The World State II

This week’s show is a continuation of last week’s show. The point of the effort is to describe the various aspects of the ruling regime. We don’t have a good name for this form of rule and one reason for it is it just sort of happened. Unlike various forms of socialism, there is no one guy at the center of it. It is the combination of historical and economic events over the last two centuries. The great contribution of Karl Marx was having a last name that made for a pithy label.

In last week’s show, I thought the segment on managerialism was the best, but it is also the most studied aspect of the system. We have 80 years of writing on the growth of the administrative state. This week I think the two segments that are most important are Custodialism and Quadripartism. This growing sense by our rulers that they need to take care of us is rising from and encouraging this blending together of the power centers of the American empire.

There is a feudal aspect to this arrangement. People think of feudalism as knights saving damsels in distress. That makes for good story telling, but it was really a fully integrated social control system. The reciprocal relationships between the warrior elites evolved into a set of customs governing all of society. The duties and responsibilities the warrior elite had with one another became a model for society. The life of every person was defined by his duties and responsibilities.

Something similar is happening with the power centers of the empire. They are working out the rules with which they regulate behavior towards one another. At the same time, they are working out rules to govern those within their domain. Instead of a code of chivalry it is terms of service. Like life in feudal Europe, people are either compliant or non-compliant. The compliant get the privileges and protection of the system while the non-compliant are fair game.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 03:00: Quadripartism
  • 18:00: Custodialism
  • 33:00: Universalism
  • 48:00: Revolutionary

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147 thoughts on “The World State II

  1. On custodialism – just to add a pretty obvious point that somehow always gets overlooked – I don’t think Zed takes it on board: People like you and me don’t need to be looked after and find it irksome, patronising, and even offensive – that seems to be the entire thrust of the point being made here. However, custodialism is for the masses. If you’ve ever worked with the public you’ll know that there’s a significant number who are extraordinarily dumb. They actually expect to be guided in everything. In that sense, government is fulfilling a basic psychological need of the people, and if the loudest group wants to be patronised in that way, then that’s what will be dished out.

    The principle involved is not that a scheming elite is twisting society into a shape that serves it own purposes, but that it just happens, like gravity or osmosis, because Human Nature.

    • No, actually, the principal involved is that a scheming elite is twisting society into a shape that serves its own purposes, power and money. Imagine One world order. They, living in a shiny, glitzy city on a hill, the rest of us, downstream, poor, plebeian consumers of their trash.

      Imagine. Its easy if you try. No countries, no possessions, no greed or hunger, life in peace. A brotherhood of man. Imagine. All the people sharing all the world.

  2. Z man. I’ve been listening/reading for around 5 6 years. I’m shutting down the podcasts early, because well. – theyre boring. You’re basically a paleo-resuscitatant. Frankly, you don’t speak truth to power. I’m almost 60, and lately, these podcasts you’re making are just reheated leftovers from the 90s, and I remember those arguments. Maybe these. younger folks dont, but I do. Seems like the closer you get to what you believe is sucess in your blog/podcasts, the more you pull back. Rethink your approach, get back to your roots.

  3. Looks like Z Man finally got kicked off youtube since the video that usually accompanies the Friday post says that the account was terminated.

    Be that as it may, I enjoyed the last two episodes. Good summaries of our current times.

    • Yeah, the whole channel was nuked without warning. No idea why, but this is no surprise. Authoritarian states are capricious by nature, so not knowing is part of it. They did me a favor as it was a pain to upload to YouTube and almost everyone uses a podcast app to listen.

      • What’s that saying?

        “If your taking flak, you’re over the Target”.

        It should be viewed as a sign of authenticity.

        • Honestly, I think it is desperation. They have run out of targets. When you are only defined by your hatreds, you have to keep inventing people to hate and before long you end up hating everyone.

          • I am sure they have a whole department of gender fluid experts on “hate” over there at Youtube constantly crawling content looking for people to ban. Demand for people to censor far exceeds supply since they are working full-time and need to keep their numbers up to seem productive/necessary. Probably doesn’t look good that last year they cancelled a million accounts and now this year they have struggled to find a few to cancel. They’ve been forced to go farther and farther afield to find new victims. Inevitably they will get to the point where they can’t find anyone saying anything so awful as to merit the ban hammer but the institutional inertia will keep them going and they will morph into the Stasi, monitoring everyone constantly looking for the slightest deviation from “the narrative”. I don’t see how it can turn out any other way.

            I propose calling it the Jussie Smollett effect in Social Justice. The oppression and hate still exists in their deluded minds but there are no oppressors and not enough hate, so they make it up in their own minds. It’s a bizarre conspiracy theory about “The System” that the mainstream media actually rabidly encourages. A kind of Satanic Panic that has gripped the far left.

            So, Z Man fell victim to the Jussie Smollett Effect over there at Youtube is how I would characterize it.

          • Yes, it’s desperation, but don’t underestimate what that means. When people get seriously desperate, they start to do seriously desperate things, which most often manifests as increasing severity and frequency. IOW, they are unlikely to stop at censorship. You need to take this seriously as well and start checking your six regularly. And get the Hell of Lagos now!

        • Yeah, my thinking was along the same lines. Gives Z some street credibility. Of course prison time is the best coin of that realm. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

      • Yeah, capriciousness and arbitrariness are hallmarks of totalitarianism. Speaking for myself, I never watched you on YouTube and regard it like the rest of social media, sewage spilling into a flaming garbage pit. It might make a difference at the margins but one thing noticeable about the expulsions from Twitter and the like, although this tends to be self-reported, is it makes little difference.

  4. I think it’s very intriguing where you’re going with this.

    In a science fiction novel I read, the setting is some 400 years into the future. Corporations exist, only they’re called “trusts.” In order to achieve high rank in a trust — as a middle manager, only a bit higher — you have to become a eunuch so you don’t go after the daughters of the owners.

    One wonders when something like this will happen. If that was the case today, Jared Kushner may have never been able to go after Ivanka Trump, because his real estate empire is in trouble (they bought a building when they market was “high” and lost millions of dollars on the transaction; they wanted to get out of the ‘burbs and get into downtown Manhattan).

    The biggest change to come may be in the school system. There may be three streams of education: one for the middle class, one for the sons of the managerial class (like Steve Ballmer was; his father was an exec with Ford), and one for the really wealthy. The elite students who get 99% would be shunted into the middle class.

    • “Opening now for position as project manager at Xirlol Management Solutions Inc. Only castration passport holders need apply” lol

    • That’s sort of happening now, no? We have trannies, and this huge contradiction where people preach egalitarianism and equalitarianism while hierarchies and a caste system is more and more entrenched.

      It will be interesting to see if this sorting result in the children of the ruling class being given a traditional liberal education and the propaganda being forced on the middle and lower classes. Thus far, of course, it has been the opposite. But at some point the rulers will need their offspring to be something other than mentally retarded.

      • It was always understood that, in traditional hierarchical societies, at least the “top” people needed to be able to think critically. A few days ago I wrote one of my overlong posts answering Z’s question about what to call this system of ours. My central point was that our system doesn’t really have a “top”, just a constellation of managerial factions that ultimately reach some kind of consensus through the same kind of mysterious mechanism that guides a group of people to pick the next letter on a Ouija board. This is all very feminine and intuitive rather than masculine and analytic. So perhaps no one needs a classical education in rational thought, critical thinking, and all that. Everyone can just enjoy being part of the retarded hive together.

  5. I will start with a mild criticism because, otherwise, this was excellent. Stop with the Stuart Smalley stuff. I am glad you broke this into parts.

