Rambling Man Vol 4

This week I have been pressed for time, so the shows I have in the planning stages had to be shelved for something that fit the schedule. Since the schedule has little free time right now, that meant I turned on the mic and spoke for an hour off the top of my head about whatever was on my mind. I did no editing and I stopped only once or twice for a drink as I was recording, so it is pretty much a first draft. All things considered it is not the worst noise you will hear this week.

Upon reflection, I probably have more to say about the trucker protest in Canada than I said in the show. One thing that comes to mind as I type this is that it reveals just how controlled the mass media is now. They have been told to ignore it other than some approved narratives and that is what they have done. Look at the Canadian media and there is zero sympathetic coverage of the protestors. They are making no effort to meet with these people and give them a hearing.

The American media has brought down the cone of silence. Drudge has a government issued warning to Canada at the top. The New York Times and Washington Post are busy peddling their latest Russia fantasies. Soviet media was more informative that the American media is now. If you want to know anything about anything you have to dig around in Substack and independent sites. The American media is now a blanket of darkness thrown over the public square.

The other thing that comes to mind is how blatant the authoritarianism is now. I see the Canadian dictator just ordered the funds for the truckers frozen. He just made up some new rule apparently or his handlers did. Trudeau is most likely illiterate, so he has to rely on others to do these things. The US government is flying surveillance aircraft over the protest to intercept communications. They will then “share” this intel with their “partners” in the Canadian secret police.

This is the new game now. We saw this with Trump. The CIA asked Australia and Britain to spy on the Trump campaign. That got around the rule against the CIA spying on Americans and gave the FBI an excuse to do their own spying. Five years ago, they made up a phony story as cover, but now it is out in the open. We live in a country that has secret police that spy on people with impunity. America is becoming East Germany with better consumer goods.

That last bit is always the undoing of authoritarians. You can run a police state or you can have a happy productive society that has nice things. With posted inflation approaching double digits and real inflation much higher, the economic reckoning is quickly approaching. There is no easy way to tame inflation. It always means a recession and usually an ugly one. People are unhappy now. Imagine where things are when the economy is in the dumper.

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231 thoughts on “Rambling Man Vol 4

  1. Zman hit a bullseye in this cast.

    I’m 59 soon to be 60, was 18 in 1980 and voted for Regan. Conservatism was exciting. We were going to win. Carter was gone. Our freedom from much of government tyranny was around the corner.

    What actually happened? Nothing the party actually promised. More government intrusion, a few more wars and a trannys in the Biden administration. But does any of it really affect me? Nope.

    At this point in my life it is getting very hard to give a darn about anything. Time is too short. Voting and caring about the outcome for 41 years, almost 42 now, has changed nothing in my philosophical or cultural favor, it’s way worse.

    On the flip side, even though I have lost everything political/social/cultural, my life goes on in my small circle, it affects me very little, so why care?

    And man is it tiresome listening and talking about it, the same old 40 year war we lost decades ago.

    I literally have stopped. For me the war is over. I’ve lost and will survive just fine under the occupation in the years I have left.

  2. Great essay on Taki.com, Z.

    The Occidentals v. The Orientals.

    The multi-cultural global corporate Marxists v. Nationalistic racist Marxist. Either way freedom loses.

    We plant rainbow flags in their cities, they bribe our politicians. We buy their stuff, they make our stuff.

    The truckers should quit the blockade. The state has too much power. They should just park their trucks somewhere and remove the spark plugs.

  3. Z man, slight correction on the Flores coaching situation, which makes it WAY funnier.

    Bill Belichick texted Brian Flores saying “Congratulations on getting the Giants job.”
    This was 3 days before Flores was even going to interview for the job, this signifying they were going through the motions on interviewing him to satisfy the Rooney rule.

    Unfortunately, it was Brian Daboll that got the job. Belichick texted the wrong Brian in his phone. You better believe they’re labeled as Black Brian and White Brian now hahaha

  4. . There is no easy way to tame inflation. It always means a recession and usually an ugly one.
    sooo what do i do with my 401

  5. A just-for-fun weekend posting.

    Everyone knows that US major news media is corrupt, biased, and lies on autopilot; but it’s instructive to see what gets “released” in the news on weekends because those are the stories that they desperately want to be buried and ignored. Here are three such stories of note.

    Bob Saget was likely murdered in Orlando and the local LEOs have been proactively covering it up. Why? Was he banging the wrong man’s wife?

    “Head Fake” Durham is now revealing that Hillary’s pet dogs in the Tech Industry proactively spied on Trump during his campaign and while president. How easy is it for all foreign governments and industry to spy on literally anyone?

    Brain Dead Biden is trying his hardest to start a war with Putin and might succeed because he shits his pants when a real man stands up to him. Does Potato Head even know that he is doing this? Inquiring minds what to know.

  6. I would like to drop this link to a very interesting post I found while visiting Rebel News. Clearly, it is there because of the Truckers’ Revolt, and there are lessons in this post for those who wish to preserve and strengthen localism against the coercive powers of the State, whether it is one premised on Stalinist communism, or one premised on Neoliberal libertarianism. I commend this to readers here, given the oft-articulated sentiment toward devolution away from centralized/authoritarian State power seen here. Note that Tradition- based Localism exerts some sway in setting limits to individual behavior, but at its best it acts to preserve spiritual values otherwise lost and abominated in either Stalinist communism or Neoliberal libertarianism. Much food for thought here.


    Thanks to all for being here,

    • Just wait until Taye_Reese and Itchi Chacha start showing up to the protests. I remember when they astroturfed a bunch of diabetic draft dodgers and told them to pretend to be Indians to disrupt Trump’s speech. Mostly, it was just funny.

      The whole thing actually feels like theatre. Like the elite are so wrapped up in themelves as these dramatic characters. But when Reality finally dos assert itself to these people, well, you saw what Canada’s Village-Person-In-Chief did.

    • Jersey, very good essay. I believe Z-man as touched upon the concept of unbound “freedom” a number of times before. It is, to be sure, a myth. As the poet said, “No man is an island, entirely unto himself”.

    • This is interesting and important. A high number of political leaders in the West as well as celebrities and business leaders are alumni of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program. They include the founders of Google, Facebook, actors like DiCaprio and leaders like Macron, Trudeau, the PMs of Finland and New Zealand and foreign minister of Germany and quite a few others in key positions.


      Here’s where the plot thickens. Apparently Putin, while probably not an alumnus of YGL, is close to Schwab. That surprised me.

      WEF has a ‘school’/network for people who are remarkably if not surprisingly, successful. And appear to be ‘strategically’ spread to commanding heights of politics (e.g. Macron), culture (e.g. DiCaprio) and information control/intelligence (Zuckerberg, the Google founders). If you were to play at ruling the world from a leather armchair in your Alpine resort, isn’t this where you would want ‘your people’ placed?

      All this information on the WEF and its affiliates, is openly available. Which makes me suspicious that it is not a decoy of some sort. The old James Bond-like reasoning ‘if you know their name, it isn’t them.’ OTOH, they may have surmised that people would reason so and make visibility their camouflage.

      This is certainly a known network of highly influential and powerful people. The only difference between a ‘network’ and a ‘conspiracy’ is whether you think there is a nefarious or criminal purpose. You might almost say, one man’s network is another’s conspiracy. Is this where Globohomo’s power center lies? Even if not, reasoning along the lines of six degrees of separation, they would have to be very closely connected to the ones really calling the shot. One degree of separation, two max. The odds seem to favor zero degrees, i.e. they are the ones at the helm.


      • A couple of points on this:

        1. many of these went through the scheme when they were nobodies (Merkel, Blair, Macron, Arden spring to mind). There are few each year, so the odds of the rise of such a large proportion to heads of state is improbable at best.

        2. How are these people then placed?
        This would require a large support and control network in most political and funding sources to ensure this delivery, as they sure could not place themselves.

        For me, its all very well to have actors at the helm. Its the studio system that enables this, that appears to be all but invisible, that is of interest.

        It seems likely the WEF program is more like Disney young actors club or stage school.

        • How are they placed? The WEF is 51 years old. They have had time to groom and network. They invite rich and influencial people and ‘network’ over after-ski drinks, dinners, parties etc. Sam Huntington was already well aware of them 25 yrs ago when he coined the term ‘Davos man’ after the ski resort where the WEF has its meetings.

          It is not just the WEF, it is an informal international class of ‘nobility’ (I am warming to neo-feudalism as model for understanding power networks even though there are important differences) that have links to the same institutions. They often went to the same universities, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, Oxbridge, le Grand Ecoles.

          Consider these two American examples: The US Supreme Court. Until Barrett was confirmed, every justice since the mid ’00s was a graduate of either Harvard or Yale Law School. I am not a lawyer but I would say there are at least 50 academically speaking top law schools in the United States. Only two produced SCOTUS justices for the last many years until Trump nominated a woman from a third.

          Speaking of Trump, he was the first POTUS since Reagan not to have attented, for college or grad/professional school, Harvard or Yale. Again how many universities does America have that academically on par w H&Y?

          It seems to be networking that gets you onto the top floor. Tight networking easily becomes a hive mind. And that is probably how the WEF works as well.

          I’m not saying WEF is the only place that matters. But it looks like it is a VERY central node in Globohomo.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree in the slightest. The WEF is just the most visible in personalities. Hence it seems like a stage school film studios use for up coming actors.

            I would be interested in actually mapping the network supporting this out, but the data is just too opaque it seems to get an accurate picture.

          • trumpton, I think we are agreeing because this is very central to my argument:

            “1. many of these went through the scheme when they were nobodies (Merkel, Blair, Macron, Arden spring to mind). There are few each year, so the odds of the rise of such a large proportion to heads of state is improbable at best.”

            The odds that they picked the young, unknown investment banker who would suddenly ascend to the leadership of France, the young woman who would, in her 30s, become the first female PM of Finland, the young Kurz who would become the youngest chancellor in the history of Austria, the first female PM of NZ.

            WEF picked these people before they were well known. Assuming there is not a causality from WEF to top job, requires very twisted reasoning. They would have to have some deep, psychometric method for picking out the one who will land the local top job in a field with plenty of peers just as smart, pretty, witty or rich.

            Standing firmly on the laws of probability I claim that the WEF is CENTRAL to picking the leaders of Western countries. The odds are such that the case against is the tin-foil argument. Can anyone shoot this logic down?

