After Left And Right

Categories are useful, which is why humans have been using labels for people and things since the dawn of time. Using generalizations for people, events and things is a handy way of communicating important things efficiently. The political terms Left and Right have been with us since the 18th century for that reason. They are broadly useful in describing people and ideas. In the particular they are often confusing, but when it comes to the big categories, they work.

In 18th and 19th century Europe, the Right was those on the side of the old aristocratic order, while the Left represented some form of liberal alternative. The Right defended the rights of the crown against the demands of the crowd. The Left advocated the rights of the people against the traditions of the crown. The Left was coming at politics from an empirical perspective. They talked about rational government. The Right were traditionalist, often rooting their position in religion.

In the 19th and 20th century, especially in America, the terms Right and Left were redefined around economic concepts. The Left were socialists, embracing Marxist arguments, to one degree or another, about economics and history. The Right was the defender of markets and free enterprise. Those old class concepts, king and peasant, inevitably were incorporated. The Left was on the side of the working people, the new peasants, while the Right was on the side of business.

The limits of this new economically based politics are obvious when looking at the early 20th century, particularly the interwar years. Fascism is considered to be right-wing, even though all of them embraced socialism. They also championed the workers in their organizing and rhetoric. Communism was much more popular with the upper classes than the working classes. Look at 20th century communism and what you see is academics and the scions of the upper classes.

Lost in all of this is the term liberalism. In the 19th century, liberal meant rational government rooted in natural law. The Founders were liberals. They sought to create a political order that reflected the people and history of the new country. They were not basing their arguments in religion or tradition. They were debating the most rational form of government for a land populated as it was at the time. Into the 20th century, liberal was a fairly good stand in for reason.

Fast forward to the middle of the last century and the term liberal had been conflated with the term progressive. They had become synonyms. Progressivism was anything but liberal in the traditional sense of the word. The progressives rooted their ideology in New England public Protestantism and oogily-boogily borrowed from European intellectuals of the Hegelian tradition. Regardless of it claims, Progressivism has always been in opposition to empiricism.

This redefinition of the word liberal is just one example of the larger assault on the common language. It has reached the point today where no reasonable person accepts anything said by the upper classes at face value. The reason is they no longer use the language as defined by the dictionary. The most recent example is the phrase “the science has changed” which has nothing to do with science. In fact, the only thing we can know for sure from that statement is the science has not changed.

The assault on cognitive meaning in the language and the rise of emotional language in public discourse is part of a larger dynamic in American political discourse that has come to redefine Left and Right. To be on the Left is to embrace an ideology rooted in your emotions about the topic and the people involved in the topic. To be on the Right is to engage rationally with a topic. Liberalism has become an assault on reason, while illiberalism is the defense of reality.

In his book After Liberalism, Paul Gottfried points out that what masquerades as liberalism in America is post-liberal. Things like pluralism and democracy are not part of the liberal tradition. 19th century liberals understood that not all men were invested in society, so not all men warranted the franchise. Similarly, they understood that all ideas were not equal or deserving of equal consideration. By extension, the people behind those ideas were not deserving of equal consideration.

Gottfried does not address it in his book, but one could argue that managerialism in America is a response to the collapse of reason in the political order. The formation of the administrative state and the concept of managerialism were the response to the collapse of the old constitutional order in the 19th century. These are not based in reason, but a practical necessity. The labyrinth of bureaucracy, private and public, that control public life exist to provide stability.

What this means is that the terms Left and Right have to reconsidered to fit the reality of the present age. The Left is illiberal, emotional and irrational. It is the rejection of the human condition, not in a spiritual sense, but in an empirical sense. It is not an accident that the people most into life-extension technology and various forms of virtual and hyper reality are on the Left. They seek to transcend human biology by living on forever in a new world created for them on-line.

This is why the term right-wing is cognitively meaningless. Those holding to the old economic definition are culturally and politically irrelevant. They oppose a political force that no longer exists. The traditionalists have a similar problem, because much of what can be defined as American tradition has been defined by the Left. Since Gettysburg, the Left has controlled the culture. So much so that things like abortion have a greater claim to tradition than opposition to it.

The greatest trick of radicalism has been to slowly lay claim to irrationality, things like tradition, emotion and spirituality, incorporating them into their theories of history and human organization. Their opposition has been left with sterile facts and figures or claims to tradition that no longer have emotional energy. The American Left is irrationality in the guise of science, emotion draped in the garb of reason, illiberalism wearing the costume of liberal governance.

Getting back to the terms Right and Left, the great crisis on the Right is rooted in the fact that the Right does not exist. It does not exist because it does not understand what it opposes or even if it opposes the Left. Until people desiring an alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy come to terms with the moral and linguistic reality of the prevailing orthodoxy, there can be no cognitive opposition. You have to know what you oppose, before you can explain why you oppose it.

As a practical matter, the West is now in a pre-Enlightenment period. This is why our age looks so much like late feudalism with better stuff. In 17th century France, there was no Right because there was no Left. There were just the way things were. Today, there is no Left or Right for the same reason. There is the prevailing orthodoxy with its established hierarchy and a bunch of disaffected peasants. The Right-Left dichotomy no longer exists practically or theoretically.

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208 thoughts on “After Left And Right

  1. Political commentators who dismiss any of the current nomenclature now in extent, come off sounding like the tone police. You guys seem to have great fun conflating various groups of labels at your whim, then solemnly proclaiming they are all irrelevant. I guess that approach puts you on a higher intellectual plane than the rest of us hoi polloi. But what’s immensely irritating is that you then always refuse to propose any set of terms, labels, or definitions that can replace what you’ve airily thrown out.

    Until you do, I’m going to continue using the terms left (woke left), and right, meaning the difference between irrationality, moral narcissism, subjectivism, relativism, postmodernism, blank slate equality, collective utilitarianism, and Hegelian progressivism, versus objective truth, empiricism, traditional Christianity, nationalism, a priori individual liberties, race realism, subsidiarity, and a few others I can’t think of right now. The terms have moved on, but in order to make some irrelevant point, you haven’t.

  2. The original American ‘Progressives’ were farmers and rural business people whose primary goal was to expand the money-supply (‘bimetalism’) during tight-money periods that were destroying rural communities and farm life (a common theme in America, it would seem). William Jennings Bryant was a ‘progressive’. The rural farmer’s organization ‘The Grange’ is also considered ‘progressive’.

    To put it cynically, ‘Progressives’ tried to wrap their rural-based populism in a quasi-scientific idea (‘progress’) in order to sell it better to the city-slickers.

    The following essay gives a sense of the development of ‘Progressivism’ and it’s connection to money and rural life:

  3. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wished to. I do not wish to do so, because the Party does not wish it.

  4. Left, right. dem or repub are all whores to the money of the talmudtermite. The moneyprinter sets the rules, pumps the propaganda, fills the syringes. Honest, moral honorable backbone Americans better figure out real quick who your fuckin enemy is they want you dead, crippled broke and starving. This is going biblical and will not be televised.

  5. I’m calling Interpol, the Intersectional Police.

    Here the Zman is, trying to oppress us with outdated binary definitions.

    Yo Z , there be 57 flavas!

  6. “Right” and “Left” still retain their meaning if you say “Right is the kind of man who wants to conserve the majority — particularly the best — of what existed in the Past” and “Left is the kind who wants to make changes across the board to satisfy himself better.”



  7. We float on a sea of liberalism. But I seem to remember a guy who could walk on water and get us the fack out of this mess. And no it’s not Tom Brady.

    • We float on a sea of supply-chains. That’s how the administrative state came into being and that’s how it’s continued to endure and grow. If you want continental-level coordination of complex industrial processes, you need an administrative apparatus capable of bringing such a project into being and managing it for the long haul.

      Technology is our politics now. The Left and the Right are just froth on the surface of vast systems for moving resources and finished goods around the continent and – increasingly – around the globe.

      That’s why the Trucker’s Strike is more important that anything going on in Congress or Parliament: Trucking is a critical element of the supply-chain.

  8. *communicating important things efficiently*

    “Defend the Ukraine!”

    “Trust the Science!”

    “The alt-right has weaponized ‘freedom’ to undermine democracy”


    I don’t want dwell on my Nazi past,
    but on my Nazi future

    • A lot of time is spent on this site trying to parse out what’s going on at the highest levels of the regime. Analyzing motives from different angles. And yes, motives exist. But over the last year I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are just straight up crazy, unbalanced, aloof, etc. Too much regime intermarriage and inbreeding since 1930. Too many generations of nepotism in an environment where they’re not allowed to fail.

      These things have happened before in human history and I’m pretty sure they almost always result in a bloodletting and total or near total regime replacement.

      • “Too much regime intermarriage and inbreeding since 1930.”

        Brilliant. Brilliant. That’s what happened ot to the “immigrants”*, but to the whites of the royal court.

        It’s a straiģht-up effect of their environment, one seen how many times?

        I’m surprised they don’t all have hemophilia.

        (*we could disregard the “immigrants”, recognizing that they have sub colonies such as New York, West Hollywood, and Broward County. My hometown was an Armenian colony, now it’s Sikh.)

