The Administrative Crisis

A feature of modern society is the vast administrative state that manages every aspect of modern life. Modern people take it for granted, as they have never known any other way to live, other than being guided by massive bureaucracies. No one alive today remembers a time when there was not a bureaucrat behind every bush ready to shout instructions or warnings. A big part of what the paleocons call “managerialism” is the vast system of administration that runs society.

It is tempting to say that the Romans had a big administrative state. Diocletian expanded the empire’s civil and military administration. He established administrative centers around the empire, especially near the borders, in order to extend control from Rome to all areas of the empire. He is often referred to as the father of bureaucracy and what we think of as civil administration. People may also point to Byzantium, which expanded this concept into a complex form of rule.

There are two big differences between these older forms of government bureaucracy and what we live under today. One is the old system was not built around an ideology like we see now. Our administrative state is built around the idea that society can be managed scientifically by an army of experts. The other difference is the modern administrative state is about training the citizen to achieve his fullest potential within the liberal democratic order, to be a good liberal democrat.

Interestingly, the administrative state in modern liberal democracies looks and acts much like the bureaucracy that evolved with the Soviet system. Both were driven by ideology and both were designed to micromanage the life of the people. The fascist systems that sprung up in the interwar years showed the signs of developing an administrative state as well. Like communism and liberal democracy, fascism embraced the rational management of society.

The other not so obvious similarity between liberal democracy and communism is their respective administrative states evolved as a response to democracy. Running a country where everyone has a say can only be done if the overwhelming majority are saying the same thing. Therefore, a primary duty of the state is to train people to hold the same beliefs, to share the same common sense. The administrative state is as much about promoting ideology as administration.

Something else that is unique to the modern age is the scale and reach of the state in terms of its ability to control activity. Those old forms of imperial bureaucracy were mostly built around protecting the interests if private rulers. Vast swaths of life were left to the people to sort for themselves. In modern systems, the state protects the interest of everyone, so the activity of everyone is heavily regulated. 19th century prisons offered more freedom than the modern Western democracy.

When he was inaugurated, Ronald Reagan said, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time, we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people.” Those words were rooted in Reagan’s reading of people we now call paleo-conservatives, who were early critics of managerialism.

Fast forward to now and what is called conservatism is a celebration of the administrative state. In the Bush years, they were pushing what they called “big government conservatism” which was an explicit endorsement of scientific management of society. Their claim was that they could harness the power of the administrative state to achieve what they claimed were conservative ends. Green eyeshade conservatism had given way to administrative conservatism.

Covid has revealed that the overwhelming majority of people in modern Western democracies just accept that their fate is in the hands of the state. The proper response to Covid was to redirect resources to hospitals to treat sick people, but otherwise let nature take its course. In the administrative state, no aspect of life is left unmanaged, so an army of experts was unleashed to put nature back in her bottle. The crisis of Covid is that nature won and the administrative state failed.

The crisis of the administrative state began to form up on the horizon at the end of last year as the economy began to do weird things. Prices for consumer goods started to spike and the supply chain began to break down. It was assumed that modern monetary management had made inflation a relic of the past. An army of experts trained in our best universities managed the supply chain, so goods and services could be efficiently managed in response to economic conditions.

Even more bizarrely, the labor markets no longer make any sense, according to the rules of the economic elites. Millions of people have left the workforce despite millions of unfilled jobs. Wages have started to creep up, but that has not had any impact on the employment situation. Of course, rising wages and rising retail prices is exactly what modern economic planners said was no longer possible. As with Covid, nature seems to be resisting the efforts of our experts.

The reason that the vast administrative state has been accepted by people is it looked like it was working as promised. The various financial crisis did not result in bread lines like they did in the past. Instead, men in suits pulled levers in the Federal Reserve and Treasury to navigate around the crisis. The retail economy was brimming with new products and services, making life more comfortable. Managerialism has been accepted because it seemed to be working.

The question that has never been tested is whether the administrative state can withstand an internal crisis. Managing through a natural disaster is a very different thing than managing an irreconcilable contradiction within the system itself. This is what the administrative state is now facing. If the problem of this age is the system, there is no systemic solution. In fact, every effort by the system to address the crisis is seen as contributing to the crisis.

This is what brought down the Soviet system. All systems become sclerotic over time, as any software engineer will tell you. The social software of the Soviet empire became so burdened with patches and workarounds that it eventually crashed. The software of a society is the internal logic of it. When those rules begin to fail everyone questions the system itself. This sets of a dynamic where the system fails, a patch is made and confidence declines until eventually no one trusts the system at all.

We may be seeing something similar with liberal democracy. In order to justify itself, it looks for crises to manage, often creating them, but lurching from crisis to crisis is making it less competent at the basics. As people begin to lose trust in the software of liberal democracy, the system administrators are releasing poorly thought out updates and lecturing the users about their conduct. The result is a spiral of increasing incompetence and decreasing trust in the system.

At the heart of the current crisis is a question never asked. That is, can the administrative state survive its own failures. A bad king in a monarchy can be replaced by the next in line. The bad office holder in a republic can voted out of office in favor of someone new. What happens when vast swaths of the administrative state have become gangrenous? How is that addressed. How are the rotten bits removed and who is given the authority to remove them?

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235 thoughts on “The Administrative Crisis

  1. Any state has to be fed by its subjects. As we turn into stones (become impoverished,) the admin state can’t get blood from us, and its officials become unable to enforce their diktat as local, ad hoc arrangements evolve.

    An example: “You can’t have a goat on your property. You’re not zoned for it.” Times get tougher and a goat appears, here, then there, then iver there, and the local authority lacks the means to enforce the rule. So a variance by default.

    If you heard Merrick Garland’s press conference, the admin state wants to gulag thousands. Gulags are tradtionally the prelude to disorganized, chaotic breakdown and halting, freelance reconstruction.

  2. Here’s an example of admin breakdown. bought a few items off Ety, but the latter were “suspicious” so canceled all my orders. After the bank had approved my CC. And i wasn’t buying anything *from* Etsy, but from a seller within the collective. So these are legit orders to someone else that Etsy squashed. And of course you cannot contact them directly, and they don’t tell you why they canceled the orders.

    So i went to the seller’s direct websites and bought my stuff outside of Etsy. As you can imagine, i will not be buying anything through Etsy ever again, just use it as a convenient shopping guide.

    Is there even one company in this country that is not pozzed up the azz!?

  3. The filter declares my reply “spam.” I can’t give you the links I want to.

  4. Please excuse any problems or delays. our best and brightest are temporarily transferred to FEMA DEATH CAMP training. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay safe!

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  6. “As people begin to lose trust in the software of liberal democracy, the system administrators are releasing poorly thought out updates and lecturing the users about their conduct.”

    I’ve been self-employed in IT consulting for 28 years. One thing you never do, if you want to get paid and keep getting more lucrative gigs, is to admonish users and make them feel stupid or wrong. It’s almost never their fault – it’s usually shitty software or engineering.

  7. NYC is doomed. Tell your local communities to prepare to discourage the inevitable influx of refugees from this administrative failure, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

    “So much for NYC’s ‘tough on crime’ new mayor: Ex-cop Eric Adams backs Manhattan’s ‘progressive’ new DA, Alvin Bragg, who won’t seek prison for most crimes and will downgrade felony charges in armed robberies and drug dealing.”

    •Will only seek prison time for homicide and limited number of other charges
    •Vows to downgrade many felonies including cases of armed robbery
    •New DA also said he will refuse to prosecute many low-level offenses
    •New Mayor Eric Adams, a former cop, said he supports Bragg’s policies
    •’I think he’s on Team Public Safety,’ Adams said of the progressive new DA

    • It’s hard not to laugh, so I did.

      I lived in Sodom on Hudson for the last year of Kock, Dinkins and first term of Guliani.
      It is astonishing what a difference the political filth can make.

      I cannot conceive of moving back there.

      • Our time there overlapped- I’m seeing places I have great affection for, NYC, the Twin Cities, Göteborg, go down the crapper. Makes me sad.

    • The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      Five or 10 years from now they’ll be a new “tough on crime candidate” for NYC Mayor and he will explain his “new” “broken windows theory” and how increased enforcement of criminal apprehension and punishment will rid the city of its crime wave and record homicide numbers. Rudy Giuliani will spin in his grave (unless still alive) listening to his stump speeches.

      Was there during the last Black mayor, Dinkins, who screwed everything up as will Adams. Only, with Dinkins, I believe NYC was still half White. Now it is about 30% White. The rest being of the new vibrant minority.

      • That’s a good point. Another commenter on Rod Dreher’s article made a similar demographic point (that NYC could be past the point of no return due to demographic change):

        “As a 30+ year resident of the Rotten Apple, I can assure you many are angry and demoralized by the sad state of affairs in this city, crime being at the top of a growing list.

        Unfortunately, the demographic reality has shifted since the 90’s, and even back then Giuliani only barely won. There is a permanent liberal upper class that cares nothing for the chaos because it never touches them, and growing numbers of activist blacks and Latins who can’t seem to think further out than simply having token POC in positions of authority, no matter how much insanity ensues.

        The stone cold reality is that the vast majority of crime in NYC is committed by black men, and getting tough on crime means getting tough on the black underclass which produces the majority of the criminals.

        Getting tough on the underclass means sending thousands of black men to prison, which makes white liberals feel bad, and makes black people angry, and we simply can’t have that.

        That leaves us staring down the barrel of another decade, or more, of horrendous, and increasingly brazen, criminality, and an administration committed to NOT dealing with the problem.

        On top of that we have Covid restrictions that are not only punishing half the city’s population, but crushing tourism.

        During the first lockdowns in 2020, cell phone and postal service data showed more than 400,000 people left the city, nearly all of them upper middle class.
        New data from similar sources shows most never came back. I know six families, all making 6 figure salaries, that fled during the first lockdown and will never return, and these were folks with kids committed to staying here for the duration of their children’s education.

        This city, as well as LA and SanFran, are being actively destroyed by shockingly myopic political posturing/maneuvering fueled by progressivist fantasies.

        The urban chaos of the 70’s and 80’s lead to massive white flight out of several of America’s greatest cities, and it took a full generation to reclaim them.

        The exodus out of NYC and California is now well underway, with Florida and Texas seeing the greatest increases, but unlike Giuliani’s renewal of the 90’s, I’m not sure the political or cultural will exists any longer to fix the urban chaos now swallowing NYC and LA/SanFran.

        America’s 3 greatest cities may take more than a generation to fix, if at all. It may be Detroit all the way down.”

        It was possible to clean up NYC because it was over 40% White until the early 2000s; a republican mayor could be elected in dire circumstances to fix the democrat party’s mess. Now it’s around 30% and falling; the same is true of California. Tough-on-crime republicans likely don’t have a shot to win elections in those places again.