          • They swoop in and buy up, finance, capitilze, any promising tech. Read about the guy that invented tv, Philo Farnsworth. Tied him up in court for 20yrs. He wouldn’t sell out. Facebook and google weren’t particularly innovative. They got the earlier big money backing allowing them to become dominant.

          • @sidvic

            Thanks for the Farnsworth steer. Not come across him before. Fascinating chap.

            Sounds very similar to many stories where the little guy gets stiffed out in the end from the fruits of his own invention.

      • This is what Breivik noticed. At the time I didn’t understand what he was doing but now I do. He has proven morally superior as well, since he did not act indiscriminately, unlike the enemy who carpet bomb our children with fentanyl while subjecting them en-mass to medical and psychological experiments.

      • The WEF is the real-life implementation of SPECTRE.

        Degrees are the West’s version of aristocratic titles. The difference is that they are not tied to land.

        • And that old feudalism was not genocidal towards the peasantry. But yes, with no preconceived notions, using open sources and looking at established connections and times of connections, probability tells us they are something like that. If we can map them, we can beat them.

  7. “America is becoming East Germany with better consumer goods”

    I don’t think the consumer goods will be better for much longer. Constantly amazed by how trashy everything is these days.

    • I picked up a $350 pair of wool slacks for $45 at Nordstrom Rack. Took two weeks for a tear to form in the fabric. It’s getting to the point where I be severely autistic about which brands I buy and even then it’s a crap shoot because every thing is manufactured via contract and subcontract. Used to be if something had a high enough MSRP it’d have a good chance of being quality, even off a clearance rack.

      I ordered a pair of Tommy Hilfiger slacks because the ones I have from a couple years ago are holding up great. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  8. maybe I am to black pilled , but it is conceivable that with the covid diminishing they have to move to the next “emergency” . They can let the truckers finishing the destruction of the supply chain that they have been working on for 2 years. they could then declare a “state of of emergency ” or ” martial law ” and crank their power up even more . It’s pretty clear that they are losing all public support for vax and mandates. so they will have to pivot to something else.
    They could then “postpone ” the 2022 elections .
    Hope this is just rambling on my part, but things may be getting ready to get much worse.

  9. But “All things considered” might well be the worst noise you will hear this week.

    Defund NPR and the CPB!

  10. “You can’t have an 80 year old man running a political party.”–Z

    Last year Pelosi announced she would retire to Florida. Suddenly there was a lot of chatter about her insider trading and other illegal activities. Now she is running again to represent her San Francisco district.

    McConnell and corrupt trash like him think, perhaps correctly, they cannot be indicted and imprisoned as long as they cling to power. That’s not a healthy society.

    • JR Wirth supplied this brilliant resolution to the knot:

      “Too much regime intermarriage and inbreeding since 1930.”

      (I disregard the small hat colonies (Brooklyn, Broward, West Hollywood), as my own town went from Armenian to Sikh.)

      The question is, what happened to our own people, the whites? In a white nation, France, they ended up with a clear distinction, leading to Left and Right.

      Inbreeding. A closed marriage environment. The aristocratic classes that arose after FDR and WWll have reached the ‘rags’ effect, the third generation.

      I’m surprised they’re not all hemophiliacs.

      Now throw in the gerontacracy, a consequence as important as spiteful mutants, and we have a real mess on our hands. Nature is about to speak.

      When Nature speaks, and we go all Venezuela, I intend to be a cat rustler. I hear those cat ladies have a lot of livestock.

      • Consider the incompetents produced by the decades of intellectual inbreeding in the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

        Liz Truss’ completely embarrassing performance in Moscow is the latest example.

    • At some point the Gerontocracy will fold. People literally see no future per John Lydon in a bunch of people in their eighties. There is no patronage they can give from the grave, and they are close to it. That’s why the Politburu had to appoint Gorby. He was the only non senile member left who could possibly run things.
      Right now its a bunch of “lets you and him fight” women in their thirties and forties running things and out for blood with no understanding that if it comes to that their own might be flowing. Reportedly Jill Biden makes nearly all decisions for senile Brandon and Psaki and Jen Rubin make up the brain trust deciding things. Hence the weirdo freak they appointed to the Energy Dept. No sane person would ever have that freak anywhere near responsibility as it makes everyone around them look like a circus freak / weirdo.

    • Thats a trap . they will be in the same dungeon as the jan. 6th guys . you cannot go near the militarized capitol. our rulers have 10 or 20 times the manpower in DHS,FBI,ATF,CIA,DEA that the Canadians have. and they have much more advanced warning.
      I would stay far away from that

      • The acute dilemma of war. Individually, everyone is better advised to keep their head down. But if all do that, we will be jailed in tyranny. The old constitutional protections against that are collapsing before our eyes.

        • In that case, the best thing to do is withdraw as much as possible, in the name of COVID. No charitable giving, no volunteerism. No going to restaurants, no vacation travel; stay home, grow a garden, raise chickens. If you can swing it, get by on one income, apply for maximum government benefits and handouts. The point is to minimize your taxable activities and justify it by citing the pandemic. Like the truckers, keeping expenditures to a bare minimum will exacerbate the current economic problems and simultaneously deprive the government of it’s tax base. Then we’ll see what sort of advantages they have when they have no money and few lenders.

          • This is already happening to a degree. Charities and Colleges with an eye on long term are freaking out since almost all charitable giving comes from Older whites.

            The elite won’t really care being the reign in hell types they are but unstable societies can quickly become impossible to govern anywhere but locally

            This too is becoming a thing in the US . And sure they can rack down and will Tarkin’s Law applies , the more you crack down, the more they slip through. All the tech, also starting to fail will avail them nothing.

            Now freedom minded folks could still lose but they’ll probably lose civilization more than freedom.

        • No matter what is learned from this, Americans must learn to organize against opposition.

          Individualism is useless against tyranny and honestly isn’t a good ideology.

          • I am individualistic to a fault. And I have come to the same conclusion. It is organization that wins.

          • @Simba

            I know Z likes to think there are no conspiracies.

            However, as with the WEF above its just inescapable as a conclusion.

            As I have posted before the entire “white nationalism” thing has suddenly come into being over the last year as an intentional and concerted strategy pushed hard in every western country (its no different than build back better in its ubiquity) to prevent the groups they see starting to form on social media.

            Look around at Canada, France, USA etc nearly all the grass root protests are centered around the idea of Country and heavy use of flags. This is what that phrase is intended to disrupt and it is a conspiracy to prevent a power block forming.

            The other side of this in the newer controlled right sites and media is to constantly push non natives and women to be the face in cases when they cannot suppress it completely, to provide a pincer of restriction.

            You see it on the new “right” ani-establishment sites all the time if you start noticing.

            And yet as you say organization is the thing that is needed.

        • One strategy is to “overload” the system. It takes brave people, but several thousand arrests and isolations is perhaps not doable and may wake the populous up. Worse would be to provoke deadly retaliation during protests. Difficult to pull off, but has instigated large scale uprisings in the past. Every mass movement needs martyrs.

          • The populace never wakes up in a revolution. Its only a small determined percentage, the loudest (c.f woke) and sometimes most violent that get change.

            All you need is about 15% or so, 3% to fight and 5x that to feed the fighters.

            They key though is a common goal people are willing to give their lives for and to take lives for . We don’t have that yet.

        • there is a time for all things . this has all the hallmarks of a setup . participating in it will get you the same thin as the last setup, jan 6th . participating in a foolish plan ins no way to win anything. ask the guys from charlottsville if they are glad they “did Something”. you will have to wait to do it till they get out though.

    • “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

      ― Eric Hoffer


      This has that vibe all over it.

  11. Conservative (!) Premier of Ontario has just announced a province-wide state of emergency. Temporary, of course. He said the city of Ottawa is “under siege” and an illegal occupation. New penalties include up to $100,000 for taking part in a “siege”, up to 1 year of jail time, and possible loss of personal/commercial driver’s licenses. Now we’re under COVID emergency and Siege/Insurrection/Blockade emergency at the same time.

    Ambassador Bridge in Detroit/Windsor remains blocked. I’m shocked that it lasted so long, but the local Windsor cops want nothing to do with it. They’ve basically parked outside the perimeter, prevented new traffic from joining the blockade, and poured water on some illegal BBQs going on the street. “Monitoring the situation”. Toyota shut down plants in Ontario and Kentucky, while Ford, Stellantis, and GM have faced rolling shutdowns in both Ontario and Michigan. These are just the big names. Psaki, Whitmer, and Brandon’s inner circle are demanding action be taken. Ontario Provincial Police are diverting from Ottawa 8 hours South-West to Windsor. I have a feeling some skull-cracking is imminent.

    A blockade to the Peace Bridge in Buffalo is scheduled tomorrow. For the first time, a USA blockade is planned and will meet up with the Canadian blockade, cutting off the bridge from both sides. I don’t know if the police will be able to get a handle on that one. If both Peace and Ambassador Bridge are blocked, that will mean almost a billion $ per day of trade is being disrupted. The Alberta blockade remains in place at Coutts (with thousands of people there, this one isn’t moving), and Emerson Manitoba is blocked. Hearing rumours of the Blackpool crossing (main route from NYC to Montreal) being blocked tomorrow. Downtown Toronto is on lockdown around the provincial parliament area and demonstrations are planned in every major city for Saturday.

    The insane cat ladies on the Ottawa city council demanded immense provincial and federal police resources be sent to Ottawa. However that has left the rest of the province undefended and local cops are very apathetic or even supportive of the protestors. The military has told Trudeau to go stuff himself – word from buddies in the forces is that the rank and file hates Trudeau and will refuse any NCO order to intervene (of course this is just word of mouth). It appears the regime is totally unprepared and has been making the wrong decision every single step of the way. They have gone from ignoring it 3 weeks ago, to declaring it a “fringe minority with unacceptable views”, to demanding thousands of cops and now declaring a State of Emergency.

    Provinces are dropping vax passports and scaling back restrictions quickly, but nobody trusts them. Lots of word game stuff. And it will not change their ability to abuse emergency powers. I don’t know what is going to happen but the situation appears to be spiraling. It’s clear that they never planned to end vaccine passports or COVID lockdowns. They only have 2 modes – call people racist, or double down. Neither appears to be working and protestors are escalating as the government does so. The MSM is blacking out most of the situation, except vaguely referring to “truckers” blocking a border (it’s alot more than just truckers now) and spewing fear porn. Alternative redpilled sites are providing news to millions though, basically everybody except Boomers. Most people don’t appear to understand the gravity of the situation.

