Performative Democracy

One of the striking things about the Canadian trucker protest is that we have been able to get a good look at Justin Trudeau. To this point no one outside of Canada has had a reason to care about him. Sure, he is a ridiculous person who likes wearing funny outfits in public, but that is democracy. Until now few people outside of the great white north have grasped the depth of this man’s ridiculousness. The whole world now sees that Canada is ruled by a feckless airhead.

In fairness, Canadians can point out that while Trudeau is a ridiculous person, he is not wearing diapers and unsure of his own name. In the theater of the absurd that is western liberal democracy, Joe Biden has to be the headliner. The Global American Empire has a dementia patient in charge. Not only that, when Joe Biden was at his peak fifty years ago, he was considered one of the dumbest men in Washington, so he is a dunce with dementia now.

Most people tend to write off these examples as exceptions. After all, the system does produce some serious people. At least that is the hope. What keeps people voting is the belief that someone will come along who will actually do the people’s bidding and be reasonably good at it. In the daily life of most people, there are plenty of capable people doing important work. In a nation of three hundred million, we should be able to find enough competent people to fill these offices.

The trouble is the system is stuffed with people who are probably worse than Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden. Is Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi an upgrade over Joe Biden in terms of cognitive ability? Is Justin Trudeau more ridiculous in his role than Maxine Waters or Ocasio-Cortez. Allegedly the most important legislative body on earth has a bag lady and ditzy barmaid. You can probably find one hundred members of Congress who are more ridiculous than Justin Trudeau.

It is not just at the top of the system either. Again, the habit is to think of the people as exceptions rather than the rule. The rest of the system has decent people who can be elevated to the national stage if people just vote harder. Then again, one of those people is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is supposed to be the antidote to someone like Ocasio-Cortez, but in reality, she is just another flavor of the same thing. Silly people are the one thing that both parties embrace.

When you look down at the entry point of politics, what you see is the system seems to select for these people. Here is a young women with a bright future. She is currently in the Nebraska senate. Her Twitter profile reads, “State Senator in Omaha’s District 8. Vice Chair of Urban Affairs. Bi queen. Abolish ICE. She/her.” It is not hard to see her getting elevated to Congress at some point and then becoming a national figure as the first pronoun American in Congress.

Her web site says she is an “entrepreneur and small business owner” but that is a gross exaggeration. When you dig into her business career you learn she owned a boutique for a short time and then founded “Safe Space Nebraska, a nonprofit organization that protects bar patrons from harassment.” That is not the work of an “entrepreneur and small business owner”. That is the work of a public nuisance. She is why in a better age the scold’s bridle was popular.

Gormless dingbats like Megan Hunt are not an exception. She is the rule in modern politics, up and down the system. In fact, when you look down the ranks what you see is that demented old men like Biden and feckless airheads like Trudeau really are the best the system can produce. When you look at the actuarial tables, it is clear that a guy like Trudeau will be remembered as Canada’s Pericles in a few years. Joe Biden will be the Zoomer generation’s Patrick Henry.

The Founders, of course, were opposed to democracy because they assumed the people would be manipulated by craven opportunists. Ambitious men with little regard for the common good would play on the passions of the people. This would inevitably lead to factionalism. The people would care more about the narrow pursuit of their faction’s interests rather than the public good. Democracy becomes mob rule, where different mobs take turns ruling over the other mobs.

We are certainly seeing that in modern America, but what the Founders never imagined is that the craven opportunists would be stupid and ridiculous. Justin Trudeau is a simpleton, but he also possesses a rare set of social skills that has allowed him to rise to the top of his government. Joe Biden was a stupid crook, but somehow managed to stay in the Senate for generations. Even in his current condition, he was able to manipulate the system to win the White House.

What the results are telling us is that mass democracy in large technological societies selects for moronic sociopaths. The most likely reason for this is that democracy quickly becomes pointless in a large technological society. It is just window dressing for the managerial elite that operates the vast administrative state. The system can tolerate Joe Biden, because the president is a ceremonial position. In fact, all of the elected offices are ceremonial, just part of the performative democracy.

Circling back to where this started, the trucker rebellion in Canada is probably the first real test of this system. Thirty years ago, Justin Trudeau would not be tolerated because the Cold War required serious men in these positions. Three decades of easy times has allowed the system to evolve into the absurdity we now see. Reality, however, is coming back from holiday. This will be the first real test of performative democracy and the actors and actresses that populate it.

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243 thoughts on “Performative Democracy

  1. For people who get really peeved at Trudeau. What do people expect from the left wing politicians now? I hear him speak and its pretty standard Twitter influencer fare. He looks like an upper middle class professional. Athletic (jogs), energetic, has a big conservatively structured family (while holding polite progressive views in public of course).The trucker situation is what it is, but would Australia or Austria have done anything different? Both have right wing governments, but none get picked on by the Breitbarters like Trudeau.

    I don’t find Trudeau any more annoying than Ted Cruz, Cawthorn or Majorie Taylor. Once you take right wingers at their word, how dystopic their project for humanity is, really off putting . Would people like Liberals to act more like boring Republicans in blue suits circa 1990s? Trudeau just has too much color (talking about blackface here as well) and personality?

    • Left was loopy but populist, right was competent but elitist. Neither that great, but they had (perhaps only superficial) virtues that made the situation tolerable.

      Now the left is loopy and elitist, so run for your life. The right should seize the opportunity to be competent and populist, but they won’t get out of their own way, and that makes them look scared to win, controlled opposition, or something like that imo.

      • I don’t want a competent right. They are already competent enough and evil to boot.

        I want an incompetent right and left. Just let something new arise. This hell scape of McCarthy and Pelosi has to end. 74 years of this.

        • It is ending. They’ve both gone completely wrong. If there was a solution to maintain the current arrangement, it would be a competent and populist right. But that’s not being allowed to happen, so it’s over.

          Not to say the future is or isn’t road warrior, just that there will be a new arrangement, whatever form it takes.

    • Do you know why people are always down on Majorie Taylor? To me she seems like any other populist Republican. No better or worse than the rest of them. I am curious why you think of her specifically when you are listing annoying politicians.

    • I see what you’re saying.

      AUS is even more authoritarian than Canada yet it has a “right wing” leader. Normie cons focus on mocking trudeau. “right wing” governments are probably worse in these situations since they have a modicum of competency. on the other hand they probably don’t destroy quite as much during normal times either.

      at Z we know that the establishment left and right are two sides of the same coin though.

  2. The Turd is proof that single women should not be allowed to vote.

    Seen at the convoy:
    Fringe minority > syringe authority

  3. OK, I’m asking this in complete puzzlement:

    Oh Canada! is seizing the bank accounts and property and canceling insurance of not just a few hundred truckers but over 90,000 donors to the Convoy. They also plan to seize their pets and euthanize them. Again, not just of the Truckers in Ottawa but every donor. They have also designated American donors as terrorists and are asking the Biden Regime to seize the bank accounts of AMERICAN donors.

    So what’s the endgame there for them? They just take all the people’s money, property, kill their pets (in an age of no children) and figure … what? They’re immune? Their security details and measures are so secure and effective they will never ever fear any retaliation? Machiavelli had words on making people poor but leaving them alive. Is that the next step? Or are they mostly just stupid White women venting their spleen at White guys for not being sexy Fabios they were promised? [Apparently Trudeau’s deputy a SJW / Newswhore White woman is running things]

    • The woman behind him is the real leader of the country, yeah. She’s a WEF-American stooge. Trudeau isn’t, quite, but only because he’s too dumb.

      The plan appears to be: 1) replace him with her, then 2) slaughter the Domestic Terrorists™, using probably American troops to do it—because they are DYING to kill innocent people, and this’ll give ’em a motivating taste for much, much, much more of it.

      • using probably American troops to do it—because they are DYING to kill innocent people


        It will be PLA disguised as UN blue helmets.

        • Wild Geese – I was thinking how you’ve been saying for quite a while that one day we will wake up with no money in our bank accounts. Turned out you were right.

          Hope you’re wrong on this one though.

    • You know, the problem with doing what you post,(seizing accounts, canceling insurance, impounding vehicles), basically destroying lives with no due process, and leaves a lot of people with nothing to lose.

      You know how people act when they have nothing to lose? Like they have nothing to lose.

      Methinks TPTB haven’t thought things through.

      • it’s already a common theme echoed by alot of people protesting. “i can’t get a job because of these mandates, inflation and housing costs are insane, i have nothing to lose”. these are smart, handy white men (probably the kinds who should be in local office).

        we’ll see what happens when they REALLY have nothing to lose.

  4. Groperjoe Poopypants was installed by the Nose who has run the show, and it’s a fucking show , since 1913. Print the money, pump the propaganda, fuck the goyim. Give em a death shot, then a booster cause Whitey aint dying fast enough. Joe is a piece of shit, installed on purpose, to destroy America.

  5. I’m late to the party but better late than never.

    I have to comment about this Megan Hunt chick.
    Let’s dissect her for the sake of science:

    Twitter: “State Senator in Omaha’s District 8. Vice Chair of Urban Affairs. Bi queen. Abolish ICE. She/her.”