        There is a good chance demographic change precludes any possibility of those areas becoming relatively safe to live in again. It’s going to come as a tremendous shock to Joe Normie as he watches America’s major cultural hubs turn into wastelands of crime, dysfunction, and corruption — perhaps even literally decaying from mismanagement (consult vids of NYC’s worst hoods back in the 80s:

        • NYC is a dingy dirty ugly city. a few nice buildings, but mostly meh architecture. super crowded and noisy, and of course expensive. and totally dysfunctional. there is nothing left to save. let the muds have it, they will enjoy the familiar chaos and violence.

  8. SPECIAL to compsci.

    No reply button, so this:

    If you are a cancer survivor (really a survivor of the treatments), I *urge* you to buy and READ this book:

    Sold as a cook book it is in fact a textbook with recipes in it. I URGE you to read it.

    And I **urge** you also to join the Weston A Price Foundation:

    All the best! I’ve walked your road, and have learned a lot of REAL science. (I was appointed in 1993 to lifetime membership on the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. I’m retired from CDC. I spent 22 years in medical research and publishing, and there ain’t nuttin’ I don’t know about the public health scam. And that is ALL it is–a corrupt racket. These “studies” are utterly bogus–I ought to know, I edited them and prepared them for publication. It’s all *utter* rubbish, with *precious* few exceptions–those being papers that I prepared and published blowing the lid off of “randomized-controlled double-blind ‘studies”–the “gold standard” in “studies. The truth could not be published in the USSA, but I got it published in “The Lancet” in the UK, which was still somewhat honest thirty years ago.

    Didn’t matter. The facts have been ignored, but I can tell you that [public health–especially “studies”–is a total scam and an outrage. “Peer-review” is a sham. NEVER believe the Crap you hear from medical-scientific officialdom.

    The book and Foundation I recommend do 8real* science, and I’m tellin’ ya, your DIET determines the state of your immune system (there are, as it tunrs out NINE, not one, Vegus nerves connecting the gut–the human biome–to the brain, and some *real* scientists are beginning to believe that the gut–the biome–controls the brain and the whole body.

    Honest oncologists will tell you that they have *never* seen a cancer patient with the proper gut flora.

    FOOD is your best medicine. Prevention–NOT butchery called “treatment.” Read the book and join the Foundation. And avoid the medical establishment like the plague, b/c that’s precisely what it is.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the thoughtful response. Not to get too specific, but the diagnosis was made after the removal of the cancer—it could not be otherwise. Then the discussion was what to do.

      Not being panicky, I inquired as to what the pathologist was looking for wrt the growth/spread and what he meant wrt some of the terminology (I had a good idea, but it doesn’t hurt to be polite and assume deference). Basically, in a nutshell, he could find no growth into blood vessels which would indicate potential spread—therefore, the removal operation for diagnosis was in essence, the cure.

      Of course, the absolute “safest” course was to cut more out, remove any lymph nodes, followed by chemo and whatever parade of horribles that medical “science” (and my insurance) could provide me. Went through that with my mother and father and was not signing up for that.

      And so here we are today. Aside from this new “flu”, I am stronger, leaner, and wear a pants size not worn since HS. Blood work is of minor inconvenience and allows me to monitor general physical condition and is a sop to my doctor—without whom, I’d have ignored the condition until too late. So he gets my blood and I politely ignore his requests for shots.

      But I admit, my nutrition is something for the birds, or probably pigs. 😉 Life is too short to lose one of the few pleasures at remain to me, but I’ll give the pointers you provided a look.

      • Comp;

        I understand your view on food. I used to say my only vice was food; and lots of it. Somehow, an intermittent fasting video popped up in my ThemTube feed, and what do ya know, I lost 37 pounds in one month and haven’t felt this good in decades. No more BP meds, cloths that fit, not out of breath. I’m trying to get my dad to change his diet,as he takes two insulin shots a day. He says he doesn’t have much time and he’s going to enjoy it.

        That said, do what’s best for you. Remember, your body your choice, or some such thing.😏

        • And a hat tip to infant phenomenon. Diet really is everything with regards to health. Unfortunately folks think the people who believe that are off center.

          Jordan Peterson and his daughter have video(s) regarding such, that relate how they came back from the brink with a narrow diet.

          With all the issues coming up for people who have gotten the jab, the diet path is sure to be helpful, and maybe lifesaving.

    • I believe the word you are searching for is vagal or vagus nerve. Your understanding of medical science is abysmally ignorant. Really 6th grade stuff. While diet is important, regarding cancer it is not the end all, be all. Barring straight up carcinogen uptake, genetics dominate. One need only look at infant mortality rates and death due to infections from 100 years ago to appreciate that the medical sciences are a big plus. 100 yrs ago we didn’t even know that dna was the hereditary molecule. Now we manipulate it at will. The Russian COVID vax is essentially gene therapy, which I thought was dead after they killed that kid in Philadelphia. Gene therapy may well herald *effective* cancer treatments. I agree chemo is crude, and that in 50yrs they will look upon the current crop of oncologist as little more than witch doctors. Finally, life sciences is a rag and nothing is wrong with double blind studies if performed with someone with a modicum of intergrity.

      • sorry guy, but diet is 90% of health. and it very much affects cancer treatment. i am guessing that you don’t know that cancerous cells can’t use fat for fuel, only glucose (sugar), so eating (or not eating) sugar will definitely affect your condition. in the end, cancer is going to be found to be caused by viruses. read up on the history of stomach ulcers, for a precedent.

        • Again an extremely over-simplistic view, and just plain wrong. Cancer cells tend to use glycolysis more than normal cells because they out grow their blood supply and become hypoxia. They are rogue cells that lack the normal regulatory controls to limited growth to appropriate levels. You need oxygen for oxidative phosphorylation and to really utilize ffa but cancer cells can still use some. The brain also relies primarily on glucose. Insulin shock occurs because blood sugar levels drop below what the brain can tolerate. Look, I said diet is a factor, but a low sugar diet will not cure cancer. Current chemotherapy is dna anologues that interfere with dna replication; trying to selectively hurt fast growing cells. The problem is that ia healthy organism needs many cells to grow and replenish themselves. Gut cells are dividing all the time. Thus chemo gives one nausea. The idea is to knock back the cancer and let the immune system finish off the cancer. But current treatments are non-selective, crude. So those that call it poison are not wrong. Cancer is a tough nut to crack. I’m well aware of the h. pyloric ulcer story. In fact my wife, and her family had that problem. The doctor recommended cutting out dairy (diet). I had read the original report and told her to tell the dumb doctor to prescribe a course of tetracycline. Cured it. Viruses are another story. They are constantly popping dna in, out of our genomes. They probably in large part drive evolution. Theo beales disproof of evolution based upon random mutation rates was stupid because it didn’t account for viruses. My only point is that a healthy skepticism of biomedical science is warranted, but don’t throw out the baby with the proverbial water. I’m a cardiovascular guy and remember complaining about all the money being spent on aids research. A wise old guy told me that our understanding of viruses was rudimentary and no effective anti-virals existed. AIDS research ended that situation and now we have a cure for hep c. Never thought I’d see that. Incidentally, Keith Richards got and cleared hep c without treatment. God tier genetics.
          It’s akin to the nature nurture IQ debate. Good genetics can overcome a lot of environmental (diet) inputs. And visa versa.

  9. SPECIAL TO 3g4me

    No “reply button,” so I just wanted to say, “beautiful!” Don’t *ever* pass up the chance to tell these numbskulls that you are NOT participating. Well done!

  10. The judiciary has become part of the administrative state. New laws and official forms about bankruptcy, evictions, and probate are more and more detailed and control the outcome. Judges have devolved into clerks of the court. It is the opposite of “Judy Justice” TV episodes. She shoots from the hip, never consults the written law.

    • Much judicial-izing falls under administrative law. The IRS writes regulations. If there is a dispute, then the matter goes to a tax count that is just another part of the IRS. Ditto homeland security, Agencies and so on.

      Article 1 section 8 clause 9, allows congress to set up tribunals. Some studious muh constitution people think that tribunals have supplanted actual court systems. Could be that’s the means to allow administrative courts.

  11. Pet Peeve: everyone talks as if “fascism” was a flash in the pan (apologies to Mosley) that lasted 5 or 6 years and then was eradicated. Apart from actual Italian fascism dating back to the 20s, what about Spain and Portugal, where it lasted until the mid-70s? Seemed pretty successful. Question: did they also develop this kind of “administrative state”?

    • Who says that Spain and Portugal were “fascist”?

      More to the point, why do you believe them?

      Here’s a little-known fact: Victors in war write the histories thereof–with a notable exception: The losers (Communists) have mostly written the history of the Spanish Civil War.

      • Spain might be the most militantly woke nation in the world. Almost all under 35 spaniards support some faction of redditt.

        Its a tight battle for first between Spain and Scotland.

        Spanish Socialists are the closest thing to what if American antifa formed a political party.

        The Spanish center right is made up of davos men closely allied to Merkel.

        They have a horrible far right party (Vox) that is controlled by Hazony type neoconservatives.

      • well, the military and governments were merged in those countries, so what would you call them?

        how about presenting an argument for your position (once in awhile) instead of just posting “was it really” over and over?

  12. After-the-Collapse-We-Win narratives are analogues of boomer rapture theology. It’s a pacifier to suck on while things get worse, with the hope that once it gets really really bad, than magic happens.
    A collapse benefits those that have the means to harness the situation. When the Soviet Union collapsed, proto-oligarchs were able to use their international money networks to buy up assets. As the US slowly browns out, we see oligarchs buying up assets, for example Bill Gates and farm land.
    The “Russian” oligarchs still own their plunder; Putin was able to salvage the situation by preventing a further degradation. A helpful factor, and perhaps the determining factor, Russia is largely White Russians, who are of the Orthodox faith. A demographically cohesive people, grounded via a millennia of prevailing over harsh realities. We don’t have feature.
    After tumbling down a flight of stairs, is there a landing? Or is there just another flight of stairs. Just more and more oligarchical disenfranchisement of Americans. Soaking up the assets, marginalizing us, replacing us, step by step. The Replacers have external power bases in foreign sovereign lands. We are on our own, mostly. Our analogous external power bases would be Europe. We are mostly own our own.

    We should be thinking how each of our nations can be used to facilitate the wriggling out by our fellow nations. How we can arrest the decline and recover.

    • Good comment in general, but it is a mistake to equate Americans with Russians (then or now!) or to analogize the circs in Russia 40 years ago with those in America today. Apples and oranges. Different histories. Different mentalities. Different expectations. Different traditions where arms areconcerned.

      And I don’t mean to put words into your mouth here, or thoughts into your head, but I’ll just say on GP that it’s no good asserting that Americans won’t fight, won’t use their weapons, etc. “To everything there is a season … A time of war and a time of peace … .” And the time for armed resistance has not yet arrived, that’s all. And maybe it won’t. It might not be necessary. I wouldn’t be the rent on that, but it’ at least possible. Many people say that Americans are fat (they are) and that they won’t fight, but that’s because events have not happened according to the schedules of the people who say that sort of thing, that’s all. But events are funny that way.

