The Bearded Weirdo

Note: The Taki post is up. This week it is about the fact that two years of Covid has revealed some unforgettable and unforgivable truths. Behind the green door, there is the first podcast of the new year.

Politics in a democratic society is always going to attract a lot of very strange people, but there is a range of acceptable strangeness. As a result, the weirdness tends to be normalized in that you just expect it. No one is surprised to learn that people in politics have the morals of carny folk, because politics is entertainment. We are not shocked by it unless the behavior falls way outside the norm. That is what makes the Jack Murphy scandal both amusing and interesting.

For those unfamiliar, Jack Murphy was a leader in the man-o-sphere scene, which is a broad term covering anti-feminism, the pick-up artists, men’s rights and the general discussion of manliness in the modern age. Murphy pitched himself as a bit from all of those buckets, but mostly the latter. He ran something called the Liminal Order and charged men $100 a month to learn how to be better men. He also had ornamental facial hair and worked for The Claremont Institute.

It also turns out that he produced gay porn and was into something called cuckoldry, which is a sexual fetish involving voyeurism and sex with strangers. If you are interested in the details of Mr. Murphy’s side hobbies, someone calling herself Megan Fox posted them at PJ Media. Of course, Jack Murphy is not really Jack Murphy, Irish he-man, but rather, he is someone named John Goldman, who is not Irish. It is hard to imagine how this story could get any more ridiculous.

Putting aside the seediness of it, this story raises a question that seems to be at the heart of most scandals. Did this guy not know how the internet works? He was selling gay porn on-line, so he had to know something about the internet. Did he really think that no one would ever look around at his internet life? It appears he made little effort to conceal any of this stuff. How is it possible he did not know he would get caught and why was he not prepared to answer for it?

You cannot write it off to hubris or ignorance. A quick search of his two names brings up this article from three years ago. He was working for the D.C. Public Charter School Board in 2018 as a finance manager. He was also posting as an alt-right character under his fake name at the time and the board found out about it. Interestingly, he was not fired from his job. In fact, the local ACLU came to his defense. Even so, he should have learned that there are no secrets on-line.

Another question that comes up in these cases is how is it possible that these guys keep getting away with these scams? Charging men $100 a month to learn how to be better men is crazy, but not uncommon. Mike Cernovich used to run self-help seminars where he would charge people to be their life-coach. Ross Jeffries in the 1980’s ran seminars where he taught the art of seduction. YouTube is full of guys peddling something like this to desperate men.

The answer to the question here is that there are a lot of men in a modern society who can find no role as men in society. Just as childless women hopped up on feminism often turn into on-line harpies, men living in a feminized society often turn into desperate suckers willing to pay anything for fraternity. Murphy/Goldman was simply exploiting this need for fraternity and male bonding. He is a con-man who finally found easily exploitable marks on the alternative right.

Far-left types and feminists find this story very amusing, as they assume it says something about the imaginary Right they think they are battling. They are correct that this is a phenomenon on the Right, but that is only because there is no place for naturally occurring males on the Left. Otherwise, there is very little that is right-wing about the man-o-sphere. The politics are decorations that are used as a lure to draw in the desperate males looking for brotherhood.

The best you can say about the man-o-sphere, with regards to politics and political inclination, is that it is uniformly anti-feminist. The gamers, the pick-up artists and even the groypers entered politics through the anti-feminism door. The ugliness of feminism has driven males away from mainstream and left-wing politics. This is why Murphy/Goldman had to transform himself from a standard issue on-line lefty into a Trump supporting right-wing anti-feminist in order to work his grift.

Behind all of this is the fact that he found an easy home among people who are supposed to be more prudent and intellectually rigorous. In 2021, the Claremont Institute made him a Lincoln Fellow. For some reason, everything involving the name Lincoln turns out to be riddled with sexual degeneracy. Putting that aside, how is it possible that they did not know he was a faker? They surely did a background check on him before inviting him to the team.

You can look at this two ways. One is they were desperate for attention, so they just invited in someone who seemed to have a big audience on-line. Charlie Kirk, who is as dumb as a hamster, was also a Lincoln Fellow. In other words, it is the old guys trying to get some street cred by inviting in those who they think are the cool kids on this internet thing they have been reading about in the papers. They never thought to look into his background to see if he was also selling gay porn.

The other answer, the most likely one, is they knew he was a fraud, but they did not care as he was willing to play ball. It was the old quid pro quo. They would grant these “internet influencers” some intellectual legitimacy in exchange for them spreading the right message to their followers. They knew he was not an Irish he-man, but that did not matter, so they did not look any further. They just wanted access to his audience, so they never bothered to ask any questions.

That is a good lesson for anyone involved in political activism. Politics attracts a lot of weirdos, because we live in a liberal democracy, which favors carny folk. That means you have to know the back story of the people you wish to trust. If it does not add up or they are lying, then you are best to avoid the person entirely. The same way one judges a new coworker or new neighbor should apply more so in politics. The old Cold War term, “trust but verify” should be the way in dissident politics.

In the end, this story is nothing but a bit of momentary amusement, but it is another good sign as we head into the next phase of dissident politics. This scandal is not on this side of the great divide, but on the normie side. Murphy/Goldman had no influence on this side as this side has become much more skeptical about these guys who are on-line political entertainers. That suggests there is a maturing in dissident politics and an awareness of the weirdo problem.

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305 thoughts on “The Bearded Weirdo

  1. ‘Man-o-sphere?’ I’d never heard of such a thing, but the interwebs are a huge place, and like politics, full of crackpot ideas, plus pathetic people to peddle them.

    In a just world, this degenerate Murphy would be dragged out in the street and publicly flogged.

  2. Problem is: the entire Western society in modern times is doomed to produce mostly weirdos of both sexes and a whole host of beings in between the two. In case nobody noticed, the decadence and disharmony has started after WW1 and only accelerated from there. The fall of all the wholesomeness and purpose was lost and collective mankind started running around like headless chickens, not knowing what they are and why they are here any longer. This got reflected in the modernism across the wide spectrum of art, be that music, literature, or painting. The unavoidable conclusion: this mad anthill will destroy itself in no time, throwing us back, hopefully, to the pre-industrial times, with primitive existence and basic survival instinct revived.

  3. PA of paworldandtimes (also a regular commenter on Heartiste) had a great post about GenX, he felt that the break between old GenX and young GenX was those born before and after 1973 – because the younger X’ers couldn’t remember a time without cable. After everyone had cable, there was always something for kids on TV, whereas us older X’ers played outside more.

  4. There was no feminism that I was aware of in school or church when I was a teen in the 1960’s. My friends all had aloof fathers, but fathers nevertheless. We shot 22 rifles, smoked cigarettes, watched cheesy network TV, and we collected stamps.
    You could learn a lot by collecting world stamps and get a taste for design and aesthetics too. Being a teen boy was still hard though, and of course we admired and dreamed of middle school girls but we didn’t know any. The manliest men I knew were fathers who were involved in their church and go on fathers & sons outings in the mountains.
    I wonder if in 40 years men will look back at their millennial days with happy nostalgia the way I just did?

  5. too many comments to read thoroughly, but from the sample I have taken, it seems that nobody ha mentioned the obvious, viz., the lack of a traditional male father and mother in the family. Of course, there are always outliers and exceptions to every rule, but the effect of this large cohort of lost and wandering young males is caused by lack of an appropriate rule model after which to fashion oneself. Same goes for the tattooed thots on the distaff side. Used to be that any deficit in this arrangement could be made up by membership in things like Boy Scouts and AWANA (for you non-chuchians, a Boy Scout-like group fostered in certain Protestant denominations.) But the ascendancy of teh gays killed this, and by extension, killed an entire generation of young males, the repercussions of which we will experience for a long time–or at least the amount of time required to kill off our civilization.

  6. Z: Politics attracts a lot of weirdos, because we live in a liberal democracy, which favors carny folk.
    Lord Acton: Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Not everybody is corrupted by politics. The corrupt are attracted to power. Politics is the easiest place to find them. Good luck finding moral candidates in a country that no longer values morality.

  7. Over the holidays I was listening to the 100/ teens of the power hour. Zman was traveling a lot, giving talks and mixing it up with different groups of dissidents. Really inspiring. I remember how those stories gave me something to look forward to. The whole 1% vetting process, going to museums, having dinner and drinks. All that seems so out of reach now. Weirdos stink !

  8. The Man-O-Sphere was great at first. In fact the Spearhead was my introduction to Dissident Thought.

    It quickly ran out if things to say though and its ended up repetitious and eventually self parody and grift

    Happily its mostly moribund having been replaced by MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) . The PTB’s don’t seem to mind this very much which is interesting maybe because its similar to early stage feminism and its destructive to the traditional social order but regardless it has value to men.

    A real Man O Sphere would be Authoritarian Patriarchal Traditionalism though and even most men don’t want it these days, the work/reward ratio is not that good so we just wait till the fake an gay burns itself out society collapses and get Amish Paradise I guess.

    • Witch trials. We could avoid it with witch trials, but yeah that ain’t happening 🙂

      • Ed Dutton forever changed my view of the witch trials. I’m not going to defend the tactics of the witch burners, but their strategy was the that of white blood cells battling an internal disease.

        Instead of burning the witches, could they have just banished them or dispatched them in a less horrific manner? Given the narrative from which they were working, probably not.

        • Given the nature of women, they could not. Nothing short of being burnt at the stake would scare the crazy out of them. We are seeing that today.

  9. I thought I was up on who the major alt-right figure are but I had never heard of this guy until this story came out last week,

  10. “Murphy/Goldman was simply exploiting this need for fraternity and male bonding. He is a con-man who finally found easily exploitable marks on the alternative right.”

    This rings very true. Where would you find that in modern Europe or America? College, work? They just don’t offer that at all. Modern society does not take care of many of the psychological needs of either men or women. Relationships today are shallow and meaningless today compared to earlier times. Men need man-bonding and it needs to be utterly cleansed of sexual undertones. This is probably why gays need to be suppressed. Likewise, women don’t have their needs fulfilled. Society today claims, ridiculously, that women can be just as good at men’s stuff as men. And the results are predictable. Modern society is psychologically really unhealthy. No wonder ppl go to these guys. I’ve even dabbled a little in pick up arts myself and it is good psychology, far better at predicting behavior, of both men and women, than whatever they learn in the academy today. But cruising around for short-term flings with women, eventually it becomes shallow and meaningless.

    If we’re going to overthrow the woke regime, maybe the place to start is a movement that fulfills the psychological needs of both men and women that society does not meet today. It might end up a bit like the Amish or something haha But they probably live saner lives than most moderns TBH. I don’t know if social conservatism can be coupled with using modern technology but if you can, maybe this is the way to go?

    • Men once had nerdy hobbies, mostly male, for companionship. We had the chess & computer clubs. We had Dungeons & Dragons. We had groups like the Boy Scouts (now forced to admit females). We had fandoms in Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and comic books …

      But all of those hobbies have now been invaded by others who’ve imposed their values while kicking us out. Men have nothing left. Any time we create something, the usual suspects demand inclusion, then kick us out before ruining what we started.

      Want a cool sci-fi show about exploring the universe, philosophy, and fighting aliens — things guys typically like? Then don’t look to Star Trek. ST: Discovery is now a show where not a single straight White male appears who’s not in makeup, gay or a villain. Discovery is written by a couple of women with no sci-fi experience, so of course they were hired. Their show violates everything about the original concept (consult the Major Grin / Nitpicking Nerd YouTube channels for a list of funny critiques), but the writers are allowed to do whatever they want as a political statement even though they’ve all but destroyed the franchise by chasing off its target audience: high IQ, mostly middle-class men.

