Ukraine On The Brain

The surest way to lose an argument is to concede the premise put forth by the person taking the other side of the debate. His starting premise is, at the very minimum, not harmful to his argument. Most likely, he starts with a premise that makes his conclusions inevitable. It would be insane to start from a premise that must lead to a contradictory conclusion. If you concede his premise without considering this strong possibility, you are sure to lose the debate.

This is why it is always good to be wary of people who claim to support your argument, but who insists upon conceding the premise of your opponent. Either that person is stupid or they are trying to undermine your argument. This has been the history of conservatism in America. They concede the premise to the Progressives, while claiming they can win the argument against the Progressives. This was famously observed by Robert Lewis Dabney a century ago.

Victor David Hanson has a post about Ukraine that is a good example of how the so-called conservatives concede the moral high ground. He opens with what is best described as a gratuitous assertion. “Americans want an autonomous Ukraine to survive. They hope the West can stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strangulation of both Ukraine and NATO.” No evidence is offered in support of this assertion, because no American outside Washington cares about Ukraine.

His third sentence is even more divorced from reality than the first. “Most Americans oppose the notion that Russia can simply dictate the future of Ukraine.” The truth is, most Americans do not care about this part of the world in the least. Russia could turn Ukraine into a nuclear testing zone and most Americans would only care if it made for some interesting video. Otherwise, Ukraine is down there on the list of concerns with land management in Uzbekistan.

What Hanson is up to here is making the old neoconservative case for endless intervention in the world. That case has been built on the claim that Americans care about the world and Americans will support the costs of meddling in the affairs of far away places like Ukraine. Neoconservatism has always rested on a manufactured consent of the majority. This appeal to the will of the people provides the moral authority for endless intervention in the world.

When the premise of the debate is that the American people care deeply about the territorial integrity of our ancient ally Ukraine and they are committed to stopping our ancient enemy Russia, there is only one plausible conclusion. The to-ing and fro-ing he goes through in that post is just window dressing. If the people demand the safety of Ukraine and define that as the rejection of Russian interests along their border, America has no choice but to be enmeshed in this conflict.

The rhetorical sleight of hand does not end there. Hanson makes clear that this conflict would be over if Putin respected Biden and his team. You see, despite the bellicose language from Team Biden, they are appeasers. Their tough talk about Ukraine is really just a coded surrender of Ukraine. Everyone knows that only one man in human history was ever appeased, so when you think about it, Ukraine is the Sudetenland and Joe Biden is this generation’s Neville Chamberlain.

The argument here is totally bonkers, but it is the natural result of conceding the premise of empire. Once you accept that America has a right and duty to arrange the world to reflect the current values of American elites, there is no conflict too small or too far away that does not demand intervention. In fact, Americans must naturally demand intervention, as to do other wise would be to let evil triumph. This is neoconservatism tarted up with some populist sounding handwringing.

This is why non-interventionism is seen as a bigger threat to the current order than a nuclear exchange with Russia or war with China in the Pacific. To accept the fact that there are some places around the world that are not the business of the American empire opens the debate about the limits of empire. Once we accept that there is a line beyond which it is immoral for us to go, the debate is about where to draw the line and neoconservatism has no argument for this.

Further, if we concede that Russia has legitimate interests in Ukraine, rooted in their history and culture, then we must concede that history and culture exists as something other than social constructs. In other words, to take the claims of Russia seriously is to question a fundamental premise of the current order. This is where it becomes plain that American interests in Ukraine have little to do with reality on the ground and everything to do with the prevailing morality of Washington.

This is why the neoconservatives insist that the American people have a strong interest in protecting Ukraine. If they can make that the premise of the debate, there is never a reason to question the endless meddling in the region. The debate is about how to meddle in their affairs, not whether we should meddle in the region. The former serves the interest of the neocons, while the latter excludes them from the debate, something that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

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242 thoughts on “Ukraine On The Brain

  1. VDH cedes the high ground on COVID vaccines, too, and then tries to square that circle later by saying that natural immunity is comparable to the vax, and pushing for antibody tests to certify the recovereds’ immunity.

    In effect, in effect, he rationalizes the Left’s entire mandate and testing regime, while pushing the naturally-immune to participate in the charade. This is a mental tic shared by Scott Adams, too, btw.

    I spare the man. He fights! I like VDH, and it appears that he has decided to take the fight to The Man, if you gauge his devotion by the number of podcasts he’s producing these days. He’s gone from maybe one per week, to one per day in some weeks. The vector of his invective is helpful. He’s clearly jumped into the field.

    But, as you say, by ceding our opponents’ arguments he is blunting his effect and maybe even wasting his time. What good is a soup ladle if it has a hole in it?

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  3. once it starts , look for a “Reichstag fire” event so they can go after those they don’t like here .

    • You already had the Reichstag event on the sixth of January. Wasn’t the violent blowout the commies hoped for, but like with the fake Covid scare, they figure they’ll pretend it was. They figure they’re taking over permanently anyway, so they’re not so into hiding their operations from those who are alert and want freedom. In fact, Masson said it out loud, they want to “piss us off”. They had ‘ve plans.

      But even their Antichrist “shall come to his end, and none shall help him” (Daniel 11).

      Christ is king.

  4. Back during the Libya debacle, VDH did the same thing. Back then I was still commenting over at NRO with my old pal the Zman. The difference then was that we LIT VDH UP over his nonsense, and he wound up pretty effectively articulating why Libya was as terrible an idea as it turned out to be…it collapsed North Africa into anarchy, unleashed a refugee crisis on Europe, and nearly collapsed Egypt.

    Because he has no sane people saying “hey, that’s a completely crackpot assertion”, he is again flying off the neocon rails.

  5. I never understood Desert Storm 2 and I don’t understand this. If Russia has plenty of nuclear missiles — which it does — why play a game of intercontinental Chicken with them? Does not anyone in the national security directatorate model risk assessment in their presentations to the president? Has the president STOPPED getting regular presentations?

    • Desert Storm 2 was to detain and murder a PRESENT racial enemy of you know who. A nuclear war with Russia would finally get revenge for the Czar being mean to, you guessed it, you know who.

      Easy peasy

  6. War with Russia is highly likely. If you believe press reports, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post is a senior member of the Brandon brain trust, such as it is, and is pressing for both abolishing the Electoral College and War with Russia.

    The Regime thinking is, a War would allow basically martial law, rule by fiat, avoiding any electoral collapse by simply arresting most/all Republicans as “insurgents” and arresting Governors like DeSantis along with judges, others who question the Regime. This is essentially what Lincoln did. The Media will fly air cover and the whole thing will rest on the absolute moral authority of black people and the absolute genetic evil of White people and their hereditary blood guilt. That seems to be the plan anyway. Even better if we lose, because then only wreckers and insurgents could be the cause …

    The Regime is angry, in no mood to take prisoners, and wanted this domestic fight. They chose Brandon deliberately. They chose to create sky high energy prices and War with Russia will push oil to $250-$300 a barrel just where they want it, to crash all economic activity. This is why you see defectors …

    Joe Rogan, Bill Maher, lots of Hollywood types are not on our side. But say the quota system in Hollywood, only 30% of actors, actresses, writers can be White, all directors, producers, must be black, has created lots of Regime enemies. Even Bari Weiss is complaining. And of course Hollywood run by Shitavious and Ja’Qween has the appeal of a Lizzo concert to most of White and Hispanic America.

    But yes, I’d say the Regime wants War as a means of making war on its real enemy: normal White people.

    • Perhaps.

      But one look at Turdo La Doo in Canada proves the folly of it. That little faggot has gone all in on gun grabbing,demographic replacement and pushing the rainbow. Now he’s in hiding and has effectively made his govt illegitimate. He is not hiding to dodge the truckers – he is underground because somebody made a viable and legitimate threat. 2/3 (or more) of the country hates him with the heat of 1000 suns and it’s almost certain that in that huge group… one or two will be sorely tempted to act on it. There is an interesting viral video on Blab right now about truckers that ‘broke through’ the RCMP barriers. In point of fact, they went around it, and the Mounties let them do it.

      The hell of it is, is that our conservatives are cucked right out. Most Americans don’t realize that our uniparty could give yours lessons on tyranny and corruption.

      If Turdo mishandles this and doubles down with punitive action and political retaliation the cops may actively side with the truckers against him. Interesting times are upon us.

      • The cops are not going side with the truckers, with us, with anyone on the right. The cops are not friends, allies, sympathizers, they are the enemy.

        • The Cops are us, drawn in by the rhetoric, drank the koolaid, and doing their utmost to keep peace. I know, I served two decades a Marine, believing we could be a force of peace, with massive weapons. I occupied Beirut, one of the most amazing turns in history. We stopped a genocide, we cleaned up much of the mess, assisting the Lebanese People, find their connections again, after Zionist Israel almost annexed them, on the premise “Iran attacked”. The places we stood, lived, operated out of for better than a year, are not there anymore. An Israeli cruise missile detonated that “embargoed ammonium nitrate loaded warehouse, and the sea covers where we were. I was one of an hundred Marines invited to Christmas dinner with the Lebanese Parliament in 82, I shook hands with every minister, warmth in their eyes, every sect, Christian, Muslim, every other sect. To this day, I have no idea why we broke the empire paradigm, that landing and intervention. Today reminds me of “The Convoy” that came down on D.C. from every state, and locked that evil city down. The cops welcomed them. We could do it again.
          Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

        • Yes and no. If you watched the viral videos of the Mounties busting those priests for refusing to lock their churches down – ignore the shouting of the clerics and the screeching of the Karen’s…and focus on the cops involved.

          Not one of them wanted to be there. A few heads hung in shame. A lot of those guys are at the end of their rope with their superiors and their govt. They didn’t sign up to beat up kids and priests and women. To wit:

  7. Unfortunately, I have come to believe that it’s going to take our military getting defeated good and hard in order to even start to bring the neocon cabal that controls both parties under control. We need to lose and lose bigly to get the masses to understand just how badly our Empire has declined. We’re going to have to lose a carrier to the ChiComs or see the Russians run completely through our forces all the way to Kiev just like we did to the Iraqis in Gulf War 1 and in 2002- 2003 during the GWOT. It’s that kind of clear defeat of conventional forces that it’s going to take to make Normie understand.

    The problem will be that the biggest neocon nuts may want to threaten the use of limited nukes, but I imagine that the rest of Europe will unite against us to keep that from happening. Maybe at that point the purge of the neocons can truly begin.

