The 2022 Predictions

A clever way to make smart predictions is to start with the assumption that the near future is not going to be much different from the present. Current trends will extend out over the near term. On the other hand, if you want to get a lot of attention for yourself, you can make bold crazy predications that confirm deeply held suspicions. “Next year we see hyperinflation!” will get the gold bugs and Fed watchers excited. Everyone likes to hear that their dreams will come true in the coming year.

The trouble with either of those approaches is they are not motivated by the desire to figure out what may be coming in the new year. Sure, most things will probably be the same as last year, but so what? What matters is what will be different. Similarly, pretending the Great Pumpkin will rise from the pumpkin patch and finally deliver on his promises is just cheap theater. So, with that in mind, let us cut open the goat and read what the entrails tell us about the coming year.

The signs say chaos is coming for the political class in 2022. The administration’s half-hearted effort to tamp down the Covid panic will be met by shrieking from the Covidians and much of the media. This is where we start to see some deep fissures in the coalition as many are tired of the restrictions while others cannot let it go. This will lead to criticism of the administration from some on the Left and a corresponding bit of return fire from the inner party.

Adding to the chaos will be the collapse of all support for Kamala Harris. She never had a constituency in the party and the prospect of losing the House and Senate means they need to get a replacement done before the election. The fact is Biden is in rough shape so the question is who will pick his successor. The inner party will make this a central part of the fall campaign. They hope the new heir apparent will get their people energized and take people’s attention away from the economy.

The fall elections go poorly for the Democrats. They lose over thirty seats in the House, but the result is not a landslide as many whites sit out the election. The icy hand of demographics begins to show up in formerly safe republicans areas. The Democrats take the loss as an opportunity to force Joe Biden to resign. His deteriorating condition and his successor secured, leads to a coordinated push to have him retire from office after the new year, allowing his successor to run for two terms.

I will finally escape Lagos.

The instability of the imperial leadership begins to show up globally. Ukraine experiences civil unrest, especially in the east. The Turkish economy collapses and we see widescale protests against the government. Israel decides now is the time to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. Ethiopia collapses into chaos because Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed overplays his hand in peace talks with the Tigrayan rebels. As a result, east Africa collapses into famine and civil war.

I finish my book and I become more popular than Jesus.

Back on the home front, first quarter inflation comes in much hotter than expected, forcing the Fed to speed up their tapering schedule. Food prices show the biggest rise as the phrase “fertilizer shortage” enters the conversation. As the Fed begins to raise rates for the first time in a generation, equities decline 20% in what the media will tell us is a natural correction. Bitcoin will lose 50% of its value as governments tighten the rules on digital assets and their platforms.

The combination of Covid chaos and economic troubles will result in the first signs of right-wing unrest since the 2020 election. Fueled by anticipation of another stolen election, populist groups will organize public rallies in DC. The FBI, of course, will play their role but thanks to awareness of their shenanigans, these rallies will be full of people with cameras looking for FBI infiltrators. Finding the infiltrator will be the most popular internet game in 2022.

Everyone at Reason magazine will come out as trans and no one will notice.

Conservative Inc. begins to show some serious problems as the decline of their donor base begins to accelerate. Some of it is driven by the actuarial tables but most of it is the increasing realization that conservatism is just a money pit. This will correspond with an uptick in support for populist and dissident operations. Grifters like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk to become more populist in their rhetoric. Even Trump will start attacking the conservative establishment again.

On the media front, we see a wholesale reorganization of cable news. CNN shifts to a pure news model, dropping their entertainment shows. MSNBC, responding the Tucker Carlson-ization of Fox, begins adding left-wing populist content, retiring many of their current personalities in favor of left-wing YouTube personalities. The collapse of conservative talk radio will accelerate as that audience ages off and people simply stop listening to terrestrial radio in general.

Happy New Year!

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279 thoughts on “The 2022 Predictions

  1. I see nothing wrong with these predictions. I will add that each month inflation comes in hot people will expect the Fed to act, and the Fed will rattle the cage rhetorically but never really fire the gun. Tapering at 15 billion is like giving back a penny for every dollar they’re printing. The only thing that will tamp down the inflation would be a deflationary asset bubble collapse, and that will be temporary as the government tries to catch the falling knife with ever more spending.

    I will go out on a limb and say that D.C. needs a war right now. A real war, not a Covid one, to “bring everyone together.” I will further go out on a limb and predict that at least one of our ships is sunk in the Black Sea (the last place we belong) because of a crossing of a Putin red-line. Russia will be cut from SWIFT but they have a robust balance sheet and as war criminal monster Dick Cheney once said “It’s a gas station with a country,” so they will weather it, and the world, seeing the further weaponization of the dollar, will take note. I further predict that all my energy stocks will do well.

    I further predict that Biden will pass away “peacefully in his sleep” instead of leaving early. DOCTOR Jill Biden is exactly where she wants to be right now, and is immovable. They will have to convince the wife to convince old Joe. So that will be a Plan B.

  2. How must this name be pronounced to experience its power?

    With lively faith, with steadfast, unshaken confidence, with deepest reverence and devotion, for in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth. What wickedness, then, is theirs who habitually pronounce this name carelessly and irreverently, upon every occasion! Such a habit is certainly diabolical; for the damned and the devils constantly abuse God and His holy name.

    Fr Leonard Goffine’s THe Church’s Year on the Feast of the Circumcision

    • Well, sometimes God tries
      to steer the wicked onto the right path, despite them not wanting to go.. Hence, it likely is not a stumble.

    • And please stay and post more often. It is important to know directly what the enemies of humanity are spouting so that one can react accordingly.

    • Check your browser settings bro, I think you were still on before you refreshed in which case your comment makes perfect sense. 👌👌

    • That comment made my day LOOOOL But I have good news for your woke a$$. This year you get to meet Reality. And she’s not in a good mood lol

    • As Yo noted the Gods work in mysterious ways. Stick around, lurk and learn and if you have something useful to add. Do.

      It might surprise you how nice, genuine and good people here really are.

        • I recommend that Brian get ALL the shots and ALL the boosters. Get both shots of Pfizer and Moderna and the J&J one. Then take a trip to a few other countries and get some of those exotic ones they have that you can’t get here. And you can go to Israel now and get a fourth bonus booster. Finally, make sure to get all your kids, pets, and onlyfans girlfriends vaxxed up brah! I hear some of them will get vaxxed on cam if you pay extra.

  3. 2022 is the year Democrats regret flooding he country with illegals who fled Democrats in their home countries.

    Inflation is baked into the cake. There is no avoiding it. Social unrest is coming as a 20% increase in ribeye can be absorbed, but a 20% increase in staple foods like Mac n Cheese would throw a lot of families into poverty. There will be a recession, which the Government Party will try to fix with spending accelerating inflation.

    A upper-middle member or members of the Government Party is assassinated. Nobody will know who did it, and nobody will claim responsibility.

    Russian invades Ukraine in force. A few Russian oligarchs are sanctioned. The American People will wildly oppose military intervention, but the Government Party will do whatever it wants.

    A majority of people will start saying the 2020 election was rigged, and that there was no insurrection on 1/6, “but there should have been and I wish it had been successful.”

  4. I predict a major domestic terrorist attack on a social media company headquarters in the next 5 years. As it becomes clear that nothing will be done by the government about corporate censorship regardless of who has formal power, and as the problems of cancel culture accelerate, vigilantes will take matters into their own hands.

  5. Z Man prediction: I will finally escape Lagos.

    My prediction: Z will be crashing on one of our couches.

  6. Happy New Year everyone. I hope my predictions are dead wrong:

    1. Rapidly spiraling inflation and shortages, including widespread food shortages as Biden refuses to back down on the vax mandate and workers just walk out leads to wage/price controls and rationing. With a side dish of race based rationing (no limits for blacks, plenty for Whitey) and prices (blacks pay basically nothing, Whitey pays a lot). This is easy — TX and NY already limit healthcare to Whites in preference to blacks and Hispanics.
    2. Because #1, a huge black market (no pun intended) springs up in everything, as blacks take advantage of no limits lower prices to buy up from retailers and sell on the black market, putting the hurt on Wal Mart, Amazon, supermarkets, etc.
    3. US politics becomes dominated by the struggle of the House of Clinton aided by massive buyers remorse among corporate leaders of the House of Obama (Biden and his weak regime) and the struggle to replace him, aided by fear in the military and security leadership of the Republicans coming back and someone like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or DeSantis cleaning house of them in the environment of widespread hunger and world wide depression and weakness abroad.
    4. Putin will invade Ukraine and roll up to Poland’s borders in a month, possibly also taking the Baltics. At the same time China will invade Taiwan and after a rough three months conquer it, with heavy casualties and after sinking at least one US Carrier. The US will do nothing but wipe Biden’s butt.
    5. Crime will increase ever further, leading to widespread follow home and home invasion robberies, and then kidnapping for ransom or torture/murder. Social media will be awash with livestreams of torture/rape/murder of White victims by blacks and the response will be to … legalize all crime by blacks. Along with Cartels offering protection via death squads.
    6. Warren and the Squad will run wild, getting the weak Biden regime to tax and limit investment in agriculture, real estate, transportation, and more for “green” goals as they’ve demanded.
    7. There will be a Red Tidal Wave, causing panic among the security services and military; Dems will refuse to seat the new Congress and Senators, and use the DC National Guard which is now under the Police Chief’s control thanks to a bill Biden signed last month to arrest all Republicans for “insurrection” … leading to the coup aimed ostensibly at the Republicans by Gen. Milley and the FBI but in reality to restore the House of Clinton to the Presidency to rein in the Squad and Warren.
    8. Many states will stage a soft secession. They won’t make formal declarations just refuse to obey Federal Directives, issue their own money (backed by gold / silver) and institute their own migration and foreign policy with their own military. This will include Texas, Florida, OK, AL, MS, TN, KY, MS, SC, and possibly Ohio, Indiana, and PA. In particular the hated wage/price controls and racial prices and rationing will be ignored, making these places favored by the corporate class as they will be the only places they make money.
    9. Turkey will simply collapse and a tidal wave of Muslims and Africans will end up in Europe, at least 50 and possibly 100 million. Russia will be invited in to protect: Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and possibly Austria. France will become an Islamic Republic with Whites made into serfs and Christianity and alcohol banned, the Louvre and all cathedrals blown up as 30 million Africans and Muslims wash ashore there. Muslims will occupy all of Southern Italy and in desperation a new Pope will accept Putin’s protection cementing his posturing as the defender of Christianity.
    10. In the US, mass Central American immigration coupled with out of control black crime will hand over defacto control of much of the Southwest and other areas to the Cartels which will fight deadly street battles with each other as the police sit at home.
    11. With the end of affordable energy and US global military protection (show in Ukraine and Taiwan to be as useless as a black studies degree) global trade will collapse, food prices will soar globally and most of Africa will march to Europe, over-running those places not defended by Russians.
    12. Ghislaine Maxwell will not survive January, being found dead in her cell of “suicide” with all the cameras turned off and the guards conveniently absent.

    I’m sure I am overlooking something even more stupid, self defeating, and cruel that either Biden or Hillary! will do.

    • Whiskey,

      You forgot to include southern Illinois in your 8th point. Everyone south of Effingham considers themselves in northern Kentucky. It truly is a different world compared to Crook County.

      From your mouth to Gods ears.

    • AZ will join in this “soft secession” after arresting the leadership of the Maricopa Democratic Party.

    • oh my god! i made it about a third in and had to bail!? how far did you get? jesus, it was like looking into the face of the medusa, from like one foot away…

    • Doom and gloom may be cathartic, but it isn’t actionable. And all predictions are probabilistic, but there’s enough handwriting on the wall to warrant getting up off the couch and rolling up your sleeves in the present tense.

      No one person is going to alter the course we’re on, so the name of the game is to focus on what you can do regardless of the Crazy enveloping the Earth. You CAN move out of the city and into a safer haven (rural small town is a good option). You CAN start eating better and exercising more (shed some pounds and add muscle). You CAN either start a personal armory or add to the one you’ve already got (no such thing as too much ammunition either). You CAN plant a garden this year (even if it’s just a tomato plant in a bucket). You CAN teach & train yourself to be more robust in the face of adversity (plenty of online tutorials & guidance). You CAN become skilled at staying under the radar and moving about incognito. And finally, you CAN start planning for a day when personal tangible action may be the only hope for survival. Smarter, not harder. 4S and focus.