      Want to fantasize about saving the galaxy from an evil space empire while landing a beautiful princess? Then don’t look to Star Wars. The force is female now. There are no princesses, either; they’ve been made into “generals.” And the last movie trilogy was about a Mary Sue who emasculated all the male characters and did everything better than them. All the men were losers who were killed off. They even retconed the original movie in animation to claim Luke was a buffoon saved by Leia: man bites dog, princess rescues rescuer.

      Comic books? All the women are drawn ugly and increasingly the male characters are sidelined or made gay (Superman is literally r*aped in the newest comic by a prison gang; it’s a prelude to establishing that he once had gay sex so they can make him “bisexual” as they also did to Robin, Star Lord, Iceman, etc.).

      If you’re a straight White male, what is there left? Model ship building is all I can think of, maybe toy collecting. Otherwise, there are no domestic hobbies the insane Left hasn’t already invaded. Only foreign products such as Japanese anime & manga remain untouched for now. That’s probably a significant factor in their popularity. I know it was for video games for a long time, a point many critics miss when criticizing the medium.

      • Men once had nerdy hobbies, mostly male, for companionship. We had the chess & computer clubs. We had Dungeons & Dragons. We had groups like the Boy Scouts (now forced to admit females). We had fandoms in Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and comic books …

        These “fandoms” are your idea of male companionship, uncorrupted by the left? Men should be made of sterner stuff.

        • Huff motorcycle grease if you want, but the rest of us don’t need to prove our “manliness” by being stereotypical, weightlifting d-bag r**ards. There’s nothing wrong with being smart or creative, both of which are also guy things. Any supposed male who says otherwise is either a desperate loser trying to look tuff or gay.

          • “Calm down nerd. First step to beig a dude is being able to take a little shit.”

            Says the guy who likes his own comment, then replies to it. Besides, first step in being a dude is not fake taking offense, then lashing out like a bottom for attention.

            “quit getting your undies moist from Gay Superman anf return fire.”


        • “These “fandoms” are your idea of male companionship, uncorrupted by the left?”

          He never said that anywhere in the post. They were examples of areas where men could congregate until they were taken away. You took that out of context so you could beat your fake man-o-sphere chest with how cool you think you are. Guys like Elon Musk watch those shows. Man-o-sphere types are broke losers who spend $100 a month begging a gay jewish man to teach them how to be manly.

      • You shouldn’t be a fan of anything. It’s a stupid attachment to material things that inevitably leads to disappointment yourself listed.

        • That’s ridiculous. Every club and extracurricular activity would be banned with that nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of anything good.

  11. the jack murphy story is odd more than anything else. You should have had the taki story be your blog post and this be on taki. They don’t have a comments section on taki for some reason.

    • The Murphy story is funny because it illustrates how insecure and desperate a large number of men have become in this country. Anyone willing to pay somebody they don’t know a hundred bucks a month to teach them how to be a man is beyond hope.

  12. Some observations from someone who once ran a blog for educating men and boys in an age of woke, if this counts as the “man-o-sphere”, then OK.

    I wanted to create a blog because I felt there was a dearth of useful information for men and boys (especially white ones, let’s be honest) in the world of woke, and public education. Aside from “how to pick up chicks” sites or MGTOW sites, the lack of sane discourse was obvious.

    I tried to focus on helping fellas make better decisions about things like budgeting and managing money; focusing on women more for their character and less for “trophy” status; making decisions about the pros and cons of home ownership and education; but most of all, standing firm against the woke insanity that academia has spun out for over three decades now.

    Long story short, my blog was mildly successful. But as I continued, the prospect of being doxxed and losing my day job became a real concern (it’s even worse here in Canada than in the USA). My blog wasn’t making enough money for me to quit my day job, but the threat of losing my day job precluded any further investment of time and energy into the blog. Having my site’s Facebook page censored and taken down by the thought police helped bring the reality home.

    I have no doubt the revenue side of things could have been improved by writing articles about “how to score more pussy” or “Is Darth Vader cooler than Darth Maul?”. However, that would have defeated the purpose of writing the blog in the first place.

    It’s not just liberal democracy that is a magnet for kooks, but the pop-culture entertainment marketplace, too. Combine that with a totalitarian language police and there are few avenues for the sane.

    I guess we still have Joe Rogan.

  13. Riffing on the try-hard comments below, I feel like I see this plain as day on some of the more popular firearms YT channels.

    On one hand, you have the older guys who have been around with great, dry senses of humor like hickok45 and Paul Harrell.

    On the other hand, you have the super try-hard to be funny younger guys that run cringe skit after cringe skit and float cringe joke after cringe joke. I feel Demolition Ranch is the main example of this.

    Then again, what do I know, the DR dude has 10 million+ subscribers, so obviously he’s found a formula that sells in the Current Year.

    • That’s a really interesting comparison. Paul Harrell is probably the best YT channel for learning the basics of firearms. It’s funny but it is also educational and intented to be so. You sense that ‘we need to cover the basics here.’ DR or many of the other guys, it’s slapsticks. It doesn’t have a ‘purpose’ to it, it’s just ‘Let’s shoot 5 different guns at something and laugh like frat boys.’ I don’t know about Hickock but there is certainly purpose to Harrell.

      I don’t know if this if this is a generational thing, or maybe an age thing. But there is a difference there.

    • There are far better guntubers on YT than demo ranch and the goofballs on that channel. Garand Thumb, Administrative Results, TFBtv, and Honest Outlaw are all good ones to start.

  14. This reminds me of populist “right wing” european movements such as “Forum for democracy” & “Reconquete” who sprung up out of nowhere & are led by these wonderful tribesmen. What can go wrong there I wonder? I’m sure the tribe is not trying to manipulate both sides of the spectrum, both the nationalists & the leftists, it’s definitely not that, it’s just some tribe dudes who manifested right wing parties all of a sudden cause that wanna save the west, how sweet.

    The fact that europeans will vote heavily anti-establishment parties cause of immigration & covid means nothing, without a doubt the elites do not fear nationalists taking charge of their own governments, their will is not to siphon votes from other more well established right wing movements, who also happen to be more anti-semitic, that;s just a coincidence.

  15. OT:

    New COVID lockdown in Ontario amid soaring cases of Omicron. 3 weeks to flatten the curve, from Jan 5 to Jan 26 at minimum.
    – indoor dining closed (outdoor dining open :))
    – sports & gyms closed
    – theaters closed
    – schools remain closed after “winter” break
    – universities remain online
    – malls grocery stores, 50% capacity

    90% vaxxed with mandatory proof of vaccination required to access anything recreational. 30% are tripled vaxxed. negative PCR & double vax required to leave or enter the country.

      • Man that little bit of absurd propaganda from Dubya sure rings true today doesn’t it? Except it wasn’t a bunch of illiterate goatherders, but the people who control society.

    • Have they begun talking about injection #4 and #5 yet?

      Are the normies showing any signs of realizing the scam?

      • Yes, booster #4 is now available for nursing home patients. And nursing home staff must be triple vaxxed.

        Lots of grumbling at this new lockdown. People are saying omicron is mild and we don’t need drastic measures. But overall white people firmly believe what the media is saying and trust in their government. Easy to fool Canadians by saying “America is full of anti vaxxers” and most say “heh, dumb Americans, were so much better”.

        BIPOCs are continuing to ignore every health regulation in their day to day lives and visiting each other.

        Nobody will do anything. Even anti lockdown protests are dwindling; it’s really been reduced to the legitimately mentally ill and tinfoil hatters. Good for them for continuing to protest but overall nobody will do shit. Not in Ontario, anyways.

      • You mean the people lying in hospital with heart problems and a myriad of other issues after their booster injections telling other people “thank god they only had a stroke and didn’t get a cold” to get the booster?

        Yeah they are really close to seeing the scam.

    • It’s starting to sink in that I may never cross the Niagara River again. It’s one of those realizations that overcomes the sterile acceptance of everything that’s happened in the past 2 years. Not that my life will be materially affected, but popping over the border a few times a year was such a casual part of life. If you had told me that my late 2019 trip would be my last one ever, I’d have assumed I was about to go to an early grave.

      • Yeah, same here, but in reverse. At least you’re on the right side of the iron curtain (for now anyways).

        • Hochulstan will get pretty ugly if they manage to get the case counts up, even though one of the leaders of our major grocery store chain has supposedly publicly stated they don’t currently plan to actively enforce Governor Karen’s diaper mandate.

          The SCOTUS rolling over for the jab mandates, which I completely expect, will also be used as justification for new restrictions.

    • “negative PCR & double vax required to leave or enter the country.”

      To “leave” the country, too? Talk about a dangerous precedent.

      • UAE has also imposed a, “must be double-jabbed,” requirement to leave the country.

        I think this is to trap the remaining Western expats who would like to go home to see family during the holidays.

        The use of our good intentions to see family against us is just another data point indicating the agenda is evil.

    • Even better, now we have the super-duper multiplexed PCR test rolling out that detects the Vid and plain old flu.

      Watch the case numbers skyrocket, which will then be used to roll out more diaper mandates and lockdowns.

        • Right, but then how will they generate the case numbers they need to sustain the casedemic going forward?

          I guess Fauci could just run some simple random number generators and send the numbers out to the media, but the testing racket has been an enormously profitable part of this entire grift.

          Why would they give that up?

          Do they anticipate people really starting to drop like flies? Are we going straight to massive grid outages? The faked alien invasion?

          • How do you know they have not being doing that anyway.

            At this point do you really think anyone running this scam cares about reality basis of supposed data?

  16. Well I think I can say with some authority that you and the fellas here are pretty much too smart to fall for performance artists like Vox Day, Cerno, Milo and this latest flimp. The second these guys start using their ‘personalities’ to sell stuff is the tell.
    Having said that, the manosphere was and still is legitimate. Those that write to push self improvement, share tips and tricks about the legitimate manly arts (and that does NOT include Game) – and the other manly virtues – need to be recognized and heard. Young men need to hear this stuff, especially young White men. I was an adult that was absolutely flummoxed by the lunacy that started overtaking my progressive lib family. It was if all the women went nuts simultaneously… and their gutless men rolled over and went with them. I had no idea what was going on until I started comparing notes with the voices of the manosphere. Back then, the stifling suffocation of feminism, social justice, homosexuality and all the other great inventions of the neoliberal democracy was all new stuff.

    In fact, the denizens of the manosphere are to thank for my next personal epiphany – they directed me here in one of the links a few years back… and I found a spiritual and intellectual home.

    Guys like Cerno and Jack Murphy don’t prey on guys like us – they prey on the wretched men that have been spiritually castrated by their feral women. In the case of Murphy you can tell just by looking at him that he has screws loose. I still read a few of the old manosphere guys once in awhile, but for the most part the jig is up. If you become sexually or romantically involved with a feminist (and I would expand that to all liberal women) – you are in for a world of hurt. The old genetic sexual contract is still in force too – if you hump it – you own it.

    Chateau Heartiste was and still is a big favourite. The humour and comedy alone are often worth the price of admission.

    • Heartiste was and is a great writer and thinker. The world is a much better place because of that guy. It’s not surprising that he quickly morphed into the DR.

    • “The Practical Guide to Women” by Shawn T Smith (psychologist not sympathetic to the women’s movement)

      Short book on how to avoid the crazies.

    • I was a hardcore and prolific commenter at Chateau Heartiste (PBUH) and I was never more sad, or less surprised, when he got cancelled. Running a blog with that amount of Wrongthink wrapped in a rapier wit with a large dollop of RealTalk™ was never going to last.

      Some refugees from there landed here, myself included. I was well aware of Zman particularly towards the end of CH’s reign as he would link to Zman frequently. But I think Z inherited lots of the ‘refugees’ from there and that and the Takimag forum at that time were the best commentariat on the internet. I think Z got some of the best talent from both spaces since they both eventually folded.

