The Three Questions

One of the segments of the show this week is a topic that seems to be difficult for smart people to grasp. This is something that comes up in the discussion of conservatism and where to go now that Buckley-style conservatism has failed. All of the debates just assume some starting point without thinking much about it. They talk about Burke and Locke as if they were gods, rather than men. We have to respect what they said because they are the authority of all political knowledge.

A political theory is a lot like a proof in mathematics. In math, a proof will rest on axioms of mathematics and certain constants like the speed of light. You start from these fixed things that are always true. From there you derive knew truths or new solutions to problems of the universe. Political theory works the same way. The Founders started with Locke because they started with Natural Law as their authority. This was the universal constant upon which they built their politics.

This sounds rather esoteric and pointless at first, but the biggest question in all politics is by whose authority? When put to left-wing politics, few people championing things like critical race theory or antiracism could provide an answer. They just assume they are our moral superior. They do not know that the stuff they absorbed in college or had fed to them by coreligionists in their political cult come from some rather bizarre theories of history and human relations.

Not that it matters, as a practical matter. These people are quite dumb, but simply asking the question puts them on their heels. From our perspective, the effort to build an alternative politics has to start from this question. It is why things like “common good conservatism” must be viewed as a distraction, possibly a deliberate one, aimed at preventing genuine analysis of the current condition. They want to avoid any discussion of the authority for their claims.

This is obviously a big-brained topic that gets boring for most people, but it has important practical implications. That is the point of the show today. The practical questions that naturally arise from these theoretical issues are useful in dealing with the political crazies, but also in dealing with allies and converts. Being able to talk sensibly about the practical application of politics, segment three of the show, is probably the best thing anyone can do to change minds.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 03:00: By Whose Authority?
  • 23:00: To What End?
  • 43:00: How Do We Do It?

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186 thoughts on “The Three Questions

  1. I’m still chewing on this two days after the podcast, Z. For me it was a profound piece of work because it took something blatantly obvious to everyone yet nobody ever saw fit to to articulate it as you did – at least to my knowledge.

    It occurs to me that I started asking these three questions of Lefty on a regular basis almost a decade ago without realizing it. I come from The Hive, and I can tell you that if you ask these questions of Lefty – he is going to be offended and disgusted to his core by them. You will face exile if you ask these questions of Lefty, and become a legal target for him if you dare answer them.

    We should always be asking these three questions of ourselves and our friends and family. It seems to me that we get in the most hot water when we let these questions slide in order to dodge a fight with people we like and love. Once you start deliberately ignoring basic realities, denying obvious truth and morality becomes a piece of cake.

    Doing that to avoid a fight is laziness and cowardice… and if you do enough of it, it will end in tears and misery eventually. I’m one of those guys where if he has to take a bullet… I’d rather take it in the chest rather than the back. I’d rather see it coming. It seems that so many people want to wish those bullets away so bad, they’ll do anything to do so…and when they get hit anyways, the only way to explain it is if they are oppressed victims that are as pure as the driven snow and the world is full of hitlers and racists and phobes of every description. Theirs is a world teetering on ruin, getting harder to live in with each passing day.

    Not to fedpoast… but we are going to have to get very nasty with these people at some point and stick up for ourselves… or they will drag us down with them.

  2. “Keev” is the way all the “cool people” are pronouncing Kiev now. I’ve heard several State Department grandees and other regime mouthpieces say it that way. It’s based on the Ukrainian spelling: Kyiv, and supposedly the Ukrainian pronunciation.

  3. perhaps i’m missing something but doesn’t the gist of this week’s podcast seem to boil down to a sort of fatalism? you repeatedly ask “well, what is the point of doing X Y Z?” , “what does one hope to accomplish?” in turn you talk about this stuff for an hour a week, you devote time and energy towards writing articles. what exactly do you hope to achieve? to what do YOU devote such time?

    i’m honestly not trying to be cheeky here, but I’ve picked up on this thread in your output over the years and it seems as though you make any and all effort at change or any and all effort at changing minds as something which is essentially a futile enterprise doomed to absolute failure. so what exactly is your solution? and if you don’t have one, then what are YOU doing?

    elsewhere i’ve heard you take (what to me) sound like the opposite tack and have advocated that we ought not to think about what the end should look like we should only focus on tactics. i’m sorry but this week’s whole podcast came off as sounding like a demoralization campaign

    • What is the point of it? Why, It’s the quest for the Holy Grail. First, you attempt to cull wisdom from history, then analyze all in the context of current circumstances, and finally arrive at the magic words which, when invoked, persuade the masses to repent their sins and see the “Light.” Then it’s Kumbaya all the way down.

      Once upon a time, a people migrated into the northern latitudes where they settled in an environment of extreme seasonal variation (long cold winters). Every year, they had to run a gauntlet of deprivation in which the weak died off and only the strongest survived into the new year. This environment hyper-accelerated their evolutionary fitness selection cycle and they rapidly became more robust and intelligent (the latter being necessary to survive the deprivations of long winters).

      And now we have endured generations of extreme affluence almost totally devoid of real hardship and existential threat. The exact opposite of above. Hence we are in decline because our modern environment asks nothing of us. If you whine loudly (or sell your vote for a pittance), your government will provide everything you need except self respect.

      Can magic words solve this problem? I think not.

      • It is as Sisyphus struggling to push that boulder up that mountain only so he can take a short breather when it tumbles back down again.

        Hard men, easy times, soft men, hard times, hard men….

        Whatever did we do to anger the Gods so?

        Aristotle’s Golden Mean. No more hard times, no more easy times, learn to live within our natural boundaries.

    • I kinda heard the same tone in this. “All of this is pointless”.

      And it made me think about cynical neocons who never really do anything or act upon the will of their voters…because “resistance is futile”.

      I don’t think this is what was meant by this podcast. But it does come across that way.

      My opinion is simply this: the left never asks these questions and the left currently has the power to have someone fired from their job, their bank accounts frozen, their life wrecked, simply for exercising rights that up until recently we’ve taken for granted. They never overanalyzed their goals. They just do it, and they do whatever it takes, for however long it takes.

      Having said all of this, I’m not against asking philosophical questions and intellectualizing strategies and positions. Sometimes you do have to back away from things and let things happen on their own. Currently the left is overreaching and harming their own cause. It’s not out of the realm of reason that backing off and letting them consume themselves might be the best strategy in both the short and long term.

  4. The left will escape the reality argument by bringing in the validity argument. They escape the facts by appealing to the causes of the facts. When they can’t deny something is real they can still deny its validity in terms of their deranged teleological scheme. In any case, the reality argument relates not so much to biological reality as to human nature which overlays it, and the latter is much more open to interpretation. The left’s aim is therefore to replace replace human nature with post-human nature and thereby create what is effectively a new reality.

    The usual argument against them is that they are utopian, and utopias never work because they require everyone to think the same way, and that can never be the case – the competitive element is too deeply ingrained in human nature. Even when differences are forcibly stamped out, humans will create new differences in order to satisfy the urge to differentiate and compete (history is full of this – the creation of religious sects, for example). The left will still try to get around this argument though by the appeal to post-human nature.

    At root, the left comprises those who *think* they have reached the end of the competitive era. The best argument against that is to show how they are still fundamentally competitive, still driven by insecurity, beneath their saintly veneer. Do they support a football team? Then they are competitive. Do they value their own culture? Then they are ethnocentric. Would they want their son/daughter to be gay/lesbian? Then they are homophobic. Have they married someone of their own race? Then they are racist. And entirely normal withal.

    Btw, it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone, apart from me, say that eating on television is disgusting. In the movies too. I live in Thailand where food porn is staple television – the authoritarian government use it to keep the masses quiet. The sight of people slurping noodles seems to be strangely pacifying to them.

  5. United we fall, divided we stand.

    There was recently a long thread around Lincoln’s birthday about the man himself, Our Greatest President (or not?) at American Digest. Gerard has been placing the question mark in recent times due to an informed argument against.

    Most commenters at that website remain Lincoln worshippers even as they are throughtful and often informed. But man is a religious animal and the Prophet of the Second Founding is not easily denied.

    To preach the Second Founding you must reject the First. To claim the Second is only an improved version of the First is to reject that the primary effort of the First was to prevent the Second–rule by a single powerful government. That casino lets you win hands in order that you keep playing their game, but there can be only one result.

    United we stand, divided we fall, said the prophet. The reverse was true. United in enforced Uniformity we are failing. In the Balkans it is only division that has finally allowed people to stand tall.

    Thirty years after the War it was still thought nessary to force school children to recite a plede to the Second Founding lest people wander back to the old ways. You little crackers will Pledge allegiance to one nation, indivisible, five times a week.

    Eventually conservatives defended the Pledge against attacks from the Left, who wrote the Pledge but had moved on to other destructive hobbies. The left owns politics on any industrial scale. That is why United will always fail, while Divided we have opportunity to stand.