    • You sure that’s not just a little optimistic? lol This could be a movie script, Mission Impossible meets The Expendables, Electric Boogaloo version.

    • Ridiculous and laughably absurd; you’re not living in reality. Nobody on this site is sane.

      • Here, you will be offered the black pill, the red pill, and the white pill, but there is nothing short of Racial Reality that can counteract the blue pill you have taken.

      • Brian, 2022 is the year we end racism and get back to normal!

        Remember, if you’re fully vaccinated, you’re protecting others!

      • All posts by this thing with the handle Green need to be stickied Z. This is our enemy. It cannot be reasoned with. It has no empathy. No humanity. I will leave it to more clever posters as to how to deal with it. Any solution will be quite difficult.

      • Brian, did you get the anally administered booster?? Experts say it’s up to 3x as effective! And 4x as tolerant!

  7. I predict!

    My wife and I will completely devour the box of Fannie Mae Pixies we opened an hour ago, before the new year arrives.

    Heroin never had such an effect on a person.

    Time to tune in TCM for some black and white classics.

  8. Here is my black swan prediction for the next 5 – 10 years.

    from what i read, there is a good possibility of a new “little ice age”, and that the earth is already in a cooling cycle. here is an abstract :

    Since 1990, the Sun has been in the declining phase of the quasi-bicentennial variation in total solar irradiance (TSI). The decrease in the portion of TSI absorbed by the Earth since 1990 has remained uncompensated by the Earth’s long-wave radiation into space at the previous high level because of the thermal inertia of the world’s oceans. As a result, the Earth has, and will continue to have, a negative average annual energy balance and a long-term adverse thermal condition. The quasi-centennial epoch of the new Little Ice Age has started at the end 2015 after the maximum phase of solar cycle 24. The start of a solar grand minimum is anticipated in solar cycle 27 ± 1 in 2043 ± 11 and the beginning of phase of deep cooling in the new Little Ice Age in 2060 ± 11. The gradual weakening of the Gulf Stream leads to stronger cooling in the zone of its action in western Europe and the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. Quasi-bicentennial cyclic variations of TSI together with successive very important influences of the causal feedback effects are the main fundamental causes of corresponding alternations in climate variation from warming to the Little Ice Age.


    as this happens, world food production crashes, and the human population is greatly reduced, world wide.

  9. “The icy hand of demographics begins to show up in formerly safe republican areas” Unfortunately, this will most likely be the most accurate prediction as the “leadership” of the party would rather lose every last race than see another Greene, or Boebert fill the ranks. I believe McCornhole even said so earlier this year, something to the effect of “I’m perfectly comfortable being in the minority.”
    Most of the people I know are saying the same thing, “Why should we give them the majority? They won’t do anything to stop the left.” and the party itself isn’t helping it’s members. I heard a rumor that the state party in Ohio has quietly redrawn Jordan’s district (most likely at the behest of that repulsive twerp Kasich.) so he now has to run someplace else. They did the same thing to Allen West in FL, courtesy of the Bush & Romney families. This was after his famous, “I didn’t come here to make friends” line in which he stated that his country was under attack from within and he would do everything to stop it.
    I have no predictions, although a friend of mine who is a captain in the sheriff’s office told me flat out to move out of NY, as the commies in Albany have made it their mission in life to out California, California, although I’m not sure where I’d go. I was thinking MT, possibly TN, but folks like us are running out of places to go, so there you have it. I do have a friend who is really into gardening and she did mention the possible scarcity of fertilizer next year.
    Z, I love what you do here and please keep it up. Everyone have a Happy New Year!

    • Steve: I hope the GOP dies. Loses all funding, all support, every last race. Whites who believe in voting or the system need to be hit with a 2 x 4 repeatedly.

      • I guess we’re all uckfed then. The brown invaders – egged on by the tiny hat crowd – will have no problem using what our ancestors built against us. Whites collectively have no plan to combat this war being waged against us, so what’s left?

        • Well if you did come up with a plan and an organization to combat this, you would soon find that your group was made up of around 60% federal agents and/or fed informers. You would also soon find yourself in an 8×8 cell for the rest of your life.

          So, there is really nothing we can do collectively until FedGov collapses and cannot pay its agents anymore.

          Until that day all you can do is move to an almost-all-white rural area, find ways to help your neighbors and make friends. Lift weights, lose weight, grow your own food. Quietly talk to your neighbors about how you will all respond when the cities collapse and black war bands come to your area looking for food and white pussy.

  10. OT: just thought of something, on the road today: why didn’t they make a normal vaccine for the coof, like with the flu? why use mRNA technology, when it is so broken and unready?

    • The mRNA stuff has been around for a while. Moderna has has a number of trials go bad because of the side effects, Vaccines were seen as a promising route to market (And mRNA technology, and Moderna in particular, has never brought a drug to market) because the side effects multiplied as doses increased- in number not just in size. Vaccines with their “one and done” history looked promising.
      The drive behind this is to get acceptance of the CRISPR technology that has been used in the genetic modification of crops, for use in humans.(It’s why Monsanto was snapped up by Bauer despite having a backlog of multi-billion dollar lawsuits pending.)
      Getting to use this on people is the dream and the end-goal of the transhumanists. Limited function serfdom for you, eternal superlife for them.

      The Flue panic has succeeded in getting the camel’s nose into the tent.

      • right, but have you ever seen this point mentioned anywhere else? have you ever thought of it? not being my usual mean self here, these are real questions.

        to me, this is just like Sherlock Holmes case, The Dog that Didn’t Bark.

    • Coronaviruses mutate too quickly and complexly to be thwarted by vaccines. By the time you’ve made a shot, the virus it’s based on doesn’t exist anymore.

      Every child used to learn this.

      Also true of today’s non-vaccines. The “boosters” being mandated now are against a virus that literally nobody on earth still carries.

      • exactly, this is the same as with flu shots; pick a strain (or three) and put out real vaccines for them specifically. new batch each season. why wasn’t this approach taken for Covid? could it have been?

    • It’s my understanding that Coronovirus vaccines, even the traditional dead-virus type, have always been ineffective and/or dangerous, which is why we don’t have a vaccine for the common cold.

    • IIRC, Merck tried to make a traditional vaccine (attenuated virus or some such), but then backed out because they came to realize the virus would mutate faster than they could make large enough batches to vaccinate against it. That is, natural immunity would occur faster than induced immunity.

  11. Predictions:

    Roe vs. Wade will hang around. Barrett is a virtue signaler and untrustworthy with her vibrant mudling. Why not adopt poor rural whites? There’s tons around here that need good families.

    I’ll lose my job at the Dept of Corrections. The clot shot isn’t mandatory yet, but I sense it coming.

    Covid will continue but will be mocked and ignored by most. Only the zealots will keep up the charade.

    A sex scandal brings down Joel Osteen. Been predicting that for years.

    Scott Adams croaks. The shot destroyed his immune system. Look at him. He looks like a zombie.

  12. 1. Harris gets her full ten years. They knew what they were getting when they brought her on.

    2. Conservatards will continue to lose and welcome their own replacement. This is because they’re fatter than Mexicans, dumber than Somalis, and have less survival instinct than a sponge. The FBI can’t outsmart the Somalis, but they’ll continue to easily outsmart the kind of moron who thinks Covid doesn’t exist.

    3. The move to open borders continues, with minor halfhearted gestures at damage control.

    • When the economy doesn’t improve; when it just keeps grinding down, we shall see how many want to stay in a country where they will be resented by everybody and hated by most.

      How many will stay when the gibs are gone? And I mean well and truly gone.

  13. So, almost zero predictions in the comments on immigration. I guess being erased and replaced is just a hoax.

    • My prediction is that there is a pause on immigration.

      I always held that the only ones who could ever stop it would be the democrats. I think they sense it is going sideways for them.

      Plus there could be some events that actually force us to shut the border or to get very serious about it very quick.

      Less a prediction and more of a hunch.

        • Southwest Florida for 10 days straight being in public places I saw less than a dozen black faces. In DC I can’t make it to the end of my block w/o seeing 20.

          I’m guessing the in-between places look that way too. The coasts are basically lost.

        • Tons of whites here in rural Florida.

          It’s like time stood still

          And people, still say “still” like “steel”

          Lots of blacks but they keep to themselves and don’t go to places I have been going to.

          Something to consider when looking at demographics in the rural south. Yes the data show lots of blacks, but unlike Los Angeles or probably most cities they don’t get up in your business and keep to themselves mostly. And small town or rural blacks aren’t the thugs you see in cities and are nice people. My guess is they hate the urban thugs as much as we do.

          Not an “answer” to our dilemma, but this kind of soft segregation is something I can live with if this is going to be as good as it gets. The landscape certainly is beautiful too. And plenty of farms for fresh food.

      • In regards to “So, almost zero predictions in the comments on immigration. I guess being erased and replaced is just a hoax.” I think stopping illegal immigration is critical but furthermore I want them sent back. I don’t care if we have to do it the gentle way, that is pay them or their country of origin (out of defense budget) to leave.

        “Lock her up” should be replaced by “Send them Home.”

    • delmar: Because it’s too late. It was too late DECADES ago. Whites are a minority k-12, and younger they are the smaller their share. Add in White average age and death and birth rates versus the various mystery meats, and replacement has already been achieved – conservatards just haven’t figured it out yet. But keep harping on that magic border fence. That’s sure to turn the millions and their children and grandchildren already here into instant freedom-loving ‘murrican patriots. Like Nikki Haley . . . and Ben Shapiro.

      • This is one of the few things that actually depresses me to think about. Let’s face some unpalatable facts here. Whites are going to be a minority in America. It’s a bit like saying ‘you have cancer.’ After the shock and the intense dismay if not grief, you get to the ‘so what to do?’ phase. Separation and secession seem to be the only options. But they require both a complete workover of culture and mentality and a collapse of the current regime (these may be two sides of the same coin). Hell, I’m talking myself into an accelerationist position here. There is an incredible logic to accelerationism, offset only by the fact that it is a dive into the unknown. Unknown except that it will be extremely uncomfortable.

        • Frankly, a collapse of the USA and/or the West sooner rather than later may be the only thing that can save and preserve the future of our people.

          The darker people over here can only exist because of the surplus thrown off by white society. A collapse that eliminates this surplus would leave the subcontinentals and muslims and Africans to fend for themselves, and they are not capable of this outside of tropical regions. Many would either perish or migrate back to their warm shitholes. Latinos are surprisingly resourceful and would probably carve out their own shithole region in the southwest.

          • Moreover, there is likely to be way less ethnic violence than doom-sayers predict. Many immigrants came here because they believed it was easier than staying in their home country and fighting and/or working. If they weren’t lazy or cowardly, they simply would have done what needed done at home, instead of shirking. If they have to fight or work to live here, most likely they’ll just leave again, hopefully to Canada.

        • The sooner things boil over the better for us. The odds, the demographics only get worse with time.

        • no, you are looking towards the past while you move into the future. in the recently deceased USA, whites were not a majority. in the countries that rise out of the ashes, it will be whites only. and the fukking cucks will at least be partially boiled off…

      • I’m pretty sure whites are already a minority in this country in absolute terms, or else barely moving the needle at 50%.

        White on-hispanic share decreased from 63.7% to 57.8% from 2010 to 2020.

        Furthermore, non-hispanic white includes people from N Africa, ME, and Central Asia who are white but not in the same bio-cultural sphere. We could whittle “whites” down further but I’ll stop there. There are about 3M MENAs (~0.9%) in this country. Central Asia’s negligible >1M. And we know about 1.8% of the population are special people.

        Taking those out brings non-hispanic white down to about 55%. In absolute numbers 182,050,000.

        Remembering Z’s comments about illegal immigration being about 3x what the ‘experts’ usually anticipate – 15M – that gives 45M illegal aliens. Gets tricky here b/c I’d have to read how the census bureau compiles their data and accounts for known low response populations. Easiest is just to add 30M onto the total.

        Adding 30M makes total population = 361M, so non-hispanic, non-MENA white comes out to 50.43%.