      There were some hucksters in the Manosphere for certain and many that would dance around the various elephants in the room like race reality (IQ, criminality, etc.) and the outsized influence of certain (((people))) but CH was full bore on all of that and never pulled any punches. Hence, why he had to be erased. I’m glad for the time I had there as it was instrumental in my transformation to bona-fide Tier 1 Sh-tlord.

      Apex Predator AKA Jay in DC (a little closer to self doxxing because statute of limitations is almost up b-tches! 😉)

      • Is CH still around? I know he saved most of his material and you can still read it (well worthwhile btw). But there’s nothing new there. Did he disappear or does he have a new moniker now? If you have a link pls share it. Some of his takes on the more recent nutty stuff would be fun to read lol

    • Agree w most of what you said but was wondering about your rejection of game. It helped red-pill me. But, you approving of CH, I think you know what you mean and I think we agree. The early PUAs had a lot of good stuff. Eventually it was totally taken over by grifters. I guess that’s what always happens? Boeing used to be all about building good aircraft. Now it’s a financial firm with an airplane factory on the side.

      • Women of worth and merit will not be “gamed”, MYS. The PUA is what our blog host describes as a “negative identity” and revolves around the perfidy of the modern liberal woman. Any identity that is based on that is not one for success. The promiscuous entitled crazies need to be avoided at all costs as there is no win in bedding them. In fact, if you make a habit of bedding them, women of real merit will see that and reject young men on that basis. Quality women do not last long in the sexual marketplace; they marry young and often start families as soon as possible. There are no shortcuts in this world; good women will only choose good men – and they will be watching out for fakes and phonies… which is essentially what the gamers are.

        I am wondering also if the widespread PUA and MGTOW movements are possible drivers for the awful “mudsharking” phenomenon we are seeing too? I’d have to think about that more, I suppose…

        • “Women of worth and merit will not be “gamed”, ”

          That’s a common blue-pill assertion that is not true. ‘Game’ is not one thing, and it is certainly neither ‘trickery’ nor magic. It is basically applied (and verified) psychology. And it is useful for much besides womanizing. Saying that ‘good girls’ don’t fall for this is analogous to saying that ‘good men don’t care how you look’ to girls. Men are instinctively attracted to some things and women to others, both honed by a long line of natural selection. It’s biology.

          • Is it? It very well may be – everything I say must be taken with the caveat that I am a Yesterday Man. I met my gal in high school, we married and have been happily together ever since. In contrast – I have seen any number of good men destroyed by feral women over the years, and I watched them utterly destroy other branches of my family. The shitlib “hive” that I was once part of no longer exists. I won’t tolerate them in my circle and my own personal experience shows me the better off for it. I would strongly advise younger men to do the same, but whadda I know? Old age wisdom will never trump raging hormones and genetically hardwired reproduction instincts.

            And for the record… women CAN compensate for less than stellar looks with a good heart and a warm, caring disposition. The proper approach to them is the same as it is for men: encourage self improvement, weight loss, and the skills of the feminine arts. But – I come from a better time when we were all better people. Nowadays the battle of the sexes is all out war… and there are crazies on both sides of the battle lines. I should not presume to advise you or younger men I suppose. We live on a different planet now.

          • The world was better back then. I am not ‘recommending’ being a serial womanizer. It becomes nihilistic eventually, like all entertainment.

            In a way, a PUA is a grifter, like all the other grifters in society. It is not what you are supposed to be doing, it’s what some do in a nihilistic age. Raising a family with a good woman has real purpose and value. That beats PUA but if it were the norm, I think that’s equivalent to saying that society would be healthier then.

  17. I’ll give credit to RamZPaul. He called that the man-o-sphere stuff would morph into white nationalism, at least for the guys who were serious about it. It was a natural progression, and he was right.

    • I suppose it is all in who defines the terms, C. I have heard folks refer to RamZPaul and our esteemed blog host here as white nationalists.

      If you want to say that the manosphere belongs to the skin headed thugs with neck and face tattoos… I dunno. I don’t see it. I see a lot of guys over there that are much like your average dissident in thought patterns.

      IMO the manosphere is just an outdated concept. Everyone knows that you don’t become romantically or sexually involved with a feminist or liberal woman. Everyone knows that you don’t stick your **** in crazy. Everyone knows about family court divorce rape. Everyone has seen the endless rape hoaxes and fake feminist virtue signalling.

      The manosphere guys today will focus more on real men’s issues like surviving divorce and thriving. Working out, eating right, intellectual self improvement – and do all the things Jack Murphy was trying to sell – for free. A few are still worth listening to.

      • The manosphere had its con men and sincere guys trying to help other guys. Thankfully, I grew in a normal world so I didn’t read those guys except as a way to get a pulse on the growing rebellion against the insanity.

        Like Paul, I suspected very quickly that the sincere writers would in short order start to notice racial differences along with gender differences and then move to the our side of the great divide. It was just such a natural progression.

        And for the most part, the they did.

        • ” the sincere writers would in short order start to notice racial differences along with gender differences ”

          You would think that people trained to understand reality in one sphere would eventually start applying this to other areas as well. And this is probably exactly what happened here. But I know for a fact that you can be an outstanding scientist or mathematician. And be a complete idiot on politics. I never quite understood how that works.

      • Never heard of the guy.
        I have heard of another weirdo
        Jack Donovan? I think that’s the name writes dome kind of ultra macho stuff.
        Saw him with his retarded crew at a Greg Johnson forum when those were a thing.
        They had patches ” wolves of Vineland ” later found out they were all perverts.
        FFS it ain’t rocket surgery go to work, keep your word, Take care of
        your family. What the hell is there?

        • Jack Donovan was a homo who promoted that sexuality with the idea that women are so different and crazy that a real man is better off ignoring them and bonding, including sexually, with other men.

          • That would only appeal to someone that was already a homo. Sparta dosen’t exist and he ain’t no Leonidas.

      • Glen: Hope I’ve misread you, but it almost seems as though you’re equating White nationalism with “skin headed thugs with neck and face tattoos.”

        If one is genuinely part of the dissident right – i.e. not merely accepting genetic ethnic and racial differences and not solely focusing on IQ or laws or economics – but on a natural community of genetically and culturally related people – then racial separation naturally follows. Of course not merely based on race – the spiteful mutants of the White race need to be reprogrammed ( by those who feel such a thing is possible) or banished or killed (by those of us who feel that’s where things are ultimately headed).

        But “White nationalist” is not a dirty word.

        • Yep.

          One needs to internalize the phrase and push through to its positive meaning.

          It then will become pointless as a control as people will actively identify with it.

          Unfortunately, somehow we need to neutralize the media network controls on people’s brain’s first.

      • “IMO the manosphere is just an outdated concept. Everyone knows that you don’t become romantically or sexually involved with a feminist or liberal woman.”

        It might be outdated to you, but plenty of younger guys haven’t yet learned this lesson. And unfortunately, too many of them will end up learning the hard way.

        For every guy that wises up, another guy turns eighteen and starts looking for answers in a society that actively hates them. It’s easy to see where hucksters could capitalize on that.

  18. “Social media changed this. One reason liberal democracy finds itself in a crisis is normal people have discovered just how many nutjobs there are in this world. ”

    I think the bigger problem is that the nutjobs discovered just how many nutjobs there are in this world. They have banded together to impose their nuttiness on the normals, because two things nutjobs have in spades is dogged, insane persistence and no sense of appropriate boundaries. You can see this in the eagerness to force all of society to acknowledge that men pretending to be women are really women.

    “Have we always had this number of crazy people, but they suffered in private, or has something caused many to go mad?”

    Well, it is possible that, as Ed Dutton contends, that we didn’t have this many crazy people before the agricultural and industrial revolutions because harsh Darwinian selection weeded more of them out, but we have had an awful lot of crazy people throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, but they did suffer in relative private — or in very limited public fashion, as one of those people standing on a street corner with a “The End is Nigh!” sign and screaming at random passers-by.

    Then came Facebook and Twitter and they saw each other. “What? You, too, believe the Nazis under our bed are coming to enslave us? Let’s form a non-profit!”

    Of course, added to the nutjobs are the evil. They, too, have always existed. It only takes a few bright, evil people to exploit millions of earnest nutjobs.

      • Not exactly. For example, I’m still cringing at the excruciating run-on sentence that makes up the third-from-last paragraph!

        • No worries, never even noticed.
          my drivel is full of typos misspelling & punctuation errors. Embarrassing when I go back and read it.
          This site has the best commentary of any that I’ve seen. Thank you for your efforts, always worthwhile.

        • Heh. Point taken. But I’m subjecting myself to postmodern texts these days, so writing must be truly and profoundly abysmal before it registers with me. Your sentegraph doesn’t make the cut.

    • And how many people have become nutjobs as a defense mechanism or because they want to be considered “good” by society?

      I live in a deep red state and personally know two teenagers who have decided they’re transgender. Their parents are horrified and heartbroken. Meanwhile, their peers (not to mention all of media and social media) claim it’s virtuous to act like those teenagers with female plumbing are indeed guys.

      So the teenagers who know them have a choice. They can “believe” something that’s very obviously untrue, or they can be socially ostracized and considered “bad” people by not only their peers, but society at large. And the parents? Well they’re “backwards” and “ignorant” for having a problem with this.

      If this isn’t enough to make people nuts, I don’t know what is. Putin has the right idea. Much of this would go away if deviant behavior wasn’t glamorized in the media. It’s quite literally making people crazy.

      • Darcy: While the media may glamorize this, they’re not the ultimate cause. People don’t have to follow the herd. They have individual agency. These parents have chosen not to understand what’s going on, to listen to the lie. They chose to send their children to government schools. They chose to give them phones and allow them social media accounts since they were quite young. It all goes hand in hand. Blaming it solely on the media is a cope, and I don’t buy it. Not excusing media for a nanosecond, but adults and parents have to learn to make choices and accept consequences. It’s feminization and infantilization of the West, and people must accept their share of the blame.

        • Do you honestly believe most people have agency after the last few years?

          I am quite strongly coming down on the side that the majority of humanity is not actually conscious as we understand it. Perhaps genetically, incapable or a combination of a tendency to that with a failure to develop it in childhood.

          Its why you can predict the responses before they answer as the ideas placed in them by media directive.

          You are talking to a simulacrum capable of symbolic manipulation in a sophisticated manner, but they are something akin to the Bicameral/NPC state (or however you want to define it).

          • trumpton: Valid points. Perhaps I’m getting too hung up on the horn of personal responsibility – something I obviously feel strongly about. But you are correct – so few people I’ve known, closely or just in passing – seem to have any. Most seem to lack even minimal consciousness of what they do or why. I still hesitate to acquit them, though, by saying “They know not what they do.” Strikes me as the infamous ‘insanity’ defense. Even if they are semi-sentient sub-species, they know certain things are strongly frowned upon by the human among us, and need to pay the penalty.

        • I don’t disagree with much of what you say. But the point remains. We live in a society where you can be fired and ostracized for refusing to address the guy in a sundress as “ma’am.”

          Society has gone crazy, and it’s taking far too many otherwise normal people along for the ride.

      • I would wager quite strongly that the anorexia industry in young women has taken a massive nosedive and been replaced with this bullshit.

        All those eating disorder “experts” are going to have to learn to code.”

        • No, they just have to become gender transition experts. Much easier than learning to code as it doesn’t require logic. In fact, logic is strictly prohibited.

  19. Say what you will about the manosphere, but it was VERY IMPORTANT to my life and the lives of a lot of men of a certain age. So many of us went through our formative years, absolutely CLUELESS about women to the point of being incels.

