        Massive wealth transfer to the .01%
        Miscegenation (not saying this is right or wrong, but certainly they are pushing it and it is working, and I believe it generally goes against people being attracted, naturally, to those that look like them)
        Creation of clearly inequal justice system (how many years did Soros pay for DA’s. He doesn’t throw money away – he played the long game – look how it is already working with the summer of peace)
        The clear flaunting of corruption and double standards.
        Inter-generational hatred
        Deep inculcation of self-loathing
        etc. etc…
        What I would note about nearly all of these, and why I see the hallmark of design, is how unnatural these are. And if something doesn’t seem naturally made, it tells me it was designed.
        You should love your family, chemically, biologically, and spiritually, more than you should ever love anything else. That is natural. But now people hold ideologies that have nothing to do with their day to day existence more closely than putative loved ones. They hold drugs and technology more closely (certainly excesses always – I’m talking about percentage). I see young kids that should be in the prime of their life sickly, unhappy, ill. That did not happen by chance, and, if you listen to them, how long have they said they want to end the family unit and limit the population.
        How many of the current trends perfectly fulfill the oft avowed goals of the modern overlords:
        Less People
        No family unit
        Global Government/ New world order.
        If I am on a desert island, and I see a computer sitting there amidst the palm trees, I am aware that someone made it because I perceive the complexity of design, even if I do not see the person who created it. With some thoughtful reflection, I can begin to even observe what purpose it may have served. I think the sin of the modern man is that he is deaf to the words of our elites, and blind to the hallmarks of design.

      • TPTB were able to enact a Coordinated, Synchronized, complete world shutdown and that was clearly the death warrant for the economy of many countries that participated in it. The Caribbean or east Africa without tourism? completely broke, yet they locked down too. They have worked for this for over 50 years . that is a lot of planning . I agree whole heartedly with Elio on this occult side of this . IT’s pedos and occult symbols everywhere. and never accidental.

  18. “It is a good reminder that we are not very good at judging the times in which we are living or seeing around the next bend.”

    Actually, I think I can predict very accurately what is around the bend in Africa. Call me Nostradamus…or Jimmy the Greek, willing to take bets.

  19. “We are on the cusp of a new enlightenment.” Oh dear! Things are clearly worse than I thought. I’d imagined that the collective knicker wetting over the plague was probably just due to too much caffeine or something. Over here in Blighty we’re certainly encountering the limits of democracy, it seems that if your choice is between two morons, you’re gonna end up with a moron running the country.

    • my understanding is that a large majority of british sheep approve of the new normal; it makes them feel ???.

      • “My understanding”: headlines from corporate media, or public opinion polls pushed by Reuters and various government organisations.
        And you call British people “sheep”.

        • agree, polls are to discourage people by making them think they are oddballs and nobody else agrees with them

      • karl: There have been numerous and large public protests against the vax lockdowns throughout Europe, including quite a few in England. Here in AINO – zip. I would hesitate to call the English people as more sheep-like than American Whites. And while their military is working hard to destroy itself with diversity, like ours, it hasn’t happened as rapidly and they still have a core of very capable White men with military training.

    • The point of the column is that contemporaries are blind to revolutions that seem obvious to their descendants. The example with the 17th C is very apt, but another one is the Soviet Union. Six months before the Wall fell, no academics, pundits or politicians had a clue to what was coming. The SU seemed eternal.

      Kissinger once likened a statesman to a blind person: all the rules are out the window and the future is a black wall, you have nothing to help you navigate whatever comes next.

      We’re only at the beginning of a technological revolution that has already transformed our grandchildren into an alien species with the power of a thousand printing presses. That’s not the kind of genie that goes back in the bottle – globalists can’t help themselves, they sell us the rope to hang them yet.

      • For some reason people seem to think the net flow of information is from individual to phone. I think if you talk to most young people, you will find that they are a printing press. Printing presses are mindless machines in service of the operator.

        • Machine or not, the printing press sparked several revolutions: religious, scientific, social, political and industrial.

          The internet will do the same and we’re already seeing the contours of things to come: user-generated entertainment and political content, online democracy (boo!), international social networking, P2P internet and, perhaps more important, blockchain finance with the potential to wipe out banks and insurance companies and similar, rent-seeking operations.

          And Gen z isn’t “mindless”, mindless is what you see if you observe a child watching TV, a vacant stare. The internet, for all its flaws, has that benefit: it gets the kids away from television.

          Whether the potential of the internet will be realized within out lifetimes remains to be seen but you don’t have the vacant stare anymore and on the internet they’re never more than a few clicks away from authors like Zman. On TV, you could punch the remote all day and never get anything but globohomo propaganda.

          I’m cautiously exhilarated for our future.

    • The printing press analogy is correct but only to a point. In broader terms, it is the democratization of power. When printing was brand-new, only the most valuable books were printed. As printing became cheaper, so did the variety of printed material. This was both a blessing and a curse: more tastes and needs could be met at ever-cheaper prices. But the overall quality must needs fall to mediocre.

      The analogy holds fairly well for the latest gadgets. Almost anyone can set up a blog and is instantly both author and publisher. Again, both blessing and curse: a huge population of authors vying for readers. But how does the reader wade through the abundant offerings?

      Left out of the analysis is the more ominous question of who owns the presses? Who controls the flow of information? Who is gatekeeper, who says what is acceptable and what isn’t?