      Anyway, if I have assigned thoughts or words to you wrongly, I do apologize, but I did want to spit this out. Events have their own inner logic, and they happen “in the fulness of time,” and not when disaffected individuals might think the time is right. A mass suicide mission would still be a suicide mission. Hardly a recipe for victory.

      • Thanks for sharping up things. Dissent right people point to Russia as an example of:

        The Soviet Union collapsed and the Russians prevailed. Therefore, upon the collapse of the US we Americans will prevail.

        My intended meaning is that there are substantial differences between Russia and America under a collapse situation. Thus we shouldn’t allow Russian success in that matter to cause us to take our success for granted.

        There is a long way between intellectual and physical remedies. Example:

        There are many parents confronting school boards. And there sources of info regarding critical theory, Neo-marxism. Packaging and paraphrasing Marxism info and feeding it to parents in a way that they can use it in intellectual combat is a useful high leverage point of operations for dissidents.

        • ” … we shouldn’t allow Russian success in that matter to cause us to take our success for granted.”

          Understood. Thanks for clarifying. You are *absolutely* right in the quoted statement above.

          There is at least one 100% online, accredited, diploma-granting school (K — 12) that teaches the Classical Trivium for grades 1 – 6 and the Classical Quadrivium for grades 7 – 12.

          VERY AFFORDABLE. In fact, amazingly affordable. There is NO reason that parents need hand their children over to Bolsheviks to train their defenseless minds.

          No age limit on studying through this institution. Any age. Pursue a diploma or not (for all ages).

          Latin, Greek, German, Geometry (mathematics in space), Music (mathematics in time), Natural Philosophy (real science); Formal Logic, Informal Logic (rhetoric); A Sound classical education. With a diploma
          (if you want) from an accredited institution.

          AFFORDABLE even for multiple children.

          Surf the site thoroughly, and FREE your children!

    • First, the collapse (largely economic, not an asteroid strike) is the most probable endpoint given the current state of affairs in the USA. You cannot wish that away or prevent harm by simply by hiding your head in the sand.

      Second, the power players running DC from the backroom cannot ascend to power post-collapse is they first depart rapidly as an existential necessity. And the latter can be achieved by a reasonable number (say a few thousands) of antibodies acting out of the shadows and with a high degree of focus. There are literally millions of men (and women) who do this sort of thing every Fall.

      Will this be easy? Hell no. But it beats bending the knee and living as a monotonic drone sheeple.

    • Decent read, thought he falls apart right at the end (probably because he didn’t know how to wrap it up).
      The sole remaining questions are what combination of crises will topple the hapless ruling class from its position, and how soon that inevitable moment will arrive.
      Yeah, a lot of ruin in a nation, though you never know how much though until you’re eating rat fricassee over a burning garbage fire.

      • My touchstone is South Africa. They still intermittently keeping the lights on, albeit, barely. 25+ years of black rule. The 6% of whites stretched quite thin, I understand. Laughably, they still have affirmative action for the majority. I think Z overstates the case that a dearth of talent will collapse our system. Nah, it can probably limp along for another century. It will require toppling. Also his example about it being over when the crowd erupts with laughter… I’ve come to believe that will never happen. If our newest admiral “rachel” levin with his poorly applied ruby red lipstick doesn’t elicit ridicule and laughter, nothing will. Cutting the teats off little girls is celebrated by our current elite. Our ritual humiliation is the national pastime. It’s deeply shameful that the men of this country have let it degenerate to this extent.

        • so the lights are barely on in SA, a small country with little manufacturing or industry (i know they have mines, but that’s it). with the mass of the population having always lived under these conditions.

          that scenario does not apply to a continent wide country like the late US.

          • 60 million people and look for a map where it’s territory is superimposed on europe or america. Its pretty big. Modern agriculture feeds all those mouths. Lessons can be drawn. Alot of free riders can be supported for a long time, by a relatively handful of competent workers.

    • Panzernutter: Right before the 2020 panic began, we had decided that in the next year or so we’d turn in our leased SUVs (no longer made financial sense) and purchase vehicles – I hoped for a somewhat used 4 wheel drive one. But then other financial concerns intruded, and government/covid restrictions increased, and used car prices rose 39% over the past year. So it looks like we’re stuck with what we have for a while. Our current vehicles might as well have kill switches, with all the other black box and safety features on them. Don’t have the mechanical know-how to care for really old vehicles, but I figured something from 2015-2018 – even one model-change earlier – would make a significant difference. How I wish we had a mechanic in the family.

      • I have not idea where you are, but I do know this: There is a car auction near you every Saturday.

        You do not have to accept this BS. You are hardly alone.

        • Ah yes! Thanks, as my 1988 Dodge Colt is a bit…antiquated.

          Car auctions are held every weekend. I bought a car at one for $150, no mechanical problems beyond bashed panels.

          It had reclining seats, a Nissan, that I could sleep in. I lived in it in the parking lot for most of a year.

          • Wait, what, a year? Here they have begun to start promotions to get used autos. The dealerships are buying everything they can get their hands on. Months long wait for many new cars.

    • So! “It is written!”

      Thing is … anything the mind of man can devise, the mind of man can defeat.

      I’d bet the rent that a cousin of mine could undo this fu*ksh*t in one afternoon. And there must be millions like him across this vast continent.

      Drugs and murder are also forbidden. I mean, somebody has written some words down on a piece of paper somewhere. It is written! It’s against the LAW. So there! That is why there are no drugs and no murder.

      Again … it is not Almighty God installing a kill switch on cars. It’s … yeah.

      Anything the mind of man can devise, the mind of man can defeat.

    • I own 4 vehicles:
      1. 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4
      2.1987 Susuki Samurai 4×4 with a replacement 1.9 liter Volkswagen turbo diesel engine (unstoppable off road)
      3. 1966 Cutlass Convertible with 4 on the floor
      4. 1985 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4×4 with a replacement 5.3 LS engine.

      All have manual transmissions that most young punks can’t drive. So they have built in anti-theft devices.

      I hate new cars and trucks. They all look alike and have a bunch of computer crap that will inevitably fail. Most mechanics have no clue what to do when they break down. New vehicles are way too complicated and ridiculously expensive.

      If you are capable of maintaining and working on vehicles, you are way better off with older models.

      • Just did a cam phaser lock out & ecm reflash to defeat the poorly conceived variable cam timing system on a 2007 F 150 5.4 three valve. It worked out nicely.
        I spent thirty years hanging around auto repair shops. Still hanging around telling other people what to do. Not as interesting but it pays the bills.

        • “Not as interesting but it pays the bills.”

          And it’s productive, honest, honorable, and no doubt satisfying in a visceral way. Admirable.

          • Thank you that is nice to hear. Sometimes all you hear is “mechanics are all crooks” there are some for sure. But that’s human nature as there are scumbags in every field and walk of life.
            The dirtbags are always incompetent that’s why they cut corners & scheme and scam.
            I have seen more than enough of those types. They are always smoke blowers usually it takes a a couple three months to catch & nail them. I fired three of them with no regrets. Then you end up cleaning up the damage. Reputation is everything. In the repair world.
            Honest mistakes people make.
            But if only you could shoot them it would be a better world.

          • I spent the last half of that career doing what was called driveability & enjoyed it. I do miss it in some ways.
            Still hanging around a shop doing testing & QA stuff.. I’ve got a good crew so don’t have too many headaches. I’ve been very fortunate.

          • It ain’t for everybody that’s for sure. I’ve seen a lot of guys come & go. When I had a young fella that was really trying I’d do what ever it took to bring him along.
            I was lucky to have a few great mechanics that did the same for me. But a few times I had to ask a guy if he really thought the trade was a good fit for him. I never held it against anybody that for what ever reasons just didn’t have it.
            There are a lot of ways to make a living.

      • Ah! You’re singin’ my song! I drive a Japanese car that’s old enough to drink and vote. 5-speed manual. Keep up regular maintenance, and those cars last forever. I got 350,000 miles out of the last one and then gave it to a nephew (in 2003), and he is still driving it. And I have *never* owned–or wanted–a new car in my life. A lot of foolishness this *need* for a new car. It’s immodest and very often nothing more than vulgar “show.” Many people’s sense of self–their identity, or at least part of it–seem bound up with the car(s) they drive. Okay, I suppose, but means nuttin’ to me.

        • Imo Japanese power equipment( cars, tractors, outboards etc.) Is usually good stuff. In fact I have an unusual attraction to Honda outboards! Lol it ain’t right.
          I have a theory about their engineering quality .
          If they make a mistake with a poor design or assembly, they loose face. If they loose face they are honor bound to commit Hari Kari.
          JK I don’t know much about their culture but I do admire a lot of their stuff.
          That said nothings perfect.
          & every vehicle line has their issues. Kept me busy and still does.

      • I agree with most of your points.
        Definitely most of today’s cars look alike. No style. I think a lot of that is due to Cafe standards. Wind tunnel stuff that kind of thing.
        It would be fun to talk about it sometime.

    • Most drivers today wouldn’t be able to operate those vehicles.
      Another do gooder idea that people will be finding ways to defeat as soon as it is implemented.
      I am beginning to consider permanently relocating to a third world country where people don’t have the luxury of nonsense. It’s all so tireing..
      Liberty is over for the FUSA
      To rip off Babba O’Reilly, I think I can still get my back into my living.

      • “I am beginning to consider permanently relocating to a third world country … .”

        Made me laff.

        Don’t look now, but … !

        • I did a stint in Morocco teaching Moroccan army NCOs how to rebuild the xtg411a transmission used in M 88s & M109 & M 110s
          Lol I had never seen one before going there but managed to stay ahead of those guys.
          Anyway I could live in Morocco.

    • I’ll be the automotive pedant and tell you you want a Dodge Dart or a Plymouth Valiant. 😁

      Personally I’d hold out for the Original A Body Plymouth Duster/Dodge Demon or Dart Sport coupe. The 1967 – 76 Valiant & Dart 2 door/4 door “sedans” were the epitome of the “Nerd-mobile”.

      And you want a Slant 6 with a Torqueflite Automatic. Virtually indestructible. Or a 318 V8 with the Torqueflite. Bastard car will rot away to nothing before the engine and transmission fail. (Experience of a 1967 Satellite with said 225 I6 and Torqueflite. Cockroach of the road.)

    • Valiants were Plymouths, Darts were Dodges, not that it’ll matter much in the unfolding apocalypse.

      I had a ‘67 Valiant with a slant six and a “three on the tree”. Loved that car.

      • I had a 74 dart sport, slant six 4 speed on the floor. Very simple indestructible vehicle. Until I was tee boned Christmas morning 1983.
        By drunk Puerto Rican in a trans am
        The 727 tourqflite reverse piston would break. No reverse.
        I have a 2001 dodge 2500 with a 64 re. That is a tourqflite with a fourth gear & a solenoid (ecm controlled)
        Valve body. Ask any owner they have lost reverse due to that same flimsy reverse piston. I did twice before I replaced it with an aftermarket steel piston. Did the engine once its a 5.9 which is a fuel injected 360.
        That truck has 270k on it.
        It sits on my property on the other side of the state. Very rural I haven’t bought tabs for years I drive it into town & even the cops don’t care.
        I could go on & on. About car stuff.