    Through the prose of Heartiste, I discovered the sad tale of George Sodini and how I never wanted that to happen to me. Through Neil Strauss book “The Game” I finally figured out the pretty elementary truth about women and how to act with them and finally get some points on the board.

    And that first glimmer of truth about women, lead to a wildfire of light being shed on the lies about EVERYTHING in this world.

      • Sound advice. Don’t waste time and money on PUA books and then waste more money and time trying to psych self-entitled princesses into the sack. Spend the money you save on professional now and then. Your success rate will be higher.

        • it is sound advice, and quite cost effective – compared to the cost of dinner for 2, for example. a lot of incels here are aghast though; they would never trade their virginity for money!

    • It’s a good point. The end of my shitlib days commenced when I began listening to a man who opined regularly on the truths governing the male/female relationship. Genesis explains it all very simply. Once you understand the very basic tenets of human life, the other dominoes will fall in order.

    • Heartiste (King of all Nads on Gab) is a national treasure. If only I knew the truths about women when I was younger. Looking back on my dating experiences, I cringe when I think about how much I didn’t know. Just like the topic of race, what was once often confusing and filled with cognitive dissonance, when you understand and are unafraid to embrace reality, everything falls into place and makes sense.

    • The people who diss game the most are almost always incels. The same morons who call you a ‘woman hater’ if you say more empirical truth than they can handle. When you tell women about it – an interesting thing to do btw lol – first you get the ‘bitch shield’ ‘offended’ reaction. But then, eventually, the smarter ones eventually come around and think it’s incredibly interesting. But the interesting thing is, it still works on them. I guess it’s like if you tell a man the reason guys find big boobs interesting, that does nothing to kill his fascination with big boobs. Instinct is not subject to being erased by a little insight lol

      • Permit me to recommend Coach Corey Wayne (on YT or at – his videos are a hoot, and his books can be read for free by subscribing to his newsletter. They’re worth it.

  20. The manosphere grifters (along with other types of grifters) are so easy to spot. Having an enormous beard, drinking whiskey, eating rare steaks, or being promiscuous (often with desperate 2nd and 3rd world gold diggers) doesn’t automatically make you a super manly man. In fact it seems more like the ultra-masculine corners of the homosexual “community” than any kind of normal male behavior. These are just empty phonies selling caricatures of “manliness” to confused and desperate men.

    Caricature is the big thing to look for – it happens when whoever is trying to “blend in” with us doesn’t actually know how. Kind of like the Jussie Smollett case. A redneck shouting “this is MAGA country” and throwing a noose at him is pure caricature of what Jussie *thinks* white men do.

    It’s a really sad state of affairs that so many young white men are being raised with negative or absent father figures. The cycle continues today, lots of whipped looking white guys walking around with their woman everywhere. Guys getting married just for access to sex (or so they think).

    The PUA / redpill forums are useful for breaking out of the beta mindset. I learned from it, incorporated some of the good stuff into my life, became more successful with women and assertive in life in general, and moved on. I like women, but I also have my own stuff to work on. The types who don’t move on, and pay 100$/month for some forum or go to Asia to fulfill their promiscuous dreams, are either losers or sex addicts. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle long term, as RooshV found out.

    • Exactly. The grifters stuck with the same message forever, trying to suck as much money out people as possible. The ones that were sincere about their message realized that it wasn’t a path to a fulfilling life and moved on, usually to the DR.

  21. There was a book that a firefighter friend gave me years ago called “Iron John” that was by a poet of some sort but the author wrote the book to condemn the fact that men were becoming such sissies and what this portended for the world at large. It came out in the 1980’s, I believe, and the writer was a huge into Jungian archetypes etc. He was sort of a proto-Jordan Peterson.

    Anyway, firefighter friend wanted me to start attending these meetup groups where we were all supposed to get together and talk through our problems of being men. He let me know it would get intense. Participatory tears were expected if not encouraged. When I said I didn’t have any such problems, he turned it back on me saying that was precisely why I needed to attend. As Rooster Cogburn would say, “This was woman talk.” and me my friend don’t talk too much anymore. This was early 2000’s.

    Much as I rag on him, my friend had his heart in the right place, I guess. He was not trying to grift and have people pay him money or try and teach degeneracy. What struck me then was that this problem many men had of being men. Our grandfathers had no such issues. Generation by generation, the confidence faded.

    That’s the best that can be said about the PUA blogs back when. They tried to teach some men how to get better. Too bad it was tied up with PUA but that’s what young men want to learn. Little surprise that many of the writers went on to learn to hate what this world has become.

    What’s sad is that there are still men out there still lost enough to pay idiots like Murphy money to teach them…what? As Z says, maybe this is the start of a new chapter…new leaders will come to the forefront.

    • I wonder how much of this is from men who have never worked entirely with men at any point in their lives. Men started not knowing how to be men in the Boomer generation and beyond, after women moved in large numbers into the workplace. The numbers of men raised by single mothers doesn’t seem large enough, at least not back then, for the lack of masculinity. Also the lack of all boys schools as well. Only the Catholic schools have managed to hang on to all girls and all boys schools.

      I never heard of Goldman before his meltdown on that talk show which started his fall. But just looking at the guy, you have to wonder how he managed to get any following. The big ridiculous beard just doesn’t fit. Vibes of fake lumberjack or something. Very much a try-hard..

      • @karl: There but for the grace of God…

        Absolutely. I worked In timber for a long time and the one solid takeaway from it was that men respond best to solid daily tasks they can view as having done them at the end of the day. Working with your hands, doing hard tasks and seeing the accomplishments that come about is a much needed aspect to men’s lives. Women prefer men who show that as well.

      • Perhaps an actual humongous beard has replaced a clingy, devoted female as the preferred “beard” of the closeted fag. To me, the clean-shaven look has always been the hallmark of civilization. An open face is an honest face. But after Gillette’s woke advertising stunt, I can’t blame any guy for shunning the blade. At the end of the day, the best measure of a man is his deeds. As the good book says, a tree is known by its fruits.

    • I know I rag on tech a lot, but this is why. Dangerous, laborious work is a bigger shot of testosterone than working out, hunting, or getting laid. Being spent but knowing you’ve done something that matters and survived in tact is a great feeling. I imagine it’s even better if you’ve done it to support a family.

      This was once something only men could provide. Tech has made men all but vestigial.

      • Large govt/corporate has made men that.

        It basically places society back into the african model of women subsistence farming in the thin dirt of govt/corporate soil with their kids, while men have little function but occasional short term hookup breeding and self-entertainment/ritual enactment.

        • It depends on your definition of tech, then. Imagine the logistics of the welfare state (public and corporate) without unlimited money and electronic transfers.

    • Published in 1990 by Addison-Wesley, the book is Robert Bly’s best-known work, having spent 62 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list and went on to become a pioneering work in the mythopoetic men’s movement.

      • That would be Iron John, the book referred to above, but the comment nesting on this blog are whacked.

    • Robert Bly was the author – he had a following in the 90’s, lots of drum circles, hugging and crying, apparently. Beavis and Butthead parodied his movement in one episode with their liberal teacher.

  22. Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned The Mankind Project, very active in the aughts and teens. The movement derived from the work of Robert Bly (“Iron John”) and Joseph Campbell’s “Hero of a Thousand Faces” which was the focus of our church men’s group for a year. (Church men’s groups abound.)

    The Mankind Project and its initiatory New Warrior Weekend appealed to those of us middle class, leftish, suburban, university educated men/males raised, as noted, in a feminized culture, especially, as noted, to those of us who had weak, abusive or non-existent fathers themselves the sons of the fifties Organization Men in their gray flannel suits. The movement has/had good intentions and some good effect. Fraternity but more than that: an emphasis on personal honor and integrity and finding a place for onself in our feminized society in which, to quote the bumper stiucker of some years ago, “a wman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

    Again, as mentioned, in a healthy culture such groups and movements wouldn’t be needed to fill a masculine gap. But that’s not the culture from which many of us emerged.

    • These groups are also filling the void left by Christianity’s decline. Proto-spiritualist groups like these attempt to address questions best left to the more intellectually solid and mature philosophical and religious thinking exhibited by full-blown religions like Christianity. Although much of Christianity has been dumbed down, and possibly irrevocably corrupted, it still had a far saner and well thought out basis for its approach to questions of how to live. For my part, I think Western males will need to segregate themselves from disordered female influence for a while but then reintegrate with society with a new or renewed vision of how live. Then maybe they can undo the damage. The early Christians did this; maybe our society will see a similar phenomenon.

    • I know about the Mankind Project and it’s about the most cultish, crazy, abusive program imaginable. And yes there are homosexual overtones. Go to the Cult Education Forum and search on it to get all the disturbing details. I have two friends who were each other’s best friends who participated back in the 00’s. The first tried to enroll me but once I found out what one of their weekends entailed it was a hard pass.

      Both friends many years later committed suicide within a few months of each other. I can’t say if their involvement in the Mankind Project had anything to do with it.

  23. The salience of this post is that it is an anecdotal example of what happens when the environment no longer culls the dysfunctional from the gene pool.

    Once upon a time, fraudulent members of our species were either eaten by a predatory animal (because stupid), exiled by the tribe (because untrustworthy), or “disappeared” when no one was looking (because urgency of remedy).

    In our modern era, the legal system (and its handmaiden, the prison system) was supposed to perform this necessary curative function for the benefit of society. But nowadays, DC pols and oligarchs get a pass on all things illegal. The solution to this problem is the emergence of grassroots antibodies targeting the core of the disease.

    It really is that simple.

    • But there is also a social aspect missing, namely a society that works together to create something where there is a man for every woman and vice versa. There is always a pecking order where the better guys get the pick of the litter, but then there are always the last of the litter. They would find someone too. They all would marry and make babies and keep the ball rolling. It’s obvious that feminism told many of these women who wanted a Mercedes Benz of a man but would have to settle for a Jetta to ignore all of that social pecking order stuff and instead aim their sights for a career. And everything fell to pieces.

      • The pandemic has been very bad for 30-something career women. Many are have crippling depression and are lonely. They’re starting to settle for beta or lower males, guess it’s better than living alone with a dog. I’ve even seen some average – below average ethnic (indian, arab?) men moving in on childless, damaged career chasers.

        As with everything else the media image is a lie. A super-Chad, liberal, urban white male like Sex in the City doesn’t really exist. The more attractive white men are blue collar, rural, or settle down after college and move to the suburbs and commute. It’s not 1980 anymore – big cities are sh*tholes and white men can’t even get hired at most big companies.

        The best beta bux are conservative Christian white men.

        Tl;dr all media is fake and your life will suffer negative consequences if you believe it.

      • well a lot of women that have careers (or even just jobs) do not want children, and do not want a man in their life telling them what to do. that tightens up the supply considerably. happens worldwide, not just here.

        • “A lot” is a questionable amount. I think that, instinctively, most women want children and men in their life. However, they are herd animals that prioritize the pecking order, so too many will accept whatever the leaders and top hens tell them, regardless of the psychological damage it inflicts on them.

        • The first mistake is letting women lead the way by putting their wants and desires first

          But that became the norm with abortion and birth control

          For every girl who wanted to be a princess, she’d get knocked up by Charlie on the next street over and that was that. And that’s how it’s meant to be for better or worse.

        • A lot of women have been told not to want children and had their natural instincts for procreation redirected and repressed. While some women successfully shake off the societal programming, our culture has been bombarding women with the message that ’tis better to be fulfilled through a career than stuck at home as an ‘unpaid’ housewife. This is the same culture that tells women babies are parasites. The negative programming is at least partially responsible for the decline in birthrates and the immiseration of entire generations of women (and men) who as they age will discover that those without functional families will suffer.