    That out of the way:

    Again, excellent.

    You particularly nailed it about the Custodial State creeping onto campuses in the Eighties. I graduated college in ’81 (I’m a few years older than you and my first college political experience was the impending Reaganism; every cliche applies). Custodialism had not appeared and would have been laughed off the stage, ESPECIALLY by the Leftists. Fast forward to the end of the decade, after I lived and worked abroad for about eight years, and I entered professional school. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Think Rip Van Winkle on acid. I actually thrived–and that far back was allowed to do so–on the hatred directed at me. What was accepted in ’89 would have been laughed into the gutter in ’81. What I was allowed in ’89 would have resulted in expulsion now.

    I was totally aware of what had happened Stateside in this regard, and, by God, we had CNN overseas!

    So sometime between ’81 and ’89 The Cuckoo Bird landed on campus. It landed on greater society about twenty-five years later. It landed hard.

    Finally, you are absolutely correct that the likes of Gates genuflect to the Woke Gods out of sincere belief. My cynicism held me back a long time, but finally I was forced to admit this is true. Dear God. That is the worst case. Can we live through this? The jury is out and the judge in a strong black lesbian.

  6. I’m surprised our intrepid host would consider vanilla ice cream the best ice cream. Clearly it is too white.

    However, strawberry cheesecake is the bomb dignity. If you let it melt just a little bit, and then flip the glob over in your bowl, (or nuke it for 15 seconds),you have a creamy delight, that proves, in yet another way, the existence of God.

    At least, that’s what a friend told me….😉

  7. One thing we have going for us, our enemies are stupid. The consequence of putting drooling Brandon on the Throne for everyone to see was obvious and foreseeable. Pretty much everyone in the country figures he’s a senile dementia patient and Dr. Jill and Ron Klain are running the country. Both idiots. Their guy greenlit Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, something they tried to prevent.

    The Party could have installed Kloubuchar, or Warren, or someone who can at least show some sentience occasionally. But they chose Brandon because he was senile, his staff weak and idiots, so they could get their short term wish list.

    Nobody respects Brandon. Democrats. The Media. The FBI. The military. If Russia invades Ukraine oil could reach according to JPM $150 a barrel. The Davos set way overestimated their Pravda and underestimated a Soviet Union availability and prices in a mass consumer society devoid of anything else.

    • Ron Klain

      Eff that mountain biker from Indianapolis.

      The Davos set way overestimated…

      Those assclowns have also completely overestimated the ability of AI and automation to do troubleshoot, maintenance, and repair work in every field.

      • Much like the vex, they also trust the science(TM) for lots of stuff they don’t understand but have seen in hollywieird films with the magic negro programmer working studiously to create the future tech to save the planet.

        Maybe we should be thankful they don’t actually know how computers work, who actually is able to produce working programmes or how software is written.

    • How about that ginger press secretary babbling in an interview yesterday about loving “working for the President Obam….President Biden!”?

      Talk about a Freudian slip.

      Unreal. There is a “shadow president “, and it ain’t Cheeto.

      Not that the front man matters. It’s entrenched bureaucracies and billionaire influencers all the way down.

  8. anyone ever seen those KFC commercials back when Colonel Sanders was still alive? He was born in 1890 so he was probably in his 80s when those commercials were filmed. If they wanted Biden to have a high approval rating – that’s how they should have portrayed him. The reason Biden won may have been because he seemed like a harmless old man and not a radical. So why not work with that strength?

    They could have portrayed him as a kindly old man and whenever they put him out in public – have him at photo ops with little kids who talk with him on his lap like he’s santa or something. That way whenever he says something dumb- it’s something people don’t want to laugh at cuz it would be mean. On the other hand, Biden might be the worst president we’ve had in a while so why not let him self immolate.

    • “They could have portrayed him as a kindly old man and whenever they put him out in public – have him at photo ops with little kids who talk with him on his lap like he’s santa or something.”

      Ummmm 😂
      Is this a troll?

    • Let’s toss the old chickenhawk groper out with some kindergardners, Feelin up some future voters is a win win.

  9. Huh? Something wrong with Florida? As a lifelong Floridian, let remind you that almost everybody who lives here, wasn’t born here! Good, bad, and everything in between has migrated here from someplace else.

  10. “The compliant get the privileges and protection of the system while the non-compliant are fair game.”

    I see it playing out this way, too, with dissidents being shut out of hospitals and marketplaces until we submit to the Regime. But another way of putting it is we’ll be outlaws, and that’s an interesting word to explore in the context of how to survive when one is not *permitted* to earn his daily food.

    • Correct.

      The Kyle Rittenhouse affair was a learning experience for the dissident. The courts and law enforcement institutions have fallen and no longer work. If you ever have to defend yourself from the diversity and vibrancy of the establishment, or from their finger puppets – you do so with a mask. Conceal your identity. Do NOT involve the authorities or talk to them even as a witness. Don’t turn yourself in. Stay off social media. Do not cooperate with their inquiries or the courts. Shoot. Shovel. Shut up. Everyone knows you never talk to the press or the media.

      This regime is going to destroy itself, eventually. Sooner rather than later, the wheels are already falling off.

    • Perhaps even more onerous than most think. Look up the ancient meaning of “outlaw”. IIRC, in merry old England it meant a person “outside” the protection of the “law”, but also entailed an obligation for all men within the law to kill this person for the good of society.

      • Which is odd as Robin Hood was one of the defining folk heroes of English folklore for a good few hundred years.

        The outlaw also had some very positive connotations for people working in a feudal environment it seems.

        • And the common Robin Hood trope is a lie.
          “He stole from the rich to give to the poor”

          “He robbed the government (Sheriff Nottingham) and gave the taxes back to the people”

          Can’t have a hero doing that nowm can we?

          • No, you had a local insurgent harrassing official economic operatives and raiding governent property. If the Sherrif doesn’t respond he shows weakness. Dangerous given said Sherrif was so directly taxing his lowest subjects, instead of delegating it to the landed gentry, implied he was a hop, skip, and jump away from open rebellion by the peasants. Americans love theim some economic oppression narratives and thus why Costner’s Hood (the one you’re surely referring to) had the retarded libertarian themes.

        • Let’s not forget: the original Robin Hood was the “happy warrior” who did what he did because the true king (king Richard) was away on crusade, and his power at home was usurped.

          Robin Hood wanted legitimate authority from a just king, not anarchy, or socialism, or communism. Merely the rule of law and equitable enforcement of it, even if class distinctions remained.

    • Outlawry stopped being a thing after guns and modern policing. Once this becomes an issue , the results will simply be mass bloodshed. Freedom is having nothing to lose.

      Every seen John Q with Denzel Washington ? That’s the first stage “Choose a side, you are a target.”

      The second stage is ” I don’t eat? Nobody eats.”

      The third stage is Rwanda X Bosnia X Yemen

      And if you don’t find a way to fight? You deserve your death.

      • Training Day was a better example in that Alonzo considered himself both above and outside the law. Also a better movie.

      • Hehe in frustration at the mess of both America and Europe I mentally wargamed what it would mean to just run up the black flag and live like an outlaw. With modern suveillance, forensics and such it never lasts more than a few weeks of pretty miserable living, survival mode, interspersed with moments of exhilaration and terror. And then you die or are captured and sent to a concrete box for the rest of your life. As they say in the army, Rambo is a myth. You will need community.

        • All men die. Th best thing any reactionary can do is to meditate on death like a stoic. Your society is dying. Soon you will too. What do you want to do in the mean time.