      • Lincoln established the fact that once you’re in the Union, you can not leave the union. While the Federal government becomes more tyrannical, your state loses its autonomy. The Federal can do things you don’t like, but that’s just too bad. You can not leave. Thank you Mr. Lincoln.

    • You lost me at Lincoln was our greatest president.

      But the “?” next to it gives me hope for you.

      Stick around and you might learn to reject some of your federally supported public school propaganda .

  6. You have said during multiple Podcast that the Miami coach who got fired was apparently a good coach and that he was fired because the owner didn’t like him. Actually my understanding is that he was 24 and 25, so did not have a winning record, and he was fired because the general manager, also a black man, didn’t get along with him and the owner decided to keep the GM and fire the coach.

  7. the police all over the world have chosen poorly. who cares if one gets shot in the face, or railroaded in court. who cares if their pensions go unfunded. pretty soon they will have to live in compounds as their houses are burned down. this madness will pass, is passing, and the cops who helped evil will be paying a very high price indeed. lots of civil lawsuits and forfeitures in their futures. and of course they will lose their jobs and be unemployable.

  8. I wonder who the hell decided that every media outlet now needs to use the ugly, gender-obliterating term “Latinx” to describe western hemisphere people who, generally speaking, have some form of mixed indigenous-Iberian ancestry.

  9. So how many think the state of emergency powers stay in Canada permanently?
    Especially around complete control of currency systems and banking

    Just in time for a transition to a Canadian digital currency.

    In some ways it seems the truck thing has been a useful mechanism to transition this to a “new normal”.

    For some reason I can’t get rid of the same feeling that I had when they used Snowden to normalize the mass acceptance of surveillance which every one now takes for granted.

    • Problem: Mass of truckers clog up the national capital with semis in protest.

      Reaction: Gov’t invokes emergency powers to seize truckers’ funding.

      Solution: Implementation of government-run all-digital currency to permit immediate seizure forever.

      It’s probably just me, but I feel like the US convoy is really starting to glow neon green…

      • One could write this as (as wih jan 6):

        Problem: How to get digital currency and widespread powers to permit immediate seizure of all monetary assets and remove property rights

        reaction: create a protest rally movement with lots of media coverage that never causes any damage or spills into real violence which enable use of emergency act and anti-terror expansion powers

        solution: problem solved

        • Excellent simplification.

          Freeland was giddy in her press conferences because, real or not, the truckers gave the govt the perfect cover for their major goals of claiming emergency powers and further centralizing govt control over currency.

          She was smiling and laughing because she couldn’t believe how easy it was!

        • “Problem: How to get digital currency and widespread powers to permit immediate seizure of all monetary assets and remove property rights.”

          Not that our rulers care about it much, but how to legalize everything?

          Digitize the constitution & the Bill of Rights and regularly post updates.

          They could easily specify which ppl are to follow the law and those who are exempt.

    • Completely agree. Others post with bravado, conjuring their best Patrick Henry, but are you going to risk asset forfeiture and bank account freezes and losing your jobs. All the Convoy demonstrated is that the Government is completely against you, they will sodomize you, and the media will gleefully report your deflowering.
      All this convoy illustrated is that most people do not care (I bet only 15% of Americans know anything about the Convoy) and that the Government can invoke whatever draconian policy it desires with no pushback. Welcome to the New Normal!

      • disagree, canada has dealt itself a mortal wound. who will migrate there, or start a business there, or build a factory, or engage in any business with canadian companies? they have made themselves pariahs. they just don’t know it. how is the cuban economy doing? north korea? venezuela? why would any person there put themself out in any way, to make things work? the banks are in the midst of a mini-run that will only get bigger.

        actions have consequences. trudeau will be forced out and arrested (along with his hench people) in order to try and reverse the mind boggling damage he has done.

        what happens when there is massive out migration, by the people who don’t want to live in an artic cuba?

      • While I support the cause. I’m not going to soyack over right wing extremists who hate me and would gladly trample on my grave. These POS go out of their way to hunt down “nazis” to get a pat on the head from conservative politicians.

        The right wing goons and police deserve each other. I support the normal people there but if you are some rightoid who thinks the worst thing that Trudeau did is wear blackface then rot in prison.

  10. i’m surprised no one has mentioned this but does anyone find it odd that the covid story began in march 2020 – just when the viral season starts to wind down? It kind of makes me wonder how much we would even know about COVID if the media didn’t talk about it? My guess is it would be like ebola, sars or west nile – something you know about, but never experience.

    • Concerning COVID, it took a while for the mortality rate to become apparent. Below 50 yrs old it is essentially 0%. But above 80 it rises to 14%. Of course, over 80 a stiff wind can take you out. But who is currently running the show? Largely octogenarians. Largely those with hypochondriac, let’s say neurotic tendencies.
      On a final note I’ve begun to notice the olds walking around with safety jackets festooned with reflectors. I really hate them. Almost as much as the idiots driving around wearing surgical masks. They hold their lives so very precious. When the years of lead really get going…. Ah better stop there.

    • Viral seasonality was one of the facts we thought we knew about viruses that the panic mongers managed to successfully memory hole.

      • Well, they a bit through a couple of stratagems: push recovering patients into nursing homes and recovery hospitals just full of people with senescent immune systems, multiple comorbidities, or pharmacologically supressed immune systems, and watch that death count rise, baby; adopt intubation as the go to strategy for the infected, keeping ’em alive for a while to run the money meter, and then decide that the strategy failed, ahh so sad; stampede the credulous into massive numbers of jabs, also resulting in more deaths from subdural hematomas, strokes, etc., still more on the death count.

        Amd all of this by way of proving that the Coof was super deadly. Easy peasy.

        • if what you’re saying is true – that makes this the biggest medical scandal since thalidomide.

          • Bigger.

            Yes, people did die from the push over the edge from the Coof; but people with these issues of sensecent immune systems, or underlying comorbidities have been taken off by the garden variety flu for many years. The distinguishing feature to me is the calculated manner in which these vulnerable populations seem to have been deliberately exposed to a respiratory virus that had been engineered to be more transmissable, that additionally presented in ways different than the quotidian flus or pneumonias for which fairly efficacious therapies were available to protect at least some of those infected. This cranked up the death count, and hence the panic, which led to the massive rush to get jabbed with a clinically untested “vaccine” that is clearly dangerous well beyond the population killed by the flu or pneumonia.

            I have come to believe that the plan was to get as close as possible to having the entire population injected, but even beyond that, to have everyone who has been injected digitally logged as the first step to a universal registry that would enable the implementation of a full-blown social score system enforced by the parallel implementatiof of a central bank administered digital “currency” as a means of totalitarian social control.

            So, yeah, way bigger than thalidomide or any other prior medical/pharmacological disaster or scam. Playing for all the marbles.

  11. Of the two critiques of the HBD folks, one is well justified and the other is not. They *did* lose their minds over COVID, which is inexplicable since they are supposedly into quantitative and rational thinking. It just goes to show that anyone has an irrational side, especially when fear is at work.

    The criticism that the HBD ideas are irrelevant to policy or that they never talk policy implications is false. The prime example is in the area of disparate impact, which is a legal doctrine based on the blank slate. Without HBD data and reasoning, there’s no good answer to disparate impact legal theory. More broadly, the whole idea of proportionate representation of various racial and ethnic groups in everything from science to prison depends on the blank slate. For instance, Amy Wax (who is extremely based) has been talking about this specific issue for years and has taken plenty of flak about it. Likewise, Heather Macdonald has been going on about race and criminality and the connection to black incarceration numbers. These are practical consequences of HBD and without anyone pushing back against the blank slate, there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be quotas for everything from prison inmates to neurosurgeons. IQ, time preference, and propensity to violence have real variability with real consequences.

    On a more personal level, I’ve had success in bringing normies over to our side of the great divide by pointing these things out. It’s a struggle because the blank slate is the state ideology that is taught in school. Yet everyone knows, at some level, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. There’s plenty of cognitive dissonance out there that’s ripe for exploitation.

    • The corona freakout on pretty much the whole race-and-IQ right showed that for them, voicing trust in the reality of intelligence measurement is an obscurantist proxy for endorsing the whole extant order, our “meritocracy,” the “experts,” etc.

      So really, they’re the Real Conservatives™, with just a quibble here and there—like, “Why does Matt Yglesias make so much more money than I do?”

    • Just look at the blacks out in public. When not looting, raping and killing, they’re always masked up. The only people in my hood who wear the face diapers now are our diversity saints. They wear them in their cars, outside, etc. that should be an indicator to normie where they are on the IQ curve.

      • Same with wearing safety vests from whatever menial job they have, when they’re not working.

  12. One of the convoy organizers B.J. (appropriate name?) Dichter turned tail and ran. Chris Barber and Tamara Lich got busted and released, but B.J. couldn’t take the heat. And he’s starting a Twitter war with Marc Friesen who has been against the coof tyranny from day 1. Not a good look, BJ.