        • Totally wrong, no woman dreams of being an old spinster. These women have also been failed by a society so gutted of purpose it couldn’t find it’s a$$ if it had a compass and a map.

      • there were always many males who never married or had kids, and always will be. just the way the game is set up. it’s for the best, generally.

  24. The beauty of the internet is that the ‘marks’ can talk to each other and outgrow the grifters. The manosphere has its fakes, and maybe their point was to lead men away, but the fakes will never be able to keep control.

    The risk is that if you get enough MGTOW, you’ll end up with a right wing antifa, i.e., professional rabble. Otoh if those men are smart enough to avoid the trap, it could boomerang.

    Point being that chaos can be used by tptb, or it can be used against them. If the DR is developing a healthy skepticism, that’s good news indeed.

      • The seed’s planted. The next step is to form communities irl. So long as men know the world’s become hostile to them and act accordingly, it’ll work out. Cracking down will only continue to backfire.

        Besides irl is a healthier environment. You start to realize how much garbage exists only in the screen or the cities (I get why people are fleeing them even if I don’t like the downstream effects), how the screen is a warped piece of society intruding in your life.

        • They will never allow that.

          Why do you think they are transporting all the illegals everywhere by plane loads to spread them into even the smallest enclave?

          Where I am over the last 2 years of closed borders somehow the level of immigrants has increased by perhaps 50% on a day to day counting.

          Where did they come from?

          The govt actively placed them there while everyone else was prohibited from traveling.

          There will be no homogeneous communities left baring some sort of Bosnia situation.

        • Communities wasn’t the best word. I meant it in terms of groups of friends, informal clubs, fraternal organizations, etc. If tptb crack down on that, they’ll kill themselves of exhaustion if nothing else.

  25. ZMan

    With respect to the Taki article;

    “Have we always this number of crazy people?”

    The short answer is no. Natural selection did its part in protecting those who wanted to survive from those who got in the way.

    In the past, there were institutions that people could be shuffled off to, without arresting them. This is a major part of the problem in big cities, where the mentally ill are among us, causing crime and havoc. Heartless you say? No, reality.

    In the end, my boiler plate response to Covidians who try to confront me with their chastisement is. “I don’t participate in other people’s delusions”.

    If their hair doesn’t catch on fire, it takes too long for them to sort out what I said, and I’m gone.

    • “I don’t participate in other people’s delusions”.

      Love it!

      I say this very same thing, but I use “superstitions” instead of “delusions.”

      Ended up on one occasion at a local farmers market telling a woman, “If you’re afraid to leave your home, then don’t leave your home.” Said it in a sort of sympathetic tone of voice and walked away.

  26. This Jack Murphy drama will be a great episode to point to in the future to explain how easy it is for a faker to be propped up and amass a (seemingly) large audience and name recognition in rightwing circles. If you look at the “Jack Murphy Live” youtube you will see that his viewership is a bit lower than one would expect.

    He really does check every possible box, making him a great example: he’s a “Goldman” who claims to be white, he has a public and recent history of multiple flavors of sexual degeneracy, he worked in finance in DC, and he was supported by the “prestigious” Claremont institute, which if I’m not mistaken is part of the wider Peter Thiel operation. A couple of months ago during the Anti-CRT crowd’s debate around the phrase “anti-White”, he was even pulling the “what even is White? I’m Irish, Dude” on Twitter (classic fellow white maneuver).

    I would recommend his interview with Curtis Yarvin and Michael Anton (of the Claremont Institute). Both of these guys are very smart, though they come off as too flowerful and academic to really communicate effectively to the “Jack Murphy” audience.

  27. “That means you have to know the back story of the people you wish to trust.”

    Well, to a degree. I don’t even know the Zman’s name, no less whether the rough outlines of his presented backstory are true. For all I know he could be a transvestite FBI agent working out of an office in Tubman D.C.

    Fortunately, though, the appeal of the Zman isn’t “I live a life you should emulate.” If he is the aforementioned transvestite FBI agent, I hope all the essays and podcasts he’s LARPing are making him think!

  28. OT: re: blacks in ads. was thinking to myself how they always portray fantasy blacks (to prog whites) and not real ones. the blacks they portray, do not exist. what does that say about the progs (that they have inadvertently revealed by these ads)? if i were a real black, i would be more than a little uneasy (of course no real black sees this undercurrent of malevolence).

    • That’s just for the old people, though. Kids watch hip-hop culture and soak it up in all its degenerate hate-Whitey glory. Cardi B is a huge star.

        • It does sound like something you’d see in an advertisement at InfoWars.

          “After two weeks of taking Cardi Be your life will be completely changed. You’ll have all the WAP you can handle!”

    • Well, to be fair and enter the NABALT crowd. I once had a great friend in the Navy who was very black, but was intentionally raised by his parents in a white environment. We were in school together and he was quite smart and creative. His wife was Puerto Rican and also very nice. We went on hikes together and had great times.

      I’m guessing they were the models for all the TV shows and commercials, as they were truly unique. I can’t recall any others like them in my life.

      • everyone knows a nice “one”. that is way under 1% of the total. but yes, there are some. have no idea how they handle rest of the black community (avoids them?).

        • Absolutely! Haven’t met another one quite like him since. I ran into him once in the gym. he was playing basketball with a bunch of other joggers and was a completely different person. I respected his ability to be a different person, depending on who he was with. It also opened my eyes quite a bit.

          • I often wondered what those people look like to their own race?

            For whites I don’t there is an equivalent, so its difficult to judge.

        • This is down that IKAGO road, but I’d argue that black America in the 1950s was much better off- blacks today probably have more disposable income (from whatever source) and there are way more rich, high profile blacks, but in the 50s crime was less, if still greater than white levels, black neighborhoods were less shitty, families more likely to be intact. And on and one.

          The other day I played (on my household surveillance device) the Ella Fitzgerald version “of the old Artie Shaw number “Comes Love” What a long slide it’s been from that to “Wet Ass Pussy”

    • Saw a new one yesterday. A mom wants to renovate her home and as a first step smashes a sledge hammer through a wall. On the other side is her daughter’s bedroom, where the 15 year old is sitting on her bed with a dusky suitor. As the mom pops her head through the wall like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, she coos “oh, he is cute!”

      Never mind that the stovepipe in question has the bug-eyed appearance of a Somali, why in the actual hell do we permit this filth?

      • Yesterday, I was wandering around the web and found a list of the top “christian” movies of 2021. The #1 was one on Netflix called “A Week Away”. Out of curiosity, I thought I’d give it a look. Damnation – the troubled White youth was taken under the wing of a sheboon and her white talking sprog. Off to christian summer camp they went, with the sprog eyeing a White girl. Joggers get ridiculously shoved down our throats left, right and center. There is virtually no all White entertainment anymore. The closest I can get is a hunting/fishing channel that is virtually jogger free, at least on the show. Commercials, even there, have some occasional vibrancy.

        • usNthem: Finished the last installment of a fairly average TEOTWAKI series the other day. Books began okay and got consistently worse. Last one ended listing the new members of the core group, and author wrote they got their first ‘colored’ members. So simultaneous badthink language while inserting obligatory diversity where they’d never exist in reality. Insanity.

          Husband mentioned reading a newsletter from Heritage Foundation (still asking for and receiving no money) before he trashed it. Described a formerly normal teenage girl being groomed by her public school and online groups to become a trannie. Mother was utterly clueless in the beginning – and so many still are. So hubby carefully asked a guy at work with three daughters, who then admitted one was going through what he hoped was a ‘phase.’ Of course, these are folks – decent enough – who have all gotten their kids vexxed. There’s really no fixing any of them, let alone trying to get them to think normally. They will not survive what’s coming, whenever that may be.

          As Zman wonders, were there always this many crazy people? I think there were – but as others noted, natural reality killed a lot of them off in the past before they could do much damage. Now they’re large and in charge.

        • Turner Classic Movies. Ignore the “talk” of the “hosts,” which is usually not really offensive, but nobody needs a popular movie explained. Anyway, PLENTY of all-white movies with actual plots and characters and stories. Good manners. Strict moral codes. Often, you’ll hear “That’s white of you.”

          Uncut. Uncensored. No ads.

        • One of the last movies I saw in a theater before the shutdown was “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. . .” by Quentin Tarantino. It is awesome and so funny. I got the DVD so I can enjoy it at home. I remember 1969 very well and this movie makes you wish that things turned out like they do in this film. One thing I have noticed that was not “in my face” when I first saw it, is that there is not a single Black in it. Kind of nice, actually. There are lots of reasons for this feature, I suppose, even though the Manson family’s all-white murdering crew was supposed to spark a race war.

          • As an orthodox Bible teacher in a conservative Christian school, I must say…

            Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is my number 1 “guilty pleasure” film of all time. I just about soiled myself when I saw the way Tarantino deflated the Bruce Lee myth. Deee-lightful!

    • Like I have long said, and this may upset some of the tender ones, but the only and I mean the ONLY way TPTB were able to sell blacks to the unsuspecting public was because the media in this case deals with only two of the five senses. Sight and sound. Blacks can be made to look good, and they can be made to sound musical and fun. Had any of the other three senses been brought into the program the effort would have failed. Imagine every movie coming with a scratch and sniff card of sweaty blacks guys in the locker room or Laquisha’s arm pits and nasty perfume, and you get the idea. Or the feel of their hair, which is like a wire brush, or the taste of their god awful food. The entire black experience and lifestyle in all its facets shoved in one’s face. Wouldn’t sell.

      It’s amazing the shit you can sell when all you work on are the eyes and ears.

      • Falcone: I’ll take issue with the visual sense. Vast majority cannot be made to ‘look good,’ other than a few who are heavily racially mixed (and almost always heavily made up). There’s a coarseness to their features that strikes the White eye as unnatural and unattractive.

        • like george flloyd’s vagina like mouth? there is a lot of polluted DNA in the black community, all kinds of weird body shapes.

        • In that case 3g4me, if they are all so unattractive, then please explain the historical prevalence of miscegenation and mulatto babies in the prebellum South. Even such a brilliant luminary as Thomas Jefferson, who could have had his pick from among the beautiful Southern belles, had his black sugar on the side. I no longer support miscegenation, but that’s a politically motivated decision, rather than one based on personal attractiveness. Some of the most beautiful girls I dated, back in the days of my misspent youth before the world went to hell, looked a lot like Candace Owens.

      • i don’t know, there are a shiton of videos out there showing (with full audio) the true black experience :P. those have to be making a dent in normieville, t least those under 45?

  29. Regarding Z’s piece in TakiMag today: Love that Mencken quote he drops in there! I’ve been citing that one to various people for years. They always look at me as if I’m a tad zany — which is not entirely unwarranted.

    How long can the Covid hysteria last? It seems to me that the only thing that will end it is some new craze that comes along. However, to surpass the Covid madness, this theoretical new craze will have to be especially crazy, perhaps like nothing we have yet seen. I shudder to imagine what it might be.

    I had never heard of Jack Murphy until I came across Kevin Michael Grace talking about him this past Friday. Grifting and debauchery make a swell combination. Both appear without limit in our modern Clown World.

  30. too funny; I almost posted an OT comment the other day, when I red the M Fox article. here is a dynamic i have seen over and over: you get this guy who speaks very confidently, in certitudes. this draws in weak males, looking for a “protector” or “guide”. a certain comic book purveyor is a perfect example of this. this is what Papa Bear Murphy was providing for $100 a month – shelter from the storm. David Koresh had the same scam working in Texas, where he was banging all the wives (and prohibiting hubs from doing so) and teen daughters. Plus the normies in his flock were supporting him financially!?

