Year In Review

There are three reasons to write a predictions post. One is it is familiar stuff that everyone does this time of year. It is easy content. The other is you can have some fun with the predictions. Saying that the coming year will bring the death of your enemies is both fun for the writer and the reader. You can be serious about it and try to figure out what the next year brings. Of course, a blend of all three is like a trip to the old fashioned all-you-can-eat buffet. Good living.

The first prediction I made last year turned out to be a miss. The murdering in Lagos did not follow the familiar pattern. Odd number years are usually good years for killing, as the locals struggle with factoring. This year the pattern did not hold as the city is not going to break a record. Barring a very productive couple of nights, Baltimore will clock in with about the same number of murders as last year, despite a record number of shootings and a decline in the number of cops.

That said, there are rumors that the city is faking the statistics, so time will tell if the current figures hold. Baltimore has faked its crime stats in the past. There was a time when they stopped recording rapes entirely, so it is not out of the question for them to classify murders as accidental deaths. In most cases, no one really cares about the victims, so they could get away with it for a while. Regardless, this predication has to go in the loss column for now.

On the other hand, I was stunningly precise with my Covid predictions. “The Covidians will not back down. There will be reports of “vaccinated people” getting Covid and that will be enough to keep the panic rolling. Covid has now replaced climate change as the left-wing religion of fear.” For that call alone they will be making documentaries about my predictive powers in the future. I know my left-wing crazies as well as anyone can truly know the mind of the insane.

I kinda-sorta got the economic forecast right. The lack of specificity gave me some wiggle room, which is the hallmark of a good prediction. I did not mention inflation, but I got the general trend right. I also was right about the media trying to run cover for the economy as has been the case recently. The fact is the economy is so weird right now it is hard to judge it. Millions not working, despite millions of open jobs contradicts what we have been told about economics for a century.

The big miss in last year’s prediction was on Biden. I did not think they would let that idiot stay in office beyond Labor Day. Every seer has their weak spots and mine is in underestimating the stupidity of the people in charge. I figured they would pillow Biden before anyone realized that Harris was an obnoxious moron. Instead, they seem to be stuck with both of them. That and Biden has avoided the Grim Reaper, despite his condition and multiple Covid outbreaks in Washington.

I think I got it right on Trump. If not for the Left trying to keep him in the news, most people would have forgotten about him by now. The Trump phenomenon was like that one amazing summer you had in your youth. You have fond memories of that time, but there is no going back. That chapter is closed. We have serious issues facing us now and his frivolous brand of self-promotion seems out of place. Flight 93 crashed and no one really wants to revisit the crash site.

I was wrong and right about the Republicans trying to help the Democrats loot what is left of the middle-class. They helped get some things passed, but they held the line on some others, like the Build Back Better stuff. They did not push for an amnesty, but they have not said much about Biden’s open border lunacy either. The Republicans would love to vote for amnesty, but the Democrats refuse to give them the opportunity, so the Republicans are being saved from their own idiocy.

I will say I was right about the shifting posture of this side of the divide. Over the last year the number of people who think we have a systemic problem along with a hopelessly corrupt ruling class has grown rapidly. Lots of people now call themselves dissidents, without really knowing what it means, but they have come to loath the people in charge with the zeal of a communist. It is less and less about policy and more and more about the structure of society.

This is why you see more high profile people aping dissident rhetoric. They feel the ground shifting and they are looking for a safe place. This is something else I got right in last year’s predictions. Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro sound like paleo-conservatives all of a sudden, because that is where the audience is now. These grifters will always be with us and they are a good barometer. They are being told by their handlers to embrace populist themes because that is the market now.

All-in-all it was a strong performance from the hardest working man in dissident politics, but not a flawless performance. Like everyone, I am disappointed that Biden did not drop dead, but that gives us something to look forward to in 2022. Like last year, I think we may look back at this year and see it as a good time. The immediate future looks grim, more so than this time last year. Accepting it is not pessimism, but simply being realistic, which is another word for prudent.

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197 thoughts on “Year In Review

  1. I predict later this winter there’s going to be a run of days so cold that it nearly destroys the northern third of the continent.

  2. My prediction is simple, same one I give very year.

    Things will get slightly worse especially in the long run.

    This will accelerate as the amount of “worse” increases until things are just lousy compared to what they were but life will go on.

    As for a more showy predictions

    1st COVID mania will go on but more an more people will ignore it

    2nd the US economy will collapse into serious depression thought it will rarely be mentioned by media and always downplayed. This do to , high price inflation, mass retirements of skilled labor , the great resignation and outright shortages. Baring serious food shortages which are possible , the US will remain semi stable however. No food or too little or too expensive? Anything goes.

    3rd The Neo Con/Neo Lib clowns will push for a war with Russia but will not get it as the US is broke, has no supplies and the woke army they think they need to stay in power is not a reliable fighting force.

    4th On the good side, China will not invade Taiwan. Caveat , if I am wrong about Russia they will and if they do we will not be able to do anything. All exports to us will stop and any nation stupid enough to allow us to supply or land will be informed that they will be nuked . This might cause a massive internal power struggle but its too hard to tell.

    5th More and more people are “waking up” to the political reality though race reality is a decade or so off.

    Now for a big splashy one a low probability even

    On race it is the Left will lead there and as they’ll find CRT rejected more and more, it will be tweaked and will end up like compassionate Klan agitprop.

    That has a slim chance of creating a Left/ Dissident Right axis on race which would be super weird. What prevents this is the cultural degeneration , the fake and gay hierarchy and the pedos . Those groups are expendable though and a “we leave them alone but keep them at bay and nuke the pedos” could be traded for Socialism.

    This will look like if you’ll forgive Early Nationalist Democratic Workers Socialism with American Characteristics and will be as virulently anti antisemitic as its forbear but tolerant of gayness and much less racist and anti White officially .If they are super smart and they probably aren’t targeting new immigration would allow a bit more than a marginally stable system

  3. I am going to go contrarian, and predict things calm down (are calmed down) in preparation for the mid-terms. no major wars start, as all the big players have bigger fish to fry (at home). covid panic is already being rolled back, and that will continue. parents in the blue states are in a white hot rage at school officials and unions, and take it out on the dems; historic blow outs all over the electoral map; maybe a handful of truly independent (no party affiliation) reps get in. fed attempts to thread the needle, and bumps rates; RE market cools off in response. biden croaks at a public event, and does a Southpark like death rattle shit storm – visible on camera – and it gets on Dr Jill’s face. [this is a bizzaro version of Jackie O getting hub’s brains all over her face and clothing]

    • Given it looks like Biden has just signed a $137m deal to build a factory to make test strips for the coof that will not be ready until 2024 and will produce 80m tests a month I am not sure its going to get rolled back anytime soon.

      Of course it could be more made up crap to try and cover the missing 500m pcr test they announced and just consist of money laundering for the usual suspects for a ghost building that never gets built, like many projects the US funds.

    • There’s nothing funny about Kennedy getting killed, or what horror his wife went through, Jerkoff. That was the day the jew took over your country, shit for brains. Satanic genocide, 2022, don’t need glasses to see that coming. 1963 was the first step in a long game. Here we are.

      • haha just because you don’t get the joke, doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. god damn, you got spittle on me over the internet, you rage headed loon!

    • It is worth considering that things may calm down. The case for is basically that everyone’s kinda exhausted and both elite and non-whites are starting to sense that things are on a dangerous trail. Maybe they want to chill before the backlash they always talk about after a terror attack, actually happens.

      The case against things calming down are: that blacks don’t think strategically as a group, that the elites will find it very hard to reign in blacks and would have to use police to do so, risking provoking them, that the economy is probably already mortally wounded and that the true believers in the elite/media can’t sock it about their hatred of whites.

      The way I see it, it’s 100 to 1 2022 will not be a calm year.

      • blacks are primarily a problem in blue state cities. if the voters there keep voting dem, they will keep getting black mob attacks, and the cities will die even faster. those cities were already dangerous shit holes before covid, and will be afterwards.

        i wouldn’t bet on things calming down, and biden’s faction are still putting out retarded statements daily, but i sense a hand on the brake now.

    • No evidence of the panic dying down in my neck of the woods: headline in my AM fishwrap: “City’s Virus Cases Soar” local radio news is 100% panic porn, towns and cities are instituting vax passes, the UMASS- Union hockey games are postponed…not mention, while not in my little slice of heaven, the World Junior Hockey tournament (a big deal for us hockey geeks- I know, “sportsball”…) in Edmonton/Red Deer AB canceled half way through. And how long before fully vaxxed means at least three?

  4. By late 2022 it will no longer be deniable that the pseudo-vaccines are not only a major flop in terms of effectiveness, but that they are harmful to too many people. This means a major loss of credibility for all of our institutions. How this will manifest in daily life I can’t predict

    • it will be interesting to see how hard hit the inner party is, by bad vaxx reactions. especially their kids. don’t have actual numbers, but that group seems very high on getting entire family vaxxed, right now. lots of those kids will be playing soccer, which seems especially prone to killing young people that were vaxxed.

    • Data from Ontario, Dec. 29:
      COVID-19 infection rate per 100,000

      Unvaccinated: 49.9
      Fully vaccinated: 62.94

      Starting to look like the vaccine decreases immunity after a bit. Maybe unvaxxed just aren’t getting tested as much.

      Will be interesting to see the long term effects of the jab. It’s clear that at best, they’re pretty useless at preventing infections and might provide some level of relief in the severity of symptoms. Not sure why people are being told to get boosters for Omicron when the vaccine was developed for whatever the original variant was.