          I agree that community is mandatory but if you don’t have one and can’t get one might as well go full Dorner.

          Give me 10K people or more who understand that and who have no moral issue with collective, punishment (our leaders certainly don’t) no nonsensical soft target scruples (same) and who no longer have any more goals than to take as many of the SOB’s down as possible and real damage can be done.

          They’ll certainly kill you (save two bullets for yourself in case one fails) but you can die on you feet or your knees. Choose wisely.

          I don’t think we’ll go there myself. Ours is more probably a USSR style death by despair not war to the knife, knife to the hilt

  11. I wonder if it would be useful to assign (well, talk about) a “fourth” branch of government made up of schools and the press. We could call it the “enlightenment” (as in ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda) branch of government.

    As a society, a civilization and a country, we pour enormous resources into this function of the state. Most of the rest of what the state does is justified and rationalized using these propaganda machines. Every single person is required by law to attend the schools from an early age. Even those who are able to “home school” still have to abide by the curriculum they get to decide. We are bombarded with propaganda every single day of our lives.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that the massive growth of not only the state, but the enormous growth of what is considered the duty of the state coincides with the explosion of public schooling and the mass media.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence either that they want to ever expand the franchise to the point of small children and prisoners voting on every aspect of our lives. The effectiveness of it cannot be overstated. We have women fighting for and celebrating “equality,” where “equality” is having one’s legs blown off.

    • I’m not sure about this, but what I was able to glean from your post is that the government should be made larger. Or that we should talk about making the Federal government larger.

      I’d have to say no.

      The country–the world–was a much better–and happier–place when education was real and when it was lavished on those whose characters were strong enough and whose minds were tough enough not to be undone by the processes of book-learning.

      It was Alexander Pope, if memory serves me correctly, who pointed out that “a little learning is a dangerous thing” and went on to say, “therefore, DRINK DEEP.” But everybody ignored him. The results are ugly. And this is the fault of so-called “education” being handed out to all and sundry.

      The mass media should be shut down and its enablers sent to Devil’s Island. And there need be no replacement for it.

      We must get over the notion–I won’t call it an idea–that all men are created equal. That was wartime propaganda, but damned if folks don’t believe propaganda every time. Which is how we know that real education should not be thrust upon everybody willy-nilly.

      • I’m not advocating it, I’m saying we already have it. So when you are studying the government, the “enlightenment” branch should (well, possibly) be studied as well.

        But putting that aside, I don’t necessarily see government in “large” or “small” terms. We have, by any measure, an enormous government. But despite the enormous size, we get less of what we need. Tucker did a segment a couple of nights ago highlighting the enormous sums of money our cities are blowing on drug addicts living in our streets.

        Having the government be “small” as a goal is pretty retarded. I am not ideologically wed to “small” or “big” government. We as a society need to decide what the role of the state is and then fund it according to those needs.

        Most people see the education of children as a need the state is fit to provide. What we need to concentrate on in that respect is how our children are educated and in what and how that is framed. Saying we need public education, but also be small is, again, retarded.

        This is one the primary flaws of libertarianism/conservatism. Assuming we had good schools in the first place:
        If we fired all the teachers and then replaced only half of them, but with ideological communist teachers, that would be “smaller” If smaller is the goal, we cut the teaching portion of the budget in half, plus only employ half of the people as before. Measured in “size” of government, this would be a resounding success.

        • During the age of Covid, Chicago Public Schools (probably most urban education systems) have proven that those who want to educate their children either homeschool/ private school/ move.
          Those who stay really, deep down, don’t care.

      • Is it too much education, or a lack of standards wrt education? Heretofore, you were able to progress to the level of your ability—but standards (merit) would allow you no further, as in progressing to a level of incompetence. Today, we can’t allow inherit differences to manifest themselves, so we weaken standards and develop faux degree areas for the weak minded, and even then we struggle to get more that 50% of the population “degreed”

    • Washington, the NY Times, Harvard and Hollywood–this is the Ministry of Enlightenment.

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  13. That was a good show. And it is true that we don’t have a universal term for the system running the West. Listening to the show I thought that what came closest was fascism but in a reversed way. B/c you have the giant corporations working hand in glove with the state. But unlike in classical fascism, where the corporations do the bidding of the state, today it seems it is the other way around. DC works for Wall Street, not the other way around. This might also come quite close to feudalism, where the new money are the nobility and the ‘king’, the state, has to take the nobility’s interests seriously at all times.

    But, these two leave out the two worst parts of the system, as if the above wasn’t bad enough. The two most dangerous and insufferable parts are the ‘new morality’ and the demographic rape of the West. The new morality is the elevation of the immoral above the moral. Child molestation, gay marriage, trans freakism and many other things, these are not, as is claimed, a ‘new morality’, they are perversions. And I can say this with a foundation in biology because they are extremely dysgenic. This is why anthropologists, archeologists and historians don’t find them in societies that endured.

    The other is the demographic invasion problem. If normalization of perversions is the anvil then demographic invasion is the hammer of what actually IS genocide of western peoples. This is the state of the art of genocide. Gas chambers, firing squads, barbed wire, gulags and all that, that is passé. It invigorates and infuriates resistance, both domestically and internationally. Instead, doing it the ‘modern’ way, you can claim the moral high ground. You are not ‘killing’ anyone. You are simply ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’. And when Bongo from the Congo kills people in Milan or Milwaukee, well, that’s not your fault. Meet plausible deniability. Not only are they killing the West, they can deny doing it. That is the suave way to be a monster.

    So far as I can tell there is nothing in either fascism or feudalism that would motivate exterminating the original stock. But there is something in neo-Marxism. ‘Whiteness’ is the new bourgeoisie. Neo- as opposed to classical Marxism, is not about economics, it is about culture which is why it is generally called Cultural Marxism. I think this is the best term for the system we are living under.

    Another term I like, because it also takes into account the central problem of deviancy as well as the oligarchic form of new, international super-capitalism, especially around Big Tech, is ‘globohomo’. Its problem, like ‘clown world’, is that it sounds like mockery more than a capital indictment. It doesn’t sound seriously enough but it actually describes it pretty well. So for now I think Cultural Marxism, Neo-Marxism (where these two may be nearly synonymous but where perhaps ‘Neo’ also includes outright ‘plausibly deniable’ white genocide issues) and Globohomo, are the best terms. Fascism and feudalism may well include debauchery but usually not outright degeneracy and there is a lot of the latter in what’s happening now.

    • The universal term is anti-white psychosis.

      Its very similar to the large scale human sacrifices like the Aztecs but targeted at nominally ones own people.

      Of course the drivers are not allowed to be discussed as then you would realize its a war and we have been getting slaughtered (literally) for decades on the alter of our own empathy.

      The puppet whores who will sell their own into death are part of it, but the driver for this is obviously external to whites.

      • While fairly accurate, ‘anti-white psychosis’ is a diagnosis more than a name for a coherent belief system. Also it’s too long. It may not be wrong (I think it is NOT wrong) but it is never going to catch on. We could actually use a meme-able name for the current system but with more gravitas than ‘Clown World’ or ‘Globohomo’. Although except for gravitas I don’t think either is bad.

          • Upvote for trying to come up with something that reveals the fake-religion aspect of the whole thing.

            But we need to combine that with a term for the sort of mental illness that accompanies belief in this ersatz religion.

            Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book title was good in that way: “Democracy, the god that failed.”

