The World State I

One of the things that plagues opposition to the ruling regime is a poverty of language to label what is happening. The bad guys have a million ways to label their enemies, but the good guys are lacking a language to categorize the other side. The paleocons got close when they coined the term managerialism. This is both accurate and simple, but it only describes one aspect of the current system. Managerialism is one result of an ideology that has evolved over the last century.

When people hear the word “Marxism” or “communism” they immediately think of a set of economic arrangements. They may not know much about Marx or Marxism, but they know that it means the end of property and the rule by a party of ideologues. It is a simple and effective label. The same is true of communism or socialism. These words have connotations that make for effective shorthand. Even capitalism, a thing that may not actually exist, carries meaning for people.

We don’t have a label like that for the current political regime. Liberal democracy is probably accurate, but it has positive connotations. Democracy is supposed to be a good thing and liberal government is peaceful and accommodating. There are examples of things that are good separately but horrible together, like fish ice cream, but that is not really the same thing. When people in the public square use the term liberal democracy, they tend to use it in a positive way.

This conundrum is the inspiration for the show. Instead of trying to come up with a clever label for the current political order, maybe the better starting place is to just describe some of the big attributes. After all, the word “Marxism” did not come into use until the thing itself existed in some form. Once we can come up with a description for what we are experiencing, then maybe a label comes into focus. At the minimum, it starts the process of thinking about it beyond platitudes.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 03:00: Managerialism
  • 23:00: Pluralism
  • 43:00: Democracy

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217 thoughts on “The World State I

  1. To trumpton: Thanks so much!!! I may have to add you to my Will. I am one of the old geezers y’all make fun of, except I’ve been apolitical all my life, don’t watch TV, have no interest in professional sports, use no social media, and I’m not very good at grilling. I’ve always been aware of evil in this world, I just never guessed how utterly prevalent it is. It seems there is a little tiny tyrant hiding in all of us trying so hard to get out. I have a neighbor who has taken it upon herself to personally slow down the traffic on our little street, and she stands in the middle of the street flagging speeders (over 10 mph) down. I think history laughs at all of us and our grand ideas. I think I have learned more in the last four years about human nature than in the seven decades before that, and not much of it is very encouraging. I very much enjoy the wisdom and erudition of Z, his incredible productivity and keeping all the balls in the air. The same goes for so many of you commenters, the useful links to arcane data, and of course, your humor. Bravo to all of you!

  2. Media coordinated gynocratic totalitarianism. I’m using each of those terms for what I hope is a good reason.

    – Media coordinated: This is to distinguish what we’ve got from earlier models like the Soviet or Nazi system. Those were bureaucratically coordinated. Stalin would be out travelling by rail to visit some collective farms or factories and would send a telegram to the Inner Party. They would read it, think about how to implement his new ideas without getting shot, and give orders to the somewhat lower apparatchiks. Pravda often wasn’t even in the loop until the new plan was halfway complete. Then it was just their job to justify it and create a bit of phony history for it. The German system operated the same way but I start with the Soviets because their ideology is closest to that of the wokeists and their system came close to winning the contest for global dominance for a large part of the 20th century. The Axis only made a brief play for that during WWII.

    Media coordination also means that there’s no firm chain of command that can be easily disrupted by an assassin’s bullet or bomb. This is a strength. It’s also consistent with the next part which is the gynocratic bit. The whole thing is basically a sort of giggly sorority girl consensus mechanism where the final course of action just suddenly coalesces or becomes obvious like the message on a Ouija board. There are elaborate feedback and feed-forward flows of information among various “constituencies” to arrive at a course of action. There are the corpocrats (with special deference to the Silicon Valley Buglords), the Ivy League Wammen’s Studies and Journalism Rich Girl Club, The Soccer/Safety moms (now morphed into Kovid Karens), The Gaylords, and then more traditional factions like the Neocons, Big Jew/Israel, the Al Sharpton race pimps, defense contractors, even drug mafias (also known as Mexico).

    I put “constituencies” above in quotes because they use this term in a disingenuous way knowing most people will think it means different sub-groups of ordinary people. In reality it means different factions of the managerial elites. This is what they mean by “our democracy” – which always sounds to me like “air democracy” when they say it on the news. This is why they were so horrified by 1/6. A group of unvetted grease monkeys from the trade school crashed the posh Ivy league sorority party/orgy and dared to grope a few of the Xirls there. Sorry but you guys are not on the invite list.

    If the description sounds a lot like a neural network that’s because it is. It’s really a giant brain that functions a lot like neuroscience tells us our own brains do. There are lots of modules and sub-modules and different (and ever shifting) weights are given to each. At the lowest level of individual neurons, this can literally be modelled as a system of tensor equations with many weights.

    If it’s a brain, what goals does it have? What ideas does it have? Well it’s goals appear to be simplistic, mostly about keeping the “constituencies” fat and content – typical female goals, pleasure and security at any cost. As for ideas… Have you even met a pampered rich college girl who actually had ideas? This is where it’s weaknesses lie. Just as our brains can’t incorporate every bit of relevant data the brain of Air Democracy doesn’t get feedbacks from about 95% of the population. This is because it “evolved” in an environment where the common people automatically benefited if the top 5% did. Now that this is no longer true there’s a problem. The obvious fix would be to incorporate those feedbacks. One weakness of (biological) brains though is that they can’t re-design themselves and continue to function. Instead they tend to react with anger and horror at the realization of blind spots. This is exactly consistent with the reaction to 1/6 of course.

    For us, the course of action is clear. Keep presenting the global Xirl-brain with data and sensory input it doesn’t have a module for and can’t integrate while remaining alive.

  3. Off Topic Weekend Playtime:

    So this morning, Djokovic, the world number 1 ranked tennis player was banned from playing in The Australian Open. In the world of tennis, it’s like the NFL not letting Tom Brady play in the Super Bowl. I grew up in the tennis world. All the women who run the show have deep voices. All the men running the show are sissies of the highest order.

    It’s a big blow to Djokovic because he’s tied with Roger Federer (40 years old) and Rafael Nadal (35 yrs) for the most career Grand Slam tournament wins. 20. Pete Sampras is 2nd behind them with 14 titles.

    In the next 5 years it’s probably going to be a shoot-out between Nadal and Joker. Since Federer is 5 years older than them and has bad knees. Rafael Nadal is a beast and plays tennis like a hockey player, so his body has suffered as well. Joker has been the most durable of the three. In my opinion he’s going to end his career with the most Grand Slam titles. And hence clinch the title of the greatest tennis player of all time.

    All three men are nearing the end of their careers. We can’t root for Joker now that he’s kicked out of the tournament. But we can root against his Spanish nemesis Nadal. Who said it’s Joker’s own fault about the vax.

    Federer isn’t in the tournament because of a bad knee. He’s 40. The PTB hate Joker because he’s taken stances against the feminists who run pro tennis. And against all the Covid BS. They sense he’s of the Right.

    Washington Post: “Australia’s immigration minister canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa for the second time, citing “health and good order” grounds four days after a federal judge ordered the tennis star released from hotel detention.

    Djokovic, whose vaccination status is unknown, arrived in Melbourne with a medical exemption to the mandatory coronavirus vaccination to compete in the Australian Open.

    Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said earlier that Djokovic would be “on the next plane home” if the tennis star could not prove why he needed an exemption from getting vaccinated.”


    NYT Sub-headline: “Novak Djokovic’s immigration troubles dominated the weeks leading up to the tournament. He is gone, but don’t worry: Plenty of other stars and story lines are ready for the spotlight.” (Photo below: Runty looking female player no one cares about.)


    Howard Stern: “They should throw him right the f–k out of tennis… That’s like saying smoking is a private decision… Don’t smoke in my face, f–knut. What a dummy, just a big dumb tennis player.”

    • I think Australian athletes competing in other countries should be heckled unmercifully going forward, if not outright banned from competing outside of Australia.

      I plan to attend a PGA tournament this year just to follow around and heckle the Aussies (Cameron Smith, Jason Day, Adam Scott, Marc Leishman, etc.).

      “Go back to your totalitarian hellhole”
      “Show me your vax card”
      “Put your mask on”
      “Greg Norman sucked”

      I am sure I’ll get tossed, but it will be worth it.

      Hell, the Presidents Cup later this year in North Carolina would be a great venue to let the Aussies have it.

    • Couple of thoughts, and thank you Frip for giving the skinny on the tennis guy.

      That said, who cares? Unless you’re his wife or some other loved one, who wins a grand slam or a super bowl means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Sorry, but on the grand scale of important shit happening, that stuff is simply a distraction.

      Finally, is the frizzy haired one even a thing anymore? Who cares what that dingbat says? He’s WAY past his expiration date.

      Frankly, I didn’t even know he was still on the air.

    • The PTB hate Joker because he’s taken stances against the feminists who run pro tennis. And against all the Covid BS. They sense he’s of the Right.

      I have little truck with the tennis world, but I get the sense that it is well and truly the sport of Karens around the globe.