        We know that whites tend to answer the census in higher numbers so there could be more blacks, hispanics, and other populations. I know we have a lot of friends among hispanics, Jews, and others, this is just a rough accounting. If we cut out the Ellis Island fraternity from the figure to find old stock white Americans the number probably falls to ~40%, and that’s including the Irish.

    • My predictions re: immigration would be:

      Immigration from Europe, China, and most Asian countries stops or reverses.

      Immigration from Mexico stops.

      Immigration from south America and middle east slows down.

      A large number of “American” (((elites))) emigrate out.

      The party is almost over, so the guests will begin leaving, only the dumbest party crashers will begin to start showing up now. The biggest upside of imperial decline means foreign grifters leave. If the federal government goes bankrupt and has to spend within it’s means, I’d imagine a lot of third world imports will begin to leave.

  14. For discussion’s sake, I’m going to be a contrarian and say 2022 is the year the Left finally realizes Hillary! is a busted flush.

    She has done nothing but lose, going all the way back to 1993. It took them almost 20 years to ram socialized medicine through because she screwed the pooch so egregiously with Hillarycare. Had Bill not somehow been even worse with his trouser mishaps, her shenanigans at the Rose Law Firm would’ve damaged his administration almost as bad. She sent Sandy Burglar into the National Archives to smuggle documents out in his pants. She weaponized the FBI.

    And that’s all when she was merely First Lady! As Secretary she was an unmitigated disaster; we don’t need to rehash it all here. And worst of all, she lost to the Bad Orange Man, that ludicrous buffoon (and though the Media got high off the smell of their own farts with “Russian hacking,” the Party knows the truth). That’s 30 straight years of screw ups. I don’t care how many people she has buried in the Apparat, or how many shadowy assassins she has on call; she’s a disaster, stem to stern. And not a Bernie Sanders-type disaster, who is happy to get shafted every four years in order to buy another beach house. She tries, and fails, egregiously, even though they pull out all the stops for her time and again (e.g. cutting deals with Bernie to shaft him as the nominee in 2016; he was cruising before that “superdelegates” thing).

    And yeah, Barack Obama is far too stupid and lazy to build a political machine… but yet, here we are in Barky’s third term. Even the Dems eventually figure out when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em; after 30 years, I think they finally fold ’em on Herself.

    (and I can’t wait to see who they pick to be Kamala’s VP. Maybe Bernie finally gets his reward….?)

    • O’Bama or Herself! will be Kamala’s Veep. Until she resigns. And there’s a precedent in Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockefeller. There’s prolly “a conservative case” for it.

    • I predict that Hillary will start an obscene OnlyFans channel and make millions doing live sex streams for low T, progressive Zoomers. (I fear that my nephew may be one of them.)

  15. I predict not a single official or public employee will serve time over the 400 billion dollars of covid unemployment money that was looted by alleged foreign gangs last year.

    • I would bet a large amount if not majority of that money found its way into the usual benefactors bank balances of all the other tax payer looting activities.

      “Foreign gangs” is just a nice wrap up to dead end any investigation.

  16. No prognostications about blowback from the poison jab? More & more is coming to light that the damn things are killing people.

    • Boarwild: They’re killing primarily healthy young White people who’ve been the first to line up and get jabbed. And do you honestly expect all those devoted White mothers to admit they willingly offered their beloved solo child to Baal? That they deliberately poisoned them out of social signaling zeal? No way. Already the few who’ve protested have claimed they ‘didn’t know’ or ‘no one told me.’ And they’ve still proceeded to push for everyone else to jab their children.

      Most White women are still firmly on the Karen train, and they won’t ever get off willingly. They’ll leave their oppressive White husbands before they’ll forego getting their children vexxed.

      • “Most White women are still firmly on the Karen train, and they won’t ever get off willingly.”

        I certainly seems this way, but I don’t think it’s true. Rather, it only seems this way because the most vocal white women are leftists and Covidians whose views are amplified by the media and social acceptance. In contrast, reasonable white women are silenced by peer pressure and social media censorship.

        And let’s face it. Mothers who refuse to get their kids vaxxed aren’t going to brag about it on Facebook, lest they lose their accounts, or even worse, open their front door to see Child Services on their doorstep.

          • I disagree. Know a lot of moms who have said little publicly (which is implied as consent) but privately are quite good with inkjet printers and paper cutters if you know what I mean.

      • Most White women are still firmly on the Karen train, and they won’t ever get off willingly. They’ll leave their oppressive White husbands before they’ll forego getting their children vexxed.

        It’s hard to disagree with this. Going into stores the most dutifully face-diapered demographic are white women of all ages.

        Karenism is an enormous problem. I wish I had a reasonable solution to solve it.

        • Women become Karens because men arent imposing a proper moral order on society. I don’t blame them for yelling at inconsiderate d-bags or apathetic service workers; dealing with those sorts is grating and makes the common part of daily life unpleasant. A lot of men are asleep at a lot switches, which is why so many things suck.

      • plenty of mexicans and asians are jabbed too. it’s a world wide thing. look at poor israel (heh) they have handed every single one of their kids over to Jaal (see what i did there? :P). as well as all the adults.

  17. “Conservative Inc. begins to show some serious problems as the decline of their donor base begins to accelerate.”

    On a somewhat related note. Salvation Army is currently broadcasting here pleas/apologies from the top “general” that their recent website “wokeness” was a mistake and that they don’t believe any race is guilty—or should feel guilty— for any past misconduct of their people…yada, yada, yada… A direct refutation of CRT.

    Further that SA believes in equality of all and that the SA has much charitable work to do and please send them donations (OK, he didn’t quite say that exactly, but that was the essential meaning of his dribble.)

    So what about this? Well, it means that the White race, when woken from it’s slumber, still has the ability to make these grifters hurt and to affect these woke organizations. GOP, SA, whomever.

    I’ve heard SA donations down 40% and still falling. Their begging letters send to me are returned with a simple: “Go woke, go broke” scribbled on them. Screw them. Don’t send them a nickel. Don’t play that game, they are simply selling “indulgences”.

    • I used to always hit their red buckets @ Christmas, but after that asinine comment from the corporate wokster, I gave them all a pass this year. And I told a woman ringing the bell why & she admitted it was a horrible mistake.

      • Boarwild: It wasn’t a mistake – it was what they believe. Their ‘apology’ is just as sincere as all the public figures who’ve been caught doing ‘x’ – merely for public consumption. Behind the scenes nothing has changed. Salvation Army has NEVER been pro-White and I’ve never given them a nickel.

        • 3g4me. Yep, I would have elaborated, but cut the posting short. The SA head honcho did *not* really apologize.

          As an old schooler, there are a number of things we were taught must be included in a sincere apology. One, the apologist must accept complete responsibility for his actions. This was not done.
          Two, the apologist must attempt to correct/redress the misdeed as much as possible. A refutation of CRT was not done, just an attempt to imply “that’s not what we meant.” (See item one)
          Three, the apologist must assure that the wrong will not be repeated. I’ve yet to hear of any of the perpetrators of the woke website post being removed and fired/separated from the organization.

          So, 3g4me, you are absolutely correct—there really was no apology, merely an attempt to win back the naive Whites who mindlessly send the SA organization donations in order to feel good.

          • Yes, clearly a “non-apology apology”.

            A “sorry that you feel that way” passive-aggressive response.

        • Checked their web site. Items # 2&3 of 16 functions prominently featured on page 1 are:

          LGBTQ Support

          Commitment to Diversity

          They can protest mis-interpreted intent all they want. They are on-board and woke …

    • Wait..are you saying blacks and Hispanics did not pick up the tab after Whites decided not to contribute to the Salvation Army? It looks like these natural conservatives would pick up the slack.

      The cowardly, treacherous GOP soon will experience the same treatment.

      • Jack: Would love to agree, but then I think back to all the comments here by people who insist that not voting is willingly giving victory to whomever. Never underestimate the pathological altruism and stupidity of the average ‘murrican.

        • I don’t underestimate the stupidity, but the GOP has a special knack for it. I’m going to offer another prediction here that helps explain why I think this is why Whites will abandon the Republicans rather soon. The GOP will pick up quite a few former Hispanic Democrat seats along the Rio Grande next cycle precisely because those people are hit really hard by open borders. But instead of learning anything, the Republicans will kowtow to Hispanics by throwing the border open even wider ’cause natural conservatives. They will openly fellate Mestizos and have a few going around preaching in Spanish the virtues of lower capital gains tax rates.

          They consequently will bleed off more Whites and their new besties will ditch them. Mark it. Something close to this will happen. It just takes losing ten percent of Whites and the GOP gets thrown on the pile with the Whigs.

          • nope. people stupid enough to get their kids jabbed, wil be more than upto the task of being stupid enough to continue voting GOP.

    • “I’ve heard SA donations down 40% and still falling. Their begging letters send to me are returned with a simple: “Go woke, go broke” scribbled on them.”

      At one time, I might’ve felt guilty for smiling at this. Not anymore.

      The SA donations got me thinking…How many of these donations help our people, anyway? My guess is very few. The setup is probably similar to the tax code, where white people pay and other groups benefit.

      It’s funny that so many of us never considered this question until they openly disparaged us. “Why am I paying out when my people get nearly nothing in return?”

      It makes one consider the larger political picture, that white people have quietly paid their taxes and did their part without question until the powers-that-be started openly hating us. But now that the mask has slipped, it certainly gets one thinking.

      • If one actually sat down and listed the orgs that receive tax and charity money net from whites then listed their activities in a second column you would

        1. be shocked at the sheer scale of the grift industry
        2. realize 95% of them are actively promoting and contributing to your destruction.

        • I stopped donating blood to the Red Cross when they appointed Elizabeth Dole as head on $500k per year.
          1995 ish I believe. I gave blood every quarter because I’d once needed a couple of pints, So that’s about 100 pints they didn’t get from me.

        • By law, charities must pay out…3, as in three, percent of their take.

          An East Coast take:
          “Bob, they’re after me, hold my money for a while. When they come after you, I’ll hold yours.”

        • My brother, who is a diehard Trump believer, can’t help but express his dismay at the multiple emails he receives everyday from Trump allies shaming him for not giving more.

          Grifters, all the way down.

          • And what will this money go for? That’s the question a friend recently asked me after receiving yet another fund-raising text.

            It’s a good question, because the GOP never spends it on things that matter. Stop-the-Steal, in particular, was nothing but a grift.

            Like a dumb-ass, I donated to it. Seeing what they did with it (basically nothing) made me decide that I’ll never donate to these hucksters again.

          • That is on of the huge problems with our side.

            Anyone soft peddling easy solutions has real opportunities to grift.

            The most recent example Jack Murphy

            ‘Conservative Influencer’ Jack Murphy, Who Teaches Men to Be Alphas, Is an Amateur Gay Porn Star

            Also nearly the entire mainstream right has a very similar world view to the Commies Dialectal Materialism

            The idea that the US or whatever passes for its prosperity is a European Derived Christian Nation with some enlightenment principles is our posterity is utterly alien to them

            All that matters is money and buying a cheap pair of shoes is more American than our entire history

            We have to ensure our movements are free from people like that .

            Do that and we have a shot at reform. However to do so requires a shift in thinking to the paranoid and low trust, the kind of society that is harder to subvert that the open one we used to be blessed with

        • Some of these org’s are so ridiculous in purpose, as to be apparent to any sentient being.

          Here’s an example. One particular local “Charity” was for a number of years collecting funds and other donations for *toiletries*. Yep, toothbrushes, soap, small towels, etc. for the victims of natural disasters. They’d then charter a plane to fly the crap to third world disaster areas.

          Had a friend who liked the idea. I could never convince him of the ridiculousness of sending toothpaste to earthquake victims who no longer even have a hovel to brush their teeth in.

          Then came 9/11 and this organization rolled out the publicity machine and went full bore for the poor NYC “victims”—now all dead. I stated plainly to him, “Do you really believe there is one New Yorker tonight who was involved in 9/11 and needs toiletries?” “You know that none of the “victims” are homeless, right? Just dead.”

      • Any “charity” that spends more than 5 percent of its annual revenue on administration and overhead is a corporate scam and its donors are chumps.