  13. There is only one true authority and when we recognized this we were logically able to draw nearly all aspects of our western culture from this point (and it’s fundamentally UNWOKE I might add). The long march towards western liberalism, wokenss, whatever “ism” you want to call it has simply been an effort to turn our eyes from this authority towards temporal things “rendered under Caesar”.

    We can buy more guns, and start “conservative” LLCs and think about “living off grid” (if you’re a millionaire) but maybe we just need to get back to church. Maybe fake it till you make it if your faith is shaky but keep in mind the church, The Church, The Catholic church is leftie’s ultimate prize. Dismantling this leave NO opposition. They’ve tried to destroy her in the past for centuries but the body of Christ cannot die.

    We need saints and crusaders; this fight is going to be spiritual.

  14. The issue here is extreme collectivism. Common Good Conservatism is just another way to embrace collectivism. It’s the same stupid logic that says I have to wear a mask because of your feelings.

    The antidote to collectivism is individualism. Individualists get steamrolled in our collectivist-oriented government. Do they select for corrupt deceivers? Yeah, you bet, but ultimately in Government, they select for drones who will support the Hive.

    The choice as it has been for a long time is up or down, feet or knees, free or slave. We lose because we play on their terms and we try to adopt their language.

    The public is currently vomiting on the past 2 years of collectivism. Some of the bluest of blue states are dropping mask mandates without any warning or explanation. Others are dropping them, but making sure to get their last few licks in by saying “March 21st”. The extreme collectivism of forced vaccines has finally pissed a lot of people off. The extreme collectivism of the Winter of Death and pandemic of the unvaccinated crashed into the wall of reality: millions of vaccinated people got sick anyway, and many of them died. People noticed that all their vaccinated friends got sick and that stupid mask didn’t do a damned bit of good.

    Ukraine v. Russia is just the “community of nations” collectivist garbage playing out in international politics with Ukraine playing the role of the Welfare Queen, the Biden Regime pretending there’s a unified global stance against Russia, and Russia doing EXACTLY the right thing to do in the face of extreme collectivism: extreme individualism. Since their economy is already garbage, the “global community” (i.e. the Biden Regime) doesn’t really have much leverage over them because the extreme collectivists also hate energy production because cheap energy = individual freedom. Putin might be a thug, but he also realizes he has a generally homogeneous population and economically they really don’t have anything to lose. People who have nothing to lose – or put another way, people who have things that are difficult to take – are extremely difficult to control.

    The truck drivers up in Canada are losing, but they are showing the way by highlighting the vulnerabilities we as individualists face in confronting the collectivists. The collectivists control the courts, they can write whatever laws they require, and if a law doesn’t exist they just do it anyway. And they can always get their collectivist buddies at the banks to play ball. The individualists fought back, moving funds from GFM to GSG, but it wasn’t a long-term solution because that money lives in the collectivist money bins. How money flows into movements will have to change because of this. That’s a good thing. They’ve exposed a vulnerability, and now its up to us to find a way to hit back…most likely by diffusing the money through smaller community and regional banks that are less likely to attack their neighbors. US Bank doesn’t care about you. But the local banker just might…if you bank smartly and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    The extreme individualists find ways to protest that cannot be coopted, and the money cannot be stopped, because the extreme individualists act independently and present a very small target for the collectivists to attack. Imagine a Freedom Convoy that isn’t a convoy of 1,000 trucks but two trucks driving slow and blocking traffic for hours, and when they get pulled over, two more trucks drive slow. Or breakdowns at inconvenient locations and times of day. And you save your money outside of a bank and you stock up at home and you work with friends and family so that when the Government targets your bank they find nothing but cobwebs. When the police give you a citation for driving slow, you pay the $200 and your friends and family make up the difference.

    We don’t win when we use the collectivists’ language, strategy, or tactics. We have to find our own way. The individualist doesn’t give a damn about the school board. The individualist pulls his kid outta that lunatic asylum and teaches him a trade and pays for classes on how to code or weld or become an electrician. The people who know how to make things tend to be the people who know how to break things…and people like that are very handy to have around. The individualist doesn’t raise money for direct action through crowd sourcing. The individualist seeks out the help of friends and family and there are 1,000 ways under the table to do that which the government would struggle to touch. And 1,000 widows and orphans funds get opened. The extreme individualist pays off his house and his cars and pays off the credit card in full each month to deny the bank interest money and “leverage” over him. The individualist cuts the cord to cable and sportsball knowing he can get far more enjoyment – and freedom – learning skills instead of throwing away the hours on eye candy and cheap entertainment highs.

    That’s the antidote to collectivism. It’s not meant to be a complete or well thought out list, but just some general principles.

    The new battle is between collectivism and individualism. That’s why you’re seeing all these new alliances decloaking. There are “left wing” individualists and “right wing” collectivists.

    Anyway, take it fwiw.

    • There’s a lot to unpack with that comment. I generally agree with the sentiment and the points you made, but I’m not sure I agree with the idea this boils down to “individualism vs. collectivism” as the connotation might imply. The Left wants to bend you to their will, they demand conformity. So, it is true they are collectivists in that sense: they order, you obey. However, I don’t think it should follow that we could respond (and win) through hyper individualism. Team work — organization and relentless pursuit of victory — is what wins politics, and the Left has that in spades. I see no reason why we can’t support our own rights while working together to prevent the Left from denying us ours — even if it means denying them theirs.

    • Sharp take.

      “The truck drivers up in Canada are losing, but they are showing the way by highlighting the vulnerabilities we as individualists face in confronting the collectivists.”

      Point taken but they actually won when the provinces ended the mandates. There is indeed much to learn from these guys, and they have exposed both boobytraps and holes in the system. It probably is a good time to ditch bank stocks and draw down accounts, for starters.

      • They did win and they made a lot of personal sacrifices to do it. Cracks were formed in the cohesiveness of the political framework and the government lost a great deal legitimacy. Instead of compromising and saving face they drove the citizens further away from the institutions used to control them and lost anyway in most of country where mandates are being rolled back.

    • We are soon approaching the time where many (if not most) of the sane citizenry will realize that this hinge point in history is not patty cake and the Cloud People and their Jackboot enforcers mean business. IOW, there is no time left for high-minded and esoteric debates over political philosophy and persuasion-based vote mongering. Millions saw the storm clouds building in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The lucky ones fled early while most buried their head in the sand, crossed their fingers, and deluded themselves that the worse could never happen here. We are poised to make the same mistake right here in River City.

      Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get out of the city now. Find a safe haven somewhere rural. Disappear and become an anonymous nobody. Your primary mission is to survive the collapse. Wait for the fog of chaos when cities erupt in wanton violence and mayhem. LEOs will be fully engaged or disintegrating. From the shadows, only from the shadows. Smarter, not harder. There will be a Stasi plant in every militia movement, likely as leadership. Everything solely within the confines of your cranium. What they fear most and cannot stop is the bolt from the blue. Antibodies are natures means of ridding the body of disease.

      • And the smart people who lived rurally were just left alone by the Bolsheviks and lived happy ever after.

        Oh wait…

        • The purpose of being in a rural safe haven at the start of the collapse is to survive the initial bout of Crazy. Then wait for the fog before doing anything proactive. This is just common sense. No one said anything about sitting on your hands and waiting for the Jackboots to show up at your doorstep. That notion came out of your head.

  15. As of 6 pm, the protestors and trucks are still there, there’s thousands of cops in riot gear with AR-15s, horses, and other weapons. I am a little skeptical that these are all Canadian cops. Would not be surprised if foreign UN related troops are here. A giant perimeter around the downtown area has been set up – all roads are blocked. You need to show papers to prove you either live or work in downtown Ottawa to enter the “red zone”. The diversity hire black Ottawa police chief has stepped down and been replaced with a thug white guy eager to crack skulls lol.

    I will most likely not be going this weekend. As much as I’d like to be there, I think it’s best to hold off. Don’t send all your soldiers into one battle. Sounds like a cop out but I think I can be more useful going forward than stuck in some gulag as a result of a weekend expedition. If the cops back off tonight and the protests swell tomorrow (as they always have done on weekends) I will consider it.

    This crackdown seems bigger than the crackdowns in other “authoritarian” countries. Especially on a semi-peaceful protest. Lukashenko didn’t go all out until the violence started. It will be easy for 3rd world countries to ignore Western complains about authoritarianism now.

    Anyways, cops are still there but so are the protestors. I suspect that it’s mostly intimidation tactics and thuggery trying to force people to stay away. I guess it worked on me. The mass arrests won’t start until Tuesday, but who knows.

    • B125, you should consider coming. You don’t have to show the cops ID at the checkpoints nor tell them where you’re going. I hope people still come and flood the parliament area like the last 3 weekends. The cops can’t do shit. Just saw photo of a mountie horse trampling an elderly woman. Pigs on horses now too, to move the crowd.

