Little Revolutions

Revolutions come when people suddenly realize that everyone else is privately thinking the same things about the current arrangements. Most people tend to keep their grievances private. Complaining is boring and considered bad form even in the worst of times, so people tend to keep their grievances to themselves. It is when they begin to notice that everyone else has similar complaints that the cascading effect turns complaints into demands and then into rebellion.

It is why the corporate communists who dominate the official social media platforms like Twitter are more deluded than they seem. Their entire public life is nothing but a litany of complaints, shared with other miserable wrecks on-line. They literally know everyone who shares their grievances, as they are all in the same groups. The only awakening that will happen from their endless griping is that the rest of society will realize that these people are nuts and need to be pushed back to the fringe.

A version of that took place a couple of weeks ago when Douglas Murray was assigned the task of purging Pedro Gonzalez. Murray took issue with Gonzalez making sport of various internationalist types on Twitter. Gonzalez was doing the “physiognomy is real” thing where he posted pics of the people he was mocking. Murray responded with, “Mr. Gonzalez spent his holiday weekend bringing what many have worked hard to relegate to the gutter into respectable conservative circles.”

This is an old stand-by for the neocons. Starting in the 1980’s they have slandered anyone who opposed their sociopathic agenda as anti-Semites or racists. The fact that the favorite tool of neoconservatism has always been the favorite tool of the far-left is not an accident. Despite their claims, the neocons were never conservative. Theirs is an ideology of the Left. They imagine a new world order where they sit atop as the moral arbiters, using extreme force to impose their will.

That incident was not all that interesting, but what is interesting is that few people bother to notice and those who did mocked Douglas Murray. His own comment section reads like satire cooked up by the anti-Semites. Many had to be trolls having a laugh at the expense of the geezers. On Twitter, Murray was mocked as a relic from an age in which people were still fooled by neoconservatives. Gonzalez just laughed the whole thing off as the rantings of an old man.

While a tempest in a teapot, there was a time when a bigfoot chattering skull like Murray could have someone thrown into the void this way. Bill Buckley was used this way back in the 1990’s when Bill Kristol forced him to denounce Buchanan. This trick worked thirty years ago but today it gets little more than a shrug. What people did notice is that it did not work. The ad hominem and guilt by association stuff is no longer the super weapon it was thirty years ago. The world has changed.

It is not just that these tactics do not work it is that they increasingly sound like the rantings of old people complaining about the world changing. This column from George Will before Christmas is a good example. His quill pen act was effective into the Bush years, but now it seems anachronistic and a bit ridiculous, like a man wearing a denim jacket with “disco forever” spelled out in rhinestones on the back. It reads like something that should have been written 40 years ago.

The tattered look of these old tactics also reveals the general shabbiness of the arguments behind the name calling. Will’s claims about individualism are pure nonsense and his claim that nationalism is collectivism is ridiculous. How did this man get through high school with such nonsense in his head? In other words, the datedness makes it easier to see that these people were never smart. Neoconservatism, like so-called conservatism, was a tactic, not a set of ideas.

It is not just among the chattering skulls that we are seeing a change. All of sudden, without anyone noticing, Gab is no longer the bogeyman. Hundreds of right-wing pols have joined and legitimate political players like Rasmussen have joined because they see that is where the crowd is going, the crowd they need to survive. People have noticed that the biggest players on the planet tried to destroy Torba and his company, but he simply refused to buckle to them.

Of course, this change in attitudes reflects the growing divide in society. Half of the people who voted for Joe Biden support internment camps for dissidents and house arrest for the non-complaint. Behind every double mask is someone who would volunteer to be a camp guard. One of the causes of revolution is that there is always some portion of society willing to support the regime. Disordered minds seek the order of the bloody fist imposing its will on society.

Those people, the fringe crazies who have been allowed to run free in the public square, are a fixture in human society. A central part of every human society is maintaining the rules that define the society. This means keeping the crazies under control and away from the levers of power. That is, perhaps, what we are beginning to see with these recent events. People are rejecting the moral claims of these people and living their lives in spite of them.

There is a great scene in the movie Braveheart in which the main character captures the leader of the kings guard. He looks down at first, as was required when addressing a superior man, but then he looks up into the man’s eyes as an equal. It is a great scene, because it reflects how control is exercised and broken. It seems that many are now willing to look moral scoundrels like Murray in the eyes and give them the treatment they so richly deserve.

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150 thoughts on “Little Revolutions

  1. Murray was simply making a point about decorum and good taste. I’m with him on that completely. Perhaps it’s a British thing. Takimag has long made fun of people’s faces and it’s always been childish and worthless. I assume it was Jim Goad who started it. I rest my case.

    What’s with the insane over-reaction? From what I see, it’s characteristic of the right to be able to criticise each other fairly, and characteristic of the left to respond by taking offence and screeching. Sorry Zed but this piece sounds like the latter.

    • Apparently, you did not read the Murray column. It was hysterical squealing and an effort to get Gonzalez branded an anti-Semite. Murray’s lack of decorum and good taste is the problem here.

    • Indeed, it WAS Jim Goad at Takimag who displayed photos of ridiculous people with the passage “people who look like THIS.” Not in the best of taste, but “childish and worthless?” Hell no!

  2. Bill Kristol did this to a lot of good conservatives. Ron Paul was so vastly superior to Kristol on foreign policy yet Kristol did everything to subvert him. Now Kristols temper tantrums do not work so well in the Republican Party. He foolishly thinks the Democrats will welcome him now.

  3. THOSE photos were all Gonzalez could come up with regarding physiognomy? Let me quote the witch-woman from Robert E. Howard’s “Worms of the Earth”:
    Do you blench at so small a thing? Stay and let me show you real fruits of the pits! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Image search “Dr Henry Morgantaler” (noted Quebec abortionist). I dare you.

  4. The great Heartiste would have gone even further.

    Rather than merely pushing the crazies to the fringes, he would have “exiled” them to the “cold, snow wastes.”

  5. Murray is a smart man and a very intelligent writer, I’ve really enjoyed his work over the years. Over time I’ve thought of him less as a conservative and more of an intelligent Tim Pool. I wasn’t shocked to hear about his article on Pedro Gonzales, just disappointed. I’ve heard he’s spiked some stories too, that might make “them” look bad.
    Academic Agent discusses Douglas Murray with a panel in his last Unpopular Opinions youtube show

    • Academic Agent show was interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. Guys in the show (brits?) seem very familiar with Murray. They were not sympathetic to Murray’s attempted cancelation of Gonzales. The piece you reference regarding Pedro/Murray starts at 39:30 here.

      If I were to do a who/whom analysis on Douglas Murray, his homosexuality and atheism make him a suspicious messenger.