  9. The Catholic Church had bent over backwards in the 19th century to give us an approach to organizing ourselves. Zman has lauded to it many time s referring to beloc and Chesterton and Leo xiii.

    But the society must be Catholic. There’s no excising the social teaching from the whole teaching. .

    • There is no productive relationship between the supernatural and political-economy. Belief in the ‘virgin birth’ of Jesus has no bearing whatsoever on Distributist economics. Even Pope Leo doesn’t talk about the need for conformity to the supernatural beliefs of the Church.

      Catholics need to build their church on it’s own merits and not try to hijack political-economic discussions with their own special pleading.

      The genie of modernity is not going back into the bottle of the Ancien Regime.

      Start with that premise and work forward.

      You are no more going to undo modernity or liberalism than you are going to cause the sun to not rise at its appointed time because you want to sleep in.

  10. The science has changed makes sense if science is defined as “what is most politically expedient at the moment.”

    COVID was never about science in the first place, it was always about politics.

    • This is just wrong. The Chinese have no need to use crises to create consensus and they treat COVID as a real problem.

      You believe this because you live in a media-dominated pseudo-reality dominated by an alien and hostile race and class.

      The grown-up response to COVID hysteria is not COVID denial, but COVID realism.

      Skepticism about what can be shown to be ‘the case’ isn’t a sign of intelligence but of mental illness.

    • That cult would never die till the stars came right again, and the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth.

      The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.

      Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.

      • “These people all deserve the guilloutine.”

        Yeah, but … somehow … I don’t know … a hacksaw seems more satisfying.

      • I’m sorry that method is waaayyyy too quick. Might I suggest we borrow a page from our Indian friends? Bury them up to their heads near a fire ant colony and then pass your snack of choice.
        I always knew my history background would come in handy some day.

    • Rapidly coming to believe in spiritual warfare. Good v. Evil. Demons and Angels.

      And America has completely disarmed itself.

  11. The left should in theory support the truckers in Canada, but they just hate working people/dirt people, it’s the same in France with the yellow vest movement. This is happening in every Western country

    More and more people will ignore left/right

    • The left have always hated the working class and were always an intelligentsia movement.

      They just thought they could use them as a Golem to wreck society. The problem was most people tried to improve their own life, which just lifted them out of their resentment.

      They are finding the non whites are much better suited to the role, hence why they keep importing them.

    • Perhaps you think a worker is someone with a job who works.
      There are workers and there are Workers.
      A Worker is one of them; working to bring forth the utopia.

      Notice the phase “Do the Work.” The lefty types use it all the time. It means the physiological work to remake ones mind into being a socialist droid. Their revolution is an endless internal struggle session.

      • In the LA port backup, I asked our container brokers what they thought was going on, but they didn’t know either.

        Then somebody chartered a boat; their view from the oceanside revealed the portside cranes were barely moving the containers of the ships onto yard, rail, and trailer chassis for trucks.

        (Our regulatory impediments have been in place for a few years, so that wasn’t it.)

        We thought it might be the unions coordinating with the guvnah for a slowdown.

        Padraig points out that the piling up containers, instead, are often unclaimed freight.

        The places to look for a true picture of the supply chains are the small exchange broker networks, the people who put a check into the producer’s hands, such as:

        Farm (fruit/veggie) packing houses
        Meatpackers / auctioneers
        Grain elevators
        Hay / mylo (feed) brokers
        Fuel brokers
        Ore brokers

        And for volume:
        Cardboard box / packaging makers
        Freight brokers (truck / hotshot, rail/container, marine, air and small plane air taxi)
        Retail buyers
        Secondhand buyers
        (unclaimed freight, here)

        I’m certain the trade journals and rate boards would be exquisitely sensitive to Big Box coordination. I wonder what their online chat / comment sections are saying.

        (Pet peeve: Obama got rid of the 150 year-old Comprehensive Statistical Analysis, summary graphs by most govt departments, sent to every library. He said “to save $1M printing costs”, but it was to hide the numbers in the govt maze.)

  12. You should check out Richard Hanania’s “Women’s Tears Win” on his Substack. It explains the success of the emotional turn.

    • Voting franchise must be limited.

      I propose this:

      You must be 30. (Obvious)

      You must have a healthy BMI. Demonstrates ability to delay gratification, some self discipline, appreciation of long term consequences, etc.

      That’s it. That’s the plan. Show a birth certificate, step on a scale, vote.

  13. It has always been thus.

    Marx’s “Scientific Materialism” tried to claim the legitimacy of science to cover for its talmudic baloney.

    • Maybe a variant of higgeldy-piggeldy, if you are familiar with that phrase?

      This offered with tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

      Context is the key. C’mon, man…

      • Not one mention that both oogily-boogily and higgeldy-piiggledy come from the African tradition of voodoo juju.

  14. Looks like the “trucker convoy” has some disgruntled white male former LEOs onboard. This might explain its success so far, while other right wing grifter movements always fail. Also explains why Trudeau is shitting bricks and went into hiding (hate to link CBC but it’s an interesting read:

    “The leadership team for the protesters calling themselves the Freedom Convoy includes:

    -Daniel Bulford, a former RCMP officer who was on the prime minister’s security detail. He quit last year after refusing to get the vaccine and is the convoy’s head of security.

    -Tom Quiggin, a former military intelligence officer who also worked with the RCMP and was considered one of the country’s top counter-terrorism experts.

    -Tom Marazzo, an ex-military officer who, according to his LinkedIn profile, served in the Canadian Forces for 25 years and now works as a freelance software developer.”

    Globohomo’s worst nightmare coming true. The white male zogbots turning on the regime. I just hope the organizers are careful, I’ve seen this tactic before where the media blows up certain people to make them go ego crazy, and then they destroy their movement. Hopefully these guys are smarter.

    Ambassador Bridge remains closed in Ontario – several auto plants have shut down here and hearing some in Michigan starting to shut. Minor blockade on an alternative route through Port Huron MI, and wait times of 3 hours+ to get through customs into Canada. Peace Bridge in Buffalo is expected to shut Friday night as protestors block it from both sides. Coutts at the Montana-Alberta border remains closed (local traffic and cattle trailers being let through), and last night the Emerson crossing between Manitoba and North Dakota was blocked.

    Buffalo, Detroit, and Port Huron crossing is basically the entire Canadian economy – but all police are tied up in Ottawa trying to remove the truckers parked there. Police in Windsor don’t want to get involved with removing the blockade. Millions of $ are being lost per hour.

    • I wonder what the threshold for shooting/mass arrest is going to be?

      At some point the retards are going to have a choice to concede or shoot. Given they have not really had any pushback in the last 30 years I wager the latter will be their choice.

      The obvious route will be some sort of false flag to give them the excuse (maybe they can reuse the Syrian gas cannisters)

      Its just a matter of time.

      • There are over one million registered hunters in the state of Michigan alone.

        There are similar numbers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure Iowa and Ohio are up there too.

        NY state tried to force gun owners to turn in their arms with state level legislation.

        Last I heard the compliance rate was something like 2%.

        • Its not really been tested in the west in living memory what would happen if a large organized force actually seriously tried this.

          I am certain it will come, I am in 2 minds as to what the majority response will be. After all I did not think house imprisonment for the entire population would happen without violence, but it proved not to be.

          • “After all I did not think house imprisonment for the entire population would happen without violence, but it proved not to be.”

            I know what you mean BUT the house arrest was *entirely* voluntary. People who believed the outrageously unbelievable propaganda stayed home (except when they wanted to go out for some reason). Also, there were many states–more than half, I *think*–where the governors simply ignored the whole thing, and the people did what they pleased.

            But for the Canadian gov’t to suppress by force what the Charter of Rights *guarantees* to every Canadian, is a non-starter, even for the fools and poltroons who think their dominance is permanent and inviolable.

            Lethal force will not be attempted.
            The gov’t will have to come to terms IFF the truckers keep it up.

        • “Last I heard the compliance rate was something like 2%.”

          And those stats are *government* stats–just like the “case” numbers of the Chinkypox fraud. So I’ll automatically assume that 2% is a deliberate inflation.

      • About 25% of the trucks have children living in them. Child services are apparently being send out by the police. CBC reporters were snooping around for children. It’s looking like they might try and steal children, to kick off a violent response.

        Other than that though, the protestors are very smart. They are just waiting for the feds to do something violent first. Opposite of Jan 6 in Washington DC. They are breaking honking, idling, and parking by-laws. Nothing they can be arrested for. The strategy seems to let the regime get violent first. Then ??? not sure what the plan is after that.

          • “Nothing is sacred to them.”

            Except their own stinking hides. Their self-interest will determine what they do.

            The whole Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset caper have blown up in their faces. They are off balance. ZMan describes that in today’s essay: their reliance on Russia Russia Russia. It’s worked before, so why not now? Except that it has stopped working.
            They are off balance. They will hatch up some kind of “That’ll show ’em” response, but it won’t work. The jig is up. We have turned a corner. Enough people still believe in voting that they will express their dissatisfaction in that way. For now. Everybody will wait for elections.

      • I think a “no confidence” vote in Parliament is likely, after which some new “caretaker” gov’t will make the concessions demanded by the truckers (and, no doubt, by the vast majority of the population) before new elections are held.

