Signs Of Hope

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A wise person once said that the revolution comes when a conservative of some sort is addressing a crowd and when he starts babbling about the evils of racism, the crowd begins to snicker and then starts laughing. In other words, there will come a point when white people have caught onto the scam privately then they realize that everyone else has caught on as well. The revolution is people realizing that everyone else is thinking the same taboo things privately.

It may not be that dramatic, of course, but that is a good way to think about how attitudes change slowly then all of a sudden. We may be seeing some of the slowly part as we close out the year. The jury in the Kim Potter manslaughter trial is in its third of day of deliberations and may be headed to a hung jury. Kim Potter is the former policewoman who killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop. She mistakenly used her service weapon rather than her taser and shot him in the chest.

The case, of course, is highly important because it happened during the Derek Chauvin trial in the same general area. Minnesota has become ground zero for proving that diversity plus proximity equals violence. They have had four high profile police shootings involving diversity. In three cases the victims were diverse and the officer white, while in one case the officer was diverse while the victim was white. The results say a lot about where we are as far as diversity.

What makes the Potter case interesting is she was not charged with intentionally killing Wright as we saw with Chauvin. There is no question as to what happened in this case as it was caught on video and Potter admits to the facts. The issue at hand is whether she should be put in prison for an honest mistake. Under normal circumstances, third degree manslaughter would be a slam dunk for the prosecutor. All of a sudden, it is not looking like the easy conviction they imagined.

The suspicion is that at least two jurors have refused to convict. That suggests we may be seeing a new type of jury nullification. Not a single person in that courtroom is unaware of the fact the Derek Chauvin was railroaded by the state and sent to prison for twenty years because he is white. Everyone in the courtroom knows the Feds have piled onto Chauvin making sure he has no chance to overturn his verdict by hitting him with trumped up civil rights charges.

Again, a reasonable person can look at the Potter case and conclude she deserves the same as a drunk driver, which is about ten years. Recklessly taking a life, regardless of your profession, requires a punishment. This is easy stuff but all of a sudden it is not so easy for this jury and the most likely reason is they follow the news. They notice that there are no more white people in TV ads. They have had to sit through diversity training at the office. Their kids are facing it at school.

The other bit of evidence that private conversations are turning away from the prevailing orthodoxy is the Rittenhouse trial. Reports from the trial suggest many of the jurors were offended by the spectacle. It was clear that one juror tried to shanghai deliberations but was bullied into submission. That jury was given every chance to convict Rittenhouse on a lesser charge. Instead of taking the easy way out they decided to send a message and acquit on all charges.

Individually these sorts of events can be explained with whatever theory you find comforting but taken together we are seeing a trend. White people are figuring out that they are the target, not some abstract baddy like Nazis and racists. When they watch a football game, they see the crowd is white, but the ads all feature black people in unrealistic settings. Maybe they notice out loud around friends and those friends laugh uncomfortably at first, but then it becomes a thing.

This does not mean that every white person in America is suddenly going to become a white nationalist or anything close to it. What it means is that we are heading into a new phase of the struggle. White people are increasingly comfortable with the idea that they are being made a scapegoat because they are white. That means the lunatics bellowing about racism are suddenly going to see their audience shrink. Attitudes are shifting slowly and that changes the battlefield.

The hopelessly pessimistic will want to dismiss this as pessimism is a form of escapism, like libertarianism. The pessimist always seeks to dismiss the positive, so he does not have to act on it. He can remain on the sidelines, smugly brooding about the end of the world, while everyone else is in the struggle. His only comfort is the libertarian, smugly assuring him that he will be proven right in the end, between rounds of smelling his own farts, of course.

The reality of this struggle is that reality has always been on the side of dissident and is on the side of the people who make civilization possible. Civilization operates in a longer time span than we would like, but the course of history is always bending to conform with biological reality. It is often hard for us to see it, but there are times, like now, when you see the signs of a turning. Like the line about bankruptcy, revolutions are slowly then all of a sudden.

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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after looking at a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

  2. “Recklessly taking a life, regardless of your profession, requires a punishment.”

    Let’s see how that statement hold up in Alex Baldwin’s trial in connection with the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins. Unfortunately, she was just another white woman. Had she been a person of “diversity”, you can bet it would be a completely different situation.

  3. I found this post a White pill. It was by a fellow White woman who posed as one of us to spy on mothers who are against CRT. The usual screeching but the White pill is the mothers are all young and seemingly normal. That is further proof that CRT may be a great aid in making normies realize what is gong on and that they have a vested interest in stopping it. It also shows normies how deranged the opposition is because the “ominous” philosophy that so alarmed the fellow White self proclaimed misandrist is so benign

    I tried posting this with the link and it was labeled spam

    • Here is the text of the post

      I Joined A Far-Right Group Of Moms. What I Witnessed Was Frightening.
      “I caught a gleam in the woman’s eye I didn’t like. Was there some flirtation with insurrection being suggested here?”
      Phoebe Cohen, Guest Writer

      “Look out for the trigger words,” the woman says. She’s perched on a chair in front of the room. She’s well-dressed yet funky with elegant boots, a demure sweater and some colorful jewelry. “‘Equality,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion,’ ‘marginalization,’… These words are CRT. If you see these words in your kids’ homework, you need to speak out.”

      I am in a meeting held by a local right-wing mom’s group. It’s an organization catering to mothers who are bent on protesting at school board meetings to stop the supposedly evil critical race theory agenda from being taught in public schools and address other typically conservative concerns.

      Critical race theory is not currently being taught in public schools.

      There are about 20 of us. We are all maskless, all (apparently) white, mostly women and all on the younger side. I’m in my early 40s and I seem to be the oldest person in the room. A group of children, including my son, the only one in a mask, are scampering merrily in a play area down the hall while a young woman with a baby in her front carrier keeps an eye on them. On the wall by the door of our seminar room is a sign. It says: “Children should be: Heard. Respected. Encouraged. Loved. Appreciated. Guided with Compassion. Given Freedom to Learn Without Coercion.”

      What exactly that last phrase means is ominously vague.

      For several years now I have been worried about the increasing right-wing views that I have noticed in my demographic (white suburban women). Before 2016, I always thought of Nazis as mainly historical villains that belonged in Indiana Jones movies or old news reels or the sad stories my grandfather told me. Now, however, as the last Holocaust survivors are dying, I am aware that fascism is creeping back into the world at large in terrifying ways.

      I wanted to know how I could fight against the appallingly stupid yet dangerously widespread disinformation that is entrancing many of my friends and neighbors. Basic facts about COVID-19 are being dismissed by whole states as part of the “liberal mainstream corporate media.” Bodies from COVID victims were stacking up in ICUs and filling the morgues back in 2020, yet I was still called a “child abuser” by people on the street because I made my son wear a mask. Why are people going nuts? Why are people dismissing science and history in favor of conspiracy theories? And, most importantly, how could we nudge the nation in a saner direction?

      I was especially curious about activist groups that specifically target suburban women. These groups seemed intent on making life more dangerous for my child. According to my local right-wing women’s group, masks should not be allowed in school. They told us to stop worrying about kids dying of COVID. They were also vocal about not wanting racism and its deep, formative history in the United States to be taught. Some of these people literally do not believe white privilege exists because, according to them, the Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War were overwhelmingly white. (No, I don’t understand that argument either.) Others feel parts of our country’s history shouldn’t be included in curriculums if it makes people ― namely white people ― uncomfortable.

      Every teacher I knew was struggling with COVID restrictions and dealing with students venting their post-pandemic trauma through increasingly disruptive behavior. School districts across the country were dealing with staffing shortages due to teachers burning out from stress. Why add to teachers’ difficulties by threatening school instructors who dared to teach topics like Jim Crow laws, the civil rights movement and the repercussions of slavery in America?

      “Some of these people literally do not believe white privilege exists because, according to them, the Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War were overwhelmingly white. (No, I don’t understand that argument either.)”

      To learn more, I joined a local right-wing Facebook group for moms. It’s a private group that requires aspiring members to answer some questions before they’re granted entry. One question was “Why do you want to join?” I replied, “I want to be more involved with my kids’ school.” A week passed and then a moderator for the group contacted me privately. “Can you be more specific about what issue most concerns you?”

      Yikes. Security was apparently very tight with this group. They weren’t going to let just any mom glide in using a few generic answers.

      “I’m mostly interested in issues that involve keeping kids physically in school,” I messaged back. “Zoom school was devastating for my kid and I don’t want that to happen again.” I wasn’t lying about any of that. It’s one of the few opinions I share with many conservative parents.

      The moderator sent me a thumbs-up emoji and let me into the group.

      Once inside, I found the members were all stripes of Republican and I was pleasantly surprised to see opinion was not monolithic in the group. Several moms argued against the more far-right posters. One woman posted an objection to children reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in class. “Divisive Concepts,” she wrote with a broken heart emoji. Underneath was a screenshot of a direct message from someone who appeared to be a student that read, “I’m in English right now. We’re currently reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ There’s a part where Calpurnia brings the kids to church with her and another black woman is being extremely racist towards Scout and Jem. My teacher was saying it was not racism because white people have a higher power over black people in society and that black people can’t be racist.”

      There were several indignant emoji reactions in response to this post. One mom, however, pushed back. “Well,” she commented, “the woman at the church complained that Calpurnia had brought white children to the Black church, possibly one of the few places Black people felt any sense of freedom and safety. It’s a little absurd to call the woman racist, given the context.” This comment got a couple “likes” and no pushback.

      Another surprise I found in the Facebook group was that some huge media outlets were giving them a platform. One of the founders of the group posted that she had done an interview with The New York Times as part of a story on parental rights.

      The New York Times! I was dumbfounded. None of the women who ran the pro-Democrat “Indivisible” groups in my town had even managed to get an interview with the local paper!

      I scanned the comments and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

      “It’ll be fine,” another mom wrote after the initial poster expressed concern about The New York Times possibly misquoting her. “It’s a lesson I learned the hard way after the BBC screwed me.”

      The BBC! The BBC was talking to these women?

      I had to know more.

