The End Of Empire

Note: The Monday Taki post is up. The subject of it and today’s post is the rather bizarre crisis in Europe. Of course, Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door for those needing audio stimulation. Much of it is about the situation in Europe.

The question that has not been given much consideration over the last few decades is how exactly will the Global American Empire end? All empires come to an end, but not all of them end the same. Usually, they dissolve into their constituent parts like we saw with the Soviet Union. This may or may not bring with it a spasm of violence, but the unnatural combination eventually returns to its nature. What makes each empire unique is its birth and its death.

Like every empire before it, the Global American Empire will end. This may be what we are seeing with the current crisis in Europe over Ukraine. Russia is well past the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Europe has also evolved past the old arrangements made necessary by the Cold War. The only player stuck in the past is the Global American Empire, which is carrying on like it is 1960. We are now seeing the hints of the end for the American empire in Europe.

The starting place is the fact that the stuff coming from Washington is so bizarre that not even the Ukrainians understand it. The rhetoric has gone well beyond the normal sort of moralizing that has distinguished the American empire. Washington and now London have conjured a reality in which the Russians are ready to launch into Ukraine while the Russians and Ukrainians are happy to find a peaceful solution. The whole thing is making Washington look a bit nuts.

All of this happening against the reality that if the Russians want to invade Ukraine there is nothing NATO can do about it. If the Russians wanted to move onto Berlin there is not much NATO could do to stop them. Over time, the West would be able to rally and cripple the Russians economically, then roll them back militarily, but in the short term everyone gets that NATO is a paper tiger. It is also a pointless vestige from a bygone era that should have been scrapped a generation ago.

This is one entry point into the crisis. The Germans want to finish Nord Stream 2 and build closer economic ties with Russia. The Russians want to restore their ancient relationship with Western Europe. They will not accept the American conditions that they must embrace the religion of the West. There will be no rainbows and transsexuals in the Russian culture. There will be no scenes of Russian soldiers walking around in pumps claiming to be sorry for their ancestors.

The Germans and the French seem to be ready to make the deal with the Russians and begin a new era for both sides. The Russians can maintain their traditional model for organizing themselves and Europe will begin to normalize economic relations with the rest of Eurasia. This leaves little room for the Global American Empire, which is based on an assertion that there is only one moral way to organize a society. This potential new arrangement is a rebuke of the very idea of empire.

Another entry point into viewing the current crisis as a stage in the dissolution of the Global American Empire is in the reaction itself. Even the American media has lost track of how many times the Biden people have claimed an invasion is imminent. It feels like it is a weekly thing now. The State Department swears the tanks are revving their engines and then nothing happens. European leaders have to be wondering if the empire is losing its grip on reality.

The hysteria could very well be the only thing left. Again, if Russian draws the line on NATO expansion and takes over Ukraine, there is very little Washington can do about it other than make a lot of noise. The promise of crippling economic sanctions is as ridiculous as the rest of the bellowing. Europe needs to buy important stuff from Russia in order to exist. Germany and France will go along with superficial stuff to please Washington, but they are not committing suicide over Ukraine.

What we may be entering is a final phase of the Global American Empire in which conflicting realities create a lot of friction. One reality is that America’s dominion over Europe was always unnatural for both sides. In the Cold War it was seen as a necessity, so it was a tolerable contradiction. Those conditions have not existed for over a generation now and reality is reasserting itself. Western Europe will be dominated by France and Germany and Eastern Europe by Russia.

Another set of conflicting realities is that the heritage stock of America never wanted to be a major player in world affairs. The sales pitch by the imperial leaders was always based on this assumed reluctance. The Global American Empire was a necessity born out of war and tragedy. That necessity is long over and yet the managerial elite of the empire insists on maintaining the empire. Meanwhile the public is dealing with cultural and economic collapse.

There has never been a time when the average American has felt more divorced from his government than now. The guy the empire counts on to wave the flag and respond to war drums is not sure which side to support. This is one of those unspoken truths about this Ukraine affair. The reservoir of patriotism is now dry among the cohort of Americans who have always been the most patriotic. The response from these people over Ukraine is a shrug or maybe a wry smile.

This may be what the end empire is like from the inside. We will have spasms of bellowing and shouting from Washington, but the world will slowly crawl out from under the shadow of Washington. Meanwhile, domestic politics will grow increasingly untenable, with populist revolt replacing electoral organizing. The system simply stops working as the reason for it to keep working no longer makes sense. The end of empire is a million small breakdowns in the system.

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295 thoughts on “The End Of Empire

    • Hey, I hope ur right. But all that stuff about Jesus coming back and kicking butt. . .seems like pie in the sky.

      My inner cynic prevents me from full faith in such an improbable thing.

    • After the way he was treated last time? Are you kidding? I’d be dragging my feet on that whole return thingy, as well.

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  3. It’s theatre. Mindfuck, keep the herd constantly stressed and restless. Schlomo bankrolled all sides in the world wars…do you think anything has changed? The bageljuice is now in the blood of billions of people…just keep em disoriented, fearful and lost till they hit the dirt. New world orders demand alot of death and suffering to feed the satanic beast.

    • I think a great meme to get going is

      “We are all Palestinians now”

      It puts the spotlight on them without naming them. Plus it will get people thinking. And get the usual suspects squirming


      • I have on occasion used that. Open minded like it.
        Evangelical types, not so much. Ha Ha.

        Also: Ameristinian

        The Philistines, btw, were Aegean, ie Greek (Macedonian), ie European. Hittite leadership layer were also European.

  4. A follow up on my other comment. It has been noted for over a year on the S2 Underground site that the various US States have been deploying the National Guards routinely for things like: school bus drivers, prison guards, hospital workers, etc. as things broke down under Covid-19 restrictions, quarantines, etc. The US National Guard is fairly big, robust, but even that has broken down with massive complaints, people quitting the Guard as soon as possible, appalling living conditions for the Guardsmen, and the inability to replace them long-term with a civilian workforce. Reportedly, anyone who can side-gig to do these things for big bucks ala the Soviet Union will do so; in a highly inflationary environment.

    The Clampdown of Trudeau and Brandon (here, coming soon) is very successful, as they can use force to compel the towing companies to tow the trucks, seize all the property / money of the protesters and throw them in jail (as opposed to kneeling before BLM but whatever). But what then? The Canadian military is not big enough and does not have enough of their equivalent of the Guard to run civilian operations long term — if we can’t do it they can’t do it. The Protesters have been labeled as “terrorists” so that will apply basically to all Republicans be assured of it here in the US. But can either keep enough trucks moving, enough power on, enough water still flowing, the financial system still working while picking fights with both Russia AND China AND the real enemy the Dirt People?

    I think probably not.

    • 32% of Americans own guns. That is how the end will come. When voting doesn’t matter, when civil disobedience is criminalized, when speech is suppressed, at some point enough of the 32% will honor their sacred right to form militias and the tree of liberty will be watered with the blood of tyrants.

      • Rest assured, the only thing your vote does is legitimize the state. Otherwise, they already have your new master sorted out for you. Politicians like Trump and Rand Paul are there simply to give you hope. Just a little hope, because your masters know that too much hope can be dangerous.

    • Remember back when Congress had to give its permission in order for the country to go to war?

      Even Bush went to Congress using bogus WMD intell in order to justify going to war with Iraq.

      Imagine if it was Trump who wanted to go to war.

  5. “Reality” does not matter as much as other things: manpower, resources, the quality and quantity of both, the ability to manage and deploy both for power.

    Look at Trudeau. He bravely ran away, but now he’s crushing the Truckers in a coordinated movement. He’s declared Martial Law Light, seized the bank accounts of the truckers, canceled their insurance, seized all the donations, with state-sanctioned hackers leaked the donor database for doxxing firing, will imprison for years all the truckers at protests, and compels under force trucking companies to remove the trucks. That’s force, manpower, both deployed to crush the truckers. He won’t tolerate dirt people getting uppity any more than Stalin tolerated Christians or the Nuclear Family. Communism still persists to this day in many places as there is enough resources, manpower, and managerial competence despite its idiocy to survive. The same is true for Poz incorporated.

    What will matter is what protesters do next? Rolling strikes? Constant power outages in Ottawa? Other monkey wrench stuff? Because Trudeau can’t back down now, and neither can Brandon with vax mandates and passports and lockdowns. This is why Brandon’s Team needs some sort of War with Russia. So they can declare their own emergency, cancel elections, rule via Martial Law. Its what they most importantly NEED on an emotional basis — to totally crush and destroy the Dirt People who are uppity and don’t know their place. The Real War is not with Russia. Its with us. Always has been, always will be.

    • Its going to get dicey as they also announced seizure of banks accounts/crypto/crowd sourcing under anti-terror laws for all those funding the protests.

      They conveniently now have the names from yesterday’s obvious IA performed “Hack”.

      So they seem to have decided to cross the line and, once they are over it, I can’t see how they can backdown without imploding.

      Only 30 days to flatten the protest, so I guess they think they can move quickly.

      If it works I expect it will be rolled out as the goto protest suppression in the west going forwards.

      • Canada has the same “choice” we have: Kill them all or they kill us—RIGHT NOW.

        We’re not going to do it.

      • I don’t know how people will react.

        People are saying that they won’t back down. I have a feeling they will when they face financial ruin. That said, people are very very angry right now and have no jobs to go back to.

        Could definitely see at least some low level infrastructure things going on even if the main protestors get cleared up

        • It will take a while I think for many to accept that they are not in the country they thought existed, some never will. Many will think the courts will help. They will not. They are part of the state.

          Even if you think the law is clear it can be changed at will against you, especially if the govt thinks it will lose. I speak from experience when I say there is no level the govt will not stoop to in order to enforce its will, it will drag it out for decades if it wants and the courts will do nothing..
          Accept that and it will be easier to move forwards.

          From my own experience I decided that a good rule of thumb was be a citizen of A, resident in B and have a significant part of your funds outside A and B.

          • I thought the same thing for quite a while, but ultimately, A, B, and your money outside of A and B are all within the same system. Moreover, “we the people” are not citizens. The people are sovereign over their government while citizens are subjects of the government that rules over them. When you reside outside their jurisdiction, there really is no point in being subject to them at all.

      • Say, do you recall a certain blogger predicting thar crypto would get quashed if it truly threatened state power?

        • Not only squashed but these crypto guys are paving the way for the government to go full electronic currency

          Meanwhile the cryptons have this idea they are somehow outsmarting the government or at least getting around it

          They’ve been played for fools, but at least some were smart enough to make some good money.