    • You are right about the regime and how hard it would be to get rid of. But instead of military defeat the Canadians have just shown an absolutely brilliant way to do insurgency against these thugs. I had never thought of this before but trucks are perfect. They are huge, hard to remove, especially when the towing trucks won’t work with the authorities, they are the backbone of the economy. Coordinate between them, you got REAL leverage. Some Canadian truckers, fed up with covid passports, just wrote, if not military then conflict, history. I’m sure there are other sectors. But trucks were a heck of a start. Trudeau the moron, by harrassing the wrong sector of the economy, might inadvertently have provoked a real game changer into being. I really hope so.

      • The Canadian trucker movement has potential, but that potential hasn’t been fulfilled yet. It’s hasn’t been a full week yet, admittedly, but I haven’t heard of anyone in the Canadian givernment calling for new elections or any of the parliamentary manuevers that would actually result in regime change. It’s still in the stand- off stage. I don’t think the Canadian law enforcement apparatus has the stones to forcibly remove the truckers. The question is whether or not the truckers will drift away before the government collapses.

        • Yes Trudeau vs the truckers is a contest of wills now and this is where organization, a common belief system – something we really need on the DR – and narratives, are often decisive. Even if the truckers fail, with the right organization and shared belief system, this could be a non-violent way to push the regime criminals out of power.

          I am sure regime officials all over the West, are scrambling to deal with something like this. Because this could be really effective. And that is why I can’t stop fantazicing about how organize them. Imagine it happening on a wide scale in America and, say, Germany, demanding an end to white replacement.

          To do something like that we’d need two things. A way to communicate w enough truckers and get them on board (organization). And, to convince them that this is the right thing to do (common belief system rejecting leftist white genocide).

          And if the authorities use deadly force? More will turn against THEM. This is the logic of 4th gen. warfare. This is how the regime lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. And with trucks, we don’t have to be violent. So we will not antagonize the 80% normies with that.

    • The people in control of the GAE are so insane that they will go nuclear before accepting the defeats you describe.

      Limited, tactical nuclear war looks great…on paper….

      • I don’t deny that the neocons would go to the brink. I just imagine that the rest of NATO will not be ready to go along with the limited use of nukes so close to their borders. Memories of the fallout from Chernobyl drifting across Europe are still pretty vivid.

        • Yeah and everyone has seen current pictures of Chernobyl looking like the new formed garden. Ahh…nukes….

          • After covid and climate alarmism I can understand why people are fed up with ‘end of world’ stories. Unlike these two shams, nukes, by best estimates can probably deliver. There are three reasons.

            The first is radioactivity. What was the most important nuclear event or events in history? Hiroshima and Nagasaki right? WRONG. Castle Bravo in 1954. It was global shock, reaching into the halls of power in DC and Moscow, over the radioactive fallouts, traces of which spread all over the Northern Hemisphere, that lead to the ban on surface tests between the superpowers. At a time when they could agree on nothing else. You could measure radioactive caesium in children’s bones and teeth (not only from these tests but this is when the foot dropped on how radioactive particles spread). And these were just a few hydrogen bombs.

            Second, REAL climate change, when we are talking thousands of hydrogen bombs going off. Cooling, btw, not warming. 18-something, maybe 1813, was the year with no summer. Because of a volcano in Sumatra. Because of it, New England had no summer. Nukes could have a similar effect, possibly bigger depending on how many go off, starting forest fires like never seen before. That’s means global famine. In societies with no electricity, no fuel. Supply chains max out at maybe 20 miles in such an environment. By horse buggy. And the grain won’t grow. Soon people will be eating people.

            Thirdly, exactly because nukes are the best, possibly only, defense against nukes, there is a strong incentive to build as many of them as possible, for each power. And to make matters worse, low or ground bursts, are the best way to destroy enemy nukes preemptively. That is also the form of burst that produces the most fallout. And the bigger the attacking nuke, the greater chance of destroying reenforced enemy silos etc.

            The sum total of these three points is that it could be tens of thousands of very large hydrogen bombs going off, many of them at ground level, to catch the enemy’s before they launch. And that could produce radioactive levels incompatible with life. And, just to make sure there are no ‘ahh nukes’ smirks after the event, serious global cooling. Chernobyl?? Nothing, nothing compared to what this would look like.

            Global warming and covid are duds. Thermonuclear war is not.

          • And everyone has seen pictures of Detroit or Baltimore.

            Who needs nukes when you can just import a bunch of dark people to destroy a city?

        • I don’t disagree that NATO won’t go along.

          The problem is that NATO militaries, other than Turkey, possibly France and the UK, are a bad joke in this day and age.

          Hell, you could send the best version of the ’40s Wehrmacht to the Current Year and they would absolutely walk the joke that is the modern Bundeswehr.

      • It is my biggest fear and we have much to fear.

        Anyone who believes a man can birth and a woman can have a penis certainly can believe nuclear war is survivable. Putin knows exactly how insane huge swathes of the United States are. Again, given how infantile these crazy folks are, just a chart of the exact locations that will be wiped off the face of the Earth might–might–get the batshit crazy diaper-wearers to back off.

  8. You’re on thin ice, Z.

    Oh, you are absolutely right about the Ukraine and no bones about it. But I fear that a lot of dissidents tend toward isolationism as seen in the US before the world wars. In geopolitics, it’s not a zero sum game. Sitting on your hands, or taking your ball and going home are political actions that will create real world negative consequences. Eg. Hitler was a pissant that could have been squashed like a bug a dozen times. He grew strong and powerful because nobody had the stones to deal with him. So it went for Saddam. And Bin Laden.

    The dissidents seem to think that America should abdicate it’s role as world cop because so many others are. I can see a world of hurt and unintended consequences in that. I hope I am wrong and they’re right… but time will tell I suppose.

    • You are absolutely right. If the US goes into isolationism the world will blow up. What will happen is that every state that can, will get nukes. They will do this because, in terms of game theory, nukes on macro level (national/society/int relations) shares importain traits with guns on micro (individual/private) level. The most important shared trait between these two levels is that the weapon (nukes on macro, guns on micro) is the best, almost the only, effective defense its own kind. Note that not all weapons share this, in fact most don’t. Only the apex weapon can have this trait and need not. But in terms of game theory it means that everyone who wants not to become subjugated in some form, needs to have this ‘apex weapon.’

      So why is it a bad idea if ‘everyone’ gets nukes? Because nukes do not share all characteristics with guns. Specifically they destroy the environment like no other technology, possibly to the point of making Earth inhospitable to vertebrate life. And the more that have nukes, the higher the probability that someone will use them. This has been gamed out many times. The end story is that we nuke ourselves, and every other mammal, to extinction. This is the reason Nato has not been dissolved; Germany, Poland and possibly others later, would go nuclear. Japan would too, probably before anyone else. And then the global horse on non-proliferation has really left the barn. Of course that does not mean that Ukraine should be in Nato.

      I realize this is not popular w the DR. There are DRs who think China is not a threat, the not-informed level on wider strategy is on that level among some. And this blog is not a grand strategy conference of course. But there are some things that are tempting but would lead to disaster, also for America. And American withdrawal from the world is one of them.

      I want the current regime in DC gone. But not America collapsing. I don’t know if that is possible. And if there are not enough nukes to kill us all today, when we get to 30+ nuclear powers, there absolutely will be. We may be closing in on insoluble problems, on several levels. The odds of any human celebrating NYE 2100 are not quite as good as one would like to think.

      • I want the current regime in DC gone. But not America collapsing. I don’t know if that is possible.

        Sounds like wishful thinking. And BTW it’s not that the DR think’s that China is not a threat, they’re just not a comparative threat. If I lived in someplace like Chicago the threats to my person would probably take up a whole page before getting to anyone in East Asia. Hard to get fired up about what Japan may or may not do with nukes when the local mayor and prosecutor allow rape gangs to prowl the streets.

        • It might not be impossible to get rid of the regime without a collapse I agree. If that’s the case, things could go crazy wrong. The Canadian truck story touches on exactly this question, of whether the people can force regime change without violence. The trucks are a truly brilliant way to do insurgency, or 4th generation warfare. Because they are really central to the whole economy, very difficult to remove once they stack up at some bottleneck and they are not violent.

          There are ‘gov’ ppl in DC right now wracking their brains, and making lines to Ottawa glow, on how to bring these ‘hill-billy redneck truckers’ to heel, and fast. I hope they fail.

    • Its a moot point. White dudes who form the backbone of the military actually doing things will not fight and die for the Colors of Benetton. At most you will get the Soviet response in Afghanistan. Which was minimal and ineffective and brutal all at the same time. Indeed most of the White guys are being purged from the military.

      Regimes can have effective military forces. This requires honor and rewards to the military forces and has them essentially protected from political purges and the rest. Or they can have rigidly policed forces that have no threat to regime stability or ideological orthodoxy. America’s elites chose the latter and cannot call it back. Hence America’s Team World Police is over, and China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia all know it. What Hanson or anyone else wants or not is irrelevant.

  9. Does anyone really imagine we’re going to go to war with Russia over Ukraine? Or with China over Taiwan?

    Yes, I know: no one imagined all the stupid decisions that Biden— or whoever is making his decisions for him— would make, regarding our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    But that was pulling *out* of a conflict; very different from getting *into* one. And it’s hard to imagine why anyone in power would think that war with Russia or China was a good idea? What have we/they got to gain?

    It’s one thing for Americans to express the opinion that “Ukraine should be free” or “the Uyghurs should be free”. If a pollster put that question to me, I’d likely say “Sure; everybody should be free”.

    It’s something entirely different to be in favor of embarking on a major war in an attempt to free them. There may be Americans who’d be in favor of it, but I’m pretty sure they’re a small minority.

    And while our Congresscritters aren’t there to serve us, and are only pretending to care what we think: they CAN be counted on to act in what they see as their own best interest; and it’s hard to see what they would see themselves gaining by a war with Russia or China.

    The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq could be sold to the public as being part of the “war on terror”, harnessing the upsurge of patriotic feeling following 9/11. And our political rulers apparently were imagining (wrongly, as it turned out) that both those conflicts would end up with “democratic” pro-western puppet governments in place, who would do our bidding, and make the region’s resources available to us.

    It’s hard to imagine a similar hook by which the American public could be convinced to go to war with Russia or China, over places which could afford us no conceivable advantage.

    The days are gone when most Americans were OK with the notion of America as the world’s policeman.