  20. Information moves so fast these days that a billion bad ideas can circle the globe a billion times before a single good one takes holds. We have seen that the past decade very vividly. Fifteen years ago, the way people lived and society functioned was closer to what it was in 1950 than it is today. Even with decades of hollowing-out, society still operated on basic principles of western civilization. No more.

    To that end, there is simply no way of knowing what thinking will be en vogue and what will be popular in five years, let alone ten or twenty. It is possible the mightiest of all backlashes against the current globohomo order is coming, or not. it could go either way at this point, and it could get very rough before we have an answer. At least our enemies are incompetent and stupid.

    • Fifteen years ago, the way people lived and society functioned was closer to what it was in 1950 than it is today.

      Fifteen years ago, half of us in here were civnats.

      • “Fifteen years ago, half of us in here were civnats.”

        LOL guilty as charged!!! haha “War on terror!!! Murica Forever, f*ck you enemy!!!” and ‘color blind society, yes!!’ I miss being so naive as to believe the world still made sense….

      • Felix: For all my flaws, I’m innocent of the civ-nat charge. Thirty five years ago I didn’t harbor the intense dislike for other races that I do now, simply because I hadn’t been forced to live cheek by jowl with them in what I considered my homeland. But traveling and living overseas woke me to national differences amongst Whites, which my rational mind then expanded to the other races. Add familiarity and its partner contempt, and I left the civnat plantation a long, long time ago.

        • You’re the other 50% then.

          My sister got red-pilled much the same way you did, only it took her a couple of years to process what she’d experienced. Our generation was about poverty tourism: you could go to some shithole and live like a king for pennies on the dollar and you would still be met with a tangible residue of the respect people used to have for whites. After some months you came back with an air of being of the world, having had your horizon expanded.

    • They are so incompetent and stupid they have destroyed the entire civilization of the west in every country, destroyed the fabric of every nation by mass importation of africa and the middle east, taken every institution and normalized degeneracy that would have been a crime or punished with social retribution not that long ago in just 50 years

      If that is incompetent I am not sure what competence would look like.

      • their results look like a lot of planning successfully carried out , but is is easier to destroy than build . our hope is in their destruction agenda overtaking their control apparatus . otherwise you and I will be confined to our pod and our bug rations reduced for an indeterminate time .

  21. A rare white pill from Zman. Appropriate for the winter solstice. Chatting with Ed Dutton should dispel the optimism. Or maybe Zman will turn Ed positive.

    Humans are often poor at predicting turns but how often do predictions of near-term gloom end up being wrong? Sure, in a hundred years or two, there might be a turn upward but everyone reading this will be dead.

  22. I also get the feeling that something new will emerge out of all this chaos & I’m not referring to chip implants & world government, but i don’t believe we’ll get to see it.

    There’s two major problems imo:

    One is the low birth rates of high iq people & the high birth rates of low iq people.
    You can’t have enlightenment if your society & to some extent the planet(cause if they don’t find food in their countries they’ll come to yours) is overrun with savages & their offsprings. Meaning these people need to get removed one way or the other & high iq people need to start remembering how to fuck.

    The second problem is simply the fact that the world is too large & complex. So even if a region of the world gets its act together & comes up with a better system that doesn’t mean the entire world will choose to follow its example. It takes a long time for ideologies to bear fruit & spread, unless we’re talking about a jihad type of “enlightenment” that’s aggressive & imperialistic.

    • The breeding and population thing could shift rather quickly if there was a collapse of the West or some similar evolutionary culling (major war, famine, etc.)

      When survival is at stake, a certain cleverness (which likely correlates with IQ) is needed to survive and reproduce. If food becomes scarce, for example, or heat in the winter intermittent, the first to perish will be the welfare mammies and their chilluns. They have no survival skills for a Detroit or Chicago winter.

      Further, a collapse of the West would necessarily lead to a population collapse in Africa and the rest of the 3rd world. The population explosion in such places is directly due to the medicines and agricultural production of the West. If those were to be disrupted, you’d see life expectancies and infant mortality regress to the mean in those shitholes.

      • 1. This is what Ed Dutton says is going to happen soon because the intelligent are not reproducing, but the less intelligent are. However, the religious also are reproducing more than others; there’s also a genetic factor for that. 2. The Enlightment came at the end of a period of harsh Darwinian selection, which increased intelligence. Instead of a New Enlightment, as the Z Man says, more likely there will be a New Dark Ages (the first was roughly 500-1000 A.D. followed by the High Middle Ages). It will be a return to tribalism, not because people read the new science papers on genetics, but because that’s what happens when a civilization collapses.

      • The breeding and population thing could shift rather quickly if there was a collapse of the West or some similar evolutionary culling

        Yes. Once people face the reality that the welfare state is not going to take care of you when you get old and decrepit but let you rot in the street, I figure the fertility rates will rise.

      • NYC, I think, has decided to stop allowing gas heat. The old ones will be grandfather in. While not as cold as Detroit or Chicago, imagine how spicy it will be when Shaniqua and Lebron have no heat due to brown-outs, which most assuredly will result since the electrical grid will not be increased, either.

        So we may get a view of this in the next four or five years.

        • It’s already happening. It happened in Texas early in 2021. People froze to death. It happened last season in several European nations and it’s happening again. For now, spot outages or short term failures.

    • well the high iq people are subsidizing the low iq people. once enough high iq people leave the system, the world wide brown population will drop by 90%, back to its natural Hobbsian level.