      Anecdotally I know a few people who had myocarditis, others had chest pain but didn’t see a doctor, days of flu symptoms, and severe rashes. Not playing around with my own health for a vaccine that may or may not even work in the first place.

      • Not a doctor, don’t play one on TV, nor stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night*… but the notion that vaxxes might have some effect on severity reeks of- “shit, these things didn’t work- maybe we can come up with an explanation of what they do plausible that sounds good…”

        There was a report on a local Vermont TV station about “overwhelmed ERs,” but with a twist- people were getting tested, showing positive, and going straight to the hospital. The vast majority of these people were asymptomatic. The press is even more culpable in this nightmare than St. Anthony and all his minions, as they’ve provided the fuel.

        * think this trope is a bit played ? Maybe, but I’ll keep using it!

        Oh, and my favorite example of moonbat stupidity from the annals of panic: my sister in law would not draft Vikings’ receiver Adam Thielen for her fantasy team because he wasn’t vaccinated.

        • “shit, these things didn’t work- maybe we can come up with a plausible explanation of what they do that sounds good…”

          Z, when you redesign the site an editing feature in the comments would be nice for proofreading challenged old farts like me.

    • That’s easy to predict.

      TV and social media will gaslight the rising tide of heart attacks, strokes and sterility and people will swallow it without a blink as if it has always been the case. Every day is day 0 for these dumbfucks.

      Look around – where I live 95% of people voluntarily wear masks and 2 F’ing years later are still scared shitless there is deadly plague despite the lack of any bodies or a single shred of evidence supporting the behavior.

      A majority of the population have become automata repositories for mind worms that control their every thought.

      The war on consciousness appears to have been won.

  5. I used to work with stock traders. I ran all the tech.

    At the beginning of every year, they would have a betting pool for what the S&P would be at the end of the coming year.

    They would ask me make my prediction and it was always the same, “By the end of the year we will be hitting eachother over the head with human femurs.”

  6. I’ll take a stab at some predictions. This year will be the happening. A world wrapped in flames. The great breaking point. It will kick off in South Africa. The white tribe will massacre and never tire of winning. The empire will make noises about intervention, but will do nothing. With the rare earth elements up for grabs. China will back the white South Africans. Here in the USA, the conflict will go dark. Political assassinations, and sabotage. Three oil refineries will go up in flames. States will assert their federal prerogatives. Several will declare Martial law. At least several sheriff and state authorities will confront the FBI. Regional fbi offices will be forced to shutter. Regions will become no-go zones for authorities except for the most heavily armored detachments. A nuclear device ( smuggled within a shipping container) will be detonated at a major world port.

    Several challenges to the dollar reserve status will arise. Russia will move into Ukraine. The west will do jack and sheet. The dissident right will attract a based billionaire, or two. The NJP will run a competitive congressional candidate. In response, A trump-like politician, maybe several will arise from within the GOP.

  7. my only prediction for this year was that the blame for the pandemic will be pinned on the unvaccinated, i was right on that front, easy prediction.

    my prediction for next year is that something will go wrong with the shipment & manufacturing of goods, particularly appliances. I expect that the prices for appliances will explode by autumn next year, they will become much harder to get.

  8. “Like everyone, I am disappointed that Biden did not drop dead, but that gives us something to look forward to in 2022.”

    Me too, but I console myself that we got that POS Harry Reid in before the deadline.

  9. “Millions not working, despite millions of open jobs contradicts what we have been told about economics for a century.”

    Economists miss the non-financial incentive terms in the equation. Our European-heritage Christian-heritage republic is now an open-borders crony corporatist cartel trade zone. Why would anyone lift a finger if they don’t HAVE to, especially knowing that any investments one makes into the commons will simply be stolen to subsidize our people’s replacement and destruction?

  10. Interesting point I heard the other day: how many more murders would there be if it werent for the continuous improvements in medical care? Slightly OT how many here still donate blood?

    • I used to be a regular donor before COVID. They called me all the time to donate because I am O-.

      Now when they call I tell them I’ll only come in if I don’t have to wear a face covering, and if they can’t make that exception for me, a healthy universal donor, they must not really need my blood that badly.

      They have yet to make an exception.

      • Turning away an O neg donor b/c he won’t wear a mask takes a special kind of stupid. Unfortunately exactly the special kind of stupid who tends to be in charge of such decisions.

      • Lucius: You shouldn’t donate, regardless of face covering/covid crap, unless you know for certain your blood will go to White patients. Why on earth donate blood for some rapper or welfare mother or alien invader? Same goes for organ donation – until one can have a say regarding to whom anything goes, keep it yours. And on top of all of that, who on earth trusts any of the doctors these days?

        • Yeah whatever we give is going to the dealer shot in the leg last night for selling on the wrong corner. Its a tough call though because if we need it were gonna be using from the same stock. Plus I think its not a bad idea to drain a little old blood once in a while. If they gave me a hundred I’d probably go back.

      • I’m also O negative and they would call me all the time to donate blood. It ought to take no more than 20 minutes to get in, drained and out.

        But no. Due to their insipid (((legal requirements))) one must routinely answer, for the hundredth time, the question as to whether one has had sexual relations with a gay Haitian heroin addict. The question time and before and after protocol would add up to an hour and a half. And for what? My blood going to people who hate me and provide nothing useful to our society? And the red cross was making a fortune. Why would I be interested in participating in this scheme? To make me ‘feel’ good?

        If they want my blood they can pay me $500 a pint plus $200/hour for my time. I believe that’s a bargain compared to what the red cross is selling it for.

    • I’m one of the people who has stopped doing ALL altruism: Blood donation, neighborhood associations, city cleanups, civic groups. Let the beautiful, diverse ‘New Americans’ that I hear so much about pick up the slack. Ohhhh, right.

      Oh well. Let these institutions burn with the rest of them.

  11. My prediction for 2022. People who call themselves dissidents without really knowing what that means, and people who are actually dissidents when no ones looking will continue to engage in the system and feel voting is a plausible strategy for getting anything done.

  12. This year was even faker and gayer than I could have possibly imagined. In spite of everything we have seen the past two years, I am stunned that they are trying to shut the world down over something that is objectively a common cold. They’re gonna do it too – probably going to look at massive “case numbers” in January and claim it is because we were bad boys and girls over Christmas, daring to do things like see our families.

    Republicans may not have been all-in on Biden’s agenda, but they were in on it enough, and more importantly, they have shown themselves to be reliable partners in the freak show that is liberal democracy. The Republicans’ moves over the past 12 months was universally to keep the scam going and set it up so disenfranchised normies and grillers will vote for them in 2022 as a way to “send a message to DC.” They have no interest in shutting down the COVID scam, or the open borders, or the fake money printers, or anti-white syllabuses in school, or the cult of St. Floyd. As always they are acting as a rearguard, to solidify the gains the Left has made and make it palatable for people who aren’t insane. Anyone who votes for these clowns in 2022 is truly far gone, but I am also expecting a lot of riots and destruction coming from the left’s blackshirts next year. Buckle up.

    • Mycale, You’ve perfectly described my local congressman, the Florida Republican, Vern Buchanan, a worthless “empty suit” if there ever was one! With friends like him, who needs enemies? Unfortunately, for decades he’s never been “primaried” and will probably be in office forever. He’s also the richest man in Congress.

  13. Predictions over such a short period of time as a year are fun but, ultimately, pointless as the time frame is too short. (Btw, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading them. As I said, they are good fun and make you think.)

    But deeper trends can tell us a lot about the next ten years or so. It’s a bit like valuing the stock market. Valuation metrics are almost worthless in the short run but pretty good directionally over 10 or 15 years.

    Here are some trends that are already baking things into the pie over the next decade or so:

    1. Dollar Trouble

    Budget deficits will continue to outstrip GDP growth. Because other central banks aren’t buying our debt, the fed will step in by printing money. The Fed will also be forced to keep interest rates below GDP growth. All of this is inflationary and pisses off the world which has to absorb that inflation due to the dollar being the reserve currency.

    This will accelerate the already happening push to move away from that system.

    Already, oil is being sold in yuan. If the Chinese, Russians and Iranians can moved the Saudis away from only selling oil in dollars, it’s the end of the dollar as the reserve currency and a move to a multi-currency world where the value of your currency is based on your trade and budget deficits.

    If that happens, the dollar is going down – a lot. That means much lower standard of living, though a return of manufacturing.

    2. Dems Take Control of Washington

    Over the next decade, several states will turn blue, including Georgia, Arizona and Florida. The Dems will never lose the presidency. They’ll also gain permanent control of the House, maybe even the Senate.

    The country’s politics will look like California or New York, i.e., dysfunctional and anti-white.

    3. Europe Troubles

    The growing Muslim and African populations of Europe, particularly France and Belgium, will cause more problems. As the under-40 population of some countries becomes 25% to 35% Muslim and African, and far more in the cities, you will see Muslim enclaves more or less publicly declare that they no longer need to abide by any law that they disagree with.

    This will be different from the no-go zones because the Muslims will demand the the government officially accept these terms.

    4. Investors Crushed/Pensions Toast

    The stock market is crazy expensive, in part because people are moving money out of dollars in the form of the bond market and toward anything else, housing, stocks, art, etc. While a nice temporary boost, it means lower returns going forward.

    Returns on all asset classes will be lower over the next decade. Bonds will yield less than inflation. Stocks and commercial RE only a bit above inflation.

    American investors will have a very difficult time reaching their goals or paying for retirement. American pensions will never be able to meet their obligations. The govt will bail out the pensions and will try to protect investors via more money printing and stimulus, which might work somewhat or, heaven forbid, cause people to lose faith in the dollar.

