The Runaway Train

A popular topic on this side of the great divide is how much of what we see from the ruling class is directed and how much is emergent. Put another way, how much of it is the result of conscious coordination from some central source and how much is just the mentality of the swarm. Those who like conspiracy theories and simple answers prefer the coordination model, while those with experience in complex human systems prefer the emergent behavior approach.

Of course, both can be true. Elites in the anglosphere have been enamored by what is called nudge theory for a while now. the 2008 book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness was a big hit with the managerial class, as it suggested a feminine way to compel social behavior. Instead of ordering people around, elites would use their power over the institutions to “nudge” people in the preferred direction with positive incentives, rather than force.

As is so often the case, Nudge Theory is really an old idea tarted up with managerial class jargon that comes from the graduate schools. The tax code in America has been used this way long before the nudge idea. The mortgage interest deduction is a nudge toward home ownership, rather than renting. Business gets tax breaks for capital purchases when the economy is flagging. The government food pyramid is a way to nudge people toward one form of consumption over another.

The food pyramid is a good example of how conspiracy and emergent behavior work together in a mass society. The people behind the food pyramid are the giant agricultural concerns that control the food supply. A high carbohydrate diet is more profitable than a healthy diet, so they bribe government officials and academic researchers to promote the high carb diet. At the same time, people actually believe in the “low fat” diets now so no nudging is required.

We are seeing this with the Covid drama. The inner party has finally realized they have a serious problem on their hands with Covid theater. People have figured out that they can get two weeks out of work by claiming to have Covid, so the great winter sick-out is starting to harm the economy. Of course, the contradictions and lies about Covid are undermining their ability to tell future lies. Biden’s last speech on Covid came with a message to the media to cool it on Covid.

The White House is pushing a message to the media, which they expect the media to blast through their megaphones. You are starting to see planted stories about how Omicron is harmless and a good sign. On the other hand, the hive mind of the media has been tuned to spread fear about Covid. The front page of party organs like the New York Times are organized around Covid theater. The result is a weird whipsaw effect where the message swings wildly back and forth.

Covid theater is useful in exploring the hive mind aspects of this age. All of a sudden, tens of millions of normal people are made aware of the fact that many of their associates are not just liberal, but possibly insane. The people wearing ceremonial face gear are exempting themselves from the normal tribe and declaring their allegiance to the crazy tribe. One sort of emergent behavior, triggered by the Covid conspirators, is causing new emergent behavior among the healthy.

Those big tanker trucks you see on the road are a good model to think about when considering this stuff. Inside those tanks is either compartments or what would look like a baffles if you peeled back the skin. The point of the internal structures is to give the tank rigidity but also prevent the fluid inside from sloshing around. A ton of water sloshing forward when braking would create a tremendous amount of force. The tankers are designed to keep the contents stable in transport.

That is a good way to think of society. The hive mind, the emergent behavior is like the fluid inside one of those tankers. When the ruling class jams on the brakes or takes a sudden turn, general opinion can swing wildling in one direction. The initial Covid panic is a good example. The baffling is supposed to be local institutions, community and the traditions of society. They are supposed to put a brake on the wild swings of opinion caused by the sudden lurching of the ruling class.

This is the proper image for modern America. It is a tanker truck racing down the road half full of fluid. During the Trump years it swung from one side of the road to the other, in part due to the driver and due to the sloshing about inside the tank. The Biden turn at the wheel was supposed to stabilize things, but every reaction on their part to stabilize things has caused a new action inside the tank. Trump enjoyed the ride, while Biden is hanging on like prisoner to the machine he is driving.

The point is, much of what looks like conspiracy is just wild reactions to events that the elites set off by a legitimate effort to nudge society in a preferred direction. Just as war plans do not survive contact with the enemy, elite conspiracies do not hold up very long after contact with mass society. Covid is revealing just how little control our ruling elites have over their creations. They unleashed a panic that has become a bizarre subculture they no longer can control.

This does not settle the question at the start, but it does suggest the question is not all that important. Unless you are inclined to believe that the people “really in charge” are super-geniuses able to play four-dimensional chess, yet not realize you are onto them, it is hard to see the hand of design in the current madness. On the other hand, emergent behavior does not explain the players who are fortuitously positioned to profit from the madness unleashed by our rulers.

Perhaps the way to think about is as a process that evolves and two of the forces driving the evolution are conspiracy and emergent behavior. The former is locked in on short term gain without considering the long term consequences. The later forces are just the normal social forces weaponized by the collapse of that internal baffling that comes from strong local community and traditions. The empire is a runaway train and all of us, the engineers included, are just along for the ride.

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207 thoughts on “The Runaway Train

  1. Much of interest here. First, a high carbohydrate diet is great for fending off starvation or keeping a population alive in the midst of shortage of more appropriate sources of nutrition (meat, fowl, fish). Historical examples include the diet of bread and beer that ancient Egyptians seemed to enjoy while occupying themselves in pyramid building. Likewise the dirt Irish leading up to the potato famine or the typical Scottish diet of oatmeal, since they couldn’t grow anything else in their hardscrabble, rocky soil and their British overlords deprived them of better fare. It is the opposite of an ideal diet, but keeps people alive long enough to reproduce before they pass on. Also, the “nudge” theory (pace Cass Sunstein, a/k/a Mr. Samantha Power) is hardly an innovation in societal control; merely the latest incarnation of it. Analogous to it, the “ratchet” theory, where pressure is continually applied in varying degrees exclusively in one direction. Tax theory likewise, where one subsidizes what one desires and taxes what one doesn’t, intending to “nudge” people in the desired direction. Finally, for the latest word on the Covid scamdemic, I recommend Weinstein’s DarkHorse podcast. I also recommend avoiding the “vaccines” at all costs; take prophylactic Ivermectin, following the Ann Barnhardt recommendations, vitamins C, D and K2, along with zinc.

  2. “The result is a weird whipsaw effect where the message swings wildly back and forth.”

    Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.

    “All of a sudden, tens of millions of normal people are made aware of the fact that many of their associates are not just liberal, but possibly insane.”

    Having a vagina is a good indicator of such.

    • It is most easily envisioned in bird flocks or schools of fish. The group acts as a whole without any instructions from an authority.

      Society emerges from groups of humans. It is only the big wheels who think they are in charge.

      As Napoleon “said”, “The people are on the march and I must go to be at their front, for I am their leader.”

  3. Oh look the CDC now says that PCR test are completely unreliable and show positive results for up to 12 weeks after infection (i.e the immune and recovered would be positive – ignore the inappropriate cycles and false positives on top).

    Then one must ask:
    Over/under on how long ago they knew this?
    Why the constant push for testing?
    How many people were jabbed on the basis of a recovered false positive?

    How is “The Science” holding up now?

    Does this count as a conspiracy to achieve other ends using the last years constant push on positive cases?

    • They may start to lose the NPC dumb shits around the margins now. While I don’t think the public would even yawn if FedGov admitted it had engaged in a mass lying and terror campaign, all bets would be off if the vaccines did start to maim and kill people en masse, which I think is possible.

      Some elements want off the train. Who and what, we cannot tell, but that is happening. The psychopaths who test themselves constantly, though, want to believe it is real and they will not be denied. The fallout will be lit AF.

      • I supposed the mass vaccination hysteria to get the spike protein delivery system into our children’s bodies was just emergent behavior of the hive mind buzzing around the media narrative until I heard RFK describe Pfizer’s liability exemption for vaccine injury depends on the vaccine being approved for children. Pfizer knows it’s going to kill some kids but business is business unless you think there is a conspiracy to monetize the human immune system. By design—hell yes!

    • The CDC also says that labs should develop protocols that can distinguish between flu and Covid-19, which “says”, but does not admit that they’ve been reporting flu as Covid for two years.

    • Team D (and not a few Team R) elites have conditioned too many Americans to think they can stay home forever, receive government aid, and never work again because “Covid”.

      Reality is a bitch. The left has wrecked the economy partly with inflation, but more so with the idea that infinite money printing is the exact same as 350 million people working their asses off to struggle and survive.

      It’s not, and the elites just figured out that while their portfolios have never been higher, paper wealth means nothing if there’s nothing to buy.

      (The serfs are NOT going to like being told “sick or not, go back to work)

  4. OT: am driving across the country this week :). this is day#3, am outside of San Antonio. Texas is a handful, has a weird entropic vibe, so empty; went 200 fuckin’ miles with 0 services available. you had better plan your fill-ups, when going across this state. thinking about the end of Easy Rider, as I prepare to enter Louisiana. Have about $20k of stuff (including several pounds of silver) in my car :p. Give thanks each morning when i come out of my room, and it hasn’t been ransacked. Hotel rooms are in short supply, and are the controlling factor in my journey. Accidentally packed my coof meds in the stuff i shipped to FL, so am “raw dogging” it across Fauci’s Funland. Texans are spicey, aren’t they 😛

    • I would be more worried about cops ransacking your valuables and laying claim to them, which they almost assuredly would if given the opportunity.

