The Last Stop

Way back in the 1980’s, it was popular for members of the conservative movement to claim that the Left had run out of ideas. It was true to the extent that the Left had run out of policy ideas, having used them up in the preceding four decades. Conservatives were brimming with ideas on how to fix those policies. The big talk of rolling them back was really just a politically astute way of making reform look radical. The Right was always about fixing what the Left had broken.

The truth is though, those old progressive ideas from the early part of the century had run their course, but a new set of ideas were percolating in the academy. What we think of today as cultural Marxism and “wokeness” was coming together in the flophouses and brothels of left-wing politics. After the Cold War ended, these ideas started to take over the Left until we reached the present crisis. This crisis, however, seems to be the end of the line for radical thinking.

You see it with the obsession with Trump. Stable minded people with an agenda, even a nutty agenda, would have erased their old foe from the history books after dispatching him in the 2020 election. Instead, they cannot stop thinking about him and the army of imaginary bogeymen they think he leads. The Democrats have now hatched a plot to charge him with sedition so he cannot run for office in 2024. In reality, it is just a way to keep him alive as an adversary.

To normal people, this looks like madness. The truth is, Trump is old news and by the time 2024 rolls around he will probably not be a lock to win the nomination. This Ann Coulter column is a good indication that many of the people who supported Trump in 2016 are ready for someone new. Coulter’s judgement on these things is not always the best, she was a fan of Mitt Romney, but she speaks for Populist Inc. They are ready to move on and the Democrats would be wise to let them.

That said, Trump is a master marketer and he could very well retool his act as a revenge tour in 2024. Given the state of things right now and the chaos that looms on the horizon, the public could be ready to burn it all down. The GOP will surely win both house this fall then set about finking on their voters. The next presidential election could be a battle to win over factions in a purple-faced rage at the politicians. In that environment, Trump could look like the sober choice.

Still, the Left won the revolution and should be busy enjoying the fruits of victory but instead they long to return to the battle. The reason is the ideology that fueled the revolution is turning out to be nothing but clever words with no truth content. There is no end of history, no promised land of equality. Rather than being a strength, diversity has turned out to be a clever marketing scheme by corporate communists who live like white nationalist while lecturing everyone about race.

What the Left has quickly become is a glaring example of negative identity. They are not for anything that exists. Instead, they are a laundry list of things they oppose, with the claim that these things stand in the way of paradise. The fact that many of the things they rage against do not, in fact, exist, makes the agony all the more severe. It turns out that bellowing about white supremacy, something that does not exist, is not as fulfilling as screaming in the face of someone wearing a red hat.

In the movie Conspiracy about the 1942 Wannsee Conference, one of the actors tells another a story about a man who hated his father and loved his mother. When his mother died, he did not weep at her grave. When his father died, he was inconsolable, crying like a baby. The lesson of the story was that the man had defined his life by his hatred of his father. When his father was gone, he lost that which gave meaning and purpose to his life. That was why he was crying.

The American Left and their political party are now that man weeping at the grave of Donald Trump’s presidential career. This is, in part, why they cannot let go of the Covid madness, despite their party’s efforts. The mask is a reminder of better times when they had a reason to get up every morning. It is why their party is putting on the insurrection show for them. It is a bit of nostalgia for better times. It is why they hope to reanimate the Trump movement with an indictment.

That is the trouble with negative identity. A political movement organized around it can only end in sorrow. If it wins, it loses the reason to exist. If it fails, it runs the risk of retribution from the people it assaulted and it runs the risk of internal dissention over not having defeated the enemy. Negative identity becomes a self-made Alamo, a desperate last stand by people afraid of the future. It is why these movements attract so many weirdos and degenerates.

Unlike in the 1980’s, the sputtering of the prevailing radicalism is unlikely to give way to a new radicalism, at least not from the Left. Cultural Marxism was a reaction to the failing of economic Marxism. There is no next step in the underlying theory of history that animated both ideologies. This really is the end of the road for the theoretical framework that gave birth to Utopian radicalism. What comes next will probably be outside the old model of Left and Right.

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172 thoughts on “The Last Stop

  1. ” It turns out that bellowing about white supremacy, something that does not exist, is not as fulfilling as screaming in the face of someone wearing a red hat.”

    Oh, Zman!

  2. As the funky old song says, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

    I’m done with Trump but my brother is still devoted to him.

    Trump wasn’t able to get Ivanka’s friends to like him in his last term. Sadly, his only option now is to enlist the gullible rubes again, so he’s now saying that whites are discriminated against by the withholding of c0v-d treatment. He’s right, but it’s all a ruse.

    If Trump is elected again, it will all be service to Israel and trying to get Ivanka’s friends to like him with more gibs for minorities. Whites are the idiots who get him elected and after that they are discarded. My brother can’t accept this.

    Burn it all down.

  3. When Trump first came into office, the Democrats and their supporters were terrified that their time had come. Even before the election, there were warnings from CK Louis the comedian and others that Trump was going savage them.

    The Democrats know they have betrayed the American ideal. Ever since the 1965 free-for-all immigration act, the left wing has been draining the vitality from the American nation-state. It is a seditious act that went on decade after decade, until the point that when you go to the average Mall it looks like the Third World.

    The Democrats believed they faced a man in Trump would bring retribution down on their heads. That’s why they were so energetic to pin him down with “Collusion” blames. Just as they colluded with nonwhites, the Dems projected their crime onto Donald Trump himself.

    It’s too bad the Donald lacked the political wizardry to escape the trap the Dems set for him. I would have liked to have seen him become the bogeyman they feared he would become.

  4. FFS, AP and CNN/San Jose Mercury News saying literally the opposite thing about the same CDC study:

    “Prior infection, vaccines provide best protection from COVID”

    “Study: Vaccination protects against Covid-19 hospitalization significantly more than prior infections”

    If you read it, though, the study is a desperate attempt to convince people that the vaccines aren’t rapidly becoming obsolete. There are so many “maybes,” “possiblies” and unknowns in the study that it’s obviously useless.

    • I got my 3 shots. I figure, if science can’t be trusted then we’re doomed anyway. That motivates my thinking on global warming too. I don’t trust the politicians but the scientists seem to have a way of thinking that at least promotes intellectual integrity of a kind. It’s called the scientific method, and it works when it’s legitimately applied.

    • “If you read it, though, the study is a desperate attempt to ,,, ,”

      Thanks for the link. Yeah, there’s definitely something amiss. The link (to the study itself) embedded in the CNN writer’s article took me–three times–to a “Oops! You’ve made a mistake” page.

      I am retired from CDC, so I think I can guess why that link doesn’t work: They don’t want anybody reading the “Methods” section.

  5. Marxism is a means to the end of acquiring power. It is utilized by people who would not by normal means be able to come to power. Few in number, they employ Marxism to recruit a revolutionary class to be their army to over throw the ruling group.

    The Marxist dialectic postulates a utopia and contrasts that with a prevailing situation which is sub-utopian. It sells the utopia to the revolutionary class and blames the ruling group as causing the prevailing imperfection.

    Nowadays, they Marxists have succeeded in acquiring power. In the past they had to bribe blackmail bludgeon. Notice that Biden’s cabinet is mostly them. Notice how easily Blinken gate 200million to Zelensky of Ukraine; it was done within the framework of US government because they have taken over. They have tentatively won.

    We would be the true Marxists now. We are the ones on the outside complaining about the status quo. The difference is that they who took over did the work. They showed up, over and over, to groups and meetings to advance their agenda, their will to power. They complained about the normies just wanting to grill, the same as we do today. But they showed up, they did the work. And now they are crushing us.

    • And they didn’t have the luxury of the internet, either. They had to risk arrest or a fistfight to give (literal) street-corner speeches standing on soapboxes. They had to go around to the men on the shop floor or the barracks one-by-one, face-to-face, and try to organize. And in many cases they did this under monarchist governments that could imprison or censor much more freely than can a modern liberal democracy.

      • Of the current brand of US Marxists, somehow I don’t think more than a very few have the gonads (well, maybe many of the girlz do) to literally take it to the street as they did back then.

      • They had far more freedom of expression with regard to speech laws than we do now.

        They also had long term and large money backing. Which we do not.

        Maybe the NPCs used as the ground troops back then, (mostly recruited in College) are just not able for some reason to internalize the messages of the right, so are no use for us.

        The thing about NPCs is that they will go on and on without deviation for years. In order to duplicate this you really need some language construct that is as effective as those used ny the left to engender the same NPCs to a different outcome.

