The Great Embarrassment

Form the perspective of human society, there are two types of crises. The most familiar type of crisis is the unforeseen event that threatens order. A natural disaster, like an earthquake, is the obvious example. The ground suddenly begins to shake, buildings fall over and there is general panic. The people tasked with keeping the wheels of the society turning have to rush around to put things back in place. This unexpected event threatens the very order of society.

On the other hand, something like a hurricane or a major snowstorm is an external threat for which we expect the government to be prepared. Florida gets enough hurricanes that the people expect the government to know how to handle them, so if they do not manage the situation properly, it is a big problem. The elected officials come under pressure to explain why they screwed up. In other words, their failure to do their jobs causes a crisis for the political system.

The external crisis is mostly about getting through it as the external event does not last forever, so once it is done you go back to normal. The other type of crisis, on the other hand, is the internal one. This is where some irreconcilable contradiction in the rules of your system begin to threaten your system. It is not something you can wait out, as the contradiction is not going away. In fact, its existence becomes a greater threat each day that it is not resolved or ameliorated.

The Marxists used to talk about the inherent conflicts in capitalism. They argued that even though capitalism produces great material abundance, it destroys the social fabric that make it possible. Over time, the rate of return on capitalism will turn negative and the abundance will decline. This inevitably leads to social conflict and the collapse of the system. It was central to Marxism that the inherent contradictions within capitalism would inevitably lead to crisis.

The thing about a crisis driven by an internal contradiction is that it forces the people in charge to make a choice that they want to avoid. The communist ran into this when it became clear that Marxism had no replacement for price. If they acknowledged this truth, the justification for their rule evaporated. Alternatively, they could acknowledge that communism would never produce abundance, but then they would have to produce another justification for communism.

This story out of the NFL is a great example of the sort of irreconcilable contradictions that exist in the new social religion of our rulers. The assumption is that there are not enough black NFL head coaches. No one says what the number should be, but they all agree the current number is below the threshold. This is a habit you see everywhere with the new religion. What is the right amount of diversity? The answer is always more, but no one can say more than what.

What all of the beautiful people know is that the number of black coaches is less than the desired number and that is because of racism. All men are created equal, so what else could explain the disparity in the profession? Further, most coaches were players and most players are black. The logic of social Marxism says that the only possible explanation is some hidden barrier or conspiracy. The reason racial perfection does not exist is something structural.

That hidden barrier is always structural. The new religion insists that society is a constructed reality. In this case, as in all cases, white men constructed the reality, so it must be for the benefit of white men. That means the system naturally works against black men, which in this case means hidden or unconscious bias in the hiring of NFL head coaches. The solution is to compel teams to interview at least two black coaches as a wrecking ball against the white power structure.

This bit of logic is slamming into the reality of the business. Teams not only need to win games as a business reality, but they attract owners and executives who want to win games out of competitive instinct. This leads to two relevant results. One is they are always looking to exploit loopholes in the rules to gain an edge. The other is they are going to hire the coach they think can win. A team will hire a Volkswagen Beetle full of midget clowns if that means winning games.

Put another way, the inherent contradiction of the new social religion turns on the fact that the human condition is immutable. They may dream of a world of perfect equality, but men are not equal in the general sense or the particular sense. Therefore, human society is going to be defined by variation and inequality, reflecting the diversity of the people in that society. In the case of football, most players will be black, while most coaches will be white.

The crisis is that the true believers think their good intentions put them on the side of angels, which in this case means the side of nonwhites. In reality, they are alienating the people they claim to represent. Imagine being a young black coach hoping for a chance to be a head coach and quickly learning that your value is in ticking the box on a form required by the league. Regardless of your views on race relations, you have to empathize with this coach suing the league.

What the policy does is reveal that you can have a league where everyone tries to win or you can have a league where everyone tries to comport with the new racial morality of the new religion. You cannot have both. That means the owners can choose between wanting to be a hero to the black man or satisfying the needs of the business. In order to do both, they need to find a way to crush the dreams of this and other black coaches in the name of racial equity.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at it. The NFL is run by some of the most disreputable grifters finance capitalism can produce. The owners are mostly men who gamed the system to skim billions from the people. They have produced nothing and will leave no footprints when they are gone. The NFL is the full expression what is wrong with placing carnies at the top of the social order. No people deserve this misery more than the NFL owners and operators.

Of course, the NFL is the part of the iceberg we see. They represent the managerial elite of the American empire. This NFL policy is about soothing the sensitive psyches of the managerial elite. It is not really about the black coaches. It is about the elites and their need to reconcile their position in society. Instead of building monuments to their people or culture, they are building monuments to themselves by supporting these reckless social engineering schemes.

It is ironic that the people who come from an intellectual tradition rooted in the belief that the inherent contradictions of capitalism will bring down the system and usher in the communist utopia now sit atop a system riddled with internal contradictions. In the fullness of time, scholar will debate how it was possible that radial politics could be wrong about so much and stagger on for so long. The Enlightenment will inevitably be renamed The Great Embarrassment.

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207 thoughts on “The Great Embarrassment

  1. It’s actually not that hard to come up with an imaginary number for the suitable number of black coaches. It’s their percentage of the overall population. So if 12% of the population is African-American, then 12% of the teams have black coaches. *dusts hands* There. That’s that. I’m not into sportsball, so I have no idea how well my 12/100 teams would play. Apparently the consensus is for shit.

  2. I hope Larry fink ends up being one of those Methuselah type Jews ( Kirk Douglas Edward Bernays as an example) so he can see his system implode. If fox news can make Soros into an Ernst Blofeld type character surely they can do the same with larry

  3. To be fair to the Enlightenment, though, it was a good faith attempt in response to the religious wars, from Arianite suppression to Islamic conquest to Protestant-Catholic genocides. (Abrahamic politics, in other words.)

    The Church had failed to stop the horror; the Free Masons took their available knowledge bases (the Bible was eminent, but not the sole authority), fought a Revolution, and built a Capitol of Freemason architecture. Washington DC has only a few Christian motifs. They tried a new social model without kings or inherited aristocratic privilege.

    The Marxists, too, were addressing the problems of the Industrial Revolution. The *ewish Woke, the problem of White rule, surely they could do a better job.

    Because whites are who we are, we gave each a fair hearing, let them play out in a good-faith attempt.

    I think this is why the Zman explores political philosophy to such depth: can the ‘based dissidents, people of good will, can find a model that allows for real human beings?

    • They were using what they knew.
      I’m not going to judge them on that.

      This Dissident thing, though- we have inherited a much larger assembled knowledge base, and are still trying to be as fair and as just as we can.

      I think we stand, at long last, to make something really, truly good in this benighted world.

    • When there aren’t enough protestants available to serve as scapegoats, like in France or Mexico or Russia, the revolution is explicitly atheist. There is no good faith in it. Not that protestants are worth supporting anyway.

      The founding father freemasons were also exploitative, taking advantage of a colonial independence war to impose liberal social experiments on everyone when they weren’t just plain grifting.

  4. “The Enlightenment will inevitably be renamed The Great Embarrassment.”

    I wonder if the good bits are salvageable or too mixed up with the ideological overreach. I mean, science and medicine have been corrupted by ideology and corruption but we’re going to miss them when they’re gone. Of course, right now we’re in the middle of the most insane ideological experiment and to salvage anything we’d need to grab power first.

    • Before I write any other words, I just want to express that I am not some buffoon who fails to note that science and medicine have given us tangible benefits. However, when you add up the corpses, modern medicine actually is the biggest killer in the United States – using the CDC’s own numbers. Two, and related, is the idea, pushed by early founders of science, is that the truth of something lies in isolating it from all other things (the quanta, if you will). This leads to the myopia where our science studies absolutely irrelevant crap in the quest for truth, yet fails to recognize that things such as diseases are results of not single variables but a complex array of interactions. Science, and its foster child modern medicine, can only operate under the ‘one symptom one cause’ dynamic because that is how it looks at the world. The ability of science to compartmentalize everything has led to the misleading that we see everyday. Quantized data has usurped wisdom, and the bodies and lower IQs are piling up.

      • To fully address the issues your raise would evolve into a treatise on epistemology, the study of knowledge. To say that modern medicine is the biggest killer in America is not really true. I haven’t seen the CDCs particular data on this but will just offer two of modern medicine’s greatest areas of progress, infectious medicine and traumatology.

        People used to die from what are today banal infections. A ruptured blister or a splinter in the finger could turn to sepsis. Children would die from all sorts of contagions. Against bacterial infections in particular the 20th century was a triumphal crusade for medicine. We’re backsliding now a little but still.

