The Praetorian Psyop

The Pentagon announced that it will be conducting guerilla warfare training in North Carolina in the coming weeks. The point of the exercise is to train American soldiers to battle “seasoned freedom fighters”, according to the Army. They say they made the announcement so that the public would not be shocked by the sound of weapons or the sight of the soldiers conducting war games. The exercises are going to be conducted on private lands in the western part of the state

This announcement coincides with the Department of Justice announcing the formation of a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism. According to the DOJ, “We have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.” What they are saying is the hysterical reaction to the January 6 protests is entirely justified as there is an invisible army out there making bombs.

Many assume this is about the ongoing shift toward treating all opposition to the regime as domestic terrorism. The color revolution they orchestrated against Trump will become a full-time revolution. Politicians will go on about the threat to our democracy while agents of the secret police drag people off for made up crimes. Liberal democracy is in its terror phase. The gross violation of rights is justified by the perpetual state of emergency over the alleged threat to the system.

There is some of that, for sure, but the FBI has been framing people as domestic terrorists for generations. They used to work with organized crime to frame people for murders committed by gangsters. That made the FBI look good and they did not have to do any real work. They orchestrated antiwar protests in the 1960’s and racial crimes in the South during the civil rights era. They framed too many people to count during the Bush years in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism.

In other words, the FBI and the rest of the intelligence agencies have never needed a reason to abuse the rights of Americans. The reason these organizations came into existence at the same time the American empire went global is every empire needs a secret police to prevent domestic enemies. Empires do not treat the core population very well, so they have to worry that the core population will get tired of sharing the wealth and revolt against their rulers.

There is another reason for these announcements. The intelligence agencies have broken free of civilian oversight. We saw this in the Trump years when they spied on his campaign and tried to frame any number of people in order to perpetuate the cover-up now known as the Russian collusion hoax. Chuck Schumer told Trump in public that he better not take on these agencies as they have a six million ways to get him. The politicians fear the intelligence community.

A big part of their power is the ability of these agencies to perpetuate fear among the people in the political class. It is why they tried to frame Congressman Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking early last year. Every member of Congress looked at what was happening and thought about their younger days. If they could ring up a sitting member of Congress for being a party boy in his youth, they will do anything. Also note how the media did not report on the disposition of the case.

That is what is going on with these ostentatious displays over the alleged domestic terrorism threat. The FBI and DOJ looked at the way the political class reacted to the January 6 protests and realized they could use their fear as a tool of control. A few times a year they will arrest some patsies for trying to attack a politician and then use these as examples at public hearings. The FBI will never have to answer another difficult question from Congress.

This is also a nice bit of insurance in case the people screw up again and vote Trump back into office. The FBI and DOJ assume that Trump will do what they would do if the roles were reversed and that is seek revenge. Any digging around in the FBI or DOJ will be met with howling about Trump’s links to domestic terrorism. The Russian collusion hoax will be replaced by the insurrection hoax. The media, of course, already knows the drill so they will be all over this too.

There is another aspect to this. Orwell noted how authoritarian regimes needed an enemy to rally the people against. He was a socialist so he naturally thought a traitor to the cause made for the best villain. Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984 and Snowball from Animal Farm were both modeled after Trotsky. Liberal democracy, on the other hand, just needs non-democratic enemies. They do not have to be from the ruling class to be a useful villain to rally support.

In the last thirty years, the empire has had many types of Muslim baddies to use as the designated threat to democracy. The American police state was built as a defense against this alleged threat. Russia has been conjured into a global threat to democracy for the same reason. Now they are manufacturing all sorts of domestic baddies to be the great threat to the system. The intelligence agencies are always right there to confirm the regimes worst fears.

It is not that people are sitting around saying, “We’ve got to protect our phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen.” This fear of what lies outside the snow globe that is imperial politics just comes naturally to people who have to no real purpose. Politics in a managerial state is ceremonial, having no real impact on life. Despite their lofty titles, the people in the political system feel utterly helpless. Fear and paranoia are the natural consequences of their impotence.

In the end, nothing much will change for the Dirt People. When the FBI needs some trophies to display to Congress, they will round up the usual suspects. Sure, many now wriggle through the net as even the dumbest have caught on to how this works, but there is always at least one idiot willing to play along. Otherwise, the domestic terrorism unit will be creating security theater for the political class. They will be the narrator telling them to fear what lies outside the Capital Beltway.

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154 thoughts on “The Praetorian Psyop

  1. “ This fear of what lies outside the snow globe that is imperial politics just comes naturally to people who have to no real purpose. Politics in a managerial state is ceremonial, having no real impact on life. Despite their lofty titles, the people in the political system feel utterly helpless. Fear and paranoia are the natural consequences of their impotence.‘

    It will indeed be tough to top these four sentences this year, Z. I hope it is not necessary to try. I am sure it will be, however.

  2. There will no need for “digging around in the FBI or DOJ.”
    All of the domestic enemies in those agencies should replace the “insurrectionists” in whatever facility they are incarcerated in, just as they would have been when Thomas Jefferson pardoned all of the “seditionists” that John Adams had persecuted and prosecuted, after he won the election against him.

  3. Empires do not treat the core population very well, so they have to worry that the core population will get tired of sharing the wealth and revolt against their rulers.

    The core population of the United States — despite being abused and insulted for years now — still gets its ass kissed enough in mass entertainment that it doesn’t feel TOO neglected. The way to soothe the jitters of any population in modern times is to write a television show based on it. Ironically, the more diverse the programming gets, the more the relatable shows based on You seem special. Even as the core population’s shows shrinks, their fondness spikes. For example, the show FRIENDS with 6 white people — 3 male, 3 female — looks better and better with each passing year.

    In a modern society, TV is the great unifier. It performs tasks that a government would have to do if the private sector didn’t handle it so well. The core population appreciates it more than minorities because they have an inkling of how hard it is to do more-than-gratuitous television well. In the end, it may well be American television that saves the empire’s bacon, both domestically and internationally.

    • This doesn’t deserve a down vote but its not correct.

      TV has much less the reach it used to in term of percentage of the population and it skews old. CNN for example, lost 90% of the younger viewership of some shows.