      I have a bit more knowledge of resort skiing, which the Karens have done an admirable job of effing up to the point that just about every resort now has idiot face diaper rules and many require compliance injections to access their on-mountain dining services.

      Back to tennis. There are a lot of rumors swirling that Joker’s deportation is actually a politcal revenge hit for his effective opposition to the Rio Tinto (HQ Melbourne, AU) mining concern’s project in Serbia.

  4. Unforgivably off topic: The most beautiful vision you Europeans will ever see:

    Sure, it’s LARPing but there is nothing more wholesome and pure. This video is my religion.

    You may disparage, but in your heart you know this is what you most deeply want, but only if you’re white. Well, I guess ideally there would be many children too.

  5. I gave you guys the heads-up about a year ago that Djokovic is a guy to root for. Even if you’re not a tennis fan or you’ve rightly turned your back on sports.

    As I said in that comment, the PTB and cocktail crowd desperately want their posh darling Federer to represent the sport as the greatest tennis player of all time. In tennis “Greatest Ever” status is measured by the number of “Grand Slam” (big tournament) wins for a player. There are 3 players in competition for that now. The PTB is trying to bar Djokovic from the this year’s Grand Slam – Australian Open for his Covid views.

    (This is all probably well covered in D-Right websites. But I’ve been out of sorts for about a year now. Sorry if you guys are already clued-in to the situation.)

    Anyway, if they let him play. You’ve got a guy to get behind. He’s always been my favorite player. Tough Serb with Don’t Tread on Me attitude. Active Christian as well. (I’m atheist. But still, it’s cool he down-with tradition. Federer would surely claim to be a filthy agnostic. Nothing wrong with agnostic, per se, but you get me.

    I’ve got no blood connection to Serbia / East Europe / Russia. But we like their toughness don’t we.

    Tennis is a wonderful sport. If they let “Joker” play, get behind him.

    • Joker just got deported for, “inciting dissent,” and the risk he would become, “…an icon for free choice,” comrade.

      Forward, Soviet!

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  7. PA: where North, South, Midwest, and Appalachia meet.

    Maybe it could be argued Midwest and Appalachia were, in decent part, ‘born’ here. Conestoga wagons, Kentucky (PA) rifles, Daniel Boone, Arthur St.Clair, restless Scots-Irish, German farmers, etc. Much of the Great Appalachian Valley settled by people crossing the gap in Lancaster County. Not that PA was the sole source, but the contributions were considerable. Cool history, even outside of Philly and Pittsburgh.

    • I don’t have the exact percentage, but many, many Southerners, Midwesterners, and Appalachians actually entered the (former) United States from the Port of Philadelphia. There are some states where more people originated from that port than Pennsylvania itself.

    • My land was given as a land grant to a guy named Porter by President Martin van Buren in the late 1830s. I don’t know anything else about the guy, but there were a number of Porters in my area, including a little town called Portersville not too far from me. In fact, the maiden name of the wife of the couple I bought my farm from was Porter.

      Apparently Porter is of both English and Scottish origin, which would fit in with Scots-Irish heritage, I think.

  8. does anyone think if Tim Wise was president – everything would be a lot easier. Because you would have a concrete name and person to oppose. Wise has said that he is mostly a prison abolitionist except for the 1/6 people which I would think is a civilization-ending policy. Unfortunately, the people who would depose him might not be us but would probably be other lefties. Like his prison policy would threaten other constituencies of the left since the big blue tourist areas would get bankrupted by his crime policy.

  9. You know I remember that commercial with the Aboriginal and the stereotypical Jewish guy. It was really one of the most bizarre ones for sure! And the really weird thing about it is Aboriginal genes is they are extremely recessive. The English noted it right away they really thought they could just breed them out because within one generation you could barely even see that one parent was Aboriginal and within two it’s gone completely. Go look at all the represents representatives of the Aboriginal community in Australia they’re white people now

    • Huh. Everyone who mixes with white gets lighter- almost as if Whiteness is meant to be spread in the grand design.

  10. OT, but if anyone doubts that inflation is running amok, Prince Andrew was just cut loose by the Royal Family of England and is facing a 10 million pound payout to settle his civil suit for banging a teenager 3 times 20 years ago. That has to be a world record for the price of pussy. And it may be unorthodox, but it’s a novel way to take down some of these power-mad politicians and oligarchs that plague us. This is the kind of counterattack that I would like to see continue. Think outside the box and smarter, not harder. You go girl!

  11. Let’s check in on liberal democracy

    “The search is on in Canada for an anti-vaccination dad who is accused of hiding his 7-year-old daughter to keep her from being vaccinated against COVID-19.”

    (Tweet by Auron McIntyre)

    • The thought of a father defying fanatical authorities to protect his 7-year old daughter touches my heart. Religious or not, whether it is Christ or Odin on the other end of the line, this is when I feel like praying. God I hope he makes it. I feel an urge to offer him and his little girl shelter. F the regime!

      • Fuck the regime indeed. This kind of reaction is visceral in me and you and most of the people here. When we see things like this, we don’t immediately focus on the particular Canadian twats in the government of America Lite that are harassing this guy but the system that gives them power to do so. This is why the elites are so scandalized when they hear FJB! as well. They know that anyone of any nationality now can say it and know what it means. The fact that the man himself is barely conscious is perfect. He’s the empty vessel that collects and symbolizes the evils of the whole global system. So Fuck Canada, Fuck the UK, Fuck Germany, especially Fuck Australia (and Austria) and of course – FJB!

        • It is bad enough that such an intimate measure, (the jab) would be physically forced! But that the rationale for the jab has fallen apart and is now widely agreed by the world authorities as no longer effective—and therefore unnecessary—is infuriating. These extreme measures remove all doubt as to the evil intentions of those presently in charge of our governments in much of the Western world.

          This dispute is no longer a disagreement as to “the science”. It is now a test of wills. To lose this battle (masking, jabs, isolation/quarantine) can only lead to abject authoritarianism in the future.

  12. Zman towards the end: “They see conservatism as protecting the status quo”

    That’s the perfect analysis to the underlying lefty ideal. Possibly even unto their souls. They are genetically inclined to “upset the apple cart”…

    Think about it, The instinct of every “bad thinker” is resistance to lefties progress, which hinges on how forceful, coercive, or violent they attempt their “progressive agenda”. Then their are the libertarians!

    Regardless, please don’t notice, much less comment, on the small hats in the current “progress”…

  13. Re: the right to personal property

    I saw in some comments elsewhere on this post a discussion about the illusion of property rights.

    Just yesterday the Supreme Court yielded to the executive branch the right to enforce vaccine mandates on healthcare workers. This essentially was a declaration that Americans do not even have the right to claim their own bodies as personal property, if they happen to be healthcare workers..:an arbitrary distinction.

    What we live under is worse than communism. At least communists don’t pretend, don’t offer illusions, and you always know where you stand.

    As a person employed by a company with 100 or more employees, I have spent the last 2 months wondering if I am going to lose the right to govern my own body. The fact that this is even a question is intolerable. And I still am not out of the woods yet. The debate by the justices left it open that congress could make a new law, so that the court could then rule on the constitutionality of the law, which I imagine is more likely to be seen as “constitutional”, as long as it is congress that is doing it.
    And even if that ruling went our way, we are still left with the current reality that private employment in this country amounts to slavery where we lose our autonomy to the whims of our employer, and THAT is something that a conservative court is sure to uphold.

    • The system is not your friend. See Below. Repeat again, by syllable: “The system is not my friend”

      Now scream “The System Is Not My Friend and…I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore! I’m a G’dam Human Being!”

      May your path have fulfillment every step of the way!

      • Most everyone I meet in public is “not my friend”—but neither is he my enemy. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me, but he minds his own business as I do. We coexist.

        ‘We Hate Everyone’ you are much too generous. The system is your *enemy*—not simply “not your friend”. It is not neutral toward you, unless you bow down and cringe at the system’s every edict.

        I suspect you meant what I said above by your posting. But for any who don’t perceive the difference…the system is evil and corrupt. It is them or you.

        • Our desire to coexist and putting merchant values , a society of consumers and individualism ahead of civic virtues is the majority of our problem.

          I’ll probably be down-voted to oblivion for this but the Left’s emphasis on group identity and the greater good is the way societies are built.

          Race matters (though its a bit flexible) faith matters, private organizations matter, groups matter. A small nuclear family or worse atomized individual matters much less

          The ugly truth is a single ideology per polity, plus or minus 10% disagreement driven by shared tradition not managerialism is the only way to a functional society

          The left , what they want, the ideological foundation is nuts but the idea that “We” are always stronger and better than “I” is right.

          And yes they are right is desiring to put us in boxcars or off to COVID camps . Again the response is based inaccurate data and feels over thought but the core idea that our desired societies are to different to coexist is the correct one.

          The truth is the only way to be rid of the woke is to be rid of once side or another, the nicest would be ideological collapse otherwise its them or us, separate nations whatever.

          To do that though we must have core ideas and the one I propose is that any policy that gets in the way of stable family formation gets stomped, trade, social, anything.