        • “need some language construct that is as effective”

          Yes. We are the called. Intelligent people with the capability to utilize language skillfully. That would be how I’d reposition this. To generate simple words, repeatable by regular folks. Short, alliterative, metrical assonant slogans. Low energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary, Lyn’ Ted.

          It’s fun to be all smart and all with big words, but the money shot is catchy and repeatable. How retarded is Let’s go Brandon?

          For me, being a Marxist is fun. We are behind the eight-ball, it’s a difficult struggle, but what else are ya gonna do? What other thing has so much at stake? Language as an xtreme sport, is what this is. xhilaration

          can be repeated

          • Yeah I agree completely.

            By language construct I mean 3/4 word mantras that act as mind worms for the NPCs.

            They become embedded completely, drive most of their behavior and are extremely difficult to dislodge.

            They also have some extra keyed in meta structure that aligns with a certain brain often by the internal contradiction with reality.

            Its amazing how well honed these are on the other side ad what a great tool for manipulation they present.

    • What strikes me is their founding belief, laid out right there in their original story:

      They believe that they can do a better job.

      They have never learned, after all this history. They won’t ever stop.
      Truly the seed of the Lucifer.

    • “But they showed up, they did the work. And now they are crushing us.”

      Yeah, that’s what removing the old statues is all about: It’s how a conquered people are treated by their conquerors.

    • The thing is, in this bizarre proto-matrix, we are doing what they did. And we’re winning, too. Meme warriors, anons, streamers, podcasters, etc. Strange times.

  6. Truly a spectacular synopsis as usual, Z. I’m still chuckling about that rude comment about brothels and flop houses – I would only suggest you include the gay bath houses with this description in the future. 🙂

    A point of order and intellectual nitpickery arises: on the one hand, you’ve said in the past that the left attacks like this because they are craven curs that are living in fear of getting shot by angry swarms of enraged dirt people. I agree, although I admit that may not be far fetched at the rate things are going. Once the lights go out and people start to starve… other people are going to start getting shot in the face. But… I suppose I fedpoast.

    On the other hand, you’ve portrayed the donks as 4D playing chess masters – as you’ve done here. It’s all a ploy, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors. The problem I have with this is that on one hand – one scenario calls for lethal levels of stupidity. The other demands a measure of intelligence and cunning. I see the anti-semites do this too: The world is run by a secret cabal of evil jews, and then they will mock and deride them for being insanely stupid and incompetent.

    For the record – I hate joos and lefties as much as the next dissident… but clearly we have some fuzzy thinking going on here? Which is it? Are they cunning and intelligent? Or incompetent morons? They can’t be both…and if I had to pick… I’d say the answer is intuitively obvious.

  7. To amplify on my comment about the motivations of the ruling class being dopamine hits from hate (and their view of themselves as moral superheroes), the trend has been to make Republicans irrelevant. As Biden signaled, they don’t need or want the Washington Generals anymore. Or the facade of elections. Unless they can fake and steal them, they will just rule. They don’t need the fake contest — that was for the 2000’s. That was then, this is now, per Emilio Estevez.

    By Military self-coup as signaled, with the press as priests blessing the legitimacy of the affair, and by force which they have long since desired to use against their enemies: normal White people.

    So yes I expect both elections thrown out and some sort of coup by the Military. As we have a real war with Russia over Ukraine (if its not a “minor incursion”). And we get wage and price controls. And legalization of child molesting (which is already happening). And all black crime made legal (street reparations already happening). And we get internment camps for unvaxxed, children taken, and camps for any Trump supporter. And Trump himself and some SEALs extradited to Iran for execution. And pretty much everything else stupid and awful you can think of guaranteed to be a disaster. Because we have basically drug addicts running things with the blood lust of Stalin. We have the true believers running things, so expect the full Pol Pot, the Jonestown, the Heaven’s Gate, the Mustache Man. Junkies need their fix.

    • Stalin grew up relatively poor and hardscrabble in a backwaters part of the Russian Empire. He started out touch and he got tougher. I don’t think a Democrat who goes to school at Yale quite compares.

  8. Conspiracy was a great movie, with a superb ensemble cast. Very chilling depiction of the Wannsee Conference. Today, January 20 is the eightieth anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, by the way.

  9. I think this post has a blind spot: what the Left won in the Revolution. I think of most of us over 30 year olds still say media and think newspapers and websites; we read them, even if just for jollies (like the WSJ article the other day). This is a major mistake on the part of people on our side of the divide.
    I would say 90 percent of young folk under 30 never, ever, open a news website. If you want to get into the mind of an under 30, you need to do some things:
    1. Get on instagram
    2. Get on facebook (yes, I know it’s for old people, but they do still use occasionally use it, particularly for relating to older relatives).
    3. Get on tiktok.
    4. Get on snapchat.
    5. Follow some of the major ‘influencers’ and randomly pick followers who follow the influence (‘regular’ people) to befriend/ follow.
    6. Understand that this is 80-90 percent of youths.
    7. Wonder what rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches off to Bethlehem to be born?

    This is the way they understand the world, and the Libs completely control it. That is the real victory they won. Gimme the boy, and I will give you the man!

    • Apparently you are unfamiliar with the video gaming phenomenon. That is, by far, the most significant platform of interaction within the younger generations. And it’s more addictive than crack/meth, relatively cheap, and doesn’t require you to leave your house, drive down to the hood, and score with your vibrant dealer.

      • Oh I am – and their obsession with streamers is disturbing. However, the video game sub-culture is, in my experience, about 40 percent of the boys and 15 percent of the girls. 100 percent, including the video game addicts, are on social media constantly.

    • Millennial liberals are emotionally attached to the talented tenthers they grew up and went to school with. Anti-racism is a religious and spiritual belief for them. Most of this is because of the way the public school system was designed. They also associate conservatism with the GWB Presidency and never learned to leave the snarkolepsy of The Daily Show behind.

      Millennials will forever be living in the 00’s much like boomers never wanted the 60’s to end.

  10. Negative Identity is simply the most powerful tool that movements and leaders have at their disposal. First, it easily unites disparate elements who hate each other against an enemy they hate more. Second, it weaponizes the crazies who are directed beserker style against the enemy. Look at the Seattle Public Schools Diversity Director: an obese, ugly, mostly White woman who LARPS as BIPOC, married a child molester, and got her daughter to go trans. She’s the main driver in the school system for Wokeness squared. Third, negative identity ensures loyalty. For the crazy ugly, its BioLeninism. For the rest, it forms their identity. It makes them fanatics in crushing the enemy. Its been the main innovation in human society since Antiquity, and it universally works.

    By contrast, positive identity is always a loser: tricorn hats, oversized constitutions, stuff like that stinks of loser.

    And that’s why Brandon’s plan is to not recognize the election results, declare all Republicans “insurrectionists” (which Ted Cruz got wind of hence his agreement with Brandon thinking it will keep him out of the camps which it won’t) and throw them into camps along with the unvaxxed, most White people, etc. That’s why the coup talk from people close to Gen Milley and Obama. Its why they NEED to both arrest Trump and likely extradite him to Iran along with some SEALs and such.

    They emotionally NEED the fight to go higher and higher as their base demands the dopamine hit of hate and vengeance upon their enemies. If anyone watched PBS, they run constantly a promo for the channel with some song saying “fight for the weak ones, for freedom,” etc. overlayed with BLM protests. The flip side of hate hate hate is that the haters see themselves as superheroes protecting the “weak ones” such as gays, trannies, now child molesters, blacks, Muslims etc from evil White people. And since all Whites are now “genetically evil” that makes the Woke moral superheroes in the movies in their own minds. That’s a powerful motivator our side simply does not have.

    • I have seen different statements of this:

      ” … (which Ted Cruz got wind of hence his agreement with Brandon thinking it will keep him out of the camps which it won’t) and throw them into camps along with the unvaxxed, most White people, etc. … .”

      And it puzzles me. How are people going to be thrown into camps? By whom? Using what means?

      The number of men (yes, men) required for for doing anything even remotely like that is simply not at their disposal. And they aren’t going to be. We know that Nancy Pee was on the phone with the Pentagon on the day of the “insurrection against Our Democracy” precisely because she was afraid that the Nat Guardsmen in D,C, that African-American day would not obey the governments orders. And whoever she was haranguing basically told her to go suck an egg. Now they are building a wall around the Whiteness House.

      Not even the Sheriff of Los Angeles County cooperates fully with these lunatics. And there are more than 300 counties in this country, which is *vast.*

      They do not have the manpower to do this stuff. And the man power that *might*
      be prepared to carry out unlawful orders would not last long against a heavily armed and, by that time, furiously angry civilian population.

