Coup De Jour

One of the iron laws of the universe is that whatever the America Left is warning about is usually something they are plotting. Alternatively, whatever they are accusing others of doing is something they have already done. The Russian collusion stuff is the most recent example of this. They accused Trump of plotting with a foreign government, the Russians, but we learned it was official Washington all mobbed up with the Ukrainians, Chinese and anyone else with extra cash.

Of course, for the last year the ruling class has been yammering about the insurrection and the ongoing threat to “our” democracy. Meanwhile, they have been dragging people off to secret dungeons, harassing citizens for their politics, throwing people off social media and all the things we associate with a thug regime. Go back further and they spent four years claiming the 2016 election was rigged and then committed massive election fraud in the 2020 election.

This is how you can discern the future in regime rhetoric. Regime-ology, like Kremlinology in the Cold War, is becoming a skill in this age. You read the regime organs like the Washington Post or New York Times not for the literal content, but for the esoteric content, the stuff between the lines. In order to be prepared for what they will do next, we have all been forced to be Straussian. Of course, we also have the opposite rule of liberalism to guide us.

This is why the stories about a potential military coup are interesting. This one from December got the ball rolling. It is framed as a warning of a possible coup by the imaginary army of insurrectionists, but clearly the authors are imagining themselves as a triumvirate saving “our” democracy. A couple of weeks later, the Pentagon assured us that they are ready to send troops into Washington and seize control of the government if people vote the wrong way in the next election.

You do not have to be a geezer to recall a time when such talk was strictly forbidden by the mass media and political class. In fact, they went out of their way to assure themselves and the public that no one in the army would ever think of such a thing, much less suggest it. You see, America was a republic with civilian control of the military, so such a thing was impossible. It was often implied that the greatness of the military was the result of its republican virtue.

It used to be that the far-left would have been berserk with anger over the suggestion that the military would be needed to secure “our” democracy. They hated the military and saw it as the enemy of democracy. An indication of just how much the Left has changed over the last decade or so is their reaction to that column. They think it is wonderful that the military is publicly expressing their loyalty to “our” democracy and promising to crush the alleged enemies of it.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at these ridiculous sissies in regime media cheering for a military coup. One of the interesting features of the managerial class is their assumption that the institutions exist to serve their interests. They never think for a second that the men with guns defending “our” democracy may realize they no longer need the managerial class to run the administrative state. Meetings are for men in suits, not for men in charge holding guns.

Putting that aside, this coup talk offers some insight into what the people in charge are plotting for the near future. The upcoming midterm election is of little interest as it just means the Republicans gain some seats. The focus is on the 2024 election, which they now view as the great battle between “our” democracy and the imaginary insurrectionists, otherwise known as Trump voters. They have no intention of allowing Trump to win and take office again.

This strikes normal people as a bit strange. After all, what was plain in the Trump years is he is no threat to the regime. If he returned to office, he is not going exact revenge on those who wronged him. He will crawl on his belly for their approval. The regime, on the other hand, cannot see this. They always project their own qualities onto their enemies and in this case, they assume Trump would seek murderous revenge. After all, that is what they would do if they were him. They will not allow it.

This offers another insight into regime thinking. They assume Trump would act like they would act if in the same position. That means they assume he will have them jailed and tossed into dungeons on made up charges. They see this as a threat to “our” democracy, which then justifies any means necessary to stop it. This is how the 2020 election was fueled by widescale fraud. They told their election volunteers that any means necessary was acceptable.

Looking ahead, what this suggests is that a military coup of some sort is in the cards within the next decade. Since the generals are all super-woke, it probably means something like a hybrid civilian-military junta. The leaders of the Democratic party will lock arms with the military leadership to “defend our democracy” by overturning the elections and imposing a form of martial law. Some Republicans will be arrested as conspirators and insurrectionists.

There is another thing evident in these posts that offers some insight into what will happen in the near term. These super-woke generals are just as delusional as the super-woke regime leaders. Would the rank and file in the armed services support a scheme to “defend our democracy” from Boomers waving flags? The most likely result would be a schism in the services. Instead of being a show of strength, a coup would turn into another display of weakness and incoherence.

Another iron law of the universe is that managerial regimes become decreasingly competent over time. This was what brought down communism. The Soviet system was so corrupt it was no longer functional in the end. That is the most likely end for the regime’s coup plans. The will is there but the system has simply become too incompetent and corrupt to do it. There will be tanks in the streets, but they will be broken down and abandoned like the regime itself.

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251 thoughts on “Coup De Jour

  1. Now I agree with the “CCP’s in on it” crowd.

    “…and move 200 million Chinese here from China.”

    How? Because:
    “less than 1% of China has been vaccinated”

    So I’m waiting for the booster kill switch, jab #?.

  2. There will be police stations burned to the ground, electric substations destroyed.
    What Belgians would be doing today if they loved freedom.
    Cops would not leave their homes, only hoping to keep their families safe.
    Hard to suppress freedom when the enforcers are our of action.

  3. A theme in some of Paul Gottfried’s recent articles is that the Democrats are trying to create a dominant-party system where the GOP will be entirely shut-out of power at the federal level on a permanent basis, effectively a one-party dictatorship outside of a few red states in flyover country. Think Putin’s party in Russia or the LDP in Japan (except the LDP will sometimes actually lose). The Dems will do this by federalizing state elections (HR1), thereby legalizing widespread voter fraud, getting rid of the Senate filibuster, adding DC and PR as states, packing the courts, and, most importantly, extremely high immigration.

    Another factor will be making it impossible for any popular GOP nominee to run a normal presidential campaign. If Trump is not in prison and runs, its possible that his campaign and PACs supporting him will be de-platformed from the banking system, social media (already the case), and normal media coverage. There won’t be debates or televised Trump rallies. If he doesn’t or can’t run, and DeSantis or another Republican runs on a pro-Trump platform, they will suffer the same restrictions. Only a suitably boring and unpopular GOP nominee will be allowed to run a normal campaign. I think the coup talk is just bluster and if somehow Trump wins in 24 we’ll just see a repeat of the first Trump term–widespread b’crat disloyalty and constant attempts to impeach. Rather, the coup stuff is there to legitimize these restrictions being put on the Republicans so they can’t win in the first place.

    The Dems probably have their dominant party system in 2 or 3 election cycles regardless. Only thing that could stop it are (1) the Dems splitting into 2 parties, allowing the GOPe to win sometimes (this is the case in Canada, the Libs and NDP spilt the left wing vote, allowing a very liberal Conservative Party to sometimes win); (2) Biden is so unpopular going into 2024 that the Dems allow a very bland Republican to win (just this one time).

      • Violence is to be avoided. Such things make people angry and fearful and react, even allies to the deep state. The left things going there way, and they are playing the long game, why rock the boat

        • Violence is only avoided by the hive until they think they have overwhelming advantage.

          Then its all in comrade and pile the skulls.

        • Violence is the ultimate authority from which all other authority is derived. – paraphrased from Robert Heinlein?

      • In the sense that our fate is already preordained, it doesn’t matter.

        In the sense that KL’s analysis improves our understanding of what’s happening, it does matter.

        Anything that improves our understanding is good.

    • This was the larger point of Michael Anton’s Flight 93 Election article. The game has always been rigged, but Lefty is increasingly uninterested in even hosting a rigged game. GOPe guys keep thinking “it’ll be our turn next year” when in fact Lefty is planning on evicting them out of Georgetown.

  4. I re-read the column and then the comments to avoid duplication. I don’t think this area has been addressed directly.

    The Regime likes to present itself as a champion of freedom and liberty-loving. It is an obvious lie, of course, but the illusion is important to them.

    On the whole, the Ruling Class prefers elections, no matter how sham, to hold itself out as some sort of beacon to the world (which, of course, also knows this to be false). Yet free and fair elections can lead to Trump and others who utter a spare bad thought now and then, forcing the Regime to wince and feel sadness and pain.

    The balancing act, therefore, is to put thumbs on scales in the most surreptitious manner possible when that is needed. The Regime needs just enough stealth to be able to manufacture results and simultaneously proclaim the United States is a democracy with free and fair elections. The straight face test is the important part.

    As a result, the United States is like the system Ataturk devised for Turkey. There indeed are elections. And if they don’t go as planned, the military and security apparatus topple the tables and reshuffle the deck.

    For those of us who realize all elections are stolen when a citizenry is diluted and replaced with aliens, it is somewhat satisfying to see the grift running the course. I will go out on a limb and predict we are within five years of American bases being expelled from Europe, and already experiencing the schism between states, localities, and the federal government.

    It is not ending well for anyone.

  5. Today’s prognostication is both prescient and highly probable, and should hopefully put lie to the proposition that we can talk or vote our way out of the mess we’re in. And the corollary to this reality is that most of America will respond with whining, wailing, and street protests because Comfort First Imperative. Politically, their will be serious talk of secession by a few opportunistic pols hoping to step up for 2024, but nothing of significance will change. Yes, some ad hoc militias will form up and most of these will be led by Stasi provocateur agents acting undercover. For the very few sane who voluntarily opt to roll up their sleeves, what is the best course of action? The answer is . . . wait for the fog of chaos and then 4S and focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • Is there a way to reverse the sissified feminization of society that does not require a mass-extinction event or similar total catastrophy? Because we are headed in SUCH a bad direction now, with super-woke generals and such. And what about super-woke, affirmative action ‘engineers’ to run nuclear power plants?? How do we know that didn’t happen? We don’t.

      But it would be nice to find a way to reverse this growing psychosis without millions and millions having to die. Or am I being a sissy now? Is this just nature, ‘cull the d*mn lemmings, let Darwin figure it out’? This is so insane.

      • The problem is of a sociobiological nature. The only difference between Africa and America is Africans. If we replace the original European stock with Africans we must expect to become more like Africa, witness Lagos, Nigeria and Lagos, Maryland. A population’s behavior may be predicted by its sociobiology, derived from its psychology, derived from its biology.

      • 4S and focus is specifically designed to preempt the slaughter of millions of innocents. Mao killed more than Stalin who killed more than Hilter who killed more than Pol Pot etc etc. If we let than happen here, we will have earned our fate.

  6. And in avoiding limits for mod, I think the coup will fail disastrously. The Military is currently purging anyone pro-Trump, the issue is that it leaves Admiral Rachel Levine and various vibrants as the main military force and the utter complexity of US forces requires a highly trained and competent military force to operate it. That’s why the Wehrmacht lost — the could not have a “pause” required to draft and train up soldiers to operate their extremely effective but extremely complex equipment and fighting doctrine as their effective troops got ground up in Russian and African operations. [it took basically 18 months to train the average Wehrmacht soldier in combined arms]. Drones, UAVs, artillery, helicopters, aircraft etc. are extremely effective but require a very skilled force to both operate and maintain/service them.

