The Myth Of Meritocracy

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Marilyn Mosby has been the State’s Attorney for Baltimore since 2015, despite the fact she has been under federal investigation for years. A federal grand jury indicted her last week on two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements on loan applications for two Florida vacation homes. Mosby applied for loans against her retirement account, exploiting a CARES Act provision for those hurt financially by the Covid-19 panic, despite never having been affected.

These may seem like petty charges, but as is often the case with public corruption investigations, this is the opening gambit in a broader investigation. Mosby’s husband has also been living under a dark cloud for years.  He is the current President of the Baltimore City Council.  The two of them owe the IRS over $45,000 in back taxes, despite making close to half a million a year from the city. Their lifestyle does not comport with what their financials indicate.

For her part, Mosby is promising to fight. She claims the charges are a plot by her political opponents and, of course, the invisible army of white supremacists that secretly control this racist society. The fact that Baltimore is 70% black and the political establishment in the city is 100% black does not matter. Mosby has been doing the rounds, claiming she is innocent and playing the race card. It is the usual theater of the absurd that has come to define city politics.

Public corruption is part of politics and it seems to be much more common in democratic politics. The salary for elected officials is low relative to the people who underwrite their political careers. Unlike all the other entertainment businesses, the stars of politics do not make the majority of the box office. It is the wealthy donors and lobbyists who benefit the most, so there is a natural resentment and a temptation to take a little more than what is allowed.

Compounding this arrangement is the fact that corruption is often permitted, if you are in the right part of the business. The Congressman who represents Mosby in Washington is allowed to trade on insider information, for example. He can take information known only to members of Congress, use it to front run the stock market. From the perspective of local politicians, this must seem terribly unfair, which only adds to the culture of corruption and the temptation to steal.

All that aside, Mosby is a good example of how the concept of a meritocracy does not hold up in a multicultural society. She is not in the job because of her sterling legal career or because she has done important things for the community. She was placed in the job because it looked good for her benefactors. In fact, this is the story of her life from grammar school to now. Mosby has been pushed along by the desire for salivation by members of the managerial elite.

Mosby was born and raised in Boston. Both of her parents were police officers and her grandfather was a policeman. He was one of the first black cops in the city, part of a program to boost the fortunes of black people in the city. She was sent to nice public schools as part of a program to boost the fortunes of black students. The METCO program is designed to get black students into college by placing them in predominantly white high schools outside the city.

Even though Boston has many colleges that love METCO students and New England is full of well-regarded liberal arts colleges, Mosby wound up at Tuskegee, a private historically black college in Alabama. Then by some miracle she wound up at Boston College Law. Despite graduating from one of the better law schools in the country, she could not find a paid position. Then by another miracle, she hooked on as Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore, a city with which she has no connections.

Mosby’s tenure as State’s Attorney for Baltimore, a position she has held since 2015, is charitably described as amusingly inept. During the Freddy Gray crisis, she often appeared disoriented at press conferences. She then declared jihad against the police department and over-charged the cops involved. The police department stopped arresting bad guys, crime shot up and the case against the cops collapsed. In time it may be seen as the peak of her political career.

The fact is Mosby should never have been put in this position. She is not qualified for the job and has no connection to the city. She was placed here because her sponsors thought she ticked certain boxes and she did not ask too many questions. Like Mortimer and Randolph from Trading Places, they thought they could make her a national political figure for reasons that had nothing to do with the public good. Merit had nothing to do with her getting placed in this position.

Defenders of this system will say that lots of white males benefit from connections and favors in their career. Private colleges, for example, give special consideration to legacy applicants, which is often affirmative for rich white people. Politics has always been a game of connections. You make the right friends who then help you along the way on the promise you will help them when the time comes. Mosby, some would argue, is just what is to be expected in a diverse democracy.

While true, it is not a defense of meritocracy or even diversity. In fact, it acknowledges that objective merit has no role in a liberal democracy. Instead, it is about the spring of democracy, which is morality. Those who champion the prevailing orthodoxy are rewarded while those who do not are excluded from the halls of power. Mosby was good for the new religion of diversity and inclusion, so she was handed the winning lottery ticket in the game of life.

In fairness, the ruling class of America does concede this. They are always going on about how success is the result of privilege. If you are born with the right characteristics, you get opportunities denied to others. The problem, of course, is this puts the lie to the foundation of managerialism. Rule by expert does not make any sense if the experts are just the product of random chance. If Mosby is the legal expert for the city, then what is the point of having rule by expert?

Mosby is just a minor figure in the provinces, but the entire political structure is built on this feeder system. Managerialism is supposed to select for and promote the very best, but instead it selects and promotes the most fashionable at the moment. Such a system cannot survive contact with reality for very long. When rule by expert becomes rule by bourgeoise social fashion, disaster is waiting to happen. It is why the future of managerialism is a city like Baltimore.

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138 thoughts on “The Myth Of Meritocracy

  1. Do you read Alastair Mcintyre? This recent set of material seems very similar to his critiques of weberian bureaucracy.

  2. “Such a system cannot survive contact with reality for very long.”

    I would have agreed until recently – it’s tempting to believe the system will reset naturally, but you have to factor in the fact that western civilisation has become effete, gone soft – it may well have run its course. That dates back to Christ and the twaddle about the meek inheriting the earth but it really started the day women were given the vote. The result has been the inflation of control within the system. Too much, spread too wide, leads to meltdown. Authoritarianism is the crude way to deal with this but I don’t see any way for the west to go in that direction because human nature finds it impossible to say no to what it knows is available. The only alternative is for the competents to establish their own system but because of the ideological component, that will involve civil wars. Otherwise we’re on one-way street to dissolution and the future is Palookaville.

    • This is the problem with evolutionists. They believe in a cold, dispassionate universe, selecting for the superior, until it comes to the rest of life.

  3. Totally unrelated, haven’t even read today’s take.
    Just want to announce(brag) two of my three sons and I spent the day at the rifle range.
    Spending MLK day at the range is one of our family traditions. We feel it is very important to hone marksmanship, shake out equipment, ammunition etc.. regularly however this day is. Especially important to our family, it’s our values it’s who we are.

  4. Concerning meritocracy. One of my kids is a .01%er. He got got national recognition in the Duke talent identification program (tip). They give 7th graders the act and select the top %. The idea is spread out the scores of the top % so they can identify the really outstanding kids. The scores tend to stack up at the top when they take it as a senior. We went to the ceremony. Maybe 500 faces. About what you’d expect lot of white with considerable #s of Indians and East Asians. I did note one light-skinned black girl. Lolz, she looked miserable.
    Anyways the program is nice to have on your college app but is mostly a grift that preys on parent vanity as far as I could tell. They offer high priced academic summer camps. You would think the system would pour resources into those kids. Nada. The permanently shuttered the program last year. I suspect a victim of diversity. The national merit was better, that led to a full academic ride. Saved my ass to be honest, as he was one of a set of twins. He also got accepted into an Ivy, but that looked to cost 40k per annum even with scholarships. He took the full ride to a good, but less prestigious university.

