How It Ends

A little over a century ago, September 16, 1920, to be exact, a horse-drawn wagon packed with 500-pounds of dynamite exploded outside the headquarters of the J.P. Morgan & Co. bank on Wall Street. Thirty people were killed instantly and another ten died from their wounds. Over 100 other people were injured. The bombing was never solved, but everyone assumed it was done by anarchists. Anarchist terrorism was becoming common over the prior decade.

One consequence of the bombing was the federal government got serious about the communists and anarchists in the country. They rounded them up and deported them even though they could not pin the crime on them. The elites also gained a new perspective on immigration after this bombing. All of a sudden, letting anyone walk into the country was not so popular with rich people. Not long after, immigration was sharply curtailed, especially from Southern and Eastern Europe.

The incident is a good reminder of the reality of politics. Things that vex the people will be ignored until they begin to threaten the rich people. The bombing of the Los Angeles Times building in 1910 did not register with the ruling class, because the people running the country lived on the East Coast. The terrible impact of immigration on the working classes was considered a feature by the wealthy. When the reality of immigration landed on their doorstep, their attitudes quickly changed.

Another example from the last century was medicine. For most of human history the best medicine was money. Rich people avoided the general fifth of society and they could avoid what passed for medicine. More people were probably killed by doctors than disease as hospitals were disgusting and until the 20th century, germ theory was unknown to doctors. Avoiding hospitals and having a private doctor, along with better food and sanitation was what kept rich people healthy.

The 20th century started to change that reality. The rich and poor packed into cities which meant that disease loads were much higher. The Spanish flu, for example, hit all classes of people, not just the poor. It also struck young people, which made it even more frightening. Polio was another scary disease. It had been around since forever, but urbanization made it more common. Numerous urban  polio epidemics began to appear starting in the 20th century.

All of a sudden, polio was causing panic and civil unrest, as epidemics in major cities were reported by the mass media. Despite the fact most infections were mild and only a tiny number of people suffered long term effects, polio became a scary thing. One big reason for that is rich people were getting sick with polio. Unlike most plagues, this was not just a disease for the rabble. Polio was not sparing the wealthy. Just like that, finding a solution to polio became a top priority.

Public health is another good example of how the ruling class acts only when it serves their interests. Industrialization brought urbanization which brought disease to the doorstep of the rich. Unlike in the feudal order, the rich needed to be around the poor, who worked their factories and maintained their cities. Being near filthy poor people living in their own slop was dangerous, so the ruling classes set about improving public health and sanitation in the urban areas.

Politically, the ruling class of any society operates as Jeremy Bentham imagined all people would act if permitted. That is, the rich are motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Discharging their duties is avoided until not doing so promises more pain than pleasure. They are only ever moved to act on behalf of the greater good when they feel pain. This is especially true in liberal societies, which select for sociopathy in the political class.

Counterintuitively, it means that the only real way for people in a liberal democracy to get the attention of the political class is to threaten their lives. We saw this last January when a very peaceful group toured the Capitol. Within hours the city was turned into an armed camp. The same people who claim drug crimes are impossible to police and make excuses for black violence were suddenly able to find every last protestor and lock down the city for months.

This is something to keep in mind when wondering when the lunacy of the Covid panic will come to an end. Right now, it is great fun for rich people who are not required to play along with the loons. The politicians have to participate in Covid theater, but in private they think it is just a big goof. They take pleasure in mocking the crazies and their ornamental face gear. They think it is hilarious that the masses just go along with the ridiculous measures that serve no purpose beyond humiliation.

This nonsense ends when the ruling class decides it ends and that happens when the cost to them gets serious. Economic trouble is one obvious way the cost quickly becomes intolerable. That may be what lies ahead in 2022, as another round of Covidian theater craters a struggling economy. Someone taking a shot at one of these provincial politicians is another possible wakeup call. Organized resistance is unlikely, but a localized “event” is certainly possible.

Regardless, reason and reality are not going to end this lunacy. For the rich it is just an amusing game of human chess. For their servants in political office, it is a way to pretend their lives have meaning. Of course, there are plenty of stupid people willing to degrade themselves in order to feel like they are part of something. What puts the brakes on this dynamic is when the war comes home to the rich people. Until they start to feel the pain, Covid mania is a feature of life in the West.

It is an interesting lesson in the reality of democracy. Since democratic government selects for sociopathy, the result is a government that is far less responsive than allegedly autocratic systems. The dictator or king can be motivated by a sense of duty to his office or his legacy. Elected officials are motivated purely by pleasure and pain and they are extremely low in empathy. It turns out that democracy works only when the people are prepared to use violence.

This may be why democratic systems precede autocratic ones. It is not that mob rule becomes unreasonable, but that violent mob action becomes the only reasonable response to the indifference of democratic rule. The mob hangs their elected officials and the rich are suddenly moved to act by installing a dictator who will address the concerns of the masses. In other words, democracy is not mob rule but rule by sociopath, which is remedied by the strong hand of leadership.

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289 thoughts on “How It Ends

  1. It’s just horrible. But… if a mob set Nancy Pelosi on fire… it would make my day. If Elizabeth Warren fell down 32 flights of stairs, rolled out into the street and got run over by a steam roller… I’d buy a round for the house! If an anvil fell on Barkie Obutthole…😂👍

    But wishing harm on someone tempts the gods and with that karmic wheel… what goes around, comes around – at least for Dirt People. When a country purges its Cloud People en masse… really bad things tend to happen. I dunno if it’s the purging, or the momentum from years of bad management that does it.

    I know the Clouds hate me and want me dead… but I just can’t help starting to feel the same way about them.

    • The gods always make exceptions.

      I’m confident that wishing death to Kamala or Hillary wouldn’t result in any karmac blowback

    • they want your hate; deny them. find a perspective that allows you to maintain an even emotional state, despite their best efforts to unsettle you.

      • They love our hate because it is a signal to them they are doing something right.

        Indifference and mockery to their schemes are the most potent weapons.

  2. Rapid technological change improves the utility of genius, good or evil genius doesn’t matter. You just want Napoleon on your side. Republican (oligarchic) government saw its modern golden age when technological revolution was the norm.

    Democratic (monarchic) government, rule of random guys born into the nobility, is better when technological change is slow. No one wants a Napoleon at that point. The catch is, we now have slow technological change because we are already so advanced, so we now need to figure out how a neo-monarchy would function.

    North Korea without the crushing sanctions and the worst geopolitical position in history (trapped between China, Russia, and Western influence) is our closest model for where we need to go. South Korea and its demographic implosion is the other way, and a warning of what not to do. Don’t get so rich you can afford feminism. The oligarchs and their wealth machines at some point aren’t as good as a traditional ruling family.

    We always find out the traditionalist Catholics were right about everything, eventually…

    • The NORKS have below replacement fertility though not as bad as ours.

      If its underestimated , it may be around replacement but its still unwise to be on the verge of famine too.

  3. If we enter a hyper inflationary period in 2022, that’s nooses and pitchforks for the Government Party. Producer Prices were up 9.6% YoY in November, and will easily break 10% soon if not already. Food price inflation is bonkers in meats, and WSJ reported today that Heinz is warning suppliers to expect 5-20% increases on common food items like the American staple Mac n Cheese.

    Soaring inflation is a sure trigger for social unrest. Especially for staples like bread or Mac n cheese.

    Just ask Louis XVI…

  4. This is something that needs to be sent to all our elected leaders, unelected bureaucrats, and heads of media and industry. Of course, anybody who did that would be canceled, possibly with extreme prejudice.

  5. I was sure that after 9/11 there would at least be a pause of some kind pause in immigration, while the government figured out who was here, who was not supposed to be here, and in general made tighter borders and interior enforcement something of a priority. If for no other reason than to show the public something was being done. But nope, none of that happened.

    And it’s not like the ruling elite were untouched by the event. Barbara Olson was killed in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, and she was the wife of Ted Olson, a high profile DC attorney and at the time Solicitor General. Not exactly peons.

    So obviously open borders and displacement of legacy Americans is an important project of the ruling elite, maybe their most important one. Barbara Olson was unfortunate enough to have to “take one for the team.”

    • Barabara Olsen is a minor figure, and at best could be claimed as a member of the “outer party”

      The true targets of the death jabs, could in fact be, the over-produced aspiring elites. They follow all the rules and orders in order have a shot at moving up the ladder.
      They need to be eliminated because when the economy implodes this over educated class will represent the biggest threat to the inner party.

      If a whole bunch of proles refuse the death jab , it doesn’t really matter. Although the proles are resistant to propaganda, they generally don’t have the initiative and intelligence to organize a revolution.

  6. to all the kiddies questioning whether polio existed:

    1. polio existed, and it wasn’t DDT because people still get polio (but DDT has been banned like 60 years)
    2. smallpox existed
    3. the black plaque existed
    4. influenza existed
    5. AIDS exists
    6. coof exists (it just isn’t that lethal as reported)

    why not do a little reading before posting “theories” you pulled out of your ass?

    • The black plague was a gift from the Nose poisoning the wells, The rest were the result of “vaccination”. Ain’tnothin new under the sun. Same shit, different day.

    • I think I’m the one that started the polio conversation on this thread.

      I in fact, said that it was a real disease that did paralyze people. But that the hysteria surrounding it was entirely media driven.

      Some googling led to to the claim that 1952 was the height of the epidemic. In that year there were 57,000 confirmed diagnoses, 3,000 deaths and 23,000 cases of paralysis – temporary to persistent.

      Out of a total US population of 157,000,000. So approx 1 in 3,000 people had a confirmed diagnoses and half of those had a serious health impact.

      So yeah, I’d call that media drive hysteria.
      As a point of comparison, the same year 36,000 people died from automobile accidents in the US and approx ten times that number suffered serious injuries. That works out to 12 times as many as died from polio and 15+ times as many serious injuries.

      • uh huh

        keep arguing a losing position, it makes for a good laugh. cause you don’t know jack shit about anything that happened before 2010.

      • To your point, growing up as an X’er all the legacy news reels gave the impression that large double digit percentages of the country were on iron lungs.

  7. The ice age farmer on YouTube has been warning that the WEf was planning a famine for us all. for a while , and the price farmers get for livestock has fallen even as meat prices rose 50% . that may be the bridge too far that cayuses the elites too much trouble to let it go any further. clearly they Chinese believe its coming ,
    the are sitting on HALF the worlds total grain supply. . since they have 18 percent of the worlds population , that means the lower classes everywhere are going to face enormous hardship . russia has bans and limits on exporting wheat,
    get out of your 401K, buy farmland . it will be ugly before the elites finally decide they have to act.

    cue DR. Karl to tell me the Chinese couldn’t possibly be doing this because they are not nice to their people.

    • miforest: I take what I read at Ice Age Farmer with a grain of salt, just as I take everything else. I also don’t trust any government numbers – not our own, and certainly not China’s. Fwiw, there is plenty of food on the shelves of the stores here in DFW, although occasionally missing or skimpy supplies of certain items. I noted a few small rib roasts at one store – they had been on sale before Christmas (1 per customer with an additional $30 purchase) for $4.99 a pound. Now they want $14.99 a pound. We’ll see if they sell them – even if they mark them down to half price by their Friday sell-by date, I don’t know if they’re worth $7.50 a pound. And, as you note, the ranchers aren’t making all that money on the meat, and neither is the grocery store. It’s the meat processors and distributors.

      • Retail markups are 100%-300%.
        With a few loss leader items at a substantially lower rate on sales.

        So yeah, the grocery chain is capturing most of the price paid by consumers. They’ve got to pay for their prime real estate, employees, electricity and insurance some how.

  8. If I was president, all people traveling on private jets would go through tsa screening. It would put an end to taking off shoes and belts

    • That would be funny. Especially if you made them queue up with everyone else in the endless security lines.

  9. Fauci backing down on the quarantine period (10 days to five and maybe even three) and Biden backing down on a national lockdown mandate is evidence that business leaders have had enough. They got rid of Trump, now it is supposed to be business as usual. There is also the risk of people just ignoring lockdowns. The problem is that the Lockdown Karens are going nuts. China has locked down the city of Xian for no apparent reason, France is locked down. Australia. Austria. NYC is locked down and having big protests, arrests. An ex Raiders cheerleader, now a real estate bimbo went nuts on a Delta flight and beat up an 80 year old man for not wearing a mask while eating.
    I just heard on the radio the head of the Salvation Army apologize for his wokeness and deny that the Salvation Army adheres to a social dogma or wants people to apologize for their skin color. Remarkable as this story never hit the media, only conservative websites. And of course LA is being hit with various wealthy people targeted. Jacqueline Avant, wife of a billionaire and the mother in law of Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandros, was killed by an aspiring rapper / home invader (who managed to also shoot himself in the foot). The Piv, Jeremy Piven, was robbed in a home invasion, as was a Real Housewife and various B listers. Now Chief Heap Big Fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, wants the SEC to essentially stop Wall Street from funding: the auto industry including Ford, GM, Toyota, whatever Chrysler calls itself today, all real estate including commercial real estate, all petroleum and coal and gas extraction, all mining, all forestry, all of it. As Dems are scheming to not seat Republicans for “insurrection” (i.e. they are Republican) and using the DC National Guard (Biden signed a bill making them under the command of the DC Chief of Police) to arrest the entire Republican slate in Congress for “insurrection.” It would not shock me to see this after the mid-terms and the Military just installing … Hillary. It seems probable that she paid for the “lets have a coup” op-ed that three retired generals floated.