            And the whole Chinky-pox interlude has shown us how profoundly superstitious most people are–and *especially* the worst elements of the population.

    • Oddly enough the USSA State Department has just confirmed that people who believe in traditional values are Russian assets.

      • Dumb enough to be credible. If Russia is turned into the bulwark against rainbow colored dildos being swung in your daughter’s face, that only exponentially increases the sympathy for Russia among the ‘non-compliant.’

          • Russia and China read this psychosis and realize, as we do, the best option is to wait out the system because it is near collapse. Admittedly the image of the Red Army raping and murdering on the streets of Manhattan are gratifying, but the strategy of just laughing at the people who live there is the better one.

          • Its astoundingly stupid. Anyone outside the bubble hasn’t cared about Russia since the 90’s.

            The old fake social capital from the Cold War is depleted and at most it looks like a little rancid Vegemite

            And yeah sure a few really old Boomers might still be stuck on that stupid. They are dying of old age and no one young and that includes Hispanics whose nations had no beef with the USSR cares.

      • This is the type of BS Oliver Stone got for taking the trouble to do a really thorough interview of Putin, over several days if my memory serves. He said Putin basically wants to defend traditional culture and the US media went bonkers against Stone. Stone should have told his interviewer, “I’m sure you are a nice person, but it’s clear you don’t know a thing about Russian culture or history. If you can’t ask a meaningful question, I’ll ask one for you …” and then take over the interviewer’s job as well.

        • This rings a faint bell. It might be worthwhile to listen to what ‘Putism’ is from the horse’s own mouth. He may or may not be the only adult running a major white country??

      • As Winston observed, the hope is in the proles. Sending troops to fight for transgenderism and diversity just might finish off any remnant warm and fuzzies the proles have for this degenerate system because they see right through it vs. the average Ivy League graduate.

      • That seems to cover the ‘globo’ part in globohomo. Then there’s the sexual deviancy, perversion part. Why is everyone now required to pay lip service to disgustingly twisted ideas? That’s never been part of running a business, it’s gotta be something else. Same with demographic invasions. My point is, there is something more perverse going on than just money men looking out for their own bottom lines. Something far sicker than that. This is where I think you need Marxism to explain it. The visceral hatred of those who lead meaningful, content lives.

        • we have to promote perversity becaus it makes it easier for the WEF to reduce the population to a more manageable size. they think of us as livestock. with the advent of automation , they don’t need most of us any more . They want us to quit reproducing . Once a girl or boy takes puberty blockers to “trans” the critical development of their reproductive organs is destroyed. once that happens they will be sterile for the rest of their life, even if they go back to their birth sex. that 1 year of confusion at 13 means they can never reproduce. people with no family depend on the government completely when they are adults . they have no family support if anything happens to them . why do you think all the old royal courts were full of eunuchs. they had to remain loyal since they had nobody without the rulers . all of the EU leaders are “childless ” shall we say. except boris in the UK , he has 7 kids . macron in france is a big fan of brit media, I read that he spends all his time on BBC.

          • As sick and evil as what you describe is, where is there evidence that you are exaggerating? Or put otherwise, if this is the plan what would they be doing differently compared to what they are doing?

          • I assume that is not an acronym for the British Broadcasting Corporation, rather Macron’s other hobby.

        • The standard answer is that there are people who want to rule, and use Marxism as a tool to recruit a revolutionary class. But Normie is/was too happy with his financial lot to be willing to help turn over the apple card; so they switched over to identity classes.

          But look back to Weimar Germay, and even before:

          Magnus Hirschfeld (14 May 1868 – 14 May 1935) was a German physician and sexologist. An outspoken advocate for sexual minorities, Hirschfeld founded the Scientific Humanitarian Committee, an organization that Dustin Goltz characterizes as having carried out “the first advocacy for homosexual and transgender rights.”

          He wasn’t exactly German. They just seem to like pushing deviancy on the normal folks. I read somewhere that the drunkenness attributed to Russian men, was fostered by stetl dwellers.

        • And,

          There are lot of people, for example Occupy wall street types, that would be attacking the Economic barons. But those dissident folks can be soaked up and kept occupied by fighting for the rights of homos, minorities, …

          Back several ago, antifa types would be protesting economic forum meetings; now they’ve been co-opted into tranny rights.

          • Yup.

            Remember the 1999, “Battle in Seattle,” when mostly Leftist types actually protested AGAINST globalist corporate oligarchy?

          • @wild geese

            They protested against whoever they were nudged to protest against by the various handlers.

            The actual target is irrelevant, as its the act of protest that they are there for.

            That their “beliefs” (for want of a better term for implanted rationales) change all the time based on the central messaging is a fact they are completely unaware of.

            Ever wondered where all the anti-nuclear protestors of the 80s/90s went?

            They just got updated with new directives.

        • “The visceral hatred of those who lead meaningful, content lives.”


          Something to do with Satan.



          • Satanism can probably be understood as the religious fig leaf explanation for the indulgence of dysgenic perversions. If that is how you understand Satanism, as a translation from behavioral science to religious terminology, then yes that seems to be a viable theory. It could also be the rise of Ed Dutton’s spiteful mutants; sick, degenerate people who are steering towards irreversible collapse while indulging carnal pleasures on the ride to hell.

          • Anarcho-transhumanism. This phrase fuses both the means as well as the end.

            Live as a beast in the wreckage, or join us.

          • Satan – Ha Satan, the adversary, kind of a district attorney / FBI plot creator.
            The FBI is doing their bidding.

            Diabol /devil – Dia = across (ie diameter). bol = throw (like ballistic, ball ). To the ancient Greeks, Throw across meant “to slander”
            Their media slanders us.

            Anti nature does indeed fit these troublesome types.

        • The sexual deviancy seems to be heavily tied to the usual suspects in many writings, odd behaviors in business environments and even professions they dominated (such as psychiatry, movies etc)

          I suspect there is a strong genetic factor to this.

        • It’s Talmudic satanism being shoved up your ass by your “representatives”, whore freemasons, the whole lot. Your replacements are running over the border. while you line up for your death shot. Quite the plan, yes?