    • You are justifiably proud..
      To me one of the best thing about having kids like that is you will not have to worry about them as far as them being able to take care of them selves other kinds of worry never ends. It would be a hellofalot less if we didn’t live in clown world.

      • Lolz, don’t be so sure about the worry. He sorta takes after me. If he slips up and utters the n or k word in the present environment it could ruin him. Also he came home from New Years with a black eye from brawling.
        I have inoculated him somewhat. I gave him a Jewish first name (think mordechai) and a Portuguese middle name Montoya. Our surname is an anglo occupational one. I also instructed him to check Hispanic at every opportunity. Actually it was funny, when his test scores came in, brandeis university started pestering the hell out of me. (They) are definitely on the lookout for talent. These times call for low cunning. But yes in general, not worried with him and have tasked him with taking care of my less talented kids.

  5. The television only portrays strong, independent wimminz.

    The real-life woman leans heavily on her male assistants. They proffer advice, describe things in an understandable way, and help her out of binds she got in herself. That’s how corporations with female CEOs are run. It’s how Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great managed to sit in the saddle of their patch of the earth. Some of the advising men were even taken as lovers, all the better for the crucial issue of trust of the source of the information being given to you.

    A real-life woman would have no use for Z Man’s blog because it doesn’t offer interactive, person-to-person solutions. It’s like woman engineers — they can memorize the formulae but they’re always complaining when it’s time to innovate and design the new tech.

  6. American medical schools today are choosing students using the same criteria Baltimore used in choosing Mosby.

  7. I take a different view. It would appear that the very worst people are being promoted. It’s a reverse meritocracy, find the least competent person you can and put them in charge. Over, say the last 5 years, can you name one organization or public entity that hasn’t covered themselves in excrement? With the pandemic business alone, would you have ever suspected that the CDC and FDA was filled with talentless jerkoffs? The fact that the main prosecutor for that area commits stupid criminal tricks is not a surprise. As if no one was going to find out she did those deals.

    • “As if no one was going to find out she did those deals.”

      Ass though it would make any diff if they did. “She didn’t mean to” was made an acceptable defense on 5 July 2016.

  8. Off topic, but I’m sure the crowd here will appreciate it. In the news, Sandy Cortez has come out and said that she’s had the coof and how bad the virus was and how much she suffered. Coincidentally, this comes a week or two after she was photographed in Florida living it up without a mask. This, she had to show the true believers that she suffered for her sins and was punished. Thus, believers must remain vigilant!

    I mean, there’s little doubt that she never even got the virus, but has to do this to keep the faithful happy and unquestioning. It’s really remarkable these days how much we’re lied to.

    • “It’s really remarkable these days how much we’re lied to.”

      And it’s even more remarkable how cheesy the lies are. They’re not even remotely believable.

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  10. Zman, excellent post at Takis. I was particularly struck by your accurate prediction that “The American Empire will not rest until the Rainbow flag flies over the Kremlin.” While many readers will think you’ve exaggerated for affect, I agree with your prediction and believe you made it in all seriousness.

    Recently read a somewhat heavy-handed short, satirical fiction set in real time, with ultimate villain “Rosos” (i.e. Soros) and the Han pulling strings behind the scenes, while female bureaucrats threaten businessmen with bankruptcy and keep files on everyone in the name of “harm reduction” during “troublesome times.” Nothing particularly great or startling, but the author has his characters at least finally draw the correct conclusion (no voting your way out of this) that the government wants them dead.

    It seemed to me the author wanted to perhaps startle his readers by writing what he thought were exaggerations of where things were heading, but of course I didn’t find them exaggerations at all. He has the government seed every private business with compliance officers, set up a force of private ‘citizen soldier snitches, control all movement and communication, ration food, and ultimately blow up Congress to prove the danger of right-wing terrorist wreckers.

    I am not perhaps as concerned with the prospects of potential war as much as other commenters, as I really don’t follow any politics other than scanning some online headlines, and I have no control over what any politician does. I do notice other patterns, of course, and I easily see a lot of that fictional book’s ‘exaggerations’ becoming reality quite soon.

    Again, no one is in danger of going hungry in the US, but for those who pay attention the grocery store situation really represents a dramatic change. Entire sections of most stores (particularly rice, beans, pasta, and boullion/broth) are being wiped out, replaced by entire aisles of Mexican or other ‘ethnic’ food to fill in the empty spaces. I have a freezer full of beef and bacon I bought before the prices went through the roof, but now I cannot find chicken.

    A term I read yesterday I think captured this ‘new normal’ better than mere normalcy bias – and now I’ve just had a brain fart and can’t remember it precisely – but it was something like aspirational reality. Two weeks to flatten the curve has become two years with vaxports and eternal restrictions and people still speak of ‘returning to normal.’ A mass panic buyout of toilet paper has turned into a breakdown of the supply chain, massive sea freight backups and price increases, and rolling grocery shortages, and everyone just accepts it as the way things work.

    Every time I’m tempted to dismiss my concerns as exaggerated, yet another “it would never happen here” moment reminds me that they’re not, and I’m just paying attention to patterns. One of your strengths has always been not merely your ‘noticing,’ but connecting the dots (to mix my metaphors) and I just want you to know I appreciate that you don’t sugar coat things for Joe Normal, even in Taki. Normalcy bias is dangerous when dealing with psychopaths, and far too few truly accept that’s who we’re dealing with. Yes, there’s an army of ignorant and busybody bureaucrats and compliance officers, but behind them there are powerful, evil people who actively wish us harm, and recognizing that does not make one a tinfoil hat nut, but a realist.

    • I also noticed that line and could hardly suppress a ‘Go, Vladi!’ reading it. We are faced with wickedness unsurpassed in the annals of human perversion. And I look forward to p*ssing on their graves one day, if you’ll excuse my language ma’am.

    • I’d say that’s a big difference between Z and Steve Sailer. Sailer notices things but either can’t or won’t connect the dots.


      Take note of primary areas of purported concern. State Department officials have criticized Russia over LGBTQ issues but are oddly mute when it comes to China and most Muslim countries. It is particularly risible that many if not most of the criticisms of Russia are overt public policy in the United States, de facto is not outright de jure.

      The Thing in D.C. has absolutely no moral, ethical or legal authority to criticize any other capitol.

    • Not so sure about the “no one going hungry” in the US. Inflation changes everything.

      It’s incredibly difficult to tame. The last bout of inflation in the 1970’s took decades to tame.

      30 yr fixed mortgage rates over the decades:

      1970’s (early) = 7%
      1970’s (late) = 11.2%
      1980’s – maxed out at 16.63%
      1990’s (early) – 10.13%
      1990’s (late) – 6.94%
      2000’s – 5%
      2010’s – 4-5%
      2021 – 3.7%

      So tight money policies under Regan and Volcker reigned in inflation, but it was a decade of pain for anyone who needed to borrow money for a house or a car.