    • “I just heard on the radio the head of the Salvation Army apologize for his wokeness and deny that the Salvation Army adheres to a social dogma or wants people to apologize for their skin color. Remarkable as this story never hit the media, only conservative websites.”

      Only cucks are stupid enough to donate to charities like the Salvation Army, hence suppression of the information and another reminder that churches, charties, and NGO’s are all corrupt and do not deserve one thin dime.

      • They still have commitment to diversity and LGBTQ as 2 out of the first 3 guiding statements on their website.

        So Fuck em.

        • once they showed their hand, they were fucked. and look how fukkin’ surprised they are now! retards to a man (or tranny). SA will be extinct within 3 years, and all the staff will have to get real jobs.

      • There’s still the Salvation Navy. It’s a good outfit, although it’s tough to get people to join as no one wants to sit in a row boat with a bass drum in their lap.

      • True, but they had to apologize in a desperate attempt to salvage the very brutal drop in donations and volunteering. Disney can go woke, they have enough cash and properties that will make them money that they can run a century losing money and never care. The Salvation Army cannot go woke as they essentially just ended. Little donations (most done by White people who don’t like apologizing for their skin color) and even less volunteering. That was real penalties.

    • That’s a real stream of consciousness rant there Whiskey. Noy sure all relates directly to your main point.

      • I have to stay under length limits to avoid moderation. But, over and over again real important people are finding out that there are limits. The Head of the Salvation Army will have to find real work as his organization is likely to not even exist next year. Fauci and Biden had their lockdown plans pulled. Very important people are getting killed in their mansions by BLM freed felons. And the price of getting rid of Trump is that Warren is on the warpath of basically eliminating most important industries and destroying the wealth of important CEOs (tied up in stock distributions). Meaning more important people with power and influence are being affected. Nero like Caligula ticked off Rome’s Aristocracy too many times and got whacked for it. I see the same thing there — with the “savior,” the “One” being … Hillary to replace Biden. To replay 2016. That seems to be the plans of the important people anyway.

        • That doesn’t surprise me at all.

          I know MIC execs who think Killary’s loss to Trump was, “….a national, possibly global tragedy.”

          That’s how far gone these people are.

  10. “Right now, it is great fun for rich people who are not required to play along with the loons. The politicians have to participate in Covid theater, but in private they think it is just a big goof.”

    I have seen the truth of this for myself. My work frequently brings me into Elite enclaves and they only care about the lockdowns when the cameras are running. Meanwhile, their servitors (frequently undocumented migrants) never take their masks off.

    Technically I’m a servitor, but I’m also a white man who acts like their peer, so they’ve never demanded I wear the mask of servility. Or ritually wash hands or stay a respectful distance away or whatever the slave rule du jour is.

    I cannot wake up any of my friends & family to the idea that the lockdowns are a sick joke, no pun intended. Perhaps they need to see what I see for themselves.

  11. These people are highly vulnerable. They live in nice upscale neighborhoods, they might have gates, easily climbable, they might have cameras, who cares, wear the mask, they might have guns, bring your own. The wilding that we’ve seen in malls and jewelry stores recently, it’s going to start happening to regular wealthy people and their homes. There might be a few that get it and don’t deserve it but most of them do. This madness has gone on far too long

    • If I recall, the Seattle CHAZ no-go zone was dismantled a day or two after the protestors went to the mayor’s house. The mayor who spent a month coddling these psychopaths and defending their right to destroy the city. Get within spitting distance of Her Majesty’s home, though, and all bets are off.

      • Wasn’t it after their border security murdered the black teen and shot up another one in a car.

        The media, so obsessed with the Till case because they are just so pro minority lives, is strangely uninterested in the details.

        You’d think Anitfa Chaz security were IDF troops in the west bank given the kids gloves treatment from the CNNs.

    • Whitney: From what I’ve read online, it appears the noggers are now routinely targeting CA areas like Brentwood and Beverly Hills. I fully agree that most of these folks deserve what’s coming to them – they need to own this. The same with the White woman who has apparently received death threats after her Mestizo neighbors filmed her asking them to tone down their raucous Christmas Eve party. Guarantee you she voted for and championed the cause of diversity and gimmigrants.

      The problem here is that these people are still not owning their actions, but rather fleeing the consequences. If you believe their comments (and anyone who does is a fool), the majority of the CA residents fleeing to Idaho and North Carolina and Texas call themselves ‘conservative.’ This means they might not believe in fully defunding the cops. They still endlessly agitate for political measures in their new home states that will result in the same dystopian multicultural chaos they left behind in CA.

      They need to OWN this, and suffer its effects personally, rather than being able to move on and inflict the same insanity elsewhere. I enjoyed a moment of schadenfreude when I read recently that the anti-White South African mulatto purported tv comic sued his black doctor. I want to see White pilots stop flying Jay Z and his fellow thugs to Italy. I don’t want to see anymore White bodyguards for non-White actors and rappers. Let auto mechanics and carpenters and even bug spray guys start using any excuse – fear of the coof or fear of crime or a dodgy car or whatever – but average White people need to stop enabling the elites. It would be nice if there was even a smidgen of White solidarity, but it seems most are merely concerned with padding their own nest and will sell out the rest for the right price.

      • First, totally agreed since what follows plays off a subpoint you made.

        “The problem here is that these people are still not owning their actions, but rather fleeing the consequences. If you believe their comments (and anyone who does is a fool), the majority of the CA residents fleeing to Idaho and North Carolina and Texas call themselves ‘conservative.’ This means they might not believe in fully defunding the cops. They still endlessly agitate for political measures in their new home states that will result in the same dystopian multicultural chaos they left behind in CA.”

        Even putting aside the political dimension, if that is at all possible, these people in large numbers also destabilize local cultures. Most Southerners and (real) Westerners have distinctive lifestyles and don’t give a single shit about how they did it back in Portland or wherever. While your local leaders are greedy, make them tighten zoning and planning to the fullest extent possible before you find yourself in a strange culture surrounded by people who even look like you.

        • More small towns are instituting moratoriums on building permits, especially for multi-family units. The given reason is that all of the new building, traffic and general population is overwhelming the local infrastructures. Now, that is certainly true in a lot of cases, but even if not, it is a very good and believable excuse.

          • That’s the only way to do it. What’s the point moving to a new town when it just gets built into little Mexico/India in 20 years?

            Seen it happen in Canada many times, a small white town / city open up new subdivision construction and suddenly it’s swamped with 80% non white subdivisions. No construction happens in the town it’s just on plots adjacent.

            So yeah, all construction needs to be halted (or 90% reduced) or you will just get paved over by the ever increasing diverse population.

        • I decided not to return to CA after finishing my four years in the Air Force. While I like living in Florida, there are still some things about CA I miss. Still, I’m very thankful to not have to deal with the covid insanity being pushed by Gov. Gabbin Nuisance. I see serious demographic trouble brewing in the future though. This state is made up of people who came from somewhere else. Be it Cubans, Puerto Ricans, New Yorkers, Alabamans, etc, we have a big mismash of peoples who have little in common with each other, and want different things. DeSantis had to force a lot of liberal areas to back off of covid insanity. Especially down in Miami. If those areas grow in power they could tip the balance of power in Florida and turn this place into shit-lib central just like what happened in CA.

      • As a conservative who ex-filled CA, with the other 4 votes in my immediate family, we left BECAUSE of the loony politics and took our CONSERVATIVE voting patterns with us to AZ. I think it was VDH who recently wrote that most of those leaving CA we conservative, not prog.

        • I have found that a California conservative is much like a Canadian conservative. It’s all relative. What a Californian might consider to be conservative, actual, flyover conservatives would consider quite liberal.

    • See my other comment, the mother in law (herself wife to a billionaire black music producer) of Ted Sarandros of Netflix was killed by a homie in a home invasion in Beverly Hills. Her sole security guard was of no use. The Piv, Jeremy Piven was home invaded, a Real Housewife, others you likely heard of in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, and even Malibu. Outside Zuck few of these people have large amounts of armed guards. Arnie the exception. Its extremely expensive save for the most uber-wealthy and there are few people really good at it.
      Zuck, Gates, a few others can be constantly on the move, in private jets with the most skilled and highly paid pilots. Most of the rest actually have to be in one place and work: the heads of Studios, famous actors, directors, CEOs of companies like Ford, GE, or P&G. They can’t avoid crime by jetting around the world every few days so their persons and stuff can be targeted. REITs and other companies heavily invested in say, NYC office space are finding COVID lockdowns and crime makes their office towers very empty with payments due but no revenues. The highest tier is immune, but those below them are finding their interests diverging rapidly.

    • It cannot happen enough. I look forward to the rape and murder of prominent people. Reap and sow.

        • There’s no point in mutilating corpses unless you have some good puns to go along with it. That’s not a way to get a head in life, I guess he couldn’t stomach the violence, they always said I had a disarming personality, etc.

    • It cracks me up how many gated communities in Florida are guarded by Haitians.

      Most Americans know very little about 1804, although it was a huge factor in our being unable to avoid war.

      When SHTF, Koupe tet, boule kay, anyone/

      • Xin Loi: Shades of South Africa. White farmers there still employ blacks (in many cases they are forced to) as laborers and security forces, and these same employees are the ones who either rape and torture and rob and kill the Whites themselves, or pass inside info to friends to do the same.

  12. Once heard that when Britain deported its unwanted to Australia, the ship’s captain knew that the biggest threat to a transported woman who was going wild on the long voyage was to threaten to cut her hair off. That was good enough to stop them getting out of hand. The trouble was, once you cut a trouble-making transported woman’s hair off there would be no stopping her craziness. No threat could carry any weight after that.

    In short, the last thing the captain wanted to do was cut a woman’s hair off.

    I feel our elite are beginning to think the same. The more they cut back on us and the more they impose on us, the more it is like cutting our hair off. There comes point when if they make good with their threats, then doing the act will make them wish they hadn’t done it.

    • Because they are not stuck on a boat with you for the journey they are happy to cut your hair, shave what is left, tattoo your face and keel haul you for the duration of your voyage. Matters not to the hidden hand you don’t know who the movers are.

      Who is the real target if push comes to shove?

      Biden, Pelosi, and the other pols around the world?

      Get real they are he cardboard cut outs for the media that get to trough what they want while doing what thy are told.

      So who is it going to be that ones ire is turned upon?

    • oh bs, they would have hung anyone making trouble. or just thrown them overboard. don’t have to do that very often to make your point stick. again, you do not know your history. the British (at that point in time) would hang a person for stealing bread:

      “During the 18th century, the number of crimes that were punished by hanging rose to about 200. Some, such as treason or murder, were serious crimes, but others were what we would call minor offences. For example, the death sentence could be passed for picking pockets or stealing food.”

      • To add to Pure Blood’s comment, the prison system itself was established because the only actual alternative punishment was hanging. Prisons were seen as a reform.

        • technically speaking, there is a distinction (perhaps only in the abstract) between a prison, and a penitentiary. Australia was a prison colony, the Brits had no interest in their salvation.

          The policy of transportation, and harsh penalties for crime, made Edwardian England a true paradise on Earth – while it lasted 🙂

    • “The trouble was, once you cut a trouble-making transported woman’s hair off there would be no stopping her craziness.”

      Oh really? I can assure you there are stronger ways, be it a woman, man or stone crazy goat. We’re pussyfooting this whole mess too much.

  13. Z is right. The elites and those in charge are lazy, cruel, detached from reality, and spoiled. Their one weakness is atheism – and fear of death.

    They don’t care about facts and logic. Pleas on humanitarian grounds (poor kids masking in school!) makes no difference to them. Peaceful protests are meaningless. But they do care about dying, as we see with the COVID response and also the push for youth culture, corpses like Pelosi and Biden and McCain staying in office well past their expiry date.

    When dealing with a bully, the only way to solve the problem is to punch back. Give the bully a bloody nose, or even better knock him out, and they know not to mess with you going forward.