    • Excellent post. I also agree with your “Globohomo” hangups: these issues deserve indictment, not mockery.
      Maybe the biggest problem with a proper term for the West is that we utilize the wrong metrics to gauge the shifts in power. If we get a little playful and abstract (and, yes, therefore sloppy), perhaps, looking at the function of a society rather than worry about vocabulary, the parallels become interesting.
      It was one of the Rothschilds that said, I’m paraphrasing, “Allow me to issue and control the money, and I care not who makes its laws.” In the concept of Feudalism (of which I am a decent student of medieval literature), is it really that far off from the current metric when you consider that money was generally possessed and controlled by the king, his retainers, and the Church, and is largely symbolic of power? The lowly serf looks at a world in which he is excluded, with exchanges of money that he is not welcome to, with decisions that are outside his control. The average serf did not have money, but, rather, they had goods (after paying their taxes on land they rented). But, to extend one of the points of the podcast, money can be treated as an exchange market for power. I do not care to get into arguments about what constitutes money, but if we treat it, as Rothschild does (hey – who is a better authority on how the crooked world works?), money – in whatever form – is really a form of power.
      To extend to the current era, fiat currency seems to hold little interest for our overlords. They seem more interested in assets (just look at the cash big companies are burning through in acquisitions and the purchase of real estate and fine art) and they give us the fiat currency. Just like the feudal system, money (now assets) circulates among the rich, and we are left with basic goods (now – fiat currency).
      To extend it even further, a good portion of feudalism arose because of the breakdown of tribalism and its replacement with manorialism as a result of centralization of power. Anglo Saxon tribes in England (yes, unified under Cnut and Alfred, I get it, but not really stabilized), really became unified under the Normans. And the parallel with the rulership back then provides a striking relevance to the modern day: the rulers spoke a different language (literally) and lived in a different world. The disconnect between the administered population and the overlords represented the need for a stabilizing social force like the system of manorialism. The overlords distributed administration rights to their favorites and to recalcitrant tribal leaders who were willing to play ball, and these people became lords, and the lords kicked goods and money back to their king (after taking their fair share).
      The rise of the Catholic church served as a necessary component but also competitor of this power. The Church held knowledge and the spiritual side of things. Though there were many pissing contests, the overall grouping of the three estate system demonstrates that the majority of the elites colluded with the Church – and the Church, just like the lords, got their tithing. The education and the justification of the scholastics like Aquinas flattered the rulers and provided a mechanism to stabilize the system through morality.
      Of course, the Enlightenment fractured this into national identify, sort of the new tribalism. As we perceive the breakdown of national identity (I mean – wtf is an American anymore?! And we all know a Frenchman is now a Moroccan), the rise of a global cabal represents the establishment of a new overlord over disparate peoples. The individual politicians and nations are akin to the tribal leaders quickly becoming obsolete and jockeying to adopt new manners like the Victorian middle class.
      And, just as the Church did for the rulers of the Medieval, the tech oligarchs (sans borders – just like the Church) represent a stabilizing tool for the emerging global Feudalism. They indoctrinate the masses with the morality that stabilizes the system while getting filthy rich in the meantime. Of course, their ‘money’ is information as much as any dollar bill. Sure, there are pissing contests, but look at the exchange of information/ power. In January 6th, the commercial interested turned over their currency freely to the crooks in the FBI, and, most importantly, we are not welcome to know what they control. Those whores who refused to divulge their involvement in the 6th at Cruz’s questioning just reinforces that the currency circulates among them, not us (Yes – Cruz is a puke).
      Hell, we even have our own, ever simmering Crusade: retake the Holy S@#% land of Ukraine from the barbarian Putin! Good God, it’s like the resurrected Penda to fight our Oswald!
      We have the new three estate system. The emerging global government system is the ones who enforce the law, the commercial interests feed the spiritual needs of the populace (consumerism, now), and we are the 95% serfdom. Hell – can you even afford a house anymore? And it isn’t because the 95% of serfs are keeping demand high. Who were the two landholders in the Medieval era – the king and the Church.
      Sorry for the long rant; I’m off today as a kid of mine is sick, and I’m on daddy duty with a sick child who is mainly sleeping a fever off.
      As a final point, if you really want to see the striking parallels, read possibly the greatest work in the West, and certainly the greatest of the Middle Ages: The Canterbury Tales. You can find a parallel between every corrupt member of the administrative state (the Reeve and Squire, for example), to the Commercial enterprise/ the Church (the Pardoner, Summoner, Friar, etc.). Heck, even a few vapid, pretentious harlots in there (looking at you Kamala).

      • You make a good case for the current system being Feudalism 2.0. The thing missing in ‘Feudalism 1.0’ that we have today, and which I think is the worst and most dangerous, are the two prongs of the genocide being perpetrated against us, the sexual and other perversions being pushed on us and the demographic invasions.

        From a ‘rational’ POV they are possibly ploys to make revolution and rebellion impossible by simply killing off the peasants (us). Feudalism does not have, as far as I know, any equivalent to this unbelievable crime. It is like describing Nazism without the concentration camps or Stalinism without the gulags. IOW, it is leaving out the central indictment of the crime being perpetrated.

        • I am not so much making a case it is the 2.0, but I do believe it is the closest parallel to historical administration. I would say that they Industrial Revolution is the wildcard that lets this pathology of white genocide run wild. The excess provided by mechanization allows the new world religion of climate change/ population reduction/ white genocide that would largely be unfathomable. Hence, they are killing off unnecessary peasants (certainly imaginable in any time period). But, furthermore, their minds are colored by the beliefs of the times, and they believe they are converting the world – plus, they already have our replacements. Z often mentions the politics of medieval conversion; this is simply their new form of baptism for the masses. Isn’t the elimination of the whites and replacing with browns the exact same as taking a sullied flock and cleansing it through sudden, forced baptism?

          • In feudalism, more peasants means more taxes/rent. There is no genocidal nor dysgenic (perverse) element in feudalism and that’s an important qualitative difference from what we’re suffering today. I don’t think kings and nobility hated the peasants whereas that is clearly the case today.

            The Russian revolution (October/November) owed inspiration to the French revolution. They were both anti-feudal revolutions. The people in power today owe a debt to both these revolutions. That is why the people in power today are considered ‘left’ and why our regime tends to get worse (marginally or not so marginally) when leftist parties come into power. All this means that I do not think you can say that what happens today is in the tradition of feudalism. It is in the tradition of anti-feudalism but the most perverse form of anti-feudalism. Which started with the Jacobins in Paris.

          • Moran:
            I think we are talking about slightly different things. I completely agree with you – our current leaders are the offspring of the Enlightenment. The French Revolution is the embodiment of Enlightenment (Cult of Pure Reason, for example). I was speaking mainly about the division of power and administration that seems to be evolving. Sentiments differ. The society is different. The beliefs strange. All I was talking about is it seems to be a new period where administration of power in the society seems to be arranging a new Feudal system. I am not talking about sentiments, landed gentry, noblesse oblige, any of the that; I simply feel that the clear slide away from Republicanism that we can perceive is leading back to a dynamic that has strong parallels to feudalism.
            Order was the key tenet of feudalism, which is why scholasticism and its nuance thrived. Everything was obsessed with its particular role. New world order is the key tenet of what we experience. In both cases, the desire to create a stable society based on an administrative hierarchy is clear. I am not saying we are the same as feudalism; I am saying that the mechanisms of control seem to be sliding back into that method of organization. Feudalism is not a belief system; it is a system of organization – everyone has a role and allegiance. In the new world order of neofeudalism, our role is to die. Call it letting a field lie fallow, if you want an agrarian parallel lol. I’m done for the day – thanks for the thought provoking conversation! But seriously – English is French lol.

          • You may be right that a hierarchical system similar to feudalism is forming. That the origins of today’s leftism are the rebellion against feudalism rather than feudalism itself, is perhaps less important.

            In the feudal analogy to today this is the most important difference; we are not the peasants, we are the marked outcast. White skin color is the mark of Cain in the Woke religion. We could be on the business end of a genocide. In some ways, as argued above, I think we already are. Feudalism to me signifies stasis but also stability. I don’t see what’s happening now as offering us any stability or safety.

        • I would also clarify: the Norman’s linguistically replaced English. Linguistic genocide, for a rough parallel. And for anyone disagreeing with this – try to read Old English: unintelligible. Read Middle English with the domination of French – certainly worlds apart.