        In traumatology, maybe 50% of car accident victims and maybe 75% of gun shot victims, would not have made it before 1970-ish. We are way better at pulling people back from the brink of grave mechanical injury than we used to be.

        All of these would count in the surplus column of medicine. Medical malpractice and error happen but they are much smaller than the number of lives saved. I don’t how the CDC compiled their numbers and as you may have noticed of late, objective statistics is not exactly a strong suit of theirs.

        About science in general, it is true that it has for the last several decades been very reductionist. Physicists look for this or that elementary particle and the life sciences try to reduce everything to molecular biology. Both are currently relatively uninterested in a more integrative approach. There are fashion waves in science as in every other endeavour and right now everyone is scrambling around on the floor for the tiniest detail. Eventually this will change.

        Science and medicine are defined by verification or falsification. That is by looking at actual reality. I can’t think of a better foundational principle to ensure that we know what we are actually doing than to look at results which is the name of the game here.

        That this process can be highjacked by careerists, humbug and cheating, is obvious. But that does not make the basic idea unsound.

        • Why not familiarize yourself with reality — that being that 10%+ of deaths in the US are due to malpractice, with an even greater amount of “injuries” received — versus strawmanning an argument.

          No one is advocating rolling science and medicine back to before antibiotics, germ theory, or CPR/stop the bleed life saving techniques, or the diagnostic and preventive protocols used to spot disease before end-stage is reached. However clearly there is a massive profit and ulterior motives (eg never ending government research grants) that drive science and medicine which have dubious relations to improving patient outcomes.

      • As I see it, the problem is that “science” and “medicine” regard the human being not as an organism, but as a machine, the result of the Enlightenment (and other factors). And that is how medicine is practiced: Disease is cause by the body’s lack of some pharmaceutical potion, and treatment–and even cures–can be effected by supplying the body’s lack of this or that medication.

        The truth that the human organism is, well, an organism and not a machine has been lost–and even discredited. That’s why medicine as it is practiced today generates “specialists.” These are people who know more and more about less and less until they will one day know everything about nothing.

        The man-as-machine idea is also why medical treatments is so costly.

      • Every year prescription medications taken *AS DIRECTED* appear near the top of the mortality charts. Which is why I’ve wondered if the people pushing the COV19 vaccines really believed they were beneficial and harmless, why not advocate for removing developer/manufacturer immunity? It seems straightforward to me. Put your money where your mouth is.

        • Thank you RoBG. When you couple those numbers with the number of medical errors, you reach the number one killer in America. And this is before you even factor in things such as blood pressure medications causing heart and kidney damage and all other sorts of uncatalogued side effects. Then, of course, the vastly underreported numbers of those injured by vaccines.
          Infant, I completely agree with you as well. The notion of supplying what is missing via medicine is the tomfoolery that leads to the above issues. The treatment of bodies like a machine perfectly exemplified my bone to pick with science.

  5. The Canadian trucker led protest seems very important. It’s an open defiance of the regime’s authority to manage the movement of goods necessary for running society. It has specific demands to be met before restoring order and is leaving the regime with the choice of giving in or using force. The regime so far has been incrementally escalating from attempting to use the police, seizing their funding (how could the organizers have made the go-fund-me mistake again?), to proposing the idea of using the military through their propaganda organs. The police have so far declined to force, the money seems to have been replaced with even more money, and the military has publicly expressed that they are not interested in being used suppress the protest. This is much like what preceded the collapse of the soviet union in that a fundamental catalyst of that regime’s collapse was the army refusing to carry out orders to intervene in the crisis of authority in Estonia. The analogy breaks down when comparing the nature of the leadership of the two regimes. Today’s tyrants seem to me to be far less grounded in physical reality but I probably put too much into the figure heads presented to the public.

    • The Canadian version of regime is going to try to do everything possible to demoralize the truckers. They are going to try a mix of intimidation, harrassment and empty words of “we hear you…” without doing anything substantial. I would not be surprised if some of the regime rats in Ottawa are talking to professional PsyOps ppl from the US regime on how to break cohesion and resolve in such a group.

      I hope all patriotic Canadians are really proud of their wonderful truckers. I hope they put an aboot up Trudeau’s sissy a$$. And even if they fail, which I hope they don’t, we must learn from this as well. The truckers just helped me realize the power of ordinary people if they work together against tyranny. No wonder the sissy tyrants want to replace us. What’s happened over the last couple of decades all fits together in a diabolical way.

      • I really liked Mark Steyn’s comment that Trudeau had contracted the “pantywaist variant”.

      • Your last paragraph touches on one reason why the episode is has so much potential and the quandary it presents to the regime. The successful defiance is inspiring! Using force is lose / lose for them and attempting to use force and failing is even worse. Using fear to maintain control isn’t a winning strategy for a regime that bases it legitimacy on claims of consent. Worse yet when their attempts to do so inspire further institutional defiance.

    • “giving in or using force”

      If the truckers are serious, the authorities can use force to disperse them, but what they can’t directly force them to do is deliver goods.

      Loss of income maybe can. I hope they’re in it for the, ahem, long haul.

      • These guys are going to get harassed repeatedly over the next few years.
        Police, IRS, licensing violations, etc, etc. You name it.

        There is nothing so vindictive as these petty govts being challenged.

        • One, I agree with Trumpton – petty harassment. However, I feel you all have missed the most essential tactic the gub and the media have: just ignoring it. These people will have to go back to work by and large, and the media simply isn’t covering them. They will have accomplished nothing.

        • You can bet those friendly officers are going around with their bodycams on trying to gather as much information as possible for later persecution on an individual basis.

          The leviathan state ain’t got nothin’ but time!

        • Probably not as much as you’d think. There are far too many of them and a lot of the ground pounders are sympathetic to the truckers

          I’ve also heard that President Trudeau received a .303 round on his pillow and his security detail could or did nothing. This might be why he is said to be hiding out in the US somewhere. All rumors but still Canadians are nice till they are not.

          • Yeah sure he did.

            Some one put a noose in his garage as well?

            They will collect all the license plates and then fan out out the numbers to the federal agencies, names on lists in each dept for “special attention” which will then just systematically target them.

            As Wild Geese says they got nothing but time to do this stuff.

          • The biggest problem y’all have is the constant black pill assumption that the state is invulnerable and unstoppable and that people never you know do anything.

            Most of the world has riots and protests galore. You just are not allowed to see them.

            US people are a lot more passive than most people are, too many guns not enough mindset.

            And yes stuff like the .303 incident does happen. Deblasio’s security detail took a long smoke break and allowed a mentally
            ill person to walk into into Gracie Manor.

            The entire police force turned their back on said mayor as well.

            Zoolander ,errr I mean Trudeau is probably less popular than that.

            This doesn’t mean it happened and no doubt the media lies all the time but its past the point where this matters.

            A Rasmussen Poll

            58% Of Voters Agree: Media Are ‘Enemy of the People’


            Our side hasn’t won by a long shot but the enemy is staring to get perilously close to Ceausescu’s last speech territory.

          • I was not saying he is not hated, or that the govt is invulnerable.

            People like Justin Asswipe are always magicking up fake crap as to why they are unsafe or under threat, especially when they think they need to play the victim card.

            Its all they ever do. Play on people’s empathy with the me, me me poor me card that appeals to women.

            Like he got Covid as well (again), my arse.

            If there was a bullet he put it there himself, or got one of his ass kissing staffers to do it.

        • Police, irs, etc homeland security pencil pushers…sense in their gut, if the shelves are empty, they’re fucked.

      • This isn’t the first time “Go Fund Me” has shut down a campaign they disagreed with. There must be alternatives.

    • If the military is unleashed on them, it won’t be the Canadian military. It’ll be “ours.”

      The US regime is salivating for mass civilian slaughter. If they aren’t too stuck in the Ukraine/Russia thing already, they’ll take this opportunity. Then they’ll bring it home.

      • It will PLA troops disguised as UN peacekeepers.

        Unfortunately I don’t believe they’ll be dumb enough to wear those goofy blue helmets.

      • If the US regime began slaughtering Canadian truckers, ordinary Americans would run guns, lots of guns, to Canada so they could defend themselves. Suddenly the 2A would be de facto valid for Canada as well. It would be two brother nations united in purpose. Regimes united in wickedness, peoples united in fighting for freedom.

        • Canadians are rather well armed as they will gladly register handguns but no way in hell will they obey rifle laws.