    I hope people can read between the lines here; this is the only solution unfortunately.

    The COVID response severity in white countries seems to correspond directly to how afraid the government is of its people. Red states, well armed have almost no restrictions. Blue states are pretty bad, but they’re still restraining themselves a bit… Then we have Canada and Europe which are in full on tyranny, they disarmed us all and we’re more peaceful. The French and others seem to have some zest fighting back though. And finally there’s Australia, totally disarmed (even worse than Canada) and is basically returned to being a giant prison camp.

    • I agree with you, the bully analogy nails it.
      Some ideas and those who champion them are deleterious to society. Tolerance of massive drug abuse ” the homeless” sexual deviants pursuing children ” love is ageless” are just two obvious egregious examples. These ideas are supported & encouraged by the ruling class. They enjoy seeing “dirt people” suffering.
      What is called liberalism today is libritineism. Those responsible are infected with moral cancer, surgery cannot be done with out blood.

    • I am not sure they are actually afraid of its people.

      I hear that a lot, but it seems they just hate them and want them gone like a rat infestation.

      Are you afraid of rats in your house, well sort of in a way about damage and hygiene etc, but its more like they just hate them as vermin.

      Vermin need exterminating.

  14. Just a personal anecdote from my Christmas weekend. I live in rural Oklahoma and am not subject to any of the left wing lunacy I read about on this site. Most rural whites in Oklahoma are poor, but are down to earth people who are very unpretentious. What you see is what you get.

    My daughter and her husband (and my young grandsons) live in a upper middle class neighborhood in the Oklahoma City area. Oklahoma City is probably one of the most conservative cities in the U.S.A. I went to visit my daughter over the Christmas weekend and was taken aback by the numerous lawn signs in the neighborhood pledging allegiance to all the left wing fads.

    My daughter and son-in-law are traditional conservatives and are really put off by all the moral postering by their neighbors. They are actually considering relocating to a more rural area to get away from the nonsense even though it would be a longer commute for my son-in-law. I am encouraging ithe move because I don’t want my gransons growing around bat shit crazy people.

    I know a lot of people on this site say it wrong to flee the cities and we (white people) should stand our ground. I understand the reasoning, but my family is what is most important to me and I don’t want my grandsons corrupted by a toxic environment.

    Perhaps there is something to be said for Pol Pot’s strategy of gaining support in the rural areas first.

    • The population is already sorting itself out. Hundreds of thousands have fled California, Illinois, and New York (the top three) for Southern states (Texas & Florida are the top two). Richland County (Columbia), South Carolina has put a total moratorium on all new construction until they can upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the sudden increase in population. My daughter and son-in-law (in Richland County, SC) built their house 23 months ago, and it has already increased in value by $120,000. They will sell in the spring and move to the country. I went there for Halloween with my grandchildren, and my daughter was surprised to see that somebody had moved into a vacant house on her street the day before (a Saturday). We stopped to chat with them and learned that they were refugees from Maryland who had bought the house sight-unseen.

      So the population is already sorting itself out. The signs in your daughter’s OKC neighborhood are in the yards of people connected with “an institution (ha!) of higher learning,” no doubt.

      DO get out of the cities. Do it now. The rest of the population is already doing it. Don’t wait.

      • What’s your advice to a younger, single guy? I agree rural living is better in general but I’m concerned about the inability to find a spouse or have a social life in those areas.

        My plan is to try and get transfered to a smaller whiter city – better odds at finding a wife and has some stuff an urban area has but not as diverse or insane as a big city.

        • This is my issue as well. The city is insane but meeting a wife and having a good social life seems hard in the rural areas. Seems the suburbs would be the best middle ground to do.

          • I like to chime in whenever I see the comments drift to this topic. As a person who last fall escaped a corrupted city for the rural south, I would highly recommend you do not do the same, and instead find a suburban area with a reasonable commute, but in a different county, to decent sized city. I ran from Austin and relocated to a 2.75 acre spread on the F/G/L, and it kind of sucks despite my trying to make the best of it. The social opportunities are practically non-existent and it is a terrible place to find a decent woman unless you want to marry a tatted up chain smoker and be stepdad to her mulatto brood. Blacks outnumber whites by a large margin (don’t believe demographic data you find online), the men are mostly obese retards that guzzle beer, smoke, jack off to their guns, and make a litany of excuses for why they “had to get the vaccine.” Also, they worship Fox news, support Israel (although they don’t know why) and participate in the Scratch Off Retirement System. The roadsides are usually littered with trash for miles and you’ll frequently hear folks say stupid shit like “it’s not all black people.”

        • B125, that’s a good question and I don’t have a good answer. I will say that most of the career girls in the cities probably won’t make great wives. They have probably had sex with numerous men and are likely pretty damaged.

          As Jonny said, maybe the suburbs is the way to go. Perhaps at a youth group at a conservative church?

          • A lot of the ‘conservative’ churches are pozzed beyond belief. I’m old and generally happily married, but if I was looking, I’d look somewhere that I was involved in an activity or work I already enjoyed or was interested in. For example, I’ve received a fair number of inquiries in the past 2-5 years at the gym as to my marriage and availability status.

            Local livestock store, horse competitions, get to know the moms who do canning or organize local events, etc. Get involved in the fabric of the community. Become friends with your neighbors and let their wives know you are looking. Let your local tradesmen know you’re looking for a marriage and family minded woman. That’s the way it used to be done, albeit in a more formalized manner.

        • I think you will find that in the rural areas, while there may not be as much “diversity” of choice for future wives or social scenes, the overall quality can often be quite better. Stay away from the career-minded women and find one that wants to have a family first.

        • Find yourself a God fearing Bible based church, and start attending. You will find yourself a good woman there if you are patient, and discerning. Ask me how I know.

        • go to one of the Scando countries, or Eastern European ones. Your SMV will be much higher there, get a better quality chick. take an extended visit there, or maybe get work. forget Canada and the US, unless you want more of the same old shit.

    • I’m one of those who advocates standing your ground, although my stance has proven unconvincing, so oh well. I also had the circumstance of growing up in a fairly uncorrupted place that has become a battleground in the last couple of decades, as waves of people have fled the cities and now the suburbs, led by developers and chased by libs and vibrants. I am now convinced that racket will only end when the money runs out, because it seems most people will only turn and fight when they can no longer afford to run. Fwiw.

      I’m about ready to give up on this civilization thing and become a simple tobacco farmer lol.

      • Yikes! Tobacco is not easy to produce. Have you ever harvested tobacco? Very nasty job. But I do wish you the best of luck, no matter what.

        • Thanks!

          Yep I remember it from my childhood. Filthy plant and a ton of work to grow well and bring to market, but it’s the cash crop around here, and there’s no way I’m starting a dairy!

          Not set on it, but it looks more appealing by the day.

      • I’m in much the same situation, although California has passed a point of no return, is actively autophagous and will Cancel me on general principles before much longer.

        I try to “watch for opportunity” rather than “try to escape”. The difference in mindset is, in my opinion, very healthy.

        • Agreed. And I do expect California to turn a corner by the end of this decade. Goodwhites are fleeing in droves and Hispanics are figuring out they’re kind of white. Bay Area is what it is, maybe the state finally breaks up.

          Stay frosty.

        • SoCal native, 67. Moved to the Phoenix area in 2016 and don’t regret it at all. Close enough to LA to see family or go scuba diving, far enough away that it’s not CA.

        • just like timing a market top..easy peasy. by the time you know it’s time, it’s too late. imagine the hit on your home’s equity once Prop 13 is lifted (not if, when).

      • Agreed! I think there are many folks in pozzed cities who believe they’re going to ride into the “Rural South” and be greeted by a welcoming committee of dissidents ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work building a moral society! They will be disappointed. Bottom line: keep running and you’ll run out of places to run to.

    • I lived in eastern Oklahoma in the late 70s
      I was young and the fishing was fantastic. Should have never left.
      Your last line.. you may be on to something. Winners write history, maybe old pol pot could see something that was left out of the narrative.

      • There is one except to the “winners-write-the-history” observation (that I know of): the Spanish Civil War. The losers have written that history, oddly enough.

          • Talmud bankers cut off the funds, the ammo, the food , the fuel…. they did the same shit to Napoleon.. The small hat merry go round of destruction and death, for profit.

    • I am a lifelong Oklahoman. And I can tell you that Oklahoma City is gone, gone, gone. I had an occasion to be downtown about six months ago and the storefronts, etc. scream woke. Audio from some invislble source exhorts you at every crosswalk. The whirling in their graves of the cattlemen and oilmen who built that place will cause a black hole.

      The only question that remains is how long they will allow the stockyards to keep functioning. I guess as long as the businesses that are across the street keep bringing in sales tax, the powers-that-be will look the other way. But not forever . . . Old white men with land and cattle double plus ungood, you know.

      • There are lots of places that are assumed to be “conservative” that also have been infected.
        Sandpoint Idaho for example.
        Sign leading into town, diversity and tolerance are our values we welcome all. Or some such drivel.
        In the downtown area rainbow flags on many businesses.
        These people are evil, they will never stop pushing until they are made to stop.

        • Its like the end of the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers where he finds multitudes of lorries and buses being loaded up to ship the pods around the country, only they have already arrived and taken over in many areas.

          Without smashing the TV/media complex and its domination of social signaling I can’t see how this is stoppable.

      • Yeah, bringing the NBA team to OKC was a sign for me that the city was doomed. Seeing upscale whites screaming for a bunch of thug negroes who hate white people disgusts me..

    • uh, only a moron would say “stay in the cities”. some young people here say stand your ground, but not (to my remembrance) in the cities specifically. my sense is most people here would be happy for the cities to burn, i know i would.

      also, OKC has terrible crime stats!

  15. The COVID fear campaign is nearing the end. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Two Headlines:
    “Critics slam ‘hypocrite’ Biden for claiming ‘no federal solution’ to pandemic after vow to ‘shut down’ “
    “Biden says states bear responsibility for COVID resolution.”
    I take this to mean the fear campaign is unworkable, becoming unproductive, and the marginal profits are thinning. Furthermore, in advance, Klain and company know how the Supremes would love to force it on us, but it just may be a bridge too far result in the chaos and elite fear, the Zman blogs about here. It’s a no-go.
    Time to move on to stirring up trouble in Europe by threatening a public good between Russia and Germany. The US needs to f with the Nord Stream 2 agreement; this project is a new development that suddenly the US needs to mediate terms.
    Further, South East the US will aggravate the Russians by meddling their border security by making Ukraine a threat. In the background is the existential threat and echoing of the constant narrative of Climate Disaster by the young-uns, edubacated in the late ’80s onward. Threats everywhere, but forcing folks to take magical gubamint Covid elixers does not seem to be flying.

    • In my Deep South state, most of us have ignored the whole thing. Many churches ignored the whole thing, including mine. Our governors have not made headlines like de Santis in Florida has, but that’s because they have largely ignored the whole thing. you all may remember last year when Georgia, after shutting down for two weeks “to flatten the curve,” re-opened to the howls of the talking heads, but nothing happened. Everybody went back to normal, and that was that.

      What almost nobody seems to have grasped is that the whole stupid charade has depended 100% on the cooperation of the population because we don’t have a national police force, so it was at all times going to be left to the local county sheriffs to enforce–or not–the diktats of the bureaucrats in DC. Which meant that your local High Sheriff was in the position of having to say, “I’m going to destroy your lives, but I hope you’ll re-elect me in November,” which was at all times a non-starter. When a friend of mine in Atlanta was wigging out about Joe Biden’s threats to interdict interstate travel, I explained the “local sheriff factor,” and she calmed down. That sort of thing was never going to happen anywhere at any time. Even the High Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California, publically said that he would not enforce any of the coof nonsense, and he didn’t.

      The whole stupid episode is on its last legs–UNLESS Klauss Schwab and the WEF crowd somehow contrive to shut down the power grid through a “cyber-attack” (to be perpetrated by those wicked Russians, of course), or to collapse the international payments system, or to interrupt the supply chain, or something along those lines.

      Then, all bets would be off.

      • The LA County sheriffs’ refusal has been the only pleasant surprise of the coof era so far. By the standards of liberty and justice and other American type stuff, they’re the worst non-fed police force in the country, yet they stood up for the people—a little, and incidentally to other considerations, but still. No one familiar with them would bet against them leaping at a new opportunity to crack prole skulls.

      • Infant: I wouldn’t put any of your ‘unless’ possibilities as out of bounds. The WEF crowd is deadly serious about wanting us all miscegenated, chipped, bug-eating automatons. And while I’m not blaming any one individual or group, I found a post at Western Rifle Shooters (and I take all their stuff with a hefty dose of salt) very poignant and accurate: Everything that has been predicted about the Covid hysteria and dismissed as a loony conspiracy theory has happened. And every step of the way people have complied and retreated and set a new theoretical ‘line’ that will always be crossed and redrawn.