  6. What’s too bad about this is Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe was a surprising important book for me in starting to more fully embrace bad thoughts. Hardly The Turner Diaries but for wavering normies as I was, good starting point for sure. Not surprised about who he is but still a mild bummer.

  7. What a sorryass incident. Both Gonzalez throwing monkey poo and Murray hysterically overreacting. Big loser is Claremont, backing lightweights.

    Gonzalez is supposed to be in the idea/wordsmithing business. The only thing I’ve heard him say that’s original is his idea that Mexican immigrants will someday ally themselves with the white working class. It’s not a theory I’d put any money on, personally, as I see no evidence the Mexican middle class would turn down the welfare state for their relatives’ sakes, even if they are no longer in need of it personally. But that’s neither here nor there – I’d say Fuentes handles himself better at this point, given the massive load he’s up against.

    Juvenile outbursts don’t persuade people in regular times, let alone in pre-revolutionary unrest. Murray’s reaction is the knee-jerk push of the Nuclear Emergency button, but Gonzalez gratuitously did this to himself. We need higher caliber to do battle at this level of visibility. Next.

  8. I’ve hated George Will for decades. His phony-baloney stilted, pedantic speech pattern from 1962 radio ads…the tortoise shell glasses. Just a complete phony. But D.C. has always been full of them. They’re actors for the regime. Just as the regime has late night comedians, which can never be funny, the regime has sock puppet commentators like George Will or that c word Peggy Noonan, which is the female version of the Will sock puppet. Everything about them is contrived. Every word from their mouths is a Russian nesting doll with another lie beneath each shell. They’re fading away because the regime itself is fading away. It still exercises control and power, but it’s a mess under the surface, so it’s projection to the corners of the world is fading. The powers that be know something is wrong, but they can’t fix it. Expect even more and heavy handed lashing out.

    • “His phony-baloney stilted, pedantic speech pattern…”

      And please, his blathering, along with that hag Kearns-Goodwin, in that leftist nerd’s “Baseball” mockumentary….

    • Back when I was in high school the school subscribed us (the students) to Newsweek and George Will was about the only thing I would look forward to in that rag. That’s where con men like him can excel: young minds full of mush looking for something, anything, that isn’t rabid, insane leftism

      • I must say that even as a youngster I was put off by their pendantic pretentious affectation. Even though I didn’t know what those words meant at the time.

    • I have one good thing to say about George Will. He used to write Thanksgiving columns about all the ridiculous things that happpened during the year and they could be pretty funny. He once wrote, about some of the first ‘affirmative consent’ laws in Cali that he was wondering if the legislators that passed those laws, had ever had sex. But I haven’t read those columns in years and I don’t know if he still does them. Or now fills them with lectures on how ‘collectivist’ or ‘racist’ or ‘bad, very bad’ we are.

    • I too used to be a George Will fan, but I drifted away—until today’s Z-man column. Wow, Will’s column in the WP is so much word salad. Unreadable to my current self. Whatever lies in the future, it won’t be led by George Will. He speaks to the dead and dying, but has little to tell the current generation.

    • IIRC, George Will lost his mind over Ronald Reagan back in 1980. Claimed he was some kind of right-wing extremist and threatened to leave the republican party should he get the nomination (sound familiar?). Do we really want to trust a man so easily given to hysterics?

      • I think it was in the late 70’s when Will said Reagan was “temperamentally unfit” for office. That column was been systematically erased from the history books.

        • A lot of that going around. I’ve had trouble finding “I’m not white, I’m Jewish!” videos of late. I know I watched them. Perhaps, I’ve become a delusional paranoic? Hard to tell.

          • I remember watching a video on YouTube a few years back where a Canadian journalist talks about the possibility of a second American civil war. During the course of his speech, he relates a telling anecdote about republican pollster Frank Luntz. IIRC, Luntz privately told the journalist he thought the USA was doomed and he was considering buying a get away home in New Zealand, as were many other American politicians. Strangely, I can’t find that video anywhere despite repeated searches.

      • Its an affectation from surgeons not wanting to trail their ties on sick people and academics who are just stupid cocksuckers.

  9. I doubt anybody here remembers the second world war. But the level of unity the country had back then, even if the ultimate goal was for a bad end, was an example of social capital. We could have used that kind of social capital for COVID.

    • “We could have used that kind of social capital for COVID…”

      We have it. Instead of sheeple sending their sons off to die by the tens of thousands, they march around in snout coverings. Instead of not batting an eye when the government internet Japanese-Americans, as propaganda vilified them, they vilify the ‘un-vaxed’.

      Same people. Same sheep. Different date on the calendar.

    • Perhaps an example of Social Capital, but also an example of “trust”. Hell, we had such until Vietnam. I remember hearing over and over about how we were “winning”, but that got stale after a few years. Toss in the Civil Rights Act and the influx of minorities and here we are. Social Capital lost in a sea of mistrust.

  10. Pedro is one of my favorite people writing and commenting for our side. I always thought Murray is one of these guys who think they’re 63% smarter than they are. His longwindedness stinks of pedantry. Also, if this column is representative, the man is thoroughly unreadable.

    We’ll see if Pedro appears on Tucker again. If so, and especially we never see the precious Murray on again, chalk up a win for our side.

    • At first I read that as: “his longwindedness stinks of pederasty”. I can’t figure out whether I misread it or you made a typo!

  11. Plus 100,000 points for yet again pointing to the mask as the ‘Totalitarian Tell’. And I mean this seriously. In all my nearly forty years on this Earth, I’ve never seen such a hive mentality from so many. And with such a visible indicator.

    As usual, round my way, the most fastidious maskers are white women – middle class, mainly. Working class whites of both sexes tend not to be as concerned. But man, do those middle class white women love their masks.

    Also, various organs, all keen to get with the New Order, have been releasing articles like “Study shows masks make people appear more attractive.”; so we’re being primed! Off course, there is some truth to it… what gentleman here has not seen a lady both with and then without mask, and not been impressed at the negative conversion.

    Clown World, indeed.

    • Not sure most upper class people are fully onboard with the COVID agenda either, surprisingly. Mainly for selfish reasons though (can’t travel or spend money at fancy restaurants). They’re all vaccinated though and don’t really fight back against the insanity.

      It’s basically tyranny of the midwits, controlled by the top 0.001% elites.

      Use this opportunity to figure out who you can trust – and it’s more evident today than it’s ever been – and never forget.

        • Yep, and I suspect the higher up in the hierarchy, the less the Covid restrictions affect you and your lifestyle. You see these people shopping in Walmart? Do they have problems with child care or in-home schooling? Did they lose a job?

          Hell, they don’t even use the same medical facilities/care you and I do. I had an experience some time ago with a high level hospital and their concierge “service”. Long story short, I was informed as to how they treat their “special” customers. They literally will close off floors, schedule treatment and diagnostics in the dead of night for these “important” clients.