      How do you (and others saying this) see these things being carried out. I just do not see it. Their power has limits, and they know it. Hence the prolonged hysteria over “the insurrection” and the concrete wall around the Whiteness House. Those are very clear signs of a government that *knows* that the general population is seething.

      And heavily armed.

      But putting that aside, the problem remains of the number of men–*reliable* men–at their disposal, and the vastness of the country.

      How is this hauling people off to camps to be accomplished, and by whom.

      And high-tech gadgets won’t do it, even if we assume an *unfailing* supply of electricity when “they” try to round up the civilian population. So hellfire drones won’t do the trick.

      I just don’t get it. HOW is this supposed to be done, and by whom?

      • Whiskey is a Doomer by nature , blackest of black pills all the day long.

        Still worth a read though

        As for your question? They can’t. The Clowns have two things going for them, a good degree of institutional control and better organization.

        The first is less of an issue than you might fear as their control weakens the institutions and great many of the centrally directed ones are trusted by no one. CNN. Nobody’s News Network and so on.

        Now being good at organizing is a huge advantage.

        We on the Right have been conditioned to fear collective anything and our organizations have disrupted but even though both were failures (C-Ville and the 6th) they did show how much power is there for the taking when we work together.

        This is subject to rapid change once we get motivated. If anything our apathy is the Clowns greatest strength and that is on us.

        Decide what you want, take power, use it.

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  12. Democracy is merely communism going at 2mph rather than 80mph. The end result is always collectivism and bankruptcy. The worst situation would be Venezuela, where the magic 51%+ elected that government, which of course did its own version of a voting rights act, securing that government in place until someone has the ball sack to topple it. I see nothing on the horizon. Of course the lake of oil underneath skews the political situation allowing it to continue. The biggest question of our lives should not be about the current crop of politicians, but how the country will emerge from the decade of chaos and bankruptcy in which we’re about to be plunged. Do we, 20 years from now, see Maine and Louisiana, or Oregon and West Virginia as being in the same country? And if so, what future oligarchy could be powerful enough to hold it all together?

  13. “What comes next will probably be outside the old model of Left and Right.”

    What comes next will most likely be war, but not against a third world shithole. War is the old standby to get the people to unify against an existential threat. It will be the last gasp of the elite and their deep state operatives and pol’s. The Covid scamdemic proved the people can be panicked into ceding their liberties, but it took too long and the opposition rallied and the people grew weary.

    War, as in a modern war, Will/may solve that problem once and for all. Authoritarian rule will emerge and the elites will remain in the background an continue in their sinecures.

    • War will not unite the people inhabiting the former United States. What do a bunch of Mestizos and Haitians and Africans care if a bunch of (((white people))) in America want to go to war with a bunch of White people in Russia and Ukraine?

      • You have a point, but it’s not the non-Whites who are—at this point—the problem. It’s the remaining Whites that still remember a country of former times, and who understand and will resist the direction we are headed in. But I would tend to disagree wrt minorities having no interest in fighting any war for “America”. Ignoring Blacks, and the ridiculous inclusion of women in combat roles, our minorities have a pretty good record in taking up arms in prior conflicts. They were of course overshadowed by a 90% White majority and perhaps that will tell in a new conflict of minority Whites.

        • Minorities go into the military because they don’t have any better options commensurate with their abilities. Whites join the military, to a significant degree, for patriotic reasons.

          • Nobody fights like White european stock. Honor, duty, clan. How do you think we got here? The nose used to pit us against each other and profit from it. The veil has been lifted. Now we’re coming for you motherfuckers, needle wielding satanists..

    • Question from a retired soldier with some experience at operational planning and execution: Are we talking about the same Sr persons and institutional cultures that just LOST a two-decades-long war?

      Asking for someone whose own soldiers gave their lives there.

      Yes, you could say that losing was part of the strategy. I personally think those running the show don’t define winning and losing like we, and the majority of traditionals, might.

      But I don’t think their definition(s) will stand the long grind against reality.

    • We won’t be going to war. Our logistics are so fragged we can’t even feed people that well any more We’d be out of ammo especially high tech stuff in a few months with no restock and the economy would collapse.

      Also no one want this war. I’m not sure what would happen if we needed manpower . Draft Low T Soy Boys . Draft Girls.

      China won’t bail us out either. They have internal problems from hell

      Also assuming it was Russia and that somehow the stuff they used had little to know military value which is risible they still have nukes and no hesitation in using then. They also have access to the security clearance database that was leaked. Its a few years old but that is a juicy target list.

      Also there are rumors that the tsunami supposedly caused by the volcano was a actually what is called a nuclear tsunami bomb.

      This is possible, normally you could test for this but note

      Vox Day here (often wrong but not dishonest)

      There are rumors that the “eruption” was actually the detonation of a massive Russian nuclear weapon. And the rumors are based on a modicum of actual evidence, or rather, the absence of evidence that should be available.

      In yesterday’s report we noted that any nuclear weapon detonated in the Pacific Proving Grounds would throw into the atmosphere radiation signatures from the previous atomic tests conducted there still existing on the seafloor—and is critical to notice because in today’s transcript it notes that American radiation networks – updated in real time every minute – stopped updating on 16 January—and when checking the United States government RadNet system for real time atmospheric radiation levels, today it sees their hundreds of stations displaying the message: “RadNet Outage: EPA’s RadNet system is down for routine maintenance”.

      Which it was. So no testing for you. Also remember the unusual airport shutdowns a bit ago. ? Might have been caused by a Nork missile test.

      Such a war would result in the US being destroyed and while our leaders are evil, destroying everything is too risky for them

  14. I don’t see trump re-tooling himself. When he was discovered as a politician, it was the same guy who was a reality star, and before that it was the same guy hawking board games with his image on it as he rolled around Manhattan in a limo. Trump is like some late 70’s smoked glass coffee table. He’s always been the same. Some people want to take it to the dump and some don’t. I would have thrown it to the curb the first time I heard the words “slat fence.”

    • Trump is 75 years old. People forget how old he really is because he’s still so energetic.

      Trump is Trump – stubborn, and quite old. He’s not going to change, for better or worse.

      • I think it can be argued that, at present, Trump looks and acts younger than many 50-somethings.

        The one thing I can see causing him a problem going forward is his waistline due to his love of hamburgers.

        • 1/6 and Operation Warp Speed guarantee he’ll never hold office again. As far as what he’s doing now, sound and fury signifying nothing. His reality distortion field is remarkable.

          • The vaccine issue is a sleeper one for him. Talk about missing the mark! It will be the one that pops his bubble. Even many of his diehard supporters know that “Operation Warp Speed” (any Star Trek reference in politics is sad) was really about removing all the safety protocols to rush the thing to market. Sort of the way he would hide construction issues from the building inspector (I’m guessing;). Only his dumbest supporters think O. W. Speed was about people in lab coats power walking petri dishes around the lab and hustling to get the job done.

          • I don’t think “Operation Light Speed” hurt him, but his shilling and credit taking for the vaxx in the aftermath have. There was no harm in him pushing an effort to quickly create a vaccine. Early on, there wasn’t a lot of information about COVID, and there were a lot of unanswered questions. He doesn’t have that excuse now. Pushing this vaccine on healthy people and children is irresponsible. This is the position he should be taking, and his base would support him on that.

          • @memebro

            The data was available.

            Diamond Princess: Feb – Mar 2020:

            712 of 3,711 people (19%) positive.

            13 deaths av age > 70.

            0 crew (out of 1000+) in hospital or dead

    • The only legitimate and fair criticism of Trump is that he slowed our descent to the bottom by resurrecting our economy through elimination of a lot of bad trade deals with the rest of the world. As such, the Comfort Firsters got a short reprieve from an existential reality check and went back to eating Doritos by barrel while parked on the couch watching Hannity and Carlson. Now that Dementia Joe is installed in the White House, the only exercise that these fat-asses get is when they jump up and shriek at the TV and wail/whine at some new act of tyranny. Yeah, someone needs to tell them that you can’t eat whining.

  15. We live in interesting times. Things are happening quickly.

    COVID and the response to it seems to be the black swan event. Hatred toward the regime is being sparked by the lockdowns and forced vaccinations. That’s something important for our side to recognize. A portion of our people (Anglosphere) hate tyranny, and bristle at being told what to do. This seems to be what’s put us at the precipice of something big – not race, not taxes, but that feeling of being trapped with no escape. That’s something our side should take note of.