        The truckers have a kind of political power that nobody else has: the power to starve large numbers of people. And, all right, they are not going to use that particular power, but everybody *knows* that that threat underlies everything else. But the truckers certainly *might* cut off supplies of something that people *really* want but are able to live without.

        And if the truckers play their cards right–and they’ve been doing just that–they can successfully blame Trudeau and the Powers
        That Be for everything,

        I am optimistic for the truckers’ success.

        The WHOLE WORLD is watching. Therefore you are quite right: It IS just a matter of time.

      • Canadians are very well equipped with rifles and are no more OK with rifle registration schemes than Americans.

        Handguns? Sure but not rifles.

        They are also more likely to shoot than Americans, not less since they have a group ethos and solidarity Americans lack.

        If the Canadian government went than insane , the government would be paste.

    • Huge white pill, as heritage whites are very used to playing “by the rules” and not being disruptive. They may have their protests, but they usually made sure not to completely disrupt people’s lives. That’s out the window now.

      You saw the same thing in Jan.6, which is why the powers that be went so unhinged. We should expect Jan. 6 style retribution, but the wrecking will just get more subtle. Everyone now smells blood.

      • I wonder how many normies, watching on their talmudvision, are noticing the overwhelmingly white composition of the protesters? The best part is that Trudeau and his court stenographers are essentially advertising it as a white gathering. A win on the ground in Ottawa could be quote valuable, although you can bet the aftermath would feature many normies desperate to proclaim this a victory for their Han and Pajeet neighbors too.

        Yes, Canada is a nation of ideas. It’s just that the past two weeks have made it painfully obvious that they’re white, European ideas.

      • Chet: That’s my fear – that even if Trudeau backs down and the truckers officially win, the local police and politicians and bureaucrats will harass the participants endlessly – for the next few decades or until it all crashes and burns – for daring to stand against them. They will have important documents lost in the mail, inexplicable taxes unpaid, insurance cancelled, etc. There are a million ways the managerial state can harass you, and they will use them all.

        • Once you run up the rebel flag it is often safer to simply win than to compromise with the tyrants.

          • Ha! Thanks again, Simba.

            I was getting wobbly, but I’ve been jailed, surveilled, followed, ‘visited’, searched, beat down…

            And bankrupt, homeless, blacklisted (from banks),
            and on the cutting edge of bankruptcy for decades, so I’m already always half-prepared for eventualities.

            Ain’t gonna stop, just gonna be awfully damned careful.

            Fook ’em.
            No mercy for the weak.

            Thanks- I needed that.

        • “There are a million ways the managerial state can harass you, and they will use them all.”

          You’re right, of course, but what you have said presupposes that the truckers are unaware of all of that. And somebody has a post on this very thread telling the names and a bit of background on a surprising “type” of participant/leader in this movement.

          I may be wrong and you may be right, naturally, but I prefer to think that the men doing all of this have taken the opponent’s capacities into account.

          If True Doe crosses the line, there will be hell to pay. And not only in Canada.

      • “Everyone now smells blood.”

        Ah. That’s why CNN, MSNBC, and the progressive channels are all on about Jan 6th. Everything- even covid, climate change, racism, genderism, Russia- it all is rooted somehow in Jan 6.

        Must be intersectional thinking at work, or our betters are trying to muster their troops to defend their precious azzes.

      • This thus-far successful and peaceful uprising is a template for oppressed Whites. I suspect Ottawa has not gone full Waco out of fear it might ignite a national strike, which for once appears to be a very legitimate concern.

        People have mentioned the Yellow Vests and their marginalization. The Yellow Vests still are there but the cameras are gone. These trucks are not easily ignored, and neither will be the supply chain interruptions from hell. Might guess is the Yellow Vests have learned it takes massive disruption and upheaval to maintain attention. No-Go Zones? Maybe. Of course, unlike the Muslim No-Go Zones (there is another template the Mohammedans have provided—violence works), White No-Go Zones will have to be put down and that, too, probably would trigger even wider unrest.

        If tomorrow passes without a Tiananmen Square II, Ottawa will cave. If so and as others have suggested, the creepy Deep State will attempt to extract revenge by a thousand cuts. These thugs operated so long without pushback that they probably will be too heavy-handed and will spark further unrest.

        Heady times. Of course, the biggest bad boy, the dying Banana Empire, will use brute force and outright murder to quell any uprising, but it is coming here sooner rather than later. The BLM riots and the Covid human rights atrocities will be answered.

      • “Love that the truckers are throwing the divide and conquer right back in their faces.”

        And the element of surprise.

    • B125: God I hope they hold. I know it’s causing further economic pain to people on both sides of the border, and I empathize, but we all have to suck it up or it’s only going to get worse until it all collapses. You know, the old trade of freedom for security deal. Just as I would be willing to pay higher prices for things made in America (by real White Americans, not imported helots), I am willing to deal with more inflation and economic disruption if it breaks even part of the globalists’ power. Because if the Canadians do it, others can do the same. God bless these White men.

      • “God bless these White men.”

        Testify, sistah, testify!

        Are you old enough to remember “Thanks, Canada!”

        Remember that?

        It’s time we did that again!

      • There are also heavy economic impacts on the truckers. If these “independents” are as their American counterparts, they own their rigs. Which really means large monthly payments to a bank. Any delay in productive use (hauling) entails bankruptcy for many. Their margins are thin. That they protest in such numbers for so long is a great testament to their sacrifice for liberty and the freedom to exercise such. Few of us can say the same.

        And now you can’t even slide them a few bucks since the system has stopped that.

      • The uniparty closes ranks again now it might have to face real change.

        Seems like the stand in Canadian “conservative” leader, can’t remember her name, has now changed her tune big time. Calling for the truckers to go home.

        Another condescending traitor. You just can’t trust women of both sexes in govt.

        Seems they are on their own politically speaking.

    • Our Democracy Fortifiers will be taking photo shots from the road / toll / weigh station cameras, grabbing license plates, registry numbers, phone location data…

      I’m spooked. I might see if I can slip in the stream for a ride, but I think they’re going to wait then escalate.

      Damn. The other Chinese curse:
      “May you draw the interest of the authorities.”

      • Oh heck. Our mandatory e-logs. Constant tracking.

        Still, the cops took down the Coutts cell tower so the protestors couldn’t use their phones–and some smart lads repurposed the wifi of our e-logbooks into something called a MESH network, getting comms back. Heh heh heh.

  15. The prevailing orthodoxy, now at its most monolithic, appears so brittle. If the prevailing orthodoxy was exuding confidence, it would shrug its shoulders at the tiny kernels of opposition peppered around. Instead its fully captured intel/defense/security apparatus is laying the foundations for slapping the “domestic terrorist” label on people who merely look at them crosseyed. Why would this secular theology, which has captured every institution around, nearly all education, politics, pretty much swept the field, be blindly thrusting at everything that moves around it, the way Sandra Bullock did in that dumb movie Bird Box? Perhaps that movie captured the zeitgeist of the regime. One where hidden monsters are around every corner, ready to take us out. It was released just before Covid and look at their reaction to that hidden monster. And look at that beautiful Russian golem the’ve created. Putin warned of nuclear war yesterday, not that anyone cares. Now that they’re done willing a maniacal approach to a virus…they’ve started willing for a nuclear war.. Perhaps the prevailing orthodoxy is in the end, a secular suicide cult, left shaking its fist at God.

    • I saw a video on Gab of Putin reminding the world that Russia has a very large nuclear missile stockpile. But it was in Russian and I have know way of knowing if the subtitles are accurate.

      • Lavrov was as testy as I’ve seen him today. Dark comedy in the way he treated that lightweight British woman diplomat. He may as well have told her that her money is on the dresser.

          • Outstanding!

            Are you flooded with PR’s too? My suspicion is that they were quietly brought into upstate NY after the bad hurricane they had a few years ago.

          • Wild Geese: Excellent English, excellent logic, excellent propaganda. And I love seeing an unapologetic man verbally slapping down an uppity womyn.

          • KGB-

            Yes, we are full of PR’s up here.

            Heck, my firm has a direct recruiting line to a university down there. HR is more than happy to hand them a golden ticket just for applying.

        • “Dark comedy in the way he treated that lightweight British woman diplomat.”

          LOL! I had exactly that reaction when the hologram living in the Whiteness House send a 3-foot-tall woman named “Wendy” to scold Ryabkov and Lavrov.

          High comedy indeed! And what more illustrative of our precipitous decline? It was reminiscent of that old fairy tale of the princess with a sausage stuck on her nose.

          “Wendy” the attack dog! GRRRL power! Ruff Ruff!

          Beam us up, Scotty,!!

          • The people that bite bite the hand that feeds them, and kiss the hand that holds the whip, respect one thing- resolute power, iron will.

            Morning Joe, MSNBC, almost fell over this morning, slavering with admiration for Lavrov. Boot-licking comes to mind.

      • If you ever really are interested in a Russian translation, Mrs. Eloi is completely fluent, and I often have her translate when I see subs on people such as Putin. And, yes, surprise surprise, the translation is, while technically accurate, often missing the spirit of the speech.