    I followed the link to her picture. Twenty-five years ago, her reasonably attractive (even if slightly doughy) blonde “fair maiden” phenotype would have had her married with two children by now, that is if she isn’t already (and I doubt that she is).

    She is neither “stunning” nor “brave”. There’s not a safer thing to do on your 2022 Twitter profile than use your pronouns. And what are *HER* pronouns? “She/her”. She’s not even stunning or brave enough to be a Xer or a Zim. She might as well be Eva Braun and hanging out with guys from the SS.

    Oh wait. Look. She’s a “bi Queen”. What does that even mean? Queen of what? Spades? Hearts? Queen of a double wide trailer? Again, a totally safe self label. And she better careful with that edgy “bi” thing. It might cut someone. A young white millennial female claiming to be bisexual is about as edgy and dangerous as being a singer in a church choir. Actually admitting to singing in a church choir might be a little more dangerous and socially rebellious. Hint: getting mad at a boyfriend when you’re a college aged woman and deciding to experiment with your bestie GF just to stick it to men for a couple of weeks until your monthly cycle reminds you how much you want a man doesn’t qualify you as LGBTQ.

    So basically this boring normal chick who likes normal girly things and who tried to do an online boutique for a while and lost the money that her daddy loaned her is going out of her way to not appear as boring and normal as she really is in her bid for elected office.

    Just like the normie Republican girl who walks around campus with an AR-15 to get attention and become a politician, this woman is doing the safe liberal grift and is the mirror image. Everything is contrived and phony.

  6. Guys, I heard that if Putin doesn’t shape up soon, Biden will in fact be threatening them with threats of threats.

  7. Apparently Murphy Brown is the leader of the opposition party so-called in Canada. Her party is trying to steal the thunder from the truckers after being invisible for nigh on 2 years of government tyranny.

    The sure sign the whole system is rotten is the whole lot of parliament roaches laughing it up when a Quebec member jokingly asks if there is a vaccine for Liberal incompetence. The incestuous circle jerking is palpable. The comedian got his 15 minutes while the country is on the brink.

    For samples of the Turd’s Periclean skills, have a look on youtube for ‘Justin Trudeau talks trade’ or ‘Trudeau water bottle speech’ and grab the popcorn.

  8. The system is assuredly absurd, but I think another issue is medical technology has allowed weak – both cognitively and physically, people to survive – when decades ago, they’d have died at childbirth or relatively soon thereafter, thus not polluting the gene pool. And for some absurd reason, these freaks, way too often, rise to the top. I guess it’s the lack of muscle mass and/or brain size…

  9. Just a note

    I am always on internet sites looking for property I might want to buy

    There are lots of places with acreage you can get for $100,000 if not less. For you young guys out there, start thinking about plopping your money down on things like this. And these are in white areas like eastern KY and WV or NE TN and not too far from town to get your everyday things. And I bet there are lots of likeminded around. I saw a place for $55,000 in eastern Kentucky, nothing much but 5 plus acres and a tiny house. Why the hell not? right?

    Get it while you can. Doesn’t even have to be your primary residence but just a bug out place that costs less than a new car

    • We bought a cabin in WV last fall. 7.5 acres, well water, fishable pond, perennial stream, workshop, fireplace, wild game, low taxes, satellite dish, friendly little church, Super wallmart. $270K. So cool to target practice in my own yard!

    • Did a quick search and found a few headlines from late last year about how millennials are finally buying homes. It warmed my heart to realize it took burning down the cities to get them to play the game. Maybe there’s hope the whole planet won’t be converted to strip malls and subdivisions 🙂

    • Get it while you can….or wait until the jabbed start dying off? I watched that 45 minute video yesterday with the investor formerly with BlackRock (Edward Dowd) who says the insurance companies are seeing significantly more deaths in the latter half of 2021 than normal, and funeral stocks are on the rise. That’s according to him. I’m not following those things, so I don’t know.

  10. Saying that Trudy “possesses a rare set of social skills that has allowed him to rise to the top of his government” gives him far too much credit. The only American parallel would be to the siblings of JFK (himself a figure more popular in memory than he was at the time). Though he’s as dumb as Teddy K, unlike him and Bobby, he never pursued politics, and if I recall correctly he was a substitute high school drama teacher when he was mysteriously propelled into leadership of the Liberal party. He’s more like the ditzy bartender than like Biden, who dumb as he is at least pursued political offices.

    LIke Biden of course he’s only a puppet, but usually, like Biden, they get puppets who seem to have some experience or talent for the role. They haven’t even bothered to fake Justin’s resume. The only thing I can imagine is that his father is most remembered for invoking the War Measures Act in peacetime, to respond to the Quebec Crisis (“Just watch me” he famously said to a reporter who asked about restoring civil liberties), while Justin just invoked the successor Emergency Measures Act. Did they think he’d be able to get away with that due to warm Boomer memories of dad? Is Biden doing the same with the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  11. The people we see up front are probably not the ones making the decisions. Trudeau, Biden, all the other clowns, they must be meat puppets. Which only makes democracy even more of a scam of course.

    But this eradic system can’t be long for this world. They say the US trucker convoy will be ‘huge’. I hope so. It seems ordinary people are slowly realizing they’ve been had. And are starting to sense blood too.

  12. How did I get this far in life without encountering the eminently useful work “gormless?” Thanks Z Man.

    “Gormless began life as the English dialect word gaumless, which was altered to the modern spelling when it expanded into wider use in the late 19th century.”

  13. The problem with guys like Turdo — and Western governments are nothing but Turdos — is that they’ve never been invited to an after school meeting in the parking lot.* They can crybully their way to the top, because they know they’re 100% safe. Teacher will always step in long before anything goes anywhere… Therefore, they really do believe, with all their hearts and souls, that “removing all possible means of nonviolent protest” MUST result in total, docile compliance. I mean, how could it not? What else are they gonna do?

    *With the exception of that toughest of tough guys, Tapioca Joe. He gave Corn Pop a righteous beatdown.

    • Its been going on for decades. The “we decide and how could it not be so”.

      I watched an interview many years ago with Tony Benn (for non Brits he was a socialist ex peer who became one of the leading “intellectuals” of the old Labour guard).

      He made an off hand comment that at the formation of the Common Market (that became the EU) all the political parties across western Europe (including in Britain who did not join till later) decided the most important goal was never to allow any form of Nationalism to take root in Europe again due to the war.

      This included many policies such as immigration, political union and such like that were not ever to be put to a vote or actively talked about as policies, but everyone agreed they were to be done.

      When asked why they were not discussed as overt policies, he sort of looked puzzled and said that one doesn’t discuss certain things in front of the children.

      So yes, how could it not be otherwise, you don’t allow children agency over adult things.

      If you are naughty you will be sent to bed with no supper to consider what you have done wrong.

        • As much as I despise Benn (who advocated for massive taxation and redistribution – but left $5 million in various trusts for his family and the retained the family estates).

          It was politicians of all parties and stripes that had this agreed direction, but never thought the electorate needed to be asked about it. Very few opposed it and most shared his view in one form or another.

          • Tony Benn advocated for democracy and vociferously opposed UK membership of the EU because we could not vote the eurocrats out.

            I think you have confused him with another.

            PS Benn was a Leftist but a traditional one who did not despise the working class.

            Sadly,his son is just another sanctimonious parasite.

          • @ukase

            I did not say Benn supported the EU in and of itself (Indeed he said one issue is that it would eventually lead to more nationalism)

            I said he was describing the underlying reason for it and also the other policies put in place across Europe post war and how politicians viewed them, including himself.

            How can he advocate for democracy when he was socialistic in an economic sense. The two things are a contradiction. You need to be a special kind of stupid to believe they are compatible.

            As to the working class, he fully supported the mass immigration, despite many workers being against it.
            As he said of Enoch Powell’s speech
            “The flag of racialism which has been hoisted in Wolverhampton is beginning to look like the one that fluttered twenty-five years ago over Dachau and Belsen.”

            He was fully on board with suppressing English Nationalism, and as you point out he was so old school leftist he ended up putting millions in a tax trust to avoid inheritance tax.

    • I always thought the same

      Like how did Bill Clinton with his skinny hands never just got punched in the face for just being a dick to people. But he became essentially the roughest guy in politics and brought something of an Arkansas mafia into town. But if he ever pulled his little mafia schtick among real men he’d get his ass kicked. But notice how they run off to where it’s safe from that kind of thing. Same thing with McCain, he could scream and holler at people to cow them, and was always thinking if he tried that shit to me or people I know it would be a holler back if not a fist in his stupid face. Then along came Trump, gossamer hared fair boy Trump who played the tough New Yorker.

      Among the elites are always these guys who take advantage of the general fagginess of their peers and play the tough guy act. But tough guy in DC is a blowhard down among the Dirts. Not to mention Biden groping wives and children and no man does a thing. Such wimps.

      And this is what happens when men don’t fear getting punched, they can turn their creep and slime meters up to 11 with no fear of physical repercussions, and you get the likes of Trudeau and all the rest. And if you do fight back you get the police and hired goons on you.