    Protestors are excited, great morale, everybody is in high spirits. But we are determined too. Threats are not scaring us, and we are remaining peaceful, but as I said people are aware of the potential paths this might take and are at peace with any potential consequence. We hope for a peaceful resolution. But we have nothing to lose.

    • Their plan as far as I can figure is Tiananmen Square. Various Law Profs, Judges, etc. mostly Karens are baying for blood. They will likely get it … but what then? Women always think they can create/command love and affection because when they were 17 and hot guys lusted after them. Gays too think this way.

      IF the Truckers on both sides just strike, ala true Workers Strike, what then? Forget the blockades etc, there are not enough US National Guard troops plus active duty troops to drive the trucks. While it is not a lifetime skill even experience drivers like the dudes on Top Gear could not handle it as they showed to comic effect. The powers that be have the ability to do mass arrests / shootings, etc. But they don’t have the ability in the short term (1 year or so) to replace the drivers and rigs. Which means food, gas, everything else that is last mile never moves from warehouse to store or gas station. But then these are stupid people — who would appoint a debauched homosexual into BDSM publicly as their Nuclear Waste Undersecretary?

      • The problem is that the “Canadian” truckers are already 50% Sikhs, and many more are other shades of mystery meat. They don’t love the forced vax but they do ally with Globohomo. Better to be vaxxed in Canada than free in India. Just about all the White truckers are aged 55 or older and most Boomers are vaxxed and afraid.

        The “trucker” protest is being slightly misrepresented. A good chunk of the “truckers” that are protesting are actually farmers, showing up with their grain/cattle transporting semis. Or specialized/unusual arrangements, ie. trucking division of a Mennonite-owned greenhouse company. Every single Indian company and every single mega-carrier with their 62 year old Boomers are still driving.

        The 400 people showing up with semis in Ottawa will have little impact on the trucking industry if they all got fired. What matters is the pressure being imposed on all levels of government, as well as the economic pressures of border blockades. The protest is much more than just truckers now. At the Ambassador bridge blockade, only 3 of the vehicles blocking traffic are semis. People of various occupations and means came out in personal vehicles and blocked the thing up. The media is trying to hide this fact.

        I do agree that the response is insane, hysterical, destructive, and, as usual, extremely feminine. These people have never been truly challenged. Once the racism card doesn’t work and we stop playing by the “facts and logic” rules they collapsed.

        • I see this quite a bit at my facility. We get a good amount of farm products from Ontario (Peace Bridge) and most of our brand’s product that gets sold in Canada comes from our factory. It’s white farmers that bring us the ingredients and Sikh/mystery meats who haul away the finished product.

    • It’s the women encouraging the men to bar fight.

      Whitmer is trying to get the party started at the bridge, since the Canadians won’t.

      (Credit to whoever pointed out “bar fight” yesterday. Sorry, no time.)

    • B125: Agree a showdown appears to be imminent. Cross-border cooperation between Biden’s WEF handlers and Trudeau (WEF alum) to threaten truckers with dire consequences. I realize this must be quite worrisome for the parents there with young children – please God keep them safe and let them stay strong. Of course, just after I clicked on your GiveSendGo link yesterday and donated, Ottawa went to court and shut it down. Cannot possibly express the hatred and rage I feel for the regime goons, and the hope and fear and prayers for the truckers and their supporters.

    • As if there were any doubt whatsoever, the Republicans prefer the Democrats to their own voters. If you are anywhere to the right of Jacques Lacan, you have no representation in Nineveh. The failure to recognize this is the only thing allowing the pretense of democracy in Blackistan to sustain itself.

    • This is maddening but perhaps a good thing, and here’s why. Most republican voters realize that the whole “violent insurrection” thing is a lie or at best, a gross exaggeration. They also realize that BLM protestors got a pass even as they murdered, looted and burned their way through cities across the nation.

      The Dems bailed out and defended their “protestors,” while the GOP threw theirs under the bus.

      In a way, it’s nice that McConnell and McCarthy aren’t bothering to hide their disdain for their own voters. It’s waking people up to the fact the GOP is worse than useless.

      • Winter: Truly hope you are correct, but I still see far too many posts and comments all over the web gleefully predicting a ‘red wave’ in November. White people who don’t hate their children need to stop voting.

    • McCarthy wants to usurp Pelosi and take her job, that’s how shortsighted and provincial these stupid mafiosi are. All the vision, intelligence, and talents of a street-corner drug dealer defending his turf

  12. The regime is clearly afraid and unsure what to do next. They must not be confident that orders will obeyed. It would be strange, historically speaking, if there were no ambitious men preparing to seize power. How weak and degenerate must the regime be when the tip of the iceberg is so glaringly and dangerously incompetent? I like to imagine the American regime version of the old soviet military parades. Picture the dementia patient premier, defecating himself as he stares around drooling, surrounded by ugly scheming aliens with crazy eyes, hallucinating old drunks, bitter cat ladies in their pussy hats, furries and trannies in various service uniforms bespangled with rainbow ribbons and dildo medals they were awarded for self-mutilation and child molesting. Before them the parade proceeds, the tanks and missile launchers driven by incompetent dykes and festooned with antifa/nmbla flags. They periodically crash into each other and run over members of the rag-tag mob of troops that look just like the Folsom St. Parade complete with mexican gangsters handing out fentanyl shots marked with CCP to the onlookers, compelled to attend on pain of loss of lively-hood. They welcome the opportunity to roll the dice on OD’ing as long as they don’t have to watch.
    How could it be possible that there are no men willing to crush these vermin and seize power? Their loathsomeness compels an instinctual impulse to stomp them like disgusting insects and their fundamental weakness inspires predatory appetites like an abandoned fawn. These are fundamental truths about the nature of man. Is the hidden strength simply inertia or residual momentum? A not completely forgotten memory of the more representative government that we used to have? If so that won’t last as the regime itself goes out of its way to defile that memory.

    • “How could it be possible that there are no men willing to crush these vermin and seize power?”

      Because the rot and corruption are total and terminal.

      (Excellent post, btw.)

    • They are all scared shitless of losing their seat at the bignose banquet hall. They sold their souls to the devil. Money is their god, who won’t help them. Nothing is going to help them when people wake up to the genocide all around them. Dead men walking.

  13. I’m not opposed to very old people being in charge. I’m opposed to THESE very old people being in charge. In generations past, the very old were stumbling blocks to terrible ideas coursing through society among the young. The 1960’s were a great example of this. The 22 year old Hillary Clintons absolutely detested the old fossils that remembered different times and had a sense of the ancient. Today, the old fossils ARE the Hillary Clintons, Pelosis and McConnells, and being raised the the post modern, post war era, they have ZERO SENSE of the ancient and of human nature in general. So these particular old people are pure poison. The country will not recover until they’re taking dirt naps. Including the cuck y hen pecked “conservative” white guys who put on Dave Brubeck as they watch their Vanguard accounts. Jazz has always sucked. And those Laura Ingraham watching eunuchs are a huge part of the blame, as their spoiled rotten daughters are seeing shrinks 20 years after fellating every basketball player at Dartmouth.

    • The number of men over the age of 75 who have the cognitive ability to run anything larger than a very small municipality or business is very small. In that sense, it is a bad idea to have people this old in charge regardless. When Mitch McConnell turns 80 next Sunday there will be 7 Senators over 80. By the end of the year there will be 19 Senators at 75 or older. The sensible thing for any of them to do would be to clear a path for a trusted protege to get elected the first time your seat comes up after you hit 70. I can’t think of a single Senator who has tried to do that in the last 20 years.

      • You have this opinion because of today’s old people. Jesse Helms was the last of the Mohicans for cool old people, and he died in 2003, a few years after my grandpa who was a similar man, only not Southern. All of the cool old people checked out by 2000ish. I first remember politics at around 12 or 13, and I may have imagined things by I remember Helms being palpably hated by all the people I still hate today. This immovable object for all these people who had fancy pants ideas. That’s what a cool old person should be. I think he even lit up that Massachussetts clown Weld at some point. I could’t stand him either.

        • JR Wirth: I think the men who survived to 70 and older, in the past, were generally much healthier and more robust than the old men today. Now, half the people past 60 have artificial joints, or stents in their veins, or are dependent on insulin, etc. A few generations ago, if you survived to 70 you did so on your own immune system and physical ability – no one was putting wheelchair ramps in the Capitol back then.

          • 3g4me, good observation. Decisions of such general, societal ramifications are not made on the *exception*, but on the rule or *average*!

            We all have stories about wizened geniuses, but that’s the exception. Since the rule is that folk past a certain age have seen “better days” and are not up to the rigors of the task—and more importantly we can’t reliably discern this objectively—we place age limits on the position.

            Where have we one position of importance/power that we have not seen problems with elderly occupants? If age minimums are acceptable, surely age limits are as well.

  14. Z – or anyone else for that matter – can you please recommend some reading materials for further learning on the topic of Civil War politics as it is not my area of expertise. I obviously don’t want the “approved” history but also frankly don’t want the stars and bars borderline-pro-slavery argument either. Looking for history on the states rights, secession, etc. politics. Would greatly appreciate some recommendations thanks

    • You might try confederateshop-dot-com and the Abbeville Institute, they have a fairly wide range of material and recommendations (including some stuff you don’t want).

    • I recommend the multi-volume Allen Nevin’s history of the entire era from the 1840s to the eve of Reconstruction. He’s quite good at painting the “national picture” prior to the outbreak of war, and his volumes on Lincoln – while not so harsh as Z and many commenters here would like – is anything but adulatory.

  15. Conservative has kind of worked at the state level in red states. Gun permitting is a big example. Forty years, civilian concealed carry was simply not permitted in almost every state (VT was an exception). Now it is permitted with minimal interference in every red state.
    The Republicans on the federal level just don’t champion gun rights or anything else – so of course nobody cares about them.

    • Drake: And if you use your ‘legal’ concealed carry weapon to defend yourself or anyone else against a POX, expect to be bankrupted by lawfare if not put in prison. Anarcho-tyranny is a real thing, and laws on paper are generally meaningless in today’s WROL environment for Whites.

    • Drake, I hear ya. However, where were those “conservatives” when those restrictive gun laws were enacted? There was a time in this country where there were no such laws that needed to be repealed.