    • The thing is, once a state’s rulers resort to a force model to retain control, the clock is ticking for them. Small “s” salvation will come through system failure, or it won’t come at all.

      • The ticks can be extremely long.

        Soviet control lasted 70 years. China is still ongoing after 70 years.

        when is that going to end?

        You are looking backwards at a mentality that is vanishing. Conditioning can continue this internal acceptance of control ad infinitum it seems to me.

        Huxley was entirely correct that blanket social conditioning will get people to love their servitude. You cannot throw off something you cannot see.

        • one things for sure, pornography for the men (and women, I guess) isn’t going anywhere.

          I think porn is 90% of the soma

  6. I just hope it ENDS.

    It’s time for a death of the “old gods” of America. Presidents, the military, celebrities, athletes, and super-heroes NEED to be done. God knows they’re long done as sources of any integrity, creativity, or inspiration. It’s all played out beyond words.

    Lots of people are ready to get off the brainwashing train and back to a simple belief in God and Family.

  7. It is the fact that the dollar is the reserve currency of the world that fueled the explosion of innumberable government grifts from FDR to the present. Without the fatal act of 1913 there cannot even be the Great War and all it spawned to the east, or the Great Depression.

    However legendary the hangover is to come, it is not to be avoided.

  8. Completely OT, with apologies (time presses)-

    Friends, it’s the swabs.
    The nasal swabs.

    Milder variants are introduced to the vaccinated, producing antigens and a positive case count, leading to another rush to test, while declaiming “but it kept me out of the hospital!”

    The unvaxxed, swabbed at work, for travel, for admittance, can be thus blamed for both the latest outbreak and the vaccine injuries.

    Where are they catching it from?
    Touching doorknobs, hugging Granma, remember that?

    The good news is that the current vaxxes are wildly differing in individual response, but not the killshot. Slow, cumulative killers, so I was wrong about that.

    The bad news is that the latest letup is the squeeze-release of psychological abuse. They’ve got another hammer poised, ready to come down, when they go after Convoy participants after the media show (as they did with J-6.)

    Long road ahead, folks, gird thy loins for the new normal– a continuous cultural background. What an age, keep true to yourself.

    • Quacks infecting their customer base with a weird new ritual so they can sell snake oil and make political hay, in short.


      “World-spanning WEF” baboons and hucksters, as if a bunch of United Nations type grifters were an all-powerful SPECTRE.

      These “visionaries” are selling the sizzle on the steak, high on their own supply. They’re Musking themselves, and wrecking us with their screeching from the upper branches.

      • Dammit! So sorry.
        The swabs are the vector of infection.

        A document surfaced wherein TPTB posited that they could “vaccinate people without their knowing,” using the swabs- which means that’s exactly what they’re doing, nod nod, wink wink.

        The Breakup War will continue-

        • The way vape pipes are causing everyone to cough etc I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re being used to transmit the chinese virus or something similar

          Pretty sure many of them are made in China

    • From the very beginning, Pfizer’s EAU application to the FDA openly admits that those who are vaccinated can readily infect the unvaccinated around them. Even more alarming, those who are infected by the jabbed can in turn infect those around them as well, including causing miscarriages. The powers that be want everyone out mixing with the vaccinated to accelerate the spread. Either way, they win.

  9. It makes perfect sense why wokeness, the most christian influenced and patterned form of this post war consensus civil right ideology, became the most popular. The committed progressives activists descend mainly from New England protestants. They already have a hardwired affinity for a mutation of christianity. It didn’t have to be wokeness without them. It could have been a form of right wing color blindness. But that style doesn’t resonate with progressive activists and wokeness won out.

    And it ties into why a former integral part of liberal coalition is gravitating towards the right. With old liberals like Rogan, Peterson, Pool, Rodgers, and Maher becoming stars in American conservatism. This libertine and agnostic demographic is finding a welcome home in conservatism after the annihilation of the christian right. They aren’t consciously aware of it, but these old liberals are running away from the same christian inspired theocratic, dogmatic aspects that they abhorred from the right but now do so from the left.

    And of course the former 2000s militant atheists (who have mainly evolved into redditors) are staying put on the left and love wokeness. They were never “atheist” in the true sense but trendies who were on the hate Dubya bandwagon. These people love religion and jumped right into the popular one now.

  10. Hey look at the bright side, maybe if it all comes apart we won’t have to get vehicle inspections anymore, pay taxes to public schools, or abide by the National Firearms Act. Downside: I’ll have to give my wife a VZ.61 with full-fun-mode just to go grocery shopping.

    • ” I tell you, my man. This is the American Dream in action! We’d be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way to the end.”

      Hunter Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

  11. What the clowns fear goes beyond Russia rejecting the current ideology. What they fear is Europe embracing traditionalism from the Russian example.

    That happens and the Empire of Clowns is toast.

    • However…

      Russia has only gently resisted globohomo. They’ll reach “child rape is a human right” about six weeks after America does. For this minor slight our rulers are not only *prepared to accept* but *obsessively seek* nuclear doom.

      Rational calculation has nothing to do with it.

    • I know it sounds crude but the original hyperventilating message and followup seemed to have a definite sexual aspect to the tone.

      Is it like some bodice ripper fantasy about Putin or something?

    • Unfortunately for us, Beijing and Moscow are acutely aware of how psychopathic our Cloud Peeps are. We could end up collateral damage on behalf of greed and sodomy.

    • “Here’s a good example of a Cloud Person who has completely detached from reality over the Ukraine situation:”

      Almost every single one seems detached from reality. No wonder it’s called “twitter.”

    • Ah. “Deputy director at the Atlantic Council”, “trying to nudge history in the right direction.”

      Her twitter bio. A warmonger, gently nudging us towards war.

  12. I saw some family members yesterday. A couple normies and one hard left. Someone made the mistake of bringing up Russia because it’s just impossible to have these conversations anymore and the hard left person that said politicians lie, this is the way it’s always been, it’s no big deal they’ll work it out. And I could tell that she just thought everything was completely normal, there has been no profound change in the world and anyone that thought there had been was just a foolish conspiracy theorist. I can’t even wrap my head around that because one of us is really wrong

  13. One of your best. One major reason for maintaining NATO was the old British canard of “keeping the Germans down, the Russians out, and the Americans in”. White liberals are still more afraid of Germany than anything, and much of this silliness is merely an excuse to keep troops in Northern Europe. When the Germans flip on the Nordstream 2 switch, you’ll know it’s curtains for NATO.

      • Eurogas contracts, the Great Game.

        Money, even the fake kind, reflects the energy available to a society. Its fuel.

      • NATO had zero real purpose after 1991, other than keeping the Military Industrial Complex fed. The Sixth Guards Army isn’t going to come rolling through the Fulda Gap.

  14. “The reservoir of patriotism is now dry among the cohort of Americans who have always been the most patriotic. The response from these people over Ukraine is a shrug or maybe a wry smile”. You could not be more right. I could care less what happens beyond gas going up and watching the actual combat on TV. I told my wife I’d embed with a Russian Armor unit as a reporter if they were stupid enough to allow that kind of thing. I will say this…..when Russian Mercs supported by a mixed armor force went up against dug in Rangers and Kurds in Syria they got their assed handed to them…badly, very badly. You can read the unclass’ed version on the web. I got both…they got crushed. It was glorious. Kinda like last night in the SB…its still Cincy…well this is still the Russians. They do odd crap.

  15. So all the Fed did at their triple super secret meeting in their Antarctic bunker was…

    ….announce a semi-believable inflation number that several independent pundits had already calculated on their own?

    They couldn’t come up with anything good like immediate nationwide bail-ins to Fedcoin?

    What a bunch of losers!

    • This is why a domestic “boycott” of the elections would wreak so much havoc on the regime

      It denies them legitimacy not only domestically but worldwide. Look at how grasping and desperate they are for worldwide legitimacy as it is. Even Ukraine is taking a stand. Which I think is not a small thing, for a tiny country to be telling the world’s supposed superpower to go F itself. This can only lead to the rest of the world coming to the conclusion that this regime is a sad joke and shell of its former self. Now multiply that by a factor of four or five if the next in the regime gets elected with 30 million votes or something.

      I think it is our patriotic duty to deprive the regime of its domestic legitimacy. We are doing ourselves and the world a huge favor.

      • Yeah but remember how when Hillary and Biden were campaigning, they’d get close in shots of the “crowd” to hide that it was only a few people who bothered to show up. You’d get the same tricks with low voter turnout. Fudge the numbers, pay a couple hundred blacks to stand in a poll line and cheer about their freedoms and film it, etc.

        • No one will believe the fudged numbers

          As an aside, I was wondering how this would all turn out, the academic analysis of the 2020 election from the Business School case-study perspective. If the numbers are to be believed, Biden and his team ran the most successful campaign in American history, getting so many votes so as to dwarf all previous presidents including Obama the deity. So therefore you are going to have the top marketing programs and Business Schools in the country getting into the weeds as to how it was accomplished. I mean it was truly groundbreaking if the numbers are to believed. Even the MSM would be putting out their campaign experts and wonks to delve into the nitty gritty on how it was all pulled off in such spectacular fashion !!!

          But do you see any of this going on? Is Harvard putting together some great case study on how the campaign pulled it off?

          I don’t think so. Everyone KNOWS the numbers were fudged, actions always speak louder than words. And do I think our foreign competitors also know the same? Of course they do. The British newspapers and RT have better reporting on the state of things in America than our own press, for example.

          I don’t think they could hide the fact that they held an election and no one showed up.

          • “I don’t think they could hide the fact that they held an election and no one showed up.”

            They couldn’t hide the fact that they stole an election. How did that work out?

  16. Canadian gov’t crackdown in truckers is going full tilt.

    The Ambassador bridge is now fully open to traffic after local, provincial, and federal law enforcement cleared away the last protesters’ last night. They made 30 arrests but there is still heavy police presence at the bridge.

    There is some sort of citizens’ uprising *against* the truckers underway in Ottawa.

    True Doe is said to be about to invoke the The War Measure’s Act, effectively putting Ottawa under martial law.

    • 30 arrests?

      That’s a weekend reverse sting on the West Side of Chicago.

      Don’t make it a bigger thing than it is.

      As for a “citizens uprising”, I’ll respectfully believe it when I see it on the ground.

      If it was reported by MSM, it’s bullshit.

      • “If it was reported by MSM, it’s bullshit.”

        Very true, but it wasn’t. Comes from a man who lives in Ottawa.