          As George Carlin said, “…it’s a *club*, and you ain’t in it…”

    • The Moo Mask is a levelling device. With all wearing masks, the beautiful woman is brought down to the level of the homely, and the homely elevated to the level of the beauty. What could be more amazingly egalitarian than that?!

      • The masks are Satanic, just like the pyramid and all seeing eye on your dollar bill. It’s a process, fuck em over, take all they got. Written clear as day in the talmud.

  12. I’ve read this blog for years. Sometimes it’s even good. I’ve read George Will’s columns since the 1970s (although not so much lately). You can find reasons to disagree with things the man has written through a lifetime of opinion journalism, but no serious person with even the most superficial familiarity with his work would suggest the man is anything less than highly intelligent. In the post and the comments alike there’s no effort to engage with any of the points made in Will’s linked column. There’s not even any indication of an understanding of what those points are. Instead there’s pointing and snorting, and mocking Will because he’s, what . . . old? All of this reflects poorly on someone, and it’s not Will.

    • @JDinPa

      Then I suggest you conduct a simple search in the bar above for “George Will.” Are you a regular listener too? The topic has been brought up previous as well.

    • First, he’s using a picture that has to be 40 years out of date.
      “So, at the risk of allowing a wish to be the father of a thought, a plausible prediction is that in 2022 the current fever of racial thinking will break, for two reasons.
      One is that such thinking has become something fatal in politics: boring. It is now a recycling of predictable boilerplate about “systemic” and “structural” this, and “unconscious” and “intersectional” that.”

      This is simply breathtaking in its stupidity. And we are 1 paragraph into the story!! This shit did not pop us last week or last decade. You can find these terms in newspapers and academic journals going back 50 years (when this clown was a middle aged guy).

      What he is essentially doing here is giving the reasons he hopes this will go away. It is typical clownery. It is burying your head in the sand.

      He should be spending time with his grandchildren, not writing this asinine shit.

    • Will says some sensible things about the progs but then he claims that ‘national conservatives are collectivist’ and ‘against individualism.’ For starters we are too individualistic which is why we have a hard time coalescing around anything except opposition to leftist wokeism. Secondly, he is attacking the people to his right, the people who oppose America becoming more like Brazil or Europe more like the former Yugoslavia. He does this for nefarious reasons, so that his lords and masters are happy. He is the ‘inhouse conservative’ to prove how ‘tolerant’ and ‘openminded’ they are. This shows signs of stupidity because apparently it did not occur to him that individualism may be, and probably is, dependent on a predominantly European demographic. How is individualism doing in Brazil these days? How well do you think individualism will fare if we go the way of the former Yugoslavs? He is typical controlled opposition and, sir, you have several more scales to remove from your eyes before you can see that Will is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Seeing our current regime for what it is, is a journey. Bon voyage.

    • He don’t engage with my side, I don’t engage with his. And you can shog right off with your boomer-tier engage-the-arguments nonsense

    • Will may be intelligent in the academic sense, but he lacks humility and an appreciation for the real world. He never questions his beliefs nor does he ever do an audit of their success or failure on the ground, where it counts. If he did, he would have changed his opinions long ago.

      As to this article, he claims that racial identity politics and policies will magically fade away this year because they are “boring.” What a genius.

      The fact that bashing on whites (notice that Will never talks about which group is demonized in our society) has worked for at least 30 years, if not longer, doesn’t seem to faze Will. The other side will inexplicably realize that Will and his obscure references were right all along and that the individual should reign supreme.

      Will then notices that the “national conservatives” – I suppose that we should give him credit for not using white nationalists – are the same as the Dems identity politics crew. Wow, what an insight!

      Does Will examine why whites might feel the need to band together rather than staying individuals? No. Does Will look at the success of the Dems using identity politics? Of course not.

      He just falls back on “individualism is good” because some smart guys in the past said so, and, sooner or later, everyone will see how smart I am and go back to thinking of themselves as only an individual.

      Will is a joke. If he has intellect, he sure as hell isn’t using it.

      • I suspect Will was one of those who believed the Left would stop playing the race card if we only elected BO.

    • I have found George Will insufferable ever since he was featured on the Ken Burns “Baseball” series. His commentary was often nearly as grating as that offered by Mario Cuomo. Obnoxiously heavy on the virtue signaling. Will epitomizes an unfortunately popular brand of conservatism that readily grants ninety percent of the progressive agenda in the vain hope of preserving the remaining ten percent. To not recognize the strategic imbecility of such a stance negates whatever academic intelligence the man may have.

      P.S.: Will exhibits a high verbal IQ, which can be extremely misleading. All the highfalutin eloquence in the world will not transform nonsense into sense.

      • Speaking of not transforming nonsense into sense – he’s a die hard Cubs fan.

        • An old buddy of mine grew up on the South side of Chicago. I asked him who he rooted for in baseball, and he said “White Sox, of course.” I asked him if he’d ever been to Wrigley Field, and he said, “Yeah, it’s a real nice place…if you’re a faggot.”

          Being a nice guy from a nice place in Los Angeles county, I have always known that it’s okay to like the Angels and the Dodgers at the same time. But apparently, in Chicagoland, the rules are different.

          How this all applies to George Will, I leave that to better minds.

          • Grew up around Chicagoland and became a White Sox fan via my late father being a fan and taking me to my first baseball game at the original Comiskey Park.

            In Chicago and the ‘burbs, Cubs Fan/Sox Fan is non-negotiable. You are one or the other. Like being pregnant or dead, you are, or you are not.

            Your LA story reminded me of when I was still single and living in the Chicago suburbs. A female friend of mine who moved to Chicago from New York called me up one Sunday morning with an offer of a free game ticket to that afternoon’s Cubs game.

            She was stunned when I told her no because I’m a Sox fan and Sox fans don’t go to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play. Sox fans don’t watch the Cubs play at all, unless it’s the Crosstown Classic and we can boo the Cubs.

            She starts off that she’s a Yankees fan and she and her father would go to Mets games. I interrupted her and told her “That’s New York, not Chicago.”

            She goes to the Cubs game and then comes back and tells me “My God, NOBODY was watching the game! They were all looking everywhere EXCEPT the field!”

            And as for your Sout’ side friend’s comment: Wrigleyville is right near Boystown. Guess what manner of lifestyle people living in Boystown lead.

            What’s the difference between a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan?

            The White Sox fan saw their team win the World Series in 2005 and can die happy. The Cubs fan saw their team win the 2016 World Series and is fool enough to think they’ll win another in their lifetime.

          • I also grew up in Chicagoland and have been a Cubs fan all my life. White Sox fans hate the Cubs with a passion. Cub fans consider the St. Louis Cardinals their number one enemy. We also don’t like the Sox, but that’s mostly because of the Sox fans.