    • Sentry, while it’s true that low IQs are outbreeding high IQs, the absolute number of high IQs is at its highest point in history, just based on overall population growth. It’s still a problem that they will be swamped in democracies with the low IQs, but there will still be plenty of intelligence in the world. The question is whether it gets suppressed by totalitarian low IQ regimes, or whether it can carve out its own areas to keep advancing civilization.

      • Not if Dutton and others are correct. The typical human is not as “smart” as his counterpart 100-150 years ago. In short, IQ—world-wide—is declining. This is not shown on standardized tests, because they are reset to a mean of 100 every revision. However, give the same test as used 100 years ago, or even a generation ago, and the raw scores are less. The Flynn effect is over.

        Also, we are in a high technological age that is probably now stretching the limit of the required “smart fraction” needed to keep this shit-show running.

        • There might be an overall decrease in the Flynn effect, but what is important is what happens on the right side of the bell curve. The new 100 might be the old 90, but is 130 the old 120? I don’t really care as much about a loss on the left side, because those folks aren’t creating paradigm shifts forward. Not that it doesn’t matter though. It does.

          The technology can cut both ways. We have more overall productivity for our IQs than previous generations, because we can watch a video to fix something, or use a computer to solve an equation. There is an institutional intelligence that does not go away. But to your point, does this make our minds weaker because we don’t have to figure things out as much as we used to?

          Interesting questions!

      • I’m always leery of people who use absolute numbers. That’s an especially egregious deception, for example, in the “panic porn” reporting of the Covid-19 “pandemic.” Lots more cases showing up! Well, so shit Sherlock, you’re doing widespread testing, what the hell do you expect with an endemic, infectious disease??? What you almost never see is some more valid metric, such as positive cases divided by number of tests, or per-capita rates.

        The same reasoning should apply to considering the high-IQ vs. the dullards. Yes, I grant that the smart are at an all time high, but so is the overall population. The fact that propeller-heads are abundant doesn’t magically make all the problems that the dead wood create disappear. Quite the contrary: the problems only grow in magnitude.

  23. The time capsule which was found at the base of the Lee statue will be opened today in Richmond. The people who contributed items in 1887 could never in a million years have imagined that Lee’s statue would ultimately be desecrated, destroyed, and melted down to nothing.
    Time capsule openings are known for being stirring and poignant. This one is heartbreaking as it’s from a lost country; gone with the wind.

    • Yep: the fact that they’re taking down statues of Robert E. Lee and putting up statues of George Floyd (peace be upon him!)
      tells it all….

    • Melissa: And just as it was White men who officially removed the statue and delivered it to destruction, it is White women (and the usual Juice) who have infested archaeology and are turning museums into woke palaces. The plethora of traitors is truly stunning. Those who think somehow sufficient Whites can be ‘awakened’ astonish me. I see a race that has gone weak and soft and increasingly feminized and stupid, and desperately needs to be culled and hardened.

  24. Zman -“Extreme egalitarianism and the blank slate lie at the heart of the liberal democratic order. Questioning those concepts questions the legitimacy of the current political order in the West. Revolutionary stuff.”

    I would put it slightly differently. Extreme egalitarianism and the blank slate are the camouflage of the liberal democratic order. When the background changes, new camo will be developed.

    Notice how quickly “the Science” and “the Experts” have become the new Sovereigns during the recent plague. There’s nothing remotely egalitarian about the last two years. And the “blank slate” could (and will) simply be replaced by “genetic reparations”.

    I wouldn’t underestimate the flexibility of the Prog/Globalist cabal. There are no 95 Theses to analyze. Their doctrine is Power, that’s all.

    • why don’t people see this about the left? article after article, comment after comment, about what the left “thinks” or “wants” etc etc etc. it really is as simple as a flea wanting a dog to leech off, and if possible, to control (the dog). in the end the dog always dies (in this analogy). the left is a virus incarnate.

  25. Drive around some of our now vibrant cities like Detroit or St. Louis and one can see what once was, great architecture, nice parks, old neighborhoods that once were good places to raise white families.
    Our cities could again be nice places to live if mankind realizes the blank slate and egalitarianism which allows our cities to be destroyed by people whom could never build them in the first place must stop.
    We are not there yet but hopefully we are planting the seeds to get to the place where we as whites realize the current insanity must stop.

    • I’m always reminded of the meme that shows photographs of Detroit and Hiroshima in 1945 and today. Now, your CivNat Boomercon will usually start immediately shouting that its the fault of “the libtards/Demonrats,” et cetera, ad nauseam, but increasingly, the root cause of the problem is well known.

      Negroes are more destructive than nuclear weapons.

      • does anyone know if there was one group primarily pushing “block busting” back in the day?

        luckily those nice mexicans are exterminating blacks in this country; ole! andale! andale! mas rapido por favor!!

      • “Negroes are more destructive than nuclear weapons”

        And— unfortunately— a lot easier to produce!

        And with our welfare “safety net”— which rewards Black “single mothers” by upping their checks with every new baby they pop out— we’re subsidizing their production.

      • I remember Steven Crowder doing a video where he’s blaming dems for the dysfunction in many US cities. I thought typical neocon.

        Then I see his video from earlier this year I think where he and his guests on his show are relentlessly mocking blacks, based and very funny. It was about the feds gibs to black farmers. One of his jokes was about a Hennessy tree in perfect Ebonics. Worth a YT search.