    Some states will stage a soft rebellion, not leaving but issuing their own laws, currency, and ignoring fed efforts or actively resisting them. Some will be nuked (yes I think they will go there Dems like Biden and Swallwell have been actively pushing this for years) and blue cities will face retaliation. De Gaulle commanded respect during the OAS rebellion. Milley invites contempt — he gave a medal to the Afghanistan Commander who left Americans behind and got 14 US service people killed to get a Taliban truck as a war trophy on a C-17 transport. Most people in the US now view the FBI as Biden’s personal Gestapo. Yes a lot people can and will get killed. There will be a lot of dead. But the coup will fail and there will be a vendetta — one thing for sure a coup will simply end the US as the Global Police force. Strong nations will do what they want and weaker ones will either nuke up fast or get swallowed whole.
    The main issue is that the power and energy all belong to Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and the like. Those are just stupid human beings unable to add two and two and get four. They quite literally believe in magic and the Biden regime being weak and senile those are the people driving things. It was supposed to be Nancy and Chuck but they just went AWOL — they could not even get Biden’s main deal passed since they were just too old and tired and their staff knows there is no future in them but there is in with AOC and Tlaib. And these are the people who will extradite Trump and Pompeo to Iran and call out the military to seize power and arrest Republicans for “Insurrection” to avoid things like Cruz calling for Biden’s Impeachment and Conviction.

    [Cruz has correctly figured out he can get the nomination from Trump by being harder on Biden and the Regime than Trump. He also figures that its AOC not Nancy running things.] More importantly we are careening to disaster because we have vibrants in charge not just corruptocrats like Hillary! or Schumer.

    • AOC and the rest are running feck all.

      They were auditioned for their camera roles (literally). At least the older ones came up through their crime connections and localized nepotism.

      The latest rounds are actors cast for the part being run by others. TV is not real life.

    • Cruz is not eligible to run for President—not that I expect SCOTUS to rule on such, cowards that they all are. Cruz is not a “natural born citizen”.

        • No, Cruz ran for the nomination, not the Presidency.

          He did not get the nomination, hence no possible court challenge. But even then, his Canadian “citizenry” was brought to light, and he had to write an “official” request to the Canadian government to renounce/revoke his Canadian citizenship—a defacto recognition of a possible conflict with the Constitution, or else why bother?

          • So if it came down to Cruz or Kamala you’d support Kamala because muh precious con stit two shun.

            Is that about it?

        • More to the point is that there is a precedent–which was universally accepted–for a FedGov with an unelected president AND VP. Spiro Agnew resigned, and Nixon appointed Gerald Ford VP. Nixon resigned, and Ford appointed Nelson Rockefeller VP, and that was universally accepted.

        • Hey lie’n Ted, come over here and rub my feet. Sure Donald. And on the way over, pick me up a bag of Big Macs . Chop chop ! You got it Donald.

    • You’ve got me thinking here. It’s apparent that “our” security apparatus (apparata?) run the country. Which is bad – but – do they (it) have hard men like Beria or Himmler, or can it be that they are feckless men and women in suits who enjoy partying and hooking up in Georgetown? In other words, can these be serious people who can put a bullet into another man’s skull in the Lubyanka cellar?

      At a guess, no. Our enemies are bugmen. Answering to Stalin is one thing; answering to AOC is quite another thing.

      Call me an optimist, but in view of the people who rule us today, I think our fate is not a bullet in the head or a tenner in some remote coal mine or lumber camp. Rather, the FNG equivalent – permanent banning from social media, denial of travel privileges and basic medical attention.

      • Something like that will almost certainly be tried, but a black market in (whatever) will spring up. It ALWAYS does.

        And suppose that foreign sleeper cells already here decide to render the government impotent by making the continent ungovernable? That is quickly and easily done by a hundred or even fifty men acting in concert in one morning.

        Suppose that disaffected citizens decide to render the continent ungovernable?

        Millions would die, yes, but omelets and eggs, etc.

        There are no doubt those willing–and able–to pay the price.

        Remember the Deagle predictions of a population of 99 million in–what was it?–2025?

      • I think you hit a real weak spot. They have the appetite of dictatorship but I don’t see them having the teeth either.

    • Cruz is a legend in his own mind. He suggests Biden will be impeached after the ’22 election. No one has suggested how the Dems will escape the corner they backed themselves into with a senile President and a VP hated even in her won party, but here comes the Stupid Party to find the way. The Biden burden is removed from office with a few months left in his term, Harris is decalred placeholder and kept in the basement while the newly annointed VP runs for office, but which does return to the original Dem problem of identifying an individual who is not a cartoon character.

      • Agnew–Ford–Nixon–Rockefeller. There’s a precedent that was universally accepted.

      • Hilary’s other plan is that The Kamal bows out, family matters, desire to be closer to her money etc. HRC takes that place and then Biden gets Arkencided.

      • ” the original Dem problem of identifying an individual who is not a cartoon character.”

        In this day and age being a cartoon character does not seem to be an impediment to high office, quite the contrary.

  7. I think a coup is very likely, and probably around the midterms. Timing is likely up in the air. Its too soon for 2024 so they are talking about 2022. As noted there is an effort to refuse to seat Republicans, who could be a Red Wave, and that might be the enabling act to set the coup in motion.

    Biden is cratering, he gave a senile/incoherent speech about meat prices and is signaling wage/price controls like Ford’s doomed WIN effort (Whip Inflation Now) and Nixon’s wage/price controls (which helped doom him — had he been really popular he would not have been impeached). In the UK Boris Johnson faces a tory revolt over his green taxes that his girlfriend/wife likes but no one else does. [White women are the natural and eternal enemy of the White man.] And there is the Trump issue — Trump is more popular than Biden now, and he’s a threat. Conveniently Iran is demanding his extradition for Solemani’s killing (also Pompeo).

    My guess: wage and price controls and attacks on “big meat” etc. to go “vegan/bug” per Warren intensify the real struggle: between the corporatist Pelosi/Schumer wing of the Party and Warren/Bernie/AOC/Squad etc. Biden being senile and his staff weak was supposed to empower the Big Corp wing but instead gave power to AOC and the Squad and Warren. Who is now demanding wage/price controls, sanctions against Real Estate investing, agriculture, transport, basically everything. Dems lose massively in a protest against ever declining income, real hunger, constant shortages (NOT present in the 1970s/early 1980s) etc. Trump gets extradited to Iran along with Pompeo, and promptly executed, this along with arrests by the DC National Guard of Republicans for Insurrection and a massive defeat in Taiwan and Ukraine at the same time with at least one aircraft carrier sunk causes a coup. Ostensibly for the Corporatist Wing but really given Woke Milley it will be for the Warren wing which has the energy and craziness behind it.

  8. Jan 6 is just the standard plot device the Ours use over and over: X did or might do something bad, so we plundered & killed them. Just like the Egyptian, German, Palestinian, Persian, x, y, z stories they have pronounced us “bad” and they must destroy us. Jan 6 is an exhibit, an item of evidence being used by kangarjoo court.

    The angel of death is crying out in pain as he strikes us.


    • This whole “mass formation psychosis” (crowd psychosis) schtick is a narrative trap.

      Those who cry out in pain as they strike are recycling a theme.

      The right is busy accepting the moral premise of the left.

      When the trap is sprung, it will look like this:
      “And then one day, for absolutely no reason at all, the people voted…Trump…into power”.

      • A few months ago a link to a mass formation video was posted here. I watched it, and searched for and read additional. It’s real stuff. One can see a relationship to Ericsonian hypnotherapy techniques.

        In a nutshell:
        Induce a state of general anxiety and fear into the population. the idea is people feel this state, but don’t have a known reason for having those feelings. (notice how everything in the news is a called a crisis.)

        Keep people atomized and separated so that they can’t easily compare notes nor have a source of psychological support.

        Now, media fiends can map this state onto items of their choice. Such as, say: Trump, Covid, White Supreme Pizza, …

    • No down vote from me, but I don’t agree b/c the so-called “insurrection” was nothing of the kind.

      But let these people face a *real* insurrection, and all bets are off. I don’t believe–and their own words and actions say that “they,” also, do not believe–that the forces ostensibly under their command are reliable.

      • It does not have to be real, it just has to sufficiently suffice as a sufficient justification.

        I don’t think Jan 6 was an insurrection per se. Or at least relative to the US state.

        To the people who control the government it is an affront and challenges the legitimacy of their rule. Relative to them, to the “Our,” it is an insurrection to them.

      • There was no Gulf of Tonkin Incident, no Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators, no weapons of mass destruction.
        All that matters is the throngs of stars and stripes soldiers show up and kill.

        Jan 6 could be filmed entirely on a sound stage in Hollywood. All that matters is getting the boots to trample on your ground.

  9. Speaking of regime change and Kremlinology, here’s my prediction:

    Brandon either suddenly dies, retires due to health collapse, or is 25’d.
    Kamala takes office, and announces that the Covid regime is over. Comrade Brandon was old and sick, and panicked when faced with a disease that targets the old and decrepit. Kamala is on tape denouncing “Trump’s vaccine” and will claim to have only supported Brandon out of loyalty. Everyone cheers, and her popularity soars like Bush after 9/11.

    Remember Beria in “The Death of Stalin”? “You put half the country in prison!” “Yes, and now I’m releasing them.”

    • “Everyone cheers, … .”

      With the notable exception of Hillary Clinton.

      There is a precedent–that was universally accepted–for an unelected president AND VP.

      That seems far more likely in my opinion.

  10. Perhaps somebody has already mentioned this, but I noticed your last Taki article was picked up by Revolver. Congrats, Z.

  11. Despite the incompetence and cowardice of the Republicans, I believe they will pickup seats in the 2022 midterm elections. However, I also believe that the Democrats will refuse to seat the newly elected because they are insurrectionists ( and stuff). Might be an eventful fall, but most likely the Republicans will cower in place.

    “ Stop quoting laws, we carry weapons!” – Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

    • They are intent on using that word as it is the only legal definition that can be used constitutionally to prevent members taking seats or holding office.

      They don’t care that it sounds ridiculous as they are just using the exact legal language to frame the future court/procedural action all to be done using lawfare.

      • 14th Amendment:

        “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

        Hence the wording. They are the real constitutionalists it seems.

        Legal talmudism is important. Reality not so much.

        • ” … who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, … .”

          That’s where the whole thing falls apart. We have a man in New Jersey who unseated the Speaker of the NJ House, and who had never run for public office before. That is happening now.

          I don’t think that “they” are in a position to refuse point blank to seat duly elected people. That would precipitate a *real* Constitutional crisis from which “they” could quite simply not extricate themselves. And I don’t think they are stupid enough to try it.

          • I think that will be tested sooner than you think.

            They are part way there with committees already and some earlier noise over expulsions for supporting “insurrection”.

            The whole point of repetition 24/7 with the overblown specific term is to lay the ground for this.

          • Yeah it’s all nonsense.

            The deep state will just do what it’s done for the last fifty years and more.

            They’ll blackmail and bribe enough of the newbies to maintain their hold on power and use the media to marginalize and ostracize any muckrakers that get too big for their britches, like they did with MTG and Jim Jordan recently and Traficante going back a couple decades.

            No visible coup necessary.

    • Reminds me of when the Stockholm city hall decided to implement “feminist snow-plowing”.

      Yes, truly. The idea was that most of the people using the roads were men, whereas a preponderance of women used sidewalks and bike lanes so those would be cleared first, giving priority to areas near daycare centers and schools.

      I sometimes get the uneasy notion that Z-Man is right about our being actual cretins and not just larping as such.

    • I love it. All those Trumpsters in tornado country felt the wrath of Gaia. Now the Cloud people have taken a hit.