      • Biden, McCain, etc. are tough guys because of two words, Secret Service! I read somewhere that McCain kicked a woman in a wheelchair. Real tough guy! Biden and Clinton are draft dodging punks who would probably soil themselves without their security. Very few of these modern politicians are masculine and have little in common with everyday men. Trudeau is a little fancy lad like William Buckley. I heard somewhere that Buckley broke out a sweat once and began screaming.

      • Falcone: They consider themselves tough guys because they have money and power. State-sanctioned power and people with guns who will do their bidding in the name of democracy and freedom. If nothing else, Joe Normal must be made to realize he is still a peasant, albeit perhaps a moderately successful and uppity kulak, to these people. Always has been, always will be. The people who endlessly whine that this is about class and not race are wrong only in that they have the order reversed. And in the techno-capitalist managerial state, class no longer equals lineage and breeding (although those still matter, particularly in Europe – with numerous studies clearly demonstrating certain names and families still extant that have had money and power going back centuries). Now class means money and access and the power to command others to do your bidding.

      • Clinton was dangerous because his, “folksy guy from Arkansas,” act fooled a wide range of people, distracting them from the stone-cold killer underneath.

      • The problem is that when those little faggots who never took a punch get elected, they hire the ex-high school football players to be cops and soldiers to beat the fuck out of YOU in exchange for a paycheck. With YOUR money.

        The white working class has got to stop worshipping the cops and soldiers who whore themselves out to the faggy elites in exchange for 20-and-out and a cushy lifetime pension.

        Blue lives only matter to themselves and their fellow goons. Your life (and your dog’s life) means shit to them.

    • I wish I could upvote this multiple times. The biggest problem with our Western elites is that they’ve never been physically punched in the face. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone, from the lowest deplorable to the grandest pharoah, had to take a physical beating at least once in their life. Not a fight, where you give as good as you get, but a genuine beating where there is no question that you lost.

      I took my beating in middle school. I got in maybe two licks in a school bus fight before a 16 year- old 8th grader beat my ass. I looked like I had been hit by a truck.

      I learned a lot from that beating, though, like how you actually do see stars when you’re being punched repeatedly in the face. I learned that life isn’t fair the next morning when we were both sentenced to a week of in school suspension for fighting even though I was clearly the loser without any disciplinary infractions before and he was a routine troublemaker who was always in the office. I also learned that pain goes away, injuries heal, and that even after bad things happen, you still have to get up and go to school.

      Most importantly I learned that the good guys don’t always win and that IT (the ever present IT, the sometimes hard to identify Big Bad Thing that always lurks in the shadows) could happen to ME. Perfectly pleasant, usually well- behaved, kind and considerate ME got the snot beat out of ME by a Special Ed case who has most likely died by now as either a result of criminal behavior, misadventure, or opiod overdose.

      Our elites have no such personal understanding of how a direct and physically painful IT can happen to THEM and it shows.

      • I dunno there seemed to be an awful lot of “elites” wandering about with black eyes not so long back.

        Some one is sure punching them in the face.

      • “… life isn’t fair the next morning when we were both sentenced to a week of in school suspension for fighting…”

        You were both punished equally, but for different things—one for attacking, the other for defending. In Leftist thinking, both are wrong, and the punishment “fair”. 🙁

      • I have come to the realization that no one should ever run for elected office unless they can prove they ran their own business unaided by government subsidies or assistance for at least 5 years. I want someone in office that has had to personally deal with purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, vendor issues, keeping customers happy, hiring and firing employees, dealing with all the myriad government regulations and tax implications, and dealing with shipping and delivery issues.

      • really all you have to do though is get madder than the other guy, even if you get beat up. You will usually only have to fight once. I unfortunately have the “berserker” gene which means once I get angry I cannot hold it back, so I go 10 blocks out of my way to avoid confrontation, because like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, Mom has to end up pulling me off a bigger kids chest…

    • The Turd *did* defeat a short, muscular Indian politician in a charity boxing match that ended up looking more like a purse-swinging affair. This was about 10 years ago. His adoring, aspiring singer wife did a good Adrian impression after the bout, as if her Turd had just beaten Ali.

    • I have come to the realization that no one should ever run for elected office unless they can prove they ran their own business unaided by government subsidies or assistance for at least 5 years. I want someone in office that has had to personally deal with purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, vendor issues, keeping customers happy, hiring and firing employees, dealing with all the myriad government regulations and tax implications, and dealing with shipping and delivery issues.

    • 5th Gen tactics. The ideal form of accountability ends with the exclamation . . . What just happened?

      Nothing is more potent than the unexpected. And if your ancestors evolved in the upper latitudes where winters are extreme, then it’s likely that creativity and innovation is in your DNA.

  14. “Not only that, when Joe Biden was at his peak fifty years ago, he was considered one of the dumbest men in Washington, so he is a dunce with dementia now.”

    Undoubtedly true, but on more than one occasion*, young Joe got things right. Probably by accident from being too dumb to go along with the narrative.

    I love the exchange below. It’s generally considered a stinging rebuke of Biden, but if you actually parse it, it may be the most hilariously nonsensical piece of Chutzpah ever uttered by an Israeli leader. It is in short “Don’t you dare threaten to cut off our aid. Us Israelis are tough and don’t need your help, so you better keep the aid flowing!”

    On June 22 1982, Joe Biden was a Senator from Delaware and confronted then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin during his Senate Foreign Relations committee testimony, threatening to cut off aid to Israel. Begin forcefully responded, “Don’t threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid.”

    *He was also right about the crime bill in the early ’90s. That’s now being dismantled after decades of success to predictably dire consequences.

    • Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin: “Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens.”

      When you wonder why some dissidents focus on revising the hol0c@ust, remember that it is because it is their ultimate “shut up and obey” card.

      The reason you can’t have voter ID laws or immigration laws is because these lead directly to gas chambers. Now shut up before we deplatform you.

      • Yes, when one is expected to swallow lies as big as “Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it.” it’s no surprise that when one rejects those lies one becomes inclined to question other things.

    • Actually, he was voted by the members is the Senate, his own club members, as the dumbest person in the Senate.
      Let that sink in.
      Your own club thinks you’re a dumb ass.

      • You know who came in second in that vote? John Kerry, with Patty Murray a distant third. Being stupid is a plus when you are a puppet.

  15. Since it was decided in 2008 that nobody’s allowed to say how dumb Biden is anymore, Mazie Hirono has been my go-to personification of American politics. We’re so devoted to being ruled by the stupid, we imported possibly the only actual idiot from Japan and put her in congress—but that wasn’t a strong enough statement, so we made her a Senator. If she were the right kind of Asian she’d be Vice President right now, and probably President soon.

    The usual example of our embarrassment, Maxine Waters, is a normal moron like you meet in everyday life. Hirono’s dumbness is as weird and intense as Biden’s pathological lying—this week’s dead dog story was beyond insane…as usual—and fits of rage (also not mentionable).

    • How’d she even end up in the States? Her bio on Wikipedia says she was a piss-poor issei Japanese whose mother had to hawk their clothes for what amounted to local train tickets…to living in Hawaii and starting a business.

  16. Joe Biden didn’t manipulate his way into the WH. He was simply able to hang around long enough an be there when others (Obama, the DNC) decided that he was useful to them at the moment.

    • That’s being charitable. He was also the only thing the DNC could legitimately field as a candidate. Do you remember the roster of DNC candidates in the primaries? All goobers. And the best they could field to look serious for votes (ha) was Biden.

  17. One thing about the Coward Justin Trudeau is he is clearly not in charge of the country. He may exercise some ceremonial powers, but he is not calling the shots. He is a ‘stand on his spot and say his lines’ kind of guy. You see this at press conferences. If someone asks a question for which he does not have a canned answer, he turns into an incomprehensible mess.

    One thing the TBTP do up here is to make the Coward Trudeau the focal point for all political discussion. That way, the exercise of real power is obfuscated. You see this in the breaking of the protest at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. It was not any level of government that got the injunction to end the blockade. It was a private automobile manufacturer that did, and Windsor, Ontario and Canada all went along for the ride. This is an example of the real powers that be exercising power in Canada.

    What is most stressing to me is not that private entities are exercising that power (although, it does concern me, but anything Ottawa touches up here turns to shit, so…). It’s that we do not know who they are and what they are doing, so we cannot see if our interests align with those with actual power. I suspect their interests are contrary to ours, but at least if we could see them, we could work against those actually making us miserable, or perhaps even cut a better deal.

    • They were doing nothing about the blockade until GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota shut down. Then Gretchen Whitmer and the Biden government were demanding it be cleared.

      Cops cracked down quickly after that. Seems like the USA government and Big Auto has more control over the police than our own governments. Not really sure what it means other than highlighting the extreme incompetence (and diversity) of the Canadian government.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the people involved received a large sum originating from the Auto Industry/US government.

      • “The blockade is destroying our ability to save the planet with electric cars!”
        “OMG those truckers are destroying the planet! How many air strikes do you want?”

      • Does this portend the return of the old “What’s good for GM is good for the country” chestnut?

    • Hmmmmm. Plausible.