    It was conceivable in the immediate aftermath of WWII, when we held all the cards; but it’s a whole different ballgame now, and surely most people realize that. From a financial perspective alone, we can no longer afford to pursue these ‘save the world for democracy’ fantasies. We can’t feed all the starving, or take in everyone who’d rather live here, or topple every authoritarian government, or right every wrong in the known Universe; and it’s grandiose delusion to think we can, or that we’re failing in our moral duty if we don’t.

    Attempting to bring about changes in the Ukranian government, or to bring Ukraine into NATO, is a provocation, the likes of which we certainly wouldn’t tolerate if it were happening in our own backyard. Imagine if Russia were trying to recruit Mexico into a socialist alliance, and arm them with missiles along our southern border.

    American’s membership in NATO no longer serves our interests; we should get out of it. What are we gaining by being there? Especially seeing the direction the EU is taking: e.g., giving Hungary and Poland shit because they’re determined to secure their borders against waves of illegal and unwanted immigration.

    If Germany wants to shut down all her nuclear power plants, while at the same time terminating her pipeline deal with Russia over Russia’s treatment of Ukraine, and thus shutting off her one possible source of cheap natural gas— cutting off her nose to spite her face, as the old saying goes— that’s just one more show of stupidity and suicidal virtue-signaling from the country that thought it was a wonderful idea to let in millions of Africans. What need have we of allies like that?

    Putin is a thug and a criminal, but he’s smart and savvy, and his brain isn’t polluted by the idiotic concerns of wokeness. The Russian people appear to approve his nationalistic, traditionalistic, and Russia-first orientation.

    Why in the world would we want to provoke him, for a “cause” we have zero stake in?

    Would that we had a leader who was similarly dedicated to America’s best interests!

    • The most relevant comparison to the current situation isn’t the immediate aftermath of 9/11/01 where our rulers coopted our patriotism to turn desert shitholes into even bigger desert shitholes.

      The relevant comparison is to the years and months preceding the Great War. Nobody thought the Empires of Europe would kick off 30 years of self-immolation over some backwater province in the Balkans.

    • We have duplicitous slime balls in charge. It’s hard for me to discount anything they’d do in Washington—intentional or unintentional.

      Here’s two things you failed to include in your well thought commentary.

      —Waaay back when, JFK pushed the limit with the Bear over Cuba—the “Cuban Missile Crisis” it was called. JFK would—rightfully—not tolerate nukes 15 minutes away on our Southern border.
      —One of Russia’s current demands is that there is an agreement *not* to place nukes in Ukraine and other Russian border countries—NATO or not! And of course, they’d prefer no border countries are in the NATO alliance. For example, Finland has applied.

      In 1963 God was on our side for simply demanding the exact same thing Russia now demands. Now Russia is the world’s “great Satan”. Neocon’s have no shame, only blood lust.

    • A great overview of the geopolitical situation we find ourselves in.

      I do have to question whether Putin is now “a thug and a criminal,” regardless of what he did in a shady past. He doubtless plays rough with opponents, but as the head of the Russian government it’s hard to see that he has put a foot wrong. Life and morale in his country clearly are better than before his tenure. He has shown more thoughtfulness and restraint in international affairs than the U.S. or the E.U.

    • I am still not willing to lay Afghanistan at the feet of Biden. Yes, he is the commander in chief and the buck stops with him and I get that. But, IMHO, that means he has to account for it, not that he was responsible for it.

      Trump tried to end the forever wars from day one. And every time they stalled him, they pulled tricks, made up fake gas attacks etc. While it is pure speculation on my part, IMHO, the military brass thought they could ignore Trump till 2020 and then the Democrat would keep the gravy train forever war moving along. Biden said NO. You will be out by this date. They called his bluff. Once again, he didn’t back down. They simply were not prepared, despite years of notice for the withdrawal, over 6 months of that time under the Biden administration. IMHO, the military and the military alone are responsible and Biden is only responsible in a symbolic (he’s the head person in charge) sense.

      Even if it were a very good idea to be police man of the world, as you say, we cannot afford it financially. From everything I can see, which granted isn’t much and is all publicly available, the military couldn’t do it with Russia even if we could afford it (assuming the goal would be to defend Ukraine’s territory in perpetuity or, worse, the capture of Moscow, arresting of Putin and anyone else involved in the invasion and installing a liberal democracy, which is a different way of defending the Ukraine indefinitely).

      IMHO, at best, we can serve a deterrent, but even that would only work if we backed down on NATO, in which case, Putin has no reason to invade Ukraine. IOW, all we have to do is stop aggressing against Russia.

      I hear people say “Putin is a thug and a criminal” all the time. The only thing I ever hear offered up is he was from the KGB and he arrests journalists (which for me, makes him a good guy), allegedly arrests rival politicians (Western flunkies I have read), hates gays and wammin. Basically, he’s not liberal. We already knew that and it’s not a flaw as far as I am concerned.

      AFAIK, and my knowledge is EXTREMELY limited, the Russian people, in general, are pretty happy with Putin. Even the corrupt opinion polls put his approval at 60% among Russians.

      Also, there is the baseline of comparison. 31 years ago, Russians were living under the Soviet Union. I was a young adult when the soviet union collapsed. I remember the time well. Lots of Russians do too. It wasn’t all that long ago.

      25 years ago they were living under some of the same foreign oligarchs we are stuck with. Alcoholism and suicide were rampant. One day the state owned everything and the next day the state was gone and nobody owned anything. State assets were then dishonestly bought up pennies on the dollar. Russia, when Putin was first elected was NOT the US of 40 years ago. It was not a free or rich country..

      So unless someone can show me some definitive proof that Putin is a “thug and a criminal,” and that he is in important ways as bad as or worse than our leaders (we have political prisoners we torture. We selectively enforce the law against disfavored people. Our police take your cash on the side of the road. We refuse to enforce the border, but do “border checks” in the middle of highways up to 100 miles from the nearest borders as a ruse to search our vehicles and many other offenses), my view of Putin will largely stay neutral to positive. He doesn’t hate Russians. He is not ginning up hatred, anger and resentment against the ethnic Russian people in foreign populations living inside Russia. He has not effectively outlawed self-defense against an aggressive minority attacking you. He’s not pushing transgender story hour either. Targeting children with LGBT propaganda is a crime in Russia, thanks to Putin. I’m sure living in Russia is very tough in many ways, ways that we don’t have to deal with. But the alternative is not utopia.

      • tarstarkas: I no longer have the familiarity or any sort of ‘expertise’ with regard to present-day Russia that I had with the USSR of old, but fwiw I agree with your take. No, Putin is no liberal. Yes, of course he’s feathering his own nest – show me the leader/politician who doesn’t. But unless someone is agitating against him politically he appears to leave the average Russian alone to live his life.

        Again, I don’t know what local business laws are like in various Russian cities, but they can’t be any more onerous than what we have in the US now with minority set asides and environmental impacts and all the other bureaucratic paper work and graft. Putin may want to enrich himself, but he does not appear to want to pauperize the Russian people.

        He has every reason to distrust and resent the American empire for repeatedly breaking its word and bringing NATO right to his borders. While Stalin left a miserable legacy of Russia’s historic peoples mixed up in various parts of the old USSR, Kiev was the birthplace of historic Russia and the Ukrainian leaders are hardly any less ‘thuggish’ than Putin allegedly is. None of this is our land or our business.

        A country that promotes drag queen story hour, imprisons peaceful protesters under despotic alien guards, and refers doctors who prescribe Ivermectin for psychiatric review is in no position to point fingers at anyone. I don’t want Han overlords any more than I want Juice ones, but whatever conflict the government provokes with any other nation, I hope the empire loses.

  10. Lost in moderation, I repeat that Biden released the Nordstream funds so the Big Guy could collect on his open Burisma oil commodity contracts.

    Now that they’ve closed…

    Side note: didn’t we just stage a joint naval war game in the Black Sea?
    Who’s poking who in the eye?

  11. Wow the VD Hanson hate in the comment section is strong. It really warms the cockles of my heart. Winning!

  12. The ONLY upside to US involvement in Ukraine is that for every boot or bullet deployed there, it means one less deployed here against our own.

    • I’m afraid it’s a trap- our patriots, profiled by the brass, will be sent overseas to a tar pit while the rainbow warriors will be deployed to “help hospital outreach” and quell insurrection in the U.S.

      • And, Alzaebo, to deliver pizza and tampons to women and men who think they are women.

  13. if we concede that Russia has legitimate interests in Ukraine, rooted in their history and culture

    Everybody knows only Israel can claim legitimate interests in a territory rooted in its history and culture. Just ask Dan Cringeshaw.

  14. Morgo’s a Geordie, the second greatest living Geordie (after Brian Johnson).

    • I was going to say, “What about Jordan Henderson?” but then I had an image of him wearing a rainbow colored captain’s arm band.

  15. Hundreds of Thousands of Tons or war material has now been transferred to “Ukraine.” Yesterday ISIS escaped from US controlled prisons in Syria; killing 500 Syrians. All along during the jUkraine thing, the hats have been bombing Damascus, etc.

    Perhaps it’s time to flip the flop, as one stage light dims and the other glows.

    • That good and kind patriot, Bashar Assad, should’ve never announced finding oil east of Aleppo.

    • 2: …with a newly armed Taliban to harry and harass Russia’s southern border, as well as their warmwater port in Syria…

    • So we could fly all that into Ukraine, but we couldn’t fly our stuff out of Afghanistan?

  16. Between the fertilizer plant fire in Winston-Salem and Putin banning ammonium nitrate exports for two months I’m wondering if I should go pick up one of the remaining chest freezers atthe local Lowes.

    • Not to worry, we can make all the nitrogen-based molecules we want! As long as we have enough energy available to…oh wait the democrats f-ed that up too.

      • Is $229 for a 6.9 cu ft manual defrost chest freezer a good deal? I’m not really up on my appliances.

        Free delivery with a $396 order!

        • Wild Geese: I try to be a fairly educated shopper, so for comparison these are the 2 freezers we recently purchased: Mine is 10.2 cubic feet manual defrost chest freezer bought Nov 2021 for $399.99 plus tax. Daughter-in-law’s is 5 cubic feet bought Dec 2021 for $189.99. So the one at Lowes sounds as though it’s in the middle both size and price wise. Fwiw, I am totally satisfied with the size and function of mine (just wish it had more hanging baskets).
          Excellent size for a family. Smaller one fits for son and daughter-in-law but not really a lot of extra storage space. Your decision.