          • Sergie: You are incorrect.
            Middle English is primarily derived from Old French. I am not being hyperbolic. This is Beowulf: Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum,
            þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
            hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.
            Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,

            This is Middle English, which is primarily French because of the Norman invasion (Norman – Normandy). The elites spoke a different language that dominated the scene of England. This eventually morphed into Middle English – which features most reflect French.
            Whan that aprill with his shoures soote 1
            The droghte of march hath perced to the roote, 2
            And bathed every veyne in swich licour 3
            Of which vertu engendred is the flour; 4
            Whan zephirus eek with his sweete breeth 5
            Inspired hath in every holt and heeth 6
            Tendre croppes, and the yonge sonne 7
            Hath in the ram his halve cours yronne, 8
            And smale foweles maken melodye,

            The Latin/ French influence made the language recognizable. Also of note: this is London/ Chaucerian English, where the influence of French was strongest. Regional dialects throughout England, eventually stamped out, were much more “Old English/German” until the printing press. The dominant French strain took over with the advent of printing.
            Yes, I am aware that English is not a romance language, but its essential recognizability and modern form is more shaped by Latin based language (French) than German. Put it this way: which of the two can you read? The difference: French.

          • Eloi, you are wrong, and your reasoning is wrong.

            Old High German (= up to, roughly 1,000 A.D.) is completely unintelligible to a contemporary native speaker of German. By contrast, Middle High German is about two thirds intelligible.

            This closely mirrors the situation and development you describe, and illustrate, for Old and Middle English, respectively. However, it came about in the German-speaking sphere without any Norman influence, or any other Romance language influence of comparable intensity. So, language-internal processes must evidently have played the dominant role, with Norman Old French at best being an aggravating factor for English.

            Also, while admittedly a considerable part of today’s English vocabulary has Romance roots (which at the same time implies that an equally considerable part does not), English grammar is still solidly Germanic, even if much simplified in comparison to Old and Middle English.

      • ” … money – in whatever form – is really a form of power.”

        This analysis is good–as far as it goes. But it reckons without the *motivations* of these so-called “elites.” To wit, power, as you say.

        But why do other people run after money? To get power? No, because the vast majority of people do not want power over other people.

        “Time is money” but it’s also true that “money is time.” Money is time encapsulated in a tangible form. And it represents the amount of time one has spent to get that amount of money. And “time is the stuff that life is made of.”

        So as I see it, most people don’t want power over other people, but they do want more time on this earth, and since one has to expend a given amount of the stuff that life is made of in order to get that amount of time encapsulated in a tangible form (“money”), there are a lot of people who will do anything for money. So money is time, not power, as I see it, anyway.

        “To extend it even further, a good portion of feudalism arose because of the breakdown of tribalism and its replacement with manorialism as a result of centralization of power.”

        This is the common misunderstanding of feudalism. But feudalism was the exact opposite of the centralization of power, for feudalism was *necessarily* local *and* personal. So when it ceased to be local–when it was centralized–then it ceased to be feudalism–by definition.

        And such *personal* (feudal) loyalties thrived well into the 18th century. The Hessian mercenaries fighting for George III were operating in a fully feudal mode: They had no interest in Britain or America, but they owed feudal loyalty to George III. Europe in the 18th century abounds in such examples. Loyalty in a feudal system is *necessarily* personal (and local). Otherwise, it ceases to be feudalism.

        And feudalism *without* serfdom is easy to imagine. Serfdom no more depended upon feudalism than slavery depended on the American South. Those are independent phenomena.

        Feudalism was the most stable polity in human history, and it takes into account everything that we know to be true about human nature. A return to feudalism would be a good thing but that is not what we are threatened with. We are threatened with a world-wide unitary state with total totalitarianism (yes, that’s what I meant: total totalitarianism).

        They will fail (that’s already clear to see) BUT they will do enormous harm before the go down. But go down they must and go down they shall. These people are not smart. They are not even realistic. And *that* is precisely *why* they have power: Our “democratic values” necessarily select for incompetence and, above all, *unreality* and *abstractions.*

        Feudalism did no such thing.

        • I would clarify what you said about my misunderstanding of feudalism. Perhaps my word choice was poor, but by using the concept of manorialism, I was clearly pushing the idea of localized administration distinct from others under the umbrella of a larger administration. I get your point, and I agree with you, I would just say centralization was perhaps a poor choice of word. The heirarchical structure relied on a larger network, even though the day in day out was localized in manors. And I agree, it was stable. Everything had a place, from God to the worm, in an attempt at order.

        • However, I would clarify that you get to the top through a ruthless desire for power. Perhaps thr elites are a different breed from us. Or, perhaps just more machiavellian, and we lie to ourselves. And I admitted at the beginning, my analogy was more abstract and general and thus sloppy!

        • But I have to disagree with your point on serfdom. It was necessary for most feudal systems. Sure, I use the term, again, loosely, but the specialization that occurred that led to urbanization and guilds and ending ties to the land (be it legal or looser) would be one of the driving forces that would end traditional feudal arrangements.

        • One final thought. I believe there is a shadow world government pulling the strings. Not gonna argue it – just my belief. They are analogous to the feudal King – far removed from the average peasant, and sets loose, broad policies. But as peasants, our day to day interactions are more directly and clearly impacted by people local to us – governors, politicians, self-loathing, indoctrinated white minders. There is a great deal shaped locally, just as in feudalism. But that general arc is determined by the more distant figures, it is simply easier to see when it gets close to administration locally. I find the Covid panic similar to Henry II’s land and legal reforms: sure, there was individual resistance, but the trend shifted in a centralized manner. In covid there are small pockets of resistance, but the net movement was in the direction dictated by the far away, even if the objects of our ire are our more local lords.
          Again, I never claim a one to one parallel, but I do believe some of the more general mechanisms are consistent.
          I also thought about it, and I have to disagree: most people do want power, and whatever passes for money is a great symbol. Most people didn’t have money in the medieval because the lords hoarded it and the Church coveted it. Most people nowadays are on social media to try to gather the coveted social capital that makes them an ‘influencer’ (a word of power if ever I saw), and they enjoy power fantasy video games where they have powers they will never enjoy in this life. Again, much like the medieval era, they let we peasants scramble for these lesser tokens while they hoard the more precious.

  14. The rulers feel a rising need to “take care of us” because they have flooded our lands with various dark mystery meats that can’t function in a civilized society.

    We are so superior to them that their inadequacy makes them lash out for no discernible reason, thus you get instances like Brianna Kupfer’s murder – stabbed by a niggro just for working in a retail store.

    So our rulers keep cracking down harder and harder on everyone, putting more and more authoritarian rules and Panopticon monitoring systems in place, trying to keep the barbarian darks in line.

    • Reverse. Those who have taken over are not us. They desired those you mention the same way snakes and spiders desire piles of old boards. Having multiple nations sharing the same land provides camouflage. Provides raw material of inter-group differences to weaponize.

      Managing multinational situations tends towards stature law as opposed to a traditional common law. Since they hold the center, they are centralizing power to the center. De-fund the [local] police, while building the FBI, et al

      Where they don’t hold the center, they utilize local jurisdiction to gain toehold, to peel a label off from the corner. Like they way they chip at Russia via Ukraine, Syria, Belarus, Kazakhstan..

    • Perhaps more so, they simple want to be in charge, and then need to have control over us. The custodian model falls short. The don’t manage us because they want to keep us safe and secure. They need to control us so they can be on top. Sure, there are a large number of weak minded that believe in being cared for. But those who are at the top aren’t doing to protect us.

      There is this group, A D L; they drive the censorship. Protecting us on Facebook is a ruse they use to protect their control over society.

  15. When you proactively endeavor to transform people into sheeple, the necessity of having controls for managing the movements of the flock is what leads to the custodial behavior of the shepherd, his staff, and herding dogs. Or if you prefer the cattle analogy, the Trail Master, bell cow, and various cowboys on their horse mounts. And it’s an important aspect of our human nature that all individuals, when confronted with this transformation, moo in unison that “they” are “different” and not behaving like every other cow in the herd. Such is the nature of mass psychosis.