        • Nope, didn’t go. I got paranoid about my kids, and I have nobody to babysit them (none of our so called friends are on our side of the divide). Sorry I couldn’t practice what I preach.

          By the way, Chris Sky and others have said the so called arrests, the cops let the people go on the street outside of downtown. Theatre arrests to boost the stats.

          The Ottawa Police Twitter feed is comical at best. This just in: photos of woman trampled by horse is a photoshop job. Earlier: protesters threw has canister. The OPS have a bright future in Canadian legacy media.

          Trucks left downtown but not the city. Looking forward to new demonstrations, and the martial law voted down soon I hope.

          The Cons are showing some promise. Oshawa MP asked about WEF penetration in Liberal cabinet. He was called disinfo by NDP parasite and the question was left unanswered. He should be leader, not Murphy Brown nor the French guy who looks like a crook.

    • I am starting to wonder how real this is at this point in time (maybe it was earlier and everyone went home).

      On the live streams there are very few trucks (<10) and not that many people maybe 50-100 or so. Most of whom appear to be observers or livestreamers just there to grab footage or the see police line like a tourist.

      Its mostly just a few lines of police trying to look intimidating and walking slowly forward every so often against no real opposition,or numbers. The cops massively outnumber the few people, The streams are all tight shots with the few pans showing practically no one else besides the small numbers.

      Looks like some odd performance art project just to show the effectiveness of the response.

      I am not there, so what do I know, but its got a very non-real vibe to it all.

      • yeah i agree i think it’s just for show (for now). tough guys with their colorful uniforms and toys guns. I don’t think the mass arrests will start until Tuesday.

        There are alot of trucks though, it’s hard to visualize it from a single video. it’s like several miles of trucks parked in a row down one street

    • “there’s thousands of cops in riot gear with AR-15s”

      I thought AR-15s were banned in Canada.

      Oh, wait — they ARE. If you are a prole, you are forbidden to own “weapons of war” which have “no purpose but to slaughter people.”

      If you are a cop… well then you may have “weapons of war” which have “no purpose but to slaughter people.”

      So I guess we can infer that the cops are at war with the people, and intend to slaughter them…

  16. “By whose authority”?

    A natural elite that’s willing to pay up.

    PART ONE: A natural elite.

    Socially adept men who are also cognitively able. They can paint themselves into a corner and work their way out. They can talk to women.

    PART TWO: Willing to pay up

    They pay for the privilege of the franchise. If, in order to vote, you’re willing to pony up little bits of gold you get in. That’s it.

  17. Cops arresting people in downtown Ottawa, some are being beaten, Windows broken in vehicles. Guys in military gear with assault rifles, suspected US Army soldiers. Paddy wagons galore. Snipers on roofs. Livestreams cut off, and media kept out. But people still filming and posting.

    Tyranny has come to the great white North. Pathetic Turd and his regime.

    • What is interesting is the seizing of bank accounts, canceling insurance, being extended to any donor. All without any warrants or judicial oversight or any appeals process. It just happens. Supposedly the person running Trudeau, Freeland, some ex news-whore with a notch count higher than Maggie Trudeau’s, has “asked” the Biden Admin to seize all US accounts (and cancel insurance etc) as they are labeled “terrorists.”

      My guess is that Biden in fact does that, the master plan of Dr. Jill and Psaki seem to be seize opposition voters/pols money and then ?? then profit. The underwear gnome theory of politics. Once the 75 million or so Trump voters and families see the Government can and will seize their bank account for any reason at all, they won’t have much if anything in there. It will all be cash, all the time, or crypto.

      The cost of the US and Canada going to cash or crypto instead of bank accounts is massive. People don’t just go away because the government takes their money. Its as if they are trying their very best to kick off the hottest of hot civil wars. [Note, Trudeau has exempted blacks and non-White immigrants from his protest ban. Some people are more equal than others and most/all of what motivates Government and Companies seems to be a demand that Dirt People grovel and abase themselves before their betters.]

      • State banking commissioners control who can operate banks within their states. Cucks, of course, won’t do act but there are some states that will. A number are disinvesting from Blackrock, and while that is not a bank, it shows they are aware.

    • Weird.

      So lines of riot police. Constant intimidation. Smashing a truck window and dragging a guy out in front of the crowd and the response is just hundreds of people holding up their phones while the guy is cuffed and dragged off, followed by a few chants of shame, but no push back.

      The cops just pull people through the lines and still just filming.

      It looks like sheep herding. Hundreds of grown men getting pushed about, women wandering around in the crowd as if its not actually happening and they just keep filming their own oppression like its a TV game show.

      • “Persecution fetish” is a phrase I’ve heard used to describe these sorts of people. It strikes me as rather accurate.

    • These guys need to learn some basic formation tactics and practice. The cops only know how to form a line. There are so many group formations the truckers could form into to totally disorient the cops and break their line or flank them etc. You are going to get arrested anyway so give them something to think about long and hard for next time. And let the world see how the cops are trained to respond.

    • Maybe this will finally make the “Blue Lives Matter” crowd smarten up. Turns out that Blue lives don’t matter. They’re the front lines of the Globohomo oppression of normal white people. The military said no. The police said yes.

      Heard it all around Ottawa. Speakers saying how they support the police. People thanking the cops for “being there”. The cops just kept their emotionless stare. I was cringing and kept thinking over and over “these cops you are thanking now are going to be the ones screwing you later”.

      • Nothing will ever get through to badge-lickers. It’s an absolute, permanent disqualification for being useful in any SHTF situation—of which this is a notable one. The “protesters” deserve to be crushed, because there’s not one fully human man among them.

      • “The military said no. The police said yes.”

        I don’t think that would happen down here. The military would join with the police.

        The optics are horrific for Trudeau and Western leaders, but I do feel for the truckers. If it gets bad enough, we need a national strike in the States.

        • Do the optics even matter? I’m just wondering if the normal person even knows or cares what the true story is.

          • Good question. I assume “yes,” but that really may be old thinking so your point is taken. We may have arrived at the place where oppression has to happen at the personal level before Normie takes note.

          • They won much of the optics battle. It does matter. They put the media and the government into a yet more absurd position. Consider how difficult it is for the middle-of-the-road liberal to think outside the party-line. They have a natural tendency to back track to their original position. But the truckers showed that not behaving like hooligans goes a long way to gaining support, tacit or otherwise. It helps that foreign country leaders are piling on with derisive comments. That’s humiliating for liberals, who like to think of themselves as bastions of virtue on the world stage.

          • Indeed,
            When there was a rave thousands of people turned up to “show support”.

            When the cops turned up no one to be seen and they watched it on TV like they had been to some LARP convention and the point of it was meaningless.

            I really think optics are BS at this point. Its just another narrative to stop you acting.

            It never prevents them acting.

          • Iron Maiden, spot on. The truckers have done AMAZINGLY. And optics really matter. It is incredibly ‘useful’, to use a regrettably cynical term, to have pictures of cops arresting and even brutalizing, ‘common folks’. People where Normie can’t put a mental barrier between them and himself.

      • I want to hate the “ACAB” slogan just because it’s owned by a bunch of filthy antifa. But they’re not wrong.

  18. This is sort of related and interesting as to how politics works inside the Netherlands and the effects on culture and what its trying to achieve. Its Thierry Baudet discussing his experience. The guy sounds actually what we would call reasonable.

    He makes the same point as zman about how politicians just behave differently and have a different quality about them.

    For those who think voting will help it is probably worth a watch.

    • Just to add, I have some reservations about him , as some of his interactions seem a little controlled. Its just the bit about parliament and the use of ideas.

  19. Just started the Friday dive (a bit later than usual).
    Quick gut takes:
    1. Book Zman references is “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. As you might expect from a Unitarian Universalist pastor, it’s as bland as the graham crackers they used to serve as a snack just before your nap at my own midwest kindergarten in the mid-60s.
    2. By Whose authority? BFYTW! The playground is where you learn about the dominance hierarchy and exactly where you fit.

  20. While not the primary topic, your points on the iconoclasm are spot on. It was interesting how quickly the statue topplers backed off when there was pushback. The attempt to topple the Jackson statute in D.C. springs to mind, as does a really heartening incident in Gainesville, Florida of all places when desecration of a Confederate monument was stopped by credible threats of violence.

    Those were the exceptions, though. Few came forward to protect their heritage out of sheer fear. That was what stuck with me.

  21. In Re: “Cultural Genocide” -it’s redundant

    The most widely internationally accepted definition of the term “genocide” doesn’t differentiate between mere mass murder or abolishing culture. This is why the Australians got in trouble when they tried to forcibly put aboriginal kids in white homes “for their own good”.

    Best read in Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948.