    • White people are still the majority of the charitable donations, so of course they are going to still have disproportionate power when it comes to organizations like the SA. I have a feeling that if the woke liberal Christians who are currently ruining so many churches push things too far you will see a similar reaction there. I haven’t seen the numbers but I have a feeling the majority of the donations going to churches come from Whites. Would be a shame if those donations were to stop…

      With the demographic changes and Whites becoming a minority there could be a silver lining here. We are the ones who have the most to offer in a technological civilization. If White people just said screw it and stopped keeping the lights on things would collapse pretty damned quick. The power is ours if we would only realize it and then use it.

      • whom do you think is moving out of the blue states? white people. none of the muds are moving an inch. the blue areas will collapse within a couple of years because of this talent and brain drain.

        • Sure, the collapse will occur—and is occurring—if you look at State budget deficits in those Blue States. However, the “muds” are free to move along with the Whites and *will* move to where the freebies are still plentiful. Sigh…

          • Most non Whites prefer to live among their own kind and not among hostile Whites who won’t allow any one to employ them or given them a dime.

            We’ll get that universal attitude soon enough

            Here in California, though you’ll never hear it our ability to do big projects is almost nil now. Sure we can build houses well enough but its becoming harder to keep utilities running and do things like rewiring schools.

            I know a major multinational company name redacted who has lost nearly every engineer in L.A. as they won’t pay enough and frankly the people actually good at that kind of work as vs credentialed don’t want to live in L.A.

            After COVID its went too “You can’t pay me enough.”

            Mass Boomer retirement and die off has gutted the skills base and there are are very few replacements anywhere

            Its going to get worse everywhere and most of the US will resemble a 2nd or 3rd tier nation.

            Now as for demography,

            Not that here in Cali no one Black or Brown is having huge numbers of kids and where I live the “high fertility” types are White

            All you need to do is stop immigration , expel some people and create the conditions where our women have our have babies. You fix the country in a couple of generations.

            Its not easy but our desire for easy solutions cripples us. Its all hard ugly and cruel going forward a

            Future generations will never have the easy pleasant life of say a kid from a solid middle class home in the 80’s

            At least as the collapse rolls on they’ll eat and carry the future forward which is all they can ask.

          • With the enviro-idiots running California, Mexican rule will be an improvement. Unfortunately, they’ll probably ship all the Blacks to Arizona. Asian-run Silicon Valley will be clean and prosperous but Whites will not be welcome.

    • can you give the general a message from KVH: fuck off and die you disgusting piece of shit. thanks! 🙂

    • It is with great delight that I watch all the altruistic organizations that I used to support die.

      Not only are these ‘woke’ institutions worthless, but they spit on the ONLY people who volunteer. The ‘New Americans’ that they are so delighted to cater to NEVER lift a finger to do anything ‘for the good of the people’.

      Volunteerism disappears when Whites disappear. And I will happily accelerate that process. Of course I will still volunteer, but it will exclusively be for MY tribe.

  18. I do wonder if 2022 will be the year when the people down below begin to take over the Republican party on a grassroots level….a spark to the tinder so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero hopes for democracy but I wonder if the insanity via the coof, trannies and blatant anti-white propaganda is finally waking normie up. Biggest sign of the times for me will be whether or not a stronk black womanz like gap-toothed Stacy down in Georgia managed to steal/win the governor’s race. White people in GA will lose their fricking minds if she pulls it off and that might possibly be the grain of sand that causes sandcastle that is the state GOP to come crumbling down.

    A man can hope, right?

    • My hope is that an Abrams governorship will fuel the drive for secession by counties contiguous with FL, AL, and TN. America was founded as a federation of European states. It’s time to ensure that as many real Americans as possible have local self rule by returning to that model. It’s also time for the Georgian financial class and their cheap labor in Atlanta (an overflowing toilet bowl of diversity) to enjoy living together without the tax base and social capital of the rest of the state to prop up their grift.

  19. The collapse of Turkey is also my big prediction for the coming year- it will flood Europe with refugees.

  20. Yesterday, I cheated a bit by giving 10-year predictions, which will never be remembered or checked, so I’ll give my predictions for 2022, so I can see how I did next year.

    1. Biden and Harris remain in office

    I’ll even go so far as to say that Biden makes it through his term in office. However, Harris “chooses” to leave in 2023 because . . .

    2. GOP wins – but not huge – in the midterms

    The GOP takes back some seats but not enough to consider it more than a blackeye for the Dems. As Z says, it doesn’t matter because the GOP actually helps pass some type of Build Back Better version, claiming victor because it’s a bit smaller than the Dems asked for. GOP voters lose even more faith and respect for the GOP as a result, and this pushes populism even more into the forefront.

    The Dems use the GOP midterm victory as an excuse to push out Harris but that happens in 2023.

    3. Inflation is feature, not a bug, to the Fed’s plan

    2022 is the year that everyone figures out that the Fed wants a decent amount of inflation for some time and couldn’t stop it even if the Fed wanted to. The Fed’s plan is to use inflation to bring down debt to GDP. By running inflation at 5% to 7% for several years, you get nominal GDP growth of 7% to 9%, even though the real economy is only growing at 1% to 2%.

    If you keep govt bond yields at ~2%, federal revenues grow much faster than interest on the debt and you presumably can grow your way out of your debt. We can already see this happening with debt to GDP falling from 135% to 122%.

    Which means . . .

    4. Fed tapers but doesn’t allow rates to rise much

    The fed will taper but will only reduce it buying of treasuries by around the same amount as the govt is expected to reduce its spending, i.e., no real change. The fed might raise rates a slight bit but will pull back immediately if the stock market starts to tank.

    Because inflation is here to stay, the bond market realizes that treasuries will be yielding a negative 3% to 5% for the next couple of years. Only financial institutions forced to buy bonds will do so, leaving a void in the market which will be filled by the fed and possibly stablecoins that due to regulation will be forced to hold treasuries.

    However, the Fed’s plan to reduce debt to GDP is thwarted by the Dems who pass yet another stimulus package which pushes up the debt despite the low interest rates. In fact, the Dems are so stupid that they think that the low interest rates mean they should borrow like crazy.

    But the govt has to provide stimulus because . . .

    5. The real economy slows considerably in 2022

    The economy will still grow but at a much slower rate. This will push the govt to stimulate and push up the debt, which will be paid for by more fed money printing because no one who isn’t forced to own treasuries will buy them.

    The printing will continue, and, as a result, the rest of the world continues laying the groundwork to move away from the dollar as the sole reserve currency.

    6. China/Taiwan

    Nothing. The Chinese keep up the pressure but play the long game and just let the US slowly decline and let the Taiwanese slowly realize that reunification is going to happen someday.

    6. Riots

    Quiet year. The Dems back off vaccine mandates. The behind-the-scenes money keeps a lid on BLM and Antifa by cutting off a lot of their money. The govt keeps sending people checks.

    Overall, 2022 is an erosion year. One the surface, things seem relatively calm, but the forces undermining our society and economy continue eating away at their foundation.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi CoSC, questions regarding predictions:

      3. “If you keep govt bond yields at ~2%, federal revenues grow much faster than interest on the debt and you presumably can grow your way out of your debt.” Aren’t bond rates set by market and mirror (within few percent) real inflation? So if real inflation goes to 7%, market dictates bond interest must go to 8 or 9% too?

      • Not anymore. The big buyers of treasury bonds these days are the fed, foreign investors (remember, foreign yields are even lower than treasuries) and mutual funds (mostly target date funds that are cost agnostic).

        The fed is effectively doing yield curve control by buying bonds from the market until it achieves its desired interest rate. Now, the fed doesn’t control the yields on corporate bonds but they tend to play off of the yields on treasury bonds, so they’re pretty low too.

        The fed has been telling the bond market that inflation was temporary, now it has acknowledged that it wasn’t temporary as it thought, but don’t worry we’ll tighten to get inflation under control. So far, the bond market has taken the fed at its word. If the fed fails to live up to its word again but not stopping inflation over the next six months or so, the bond market might decide it time to dump bonds of all flavors, which would be a mess.

        But the fed can’t tighten too much. It’ll crash the stock market and probably the economy. But not tightening allows inflation to stay high, which pisses off the bond market.

        The fed is in a tough spot. I feel a bit bad for them. And, frankly, Congress and Biden keep making their job harder.

        There really is no good way out. If you let inflation run to drive down the debt to GDP (assuming Congress doesn’t keep spending like crazy, which isn’t a great assumption), you absolutely crush bond holders.

        Btw, this is exactly what the U.S. did after WWII. It held interest rates down way below inflation, the govt kept deficits low, and the country grew its way out of high debt. But it came at the cost of killing bond holders. That wasn’t too big a deal at the time because the economy was going incredibly well and the stock market soared.

        We don’t have any of those things in place now.

    • Re 6. China/Taiwan. Agree that nothing is going to happen. But nothing will happen less because of China’s patience and more because Taiwan increasingly doesn’t want to reunify. Taiwan is richer per capita, has a better quality of life, and doesn’t want to give that up. And Taiwan now has a model for what reunification looks like in Hong Kong. The model shows that reunification was favorable to China but unfavorable to Hong Kong with its loss of wealth and autonomy. Taiwanese polling now shows increasing interest in maintaining separation from China. This lean towards maintaining status quo and/or declaring independence will increasingly be reflected in their cultural and governmental attitudes (e.g., promotion of we wuz never Chinese mindset, alliance building, military reform, continued increased investment in defense capability, etc)

      There are good lessens here for DR types in the US. Big rewards exist for any political entity that can reduce/break federal government power and influence. Entities that gain some measure of independence will be better off than ones bound tightest to fedgov. We see this already with demographic shift away from NY, CA towards TX and FL. Enabling policies that continue to loosen fedgov control should be a focus of the right as it begins to win elections in 2022.

      • It is interesting that Hillary has begun to get back into the news again. I just can’t believe that the Dem establishment is that stupid.

        Yes, Harris is worse that Hillary, barely. But Hillary is worse than almost anyone else. It just shows how bereft of ideas and talent that the Dems are.

        • The mass diversity plan backfired pretty hard on all of the Left.

          The White Left, All for the Blacks , Liberal Latinos and assorted Lefty Asians are all incompatible with one another and as the perpetual 1968 crowd dies off, it breaks down into ethnic bloc voting

          The last push of the establishment to hold a multi national fake country together is “Conservative Hispanics.” weird enough. They are a real thing in my neck of the woods Trump flags, One America News, you name it . One guy was running FJB stuff long before it was a thing.

          They are actually pretty good Americans, staunchly anti immigration , very Right Wing in a populist way . Do not hate Whites. Alas its at most 25% of Hispanics and that’s being rather generous.

          It won’t work and the end result is ethnic bloc voting, White Right and Friends (a tiny number of Blacks, the Hispanics above and a few Asians) against everyone else.

          This will end up in dissolution of powers and once reserve currency stops being a thing or inflation stays around for a while, the union will just get weaker.

          Eventually some Stacy Abrams type will end up running the Donkeys and the net result will just be a big fat no. Good chance of a collapse.

          Good for us.

          As long as the White percentage is whatever comes next is at 75% it can be shoehorned into working.

          This won’t be as White as when we were founded but the odd abuela here and there isn’t going to matter very much.

          If we get very lucky we can shoot the orcs and the money boys and leave a nation that is 80% White Right maybe a bit more and we’ll do OK at managing our decline

          • A rejuvenated White America could use minorities as an imperialist export. American minorities are supposedly proud of their heritage, but they’re VERY proud to be American vis a vis their cousins in the old country. Imagine ruling Mexico through repatriated Mexican-Americans and the proverbial third sons of white families who have the impulse for adventure.

            Don’t think African-Americans would do as well in Africa but I’m very willing to try.

  21. Happy New Years you guys!

    Z, I am wondering what the future holds for the real dissidents. Guys like yourselves, the folks here, the wanks and wits at Blab. I dunno if I should say this… but awhile back you said something and the rotten wood between my ears began to smolder.

    About libertarians, you said akin to “they just sit on the sidelines, pretending to hold the moral high ground as they snipe at the real players out on the field.” I’m sorry… but I am beginning to see the Dissidents in that light too. Do you think the dissidents can ever go beyond secret meetings and internet enclaves? Or does the system have to crash and burn first?