    I am going to give the young guys here some precious knowledge, re: females. they are like cats, and do not like being chased; you have to catch their curiosity, and draw them in. they hate boredom more than anything, so almost anything out of the ordinary will delight them (temporarily). the movie “The Tao of Steve” covers this in somewhat greater detail. and as for conversation with a woman (i.e. what do i talk about now?!). just throw out a non-sequitur, casually, and then take a drink or bite of food, leaving the chick to figure things out; it’s a kind of verbal judo.

    god damn some poor schlubs get rawdogged by the schloors, but then god made them schloor bait. i think i would rather shoot myself than be a low status male – any time, any place.

  31. I doubt Claremont did a decent background check on Murphy. The two most likely scenarios are the one you mention about desperation for someone with a big online audience or someone prominent within the organization knew him and just told them to hire him. Whether or not that person knew the truth is an open question.

    • they probably did a background check, found all the kink – and loved it. and that’s why they hired him. he might very well have acted as a procurer, too.

      • My thought as well. Being a degenerate seems to be a requirement to join globohomo, they need dirt on you if they’re to trust you.

    • I doubt it, too. Most of these folks just aren’t very street smart. I remember a few years back Ezra Levant (Rebel Media, and that’s all the parentheses I’ll indulge in right now) got taken to the cleaners by a couple shady UK grifters. who were contracting for him. I think there was some faggotry involved in it, too.

  32. Fantastic Taki piece, thank you. Yet another stellar article to forward to family and friends.

    We hosted some out of town guests who are interested in the occasional sports ball game. After having been disconnected for so long, it was a shock to briefly check back in to that world. There was one commercial with a black guy baking cookies. I think he may have even been wearing an apron. Just an average afternoon in the ghettos of Detroit.
    It must be quite a conundrum for those in advertising. They have to push the blackity black while also remembering to push the faggity fag. They have to throw in a commercial with two black lesbians on a sofa searching for homes on zillow. Those lesbians need to axe someone about redfin. Redfin no longer includes crime data on the site because ray-cism.

    There was also a promo for a sitcom. Presumably, the clip they selected for the promo is the most humorous bit. The clip was laughably un-funny. Not too long ago, you might be able to sit down and enjoy a few laughs watching a quick 25 min. of Seinfeld, 30 Rock, and sometimes Arrested Development. Not to mention Mr. Hilter and a few other gems from Monty Python.
    Do people really watch these new sitcoms nowadays? It’s television programming created by the brain-dead, for the brain-dead. We are absolutely not missing anything by remaining disconnected from the freak show.

    • To answer your question about network TV sitcoms, almost no one still watches these shows. In the ratings they put out, which are probably fake anyway, they are at historic lows. CBS has a sitcom about a fat white guy who falls in love with a fat Nigerian immigrant. I was so stunned when I saw the commercial for it, I looked up the ratings. They claim it gets around 5 million viewers per episode, even as recently as ten years this would have resulted in a quick cancellation, but this political propaganda disguised as comedy is in its third season. My overall impression is that the networks have given up on getting viewers for non sports programs other than childless women.

      • It is amazing how this has changed.

        Recalling the 1980s when 30 million+ people (including my parents) would sit down every Friday night to watch Dallas. Seems like a different world.

        • Yes, that was in a country with fewer households too. The NBC Thursday sitcom block in the 90s could plug in almost anything and get over 20 million viewers. CBS has another sitcom that is supposed to be a buddy comedy about a solider and his Afghani translator. It gets even worse ratings and is in its second season. They don’t even seem to be trying to draw an audience it is just about putting out regime propaganda.

          • Star Trek: Discovery, a nearly all female and black led show, was put on CBS prime time and averaged around 2 million viewers. Compare that with Star Trek: Enterprise which got twice that on a lowly cable channel. The former is still going strong (four seasons) while the latter was canceled after the same period of time. It’s clear to me this is now about more than just ratings as myriad shows with far-Left politics have lasted far beyond what their ratings justify.

        • Debt. An immediate return on investment isn’t required for the market to float a movie studio or streaming service. Netflix, for example, can continue running deficits at the current rate for the next decade before losses mount to a level the market will no longer tolerate. By that time, the executives making this woke programing will have long found other jobs, and they will have gotten to use gullible investor money to advertise their politics to get said jobs while not taking any of the blame once their former operation goes belly up.

    • Ron Vibbentrop could not be reached for comment.

      Anthony Daniels has pointed out that in most underclass communities (his bailiwick is underclass English whites) food preparation, or even sitting down for a meal is virtually unknown.

      • Did our esteemed host really take a break over Christmas in order to put lard on the cat’s boil?

      • Anthony Daniels is Jewish but allows himself to be called an English doctor and journalist. He also conflates English to British citizenship and then sometimes writes of the English in an ethnic sense when he wants to smear them.

        In other words he claims minorites are welfare-class English when it comes to their cultural pathologies and then frames ethnic English plebs as the problem population to justify more immigration to replace them with the superior minorities.

  33. Sometimes I listen to the Robert Barnes livestream if I have mindless work to do on Sunday. Amusingly both Barnes and his cohost Frei were virulently defending Goldman (Frei accidentally called him “Goldstein”, which I found hilarious), Tim Pool seems to be going out of his way to cover him, and it also strange he’s had this unimportant and uninteresting man on his show so many times. Cernovich is “running away” entirely, clearly wanting to distance himself. Are these people Claremont types? Probably, at least they are spiritually. All the guys I like and tend to trust are making hay out of the amusing scandal.

    It seems as though decent people are disgusted by cuckoldry and gay dirty talk Chatterbate sessions, but what makes this a scandal is how Goldman has handled it. He could have said he was embarrassed and sorry, then pretend to come to Jesus. Instead he acted shocked and outraged anyone would even bring it up. It’s as If he had some kind agreement with his network of influencers and for some reason thought the code of silence extended beyond his own sphere.

  34. “For some reason, everything involving the name Lincoln turns out to be riddled with sexual degeneracy. Putting that aside…”


  35. “The best you can say about the man-o-sphere, with regards to politics and political inclination, is that it is uniformly anti-feminist. ”

    This is pretty ironic, because it is feminism that makes the whole pickup-artist thing possible. Only with a lot of available women of loose or confused morals out trolling around the clubs does there become a market for that stuff, and without feminism that doesn’t exist.

    Before the pickup-artist, men were taught to aspire to be hard-working, stable and prosperous — good marriage prospects.

    • This is definitely true of PUA in the 90’s but by the 10’s it had taken on many reactionary tones and a bulk of the PUA acolytes were young men who were dissatisfied with modernity in general. PUA might have vanished like a fad but “red pill” manosphere took what used to be how-to exploit female psychology for free sex to its natural conclusion which was shock and awe at the degradation of women overall and thus modernity. I’d say at least a plurality of PUA enjoyers just wanted to grill.

      Take the arc of Roosh V. He was a standard PUA and gradually his content became more reactionary. His penultimate book before he took his final form as an uber wholesome tradman was basically about how to PUA oneself a wife and then his final book was for women who want off the cock carousel.

      I was never into PUA but I did read some Jeffries in high school and it enabled me to pick up a girlfriend from the local Catholic girl’s school. Those were the days!

      • Roosh V came to mind when I read this article. Not that I believe he is a fraud, I don’t. I did enjoy his ROK and I also find his journey and reflections into Orthodox Christianity worthwhile and valuable.
        I really enjoyed his thoughts in his book Pilgrim. I know he sometimes gets down on himself for focusing too much on the negatives of American culture, but many of his observations from his American “tour,” resonated with me.
        In particuliar-and I noticed this before he began writing about it (sadly I have some people close to me with substance abuse problems)-check out the local librarys for an idea on the area you are visiting.
        I called them homeless shelters in my locale. The druggies line up at opening, go in and use the free wifi and crash in cubicles. Librarians are charged with stemming the dysfunction. You have to get keys to use the bathrooms signs are everywhere telling one not to use drugs in the bathroom. Roosh highlights that the library of the barometer of the community.
        Furthermore his podcasts are just eclectic: Orthodox Christianity, guilt over his past, Pick Up stories from many countries-matter of fact recollections, perhaps confessions, bird watching, notes on his parents and the generation gap, etc., bird watching, and how to find a trad wife. He has a dry sense of humor and I enjoy him. I hope he does not turn up selling gay porn :>(

  36. “Of course, Jack Murphy is not really Jack Murphy, Irish he-man, but rather, he is someone named John Goldman, who is not Irish.”

    Shocking! I shall curb the urge for many parentheses. Why on Earth do people start noticing things like that?

    • It’s an interesting thing. Reading a book about the Civil War covering the battle of the crater at Petersburg. Early on author talks about Union replacements and how half deserted before arriving. The rest were looked down on because of their poor quality. Well, some were decent and the example used was a little beanie guy. Turns out the author is a little beanie guy. It’s like the one lady columnist on the right being touted now for standing up to CRT. She’s part of the tribe. She was writing for small tribe newsletters and someone at the WSJ asked her to write some stuff for them. Yeah, I’m sure the WSJ looks at every podunk newsletter for talent.

      Point being, find our own talent, tout it, and support it.

    • Concur. Pierce was the gold standard for a warrior for our people.

      However, I’m told that many people were suspicious of him because he raised money, bought a compound, and worked for the cause full time.

      Anyone who concludes that an activist is a fed because the activist “makes a living off the movement” would have had to disavow Pierce.

  37. The best writers of the Manosphere eventually ran out of things to talk about and moved on to other topics, got censored, or just disappeared.

    Its a shame really, as many of those great posts are likely lost forever. A young guy who is 20 now will not get to read the material from when the manosphere was at its peak (a year to two around 2010).

    I stopped following that space years ago, and I can only imagine that the ones remaining are continuing to post out of pure monetary interest.

    • “The best writers of the Manosphere eventually ran out of things to talk about and moved on to other topics, got censored, or just disappeared.”

      Return of Kings started to become redundant and Roosh shuttered it. He’s since come to faith in Christ. I hope more of the (P)ussy (U)surps (A)ll follow in similar footsteps; promiscuity rarely produces anything good.

      • Not all of it was PUA trash.

        Dalrock’s blog (defunct but still online) and The-Spearhead (long gone) were two of my favorite anti feminism blogs

        • I found Chateau Heartiste (a/k/a Roissy in DC) quite good, but I don’t know if he’s still writing after Word Press deplatformed him. Does anyone know where to find him these days?

      • Roosh is an example of how screwed the whole scene is. Look, I’m all for forgiveness and repenting, but you can’t go from a promoter of degeneracy to a leader in a Christianity movement. It’s pathetic. Roosh needs to fade into obscurity. The problem is, his PUA thing has poisoned his regular life.
        The same thing with Milo. He went from promoting degeneracy to being a leadership figure in the Christian scene. Repent and live in obscurity. The days of leadership are behind them.

        • The thing is, every guy like that wants to say “But look at Paul. He was the foremost persecutor of Christians and became one of the greatest evangelists for Christianity of all time.”

          Maybe I’m just cynical, but in my opinion the default response should be “You’re no Paul.” Most of us aren’t. Anyone who insists they are should rightfully be subject to loads of suspicion.

          If I’m wrong, well, what God wants is going to win out in the end. Jesus doesn’t rebuke Thomas for doubting his resurrection.

          • It strikes me as a grift, particularly Milo. Like they just needed to a find a new grift and Christians seemed like a good mark. Roosh, at least to me comes off as genuine, at least. Though, even in his case, his judgement absolutely cannot be trusted.

            Anyone who throws Jesus or Paul or any other biblical character in my face to justify what they are doing just screams “run-away” to me, that I’m in the presence of some sort of “con.” Maybe not necessarily a money con, but there’s a con in there somewhere.