      The CW which is an entertainment network with several well known franchises like Walker Texas Ranger, Batwoman, Super Girl, Legends of Tommorow (a DC thing) is bankrupt and hasn’t made money in 15 years. Its for sale if you some millions lying around.

      The most any show gets, the Equalizer remake with Queen Latifah manages 20 million views. By comparison Pew Die Pie and Swedish YouTube guy has 5x that many subscribers and he is far from the biggest.

      It won’t help the empire since the clowns that make TV mostly can’t make shows anyone will watch

  4. This is off topic but does anyone think that winning in Vietnam was never the point and was part of a demoralization psyop?

    Look at American society in the Kennedy years vs the Ford years. Trust in government and confidence in societal progression cratered big time. If course people were still happier during the Ford years than they are now but still

    • Psyop or not, there’s a spirit to things. (MIC) greed, demoralization, and bloodletting seem to often go together.

    • There was something profoundly weird about the Lyndon Johnson era, I will give you that. Vietnam wasn’t the half of it. It was the rise of the counterculture and the drug culture (both fueled by disaffection from Vietnam and participated in by veterans, I grant), the negro riots, and the massive expansions of government: “Great Society”, civil rights (which was far, far more than just desegregation…”diversity,” “affirmative action” and “disparate impact” were baked in the cake form the start ), and crucially, the immigration act of 1965, which was sold to the public as absolutely not changing the fundamental makeup of the country. 57 years later here we are.

      • Yes. The act of ’65. That was the lie that opened the devil’s gates for all of us. Canada, where I live, had a similar “opening up” to mixed races at about the same time. Canada so often moves in lockstep with the United States.

        Here, in the North, even the right-wing Conservative government keeps pumping in hundreds of thousands of nonwhite immigrants every year. There’s no stopping it no matter who you vote for. All they have to do is cry “raciss” to get that spigot turned on again. It’s sickening, such a lack of will and backbone.

        • I recently emailed PPC (Max Bernier’s party) to say their proposed 150k immigrants per annum is 150k too much. Crickets. No reply.

    • Anyone have any speculations about why Sinema and Machin are resisting the progressives so vigorously?

      One answer is that their resistance gives them a great deal of leverage to ask for things that they want. But so far, I don’t see signs that they have cashed in on that leverage.

      Maybe I’m too cynical, but I find it hard to believe that Sinema and Manchin are really motivated by concerns for the people and the integrity of Congress.

      • Theater. The crazies must also be held at bay. Gives the mainstream Dems a built-in excuse and makes oligarchs happy.

        • You got it. Whoever is in control wants this killed, likely because the inflation (some of it deliberate) got out of hand and started to impact the oligarchs as well. So Manchin and Sinema put on a show; probably half or better of their caucus wants BBB scuttled.

          The irony is Puppet Biden may not even have been told the legislation has to go down, and is allowed to Crazy Old Man shout at the clouds about it. As Z has written, as soon as the Republicans are allowed to play fake opposition, they will model BBB in a way that maximizes the graft and minimizes whatever problems it is causing the Ruling Class.

      • Line: Agreed. I’m also surprised that stories of past misdeeds or badspeak (true or make believe regardless) haven’t been leaked or threatened in order to make them come to heel. Don’t find it credible they don’t have any skeletons in their closets.

      • The dems don’t really want it passed.

        We’ve come to a weird point in our politics where the parties don’t want to accomplish anything. Accomplishment piss off a d motivate the opposition. And victories demotivate the riled up base. So both sides like to keep issues at a boil to rile up their crazies. Getting close but not quite making it across the finish line pisses off hard core supporters and motivates them to vote harder the next time.

        Sinema and Manchin got to be “the bad guys” this time because it plays well with their own voters. But if they hadn’t done it, some other dem would have.

        • Nailed it. Manchin and Sinema are the designated saboteurs. Maybe due to the inflation, maybe not, but for whatever reason, the Ruling Class wants BBB killed for the time being.

    • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. They are Democratic politicians in red states and their seats are at risk unless they move to the center.

  5. Remember, the enemies of the new woke military aren’t Russians, Chinese, or Arabs. We are their enemies.
    Best Regards,

  6. The regime is right to have a sense of insecurity. It has sacrificed the legitimacy it enjoyed since the aftermath of the civil war by adhering to some minimum threshold of the appearance of representative governance as well as some decent level of restraint in exploiting their positions for personal aggrandizement. That threshold roughly defined and conveyed to the population though its own indoctrination vehicles like the education system and popular media for 100 years. They have been working to reverse that indoctrination to the opposite principles with some success, but only in the young. In any case, those opposite principles, making a virtue of censorship, explicit institutionalization of discrimination based on race, sex, political affiliation, legitimization of the use of force against political competitors, etc. all serve to justify and encourage their application in reverse. The extraordinary incompetence they have demonstrated while at the helm further erodes intellectual or even emotional objections to forcible replacement. It would be strange if there weren’t any ambitious men making plans. Indeed, a traditionally educated officer could easily construe it as a duty to intervene at this point.

  7. I apologize if this is mentioned in the comments but the initial part of the post about the exercise is a non story. ” Robin Sage” takes place every year, usually multiple times per year in that location outside FT Bragg. The G’s are usually portrayed as muslims or tribesmen the Green Beret trainee’s are trying to support. If they do a good job, they get fed, they are allowed to train them – A SOF mission and they get a go for the exercise. If they piss em off its a shitshow. There’s enough Discovery doc’s on this…its not news. Why this made national news a few days ago….maybe to piss the Right off….no idea but I saw it to. The Green Berets are doing more of this and getting away from the cool guy Direct Action stuff that became more of their mission after they took Afghanistan. The initial “12 Strong” folks did exactly the sort of mission that “Robin Sage” mimics. Its what these guys are supposed to do. Delta and the Rangers are more Direct Action. They put this out because they operate on private land. Most people in the area know about it. More then a few years ago a deputy sheriff did not get the memo…the trainees through that it was part of the scenario and folks got hurt. The other SOF units all practice real life missions on US soil all the time. Delta conducts dry runs all the time doing various things. Jade Helm is conducted in the southwest every year. I’ve supported it on the big Army side to ensure that locals didn’t loose their minds when Blackhawks and little birds are dropping dudes on rooftops. The Exercise is the biggest SOF exercise they all do. There’s videos all over the place. They all do training…..this particular one is minor compared to the stuff the Black SOF units conduct.