  13. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Administrative Crisis

  14. Great post and some insightful posts as usual. One reason for the massive growth in the managerial state is simply because it can. Unlike in Roman times when maybe 95% of the population had to labour to support the remaining 5%, today thanks to the industrial revolution and the rapid and ongoing economic growth it unleased, things are reversed with maybe 5% engaged in primary production and 95% riding on their efforts. Of course this is only possible due to a combination of modern technology and cheap and abundant natural resources particularly fossil fuels. How long can rapid growth continue as the best and most easily exploited resources become ever more exhausted. A point worth mentioning is that industrial capitalism treats human populations as a non-renewable natural resource also. As the best human resources become depleted, ( there’s not a single example of an industrialized population which has been able to maintain a birthrate above replacement level), then, the machine must move on to ever lower grade feedstock. Today only sub Saharan African remains largely “unmined”, pretty much the “brown coal” or “bituminous tar sands” of human resources.

      • Even after repeatedly lobotomizing it to keep it from being “racist”? “Automation” is another big bug-a-boo, the fact that they’ve been banging on about it for more than ten years shows how vapid the idea is in the end.

        • The problem is its just ultimately a pattern recognition system based on goals that are target outcomes.

          You train it on patterns, feed back its correctness and that is what it classifies.

          To get different results you would have to feed it data with knowingly false classification and conclusions.

          Not saying its not going to happen (look at kids in university), but the doublethink contradictions they are used to implanting in people is just not workable for that.

          This is I think they are struggling with ,and genuinely can’t understand why it doesn’t give them what they want.

        • I say again–at the risk of beating a very dead horse–all of this depends on an *unfailing* supply of electricity. And they have done everything they can think of to see to it that we cannot produce the stuff. But they intend a digital “currency” and a total-surveillance state. With no electricity.

  15. The elites always have a study at the ready, a study that supposedly invalidates years, decades, or centuries of on-the-ground observation. The mass media invokes the word “study” as some sort of talisman against debate. For example, broken windows policing. That maintaining basic order in society will dissuade some lawbreakers, and putting away those who do commit crimes for as long as reasonably possible to keep them from committing more crimes, seems to be a truth so obvious that it need not be mentioned. Yet, about 10 years ago, elites declared that they did some “studies” which said that broken windows did not work. Indeed, their studies said that we needed a justice system where criminals should be allowed to commit crimes at will and, if they get caught (which they won’t, because the police will be busy hunting down people who put up flyers), instead of going to jail and being removed from society, they can pretend to be sad in front of their victims. This will work better and keep people safe. Of course in reality we have seen utter chaos in every city that has tried it, but they keep trying it. The new black DA of Manhattan has declared that he is not going to put most criminals in jail, and in his white paper on the new strategy, he linked to, you guessed it, studies that declared this new way to be the best.

    In the late 19th and 20th centuries, there was a desire for policy to be guided by evidence. This makes sense in an age of scientific knowledge, but the elites responded to this by making “science” part of their managerial bureaucracy. We are increasingly being told that what we see in front of us is wrong, because some piece of paper produced at Johns Hopkins says otherwise. People are tuning this stuff out, but the response is, as we have seen with mask and vax mandates, simply more totalitarian demands of them.

    • The “new” science (studies) used to support the “new” strategy is most often *not* science—or put more graciously, flawed science. In support of this assertion, I point to the numerous publications lambasting the irreproducible results in over 80-90% of the studies published in the (soft) social studies.

      Most all of what immediately plagues us is rightfully classified as in the realm of the social sciences. But, if that wasn’t enough, even studies in the “hard” sciences are more and more weakened in effect by disingenuous or ignorant interpretation by scientists/politicians unschooled in the scientific method and statistical analysis.

      In short, we are screwed. First it was the social fabric decaying, then the general economy, soon we will see a visible/undeniable decline in the technological/structural underpinnings of the country.

      • The human race–and our people–survived for quite a good while without that stuff. Most of us will, too.

    • The only intended outcome of this is to turn all of NY into a prison in practice if not in name.

      Attempts to house and administer criminals within the whole city will result in it adopting the functions of a prison.

      People will clamor for their own imprisonment and restrictions in order to try and curtail the criminality that they never seek to remove and will not be able to see the reason why it will just get worse and worse.

    • If someone tells you that they trust the science, say that you’ve got a bridge to sell ’em.

      • “If someone tells you that they trust the science, say that you’ve got a bridge to sell ’em.”

        Or just chuckle and roll your eyes. Then exit.

      • “If someone tells you that they trust the science, say that you’ve got a bridge to sell ’em.”

        Better yet, say, “Get thee behind me, Satan!”
        then laugh. THEN exit.

    • ” … and putting away those who do commit crimes for as long as reasonably possible to keep them from committing more crimes, seems to be a truth so obvious that it need not be mentioned.”

      This is not self-evident. In former times, when there were orderly societies, punishment for a great many transgressions involved *restitution.* Jails (gaols) were simply places to hold the accused until the necessary procedures were accomplished to decide the degree and form of restitution. This is minutely codified in the Bible, and it was minutely codified by the Anglo-Saxons, a good example being the old wergild.

      Imprisonment is totally counterproductive.
      It’s a school for crime. Restitution for most crimes and death for a few was always the way in the past. Imprisonment was the brainchild of the Quakers, hence heir invention of “penitentiaries.” Places where sinners could think about things and repent themselves of their lawless ways.

      Manifest failure.

      Restitution or death. No need to be silly and girlish about it. It ALWAYS worked in the past–EVERYWHERE.

      Australia liked prisons so much that they have once again *become* one. Of course, they allowed themselves to be disarmed a number of years ago. But that is not an example for sensible people to emulate.

    • Yes! I love it. The “study” as a talisman. I’ve been re-watching early episodes of Game of Thrones and I can imagine those fatuous Maisters claiming they have a study!

  16. One thing not mentioned in the eventual collapse is the economic system the whole system is based upon. Borrowing money into existence. Interest bearing economies always follow a predictable exponential curve. “A little debt is good for the economy” is eventually followed by “Unmanageable debt is good for the economy”. The system relies on the peasants and businesses continuing to borrow money to keep the treadmill going. The only problem is, eventually no one can borrow any money because they are leveraged to their topknot. This is one of the reasons you see mass immigration. Immigrants have no debt. Their function is to continue borrowing money into existence. But, eventually the only entity left to borrow money is government. And they will never acknowledge that the lenders are other entities that will foreclose on the country when they have reached their debt limit. This is where things get interesting. Who will manage the foreclosure system? The state? The army? The Chinese army? This is why they want to forbid the peasants from owning guns. If you have millions of people with guns and nothing to lose, you have the potential to repudiate the debt. Then you will see true spicy times!

    • This is what the Great Reset is all about. The final crisis began around the middle of August 2019. We know that b/c that’s when the Fed Chairman held the press conference to announce “a special REPO market window for foreign central banks.”

      In December, Covid was “discovered.” In January, the BoJ announced that they would “purchase Jap gov’t debt without limit.”

      In January, the Ministry of Truth began telling us 24/7 that “a worldwide pandemic [was] killing millions.”

      The rest you know.

      The bureaucrats of the world, having bungled us into a zero-interest-rate “environment” for 13 years (and a negative interest rate in Europe), had destroyed every pension fund in the world, so they had two choices: Tell their peoples the truth and be torn to pieces in the streets, OR destroy the world economy and blame it on “the invisible enemy” and terrorize the credulous and the superstitious.

      They chose the second.

        • The revolting behavior of our betters one year ago tomorrow bears out your estimation. If you haven’t looked recently at the *shameful* pictures of those *craven* curs and wenches–“The Honorable” members of the Congress of the United States of America–cowering pigeon-heartedly ON THE FLOOR behind their desks in the House chamber–do so!

          It’s worth a thousand words.

          Sweating bullets indeed!

          • @Paintersforms – at least he left off intentionally entrapping his supporters in cahoots with the uniparty to feed the narrative.

            His work on establishing the narrative for the next steps is over in that respect it seems. Just the grift left.

      • As long as bread & circuses last smoke & mirrors will hide the rot. If there is ever a go code will anyone agree ?

  17. Our host has mentioned the analogy of “falling down a long flight of stairs and hitting a landing”.

    Man walked on the moon for the last time the month before I was born.

    Almost forty-nine years later, my dreams of flying cars and exploring new worlds have been replaced with more terrestrial concerns. However, my sons are being taught that there is more to this universe than wallowing in filth, envy and despair.

    Man is capable of wonderous things. As with the marvels of Egypt, the Bronze age, Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the nuclear age, my sons will know that man can create a better world.

    • I’m just a bit older than you and I remember very clearly the future I was promised: jet packs, flying cars, end of disease and old age, etc.

      I’m very disappointed in the future.

      • “End of disease and old age.” So they sold you the idea that we would be immortal on earth and you believed it? Jet packs and flying cars were reasonable, but why would anyone have believed the aging process could effectively be stopped? That is the height of hubris.

        • A little longer life and in better condition till the end are not unreasonable, but immortality (1) is insane, and (2) why would you want that in this world?

          Everything modernity sells to us brings the exact opposite – chemically poisoned foods, questionable medical concoctions, empty lifestyles, etc.

          • People might want an end to aging and disease because they aren’t buying into whatever religion is being sold and the alternative is death.

            What’s stupid are flying cars and jetpacks, neither of which are useful for average people or affordable with the amount of energy we have.

        • VTOL personal transportation is a thing now, but not mass producible. Boeing and Porsche have an MOU for a VTOL JV and there is a lot going on in the space. Most of it is quadcopters scaled up to human size. The natural problem is not large enough brushless motors, but battery substrate as well as a corresponding limited range.

          The gap solution until population attrition runs its course are VR glasses for the surviving masses.

      • In 1970 I was 6 years old. I remember the flying car, pie in the sky stories, about how bright the future would be.

        I knew every time I looked at my Mom’s 2 year old Ford Torinio and saw those big rot holes in the rocker panels and all 4 inner fenders, I knew they were full of sh@t and figured that we might be eating that one of these days. I don’t think we’re too far off from that. And I sure didn’t realize how I would be aching 52 years later.

    • “If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, … .”


    • We are not the same people as our forefather were—in spirit and in intellect. All that you say we would have was possible in those days, but we were 90% White with White institutions. Now we are 50% and dying rapidly. The “great reset” will be—and must be—a great retreat to a level of physical existence which our new, “vibrant” population can produce/support. The critical fraction is at its failure point.

      • But the gibs will be gone for good, and I suspect a bushel and peck of ’em will vamoose. The rest will need a bit of encouragement.