    TLDR; Cultural genocide IS genocide. The Zman is spot on about the concerted effort to wipe out any white, American culture. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    • This is the natural result of feminized culture. Everyone from Norman Mailer to Bill Gates seems to worship blacks as the ultimate man, i.e. the anti-Whites, with the more favorable characteristics to appeal to women. That is, low natural IQ, low cooperativeness, large endowment, high levels of violence, inter-personal dominance, irrational unpredictability, low deferred gratification, high impulsiveness, extraversion, and petulant, aggrieved attitudes.

      It is only among those who simply ceased caring, or had high enough status that did not worship blacks. Steve Jobs, John Wayne, Elon Musk, Mel Gibson, Eric Clapton, maybe a few others. At any rate a feminine society will soon eradicate its men by replacing them with others that create the tingles since that is literally all that matters. As an aside in the Spring/Summer or 2020 I saw several BLM rallies in my immediate local area. About 90% young White women. All no doubt looking for black dudes. I never saw any White dudes at all at the rallies.

      • I wonder if they really do worship this population or whether it’s really more self-worship in a condescending “aren’t we so enlightened?” way.

  22. Excellent lecture as always Z. Let me take a swing:

    By whose authority? By my own, and that of my Maker. The heavy lifting and deep thinking has already been done, it’s all right there in the Bible. We can blame Biden or Turdo for our circumstances; we the people put them there, and we took the knee to them when they started running amok. For 99% of this stuff it really isn’t that hard. Do what’s right. Answer to God as you do it. Easy peasey.

    To what end? To restore our humanity and souls. One of the things we’ve let Lefty do is turn thin black lines into wide grey zones where everything goes. We need to establish rules we can all live by. We need to put the loons and perverts back in the closet, and deal with the corrupt so that we can establish good families and communities. None of that will be fun or free… but that’s life. Instead of making tough decisions we have been trying to find common middle ground with stupid people, with the corrupt and deluded… and that only ends one way.

    How do we get there: Blood, basically. Lots and lots of blood. Too much of it will be our own. The soap box and ballot box are done. The choices facing us aren’t that hard to make. We can shed our blood in the Ukraine, in the Middle East or wherever democracy is threatened… or we can shed it right here where our own freedom is being menaced by the very guys pushing democracy abroad.

    There’s no easy way out anymore. Soon, we will all be boogaloonians unless we act decisively to prevent it. It all comes down to where we will make our sacrifices and our investments.

    Best of luck to all of you in that – and have yourselves a fine long Family Day weekend.

    How do we get there

    • Agree that each man who is truly in accord with the natural law implanted in his conscience by the Creator is THE authority; and that the proper end of that authority is a flourishing family. It’s your last take I find problematic. Consider this likely scenario:
      Men, you look prepped for action with your Hawaiian shirt and your locked-and-loaded AR15. The Big Aloha is about to kick off. Fortunately, with modern optics you won’t have to wait to fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Now reach out and touch that globohomo scum! … Wait, what’s that you’re saying? There’s an incoming hellfire missile fired from an unmanned drone cruising at 30K altitude. Whelp, uh, men it’s been an honor dying in utter futility with you in this noble cause. /epic fail

      • Those drones are operated from somewhere. Find out where and you win a prize.

        Double bonus prize if you find out who works there.

  23. The “anti-racists” don’t want a world without “racism,” they want a world without White people. They are extremely racist. They are the most racist people around. They talk endlessly of “eliminating whiteness,” which is another way of saying eliminating White people. They don’t want a world of puppies, they want a world of pit-bulls at our throats. The only reason the land is not littered white dead white bodies is for now, there are too many of us.

    • Numerical superiority has been the sole break on White genocide. Enough fangs have been bared to put the fear of God into even White leftists, although they never will admit it.

      • I’m so sick of hearing that myth. The same people who acquiesced to the Jim Covid hysteria and just accepted the Biden regime’s theft of the 2020 election aren’t going to do anything. Saying otherwise is a cope to avoid actually doing anything in the present.

        “Someone else is going to do something in the future, just you wait. Those other people have all the guns (mostly low powered sidearms and rifles ineffective against air support, body armor, and an organized army equipped with automatic rifles), so they’ll win the conflict for us in the future … someday.”

        Should Biden declare himself dictator and take your guns in a door-to-door search, those conservative vets will fold just like they did all the times before. There will be no resistance. Pretty soon they’ll be saying they were always for gun confiscation and tyranny — “democrats are the real constitutionalists!”

        Let’s face it. Americans are fat and lazy … and stupid. They aren’t giving up their creature comforts, including guzzling soda and Sunday football, to fight your boomer rebellion. They’ll grumble, then submit just as the Canadians did.

        • ABSOLUTELY!!!

          The right uses their guns as pacifiers. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy to have one. And every single one of them anywhere near the “mainstream” puts the line in the sand as taking the guns. It is truly retarded.

          The gun to them is not a tool to be used to further an end, it is an end in itself.

          They also define tyranny in such a way that we never get there, no matter how tyrannical the government has become. As long as people aren’t being dragged off the street in the middle of the night, or the cops are not taking our guns (never mind the fact that they do), then everything is A-OK. Spreading an oppression narrative to gin up hatred and resentment against their children is OK, so long as they get to keep their precious pacifier.

          What good is a tool you will not use?

        • To an extent, I agree. However, I think there are some dissidents who are way too eager for violence. Violence can certainly be a solution to a lot of problems, but it is rarely the best solution to any problem. If the government were to go door-to-door grabbing guns, the most obvious thing to do is hide the guns and tell the agents you sold them for cash at a show years ago.ost likely, you keep the guns and avoid a shootout. Of course, they could be prepared to thoroughly search someone’s property, but they simply wouldn’t have enough manpower to do that to every owner. The truth is that throwing sand in the gears of state is just as effective as throwing a Molotov cocktail at it, but with way less personal risk. The best strategy is to figure out how to surreptitiously throw sand, not ostentatiously be violent.

          • I certainly do not advocate violence and most certainly not publicly. But I also don’t have any romantic notions about what such a scenario would look like and how badly it would affect everyone. It would be VERY ugly and there would be a lot of pain to go around.

            However, if you have a gun and you take using the gun off the table, then having a gun is rather pointless. To me it isn’t their taking it off the table that is the most frustrating, it’s all the fake posturing and preening about their cold dead hands.

            While I seriously doubt the state would ever try to confiscate their guns (why take the pacifier from a them when mere possession (locked in a safe) of the pacifier is enough to pacify them), if they did, the people screeching about their cold dead hands would cuck immediately. They would probably do their civic duty and dime out their friends who refused to give them up and hid them. The state is not going to send faceless jackboots dressed all in black to take the guns. It’s going to mostly be the local, county and state police and it would be done around routine contact with the state.

            What conservative patriot type is willing to shoot a cop, possibly a local cop who he knows, right in the face (I do not think that’s a good idea and totally disavow any such actions)? That is one of the very ugly aspects of what a revolution would look like.

          • I don’t thinking talking about starting violence on a public forum is a good idea.

            What bothers me is the people who reflexively disavow it.

            Pacifism is idealistic nonsense inconsistent with all of human history.

            It also dangerously emboldens your enemy to assume he can do anything he wants with impunity.

            Don’t disavow violence, just shut up and keep your rulers second guessing themselves.

        • On the other hand, it’s possible that things really don’t happen according to your schedule and in accordance with your personal preferences. It’s possible that the right time simply hasn’t yet come.
          It’s possible that *you* will recognize the time when it does come, which will be within the next ten years. There are three presidential election cycles to come during this decade: ’24, ’28, & ’32. The final crisis will come during one of those cycles. Everything is cyclical, and nobody can rush the cycles.

        • Yep. The biggest cop bootlickers and most scrupulous followers of “the law” are the flag-waving, Blue Lives Matter gun Fudds.

          I got kicked out a of a very rural (and overpriced) gun shop that wanted me to wear an absurd covid mask and “sign in.” They were deathly afraid of getting busted by the government for letting someone into their shop in violation of the mask edict.

          These are the same guys who all claim they are willing to shoot a masked robber on the spot, though…

        • Excellent comment. Empirically private guns are not effective at preventing tyranny. 100,000 atomized guys with guns are a medium police problem. 1000 organized guys with guns are a tough problem for the military. 200 organized guys with international support, can win. Examples are Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan.

          Without a common doctrine to rally around, the 350 mill. guns in America will be of no avail. History is clear on this. The German Peasant’s War is an example of how organization beats numbers; 300,000 peasants defeated by 9,000 organized men.

          • All the examples of success you gave had major support from states. IRA had American, European,Soviet,Libyan support.
            Iraq was sponsored by Iran,Saudi Arabia.
            Afghanistan was a Pakistani, Saudi op.
            Imperial estates backed the Landsknechte? army.

          • 350 million Indians ruled by 5,000 British.

            Ghandi’s question to the viceroy ; How can this be?
            Answer ; We are better than you.

    • The goal is Power: Condemn society for racism, over and over, until society capitulates into their hands to provide salvation. The antiracism consultants charge big big bucks. The ninnies out in the street yelling are selling themselves out for free.