    Hearing lots of anti government rhetoric now. There are protests outside government ministers’ houses. They don’t feel safe at the mall. Calgary city council just increased funding for security at their houses. Doctors are being hung in effagy at the B.C. legislature. Police are now viewed with suspicion. Any single one of these interactions has the potential to spiral into something else. So far, things have remained peaceful and some nations are wisely backing off (for now) of their COVID tyranny.

    They’ve manufactured an enemy to keep their negative identity going – the anti-vaxxers. These people are white supremacists, but also really mean and selfish, and want granny to die. They’re also scared of needles. They deserve to starve and not receive healthcare since they’re not really humans. The problem is that “anti vaxxers” are mostly inner city blacks, evangelical Christians, conspiracy nuts, rural Boomers, and a few old school hippie naturopathic devotees. AKA the types of people the midwit Bug People CNN viewers never meet (except maybe the granola cruncher).

    The managerial class are sitting at home, miserable and terrified, hearing about the evil anti vaxxers. But they’re alone and they don’t have anybody to lecture. That’s the worst thing that could happen to them. Normal white people are learning not to play their game too.

    Either tell the COVIDians to “f* off”, laugh at them/mock them, or just straight up ignore them, depending on the situation. Then continue living your life normally as you were. Kind of like swatting away an annoying mosquito. If we are able to push this mindset for every single issue, we’re starting to get somewhere. Ignore the mosquitos, keep pushing forward, and building networks and a future for our people.

      • I doubt it will have much of an impact. The Boomers will play around with their rigs for a few days/weeks and cause minor disturbances, and then it will slowly lose steam. From what I saw they were blocking a crossing in the middle of nowhere, Manitoba & North Dakota. Let me know when they roll up to the Buffalo, Detroit, or Washington ports of entry, lol.

        Anyways, the bulk of truckers (especially dry van & reefer) are indians and other assorted foreigners who love complying (for now), or just have a fake vax pass. Respect for doing something, though.

        Food & gas prices are already through the roof and grocery stores are starting to look a little empty. The starving of the Kulaks is beginning.

    • I personally know of 4 vaxed women who have had miscarriages after becoming vaxed. given basic statistics , that many is such a small random sample implies a really big problem going forward . We do not know yet what the long term health effects of this will be. I don’t and since neither testing nor use was don’t long term , that data doesn’t exist yet . nobody could possibly know it .
      What happens going forward is going to be impacted by this . If it turns out bad, there will be a level of anger at the betrayal that is off the charts. Who kows how people that mad would vote . If it turns out to be a non event , the B125 is probably correct .

      • miforest: The ‘level of anger’ depends enormously on whether or not the vaxxers connect the dots. From what I’ve read thus far, most are strenuously denying that anyone died of complications from the vax, unless said complication was immediate. The other issue is official manipulation of numbers – most here are now wise enough to question anything put out by the government, but Jane Normal will look at official miscarriage or stillbirth statistics and decide she was just unlucky.

        To be forced to admit one voluntarily took a largely untested, ineffectual, and dangerous vaxxine oneself – let alone imposed the same on one’s loved ones -is something the average person will not do.

        • you are correct, I was looking at this from my point of view , which admittedly few people have.

  16. Cyclical and seesaw nature of US politics guarantees the conservative party wins back the House and very likely the senate in 2022.

    If Biden is gone, the dems will still win against Trump in 2024 if they pick a likable moderate or a charismatic liberal who gets along with corporate America (like Obama).


    • That cyclical and seesaw nature of US politics was a reflection of a country where whites were the dominant majority. As whites fall in % of the population, there will be no back and forth.

      Look at California. The state doesn’t swing back and forth between the Dems and the GOP. It’s the Dems every day, all day. That’s the future for the presidency and, later, Congress and the senate.

      • WRT California, we will see how the single payer scheme plays out

        If it passes, then there will be serious exodus. It is the one thing, along with water rationing, that will cause me to say goodbye and good riddance, and I would prefer to stay here or keep a home here at least. It’s not something I take lightly.

        And that said, CA is the equivalent of a liberal c-ck tease of a state because it promises all of these lefty things but everything it ends up doing always — always — has the effect of driving up single family home values. So they may “present” as LIbs, but this state is a capitalist wolf in sheep’s clothing if anything, and the powerful people here only truly care about moola and having their home prices go up up up. Ok, sure, pricing out and getting rid of the middle class may not be capitalism defined, but whatever it is is what we’ve got.

      • That is not the case.

        Diverse America you can count from some time to the 90s until Todyay.

        Before 1994 the legislature was controlled by Democrats on regular basis. Some state legislatures took until the oughts to flip to Republicans for the first time in a hundred years.

        The executive flipped parties, mainly because of the difficulty in appeasing all the factions that the democrats represented legislatively and the upheavals they had with kicking some of their coalitions out of the party (which Republicans could capitalize on).

        It wasn’t until Gingrich nationalized legislative elections in the 90s that we began seeing these regular waves like the Tea party, the 2018 blue wave, the Bush blowback. And it was diversifying America swapping parties, not White America.

        The Democrats were an incredible political machine at their peak in the mid 20th century. It was a party of ruralites, White identiarians, Dixie, Ellis Islanders, liberals, unions, blacks, jews, and blue collar workers.

      • Desantis is atrocious in every way. I hope the democrat beats him if it comes to it.

        Mccain Obama part II

    • Not that I’m a great fan of Trump but the we know what’s good for you scum did not “win”; the election was total fraud. Everything coming out of the establishment media is bulls#!t lies. Everyone knows it . Most won’t acknowledge it because that would mean the United States of America is truly dead. And it is dead it just hasn’t fallen over yet. The utopians who are now in charge seem to want ww3
      Their fantasy of a winnable nuclear war ain’t gonna work out so well for the rest of us.

      • The Oligarchs like having a viable center right. They would’t fund Republicans or Tories if they actually wanted to get rid of them.

        Its good for stability and keeping their power. The center right has served them well and faithfully for too long to be gotten rid of.

        • But the Republicans are not center-right. They are, at best, center-left. And as long as the Power Structure allows the Republicans to win the odd mid-term, the fiction of liberal democracy can be maintained. I suppose the Power Structure will allow a Republican into the White House again at some point, but it will be a feckless and repellent vulture like Mitt Romney, not someone like Donald Trump who is conceivably a real threat to the Power Structure. Di Santis, I believe, would insta-cuck directly he’s inaugurated, so there’s a chance he would be allowed to win.

    • possibly, but dominion voting machines can “pick up on unreported trends” if you know what I mean. I am not sure how many conservatives who watched the gop go along with the 2020 election will even bother to vote

      • My hope is that people on the Right stay home in droves for the midterms and in ’24. It would do me good to see the GOP punished severely for its perfidy, cowardice and betrayal. Not that I’m really getting my hopes up…

        • I hope too but don’t believe it. People will take the easy way out and embrace the comfortable conservative false opposition as the Republicans keep screwing everyone over.

      • There’s a pretty good book about that titled Inverted Totalitarianism, though the author is a lib and needed a stronger editor to really organize his arguments in a more logical order.

  17. Here where I’m located in the heart of Wokeville/Covid Cult country, there’s two things I’d keep in mind:

    First, many wokesters, like other people, are opportunists who go along to get along. Their commitment to woke ideology — diversity, trans, hate whitey — is thin. Many academics, the reigning element in Wokeville, would easily go the other way if success in their careers required it. Same with many school teachers who “teach to the text” they get handed and don’t think much about it. CRT, White Supremacy, whatever. Some of this is garden variety laziness and cynicism (we work for who pays us) but some of it is normal in that we’re naturally influenced by the prevailing intellectual and psychological trends of the times.

    Second, even though we’re the willing proles of 1984, we’re entrepreneurial enough to be willing to profit from the market. If there’s a demand for some current fad, we’ll supply it if we can profit from it. Again, cynicism but also a bit of leftover yankee ingenuity.

    The point is: don’t overestimate “Leftist” passion and principle. Think, rather, of a woke icon like Liz Warren who flits with every breeze that blows. Or think of the feminists of yore. Gone with the wind that blew Tara out to sea.

    • I totally agree

      I live here in the belly of the liberal beats (sic lol) myself and so much of the liberal thing is a pose. And in fact, most people I know of all races and colors are fairly down to earth with their common sense. What gets people riled up here are gas prices and taxes, and as “liberal” as it is, we booted a governor for jacking up the car registration fees, coupled with gas taxes, and yet the roads stink. All the liberal pie in the sky utopian stuff is, however, primarily marketing to the rest of the country. And most California LIbs are transplants with a smattering of home grown opportunists like Gavin.