      Now: EVERYTHING is financed. If inflation isn’t curbed, the little guy gets hammered; if rates go up, everything the little guy buys on credit gets priced out of his reach. Even with all the crazy disruption of the Covid years, THIS will be impossible to ignore.

      This is scary stuff. Unless you’re a banker, in which case, it always comes up roses.

      • The fact that interest rates were dropping doesn’t mean there was no inflation.

        The costs of homes, autos and education increased dramatically from the 70s straight through the 90s with no slowdown and beyond.

        They simply changed the way they measured inflation over the decades to hide the sausage. Everyone knew that even before 2008 most things were dramatically more expensive than they were in 1980 and wages had risen along with them, though not enough to make up for it on the high ticket items.

        Making money “more expensive” through higher interest rates had little to do with the inflation rate. If the nominal inflation rate was low, it was because of how it was measured. You simply can’t create as much money as the US has through the various rounds of “quantitative easing” and pandemic spending before you run out of ways to hide it.

        High interest rates won’t make that go away. That may lower the velocity of money, but lowering velocity also lowers tax revenues and increases interest payments on the federal, state and local government debt.

        As I said in a post on SubscribeStar, all high interest rates do is transfer the inflated money into the pockets of people who lend money.

        The only way to actually reduce inflation is to reduce the money supply and the best way to do that is to cancel debt, but that hurts the people who lend money, and this country is run for the benefit of people who lend money, not you and me.

        There’s more complexity to it — the government allows the central banks to lend a certain amount of money they don’t have, effectively creating money, so in theory making interest rates higher would maybe reduce the gross amount of lending and that aspect of money creation, but the fed could simply control that directly if they wanted. But, again, they don’t work for the benefit of you and me.

      • The payday loan places continue to pop up. Who owns them? What are their terms? I’m too uninterested to check. Plus, I already know the answer. Bad people and bad.

    • “He has the government seed every private business with compliance officers, set up a force of private ‘citizen soldier snitches, control all movement and communication, ration food, and ultimately blow up Congress to prove the danger of right-wing terrorist wreckers.”

      Food rationing is already a present reality. Those little stickers on grocery store shelves that limit “2 to a customer” — that’s rationing.

  11. I was having a conversation last night with some hockey buddies (which could easily be code for a bunch of white guys…). We all agreed that history will show that one of the great crimes of our age was turning magnificent cities like San Francisco, London, Paris, etc, etc, into complete shitholes. Those places used to be beautiful in their unique ways and were fun to visit. For a great many, they were fun, exciting places to live.

    Not any more. It is just sad.

    • Not only fun and exciting but they were great places to raise children, which is something almost impossible to imagine today. All those lines of houses, like the ones famously pictured in “Full House” were normal homes for normal families. What were tenements a century ago have become luxury housing and the tenements made today are designed like college dorms and are literally made out of concrete and/or sawdust.

  12. Let’s peel the final layer from the onion, if we dare, and make a profound statement. Mosby is as natural to liberal democracy as a fish is to water. Mosby isn’t the problem, democracy is the problem. One day humanity will throw off this vile, dysgenic yoke, and one will be able to drive from Anchorage to Buenos Aires, and Vladivostok to Lisbon, without passing through a single democracy. And the world will be better for it.

    • JR Wirth: Yes, democracy is a core problem, but Mosby and non-White populations in White lands represent a separate and equally core problem, which would remain even without democracy.

      • Very true. But it was democracy that gave them both license and power, and it’s democracy that’s exacerbating this very demographic time bomb.

  13. any of you guys familiar with Steven Pinker? You could argue he is the Christopher Lasch of the boomer generation. He wrote a book ten or fifteen years ago called “our better angels” which talked about how all the bad things that have historically plagued societies are at a historic low. But I feel the past few years have sort of exposed flaws in his thesis.

    Charles Murray wrote a book ten years ago about Belmont vs Fishtown and how Belmont has higher levels of marriage and lower levels of crime and drug use and how we should aspire to be like Belmont. But I’m at the point where Fishtown, despite the statistics to the contrary, is a better place to be. It’s like the people are lower maintenance.

    • Its hard for me to even want to consider Pinker anymore given he posted an incredibly cringe video of him dancing & celebrating when Biden was “declared” the winner. And maybe that signifies in a way why his thesis was flawed.

      • well to be fair – a lot of people (or at least myself) thought that Biden winning would be a calming effect for the country. After all, there wouldn’t be Trump to kick around anymore and all the hyperventilating would go away.

    • I’d say we’re all familiar with Mr. Pinker.

      “The blank slate is a myth, but I shall go on engaging with and pretending to live in my own little egalitarian world that has nothing to do with genes or DNA or IQ. Also, the soul is not real.” – Dr. Steven “Noam Chomsky is wrong” Pinker.

  14. My read on Mosby is a little different than Zman’s. Mosby is a younger Kamala Harris. Its true her Dad was a Boston cop etc. but I think her professional story perhaps went something like this: she was ambitious from the start but she was just working some low-level job when her looks caught the eye of some dirty old man black politician. That got her started up the ladder. Once she in the system, the media and the white elite noticed her and started celebrating her. She got linked up with the Soros money and then elected far above her level of competence. Now her greed is catching up with her, probably because she’s so selfish and unlikable that she ticked off her own staff and allies.

    • Mosby’s dad was a bent cop (during a time when the BPD was knows as “the most corrupt police department in America”) who was fired for shaking down drug dealers. He sued for reinstatement but was ultimately dismissed for failing drug tests.

  15. Cut and paste this to the “experts” at the Pentagon who think a conflict with Russia would be a good option. Including the shi t-for-brains who lost 70 pounds to run for President.

    • It is hard to believe that our supposed rulers could be heading down a path of war over Ukraine.

      But the more I study the years leading up to the Great War, the more I realize it is not only possible, but likely.

      • I dunno, feels like the Georgian conflict all over again. NATO will wake up one morning and find out the “war” is already over.

        • The issue is that the dummies in DC are like Travolta’s character in Broken Arrow and they’ll go nuclear saying,

          “Eff ’em if they can’t take a joke!”

          • Now that GWOT has wound down the brass that survived Obama seem to think nuclear war is winnable. God help us.

  16. Ah, Mosby (X2)…
    Used to be, there were no vibrants that went through this old mill party of the city (“Don’t go there, the KKK has their headquarters in that neighborhood” was a very common saying). Of course, we had (have) our own meth heads and pretty crime…

    The Mosby pair then started to sweep into the neighborhood regularly and frequent a high-falutin’ restaurant on the street. I used to run into their security detail. Then, Nick staged all sorts of videos in our alleys for promotion (which were clean and where he had to actually place trash to make it look like West Lagos). The two of them are nothing but ruthless promotors.

    The population of the neighborhood had already well changed by then from displaced Appalachians to John’s Hopkins soy nerds and problem-glasses grrls… And they LOVED them some Mosby airtime! There was nothing the pair could NOT do wrong! They cooed over seeing them on the sidewalk.