          Th problem for our guys is that we are infested by people that put money above everything else. And no its not “Jews” is us, its been that way since our founding and its killing our society.

    • “As a person employed by a company with 100 or more employees, I have spent the last 2 months wondering if I am going to lose the right to govern my own body.”

      That’s still up to you. You can quit. My (former) healthcare worker daughter did.

      • Yes I suppose I can quit the career I’ve invested and dedicated 22 years of my life to, give up my pension, sell my house, start over from scratch, give up custody of my child so that he can go live with his mother…


        I could have the right to continue my life as normal and not be pressured into doing something against my will AND continue to be employed.

        Why does it have to be either/or? Why can’t I have the right to govern my own body AND be employed?

        Which side are you on anyway?

        Btw, good for your daughter if she’s in a position to do that.

      • My “Healthcare daughter” had her shots *and* her booster. She and hubby (also vexx’d) got Covid New Years. All the risk and none of the benefit. Basically, the *entire* immediate family got the dreaded Covid in the last year—regardless of vexxination!

        I wish no ill on anyone, but it is, I admit, self satisfying that I alone refused vexxination and have survived to bear witness to this national folly.

  14. The system we’re living under is democratic fascism.

    Globohomo as in globalized homogeneity is accurate too, but not as punchy.

    • I think it’s more of the road to self destruction paved with good intentions under the guise of good sounding words, like “democracy”, not complete until the new order lingo is established; which will be instead, “ruled by corporation”.

      Note that “corporation” and “cooperation” are only different by misplacing an “O” and moving an “R”.

      They know they have their agenda in the bag based on what they have just witnessed through this current “live exercise”, also known as the “scamdemic”, the “coof”, the “covaids”, or my personal favorite, “just the flu, bro”….

      And as the difficulties that arise from pressing their western thought revolution, AINO culture will default to their trusted “news” sources, and run parallel, completely reliant, upon who’s logo has title over the “land”.
      Between all this they will demand you match their contributions, weather socially or economically, by what they “show” through their preferred platforms. You’ll be relying on a “lamborfeetie” while the 2030’s version of “FJB” is still rolling in the Beast.

      And the enforcement element will depend upon their position on the Forbes 500, or the conglomeration of with a united interest upon that list. That is the silver lining if you look into it…

      My two cents to counter a great Zman commenter like you

  15. Huh. Now that’s interesting:
    Political factionalism in the colonies came from ethnic differences.

    (Yankee English, Northern Norwegians, Central Germans, Southern Scots-Irish, Delta French, Western Irish, to name a few)

  16. Zman sets the mood and tone with the intro to this podcast, once I heard it I just had to listen to the full song.

    For those interested to listen:

    I have to ask if you are implying something subliminal to us. Are we really in a “Dance with Death”? Read the lyrics while you listen to the song…

    It starts out with

    “There are more things in heaven and earth
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

    And ends with this:

    “To this day I guess I’ll never know Just why they let me go
    But I’ll never go dancing no more
    ‘Til I dance with the dead”

    Listen to the full lyrics:

    Zman I’m surprised you listen to this stuff being a full 15 years older than me. It’s good to know that you’re a based X-er on the exemplary taste of your music preferences.

    Anyways, I’ve lost my train of thought, but this was all before me listening to the cast, so thanks again Zman and keep it up, sincerely thank you for making me think!

    • In a café in Russia, I was sitting alone listening to my music. I was using bone conduction headphones, as is my habit. A man my age pointed at them and his sons, who spoke English, told me he was curious about what was on my head. I explained through his son what they were and let him try them on. I was playing some Metallica at the time.

      He lit up. He was at this show:

      We talked and shared stories about music. Seven times zones and the language barrier was no match of the power of metal.

      • And as an extra to the link in your story, are you saying this man was only subject to listen to metal LIVE and had no access to listen to it in recreation as we are so spoiled?

        Maybe all he had was the imprint of the memory to base his metal faith in?

        If so, may we only aspire through the good graces of metal to match the fortitude of this man!

    • “Zman I’m surprised you listen to this stuff being a full 15 years older than me.”

      No big surprise. Maiden’s first album came out in 1980. Z was about 14 years old.

      I’m not a huge Maiden fan but their latest album that came out last fall is their best in years. I’m always humored when bands offer their take on Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. That Egyptian sweep, as I call it.

      The best take on Kashmir so far was Rainbow’s “Stargazer” from 1976. What a amazing beast that one is. Also, Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” has shades of Eastern exoticism during the guitar solo section.

      Anyway, the song Parchment from Maiden’s last album Senjutsu has that stately Kashmirian sweep.

    • Sinema likes attention and really likes attention by being difficult. I’ve known this type a few times. She is reveling in the attention she is getting by undermining the Dems scheme. It is not political for her. It is about getting on TV in her latest outfit.

      • If Kyrsten’s preferred means of generating tingles buys us a few more months, or even weeks of normalcy, then I’m all for it.

        Speaking as someone who works in a plant where no one bats an eye if you show up in a stained wife beater and moth-eaten basketball shorts, it’s refreshing to note someone who gives half a rip about their public appearance.

      • Maybe we would have less of an actor class of politicians if they were banned from TV or public media in any form.

        Then again most of the admin state is not in public and they are just the same.

      • Kyrsten Sinema is a puzzle to be sure. If the first you’ve heard of her is recently, you might be convinced it’s all show for her chance at reelection and national office. However, Sinema goes back to a long stint in the AZ House. During this time, she was a “maverick” as they say and often went against Dem party line givens.

        For example, she was the “go to” legislator to introduce pro 2nd amendment legislation during her tenure. AZ went from no concealed firearm carry to “Constitutional” carry—basically, no restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. Of course, this was a multi-year process of several stages, but Sinema was there for the local 2nd Amendment organizations when others were not.

        If she’s playing 4-D chess, she’s been doing it for a couple of decades.

    • A cynic would say that perhaps she’s doing this at the behest of the democrats as part of a plan. Perhaps they don’t really want to get rid of the filibuster, but they want to make all the motions pretending they do. They know Manchin and Sinema can take the heat in their home states because those states lean team red anyway. This continues the two party dictatorship. Otherwise, the illusion of a two party “democracy” completely falls by the wayside.

      • You don’t have to be a cynic, although it pays to be one, to realize this is exactly what is happening. Whoever runs the illegitimate Biden junta has demanded the filibuster be kept in place to keep the illusion of the United States’ legitimacy intact.

  17. “You’re just saying that because you’re upset you can’t date her.”

    That made me LOL to the point of hyperventilation. I am trying now to remember what I considered the *best* part of that statement, which had something to do with her boyfriend’s FEET, of all things, but my memory is on strike.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the laugh!

  18. I nominate a “hyperpower-cathedral” for what we are living under.

    The French coined the term hyperpower to describe America, a souped-up version of a superpower. It’s more accurate than “empire” but it covers all the military bases spread out over the planet’s surface. It also connotes America’s cultural strength, its Hollywood movies and its exported TV shows.

    The Cathedral is the Mencius Moldbug term that is a bit like cultural marxism but more its own thing. It is the conjunction of media and academia that pushes for progressivism and Social Justice Warriorism at every turn. If you want to be accepted as a creative person of full rights, you have to join the Cathedral and bow your head at its services.

    • Catxman: Curtis Yarvin (Moldbug) has his own agenda, and many before me have noticed it undoubtedly influenced his labeling the edifice of PC and social justice with a Christian term. Reject Yarvin and his word salad. He may not be a full supporter of woke, but he’s not White, not pro-White, and I believe I read he’s also a Branch Covidian.

      • If he’s not White, that changes things.

        When I’m on the Internet, I’m used to assuming everyone I speak with is a White Man like me. I should know better. When I go into my WordPress reader (I have my own website which you can visit by clicking on my name), tons of names flash by which are female. And a good chunk of these aren’t even white girls.

        I still think “Cathedral” encapsulates the nature and form of our present dominion well. It may be anti-Christian, but it carries a sense of grandeur and permanence that the media/academic Cathedral itself would like to give off.

      • Of course, Moldbug called our enemies “the Cathedral,” to draw attention away from his own people. I can think of another kind of religious temple that would be a better name for the challenges that we face.

        • Driftwood Central
          Unz’s article mentions the mysteriously missing English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s two-volume Two Hundred Years Together (about Russian Jews). He claims parts of an unauthorized English translation are available online, but I haven’t found them. I would even settle for a copy of the French translation. The Solzhenitsyn website claims the official English translation will be released in 2024. Parts of about six pages in English are reproduced in The Solzhenitsyn Reader’s section on the original work, and they are straightforward enough that one can understand why a complete English translation has been repressed or delayed for decades. It would be interesting to see how sanitized the official translation will be when it comes out in 2024. If anyone knows how to purchase or download existing “unofficial” translations, I would be grateful if you posted the links here.

      • I read about half of Yarvin’s “Racist Letter to a Progressive from a Narcissistic Technocrat”, or whatever it’s called, and finally asked myself why I was doing this to myself and put it down forever. I don’t understand what people like about Moldbug, but I assume it mostly comes down to pretension.