    • The context of the operation, including the brass announcements about the purposes of training, show that this is an intimidation tactic, “flexing” on white rural America.
      Lon Horiuchi may have been target shooting at that range for years, but when he puts a picture of MountainDog6 on his target and then says MountainDog6 is a serious deadly threat who needs to be taken out, well, thats’s a threat to MD6, that is an act of deliberate intimidation. Doesnt matter that he has been doing that same activity there for years, the context and accompanying communication makes it intimidating.

      • Where do you think most of these SF bubbas originate from? It ain’t Northampton Massachusetts…

        This is no intimidation tactic.

    • The successful company from which I just resigned is implementing the full OSHA mandate now, and I live in one of the reddest states. Sometimes, my timing is good…

      • Line: Good on you for not giving in. Hope you have something else lined up or at minimum good prospects. Best wishes.

        • Don’t give me too much credit. I resigned just before the mandates were adopted. I’m going to be a ski bum until the end of the season 🙂

          Had I stayed, I’d probably have opted for the weekly testing. I do have sympathy for my erstwhile coworkers.

  8. In other words, the political class is completing or has completed the process of “walling themselves up” inside the Beltway.

    Fine. Perfect, in fact. The more distant they make themselves the better. The easier it will be for even the stupidest Covid believer to see the truth, even though he would otherwise never have been able to.

    They have gone too far. And they have done us the courtesy of making it too obvious for *anybody* to miss.

  9. The Security State clearly is in control, and “trophies” are hauled in front of Congress to terrorize the public. The elected officials are dutiful whores, and even the Administrative State largely is subordinate to those who have implemented the American version of The Great Terror.

    I do not agree this is business as usual, either. The Rubicon was crossed when state-sponsored terror in the form of BLM/Antifa riots happened last year. There is no turning back now, and this inevitably will end in great violence. I have no clue who comes out on top but there will be no winners.

    Even during the Russian collusion hoax, one could apprehend some initial fear on the part of Comey and Brennan, among others. As time dragged on, assurances were made they would not be touched. The black cop who murdered the White woman in the Capitol, it turns out was not even questioned.

    The gloves have come off.

    • “The gloves have come off.”

      So has the mask.

      Kida weird that putting on a mask is taking off the mask, but we’ve gone through the looking glass, so there it is.

  10. Zman, I disagree for the following reasons:

    1. The moral arc of the regime is anti-White. Period. And they need a greater high each time of anti-White because their lives are otherwise empty and meaningless. They must be the heroes of the endless tv show in their mind.

    2. Putin knows the easiest way to fracture the US and plunge it into irrelevancy is to feed the ambition of those looking to fill the vacuum of Biden as things start to collapse and no doubt has many agents whispering Wormtongue things in the ears of Garland, Wray, and Milley. How they can “save democracy” and be the great heroes see above. This is basically the playbook used by the CIA in Kazahkstan reversed. Where Hunter’s pal took instead of gave a bribe to stage a revolt and semi-coup, ended quickly by Russian and Chinese troops.

    3. Biden is in a preference cascade. America is a consumerist society, it is WHY it held up under anti-White moralism for so long: fully stocked supermarkets with affordable food, and entertainment galore. Now the entertainment is just anti-White lectures from angry and ugly black women, and there is no food in the supermarkets which are unaffordable anyway. Collapse of the consumerist base has led to a near total collapse of people’s confidence in the system. Elements of the regime know this and indeed are reporting it avidly to jockey for power as Biden collapses.

    4. The temptation to stage something like anti-Diem coup to stave off collapse will be very tempting, outside of that all there is left is Hillary! and there is no reason to suspect she’d do anything but lose spectacularly to anyone with a pulse. In a consumerist nation empty shelves = open revolt. This is particularly true as these people all live in a bubble and have no idea of what ordinary people want, are capable of, and will respond to positively or negatively. They think ordinary people care more about what their priests (news whores) talk about more than empty bellies (coming soon) and empty shelves (here now).

    If such a thing does happen (I think it highly likely) I do not think there will be much active resistance but something like a giant rolling general strike will occur, as even Milley taking over and just going full military woke will not put food on shelves nor make it affordable. And certainly Putin and Xi would like that so they can make their own moves as Milley and Admiral Rachel Levine address the nation as the new military leaders. There would not be the dirty fantasies that retired generals are writing “None of you will believe what happened to ME during the purging of the deplorables” if there was not the desire. It will fail horribly of course — most people will walk off their jobs to hunt for food quite literally and there are not enough troops to keep the power on, But ambition is ambition. All that exercises will be for nothing. People won’t re-enact Red Dawn. They will just scrounge for food and no longer work at jobs that don’t put food on the table.

    FYI: Zerohedge reports that Chinese ports are approaching total lockdown.

    • I very much doubt if Putin spends a passing thought on how he should arrange the succession in the shit-pile.

  11. Meanwhile, drugs pour across our borders by the tons. Criminal and gang activity are out of control, and these clowns (Feds) focus on mostly law abiding citizens. We really are living in a clown world run by incompetent baboons.

    • This isn’t incompetence. It’s treason, planned and gamed out a long time ago. How do you kill people, destroy their culture, religion, family structure, their morals, honor and beliefs….one satanic step at a time….here we are.

  12. The problem with the phony power elite of today, is that they love and feed from drama. They literally see themselves inside a House of Cards like series. They need several episodes where the unwashed, uneducated, poor white trash arms himself and tries to take one of them out. They do this because they’ve never seen adversity in their lives. They were born on third base and have never had a life challenge. They’ve never rented the apartment on the other side of the tracks in their 20s because they were at the bottom of a career ladder. They were born 20 rungs up the ladder. So all the world becomes some floating entourage that plots and schemes between flights of wine, like something out of 1780’s Versailles. And just like that time, they’re running up the national credit card to pay for their fantasy land. This is all conceptual to them. They don’t understand the optics of a permanent wall currently being erected around the White House.

    • They don’t have a ‘brilliant evil plan’. They are more like a giant, collective, reptilian brain just living out its deepest, darkest fantasies from the sickest dungeons of unrestrained, animalistic instinct. No one over there is really in control, it’s more like ‘Emergent Behavior, Collective Reptilian Edition’

      • And your mandatory pornhub subscription will be restricted to m-to-f trannyism for one month if you don’t shut your piehole, pleb.