        • And then we have Saint Augustine. I found his backstory made him repellant to me. Lurid hints about his days of sinfulness.propping up the glory of his “salvation” seemed like a form of street cred; ooo, I was a bad, bad hombre, but thanks to my fanatical mommy, I was saved. Then he abducted the kid he had with his gnostic wife who remained steadfast in her beliefs, depriving the kid of contact with his mother. Hard for me to gag his shit down. Prideful bastard, virtue signaling nonstop. No wonder he became a mainstay of the prideful bishops of Rome, scoffing at the conciliar church. Bleech.

        • And the fact that females are motivated by factors alien to men, chiefly alpha-ness and a bad boy image, and therefore love invaders…None of which was in Playboy..

  38. Regarding the Taki article and the division of society into the sane and insane as typified by Covid hysteria: the role of doctors and the supposed health experts get far less blame than they deserve. I have found that many normal people can accept that their politicians lie. The press lies they can see. However, they can’t accept that their doctors and big time health experts at best don’t know what they are talking about and at worst are lying to them about Covid and the vaccines.

    In the US you at least get a minority of doctors and nurses who are rebelling. In Asia nearly 100 percent of the medical community is on board with the hysteria. That has most people more terrified of Covid now than a year ago.

    Most Westerners I know, who in turn know a doctor on a personal level, will eventually ask the doctor what they should do about the vaccines. The doctors will nearly always tell them to get Pfizer. Even if they know the hysteria is nonsense and that there are major risks with the vaccines, they will get the jab because the doctor said to do so

    • One of my Aunts was banned from all gatherings on her husband’s side of the family, which consists heavily of nurses and doctors. It’s clear these people are not doing this for safety, but to ensure proper compliance to their authority. One white-pill is the average person is getting a taste of medical psychopathy that has always been endemic up close and personal.

      • One point I like to make about doctors and the medical community is that throughout history they have never been at the forefront of scientific discovery. They have typically trailed as the herd mentality within the profession stifles free thinking and innovation.

        As an example, I point out that while Einstein was busy developing his theory of relativity, doctors were still bloodletting.

        You can also note that medical error kills over 200k people per year in the US (estimated before COVID).

        • The man who first tried to push regular hand-washing and sanitation in medical facilities in the mid 19th century was roundly condemned and attacked by the medical profession despite dramatic success in the hospital where he implemented his program and wound up dying in an insane asylum.

        • Also doctors are not selected for creative problem solving skills, compassion or curiosity. They are selected for being very driven and having the ability to memorize huge amounts of details. Control the authority figures doctors turn to for what to memorize next and you control doctors.

          All my life doctors have given bad diet advice because they mindlessly accepted what they are told and didn’t have the curiosity or skills to figure it out on their own

          • Which is why, as Mr Beale has pointed out on his blog, that obedience to official treatment guidelines in hospitals means you had a better statistical chance of walking out of Auschwitz (using official numbers) than some hospitals in the US after being admitted under the Covid protocols.

    • My Comment: Asians are rule followers and herd creatures. So are women. Guess who’s most vexxed. And increasing numbers of “American” doctors are now Asian and women, not to mention affirmative action admits incapable of critical thinking. Medical school selects for conformity and most modern doctors are nothing more than glorified fronts for the pharmaceutical industry. A large number of nurses are non-White and/or are obese. I wouldn’t look to any of them for health advice.

      A friend who is an aesthetician has a number of doctors as patients, and they ask HER all about Covid and the vexx, because they know how widely she reads and trust her to know the latest badthink information.

      • Funny that the doctors are turning to the aesthetician for medical advice. Maybe they feel safer with that type of person in discussing bad thoughts like AA gives alcoholics and confessionals give catholics a chance to open up about their sins and weaknesses

      • As an MD myself I can see how women taking over this profession is transforming it from ‘officers making tough calls in the fight against death and suffering’ to ‘advanced nurses w presciption rights.’ The division of health professionals into physicians (male) and nurses (female) is one of the many forgotten Chesterton’s Fences. Now new med students are all girls and shemales. Oh God, sometimes I want the Middle Ages back…

    • I wonder if med school selects for grinds- people who got good board scores and grades, but aren’t really that bright or intuitive. I don’t think a lot of the ordinary doctors are lying per se; rather they’re just not all that smart. Anyone out there in the med field- am I on to something, or am I the stupid one?

      • Absolutely it does select for grinds. Medical school is also becoming, like a high school, a pass-them-through degree mill. The main barrier to becoming a doctor is getting accepted to medical school in the first place, and that’s not a very high bar, especially when you take into account the for-profit Caribbean degree mills.

      • Definitely. Does it make sense to be a doctor that you have to be able to handle sleep deprivation or work insane hours? How much of what they learn is really important and the rest to weed out the non-insane type A personalities?

        I doubt the competence of any doctor who consistently puts in more than 50 hour work weeks. Beyond that, you are likely just a cog in the machine. As long as your problem fits the mold, you’re probably fine. Otherwise, it is assembly line medicine.

        • Doubting the competence of a doctorwho works more than 50h per week? Did you even pay attention to what you write? Working 730 to 5 , 5 days a week and 2 hours on each weekend day would make you the laziest doctor in the world. What reality are you living in?

          • Hey vizzini: Don’t you think it is slightly insane to attempt to dox a poster on a message board who posts a different viewpoint than you; especially when that individual didn’t even address you initially. Are you the original poster’s mother?

          • also vizzini, I had a question. What if a hypothetical pajeet has lighter skin than you, is the same religion as you (there are 35 million Christians in that hypothetical Pajeet’s ancestral country) and whose wife makes better steaks than your wife ( if you have one), has excellent relationship with his neighbors/community, is very well armed and protected (by himself and by said neighbors) and was born in the USA as were both of his parents? What would you strategy be in forcing him out of this country?

      • I think you are on to something. My grandfather was a vascular surgeon and being a good doctor was always more of an art than a science and also having a good and calming bedside manner. When I say an art, I mean it was like being a good pianist. You had to have dexterity and a nice touch. It wasn’t so much about being a brainiac, as most of the hard work on what goes where and how to do this or that had already been established. He used to call himself a mechanic of the human body, and that always stuck with me.

        How they select for doctors today seems misguided, focusing on highly cerebral folk who may be total klutzes rather than guys who simply have the temperament and motor skills to get the job done.

    • Our entire medical industry has been taken over by psychopathic miniature Mengeles. Although in Dr. Mengele’s case, he wasn’t getting rich off of his research.

    • And yet, in Asia, stories like this one can make the news. TVBS is a well-established 24 hour news channel in Taiwan that, like CNN in airports, is on in the background at many public places. This video is from a couple days ago and the first half concerns vexx injuries in young adults. The doctor who appears at the 12 second mark says, “After vaccinations we’re discovering sudden occurrences of reactions such as heart inflammation, muscular stress, and fluid in the pericardium tissue. We’re also seeing enlargement in the atrium and ventricle. Although these occurrences are not widespread, the number of patients we’re seeing with these symptoms is also not insignificant. Most of the patients are in their twenties and thirties.”

      Have you seen a single interview like this on American television? Even on local news outlets? I’d be one of the last people to dispute the hive mentality of many Asian cultures, but the fact is that being “nearly 100 percent on board with the Covid hysteria” is perhaps even more applicable on these shores.

      • South Korea is starting to rebel because of vaccine related deaths and they will actually get coverage on the issue unlike in the US where a tribe that hates the populace controls the news

    • MC

      My cardiologist and primary care physician both told me to stay as far away from vaccines as possible.

      If your Dr is pushing for one to take the Jab, maybe time to look for a new Dr.

      • Any decent and good doctor would always tell their patients to be wary of “cure all’s”

        Fauci doesn’t know any of us. Our diets, our bodies, our allergies, our medical history, anything — and yet there he is from afar telling people to take something he has no idea of knowing how it will affect them. It’s criminal.

        Every drug or vaccine or anything one puts into their bodies has the potential for negative side affects. Note those pharmaceutical commercials rattling off all the potential side affects and that the pregnant women shouldn’t take them, for example. Did we ever hear any of those cautions wrt to the so called vaccine? It’s basically one size fits all telemedicine, and bad things are going to happen. They have to because there are always people who will have adverse reactions. No escaping that.

      • You probably have a major outlier then – good for you. I imagine the vast majority are following the hypocritc oath – going along for fear of losing their license. A pretty damn sad state of affairs. It’s harder and harder to take anything an MD says or prescribes with any seriousness – or without doing a bunch of research on your own – which is far easier to do these days.

        • When it is explicity written in the state medical board bylawas that you will lose your license to earn a living for wrongthink, there will not a long line of doctors willing to get their figurative head chopped off for the team. 4 years of college, 4y of medical school, up to 5-7 years of residencies, all down the drain by one wrong comment. What will the doctor do at that point? …Go back to school? With young kids and a mortgage needs to be paid? It is very easy to expect you doctor to be a hero while sitting on your keyboard. I would recommend paying attention to what you doctor does NOT say and read between the lines when asking about what is not allowed to be asked.

          • So now we’re all reading between the lines of what doctors aren’t saying right? Some people are capable of that; others are not. But now THAT is the expectation?

            Maybe you should, pun intended, grow a spine?

      • Bartleby: Friend’s husband who almost died of a heart attack a few years ago (because the company doctor told him he had indigestion) has now been informed he must get jabbed or get fired. Despite his heart risk and the fact that he already had and survived Covid. Big corporations are still fully onboard with this insanity and they’re perfectly comfortable threatening people’s livelihoods and lives. Of course, this large corporation has been headed by female pajeets for some time now.

        • I was talking to a guy in our warehouse this weekend. His girlfriend has a 28 year old daughter, who’s a nurse. She got the shot back in the spring and a week later had a heart attack. Amazingly, it sounds like the doctors are willing to ascribe it to the clot shot, but what else can they finger? Reasonably healthy 28 year olds do not have heart attacks without a significant genetic cause, which this girl doesn’t have.

          • KGB: And yet sometimes there don’t seem to be causes – friend’s husband had zero risk factors, no prior indicators, had always tested heart healthy, exercised a fair amount, kept his weight down, etc. And yet came within a hair of dying out of the blue.

            Of course now, whenever I read of anyone dying of heart attack or stroke I immediately assume it’s related to the vexxine.

    • The important thing to know about almost all doctors, PAs, CNPs, etc, is that they all operate from a limited “toolbox”. This is especially true with the specialists. They will have had a certain amount of experience with similar problems and what has worked to resolve them. Therefore, every time a similar problem arises, they will always apply the same treatment. In other words, “when the only tool in your box is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

      I get to experience the “joy” of working with oncologists and hematologists quite a bit and I can tell you truthfully, they are among the very worst. This is why, if you should ever get a cancer diagnosis, especially one without a specific genetic marker that can indicate targeted treatment, you always get a second opinion! Not just from a different provider, but from an entirely different institution, as all the doctors in one clinic will tend to compare notes and back each other up. You need to consult with providers who utilize different toolboxes and different approaches to problem-solving. They’re not necessarily better, but can provide varied solutions to the same issue.

    • They haven’t realized, yet, that doctors are no better than other people, are highly motivated by money, and no longer are restrained by “do no harm.”

        • Vikram: The fact you come from a culture with no history of Christian morality greatly helps in understanding your nature.

        • It’s well known that doctors are terrible at managing money.

          So, yeah. I’d agree that most physicians aren’t “rich”, but it’s not usually because of their income.

        • I’m very how shall we say “doctor-adjacent” in my profession. You’re absolute full of crap unless your idea of “rich” is uber-elite mogul, which in that case you have an expectation problem.

    • I wrote about my visit to my doctor back in September here. I’m not going to repeat it now, but the general gist is that my doctor didn’t know anything other than the shot is “safe and effective.” I was prepared and researched the hell out of the shot for months before the visit and shared what I knew about it with him and really embarrassed him.