      To get aboard I-95 on either side of DC in even the best of conditions can be a gamble. To do so on the edge of a severe winter storm makes you a very stupid person. I just watched some MSNBC soy-boy reporting from his stalled vehicle and it was comedy gold: Where are the troopers? Where are the snowplows? Who is coming to help us?

      Fucking awesome.

      NB: Of course I wish everyone gets home, especially the parents with kids. Even MSNBC boy. Still. will they ever learn? This is what breakdown of a society looks like. Maybe they’ll blame the new governor of VA. Has to be a narrative in there somewhere…

      • Funny story. I commuted from DC to Baltimore the first week I-95 was completed but not open, in other words, no traffic cops. The great obedient citizen did not go past the entrance closed sign.
        My old Valient maxed out at 85 mph and all my disobedient brothers were passing me by twenty to forty mph, every one of them.

    • Senator Tim Kaine tweeted a picture of him stuck behind an 18 wheeler. Members of the regime can’t even avoid the incompetence.
      Quote from local man:

      “We didn’t see plows out there,” he said. “Snow removal has always been a joke in this area.”

      My first guess is no one wants to drive the plows for the state of Virginia has been paying them. They didn’t make sure having competent drivers was a high enough priority.

    • The worst road conditions I’ve ever experienced was I-95 back in the 80s during a blizzard. I think it took me 4 hours to get from Baltimore to DC. When I left Philly the weather was fine so I was unprepared for the unmitigated disaster of that scene. I was sure I would run out of gas and freeze to death before I could extricate myself from that hellscape.

      Part of it is buffoonery but the other part is, for some unfathomable reason, the capital was located in a place with one of the worst climates in the world. In the summer, which starts late April, it is ungodly hot and humid; in the winter, it is bitterly cold – that wet cold that chills to the bone. Why? Why chose this horrendous location? The worst 7 months of my life were spent in the DC area.

      • ” … for some unfathomable reason, the capital was located in a place with one of the worst climates in the world.”

        It was a North-South compromise location. This has *never* been ONE country.

      • The answer is quite simple. They gave away the most undesirable land that could be found on a quasi north-south border, although Maryland could not be described then as north. But land on the Penn border was not free.

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  13. And so the Left cries out in pain as they apply the lash to the backs of the non-compliant.
    “The will is there but the system has simply become too incompetent and corrupt to do it. There will be tanks in the streets, but they will be broken down and abandoned like the regime itself”. What an apt and lovely picture of what is highly likely to occur. Oh well, the Chicoms will be around to pick up the pieces – or at least manage the process

  14. I wonder how good our Regimeology is, Z. In the old Soviet Union, what you saw was what you got. Stalin and Khrushchev were power players and when you talked to them, you were speaking directly with the might of the old Soviet Union.

    Assuming he could stay in the conversation, when you talk to Joe Biden, you are talking to a vegetable or a finger puppet. So it goes for the rest of them too.

    If a coup comes… I strongly suspect these carnies are going to be swept aside like the annoying trash they are… and the real power brokers are going to come out. When they do, they will have to clean house too, the same way Stalin did with the Bolsheviks and You-Know-Who did with the former Weimar kleptocracy.

    But whadda I know…

    • People, people. Ex prof over at Rotten Chestnuts/Founding Questions implores all of us to call it Brandonology.

  15. “The managerial class … never think for a second that the men with guns defending “our” democracy may realize they no longer need [them] to run the administrative state.”

    A similar thing happened during the Weimar Republic. The wealth-owning class actually funded the Nazi Party as an alternative to communism when the sclerotic conservatives couldn’t cut it. It was the old well worn stratagem of ‘we will give you money and you will then do what we say.’

    The Golden Rule of ‘those with the gold make the rules’ only works if those with the gold have legitimacy (as opposed to authority or power). Weimar elites did not (right and left both wanted Weimar gone, but disagreed over with what to replace it), so eventually after the Nazis gained both authority and power, they revised the deal so that it became ‘you elites will keep giving us money, but now you will do what we say.’

    Intangible legitimacy is a precious thing to any sane and competent ruling class. The webs of personal relationships and behavioral patterns not only in the hard men in the forces of order but in the general population are increasingly in post-European American comprised of and guided by financial incentives enabled by a deteriorating fiat currency. The systemic loyalty inertia built by previous generations when we were a European federation of states is dissipating.

    Who or what are men with guns loyal to in the current year, or in 10 years? I suspect that it isn’t and won’t be globalist hedge fund vermin and their vision of the future.

    • “The sinews of war are not gold, but good soldiers; for gold alone will not procure good soldiers, but good soldiers will always procure gold.”

    • Thing of it is we got fascism without the style, slick uniforms, terrific music, & exciting military parades. No, what we have is a tyranny of obese, purple-haired, multi-pierced “tranny” somethings & a culture that celebrates that over a patriarchal-led family. A culture that is helmed by credentialed buffoons who are irretrievably lost in their own nihilism & seek to reorder society in a manner & way only they see fit.

      2 Timothy 3:1-5
      King James Version
      3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      • Under the doctrine of Fascism, the State is the sovereign, the corporations are junior partners. State is created about the concept of the general welfare of the nation, ie, for ourselves and our posterity. Nation is cognate with nativity, birth. A Nation is an ethic group, meaning people of a common race and culture.

        The US State is serving a foreign nation.

        “In the last days, perilous times shall come.” There have been lots of last days, lots of perilous times. We are here because our ancestors survived their perilous times. We can too.

      • I’m aware that the “incontinent” of verse 3 is meant differently, but I couldn’t help thinking of good ol’ Brandon when I read it.

    • Well said. As I type, I have FOX noise in one ear (I’m not at home), and they are yammering about “omicron.”

      In 1789, some of the French aristocracy were taking pains to demonstrate how much they loved “the people” and what good republicans they were.

      An utterly out-of-touch ruling class is a ruling class made of glass.

      And that is what we have. And, unlike the French aristocracy, ours is not even an organic ruling class. It’s what my grandparents would have called “jumped-up.”

  16. I definitely follow the logic of your regimology, and that whatever they’re talking about is more of a reflection of what they have done or will do. However, this one just doesn’t feel right. Why would they do it? They control all the levers of power. They can commit adequate enough fraud to win the elections they truly care about. HR1 would codify that current reality. They have Full control of indoctrinating the youth in the vast majority of public school systems. As Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I will have sown will never be uprooted.” Lastly, the overwhelming culture plants those seeds in every show and television.

    We offer no real threat to them, so why cast aside the illusion of legitimacy when their rule is so secure? The only way this can happen is massive economic or systemic collapse (water, heat, electricity not working). I certainly won’t rule those things out, and maybe they see them as very likely as well and that’s why they’re planning.

    • My dear Greek, what have we said about logic and Wokeists?

      Perhaps a mistake that we here are always too ready to make is to reason that there must be a reason other than either: crazy or evil (or both).

      I agree it is interesting to try and see why they do what they do, but in the end, we must content ourselves with the fact that we’d be better of reacting positively to the things they have done instead of spending to much time musing on why xzher did it in the first place.

      • It’s a fair point. Another explanation is simply that they’re overeager from seeing the finish line so close. Something akin to a child eager to rush downstairs on Christmas morning.

        • I agree with the Christmas rush, they’re old and want to see the final victory…

          Hahaha, sorry!

    • Nonsense.

      Those guys are chitting bricks, and they are square. Half the American citizenry is armed. Half are so mad they are spitting nails. The Feebs can’t even keep up with the fedpoasting and legitimate threats to national security – which is why they try to cover it by making a big deal out of arresting the drunks and grannies of the Jan 6 Insurrection. They shot Ashley Babbit out of sheer terror.

      We are going to see something truly unique in human history: an incompetent, unaccountable govt go to war on its own people, most of whom are citizen patriots and not subjects. These are not ignorant peasants with guns either – they are informed, capable men and women that are starting to put away the beers, turning off the sportzball- and getting off the couch. They will be watching the next election like hawks. Even many lefties were disgusted with the last one and what came of it. It is only a matter of time before someone realizes that problems like Biden, Zuckerface Pelosi – are problems that can be resolved with the caress of a trigger. We saw them reminded of this (bluntly) in that 2A demonstration when armed patriots paid their politicians a visit in Virginia. 100,000 pished off patriots with rifles will sober any politician.

      The next few elections are going to be very interesting. Necks are going to be stretched, a-holes will be shot and some of them will actually deserve it. Wouldn’t be surprised if certain officers in the military get fragged too. Those people have no credibility left and cannot run a country. They need us… and we assuredly don’t need them. Atlas, my friends… is about to shrug.

      • i hope so, have a list and i’m checking it twice – but everyone on it is “naughty”.

      • Don’t tell me about 100k piss’d off patriots with rifles. Hell, don’t tell me about a couple of dozen neighbors in my “hood”. I know they’re there!

        Tell me about the latent organization ready to accept, direct, and supply these men. Maybe it will all evolve organically, but I’m not optimistic.

          • The revolution will not be televised or on social media. It will be censored to prevent contagion which is why you don’t hear much about mass violent protests in Europe

            In any case one who did such an op would talk about it anyway . Its all shoot, shovel and shut up. Well till it isn’t.

            For example, there are so many killings in Chicago, 729 officials in 2021 homicides to who knows how many “poof gone” that a dozen bad guys could vanish into the background noise.

          • Regarding “one single shooter”, John Allen Muhammad had the Imperial Capital on pins and needles for weeks. What if there were 10 such people? TPTB would quickly decamp for parts unknown and the chaos would make it difficult for them to grind us under their boot.

        • Ideology before action.

          I repost a lightly modified of version what I wrote at Serverian’s place

          Leadership requires a foundation. Christianity is not that foundation nor is Constitutionalism

          Our side tends to be stubborn as mules so getting behind some ideology if someone even makes one is hard. Getting people to listen is a challenge,

          Points people including me have made over and over for years end up ignored until people discover them for themselves. I mean they get there, great but still , Conservative has its own form of stupid, the inability to change and adapt and Americans including Our Thing is so ridden by the rather Left Wing value of individualism that group anything is hard,

          Its possible C.F Charlottesville and the January 6th debacle but we aren’t good at it. It takes time

      • Filthie, you been standing up and kicking butt all over- I cheered when you handed that infiltrator Claire Wolfe her own ass over at the WRSA link.

        Like a boss, the man handled the outraged anti-racists like a boss. Then showed himself out with class and style.

    • They control all the levers of power.

      “They” who? The current strategy of expecting honor among the thieves is based more on hope than anything.

    • And “other people” might be planning those same things. “They” are not the only ones who can make plans and (try to) act on them.

      The future sill be a surprise, no matter what it is. History demonstrates that unequivocally.

  17. “but clearly the authors are imagining themselves as a triumvirate saving “our” democracy”.

    No, they’re not. They’ve been given their marching orders and sound bit instructions. They’re just in it for the money, so they don’t have to live as deplorables in a world where actual talent, skill, and determination decide who the winners are.

    “If he returned to office, he is not going exact revenge on those who wronged him. He will crawl on his belly for their approval. The regime, on the other hand, cannot see this.”