          This 2A issue is probably why that government there hasn’t asked for US help. The risk of spillover is too high as American Truckers are starting to take not and have interest in joining in. Some of the regular border crossers already have .

  6. A good NFL coach is like an air traffic controller at a busy airport. There’s a reason why the Obama admin pushed so hard to get blacks into that, most lily white part of the government (endangering us all). Cognitive ability is needed to solve complex problems. From the minute Samual Morton started pouring marbles into human skulls in the 19th Century to measure intelligence, he found a certain race that just couldn’t contain enough marbles. We can all guess which one that is. Early Science was uncovering this plain truth left and right. The subject has been taboo for decades now, and languished on the sidelines. Also, wokeness is nothing new in college. The book, The Bell Curve was in print when I was in college. I remember being shouted down (in the mid 90’s) by white women (and not 10s) in my class just by mentioning the book to the professor and asking his thoughts. The cat will one day come out of the bag on this issue as genetic research continues and as the current regime politically fails. If you think Affirmative Action is mean to black people, wait until they have to live in a society where everyone sees them as genetic trash. And once that happens, questions will arise as to whether we can even live with them.

    • Cat out of the bag?

      80% of the world knows this fact as part of everyday life. It is not lack of information that is preventing this. It is wall to wall gaslighting to deny reality from the organized globohomo forces all over the west.

      Why would they ever change this when it is the source of a lot of their power to continue using the tools of mass mind control to make people live a lie 24 hours a day?

      • Yes, 80% of the world knows this, especially outside the anglophonic countries, but only 1% matter, and right now that 1% is trying to keep a lid on this and has been for a long time. It attacks the very ecosystem of interlocking grievances that they use to excesses control. And yes, “they” has a big percentage of (((them))). That’s what makes this all such kabuki theater. The obvious is right in front of our faces.

    • “If you think Affirmative Action is mean to black people, wait until they have to live in a society where everyone sees them as genetic trash.”

      Honestly, it would be a better world for black people. Being able to deal honestly with the facts of a situation generally leads to better outcomes. Admitting blacks are, on average, of lower intelligence doesn’t mean saying they are “trash,” and it allows a clear-eyed path for making sure they can be as successful as possible within their limitations, instead of pretending every black failure is a case of White racism, no matter how ludicrous the claim is.

      • A realistic acceptance would require a return to segregation.

        Just imagine running that conversation via the civ-nats you know.

        I can’t see that happening without the US itself becoming segregated.

          • @lmhc

            It’s not about IQ. It’s about behavior. IQ is correlated with behavior (not perfectly of course) but it is not the root of the friction.
            Culture is systematized behavior and culture is downstream of biology. We do not and can not share a culture with them. Imposing our culture onto them was the great leftist project of the 1950’s-70’s. It failed hard. So now leftists seek to impose their culture onto us. That will fail too, because aggregate behavior is downstream of biology.

            Politics is downstream of culture. We cannot share a politics (a state) with people with whom we cannot share a culture. We both need separation, not segregation. They need to be free of leftist social engineers as much as we do.

        • “A return to segregation”

          The beginning is to realize, and then to acknowledge and act on, the fact that a very substantial fraction of African-Americans find living among white people intolerable.

          All integrationists (what my Mom used to call “people of good will”) were motivated by the false belief that blacks would be “uplifted” by living among whites and therefore conforming to white ways of thinking, doing, and being.

          Well, we are 60 years down the road now, and, yes, a few very talented individuals have done very well, but on the whole the experiment has failed.

          Now what?

      • Hbd is sort of old hat to a lot of people here but the best way to bring it up is by saying that abilities vary and how come no one is asking about white punt returners

      • Right now we are fighting for our own survival in our own homelands. If and when we win, I will probably share your sort of soft, Victorian paternalism towards blacks. They didn’t choose to have inferior intelligence and impulse control.

        Right now, in the midst of (so far cold) battle, it is hard to find the surplus for such benevolence. But after we win I hope we will regain it. After we have put down the curse of multicultural woke, maybe the wiser among us can find ways to live according to the realities of nature without becoming beast ourselves. I like to think of us as the beast killers, not imitators.

        • ” … maybe the wiser among us can find ways to live according to the realities of nature without becoming beast ourselves.”

          It was done–and quite well, too–in the South from 1619 to about 1970. It’s not hard. It requires only the *will* (which is still present) and *local* control. And local control is by no means out of the picture, what with the collapse going on everywhere now. FedGov will soon reach the limit of their power.

      • “Admitting blacks are, on average, of lower intelligence doesn’t mean saying they are “trash,” and it allows a clear-eyed path for making sure they can be as successful as possible within their limitations”

        While the spirit of your comment is admirable, alas, the problem extends far beyond variations in intelligence. Detroit isn’t a violent sh*t-hole because they’re dumb.

  7. I can not for the life of me figure out how people get into nfl team fandom.
    The millionaires that play have nothing to do with the area. These franchises will leave the city lol.They sometimes rebrand names and logos, got to stay loyal to the billionaire owner though lol. Players switch teams or get cut all the time.

    The names are silly. Why is Chicago a bear. There are no bears in Chicago or Illinois. Why aren’t they at least an animal known for the state. Detroit lions? Couldn’t you have picked a car or a slum anyway…

    At least in college fandom you have a little more in common than absolutely nothing at all, going to the same school. Or soccer ultras who try to relate to the real world instead of living in nfl imagination land? ( Not some huge endorsement of soccer, Premier League is like the nfl now and la liga has tried its hardest to copy it and kill any spanish flair it had).

  8. I’ve often wondered what future historians will make of this time. It’s just so bizarre that I think that they’ll have a hard time believing whites went this crazy so quickly.

    Sure, civilizations follow a general pattern and we’re definitely in the final stage. And, yes, social decadence and cults are a hallmark of that final stage, but the sheer magnitude of our insanity is impressive. Yeah, the Romans got pretty weird, but they didn’t completely turn their society upside down to worship another race of people – an incompetent race at that.

    Future historian will marvel that the greatest people that the world had ever seen collapsed in less than a hundred years because the vast majority chose to join a self-hating cult. How could that have happened?

    • “How could that have happened?”

      I vote for universal suffrage. There really are only a small percentage of folk who are smart enough, wise enough, brave enough, charitable enough to run the country. Trick is to find them and elevate them to power. Universal suffrage is a sure track to make this Herculean task impossible.

      • True. The real cult that we joined isn’t Wokeism, it’s liberal democracy.

        The Founding Fathers correctly despised and feared democracy but their Enlightenment beliefs opened the door to liberal democracy.

      • You’re doomed to disappointment. Any system that intends to place power in the hands of the most deserving will eventually be coopted by narcissists, megalomaniacs and sociopaths, for whom the lure of power is irresistible.

        • All will happen, and has happened. But ask yourself, how can such pathologies escape recognition? Because the general public is not really smart enough, wise enough, educated enough, virtuous enough to detect such defects in the individual—hence universal suffrage elevates these type of personalities.

          I propose a higher class of individuals—proven in life—to elect those without such pathologies. This was the original intent of the Founders—not universal suffrage of the masses.

          Yep, Utopian thinking, but somewhere along those lines. A single, authoritarian ruler may become corrupt. And unfortunately 536 rulers “democratically” elected has failed. Some where between might lie the answer.

          • The death penalty for (proven) bribery would go a long way towards the goal of a responsive and responsible government.

    • Although the percentage of true believers seems likely to be above a sustainable threshold and they seem to be in full control at this time. I don’t think they are the vast majority. The rest of us who can recognize reason are going to have to be punished for allowing the infantile to steer the ship so to speak.
      Human nature, it’s all so tireing.

      • Look at my comment above. The real cult that whites have joined is Liberal Democracy and I’d very much argue that the vast majority of whites are true believers.

  9. Come to think of it, I’m more worried about hiring blackity black Supreme Court judges than football coaches.

  10. It doesn’t matter what race the players or coaches in the NFL are, it’s simply a bad entertainment product that’s basically an effective vehicle for television advertising. Football stadiums are big television studios. The game is composed of short bursts of physical activity inserted into lengthy periods of monotony that are disguised by two or three re-plays or a pitch for some new SUV. The attraction of the game to most spectators isn’t the nuances of a physical and mental contest but instead the opportunity to witness a highly-paid quarterback being crushed by some mesomorphic sadist. Baseball fans aren’t very excited about watching a game that doesn’t involve their favorite team, football nuts will watch any game just for the chance of seeing a player get smashed, witness the success of Monday Night Football.

    • Sports are for children and amateur players.

      Any adult following sport like a child deserves nothing but ridicule.