    • We need separate countries. This will only stop once we have a base of power from where we can enact change. Being hamstrung with millions of people who disagree with us and will always oppose reform — because admitting the truth would be detrimental to their interests — reduces the chances of success to essentially zero.

      • I see that as a pipe dream, Yugoslavia writ large, sorry.
        What I do see as more realistic is a soft resegregation, as the futility of integration is more and more evident. Probably de facto segregation that ideally becomes de jure.

        • USA is breaking up into regions, as part of the world system collapse. it’s happening right now; re: supply chain chaos, vax passports for interstate travel, etc.

          • Nailed it. This is so obvious people tend to overlook it. The Feds are importing all the Squatelmalians they can and those leeches are going straight to their urban centers from where they were dropped in Boonville. Everything is being done to prevent it and that’s not working.

            As I wrote above, my Black Pill is one of the psychopaths in charge very well may set off a nuclear war. Maybe Putin or Xi or whomever will carefully target the shitpots if that happens.

        • It’ll never become de jure under the current arrangement because that would harm the interests of an increasing number of non-White Americans. They’re never going to (legally) allow Whites to have separate anything based on race because minorities would be disadvantaged, and no one ever votes to take free goodies away from themselves or for someone else’s benefit.

          You don’t really think poor minorities are going to say “okay, have your nice whites-only neighborhood over there. We’ll leave you alone while we live over here in poverty.” There’s no chance of that. They’ll vote themselves into that in a heartbeat, then call you names for keeping it from them in the first place.

          Increasingly, it won’t even be de facto unless you’re ultra wealthy; see any third work country for an example of how that works. They’ll just open your border and flood your de facto neighborhood with enrichment if it becomes a problem.

          If you want change, you’re going to have to find a way to get your own country. It’s as simple as that. There are no other solutions. Israel did it. And they’re just fine. Tell me how that’s different. Seems like it was a lot harder.

        • It’s interesting that the resegregation is already starting, but is being justified from the left. Negroes need their own safe spaces, dorms, graduation ceremonies, protected culture and language, city governments, etc. Okay.

      • Yes. The demand for equity shows a complete awareness that the actual underlying reasons for inequality are insoluble. Truth is not their friend, hence the need to bury it.

      • There are a few options that would not require separate countries, but the details are messy. 😈

    • An uplifting quote from the Zman on this topic:
      “Drive around (any city) and even in the worst ghettos, you see signs of the old beauty created by our ancestors. It takes their best and our worst to erase our work and even then some of it remains. When we get back to doing our best, recovering society will come quickly and ruthlessly.”

  26. The problem for our rulers is the same as for the Bolsheviks: They reject the natural order. That’s always going to cause problems, but those problems can be suppressed in a fairly closed society.

    People living 1930s Russia didn’t get a lot of information about the outside world. But people in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s did. They could compare what their rulers said to what they saw in other countries. Eventually, a combination of the system not working well and people knowing that a better system existed caused the country to collapse.

    Our rulers have the same problem, only worse. Outside of a complete shut-down of the internet, which would be an admission of their own failure, our rulers can’t stop people from learning the truth about the flawed assumptions that underpin our rulers’ beliefs.

    Science is coming for them. Sure, they’ll ignore it, but facts are a bit like termites. Ignoring them doesn’t stop them from doing damage. Then, there’s the example of other countries. Eastern Europe might be the biggest threat to our rulers. White support for our system would probably collapse overnight if every American white spent a month in the Czech Republic and saw what a non-vibrant life looked like.

    Information and comparison are killers to idiot regimes.

    • That’s why they’re working day and night to import “diversity” to Eastern Europe and Russia (Russia already has its own diversity).

      2nd world nations also seem increasingly attractive to normal white people. Dubai, Malaysia, Argentina, Turkey, and China seem like decent options. We’re already seeing some of these places courting Work From Home employees with visas. Some Boomers are liquidating and moving to Mexico. Nobody wants the woke crap and tons of squalid third world aliens – they act far worse in Western Nations than in their own countries.

      Any country where I can go to a bar, without a mask and proof of vaccine ID while not getting murdered is looking pretty nice these days – basically anywhere in the world outside of Africa.

      We talked about a crisis of competency yesterday. Getting some competent white males to make the move would be a win for these nations. Not only that, but the smart fractions across the world have low fertility and demand for talent is going to skyrocket globally in the coming decades. The West, especially North America could be in a bad place, left with lower IQ whites and endless woke third worlders who came for white gibs, smart people gone.

      Canada is no longer a top destination for Asian talent – USA is better than Canada, but many smart Asians prefer Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing even Mumbai over anywhere in the West. Educated Indians are coming to Canada for higher wages but for how long.

      Would I leave? Probably not unless I had a wife of my own kind or a community there to meet one. I don’t really like the idea of my genes being spread out among billions of indians. But it is pretty tempting to move somewhere else.

      • Some Boomers are liquidating and moving to Mexico.

        They may be in for a surprise. If the US goes down the drain, Mexico will go full Aztec.

        • I know, lol. I would never move to MX. But the point is that people are still leaving the West for cheaper and less woke destinations.

          Anyways, in that situation Boomers will “just be nice to everyone”, “peace and love”, and “smile” and I’m sure “everything will be ok”.

        • Maybe, but you have to remember that mex has been sending their least capable ……abroad for a couple of decades.