        Look at the list of the North American representatives to the WEF’s latest ‘do – it’s all black and Han and South Asians and Juice and womyn. And meanwhile, the cops in Europe and Australia seem to be enjoying terrorizing the local inhabitants. Their neighbors are apparently fine – haven’t read any accounts of cops’ children called any mean names, let alone wives not welcomed at any neighborhood parties.

        As long as the elite’s enforcers can continue to operate with impunity, nothing will change.

      • It appears–appears–the WEF is getting told “no” at the moment, but it may be kabuki. They appear ready to pivot to Russia because ‘Murica!!! and a certain group of bitter parasites want to settle scores even if it means burning the world down. Here’s to hoping for a Gen. Jack Ripper with Tel Aviv on his mind!

    • The critics slamming Biden after his comments are mostly conservacucks who, as usual, are messing up. When Biden says, “there is no federal solution”, the correct response is, “there is no solution, virus gonna virus.” The correct response is NOT “omg look another broken Biden promise, vote GOP in 2022!” This just gives the left an opportunity to blame the GOP for Biden not being able to fix it, which they are already doing. Ιt is amazing how consistently horrible the GOP is at this sort of thing, almost like it is by design.

      Any politician or official who is not doing everything in their power to end this charade and ensure no more mandates, no more tests, no more masks, no more lockdowns, is as far as I am concerned an enemy of the people.

      • Joe Biden, Tenth Amendment fanatic. There has to be a reference to that somewhere in Revelations.

      • Mycale: Why do you eve give a f&&k about the GOP? There is NO political solution to ANY of this. Forget about party A and party B, or standard terminology of left and right. This is based on race, with class and money following closely behind. Stop looking to any politician or ‘official’ or ‘expert’ to save you or fix anything – it’s not going to happen.

      • scaring normies away from the GOP shouldn’t be too difficult. once the GOP dies, the Dems will collapse and split.

  16. Are you reading Bill James’ book Popular Crime Reflections? Because I am right now and that book has the two bomb attacks you mention in it. And although I had vaguely heard about the Wall Street bomb I had never, until maybe yesterday when I read about it, heard about the LA Times bomb. Freakish that two almost forgotten events I read about yesterday show up here. Anyway, maybe just a strange coincedence.

    I think you are absolutely on the money about democracy. I even think that the ‘peace-keeping effect’ of nuclear weapons is not because they are absolutely horrendous to ordinary people but exactly because they are SO terrible that there would be extremely uncomfortable, immediate, personal, in-your-face consequences to the shot-callers if those things went off in substantial numbers.

    Superficial charm, ruthlessness, courage, expanded ambition, narcissism, manipulativeness, cynicism, lack of conscience. To a professional campaign manager those traits would constitute the perfect candidate. It is not a canard that liberal democracy selects for sociopaths, it is game theory. So this is an important criticism of modern democracy and a possible explanation for why it often leads to authoritarianism.

    • “They take pleasure in mocking the crazies and their ornamental face gear. They think it is hilarious that the masses just go along with the ridiculous measures that serve no purpose beyond humiliation.”

      This is probably literally true (private pictures from Boris Johnson’s Downing Street prove it is true in the UK) and strongly suggests elements of sadism. The sociopath problem of democracy is not a boogey man.

      • Thanks. What does he suggest putting in place of democracy? That’s usually where it gets tricky. But the current cr*p is so miserable that it is certainly worth thinking about.

        • I haven’t read this, yet but the usual solution if one is given is an interregnum of Right Wing authoritarianism, a dictatorship of 20 to 40 years depending on how long restoration takes.

          After that a limit franchise something like White, Male Christian Landowners and a much stricter system of public morality.

          The actual stuff you have to do the policy is rather basic to be honest but it requires a kind of Right that that isn’t controlled by the money boys and exiles immediately anyone who thinks “Conservatism is an attitude” rather than set eugenic and pro civic polices

    • Moran: ” (He) almost never says what he means. Because that would pin him down. This politician who feigns to be its antithesis is the consummate politician. He carefully says what he thinks you’ll assume he means.

      What he wants you to believe.

      His language is bombastically vague, full of freedom-loving hints that enrapture those who badly want to believe it. So much so that they allow themselves to believe it.

      Much is left unsaid and it is the unsaid which tells you the most.

      If you’ll listen to it.

      He leaves it up to his audience to think they heard what he didn’t say – a brilliant tactic employed by the greatest artists, the most effective demagogues. These things tell the crowd what it wants to hear – but in such a way that no one in the crowd can say precisely what it was that they thought they heard.

      This is how (pick a politician) became a kind of savior figure to many who were desperate for an alternative to the things which seemed unassailable, periodically handing off to each other the offices and titles used to oppress and fleece us.”

  17. Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky. Being from NYC, I really enjoyed this book. It’s a good lite read for the down time of the holidays. It’s amazing how the medical field went from Anglo/ European, to juice, to Asian. I have 3 MD’s in my family, none of them could boil an egg. Truly 3 of the dumbest people I know. I’ve been realizing lately that the curiosity Gene seems to be slowly breading out of civilization in general. Unless of course you consider ( hey Alexa, how many cups in a quart?) as being curious.

    • Average IQ’s are in decline, have been for probably a century., They’ll crash soon enough , its already happening in California as big projects become harder each year and modernity will eventually go with it.

      Its not all bad, we’ll roll back to a more healthy tech and social base and will lack the knowledge to make things like atom bombs , and gain of function viruses which will make humanity much safer

  18. The last US president I recall having an “event” was Ronald Reagan.

    There was that one guy who tossed his shoes at GW Bush , but that was actually pretty funny and proved GW still had good reflexes. Had that happened today, I’m pretty sure FJB would have taken both to the face!

    Question is, after the “event” with Ronald Reagan, were there any significant policy changes that affected the general public? Did the ruling class clamp down on the plebs by introducing any new legislation that impacted their constitutional rights?

    • I think there was no changes in policy because the ruling class was the group that wanted the event to happen.

    • Speaking of Reagan, he famously said:

      “The closest thing we’ve come to discovering eternal life is a government program.”

      Enormous amounts of power, prestige, and wealth were created when the Covidians in state/local/federal government expanded their regulatory hooks and dictates to address Covid; great wealth continues to be amassed by Big Pharma coming up with ever more frequent (and expensive) preventatives and treatments.

      The Zman is right. Barring some personal risk or loss to our ruling political and corporate classes, Covid will never, ever go away. It has been managed to be a boon to their interests.

      Even if something were to happen (financial pain, for example), there’s a good chance the new powers and wealth created by the Covid response will just shift to something else. The multi-decade homosexual lobby didn’t retire when gay marriage was declared a totally unrestricted right: they, and their whole apparatus immediately found new work giving us the transgender movement which seems to have so stopping point to it’s ridiculousness.

      • “Barring some personal risk or loss to our ruling political and corporate classes….”

        Goes for any of their insane policies.

      • “The Zman is right. Barring some personal risk or loss to our ruling political and corporate classes, Covid will never, ever go away. It has been managed to be a boon to their interests.”

        “Predictions,” as Dizzy Dean reminded us, “are hard to make; especially about the future.”

        Hard to say. But from what I can see–admittedly not much–governments at all levels, and the medical profession in general and the public health establishment in particular, and most of the churches, and the whole “education” system–in fact ALL our institutions–have destroyed their credibility for several generations to come. None of those institutions and systems will survive this crisis, at least not in the forms that we have known. The wreckage wrought by this treachery is total. A new world is being born. I expect “schools” to disappear largely. They have been exposed–to NORMIE–for what they are. They won’t survive. And good riddance to bad rubbish.

        The world in fifteen years will be unrecognizable, compared with even today, let alone two years ago.

        Bank on it.

        • Maybe that is what they had in mind regarding the new normal.

          To reset a society it would be logical to break every institution’s function.

          Nature abhors a vacuum.

          • The “education” sector of the economy is the largest and most profitable “industry” in AINO. (Including all its ancillary “industries.)

            That is also the foundation of their powre–indoctrination of defenseless children. So although I concede that anything is possible where these psychos are concerned, I don’t agree that what is happening–the currently clear trajectory of events–is what “they” had in mind. They expected things to go much ore quickly. The roll-out of the whole charade was remarkably clumsy. They have overplayed their hand is all.

        • The loss of respect, admiration, pride, and commitment to our institutions is becoming more and more evident. This leads to distrust, lawlessness, and anarchy. The bonds that once held us together are dissolving. Honor, bravery, your reputation, ha! we used to fight duels to save our honor. Things are falling apart because we no longer have a common interest. The virtuous man is a sucker. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood are the last of the dinosaurs. Good times, weak men. No use for a Dirty Harry anymore. Ask not, what i can do for my country, but what can my country do for me.

          • This is just an observation.

            But it is interesting how your 2 examples are actors playing characters in a fiction, rather than a real person in public life coming to mind.

            I wonder what is the last point in the recent past the same comment would have referenced a real person in business or politics?

          • Not in my lifetime Trumpton. The last heroic deed I saw was the Kenosha Kid and with much respect to Kyle, that was self defense not heroism

            Truth is world dominance means no more heroes since there are no real challenges.

            Its why even under the wisest loved by everyone most benevolent leader, heck one who was actually immortal, a world government would end up a self destructing hellscape.

            Humans can’t adapt to large scale prosperity any more than Calhoun’s mice could . We can’t breed, we don’t strive. We must suffer, achieve a null state (like Buddhism) or die.

        • As long as feminists, and the Fed’s counterfeiting, pressure young women into the workplace, schools will remain in place as babysitters.

          • Maybe they will become mostly female and POC only?

            Sort of like universities are now, as they serve the same purpose.

          • Speaking of schools, c there’s one in my turn that changed their sports name from the barons to bruins, because Baron is too white. And they banned singing jingle bells because they said singers in black face originally sang it, and the inspiration for it was from slaves wearing collars with bells on them

      • I have long said that their ultimate goal was kids.
        After they get age of consent laws eliminated what next?

        • Lots of options.

          Child sacrifice, temple prostitution, ritual cannibalism the historical practices offer lots of examples for reference.

    • I think the events would be more local. Surely, there is an obnoxious school board that has allowed some tranny to rape someone’s daughter.

    • there were no policy changes after JFK, RFK, Reagan, etc, etc. it’s already illegal to shoot the president 🙂

  19. “One consequence of the bombing was the federal government got serious about the communists and anarchists in the country. They rounded them up and deported them even though they could not pin the crime on them.”

    couple of questions:

    – are the elites willing to abandon their greater goal of demoralizing the white race when they could easily move to a different country?
    – is america’s elite still WASP cause if they are descended from foreigners they might rejoice whenever they see bombings & immigrants tormenting white neighbourhoods.
    – how long till elites decide to stop immigration before it’s to late?
    – let’s say immigration stops tommorow, are the elites willing to send them all back?
    – have all those anti-commie policies from the past even amount to anything? Things have only gotten much worse since then.

    Pretty sure we were born too late in history, meaning the elite is too corrupt & too up their own asses to do fix anything. They’d rather vaccinate us all(4 times a year, maybe more if possible) & tag us then help our people in any way, this does not mean we are all doomed, this is an opportunity for whites to return to their rootes, to become tribal again & realize that racism is not a sin(especially if you’re an atheist cause that would make you really fucking dumb).

    • My bet is the wasps and juice have a major falling out. And that we end up embracing the wasps again like old lovers reuniting. And let bygones be bygones.

      Or maybe I’m just a romantic.

      • The WASPS are all but gone. They mainly didn’t breed and the few that remain are Leftists are like Gavin Newsome who to his credit actually has 4 kids or Country Club filth.

        Frankly its good riddance to bad rubbish anyway. They’ve become too corrupt and lost the proverbial mandate of heaven long ago.

        We need a new ruling class but to get it means embracing the desire for power and some goals.

        I am not sure that this is possible, far too many of our people have this Thoreau like “leave me alone” ideal and little desire for the responsibility of rebuilding.

        That nilhism effects all of us, a sense of ennui of “why bother.” since you’ll just get rich again and fall again.

        I don’t know how to overcome that , maybe some future White Right or White Nationalist Warlord will or some fanatic with a religious or political goal.

    • The man running for president in 2024 who finally addresses how we could get all of Joe Biden’s illegal immigrant pals back out of this country will be merely very interesting to me, since as long as we have Dominion voting machines and mail-in ballots, globohomo will remain firmly in charge (I pray I’m wrong, and if I am, I will be shocked beyond measure.).