    Move along little doggy, you truly are a special snowflake in your own mind. As a side issue, this explains why so many adolescent females dye their hair bright blue or orange these days. Eyeliner alone is not going to get you noticed in a sea of herd conformity.

  16. First, there was:

    “Unlike various forms of socialism, there is no one guy at the center of it. It is the combination of historical and economic events over the last two centuries.”

    Then, there was:

    “Something similar is happening with the power centers of the empire. They are working out the rules with which they regulate behavior towards one another.”

    So, apparently, there is not one guy at the center of it. Just a group of guys. Or wymyn. Or non-binary people.

    • It is very difficult to map out what the real power centers and relations are. This is very different from the old times, say the 1930s. There you knew the people in charge. FDR was actually the center of government in the US, Hitler was actually in charge in Germany and Stalin the Soviet Union (even though Stalin, in what may actually be a semi-precursor to today, often did not hold particularly high STATE offices. But he held what he turned into, the highest party office.)

      Today it is messily confusing. It is obvious that Biden does not hold the cards in the US. But it is hard to say who does. Europe is little better. The leaders of all EU countries except Germany, are probably just meat puppets. The chancellor of Germany and the EU Commission seem to where official state power is really centered, despite the EU not actually being a state, which only adds to the confusion.

      Now emerging among dissidents on both sides of the Atlantic, is renewed focus on the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Davos crowd, and their ‘Great Reset’. Which may or may not be related to ‘Build Back Better.’ These are no doubt influential but how to do they relate to the office holders, or handlers, in DC, Brussels and Berlin? Well, kinda hard to tell. They seem to like to ski in the same place but how often do they talk shop?? And how do all of these relate to the ‘two boogeymen’, Russia and China?

      Then there’s a small fringe of dissidents, mostly in the US I think, that think that the cold war never ended, that giving up not just the Warsaw Pact but the Soviet Union itself, was just a ‘tactical withdraw’ from which to hammer us as our guards came down. J. R. Nyquist is one of the more eloquent spokesmen for this. It requires that you believe that Putin is a communist. And of course he is an old KGB hand. But what is he doing that is ‘communist’ or ‘Marxist’ in any sense? He is, as far as I can tell, hardcore anti-degeneracy. It is not illegal to be tutti frutti in Russia but it is illegal to promote it in schools. If you to be deviant, keep it in the bedroom and shut up about it. And he supports the Orthodox Church. What is Putin doing that is communist?? I can’t see it. He is even saying that the West’s policies are insane and leading to general population replacement. Which is not only factually true but is something that people evil enough to think is a good idea, would not want exposed. J. R. Nyquist’s conjecture, I just can’t fit it in, Putin’s KGB past notwithstanding.

      But the bottom line, power structures and relations today, are deliberately encrypted and very hard to make out.

      • “But the bottom line, power structures and relations today, are deliberately encrypted and very hard to make out.”

        Well, you could just follow the money. Although, if you follow it far enough, you will be Hillaryed.

        • They are not playing for money but following the money may lead you to the hands on the strings?? And then, as you so put it, you’ll be Hillaryed, or Epsteined yes.

        • Anonymous White Male: But it’s not just the money they want – it’s power and control and ultimately totally removing us from the Earth and all recorded history. They’re motivated by a special kind of hatred, an obsession really. All the anti-White movie remakes are not pulling in more $, nor are the woke video games or corporations. They are openly and willingly alienating a large portion of consumers – because they want us dead far more than they want more money.

      • ” … the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Davos crowd, and their ‘Great Reset’. Which may or may not be related to ‘Build Back Better.’ ”

        It used to be on the WEF website: “Build Back Better.” So yes, they certainly are related. (I haven’t been to that website since Dec 2020, but BBB *is* from WEF.)

      • Actually, its obvious. Who prints the money. Who owns the media. Who pays the tab for political whores. Who are you not to name nor criticize? That’s your boss, motherfucker.

  17. Funny how the managerial class seem to hate their duty to manage, hate the population they manage for requiring and demanding management; how the managed population hates the mangers for doing their duty, hate themselves for needing managers.

    Seems to me there’s consistent, if thoroughly inverted, logic and morality to the whole thing. More reason to exit Shlomoworld!

    • I think it’s because the current rulers are actually a death cult in managerial drag.

      I find their actions far more logical when I think of them from that perspective.

      • Even within a population of parasites, there will be a hierarchy. The managerial class are the high-performing parasites that get first dibs on the fattest veins and arteries. Not so much a death cult as it is a monomaniacal focus on individual bloodsucking as an existential necessity.

      • If you read the WEF rantings on transhumanism , It is hard to escape the idea that our “rulers” thank they can load themselves onto neural link chips and live forever in a digital state. It is hard to believe , but if you ever watch the opening ceremonies of the gotthard long base tunnel in Switzerland , it was an out and out satanic ritual . It was attended buy all the western leaders. they are really a scary bunch

          • Wild Geese: And they flaunt it in people’s faces, and people are so conditioned to see what they’re told to see and believe that it’s as if it never happened. And yet we’re the tin-foil hat types because we see what they’ve clearly put out front and center.

          • 3g4me-

            It’s absolutely maddening the controllers flaunt their plans in our faces and people still don’t notice what is going on.

            Most of the time all their MSM pets do is go, “Look, a squirrel!” and that’s all the distraction the normies need.

          • A lot of this seems to me to be a combination of duper’s delight and showing how clever they are that they can put everything into plain sight and most people can’t see it even when it is pointed out.

            I am beginning to think they keep score amongst each other as to who can show the most egregious or obvious messaging and at the same time get people to ignore it.

      • Perhaps are current leaders aren’t a death cult but a homicidal cult? They don’t want their people to die and they don’t want their brown pets to die, at least not yet.

        It’s obvious whom they want to kill. These targeted people are startly to vaguely understand the threat. Unfortunately, these people believe the greatest threat is c-v1d authoritarianism. Many of these people literally do not have the ability to look at the long view and realize that the greatest threat is massive immigration.

  18. Meanwhile, Austria is all but set to impose a national vax or else mandate for age 18 and up, including a substantial fine or potential prison for non-compliance. They’re also evidently hiring “hunters” with a decent salary to go after the holdouts. History seems to be rhyming with a vengeance.

    • the more trivial the problem the harsher the punishment

      What better way to demonstrate people’s utter powerlessness in the face of such intentional mendacity.

  19. Too much freedom is a dangerous thing.

    When a government can do anything it wants and face no consequence other than rewards of money and power while provided cover, support and approval by a unified one party corporate, managerial ruling class, it will.

    However, when the exercise of that power becomes too oppressive, the pressure builds seeking relief – revolution. We are living in a pressure cooker.

  20. I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but I think the best term for what we’re seeing is something like “gynocracy.” Vaginocracy, maybe? Or to really drive it home: menopause-ocracy.

    I’m trying to think of a woman of my acquaintance who didn’t go a little bit batty when she hit her 40s and the kids left home. Hell, I’m hard pressed to think of one that didn’t go a lot batty. They suddenly got religion, or got way too into “scrapbooking,” “crafting,” etc. Suddenly homes with no pets looked like animal shelters. One plump matronly type got way into fitness — by the end of the summer she was jogging for hours in short shorts and a jog bra and had gone anorexic; she looked like an ambulatory piece of beef jerky.

    Now imagine those women never had kids in the first place, and the thing they got way too into was politics. If that isn’t the situation there behind the razor wire in Tubman, Distrito Federal, to a T, I don’t know what is.