  11. “In this case, as in all cases, white men constructed the reality, so it must be for the benefit of white men.”

    My standard reply when someone tells me this is, “And?”

    I actually agree with them that society is artificial. So is a beehive. Is it that the bees could’ve built it some other way? They might say that’s nonsense, of course bees are working from instinct and not imagination, which makes sense to me. In that case, then, what’s imagined and what’s instinctive in human society? Is anyone that self aware? Is that a question that can be scienced out? It’s been attempted to create a scientific society— long ago— and the results have been underwhelming.

    This is when the pendulum stops are starts back the other way, for the nth time. We never seem to learn. Lucy always snatches the football away.

    • The key fact behind all this that is rarely spoken is that American blacks are one standard deviation (about 16 IQ points) less intelligent than whites and asians…So white coaches win a lot more than black coaches…there is no black Bill Belichick or John Gruden, so hiring black head coaches means you are generally going to underperform, and is going to lead to fan discontent…Diversity is costly everywhere, but never more than in professional sports, where the teams are so equally matched.

      • “Diversity is costly everywhere, but never more than in professional sports, where the teams are so equally matched.”

        If you want to see true cost, wait until we start the quotas for cardiothoracic surgeons and airline pilots who will look at that statement and say- “hold my beer.”

        • Apex, that is what precisely keeps me awake at night.

          And it seems recognized here with my health insurance. The policy has a clause in it as to how to object to and change physicians on the basis of *race*. I kid you not. A de facto recognition of the problem of credibility of minorities and AA policies.

        • Or, you could do the leveling experiment the other way and require the teams that make the playoffs to switch next season to white cornerbacks and black quarterbacks – to make it fair.

  12. > A team will hire a Volkswagen Beetle full of midget clowns if that means winning games.

    Unfortunately for midgets and the NFL Peter Dingleberry, the Dwarf King, has made this impossible via his own edict.

    • I loved that quote from one of the other dwarf actors who got put out of work after he decided pulling the ladder up was publicly going to help his career.

      “Who made him King of the Dwarves?”

      This is something that is now everywhere. The assumption of authority from nowhere. Its just some random asshat who assumes theyI have authority from being famous or being an ex-bartender now placed in as a rep.

      Politicians who are elected to represent decide they own the nation and have a mandate to flood the country with millions of foreigners.
      No one says. Hang on . Who the Fuck do you think you are?

      You see it everywhere, Teachers, hospital staff, etc, etc.

      One thing that needs addressing is a fundamental review of limits on authority and how we arrived at this state.

      The Canadian thing is hopefully the beginning of this sort of realization.

      People need to say. No that is not within your power.

      • Remember the Australia of old? Not the totalitarian state of ignorant, scared, pussies. The pubs used to hold “dwarf tossing” contests. Great fun until the state got involved and banned the “sport” in the name of “human dignity”. Who protested, the dwarfs themselves! Seems the state took away the best job they had.

      • Something I used to state every now and then:

        “You are not smart enough to rule over me.”

        Today I’d add, “or virtuous enough.”

        • Worse, Vizzini. You have to have some mutually understood basis to make such a judgement. A diverse society has no such communality—even wrt the major shibboleths of immorality sic as murder, rape, child molistation.

      • “Politicians who are elected to represent decide they own the nation … .”

        As I’ve said before, it is largely a problem of scale. The country is *vast* in size, and that makes it easy for corruption of all sorts to take root b/c the “representatives” are *remote* from their (so-called) constituents. Literally, physically remote.

        Big crowd headed for D.C.? From where? They know you are on the way while you are still hundreds of miles away. They have all the time in the world to stop anything like that. I adduce Ruby Ridge and Waco and Lavoy Finicum, etc., in evidence. Not to mention Lincoln and Sherman. We *know* what the Yankee Empire will do. The whole world knows it.

        The Canadian truckers have a different relationship to their gov’t. There’s a different history. The truckers seem to have known that they could do this convoy across the continent–and they were right. Imagine a thing like that being tried in the States.

        • Its nothing to do with scale.

          The same thing happens in England, Ireland and lots of small countries in Europe.

          The issue is by what rights does an elected representative massively and intentionally transform the country against the interests of his electorate.

          Its not their nation, they don’t own it, they have no rights to dispose of it as they see fit.

          The absolute authority transient admin people assume all the time is the issue. Its become accepted as a fact of life and it needs fundamentally changing.

  13. Here is the same phenomenon from the Hollywood angle:
    Basically, the taki article’s commentary is on a recent sub stack post about how white people and “white people” are being pushed out of every aspect of Hollywood film production in order to give diversity slots to whoever is the greatest at the grift.

    It comes down to a question of how long can people in these organizations continue to purity signal before tanking the profit margins sufficiently to stop the slide. I don’t have an answer. As an economist once said, there is a lot of room for ruin left in a nation and the same holds true for corporations.

    Not that I’m saying anything original but it would appear the situation faced by all these large organizations is inherent to the Enlightenment. As soon as one person in the organization is able to sell another on the idea that the organization is inherently not holy enough, the purity spiral begins and will continue until there is a reaction strong enough to stop it in its tracks. The English civil wars, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, weimar Germany, etc.–all went through the same spiral until the Cromwell or Bonaparte shows up to stop the slide.

    We are very weird animals. The concepts of sacred and profane can lead us to huge civilizations or utter destitution. We shall see what the current times will bring.

    • Basil, I have never understood the blaming of all this commie stuff on the Enlightenment, an event which was the enshrinement of reason. It happens all the time and it just confounds me.

      When reason, objectivity, empiricism, and the scientific method are abandoned, as they have been now and were during the historic events cited above, it is the result of the Enlightenment going into hiding. This current Tyranny of Hurt Feelings, as you accurately term it a “purity spiral”, does not spring from reason. It springs from emotion, which results mostly from envy, but also comes about in part from the manipulation of the masses by some very rational actors (financiers, corporate heads, entertainment and communications moguls, etc.).

      For example, feminists have no clue as to how they have been used by David Rockefeller and the corporations. If the ladies aren’t working and buying things, the corporate masters will miss out on profits, so Rockefeller and his friends manipulated the Gloria Steinems to keep the gals coming a long way, baby. Now, this fourth or however many generation of manic, angry, irrational women not only aims for a “career” and all that buying power, but hates white men, and is confirmed in their derision every day by Madison Avenue. I guess the suits on Wall Street have decided they don’t need the white guy’s purchasing power, replacing it with female, black, and Third World hunger for trinkets. Seems short-sighted to me. Perhaps the Masters of the Universe seek to wipe out males because they alone have the brains and drive to thwart the corporations and financiers in their power grab. As long as the women and others (obviously, there are some exceptions) can purchase things and benefit from the corporations’ sociological largesse, they are easily bought off and will not contemplate their enslavement as anything but liberation from the white male patriarchy. That is anything but being Enlightened.

      • Elevating Reason above God makes society a giant experiment. People need to believe so the experiment devolves into religion. Without a moral foundation, it’s a perverted religion.

        • Yes. Enlightenment thinkers prescribed for a world in which all men are rational and will accept and abide by the conclusions to which one must come as a result of reason and the scientific method. They did not take into account man’s need for religion nor did they factor in the envy which can goad him into a simmering resentment which is always up for an outlet. In the minds of the Enlightenment’s founders, their world would always be governed by reflective, accomplished Europeans who had not run a galaxy away from their agrarian roots.

          • Like Z wrote a couple of days ago, Locke had an elegant solution: if the Creator made nature, studying nature’s laws should produce knowledge according to His design.

            Like you say, the problem is when people become detached from nature.

            Like I was saying above, I think society is artificial, i.e., a man-made world inside of the natural world. So I’d say the problem is people becoming too socialized or too civilized. They lose touch with reality.

            And to get downright religious about it, Satan civilized man by tempting Eve.

            That would’ve sounded crazy to me even 10 years ago, but there’s professors and media and whoever else defending pedophilia. They make the argument easy lol.

            Yes, I also doubt the Enlightenment thinkers could’ve conceived of what would become of their intellectual movement.

        • Vikings had a good question. I think you may be onto part of the answer. Intellectual hubris leads to detachment from reality. But there is also a problem of loss of rigor I think. They totally mix opinions and factual statements and end up denying that there are objective facts. Which is the most unreasonable thing you could possibly do. At some point reason becomes unreasoning insanity. Whole books, heck whole libraries, could be written about why reason eventually runs off the rails.

          • I’m not a taoist, but I like the idea of opposing principles in a kind of dialectic, where one exhausts itself and becomes the other. There seems to be a lot of wisdom in it.