      So far, all we are getting is gnashing of teeth about how terrible this latest version of The Invasion is. Not a peep about how to run them off.

      • If they could steal the 2020 election, what the heck is the point of voting to change anything??

      • “Not a peep about how to run them off.”

        ‘Cuz they don’t want to. ‘Cept for a handful.

        ‘MIC? They’re a lot of ‘complexes’.

        This one’s called ‘The Slave/Pedo/Drug Govt. Industrial Complex’.

        If El Chapo can grease the palm of the President of Mexico with $100 million…is it stretch not to believe the cartels/chicoms/corporations can do the same with the ‘uniparty’?

        It’s a simple switch to flip to run them off:

        No benefits. Period.

        No SNAP, free ER, public school, HUD, section 8, (Non) Earned Income Credit, etc.

        But they won’t flip it.

        • I’m waiting for one of the “handful” among the MAGA troops to prove his bona fides regarding immigration. Not holding my breath, though. The idea of exporting the invaders probably conjures the vision of a tongue-lashing from the mainstream media as well as the local librarians, as they design the graphics for “Diversity Month” on taxpayer-bought computers.

          Brings to mind the time I took my homeschooled children to the downtown library in the naughts and encountered a Berlin Wall of photographic exhibits celebrating “Gay Pride.” (How can you be proud about whom you screw? I still haven’t figgered that one out. Turns out to have been a fairly tame warm-up for Drag Queen Story Hour.)

          I ended our library excursions with nary a look back, although I was somewhat saddened, given that the traditional Carnegie library in my small Oklahoma hometown was a source of joy and learning as I grew up.

          • I loved my downtown library as a kid and young adult. Beautiful architecture, huge historical/mythical murals on the walls of the main floor, with gorgeous wood staircases. I remember a sculpture of Romulus and Remus suckling the twins. I’m an old lady now, but about during the Patriot act stuff years ago, I visited and saw zero white librarians. The building was full of diversity thugs and homeless, but a bored looking older black woman “security officer” chose to search my purse. I’d been visiting that library my whole life, but I never went back.

          • Where I grew up was a smallish town in the north of England that was running to poverty.

            The library however, was a fantastic Victorian building with a central interior dome like the british museum with wood paneled walls and huge shelves paid for oddly enough by Andrew Carnegie that was a joy to be in for many hours.

            He paid for 2,509 public libraries around the world in big and small populations centers over 40 years.

            I wonder how many of our modern robber barons have done even 1% of this?

      • My guess is that what is going on generally is not visible. John Adams, in a letter to a friend years after independence, said that the war–the shooting and killing–was not the revolution; that the revolution had already taken place–in the people’s hearts and minds–before the first shot of the war was ever fired. I think that’s where we are now. It’s just not generally visible. It won’t be on TV, this sea change in the people’s heats and minds. But it’s happening everywhere now. The revolution is well advanced already.

      • WhereAreTheVikings: You gave away the game by being upset specifically by ‘illegal immigrants.’ Any serious dissident rightist knows that magic papers aren’t real, and a beet planted in a potato field still grows up to be . . . a beet. And for those who try to claim the ‘illegals’ represent a good start – I disagree. I’d start with the brown, black, and yellow ‘legals’ who started coming and setting down roots and squatting out kids back in 1965. Start with the older and most established first. The newcomers will be far easier to dissuade.

        • If I had my way, the 1965 immigration act would have never been passed, and illegal immigration would have never been tolerated. Fixed it for ya.

        • Depends. I’m not sure which Jenga piece results in the rest tumbling away of their own accord. Does deporting the integrated respectible ones really impact the favelas? Probably not, they have to see their own neighboorhood community impacted, not just someone from the nice part of town they never see or hear from; many such are considered Oreos or the equivalent anyway. Will require extensive legal changes first, though.

      • do like in europe and burn down any place they are living/staying in. plus people can start plinking 3rd worlders. i know i will once uncle sam expires..

      • Simply because it involved either forcible removal of the people in charge and/or open ethnic warfare.

        Its not that our society is too comfortable mind but getting Conservative people to vote for outright civil war is very hard short of utter desperation like the South and impossible without an ideology.

    • The USA will not survive in its present form for another fifteen years.

      The country has already broken apart–and not for the first time–and it remains now only to redraw the lines on the maps of North America.

      • i agree, whichever groups will make it out alive & sane after a decade(more or less) of this woke insanity will probably choose to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

        All this woke guidelines have become too intricate & too insane, they have censored the human spirit like it has never been before, the system also requires a technologically advanced sociey while trying to limit the reproduction of native population & bringing in massive waves of savages. In what type of universe can this insanity work? It will break apart eventually.

        • Yes, well, in my opinion, AINO has already broken apart. The population is now in the process of sorting itself out. There are stories now even in the popular press about the hundreds of thousands of people moving from crazy places to less-crazy places. But you are right: There will be several new countries in North America within the next fifteen years.

      • Infant: Pinky promise? I don’t want the USA to survive in its present form for another five years, let alone another fifteen.

        • Eh, another 3 years would be nice for those of us still creating the next generation. 1st world Labor & Delivery will be missed…

        • My original guess back in the oughties was the US would fall apart or go to civil war by 2035.

          Corona Chan may have sped this up or initiated it, I don’t know .

          That said none of us know exactly what to replace it with which is why Clown World persists by inertia.

          That old saw “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” fails when everyone steps aside and no one steps up.

          I can’t blame them, I don’t think life can get much better than say an upper middle class lifestyle in the US circa 2000.

          This rules out material gains for potential leaders and our people aren’t wired to enjoy power . The usual alternative is religion but a lot of us are very far from religious.

          This kind of leaves revenge, good old political cleansing , less ethnic cleansing as Americans are a bit deracinated though some of that too.

          Its a scary proposition since its disorder incarnate but embraced, that Jungian Wotan might be enough.

          Still won’t end up with rebuilding and until someone wants to do that we just have to let it ride .

        • I think we can expect the final crisis after two more presidential election cycles: 2032. People–most people–still haven’t figured it out. IT’s going to take two more cycles before most Americans are good and ready to give up the idea that their vote means anything. So 2032.

  20. I’ve long heard only heart disease and cancer kill more Americans than healthcare, and I’m inclined to believe it because of how sick and drugged up Americans are. Oil, banking, real estate, automotive, big tech— how often do the great industries end up making the market for their goods and services?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if lately healthcare is making a run at the reaper.

  21. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » How It Ends

  22. I’m beginning to wonder if the polio epidemic of the early 20th century was entirely a media phantasm all along. Polio was a real virus that did rarely cause paralysis. But it only became a “pandemic” with widespread reporting by mass media. And was a perfect candidate for panic porn because it struck randomly, rich and poor alike (actually it seams to have hit the wealthy more than the poor). Perhaps even, the medical interventions made the disease effects worse in specific individuals.

    All of that is a real heresy in our science worshipping age.

    But may well be the truth.

    • Sadly the vaccine came to late for our “greatest” president.
      I wonder if many people aped the current deniers, I don’t know anyone who has gotten polio.

      • My cousin had polio. It was real. She was paralyzed waste down for months, but slowly recovered leg use—although her leg growth (length) was stunted as an adult. Doubly tragic as this occurred in the last great wave before first vaccine.

        But regardless, this comment is just an anecdote. I don’t know all the stat’s as to how many were affected or the recovery rate. I suspect there perhaps are many similarities to the current Covid scamdemic.

    • Tough call on polio. I also don’t know anyone who’s had it, but I also don’t know anyone who’s not been vaccinated against it.

      I think vaccines are real science. The problem is that, like anything else, once people are on the hook you can push inferior or even dangerous product.

      • My dad’s high school buddy got polio and was crippled for the rest of his life and walked with a cane. I hear it was common enough for people to get wrecked by it, unlike covid.

        • Of course it was real and could be quite bad. As a boomer, I got the scarring first inoculation and then later got my sugar cube booster. Never got a vax sticker to proudly display though.

          • My sugar cube booster was taken at the junior high school cafeteria when I was 3 or 4. Seems like 200 years ago on another planet.

          • David Wright: Same thing – got the scar on my backside, and I remember going with my parents and siblings to the local elementary school one evening for sugar cubes. Didn’t really understand what it was for at the time.

      • Like most things it is a cost vs reward decision. A vaccine that 1% of people get a bad reaction from may be worth it to protect the other 99% from a *paralytic* disease. Likewise if the mortality rate of Covid was 5-10% rather than 0.05%, then extreme measures may have been warranted. Airbags are another interesting example. Initially it was estimated that each life saved cost 1 million+. Not to mention all the kids whose necks were broken. May sound callous but it wasn’t worth it. Come to think of it, what is the general $$ cost acceptable of a human life saved due to a safety feature; from a public policy standpoint. I know that Vit A, and folic acid supplements are a good deal because their cost is negligible. Any actuaries read this blog?

        • Just goes to bolster a point I saw made not too long ago, that nothing is in response to the market anymore. Automobiles are the biggest example. Was there a big demand for air bags? No. Was there clamoring for vehicles to shut down at stop lights only to restart? No. Was there mass insistence for that obnoxious beep torturing me into putting my seat belt on? Huh-uh. And tell me this:
          were American women demanding that irons no longer get hot enough to work? Not on your life.

          The personal injury lawyers can take a lot of credit for this particular brand of misery. Otherwise, power-mad little dictators in government cubicles can step up and take a bow. Edward Dutton talks about feminized culture’s hallmarks being equality and, relative to this phenomenon, harm avoidance. Boy, does he get that right. America is on an estrogen drip.

          • Was there mass insistence for that obnoxious beep torturing me into putting my seat belt on?

            In Denmark, car manufacturers get a rebate on the sales tax if they install the Beeper From Hell.

        • I saw once back in the olden days that an improvement to a road that cost $250k that prevents one serious accident a year doesn’t get made.

          Back in late 80’s iirc.

        • SidVic: First mechanic I find when enough of the official apparatus of the State falls apart, I’m gonna offer plenty of beans, bullets, and bandaids to kill all the safety beepers and dash warnings in whatever vehicle I’m driving. And I am reliably informed by my idiot daughter-in-law that the ‘experts’ have now determined that children must ride in rear facing car seats until they’re two years old. Same as they must always sleep flat on their back on a hard mattress. And crib bumper pads will smother them, and taking them in the shower will cause them to aspirate water and die. Don’t forget, Safety First!

          • Back in the olden times I took my car in and they said I needed a catalytic converter. Big$$$. I hemmed and hawed around and finally asked. “Can you just cut it out and run a straight pipe?” He sorta looked me up and down, and said “sure we can, why not?”

      • Some vaccines are real science. Most modern ones are 50% marketing, 49% some pharma rep has a sales quota, and 1% “other.” For modern white middle class and up kids, the chances of dying from most vaccinated-against diseases are somewhere between “winning megamillions lotto” and “hit by meteor (for non-astronauts).”
        Going through the process is enlightening. “Oh, no, the mmr doesnt stop measles transmission, and the mumps viral base is from the 1950’s and they had to roll it into the mmr to stop regulatory delisting due to inefficacy.”

        • Sounds about right. I’d say we’re definitely in the ‘I can’t believe they still trust us’ phase.

    • My mother and a guy I worked with back in the early nineties both had polio as children in the ’40s. My mom had no visible aftereffects and the coworker had a bad leg and walked with a limp. However, both started to experience severe post-polio syndrome in their later years. Basically the alternate nerve pathways developed in response to the polio start to wear out, causing muscle weakness. My mom was eventually unable to walk without a walker and was in constant discomfort — the syndrome can cause chronic pain and sensitivity to cold.

      It’s a poorly understood syndrome because almost nobody gets polio anymore, so there’s little urgency to understand a syndrome that may only start appearing a half century later.

      I don’t know how much of a pandemic it was, but it was a terrible disease to get, and I’m sure glad you almost never see it anymore.

      • read were some poor bastard caught from his kid’s dirty diaper; the vaccine was not quite dead. kid was fine, dad caught polio.

    • I know several older people, two who are cousins, crippled by polio. It was quite real, and to this day occurs in rare cases. Interestingly, the (effective) use of iron lungs to treat the disease was sometimes discouraged because it was thought to distract from the primary goal of the vaccine. Sound familiar?

      • Germany has a long history of being anti-vaccination.

        The imperial vaccination law came into force in 1874 as a result of widespread smallpox infections across Europe, which killed tens of thousands of people in Prussia. Getting vaccinated for it became mandatory. The “Lebensreform” (life reform) movement picked up pace at the same time. Adherents believed in natural paths to strengthening the body, such as sunshine or special diets.