    • What this doesn’t explain is how the Left captured the West to begin with. They did it by monomaniacally espousing an ideology in which they truly believed. Those 60s radicals weren’t cynical fortune-seekers; they really did–and still do–believe the white race is evil.

  18. I’d agree that the Left is based on negative identity and this always ends in failure. But I disagree that the Left is out of enemies to keep the fire burning in their belly for awhile longer.

    1. White nationalists
    2. Climate change – caused, of course, by bad white people
    3. Inequality both home and abroad – caused, of course, by bad white people

    The Left hasn’t hit the end of the road. The radical Left has hit up against the establishment Left and Joe Normie whites. The radical Left wants to get serious about fighting their perceived evils of the world. They want:

    1. Diversity uber alles.
    Every school, workplace and neighborhood will be diverse.

    2. Electric everything
    Not enough power in the grid. Too bad.

    3. Anti-racist units in every local police force, state agencies and federal agencies on the hunt for bad white people.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. We’re getting very close to the policy stage of the Left’s takeover. They changed the culture and demographics to eventually gain control of the government. They’re less than a decade away from that goal.

    Once that’s reached, it’s time to start putting their ideas into practice. Are those ideas insane? Yes. Are those idea purely based on a negative identity and doomed to fail? Yes.

    But there’s a whole lot of blood and tears between then and now. The establishment Left is trying to put that genie back in the bottle. The GOP is pointless as ever. But Wokeness is the state religion now, a religion that all politicians have sworn their belief in. Again, Wokeness may be based on a negative identity, but it will need to run its course and we’re a long way from the end.

    • I agree. I think people get so invested in the nuances of names and individuals that they forget the enemies the Left conjure are intangible boogeymen who can take many corporeal forms and cause many tangible disasters, disasters which will become more aplenty as the decline of American continues.
      Allow me to illustrate:
      I believe that the rise in prices will continue, and the pain will continue to be felt. The great masses will suddenly find their protruding bellies not so full anymore. What should we do?
      -First, push the narrative that this new crisis is disproportionately impacting POC.
      – Two, point out the cause is white people.
      – Three, encourage them to riot.
      – Four, encourage legislation to fix this inequality with reparations.
      – Five, the problem gets worse due to massive spending increases.
      – Six, repeat.
      The well is not dry.
      I believe the increasing demographic shifts also allow this to continue. As the population of white continues to decrease, the ability to demonize will only increase.

    • All these “causes” you list are already weakened to the extent that the current Covid scamdemic is. They will not stand as folk outside of the “true believers” realize they are not existential treats, but pretexts. The problem is these causes took too long to manifest and provided time to understand and organize an opposition.

      One can only hear “…we have only 10 years…”, or “…Blanks are being killed by White supremacy …” for so long in the face of reality. It’s the boy who cried wolf one too many times. Not to say, they won’t go and harp on these “causes”, but that these causes no longer rally the people as they once did. Something new—and perhaps worse—is needed.

      • I think the climate hoax is just getting started in its wide ranging effects and uses as a tool of control.

        If you can run a 2 year scam in the face of no evidence for something as obvious as a disease that doesn’t kill people then you can run a weather scam for decades.

        Every time I hear any public figure no matter what side of the political spectrum they always phrase something to the point of “Climate change is our biggest threat .. yada yada yada”

    • Let’s fly out to 35 K feet. There are some bigger cards on the table mostly being ignored that will greatly affect the mass of humanity. Although our attention is irrevocably drawn to the constant mass drama insanity, keep in mind the grand solar minimum is bearing down on the planet. This will greatly reduce crop yields and lots of drama weather. Every time the earth goes through this solar minimum cycle, crops turn to shite and large masses of people get up and move into other peoples’ territories. This is on top of failing Woke Marxism whatever it’s called. China has for the past 2 years only produced 50% of food needed to feed it’s 1.4 billion people. The cards are also stacked against China. They bought up 67% of the worlds maize crop. If Argentina gets hit with rotten weather and crops fail and can’t sell to China, think of the corner that China is backed into. Every solar minimum has seen a starving peoples revolt in China, and the ruling overlords will do anything to avoid that. Including possible future war for more territory. Remember the 200 mile long swath of tornadoes recently. The jet stream has already weakened and moved into meridional flow pattern, big dips north and big dips south as in the case of the big tornadoes a huge cold front crashing into a warm front.

      Plus go on Ed Dutton’s website and learn something. Since the turn of the last century we’ve already lost approx.15 IQ points and by 2100 Dumb and Dumber will have an average IQ of 85. Western Civ won’t be able to keep their shite up and running. People to dumb to fix stuff. Collapse is naturally roaring toward us as Silver Streak to the wall of Chicago station. No way out. Greece did it. Rome did it, and so on ad infinitum. Gentlemen, have heart. The bitch-faced harridan ugly women will be gone. Babies aren’t being born. Screaming ugly lefty women with heavy mutational overload will be a thing of the past. In the future. Maybe not in your lifetime but in your sons’ lifetime. The Assemblywoman will be gone.
      BUT The Others who are having lots of babies will make plans to come here. You folks will have to deal with it. I won’t have to.

        • volcanic eruptions, which will increase, often cause things like ‘a year without a summer’. solar arrays will not work under such clouds of dust.

      • Range: Wonderful to hear from you again! I’ve read things about the Solar Minimum, but I really don’t know enough to judge whether I expect it to happen or not. The official weathermen cannot even get the correct prediction for the next 24 hours, let alone the next few decades.

        China has, indeed, bought up enormous quantities of various crops, and I don’t think it’s just in case of a rainy day. I’ve seen the photos of empty grocery store shelves from all over – and yet I was just in a few places today that were brimming with both food and ‘stuff.’

        True, no one is going to mate with the White harridans, but too many are mating with other races. I see it daily, both White women and men in a hurry to destroy the genetic heritage of the past 2000 years. But as you note, everyone is getting dumber. There are so many things Whites did merely 50 years ago that are all but inconceivable now.

        If the collapse destroys the 95% of the world’s population I’d like to see removed and leaves a strong White remnant, I’ll be content.

        What’s your take on the Salt Lake City newspaper editorial recommending all unvaxxed be permanently locked in their homes? Is anyone even aware of it or taking those who wrote and published it seriously, or is just being laughed off as mere exaggeration?

      • Hooray, it’s Range!

        Excellent. Great history.
        Now, do it again- with a whole lot less modern fertilizer.

      • ” … keep in mind the grand solar minimum is bearing down on the planet. This will greatly reduce crop yields and lots of drama weather.”

        The current Grand Solar Minimum–the Eddy GSM–started in 2015, so we are well into it now.

        And all this increased volcanic activity is also a direct result of the GSM.

        You are right.

  19. “There is not next step in the underlying theory of history that animated both ideologies. This really is the end of the road for the theoretical framework that gave birth to Utopian radicalism. What comes next will probably be outside the old model of Left and Right.”

    No, it won’t be outside the old model of Left and Right. If the game is changed too radically, the nut jobs will shut down due to amygdala overload. Besides, Dialectic Materialism has worked so well for puppet masters that there will be some form of duality that will mirror what has gone before. They might give them new names, but that will be the extent of their originality. They rely so much on the inability of the masses being capable of remembering what they’re supposed to hate. That’s why they constantly have to be reminded that we have always been at war with Eastasia. Or, is it Eurasia?

  20. First, regardless of Ann Coulter’s populist analysis, Joe Normie is still wedded to Trump for the simple reason that he is the only “politician” in their lifetime that has punched back and actually done some things (think killing PPP/NAFTA, and building a few hundred miles of wall). Count him out at your own peril. And he was neither the problem nor the solution. McConnell hates him more than Pelosi/Schumer, which is a badge of honor.

    Second, it doesn’t really matter what either the Progs or ConInc. think about in terms of high-minded policy because they are just pawn -actors doing as they are told. Their only role in the future cleanse is to disappear (hopefully in glorious fashion). It serves no purpose to contemplate their actions; as in, no one cares what happens to their shit after flushing the toilet.

    Third, it’s going to take real skill and determination to survive the coming chaos. Improved aim will serve you better than a clever wit or debating repartee.

    • I tend to agree. Our side is not getting what we want anytime soon. Schadenfreude is a good enough reason to root for Trump.

    • Ann Coulter became one of the most vocal “conservative” Trump naysayers quite early on in his presidency. She began complaining constantly about his performance, or, rather lack of performance, toward “the Wall”. And it was true. He promised the world and delivered diddly squat. At the time, I thought he was doing what he could, considering the monomaniacal opposition from the Left and the media (I know, that’s a redundancy). But now, I think Trump was just a pacifier for the Right, and never had any intention of accomplishing anything major, other than selling his brand. The comparisons of the economy during his reign is in stark contrast to what is happening now, so he could rerun on that platform. But, his performance on the vax fraud and his lack of action vis-a-vis the treasonous election points to his cooperation with the puppet masters.