    • if you wanted to go surfing, what would you do at the water’s edge, to make a wave appear? that is the answer to your question. the thing about emergent systems is…they take time to emerge :). noone has to wait for the great leader, or a meet up, or anything else. every person is reacting and changing right now, not just one set or group. live *your* life in a way that facilitates the changes you want to see in society.

      • If you wanted to go surfing you’d go to where the waves are not just to the nearest waters edge.

        • exactly. and even then, you have to *wait* for the wave to appear. two seperate and necessary steps. you cannot conjur the wave when you want it, nor can people start acting out for change (on our side) until the conditions occur organically.

  22. Here is my humble offering on the prediction pyre:

    I predict a LOT of clinical depression and real malaise in the liberal circles, as they find that the COVID hysteria will not really end. At least in the Blue Cities. These people, especially the ones in GOV/NGO/academia (and quite a few medical) really do believe in “ending,” and not the real-reality tour of neverending hotfixes, patches, mission creep (of the unstable complex system type)… These are the ones that came up to me in March ’20, saying, “Don’t worry! In a month or two, it will be like the Roaring Twenties! There will be so much pent-up buyer demand when this is over, you’ll have trouble keeping up! There will be celebrating in the street!” … I openly guffawed at them, and they stood there in confusion. Now, I see that confusion coming back to the same people, but increased. I am seeing a lot of depression save for the real over-the-top ones.

    If you are in the online therapy business, get ready for a whalloping good business year.

    Bless you, Z, on your escape.

    • I predict a LOT of clinical depression and real malaise in the liberal circles, as they find that the COVID hysteria will not really end. At least in the Blue Cities.

      Watching these fools attempt to stay on the hamster wheel of compliance so they can attend sportsball and go to Broadway shows is going to be a beautiful.

      • As you are wont to say, “You just love to see it”.

        God grant that this be so; they’ve had plenty of time to ramp up the Pride, now is a good time for the Fall, and a great big one.

    • this is why the panic is ending, the fanatics have burned out their brains – literally. they cannot rage any longer, and are left with crippling damage to their cognitive facilities. going to be a lot of suicides in this group, even more than usual i mean.

    • Sadly you’re right.

      I know a boomer couple in their late 70s who are really depressed now. They keep whining that this isn’t how they wanted to spend their “golden years” and that they’re so tired of “this whole covid thing”.

      They completely trust the media and the government and have been following all the rules. I do feel bad for them but at the same time they’re getting what they deserve.

      • don’t feel bad for them at all. old people are selfish and don’t give a shit about anyone else. they just pretend to 😛

  23. My predictions:

    1. Male opposition to women in politics becomes more vocal and more pronounced

    2. I finally get off my ass and go to the post office to send Zman the $50 I keep meaning to send him.

    My other prediction

    The USPS actually gets it delivered and doesn’t “lose” it (I.e. Laquisha doesn’t steal it)

    • Re # 1 we’re gonna need a term for the growing numbers who think ‘conservative’ should mean 1850 and not 1950 mainstream positions. ‘Paleo’ doesn’t begin to cover it, they’re basically mid-20th century. ‘Jurassic conservative’ or ’19th century conservative’ don’t sit well in the mouth. Maybe ‘T-Rex-servative’ or ‘Saber-servative’ lol

      • people in the 19th century were very objective, so maybe we could call ourselves “Objectivists”?

        • Ayn Rand, let’s see what she was all about. She marries at the fine youngish age of 24, to a guy she picks up, by obstructing some movie making or something. Later this cuck gives up his job so ‘she can focus on writing.’ It will surprise no one that this marriage produced zero offspring. Later she has an affair with a boy 25 yrs her junior, with hubby knowing about it. Class act.

          This was a high-testo frustrated broad going through life shit-testing the cr*p out of everything and everyone. In fact, her writings are so conspicuously anti whatever the commies were doing that, speaking of Stalin, guess who she was probably shit-testing? Every American had failed her shit-tests by then. Hitler’s not only dead, he turned out to be a loser. And let’s be honest, killing 20 million, locking up God knows how many and winning a world war, that’s pretty F-ing alpha. Ayn Rand’s writings are the angry sh*t-tests of the only man who could possibly have passed her tests, Uncle Joe “I count my killings in millions” Stalin. She’d be pleasantly surprised if he was in hell, waiting for her.

          • Nice.

            I normally never use the stupid parentheses but ((Ayn Rand)) ugh.

            A nihilistic serial killer loving Eurasian Jewess however much we share a detestation for tyranny and a supposedly love for freedom is no model for a European society.

            There is a reason Objectivisim was cribbed for the Satanic Bible , its a Satanic philosophy might as well come right out of the adversaries mouth.

  24. Ennie beanie
    Chilli beanie

    The spirits are about to speak;
    Are they friendly spirits?
    Let’s look!

    I predict! (Say it like you mean it)

    ZMan will be absolutely, positively, lead pipe cinch correct, that he will leave Lagos and finish his book in 2022.

    Take it to the bank!
    Bet the house on it!

    As for his other predictions, I have no idea if they will come to fruition, but a boy can dream that they do.

    Happy New Year to all, and to quote Robert Barnes;

    Never in writing; always in cash.

  25. Okay I’m going to make a prediction, everyone else did.

    Covid is going to ramp down but then another virus is going to appear and all the same measures will go in place but this time faster because everyone’s prepped and if that one fades another one will appear and this is going to be a constant ratchet action until iworldwide total control has been achieved in the name of health or total collapse. I know it sounds grim but I think total collapse is the best case scenario for white people.

    • The fowl-flu is making a comeback in Israel, and Candida auris has been detected in Oregon. Worth keeping an eye on l

    • Biden just committed the DOD to building a rapid test production facility located in Wisconsin.

      To be completed in 3 years.

      This is never going to end. Ever.

      • These things always burn out, usually within three years, for two very good reasons. First, by the time you notice an infectious disease is deadly, it’s too late to prevent deaths. The panic, therefore, is a delayed reaction and eventually people calm down and realize that the germ is here to stay and first round of death was inevitable.

        Second, economic problems rear their heads and force health concerns to take a backseat or be an individual matter. Essentially, there’s no point not risking getting the virus if that means you’ll starve. Now that inflation is coming in hot and supply chains are in complete disarray, a week of the flu pales in comparison to chronic homelessness, so most people and policy-makers are going to brush off health concerns and focus on economic concerns.

        Hopefully, the panic at the COVID will remind people that prevention is better than treatment, and that hygiene is better than medicine. The best way to defend against infectious diseases is functioning indoor plumbing, regular trash collection, controlled borders, and consistent hand washing. Haphazard jabs and intubation are poor substitutes.

  26. Emmanuel Macron will win reelection in France, defeating Vélerie Pécresse in the second round of elections. It is, however, possible that Pécresse will contest the election, due to mail-in and electronic voting used because of covid restrictions. If she does, the Constitutional Court will rule the Macron victory legitimate. Covid vaccination will be made mandatory and there will be substantial tax hikes later in 2022.

    Both Biden and Harris will be in office on December 31, 2022. 2023 will be the year to watch since Harris can finish Biden’s term and still be elected to two additional terms. She may be personally unlikeable, but there are strong forces backing her.

    • That Algerian Jewish fellow has no chance ?

      I don’t think he’d be able to accomplish much but it would be a good sign the French are getting sick of globohomo, and that is something to build upon.

        • Hun: Pretty sad situation, really. Le Pen kicked her own father out of the party, changed its name and image to become more Juice friendly, and she’ll split the ‘nationalist’ vote with an Algerian Juice. Whatever happened to the Gilet Jauns and Catholic Generation Identitaire? Was it banned in France as in Germany? 2021 was a piss-poor year for White nationalists overall; don’t really expect 2022 to be any better.

        • Those 2 strike me as similar to the joke about the 10 Feds undercover in a 10 person militia arresting each other and about as real.

          • Nah, I like Zemmour. Can’t go wrong with a based Pied Noir. If he were to win (possible, especially if France has another big terror attack before the election) his would be the most right wing democratic government w/r/t immigration and cultural issues since you know who in 1933.

            BTW, ignore all election polling with this guy. Zemmour will be so anathematized by the media that there will be few honest answers to polling questions prior to the election. If he is elected, it will seem to be a surprise.

          • We shall see. I may be wrong.

            The reason I am suspicious is precisely the very large amount of media coverage of the guy.
            Like Le Penn who got lots of coverage and did everything to undermine herself seemingly.

            Real opposition without backers in most of Europe, especially given the huge number of speech crime laws, get memory holed and harassed by the police not invited on 3 hours shows.

      • Jean-Marie Le Pen likes Zemmour. Jean-Marie was always correct about the downfall of France re immigration.

      • Zemmour is the shit, been hearing incredible things about his rallies from my friends there.
        Elections are still bellwethers. And his election would be a huge legitimization of anti-immigration/anti-islamization in France.

    • The last time Macron won, I recall seeing at least one news article mentioning shockingly low crowds to his inauguration parade. It made me wonder if the guy was truly elected or was simply installed through election shenanigans.

      I suspect the latter.

      • Macron was the choice of the elite in 2017 but his election was probably legitimate; Marine Le Pen just frightened too many people and came off poorly in the debate with Macron. An election contest between Macron and Pécresse will be much closer. (The policy differences between the two are difficult to measure with a micrometer, and Macron’s image as a competent manager is tarnished.) Because of that, Macron will be much more tempted to resort to electoral engineering (electronic and mail-in votes, in-person voting only by vaccinated people) to win, using Covid and the public health crisis, as an excuse.
        I like Zemmour, but the media hostility is beyond intense and he is having a difficult time getting on the ballot and holding rallies.

  27. I think you went big. There are a lot of bold predictions in there. But the new game of “Finding the infiltrator” sounds like so much fun it almost makes me want to go to one of these things.

    Happy New Year!

    • Whitney: Won’t it be nice when the decent looking, reasonably fit White guy WON’T automatically be suspect as the infiltrator? Here’s to White men going GALT on the government and all its organs. Let them fill their ranks with nothing but POX and trannies.

    • Hmppfffff.

      Now that the Establishment has given the Feebs the permission to manufacture evidence… infiltration may no longer be necessary…
      Just like those poor Jan 6 “domestic terrorists”. Have a few beers too many, end up in an unofficial tour of the capital buildings… and into the can you go with no legal rights.

      I predict somebody is going to get shot and seriously deserve it. Maybe a larger version of the Kyle Rittenhouse deal but with more players and more bodies.

  28. “The collapse of conservative talk radio will accelerate as that audience ages off and people simply stop listening to terrestrial radio in general.”

    I hope not. The nicest and most beautiful radios ever made were AM only. Radios started turning into ugly plastic boxes right around the time FM stereo got standardized in the early-mid 60s.

    In Europe there is no AM radio anymore. But conservative talk radio has helped keep AM alive in America and I get to tune into the Grand Ole Opry every Friday night on 650 AM from more than a thousand miles from Nashville on my beautiful cathedral AM radio. I can pick up Chicago routinely on AM, even with an el-cheapo transistor radio.

    • heh radios got *smaller* when the transistor came along, and replaced tubes. you should know that 😛

      • Yeah, but they also got junkier and uglier. Don’t get me wrong, I like modern technology as much as the next guy, but the styling is nothing like the old style. They do make some “replica” radios of the old days, but they’re just so cheesy.

        It wasn’t just transistors. By the mid 70s, 1/2 of the functions of a radio were in ICs. Today you cannot even buy a discrete component radio. I don’t use any modern radios in my house. They tend to be very choppy and unless it’s high end, the AM is just horrible.

  29. I think your attempt at sarcasm will result in a lower success rate when you review your predictions for 2022 this time next year. You’ll be at the Scott Adams level of predictive success.

  30. “I finish my book and I become more popular than Jesus.”

    Does this mean lots of interviews/shill tour? You don’t do enough interviews. It’ll be nice.