            Many years ago, I did enjoy going to the White Sox old ballpark, Comiskey Park. That was a man’s place, with lots of drinking and the smell of cigars in the air. Wrigley Field was more family-friendly back then, except for the bleachers, which was full of young adults, and a big, fun, social scene. Tickets in the early to mid 80’s were about $5, like the price of a movie ticket.

            Back to George Will, I hate that he’s a Cub fan.

          • In another lifetime, I had the good fortune to be able to volunteer For both Sox and Cubs games, doing traffic control.
            We worked till the first pitch, and then got to go in and watch the game till the 7th inning stretch.
            The long and short of it, Wrigley Field is, and always will be, a dump. Comiskey is a world class property. The downside is it’s located in a horrific neighborhood.
            The best part was at Comiskey, I could sneak into their dugout and sit behind a camera man and watch the game. It’s freaking fast! On more than one occasion I had to jump out of the way of a foul ball coming fight for my head. At the end of the season, stadium security caught me and said I couldn’t stay there.
            I did what we all should do when dealing with dingbats in positions of authority.

          • I never expected a Sox/Cubs thread to break out in the Z-Man comment section. I had season tickets at Comiskey the year they had the All Star Game (2003, I think) up near the right field foul pole. The Friday game agains the Cubs was a night game, and the number of fights on the concourse just in that area was crazy. They stopped having the games against the Cubs at night for some time after that, as I presumed the South Side guys got loaded up after work (or just took the day off) and got salty against the Cubs fans. That fan rivalry was no joke.

      • Around that same time, Will wrote a very prissy and starched column about the moral depravity and generally unfunny “humor” on display in the show Friends. He was particularly taken aback by what he felt might have been the first ever premature ejaculation joke on prime time TV. Everything that he wrote, however, was true, and I relished the thought of the Karens of that era getting butt hurt that their televised cotton candy was being disparaged by such a typical pin head.

    • Forgive me for being blunt (and I assume that you are not George Will acting through a pseudonym), but pompous erudition is not the same thing as intelligence. And an intelligent person would understand this distinction.

    • No, I mock Will—if mock is the word—because he no longer speaks to the people that are important, and that makes him an ineffective has been. No one considers him “stupid”, indeed I was once hoping to send off-spring to his alma mater, Trinity College, but that was not in the cards.

      You seem to be in love with his lengthy and pedantic verse, fine, but in the world of text messages, Twitter, and YouTube, that won’t cut it. Z-man’s style is “where it’s at” to have any effect—and of course it also helps to move on from being a “Neocon”.

    • Throughout the Clinton, Bush II and Obama years, Pat Buchanan and George Will were the only two conservative voices in mainstream media, and I read them all the time. I kept waiting for Will to lend that extensive vocabulary of his to an article excoriating our leaking southern border. It never came.

  13. The internet isn’t just about yakking and cerebral analysis of the yakking of others. That part is just sport (think NFL) and distraction. Conversely, the British tabloids (which are now easily accessible via the internet) are a great source of grassroots news that really does have an impact on pleb conscience and anxiety level. For example, recent news events include an incident in which a middle-aged women is brazenly (and with malice) pushed from behind (sneak attack) by a random assailant onto a NYC subway track in front of an oncoming tram. In sunny California, an attractive (and educated) young woman is randomly stabbed to death while working in an upscale furniture store. And there are many, many other similar stories that will never be reported in the US media.

    People are waking up to the reality that it’s going to take more than words to work our way out of the mess we’re in. If you live a major metro area, you best be armed at all times outside the home and diligently practicing situational awareness. That is, if you want to stay alive. It’s getting real out there.

    • What a very stupid comment. The British tabloids are nothing of the sort. They are control mechanisms not news. I am amazed you cannot see this.

      Most of the editorial staff are upper middle class. They work from a restricted dictionary and target reading age to ensure the masses don’t get exposed to too many concepts. I have first hand experience of working inside these orgs and this is how the editorial meetings are run.

      They are written in the same buildings that the “broadsheets” are, and have very strict editorial direction in tandem with the other papers, which is nothing to do with grassroots and everything to do with framing agendas in a simplistic manner using celebrity/sport as the key role models.

      • Then why is it that I can daily find USA news such as referenced above in the Brit papers and not a word in the American MSM? You can call it mind-control trash if you like, but I call it actionable intelligence. And it’s better to be trashy & alive than ignorant & dead. Feel free to walk across our open southern border and teach our MSM your British version of high-minded reporting.

      • You didn’t address the crux of his argument that British newspaper’s websites are a source of inconvenient news for the people in the US who like to bury these stories. Would you prefer this news didn’t get out? That’s the implication of your reply.

  14. Douglass Murray said “His odious game-playing—which is now everywhere in our culture—is not violence, but it is a kind of proto-violence. It is playing at violence. It is threatening to go there. ”

    This is coming from a guy who wrote a book called “Neoconservatism: Why We Need It” He is an advocate of one of the most vile and violent political movements in American history. Him and his buddies advocate we invade countries around the world to install our horrible form of government on the benighted savages of the world. He is truly nauseating.

  15. Legitimacy is a function of brute force and morality.

    Both the Dems and GOP used the accusations of racism or ant-Semitism as a moral cudgel to force whites to lower their eyes to the elite. (I joke to myself that whites are like Monty Python’s knights cowering before the Knights Who Say “Ni.”)

    But many people are waking up to the emptiness and hypocrisy of that weapon. Indeed, they’re realizing that not only is the other side not more moral, it’s evil and wants them and their people destroyed.

    This greatly undermines the elite’s legitimacy, forcing them to use more and more brute force. But every heavy-handed use of force further undermines their morality and thus their legitimacy.

    Every time someone doesn’t back down to a Murray or Will, every day that Gab stays in business, the elite will be forced to use more brute force, which exposes their lack of morality. And it’s very hard to rule on pure brute force alone, especially if your elite is as soft as our elite.

    Our elite can give a punch, but it can’t take a punch. The harder that they hit, the more that they increase their chance that someone hits back. They might want to consider that fact.

    • “This greatly undermines the elite’s legitimacy, … .”

      Like … oh, I dunno … building a concrete wall around the White House, just for a minor example.

      • Building a wall around the White House is a huge sign of weakness and lack of moral authority.

        Every time the elite has to use tangible/physical methods to maintain its legitimacy, it’s a sign that it has lost some of moral authority.

        As much as I hate the idea and certainly don’t want to volunteer, we need martyrs. We need white people to see what happens to those who oppose the elite.

        The Jan. 6 people languishing in jail both scares whites and pisses them off. Seeing a co-worker passed over for a promotion for some black chick causes anger.