    • Quote: ‘Put simply, it’s the crumbling of civil society, fractured by divergent forces from within. Consider the attack on the U.S. Capitol led by Donald Trump supporters a year ago;’ End quote.
      Aaaaand….the source of all the crumbling is…(drum roll) SURPRISE !!! Donald Trump and company.

  13. With all due respect, etc. Zman, I cannot fully agree that the anti-White, “our democracy is in danger” script is simply more of the usual. I see a continual ramping up. No, not the exercise in North Carolina – I generally discount things I see about purported military movements and/or equipment around the US (not that that could not/will not happen, but not yet). But the building of the concrete wall around the White house, the intense pressure in Congress to end the filibuster (again, not that all the old rules and traditions are good but it’s being changed to institutionalize one-party rule), and the ceaseless demonizing of Whites is definitely setting the stage for . . . something.

    The usual folks will counter “decent POX don’t like criminals on the streets or overrunning the border,” but the Soros DAs are doing their jobs. Not that I particularly care about what happens within the borders of NY city (again, sorry not sorry), but the broken windows social scenario tends to spread. People who think smash and grab or follow home robberies only happen in California aren’t paying attention. The shamdemic panic is continually stoked and the ‘deniers’ continually deplatformed and increasingly threatened with criminal prosecution. The vexx restrictions are being reinstituted and spreading.

    It will be interesting to see if the threatened repuke wave happens in the fall – not because it will make a damned bit of difference, but because it will give an insight into how much faux legitimacy the elites think they need to maintain.
    Again, I don’t vote and think anyone who does is a fool, but I would not be surprised to see a surge of POX voter registrations or numbers to ensure the majority party retains a margin – albeit even a slimmer one – to pass their agenda.

    I’m not worried about real hunger (I could use to lose weight, as could most Americans) but it really is interesting observing general consumer activity. I wandered a few non-grocery stores recently, and besides having minimal customers (all masked, of course), stocks seemed decidedly slim – housewares, towels, shoes, car wiper blades, etc. None of the usual January clearance sales were in evidence where I looked. Although most online grocery comments center on unavailability of favorite junk foods or pet foods, the grocery basics (flour, rice, beans, seasonings) are decidedly slim albeit not unavailable even here in the DFW burbs. Prices are not increasing incrementally but in large blocks – online quercetin we bought a few months ago for $17.99 is now $23.99.

    I’m no good at prognosticating, but I still think the atmosphere feels . . . heavy . . . like before a major thunderstorm. I don’t think the elites do things for no reason (even if they’re not rational by our standards), and they’re surprisingly open and forthright about what they plan if one knows where to look. I think discounting their increasing anti-White and anti-traditional pressure is unwise.

    Welcome informed conflicting views but not conservatard tropes. I’m off to work out some of my rage at the gym; will check back later.

    • You are right, we are not in a plateau phase. Their anti-White, anti-traditional Western values beliefs have a momentum that some demented fossil in the White House can’t just stop. True believer wackos would have a stroke if hatred of ‘evil White’ was just called off. And I’m not saying I’m representative but I can also feel real anger building up such that, irrational or not, I’m no longer entirely dejected by the thought of a showdown. I’m starting to actually hate the other side. I used to be a naive as hell civnat. ‘Lincoln was great, the South was wrong, blacks need equal rights, gays need equal rights.’ Where has that taken us?? It’s taken us into a world of sh*t. I’m ready to listen with open ears to the considered councel of segragationists and gay-bashers now. It feels a little like that replacement guy in Saving Private Ryan or Fury where the new guy goes through the process of having all his ‘civilized’, ‘nice’ ideas just ripped to pieces by the savagery of the enemy.

      And even if this is not representative of ppl on our side I think the momentum of the insanity on the other side will make sure we’ll see a phase transition to something a lot wilder than the current. We’re not in a stable place.

      • Moran – I’m am just like you, used to believe in all of the civnat stuff that you mentioned. It feels like the storm is coming. If I thought or said the things that I am saying today ten or even five years ago, I would have told myself that I need professional help. Like you, I hate these bastards with a burning passion. There isn’t enough rope and lampposts for what needs to be done

        • Like you & Moran I used to believe in the Red/Blue construct as well. Thought Lincoln was great but was never onboard the homo sh**. Never understood it: why would I want to make some guy’s hairy a**hole the object of my affection? Value my Johnson enough not to stick it where feces gets released.

          And glad now my attempt to join the USMC was thwarted by a medical condition. I see these wounded Vets on these commercials & it’s like for what? You lost both legs/an arm, etc for what exactly?

          Feel real bad for those guys.

          • I’ve always been personally disgusted with what gays do in a bedroom. But I went to college in NYC and I had, still have, gay friends. I’ve never supported gay marriage, that just seemed weird to ‘marry’ another dude. But I was against persecution of them. Now it honestly seems like we are seeing why all ancient cultures that endured, suppressed them. And we need to do the same. There’s a reason 99% of straight guys instinctively find gay sex disgusting. Our instincts are honed by st least hundreds of thousands of years of harsh selection. We override them at our peril.

      • Well, yes, how can anyone expect things to “return to normal” after hearing and being told that as a white person you are responsible for everything evil that has happened in the world, after finding out about a 5-year-old white boy that was shot in the head by a black man because of white privilege, after watching their elected representatives sit back and allow marxist POC mobs to burn down their businesses and homes (and being told it’s their fault), after seeing deliberate anti-white discrimination in federal programs such as covid relief for farmers, etc., well, no, things can’t ever go back to the way they were. Knowing how POCs feel about you now, can you ever look at them the way you did before? Knowing how your elected representatives feel about you, can you ever vote for them again?

    • Agreed. I won’t rehash my previous comment, but all pretenses ended when state-sponsored terror was unleashed on the public during the BLM/Antifa riots. Government legitimacy is now maintained through raw power, and the gloves are off.