      Unfortunately a few of the moms may have become suspicious of me. Perhaps I had “liked” too many comments by moms pushing back against the anti-CRT posts. Perhaps some moderators had found the very liberal comments that I had posted on other public news articles. In any case, when I expressed interest in joining an in-person roundtable discussion event, I saw that the location of the event suddenly disappeared. I messaged the group moderator about the event location.

      “Just a heads up,” she messaged back, “I think most people will not be masking. Is that something you’ll be comfortable with?”

      I wondered if she was trying to frighten me off. “Yes, that’s fine,” I replied.

      I never received the location, but luckily I had written it down before it disappeared from the event post.

      I drove to the meeting with my son. The group moderator had been right. When I joined the meeting, I saw that nobody in the packed room was masked. I gritted my teeth and sat down anyway. I was fully vaccinated and my son wore a mask. He was the only one.

      I listened to the speakers at the meeting while they discussed how to run for, campaign and pressure school boards. Many parents bemoaned how they had to pull their kids from public schools over mask mandates and instead enroll them in private schools. It was a common story. I got the impression that most of these families had income levels that allowed them to pay thousands in private school fees because they wanted to take a stand on masks. I was probably the poorest person there.

      There was a lot of anger directed at teachers. “Rat out these teachers,” one mother instructed. “Find a lawyer who can challenge these teachers.” Another woman disdainfully noted that teachers “don’t even know what they’re doing half the time. They just pull it off the internet.” A third woman said, “There is no discipline for teachers outside of taking away their credentials.” The battle lines were clearly drawn.

      I raised my hand. “What do you say to people who are like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna put bounties on teachers’ heads. You’re marching outside of school board members’ homes with guns. School board members are getting death threats and feeling terrorized’?”

      I could see several women visibly flinch at the word “bounty.” One woman said she disliked the term “bounty” but she could see the need for “monetary compensation” for those who turn in teachers that were doing things parents found unacceptable. “There are no repercussions for teachers who break the law,” she said. “If we have to offer monetary compensation for people to report teachers, I see no problem with that. It’s an incentive for people to wake up.”

      It wasn’t clear what laws these teachers were supposedly breaking. As far as I could tell, teachers ― like everyone else ― got punished if they broke laws.

      Another woman raised her hand. “Look, I know we want to change school boards,” she said, “but elections aren’t until 2023. What do we do until then? We just can’t sit around and let them attack our kids. We have to do SOMETHING.”

      I caught a gleam in the woman’s eye I didn’t like. Was there some flirtation with insurrection being suggested here? What, exactly, was she saying?

      Another woman nodded. “Listen, we’ve tried playing nice. But they just dig in their heels and dig in their heels. We have to start being not so nice.”

      “One woman said she disliked the term ‘bounty’ but she could see the need for ‘monetary compensation’ for those who turn in teachers that were doing things parents found unacceptable. … ‘If we have to offer monetary compensation for people to report teachers, I see no problem with that. It’s an incentive for people to wake up.’”

      I didn’t like where the discussion was going. The moderator guided the topic back to safer ground. “Be pleasantly persistent,” she smiled. “Be annoying. Be the woman at the school board meetings who always shows up. Be the person who, when the meeting organizers see you, say, ‘Oh, God, her again.’ Be that person. And please try to get people to vote in municipal elections.”

      Fair enough. A lot of the roundtable debate felt like a Republican version of a Run for Something meeting. Run for Something was a movement started after Donald Trump won the presidency that was meant to encourage young progressives to start their own campaigns for local political office. This right-wing women’s group seemed to be following the same model, but there was an undercurrent of rage among the group members that I had never seen in a Run for Something meeting.

      Despite my uneasiness, I couldn’t help but find myself liking the women in the room. They were charismatic. They were energetic. They had no problem letting my low-functioning autistic son play with their children, which is unfortunately rare among a lot of the other mothers I’ve encountered. But this made me even more uneasy. I realized these women were dangerous precisely because they were so friendly. Their condemnation of history lessons about Ruby Bridges and Jim Crow laws and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was repulsive. They were trying to suppress the truth by labeling the unassailable facts of racism in the U.S. as “divisive.” “Equality,” “diversity” and “inclusion” were not virtues to be celebrated but “trigger words” with a poisonous intent. This nefariously clever bit of relabeling disgusted me. There was a very clear far-right agenda at work here.

      Groups like the one I joined often appeal to mothers. The pandemic has hit moms especially hard. Lack of child care has resulted in a “she-cession” with thousands of women leaving the workforce to take care of their children. Lonely, frustrated, financially stressed people tend to be prime targets for radical groups. These right-wing women’s groups offer a sense of community and friendship to women who are isolated at home with their kids. It can be frighteningly easy for some people to start nodding along with all the rhetoric about the evils of critical race theory and COVID conspiracy theories if the women espousing them are also offering you coffee and friendship and child care ― and making you feel seen and heard.

      I am currently still a member of this local right-wing women’s Facebook group. It has helped me to understand where these people are coming from ― and just how motivated they are. My membership could end up being rescinded, however, as I plan to attend a few upcoming school board meetings to defend the accurate and honest teaching of all parts of American history, especially in regard to racism and what it has meant and means to be Black in this country.

      I can’t stop thinking about the gleam in that woman’s eye as she said, “We just can’t sit around and let them attack our kids. We have to do something.” Though some people think merely tweeting our outrage or frustration is productive (it’s not), those of us fighting against the far right need to be more aware of how energetic and organized they’re becoming and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to get their way. Right-wing activists are attending school board meetings in hopes of transforming our children’s education, and, ultimately, their lives and the future of the United States. It’s time for us to be just as active to ensure this doesn’t happen. We must fight for our children’s safety and their right to learn our nation’s history ― even the ugly parts. Especially the ugly parts.

      After all, when ugly history gets ignored, it tends to get repeated.

      Phoebe Cohen has walked many paths in life, including living in the Gobi Desert as a Peace Corps volunteer and working as a paramedic in several states. Cohen’s work has been featured in Graphic Medicine, Mutha Magazine and BorderX. She regularly posts on her website Merry Misandrist. Cohen is a part-time cartoonist, writer and nursing student. She has been known to go up to five hours without coffee

      • If any of her account is actually true, it’s amazing how twisted and evil people like her really are. They’re mentally ill. That being said, I don’t believe a word of it. Her comments about how she was “shocked” that these people don’t think white privilege exists is the most funny. She is doing what all leftist witches do and throw out the buzzwords the left has fabricated out of thin air without any way of proving or quantifying it. Which, of course, we all know cannot be done because it does not exist. Reading this stuff makes me angrier, and just reinforces my belief that there is no way to live with these people.

        • To me this is 100% fake because any of the legitimate mothers in the group would have sniffed out a Leftist like this lady from a mile away and she would have been appropriately shunned very quickly.

          • If one is to believe any of it, the moment they deleted the email invite from her feed…they were on to her. Not to
            Mention having her son be masked….

          • Didn’t you comment at Hotair a long time ago? If so then I’m glad to see you’re still kicking around.

  4. There is still no hope. There is going to be a massive debt default, and the dollar will lose reserve currency status. This is the kind of pressure that breaks weak vessels. America is now a balkanized vessel that is going to break along ethnic fault lines. It’s never just one thing that gets a once powerful nation.

  5. As long as television remains in the hands of the Left — the complete hands of the Left — it will remain difficult to turn off the Woke narrative that they propagate.

    Television is the power source. It is the glowing colorful dancing illusion which beguiles. Everything from the shows themselves to the ads in between support progressive values. It’s like trying to count the number of shows set in the U.S. South — there aren’t very many.

    When you invite in the same vampire for hours each evening, it’s going to feed on you eventually.

    • This is true but I’ll bet viewership is way down. I know I don’t watch network TV at all now. Slowly that is changing as well.

      • And completely usurped by the even more addictive and even worse social media. It is not as if people are tuning in and turning off. They have found a more potent form

    • The National, “Apartment Dwellers”, 2007:

      We’ll stay in our room til somebody finds us
      Do whatever the TV tells us

      Fill our heads with rosy- minded

    • TV is almost toast now. The most popular shows on Network NCIS and the Black-U-Lizer have 1/5th the viewers of say a 1980 TV show with a 50% increase in population .

      This basically means the reach of TV shows is like 1/8th what it was a best and a show that low ranked would have been canceled well into he 90’s

      These days all the NFL can manage 16 million viewers which is 1/7th the number of subscribers of say YouTube Pewdiepie

      Super woke crud like say Batwoman manage 300 thousand viewers which is around 1/6th of what say a YouTube video on Dr Who themed fish fingers gets

      Heck a random video lplay through of Skyrim made by a 60 year old guy in Canada pulls 20k viewers but it is super niche and no budget.

  6. ” Recklessly taking a life, regardless of your profession, requires a punishment. ”

    Even if one is, say, an Actor?

  7. Anybody else notice that the corporate strategy this year is to pretend that Christmas doesn’t even exist?

    In the past there was alot of “happy holidays” crap but this year they’ve completely effaced the concept of Christmas. I’ve heard “holiday tree”, “merry holidays”, and “have a good holiday”, to name a few.

    Personally I don’t celebrate “holidays” so it is meaningless to me. It’s mostly middle aged white women with beta husband’s who are pushing this the hardest.

    • Holiday tree? what the hell are you talking about? I have never heard of that phrase in my life

      I live in the leftiest of left places and the Christmas lights at Lowe’s and Home Depot were sold out a month ago. Everyone’s into it pretending like everything is great

    • Where I live, corporations are very much into Christmas marketing, to the point where I’m beginning to suspect that they are relying on old-fashioned Christian charity to make up for diminished sales. Every sales clerk I’ve interacted with for the last two weeks has wished me meet Christmas, and every store has been blasting Christmas music non stop since black Friday. YMMV.

  8. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going through normies’ heads. I’ve been disappointed far too often to assume that there’s any kind of mass racial awakening going on. Whites are great at deluding themselves and coping.