          • Wild Geese: If you’re still checking this thread, I just checked and my freezer is now on sale for $40 less than I paid. There is a 7.0 cubic foot one just like it on sale for $209.99. Check it out at Best Buy.

    • It’s best not to use those sorts of “fertilizers” anyway b/c they don’t make the land more fertile long-term. They also damage the soil long-term.

      It’s best to re-mineralize the soil using paramagnetic rock dust. You can buy it by the pound or by the boxcar load. It is not possible to “overuse” paramagnetic rock dust. It renders the soil fertile over the long term, and it produces nutrient-dense food.

      Paramagnetism is an as-yet not fully understood property inherent in the mantle of the Earth. At any given time, though, lightning is striking the surface of the Earth somewhere. That generates ultra-low frequency energy waves in the mantle. Paramagnetism is the property that converts those energy waves into photons.

      You can also raise the germination rate of seeds by a staggering amount by using paramagnetic rock dust in your germination medium. I have gotten 100% germination on many occasions for many different types of seed.

      Be careful when buying. Most dealers don’t measure the degree of paramagnetism in the dust they sell (granite, sandstone, and basalt have paramagnetic properties). But it is possible to make such measurements. Be sure to buy from a dealer who tells you the amount of paramagnetism in the dust they sell. These people are very reliable:

      Here’s a short bit of general info:

      Paramagnetic rock dust is phenomenally good. Also very cheap: it’s rock dust, after all.

      • Thats why Volcanic soils have such a good reputaion. Ill have to check on the Paramagnetic dust. I found a green rock that is mostly old ocean bottom that when analyzed by XRF in an electron microscope showed almost every element on the chart. Very good for plants. BTW the nitrate is better for the soil. Best is calcium nitrate. But NH3 AKA amonia and urea cause the soil to become very acidic and destroy the soil.

  17. Perfect Post. This is a perfect example of why I’ve been so animated against Hanson for so many years. His false intellectualism is a gateway drug to neocon propaganda. His version of conservatism is just fancy rhetorical flourish sitting on the decomposing corpse of 1980’s GOP politics. Especially in California, where’s he’s invited to speak to 80 year olds at GOP events.

    • Did VDH’s family make an agriculture fortune based on cheap mestizo labor? I read this once on these ever so edumacational comment threads.

  18. Victor Davis Hansen is a snake. He has always been a snake and he cannot help himself. He is a lowly reptilian neocon. He’s not dumb and he is well educated.

    Even when he’s complaining how his farm and his town have been ruined by third world immigration, it’s not because they are fundamentally incompatible with Western Civilization, it’s because there hasn’t been enough intermarriage or because it’s been too fast.

    Anyone who could sit in on conference calls or even in-person meetings with the likes of David French and the scoundrels of NRO and not be fired is not someone I can respect.

    • VDH is a neocon, civnat. If by “snake”, you mean devious and false, then I disagree. He is consistent with his nature. Nothing wrong with that, nothing right either. VDH is just one of any number of thought leaders on the Right. That’s why “we” call ourselves the DR—to distinguish ourselves from them.

      I have most of VDH’s published works. His writings were instrumental on my thinking process that eventually led here. Why others—VDH fans—have not progressed further than VDH I can not say, but I’m not ashamed of having read his works. I no longer follow VDH closely, because I already know what he is going to say in any particular situation (as Z-man has astutely pointed out today). My time is short and better spent elsewhere.

      • Mexifornia was one of the books that put me on the track to the dissident right as well. I hear that VDH has updated it but haven’t looked into it It is a pity that VDH is so far from reality on the American Empire. He’s a professor of classics so he’s got to know something about the fate of empires.

        • That is at the heart of my criticism of him. He’s not dumb and he is very well educated as a military historian. Probably at least 80% of what he says, he’s better than any other NRO swamp creature, even better than most nationally popular Republicans.

          But he loses me in two important ways. Despite all of his criticism of Mexicans and how they ruined his home state, he is quick to point that his family married into a Mexican family (probably a fully White Mexican) and how not-racist he is. He simply cannot bring himself to blame the state of Mexico on the Mexicans. He seems to subscribe to a limited magic dirt theory. That if we could somehow do immigration from Mexico properly, well, they’ll be good Americans. No different from Italians or the Irish.

          The other issue I have with him is his warmongering. For most of his public life he has been a standard issue neocon. He absolutely has to know the state of the US military. If he doesn’t, well, he’s not a very good military historian. America was just handed the most humiliating defeat in its history. Not even Vietnam was as bad as Afghanistan. At least we didn’t bring hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese back with us and sneak them into American cities under the cover of night. These were third world rag-tag armies without near-peer capabilities. Russia is not Afghanistan, if for no other reason that Russia actually has an army. It has state of the art anti-aircraft capabilities. The first thing America does in its warmongering is to take control of the air. That ain’t gonna happen, at least not without significant causalities..

          IMHO, failing to mention this kind of stuff is what makes him a snake in addition to being a warmongering neocon. The question isn’t really should we spread American liberalism at the point of a gun, it should be could we do this with Russia if we wanted to.

          Also, I have not read any of his books, but I have read many, many of his articles and watched him give lectures and do media interviews. So it is possible he is much better in long form. Also, I haven’t read him in years.

          • I don’t dispute everything above. Let me add that we have SO MANY great military historians. As hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure even Gen. Miley is a great military historian. I don’t see Hanson using this knowledge and decrying the possibility that the 5th Fleet could be put in the Black Sea (Putin’s bath tub). It may as well be a Naval roach motel should a real incident happen. And if some incident did happen where we watch our ships, with our best tran-nies on them, go down, I can see this clown advocating for a nuclear response. He’s not a bright man. He’s an average man feigning above average intelligence. He’s a who happens to live remotely on an inherited family farm in hell (Fresno). An area of the state so stupid that it keeps returning McCarthy to D.C. and expecting different results.

          • VDH’s body of work does not support a person of mediocre intellect. Unlike many of the talking heads we see and hear in the media, VDH did not make his bones as a pundit. He made it in academia long before he branched out and became known as an intellectual conservative.

            It is a bad habit to denigrate the intellectual talents of those whom you disagree with—especially when your entire discourse amounts to simple gratuitous assertions.

            OK, we get it. You don’t like VDH. But we also get that you know little to nothing about the man and his academic work.

          • I agree Compsci. He has never struck me as dumb. I’ve never read anything he wrote and was like “did he really write that?” (in a dummy kind of way, I have in a Neocon kind of way)

            Also, you’re right about his academic chops. AFAIK, he was a well respected academic.

            That’s one of the reasons I guess I’m a bit hard on him. He never struck me as a true talking head (which is to say a talking head/columnist FIRST the way most of his colleagues are). He struck me as someone who brought real expertise and knowledge to a talking head act.

            I get really frustrated with Tucker, though for a different reason, which is “so close, yet, so far.” (You just expect more from certain people for whatever reasons) His use of tokens makes me want to pull my hair out.

            Z and others are proof you can write (or speak) about these subjects and not be a dummy or offensive about it.
            Just recently Tucker was talking about CRT he wanted to get the white perspective, so he brought on a black guy from Detroit!! I guess it was just easier to hear the black guy say it, plus he was able to bring it around to why it is also bad for African Americans.

      • Depends. Well educated in the application of patchouli oil and the best way to get a massive bong rip? Sure, UCSC is a great place to learn that.

    • lol. Good point. How have you managed to avoid punching Kevin Williamson? If the answer is that you’ve never wanted to punch Kevin Williamson, then we have a problem.

  19. ” Americans want an autonomous Ukraine to survive. They hope the West can stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strangulation of both Ukraine and NATO.” No evidence is offered in support of this assertion, because no American outside Washington cares about Ukraine.”

    There is some truth in what VDH says. Do I want an autonomous Freedonia or Ukrainia to survive? Sure. Doesn’t mean I would do much other than offer moral support.

    Do I care about the geniocide of Uyghurs? Course I do. Doesn’t mean i’m going do much about it other than moral support. Maybe avoid products made by their slave labor.

    Uyghurs, Ukraine, Freedonia, sorry, we wish you well but we can’t help.

    • It’s like I tell my wife with regards to “rescue dogs”: I hope they make it, but I, personally, cannot save them all.

      • And like I tell mine, I can’t look at even one more rescue video of pooches on death row. I wish them well, we’ve done our part, what will be, will be.

    • The point I take wrt Ukraine—and that I admit is a weakness I need to overcome—is that we are responsible for their situation. When the USSR collapsed, we were hell bent to secure their (Ukraine’s) nukes. In doing so, we made promises as to their national security that we could not keep—nor perhaps ever even intended to keep. Keeping one’s word is a hold over from better times and another demographic.

      • Old honor codes among men can be a weakness in a world that rewards treachery. I find that painful as well. I think we need to learn how to think like our enemies. Whether we can keep our souls if we do learn how to think like that I do not know.

        • Certain (((tribes))) maintain their honor codes for and among their people, and cast them aside for those outside their tribe.

          The way forward is to determine who are your people, maintain and exemplify honor among them, and be prepared to advance your people’s interests using any means necessary outside of your people.

          • Bingo. Your word goes to your own.

            Leave your “virtues” at the door, pick them back up after you win.

        • “Lose one’s soul”. Yes, that is a worry. However, perhaps a necessary sacrifice for our progeny *not* to lose theirs.

          • You hear that on the right a lot: “We’re better than that!” OK, what if we are? Has anybody actually tested that hypothesis, or are we afraid of the dark side?

          • I keep waiting for some 80-year-old woman to say, “Well, I was young during the best of times. I’ve had a lifetime of freedom. I may have 19 or 20 more trips to Hobby Lobby in me, but I am against mask and vaccine mandates, and if I die of COVID because someone wasn’t forced to breath in an insufficient amount of oxygen, or take an injection full of toxins, it’s worth it to protect my grandchidren’s liberties.”

            But I’m not holding my breath. Boomers deserve their reputation for selfishness.

          • WhereAreTheVikings. Boomers are the problem? Maybe, but I doubt it’s as simple as you imply with the 80 yo Hobby Lobby enthusiast.

            Here’s a counter factual, not 1 hour old. Just got back from CostCo. Have not been there since the CEO mask mandate, but was told by someone to go and walk-in without the mask. (It’s the “in” thing here since the Covid charade fell apart) I did.

            Bought stuff. Checked out. Then went to the lunch section, bought pizza, and sat down to watch the crowd check out and leave. Spent 20 minutes or so watching who had masks on, who didn’t.