    Of course they see it. Trump served his function and will continue to serve his function, as he and his family get media exposure (money) and political offices (more money). I used to say, when Clinton was in office, how the public narrative was “The Republicans will steal what you’ve stolen so you’ve got to vote against them”, and “The Democrats are all perverts, like Clinton, so you have to vote against them”. But, the non-public narrative was, “Hey, what are you doing tonight? Why don’t you bring the wife over tonight and we’ll have an orgy!” “Sounds good! I’ll bring the drugs!”

  18. Clever title.

    Is it psychological projection or tactics? If they screech ahead of time about what the other side is going to do and then do it themselves, it helps cover their tracks.

    And I’m the guy who the other day said they’re not lizard-alien, 8-dimensional chess masters.

    • “Is it psychological projection or tactics?”

      It’s instinctive. They don’t even realize they’re doing it, trying to live out their fevered fantasies.

      The mafia mindset:
      “He’s gonna do it to me, so I’m gonna get him first!”

  19. After Trump won in 2016, the news media instantly went on the offensive, declaring it the sole arbiter of reality and objective fact and everything else being “fake news.” Of course Trump co-opted this term successfully, so the collective media transitioned to declaring everything that disagreed with it as “disinformation.” For four years, they used this term to cast a wider and wider net, and demanding social media adhere to their version of reality, of course in the interests of fighting “disinformation.” It was successful, and by 2020 the grassroots and unorganized enthusiasm for Trump was effectively banned from the internet. On top of that, the entire infrastructure was in place for social media to effectively enforce the media’s version of reality as it went along, which was key to the pandemic hoax response and the post-election gaslighting (“most secure election in history” etc.). I do not think 2020 would have played out the way it did, had the media spent four years working the refs the way they did.

    We are seeing the exact same thing play out now. Since last January, the media has defined the Democratic Party and its policies as the embodiment of “our democracy.” By definition, everything that goes against the Dems is an “assault on democracy”. This includes even basic policy disputes, like opposing the BBB Act. The NYT and WaPo dance around this a bit but if you hop on Vox or read something like Occupy Democrats, stuff that is more targeted to the shitlib left, they are much more explicit about it. Obviously, they are doing this to nullify Republican victories and install themselves in permanent rule, and a huge number of people will go along with it in order to “restore our democracy.” As usual, Republicans are not doing anything about it but I am sure they are fine with the arrangement as long as they get a piece of the pie.

    • The VAST majority of the population pay zero attention to the Ministry of Truth. Check out their ratings and audience share. But those people DO buy gasoline and food. And they ARE unemployed and their businesses have been destroyed. Life “on the ground” is not *at all* the same thing as the drivel vomited by the Ministry of Truth. Right now, they are talking about how “children” have lost “educational achievement” by being kept “out of school,” and about how “children need to be in school to learn” and how they miss out on “socialization” and “contact with other children–as though humans never managed to associate with one another before the invention of government schools. I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve asked people what human beings did before there were schools.

      MPAI. They think that things are the way they have ALWAYS been. That’s why MOST people should not be allowed to go to school at all. Basic literacy and numeracy is sufficient and, more to the point, all that most people can handle psychologically and emotionally. But nowadays, a college “education” is deemed a “human right.”

  20. Last night Tucker had on Col. McGregor, who said the Army has only about 40,000 actual fighting men (and women), the rest being support, and retention is going badly. How many of that number would join a “woke” coup? The Marines probably are least woke and can’t be counted on, either. It’s hard to see how a coup would succeed.

    • The military follows orders. It’s what they do. I was a 19D Cav scout for 6 years. It would be incredible if a sizable number of our service members did the right thing but I just can’t see it happening.

      • Agree. I live around a lot of current and ex-military, most fairly high officers who have served in combat or very near combat roles, i.e., not desk jockey suck-ups.

        They’re an odd lot. I wouldn’t call them Woke, but they’ve been in or were in the military so long that they just kind of accept the narrative via osmosis.

        Also, the military has been their life since they were eighteen or twenty-two years old. It’s all they know. All of their closest friends are military or ex-military. All of their cherished experiences are via the military. Mentally, it’d be very difficult for them to let that go.

        And then, of course, there’s the pensions and sweet defense contractor jobs.

      • Soldiers aren’t automatons, as czar Nicholas II can tell you (or could, if he were yet among the living). Indeed, the Russian revolution only happened because the military stopped taking orders from the czarist regime, so it’s not exactly beyond the pale to think that it’s possible the same might happen here

        • I dont think you get far comparing conus garrison troops in peacetime to Russian soldiers in the front line trenches in 1917.
          Soldiers are like cops: they are loyal, in rank of descending order, to their pensions, their immediate family, fellow servicemembers, their leaders, 10-12 other things, then WAYYYY down there in 4 or font, “muh liberty and justice for all.”
          Islam is right about women, blacks are right about cops, and Code Pink is right about *.mil

          • Sure

            But that’s why a military defeat or two could kick off the troubles for the regime.

            The just lost and got humiliated in Afghanistan. Add Taiwan and or Iran and or Ukraine to that and the military might decide its in their interest to see the incompetent regime go away. No muh liberty or muh constitution needed for them to reach that conclusion.

    • A fake election followed by a “transition” enforced with a capital siege by tens of thousands of soldiers is a military coup.

      100% of them joined it. If there’s a question, it’s how many knew they joined it.

      Don’t care myself. Enemies are enemies.

  21. I have kinda thought the same way recently, 2024 or 2025 will be the fireworks year. The left will go full retard over the orange man.

    • Agree, and in 2026 the formal declaration of dependence on Wokeism. Precisely 250 years after that other declaration.

  22. I’m not paranoid enough or confident enough in the planning skills of The People In Charge, so I view this as a corollary rather than causation, but the recent COVID purging of the US Armed Forces is a nice proxy for eliminating the Bad Thinkers from the ranks of the military. This is especially true in the combat arms branches of the Army and USMC (yuut) that are least likely to go along with any such crazy-business.

    I know this is a small number, but it is indicative of the various purges that are occurring. Note that in late 2020 the military banned enlistment by anyone who had contracted COVID naturally, thereby not requiring the vaccine.

    Interesting times, and I agree that 2024 will be ghost pepper spicy…

  23. Not sure that a coup will be necessary. Demographics will allow the Dems to win the presidency without violence. They’ll simply have the votes.

    I’d suspect that the real battle will be when some states start to push back against the federal government.

    What happens when a Montana or Wyoming refuse to take refugees?

    What happens when a Florida refuses to enforce a vaccine mandate?

    What happens when North Dakota refuses to allow non-citizens to work or their children to attend public schools?

    If whites continue to separate themselves by state, there likely will come a time that a state pushes back against a federal law. That’s when it gets interesting.

    • The Democrats have been ramping up this rhetoric as their rule has staggered from one disaster of their own making to the next. Back in February, they thought that “Biden vaccines” would end the pandemic, the economy would come roaring back, and they would pass transformative legislation that would burnish him as the woke FDR. Their policies would cast such a wide beam of light on the entire country so as to make what they did in 2020 unnecessary.

      If Biden stumbles into 2024 with a 35% official approval rating (so really more like 15%), or even worse Harris is in the Oval Office (with an actual approval rating in single digits), then they cant even count on demographics to bail them out.

      • True. Harris or Hillary II would likely manage to overcome even the demographic edge.

        It’ll be fun to see the various Dems jockeying to replace Harris or to run against her. The problem is that the Dems bench is so bad. It’ll likely be mostly the same people who ran in 2020. None of them are appealing beyond a narrow slice of liberals.

        • “It’ll be fun to see the various Dems jockeying to replace Harris or to run against her.”


          Man oh man, THIS i wanta see

      • The accelerationist in me kinda wants to welcome a woke coup in 2024. If it is Harris running it will require much more fraud than was needed in 2020. Assuming they don’t think they can pull it off again they might just let that pushover trump win. Then they can do a coup where orange man flees for good and the liberal junta will take over. Then the remaining boomers and assorted people with their heads up their asses won’t have any more excuses to deny that we no longer are a free country.

      • Mycale: It doesn’t really matter, though. Even if enough woke Whites and various non-Whites somehow grant the GOP the presidency, nothing will change – the pace of change will merely slow, not its anti-White thrust and direction.

      • Which is why it is more likely that they will (try to) repeat the situation of the mid-70s, where there was universal acceptance of an unelected president AND VP.

    • Citizen: Thus far only Wyoming doesn’t participate in refugee resettlement. I cannot remember, though, if it was Wyoming or one of the Dakotas where a governor or senator’s daughter was dating or married a nogger and was pushing for refugees. That’s the big challenge re Whites separating by state – too many right-minded people are held back from relocating by financial and family concerns, and the leftist hive dwellers can easily overwhelm a smaller, local White population (witness Idaho).

      Whether or not the non-Whites remain in these areas depends on their welcome by White women (always traitorous) and how generous the gibs are. There are even a few noggers (married to White women, of course) in the homesteading community. Whites always seem willing to make an exception for the 1%, refusing to consider the long-term consequences.

  24. Our coup is going to be embarrassing. Imagine an even more absurd election, one so bad that states like PA override and send a Republican set of electors. Well, the Pentagon simply sends troops to prevent them from casting their votes, citing the sacred democracy, and insisting that the electors CNN approves of are the only electors that will be allowed to cast votes in the electoral college.

    I think that’s how you get a coup where literally nobody gets shot.

    • There is a Mr Potato head as president, an armed troops complete with razor wire around the congress, massive obvious systemic nationwide vote fraud, a pretend opposition party full of collaborators and the ordinary citizen is classed as a domestic terrorist.

      You think the coup has not happened?

      • All that is left, really, is the Complete and Final Elimination of Goldsteinism. And that can never happen, because Goldsteinism, like ‘climate change’, ‘white extremism’ and of course Covid in all its dark manifestations, requires eternal vigilance and the total reorganization of society.

        The very fact that these dangers are not apparent to any normal person PROVES their insidiousness, that they can only be dealt with by the firm hand of government, and that normal people are the true enemies of human happiness.

      • More to the point: Does he think that the people have not noticed?

        We have turned a corner. Recall the events of 2016. Americans rejected ALL the “approved” candidates, including that the “Christian” ones like Huckabee and Cruz.

        The French rejected not only ALL candidates but also ALL parties. ALL.

        The Brits voted for Brexit.

        Hong Kong was in open revolt.

        The so-called “elites” are now striking back b/c they had the fear of God put into them. And rightly so.

        Are the readers (or at least the commenters) of this blog fooled? Of course not, or they wouldn’t be here.

        Has everybody forgotten the campaign of 2020? Where were “Joe Biden’s” supporters? And Trump’s?

        “They” have *not* forgotten. That’s why they are striking back with all their cunning. And who among us here is fooled?

        Has nobody here seen the 1 million-plus in the streets of Melbourne, Australia? Ditto in Berlin. The riots and even deaths in the Netherlands over the mask-off (heh) tyranny now attempting to assert itself?

        And so on. We have turned a corner–the whole world. The problem is that the peoples of the world had believed that if they voted the pigs out the pigs would go. Nobody was *ready* for the 2020 “election.” But don’t kid yourself that millions are not aware of what is happening. And with every day that passes, the right grows stronger and the wrong weaker. Don’t be taken in by the bullsh*t vomited out by the Ministry of Truth. A president “elected’ with the highest vote total EV-AH had to be “inaugurated” with NO witnesses and behind barbed wire and armed troops. That is NOT a legitimate gov’t and the whole world KNOWS it.