        Oppression is a weird thing. At first, it usually seems to be working. The people understand what will happen to them if they get uppity. The problem is that it also pisses people off and, at some point, makes them realize that they have less and less to lose.

        There’s always a tipping point where oppression starts to work against the elite. We’re probably a long way off from that point, but things like fences around the Capitol, CRT and the Jan. 6 protesters in jail show that we’re moving toward it.

        The elite’s whole game relies on whites playing ball – and not just most whites, all whites. Every day that the elite trash on whites for being white, they move themselves closer to everything falling apart.

        • “The elite’s whole game relies on whites playing ball”

          OMG. That’s it.
          That’s the new “It’s OK To Be White”.

          Positive identity.
          We remember who we are, now, and remember our natural power.

        • Citizen-

          You’re dead-on about needing martyrs at some point.

          The other side realized this long ago:

          “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

        • Black disfunction (willful failure to voluntarily comply w the rules) rates of 3-5% or so results in Baltimore and Detroit levels of crime and corruption. 7-10% disfunction resulted in the mafia ruling Sicily. Imagine if 15% of Whites in AINO followed suit.

    • Banned singing in church, banned dancing at nightclubs, triple masking, convoluted “social distancing rules” allowing contact with only one other human, etc…

      These are not the edicts that a strong, stable, and competent regime would be making, lol. This is coming from the mind of deranged, mentally ill cat ladies.

      The only thing keeping them in power is the fact that they control everything.

      • CNN ran an article over the weekend about how the unvaxed are being locked out of their societies, particularly in Europe which has much stronger measures and deeper compliance, at least officially. The article presented itself as even-handed at first but by the middle of the third or fourth paragraph it was obvious that steam was coming out of the ears of the soyboy who wrote it. Throughout he peppers the article with “experts”, the same experts who have been disastrously horrible this entire time, about how really this 5%-8% of the population is screwing things up for everyone and everyone loves the vax pass and they have no right to refuse this experimental unapproved medicine. At one point he even said, well the pain could be over for these guys if they just get the shots.

        Point is, we long since left the realm of science and reason. At this point, it is a pure power play, and the left, being totalitarian, demand total compliance. Every time someone posts a Chad meme about not getting the vax a shitlib on twitter has a panic attack.

        • Quote: ” At one point he even said, well the pain could be over for these guys if they just get the shots.”

          Meanwhile it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the shots don’t work, boosted, triple-vaxxed are getting sick, while the people in charge desperately try to keep injecting people.

          The elites, with their frantic push for needles in every arm, really walked right into making normies distrust the whole system.

          • I pointed out to someone the other day, that officially NYC (80%+ vaxed) has both a vax passport and mask mandate, which together do not make any sense whatsoever. If the vax did what they said it does, then there is no need to mask, and if masks did what say it does, then there would be no need to mask. The virus would quickly run out of people to infect and places to go with even one of these useful measures in place. Of course neither happened in NYC, they had a massive case count surge like everywhere else, right as flu season started.

            of course, they are simultaneously beginning to say that their goal is to make the unvaxed miserable to prod them into getting a shot, while also saying the shot doesn’t work. A scientist in Israel just the other day said the 4th shot is about as useless as the 3rd shot against these new versions of covid, and we all know more versions are coming that will circumvent the vax.

            So if the shot is useless, but you have to get the shot, then they obviously want you to get the shot for a different reason than what they are saying.

  16. Regarding that Rasmussen poll.

    I find it fascinating that 5 years ago, these same people would have been glued to their TV and Twitter accounts up in arms over a Dateline, 60 Minutes or 20/20 episode (are those still shows?) where some HIV positive kid, or some such, was being harassed by the local flyover state school system because of concern from parents. They’d send in busses of protestors with cardboard signs to ensure the kid with HIV was catered to.

    Granted, HIV and airborne viruses are different, but the moral dilemma isn’t. In fact, the moral peril of forcing perfectly healthy and non-infected people to quarantine themselves from society SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARENY VACCINATED is leaps and bounds more authoritarian and tyrannical than being concerned about an (actually) infected kid with a life crippling disease being near your children.

    There’s even something floating around right now about allowing gay men to donate blood. The highest risk group on earth are agitating for the right to donate blood, and the same people who support that want to ostracize healthy but unvaccinated people from society.

    It’s sheer insanity. And fully 1/4 of society is perfectly fine with this.

    • Memebro: This is all motivated by the same false doctrines of equality and inclusivity. And far more than a quarter of ‘society’ is fine with this – I’d say 95% of women and at least 25% of White men, and 99.9% of non-Whites in White countries feel this way. I’m going to rustle some jimmies here but I think it’s more important to speak the truth. If your child is deathly allergic to peanuts – I am sorry for you, but that does not mean that everyone else in every other part of society must then give up peanut butter. If your child is extremely disabled and that means every building everywhere that they may ever want to enter requires a ramp and hand bars, I’m sorry – but then perhaps your child must be excluded from certain locations. If your skin is brown and local standards say beauty is White, too bad for you. If some guy prefers blue-eyed blondes and you’re a brunette, tough shite.

      Organizing society (or a state or city or even a rural town) around the one or two people who have a particular allergy or disability or dislike or disease or genetic intellectual or physical lack is MADNESS. And that’s what the West has done in the name of not merely ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusiveness,’ but equality. We’re not equal, and not everything can or should be inclusive or equal. Boys clubs can and should exclude girls. Knitting clubs can exclude crocheters. Men’s clubs, by definition, are not for women. Christian schools, if not motivated by money, ought to exclude Juice and Hindoo students. Those who lack the money must sail or fly cattle class, not first class. Seeking to include everyone for every reason is a womanish and foolish mode of thought. (No straw men necessary claiming I’m against ‘community’ here please.)

      I’ve often been the odd man out – because I think and reason and cannot comprehend the mindset of most women. I didn’t find my niche until I left public school behind and could do what I wanted with people whose company I enjoyed (historical reenactment, traditional dance, individual rather than team exercise, etc.). Sometimes things were my fault or due to my own flaws, other times other people’s issues, but it’s ultimately irrelevant – no group anywhere ought to be under any legal or social obligation to include everyone. My heart hurts when I read online posts about kids whose birthday parties no one attended, but their mothers are doing them a disservice by advertising this. Society as a whole has always operated this way, and children are notorious for their vicious pecking orders. Lord of the Flies is not merely a famous book.

      People naturally form groups – interest groups, genetic groups, community groups. Obviously a more Christian society ought to try to make every member welcome in some way – but that doesn’t mean making everyone welcome in every way. And note this only applies to said members – guests or aliens or newcomers don’t get to set the rules or demand changes or entry. That’s no way to run a society or a country or a world.