        I read Z every morning and it’s a good time, not a slog. Z knows a lot and has good ideas and expresses them in a way that a dummy like me can understand them. Looking forward to the book.

    • “Evil Empire II” works is accurate and perfectly fine and doesn’t adopt the language of our vile and evil racial enemies.

  19. If you want a term that embodies the visceral essence of the Managerial State and should therefore become common parlance going forward, I nominate “Rectal Cancer on the Potomac.”

  20. Technocracy is probably the most applicable term: rule by an elite of “experts”. Plutocracy and authoritarianism are certainly present, but the way the system processes and neutralizes elites who cause any disturbance in the system suggests that they don’t really have the power, it’s the system that seems to have a life of its own and lashes out to defend itself from both reform efforts and elites that engage in sufficient levels of degeneracy to possibly provoke rebellion.

    My guess is that technological progress invariably leads to some kind of dystopian hive mind borg-esque civilization, and the problem we face now is that system has successfully decentralized its nervous system in a way that prevents any sort of simple solution involving guillotines.

  21. Tocqueville
    If despotism were to be established in present-day democracies, it would probably assume a different character; it would be more widespread and kinder; it would debase men without tormenting them. It is, above all, in the details that we risk enslaving men. Freedom in the big things of life is less important than in the slightest.
    Thus I think that the type of oppression threatening democracies will not be like anything there has been in the world before; our contemporaries would not be able to find any example of it in their memories. I, too, am having difficulty finding a word which will exactly convey the whole idea I have formed; the old words despotism and tyranny are not suitable. This is a new phenomenon which I must, therefore, attempt to define since I can find no name for it.

  22. “They” gets tossed about as a universal. As if there is just one large collection of fungibles. If one runs “they” through a multidimensional spectrometer, one will see that it is not a bunch on interchangeables.

    A progressive soccer mom, Shanaquisha, Chuck Schumer have different understandings. For prog soccer mom, perhaps it is visions of sugarplum negro fairy dust..

    Chuck is using it a as weapon: A stupid hodgepodge for us, but behind the scenes it is just weakening and pulverizing us for his ethnonational ambitions.

    It’s all well and good, I suppose, to use “they” as a crypsis so the Chucks don’t catch on, but there should be a realization that there are many faction the weave in and around.

    • When you ask who “they” are then you are inviting voluminous replies from people, like me, who believe that they know.

      Let’s just say that blacks and hispanics cannot create modern civilization on their own. Whatever power that these races have is granted to them by “they.”

      The progressive soccer Moms are the most easily programmable creatures. They believe whatever they are told.

      So I guess that just leaves Chuck Schumer.

  23. Poverty of language? Speak for yourself. We are confronted by fuckedy, fucked fuckers. Plan accordingly.

  24. Regarding managerialism it is interesting how the meaning of owning something is being diluted. You have this idea of what it means to ‘own’ something. It is yours to do with as you like. But that’s not what it means anymore. Now you need permits to do this or do that. It is very clear with real estate but not only real estate. There are things you can’t do to your car, even if you ‘own’ it. Here in Europe there is more or less universal firearms registration. I have an old shotgun in a hundred pieces. A pin came loose and I wanted to fix it. That was a dog’s dinner of fine mechanics. Because it is registered I can’t just throw it out, I have to go down and hand it in to the police. So do I really ‘own’ that gun? The state is treating it in every way as a lent item.

    When they can tell you, in fine details, what you can and can’t do with ‘your’ property, you don’t really own it in the old common law sense. I realize we probably overuse the term ‘Marxism’, just like they see histrionic little Austrians with moustaches everywhere. But when the state starts treating your property as though they and not you own it, isn’t that the abolition of private property by the backdoor. They still say that’s your land or my shotgun or his car. But it really isn’t, you’ve just bought, or leased, the right to use it. So long as the local managerial madarins see fit. Isn’t that sort of creeping Marxism by the backdoor?

    • Moran: Absolutely ‘Marxism by the backdoor.’ You can buy property or acreage in the US, pay in full, but miss your annual tithe to the government and it’s not yours anymore. And then comes the thorny issue of where personal interest stops and community interest begins, i.e. what you can and should do with your property and where (how much zoning is enough and how much is too much). So many points to consider. Is there genuine allodial title anywhere anymore?

    • “Property” is a bundle of rights. For real estate, one of those rights is typically the right to exclude others. But the power company may have an easement, etc.

      Rights are intangibles that only have meaningfulness to the extent that one can enforce them in the physical world.

    • I know some here aren’t fans of Reagan, and I understand their anger at the amnesty, but he spelled this out 60 years ago in his Goldwater speech.

      What does it mean if you hold the deed or title to your business or property if the government holds the power of life and death over that business or property? Such machinery already exists. The government can find some charge to bring against any concern it chooses to prosecute. Every businessman has his own tale of harassment. Somewhere a perversion has taken place. Our natural inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government.

      • Reagan was an excellent speaker who had some great one-liners.

        My disappointment with him is that his actions in office often deviated pretty far from the soaring rhetoric.

        Listening to his Goldwater speech, I am always struck by how intrusive the government was in ’64 with the far more limited info harvesting they had at the time.

        • Having actions that deviated from campaign rhetoric makes Reagan just another politician, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    • The magic of the system is to impress on us that we all live with a magical being called choice, and the freedom to engage with it. My impression is that they let us live under subtle oppression by overt impression.

      13 minutes in and Z is talking about everything being regulated. Not just for bad thinkers, but for everyone in AINO: Right Down to your present or future movements, enjoyments, progeny, thoughts, beliefs, ambitions, faith, what you trust, all tied in with your senses. It goes on and on and on…

      I mean everything, And now with the great scamdemic, they have pushed their oppression to what you may have thought was your own bodily autonomy.

      So we are under their impression constantly, through no fault of our own, mired in the muck to pick up the sword of the past bad thinker and carry on the struggle.

      If you fall in love and want to make a commitment, we have a paper for that.

      Want to reproduce, well stay under income minimums and there is a tax allocation for that plus we’ll make sure you and your brood can rely on us for food.

      However, it’s best for you to Work because your dignity is tied into maintaining our dignity, and operating this facade of freedom comes at a cost, so for the privilege of you existing on our stage, we will take our cut of your wages before you even get a chance to touch it.

      As for any plans on Inebriation, lest you start to become aware of the regulatory mindfock agenda of the reality we created for you, well, we have that covered too.

      If you ask “Why am I paying $1.50 more than the sticker on the shelf” for beer? Well we are thinking about you!

      Why are smokes $10 a pack? Well we are thinking about you!

      Why do I have a swat team out front because I grew a few plants?
      Well we are thinking about your children!

      It goes on and on and on….

    • I have come to look at it as a natural process in accordance with basic human nature. A ruling class evolved that in our case did so under tolerably unique circumstances so it has some interesting spins on otherwise timeless patterns for the trajectory of an empire. Those differences are unimportant except perhaps for the technical difference that nuclear weapons provide a virtual guarantee of territorial security from outside invasion. This fact extends the depths of degeneracy to which our ruling class may sink without fear of external powers seizing the opportunity their weakness presents to supplant them by direct force. This ruling class, in its advanced state of degeneracy and with some particularly squalid and contemptible attributes particular to a democracy, is just doing what all ruling classes come to do, oppress and exploit. They go hand in hand and it is as natural as the tide or the sunrise. As dissidents it is axiomatic that we are outside that ruling class and therefore subject to the insults against our autonomy and prosperity. Each much ask him or herself privately what if any limit there is to the level of subjugation they will submit before taking the risks involved in actively asserting themselves. There is no social contract to be observed with the society at large and it was the ruling class that abrogated the one that had been functioning. They identified its terms as a constraint on their accrual of more power and wealth but were not intelligent enough to recognize they were introducing an existential threat to the coherence and viability of the empire over which they would rule.

  25. I could almost accept the “our democracy” thing, if they actually meant it. But they don’t. “Democracy” is the excuse they use to do whatever it is they want to do even if that issue was put to a vote and the voters didn’t want it. Take the gay marriage shit. This was a court ruling overturning the popular vote on the issue in the most progressive state in the country, California. Blacks and mestizos voted overwhelmingly against the gay shit. They didn’t care. They just undid it with their men in dresses.

    Almost every evil thing they do is entirely outside of “our democracy” or even democratic “rules” All the civil rights shit in the 60s, almost all men in dresses. So called “equality” had virtually no support in “our democracy”

    IMHO, there should be an episode or two on FDR. Almost every evil thing the state does today is directly traceable back to FDR. The law itself was heavily influenced by a SCOTUS entirely made up of FDR appointees and god only knows how many federal court appointees. He stacked law itself and fundamentally changed the role of the courts and the concept of “activist judges” The 19th century courts struck down the civil rights act decades before progressive activist judges upheld it in the 60s. They had a “public accommodation” rule just like today, and the courts struck it down as preposterous and an insult to private property. All of the departments he either created or massively expanded. It is truly difficult to overstate the role FDR played in destroying what was left of the republic.