        Sometime before 2016, the whole world turned a corner, and there ain’t no goin’ back. The so-called “elites'” strike back just took everybody unawares, that’s all. But the mask if OFF, and a sufficient number of people right around the world KNOW it.

        “Their” days are numbered.

  25. On the one hand, what’s left of the military after the Great Purge will cheerfully follow any orders. Carpet bomb Nebraska? No problemo!! On the other hand, the most effective military formation left will be the Fightin’ Flamers of the 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion, so…you know… there’s that. It’s 50/50 that the bombers even get off the ground, because the navigator is Diverse and the pilotess, who until three weeks ago was the pilot, is on the rag. Maybe the Taliban will offer to loan the AINO military some of their newfound airlift capacity… but I doubt Prezzydizzle Kamala would take the deal, given the likelihood of our Tali-bros being greeted as liberators.

    • You jest but post-War on Terror, there’s a lot of Muslim immigrants and rapefugees in America. Pretty sure some former military and insurgents came over. Just sayin’, the US military provided a 20 year course in how to conduct asymmetrical warfare in condensed living spaces.

      • “When you take the Germans out of Germantown…”

        You get Germantown, TN, just east of Memphis, with its big new mosque

    • This is an ongoing problem for the woke military, how to effectively diversify the service to ensure minimal resistance against the goals of globohomo, but still keep the military operationally functional. My impression is that they are past the tipping point on still keeping the military as a good option for young men who would perform their jobs well. It is impossible for it to still function at a high enough level to win a significant conflict.

      • Nevertheless, I *think* they are even now preparing a “chemical weapons outrage” by those wicked Russians against the (((rulers))) of the Ukraine. Just like the one that that wicked Assad perpetrated blah blah blah.

        These people are fools.

    • The level of competence necessary to carry out and win a peer-on-peer conflict with another industrialized country means diddlysquat for their ability to go full Pol pot on heritage america. I might not be able to build a skyscraper with my framing hammer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t build a tree house with it.

  26. One wild card would be a major military defeat for the United States, which I don’t think is all that unlikely in a war against Russia in Ukraine, or against China in east Asia. (Even a super-competent military would have difficulty winning with lines of communication that extended.) A military defeat was the origin of a coup in a article written in 1992 by C.J. Dunlap, entitled “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012,” and published by the U.S. Army War College Press. It was a warning that far back that the U.S. military was becoming too involved in civilian and law enforcement matters (e.g., the war on drugs).

    On the other hand, Arthur Kroc, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, back when that prize meant something, wrote about a month before the Kennedy assassination that if there ever was a coup in the United States, it would be by the intelligence agencies, not the military.

    Finally, the attempted coup against the Nazi regime in July 1944 (Operation Valkyrie) used as a pretext that the SS was trying itself to seize power and so the Wehrmacht had to act.

    Interesting times!

    • Great comment.

      But it presupposes that Russia and China are unable–and unready–to shut down our power grid or our internet at a moment’s notice (which is kinda funny, really, since the internet was conceived and designed to prevent that very thing). Or that they don’t have sleeper cells throughout “our” country ready to shut the country down in a matter of hours by blowing up a bridge in Baton Rouge and shutting down the Mississippi or something similar. A new-and-improved Chicago fire would throw a wrench into the works for months.

      Poison gas from a mosquito-control truck during rush hour in DC would cause a good deal of trouble.

      It’s a target-rich environment with no borders, after all. No borders for DECADES now. There’s no reason to think that American troops and troopettes would ever set foot in the Ukraine of Taiwan.

      • The US military has not faced an enemy who could fight back since the early 50s. Both Russia and China could fight back. China could simply cut off imports into the US and utterly crush us. The US military needs imports too. The Walmarts, Sears, Home Depot etc would all be empty. There would be shortages of everything. Even “domestically” produced stuff relies heavily on imports. War with China is absolutely off the table. Of course, our leaders are so feckless and stupid they might not even realize it.

        Even if China stayed neutral (unlikely), war with Russia would be an utter disaster too. It couldn’t be an air-war. We would need boots and equipment on the ground against an enemy with the same (grade of) or better equipment. The question is, if our troops were being slaughtered and captured, would these fools allow tactical nukes? It seems crazy, but then so does picking a fight with the Russians in the first place.

        • Tars –

          Look @ the havoc China was able to wreak in Korea in November 1950; a 3rd rate – equipment-wise – military- some troops didn’t even have weapons, they had to wait until a comrade got shot/killed & pick up his – they had no armor, no Air Force (Russians basically stepped in here). It was basically an all-infantry army that wrecked the UN line, entirely surrounded the vaunted 1st Marine Division @ the Chosin Reservoir, & made that war virtually unwinnable – all with a 3rd rate military. The U.S. has not fought a “full-on violence” (h/t Bruce Thornton) war since 1945. Here’s my question: does the American infantryman have a “stand or die/not a step back” attitude? I’m not sure they do with all the “woke” crap being inculcated into them.

          Think it was talk show host Jesse Keely who clipped “An American Soldier must want to perch atop a pile of Chinese skulls” – maybe some paraphrasing there but that was the mist of it. That seems like exactly the type of outlook that would be considered “extreme” & get you bounced out of the military anymore.

          • A full on war with China or Russia with a mixed sex and woke army is going to look like the Child Crusade and about as effective.

        • Great comment!

          I say again, though, that if the Russians (and Iranians and Chinese and Mexicans and anybody else who wanted to) do not have sleeper cells ready to rock and roll, then “you can call me Meyer.”

          If China grabs Taiwan (and let’s face it: “We” ain’t going to war over Taiwan), then where do we get out microchips? Washington might slap “sanctions” on ’em ’cause–grrrrr–we bad! China could cout off the supply of rare earths, without which no MRIs, no wind-power “generators” and God knows what else. The modern world depends upon an infallible supply of rare earths.

          Not to mention electricity.

          Now, of course, Nicolai Tesla’s notebooks are missing, and so is 20-odd trillion bucks from the Treasury, so “they” might have some Buck Rogers energy source, but I doubt that they could have kept such a thing secret.

          • Yeah, 5g warfare. If we try to go to war with R&C, all of a sudden our electric grid goes down, wall street takes a nose dive, the trucks stop delivering food, all because of inexplicable computer problems. Then for no reason at all, the warmongers in DC are quietly replaced and everything is all over in 3 weeks: trillions of dollars in damage, thousands dead, not one shot fired in anger.
            If the CIA can get a bug into Iran’s nuke facility, exactly how far into our critical systems do you think our potential opponents are ? Guarantee you the ruskies and chicoms are so far up our asses, if they sneeze it’ll tickle the back of our throats.

  27. I think we’ll see a fake and ghey coup. If they are talking about it, it will happen. Either they’ll have a real coup to get rid of a deplorable President, or they’ll stage a fake coup which they’ll “stop” to show how in control they are and how they are saving the democracy (same bit they did with the 6th). Either way, expect the military to enter Washington, and expect all references to crossing the Rubicon to be considered “white supremacy”.

    • “Either way, expect the military to enter Washington, … .”

      Don’t look now, but …

      • Something about barn doors closing after the horse is already out….
        Ya know what is a sure sign of a legitimate government? When you need 5 infantry divisions occupying the capital to keep control.

    • Real coups are dangerous and people might get hurt. if the regime does anything, it will be what they do with things like awards, which is make it fake and wear it like a cheap skin-suit. It will be a make-believe coup.

      If there is a “coup” it will be staged with a bunch of 70 year old boomers waving flags and our heroic managerial class will bravely have them thrown in cages and beaten by the diverse guards in the federal prison serving DC. If said boomers have actual guns, or even sticks, the managerial class will all be whisked away into the old fallout shelters to ensure “continuity of government”

  28. Right on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried a coup, but I wonder how many people would be paying attention. The commie takeover is a old story liable to be a dud.

    Drop out, be indifferent, do your own thing. It’s not worth it to engage the sinking ship but know that your life is at stake in not being sucked down with it.

    The prospects of building something in parallel that has the chance to become dominant in the future are brighter by the day.

    People say the future belongs to those who show up for wrt demographics, but it’s true in other ways as well!

    • “The prospects of building something in parallel that has the chance to become dominant in the future are brighter by the day.”

      IFF we have an UNFAILING supply of electricity.

      • Worry about electricity? Have you not been paying attention? We have clean, renewable, sustainable, Gluten free, non-GMO solar and wind energy to power us!
        … (intermittently and expensively…)

        • LOL! Left myself wide open for that, didn’t I! Clever and funny though. Thanks! A sense of humor–or better yet, a sense of the ridiculous–if indispensable for staying sane in clown world.

      • The matrix goes down without electricity. Hundreds of millions are smacked awake at the same time and aren’t at all happy about it. Grid problems are tptb’s worst nightmare.

        • I see it differently. Grid problems would be a boon for TPTB; they would have an army of useful idiots ready to march and kill any putative enemies. And haven’t they been telling them for a while now that their enemy, and the cause of all their problems, is a certain shade of devil?

          • I’m not sure there’s woke without people staring into screens. Heck, they even do it in the schools now.

            Maybe it’s another case of overestimating human nature, idk.

          • ” … they would have an army of useful idiots ready to march and kill any putative enemies.”

            Think “logistics.” What you describe would have to be *sustained* for *years* over a *vast* territory in *all* weather against a *bitter* enemy.

            HOW would that be done?

        • And the power grid cannot be defended. Even if ALL active-duty members of ALL armed forces were assigned to guard sub-stations 24/7, there would not be enough manpower. And that knowledge is possessed by a LOT of people.

          Does anybody remember the small-arms attack on a power sub-station in Mountain View, California, several years ago?

          It’s easy to do–as the Mountain View incident demonstrated–and these sub-stations cannot be defended. And it’s common knowledge that an icy tree branch falling on a power line in Ohio a number of years ago blacked out the NE US and lower Canada.

          The entire continent could be rendered ungovernable in a matter of hours by a dozen or so men.

          It would depend entirely on whether those men were prepared to pay the price necessary–and whether they were prepared to require everybody else to pay that price. And it’s not hard to imagine the circs in which
          “enough” men would be prepared to do that.

          • Just an odd note on that tree branch.

            That day, I was on a back road in a remote part of Ohio, and a good-sized facility was on fire. The whole place was lit.

            I quickly jumped through the local radio stations, and yup, it was the power plant.

            Yet the national news, that week, reported “cause uncertain.” I never did read or hear about a power station on fire by the river.

          • Eaton Rapids Joe, in one of his dystopian series has cadre releasing helium filled weather balloons trailing cables upwind of strategically located Main Gris power lines (in this case strategic equals very hard to access)

            It did not seem to me to be one of his wilder flights of fancy.

  29. A military coup is less likely than the Orioles winning the Series. Why? Because the Oligarchs would need to share even more of society’s surplus with the crooked Generals and the MIC. We already have excessive intra-Elite competition – look at Hillary and all the clowns salivating over the looming succession crisis. (I’m hoping Zman will indulge me and read (if he hasn’t already) Peter Turchin’s work in this new year).