        • Fair enough.
          But what is a citizens uprising?

          Are they gonna get mad?
          Write a “stern letter”?

          I’m not sure what individuals who count on stuff being delivered by people can do to said people.

          But good luck to them.

          If anyone wants to get an accurate pulse on the going’s on in Canada, check out “Viva Frei” .

          He’s on multiple platforms.

          • “Fair enough.
            But what is a citizens uprising?”

            That was *my* fault. To quote Horace: “Brevis esse laboro obscurus fio”: In trying to be brief, I became obscure.

            Here is what the guy said word for word:

            ” … fed-up citizens are organizing counter protests after three weeks.” Then he quoted the Toronto Sun: “Sunday was the day when Mr. and Ms. Ordinary Ottawa had finally had enough — and took to the streets to defy, unthinkably, their own police.”

            “It was a protest as much against Ottawa’s ineffectual and constantly apologetic police as it was against the truckers who have harassed this city for more than two weeks.”

            And then I was the one who condensed *all of that* that into “citizen uprising.” An admittedly stupid choice of words.

            This same man says that (and this time I *quote*):

            ” … members of the Canadian military have defected and are now supporting the truckers’ protest.”

        • I live there. 50-100 maskies tops, brandishing the largest public sector union flag (which inexplicably has a gear in its logo) and the odd hammer and sickle. And they gathered far, far away from the smelly, racist, truckers and their supporters.

      • “If it was reported by the MSM it’s” bee ess.

        On a related note, did you know that when you type “the zman” into Google it now presents (as the top result) a new magazine called The ZMan magazine. It is 100 % matzoh, covered in a layer of gefilte fish.

        This can’t possibly be a cohencidence. Google is messing with you, Zman!

    • Thing about Canadians is they are sort of the “golden retrievers” of North America. Say this having lived in Detroit, spent a lot of time in Ontario both for business and sports competition and worked directly for a Canadian COO at my old firm. They’ll take a lot of abuse, but cross a line and you’ve got a 120lb snarling fur missile on your hands.

      • Things are about to become a bit more interesting. How will the truckers–and their supporters around the world–react?
        How far will the gov’t go?
        I’m told by somebody in Ottawa that the local cops are on the truckers’ side.

          • That and they will do absolutely nothing, 99.99% of them, to endanger that sweet pension. This isn’t conspiracy. Life long friend is a cop, who says that he and his department won’t enforce unjust/unconstitutional edicts, etc. When I mention that would conceivably mean taking a stand where he would lose his pension eventually, he quickly changes the subject and gives some rationale about how it won’t come to that. He can’t answer my queries (“Well what if it DOES?”) on that point directly, because he knows he won’t risk that and we want to stay cordial with one another. But yeah, back the blue.

    • The worse the better.

      I would have bet, and lost, that Bastard Fidel would have gone full Tiananmen Square last week.

        • The thousands of people out protesting have been doing so while a cold snap has hung over Canada for about a month. Ottawa is about 10F during the day and going to 0F or lower at night. Yesterday morning was -25F and there was an outdoor pancake breakfast and outdoor church service.

          These are extremely cold temperatures and we are still seeing thousands coming out on a weekly basis.

          Toronto/Detroit are a couple of degrees warmer. But it’s still colder than average there, and windy. The weather has been on the regime’s side so far.

          Next weekend is supposed to be cold again. But, as this drags out into late Feb/early March, the odds of a warmer weekend are increasing. Even if it eased up to 30F, we would see a big swell of people. This is especially a risk in Toronto/Windsor where winters don’t drag on as long. Regime needs this gone before mild weather.

          • So it looks anti-terrorism powers are going to be used against crowdfunding, crypto and freezing personal bank accounts. as part of the emergency act.

            First port of call is the financial squeezing it seems to avoid obvious large scale force, wonder what reaction this will bring?

    • You can’t judge Canadians by what you see in Morontario or Queerbec. Albertans have more in common with Texas than we do with those guys.

      Turdo has enacted the Emergencies Act to clear the protesters. This allows him to (supposedly) save face and pretend to be a tough leader (stop that laughing, damn you!😉)

      But the provincial premieres are ending the mandates. The truckers are getting what they want, without having to murder the smarmy little faggot in the PMO. The premiers can pose as heroes to their constituents. We can call this a win, because that’s what it is. For the first time in my lifetime… Normie got off the couch, put aside the beer and potato chips and turned off the sportsball. He stood up, and faced the mutts posing as our leaders and he sent them a message. Chances are he’ll be even faster to do so next time… and for their part… maybe our ruling class will be a bit more thoughtful before crapping on their people? Who knows?

      One thing is for sure: this is the start of things, not the end.

    • Congrats on regurgitating the MSM fake narrative. Do you work for CBC?

      1. There is no “uprising” in Ottawa. There was a protest of about 500 masked idiots who marched around away from the scene on Saturday. Another group also blocked about 25 supportive vehicles by standing in a road.

      2. You’re making the removal of the Ambassador Bridge blockade seem bigger than it is. The largest trade route in North America was finally cleared after 6 days. I don’t know why it seems like a such a defeat that the state would prioritize the re-opening of such important infrastructure. Did you think the feds would just let them sit there forever? Lol.

      30 arrested for mischief, most people just drove off or walked away once it was clear the cops meant business. There were only 3 semi trucks and about 30 personal vehicles blocking this road, while 400-500 semis and 2,000 personal vehicles are in Ottawa.

      Traffic into Canada still mostly blocked ATM while they install hundreds of concrete slabs probably to prevent traffic access and more blockades.

      3. Martial Law will get interesting. So far it’s all been a bluff though.

    • I have to say I tend to go with Bartleby here. Especially because, in my understanding, Ottawa is full of the same lizard people as Wash. D.C. They were undoubtedly *never* on the side of the truckers. It just took them a while to run out of wineboxes, weed, and anal lube. Once they saw that those peasants were serious about taking a stand, they started crying to Mommy State to take the bad men away.

      I’m sure the average real Canadian is getting fed up with the roadblocks but most of them probably know that the Ottawa regime is going to come for them next if it prevails over the truckers.

      • LOL

        Tip of the ole chapeau for the line “It just took them a while to run out of wine boxes, weed, and anal lube”.

        Five Times August should write a song using it;(giving proper credit of course).

        Check out his stuff before Juicetube shuts him down.

        Good stuff.

  17. We’ve finally reached that critical mass of mediocrity (or worse) in leadership. To wit, the newly announced head of nuclear waste disposal is apparently a high heeled leather fetishist that like to lead his gimps around on leashes. And he’s proud of this and apparently believes his kink is a job qualification. And he’s not wrong, that’s the whole theme of Biden’s senior appointments. Over on the Congressional side we have a line up of barely sentient geezers hanging on to squeeze the last drops out of their various grifts. You can argue about guys like McNamara and his “best and brightest” crew of wunderkinder, but at least they weren’t sporting bad policy AND sub 105 IQs. This crew….

  18. Something that gets overlooked is Russia is still rightfully pissed over Kosovo, which was such an important place for the Orthodox Church and the Slavic people. Severing it from Serbia was a criminal act and quite frankly less justifiable than what may happen in the Donbas. So there also is an element of payback here in some quarters.

    • Or that Stalin intentionally moved populations around in the 20s and 30s. Both to rid himself of the troublesome, but also to prevent ethnic minority “republics” from gaining any momentum away from Moscow. Now that is proving useful to Vlad since there is always a Russian minority that needs “protection” if that is politically expedient.

  19. “Germany and France will go along with superficial stuff to please Washington, but they are not committing suicide over Ukraine.”

    The only difference between committing suicide with the Ukraine or NORD-2 and committing suicide over importing Muslims and darker ethnicities is the time line. They are both suicide. One is immediate, the other is generational. Like the difference between shooting oneself in he head or using heroin.

  20. What I find amazing is that Biden’s dipsh*t advisers didn’t read the joint China/Russia communique’ of Feb 4th. If we go to war in Ukraine, The Chicoms could just walk right into Taiwan. We obviously cannot fight on two fronts. In fact, it’s not even clear that we could fight on one front.

    The Europeans have to be looking at the Afghanistan/Iraq episodes and scratching their heads. Our standard Amurrica MO: meddle, threaten, invade, blow everything up, establish a puppet, raise the rainbow flag, thrash around for an exit strategy…. then, with the puppet’s help, screw up any hope for a peaceful equilibrium, leave in disgrace, observe ensuing mayhem from a safe distance, move on to the next victim.

    As dumb as the French and the Germans have been recently, they’re still smart enough to see they will be huge losers in any conflict. There are 41mm people in Ukraine. Can you imagine the refugee crisis? If we declare war, my guess is that nobody shows up.

    • >There are 41mm people in Ukraine. Can you imagine the refugee crisis?

      The fact they’re white means they’re unlikely to be treated as “real” refugees, but what seals it is the fact that there are a lot of hot women in Ukraine, and anything that threatens to import a lot of hot women is a non-starter, for obvious reasons.

      So there will be no refugee crisis from the Ukraine – women in the west will make sure of it.

    • I’d be willing to bet China has had hundreds of sleeper agents embedded in Taiwan for years and that they can execute a decapitation strike at any time.

      • ” … they can execute a decapitation strike at any time.”

        That’s true of the States, too. A few men acting in concert could shut down the entire country for months, and the gov’t and nobody else can defend against anything like that. It’s *amazing* that nobody has done it so far.

        Barging around the world for a century now, bombing and murdering, and now more than fifty years of open borders. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s astounding that we haven’t reaped that whirlwind yet.

        • Sure, except in the US the number is hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of sleepers.

        • Still have retaliatory capacity. Just like MAD. But as that capacity weakens, the probability of that whirlwind increases.

      • GAE cares because:

        1) It’s an important geostrategic location that helps GAE monitor and bottle up the Chinese Navy (PLAN)

        2) Taiwan makes enormous amounts of semiconductors for all of GAE’s high-tech war toys. US domestic production is a shadow of what it once was.

        Steps are being taken to reshore production in the US. The trouble is that it takes years to bring a semi fab online. There are also a lot of questions if the US still has the human capital to staff such facilities.

        • Thanks.

          I meant regular Americans. I guess the muh Taiwan demographics is similar to the demographics cheering for war over Ukraine.

          • Well, when you can’t fix a car, get a new appliance, have no cell phone (even a basic one) etc it becomes a local issue real quick

          • Also, it’s the US government’s fault that things worked out this way, while the grilling crowd was cheering them on.