    Walking around now, when I bring up the pair (especially the Mrs), I’m starting to get people looking the other way. Buyer’s remorse? Maybe… But there is still no clamor for her head. My guess is that the silly little white grrls and boys in this neighborhood will take her defense hook, line and sinker and never look back. And that will always be our problem.

  17. People can talk about meritocracy or lack thereof in Democratic sh@thole cities and states all they want, but here is a basic fact. The United States is likely collapsing just like the Soviet Union did. We can exit the world stage either peacefully, or be mired in a civil war fomented by the crooks in our own government.

    Right now I would say a civil war has a high probability. But when it does go down, none of the “educated” and fake meritocracy scammers will have the the survival skills to survive an imperial collapse. They will likely simply pull down the curtain and become outright criminals. The strong ones will float to the top of the toilet bowl as they should, and the more inept ones will die or get killed and will be flushed away.

    If we’re talking about any kind of justice, that might be the only way those people will ever have to face just desserts. They have the most to lose as our systems dissolve and die.

  18. Excellent point that managerialism sans meritocracy is doomed to produce sucky outcomes. I wonder if Burnham included diversity in his thought? If not it would seem to scramble the predictive power of his model… I suppose the managers that took over were an older stock and then they replaced themselves with vibrancy because they were already anti white.

    Regardless of what Burnham did or didn’t say (I don’t know), this is clearly something to keep in mind when we discuss our managerial class. I’m certain that Huxley and his caste of technocrats weren’t envisioning folx like The Honorable Justice Sotomayor and Mrs. Richard Levin as the arch bureaucrats to run society.

    • Likely nothing in it that hasn’t been said before. However, and perhaps it’s just the way the words were arranged on the screen, or my current state of mind – it really struck a chord in me. In particular – and all that the symbolism would represent: “The American empire will not rest until the rainbow flag flies over the Kremlin”.

  19. Great Taki piece. It’s interesting and important to learn about what is happening in Russia.

    I spoke with a gentleman from Germany who is visiting family here in the US. We spoke about Merkel and the recent elections there. He told me that his city is unrecognizable. His nephew recently had his coat stolen and they learned that this is not uncommon. Newly arrived immigrants are assaulting kids on the streets. The refugee welcome centers are inundated with donations of winter gear and food. It’s just easier to grab a German kid as he’s walking along and rip the coat from his back. These kids walk home from school on the streets in the towns and cities created by their ancestors. They are forced to walk past dangerous shanty towns created by their global leaders. It was funny, he asked “why have you such interest in ze demographics and ze crime in Germany?”

    He also told me that everyone must show proof of vaccination in addition to a negative test to enter any establishment. There are testing centers everywhere and they are testing like mad. The bars and restaurants which were forced to shut down due to lockdowns have been converted into makeshift testing centers.
    “You need proof of vaccination and a negative test and in order to test here you need to have tested negative…”
    Their heads are going to explode as they attempt to explain their own absurd and idiotic mandates. Please, Allah.

    • Western elites are destroying their own nations. Before COVID, whites kept grilling and chilling. They can ignore the diversity as long as they can keep the hedonism going.

      Now they’ve taken away entertainment (and in the case of the usa ruined it with wokeness) and we’re still left with the vibrancy. Dunno about Germany, but Canada is now experiencing mass white flight out of Toronto and Vancouver areas – barely reported on by the media (and “people” are fleeing for purely economic reasons, of course).

      I can’t tell if this is a hostile takeover, an NWO conspiracy, or just the result of insane cat ladies and selfish boomers in charge. Either way, the social fabric was destroyed, since COVID the economic fabric is being destroyed, and even the social contract itself is being broken as tyrannical COVID rules are being forced; breaking the Western constitutions and laws without being stopped by courts or politicians.

      • Gen Z will be the first to live their entire lives inside this hellscape, as millennials were coddled but still had a view of a reasonably cohesive social landscape. It will be a surprise if Gen-Z ends up with a birthrate above 1.0, even with the added diversity.

        The powers that be will double down by pushing more immigration and terrorizing parents with demands to propagandize and brainwash their children.

    • German is what we would call in America a Democrat Sh@thole State.
      Many of our states are that as well, and then there are many who don’t go with the program. That in itself is a good indicator of what side the states will be on, and what new country they will eventually take a part in its creation. Those poor Germans are so uniform in their behavior and outlook, the whole country will go down and there will be no place to go.

      • I’m not German but you are kidding yourself if you think Germany is as dissolute as Dem states.
        Germany is still a functioning country which does not have close to the crime levels of American cities. Same with litter as well. There isn’t some physical law that says if the US is falling apart all European countries must be worse.

        Although I will state the obvious and admit all western European countries are worse than they were in the ’90s.

    • Yes the Taki piece was good. We have now come 180 degrees morally from the Cold War. How incredible…

    • “The bars and restaurants which were forced to shut down due to lockdowns have been converted into makeshift testing centers.”

      “They” are harvesting everybody’s DNA.

  20. “Mosby has been pushed along by the desire for salivation by members of the managerial elite.“

    She’s a piker. The best example of the concept has got to be President Obama and his wife, Michael. Never has one with so little talent been pushed to such a great height in a democracy. To find something even remotely comparable, you need to look to an aristocracy.

  21. I know METCO well. What astounds me is why Mosby didn’t attend (get handed admission to) one of Metro Boston’s prestigous colleges and, even more, why she couldn’t secure a lucrtative starting position at a Boston law firm given that B.C. law school was falling all over itself to promote its Black graduates while Boston law firms were saying to Black law school grads, “If you can walk and chew gum, we’ve got a spot for you.” We used to openly joke about it..

    And why are they bothering her now? Nobody cares about these sorts of crimes. She must have pissed some important people off.

    There’s gotta be more to the story.

    “Managerialism is supposed to select for and promote the very best, but instead it selects and promotes the most fashionable at the moment….”

    Hasn’t it always?

    “Such a system cannot survive contact with reality for very long. When rule by expert becomes rule by bourgeoise social fashion, disaster is waiting to happen..”

    Maybe but why “not very long?” A disaster might endanger and even destroy the tyranny of social fashion, but, if so, the disaster may need to be huge and global.

    • “There’s gotta be more to the story.”

      The most obvious answer is there are certain areas off limits to everyone except the players, and banking and financial sectors loom large as off limit areas. Remember GameStop? The freaking FBI went out and investigated the kids who bought up shares and messed up the usual suspects’ short scam. Although one of the Bureau’s lesser sins in recent years, it was among the trashiest.

      Granted, there may be some Inner Party conflicts beneath the surface, but sometimes a cigar is a cigar. Mosby is not the right ethnicity to defraud banks without repercussions.

      • It may be that she has some connection to Kamala.
        This is either a warning shot, or an opening salvo, by the Hilario faction.

        They’ll just give Nordstrom-Americans another holiday and pinkie-swear that Stacy’s getting her shot at a historical first.