  18. “What happens when vast swaths of the administrative state have become gangrenous? How is that addressed. How are the rotten bits removed and who is given the authority to remove them?”

    People come up with ad hoc solutions and they’re ignored, allowed to rot and fall off. Yes, there’s the risk of enforcers enforcing, but that’s the way it is, and at some point enforcement becomes impossible.

    That’s not revolutionary talk, either. It’s survival, and survival is a natural right.

    • It’s not merely survival, it’s just a simple observation of the facts.

      Well said.

    • Minor quibble—“survival” is not a natural right. The struggle for survival is a natural right—perhaps. Survival is for those strong enough to accomplish it. Those not strong enough do not survive *and* do not reproduce further “weaklings”. Nature abhors weakness and vacuums it would seem.

      • Very true. Life, liberty, property— excuse my rhetorical flourish 🙂

        Still, under those circumstances, anyone trying to stop people from making it might as well be denying them life.

    • Up vote for a good post but there are no natural rights or rights period.

      As the Spanish say “God said take what you want and pay for it.”

      You have what rights you can take and keep , however that is done. That is the limit of what passes for Rights in this world.

      • At the end of the day, yes. However, it’s handy to appeal to a higher power when taking or defending those rights. It gives you a little more oomph than ‘because that’s what I want.’ And thankfully, until somebody makes the sun rise in the west, there is a higher power, whether you believe it’s nature or the Creator.

  19. “In fact, every effort by the system to address the crisis is seen as contributing to the crisis”…
    From a bureaucrats perspective: job well done! Next fiscal year funding assured.

    “The result is a spiral of increasing incompetence and decreasing trust in the system”.
    I dare say the majority of the population in general (and in certain segments the vast majority) are so dumbed down that even if the trust meter reads 0.0 – they can’t survive without it.

    “What happens when vast swaths of the administrative state have become gangrenous”?
    One might suspect what a gangrenous limb looks like will be a good metaphor for what society will look like. Either amputate the infected limb, or the entire body succumbs.

    • “I dare say the majority of the population in general (and in certain segments the vast majority) are so dumbed down that even if the trust meter reads 0.0 – they can’t survive without it.”

      You are no doubt right, but it doesn’t seem (to me, anyway) to affect us, really. It’s unfortunate, granted, but those fit to survive and who *mean* to survive will survive.

  20. The main problem seems to be that our system’s moral imperative and technical operation are at odds with each other. The moral imperative is to understand at all places and all times that nonelite whites, especially the males, are evil and the cause of all the misery in the world. The system can only function, however—the lights can only glow in the auditoriums and people can only drive the roads to their universities—if nonelite whites, especially the males, continue to play along. How do you base a system on the participation of a people who you don’t just damn and condemn, but who you constantly demoralize and hector? It’d be one thing if they lied to us and told us we were the descendants of gods and kept us hopped up on cocoa leaves like peasants working cliffside crops in the Andes, but it seems like they want us walking around with our heads down, constantly on the verge of suicide or overdose. Who thinks it’s a good idea to have their cops, soldiers, and construction workers in this state?

    The antiwhite psy-op is, like the general media psy-op, so constant that even the most cynical and aware aren’t totally immune. Like William Wallace, looking up at the British nobleman even though he’s trained to look down, I just have to marvel and remind myself every once and awhile, “Wait, I’m not evil. I didn’t do anything wrong. They’re evil for running this con.” Because if I don’t remind myself, I can feel the stupor, the fog, setting in just because the hatred for me is the background music of the American experience.

    I know Biden’s just a stupid, senile politician who’s probably destined for Hell soon, but I still hate him for how willingly he bought into this crap and spreads it, the idea that it’s okay to ration government subsidies and healthcare for nonwhites or immigrants, that the January Sixth Selfie-Thon was worse than the Civil War. I look at the black and brown con artists involved in this grift like a guy working Three Card Monte at the pier, just fleecing marks, but the antiwhite whites are truly evil and deserving of what I hope is coming.

    • it’s like the salvation army con, first they tell us we are racists and should apologize for being white, then give them all your money. I say f’em all..

    • It is an odd system. If whites ever opted out (not fight back, just opt out) in even relatively small numbers, the system falls apart.

      No system this poorly constructed has lasted too long. We’ll see how long this lasts. That will depend on two variables:

      1. White comfort level
      2. The degree of anti-white policies

      If the comfort level is very high, than the anti-policies could also be high. If comfort levels fall, the anti-white policies better fall too.

      I’m not sure our rulers fully understand the equation. We’ll see.

      • I understand that white people do not want to opt-out in a lot of ways. A white guy who works for his town’s department of public works also relies on that department for water and energy, for example. However, in our globalized economy, so much of what that white guy consumes is so disconnected from his day to day life and makes money for people who hate him. For example, If every white person stopped watching or caring about the NBA – not even the NFL, which I understand is a bridge too far for normies, but the NBA, which is much less popular and much more virulently anti-white – it would collapse overnight.

        • It is remarkable, ain’t it, this apparent *need* to spend the afternoon in front of the tube watching some Negroes play with a ball.


      • They understand it well enough.

        They just calculate the values on each side to be different to yours.

        Their control of multiple force avenues gives them a different perspective, as the reverse would be true if it was the other way.

      • A few years ago I attended a sudlander event. Listened to their plight & donated.
        How far off is that in FUSA?
        I’d say right around the corner.
        SHTF blacks & browns, too easy IFF. I’ve told the decent ones best hide
        Benedict Arnold “whites” IFF
        Local accountability will include family.

      • Already happening in California. Stuff is declining to a sustainable level which will be basically Brazil or Mexico.

        Worse for them the few young Whites that remain in Blue hives are often as not obsessed with social justice or the like and while in theory are highly capable with good degrees I know an engineer from a superlative school who is in reality useless.

        Our leaders are incapable of seeing it, too old, too corrupt, maybe too busy sucking up to the Adversary diddling kiddies and guzzling adrenochrome , who knows?

        If they got the national razor they’d go to hell without comprehension.

    • “Who thinks it’s a good idea to have their cops, soldiers, and construction workers in this state?”

      The people who want to “maintain the world population at 500,000,000.” Who want to do away with fossil fuels. Who want you and me to eat bugs and live in tenements if we live at all, which they don’t approve of.

      Check out the text of the Georgia Guidestones. Go to the World Economic Forum’s website and watch their videos and read their white (heh) papers. Start with the 4-minute video “8 predictions for 2030.”

      THOSE people, to answer your question.

    • Joey Junger:
      So many share your sentiments.
      Biden is a stupid (has always been), senile politician on his way out. It’s good to imagine him heading to hell in a hand basket soon to join Harry Reid and the rest. There is a special place reserved for them there for trying to make our lives a living hell

  21. It’s interesting to see so many systems creaking toward their end at the same time.

    The political divide grows personal and intractable.

    Whites are moving to become a minority.

    Global debt to gdp is ~350% (it’s 370% in the U.S.), which is unsustainable.

    The dollar as the reserve currency is showing signs of strain, in part because it’s also unsustainable as it hollows out the middle class and manufacturing sector of the United States, thus weakening the very country that the system relies upon.

    The administrative state is becoming overbearing and incompetent.

    I could go on, but there’s something going on. People can feel it. It’s not just one part of the system, but the system itself, a system that has lasted for, at least, 50 years, probably longer.

    All systems start for good reasons, but, eventually, expand beyond their good purposes and collapse. It’s a natural cycle. It certainly feels as though we’ve reached that point with the current system.

    What’s saving it from collapse is a lack of an alternative. Since there’s nothing to replace it, we’ll keep using the system until it literally falls apart. And who knows how long that will take.

  22. Put this in your Z’s Book of Aphorisms: “Running a country where everyone has a say can only be done if the overwhelming majority are saying the same thing.”

    Also, the worst of it began when the administrative state took over the family, beginning in the late 1950s.

    • In my opinion, it was well before that, and it was a failure of the churches.

      The churches threw open the door for the state (liberal democracy via universal suffrage) to define marriage LONG ago by permitting the state to require marriage “licenses.” The churches allowed the state AT THAT TIME to define marriage. In 2015, those chickens came home to roost in the Sup Court’s decision to legalize “same-sex marriage.”

      Now, even the word “sex” is cast aside in favor of the grammar term “gender,” which–deliberately–has no meaning.

      When the churches CHOSE to let the State define the family AND Christian doctrine and practice, the die was cast (as far as destruction of the family goes, which is what I am replying to).

      “Not well done, thou bad and faithless servants.”

      • The state can legalize same sex marriage, the state can issue unicorn licenses, don’t mean a thing.

  23. On-topic anecdote from the People’s Republic of Illinois…

    Yes, the Illinois Secretary of State has closed its offices through January 18th (I would bet this will be extended) because of the COVID. I assume the sheboon mammies and other unemployables will still be receiving full pay.

    So, a basic function of government, the DMV, will be inaccessible out of respect to our new god.

    Since we just bought a used car, and need to execute a title transfer and register it, that I guess will be put off for a few more weeks. I wonder what happens if we are pulled over?

    • In Georgia, the governor granted a 6-month waiver back in 2020. The governor of Illinois might have done that. They won’t tell you. You’ll have to go to them and ask.

  24. Wouldn’t the administrative state of liberal democracy be best described as “fascism realized?” At least fascism in the Mussolini sense?

    • There are a lot of parallels between Italian fascism and American liberal democracy. I think the main difference is that America is an empire and has functioned as one since before liberal democracy emerged in the 10th century. Italian fascism was a nationalist thing and a reactionary phenomenon as well. Italy was on the winning side of the great war, but suffered immensely. The post war period was chaotic with communists and labor unions taking control of parts of the country. Fascism was a reaction to that. In America, liberal democracy is an outgrowth of the Puritan heritage of Yankeedom, scientific Progressivism and western liberalism.

      • Great point. Fascism was a reaction to the chaotic times and, particularly, to communism. The nationalism stemmed from a people (German or Italian) suffering a loss of confidence.

        Our system – liberal democracy fascism – isn’t a reaction to outside forces but an extension of existing forces and an ideology already present.

        As such, it is supremely confident in its morality and actions to achieve its goals.

      • “The post war period was chaotic with communists and labor unions taking control … .”

        Not only in Italy, but in Portugal, Bavaria, Russia, Hungary, Mexico to name some off the top of my head.

        “In America, liberal democracy is an outgrowth of the Puritan heritage of Yankeedom, scientific Progressivism and western liberalism.”

        True. And perfectly stated. Succinct and complete.

  25. The best analogies for the “administrative/managerial state” are entropy and cancer. Entropy is, by definition, that which is wasted and therefore inefficient, but it pales in harm caused when compared to cancer, which will ultimately kill you if left unchecked. And the root of all cancer is runaway growth of deadweight cells, which can only occur if you continue to feed the beast. So why do sane people feed the beast? Answer, because a comfortable lifestyle blinds them to what they do. Hence, the death spiral will continue until a collapse forces Normie to roll up his sleeves or die.