    I’ve seen it with football. They will complain that every ad is anti white. Then comes the shoulder shrug: “but eh, whatever, I’ve always watched Green Bay on Sunday” and they make themselves forget about it.

    Some white blue collar guys seem to be more aware than before though. Just the energy they give off. But among the white normies, it’s more of the same. They’re now rushing off to get their 3rd Pfizer dose so that we can all get back to normal.

    Canada is more cucked than the usa though. Most pride themselves on being “not Americans” and the TV says that Americans are racist antivaxxers who hate immigrants. So of course we need more booster shots, race mixing, and open borders.

    I don’t think most normies are unsalvageable. But with the current propaganda and extremely charged climate, most people don’t have the guts to stand up. Any bad thoughts they have they bury deep down inside. White people gonna white people. Grill, be kind of faggy, get their 3 boosters, and have 1.5 kids. We need to continue what we’re doing; those who are on the fence will join in.

    Those who oppose us will continue to become and more more irrelevant inside their own white person silo of delusion.

    • I think the problem with any notion of mass awakening is memory. Ask 30 normies who Derek Chauvin is. 75 percent will have no clue or the vaguest recollection. Things like football and phones are great amnesia inducing products. We remember and the cup of iniquity fills for us, but for most normies, racial outrage is a brief spasm. And just like most spasms, it is quick and soon forgotten (and one hopes the trollop one copulated with is forgotten as well).
      I hate to always be a downer, but I am probably younger than most folks here, and I deal with many young people, and I love to interact with them, but it also really saddens me. I do not think people recognize how different they are reared en masse, and I live in a conservative location. Most know nothing and care nothing, except for the trannies, and they are full of passionate intensity. Cue Yeats!
      I am serious when I say the elders need to shut their kids and grandkids off the f#@$@ phones. These kids know nothing but SJW crap.

      • A blackout, which has already been planned and gamed, like Event 201, and currency collapse is gonna wake alot of motherfuckers up. They’re gonna look in the mirror and realize they’re White, with a bullseye on their back Tribal, what was old will be new again.

      • I’ve always thought the very definition of insanity is female prison guards in charge of dangerous male convicts. Who the hell came up with that idiotic idea? I always roll my eyes and chuckle when the occasional news story comes along about some female guard falling in love with an inmate and helping him escape or smuggle contraband in to him.

    • In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably not a real problem that a violent criminal is dead. However, a cop that can’t tell the difference between a gun and a taser is a real liability to the society she polices, so I don’t really have a problem with her being put in jail as a warning to other cops who may be similarly negligent. Cops ought to be held to extremely high standards when discharging their duties, and there ought to be no tolerance for one who gets confused in the course of a chase or arrest. Indeed, one point of training them is make sure they aren’t panicking or getting confused in the normal course of their duties.

      • She was a 26 year veteran, but because we have been brainwashed to believe that women can do everything that men can do, this happened. I’m not at all upset that yet another criminal black is off the street, but at the end of the day, it also shows that the whole idea of “equality” that had been force fed to us for decades is a complete farce and silly at best.

  9. Potter found guilty on all counts today. She showed no emotion as the verdict was read. The holdouts caved in to get done before Christmas.

  10. This is exactly what John Adams said in a letter he wrote to a friend around 1820 or so. He said that “the Revolution” was not the war, with the guns and cannon and cavalry charges and the bloodshed and all that, but rather it was the change in people’s minds and hearts that was “the Revolution.”

  11. The thing about the potter case is the whole thing is a lie. At the time it happened and since then, all I heard in all the stories about it was he was pulled over because of one of those fresheners was on his mirror or complaints about his car. What I never heard until very recently was that he had a warrant for a violent crime. And of course, like all the other BLM martyrs, all he had to do was not fight with the cops. Had he not fought with the cops, he would be alive regardless of her mistake.
    What nobody wants to talk about either is woman cops. Women should not be street cops. The demographic of criminals is young men. She should have never been there in the first place.

    • And it was first and foremost she herself who ought to have known that. Her judgment is bad no matter how you slice it.

  12. A funny to make you fine folks laugh:

    My son is out of school for the holidays, and he’s becoming kinda “redpilled” on a lot of things completely on his own. He’s a preteen, but he questions things he sees in our current milieu. He’s even noticed all the black people in all the commercials that interrupt his YouTube videos.

    Anyway, one of his videos was interrupted with a commercial for Santa, Inc.

    He texted me at work after seeing this with a message that went “Hey dad I just saw a commercial for a Christians movie where Santa retired and they replaced him with a colored girl!!!”

    I about spit out my coffee. I hadn’t actually seen the ads for this, and my first instinct was that the new Santa was a black elf or something. Turns out that the character is pink, which is what he meant by “colored”. I promise you, he’s never heard me call black people “coloreds” haha. It was just a convergence of his relative innocence with my lack thereof. But I did take the opportunity to explain to him that the “pink” elf was a stand-in for anybody not white, so there was a learning opportunity for him.

      • I’m convinced autocorrect is totally out of control these days.

        The level of autocorrection was about right on the Sony, Xiomi, and ZTE phones that I had a few years ago.

        My current Samsung seems set on trying to out-anticipate my text and constantly betrays me.

      • I don’t know, I was under the assumption that her and Seth Rogan were the voice actors for it. I’ve not followed it that closely.

    • One might title that little episode “The Gift of the Magi.” It’s downright O.Henry-ish in its content and messaging.

      (Does he now know what “colored girl” means?)

      • No. That’s the point. He was just speaking (or texting as it were) in his pure, uncluttered with propaganda way. The pink elf was a “colored person”. It is that simple. Pink is a color. So she was “colored”. Purely innocent and, in a sane world, non-offensive. Nobody frets when people talk about the vibrant colors of flowers.
        That’s why it was so funny. He didn’t know that “colored” has been traditionally seen as a slur against blacks. In fact, I think if I told him that, he would laugh and in his very naive way, say something like “but black isn’t really a color dad”

        • “Colored” was not historically a slur. It was a polite way of saying “black” which came awfully close to the n-word. Why does the nationwide organization known as the NAACP include that word in its name? It does not refer to Asians, either.

    • Some of today’s young men are interesting characters. Of course there are the ones who are brainwashed, but every now and then you find a few who say profound things, especially those under age of 20.

      They’ve all been trained to watch their mouths about what they say in The Era of Globohomo, but some know what’s really going on. If you can get them comfortable, the bile and distaste for it all is right under the surface and will come boiling right out. Those sure know how to use adjectives such as “queer” and “nigger”. Those are the ones who actually have what I call a normal household. These are the ones the government suck teat people fear and hate the most. They’re the ones who escaped school propaganda.

  13. Z makes in interesting argument. White people may indeed be waking up and finally realizing that they are the target, but I wouldn’t read too much into the Potter trial.

    If Potter gets off, it probably won’t be because she is white but because she is female and she wept on the witness stand like a five year-old getting spanked (unlike Rittenhouse, who broke down recalling the moment that the Antifa scum were pointing a gun at his head and a half-second away from killing him).

    It’s an undeniable fact that the criminal “justice” system gives females a fraction of the prison time that men get for similar or identical crimes. What Potter did was incompetent and stupid. No matter how much of a scumbag Wright was, you still can’t have cops just killing people “by mistake.” She deserves 10-15 for manslaughter, but if she gets any time at all I’d be surprised if she does five years.

    • I agree, I definitely have to watch out about being too cynical and despair is a sin at least partly for the reasons Z states but if this woman gets off the charges I’m not convinced it’s a sign of white consciousness. I’ll need more examples.

    • Why did we ever put a middle aged woman in the position of having to fight with and manhandle a 20 year old male criminal in the first place? How the hell does a 20 year veteran cop pull the wrong gun? It is likely she had been well protected for those 20 years. 2 different instances of “equality” came to front in that moment.

  14. “In other words, there will come a point when white people have caught onto the scam privately then they realize that everyone else has caught on as well. The revolution is people realizing that everyone else is thinking the same taboo things privately.”

    Otherwise known as a preference cascade. We are starting to see this within the Hispanic community as well.

    Just sayin’ but I think the reason the blacks are pushing so hard on CRT and getting whatever they can get now is because their market share is pretty stable, and while whites are in decline, they are being replaced by Hispanics and Asians who are resistant to the accusations of racism hurled at them. The next 10-20 years should be quite interesting.

    • CRT is being pushed by white Leftists (women in particular).

      This is the problem. The AA grifters in congress and their private proxies such as the NAACP don’t want to have to share the marketplace with the uppity newcomers like BLM/CRT

        • truer words were never said.

          they should change the expression “man is a religious being” to “woman is a religious being”

        • Wicca of the recent decades was started by Gerald Gardner, a one of them. Wicca is kinda of shepherded by women such as Star Hawk, aka Miriam Simon. Lots of woman such as them. The Church of Satan was started by Anton Levy. And so on… Cooking up groups & religions for them is like us getting up in the morning

          Wicca was particularly useful to them. It aggregated a lot of [boomerish] white women looking for something spiritual, something having white ancestral roots and which allows a more active role for women to participate. Not entirely bad as a thing in and of itself. But it allowed, as any unpoliced group would, for tribalists to steer it to their ends.

    • The people behind CRT are not black. One of that group currently serves as the United States Attorney General; in a past life he would have been an open Chetnik. If Whites took a notion, every black man, woman and child would be dead within a matter of days and there would not be one damned thing the government, police, military or whatever could do about it. Reasonably intelligent blacks understand this. These are not the dumbasses who hung “black-owned” on their stores before they were torched last summer, but people who have a full grasp on reality.

      You kill a snake by cutting off its head. How long it takes to get people there is the question.

  15. Tide turning, for all the ships at sea.
    Groundswell of change in awareness and opinion, landside.

    Those trends show that people are aware and are realizing that they outnumber those who try to manipulate via news, or “news”.
    Revelations are on the way, likely timed to coincide with more public displays of awareness. To continue the initial geographic theme, there will be landslides burying Dems, media fellow-travelers and campus phonies.

    In the meantime, patience.