        The first vaccine opposition groups were founded in 1869 in Leipzig and Stuttgart — five years before the imperial vaccination law. The Imperial Association Opposing Compulsory Vaccination soon had 300,000 members.

        For them, vaccines were the “devil’s tool,” Thiessen says. “Something artificial, chemical getting injected into the body. That helps explain the huge opposition to vaccines in Germany’s alternative circles, until today.”


      The polio epidemic is likely DDT poisoning, with tonnage of DDT manufacture an exact mirror of the polio epidemic. The polio epidemic lead with iron lung fear porn, exactly as Covid-19 fear porn led the current virus/vaccine hoax.

      Furthermore, 95 million Americans were injected or fed Simian Virus 40, which oncogenic monkey virus contaminated the polio vaccine from it’s being cultured in Green Monkey Kidney tissue.

      IMO–vaccine theory and practice is entirely a medical and scientific fraud. Read Robert Kennedy’s book on Fauci and the 35 year AIDS hoax.

      • Its a not all type problem.

        Smallpox definitely was arrested via cowpox vaxes, as it came from bottom up observation of resistance.

        Polio has strong evidence as you point out related to pesticides.

        It would be difficult to perhaps split the scams from the real at this point.

    • why would you think that? did you do any research? do you know what an “iron lung” is? or do you think it was just a prop, like the “faked” moon landings?

      • Have you looked closely at photographs of the iron lung porn used by the March of Dimes and Jewish medical experts to magnify a pesticide(DDT) poisoning into an invisible viral epidemic?

        The objective was political power from the beginning. Go back and check out FDR’s election as the great white hope who conquered the dreaded polio virus.

        As for as your impertinent question—I have a 4 foot stack of books on the theory, practice, and history of the virus/vaccine/bioweapons grift, and I’ve read every word.
        You’ve must think the public health officials, scientists, and pharma companies give a damn about your health.

        Are you a dissident in politics, but a fawning cuck when it comes to childish trust in the health (not) system?

  23. A good example of the point made in this post is the gilets jaunes (yellow vest) movement in France in 2018. The movement forced a temporary rollback in fuel taxes because there was genuine fear among the French elites that they might be looking at a 1789 situation; French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly had the presidential helicopter ready to airlift him out of the Elysee Palace if the gilets jaunes stormed it. Sadly, the movement fell apart but it did frighten the elites temporarily. The demonstrations against the “health passport,” have never reached that level of intensity and I think it will take serious economic hardship to bring France the equivalent of “bread riots;”

  24. When the George Floyd Mania got started, I could almost envision some toga-wearing, laurel crowned fat belly potentate saying, between mouthfuls of grapes, “I grow bored. Misreport an encounter between the Negroes and the dirt whites so that they may battle and burn their little cities for my vain disport and the amusement of my concubines.”

    That video where James O’Keefe blindsides Jeffrey Zucker always stuck with me. The little baldheaded homunculus waddling and smiling sadistically, but scurrying like a rat afraid of the light that had found him out. That Loomer girl ended up with no functioning credit card and on the no-fly list for bringing a bunch of illegals to the walls outside of one of Pelosi’s castles.

    We know their kryptonite. The problem is that they are crazy enough and so immune to reality that they can’t really be cowed, warned, or threatened by the rabble, like ordinary rulers. If what they say about the head surviving and remaining conscious a couple of seconds after guillotining is true, I could see Pelosi’s decapitated head in the wicker basket thinking, “This basket would look lovely on my table,” rather than, “Maybe we went too far.”

    • The problem is that they are crazy enough and so immune to reality that they can’t really be cowed, warned, or threatened by the rabble, like ordinary rulers.

      That’s because they’re not actually our rulers in the old sense of the word, they’re prison trusties: rule-enforcers and hall monitors rather than rulers. If they don’t play along, if they give in to the rabble, they’ll have all their privileges taken away and be down here in the general prison population in no time – the only thing they fear worse than death.

    • upvoted for use of “homunculus” a fantastic word! look it up if you are not familiar with it 🙂

  25. I’d say that we’ve reached the end of the line on a number of quantifiable things, i.e. this is more than just a “feel.”

    The United States and Western Europe have come to an end of a 40-year run where literally everything was in their favor economically, financially and demographically.

    In the early 1980s, the West had – purely by accident – set themselves up perfectly. It had four things that made it damn near impossible to fail:

    1. High interest rates
    2. Amazingly cheap stock market
    3. Reasonably low debt
    4. The Baby Boom – the biggest, most educated group of workers ever – coming online

    Falling interest rates for the next 40 years meant that debt became ever cheaper, which allowed everyone to load up on debt and made a bunch of money for bond holders. Cheap stocks made the stock market a money-making machine, pushing up stock value, helping investors and allowing companies to take on more debt. The Baby Boom provided the greatest workforce ever.

    With the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s, the West eliminated its only an external threat. And as if that wasn’t enough, China along with Eastern Europe, Russia and India came online in the 1990s, providing an almost unimaginable supply of cheap, capable workers to keep down inflation.

    You really couldn’t ask for more.

    But even by the early 2000s, cracks in that system were showing. Interest rates had fallen enough to push institutional investors to search for yield, leading to the housing bubble and bust. Really all forms of worldwide debt were getting past the point of servicing if anything went wrong.

    The whole system should have reset in 2008-2009 with the banks being restructured, the stock market getting obliterated, massive amounts of debt being written off and cost of money (interest rates) going higher since few people had money. In essence, clean out the system.

    Instead, the Fed papered everything over and dropped interest rates. In 2008, global debt to GDP was ~280%; it’s now approaching 400%. That level of debt is simply unserviceable at anything close to normal interest rates. Therefore, central banks have to keep rates low, but low rates cause malinvestment and give the central banks no room to fight inflation (by raising rates) or reacting to economic downturns (lowering rates).

    To stimulate the economy (and to keep debt growing something that credit-based systems require), countries are left with fiscal stimulus since monetary stimulus isn’t as effective. But fiscal stimulus is inflationary – as is the fact that Chinese is no longer that cheap. Inflation is a nightmare for economies.

    Governments, businesses and investors around the world have reached the end of the line.

    Interest rates rates are about as low as they can go, meaning central banks can’t lower them during economic downturns and investors don’t earn anything. The stocks market is very expensive and thus more prone to downturns which lead to economic downturns. Government can only react to economic downturns with fiscal stimulus, which is inflationary and thus damaging to the economy.

    Finally, the Boomers are leaving the economy and will not be replaced with nearly as competent workers. Businesses can no longer cheaply send their production to China for a number of reasons.

    It’s the end of the line, folks. Get ready.

    • “Falling interest rates for the next 40 years meant that debt became ever cheaper, … .”

      This is the crux of the matter. The low–and in some places even negative–interest rate environment for the past 12 or 13 years has destroyed all the pension funds in the world. Socialism is dead, and that is the purpose of the Great Reset and its handmaiden, Covid.

      Debts are unpayable and pension funds and governments and entire countries are bankrupt. So all debts are to be cancelled and everyone is to be put on a universal basic income disbursed in the form of a one-world digital “currency.” But it’s not a currency at all, any more than these so-called “vaccines” are real vaccines. It’s only a credit at the company store, and you can–and will–be cut off if you get a low social credit score, etc.

      It’s all one thing. All one ball of wax.

      But you are right: We have come to the end of the world as we have known it.

      • Pension funds will never be able to meet their obligations. On average, they need between a 6% and 7% long-term return to have enough money. (Actually, not even that is true. Most are still under-funded even with that return expectation.)

        If you keep 40% of your money in bonds earning ~2.5% (investment grade), you need to earn ~9% annual on the remaining 60% to get to 6.5%.

        The S&P 500’s CAPE (10-year P/E) is 40! (It was ~43 at the peak of the Dot-Com bubble). The trailing 12-month P/E is 30. (The last time it hit that level outside of a recession which distorts trailing P/E was again the Dot-Com bubble.)

        There is zero change the S&P will earn 9% annual over the next decade. And forget private equity, which used to invest in very small, very cheap companies, but now invests in mid-sized, expensive companies.

        The pension funds are toast. Everyone – and, I mean, everyone – knows this. They will fail and the government will step in and bail them out.

        There’s a Fed/Government “put” (implicit backing) on literally everything in the economy – stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions, etc. But what does the Fed/Govt have to throw at the problem?

        Lowering interest rates? No.

        It only has money creation/borrowing left. That’s it. Well, the govt has ~125% debt to GDP. In the next crisis, the govt will throw money at the problem and crank up debt. Maybe that works, maybe it doesn’t, but it will dramatically increase the money supply and that’s inflationary.

        The govt is playing with fire. There’s nothing left are the Fed/Govt. They’re the reserves. If you throw your reserves into the battle and they lose, you’ve got a serious problem.

        • Citizen: “Or will you wait until they collapse the financial markets and cut your retirement savings in half, then devalue the dollar by 75% while reissuing a new digital dollar after seizing your bank accounts and sweeping them into new mandatory Fed accounts as they wipe out the entire middle class? . . . And on your dying beds you’ll wonder how it all happened so fast, as your children and grandchildren curse your very existence as you become not just America’s worst generation, but its last.”

          • This is a DR blog so no one should take investing advice from it, but I’d recommend getting at least part of your money out of dollars and maybe even going short the dollar.

            What does that mean?

            It means don’t own bonds, especially treasury bonds, which are effectively dollars.

            It means consider taking a 30-fixed mortgage on the house at these incredibly low rates and using the money to buy hard assets. I prefer farmland. Directly owned apartments complexes and trailer parks are pretty good as well.

            I’d also suggest using an ensemble trend following approach for your stock allocation. (AllocateSmartly’s Meta strategy is fine.) You want the ability to get out of stocks if they crash, but stocks can also protect against inflation. You own tangible assets.

            Also, as much a Z seems to hate it, I don’t think that it’s crazy to keep between 1% and 5% of a portfolio in Bitcoin – but that’s very optional. Bitcoin is a “put” on the Fed “put.”

            Yeah, yeah, I know. Never have debt. Very good advice unless the currency is being debased. Debasing a currency is great for holders of debt and terrible for anyone holding the currency via bonds. It’s a different world folks.

            Get out of dollars. Own income-producing assets, not bonds.

            Of course, none of that matters if the government just takes your stuff. In that case, you need an escape plan.

        • The purpose of the Great Reset is to cancel all debts and to force (us) into a so-called “digital currency” precisely because the “leaders” of the world could not–cannot–tell the truth about how they have destroyed pension funds, so they lied about it. Otherwise, they’d have been torn to pieces in the streets. So they collapsed everything and blamed it on a “virus.”

    • That 5 decades of low fertility is catching up with us and while Millennial/Gen Y youngsters are numerous for now, they lack skills and aren’t fertile.

      44% of young people want zero children which means unless the Gen Z is super fertile population shrinkage is inevitable.

      This is why the rush for Latino immigrants , that and spite .

      South Asians have numbers but are smart and more nepotistic than anyone also the ruling elite doesn’t want to be replaced and Africans can’t be controlled.

      A lot of Africans are very Christian . I had the misfortune of having a Nigerian PA for a time . I liked her but the skills weren’t there . It was however quite gratifying to hear her yell at a patient and say “That was an abomination”

      Our ruling class doesn’t much like that.

  26. Re: Biden – telling governors there is “no federal solution” on COVID; it should be “solved at the state level.”

    Agreed, now let’s do that for…gun control, green new disaster, abortion, education policy – CRT, affirmative action, gender proliferation and all the areas the feds shouldn’t be sticking their noses.

  27. This perhaps was the best Zman essay of the year, as it explains perfectly the present dynamic in society.

    The problem is that the new oligarchs don’t share the same physical space as the peasants, unlike the oligarchs of yore. While the proles were stuck in airports over Christmas as flights were delayed/cancelled, the oligarchs flew privately (like Jeff Bezos, seen canoodling with that absurd bimbo in St. Barth’s), somehow evaded Covid quarantines the rest of us have to follow, and drove their yachts around the Caribbean.

    The lord of the manor of yore had to at least open the castle on Christmas and roll out a barrel of beer for his serfs. Today, the lords do business over Zoom, fly on their own planes and never even have to share the same air as their serfs. This can continue indefinitely! Nothing short of a general strike will catch their attention. Normally a stock market collapse would suffice, but the Fed will just buy stocks and prop it up.

    As Zman has pointed out, our overlords speak a different language, have a different worldview and don’t even share physical space with us. The mob is indeed likely to have the last word though…..

    • And thanks to Zman for answering my question from yesterday: What’s the American male to do to end this madness?

      • We aren’t ready for this but stacking bodies is the usual historical solution.