    • “Almost every evil thing they do is entirely outside of “our democracy” or even democratic “rules”.”

      Excellent post, but may I just add that it depends upon your definition–or let’s say, rather, *the* definition of democracy?

      If you define democracy as
      “a polity in which the well-organized few rule over the unorganized many” then the stuff “they” do makes perfect sense.

    • The big three evil doers Lincoln Wilson FDR.

      Sort order varies according to topic. Wilson for example tops the War mongering globalism, FDR for domestic abuse and all made possible by the demolition of a Federal Republic perpetrated by Dishones Abe.

  26. Hello Z
    I don’t know how WV land use laws work..
    However I imagine there might be some flexibility depending upon how much land you own.
    For instance in my state (admittedly, communist )
    Laws that were written for larger land holders,Timber companies,large farms etc. Often can binifit smaller owners. Here if you own 20 acres or more it can be classified as agricultural.
    In our case a tree farm. This allows building use on up to one acre while still only paying very low agricutural property tax. This might be something to look into in WV . There other things to think about when considering getting the hell out of Dodge. If interested we could tell you about our experience so far.

    • Step 1: Live in an unzoned, unincorporated township. After that, nobody can be really bothered to pay attention to what you do as long as it’s small scale. Obviously, they’re going to notice if you start up your own strip mine. But putting up barns and sheds for whatever your mysterious purposes are on agricultural lands, nobody gives a fig. If you’re subtle enough, you can slip it by the county health department, too, but about all they care about is whether you’re putting in a septic or aeration system, and where it’s running.

      • Where we are un permitted septic systems are the norm.
        Exact boundaries are not always exact. The only thing I’ve had to get any kind of permit for is to drill a well. Only because the drilling company can’t or won’t drill without it. We are not in the middle of nowhere. But I suppose that’s perspective.

        • When I bought my little piece of Utopia, I asked the realtor how the land was zoned. He looked at me sideways and said, “out here, short of a nuclear reactor, you can do what you want”. Grant it, I can’t see my next door neighbor, but it was refreshing to know that I could dig a hole without having to get permission.
          I had my Amish neighbors out to give me some numbers on upgrading the exterior of my dairy barn.(no I don’t have any livestock). They were amazed at how good a shape it was in. They suggested building out the loft as opposed to building another house. I guess then if someone asks if I live in a barn I can say,”why yes, yes I do…”

  27. ‘Administered collectivism’ would be my label. Undoubtedly, the individual and his autonomy have been completely subverted and replaced by adherence to abstract, state created ‘values.’ I put the emphasis on administered as it is an active process: we are funneled through schools and indoctrinated via media in order to hold these beliefs. The label of collectivism further develops the fetish for multiculturalism, health care, etc.; really, any of their main goals.
    The fact that it is administered also highlights the top down imposition of values.
    I believe the built in opposite, individualism, highlights the only counterpoint to this development. Finding value in your own life, and with your close kith and kin, is the only counter to this system. Technology and globalism have changed the rules of the game; overthrow is not a likely scenario. Like at the end of Candide, perhaps the best we can do to fight a foolish ideology is tend to our own gardens.

  28. An arrow in the quiver of oligarchy (rule by a tiny amount of elites) and against the managerialism model is zionism.

    Zionism has institutional support despite the managerial class when polled are against it. Zionism is colonialist, identitarian, demands an apartheid state: all against wokeist managerial morality. Yet a small amount of rulers can bludgeon the managerial and credentialed class with brute force (often quite clumsily) to cow tow to a zionist agenda.

    And the cope that the managerial class puts on to explain this and retreat from a fight against the oligarchs is laughable. Apparently dirt people are the real devils. Those evangelical have staged a bottom up revolution and held the country hostage to zionism.

    Evangelicals, the most hated group in America that is getting ethnically replaced and culturally cleansed. A peoples so powerless that they get snipers pointed at them for complaining about drag queen story hour at their local library, they can influence high level geopolitics and ban speech haha.

  29. Any term that we devise has to recognize the particular role of women and feminized men in the present managerial state. Matriarchy isn’t quite right because it implies government by mothers, which might be an improvement from what we have now; mothers usually genuinely care about the next generation. I think Z-man has used “gynocracy” in the past, so perhaps a form of that word would be appropriate.

      • Rather than hysteria, how about panic?

        From this we get “Panarchy” or rule by emotionally insane. Derived from panikos in Greek: sensation of fear, anxiety or agitation, blocking out logical behavior.

        Explains the role of emotional women and feckless men in enabling our politics. Explains how moral outrage is the key political resource (covid, floyd, kids in cages, dead baby on the beach, etc). Fear and emotion is the driver of all political actions now. Shows how Ben Shapiro’s “facts don’t care about your feelings” is the exact reverse of the truth of our age.

        • And one more: “Agitarchy”, rule by the anxious.

          Modern root is agita (agitation, anxiety). Etymology of word is Italian “acido”, or heartburn according to Webster.

          Similar descriptive utility to Panarchy w/r/t emotion driving politics in women and weak men, reliance on emotion over facts in decision making etc. I do think that a description that references the dominance of emotions/emotional decision making of some sort is the most fundamental way of describing the politics of our age as is explains problems in many arenas (politics, business, law, religion, government bureaucracy, military, press). Only narratives that have emotional draw can move the political needle now. This is as true for the right as the left (which is why Trump won with “build the wall, make Mexico pay for it” — speaks to our fear of displacement/replacement).

          • Both are first-rate suggestions. Panarchy and agitarchy. Love it!

            There’s also the (relatively) old “anarcho-tyranny.”

            But yes, this is particularly well put:

            “Only narratives that have emotional draw can move the political needle now. “

  30. C.S. Lewis described this government (and all governments) perfectly: Oligarchy, for it ‘is more than one and less than all.’

    • plutocracy (n.)

      “government by the wealthy class; a class ruling by virtue of wealth,” 1650s, from Greek ploutokratia “rule or power of the wealthy or of wealth,” from ploutos “wealth” (see Pluto) + -kratia “rule” (see -cracy). Synonym plutarchy is slightly older (1640s). Pluto-democracy “plutocracy masquerading as democracy” is from 1895.

      • Rule by old people. Gerontocracy.

        Biden, Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, McConnell, Romney, Clinton, Sanders. Why does everyone have to be in their 8th decade?

        Because it takes time and money to recruit, bribe, and “season” your team of toadies. They need money to run again. Big loss of power, influence, and money if you lose someone – it means you have to recruit someone new, train him properly, and it make take decades for him to attain that same level of influence, especially if he has an oz of self respect or integrity.

        • It’s alot easier for the Shnozz to keep payin off the old fucks till they’re shit your pants crazy. Starting new with idealogical idiots is a pain in the ass, you gotta get em on film, fuckin a kid, before they grok the program.

  31. I wonder if the better tactic isn’t to eschew ideological descriptors and instead strive for the personal. You can’t deny that Trump was very successful in tarring his opponents with easy to remember, disparaging nicknames. In the end, that’s also what drives the cloudies insane — to be ridiculed. If you attack their religiously grounded belief systems, they can dismiss you with claims of being an apostate. But laugh and sneer at them and they shift all their defenses away from the abstract and onto a very narrow ground dealing with their own personal pride.

    Z-man’s talked about it before, how using the term “carny trash” to describe the media will send Cloud-groupies into paroxysms of rage. And while it may be coarse, imagine if 10,000 of us scoffed at a Covidian, “Take your mask off, faggot. You look like a retard.” And then we did it every day. There would be no shortage of them that would eventually switch sides and begin to use the same language. After that, move on to men in sundresses and the morbidly obese.

  32. “Credentialocracy”.

    (No matter how stupid you are, how little you’ve accomplished, no matter how many people you literally killed, it’s rule by those with all the right finishing school paperwork)

    • Reminds me when, as young, young kids, we would get together to form a “band” even though none of us knew how to play an instrument (“I’ll be the guitarist, I’ve never even seen a guitar in real life but I see people on TV play them all the time so how hard could it be?”)

  33. One important point people miss about managerialism, or at least don’t talk about much, is how all of these endless rules are weaponized, including the criminal law. This is done primarily through selective enforcement. Bureaucrats and police and DAs and on and on all have “discretion” They can chose to enforce the law or not. Police take it even further with their “no duty to act” and “limited” (unlimited) immunity. The police can literally stand outside a building while children are mowed down inside and do nothing and they cannot be held accountable. The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a perfect example of the weaponization of the law. Black, the guy who bought the gun, just had a sweetheart deal from a felony down to a non-crime, a fine, because he gave Binger what he wanted, which was testimony against Rittenhouse. Binger has all the discretion in the world and near total immunity.

    There are a bunch of stories on the internet, some probably dubious, but some quite real of bureaucrats destroying peoples’ lives. One story of a couple who bought property and were clearing their property of downed trees which were blocking up a storm drain. The BLM or EPA or whoever decided a blocked storm drain created a “wetlands” on their property. After probably a million dollars in legal fees, the couple got a “win” (SCOTUS) and the BLM actually sent them a letter congratulating them on their win and ignoring the ruling and continuing to levy fines and orders stopping the development.