    • “Perhaps the prevailing orthodoxy is in the end, a secular suicide cult, left shaking its fist at God.”

      Wow. Powerful words, bro, and they conjure a powerful mental image! Well said!

      But these “people” love themselves FAR too much to risk going to far–right now, anyway. They’re off balance. They’ve been taken by surprise. (So have I.)

  16. RIGHT: defense of faith, family, nation
    LEFT: hatred of faith, family, nation

    Family and nation are at the core of identity. Faith is a social glue. Therefore:

    RIGHT: defense of identity
    LEFT: dissolution of identity

    Why does identity matter?

    THE ANCIENTS: According to Aristotle grouping slaves according to stock leads to rebellion. Viceversa separating (or race mixing) them makes them docile. Identity = freedom.

    LOGIC: Without identity you cannot organize. Without organization you cannot rebel. Without rebellion you cannot break free. Identity = freedom.

    HISTORY: The French colonists in Haiti allowed slaves to keep their language, religion (santeria) and even to form their own villages. In contrast the English ruthlessly crushed language and religion while keeping tribes separate. Result: the French suffered multiple large scale slave revolts with the final one ending with the slaves raising the heads of white babies on pikes as battle flags and wiping out all whites from Haiti. In contrast the English run American colonies never suffered a single significant slave revolt notwithstanding the fact that the number of slaves under management was some 20 times greater. Identity = freedom.

    The object of Rightism is freedom.
    The object of Leftism is the creation of slaves.

    • Great comment. Much relevant history there I didn’t know. I think you just explained why they want to replace us.

  17. “It is the rejection of the human condition, not in a spiritual sense, but in an empirical sense. It is not an accident that the people most into life-extension technology and various forms of virtual and hyper reality are on the Left. They seek to transcend human biology by living on forever in a new world created for them on-line.”

    This should be something we threaten criminals with, not something sought after. It’s hard to imagine anything much worse.

    It’s funny because the progressives define themselves in the same way. They claim progressivism is based on “science,” facts and evidence. Progressives are all in on “climate change” because that’s what the “science” says.

    It never occurs to them that they become prisoners of the trappings of science. Have some lettered person print something in a “peer reviewed journal” and it becomes “science” and evidence based no matter how ridiculous it is, like rape in lesbian dog parks. It’s like “Our Democracy” Once they pervert something and own it, they wear it like a cheap skin-suit. Whether it’s the capture of awards previously prestigious or government institutions or universities where they make up fake new “academic” fields of study.

    • Cthulhu always corrupts.

      No matter the intent of the followers, the rot always spreads to consume them and everything they are involved with.

  18. I guess I’m not up to Z-man’s level of deep thought. Up until today, I’d have defined myself as a “rightest”, or DR. But now that words “have no meaning”, what am I? We seem to be getting into sophistry ala the ancient Greek’s nemesis.

    So what do I believe in? Well, that would take a book, so I’ll just reduce it to “I believe in observable reality”. Sophist arguments aside, I reject that such does not exist.

    One (of many) example: People are born male or female vis a vis an XY or XX chromosome (yes there is an exceedingly rare triple sex chromosome anomaly). People who are born women and act male or men who “decide” they are women are mental ill. Those who support such people in society by demanding we participate in these people’s delusions are also mentally ill. All these people by their actions are set aside from (my) normal culture and therefore are detrimental to the “natural” functioning of society—and therefore must be shunned.

    Obviously, I am naive as I don’t see any conflict in defining myself as such—even if it is solely in opposition to the “other side” (Left?). I could go on, but why bother—if words have no meaning and labels define nothing.

    • Now go deeper. You’ve correctly identified the malady (societal insanity in defiance of reality), but not addressed the necessity of remedy as a means of continuing to survive. A healthy body includes an immune system that works to purge itself of disease. We all need to become antibodies rather than informed bystanders.

      • Shunning is up to interpretation. It will not—and can not (to be effective)—be “passive”. More need not be said in a public forum.

    • What are you? Normal.
      We live in a world where if you oppose the destruction of your group, you are a racist. If you don’t want perverts in the little girl’s bathroom, you’re a trannyphobe. If you don’t want homos getting “married” in your church, you’re a homophobe. etc etc etc.

      We may be dissident right or some other flavor of right wing, but what we are at the core is just normal people who want a return to normalcy.

      • That’s a great argument to make because there’s not a succinct counter to it. Will they say, “no, no, it’s better to be abnormal”? They can pontificate about treasuring everyone’s unique characteristics but now they’re doing the same thing that has hampered conservatives. Being brief and direct is almost always the stronger approach.

        • “Being brief and direct is almost always the stronger approach.”

          You can also just say–politely–“I don’t owe you an explanation.”

          It’s nearly always a mistake to talk with these creatures. Just shove them aside politely but firmly.

          That “professor” at YELL University that somebody posted a link to above got *exactly* what he deserved by paying the lunatics any heed *AT ALL* let alone trying to “engage” them in a discussion. The whole thing was entirely his fault. He *asked* for what he got.

          And he would do it again tomorrow.

          And he’s a “professor.”

      • If your response is to me above…yes, I am “normal”. Everyone I associate with is “normal”. I shun abnormal people. There is a range of “normality” however, as there is with most human behavior.

        As with sex differences, for example, there are strong men and there are weak men—but there are no “men” who parade around with long hair in skirts claiming they are women and demand that I treat them as such, or feel ashamed that I won’t date them. These are delusional and sick people and must be shunned.

        • The gay suicide rate is 4 times higher than in 1980.

          Being in the closet gave them meaning, a mission, a secret nation all their own.

          Now, they’re nobody special. Shunning can be good for both sides.

        • That’s kind of what I meant. We are normal, they are freaks. Everything they want and advocate for is some kind of inversion of normal or moral.

          Is is really a political position to say your tribe shouldn’t be hated and replaced in their own lands? This is not an ideology. It’s purely reactionary.

          We are living in a world where we are targeted for malicious selective prosecution and threatened with or actually jailed for perfectly normal things like protests or self defense. We have political prisons who we torture for opposing the left.

          Yes, we have some ideological views, but those are largely not the big problems right now. How do you even argue with someone on a poltiical basis who believes you and your people are evil, the root of all problems and should be “eliminated?” They need to be stopped, not debated with. My children’s and your children’s future should not be up for a vote with these people.

  19. One thing that this essay highlights is the way in which language changes. I am constantly impressed by the development of science in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. One of its most beneficial accomplishments was the defining of terms, the categorization of life and matter, and the organizational structure imposed on reality. When you have a solid foundation on which to base your subsequent conversations the participants will know that X means X and Y means Y. Orwell shows the desire of evil to destroy common meanings of words in a number of essays. Orwell believed that the language used was necessarily vague or meaningless because it was intended to hide the truth rather than express it. Language is of central importance to human thought because it structures and limits the ideas that individuals are capable of formulating and expressing. The idea behind Newspeak is that, as language must become less expressive, the mind is more easily controlled. Through his creation and explanation of Newspeak, Orwell warns the reader that a government that creates the language and mandates how it is used can control the minds of its citizens. I don’t think that the number of words available has decreased. In fact, it has increased as words from other cultures are added. And when you observe how negro babbling has entered the public arena, you see what existing words refer to has actually increased. Take the word “fat”, or “phat”. Remember when “gay” meant happy? However, in political discourse, the words used have decreased to a minuscule portion of what they once were. “Health”. “Resistance”. “Insurrection”. The KISS rule rules. And by keeping it simple, you keep the sheep simple.

    • I believe Orwell was getting at with “Newspeak” was that we, as Sapiens, literally form our “thoughts” in language.

      For example, any number of equatorial, primitive people have no word for say, “snow”, so it is impossible for them to imagine any number of concepts from frostbite to ice. Similarly, destroy/redefine the word “disobedience” or “rebellion” and you pacify your subjects to that extent—which is yours and Orwell’s (astute) observation.

      Conversely, in our dreams we think in emotion iconography, rather than language. Which was Freud’s ticket to the bank.

    • Anonymous White Male: Excellently said. Control and degrade language, control and degrade thought. And as far as language structuring and limiting ideas, that is why so much of sub-Saharan verbiage consists of minimally constructed, meaningless sounds, abbreviations, and curses. They lack the cognitive ability to think abstractly and to even utilize language to express their inchoate thoughts. Whether rage or sorrow or joy, their means of expressing emotions are all the same – loud, repeated, and essentially non-verbal. Grunts, screams, sobs, cries. It’s often compared to screaming toddlers but even your average White toddler, once calmed, can verbalize distress or happiness.

      This is why women’s speech, too, is generally far less precise or concise compared to men. It is not merely a difference between expressing emotion and reason – men have emotions, as well. And as my husband has observed and I have concurred, in many ways men are far more sentimental about things than women. Men have written all the great love poetry and songs. It’s women who are more coldly calculating regarding mating decisions (salary, height, social status) and men who are ‘swept away’ by visual and pheromone attraction. Women’s speech is vague because often those emotions and feelings are equally imprecise – just a sense of discomfort or unease, or basic pleasure response to others’ words. And because by utilizing imprecise language, women can claim differing interpretation or misunderstanding if their words don’t achieve the desired affect. Like blacks, women generally utilize language to impress and express rather than clearly communicate.