    • I am being sincere here when I say I have no idea how the crap has not hit the fan yet. My family and I are conservative with money (no debt, money in bank, etc.), and we make a decent living, and we are feeling the increased prices. How the hell can most Americans, up to the eyeball in debt, reckless, feckless, etc. be paying for this crap? How have those groups with poor future time orientation not felt the pain when their Popeyes waivers aren’t getting as many biscuits anymore? I do not understand how the wheels are still on the bus.

  14. Now lookee here, you mean that’s it?
    That’s all? Their big secret super power is that they fooking TELL STORIES?!

    “Oo, oo, you better comply, or Jason Bourne will jump out of Pineland and git ya!”

    The guv sez…
    The judge sez…
    The lawyer sez…
    The TV sez…
    The media sez…
    Hollywood said…
    The CDC sez…
    Homeland sez…
    Oprah sez…

    Click click boom mutherf***ers

  15. I’m not sure that the “anti government” or “anti authority” ‘threats’ are actually overblown, to be honest. People are not pleased with the current government and system.

    A young white male really has no reason to support the current system. Unless he’s in the talented tenth intellectually, he won’t go far in his career and will be passed up for hiring and promotion opportunities due to affirmative action. Unless he’s from a wealthier family, he probably won’t be able to afford a home (The USA is still a bit cheaper, but Canada/AUS/NZ and even UK have f’ed up housing markets). Women don’t need him, since they’re independent. If he does get married, she could dump him and take half his stuff, and his kids, for no reason. Regardless of his income or intelligence, his taxes will keep being given to foreigners who hate him and want him dead. He will be forced to buy into a CRT system, where he is genetically evil with no path to salvation. If he’s unvaxxed he will be banned from any kind of entertainment.

    In fact non-white males are also increasingly ignoring the system, even if they’re still voting Dem and anti-white. No-go zones exist, and at some point large swaths of a nation will simply stop following whitey’s rules. Everybody is getting f*ed by the coronavirus lockdowns and men of all races, incomes, and education levels hate it, save for the most cucked and leftist males.

    The system is now rejecting people, forcing them into “untouchables” status, rather than roping us in through mortgages, families, careers, etc. I would imagine that most dissidents just wanted to grill, but unfortunately they aren’t leaving us alone. I don’t know if they’re doing it on purpose or if they’re just really stupid. But there is an actual rise in anti-government sentiment. Being the gynocracy as well as the gerontocracy, their only response is to double down.

    • It’s on purpose. Order out of Chaos, Build Back Better, the existence of Evil – take your pick.

      • Great article, thanks for the link. I don’t think I’ve encountered Mr. Smith before. Have you read any of his books?

        One of the things that Marx got right is that capitalism tends towards monopolies and class stratification.

        • Sry, no I don’t know much about him but he seems to have interesting views. And while I don’t think economics are at the root of our problems I’m starting to worry about shortages and such. I’m in Europe but I hear about rising prices on food in NYC and SoCal and if the dollar dam breaks, what’s going to happen then?

          Marx is a long discussion. I’m no expert at all but he probably got a lot of his criticisms right. The, or at least a major, problem is the denial of reality. Don’t know if this goes back to Lenin or all the way back to Marx himself. But this idea that you can ‘transform’ humans into something we are not, is the beginning of genocidal utopia. There is something very Marxist, in this sense, about the blank slate.

          • Too many believe in the transformation of man. Hillary for instance. Also – as Sowell puts it there are no solutions – just trade offs.

  16. “ those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies”
    Should be “subscribe,” not “ascribe.” Dumb as well as evil.

  17. Total post count as of 11AM EST- 45 Posts.
    Total posts by Karl von hungus, 8 posts.
    Percentage- 18% of all content

    As our old friend Bill Shatner once said to Trekkies- “Get a life people!”
    karl, go outside for a bit. Do something, anything other than sh-tting up the board like a pajeet in the street after too much curry. Here to help… ♥️

    • As you’ve implied, the question would be whether or not these comments add/contribute to the general conversation. That’s one thing I like about the comment software on UNZ or AmRen—you can block a commenter who posts in excess of his ability to contribute meaningfully to the general discourse. On the other hand, it is all too easy to block commenters that you simply don’t agree with, and this can promote intellectual laziness and bubble formation.

      Karl, would be a hard call. He has posted comments in the past that have made me think and react. One accepts to good with the bad.

    • Hehe sometimes karl cracks me up, sometimes he annoys me. But sometimes he makes good points. And I really appreciate the laughs. In a way we’re like anthropologists traveling through ultra-sicko land and it can be a bit of a downer. Sometimes funny helps. JMO.

    • Poll time!

      von Hungus is:

      An angelic being enlightening mere mortals with beatific goodness

      A demonic agent of Cthulu masking a mind-numbing evil beyond human ability to comprehend

      • We don’t want to skate on this ice. ZMan as been content to let the posting be completely free and free-wheeling, and the decision is HIS. And I think that he has NO intention of censoring anybody unless they are manifestly beyond the pale–like the buy he refers to as “pointless gainsayer” or something like that.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I like lots of his stuff although his rough around the edges style crosses the line many times. It’s a signal to noise issue, nothing more. (As a few others pointed out)

  18. “Liberal democracy, on the other hand, just needs non-democratic enemies. They do not have to be from the ruling class to be a useful villain to rally support.”

    Their inability to move beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome indicates against this. A random 19yo kid who thought the confidential informant really did want to be his friend is never going to have the same psychological mass as a popular insider who once had a chance to thwart the Beautiful People.

    The D.C. crowd will build monuments to Trump’s imputed sins, lest they ever forget what Orange Man might or might not have ever done to them.

  19. Robin Sage is the graduation exercise for the students in Q-school for U.S. Army Special Forces.
    It’s not an abnormal exercise and they’ve been doing it in the piney woods of the North Carolina piedmont for decades.
    As a reservist C-130 pilot, I got to fly some students into “Pineland” for a night HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump and it was a blast. I always wondered if those students graduated from Q-school.
    In 2002, a NC deputy sheriff shot and killed one of the participants in Robin Sage and wounded another. They assumed he was part of the exercise and he assumed they were scoping targets for robbery.

    • Yup…all very true. No idea why this made news now or again. I hate them getting our side spun up on normal crap that we’ve done for years and years. There’s enough BS with the Feds thats worthy of that.