    • In earlier times by the time the children left the house, the eldest ones would be married so she would soon have grandkids to watch to keep her occupied until she passed away, surrounded by her loving family.

      Unfortunately men don’t go batty as often, but more lethargic a lot of the time as the meaning of their lives in their work no longer applies, and once retirement rolls around some seem to sit in their chair watching sports, just waiting to die.

      The natural order between old and young have been completely broken.

      • It’s the damnedest thing Chet. When I was younger I dreamed of retirement. I figured that once I was done with the rat race I’d disappear into the woods to go hunting and fishing in the fall, and then do the home workshop during the rest of the year to indulge other hobbies – and I had/have lots of them. The world could then go straight to hell with my compliments.

        Now that I’m here…all those things are open to me but they don’t appeal like they used to. Imagine a young man, as he looks at the toys of his boyhood…. The action figures, the hot wheels, the comic books, the BB gun, the ball glove… that’s the way I feel, looking at the few toys I managed to acquire. An incredible lethargy settles on your shoulders so softly won’t even notice it. Until you try to move. Even basic self discipline becomes incredibly difficult.

        I stare out at the world and it’s upside down. I am blessed with faith and a solid wife who has common sense, so I am not a complete write off… but there is this sense of forlorn desolation as the world becomes something to shut out and turn off. I have gone through the fricken wringer with crazy liberal women and – hell’s bells, I got off lightly compared to some men. I’ve heard of perfectly good men committing suicides because they couldn’t cope with their women.

        I look at my toys and hobbies, I look at the debris and rubble left of my family and world… and I start to understand Nero, as he played his violin while Rome burned. I never thought I’d see the day when I could sympathize and respect him…

        But I prattle. Good show as usual, Z! I’m going to force myself outside today, to do something fun. I suggest all you younger ones do the same.

        • I feel you Glen, I am in the same demo as you . I do have kids and grandkids, but a lot of what you say is true. I am a trad cath , so I assume we are in a great chastisement , and living in the book of revelations , approx. chapter 13. not too much longer for this world
          I would recommend building relationships with younger men whom you can be of help to. I help a lot of my adult kids friends fix their cars, homes , computers and such . it is good to have the human contact. pray the rosary.

    • It is one of those chicken and egg debates. Women have been suffering from empty nest syndrome since the dawn of civilization, yet humanity somehow coped. A century ago, women had productive routes to channel the maternal instinct after the children left the home, with grandchildren being the most obvious. Then there was Church and communist activities.

      Something went wrong in the last century, maybe earlier. Men lost interest in maintaining their traditional role and women started intruding into male domains. As the supply of desirable males declined, the supply of desirable women has declined as well in a weird spiral leading to incel culture.

      • zman and Chet and Severian: In addition to traditional family structure, grandchildren, and the Church, women used to channel their emotional needs and busybody urges into their family farms. I realize that the type of subsistence farming many small rural American families did was something quite different from the modern homesteading movement, but I’m still struck by how utterly involved in their animals’ lives most of the modern homesteaders are.

        This is striking to me, in particular, because most of these people are quite frank – with themselves and their children and others – that these animals are destined to be food. These are not vegan farmers concerned that their animals lead good lives because a rat is a dog is boy. Rather, they raise animals because they want to ensure the meat that sustains their family is fed and raised in a healthy way.

        For various reasons, that seems to include naming the animals and petting them – not just bottle-fed or orphaned animals but all of them. I can see this, to a certain extent, with calves, and baby goats are adorable, but chickens and turkeys just don’t do it for me. Yet so many of these homesteading women name and hold and pet and baby-talk to their chickens! Perhaps it’s just that I was not raised in a rural or farm environment, but I see a great deal of female emotional channeling through livestock, as well as children and pets.

        tl;dr: We can all agree that women, without firm male direction and suitable outlets for their nurturing needs, go totally nuts and destroy society.

        • Yup. My MIL lives alone in an idyllic farmhouse, and loves her animals. Helps pass the time between visits to see grandkids and the grandkids get feeling of old-timey farm life that is almost forgotten.

        • My wife is the same way with our chickens, to the point that it’s become annoying. I’ll probably have to get a calf or baby goats this year just so she doesn’t stay too focused on the chickens. However, her desire to nurture life is a very wonderful thing, because it means I don’t have to worry about things dying while I’m at work.

          • As it should be. The horror of modern life is both men and women are being separated from their natural selves and roles, which creates a degree of alienation and insanity beyond what even Marx envisioned capitalism would induce. The striking thing is how programmable humans are. The extent to which humans do not question their era’s dictates from on high. Give the devil his due, he can twist humans into very strange forms indeed.

        • that is how I grew up . and you are correct , the animals are important to you . they are not pets, but you care about their comfort and well being. They are living things, and right up the the day they go in the freezer, you want them to be taken care of humanely ,and feel bad when you aren’t as good at that as you could be. you are correct in that my mom was very involved in the garden and with the chickens, hogs and occasional cow we raised .
          So I am not at all surprised that that is how modern homesteaders behave

        • When I was a kid we raised hogs for meat. My mom wrote their names on the freezer paper. Whatever that signifies 🙂

      • Its basically birth control and abortion. It lets women pursue Alphas without consequence of pregnancy and leads to endless romance without any consummation since the Alphas will never commit.

        This is why single motherhood is now “normal” — a family is a mother with a single kid, or maybe two that are half-siblings for Whites. Fathered by a very few Alphas.

        This leaves most White men non-invested in society and looking for ways to throw everything up in the air, good thing Alphas and women in the quest for total sexual freedom got rid of all those rules. The elites from Davos to Xi fear these things, there are entire cadres of men with that lean and hungry look.

  21. A lot of what we’ve seen in the ruling class since, say, Nixon, is reminiscent of the Eastern Roman empire in the roughly two centuries before they were done in by the fourth crusade. You basically see a superpower, without a major viable external threat, being extremely focused on internal politics but not in a beneficial way. In fact, politics for the Eastern Roman empire was both very vicious and very petty (I forget the name of the prominent warrior who led a raid but failed, and was blinded by his political rival under the barest pretext of treason, which seems analogous to the Jan 6 hearings).

    A lot of stupid and short-sighted decisions were made, most notably one where one emperor, in an attempt to hold off military rivals, cut military spending dramatically. He was thus able to reduce taxes and increase social spending, and enjoyed peace his entire reign because the local Muslim enemies were too weakened to fight for a couple decades. His successor, however, inherited a bankrupt Treasury and weak army just in time to be invaded by a recently strengthened Muslim force. Of course, political corruption and cowardice among the political elite had set in so thoroughly by the end of the 12th century that when the crusaders sacked Constantinople in the early 13th century, that was pretty much the end of them.

    It feels like the best way to describe this system is “scleroticism,” the fatal constriction and narrowing of political ability and competence. They we went from being the most powerful polity in the world to being an unreliable and unpredictable political partner to being completely done in, and only in a relatively short span too. It feels like the federal rulers are tracking the same path, and all that’s needed to knock them off forever is a big push.

    • J. Greer mentions catabolic collapse, which outlines the way that human societies on the way down cannibalize their own infrastructure, maintaining themselves for the present by denying themselves a future. 

      It’s easy to see resource depletion today, especially since things are getting colder (which wasn’t apparent in the 80s & 90s.)

      Weren’t seasons growing colder at the fall of Constantinople? I’m pretty sure they were since the Black Death, and at the fall of the Roman roads.

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