      Not everyone is like everyone else. Not everyone likes everyone else. It’s okay. Do your own thing, live with your own limitations if you can. Change what you’re able to about yourself, and accept restrictions where they exist. If you can’t throw or catch a ball, don’t cry that you weren’t picked for the local baseball team. If you burn toast, don’t demand to cook for community dinners. The demands of community mean finding one’s spot, no matter how minor. The beauty of individuality means leaving sufficient space for those different, or eccentric, to do their own thing, But all this is within the overall group, which excludes outsiders, just as a family excludes strangers from their home.

      tl;dr: No, most people can’t and don’t want to survive always being a lone wolf, but being a part of a group larger than one means accepting restrictions and rules and compromises. Deal with it.

      • all of that plus…
        “Behind every double mask is someone who would volunteer to be a camp guard. ”
        These people are terrified of freedom, they are looking for anyone to tell them what to do, just to escape their anxiety. It’s their version of patriotism, they will wear their medals proudly.

        • “they are looking for anyone to tell them what to do, just to escape their anxiety.”

          And the fact that it’s a manufactured anxiety, in the midst of plenty. Very true, and very interesting.

          Note the pure projection, too, leading to that ridiculous meme, “mass psychosis formation”. As if the Germans had not experienced the most destructive culture war ever waged in their time, yet they still responded in the Whitest, most valiant attempt ever to rebuild, renew, and improve.

          (Side note: the N Party banned vaccination mandates being pushed by a certain group of doctors!)

      • Brilliant description of what a well adjusted (sane) manly society should look like

      • Could not agree more, 3g4me. As I read your posting, I recall many of my early experiences in life. Yes, I was laughed at, bullied, fat, and a poor athlete. So were others and often worse than me. But I survived and thrived. What I did not like then, I try to avoid now in my behavior.

        The world is an imperfect place, and people are “fallen”, but were the heck did so many people grow up to think that they—as imperfect people—could perfect humanity? Perhaps it was my early Catholic upbringing, but never did I seek to do so.

        • I was sort of a weird, nerdy kid. Thank the heavens my mom, especially, would tell me to stop being weird. It makes me think of all of these kids today where parents tell them that whatever they are is fine, and that’s a huge part of the problem with them being so dysgenic.

      • It’s not equality, hence it only appears to be a “double standard.”

        When They say “We just want blacks, hispanix, gays, women to have equality with straight White men, just be fair” what they mean by “equality” is not “an equal playing field” but “swap them out of the existing hierarchy.”

        “Hush now, honey. It’s a new woild! Ain’t nobody gwine hafta be a slave all dah time no more! Weez gwine tah take toins!! And guess whose toin it is now!?!” — Firesign Theater on Reconstruction.

      • I read this the other day as I was reading Democracy in America for the first time, and Alexis de Tocqueville writes:

        “there are no surer guarantees of equality among men than poverty and misfortune”.

        I’m convinced they are fully aware of the damage being done though their self created scamdemic, and through it intentionally bringing us all to the point of poverty and misfortune for the greater good of their “merciful and inclusive” god, the almighty “equality”.

    • The CDC was reluctant to allow gay men to donate blood for years because they knew full-well that their degenerate lifestyle made them walking Petri dishes. Looks like they’ve fallen prey to The Woke too.

  17. Good column but I’m stuck picturing in my minds eye George Will wearing a denim jacket with “disco forever” spelled out in rhinestones on the back. Groovy.

  18. “Half of the people who voted for Joe Biden support internment camps for dissidents and house arrest for the non-complaint. Behind every double mask is someone who would volunteer to be a camp guard.”

    This is what happens when you let cunt run things.

  19. The “quill pen act” description of octogenarian George Will is priceless.
    Will was a competent essayist, run through Harvard and appointed scribe of the Beltway Nomenklatura. Stale ideas indeed!

  20. The most contemptible thing about ‘mainstream’ conservatives is that their lack of outrage at what the woke crowd is doing. If your first concern is to seem ‘decent’ and to mind using ‘restrained language’ when confronted by wholesale state coercion as seen in the Covid circus, unexplained claims of mass death in Western countries (Indiana, Alberta, others emerging), open promotion of pedophilia or feverishly looking for signs of ‘anti-semitic dog whistling’ when your own people are in the crisis of the millennium, you are not decent, trustworthy, honorable or loyal. You are worse than useless, you are cover for the barbarism you were too ‘decent’ to recognize.

    • Moran: Bravo!
      Resubmitted because too short – I trust you know I mean serious acclaim for a brilliant comment.

    • You mention Indiana, a place of particular importance to me. While I don’t doubt your claims, can you include some links?

      I’m fairly neutral on the vaccines. I think the real malice is in the mandates and not in the vials. Not that I think they are necessary by any means, I am inclined to think they are more of a placebo.

        • Thanks for the link. I’m familiar with some anecdotes around strokes, etc and I am inclined to believe these do occur, post vaccination, at a very low rate.

          To the link you sent, it is a poorly written piece with all the trimmings of of sensationalism. Particularly the bold section headers after each paragraph or so. This has the effect of refocusing the reader and taking them down a path.

          While I’m not happy about vaccine mandates, this piece ain’t convincing me Indiana is experiencing higher death rates.

          • It is not the piece that should tell you Indiana has higher death rates among 18-64 yr olds, it is the source, the CEO of a life insurance company, OneAmerica. There is a video of that zoom meeting somewhere (assuming it hasn’t been taken down) where he says it and it is easy to verify, using LinkedIn etc. that he is in fact the CEO of OneAmerica. That gives him very significant credibility in claiming to know about mortality rates in Indiana. That’s the real story, not a perhaps hastily written dissident post.

  21. A while back, I remember someone, it might have been Peter Brimelow claiming George Will hasn’t written his own column for a couple of decades. I wonder if he is even reading his own column now? That one ran on Christmas Eve, Will probably figured no one would notice.

    • That is an excellent point. This is not all that uncommon. Back when Doris Kerns Goodwin got jammed up in some controversy it was revealed that she did not write her own books. She had a staff and gave them a broad outline. It was pretty clear that she was an absentee landlord of her franchise.

      I would imagine at this point most of the big foot columnists have interns do most of their writing now.

    • I think it’s the same with Douthat. If anything shows the insane rise of managerialism and consensus management, it’s the fact many of the most prestigious columnists are literally just committees

      • Is that why it didn’t make any sense? I couldn’t make hide nor hair of whatever he was getting on about.

        • That’s not your fault. This is George’s opening paragraph:

          “Prophecy is optional folly but an irresistible end-of-year temptation. So, at the risk of allowing a wish to be the father of a thought, a plausible prediction is that in 2022 the current fever of racial thinking will break, for two reasons.”

          It reads like a parody of Victorian prose. The opening paragraph would fit in with a non-fiction version of the Bulwer-Lytton contest.