      And they are killing us off.

      We should be strategic about the using the word “racism.” Analytical discussion of how they use charges of racism and how we can utilize that is generally useful. Calling them racist as an insult is probably unhelpful, it might reinforce the idea that it’s bad to have racial preferences. If “racism” can become so overused that none of us care anymore, then that would be useful. We want our people to be racist; and the enemy to not be.

  24. Totally agree with the statistics mill leading nowhere. It’s good to know, but not a valuable tool for changing normies brain. Same with the whole ‘ Bl-em did that and they didn’t get put in jail or if trump did that all hell would have broke loose, hell has broken loose by the way.waste of time to keep bringing that up. They don’t care. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning out there.

  25. Looks like the police are clearing Ottawa.

    Hearing people trying to appeal to their better natures is somewhat strange.

    They appear to still think they are not going to get assaulted.

    • Awful but predictable. The potential for violence has been great all along and the only shock is the Canadian government has not gone full Tiananmen Square, at least yet. I think this has done more to forge White identity than anything in recent history, though, and the reason for the unhinged reaction.

      • Given the second line appears to military/tactical in fatigues with long weapons ready, they better hope the canuks back off or some guy driving his truck through the lie is going to cause a shitshow.

      • The situation also shows how feckless the “conservative” opposition is in any Western country. At the very least, Canada’s opposition parliament members should be out there en masse standing with the protesters and daring the police to arrest them. That act might inspire widespread civil disobedience in other Canadian provinces and embolden the army to consider removing Trudeau. But no. All they do is talk and plead with an unreasonable tyrant whose hate rhetoric already caused terrorist attacks against their constituents — church burnings, specifically.

        I would posit that much of the Left’s advancement comes from conservative fecklessness in opposing them. Emboldened, the Left pushes farther each time. Western conservatism has been about organized surrenders to each of the Left’s continual social revolutions in the faint hope that the current one will be the last one.

        After the mess of recent years, it has become impossible to think they’ll ever stop; they’ll always be another -ism or -phobia for these negative personalities to organize against, with “you” being their “other” in every circumstance. Either follow Trudeau’s example — relentlessly lie and use the police state to crush your opposition — or be crushed yourselves.

        • Right. I’m sure Candice Bergan will make an indignant statement on the floor of Parliament when the smoke clears, only to tell the media afterwards that the protestors should have known enough to go home first.

          Again, the words of Reagan come to mind, “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: we win, they lose.” Today’s conservatives either don’t care about winning or, worse, they quietly believe that enacting the left’s causes is winning.

          Give us a winner, give us a strong horse, and you’ll have a formidable army at your back.

        • No one is surprised when betrayed by an enemy.

          It’s the betrayals from within that hurt the most.

          The silence (or worse, condemnation about) the Jan 6 political prisoners and their total lack of due process from the Republican Party is a stain that should end the entire excuse of a party.

          I imagine the truckers feel the same way about their elected officials.

      • I don’t think this has done anything to help forge White identity. The truckers and allies are happy to have Sikhs and schvartzers aboard if they’re down with the cause, while Trudeau and the rest of the totalitarian government are mostly white.

    • No effort should be spared to identify every single cop/soldier involved in this. If for no other reason than to repeatedly dox them and plant a seed of doubt in their minds. Just as a reminder:

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      • KGB: To which I respond, as I have to others – Why wait? Where are their neighbors right now? Why aren’t their wives and children being shunned, their families uninvited to any neighborhood party or gathering? Why aren’t other White people publicly turning their backs on them? There’s plenty of pushback that can be done when the elite’s enforcers aren’t in uniform and one can clearly demonstrate contempt . . . but crickets.

        • I agree wholeheartedly. It’s no wonder conservative politicians love to talk a big game on the hustings but meekly grab their ankles once in office. They surely see that their alleged constituents are just as timid.

        • my understanding is the majority of canadians are in favor of the tyrant’s actions. might be propaganda, but it fits all evidence of past behavior by the herd of normies.

  26. As an agnostic, I’ll say upfront that without God, some unquestionable law giver, there is no satisfying foundation for morality.

    In the absence of God, we require a foundation nonetheless. Our Founders put their faith in the “inalienable rights” of Natural Law and individual human rights. We find that this foundation cannot withstand organized ethnic groups that control the culture.

    My best guess for a non-religious foundation for morality coincides with Aristotle: human nature. We aren’t blank slates. Humans have inborn moral instincts and unchangeable characteristics that are the axioms from which we derive our morality. (This is where we assume the “is”s are “ought”s.)

    However, there is very little human nature that is shared by all humans. Instead, we find that the races have individual natures. I used to believe that it was human nature for almost all parents to love them children but then I studied the behavior of black men and had to surrender that belief.

    So, the non-religious foundation for morality is the instinctual morality that we inherit from our race. Different races will have different moralities. The simplest example of this is that Chinese eat dogs while Europeans love them.

    • Race doesn’t have anything to do with morals, which are a cultural feature. Many white Europeans don’t have a problem with eating horse meat but it’s effectively illegal in the U.S. Cockfighting, a favorite pastime everywhere, including the British Isles, isn’t legal anywhere in the US yet is passionately practiced by whites from one end to the other, especially in the south, as it has been for centuries.
      Locke, an advocate of private property, would have a difficult time prohibiting a person from eating his own dog.

      • I guess that depends upon how one might define “morality.” My definition =/= social mores (eating a dog, for example) but causing harm to others. Under equal circumstances, I’d expect far more Europeans to oppose dog torture than Africans. Culture plays a role, but so do the innate personalities conferred by genetics.

      • Culture is downstream of genetics.

        Separating them out is no different than trying to pretend gender is a thing without sex.

      • Thanks dude. I always value a civil contrary perspective.

        Text to placate the filter: Goood Day Sunshine. Good Day Sunshine!

      • Cockfighting is not a favourite pastime in the UK. Don’t assume everyone on this blog is a compatriot of yours.

        You are just making stuff up

    • Yup, Sandy, yup yup.

      Morality comes from either biology or theology.

      Our biology, ie our culture is a mish mash of almost every biology in the world. Our theology to the extent we have one, is DIEism, (which is more mish mash) is a mish mash of almost every religion in the world.

      Small wonder we can’t even agree on anything. Which is how our overloads like it as we end up squabbling with each other rather than them.

  27. OK, just finished the podcast and it reawakened an old memory.

    The first website to ban me (many moons ago) occurred after I asked the blog host “who made you God Emperor of the Universe?” and it was in the context of challenging his self-allocated Grand Authority. A phase which he later mimicked and used against others.

    Yes, this tactic can be useful for remote interactions like the internet, but a face-to-face confrontation in which is tangible pain is at risk is much more consequential. The incipient tyrants that currently afflict us are all posturing behind a phalanx of Jackboots and assumed invincibility. Methinks they would not be so bold if accountability were more tangible and immediate.

  28. By whose authority is a very important question. I read Alex Berenson’s substack from time to time. On Feb 7th in response to the Rogan flap he said “The n-word is out of bounds for white people, okay?…I can’t believe we’re even talking about this.” After your podcast today I watched that Portnoy video you mentioned (which was also on Feb 7th and was a reaction to Rogan). Portnoy and the three Meiselas brothers are sitting around discussing who can say what words. They agree white people should never use that word.

    So basically we have five jews telling white people what words they are aloud to say on the same day. By what authority? I’d say the authority granted by chutzpah. Until white people learn to tell the big nose little hat tribe to STFU, and return to a white morality, we willl never be free of this nonsense

    • The agreeing in media is just a way of one group of primates in their own small group to subvert the primate hierarchy “observe and emulate” behavior in larger troops to arrive at direction for the whole troop.

      Its not any different to repeating the calls one sees in howler monkeys, and the like.

      The trick is identifying which monkeys are in your troop, and which only appear to be.

  29. For any society which is non-uniform or has fault lines that cannot be resolved via shared goals I think civil war is the answer to “Says who?”.

    We see this over and over. Ultimately it comes down to those who have guns and those who dig trenches.

    Once the majority blood is shed and the groups accept this is the state of affairs, things get entrenched into founding myths and written reasons. This time it appears to have been done without bloodshed just using media conditioning and fifth columnists.

    The push back around the world seems to be a start to asking that question again in the west. At the moment its “Says Me” for the politicians and their lackeys, but people are starting to catch on to the degree that they are violating the earlier founding myths and its lots of cases they don’t even look like us. Feels wrong to people, but most still can’t quite see it. Maybe they never will, and its trench duty for you and your children.

    This is why the constant barrage of propaganda to try and rewrite the founding myths of each nation in real time, so people have nowhere to stand and say “this does not fit this rule, this is not what we agreed”.

    The how do we get there to a solution is obvious and unfortunate.