      • if my car gets searched in Texas, ransacking won’t be my main worry :P. have some “things” to help with the tedium of driving…

    • We just made the drive from LA to Florida. We went down I-40 because wife didn’t want to drive through the monotony of Texas via I-10. But we did go through Amarillo and then down to Dallas on highways and across the 20 to Jackson.

      Texas is weird. There were so many ghost towns too up around and to and beyond Amarillo, which was surprising. I like Amarillo because it was chill but Dallas was hell. Drivers are insane. People are rude. I told myself I’d never set foot in the state again.

      It was funny but when we got over into Louisiana and into Mississippi every asshole driver always had a Texas plate. It became an inside joke along the way. Even in Florida. If some guy is on your ass going two hundred miles an hour, you’ll see a Texas plate as he screams passed you in his pickup. Strange people, always in a hurry like city folk but then they’re presenting as country folk. Weird hybrid.

      Maybe because my mom’s family when they immigrated to America they ended up in New Orleans and some went over to Tampa, but entering into Louisiana was like arriving back into civilization after Texas. Time slowed. Everything looked greener and prettier. The old Italian deli I used to go to as a kid is still there in the old quarter. Their Muffulettas are the best. I love that town.

  5. Zman, was the title of this post, a reference to the excellent Jon voight/Eric Roberts movie, “Runaway Train”? Because, god damn that would be tres cool…

  6. Well not technically a runaway train, today’s essay title reminds me of the scene in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Because of labor shortages, a decision is made to ignore a railway red light so a high-speed passenger train with VIPs that could not be delayed goes full speed into a tunnel heedless that an oncoming military Munitions train is already in there, blocking the only East West railroad line.

      • Don’t want to start a Rand debate here, because…erm…well, what’s the point. But, you gotta admit her Fauci-like character was pretty spot on.

        • Speaking of another Rand, as in Paul – sure has been taking fauci out behind the woodshed (lol), accusing him of causing thousands of deaths. Yet curiously, isn’t demanding that sob twerp be arrested immediately – maybe just resign – really Rand? A real hardcore tough guy. All we’re hearing about lately is that f*** will retire with the largest fed pension of $350k…

  7. TAXES are the ultimate “nudge” or way to subsidize behaviors and PEOPLE themselves.

    Since the 60s, TRILLIONS of tax dollars have gone to the r-selected at the expense of the k-selected. Hence, lot more r peeps and a lot less k.

  8. Unless you are inclined to believe that the people “really in charge” are super-geniuses able to play four-dimensional chess, yet not realize you are onto them, it is hard to see the hand of design in the current madness.

    So Schwabs WEF who have prophesied that “You will own nothing and be happy,” after the Great Reset” have no role in the up-coming; sometime in ’22 economic collapse?
    It’s purely coincidence that the Real Estate markets have been roiled by Hedge Funds buying up surburban middle class housing sight unseen at 20% over listing, by the hundreds where available. And the drive to get people into electric cars ( By removing ICE cars) is entirely reasonable even if there isn’t enough Lithium on the planet. Thank God someone had the foresight to invent Uber a few years ago and how lucky that the big cities all allowed the clearly illegal business to get off the ground.
    It is not the job of anybody in Germany to restock Gas storage during the summer and just an act of God that they are going into Winter 20% lower than last year and the shiny new gas-line (That German Co’s paid for, not Russia) can’t be used because some German Court said so?
    And all of the fake meats that are being pushed just coincide with a huge spike in Urea prices (a product of Nat Gas) and thus a lack of fertilizer without which the world starves. That Bitcoin is becoming oddly accepted across the West has nothing to do with the recent BIS meeting of all the West’s Central Bankers where the BIS head chortled at the thought that a Central Bank Digital Currency would give them real time control on who spends on what and where.
    And the Swedes are now strolling around with Vaccine chips, which can be updated with every new booster shot, in their arm because they like it?
    Who could have seen that coming?

  9. Swings of sentiment favor those with the strength/means to endure and profit. A slow season at the mine means miners losing jobs and homes. All manner of people are forced out. Traders and insiders have the connections to finance and insider knowledge to profit from the misery. They know when there are going to raise and lower rates. They know when they are going to push a pandemic/downturn and thus create a market drop, and stand at the ready with trillion of free money to profit.

    An everyday steady state allows for folks to advance at a reasonable rate. To buy a home, to invest in business upgrades. It’s the wild swings that give the insiders and connected the means for outsized profit.

    One envisions capitalism as the butcher baker candlestick-maker farmers; good honest things. But the real money is made in sabotaging others and bribing blackmailing regulators; such deviousness is the stock and trade of the meandering misanthropes.

  10. On the Biden truck/trailer, there doesn’t seem to be any baffles inside the tanker. They slammed on the brakes and the liquid sloshed to the front of the tanker, causing it to go out of control and end up in a ditch. What baffles me (pun intended) is how incompetent Biden’s handlers are.

    • As their intention appears to be to destroy the US by any means necessary I say they are doing pretty well.

        • Did you previously live in a disfunctional nation with so many third world migrants shitting on the sidewalk in some cities that there is a mapping app, organized looting gangs stealing from shop in broad daylight with the support of the Justice dept, your own legislators kneeling in congress with masks on in memory of a black felon, the Federal govt flying tens of thousands of illegal immigrants around the country on charter flights and the entire media calling for the practical internment of millions of white americans as terrorists?

          If so then its probably the same.

  11. OT:

    I am currently on the ground in a fairly red state, just over the border from one of the worst blue states.

    Life here is largely normal. I have yet to run into a business that even has a sign requesting face diapers be worn or hand sanitizer by the door.

    Last night at the bar the 20-something white couples were talking about hog hunting, shooting, and applying to the University of Tennessee.

    The young women at the diner this morning greeted me with beaming smiles and refreshed my cup of coffee with relentless cheer.

    Driving around after breakfast I saw few signs of diversity or degeneracy.
    I’d like to explore more, but it is bitterly cold for today.

  12. The allegory of a baffle-less tanker truck is a good one. I am seeing more evidence of this strange whiplash local versus global bifurcation at the level of individual choices. Spending Christmas with my younger sister and brother reinforced this. Food was ordered takeout or delivery, but only from local “ethnic” joints: Thai and Mexican. It was made clear that chain restaurants are double plus ungood. But over the course of the week, Amazon delivered packages each day. My niece actually proposed trying on shoes at a local shop purely for the purpose of ordering the “right” size on Amazon. The idea that the support of local restaurants is what keeps them operational apparently doesn’t translate to other businesses. And it’s not just consumer goods. My brother just returned from a trip to London which seemed motivated primarily by consummating a long-distance romance, as if no suitable person could be found in his own sizeable West Coast city. Amplifying the oddity, there was a mystifying rationalization that Amazon diminished the potential COVID exposure of brick and mortar shopping; but apparently wasn’t of sufficient concern to militate against a long international flight and return trip to a country that the media would say is overrun with cases of the omicron variant.
    The bottom line is that it seems the vast majority of people want what they want and give no thought to the consequences of their pursuit. This is the behavior of lower animals and not conspirators. I’ve come to agree with Mencken. They deserve to get what they want “good and hard.” I’ve also learned that indifference is a more powerful antagonist than hate as my circle of care shrinks ever smaller.

  13. Dumpster Fire World.
    If yesterday’s was stellar, this one’s positively galactic. Lawsy, this one’s deep.

  14. Not sure if you’re familiar with Endeavor’s work, but he had a recent video on exactly his topic that’s worth checking out. His hypothesis is based on the philosophy of William James that war serves a purpose for men as giving birth does for women. In the absence of wars, governments can and should set up moral equivalents to fulfill that purpose. A constructive example of this would be having men build skyscrapers, bridges, etc.

    In the wake of WW2, liberal democracies, based on individualism and capitalism forced their way upon the world and set up the moral framework. He believes covid and global warming will be used as the new moral equivalent to war to set up the moral framework for more globalist and collective goals. People will come to accept the new technocracy to fight those battles. It’s an interesting piece. I definitely believe the emergent behavior you describes the actions of the masses, but his video probably best describes the elite’s attempting to drive the tanker truck.

    • “In the wake of WW2, liberal democracies, based on individualism and capitalism forced their way upon the world and set up the moral framework. He believes covid and global warming will be used as the new moral equivalent to war to set up the moral framework for more globalist and collective goals.”

      This seems disturbingly plausible.

  15. Emergent behavior is far more important than conspiracies, as is also implied in the OP. It seems exceedingly likely that the elites are not really in control of the situation, that they are also responding to, more than creating, events. And, in both the tank truck model (which seems to make a lot of sense) and society, the more momentum is picked up by the masses (of fluid or ‘common’ people)’ respectively, the less control any conscious being (the driver, the elite) can exert.

    If the tank truck model is generally valid for understanding this dynamic, what does one do if one has a truck with tons of unstable fluid, to regain control? One slows down gradually. This seems to be what is being attempted with Biden’s latest speech. But I’m not entirely sure the tank truck model is the best one to understand this problem. Once there is great excitement in society, calls for ‘calm and restraint’ often seem to be counterproductive. What is often done instead, is to refocus this accumulating energy in a new direction. Starting an international crisis or war to divert from mounting domestic unrest is introduction level stuff in ‘how to be a dictator 101.’ A better mechanical model here may be a high pressure system with built-in safety valves. In any case it seems true that the elites are mucks scrambling around with no idea of what they’re actually doing.