        • Given the $2 trillion of money spunked on every scam under the sun over the coof they could have relocated all of the US required Fab capacity from Taiwan for a fraction of that.

          Each one costs something in the order of $2-3 billion.

          Then who cares about Taiwan.

          • IMO, its not so much the cost of the fab (which is quite high) but the cost of the labor. Taiwan labor is about half of US labor cost. Simply put, if we are organizing our economy based on cost of production — which is what we do now — it is much more cost effective to produce in Taiwan. Changing this impulse to manufacture abroad requires something bad to happen to the USA (dollar collapse?) or for our leaders to abandon our neoliberal capitalist economy.

          • Maybe so.

            Does it not seem strange that all the US companies as the main consumers by volume of a fundamental strategic technology never gave much thought to sinking $billions and their entire manufacturing base into an Island a few miles off the coast of China?

            I can’t believe they thought there was such little risk.

            Some things are just fundamental infrastructure.

          • “Does it not seem strange that all the US companies as the main consumers by volume of a fundamental strategic technology never gave much thought to sinking $billions and their entire manufacturing base into an Island a few miles off the coast of China?”

            It is strange. But US companies aren’t really making these decisions. Rather, these decisions are made for them by USG trade policy. Companies have to play by the rule book given to them or go out of business. Commodification of chip manufacturing is pushing these industries out of US into lower cost places (now Taiwan and Korea, later China, who knows where 50 years from now). Many other examples in many other industries of course. Challenging the logic of this system means challenging neoliberal capitalism (export of manufacturing, importation of cheap labor).

            As an American, at this point I am willing to trade some wealth for a more homogenous and cohesive society. So I am willing to rethink US industrial policy and hopeful for a generation of politicians that will do this. Trump was a good first step in this regard.

        • If China invades Taiwan, do you really think we are going to stop buying semiconductors from China? Are we going to stop buying manufactured goods from China? Raw materials? Medicine? Will our companies and oligarchs be prohibited from doing business in China? Our elites have engineered absolute
          western dependence on China and have profited immensely. The west facilitated china’s development as a superpower while simultaneously ensuring that we cannot survive without them. A cozy Russia/Europe/China axis will eventually emerge and we will be stuck with the detritus of open borders, cultural degeneracy, techno narcissism, and political corruption.

          • Yes, it is clear that, on the current trajectory, North America’s long-term future is a backwater Chinese colony meant to provide slaves, productive agricultural land, fresh water, and lebensraum for the Han people.

          • here’s an interesting thought, what happens to our rare earths issues with China when another Steve Jobs comes along and invents something that doesn’t require them, after all we are not static..

      • Where did you get the impression that Americans care about Taiwan? Americans, sui generis, don’t know Taiwan from Thailand, and finding it on a map would be like playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

    • “would like the take here.”

      “Conservatives” and Neo-Cohens fighting it out? Why would we need a “take” on this other than let’s hope it’s brutal and permanent.

      tl;dr- not my problem.

    • “Bizarre, would like the take here.”

      First, the supercilious “Paul” betrays his ignorance and superciliousness by referring to “Adolph Hitler.”

      It’s Adolf, not Adolph. German, not Greek.

      Typical. These types know absolutely *everything* about Hitler, except, oddly, the guy’s name. Maybe it’s a case of Hitler Fatigue. Literally.

      And second, as I was reading the exchange between “Paul” and “Steve,” I was wondering whether anything could be more boring.

      And then I read some of the comments, and stopped wondering.

      The whole thing struck me as “old-maidish.”

      If they are starting to hate and despise each other, I can hardly wonder at it.

  21. “The State Department swears the tanks are revving their engines …”

    I thought I heard tank engines revving, but it was just that grazing beast Nadler again contributing more than his fair share of greenhouse gas to global warming.

  22. The UK establishment and media is even more detached from reality than the US one, they behave like the British empire still exists or more likely they see the American empire as their own, it would explain how much they freaked out after the Afghanistan debacle.

  23. Empires tend to die in pieces until one day, people look around and realize that it no longer really exists. The Western Roman Empire was falling apart for centuries before 476. Indeed, most of the periphery didn’t know or care much about Rome’s fall.

    That said, I think that the Afghanistan/Ukraine period will be remembered as one of the more important signs of the decline of GAE. Afghanistan clearly showed that we can’t impose our will overseas, even against goat herders.

    Ukraine is showing the world that we’re an insane bully, but just as importantly, that there’s no need for GAE. It serves no purpose anymore. It’s like a couple realizing they have nothing in common after the kids leave the house.

    As Z notes, GAE was created – and the West went along with it – for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. The world has moved on. The world just wants to do business. Germany wants Russian gas. China wants to be a regional hegemon and trade with the world.

    GAE will stagger on, but Afghanistan and the Ukraine have change the world’s perception of the United States. And to quote one of my favorite movies, “You run it because people think you do. They stop thinking it, you stop running it.”

    The rest of the world still thinks that we run the show, but they’re beginning to see weakness and, more importantly, they’re beginning to wonder why we should run things.

  24. “One of the many excellent uses of reality is that it can be used to test ideological and political theories. No matter how good the idea seems in the lab, the only way to know if it will work is to give it a go in the real world.”

    Whenever I see this I am reminded of the apocryphal (I think) Frenchman who, when presented with a new situation says, ” Well, that’s alright in practice, but how does it work in theory”.

    • theory and practice are the same in theory, but different in practice.

      only had one (idiot) engineer ever suggest otherwise to me.

  25. The State Department swears the tanks are revving their engines and then nothing happens.

    I bet the Russians are firing up the engines each night just to fuck with Washington.

    • Be even better if they all incessantly honked their horns.

      Though, in this day and age, that might be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

    • It seems like the Biden people are faking the threat to later claim they stared down Putin. I’m not sure why Putin is playing along, unless he is already at the point where he sees Biden as so weak and pathetic that he doesn’t care what game they are playing, and is simply doing what he wants.

      • I have no idea what the Russians are up to,

        Looks to me like both sides are playing the same game, trying to goad the other into doing something stupid – two whores winking to each other from across the street

      • Putin is playing along because he’s mostly okay with the status quo. He has never struck me as a guy who would allow the perfect to become the enemy of the pretty good.

        Risking any moves that might lead to war with NATO simply don’t add much value to his position.

        • war is for when other options are exhausted.

          the look of running out of options is clearly asymmetrical here, and everyone knows it.

    • For all we know, this could be a Russian psy-op to make GAE look even more foolish. What better time than when the vegetable in chief and his woke minions are in power.

  26. “Western Europe will be dominated by France and Germany and Eastern Europe by Russia.”

    And I still have not heard any sort of persuasive, based-in-reality-not-in-pronouns case from the regime as to why this should actually upset me.

  27. Since Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC are ALL pushing the “Russian invasion imminent” line, I assume just about all of normie-world believes it, which in some sense is odd, since every normie thinks at least one of those outfits is a propaganda mouth piece of evil.
    The funniest report I’ve seen was from MSNBC by a black body going by the name Malcolm Nance. He has this to say: “Ukraine is a liberal, progressive, democratic, western country with a very, VERY large economy…”
    Hmmm…liberal progressive democratic…let’s take a look.
    Transparency International’s corruption index ranks Ukraine 117th among 179 nation-states, in a tie with among others, Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Eswatini (who knew there was a country with that name??!?!).
    As for their very, VERY large economy, World Population Review has them ranked 57th in GDP, just behind Kazakhstan (a country with 1/2th the population) and just ahead of Kuwait (a country with 1/10th the population). Their per capita GDP ranking is 142, just behind Morocco and just ahead of Micronesia.
    Well, if “liberal, progressive, democratic, western” describes a fundamentally corrupt country with failing economy, then I suppose that description fits Ukraine just as well as it fit the US…

        • When you google “black Ukrainian” you get a link to the wikipedia entry for “Afro-Ukrainian.” If you google
          “white Ukrainian” you get a link to a cocktail recipe. Go figure…

        • 80 IQ genetic missing links are not going to do much fact checking. Their not so distant relatives also believe in witchcraft and voodoo as equal to modern medicine. So its low effort to get them to believe pretty much anything.

          Let’s hope this means all the nogs will go sign up to defend their oppressed brothas in Ukraine.

          “Yo dawg, they still call them n-ggas Slavs right to dey faces! Let’s roll on ’em!”

          One can dream…

          • Well, given the hit modern medicine has taken with the COVID fiasco, not so sure how wrong they are about voodoo and witchcraft being so far behind modern medicine.

        • Iron Maiden – thank you. That post, I won’t call it funny, I don’t even know the word, was something to admire. That article is akin to the Vietnam Wall – a place where you go and quietly marvel at the enormity of the horror.

        • It’s written not to convince blacks to rally to the cause but to give Whites a Candace Owens-type cover for their preferred beliefs.

  28. > Germany and France will go along with superficial stuff to please Washington, but they are not committing suicide over Ukraine.

    I’m not so sure. Germany keeps closing down its power plants and doing whatever it can to lower the standard of living for its people while importing hordes of dusky biomass, along with the rest of the West. Is this not suicide? It may not actually have anything to do with The Borderlands of Russia but that doesn’t matter. The rulers of the West want to destroy their fiefdoms in order to Build Back Blacker. This may not be a universal desire among the so-called elite but I think it’s a bit naive or blind to think the German government wants to preserve Germany.

    • True, Europe is committing its own form of suicide. But even crazy people like to stay warm in the winter.

      Demographically, France is a decade away from locking itself into a very bad future. England isn’t far behind. Germany still has a chance but doesn’t seem to care.

      It’s not just the American Empire that collapsing. It’s the Western European Empire which has reigned since 1500 that is falling apart.

  29. “Over time, the West would be able to rally and cripple the Russians economically, then roll them back militarily,”

    Nope…Russia is self sufficient in food and energy, and has important allies in Iran and China..It also controls numerous important smaller countries, of which Kazakistan is most important with its massive uranium deposits…NATO would simply disappear when the Europeans realized it was an expensive scam..

    • “Nope…Russia is self sufficient in food and energy, … .”

      Russia has also divested herself of ALL US debt instruments. And they are proceeding apace with China to replace, or at least erect an alternative to, the SWIFT system.

      • And just NOW are you getting to the truth of it, and why they must be destroyed. This is the shot across the bow that you *will* stay under the thumb of (((global finance))) or you will be destroyed. Simple as.