  16. Dave Portnoy, the Barstool Sports guy, managed to flip the script on the 3 Lefties at Meidas Touch in their recent debate by revealing that he had found texts of them using the n-word:


    This is exactly how you fight fire with fire.

    As for the black NFL coach, I thought that Belicheck got him mixed up with the guy who actually got the Giants’ job and texted him congratulations by mistake.

  17. Trudeau is likely asking for US military assistance. Think of Ontario Canada as our Kazahkstan or Belorussia. I figure US troops will open fire on the truckers, as evinced by the Obama official married to some Appellate Judge calling for blood, these people HATE HATE HATE lower class Whites who do not know their place.

    That is because the central morality of our time is worshiping black people as sacred holy redeemers of the original sin of Whiteness and Industrial society. Blacks are the gods and White people the devils — and the upper class Whites LARP as non Whites. [For now].

    Ontarios’ Premier Ford is preparing mass arrests according to Zerohedge, with huge fines and years of imprisonment. Meanwhile it looks like wage/price controls are coming and Brandon is threatening “World War” so it looks like the regime wants a big war to basically abolish the election and rule by fiat which emotionally and morally their members want anyway. They get high on HATE HATE HATE. Z-Man being a decent guy can’t understand that part.

    • “I figure US troops will open fire on the truckers, … .”

      That’ll never happen.

      It’s the ZH report on Ontario preparing mass arrests that shows potential for real trouble, assuming that the rumors are true.

    • Its a mistake to expect the past martial law patterns to be fully realized in the present I think.

      Apart form the use of troops, if it happened. Ask yourself if it would be that different than now?

      Apart from a bit of window dressing, what really would be that different?

      We already have effectively that in place in lots of the west in fact, if not in name.

      There is already a sort of soft martial law, using the security, academia and managerial classes as the troops to control your every action, where its mostly financial and social restriction and occasional police suppression, rather than tanks rolling about.

      A police state is one where you need permission from the authorities do most activities including leaving your home, traveling and buying food. We are already there, We have been living it for the past 2 years and lots of it is going to be sticky in function going forwards (like airport security theater).

      Just most people have not realized yet and think the sham on the TV is still real.

      • Exactly.

        Restricting access to banks; even worse, freezing your assets in banks, or even seizing your assets in banks would bring all but the hardest of hard liners to heel.

        Corporate America is just fine following even the most ridiculous government mandates. “You have free speech, but you don’t have a right to your job” ring a bell?

        Unlikely. For now. But all the “emergency powers” self granted under Covid gave our elites a taste of true power; except for Canadian truckers, I’ve yet to see any real public pushback.

        • Americans just moved in droves to states where as they say the mountains are high and the emperor is far away.

          In may part of So Cal the mask mandate is ignored as desired as no store has the staffing nor wants the fuss. Its also pretty Hispanic so very few Karens either.

          Keep in mind that in many Blue States basic public safety is sketchy as well, there simply aren’t the cops to bother anyone.

          And sure examples can be made, its just not really a good idea when people are nuts and homicides are up 3 or 4x

      • “A police state is one where you need permission from the authorities do most activities including leaving your home, traveling and buying food. We are already there, We have been living it for the past 2 years and lots of it is going to be sticky in function going forwards (like airport security theater).”

        No, we are *not* already there.

        Apparently it is radically different where you are and where I am.

        The state where I live had exactly zero Covid drama. Our governor *asked* the people to stay home for “two weeks to flatten the curve.” And that was that. That’ *all* that has happened in the state where I live. That’s also true of the state immediately to our east and the one to our south. That’s also true for half the states in America.

        But about martial law: It simply cannot be enforced except for *very* small areas. For example, no large city in America could *possibly* be subjected to martial law. The various governments at *all* levels simply do *not* have the resources to subjugate large territories. They just don’t.

        *Small portions* of large cities could be subjected to martial law, but nothing larger than that. But *no* city in America could be *completely* subjected to martial law. It is simply not possible. The “authorities” simply do *not* have the power.

        And declaring martial law in rural areas is just a non-starter. It would make government officials look like abject idiots, which, of course, they are, but not even they would think it possible to enforce martial law over rural districts.

        The governments’ (plural) at *all* levels simply do *not* have the resources needed to enforce martial law anywhere in America if the population chooses not to be subjected to it.

        • Ok where I was:

          I could go on at length however as a sample:

          restricted to 1 hour outside the house per day (enforced by police).

          In a pop of 80k there were at least 140 arrests for breaches and 50 people jailed for breaching this.

          • You group together and fuck up the police, see Khazackstan. It’s all numbers, us and them. It comes down to will, in the end.

          • Just to add a point I was going to make earlier about it *IS* in fact a reality.

            Some 60 year old guy got 3 months in jail for going to the shop repeatedly for tea and the long sentence was because he refused to grovel in court about it.

            Someone else: 4 week for going to buy toothpaste because his wife was positive and he was told by health dept to be in house for 10 days.

            I was nearly arrested for being outside my own house because I refused to kiss some cops arse enough.

            it goes on and on, much of it was done via street CCTV, cell phone records, bank and shop card transactions and CCTV in shops.

        • I upvoted you both because I think your comments point out that local elections matter. I agree with our esteemed host at the national level. Pelosi/McCarthy or McConnell/Schumer. Makes no difference. Trump made a small difference in pulling the wool from peoples eyes, but not much in terms of governing. Local is where our future is, especially if we can start ignoring DC edicts.

        • Infant: I don’t think one can generalize based on local experience. The restrictions may not have been draconian where you were; they weren’t that dreadful here in Texas . . . but half the people still wear masks and it wouldn’t take even a minimal show of force to reinstate business closings and restrictions. Most people are extremely docile and obedient.

          More importantly, they have plenty of means other than mobilizing the rainbow army to bring people to heel. As others said, seizing bank accounts, cancelling insurance, etc. It’s how they’ve kept anyone found guilty of noticing race in line for over a decade, now. And just as the Canadian authorities were/are threatening to seize the protesters children, antifa and the on-line left have been going after the families (wives, children, nieces and nephews) of bloggers they don’t like. That’s why a couple of blogs I used to read years ago (example In Mala Fide) vanished.

    • How many kulaks were there versus the Red Guard, Chekists, Khmer Rouge, Viet Cong?

      The citizens have always vastly outnumbered, to no avail.

      • I was just pondering that, how relatively few people can keep a vastly larger number in check. Feudal Europe or Japan, 20th century tyrannies (take your pick), apartheid South Africa. There are two candidates, organization in the broader sense, incl. combat training and information access. And weapons disparity.

        It is not weapons disparity. In feudal times peasants were probably not allowed to own swords and spears. But instead they had axes and pitchforks. While lances and swords are no doubt better than pitchforks and axes, in a melee they are certainly not three times better, much less ten or twenty or whatever the ratio between peasants and nobility.

        In the 20th century it is the same thing. Even in Europe hunting rifles and, even moreso, shotguns are quite common in rural areas. They have to be or pests like wild boar and deer would explode in numbers and destroy the crop. And while military firearms may be better for combat than hunting weapons, they are not several times better.

        Ergo the abilíty of a minority to oppress a majority is not due to weapons disparity. So it comes down to organization/training and group identity/cohesion.

  18. The truckers are important because they are an effective way to resist the regime. They are the exactly right form of resistance in what is a 4th generation war against usurping regimes in the West. They are inconveniencing a lot of people and costing billions probably. So they are clearly stronger on the force scale than just marches and speeches and that kind of thing. But they are non violent. So on a ‘peaceful – obstructionist – violent’ scale, they are obstructionist, the mid level.

    But, and this is central, the regime went obstructionist first, with all the covid restrictions. So it is not an escalation, it’s a follow-up. And I think that is the way for insurgents to maintain general support; to be behind, not in front of, the regime in force level. If Trudeau had a brain seizure and ordered his men to mow down the truckers (and they complied, not a given), the ‘general mood’ would be ready to accept that protesters brought their hunting rifles next time. But for now it would make them terrorists to the general public, that big dumb cow whose attention and sympathy regimes and insurgents fight over.

    4th generation war is how wars are going to be fought in the future, and already are being fought. The reason is nukes. Open great power wars are history (assuming a minimum level of rationality). The truckers are one important way to do enough that the regime can’t ignore it, it is too inconvenient and it is killing the Canadian economy (and Canada does not have the reserve currency; switching to the US dollar so he could just borrow like crazy, would be an interesting move by Trudeau but, I’m guessing, not one welcomed by the average Canadian).

    We’re going to have to learn 4th gen warfare. It is about morality, not killing the opponent, although that might be a component. Not just because we have to do it but because that is how the regime will fight us. William Lind is one of the brains behind this concept. I wanted to read more about it from the horse’s mouth. But going there ‘traditionalright.com’, I was met with a birthday greeting to Kaisar Willy of Germany, reminding me that he is a total odd-ball. Benignly so, but while smart he takes eccentricity to a whole new level.

      • And truckers, and ordinary Canadians sympathetic to the protests, adapted to the confiscations by carrying around hundreds of jerry cans. That ordinary Canadians started doing that was more important in gauging the level of support than any official poll. It must have spooked the regime.

        • The gas cans are a nice symbol of resistance too. The surface meaning is “I support the truckers”. The implicit meaning is “you know what else we can do with these things”. I expect people to be posting pictures on their social media where they’re posing with gas cans. Expect the usual ham fisted response from people like Zuckler too.

          It’s lovely how the regime provides propaganda tools to it’s enemies isn’t it?

        • Yep.

          And this sentence is only a space-filler so the system doesn’t reject “Yep” as being too short to be real, or whatever the reason for rejecting pithy replies might be.

          Very tiresome.

          Anyway, what I want to say is, “yep.”

      • Seems like its a State of Emergency now (again).

        Did not get the violence they were hoping for , so now its give yourself extra special powers to enable your moral cover to illegally seize people’s property and levy arbitrary huge fines for the simple act of defiance.

        Every single challenge will now be met with a similar emergency powers declaration, until at some point it will become the permanent state of govt.

        In some ways it seems the pols are all sat in a room screeching each other into hyperventilation over the myriad of imaginary threats looming in their mind?

        It will soon resemble a paranoid psychotic mental ward, with a police force at its disposal.

        • “In some ways it seems the pols are all sat in a room screeching each other into hyperventilation over the myriad of imaginary threats looming in their mind?”