    • It was too perfectly done in the US to be emergent. Civil rights law was ingeniously crafted to destroy old America. Without central planning it would have more flaws and tinkering needed.

      American elites are extremely evil, very smart. and foreword thinking. They know how to use Liberalism and Conservatism to get what they want, thats why they have settled on those two political ideologies as their vehicles for control.

      And why was civil rights supported by both rock ribbed conservative republicans and liberal democrats unanimously? These sides threw chairs at each other over minuscule differences in tax rates, but no one had any questions over this country shattering change?

      And when Nixon wages war on Whites with federal affirmative action and enforces forced bussing. Conservative and liberal politicians don’t even blink? Not all of them are blind, death, and stupid.

      • What a load of drivel.Its the same all over.

        Europe and the US pretty much simultaneously (within a few years) altered their entire immigration legal framework and embarked upon the large scale and systematic importation of the third world directly against their population’s wishes on all side of the voting spectrum.

        At the same time huge propaganda pressure was used against the population in news and tv.

        Where did that emergent behavior come from?

          • no, it was a load of drivel.

            not being rude here, but do you really understand what is meant by “emergent”?

            because you are part of it 🙂 as are all of us.

            “what is driving it”. human nature, all the way down the line.

      • I disagree, of sorts. If there was no emergent behavior, i.e. if the culture had not gone more ‘humane’, soft and such, subversives could get nowhere. They might still be around but marginalized if not persecuted. That’s also why the two ideas, conspiracy and emergent behavior, are not mutually incompatible. But the latter, emergent behavior, is far more important, it is the ‘driver’ of the system. To see why, compare Frederick Douglas’ efforts to Martin Luther King’s. Douglas was a far deeper, more intelligent man. But he worked in a far more masculine society. Slaves had been released from bondage, at the price of 600,000 dead whites btw. Now was the time to be grateful and shut the F up. 90 yrs later comes King. Now they want ‘equal rights.’ 50 yrs after that, now they want license to be criminals and to insert themselves into every facet of white ppl’s lives. They are coming up against more and more mush, less and less steel. And unsurprisingly the demands grow incessantly.

        This leads to the idea, which I think is correct, that hard masculine virtues, that are often uncomfortable and seem ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’ and a million other slurs that are attacks on it, are necessary to the survival of a society. After sufficient affluence and safety, masculinity rusts away. And you have women and beta men demanding more and more ‘justice’ for aliens, freaks and perverts.

        Therefore the central issue is an emergent behavior issue, the softening, sissying of culture and thus the rotting away of the beams and fences that maintain order. The conspiracy side of it may be real enough but is in effect a crime of opportunity.

        We need to toughen the F up. The West is a mess because white men are pussies and sissies and wimps. Women go crazy in these circumstances and freaks, aliens and others start acting up like hyenas because the male lions are out to lunch. This is even congruent with the common observation that starting to work out elevates a man’s testosterone levels and thus he becomes more assertive, determined and dominant. And this is what each of us needs to start, or continue, doing; pump iron, shoot guns, practice contact sports. And then organize somehow.

        • “We need to toughen the F up. The West is a mess because white men are pussies and sissies and wimps.”

          It had nothing to do with people not being tough enough. A certain segment of the population is going to be enamored by the magic glowing oracle box in their living room. Like a shaman in front of a campfire performing inactions. This is deeply hardwired in parts of some people’s primitive lizard brain. The TV is going to capture a large segment off the population by default.

          The elites were ready to mass murder people with soldiers in Miss if they didn’t comply with elite dictated civil rights. They had soldiers and machine guns ready to commit atrocities at a moments notice. If the south had kept resisting the raving lunatic presidents we had like Nixon or Johnson would have been foaming at the mouth to nuke southern cities.

          You can’t tough your way out of this. How many traditional societies have been crushed to prove this point. Toughing out doesn’t beat elites + technology.

          • “You can’t tough your way out of this. How many traditional societies have been crushed to prove this point.”

            Well Afghanistan certainly wasn’t, despite 20 yrs of ‘hyper power’ efforts. You keep a masculine culture, also in the elites true, you’re not going to have the kind of degeneracy overflowing now. There isn’t much I like about the Taliban but I do find their bloody nose to globohomo somewhat inspiring.

            As an individual what can you do about all this? Not much but you can toughen up, look for likeminded ppl. Compared to the only other real option of cowing down, it seems like the better choice.

          • So you both acknowledge that they hate you, want you dead and that it’s a bad idea to toughen up? How does that work?

            If we all toughened up we wouldn’t be sitting around whining about women and ferals acting crazy, we would be correcting the women and ferals in our own lives. If that grew a lot, we’d have emergent behavior. Who knows what could come of that?

        • I’ll toughen you up 🙂

          This is down to the individual. Some are born “strong” others are born “weak”; and that’s that. I see strength as the supreme virtue, and I practice what I preach.

          Forget about converts, there aren’t any.

    • this situation is like a hurricane, or a tsunami, etc. head for high ground, and hope the gods find you worthy. because the time of testing is upon all of us 🙂

      analogies only go so far. what is happening now is beyond analysis, too much is happening all at once. control is not going to be regained in this instance; i.e. the truck has plunged off a cliff and is headed for the ground below. but not everyone is in the truck :). I’m not.

    • If they really wanted to stop this, all they have to do is simply walk back the restrictions. The fact that they are increasing, rather than decreasing them indicates they don’t want this ended.

  16. I have been skeptical of conspiracy theories for some time. Elites and leaders are more often than not simply arrogant and narcissistic, and frequently half-crazy and/or criminal. They simply lack the capacity and sobriety and introspection to ask “What if we fuck up?”

    “Let’s overthrow the Iranian government and install the Shah? What could possibly go wrong?” or “Let’s invade Iraq and topple Saddam — the people will surely love us!”

    A lot of policy is mere reaction to, and cleaning up the mess of the people who fucked up — because with all their credentials and degrees, they couldn’t POSSIBLY have been wrong. McNamara, the Golden Boy of the Vietnam War, is the classic case.

    Oddly enough, the meticulous plotters — like Hillary — don’t seem to be as successful as the nutjobs who just wing it and “damn the torpedoes.”

    The one exception, however, is probably the Tribe. They seem to run a well-oiled machine that reliably ensures that the one thing Democrats and Republicans will always agree on is “Israel First.” The most logical explanation for the entire Epstein-Maxwell thing is that it was indeed a blackmail conspiracy run by Mossad.

    Generally, though, the most likely explanation for everything is not that it is run by a conspiracy, but rather, “when the blind leadeth the blind, both shall surely fall into the ditch.”

    In all probability the COVID hysteria got out of control when the leftist hive saw it as a way to attack Orange Man, who was riding high in the polls going into an election year, and they unleashed a monster that they didn’t anticipate. Many of them surely are enjoying their new found power, but they have no idea what to do next.

    • Just because elite individuals and institutions are corrupt and incompetent, doesn’t mean they aren’t conspiring.

    • COVID pulled the fire alarm switch so the Dems could avoid their midterms.

      Classic college prank. Heads need to roll!

    • If you dont believe in world-changing conspiracy theories, please explain your understanding of the phrase, “et tu, Brutei.”
      The Yalta conference – what was that, if not a conspiracy to divide post-WW2 Europe? What is NATO, other than a conspiracy against the spread of communism? What was the Comintern, and the foreign directorate of the nkvd, if not conspiracies to globally spread Marxist-leninist revolution? What does the CIA do all day?
      “Conspiracy theory” is as mindless but effective truth-value-free rhetoric as “racist.” It is pure feminine emotionalism to shut down all logical inquiry. Stop falling for their tropes.

      • That’s a strawman. Of course there are conspiracies. The ‘conspiracy vs emergent behavior’ question is a different one; whether deliberate human planning, conspiracy or otherwise, OR whether uncontrolled forces and events, resulting from a mix of human nature, technological progress, external events etc, are what ‘drives history.’ Of course both matter but if you’ve ever been in charge of planning and strategy, even for a small company, you realize how difficult that is, if you’ve ever had an affair or similar you realize how hard it is to keep anything secret. On the other hand, emergent behavior is everywhere, in fashion, in the stock market, in schools of fish and flights of birds. It is a much stronger theory but less compelling to most humans because they prefer a ‘whodunit?’ to ‘abstract laws of complex systems.’

        • Where is the strawman in the above comment?

          It only appears to be saying that the term is used to intentionally prevent inquiry into events.

          That appears self evident from the FOIA CIA released docs coining the term to be pushed by their media “assets” and other “friendly parties” to prevent discussion about Kennedy.

          Err….. oh wait is that what we would call a conspiracy?