            I’d say a good 66-75% were good little sheeple and wore masks. The twenty-five percent or so of those not wearing masks was what I was interested in. Well over half were “gray hairs”—yeah, the boomers you decry. And some of those looked pretty co-morbid and unhealthy at that.

            We, the “Boomers”, were the overwhelming majority giving a big FU to the company. Not Millennials, not Zoomers. Hell, the Millennials and other younger folk were the most compliant—if anything.

          • I’m a Boomer, albeit a late one.

            I cite the Boomers because with their age and supposed wisdom, they should be setting the example. Also, they are the only ones who have lived long enough to say, “Hey, I got to be young in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, without a care in the world. And I’ll be damned if my grandchildren are going to be denied the chance to live in freedom.” Obviously, millennials, zoomers, etc., chronologically cannot claim that. Hence my focusing on Boomers who acquiesce to all the mandatory mask and vaccine stuff. They are a disgrace for not thinking about their grandchildren’s quality of life.

            Obviously, there are plenty of idiotic sheep in each demographic.

          • The 80s were a glorious time to be a kid. I’m old enough to remember them and be pissed about the fear and safety crap that came in with the Clintons. Retreating to the house, the internet and video games, the fake metaverse now, etc.

            It’s feminine, that’s all I know. Whoever cucked, and whoever continues to cuck, gets the blame. Old people know better, young people have to know it’s not right. Everybody take your balls back 🙂

      • “In doing so, we made promises as to their national security that we could not keep—nor perhaps ever even intended to keep.”

        1. Budapest Agreement was not a treaty
        2. It is not legally binding
        3. It does not include enforcement agreement
        4. It includes security assurances but not specific promises

        Whoever helped draft this treaty on the US side was smart. We offered no real assurances and in return got Ukraine to denuclearize. A good negotiation! I wish Russia the best of luck sorting out their issues within their borders and with their neighbors.

      • The US has never kept its word going back to the first war against the Barbary pirates. We will not go to war in Ukraine because we no longer have what it takes to win. Even if a nuclear war could be “won” whatever that means.
        I used to love and believe in my country. I still love almost half of my people but I loath the “diversity”,
        white apologists and ZOG.
        All equally but not necessarily in that order.

      • Try and remember though, that none of this would be happening if not for NATO and their ridiculous idea that Ukraine could join NATO.

        Even if it was for saving face, we could invent 10k reasons Ukraine cannot join Nato.

        This kind of ridiculous posturing came very close to nuclear weapons use in the 60s during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A Soviet submarine was authorized to start shooting off their nukes and it was only the good judgement of the captain that saved the world from a nuclear exchange.

        Our leaders are stupid and feckless. America made promises that Nato would not move East. Now they want to go all the way to Russia’s border. They are already there in the Balkans.

  20. Ukraine is really about the role of the US in Europe, not about Ukraine, which is a failed state wherein the CIA installed a US puppet who pays off the Bidens. Ukraine produces mainly agricultural goods (which we have in abundance here) and weapons (which we have also in abundance). It has no economic value to anyone really. In fact, when compared with Taiwan, which indeed is pretty important to us, it’s just ludicrous how much attention it’s getting from the Globo elite.

    Europe is slipping from our control. The whole Iran sanction failures demonstrated this in spades. The NATO hard-liners are making a stink, but the European business community wants to do business with Russia. To Trump’s credit, he recognized this fact and at least suggested that they should pay for their own defense if they didn’t want to take direction from us on foreign policy.

    So our Elites are trying to save NATO and US influence in Europe by creating a crisis in Ukraine. The Europeans are really having none of it, as the German shipment of helmets to Ukraine indicates. Amazingly, we borrow money from China to lend it to Ukraine to prevent Russia from selling gas to Germany, so instead Russia sells the gas to China while Germany buys the gas from Qatar, so then we have to build military bases in Qatar with money Qatar lends us.

    It’s just laughable and will only be sad if we all get blown up in the process.

    • Orban’s recent 5 hour meeting with Putin to secure cheap Russian gas for Hungary is a pretty solid tell just how fractured Europe is at present.

    • “Our”?

      Otherwise, quite astute and brilliant comment. For all intents and purposes, “Old Europe” (actually “New Europe”) has told the United States to piss off. I predict the first bases to be expelled some time in the next few years.

    • “compared with Taiwan, which indeed is pretty important to us”

      Taiwan doesn’t have to be that important to us either though. It has a substantial semiconductor manufacturing industry that exists only because of the wage advantages offed by manufacturing in that location. What TSMC provides can (and should) be reshored to the USA.

      From a national security perspective the US loss of Taiwan breaches the first island chain that surrounds China, offering the Chinese Navy access to deep water. Given our domestic problems, keeping Chinese Navy bottled up behind the first island chain is very much a back burner issue. Continuing to playing Risk with our country while neglecting domestic problems is dumb. Any Republican that debates this issue rather than rejecting it outright is being intentionally stupid.

      • Yes, Japan to the Philippines is called the Pacific Shield, to contain China.

        It is a naval question: who controls the seas, controls the world, back to the Age of Sail. This is the seventh century of the Spice Wars begun by once-mighty Portugal and the Dutch in the 1500s.

        Remarkable how tiny coastal nations expanded not on land, but by water.

      • Agreed! I’m unfortunately old enough to remember when we had semiconductor fabs in Silicon Valley. I’ve visited several for my work. All of this stuff could and should be in the US. The argument that we cannot have a viable domestic tech supply chain, made by Globalists like Tim Cook, is b.s. We had one and execs like him chose to outsource it.

    • If we do get incinerated let DC be first followed by every major city on the left coast and every BRA city .

    • ” … it’s just ludicrous how much attention it’s getting from the Globo elite.”

      It’s the product of (((ancient hatreds.)))

  21. It’s a price negotiation.

    The small hats wanted to stick their beak into the Russian natgas supply to Europe. Soros staged the Orange color revolution, and then the privateer Agencies pulled a Rotfront Gladio in Maidan to install a puppet regime of bignoses as the gateway.

    Nordstream 2 is 760 miles long, at a cost of 11 billion dollars for completion. It would double Russia’s sales to the EU. It would also bypass Kyiv and the Burisma Biden gatekeeper company there.

    Ruthless Industrial Kapitalism at its finest. Examples are the British alternative to the German Berlin-to-Baghdad railway in the 30s, or Cheney’s upset of the Mideast to prevent Iran’s north-south alternative to the ailing, defunct Baku-Ceyha pipeline.

    • Plus, Putin wanted to shake the rust out with a full mobilization.

      F**k Around and Find Out, Admiral Tranny. The rainbow flag shall not fly over Moscow.

      • In 20 years I’ve gone from neocon to wanting to see our armies humiliated by Putin.

        The Ukraine situation really is about imposing international drag queen story hour, protecting Hunter Biden’s graft, small hats settling old scores, and conservatives wanting to fight for “freedom” in any country but our own.

        I want the USA to lose in the most humiliating manner possible.

        • It is incredible, when you stop and think about it. Lots of people have made this journey. I said last night on the Cotto show that I think most people think our rulers need to be taken down a few pegs. A carrier on fire would do that.

          • And again they never bear the cost.

            As much as I agree, seeing potentially hundreds of sailors getting torched as a lesson to safe and secure psychos is going to mean nothing.

            They need to suffer personal consequence. I can’t see a way that happens currently.

          • If someone wanted to shut down North America, all they need to do is take out the portion of the GPS constellation providing coverage.

            Sudden removal of GPS precision timing and positioning means rapid bye-bye to telecoms, Internet, finance, transportation, and power.

          • Generals learned from Viet Nam that having an endless parade of coffins being filmed nightly on the media spurred effective anti-war protests.

            Miraculously, the press has now accepted 100% that it is somehow “disrespectful” to film those images today. Talk about a complete takeover of the press.

            Maybe a carrier going to the bottom of an ocean with nothing to film won’t do it anymore. What a g-damned shame.

          • It is an incredible transformation. I grew up a Reagan kid who was thrilled by Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

            Fast forward 40 years, and my eyes are wide open to how everything that I oppose and every policy that hurts me has come from this country’s government, media, academia institutions. Not Moscow, not Beijing.

            So yeah, I’m rooting against what is still called America.

          • I would prefer if the Russians could selectively set the rulers, not the carrier, on fire.

          • I sincerely hope the Afghanistan pull out debacle served the purpose of humbling America’s de facto and de jure rulers. If it didn’t, I think we are all in for a bumpy, painful future.

          • I didn’t understand why we didn’t ratchet all this intervention nonsense down when the Cold War ended. But Ron Paul was the one who really opened my eyes to the globalist motives and the perspective of the interventionees.

          • everything that I oppose and every policy that hurts me has come from this country’s government, media, academia institutions. Not Moscow, not Beijing.

            Well, yes and no. Moscow got it rolling with communist infiltration, and Beijing keeps it going with financing our traitors. The policies M&B ban at home, they promote in the US and Europe by funding the traitors that push them.

            But I can’t blame them – all is fair, etc. We do the exact same to them, except we not only push the destructive policies abroad, we grow them here too. Which shows how stupid we is.

        • Allegedly, the Ruskie MIC claims their hypersonic missles can outrun all our interdiction systems to deliver large non-nuke payloads anywhere in CONUS. The threat is that if we do the military equivalent to Donbass of what Biden does to little girls, missles start landing on the rose garden.

    • The British helped build the railway or at least a part of it, and provided the trains to the Iraqis (for a price).

      The main opponent of the project was Russia.

      You have a habit of lying about my country.

      • Nope, if I’m wrong on the details, then I’m wrong on the details.

        I can’t remember the British rail line, “A” something to Amman, something like that? Russian opposition is an interesting point. Tsarist or Soviet?

        And, since Grandad was born in London, 100% English, I abase myself with full apology to Our Glorious Sovereign and our mother country…unless you’re a Labour voter.

  22. “In fact, Americans must naturally demand intervention, as to do other wise would be to let evil triumph”.

    Most Americans don’t believe in true evil anymore. Oh, sure, they believe there is a word called evil, but, when they are capable of calling a living fetus a “clump of cells”, that word becomes an elastic blanket that covers whatever someone in charge wants to destroy. Most Americans still think the US is the “good guy”. But, the US stopped being the good guy in 1861, and everything since is just jingoism and tyranny cloaked in self-righteousness.