          Made me laugh. It’s a delicious mental image!

      • Gas floats on water. It does take time to drain off the water though. On the other hand this is also good lawsuit fuel (hehe) when people sue the government for their stolen hydrocarbons. At least as long as we’re still pretending to be ruled by laws.

        It’s also a nice synergy with something else – it shows how kooky all the talk about electric semis and cars is. The gas in those cans is what gets Karen her chocolate ice cream to binge on when Chad doesn’t return her calls.

    • In Canada having people photographed showing up for demonstrations armed like they did in the recent unrest here in the US is a “bad look” as they say. Actually I’m not sure it even works here. The idea, if it becomes necessary to return fire on the cops, would be to have guys staged away from any demonstrations, roadblocks, and especially cameras, with rifles. Then the media just reports that “some cops and protesters got shot” but the images of the demonstration show only the cops being armed”. This is a way to follow your rule of staying behind the regime in use of force.

      • There is a saying among those of us in the more friendly gun areas in the US, “If you see my weapon, put your fingers in your ears”. That about says it all. To reveal yourself without immediate cause for such force is to lessen you effectiveness and lose the element of surprise. When I see such folk marching around displaying, I just sigh.

  19. ” People are unhappy now. Imagine where things are when the economy is in the dumper.”

    Declare war on somebody. It works in every “wag the dog” scenario.

    It’s a nice confluence of events that the local Truckers are heating up the airwaves in winter just as Russia is rattling sabers on the Eastern front. With their new body armor, the Russians should do quite fine against the local Ukes. How well they perform against Apache AH-64 attack helicopters is a different story. The U.S. decimation of Russian-sold tanks during Desert Storm I was a striking reminder of [… etc. long article : to read the rest scroll over to my name and left-click. You can read the rest in the top article there.]

    • Desert Storm was over 20 years ago.

      The Russians are far more intelligent and prepared than the Iraqis.

      • Not to mention you always sell your junk and keep the good stuff for yourself. Used to be as little as fifteen years ago with the Russian army there was a running joke – just have the REMFs throw their uncapped piss bottles at whatever armor was pushed forward and let rust do the work. Now? Putin’s apparently done wonders with updating and more importantly, professionalizing, the Russian military to a point where it stands a good chance against a pre-woke US military.

        • You know what the Russians used to call their decontented export gear?

          They called them…

          “Monkey models”

      • Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups, militaries.
        The Russians may be no different.

        Putin seems to be going for a trap by global homo. When he should move for making Ukraine a neutral boarder state

        Didn’t the army a few years ago crush Russian merchs in Syria . Our armies may be in poor shape now, but may not be a push over.

    • They probably weren’t selling the Iraqis their best equipment. Also, desert storm was 30 years ago.

      • There’s that and the Soviet military was fielding complete garbage at the armor and infantry level (not rederring to all those magical aeronautical toys they allegesly had). What they sold off wasn’t presumably much worse.

      • The Iraqi war(s) were about the US fighting sand monkeys. Equipment was a less important component as we saw in Afghanistan. It’s about who has the will to stand, and if necessary die.

        Russia got out of Afghanistan because they figured the whole shithole wasn’t worth one more life. In WWII Russia lost 20M because mother Russia had German invaders on Russian soil—in spite of a growing loathing of communism and Stalin.

        We’d best learn from that mistake and leave the bear alone.

      • And we took 6 months to ship a gigantic army over there. That army and it’s logistics lift no longer exists. Meanwhile the Ukraine is literally Russia’s backyard.
        A couple of battalions of American paratroopers without air support would just be speed-bumps.

        • What I always look for is our “allies” contribution to these war efforts. What I never see is any meaningful contribution. Every one of these (our) adventures has allied contributions imperceptible to our own. Token only and then in support roles that involve little effort or casualties.

          Germany borders Poland, is a hop away from the Baltic states, are a NATO member, yet where are their troops in Poland and the Baltic? Why do we send 8-9k of troops?

          It’s a farce. Hopefully, as others have mentioned, just a simple distraction for political purposes.

    • If the US starts a serious, existential war for survival in Europe, you can be certain that the primary objectives are:

      1. Martial law and “emergency powers” that will make the Covid lockdowns look like child’s play. Starting with internet controls.

      2. A massive distraction for the hyper inflation, a 60 trillion dollar national debt, and shortages that are on the way. “It’s a war…sacrifices must be made!”

      Hope not. But it’s pretty commonplace for failing Empires go out with a bang, then a whimper.

        • Right?

          They don’t have nearly enough jabport and CBDC coverage rolled out.

          Ergo, they will need people to bash skulls.

          If it goes there, red states will roll out the 10th Amendment.

        • America got dragged back in became the face of the empire. We’ve rotted out for it, but hey, bragging rights lol.

    • I am assuming that you are trying to think like they are thinking inside the Beltway. They are probably thinking like you, except that they are smart enough to basically rule out that the US would be fighting directly in Ukraine, a moment of clarity I guess. Reality is different of course. Russia stands a decent chance of prevailing in a conventional battle with the US it seems. Especially so close to their supply lines and far from ours. But this will never be a conventional, symmetric battle. Both sides would have to be idiots to do that and I think we cornered the idiot market.

    • “It’s a nice confluence of events that the local Truckers are heating up the airwaves in winter just as Russia is rattling sabers on the Eastern front.”

      You are mistaken.

      Russia is not rattling sabres.

      The [bogus] “crisis” is over.

      There will be no war.

      That was never going to happen.

    • One odd advantage Putin has is precisely that he inherited a lot of junk equipment. He’s modernized and updated everything now. At the same time he’ll be fighting a wokist America still smug about how great it’s Desert Storm era tech is.

      You actually see this in industries too. The new steel mills that popped up in Japan and China had more modern equipment than the rusted out junk they had at the Beth Steel plant near where I grew up.

      • Right. And *all* military operations–even just driving a deuce-and-a-half across post to the firing range–is logistics. And the in-place logistics for a war in Europe involving the US never existed.

        Besides which, Putin never *considered* invading the Ukraine. What would he DO with it? It would be like a dog chasing a car and catching it: What then?

        The Ukraine is a vast poverty-stricken junkyard. It would be an overwhelming burden to the Russian state. That’s why Putin has repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the Donbass and Luhansk regions’ requests to be annexed by Russia. It would bankrupt the Russian state. It’s a non-starter, and so is/was the notion of invading the Ukraine. That was *never* going to happen.

        The media’s constant yammering about Russia and Putin and “invasion” is just the jabbering classes jabbering about the bullsh*t they always jabber about. It’s to deflect the population’s attention away from the abject failure of their Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset caper.

        There is not going to be a war in the Ukraine or over the Ukraine. It would inconvenience the Western “elites” if they lost the Ukraine b/c that’s where their dirty money is laundered. Also, the (((neocons))) nurse their ancient hatreds towards Russia, but they also want the Ukraine in their hip pocket b/c they *still* hope–after all these years–to get another chance to loot Russia. And it galls (((them))) to NO END that that is never going to happen while Putin is alive.

    • If Iraq had been equipped with Abrams tanks, f-22’s and AH-64’s it would have made no difference.

      Equipment doesn’t give you any added capability if you lack the skill and the will to use it.

      • There’s an old Monty Python skit where British soldiers are shown memorizing parts of a joke in German that is so funny to someone who speaks German that it literally kills him. They had a special squad for this. I believe that is the current plan. The Russians will see our trannies, wammen, furries, TikTok-ers, and other members of Clown Force One and they will just die of laughter.

  20. The reason none of the economic stuff means much of anything is because it’s all nonsense. As of 2019, we had a 20 trillion dollar economy. Over 8 trillion of that was government spending at all levels. That is approaching HALF. Take at least another 2 trillion in totally bogus numbers like homeowners’ rent and the value of a free services. They used to count things like free savings accounts, but I am sure they add things like a facebook account, twitter, gmail accounts etc. Worse, they probably are counting ALL US accounts. So your 4 old twitter handles you are locked out of are adding some number to the GDP.

    Then there’s the fact that most consumer goods are made outside of the US and brought in. Then there’s all the inflation that gets counted as GDP growth because of inflation being understated. GDP has the rate of inflation subtracted. So if inflation is 15% but is only being counted as 10%, we just get 5 free percentage points of GDP growth. This has been compounding for decades.

    Of course all of the costs of dealing with all the government spending are also captured as GDP. Every single dollar of cost you incur in your business as regulatory compliance looks like any other dollar in the GDP number. If you have to hire compliance officers and accountants and lawyers, this is all a negative to you, but to GDP, it’s just as valid as if you are making widgets.

    They have been screwing around with numbers so long that they are essentially meaningless other than possibly comparing consecutive quarters.

    • If you don’t believe Tars numbers (in the main), then ask yourself how a President Trump can juice things up so quickly with the stroke of a pen putting regulators under restraint and reducing tax’s (or in Biden’s case, fuck it up).

      This country strangles under it’s current government and bureaucracy and tax laws—all barnacles on the economic ship of state.

    • Tars – I think you make an excellent series of points. Anyone who talks of minor fluctuations misses the long term trends. I like to reason via quality of life based on purchasing power. In the 1950s, blue collar- white collar it did not much matter your shirt color, you could support a wife, kids, cars, house in the burbs, and retirement under a single income. This is no longer true. An extra hundred bucks in or out more a month does not change the long term arc of the increasing destitution of the working class America (screw the term “middle class” at this point). To come back to Tars’ point – inflation is the hidden tax that has made this possible while making GDP look staggeringly successful. Lies and the lying liars who tell them!

      • I would follow up with a quick point – I think a lot of the GDP and social media bullcrap serves as a way of making the average person think that things are going well for EVERYONE…but himself. This keeps normie depressed and compliant because he/she is the one who is wrong.
        Look at the job numbers – INCREDIBLE!!!
        Look at the stock market – INCREDIBLE!!!
        Look at the GDP – UNPRECEDENTED GROWTH!!!
        Look at social media – EVERYONE IS RICH!!!
        All lies designed to keep normie thinking it must be he who is wrong.
        This is when common sense needs to reassert itself – to quote Dylan, “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.”