    • I asked our veterinarian.
      ” I would have to be held down kicking and screaming before taking that shot”
      Exact quote.

  39. There are men who wear beards and look normal and there are men who wear them, as Z says, and they come off as costume.

    Black Rifle Coffee seems to fall into this general cernovich / Murphy orbit of faux manliness, and there is always something queer about them. The one black rifle ad had their key people performing something like a drag show.

    WRT Lincoln as being attached to homosexuality, there was always the Log Cabin Republicans. Perhaps that’s the point of origin.

    It’s also funny how the “alpha” macho guys go around saying regular guys are gay when those guys are married with kids and the alphas are rooming with a dude. Lots of weird shit going on with these guys.

    • Falcone: This is so terribly sad, that guys who are desperate for normal male companionship and natural confidence and female interest get taken advantage of by those same freaks who have destroyed normal society and push a parody of both masculinity and femininity. I used to read Heartiste (although never commented there) but at least half his stuff was political. And fwiw, I learned a fair amount about how younger men think and view the world from my reading. And he was spot on concerning women in most cases.

      Excellent point about the Log Cabin Republicans. What precisely is the appeal of Lincoln to homosexuals? I always thought Cernovich was strange and try-hard (and claiming to represent Western civilization while marrying and having children with a Muslima), and I’ve never heard of Murphy. And didn’t Charlie Kirk have a previous 15 minutes of fame for pushing homosexuality as a conservative value to college republicans?

      Strange people, sick society.

      • Heartiste/Roissy’s evolution was inspiring to watch.

        He started as the best writer in the manosphere but he was entirely driven by satisfying his personal desires. When questions of politics arose, his standard dismissal was, “You can find me poolside.” He was going to party as the Titanic sank.

        But gradually he changed. His sharp eye for pattern detection and his knowledge of evo-psych could not be restricted to male-female issues.

        Now this formerly individualistic hedonist is one of the most dedicated white nationalists on gab.

        The lesson that I draw is that hedonism is not psychologically nourishing over the long haul. A necessary part of fulfillment as a human is that you must pledge yourself to a larger community and cause.

      • This is hard to explain but I will try.

        Not long ago during a succession of school shootings, I was chatting with a millennial whose take of course was to ban weapons, and I said something to the effect that no classmates of mine ever wanted to shoot me and my classmates. So maybe the problem could be found within the millennial culture itself. He clearly was not ready for any such blame casting and went berserk.

        But my point was that from the total football stud jock to the computer nerd, we would team up and all could see who the troubled kids were and took them under our wings and brought them into the fold. It was like a part time job in addition to schooling. With the younger crowd, there is so much dysfunction and lack of caring and empathy. Plus social media where people commit suicide over the way others treat them. It’s no mystery to me why some of them go haywire and shoot up their classmates, plus add in all the drugs they’re pushing. Another medical scam, for the record, in addition to covid. Great job medical community. Will YOU all ever take some responsibility.?

        So, yes, I do feel for these younger guys who are totally lost and looking for male bonding and attention from women. Their entire society and culture is in shambles. There’s no cohesion and group effort to make things better for everyone. I hope it changes.

        • Social media and the dismantling of local communities by globalism have literally made young people and women crazy.

          The overwhelming need for attention and approval has enslaved and warped millions.

          I can only imagine the dopamine high that a young person must feel when their selfie is liked or that a middle aged woman feels when the video of her shaming the maskless becomes popular. Or some high school boy announcing that he is a tran_y or a f_g.

          • Line: Plus, with both parents working and busy with their own pursuits, so many kids are desperate for some attention and someone who cares they are alive. So they’re hungry for any kind of affirmation, even the madness of social media is a type of attention for the ignored.

      • Probably because he lived with a guy called Joshua Fry Speed for 4 years and they slept in the same double bed.

        All the defensive text suggest it was perfectly normal while traveling due to economics. However, they were not traveling (4 years!) and Speed was wealthy as his father owned a massive 43,000 acre plantation.

        Totally nothing to think about.

    • There was a fairly big foot historian, I forget his name and am too lazy to look it up* who used to argue that Lincoln was gay. Of course, he was from the “everyone in History was gay” school of historiography…

      * Think how lazy you have to be today to be too lazy to look something up.

    • “It’s also funny how the “alpha” macho guys go around saying regular guys are gay when those guys are married with kids and the alphas are rooming with a dude. Lots of weird shit going on with these guys.”

      I think being “Alpha” is like being “Smart”. If you have to walk around telling people you’re smart, you’re probably not, or certainly not as smart as you think you are. Or you are The Greatest Internet Blogger The World Has Ever Seen You Mid-wit Troll, You’re Just Too Stupid To Appreciate My Intellect. (Also buy my books here at this link).

      Men are action based. If you’re Alpha, you go out and DO. Like Theodore Roosevelt’s The Man in the Arena you fight, get bruised, bloodied, criticized, and defeated, but pick yourself up and keep fighting.

      Not every man can be an Alpha. But quiet competence, hard work, and dedication go unappreciated until as Z points out, they’re no longer there.

      • it’s not about what *men* think women should want (in a man), it’s what women actually do want. lots of good little boys all confused that following every rule put in front of your nose, doesn’t lead to success with the ladies.

        • This was the essence of Heartise, and plenty of men in the 90’s needed to hear it.

          That, and what women say they want v what they actually respond to are totally different things.

          No one did it better than CH.

    • Best take on Black Rifle Coffee, and on the current iteration of the manliness stuff, was in Revolver. Revolver described BRCC as the coffee company aimed at male-to-male transexuals. Young men who want to be men, but who have only a cartoonish idea of what it means to be a man.

      Murphy, with the theatrical facial hair and the pretend identity, is the same spawn as BRCC and all the rest.

      • I’m very wary of any company or candidate that puts their veteran status front and center. It’s just in poor taste. Also, I’m a veteran and know a lot of other veterans, most of whom I would never vote or work for. If that’s the main thrust of your ad/political campaign, I’m just going to wonder what you’re leaving out.

  40. The manosphere plays a critical role in getting men to break from conditioning taught to them from school and weak fathers, if they had an active father in their life at all. The problem is the core teachings are not difficult to grok, but it’s very difficult to turn your life around after a lifetime of romantic embarrassments. You have guys like Goldman who feed off this with exorbitant clubs.

    Also, because the sphere is rather constricted, people in the game a long time need to branch out to more sociological comments for new, interesting material. Heartiste was a prime example of this, and there’s honestly nothing wrong with this as long as you’re not hustling weak-willed people out of money.

    Also, there’s some chatter his Liminal Society is an FBI honeypot, as there are rumors of Goldman’s relationship with feds and was a high profile shooting involving a guy associated with the society. Have no opinion one way or the other about this though.

    • I confess to not understanding the appeal. I think age plays a role. I remember the old guys making fun of the Charlie Atlas ads in the back of magazines. I was a teenager when Ross Jeffries was a thing. I also remember those guys who sat around in the woods banging drums. I suspect men of my generation or older grew up thinking that whole scene was just for weirdos.

      I did read Heartiste, but after he shifted from game to general topics. The pick-up artist stuff never held much appeal as I never had trouble talking with women.

      • I definitely think that age plays a role. Gen X was the transitional generation for men.

        An early Gen Xer born in, say, 1965 was fourteen in 1979 and eighteen in 1983. He would have grown up in a fairly normal, traditional environment in terms of men. Feminism was out there but wasn’t a part of everyday life for most guys.

        A mid-Xers born in say, 1971, was fourteen in 1985 and eighteen in 1989. Depending on where he grew up, he would have a more mixed bag environment. Feminism would start to enter his world, especially if he went to college. I’d argue that the number of male role models would be less as well. That said, our mid-Xer would still know the world of traditional men.

        A late Xer born in, say, 1979, would have been fourteen in 1993 and eighteen in 1997. He would have been hit hard by feminism and a lack of good male role models.

        • Someone born in 1979 would probably refer to themselves as a millennial and that really is where you see the change. Those who came of age from the mid-90’s on had a very different experience than those who came of age earlier. We probably should split the generational divide at Windows 95. Those before were 16-bit and those after were 32-bit.

          • Growing up without computers and, certainly, without the internet was the key. Even TV was bad back then, though I’d argue the introduction of cable TV was a pretty big step in making guys more wussy. MTV alone did a lot of damage.

            But if you live in a world where the morals of your community are based on the people in the community because you simply don’t see much else, you will likely get morals based on nature because the community has to work by those rules or collapse.

            You will see that strong men do well and weak men don’t. You can’t hide in a virtual reality because there is no virtual reality. Heck, back then, you couldn’t even hide in books because books in that time celebrated winning and not being victim.

          • PA of paworldandtimes (also a regular commenter on Heartiste) had a great post about GenX, he felt that the break between old GenX and young GenX was those born before and after 1973 – because the younger X’ers couldn’t remember a time without cable. After everyone had cable, there was always something for kids on TV, whereas us older X’ers played outside more.

        • Yes, the late Xers and early Millenials are the ones who who got hit hardest by feminism in their formative years.

          And they were the first to have the internet in their formative years. Which of course means infinite porn and all the ills that come with it.

          And they were the first to waste their time getting college degrees that were totally worthless without there being a common knowledge about the college-racket.

          • Yeah, I saw it coming in college. It was early, but it was there.

            Then I got to see it in recruiting. Every damn recruiter was black or a woman. They made it very clear who they wanted.

            I was red pilled pretty early.

      • I say bring back keg parties that would go a long way in getting young people to interact.
        Thinking that is degeneracy, maby it is but it worked.

      • You’re missing the point of PUA. Once you start realizing that with good gaming, virtually any woman could be made to cheat on her husband or BF, you realize first that all you’ve been told about women is total BS and you realize that it is completely insane for society to have people who’s instinct is to create trouble until they find someone they can submit to, in positions of authority, probably adds up to societal suicide. The relationship between men and women is absolutely central to the health of a civilization. That’s why PUA is important. And whether married or celibate single, most men don’t see this. Married men know ONE woman, whom they tend to have no idea how they scored. They don’t know women in aggretate. Then again, most don’t know men in general either.

  41. You left out Molyneux as one of these manosphere advisors for hire. Of course he morphs into many things like his present bitcoin guru phase.

    As far as old guys overlooking obvious flaws with younger grifters to get their followers, you might look even at people like Paul Ramsey. Not a bad guy but seems desperate to get his brand more noticed. He could and occasionally does get better people on his stream like Zman, but also the likes of Styxhexxanhammer (whatever), Roosh, Milo and even going on guntboy Ethan Ralph. Enough of this.

    • plus Ramsay pimps his GF, Sascha (not that I am complaining). It’s only a matter of time before he has a FansOnly page setup for her. the thing is, he doesn’t have anything remotely insightful or original to talk about. we all know what the problems are, etc etc etc.

    • It’s amazing to me that so many of these people turn out to be weirdos. They are everywhere. It’s quite the “cohen-inicidence.”

      I ended up watching the Metakur New Year’s Eve stream which was entirely on Murphy/Goldman.

      There is just no way all these degenerates and morally deficient people are rising to (minor) prominence on their own talent. Metakur had some stuff showing Goldman was being pushed by a billionaire and how youtube was stacking the search results of videos exposing Murphy. At the very same moment, Goldman was both trending and impossible to find. That doesn’t just happen naturally. Someone made the search results disappear.

      Even in the normie space, I think this is probably the case. I was looking for some new bread recipes the other day and I found all these really large YT cooking channels that are the YT equivalent of reality TV. Just fake and gay to the max. It cannot be a coincidence that all these horrible channels with such fake and stupid hosts are just moms and dads who cook and got hundreds of thousands of subs on their mom/dad jokes and that “I’m your best friend” phony way of talking.

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