    • “This time it appears to have been done without bloodshed just using media conditioning and fifth columnists.” This new(ish) form of warfare is crucial. We are not evolved to deal with a purely ideological war, conducted without the use of overt force. This environment selects for different people than those who faced, shall we say, different challenges in the past. The new era will yield new survivors.

    • I have become increasingly sceptical that any kind of talking is going to change peoples opinion.

      Nobody “convinced” me to be on the far right, I have naturally gravitated towards this way of thinking my whole life, and have no idea how to “convince” anyone who hasn’t moved in this direction on their own.

      Trying to get people to see things our way might be like trying to convince a gay man to like women.

      Talking and argumentation are far less useful than most people assume.

      Perhaps the assumption that we can get people to agree with us if we keep talking is all part of the cultural programming we have been bombarded with since childhood.

      All those pious liberal TV shows like Star Trek where conflicts can be resolved if people just talk to one another.

      • This cultural programming in part worked because we are the people of the Word, used to resolving disputes both through conventional warfare and through discussion over centuries of conflict. Our Constitution presupposes that we will use are variety of linguistic means to redress our grievances and mitigate our differences.

        But as you say, these means have their limits, and culturally and ethnically distinct groups that lack shared history can’t talk away their differences in all cases. Nor can their ‘benevolent’ masters sweet-talk them into agreement. However much the managerial class thinks it can control the narrative, reality steps in.

    • Iconoclasm proves your point about destroying and contorting founding myths. It is a multi-generational effort to erase history and generally dies with the last generation to have lived fully in it. For Westerners, that means Generation X for the most part.

      Sometimes erasure is unsuccessful, though. In the United States, both the South and Hawaii (the more surprising of the two) have frequent outbursts of cultural revanchism, in the UK Scotland moves toward independence and language and culture never got put down for good in Wales, which is similar in that way to the American South. Similar efforts have been met with mixed success throughout the world. Israel is interesting in that the first time the guard is dropped it will be reabsorbed into the Arab world.

      Generally, though, cultural genocide works. How many Dutch cultural vestiges remain prominent in America, for example?

      What is new and remains unsettled is whether the culture of a majority or plurality can be replaced while the population remains numerically dominant. The earlier mentioned groups that have outbursts to retain their culture are exceptions, not the rule, to the majority question. Therein is the struggle that lies ahead.

      • Your point about Scotland demostrates how powerful corporate culture is in your mind and thus refutes your point about the immutable nature of culture. There was never an English attempt to erase Scottish culture, on the contrary the UK like all imperial states attacks the core demographic ie the English. Scottish nationalism and identity has always been tolerated and even encouraged whilst English identity has been opposed by the British elite since the inception of the UK.

        Scottish people can wave their flags,physically assault handicapped Englishmen in wheelchairs and nothing happens but if one Englishman says he is proud to be English then all hell is let loose.English people in Scotland are the group most subject to racial attacks.Scottish and Welsh people literally have their own government, England does not. Celts are aloowed to describe themselves as Scottish or Welsh or Irish but as an Englishman I am “British White”.They even have their own parties explicitly representing them, I just get globalist abstract noun parties like Conservative or labour.

        You are just repeating a Hollywood trope about the downtroden, perpetual Celtic victim and the evil Englishman. But ,congrats, you got under my skin with your BS.

        • The question of the extent to which the English were or were not able to eradicate the native Celtic cultures of the UK is a thorny one. At different points in their shared history the English have had a greater or lesser tolerance for the Scottish and Welsh populations with which they shared an island.

          But for myself, the experience of the UK is more illuminating in contrast to the US when we consider the geographic barriers available to those populations which allowed them to preserve their culture and distinctiveness. America is different in that we don’t have a mountain range to separate us from the invasive populations. Combined with an actively hostile governing class, we’re in a very different position than, say, the Welsh when they first encountered the English. Perhaps our position is closer to the English when they were conquered by the Normans. Zman has drawn comparisons to the position of the Irish. In either case, our situation is unique because we are under near-total surveillance and are having our communities and culture being purposively wiped out with the compliance of many of our number through ideological manipulation. We aren’t being granted even our own reservations like the Native Americans.

          • Geography plays a key role in the States as to cultural preservation. Appalachia remains culturally intact primarily due to geographic isolation, for example. Still, propaganda reaches everyone, everywhere and it destroys culture in an even more insidious manner.

          • I disagree somewhat. Appalachia isn’t geographically isolated in the traditional sense. It just that most people don’t really want to live there so it wasn’t invaded by outsiders like California was.

            Any valuable land in the US is vulnerable to easy migration. The peoples who live in the undesirable lands aren’t preserving a culture that is going to really matter. Appalachia is inhabited by “left side of the bell curve” people who don’t have very many options.

            My guess is that culture could be easily annihilated if conditions were to change.

    • “Once the majority blood is shed and the groups accept this is the state of affairs, things get entrenched into founding myths and written reasons. This time it appears to have been done without bloodshed just using media conditioning and fifth columnists.”

      I think you just described the process of civilization.

      No morals, no civilization. Pain is moral— it disciplines. Whether inflicted or self-imposed, it’s what keeps people in line. Myths only have power if they touch a nerve, if there’s truth in them iow. Maybe even a race memory of past pain, who knows.

      What’s going on is lies and gratification. It’s built on sand. Even the people who take the guilt trip are secretly getting off on it, I suspect.

      It’s like the serpent in the garden. He set events in motion. First the sin, then the awareness of the sin, then you’re in trouble. Someone is bound to come along and start laying the wood.

      I don’t know if that’s valid or makes any sense. Just shooting from the hip.

  30. Since we’re getting to the root of things, how about we start with the notion that there is a “universal truth” underpinning anything political. I submit not.

    In all things that evolve with respect to the interactions of groups of humans, what persists is what works in a particular environment. And by “work” I mean that it enhances the ability of the group to survive and thrive over the long run. Work means continued existence and not work means eventual extinction of either the group or the political behavior.

    In northern European regions, cooperative behaviors tend to persist because that is what works best in an environment in which resources are seasonally scarce, hence reflected in local political dynamics. Conversely, in equatorial regions where plant and animal resources are plentiful year-round, competitive behaviors tend to dominate because more food equals more offspring. As such, there is no “one size fits all” in every corner of the planet.

    If there is a “universal” aspect of politics, it is this. All healthy organisms have an immune system that eliminates disease.

  31. By whose authority

    They’re answer is “The People”. As revealed by Twitter.

    The enlightenment and the rejection of God meant that “man” (as in human beings) were god. Whether individually or collectively.

    But it was always hard to know the collective will of humanity. Every fool can claim to speak for the unheard majority.

    But now we have social media to reveal the will of the divine group.
    It’s an oracle accessible to everyone.

  32. There never was any basis for conservatism.

    I suppose the original division was Tories representing the waning landed/ agrarian interest, and Whigs representing the waxing class of finance/ merchants/ business.

    But once both sides dropped any basis in religion, they both became variants of The Left i.e. oppositional and negative ideologies defined by what they are against.

    The Left is now the entirety of politics, worldwide; and the only possible alternative to The Left would be a party of religion – but that would need to be a religion that had based itself in different and deeper principles than any of the major churches, which have all joined The Left.

    Since this is not going to happen – then politics can only be destructive, and be aiming at various kinds of evil.

    Since destruction is vastly easier than creation – then the Lefter group is always beating the Less-Left, and evil accelerates.

    In other words this ‘alternative to conservatism’ debate is not a *difficult* philosophical problem – it is insoluble; and worse than a waste of time, since it delays/ distracts from what most urgently needs thinking about.

    • “ Conservatism” began as a defense of the established order against the demands of the left.

      But the left has taken control of the establishment at all levels.

      Which leaves what for conservatives to defend?

  33. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but this is a topic near and dear to my heart. Locke only said what he said because of Hobbes — it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that pretty much all of modern Western political theory is an attempt to keep Hobbes’s method (arguing like a geometry proof from the “laws of nature”) without coming to Hobbes’s conclusion.

    The problem is, Hobbes’s premises are false. There’s a “state of nature” all right, and in the state of nature it’s all against all, but Hobbes’s thought experiment* starts by assuming that in the state of nature, we’re all individuals… and we’re all basically equal. That’s the rot at the heart of Enlightenment thought, and it’s right there at the very beginning.

    In the “state of nature,” we’re NOT individuals, we’re NOT free agents, and we’re NOT equal. It’s as simple as that.

    *everybody forgets that Hobbes’s “state of nature” was explicitly a thought experiment; just 2am dorm room bullshit. Hobbes’s prose is so seductive, and he makes so many penetrating observations about human nature etc., that it’s easy to take him at face value.

    • The frustrating part is that everyone knows in their core, perhaps subconsciously for many, that people are not born equal. However, the thought is self censored from polite society. The greatest example I use for people is this. IVF and sperm banks to this day heavily recruit donors from Ivy League medical and law schools and athletes from D1 sports teams. Why don’t they just get the sperm of homeless people if everyone is born equal? Surely the homeless people could use the money.