      • Eloi, spot on. I’m no commie, but the wealth disparities are stark in this country and bode ill. Saw an economist the other day breaking down the wealth in this country across quintiles of the population. Upper middle class, the 60-80% grouping averaged $300k or so. The upper 20% (termed wealthy) had a entry/average of $600k. Last I saw to enter the top 10%, you had to have wealth of $1.4M. (probably much more now). Bottom line at that time was that the upper 10% had 80% of the wealth, the remaining 20% was for the other 90% to fight over.

        Remember, that “wealth” has got to furnish you through retirement, or pay for your convalescent care, or support your kids in some way—and of course pay for health care if under 65.

        And yeah, I’m doing just fine, but am not dumb enough to believe I can escape what befalls when a desperate population catches wise.

      • Eloi, I agree with your sentiment, but disagree on the extent. You can certainly live like it’s the 1950s and have a one salary family. Buy a house the same size as they had in the 50s. Don’t pay for TV or cell phones. Only have one car. Cook you own meals. Only take vacations you can drive to. Where the same clothes for years. In short, live like they did. But we have grown so materialistic, most people today would consider that as living in poverty.

        Where I agree with your sentiment is that, while a 1950s life is very possible, it also shows we really haven’t progressed much since then, unless you’re an elite grifter.

        • DLS: Valid point on the possibility of a much less inflated standard of living, but . . . in the 1950s, Whites could live in all White suburbs when they had to escape the cities they were raised in. Now, the diversity is spread all around and it costs a lot of money – more than money, really – to try to avoid it. When we moved to our suburb almost 30 years ago, it was still majority White albeit with an increasing Han and pajeet portion. Almost no blacks. Now it’s barely 50% White and blacks are everywhere. And we could still sell our house tomorrow for $450k. So mere money or lifestyle choices are insufficient.

          • Good point. I left out the cost of escaping government funded diversity. Even as late as the 1970s, you could grow up in the white part of cities, let alone suburbs. And it’s not fair to tell people to go rural, because that’s not the 1950s.

        • We live frugally. We have no debt (of any kind). We do cook our own meals (not just for frugality, but for health). We rent a modest home. We recently made a big move, and any reasonable home here is at least 250,000 dollars, and we did not move to a ritzy place (it’s a lovely section of the country, but not noted for wealth). We can afford it but prefer to wait – housing prices are ridiculous. I spend 50 dollars a month for our cell phones (for both). No cable TV or Netflix or any of that. We both work for the government, so healthcare is cheap – I cannot imagine the ridiculous prices for a private sector employee. It is not the same.
          Again, we do okay, but one income would not suffice for two kids. We have two modest vehicles paid off. I cannot remember the last time I bought new clothes, and Mrs. Eloi is no prima donna. We are not materialistic at all, and I assure you my kids are not showered with new crap all the time. Again, as others pointed, how prohibitively expensive is it to live in an all white burb these days? My main hobby is playing guitar, and I have not bought a guitar in 15 years (or other toys associated). My wife is a resourceful woman; we don’t waste food or resources and buy food and items based on sales (I am a good cook as well). I have never been on a plane for vacation, and the last vacation I went to was over 5 years ago. Again, to make it work when our youngest was born, I worked during the day and my wife went to work in the evening in order for us not to put our kids in daycare – not for monetary reasons, but for beliefs.
          I also want to be clear that I do not bemoan my situation. I love where I live, my wife and I both like our jobs, and I am grateful we have the money to make it so (it cost a lot to move across the country). If I actually want something (which is rare), I can always buy it without thought because we do save money and have a decent amount in the bank and excellent retirement plans (which will no doubt be belly up by the time we retire). I feel incredibly grateful for my situation, but I compare myself with other people, and I am around a lot of other people, and I read the news, and I cannot fathom how most people live the way they do.
          I also recognize that my statement is based on a nostalgia for a time I never experienced. But, something must be deluding the aging boomers that leads them to vote democrat.

          • Thanks for that perspective, Eloi. Three things I left out: Escaping diversity, healthcare costs and the loss of company pensions.

          • “ I feel incredibly grateful for my situation,…”

            At my age, one has more time to think and sort the experiences of a lifetime, but always I come back to the above. Where I am today has less to do with me, than Devine Providence (Grace) and as such is undeserved.

        • I have no idea. I always think of the economy like quantum physics – anyone who says they understand it is lying. I do agree with DLS above: much of perceived inflation is the cost of the materialistic life we live. But, if I were to venture, I would actually point it to the explosion of the stock market in the 80s when groups like Vanguard and Blackrock formed and realized the best way to siphon wealth was through a financialized market.

  21. I think the big thing is that the regime has become ever-so-slightly unstable. But if a big East wind springs up, ever-so-slightly can turn to rubble in a heartbeat.

    What our team needs to be thinking about is a game plan for regime collapse. The bolsheviks, as always, have a plan.

    The counter-plan cannot be dressing up like town criers and handing out small copies of the Constitution. Something a bit more robust will be required.

    • Abstract concepts go out the window when existential fear is at hand. People will look for people who can say “We are smart, stable, have a good network, and have tangible skills.” Take our side.

      Regime collapse will also mean the usual mouthpieces of authority (CDC, Big Tech, Red Team/Blue team), will become more are more useless.

      The only reason people followed the CDC and Fauci so long was precisely because of the weakness of the virus, and the lockdowns and masking SEEMING like it was working because they, personally, were safe. Imagine what would have happened if the virus was really as bad as they said, and their solutions showed themselves as useless as they actually were.

      In real collapse, those illusions get dispelled, and people’s blind faith in those institutions and “the science” will look like cranks.

      • Oh yeah, lots of people who were blathering on about inhaling red pills, not believing the media, and laughing at the sheeple in past times were some of the first to mask up and go covidiot. Among old podcasts I listened to, I shedded about 90% of them in the first six months of the shamdemic. The FUDpackers aren’t worth the time.

      • Chet, that’s the key—“skill sets”. Unfortunately for many of us “city mice”, we have no skill sets directly involved in survival. Push come to shove, we’re screwed. No one gives a tinker’s damn to learn Computer Science on an empty stomach. 🙁

        • Comp-

          Start small.

          There are plenty of good skill videos all over the video sites.

          There are good, comprehensive books about country skill that can be had in good used condition for $15.

    • Regime collapse is almost completely off the table except for some wildly improbable event we cannot foresee. While it is prudent to have contingency plans for improbable yet possible events, the main plan shouldn’t be that this improbable event actually happens.

      The Soviet example gives people way too much confidence. For all of our problems, we’re not the Soviets.

      The collapse far more likely to happen, IMHO, is that the middle class collapses utterly and we are all thrown into poverty. While that could shrink the managerial class, it probably wouldn’t collapse entirely.

      • Dollar collapse is the only thing that I can see causing a regime collapse.

        It won’t happen soon because the dollar is by far the cleanest shirt in a world of filthy fiat tunics.

        • It seems to me, granted an economic ignoramus, that deflation is far more likely than dollar collapse. (though it does give me doubt that this is a widely held consensus and the one thing you can count on is the experts are wrong) AFAIK, once the economy begins shrinking or fails to “grow” (nominally), the wheels will start coming off in a deflationary spiral. Bankruptcies and defaults will cause new and additional bankruptcies and defaults. And then all this printed money, POOF, disappears into the ether.

          That is kind of what happened in 2008, as I understand it. RE went down and suddenly all of the paper banks were holding dropped like a stone and made the banks insolvent. Suddenly the bank had 400k in paper for a house “worth” 200k.

      • “Regime collapse is almost completely off the table … .”

        The regime is collapsing right before our eyes. The collapse is already well advanced. The *final* crisis is 10 years off. The intervening decade will be chaotic in various ways. The country will have broken apart–officially–by 2033. The Empire will be gone. China will be the main world power. We shall live in a backwater.

        • Collapse aside, North America—Canada, US, central and South America is no back water. Yeah, it’s a come down from today’s global play ground, but is not a poor consolation prize. I don’t see that going away.

        • The empire collapsing isn’t the same, at least in my mind, as the country collapsing or, more importantly, the government/state collapsing.

          Case in point, the British Empire. It utterly collapsed early in the post war period. But the British state didn’t collapse. If anything, it got much bigger.

          The US state is already absolutely enormous and would almost certainly shrink, but nowhere near what people would hope for. The loss of Dollar reserve status would throw us into poverty. All the stuff we buy is made elsewhere and paid for with reserve currency dollars. That WILL come to an end if the Dollar lost preeminence. Since Dollars can only be spent in the US, expect real estate and other assets to go up enormously in price, especially relative to local wages if that were to happen.

          Scams like sheriffs robbing armored cars on the side of the road and taking the money off of car drivers in routine traffic stops would probably also increase.

          • You probably don’t want the same drop in living as the UK.

            Lots of americans don’t really see how little financial uplift the brits got. The average brit is quite poor compared to the US.

            The average salary in the UK is $35k (with a base tax rate at 20% + plus 20% sales tax).

            The lowest state in the US average is SD at $55k.

            All the money generated by empire went somewhere. Just not to the natives.

          • Don’t forget the likely infusion of cartel operatives waved across the border by the Regime. These people are nothing if not consumate opportunists. Waiting for that shoe to drop.

            I always kinda wondered if that gun running operation into Mexico led by Holder wasn’t actually done on purpose, and a signal to the cartels that Obama was open to doing a little business, mano a mano like. Anarchotyranny being good for money making, as well as alogning with his overarching objectives after all. Just a feeling, maybe partially fueled by the theory that the Deep State is fine with getting their beak wet from narcotics trafficking, and hence being okay with doing business with narcotraffickers; Contras, Bill Clinton cooperating in flying in drugs to Arkansas, heroin trafficking in Asia, etc. Tinfoil? Maybe, maybe not. But today’s narcotics help with the white genocide, don’t they?

          • @trumpton Falling to the level of the UK would be a best case scenario. Worse than Russia. Probably more like Brazil only with a lot of snow. I was not exaggerating when I said we would be thrown into utter poverty.

            In a Dollar collapse, all of the Dollar’s power won’t merely disappear, it will be transferred, probably to Asia. They are the ones producing everything. Their money will drive the cost of stuff up in a post reserve currency America. The value of the currency of a normal country is based on a number of things, not least of which is demand for that currency. Without the empire and without the reserve currency status, why would anyone want dollars? What are they gonna buy with it? Perhaps we will have an export led auto market?
            We export a lot of machinery and construction equipment and farm equipment and the like. But that’s it.