      But – yes and no, maybe? Consider: you are a dissident in good standing. You hold all the wrong opinions, you notice the wrong things and ask the wrong questions. Now that Turdo and the banks can confiscate your wealth on a whim…what is that going to do to auto sales? Would you go into big debt in this economic and political climate? Are you going to sign up for a car loan, knowing you can be cancelled at any second? Are you going to start a small business, knowing that the Covidians can shut you down on a whim for two years or more?

      If I were an evil jewish billionaire oligarch and these were my finger puppets doing stuff like this… I’d flush that toilet twice and then a third term for good measure. Turdo and Biden aren’t just bad for us peons – they’re bad for the big shots too and they are getting worse. I don’t think the big banks and big businesses are necessarily calling the shots here. If they were, our politics would make so much more sense.

      Hmmmm… could the monied class be be going insane the exact same way the political class is? There’s already half a dozen comments further below where the big brain guys came up for promotion and get passed over at the last moment in favour of a vibrant. Hmpffff – I think I disagree with the dissidents below: our future is not 1984, Brave New World, or even Hitch Hiker’s guide to the galaxy.

      Our liberal democracy is clearly giving way to liberal idiocracy…

      • Go look at Sailer’s graph of white versus black patent rates over time.

        Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Insurance, the utilities, and the MIC are kidding themselves if they think they can use BIPOCs to replace the white Boomers and older Xers that are leaving the workforce in droves.

          • There is invention/discovery and there is engineering/development and there is maintenance/support. SA seems not to be able to keep the lights on, much less expand the electrical grid. Invention under diversity control is the least of our worries.

          • Compsci-

            Yes, I believe that if they get rid of YT they won’t have the human capital to implement and run their transhumanist techno-dystopia.

            The trick for YT is to avoid being gotten rid of!

          • @compsci

            I agree fully, I was making a joke.

            Although sometimes I wonder of they do sort of think like this. That machinery, infrastructure etc are sort of magic things that will be maintenance free for ever

            A primitive mindspace will regress society to the Planet of the Apes level technology, not self-servicing robots.

    • This is a “open secret” but the real decision maker and brains behind Trudeau is Christia Freeland, his Deputy Prime Minister, she is basically a neocon/liberal interventionist while Justin is just a woke figurehead, his dad Pierre was amore genuine Leftie than him.

      • I am not sure which is more ridiculous.

        The brains in the outfit is a trollesque ex-journalist shit-for-brains who seems to have a form of tourettes.

        No wonder its a shitshow.

      • Freeland is a Russophobe and a Soros acolyte, which explains a lot of Canadian government policy.

    • During the Obama years I’m pretty sure that Trudeau was the only White head of state in our hemisphere.

  18. “Until now few people outside of the great white north have grasped the depth of this man’s ridiculousness.”

    Apparently, not enough Canadians “grasped the depth of this man’s ridiculousness” since he was easily reelected.

    “After all, the system does produce some serious people.”

    I believe that serial killers and pedophiles are usually serious people.

    “In a nation of three hundred million, we should be able to find enough competent people to fill these offices.”

    Oh, they’re competent alright. Competent enough to smile and wave at the crowd and read from a script, do what they’re told, and accumulate multi-million dollar mansions in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard.

    “Justin Trudeau is a simpleton, but he also possesses a rare set of social skills that has allowed him to rise to the top of his government. Joe Biden was a stupid crook, but somehow managed to stay in the Senate for generations. Even in his current condition, he was able to manipulate the system to win the White House.”

    A “rare set of social skills”? Such as? The only “social skills” he possesses are his lineage and his ability to do what he’s told. Not rare at all. And Biden didn’t “manipulate the system to win the White House”. This is the same as calling Obama a mastermind that calls the tune for the left. They are both just whores that can look like a well-dressed turd.

    I realize trying to put together a series of words to explain the cesspool that is contemporary politics is difficult. Trying to explain things is an occupational hazard for intelligent people. The desire to not be a “conspiracy theorist” misses the point that the top is controlled by beings in the shadows while their puppets dance to their music. No other explanation can explain the statistical improbability of what is happening. It is not chance, nor is it an inevitable evolutionary progression, similar to the movement of the planets. It is engineered.

    • Justin has the advantage of name, but he is also relatively young, somewhat hip (hey, he was in the crowd at the last Hip show!) and a decent-looking guy. All those combined to get him the female vote, and that’s what did it for him.

      For the longest time, it was women who liked him and thought him a great PM, while most men you talked to we at least a little bit disgusted with him, even if they couldn’t say exactly why.

    • I read some place that if you added up all the votes Turdo got in the last election and did the math – he won with the support of 15% of the population. It seems like Canadians think much like our esteemed blog host, and consider voting a waste of time. It is certainly true that such a viewpoint is much more valid in Canada than the US.

      • Non European immigrants and their children, Dog Moms, soy boys, and Boomers.

        Turd has plenty of support and a strong voter base. They’re mostly just not Canadians.

      • I think I saw somewhere ~31%. Parliamentary systems work differently. Party trumps individual candidate.

    • It clear that the controllers recognized Karens as hugely important nodes of social control and seized upon that potential social leverage quite a while ago.

  19. When the economy collapsed in the Thirties, and this will be worse, there had been a series of jackwagons elected throughout the West almost, but not quite, as bad as what we have now. The Roaring Twenties had been flush times with plenty of stuff to be had.

    Communism was in place in Russia, of course, and when the crash came fascism became the new and dominant political movement. Regardless of their failures and/or shortcomings, the subsequent rise of communism and fascism after the last economic implosion tells you what the political future holds.

    tl; dr: Go short on tranny storybook hour readers.

    • Yep, I also see today as something of a replay of the same time last century. Lots of immigrants upsetting the social order, teetering financial system, lots of fake wealth, populist uprisings, lots of confusion all around, and a creeping desire to burn it all down as impossibly corrupt and start new.

      Yes, a major war is probably on the horizon. Not much else is going to clean up this mess.

    • I’m not so sure that a recession/depression will be worse than the thirties (or even 2008-09). The first fear from recession is unemployment, but there is such a critical work shortage that unemployment won’t be a feature. Secondly, you know that Democrats will shower money on everything just to claim they’re doing something, so that will further dissuade people from joining the workforce, and consumer spending will remain normal. MMT is the norm, and the only thing we have to fear economically is the US dollar relinquishing its spot as the world’s currency. I do think inflation is a threat to social stability, but that would probably be rectified by taking money out of the system.

      Remember, there are lots of dummies in the ruling class and the media, but the smart set goes into finance and other industries. We won’t have an economic calamity because the smart set knows what creates popular rebellion.

      • I think what should be remembered is that any comparison to the 30’s is dangerous because inflation was not really a ‘thing’ back then. Rampant speculation and inflated stocks, sure, but unemployment was the issue then. Who the heck knows what will happen in a society like ours with the slow death that is inflation.

        • Half our population is on the dole, and most blacks for example got to and stay in the middle class by working for the government in some form or fashion be it in the military, government jobs, etc. and add in the quasi-government jobs when the private sector is mandated to hire them.

          When — not if — the tax dollars dry up there is going to be massive unemployment and people without a dole to feed on.

          Going to get very ugly, very quick

          • You beat me to it. In the Thirties, there was no welfare state and governments were infinitesimal by comparison. No state now has less than 10-plus percentage of its workforce directly in government, and many have more than twenty percent employed by government. With the multiplier effect, upwards of 30 percent, IIRC (and think that is low), have jobs indirectly dependent on government spending.

            Further, the lack of a social safety net made people far more prepared for the Depression whether it was through savings, thrift, and/or skills. Needless to say this is gone.

            The government will have only one means to finance Leviathan when the SHTF, and it is your assets. And even those will be gone in short order. We are facing an economic hellscape. For point of comparison, at its worse the Depression had a 25 percent unemployment rate.

            I agree with Marko that the best and brightest gravitate toward finance, but they probably are gaming how to flourish when the implosion happens. This always has been a house of cards and we actually see the maneuvering now as how to respond such as the drive to eliminate crypto.

          • I agree with you completely. My point is that the printing of money makes you wonder how this will vary. Just yesterday I posted about how the diversity and gimme’s will make urban areas post-apocalyptic. The people are different, and that is the truly scary thing. But I also feel it is important that the OP is correct: the gub will print money and toss it at disadvantaged like crazy, creating the inflation that makes your life savings worthless. They will push for reparations at this time, and the masses will eat it up (and us).

      • Not sure what will happen in future—not my area of expertise. However, the current “rise” in consumer spending being touted by the Fed’s is *not* adjusted for inflation, nor consumer credit card borrowing. When adjusted, consumer spending is down through Xmas and continues to decline. Credit card debt will/must stop as people max out. This stop gap can not continue. Dollars no longer buy as much and people are hurting—despite their new “higher” wages. I’ve never seen/experienced so short a period of relative prosperity for the masses as I the last couple of years—Trump to Biden to bankruptcy. This will not end well.

      • When people are wiping their A@sses with all denominations of bills, there will be no doubt that what was coming is indeed worse than anything since John Law hookered France into the mess they descended into with fiat money.
        Voltaire indeed was right when he said this:
        ” All paper money eventually returns to its original value- NOTHING!”