    These bureaucrats can target you because they don’t like you, or they don’t like your politics or because of your hair color, or because it’s Tuesday and they’re board, it doesn’t matter, they have immunity. They can do whatever they want to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Police now steal your money on the side of the road. A court can order them to give the money back and they ignore it and nothing happens. A judge recently ordered, on the pain of contempt charges, a township to return the money it stole on the side of the road and the county/town just ignored and said no. The judge backed down.

    • Everything comes down to organized force. There is nothing else.

      You have none. So the organized force (with its many actors) is always going to crush you.

  34. Topics like this always fascinate me because it is an interesting window into how much more ‘we’ care about this than they do. I think people just like to talk and theorize but it really accomplishes very little. Why come up with clever names when there is a perfectly good name already in existence even if it perhaps needs a modifier out in front of it? It carries particular sting because along with ‘racism’ it is the greatest evil ever conceived by these people, hence why they fling it around so freely.

    Opposite Rule of Liberalism applies here as always. Anything they accuse you of, you can be pretty sure they are doing it or believe in it.

    Is there some reason this definition below does not fit where they are steering this ship? I’ve redacted parts of it but the overall ideology seems to fit like a glove.

    “(Government System) is characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy. They regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary. The extreme authoritarianism of (Government System) often manifests a belief in racial purity or a master race, usually synthesized with some variant of racism or bigotry of a demonized “Other” ”

    I’ll give you a cookie if you can figure out “(Government System)”.

    • I agree, Apex. Whilst it is academically interesting to think about these things, from a practical standpoint, it doesn’t matter. The word I use is ‘Evil’, and it seems to be known by all. It doesn’t have a fancy prefix and end with an ‘-ism’.

      This is sort of related to the way that many defend themselves from charges of some ‘-ism’ by attempting to reason with Evil. The Evil does not care; you are best off either calling The Evil what it is, ignoring it, or destroying it (if possible).

      And it is certainly something that ‘we’ seem to have a problem with. I know I did, before I just adopted child-like simplicity in my responses.

      The definition you offer is very accurate and neatly describes today’s power structures and ideas they operate on. The “Other” at the moment, at least in my neck of the woods, appears to be the dreaded “un-vaxxed” or “anti-vaxxers”.

    • “Why come up with clever names…”

      It’s much easier if you don’t name the guy in your sights. It’s less troubling to shoot “Enemy troop #26” than “Bob” even if you know Bob is a bastard.

      (Government System) — Your average HOA*

      *Yeah, I know who you’re really getting at. That definition is also one written by (Government System)’s enemies.

  35. Good show by the Z-man, but my reading of Burnham’s 1940 book is slightly different. I believe that he was still a Marxist when he wrote it, but that he believed that Marx had erred in identifying the class that would take power next. Marx believed that the class that was closest to the means of production would inevitably become the rulers. Capitalists succeeded aristocrats because capitalists were closer to the industrial means of production. Workers would, in Marx’s view, succeed capitalists because workers were closer to the means of production. Burnham still believed that there would be a succession, but that managers, not workers, would be the class that dominated because they were closer to the means of production; the economy of the 1930s was really quite different from that of the 1850s and workers could not “manage” things. Burnham found similarities between Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and New Deal America–the managers were coming to dominate all three countries. I think a better candidate would have been fascist Italy, and I don’t know why Burnham didn’t look at that example.

    In brief defense of Herbert Hoover (sturdy son of West Branch, Iowa), he was a brilliant mining engineer, whose exhibit in the Australian Mining Hall of Fame does not even mention that he was President of the United States. He also organized food relief for Belgium in World War I and risked his personal fortune to buy the food in advance. Finally, he was an avid fisherman, because “all men are equal before fish.” Calvin Coolidge, on the other hand, didn’t like him much and referred to him as Wonder Boy. Still, he had real world work experience and was considerably better than the “leaders” we have now.

    • Hoover is definitely the most misunderstood president, mostly because he was a great executive but a terrible politician (an Anti-Trump, if you will). Prior to his presidency, he was generally regarded as one the most well-liked executives, not just in America, but the western world, because of his philanthropy and organizational genius. Ironically, his presidency was sabotaged by Senator FDR who, after defeating Hoover’s reelection bid, proceeded to carry out the relief programs that he had stonewalled Hoover on.

    • I tend to trust Calvin Coolidge’s character judgments.

      “Barack Obama isn’t fit to hold my horse’s reins.” — Calvin Coolidge, Twitter, 1923.

  36. One problem we have with the “poverty of language” is our most effective rhetoric gets banned on social media platforms. I’m surprised SJW has largely remain unbanned.

    If we come up with a real zinger, like NPC to describe globohomo (itself a banned term), they will immediately ban it.

    • Feudalism is exactly what we DO need. It is necessarily local and personal. If it ceases to be local, it ceases to be feudalism, and it doesn’t matter that feudalism once comprised the whole of Europe. It was local in every instance. The fact that it was happening at the same time is not a consideration.

      And it is also reciprocal, with clearly defined obligations on each side. Each party knows *precisely* what his obligations are, and if he fails to fulfill them, he knows what the penalties are.

      Feudalism also arose and sustained itself in a time when “law” was something to be “discovered” through Nature and Tradition, not something to be legislated by “officials” of whatever description.

      Unfortunately, people equate serfdom with feudalism. But feudalism is the most stable form of government ever devised, and it recognizes and reckons with everything that we know to be true about human nature. And there is zero place in feudalism for ideology.

      Serfdom is not feudalism is not serfdom.

      It’s one of history’s startling ironies that feudalism was dealt a mortal blow by a pandemic.

  37. Sometimes visual imagery can do what words cannot. For example, when I was a young lad, the iconography of my parents age was reflected in the artwork of Norman Rockwell and his caricatures of everyday life in America. This was an effective platform that united people under a common ideal of shared aspirations, even if your personal life was less than ideal. That artwork symbolized a nation of working men and stay-at-home moms raising kids.

    Those ideals are dead now and have been replaced by an artificial ethos centered around government-fueled corruption and parasitism. If Rockwell were alive today, instead of drawing a muscled white male sweating on a production line with grimace of determination on his face, he would instead draw a fairy soyboy sitting in a conference room deciding how to parcel out the grift while drinking a latte and smirking at his own arrogance. And that parasitic slug would be the spitting image of Pierre Delecto. How far we have fallen.

    • “Also kakistocracy.”

      I had to look that one up. Thought it had to do with the German “kacken.” Which does make sense. To me, anyway.

      Thanks for the lesson.

    • Globohomo as initially intended isn’t crude; it has nothing to do with pillow-biters. It is a contraction of global homogenization which is well underway and continuing apace.

  38. I’m getting spam to my email and it’s linked to thezman blog, pretty much daily now. Just another scam out there, which is the actual state of our current political regime. Scamocracy: a political system who’s sole purpose is to fleece the population of as much wealth as possible before the pyramid scheme collapses.

  39. “The bad guys have a million ways to label their enemies, but the good guys are lacking a language to categorize the other side.”

    On the contrary, there are MANY words to label the bad guys. But they are not political words per se; rather they are crude but apt words that bluntly say what those people ARE. They are not polite and honestly shouldn’t be used (much) in a sane society under control of good guys, but they are truth.

    As such, those words have been banned as political slurs, hate words, and to utter one of those words, makes you worse than any bipoc who actually, you know, murders people and stuff.

    • I’ve had my name on more than one color of shirt most of my life. So I am not so sensitive, Crudity usually nails it & useing any form of vulgarity to describe those who are destroying western civilization is far far better than they deserve. I would feel worse about steeping on a cockroach than kicking a chair out from under them and watching their last quivers.

  40. Globohomo is a fun phrase but isn’t serious enough for the job. Corporatism isn’t bad but doesn’t really elicit the emotional response. Neo-feudalism is probably accurate as to what the elites want in the end, but people won’t buy it because we have “elections.”

    Globalism seems to touch a nerve with Normies.

  41. “After all, the word “Marxism” did not come into use until the thing itself existed in some form.”

    Rather unlike the word “racism,” which first appeared in print in English in 1903. I have read that Trotsky coined the word, but how reliable that is I have no idea. Seems probable, though.

    But think about it: The Bible doesn’t mention it. The writers of the Apostolic and sub-apostolic periods never mentioned it. The Patristic writers never mentioned it. The Scholastics, no. The Reformers in the 16th century? No.

    The word appeared in English early last century.

    Think about that.

    • The word “race” is of early modern origin; therefore those prior people wouldn’t have used it.

      There are “goyim” “nation” “ethnos” perhaps others. Ancient greeks/hellenes refered to the Celts as “keltoi,” and used the “oi” to designate other people groups. “Barbarians.”

      The Hebrew bible is chock-a-bock them other guys are others. The Christian bible seems to follow the standard cosmopolitanism of mystery cults.