      • Your comment gave me some thought. I’d rather be masked among fellow Whites, than unmasked among non-Whites. I can’t see moving to a non-White country, except perhaps to save my life…but even then, I’d give it some thought.

        • I agree with the Derb on one point , this is all the fault of white people. have you seen a video of any antifa action? no diversity there ! none!

      • I’m a Boomer (75 yrs old) and living in Argentina for 18 years now. There is a large white community here, no blacks, and the browns are fine with us. I live in a rural area and more and more urban whites are moving here, much to my dismay. The white women are non-woke white women who would make great partners for Spanish speaking white guys with some drive and ambition. The key to it all is the language.

      • Much insight there. I would add: there is the problem of clashing cultures or traditions. As much as we bemoan the chronic problems of our home nations (e.g. USA, Canada, EU) the average citizen still has a very high quality of life by global standards. Even in nations with a larger proportion of White Europeans than we have, you’d be disappointed in many things. Rule of law, honesty and so forth are rarer. What we’d think of as corruption is part of the culture, permeating business and government. Something we take for granted, such as posting a letter, or ordering a package on the internet and having it delivered with high probability of success, may be unavailable in many nations. Many of these nations blow up their currencies every decade or two. No sane person keeps much of his wealth in-country (save, perhaps, as cash dollars, Euros or as precious metals) because it may vanish when the local government needs to meet a budget shortfall or El Jefe needs a new yacht. As you might expect, the law and justice pretty much scale to how wealthy one is. As someone warned a dewy-eyed new immigrant to some Latin nation, by way of warning about a real estate transaction: “It’s called a third-world country for a reason.”

    • “ facts are a bit like termites. Ignoring them doesn’t stop them from doing damage”

      I see what you did there

  27. We may be in the verge of a new enlightenment. We may be on the verge of a new Dark Ages. Given that the enlightenment helped pave the way for the secular religions of today, be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.

    Whatever comes about will likely be different than what we think will happen. New scientific breakthroughs and unexpected world events will shake things up.

    Maybe President Kamala Harris will usher in a flourishing of arts, culture and religion after she lights Brandon’s funeral pyre and sets it adrift on our very own Ganges (Mississippi River?).

      • it’s called Sati (or suttee)

        indians are savage barbarians who shit in the street [for cimment checker]

      • Excerpted from an Anthony Esolen column:

        Charles James Napier, one of the noblest of the British soldier-governors of India, friendly to Indians among the troops and a sharp critic of British arrogance, was once confronted by Hindus who insisted upon suttee: burning the widow on the funeral pyre of her husband.

        “Be it so,” said Napier. “This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”

  28. I’d feel a lot better if the people in charge weren’t suicidal. I just don’t understand the mindset of the modern progressive. Why burn it all down just to uplift Blacks?

    Anyway, as for our eternal pessimism, there is simply no way this works. I really have tried to game it all out. But if the population of the first world increases as much as they want, infinitely, we just run out of drinkable water. Plus, the only source of these new Americans, British, Germans, etc. is Africa.

    Africa always wins is a saying for a reason. This all ends in Eloi and Murlocks. Then we all die.

  29. my advice would be, don’t be sentimental, clear out every part of society that was pozzed, and don’t replace them. new system is all about decentralization; i.e. it accommodates reality (better) than current system. and segregate, segregate, segregate. make each community rise or fall on its own volition; don’t steal from the whites to support the muds.

  30. > Extreme egalitarianism and the blank slate lie at the heart of the liberal democratic order. Questioning those concepts questions the legitimacy of the current political order in the West. Revolutionary stuff.

    Deep inside, the left knows it’s currently a lie. Their current step is to give heavy incentives to race-mixing and class mixing to equalize everyone to “indifferentiated human matter” with as close to the same capabilities and characteristics as possible. Once the science catches up, they’ll start genetic engineering to bring in their new, equal civilization of submissive, mid-wit bugmen. The miscegentation everywhere may not wok with the current generation, but you’ll start to see the magic of propaganda and incentives work in Gen Z… if they bother to reproduce at all.

    Hence they’ll make extreme egalitarianism a reality through hacking Mother Nature. Like communism, the core ethic of liberalism ends with uprooting family structures, up to and including natural mating patterns.

    • communism, socialism and the like are symptoms of a failed society. they can never last long as they are parasitical and always kill the host. cure the root causes of such pathological “solutions” if you want a healthy society.

      • I’m currently reading Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law.” This “free market” book lays out a good case of how a legal system tends to start out as protecting the productive (“labor”) and punishing the parasite (“plunder”), but eventually morphing more into a wealth transfer scheme where everyone hopes to live at the expense of his neighbor. One interesting thing I’ve noted is he specifically uses terms like communism and socialism, but writes in 1850. There is lots of social and political insight here. He lauds the USA as a better example, yet notes that slavery and tariffs are two of its critical problems that may lead to break-up of the union. Rather prescient, I’d say.

    • The embrace of equity shows TPTB know the underlying causes of inequality are insoluble. Paternalism has become threadbare, and both those who engage in it and those who benefit can see the light sneaking through. This also only was effective with blacks due to their extremely low average intelligence. They were the first recipients and will be the last to believe more is coming. That will be the point where TPTB eliminate them.

  31. Luther’s theses clove the Catholic Church in two? Really? Not the pope’s rabid insistence that he could sell eternal salvation for cash?