    • I say 1965, when the Laurel Canyon culture revolution broke our culture, Vietnam broke the dollar, Civil Rights broke the Constitution, and mass vaccination broke our fertility.

      • Addendum: my wife had eight sisters and a brother. She was born before 1965, as was I, with five kids the average for our pre-1965s.

        White people commonly had five or nine children families.
        How common is that today?

        Our males have lost their body mass, body hair, testosterone, sperm counts, and foreskins.
        All after the enemy’s victory in WWll.

        War means take their territory and their females, and enslave or decimate their males. This is the Oldest Law, even the wolves, birds, and voles understand it.

        • “All after the enemy’s victory in WWll.”

          The real brainfuck kicker is that you’ve been taught to believe that is YOUR victory and that you must defend what it represents at all costs.

    • Most Americans are too dumb to understand how deeply true evil is entrenched in their nation, beginning with Sodom on the Potomac.

      • “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
        ― J. Edgar Hoover

  23. It must be a boomer thing…

    I was having coffee during a business meeting the other day and my boomer opposite mentioned how sick of Brandon he was and the democrats. They were distracting the country from real threats like….Putin.

    I didn’t know what to say except, “Sure.” since we had business to do. The thing is, I think people of the older generation have an inner compulsion to show off their knowledge of foreign affairs coupled with a down-home bred steely resolve not to back down. These colors don’t run etc. Yet it’s the most superficial knowledge, at best on the level of Fox news. The guy I was speaking to wouldn’t be able to tell you where Kiev was on a map but was convinced that V. Putin was an active threat to the country.

    VDH is about the same but with a little more intellectual polish. The day cannot come soon enough that their opinions are met with open mockery.

    • Boomer here. Agree that many in my age cohort are unfortunately obsessed with Russia, Putin, and etc. I keep asking them what interest the US has in a border dispute in eastern Europe; still waiting on an answer.

      • The US national interest in the Ukraine is that David Frum’s great-grandmother was raped by a Cossack.

        Also its an opportunity to skim the foreign aid budget.

      • During the Russia-Georgia conflict a few years ago, I heard a co-worker screaming about the Russians. I asked the same question as you did. His reply was, ‘they’re going to trash Georgia like Sherman did!’ Go figure!

    • Tucker took a couple of the cucks to task Monday night for their war-mongering with Russia. I think even the Fox News viewers do not want a war with Russia. You can probably even reach Boomers when you point out all the warmongering rhetoric is coming from the worst of the foreign “elite” of the US.

      Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. But it is becoming near impossible if you pay even the slightest attention to ignore that the “elite” holds us all in utter contempt.

    • Lefty Boomers are also shaking their fists at Putin. Because he is an alpha, because he doesn’t aspire to be part of the West, and because he is a throwback to certain types we learned about in the mid-20th century. And lastly because New York publications tell them to hate him.

  24. Putin should start using the Great Gate of Kiev as intro music before he walks up to the podium for a speech like Jerry Lawler did in pro wrestling. The neocons heads would explode.

    • “The neocons heads would explode.”

      They wouldn’t have the faintest idea what they were hearing.

      In February of 2016, Trump was using “Nessun dorma” for his entrance. Probably b/c it ends with “Vincero! Vincero!” I shall conquer! And he did.

  25. You know, the Cloud People have absolutely failed in their vax mandate narrative. The only places people still give a sh@t are Democrat-controlled states and cities. They still feel that need to take over and tell everyone what to do under the point of a gun, so what are they trying to do?

    The best I can surmise is that they’re going to ramp up this Ukrainian Thing up to the max, then accuse all Americans against their actions to be collaborationists, traitors and appeasers. Then they’ll haul out Garland {(((Garfinkel)))} and his merry tribe in the Justus Department, go after them like motherf@ckers, and milk their new narrative to the max.

    I still wonder why would anyone do this? Most Americans can’t find Ukraine on a map, and really don’t care anything about that sh@thole unless it involves their children getting sent over there. A good narrative needs a convincing sob effect, and it’s hard for anyone to cry about a place that’s even more crooked than any Northeastern U.S. state. Maybe the Cloud People. narrative factory has collapsed like the rest of the country, and people haven’t figured that out yet.

    • There is precedent for what you wrote: World War I. Most Americans opposed it, so the Empire’s gestapo arrested unsavory opponents first and people fell into line. I do believe these monstrous pigs would do exactly what you wrote.

      Again, these evil bastards cannot conceive they would die first and most horribly in a nuclear exchange. That point needs to be driven home to them, and, yes, that will be met with more oppression.

      • There’s one problem that set has to begin with. They have lied so much and been caught up in everyone of them that at least half of the country doesn’t care about anything they have to say.
        And that half is armed to the teeth and not very happy about anything.

        I wonder how long it will be before The Mother of All Narratives blows up- when people figure out that the Scamdemic vaccines are designed to weed out the old and the weak. If that ever happens then what may happen here will make the beef between the Hutus and Tutsis look like an Ironton, Ohio Friday night bar fight.

        • Go check out the trucker-farmer resistance at the Montana-Alberta border crossing.

          It’s coming.

          • It’s wonderful to see but I fear in the aftermath the truckers will be “marked men”, facial recognition will deprive them of any future employment, and they may even be arrested and jailed trying to cross back through whatever borders they have to, to get back home. Perhaps we can smuggle them back. A better way would have been to park the rig, declare positive for covid, stay home for a couple months, and don’t demand anything, just let the kernel of an idea begin to percolate in the minds of the oppressors. Once there was no food in the stores and no trucks running ANYWHERE I bet they would get the idea..

          • Another fine mess-

            Those are actually really good points.

            I expect the police to gather as much data as possible on the truckers and their supporters for later recriminations.

            I agree that parking and going on staycation could have been quite effective, almost a form of reverse Zersetzung they could perform on the controllers.

          • Another point to consider: the Sikh hold the reefers, the refrigerated truck hauling food.

            A foreign element with its own agenda controls the grocery supply line in both Canada and California. 80% of the fruits and veggies on your plate comes from the West Coast farms.

          • Alzaebo

            These protests are 95% white. There was a minor Sikh presence on the first two days of the Ottawa protest, a couple trucks and guys around. They disappeared since then.

            They don’t seem opposed to the cause and are not in favour of lockdowns. But they are also too invested in the status quo, open borders, weak leftist politicians giving them concessions, etc. to really want to rock the boat. I bet most of the have fake vax passes. Many of their truckers are also shady “international students” and such who are basically slaves of the trucking companies and certainly don’t want to get arrested.

            Leftists are whining on reddit how poor Sikhs are getting stuck in the US because of mean whiteys, cbc is interviewing them for sob stories.

            Sikhs are on their own side with their own agenda. They don’t hate the evil whitey protestors like the narrative left is trying to create. But they also support the Globohomo status quo as it benefits them greatly, and many of their truckers are illegals and indenture servants and couldn’t protest even if they wanted to.

            As usual whitey is trying to gain support from foreign groups, to no avail. We need to focus on our own group interests, if others want to join then they can tag along. This is a white man’s fight so far, even if they constantly talk about how race doesn’t matter.

        • The “culling effect” is showing up in the “all causes” death records. Not getting near enough publicity. Basically, last I saw, estimates were that the typical individual dying of Covid had less than a year of expected life.

          What we are not sure of is whether this can be turned around if we concentrate (appropriately) on protecting the oldsters en masse and do a better job in the nursing homes and hospitals wrt this cohort.

          • From the UK ONS figures.

            The difference for men was -8 weeks and for women it was +0.5 days.

            given the average age was 82.4 years.

          • As I’ve said all along, it is utterly demonic to spend two years waging war on our youth to give people that have had a full measure of life a few more insensate hours.

            Anyone who doesn’t see this should apply to be a camp guard because you’ll do just great!

          • The medical brother just lost his job in Cali, at a healthcare center that caters to the elderly.

            Why? After firing the staff, (most complied, as did he)…

            They fired their customers.

            For non-compliance.

            Now, having lost 80% of their clientele, the corp is closing this suddenly unprofitable wing and shunting the rest onto their understaffed remainder.

          • Not to sound heartless here, but the time to best protect the old or those with comorbidities which were not due to anything they had done to themselves was early on in the Scamdemic. The Great Barrington document made that clear, but people like Governors Cuomo, Wolf, Murphy, Whitmer were busy shoving people atill shedding viruses like mad into nursing homes and rehab hospitals (the places chock a block with such vulnerable people), ostensibly to deal with the “crush” of new cases. Well, they got their “crush” of new cases, alright, but these were the at risk in thise facilities. This also came in real handy in driving up the mortality stats and vaulting the panic to the moon. If Granny has to die to Strengthen the Narrative, it was a price Our Elites were willing to pay.

        • Sort of a parallel to Russia 1916, except our dirt people aren’t hungry yet. When it does finally break hopefully our side will have a clear direction with worthy leadership. Because the left already has the organizational framework in place and has been openly operating .
          One of the gunshops in my area is an obvious antifa supplier. Also JBGC has veterans that have been observed conducting basic tactical training to groups in this area as well as many other places in the country.
          They are capable now of standing up a significant number, this is not hyperbole.
          I believe it’s likely in deep blue areas they will be able to establish control very quickly.

      • Credit where credit is due:

        America let the major combatants slug it out until the US entered in force in WWI, and in WWII for Europe. Then the US came in to mop it up and dictate terms favorable to a rising and ambitious US empire.

        Now…we seem to be chomping at the bit to bleed ourselves out in every minor conflict everywhere in the world. It’s insane.

    • There, perhaps, is the point: Putin has been starving out the Ukrainian mobsters who think raping Russia’s finances is their god-given right.

      According to a researcher who backtracked Russiagate to its seeds, Trump was just collateral damage. The =original= purpose was to paint Putin as Trump’s lackey, so he’d lose power in Russia and those Ukrainian mobsters could go back to business as usual.

      If said mobsters are completely neutered, there goes one of the Biden cash cows… and who knows how many other Congressional fingers are grasping for those bribes.

    • Here in Hochulstan the ghoul in Albany is trying to snesk permanent face panty rules in at an emergency rule-making session.

    • “Most Americans can’t find Ukraine on a map, … .”

      Most American couldn’t find Ukraine on a *labeled* map … .”


  26. Why Ukraine?

    Post WWII, the US set up the IMF (and other NGOs) and has used it very effectively to expand influence and power.

    The basic thrust is this: the IMF agrees to lend billions to developing countries; most of the money is spent on contractors provided by Western nations (they reap the immediate profits), then the nation is on the hook for billions in loans.