          • On second reading go Rebel’s comment I think you’re probably right. I read his comment as ‘it is conspiracies OR emergent behavior and conspiracies are real’ and the strawman I saw, which admittedly may not be there, was that it is ‘conspiracies OR emergent behavior’. Both are real enough, emergent behavior is more important to the long-term trends of history. Sorry about that to Ol’ Rebel.

      • OF COURSE there are conspiracies. I didn’t deny that, and I cited the deliberate — and successful — plot to control American foreign policy by Israel as an example.

        I just think that stupidity and arrrogance explain more events than carefully planned, subterranean schemes.

      • The conspiracy to murder Julius Caesar is a good example of such things because it led to the deaths of the conspirators in a short period of time, a decade and a half of civil war and ultimately a military dictatorship at least as bad as what they feared from Caesar.

        So even in success it was a fucked up mess and delivered the opposite of what the conspirators believed they were achieving.

  17. Re: the local customs, etc. that used to serve as the ‘baffles’ in this tanker (great metaphor). I look at the neighborhood that I’m in… Those old customs were held in place partly by all sorts of small institutions. We had the Legion, VFW posts, lots of churches, ice cream socials, various fraternal orders, and so forth. Also, our neighborhood was originally populated by VERY blue-collar mill workers from Appalachia.

    Now, however, the mills are gone and there are no small local institutions, but instead we have a lot of scientists, academics and med school students. Their behavior is extremely hive-mind, and they lurch from crazy to crazier. The baffles that used to be quite tangible are not visible. You would think that this population of super-duper brainiacs would be skeptical and even-keeled, but no. The COVID hysteria IS their set of baffles, it seems. The crazier the restrictions, the more they ‘lean’ on them like the fluid leaning on the baffle fin.

  18. We have a severe case of Locomotive Breath. As the wise flautist once wrote, ‘ol Charley stole the handle, and the train it won’t stop goin’…no way to slow down.

    • i am thinking more of the Grateful Dead song:

      Driving that train
      High on cocaine
      Casey Jones you better
      Watch your speed
      Trouble ahead
      Trouble behind
      And you know that notion
      Just crossed my mind?

  19. I think this is important. Our side gets blackpilled because we sometimes imagine “they” are space-lizard, 8-dimensional chess masters. No, they’re mostly mediocre with some outright dolts.

    • So how do they dominate every large organization, people get fired for stating there are 2 sexes and every media output looks like a combination of a gay bathhouse and Botswana

      If they are mediocre and dolts, our side are what?

          • Men got butchered and broken in two industrial wars, the remnant periodically bled off in subsequent lower-scale conflicts. And don’t mess with the nerds or they’ll drop their Einstein bomb on you!

            So either there’s a real testosterone/force deficit or merely the perception of one.

          • And by that I mean most of the damage done to bring us to the yoke was done a long time ago. Trigger the trauma from time to time to keep people in line. Does it hurt that much, or does the memory amplify it? Is the bully that big, or does he only seem to be? It’s mostly psychology that’s working on people today.

            Honest questions I don’t know the answers to, but I have my suspicions.

      • There’s an essay by Taleb called, IIRC, the tyranny of the minority that explains this phenomena in some detail. The gist is this: normal people have fairly balanced lives, but zealots are monomaniacal. So, for example, a man who is married with kids will see 5 o’clock roll around and head home right away. An unmarried crazy who wants to move up the corporate ladder will ask of anything extra needs done, and stick around to do it. Come promotion time, the normal guy looks like a slacker and the crazy person looks super committed (heh) and thus gets the promotion. The same is true in politics, in that the positions of power go to those who are most crazy for them, not those who are best suited for them.

      • they dominate like a virus does, or fleas on a dog. the individual cadres are being used but don’t mind that they will be discarded once no longer useful.

    • Far more often you’ll see one of us accuse our rulers of pure retard sadism—at which any unsupervised idiot is an expert—and the response be, “Yet somehow they’re 8-dimensional chess masters, thwarting us at every turn. Make up your mind, loser.”

      Our weakness isn’t paranoia. It’s Sailerbrain.

    • Yes, but those mediocrities and perverts still intend to genocide our people. An idiot with a knife is still a deadly threat.

    • I think you may be confusing different things. Yes, they are incompetent at ruling for the public good, etc. but that was never their end. They are extremely competent at consolidating power for their own benefit. Frankly, that doesn’t take competence so much as ruthlessness, which they have in spades.

  20. I think there is a more fundamental reason for the current madness. Simply put, we are persistently electing actual idiots and crooks to public office. Yes, most of the stooges in DC (and even locally) are merely failed actors and marionettes, but they do tangible harm nonetheless. Why do we keep electing the worse of us? Because of a very low quality electorate (i.e. no skin in the game parasites) and the insidious use of public welfare to bribe for cheap votes. This is a systemic dysfunction problem, not a feature of either biology or hallucination. IOW, the problem is not going to go away easily.

    Conspiracy porn is an easy distraction to avoid rolling up your sleeves, and the only value in emergent behavior is when it provides the elites with existential motivation to stampede out of here. Bottom line; we’re not going to talk our way out of the mess we’re in. Only tangible action will suffice.

    • I’ve often pondered that question myself:
      “Why do we keep electing the worse of us?”

      I suspect there are multiple factors, operating together:

      1) a dumbed-down electorate, made up of people who are weak on critical thinking skills, quick to form an opinion, and unwilling to change it once they’ve committed to it, and operating out of a limited (and often distorted) knowledge base (see 2 below).

      2) an ignorance of history, which (human history) allows us to understand human nature and view human behavior from a broad perspective.

      3) a tendency to think in terms of monolithic stereotypes: people, ideas, situations are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

      4) groupthink, and the tendency to want to believe what others in your circle believe.

      5) the subtle power of advertising against those susceptible to it; combined with:

      6) the fact that the candidate with the most money can put out the most advertising.

      The dumber the electorate, the easier they are to fool. And since PC wokeness is inherently dumbing— promoting untrue “facts” regarding the human condition— things are worse than they’ve ever been.

      At least our grandparents had the benefit of good old common sense….

      • Real Bill—in other words, the (older) White electorate is diminishing. Yeah, all you’ve stated is true and applies to our younger generation White community, but it also applies in spades to our newly minted minority enclaves.

        • Compsci- ha! Ever the white pill.

          “If you think our Masters of the Universe are bad, wait til you see theirs”

      • The biggest, the most important factor OF ALL in an election is name recognition. The vast majority of people vote because they know they’re supposed to. (“I ALWAYS vote!” “It’s the DUTY of every citizen to vote in every election!”) And when they look over the ballot and see that “I know that name!” that candidate gets the vote.

        It’s that simple. And that destructive. And THAT is what most voters consider “self-government.” After all, has nobody ever told you that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain?

        And they MEAN that.

        • If a name still meant something, it would be enough. Like John Adams said, our Constitution is fit for a moral people only.

        • I agree wrt name recognition, but must take Your observation one step further. Here, in my Hispanic majority community, the recognition of the name means the recognition of an *Hispanic* surname—as juxtaposed to an Anglo surname. The local GOP is falling all over themselves to dig up Hispanic surnamed, conservative, candidates rather than running Anglos.

          So there is such a thing as “name recognition”, but that is downstream from “race recognition”!

          • True, and as I think about it now, they tend to be race pimps feeding on their own people. Same as it ever was 🙂

          • @paintersforms

            Of course, it begs the question: if they couldn’t protect their own race from being run over by foreign imports, why would this foreign imports think they would protect them from anyone else?

      • It’s probably no more complicated than the fact that the overwhelming percentage of the people attracted to a political/administrative vocation are by necessity the worst among us. It’s a corrupt, vainglorious way of life.

        No one asks why the drug-addled bum living on the street tends to have a mental illness, do they?

      • 7) Too many people vote

        8) A public education system that teaches a corrupt left wing ideology

        9) Diversity / Globalism

      • It’s simpler than that. Fundamentally, getting votes is not the same as welding power wisely. Since the latter is predicated on the former, you end up with a system that rewards campaigning skills to such an extent that policy and personal behavior are irrelevant. It’s basically like owning a production company where every employee is vying for a sales job so that they don’t have to do assembly work.

      • And who controls the running?

        Who decides which people are selected for candidate in each area?

        Who funnels the money to specific people to fund campaigns, staff, TV.

        Who pushes certain names into media placement and why is it through the same journalist channels?

        Is that all just happenstance and coincidence that a sizeable number of complete and often closely related fuckwits who struggle with basic speech are repeatedly selected and parachuted into seats and positions?

        Is it a coincidence that a sizeable number of current and recent world leaders and business elite just happened to get selected through the WEF (and other similar) “young leadership programmes” when they were basically non-entities.

        Those coincidences just keep piling up to heaven.

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  22. I’ve noticed a change in COVID response from some of the true crazies.

    The COVID-crazy relatives I saw over Christmas were saying that the new rules “don’t make sense”, whereas 6 months ago it was life and death to keep people out of the cookware aisle at WalMart and in the essentials aisles only. They were still afraid of COVID but took their masks off inside.

    It’s a very bizarre situation. Would be nice if they realized the joke, but I think it’s really just a sign that the media (and ruling class) narrative is changing.