          • Hahaha!
            Bullwer-Lytton website:
            “Since 1982 the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest has challenged participants to write an atrocious opening sentence to the worst novel never written.”

    • I think this happened to Paul Craig Roberts. At least his ghost writer has mastered PCR’s style.

      Father Time catches us all.

    • Will, suddenly waking up in an easy chair at 10am:
      “Intern! We must make haste, as I have a column due in the morn!”

      Intern: “What what? Shall you dictate or shall I presume to write it on your behalf?”

      Will: “Do presume. I will return to slumber. And fetch me my Cubs blanket!”

      Intern: “On what event shall I ruminate, sir?”

      Will: “How Madison is still relevant to the goings-on in Khazakhstan. Night night.”

  22. “How did [George Will] get through high school with such nonsense in his head?”

    I don’t think for a second that he actually believes any of it. It is civilization destroying nonsense. He hates us and wants us to be believe it so that we destroy our own civilization for him.

    “This means keeping the [fringe crazies who … are a fixture in human society] under control and away from the levers of power.”

    This is yet another manifestation of “diversity is NEVER a strength.” Every society, including homogeneous societies, has some crazies in it. They are people who do not fit in to the dominant culture and feel a lack of belonging.

    They make more of themselves by breaking the most vulnerable, the young and impressionable, and by importing foreigners who will also never belong. It is not an accident that the marxists seek to import the least assimilable or even integration-capable foreigners. They are natural allies in the task of destroying the old order.

    A formal democracy or republic in an ethnostate (one nation in one state) can keep their homegrown crazies in check. Modern post-America is a no-standards open-borders state, where the Democrat Party has become the institutional vehicle of those who do not belong. Thus they seek to destroy America and create a place where they do belong.

    The Democrat Party is not controlled by the broken people. They are stampeding cattle. Their lunatic project will never succeed in building utopia because if everyone belongs, then no one belongs. Trannies and Islam cannot coexist. Their anguish is organized and weaponized by others. The funders and organizers, those driving the herd of the unbelonging, are the primary enemy.

  23. This phenomenon is what you’d expect after two major discontinuities: Trump and the Social Media Wars.

    The Trump wrecking ball really left a vacuum in the “mediasphere”/narrative on the Right. So it’s pretty natural that there’s a scramble to gain market/mindshare to replace him. The revanchist old-line wing is trying to reassert its authority, but the young aren’t listening and the old (like most of us) have finally wised up.

    The Social Media War drove everyone to the right of George Will off of corporate social media. This was a calculated decision by Silicon Valley: it was easier for them in the short run to give up this segment of the market to please their advertisers.

    So now the scramble is on; something will emerge as the leading forum of the right and some wing of the right will control the narrative. The talking heads who prevail will make good money. Network effects suggests a “winner take all/most” outcome. Therefore the vitriol will only grow as we approach the election in 2024.

  24. Some right-wing anons have attacked Gonzales because they know that higher ups are only using him to dish out dissident talking points because his being clearly Hispanic gives them a cover against the racism charge.

    While likely true, and likely true there are far sharper commentators, one can’t help but respect he can throw some pretty effective punches and doesn’t buckle. His willingness to forego the fake respectability that has plagued conservatism for literally over a century is a breath or fresh air.

    • Pedro Gonzalez is working for Paul Gottfried at Chronicles. I seriously doubt Gottfried feels it necessary to use Gonzalez for cover, I have been reading his work for a couple of years and think it is solid. One of the interesting things about his dust up with Murray and Weiss was that they tried to get him fired from the Claremont Institute which hardly pays him anything and didn’t even mention Chronicles where he draws most of his income from. His theory was they didn’t want to bring attention to Chronicles. He had a good column on MLK yesterday.–king/

      • Funny how they tried to get him sacked from Claremont, but they are okay with Jack Murphy being there. Weird morality.

        • Of course, Murray and Weiss are sexual degenerates like (((Murphy))). Perhaps that has something to do with it.

        • Morality is the right concept.

          When the John Goldman thing happened there was an array of usual suspects-adjacent guys such as Tim Pool and that huckster lawyer Tim Barnes or whatever that came out to defend or deflect for Goldman. What they seemed to not understand about the outrage is the simple concept of morality. Why should we countenance or trust someone as morally bankrupt as Goldman? A lot of people like to pretend you can be a weird sex pervert in public but otherwise an upstanding and moral person, but it’s human nature to distrust a man who publishes video of himself sitting on a dildo talking about hairy college boys.

  25. The one thing these clowns like Murray have in common is that none of them are the ones being told to lie back and think of England. He also probably thinks the economy is just fine, and though the rubes are a little slow on their deliveries he’s managing to keep his very important life on an even keel. “Well, I never” is about his speed.

    • I may have been wrong all along but I used to think the spectator was decent media and would visit quite often. I just realized that I gave them up some time ago, probably the same time period that I’d had enough of shapiro.

  26. It’s something in the air. The Dilbert Guy had a melt down the other day coming to terms with the fake vaccines. The guy made ‘cognitive dissonance’ a houshold phrase – and it looks like he suffers from it in a big way these days…

    • Scott Adams is a textbook case of what happens to everyone who is too extremely online. Whoever Shelly is, she’s likely laughing as hard as the guy who took down Jack Murphy with a 10 dollar superchat. Being an internet rando who takes town an internet celebrity is what a not insignificant percentage of people dream of.

    • Re: Scott Adams and his rant. As commenter and blog host Severian likes to point out, lots of things today in Clown World are “Fake and Gay”.

      From a link at American Digest, things just got “Faker and Gayer”.

      Vox Day, The Greatest Internet Genius In The World You Midwits ™ weighed in on Scott Adams:

      You must really see the video at the link. I will not post it here as Z man might leave Baltimore, find me in Flyoverland, and beat me to death for such a transgression.

      This passes for discourse in America.

      • Snort! That was hilarious.

        You know you’ve hit rock bottom when “God-Emperor, Trust the Plan, 10,000 secret warrants, 27 D-chess” former online pickup guru-guy riffs on you and he’s not the one who looks crazy.

        Adams main problem is he made his podcast fame talking about Cheeto; the pandemic/vax/mask stuff was interesting but now is just stale. He can’t say anything particularly edgy or he’ll be booted of Twitter/youtube.


      • One of Vox Day’s books touts him as “the bestselling political philosopher on the planet.”

        Oh, that dude’s precious!

      • Adams’ flip-flopping on this issue has been so bad that VD, even with all his…uh…quirks, wins by default.

  27. When Buckley used the execrable dullard Kristol to purge Buchanan, it was especially rich. Buckley himself was accused, not without reason, of anti-Semitism. Given the Marxist leanings of so many Jews of the era, it was a charge that could provide street cred to someone who claimed to be on the Right if exploited properly.