    The Fed/govt have committed to backstop the entire economy and all the markets. That’s a very dangerous game to play with the dollar having other problems. They are putting the very foundation of the system at risk.

    So, those are my decade predictions. Dollar down. Dems on top. European troubles. Very low investment returns with a slight chance of a complete disaster.

    Happy New Year!

    • Absolutely in the right direction, I think you’re a little on the optimistic side if we’re trying to look a decade ahead. In a decade I think at least 2 US states have seceeded or tried to and at least one Western European country is in recognized civil war. I think the negative trends in all major indicators, demographics, economy, political polarization (mixing it in with ethnic divisions), rival powers growing and others, are that strong. Here’s to being wrong, cheers!

      • We’re on the same page, just differ on timelines. I figure that if California and South Africa are still intact, so will the US in ten years. But there will be serious signs of stress.

        I do think that the world moving away from the dollar as a reserve currency will cause some serious problems for the U.S. The dollar will fall in value, which means exports will cost a lot more. We’re lucky that we have our own energy supply, but it’ll still hurt.

        Losing the ability to just print money and run huge deficits (both trade and fiscal) will severely curtail the government and cause living standards to fall a lot. Normies are quiet now because they live pretty well. Reduce that living standard and they won’t be quite as inclined to go along to get along.

        It will also mean a big reduction in military spending. Right now, entitlements and interest on the debt equal all government revenues. And as the Boomer age, they’ll equal more than revenues.

        Where does that leave military spending and other discretionary spending? As long as the government can print money and borrow at almost no cost, it’s not a problem. When that borrowing cranks up interest rates and drops the value of the dollar, it becomes a huge problem.

        Is Joe Normie still a proud American when his living standard falls 20% and the military comes home. Maybe, maybe not.

        Does Joe Normie still put up with the government telling him that he sucks because he’s white when that same government can’t keep maintain the power grid or police his neighborhood?

        But these things take time. As I said, you don’t see civil war in California or South Africa. But the current system is faltering and has inherent problems that can only be fixed with pain. That definitely leaves open the possibility of big time change.

        • Why on Earth would California have a civil war. Right Wing people in California can flee and half the state is high on GMO weed or some other drug

          Even so there are huge parts of this state where more than a few proclamations and laws from Sacramento can and will be ignored as needed.

          Besides the Latinos and remaining Whites get along well enough. Yes La Raza is thing as is CRT but Whites and Hispanic do not hate one another , just get along with a bit of unease.

          • I agree that there will be a White-Latino Alliance. You are seeing in already in the classic “Mejorar de La Raza” way where California is becoming a Castizo/Meztizo ethnostate, with pockets of (((cosmopolitans))) and a few ethnic minorities in the urban areas. White hippie retards will die off, and Blacks will be ethnically cleansed. Eventually, California will unironically be better off than many other areas of the country because of this.

    • I can’t see a dollar replacement on the horizon.

      Maybe SDR for international bank settlement. But the Dollar is all over the place in many trade sectors. The Yuan is not really held externally.

      Its not like the end of Sterling with the US manufacturing allowing it to take over.

      • I agree that the dollar won’t be replaced entirely, nor will this process happen anytime soon. This is more of 10 to 20 year prediction and one that happens gradually.

        Also, like any trend, this one could change.

        That said, the infrastructure of moving away from a single reserve currency for the world is being laid as we speak and has been for years. I’ll skip the longer narrative, but you’ll notice that foreign central banks – and, particularly, the Chinese – more or less stopped buying treasuries around 2014.

        Instead, the Chinese began using their excess dollars to buy infrastructure, rare earth minerals and gold, a lot of gold. They also started pushing to buy oil in yuan.

        Oil is the key. The US went off the gold standard in the early 70s but sort of replaced it with an oil standard. You could only buy oil with dollars. It’s a bit like a govt forcing you to pay taxes with the govt’s currency. It requires people to use that currency. It was the same with oil.

        But, you’re right, the dollar is everywhere, but the US is no longer the only kid on the block. The Chinese want out of the dollar system, so do many others.

        The US screwed the pooch in 2008-2009. It showed that it couldn’t be trusted to not abuse its reserve currency status. You could see the world starting to look for something else after that. Then, the US just kept printing and keeping rates low.

        I don’t think that the Chinese or any other country wants their currency to be the reserve currency. They saw what that did to the US – destroyed its manufacturing and hurt its poor and middle class.

        They want to move to some system of free floating currencies that are somewhat tied to commodities or gold. Not a gold standard or a single reserve currency. I think that you’d likely see regionally dominant currencies, such as the dollar in North and South America, the Euro in Europe and the yuan in Asia.

        Regardless, the US printing of money and running massive twin deficits will kill the dollar as a reserve currency at some point. What replaces that system is unknown, but you can’t have a reserve currency that it being debased at this rate. It might take a decade or two, but that system is simply unworkable.

    • “The Dems will never lose the presidency. They’ll also gain permanent control of the House, maybe even the Senate.”

      Great analysis. Thought-provoking, too.

      One minor disagreement: While I agree that the cabal will never lose power, I think we’ll continue to see republicans in these roles. But of course, they’ll be the Mitt Romney types who might as well be democrats.

      If the presidency, senate, and house are all in Dem hands, they have a problem. Even now, young leftists are becoming disillusioned by the lack of progress on things that are important to them, such as a $15 minimum wage and student-debt forgiveness. If the Dems can’t blame this lack of progress on those pesky republicans, they’ve got a problem. Many of them know it, too, which is why they’ll keep a certain number of Republicans in pseudo-power.

      • Yeah, I’m not saying the GOP disappears, just that they become a mostly irrelevant party, even more the Washington Generals than they already are.

        As to the Dems, yes, they’re entering a big internal fight. The Establishment Dems vs the True Believers. You can see it shaping up now, but it’ll get worse over time.

        For the Dems, the question is whether the Jew/Puritan coalition can contain its Frankenstein. History is full of examples where a king brings in mercenaries to defeat his long-time enemy only to get overthrown by those same mercenaries who realize that they’re the real power.

      • Yep. I know people in AZ. They’re always amazed at how many Hispanics actually live there since they keep such a low profile.

    • Your predictions are correct, especially the “slow motion” part. Many of us have predicted these same things for, what is it, twenty years? What the hell is taking the “economic crash/state secession/white uprising in Europe, South Africa, and America” so long? It’s enough to make one totally give up on our people!

      • I’m actually not predicting some giant economic crash. The dollar losing its reserve currency status isn’t like Rome in 5th century.

        My best guess would be that the Saudis start accepting other currencies for oil because those currencies would be convertible into gold, i.e., China, maybe Europe, open their own gold window except that their currencies aren’t pegged to gold, just convertible.

        This dramatically reduces the need for dollars around the world, slowly draining the dollar of reserve currency status. This leads to the U.S. dollar losing a lot of value as the world moves to a classic exchange based currency system where countries with high government deficits and/or trade deficits have to lower the value of their currency. The US runs a massive twin deficit, so it’d need to seriously devalue its currency to stay balanced.

        But this doesn’t mean the world explodes. It just means that the US standard of living takes a serious hit.

        My best guess for the future is that the US slowly evolves into something like a Brazil of the North. Crappy, but sort of functional with pockets of nice neighborhoods and rural areas, a small middle class and a lot shitty neighborhoods.

        I’d be shocked if in the next ten years, we saw anything like a real secession movement or attempt by a state or whites pushing back in an organized way.

        The only chance for a real economic crash would be if the economy starts tanking, the Fed/Congress step in with crazy amounts of money and nobody buys it. People just don’t trust the dollar as a store of value anymore. That’s a possibility. No super high, but not zero either.

  14. This is fun so here are my predictions:

    The economy will crash in both the US and Europe. In the US hyperinflation will spin completely out of control and the jump in interest rates will strangle the economy. Come November the first soup kitchens start to appear. In Europe hyperinflation is less of a problem, although still significant. Instead unemployment will go through the roof as negative growth approaches double digits.

    In both places massive riots occur because of pent up frustration. Unlike before, this time, significant numbers of ‘right wing’ whites will make riots as well. The words ‘civil war’, already inside Overton, will go totally mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic although neither will quite reach the level of violence where it undeniable.

    In the US, there will be a major riot by blacks in which whites, or Hispanics, open fire to protect their lives or property. Between 20 and 50 dead, this attack will hyperpolarize the country roughly 50-50 with each side passionately taking sides between the rioters and those who opened fire. The national guard will be activated but for the first time since Vietnam, the military will find problems with obedience in the lower ranks. This will of course be covered up but is the reason the military is only used on a limited scale to quell the growing violence. Texas will have, but eventually table, a bill of secession in their legislature while Florida seeks to stop the inflow of northerners into their state and Idaho and Montana try to stop the massive trek of Californians to their state. Biden will hold a massive speech about ‘national unity’ which will be watched live by about 5-10 people. Gun stores will now be smashed by people desperate to get means of defense in a clearly collapsing society and whites will start fleeing major cities, starting with Chicago and Philidelphia.

    In France, police, or the military, will open fire on a major riot of Muslims and major, swiftly improvised terror attacks will happen in retaliation. Poorly executed by IQ 90s, there will nonetheless be significant French casualties as well. To the ‘shock of everyone’, it will be discovered that the police or military has passed on weapons to white rural French in some areas. While not quite open civil war, there will be massive clashes between Muslims, ‘right-wing’, left-wing and authorities in a perfect dog’s breakfast and the imposed martial law will not be effective.