      I believe scientists generally distinguish homo sapiens from other primates by use of tools, although it’s repeatedly been shown that various chimps use primitive tools. I would argue it’s the use of language that sets us apart – chimps can grunt to each other and communicate basic emotions (such as anger, dominance, etc.). Blacks, too, can grunt or scream, but their form of poetry (Maya Angelou) or song (rappers) does not warrant those terms. It is not so much rudimentary, a la a child learning, but rather primitive – in a different category altogether. There will never be – never could have been – a black or a female Shakespeare, despite revisionist historian fantasies.

      As Western society has become both feminized and mongrelized, so has our language degraded to reflect said society. Change the people, change the culture, change the language. Change the language, change the thoughts. The only thing they cannot change is reality. I really have no idea just how long they can continue this cognitive dissonance and their attempt to impose it on every facet of everyone else’s life, but certainly insanity has been around for as long as human life has. There seems no rational ‘cure’ for what ails them. Once again, there’s no reasoning or compromise with the irrational. There’s only controlling and/or eliminating them. Violence – premeditated and planned – is the only solution.

      • Many excellent points here, allow me the pleasure of plodding a few on. One, if interested in Orwell’s view on Newspeak, read his excellent “Politics and the English Language.” Compsci is absolutely correct, but it is a great compliment.
        Two, if you would like to peruse a beautiful statement on the importance of precise language in service to science (and thought in general), read Samuel Johnson’s “Preface to the English Language.” Johnson is my favorite thinker from history, the perfect mixture of learning with common sense, and his tribute to the palm of philology is a masterclass on the need for precise language and the manner in which you accrue/ renew it. Granted, the part on science is relatively small, but it is prescient. The degradation of language precision has allowed the degradation of science and thought (a la Orwell).

        • Eloi: Thank you for your response and suggestions I read Orwell’s essay many years ago; ought to go back and re-read. And I, too, admire Samuel Johnson. Loved 18th century literature and the topic of my researched-but-never-written master’s thesis was an unattributed satire on his travels with Boswell in Scotland.

        • Ah, the English language as used by the greats.

          Here is a confession to which I freely admit: My use of the English language as compared to even the average grade schooled American in the mid 1800’s is comparable to the grunts of an Orangutan. It is a technocrat’s dream, devoid of alliteration, style, and flair—useful for nothing more than imparting concise and accurate information. Hell, the computer on the Star-trek series was more expressive and interesting. Sigh.

        • Wild Geese: Never heard that term before – despite even a grad-level class on propaganda. Fascinating.

        • “The Left has merely globalized it to every field of endeavor.”

          They call it “deconstruction” nowadays.

        • Holy smokes.
          Postmodernism is a deliberate strategy by political players.

          Y’know, that explains why the Left thinks and talks of nothing but political power plays, disregarding the consequences.

          That’s all they can perceive, or be interested in.

          Their social, breeder’s hindbrain processor is wired to be dominant in their worldview.

          Women-thinkers, vague, fuzzy, “whole brain” thinkers, except in select venues (talents).

      • Sophisticated use of language by blacks is characterized by the emotion and sound of the words. Back when we still had actual debates they had one on youtube that was Lobster Boy and Jeeves vs some Jewish woman and Michael Eric Dyson. The reason this debate pops into my mind is Dyson’s imprecise torrent of every multi-syllabic grandiose word he had in his thesaurus, delivered in a rhyming preacher cadence. It really paralleled the stereotype of being n****r-rich and spending it all on shoes and jewelry, except with language.

          • I saw a white lefty do “verbal torrent”, big words strung together in a babble, trying to earn “smart” points.

            Verbal display by a barking monkey.

            Emotive language’s function is to determine position, standing, not to deliver concise, neutral information.

            Language has two functions, not one, because two main processors.

            One emo, social, the other neutral, informative.

            One for troupe, one for environment.

        • ” … stereotype of being n****r-rich and spending it all on shoes and jewelry, … .”


      • Wow. 3g4me–that was a tour de force!

        A character in Orwell’s “1984” said, “The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.”

        There’s a fascinating and fun-to-read book that I recommend:

        The sentences uttered by members of the James Gang are startling. These were literate men who spoke–and thought–in complete sentences. Well-spoken men. It’s a remarkable example of what you so eloquently wrote.

        And fun to read.

        The James Gang were held in high esteem by the general population because it was generally understood that they who had ridden with Quantrill were simply continuing the War as irregulars; as partisans using “other means” of warfare. Good book.

        • Infant: Thank you for the recommendation – book sounds interesting and I will check it out. I still have your earlier recommendation (on proper role of Christian guilt) on top of my already too large to-read pile.

    • It’s not the number of words that’s decreased, but the number of shared concepts. Communication becomes meaningless because mutual understanding is impossible. Indeed, what we have now is not thought crime, where you think double plus ungood ideas; but feel crime, where you fail to express the proper emotions. Big Brother is going to punish us for failing to feel fear at unvaxxed and unmasked exposure to viruses or at global climate change. You are ungood precisely because of your unwillingness to express the Two Minutes Hate against Russia or “domestic terrorists” or loving acceptance of plucky transwomen winning at swimming. And we’re left to seek solace in the oblivion of Victory fentanyl. Logic is slavery. Don’t think, feel!

      • I have often said that Globohomo is at its root a war on human consciousness itself.

        Its like the bit from return to the forbidden planet where the id manifests as an unstoppable monster intent only to destroy society and conscious beings.

      • “…but feel crime, where you fail to express the proper emotions.”

        You people are KILLIN’ it today. So many great, great comments.

        (Compsci, as a belabored prose-ist myself, I know ezzackly how you feel. *heavy sigh*)

  20. The upper classes “no longer use the language as defined by the dictionary.”

    Well this sounds like a fun exercise. Let’s name some words that have changed meaning according to “progressives.” Off the top of my head:

    Court packing, man, woman, racism/racist, nazi, fascist, white supremacist, vaccine, anti-vax, violence (silence is violence!)

    • On the court packing one. Plz no more conservative justices. Make Barrett and her oppressed children irrelevent. Make Kavanaugh and Gorsuch irrelevant too.

      I have more hope that a moderate democrat accidentally picks someone sane than these jokers.

      • They are the nine popes of the religion of constitituon and like the pope of the Catholic church, have been turned by the church of woke.

        • If a nominee had anything to do with the Federalist Society, I just read that as publicly attended a pride parade and lists personal pronouns. Might as well be the same thing.

          And what cartel do conservatives use to stack their legal people from, hmmm I wonder why the country is a mess.

    • Yes and no. It used to be with their lock on the Jew media that they could wag the tail like that. Fortunately those legacy tools are being swept aside by stuff like 4 Chan, Blab, and Alt Media and THEY are redefining words and inventing new ones too. They are not as good at it (yet) – but thy are improving in leaps and bounds. I see terms like groyper, cuckservative, shitlib, dindu – etc – coming into everyday usage.

      The dissidnts are prone to pessimism and need to work on that. We are seeing wonderful things in 2022. Justin Turdo was driven underground … by truckers. Granted, Turdo is about as bright as a goldfish – but his attempts to re-define and re-frame the truckers as racists have been met with derisive laughter. The Jews are within a hair of kicking Whoopie Goldberg off the plantation. CNN lost 90% of its viewership Sites like Blab and Rumble are picking up steam, and voices approaching sanity are being heard like our esteemed blog host here, Joe Rogan, and others.

      If the dissidents are smart – and I think some of those guys are as sharp as they come… 2022 could be a very good year for them. The establishment is on its last legs, and if I had to critique the dissidents, I’d say they’d better jump on that and have a plan for what is coming. Sitting around bitching about the bad guys is all well and good… but their days are numbered.

      • ” … 2022 could be a very good year for them. The establishment is on its last legs, … .”

        The revolution–any revolution–takes place *unseen* in people’s hearts and minds.

        Shooting and battles and combat and the things that people usually think of as a “revolution” are in fact the *result* of a *completed* revolution–a revolution that took place *unseen* in people’s minds and hearts.

        That is what is meant by “the revolution will not be televised.”

        So you are right: The establishment’s days are numbered. Oh, they are still good for a lot of mischief, but we have turned a corner. The revolution is now *visible* which means that it is already *over.* The establishment has lost–no, thrown away–the people’s hearts and minds.

        Alea iacta est: The die is cast.

        • “That is what is meant by “the revolution will not be televised.””

          *slaps head*
          By gum, so >that’s< what it means!

      • Bu the only people who ever capitalize from this discontent time and time again are conservatives. And thats happening right now in real time.

        And we know how that ends when conservatives are in charge of “managing” the opposition.

        Conservatives won landslides with Nixon and Reagan because of discontent. Until someone can out maneuver conservatives and get ahead of them all this discontent is wasted.

  21. We can’t clearly define words and ideas, yet we still have some kind of political organization. Not that words and ideas don’t matter, but there must be some other glue that can hold us together when they fail. That’s reassuring, and that’s where we should spend our efforts in the meantime. Figure out what it all means when the dust settles.