  16. We live in very odd times. Gazillionaire Elon Musk of Tesla fame is interviewed by The Babylon Bee. For those who weren’t familiar, this is a satire news site; their motto “Fake news you can trust.” So far as I know, the Musk interview is on the level. It’s been reported in (more) mainstream press.
    I’ve only watched the trailer. But arguably, we now have a parody web site mounting a reasonably serious interview with (nearly) the world’s wealthiest man. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has become an ugly parody of itself.

  17. That is good news. There was a headline on instapundit about the tearing down of statues and whatnot and noting that this is how a conquered nation is treated. That’s normie country over there so that’s pretty good.
    The other thing people always like to talk about is, you know, the fall of Rome and the comparisons but the Romans were taking over by the Germanic people not by amerindians and Africans this is a whole different ball game. These people are not up to the challenge. The Chinese on the other hand, they’re an issue but we have real skills that we have put in the service of other people’s and that’s about to change

    • The Chinese have no interest in conquering far away lands and settling their people there. They want raw materials from these places to use at home.

      The built the Great Wall and Forbidden City to keep outsiders OUT.

        • Just look at what has happened to the western coast of North America, with Vancouver as a particular standout in terms of Chinese colonization.

          • With all due respect when there’s 2 billion of them even a fraction of those number if they leave the end up dotting all corners of the earth. Same for India . They Come to these places in North America in order to get rich not for concepts like freedom or any nonsense like that. If that incentive to get rich goes away they will not be coming anymore.

          • I believe that migration was driven by the relatively wealthy Chinese looking for escape hatches from the clutches of the CCP. Vancouver in particular was a natural place for Commonwealth citizens of Hong-Kong to land ahead of the UK surrendering it.

        • China has now caught the same disease as Japan. Don’t look for their birth rates to recover no matter how the party begs. They’ve got just a bit of excess population left, but when that’s gone they won’t be colonizing anyone. All that will be left is to bribe the local strong men to do their bidding.

          • The Asian demographic crysis is pretty overblown. People love to ignore the looming scenario of mads death and starvation in Africa when the West can’t feed it anymore.

  18. “ …For those who have not subscribed may Allah send a gaggle of chubby feminists to your Christmas party.”


    You SWINE.

    Where do I send the blank cheque…😭

  19. Perhaps another sign of hope, as strange as this will sound: the latest Spider-Man movie, staring mostly White males, is set to become one of the largest grossing movies of all time. This follows several high profile diversity flops for Marvel Studios. This could indicate that White audiences are deliberately seeking out their own kind in entertainment products to a much higher degree than in the past while also shunning anything viewed as derogatory against our group. The same phenomenon is seen with most other minority groups. Asians powered Crazy Rich Asians to profitability. Blacks did the same for Black Panther. Now Whites are acting like those groups.

    And another sign of hope: I just got back from a grocery store. EVERYONE was masked up but me. I noticed everyone in line glancing at me. By the time I got to check-out, everyone in line had taken that thing off. Even the old lady in front of me — embarrassed into taking a stand, perhaps. I hate to crib a line from Knight Rider, but “one man can make a difference.”

    • Here, the County went into mask mode again. However, great pains were taken to explain that these masking requirements would *not* be enforced via fines, County Health, or Sheriff—and that they were only for indoor areas where the 6 foot distancing requirement was not practical. (Schools are still on their own, but will be defying Governor’s latest edit if they mask up.)

      In short, a nothing burger. Now we will see whether the general non-masking of the population increases or decreases (as was the tend prior). I will report back.

    • The success of that spider-man movie is all about pre-woke era nostalgia.

      If it wasn’t for Sony, Disney would’ve made that movie woke. Got to hand it the east asians for keeping the tribe’s tendencies in check.

      • China does not pay to see diversity led films.

        If the major studios actually had to make money instead of getting funded from god knows where (probably the massive bail out bills) there would be little no presence of that in the big films.

        Although you get stuff like the last ipman which was heavily anti-white with Chinese leads.

        • “Although you get stuff like the last ipman which was heavily anti-white with Chinese leads.”

          i’m not sure if ipman movies are anti-white race or if they’re simply anti-USA imperialism movies. I’ve seen half an hour of that movie(i was in a bus & that movie was on) & it portrayed the chinese lead fighting a high-ranked chinese-hating US marine. It’s stupid chinese propaganda, I know, but so were the Rambo sequels for the american side.

          • Maybe. The earlier ones certainly weren’t.

            Even the second with the anti-colonial stuff and the Boxer seemed a little more cartoonish, using the bad guy as a cut out.

            The last I ended up turning off as it just got out of hand.

  20. I get the hypochondria now.
    It’s subliminated anxiety.

    They did all that was asked, and now are surrounded by surly, ungrateful strangers.

    It can’t be the strangers’ fault, because we are one race, the human race.

    Was it because they lost God? Hardly.
    They believed, too fiercely, all their priests told them. The Woke are the most zealous of believers. Yet their prayers and supplications are for naught.

    I pray for them, too. I pray daily that Brandon croaks on camera, and that they suddenly have the Lady President they so richly deserve.

  21. Was listening to the Revolutions podcast – I covered most of the English Civil War and the French Revolution. The thing that struck me, aside from how much time it takes to put things in context, is how much nobody knew what was going on. Charles, for example, kept leaving where he was supposed to be and would show up in weird places, thinking the troops there would be loyal, and finding that they were not. He wasn’t stupid, but he did think that they’d be loyal because, well, they are. He couldn’t see how the whole thing was usually being held together and why those rules didn’t apply any longer.

    Same is true for the other side. Literally nobody wanted the king dead at the beginning. The Parliamentarians were also shocked to find their allied wanted to extend the franchise to every man, and not merely to those who held property. Here, they’d fought a war on the same side as these people, yet they did not know their allies wanted to turn the country over to people who had no stake in the country. It hadn’t occurred to them to ask, or something.

  22. My wife and her brother own a construction company and so we watch a ton of HD TV. It has to be where they test fire the wokest ads first. Vibrants wearing flannel pj’s , drinking coco, walking out of a snow covered house in the forest to an Audi or Mercedes with a bow on it…followed by a golden retriever. We all know blacks don’t own retrievers! In any event you all have a great Christmas….at least nobody is shooting at us yet.

    “Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies, and establish Thy justice among men and nations. Amen.”

    • “My wife and her brother own a construction company and so we watch a ton of HD TV.” Nice! I need that construction job!

    • I assume you meant HGTV. Is there is single show on that channel hosted by black people? I thought the extent of their diversity is that Joanna Gaines is half Filipino.

      • Joanna is half Korean, half White. She is a Waco graduate and has—obviously—inherited a sharp mind from that mixture—East Asian and White. Doubtful a Filipino mixture would have provided such.

        She and fellow graduate, Chip (White) are devote Christians with *5* children. If only all fully White couples were of such stock….

    • Almighty Father, in Your infinite wisdom, bless our struggle and help us to find happiness and contentment in greasing the threads of our tanks with the guts of our lilly-livered Woke enemies and so make for ourselves and our posterity a truly Merry Christmas


      • Dear lord
        Make me a worthy minister of death. I pray for war
        I pledge to keep hell stocked with fresh souls. ( ripped off from full metal jacket) lmfao
        Merry Christmas y’all

    • Did Patton really recite that prayer? His thoughts about being the instrument of justice were certainly a lot different in his writing at the end of the war due to what he saw.

    • Literal truth. Speaking as a canine professional (52 years, 28 in the Los Angeles area) with working retrievers…. out of about 2000 clients, only TWO were black (both black guy, white wife) and one of ’em you really had to squint… nordic-light skin, red hair (albeit kinky), five whitebread-lookin’ kids.

      One of those kids had gone to a “historically black college” because he wanted to have “the black experience”. He gave it up after a year, sorely disappointed.

  23. “His only comfort is the libertarian, smugly assuring him that he will be proven right in the end, between rounds of smelling his own farts, of course.”

    You shouldn’t advertise smelling farts, even in jest. Farts lead to Global Warming, which leads to virus pandemics, which leads to electing people with Dementia, which leads to runaway inflation, which leads to disruption of the supply chain, which leads to the end of the world.

    • The inhalation prevents accumulation in the atmosphere. Duh! Gawd, open a science book. In fact, I have long proposed that global warming activists should be posted at the rear of every cow in the world to prevent the escape of harmful methane.

  24. I was in the car all day yesterday on my way to the red part of the blue Murder Mitten.

    Life here is mostly normal…there aren’t even signs up requesting people to wear face diapers.

    Wicked Witch Whitmer has vanished like a tears in a monsoon. I guess the checks from Pfizer didn’t clear. Or maybe she’s decided to chill and spend the long winter by the fire bundled up with Nessel and Benson.

    Meanwhile, back in the ’90s, Virgin Mobile had all the camping ads beat with Christmashannahkwanzakuh:

    What happens to Tiny Tim at the end of the ad even predicts our current Coof-o-caust!

    • That’s rich… what Virgin Mobile’s ad neglects to mention in the crush of so much parody is that they were charging $60/hour roaming fee. (Yes, really. At least through 2014.)

      Was on a service they acquired, which is how I learned about this hidden fee. Took me 3 years and an FCC complaint to get my self-owned phone out of their clutches. Never did get my number back.

      Good to know they’ve always been that stupid.

  25. It is nice to see some optimism, and I see signs, too. I get more approval and less pushback when I talk about Whites realizing they need to look out for their interests just the same way other races and ethnicities do, but there’s still a powerful strain that gets really upset and tells me that identity politics is evil, meritocracy, they have a dream, content of character not color of skin, Hispanics are natural conservatives, NABALT, etc.

    I remind them that that is the strategy that has been losing for 70 years now, because heritage Whites are the only ones who play by those rules.

    Oh, and there’s one group you still can’t criticize on conservative sites. You can get very based about blacks, but hint that there’s a power or influence imbalance with one particular group and watch the fireworks.

  26. Two white pills in a row! It must been the Christmas spirit abroad in the Zuniverse.

    Reality will bite eventually. There are signs of a turn here and there, most notably the Rittenhouse verdict, as well as contrary signs, e.g. the jogger verdict in Georgia. The most hopeful sign is that I hear people saying the quiet parts out loud, both among the Wacky Woke and the Normies. That helps clarify things for everyone.