    • Popes far more openly devient than Leo X had come and gone without the kind of schism Luther accidentally started. Not quite a century before him the Hussites had responded to a similarly broken Church with open and violent rebellion and had even succeeded in carving out their own territory without a general Reformation occurring.

      It took a decrepit status quo, general unhappiness among the populace, a new technology to spread new ideas and a charismatic leader to wield it all working in confluence to bring that level of change.

    • the cath church enacted reforms based on luthers complaints , that were not heresy . Sounds like you have gotten your understanding of indulgences from a great progressive institution .

  32. What we are facing is the end of Western Civilization and the transfer of power–especially financial power and the power that that power confers–to China.

    • haha move there and be happy! start a GoFundMe page, i will kick in $5. my advice, once you get there, is to buy a property from Evergrande.

      • Denying reality won’t change it. Barring a miracle, China is clearly the future. The West is pretty much finished absent some authoritarian genius who comes to power and imposes some kind of GATTACA-type genetic engineering on the population. It’s sort sad when you think about it. We really could have a new Enlightenment, and even something akin to utopia, on this earth if we did that. But I wonder if the West won’t just slowly degrade and then collapse into something resembling South Africa, instead. Shame. So close. Maybe in the next universe.

        • And I’m guessing that China is probably well along with the sort of genetic engineering that western ethics prevent western scientists from pursuing.

          • because they are so competent. guffaw. i hope they are because it will most likely wipe out all the chinese, making the world a much better place. for fucks sake they can’t even make semiconductor chips on their own. tell me, what’s your favorite flavor of kool-aid?

          • well karl , their first project from wuhan destroyed the western world. mighty incompetent those guys.

        • just because someone ignorant bleats out their neurotic fantasies, doesn’t make them true. please tell me one significant societal metric that is in china’s favor. just one. people like you went to the CCCP in the 1930’s; why don’t you have an adult read to you what their experiences were like?

          • Only one?

            1. High IQ population
            2. Ethnically homogeneous
            3. Doesn’t worship blacks
            4. Situated near the world’s most dynamic economies
            5. No globohomo
            6. Healthy, not morbidly obese
            7. Not being invaded by South Americans
            8. Low crime
            9. Han actually have a future, unlike the White man who p*ssed his away. Little Han Chinese kids go to bed knowing they’ll never be denied a job because they’re Chinese. They have a future, so they are free to invest in their communities. Whites are killing themselves in droves because they know they’re doomed.

            I could list about a thousand more. Tell me how your deranged ranting changes any of that.

            “people like you went to the CCCP in the 1930’s;”

            Great comeback.

          • The Chicoms control their population, and the population is predominantly of one ethnic. They broach no minorities or rather 5th columns within. The Chinese people are one and as a whole take pride in their nation and unity. Rightfully so. No nation has ever come this far, this quick. How they did so is another matter.

            There are some behavioral problems associated with the typical Chinese that works against the kind of society that we once had and are descended from, but so far the Chicoms seem to be addressing such and moving forward.

            Given their national IQ, and our current IQ decline, how would one bet against them?

          • 10. Higher life expectancy
            11. Nice urban cities dominated by their own kind
            12. American fertility is quickly approaching Chinese levels, so that’s not a disadvantage. The US loses about a million Whites a year.
            13. Chinese are younger than Americans on average.
            14. China hires their own instead of importing foreigners.
            15. Nice jobs. China has a booming tech industry so powerful the Americans had to ban Huawei because they couldn’t compete.
            16. The Chinese Ruling Class is Chinese
            17. Unified culture
            18. More stable government.
            19. No BLM. They crushed their own version of antifa.
            20. Lower suicide rate
            21. Lower drug overdose rate (US is #1 in the world)
            22. Their culture isn’t dominated by sick degenerates

        • I remember a column someone recently wrote about how often such predictions are wrong. If someone could share a link to it, that would be great.

    • At this stage, if our Rainbow Rambos are thrown into a world conflict (Ukraine/Taiwan) and our decidedly defeated, perhaps freedom can reign again in America. I’m hoping a less wealthy USA with its sites on defensive posturing will have diminishing will along with fewer resources to harass its citizens. I realize I get poorer too, but as is said, “it’s the price for freedom.”
      This month I received my property tax bill. Trust me; my property is a humble abode (it’s on concrete blocks, OK). I was shocked. Up and up it goes. I don’t mind paying for good service, but most of this goes to the green-haired, nose-ringed, historically illiterate edubacators. You know a Masters of Ed from State U (or worse, a Poison Ivy). Whoopty F’in doo. The Town building inspector is more competent than 5 of ’em on a dirty, covid creepy yoga mat. These are The young and middle-aged white woman Tucker rambles on about lately. The ones with inane, stupid virtue-signaling signs on their lawns and Suburu’s. Tucker claims the only ones supporting the Dems.
      I can’t help imagine that black people just laugh at and among themselves at this professional white woman’s worship of George Floyd. It’s amazing. The teachers largely babysit the third or 4th generation of fatherless offspring of all colors, handing out ADHD speed like candy and telling stories about the evil white people.
      I’ll become poorer if there are fewer of these people. I’ll make it. I’ll pay not to have to pay them. I’ll pay to have freedom of association. I’ll pay to have fewer cops harassing the leave me alone citizenry. I’ll pay more to watch these unemployed white “professionals” working in the night profession for the George Floyd types that conquer their neighborhoods.