  31. Not a prediction, but rather my sincerest hope is that 2022 becomes the USA version of the Year of Living Dangerously. As soon as the latte shortage commences, Normie starts his descent into visceral madness and goes postal by first flopping on the floor spastically, then jumps up into a vortex of whining and wailing, and finally runs out into the street with a .357 revolver he’s been keeping in a shoebox in the closet (and has never fired before). At which point he gets gunned down by a 90 year old spinster firing a shotgun through her front window. Then the butterfly effect kicks in and it’s Katy-bar-the-door time. Before you know it, lead is flying everywhere and no one can hit a damn thing except by accident. The frenzy spreads like wildfire and entire communities erupt in an orgy of pent-up rage. Eventually the pitchforks come out and mobs form up at the doors of city hall and boardrooms everywhere. When the smoke clears and the lamp posts are full, rebirth may finally begin with the death of affluence and it’s handmaiden, the Crazy.

    One can dream!

  32. My 2022 Prediction: Biden will die some time in early spring, and, in a panicked scramble worthy of an 80s sitcom, his handlers rig him up to a series of fishing wires and manipulate his corpse while a ventriloquist reads the words from offstage, somewhere in the wings. People notice that this Biden no longer struggles with reading the teleprompter and is no longer even prone to gaffes. They also shoot Biden full of formaldehyde, which improves his complexion and smell quite a bit. His approval ratings each Obama first term levels.

    Meanwhile, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Merrick Garland, reading auguries in the entrails of a disemboweled gentile baby, learn from their father, the Fallen Prince, that they must quickly arrest and imprison the meddlesome priest Ron DeSantis, the only one who could potentially thwart their unholy mission. Reading the signs correctly, they begin to seed friendly media outlets in the news with stories of DeSantis’s Russian collusion. When it comes to light, that, much like Michael Cohen, DeSantis once visited Prague and even watched “Rocky IV” on cable, he will be imprisoned, at least until after the election. The Republicans, having no other choice, unleash their last Hail Mary, the child that Meghan McCain sired, in secret, with her father John McCain, to run against the new and improved Biden. “Daddy” McCain says all the right things, about being inclusive, fighting white supremacy, getting the Hispanic vote, washing Hasidic feet at the Wailing Wall, but it is not enough. Joe Biden takes the Oath a second time.

    Kamala Harris, after accepting a fruit basket from Hillary Clinton, dies of polonium 204 poisoning. A way is cleared for the Queen to slowly ascend her throne.

    Happy New Year.

    • Brain-damaged vaxx rage zombies, a nuclear strike to wipe them, setting off the Yellowstone caldera, which masks Chixculub striking Guam…and then the evil aliens arrive!

      They go to the Wailing Wall first, of course. Wearing yarmulkes.

      • Pt.ll:

        But the Nazis erupt from their secret bases in Antarctica and the dark side of the Moon to save the day!

        And Oktoberfest beergartens with buxom valkyries shall serve the finest ales forevermore

  33. I’ve already thrown my hat in with predictions yesterday so it would be unsportsmanlike to hedge. But I’ll predict this:

    – Biden will not be replaced. B/c how do you replace Harris. Short of being impeached she can’t be forced to resign and she won’t. This is a slithering career woman willing to hand out BJs for gain. Is she gonna resign the technically second-highest perch in the federal government?? Dream on.

    – There will be serious, continued inflation in the US and probably the rest of the world. You can split hairs over when inflation is ‘hyperinflation’ and 2022 will not be the year when the $2,000,000,000 bill with George Floyd’s face, hits the street. But there will be high inflation and some will call it hyperinflation. Food prices in particular will be critical to whether this leads to serious unrest.

    – Gold, already at 60:1 against silver by weight, against a normal rate of 30-35:1, will get even more expensive as ppl and nations alike frantically look for safe havens for their holdings.

    – Israel is not going to attack Iran conventionally. If they were going to do that, they would have done so long ago. It is quite possible that the Chinese, the Russians or possibly the Indians, all of whom have reasonable relations with both Israel and Iran, will broker a behind-the-scenes deal of reassurance between Tehran and Jerusalem. It is possible this is already happening. When was the last time you heard Iran call for Israel to be wiped out? With Afghanistan under hardcore Sunni control, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia cosying up, Syria unsettled and the world generally less predicable, Tehran has more pressing things to worry about than Israel. And Israel knows they can probably only mildly retard Tehran’s program with airstrikes. Both countries are quite happy not to be the focus of world attention right now.

    – Ukraine, same old sh*t as last year. Some huffing and puffing, possibly flare-ups here and there and ‘4th generation warfare’ but no conventional war or invasion. Both Moscow and Washington understand that the other side will be pushed into a corner of ‘escalate or lose face’ if either pushes the envelope on the ground and both Moscow and the saner heads in DC understand that you never trap a major nuclear power with those options.

    – Taiwan all depends on what happens in the US. If America seems weakened China will up the ante but they will not launch a conventional war and they can’t go 4th generation in a place where 90% of the populace is against reunification. They will quite possibly try to pressure Taiwan to fold but this will only succeed if the US disappears from the scene because of domestic problems.

    – Vaccine mandates across the world will be relaxed as it is increasingly clear that the vaccines don’t really work and as concerns over their safety grows. There will be growing demands for an ‘impartial’ investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the Covid virus. China will vehemently resist these, augmenting the increasing negative view of China. This will ironically help protect Taiwan as China’s diplomats try to convince Xi that China does not need to exacerbate its image problem.

    – There will be serious riots in both America and Europe, over Covid, ethnic relations, the economy and other messes. Each riot is a roll of the dice about whether someone will open fire creating a significant body count. If this happens, domestic tranquility in the respective country could be balancing on a pinhead.

    – I have an unsettling sense that 2022 could be a year of high-profile assassinations. These being entirely contingent events it is impossible to predict who would be hit. But growing public anger combined with an unusually broad array of high profile targets makes this seem likely. Biden won’t be hit though, because of the Harris life insurance (against an inside job) and he’s almost never out in public.

    • I think you’re right about all of these, especially the riots. I’m frankly amazed we haven’t seen Amritsar II: Electric Boogaloo somewhere in Europe (or Australia) already, and it’s all but guaranteed if the knockoff Westworld animatronic robot that the Media calls “Joe Biden” is forced to call out the National Guard somewhere. Can you imagine the fury some 5’2″, 200 lb. lesbian cosplaying as Erwina Rommel will unleash if some bread rioter keeps her from her venti haff-caff soy chai latte? She’ll nuke the site from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.

      • In the US things are just a tinderbox. Blacks are angry and all others are fed up with blacks. But contingent events are always hard to predict. The more riots, the more destruction, eventually someone will dump a mag then there we are.

        In Europe, spearheaded by Austria, they are pushing through compulsory vaccinations. Having forced jabs may just be the trick to turning the incredibly lethargic European masses into action, especially as rumors, most of them probably wildly exaggerated, about deaths from vaccines, grow exponentially. Europe also has the Muslim problem so there should be plenty of tinder for the bonfire.

        • Muslims, even in Europe, also tend to keep a Kalashnikov handy whether it’s legal or not. Pissing them off by forcing them to accept the “Jew Jab” could be the trigger for some serious violence.

          • Muslims never seem to have trouble finding guns, despite European gun laws. “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” is not just a slogan, it’s experience.

          • Moran-

            The Ummah have all sorts of wonderful toys concealed in the mosques that have been sprouting across Europe like mushrooms.

          • Germany is the 3d printed gun capital of the world and despite what people think Europe caveat maybe the UK is easily armed up. I suspect guns and ammo are rather more common than most think.

            As for riots and protests and such, we aren’t allowed to the see them but they are huge. Problem is they are incoherent the Euros , Anglo Sphere and US to be honest have yet to be willing to understand they are governed by soulless monsters who need to go.

            Its understandable modern life is fragile and who the hell wants to run society who is sane?

            I do think that the nuclear power phase out will speed up the end. Germans ability to fund a welfare state much less put food on the table depends heavily on manufacturing and while that is less competitive than it used to be, expensive power will cripple the economy.

            This will speed up the systems end but by how much I do not know.

        • Germany has never been able to feed itself.

          WW1 ended when the Allied naval blockade introduced Team Kaiser Bill to bread and potato riots.

          The Austrian street artist looked east for agricultural land to make Das Volk self-sufficient in food.

  34. Why don’t we all face the music and realize that the U.S.A. and the rest of the world for all it matters, has already collapsed and the process is deepening as we go further over the event singularity.

    Most people just think every stupid thing going on right now is a temporary event. For example, my retired cousin is drooling over the prospects of buying one of those $90,000 pickup trucks. I said, “Why? You’ll never be able to get parts for it in a few years.” But those kind will keep right on rolling on until there’s weeds growing out of the cracks of every car dealership and China Big Box store as far as the eye can see.

    There’s lots of talk how all of the local Wal-Marts and Big Sams here in my area are supposedly going to fire half of their workers after January. It has something to do with them having too many workers to stock an ever decreasing or nonexistent amount of stock. The signs of deepening collapse are everywhere, but I suppose it won’t really sink in until the only food available will be that you have to cook. I await with great glee at the prospects of women complaining about having to cook every meal, just like they did in A.D. 1933, if they don’t want to starve. You know, there may be some justice to come out of this after all.

    • > . I await with great glee at the prospects of women complaining about having to cook every meal, just like they did in A.D. 1933, if they don’t want to starve.

      My favorite is people who insist they can’t cook because they don’t have an 80,000 dollar kitchen, while their great-great-grandparents cooked far superior meals to what they could ever do on dirt floors.

      • People are insane. I glanced at a few minutes of the Property Brothers on a TV at the gym and this couple was renovating their kitchen for $150k. In these parts, you could buy a decent house for cash with that kind of money.

        As for me, I’ve been amazed what I can do with a $70 air fryer. Those things are great. Simple, quickly, and evenly cooked as long as you leave some space and shake or flip halfway through the cycle.

        • Aren’t air fryers pretty much just a convection oven? I’d spend the $70 on an instapot, which, yes, is just a crockpot bred with a pressure cooker.

          • Yes, air fryers are just little convection ovens.

            I’m cooking for one. I think in most of my use cases it makes more sense to use a small appliance like that or a countertop toaster oven, rather than firing up the full-sized range.

            I also have an Instapot, and it’s pretty good. I don’t really use it for meat other than making pulled pork, chuck roasts, or beef stew.

          • An air fryer IMO makes better food with the advantage of saving quite a bit on expensive fry oil .

            Its a good purchase.

        • I’m a literal fossil as far as frying is concerned. I’ve got 2 cast iron deep fat fryers complete with baskets. One is a Lodge and the other is a Griswold. They’re at least 70 years old and you can cook French fries people would die for.
          Then there’s my 500 lb. Garland gas range from the 1940’s . It has the most even baking oven I’ve ever had. You do have to light the oven with a match. I don’t think the $80,000 kitchen women would approve of it. They would probably blow the house up with it.

    • Coalclinker: Does anyone have any anecdotal data about restaurants having trouble sourcing reliable food supplies? We don’t really eat out, so I can’t say. One local grocery store bakery was out of product a few days ago (no fresh cookies or French bread) but the others were fine. Again, no real shortages here in DFW, but prices are sky high.

      I updated to newer model crockpot. I never joined the Instapot craze, although I do have a pressure cooker I’ve never used tucked away somewhere. Making lots of use of the vacuum sealer I bought 6 months ago and my new chest freezer is full (and we have ensured means to keep it running).

      Trying to find the line between crazy and prudent for what is certain to be an unsettling ear.

      • For you (and for any who grow any of their own food, or who plan to do so):

        Baker Creek heirloom seeds:

        And Green Generations, as the best source for paramagnetic rock dust:

        because fertilizer prices are continuing to rise and, with it, food prices. And that’s chemical fertilizer. Paramagnetic rock dust re-mineralizes the soil and produces nutrient-dense food. Also, because paramagnetism converts ULF energy waves in the earth’s mantle into photons, you also get close to 100% seed germination if you use paramagnetic rock dust to germinate seeds.

        Stock up now.

        • I like the idea of heirloom seeds. Did you know that West Virginia and the Big Sandy Valley are where beefsteak tomatoes came from? The very first beefsteak plant discovered supposedly came up as a chance seedling in a pile of flood debris

      • My anecdotal supply chain report is that the Hy-Vees up here in Hawkeye land are quite well-stocked with most things, though the bottled water section was a little thin, which I believe is due to people grabbing extras for the incoming blizzard.