      • The *Wall* was not a failure—he simply ran out of time. Had he been re-elected, it would be finished in his second term.

        He rebuilt what was there and built over 400 miles of new wall. Here in AZ, the Gov has proposed we attempt to confiscate the wall materials in AZ by the border and complete our section of wall. Yep, the materials are on site and paid for and there is not that much left to complete. Of course, a Biden admin will fight this and win, but we’re allocating funds anyway.

        Trump “creatively” funded “the wall” in spite of extreme opposition from the majority Dem house. I defy anyone to outline how he could have done better *within* the system. But I admit, his understanding of the IA situation and demographic change was abysmal.

        If you want to fault Trump (his has a plethora of faults), it would be that he did not play hardball and ignore the “system” from day one! And if he has one thing going for him in a 2024 run, it would/could be the impression that he has wised up and will be a worse disrupter of the system than ever before.

        Not sure I believe such, but that’s how he’ll run, and that’s how he’ll win—if he runs.

        • “The *Wall* was not a failure—he simply ran out of time.”

          No, “The Wall” was not a failure. Trump was. I don’t trust government numbers, but according to the US Customs and Protection Department, a total of 452 miles of border wall system had been completed as of 1/08/2021. But, that number consists of 373 miles worth of construction in place of dilapidated and or outdated designs. Only 80 miles worth of border wall construction happened in locations where no barriers previously existed. To contrast this with reality, the border between the US and Mexico is 1,954 miles long. You said you were from Arizona. According to the CPD, approximately 225 miles of border security has been completed, with another 20 miles under construction.The border between Mexico and Arizona is 373 miles. Pretty large gap there, huh? Trump’s wall successes came out in dribs and drabs, enough to point to so he could claim he was doing something. And Mexico didn’t pay a dime, although Trump claimed they would fund it completely.

          I understand the reality of campaign promises. They are lies. Trump declared a national emergency when the government shut down in 2019 and he could have done what the left always does, which is to appropriate money and start the project. Then ignore court orders until finished. Instead, he brought a butter knife to a gunfight. What Trump’s apologists ignore is that he was involved in professional wrestling and reality TV, both training schools in how to deceive the public, even when they know it is fixed. He continued that during his administration and after. He continues to have rallies. Where does the money for that go? Into his and his children’s political slush funds? The left continues to rail against Trump because they won’t to draw attention of their supporters away from their disastrous policies. But, Trump is still around. They are not going to take him out because they’d have nothing left. Except racism and hate.

  21. I don’t think it is out of the question that the regime will refuse to recognize election results that go the wrong way. Regime lick-spittles have started projecting that course and why not? They got away with installing Monsieur Merde de Pantalons in the most blatant 3rd-world manner. Who would stop them? They are for most part beyond caring about appearing legitimate in the sense of having been elected in free and fair elections. They do not recognize true opposition as legitimate and in fact are steadily criminalizing opposition or declaring it to be a mental disorder.

  22. We make a major mistake if we right off the left as being crazies who have run their course. Reality is that they are just getting started.

    1. They control nearly all institutions. If CRT was banned tomorrow it wouldn’t make a difference because most teachers, media types and the managerial class believe in it and feel that they have a moral duty to continue the struggle against white privilege and whiteness. Consequently it does not matter that the majority are getting turned off by wokeness.

    2. The left is a religious movement and nothing has come along to fill the space of wokeness. They need something

    3. The future of the Western White world is a matriarchy and and single women, in particular, thrive on drama and hysteria.

    4. The young are very woke. Someday a generation will come along that will rebel but generation Z is going to make the millennials seem moderate.

    • Many of the young men I talk to know everything has failed, and that they have no future until things completely change. They are pissed off, and will straight up tell you that white people still outnumber everyone else. They are quiet but rumbling, and the day of their social explosion is coming.

      • Yes and no, Coalclinker. Certainly I hope you are right.

        I agree there are a growing number of those guys but the problem is they mostly live in the countryside or they are working class: i.e. too busy keeping food on the table to get involved with abstract things like politics or community-building beyond drinking with buddies or perhaps attending an hour of church with the wife (if he even has one). No snobbery here, but it’s the truth.

        The prime-age white man in the city or suburbs who has a little bit of money, a stable family and some social sway is still neutered. If you push him he will admit the system is broken. But he’s doing well enough materially that he can ignore politics, and he knows it is safer that way. That’s why “cancel culture” and Antifa violence works so well: it raises the cost of any non-anonymous dissident involvements beyond what any local lawyer or teacher or dentist or business owner can afford.

        I know the counter-argument is that comfortable bourgeois people don’t make movements, disaffected workers do. I think that is wrong: 20th century movements were all intellectual in origin, and somebody put up their excess wealth to fund it. Workers have certainly served to push things forward, but it was always from the big cities (Paris, Munich, St. Petersburg), not the periphery.

        • The ones who know how to use firearms are perfectly fine and very aware of their dire situation. In private they talk just like men born before World War II. There’s lots of spice in their banter. They’re really the only ones who matter.

      • Yet – where will they direct that anger? I deal with many young folk, and I live in one of the most conservative locations in the country by today’s standards, but they still spout Leftist mantras obliviously. The next question is: why?
        The answer is simple: they spend more time on their phones than using their eyes. The only beliefs they have are the ones implanted in their minds by the Chicoms on Tiktok and… ahem… others in the more western tech world. They do not have any way to view the problems of their world except within the lens given them. And when the explosion comes, where else can they look but to where there eyes are pointed?

        • That’s what I fear too. Gen Z as a loose cannon focused in the wrong direction. We even see such in this group, with the emphasis of all things wrong being the fault of “Boomers”.

          Yep, one can argue that modern mass movements/revolutions are the product of disgruntled workers/peasants, but look at just a couple: French Revolution, Russian Revolution. Not what I’d look forward to.

          • Neither the French (1789) nor the Russian (1917) revolutions was the product of peasants and workers.

            Both were the result of decades of subversion by well-heeled and well-educated bourgeois. Even a few genuine aristocrats in both. But not peasants and workers.

        • The ones who frequent basements playing games aren’t going to do much of anything.
          Now, if our Cloud People decide the country has to immolate itself to keep them in power a few more days, it will be an urban versus rural conflict. Now who is most aware of their surroundings? City folk best stay where they’re at, and the country folk who cooperate with them will be moving there for obvious reasons.

      • There is a growing minority of young men who get what is happening. However they will be prevented from getting any power except at the local level. It is important that they seek that local power and start building a base. They will also need to start building a parallel economy because they will increasingly shut out of traditional institutions including corporations, law and medicine.

    • Well, we have people across four or five generations that are essentially the US’ version of Mao’s Red Guard, and they are happily waging war on the Four Olds to implement their imagined utopia.

    • It’s depressing how successfully the narrative has been driven home to the younger generations. In a casual conversation with an expectant father today, he expressed ambivalence about wishing his first child was a boy so he could do ‘male’ activities with him. I was quick to assure him there was no point in feeling guilty for wanting to have a son and enjoy traditional male activities. What a number the powers-that-be have done on young men’s psyches that they second guess their instincts this way!

      • Media is they key.

        It is so pervasive in forming people’s thoughts it is impossible to create change without this being first disrupted in some form.

        As you point out all top down narrative sources are now unified in their messaging and you have to both be able to see it is saturating your environment and make a concerted effort to reject what appears to be the dominant social signals.

        Not easy for most.

  23. ” The GOP will surely win both house this fall then set about finking on their voters.”
    Surely, someone around here doesn’t actually think that voting today is truthful, legal, and matter for that much?

    In the past the Cabal or whatever people want to call them would shovel up some Marxists to pass a bunch of laws that were downright anti-American. Then knowing how much the people hated them, they would put up a tranche of Max Boot Republicans on the ballot, flip a switch, and let things cool off until they decided we needed the next installment of Communist politicians. Then as usual, it was Rinse and Repeat.

    This was the American system going back at least 100 years.

    Now, here we are in a Soviet Union imperial collapse event that is an ongoing American story. Today as then few people see the handwriting on the wall, but the Cabal sure must be worried. They know we underwent an economic collapse prior to March 2020, that is ever deepening until they hang and outright dissolution occurs. The current set running the clown show up in Washington know there are problems, and probably realize that they have no time for Rinse and Repeat. The crooked voting is out for everyone to see, and they don’t care. They’re going to push their agenda until something breaks.