    Conditions can be onerous. IMF will demand political changes, economic changes (local subsidized jobs must give way to cheap labor, for example), subsidized energy costs, privatization of government controlled assets (so the West can take them over in all but name), etc.

    The US already destabilized the Ukrainian government to replace their President with someone more willing to deal with the rapacious west. The Ukraine is famously corrupt: in the long run, this all might be good …. but it’s not like the West is some sort of “white hat”.

    China has taken the playbook from the West and repackaged it as the “Belt and Road” initiative to great effect. No one trusts the West (the US, especially) anymore.

    TLDR; There are no “white hats” here. Nations have interests, not morals.

  27. Putin should present a map that illustrates the first targets of a nuclear exchange with the United States. Obviously, D.C. and NYC would be the first and second vaporized. The Ruling Class has not had skin in the Empire Game since ’45. and very little then, and operates under the delusion only the smelly Dirt people will die if this goes full bore. After all, the Ruling Class benefits from open borders and offshoring trade and BadWhites suffer, right? These people are as infantile as they are insane, and the knowledge of their likely deaths is about the only thing to get their attention. Throw in a threat of a biological weapon with a really nasty flu slamming down hard on the Acela Corridor and they would be offering up their spouses and children for gang anal rape by the Red Army.

    We will all suffer, of course, if this goes hot, but these evil pigs need to understand they will suffer the most first. It is a shame we have to share a polity with these types, and preparation should be made for separation if they cause Armageddon and there is anything left to make a home.

  28. VDH was the biggest booster of the Iraq and Afghan wars, and got rich and famous off the jingoism. He’ll never let that go until a Russian ICBM lands on his barn.

    • VDH and those types need to know this is possible. They believe everything is a video game where only the Dirt People die and they thrive in an expanded empire. He and that ilk are psychopaths.

    • And for 40 years, there has been a constant drone of the neoconnery on the nightly news and Sunday morning talk shows, implying that you are the lowest of the low if you do not care about . Swaziland. Or the Seychelles. Or whether women have access to birth control at the South Pole. And Joe Citizen has kept quiet about his not giving a good goddamn about any of those places or their residents because he has been programmed by the Idiot Box to be terrified of being seen as “just a horrible perthon!”.

        • Back when Joe Citizen was being programmed, they were all the rage. Nobody watches now, except maybe some 70-something corporate types downing a Bloody Mary or two before they hit the links.

    • Yes VDH was a predictable supporter of those debacles. He has toned that down to match the Trump era anti-intervention mood but if he felt the country turning he would be right back out there saying “we can’t cut and run” and we have “fight them over there so we wont have to fight them here”. I fell for the initial invade Afghanistan and take revenge routine but I knew from the start that the Iraq war was based on lies and propaganda and that SH had nothing to do with 9/11. It turned me against idiot George and Cheney. The way things are now I wouldn’t shed many tears if we had a repeat of 9/11 in the same locations.

  29. VDH is one of the good guys. I would never have an unkind word to say about him. He just happens to be wrong about this.

      • I thought the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures were legit at one time myself.
        I will give VDH kind of a break, he is an old boomer who grew up within civic nationalism.
        He still has some common sense in some areas.
        Foreign policy is not one of them.

    • A person only has to be wrong once to be declared evil and an enemy of the people forever. In this day we are fortunate that there are so many fools who can’t hide their evil eye. I think it has to do with arrogance, pride, and basic innate stupidity. They don’t breed Cloud People like they used to.

      • The Cloud People got dumber and lazier and lied so much that at least seventy or so percent of the populace would like to eat cheeseburgers, swill beer, and grow fatter while they watch them roasted alive on Pay-Per-View.

    • VDH is a person who just can’t let go of the Cold War.

      PCR is a former Cold Warrior who clearly understands just how insane this whole situation is.

    • I would agree about cutting slack if someone is wrong about some particlaur issue once. But only if they admit and apologize, and don’t immediately fall into the exact same trap. Has VDH done that?

      Mess up once, honest mistake
      Mess up twice, you are a fake.

  30. Pushing for nuclear war to enhance one’s position on the DC cocktail circuit. Human language is inadequate to describe such behavior.

    • Moran: No worries; there are sure to be commenters here singing the praises of Hanson, who they’ll insist is terrific ‘except for ‘x’ blind spot.’ Sorta like the ones who still think Sailer’s done so much heavy lifting even though he’d as soon go maskless as to espouse pro-White policies.

      In Hanson’s case, despite his writings mourning the loss of California to the Mestizos (while refusing to acknowledge that genetics>culture), he’s still living in 1980 and Americans are all rooting for Ronnie. And while I’ll prepare for various other hardships or catastrophes, nuclear war is not something I particularly want to consider or plan to survive, so I choose to ignore all the bellicose buffoonery.

      As usual, the headlines are utterly uninteresting and unrelated to real life. I’m far more interested in (and far more uplifted by) watching the truckers blocking roads, maneuvering around police, and honking horns in Canada. And it makes me joyful that the RCMP can’t get any towing companies to help them remove trucks in Alberta. Go, Canada! Please don’t back down, I need something to smile about and root for!

        • The Canadians are showing more moxie than Americans. Who knew? Although I think I read there is an American convoy in the works. Still and all, the Canadians took the lead. I can’t help but wonder if their elections have not been rigged for years with the recurring selection of that clown Castrodeau (he looks just like him – I believe the stories about Margaret gettin’ jiggy with it in Havana).

          • The Canadians have to keep the pressure up.

            Trudeau is nothing more than a WEF regional manager that has abdicated.

        • I was worried about the tow trucks, thank you!

          But heck, they’re all (former) truckers too, as well as mad, rough, cynical, over-regulated, and wildly independent. Sleep is unknown to them.

      • The rest of the planet has been conned into thinking that Canadians are overly polite pussies, but some of the best snipers in the world come out of western Canada. You’ll know that things are getting serious up there when people start disappearing and no one talks about it. I guess that’s a version of being polite. And something like 90% of the country is wilderness, so good luck looking for a body.

        • They share an area similar to Siberia in size and climate with a lot of bears. If natural selection is true there’s gotta be a lot more to them than just ‘polite.’

          • I remember the Yukonite cheerfully telling me, “sure we have nukes…and they’re all on our southern border, pointed at YOU”

            He went to an Anglican boy’s school, akin to the British public schools, and as brutal.

            The school graduation?

            They took each boy 200 kilometres into the wilderness, dropped him, his coat, a knife, and a canoe by a river, and said, “Now…make it home.”

            He said they lost one every coupla years, their pictures were on a wall.

      • “According to local towing companies that spoke with the Western Standard, police have placed requests since Sunday for them to assist the RCMP in the removal of trucks and other vehicles participating in the protest. The companies said that they would not be doing so.”


        “One of the companies, City Wide Towing said it had tow trucks at the blockage to help support stranded drivers, but confirmed that none of its vehicles stayed on scene to assist authorities.”

        If I ever need a tow truck in Alberta, I know which company to call. Just watched your link. The trucker says to the RCMP cop “you too could say to your superiors.” When the elite goes rotten, all you have to call on are real people. I think we’re going to win.

  31. First, I’m so friggin old that I remember when VDH was a certified Progressive, and later watched him make the slow transition to middle-of-the-road and then born-again conservative after his family farm was adversely impacted by illegal immigration. Like so many marque neoconservatives, he hides his true purpose behind a facade of erudition and esoteric historical trivia.

    But VDH is genuinely knowledgeable about military history (particularly the ancient Greeks) and an admirer of effective military tactics. If you really want to shut him up and put him in his place, just mention tactics that actually work and it scares the bejesus out of him. In particular, suggest a rebirth of American fighting spirit combined with 4S & focus and he shits his pants. So much for the faux bravado of an academic.

      • Go back into the archives. There’s a serialized tutorial there. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • Hanson is fairly weak on immigration considering what he has personally witnessed and been through related to it. I don’t believe he supports expelling most illegals. He was lukewarm on eliminating birthright citizenship for years. He still got fed up with National Review and quit writing for them, just to give you an idea of how bad they are.

  32. Given the history of what Soviet Communism did to Ukraine, I can see why Ukranians (at least western Ukranians) might not want to be part of Russia, but why this is any of our business is beyond me. Russia has dominated Ukraine for at least five hundred years, without it affecting our national security, or even the security of Europe, in any way I can see. Communism was obviously deeply dangerous, but Putin has renounced that in no uncertain terms, regardless of what lies the neocons tell, and us antagonizing Russia over Ukraine is far, far more dangerous to our security than even a full-blown Russian invasion of Ukraine would be. The hatred of some members of the US elite to a white, Christian country is looking like the best explanation so far.

    • Reported that Florida national guard (reserve?) units were in The Ukraine showing our “allies” how to use man portable bunker buster rockets.

      Waiting to see when the Russians will send advisors to Mexico to advise their allies in similar methods.

      • Seeing that the Cartel is fully militarized- they fired ‘los manyas’ street hustlers and hired Contras and Mexican Army professionals to replace them- you are scaring the living sh*t outta me.

    • I don’t personally care if the Ukraine is part of Russia or not. Yakutsk hunters, more closely related to American Indians than to Sct Petersburgers like Putin, are part of Russia and the primary effect on the hunters seems to be that they can hunt bears and wild boar with a Baikal slug gun instead of a spear. But it is a very important question whether it is worth increasing the risk of having America and Europe nuked to ensure that Ukraine is or is not, part of Russia. I have very strong opinions that that is not worth it.

      But Z is right, this is about elite hatred of Russia. Whether that goes back to progroms 120 yrs ago (personally sceptical of that), a 1950s mindset in need of an update, lost business opportunities for the Davos gang or outraged incredulity that there are laws protecting Russian children from sex change ‘therapy’, I’m not really sure.

      I think China is a real threat. Russia should be wooed as an ally. But that requires actually wanting what’s in America’s interest. Terribly uncouth in DC these days…

      • In what way is China a threat to the people of the west?

        I mean in a detail way.

        The threat to the west is from their own globohomo govts and that is many orders of magnitude more than china.

        What is china going to do import millions of third worlders and destroy your homeland?

        • They are pushing fentanyl into the US, they are stealing technology, trading unfairly to wreck what’s left of American industry. And they’re providing a society model that globohomo seems to want but I certainly don’t.

          Globohomo is the primary enemy that is true. How much globohomo/Davos is in cahoots w the CCP I dont know. But human nature being what it is I do not want a group so alien to become history’s greatest power. That would not be good for us.