    • Seems to me that if she went to an HBCU, she might very well be actually talented. HBCUs don’t have to load up with affirmative action diversity, because they are already diverse (diverse meaning not White). Although I recon it”s possible that with the regular universities luring away the talented tenth, HBCUs may be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      • tarstarkas: “Although I recon it”s possible that with the regular universities luring away the talented tenth, HBCUs may be scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

        It’s the latter. Without affirmative action, perhaps 2% of the noggers in college now would qualify on their own merits. Even with college today equal to a good high school 30 years ago, most of them can’t manage to graduate in four years or with a degree in anything other than ‘studies.’ If they attend a HBCU it’s because they were too stupid to even get offered a free ride anywhere better.

    • “If you can walk and chew gum, we’ve got a spot for you.”

      Yeah, maybe you’re giving her too much credit.

    • Having worked at one of the big “white shoe” Boston law firms, I can tell you they mostly hire from the pool of summer associates that have worked for them since they were 1L’s. If your grades aren’t good enough as a 1L to land a summer associates job, you should save your money. Or, I suppose, if you meet certain criteria, go in for political activism.

  22. At least when this (former) country was vast majority White, progress of every sort was possible – even with nepotism etc., because smart people did get things done and got ahead. Now, with the degraded population, this is no longer the case and has been for a while. It’s obvious to figure that any jogger or mystery meat in an “elite” position outside of some athletics is absolutely an AA hire – entirely due to skin color, sex or what have you. And as usual, service and product quality fall off the charts – in a bad way of course.

    • A precondition of Meritocracy is a populace that values
      talent, industry, and accomplishment as a collective good.

  23. “When rule by expert becomes rule by bourgeoise social fashion, disaster is waiting to happen. It is why the future of managerialism is a city like Baltimore.”

    And the future of managerialism is large urban areas with predominantly dark complexions. What has always confounded me is why would the elite chose negroes over more productive and intelligent races. I mean, when you have very few of their number that can actually maintain a first-world standard, you eventually end up with a world of Idiocracy, a world where the buildings are held together with duct tape and bungee cords, where the trash piles are the size of small mountains, and a population that has to be supported and can’t contribute in any meaningful way. It seems that the elite want them for two reasons. One, because they are easily manageable due to their lack of intelligence and future orientation. Secondly, because their presence will eventually drive out the elites’ primary enemy, White middle-class workers. Somewhere in their imagination, the elite believe that you can actually swap a White civilization for a black, or darker-hued, civilization and the end result will be the same. It’s like believing you can put water in the crankcase of your car because oil and water are both liquids. But, that’s not the case, so why do they want that? Are they nihilists that seek their own destruction? In the past, Whites had the ability to emigrate to other continents and recreate their own societies away from the failing areas they fled from. And the parasites could follow them eventually, after they created viable countries. But, there’s no place to run now, except space, the bottom of the oceans, and Antarctica. Is this the true history of mankind? The Light (skinned) running away from the Dark (skinned)?

    • That statement stood out to me also: “When rule by expert becomes rule by bourgeoise social fashion, disaster is waiting to happen. It is why the future of managerialism is a city like Baltimore.”

      I understand ZMan point, but disaster ‘waiting’ to happen? By most any standard I can think of – the waiting is over, it has already happened. The questions now might be: how much worse will it get, can it be cleaned up, and is anyone(s) out there willing to even try (let alone succeed)?

    • So far the elite have not felt the pinch wrt eliminating/reducing the White race in favor of minorities. They have money, and with money can obtain the dwindling reservoir of remaining (White) talent. Add to that the importing/supplementing with talented minorities (right side of the Bell Curve) and you produce a bubble that from the inside looks solid.

      Everything however depends on the Critical Fraction. If the theory holds, then it’s just a matter of time until the conditions of decline break though their bubble. This may take many decades as we are witnessing in South Africa.

      • A way to test that would be to compare Argentina, who’s currency collapsed in 2001.

        At what point along the curve are they 20 years later?

    • The general problem is that the elite caste is inherently dysgenic. Their kids are stupid and unqualified to run things, but they have to pretend that liberal democracy is meritocratic, so they need a way to defend their status from high IQ middle class interlopers. Traditionally that was accomplished by denying educational opportunities to peasants, but that would screw up the college scam. So the solution they’ve come upon now is to replace the white middle class with people who can’t compete for elite status. Blacks and Hispanics are blocked by IQ, and Asians and Indians are too short to hold leadership positions.

    • “Somewhere in their imagination, the elite believe that you can actually swap a White civilization for a black, or darker-hued, civilization and the end result will be the same.”

      No, I think that these WEF people *know* that the only people able to stop them–to thwart their plans–are white European societies, which is why they have to be “neutralized.”

      • Two things:

        1. There are two levels of elite. The managerial positions and the ruling positions. Soros or Chuck Schumer would be an example of the managerial positions. No one really knows the identities of those that call the shots. They keep to the shadows. If TSHTF, Soros and Schumer might lose their heads. The rulers won’t.
        2. I think they are a little less afraid of White European stock everyday. I think a lot of what they do is experimental and takes the form of “Let’s try this and see what they do.” “Let’s see how long they’ll wear a mask, even if the masks do nothing.” “Let’s take away this Right and see if they respond.” “Well, they didn’t do anything about it so let’s cross the next line in the sand.” I think Whites will win in the end, but it won’t be because they planned it. It will be because a remnant segregated themselves, survived, and let everyone else reap the fruits of their stupidity. Plus, let’s not leave out God. This has been about good vs. evil since before history began.

        • Dude. Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager. He does not work for somebody higher up the chain.

          • Yes he does. You know Soros’ name. I believe Orwell used the pseudonym Emmanuel Goldstein for the eternal bogeyman. Soros is one of them for the right, Trump is one for the left. You can also tell who is higher up on the food chain by how much they pay in taxes. Those with “real control” don’t have to pay taxes. They just tell their minions what to do, but don’t own things on paper. They control through shell companies.You don’t recognize this. Yet.

          • it won’t let me reply to AWM but the new emmanuel goldstein is klaus schwab. Am I the only one who gets a weird cult leader vibe to him?

  24. Today’s post is an anecdote about the systemic rot that exists within our system of government, and the concurrent demise of robustness that ultimately makes it terminally fragile. The Soviet Politburo collapsed for similar reasons, and did so at lightning speed.

    More importantly, this rot also exists within the Jackboot Corp that guards the Citadel. It used to be that you had to qualify as a serious bad ass in order to get accepted into guard units like the Stasi and HLS. But that hasn’t been the case for a couple of decades now, and today those ranks are mostly infested with nerds, ass-kissers, hefty women, small minority men, token blacks, and a very few hard-knocks white guys who don’t give shit anymore.

    When the collapse gets rolling, the phalanx guarding the wall are likely to be overweight and panic prone. Only the SWAT units are likely to be formidable, and a great many of them will be under the command of a woman or political hack. And the folks running DC absolutely don’t want you to know about any of this because weakness undermines the efficacy of intimidation, and a paper tiger burns quickly.