    No one will be talking about the Ukraine, especially after they have a sudden pro-Russian change of government. As the US descends into chaos, Taiwan seeing that its protector is AWOL, ‘voluntarily’ submits to China to avoid an invasion. There will be massive riots in Taipei as the first Chinese ‘protection forces’ arrive. Hundreds end up killed before a giant 100 by 200 foot portrait of Xi is unveiled in Taipei. A few weeks later Japan reveals an arsenal of maybe 1-200 high tech thermonuclear warheads that just needed the last screw inserted.

    Biden is still in the White House come 2023, his bedroom effectively an ICU setting because no one wants Harris in the Oval. Unaware of what is going on he rambles on about being ‘the second Lincoln’ to his ‘aides’ (handlers) but this is not leaked.

    The price of gold, canned food, ammo and gas go through the roof while electric appliances drop because there is no electricity. Sometime in the second half of 2022, there is a nuclear power meltdown somewhere, because of a mix of incompetence and the riots preventing proper maintanence. By December 2022, everyone is really angry and most are really scared as well. It is obvious that no one is really in charge.

    • Well…good times are just around the corner.

      After that prediction I’ll be crossing off my planned new year resolution to cut back on alcohol…

      • Sorry to be so negative, and my timeline may be a little fast. Maybe we have until 23-24 before the music really stops. But while you’re in town getting hooch, pick up a water filter, extra ammo/firearm (the more common the better, don’t go for an exotic elephant gun that uses esoteric ammo; of all our many potential problems woolly mammoths stampeding out of the hills is not one of them), cans of extra gas, kerosene lamps and maybe even a Geiger counter (if something nuclear happens, whether power plant or warhead, who would trust ‘the authorities’ when they say ‘it’s perfectly safe’?)

        Happy New Year and stay safe!

    • Here’s hoping that your predictions come true. Because if they do, we will have a much faster and higher bottom, and that means far less pain, death, and destruction overall. The slower we slide down, the worse will be the bottom when we ultimately get there. That is the essential lesson of the French Revolution. It took two centuries for the incestuous and corrupt French aristocracy to devolve into madness and pathological dysfunction, at which point only a greater madness could fully kill it off. That is our fate as well if slow-roll to the bottom.

      • The accellerationist argument essentially. I see the logic of that argument and it is quite possible you are right. It still gives me pause on the precipice, this is gonna be the mother of rough rides.

        • I’m already seeing the Covidiots patting themselves on the back for “surviving” another year of the coof. It was enough having to be anywhere near the Olympics this past summer, when the IOC was jerking itself off about having the event despite the adversity of the shamdemic. At least nobody has to hear “Tokyo 2020” anymore.

  15. Almost all higher-order mammals are habitually predictive, so this innate feature of our mental functioning must be useful in keeping us vertical. For most species, this predictive skill is very short-term; as in, if I don’t have anything to eat, I will starve. Hence, it’s a fundamental component of motivation.

    In modern humans, corrupt politicians can easily predict victory in the next election based upon how much public funds are allocated to bribing the stupidest fraction of the electorate. And therefore I predict that this behavior will continue until the economy breaks as a result of the unbridled growth of democracy-driven parasitism. I also predict that the puppetmasters guiding DC will continue their efforts to wind the spring tighter in the hopes of fomenting a hot civil war. I don’t foresee that war breaking out next year, but rather a significant rise in local crime will be the relief valve instead.

    As for my final prognostication, I predict that if you move to a safe rural haven, get fit, arm yourself, plant a garden, and stay off the radar; the day will soon come when you CAN make a tangible difference and strike a blow against the manufactured Crazy of our times. Happy New Year everyone and wishing you 4S and focus.

  16. Z, they will not only make documentaries about you, but put up statues of you — to be torn down later.

    • “I know that after my death, a pile of garbage will be put on my grave, but the wind of history will mercilessly scatter it.”
      -Joseph Stalin

      • Do any of us dare to predict the rise of a Man who will destroy the “useful idiots” as Stalin did?

  17. If I am going to wear labels, “Yesterday Man” works well for me. It all comes down to who defines the terms, I guess. I have learned a lot over the years from the dissidents. Sorry to hear about the body counts in Lagos, Z – I was looking forward to high body counts too!
    Something has to be going on with regards to Joe and Kamala. I’m sorry, I’m just a dumb Canadian but I have to ask: would (retch) Hillary have made a better POTUS than Joe? And is that witch dead? The big kids on Blab are scaring me with horror stories about Hillary running in 2024… could she be what’s keeping the establishment from euthanizing Joe? Something is going on over on the other side of the great divide….

    • Swapping in Hillary wouldn’t change much. She and Biden represent the same interests, though their specific backers aren’t identical (75%-ish?), so there’d be some differences in personnel. The offices that matter most, “The Fed” and the DOJ, would look the same.

      Personally, Joe and Hillary are similar characters. She’s a little smarter and seemingly more conscious of being…”vengeance-themed,” let’s call it. So she’d emphasize it even more than Biden does, knowing it’s the only thing that really “resonates” with Democrats: identification with aggrieved power. Given that permission, their local and everyday treatment of us would be more vicious, and the camps might open one election cycle sooner.

  18. I’d say the overwhelming debt load consequences will finally come home to roost resulting in a phony levitated stock market crash and soaring inflation. Happy days are here again!

  19. ” Lots of people now call themselves dissidents, without really knowing what it means, but they have come to loath the people in charge with the zeal of a communist.”

    Folks, at this point in my 57 year old life I know who the enemy is, and also know that those “who are on our side” end up f#cking up, every time, and thus we normies have no friends, and that they are all our enemies. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” is supposed to be a warning about hell, but it’s actually the here and now living, and no one knows what to do about it.

    How many people across the world have actually sat down to read about and understand how their central banking fiat monetary system works?
    There can be no system better designed to rape and pillage people of their assets, and yet it keeps going on, unquestioned, except most people know our “system” isn’t working very well, and is teetering on the edge of total collapse.

    I’m being sarcastic now, but there’s always a kernel of truth in sarcasm. If everything ended tomorrow, and it all came out that we were a genetically-engineered slave species conjured up by 25,000 year old aliens who have actually run the world for hundreds of thousands of years, I wouldn’t be shocked. Then people would be running around trying to understand how the aliens screwed up until their empire of control collapsed. They’d be talking about that for centuries. I would actually breathe some relief that there was a reason for all of the never ending stupidity and lies we call the human race circa 21st Century A.D.

    The crazy shit has just started, and I think few can even dream about what happens next.

    • 100 thumbs up, CC! 👍

      I am reluctant to don the Dissident jersey too…I’ve just seen too many similar movements fail. They get usurped by the crazies and then they fall apart. My heart broke when the alt right crashed… but with fags like Milo, Vox Day, Spencer and Cerno running it…they didn’t have a chance.

      I mean no insult when I say this, but the Dissidents ARE “normies”. You can disagree with these guys and they won’t lose their mud. You can have a civil discussion with them. If you make a valid point, they will recognize it and accept it. The big guns in this movement are thinkers, not performance artists selling poorly written books and cheesy tee shirts. There are no ‘dissident’ police or party zampolits running around censoring heretics and enforcing True Belief. There’s no virtue signaling. They tend to have a sense of humour. I’ve never seen any of this in the other mass movements of our day.

      This is something special… and I hope they don’t lose any of that in the days ahead.

  20. I predicted that Z and Ramzpaul would come out boasting about their prescience. Paul never mentions the misses though but no one holds a candle to Scott Adams. You know he predicted Trumps victory in 2016? That man will prevaricate on every predictive statement he makes so later he can claim the, “I told you so”. Flopping all over the floor on covid now.

    • Adams has been coasting on that 2016 Trump win prediction for 5 years. His bloviating is more annoying than some on the left. My New Years wish is that he would stick to Dilbert and shut his pie hole.

    • i think he is dying, and knows it. saw a video of him braying about the vaxx, and he looked dreadful, could not even hold his torso upright (he was bent forward from the waist, taking weight on his arms). it was a pitiful performance by Adams, trying to justify his costly decision.

  21. The Epstein/Weinstein/ Cosby fall out will change the dynamics of gender relations, maybe for a real long time. It’s never been a safe practice but now any man that stays more than a minute alone in a room with a female opens himself up to the possibility of a lifetime of misery and financial ruin. It’s possible that “working from home” might be more accepted for just that reason, although harassment by digital means is treated the same as physical contact.

    Word will quickly spread that the $120 million settlement for the +/- 100 women defiled by Epstein and Maxwell (and their attorneys) is an easily cashable lottery ticket. Of course in the years since their free trips to the Caribbean to meet wealthy sexagenarians these women have continued to indulge in sex but that’s different. While accepting money for sex invokes a word with which we’re all familiar, it doesn’t appear that any of the recipients has declined the money to avoid being coated with that cosmetic or even donated the funds to some organization designed to prevent exactly what happened to them.

    The point is that it is increasingly dangerous for a plumber to spend ten minutes in a woman’s basement unplugging a bathtub drain if he wants to retain ownership of his work van. Executives can forget about an idle lunch-time chat with the new deputy assistant for diversity.

    • You can see that with the Nassar case. The guy was a creep and probably did very unprofessional things, given the stuff on his computer and all, but it became obvious a large percentage of the women coming forward with stories were washed out, full of crap, and trying to cash in.

      I’ll never forget the female judge telling him she hopes he gets raped in prison. Try to argue we are a civilized country after hearing that. Hanging was far more dignified.