          • Trumpton,interesting that you conflate per capita income to living standard. Uk is meant to be poorer yet if you look at social metrics the US is much worse than the UK or any other western European country.

            The US has the financial stats of a wealthy country but in some respects looks to be falling out of the Western world.

            I notice you don’t include US healthcare costs in terms of a tax on wealth!

  22. Joe Normie is beginning to sense that an economic collapse is becoming much more probable with each passing day, and the growing anxiety will soon become palpable in the suburbs and golf courses of middle America. Karens will shriek louder and more often and the Kens will start acting faux butch while strutting about with a pinched look on their face. These behaviors are right out of the animal kingdom because people need a mechanism for venting their rage at the tsunami of insanity that has swept over the country since the 2020 election.

    This means that the fog is not that far off and now would be a good time to lose those extra pounds and build some muscle tone. Start isolating yourself from electronic devices and social media while practicing your basic survival and stealth movement skills. Disappear, become nobody, diffuse anxiety and a sense of powerlessness by conducting reconnaissance & planning, but everything solely within the confines of your cranium (nothing tangible or traceable, Big Brother is real). Wear your poker face like a ballistic vest and steer clear of the Jackboots, they will be looking for opportunities to crack some heads.

    • ” … and steer clear of the Jackboots, they will be looking for opportunities to crack some heads.”

      When you say “jackboots,” to whom do you refer? Where will this head-cracking take place? Who will be doing it?

      • I like playing devil’s advocate with this guy too. Too many Ted Kaczynski-like postings here will get us all jackbooted. I think Z said something about being careful who you let in the group. We are all judged by the weirdos who broadcast our ideas.

        My guess at what he means is the jackboots are the cops who stick around and don’t become some “bolt from the blue.”

        But hey, along a few pounds is probably good advice for anyone. I’m just not going to sit on the edge of some woods with my binoculars to create some personal spy fantasy.

        My advice: get out of debt, hang with normal people, avoid social media, find a hobby.

        • Read the tutorial in the archives for more detail. The Fifth Gen warrior of the modern era is neither Rambo nor Jason Bourne. Quite the opposite in fact. It is first and foremost the average working man (or woman) who does his job and mostly goes unnoticed and ignored. Some on this board like to use the term “grey man” for this innocuous nobody that nobody ever notices. And you can forget fancy firearms or other Hollywood spy vs spy gimmicks. Use what you know and do everyday, and simply be creative, innovative, and unexpected.

        • Mr C: And I fall between you and Tom. Yes, to losing pounds and increasing muscle tone. Yes, to reducing debts. No, don’t hang out with Joe Normal; he’s sleepwalking through life. Prepare for hard times; if they don’t happen or at least not as bad as you have feared, you will still have some useful things to pass on to your children. You should already be avoiding social media and tv like the plague. Homeschool your children and stop enriching the leftist universities. Secede from the system in every way you can, and prepare to live outside it now, while it’s still invasive Whether it shrinks or grows or collapses, you’ll still be better off.

      • I think that’s the third time you asked that question on this thread.

        I’ll answer. No one. Many of the people on this board think that coppers are like those Droids in the movie “I, Robot”.

        Are there dickheads and assholes among the ranks? You bet; just like in any other profession.

        Thing is, at this particular time in history, and with the events happening daily, the dedication to the regime, and yes their paychecks, is waning.

        Don’t be surprised if/when things go sideways that 80% melt into the background.

        Here’s a thought.

        Get to know the ones in your area if you can. They will have intel that most probably won’t.

        They don’t bite.

        • I do think on a personal level most cops, based on my experience, are okay guys. What doesn’t compute for me is how okay guys can tolerate working for such plainly corrupt people.

          It puts into question their status of “okay guy.”

          But seriously, is “bolt from the blue” a thing on social media, a real trend in police resignation, or some sort of belief that cops will wake up one day and hold tptb accountable via force?

      • Jackboot is a colloquial term for the cadre of men that do the dirty work for tyrants and authoritarians under the guise of being a “law enforcement” organization. Think Stalin’s NKVD or Hilter’s Gestapo. And yes, they exist right here in River City and at all levels of government. Most are Caucasian males with a military background and are accustomed to following orders reflexively and automatically. They are not necessarily bad guys in the traditional “dirty cop” sense, but they will not hesitate crack your skull if ordered to so. Some are in the Stasi, just ask General Mike Flynn. Also in DHS and ATF. You can find them in major metro PDs, but very few in county Sheriff’s departments.

  23. Using truckers has the happy side effect that the only people who can legitimately claim to be these truckers is owner/operators. A plain old truck driver driving trucks for a shipping company would be stealing the truck. Guys without a truck who just show up would be “extras” and not even having a prominent role.

    Making the star of the show the trucker means most of the weirdos cannot do anything, because they don’t have jobs let alone own a quarter million dollar rig.

  24. “Anarcho-Syndicalist” Noam Chomsky, who believes in revolutionary industrial unionism for workers, thinks that anyone not vaxxed should be put in camps, and how they get food should be their business, and their business alone. I guess truck drivers aren’t workers.

    A few years back Tucker and a couple other outlets gave some coverage to the Obama administration’s funding of self-driving big rig trucks. I’m not a technology guy, but if I had to guess, the kinks needed to be worked out are probably even trickier than those involved with the self-driving cars. Computers can do certain things quite well, but certain tasks involve feeling things out as much as physics calculations. In Mark Twain’s book on riverboating, he talks about the captains who can navigate and avoid shoals in the dark with their eyes closed, passing through treacherous areas that other men wouldn’t be able to navigate in the light of day. I’m sure Obama is kicking himself for not getting those self-driving trucks in order before he left office. It would make this, his third term, much easier. Not only could our rulers deprive the truckers of their bargaining power, they could deprive them of their livelihood. Think of all the despair, the overdose deaths these bitter white gun and bible clingers would suffer.

    I know a psychiatrist who says the truckers should be starved out. Said psychiatrist is a diabetic. I guess he’s betting they need Freudian analysis more than he needs insulin.

    • As I am sure you were alluding to, Chomsky is a fraud like all the other public “intellectuals”.

      He is such an anarcho syndicalist he set up a set of irrevocable trusts for his children to shelter his assets from the IRS with his tax attorney as a trustee.

      It should be obvious by now that who speaks about “workers” as an abstraction is by definition a fraud.

      • Chomsky is more an example of an intellectual speaking outside his primary field of knowledge/expertise, as do entertainers and just about anyone of wealth and notoriety these days. The public seems to blindly accept these folk’s pronouncements as “gospel”, when in reality they are often no more knowledgeable or wiser than your local barber on the issues of the day.

        But he is not a fraud as an intellectual, rather a genius in his field. It’s not for nothing that he is known as the father of modern linguistics. When I was a student, we spent many hours studying his work—and that was in Computer Science. He is required study in many other disciples as well.

        As to being an anarchist, I have no doubt. But such is not what made him famous as I initially encountered him.

        • Was he really?

          His Ma thesis, which got him his fellowship at Harvard,was on the same subject as his Father’s Phd on Hebrew.

          Its interesting how he stopped writing any linguistic stuff, apart form lecture compendiums, at the end of the 1970s. His father died in 1977.

          Seems a good chance his father did most of the work and he then pivoted to the gatekeeper role once he was established.

          • Don’t double down. Just look up his biography. He is well documented. He made his bones in linguistics and rewrote the field. Don’t let your hate blind you. His work was studied extensively in order to learn how program computers to read and translate written text. The government had a great interest in that, since a computer reading, say Russian, and translating it into English would be of great help to an increasingly ignorant (of foreign languages) population.

            No one said he did not venture into other areas. He became an anarchist while in New York. And like Bernie Sanders, a despicable thorn in the side of this country. Yes, like Bernie he is one of (((them))), but that is not my issue here. And I freely admit, that in his later years—ending now at the University of Arizona—he was recruited because he’s an anti-American gadfly. I got to see him lecture. All I could think of was how sad it was and how the university had descended such as to recruit him—but not for his linguistic contributions, but as a cranky old anti-American.

          • I don’t hate him

            I just don’t like frauds. Did you look up when he stopped his linguistic work?

            I am not saying the work did not occur, I am questioning whether he did it.

            Seems to me a little too coincidental.

          • I saw a Fireline episode of Chomsky debating William F. Buckley on the Vietnam War. He danced circles around Buckley, to the extent that Buckley lost his cool and threatened to punch him in the face. But like you point out, that doesn’t mean he has a clue on issues of the day, or how to organize a society. In fact, it is intellectuals like him that would become monsters if given any power. I’ll give Buckley the last laugh by noting his quote that he would rather be ruled by the first 2000 names in the Boston phonebook than by the faculty of Harvard.

    • Your shrink acquaintance sounds about as intelligent as the woman who wanted to slash the truck tires, then move them.

      • The sheer bloodlust shown by academia and the political class against the truckers over a very easy demand to stop the mandates has been quite a trip.

        That hag would become a female Pol-Pot within 2 years if given absolute power.

        • I believe the ivory tower bloodlust is a driven by feelings internalized to their deep subconscious, that they know exactly how worthless their lives and careers are.

          • To me it always seems the opposite.

            They know deep down how superior they are, and those proles just won’t kneel to them and acknowledge it in public.

            So the frustration at being denied their just position in society just leads to a rage state.

            Its why they were all in on the Coof, masks and lockdowns and will be even more in on any action that demonstrates their position in a public way.

          • Trumpton, I suspect it’s a little of both. My dept had quite a few Libertarians who were quite happy to let you do your own thing. But that was in the STEM fields. Probably very different in the pseudo sciences: Sociology, “Grievance” Studies, and the like.

          • I agree with Compsci. They know how clever they are, but that doesn’t give their lives and careers any value.

        • Chet: She’s a Lebanese who could easily be mistaken for a Juice (I checked last night when I read her pronouncement). She’s angry with all those White men with their White families.

    • “I’m sure Obama is kicking himself for not getting those self-driving trucks in order before he left office.”

      Where would these self-driving trucks be “driving”? Who would ensure their security, and how would they do it?

      • Last I read on the topic, the US had over 8M long and short haul trucking jobs. These paid on average a good salary—higher than the median US wage. It was predicted that half of these jobs could be gone around 2030 with self driving trucks.

        The discussion at that time (and my concern) was of course losing even more good jobs at that skill level. The stupid toadies under Obama were telling these (soon to be unemployed) folk to retrain in new fields like computer programming. Despicable.