        There were tons of semis on I-80 in Illinois during the ride in here. Visually, that made it hard for me to believe there is a driver or truck shortage right now. The truck depots I passed seemed to have quite a few cabs and trailers in stock, but it was hard to judge their condition from the road.

      • My elderly mother loves those bacon cheese potatoes and “senior” coffees from Wendi’s. They have run out of both items before. I don’t eat out, but I do notice when the grocery stores don’t stock items I used to buy, for months at a time.

        I have an old Crockpot from the 1970’s. It actually has a heavy glass lid and the removable pottery liner that says “Made in U.S.A.” on the bottom of it. It does make good soup, but when I want to make that old Appalachian staple brown bean and ham soup, you can’t beat an old Revere Ware stainless steel pot with the copper bottom. I let it simmer all day.

    • how do you reconcile those rumors with the very real problem of finding enough workers? Can Walmart stay in business with half the revenue (because if you fire half your workforce, you lose sales capacity with them)? why not wait until they actually do something, before spreading fear porn? or if you really are shitting your britches, just keep it to yourself.

      • Perhaps they are really stupid enough to not care. The family members that run that outfit today certainly aren’t as sharp as Sam Walton was. Walmart is literally a monopoly of grocery stores and low end retailing. They have run nearly every family business and American made supplier out of business in every town they set up in. All monopolies eventually die, and in the not too far off future there will be towns with no stores left at all. It will all take decades to rebuild, one family business at a time.

  35. My primary and secondary prediction could be reversed based on the fall-out from the former.

    The first is the Covid climb-down proves exceptionally difficult. The Regime really wants to declare victory and go back to traditional graft and demagoguery. Several components are in stark opposition, though. The least important of these, the Karens, also are the crazier and more vocal. They may go to their graves, possibly by mass suicide and/or the Regime taking them out, but these types are never giving up their masks, their social media rants, and bi-weekly vaccines. The most important element, the WEF, has made fortunes but not gotten their Great Reset and Feudalism 4ever. That is the wildcard: do they take their winnings or continue to sit at the table? The prospect of their inflated assets becoming worth less may force them to cash in their chips. The middling Covidian factions, Big Pharma, the medical industrial complex, and scavenger politicians, can be threatened enough to fall into line and declare we should put our hand to the television set and be healed.

    The secondary prediction is the one that could flip and become the most important. The Regime will conduct some sort of phony war with Russia, largely words and immediately violated sanctions. Again, the economic instability will act as a brake on anything beyond kabuki. Also, the realization that even ‘Murica! cucks are indifferent at best will penetrate their bubble. But…

    A certain Tribe of psychopaths dominate State and the military. They want to take the entire world down with them, except, of course, for their Mother Country, to avenge granny’s rape at the hands of the Cossacks. These monsters could slip up or even intentionally ignite a nuclear and/or world ward. They certainly have bribed enough political and corporate sociopaths to make this happen. It would, and likely will, be ironic to see “Biden” privately read the Tribe the riot act.

    There will be no hyperinflation, as you pointed out, but it still will be horrible. If there is one silver lining there, inflation puts a brake on the Covidians and Avenge Granny sect. The inflation also will put the federal government on the ropes because the White Devil will start to push back and god knows, no matter how half-assed, that terrifies them.

  36. No mention of the state audit results? Big miss, man. I think we almost have 2mm signatures now, so…

  37. Chet’s Predictions:
    – White males will eschew the college path even more, for better or worse.
    – White males will accelerate the fake minority game to the extent that colleges and companies will require video chat or photo id in their application. They will respond by checking the sexual minority boxes instead.
    – A small cluster white women will start follow the men’s lead. More will follow once we get the moral framing down.

  38. Don’t vote. Let the Dems get 52 senate seats and keep the house. Then they will pass an amnesty that has 20 million new vibrants here almost overnight. That will show those dirty libs. Just whatever you do, don’t vote because somehow your anonymous casting of a ballot validates the system for … reasons. Meanwhile the new Americans will actually vote for politicians that want even more new Americans and on and on. Just don’t vote because our side has a secret plan.

    • Sure. And all those newly minted republican senators and congressmen in the vote harder coalition are going to band together with the geezer cohort and show us all how things really get done when they’re in charge. They’ll round up all those greasy illegals and chuck ’em right back across the border, right? Just like every other time they’ve been in the majority. It’ll be the good old days all over again.
      Oh, and they’ll proclaim the demos are the real racists…

    • You think Dems are the only ones importing immigrants? Bush II set up a massive amnesty during his term. Currently, con inc is beating the drum to import tens, and possibly hundreds of thousands of Afghan “Allies.” They’re absolutely outraged that Biden is blocking the progress. Here’s a link from Shapiro’s site, but I know Glenn Beck has been on this boat hard as well. They’re begging, “Please, we must import all these Muslims.”

      Perhaps most depressing is the comment section, which absolutely laps it all up. The normies will jump at the opportunity to “Dunk” on Biden, while unconsciously simultaneously accepting the lefts morality. Meanwhile, those writing the articles are just conducting a grift at the behest of their corporate masters.

    • No, you’re getting it all wrong.

      “Don’t vote” is not a strategy.

      “Vote Harder!!” is a strategy.

      (Actually, “I voted twice” IS a strategy, but good luck with that)

    • and if you vote, what happens? i mean, given the 60M plus illegals already in the country, despite your heroic voting pogroms.

    • Option B: so many Republican voters stay home in 2022 that the government loses all legitimacy, and the GOP collapses because you can’t horse trade 12 Senate votes.

      I happily tore up my ballot and threw it in the trash last month. We can’t reform an illegitimate government by participating in the charade and giving it legitimacy.

      My vote in 2022 will only happen if the GOP runs explicitly on impeaching and removing the usurper, destroying the IC, and impeaching and removing most Federal Employees behind the Covid debacle. Oh, and unlimited subpoenas of FBI and DOJ lots of targets there from Russiagate to USA Gymnastics non-prosecutions of FBI Agents to the 1/6 false flag.

      • Everything you said PLUS ending the fed and expelling all dual-citizens from public offices. 🙂

  39. My Predictions:
    I kinda think that 2020-2021 was the step down the staircase using Z’s analogy but now it’s time for a leveling off for a couple of years.
    The Dems will indeed suffer loses this fall and the Republicans will all act like Lindsay Graham at a gay bar and offer themselves up to the Dems globo homo agenda.
    Never the less the Dems will have a hysterical fit and hold out hope for 2024 which I predict is the next step down because the republicans will somehow win the Presidency back threatening the intelligence apparatus and setting off a color revolution.
    I think we kinda coast for a couple more years before the next major crisis but who knows?
    No one does.
    We are fragile domestically on many fronts and we also have many matchboxes overseas.
    Happy New Year to all!

  40. I think it will be very hard to pull back on the COVID stuff, and not just because of the crazy left and the (((media))).

    The entire medical-industrial complex has organized themselves around this new religion, and they have become the new high priests. They don’t want to relinquish this status. And COVID being minimized would call into question their self-proclaimed heroism.

    This group plus the Davos-types intend to force their new sacrament on everyone multiple times (jabbing), and they won’t give up until either we’re dead or they’re dead.

    • Netherlands has already announced 6 (SIX) jabs towards 2023 and are spending billions on the vaxx. Canada and other countries are going the same way. Too many people are too invested in this – psychologically and materially.

      • Ontario is now letting nursing home patients receive their 4th dose.

        All 18+ are eligible for the 3rd dose, and the government is begging us that it is of utmost importance to all get our triple jab. So we can go back to normal or something.

        I’m expecting the definition of “fully vaccinated” to change soon to only 3+ doses.

      • I’m gonna go with 2022 as, oddly enough, the Year of Living Coofingly for this reason. You and I may be sick to death of Covidism, mandates, and all the rest of it. That’s because we’re sane, productive (when not being forcibly idled) and have come up with our own reasons to keep the shotgun out of our mouths. Most people aren’t so lucky.

        Every society needs to offer the masses two main things – a moral order, and an economic system they can participate in. Traditional Western society had Christianity for the former and simple subsistence for the latter. At some point in the 20th century it became necessary to sort of gin up substitutes for these things. The Cold War nicely filled both roles, structuring both the moral and economic order on both sides.

        But now what? By about 2010 it was obvious the Islamists couldn’t fill the shoes of the Communists. Now we have the perfect thing, and like the Cold War, it solves both problems. Morally, is there anything more holy than wearing the Mask of Faith and taking the Needle of Communion? Is there any amount of money the mathematically illiterate masses won’t spend to feel a tiny bit safer from a tiny threat? Coofism is an infinite source of moral outrage and self-righteous fulmination on the one hand and an infinite jobs program for the increasing numbers of people too stupid or irrational to do useful work. Coofism can also outlive the Coof because at its core, it is a protection racket to keep people “safe” from insignificant threats of some kind of contagion. This can be anything from a strain of the flu to some other coronavirus to the next 15 variants of Covid.

        Finally, a bit of an aside on the “moral order” aspect: I occasionally post on Quora under my real name as basically a “concerned libertarianish conservative”. Quora is supposed to be the internet forum for the “smart people”. Of course, it’s mostly just a place where the sort of people who read Huffpo hang out to jerk each other off. One thing I’ve seen lately though is a definite undercurrent of hate towards the unvaxxed. It’s not the usual anemic disdain and condescension these people have towards rednecks, fundamentalist Christians, or other “inferiors” either. This is good ol’ fashioned Klan-level hang-that-nagger-from-the-live-oak H8!

        The obvious thing for the ruling class to do is to mobilize these people somehow. They have no deep pool of popular approval to draw strength from so maybe a pool of hate for the evil germy unvaxxed will work. Likewise, millions of people who are really just basic grillers are suspicious of the vax and refuse to take it. This provides a radicalizing force for them and gives dissidents an opportunity to structure their rage. This would actually be my guess for the polarizing issue that leads to the Boog.

    • The Covid train is nuts. The Media/NGO industrial complex has found out that they cut the cords to the brakes and the sharp narrative pivots they’ve planted in the NYT and CDC have only galvanized the Covidians.

    • Very simply, if the money train dries up for covid, the Health Care Industry will stop. They are only onboard now because it is so heavily subsidized. If it starts costing them money, they’ll get over it real quick.

      • The sickcare industrial complex is kind of terrifying.

        In almost every metropolitan or micropolitan areas in the US, sickcare is always a top 5, usually top 3, and not infrequently the top employer in the area.

        They know exactly why they refuse to talk about prevention, diet, exercise, and sleep.

        • Also, the sickcare industrial complex is a major employer of the darker people, especially darker immigrants, legal or otherwise. To continue the replacement of our people they need these make work jobs for our replacements.

        • It’s been obvious for a ridiculously long time that the medical innovations* that actually increased life span in the West were made generations ago and that some things that aren’t even “medicine” played a huge role as well. Those things being the availability of fresh food in the off season, knowledge of the value of vitamins and minerals, and the advent of modern sanitation so that shit and piss wasn’t running in the streets. That stuff was also paid off generations ago and requires maybe $500/person/year to maintain. The other 9 quadrillion dollars worth of “medicine” is to keep us all technically alive while we’re 300% overweight and diabetic. It’s still possible that some biochemical genius will figure out how to retard aging and change the whole game but even biomedical research is now dominated by wammen who panic at the sight of an integral.

          Viewed this way, the Covid panic is perfectly understandable. We’re used to the idea of spending exponentially increasing amounts of money to gain ever diminishing benefits. Pushed far enough any such process eventually moves into the part of the curve past the inflection point where you’re still spending more and more but now actually getting negative “benefits”. The Covid panic destroyed trillions in wealth, 10s of millions of jobs and businesses and may even have failed on its own terms since untold numbers of people have been killed now by the panic itself and its consequences.

          Nonetheless, Covid has certainly “created jobs” too. I’m looking forward to the day when it or whatever hysteria follows it creates so many jobs and so much wealth that we’re reduced to African levels of poverty.

          * Early medical innovations: I’m actually going to put vaccines for things like rubella, measles, and of course polio here as well. These were developed at a time when our institutions were less corrupt and science wasn’t quite the meth-head whore she’s become today.

          • Antibiotics are a big one too.