      • Not to defend perv Nassar but in the tort-based US justice system awards are based on damages. If someone runs into your car but the car is undamaged there is no compensation. In the Nassar case some of his victims became world and Olympic champions. It’s hard to see what the damages might have been in such a case.

        Native American boys in Montana and South Dakota were the victims of predatory IHS pervert doctor Stanley Weber for years and the sicko is finally behind bars. Since he was a federal employee the affected kids, who’ve never been on national television, are fending for themselves, no big checks for them.

    • Reminds me of an aside by some senior guy (might have Eric Raymond or Torvalds – can’t remember) talking about going to programming conferences he made it a priority that he was never alone with any female attendees and always made sure he had along a chaperone when stepping out of his hotel room.

      The subtext being that even he realized that there are a sizeable group who will engineer an intentional setup to attain leverage over organizations and people they want removing from them.

      Yet oddly never seemed to ascribe any further motivation as to the organized nature of such a thing.

      • Guys of a certain age knew to follow similar rules.
        Never be together in a room with a female if the door is closed.
        Try to have witnesses around.
        Never text or e-mail anything that could bite you in the ass.
        Assume that everything you type or search is viewable.
        Don’t even tell or listen to jokes offsite if any employees are present.
        That last one is really sad. I saw what happened to a guy who did witnessed that, when an attendee ratted him out. He was the senior officer at the table and ‘it was his responsibility to prevent such discussions’. That is what ‘they’ told him while he was being written up.
        He left for a better gig, and a less hostile environment.

        • And a bonus.
          Don’t spend too much time with the more attractive women as that marginalizes the less attractive ones.
          Don’t ask HR to help identify those. They have a way of self-identifying.

    • guys will have to learn to have their phone cams on, all the time they are around female customers. or maybe the ladies will have to learn plumbing?

    • One of these days, the American Institution of the JustUs System, a vital part of Globohomo, will go down in its ship that smashed itself all over the rocks. When the women can’t run to some lawyer in a system that no longer exists, we will see big changes.

      Women will no longer be able to steal half of a man’s retirement plan just because she can, and they’ll be facing the music that you either be nice to the men or you’ll find yourself homeless out in the middle of the street, unwanted by men who would like to come home to someone who is nice, and not some bitter crone who ruined the raising of the children just because they called it equal rights.

  22. “I am disappointed that Biden did not drop dead, but that gives us something to look forward to in 2022” –

    I suspect a number of Americans have mixed feelings about that comment considering who will end up replacing him.

    • They’ll need to keep the Biden corpse animated through 2022.

      President Kamala will be limited to one full term in her own right if she ascends to the Presidency before the end of 2022.

      Jan 1, 2023 gives her 2 years, plus two more full terms, for a total of 10 years.

      Since it’s all fraud now anyway, why not? Who’s going to stop her?

    • Biden was Obama’s assassination insurance and now Kamala is Biden’s. Maybe it wasn’t the south Asian lobby that picked Kamala, but Biden’s fear of the pillow.

        • That really does seem like the obvious solution, doesn’t it? But these people are so dumb, perhaps it never really occurred to them to try. But at some point, someone will put two and two together…

          ….so hey, what the hell, that’s my 2022 prediction: Joe Biden goes into Walter Reed for some “routine medical procedure.” Six hours later, he comes out looking 20 years younger, has lots of pep in his step, and is suddenly much more coherent. Aides attribute his formerly cryptic remarks to an overly tight necktie, and aren’t we all glad that the President had that routine tonsilectomy or whatever it was? I mean, you can hardly believe it’s the same guy….

          • In line with the current trend they should make the new Guy black and just pretend he was black all along.

  23. Lagos let down the team murder-wise but a ton of cities are setting new records in 2021. It is one of the most covered up stories this year, if Trump were President it would be headline news everyday and blamed on Orange Man.

    • Yeah, Lagos lost a step this year but you need a good bench. My little city of 200,000 really stepped it up this year – 81 murders the last I heard. Heck, as a kid in the seventies it wasn’t good for more than 12-15 a year, back when it had 100,000 more people.

      We’re talkin’ proud. Going for the century-mark next year.

  24. There is a mysterious power coursing through the walls of your very own home. My prediction is that during the coming year, all of you will frequently … no … no … daily! All of you will will DAILY tap into this mysterious power and harness it to clean your floors and preserve your food.

    And remember: Gears do not engage if you clutch.

    All the best for 2022!

  25. I’ll comment here on a thread you started on Gab regarding interstate migration, which has hit record levels this year. The big losers are CA, NY, and IL (and ‘winners’ being TX and FL) due to a combination of lockdown hysteria, taxes, inflation impacting COL, ‘defund’ related crime, and boomer retirement. You are correct that it will make much of the South unlivable, but the Gaia worshippers are intent on making the cold North unlivable as well. Much of TX and FL may become inhospitable to its new residents, previously sparsely populated before (soon to be very expensive) air conditioning. In the same way Californian white refugees are polluting ID and MT. Because of it’s small population, it won’t take much to swing WY, and white refugees will move from ID and northern CO. Of course, it’s colder than a witch’s tit there, and much of it high desert.

    The usual suspects have a habit of airdropping fecund African shock troops into Northern states, Maine and Minnesota being prime examples. Not coincidentally, Governors and Mayors of the worst hit places share a certain ethnic persuasion.

    WV has a relatively temperate clime but full of ‘bad’ whites, where the witches are afraid to tread but it is very close to Lagos. It’s a financial mess though, and for that reason also on the net negative migration side of the ledger.

    • saw that article about in-country-migration. that is only going to accelerate, because the blue states will just keep ratcheting down on everyone left there. going to be interesting once all the working class leaves.

      i myself am in the process of moving from Cali to FL. But I am not a Cali progressive shit head, so I won’t be doing anything to change FL. Of course I don’t vote now that the system is so compromised.

      • The great question that will be answered in the next 100 years is whether a different environment can ‘reform’ the fleeing left, or they destroy everything they touch until they permanently leave the gene pool.

        • There’s no magic dirt. Smart people have long known this, but the screen won’t acknowledge it, so we’re stuck in this Ponzi scheme ‘experiment’ of democracy. That’s Who We Are, after all!

        • Chet: I would suggest that question’s already been answered. As Paintersform notes below, there’s no magic dirt. And as a current example, look at the ‘famed’ Ellis Island immigrants. Some of them spread throughout the country, intermarried with local inhabitants and other European ethnicities, and became part of today’s ‘general American’ category. A significant portion of the dissident right is made up of such people.

          Others remained in their ethnic enclaves, married only others of the same ethnicity – in the beginning only those from the same or very nearby villages in the old country – and retained a lot of their more negative characteristics that have given rise to various stereotypes. A prime example of this are the “Italian-Americans” featured on tv, or the old ethnic jokes everyone told in the ’60s and ’70s.

          A small percentage of those fleeing CA, NY, IL, etc. will blend in and take some of their social lessons to heart. But I would posit that the vast majority will remain unreformed, and ultimately destroy their ‘new’ communities. Even if done out of ‘good will,’ they cannot recognize the deleterious consequences of their political and social choices if they cannot accept and acknowledge genetic and racial reality. If culture is ‘imbibed’ via the air and one’s social surroundings, then ‘anyone’ can adopt the correct values and become as ‘American’ as anyone else.

          Without a conscious return to blood and soil, where people’s characters and group cultural characteristics are largely inherited (with a handful of acknowledged unicorns who still do not negate the original statement), nothing substantive will change.

      • As much as you chaff my balls frequently karl I’d be glad to call you neighbor. I’d rather have a gruff and sometimes obnoxious guy that tells the unfiltered truth than some slimy sh-tlib that will passive aggressively and effeminately go behind your back while saying something different to your face.

        I say that of course because FL is -very- high on my target zones for where I will be landing early next year. The main problem is what you said and what is being discussed in this thread.

        We are not the only ones fleeing Blue Hives, and -lots- of the people leaving bring their utterly shyte politics with them and then proceed to terraform and destroy the places they land in short order.

        Other than walling off certain states and asking for voting records, political tests, etc. I don’t see a solution to this problem. As we know, there is no magic dirt. Blue states are garbage because of ‘blue people’ so if they land somewhere else the great place you wanted to escape to becomes poisoned in short order.

        Billy said this above- “Much of TX and FL may become inhospitable to its new residents,”

        But truthfully, I don’t actually see that happening as it is very difficult to enforce something like that in a free country. Maybe in really small towns but lefties are not going to go to those places. They are going to the cities and the burbs to start poisoning the well from there as they always do.

        • Close a pipeline here, a pipeline there, enact EPA regs via executive fiat and electricity for AC becomes unavailable or unaffordable. FL could become a mosquito infested swamp again but with a salinated water table from overuse. The gas and electric shutdowns in TX last winter could become routine.
          Watch what is happening in Europe very closely, and in Germany in particular. We have deployed a flotilla of natural gas tankers because their windmills won’t cut the mustard and they’d rather freeze out their citizens than buy from Vladimir.
          The governor of WY recently granted a temporary state of execution to a coal fired powerplant in Cheyenne, but for how long?

          • I saw that flotilla of tankers and an analysis that it constituted about a day and a half of what Germany burns. The round trip’s got be what 4 weeks?

            That’s a lot of Kold Krauts.

        • Are leftists really that prevalent? White men vote Red in almost every single state, including California.

          I don’t think that white refugees are going to be changing the politics much anywhere.