    Why the hell would the Oligarchs and Politicos want to create more competition for themselves?

    It is far cheaper for TPTB to keep up the illusion of civilian control and the apolitical character of the military. Otherwise, every bird Colonel will be asking Nancy Pelosi for his percentage. Our overlords already control the FBI, the judges and the CIA. This is sufficient. And the local police forces have been neutered.

    By the time the tanks roll in countries, every alternative has been tried and has failed. It’s inherently inefficient.

    • Things have continued to function b/c the general population has cooperated every step of the way. When that cooperation stops–and it will–then the whole thing comes crashing down.

      “They” don’t have the power that most people seem to think. Everything–everything–comes down to the High Sheriff of the county where you live.

      Everything is local. War = logistics. “They” don’t have the power to subdue a territory as vast as “ours” nor a population that has ceased to co-operate.

      They had to inaugurate the “most popular president ever” with NO witnesses present and behind barbed wire and armed troops. That’s not a powerful enemy. It’s a clumsy, discombobulated enemy. Not to be underestimated–granted–but not the danger that so many people seem to think. “They” depend on our co-operation. When a critical mass of the general population withdraws their co-operation, that will be that.

      • Yeah, administration of a territory that spans a continent requires the good will of all the participants in the federalist system; all the way down to the masses. At a certain point local elites will do the math and decide it’s in their interest to grow their own power and withhold cooperation from the feds. However I don’t believe this can happen until the financial system begins to break down because those who control the cash (the Fed, Blackrock, etc) can punish anyone who steps out of line and set an example.

        • You are right, of course, but the financial crisis is already well underway.

          In August 2019, the Fed Chairman made an announcement on TV that the Fed Res System was “opening a ‘special’ RePo (rehypothecation) window for foreign central banks.”

          That told us that banks the world over had become too afraid to lend money to other banks OVERNIGHT.

          In December, Covid was proclaimed.

          In January 2020, the Bank of Japan announced that they would buy Jap gov’t debt “without limit.” That’s when the Covid propaganda shifted into overdrive.

          The rest you know. The Great Reset was off and stumbling. (It WILL fail, you know, but for the present, we are living in a James Bond movie.)

      • Exactly.
        That population has many force multipliers.
        The question would be who has greater will.

        • Think Francis Marion. Think the James Brothers. Think Quantrill’s Raiders. Think Viet Cong. Think Taliban.

          • Insurgencies are effective when they have external support; which all those groups listed had. Otherwise they’re an irritation, albeit a potentially a persistent one. Now the Americans…lol, sorry, no experience with armed resistance movements and way too civilized to do what is necessary to mount one.

      • By general population do you mean the ones who lined up for kosher clotshots and wore masks for 2 fuckin years, rubbin their hands with sanitizer. staring at phones and tv’s, those people?

        • And inculcated with videogames, movies, social media, irony culture, and general lackadaisical attitude toward mental and physical health. Yep, those same people. Thinking the population with all its guns and ammunition, can stand up in a knock-down drag-out fight with the military is just jerking yourself off. Plus it probably wouldn’t come to that; the military itself might just crack and split into different factions. Who knows? But this whole discussion is just emotional masturbation.

  30. Do the shadowy figures behind the regime genuinely despise Donald Trump — or do they merely want the public to believe that they despise him? Leftists should be the most natural enemies of corporatist technocracy, but largely as a fanatical reaction against Trump, most leftists have become ardent supporters of that technocracy. It’s surreal. Meanwhile, Trump’s continued presence on the political scene tends to neutralize his own supporters, many of whom might lose all faith in the regime were it not for him. Maybe he’s the golden golem that the establishment loves to PRETEND to hate.

    Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but 2020 drove home a point that one cannot emphasize strongly enough: The world is not as it has been presented to us by bankers, government, media, corporations, universities, etc. It’s difficult for me to believe that our psycho elites would have gotten nearly as much mileage from a Hillary Clinton presidency than they did from Trump’s. Nevertheless, I’m open to the possibility of being wrong about that. When the upper echelons of society are filled with charlatans, it makes the situation very hard to read.

    • I really don’t know why people think leftism is anti-technocracy.

      From its inception, funding, promotion and institution where ever it takes root it has been nothing but that.

      • It makes sense for the identity-obsessed Left of today to favor technocracy. However, not that long ago, leftists typically prioritized economics above all else. Remember in the 1990s when they would riot against the World Trade Organization? Occupy Wall Street was only roughly a decade ago, which is amazing given where we are right now. OWS may have been a turning point. Since that time, it seems, our financial elites have brilliantly employed the Woke Left to completely drown out the Economic (paleo?) Left.

        Without technocracy, it’s unclear that Wokeness could even exist.

        • I think you might be mistaking the TV muppet version of the left you have been told with its actual roots, funding, backers and writings since the turn of the 20th century.

          • I’m distinguishing between the ground troops of the Left (mostly true believers, I presume) and the technocratic big wigs who fund the Left. Well over ninety percent of the Left are not part of the elites. Those who provide the funding have their own self-serving agendas, quite separate from and contrary to the “TV muppet version” you mentioned.

          • Project chaos and the hangover from the fake hippy movements was a small portion used by the left to bring another pressure to the establishment opposition.

            Its no more real than Sonny and Cher from apolitical perspective.

            Failing to recognize these tools as simply tools in a wider movement is why to put it bluntly we are fucked now.

            The left is technocratic in philosophy and always has been.

    • > Meanwhile, Trump’s continued presence on the political scene tends to neutralize his own supporters, many of whom might lose all faith in the regime were it not for him.

      Reminds me of the Crenshaw and MTG ‘fight’ going on in social media right now where he accused her of being an actor taking money from gullible voters.

      While he’s probably right about her, there’s just no way he has that little self-awareness as to his role.

      If Trump is an actor, at least he was a decent one. These jokers in Congress couldn’t get a gig on the Lifetime channel.

      • Crenshaw is a one eyed freak. Total cuck. He went to back for Charlie Kirk and other cucks in the groyper wars. MTG is a bit of a clown, but so far I have not heard of her acting like a total cuck.

      • Chet: Greene is most likely in it for the headlines and attention, but I do think Crenshaw takes himself very seriously, rather than the parody of “Duty, honor, country” that he represents.

          • Yep. CivNat through and through. Probably actually *believes* in the will-o’-the wisp known as “the rule of law.”

      • Crenshaw is an utterly worthless WEF stooge.

        He’s listed as a member on Klaus’ site, they’re not even trying to hide it.

        MTG is a loon, but so far she seems to largely be her own person.

    • Maybe I’m wrong, but I think they hate and fear Pepe. Trump gave Pepe the boot in favor of the flag-waving boomers and their ‘based’ diverse mascots, who are too willing to play patsy in the narrative they’ve been force fed their whole lives.

      Without the real villain, the drama is proving to be farce, which at bottom I’m delighted with in spite of its imposition on my life. Let them spend their energies beating each other up if that’s what they’re intent on doing. Just leave me the hell out of it in the meantime!

      • I upvoted your comment because I think that it reflects a truth about Trump — that he’s basically a civic nationalist (CN) who talks with considerably more bluster and edge than normal CNs. In that way, he “speaks truth to power” while presenting no genuine threat to power. Most folks just want to hear what they want to hear; they don’t appear very interested in whether or not “tough-talking” rhetoric translates into meaningful action. And it’s likely that the presidency doesn’t matter nearly as much as we’re supposed to believe that it matters.

        • Not only that but he’s dutiful about it when push comes to shove. There’s the conspiratorial explanation that he’s working for the other team, but I think it’s more likely that he is what he is, and once you figure him out you can play him like a fiddle.

    • “They” are not monolithic. There are true believers–antifa and Karen and that crowd–and then there’s Nancy Pee and that crowd–just in it for the graft and corruption. Confront Nancy Pee with a determined crowd outside her window and–well, we’ve already seen how she would react. They are ALL like that. We’ve already SEEN it.

      But there are others, and they are not so easily dealt with.

      Anyway, there are at least two different cohorts of these “leftists.” Some very dangerous; some (probably most) not.

      But never underestimate an enemy. Granted.

    • I share your cynicism and found myself nodding along as I read your comment. The elites did get a lot of mileage out of Trump’s presidency. The big downside for them, I think, is that they had to be so obvious about it.

      They had to throw dissidents in gulags, silence free speech, crack down on ordinary people, and engage in voter fraud so obvious that a big chunk of the U.S. population no longer believes that our elections are free and fair, which means we no longer see our representatives as, well, elected, actually.

      All this to say that the elites gained a lot, but paid a big price in perceived legitimacy to get it.

      Maybe this was good for our side, because it certainly moves things along, doesn’t it?

    • “Perhaps I’m being too cynical … .”

      No, you ain’t. What would “too cynical” look like these days?

  31. Can you imagine the target lists of potential “subversives” and “insurrectionists” Google would eagerly hand the government if asked? Every search, and every keystroke for most web users goes through Google, after all. One of their previous CEOs famously said “if you don’t want what you’re doing on the internet to be known, you shouldn’t do ion the internet.” (Paraphrased)

    Given the meltdown their CEO had at their cry session in 2016, I’d be shocked if they haven’t already put the software in place.

    Suspension of civil law and imposition of martial law would be trivially easy in the US, and it wouldn’t take more than a few ruthless and ambitious military rank climbers to do it.

    Not much to be done about it though; ultimately it’s all about getting through it to the other side intact and creating parallel structures that provide an attractive peaceful alternative.

    • “Suspension of civil law and imposition of martial law would be trivially easy in the US, and it wouldn’t take more than a few ruthless and ambitious military rank climbers to do it.”

      That’s just not true. Oh, yes, they can make all the “declarations” they please, but WHO would enforce their diktats ON THE GROUND?

      Just google up the number of power sub-stations sitting beside rural roads or behind chain-link fences in cities.

      How many armed uniformed LEOs are there? How many combat-ready troops in ALL the armed services? (Not support personnel.) How many square miles in CONUS? In your state? Do the simple arithmetic. How to feed these troops? How to arm them? It’s just not doable. They do NOT have the power people seem to think. They rely 100% on the co-operation of the general population. Absent that, and they have nothing. Suddenly, too.

      • “How many armed uniformed LEOs are there?” A lot. Probably a million when you count all of the police.

        Anyway, they would never be so dumb as to openly declare war on the population or try putting the ENTIRE US under martial law. But even if they did, people respond to incentives. It will only take a few well publicized firing squads to get most people to cooperate. The patriots are a bunch of cucks who use their guns as pacifiers. They will NEVER fight, especially against the cops. They might play soldier for a little white against the military, but the military is entirely the wrong tool for the job.

        We have a standing army of police. We have propaganda organs every military of the 20th century would have loved to have. The propaganda war is another area the patriot types who would fight are simply not prepared for. Just wait till their kids come home from school talking about how we are bravely fighting the white supremacist terrorists who want to kill diverse people for no reason other than to twirl their evil mustaches and of course, gassing you know who. The selfies of the patriots with the one black guy they know will be comedy gold.