      I suspect a lot could be thought about this area; this barely a tent peg.

      • I’m pretty sure that the English word “race” is from the French “racine” (root), from the Latin radix (root), hence the mathmatical term “radical” and square “root.”

        My *guess* is–and it’s only a guess–that the novel “Roots” and the movie by that same title refers to “race” in this way.

        But, now that you mention it, I can’t recall the word “race” in the English bible except as in “run with patience the race that is set before us” or from the OT, ” … rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race,” which is quite a different meaning from the way “race” is usually used nowadays.

        What’s the quotation from “1984”? “The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.” Something like that.

        Thanks for your interesting reply.

    • Prior to roughly the 19th century, racism would have been a non-starter of a term because race was used to refer to different level of classification (i.e. the race of man, human race). Subdivisions of man were generally either continental (African, European, etc.) or ethnic (Irish, Lithuanian, Tasmanian, etc.). Racism, as a concept, just doesn’t tack on to geographical or cultural divides among a common race.

      • And that’s why I regard it with such suspicion. A neologism that first appeared in print in English in the early 20th century. After the revolutions of 1789 and 1848 and after the Paris Commune and roughly contemporary with the failed Russian Revolution of 1905 or 1907 or whenever it was.

        And I’d bet the rent that it has (((Bolshevik))) origins.

  42. At the risk of a severe and much deserved beating from the Dissidents… perhaps there IS a conservative case for the managerial state?

    Look around you out there in Lagos, Z. Some of you guys in the big chitlib cities can too… Can your vibrant and diverse neighbours be trusted with the responsibility of ruling themselves? When blacks start running things, the inevitable result seems to be a state or city that resembles Africa. I would say that the only reason those black-run cities have running water is because somewhere there is a white person in a position of authority preventing Tyronius and Sasqueetcha from tearing up the mains and installing a corrupt warlord to ration the water supplies.

    The NRx guys claim that the average IQ for north America is diving and if that is correct… then the correct response to it would seem to be a managerial state…? Or am I full of chit as usual?

    Have a great weekend you guys!

    • So what you are asking us to approve of is being ruled over by these malignancies.

      And I think I can speak for most readers here and “just say no.”

      • I am not seriously arguing for managerialism – up until we come across concentrated areas of stupidity and diversity… but I repeat myself. If we don’t have gov’t mandated procedures to control low IQ vibrants – then that means you and I – at some point, will have to do it. That could get very, very messy given our limited resources and waining patience!

        Even in our own respectable communities – they work because we can agree on what individual rights and freedoms are, what the rules are… and we have the means to punish people that go outside those laws and serve as a deterrent to other morons that get bright ideas.

        Obviously a little managerialism is a necessary evil.

        • “I am not seriously arguing for managerialism”

          I know. I was just making a joke that isn’t really a joke.

          “If we don’t have gov’t mandated procedures to control low IQ vibrants – then that means you and I – at some point, will have to do it. ”

          PRECISELY! You are apparently too young to remember the days when that’s exactly how things *were* done.

          Trust me on this: It is *not* difficult to control “vibrants.” It requires only the WILL to do it. We still have that will,
          but we used to be allowed to exercise it. And we *did.* And it worked *quite* well for centuries.

          Then, the ability to exercise that will was withdrawn by FedGov. At gunpoint. If you weren’t around in those days, you won’t even be able to imagine what it was like. But that’s *precisely* what happened.

          The rest you know.

    • There is always and everywhere an airtight case for good political administration, in both the moral and logistical sense. Consequently, there is an equally good case for good managers. However, the managerial class is generally poor at managing things because the defining feature of this class of people is that they, to person, prefer to substitute credentials for experience. They have all sorts of degrees, but never have had to be responsible for getting things done. As such there is no case, conservative or otherwise, for this social caste if quislings.

    • Yes in theory one of the options is the managerial state, but there are other far better options

    • The solution to an infestation of savages is not to accept responsibility for their care and maintenance, but to send them back to the pest-holistans where they belong, and to send those who facilitated their invasion of the West to tribunal gallows, where they belong.

    • If it makes you feel better, I’ve been saying for years now that some kind of national socialism — small n, small s — is inevitable. You can only slice the pie so many ways, and the money printer can’t go brrrrr indefinitely (we’re already seeing signs of that; you’ll know it’s coming for real when people start referring to “Biden-bucks” the same way the Liberians called their useless currency “Doebucks,” after “President” Samuel Doe). So they’ll try small-n, small-s national socialism — this breadline brought to you by your friends at Facebook.

      All of which is most likely prelude to the violent breakup of the former USA into squabbling regional powers, probably backlit by a nuclear explosion or seven, but why black pill it on such a nice day?

      • Agreed.

        Say what you want, national socialism took Germany from poverty and starvation to a global super power in less than a decade. It also reckoned with the Jews who had a large hand in their previous misfortunes. It dispensed with the old managerial class and replaced it with one that worked. We will not only live in interesting times… they will be exciting too.

        • Maybe that might be one of the innovations post collapse: some mechanism to “flush” the managers. Putting them up for election doesn’t seem workable, but maybe some rule that 5% of them have to be fired every year, I dunno, but something other than “collapse and bloodshed” would be nice.

          • The issue with the managerial type is that they want to have authority without dirtying their hands with experience. It doesn’t matter what rules you put in place, they will always be circumventing them, which means that violence is the only way to deal with them. Virtuous men don’t need regulating, and vicious men won’t submit to regulation. Therefore, there must always be conflict between the two, and regulations are really nothing more than a peace treaty that handicaps the virtuous.

          • We’re going to downsize, like it or not. The process is well underway now, and unstoppable.

            I vote for feudalism. See above.

    • Glenfilthie: Perhaps it might be simpler to look at ‘root causes’ – simply remove Tyronius, Sasqueetcha, and their people from one’s society.

      • Ultimately that is the only solution that will work, 3G. We could deport them back to Africa in a peaceful, fair way where they can realize their hopes and dreams for Wakanda… or we can sit on our hands and deal with them violently later. For now, the politics are not in our favour.

        I wonder though: I may be haring off course down a rabbit hole – but bear with me – do most whites need to really fear a proper managerial class? Consider: back in the 50’s folks like us would move into Mayberry and have neighbours like Norman Rockwell on one side and Mister Rogers on the other. After work, we’d eat supper and go outside to play catch with junior and reconnect with the family. On Saturdays we’d all sleep in and then go outside to mow the grass, wash the car and goof off as we chatted with the neighbour over the fence. Maybe burn some meat on the BBQ… We’d go to church on Sunday to catch up with the community and check in with the community volunteers and charity groups to see if they needed help from us. The managerial duties for such a community would me almost nonexistent. I could run the rubber stamp on the paper work, you could file it and we’d be done by coffee time. Conforming was a big thing back then.

        I don’t think whites have the capacity to live like that anymore… never mind blacks. I think that we all have to agree on what the managerial class is, and what it’s duties are. It will not be easy – just look at Covid. Every second moron wants to comply, they want to be seen complying and complimented on their compliance. The whole topic is a huge can of worms…

        Nothing is easy anymore.

        • You are simply describing a white society without immersive TV and Film programming.

          As you point out the 50s is the start of that age and as soon as large scale color media got traction it consumed all of society and reshaped it with barely any resistance.

          For some reason the addition of color to moving media suddenly increased its effect many-fold.

    • Thinking of old-fashioned “colonialism” for those cities.
      Buchanan was right when he described DC as unfit for self-government.
      In NYC the new Mayor, Adams, has already had to back down a bit after appointing two of his “highly-qualified” brothers to big paying posts.

      • One of those brothers was running a parking lot at a local college before being anointed as the new deputy commissioner of the NYPD. Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun.

      • “In NYC the new Mayor, Adams, has already had to back down a bit after appointing two of his “highly-qualified” brothers to big paying posts.”

        And when somebody called his hand on it, he said he *had* to do it because “white supremacy.”

        Actually said that. I had thought I was beyond surprise, but I was thunderstruck by that.

        • I wonder if the behavior of feeling shame requires specific functioning neural machinery to run on, like specific software needs specific hardware to run on.

          Some populations may not be capable of shame at all because they have never had the genomic prerequisite, and hence cannot ever be taught shame.

          Other population like ours who definitely have shame will inevitably have individuals who lose it through inevitable mutation down the generations.

          • Indeed.

            Think of the techniques used against whites that have no effect on others.

            It appears there is a massive genetic component to emotions and concepts common in the white cultures that just do not exist in most others in the same way.

    • I have to imagine managerialism has always existed in cities. Maybe not as much when 100k was a good-sized city.

      The only real answer is a smaller, less-urbanized population— but I’m making the argument for them, right?

      “Who are you, then?”

      “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.”

  43. I really like the term Crony Capitalism. Yes I know its more specific to an economic domain rather than a political or social movement, but The People In Charge are so wrapped up in economic valuation as a basis for worth or social good (rather than spiritual, political, or cultural approaches) that I think it does the heavy lifting of defining where we are now.