    Anyway, break time is almost over!

  22. “Gottfried does not address it in his book, but one could argue that managerialism in America is a response to the collapse of reason in the political order. The formation of the administrative state and the concept of managerialism were the response to the collapse of the old constitutional order in the 19th century. These are not based in reason, but a practical necessity. The labyrinth of bureaucracy, private and public, that control public life exist to provide stability.”

    This is a lot to unpack. I hope Zman devotes a full essay to it. It’s an important topic. I would argue managerialism is a political tool now. Necessity/stability have left the building.

    Just a few quick points:
    1) Managerialism in government I think arose as a response to the crisis of the Depression and the limited successes of WWI war production boards (B. Baruch etc.).
    2) WWII reinforced the trend. Private business leaders (Knudsen, Kaiser et al.) successfully took over the country’s production in response to the emergency.
    3) The Cold War reinforced it – RAND, arms race, NASA etc.
    4) Vietnam (think McNamara), wage/price controls, discredited much of it. Reagan didn’t talk about this management crap.
    5) Patriot Act/surveillance state (after 9/11) resurrected it as an instrument of political control, not efficiency. Facebook/Google fell right in line.
    6) COVID response harnessed it for political ends. “Science” is a political shibboleth now, not a management principle. Big Business fell right in line.

    So we’ve gone from building B-17s and LSTs better to “Building Back Better” in 80 years. Efficiency has been replaced by Equity as the “objective function” of this huge apparatus. Politics is about who controls the “objective function”.

    • Plus managerialism is failing. Witness covid. The complex and delicate machine is breaking down. Every system will fail until we really get back to brass tacks.

      • Because the current managers are dummies who don’t understand basic realities.

        These guys are sitting around whining about the breakdown of just-in-time supply chains, which we know only function with cheap, easily available energy, while they sit around making energy expensive and scarce.

        Idiocracy didn’t go far enough!

  23. One of your best works, Z. And timely too, as I was just discussing the practical end of left/right politics with a friend the other day. There is only authority and the people it rules, and only a portion of those people actually understand they are under the crushing weight of authority and day-to-day politics is merely a distraction to keep them occupied.

  24. Two interesting articles linked to on another site — Substack in origin, I believe. But I’m still surprised any public intellectuals had the courage to publish such unapproved thoughts.

    PS: Not sure this will post as live links … apologies; currently in extremely remote area of Eastern seaboard state (Old South), where there is only the barest signal, and I’m forced to write this on the tiny, hated iPhone screen. I’m amazed when here that so close to the Imperial Hive it can be so far in culture and infrastructure.

    • Read the second link. Tempting to wish it away as a blackpill, but as always, Know Thine Enemy is good advice.

      In any event, a full-bore societal collapse would do a lot to remove a lot of these currently, seemingly all-powerful forces in favor of, well, reality, that thing that doesn’t go away no matter how inconvenient it might seem. It would be an occasion for rejoicing to see HR dominitrices dumpster diving, albeit said collapse would be tough on us all.


  25. Here’s what Planned Parenthood wrote on its site on Jan. 21, about their new tradition of abortion: “With our right to control our own bodies teetering on the edge of collapse, this month marks the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court landmark decision that established the constitutional right to abortion: Roe v Wade was decided on January 22, 1973. But in a few months, the Supreme Court could erase nearly 50 years of precedent by overturning Roe and ending our protected rights.”

    • Who knew the SC could create new constitutional rights?

      Guess that whole “Amendment “ thingy is out the door.

    • So let’s see if I’ve learned anything today.

      The term “collapse”, implies “destroy” as in “eliminate”. So a SC decision—as yet not given—to a law that *does not prohibit abortion, only redefine time limits for the procedure” or more deeply, “extends ‘personhood’ to the fetus at 15 weeks”, is now the equivalent of prohibition. Got it.

      But is this anything new? Seems less a redefinition of language as a simple duplicitous description of the situation before the SC. Anyone (which I’ll admit is getting to be fewer and fewer) could figure this out with a simple reading of the petition before the court.

        • “Might makes . . . whether it’s right or wrong is irrelevant.”

          Right. Pasternak points out in “Dr Zhivago” that the *right* to do a thing and the *power* to do a thing are not the same at all, although many–most?–people can’t see the difference. Or don’t want to.

    • “But in a few months, the Supreme Court could erase nearly 50 years of precedent by overturning Roe and ending our protected rights.”

      And bother the fact that the hologram in the Whiteness House thought that he could legislate by press conference and revoke *everybody’s* bodily autonomy by forcing them to submit to experimental injections of some unknown substance–in violation of the Nuernberg Laws–which made him liable to the death penalty in every country in the world.

      But abortion is Moloch’s acceptable sacrifice.

      Got it.

  26. Mind games exist because we have the luxury of extreme excess leisure time and this idleness begets all kinds of mischief that ultimately becomes malicious if unchecked. This problem goes away when the environment forces you to prioritize basic survival tasks 24/7, but that’s not the current reality. So how do you fix this problem when you’re just one of many cells in a huge amorphous societal organism?

    First, state the problem with clarity. Our society is diseased and dying. Second, the source pathogens causing the disease are relatively few in number. Third, in order to regain health, you must first eliminate the disease cells or expurgate them from the body. Fourth, once you have dealt with the disease cells, you can focus on restoring the habits that foster and promote ongoing health.

    There is no easy path forward. Hard choices must be made by hard men.

  27. As Z notes, the Right needs its own morality. The Left’s underlying morality is “All men are created equal.”

    Yes, the Left throws things like climate change and Covid into the mix, but equality is their bread and butter.

    My own morality is family and, by extension, people. I owe loyalty to my people and, above all else, work to preserve them. That is the morality that I use to counter the Left’s morality. Mine is natural and good. Their morality is unnatural and evil.

    • The hive mentality is more correctly “You are all created equal, we are in charge”.

      No one on the hive side truly believes they are equal to everyone else, in the same way behaviorists from the early 20th century did not believe they were not conscious, despite writing many books about its impossibility. Just everyone else.

      Its an expression of your superiority by expression of power over other people, rather than over yourself. That is what they really mean.

    • The right had morality through religion, and it didn’t work. Why not? Because conservatives include leftists in their big tent and always compromise to keep them inside. Leftists absolutely do not return the favor and constantly work to undermine the rest of us. Any new morality should distinguish between them and us, with “them” being bad because they exist and “us” being good for the same reason.

      • Quite true. The downfall of the Right is its unwillingness to exclude. Every group must be willing to exclude members who choose a different morality.

        Exclusion is, by far, the most powerful weapon of traditional whites. We create the most pleasant societies ever known. Simply excluding members who choose a different morality would be more than enough to prevent others from trying the same thing.

      • “The right had morality through religion, and it didn’t work. Why not?”

        Because Western man *abandoned* it, that’s why not.


        It is as simple as that.

        Once the white man abandoned the foundation of his civilization, he and it were doomed. And here we are. Because once Christianity was abandoned, it became possible–indeed EASY–to sell decent but willfully ignorant people on the false notion–I won’t call it an idea–that Christianity could properly be summed up in the words “Be nice.” Or “Don’t judge.” Or “Be inclusive.” Or other, similar *thoroughly un-Christian notions.

        Once Western man allowed that, our present circumstances were certain.

        Must I way it again? READ THIS BOOK:

        Or, hell’s bells, just read Chapter 6!

    • “My own morality is family and, by extension, people. I owe loyalty to my people and, above all else, work to preserve them.”

      That is *Christian* morality, and it is spelled out with admirable clarity in Chapter 6 of this book:

  28. The last paragraph puts it so well, and what an important concept! The vast amount of political spergery that gets generated every day and each day could fill a new encyclopedia volume all buys into the conceit that any of us have an impact on how we’re ruled. We’re simply ruled and have no say in it. Political ideology has replaced territory on a map and we’re pretending to do battle.

    The discussion of “liberal” and “illiberal” deserves attention. I really appreciated your post I saw floating around Telegram addressing the current debate over liberal concepts such as bodily autonomy. “Liberal” has come to mean a vague notion of enemy ideology and “classical liberal” just refers to boring centrists. It’s similar to the way our enemies use the term “fascist”. It’s a scare word which does have a real meaning and unfortunately the ideas therein get confused or forgotten.

  29. Excellent essay. I struggle with how to define the various factions and the dividing line seems to be those who are the minions of globohomo/globocap and those who are more populist. The former are very female in energy and are emotionally driven. They want to control you. The latter tend to be more masculine or family oriented (in the case of women), more rational and tend to want to be left alone. Most of the traditional issues are rather irrelevant whether taxes or mass transit.

    The fault line can be found on issues like Covid jab, masks, the Great Reset and Climate Change (any issue related to worshipping Mother Gaia.)

  30. > These are not based in reason, but a practical necessity. The labyrinth of bureaucracy, private and public, that control public life exist to provide stability.

    And the bureaucracy requires an extension of more and more resources the more emotional, irrational, and against Nature the modern cultural consensus of the elites is. This is one reason I’m convinced the reason colleges were so draconian with the vax mandates and treating their students like sheep was that the sheer size of the bureaucracy gave them the resources to enforce them, and it gave completely useless people some meaning to their phony-baloney jobs. For example, I read more than a few colleges had their Offices of Diversity and Inclusion in charge of vax compliance.