      • The dollar has become fairy dust that the Fed sprinkles on out-of-control people. I don’t think taxes even matter anymore…what’s the point of dirt people doing their taxes, when money can just be printed? I think only about 50% pay taxes anyway, and the super-rich and super-corporations get around the tax code too. Inflation might be the only constant in the economic universe; everything else is sorcery.

        • Removal of the Gold standard made taxes redundant.

          They just kept them around to make sure you never acquired independence.

        • Marko – Taxes don’t matter in terms of funding the government, but they serve the purpose of reducing the spending power and sense of security that the middle class used to have. The amount of taxes my husband has paid in the past few years is truly staggering, essentially negating an enormous portion of his income/bonuses. And helps fund Juan’s ‘Earned Income Credit” for his six mijos and Ah Wang’s parents’ Supplemental Social Security – all at Whitey’s expense. And if we were to neglect to file, we’d be brought to heel right quick. Taxes are yet another means of control over habitual law-abiding Whites.

  20. Amusing as Megan does not say that she is ‘D’ or ‘R’ on her website and despite reading much more of her site than I cared to I still can’t tell.

    • How can she be a mother and a Bi Queen? Seems like she just wants to cheat. Or she’s signaling her porn tastes. Either way, honk honk.

  21. The World Wrestling Federation is the correct metaphor for modern politics. Heroes, villains, scripts, threats, chair-breaking, pratfalls………with McMahon, like the corporations and lobbyists, behind the curtain manipulating all of it.

    The actors must be grotesque caricatures. Otherwise, the audience misses the point. Subtlety cannot penetrate the fog of media coverage to create the necessary Manichaean narrative. So it’s no mystery why we’re attracting actors, buffoons and freaks to modern politics.

    Like a movie set, behind the scenes you’ll find an army of nerdly lobbyists, legislative directors and bureaucrats running things for the corporations and Elites. Does anyone really think Maxine Waters can write banking legislation? Kevin McCarthy probably can’t read beyond a 10th-grade level. They’re smart enough to obey orders, take the money and maintain the farce.

    • Well – to be fair, most of Maxine’s constituents probably can’t read or do basic numeracy either. The closest they come to a bank is those 24 hour paycheque cashing places…

  22. Technology abuse has the same effect as drug abuse. The average person has the moral standing of livestock. Society is a slave to passion, bankrupting itself for a hit. Everything that’s happening is insane, but why it’s happening makes sense. Break the addiction, bring the pusher to justice. Clean up or die.

    • You are absolutely correct, sir. The problem is we live in a society where most are addicts. The pushers are the leaders. This scares me, as the breakdown will be unprecedented in history.

      • I’m not sure who the pusher is. Seems to me people at all levels are addicted. Leadership gets easier ways to skim, steal, and control, if nothing else.

        It’s got to be somebody, though. Otherwise, why green, EVs, 5g, etc.? (Screw the heroin— here’s some fentanyl, right?) Maybe cleaning up is the way to discover who.

        Unfortunately, most addicts have to hit bottom first, if they don’t die. I don’t see us stumbling through this much longer. You might be right about unprecedented breakdown.

  23. I’d like to nominate Roger Wicker as the dumbest person in the legislature. I challenge anyone to beat that 78 iq sweat spot of an idiot. US or abroad.

      • You know, watching that video, it occurred to me that maybe Dude was just trolling the man with all the ribbons.

        I mean, how is someone that dumb?

        I guess it’s a good thing the heart is triggered by an impulse.

        • “Social Security is not just another government spending program. It is a promise from one generation to another.”
          -Hank Johnson
          Your turn hehe…

          Oh and Bartleby – awesome name. One of the greatest writers and one of his greatest works. “I prefer not”!

  24. Our best hope is that incompetency eventually destroys the system. A friend of mine at a big box store was up for promotion, this person is competent and a decent employee, but corporate HR hired for the job opening and the new hire showed up never having done the job. My friend was asked to train the new hire.
    My friend is leaving and the big box store will be left with a person whom cannot do the job properly.
    This is not an isolated problem.
    Justin Trudeau’s are everywhere now.
    Somehow we will have to ride this out as our entire system deteriorates.

    • Yup. One of my buddies pulled 60+ hours a week to work for a promotion only to get looked past in favor of two black women, who may have put in 10 hours of subpar actual work a week, spending the rest of the time politicking and socially maneuvering the office.

      He left for another job that was not nearly as important as the job he had, but more free of B.S.

    • G Gordon Liddy: Good for your friend for refusing to participate in his own replacement. Hope he finds a better paid position with a more considerate employer.

      And yes, as much as it goes against my nature, I think we just have to wait out Clown World. All of these people’s plans rely on depleted social capital and a system they’ve spent decades undermining, not to mention endless electricity for technological surveillance from our increasingly outmoded grid. Add in lower IQ mystery meat workers, utterly uneducated/indoctrinated GoodWhite zombies, and the loss of common knowledge and common sense, and we’re sure to be golden.

      While many will initially perish from being unable to even light a fire, the third-world dregs retain that skill but will be unable to progress any further. The White man who understands the principles of generating electricity or the skills of a modern plumber will be the keys to the future. Pilots may be out of luck for a good long while, but hope springs eternal. Besides, the Chinese just reported that they, not Europeans, invented skiing. All make obeisance to future Han overlords (they so smaht).

      • “Besides, the Chinese just reported that they, not Europeans, invented skiing.”

        Of course they did, what else are skis if not a giant pair of chop-sticks?

      • Waiting it out, however, is a reasonable position

        Because we do not know what is going to happen, and soon enough, when the olds in politics start dying off

        That is why I am personally taking a wait and see attitude. Because all the clown world stuff all around us is going to be thrown into disarray when the olds start dying. It could put us in a totally different place such that focusing and fixating on the events of today will soon have us barking up the wrong tree.

        And my personal opinion is that their “bench” with the likes of AOC and those types is going to find themselves in a totally different place when they don’t have the old people backing them up and playing their games. AOC thrives because she is the youngest thing in town. All of a sudden there are going to be lots of younger and middle aged people who come out of the woodwork to assert THEIR authority, squeezing out morons like her. Whole new ball game when that happens. So I am waiting and preparing and trying not to get sucked into current events and so forth, as entertaining as they may be

    • “My friend was asked to train the new hire.”

      I hope he trained her . . . properly.

  25. It’s nice of Turd to announce to the world that Globohomo will steal your bank account. From what I heard, US dissidents were already having their bank accounts seized/frozen. The difference was that this was all done very quietly and selectively – unless you’re on Gab or maybe watch Tucker Carlson you probably had no idea it was going on.

    Turd was stupid enough to make this very public, and has put everyone on notice – yes, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, Joe Biden, or Angela Merkel can and will do the same. How is the media coverage? Has the mainstream US/UK mentioned this at all?

    This should spur anybody vaguely “right wing” around the world to prepare appropriately. Cash, gold, crypto, whatever it may be. Right wing networks have already expanded to many different platforms and backup platforms – it’s harder for us to get deplatformed now. The same needs to be done for the monetary aspect.

    P.S. don’t despair too much for the truckers. They are organized better than they seem. Many are from various (semi-sketchy) religious sects and will have no financial problems after, and probably no problems changing identities.

    • B125: Yes, the administrative state has been making it clear for years – maintain an appropriate social credit score or be unpersoned. But Joe and Jane Normal are busy planning for their upcoming cruise, or their daughter’s cheerleading competition (and she has a fabulous new male teammate) while their sons watch porn online and internalize antiWhite loathing, so they haven’t had time to notice. I’m no magatard and hardly a fan of the My Pillow guy, but he’s just been told to take his banking business elsewhere because reasons. Hooray, capitalism.

      Totally agree re preparing appropriately. Not merely the usual ‘stuff’ or crypto or pm depending on what you favor – but keep a substantial amount of cash on hand and try to spread what you have in the bank split among different institutions, preferably smaller local banks or credit unions. The chaos and the rules one sees on the surface are merely the thinnest veneer on what is actually happening within the system, and today’s control-mad shriekers are merely the front for the calculating sociopathic system enforcers.

      They have plans for us all, and while they’re not particularly bright they are eminently crafty and organized and pervasive. Those who underestimate the State’s surveillance and reach do so at their peril. No, I’m not saying our enemies are omniscient, but they have the advantage, at least for now. In the same manner that drug cartels or gangs who have an existing organization and hierarchy will have the advantage as the pretense of rules disappear.

      • I’m definitely going to start cashing out of my accounts with major banks. I am fortunate to also have a credit union, but I bet they will be just as vulnerable to when the state comes knocking

        Anyone who has ever dealt with the California FTB (the tax collecting agency) knows how ruthless they can be. I owed money one year and never received a letter, as per law, and wake up and my account is completely cleared out to $0. Just come in the middle of night and ransack your accounts. So if anything, this has been a good education for me on what to expect. And I have since prepared accordingly.

      • “No, I’m not saying our enemies are omniscient, but they have the advantage, at least for now.”

        But you had pointed this out earlier today:

        “All of these people’s plans rely on … endless electricity for technological surveillance from our increasingly outmoded grid.”

        Anyway, you nailed it both times.