        There is no limit to what people will endure. They will do what they are told. There are simply not enough people who are capable of fighting and who would fight. Look at how people laid down for the covid stuff. You’re relying on these people to suddenly get the will to fight, to shoot cops in the face? Because that’s the reality, they have to look at a uniformed cop and be willing to shoot them in the face.

        • This is the nub.

          To see the institutions as the enemy in the face of a systematic reality creation machine is key and also an impossibility for 80%.

        • It’s not going to be “kinetic” or mass incarceration. It won’t have to be. (and destroying your own neighborhood is retarded. Seriously. Fed post, much?)

          Get on a proscribed “anti-social) list (helpfully curated by Google/Twitter/Facebook) and you ability to bank, have a credit card, or live a normal life could be suspended pending corrective behavior.

          Remember that at the height of the Gulag, most Soviets believed that those in them must have done something wrong, or the state wouldn’t have put them in there.

          The East German Stazi found “crimes” based on a surveillance network that was laughably primitive compared to what we all give the FANGs for free.

          • I’m not fed-posting and I am not saying anyone should do anything. I’m merely pointing out the obvious, that a group who largely sees themselves as conservative and who have a special respect for the police are not going to want to do what a revolution, by definition requires, which is the willingness to shoot at state actors, primarily the enforcers.

            Most of them have defined “tyranny” as taking their guns. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe for one minute that they would fight if the government tried to take their guns, but that is what they say their “red-line” is.

        • No downvote from here, but I don’t agree. Especially with this:

          “There is no limit to what people will endure.”

          because that is observably untrue. How many civil wars have there been? Revolutions? Bloody, successful ones?

          I get what you are saying, but you’ve overstated your case, in my opinion, anyway.

          It boils down to one main thing: the LOCAL police. And check this out: In my Deep South county with a 60% black population (since forever), we have a black High Sheriff, and when our black mayor ordered all sorts of stupid sh*t because “Covid,” the Sheriff went on TV the next day and said point blank that his men would take NO NOTICE of the mayor’s hysteria. Didn’t mince words about it, either. The same thing happened in the county where my daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren live in the state next door. It happened in many places, including Los Angeles County, California, of all places.

          It’s essential not to underestimate the enemy, but they are hardly omnipotent. Their power is limited AT BEST, and don’t you remember how Nancy Pee was in hysterics on the phone with somebody at the Pentagon last year during the “insurrection,” screaming for army regulars to put down the “insurrection”? And they told her to go suck an egg. Point being that nobody knows who will obey unlawful orders. How reliable are the forces at their command?

          They might well roll the dice, of course, because they are, as Z-Man often points out, stupid. But once they do that, the general population sees that their “own” gov’t MEANS to make war on them.

          People certainly WILL fight.

          History demonstrates it, and human nature guarantees it.

          • I agree with most of what you said. But I also think of something like the Holodomor. It wasn’t just a one time thing. Food was confiscated for a few years in a row. By the 2nd time they came to take the food, people were already dying. People had to at least vaguely understand that if they confiscated the food again, they were going to die. Their children were going to die. People eventually got so desperate, they started eating corpses. All this happened without any real resistance from what I am aware. Even fairly early on when the men still had a decent amount of strength, there were no raids or attacks to get food. People just endured (the long, slow painful) starving to death.

            Our ancestors started the revolution for far less than what we already endure.

      • It doesn’t take a 3-tour 0351 to sit in a hummer with a saw and blast any YT that comes within 100 yards. Loquisha from the fightin’ fowty-foth hairdressing and tampon supply battalion can do that just fine. Heck, bet they coild get a couple hundred volunteers from the Woblies at the local college and/or SEIU local to do that for free. “Shoot white men” is not a complex, high-intelligence-demanding job with low popular appeal.
        And if someone does get through and the grid goes down (the Clouds will probably do it for lolz, Cabin in The Woods style), you can bet S.Sgt Loquish and her volunteer hairdressers are going Full Mogadishu. I dont fancy being anywhere the working end of a m249 myself.

  32. “Looking ahead, what this suggests is that a military coup of some sort is in the cards within the next decade. Since the generals are all super-woke, it probably means something like a hybrid civilian-military junta.“

    For sometime now I had the feeling that by 2030 we gonna see a major breakup in the US, not necessarily a Civil War or States leaving the Union but a failure of govenrment so bad that it destroys its own credibility.

    • Oh, pretty sure blood will be spilled. There’s too many federal military assets in too many states to just let go. When Nevada decides all that land is their’s again, I’m buying a ton of popcorn to watch the boxing match over Nellis/Area 51. I’m only half-joking: I can’t eat that much popcorn. But no, i don’t see the government just passively letting their stuff go. Ironically, the military, itself, is also a wildcard – it might not be as unified as it appears.

      • If you think Nevada will get spicy, just take a look at Montana and Malmstrom AFB, home of the Minuteman 3 ICBMs.

        • My modest dream has always been to live in a decommissioned and remodeled ICBM silo complex.

          But if I have to work around a silo with one in the chamber, I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

      • Whats forgotten is that originally much of the country was fine with the South leaving. NYC was actually supportive. It wasn’t until the Yankees had the bloody shirt of Sumter to wave around that the war kicked off.

        Yankees, and our current enemies, lose their minds when “their” stiff is taken. See also the lib reaction to 9/11. They went feral for a few months. And Pearl Harbour drove them to declare the West coast an active war zone and intern the Japanese. They even had a military governor.

        • > It wasn’t until the Yankees had the bloody shirt of Sumter to wave around that the war kicked off.

          Also Abraham Lincoln Tyrannus throwing his opponents in prison without a trial probably helped.

          • Not to mention the Maryland legislature.

            “Avenge the patriotic gore//That flecked the streets of Baltimore//And be the battle queen of yore//Maryland, my Maryland.”

    • The military and police never stays together for one cause. White Russia, Republican Spain, etc all see the military and police split; and that isn’t counting the cowardly abstenetions who just desert or get the Blue Flu/Sgt Schultz Visual Accuity Syndrome.

  33. This is roughly following the script revolutions historically take. The ruling class is overturned in chaos: in this case it wasn’t violence in the streets like 1780s France, but a semi-violent takeover of academia in the 1960s. Then the new idiots in charge run the country into the ground and foment further chaos, as we saw in Jacobin France or Leninist Russia. Finally, the military has to take charge in a coup.

    In the case of the “exceptional nation” it won’t be a Napoleon, or even a Pinochet, it will be a “woke general”, as Mr. Z described it. The revolutionaries have had 50 years to mould the military’s hierarchy to the new normal (this is an unusually long length of time). They will get no pushback. A handful of enlisted men may revolt, but they’ll be quickly exterminated by those who follow orders. After all, any white male stupid enough to join the military to defend a regime that openly hates him is also stupid enough to shoot his fellow citizens when that same regime demands it.

    The only hope is that enough military grunts refuse to follow orders, and mutiny. Good luck with that.

    • I don’t agree. “They” do not have limitless power. It would take fewer than a dozen men to render entire cities or entire regions of the continent totally ungovernable. And that could be done in a matter of hours.

      And what of other governments? Suppose Mexico wants California back while the US army is otherwise engaged?

      Suppose China wants Hawaii?


      Afghanistan is a reproach to the notion that FeGov’s power is unlimited.

      So is Viet Nam.

      And so on.

      No, their power is not unlimited.

  34. Post-read, what came to mind was Solzhenitsyn’s novel, August 1914. The unprepared Russian army’s failures and incompetence mirror those of the Tsar’s court. The army was saddled with a superannuated general officer corps; the ruling elites equally living in a cloud world. Ignorance and hubris make a deadly brew.

    • The Prussian military was the best in the world at the beginning of the 20th century. Preemptively attacking Germany in 1914 was a really bad idea on the part of the Russians.

  35. History will see the self destruction of the American Republic as a world historical tragedy. There is no guarantee that what eventually follows will be better. You could end up with Octavian Caesar, but more likely you’ll get a Gaius Caligula.

    • We’ll get at least two and probably four new countries in North America. Only one of those is likely to have Caligula in charge, but they will richly deserve him and whatever he does.

      And imagine him in the person of Elizabeth Warren.

    • The Empire could survive Caligula because the structure of society was fundamentally sound. There remained “a great deal of ruin” in the nation. Life in the provinces was barely affected by the antics in the imperial city. The Empire was still fifty years away from its “peak”.

      Here in AINO, that “ruin” – that social capital, or inertial dynamism, whatever you want to call it – has been exhausted. Our choice – sticking with analogies from late Roman antiquity – appears to be between a powerless cipher like Honorius or a ruthless bastard like Diocletian.

      As Ortega y Gasset noted of the late Empire, the world had become stupid. Sound familiar?

    • The average folk of late 18th century America probably got the government they deserved. Can it realistically be said that the people of 21st century America don’t have the government they deserve? Then it becomes important not to perserve the country but to break it into much smaller portions that do serve peoples interest, bad interest no less than good. All the fears of the anti-Federalist have come true and metastisized.

  36. A great column, Z Man; and something that I have been thinking about for a long time. Both for you chaps in the US and here in the (once mighty) Angle-land. Don’t know what the possibilities are for a coup of sorts here, but certain agencies have become far more open in using violence. And far more armed. And those agencies all have the same ‘values’ on their websites and echoed by their mouthpieces.

    In the end, it points in the same direction: the realization that survival requires mental secession from The System, and, as far a possible, physical secession. It means coming to terms with the fact that for many of us, luxuries we enjoyed are no longer meant for us as well as the fact that we’ll probably be forced into ‘parallel measures’ to procure what we need. I’m also coming to terms with the fact that Christianity and the belief in something far higher – an eternal life in His kingdom – are going to be a vital part of the mental toolkit.

    It’s crazy to me that this is something we need to discuss seriously. But this is just Clown World getting warmed up. It’s all so tiresome, and it’s a hell of a lot faker and gayer than that.

      • Heh. A fandom of one!

        Much appreciated. I’ve been moving the family to greener, whiter pastures, so I’ve not had as much time to spend here.

        Missed reading the comments, I must say.

  37. We need to treat the left and their crazy ululations like a psychotic ex-girlfriend whacking the car in the driveway with a golf club. Engaging them can bring only misery, and what’s more, the less we engage them, the crazier they get. Just lock the door and write it all off as an insurance loss. Lots of left wing comment sections that used to be filled with “owning the libs” conservatives making sorties into lefty domains are now just ghost towns; the only time their cable news stations get views is when they’re tormenting Trump or his family, like a child with a magnifying glass roasting ants on a sidewalk. Not protesting, not going into the streets, letting the feds in red MAGA hats incite each other while we stay home, is the smart way to go.

    The mantra needs to be similar to the one Greg Hood espoused after reading an article by some leftwing crazy, crumpling the paper up, and saying, “I don’t want to share a country with these people.” It’s probably still a little too early for secession, but absorbing non-crazy pieces of crazy states, i.e. the Greater Idaho initiative, is getting traction, and it doesn’t have the optics problem (or the history of bloodshed and a “lost cause” that flat-out secession has).

    But that still leaves the problem of progressives migrating to sane, De Santis-ized lands. Look at Ocasio Cortez going to Florida so she and her pale boyfriend could enjoy some maskless time together. A good litmus test for whether or not someone could immigrate would be whether or not they voted for Biden. If yes, then let them stay in the cities, play the knockout game with the diversity, wear the diaper on their faces, get their twenty-fifth booster (and hopefully myocarditis), and live in the hell they created for themselves, and to which they tried to subject the rest of us.