    Finally, it is a waste of time trying to redirect the herd by wailing nuggets of common sense toward an imaginary audience. Only tangible actions matter now; as in, get to a safe place, get fit, get robust, prepare to defend your life, and survive at all costs. The time to fight back begins when the fog rolls in.

  26. The funny thing is, this shouldn’t be too hard – just give the normies sportsball, pron, and moderately well-paying jobs, shovel out enough graft to keep contractors happy, give the joggers some “walking around” money, make up some fake jobs to give to the blue hair university crowd, and let the good times roll. But of course, this only works if 1) the “elites” are actually competent, 2) they are in touch with reality, and 3) they don’t hate the people and society they rule over. None of these things happen to be true, hence their present difficulties. For example, the Covid “crisis” was easily manageable, but all the elites could see was an opportunity to increase their own wealth and power in the short term, feed their own ideology, and above all, an opportunity to punish and harass the hated normie whites. This has essentially created a serious challenge to their rule, where none really existed before – seealso “Russia”. This sort of behavior will eventually lead to their downfall, and sooner than many expect.

    • I am all for “their downfall” (faster, please), but these people seem bound and determined to take everyone and everything down with them.

  27. Back when I was cheering GWB’s crusade, I took some Public Administration courses as grad school electives. Initially, these classes just seemed like civics on steroids, and thus moderately interesting and relatively easy. But then I started wondering why a bunch of fresh out of undergrad girls (and it was always girls) wanted to get trained as bureaucrats. Only later, when one of them posed a question roughly along the lines of “but what do you do when they make bad laws?” and the answer wasn’t immediately “we serve the will of the public as expressed through the constitution and its elected legislature” did I start to appreciate that what these girls really wanted was political power, and all the talk of constitutional norms was entirely meaningless since they regularly conflated their own opinions with constitutional norms. (That’s how, for example you get an opinion that its unconstitutional to not let DC residents vote, even though DC is specifically provided for in the text). At the end of the day, all of your higher level bureaucrats have been specifically trained to think that most of what society needs is beyond the scope of what the public can address and in this regard, elections primarily serve to ratify the will of the managerial class, that will being synonymous with the constitution. That view has a 100 year pedigree going back at least to Woodrow Wilson, and in realizing that, I took my first, tentative step to this side of the Great Divide.

    • Consideration for the Constitution and the will of the people or even what is good or bad for the people is nothing but window dressing. It’s almost like a cheap costume. It’s just words you throw around like a magic incantation, or decorations for the page.

      It’s like listening to a Congressman drone on about being good stewards of the tax payer’s money as they pass an abomination blowing hundreds of billions of Dollars on nothing.

      • The Declaration was wartime propaganda intended to induce French intellectuals to press the king into aiding the American cause. Over time–owing in no small degree to the war criminal Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address–we (as a whole) have come to believe our own propaganda. And it’s been downhill ever since.

        There was never–never–a time when Massachusetts and South Carolina (as exemplars) were going to live under the same gov’t as a *permanent* arrangement.

        Southerners have had more than 400 years’ experience–cheek-by-jowl experience–with “diversity,” and we KNOW that all men are, in fact, not created equal. We TRIED to tell Yankeedom that, but their superior morals and their insufferable smugness caused Cassandra’s accurate warnings to be deflected with ease and smugness.

        Now look at the state of things.

        Check out the votes for and against Hart-Cellar, to cite just one pertinent example of the story of “our” country.

        But here is the best expression (I’ve corrected the lyrics available on the ‘net):

        “Oh, I’m a good old rebel,
        Now that’s just what I am.
        For this “fair land of freedom”
        I do not give a damn.
        I’m glad I fit against it,
        I only wish we’d won,
        And I don’t want no pardon
        For anything I done.

        I hate the Constitution,
        This great republic too,
        I hate the Freedmans’ Buro
        In uniforms of blue.
        I hate the nasty eagle,
        With all his brags and fuss,
        The lyin’ thievin’ Yankees,
        I hate ’em wuss and wuss.

        I hate the Yankee nation
        And ever’thing they do,
        I hate the Declaration
        Of Independence, too.
        I hate the “glorious Union”-
        ‘Tis drippin’ with our blood-
        I hate their stripe-ed banner;
        I fit it all I could.

        I rode with Ol’ Marse Robert
        For three year nigh about;
        Got wounded in four places,
        And starved at Point Lookout.
        I caught the rheumatism
        A-campin’ in the snow,
        But I killed a chance o’ Yankees;
        I’d like to kill some mo’.

        Three hundred thousand Yankees
        Is stiff in Southern dust;
        We got three hundred thousand
        Before they conquered us.
        They died of Southern fever
        Of Southern steel and shot,
        I wish it was three million
        Instead of what we got.

        I can’t take up my musket
        And fight ’em now no mo’,
        But I ain’t gonna love ’em,
        Now that is sarten sho’!
        And I don’t want no pardon
        For what I was and am.
        I won’t be reconstructed,
        And I don’t care a damn!”

  28. There are two more important dynamics to consider here:
    1) Regulatory Capture
    2) Arsonist/Fire Department administrative State (which Zman touched upon only briefly)

    Who runs the FDA? Pfizer. Who runs the SEC and the FDIC? Wall Street. Who runs foreign policy? The MIC and certain (others). Etc etc….The larger and more powerful the Administrative State, the greater the tendency toward regulatory capture.

    We see it all the time, as lobbyists write half the legislation that passes Congress and regulators are just paid off by corporate interests. Meanwhile, by day the Pentagon tries to fight conflicts the CIA and State Dept. start at night. Of course, they take 20% off the top for all the Oligarchs and Politicos.

    This is the Arsonist/Fire Dept. model of government we now have. The COVID thing is a great example: fund a lab in China, an accident happens, experts come to the rescue, financial bailouts, Pfizer makes money, Pentagon justifies more money for weapons, etc. It’s just insane.

    Think of how rich we would be as a nation if we didn’t have total criminals in charge.

    • Your comment serves as an excellent addendum to today’s superbly analyzed Zman piece. The managerial system thrives on offering solutions to problems of its own making (or imagining). Everything becomes a heads we (the managers) win/tales you (the citizenry) lose scenario.

      • Its more like saw your leg off with a rusty spoon and give you sepsis while selling a pain inducing prosthetic and subscription antibiotics for the rest of your life.

    • lobbyists write half the legislation that passes Congress

      I see someone is still an optimist.

    • We are not “a nation” and never have been. America is–and has always been–an amalgam of nations. Whole books have been written on the subject. Good ones.

      And that is one of the main problems with “democracy,” as ZMan rightly points out in today’s essay. If there is no cultural unity, if there is not a REAL nation, then popular self-government is simply not possible. Human nature forbids it and history demonstrates it.

      The so-called “union” is a *forced* union, and the correct definition for forced union is “rape.” A “union” held together by force is no union at all, but rather an abusive relationship that the abused partner will abandon as soon as he or she can.

      The corruption that you so deftly and succinctly describe is possible on the present staggering scale because there is no intact national culture because there is no “nation.” And there never has been. Therefore, the *vast* scale of “our” territory on this continent has made corruption–endemic corruption–inevitable.

      The “country” needs to be broken into smaller parts just because of the exigencies involved in the sheer *scale* of the administration of such a vast territory and populations (plural).

      Expecting *just* self-government (setting aside *efficient* self-gov’t) from such a heterogeneous set of populations and cultures over a long term and on such a vast scale is and always has been stupid and doomed to degenerate into the failure we now live in.

  29. A friend’s wife was tearful, she told me over the phone that I probably shouldn’t come visit since she had a “start of a sore throat” and “didn’t want to kill me” with the Omicron Variant. Apparently I’m at even higher risk of dying from it than the triple vaxxed like her.

    I told her that she was over reacting and that both of us would be fine, and went to visit anyways. None of us even got a cold and I guess her hypochondriac “sore throat” went away too.

    It sounds like a made up story but it’s unfortunately something that really did happen. Hard to know what it’s like being in that head space, but yeah it seems highly probably that we won’t be able to co-exist with such lunatics forever. It’s getting much worse too because she was relatively normal until the woke stuff started ramping up around 2016. Very susceptible to the state/MIC brainwashing (that’s what it is) campaigns.

    • Don’t worry about it old son, stories of triple-vaxxed but still getting the dreaded China Virus are becoming two-a-penny in my circle. On such man even proudly boasted of this fact. Not sure what his agenda was, but at no point did he look like a man who had made a massive blunder.

      The worst of it is that these are actually, in my experience, quite nice folks. But they’re invested in The System that they don’t even know hates them, so what can a man do but forge ahead by himself… maybe with a family if lucky.

      I beginning to lose count of the number of thirty-somethings I know who have had multiple shots and freely admit to feeling bad after them. Yet they line up again and again. It’s an incredible thing to witness, this level of brain-washing.

      • What might happen with “Omicron” is something similar to “bug chasing” among gays. Once they realize it’s basically just a cold — a pretty mild one, from what I understand — they might go out of their way to be exposed to it, to prove what tough guys they are, and how committed to the “public health” lifestyle.

        Yeah, I know, it’s stupid, and I wouldn’t put real big money down on the proposition just yet, but you must admit, it fits these freaks’ psychology.

      • It’s natural selection in action in real time. Not something that takes place in such a brief period of time that we can observe it from start to finish. It’s truly a remarkable period in history from many perspectives. I mean, getting to *witness* natural selection *as it happens* is remarkable.

      • Orange Frog: Friend’s family is visiting from England. Both young parents are vexxed and boostered (partly in order to travel, more in order to work and live). “See, I didn’t turn into a frog!” she reassured her devastated stepmother. She was more redpilled years ago but she has spent less and less time in the US and less and less time exposed to alternative media and points of view.

        She claims she won’t let her children be vexxed “until they are old enough to choose for themselves.” In reality, of course, this means when their best friends’ mothers get said friends vexxed, and the social pressure gets to be too intense. Or when Boris makes it mandatory for primary school.

        And they are blithely certain that they’ll be able to return for a visit in a year or two, while my friend is silently mourning what she believes will be her last time with them on this earth. The separation of the population into two very different camps, not merely watching different movies but now fundamentally biologically different, is really coming to a head. I’m constantly amazed at how many are utterly blind to it, and think life will always go on as usual.

        Hope your family’s resettlement has gone smoothly and that you are now less fragile and more self reliant than before. It can be a long and drawn-out process and takes time that I increasingly feel is running out.

    • That wife will likely forget the last two years once the hysteria dies down who knows when and will just look at you confused if you bring it up, then she’ll act entirely the same way in the next fake crisis. Already reconciled myself to the fact many of my friends with trusting and agreeable personalities by nature are NGMI.

      • Good point. It really is the trusting nature that screws these folk over. Everyone likes to go on about the IQ thing, but most higher IQ types are very cowardly and trusting… they’re all in on the Covid-Coaster.