  26. Turns out that our future wasn’t 1984 or Brave New Work but instead Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

  27. Great piece Zman. No political system has yet been designed by man that can withstand the machinations of that evil subset of humanity that wants to dominate and enslave all those around them. The American system was set up with the specific intent to thwart that, and almost immediately started being chipped away at. The rotting hulk you see today is the inevitable result of that.

    I’m just another angry old white guy so my bias has to be taken into consideration, but when I look at all the people I’ve known (and it’s many) I don’t see a lot of what I would call logical thinking or even basic rationality. While most of them are able to fulfill relatively well whatever task they sell their hours for, they are otherwise bat crap crazy. Our current cultural “elites” reflect that well I’d say.

    Of course it could be me who’s the nut, and they’re all reasonable and practical people. After all I’m the one who retired early from a high paying scientific career to move to a small farm in the frozen north woods, slowly bringing my family here in anticipation of the coming apocalypse. That qualifies as crackpot to most people I’m guessing.

  28. So how can we make a difference during the interregnum preceding the collapse? Carlson and Bongino are pitching vote harder with maniacal intensity and the Comfort First Imperative is keeping Normie on the couch while he salivates over the November midterm elections. And every time you turn around, Congress spends another trillion dollars on BS. Those chickens are coming home to roost and the impact will not be pretty. So what to do?

    Be the sand in the gears. Anytime you interact with government at any level, make that interaction excruciatingly painful, laborious, time-consuming, and exploitative. And be exceeding polite while doing so. If you’re a geezer, talk very slowly, smile with a hint of cringe, and ask endless questions. Don’t forget to recite boring details about your life as if it’s essential information and act mournfully hurt if they try to cut you off. Shed a tear and perhaps have a heart palpitation or two. Extra credit if you secretly record the interaction on your cell phone and put it on the internet. Be creative and the torment can be delicious.

    • I was audited some years ago (incidentally after I had donated to Ron Paul, which was then blasted all over the internet; so much for privacy). The IRS wanted to see my paper trail.

      So I got a photocopy of every check I had written for those two years (audited back to back years) and photocopies of everything I could find and put them in a binder and threw it on the guy’s desk. Or had my accountant do it. At least 200 pages. But the IRS guy was so overwhelmed he cried uncle and went to the computer and found out the typical profit margin for my industry and applied the low range just to get rid of me. I also had dragged it on for months. They are only people, after all.

      Not that I am telling people what to do, and this was years ago during the times of GW I believe. Or was it Obama? I don’t remember tbh. But, yes, there are ways to gum up the works.

  29. OMFG.

    Yesterday, the faggot accused a conservative woman of being a nazi. Turned out she was jewish and she looked like a dyke too. Then the two idiots started accusing each other of racism and I started thinking the kind of thoughts that would land me in jail. The conservatives went at it with the zeal of a puppy with a new chew toy. “Boy oh boy!!!! They sure showed Leftie that time!!! They owned him!!!!” The barking seals all applauded the jewess like she accomplished something.

    I am so sick of this.

    • She is into women. The Canadian parliament is an absolute clownshow.

      I’m getting really tired of hearing about Nazis, both on the offense and defense. Trudeau is a moron for constantly bringing up Nazis and just because this lesbian Jew had grandparents in the Holocaust doesn’t make her immune from criticism.

      It’s basically just constant accusations of who’s the real racist/anti semite. With the brown guy in the turban piping up occasionally to remind everyone that actually, white people are the real racists.

      Every single member of parliament should be removed.

      • If they’re all standing around yelling at each other for racism, that’s a good thing. It means they aren’t coming up with an effective plan to slaughter all the truckers.

        • They’ve got people for that, rest assured. Actually, those people operate independent of the posturing politicians, but they’re like a duck – looking immobile upon a casual inspection (hence, innocuous), but below the water’s surface, paddling steadily toward their goals.

      • Oh gawd. Jagmeet The Pajeet.

        That mutt looks like bugs could come crawling up out of his beard at any second. It’s not enough to put white morons in charge – we import them from the third world now too. I wonder if Jagmeet is smarter than, say, Ilhan Omar? In the real world they’d be pushing a mop at 7-11…

        • Jagmeet Singh AKA Jimmy Dhaliwal is just another great immigration success story.

          Born and raised in Toronto, he changed his name and dress to look extra FOB. Spends his time attacking normal white people. Doesn’t give a shit about the working class his party is supposed to represent, or politics. Just there to grift, drive a BMW and help out his tribe. Let this be a warning to all civic nationalists… Yes this guy was born and raised IN Canada and is very un-“Canadian” and anti white.

          The only good thing he does is make the socialist white leftists look even more moronic. Imagine being a white male that supports his party.

          • Yep, he’s a good object lesson. The stat’s in the lower 48 show the same—of you look closely at them. We often only are shown how “good” the new immigrants are, but the stat’s on the second and third generations they produced are overlooked.

          • Compsci – You are right on. Generally speaking, and I have had a lot of contact with migrant populations, the first generation runs their scams (paid under the table so they get foodstamps) but at least they tend to be hardworking. Their kids are slugs. The second generation is disgusting. But perhaps that is really an indictment of America and its corrupting influence.

      • Oh yes, the ‘racist back-and-forth’ is two-a-penny now.

        You’re reminded when you tune into Clown World TV just how easy everyone has had it. These are the problems that we must address? Some bloke said Jews have big noses, or that blacks have thick lips? These are not problems, except to the woke mind.

        Odds are they’ll still be talking like this even as things get worse. And right down to their lowest point.

        These folk deserve to burn in the fiery depths, no doubt.

        B125, forgive me for asking and intruding, and feel free to not answer, but some months ago you posted a message saying you were in dire straits; is this still the case? Did you manage to keep/find new employment? I’ve not been reading here as much as I used to, so thought I’d ask after the affair unto which your found yourself facing.

        • Thanks for caring! lol

          I was never in dire straits, i just wanted to get out before the vaxx pass got too severe. i ended up staying, still making good money. vax passport is ending march 1 in ontario. glad i stayed and have been taking part in attacking globohomo.

          long term still plan on getting out of canada. pandemic or no pandemic, the demographic change is horrible. i hate white flight but when the country is admitting 450,000 non european aliens per year i don’t have much choice…

    • Take a look at some of the clowns in Congress and I’m sure Canada’s parliament too. It is striking to me what a lot of them look like. I instinctively clutch my child when I see them.

      Physiognomy is real.

      • At least you get a show for your money with an English-type Parliament. With the US Congress, you mostly see a buffoon talking to an empty bunch of seats “for the record”. Which translates into 15 second sound bites for his re-election campaign. It’s more fun to watch the congressional committees pillory some poor slobs in hearings—which are also just for show and sound bites for re-election purposes.

        • Imagine if the US had an equivalent to the U.K. Parliament’s “Question Time.” That would be hilarious.

  30. The go-to reaction of Canada (following the example of the US) is to use private companies to enforce stroke-of-the-pen executive dictates. The most offensive being ordering banks to seize assets without any judicial oversight, evidenciary review or standard or appeal.

    This will be the acid test for “crypto”. If currency can be outsourced to random groups outside of a national government, things like the government/corporate abuse of basic rights and rule of law will make it happen.

    The more likely outcome is that national governments will nuke crypto from orbit and is the way to bet.

    That said: you’ll know crypto has arrived and is legit when the national police forces and the military demand to take their script in untraceable crypto instead of national paper.

    • Last I heard, China had banned it. I have no idea how it is working for them. But unless I am missing something… crypto (or gold or silver for that matter) can be banned with the stroke of a pen too. Just make laws against them and shoot or throw the violators in jail…

      • That will simply drive the “economy” underground—which is where we will be going anyway if things continue on.

    • Arguably, to preserve dollar regime, a smart and strategic US government would have nuked crypto in 2013. But we have a corrupt country ran by kleptocrats. Money talks and the newly rich crypto boys are throwing inordinate amounts of money at the PTB. They have bought and are buying many influential politicians. And lots of big money managers are seeing crypto as a way to stymie the declining margins of the asset management business. Count on it to continue. Too much money for the corrupt.

      That said, it’s time our side actually embraced it and used it. The potential to build something outside of a system that hates us exists. Why not use it?

      • There’s an argument to be made that crypto is a manifestation of intra-elite competition, old money/institutions/ideas vs new, frustrated elites who can’t get a chance to move up in the ranks.

        If that’s the case, when the dust settles, it’ll be a meet the new boss, same as the old boss for 99% of us.

        “Freedom for the common man” crypto is just early marketing

    • “The most offensive being ordering banks to seize assets without any judicial oversight”

      Robed clowns. These are the same people that allow abominations like men getting arrested for the 168th time:

      This person should have been sent up as a habitual offender. This is why some states had 3 strike rules.

      The courts are just a huge clown-show. “Judicial oversight” would just be more weaponization of the law. Unfavored people would have their bank accounts seized and favored people would not.

      • Tars: This person should have been eliminated at birth, or better yet, its parents prior to its conception. Fify.

    • ” … you’ll know crypto has arrived and is legit when the national police forces and the military demand to take their script in untraceable crypto instead of national paper.”