          • ” … whole libraries, could be written about why reason eventually runs off the rails.”

            It’s because of the misplaced faith in “objectivity,” which does not exist. The instant one chooses a subject for study, *that* is a subjective act, and so is everything after that.

            We already know that there are subatomic particles that are visible when you look for them but not when you don’t.

            True objectivity simply does not–and can not–exist. The observer is *necessarily* subjective in his choices of methods of observation and study and the *assumptions* that he brings to such work.

            The apotheosis of “reason” and “objectivity” are delusions. And they are *subjective* illusions at that.
            The observer is part of that which he observes.

      • You are only looking at part of the enlightenment. The worst part was the theological and philosophical, chief among them the “noble savage/corrupting civilization” of Rousseau and the Blank Slatism endemic to the entire period. The idea of universalist politics and economics also originates there, which is equally stupid and counterfactual. There were LOTS od stupid ideas from the enlightenment that were broadly implemented to fundamentally transform western civilization for the worse

        • Rousseau was the screaming infant in the family of the founders of the Enlightenment. And thus the baby should be thrown out, not the bath water. It just goes to show that even a movement grounded in John Locke and Voltaire’s maturity and intellect is subject to being hijacked by someone in thrall to emotion and envy, specifically the Father of all Hippies, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

      • The problem with the enlightenment is that it also gave us the tabula rasa view of human nature.

        Which they probably embraced as a counterpoint / opposition to the Christian concept of original sin.

        It’s a problem because we’ve known for a very long time that people are not blank slates. They have biologically engrained capabilities, tendencies and preferences. It’s ironic that the Christian view was actually more aligned with the reality of biology than the enlightening view.

        A further problem with the enlightenment, which only fully developed overtime, was the idea that humans were gods, in control of nature and their own destiny. Which combined with the belief in the tabula rasa has led to all of the problems of the modern world.

        As others have noted, there is nothing incompatible between Christian faith and the scientific process. Both are incompatible with the enlightenment concepts of human supremacy and malleability.

    • Basil, I have never understood the blaming of the commie stuff on the Enlightenment. It happens all the time and just confounds me.

      The Enlightenment was founded on reason and empiricism. However, the historic events you cite and the current goings-on were/are based in large part on the emotions of envy and, in the current situation, the desire to fit in with what the Idiot Box preaches night and day, reason and the scientific method having been banished. I think blaming any of it on the Enlightenment is a bum rap, although I will grant you that this mess has been perpetrated by those most rational of manipulators, financiers and our corporate masters.

      (I thought I posted a much longer response but when I looked again it wasn’t here, so, lucky for everyone, I re-posted in a much- abbreviated fashion.)

      • Vikings: The problem with the Enlightenment was precisely what you propose as its crowning achievement: The Enlightenment thinkers presumed a world in which all men were rational animals, and where logic and reason, which they declared the only truly important forces, would always prevail. False assumptions all around.

        Man is not generally a rational animal. He is a thinking animal, but also a feeling and believing animal. Depending on the circumstances, feeling and believing take precedence over rationality. Women are rarely rational animals. Feeling always comes to the fore.

        While a significant portion of European man may be considered a rational animal some of the time, the Enlightenment thinkers, in their hubris, attributed this same faculty to all races and cultures. Just as they assumed morality existed as an inarguable force, they assumed reason did as well. Asian cultures use reason far differently than European culture, and sub-Saharans are generally incapable of reason altogether.

        For you to argue the Enlightenment was right and everything would have been fine except for envy and manipulators is like the leftists arguing that proper communism hasn’t yet been tried. Or women insisting that if they ran the world there’d be no wars. The Enlightenment was a useful intellectual exercise, but utterly unsuited to biological reality.

        • Also universalism and egalitarianism. There’s a reason that the french revolution’s phrase was “liberty, fraternity, and equality.” The “equality” part is what we are getting today, good and hard.

          • I would be surprised if even the French of the 18th and 19th centuries, watching in rapture as heads rolled and spouting “liberty, fraternity, and equality,” had as their goals welcoming hordes of Africans and Middle Easterners into their country, or women serving on warships, or doing away with school grades, or participation trophies. They were merely fed up with the aristocracy’s ill-informed excesses. But unfortunately their own excesses laid the groundwork for the communists “fraternity and equality.” And “Liberty” eventually became libertinism and the hippies’ sexual frolicking. I doubt John Locke ever contemplated any of these perversions of his magnificent thought.

          • The problem with the French “liberty, equality, fraternity” is that liberty and equality are antonyms.

        • My position is that the Enlightenment, and its ideals of rationality and liberty, is and always will be the floor plan for the thinking man’s Heaven. However, it was doomed from the start because of man’s nature. Not even Jesus Christ could successfully implement it for an extended period of time.

      • “The Enlightenment was founded on reason and empiricism.”

        No, it was not.

        It was founded upon *faith* in “reason” and “empiricism,” which is not the same thing *at all.*

        It has been said–and quite rightly–that man is *not* a rational being but a *rationalizing* being.

  14. “Probably the only thing that can destroy professional football is widespread game-rigging.”

    Nah. Sports junkies will rationalize anything. As long as they get the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” rush. Even when they know its fixed. Like Professional Wrestling. For decades, college football was supposed to be “pure” because they were amateurs doing it for the love of the game. Even though the best ones were paid under the table and with other commodities. Like pussy. But, now that college players are to be salaried, those fans of the “purity” of college sports are talking about how it merely reflects reality and good on them. Honestly, sports junkies are one of the most useless forms of life. They’d let some Shitavious screw their daughters if he would sign with “his team.”

    • Amen to that.

      Now that the NFL is openly promoting gambling on games, it’s inconceivable that cheating won’t become widespread.

      The whole Dolphins “pay the coach $100k/game to throw it” (so the team could get better draft picks) comes as absolutely zero surprise to people who aren’t emotionally invested in the NFL.

      “Wait, there’s billions involved? And people can cheat and never get caught?”. Hmmmm.

      • The sudden Iappearance of gambling sponsorships in sportsball is amazing to me. No more corrosive thing could be imagined.
        I know the many criticisms of sportsball that people bring up on forums like this one- I concede the points made. I still enjoy watching athletic competition, though. My sports are hockey lacrosse, golf and traditionally baseball. Anybody see a common thread in three of them?

    • Not surprising race mixing is more common among Gen Z. Look at the example many white father’s set for their daughters – they devote at least one one day a week to watching muscular black men in tight pants run around. They worship these guys, and even ignore their families on Sunday in order to cheer on their favourite African.

      • What is with you clowns and the constant talk of race mixing and “muscular black men”?

        • So you like BBC apparently. Quelle surprise! Does your “amateur husband” watch too? Get back to xojane, post haste, men are talking here sugartits, your lack of perception of reality and attempts at clever insults adds nothing to the discussion.

          • Thanks for putting “sugar tits” in her place. Its truly amazing how herd oriented women are. Not all women, but the majority will not question any authoritarian narrative. Plus, their need to be part of the herd overrides common sense, something they are supposed to be in possession of. Their lack of mathematical reasoning doesn’t allow them to ask themselves why the majority of commercials have blacks as the lead characters even though they only constitute 13% of the population. They will also ignore the obvious orchestration of race mixing in all forms of media. Maybe because “love” is “love”, promoted by the same people that promote 37 genders.

  15. A bit off topic but related to crises, there is a major shortage of cat food in the mid Atlantic region, perhaps nationwide. Although I refuse to order from amazon, they couldn’t deliver until mid-March.
    If cat food were the first thing to go, what are all the cat moms going to do? If they seem like insane lunatics now, just imagine how tormented their souls will be when they aren’t able to find food for their cat children.

    • I’m wondering why? Cat food is often made from second rate human food, e.g. poor cuts of tuna. Where is the second rate product now going to? Perhaps humans? Dog food on the other hand…well, dogs will eat anything.

      • “Where is the second rate product now going to?”

        “They” might be destroying it. I wouldn’t put *anything* past them nowadays.

    • Off topic
      At a nearby Asian take out a clever somebody got the owner to allow them to put up a reward sign for their missing cat in the front window by the menu.
      My sides are still hurting.

    • Melissa: I, too, have seen numerous comments on numerous yt videos about the shortage of cat food. I loved the pet cat we had when I was a teen, and I love my daughter-in-law’s dog, but these are still pets and not people. When people write about ‘prepping’ for their ‘fur babies’ I tune out. And particularly when I read the standard “I’m a disabled older woman and I feed my pet first” I want to punch something.