        Most of the working class whites around my way shun masking and openly mock the shamdemic, although they are on the younger side (25-35). Oldsters of all classes and races seem mostly united in their terror. Chinks naturally ‘rag up’, they love it. It’s what they’ve been doing for ages. Indians seem to love it too.

        • I’ve heard the clot shot described as an IQ test, but I call it a trust test. The Americanized Africans have a low rate of clot shottage. They are not smarter than we are, but they have a very low level of trust for the system.

          They show wisdom in doing so. The abortion and diversity industries both substantially started out as efforts to remove and replace them from the urban habit they unhappily shared with virtue signaling white leftists. The system since the 1950’s (rule by white leftist technocrats) has not been good for them.

          • Not been good?

            Have you been in a coma for 20 years?

            The most useless group is now pushed in every single aspect of life far beyond any merited position and for whites its wall to wall blacks in culture.

          • Horace: It’s not ‘the system’ the Africans don’t trust, it’s wypipo. They and White leftists (and ignorant, self righteous conservatards) still go on about the “infamous Tuegee experiment,” although there was never any such thing. There was no specific cure for syphilis at the time the study began, and the men received free medical treatment. At the end of FORTY YEARS, a grand total of . .. 100 died.

            They freely and enthusiastically abort their own; they still dump increasing numbers of moronic and imbecilic predators on White society. I only wish more of them were fully vexxed. Spare me your sympathy for the poor, ill-used “Americanized Africans.”

          • “A trust test”

            That’s good- I was thinking an obedience test, but nobody wants to be told they obey.

            “Trust” is more accurate, and can actually open the door.

        • OrangeFrog, the oldsters trust the newspapers, the corporate news shows, and of course their doctor. They can’t wrap their minds around the idea that any of them would lie.

          I understand that, because the campaign to get a shot into everyone is the biggest coordinated effort the world has ever seen. Sometimes I feel crazy myself for believing that it’s all been lies. But you have to stay with the evidence that’s clear to see.

          Young people are increasingly understanding that the corporate media is fake. The Joe Rogan interviews with Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone have been huge moments in opening up more eyes to the corporate media lies. Rogan’s audience is gigantic, and much bigger than the cable news shows.

          • The Food Network’s audience is larger than CNN’s. But CNN survives b/c “cable packages.” Get cable; get CNN. Or at least PAY for CNN.

        • PS- per the compliance test, Georgetown students are getting nosebleeds from all the nasal swabs.

          Another ritual to reinforce the steadfastness of the devout and punish unbelievers.

    • I am—today—just recovered from my “sore throat/head cold”. Seems both daughter and husband both tested positive for Covid New Year’s Day or so and shared the wealth. They were *triple vexx’d!*—and of course felt they were invincible and safe to walk among the unvexx’d. No inheritance this year, sorry. 😉

      I’ll get private blood work soon to test for antibodies as I don’t quite trust the general “free” testing by the local authorities. Should be interesting, since this would be the second year I’ve contracted the *pox*. No fun being ill, but I’m also kind of enjoying surviving despite Fauci’s best efforts to kill me off with his inoculations.

      Does that mean I’m at the age were I enjoy outliving the assholes I have to deal with? Well, take your pleasures where you find them I guess.

        • Yep. for a “disease” (that’s not even a disease, by the medical definition, but merely a series of clinical presentations–that change!) that you can have without even knowing it, *and* for which there is not now nor has there ever been a diagnostic test (Which CDC finally admitted in August–and the PCR “test” ceased to be authorized as of New Year’s Day), it does seem pointless. But it affords emotional satisfaction to the superstitious among us, so that’ explains it, I think. And it’s fashionable to “get tested” and emotionally satisfying to talk about it, especially if your lie is empty and meaningless and you live a life of quiet desperation, and then a Really Big Fashion comes along that you can participate in. “We’re all in it together” and so on, as though they were heroic passengers giving up their place in a lifeboat on the Titanic. These are people who see their lives through what I call The Camera of Life. They are the start of their own movie. They live in a bio-pic.

          • It is possible for a hard confirmation with antibody test. This is not PCR, nor the current 15 min “pregnancy” type test. I had one last year. It can tell you the amount of response (titers) in the blood. But of course, the antibodies are short term as we have seen with the vexxine. So testing soon is optimal. Since I’ve not had the jab, high response is a sign of a good working innate immune system.

            The blood work needs to be done every year anyway to check for conditions, such as cancer spread. January is my annual. This year I believe I will be declared cancer free, having reached a 5 year mark.

            The thing about bloodwork is that you don’t get tests/reports on things you don’t ask for. So I need to ask for tumer antigens, vitamin D levels, etc, etc. These are good to know—regardless of ones concern/skepticism writ Covid.

          • Infant: Courteously worked my way through a crowded grocery store aisle the other day and one woman quipped “Well, I guess we’re all in this together as they say.” I responded with a definitive “Most definitely not.” She was utterly nonplussed. After all, I appeared perfectly normal.

        • I am curious.

          There used to be—and still are—other diseases than Covid. It would also be interesting if I’m just experiencing normal virus contraction during the typical seasonal occurrence. Also, I would refrain from telling folk “I’m a 2x survivor” of the pox…if I were not.

          I’m all too often guilty of faulty knowledge and memory (I am human and getting old), but I will not be known as a liar.

          • Did you get yourself tested for varying respiratory disease all the other times you were ill with flu type illnesses previously?

            Did you consider the testing just keeps adding to the numbers used daily?

          • To avoid being thought a liar, just end every utterance with, “That’s science!”

          • “but I will not be known as a liar.”

            Honesty. Integrity. Honor. Humility.

            An inspiration, my people are the finest inspiration.

          • Trumpton, no of course not. COVID is the disease of interest, no others. I have experienced colds and such before Covid. I’ve never had the thought I’d not catch such after Covid.

            The interest is Covid vs everything else. Not Covid, then same old song and dance. Who cares. If Covid, then I can state with some confidence: 1) It’s not the end of the world, 2) It certainly seems endemic as one can repeatedly catch it—I did. 3) Perhaps make some recommendations, or at least model, some process by which one retains/increases a resistance to such disease—or any disease—without resorting to unproven, and therefore quack science.

          • I still don’t get it. Seems redundant at best and supporting the continued drama.

            Each to their own I suppose.

  30. I have to disagree about the breakdown and steady decline of the administrative state and infrastructure. They are a managing the I-95 shutdown supremely well. In another day this terrible tragedy will be over.

    Who would of thunk it, modern day Donner parties on American freeways.

    • David Wright: Am I the only one gobsmacked not merely by the inept bureaucratic response, but more by the serene confidence of the drivers that none of them needed any emergency provisions in their car? Not even basics like winter coats and boots or some bottled water, let alone battery jump starters or some long-term food snacks? It’s not hard and doesn’t scream ‘tin-foil hat wearer’ to stick a plastic bin with an assortment of emergency items in the back of the car and then check it once a year.

      Long overdue culling. Long overdue.

      • In many rural areas having supplies and emergency needs in your car is a given. People in urban areas and especially those near the imperial capitol have no idea. Ignorant blissful fools.

      • “Long overdue culling. Long overdue.”

        I LOL’ed. That is SO frickin’ true!

        God-awful weather from Chicago to the Beltway, and do they carry any preps for it?

        Heck no, not even so much as a Slim Jim!!
        Truly a different species.

        • Note from the Snowpocalypse:

          When the Dunkin’ Donuts catering truck pulled up in the median, 100 women swore to have his babies.

          • Snowpocalypse! LOVE it! Ashamed I didn’t think of it myself! My hat is off to you!

      • I live in the Sonoran desert and I have blankets in my car and trunk. I also have a firearm, but that’s me. 😉

  31. “The crisis of Covid is that nature won and the administrative state failed.”

    Chernobyl, essentially.

    The parallels between the United States and the late Soviet Union are eerie. This sometimes gets pushback, but it is nonetheless true: the Soviets did not hate its subjects anywhere near as bad as the United States hates its citizens. The managerial state operates under the delusion that The Great Replacement will allow the system to operate because the new folks will have no clue what life was like the old regime. Fat chance. Even constant surveillance and police state tactics, all common now, will not save them because the administrative state cannot provide endless goods and services even before it stripmines the last wealth from Whites.

    The USSR broke apart quite peacefully. Just as the United States gracelessly fled Afghanistan in contrast to the orderly Soviet departure from there, it also will be far more nasty and brutish in its dissolution–because the Red Army did not hate Russians, and the Tranny Corps have been whipped into a frenzy to murder Whites.

    The administrative state failed long ago. Those it hated kept it operational, and now those people are targeted by it for genocide. Brilliant plan, that.

    • The breakup of the USSR is not over. I believe our comparison is better shown by the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, and potential fallout spreading to the Baltic States. In these cases, there were considerable ethnic Russians in the areas that broke off from “mother Russia”. At the time, Russia was in turmoil and unable to exert much force on many of the break away States. Today, they regret that decision and are exerting force to reunite their (ethnic) parts.

      That would seem the problem here. Many of the areas we think would be candidates for a homeland contain many 5th column elements and the central government is not yet in collapse to permit such anyway.

      • Side note:
        Ukraine might be a feint…
        The real action seems to be Kazakhstan, at least for today.

        I think the encirclement of Russia continues, the global masters must keep the White world divided.

        And, per Infant’s Guidestones–

        200 million Chinese in an emptied America,
        Because less than 1% of Chinese are ‘vaccinated’.

        Just waiting on the booster kill switch. The walking mutation colonies, shedding their viral overload, are going to turn us into Marek’s chickens- either dependent on ‘vaccines’, or dead.
        (Or hostages, dead without the antidote.)

        • I’ve wondered about such—no I don’t believe it. But just imagine that I, the only one of my family, close friends, and neighbors without the “vexx” is left standing. This is a scenario that box office hit movies are made from. Being the last man standing is a horror I’m not sure I—or any sane person—could stand.

          • Years, it will be some years.

            The Chinese are patient, so are the ones who think to ride them as their next horse.

            Asians are technically adept, but not independent.

            A steady nag, once broken in. On the spiritual side, their cruelty will feed the old gods.

            Thus, I’ve come to accept the “China was in on it” theme, they were offered a deal.

          • PS- a generation or so, I don’t see “last man standing”, but certainly the Domesday Book- the fallow fields of Europe after the Black Plague.

            We Whites have been through the bottleneck a number of times.

            Remember thou, that we are the antibody, the penicillin; the reason sapiens intelligence exploded in Central Europe 60,000 years ago was to fight the black mold that creeps up the walls of the greenhouse.

            All biospheres have a flaw due to the limits of their building material- we are, by Creation’s design, the correction of that flaw, the fulfillment of the greater imperative, to break thru the eggshell.

            Gaia is with us.
            Creation is with us, lest all the stars in the night sky go dark.

    • ” … the administrative state cannot provide endless goods and services … .”

      They have no wish to do so and no plans but the Great Reset and the Georgia Guidestones.

      Loved your post, though!