    Times changed, and Buckley’s Manhattan neighbors gave him the cold shoulder over the anti-Semitism knock. So, being the perfect conservative, Buckley publicly used a Jewish nitwit to destroy Buchanan largely to exculpate himself from past statements and writings. It became a National Review technique frequently employed until the publication became irredeemable self-parody.

    As for the commenter-mentioned Bari Weiss, who tongue-bathed Murray, she is an exemplar of something we should expect to see until conservatism is formally declared dead: an admitted lefty who is so publicly appalled by leftists that she expresses solidarity with the Right. It is the same Uncle Tomism we see from blacks who hitch unto the Republican Party for fun and profit. George Will, whom you mentioned, always was a closeted man of the Left who was familiar with Kirk Russell and whose wife was a corporate whore who depended on open borders and cheap labor to supply ConAgra. Will and Weiss are essentially the same person except he kept his leftism mostly on the down low.

    Buckley Conservatism was a fraud from the start, and fortunately its entanglement with neo-Conservatism has spelled its doom. Nationalism is rising and is an unmovable force, and while the Empire can and will destroy those who espouse it, ultimately the Empire will lose.

    • Jack – it might be a little harsh to say Buckley was a fraud from the start. I think he lost his way after the Cold War and the Berlin Wall fell. He just couldn’t come to grips with the pace of change in America and he wanted to be liked.

      This is just an explanation; I don’t forgive him for the Buchanan stuff. Plenty of people made plenty of mistakes to get us to this point.

      Trying to stay on the A-list and the Manhattan cocktail circuit was a important thing to the Old Right. The new generation realizes it’s in an existential struggle and they will be increasingly willing to “burn the ships” and declare a candid manifesto.

      • Good point, but the less-pronounced tics were there with Buckley from the start. Those tics became tremors.

    • *Russell Kirk, although Will very well may have been in a Super Chat with someone identified as “Kirk Russell.”

    • George Will, whom you mentioned, always was a closeted man of the Left who was familiar with Kirk “Russell and whose wife was a corporate whore who depended on open borders and cheap labor to supply ConAgra.”

      Presumably his 2nd wife. I remember walking past his Chevy Chase home c. 80s, seeing the “Dump the DH” sticker on his Volvo. “Mr. Propriety” had just dumped his 1st wife (and son). But designated hitters! Heaven forfend!

    • Bari Weiss- a fat lesbian tribal type that we will have to look at for years and years. The conservative embrace of her is even more disturbing simply for her saying a few things not totally insane. She is still a rabid neocon that wants to attack anything that remotely threatens Israel. She detests Assad and anyone that doesn’t embrace his head chopping enemies is obviously a Russian stooge.

  28. On the one hand, Disco Stu doesn’t advertise. On the other hand, I would wear a denim jacket with “disco forever” spelled out in rhinestones on the back until it fell off my body, so… there’s that. In fact, since we’re now getting The Carter Years, Clown World Version — with extra special bonus fake and gay!! — it’s time to revisit some of those supposed late 70s fashion disasters. I for one really liked that “deep earth tones” color scheme they liked. The San Diego Padres’ uniform, for instance…

    • That happened 25 years ago, or so. Youth culture having mercifully died after grunge, it’ll probably come back around. I remember wearing tube socks, finding my way as a young hipster. Not as fondly as I’d like to lol. Still have the dark brown corduroy bucket hat I bought in high school. Never getting rid of that one, I tell you.

  29. Ah, it’s people fighting to maintain their precarious position on the top of the pyramid. People like Murray got to where they were with the full approval and promotion of the neocons so they’re not about to bite the hand that fed/feeds them. The Neocons won the war for Conservative Inc and they’re not about to let it go without a fight. PG has stuck his spear in with the Chronicles crowd who don’t have power and never will.

    This struggle is going to be a war of coalitions like all the wars that have come before it. The question is whether the Neocons will choose to ally with the deviant Left or will they compromise to work together with the dissident right, the dirtbag right etc.? If they go Left, the odds will be stacked against us.

    But they already are…

      • I disagree. 98% of the GOP wants to stay in bed with the Neocons and their deep-pocketed donors. The reality is that they still have power (possibly not as much as before) and will continue to utilize it.

        • While the Russia psychopathology bears this out to some degree, Republicans know it is a career-ender to be too attached to Neocons. But, yeah, they will take the money.

    • Neocons do not ally with anyone, they co-opt. They are in the process of co-opting the dirtbag and establishment left right now, with excellent success. CNN and NYT are basically the mouthpieces of the CIA, and they managed to turn neocon icons like Dick, Liz, and W into lefty darlings. Obviously the GOP conservacucks still loves neocons, but as the article points out, a lot of people are tuning out this carnival and do not see the Republicans as representing or fighting for them.

      The DR will always be very suspicious of the neocons that go way beyond ideology, and has been fighting it for years, which is why the media and the neocons are so eager to bring on more and total censorship.

  30. Quote of the day.

    ” Disordered minds seek the order of the bloody fist imposing its will on society.”

    I’ll be using that.

  31. @Z

    Any chance you would be willing to go on the Academic Agents channel. I realize you’re low key about these things but I figured due to your willingness to take interviews on this side the divide and he is now in this camp, why not?

    Also, couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t mention the biggest grifter/fraud of the Murray-Gonzalez spat: Bari Weiss.

    • Regarding Weis, I could not think of anyway to say she is a dunce without sounding mean, so I passed. She was outwitted by Joe Rogan, a man who smokes weed all day and lets people punch him in the head.

      As far as the academic agent, he looks like a libertarian, so I doubt he has much interest in someone like me, but I’d be willing to talk with him.

      • Z,

        AA is a reformed libertarian – just check out his newer videos or his Telegram channel:

        He has said some spicy stuff. His streams are second to none and I’ve often thought you’d make for excellent guest on Cigar Stream. His circle is pretty high brow and I think his audience would benefit by being exposed to some Zman.

        • @Z

          Astralturf is correct. In all fairness he sounds like a Persian British version of you now.

        • My rule on these things is I will engage with anyone, if time permits, who comes to the discussion in good faith. That rules out a surprising number of people.

          • @Z

            Got it. This man isn’t just another “good guy” in Massachusetts ya dude parlance. He’s taken his lumps, was doxed recently and has taken to task many people he was previously sympathetic too and explained how they fail to mend realistic means with attainable ends. Plus, the most important part- he was fair about it and did it by and large honorably. He’s been on a big Evola tear and is a big advocate of Gottfried, Derb and Kirk. He recently did a stream ripping into the Tory right, Douglas Murray and had a metal head historian on to discuss Wilson, FDR and Nixon. He seems to pass the vetting.

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