    • The hard-knocks white guys are still around but they know better than to give an opinion about anything. They are not going anywhere but they also don’t run things anymore.

      Something similar is going on in civilian world: for example at companies where I’ve worked, the nerdy but reliable, honest white engineer (e.g. Clark Griswold) is still among us, but he is no longer likely to become top management. Just as the military is no longer run by fighting men, the business world is no longer run by technicians or loyal salarymen. There’s an overclass now of faux-expert MBAs, finance mercenaries and demographic hires.

      My own theory is that the great success of East Indians in corporate America can be traced to the way they combine passable engineering competence and the old salaryman ethos with dark skin. Pajeet not my preferred co-worker but he’s not retarded and does not have an obvious chip on his shoulder. ( The women do: they get the “Woman of Color” indoctrination in US college. ) What I am saying is, Indians are the trump card that let the managerial class hit these silly melanin quotas without crashing the whole organization. However, there is no equivalent of Pajeet they can plug into an army or a municipal government.

      • Agreed, but the rot is real and the Citadel is much more fragile than the MSM will allow to be revealed. That is the valuable intel. Badmouthing the idiots infesting the managerial ranks is just venting (good for the soul I guess), but not really actionable.

      • Not disagreeing, but the Indian situation is perhaps a bit more complex. India as a country has a lower IQ (83) than most others—yet has nukes, their own fighter airplanes, and any number of trappings of a 1st world country. How? Well they have a caste system and their higher castes are their brighter bulbs. But they represent only a small fraction of the population.

        Prior to the 21st century, and especially after the British left, India drove off its best and brightest who immigrated to capitalist countries where their skills were rewarded. India was mired after independence in fairly run of the mill socialism/communism ideology and practice. It kept the country poor for decades.

        That’s all changed now and India is quickly absorbing their best and brightest and taking her place among the modern 1st world. I doubt if they will continue to provide the brain power we need in the amount necessary.

  25. “Even though Boston has many colleges that love METCO students and New England is full of well-regarded liberal arts colleges, Mosby wound up at Tuskegee, a private historically black college in Alabama. Then by some miracle she wound up at Boston College Law. Despite graduating from one of the better law schools in the country, she could not find a paid position. Then by another miracle, she hooked on as Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore, a city with which she has no connections.”

    Speaking for myself: it’s generally considered that METCO is by and large a joke. Students are privileged enough to act and behave in ways those students on the South Shore and Metro West couldn’t without being disciplined in their own schools. It’s often claimed that they are in fact the best of a group drawn from the city (no whites allowed of course).

    Z has spoken at length how provincial New England (especially Massachusetts) can be and he’s right. If you’re a white ethnic and you are applying for a municipal job in a city you never grew up in…..even if you’re qualified the chances of you being considered are still weak. Mosby should have toughed it out inside 617. There’s now an anti-white Asian mayor and an anti-white Suffolk County DA, none of which have done anything of note except be born into the skin suit that God gave them.

    Privilege indeed.

    • The difference is that there is still an overclass of old WASPs, lace-curtain Irish and successful (formerly) North-End Italians running Boston behind the scenes.

      Contrast this with Baltimore, where the old overclass has just given up and moved to Florida or out of Baltimore County. The aggressive Md. tax authorities even make rich Marylanders resign their club memberships, charity Boards etc. to prove they have left the state. It’s been a deliberate policy.

      So you end up with a “hollowed out” city with no white adult supervision. And things naturally go to hell from there. When things hit rock bottom, like they did in Detroit a few years ago, the blacks invite the white overclass back in to restore some semblance of order. This may yet happen in Baltimore, but it has to bottom out first. IIRC, the mayor of Detroit went to jail before things bottomed out there.

    • The Boston political culture was always good at exporting problems. Bulger saw John Kerry was going to be a problem, so he helped promote him to DC as a senator. Problem solved. Mosby seems to have been politically ambitious from a young age, so she no doubt tried to hook on in the 617, but she was exported to Baltimore. Problem solved.

    • Imo the best hope of diversity is that it stokes Yankee provincialism into a conflagration. That would be a real wonder and probably America’s best chance. Whatever happened to the northern aristocrats? Where are the witch trials?

      Don’t get me wrong, there’s much to admire about the South, but there’s not enough crazy down there 🙂

    • I’ve always wondered what goes through the mind of the hateful anti-white aliens like the mayor of Boston.

      I try picturing myself moving to Japan or Taiwan or China (not sure what exactly her country is) and complaining endlessly about “Chinese privilege” and how “we” need to fix China. Or getting elected (which would never happen) and start passing laws to increase crime and hurt the Japanese people. Just wouldn’t happen.

      Even if Japan had open borders for white people and large enclaves were forming there, I wouldn’t give a crap about what their own traditional ways are. Not gonna put them down or try to change it even if it’s strange stuff to me.

      The only conclusion is that non whites raised in the West are severely mentally damaged. They’re totally foreign to their own people, and also don’t feel “American” because, let’s face it, they’re not, and everybody knows it. The sexual problems make it worse – females get pumped and dumped by white males, males lust after white women but most don’t get with one. For Muslms and upper caste Hindus, they get taught that they’re superior to the filthy infidels and lower castes, but in the real world they’re just another brown loser nobody cares about. This creates rage and cognitive dissonance too.

      The problem is worse for Asians than it is for Hispanics, who are closer in proximity and have a similar religious background. Asians are completely foreign to every single aspect of the USA.

      • They’re wonderful neighbors by and large and make for a great student body to improve your quanatative test data. But they’re even worse then the pale faces when it comes to phony altruism. That East Asian initiative often wears off after two generations. A teacher at a school in Boston was nearly beaten to death and the DA and Mayor “No one but two c@cks_ck@” Wu actually claimed the student was ALSO the victim. Idiot.

        • Then they can be great neighbours and improve the quantitative test data of their own countries.

          For me, they’re actually not great neighbours, especially once every single English sign vanishes at every mall and store, and all their houses are investment vehicles for foreign money laundering, fentanyl cash and God knows what else.

          And their kids are anti white lunatics.

          • @B125

            Fair enough. By what measure and compared to whom are they hostile to you and bad for your community?

      • “I try picturing myself moving to Japan or Taiwan or China (not sure what exactly her country is) and complaining endlessly about “Chinese privilege” and how “we” need to fix China”

        The only person to have done that to my knowledge is Doug MacArthur. Which illustrates a very important point; whites are being treated like a defeated people. In our own countries no less!! Give me Thor’s powers for two minutes and there’s gonna be a real show…[Shaking my head….]

      • Ah, but there are foreigners who move to Japan and do just that – complain about Jap privilege if even indirectly. There were BLM protests here in 2020 (glow in the dark as the sun is bright, but it was also laughable the supposed turnout of 3000 people). Every once in awhile some gaijin, usually a woman, will melt down on Facebook over some thing they saw, and only saw because they went out of their way to see it.