        The thing that frustrates me the most about this situation is the endless theorizing about “why” when the truth is simple and old. Money and Blood-Libel the thing that also drove the European wars of the 20th century. Nothing new except the date.

    • I got the impression from the article that tact was in relation to a (highly theoretical) Russian invasion of Western Europe and how that would be the GAEs only play. And yes, it’s much easier to kill such an overextended empire via a death by 1000 cuts, as GAE is beginning to (not) realize.

  30. “making Washington look a bit nuts”

    A bit? D.C. is a paranoid schizophrenic that believes men can will themselves to be women and blacks are divinities. Quite frankly, given its nuclear arsenal and hapless but over-equipped military. D.C. is a terrifying crazy person.

    That aside, here’s my prediction, based on something from Zelensky himself yesterday: the Ukraine itself will announce it never will join NATO. This allows D.C. to save face although the Euros will know fully well this signals the end of the empire. After a few months, Ukraine will be partitioned by agreement and the Donbas will be formally annexed.

    Trucker strikes, not military adventures, are the future of the empire and those nations, primarily the UK and Canada, who continue to cling to it. Over time the Dirt People will schism off much as the ethnic Russians in the Ukraine. Maybe this is wrong, but it won’t necessarily be what would be recognized as a political or economic collapse but a slow dissolution, with the feds chest/breast-thumping from time to time and strutting on an ever-smaller stage.

    • > Trucker strikes, not military adventures, are the future of the empire and those nations, primarily the UK and Canada, who continue to cling to it.

      Canada is going to be absolutely ruthless on the strikers, and a multitude will lose their licenses and be put on watchlists. Problem is, they are not going t be able to stop, and once you completely disenfranchise a certain percentage of the population, you get more aggressive actions by people with nothing to lose. Over time, they will be low-key supported by officials who either infiltrated that system or simply want competent people to get stuff done unofficially.

      • ” Problem is, they are not going t be able to stop, and once you completely disenfranchise a certain percentage of the population, you get more aggressive actions by people with nothing to lose. Over time, they will be low-key supported by officials who either infiltrated that system or simply want competent people to get stuff done unofficially.”

        Exactly. It is well underway, and the license and livelihood-stripping will make it worse. Again, that’s the future whether it is economic or civic in nature.

        • The problem is that if you cancel the truckers you cancel the distribution system. I imagine the Trucking companies, knowing who they need to survive, wouldn’t even try to supply Ottawa.

          • Well, there is a substantial element of Sikh truck drivers who might try to seize the moment to carve out more business. But how many of them getting shot with long guns would it take for that enthusiasm to evaporate. After all, after swooping in like vultures after the (predominantly) white truckers get savaged by Turdo and his regime goons could certainly get bad things to happen. Exercising a right to dissent, only to have your life ruined by apparatchiks gets up the blood of self-respecting men, and those aliens, clearly acting as their opportunistic scabs are asking for it.

          • What I could see happening, if the convoy approach fails, is a certain percenatge of truckers simply refusing to service Otttawa. The Sikhs can swoop in and claim that market, and set whatever price they like. Let Ottawa experience Truckflation. $25 (Canadian) lattes.

      • Do you really think the latter will occur?

        I see no evidence that this would be true. The very nature of the madness in the west is its extreme reality denial, and its top to bottom in the govt and officialdom.

        I don’t think we have any real historical reference point about living in an NPC dominated society, but all indications are that its an all or nothing mindstate where its going to be more like the Aztecs mass human sacrifice theocracy than low level communist corruption.

        • People with no loyalty to the State will do what they can get away with. As corruption and basic incompetency rises in the State there are more opportunities to skirt the system.

          The age where you could count on the ‘silent majority’ to play within the system, even when it did not benefit them, is coming to an end. Moral browbeating isn’t going to work much longer, especially for potential elites disenfranchised by the System.

          • I believe you are correct. It just seems like the empire is unbeatable until it isn’t. People don’t realize how much our systems rely on voluntary compliance. Even the tax system falls apart if people start actively skirting it.

      • Canadian politicians appear to be very similar to early adolescents in their behaviors, teenage minds don’t have an “off switch” and they escalate bad behaviors and are unable to simply turn around and walk away unless stopped by an adult. Sooo, like their American counterparts, they will continue to fling poo and “get you after school” until we have a complete breakdown. At this point I just stack edibles and stay home.

      • They would do well to put this trucker strike stuff behind them as quickly as possible. Breeding a bunch of road saboteurs into the maul of a self imposed trucker shortage due to one part of a stupid “vax” mandate seems wildly inadvisable. Yes they may be cautioned by the fact that the “right” never found a hill to be worth dying on, but still, there really are hills that are not worth dying on.

        (Witness too the Jannies still locked away in the gulag. The regime is right at this point to be legitimately afraid of those people getting out of prison. I guess they don’t have enough actual enemies and they need to go making them where they don’t have any).

          • Seems a bit coincidental that all the funding account details were hacked, then the next day troll woman announces that anti-terror laws are going to be used against personal bank accounts used to fund the protests.

            If you donated I would suggest moving money out of those accounts if you can.

      • Hence why intolerance of dissent is a sign of weakness. Once you kick large swathes of people out of your society (particularly productive people), you’re left with a smaller, less productive society, and as an added bonus have made it clear to dissidents that their best play is to voluntarily withdraw instead of complain, which only exacerbates that problem. If they had cut a secret deal, like they do for all their cronies, this problem would never have seen the light of day. Snobbery is no way to organize a society, but it is almost inevitable once a country teaches a certain level of wealth and security.

        • They’re already scrambling for competent technical people.

          I’m not even actively looking and recruiters are sending me 2 to 3 emails per day.

    • “After a few months, Ukraine will be partitioned by agreement and the Donbas will be formally annexed.”

      That’s a pretty interesting viewpoint. That *could* happen, but Putin has repeatedly turned down annexation b/c it would be an *enormous* financial burden on the Russian state.

      On the other hand, he is under a lot of internal pressure from people inside and outside his gov’t to annex the Donbass Russians. And there is an influential minority inside Russia that *still* wants to “join the West.” The “Atlanticists.” And they would *love* to see him out of power so they could take over and cozy up to Washington and London.

      And the sentiment for him to DO something to save the Donbass Russians is very great.

      So we shall see. The Duma is (or was) considering *today* the question of recognizing the independence of the Donbass. That would get Putin off the hook, and this might be *his* solution. The Russian state wouldn’t have to assume a *huge* burden by annexing Donbass, and Putin would get credit for saving the Donbass Russians.

    • I doubt most progressives believe blacks are divinities. Progressives believe (1) blacks are their pampered pets and treat them accordingly or (2) are helpless infantiles and treat them accordingly.

  31. First, the US president is a seriously corrupt vegetable that shits his pants. That is no trivial thing and the rest of the planet is fully aware of this fact. More importantly, there are no adults left in DC that could (even if they wanted to) force his ouster and it wouldn’t matter anyway because Heels-up is actually worse. The Cloud People are hard at work savaging the dying corpse of the US economy for every last bit of value before making their exit. So forget the strategic issues. It time to focus on the tactical remedy.

    The disease cells are relatively few in number and will stampede out of here if so motivated. Yes, the Jackboots will form a cordon line and start rounding up the usual suspects, but no one said this would be easy. The coming fog is your friend. From the shadows, only from the shadows. Use what you know and do everyday. Be the nobody and do the unexpected. Creativity and innovation is your heritage and it will be the means of redemption. The future belongs to those who will fight for it.

      • The flaw there is the United States was losing wars before trannyism. I mean “losing” in the sense of victory rather than profit, the latter of which has been wildly successful for a handful.

        • It’s funny that you say that, but if you think about it, America might be the first empire whose elites found it more profitable to lose a war than win it

    • “The Cloud People are hard at work savaging the dying corpse of the US economy for every last bit of value before making their exit.”

      What does this mean? I’ve seen it at other websites, but nobody explains is. What does “their exit” mean?

      “Yes, the Jackboots will form a cordon line and start rounding up the usual suspects, … .”

      Who will be “the jackboots”? And how will they accomplish “rounding up the usual suspects”? I ask b/c I don’t see how that could be done, or by whom.

    • I can’t remember who said it, but I think it may have been in this comment section: America is a corpse being consumed by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots. Conservatives are rooting for the corpse.

    • European leaders have to be wondering if the empire is losing its grip on reality.

      More like losing the grip of its butt. Emergency diaper change in the Oval Office … STAT … again !

  32. One constant in the collapse of empires everywhere is that as the imperial government starts losing control over foreign territories, its elites become more debased and they increase repression on their own domestic population. This happened in Rome, it happened in Great Britain.

    The British example is probably a bit closer to home. Who can doubt that the Briton of 1900 had more freedom than the Briton of today? In 1900, Scotland Yard was not investigating it as a “hate crime” if one man said something disparaging about Pakis or blacks to another in the local pub. In 1900, London was basically “shall issue” for CCW — today, you cannot own a handgun anywhere, even in your own home.

    Britain is materially better off to the point where much of its population is obese, but it is hardly freer than it was in the late Victorian era. That is the road the U.S. appears to be going down as well…

    • Britain no longer exists in a real sense, its just echoes bouncing around the present from the past.

      The native population has been displaced in ts 2 largest population centers, most of its authority structures and there is no going back.

      • There’s always going back. I’m tired of this moralfaggotry that says a people can’t or shouldn’t take its lands back, or anyone else’s lands, if they have the will and ability. I don’t want a future where everything sucks because a few generations of whites were hoodwinked by you know who.

        • I am not saying you can’t change it, but it would require expelling something close to 5 million people off a tiny island, where the majority of the population are all in on their own replacement, and don’t even have a concept that just 50 years ago these 5 million did not even exist in the country.

          I can’t conceive of a catalyst of a magnitude to change this.

          • We are not all in on our own replacement. How do you know it’s a majority?

            I think this is more wishful thinking on your part

            “I can’t conceive of a catalyst of a magnitude to change this.”- This thing where some halfwit making windy boasts about the future does not understand something so therefore it’s not possible.

          • Given I lived there for most of my life and talked to lots of people about this I can assure you its most.

            and the basis of your assertion is?

          • “I can’t conceive of a catalyst of a magnitude to change this.”


            Hunger. Financial and economic collapse.


            Not only will the autochthonous population *want* them gone, but they themselves will see little reason to remain in a cold, wet climate when all the gibs are gone.

          • I would also add that describing a thing is not the same as supporting a thing. I wish it was not so, but most NPCs are just too far away from this for it to be viable.