          The problem is demographics and immigration, “blue state people” are just Mexicans, indians, Africans that outnumber the sober minded white people. Seems a bit silly to attack normal white people in blue states for “causing” the problem. It’s not like they really had any more say in it than you or I.

          I could be wrong of course, but it just seems like “white liberals” ruining states is a lie when it’s actually 3rd world people who exist in massive quantities and whites split conservative anyways.

          Gotta work to bring all whites to the dissident side, conservative isn’t enough anymore.

          • B125,

            Exactly. People always blame Virginia turning blue on liberal whites moving to NoVa. That’s partially true, but what really tipped the scales is immigration.

            So long as you have immigration, no state is safe.

          • Middle class white women. Unmoor them from men and behold the apocalypse.

            Either start up the witch trials or bring on collapse. No other ways about it.

          • B125: Yes, but . . . Valid point about non-White immigrants, but then you have women finding the brown/black babies ‘adorable’ and ‘exotic.’ And you get intermarriage, and then the White family members and friends start to project their liking for the miscegenated children to the race overall, and it all starts all over again.

            That’s why there really needs to be a hard line (decided by the leaders of a given society/group) on who belongs and who does not – whether it’s based on racial percentages, or religion, or whatever. Trying to base it on ephemeral values (where people lie or evade or change all the time) has proven disastrous.

        • Apex: Solid points as usual. And to add to my earlier comment, I would call attention to yet another example – all those people who have a daughter, son, brother, sister, or best buddy married to a NAXALT. Out of love of and acceptance for their family and friends, they almost immediately start looking for info and statistics confirming their new positive beliefs regarding this or that ethnicity and race. They will tell you how wonderful a Christian is their Nigerian son-in-law, or what a good provider their sister’s sub-con husband is.

          People’s behavior is fairly easily predictable in these cases. But don’t let that totally dictate your move – as I noted in an earlier thread, while state laws and lines are important now, I would argue they will become a bit less so in the next decade. The local community will matter more. Do pay attention to how close the next largest city is, or the next largest concentration of non-Whites. And as soon as you start noticing mixed couples of any sort, even relatives or friends of neighbors, MOVE. The progression that will follow is all too painfully common.

          For what it’s worth, I’d never move to Florida – what I’ve seen of it has not impressed me, and the heat would make me miserable. And there is increasing population pressure on that core group of Whites who farmed and settled the central and northern parts of the state. But hey, perhaps you and Karl can provide the nucleus of some solid White enclave!

          • you live in Texas, and complain about Florida heat?! It really depends on where you are (in FL) how bad the heat in Summer is – from what I have read, and watched 😛 I’ll let you know in about 5 or so months 🙂

          • Reply to Karl: I’m not comparing Texas weather favorably to Florida; I’m just saying I’d see no point in swapping Texas for Florida (I suppose you, like many Californians, prefer warmer weather which is why so many move to Texas and Florida). I hate the Texas heat – that’s why we’ve bought land and are planning to move to another state and live in the mountains.

        • heh ok sir, i’ll be your neighbor too 🙂

          my gut feel is this movement of people is very different than in the recent past. IMO, before coof, people sold up in cali, then left for other places where they could enjoy their RE profits. i.e. it was mostly economic.

          this time, people are fleeing, they are leaving because their home states have become untenable. this group is families with non-adult children, and oldies like me whether this is a teachable moment for this group of people is unknown. but the last couple of years have been absolutely brutal to many of those moving away from blue hell.

      • You are typical of the people fleeing the blue states. We all know the anecdotes about the idiots that flee “progressive” areas and then vote for the same policies that caused them to flee in the first place, but those idiots are not the typical blue state refugee. When you actually look at the numbers, places like FL are actually getting *more* conservative. Only CO is consistently getting more blue due to interstate migration.

        • Mr. Generic: I’m not sure I agree. Look at Idaho, or Iowa. It’s White liberals who destroyed Austin,
          Texas. And that destruction took a very different form from the destruction of multicultural hellhole Houston, or heavily hispanic San Antonio. Race is primary, of course, but it is White people – many of whom term themselves conservative – who have begun the acceptance of aliens and the destruction of their new communities.

          • I’ll say it again. When I moved to Idaho 5 years ago, the people were all Reagan Republicans who still thought the current years was 1985.

            I would try to warn them about immigration and they would assure me that Idaho was different than California. The problem with California was that it had not been sufficiently welcoming to the immigrants. The big-hearted Idahoans would show them how hospitality for immigrants was done.

            Idaho is full of sweet, naive conservatives who will not learn until they lose what they have.

            My adult life has been watching the same events replay in different states.

          • @line
            This is part of the problem. The whites in states like that are as naive to diversity as the Indians were to smallpox and alcohol. Worse, there is a class of people selling them ‘blankets’. A based white born in any enriched city knows what parts of town not to visit (MLK Blvd, lol) and who to avoid.

      • The blue states aren’t losing population though, because of immigration. They replace every American who leaves with an immigrant, mostly from the third world. The implications of this are obvious. The high tax rates don’t matter because Haitian janitors aren’t paying them, and third world immigrants don’t care if they live in a dysfunctional basketcase, if anything it feels more like home. The political class of states like CA and NY love this because they can gain permanent power without ever being held to any standard. If these states are on the brink of collapse, well then spin up the money printers, that’s what they did this year to bail out IL/CA/NY pensions.

        The key point here is that Americans can keep running but we are maybe 200 million people in a world of billions. The people who run this system can swamp us wherever we go. Whether or not a white SJW programmer votes for Nancy Pelosi clones in Austin does not matter when the actual Nancy Pelosi can airdrop tens of thousands of Afghanis and Mexicans into Texas whenever she wants.

    • Any state will do. Just stay out of cities is all. Lefty and diversity are attracted to cities.

      Except Hispanics which seem to thrive in either environment. But in that case search for “supermercado” in Google Maps and you can tell where the Dreamers are.

    • I don’t know if I’d call it a short-term prediction, but my suspicion is that if migration out of NY/CA/IL etc continues at current rates, we’ll soon hear calls for the federal government to assume those states’ debt obligations under the guise that the people who are moving are essentially skipping town on their own debt obligations and since that’s “unfair” the feds should pick up the bill.

      • This could happen, depending on how the sheep entrails spill that day in the court of the high druids. Those states will no doubt press for it, at least. The easiest way may be to shift the pension and Medicaid liabilities onto the federal side of the ledger to be inflated away into nothingness.

        The only reason fedgov gets away with it in their own accounts is ‘money printer go brrrrrr’. At some point the US will stop being the cleanest dirty shirt and it will all come crashing down. I can only assume China profits somehow with the status of the dollar as reserve currency or for petroleum, but they must, or instead tolerate it until they don’t anymore. The economic rumblings between them and the Russians are curious, Russia having a tiny economy but sitting on huge fossil fuel and respectable gold reserves and nukes.

        One option is to assume a strategy from end of ‘The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ and hide out among the minority of grillers in the lowish COL liberal white enclaves like VT or NH until you’re found out and the pointing and shrieking begins.

        • where you can “hide” is largely determined by your vaxx status. i would not set foot in VT, for example.

      • “we’ll soon hear calls for the federal government to assume those states’ debt obligations”

        That’s what the covid payoff was.

        • Yup.

          In an indirect fashion large blue states like CA and NY have access to the Fed money printer.

    • Speaking of fecund African shock troops, there is a 90%+ white town in Maine that is currently breaking its wrists patting themselves on the back because they elected their first female Somali mayor.

      What do you even say to people that deluded?

      • Wild Geese: What’s happening to Maine breaks my heart. Spent a couple of summers working and vacationing up there and I loved the place. Lots of solid people, hunters, woodsmen, and the natural environment is harsh but beautiful. I’ll take the rocky coast and ocean up there over Florida’s beaches any day. But add too many college students and Massholes to the mix, and in come the alien races and it all comes crashing down.

        If there is any hope it is those who remain ‘down east,’ as long as they reproduce and their kids and grandkids stay sane. The Somalis tend to remain in the cities and the libs along the coast.

      • There’s a Quebec law prohibiting government employees who have contact with the public, which includes teachers, from wearing religious symbols.

        A Muslim teacher in a tony suburb of Ottawa was removed from her job and put in another non-public position, because of her hijab. My bet is she was hired without it, and then decided to push the envelope by sporting the garb.

        Anyway, she complained, and the Karens of the town came out to support the poor victim. They’re suing the province and the feds led by the well coiffed drama teacher PM may intervence on the poor immigrant’s behalf.

        One wonders how many Karens could be mobilized if a white kid was assaulted by an immigrant kid in the same school.

  26. Funny stuff. I look forward to your hit and miss 2022 predictions.

    One I did get right, even though it was far worse than thought, was inflation. It has been somewhat of a surprise that the Fed/Treasury folks seem actually taken aback by the extent of it, and quite frankly, it seems they are caught between a rock and a hard place. They cannot raise rates to reflect the market because the debt could not be serviced. Conversely, the devaluation of the dollar is starting to hit them, which as you pointed out yesterday, is all that matters. It was great while the assets, many stolen during Covid, escalated to unbelievable levels. It became real for them when ungrateful border jumper Maria demanded $50.00 per hour to babysit their designer dogs, and the gizmos they use to social signal suddenly could not be had at any price.

    This year’s big story will be whether they can climb down from Covid, and at what price, in the face of angry Karens holding their Fauci votive candles. This, of course, probably will be met with a phony war with Russia, whose perfidy on transgenderism will be used to whip up Karens’ fury. Unfortunately, this could become the main story because our Ruling Class also is moronic and perfectly capable of bumbling us into a nuclear war.