        Last I read, it looks economically feasible to run automated long haul trucks from city to city, but perhaps not within the city to the final drop off port. Trucks would stop at depots to transfer loads and/or pick up human drivers to enter more congested areas.

        This of course would be a stop gap measure measure and as the technology improved, more deliveries could be automated factory to purchaser.

      • How will the self-driving trucks deal with blowouts?

        Who will inspect things like load straps, wheel hubs, air lines, and brake lines?

        How will the algos deal with weather conditions like rain, whiteouts, and dust storms?

        Heck, most algos lean heavily on quality road markings, so how will they deal with stretches of road with poorly maintained or no markings at all?

        • Self driving cars are a more realistic version of the flying cars everyone in the 70s thought we would be traveling in by now. Too many variables.

          • Self driving cars are licensed in this State and have been for a number of years. There have been accidents and even a death, but they still are on the road, albeit with a “driver” who monitors the test vehicle. There are similar test vehicles in several other State. They negotiate traffic quit well.

            Trucks will do even better on interstates. I suspect all major cities are accessible through this system. It’s here and is not going away—why, because there’s too much money involved. Corporations will buy the political support for any law changes they need.

  25. Damn, I hate what this (former) country has become. I suppose it has been for a long time, but now it’s so overt, along with a totally dogs*** lamestream media. Nothing but lies – outright and obvious. Russia, Russia, Russia… Protesting Canadian truckers – what are you talking about? Of course that’s just for the rubes. I imagine the Canuck government hacks are getting a little nervous as the country has to be getting pretty close to shutdown. Go truckers!!

    • ” … the Canuck government hacks are getting a little nervous as the country has to be getting pretty close to shutdown.”

      I wonder what a call–from the truckers, let’s say–for a general strike would bring about.

      • Feelings of deep suspicion and grandstanding.

        Our betters think we’re so stupid we’ve forgotten what they talk about all day, every day?

        “Jan 6th! Jan 6th! Charlottesville! Jan 6th!”

  26. If some Canadian brings down one of those “American” planes and the pilot lives (or are these unmanned drones?), the confession video will be lit AF and make McCain’s confession videos pale by comparison.

    Make Stinger Missiles Great Again!

  27. It’s not a trick of optics, Z. Trudeau IS an idiot. His only job experience is as a substitute drama teacher. The only reason he has any success at all is because the press runs interference for him…and that job gets more difficult each passing day. He’ll never be a hero; if he dropped the mandates today, the conservatives will be up his arse tomorrow demanding some kind of economic recovery plan. When Turdo took the job, he and his libs promised to balance our hemorrhaging budget “from the heart outwards…”. Yes, that is verbatim, yes, he was serious when he said it. Further, at best Justin’s approval rates are around 35%. That is a media figure; an honest figure is probably much lower. Our western provinces are on the verge of economic collapse, and all he does is insult us and accuse us of being nazis when we disagree with him. He ran away again during question period in parliament. This guy looks like an idiot because he is.

    Personally I think he’s done. The best thing he could do is leave the country and not tell anyone where he’s going. The cops and military are showing signs of turning on him at this point too. We are a much more socialist country than the US… and we have the economy to show for it. At this point our gubbimint is basically illegitimate and things might even get spicy if Justin gets stupid.

    Hilarity and comedy are almost an given at this point, I’m sad to say.

    • These protests have been exemplary. Has a confidence vote even been proposed, though, or are the Conservatives as traitorous and feckless as the Repubicans? To ask the question is to answer it.

      • Yes, of course they are. It was a conservative who had the latest crowdfunding money locked up in the courts.

        • That is another point of contention that I have with our esteemed blog host. Z says that these guys inevitably have to lose. He’s probably right…


          GiveSendGo just told the Turdo gubbimint to get stuffed. That money is going out to the truckers even as we speak. For a financial institution to stand up to the establishment? Those guys are usually the fart catchers for it.

          Also, cops are handing in their notices left, right, and centre. Sure, there’s some bad actors that like beating up kids and old ladies for not wearing masks, or arresting pastors for keeping their churches open… but the majority of our cops hate it with the heat of 1000 suns. This is not why they signed up for the job. They want to eat donuts and drink coffee. If they have to work, they want to do Officer Friendly stuff like scolding kids for running out into the street, going after bad guys, and doing cop work. Putting the boots to some poor working man about to lose his rig and default on his bills is not going to sit well with the majority of them, and more than a few are not complying with their orders. Turdo has huge problems here, as does the establishment. Yes, Z, you CAN run a country like this… but only for awhile.

          Eventually realities are going to impose themselves whether the establishment likes it or not.

          • “Also, cops are handing in their notices left, right, and centre.”

            This is the first I’ve heard of that, so thanks for this info. It’s the single most important thing. It will be the deciding factor if the cops side with the people against the gov’t.

            I hope somebody organizes a general strike. In multiple countries. For the same day. Or better yet, for the same week.

            Warn the populations in advance so they can prepare, and then shut down a dozen countries simultaneously for a week. Rinse and repeat.

          • George Washington and friends were ‘bound to lose’

            Michael Collins and pals taking on the British Empire at the heights of its powers ‘were bound to lose’

            Unarmed Gandhi was ‘bound to lose’

            Ho Chi Min against the US superpower was ‘bound to lose’

            Lech Walenca was ‘bound to lose’

            And now the truckers are ‘bound to lose’

            I hope they ‘lose’ in the same manner as the above.

          • Glen: Sources please? I’ve read that, in actuality, only a few cops have handed in their notice. It’s nice you think highly of your LEOs, but I think you underestimate the % that are jackboots at heart.

            Well, we shall find out who’s correct rather shortly, as the globalists have just thrown down the gauntlet.

          • Ho Chi Minh also beat the French pretty handily.

            Prussians in 1870 were expected to lose.

            Napoleon thought he was guaranteed to break Wellington at Waterloo.

        • The Bitter Centurion is a good source of info, as is Kate over at small dead animals. –


          Just looking at, they may break the blockade thing, but that may just backfire on them. If I were calling the shots, after an attack on the convoys… I’d call for a ‘trucker embargo’ on Ottawa, or maybe even the entire province of Morontario. I don’t think the establishment understands just how angry people are with them yet.

      • Jack-

        There are 3 or 4 patriotic former LEOs and military operators, each with 20+ years experience, that are helping the truckers organize and advising them how to avoid falling into gov’t traps.

        Our friend B125 had some details on this yesterday.

    • Look, you’re just wrong about his experience!! He was also a part-time ski instructor. (that never gets old) What better experience could you have for being the PM of a country?

      • “God bless Canada.”

        Am I the only one here old enough to remember “Thanks, Canada!”?

        • Infant: I’m 63 and don’t really recall that, other than thinking it referred to their military immediately prior to our entry into WWII.

          • Canada “saved” a number of our Iranian embassy hostages after the fall of the Shaw. They took them in and issued them Canadian passports. That allowed them to leave Iran disguised as Canadian embassy personnel. When they were all safely out of Iran, Canada closed their embassy and diplomatic relations with Iran. This move was indicative of their support for the US and at some cost to themselves. Hence a great deal of gratitude from the US people.

    • Trudeau case in point.

      Its amazing how democracy is supposed to be this free choice of candidates, yet all over the west there are de facto dynasties even for Prime minister/President and lots of areas where generations of the same family/families run whole regions for decades, sometimes more.
      Often this includes the idiot offspring who would have been shipped off to study in earlier times.

      I never really see much questioning as to how this occurs, and how it directly contradicts the idea most people have of the fantasy govt they live their whole life under.

      • What’s more, a surprising number of Western leaders, including Macron, the female PMs of Finland and NZ, the foreign minister of Germany and, I think, Boris Johnson, are alumi/alumnae of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.

        No one had heard of Macron until it was time to elect a president of France and Hollande was clearly not going to be reelected. I submit that you only walk from obscurity to the presidency of France if hidden hands are helping you.

      • That’s because “we the people” are not the one’s choosing. Our two identical choices are presented to us, to give us the illusion we are free. Our political leaders are geriatric sociopaths because that is who the wealthy elite want.

    • Trudeau has power because single women vote in Canada, and he is the negation of the masculinity they HATEHATEHATE (stolen from Whiskey).

  28. “The US government is flying surveillance aircraft over the protest to intercept communications. They will then “share” this intel with their “partners” in the Canadian secret police.”

    What a marvelous opportunity for the truckers!

    Yesterday, somebody posted a short list of names of former (Canadian) police officials and intelligence operatives involved in the protest, and it seems that the protesters are well organized and able to give the gov’t a run for its money. This surveillance by the US is a great chance to throw wrench after wrench into the works and to–at least–have a go at forcing True Doe into making a very bad move.

    • “This surveillance by the US is a great chance to throw wrench after wrench into the works and to–at least–have a go at forcing True Doe into making a very bad move.”

      Trudeau makes no decisions on “important” things. He just follows the script he is given. Now, for unimportant things, like showing up in black face with a strap-on attached to his turban, he could do. But, isn’t it interesting how much he looks like Fidel Castro? Its just like ex-prince Harry. He looks just like his real father, the riding instructor Princess Di was banging. Trudeau’s mother was a Fidel worshipper, and she and Pierre were swingers. I’d just love to have a DNA test done. I would imagine there are a lot of Fidel’s illegitimate kids around that would provide their DNA. For a price.

  29. I mentioned the Canadian truckers to a neighbor yesterday. She stared at me for a second and then said that she hadn’t heard about it.

    Admittedly, this isn’t a woman who’s into current events, but she does watch the local news, uses Facebook and generally roams around social media like most women.

    The MSM blackout of the Canadian truckers must be pretty impressive.

    • Fortunately, great things are accomplished by committed minorities, not by TV-watching housewives.

      Ask her this afternoon to describe her favorite “characters” and “Real Housewives of [Ouagadougou]” and see what she has to say.

      • True, but it does make very clear that we live in different realities. I mean, I could see her not knowing much about the truckers but to have never heard about them is stunning.

        Regardless, you’re correct that women like this will just go with the flow. That’s a huge difference between us and them. We are deeply loyal to our reality (which, of course, is the actual reality) whereas women like this have no loyalty to their reality. She’d switch sides in an instant if she thought it would keep her life the same.

        • I didn’t mean *at all* to disagree with you. I was just taking a poke at your neighbor. (It was irresistible.) I agree with all you have said.

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