  27. The Regime will fall. After that the country will break up or go Congo, ie total implosion or authoritarian regime with White testo in charge.

  28. The B125 justice system that we need to follow:

    White and did something neutral/pro white: Innocent
    White and did something anti-white/is an anti white person: Guilty
    Non-white: Guilty, in all cases

    So, Kim Potter is innocent. This incident proves that women shouldn’t be cops, but according to the B125 justice code she’s clearly innocent.

    • I like it!

      Too bad the current regime is following the terrible inverse of your excellent precepts!

    • Once they start keeping white people out of juries because of this, it will be easy to point out the distinct lack of “jury of one’s peers” and further de-legitimize the regime.

  29. “White people are increasingly comfortable with the idea that they are being made a scapegoat because they are white. That means the lunatics bellowing about racism are suddenly going to see their audience shrink. Attitudes are shifting slowly and that changes the battlefield.”

    Perhaps, but all this should have been obvious to anyone 30 years ago, at least to anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

    Even though Trump was a loudmouth do-nothing, we have to at least give him some love for exposing the fact that increasing numbers have had enough, and for demonstrating that the woke black shirts can be stared down. Ditto for Brexit.

    And yet… nothing changes. In fact, with the rise of the COVID-totalitarians, the USSA has now gone full-on commie and the UK is even worse. Australia is possibly now the worst country in the Western World in which to live… Canada is trying desperately to catch up. Meanwhile, ze Germans just elected a rainbow coalition of complete kooks, and in Italy Draghi is as popular as ever.

    As an example, if Trump had any cojones he would have followed through with his threat to ship the illegals to sanctuary cities. We saw the panic from the leftists in those cities when faced with that prospect, but more importantly so did everyone else. They were exposed as the hypocrites and scumbags that they are. But of course, Trump didn’t follow through… but golly-gee he sure Tweeted up a storm.

    Now de Santis is threatening to do the same, and if you believe he will ever follow through then I have a bridge to sell you. He learned how to be bombastic from Trump, and he’s hoping that, like Trump, he can ride bluster to the White House while staying firmly planted in the Republican Party establishment.

    Bottom line: nothing changes under the current political party system. Voting Republican may actually be worse than voting Democrat. At least I know the Democrats hate me, and yet the Republicans hate me, too, but lie to my face about it. So long as academia and the intelligentsia (including the so-called “artists”) are all-in on the new religion, so too are the wealthy and middle-class white women as well the idle white college boys.

    • agreed. voting for the gop is just sustaining the system that you wants to kill you. it’s insane, but hopefully the gop will die as part of the white awakening.

      • I’m in the UK and at the moment things don’t seem to be terrible.
        Met a Canadian today when I went shopping who couldn’t believe you “could go anywhere you wanted”.
        Maybe it’s because I live in a rural county but no requests for “ze papieren”. Some people wear masks but most staff in the shops don’t. There’s no enforcement whatsoever in terms of mask wearing. No cops anywhere or any sign of officialdom.

        Not always wise to believe what you consume from the media.

        • I wish.

          Where I am its mask city – about 98% wearing in shops.

          Its worse than when it was mandatory and a lot more on the street wearing maybe 50-60%.

          Gods its pissing me off. The ease to which people have taken to it is stupefying.

          • Same. I live in a US Midwest city, and just got back from the grocery store. About 95% were masked. I made eye-contact and exchanged smiles with a woman who was also unmasked. If I had any game, I would have said something clever.

          • In Long Island a few days ago, I waltzed in to a 7-11, got The Glare from the customers, while the unmasked, grouchy Paki cashier nearly chewed his lips off behind his beard, he was trying so hard not to laugh.

    • ” … the USSA has now gone full-on commie and the UK is … .”

      That depends on what part of the USSA you are in. Where I am (Deep South), our state AND local authorities have largely ignored the whole covid thing. Our black sheriff went on local TV to say that it was not his men’s job to fool with sickness and that they would not be doing so. And they haven’t. Black sheriff in the state next door said and did the same.

      Our governor shut things down for two weeks to flatten the curve and that was that. Then he (and the governor next door) said that there would be no door-to-door anything in our two states, back when that was a thing. And there won’t. If he has said anything else about it, I don’t know it. He leaves us alone.

      I do see elderly folks dressed for robbing a stage coach, but they probably have some high-risk ci-morbidity, so that doesn’t seem crazy to me.

      I CAN tell you that my daughter and son-in-law (in the state next door) built their house less than two years ago, and it has increased in value by $130,000 in that short time. I was there to go trick-or-treating with my granddaughters and we met a young couple who had moved onto my daughter’s street the day before (Saturday), having bought the house sight-unseen. And the county they live in has put a total moratorium on ALL construction in the county b/c refugees flooding in from the People’s Republic of New Jersey and such places have overwhelmed the local infrastructure. (The couple we met on Halloween were refugees from Maryland.) And I see that happening here in my city and I hear of it from relations and friends in other Southern states. The population is sorting itself out ahead of the coming fireworks display.

      • This has been like the bankruptcy line, first slow, then all of a sudden. We will not recognize this country, due to population shifts (this is outside non-White immigration/births) within five years. I think it probably is a good thing but whether it makes a difference is another matter.

      • Writing in from the People’s Republic of NJ here, southern portion, which is in many spots quite conservative. Fuck the New York annex up north.

        I am not vaxxed, & will not be. My wife, who works at an Ivy across the Delaware, did get vaxxed due to increasing pressure at work, and against my proffered objections; but as I am retired, and her salary pays for the Big Stuff, I understand. But my stepson, who works for a quasi-governmental entity, had little choice, as it was no jab, no job. His wife also got the jab, due I suspect to work pressure. They have a new residence, with mortgage to match, so again I understand.

        But I intend to stay pureblood in case something bad happens to my wife and the kids due to the vaxx so that I can help them.

        Governor Murphy barely won reelection in this Blue Tick hellhole (vote fraud likely involved, naturally), but one of his right hands in the legislature (South Jersey district) got taken out by a local. So maybe Murphy will think it best to cool his jets on the Covidian Agenda. Fair number of people around South Jersey are going maskless, nobody asks anything. At medical facilities, & pharmacies I must comply; but if it makes the comorbids relax, I don’t mind that much, as they are prevalent in those environs.

        Wife has had to again plan for remote staffing, and she is pissed. Pressure may surface on her to get boosted, something I am working on preventing from happening. Her work environment is populated with Covidian Loons, so consequences are a concern, though.

        Unless we were to win the lottery, moving is not a possibility, but I have thought about that eventuality. Maybe the Covidian fever will break, and it will not prove necessary. Time will tell.

        Merry Christmas to all!

        • Lotta good biker bars in south jersey, country music on the jukebox. Merry Christmas, Jeffersonian.

          • And a Merry Christmas to you, too, Dennis.

            We live across from Philly in a heavily Blue Tick suburb, three synagogues within a mile. A couple months ago we went Down South about 20-30 miles, and stopped into a hopping Italian place for lunch. NOBODY was masked, EVERYBODY looked happy. What a contrast to the scuttling, masked-up NPCs around our town. A lift to the spirits, it was.

  30. White pills abound and are non-trivial. MSM will not report it, but firearm and ammunition sales are through-the-roof despite supply chain restrictions. Both private inventories are now so huge and dispersed (and now often well-hidden) that the Feds have no real prospect of denting this resource even with a robust confiscation program. This means that a hot civil war (if it comes to that) will quickly become a bloody nightmare nearly impossible to contain once ignited. This is why they put so much effort into indoctrination and intimidation. And most importantly, it’s why they fear the bolt from the blue. When you’re standing in a field of dry grass for as far as the eye can see, it only takes one match (or lightning strike) to start a conflagration.

    The real insanity of the Progressives in DC is that they persist in winding the spring tighter with ever-increasing zeal. In a very real sense, this the classic psychopathology known as a death wish, and it can’t happen soon enough.

    • Ballpark between 35 and 40 % of ALL firearms in the world, including military and civilian, are in the hands of private Americans. 20 years of GIs and Marines running around kicking in doors didn’t even dent gun ownership in Iraq and ‘ghan, which have FAR fewer guns per capita. Disarm America?? That’s a great idea lol All you have to do is overturn, not the Second Amendment, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

      • That’s because the CIA and State Dept factions of the Deep State have an endless pipeline of free AKs and ammo from factories in Bulgaria to their ISIS, Kurd, and Taliban proxies.

        • Well, they had better be self-aiming, self-firing, self-maintaining weapons b/c without manpower, they are no threat. And FedGov has very little manpower, even expressed as a raw number. And of the manpower that it does have, how much is reliable? Even thy don’t know, which is what had Nancy Pee wigging out during the terrifying “insurrection” in January.

    • It’s not insanity, it’s fear (which admittedly makes people do counter productive things). They’ve run out of options for “soft” control—and they can not lose control and survive.

    • There is a lot of criticism of armed citizens, sometimes on here, that states basically, “so what, no one will ever use their guns, the gov’t is too powerful, blah, blah.” I’m not so sure. Biden pointed out that he has the nukes and the air force, but so what. Those will never be used. It’s the doxing, getting people fired, cutting people off credit, and unequal prosecutions that are their superpowers. But if it turned hot, the state would not stand a chance, but for the inability of our side to organize.

  31. I’m not sure if it’s good policy to punish cops for honest mistakes. The nature of the job— where your life depends on making split-second decisions on inadequate knowledge— ensures that such things will happen. If we penalize cops for honest errors, who’s going to want to do the job?

    One could argue that the real mistake occurred during the selection process: clearly, Kim Potter was not suited to be a cop, and should never have been hired.
    Even moreso the Somali cop who shot the White lady: all his acquaintances described him as twitchy and paranoid. But his hiring was celebrated: “Our first Somali-American police officer!” Could be that Potter’s main “qualification” was being female.

    One more example of why women— and Somalis— shouldn’t be cops.