    • Always thought a better strategy is to create dissident-minded intellectual and social movements that simply ignored the progs instead of confronting them.
      – Imagining creating dissident magazines with names like “Scientists Monthly” that published bad-think science articles that completely ignore bugman publications like Sci. Am.
      – Reclaiming Elks Lodges and the like for comradery.
      – Creating our own honors systems with our own titles that ignore Harvard and the Ivies. “Recipient of honor for preservation of Anglo Culture”.

      Will this give us political power? Not right away. But the only way to beat credentialed experts is create our own institutional credentialed experts who are always right.

      • I agree, Chet. With all but your last paragraph. What we need are well disguised channels that allow our lads to communicate whilst appearing harmless to the outside.

        As to your last paragraph: to hell with their credentialed experts. I’d treat them the same way I treat Wokeists in real life… avoid, avoid, avoid.

        If they can insulate themselves from our reality (i.e. actual reality), then we must insulate ourselves from their parallel reality.

        • Trusting authority is ingrained into the minds of average to mid-wit IQ people. The titles aren’t to convince most people on this board, but the general herd. Every movement needs their own intellectual authorities.

    • The population is already sorting itself out. California, New Jersey, Illinois, New York have been hemorrhaging population. The stats are easy to find. Texas and Florida are the main destinations for refugees, but all Southern states are getting them. These refugees are buying houses sight-unseen and moving–fleeing–without knowing even where they are going, but only that they are escaping the hell-holes where they are.

      That cannot be stopped.

      Everybody won’t do it, of course, so there will have to be forced resettlement of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, whether they like it or not.

      But faith in “the system” is not yet dead. Moribund, yes; dead, not quite yet.

      People–most people–won’t “get it” (or won’t be able to admit it) until the next two (or three) presidential election cycles have played out–so, 2028 or 2032. THEN the new lines will be drawn on new maps.

      The country has already broken apart–and not for the first time–and all that remains now is to re-draw the lines on the map.

      That is baked into the cake. There is no stopping it. And this time, it will be permanent.

      Bank on it.

      • The sight-unseens are the ones to shun. They aren’t coming to be part of your society, only to telecommute until a critical mass of hive-minds is reached. Not to mention, the only people leaving Commiefornia flush with cash are the managerials.

        The people coming to to rent until they can find work and fit in, those you can take a chance on.

        • Idaho already has rainbow flags & celebrate diversity signs everywhere.. Boise is supposedly the hotest real estate market in the country.
          It’s not the kind of dissidents moving to those areas you would hope. The left targeted those areas just as they targeted mainstream Christianity. They have a ten year head start.. a lot of the locals have very little experience with vibrancy.
          & believe the lies. Combined with the old hippie element that have been in many rural areas since the 70s …
          It’s going to be a fight.

          • There are a huge amount of anti-leftists in blue states who are looking to move to the red states. I might be wrong, but I would think it’s not as much the leftists moving to the red states, but the anti-leftists. Leftists are at home in blue states. But you’re in Idaho and I’m not, so maybe I’m wrong.

        • Yes, that is a worry. But ultimately a soluble problem. But I can say that I have had personal contact with a few–very few, admittedly–but they *seem* pretty sound.

          Still, the problem you mentioned is apt to develop, but that is–ultimately–a soluble problem.

    • “ But that still leaves the problem of progressives migrating to sane, De Santis-ized lands.”

      That will always be your problem, if you bring along our current concept of suffrage—that is to say, everyone who fogs a mirror gets an equal vote. We must not allow (unqualified) universal suffrage, but install the concept of “earned” suffrage.

      One of the qualifications for suffrage could be that you must have been born in your State, or born in one of the collection of States forming the new polity. This is not without precedent. US Constitution has such a clause for eligibility of President and further sets age minimums for elected law makers.

      • Excellent post. There is also ample precedent for a “grandfather clause” in voting laws. You have to prove that your grandfather voted in the jurisdiction before you can register.

        In the end, I have confidence that such problems will be solved. The circs will demand it.

  38. why would there need to be a coup, when the progs run everything? just whom would the military be putting out of power, by assuming power? any examples in recent history, of military coups sharing power with bureaucrats/

    wouldn’t it be more likely that prog run states secede from the union, and the woke military accedes to the situation?

    IMO, the non-woke military – which includes veterans – is more likely to stage a coup, and execute every politician in DC, on day#1. the woke pussies will go into full meme attack mode 😛

    • Indeed there is already a hybrid junta.

      There is a massive integrated graft scheme for all parties in both civilian and military who only exist to plunder public finances.

      Their official functions got lost under the endless officially endorsed looting schemes otherwise masquerading as public policy.

    • The same reasons the communists in Russia and China went full retard killing everything they viewed as counter-revolutionary – they always needed an enemy and spilled blood was a measure of progress. You’re trying to ascribe logic to people who don’t care about logic: nor will they ever be satisfied. When they *feel* they are hitting obvious dead ends to their progress, force always comes out. Sooner or later the progs will figure out the fastest way to dispose of a problem is to throw it away; i.e. the time proven method of liquidation.

      • You are absolutely right. But our population has a great many characteristics that are quite different from the populations in Russia in 1917 or in France in 1789 or in Cambodia in 1975. Or Rwanda in 1994.

        The outcome here–this go-round–will be quite different from that of 1861 – 1865 or from those just mentioned.

        Nor do I by any stretch of the imagination underestimate the enemy. But unless I miss my guess, THEY DO.

        But I admit that’s only a guess.

      • I fear that you’re right. As if we here needed a lesson, the Shamdemic has taught us (once again) that things that were considered crazy two years ago, are now ‘normal’.

        Coerced vaxx -> Violently enforced vaxx -> … -> Shot dead because “didn’t get with the program”.

        • Reading “The Gulag Archipelago” disabused me of the belief that “it can’t happen here”

          • No doubt. That book is one of the best things I’ve ever read… albeit for all the wrong reasons.

            “It” can and will always happen when certain conditions are met.

          • I often thought Gulags were a technical solution to allow 24/7 monitoring of the disruptive elements in as cheap a man power mode as possible. Along with the ability to place further constraints on behavior.

            I wonder if in a ubiquitous surveillance age in tandem with control of communication vectors and the cooperation of all large business entities they are really needed as separate entities apart from for those who are liable to go kinetic.

            Its a variation on if you can get a society wide panopticon that is cost effective do you need gulags?

          • Oh, it HAS happened here. It was called by the Orwellian name of “Reconstruction.”

            And the reincarnations of the perpetrators of that outrage are still with us.

      • sure the progs want their own gulag/cultural revolution. but a coup? was there a coup after mao took power? after lenin took power? where are these post ascendancy coups you speak of? there are none because the very concept is non-sensical.

    • I agree with you, but IMO, the country is not going to survive in its present form. It has ALREADY broken apart–and not for the first time–and the only thing remaining is to re-draw the lines on the map. That could be messy, but the circs will demand it.

    • Indeed, why a coup when they can simply Dominion their way out of any undesirable election results?

      • Or better yet, simply suspend elections for ] fill in the blank] reason. Chuck Schumer made an “impassioned address” to the Senate today, in fact, to the effect that the GOPe is making a concerted effort in all states to “suppress voters” and that therefore the Senate must “advance legislation” to federalize elections.

        Now that right there has REAL potential for some SERIOUS trouble. They won’t get it through, of course, and it’s just theatre, but it’s their current sermon subject.

    • Yes, Spain 1936. The Nationalist military shared power with the Falange and Carlists, both civilian paramilitary political groups, as well as the Catholics and traditionalist monarchists. Franco made it to the top because the reds murdered all the Catholic and Falangists civilian leadership ie Primo de Rivera.

  39. > The most likely result would be a schism in the services. Instead of being a show of strength, a coup would turn into another display of weakness and incoherence.

    The military bureaucracy is even more byzantine and dysfunctional than Washington D.C. Guns or not, you still need massive amounts of coordination and cohesion to occupy and rule a country. Sure, there will be some 1776 types who will go out with their guns and get mowed down with drones, but there will be far more wreckers and plain old noncompliant people, and it won’t take much to bring the whole system down.

    Arguably, the military’s downfall is their downright laziness.

    • I have, it appears, FAR less faith in drones than a lot of people. Far less faith in the high-tech weapons that so soundly defeated, oh, let’s say, the Taliban, for example.

      The Khmer Rouge wrought a lot of mischief with hoes and hammers and hatchets and fanaticism.

      • Don’t make too much out of the fact we did not defeat the Taliban. That was never the objective.

        If the military is turned against the people here at home they will not be burdened with restrictive Rules Of Engagement. It will be weapons free.

        • True enough, but who will operate those weapons?

          The Iranians brought down one of our super-duper drones, after all. It has to be remembered that anything the mind of man can devise, the mind of man can defeat. “They” will have committed opponents. And not stupid, unrealistic opponents, either.

          • Infant, you are “underpants gnoming” it. Step 1, loss of forward progress and high-capability people, step 2 (mumble mumble rabble), step 3, collapse and defeat. It is a slide down, not a cliff dive, from current capacity to incapacity. And that slide can be awfully low slope at times. Zman has used the “falling down stairs” analogy, which I like as illustrative. There are a lot of painful stair treads to hit on the way down.

  40. I don’t think they’ll ever do it. They could’ve just as easily done the coup against Trump in his first term but instead they waited long 4 years and orchestrated a fake pandemic just to rig the election like the effeminate pussies they are.

    The Pentagon is NOT like the rest of the military say the field grade commanders on down. No one in D.C. is a warrior. Or a killer. They are just a bunch of frightened little men who will sit down and cry at the first signal of actual violence.

  41. “They assume Trump would act like they would act if in the same position. That means they assume he will have them jailed and tossed into dungeons on made up charges.”

    Yeah, Remember that rumor going around that Hillary Clinton said that if Trump wins in 2016 “We are all going to jail!” Nobody went to jail. Nobody even got looked at. Trump recently said he didn’t want to go after Hunter Biden because he didn’t want to hurt a family. Aww. So sweet. The other side is vicious

    • It also shows what a disingenuous poser Trump is… and the fact that he’s the best the Republicans can offer is depressing. Don’t vote.

  42. I’ll be happy to accept the apologies of those who attacked me for suggesting that the libtards were yearning for martial law (I spelled it correctly this time). As Z says, if lefty is talking about it, he’s planning it. I’ll probably be in my 80s when the shit hits the fan, but barring a stroke I’ll still be able to mutter “I told you so, you fucking idiots.”

    • I’ll be 75 this year. What a ride its been these past few years, at least. The closest I remember to a time like today was the early-mid ’90s when private militias were all the rage (Ruby Ridge and Waco most prominently, but others too). The responses from federal law enforcement agencies was shockingly inept and often deadly.

      • And when the Bureau of Land Management went to enforce their diktats against Lavoy Finicum, a force sufficient to force BLM’s goons to back down materialized without a call going out. The BLM did come back and murder Finicum, in cold blood–and on camera–but the point is that armed people–women included–showed up there from all over the country. The readers of this blog are hardly alone in their disaffection.

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