    • That’s right. OCS and Ranger School running out of Benning and Eglin begin notifying local authorities when training outside of the base reservation would take place. During overland missions and land navigation it wasn’t uncommon for participants to run into civilians or dogs from neighboring pieces of property.

      On another interesting note. VICE media ran some bullshit propaganda several years back about the Marines doing cold weather training in Norway to counter Russian agression (not true). The Marines in question were from 4th Marines (Reserve), 25th Marine Regiment. They’re known as “Cold Weather Marines.” Most of the companies are from New England, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Every two years they conduct exercises in Norway as part of their normal readiness training.

  20. @Anyone who is an FBI historian or occasional Howie Carr dabbler; I stumbled upon a podcast from two retired FBI agents who INSIST that the Bureau set up H. Paul Rico to take the fall for the wrongful conviction of four men and the murders allotted to Jimmy Flemmi and Joe Barbozza (Rico’s CI duo). Life is stranger than fiction.


    If I understand it correctly. What took place up at Ruby Ridge with Randy Weaver was not only a questionable form of solicitation on the part of the ATF in an attempt to get Weaver to become an informant, BUT the bench warrant that was issued for his arrest over a failure to appear in federal court was due to an error on the date to appear (initial summons).

  21. Nuts & bolts.

    First, infiltration works both ways. The military is desperate for recruits, and there is nothing to stop a covert operator from signing on and maneuvering into an “anti-terrorism” unit. A billet in intelligence would be a nice touch. Ray Epps would be proud.

    Second, their game plan revolves around setting up and then taking down a manufactured “ad hoc militia” unit stocked with numerous yokels & dupes. Easy win for them, but you don’t have to play along.

    Third, there really is no defense against the bolt from the blue. Yes, you can round up tens of thousands of “suspected terrorists” and put them in camps. But they all have family on the outside, and most of them are the regular Joes that keep the country running. The Stasi can’t guard everything all the time.

    The news story about the military training exercise is intimidation, pure and simple. What it tells us is that they are scared. That is no trivial thing.

    Smarter, not harder.

    • What’s striking to me is that in all of these announcements about the terrible threat posed by domestic terrorists, I’ve yet to see them offer one single real-life example of what they’re talking about.

      You’d think with such a widespread threat, they could find at least a few examples of the “White supremacists” and “White nationalist extremists” they’re mobilizing against…..

      • That’s what January 6th is about. An “example”. Doesn’t matter if its true or not. The media says its true, so it must be. Its on TV and the internet.

        • And it also serves as an example to dissidents as to what can happen to you, should those you’re dissenting agaibst decide to “make an example” of YOU.

      • Citing “the threat of domestic terrorism” as a reason for conducting these exercises is definitely more palatable to the public than, say, “we really enjoy LARPing Call of Duty.” Obviously, all militaries have to LARP in order to be prepared for battle, but it definitely sounds less gratuitous if it’s justified as a duty rather than fun.

      • That would suggest that they need or want an objective basis for their actions. They aren’t interested in objective facts; they are partisans. Recall what a domestic violence perpetrator will do to his victim: make his wife fear his arbitrary whim to abuse and use preposterous reasons as ‘warrants’ for lashing out.

      • It’s like they’re getting ahead of the game, that whatever they’re planning will produce the domestic terrorists they talk so much about.

      • Heh, that seems like a big number.

        What the recruiters won’t tell the kids is that it is taxed at a much higher rate.

        They also won’t tell them they don’t get it as a lump sum up front.

        Also, if your service is delayed under their terms, the next payment is pushed back.

        If you’re out early, even for an injury, you won’t get the full payment because you didn’t serve the full time according to the government.

        Basically, this is a big, gaudy number they’re putting in front of the rubes that will only help them pull in a few more dregs.

        This is because anyone jabbed with some skills and a decent reputation has their pick of jobs at present.

        • Tend to agree. These type of “jobs” have attraction in prestige as much as remuneration. Take out the prestige and all you buy for the buck are the second tier dregs. We’ve done a pretty good job destroying the reputation/prestige of the military and law enforcement—and it’s showing in performance.

    • Regarfing “infiltration”: is any right-thinking intelligent person really going to spend years infiltrating an ever-more rotten military?

      I suspect that what current military “leaders” are doing— with their purge of “extremists”, mandatory “anti-racism” training, and praise of “diversity”— is to attract the sorts of degenerates the military used to keep out; while making military service unattractive for normal patriotic Americans.

      Who would want to infiltrate that?

      • When things get “real” a lot of young men will make the necessary sacrifices in order to do what’s right. It’s in the genes. In addition, many are already in place within NG units and I suspect also within regular military units as well. Now is not the time to activate. Go dark, stay under the radar, kiss ass if you have to, and everything solely within the confines of your cranium. Old school double blind will give them shit fits.

        • Better yet, reduce your tax liability and increase the amount of government benefits you can draw. A bankrupt government can’t field an army if it can’t pay it’s soldiers. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about getting shot, and you won’t look like an internet LARPer with an obvious Rambo fetish.

          • The successful freedom fighter of the next war will not be a Rambo type (and really never was throughout history, that is a Hollywood stereotype. Just look up Medal of Honor awardees). It will be the guy (or gal) that you never saw coming because they were a nobody that nobody ever noticed. And ideally, what they leave behind is “what the Hell just happened?” not “who done it?”

          • “A bankrupt government can’t field an army if it can’t pay it’s soldiers.”

            A gov’t is bankrupt when it says it is. Suppose they force us into a digital “currency”? Suppose they say that it is the *only* acceptable way to pay your taxes? Suppose they say that if you sue anything else, the penalty is death? Suppose they offer huge rewards to any Karen who rats you out for not using the digital “currency”?

    • Nullus Amicus Melior — Nullus Hostis Peior

      At a low point in my life, I thought about getting that tattooed on my forearms. Thankfully I’m not a tattoo guy!

        • It’s a riff on Sulla’s epitaph. To the best of my knowledge (which is little), it means ‘No better friend, no worse enemy’. Karl’s comment reminded me, good memory, bright spot of the morning 🙂

  22. As far as I can tell, this is the normal Robin Sage script. The prospective SF guys are trying to help Pineland guerillas liberate their occupied country. Big Army plays the part of the oppressive regime. That this is being pushed in certain RW media while implying the script has been flipped (which would not serve to fulfill the training role required for SF, who primarily are force-multipliers and not shock troops) reeks of FUD. If the intel agencies are smart they’re also using it as a training exercise to map communications networks. Who knows. But this has been the Q-course finale for a long time. Can anyone direct to a link that indicates the script has been changed to be the opposite of the usual one?