      You’ll know that crypto was not our salvation when the gov’t forces a digital “currency” on us and says it’s the only acceptable medium of exchange and the only acceptable form for paying your taxes. And that the penalty for using anything else is death.

      Crypto *might* work if/when gov’ts reach the point at which they cannot collect taxes, disburse funds, or enforce their own laws. Outside of that, no gov’t is going to allow the people under its power to use a medium of exchange that they do not control.

      The power grid and the *unfailing* supply of electricity is also looming over the whole notion of crypto-currencies.

      Put not your trust in crypto.

      • Yep, I can’t see crypto when the internet is outside my personal control. As a secondary source of some cash, not a problem. But to put all my assets into it? Perhaps I’m simply too ignorant.

  31. I disagree that Biden manipulated the system to win. That was contracted out with probably very little input from him.

    • That’s pretty much my persistent question, “Who the hell is running the show at the WH?” I will never believe that Biden is competent enough to raise an issue, propose a plan, map a strategy. He has to wake up everyday to someone who hands him an agenda and says, “Here’s what you’re doing today and what you need to say.”

      I’ve—unfortunately—been close to dementia sufferers and that’s exactly how it works at Biden’s early-intermediate stage. There is enough left to follow a script/lead of sorts and the sufferer plays the role to seem “normal”.

  32. We’ve known for a while that when you seek employment in The System, you must usually up-front either already agree, or be prepared to agree with it’s core tenets. Even if you don’t, you’ll be coopted eventually. Are there any closet people like ourselves in government? Possibly. But we know they are not the majority. Nowhere near.

    Furthermore, how could such people ever make themselves known in an enemy system? They’d be destroyed. The only answer would be the ultimate long game, where you work yourself into a position of immense power, and then, whilst still claiming to be a supporter of immigration, you shut the borders and begin mass deportations.

    But The System of course extends into Joe Publick’s mind via various appendages, too. This has been brought home even further by the events of the last two years.

    The other day, the wife and myself were invited to a neighbour’s for drinks to get to know each other. Naturally, government injected talking points cropped up, and all (bar myself) exchanged opinions on things they know nothing of. Problems that are almost entirely manufactured. The most relieving part of the evening was when a neighbour recommended a good farm shop. Another then spoke of his time as a pilot. Good bits of information and stories.

    But the majority of the evening was spent talking phoney talking points. No actual information content. It is all so tiresome. That said, many of the neighbours are Christians, but many have bought into Covidianism, so I take it they’re not too serious about The Faith.

    In the end, I have a feeling that we’re rapidly approaching times when acquiring things (Thermos, hot water bottle, lighter, gas, water &c), skills and the trust of local folk are going to be very important. For everybody. Mark you, if Christ’s life was one big struggle, why ought we to have it easier. We have had it easier, but not for much longer. Scary. But perhaps it is as it should be.

    Nice essay. Just read yesterday’s piece, too. What a cracker.

    • > The other day, the wife and myself were invited to a neighbour’s for drinks to get to know each other. Naturally, government injected talking points cropped up, and all (bar myself) exchanged opinions on things they know nothing of.

      I’ve always found a good strategy is to ask them how they came up with that opinion. Puts them on the defensive while not being overly aggressive or showing any of your cards.

      • It’s a good one, Chet. And I’ve used it before, but most times they come across as very simple, so simple, it’s embarrassing (cue getting defensive). Not that I’ve really got a problem with simplicity, it’s just that when you try to logically defend some opinion you don’t know much about, you look foolish.

        I have now opted for a ‘unless asked directly, don’t say anything’ attitude. Not sure how useful that is, but at the moment, I want to scope out allies, so letting people talk could be one way to do it.

        Mind you, I’ve surprised with the ‘anti-vaxx’ sentiment at my new place of work. At least, there do not seem to be very many Covidians present.

      • You young guys are so nice. At 71 I don’t have time to screw around so if someone starts that crap I say FU and storm out making as big a ruckus as an old fart like me can make. Doing that has gotten me uninvited to just about everything I didn’t want to go to in the first place. Mission accomplished.

        • Do you top it off with a nice big skunker as you opened the door?

          I’ve done that before when leaving some loudmouth black ladies behind in an elevator. Let them know there are repercussions to being loud and stupid in public

          • Falcone: I’ll make offhand comments to the ether as I’m walking through a store, looking past the people to whom they’re addressed, so they’re not sure who I’m aiming at. Works well at the gym, too – headphones on, miming the words to the song, interspersed with muttered racial imprecations. Again, not looking directly at the person to whom my animus is directed. An oriental girl smiled and tried to initiate some conversation while I was pushing the tank the other day (198 lbs plus three 45 lb plates on top and moderate resistance) and I literally looked past her and kept on going.

        • Late 60s here and take a similar approach to yours. I can’t see remaining quiet because some ditz sociopath might be angered by my thoughts. Where I differ from you is that I have some fun with the airheads and their pathetic reasoning before making sure I am not stuck in the same place again. Life is simply too short and all these fools will be willing to destroy your life over thought crimes. Consequently I can’t see any advantage to trying to placate them

        • I’m 75, so suck it and eat your applesauce, youngin’. I’ll change your nappies when I get back from bingo.

        • Hoagie, I must caution you wrt that behavior. I feel your pain, but you need to understand that you (and me too, and all oldsters) are in a vulnerable position. When my father was old and sick and in the hospital, he too told folk to take a hike and became obstreperous.

          This simply caused him to be classified as suffering from senility and to have zero attention paid to his requests/demands. Indeed, when I finally arrived on the scene, I was placed in full control of his treatment and affairs—albeit, he was just fine cognitively.

          There is great prejudice against old folk in the institutions. Don’t play their game if you’ve no family to represent your interests.

      • With immigration, the argument usually comes down to “We’re all descended from immigrants.” I just respond, “Go ask a member of the Wampanoag tribe how that worked out for them…if you can even find one.”

        Then I go get another beer and refuse to discuss further. Either it will sink into their TV-poisoned brains or it won’t.

        • The use of the term ‘immigrant’ to refer to people who colonized and settled is particularly exasperating. The settlers were not welcomed by the natives and built the country into which others immigrated with their bare hands.

          • Settlers and immigrants are two complete different beasts. With one you had a clan traversing into completely undeveloped territory and creating civilization from the roots up. With immigration they are planted into an already existing civilization.

            To conflate the two is insane, and even most of the right falls into this trp.

          • It was a mixed bag as we saw in the French and Indian War. Various tribes aligned w/ either the English or the French (according to their own, longstanding, conflicts.

        • “With immigration, the argument usually comes down to “We’re all descended from immigrants.”

          I have replied to similar statements by pointing out the difference between “settler, colonist, pioneer” and “immigrant.” The difference being that members of the former group settled, colonized, and subdued the place, and then built the country to which the immigrant later came after everything had already been put in place by the members of the first-named groups.

          I have, on occasion, said that while immigrants can get American *citizenship,* they can *never* get American *nationality* b/c that is a blood-and-soil thing that paperwork cannot effect.

          • Oops. Seems that others beat me to the punch! It’s one of the hazards of reading from the top down.

          • But the aspects of “natural” born citizenship as verses “naturalized” citizenship (immigrants after 5 years) has merit and bears further discussion. Lots of countries allow you basic residency, but never participatory citizenship. Why? Are they all benighted? Or perhaps they know what we here have a gut feeling about, i.e, “blood an soil”.

      • “How?” is astute.

        How vs. Why:

        The answer to a why question is formulated with “because.” This tends to reinforce the believers beliefs as they repeat it. And to attack a persons belief tends to get them to dig in to protect their sense of self. Whys are usful to help reinforce a belief.

        How moves back a step to question the supplier of the belief.

        “Oh, Did Chris Cuomo say that?”

    • “In the end, I have a feeling that we’re rapidly approaching times when acquiring things (Thermos, hot water bottle, lighter, gas, water &c), skills and the trust of local folk are going to be very important.”

      Whether it comes across as hoarding or prepping, the most important investments anyone can make are water containers, canned food, extra medicine if it is required, spare dishes and clothing, the whole works. This should be obvious after the last two years but it cannot be repeated enough.

      • Jack: A portapotty will also be useful (there are camping/rving varieties significantly cheaper than composting toilets but significantly more functional than mere lidded buckets). If/when we have the cash to spare and I can get my hubby’s approval, I’d love to have the means of a propane-powered hot shower on demand, even in the absence of modern plumbing (

        • All propane appliances can be run off of bottles, with the right fittings and regulators. All electrical can be run from a propane generator. If you have them when you need them is the $64,000 question.

    • The media controls what people think, it tells them what to do, who to support, who to hate, what opinions they should have.

      There is literally nothing else but implanted worms in their head that determine their actions. The person as a conscious individual is not present for the most part. You are talking to these constructs that parasite the neurons.

      Its like some electronic toxoplasmosis that causes them to become sexually attracted to their own destruction (as it causes mice to become attracted to cat urine).

  33. I don’t think this farce can’t keep going for much longer, this is the last decade of “normalcy” for the establishment. What comes after 2030 is anyone guess.