    These people are going to get us into a war. They’ll enact an Aliens and Sedition Law, after which anyone who is a refusenik will get rounded up and sent to a hell hole. They have to grab total control at this point, and based on what they’re doing these days, everyone has been warned.

    • ” … after which anyone who is a refusenik will get rounded up and sent to a hell hole.”

      How would that be done? And by whom?

      Honest question.

      • Your next door Democrat neighbors will likely be a part of it. And their young ones will be the prison guards.

          • Note that I didn’t say any purges would be successful. Bloody probably yes, but a likely failure in the end. The interesting part arrives after there are clear winners, and losers as well.

  24. Fifteen years or so ago, all my Liberal friends were encouraging me to watch this tv show, Portlandia. I’d love it, I was told, “because it makes fun of Liberals.” Which it did, I guess… but the “humor” was all of the “We’re just too good for this sick sad world” variety. (In the episode I watched, the main characters were going to go for a morning bike ride. They got all their stuff together — lyrca shorts, those laminar flow helmets that look like big jockstraps, and so on. But then they wondered if they needed sunscreen, so they had to agonize over which brand was best for the earth. Then something else along those lines… the “joke” was that by the time they considered the environmental and political impact of all their choices, it was too late to take a bike ride. They just cared so much).

    This is a tendency we should encourage. If they’re looking for something to believe in after PoMo, we should suggest the logical solution to the problem of being too good for this sick sad world. Give it a flashy title — say, “Disincarnation.” Something like the old Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, but only for Liberals. Alas, we “right wingers” are still too attached to the dross of this world; we must remain in this Purgatory, to pay for our sins. You pure-hearted liberals, on the other hand, are ready to ascend….

    • Ah, one can dream, but this scenario overlooks the awesome power of hypocrisy, something which the shit libs possess in copious supply. As card-carrying members of the Meritocracy (and boy howdy, are they never, ever shy of letting us know it), like all classic bullies they keep everyone else off balance by good, hard shoves in the chest of induced shame and self-doubt, thus freeing themselves to live a life of detached superiority.

      Off themselves? No, bucko, that is what they have in mind for us Dirt People; make our lives not worth living, shut us out of options for living lives of dignity, and push us to crumple up into despair. They’re way too “practiced in the art of deception”, in the Rolling Stones’ memorable phrase, for us to content ourselves with giving them little nudges in the direction of self-abnegation, and hoping it will work. Sterner measures are needed to bring them down. You know, as the White Man learns to hate, to hate them for what they are, for the malice in their hearts, and to hate them for what they are doing to us.

    • You’re watching the voluntary human extinction movement, they’re lining up for it at walgreens because the tv told them to.

    • Yes, if we continue on our current trajectory widespread chipping for the purpose of global human husbandry is likely inevitable.

  25. Spot on, Z.

    The reason the Left has not accepted and embraced victory is because Cultural Marxism is a straight up religion, and perfection only can be aspirational. Yet they persist in seeking perfection because their psychopathic and frankly idiotic faith demands it be achieved. Innocent lives will be destroyed in the process, and that is happening now. I have started to think they will lose, though, although our people will be greatly damaged by it if we survive at all.

    If the original Marxists had been mentally retarded, their show trials would greatly resemble the January 6 Committee, their Stasi would be the FBI, their Trotsky would be Adam Schiff. They are burning down the house, and White non-communists need to be outside when the structure collapses. Separation in every possible way is necessary to survive this, and our divorce drives the Left even crazier and more dedicated to the same flames consuming us. Bear in mind that just because they lose doesn’t mean we will win.

  26. “The GOP will surely win both house this fall then set about finking on their voters.”

    The 2022 mid-terms are the perfect opportunity to send these SOBs a message. Loudly and publicly declare that you will not vote for the GOP so long as it’s lead by cowards, cucks, turncoats, and do-nothings.

    Watch the surprise on McConnel and company’s faces when that assumed majority fails to materialize in November.

    Voters have nothing to lose by not voting, especially this year. If elected, the GOP won’t do a goddamned thing anyway; if handed a surprise defeat they may have to at least do some soul-searching before 2024; meanwhile, handing the Democrats their majority back will make no practical difference, especially as the president and speaker are paralyzed and on death’s door (both figuratively and literally).

    Republicans have been goaded into voting for cucks for 50 years under the silly pretense that not voting will hand the agenda to the left. The left has had its agenda since the 1930s regardless. Time to stop the theatre.

    • Anybody who walks into a voting booth is a fool and an enemy of the American people. Fools who do that are giving that set the consent to rule them.

      This experiment called The United States has failed, and is done. Dissolution is the only way we can move forward, unless people want 10 to 30 million people dead, and after the victory, the surviving losing half either leaving the country or sent to a modern gulag hell.

      • I have mixed emotions about voting at this point.

        As we have seen, there are enormous issues with elections across the West.

        On the other hand, if everyone in opposition sits on their hands and doesn’t vote, they win by default and it becomes that much easier for them to implement their agenda.

        I don’t know what the best answer is at this point.

        • I’d say not voting is the best course, but it should be done (rather, not done) VERY publicly. Make the bastards know why they lost. Spread the word, organize a “boycott the RINOs” movement, that sort of thing.

          Honestly, I doubt it will make a big difference, but hope springs eternal.

          • The Booby: Strongly disagree re making it a public boycott. Such things always fail, and regardless of numbers you will be perceived as pushing a losing cause. Privately mock others about voting harder – sure. Tell the door knockers you don’t vote – fine. Make it clear in your own circles that you don’t vote because you do not consent to be governed by 50% + 1, but don’t turn it into a public circus.

        • Wild Geese: They win by default no matter what anyone votes – you know this already. Remember the drumbeat about – “it’s the courts!”? Well, how has that worked out for the magic constitutionalists? The left thrives on public opposition – it motivates them and gives them a cause to champion. It’s why they keep the spectre of Trump always available – helps keep the troops focused.

          White women cannot be trusted to vote regardless, and the sheer number of non-Whites means that elections are a losing process. I just got a political card in yesterday’s mail promoting a purportedly conservatard pajeet candidate, saying repukes had to start reaching out to POX and ending with the ‘we are all ‘murricans’ hopium.

          Voting changes nothing. Demography is destiny. The number of White voters who will die over the next 10 years is staggering. And the number of non-Whites who are collecting their magic papers and registering to vote, or promoting their own as candidates for the local school board on up to national office, grows daily. This is regardless of how many squatemalans cross the border in any given day. The numbers already here alone – with children and even grandchildren born on our magic dirt – mean there’s no way White interests can ever come out on top in a legitimate election.

          In your heart, you know I’m right! Pleased don’t vote.

          • Of course I’ll vote. Now, who should I vote for-

            Sancha Maria Lopez,
            Gurdeep Gurjidar Singh,
            or that new guy,

        • I’m sitting back and watching this mother f@cker burn itself down. Sometimes I get a good cup of coffee, and go down and watch them demolish our integrated steel mill that was in operation 147 years. That reminds me that other people are going to get it real good, soon. There is no way out of it.There will be a time everyone has to take a side, but that time is not yet.

    • I think that, were this to happen, the GOP would do what the Dems have been doing for 5 years, and blame Trump. They did when they blew the Senate run-offs in Georgia. The GOP lost a tremendous amount of grifting potential thanks to that and the mask came off, briefly, when they expressed their total hatred of their constituency.

      There is just no point to voting for these people. Glenn Youngkin just became governor and issued a bunch of executive orders that, on the face of it, sound good. He fired a DIE officer that the last guy put in place after he got caught in blackface. All well and good. Of course places like NR covered this gleefully. Will his administration follow through? Will his people purge the Virginia bureaucracy of those who plan to spend the next four years undermining his every action? Will schools just continue to, say, teach CRT while he claims he fixed the problem? Almost certainly, and those are the things that will not be covered by conservacuck media because that is the scam they run.

    • No sense voting in “fixed” elections. Here the Rep’s are attempting to “fix” the glaring voting process holes. However, legislation has only been proposed, not passed. Of course, every election cycle, the Pol’s come up with these faux actions to convince their base that “…this time we’ll be good Pol’s…”

      My philosophy is now hardline. Fix the system first and get back with me afterwards.

  27. The GAE is too used to having no real existential opponents, and so keeps focusing on less and less powerful pests of the regime. After the Biden press debacle yesterday, followed by the swift damage control, the Russia issue has the potential to put those all those enemies temporarily on the backburner. Now the deep state feels the need to save face in front of Russia, and is likely to create a massive provocation to show their toughness.