    • B125: I still see people masked alone in their cars. There was a lady out walking in the sun yesterday, alone, wearing a mask. And there are still a handful of people at the gym who wear masks (exclusively east or south Asians). As you note, even if they are rational enough to notice that the official rules are nonsensical, they still refuse to let go of their faith in their little paper face diaper. They are so accustomed to compartmentalizing mutually contradictory inputs that cognitive dissonance feels normal and natural to them. And they simultaneously lack the curiosity and independence of thought that might lead them to further question and research the official narrative. They are supremely content in their ignorance.

  23. The perils of 4-D chess: or “Where TF did THAT come from?”

    I’ve always understood “emergent behavior” to refer to behavior of complex systems which is not predictable from analyzing the individual lower-level components which make it up.

    Included in the notion of emergent systems is that qualities emerge which are unexpected: they exhibit traits and characteristics that weren’t evident in the component systems, or predictable from them.

    Thus the concept of emergent behavior necessarily includes the connotation of being new, unexpected, and surprising.

    From that it would seem to follow that anyone attempting to manipulate a complex system— for example, rulers who decide to impose restrictions on the behavior of an entire State or Nation, in an effort to slow the spread of a virus— are almost certain to encounter effects they weren’t prepared for: “We never saw THAT coming!”

    So suddenly the emergent reality is not just surprising and unpredictable, but baffling: “What the heck do we do next?”

    Which would seem to be where our would-be rulers find themselves today.

      • jpb: Fascinating. Thanks for the link. Aaaannnnd . . . . it’s a south Asian and a Juice (with links back to Bill Gates). Every. Single. Time.

        • And it has not stopped—even today. Currently, the CDC uses a masking “study” by a couple of frauds comparing K-12 schools masked vs non-masked in this/my County to justify their recommendations for school mask mandates. However, the “study” is so fraught with statistical/methodological error as to be laughed at by everyone who’s taken even a first year experimental methodology course—the the paper was not even published in a journal, but rather an internal root to justify the County Health recommendations.

          • Does that seem likely to therefore be a coordinated action by people who know the data to be false to the detriment of the population, yet coordinate to keep stating the known falsehood in public and as policy?

            Or are all those medical advisors somehow blind to this and every other study from the last 30 years showing masks are useless, but keep saying it anyway?

          • Trumpton. Yes, it (purported study) is definitely considered a “scientific” fraud conceived by the local medical and political establishment to produce support for their masking mandates. Of course, the low level staff assigned this task were woefully inept and ignorant. I assume it was hoped that this fraud would remain local and unexamined, but when picked up by the ignoramuses at CDC, the lid came off so to speak and it was examined by the entire nation.

          • Ok – so its an intentional fraud against people by a small group. Lets call it a conspiracy.

            The mask mandates then serve what purpose?

            To carry on the physical fear when no one is dying around them.

            And why is that?


            Once we start asking what then for each of these steps its not looking much like emergent behavior I would contend.

            It sure looks and smells like a large conspiracy by quite a number of people in many countries at once.

          • Our stupid s*** county just re-upped mandatory diapering when indoors, when of course, the magic 6 foot distance can’t be maintained. This will apparently be in effect into February. These dweebs are just not going to let this thing go. There is such a large body of evidence that masking works wonders…

      • Good article, thanks.

        Some epidemiologists have been insisting from the jump that:

        1) the virus is going to spread: that’s what viruses do. Just like Blacks riot; viruses spread.

        2) it may spread quickly, or more slowly. But sooner or later, everyone’s going to be exposed to it. You can slow down the spread, but it’s not possible to stop it.

        3) and it could even be the case that a faster spread is better, since natural immunity is achieved sooner the faster the virus spreads.

        4) and at the same time it’s spreading, it’s also mutating; again, that’s what viruses do. Generally, they become more contagious but less destructive. So mutations are nothing to worry about.

        5) so shutting down the economy, and mandating masks and social distancing, is not just futile—- since it’s not going to stop the virus from spreading— it’s positively harmful: not just economically, but in terms of mental-health: we’re social creatures, prolonged isolation is not good for us.

        So: unless you’re in a high-risk category, it doesn’t make sense to worry about getting Covid. It’s very unlikely to kill you.

        And if it does…. hey, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

        Death will either be extinction— like falling into a deep sleep and never waking up— or the greatest adventure you’ll ever have. What’s not to like?

        • Real Bill, it could be worse. There is mounting evidence/speculation that the continuing vexxinations may actually interfere with normal “innate” immunity development. Hence the imbalance between he number of “break-through” cases and first-time Covid cases—after adjusting for raw numbers of vexx’d vs non-vexx’d.

        • Love the final paragraph!

          But I can’t agree with this:

          ” … so shutting down the economy, and mandating masks and social distancing, is not just futile—- since it’s not going to stop the virus from spreading— it’s positively harmful: … .”

          because the two are not related, except on the surface.

          Shutting down the economy is part of the Great Reset, which is our betters’ way of avoiding being torn to pieces in the streets after telling the truth about what they have done to the world financial system and that Socialism is dead because it has proven itself a colossal failure.

          Had they told the peoples of the world the truth–that they had destroyed not only entire economies, but also the banking system and all pension funds in the world–they would not have lived another day, and they knew that.

          So they shot down everything to give themselves plausible deniability. They can say that the reason everything in the world is now a smoking ruin is that “we HAD to take drastic action to save YOU from the pandemic that is killing MILLIONS around the world!”

          And most people fell for it.

          The actions of governments are not connected to “the virus,” which was patented in April 2003, anyway.

  24. “…. not just liberal, but possibly insane….”

    Love it!

    I’ve always understood “emergent behavior” to refer to behavior of complex systems which is not predictable from analyzing the individual lower-level components which make it up.

    Included in the notion of emergent systems is that qualities emerge which are unexpected: they exhibit traits and characteristics that weren’t evident in the component systems, or predictable from them.

    Thus the concept of emergent behavior necessarily includes the connotation of being new, unexpected, and surprising.

    From that it would seem to follow that anyone attempting to manipulate a complex system— for example, rulers who decide to impose restrictions on the behavior of an entire State or Nation, in an effort to slow the spread of a virus— are almost certain to encounter effects they weren’t prepared for: “We never saw THAT coming!”

    So suddenly the emergent reality is not just surprising and unpredictable, but baffling: “What the heck do we do next?”

    Which would seem to be where our would-be rulers find themselves today.

    • “Included in the notion of emergent systems is that qualities emerge which are unexpected: they exhibit traits and characteristics that weren’t evident in the component systems, or predictable from them.”

      I would amend that to say “…characteristics that weren’t READILY evident…”

      Scientists are learning to program flocking behavior into groups of drones (with sensors in the drones that can react to their nearest neighbor). This is an important technology that will probably soon rule the skies in robotic aerial combat. From there to the land and sea is a logical step.

  25. “Just as war plans do not survive contact with the enemy, elite conspiracies do not hold up very long after contact with mass society.”

    The life of Napoleon Bonaparte is a really good example of this. In short, his rise to power was only possible because of mass dissatisfaction with first the house of Bourbon, then with the revolutionaries. He was finally done away with once the masses tired of his imperialism. What’s most interesting is that he was, for a time, the most powerful man in Europe, and his influence continues to this day. However, his plans and his opponents’ plans were ultimately made or broken by the masses. It just goes to show that the elites are more akin to stage properties than to gods. They don’t really have much power, they simply act like they do.

    • Or Stalin and his attack dog Lavrentiy (sp?) Beria for a more recent example. The communists plans for establishing themselves only worked until a real badass came through. A pair of sick bastards like that could only rise in that type of environment. That metrosexual twerp from South America whose name sounds like a gourd species, Che Guevara, was another one.

  26. Looks like Sloppy Joe’s “vaccine” mandate will go to the Supreme Court. They’ll probably cave. I hope my workplace pays for my weekly tests, because I sure as hell ain’t.

    • Screw it. I’d rather not work, and I bet a lot of productive people feel the same way. Ready to starve and go homeless rather than cuck to the covidians. Life without dignity has no value.

      • I mean, these people want me dead anyway, as far as I can tell. Fine, I’m ready to die. Ante up.

        • I’ve noticed this shift in myself as well. I wonder how prevalent it is in our people, because if there are enough people who would rather die than live under this current regime, they’ve got a serious problem on their hands.

          • We don’t know, and the only reliable metric is what you are seeing and hearing with your own eyes and ears.

            None of their statistics is reliable–NONE. There is no diagnostic test, so ALL of the “case” figurers are utter rubbish. And as far as how many people have taken the prick AND the booster(s), if, as we are told, upwards of 60% of the general population has taken the pricks, then why the vigorous application of threats of force?

            I know a LOT of people, but I know only TWO (2) who have taken the prick.

            I suspect that my assessment is closer to the truth than the gov’t’s stats.

            Bah! Humgbug!