    As the federal and private bureaucracies increase, we’ll see the same sort of nannyism. It’s a make-work job to immiserate the productive. The only solution is to starve the beast or make their jobs so onerous and obnoxious that they no longer have the resources to enforce their dictates.

  31. It’s hard to say anything when we live in this time of artificial prosperity. Good grief, yesterday on Blab I saw a pic of a boon (she must have weighed 400lbs) and she was the size of a blimp. She was sprawled on the floor where she had arranged 400 candy bars into the letters EBT. What are the politics of somebody like that going to look like? Or those of people that enable that? 75 years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. Now I’m hearing some nonsense about free crack pipes. If Lenin or Marx heard you try to pass this off as leftist or socialist, they’d have punched you in the snoot! 😂👍

    What we have is a temporary state called a chit show. Our leaders are foolish and weak, and our empire runs only on momentum. They are screwing their countries for everything they’re worth because the next guy is doing the exact same thing. That’s what the politics of our day is really about. They resemble a pack of hyenas around a freshly killed carcass. All it’s about now is … who gorges, and who goes hungry. When the meat on that carcass runs out… you might want to have a care, Whitey.

    • Go find pictures of old circus freak shows and look for the fat man. It’s like a normal size person today. Really on the slim side well under 400 lb

      • Yep. I’ll seen several “training/operations films” from the DOD during Vietnam era. The soldiers in them look like they are from another world. Tall, thin, wiry—not a fat one in the bunch.

        • Go watch the “Rock and Roll Parking Lot” video, filmed outside a Landover, MD Judas Priest show in 1986, and you’ll be stunned that you’re looking at Americans. Almost every guy there is thin as a rail, and these weren’t the jocks.

  32. The left has been re-defining morality for so long with no serious challenge, the right has become nothing but “left light”. Always fearful of stating anything with confident force lest the other side accuse them of racism, homophobia or hate etc. I think, in particular, until race and biology can be defined as what they actually are, we’re stuck in the left’s moral framework.
    It shouldn’t be immoral to state a male is a male, homosexuals are biological dead ends or blacks, in the main, simply aren’t compatible with a modern, lawful civilization/society – and further, it isn’t White people’s fault.

      • While not explicitly right wing, one of my buddies put a statue of the Virgin Mary on the front lawn when he moved in, and his neighbor immediately retaliated by placing a ‘We Believe’ lawn sign on his front lawn.

        But don’t worry, wokeness totally isn’t an insane religion.

        • Your buddy should retaliate with a statue of St. George, slaying the dragon, then St. Michael with his foot on Satan’s neck. Maybe a selection of Hospitallers and the other military orders with swords in hand…

    • usNthem: The origin is that same imprecision that leaves people all muddled over what a precise color is (is it red/yellow/orange). The simple-minded conflate shades of color or flexible categories to mean no distinctions exist anywhere in reality. Because there’s a rainbow, and because skin shades vary, race is a social construct. Because the ‘one-drop rule,’ no one is truly black or White. Just skimmed more of those same old excuses and perverted ‘logic’ over at Unz earlier.

      While political labels are vague and shifting, I think we all know what we mean by left versus right – whether we use substitutes like globalist and populist or corporatist or individualist. The precision of meaning which was the beauty of a language with so many distinct words, like English, has deliberately been destroyed. So let’s return to simplicity – black versus White, men and women, good and evil. They exist, and we know each thing when we see it. Sorta like “Kill them all and let God sort them out.”

  33. One of your best, Mr Z. One of the best! Trenchant analysis and observations along with a bit of practical advice.

  34. This is an interesting essay highlighting points far too many people have forgotten perhaps even neer having known it in the first place.

    We are, like it or not, chained to the framing of the Englightenment. As Zman points out, the whole concept of Right vs. Left originated in the French Revolution where the ideals and nightmares of the Englightenment finally found corporeal form. It did not end well for the Right. Since the defeat of the South and the European monarchists, there has been no practical right-wing opposition to whatever new bugbear the Left is promoting in the age: progressivism, fascism, nazism, etc. To a degree, when you allow your opposition to frame the terms of the debate, you become what Dabney warned about in his essay on “conservatives”: ineffectual, inhibited and impotent.

    I would argue however that the cognitive opposition won’t be enough to turn this ship around. After all, the enlightenment project got started by laying claim to reason and now 200 years later it’s abandoned reason and adopted the fervency of spiritual righteousness. Force must equal force. In order to turn the tide, there will need to be some sort of spiritual movement to purge the fanaticism of the “left” from the levers of power. Not might be what we want to see but probably what will have to happen.

    • Absolutely agree. It is not enough that we know ourselves to be right, we must feel ourselves to be righteous. We must vehemently deny to the left the claim that they are moral while proudly proclaiming that we are. And our first claim to being the moral, anti-evil side is that only we can bring the world out of this hysterical mess. Without first having to violate or destroy human nature.

    • “Since the defeat of the South and the European monarchists, there has been no practical right-wing opposition to whatever new bugbear the Left is promoting … .”

      You’re right, of course, but I’d point out only that after the first conquest of the South, the South returned to her true self, following her traditional ways–and it worked beautifully for nearly a century more until …

      … until the Second Conquest of the South between 1954 and about 1980 or so.

      Armed soldiers forcing race-mixing at gunpoint. The Voting Rights Act. The various Great Society legislation. The Hart-Cellar immigration “reform” act. The South opposed *all* of these things as vigorously as she dared after having been taught in the 19th century what *real* and *committed* opposition would mean.

      Finally, the Second Conquest (Reconstruction 2) was made complete through the slow corruption of schooling at every level and by the slow corruption of the South’s traditions and ethos by the slow colonization of what the corruptors had decided to call “the Sun Belt.”

      Now, of course, it’s these “migrants” being used to colonize “red” Southern states under cover of darkness–both literal and spiritual.

      But it ain’t over till it’s over. And it ain’t over.

    • Great essay by Z and comment as well. Accepting the moral framing and the perverted language of the left both illustrates how we got here and why we are trapped here. It is an affliction held by most who even dare to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy.

      I agree the spiritual path is likely the only way out, to completely circumvent the social-emotional claims to morality and denial of nature. But this must be lived.

      The other problem we still have in modernity is that in this war on reason and the language used to define our physical world, we are also bounded by technology and the social conditioning of three decades of incremental cognitive disarmament.

      Not everyone can operate with the cogent density and brevity as Z. And even then, the expansion of these ideas can take hundreds of comments. The allocation of time to deep thinking and debate and discussion among men is tiny as compared to even recent history. And the yeoman’s work of then propagating and kindling those ideas such that they can take root in the commons are also largely artifacts of our past.

      The currency of our language, our very words, have become fiat just as our time is owned by the technocrat lease on our hindbrains. Twenty lines on twitter is hardly a formidable battlefront in this war on our ideas. and I have my doubts whether the video wars will gain much ground.

      Like religion is necessary for universal moral anchoring and spiritual fortitude of purpose, men must once again go into the frontier of real life and sit down with other men and lay claim to the Truth.

      Like accepting their framing and their words, we cannot rely upon the cloud to hold our ground. The truth is to be lived, in real life, and that is often solitary, thankless, and low-yield in revolutionary terms. But to defend what is right and true must be rooted what is real and tangible. Children must see the reason and truth of our ideas through our actions; a congruence of those ideas and values with everyday life. That is our personal remedy as well, I think.

      • I’m heartened by the kids who have come to the truth on their own and walking out on schools that continue to push bs face diaper mandates.

      • ” … we are also bounded by technology and the social conditioning of three decades of incremental cognitive disarmament. … .”

        You have put your finger on something *very* important here, and you might be interested to know that young French identitarians undergo regular periods of training–physical and martial–in rural and wooded areas.

        There used to be some You Tube vids of them in action, but you have to search in French, and I have pretty much stopped looking at You Tube altogether. Anyway, you have hit upon something very important, and in France, at least, the right people understand what you have pointed out, and they are *acting* upon it.

        Look for Generation Identitaire videos.

  35. “The greatest trick of radicalism has been to slowly lay claim to irrationality, things like tradition, emotion and spirituality, incorporating them into their theories of history and human organization.”

    Yet another Fascinating essay, thank you.

    Gov Youngkin’s executive order #1 was directed at CRT in the public schools. He even established a tip line for parents to report “divisive content”. It was milquetoast and soft gloved but it was an effort. He seems to have a bit of an understanding of the deep concern of parents.
    How did the public schools respond? In short order, superintendents in Northern VA sent an internal letter to the teachers to affirm that the schools will remain dedicated to “diversity, inclusion, equity” aka DIE. The left has been brilliantly evil in subverting public schools. The teachers no longer see themselves as educators. They understand and openly admit that they are indoctrinators.
    We may have a clear understanding of the importance of keeping kids out of the public schools, but there are many who may not be aware of how bad things are. These are great issues to help others come to understand.

    • and most private schools, too. the fancy private high school I attended 30 years ago is just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to wokeness.