  23. Great observations!

    And there are so many ways they can get you:

    They can tap your phone, then haul you in for interrogation months later; and charge you with lying to the FBI when your recollections of your conversations aren’t 100% accurate (Gen. Michael Flynn)

    They can go after you on bogus charges, which are widely reported in the media, then drop the charges months later; an exoneration which receives no media coverage and leaves the smear of your reputation intact (Rep. Matt Gaetz)

    Or maybe, like Seth Rich, you’ll be found murdered on the street; in what is reported as an “armed robbery gone bad”: an odd “robbery” in which “robbers” who no one saw took nothing, and which the cops don’t bother to investigate

    In any case, the warning is clear: try to go against us, and you’ll pay the price: It may be your reputation, it it may be your bank account, may be your career, it may be your life.

    That’s how the Terror State works: putting those prominent examples out there, with the collusion of the media, so everyone can see what happens to those who dare to oppose them.

  24. More terror smut for the proles.

    “Aaaahhhh! The gubbermint’s gon get us! Check under the bed! What’s that sound, is it a helicopter?”

    This regime rules by fraud rather than force, now more than ever. Of course any one individual or group is screwed if they attract the Eye upon them, but the government would be helpless against a real insurrection, for a lot of reasons.

    In my area they brought back the mandated mouth veils and some third of the businesses have responded by taking down any vestiges of Covid notices from their doors and windows. The shops that have put up new signs are full of employees that barely wear the nasty masks themselves and these people have no interest in asking every 10th customer to put one on. Authority at all levels of government is suffering a real legitimacy crisis, it would seem.

    • A lot of these reports are fear porn for both the left and right. The left will feel an uprising will happen any minute, and the right will fear the military will be used against them at the slightest provocation.

      There will be no armed insurrection, and the survival of the current government will not be from armed combat, but from how many people are willing to be good old-fashioned wreckers.

    • We are traveling this week. The city we are visiting re-mandated masks last week after a brief reprieve. There are obvious lunatics who are visibly thrilled.
      There was a hilarious altercation at the hotel breakfast. The Hispanic employee/attendant was strictly, obnoxiously enforcing the mask in her thick accent as guests served themselves. She told one guy (another Hispanic guest) he couldn’t get a plate unless he was masked. He refused and then asked if she’d been wearing a mask when she recently crossed the southern border. We spoke with him later and he shared that he has just moved here from CA to get away from the lunacy and he is not going to put up with it anymore.
      Maybe they are afraid there will be more and more people who are sick of it all.

      • For a man of his own land to be lectured by an alien enforcing a law of trivial import; it is the utmost slight.

        Good on him.

      • Local boy on Utah:

        The woman health official, advising the woman SLC city mayor, and the woman SLC county mayor.

        Salt Lake City County has the ability to override the mandate, and is meeting in special emergency session today. 3 hour open session had some pretty pissed off people expressing themselves yesterday.

        Co Council composed of 5 men and 4 women, all of whom look like they would fit in well at Ivy league campus housing. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

        (P.S. – Wife diagnosed with Covid yesterday, I’ll be shocked beyond belief if I don’t pop positive today. We both WANT THE MASK MANDATES GONE – we’ll wear them in public while we are “virus spewing machines”).

        • FOLLOW UP:

          Mask mandate stands. Final vote 5-3, with (of course) two Republicans breaking ranks to vote with the D team.

          This very, VERY “Karen” statement from a woman R who crossed lines (TLDR; she knows what’s best for you, now she’s going to force you to comply with the armed might of the local constabulary):

          “I understand masks are highly politicized and no one likes to wear them. I know masking in schools is not ideal. I get that people bristle when government tells them what to do. But we’ve asked nicely, we have pleaded and begged, and we need your help,” said Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton, a Republican, before voting to uphold the mandate.

          • PZN-

            What, if anything, have the local PD and county sheriff stated in response?

            Hopefully something like, “That’s nice, but we have a million other things to do. Later.”

        • How did they diagnose covid in your wife? The PCR technology has not been authorized since 1 Jan. And it was *never* valid as a diagnostic test anyway.

    • I agree with you regarding the general public approach to authority. The mask is an excellent tell; but it also seems so obvious to us now. Who will challenge a lone man in a store with a face like thunder to put a mask on? Hardly anybody. The mandates are just too difficult to enforce.

      Here in the UK, I have noticed a general apathy toward voting/government/masking in general. There is also increased hostility, from the middle classes, toward the police and their antics. Certainly in my circles, people seem more open to talk about the abuses coming down upon them. My new place of employ is full of chaps who think – at the very least – the shamdemic has now run it’s course. There’s even a few of the dreaded “anti-vaxxers” that are vocal.

      It’s high time that people realise that any future we have as a decent, tradition loving, sane and self-sufficient people is found away from The System. The System itself is now so complex that people who actually know how to get things done will probably soon find themselves employed (vaxxed or not). We see this in the health services. What about aviation engineers? Or truckers? Or linemen? Or sewer engineers?

      There are many ways to fight back, but one of the most positive – particularly for young lads – is to skill up. Look at your industry and learn it inside out. Or select an industry that’ll be incredibly important in the future.

      Slightly related: I notice that Pajeets and Chans are making much headway into IT/Science and the like. But trades still seem to be the white man’s preserve. In the UK at least, the only other group that seem to be half decent at manual work are Sikhs. Don’t know what the observations from the US are on this matter, though.

  25. Augustus formed the elite guard which were called Praetorians because he wanted to send a message to any future Romans in the senatorial class who might be contemplating sedition. There was not to be another assassination attempt by political enemies under his watch. It worked well until the Praetorians realized they had the power to remove and replace emperors. Power then quickly evolved to a bidding war. Keep the Praetorians happy and you could remain Emperor. If Trump returns, we’re about to find out if the analogy with ancient Rome holds true.