        • I live under the reign and in the realm of The Baby Sun King. Sun King Jr now has something to do. He runs around the state telling us to get vaxxed, get tested. His majesty half-hardheartedly went along with the lawsuit with the other states opposing the mandate, but unlike, say Desantis, this son of the Sun initiates nothing that represents liberty.

  33. Agreed.

    Trace the timeline. In the mid-1400s, Gutenburg invents the first reliable printing press and suddenly the price of information has been cut into half. Fundamental economic law takes over: once the price drops, more is demanded. Less than 75 years after Gutenburg comes Luther with his 95 theses that cleaves the Catholic church in two. Momentum takes over from there as literacy spreads and the price of communication drops again and again until it is where it is today, practically zero.

    That being said, there’s no guarantee that upheaval won’t follow. The cost of the Protestant revolution was that Germany’s population dropped by a 1/3 during the Thirty Years War. We’ll be extremely lucky if the same doesn’t hold true this time around.

      • Luther’s role was important, but admittedly he road a wave that was building against a powerful and corrupt Catholic Church. He was the spark a midst a pile of deadwood.

    • “Less than 75 years after Gutenburg comes Luther with his 95 theses that cleaves the Catholic church in two”

      Basil, I think it was more like shattering a stained-glass window into 100+ shards. Luther launched a period of (what I like to call) religious entrepreneurship wherein every guy with a Bible could set himself up as a Pope. Our Pilgrims were the most notable example of this phenomenon.

      We’re going to see more of this, but it will manifest itself in the political, not religious, arena.

      • Just imagine Luther being an Antifa type leading a mob with a Guy Fawkes mask going around smashing churches with the mantra “No Indulgences No Peace.”
        Hey – he was a peaceful protest(ant)!
        As to the subject, I don’t think it is fair to over or underestimate him. He certainly wasn’t the first ‘protestant’ – I mean the Hussite Wars were what, about 100 years earlier? He was also not advocating separation at first, either. The 95 Theses are simply about plenary indulgences and related issues of Papal authority. But certainly he harped on the most clear excess of the Catholic Church: the rapaciousness, and one of the beauties of the 95 is simply how straightforward and quotable it is. It is not fair to say he did not provide a great text for people to thump on in objection to the Catholic order. I mean, check out these lines from about two thirds through:
        Therefore the treasures of the gospel are nets with which one formerly fished for men of wealth.
        The treasures of indulgences are nets with which one now fishes for the wealth of men.

        • “As to the subject, I don’t think it is fair to over or underestimate him. He certainly wasn’t the first ‘protestant’ I mean the Hussite Wars were what, about 100 years earlier?”

          Please don’t compare the hussite factions, led by one of the greatest warriors of all time(undefeated) to that piece of crap movement led by a merchant puppet. The hussites were basically the proto-nazis, while the protestants were the proto-communists.

    • Gutenburg’s invention gets all the credit for economical information distribution but the development of European paper production was just as important. After all, the press needs something on which to print its characters.

      • paper is the most durable storage medium invented. digital storage has a lifespan of maybe 5 years; properly treated paper can last 500 years (or more).

        • Sure, if you want to place digital media in clay jars and bury it in a cave. All official digital media is archived and refreshed. Either rewritten upon the same media, or transferred to a more modern media. But more importantly, paper has an information density far inferior to even the most primitive digital media once used waaay back when. Today, I can literally carry a library’s worth of “paper” on a digital media that fits into my back pocket.

          Of course, an apocalyptic event that kills modern technology will take us back to paper in short order.

          • Compsci*, you are dead wrong about the storage life of digital media, especially the steps to actively preserve it. You are correct in the sense that active steps must be taken to refresh and/or transfer it to newer media. And some information, that deemed most important, will be. But that’s exactly my point — the vast majority of information is left to “rot.” This has been a problem for decades with (say) old NASA magtapes. The tapes themselves may fail physically. The media demagnetizes. Even if the tape’s good, how accessible is a mag tape drive that was last manufactured in the 1970s? Even if it exists, who can repair such a device? Spare parts? And if the tape is readable, sometimes they don’t even know the format of the data!

            And unlike a lot of what I write here, I have experienced some of these problems first-hand in the 1990s. And the data in question was only a few years old, but due to media and equipment failure, became lost and irrecoverable.

            *This seems a curious oversight, assuming by your handle that you work(ed) in Computer Science!

    • suddenly the price of information has been cut into half. . . the price of communication drops again and again until it is where it is today, practically zero.

      Interesting observation. The price of communication may have dropped but it’s not free, internet access, cell phone service and land lines all cost money. The information provided by these carriers isn’t free, either. Some one has to obtain that information and then write or record in a transmittable form. In a time=money world that adds up as well. Even newspapers with a significant on-line presence have laid off thousands of journalists. The reason that it seems as though the cost of this information seems like it’s practically zero is that it’s distribution is being subsidized by advertisers or others pushing a message and agenda.

      • Half of newspaper readers and journalists have vanished over the past 15 years. Total circulation decreased by 55 million between 2004 and 2019. During the same period, newspapers lost 36,000 journalists. In other words, less actual information is now available.

        • Writing nothing but cia propaganda didn’t help. The same fate awaits bagelnews on talmudvision.

          • Just as everything has a political dimension in leftist world, everything has a jewish dimension in anti-semite land. You goyim are just so cute.

  34. >Instead, we are on the cusp of a new enlightenment.