    A Crony Capitalist understands that while yes competition is important, true free market forces are abhorrent. The Crony Capitalist uses money, political influence, regulatory capture and/or arbitrage, managerial maneuvering, social justice leverage, and any other tool available to increase their net wealth and fight off competitors.

    Since economics is the cudgel with which we are beaten about the head and neck nowadays, I struggle with defining it better than that.

    • “Crony Capitalism”

      I suggest corporatism over capitalism. Many normies are conditioned against criticism of ‘capitalism’.

      My term of choice for describing the enemy collective is “the Unholy Alliance.” The two primary components of the Unholy Alliance” are international marxism and international crony cartel corporatism (globalism). Deep State elements like our political police (FBI/DoJ) might be another component, and all the components have some overlap.

      unholy -> makes a moral judgement
      alliance -> makes explicit that there is not just one enemy faction

  44. The petty bureaucrats are at every level. I worked with a very handy guy who wanted to make your standard garage on his property, doing all the work, from concrete to roofing, himself. The local government required him to send his plans in nauseating detail, adding up to 50+ pages in the end, to finally give the permit.

    It’s clear local builders probably have something to do with this, as tasks like this, onerous to homeowners, can be whipped up from templates pretty fast in larger organizations.

    Another guy I know had a similar structure, and the local board rejected the proposal because it was too close to a ditch. He built it anyway and the petty bureaucrats just looked the other way.

    • Chet

      At some point, they have to be ignored. This is a little tricky the closer you are to big cities. If I’m bidding a project (deck or addition) and the homeowner asks about permits, I tell them I’ll provide the insurance, you do the work. I then ask them if they get along with their neighbors. They will be the ones to drop a dime on you if they feel encroached or are assholes.

      During the height of the Faux Plague in 2020, I had a client obtain a permit for a deck we were building.(The only one I did that year as treated lumber was as scarce as an honest politician). She got her permit and after the footings were dug, an inspection was required to proceed.

      They refused to come out and had her take a cell phone video of a tape measure going down the hole to confirm the depth. When she informed me, I told her to request a refund of the fee. We were doing the towns job.

      They are useless dingbats that simply get in the way of productive people.

      • “They are useless [and] simply get in the way of productive people.”

        Same is true of the police. Defund ’em? H*ll yeah.

      • But this is the way of the managerial state, or perhaps it’s a tangent of anarcho-tyranny. Assign more tasks to unqualified individuals, take the credit [or cash] when completed; then, when the inevitable problems occur, the scapegoat is never from the manager class, izzit?

    • That is the Achilles heel of the managerial estate. It’s all over when the people have enough and just refuse to comply. If they take a notion to – the managerial state can be cut off at the knees. It is a complicated, expensive machine to run even when everyone complies. Turning one part of the machine against the other is remarkably easy, but it takes malice and forethought. That is why the lefties have been beating us up for years.

      • I know “Brasil del Norte” is the popular metaphor around here, but let me make the case one more time for AINO becoming India 2.0. This kind of thing is classic Subcontinent; they themselves refer to their government as the License-Permit-Quota Raj (it probably sounds much snappier in Hindi). Most Third Worlders are over-governed, but they take it to a whole new level over there. (It’s also useful for us to consider how they navigate life in the License-Permit-Quota Raj. Embrace your inner rug merchant, comrades, baksheesh is the way).

    • He didn’t want to teach this semester and this was his way of getting out of it before he retired at the end of the year. There are way more candidates trying to get into jobs like this than there are openings available. It would be good for the universities to start pushing kooks like this out automatically when they hit their mid 60s. Of course it will be very difficult for them to do that without getting hit with age discrimination suits.

      • With the new onerous processes and general organizational disarray, there’s becoming a clear cohort of people who cheat the system so they can get work done, and people who cheat the system to not do any work. Problem is, the former group is just as likely to get in trouble as the latter.

      • “He didn’t want to teach this semester and this was his way of getting out of it.”

        Possibly, but your explanation reminds me of Steve Sailor’s commitment to interpreting all anti-white behavior as being economically motivated. Steve’s idea is that all of our problems are a result of individual cheaters who are just trying to make a buck.

        Consider that our foes have committed themselves to the great cause of dispossessing the traditional whites. This is their religion. They are not doing it for a quick buck or to get out of teaching for one semester.

      • In my State, mandatory retirement is the norm for faculty. At 65, you need permission/exemption to stay on. At 70, permission is year by year. I can’t speak for any other particular State, but I have always thought this was fairly universal.

    • “the founder and director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism”

      That’s just the appetizer.
      Then it gets good, really savory!

        • Take it from me, professors HATE teaching with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. That’s because they hate undergrads, those grubby little proles. And that, in turn, is because they are deeply antisocial weirdos. Covid has been manna from heaven for them. What we consider wrist-slitting levels of social deprivation is for them very heaven — sitting in the dark, having food delivered, interacting with the world solely via email and Twitter; that’s their idea of paradise. They’re living the dream right now; they’ll never let it go, even as it kills them.

    • What in the hell is he still doing there anyways, he’s 75. Finally going to give up those generous gibs now onto retirement with another set of our generosity. Vile scum.

      Get that kids? Your scum to these types and you always have been.

      • There are many faculty who—as many in the private sector—know nothing but their work. They would like to work until they die in their office. There was one well know faculty member I remember who was finally forced to retire at an old age. (Deans don’t always care to keep older, more expensive, and less productive faculty around any more than the private sector.)

        This former faculty member continued to dress in his suite and tie, and come to campus carrying his brief case. He had no office and would wander around sitting in public areas—and sometimes private—pretending (?) to work as if he still retained a position with the university. It was truly sad to watch.

        Some of the older faculty with more experience, prestige, and connections will often negotiate a retirement. The negotiation being along the lines of retaining office space, secretarial and technical staff support in exchange for a graduate class being taught every year or so (in his specialty). Deans and Dept heads were happy with this arrangement as it opened a tenure track position at a lower salary.

  45. how far is managerial marxism from bolshevism? I used to like to think that so long as the social part of society were left untouched by politicians, while you could disagree with their managerial style, at least you could still live your life. Well, we ain’t in that Kansas anymore, Toto. The personal has become political and we’re being judged by morons ruled by their hurt feelz.

    • This has been a topic of conversation within paleo circles. I recall reading someone in the Clinton years, probably Gottfried or Francis, who pointed out that democracy creates a problem. If everyone has a say, how to you prevent crazy people from hijacking the process or simply undermining it? Communism solves this with party leadership. The vanguard of the revolution becomes the leadership class of the party dictatorship. Liberal democracy evolved a managerial class that does the same thing as the party in communist systems.

        • It’s like Milo Minderbinder’s Syndicate — everyone’s a member, and everyone gets a share! And if they lose money on every transaction, they make up for it with volume, just like Milo did.

        • some days are just like idiocracy. As a resident of the half-retarded neighbor to the north, Idiocracy is every day our black-faced queen-minister makes the news. The sad part is that it appears conscious of what it is saying where, to our south, it’s clear that the resident in charge, clearly has no idea. The result is the same, not sure which is more insulting.

        • “It was not supposed to be that way.”

          Yes. The Founders got so much right. Federalism, where voting was restricted to those who had distinguished themselves.

          With no disrespect to the Founders, the problem was that what they believed about race was so obvious to them that they didn’t think it needed to be stated explicitly, with the exception of the Naturalization Act of 1790.

          Next time we write a governing document, it must say explicitly that the paramount purpose of the government is to promote the flourishing of white families. As a consequence, no economic interest, like cheap foreign labor, can contradict this purpose.

      • “If everyone has a say, how to you prevent crazy people from hijacking the process or simply undermining it? Communism solves this with party leadership.”

        Solves this? Then how does it stop the party leadership from being crazy people that hijack the process or simply undermine it?

        • Case in point; Lavrentiy Beria was a pedophile and reportedly had underage girls brought to his private mansion in Moscow, raping, torturing them and then having his flunkies dispose of them. It wasn’t that long ago that an article came out about the capital pharmacy and the perks that the congress critters enjoy therein. One of the highlights of the article was the types of medication being doled out to these parasites. The top of the list were medications for emotional problems and various psychosis and other mental disorders. Well that should make us all feel better! Look at the current governor of NY, tell me she doesn’t have children tied up in the basement somewhere?

          • I believe in an interview with the pharmacist, he remarked that the most common drug shipped to capital hill was for the early treatment of Alzheimer’s! I was only surprised that he said that since it would kill the pharmacy’s business with Congress—and as such, I was suspect as to the source. On the other hand this was in the midst of the scandal, so perhaps they’d already lost the business.

          • Julian Assange isn’t being tortured for Hillary’s Benghazi emails, but for the Podesta emails.

    • Why do people keep saying hurt feelings are driving things?

      They just use just predefined word sequences to elicit a control response.

      They don’t have any of these feelings, its a magic incantation spell they have learnt that has power and they will use it simply to get their way like a toddler will try and game the parent via various forms of emotional blackmail until they find one that works.

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