        Its tribal warfare though and utterly ruthless , no place for mercy pity, or let for anyone who is not one of yours.

        Before getting there though, you need an alternative order, no rehashing NSDAP or USSR and coming from an understanding that tradition is dead.

        Its doable but thus far no one has wanted to explain what must be done. I can’t blame them.

        Our Guys are as independent and stubborn as cats and even if someone laid it all out , they’d ignore it and have to discover all of it for themselves.

        That lead follow or get out of the way, well as said above they won’t lead but they won’t follow either .

        I will say though President Trump did get people to follow him which is something . Too bad our people are so starved for leadership they lack discernment and can’t tell a patriotic grifter from a real Caesar.

        God Emperor my royal backside.

    • “Today, the lords do business over Zoom, fly on their own planes and never even have to share the same air as their serfs. This can continue indefinitely!”

      Germany has already shut down most of its nuclear power plants. Joe Biden wasted no time in cancelling the oil pipeline. We already have blackouts and rolling blackouts on both coasts. Even Texas, which has its own power grid, was plunged into chaos by a winter storm. The new German Foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, I *think* her name is–is now refusing to approve operation of the ready-to-go Nordstream II pipeline from Russia because of “Russian aggression.” And she’s also a Green Party member of the new coalition gov’t in Germany.

      And so on.

      So, I can’t agree that things can go on indefinitely. I wonder sometimes how our betters intend to erect and maintain a total-surveillance state worldwide without an UNFAILING supply of electricity, but that’s the plan. Of course, trillions are missing–along with Nicolai Tesla’s notebooks on free and unlimited electricity, but given that our betters can’t even keep their own creepy love affairs secret, I doubt that they have some super-duper power source ready to go that they have managed to build and that they are ready to put into use at a moment’s notice. They just aren’t that smart. They are treacherous and canny, not not really smart. They have risen to the level of their own incompetence–it’s the Peter Principle in action.

      But the thing is that they can do a LOT of damage on their way out, just as a wave receding from the beach can wash away sand castles without a trace.

  28. I thank Z for helping me to come realize what I always felt deep down but never really bothered to delve down deep into, and that is that democracy is ridiculous

    I have to wonder how many teachers and adults around me growing up also felt the same but went ahead mouthing the platitudes out of habit and plain old courtesy and convenience.

    For the pedants out there, yes I understand that we are a republic and not a democracy. But republic is to democracy is what a chastity belt is to a whore, or a face mask is to Hannibal Lecter. A regulation that could never hold and would always prove flimsy.

    • Mencken’s “Notes on Democracy” is a rich read on the subject. However, I have wondered how he would have reacted to the fact that it was the rubes who kept Hillary Clinton, whom he surely would have despised even more than he did FDR, out of office.

        • Bartleby: That was never enough for me. And now as he pushes the magic vax to acclaim from Fauci and the media, I’ve come to despise him even more.

          • 3g

            I will stipulate that he turned out to be an empty suit. That aside, someone had to sit in the big chair.

            I think the fact that she was so verbose about how she worked for over 40 years to be president, made it satisfying that she had it snatched away the way it was.

            She was/is a smug, evil person. Trump is a carnival barker.

            I’ll take the carny.

        • Hillary isn’t dead yet

          Imagine if Kamala was hit by a bus tomorrow, (or shot by a “Trump supporter”, they would make sure he had a red cap) who do you think they would make new VP

          kamala should watch her back

          • I heard from someone with an anonymous inside source that Kamala has actionable information that could lead to the felony conviction of a Clinton… Lol arkancide.

      • Mencken always struck me as a man whose aim was to please the upper crust by reinforcing their dim view of the proles. I get where he was coming from, many an opinion including mine of them being not much better, but I have also seen the wisdom in many a poor folk and thus have a deservedly sympathetic view of them on those occasions when I see them as being right. Sometimes they just get it right. And with Hillary they got it right.

        • Mencken skewered the upper classes, too. Like most super-intelligent people, he really had no use for much of anyone except his immediate literary circle.

        • was he down on the working class? i always took his comments as aimed at the:

          Journalist and critic H. L. Mencken is often credited with coining booboisie, a blend of boob, as it refers to someone who cares too much about things and too little about ideas and art, and bourgeoisie, that French-origin term for the middle class.

    • For the pedants out there, yes I understand that we are a republic and not a democracy.

      I never understood this dichotomy. You’re a democratic republic – no, that doesn’t mean one man, one vote, but democracy never does.

      Maybe one of the pedants in here could explain why America is not a democracy?

      • The Founding Fathers had no notion of social democracy. They wanted equality *before the law.* They wanted a legal system that would dispense justice to the poor as equally as to the rich. But social democracy–no.

        The American Republic was to be an aristocratic or hierarchical republic, with no notion of liberalized suffrage–let alone universal suffrage. It was intended to work along the lines of the old Roman Republic–with its Senate–where an organic ruling class; a naturally occurring ruling class (meaning landowners) would “govern but not rule.” There was to be an organic ruling class (landowners) whose members had a sense of *obligation* (connected with *personal honor* and *family honor*) to the commonweal and who would *not* be paid government salaries for their work in elective office. It was a just and workable system, and it DID work for many decades.

        As to why it failed, the best I can do is to recommend that you read two things: first, Alexis de Tocqueville’s magnum opus “Democracy in America.”

        He was quite prescient. In that book, he remarks that the day would come when Americans would choose *equality* over liberty, and that is exactly what has happened. He explains it very nicely. I recommend that book to you if you would understand America and Americans. The man was a keen observer.

        And second: the peerless John C Calhoun’s incomparable “Disquisition on Government.”

        Jefferson understood the dangers inherent in urbanization and in the concentration of wealth. But then came the Industrial Revolution and finance capitalism, which led directly to the War to Prevent Southern Independence (1861 – 1865), the purpose of which was to hand possession of the federal government over to the banks and the industrialists, and to reduce the South to the status of an economic colony:

        The results of that war were to reduce the once-sovereign states to the status of mere provinces of a unitary state; and to establish urbanization and the dominance of “Big Business,” precisely the things Jefferson had warned against.

        Urbanization led away from the old “organic” ruling class to today’s ruling class that has only the worst element’s of Bonaparte’s meritocracy, such that we now groan beneath the feminine tyranny of “experts” and “credentialism.”

        Bonaparte was able to set up a whole system to support his meritocracy, and the French have managed to make that work, even still today, but the old American system has been pounded–like a square peg into a round hole–into the current situation in which “experts” (almost universally incompetent and unfitted for their responsibilities and wholly without any sense of honor) exercise a real tyranny over the whole country. I adduce the Covid superstitions
        in evidence.

        Well, that’s enough for now.

        • Well, thanks for the comprehensive reply although I’m afraid I’m still no closer to understand the distinction.

          Universal – or “liberalized” – suffrage is not necessary to qualify for being a democracy, indeed no countries have universal suffrage, since there are always age limits and such.

          Social democracy is more of a public fiscal model than a form of government – nobody every said “a republic, not a social democracy.”

          “Democracy” means this: do you vote on laws or not. “Republic” means much the same: rule by the people. It does not mean oligarchy or obligation to the commonwealth or freedom from feminism or rejection of urbanization or any of the many points you touch upon. It simply means that the people holds the ultimate power. Like in a democracy.

          • I’ll concede that it is supposed to mean that, but not that it does mean that.

            And of course you don’t grasp my meaning, which is why I suggested that you do some reading. A comment thread is an inadequate place for answering your question in the way that you seem to have expected. There’s not a two-paragraph answer.

          • And of course you don’t grasp my meaning, which is why I suggested that you do some reading.

            “Read moar books” is not an argument and repeating it doesn’t make it better.

            If you can’t explain the difference between democracy and republicanism in a single post or two I suggest you don’t know what the difference is, and nothing you have written so far leads me to believe otherwise.

            “Republic, not a democracy” is just a vapid slogan, it doesn’t mean anything concrete.

      • there are multiple senses of the word “democratic”, and that is where the confusion comes in. but of course what the US is now, is somewhat unclear…

  29. That the rich can, and often do, go to any lengths to have their cake and eat it too was described by a friend, a professional arborist and tree man. He dealt exclusively with the “East-side” clientele, where old money and quite a large contingent of nouveaux riches opt to live. He mentioned that the process of getting these folks to settle their accounts was laborious and exhausting, taking months or even years, with legal action often required.
    When asked why he didn’t expand his service to areas where blue collar folks– who were wont to pay their bills–lived, he replied that there wasn’t enough money involved.

    • The old money rich on the west coast are far more honorable. Thankfully. They pay on time and with kind words of gratitude for work well done.

      My experience in the south was similar.

      Moral of the story. If a China bombs NYC I won’t lose a wink of sleep.

      • With one notable exception, all the rich people I’ve met were gracious, hospitable and – as far as I could ascertain – honest.

    • 3 Pipe Problem: That’s our conundrum in a nutshell. They hate us but we still enable them and their lifestyles because ‘that’s where the money is.” I realize Scripture says the ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil rather than money in and of itself, but I’ve been becoming more and more anti capitalist – not merely anti-corporatist – every year.

      • It is a problem that AA and Heartiste (pbuh) addressed: society has devalued all measures of male smv status except the almighty dollar. Standing in the community, coming from a good family, being godfearing, or honorable, or having a good reputation – all meaningless in the modern sexual market. You either have a fat stack of cash (which you’ll lose 1/2 the time to frivorce) or you trick a woman’s lizard brain for short term engagements, or you are incel.
        When you make one thing the sole path to sex/relationships for men, you will get a perverted, demonic, destructive monomoniacal pursuit of that thing. Blame those who caused this, not the tool they used.

  30. Unlike in the feudal order, the rich needed to be around the poor, who worked their factories and maintained their cities. ———-The dictator or king can be motivated by a sense of duty to his office or his legacy.

    So which is it? In feudal society the baron and his family were in daily contact with their subjects and knew many of them personally. They basically ate the same foods, celebrated the same holidays and lived in the same general squalor. As the peasants had obligations to the baron, he had responsibilities to them. The biggest change that came with the industrial revolution and capitalism was social mobility. In a feudal world a peasant was likely to remain one his entire life, as were his progeny. That’s the great gift of capitalism, that some bozo that would have once been fit only to hoe the baron’s turnips could eventually become a middle manager for a construction contractor or an insurance salesman, not only surviving but perhaps even prospering in a sense. The idea of climbing the social ladder was one of the most important reasons for the lowest classes of Europe to immigrate to the US, just as it is today for others.

    Originally, the immigration of peasant descendants to the US consisted of farmers, needed to displace the native Americans west of the Mississippi. Since agriculture no longer requires armies of “unskilled” labor, their offspring have joined the blue collar and management ranks. Their attempt at increased social status has been a success. There is no dirt under their fingernails.

    • Pointless gainsayer is back! You should use your Christmas money to get your reading disability looked at by a professional.

      • he didn’t get any christmas money because he gave his grandparents the coof, and they popped off.

    • “They basically ate the same foods”. uh, no x1000.

      “lived in the same general squalor”. yes, everyone recognizes a castle is the same as a hut.

      do you ever read a book?

      • OK, bright boy. What was the diet of the lord of the manor and what was it of his peasants in 12th century in the area of Bourges?

        • Did peasants eat meat?
          Peasants ate very little meat—their diet was wholly based on what they could grow or buy locally. Their meals mainly comprised bread, eggs and pottage (made with peas or beans, vegetables, grains and small amounts of bacon and fish)—the original wholefood diet! Scarce meat was reserved for feast days and celebrations.

          What was the average diet in medieval times?
          The average peasant’s diet in Medieval times consisted largely of barley. They used barley to make a variety of different dishes, from coarse, dark breads to pancakes, porridge and soups. After a poor harvest, when grain was in short supply, people were forced to include beans, peas and even acorns in their bread.

          Think the aristocracy ate meat? Every fucking meal? You picked an odd hill to die on, as you are completely ignorant about Medieval life. When you think about it, you really have to be quite dim to think that at any point in history, the rulers didn’t live substantially better than the ruled. I am actually a bit non-plussed that you are so handicapped…

  31. The Ruling Class has a Covid problem.

    The Biden bot announced yesterday that it is “up to the states” to deal with Covid and the virus suddenly is not a federal issue. While Fauci has called for mandatory vaccinations to fly, the Biden bot has said that’s not going to happen. And therein you see the split.

    Roughly a third to one-half of the Left has been psychologically broken by Covid. They cannot give it up. Their masters, on the other hand, have started to feel a bit of economic pain over it. The wealthy can afford anything but it has to be available, and that no longer is a given. Further, their inflated assets may begin to deflate next year as a consequence of Covid-related policies having to come to an end to try to decrease the money supply. They are ready to exit the Covid Train and move on to Climate Change or another way to grift and manipulate the madness.