      A dog that serves a purpose as far as guarding people or livestock or assisting in hunting, that I can understand. Yes, dogs are man’s best friend, but they were domesticated for practical purposes. Barn cats, too, are eminently useful for keeping down rodents and pests. But just like coffee and cigarettes and chocolate, most modern pets enhance life but are not vitally essential to it. Having cats and miniature dogs for the purpose of lavishing affection on them is a luxury that people cannot afford in a survival situation.

      • Sure, but cats are a necessary tool; just because some guys in the suburbs spend too much on their Barbie-15s doesnt mean MSRs arent a necessary tool. If you have anything that eats grains for feed (chickens, cows, horses), or if you store grains for your own consumption (flour, rice, etc), a cat is a necessity, not a luxury. And when you get out to the country, they are a necessary home maintenace tool as well. The prior owner of my place didnt have a mouser, and the mice did a couple thousand dollars of damage to a wall they lived in: electrical, insulation, even wood damage. I have cats for the same reason every tree squirrel dies in a hail of lead: to preserve my home.

  16. You can have competence in positions of power and importance or you can have blacks, but in the majority of cases, not both – very little overlap. I’m hardly saying by any stretch that all Whites are competent, but for every such position (outside of a couple of sports at best) there are probably a hundred or a thousand Whites who could do as well or better than any black. Additionally, so many have typically over inflated egos that the idea they’re nothing but AA hires doesn’t register. They know they deserve it, period. The occasional thoughtful one probably realizes it, but hey, they got the gig, so what the hell.

    • That’s why it is so dangerous to hire Blacks. If their AA incompetence finally catches up with them—on your dime—you are stuck. Firing them can often entail defending painful HR charges of racism. Not to mention, their brethren (read grifters) outside the organization will punish you in the arena of public opinion.

      Even competent (and honest) Blacks have acknowledged this in their arguments against AA. There are plenty of jobs at the level of skill that the majority of Blacks can obtain, but there are no jobs, however meager, than can justifiably put up with racial BS.

      • Much less of a problem in areas that still use entrance testing for a particular skill (like programming).

        I can’t ever remember seeing a black programmer in 30 years.

        • I had specific experience in the area. I’m sure you are correct, but in my University HR stepped in and stopped the practice of such an application exam. HR truly is not your friend. 🙁

          • In the areas I work in teams give their own testing as part of the interviews. They are different depending on the team area. There is no central testing thing at all.

            HR has nothing to do with any of it and its not academia thank god.

          • Trumpton. The exam in question *was* at the behest of the interviewers. For example, a Unix System Manager would be asked to write a script in real time on a console to do some system maintenance problem—say printing out a list of files of a certain size, or age.

            Geeky stuff that anyone who maintained an operating system could do on the fly in command language. HR insisted that these “tests” needed “approval” and “certification” IIR. Otherwise they could not be allowed as part of the acceptance or rejection process for the candidate.

            So testing is not central, but prohibited by a central agency, HR. Who of course have not the slightest idea of the skills required for the position.

    • usNthem: Well said. And why I disagree with Zman’s statement that “you have to empathize” with the black coach suing the NFL. The vast majority of blacks hired to positions beyond their competence are utterly convinced that everything they’ve achieved has been due to effort and talent and competence, not White guilt and AA. They don’t sue for rayciss and dollahs because their dreams are crushed, they sue because they’ve been fundamentally ‘dissed.’ Their high self regard allows minimal room for doubt. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for any of them.

    • The early 2000s St. Louis Rams were probably the height of white-man football. Head coach Mike Martz had an offensive playbook that was like the operating manual of a 747. And you had to memorize it. Kurt Warner and a handful of high-scoring Wonderlic players could even get their heads around it. Not sure if high-IQ football was necessarily a good thing…it traded playmaking skills for intelligence…but we’ll probably never see the likes of it again.

      • Ahhh the greatest show on terf… that was good fun.
        Today’s new *and improved* offense: The (swarthy) QB gets the ball from the shotgun, drops back another 10 yards, runs around in circles avoiding the defensive as his WRs do the same until one of them gets open, at which point the (swarthy) QB realizes his mechanics are terrible and his accuracy sucks so he tucks the ball and decides to try and run it 20 yards for a first down.

        Its about as complex as schoolyard football we all played during recess when we were 10. Even then, we had rules against the QB just taking the ball and running it every damn time because that’s just boring and ruined the entire point of the game.

  17. Eventually someone will have the idea of enforcing a handicap system on all team sports similar to the extra weight racehorses have to carry. In this case it will entail forcing the most successful teams to have the dumbest coaches.

      • 3 Pipe Problem: Far too many people, especially here, remain unfamiliar with Harrison Bergeron. It ought to be as well known as 1984 or Animal Farm, because along with both, it epitomizes present Clown World.

    • Hah! The superbowl winner and the losingest team in the league have to swap head coaches and their staff the following season.

      • That could create some interesting scenarios regarding tanking. For example, if a team is so talented that it wins a SB despite a sub-Saharan staff, you’d better believe the teams at the bottom of the standings would suddenly lose their incentive to tank for draft picks.

      • Eventually when blacks run everything the loosing teams will be ritually sacrificed and their hearts and livers will be eaten by the winning team.

          • “Why do so many people make this particular error?”

            Because it’s easy for you to spot, and they want to keep you on your toes. A more difficult error–non-agreement of subject and verb, for example–would likely be beyond your capacity, so they don’t make that particular error.

            You may regard it as something of a personal favor.

    • AWESOME! 👍

      As an auto racing fan I await “Ball and Stick” sports being given Forced Equivalency rules.

      The whining from all sides will be EPIC!

    • “Harrison Bergeron” is a great read on the scourge of universal handicaps in search of “forced” human equality. Prescient!

    • Harrison Bergeron was a great story.
      As I remember it, those who violated the Rules were blasted with a 10 gauge shotgun by a Karen from national H.R.

  18. That’s great and all, but the real story is in the $100k bribes to lose games. Proving that the NFL is, to some degree, rigged after all.

  19. I often complain about the extinction of real hardship & existential threat in our modern society as compared to the raw natural environment of our ancestral evolution. But it seems that we are now replacing natural hardship with man-made artificial hardship, and the differences are impactful.

    In the former, if you broke a leg while fleeing from an animal predator, there was no hospital to go to, so you likely died rather soon thereafter. In the latter, you get your feelings hurt and likely carry a grudge throughout the remainder of your life and adopt passive-aggressive reprisals as a covert form of exacting revenge.

    The former, over the long run, produced men with stronger bones. The latter, over the short run, produces whiners and back-stabbers.

    The former took us to the top of the life pyramid. Where is the latter taking us?

    • The way most are raising their children is terrible. Boys need love but if you pamper a boy, you ruin him. Same with a girl but in a different way.

  20. “That hidden barrier is always structural. The new religion insists that society is a constructed reality. In this case, as in all cases, white men constructed the reality, so it must be for the benefit of white men.”

    In regards to the NFL racism suit:
    In addition to racism being “structural” it is also, allegedly, “unconscious.” Essentially the entire moral structure of the day and all of its claims are “unfalsifiable,” i.e. illogical and by definition unscientific. There is no way to disprove an accusation of “unconscious bias/racism” because, well, you don’t even know that you are being a bigot after all…

    And there is no way to justify your position because their claims are not quantifiable. “There are only 3 black head coaches! That is not ENOUGH!” What exactly constitutes “enough?” You can’t ask them of course–that’s just rude. And even if you did, they wouldn’t be able to tell, nor do they care, they just want more more more.

    Obviously such unfalsifiable, petulant claims should never be entertained much less taken seriously. The minute you even pretend to take this claptrap seriously is the day you begin to slide down a slippery slope of no return.

    And here we are. Honk! Honk!

    • Your first quote from the article, that belief is total magic jo jo insanity. They think there are little gremlin particles of ‘racism’ floating around in the air, preventing non-whites and especially blacks, from living a free, meaningful life. We cannot reason with insane people and that’s what they are.

  21. They had a spike in black coach hiring after the Rooney rule. Now it looks like the owners want to avoid black coaches whenever possible. Mainly it is because if you end up with a bad black coach, firing him becomes a struggle session. If I were a black coach at any level in the NFL, I would tell ESPN, etc. to shut up about blackity-black. They are the main reason it is hard for them to get hired.

    • I haven’t watched football in years, so maybe there are better specimens, but the two black coaches that stand out in my mind were Denny Green and Mike Singletary.