    • you left out the most interesting part: “This was in addition to the small band of, mostly Germanic, bodyguards he and many of his successor employed”

      • I suspect it’s a matter of longevity. If Trump is President again, he will only be President for a maximum of four years. The oligarchs and other shadow-government types have been around a lot longer and will still be around after Trump leaves office. Would you risk accepting that temporary payoff from Trump, only to be purged in a few years?

  26. > Russia has been conjured into a global threat to democracy for the same reason.

    One of my buddies in the National Guard Reserve was ordered out of the blue to Alaska for combat training. Also just read a story that Russia is clamping down on Military leave.

    Could be an honest coincidence, or it could be time to hold onto your hats for things to get wild.

    • Hard to imagine that even our idiot “leaders” are dumb enough to want a war with Russia.

      We can bluster all we want— like Obama with his “red line” to Syria, or Trump’s verbal threats against North Korea, or the Biden administration’s “warnings” about Ukraine.

      But surely our woke leaders realize that we need to wait until our military is fully prepared.
      One “transgender” Admiral is well and good; but surely we’re not going to be ready to take on the Russian bear, until all the “White nationalist extremists” have been purged, many more “strong women of color” have been promoted into command, and diversity reigns supreme….

        • That’s kind of the bind:
          1) No one is really *in charge*
          2) Which means a bunch of the imperial regime is being led around by the lowest common denominator.

          • That’s THE reason the US stumbled into the first Civil War. The presidents of the 1840s and especially 50s all show up high on those asinine “worst president” lists, but they were doing exactly what the 2nd Party System selected for, which was: nothing. Political power was supposed to stay as local as possible…

            … Which worked, provided the parties had strong leaders with real vision. Calhoun was the last of them and he died in 1858 IIRC, but was spent before that. Which left you with the glittering likes of Lewis Cass, Preston Brooks, Stephen Douglas… idiots, ideologues, and snakes. Or old men like pick-any-Whig, the “compromise” candidates. Strip out the identifying details, and Douglas ramming through the Compromise of 1850, only to destroy it four years later with the Kansas Nebraska Act in order to make a few bucks, is so Current Year you half expect Millard Filmore to start listing his pronouns.

      • Heck, war with Russia would be interesting, if only to see who in Europe would join in. NATO is feckless as an ally.

      • The Russians should cunningly come out with 2 tranny admirals, and see how long it takes for our Empire to produce 4.

    • Apex Predator is right, another brother war, maybe the last.

      We’re forgetting the ultimate goal of Those who dreamed of replacing us since Labanayama the Canaanite let them in.

      Every generation since 1900 has been culled of potential threats to the ruling class.

      China, the new Horse for the masters to ride, has been broken and remolded-

      China has now been boxed into a toxic corner; if they cooperate they might get:
      Control of Caspian Sea oil, with Stalingrad (the EU!) in sight.
      Australian coal
      American farmland
      Siberia, for lebensraum
      Unimpeded Land/Sea Belt access to other’s resources

      Oversight of the gulags in Siberia, Canada, Oz, and America, for the unvaccinated

      This is the vision of the World Reborn, and of the Hand that would wield the knife, of Adam and his god (Semitic male) over Eve (Aryan female). The world made right, tikkun olam.

      Since the virus/vaccine is a vehicle for the true goal, digital ID, I it’s guaranteed illegals won’t need it.

      While we’re locked up in our homes, they’ll be able to snatch white girls off the street with impunity;

      The real fight between the globalists and their pets comes when the milicia (militarized police) enter our homes to grab them before the gangs can.

  27. Having just lost to the 90-IQ goatherds of Afghanistan, the Generals will now turn their attention to blowing up the stills and vintage Playboy magazine caches of the Smoky Mtns. backwoods moonshiners. It’s now beyond any farce we could have imagined.

    Speaking of Praetorians, you’d think all these geniuses would just return to the tried and true Roman model of governance. Why does Nancy Pelosi care about the strange habits, religion or folkways of distant tribes? She will never see them. She just has to install Romulus Cooperus as governor, let the distant redneck tribes pay tribute annually and leave them to their whiskey, NASCAR and other charming, if exotic, pursuits (so long as they are semi-automatic).

    But no! Everyone must worship the new Caesar or their temples will be sacked and their V-8s converted to batteries!! CRT shall replace their ancient scriptures. We shall dispatch a legion as a show of strength……

    • Yep. Like I say, I hope the next Pope contents himself with skimming some cash to support his mistresses and finding cushy jobs for his bastard children. Same thing with our government: I sincerely hope Hunter Biden is the next President: cash, crack, and chicks would be enough to keep him out of our hair.

    • “We shall dispatch a legion as a show of strength…”

      I’m not done sloughing my way through Tacitus, Livy and Boethius, but I am still trying to figure out when a Roman legion stopped being “a thing”. I do know nobody in 8th century Africa, Hispania, Brittania or Gaul went to sleep worrying about the Roman (or Byzantine) emperor.

      The Soviets would fly / float supplies all over the world, from Cuba to Angola. The Wehrmacht (sp?) was moving stuff from Norway to North Africa.
      Seventy years ago, the American empire made, owned and operated effectively all of the ships, planes and trains in the world. The ones we didn’t make we blew up.

      I don’t know when the American legions will stop being a thing, but how many planes, ships and trains do we make now?

      • And well did Caesar know this, having attacked the baggage train of the Helvetii to deny them their source of supply…….but Bellum Gallicum has been replaced by “Heather has Two Mommies”….

    • The mantra of scoliotic bureaucracies forever and always:

      “We must do something!!!”

      “X is something!!!”

      “We must do X!!!!”

      ad infinitum

  28. Important to note that “Robin Sage” was about the green barets ASSISTING the freedom fighters in past years.

    Either the article is wrong or this represents a real departure from typical training.

  29. “growing threat from … anti-authority ideologies”? I thought we were supposed to be against authoritarianism? Now we’re supposed to be for it? I am so confused.

  30. Right now they are construction a cement barrier wall around the White House.
    More to come I’m sure. The wicked hide when none attack.

      • At this rate the White House and Congress will be an underground bunker, and I can’t wait. Perfect optics.

    • That proves they are scared, as they should be. They are more afraid of us, than we are of them.
      “When the government fears its citizens, there is freedom. When the citizens fear its government there is tyranny.”

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