        • I’m currently reading the second book in a series about the War of the Roses. There are parallels to our current situation including a feeble minded “leader” surrounded by scheming, self-interested sycophants gone mad with revenge because they don’t have all the power. They don’t care who has to suffer as long as they get what they feel they deserve. The best part so far is the aristocracy shitting their pants while watching from the battlements a howling mad gigantic mob of ordinary folk battering down the doors to the Tower of London with the intention of tearing them limb from limb. That is until they catapulted napalm into the crowd of their own people (including women and children). The ones they love so much.

          Both sides should learn what the other is capable of when things become intolerable. Screeching menopausal women being thrown off flights because the guy she was going to have to sit next to wouldn’t cough up proof of jab or isn’t wearing the coffee filter correctly is but a tiny taste of how bad things could get. Although the comparison to how brave people were (on both sides to be fair) 600 years ago compared to today is embarrassing.

          • Peabody: Please share title and author? In need of some good reading and I just cannot deal with political philosophy some days.

          • I think we’ve already been hit with napalm (the vaxx), but that’s still just my opinion, I guess. And it’s going to get uglier. Open war ugly? I’m not sure we’re capable of it.

            I’m envious of our ‘unsophisticated’ ancestors for their ability to see, speak, and act truthfully. Too much irony and too many head games these days, you know?

      • Paintersforms: My husband has to travel for work next week. He didn’t ‘negotiate’ but simply told them he would not fly (it’s an incubator for illness at the best of times, he won’t wear a mask, and chimpouts at the airports and mid-flight are endemic). So he’s driving 2 days down for a 3 day trip and then 2 days drive back. And he’s not taking official leave. Of course, with all the flight cancellations due to purported coof, he jokes he’ll probably end up being the only one there.

        • The really good news: when planes start to fall out of the sky, they’ll only take the vaxxed with them!

          (Over 150 pilots have died of heart attacks, many mid-flight, since 2020)

          • Yes, but what is the average number of such deaths prior to 2020? Pilots are perhaps the most medically checked and certified of all professions. I know they are currently refusing the jab in significant numbers, but have not heard any spokesperson bring up such a statistic.

        • Good on him. If one can continue to work without cucking, by all means do. I will as long as I can, but the line’s drawn, and these people have to understand it’s not a joke.

        • 3g4me – the series is War of the Roses and author Conn Iggullden. I’m always on the lookout for decent historical drama. So far this series isn’t bad. It’s not Philippa Gregory levels of silliness in any case.

        • My husband had to rent a car to make a 7 hr. trip Monday because his 45 minute flight was canceled due to lack of flight crew availability because Coof. These people are cutting their own throats by running to get a crap test for a few days off because they (might) have the sniffles. Flying has become completely unreliable. Like your husband I refuse to fly as I can’t imagine what it would be like to be jammed into a metal tube hurtling through the sky surrounded by people who all look psychotic. And just like with the humiliating “security” protocol that never went away after nine-eleven this one won’t either.

  27. The contradictions and confusion are a good thing. The Ruling Class controls everything, especially the propaganda organs, and if unified and on the same page they would be far more dangerous. As it is, there are multiple power centers often at odds with one another and sometimes unable to coordinate. The psychosis unleashed with Covid has rattled some of the saner factions, who wanted to depose Trump, snap up goodies and grab power, and then return to normal. It is not possible because the madness is so ingrained and widespread. Again, this is a good thing. We have seen how unhinged and disorganized the enemy is now.
    As others have pointed out here, the largely female Cultural Revolution dead-enders eventually had to be shot dead when the craziness was deemed over. While it (probably?) won’t happen here, the Ruling Class eventually will have to use the pimp hand on the Covidians. Mass institutionalization and psychotropic prescriptions probably are on tap.

    ” The mortgage interest deduction is a nudge toward home ownership, rather than renting. ”

    This particular nudge has been called off. Ruling Class consensus now is home ownership is evil (for the Dirt People).

    • Home ownership is evil now because the great mortgage crisis of 2008 messed up the banks. Developers, who must develop or become greeters at Walmart, can’t get the financing they once could for speculative construction of single family homes. So they’ve moved on to apartments, which eventually end up as the property of real estate investment trusts. They needn’t worry about missed mortgage payments, occupants that can’t make the rent go out on the street and new renters are found. Nobody knows for sure if this strategy is going to work.

  28. One very green shoot: prior to the Covid madness I thought the “Don’t Tread on Me” stuff was just residual frontier romanticism, a way to con normies into buying Gadsen Flag mudflaps. But if you look at the way Americans have reacted and resisted compared to the way the some European countries (and old Crown holdings like Australia) just caved, it’s a little heartening. Of course, the media being as duplicitous as they are, they are no doubt underreporting resistance even in supposedly compliant nations. I haven’t been abroad since this started, and short of a mushroom cloud forming over the Sydney Harbor they’re likely to keep it under wraps.

    As to the point of whether it’s intentional or not, there’s an old saw about things never going perfectly right or perfectly wrong without a plan. Things went perfectly wrong with the “Two Weeks” of Covid and the Summer of Venerating the Boot-lipped Cro-Magnon formerly known as George Floyd. But it hardly matters. An animal’s intention hardly matters when it has your limb in its jaw. Whether it’s probing, scared, defending its young, or just hungry, you gotta stop it or the damage will just get worse.

    How do you stop it? I don’t exactly know, but the enemy is frail and crazy, and even the hordes it imported are turning against it (the male minority cohort, at least). Biden, as Nick DiPaolo observed, is the first man who could potentially be assassinated via loud bullhorn. No, he’s not in charge, but the fact that they even made him the puppet shows they’re incapable of even playing checkers, let alone chess.

    • Maybe don’t even try to stop it. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

      Two and a half years ago my mother having a cough would not have resulted in large swaths of my family canceling dinner plans and insisting on masks in the house. I could have resisted and called the women braindead and their menfolk pussies, but I’m not playing their game of react-to-the-media. I’m just biding my time until I can find a good opportunity to help tear the whole system apart.

      • Marko: Yes – just refuse to play the game. Oh, you can agree and amplify. But simultaneously smile, and continue to do exactly as you please (go around unmasked and unvaxxed).

        • Feel like the best solution is to brazenly lie and gaslight them.

          “Can you wear a mask?”
          “I am wearing a mask” while being clearly barefaced.
          “Are you vaxxed?”
          “Yup” said while wearing a “Pureblood” T-Shirt.

          • Not a bad idea.

            If they question that you are not maybe hand them an official vax card type document purporting to be from the CDC or similar that says

            “This person is wearing a mask”.

    • Minorities (males and females) are not fighting back but they are simply nodding yes to the authorities while ignoring every rule and doing as they please.

      Back in June 2020 the cbc ran a story, basically brown & black people are dying from & catching COVID at an enormously higher rate than white or east asian people.

      It’s really the first good look into our 3rd world future. That’s exactly the third world, non white attitude.

      White women think they can bark out orders and all the beta men will submit. But we saw this time that only white people, and a few POC midwit strivers reacted.

      • > Minorities (males and females) are not fighting back but they are simply nodding yes to the authorities while ignoring every rule and doing as they please.

        It works. Get used to your low-trust future and take advantage of it.

    • There needs to be a caveat.

      The United States resistance has been largely regional and often generational. If you take out the South/Midwest and X’ers and Boomers, you see very little difference between Americans and “Americans” and Europeans in their servility.

      • Jack Dobson: Agree. We haven’t had any of the mass covid protests in America that I’ve seen regularly in Europe and Australia. Oh, a few small pushbacks in draconian New York, but I don’t give a damn about anyone in New York (sorry to anyone here from there, but not sorry). It’s hard for me to accurately judge just who is and who is not a true believer by their public behavior. All the retail workers here in the DFW area are masked as a condition of employment, and they all have door signs saying mask required if unvaxxed, but there’s no longer any enforcement or an employee making a show of wiping down carts.

        I still see some people doing both masking and wiping, generally middle-aged and older Whites or south and east Asian women (but again, I’m not the best judge of age by appearance – plenty of people I assume are my age or older are actually younger, just fatter or frailer and more wrinkled). I also theorize that a certain amount of peer pressure is at work among the younger people – when I first returned to the gym in June about half the people were masked. Now it’s only a tiny handful of south or east Asians.

        • Elites are very comfortable with the masked support workers while they go unmasked in stores or parties standard. At the retail businesses used mostly by proles, no one is even trying to enforce a mask mandate anymore, they all have signs posted “if you are not fully vaccinated wear a mask” and everyone ignores it. Whether or not employees are masked seems to be at the whim of corporate management and if store managers are willing to enforce it.

        • Partially, our compliance *might* be explained by our multi-State system and the lack of compliance/enforcement by many. Great Britain and Australia have police goons running around ticketing folks for being more than a kilometer or two from home, or idling on a park bench for more than the “designated” time.

          Here in my County, the first thing the Sheriff did was announce a “no enforcement” policy for public health edicts. This was followed by most town’s Police Chiefs as well.

          • More pushback in the UK than in the US, less enforcement of Covityranny in the Uk than the US.
            I say the UK; England is less tyrannical than the US ,while Scotland and Wales seem to be heading towards the Australian system.

            Australia is on another level.