            But yeah, as you said, sanitation improvements are big.

            I don’t overthink it, just stay active, don’t get fat, don’t drink excessively, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke. (80% of Americans seem to not be able to do this).

            Antibiotics + better sanitation + basic health practices should be good enough to live into your 80s these days. Unhealthy people are living into their mid 70s now.

        • Everyone knows this stuff but the US population including the non Whites is aging. California is worried it will soon be a retirement aged state and that’s with massive immigration.

          This means a lot of sickness. Also a lot of people have bad DNA from bad breeding . I don’t think they even do basic blood tests anymore.

          This is why the push for immigration BTW, the migrant exporting nations are running out of people . Not India yet (its getting there) but our leader know the Indians will gladly replace them immediately as they did the Jews in Antwerp’s Diamond Industry.

    • It’s very possible the Flu World Order scheme just can’t work. It requires near universal compliance from the masses so that the dissenters can be tidily rounded up or left to rot with no access to goods or services. That means everybody has to go along with getting BOOSTED every 3-6 months with something that makes them sick. I just don’t think even a bare majority of people are willing to do this. Maybe 15%, the true believers, will do this but not even 51%.

      I think the idiots in charge actually believe in their modeling divination and the oracle said they could successfully use their proven techniques in behaviorism to get the entire global population to sign up for this ridiculous regime. Turns out they were wrong and it’s not working. Now their models are telling them something different. There isn’t enough uptake. Something like 50% in America are double vaxxed. It should be well above 90% by now. They clearly have to change course because under these conditions they can’t predict much less steer events.

      My prediction is that once the Covid panic is securely on a downward trajectory they will immediately launch into a new panic. Probably a racial apocalypse or a climate emergency, either of which they could engineer with their various tools. They could do another pandemic or, hell, bring out the space alien invasion they’ve clearly been planting seeds for. Whatever they do the purpose will be to continue the need for the various digital IDs, QRs, green passes, and whatnot.

      Probably the most likely will be a currency collapse, because the stage is already set and new digital currencies will necessitate digital IDs and UBI / social credit schemes will let us own nothing and be of great cheer.

      I’m certain we will go from this engineered crisis directly into another. The question is what crisis and will the NGO Kissinger types behind all this be able to effectively direct the vast global network of managers who have already burnt up their political capital these past 21 months?

      • “Something like 50% in America are double vaxxed.”

        No reason whatsoever to believe these figures. Or ANY of their figures.

        ” … the stage is already set and new digital currencies will necessitate digital IDs and UBI / social credit schemes … .”

        ALL of those schemes rely TOTALLY on an UNFAILING supply of electricity. Which we don’t have. And aren’t going to.

        Nordstream II not approved by German Foreign Minister b/c “Russian aggression.” And Germany has gotten rid of their nuclear power supply. And JB shut down our oil pipeline. And fracking has run its course and is no longer profitable. And China has lost the great majority of its food crops for the past two years in a row. And it was already a net importer of food. And their domestic supply of coal (already of low quality) is fast dwindling. And the supply chain is getting shakier, which includes fuel deliveries. And there are already rolling blackouts on both coasts. And California is shutting down the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. And without an UNFAILING supply of electricity, there ain’t gonna be no total-surveillance state. No digital “currency.”

        Norway’s coal supply is dwindling. So is their North Sea oil.

        France is not in bad shape and probably won’t be, but the rest of Europe has zilch in the way of fossil fuels. And without fossil fuels, there cannot be windmills and solar panels. They can’t be manufactured or transported or put in place or maintained without fossil fuels. Solar panels cannot be recycled. China controls the rare earth elements supply and is even now taking steps to tighten its grip on that essential resource. Wind-power is impossible without rare earths AND oil.

        There is not going to be a total-surveillance state. It’s just physically impossible. Bitcoin is on its last legs. Get out while you can.

        China’s oil imports have to go through the Strait of Hormuz and the Straits of Malacca.

        The Chinese infrastructure projects in the Panama Canal Zone were stopped by Trump, but Biden is now letting them go ahead, but where will they get the energy resources? And if they do, where will everybody else get theirs?

        The world is grinding to a halt. That means everything and everybody. Including Big Brother.

        • And without an UNFAILING supply of electricity, there ain’t gonna be no total-surveillance state. No digital “currency.”

          Precisely. This also means widespread QR code based jabport apps that call back to the server farms are untenable.

          And without fossil fuels, there cannot be windmills and solar panels. They can’t be manufactured or transported or put in place or maintained without fossil fuels.

          Innit amazing how, with all their pieces of paper, the watermelon death cult is simply unable to grasp this stark reality?

          There is not going to be a total-surveillance state. It’s just physically impossible.

          They literally don’t have enough door kickers to enforce it.

          • California has a mask mandate for the next few weeks.

            In big box stores a guy at the door enforces it and offers you a a mask if needed . A fair number of people just take them off inside or half ass it including staff.

            Some places are utterly ignoring it.

            Lots of regulations get passed and get ignored as they used to say in China, The Mountain is High and the Emperor is Far Away

    • Lucius Sulla: This x100000. Too many have too much invested. And you haven’t mentioned the teachers’ unions. And all of the corpocracy is on the masked and POXed gravy train. WEF and others are not going to just say ‘ok’ and go home when they’ve made so much progress.

      Big question is when/if genuine numbers start coming out about the White children with heart disease, although the med books and websites have already been rewritten to show that’s always been a traditional child’s ailment.

      • Amazing how no one asks any questions.

        A school for under 10s near me just installed a new defibrillator and no one thinks to ask WTF is this for?

  41. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The 2022 Predictions

  42. * Biden dies

    * Democrats will rediscover Hillary

    * Public discussion about merging with Mainland China will start surfacing in Taiwan and getting serious consideration

    * Swedes will elect record number of non-Europeans into their parliament

    * Another part of Ukraine will formally join Russia and the US will be unable to do anything about it.

    • I never thought I’d say this, but Hillary would probably be a better option than either Sloppy Joe or Harrisite. At least she doesn’t have dementia.

      • Remember those videos from 2016, where Hillary was strangely shaking and stumbling or looking around like her head contained nothing but retarded farts?

        Now 2022 is coming and she is still the same old cunt without any apparent health issues.

  43. What’s your prediction on the Roe v. Wade ruling?

    My guess is that it is rolled back federally, and sent to the state level. Access to abortion stays more or less the same as before, with the few remaining red state clinics shutting down.

    White feminists will protest and lash out but there will be no real consequence as the abortion debate is mostly a white person debate (ideological) and white feminists are no longer as relevant as they think they are.

    • I love watching these things for the crowd shots. Lets us know our enemies’ order of battle. WRT abortion, it looks like the Ladies’ Auxiliary Bake Sale at the lunatic asylum – a bunch of what should be sweet old grannies, but they’re all wearing pussy hats and the facial expressions of Sriracha enema victims.

    • Yeah, I think that could be the result. What pulls me back is the habit of conservatives finking on their supporters. Conservatives are Lucy and their supporters are Charlie Brown. This abortion case could just be another football.

      • Oh it will be another football. And to really stick it to them they’ll have Barrett write the opinion.

        • Yes, ACB. All the cons loved her in the fall of 20. Then she testified that she cried about St Floyds death with her adopted vibrant daughter.

        • The court will return abortion after 15 weeks to the states. Even the Establishment liberals are signaling that’s going to happen by running articles on how mothers still could fly to CA or NY to murder their babies.

        • Its obvious the learned the lesson years ago of setting up fake attacks on figures to create a strong victim defense in the minds of their target audience. They play this all the time.

          They ran this for both her and the crying bush stooge to get them fully supported by the con idiots.

          The right seem unable to determine this pattern no matter how man times their face gets rubbed in it.

          • “setting up fake attacks on figures to create a strong victim defense in the minds of their target audience.”

            I have always wondered how to describe that succinctly, thank you trumpton!

            As for “unable to detect”, I think it’s another learned ideal: projection.

            One side projects goodwill, the other bad intent, they hear only what they want to hear.
            So frustrating.

    • Women, who literally have NO restrictions on anything regarding their sex or sexuality, will NEVER agree to any limits.

      Including abortion.

      Can’t say I blame them. Nobody like to be told they’re doing something wrong, even evil. Nobody likes the government telling them what they can and cannot do.

  44. Probably as good a forecast as any. What will make things interesting is the number of random variables is higher than ever. A real sleeper is fertilizer prices and natgas supply in general. One of my kids is in the LNG shipping business and the average person has no clue how disordered those markets are right now, nor the number of downstream products, like fertilizer, that are dependent on natgas feedstock. Nor that all natgas is substitutable for any application. There are different chemical compositions that are better or worse suited for different applications and a key problem is imbalance in supply of different mixtures. Given that the two largest cost inputs for agricultural production are diesel and fertilizer, this has the potential to be a slow motion car wreck through the economy.

    • It’s a shame that nearly all of the Solvay process coke ovens have been shut down with great prejudice. I admit that the smell of phenols and sulfur are pretty stiff around any of those places, but they’re always in the old and largely uninhabited part of town anyhow.

      There’s lots of ammonia collected in the process of coking metallurgical coal. Since it can be turned into fertilizer production, I can see why the Govenment and PTB don’t want any of that stuff. Their cabals can make more money forcing the use of Natural Gas as a feedstock, and if they make more money selling it to someone else while we starve, then more the better for them.

        • That’s it, Saml, Coal, Infant, thank you-

          Mining is the ultimate foundation of industrial tech and energy; if the cave tunnels are to be our ultimate redoubt, resources our key chokepoint, then I know where I can go find work, start making contacts with an eye to organizing.

          The rough-n-readys of the mines, oilfields, and their supply warehousers are /ourguys/, the technicals are too, and I can get in as a worker. Heck, I know some mining people already.

          Where is the time for a career networking while research- if I can’t find it, I’ll make it.

  45. I think this is the year when somebody rolls the dice on something *really* stupid. Looking at the popular mood (insofar as one can judge these things) in the immediate run up to things like World War One and the Civil War, there’s a palpable sense of “let’s just get this over with.” It can’t go on like this, for whatever values of “it” and “this.” So why not just push the button on (insert stupid scheme – secession, whacking the Archduke, writing Austria-Hungary a blank check, whatever).

    For most people in the countries involved, the overwhelming feeling was hysterical relief. Finally!

    This being Clown World, of course, the precipitating event will be so much faker and gayer than anyone can imagine, but that goes without saying.

    • And they got it “good and hard” as Mencken put it. With rare exception, Spanish-American War as an example, wars rarely turn out the way the cheerleaders hope.

      • They seem to be doing pretty well out of it thus far.

        Your sons and brothers. Not so much.

        Maybe one should think what the cheerleaders actually hope to get out of them, not what we project they want?

    • As Bismarck used to say, that when “it” comes “it will be some damn thing in the Balkans”. As he also said, all of it ( Ukraine included) “aren’y worth the bones of one Pomeranian Grenadier.”

    • Used to think “The Fourth Turning” guys were right up there with the evangelical “Left Behind” novels. That P. Turchin was clever but also a bit silly.

      Not so sure anymore.

      I’d expect there to be plenty of BLM/Antifa activity come the fall and the 2022 elections. Plenty more if the Republican’s win, and now everything will once again be their fault.

      This is a house divided.

      • There won’t be any antifa activity. The riots in 2020 were activated to make it look like the country was drowning in chaos and violence (and if you vote a change of leadership it will all go away!).

        Also the riots were set up as a trap for Trump. If he lets them continue he looks weak. If he tries to send in the Army, the traitor generals get to puff themselves up and self-righteously declare “No sir, I will NOT order our troops to fire on peacefully protesting fellow Americans!”

        In such a case, even the Republicans would have “regretfully” voted to impeach him.

        • That “…drowning in chaos and violence” was excessively fake and gay, wasn’t it?

          I mean, battle umbrellas?
          “Let them eat Air Jordans?”

          And then everybody went home to catch some sleep and come back the next night.

  46. Of all your predictions, the only I care about at this point is that you get the hell out of Lagos.

    • This!

      Also, I would love to see a Z Man & James LaFond “How I escaped Lagos and lived to Tell the Tale” collaboration. Now THAT would make my 2022! 🙂

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