          • @infant.

            When I say I can’t conceive I mean in a real sense of something realistic occurring.

            Scenarios which can provide an impetus of course exist, but would have to be so large as to effectively destroy the nation as a thing.

            What would remain would be more akin to a pre-unified England in the early 9th century with warring kingdoms.

            Even so, pushing 5 million out would require a bloody conquest which England has not seen in its history since the Saxon invasion.

        • I emphatically agree. The world is permanent tribal war, permanent clan war, permanent ethnic war, permanent religious war, and permanent race war. Movement and displacement of peoples has been the norm since the beginning of human sapience.

          We have lived secure in a White Christian dominated empire so long we have forgotten lessons that need relearning, like the peoples inside the collapsed Roman Empire had to do after the end of the Pax Romana. Reality will pitilessly oblige those who would rather be extinct than not be nice.

          Everyone getting along and being nice to each other is a beautiful dream, but it is also a civilizational prisoner’s dilemma: all foreigners have to agree and unfortunately vanishingly few of them do.

    • UK has lost a lot of freedom but the idea that the US is some bastion of liberty trailing a long way behind is absurd.
      The US gave the world Political Correctness( upper middles class speech codes),Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact as an ideological framework to take down Western civilization.
      Oh, I forgot mandatory CRT and Transgender indoctrination in private and publc institutions.

      Cops mincing around in milgear, TSA molesting you at airports.99% conviction rate if prosecuted by the FED gov-43% in England and Wales if prosecuted by the Crown. Perp Walks are particular to the US too! Asset Forfeiture is hardly indicative of a couintry blessed by Liberty. The FBI running entrapment ops against the public-again,illegal in the UK.
      Eisenhower prodding schoolchildren to High School at the point of a soldier’s bayonet.

      The UK is hardlty free but give it a rest with the US dragging-its-heels- behind nonsense.

      • “The UK is hardlty free but give it a rest with the US dragging-its-heels- behind nonsense.”


        The drama in Britain is acted on a much smaller stage, that’s all, so it’s more noticeable.

  33. This reminds me a lot of those imminent attacks on Washington and state capitols across America on inauguration day 2021 that we heard so much about from the MSM. Unfortunately, half of America probably believes that those attacks were thwarted by our brave deep state. I don’t see how this will be any different.

  34. I don’t buy that people so easily change their self image. Our side had always provided the fighting men, hard workers and the grillers. Just because lunatics are running the country doesn’t make most people change their entire self perception.

    My guess is that when Russia does not invade, like they insist they won’t, Biden will claim victory and will be celebrated by his propaganda machine. Maybe even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. If, on the other hand, Biden’s controllers start a war with Russia, our guys will willingly fight it because their self image is of the hard men who keep the country safe then grill on the weekends.

    • Yeah, I think z’s a bit too optimistic on the matter. I’ve engaged in some conversations (online and in person) about the Russia situation, and my interactions are quite different than z’s perception.

      Despite Tucker’s excellent anti-war pitch, most Normie cons are firmly on the side of “damn Russkies think they’re gonna push us around?! Amurrrica!” And the most common being “This is only happening because Brandon is in office. The world respected Trump! MAGA!” “You’re gonna just let the Russians push us around!!!!?”

      As I’ve repeated many of Tucker’s anti-war facts of the situation on why it’s none of our business, I’ve gotten the most consideration from….lefties. The facts of the matter is that the Russians are 100% in the right and we instigated all of this. Beginning when they withdrew from easy Germany and we made an oral agreement not to expand NATO to any former Soviet states, and then did it multiple times over, and how we instigated a coup in 2014 to install a pro NATO leader in Ukraine. Imagine the Chinese instigating a coup in Mexico to install a friendly ally. The lefties are much more likely to consider these factors because they have preprogramming that it’s always America’s fault. Thus, I can often see their preprogramming fighting itself. One side it programmed that it’s always Americas fault. The other side is programmed that Russia is homophobic white meanies. The smoke literally starts bellowing out of their ears.

      • You should give them a blank map of Europe and ask them to point out the Ukraine and Russia’s borders.

        • You are too kind.

          Have them point out where Hawaii and Alaska are. It will be fun.

          My experience has been the types The Greek mentioned are much smaller in number these days. They are around but nowhere as numerous and gung-ho as in the past.

          • Yea, I don’t think the “rally round the flag” bullshit is going to work this time. We have seen this movie before.

          • Mountain Rat, I think this is one of the reasons the Olympics are failing this time around. Once you take out the flag waiving, it’s a bunch of goofy sports that wouldn’t exist if they had to rely on ticket sales.

      • You’ll get a better reaction from Lefty because Lefty hates America and very much wants to see her as the bad guy.

        Grillers don’t want to see us as the bad guy we are. They live in the past, a past that probably doesn’t (or ever) even exist. Ask a Griller what they think of Putin and then try drilling for specifics.

        Propaganda works.

      • Agree with your points that it is 100 % our fault and too many Americans on our side of the divide get caught up in this anti Russia and anti Chinese propaganda. American men on the right who came of age before the fall of the wall seem especially attracted to the nostalgic component of a Russian and Chinese enemy. Things were simpler then. I hear about the genocide Olympics from them too.

        Since Jan 6, some men have become more disillusioned with the country but others seem to want to show that they are the real patriots and Biden and the democrats are controlled by Putin and Xi. You see this a lot on Breitbart and other conservative sites and I see that in quite a few men.

      • Nope, all the lefties I know (and precisely NONE of the normies and dissidents) want Brandon to give Putin a black eye.

    • There was a poll asking about support of getting involved in Ukraine by age. The only group that supported more than 50% were 65+. So, yeah, the ‘Merica crowd. The problem for the empire is a bunch of geriatrics waving the flag for war while all the younger people look in confusion just makes the optics worse.

    • Maybe, maybe not. Obama wanted to escalate in Syria, and the rank-and-file military revolted. Post Iraq, there’s no appetite for imperial wars outside of DC and its media boot lickers. It would be an extremely tough sell.

      • Plus, the Russians will actually shoot back. That involves risk. They may get injured or killed. They signed up for the free shit, not to get shot at!

        God, can you imagine Tamika and her friends and the sweetie squad marching into Ukraine to face down the Russians? Jesus. It would be funny though.

        • “God, can you imagine Tamika and her friends and the sweetie squad marching into Ukraine to face down the Russians?”

          Of course not.

          They’d just get pregnant and collect benefits in comfort “far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife.”

        • Another factor is this could swiftly get out of hand and the Ruling Class suddenly would have skin in the game via either economic disruption or, worse case scenario, a nuclear war. The Ruling Class has not had skin in the game since ’45, and even then the Clouds didn’t have much.

          This has the potential to be much more damaging to the United States than Afghanistan, and assumes this hasn’t happened already. The Paper Eagle barely can flap.

  35. BTW. I doubt very much that the end of the GAE is near. For all its faults, it still benefits most of the world by providing peace and and a large sphere for prosperity. So we’re most likely living through a phase shift in the empire.

    The Roman Empire is probably the best analogy for a number of reasons and that empire experienced a number of such shifts before it finally collapsed in the west.

  36. Whats always struck me about the collapse of the post WW2 order is how everything regressed back to the old systems that existed…. pre white people.

    China will be the middle kingdom, the most important country in the world.

    Persia will dominate the middle east.

    A Eurasian Russia will be drawn closer to the steppe.

    The americas will return to a brown shithole.

    Europe will be terrorized by Africans crossing the Mediterranean ceding more and more ground like Iberia and Balkans of old.

    Turns out the bad guys won all the wars.

    • “Turns out the bad guys won all the wars.”

      except Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan. The good guys won those.

      • We have to be careful, as dissidents, that we don’t slip into anti-americanism. Korea and Vietnam were communist aggression. Nationalist communists to be sure, but hardly allies to heritage America.

        As for Afghanistan…. well the Taliban burned the poppy fields and put a stop to the Afghan version of homosexuality. Both things American GIs were forced to stand by and watch.

        I prefer not to speak on it.

  37. “European leaders have to be wondering if the empire is losing its grip on reality.”

    Europeans leaders are just as stupid and culturally and morally bankrupt but, yes, the spectacle of the *obviously clinical* mental illness into which the hologram “Joe Biden” and that True Doe kid have retreated is pretty surprising.

    True Doe abandons his capital city, which is what happens when you lose a war. Then, it is at least rumored that he has fled from his country by taking refuge in New England. Then he makes a statement to the (so-called) “press” and, with his back against the wall, and grasping at straws, all he can come up with to say is “transphobes”!

    He might as well have said that the truckers’ protests are against the government’s policy on dental floss or corn on the cob. His statement–his childish name-calling–gives us a look inside the doltish boy’s head, and it’s pretty horrifying. What could have been less connected to reality than “transphobes”? At the moment of his supreme test, that’s all he can come up with to say. Jabbering about dental floss or corn on the cob would have seemed downright profound.

    The head of state and of government in AINO publicly tells Americans to get *themselves* out of the Ukraine because his government can’t protect them! But the world already knew that from the Afghanistan debacle, so he just reinforces that knowledge for the whole world. Then he threatens Putin on the phone!

    The Russian Duma is considering annexing the Donbass either today or tomorrow (today I *think*). Putin has turned them down repeatedly on their requests to be annexed like the Crimea was, but he is under a lot of internal pressure to come to the rescue of the ethnic Russians that Kruschev handed over to the Ukraine to dilute Ukrainian nationalism as a political force in the 50s. And he has zero reason to “invade” the Ukraine b/c it is flat broke and would be an enormous drain on the Russian state. But if NATO ultimately refuses to return their various deployments to pre-1997 locations, he might take some definite action, although I’d expect that to be activating his assets here in the States, or installing missiles in Cuba or Venezuela before invading the Ukraine, but the situation changes daily, and anything might happen.

    Our ship of state is without a captain or a rudder. We’re going to run aground. After the events of the past five months, that is abundantly clear.

    BTW, Nordstream 2 has been completed, but Annalena Baerbock, the German Green-Party Foreign Minister has refused to grant the licenses necessary to bring it online because “Russian aggression.” Her words. The Ukraine drama is about three things: (((ancient hatreds))); the European market for nat gas; and the Bidens and that whole crowd launder their dirty money in the Ukraine. The cant and ceaseless moralizing and scolding is their smokescreen.

    • Understated in all this drama is that the various Green parties, but noticeably Germany, are all GAE plants(yuk yuk).