  29. I don’t believe elites are 4d chess players, they simply don’t have a consensus on how to run things, that’s why the press can’t make up its mind on which narrative to follow. Not every one of them is in on the vaccines, some want to end the pandemic, others want to make money out of it, others want to reduce the population(yes, those people do exist, it’s not a conspiracy theory)

    i also find this sentence to be accurate & funny:
    “All of a sudden, tens of millions of normal people are made aware of the fact that many of their associates are not just liberal, but possibly insane.”

    • I agree with this and it’s why I’m not quite on board with the idea that that the Bidens and Faucis of the world are just marionettes for some black hand. We are daily confronted with evidence that the leaders of our financial systems, our media, our education industry, and our government, i.e. the Cloud People, are hopeless slaves to emergent group thought. Given that, from where would this cabal of Bond villains perpetuate itself?

      • The cabal of Bond villains perpetuates itself at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Tony Fauci’s NAAID, Pfizer, DARPA, and John Hopkins University—-and there is a long list of similarly entitled and entrenched parasites on the human immune system.

        • jpb: I think you and KGB are both correct. On the one hand, there IS a certain amount of coordination and behind-the-scenes string pulling. On the other hand, as Zman’s excellent post explores, you have a mixture of official ‘nudging’ and uncontrolled emergent behavior.

          But behind it all, I’m continually following odd lines and bits and pieces, seemingly utterly unrelated or contradictory, and tracing them back and finding a similar vortex or two. It’s looking more and more that reality is like one of Glen Beck’s drawings (and he really is nuts).

    • “elites … simply don’t have a consensus on how to run things”

      Diversity is never a strength, but diversity in the ruled or working class can be managed in either federation or empire. Diversity in the ruling class is always a harbinger of death for any civilization.

      Many factions of our post-American ‘elites’ have very little in common with each other. They have no fundamental agreement on civilizational mission. The mission which comes closest to uniting them (not ALL are on board) is to loot white civilization before the other factions clean everything out. Climate change and covid hysterias pushed by ‘elites’ can be seen as attempts not only to build preference cascades to stampede us prole cattle in profitable ways, but as attempts to stampede themselves into unity. If they don’t hang together, they will hang separately.

      • “Diversity in the ruling class is always a harbinger of death for any civilization.
        Many factions of our post-American ‘elites’ have very little in common with each other. They have no fundamental agreement on civilizational mission.”

        I agree and I also wish to add that Trump’s inauguration coincided with David Rockefeller’s death, who was the big daddy of globo-homos, he was the one who kept them all under control. That’s when all this madness really started, trump’s presidency & the death of their supreme leader caused a chain reaction which has led to the madness we have today. All the elites are off leash all of a sudden, now we’ve got the medical mafia pushing green passports & infinite vaccines, we have Schwab’s gang & his great reset, Soros is using democrats to push CRT, khazars are wanting to wage war on russia, others want some form of normalcy. As you said, this is the harbinger of something bad.

  30. So when is this runaway train going to jump the tracks? These clowns are now floating a vax mandate to fly domestically (with fauci admitting it’s just another form of coercion) and (((ezekial emanuel))) is touting removal of fed benefits for the unvaxxed. The dreaded omicron symptoms might include runny nose, sore throat, cough etc. Gee, when have I ever had those symptoms before? The committed covidians lap this swill up, but there’s definitely some conspiracy evil floating around as well. 2022 is shaping up to be more fun and games.

    • Going to be fun watching the ultra-woke airlines (one in particular) issue refunds to ticket holders who bought tickets without an expectation of having to share private medical information with a public company.

      How is a dictate from a senile old man trump Well established HIPPA laws, or a contracted service law (a seat ticket) even legal? What is the mechanism for verification? What about disparate impact as blacks don’t vax (but they do fly)?

      Slosh, slosh, slosh.

      • HIPAA laws apply to medical providers, not patients. In essence, the law requires a certain level of security and privacy from doctors. It doesn’t at all require it from patients. The basic principle is that patients can be as public or private about their health as they want, but care providers must be private. Therefore, it’s not ever a problem for a person to broadcast their health issues, should they choose, but it would be a huge problem if a care provider broadcast that same person’s problems. Thus, HIPAA laws would require that an airline, should it want to know someone’s vaccination status, must solicit that status from the patient instead of the care provider. HIPAA doesn’t prohibit the disclosure of medical information, per se, it merely limits and regulates how medical providers share it.

        • Yes. This was basically what my employer said when they coerced everyone to get jabbed. Basically, this particular violation of privacy is not a violation of law because we’re demanding you, personally, tell us about this private health matter.

        • “Therefore, it’s not ever a problem for a person to broadcast their health issues, should they choose . . . .”

          Exhibit 1: All the women on their cell phones in public places giving intimate details of their recent doctor’s examinations. The ob/gyn exploration seems to inspire the greatest powers of description.

      • “What about disparate impact as blacks don’t vax (but they do fly)?”

        I live in Mississippi (though I’m not from here) and I often ask myself the question, “What would happen if the government literally, in reality, forced all Mississippi blacks to get vaccinated?” Well, I’m also a school teacher, and my black (male) students ALL know every detail about the old Emmett Till case. In fact we just had this random talk in my fifth period class about 3 weeks ago. They also believe that Whitey, deep down, wants to kill all of them (because Emmett Till dindu nuffin). (They didn’t tell me this in so many words, but the thought was sort of floating around the room. Pretty uncomfortable, actually.)

        So; long story short, there is no way the Brandon administration will ever make all American blacks get the jab. If they tried it there would be even more blood in the streets.

        My theory is that the screws will be turned on Whitey and we’ll be forced to take it. But the black folk will be “declared vaccinated” by Joe Brandon. White people will accept this “disparate impact” and continue their drudgery until they can get their hands on their 401k money and their pensions.

        The long-term effects of eating crap sandwiches can be seen in what happened to the good people of the Soviet Union.

        • Totally agree. I’ve thought for some time, there’d be a carve out for joggers and Whitey will bear the brunt. Will actually be surprised if it doesn’t happen. More fallout from worship of the holy jogger.

        • Strike Three: Excellent analogy. And despite others’ excellent points about individuals and emergent behavior, constant servile compliance and obedience to hypocrisy does tend to have a cumulative effect on people’s psyches, and on the culture overall. Then add diversity.

          America used to be a place where a lost wallet or keys would be turned in to authorities, where people like me trusted the cops. But that was a majority White country where I still believed what I was taught in public school, long ago and far away.

        • “My theory is that the screws will be turned on Whitey and we’ll be forced to take it.”

          No way to know what you mean by “forced,” but there’s a lot going on. There is a lawsuit before the International Criminal Court about this coercion (Nuernberg Laws) and there’s Reiner Fuellmich’s lawsuit against the German Health Ministry. And there’s Dr David Martin’s deposition for Reiner Fuellmich and part of his team, in which Martin reveals the patent history of the “vaccines” and the so-called “virus” itself, which was patented in April 2003.

          It’s not clear at all that we’ll be forced to take it.

          Just say, “no.”

          • The reason for their increasing pressure to take the jab is simple.
            They need to destroy the control group.
            Five years on, it’s very likely that there will be marked differences in the medical outcomes of the jabbed and the pure-bloods.

            I don’t think they want that.

        • “…The screws will be turned on Whitey and we’ll be forced to take it. … White people will accept this “disparate impact” and continue their drudgery until they can get their hands on their 401k money and their pensions.”

          The first part of this is plausible. The screws, as usual, will be turned on whitey even as POCs slide by. However, there’s a good percentage of the white population who will never, ever take the jab. By now, most white people who haven’t gotten it never will, unless they’re physically dragged out of their homes and forcibly vaccinated.

          And I don’t see us accepting that.

          • Yep they will.

            Make an example of a few. Impose constantly escalating fines and restriction to food shopping for non-compliance as in Austria and elsewhere.

            Everyone but a very few will cave.

    • The New Democratic platform moved from



      “I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further”

      So quickly I barely noticed.


    They like to use “independent” media voices to push their narrative. I suspected this for a long time, but sometimes it’s hard to prove that a pattern you see has control from the top behind it. Of course the rubes watching and funding breadtube will be slow to see the puppet strings

    You see similar with witter when all the blue tick people start pushing the same lines

    • Don’t forget the White Helmets’ faked chemical attacks and the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, which is run by some guy in a flat in Leeds, England.

      • It’s not just Syria, the breadtube thing is new to me, but apparently is big among UK progs, I watched a few of the trannys videos, he likes to give the impression that it’s an open look at a particular issue, but like the mainstream left, important information or ideas will be excluded the rubes won’t see this because all they read is the Guardian or the BBC, they don’t know what they don’t know

        Basically it’s the left for Hillary supporters, the working suckers won’t be getting a pay rise, if he wants better pay, join the millatery and butcher Arabs for the (((empire)))

  32. “Those who like conspiracy theories and simple answers prefer the coordination model, while those with experience in complex human systems prefer the emergent behavior approach.”

    Bias much?