    • For our friends: METCO is a program that places ~3K inner city Blacks and Hispanics (but not Asians or Whites) in thirty or so participating school districts in the ‘burbs. Selection to this program was always opaque. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that all the kids accepted had “connected” parents. /s Parents noticed and now it’s supposed to be by lottery. Then Covid happened. Time will tell.

  26. “Mosby has been doing the rounds, claiming she is innocent and playing the race card. It is the usual theater of the absurd that has come to define city politics.”

    Saw on another site she was doing the typical Diverse politician thing: Going to The Church. She should use Flip Wilson’s “Geraldine Defense”:

    “The DEVIL made me do it, Honey!”

  27. Here in the Midwest we are waiting to see how quickly the $790 million dollar NFL settlement will be blown by the vibrants managing the city of St Louis. Covid money and now the NFL money has filled the coffers of city government. We are waiting for the BMW’s and Mercedes Benz’s appearances and the inevitable millions of dollars unaccounted for headlines.

    • This sort of money is even worse than that. Throwing money at a crazed and useless population creates a multiplier effect of even more money being wasted cleaning up the destruction once the money runs dry. That 790 million price take will create several billion more in total financial losses from the city as a whole.

      No worries though. They elected Cori Bush, and her sassiness will solve everything.

    • The people would be better served if the city piled up the money and set it on fire. It would at least make for a fun video. No one will every know what happened to the half billion. The media will never ask.

    • The vibrants in Detroit turned Detroit from the “Paris of the West” to the “Lagos of the West” in less than a generation. The children of all those affirmative action union auto workers first screwed up the schools and then voted themselves into power with the worst of “African Dictator” level corrupt politicians. No amount of money can fix the problem.

      When I was born, my city, “Lagos on the Delaware” (Philly) was an economic powerhouse, though already in decline. By the time I was a teenager, it was bankrupt. The same is true across the United States. Pretty much all of our cities are poor, dangerous, dirty and in poor repair. The neighborhood I grew up in and the neighborhoods my parents grew up in are all trash, the worst ghettos imaginable.

      • The house that I was brought home from the hospital to is now located on MLK Drive in the city where I was born. I was barely out of diapers when we moved.

      • Philly is such a damned heartbreak. You can see how trim and beautiful those old neighborhoods used to be.

        The white people who lived there weren’t rich, either, but they were certainly cultured.

        • There is an old “suburb,” though still well inside of Philly not too far from me. There is a beautiful park with streets lined with trees and large 4 story mansions. Every single one of them is now broken up into multi-family dwellings and the park hosts drug dealers and prostitutes. Or all along “Germantown” Avenue, there were all these 3 story homes with store fronts and porches over top of the store fronts. What at one time was beautiful is now a ghetto and those porches are not even safe to stand on these days. Of course, there is not a single German living in “Germantown”

    • Invest in tow trucks and repossession services. It has been documented when vibrants become flush with lucre, they still finance everything. The ending is predictable.

      • Open a Cadillac dealership, a car stereo/window tint joint, and a place that sells the tackiest, most ridiculous grillz, rimz, and vinyl tops.

        • Don’t forget Rent-A-Centers. Why buy an appliance or household goods’ when you can rent it weekly and pay 10x the actual cost of the item by the end of the 2-3 year contract. It’s the vibrant way.

          • I forgot to include a payday loan joint and rotgut liquor store with a big rack of menthol cigarettes.

    • Funny you should mention Covid bucks. Just this morning in my County, the morning radio jocks were reading the breakdown of the $200+ dollars the County has now officially spent of the Fed “relieve”largess. Top expenditures—example $3.1M—spent for a parking lot came up.

      Ranking expenditures from most to least, by the time they got down to any line item even remotely related to Covid, it was for $500K for monoclonal antibody treatments. Basically the majority of the money has been piss’d away.

  28. > . Politics has always been a game of connections. You make the right friends who then help you along the way on the promise you will help them when the time comes

    My wife has two uncles who rose to elite status through marriage. One married a Chaldean woman that allowed him to make real-estate deals and contacts in their rich and incredibly insular communities.

    The other married a rich Jewish woman which increased his prospects several fold in the financial sector. These people live in lavish luxury, always have contacts willing to hire them, and have debutante balls that are straight out of the antebellum south. They also are notorious for living above their means, even when getting several hundred thousand in compensation a year.

    It’s clear it’s a game of back scratching more than merit, a game that will percolate down to their children. In older aristocratic times this was more blatant, but there was an unwritten rule that they would bring culture, arts, and charity to the lower classes, now they live in a world of only themselves.

    • Even worse, the ruling class now actively destroys culture, arts and undermines productive traditional life. What charity they indulge in invariably comes with a stinger in its tail.

      On a related note, the Grey Lady ran the ne plus ultra of toxic feminism this past week. As nihilistic views of motherhood go, it boggles the mind. In my best Hans Gruber voice, “I give you the NYT.”

      • “…the ruling class now actively destroys culture, arts and undermines productive traditional life”

        That is exactly what it does. This system can’t fall fast enough.

    • Our older aristocracy—way back when—competed among themselves in displays of “civic virtue”. Today, they compete among themselves in wokeness—virtue signaling wrt the new “gods” of equality and equity. Having “mounted that tiger”, they dare not get off. They’ve in essence made a bargain by which they will be eaten last by their “pets”.

  29. It’s inevitable that it comes to this with our local officials.

    There’s a great book worth reading called “Plunkett of Tammany Hall”. It’s the memoirs of a ward boss who ruled part of NYC in the late 19th century. His mantra throughout the book is “I seen my opportunities, and I took ’em.” But even a likeable scoundrel like Plunkett was able to distinguish between what he called honest graft vs dishonest graft. Plunkett thought graft was inevitable to politics but the end point of honest graft was that it enabled the politician to make a good living while still providing his constituency with core services that were the responsibility of government as represented by Tammany Hall. Dishonest graft was looting the public treasury. Granted, Plunkett is a scoundrel but a likeable one and his memoirs are honest enough for readers from our time to recognize corruption probably went down something like way he outlines.

    Fast forward a 140 years. What worked when organizing a bunch of Paddy’s in Hell’ Kitchen has now been stretched into the wholesale looting of the economy led first and foremost by Wall Street and then followed by the politicos. As Z mentioned, this gal’s grift is peanuts compared to the shenanigans got up to on the banks of the Potomac but she’s going to get in on it just like the rest of the hogs at the trough.

    It’s a slippery slope. The peccadillos of Plunkett pale in comparison to what Pelosi and Family get up to in the shadows but corruption was baked into the foundations of the republic and the progression is only one way. Republican virtue is incompatible with the way we organized, the temptation to get on the take always outweighs the benefits of not doing so. Once we handed over this already corrupt system to minorities, well, the evidence of what happens next stares us in the face.

    The steal will continue until there’s nothing left. It’s Brazil, all the way down….

    • To borrow from Z, elected officials now are ornaments for the Ruling Class. So Plunkett now would an apparatchik living off gibs (i.e., today he would be Mosby), while the looting is conducted behind the scenes by the likes of Larry Fink.