    • People have known about the importance of shaping the young for centuries.

      The Marxists seized control of the tools to do that while everyone else in our formerly high trust society was grillin’ n chillin’.

      The new VA AG is better than the governor, having cleaned his office of Wokesters and forcing VA universities to drop their clot shot mandates.

      • Ivan Illitch, in his book Deschooling Society, explained how institutional education’s approach is not only ineffective and wasteful but detrimental to individual autonomy. He advocated its dismemberment to allow lifelong education that takes advantage of networking and mentoring. He described the American education system as history’s longest and most expensive initiation rite.

        • “School has become the world religion of a modernized proletariat, and makes futile promises of salvation to the poor of the technological age.”
          ― Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society

    • Until the individual educators reap personal consequences, nothing will change. Hopefully these are the first steps towards that day. The supers should be charged individually by the VAAG for civil rights violations.

      May the process be the punsihment.

  36. I have been pondering this for a while. Excellent rundown of the evolution of the terms. I would still prefer a better definition of “right” than “disaffected peasants.” I guess the definition is slowly evolving.

    • For the old left and right I tend to use “progressive” and “conservative”. I can spot a normie newswatcher by his liberal use of left and right. But for larger issues I like “dirt people” and “cloud people” which is a beautiful turn of phrase.

    • I’ve been pondering this for a while also. I no longer know nor see any liberals. They all disappeared like magic when Hussein was ejaculated into the vagina of American politics. Now there’s only leftists, commies/fascists/globalists and a few anarchists and the usual theocrat Muslims. But in the USA there are radical leftists who worship at the feet of fake science like man made global warming and the Covid hoax or those power mad commie/fascists who get high on power only or a combination of both.

      Then there’s me and us. Who am I politically and who are we as a movement, belief system, polity? I’m still a Christian and try to be a good one but like so many in the Bible I now find myself praying for the death and destruction of those who oppose our liberty and enumerated freedoms and that don’t feel real Christian. In fact prayers like that under the new NTAS bulletin would make me a terrorist.

      I guess I’m just an old line classic liberal Christian who finds himself adrift in a land controlled by tyrants and anti white racists. I’m looking to come to port yet I see no fertile land on my horizon.

      • Nothing wrong with a more muscular perspective on Christianity.

        We could use more of that right now.

      • “I’m still a Christian and try to be a good one but like so many in the Bible I now find myself praying for the death and destruction of those who oppose our liberty and enumerated freedoms and that don’t feel real Christian.”

        That’s because you do not know or understand the teaching of Scripture or Tradition on that subject. And I say this in all sincerity–*not* to say that “you’re an idiot” or anything even remotely like that. It sounds pretentious and silly to say that I’m doing this to help you, but that is precisely what I am saying. I hope you understand. I mean *no* disrespect.

        But it is a *very”* ancient tradition for Christians to recite the imprecatory psalms against the wicked. That ancient practice is sanctioned by both Scripture and the Sacred Tradition.

        And if I may, I’ll suggest *most* strongly that you read this book:

        Published in 1970, it describes with disturbing precision *everything* we see happening *today.* And it gives the *reasons* for ALL of it. And this man foresaw ALL of this in the late 1960s; book was published in 1970.

        Now in its third (I *think*) printing (1970, 1978, 1995). It spells out with brilliant clarity what Christian love IS–and what it is NOT. This alone is of surpassing importance. Being a Christian is NOT to be a doormat or punching bag or superstitious dimwit who cannot articulate *sound* religious reasons for opposing the destruction of everything good and true and beautiful. There is nothing *remotely* Christian in that.

        Read it. Digest it. It will free you *immediately* from the self-doubt that you have just described. You are doing *nothing* wrong or even *remotely* un-Christian. READ THE BOOK.

        It’s not an easy read. You’ll find yourself putting the book down after a single sentence or paragraph to digest the piercing insights of the author. But it *is* a riveting and–dare I use this word?–liberating read.

        • Will definitely have a look. Thanks!

          I am still grappling with the interpretation of this line from Matthew: ” “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

          • That is only one of a whole category in theology called “the hard sayings of Christ.” So be of good cheer; a great many people before you have grappled with that and other “hard sayings.”

            I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment, so I’ll have to leave you with this: It has to do with the holiness, the righteousness, and the *justice* of God. And these are not mere attributes; they are intrinsic to the Divine Essence. There *are* some things that even God cannot do; not b/c He lacks the power, but b/c these things are outside of His *nature.* Everything must function in accordance with its *nature.” So God cannot die; He cannot lie; He cannot break His promises; etc.

            Point being that b/c God is *just* and *holy,* there are crimes and sins that
            *must* be judged and *punished* b/c of God’s very nature.

        • Revisiting how our own sacred language has been perverted is deeply valuable work, thanks. Until I can do enough heavy lifting to fill out my flabby Christian frame, I assume everything in the public forum that has instructed me on how to live has been washed through the satanic inversion. The “Good” Christian included.

          I saw a meme that perhaps is shorthand for this but perhaps is also way off, but at this point I thought it worth trying on. Oversteering a bit wouldn’t be the worst thing in this totally pussified culture.

          “Loving your enemies means you pray for their soul as you run your sword through his chest.”

          The principle can be applied to cheek turning, “tolerance”, and the rest.

          At some point this is either deadly serious or it is not. Even with all of the conflict going on there is a pervasive unseriousness, perhaps due to an unconscious rationalization that is always seeking to fold this spiritual conflict back into the earthly comforts, which of course are largely the purview of those satanic inversions. E.g. handing our kids over to “educators” who work for the enemy.

          • “Until I can do enough heavy lifting to fill out my flabby Christian frame, I assume everything in the public forum that has instructed me on how to live has been washed through the satanic inversion. The “Good” Christian included.”

            Precisely. And such an assumption would be well founded.

            The root of the situation is that learning to *understand* Christianity is by NO means easy, and most people are, to use your own word, “flabby” in body, mind, and spirit, so they haven’t–and won’t–do the heavy lifting, as you put it.

            Also, people are *utterly* illiterate in the Scriptures. If they were not; if Western man had not abandoned the foundation of his civilization, we would not be in this mess now.

            “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

            “Loving your enemies means you pray for their soul as you run your sword through his chest.”

            Assuming that you refer here to legitimate, honorable combat, yes, that’s a fine definition.

            People forget what Christ Himself did: He wrecked the property of the wicked and took a whip to their persons.

            That is not the action of a milquetoast “man.”

            Read the book I have recommended. I
            *assure* you, it will change *everything* for you.

            Or let me put it this way:

            Any Christian who reads the book I’ve recommended will *automatically and effortlessly* become DR. If he doesn’t, then he was never a Christian in the first place.

            And I will *not* back away from that statement because I have read the book three times.

            Without reclaiming the foundation of Western Civilization, which *is* Christianity, make no mistake about it, we are doomed to continued rot. But reclaim that foundation as it once was in the fullness of its truth and vigor, and Western Civilization need fear nothing, least of all the future.

        • Amen, brother!
          I could not have written a better description of this book. Not only is Rushdoony spot-on, he’s also prolific in his writing.
          I’m currently midway through the 3-volume set of Faith and Action, and loving it. Next up is finishing his Institutes of Biblical Law.
          Awesome stuff, all. Understanding the root of “our” problems must precede any effective action.

      • If it makes you feel better, pray first for their conversion, and if not, their removal from power (let the Lord decide how).

    • Happy SHIT (Sure Happy It’s Thursday) Day!

      This essay and discussion was a nice diversion from my hematology tasking today. We are definitely in one of those “before times” that later historians will study.

      • I dunno. Z ends many of his essays by saying “This won’t end well” and lately he’s seemed whitepilled. If we’re at the cusp of a new enlightenment, that sounds like a good thing to me. So which is it? There’ll be fighting in the streets, or we’ll have a Third Founding shepherded by wise men?

        I still think we’re at the end and not the beginning of something. After the Empire descends into the United States of Northern Mexico, there will be pockets of enlightenment, but we’ll mostly be awash in supermercados, fried chicken, tantrum politics, private security forces, bad TV, and marijuana dispensaries. Sorry.

        • “I still think we’re at the end and not the beginning of something.”

          It’s both. I think the mistake you are making is the unconscious assumption that the map of North America is going to be the same in 2035 as it is today. But it’s not.

          The fragmentation is well advanced–so much so as to be observable now.

          Some places will be as you describe. Other places will not, and *those* will be *our* places.

          Look, this is a spiritual struggle. Ask yourself whether Paco and Pajeet have the spiritual connection to this land that you and I have, and whether they will be willing to do mortal combat to stay in a foreign land whose natives want to kill them and drive them into the sea just to hang onto their job as a computer programmer or to hang onto their carpet-cleaning business.

          Ask yourself whether they have their *own* lands with which they *do* have a spiritual connection and which they can go back to if they don’t want to stay in a foreign country where they came for nothing more profound than “a better life” and where the natives have not only withdrawn the welcome mat, but have take up arms against them to kill them.

          THAT is the nature of the struggle. It is spiritual. It is blood-and-soil spiritual. And the advantage is ours.

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