  33. the progs ae finding out that reality isn’t like TV. they think they just have to sit in the big chair and shout out orders, and the economy and state will just “work” the way they want. this isn’t like a multiple choice test, you will not get lucky and guess the right thing to do. anything that is not “right” is by definition, “wrong”; and that is a very narrow path indeed. and of course, after a couple of “bad” guesses, you will not be getting back to “right”, ever. and that’s why this madness isn’t sustainable, these bozos really have no clue how to run the place. they are actually going to break the stranglehold of modernity, and free many many people – eventually.

    • I agree, but I am also frustrated with how many things these loons have managed to narrate into existence and how much damage they’ve already done. A lot of them may never be fixed or rolled back.

      • Time waits for no man, changes aren’t permanent but change is…

        This crazed covaids trip has had me on the ropes mentally a few times. The first time being in April of 2020. Initially, in my limited understanding their motives, and general gullibility to thinking they were empathetic beings, I was onboard with the thought that 2 weeks to flatten the curve seemed reasonable.

        If there was a way to mitigate what was coming, and I had seen the agitprop (although I didn’t see it that way at the time) from China showing all the classic stuff that has now been scrubbed, the deserted streets, the wuhan flops, the door welders, a reasonable and sane society should want to get prepared and be able to keep things functioning with as limited loss as possible.
        I distinctly remember reading on ZeroHedge in February that the chinamen were locking down the a whole province, forget which one, but the population was somewhere near the total population of California. I remeber my shock, and arrogantly thinking “I would love to see that tried over here, that would never fly on this side of the Pacific”.

        Boy, was I wrong.

        They moved the goalpoasts to another two weeks, and at the same time our fat faced scab of a governer was locking us down. Indefinitely. They shut down the schools, my wife had to quit her job of 5 years and 3 of school. Next up for no real reason was to close the tobacco shops, which really struck a nerve with me.

        Next wast mandatory masks, which made going out in public a stressful affair every time as I refused to wear that worthless trinket because I had been lied to in good faith. Fukk all of them for upending my life when I had been more than a amenable to their intentions at the start. The wife and I did go to the local courthouse to vote barefaced, and no one said a word. Needless to say, that was a futile waste of time, but it felt good. Next up cancel Christmas and threaten gatherings. That flew over like a lead balloon for me and my kin. We had near 30 people crammed into a house in the woods for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

        TLDR: I really want to let all on here who have a divided family my condolences and my prayers, I can only imagine the pain and stress that is causing you. This scam has been a true test of fortitude for everyone, and there are so many people who have bent over in the face of tyranny. They put out their wrists to be chained, and now wear them as a fashion piece. They opened the door to their soul and mind once they saw it was Satan himself who was knocking.

        The silver lining in it all is that I have found I am so blessed to have an immediate family that has not bought into this scamdemic at all. Mom, Dad, my brothers and sisters, their spouses and children, as my own, all remain maskless and pureblood. We all keep you folks who are dealing with the worst aspects of this crime on humanity in our prayers, we pray for your strength, your sanity, your well being and that of your loved ones. The change isn’t what we asked for, but the Creator has a guiding hand for those who hold on to it.

        I read this site everyday and all of you have truly helped keep me sane, to know I’m not the only one who see’s the evil taking place. Thank you all, Hold Strong, Fight the good Fight!

        • Keep personal liberty as your measure of everything, and from now on you will see “two weeks to flatten the curve” as the jackboot in the door that such things always are. For example, when the income tax was signed into law in 1913, it was never supposed to go above 1%. We all know how that turned out.

        • This crazed covaids trip has had me on the ropes mentally a few times.


          You are not alone. Even though it’s the holidays I’ve found myself vacillating between black-pilled thoughts of, “What’s the point?” and climbing on the hamster wheel of jab compliance to temporarily unlock employment and international travel opportunities.

          My personal and professional lives being in complete limbo due to the nature of the project I’m on certainly isn’t helping my mindset. I am trying to learn new skills online to prepare for a rug pull on the contract for my current project that is completely screwed up due to factors beyond my control.

          I find that this site along with its excellent host and commenters is one of the few oases of sanity in the ocean of madness we are all drifting upon.

          • Wild Geese: Stay strong, brother. You are not alone. Even when things look grimmest, don’t ever, ever give in. Fight like hell. I can do no other; it’s just not in me to comply or quit.

          • Wild Geese-

            Stay strong on the jab front, there is a collective conscience of us out here and we are not a small proportion in the grand scheme. If we were they would not have demented old fools harping on about us being “threats” on national broadcasts. That alone should help your resolve to stay strong. It’s not a vaccination by any means in the traditional sense, that we know. Once taken, the jab can not be undone. Stay resolute and remember there are many of us out there dealing with this sham and we all multiply our individual strengths together as long as we stand strong.

            For all that it’s worth, I am rooting for you!

          • I have a somewhat similar situation in that our only granddaughter lives in Spain. I just read that the unvaxxed are unwelcome – as in barred from traveling there. That is a pretty strong incentive to get jabbed, but at this point I’m not willing to knuckle under and will continue to wait and see how things play out, although the trends are not encouraging. This insanity really sucks, to say the least.

    • A major component of the breakdown of the Western political system, especially in the US, is that we have a political class with absolutely no experience in practical matters, such as running a business or even doing actual work for a living. This makes them very easy for the oligarchs (who do have quite a lot of practical experience) to manipulate.

      For the super rich, this system is working very well indeed.

      • And they know NOTHING about history. Particularly those with “advanced degrees” in something.

      • I would agree with Z that this thing has been both emergent and coordinated. TPTB had their Gates hosted pandemic exercise, and when a bad flu emerged (accident, unfortunate bat bite, whatever), they jumped on the opportunity to try out their plans. It worked wonderfully well for the most part, and now the political arm is ready to call it a win and walk away. Carrying this on into election season is far too risky. Biden, Inc. appears to want it all to go away. Trump wants to claim the vaccine for his great success. Big Pharma (including govt arm of Fauci, CDC, etc.) had a huge win that will be ongoing, so even if they have to back off, no worries. Healthcare also got a windfall from the taxpayers. Big box retail won big. The social score, passport, identity chip aspect has been fully introduced to Western society, so that’s a big win for all of them. If a few ethnicities and hillbillies refused the vaxx, “well, we’ll get them the next go around.” Always a few bumps in the road.

        If I had to guess, I’d say they will back off for now. After all, they still have to break the electrical grid before they die to save Gaia.

        • Lettie: I agree with your initial paragraph and excellent summation, but I’m not so certain they’ll back off. Even while they admit “omicron’ isn’t particularly lethal and they lied about 73% of covid hospital admissions having it (oops, it’s only 23%), Fauci et al are pushing hard for vex mandates for domestic flights. Even in the face of enormous business costs, I can easily see the airlines caving. The bitter old ladies and homosexuals (but I repeat myself) who comprise the ‘air hosts’ are undoubtedly all vexxed and will push hard to demand all passengers are as well.

          Personally, I’d like to see all domestic airlines go belly up. People should have quit flying after the post 9/11 restrictions and body groping and photographing were instituted, rather than restricting the further importation of unsuitable people (which Bush instead doubled). Besides, who wants to fly Trailways in the Skies with all the diversity? And yes, I know they want to ban interstate travel and the internal combustion engine as well, and stop all production of fossil fuels, but that’s a larger and separate battle.

    • Social media is worse than TV and has been for awhile. Any breed of crazy can find people to reinforce her craziness on social media. Without Facebook and Twitter several of the crazy fads would have already died out. One of the earliest signs to me Covid had triggered something truly crazy in the left was very early on when I read a Twitter thread from the woman who runs Mother Jones. She lived in San Francisco and needed to visit her elderly parents in San Diego. She was asking her followers if it was better for her to fly or drive seven hours. If she drove she was going to wear adult diapers so she didn’t have to risk getting Covid in a gas station bathroom. Most of her replies treated that as a sane idea and suggested she do it.

      • Social media is by far the worst, especially for females. TV is just plain unwatchable particularly now with virtually every commercial, no matter what station, populated with various joggers, chinks, pajeets and every other form of mud, with the occasional White. Extremely exasperating.

      • Mossad managed to severely hobble the Persians’ centrifuges with a few thumb drives. Why can’t someone permanently nuke the social media sites? And when the next (((Zuckerberg))) tries to build a replacement, do it again until the message is received loud and clear.

      • That’s just her playing hero. Look at these great sacrifices I am making! That’s what they all think they are doing. I openly mocked my uncle, retired doctor, early on for wearing a mask alone in his car. I said oh yeah your a big hero like the guys at Normandy. I have never spoken to him again

        • The medical profession has totally destroyed its credibility, along with the “journalism” profession, the “education” system, most of the churches, and government at every level, to name but a few.

        • In my liberal city, it is not unusual to see a lawn sign with printed encomia to the ‘front line heroes’ which is how nurses and doctors are described during coof. Heck, there was even a huge banner on a riverfront mansion in one instance.

          Otherwise, the town is devoid of say, displays of pride for say, the military or the LEO.

          Lately, I’ve been doing the rounds of the tony neighborhoods checking for asterisked additions to the signs, like ‘ * Except the unvaccinated health care workers’

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