    Good stuff and looking forward to your take on our bleak future.

  27. “I know my left-wing crazies as well as anyone can truly know the mind of the insane.”


  28. My parents are both about Biden’s age, so around the holidays I tend to reign in my jokes about the guy’s senility. It’s still for a little while longer a boomer culture, and if they admit he’s senile and demented, then they have to admit they can wake up that way tomorrow morning, so it ain’t happening. I personally wish he was less pathetic as he would be more fun to hate.

    Every time I see someone like Psaki covering for him, I’m reminded of Galvani’s experiment where he discovered he could make a frog’s legs jump by hooking brass hooks to the frog and touching the frog up to an iron railing. I’d hazard that with smoke and mirrors they can try to make this dead frog dance for another six years, assuming he doesn’t die of natural causes before then. I think maybe he died a couple years ago but someone forgot to tell him.

    • We have a record number of people aged 60-80 right now. It is warping out society in many strange ways. Covid, for example, is driven in no small part by Boomer fear of death. It turns out that a lifetime of youth worship is coming with a price. Of course, it means anyone threatening change will get the wrath of the aged. The next decade will be like nothing from the past as we have no record of a society run by geezers.

      • Well, at least we got a word for it, Gerontocracy. Soon ribbon candy dispensers will be placed on every street corner and fashion models will be strutting down runways wearing Depends.

        Remember when the progs told us John McCain was too old to run for president? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        Still, I don’t like to point out the hypocrisy of the progs/the left too often, as it’s counterproductive. Normiecons think they’re owning the libs by pointing out their hypocrisy, but all they’re really doing is just pointing out that the left is powerful and can do whatever it wants. If someone can flout rules, and do it openly, then they’ve got a lot of power. Pointing out they’ve got power doesn’t divest them of it. It just makes them look stronger and you weaker. Mewling, “How come BLM can burn cities but we can’t tour the Capitol?” sounds too much like the guy in prison getting punked for his commissary: “But if I don’t eat all the food I bought, I won’t get all my vitamins!”

        You gotta respect the power they wield when, against the wishes of every one in their party, they can install Mr. Magoo and look the other way when he sticks his head in an oven thinking he’s listening to the baby’s heartbeat in a pregnant woman’s belly.

        • > If someone can flout rules, and do it openly, then they’ve got a lot of power. Pointing out they’ve got power doesn’t divest them of it. It just makes them look stronger and you weaker.

          The answer to a disingenuous opponent who flouts the rules important to you is to smile and flout the rules important to him. The key is not to make a show of it, but just do it as a matter of routine, like he’s a bug not even worth your time.

          • “The answer to a disingenuous opponent who flouts the rules important to you is to smile and flout the rules important to him. “

            I think most of the conventional right is too low IQ to ever take that approach. Instead they like to make a show of being good little boy scouts.

        • “Remember when the progs told us John McCain was too old to run for president? Pepperidge Farm remembers.”

          Hell, I remember when The Left told me Ronald Reagan was too old to be President:

          “O’ beautiful, for spacious skies
          But now those skies are threatening
          They’re beating plowshares into swords
          For this tired old man that we elected king”

          End of the Innocence – Don Henley

          And Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when he was inaugurated, a good nine years younger than “Shufflin’ Joe”.

          • That whining piece of dreck was co-written by Henley and Bruce Hornsby, two of the most nauseating shit-libs ever.

          • mmack and Carl, your criticisms of Henley and Hornsby are correct, but don’t you think “End of the Innocence” is a great song?

            “Somewhere back there in the dust
            Is that same small town in each of us”

            As much as I loathe its authors I feel like the quality of the song is undeniable.

      • I’m amazed we haven’t seen a return of that Old Time Religion. I’ve been predicting it for years but I guess I’m wrong. In every other epoch the old started getting right with the Lord. I assumed the pattern would hold, but it appears the Boomers have the sheer will to deny Reality right to the very end.

        If you assume that everyone middle class and up in 1967 assumed they’d be 30 years old forever, the last half century makes perfect sense. Not just that they *won’t* die, but that they *can’t* die, or even grow old. It’s insane, but “a global game of make believe, played with uncounted gazillions of dollars and millions of lives, to *really* make 70 the new 30” explains recent history better than anything else.

        • Maybe the oldies are getting right with the Lord, but they’re just attending rainbow-flag churches. “I go to church but it’s a progressive church” is something I hear a lot from the slightly embarrassed churchgoing lefty.

        • We have a New Time Religion.

          I call it Beer Fluism. It may be the dumbest faith movement seen to date.

          I mean, even the post-WW2 cargo cultists were looking for something resembling a positive outcome.

          Beer Fluists seem content to live in constant terror, which I believe is a nihilistic worldview.

        • French author Michel Houellebecq goes into this quite a bit in his novels.

          Basically argues that Christianity, and Western Civ, is a “spent force”; there’s no going back.

          He postulates that Islam may fill the spiritual void and reign in the hedonic treadmill causing so much misery in Europe (and America).

          Woke-ism may be a religion, but like communism before it, doesn’t have long-legs even among the true believers.

          • Islam is too anti-“intellectual.” If there’s one thing we know about the Boomers, it’s that they are The Smartest People Who Have Ever Lived (that’s *really* why Vox Day hates them so much). They spent the past 50 years denigrating organized religion as silly superstition about your Invisible Friend, the Magic Sky Fairy. They’d never join an established denomination, especially one that makes a big show of telling adherents to shut up and obey.

            My money would be on some kind of big, ostentatious, proselytizing Buddhism. That seems too weird for AINO’s geezers, but remember how popular “transcendental meditation” and the like was back in The Sixties ™, the only decade that mattered in the entire history of the universe.

            Maybe Sikhism? A nice combo of Vedanta and Islam. Or hey, that Dune movie did pretty good in theaters, did it not? Do they mention the “Zensunni”? I bet that would be just the ticket….

        • “I’m amazed we haven’t seen a return of that Old Time Religion.”

          But you have: Covidianism/Anti-Racism/Transgenderism is the biggest, most psychotic faith in all of history. Cargo cults worldwide owe it a great debt.

      • Not only geezers, but women. We are tormented by the elderly and their poorly-raised neurotic daughters.

      • Boomers seem to flaunt mask rules more than the young. I would argue the Covid hysteria is due to several conjoining factors:

        – The Medical Professions jockeying to become the new Priestly class. Going to nursing homes, it became clear it was not the elderly who demanded all these rules, but the nurses and care staff, mostly healthy, to protect themselves.
        – Government National ID Efforts through Vax Cards
        – Billionaires eyeing gobbling up cheap assets
        – A bored, a-religious population that wanted some excitement and feeling of superiority in their lives.

        If the average age of our country was 25, we’d be seeing the same thing. Given the young doctors I’ve interacted with, probably worse.

      • The choir director at my church is a boomer, and every time he talks about planning a funeral liturgy, he always says the person died too young, even though (with one exception) every funeral he’s planned this year the deceased was 65+. Of course, he’s early-sixties, so he’s obviously not fond of being reminded that he has a decade left, at most.

        • Whenever My father’s death came up and people find it was at 67, they always say too young. I always comment that he died before the worst part of life came. My mother is living it now. People of all ages remark the same thing.

          • I agree because I’ve noticed a marked downturn in everyone I know that enters their 70s.

            It might happen in their early, mid, or late 70s, but it happens, even to the most hale and hearty folks that I know.

            This seems to be an natural part of the human body’s physiology.

            The transhumanists are attempting to deny this, which is how I know they are evil.

          • My father passed at 59 with all his mental facilities present. It stunk he missed out on many milestones in my life, but there you go.

            My mother passed this year at 96. It may be cold to say so, but for the last two years of her life my mother, the personality and wit and caring I knew growing up, was gone. I got to say my goodbye to her in the hospital before she passed, and she had a brief glimmer of comprehension.

            You ask: “How much of me had she forgotten? How much of all of us children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren did she know?”

          • The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

            Psalm 90

          • My father dropped dead of an MI at 64. Lived a normal life right up to the last minute. I agree that in many ways a death such as that is a blessing.

          • Scruton was wise about many topics. See his writings about PoMo, Deconstruction and similar laughable fads.

          • I have found Asians, especially Chinese, to have a very different take on aging than Western Whites and Asians. In America I know many people who want to live to 100 at minimum (I am from silicon Valley). In Asia people, and especially Chinese, are very blunt that they only want to live as long a they are in reasonably good shape. I have known women who worked in hospitals and after routinely seeing decrepit old people, they usually want to die by 70.

        • The other day I heard someone say ‘gone too soon’ when commenting about John Madden’s passing. The guy was 85 and grossly overweight for most of his adult life. I say he was playing with house money for at least a quarter century.

          There’s an awful horror movie The Manor where these 70something people do some Celtic ritual to not age any more and never die. The absurdity of remaining 70 forever, instead of say, 21, is lost on the screenwriters. How dumb can a script be? This proves that these geezer boomers are mentally still only 30 (the constant cussing by the Barbara Hershey character and her constant chumminess with her grandson attest to this).

          Remember, I watched this flick so you don’t have to. Hard pass, folks.

      • well the coof handling managed to kill off a full 5% of SS recipients, and the vaxx is killing just about everybody taking it – and the elderly have very high vaxx rates. my point is, this surplus of oldies is already being “drained” away from society.

        enjoy the ride when your turn comes – and they won’t wait until you are 65, either.

        to me, coof madness is spread all over society, and is not a generational thing. maybe old boomers (especially single women over 50) are the most hysterical, but it wasn’t a boomer that made a scene on the Delta flight recently 😛

        • Agree but there is a natural timidity towards life as one gets older. The fear thing is just as strong in many young people, lots of women.