  34. these politicians are just a reflection of the populace as a whole. i would estimate that maybe 5% of the population sees the world as it is, and is not mentally ill.

    by my definition, an obese person is mentally ill, because a sane person would not damage themselves so profoundly. nor would a sane person get a tattoo. or use tinder. etc, etc, etc. does bill gates seem sane to you? how about space retard bezos? [and his 49 y.o. mud sharking true love]

    the chinese are likewise afflicted, by the way. so the cause is world wide and endemic. just have to try and ride it out, like any other kind of storm.

    • The question in my mind is, “Do we have more insanity, or is it that society—through Darwinian selection failure—just collect more and more of these “mutants”?” Our remedy depends on the answer to the above question.

  35. > Circling back to where this started, the trucker rebellion in Canada is probably the first real test of this system.

    There was a Bank run yesterday after another sociopath stated that Canadians who supported Trump were at risk of getting their bank accounts frozen. We might see a cascade effect of insane decision after insane decision that will leave a country in ruin, all because they did not want to lift a mandate for a vaccination that isn’t even effective anymore.

    • It really is incredible. It is as if Trudeau is deliberately avoiding the right choices on favor of the dumbest choices. I pointed out when this started that he just had to meet with the truckers, make a show of addressing their grievances and this would all be over. He would see his numbers soar.

      • It is like he’s doing the exact opposite of what should be done, lol. This whole thing was kicked off over a very minor mandate – Vax mandate for truckers which affects something like 15,000 Canadian truckers. It’s really not much. He could have easily come out, met some truckers, dropped the very minor and narrow mandate, and declared victory as a listener and negotiatior. He owns the media too, they could have run stories about how the truckers have no need to be there now that the mandate is dropped, go home. Public tired of protestors demonstrating now that the trucker mandate is gone. Situation easily solved.

        Instead, when the truckers arrived, he “isolated” after testing negative for COVID, then he tested “positive”, and then he went into hiding anyways at a secure location. From hiding he declared the truckers a “small, fringe minority with unacceptable views”. A few weeks later he invoked the most severe act possible in Canada on that small fringe of people, obviously because they’re so small and insignificant. It truly could be out of a political comedy script.

        • “It is like he’s doing the exact opposite of what should be done, lol.”

          This reminds of Enoch Powell’s line “the supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” The ruling elites of Globohomo Inc go out of their way to find every preventable evil, and make it happen in the most flamboyant way possible.

          I think there is more than a bit of the view in the ruling ‘elites’ that if they can’t rule Western Civilization as they see fit, they will work to ensure it is destroyed rather than see any other development pathway be realized, especially traditional nationalism. They will never agree to partition and peaceful coexistence. It’s why that harpy Merkel stood there stamping her feet screaming at Orban to open Hungary’s borders even when she knew with 100% certainty her peremptory orders would not be obeyed.

          Alternate civilizational pathways will never be tolerated because even mediocre alternatives are better than what the maggot people have planned for us, and eventually French, German, Spanish, and English peasants will look at Hungary and Poland wonder why those people have it so much better than they do.

        • He also accused the truckers of being thought criminals: racist, homophobic, even transphobic and we all know how horrible it is to be transphobic.

      • There was a time when people in power knew how to deal with unruly peasants.

        Georg von Waldburg-Zeil, called the Bauernjörg (Peasants’ Jörg), was a knight who was given the job to suppress the peasants during the Peasants’ War in 1525 Southern Germany.

        He did just what you suggested – met with the peasants, gave empty promises, knowing that the peasants had to get back to peasanting at some time.

        When they did, he went from village to village and murdered and blinded the most uppity peasants. Problem solved. Was made a count for his troubles.

        • The only reason Western leaders thus far have avoided doing this on a big scale to their peasants is so they can virtue signal to each other and the rest of the world. When their backs are against the wall, they will show German knights how it is done. A secondary reason is the inability to subdue Russia, China and Iran because the mere existence of successful alternatives shows their weakenesses and, yes, hurts their virtue signaling again.

        • 100 organized men can suppress 10,000 unorganized men, even with only marginally better weapons. We organize. Or we join the dodo.

      • In a Jordan Peterson interview yesterday, he called Trudeau a “petulant child” (after of course a long discourse on such behavior). That about says it all. Trudeau is in essence “throwing a tantrum”.

      • Shades of Justina Antoinette? His reality is so hooked into clown world he is metaphysically incapable of a reality-based response.

    • yeah, that caught my attention as well. thinking of pulling half my savings out of the bank, and keeping it on hand. not like they pay any interest on it, anyway.

      • It’s interesting, Karl. Even if the interest rate was a bit higher, you’d most likely still loose it (and more) per gallon of fuel provided to you by Clown World. Or per loaf of bread, too. Things are going up like crazy.

      • With all due respect Karl, why would you or anyone keep your money “In the/a bank”?
        Seriously, you don’t have it.

        My wife has some serious loot in various and sundry investment funds. When her last batch of statements came, she proudly showed me how well they performed. I advised her to liquidate as much as she could wisely. She scoffed at the idea, and pointed out how well they were doing.

        I just said “Fine; take your statements and go fill up your own gas tank. See how many gallons you can get for numbers on a piece of paper.”

        Remember people, if you can’t touch it, you really don’t own it.

          • Real estate and durable consumer goods one will need in the future: clothing, ammunition, fishing tackle, canned food, spare appliances. Seems whacky, but hoarding may be the sanest thing you can do now. Appliance that do not require electricity are highly recommended, and this hand-operated can openers vs. electrical ones. Water containers, which should be filled and purified, are better investments than tech.

            The most eye-opening thing over the last two years for me was when stores ran out of freaking fishing hooks, sinkers, and line. I took note.

          • Real estate will tank, too, so I wouldn’t consider it a good store of wealth. You can live off it, though, and theoretically put a little distance between yourself and others, so it’s a good idea from a prepping perspective.

            Also, booze. The guy with the booze will be a popular guy. Home winemaking supplies are a great idea. Or a still (where legal OF COURSE). Get an old tractor, buy a carburetor kit to convert it to alcohol, etc.

          • David: Everything Jack Dobson said and more. Oil and filters and wiper blades for your vehicle. They (and car batteries) are extremely thin on the shelves at various stores. The small propane tanks I bought last summer (for the Mr. Buddy heater) have now doubled in price, if you can even find them. More ammo rather than another weapon. Store some vegetable seeds and fertilizer. I’ve found a fire starter/solid fuel recipe I plan to try. Get creative!

        • well, unless you convert it into something more tangible, keeping significant amounts of cash in your home is problematic. and if you have no cash on hand, life gets more complicated. being poor is easy, avoiding being poor is not.

          we’ll see how things play out.

          • Look, if you bank account can be frozen, you better have a year’s worth of bill paying funds somehow else. As folk have pointed out, if it’s not in your hands, you don’t own it. I can’t see stock portfolios being an different.

        • “Remember people, if you can’t touch it, you really don’t own it.”

          The definition of crypto “currency.”

          Put not your trust in crypto.

      • If the economic situation gets as bad as as many of us fear, it won’t matter if your savings are in investment accounts, bank accounts, or cash in hand. All will be worthless.

          • even converting to precious metals is not a clear good move. so many variables, so many moving parts…

          • David Wright: My husband had already assumed for years now (long before he really came around to accept the idea of collapse or preparing for certain exigencies) that he will have to work until he dies. The whole idea of ‘retirement’ was an artifact of mid-20th century prosperity. It never really occurred anywhere else at any time in history. You worked to eat, and when your body wore out, you helped out where you could (shelling beans, quilting, sharpening tools) while the children you were fortunate enough to have who survived took on your share of the physical labor.

            My husband has friends who stayed with government employment long after he left. They’re significantly better off financially than we are right now (they also traveled more, made sure to send their kids to ‘good colleges’ to be indoctrinated) . . . but they’re all relying on their 401ks and government pensions to see them through the next few decades. Like your concept of ‘retirement.’ There’s a hoary old saying you may have heard of – something about a bird in the hand.

          • Gold and silver…these are not investments, but I maintain good for emergencies of a major sort—and of course better than carrying dead chickens around. But as Karl notes problematic in aspects.

            A thought experiment. If the Fed’s are kaput, but you still need to “trade/obtain” for essentials or worse, need resupply on the road, what would you want with you? Fiat money, barter goods, or historically valued gold and silver? You can’t drive around an 18 wheeler with barter goods, but you can carry an amazing amount of wealth in gold.

          • @compsci

            The problem with gold is assay.

            Silver coins with a remembered imprint may well work, but who knows.

            There was a guy writing about being in yugoslavia during the war, and he said it was batteries, lighters, antibiotics, painkillers, booze and paperback books that were the easiest to trade with.

            He said gold/silver were not very much use unless coinage.

        • Corporations will continue to take us dollar cash at corporate-decided prices even during the beginning of any panic or catastrophic event. Ditto credit cards.

      • I still have a blender (works great) that the (then local) bank gave my mother when she opened up an account for me when I was a little kid. Imagine that. There was a world going back to the 70s where banks and grocery stores and gas stations really valued your patronage.

    • “after another sociopath stated that Canadians who supported Trump”..

      I’ve seen that video, actually the person is saying “truck supporting”, not Trump supporting.

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