      Denny Green was dumb as a bag of rocks. He probably had trouble reading the menu at his favorite barbecue place. Mike Singletary wore a giant wooden cross during games. Can you imagine that black-man preaching he did before and after games?

      Not sure who I’d hate more for a coach…that black guy who pretends to be stoic but is really just dumb, or that black guy who can at least read (the Bible) but is two steps removed from the mental asylum.

      • Many moons ago, Mike Singletary was at a high school track meet that our daughters were competing at.
        I don’t know about his intellect, but that guy was small. I’m no hulk, but I’m 6’ tall and I could look down and see the top of his head.
        We stood next to each other watching. Nothing was said, but I think I might have heard a grunt.

        Guess alleged droids really do make one look large.

  22. The obvious solution is to have a black head coach as the “front man”, handling player relations and media/public relations, while a highly-trained cadre of football men pull the strings from behind the scenes (drafting, analytics, play-calling etc). I can only offer up the evidence that while many teams have “quit” on nerdly and/or uninspiring white coaches (Joe Judge, Matt Nagy, Urban Meyer, Adam Gase, et al.), I cannot recall any team “quitting” on a black head coach.

    The fact that the NFL hasn’t figured this out yet is pretty shocking. Indeed, it’s possible that they have, but they cannot find the necessary black candidates to go along with this program. Personally, I would be delighted to get $5mm for a management/PR type job while some nerd studied film for me 24/7.

    • This has been the MO in getting minority business benefits from the government for a long time. Just have a minority CEO or board that is just window dressing that knows to take all “advice” given to them. Then virtue signal on Twitter and LinkedIn to bot followers and you’re all set.

      Some ones have gotten caught by being too blatant and sloppy about it, but in general the people actually running the business gets their sweet subsidies, the token minorities get to live like kings, and the government gets to pat themselves on the back.

      It screws us over with an unfair playing field, obviously, but we don’t matter.

      • One problem I alluded to in a comment above, is many blacks have overly inflated egos not at all in line with their competence. Thus you get a black that thinks he’s there because he deserves it and will act out accordingly, come hell or high water.

    • The Pittsburgh Steelers might be doing that with Mike Tomlin, who over 15 years has compiled a record of 154-85, a .643 winning average. He’s never had a losing season. He works for the Potato Irish Rooney family, who have been doing this since 1933.

      • Notice our esteemed governess arbitrarily extended her face diaper mandate yet she didn’t have the stones to mess with Stupor Bowl/Valentine’s weekend.

        And here I thought she was a true believer!

    • Maybe they can say they are going to just hold their breath for the duration of the game like that mayor guy, so they don’t need one.

  23. To be fair, all kinds of unconscious biases are at work in hiring in sports and entertainment and law. But rather than white men hiring other white men because they like the cut of their jib, it’s “white” men hiring other “white” men (maybe “men” should be in quotes, there, too). Jewish nepotism is so deeply-ingrained that it is not conscious. The people in those casting lounges who thought Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill had a great reading and decided to give them a career weren’t saying, “Hey, this guy’s got the right last name.” They were really thinking, “Hey, this guy’s funny.”

    Michael Herr (“Dispatches” “Apocalypse Now”) said of his time with Kubrick that Jews can only truly be themselves around other Jews. I saw this in college with the three tenure-track professors in my department (yes, all “white”). When they gathered in the hall together to talk, it was like watching some weird race with invisible antennae semaphoring each other. People say three or four blacks together sound like a packed house, but at least the noise let’s you know they’re there and what they’re up to.

    I know it sounds like I’ve got “the Jew thing” based on these observations, but I’m actually going to kind of miss the sleazebags. Our new elite—Indian and Asian—is completely culturally sterile and is completely alien.

    • I don’t think there is any doubt that bias plays an enormous role here and everywhere humans interact with one another. We naturally prefer to be around people who are like us over people who are alien to us. That said, there are many counter currents that work the other way. For example, there are no white cornerbacks in the league. From high school on up, coaches and players just assume black guys are better at that position. The white guy with speed ends up at another position or another sport.

      Bias persists for the same reason stereotypes persist. They are rooted in biological reality. The closer people are genetically, the less conflict there is among them. This is true in primates, fish, you name it. There is no “fixing it” because it is not broken, form the perspective of nature.

    • Three or four blacks together sound and look like a Golden Corral in Bensalem, PA when it runs out of steak.

      • I can’t think of a time in my life where I was more confident in predicting the hue of the participants before I clicked on a video link.

        • Same with the “mass casualty event” in North Las Vegas last weekend. Car crash that killed 9 people, totaled 6 cars, lifelong injuries for the survivors.

          NTSB investigating – what they can’t say is “Well, a known felon with multiple traffic citations and who was on probation for use and possession of cocaine didn’t stop at a red light. He was late for his jogging routine.”

          If you have to wait a week before names or pictures come out, you know exactly what’s going on.

        • Some samizdat artist should replace the sound of the Chimpout at the Golden Corral with chimpanzees and post it on YouTube.

    • In 100 years maybe we’ll be missing the Jewish elite because, even though we hated their Christmas movies, at least they were MAKING Christmas movies. Indians won’t even try that. And our movies will all become silly musicals.

      As for Chinese, I do think they’ll return to China. They were here for the business opportunities and could stand to live with paleskins from the other side of Eurasia, but once this place becomes Brazil, they’re moving back to the motherland.

    • I know it sounds like I’ve got “the Jew thing” based on these observations…

      Are you seeing a tiny hat on each grain of rice in your stir fry takeout from Wang’s?

      If not, you probably don’t have the thing.

  24. “Imagine being a young black coach hoping for a chance to be a head coach and quickly learning that your value is in ticking the box on a form required by the league.”

    Will likely be responded with:
    “Sheeeeeiit, man., but I’s made it. Them other fools didn’t.”

    Even when I was a buck sergeant, E5, in the Army many many moons ago (Jesus just got his corporal stripes) blacks were saying that. That’s the negro mentality. I don’t think most going into the NFL management jobs really care about the legitimacy of their own personal efforts so much as the face of having respect.

    • And money, Bentley’s and actually hot white women not the ugly’s they’re stuck wif when day po.

  25. I’m going to disagree with you analysis here.

    The NFL is not a wide open free market where everyone involved wants to win and will do whatever is necessary to achieve that end.

    Instead it’s a closed cartel whose reason for existence is making money and enhancing the prestige of the owners. They long ago settled on plausible competitiveness as the best way to maximize both. Which leads to ever more convoluted rules.

    As an organization they are also quite dumb. A type of monomania grips their management leading to blind alleys and mistake after mistake. First round draft picks routinely become failures. Their most successful and popular player of the last three decades was a sixth round pick that probably only got a chance at all due to a series of lucky breaks. They’ve also committed numerous public relations catastrophes – like the whole kneeling during the national anthem fiasco.

    • You are not wrong, but you fail to account for the fact that general managers and coaches get fired when they lose games. These people want to win and they drive the hiring process.

      • Brian Flores alleges that he was fired despite two winning seasons (10-6 in 2020, 9-8 in 2021) for the Dolphins in part because he refused to tank certain games. Shades of the Black Sox if true.

        • Oddly, that is the most serious charge. Another coach made a similar claim about another owner. If true, this bumps into federal criminal law. Nothing will come of it, as the law is as corrupt as the rest of the system, but it confirms what people have always suspected and that is the results are not all due to competition.

          • I thought the main reason for this allegation was to force Ross to sell the Dolphins which of course would be done to an ownership group with a black front man. If you look at the details of the Dolphins 2019 season, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, they ended up getting the quarterback they wanted with the 5th pick anyway, even though he is clearly worse than the other two who were drafted in the top 10. Hue Jackson, the other coach who claimed he was paid to lose is a joke, just keeping him around for the final season he was in Cleveland is evidence they were trying to tank. As someone told him on Twitter after he claimed that, “if they were paying you to lose games, you would be on the Forbes list.”

          • Re: Barnard…

            They likely wouldn’t force (((Stephen Ross))) to sell. He’s part of the club.

          • This isn’t the NBA where over half the owners are Jewish. Ross is seen as more of an outsider among the long time NFL owners. I doubt the NFL will force him to sell, but I believe that is the ultimate motivation behind what Flores is doing. He is a dumb hothead, someone is pushing him to do this in order to increase the likelihood of getting a black owner in the NFL.

        • My understanding was it wasn’t certain games, but basically the season. The owner wanted higher draft picks. The NBA is notorious for that. That’s why they have a draft pick lottery.

          • Probably the only thing that can destroy professional football is widespread game-rigging. Most people watching are heavily invested in fantasy football, and even if money is not involved, rigging completely ruins the fun of that competition.