          • David Wright: Agree. Those Whites I still see wearing masks are about evenly split between older couples (i.e. anywhere from 50-85 based on appearance) and younger women. Those are the same people I see waiting at the grocery store pharmacy for their vexxes and boosters. Fwiw, I’m almost the only woman my age at the gym. I’m definitely the only one lifting as heavy as I can among the men. The rest stick to aerobic classes or 10 pound dumbbells in the women’s weight room (which I avoid like the plague).

        • Not that I give a rip, but the “official” figure of US Covid deaths is Googled a 822k (a gross over estimate, IMO). SSI recipients Googles anywhere from the mid 40’s (millions), to a bit less than 70M—depending on whom you wish to include and who reports the numbers. Those figures in no way divide out to 5%. Perhaps 1-2%, depending on who you include in the SSI dole.

          • it was just a figure i had read, i think on Karl Denninger’s site (Market-Watch). the number of people on SS *retirement* benes is reported at 46M, so 5% of that would 2+M people. Agree that number looks high, but maybe there are lots (more than usual) of elderly deaths not directly related to coof?

          • Karl, you got me there. Good catch. Yes, there could be a lot of deaths *yet* to occur–indirectly related to covid and the scamdemic.

            Even that Fauci bastard stated awhile ago that we can expect 10K increase in deaths due to breast cancer because of covid and reluctance to do annual mammograms in 2020. Some far thinking economists have begun to predict increased death rates due to economic decline from lock downs.

            For your prediction and others, we must follow the “all-cause” death stat’s to detect rise. We’ll see.

      • Having many family members in that age range, I can tell you another reason they support CoVid restrictions.

        It doesn’t effect them.

        They’re retired and mostly housebound.
        So lockdowns and whatever are a very minor imposition on their daily lives. And they coincided with a vast increase in home delivery of everything – which benefits them.

        So the net effect is slightly positive for the retired set.

        • don’t disagree with you on the whole, especially for the 70+ set. but i am retired, but only 65 (and fit) and the coof really messed up my lifestyle, and impacted my overall health.

          • I’d say my health improved. Less diversions and more time to work out—and clean my guns. But had I needed serious medical care, yeah I’d have been screwed.

            It will be interesting to see the numbers role in during the next 5 years as to how many “secondary” casualties were taken by our insane Covid response.

      • We also have no record of a society run by the morbidly obese.

        The next decade will most definitely be interesting. By my calculations, the obese Xers will start to hit *their* expiration dates at around the same times as the *very* morbidly obese Millennials and can’t-live-forever Boomers.

        Lots of deaths in the future. Strap yourselves in. The covid hysteria is just the beginning.

        • We also have no record of a society run by the morbidly obese.


          Dollar Vigilante is constantly making light of this, and he’s right.

          All of these various health ministers shrieking about masks, lockdowns, and jabs either look like the Crypt Keeper or the offspring of Jabba the Hutt and the Michelin Woman. The same goes for the bankers furiously rubbing their hands in anticipation of CBDCs.

          Beyond that, I’m mystified how all these hamplanet-sized people continue to live day to day.

          You’d think they’d be maimed by diabetic amputations or dropping dead from heart attacks, but you’d be wrong.

          • After working over 20 years in healthcare I came to the conclusion that the human body can live in an absolutely horrific state for a very long time… You’re a shell but you’re alive…

          • Just having gone through this with my father-in-law and now with my mother it seems to me the system can keep the 80+ decrepit crowd alive just long enough to drain their bank accounts. Sorry, no inheritance for you late stage boomers and early gen X! It really is a pathetic way to go out, but it’s a growth industry now so expect more of this wretchedness in the future.
            My brother and I often talk about hoping we will know when it’s time to wander off into the woods in the middle of winter to be found half eaten by wolves in the Spring thaw than suffer this fate.

            A great movie on this topic, I think from the 80s (it’s when James Spader was still awesomely WASP handsome), is Critical Care. Having lots of good “health” insurance or money when you’ve passed your expiration date is not necessarily a good thing.

        • yah, going to be a huge increase in overall mortality. especially as all the diabetes palliative care goes away.

      • The young will have to start treating the old like enemies. That will be unnatural and painful, but it’ll have to happen— unless the old concede and finally retire.

        It’s already begun. 2016 would normally have signaled a changing of the guard, instead we got covid and diversity riots to reinstate the status quo.

        Meanwhile, criticism of boomers, boomer removers, day of the pillow, etc.

        It’s coming to a head soon, maybe not 2022, but not far off.

        Commence criticizing, but I will never forget the image of smiling silver haired couples driving their restored classics the weekend after the election, in the midst of an eruption of boomer hatred. Sometimes you see a crystalizing image that tells the story.

        • dude, boomers have been, and continue to, flee the workplace. how can you have not heard of the literally millions of job openings without anyone to fill?

          and from my personal experience, the young already treat oldies like the other. it’s Logan’s Run out there already…

          • Karl, if you want to know what I really think, it’s spiritual, so NAXALT applies and people of all ages, races, sex, etc., can have the spirit. But we’re talking the generational politics angle, and that’s the perspective from my neck of the woods. The New Yorker retirement village formerly known as Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 🙂

          • I also wonder if the young have simply decided to drop out. Maybe it’s me projecting, idk. You look around, find nothing in a bourgeois life to get excited about, plenty to find abhorrent, and say Screw it.

            Hell, this covid hysteria has me wondering what the point is of bowing down and kissing rings just to have a blue collar life.

            There are people who say it’s all by design to collapse and consolidate, but the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Too much scorn and derision for those who don’t want to play the game.

            Yeah, let’s work and achieve and get boosted so grandma can live it up and we can bear the debt and die young, in poverty; so our kids can be trained to be fearful, masked, antisocial freaks; so our country can be handed over to God’s Children jumping the border and our creditors. No fucking thanks. Anybody who thinks that’s Progress! or Democracy! or Capitalism! needs to experience the consequences of his selfishness.

            I don’t want to give undue credit, but maybe there are more than a few people out thinking along the same lines. What do you do when you don’t have the money or power to impose your will? You drop out, you go on strike.

        • Commence criticizing, but I will never forget the image of smiling silver haired couples driving their restored classics the weekend after the election, in the midst of an eruption of boomer hatred.

          People who work at businesses like Classic Motorsports magazine and Hagerty Insurance have got to be shitting themselves in fear watching the realities of current demographic trends.

          These firms are in one of the most white and Boomer focused industries out there.

          It’s bemusing to watch Classic Motorsports flail for a new audience as they manage to find the one Pakistani in Miami that’s into classic rat rods and MG roadsters.

          • Wild Geese Howard –

            Don’t forget Harley-Davidson; understand they’re in a world of hurt – their customer base is dying off & millenials/X’ers aren’t stepping up to the plate.

            Same thing happened with the upscale restaurant Trader Vic’s; last time I had dinner there in the Beverly Hills location the place was practically vacant except for Dean Martin’s second wife Jeanne. Met her. Lovely lady. Next year she passed away.

            But every time I was in there – & it was my hangout ‘cuz I always loved that mondo ‘60’s Ultra-Lounge Tiki culture- the customers were all like pushing 80. Trader Vic’s customer base just died off & corporate never replaced them.

        • The sad fact no one wants to face is that no matter what your take on boomers is, they are far more competent than those far younger than them.

          GenXers just a small drop off but after them, I dunno.

          • Given the state of affairs I’m not sure how accurate that statement is just sayin’. It’s been a long time coming.

      • Z – think it safe to say pop culture is dead? What remains of it? Covid has certainly crushed the movie biz.

    • Joey: I was just chastising/teasing my husband the other day about this – and I’m 2 years his senior. I am not totally comfortable with his driving (not speed – I routinely go faster and drive more aggressively than he does) and I told him he’s going to be one of those doddering old guys who will insist he’s been driving since he was 16 and he’s still just as capable – when he’s 84.

      I remember when he noticed his own father’s driving was no longer as good as he remembered. Funny how we see it in others but not ourselves. I appreciate your sensitivity for your parents, but suggest it is also important for people to face their mortality squarely, and make plans for it. Our kids already know we do not ever want them burdened with caring for us, and that we want no long-term medical intervention. Aging may be natural, but physical and cognitive decline can be subtle and gradual but just as deleterious. People need to accept it and face it and make plans to deal with it.

      • Sad, but true. Has me worried as well. My hope is a slow, but long process that I never see the end of before kicking off.

        However, on the brighter side, I really can’t sense a significant decline in the oldsters posting in this group. There is a theory that barring physical malady, if you were at the higher end of the cognitive scale in youth, so you will be in old age.

        As for things like driving and reaction time, you can work around a lot of that with some common sense and fore thought . With luck, you’ll be in a self-driving car in your 70’s. 😉

        • Compsci: Perish the thought! I already hate my current car because of all the ‘safety’ features and federal mandates. I’ve always had extremely quick reaction times (at least in driving – somehow that never translated to team sports) so when I can no longer pull out quickly into traffic or find an opening to pass someone, I think I’ll notice. And I’ll never be one of those little old ladies fumbling for pennies in her change purse while a long line of folks wait behind her. That’s just not my style. If there isn’t open, armed conflict that I’m functional enough to participate in before I’m too old, I think I’d like to go out while lifting – that would suit me.

          • 3g4me. If you follow Dutton, see what he says on physical reaction time and its relationship to IQ (positive).

            See, you’re beating the averages already. 😉

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