  32. Gangrene or cancer, both are slow and painful deaths. I wish there were a way to hurry this up.

  33. The admin state has been gangrenous for a long time. But now, we’ve most likely reached a critical stage where the limb has to go or the organism dies. However, the admin state doesn’t see it that way – they don’t think they’ve lost to mother nature as we can see with the continuing covid kabuki theater. Now a new potentially scary strain from Cameroon. A supposed scarier combination of flu and covid in Israel. Macron says the unvaxxed now aren’t French (though admittedly this may be true in many cases). This s*** just never ends. I profoundly wish the admin state would soon begin failing like our supply chain system is. It’s so worthless and inefficient, it has to at some point, but against all odds it keeps shambling along.

    • “I profoundly wish the admin state would soon begin failing … .”

      It is failing right before our eyes. That’s the *reason* for the Great Reset: to hide that failure from the common herd (bankruptcy of all pension funds). And I gotta admit … it’s workin’ like a charm so far.

      • 1000x this: “(the admin state failing)…the *reason* for the Great Reset: to hide that failure from the common herd (bankruptcy of all pension funds).

        I’ll repeat your summary as often as I can.

        The billionaire superyachts?
        They’re seasteading.
        Prepared like the survival bunker tunnels under every Costco, for the loyalists.

        Well, screw ’em. I intend to fight. Tom A inspires me to orient around the Lost Ways book(s), and my mobility and independence will be dedicated to networking committees of correspondence.

        Eff ’em. I want to see the fall of the Roman roads, and will.

        • If Committees of Correspondence are a-building, count me in. NO idea how to go about IRL community with this crowd but “‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish’d.”

          Three of my 5x great-grandfathers and two 4X great-grandfathers were Committee of Correspondence and Committees of Safety members (GA, SC, & NC).

          Count me IN.

    • I took a summer-long course in Guadalajara, Mexico, almost eight yrs ago and became friends with a classmate, a Spaniard, who told me that when Columbus landed on Hispaniola in 1492, the FIRST man ashore was the notary with desk, pens, and seals to record and “rubber stamp” the event.

  34. also contributing to the decay is the system no longer performs its actual mission. imagine a word processing program that does 100’s of other things (poorly) but cannot actually be used for writing. that is the administrative world, especially on the government side.

    unmentioned in the article is the main driver of this decline in system competence. affirmative action. the pre-AA IRS could write massive mainframe software systems (that are still running). now they have to job all of that out to consulting companies like oracle and kpmg.

    but this is all to the good. i am supremely relieved that the level of incompetence is already high enough to preclude full systemic capture of society.

    • State and Federal governments are incredibly dependent on outside contractors for basic functions now, and the contractors are learning to graft the government for every penny.

      One can look at the I-95 debacle, where people were trapped for 24+ hours in a relatively mild snowstorm for an example. The fact this isn’t that close to the imperial capital shows the collapse of competence up close.

        • “Perhaps this can be leveraged?”

          Thanks, Idle, that helps- a lot.

          People forget that most unsavory types have day jobs as tradesmen.

          Not that I’m making any hints here, but I do have a past, odd skills as an urban liason, that I used to be ashamed of.
          USED to be.

          Some reach high, some dwell low.
          I suspect the numbers of Fremen are vast.

      • The fact that the inauguration of “the most popular president EV-AH” had to–*had* to–take place with NO witnesses *and* behind barbed wire and thousands of armed soldiers shows the collapse better than tranny story hour at the kiddie library. Large segments of the population are not subjected to tranny story hour.

      • “the contractors are learning to graft the government for every penny.”

        That door is closing, too, because the gov’t cannot stop playing favorites & mandates. “We need help! But only from a company owned by a trans-male Nigerian prince! Have all of your employees been quadruple-jabbed, specifically including the telecommuters? Mandatory 16-hour sexual harassment training for EVERYBODY!”

  35. “The bad office holder in a republic can voted out of office in favor of someone new.”


  36. Just got the weekly mass email from my boss about wearing the face muzzle and stopping “this omnicron” death wave. What’s funny is the message had the typical idiotic language that is now normal: “it’s spreading among the vaccinated too.” followed up by: “if your unvaccinated, we encourage you to consider getting it, and make sure you’re getting tested twice a week.”

    Clown world just keeps giving.

    • All I can say is I’m glad I packed it in last March. I would not be able to take this covid BS while working. It’s bad enough as it is. Best of luck to those still dealing with the corporate world and now this.

      • The South awaits you all with open arms! You know in your hearts that it’s “the last, best hope” we have.

        Don’t put it off.

    • Heh. We had an office droid also send out such a communique. The part about vaccine encouragement was amusing. I wonder how long we’ll be in the encouragement phase, as certain sectors seem to have entered the coercion phase.

    • We get those same emails each week. The subtitle is “being vaccinated matters”. It does?

      What about heart attacks and heart inflammation? Do those matter too? The psychosis is truly amazing.

      The fact remains, as Z has pointed out before, the system is unworkable now. Waiting for its inevitable collapse is the waiting game now.

      • That’s something I don’t quite get. I can see early on how malleable people would get the jab, since there was no history of efficacy or injury.

        Now, there are myriads of stories recounting injury and death. In addition, it doesn’t actually, you know, stop you from getting it.

        These facts are not in question.

        Are they obtuse, or simply putting their fingers in their ears and saying “lalalala”.

        It reminds me of “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”. Watch out, Donald Sutherland May rat you out!

        • When you were a small child and mommy said, “take this medicine, it’s good for you”. You might not like it, but you knew mom was to be trusted with your care and would not hurt you. You did as you were told.

          That’s what the situation is today. Half the country has child-like minds—limited intellect and understanding. Mom died, but the government stepped in and took her place.

          People do not think critically—they have not been trained to, nor do they want to as important questions are beyond their ability to conceive of. They look to be told what to do, what to say, what to think. It’s so much easier that way. We all want our parents to take care of us—forever. Some of us grow up when we leave our parents, or our parents leave us. Some just find another parent in government.

          • I continue to marvel at the number of people I know, both family and friends, who have fallen for this farce hook, line and sinker. It’s incomprehensible to me that so many just took it all in unquestioningly at face value – the virus is an existential threat and the “vaccine” is our only savior. It’s hard not to be fearful of the future.

        • They don’t know that stuff. NO idea at all. They know what their TeeVee tells ’em and nuttin’ more.

          You are well informed, but don’t “project” that quality onto the (truly amazingly large) segment of Western populations today who as superstitious as ay Hottentot or, by your leave, Ostei, as any Hutu.

        • I’m wondering if the brain damage makes them try to spread it like rabies while repeating nonsense syllables.

          • Have you considered the nonsense syllables are in fact a sort of a virus in and of itself?

            The similar structure of all of these sequences allows it to inject itself into the linguistic processing centers.

          • trumpton, that’s good. That’s deep.

            Rewiring the associative synapses like a genetic alteration.

            Once the mutation firms, their neural net is switched, sensitive to a different frequency, too.

            Altered and attuned. I can use this- very, very helful, thanks much.

      • The subtitle is “being vaccinated matters”. It does?

        Well, to THEM, yeah. But since their morality and smugness and science are universal, then it follows that it’s important to you, too.

        That’s science. Ya know?

    • “if you’re unvaccinated, we encourage you to consider getting it, and make sure you’re getting tested twice a week.”

      On Sunday morning I checked the Fakebook page of my church to see if they had any new and stupid Covid regulations. Well, they said that all the vaccinated who attended in-person worship were “highly encouraged” to wear masks. But the un-vaccinated “were welcome to worship via the live-stream, or by listening to the radio feed.”

      That’s gotta be the kindest-gentlest way any human has ever been banned from church.

      I didn’t go to church, I didn’t watch the live-stream, and I certainly didn’t listen on the radio.

      And we wonder why the teenagers don’t even want to go to church anymore.

      • What you describe is no church. Period. Run–do not walk–away as fast as ever you can.

        My congregation had a meeting when the governor very politely asked the people of our Deep South state to stay home for two weeks to flatten the curve. (After that, he called the whole thing off, and my state returned to normal).

        PAstor just says, “Well, what do you say?”

        And I (yes, I) said, “Our forbears in the Faith faced REAL danger: beheading; burning alive; being torn to pieces by wild animals, and they didn’t stop meeting together. We face nothing more than a media event, but even if the danger were real, I don’t think anybody here would find that a reason to “forsake the assembling of [ourselves] together.”

        Everybody present looked around at one another, nodded their heads, and that was that. We never stopped meeting. We shook hands. We sat and knelt together, We sang. We drank from the same Cup every Sunday. NOBODY got sick.

        My sister’s church in a sister state did the same.

        I know of two other congregations in my city who ignored the whole thing. And if I know of those few, I am *sure* that *many* churches–real ones–did the same. Of course, the High Sheriff of our county–a black guy–had gone on TV to say that his deputies would not be enforcing any kind of public health nonsense, so we weren’t exactly being *daring* to ignore the bogus threat.

        But we now know how many false “churches’ there are, and how many false Christians.

        There’s a Faithful Remnant, but that is all that is needed.

        For you, though, my brother, accept what is. Your “church” is nothing of the kind. They despise you.

        I know nothing about you, but I can offer this:


        • The religious part of me says there is a definite spiritual component at work as well as a cultural contagion.

          Thanks to you, I’m reminded that’s true on BOTH sides.

          May His hand guide you and keep you, may the Light of the empty tomb shine upon you.

          • Thanks for your kind words and your generous spirit. It’s men like you that assure that we shall prevail because “the wrong shall fail; the right prevail With peace on earth, good will to men.”

            Be of good cheer. Of good courage. We are made of the stuff of our ancestors, and that ain’t nothin’. We shall prevail. We shall inherit the earth (such as it will be). But we can do a lot with what is left. We are the salt of the earth. Go forward with cheerful confidence.

        • There are “churches” where I live that meet in the minister’s home. Yeah, that’s not much of a church, but where “two or more are assembled”… You can serve God or man, not both.

          Many of the “big” organizations have forgotten such in their fruitless mission to put butts in pews. Covid just emphasized a growing problem, but I still smarts. I’ve heard formal church attendance is down over 40% in just the last year. No bets on whether it will ever recover in the future, and why should it? Their reaction and submission to secular authority has in most cases been shameful.

          • “Covid just emphasized a growing problem, but It still smarts.”

            I’m sure it does, and rightly so. But it is *always* better to know the truth of the situation; to know *exactly* where we stand, and now we do.

            And you are right: “Where two or more are gathered together … .”

            GO by all and every means to the meetings in homes that you mention. The FIRST churches were house churches. There is *power* in knowing that one is facing daunting odds. That’s what summons up courage, which, as you know, is not fearlessness, but going ahead *despite* one’s fears.

            Courage! We are neither down nor out. And with the passage of time, our duty becomes clearer, and the WAY begins to show itself. Remember: When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear. So it is with struggle against the kind of odds our people now face. Each situation will arise with our duty and our tactics implicit in it.

            We are neither down nor out, and we ain’t gonna be.

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