      Perhaps it’s as simple as the fact that the reality of one has direct consequences if you don’t acknowledge it. Simply believing we are all born equal is a nice comforting thought to espouse when there are no tangible consequences. However, when faced with raising a schizophrenic child or someone with a 70 IQ, you’re forced to admit reality.

      • That would be funny.

        Get some single rich female graduate wanting to spend a few grand on a kid and tell her we are just going outback to randomly grab a sample from a lucky dip, could be white, black, some dwarf meth head from papua new guinea who knows?

        We are all the same under the skin right?

        I wonder how long it would be before she was wanting to speak to the manager.

        And yet even after doing this, she would always still assert when questioned the very thing she proved to be false 10 minutes earlier. However, she would not confront it, as it will be partitioned from the other constructs. This is just describing every borg person in existence unfortunately.

        Reality does not register with conditioned people. How one fixes it without control of the conditioning mechanism is another matter.

        • “How one fixes it without control of the conditioning mechanism is another matter.”

          Classical conditioning: reward & punishment.

        • Indeed. Hungry serfs make excellent agricultural laborers, but not much else. So, unleash the UBI, but also create de facto sumptuary laws by ending all food aid to the poor. Inflation from the creation and circulation of the UBI will require the bulk of it to be spent on necessities, lest the recipients starve or freeze. No more Ford Mustangs or 60″ flat screen TVs or iPhone 10+s for the masses. Equality is a lie; and equity is a delusion.

          • Very few poor people have new or fancy anything. That’s from the old moralistic “the poor should suffer” canard.

            As for UBI and welfare . Its as much a corporate subsidy as a personal handout. The economy is 40% State now (at all levels) probably more since COVID .

            If somehow your replacement system could go “Full Silent Cal” and get rid of nearly everything non essential over time, the result wouldn’t be an economic bloom but a 25% decline in GDP probably more on a permanent basis .

            That doesn’t account for spill over effects, vastly reduced consumption and lower fertility do to higher savings, dangerous levels of poverty and even more.

            There is this nonsensical notion that if there was no say social security people would go back to the old ways and have children as a welfare system.

            That is ridiculous in an 80% urban society with heavy automation. Best case you’d get 1 child per family maybe less and indefinite population shrinkage.

            In time family size would increase as more people became subsistence farmers but your tech/industrial base would collapse do to demand starvation.

            The other option is to go all in on urban farming. This might deal with the bugman problem

            You can of course pay the poor to not have kids but unless we can build economic models that allow indefinite shrinkage we have bigger problems.

      • That really is a great counter-argument to the ‘born equal’ mentality. Question: If you were needing a sperm donor to have children, would you screen the donors?

        I’m betting there wouldn’t be any answers in the negative.

      • The Greek: It appears to me that the core of the problem is refusing to accept man’s physical nature. Sure, the left loves its formulaic ” A cockroach is a rat is a dog is a boy,” mocking humanity’s place in the natural hierarchy – mocking the concept of a physical hierarchy itself, particularly one ordained by God. But they simultaneously deny that man’s nature can be altered by breeding, just like any other mammal.

        For the right, there’s that same blindness but it seems to flow more from the feminized construct of churchianity. Any talk of man’s nature or his place in the natural order is spiritual only – it’s all based on emotion masquerading as thought. So while every modern Christian will claim to want to minister to people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual ones (i.e. teach sub-Saharans to dig a well or buy a homeless bum a burger), they keep it on a superficial level and any talk of breeding and genetic nature becomes evil notsee eugenics.

        Noting any physical difference as anything more than superficial is verboten for Whites, while blacks celebrate their nappy hair and other distinctive features as signifiers of their moral nobility. It’s all part and parcel of the war on human nature and consciousness, and a denial of what makes man unique in the physical world.

        • Feminized Christianity is perhaps the last gasp of Christianity, and a terrible end at that. So much of our modern madness is related to pseudo-Christian heresies rattling around in the heads of an increasingly ignorant population. Complex theological concepts get reduced to ‘Be Kind, Inc.’ If Christianity doesn’t revive itself it will perforce be replaced by a robust, stand-the-test-of-time alternative. The present order is, to use modern parlance, unsustainable.

          • Christianity has always been under assault since the get-go by people, often Christians, wanting to undermine it. But it always seems to revitalizes and survive mostly through the Saints and martyrs.

    • Our political theories have not come to grips with evolution.

      Hobbes’ musings on the state of nature (or really those of any other enlightenment thinker) are laughably preposterous to anyone familiar with evolution.

      Thoughts on humans state of nature should begin with something like a baboon troop and work out from that dynamic as home sapient developed physically and intellectually.

      • Yep, I was going to write exactly the same thing.

        Hobbes was writing from the creation perspective so Man would never be thought of as a higher animal.

        That ship has sailed. Politics still suffers from this, and its like having a NASA programme based on euclid.

      • Without a doubt, evolution and the discovery of DNA shined a spotlight on the errors of enlightenment ideas and how our politics needed to be adjusted. However, humans have really known these things since the ancients. Historical writings talked about coming from good stock, and the apple not falling far from the tree. Truly great families were sometimes said to trace lineage to a god. All these things acknowledged biological inheritance of traits. As severian noted, Hobbes and enlightenment thinkers that mused “we are all born equal” was more of the equivalent of a college kid smoking weed and talking in his dorm room at 2am. Furthermore, there were heavy implications for many of them that they meant more of equal on the Christian sense ie equally loved in the eyes of God, and should be treated equally before the law.

        • Hobbes was also writing about homogeneous European type nations and their internals.

          It is obvious that one cannot generalize these observations to different human groups that evolved entirely separately, with different gene admixes.

        • Always found it interesting how much people instinctually know this, but don’t know how to articulate it.

          One of the main plot points of Pride and Prejuduce was getting one of the wilder younger daughters married off to the soldier before everyone found out about her behavior. It wasn’t just to keep her from shame, but the fear from the other daughters that others potential suitors would see them as coming from bad stock.

          Never had anyone who watched it who thought, “that’s silly”, what their sister does gives any indication of how I’ll be or how my children will behave. They all nod in agreement. Then they tuck that away and marry someone whose mother was a cheating slut and act shocked they get cheated on themselves.

          • I always appreciate a life lesson from a source I hadn’t considered. Thirty years ago I had a feminist English professor ask me my favorite novel. When I said Pride and Prejudice, she said “That’s a great choice…for a male.” That really rankled me and was one of those moments that temporarily arrested my standard-issue college leftist inclinations.

        • Exactly – equal before God is not the same as ‘equivalent in all respects’. We are not amoeba.

    • It’s been 22 years since I read Leviathan, but didn’t Hobbes base his notion of living in a state of nature on the English civil war? Nasty, brutish, and short. Wasn’t he opposite of Rousseau in that regard?

      I remember him as a strong proponent of civilization and hierarchy.

      • I always took him as a misanthrope trying to figure out how to keep the idiots in line, and not much more. Men aren’t blank slates in the exalted sense— just the opposite. Got the impression his contempt was that intense.

      • Misunderstood you a little re: state of nature, Severian. Apologies. Off my game (as such) yesterday, I guess. You nailed it.

  34. At work, haven’t heard the podcast yet so just a quick note w a link that seems relevant, especially towards ‘How do we do it?’ now that it seems Trudeau is getting ready to Tiananman Ottawa this weekend.

    It’s the SOE secret agent manual from WW2. Much of it, especially in surveillance and technology is completely obsolete. OTOH it is written before PC nonsense and for use against a genuinely dangerous and serious police state, Nazi Germany. The price of genuine, no-nonsense info on how to work in hostile territories, is that parts will be very obsolete. The parts that will not be obsolete, are structure of organization, importance of security/secrecy, tactics and, most of all, just the whole mindset.

    This manual is obviously not a blueprint of what we need. It is an authoritative source on how to do networks outside the state.

    • All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
      Article Talk
      Learn more
      This article needs additional citations for verification. (June 2009)
      All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten is a book of short essays by American minister and author Robert Fulghum. It was first published in 1986.

    • ” … it seems Trudeau is getting ready to Tiananman Ottawa this weekend.”

      It is a necessary stage, though, and I doubt that the truckers are shocked by this turn of events.

      What’s next?

      The People’s Convoy leaves California Wednesday, weeks ahead of the original date:

      As somebody said on this site yesterday: This is the beginning, not the end.

      • I regrettably agree that we need something that will make Normie really angry at Globohomo and see it as not just ‘Our Democracy’. To build a bigger network we need a common belief system. The American Revolution, Muhammedans and Commies all had that, a shared idea of what they wanted to do, not just what they were against. We need the same. Until we have it we’re atoms, ready to be picked off one by one.

    • If one searches enough they can find YouTube channels with such valuable tactical info they have to be honey pots that are part of a larger glow op.

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