    • Once upon a time, most PDs recruited largely from ex-military and the offspring of prior law enforcement families. Even in the days of affirmative action, screening was intense for new minorities allowed in. Then we began electing actual idiots and crooks as mayors in large metropolitan areas, and after a few decades of extreme malfeasance, every big city PD became corrupted and infiltrated with incompetents. This is why you don’t want to be in a large city when the collapse begins.

    • “If we penalize cops for honest errors, who’s going to want to do the job?”

      As far as I can tell, the police are just in the way.

    • If the state is going to sanction the actions of a group of armed citizens (whether LEOs, military, etc.), those bearing officially sanctioned arms need to be held to an extremely high standards of conduct. Cops ought to be thoroughly trained to tell the difference between a taser and a gun, no excuses. We’re lucky that it’s only a violent criminal that’s dead, but would we excusing this cop if she did this to a white teenager who was goofing off but panicked and ran when confronted by a cop? Or if this occurred during a routine traffic stop where a middle aged guy lost his cool because he was already having a bad day before he got pulled over? Cops should be held to a high standard of excellence and safety because they will routinely deal with people who don’t deserve jail, to say nothing of injury and death, and therefore must not be callous about causing death or injury to the people they promise to serve and protect.

  32. What Z says may be ture, but in Wokeville where I live, the narrative continues.
    We’re Rachel Maddow’s genderless children and Liz Warren’s obedient pets. We’re under a mask mandate that’s never been lifted, even in the gyms, and may never be lifted if many folks here have their way since masking “protects me from you and you from me.”

    We’re in voluntary semi-lockdown. Churches are still zooming Sunday services. Public buildings, from town halls to libraries, are either closed or if they’re open, it’s for a few hours a day, to a few people at a time. Many Xmas and most New Year’s activities have been canceled as we quake in fear of Omicron much as we quake in fear of climate change, the ghost of Trump and the shadow white supremmies hiding under every bed. Meanwhile, trans rules and BLM/We Love Everybody signs adorn the most affluent white lawns

    Z, how about sharing some commentary re: what’s in store for hysterics like us who go merrily and calmly about our day as though everything, on the surface, is normal.

    • Well howdy neighbor!
      I indicated in a previous comment the enablers are who this Saxon hates.
      The local accountability list is long.
      I note every yard sign.

      • “I note every yard sign.”

        This. My list grows long.
        I ponder what to do with said list.

        On the ‘fun and bright side’: bringing a busload of homeless over and pitching tents on their front lawn. On the ‘not so bright side’… well, use your imagination.

    • I was amused (but not surprised) to find that the public library I my county seat is a cell of Covidian panic in the midst of a county that has been going along like there’s no pandemic for more than a year.

      My daughter stopped by there recently. The door was locked,l. No one was allowed in without an escort, full masking in effect. No staying to browse and hang out. I had almost forgotten there are places like that around me.

      • Here in mostly Free Florida, my local library in East Buttplug, the county “seat”, has been open more or less normally for many months. So far as I know most public buildings including government, don’t even require masking anymore, probably not since mid-2020. I rarely go to the main branch, but did some weeks back. Like libraries is large cities, it’s a favored hangout for homeless to use the internet. We have a relatively small population of those here in EPB, and they seem relatively well cared for and don’t reek.

      • It all makes sense when you realize that LIS majors (that’s “Library and Information Science, for the uninitiated) are obnoxious pussyhatting SWJ even by ivory tower standards. Find someone with an advanced degree in it — which, you know, they ALL have now — and you will be looking at someone that even Gender Studies PhDs think is extreme.

        Contemplate that on the Tree of Woe, next time you’re wondering why your tiny all-White burg is for some reason holding Drag Queen Story Hour with some Congolese queen in the starring role.

    • “Churches are still zooming Sunday services.”

      Then you should quit your church. And tell your gutless pastor/priest exactly why.

      I don’t know why anyone continues with their churches anyway. Where I live it’s the white Christian women who are falling over themselves to be fashionably woke, and show off their designer COVID burqas. Meanwhile, there’s now a woke pope, while the head of the Anglican Church tells everyone to beware of global warming. You don’t need a church to be a Christian, if that’s what you want. All you need is a bible and the ability to read for yourself.

      • Would that that were true, but it’s not. You cannot be a Christian buy yourself. It’s a community religion: members of one body. Branches of one vine. It’s there in the Bible you refer to.

        • Sorry, Booby. You are always very insightful, but I have to disagree here, though I agree solitary prayer is also a great thing.

          “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20.

    • You must be in my neighborhood! I am in Z’s Lagos on the Chesapeake, but I happen to be in the wildest, neon blue cat-lady academia zone of the city. The masks are celebrated and worshipped. I see packs of self-appointed park guardians with lots of little tots all bundled in face diapers. No, they love love love them some BLM signs, boasting about being boosted and (get this) sequestering their visiting guests until a negative PCR test can assure them that they can come out of their bedroom to celebrate Christmas with the family. No lie. Nope, the insanity will not end very easily or quickly here.

      • Bet you a dollar something like this is how the whole burka thingie started over there in Buggerystan.

      • Speaking of Neon-Blue Catladies, I happened to be at a retail establishment which advertises products of the “one-federal-reserve-note” variety. Behind me in line was such a specimen. The blue pigtails and bangs were no doubt designed to obfuscate the fact that the lady in question was in her prime during the Beatles heyday. The items she placed on the conveyor were kitty litter, a small, blue-tinsel christmas tree, and 8 cans of cat food. And oh btw, her mask had a nose and cat whiskers. It would be funny were it not tragicomic.

  33. “Attitudes are shifting slowly and that changes the battlefield”

    this is why you never extrapolate current trends linearly; every action causes a reaction, thus changing the situation (a little). incremental changes accrue until a threshold is crossed, and then BOOM! systemic collapse. human desire is like water behind a dam, waiting waiting waiting for a little crack to develop. well, the cracks are all over the dam face now, and they aren’t little.

    the progs and muds are radicalizing the whites, and providing the impetus for a true white identity forming. and it won’t include all the crazies and karens – they are on their own. at the core will be the unvaxxed, who are the most radicalized of all groups. that’s how i see it breaking.

    • White identity coalescing around the purebloods. The Lord works in mysterious ways, or he has a sense of humor. I love it.

        • Cali’s going to tip with hispanics turning. I know that’s not the solution, but it’s the beginning. It will be an exciting place to be.

          Meanwhile I think we’re witnessing peak Florida, analogous to California in the 60s.

          But it’s your calculation to make 🙂

          • I’m not so sure. I live in Missouri, which was a 50/50 swing state for at least a century before the last few elections. We have been getting redder and redder, including Trump by 15 points in 2020. I see Florida as even more promising, because our blacks are their hispanics.

            There is a stock market saying that the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. I believe Cali can remain crazy longer than you can remain alive.

          • I’m not so sure about Cali tipping. The Hispanics are ‘conservative’ culturally, but they will ALWAYS vote lefty for more gibs. Also, as long as there are (((white))) agitators, there will be problems. What I DO see happening eventually is that there will be massive balkanization and a great culling of anyone darker than your average Pedro or Juan. Blacks in Clownifornia should take note at how Blacks are treated in Mexico. Because that is what is coming for them.

        • I did the same last year, in the midst of Covid hysteria. I bailed out of Austin (used to be a great city) and landed in north Florida. Just be advised, if you’re moving to a large city,
          or anywhere in south Florida, it’s very diverse and the white folks are just as batshit crazy as anywhere

        • For my fellow Angelinos, complaining about how Los Angeles is such a sewer:

          I really, really want you to give northwest Philadelphia a try. You would chunk your friggin’ boxers.

          Enjoy the mosquitos, Von Hungus. Forgot your skeeter spray?
          Dead Man Walking!

        • You’ll love it. Our climate is just like yours — for about three months in the winter. 😡

  34. From my sister: back during the George Floyd orgy of kneeling, one of my woke neice’s kids asked my neice why they were kneeling.
    “To show support for our Black friends, sweetie”.
    To which she innocently replied, “But we don’t have any Black friends, Mommie….”

    And yes: cognitive dissonance is very real. You can feed people bullshit, and they may look around them and realize that it’s best to nod and agree. But reality continues to intrude. And finally, to boomerang on them: they realize there’s a reason the media goes to such lengths to avoid mentioning the race of the “suspects”: they’re trying to hide something.

    And yeah: the more normie sees other people voicing objections to the “anti-racist” bullshit, the freer he feels to do the same.

    Freud famously commented regarding repression: “The problem with repression is that it doesn’t stay repressed.”

    I expect it’s the same on a societal level when the truth is repressed: it’s bound to out sooner or later.

  35. “The reality of this struggle is that reality has always been on the side of dissident and is on the side of the people who make civilization possible. Civilization operates in a longer time span than we would like, but the course of history is always bending to conform with biological reality.”

    Beautifully written and absolutely true. The cynic in me expects enough pro-White jury nullifications, which also are on the horizon, will lead to attempts to either abolish trial-by-jury outright (this has been attempted in England to some degree already without success–yet). The shrinking optimist still burrowed somewhere inside of me indicates enough pro-White nullifications will result in either proportionate plea bargains or, even better, declinations to indict.

    White people are stirring. That same duality says “good” while it asks “is it too late?”

    • The Floydists and their Soros DA’s see the crime boom as a complete success. They’re creating a demand for increased police powers.

      It really is a race before the hog trap is sprung. Those National Guard won’t be changing bedpans for long, if whites don’t deliver the Bitchslap Heard ‘Round the World.

      • All true. The Soros DA’s are a double-edged sword, though. People have started to ask “who is Soros?” That’s good because it points the masses in the right direction if they are willing to follow it.

    • When I employees do something dumb, or “the hard way” by not using the appropriate tool, I tell them to use your white privilege.

      It didn’t take long for them to figure out that was my way of saying don’t be a dumbass

    • The problem is even joking normalizes the phrase.

      Its why they used Comedy so heavily in the 90s. It just seeps in as a legitimate concept.

      Try using Black Privilege it works as well and re-enforces its existence.