      • I had to google GAE, and even then I didn’t get it. I’m embarrassed to have to admit that it took half an hour (and a comment down-thread!) to get the joke, but I *finally* did.

        Now I need a drink.

    • “The Russian Duma is considering annexing the Donbass either today or tomorrow (today I *think*).”

      I checked on this (I know, I know!), and it *is* today that the Duma is considering *recognizing* the Donbass republics as independent, not annexing them (my mistake).

      • The Duma *may* call on Putin to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk as independent. This is just another potential chip for the Russians to play in their negotiations with France and Germany.

        • This *might* be Putin’s own plan. He’s under pressure internally to “do something” for the Donbass Russians, but he has turned them down repeatedly on annexation b/c of the financial burden his gov’t would be saddled with.

          But *recognizing* their independence would kill two birds with one stone. It seems like a good idea to me. Russia could toss ’em a few Rubles now and then, but would not be permanently saddled with the financial burden that annexation would bring.

          • Putin is under no pressure from anyone. He has time on his side and he knows it. Right now, the situation in these disputed regions is stable. The Ukrainians were making crazy sounds about sending in their army to reestablish control, which is why the Russians mobilized on the border.

    • I disagree with your take on Trudeau. His calling of the truckers transphobes doesn’t show that he’s disconnected from reality. He’s simply using the left’s most common weapon today. Any nutty policy they argue now, regardless of the subject, they say that opponents “don’t care about brown people, gays, are racist, homophobe etc.” It can have NOTHING to do with the matter, but they bring that old chestnut in to try and win the masses with their demagoguery. Trudeau’s usage is simply an example of using it a bit too transparently.

      • “It can have NOTHING to do with the matter, but they bring that old chestnut in to try and win the masses with their demagoguery.”

        Okay. I don’t necessarily disagree with your take, and I can see what you are saying, but their attempts to “win the masses” with ludicrous and ridiculous cant just plain ain’t workin’, and that, at least to me, shows that they really *are* divorced from objective reality, because the *keep doing it.*

        Maybe b/c the Ministry of Truth functions as their echo chamber, they really have no idea how the vast majority of the population reacts to their supremely boring dumbness. They are living in a different–and nonexistent–world.

        • I think you are giving too much credit to the masses. The average sheep who gets his info from the mainstream media just accepts anything the people on the TV tell them.

          I find it mind boggling how unthinking the vast majority of people are.

      • Someone at Sailers place coined a phrase I like:

        “The three “O’s” BoJo, SloJo, and Trudeau. A nice conglameration of stupidity.

  38. There’s an interesting parallel between the regime in DC and the entertainment machine in Hollywood.

    Both were once robust engines of creativity. That have run out of steam over the last couple of decades. Producing expensive flop after flop. Falling back to mindless sequels and reboots. And ever more ridiculous fantasies. People are just using them out. The Euros nor Americans are the least bit interested in their reboot of the Red menace.

    When Reagan was elected president, a lot of old time pols and their whores lamented that he was turning politics into show business. And they were largely correct. Politicians became actors playing a role for their donors. People moved from the entertainment sectors to politics and back on a regular basis. But that all seams played out now. Especially with the collapse of 20th century entertainment forms.

  39. The Empathy Cult is trying to replace Christian Love with a new central value, empathy. “Most people do care about others and about social welfare … this emerging narrative is most helpful because … this capacity to care … can be encourage, promoted and even taught. Love and affection, while possessing a social dimension, are deeply personal and hard to emulate at the societal level, but other qualities can be more easily harnessed for social good.”

    It’s extraordinary how top-down social control can be sold as intra-species collaborative empathy, but there we are.

    From this thread:

    Note too the emphasis on ‘inclusive localism’ which will bring the global narrative to your front door: “local determination that the local population wants often excludes a lot: they’ll exclude global markets … or they’ll exclude immigrants … [in] inclusive localism local power [is] used in a way that is inclusive. Borders encircle your local community but they’re porous borders.”

    Finally, the sophistry contrasting morals and values has to be read to be believed, including “Once enough people agree on a set of common values, then we can start working collectively.”

    One wonders what reality will have to say about all this.

    • “One wonders what reality will have to say about all this.”

      We see it everywhere. “Leaders” and even entire governments utterly divorced from objective reality; their inability to control what comes out of their mouths, no matter how revealing it is of their mental illness; suicide as the 2nd-leading cause of death of Americans between 10 and 25; mental illness of increasingly bizarre forms (“trans-” this or that); an open attempt to normalize pedophilia; drug abuse at levels that would have shocked Timothy Leary; property crimes made lawful; non-prosecution for accidental shootings-to-death of some bystander or even somebody in their own home because the shooter was not aiming at the deceased; and so on. You can think of plenty more.

      Anyway, this is reality reasserting itself. This is the chickens coming home to roost. But I *think* that the majority still believes in “the system”; in voting. So it won’t be until we reach critical mass in the population that we’ll see some *real* corrections taking place, once it becomes clear to the “critical mass” (whatever that percentage might be) that there is no political solution b/c the problems are spiritual and moral, not political.

      • Agreed. Next 5 or 10 years. Max.

        The dissidents are going to have to change their tune now too: Normie is off the couch, and he’s in Ottawa right now clogging the roads with his truck and blasting the air horns at the fairies. You woke him up guys – and now is the time for the dissidents to be at their best!

        I know a Yesterday Man doesn’t look good in a Hitler Youth costume… but – Tomorrow Belongs To You!

        • “Normie is off the couch, and he’s in Ottawa right now clogging the roads with his truck and blasting the air horns at the fairies.”

          I am fervently hoping for a worldwide general strike on the same day or during the same week.

          • Turdo is desperately looking for some way to cave without looking weak as we speak. Yesterdy he called all the premieres in for a Sunday meet – and it looks like the play now is for the provincial premiers to throw the mandates out so Turdo doesn’t have to.

            It will probably fly – people just want to go back to work so the pressure will ease for a bit.

            Or, at least, until folks realize that the economy collapsed, and for a lot of them there will be no jobs to go back to…

    • More seriously, the author of that thread is 100% correct the people pushing the Great Reset are evil and should be hated.

  40. “We will have spasms of bellowing and shouting from Washington, but the world will slowly crawl out from under the shadow of Washington.”

    i am also of the mind that washington will be the last to find out the empire is gone.

    usa looks like a weird combination between ussr & south africa, in the sense that the system is as obsolete as the soviets were in the last part of 20th century, yet at the same time it feels like it can carry on for a while kinda like south africa.

    It took a decade for putin to come along & start fixing things, unlike russia usa is way more diverse, it lacks that cultural unity the russians have & people are not as hardy. I kinda fear usa will continue to meander in that intermediary state russia was in right after soviet system collapsed, complete social apathy & disregard for the law & MOST IMPORTANTLY whites still won’t be allowed to separate themselves & start all over, similarly to south africa.

    • The soviet union was far more diverse than the US in terms of distinct cultures it brought together into one political entity. There was one subspecies that they were spared though. As we have found, there is no solution to that problem, the people are immiscible. Perhaps genetic engineering could have resolved it someday but we’ve run out of time. The regime’s current experiment of promoting voluntary miscegenation wouldn’t work and is too late anyway, they have run out of time too.

  41. It’s been quite interesting to note the evolution of conversations with friends and neighbors. Immediately after the Biden insertion, the topic was stolen elections followed by complaints about high gas prices and laughing at the “I did that!” stickers at the pump. Then it was inflation/shrink-flation and Covid hysteria and now war with Russia. There is definitely a sentiment now of: “who the hell really is in charge and what the freak can be done about this madness?!”

  42. Another possible scenario would be the absorption of US/Canada/Mexico into a western wing of the Belt and Road Initiaitve accompanied by retiring the dollar as the world’s reserve currency which looks to be happening anyhow. We may be entering a pre-Ricardo world of post-national mercantilism under Asian or more particularly Chinese hegemony. If so, what role will an anachronistic U.S. and Canada play? As the U.S, if not the Great White North,. becomes more demographically polyglot, what usefulness do we “bring to th table?”

    The Chinafication of the economy and a post-dollar digital currency/credit system seems not far off with the vise of surveillance social control that comes with it. I’d look for consumer goods and fuel for heating and motoring to become far more expensive and, where I live, permanent mask and vax mandates to keep us isolated which we prefer under a speech patrolled, D.I.E. regime of Simon Says. “May I?” “No, you may not.”

  43. Pelosi kinda let the cat out of the bag yesterday.

    All the saber rattling maybe just a set up so that Biden van have a “win” by preventing a Russian invasion with his diplomacy and leadership – at least that seams to be the short term plan.

    But I still think the regime and deep state are trying to reboot the Cold War as a long term play.

    • Yeah, but they really screwed the pooch there, too. The German foreign minister told Brandon to take a hike, and the French premier is trying to play mediator. All Putin has to do is convene a meeting with those guys, but without Brandon, and announce that “the new face of Modern Europe” or whatever has successfully resolved the crisis. The clowns in Sodom-on-Potomac are so high on the smell of their own farts, it never occurred to them that something could happen without their input.

    • So next week he is going to prevent Luxembourg annexing the low countries and the Alsace-Lorraine.

      Another stunning victory for the steely foreign policy approach.

      • I half expect to see him come back from a European visit soon waiving a paper as he exits the plane shouting that he’s achieved peace in our time.

        The whole thing is fake and gay.
        A crappy 3rd rate movie.

        • It would be more likely waving a piece of used toilet paper as he stumbles and falls down the airplane steps after mumbling about “peas in his dinner time”

      • You see any Luxembourghers lurking about?

        See, it worked.
        He saved us again.
        We don’t deserve him!

    • “All the saber rattling maybe just a set up so that Biden van have a “win” by preventing a Russian invasion with his diplomacy and leadership … .”

      That makes sense. Thanks for the info on Pelosi. I didn’t know that.

  44. Since the end of the civil war the Yanks provided most of the upper officer class in the military and left the fighting to mostly Scotch Irish as Senator James Webb wrote in his book Born Fighting.
    But now those white Scotch Irish and German midlanders are the “ white supremest” enemies of the new state. The heroes of the new state are the dancing negroes in the Super Bowl halftime show last night and the wigger Eminem.
    Somehow I don’t think these new heroes of the democracy will fight for the empire in some muddy plain in Russia or on the South China sea.
    The American empire is doomed in its current form.

    • Webb was writing CivNat nonsense. The Yankee elite in no way officered the post-Civil War military at the highest levels. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Pershing, MacArthur, Vandegrift, Marshall, Eisenhower, Gavin, Nimitz, King, LeMay, Spaatz, Arnold, Westmoreland-not a one was a “Yankee”.