            Instead of saying the NFL is anti-white, might be more effective just to shrug and say it’s all fake and rigged.

          • There’s a term called “NBA Hell.” That’s when a team is in the middle, around a .500 winning percentage. Not good enough to get to championship level, but not bad enough to get a high draft pick, and a chance at drafting a franchise-changing superstar. High draft picks are extremely valuable.

      • However, when they get fired, it’s not like they’re drummed out of the league. They just resurface in another (if not the same) position on a different team. In that respect, the league is very insular. Kind of weird. Probably hard to crack into the system as a newbie.

  26. The Enlightenment will inevitably be renamed The Great Embarrassment.

    Classic! I can hear the gnashing of leftist teeth already!

  27. “What the policy does is reveal that you can have a league where everyone tries to win or you can have a league where everyone tries to comport with the new racial morality of the new religion.”

    They like having their cake and eating it too. They pay their indulgences, a few AA hires, BLM donations, kneel for the anthem, while simultaneously seeking enough talent to win. What is the proper cost to pay for sinning if you also want to win?

    The new Washington Commanders. How apropos.

  28. It’s math people!

    Blacks make up 12/15% of the population, depending on your source.

    Therefore, they should have at least 12/15% of the coaching positions, amirite?

    But, you say, 77% of the players are black.

    That don’t make no sense.

    Well, see, playing is based on ability.

    Apparently coaching, not so much.

    The league is reaping what it has sown.

    • The goal is 100% diversity which is equal to no white people and presumably when they reach the magic number the teams will better matched, dumber, more chaotic and definitely more violent, but more even.

    • That’s what no one is pointing out. The problem isn’t that blacks are underrepresented by 1 or 2 coaching positions, but that whites are underrepresented by over 1000 playing positions. There is no explanation other than the disparity in athletic and intellectual abilities of the participants. The race hustlers used to be forced to pull out some bullsh!t arguments like blacks having no other options, so they concentrate on athletics. As if every athletic white male didn’t play sports and dream about being a professional player. But they don’t even have to explain the player disparity anymore, which is really amazing given how obvious it is.

      The disparity of NFL QBs is discussed in the post and comments, but I will add a note on why all cornerbacks in the NFL are black. Cornerback requires the most speed and least intelligence of any position in the game. Your assignment is either defend one area of the field, or follow one guy wherever he goes.

  29. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Great Embarrassment

  30. The black community has nobody to blame but themselves (12% of the US population yet >58% of murders are committed by them and the vast majority of the victims are black). And the NFL has allowed disgusting behavior on and off the field for a long time from many athletic thugs.

    • Blacks murder twice as many Whites as Whites murder Blacks. That’s the statistic that matters. If they want to off one another, fine. It is when they murder Whites to the thunderous applause of this Evil Regime that we should get furious.

      Likewise, and White person watching or supporting the NFL in any capacity is a moron. That is a closed issue even though Conservatards have a hard time withdrawing from this sickness.

      • There is a reason for the confusion and contradictions within the NFL concerning wokeness and grifting sh#t loads of money. We wonder why would the people who run it make so many stupid decisions that lots of people refuse to watch it?

        Well for one thing, they usually suck the @@@k of the Woke Party (Democrats, Cuckservatives, etc.) because for them it’s a religion thing. A religion thing where you can’t marry outside your religion, and you are forbidden to eat pigs. A religion thing where if your candidate reflects hatred for white and Christian people, that’s who you vote for. And it’s okay to hold dual citizenship in another country that f@@ks your home country over in every way possible, and they don’t even hide the treason anymore.

        A whole bunch of their poor cousins also work for the Government. The lower stratus ones love the Justus Department. I remember when something like 200 former Federal prosecutors wrote a letter condemning that other grifter, Donald Trump, over Ukraine and how he needed to be stopped digging up the dirt. I read the list, got out my little Green-, Stein, and -burg List of Names and discovered that 48% had that “I can’t eat pork” religion thing going. It’s nice to have people the same religion you are to help you out of those sticky spots in life.

        The owners of the NFL merely exhibit a mindset of their group that has repeatedly gotten many of their ancestors run out of every country they’ve lived in at least once. And we’re either the suckers or the last country that hasn’t ejected then yet.

        • Thinking these people have moral beliefs is giving them too much credit. They don’t care about the woke or pandering to them. We live inside the compliance state, where compliance to the law means obeying the rules of unelected officials in exchange for the permit to operate, to make money.

          Every college knows that by hiring “diverse” faculty and padding their admissions with the sacred races and groups they comply with the rules that open the flow of taxpayer money in the name of education and science. Similar with NFL.

          Maybe the cultural marxists at the top of these government agencies believe in their crap. Maybe some of them. But the majority knows that keeping the woke rules is good for PR and not confessing the faith gets you attacks from the ADL, SPLC, etc and their accomplices in the media. And they love their paychecks.

          And the ADL, SPLC, and the media make a lot of money from the con so they are not going to stop. So at the end they all just want to make money with no work, they are parasites in the literal sense of the white heterosexual male.

          And our good nature, cultivated by “cuckstrianity”, does not help as we feel almost physical pain being called, even when it is clear it is a false accusation, sexist or racists. Have to admire Nick Fuentes’ fans for their DGAF attitude to being called names.

          The real reason not to be a Christian is not some stuff George Bernard Shaw wrote, but the idea that you have to sacrifice your own well being for the sake of people that will not be grateful and will happily falsely accuse you of being an abuser. Same applies to modern marriage if you are a guy. Christianity is the cult of Chivalry where you get nothing in exchange for being a “nice guy” with people that benefit from your resources.

          • Indeed. It’s all about the shekels and fear of losing access to the scam. There is no morality, and just to show I’m not picking on one religion, let’s consider this:

            After watching this clown show about a flu with another name, and all of the things “leaders” have said, I’m about done with the so-called gate keepers of society. Especially the churches. How many of them closed their doors over some outbreak of influenza, and how many told their castrated flocks to get those damned shots?

            As soon as I run into a “Christian” who starts their “God is gonna help us and will help you too if you love your brother” shtick, the first thing I ask are these:
            1) Did your church shut down regardless of the fact everything you all were told was bullsh@t?
            2) Did your church and/or denomination leaders tell people that for their own good, they should get those damned shots? If “yes”, have you all done anything about these wolves in the pulpit for committing crimes against humanity?

            That usually gets them going and I have NEVER run into one who didn’t have a beef with me; i.e., show hostility, over how I worded my questions.
            Oh well, what’s that saying about how talking to most people is akin to casting pearls to the swine?

      • Jack, I think your stat’s are off. Blacks kill (IIR) 8 times more Whites than Whites kill Blacks. It really is off the charts.

  31. “A team will hire a Volkswagen Beetle full of midget clowns if that means winning games.”

    I would actually pay to see that.

    • Peter Dinklage seems to have some strong views on how other people should run their businesses. Stick him in charge of the midget clowns. Midget-Clown-in-Chief.

      • I can’t believe someone downvoted me.

        I guess they don’t like Volkswagen Beetles. 😏

        Fine, make it a Toyota Prius. Or a Tesla Model 3. Happy now? 😁

        I can see it now: a Prius chugs up to midfield and 25 midget clowns in football helmets pour out of all four doors and the hatchback while running around to circus music and shooting Silly String and those “spring snakes” at the opposing team, honking clown horns all the while.

        That’s entertainment right there pal.

          • There is someone who follows (trolls?) who simply goes through the comments at the time and downvotes all. Not sure if it’s even a human or a bot. But it’s been obvious for months. The reason you’ll see interspersed comments without the “single” downvote is that the comment arrived after the troll left.

        • “I can see it now: a Prius chugs up to midfield and 25 midget clowns in football helmets pour out of all four doors and the hatchback while running around to circus music and shooting Silly String and those “spring snakes” at the opposing team, honking clown horns all the while.”

          Sounds like the DNC convention.

        • mmack: Must be some dwarf reader whose feelings are ruffled because you didn’t use the term ‘little people’ instead.

      • I’ve seen an interview with that guy. It’s probably just me, but I find it somewhat hilarious that a dwarf is posing like hollywood elite – maybe he is, but it’s hard to take someone who looks like a munchkin too seriously.

        • Seven dwarves lost their jobs because he opened his tiny trap. I imagine he’s not too popular with the Lollipop Guild right now.

        • Having watched Game of Thrones, he is actually a very good actor. Of course, that only increase the odds of being a loon. Great acting requires a great ability to lie.

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