  36. “The revolution is people realizing that everyone else is thinking the same taboo things privately.”

    “Merry Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Ceaușescu.”

    • “Our strategy for dealing with straight White males is simple: We will cut them off – then kill them.” –

      Major General Mark A. Milley, U.S. Army

        • “The ultimate effect of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”
          — Herbert Spencer

          “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on not understanding it.”
          — Upton Sinclair

      • There’s one here in my hometown, and it’s 70 feet tall and carved of Carrera marble. Stands smack-dab in the middle of the main street in this Deep South city of about 600,000. Gen Lee and three other generals.

  37. Your intro reminded me of the following: when my longest was in high school, a public school in a moonbat, latte town, he took an after school class on racism- free cookies and soda, and I’m guessing there was a cute gal somewhere in the mix.

    The guy who ran it was one of the grade school principals in the district – a commie’s commie. When he was telling the kiddos about the ‘68 Olympics, and Tommie Smith and John Carlos and the Black Power Salute the guy stated to cry- my son’s response was to start laughing- a deep full throated laugh. Very proud of that boy.

    Oh, and just to set the record straight, one of the Minnesota police shootings (Philandro Castile) was Asian on black- the cop was either Hmong or Cambodian.

    And, OT on the day before Xmas eve- despite all I’m reading about the Coronamonomania going away, the panic is being dialed up to 11 here in Western MA. A bunch of Karens in the legislature are pressuring our clown college governor to re-institute a statewide mask mandate. My bet is he folds.

    • “And, OT on the day before Xmas eve – despite all I’m reading about the Coronamonomania going away, the panic is being dialed up to 11 here in Western MA. A bunch of Karens in the legislature are pressuring our clown college governor to re-institute a statewide mask mandate. My bet is he folds.”

      Back from where I used to live (Silly-Nois), the Fish-Eyed Fool what “runs” Chicago has decided to go “Full Karen” (You NEVER go Full Karen!):

      “To put it simply, if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up. If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax’d,” Lightfoot tweeted. “This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact, it is inconvenient by design.”

      Lightfoot also said, “We didn’t want to get to this point, but given the situation we find ourselves in, we simply have no choice.”

      “So, beginning on Jan. 3, you must show proof that you are fully vaccinated to enter bars, restaurants, fitness centers and entertainment and recreational venues where food and drink are served,” she announced.

      “I LOVE you baby, but sometimes you get me mad and well, I hit you. I love you and I only mean the best, honest!”


      Crime rages out of control in the city proper (Car jackings, shootings, smash and grab looting)

      Criminals are treated like fish, caught and released to commit more and worse crimes

      Pension plans teeter on the edge of insolvency

      Tax revenue is down with people working from home and not travelling into the city, and with businesses shut down or leaving due to riots and looting

      But the biggest threat the Idiot Mayor of Chicago can think of is unvaccinated people.

      I don’t miss Ill-annoy at all.

    • The Castille shooting was a bitch: there again, the cop that shot him should never have been a cop.

      And it contains a valuable lesson for all us concealed carriers: be VERY CAREFUL when you get stopped. Keep your hands in view, and let the cop direct your every movement.

  38. About those ads: I’ve been backpacking and camping for 30 years. Never once have I ever seen a black guy. Never. Yet blacks appear in advertisements for outdoor companies all the time. If not black guys, then a white lesbian with her black girlfriend. But there is hope: I have never seen a fat chick in one of those ads.

    • Go inside a Bass pro Shop or Cabelas and looks like a white nationalist gathering. Even the staff is going to be all white

      • Yep. Just looked at REI: Of the seven ads with photos, all were of black folks. I go to the REI in Oklahoma City quite regularly. All the employees are white folks.

          • No. Stop giving unsolicited advice to people you don’t know. (And yes, I just gave you advice.) I’ve been a member of the REI co-op for 40 years. REI has outfitted me for 12 years for backpacking clubs I had in Costa Rica and Argentina. The gear I bought there has saved my life many times in the Andes and in jungles: crossing the Darien from Panama to Colombia; solo backpacking to Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, Gran Vilaya and the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons; spending months alone in the Argentine and Chilean Andes.

          • grrrr you are so cute when you pretend you’re tough 😛

            and no, i wasn’t giving advice, i was highlighting your uselessness to anything related to fixing America. but you keep kamping kiddo, that’s what’s really important!

          • Well “Karl”—or whatever your name is—let’s see: I spent 4 years as a medic in the USAF; got two college degrees; chased through the jungles by the Panamanian and Honduran armies and by several Indigenous tribes; been around civil wars in Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador and Honduras; traveled with the Sandinista Army during the Nicaraguan Revolution; lived with the Cuna and Choco Indians; kidnapped by Guatemalan guerillas; taken prisoner by the Chilean military; am proficient in a number of firearms and the Kalashnikov; been attacked by a number of wild animals; and am astoundingly handsome.

            Feel better now?

          • what a surprise, you’re a tax eater. you sound like a hysterical school girl, in spite of all your self proclaimed heroics. did i mention i can fly, unaided? yep. can lift a 1000 pound bould with one arm, too.

            any relation to steve austin?

          • Careful “Karl”, Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

            You and the other commenters here can check out my website for confirmation on what I have done.

            Oh…I forgot a few things: shipwrecked off the Miskito Coast Of Honduras; spent a great deal of time looking for gold mines and lost cities—La Ciudad Blanca—in Honduras.

            You seem to be living confirmation of what Thoreau wrote: ““The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

          • Due to consolidation, there isn’t a lot of choice for the kinds of things REI sells. Sometimes you have to buy from Globohomo.

          • Dear “Spingehra”: A “trust funder”? Hardly. I went to work at 9 years of age working in the fields picking fruit. Then on to a paper route, car washing, dish washing and working janitorial in an Osteopathic hospital. Then the USAF, bartending, apartment managing, and then 27 years spent teaching in 3 countries.

        • Very cool Mike, glad to have our own Indiana Jones on the site. Friend of mine did some jungle exploring in Costa Rica and came back sicker than hell for weeks.
          I’m not intrepid enough for that.

        • It’s hard to imagine a company more converged than REI. Having said that, I’ve been a member for a very long time and have spent a lot of money there, but whenever possible I’ll shop at the locally owned outfitter. They are probably just as converged, but at least my money stays more local, and I can live with that.

          I used to use Patagonia gear quite a bit as well, until Trump got elected and they decided to call all his supporters bad names. Look, I honestly don’t care what a company’s owners and/or employees personal political views are, as long as they provide a quality service/product. I draw the line when they start to insult me. Fine. I can take my business elsewhere. Will it hurt them? Not likely, but it will make me feel better.

          In the outdoor world (a world I know a little bit about), most companies are pretty leftist, if not completely woke. There’s no easy way around it. The big exceptions are many of the companies that are exclusive to hunters. A quality product and respect for their customers is all I ask.

          • You are spot on about REI as a company—so converged as to be laughable.. As for the employees, I have found them friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They have never refused me a favor. Of course, they have no idea about my politics. But then again, I do not broadcast them in public. I supported Trump and have lots of guns and ammo.

        • Same with Lululemon. Their local store is as white as an albino who bleaches his skin, but their website models are diversity with HIV. I would boycott, but they make damn good shirts. And as Wolf Barney says, if you boycott all of globohomo, there isn’t much left. But more power to those who do!

      • I routinely fish and camp. Skin tones look like a wedding gown in a blizzard, with a few flecks of brown here and there. Black is nowhere to be found and this is near an area north of thirty percent sub-Saharan, so, yep.

        Which makes it all the more ironic that, while it now has been memoryholed, there was an all-out effort to label camping and fishing and the Great Outdoors as “racist” just three or four years ago. The National Park Service responded with glossy brochures of Dindus gathered around campfires in Yellowstone due to fear of budget cuts. As a direct response to the racism charges, about the only non-Whites you see in state and federal parks are recently hired guides, who look somewhat confused and afraid.

        So we have gone from the Great Outdoors are racist to the only people in the Great Outdoors are non-Whites, who cannot be racist, in a matter of less than four years. The propaganda is heavy and MPAI, but this one gets noticed, too.

      • I shop on Zappos and all the models are non white now. Same with catalogs. It’s very noticeable. Only the most woke whites are not going to be repelled.

      • Mike, Karl may have been douchy in his response but certainly you can get the same stuff you need from a place that is not ashamed to show people of your skin color in their advertisements (especially since that skin color is the only one that buys their stuff)..

        • Certainly I could if I lived in places like Colorado or Utah. But I live in Oklahoma City. Not much here other than Cabela’s—which is a fine outfitters but has little to offer serious backpackers and bikepackers.. REI offers the finest selection of quality gear in the state, plus superb service and a one year guarantee on all gear. And I earn a 10 percent member award every year. If I only shopped at stores that agreed with my politics, I would have no bicycles or backpacking gear or phone service or internet or books or hi-end audio gear. The ideologies of the places where I do business are irrelevant in a free market economy—thus wrote Milton Friedman.

        • Delicious! Are they already handing out credit applications in de hood?

          Let me know as SOON as they do that.

        • Ah, I wonder what happened there. All of a sudden the catalog is chock-a-block with negro trout fishermen and such.

          Come to think of it, recently their offerings changed, and they were all about saving the planet through synthetic fibers.

          Well, whaddya know. I thought that the DIE crowd had just gotten to them, but it turns out that this is a self-inflicted wound after all. I guess, being Vermonters, the heirs were predisposed to this nowadays. What a waste.

    • I often joke that I must be part black- my future time orientation is not all that good, I love big American cars, like Caddies, Continentals, and of course the Buick Electra 225, and I hate camping.

      • My 23&me profile came back showing that, in addition to my mostly western European with a smattering of Scandanavian, I also have 0.5% — 1/2 of one percent— West African genes, entering my bloodline 5-8 generations back.

        Most likely a Black slave who had a child by her White master, the child also mated with a White man, and so on until the offspring could “pass”. My ancestors on my mother’s side were from the South, so it makes sense.