      • Patton, Vandegrift, Buckner, and Chesty Puller were all the sons or grandsons of Confederate officers.

        • So was Ike and Pershing
          Kansas and Missouri boys while not technically Yankees.
          They were culturally Yanks

          • The Kansas Jayhawkers and Red Legs were culturally Yankee. But Missouri had a fully functional Confederate gov’t.

            And Quantrill.

            And Jesse and Frank James.

            And The Younger boys.

            The largest number of battles BY FAR in the War to Prevent Southern Independence was in Missouri. By the end of the war, three counties in western Missouri were depopulated.

            Then the James Brothers and other veterans who had ridden with Quantrill continued the war by other means, as partisans.

            Excellent and readable book on all that (told by a Yankee sympathizer, but well worth wreading):


      • Eisenhower sure as hell looked like a Yankee when he sent in the army in Arkansas. Sure enough looked like he was A-OK with reinstating Reconstruction then. Did you forget about that one?

  45. if you remade Red Dawn today, the Russians would be seen as liberators.

    given the American military has been intentionally poisoned with the vaxx, wouldn’t count on them being able to do much fighting.

    • Exactly that. When I saw those Russian paratroopers floating in to take over the high school* in the original Red Dawn, I thought “Damn, I can’t wait for that to happen, so I can go all Wolverines on their commie asses!” If that happened now, I’d be thinking “Damn, I can’t wait for that to happen, so I can draw them a map to the nearest GloboHomo depot.”

      *In accordance with the timeless strategic wisdom of Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz: The key to winning any war is to invade the high schools first.

    • Watching the game yesterday with my son and all the pozzed commercials I told him I can’t wait for the Russians. How many more feel like us?

      All the signs are there that the U.S. is circling the toilet bowl. Our chicken little government head cheese executive looks pathetic but still dangerous. How will the so called elites carve up the booty here when our empire dissolves. Will it match something similar to our Russian counterparts decades ago?

      Right now I am listening to realistic strategies for my own economic survival. That ill wind is starting to blow real hard.

  46. “The guy the empire counts on to wave the flag and respond to war drums is not sure which side to support.”

    Oh, I am sure, but it is not the Empire.

  47. Some around here cheer the decline of GAE. This is not going to end Globohomo and will probably make it worse. Why? Because a Sino-Russo dominated globe means that they will do what we have done to them – incite division with propaganda. Both these nations realize that diversity is a massive weakness of the United States. They will spend inordinate amounts ginning up racial animus and the like. This is certain.

    Having massively powerful, foreign enemies backing our domestic cultural opponents and our corrupt establishment will be a disaster for us. Not to mention that the new Eurasian hegemon may try their own color revolutions in border states like Mexico.

    • We can’t build anything new until the current regime is discredited and torn down. If Russian undermining hurries that along, then that is fine.

      • And there it is. The voting, protesting and rallies are all done. Sad to say but until it goes kinetic nothing will change for the better. Until then they will just keep dick slapping us in the forehead with blatant, out in the open, unconstitutional lawlessness without any repercussions.

      • This is true, but losing international power will be dire and bring us great suffering. Tens of millions of jobs in America, mostly white peoples work, depend upon global financial hegemony. With that gone, lots of people will be out of work. This country will truly be brazilified. Thereafter, the new Eurasia powers will do everything to keep us down.

        • “This country will truly be brazilified. Thereafter, the new Eurasia powers will do everything to keep us down.”

          I *think* that a WHOLE LOTTA “immivaders” came here for “a better life” and for the generous gibs. And when the gravy train derails, they might very well go home. Once the gibs are gone and they find themselves in a country that is truly and openly hostile to them, they might just GO.

        • Loss of the world reserve currency will be the worst part.

          It’s like losing control of the bank in Monopoly.

          • It is the fact that the dollar is the reserve currency of the world that fueled the explosion of innumberable government grifts from FDR to the present. Without the fatal act of 1913 there cannot even be the Great War and all it spawned to the east, or the Great Depression.

            However legendary the hangover is to come, it is not to be avoided.

        • Brazilification of the US is inevitable at this point.
          And given how the US behaves on the international scene, the collapse of its empire can not come soon enough.

          • “Tens of millions of jobs could be created in the America if it were not for global financial hegemony.”

            AMEN! Testify, brothah, testify!

            We could return to *local” economies; *local* food sources; *local* governments; *local* supply chains; *local* laws, customs, traditions. We have the space for it, and we *used* to live that way–in living memory, in fact.

          • Americans die by the millions every year. About 3 million per year.

            An economic decline isn’t something we can avoid, no matter what ideology we attach to it. $30 trillion in debt and an unserious government guarantees that.

    • Stop projecting GAE’s values onto the rest of the world. Nobody in Russia cares what you think of buttsex or is ready to go to war for your son’s right to wear a dress in public.

    • “Incite divisions with propaganda”.

      Er…. I hate to break it you but look around .at any of the disintegrating nations in the west … I doubt the Sino-Russkies can do any better than the current fifth columnists and the media are doing internally.

      • My guess is the PRC and Russia just want to wait out the GAE, which wants to keep chest/breast-thumping to seem relevant. The GAE already is a dead letter.

      • The Soviets did a lot to aid the civil rights and black power movement. They were master propagandists who sowed the seeds of revolution across the globe. Don’t discount the Russian understanding of our nation and it’s issues.

        • The Soviets ceased to exist 40 years ago.

          Russia is not the soviet union. That parrot is dead, deceased and no more.

    • Thought the same.

      As the GAE breaks up, rising powers will pick off choice pieces.

      US has a heavy military presence in Africa…China has an expanding commercial one. Raw materials access mostly, but expanded markets someday, perhaps. China is smart that way. The US just wants to murder 85 IQ primitives with million dollar missiles. Bet on China.

      Who gets the Middle East? Beats me. Europe and China? They need energy. The Israelis will deal with the strong horse in the region, which is smart.

      Parts of North America? Chinese famously buy real estate in good cities. That’ll probably scale way up. Vancouver tried to discourage it with high taxes on foreign (re: Chinese) ownership…expect that to go away.

      Just spitballing. History is replete with maps redrawn when empires fail.

      • Given the size and equipment mountains of the US military I wonder if in a real breakup you could see some regiments forming their own local protectorate either internally, or turning some of the foreign bases into something similar to the East India company of the 19th century.

    • The End of the American Empire will be the end of perverse conditions that allow the celebrating of Blacks and Bolshevik whites burning down cities, trannies (or chicks with dicks, which is what it is) demanding access to girls restrooms, and every other fruitcake with their orders and demands. They will not have a functioning jewdicial system and blue-line flunkies to “protect” their rights once the wheels come off Washington. Their removal from society will be a sideline function of the likely violence accompanying imperial collapse, and I wonder if any other country would want to walk into an American hornets’ nest. The American Empire will not go quietly into the night.

    • The Soviets did a lot to aid the civil rights and black power movement. They were master propagandists who sowed the seeds of revolution across the globe. Don’t discount the Russian understanding of our nation and it’s issues.

  48. It’s almost as if Leftists think everyone is a Leftist, and reacts the way Leftists do. I’m exaggerating a bit for effect, but not really. Consider that tranny “admiral.” They — the Totally Legit Joe regime — really did seem to “think” along the following lines: You people like the military, right? And you people need to embrace trannies. So we’ll make a tranny an admiral. That way, you have to love it.

    The same thought process appears to be happening with Russia. “Wag the dog,” but somehow even faker and gayer than wagging the dog normally is. You people like the military, right? And hate the Russkies? Of course you do! Reagan and Sylvester Stallone and Red Dawn and all that. So if we gin up a war with Russia, you have to rally ’round the flag. It’s ‘Murrica!

    • I don’t see they give a damn what the regular folks think.

      They are so used to just inventing things to say that deny reality, the current shrieking is the same as the last. You don’t even need a wag the dog if you just keep asserting unreality and the media keep repeating it.

      The entire political and media class in all the west, not just the US, have become the schizophrenic crack heads in SF, shitting on the street, shouting outloud to themselves about imaginary voices and pissing on your car while stealing the stereo to get their next rush.

      The Ukraine thing is no different than the men can be women insanity. No one in govt cares if its real or not. Its about the screaming id of infant rage at the world.

      The Uk’s foreign secretary doesn’t even have a basic understanding of geography of Europe when t comes to minor details like Estonia, the Baltic and existing Russian regional areas.

      But so what, was she embarrassed, of course not you bigot, its all about spewing the commanding voice over everyone else in the face of reality like Linda Blair in the exorcist. I am surprised she did not just call Lavrov a racist in the meeting and start chanting in his face.

      Just another day in the war of evil on reality.

      • the war of evil on reality… the best take of the thread. and the most pertinent to these days when the West goes down in thrall to Satan and his servants. you know who.

      • “The entire political and media class in all the west, not just the US, have become the schizophrenic crack heads, … .”

        To be precise, they are hebephrenic.

        [The hebephrenic or disorganized subtype of schizophrenia is typified by shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behaviour, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations).]

      • “Just another day in the war of evil on reality.”

        It beggars the imagination, don’t it! That hologram in the White House sent a four-foot-tall woman named “Wendy” to scold Ryabkov and Lavrov. And she did!

        This is what it’s like through the looking glass.

      • This. They do not need (or at least think they do not need) the average Joe Normie to go along or even care. I suppose they have gotten away with sticking it to normie for so long you can’t really fault them. Until reality calls, they can enjoy the perverse pleasure of continuing their xircus.

        Sucks for the rest of us.

      • Russians and Americans are natural allies and their partnership will be the only hope of salvaging what is known as ‘Western Civilization’. The British have been working since the 1700’s to prevent that from happening. Most people have no idea about who the real enemy is

      • A large segment is convinced that twirling mustaches in Moscow are responsible for Trump, another large segment never let go of the Cold War, and yet another segment has some age old grudges that I confess to not being wholly familiar with, but they’re still cheesed that they didn’t at least make union wages on the pyramids so it could be anything.

      • “I don’t understand why so many Americans still hate Russia.”

        For the same reason so many people believed that the Chinkypox was “killing millions worldwide.” Because their TV sets *told* them to believe that.

        Also, it’s just easier than trying to keep up with things. It’s easier to do nothing rather than something. We hated and feared them for 80 years, and it’s easier to go on hating them than to learn that things have changed and stop.

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