    Oh, God, please no! The last one was bad enough! We won’t survive another!

    The white Christian man will never live in peace until The Enlightenment is torn, root and branch, out of our civilization. Keep the medicines and some of the more useful machines, of course, but all the social thought? Make a pile of it and burn it all. Locke, Hobbes, Jefferson, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, Jaffa, Rand – pile it on, light it up, and sing hymns begging God for forgiveness for not having burned it all ages ago.

    Only then – only once we return to the Old Wisdom – do we have a chance at surviving.

    • Only then – only once we return to the Old Wisdom – do we have a chance at surviving AS MEN.

      Anyway, lotsa upvotes! Well said.

      • life expectancy was 43 in 1700 western europe. out of 10 children a woman might give birth too, half would be dead by puberty. food was expensive, and people at your level of society were *never* fat. my advice to you is to start reading, because you wear your ignorance like a shit stained cloak.

        • I think you need to take a break from your Ace of Spades reading habit because it seems to me that you get irritable every time you go there and then you come back here and take it out on everyone else.

          • maybe you are right, i despise him. but there is so much teen age level “thinking” going on here. i could understand if people were praising switzerland or some decent country, but china is a dystopian nightmare in every way possible. and yet there are people here — all with daddy issues — who think somehow just because America is failing, that china is somehow succeeding. they are not. and do the bleaters here bother to actually read a little on the subject? fuck no, cause their daddies didn’t love them enough and reading about china is just going to make the hurt stronger (i guess). i am actually trying to help them albeit in a rude way.

        • Life expectancy was 43 because of childhood mortality. If you made it through childhood and then war for men and childbirth for women chances are you would live to 70 or so. The lifespan of man has been the same for thousands of years, 70 to 80. Nobody was amazed at Socrates being in his seventies when he killed himself because he was surrounded by equally old man

          • and the average life expectancy was still 43. unless you are suggesting that a given person can be born twice? your comment ignores that fact.

          • The point being made is that life expectancy is reduced through childhood deaths which as fairly meaningless losses to society—as the population breeds more children to make up for it. That is to say, there are enough older (43+) adults to carry on the business of maintaining a functioning society

    • down voted because everyone who recommends starting over from year zero (like you did) is a Pol Pot in the making. to dismiss the enlightenment out of hand is juvenile in the extreme. please provide us with a substitute that is superior; i.e how you would have done things differently.

    • haha just like a kid, you want the good stuff (as you define it) but not the bad stuff (ditto). the world doesn’t work that way (but lots of people act like it does).

  35. I’ve always used 1660 as a starting point. The first meeting of what was to become “The Royal Society” the first organization dedicated to what was to become “The Science.” (apologies to Lord Fauci,) And Newton, a later member, was 18.

    The difference between then and now is that there was not then a cabal executing on a plan to make a great leap forward, there is today, a plan is in execution for the great regression.

    • Geez, the middle of the 17th century was one of the most chaotic times in British history. Puritanical madman Oliver Cromwell had done what he could to destroy the Catholics in England and Ireland and institute a cheerless monotony to everyday life. The return of merry Charles II was greeted by the greatest celebration in English history, before or since, but it wasn’t long until the black plague, the great fire of London and the Dutch navy all spread misery throughout the land. Britain, like the US, had the good fortune to be separated from its enemies by the ocean. Had not that been the case it’s likely that the blessed isle would have eventually become an insignificant geographical and political oddity like Lithuania or Albania.

      • The English won the Anglo-Dutch wars. If England was not an island- but it is . It’s a silly argument,if the English had not defeated the Spanish in 1588 the Dutch would not exist. The Dutch had no intention to invade England with an army becuase they assumed they would lose. The New Model Army took on and beat both the French and Spanish armies,both were considered far better than the Dutch.A Dutch quote of the time:” a mountain of gold is going to war with a mountain of iron”. You understand that the Dutch were separated from the English by water and so were equally lucky. If the Netherlands was in Asia then your aunt would be your uncle.Ireland is an island and it didn’t do them much good. Sardiania , Corsica etc You might want to work on your critical thinking skills.

        • The lucky Dutch had to endure many land invasions through years, including that of the Spanish during the era in question. Nonetheless they were able to inflict the worst military defeat in English history with de Ruyter’s raid on the Medway on June 9, 1667 when the inept Dutch captured or burned 3 capital ships, ten ships of the line and towed away the British flagship, the Royal Charles. They did not attempt to take possession of the country.

          On 31 July, 1667 the British signed the Treaty of Breda, in the Netherlands town of the same name, which brought an end to the Second Anglo-Dutch War. In it the Dutch exchanged their North American colonies for exclusive power in Suriname and Run in south Asia where their commercial interests seemed more important at the time. Both countries had similar worries about activities on the continent. Other terms related to trade and shipping were part of the pact, specified by the Dutch.

          If you intend to lecture others on 17th century European history you might wish to read something about it or maybe take an on-line college course in the subject.

      • You omitted Cromwell’s other biggie: reversing Longshanks expulsion of the Jews. 40 years later England was saddled with a Central Bank and it was all downhill.
        You seem to be making the case that if things had been different, things would be different.

    • Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid
      Happier than you and me
      Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid
      And it determined what he could see
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      So that no one knew
      He was a mongoloid, mongoloid
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      One chromosome, too many

      • The best gratuitous Devo reference I’ve seen in a while.

        Merry Christmas to you, you spud boy.

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