    If things keep accelerating, the geopolitics of this year is going to make 2020 look like a bastion of sanity.

  28. Even if Trump fades out of the spotlight there are still many that the left hates–about 200 million of us White people. Or at the very least, half of the Trump voters—the “deplorables,” to use Hillary’s description. Their hatred is aimed at the obstacle to their imagined diversitopia, the populist, anti-globalist White chunk of the country that Trump cleverly used to win the 2016 election. The MARs (Middle American Radicals) as Sam Francis called them.

  29. What comes next for the Left is large-scale murder. They are releasing criminals at amazing rates in the same way the Spanish Reds did, and for the same reason. They will provoke and provoke until they get the reaction they desire, which is a fight of annihilation.

    There will come a point, and I admit I don’t know why it hasn’t happened already, when the parents of a White girl slaughtered by a feral black will not content themselves with a televised statement of grief. We have seen that the Left simply cannot stop hating us. This won’t end well.

    • I was pleasantly surprised to hear Brittany Kupfer’s father condemn her killer, condemn the people who released her killer, and condemn a society that praises killers.

      It’s a start.

  30. The left has plenty of other bogeymen besides Trump – Russia, Russia, Russia, evil White people and covid vaccine skeptics. However, I do agree that the air seems to mostly be leaking out of those balloons – they’re just not ginning most people up anymore. It’s mostly boring bulls*** that’s gone on too long and more and more are ignoring it, if not pushing back to one degree or another. As far as a Trump successor, I don’t see anyone on the horizon. The thing that made him unique was his non-politician status. Even a guy like Desantis is just another pol when all is said and done. Finally, I don’t see this (former) country really having a chance to move forward until this ridiculous obeisance to the sacred negro ends. We’re going nowhere as long as the least worthwhile segment of the population is placed front and center and above all else.

  31. Nick Fuentes was called to testify before the Jan 6 committee. What are they thinking? They’re gonna get groyped, big time!

    Bets on will Tucker finally have to say his name? I say yes.

    • I hope this all comes to pass.

      But my gut feeling in this is that the Kid doesn’t hit it out of the park and wilts under the lights

      But we shall see. Important is that he tamp down on expectations and just be solid and sympathetic on the stand. He is going to have to find it in himself to not come off as a precocious snot nose.

      • If he is smart he will get a lawyer and plead the fifth for every question, the with a smug grin on his face the entire time.

        Don’t give these clowns any ammo.

      • The guy they should be most concerned with is Casey. He is not inclined to turn his time into a show about himself. Instead, he will make it about free expression, freedom of thought and so on. I fear Fuentes will try to use this as a marketing vehicle.

        • He as to rise above that, making it all about him

          If he does…. It would show a new level of maturity that will enrage the left and the corporate class. They need him to come off as a snot.

          Didn’t know Casey was going there. I hope he does well.

          Good luck guys, if you’re reading.

    • It was a shame that Tucker could/would not say his name after he was put on the no-fly list.

      This is a confusing development because the publicity that Nick will get from testifying before congress will be helpful for his own goals. He is very clear that he thinks Jan. 6 was great and it will be difficult to get him to say anything to congress he has not already said on his show, he’s a smart cookie (if youthful and zealous).

      Maybe they will try to get him and Casey to rat each other out or something? The bitcoin thing is a bit mysterious but if was grounds for charges, he would have already been raided/arrested by the FBI, right?

      Is he just media cannon fodder for the big “insurrection committee” TV special?

    • This is an example of just how out of touch these people are and how deluded they about their own ability. Normal people will tune in and see two normal young men being attacked by powerful lunatics who should never be close to power.

    • “Just second guys, I have a 10$ superchat from AryanWarrior1488 I need to read. If the cookiemonster baked six million….”

  32. The Left has no future because it is too racially and ethnically diverse. The rifts will become unbridgeable, and you are not going to get anywhere herding cats.

    I think the future belongs to whites. It is only a matter of time before everyone comes crawling back to us because we are the ones creating and inventing things and keeping life fresh and interesting.

    Black violence, cat women whining, Mexicans feeling sorry for themselves, asian boringness…. These people got nothing to hold one’s attention.

    Zman says there is no white supremacy? I disagree completely. Whites are simply superior to the rest of them, and everyone knows it.

    Pendulum going to swing back.

    • Everyone knows it except for our people. And I think the smart normal white men are starting to figure it out. Many of our people are wallowing in self hate, drugs, and despair.

      CRT isn’t wrong; it’s remarkably close to the truth, just with a spin that’s supposed to make white people feel ashamed.

      “My people” is loosely defined as any person of a European & Christian background, though everybody has strengths and weaknesses.. Italians are awesome, English are awesome, Germans, are awesome. Americans are awesome. Don’t accept the division.

    • Just keep dumping on the white skilled labor class. They are going to find out if they haven’t already how important these people are to keeping the country going.

    • Falcone – “the Left has no future BC they are too ethically & racially diverse” – nailed it! How does an amalgam of Jooz, Muslims, & Sodomites get along in the long run? We all know what Muslims do to homos & they’re on record wanting to annihilate the state of Israel. Moreover Muslims are patriarchal to the nth degree; in the long run can’t see how this weird hodgepodge of “diverse” groups survives as a body.

      We’re already seeing it with the Dems worship of BLM; they’re alienating the Latinos & the Asians.

      • They’re not alienating Asians at all. India is full of different ethnicities, religions, and castes that may or may not hate each other. They’re full steam ahead on anti-white hatred and open borders.

        We need to change the mindset away from “Asian” meaning “East Asian”. East Asians have a super low birth rate both in their homelands and in the USA, a high outmarriage rate in the USA and increasing living standards in Asia. In 20 years, barring a total collapse in China, a Chinese in America will be as rare as a Japanese is today.

        The major threats are Indians & all of South Asia.

        • Indians are pushy and like to be the center of attention, which is why so many of them have gotten into politics recently. Also, English is either their first/second language which gives them a leg up on the Chinese. So much for the horrors of colonialism! They are quite good at making money and keeping it within the family/clan so that they can attend the best private schools and universities we have.

          Have you noticed how most black pro athletes (NFL, NBA) are busted a few years after their career ends? Well, Indians don’t have to worry about that happening as they are crappy athletes. Not sure if they’ve ever even won ONE Olympic gold medal!

          • TBF, money management is difficult for dumb people in general. Plenty o examples of white trash winning the big lotto and going broke in short order. Just blacks are exceptionally talented at it.

          • India has won medals, but their medals per capita is by far and away the lowest of any country to win them. Neighbor Bangladesh is actually the most populous country never to win an Olympic medal.

    • Whites appear superior because we have invented the world we’re living in. Almost every institution, invention, and decoration is traced back to a white guy. Both Marxism and liberal democracy are white things. Capitalism is too. What modern invention and convenience isn’t? And everyone loves suits, skyscrapers, and soccer. Joe Sobran knew this, we all know this.

      But this “superiority” will only last as long as our global civilization lasts. Once we crack up and go back to the stone age, whites are again part of the rabble, just a race among other races. In fact other races may become superior: the ones that value strength over intelligence, or simple dominance over complicated rules. Then Africans will be patting themselves on the back for being strong and dominant, and making paeans to their people.

      • You might want to ask the white-skinned, red-haired CroMagnons who were painting cave art as fine and subtle as any Rembrandt about that little “just a race among other races” thingie.

        Yes, Africans are fast. They had to be to get away from white guys, the strongest power lifters in the world.

        But Polynesians are big, too.
        Contrast: war canoes versus Spanish galleons with cannons. Yeah, baby.

    • Falcone: Why would we want all the others to come ‘crawling back to us’? I want total, utter, infinite separation. I don’t want to read about tragedy in Tonga, or see the latest video of a Han baby falling out of an apartment window, or see the latest photographer’s “brilliant’ photos of African tibesmen.

      We don’t need anyone’s worship, and the last thing we need is anyone to be workers for us. We need to do everything ourselves, for ourselves.

      • It is not a matter of wanting them crawling back to us, but that the lure of excitement and neat things will always bring them back to us like moths to a porch light. That’s the world we live in….

    • Recognizing inferiority in some races for what it is doesn’t engender a feeling of superiority in white people. Pity, disgust, compassion, empahty, but not superiority. Imagine feeling superior to Maxine Walters. What kind of bar is that?

      • Who says you have to “feel” superior. You either are superior or you aren’t. It’s not something that we are even in control of but how the world was made.

        I’m just a messenger 😜

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