          • The CCP and GloboHomo had a modus vivendi wherein they would be bellicose toward one another but the grift would keep on keepin’ on. Then Xi told the Tribe “no.”

          • Fentanyl into the US?

            You think the CCP is doing this?
            I assume you know about the massive coke importation by the US IAs via Mena/Colombia/Bush/Clinton, the Heroin from the Golden triangle by the CI_A in the 70s when they took over the French csrtle routes, or the routing of Opium up from Afghanistan. You think this is different?

            Industry has been given away by the US and corporations en masse for decades. The CCP did not kidnap them and get them to send all the manufacturing overseas for 30 years. The US’s own politicians did it to them.

            For some one as intelligent as yourself I am astounded you can’t see the China cold war for the new scam it obviously is.

          • trumpton, they were producing mountains of fentanyl that they were perfectly able to keep off Chinese streets but somehow could not ‘prevent’ from being smuggled into the US. Did they have accomplices stateside? I mean, the ‘elite’ traitor class wants to kill the country so….sure…

            They, unlike Russia, still consider this man a role model

            And, they are an ENTIRELY different branch of the HBD tree. Do you still not see why I am not entirely thrilled with them becoming the overbearing hegemon.

            If we were a little smarter about things, I imagine Putin and his poker buddies in the Kremlin would nod at such thoughts. But right now globohomo is pushing him into Xi’s loving arms.

          • We are already run by a different branch of the Tree, or have you not noticed the overunning of your country?

            I ask again what more damage could China being a world power do to the average person in the West that is worse than now? I don’t mean it would be hypothetically bad, I mean concretely.

            China cares about Taiwan and the South China sea. I don’t give a shit what they do in their sphere of influence.

            I am more concerned about internal civil wars from mass invasion and being a second class citizen in my own country than whether China retakes Taiwan.

          • Also, there are good reasons the Chinese having been buying up North American farmland and food processors like Smithfield.

          • China is a threat a you say. But the bigger threat are the US traitors that facilitate China’s 4th gen war on the US. Beginning with the Clintons, if not dear old “open the door to China” Nixon. Perhaps in Nixon’s case it was naivetee.

  33. > . “Americans want an autonomous Ukraine to survive. They hope the West can stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strangulation of both Ukraine and NATO.”

    At best, they trot out a survey full of loaded wording like “60 percent of Americans says they support intervention in Ukraine to stop aggressive military action by Putin”

    Okay, are those sixty percent telling their kid to enlist? Are they calling congress demanding intervention? Or, did they just respond yes and turn on Netflix without thinking another thought about Ukraine after replying to the poll?

    Even if a majority gives lukewarm support on paper as an abstraction, that’s not near enough for a full military operation, and when even a dozen bodybags come home these same NPCs will turn on a dime and not even acknowledge they REALLY supported the war.

    • Yeah that 60% is what Zman refers to as manufactured consent. What about reality here at home where a majority of Americans want real immigration reform and immediate policing and push back on the invaders at the southern border. When is that going to happen when we know a majority want it? Too late , I know.

      Hansen, neocons and all of the current administration’s traitors have no interest or concern for the issues Americans really care about.
      As far as Ukraine goes, most of these people are in deep with the corruption and crime as much as the Bidens are.

      • David: As a Californian, an academic, and then a National Review writer, what possible contact has Hanson had with real Americans? He’s lived amongst the leftist loons, Mestizo immivaders, and Juice neocon pseudo intelligentsia his entire life. I fully concede he knows far more about military history than I do – and I don’t particularly give a damn. On the existential crisis facing the White race and Western Civilization, Hanson is awol. He’s of no use to me.

  34. Thank you, Z. Is there a more fatuous blowhard in existence than V.D. Hanson? I think not. He of course regards Sherman as the greatest general of all times and all peoples (an almost sexual delight in his celebration of Sherman’s pillaging in Georgia and SC), and sneers at Robert E Lee and Confederate soldiers. Which tells you everything you need to know about this dreadful neocon horror.

    His “evolution” to a sort of populism is amusing. Ole VD (who claims to be a “traditionalists” came to support Trump was the “real deal” after talkin’ with some farmers in California. The simple rustics admired Trump which convinced VD that DJ was OK. Hence his resignation from national review. Like a truffle-sniffing pig, he knows where the readers are going. A genuinely vile human being.

  35. I used to read VDH off and on, but his wishy washy-ness on salient issues and the neoconservative bent just got tiresome. These people are totally divorced from normal American reality. To actually write that Americans deeply care about the fate of Ukraine is ludicrous. Sure, let’s get into another freaking shooting war – this time with someone who can shoot back, big time. I swear, with people like this representing “conservatives”, there is no hope.

      • LOL, welp, if you were a kid of my generation and grew up playing Risk, you sure as hell know where it is.
        That and Kamchatka.

      • Americans of a certain manly disposition common to soldiers know it as a mythical place pretty girls come from.

        When Russian prostitutes (and quasi-prostitutes) were still under the mistaken impression that Americans hated them, they’d always lie and say “Ukraina.” Trained at the factory, apparently. My friends and I would use “Ukrainian” when saying “whore” was too vulgar.

        Because VDH is wrong, the whores don’t lie anymore. “Rossiya” is better advertising.

        Trump’s greatest accomplishment. He made some lies obsolete.

        • 1000 upvotes for Ukrainian beauties

          My GODS let’s open the immigration gates

          I mean, if our gals want something REALLY important to b*tch about…

          • American females could learn a thing or two about how to act like women from Eastern European and, yes, Russian girls. The beautiful and gracious Melania is Exhibit #1.

    • I wearied of Hanson complaining that “California is becoming a third-world country” as if it was just a random happening, like a drought. Republican leadership is never going to call out the crimes of the Democrats. They are too similar to the Republicans’ own crimes.

  36. Isn’t this another consequence of the holocaust narrative? The empire uses the holocaust narrative to justify interference in anything anywhere, in order to prevent another holocaust.

    • More Wilson’s mad desire to “make the world safe for democracy” than a Fancy Feast narrative, since both ethnicities are Slav.

    • Not only the Holocaust, but invading any country anywhere. (Except for the US, which invades countries for human rights and liberty you see.) It’s not anudda Treblinka, it’s anudda Austria.

      • “Well, you know what happens when white people stand up for their racial interests…”


        The kindest, most humane deportation programme ever.

        Except, the miraculously “disappeared” walked over the Polish border, where Stalin suddenly gained soldiers without rifles or uniforms? What, did the broke USSR ship their needed farmhands to the front without arms?

        Then they came back to rape Berlin and every shiksa they could grab. Vengeance is their God.

        These are the people from the land of tyrants. Their gangster culture appreciates resolute strength and iron will. That’s why they’ll back down if you stand up to them.

        If Uncle Adolf- a man so kind he became a vegetarian, dogs loved him- had pulled a Rhineland Meadows on the 375,000 *uden in Germany, they would’ve adored him as they did Stalin, who killed the leaders but left the slave camp and secret police administrative opportunities intact.

        There would’ve been AH statues instead of Ho…err, Victory Memorials in every Western city.

        We would’ve has schoolbooks promoting Facism, too. The Rotfront, the Goebbels, the Eichmanns infiltrated the NS in case it won. They wanted to be astride the strong horse.

  37. The Russians don’t want to invade the Ukraine, wars are expensive and almost never go as planned

    The compromise the Russians would be happy with is a federal Ukraine, this would keep the Ukraine independent but since the regions would have veto over NATO membership Washington is against the idea also, this would strip power from Kiev, so the elite will resist it at all costs

    I see the same situation in the US, the elite in the capital want to rule over everyone and everything

    Bobby Lee was right

    “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”

  38. Got in an argument with some guy over what right did we have in interfering with a Russia to Germany pipeline. His only retort was “Trump blocked it and Biden allowed it!” After I said Trump was wrong, he shut-up.

    Right now the moustache guy analogies are flying fast and furious.

    • Thanks. Biden approved releasing funds so Hunter could collect on their open Burisma commodity contracts.

  39. Spicy, why do they hate Russia so much? I’m genuinely curious. Max boot, the obvious psychopath, aside. What gives?

      • Stalin offed their favorite Jew, Trotsky. Remember: an attack against (((one))) is an attack against (((all))). :-))))))

    • Russia + Belarus + the Ukraine = the largest white Christian country in the world, they can’t allow this to happen

      • Recovering neocon here.

        The old Soviet Union was a horrible place, although by the 1980s way less so than it had been. I have trouble believing the current edition of Russia is worse. What’s more the breakup of the USSR did little for the average Soviet Joe- although it did enrich the oligarchs and especially the government hacks that emerged from the chaos. (the Baltics might be a exception, but I don’t really know)

        The notion of a free Ukraine is preposterous- it’s been in Russian orbit since when, the Middle Ages?

        It seems to me that the Putster wants a “Finlandized” Ukraine. I dunno if that’s good or bad. I do know it’s not, as I’ve observed before, worth the bones of one Iowa National Guardsman. (HT to Otto) Besides we need the guard here at home to protect our leaders from the Groypers and Proud Boys and others regularly besieging the Capitol.

        • American Leftist propaganda notwithstanding, everything indicates that things are better for the average Russian now than under the late USSR. But this wasn’t true in 1995, and it may not have been true in 2005, at least not in some ways. But now average Russian incomes are as high as they have ever been, ditto life expectancy, and living standards in the big cities are approaching western levels, although not in the smaller towns or countryside. Most of this has happened in the last 15 years – it’s no wonder that Putin has genuinely high levels of popularity among ordinary Russians, doctored polls notwithstanding

          • There’s a YouTube channel callrd Yeah Russia that gives a young woman’s perspective of life there in the East, though one can see bits of poz creeping in if they look too closely.

          • I heard that 12 million Russians died after 1989, things were that bad.

            They’re supposed to forget?

      • Belarus’ former name: Byelorussia. You’re right.

        The Warsaw Pact was the largest cohort of strong believers, and they refused to die.

    • I suspect people in the “Inner Circle” want Cold War V2, Electric Boogaloo for all those neat weapons systems and money to fund them.

      The War on Terra, I mean, Terror, turned out to be a bust.

      We can’t fight China, they have all our debt and sell us all of our trinkets.

      Russia it is. 👍

      • They MIC gravy train has already begun.

        The prime on my contract just received a $750 million, IDIQ contract for product.

        Nice work, if you can get it.

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