    So what happens when a third to one-half of the Left is psychologically unable to give up the masks, give up the vaccinations, give up Lord Fauci? They have to be reined in, that’s what happens. It will not be pretty. Don’t rule out even little Jonestowns here and there, and mayors at odds with their fellow leftists in the central government. It has the promise to be quite a show. The Ruling Class has set into motion forces it can control only by the most violent and/or authoritarian methods available. Karen as the new Ashli Babbitt? Don’t discount it.

    • Saying it’s up the states is something I interpret to mean Ruh Roh.

      My sense is nothing good will come out of it but rather he’ll essentially deputize the states to grind the people into the dirt. And The feds meanwhile get to keep their hands clean while they do whatever else, probably try and bomb putin.

      • I suspect people are reading too much into that statement about the states. Most likely, the doddering old fool just went off-script momentarily. His handlers will ignore it and continue on with whatever they always intended to do. This will be happily assisted by a compliant press (including Fox News), that will memory-hole the entire thing.

        • I hope so. Because otherwise I read it as he is going to let the states do the enslaving while he and his handlers busy themselves with Russia

          • That’s fine. You can’t have it both ways. Either we have competition among the States for protecting the rights and freedom of the people, or we accept the inescapable imprisonment of a massive Federal state.

            In short, I would like to have the ability to vote with my feet.

      • While that indeed may be the intent, the effect will be to accelerate the divorce of many states if not most from central authorities, which I view as one of the few positive things happening now. The Biden bot may have slipped up, but my guess is not. This is the exit Ruling Class’ initial exit from the Covid train. Vaccines and such still will be touted but with less intensity. I wouldn’t rule out a declaration of victory late next year, either.

        As for war with Russia, it would be a debacle and increase the estrangement of Americans from the United States. With any luck, it might even reduce the Imperial Capitol/NYC to rubble, either from the inside or from the air. We will be impoverished if such happens but be relatively free peasants able to get where we need, too.

        • No looking forward to war, but if the US only gets a nose bleed in a future conflict, then the possibility of a new mind set of the US population might be beneficial.

          • One carrier at the bottom of the ocean ought to do it (sunk by enemy action, not the USS Diversity command team running it into a reef while seeking a consensus vote on if “port” and “starboard” are social constructs of the patriarchy).

      • By “the states” only one thing can be meant in this context: The High Sheriff of each of the 3000-odd counties in
        AINO. Their position is this: “I’m going to destroy your lives for no good reason except a media event of extraordinary stupidity, but I want you to vote for me in November.”

        We don’t have a national police force. Enforcement is local. Period. FedGov simply does not have the manpower to enforce any of their stupid dictates. That is entirely in the hands of LOCAL sheriffs. Period.

        • Only in unincorporated areas. In the city of Los Angeles where I live we are outside the jurisdiction of the sheriff and under the LAPD. Also, they can sic the bureaucracy on a business if they don’t enforce the mask mandates, etc. they can fine them and take away their business licenses. They can suspend liquor licenses for bars and restaurants, which is what so far has been the m.o. Plus they have the FTB, the state taxing agency, which makes the IRS look like mother Teresa. Any Californian will tell you, the last thing you want is the FTB on your butt.

          Gavin still has plenty of minions to do serious damage if he wants it.

          That all said, there is momentum building with people in Los Angeles just saying screw it, let them come after me. Im out of town right now, but before I left that was where things were heading in a big way.

          • TPTB seemingly think things are about to blow and that animates the “eeeevvvvvillllll Putin” narrative and the Covid exodus. I’m skeptical but rooting for Angelinos putting the torch to the right place.

      • maybe all the coof heads will locate in a few states, and can have their own little utopia. before we wipe them out…

    • Alternatively, the regime will leak humiliating stories to the press about inconvenient people, begin legal action against them or, failing that, cur off their mic. This is the 21st century, not the 19th, so the rules are different now.

      • That would require abolition–not suspension–of trial by jury. And that is not do-able. Enforcement is LOCAL, even today, even in AINO. Period.

    • They are ready to exit the Covid Train and move on to Climate Change or another way to grift.

      If they’re ready to jump the Covid train, I doubt it’s because of money rather than the number and scope of side effects are much worse than we think.

      You can fudge statistics only so far and a dead body is very hard to hide – they don’t want to be the last man holding a syringe when the scapegoating starts.

      • I think it all about the money and the assets the Ruling Class snapped up at fire sale prices, which are going to come down to Earth RFF with even minor interest rate tinkering.

    • That’s going to be easy.

      You just need a bit of messaging dripped through “the science”t o switch the target while keeping the behaviors.

      Masks: co2 exhalation. Man that was a cinch.

      Vaccines you can just wrap up the actual injections as a finished thing, but keep the passes and certificates which will quickly morph into climate passes (they are even already called green passes in some places)/

      Tie them into energy usage, shopping behavior and you can spin the endless fearful sacrifice for many decades I would expect.

  32. Generally speaking, peoples of European heritage are creatures of innovation, because that is what their environment required of them in order to survive and thrive. And that trait profile is of critical importance going forward. The fish rots from the head. The remedy will necessitate innovation, and the modeling is quite clear. They fear the bolt from the blue simply because they know it will work. And when it begins, emergent behavior will arise and instigate an exodus stampede faster than anyone can imagine. And in the end, less harm, pain, and destruction overall. One caveat, wait for the fog. The probability of success jumps up two orders of magnitude.

  33. The movie “Ragtime” shows the J P Morgan bombing.

    I was/am surprised the elite have intentionally destroyed so much of their own assets, during covid. They truly are insane.

    • They bought on the stock market dip from the initial shut downs and have gotten even richer. Putting small businesses in a distressed situation also allowed them to pillage their assets and real estate as well. It is almost like they planned the whole thing.

      • They also got Congress to write them a check to buy up as much land and houses as possible. All in the name of fixing the economy of course.

        • Of course, it will work out like it did the last time there was a housing bubble. It’s damned difficult to profitably sell an asset to someone poorer than you.

          • Who said anything about selling. People need a place to live. If no Americans will rent it out than an immigrant family brought over from some hellhole can be subsidized by the public purse.

            Thats the evil of these pirates. Every ounce of goodwill and charity is perverted by greed. We live in a strip mall being strip mined.

    • Why, it’s almost like elites aren’t actually omniscient, omnipotent, infallible beings. Could it be that they are human like the rest of us? Could it be that they are irrational? Who can tell…

  34. “What puts the brakes on this dynamic is when the war comes home to the rich people.”

    The Laissez-faire attitude towards crime is boomeranging on The Rich and Powerful:

    “Beverly Hills residents arming themselves with guns in wake of violence”

    “Two Dems who support police reform carjacked less than 24 hours apart”

    “Oakbrook Center mall reopens Friday as police search for gunman after 4 injured in shooting; 2 in custody”

    The last one struck home as when I lived in Silly-nois, Oak Brook, IL was where the “Old Money” lived, and Oakbrook Mall was where they went to shop. Diversity from Cook County drove out to Oakbrook Mall at least four times in the last month to loot, and lately shoot, amongst the wealthy and Upper Middle Class.

    It’ll be interesting seeing the Coalition of the Fringes figure out how to square the circle of Rich Folks not wanting Diverse Folks to rob them, while Diverse Folks don’t want to get arrested for doin’ what comes natural.

    • “Two Dems who support police reform carjacked less than 24 hours apart”

      I have to admit that I got a kick out of that one. I love it when the “White people don’t do anything right, non-White people don’t do anything wrong” ilk get proven wrong.

  35. This is the type of essay that, in the Olde Days, would be reprinted and posted everywhere for the people to read and discuss.

  36. My point and hope is the coming autocrat will be much more representative/responsive of/to the people than our current crew of dirtbag ruling psychos. We are in desperate need of a ruling class culling.

    • We’re in desperate need of a natural, an organic ruling class to replace the fake, unnatural ruling class that arose from the cult of “education” and “meritocracy” and “expertise.”

    • Maybe they will invade Russia and Putin will actually use all those precision targeting weapons, surprise everyone and actually bomb the houses of the politicians in each country first.

      That would finish that in short time.

  37. I am surprised you didn’t quote Jefferson, blood of tyrants and all that.

    Maybe Biden’s statement yesterday that Covid will have to be handled more by the states shows a shift or movement to the next stage of our destruction. It boggles my mind that no nut or group has not acted violently like the government prods them to do.

    As far as the war on the working class, this can not end well. This is the only part of America that keeps the infrastructure intact, repairs things and unfortunately has the intelligence to expect to be paid reasonably for what they do. Oh, and not to be hated by ingrates.

  38. Heard the story of a man who was enormously successful and wealthy in his career. He got older, as everyone does, and his kids had no interest in taking care of him and he ended up in a home. The last few years of his life were marred with the indifference and brutality of the nursing home staff, even though this was supposed to be one of the “good ones”. If diversity continues, these rich whites will realize that all the money in the world will not make people care about you or even treat you like a human being if they just see you as a bag of money they have no connection to.

    Rest assured, the same scenario is going to trickle down to standard medical care, and no amount of money will give them competency or empathy. They are going to be just as willing to put a billionaire in that lung destroying ventilator as a homeless hobo. It’s “standard of care”, after all.

    • There are home health care agencies that provide a decent level of care at a high cost. The ultra rich can afford this, although who knows how much longer these companies will be able to find competent staff as well. The people who have the power to stop this craziness don’t end up in any nursing home, even the “really good ones” they turn their homes into their own nursing home.

      • I live in Los Angeles and know a number of people who use, and a number of doctors who work for, those “concierge” practices that make house calls, etc. They don’t really offer a higher standard of care, better doctors, the most advanced treatments, etc. They just offer more hand-holding. If you’re a bored rich housewife, your “concierge” doctor will spend a whole hour listening to you instead of 5 minutes. That’s pretty much it.

        Also, if you have an ear infection or whatever, the concierge doctor will see you immediately or give you a prescription over the phone. You won’t have to wait at the emergency room for 14 hours (yes, really) or go to an Urgent Care clinic and wait for 1-2 hours. Your doctor will speak English as a first language and will be reasonably personable, but you won’t really get cutting-edge care — just better service. And even then, most rich people don’t use a concierge doctor — they just go to a regular doctor, or to an urgent care clinic, when they get sick. No one goes to the ER for anything other than a truly dire emergency.

        If a billionaire gets cancer, they go to an oncologist at Cedars-Sinai or UCLA just like everyone else. If a rich patient has got a lot of friends in medicine they’ll probably be seen faster, but death takes us all and the rich are no exception. Maybe they can squeeze out an extra year or two at the end of life with very aggressive treatments. And if they’ve led a relatively healthy lifestyle maybe they can live well into their 80’s or 90’s — a fair number of people who aren’t rich will make it to 85 or 90, so some rich people will make it to that age, too. But they don’t really have access to “special” medical care, everyone dies eventually.

        Like a lot of “luxury” goods, concierge medicine is more sizzle than steak.

    • If you ignored your family in pursuit of money, you may very well suffer in old age—regardless of accumulated wealth. Your estrangement being your own fault. There is a balance, and you must find it. If you do, your children will make sure that your wealth provides the best comfort possible in your old age. I’ve not witnessed a single case with folks I know where this was not true, but I’ve heard of a great many where the children could care less and are simply waiting for “their” inheritance.

      • Rubber meets the road:

        Would you rather be 65 and have $5 million in the bank, a wife and no kids?


        Be 65, have 3 kids, a wife, and 9-10 grandkids who actually care about you but with minimal savings?

        Asking for a friend. Personally I think the answer is obvious by your mid 50s, which is far, far too late to make the choice.

        • Here, in my town, Hispanics are the majority. They have all the pathologies that come with their station in life, but seem to still be known for family. Oldsters living with and interacting with children much more common. Family visiting in hospitals is like a 24×7 party. Maybe making minimum wage and being dependent upon one another has a value we’ve lost sight of?

          • Compsci: I’m very hesitant to use Hispanics as a model of anything family related. Yes, Whites need to re-learn the value of community and interdependence, but in our own way. Hispanic ‘family values’ include a lot of large negatives, such as kids never achieving a sense of independence, refusal to take risks or travel or education but rather to remain home with Mama, and the ‘hangers on’ phenomenon one sees in Africa as well, where someone with a new job or doing well economically automatically owes his large extended family jobs and a share of the largesse.

    • The “good homes” are very expensive and are already full of POC who get paid to act like they’re white. The normal ones are just angry POC with a chip on their shoulder (old white people be rayciss).

      Eventually only the extremely wealthy (Bezos, etc.) will be able to afford proper end of life care.

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