      As for Mosby’s troubles, there has to be a reason beyond corruption and criminality. The most likely is she screwed with financial institutions. As you may recall from GameStop, even legal manipulation by non-Tribe members will get you a visit from their federal kapos. This is just a guess, and there may be more involved with Mosby, but it is the most likely explanation: stay in your lane, Carol.

    • “But even a likeable scoundrel like Plunkett was able to distinguish between what he called honest graft vs dishonest graft. Plunkett thought graft was inevitable to politics but the end point of honest graft was that it enabled the politician to make a good living while still providing his constituency with core services that were the responsibility of government as represented by Tammany Hall.”

      In Chicago politics there is a phrase: “Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.” It’s a common enough phrase, but it means if you take enough not to get noticed, you can make a comfortable nest for yourself and slip underneath the radar. The key thing being, as you ask for grease for your wheels, or a scratch for your back, you actually PROVIDE services or improve your constituent’s neighborhoods.

      Then you get Diverse politicians. Who gotta “Live Large” and completely miss the idea that you might wanna “Slip under the radar”.

      One of my favorite Diverse politicians was William Beavers.

      Dumb SOB used to run around calling himself the “Hog with the Big Nuts”. 7th Ward Alderman, arrogant as all Hell. Fixed an election where the Cook County Board President, John Stroger, suffered a stroke after the Primaries and Willy worked it where Todd Stroger would replace his father on the ballot.

      However, God DOES have a sense of humor, Ol’ Big Nuts got arrested, tried, and convicted on tax evasion. Did a six month stint in the pokey.

      The awesome thing is Vibrant! politicians are no smarter. We had an alderman named Ambrosio Medrano who got caught, tried, convicted, and jailed THREE TIMES for political corruption (bribe taking).

      Dude, after the second time you get pinched, get a clue. 🙄

      The old school Politicos were smarter. But they were white and evil.

      • Thanks for the trip down memory lane regarding the Strogers. I don’t recall ever thinking much about the old man, assuming he was corrupt like everyone else. Then Todd gets in, which was shady enough, but he laid bare how absurd the county government was due to him regressing to the mean from his father’s skills and smarts. They needed to get (I think) Preckwinkle in there to put a lid back on it.

  30. First, your Taki piece was excellent. Further, it is important because the psychopaths in charge very well may bumble into a nuclear war, which will devastate those of us who are innocent right along with the ones who would richly deserve being turned to glass. It is terrifying, because in addition to insanity, the Managerial Class Westerners who are on this road also are quite stupid. This is the most immediate concern I have.

    That out of the way:

    “Mosby has been pushed along by the desire for salivation by members of the managerial elite.”

    Whether a typo or pun, “salivation” is hilarious.

    Wealthy White legacy admissions indeed are part and parcel of the death of meritocracy, right along with putting low IQ race hustlers like Mosby into positions of power. In fact, the cretinous Mosbys of the world are used to excuse the White managerial class’s promotion of their own at the expense of the White working and middle classes, who possibly could produce people who could salvage the West, as unlikely as that remains at this point.

    In fact, keeping the system in limited and chosen hands is the only way for these types to cling to power, even as they moronically bring us to the brink of nuclear war among other outrages. Watching these types actually have to compete for food and shelter would be far more satisfying than smashing a rifle butt into their empty skulls, even though such a fall from (dis)grace would mean we were brought down to the same levels as the managerial class. It helps explain why the communists took such glee in the financial humiliation of their class enemies.

    Fine piece here, too, even if we probably are closer to the brink of nuclear war than any time since Andropov.

  31. Legacy admissions are a fraudulent way of universities to prop up their old demographics without openly showing that their old population became liberal and failed to reproduce. It’s a way of covering up degeneracy, which is allowed because the most degenerate cities like San Francisco have the highest living costs and thus the highest nominal salary increases for graduates who move there. But in real terms so many university graduates end up childless, poor (after you correct for living cost manipulation in highly educated cities), and degenerate.

    Making legacy admissions a stupid racial issue is a limited hangout and part of the coverup of what actually happens.

    • Add to that the problem of genetic (IQ) reversion to the mean. This, of course bedevils the poor/black/etc. But also the white/powerful/rich. Even if two super-rich and/or successful gifted/geniuses meet and marry and have a brood of children, the laws of genetics say that their children will be closer to the norm of their race (presumably IQ=100) even if both parents were substantially smarter. The kids will tend to be at most, slightly above the mean. Of course, absent some calamity, the spawn will be guaranteed a comfortable life with trust fund, entre in to crony positions, etc. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention legacy admissions to the old alma mater. The point is, that, stripped of their wealth and privilege, these children of the rich are just as likely to turn out as academic duds, at best a drone with a very expensive piece of paper signifying no real-world talents, and fit only as window-dressing for a non-profit or a corporate or government slot of no consequence. The proof of this is seen in the rarity of the children of wealth and power (almost) never making it on their own. There are exceptions, but pretty darned rare and even then, family wealth or connections explains much.

      • This is the problem with credentialism and even things like awards. People come to mistake the credential for the thing and wear it like a cheap skinsuit.

        You see this at university and even high schools. You have all these social workers and “educators” pushing kids through because what they really need is that piece of paper.

        I once had a conversation with a social worker who told me we have to keep kids who are failing in school because otherwise they would starve because they rely on the district for breakfast and lunch. Hence, school is actually a day car center that issues credentials.

        Without knowing much about her, Marilyn Mosby is likely a paperwork lawyer, that is, a lawyer who is only a lawyer in the sense that she has a piece of paper from a credentialing institution and had the bar exam graded on a curve.

        • “Hence, school is actually a day car center that issues credentials”.
          I’m shocked. Can that really be true!?

        • The fallacy of the everyone must go to college to get a job is that—outside of government—you must be able to show an employer that you bring value to his business in excess of your salary.

          Once upon a time—not so long ago—the HS/college degree you held signaled to the employer your worth in excess of salary. Public policy, having flooded the market with worthless degree holders, has cheapened the value of *all* degrees held by recent graduates. (After your first job or two, formal education is meaningless to most hiring decisions.)

          Hence we commonly hear of “graduates” such as AOC who’s highest employment level (before political office) was as a bartender with a nice ass.

      • Yes, but if you have say, four children, then the odds of pushing out a “bright” one increases significantly. That one will be your legacy and the future heir to your fortune.

      • Genetic (IQ) reversion to the mean would go a long way in explaining Tainter’s collapse of complex societies.

        Pampered dumkopfs would raise up dimmer darkies as no threat to their position, which is why AA is Tainter on steroids; the darkies don’t subscribe to such stupidity as “we’re all Americans!” and hire their own kin as no threat to *their* positions, so the ripple of stupid becomes a tidal wave.

      • Ben: that isnt the way genetics and breeding work. Regression to the mean requires random nonassortive mating. Plants and joggers do that, wasps with Ivy degrees do not.

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