        My Black friends at the homeless shelter where I worked at the time got a big kick when I showed them that I too was demonstrably African-American.

        Let the reparations begin!

          • Unfortunately, no….

            Nor did I get the humongous talkeywhacker….

            I do, however, tend to spend Friday’s paycheck long before Monday rolls around…..

        • Those analyses are NOT from sequencing. (That will cost you a lot more.) Small signals are for entertainment value only. It means nothing.

        • Sorry to bust your balloon, but DNA values below 5% are meaningless.

          “My ancestors on my mother’s side were from the South, so it makes sense.”

          Comment would be superfluous.

        • My wife’s test came back 1% Congolese, while mine was all English, Irish, German and Dutch. She just loves it when I say, “that must be the negro in you.” Almost makes up for stupidly paying to give the government our DNA samples.

    • Another place you never see black people: Those outdoor art shows. Come to think of it, you don’t see many black artists.

      • I am waiting to see some complaining about the world Chess Championship… a HUGE deal in most places…including the USA…interesting to see the top 7 players names…

    • Mike – amazingly, when I was a kid in the Boy Scouts, we went to trail camp jamboree for a week in the Appalachians where we encountered an all-black troop from DC led by black Scoutmasters! They were great guys, very good scouts and quite squared away.

      (For context, I’m a few years older than Zman and I grew up just south of the Mason-Dixon line.)

      Now just imagine such a thing existing today….
      Yes, Biology is a thing and so is the “talented tenth”, so I understand in retrospect I had an unusual encounter.
      But there’s a failure of male leadership everywhere today too.

        • “Black Scout Troops”

          There used to be a Scout program called ‘Scoutreach’ here in Clownifornia that went into the inner-city schools and offered Boy Scouts as an after-school program for the ‘socioeconomically disadvantaged’. Scouting is/was kind of an expensive thing and it required massive participation of parents and communities, which is often why you would see it supported by church groups. Anyway, the free, after-school program used to attract hundreds of Scouts of Color. It is now defunct – a victim of the lawsuits brought forth by the woke and the parasitic elites. They are now wholesale liquidating the assets built up by the scouts over the last century. The place where these underprivileged kids used to camp was worth a fortune. No kids going forward will get the chance to learn how to camp. The parasites are rubbing their hands together feverishly with glee.

      • It’s a Rainbow World, you guys!

        I know if I ever need brain surgery I’m going to insist on a Black neurosurgeon….

        • You would do just fine with Dr. Ben Carson…Just as lovely and pleasant in person as you see on television.
          He became chairman of the department at Johns Hopkins at a time when it actually picked the most qualified person.

  39. I was on a business trip to Northern VA 30 min west of DC earlier this month, 2 weeks. On the ground, at the start, hardly any masks. Then omicron propaganda started. By the end of the trip, virtually all the locals were plastered in face diapers. At home, we never wear them. The Democrat governor, when asked about mask mandates responded that the crisis is over. Going to NOVA is like landing on an alien planet.

    Two things happened on the trip that caught my attention, and it was the people from CO I was traveling with. They are the “go along, get along” types. They don’t like the masks, but don’t like the angry looks, and were all in on the crazy “but if it saves one life” canard. We were at lunch, and they were all mocking the customers at the grocery store…how being from CO made them normal people.

    The other thing was something I didn’t even know about until they told me: VA is renaming Lee Highway. We were on our way to dinner, and all three of them were like “enough is enough!” “This is getting insane and it has to stop.”

    Again, these are polite white people who don’t make waves, and follow the Ben Shapiro “but the Liberals have a point” model of ordered defeat.

    I’m partly responsible, because I’m pretty vocal about the masks. I remember their shocked faces at work last summer when they asked me why I got vaccinated. “Because it’s going to be made mandatory, and I wanted to make the decision myself. They said I could get back to normal. Then I got Covid anyway, and I still have to wear this bullshit mask. I’m tired of being LIED TO.”

    I remember they were visibly shocked.

    It was quite a change to listen to them mocking VA shoppers openly, and doubly so to listen to them trash the Lee Highway madness as an “attack on basic history”.

    Things are changing.

    • I grew up in Northern Virginia, in McLean (before it became “prestigious”). It is truly frightening how much the area has changed: back in the day it was reliably Republican. Now you see Asian women driving $100,000 Mercedes and Muslim women in burkahs on the sidewalks. All the construction and landscape workers and State Highway Dept workers are Hispanic. As a lad I worked every summer on construction crews, an opportunity that’s gone today.

      I live in western Colorado now.

      It’s funny— or sad— both VA and CO show the same pattern: went from red to blue, due to an influx of immigrants and liberals in the major metropolitan area: the Denver area and eastern slope in the case of CO, northern VA for Virginia.

      The little town I live in is mostly Covid skeptics: few masks or distancing, people still hugging and passing joints. But when I visited Denver, EVERYONE was masked.

      • There is a concert next summer I would love to see in Denver (I live about 7 hours away). I am hesitating to buy tickets for fear of either required masks or vaxx proof. Sigh…

        • There is an early music ensemble based in Philadelphia that we have patronized over the years. This year was the last season for the two founders of the group, and there were additionally several programs that I wished to see. We plunked down the money for the events…and, when they arrived, lo and behold, they came with a policy statement that attendees must be proveably vaxxed. I do not recall seeing this requirement stated in the brochure. Oh, you could see the performance the next day online, but this sacrificed the room ambiance of the church, to be replaced by engineered miking.

          So, as a pureblood, I was shut out, no option to wear a face diaper. My wife will attend with a friend, but they have seen the last of me. At the conclusion of the season, I will inform them of this. Screw ’em.

        • No, unfortunately it’s happened already: Denver, Boulder, and most of the more-populous eastern slope has become majority liberal. They pass all the laws— red flag, mag restrictions— that western Colorodans for the most part hate.

      • My wife wanted to hit IKEA in Centennial to look at kitchen stuff. I had her check the website because I remembered they were requiring masks long after the mandate ended.

        They are still requiring masks to get in. So we went shopping elsewhere.

        I agree, Colorado is getting worse. Fortunately, I live well south and the Palmer Divide acts like a force field. Manitou Springs is ultra Leftist, and they still have big electronic billboards in the middle of the streets warning you that you’ll be fined if you don’t wear a mask inside. I didn’t know that until we headed out to support local businesses with some Christmas shopping. We drove through town, got back on US24 and headed over to Old Colorado City (no mask rules) and we spent about $500.

        When I got home, I emailed the Manitou Chamber of Commerce. They whined back to me that it was the Town Council’s fault. No it isn’t. The Leftist business owners down there could shut down the entire town and wipe out the town financially by not allowing tax collections and by shutting down no parking meters, no nothing.

        They can have their rules, but they can’t have my money.

  40. “The revolution is people realizing that everyone else is thinking the same taboo things privately.”

    It’s lines and insight such as this which make the Z blog the only commentary worth reading each day.
    My oldest son just finished his first semester of college. (I know, but it’s a small, inexpensive Christian school and he listens daily to Fuentes, Vincent James and Patrick Casey). If he takes 30 minutes per day to read about Sports, Culture and Other Stuff and it’s comments section, he will learn more than four years of college.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to the Zman and commenters. Trump opened the door but this site has been an incalculable resource while navigating this side of the great divide.

    “Then peeled the bells more loud and deep:
    God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
    The Wrong shall fail,
    The Right prevail,
    With peace on earth, good will to men.”

  41. “The ads all feature black people in unrealistic settings.”

    Once your eyes become opened to this, it becomes hard to unsee. I have young children, and was watching a kids show called Dino Ranch, made by the CBC. The show features a ranch with a white male husband, black female wife, a white son, a Hispanic son, and an Asian daughter. Put aside that they could never biologically produce those progeny. Let’s say they’re adopted. How many Canadian farms have anything resembling that family? Certainly single digits, if any. In their quest to represent everyone, they’re venturing into the absurd, and representing no one.

    • I laughed a few years back by a comment from a young woman on Twitter regarding present day commercials. She said looking at the families just doesn’t make any sense. Look deeper honey, it does.

    • My favorite in this genre was a few years back. It was an ad for an outdoors chain. The scene opens with a tent in a forest. The tent opens and we get a very gay looking black guy and a white woman. Then two Chinese kids appear. Putting aside the biology, everyone knows that black people do not go camping. It has been a joke black comics have used since I can remember. The absurdity of the ad was all you could notice.

      • I still love the life insurance ads where the black guy ( I won’t say patriarch) ponders deeply and with much concern what his next step should be. Scratch offs, my man.

      • I recall seeing that ad too, and being struck by it: Asian kids? Really?

        Maybe what this shows is that they aren’t interested in portraying reality.
        Diversity is Holy, so portraying the Ultimate Diverse Family can only be good. It’s like an icon in a church.

        And only a hateful bigoted White supremacist would find it objectionable.

        • Quite a few Okinawans have naturally curly black hair and a sun baked complexion they could pass for halfus from a distance of yards…if you’re not focusing too hard…and the sun isn’t in your eyes…eh, I give up.

    • American Express wants me to upgrade my card to the next, better color because, well, I like convenience and I like luxury, see? Also, I’ve worked really hard and deserve it. Anyway, the only people pictured in the promotional booklet are a blacks couple bicycling in Europe. He, a tame-looking fellow and she, a woman with at least two White grandparents.

      Think I’ll take a pass.

      • Amex isn’t accepted in most of the places I’ve been outside the US
        So yeah pitch it to blacks at 28%

        • It’s accepted more around the world now but that was just in the last fifteen years. Processing costs on the business end wasn’t worth the trouble, plus dealing with Amex the company was a perennial PITA.

  42. Somebody once said something about teaching the Saxon to hate. IIRC he said it took a while, and on the whole wasn’t such a great idea for those who might find themselves on the receiving end. But then again, whoever said that was a dead White guy, so what could he know?

    • Kipling. The wrath of the awakened Saxon
      I trace lineage to the angles. Pretty close, maybe that explains my contempt & loathing for the subs and even more their enablers.
      Time for coffee and a nice daydream of going to work with my kyber. rifle. Lol

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